Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 3, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 3, 1843 Page 4
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From the Boston Daily Advertiser. ANTARCTIC DISCOVERIES. Tim English govcrnimtiit discovery ships Ercbut Hnd Terror, under the command of Captain Ross and Grower, returned In Eng- I land in t lie beginning of lust month, nfier nn absence of nearly four years, Imving within that period, within the threu lust successive seasons, penetrated within tho Southern Po lar Circle, mid at eucli time made discover ies of greater or less interest. Some account of all Ihesii discoveries lias before reached us, with the exception of those of tho lust Winter, of which Captain Ross brings to Europe on his arrival the first report. Vu have indeed heard of his arrival at Rio Ja neiro on the 18th of Juno last, but hud no account of his lust Winter's cruise. The vessels mado land at Scilly Islands on the 27llt of August, but had a tedious passage up the Channel, on account of culms and light winds: and on the 4lh of September Cup tain Ross landed at Folkstone and proceeded the same day to London. Tho two ships arrived at Gravcsend on the 7th, and suuso qiiBtitly at Woolwich. The London Literary Gazette gives i condensed narrative of the whole of the four years' voyage with a sketcli of tho various discoveries. The cruise ol the winter com menccd on tho 17th of Dec. 1842, when the two vessels sailed from tho Falkland Islands On the 24lh they saw icebergs, in the latitude of CUrcnce Island. Tho next day their progress was arrested by u solid pack of ice, and they cruised along the edge ot il, lor the purpose of finding u penetrable part and on the i-'oili they discovered land. They cruis ed along the coast towuids tho southwest, the shore being lined with an accumulation of Grounded icebergs, and the land which they could not approach nearer that three or four miles, covered with snow and ice, ter minating at the sea in perpendicular dills of 20 to 30 fret in height, Irom which iceberg: were constantly breaking away, and beconi ing grounded in the water. On the 4th of January they were beset with more ice in lat. 04 1-2 soulh, anil dril led buck to the northwuid. The next day thev were ex'ricateel, and thev succeeded lauding on an island in latitude G4 1-2, Ion giliidii 56 49 W, on the south side of a deep gulf, which they took possession of in tho Queen's name. It is of volcanic origin, and though not more that two miles in diameter, projects a peifuclly formed crater to the height ol uoUU lect ahuve the level ol tliu s'-ii On the west is a mountain which rises to the height of 600 feet, and the western shore of the gulfeonsists ol mountainous ranges cov ered with perpetual snow. They named this gulf, which is 40 miles betneen the Cape the Lrctius and I error. Thev coasted alon the shore to the southwest, between it and chain of grounded icebergs. They were en gaged in a constant struggle with the ice to the 4th ot l ebruary, when they found them selves in clear water, afier being entangled tor 40 days. In lat. 05, thev merely cross cd Weddvll's returning track, and found pack ico where he found clear sea. They could not penetrate beyond lat. 65 15 south, being then 100 miles south of D'Urvillo's track, when he attempted unsuccessfully to follow Weddell's track. On the 22d of February, they crossed the line of no variation in lat. 61 and Ion. 24 W. in a dip of 57 degrees 40 minutes ; a fact, the narrative remarks "of much importance to magnetic science, since observations ap pear to prove that tho supposition of their being two magnetic poles of verticil)' in the south (as is well known to bo the case in the north) is erroneous, and that there is in real ity but one magnetic pole in the southern hemisphere. On the 23d, they rounded the last extreme ofthe pack, and slanding to the southeast crossed the Autartic Circle, March 1, in Ion. 7 1-2 West. In lat. 68 34, Ion. 12 49, ho was becalmed, and seising the op portunity to try soundings, he found that 4000 fathoms of lino would not reach the ground. They preserved in an effort to get further South, but the ice opposed their progress. They then encountered a tempestuous gale, which lusted three days, and they were in considerable danger, from the number of ice bergs and the darkness ofthe nights. The conduct of the men was admirable. On the 18th the wind shifted to the eastward, and the ships directed their course to the north ward. On the 12th they were in safely. On tho 7lh they reached the latitude and lon gitude assigned to Bouvet's Island, but could not find il, and they concluded that Douvet had bepn deceived by an iceberg. They bore away for the Cape of Good Hope, which they reached April 4. At the end of April they sailed again, and after touching at St. Helena and Ascension, for the purpose of repealing the magnetic observations belore made at those Islands, proceeded to Rio Ja neiro, and thence, as above stated, to Eng land. HINTS FOR MERCHANTS. Be satisfied with moderate gains. Confine your business to a reasonable amount based upon your actual means. Beware of long credits. Keep independent of banks. Buy your goods as your customers want them. Be tempted by no operations out of your regular trade. Keep down your expenses. Avoid repudiators. Eschew speculation in every form. Keep steady, and rational, and the breeze that has now set in, will carry shin and car go safe to port in good time, without studd- me-sails or sky-scrapers. A. Y. htprcsx MILITARY BUTTONS OS HANI). A RTILLERY. Infantry. Itide. Field nnd StaffUm A tons. Bul'on for General and Suite will I e furnUhed at short notice. Chappeaux and other cnpi- UMnitueu io oruer. 17 J. E. Usinsmaid & Brothers. PORTABLE GRJST MILLS. THE S'lb-eriber having been ap'iointcd airent for Ihe le of Jo-iah I'lall't tjiu'vcrfol I'orl lHc Oriit Mill, It prepared lof irni-h mill-at .hurl nonce, and aiilhori'ed lo sell rizhtt for individuals town-or counties. Thn mill took the premium at ihe Fair of Ihe American Inslinue in .V toik,lat autumn, and the Mt8rqienl alea have fully borno out tho high prai-e there lie-lowed upon it. It is admirable for grinding Indian corn and horre feed. Or .in of all kinds is Bound with equal facility. Also coffee, and all kinds of apicesj also salt, drugs, &c. nnd it is easily adapted for grinding paints. lis durability is equal to anv other mill, the alone being compo-ed of French Burr t ond its efficiency with Its nnplicity it remarkable, is are also its other desira ble, commendations for compactness, porlablcneei nd low price. There are four different iiei now made of IhfM mills, vii: 16,24, 30 and 36 inch Hones priceifiom I25 to 1200. The unallcil niyheued by hand power and turned by a crank, and either of then are readily worked by lioroe, steam or light water power. Wherever water power is icarce, and grist mtlla fee grinding corn or cm fnny ."d ire consequently scarce, these patent mill wi be al moat invaluable! for wilh one of iheae India with horse piwer, anv person could grind all that cou d be ground by any other mill. It ia at once admitted by all who have an ihia mill perform, (hat it is truly a III or Mfing and economical midline at with il more work can be done with leas power (by about lulf,) than any other mill, and it will do ihe work ul lean as well and as last, and the price is less than for ny other. PRISON OIIOFUT. el. -.'P. lfll'l. lb II TOBACCO. 50 BOXES "Bonn's" Cuvcndish Tobacco 30 do "EnderV da do 40 do Various favorite brands do do 30 Ivcgs ilo do ild Plug, J. & J. H. PECK & CO. June 30, '43. 4 1 CO Wanc-hard's Ca-l mid German Steel Sivtlics. 50 do 1 1 u v Fork, 3,00 do liny Rake-, 50 do Hoes fur -nh tiy FOLLEIT, BltADLEY if- Co. Old Dock. July 13, 1813. 6 iMtiirr. Ofin HOXHS ntmcli Hni-in, t5B.tgMndcriaNuts, do lo Brazil. Almond', i do niter's. J. & J. II. PECK & CO. 4 June 30, '13. I)VH WOODS. 150 Bhl. Cnm Wood. 350 do C.iinnli. Log Wood 250 do St. Domingo ' do 350 do K11M1V, 75 do Mndder. 30 15 100 do llliic Viniol, do Alum, do Copperas for -ale at eol and cheaper hy I'OI.. LICIT, BRADLEY & Co. WOOL! WOOL!! rrilll-J siih-crd it wishes lo purcha-e Wool, nnd will -I pay in v'ooiU, grain, or account;, at Ins Store, at Burlington runs. SIDNEY UARLOW. I tf June 30, IS 13. OS COSSlr.NM. ST. A Heavy nnd lull a-ortineni of Sheetings of the ji following ccienraieu brands : Laurence Mills', Anthony do Exeter Manufacturing Company, Jla-snchu-ett Mill-, together with Blenched Sheet' gs, lor siilenl New VorT; pine nnd charge bv FOLLETT. BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1813. 1 S A W S . 6 0 1-2 iSt T foot Mill Saws, manufactured to order at Rowland's celebrated works. Philadel phia. U. II l-x K 1 loot last sieel K lul Sawn. End Mi Plate. lO, 18, ttO, 'i?,t .f. 0 inch Qircular Saws, cn-t -led. 1 2, 1 I, 10, 18, 20, 'Z & 2 1 inch Cast Sleel Slitting Saws, l or -ale I y i , nitADLii lo. Old Dock, June 8, 1813, I OILS. 2 000 "''on '"'rc Wimer ai"' ''"'i sPi'rm u.ouu iiiearncd wnaie 1,800 Liu-eeJ do do do 500 Lard 500 Olive J. & J June 30, M3. do II. PECK & CO. 1 GIjASS. ffl fCif bnxe Cvlcndcr Gla. &JJJ Burlington, Vermont, Escx and Lake Brands 3U0 Hcdford, S tranae, nnd ('Union Crown. J. & J. II. PECK & CO. Agents. June 30, '43. 4 CONSUMPTION AM) l.lVEIt COM PLAINT t! I) It. TAYLOR'S. BALSAM OF LIVFRWORT. From 375 Bolt try, Ncic York. "P'OR tho curcol Couch-. Colds A-llinm. whoon JT ing Conjh, Catarrh, pain-in the side and l reat, Brnucliiii liver complain!-, nnd nil tho-e atlection- of the throat and lung-, which are n source ol mi much -iifTerinir ami .o often terminate in CoN-UMr luy.-, tlu remedy is justly nnd highly di-tingiii-hed. jl purely viygeiai'ie, mini anu senile in n ccur uiinn the sv-lim. andean le taken in ihe mo-tdcli' cate ca-e with safety as well a well a-utility. So extensively ha it I een u-ed and o often proveil sue ce-.ful even in extreincand annarentlv almost hone- les. ca-e. not onlv as a naliauve hut a a remedy l that the proprietor feel.-no he-itencv in introducing it and reccontmending il to all who unlortunately may haveocca-ion to re-orl lo some meant of recov ery'. Phvi-icians familiar with it- ellect and aware ol the healing properties of thi vegetable prepara tion. not unfreoueiillv nrevril eil il in their practice, and with the Medical Faculty generally, it lias met witn more man oriimarvnpproiiniii.n. CO.NSU.Ml'l IOIV. The following remarks were taken from a late number of the .Medical Magazine: "The Mirpri-inz eilcct proJuceJ by the geuiune Dr. Taylor'" Bal-am of Liverwort, mnde at 375 Bowery, in Con-nmption ea-es en n not fail excitin a deep and thrilling intere-1 llirouchoiil the world. We haves-o long ietiee.i ttiedisea-e (uonsumption) incoralile. Iliat It i iliilicult to ereilit our fen-e-when we see per-ou- evidently eontitmpfve, re-loied to health. Yet it is a faci ol dail v occurrence I Certificate Irom the highet and mo-l rc-pectaMe source- ot person- wholinve either I een crentlv re beied by it, or eninely recovered from alleclion- o ihe lung- and liver, could 1 e furnished in abundance Out we in-ert only me lollowinij ; CcKTiriCATE. Beinir con-tilulionally nredi-nos ed to Contitinption, a memht.r of my family hnvimr s'liiereii -everciy iii'in iriinui'u ui uiu i.uu-, . coinpnnied with cough and rai-ing mailer and Hood, together Willi severe nain in inv Mdennu brea-l. Ill I w n nppo-eil to be beyond recovery, I wn induced by advice of Dr. Perkin-, n la'-t re-ort to try "T.ivlorV Balsani of Livcrwon," I have taken live hoi lie- in all. I began lo improve Willi the fir.-t b' t ile, and while taking the llnrd, wao far recovered as lo be ab e lo iret about, since which tune, by continued u-e of it 1 am quite re-torel and able to anenu lo my u-iiai eu-i.ieiis io perons mi leriux from couglii ninl aiiectionsol Hit-Mings I no earn e-tlv reccominend il. ( JAS. C. SCOTT. lllizabtlh Cllv. A'. C. Dec. 16. 1812. For a common cold and cough, this is one of the very eX remediet everdi-covered. iS'. II. There it a spuriou- and connterfeit article afloal, and lately intrinbiceil into I lit nlace. Theie fore bei-arcfiil to get ihe genuine, which U from 375 IloweryXM. 1 . au l ce lhat Hie new emrraved wra per it on Ihe bonleio nrevem counierfeits. For hale by PKCK & SPEAU. and LOVELY & sr.i .iiuuii, iiiinmgtoni s. 11. names, Charlonei M. Hall, Hincsburgh Win. Hhodes, Jr. Hichinond, jime jo, yi HIIDS. Hardner Brewer, Uezton, K. K. Ham, 0J 30 Pipet Brandy, 10 no iiaiiimoreiiiu, 5 do uSwaundo pure, 10 Half 'Pellevoi.-in1' Brandy 10 I Hi J.-. St. Croix Bum, 30 Illila. Suerry and Maduria Wine, 40 do Malaga do 8 do Port do J. if- J. II. PKCK fe CO, IRON, STEEL, NAILS & IIAJtl). WAKE. 40 Tons Kngliali Iron, from 1 1-8 to C inch wide. IU no uiu r?nble uussta do Ton9 New Snble do do do Swedes do (io Peru do do Horse Shoe do do Round from 1 lo 2J inches, do Square do 3-8 lo 3 do do Bound do lj to 4 do do Hoop do J lo 1J do Ho II mm; and Scroll do do P. S. I. Russia Hods, do Sanderson Cast Sleel. 5 10 8 12 20 12 10 5 15 12 2 4 3 I 3 do Pier9on'a Spring do fiom H to 3 inches do American do do Ocrman do do Knclish Blister do 2,000 Kegs Nails, from 3d to 20d 2 00 do Spikes from 30.1 to COd 2 00 do Brads fiom Cd lo 20d 3 00 Doz Files and Ilasps, A general assortment oi rtnvut ann vices. June 30, 1843. J, & J. II. PECK & Co. PKINTWAIIEHOUSE T F. LEE. (formerly of Ihe firm ol Lord . D. andU. H.BUKWSTKK. under the firm of LEE HDL'lVLTt'll I . ..n it . ttt 'iii.iioii-,n, iiiivrr.mi ii-urii at iij i earl street new inrii, a wAUf.-Hit'Si-; O.V AN EXVKNSIVi: SCALE, EXCLUSIVELY FOIl PRINTED CALICOES, To supply Ihe city and interior Irade by the piece or pack a ye. Uy confining their attention entirely and exclusive ly lo this one article, L. if. II, will lj enabled lo not only exhibit a moreexleiisivenud I eaiiliful ntsorltneiil (ban is to l-c found elsewhere, (i here being no similur establishment for prints in the United State., but to sell always ut prices as low, and generally lower iban I hose pi hoii-es who-ealtention and means arc divided among a Kirge variety of articles, Tho entire stock, rmbrucing afoul one thousand di Icrent patterns and colorings, lias I een received within a tew days; is ierfcetly fre.-h. and comprises all ihe laie-i and choice-! spring style. 5yl riill!-. Partnership heretofore exi-ting between i Mohitz OiTiii.ui und James Micholli under the firm ot O.STIIMM tV MICHOLI.S, was terinina Iwlaiid dissolved on Ihe 21t day of Augii-l by mutual eonsenl. All per-ons havng efnini against the liriu of OSTHE1JI & MICHOLI.S are requested to pre. sent llio same to I lie subscriber nnd re. five paymenls hi lull. 13 MOItlTZ OSTHEIM SOVA HCOTIA 1MAHTEH. JEin I'ons Fresh Ground Nova Scotia Plaster delivered al our mill, nt Wfuooski Cily, or un llieooci;, l.y KUI.L.I-.I I, IU(.MJ!.1".V 6c Co. sjoiiiu rtnari, Jin SAND'S SARSAPARILLA. FOR TI1K ItlOMOVAI. AND PKRMANKNT CURK Or ALU 1)ISKASI;S AHISINU FHOM AN IM PURK STATK OFTHE BLOOD, Oil HAB IT OF THK SYSTEM, NAMELY : SCROFULA, OR KINO' EVIL, RHEUMATISM, OBSTINATE CUTANNEOUs EnUrTIOKS, PIMrLES, OR rUSTULES ON THE FACE, BLOTCHES, BILE-,CIIRONICSORE ETEt, RlNO WORM OR TETTER, SCALD HEAD, ENLARGEMENT OFTHE DONES AND JOINTS, STUBBORN ULCERS, SYPHILITIC STMFTONS, SCIATI CA or lumbaoo, and diseases nrnlnR from an injudicious use ol Mcrcury,Aecitlc',nr Drop-y, cxpo.tire or im prudence in life. Also, Chronic Constitutional Disorders will be remo ved bv ihia nrennrntion. Iinproveinenl in whatever regards the happiness and welfare of our race it con.-tanily on the inarch to perfection, anil with each succeeding day some new problem i solved, or some profound secret revealed. having an important nnd direct bearing overman's nigiie-i iicstinies. 11 wciaxe a reiro-pcctive view over the nat twenlv vears. how it ihe mind ttrncL- with wonder! What rapid stride has science made in everv iiepnr'ment ot civilized lite I narticn arlv in that which relate-to the knowledge of the human svs- leimn heall i and uieac. now valuable and md . pen-able nreihe curative meant recently discovered through the agency of eliemi-try I How dnes the !. I. .'...II.. , . .. iiuiiifiuiiiiou hiiuiiu uiiu uur uuiiiirouon g ow ni i no ingenuity, the near approach to the -landard of ner. fection, of the prc-eul time ! Through the elal orate inve-tig.ition of Phy-iology, or the science ol Life, and the Pathology of prevalent di-ea-e, much valua ble practical knowledge hat lieen gained. Inconse quence of becoming acquainted with the organiza tion, the clement ofthe various iiucs and structure of the sy-tem, remedie have been sought after nnd discovered exactly adapted to combine wilh, neutral ize and expel inorbilicc matter, the eau-e of di-ease, nndMibstitute healthy action in its place. The beau tiful simplicity ofthi. mode of treatment is not only sugge-led by the pathology of disease, nol only gratnfnl to the suiicrer, but perfectly in consonance wilh the operation (if Nature, and Miti-factory to I he views and rca-oningt of every intelligent, reflec ting mind. It it that Sands' a scicntiiii- combination ofe ential principle-uf I lie mod valua- me vege'auie sui nance-, operate- upon tliesystein. The Sarsaparilla it combined wilh the most ellectual nid, the mo-t salutary produilions, the ino-t potent -iinule- of the vegetable kingdom : and it- minn-rc. denied Miccess in the restoration to lieallli of tho-e u lioliad Ion:: pineil under Hie lilo-tcli-tre-.iniri' iron. iemaladici, has given il an exalted characier, fur-in'-liing a- it doe evidence of it- own intrinsic value. and recommending it lo the alllicted in terms the af flicted only can know. Il ha-long been a most im portant de-ideraluni in the practice of medicine to oh Inin a remedy similar to tin- one that wool ' acton the liver, stomach and I owel with all the preci-ion and potency of mineral preparation, yet without nuv of theirdcleterious ei.ects upon the vital powers ol iliesy-lem. The attention ofthe trader i respectfully called to the fullowiuir certificates. However great achieve mciils have heretofore I ecu made by ihe n-e of tin. imaluahle medicine, yet daily experience show re- -nit sii" more le. I lie proprietors here ivail ihem-clve of the opportunity of saying it is a .ource ol cou-tant sali-f.iction that Ihev are made the means of relieving sm h an amount of suilenng. nKWARK, N. J., Dee. 13, 1842. Masrt. Sandi : Rent Word-cannot uxure ihe gratitude I feel for your treatment to me, a stranger -iillcring under one ofthe mo-t loathsome disea-i- that nature i- capable of bearing, 'I he disea-e wilh winch I will iiiuicieii commenced Willi inilamation of lheeve-,in the year 1836, which caused almost to'al iliiHliie.-s. fer lln- 1 wa- treated and finally relieved. ut the remedie were such a- to cause thedevclim. inenl of a serofiilou afTcition on inyleAarni near the lbow The nain extended from the -boulder to ibn mil n my finger-, nnd for two year- my sutierings were I c-jondde-criplinii. 1 tried vnriou reineiliet md con--lilted dillerenlnhv-iciantin New York. aiidnmiin?i them the late Dr. Bu-lie, who told niclhe di-ea-e of ihe arm wascau-ed l.y Hie large mianlit vol mercury taken to cure the inllamatinn of my eye. my suucriii- cuniiuueii, inear'u eiuargeu, tumors formed uv dillerent place-, and in afew mouths dis charged, making ten riiniiingtilcers at onetime, some aliove auu some below the elhow, anil tlieuiscliarge was so oilen-ive that no iier-ou could bear lo Lei,, ihe room where I was. I then annliedlo anO'her ,11.. lingiiishcd pby-iciniij who lobl me amputation ofthe arm wa- iiie tuny lllinu inai cou 1(1 save Inv llle, as it wa- nnpo ibletbciiresoilreadful a disease ! hm a I was unwill ig lo consenttoit, he recommended me lo ti-u swam' I'anace.i Ireely, winch I did without deriving but little benefit. Forthree vcart I wa- mi. able torai-einy hnnd lo my bead, or comb my head, auu uie -iTt'iiua miw mane n- appearance on my the bone in dillerent nlace-. causim; exten-ive ulcerations, and I feared il might reach and de-troy the drain the head swe led erv much, ac. eompanied with violent nam. Numerous external remedie were recommended, Iml fhey did no good. About a year since I wa taken severely ill with a -welling nt the body from bead to fool, so that I was entirely helple-s. The doctor advised me to go lothe Hospital, lor lie did not understand my case, for the last few month I hail been afllicicd wilh n severe inin in both sides, nl time- so hard I could scarcely mid my breath. A hacking cough constantly an noyed me, audllii-combined with my other maladie. reudereilme truly iiu-cnible. Such, gentleman, has I een my situation mr seven year- ol myiile, when I oniincncea tue u-e oi yuur our-apariua ; nut as my ca-ewn cnn-iuered iiopele ', nnd the near prospect of a -needy dissolution seemed inevitable. I felt but lit- llceii'-oiirageincnt to per-eyere. The ner-iia-ion of iriciiu- inuueeu me io try your ineiiicine wlucli in a few days prixluceJ a great change in my sy-tem gen erally, byiisftigan appetite, relieving iheoains.and giving me i stieiiRih. As success m-piie coiitideuce, I wa-encouraged to persevere. Mvnains 2rewea-i er, my strength retOgMfV rud relished, the ulcers heal ed, new fle-h formwipd 1 once more felt within me that 1 might get wjper I havenow Usui Ihe Sarsapa' rillaalioul two mwtlhs. und am like n dulereni be ing. The arm that was to be amputated has entirely healol. a thing Ibalsi-eined nnoo-sible. I can scarce ly lielievetlieevidencfofmyown eye, but such i the urn, uuu i, i- iniw a- 'iciiii at ui anr lenim u mv life, and my general health is better than it has been lor year- pa-t. Hcallh, what magic in the word! how many ihou sand- have songht it in foreicn land and sunnv clime, and have sought in vain I Vet it came lo me wheal had give., unto die: and a I feelihe imla- tionsofhealth coursing through my veins, my whole heart and soul go forth in fervent gratitudeio theaii' thor of all our sure mercie, lhat he ha been gra I'ioil-lyplcascdtol le-slhemeHnainmlH u..of. 'Trm ly naieyou proved yourself ihe good Samaritan lo ihe aHiieleil,fnr next to my Creator my life is indebted loyou'.or rallier) the use of your invaluable Sar-apa rilla. The value of such a medicine is eountle-s be yond price, money cannot pay for it. I have been rai-ed from death, I maysay,lor my friend. and my self thought it iinpiHsible I could recover. And now gentlemen suderiiie lo add another prool certified too by my friend- and guardians a a jut acknowledge ment of the virtues of your health restoring Sarsapa rilla. That the afllicled may also use it and enioy the alone can confer, Mhe heartfelt, fer vent wish ol their and your friend. MARTHA CONLIN. I know Martha Conlin and Mieve what she states in this document to be perfectly correct. JOHN POWER, Vicar General or New York, Rector of St. Peter's Church. Given at New York this 1 1th day of Dee., 1842. 1 know Martha Conlin, and have known ofber suf fering illness. JOHN DUBOIS, Bishop of New-York. I place full confidence in Ihe statement made by Martha Conlin, having known her the past twenty years. I will cheerfully give any particulars in rela tion to her ease tothose who may wish further infor mation. Sr. ELIZABETH.'' Superior of the Roman Catholic Orphan Aylnm, Prince street JN. Y, Dv. 141842. I have conWIeni-e in I lie rcpJesfntSjtionWcle by Martha Conlin, and have full kinWledgVirher catt--Vv "ELIJAU,i;',jfiri)V. AAldun 16th WarAf tfiuCiiy ory York. De.i4, 1812. Martha Conlin has lived in my fVtmily Hie last 13 years, and I hereby certify the foregoing statement made by herself is correct. Mr.. MARY B. LOYD. No. 604 Broad street, Newark, N.J. Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, and for exportation, l.y A. B. SANDS&CO.. Druggists and Chemists, Granite Budrlinn,, No. 273 Broadway.cor ner of Chamber-streel. New Ynrk. GEORGE PETERSON, AFtnt Hy special anointment for the Proprietors for Bur lington, Vermont, and for sale by Druggists generally. Price SI per bottle, 6 bottles for 15. Burlington, Match 8, 1643. 41 ly PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American D RUGS. Also, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. lIurlliiEton, Vt. C. BENNS jr. &, Co. DRAPERS ic TAXKORS, (2d Door South ofthe Hank, Church street.) EVERY VARIETY OF CLOTH & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY ON HAND. Cutting done In the most approved ityle aud Warranted, Burlington, November, 1842. 86tf. CASH PAID for FLAX SEED LINSEED OIL and OIL MEAL for sale by STILES & McELHOV, Atlliu Oil Mill at the Falls. n. not. 1, IBIit. 23, Iv NOTICE. THE Subscribers ore now manufactaring ami keep con-tanlly on hand a good as sortment of WINDOW SASH ol every de-enption. SASH DOORS and BLINDS made to order on the shortest notice. I Alt order nddrerd to the subscribers will receive prompt attention. CATLIN & CHASE. Winooskl Falls, May 18, 1813. 51 DEAFNESS CUnEDt SCARPA'S COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL. FOR the cure of DF.AFNF.SS, pains, and the dis charge of matter from the ears) also all those .. 1. ! I ' . 1. . I uiBngitcuuit; iiuiscs, iikb ino uuxzing oi insecis, falling of water, whizzing of steam, Ac. &c, which nro symptoms of approaching deafness, nnd also generally attendant with the disease. Prepared by II. BELL, of the City of Philadelphia, and sold at wholesale and retail by Druggists and Apothccaties generally in the United Slntes. At Burlington, Vt., hy PECK & SPEAR, A I which place interesting facts in relation to the efficacy of the Acoustic Oil may be seen. B. B. LUMPERT. Washington St. Philadelphia. May 17. SALT. 10.000 BUSH. Solar Salt, 3,000 do Fine do 2,000 Barrels do do 200Sack"AshtonV' Dairy do 100 do Table do J. &. J. H. PECK & CO. June 30, '43. 4 75 DOZ. Blood's Cast and German Steel oythes, 50 do Rixford do 25 do HuV Fork, 40 do Blood's Hoes, 150 do Hay Rakes, 20 do Horse Hay do do do J. & J. 11, PECK & CO, June 30, '43. 4 DYE STUFFS. 300 BBLS. Camph'y Log Wood, 200 do St. Donvngo do 100 do do do do do Cam Wood, Macho Fuslic, Madder, Blue Vitriol, Alum. 200 300 do 50 25 40 do do 75 Coppcra, Bar Wood, Quercitron Bark, Peach Wood, Lac Dye, Ludt ear Indigo's, Uil vitriol, .Muriatic Acid, flluri ate of 1 in, Cloihiers Bru-bes, C loth ers Jacks, Pre: Papers, Tenter Hooks, Uard'lacUs, etc. j. ) j. ii. t'r.iiv q June 30, 43. 4 TOIIACCO. CAVENDISH f- PLUG TOBACCO of the mis' approved brand. Dcen fit Brown' celebrated Chewing ami Smoking Tobacco; Also, Sheep Tobac co, lor sale very low by ' ' I I. rm. una,, ft' . rouLci i, unnniir,! r Old Dock, June 8, 1813. 1 TEAS. OLD and YOUNO HYSON, some of very superior cpialili, Hy-on Skin and Twankay in chests, half chests anil caddies, for -ale ' FOLLKIT, HKAIILEY & Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1843. 1 S. E. RUM. A Constant upply of rellon'sN. E. Rum, in Hhd-Pipe-, Hall Pipe and Bbls., 50 per cent above proof, for -ale at Bo-ton price and freight, by 1 ,..-. I l-r-r. til, , it, i:.r a. r.' . . ruLur,i i, miAUL.?.! jo.t Agents. Old Dock, June 8, 1843. 1 CAST STEEL Shovels, Iron do, Long handed do and Spades, Cro Bars. Russian Nail Rods, warranted, onoi, Sheet and Ror Lead, Patent Vices, o new and superior article, Anvils, Trace and Halter Chains, 4c. die. for sale by KOLLKTI, UHAUl.KV wo. Old Dock. June 8 1843. 1 ,4; HCMEDYrOYS FOR SALE BV THE GROSS, also AT RETAII It By PECK & SPEAR. DR X SMITH'S, IATROLEPTIC PRACTICE OF HllhJewett's highly conccntratedMcdlcalCompound IfCrNO CURE NO PAYe3l DR. SMITH, would most re-pecifully inform the inhaliitant of Burlington, and it vicinity, that for sixteen years he has been in the practice ol Medicine and Midu-iferv: 6 years in Charleslown and Boston, Mass. and 10 years in the easterly part of Vermont; and he is comment his practice nas been a successful, as that of any other physician in this nan ofthe country. Il ha ever been an object ol paramount importance with him, to simplify the practice of Medicine, and orercome aiscast wnn the greatest possible prompti tude and certainty ; and tor several years past he has been investigating IheAeory and merits of ihe afro lepttc practice, or external application of Medicine highly concentrated. In the mean lime, he has been u-ing ihe above Medicines in his practice, and ha letome fully convinced of the correctness of the theoru ol cutanlous absorption, nnd ihe greit utility of treating disease upon tins principle; and he thinks fie advantages ol this course of Medication, will, upon a little inve-ligation and refltction, ap pear ol villus to all. In the the treatment of Chil dren nnd case of extreme debility, and in cases of Female weakness, where lut little Medicine can be taken inttrnally, llie-e remedie- ore ofthe greatest importance ; for, in many case, he can e.lect a speedy cure, by the u-e of irrnn applications, alone. But in obstinate nnd violent ca-e-. by taking at the same time, inttrnally, an appropriate medicine, the disorder may ! attacked on both surfaces, at ihe same time, thai is, externally ana internally. Having made himself acquainted with every form of disea-o incident lo this pari ofthe country, he now oilers his services to the citizens ot llurlingion and its vicinity t conhdent that, by attention and kind ness to the sick, and a judicious and faithful applica tion of Ihe above remedies, he shall ! able to meet the most aanguino expectations of all who may give him a caff. He will attend upon the sick, at their places of residences nut where thev reside at toe aieal a dis tance, he will provide board and convenient quarters lor mem io remain in me village, until tney are so far relieved, as to be able to return home, and usethe Medicine, without the aid of a nhvrician. He will take case of Consumption, female Complaints, Kacumatism, OiC ac. at nit own txsk oj a cure, pro vided ihe patient will remain in ihe village and fol low hi directions, so long as he is willing to pre scribe for him ; and provided al-o, lhat the paiient secure him the payment of his bill, il a cure shall l effecied. There are many advantage. for patients at a dis tance, who are alllicted with chronic complaipts, in coining and remaining in Ihe village a few weeks ; fur, in a short time, the disorder may be broken up, when daily Medical aid is at hand, when it could not lie, in many instances, by sending for Medicine and directions, and applying them at home, without the aid of a Physician, And be. ides, the patient will Iwcoine belter acquainted with his disease, and the best mode of using the medicine in Ail case. All communications, ost paid, will receive imme diate attention. N. B. Doctor Smith may be consulted at his iesi dence in Champlain St. Ihreo doors souili of Pearl, a few roils west of Dr. Hineburg's stone house. ItZP'Saline, Medicated Vapour, and shower Baths, may I had, either as a luxury, or remedial BKcnKuy culling as Hliuvr. IC" A few copies of Jewett'o Eamilv Phvsi cian for sale. Sept. I, 1843. md PUBLIC NOTICE. IV. YORK & MONTREAL EXPRESS, THRGIL AND HOWARD, (successors in SI. V coss,) will run as heretofore, leaving Burlington for Montreal Wednesday evening and for the South Friday evening of each week. Packagea may be left it the oflica of Messrs. J. & j. u. recK. q. uo., llurlingion. 5 tf J ROY STOlTfQ WARD fl .HE Subscrilier ha on bind a large and superior X assortment of STONE WARE, tnwrior m made in the United Stales, which he oilers for sale al Reduced Prices, and is ready to receive orders, uack and deliver, free ol cartage, or package, on board ol L,anui uoais, euner lor iroy, Albany, or West Troy for cash or approved naoer. All orders byMailor otherwise, immediately alien. ticu III. I. SEYMOI'R. 44 lrr,l Troy, N. VMay 17, 1813. 5 StiRnrft nnd ITIolnsscs. PORTO RICO, New Orleans Trinidad Molassc, In Hllds,, Tierce nnd Bbls. Porto Rico, St. Croix nud New Orleans Sugar. Philadelnhin nnd New York Loafand Luinn do Stuarts & Wool-ey,& Woolscy'a double refined do miiicanu nrown iiavanna uo Criisbcil nnd Powdered du For Sale by the suhcrilcr at a small advance from cost. FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1813. CAIilNENT FURNITURE. rTIHE SUBSCRIBER would remind the Public, JL that he Bull continues theUAUINENT 11U31 NESS at tho Old Stand, on Church Street, formerly INichols l- licrricK, and over Air. Hurlbul s More, where he has a good assortment of Mahogany, Black Walnut, Cherry and Pino FURNITURE, consisting of Secretaries) Bureaus) Sofas) Dining, Tea, Work and Toilet, Tables t Bedsteads and Stands, which he will sell for cash unusually low, according to the times. WANTED, In exchange, Birch ond Maple SCANTLING, suita ble for Bedstcds 2 inch, 1 inch, B Sths nnd 1-2 inch UASSWOOD, WHITE PINE BOARDS, HUIWI BOARDS, nnd most kinds of Country Produce. Please call and examine for yourselves. , SAMUEL mUHOI.S. Bmlington, Jon. 13, 1843. 34tf SOLAR LAMPS. A New and very haniUomee article of Sniicndinn LnmiK. cnpaMeof burning the ohcape-t nualitv of oil nnd producing a pleasant and powerful liah', for sale by JOSEPH WAIT. June 16, 1843. 2 200 KEGS POWDER, 1UU nag- snot 150 l)i z. corn Brooms' 100 Patent Pailt. J. & J. II . PECK if- June 30, '43. CO. 4 ALBANY AND IIOSTON RAIL lt()A Fare Reduced to SI. ure to Uoston reduced to Silo those who go through by same train. On and afler Monday, May 8th, passenger trains run daily, (Minday excepted) a follows: Leave Green bu-h at J Lelure I A. M. arrive in Bos. ton fil p. m. same dav. Leave Greenbush at liefore 3 r. M. lodge in tKringiield arrive in Boston at Hi a.m. next day. For Worcester and Norwich Pa-sengcrs take Ihe j liefore t train from Greenbush, intersect the deatnboal iram from Boston at Worce-ter thence to Nor Mi ll. For Hartford and New Haves Pa'cngersleav ing (irecal'U.-h J before 7 a. m., take the steainl oai at Spnngticid at I'it M. reach Uartlord at i r. i. and nroceeo ny cart to ,e naven. Pasenger may al-o leave Greenbush nt J before 3 r. M.. reach Snnngfield 8. thence bv stage niiine- iiiiiiu.v iu iiururu iiKige icuvu liuruuru til o iicm i: II . r I , I ,t. , ... , ....... morning in car lor iNew Haven. Pa engcr- must leave the Ticket Ollice. in Stanwix Hall. Maiden Lane, for thellail-road tvrtv Boat atui A. m or 21 p m. the terry iioat win I e punctual in tarting. newels lor the ears mu-lue obtained Lc'ore ;oing on board the ferry boat. W. H. TOWNtEND, Master of 1 ransportation, JOSEPH WAIT Has received a full supply of WHICH he will sell at the following very mode rate prices for ready pay. viz : Printed Tea Cup and Saucer the set from 37 ct. up, Printed TeaSels, 29 niece, from 81.50 un, WhiloOranileTca Sets, ncwe-l style, 29 piece-, 81,62 Printed Breakfast, Dinner and Tea Sets, 41 p-. 2,52 do do do do 50 piece 3,27 do do do do 33 do 3,32 .lit .to .In di, Gf .lo 1,32 White Granite do do from 2,52 to 4,32 Printed Breakfat plates, per doz. S3 do quart end pint Bowl-, per doz. 84 and 1,03 Blue Printed Tea Pots, each 31 Printed Chambers from 50 cent up. CHINA WARE. Sprig'd China Tea Sets, 32 pieces ?3,50 upwards. Hold Band 4- Sprig'd do, 33 p., from 87,50 In S15.00 Gold Band & Sprig'd China Tplaie, from 2,25 to 3,50 China Pitcher- from 31 cents to 1,12 White China Cup Plate-, per doz. 44 COMMON WARK. Edge! Plate from 30 to 60 cent per dozen. Edgcl Baker and .nppie-, from 9 to 23 cents each. Colo ired Bow's, from 50 to 62 cent per dozen. Pilcner-, pints to half gallon, from 8 to 25 cent each. mug-, pun ami uu:i pun, irum o to u cents each, Common Chaml ers from 5 to 30 ct-. each. KIRK 1MIOOK WAIUi. Ye'low llakingplaic, per dozen from 75et, to3l,00. 1 enow uven wi-iie-, a 10 u inene-, irom 10 10 34 ct-. Yellow Cake Pan-, 9 to 11 inch, from 13 to 25 cents. letiow nnppie Irom 6, 12 and 18 cents each. Handled Soap Dippers, 6 cent- each. GLASS WAKK. Good Tumbler.- from 50 cents upward. Moulded and Cut Wine-, from 75 cts. to 3,50 per doz Salts from 12 ct- to 1,00 per pair. Cruit 19 els per pair. Lemonade Gla-se-, 75 cts lo 2,25 per doz. Lamps, all sizes from 10 cts. to 1,50 each. Study Lamp with shades, 75 cts. Lantern- from 50 cts. upward. and a great variety of other articles in the Crockery and Glass Ware line, all of which will bo sold much cheaper than can be had at any other store in the siaie. Burlington, June, 1843. jSnltf riiHE subscribers would respectfully calliheatttm tionof country merchants to their extensive and well selected assortment of Groceries purchased at ihe present low prices and offered at a small advance irom cost viz: Old Government Java Coffee a very superior article Green do do, Rio and St. Domingo do, Saleratus, Pepper, Cassia, Spice, Soap, Ginger, Snuff, dec. cic. Rice, Raisins. FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1843 THE subsciibers are constantly supplied with a full assortment of Nails and Iron, manufactured by the Au Sable Iron Works, and the Eaglo Nail Co. ns follows: 3d 4d 6d 8d lOd 12d 20d 24d 30d 40d 50d and 60d nails, 4. 41 5. 51. and 6 inch Snike. fidSd lOd 12dand20d finishing Nails and Brads, Round and Square Iron from 3-16 to 3 1-2 inch, nana ironiruni 1 i-nooincn, Horse Shoe Iron Eztia do do, Scroll and Hame do. Marble Saw Plates. The goods manufactured bv the above companies nrc not surpassed if equalled by any manufactured in this vicinity, and they are ottered to the public upon terms as favorable as can beohtaincd in thn Slate. Purchasers will find il for their interest to call before purchasing elsewhere as we have a superior article and will not be undersold. FOI LETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, JuneS, 1843. 1 ENGLISH Tire Iron from 1 1-8 inch wide to 6 inches, and of the various thicknesses, Swerdes Iron flat and snuare. Old Table do flit and square, Hoe do Hoops do 5-8 3-4 1, 1 1-4 inches, Sanderson's Cast Steel flat and square, v..l ..J 11 r r 1 Eagle do do, Sprine do do. Toe Cork, po do, Ac. &c. for sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY if- Co. Old Dock, June 8, 1843. 1 NOTICE. LOUIS FOLLETT having been admitted to an in terest In the mercantile concern of Follett and Bradley, business will hereafter be combined under Ihe firm of POLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, June I, 1813. 1 THE CHEMICAL OIL at C PECK & SPEAR'S. Wood!! 1 ffjr Cords of good dry hard Wood, also, afew -i -vy lings. 01 incurs! quality 01 vifsKUAti, Ft sale hy 10 GEORGE PETERSON. M. (i, RATIIIIUN CO. DAFBRS fit TAILORS, (Nearly opposite the Old Bank,) CHURCH STREET, nlO tfi Burlington, Vermont. OILS. 3AAA Gals. Fall Sperm and pure Winter Oil, UVU 3000 gals. Illeaced Whale do 2500 gals. Linseed Oil, 1000 do Lard do 1000 do Olive do for sale very low by mr 1 itt 1111 , 111 I.-V a, i- Old Dock, July 13, 1843. ' 6 PLASTER. Ofin TONS fresh pound Nova Scotia Plaster. AKjyj J, (1. J. H. PKCK & CO. June 30, '43. 4 FOR COUOHS, COLDS, ASTHMA orPHTIHS IO, CONSUMPTION, WIIOOPINCi COUHH, and all Pulmonary Affection nnd Disease ofthe Lungs. tlii is believed to I c the most nopular &, effi cacious Medicine ever known in Aincrica,for proof of which, we would refer to tho-c who have u-ed it, nnd tome numerous cernncaiet ot rnysician auu outers attached tutiieinsidu wrapper ol each iiotlle. , Dr. Amory Iluiitins.of Franklin. Mas. write that alter Having pre-criueu the u-uai remedie- without relief, and having eon-ulted with several eminent lihvsician-. be bat found thn WclablH Piilluonarv Uaisam lo have had the dc--iredul!ect, and recommend it a- a safe, convenient nndclhcaciou medicine. Dr. Thomn Brown, of Concord, N. H., write-that to tut Miowledgc, it ha never di-nppointcd the rea sonaMc expectation ot tho-e who liieu-cii II. The public are particularly nutioned again-t the many Counterfeits or imitations w hiili have partial ly or'wholly a' limed (he nameoflhe genuine article. ,Uj uc n-ured mai ii i-um rcuhmic nine--one Imih nf ibn written signature of SAMPSON REED or WM JON'N CUTLER, are found nttachid to a yellow lal el on a blue envelope. (All Inbel of and after Ihe datcofDec. I83D, will linvethe written -ignaiure ol win. .inn n Uiiller.l I'n-part I hy REED, WINO & CUTLER, (late Li, & Heed,) Whole-n'e Druggist, 51 Chatham sl., Ho-ton, and -old Iv Druggi-I-, Anothecarie and country mer chants generally. Price 50 cents. PECK & SPEAR, Agents. Burlington, Dec. I, 1812. ly. 1)11. MARSHALL'S AROMATIC AND HEADACHE PATARRN Sflli7'n THIS hnnll' I superior In any thing jet known, for removing lhat troul le-ome di-ea-e, the Ca tarrh, and alo n cold in the head, and headache. Il open and purge out all ob-iruction, -trengihen- the gUuds and gie- a heabhv uction 10 the nan. atlccted. It 1 perfectly free from any thing deleter! ouin its compo-ition haa plea-ant flavor, ami its immediate elect after lelng used, is agreeable. Price 374 ct-. per 1 ottle. mcu inuiiu couiiiiii-iiuuui inrcc time tnequantitj ofthe several kinds of Catarrh Snuli; now selling al a lower price, and is therefore cheaper, as well as betler than anything ofthe kind in irarkci. DOCT. JARVIS' TOMATO BXKLXOUS PILLS. THESE Pillsconiain no Culinnel,bul are compos ed entirely of Vegetable substances, and have in their comno-ii'ioii a large portion of tho mire extract of that highly medicinal article, the Tomato Plant, constituting tlieiii ei-cntinlly, TOMATO PILLS. The proprictorfeel a confidence in recommending them as -uperior to mo-l, and inferior to none of Ihe Pills which nrc making -o much noi-e at the present day. as a purifier ofthe blood, a corrector of a bilious or dj--peptic state and habit, or a a common cathartic. He a-siire- the public thai they have the cordial and daci led approbation of phy-icians ot the highest res pectability, who use them in their practice. Sold by the Proprietor, CHARLES BOWF.N, Mid dleburj", Vt. Wm. C. Stimp-nn and Heed, Edward Hrinlv, .Me r-. Lewis, Boston Hundley Phelp sV Co., X. II. & I). SANDS, anil other- in New York; PECK & SPEAR and HAOAR sV ARTHUR, Bur lington, IV., and by Drugsi-ts generally throughout the I'nilcd Stales and Canada. February 23, 1843. lj-33 AMERICAN fl OTKL. AND GENERAL STAGi: HOUSE, IY 8. . TAYLOR. Coubt House Shcare, Bciiusoton, Vt. 26tf Iron, Steel &c. Of) TONS a-sortel Tire Iron, ZiJ 1 O " do, Swede- and Peru do. do. a " !lu--ia Old Sable do. UO " Peru manufactured roundand.iiuarelron embracing all -ize fiom J in. to 2 in. lOlon a-.oried Strand Iron. IO Scroll Iron and -boesliapcs-, tl " Ru la horse nail rod-, Anvils, Viic-, Sledge-, Trace Chain-, Borax, File and Rasps, Shovels, Spade-, Cro Bars &c. Steel. Sanderson' Cast Steel, (reave-German " Engli-h blistd. American " 1..IO Sells Sleel plated Cutter and Sleigh Shop iic.&ii: just Received by STltONGS. JAMES II. 11. ATT, BOOT 4 SHOE MAKER, TTAS removed hi. .hop to Warner's row, opposite 11 to iiowanrs otore, on uiiun-h .-leeet. iiena large n ortment of Ladies and Gentlemen'.. Hoot hall Gaiter., Bootee and Shoe-; also, .Mi-se. and Boy'. Thick Boot- and Brogan-, all of which he will sell at very low price for ia-h. All kinds of work in lus lino made 10 order. Plea-e call and examine his work and price-, he feels, confident thai both will meet your approl.alion. Burlington, May 3, 1S43. 49lf. PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARf. ANTED. THIS articlcis too well known toneedcommcn daiion and the experience of seven years has demonstrated to the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to 6 tons. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh front 1-2 lb. toSOOOIhs., Portable do. (0 weigh from 12 oz. to 200 lbs. PortableCounteido a newarticle to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. ' J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, June 30, 1SI3. 4lf EXCHANGE HOTEL. Water street, at the head of the Steamboat Wharf isuriiiiKtoii vermonu BY MOSES L. HART. THIS establishment, -o lavorably located for the accommodation ofthe biisne-s and travelling community, i now open mine public. Po-l Coache- upon the various rouie. call at the Exchange Hotel lor passenger, and those arriving or departing by S leu 111 Boat, in which cne their baggage is removed without charge, will find this housepeculiarly totheir convenience. The kecpertenders hiservice-, with the assurance. lhat in all respects, the hou shall deserve the favor able consideration of all who may patronise 11. llurlinion, April I, 101'. -1311. LORRILLARD'S TO AC CO AND SNUFF. 40 BARRELS Chewing Tobacco, SO do Smoking do 250 Jar- Mnccaboy Snutf, 400 Bladders Scot h do J. d J. II. PECK & CO. Agents Juno 30, '43. 4. Wool, grf Wool! ROEI.OFSON A. RATIilll'N having Leased Ihe commoibous .Manufacturing Establishment, of the llurlingion Mill Co., and coiuuvicd them. elves in busine-swilh Mr.SiDHrv Harlow, (former Agent for said Co..) ore now ready to receive Wool to manu facture for customers into Blue, Black, Steel, Oxford, and Cadet Mix 11 It O A U C 1, 0 T II s. To those that have had work done heretofore by Roelfson and Rathbiin, little need be said to induce n continu ance of patronage, and to all others we would say that the work will lie done in n workmanlike manner. Farmers, Merdiants and others wishing 10 have wool Muniif.ieiurcd for their own ue or for market maj rest assured that no pa'n or attention will le spared togive the best of sali-facu'on. Term of payment iiiadeeasy forall lots of wool Irom 1000 lbs and up wards: Small lots Cash or one halt ofthe (lulK. when finished. The business will becondiicleJ tir,der Ihe firm of ROELOFSON, RATHBUN & Co. April 5, 1843. 45 (IIiASS, C55CO Boxes Cylenner Glass, Burlington Vt , aW W Es-cx and Lake Brands, for sale at re duced prices, by FOLLETT, BRADLEV & Co. 7,000 liisWITHERlLLS dbWHITE LEAD 150 Kegs do Ground in Oil, for aaleul reduied ices by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Jnly 12, 1843. ti I1UCK WHEAT, Very superior article FOR SEED, for sale by A April 3a, idj. ur.u, I'M tWUHi PERU IRON COMPANY. HAVE, and will constantly keep in depositcs with their Agents nt Butlington, t,, Peru manufac tured Nails and Iron, of the following description, to wit : SAILS. 3d, 4d, fid, Gd,8d, lOd, 12d,20d,21d,30d,40d,50d, 60d SPIKES. inch, 4 1-2, 6, 5 1-2, and 6. riieiiiiu Aiyi,.v. bd, 8d, lUd, izrJ, manufac tutcu specially tor tinielnng nice wotk. ELOOlt XAILS. 12d,20d, and 24d. IRON. 1) rtOA',-3-8,7-18, 1-2, 9-16, 5-8, 11-16 -8, 1 inch, 1 1-8, 1 1-4, 1 3-8, 1 l-2 1 6-8w 1 inch 9 I.J !. 1 .tt.11 I. o ' 3-4, 7 1 3-4, 2 inch, 2 1-4, 2 1-2, 3, and 3 1-2. SrilAIIE OA,-3.8. 7-16, 1-2,9.16,5-8, 11 16 , 1. BASH IHON,- 1.4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4. 2. 2 1-4. 2 1-2 2 3-4,3,3 1-2,4, 4 1-2, 5 inch. TIRE lllOS,- 1-4, 1 1-2, 1 3-4, 2 wide, and from 3-3 to 5-8 thick. HORSE SHOE IBOS', various sizes. HAVE AND SCROLL IRON. do. do. MARBLE SAW PLATES, cut to order a short not ne. The Peru Iron Co. manufacture theirgoodsalClin. tonville.N. Y. from Iron oftheirown make. They intend to keep in thehandof their agents a more fill nnd complete as-oriment lhancan le found in the Stale. Ii i believed that the good from this e-tab-li-hment are betler manufactured, than those from anv other in its vicinity. Purcha-ersare re-peclfully solicitedto inspect the Good ufthi Co. Price a- low and termsastavor able, as can I c obtained in the Stale. , T F. & W. L. STRONG, Agents. Aug. 25th, 1812. TAILORING AT W I NOV SKI FALLS. rPl!U -u'-rr Iwi ic"tfnlly inform. h, tu-tomcr i. and fnenu ,j,,it , ha- re-uined in business Winoosk i Fall, where he wdl I e happy to on s vir I any calls that he may I e favored with. WANTED ! A good smart boy a-nn apprentice lo the above bus iness. JEREMIAH HARRINGTON. Wmooki Fall,-Mav25, 1813. 51 tl FISH. 200 Quintals Cod Fish, 1U0 Boxe Herring. J. & J. H. PECK 4. CO. Life! Life!! Life!! ! DR. Jonathan Moore'- E3SENCEOF LIFE. The mo-t highly e-teemed Medicine lhat has ever been di-eovered for curing Coughs, Colds. Asthmas. and CONSUMPTIONS. It will also remove The Whooping-cough In one week. Prepared by Hem rt SctMocn, from the original receipt, by the direc tion of -aid Moore. For -ale whole-ale, by PECK & SPEAR, Bnrlin ton, and at retail, by the principal Druggists in United States. Order- directed to Henry Seymour, Hadlej-, Mas will receive prompt attention, and any quantity Medicine iimntdiately furni-hed. Caution'. A-there is much of ihe spurious aril clefor-nle, !CPe pnrtiriilar to enquire for that pre ,.wt;u nciir) ej-wuur, nauiev, .fias-acillisetls. PECK & SI'EAR, AGENTS FOIl SHERMAN'S LOZENGES. C1I1LDRES CRY FOR THEM! GROWN PEOPLE say they are ihe pVa-anteit and mo-i elective medicine in use. Enormou qiianiitie-are-old, and eiery body like- 1 hem. SHERMAN'S WORM LOZENGES have saved the live, of iliou-niid-, SHERMAN'S CAMPHOR LOZENGES rs r-.l 1 antidote. In headache, palpitation, aea-sickness,luw- uv.sui -pints mill oe-ponucnev or tneeuecls ol Uls- sipation. 1 POOR MAN'S PLASTER Shcrman'swe mean co-ts I2J eent, and i-certain to cure rheumatism, lumbago, pain or weakness in the breast, side or back, a'-n pile. SOJIi: NiPI'LlS Positively curd by Sheiman's ' Papillary Oil, without taking the child from the breast. Dr. Sherman de-ire- particularly that purcha-ers should be careful lhat they get the genuine Sherman's Lozenge, and Pla-lers, a. he cannot be accountable I for the wortlile.. articles that may otherwise be palmed upon them. ! Likewi-e all Gencise PATENT MEDICINES. Ht'ha-alPKItFUMES, K)APS. INKS, BLACKINGS, J1KD1UAU tVWKS and LKIUORS, pure,; STU ARTS CONFECTIONERIES, PECK & SPEAR. Whole-ale and Retail Druggists, An I l y agents in the principal towns throughout the State. GROCERIES. A I Hlids. St. Croix, Porto Rico and New Orleans rv Sugars, 10 Toil Lump and Double Refined Loaf Sugar 5 bbls. Crushed and Powdered do do 6' hlids Porto Rico Molasses, 10 bbls. New Orleans do 40 Chests Hyson. Hyson Skin, Young Hyson and PouchongTeas. 2 tons Saleratus, 23 kegs and boxes Plug, Cavendish and Sheep Tobacco. 1 barrel Lorillard's Maccaboy Snuff, 15 bbls Smoking and fine cut Chewing Tobacco 50 boxes Bunch Raisins, 30 bags old Java, Gran Java, Rio, and Laguira Coffee, 6 do Pepper and Pimento. Also, Starch, Cin namon, Nutmegs, Cloves, Pipes, Bur Lsmp, Sperm Candles, Ginger, Cod Fish, Mackerel, Salmon, ic. Wilh the above, and many other Goods, we wish to buy money, and offer more for it than is utuslly paid inlihi vicinity. Purchasers are respectfully in vited to call. STRONGS. Nov. 17. 1812. 25 DRUGS & MEDICINES TIu- s'lbscnl ers are continn al'y supplied 1.-1I1 FM-HY AU 1 11 LI ,, 'ilic a' jve branch, l oth of the Umcink. andPalenl kind-; .Medicinal waters from Saratoga do. from Caledonia, Canada; .Medical Wines an! Liquor-, (;iure) Leeches; Surgical Instruments jlMin eral Teeth, &c. Q-Prescriptions put up at shortest nonce. C3"Shop open at all hours. PECK & sp; EAR, Apothecarlet ly3t Burlington, Feb. 1,1843. FLOUR, OF superior brand-, in Barrels and Half Barrels, conslanily arriving. J. cf- J. II. PECK A CO. TO THE IADIFS Dr. Hull's Utcro Abdominal Supporter. Tills new In-lrument for the radios cure of Prolapsus Uteri, or falling! uiv t. vim', ii) cAicruni application siiper-eiling the use of ihe obiecnon. able Pessarv-, is confidently reeoi mended to the althcied a- the mean of nerfecl re-loration to health, it nev er having failed ot performing a cure, even under th most aggravatej circumstances. Ihe Supporter has attained a very high character Europe as w ell as in tin's country. It is adorned la theenlirediMise of pessaries, and all other painful sur gical expedients, in the Lying-in Hospitals of London and I'aris.andis iiniver-nlly recommended in Eur op a hy medical men of the highest rank. In thisrountit it issti-tainedbythe leading members ol thefaculntv ofCollege.aiid Hospitals, and by alliheeminent prv vatu practitioners. oW ti D$ M.R FLETCHER? THIS Eminently suct-essfu! Instrument for the cur i( Hernia in its every both Male and Female from the infanltoihe adult, is leing recommended by the Surgical Department and mult it intra ofPhyii eians in the sta'eol Massachusetts, and other sections of the Union j among the variety ofTnisses so'd and employed in thi-slate this article is most highly es teemed by Practitioners and actual use. it is especially lecommended by our townsmen Doctors Hatch ami Heineucbgii. PECK & SPEAR, At which place may also be had,Hvu's MAiiH'iand TwitcheilVHEUNIA TRUSS, lor 1 upturn in the Male I'tiuos, Hum Ihe miaul to the udult. ICTTIiese and the aboie for tale singly or by the dozen, On hand constantly a good assortment a S VlKUCAl, f ,Y Tft I'MENTS.

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