Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 12 Ocak 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 12 Ocak 1844 Page 3
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r-s3u" commended r survey lo tho end that tho farming Interest might be benefitted and tho resources oflho SUto nccrtaincd. The t' collected wisdom' has been of lite years bo excessive, and penny icitdom and poundfoolishness to liecidrdly in the luijonly that we nave only secured soma help in the shape nf 'An net, to encourage nnd promolo agriculture.' The recom mendation of tho Governors h tto been slighted nnd our Genernl Assemblies have not perceived nny reason why our State should be mule richer nr more pros perous by a ' knowledge of ihe nature of soils nnd their sdiplation nnd menus of increased production, by dif ferent iced?, products ami nictlinils ot'cultivalion and manures by which tbo firmer might bo enabled to use the vnrieiiet of lands tn Ihe best advantages. The aggregate sagacity of our Assembly until lately dicta ted no aid in the progress nf improvement in ngiiciil lure, and have not yelnnlcrtd tiny surieys by which the science of husbandry euu'd be tniieh ndvanrnl 1 1 At the last session, however, an net was passed, from which much practical benefit will llow, and which, like all favors, mil l bn thankfully icccivid. This Ag ricultural Act has for its object iiiiprouunenls in prac tical and theoretical huhm dry. It teenies condition- ally to the County nf I ranklni SKiS.Oj, one hunilreil and siitv-eieht nml five rents which sum is intended for in the slnpo of picmimns for peciinens of most approved farming and implenienls of husbandry. It will bean excellent vvhcieon to rebuild tho old society. That society, during its abort existence, did some servire to the county, it brought the agriculturists together to comparo notes, (as it were,) to observe each other's success, nnd to converse on topics continued with litis most honora ble branch of Industry. It enabled the farmers to be come acquainted with one nnolher nn I to divise mtana whereby their prosperity misht be extended and be permanently established. Its revival, there fore, is most especially to be dcirrd nnd it will bo dis eraccful. indeed, if nmnn? tho 4140 ennped in ngri- cultural industry in Ihii county theiebe found bntn few persons assembled nn tho 26th of this month to establish such no association as is contemplated by the AcloflS13. Franklin County, we believe, has taken toe lead in this important matter and her exam ple has been followed bv Orleans nnd Caledonia counties. Already have they issued calls for co nty associations nnd nlieadv have there bren many mani festations of an n wakening spirit on the subject of Ag riculture. To all this ivc-ay. Amen nnd Amen. Let the glorious work advance cheerily and thoroushly, and let there be formed such a society next Tuesday at Sheldon, ns will show conclusively that the call for meeting uja ii". men iuio linn (inn iiis -'i-iif-rai (embly has not pas-cd a s.ilutary Act in vain. St, Album Messenger. MoNTrcLtER, Jin. fl. Forgery. On Wed nesday, a yountr man nf Ilrainlreo, (employed this winter in B'nvirc,) pioson ml a .note of 8200, tn bo discounted at tlm Innk of Montpe lier. The note was deemsd a forgery, and the mm ivasnt mice hinded over to the State's At torney. Hit will he examined1 on Motility. CTThis is t lie !) I case of forgery (if so it proves) detected at this b ink within three months, and in neither case have the formers jot a single dol lar from this bank. The first forgery was for uite a large sum, (SJOtlO wo believe,) and that sum was obtained by the former (a Bruintrec man,) from each of two of the neighboring banks He was detected here, and under advice from the attorney of the Statu the forged note was given up, and the money obtained front tho nth er banks was paid back. The second ease was recent, and tho turn of tlip note small ; the third, is the present case, and it is the second from the town of Draintrcc. Watchman, Eruttio.v o? Alt. jftTXA. Hy tin Neapo litan steamer Francesco I, which arrived yes terday morning, (Nov. '21.) wo have ret:ived an account of the breaking forth of Alt. .-Etna. The mountain li id been for some days heavily capped with dense clouds ; rumbling noises were heard at t tint;, resembling distant thunder ; and many person--, especially on the west neir ilrontrj imagined they felt at intervals i-liglit shocks of an cailliriial;e, or tremblings of the ear'h. On S iturd iv, about midnight, several violent explosions were hoard, and lire was soon seen to ascend from near the month nfthe oU crator. The stream of lava gradually in creased in e.Mont, and tool: a course towards the town of Bronte ; luckily a few hillocks to it left served to turn the direction, which then flowed on towards tho roidto Palermo. On Monday this stream of liquid fire had attained the destructive breadth nf two miles; it still flowed on destroying every thing in its path. The road ta Palermo is closed up, filled with burning lava I The sight is awful, yet terrific beyond description. U bids (air to bo the most magnificent eruption of the last century. Pray heaven it may not ba more destructive": as yet its damages have been confined In a few houses and vineyards. Mtlia ji'ipsr f Nov. 20. Nnw Vcii.caxo Mr. K litor Relieving it to be a nntterof interest to the community, to be undo nrquain'ed with no w and strange phono, mini, cnicially when such belongs to our own State, I nddress you the communication : There is a mountain in Itiliun county, near the North Carolini line, that is im.v throwing out large q'lantilie of very black douse smoKc, and inmin'-l- the appearance of being volcanic. Tboio who luvi! vi-imd ih s mii'iiitain, s.iy that the .-moke issues through fisurea in tho "rock--, and that thro is a continue 1 rumbling lo'ind like low d stint ilr.Kiibr, cnns'antly heard in the tiitwe's ot tin; mountain. There is tin ilout of this f.ic, :i a geiitlom in ol this) place h ! recently vi-itMil I lie mountain, ami from him have nlitiiiieil t lie infnrm ttioii. mouiilaiii lted ik wry difiiculi to ascend, and is the high est in that region A(icns (G.) Hannsr. Mr.. HU'.IIANAN WITIlDItAWN. The Hon James Baclnntu, in a letter addressed to the Democrats of Pennsylvania, withdraws his name from tho list of Presidential candidate. 1" lie Reading Democrat in announcing the fact, says : " l onnsylvania will now go with an un divided front for Old Ter.umseh." Ac'tDENT. J!r J. II Simond--, of the Wind or lloute, in this village, was riding on Sattir. day latt, with a valuable span of hnre, him self in the sleigh and three ladies. When pas sing down the Connecticut on the east side, a lit tie above Divi3'brnok,the horses became un n in ageable, and on being reined out of the road to stop them, threw the parties nut of the slpigh, escaped from iho driver, and on coining to the bridge, went off, falling about twenty feet upon the rocks, k.llingthe hores and hi'dly injuring the sleigh. A good railing might have sated them. Loss about 8100 Vt. Chronicle. Husband and Wjfe to ur hanged. The Governor nf Pennsylvania has issued a warrant for tho execution of James Oolati and Bridget Dolan, on Friday the 10th of February, between the hours of 10 o'clock, A. M. and 3 P. M. They were convicted of murder in tho first de gree in uradlord county. "I TOLD You SO." "Wife, wife! c coiv 's dead, choked with a turnip!" " I told you so. I always know'd sho'd cliokn with them turnips." " But it was ;i pumpkin n darn big tin." Wall, it's all the same. I know'd nil slang it would ho so. Nubndv hut n ninnv like you, would feed a cow on pumpkins that trait l cliopt. " The pumpkins iva cliopt. And 'twas nt tho pumpkins neither that clinked Iter. 'Twas tho Ir.iy tho end on't ii sticking out ol her inntilli now. " Ugh ! Ugh ! T'irn goes my liread rny. No longor ngo limn yesterd.t'v, 1 told you tho cow would swallow tint tray." XTF.W MILCH CHEESE, for sa'chv IN 32 S. N. GAUT & Co. WANTED, Onrv CORDS OF WOOD CPT. for which fCJJ fair price will be pu I. 4l,o an active and capable young man, nl rut 18 year-od, lo learn the paper iiiakiii; trade. Inquire at the Paper .Mill at hum ril' rails. January a, lb-ll. IIURMXGTON FIIMAI.E SRMINAUY flllE first Term in 1814 will commence on th M- first of re'irunry and continue 22 weeks, the recond on Ihe 10;li Inlv and continue aUo 22 wtcU. tlrveu weeks, the quarler UiirliiisHin, De-.0, 18H. 32ic3 A LLISON'S HISTORY OF EUROPE -IIistorv A ol'Europe from the Cnmrnemeinenl of ihe French Revolution in" 1733 to the Pre-ent Time. By Archi 1 M A ison, K. R. H. F.. Complete in 4 vol,, fiyn. Jjnusry 19, '41. A. EDWARDS. AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. ,'".': iv'- 1 ",-,r''-vf-VXi,v'-i''ik'' ',-Sil-LL',l'atf-vW:WftJ Tliu Farmers of Chittenden County, nnJ all others disposed to prnmnfu ilia interests of Agriculture;, tiro requested to mrut :it the. Com t Ilousu in Biirlititttun on Saturday, tliu lSlit Inst, lit 10 o'clock A. M. for tho pur pose of organising tin Agricultural Society, under the l.itu net of tlm Legislature. A full lopresentatioii of tho farming interest is confidently expected. U. II. PENNIMAN, I,. U. PLATT, W. I). MUNSON. THOMAS HROWNF.LL, BRIGI1AM WltlGHT, 111 A WITTERS, Wlt.MAtt MUtS, LYMAN I1UHGKSS, THUJ1AN ClllTTi:.DEN. IIAHIIV JIllil.KR, DAVID A. AlUHItAV. U1IAUNCV W. IIROWNELL. I.RVI WHITCOMIi, UANSOJI JOXRS uoi.t.A gi.i:aso.v, AMOS It. COOPKR, JIJS-P. .IP, WELL, jr. J. PINXI O, J. SMITH, jr. SI, L. t'Ol.TOX. TRUMAN GAr.U.HA, PI5TR t L. A I LKN. CLARK liOSTWlCK, ALUKRT f.KK, K. IMRIvLR, ALKRK.I) ItlCICNFLL, HI3XRV JOHNSON, KLI.IAII IHRGP.. ARTICMAS AI.LEN. Wm, HOWMAN, MARSHALL ROGERS, NOAH U O STANTON. JAMKS II. HHLANO, WARRHN POHD. JOSEPH It. WF.XD, JOHN 11MISTOW, IIURRP.LL LAXH. 'I'll EUI on r. OATLIN, 11 EM AX LOW ItV, ASHAP.L NASH. HKNIIV S. MORSE, LAVATER WHITE, Wm. L. IURMOX, K.ltA MEEfll.jr. LUTHER SIOXE, DAVID COOIC. CALEI! II. HARTON, -W. O. It MIKF.R. JOSEPH MARSH. HKM N R. SMITH, PI'.TP.l! I. ItVIXGTOX, MARVIN LEONARD, SELAII AMHLER, SILS J()HV-, AI.UXAXDF.ll FERGUSOX, DAMKL II. TU( IvEl!, COLONEL St'lTH. HEtJIIEV LOnKWOOD, nilP.NE.F.R 1SIIAM, SHERMAN IIEECH. January 3, 1311. nitlRIITON MAItKKTJan. 1, 19M. At JIarkcl, 825 lieef Cattle, 1700 Sheep, and CO Swine. From ISO tn COO beefrnlllc unsold. Pniccs liccf CatlltWe quote cctra at SI 23 !? S I 50 j Fust quality, S3 7 1 Sl second quality S3.30 ift 63 73 ; third quality S3 & 350. Sheep Small lots SI to I 73. Weathers from 81,50 to $2,50. SicincXo lots Fold at for 3 to Ec. BOSTON MAKKKT.--Jan. I. No change from last wee!: except butler, now quo ted at from S to 1 1. Wool firm and tho market near ly drained. M a if i? n o (2S In iIiiiovn on tlmOili nM., I y the Rev. Mr. Par- ford, Mr. Stewart A. llus-, of Eex, to Mi Lu ctsDi Hill, of ihNtuwn. AUCTION SALE OF d;:y goods, A f W. II. THOMAS Aiicii.m Room, TO-MOR-a- ROW. on Snurdiv Aftcrnoin and I'venin?, ,1m. Hib; nill b; 'ild nsplcndid sock nf nellse- leoicil Frendi and Ktili-'t coodr; consis ing in pall ul Mir-eilles Ci'i.lis. nri i lert'ttt s.zcs anil Ii ,'iirc-. Hi newest and ierv hest ii'iihly Marseilles nud irtnrin iiniie, uroivn i lunie s inn, tJinnsi; r.ioio i loins. A lew pieces or Niiperrrie liroadciniu, Loudon Ilea ver, a iihi and tirauiiiu stvo utSlniils. a few nieces of Figtuel Iialim Sill; : a uewslile of Sil1; Pockel Hkkfs .Cravnis and Scarfs, lo -ether with oilier arti cles lo numerous M mention. TAKE XOTICE. "TMIAT Per-m w'm ir.n posilirely teen to tat e a 1 KEO of OVSTEliS from my do r on Saturday lal, ran luvellm rnvileie ot refm-bus me i3 ilin iho inediu'n of the O lice, if lln; way -ho ,1 J I e prcferre ', or lake xchat Kill oficriciscfullotc. Jan. 12. I). DI.t:iCMAN TIIir.'K ROOTS, Rubbers, and Shoos Ladies Kid Slips, f iniiniatmn I'renih -hps. Children's hair i. alters, i.auics Leather hlmos, rir si'e Ii y January 12. S. N. GAUT Co. auction ANifinnnnssioN STORE. IJy IIAW'BI,I, A WAIT. qnilE I'NDI'.RSIliNF.Di Invin-; ia',en ibc Hand L .lie vo.'ci'iie I v I. THOMAS, wi continue ihe Viriinn 'iud onrnMon I usiue-s under the firm f Hasvvell & Walt. A I.i.iernl Advance maJc on nronerlv efi e t her fur pu ui- nr private -ale. j-a.ucs on i eJuc-days an I aaiur lav-, N. II. HASWELL jr. T. R. WAIT. Uurlintrlon, January 1, 1311. 32 UKIGfiS lINDRIiWdOl), ATTORNEYS AT LAW, $c. Burlington, Vt. 6m32 MILK. TJERII PS it 1 not l.nnwn lo all the lovers of tlN x I'aclul an 1 oelicHrt- ar t '.c, that it can I e ha I by anpli-atmn lo J. KIM II A LI., w ho will A-liver it daily (Sun la t b rx-eplel) ul any p'a'e in tin- vi'laeu al 1 Us. per ouarl or I2i e's. per rallnn. Plea-e try i', in it saiiai.i"n,,ti ui riien no pay win i e asr i. iiiiinnsion, j in. tu, mil. i:wi 1I11I111 It. .Inslyit's I state, STATE OF VEHMO.ST, )The Hon. ihe Prohvc lli-lrii't ol lhil'rn'ien, s-, Court for 'he Holnei ol Chii'en'eni To all person- i nmrrned in the K late ol J0I111 II. Josyn, late of We-lford, in snid I 1 inc. decea-ed, Gnr.r.its'r.. WiiEnEvs, rn. Vi orsl, ndmini-trator of ihe E-ti ot said dece i-e.l, propose. 10 ren 'er an acco ml of hi' a lintni-tr.ilion, nnd present hi- ncr'ouut ayain-i -aid es a'e tor examination and allovvnnce al a se-sion of heCo in ol Pro1 n!e lo I e hidden nl Ihe Reji-ler- Ot- fi 1; 111 IliirliiiM'nn, 111 inirl district, oil ihe see bud Webie-ilay of rel ruiirv nex'. I 1 o 1 are lieie'iy no ifift tn appear I C' fore Slid co nl 111 the liini; and o'are afire-a'd. rut I shewenu.e, if anv yo i have, why Ihe acco int atore . , 1 1.1 .... 1 :. -ii 1 - sii" 10 o iiinmci. I!,,-,.,, Ill,, i-r lliv 1,T,., nl nr n.Inn 1,1.9. I.U.. January, A 32w3 D. 1611. ' e..,i.ii;Buj....ivf,, W.M. WESTON, Rrginfer. ICItcrrzer T.yon's Estate. STATF OF VFl.MO."l) AT a Pio'nle Di-lrut of Chilleni'en, s. -TV t'ourl hidden at Bir'inslnii, vviihiu nil I for I ho district afore ai Ion ihe 30 h djy of Koveml cr, A. D. 1813, an In-truincm purporting ui I e ilia la-l Will and Te-lainent nf Enr.Nt.ZEn l.tos, bt'c ofCo't heter in snid Ih-lrici t'e.'ca.ed, wn- presented lo ihe Court here fir Pro 1 ale. by Jo-eph Clark, lln- Eteeulor I herein named. THEREFORE It i ordered by sai I Court, that pul In. notice I given lo all person concerne I therein to appear I f irn sai 1 Court, at a se-sion thereof!!) I r holden nt ihe Reiler' Odlre in Burliniion, on the second Wednesday of February, A.J). IBM, and con iei Iho probate of sai I Will, nil 1 it i- furlher ordertil ihat this order I e ii'iblisbed ihree vfceks -iicce-siu lj m the Uurlinglou Free l'ro-,n newspaper printed a'l Burlington, in Ibis Stale, ihe la-t ol which shall be previous to ihe day a igned, a afore-aid for hearing. Given under my haml' at tho Register's Other, this. 30'h day or November. A. V. 1813. 33.V3 WM. WRSTON, litgisier DRAND'S DICTIONARY. A Dictionary of Science. Literature and Arts corn plising tlie History De-orinircui, and ScientifM principals of every branch of Ilumnn Knoxttedqt ) with tho derivation nn I dcHnitinn ofall Ihe tcrin In general u-e. Kditcd by W, 'I. IlnAVD. P. I!. S. fi E. nu.-teJ I y Jo epb C.t'iyin, E-q. nn.l oilier.-, Mnstrn luJ by numerous Engravings on woud. Coiaplete in nnc-lnrjro vol.imc, tjva. Jaiuitrv 12. II v A. EDWARDS. A MEMOIR ON IRELAND, Native and Saxon, IX IW Daniel O'Col nell, jM P. Price 2j el- Janu'nrv 12. 11 A. EDWARDS. .lames Marsh's F.statr. STATE OF VKKUONT. ) rpuniloiMhc Prolate Dtricl of Chittenden, !?. ) A Court within nnd for the Pi-triet orciiittenilen ! To ihe credcorsnnd oth ers concerned in the esiate or Joscrn Marsh, lata of Hiirliiu'ton, in said District, deceased, Whereas, David Read, the ndinitiiilrator, or the Eslalo of said deceased, has made application to this Court, to extend the timo limited fur nuking pay ment nf the debts of said deceased, t well n months from Ihe 20th day ol De cinher, A. D. 1813, ami tho second Wednesday nr February next, bcinc assign ed fur a hearing in the ptcnii-cs, at ihe tifficcof Iho Rei-'iater ol'llus t'ourl, nnd it having been ordered notice Iheicof beeiien,by publishing Ibis de cree llirce weiliisiicccssivdy ih the Hurhnglon Free t'res ; a newspaper prmtcu at liurlington, octoro I lie time men lor lieatinp, Tiicntronc. You arc hereby notified loapnearbe fore vaid court at the time and place aforesaid, then and theie, to make objection if nny you have, to tho saw time ul payment neinc ttirllier pxlonrttii asaiore sai I. Given inider mv haml at liurlinjton, this lStb day of December, A. D 1913 Wm. WESION, Rtcgitttr. STATU OF VEfl.MOXV, rpllE lion, tbs Dis'rict i.l'Cliiilctiilen. ( X I'rol ale Court for I lit; Dt-triel of ('hi'ieiiflen : To all persons con cerned in the estate of Jamks M Ahsii, late of Hurling tonin saiil di'irtct decea-ed. Gseetiso. Wliere.i. David Read, administrator of the estate of saiil deceased, pi opuses lo lender an account of hj aduiin'sti.uion. and nresenl his account neainsi said estate for examination nnd allowance at n session of the Court of Pin' ntc, to beholden tit tlm Remsters OfTH'ein Bdid liurlington. on the eecond Wednesday of J'Vbrunrv next. Tlterefoic, you are hereby notified to appear l.erore said court ol the lime nnd place ofore-aid, snd shew cause if any you have, why the account aforesaid should not benllouel. Given under mv hand at Burlinffton. ibia 2nd day of January, A. D, ISH. wm. W1-.STON, Kegisltr. WRIGHT'S INDIAN VEGKTA l!I.H PILLS OR INDIAN I'UIIG TIVK. 'IIIOUntl iinnv medicines have leen lelorethe B pihlic lor a in irh loii'er Jieriol lliau Wiuoht IN'OMN t Pill-, vet num; -land- now Utoilca Rerun:, or ha- inure ram II y atlaincd a firm hid I upon p ip ilare-t'ini'ion. The Tiioe-ADj Ihat naie u-ed them lliro'ihoui the length and I reaLhh i f the Re.mblie. all I ear cheeiful le-lnnoiiy to llieir tkorau'ih rjjicocy and mild operation when emplovej in Ihe ino-t ui-tie in j oitorJers unicn ue-n I- neir to." Tho tlicnry of doei-e on winch Wright'- Indian Vnni'.TADI.n'Pii.t. aic fo in Vd, i- i hi-, v i that there isonhione vrimani muse nf alt the disinters t'tat ajjliitt'ie human family, iin I Ihat i-eiirr un li.uniir- ; i.r, in oilier ivuni impunnjeif uivoa. i in- pruici plo I- "O.v -o frenei.ilh' a Ion t'c1, th it it may in ftcl I e said lo I c -ii-iaine U 1 1 an uniier-.ility of opiniun, llierewil's-eiver eiiu-i'niiiia I ut a ierv fee' le mi nority. It i u-eb'--ihereli ic lo di-ci'S Ihe ,o inJ-ue-- 'ol tin-llieoty in lln- and ruuiiciion, Tur. one Diseasc I'uiNtlPLK I en udiiiilied, the mode of ana '; pto es e I bv all J r n-iittoner I ceomes Ihe nine uanie'v, purgation. Ii it many orihe -o- alle I -pecdi now lelote llicpublir, print ice only one lorm ol Piii'a'io.n ; they are ei her s-iilonh., I atlMMie, Di irelc r I'.Npe.'ior.iul. II n'it s Indian Vei'ctable 1'ills oinhiiie nil ihe e propuilie-, an. I a,e lliereloru inlciil.ite.l lo nllaek the element- ot di-ea-e al all point-, and bv a harmunio i- nnd combined i pe ralion to expel it rathe.illy ioni ihe sy-teni. Their e e--t i almo-t m.ig cal, nnd i- no le iistum-lune; for mi Mne linn i' emcacy Uolii ceres, ami all ages may employ iiiem, neeoruins to uie oireciinn-, wilho it lear, for while I hevarc certain ta cure alldis eases that me lenieduil, they ntrer inflict an injury upon ihe -y-tein. I lie nerfct'i sajciy oi me nie.iifiue is unuuiei nn- important quality, nnd one which ha contributed more ihan any llims el-c to iis extension and popu larity. In u xcord, this medicine commends itself strongly lo the patronage of the public, and its use bids fair to fceejme before long, almost universal. CAUTION. The citizens of New Lnil.iu I uro ro-pcctfiitlv '" forme I thai in eon evvnee o the ; great popu ar .!.. I, iv, ,i,i'-in.ii.iii Vi"'ei.i'ilel'iU have camel by llieir .i-loiusliui goo hies-, a Gang ot Counlei leiier- tre now indu-lrion-ly ensnucu in p.rnilnp on I lit- on--u-peeiinu', a valueless and perhap- dangerous ci ic, iintler ttie name ol i eje 'iihie t ill-. . I Ins is to inUirm ihe put lie, ilia' the gen.iins ine-u- cine ll.l- oil the ooxe-, " Wrlslit's Indian Vegetable Pills, (INIiIAN Pt'RGATIVE) or the ISir.Tit Amkrican coi.i.i.c,r. or hcaltii. around the Loider cf the lal el will le lound in Miinll tvpc, " F.n'er'ed tus-ordins loihe Act of Consre , in the ear I S 10. I v William Wrr.'h1, in ihe Clerk- Odiceot , , ii. it,. i ,rp,M.,.,-L lllC ll-lll.l v'J III 'l llV .rfti-ii.. . van 'a." The nit' It" will al-oreniem1 er Ihat all who sell ihe enuiiiu In Inn Vcjrc al le Pdl- are liruiileJ with a icrtitica'e 1 1 areifV stirned I y William Wtl'iltt, Vice I'rt'slitent or Tin: south ami iu. an colieri: ot health," and thai pi; Her-are never ui any ca-e allouu I lo-rll the genuine mediciiio AM Iraielbn; Atrent- will le provn'e I wilh u ceriilicate o( Age.iey a- nbm c descri be I ; .in I iho-e who caniH.l show one t' he known a- b i-euiou s:nr-. The fo'lo.vms highly re.pclc.b'e persons have been appi lined nyem- (or ihe -ah-ot iticntiove nameJ rti;iii's inoiaii t cieiuiiie i-iiis. orTiicNonTii AMr.niCAN culi loe or hcaltii. AGENTS-'. K. Howard. I'e k tV. S.iear. I). Dayi iv Co., IiiirloiKtoii i liiin is LiU-l.irr, Ci lcheslir: Mor'ou d I hirl, vmHishii: i.orm I, t .ex J. II. Tower & Son, Underbill : A. Il.irney, J. Lv man. .lei tclio : win. litinoe-, t. i. ureeu, iticiimon i; .1. It. Dike, 1 in ui 1 111; on : Mcii-on it Dean, llri-lol: Mi n-ou fi Dean, Linioln; A. f. IIo-ck', new-Hit' len : R. Sani'eisou, W. Milion i V. I.. Drake, Milton tie i. Ayre-, Milton F.itl-j Mnr lit ires, Griswol, it S nibe. t;.iinlii iil.-e: w. ft. et C. r. ivojo, vvost- far I : S. W. Hri,s!t & Co., Fairfax T ic on'v O Ii e nt llu-ton wh.-rj the InJian Ve-e talk- Pill-ran I e i.b'ained I-at 19S TIIEMONT STREET. 1 QS l'liueonl UihcentiJ iienerai uepot, ioj Itaiesirte., Plula lelphia. 32yl TAVKUX STAND FOR SALE OR TO EXCHANGE FOR A FARM. '1MIL well known cs'nbhsb- JL mciii.lhc " llrowu Stand," three mile-e.tst ol the vi lase of vci-i'i 1 I v 11 iriiuciiui, iiicaieu on ine t i-V'.-jUJ t vr, , t t i :' ,rv. o i L5M'r & liou-m liiinpii.e. l-illlivtii-ii iriltsyisJ wilh it I- a farm ttf Ftd n"re-. lln. "H.Ch'a-.riii irr aood eulllvaiion. A ereat bargain will be given lo a ri','litly di-po-eJ purchaser. for particular uppty to ihe suUscnuer, on lue preuu- liurlinglon, January 2, 1S14. 31tf cTevTV: oii n s7u v r.x A NEW lot Black and llluo Black Silk and Mo- rV hair Frinees: anew lot Black. Blue Black and Colored Gimps; Cherrv coined Silks, French Kid "loics, iiorsi it Aims. Heavy niacK I orus and las scls,C'op Ribbons, Ladies' Nulu Caps, ir) cheap. also A new bit Cloth and Fur Iriui'd Caps, just rectived, tone ill er with some No. 1. Otter Caps, nt very low price, liy 11. V. UATL1N. Jinuirv.i, 1B1I. 31 TO !!- ItsONH AIIOUT IIUII.IiI.VG. pill', subscribers keep nn band nt ihcir Lumber - i an on I'earl alreet. Iloan s. hcanl in", l'lank. Floor Hoards and Inch Hoards icady planed; Lalb, Lining and oilur nnierials for hmldiiie. Pii-iinsii, thu ndilieni mwiis cm b sunulipil nl ihe Mills in Underbill at a siiiiab'c deduciion from ihe Hiirliiitituii unci s. N. II. They offer In contract for the rrrciinn nr iiiiuiiiuzs on reasonable terms. Apply m u, i Hie ok. IIUKOK it n'lEVEN. Hiirhnelon,3 J in., 1S14. 31 ir LUMBER. TT7l"P"n I... .1... ... 1...- IVIllTr mvr ,r U .") 1 11''., r, , ,. .ri .. i LII'llTKP I lll'l nrL' I'OAUDS nml l -..w... ..... ..... -- HTIlin ,x Inner for OA DIN 1.1 WORK. Ship ovir ivin. uutiiiiiui a more. t;iiurrn nneii. SAMUEL N1CHOLI.S. Bur'innlnn, Jin. 1. IC4I, 31 If CnKN I'ltACKEUS. FIRST RATE ARTICLE, mani.rnrlnrr-d nnd I . lor sale by E. R. CROSa.MAN. potash PLOUGHS, Wagon BoJes nnd Axils, constantly on oiiiiii mm lor saie cneap, ai me ivinonsKi iron i-oun urv i y r H. uuuss.aiArv. Winnoski Cily, Jan. 3, 1841. 31 If QAI.MON, MACKEREL, and COD FISH, for kj sateny S. N. GAUT t Co. T EMONS. Fre-h HaNins. Cilion. Currants. Nut Li inrit, Cloves, Cinnamon, and other suiicstnure grouno) rorraiely , r. GAUT A. Co. Pee. 27. 30 QT. CROIX, Havinoa, Loaf -ul Cru-hed Su gar, t.y a. ualt v i n. Ear. by Vtc. 27. 30 wHir! i t v7 v55 Petition to Sell Laud. STATE OF VERMONT, ) AT a olon uf the Dl.irkt of Chittenden, s-. J il- Prolate Court held at Pirlinglon, in end lor the ilitrict of Chittenden, on the iccund day of January, 1S-14, ionics Ocontir. H. Shaw, ailniiiilstrntvr of the c-la'e of Hubert .IfoodV. Inle ol nid I! irlhijr'on. (lece.t ed, nud file In -aid ewtrl lu pcntli'n, in wrilmg, fettuiR forth that the amount t.fdehN dm fiomsiil es'ale.ns nlloiied I y tl.e commfnurr, wa- 313,001 37. nf wlm h uin has leen patdliirii-i'.ree i-vuN upon ihe dollar, nnd tint lbs lalance due the creditor of tnid etate i mtrcthstn the vnl.ieofoll the? property, real mid per sonal, reitMininir ol'said e tale fit the ItairN or po seion of said administrator j that the said Moody dieil -c'zed of about one acto an I a quarter nf land silua'ej on the oulh side of Co'lece vlieet, m oi I DurluiiiCui, I sing the homestead of said Moody, In a part orwhieh the doner of l.i wi low linv been set outj lint he nl-o died eized of one llnrly second part ol lot No. 109 in said liurliudlon, Ic.i-cd lo John H. Hop 1.1 is Tor the term ol of ten years from AmriM.&l8il, ninpii nn annual rent uf about 30,42 ; nl-o Pew No. 38, -17, and Inlfol'No. C3 in St. Paul'- Church in said llurlingicn.loireiher with a stnll in the -helin ihe re ir nl nld chuivb, and nl-o lmlf a pew in the brielr uieelin?lioi.ent WinnosM FnlU in Colchester, in aid diorirt. anlilmi It i nrnwnn' nnd would l.e I cue fii'ini to all concerne I in sail e'tnle that the whole of Ibeper-onal e-tnle and ihe leal e-tiile ature-aul, to gether iviih the reversion oflho widow'- dower afore said (houhl le sold fur the payment of iho i!cht afore said nnd iheexpen-e-oradnuui-tciing cal l e-late, and praying said court lo hecn-e the .-aid a luuni-iralor lo, -ell said real and pcr'onat e-lale nnd lite said revet-ion of I lie widow's doner at private sa'e or pul lie auftion. Whereupon the court aforesaid doth appoint the second Wcdne-d.iy of February, A. D. IS 14. for hear in?und deciding on said peliiion at Ihe oilicu of the ltegi-tcrof-nid court, in -aid Burliuqton, an Idolhor .Ixrilini nil ner.mi- inicrc-ted I e noMfieJ thereof by publication of lbi order, eon'aiuilii: the Mib'ance of sain petition, tnree weens -uci-c wviy in me uuitu, lon FrePress.n newspiper printed in i-aid Uurlinglou, the la-tot which pnl bcation- lo be previous to the tune appointed n nfore-nnl for hcarinp;. Civen under my hand at said Uurlington, this 2J day ot January, 1 S44. 3hv3 Wm. WESTON, Register. Joslnh l'arnswortli'8 Instate. STATIC OF VHliMOS'T, ) rTHIE Hon. the District of Chittenden, ss. J 1 Probate Court for tho District of Chiit.-nden : I'o nil per-nns con cerned in the Estate of JOSIAII FAR.SSWORTH late ot Weitford in said District, deceased, GnEETlNO. Whereas, Reuben Farn-wonh, Executor of the la-t will and te-l.tnient ot said deceased, propo-e-- lo render an account ol Ir- ndmini-trnlioii, nnd pre.-em In- uceoiint ngain-t said e-ta'e tor examinalion and allowance nl a -eioit of the Court ol Probate, to be l.i Iden al Ihe Regi-tei' ollicej'tt 1'intuiglon in .-aid Di-lriet, on the -econd Wednesclay i f Fel riuny next., you nrc hereby notified lo appear 1 e foicsaid courl ill the lime and laie nloie-nid, anil shew came, if any yon hate, why the account afore said -hould not 1 e allowed. Given uniler my hand at Burlington, tin'.-27lh day of Dci einler, A. I). IS 13. 31w3 Win. WESTON, Register. Illizabctli Itiowncll's Instate. STATF. OF VEIl.MO.T,)rVIK Hon. the li-liicl of Chil'endeii, . J I'rol ate courl lor t lie District of ChilieiieYii. lo all per-nu-concerr.- el in Iho estate ol'KLIZABI'.TH DROWN Kl L lale of Colche-ler, in sin Idi-lriel, i!ecea-el, ImEETiso. Wncnr.A- John S. Muu-on, adiniui-ir.tior of the e-'a'c (d s.nd iloi ea-'.l, propo-e- to render an account of hi- a tiiiim-ti at lull, and pie-enl his account airain-l aid e-tale lor exaiiiuialiou an I allowance at a -e -ion of iheCn in ol Pro1 a'e, to 1 u liohleu at ih" Heg-i-ler's oli'-ein lturbinilun, iiisaiddis net un ibel'o irlh We Ine-day of.l.nri.iry, Therefore, you nre hole! y notified lo appear belore -ai I courl al 'ihe tune nud plate afijre-aid, and -hew cau-e, if any vou have, why the account alore-aid sho Id noi I e allowed. Giten under my ban 1 nl Burlington, litis second day ofJanuarv, A, D. ISM. 31 ' WM. WESTON, Hczistcr. LET the afflicted remember that,tlic;,' have a Rem edy in tbo Genuine Hay-' Liniment. Dozen and doieu- have been sold m'lhi- i iemitv within the pa.-t two) car te-iilying to n- eilieieucy, in 3U rt.C, CC 01'L.AIiS. E VENING S ClIOO L. FOR the purpo-e of ailbrding Mm hauics, Apprentice-, and other-, who are deprived ol ihe nrivi- iege of alien. ling day-school-, an opj ortuniiy of im pioviig Ihcni-ehe-'in knnwlcdse, the unlersigncd propu-e.-to .-lart an Eveinna Sehcol in ihu vitlnge, lo l.e I, rl.l live vxenlm-ji III u.ieli uecl.. ill the Brick School House on Cuilm's I.anc. 'l.-rm- liiri-n.-li ui.l.olnp f..r Uw.-ct.,-, 82,O0 .-Qt'ti scho'ar Icing rerpurcd lo find hi- own light. Tho-e wi-hinc; to en'erthe -eliool can leave their I ame- at tin- oilice, and meet me on Ti.Usdav eieuiic. Jan. J, at the above mentioned place. II. O. HOL'GH ION. Biirliupton, Dee. 2S, 1313. SUL.M.NG t)FI'- AT 2-B OL" I'OK.UIJIl IMtlCI'.S. jTILOTHING and all km J, of other article-, too numerous to mention, O. BE.S'NS, Pearl street. N. 1!. All kinds of work dune a-usiial. December -23. 1SI3. Auction nml Commission Store, IJy WJI. II. THOMAS, College Street. Uurlington, Vermont. ALII eral a Iv.tnce made rn pmpertt. All kind of Dry Goods, Hoiiscllold-I-'ui'liUlii'e, Ac. cou-tanily on ban '. v a . i r, ii , SHIPPING FI'R lor which cash will le paid, ti n hiiKHMi, Dee. 23, 1613. 30:1" 1) CV. Geo. I). Chccier'saddresscouinicnioraiiieol V the Virtues and Attainments of Rev. Dr. .Marh, i i.a:. i.r., .1... M ..r ,u it r a.... i'i uitiiu iiuit inu .iiuuiiit ,j, nic u. ,. .11. IS 13. 30 For sale by V. HARRINGTON rpilAT all nb-oibuir -Novel, THE MV.-iTEItES i JL OF PARIS, comple;ein 10 num -ol llie-vew Word, tor -ale by HARRINGTON. Dec. 2S, IS13. NOTICE. THE sub-cril er ha- for sale four or five first rate Culler-, Ihree l'ravcr-e Al.-o, time L'linl er Waggons, two Com'ord Waggon-, one two horse p'ea-mc Waggon wilh steel -pring-, tonirue and till-. Tlyi-e wi-hing for any of the abovo arli-e'e- will do well to call an I see them. Cidiaid 111.) -t knili of pro 1 1 -e will be taken for pay. HEMtY W1I1TM Y. 11 irlingion, Dec. 29, 1SI3. wa TOIIN CIlRISTINriFme Cut and S.nokmg To tJ baeco, Caendi-h, do. Pure Ground and olhcr Co"ee, for sale cheap by S. N. GAUT it Co. uec. ii. 30 ST IIVSON. Hy.oii Skm. Young Hv-on. Sonehoiiir undGuii Powder Tea-, (iir -a'elo'w bv Dev. 27. S. '. GAUT rf- Co. M' OLASSEtf, Ump Oil, Vinegar, lor sale by S. N . GAUT Cx Co. 30 Dec. 27 ri'l'ARCH, Saleralus, Coiipcra-, S.thpenc, Alluni O Cocoa Shells, and Paste, Soap a d Can I'e-, for sa'e by S. N. GAUT &. Co. uec, a 30 ASH WANTED. IN exchange for Live Gi-e-e Feather al 42 Cents per lb. by HENRY W. CATU.N. Dec. 25, IS13. 30 A WAV TE TS about eoniinrnceine, and, tokcen un our renn J. latum for lellling liooil- ilieap, ami a lillle cheaper lliin other-, we will, on anl afier .Yrtc (erir. lor ihcki.aiji .sen c nea ier mail we nave rv. r lefore o eiek The 1 nlanre of l)H V GOODS. will I e sold at a very until advance from co-t, and other Goodsiu propoition ; it 1 ir satisfaciion please mil and see f. r your elve-. blorc on i n iron oucti,a uoor- aouin oi ii, u. no-twick'.-Tin Shop. S. N. GAUT it Co. Burlmgion, Dee. 27, 1S43. 30 (Jrindal Reynolds' Estate, STATE OF Vl.ltMO.vr, ) AT a Prolate Court Hi ir ci ol i, ran I Isle, s-, ) il hohten HI my dwel ling lion e in .North Hero, in snid dt-tricl on the 12 h day of I eieuil t r, A. I'. 1813. an iii-lruineut p irnorl- ing lo be the last W II and Te-lanient ofGRIMUL Rr Y.NOl DS, late nl'Gran I laic, in said di-triut, de-cea-id, was pieseutel to ,aul t'ourl heiefor Piobaie, hy G iy Reyno il-, one of ihe L'xc utor', iheiein na. iiitii. Tiirnr.rrnr. it I- on'crcd, 1 y said Court, that pnl ic mil ii e I e given lo all nvr-ons concerne I therein lo nppeir lefore .aid Court, at a sc-non ihereof to I e hoinen al my s oil (Ivvellmg r.ouse, on Ihe20lliday of Jan aiy n'e.xl, nt one o'clock, P. M., and eoute't ihe I'ri balu ol'said will it they ,ee cause. And il i. Iiirlber ordeu-l ihat llii- order be pidli-hel Ihrcu weeks siicccs-ively in l he Burlington Fiee Pie-s, n newspaper printed at Burlington, in lb s Slate, ihe in-i oi wiir.-u p ii iicnnuu Mian i e pievious tome oay Given under my hand at Nnrlh Hero, in sail dis tlict, lhnl2thdayofDeceinler,A. D. 1813. 30 JOEL ALLEN, Judge. REMOVAL. PI. C RATH li U X & Co. DRAPERS TAILORS, TTAVF, removed to Peck's BLilding, three doors IX east oi iiowarus ttoiei. They have ju-t retnrnocl from New Yorlr,vcilh an additional iiimlv of TRIMMINGS, and an assort ment of VESI'INGt?, unsurpHi lor riehnwsand variety. Darlington, D. 13, 1PH, If UNITED STATES DISTRIC P COURT. VcrttioiH Risliict. IN liANialUPTCY. Notlrc (o Vtow cause ncaln't retitlotl of LEONARD MAR-'II, or Biirlmalnri, for his Dis chsrconnd Certificate, ns n llanltrupt, at iho otfice of Samuel Piciiiissi, in Monlpeher, in Fni.l District, on Wtdnt-sJay, the 20th day of March, A. D 1911, at 10 A.M. AM FS l MORTON, ol MUton, for his Di charge and Cerlifiiate, as a llan' rupt, nt lie Oliee ol Sam lei Prenll In Monipi'lier, m -nid Dr'rici, on Wedne-dav, tlio 0,1, thy of .March, A. D- 1911, nt 10 A. M. DANIEL WARD, of Milion, or hi Dl-charce and Certificate, ns a Bankrupt, nt the Office of fe'ainu cl Prenli-s in Monlpeher, in said District, on, the 20th day of March, A. D. ISH, alju A. M. J GREAT DISCOVF.lfv-WOXDEUrUlj iowi:it. rjpIID good sleighing ba put iutoinnliona set ol J. customer- from abroad w ho are making licnieli duous cfl'oris to set away the (.'heap Or.od- from HOWARD'S where the whole secret of succe-s i found to be by the sinipledirecl npp'iealiuu of money. Thursday, 21 Doe.,'. 13. GAUMIN.V SACItA-i 20 Dec. 29 l-y fre-h -npplv received V. HARItl-NGTON. S1IELBUUN HIGH SCHOOL. THIS Institution will be open for the reception of pupils, on Tue-day the second day of January next. Rev. CHARLES CLEVELAND, Siiiurfnlencfanf. Sir. LVCIEN WEST CIlA.Nr.V, Preceptor. Terms. Tuition. Engludt Branches S3 00 Language d 00 Board may be nrocured including Room, Fueand Washing, per week 1 50 Trusters, IIoaAcc Saxton, G. A. t'oLLAMSR. 1 .LI Sit A KUS3C1.L, Hcman BAnsrow, n. W. SCEAH, Asaiicl Nash, Levi Comstock, jr. II. b'. Jlonsc, Shclbum, Dec. 20, 1313. J. Andbew, Fncnnnici; Maeck, H. Lake, Geo. B. Isiiam, Lyman Hall. G. BURRITT, Clerk. 29tf LANDS FOR SALE. IN Colchestet, Lot No. 1 1 1, containing 100 acres. " " 10-i-U " 63 " ii o ii G7 i ioo " In Burlington, ono Lot containing 5 acres, on ihe Turnpike, between the firm of Carlos Baxter, Ei. nnu the lamls nrionguig to inene.rsoi mo laie juuh Johnson. A portion of iho purchase money will bo required at timo ofsale. n d T.r.T- s. r, J. CC .1. 11. I I I l. t v-o. 1 (( MITCHELLS Geography and Atlas, 1UU 100 Olnvv's " " tllO Atilcbell'- Primary Gcocrar.hf. 100 Hunan's Geography of tliu Heavens, 100 I eter railey'- tieograjihy, 300 Ad.nn-'- Ariihnutie, 1S0O Web-icr'- Spelling book, 100 Kirkhtm'-Grainniar, 100 First and Se.-onJ Class Render, 50 Third , " " (, .nufnek'- Pb!!o-:Ol,IiC. and tnn-t of the hooks used m School-, for ale by' 21 Dee. 20 . HAKlil-NO't U.M, TO VS. "i70AH'S ARKS, Tea Sets, Dining Sots Kitchen lN Uien-il-, Coo'iin? Apparatu-, Ivii've-and Forks for goo I Boys and Girl-, Book Bnxc, Ball-, Haimo-nie-, Glass Toy- of all description-, Fancy Boxe-, Wooden Blocks to pnste Alphalet- on, .Mineral Trunk-and Money Iloxe-, Snull B"xc- in va riety, Ivory Boxe-, Horn Boxes, ami Neck Ornament-', Mrd.'ll on Heed-, Miraculon- .Medals, Gro. Einene-.Toy Can lie-tick-. Kid Doll-, Cryuia Doll-, Nur-e- with cluld in arms, .Marks 'loy Walclie-, Tele a le:c set-, Trunipe!-, Kalcido cope-Ball-, Toy Whip-, V.'agiron-, Shell Cn-hion-, l'ur nituic, Nine Pins, C uir-, .Sola-, .Musical Dancer-, Hor-e-, Mill-, Bird-. Girl- Willi Gec-e, Nodding Girl- nml Women, Tut llor-e-, Cans, llor-eman Dan;, Dog-, 1'iog- and ling-, Criicilino, China Animals, Hoy.- and Girl- Head- for Dolls, Grace-, Cop- and ll.tll-, Snake- and a great variety of oiherToy.- Tho-e parents who know Ihat a Toy at -total le lime- 1- a- u-eftil n-a booh, nre invite I to select Irom our n-soi'lluenl- -nine thing for Ullrlslmn- and New Vear's Present- lor their Children. 20 liltlNSMAll) & BROTHERS, Daniel Richardson's Estate. STATE OK M RMO.NT, ( rpHE Prelate Courl lll-trirt of Chittenden, s-. j L for the Di-triet of t'hiltenden : To a'l per-on- e ncerne 1 in ihe e-tati of DAMI.L RICHARIteON,l.itu of We-lford in -aid l)i-iiiei,decc.i-ed, Gnnr.rixo. Wiicni'.A-, S.ilij Ri.'liard-oii ndmiui-ir.urix f the o-t.ue of -aid decea-cd, propo-e- lo render an account of her ndmini-'ialion, and piesent llieir account again-t -nJ e-ta'e for examiuatioii and al'owam e al a -e ion of il.e Courl ol Prob.i'e, to 1 e holdeo nt ihe Recti-ter. Odiie in I! irlingtoii on the second Wednes day ol January ne;:l, Tiinnri our.,' You are hereby notifij 1 tn appear be-foie-aid cumt ul the tunc and place afore-e.i 1, and -hew cause, if anv you have, why the aceounl ifore said -bo ild not I e allowed. Given under in v ban I at Burlington this ljth day ofDe.em'er, A. D., ISI.'i 2!Kv3 Wm. WESTON, Hezister. WANT HI): A LI. ERGOT or SPURRED RYE, cr which xl t.'.t-h will be paid 30 PECK .f- SPEAK. 2 a, t-f, -7 jjj !fj 33 js 3 ' MINIATURES." KESS. WHITTDKCRS & PORTER, T ICSPECI'FUI.LYliiloiin thcciiizrn of Hjrluis Ion ihat ihey have taken rooms and .-ot 11(1 llieir annaralu- for laktnir DAGIT.RRF.OTVPi: MINI TI"RI'S at the American Iloiel (Room No. G. 2 1 lloor) and will remain there a lew day-, where ihey will 1 ' happy to exiiuit 10 1 tie- 1..1 lie- aim ueime'iien 01 Ii irlingtoii -peinien-of their work, and render -ii'dt other alien tion a-may I e neces-ary for their information. Tho-e who have never seen a spi-.-inicn of nature' Pencilling- can hardly form an ude.iiair idea ofiheex Irene perle.-iion, ler'uy, and wonderful nunutene-s id Dagnerreo vpe Pictarc. nitiie it o say that nro- iluciion-of ihi- proce-- are ihework- of nalure, and no' ofai t the. light of heaven alone 1-thePencil u-ed. N It. Copiei ( f paiuliue;- engraving- S:c. by the -nine proce--. Iii-lrueiioii- given and apparat.l- fur nt-be I on ren-ona' le lerui-. IScIa Clilttcitdcn's Estate; SV.1T; OF VRItMOSVA A T a Prolate Di-tiict of Chittenden, m. I Im. Court held al Burli. gton within and lor said Di-triet ot ChiUenlL'n on the ileven'h day of Deicml er. A. D. IS43, come Simeon w . ray ne, niinuni-irntor ot the e-iaie ol liela i nil leii'ten, late ol tjlie.b irn in saw cased, and file- in -ail court hi-neiiiion, in writing, c:img lorlli that Hie claim, alloweil 1 y me couiini-- inner- again-l said esta'e nmo.iiit toS-.i.),20: that 1 he oer.ona e-taie ol saul I'eceaseil. a-invenloiie.l, ainoin'ed lo CJ17.UJ. m nieii iiasiceii -on inn ei an order of said court and the proiced- ol -ucli sa'e Invu been exneiutel in paying theitelits alloweil again-t said e-tate nnd ihe cxpeii-r- of aJuuni-iralion ; ihat said aduiini-lrator lia- setueu in- aiinuni-traiioa ?c count in saiil court, -liowing a balance Hue linn i 87,97 i that there I- a hilance of the claim- again-l said i.'-i.iio remaining uniiaui, an I Ihat it t nece ary lo sell the nal e-tale of the suit divea-c.l to the amount ot foriy dollar-, or ihereabo it-, for the pur' po-u ol paving the I alarie ol claim-again-t -anl es tnte anil lie exnenses i f adniitii-ir.ttion. nud Pray ing for license to sell s inuch i f tho real e-t.uo i- inay be ncics-nrv lo pay -aid -uni, nrnr.t'ro.v ihe eO irt afore-md doth appi mt the seeoml W elue iv of January, lor bearing and deeithug on -aid pennon at 1 ho oilicei f the llegi-icr of sailco irt in sum iiuiiingtoii, nml ootlt onicr inalall per-on intere-lel le untitled thereof I V nul licalioii of ihi order, cl ntnining Ihe sub-tanceoi' said reiiiion, thiee weeks siicics-ive y in Ihe II irlingion frco i'ress, a new-paper pt title 1 in sail Burlington, the la-t ot v. iin'il pu I lU'llloiit in I r j ri ti iiua lu uiuuaj a(.,,wiiii i-l a- uforca d I'ora hearine. Given imJcr my hand at said Burlington, the "ay anu jear ur.-l auovo ineuiioueu. -o m. ui.aiua, riegitcr. (jiditloincirs Fmiiislunr (ioods 77RF.NCH, English nnd Amcttrnn Beaver, Bioad L nnd Pi nt C ol h : HlncK mid l ancv Memo Las suneres. .-sal melts, i.ngiisu anili rencti iitarii nnu Blue Black a inn estings, tur. nnd ivoolen Velvet do. Black Ilnhan A hncc.innd baucv Hnnd'icicbiefs. Mohair Cravats, Sum and llonihazme blocks, until Collars nml liosoms, MIK nna l.imn t'ocKct I land kerchiefs. While. Black nnd Colored Silk Glove: tlacli and llrnvvn Merino Angu n nul vanous mm Gloves, and Millins. Merino nnd Collon Shins and Drawers, Socks, Merino i Hnse, Cloak Cord nnd Tassels, Woolen Capes nnd Tippets 1 Cloth, Ytlvil, Sealleltn. fur trimmed Capes Coil, Vest, and Pan taloons Trimmings. A largo assortment of tho above goods can bo found nt LOVELY it SEYMOUR. Church Slrect, Uurlington, ) November 20, 1813. J jTARSr.ILI.ES QUILTS, Counter pane- and ill Woollen Blankets ot various siie.for salely Noyjtubar 28, 1B43. LOVELY A. SEYMOL'R. FAIRIIANKS SCALES. FAIRBANKS SCALES of all sites, for salo at manufaclnrers prices bv FOLLEIT, BRADLEY & Co. Agents. Old Dock, Pec. 14, IB43. 23 ALarge variotvof Furr. and Cloih Caps for sale by W COLE iV ROBINSON, CFIISAP GOODS. S1UPERF1NF, UROAD CI.OIHf, IH.'AVFR and 5 PILOT do, Ca-miTore., Saiineil-, Wilrig-, Black nit J Chaiiret-ilo A'pv Chu-itu . t'rapeanl Mniiselm De Limes, Bin1' un I Ihue fa' Hi , Silk Ve'vet-, n large lot i b-.v nri ' Shav.,-, La ib. . I rava", llcl anJ Wl . e Fatine! , t'ct' ui t'o, Mer i and S'.ix.'.iy wool Mhirtsin,.! fi, v.iih a tnnciv r.f other Diy GuoJ-, wlvicli me o lew 1 at rehr-ed pnce3 far r.i-h bv 8. M. POPi;. Burbiiiitoii, lie'. 15, 1S43. . SAIr. OT. L'Bf.'S SALT, Barrel Salt. 100 ?ac! s Dairy do O fir-alehv S. M. POPE. Dee. 15, IS 13. WANTED IN EXCHANGE I'O It GOODS. CORN, RVE AND OATS, rtOO lb. I IVEGLESI. FEATHER'S, GOOD TAUI.E HUT, &e. c. by S. M. POPE. Dec. 13, I3. VaTERIES OF I cd by PARI' -No. 7 nnd 8 receiv , HARRINGTON. NARRATIVE, or tho Travels and adventures or MONSIEUR VIOLET, in California Sonora, and Western Texas, wntcn by Cant. Marvat, for ealo by V. 'HARRINGTON. NAILS. KC( KEGS NAILSfrom tliu Eagle Factory, OUU from 3d lo 40J. A completo assortment of Finisliine Nails, from Id to 20d. Floor Brads of all sizos. AhSO, 2000 Kegs Nails manufactured by the Ail Snblo Iron Company. Common finishinj and brad heads of nil size", from 3d to C in. spike, The superiority of tho nails manufactured by the above companies for beauty of form and finish, and for toughness of iron ubovo all others, is universally acknowledged. They are fur sale upon terms as ft- voraoio anil at prices as low as can uo tounn in me tate, ii v r ULit.f.r i. IJIIAU1.1.Y Ci uo. .gtnic. Ohl OocK, Dec. 11, ISM. i'i lAINTs OII.x. TONS pure dry White Lead, wnnnnted equal to anv manufactured in the United Slates. 5 do Extra dry White Lead, 3 do No. I. do do do, 200 Kegs pure While Lead in Oil, 10 Barrels Venetian Red, 10 do French Ve'lnw, 2i do American Linseed Oil, 10 do Boiled do do. for sale nl usual very low, by FOLLETT, BRADLEY" .f- Co Old Dock, D.-c. II, 1313. 23 TO THE PUBLIC. MESSRS. HRINSM AID & BROTHERS wnuld resneclfnllv inform llieir friends and tho public generally that llicv are noia opening and arranging their .V; ltr s-rniiu, 1st uoor mill of llieir old store, nn extensive and bniibfnl assortment of Jcvulry, Watches Clocks, Castors, l'lated ami Britannia wa'e. vorii lioves. Dressing Cases, Shell Card Cases, Shell Combs. Fancy Brushes, Ivory Combs. Silk Purses,' Gold and Silver SI'FCTAGLFS, Gold Chain-, Peneit-. Rings, I'rooches, (ml. 'en lop 'imilw, Hair Pin--, Head ai.d rsecli Ornaments, and test- i-vifnoei' vnrii'K- nf K.111CV Articles. Ill Ihe variety may le found -ome of the tine-t Gold and Sliver vvatche- ol our own imponauon which .ne ry neeurale lime l.eetieis, they will be solil rea sonable nnd warranted; Gold und Silver Watches ot cheaper kinds, We are olien adding new ones lo the assortment. CLOCKS. We linen lirdi-s nn.l Wood Clov'.-s in beautiful .Ma- hoanv, Zebra rtt'd other ca-e-, by the box or sdngle .a.t. . l,., ,r,r.,.j 'ban n nal. all ,lu vl iSli a vi isu - ,, ,',u ' nlo,.!.- nnv unci., however ntf or ln-'O. ar- mviieu lO'l. ,. I "''-' 1 - ' ' . i lo loon at our winter assormicu;, wuk-i bmini-liing, in make rouut fur more; GoouitooJ Clocks fur $3,50 and upwardj, Ura.-s, Irom Sj and upwards and warrrantej. Gold Pencils and looth ricUs. Two dozen Gold Pencils, a-scrtcd sizes and pat. terns for Ladies and Gentlemen. DIAMOND POINTED GOLD PENS. The -econ I lot within three weeks iu-i received. The-e pen-are the be-t, cheape-t, tno-t durable Pen ever m ide. and are now u-ed bv in inv of iho Law yer-, illcrcliant- ain n-i-ine men, as wtu us oy many Ladies m lhi an I other place-, they neel only 10 l.e IrlCO 111 I O III. lue longer il-ru ihu iiioiv .i,- provel. To any who dout t we -ay plea-i; try them, we ineiie i ho c b-e-I -cr'Hinv. we know they will la-t not only one two or three hut Ten year- and more. SILVER PENCILS. Fifteen dozen Silver Pencil-of all size, patterns mvl prii.-., finin 25 cti. upward?, omu leatitilul ones witli stone iieau-. WORK BOXES, TOILET BOXES, &c. , varieiv of Mahocanv, Roscvvnn 1 and Wlutevvoo I Wor'; Boxes, Dru--iug Ca-e-, W, iimg Des'.s, an I Poilett S anils S'eel and Wool Screw Ci-luon-, 'pool Stan I-, bea infill PARIS Paper lloxe., Wnieh lloxe- anl siunl- nnd other goods of like hinds in plendid variety, far lelierllun u-ual. SILK PPRSES, BAG?, Ac. Sill; Pur-e-. -tcel trimnted an I ivher Pitr-cs. Pur-e Mounting anl trimming- patterns. GOLD CHAINS. Ladie-' and Gentlemen'.- Gold Chain-', some with eals and key-, slide-&v , more beautiful than Usual. GOLD BROOCHES AND PINS. We have receiied some mere 1 eautifil Topaz nnd otherStone Pin-and Ring- of o ir own importation. of the -nine maker of llio-e I'm- and Rinsr- whkdi wc importc ihi 1311 an I which hive I ecu spoken of a- tho ino-t In auiifiil one- worn m town. PLATED & BRITVNNIA WARE, &c. TeaanlColee Pot-, Mo lcsj-and Children-Cans. Brilannii Pitcher-, Di-h-eovet-, S.up Ladle-, Spit- loon-, uommuniou i unlit ire, nnu 'er- anu i ray ausar iiowi-, v ream i. u , T..mti.... i.,,.. ,;... i and I rittannia Can lle-liel, Waiters l'. o'.tiig (i!a es ivc., inl-iiorta more lull anil coinplele a-s irtinent of metal Goods linn u-ual, uu I al-o c'leao Urilan- not Castors a- well as more expensive die- at prices ihat will suit if poible. SHELL COMBS & CARD CASES. 20 Dozen Shell. Twist and Side Comb- ol various length- and size-. Shell Pocket Comb-, Shell CarJ Cases, pretty ones, small and large. Blit SUES AND ( OMRS. Fine Roewow and other Hair Hru-he-, line Slice, Imhe-, Nail, Tooth, Hair, Kloi r, Watch. Scriilibinr and mii-i all oth.-r kind- of Brushe-. Ivory, Horn, lerman Silver, Shell and oilier Comb-, Comb Clean rs to e'eanse line Ivory Comb-, and a erealvareie of other new Good-. sstorUs, scans, Jiosomsatul Collars. Some of the best to le hid in lown. VARIETY. Snuff Boxe-. Diaper Pin. Lockets. SnvGla-.e--. M.iiheinatii al Instrument-, Backgammon Board-. Che-s ami Che pier men, Cart-. Picture-.'Hair P.n-, lloois anil,.eejie-, rm-, l,velet-,Shie Buckle- j-iioci. iiuc'.ie-, rsii iners, itee-i-, v-ompas-es, ivinl Counter-, .Nie lie Ca-e-, Paul Strap-, Bag- for schorl irl-, -Nur-ery Limp--, &v. Silver, Shell ami Pearl Card Cases, Spoons and Gnld Beels Fuldc and plain patterns Silver Spoon-, Ladle., S igir To il-, an I other -liver ware cim-iam- ly iiianiifa' tuiing in our shop, al-o fine Goli lieeK anu .-.ecu unaiiis. PLATED & OTHER CHEAP SPOONS. Pla'.eJ. UritinHM.iiul German S.lvcr a- low prices a-po-sdi'e, aeccrJing to quality and ihe quality can I e rehe I upon to leas good a- can le had. 'Coffee Urns and Coffee Pots. MUSICAL INS fRUMENTR. Mui"al MerchaiiJi-e, Melojians, doulde it single Bjsj 'iol-, Violin and TV nor Viols, Accordeon. Flu es irom SI lo 833, Clanonett-, Fife-, Fla-eo!eit, Piceloes, Harmonica-, .Vc, .MILITARY GOODS. B mens for all the Coinpanie-, Sword. Enau'elt-. Pistol-, Spur-, Plumes, Laces, Star-, Ac. Compan ies firnislicd lo or Icr at suitable prnes. WATCH REPAIRING. Our c iMomi-rs nul ihe ivilliowill 1 car wilh us. whilst wemeiclt hint at some of the 'a. i'ilii we have in this den irlinent. we spea'i of Ihem once for all One ol o ir linn wime in i.nsiana, nu n,e opportuni ly ihrough ihe kind attention of 1'nen.L In our hue, lospenjmuen ot m- nine among v.iucn .nnicr nnu Watch Repmer-, wa- shewn many Mcnrav irn provenunts in Ihe way of Tool, nnd manner or re- pairing ivatcnes, vauiniirre n is i reu mere improve ment in tin- department tor the h-l few year-tliin mo.t people would imagine,) lln- I einga favorite part i f our biisinc wrh bun, he wa- not an idle, spe.Ma. tor. We have a vailed rnrselve.-of tho I encflt oi new, iisclid and tmprovisl I out-, an l stippbe I -jtinrlie with, Diamonds set for Coi k and Fool,-.., Djve Tail-, Ruby Pin-, Pinions, Wheels, Rallets anij Whi-els -el 'with Jewels, and other parts of Patent l!Ver Wiitehe. made at the lest Shop, in England. Fine Sia Is for Levers, nnd fine Cy'eudc.rj niUSiccI Whi-eUforl.epine-, made at the Maiiul'-.ctiircrsi these & other part-ol tine watch vvfcrk withvvhien we replace defective and broken one-, we bel.eve will mit our yitsiumer-. We speak of those thing, meivly in in term our friend, thil dur f,ciluie are good for doing work well. Another of our firm who hasju-t nniv ol rrom ;,evv Yoilf, has I ren working lor two years pist tun Journeyman ateli Repairer, Willi a good Ne'V Yon Repairer wilh whom hescived previot-ly Ins Apprentice-hip, having worked al Ihe h i-ine- nine years. We do not profe-s lodo work- nuiek, we intend lo do il well, n is our Inten tion a- it alwavs has been to earn ihe amount we charge work done. It is our cfeiire to saii-fy our customers. We allexpvct lo get our living by work wc love to work-, anJ we like to have our customer satisi'.ed with our work, and our arrangements now are letter than u-ual to make them so. We have extended our riMiarks fir bevoml what we expected, and rlo c, by inviting every besly far and near to call and tec us incur New Minn, one door somh of the old .rand. BRIN3MAID & RROTHERS. SltrersmilUs f- dWfi, lur. it, JiJl. K OYSTERS, 13 Ir tba kef or smaller ipuntiiy. Alo, Anp'ts ' ' XJ Ihu barrel or bushel, com uiitlv ' n hau l oy 2a d:i;la':'ma.';. T si i paid I'tir O.V! b Do-. ;;Q MS, h T. I', ft W.I -TRONG, St nty Stoor. C'AME into iho tncloiare of tho cub?;ribsr .iSont ' thi)2ith last, n rsdish (alorxl fjtacr, liitro' yeir.s old, markt d wit Ii tar on the left hip. The owner I requested to pis'vo ps ogrt y, pay chatgesDiid take hintavvny. EL1SIIA BURNETT. rtnltnn, Dec. 20 1.-13. S3 w3 CHILBLAINS! A .MEDICINE fjr tho rcm-dvof thee- nt 2J PECK i Jl'nAP.9'. noma:, si.niui:, yon s..l. A GOOD you;; lltr-e well',vn in this vuini f"JL ty, a eojd fcleigh. Wncon, l)raj Triiiimei' Harnei-, n pair of good fine I Bu'lalu ll.l is &.:, ov -ile r.'aotmble for iuh, cram, lumber or good hard wooddehvereJ th. wni'Vi'. 2a BitlNSMAID st BROTHKR.S. MNSCKI) Ot! ON CtrSiGN ,1! EXT. 1 ft BARRELS Raw Oil, S Barrels boiled Jo tiisn-' l- ufatlured and ptrpared in Boston, for solo by FOLLEIT, BRADLEY it Co. OM Dock, Dec. !!, 1E1J. 23 jJ TONS shoo shape manufactured from Scrap 3 do 'do common, 3 do do Hammered, a new artio, manufactured from the best Peru Iron, 20,000 pounds HanJ Iron from 1 to 5 inchos wide.' 10,000 do Assntted Scroll Iron, 50,000 do Round Iron from 3-10 to 2 inchss, 20,000 do Square do fnnti 3-3 to 3 do, 10,000 do I'hit do from 1 to 4 do, for sale by FOLLLTT, BRADLEY & Co. Agents. Old Dock, Deo. 1 1, 1513. 23. SO OOO POUNDS first qnalily SAI.ERATUS m Casks, Barrels and Half Burets, ror sale low by FOLLETT, URADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1313. 23 sole i,eathi:i:. 2GO 100 SiJcs of middle weights, New York in spection, do of light do do, New lork Toned and Inspected, ror sale by FOLLEIT, BRADLEY ii Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11, 1313. 23 R O N. to, OOO pounds Eng. Tin; Iron, from 1 1-9 to S wids 2 001 do do ', inch round, 0,f00 nssortnl Svvecdes, flatanc! square, 20,000 P. S. I. Ol I Sable, for slie low hy FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11, IS13. 23 Cash for Oats. 'T'-HE iii'iseri' ers v,-,l' pay Cash for Oats on delivery JL althe OU Due' . , . .. FOLLETT 1 'i,: A Decern! er Clh IS 13. JlT tFe'bostqn almaMojob 4- I5Y H. N. UICKUNSON, WILL lo ready for purchasers in the early part ofPieem'.er. Orders lir-t received will meet wilh tho first attention. It will contain. A Classified Directory of all the) nust.vnss people and hums in tub citt, Alphabetically arranged under each business, or pre fe-sion. Theadvan'ijvs of such a Directory cotislsh m bringm" to a point, from all part- of the cily, th iM.r.e-, of all persons engaged in each particular busi ness. For in-tauce. in a -mall eonnia--, under th head of IlA"r)'Ar.E Di:alsbs, will I o found the uaine and places id buinc s vf all who deal m thai com modity. So otDry Cods, Leather, Furniture, Iront Hals,' Hosiery, ec!., cel., eel., all n arraneed, thai the reader may -ee,ata glance, the name-of all (hoi who are dealer- in any one article. A variety of oth er useful and in'erc-li'ng matter will I ' foiinu in this bllle volume. It will contain 23 or 30 page- mor than heielofore, and Le printed throughout on a new and beautiful Ruby Type, cut in Edinburgh, and ob lained expre ly fortius work-. The Calendar pages n- u-ual, will contain -pace for memoranda for eaek day in the vear. Il will he handsomely and substan tially I .on lid in cloth, and sold as usual at 25 ceals per copy Order- may he sent to the Proprietor, S. N. DlCKEIt-'O.N, 5-2 Washington Sire'; or 10 Mes-rTI10MAS GROOM & Co., 82 Stst. . In eilLcr lasetbey will meet villi prompt attrntioa. Hn-toii. Nov. 15, 184V . SKW WOODS AT THE GEItMAS STORE. QtitlAlt, O kinds Tei, and Co::ee, of ihe I e-l quality, si of Spice-, Cocoa P.i-ie. Fig Pa-te.Frencb Prcpnrul Chocolate, Raisms in I, 1-2. 1-4 and I-l Boies, Sn tain do, Currants, French Italian snd Chun different Preserves of first rate quality, Sr dmrn. Pi'klis. and French prepared Mustard, FRENCH CURDIALS, the very linest, as Gold Wi lms, Anissette, Risasrry, Creme do Citrone, Crcms de Rose, de noycau, Eeati de vanillc, Olive Oil, Walnut Catchup, Tallow, Sperm and Patent Candlss for Parlies, Winter Strained best .-perm Oil. NewOr loans and Ihe very best Sugar House Molasses, &. French Cognac Brandy, Scluldatn Holland Gin, St. Croix Ruin, Jnmacia Rum, -cotch Whiskey, of th most a 'penur quality, Port and Materia Wine. Rh-nt.-h Wme, for .Medicines, Champaign in I and J Bot tles and Imported Cigars. An assortment of DRY GOODS, ons sling in ntl.s for dresses, Bombasines, Alpacca. Plain and Fignrcn Alpine, Shiisaue Velvets, PI tin and Figure I Mnuslin do Laine. Cis imore snd I oilier very rich Shawls, Fringe- and Gimps. I.adiM i premium Kid G'oves, Thriad Laces, Cotton Edgings, i.iccs lor caccs. a ierv bdi ni-onmrn o i;i i. 1 c?'s- 1I" ,c" 'jCS,t Gentlemen's ilandkerchiefs, ,r-,uv-, i,-i.. vs.. i nt" unuti s'iicj oi: lespvciiui- ly thcinhabitantinf Hurhngion and vicinity, to hoa I hem with a call, as ihey will lind as cheap and dura ble goods a. at any oilier Store. M. OsTHEIM & Co. Butlington, Dec. 0, 1513. 21 "DROWN'S Pocket Memorandum for 1SI4, for il i- by 'j S. HUNTINGTON. DP-Y GOODS. BLACK, Blue Black and Colored Silk and Cotton Warp Alpaeeis and Alpacca Lusires; Chang ab'c, Siriped and Figured do. i Luneltas, Piinctttis, Oilcans, Zenohie anJ Cnmhlet Cluths: Black and Ulue Bhck Bombazines and Alpines, Black and Cal. orcd Thiliet ( loths, French and English Mcrinoes, light snd dark Printed J?.1xonys, Eobsns, Tsalioniii. Fancy C'np", Imperial Chusins, Pezsns Pisin and Figured Mous Da Laines, Mecklintburgh Liiitm; Crapo Chusans. Kdmcinock Crapes, FOR CLOAKi AND DRESSES j Black, Blue Black and rieh Fig: urrd Silks for Dresses, etc. Bonnet Silks, rich Figured and Plaint Silk Velvet , for Bonnets end Velvet Ribbons to mstch, and toy quantity of Bonnet, Neck and other Ribsens. Figured and Plain Silk Lace (or Veils and Coitoa do.. Bhck Chmtilli Vulsj Rich Silk Velvet. Plush and Silk Pnints and Dress Handkerchief, Rischa, S'lk, Worsied and various other Plsidi. Frilled Dinu'y Collars, Dimity for do.) Frsneh Flowers, Couls ind Tasds, colored silk Cords, BrnJs, Gimps, Fringes, Trimmings, Glstes Mittn and Hosery inniiinerablei Zephyr, Worsted, Wr ted Patterns ani Working Canvsss, Muslins, Cssibs and a thousand other articles usually wanted. AL-0. fiOOO Yards Light and Daik Mourning and half Mnuriung Caf.coesand Ginghtms, ky set all measurement. The abuve Goods are tn ht so'd cheap, hr LOVELY &, SEYMOUR. Church 8recl, Burlington, 23 Nov. CO, 1SI3. FAR WELL SHOES. T A BITS KID SUPS. XJ no r rcucli do do. Oil do do do do do Waking Shoes Gaiiers, light aud dsrki GirerBools, Buskins Pont le t2 ,r Misses and t', Jren Shot i'. Lenilemen', sin,.. Line I an j Fur Trintrd plain snd Figtrred Indss iiuuii-, uver Shoe-,, Lauies sitr c;tn(t.,m-'s Miw-easins, Itrre assort mciit, '.or 0e chrii, ,v l.o vLY &. SEYMOUR. "nurch Street, Nov, 30, 1543. illations. 5ipes Cogniac Brandy, ." pipVs Swan Oi'. (I Ubls. BarltrV Warehouse PoiatGii, 50 do American Brandy, 5 i I lids Si. Croix Ruin, 25 Bill-. .Madeira Wine, 23 do Mii'aga do 10 do Tinenlfe do 10 do lVrt d for ) b FOLLETT, KR.DLEY CK Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1&4J. W JUST KKCLCIVKD; A LARGE SUPPLY OF ENO'.I"II A.ND A.MF.RICAN, lnirrtt J ! Bis kin.'-i 5-8, C S, -i-4, 5 G. 6-4, 8-4, -4,4 10-1 Oiled Cloth-, O.led Cloth Table Sprid.4-4 and 0-111 t-li Unl'iir, Large anJ mll Ttidtod Rug4 Manilla. Ala act and Sole Mate. - A h S O Papr Hangings tnd Bordering., Orcrrl Wmii"ow Psprr. A lsr;rr, better and rhissrrtr irtnnt etf oiber Dry GvoL tU.iA c'ja Mlound i lb Mil cf Vermont. v 5tfj LOX'KLY Ai 8KVJIOBI.

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