Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 26, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 26, 1844 Page 3
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THE GREAT LOG CABIN. ..... , .... ii:iln,.l Vn Our Whig broth on .. Iliclimom , n., , re creeling a log cabin of sufliciiint (lunch-, iom to soat two thousand persons, nnd i leave standing room for five hundred more. Wo presume it will lit-"filled to, ovorllow ing'1 morn tlmn nncu during tlin campaign. Tha Whig alludes to this erection in llio following strain : " Tlio Whig Club House begins to towr-r in its majestic proportions. It alrendy swells from tho earth nnd lifts its modest front to tho Skies. No decoration of arcliitecturu is there no Dasso Relievos, no Corinthian Columns, or Ionic refine ments of Genius nnd of taste. The House Hands a plain Republican House, a monu ment of the great Utilitarian spirit of the age most worthy of admiration because best adapted to its purposes ndomcd only by the great ends of Republican Liberty and national Regeneration to which it is to be appropiiatcd, nnd disdaining to strike tin; eye or to gratify tho taste, when human lib erty and man's rights arc the motives which hive induced its erection." The following ong, written for tho occasion, wo copy from tho Whig. Come nil ye true Wliius to the rally I Bring hmnmer9. nnd fixes nnd aws No hand in this labour should dilly, But work in the patriot cause. Wc will build in a Huh House to meet in, And talk of the Nation's ndairsi There we'll civc every freeman n greeting, As brother with bruther appears. They may rail it " Ins-cabin nnd Iiard'cMer' Or any thing else that tnoy please, But we tell them 'tis broader and wider, And higher by many degrees. Our posts are of oak and we reckon, Are sturdy, nnd health) and sound, And it will be mil easily shaken ; They're too firmly 9et in the ground. Our floor will be firm nnd unbending i Calhouniles, ami Locos nnd nil ; Remember when you nre nttendinir. Foundations on Clay, do not fall. Our roof boldly spinning ovcr, Its ample dimensions will cast t Like political truth ii will rover, And shelter us nil fiom the blast. We'll have room for the Whi and Dem-o-crat, F.nnugh for nurselte, and to spare J Will have doors for I hem all to roinein at, And lights lu fclicd on them when there. The Enquirer would be a divider, And hatch up contentions nnd jars; But we trust not to "Runt nr Hard Cider," Our strength is the " li uf.'i of the ctiutp." One aim nnd one impulse should mevo us, The patriot call to obey; Posterity then will approve us, And plenty and peace rule the day. Then come, all e Wliius to the rally, Clerks, merchants, mechanics, ami all ; From -tore and from workshop, we'll rally, And build us a Lincm-v Hall. We published an article sonic timo since, giving an account of Prof. Locke's discovr ' 1 ries, lixing llio greatest point of magnetic al- . . . i trnction in tlio neighborhood of Lake Supe rior. It sccnis from tlio fnllnwinp. that Prof. L'l testimony is corroborated by llio similar observations of an English Surveyor, who traversed ihe s imo region last summer. Maonktical DiscovEniE.'. Prof. I.ncKe has re ceived o leltcr Iront Col. S ihnie. R. A., Vice Proi lent of the Royal Society, congratulating liiui nnmi his niSEnetical discoveries in tlmreuions nf L ike Superior. Col. Ssbine inrorms him that Lieu'. Sepoy was eent out by iho llriti'h Government las' summer lo unko maznetical pescarclies fmin Toriintoaliim the frontier noon Lake Supeiinr, nnd Ilu net, bv Ine usuil puute in V-.l. r ,1. ..i , i. j t UIIS I'dllPI V ,111 ..l,"". ................. in. 'reported liyLl lit. Sepoy rninci le in a "rem iikahln riegreu" will; those obtained by Prof. L. on the United Stales frontier, on the s.mih si 'e nfilieLake. (nl. Sahine i:ltiin.lle lint llieliiilisli eovemment vvi'l not extend it-sei'iitifi : ri s,ari h.,s into Ihe Territoti-a nf the United Slnlii-. tint b" urues tint ihe citii-ns ( f lite United Stales make a m 'gneli al survey ot' their own territory, and unite wiili t ii:n:rits of Ins fffiverntnent in enmp'etinz n nnsineiical ciiari nf the most inter esting put of llie uto'ie ; for it is now rpiite -elllel that eilnerin.ornb'iut Li' o Xupeiior, Ihecanh'snng nelical atlnetion is creater tlnn nt any other spol tin the who'cfiee of theearlh. To I'cteriuine pn ci'.i y ths point, It iw npproviniately nci'rt lined, uill be a proSlein of no small interest,' C.d.Sihiue urges nln I'll! Prof. !..' researches I'c i nmediali'lv p bli'lied be some insiilution of the United Stall s,'ns "n pjr rfte scientific record of the roinii," nnd we hope thai the 'ii?i;eslion will not he forsintten. The sub ject is well worthy ihe attention of the National In ttilule, and of the whole country. Cincinnati Gas. Amtber Dreadful Aflalr-.A Ilusbaiul .11 ut ile red by bis Wire I Pnii.ADr.i.rniA, Jan. 17. Our city, last evening, was pained with ilu; irpurt of a dreadful murder near Fairinnunt of a hushnnd by the hands nf his wife. The p uties im plicnted arc all Irish, nnd of tho most disso- iuipi anu uepriiveu cuaracter, Having ucen eu- , gaged in dissipation for several days. The murdered man is named Douiinick Sweeney, j and resided in Fairvieiv street. Tlio iinir- . der was committed between five and six n- 1 clock, and tho instrument tis'-d, a shoemak er's knifu; tho slabs tvem six or right in ' number, nnd appeared to have been dealt with considerable force. Tho deceased was a young man, not having heen married over 14 innntlis, and a shoemaker hy trade. His wilu when consigned to prison, had an infant about eight months old in her arms! j The father nnd mother of tho wretched wo man liave also been arrested nnd inipnsnncd, at being; concerned in tho murder : and tho . .... . Tinlirf. ii pi, in cimreli nl t, lir.tilm ...I... e...,l to nave uecn present wnen llio mows were (ttlllCtCl). Ow..,.tr.l.lo nHuilitniUlll pPOVuils in the neinhborhood of the sad trasredy, hun dreds having visited the divellinri of tho de ceased during the morning. Thy Curoner's inquest was, that the murdered man "came to bis death by wounds inflicted with n sharp instrument in several places, by his wife, nr his teifr. and others xtnknown." It is reilaiu ly a p-iinfut liagedy, and ono which, like most others, can be traced to tho mournful effects of Rum! Tnr. Muiidf.r. Caroline Sweeney, tho wife of I he murilered man mentioned yester day, William Gillette and his wife, her fath er and mother, have heen fully commiitod lo prison, the former to ausirei ihe charge of murder, and tho two latter as being accessa ry thereto. Tho brother, who is from New YttxV., has not yet been arrested ; and it is believed he too was a parlicipaloi in llio hor rid tragedy. Tho wife does not appear to manifest any contrition in view of her ciinie, and is represent! (1 ns being a woman ofstrong nervp, capable of overthrowing her deceased husband with perfect ea;e. Still ANOTiir.n Mit.umi ! Intelligence was received this morning nf number murder having been commitled a few miles from tho city. An nged colored man named Todd, who had lately buried his wife, icsiding nt Guinea Hill, near Nnhueshurg was found dead last evening in his httnililn dwelling, witli numerous marks of violence and blood upon his person, having evidently been stab bed with sonio sharp instrument ! Ho had been missing, I am lold, for iihiiut n week, nnd it was in consequence of his ahonco iha.i his death became knonn. Todd was be lieved by many tn have possessed considera blo inonny, which was n n rj ij r& t iui i :i I ly the object of Ins murder. No one that I rnnld trp, ha hn V'tp-'cind of lh fool drivd. I'-JW 1 ltJ' . '" ' J V , . 1 " IMiltl tsiin litll , 1 lie (injun in nir i ii'i, () , nii.(.s (, ,,,, r.f,nlll,lllv ... m, jt ,imiiliis. Tnlkiti'' uf tlm Van tJurr-ii naily lliu nllttir day, it says, with n hiiiiiitt'iiessuf iletnil Hint would only occur to it political (irlilist. "This rlinuels a deemed tooth in tho head of llio pari) t was pliui!ol ill 1311 lull it 'till aches nnd rot'. It mul bo pulliil out bv llio roots, cNcttifit break tlio jawbone of I tit! patty 1' Dnruiirni. Calamity. Wo Irani from tho 1,11 Adiian Witlcli-1 iiwer, that tlii'ilwi'l lint: ol Mr Fox, situated on tint Southern Railroad, about seven miles west oflhat place took fire (in Tuesday liiyht, nnd was burned to the L'routitl, Tho wilb of Mr. Fox, was consumed in tho H unt's ami nothing remains of her but n few charred bones. Mr. tux was so humid, that ho is not expected to live. They were both young, mid hut very recently mat noil. Anotahr Sir.r. or Tim Rr.voLUTio.v no.n. Stephen Wilcox, of Uerlin Cl. died Dor. 121 , 1S43, at tho iidvanretl ago of 1)7. This veneiablo liatiiot lived in mm Iinnsr with his wii'o (who died in 183G, nged 87) CG Years. I liny were members ol the same church Go years, and at the time of Ids death hi! had conitilelcd u memhctshiji of 72 years. Ho snrvoil in the warol Hit; Kevoltiliiiu. Ills life was exemplarv Ins inetv nnilorni Ins li'Hineratiro cMc nurd to all llio lialitts ol lile bis tlisnositton social, ami lie was nev er known to have an cnemv. In a word lit; was a faithful man and feared God ubov many. Big Ox. Col. John M. Glidden of Noril Cli.iilcsinwii, I rough! into our villagu on Monthly lasi, mutinied (in u 'hay carl,1 :i no blu animal, which in weight throws old Olym tins into the shade, though he is not so hand somelv funned. J It; is six yoars old, and weigh 3U7j pounds 205 pounds more than the celebrated ox Olympus, who was ruisi'il bv Isaac llttliliaril, Lsq. ol tins town, ami who was acknowledged til tho I line to be Hit: lat"i-sl X ever raised in the United Slates, tnv7. i l'i,r llit Coiiinnt-lii'iit Viilli.v l-iriiiprs ! Clarcncnt (X. H.) Gaz. fX? I ntiMAs ixl.xttslt is now on trial at Newmk, N. J. fur the murder of Plidin Chedtlirk. Mr. Cht thlick was tho ivila of Geisham Chedilick, witli xvlmm M trsli tra ded real ('slati' lo setlh: a debt List season, leaving to aihitrators to settle the terms. With these Marsh was dissatisfied, itittl on the day Clieildick moved into the houso ho hail so acquired, declared that he sliould nut enjoy the propel ly 24 hours. That night tho hnusb was burnt, ami Mr C. barely es caped, wlnh; his wife nnil two childien weie burnt to death. Circumstances ato held to implicate Marsh its their destroyer, by firing llio house. Tim slory stnrlrd in Providcncn that Rev. L. K. Averv nail lereni y deceasei in Ohio. 1 and on liisilcutli lied I'nnl'.'ssrd the uinrderoi' t I. ni.. -..I. n t . . , . r i-. .t.i I ii i ni i rill li i .in ii i'l i :i nil I inn nr lirr j.'innir c ..,,;,.,.,.. ,..,1 ., t,,v I sniueiiiiiip wiuse. lie is living quietly ai , Itielimtmtl, Uerkslnru county Mass. N. I . Jour. Com. Wim.h Nam,. A correspondent of the New Yoik Tim; Sun, wiitim; from Navati i, J ni. 4, 1844, states that Hon. Willis Nail I had arrived there, and that his health nml strength are evidently much nmentled. This intelligence will he highly cnitif in! to tho numerous fiiends of that distinguished gen- i num. .... . . I'lii! first (Li v Ihe litmus wcrn opened for the purpose of ascerl liiiiiii.hnw much stork would he taken in the Fitrhhurg: Iinilmad, ihiniigh Keetie, N, II., ihiitv-five nersons of Keene sahscnlie.l S iO.OOO. " K i i: :: . The lliirlington Fite Company sland3 atljo'irnrd lo Fii hy, this evening, al GJ o'clock. P. M., at J. Iloiv aid's I lull 1. A punctual attendance is ile'red, as basinci-s nfimponnnce in cxpcciid lo bclai before tin meeting. Wo want m Fnidie IIoit, the expenses of which nui't bo ihfravcd by subscription or I v Tux nn the inenbirs. ' LVMAN CU.MM1NGSJ, Clerl:. Jan. 2!, l"ll. ("larlo'tc Voiins Men's Association. The .Members of litis Association nte reiuestcJ In mrcl at ilia Seminary, JknJay evening next, at 0 o'c'ock. Jri. 21. L. D. Stone. Secretary. nil li wawnwwwwHfiww .r ututHiiiin SS SI If C H At Unionvillc, S. C. Dee. 23, Chalon F. IIsvev, F.q., In Mrt. Ceccgiania Vep.xo.v, formerly of Ports mouth N. II. In Colchester on ihe 4lli inct., by Rev. C. Drrrn Mr Alonzo A. .Sr.or.n. formi rly of St Arinoncs, L. C, lo Mi-s Adaliza IlrLrs C"Ois of tlu forini r plncc. I'.y the Itev Ji r. OVn'liehnu, Jlr Narcissi Val rir.n lo Mif flATHEr.isE Dr.? Actel boih of ' sex. JlrPATIIICK t.'ooNcvof Lsscx lo Miss Cathehise DovLr.of this il net-. Also, by lliu Rime, Mr. IIenrv DorciiEniv lo Miss Ann Arnold, both of ibis place. 3D ii (?) dl , In Richmond, nn the ISlh inst,. Mr. Polly Piep.ce, wife of Solounn Pierce, agcJ CI years. WANTED, ihnisind fed. hoard measure, in I rTMHRTF.l'.N ! -: Hemlock, Llm, nr other suitable limber, to be ' ,lr.l tt'ern.l frtr llt.t ,.nr,i...n ..P nM-nrin . ,l.n l.pi.l.rn nt tl.n . .. .: . i.. ' . . ' ' " Lower Kails, in lliirliiigtnn, as soon ns the 1 ji Ii day of April next, Persons' wishiui' lo lake the contract All! please confer Willi llie piilici.ri' era eonn L. I.O011IS. J Seteitmen. X. K. HIIAM. nf T. I-'. STIiONO. ) Jlurl'inzlon. rtiirlmclnn. Jan. 2.jtli, 131). LOVELY i5 SEYMOUR, HAVI. teninviil io ihe New- liritk I'uiliiing, 2 . doors north of thrir fuinier slnnd. wlureihey nfli r for ml'i hrne n--nrinit'tit of DRV GOODS, nnd DRV C. nOCLKILS.:,1; e. Ji", 2", I'-M, f'biec'i Strrit. 31 J'LA S TEH ! Pl.A S TEH ! QfVl ""s frrsh OUU for -nloby ground Nina Scniin Plis'rr. P. sV II. II.UOOLITTI.n. Jin. 2G, 1311. 3itf cuiTrnxnuN county ihiusu. tliurcli Street, nuiiiitgiou, vi. I . f . EWLI.l.tNOTO.V, inlet leave to inform his l'licnd-un I .c. nul be, tint he has ial,en llio n'-tiie Stiu I fnriuerlv I nnwii a. the Village llo'el, litonted mi Cli r II ."? ret", ill ihe villa-ret. f II irliir.-lun. The t.n i ii his b'-eii ro.iaire', nud filled it , iho. oiishly.nnd travi-ri-is nnd ii-niii.icr-cnn I c aei-iniiuio. ili'el'ns well, mil on ns riraMjiiuLIe nr , as at any other lii.ii'O in tho rii-iniiy. Tiles il'-cii' cp hope. I y .ric n'lcnlinn In t I.o want. nnd i-iiinfiirls oflit g,e.)',to rcciivea Bharoof public pa'ioii'i"!-. A fa.lhfiil Osiler w II always Le tu a'.tcn lance. A lew I oar Icii. warned. i:. wr.LLiNCTox. Hirling-nii, Jan. 23 n, 1911. 31 f s e J: i) 1 vheLtand rye. OH lli-hel- of llKmicd SUKI.bUKN U WIIKAT, whii-pPfrm-iildnt 81,25 iicr bceli -ll.HO-50 I) i-hc!s SPRIMJ UVK. uicoRfiK p."TnrtsoN, Jnn'isi-v 23. t-!1, 31 L O S T. ON 1 h-ip-ilay Ihe 18ih ins', between Unrlinslrn nnd Mdtmi.a large invi iblo irccn chub CAPII. lini-t wi'h ( bv b nn 1 eiillnn. nn I buttons tn fmnl, Thefiiu'cr will I e i-nunl Iv iew.irdi-1 cn leaving il at tint Pat er Mill in Miko.i, op on givins iinu'ee to r.ooDi:it.1l. C'i-!'aa!cn, Jon. ?3. IBtt KRVIRW3 it MAGAZINES. r) ECEIVKD by tho latest Impress nnd for sale by tv V. HARRINGTON. Hlacltwood s I.tlinbiirgh Magazine) ltrowtifon's Quarterly Rcvtow London " " I'.dinburrdi " " Fntcign t " " West in i nistcr " " New l.ngtindrr. North Aim ric.iti " Ornhnin's Lidics' nnd Ocnltcmens' Mogaztnej Oodo' Lilly's Hook I.adys' Garland lltiiluiginn .lamnrv 51, loll, 3t TTORNlNO WATGIlF.s A few wor 's on I VI 'Stinuss nnd the Uospols' the ronfrsor nf Faith nf Frcdeiikn llrcmer Irnnsln'rd from the Hue-, for nib-by V. HAURING TON. No. 3, Slrung9 Dunlins. 31 BOSTON ALMANAC) J7OR ISM, for silo by V. IIAKtltNOTON. ptlODUCTIVF. PAllMINOrA ftmiliir iliirsl of a. t no recent t icnvities ol i.citiir'. jomiston, wavy, nnd oilier celebinlcd writers on vegetable Chemistry, showing how llio results of tillage may no greatly augmented. By Joseph A. Smith. Korsilobv V. HAKIUNGTON. January 31, 1914. 31 Win. UiisIic'h Ilstatc. STATU OK VKUMONT, ) A T n l'rn' nte Co irt Di-tricl ol Clnilen lcn. s. J licl I at Iliirlmi."' within n'"l for the ilipiel of (Miiiten lo I, ( ii llio 10 h lay'i.iry, I3H, prucnt tin linn. Cliarli'Mtu- ell. Jiiui'o nl rniii roar', i'iniio nun cnuv, nninini. Inter ol the nf William It'iOie. late ot t'lidcr lull in i-nid ihliiel, ileciMse I, nn I lite-, in aid rmirl hi', pc ition in wrnintr, -itlmi I'nrlli Unit, nf it piiyiti? the ile' ,l ultimo I nffnuet 'in I es'iitu nn I Hie riiieral epi n.e ami n-i (ifadmini-ieriiiir .nid c-tntr, ihire rem nil" a uri-liN In 1 o decree 1 liillie pcrion nreer' nn letrnllv enlitlol ihereto. nnd firllier 'e'limr lint Uenj imiti ll.i-lie of tiri iMi.l.oro' in ihe t'n n'y id Oileate, is the 'die heir ufllio mid William ll.uhe. ilece.t'el, nnl is entit el It) Ihe Miriieis nl -aid ciali nnd praying ailcn'irl In ilecree llie,nid Miriihi id '.ii leln'tu In the. ai 1 1',1'niaiiuu I! elie., llici't) irt nfi'ie nid iln'li npnot .1 ihe i"'Otid We In" iby nl Ki-hrii iiv, IS4I. Hir lienrinff nnd itecidiun on ai I i.'t tt miii tit t lie i lli ol'iliu Keiri'i'r nl mii.I co ii in tail ll'ir'i'ig'iiu, nn I ihi'h nrdr that all perH'it inti'ie-lel le nnlilicd therei f bv publication ol tin nrder. cnut-il'iMiir the 'id stiPi'T nf sai I netiiinn. tlirei wco' Hicit'.'iwly in tho II irlinclon 1'iee I'lc, a mnvpaper priiilo.l ill taul It ir'imrtnii, the la a nf which publica i"n In I e pri'Viuu lo ihe iiiid second e !nes lay nl l-ehruiry, IS 1 1. (liven on U-r myjnnd al ,ui I Darlington ilus tenth uav in .nnuary, 13 1 1, ' 3)v:i V.'M. Wr.STON. ffgicr. Hiram t. Crlswol.ts Hstntr. "XTTK tin. s di-crihcrs, bavin been nppnin'cd by tn iinnnru' u Hie I'rnln'e Cn'irl Inr the l)f lri"l t f Cliitten 'en, coiiriii.'iiiiier tn receive, exam in" and a. I j t-1 the c'a m. and ilrnnn I- nl nil per.nns n.'.in t Hie o iite nl IIIIIVM T. (IlilSA i I l.iiilti'ir'i n m mi I lii'ir.i'', den n-ci', rcpre ente I in M'ivcn, nnil a "ii n'l ctiiiin nml Hi liinm! eMu' ile I nff el llieietni an Ins ini.nths I'riun llio die nl'the il.i heren', I eiu'.' nlli'.vc I by 'nid t'nirt I'nrlli tt purpn-c we do iherefiire here' v aite lintii-e. that wi: will nt' lend in the biuine. nf nur noiKiinliiien. nt ibe nlKce nl S'mv ec Wes'np, in Iti'rlhiatnu, in 'aid Oi'lr.ct on the lb till Mnndnv' nl Ti'l ni.iry mil April next, nl 10 nl el;, A. M., on cu ll i fsii l days. Dale), this i!7 hdiy nl Nnvem' it A. D. 1813. lift). Ii. sn w f ,t 31 WM. WILTON ( io ners. Itoswclt .tloi'toa'K r.stalc. STATF. Of VI ItMONT, ) rpHF. linn, the Prf-l).tri-t sit' Chi'teii'Vu, ". I. late Court I'nr the Di-lricl nf Cliii'cndco : Toi'l ner.oiwe nccrnelin thec-ta'e nf HOSWI LL MORTON, la'e nl'Willi.. ton. hi 'all Di'tnct, decc.i'e.l, !nr.r.r:sa. Wiieri'.A', Ocnr'.'e Mop on, ndmini-trntnr nf the ctn'onl .-aid I'ccea e.l, to render nn nceniini t Ins n Intiiii'lin'ii II. and tiicscut hi" nccniint agniii't ..ii I e la'e for cMinin Uion ami allow.ini o nt n n'"i"ii nf the fJnitpl ol l'ri.b.i'e, to I e linli'en nt the l-.acle ll.i I, ui U illi-tiin, m sutJ di.rict,uii Ihe thud -i,....u r..r ..n. t i , t ..... , u , 'I'nr.nrrnni:. Vmaie hereby no'ifiol to appear bo- fore ..aid ouit ut lliu lime an I idacc afore-ni I, and i-'icw cause, if am ymi have, why ihe aecnunl il'ore- tat I .tin Hit unt I e a llovie f. tliicn under my hall I at Darlington this 13th day oi j .in uirv A, v., liji l 3 t'i 3 Wm. WrSTOX, llcaister. (Stiy Wjllcox's Kstatc. WF. the'ub-criber bavin'.' lien np'iriinte I ly Ihe lion or.ib'e P.-n' nte Co irl liir iho Di'tnct i.ri.rnti I I -In. i-niiniti.'io hits in rei',-Ilf. ,-saiiliiu- uii'l ul.u.t lie claims nf all ih-p on niint the e-ta'c nf i,f lll'V Wll.l.CnV. lit-. tifCi.inl Me. in ,mJ ill trie', de c.i " I, it-pro rn'e.l iii-nlvent, nnd nl o nil Li iii, nn I il.-iii.iiel- .-"I'll ''' '" "''! therein, nil I Mi iiiDii lis firm the d i-e hereof I enig nllnwel ly mi I.-1 irt lor Dial p'ir. m c, we tin ttit-ieturL- tieietiv noiiei! that wc will a'leu I to ihe I ii'iuess nl "op nppoin'iuent, a! thedvvell in j-bnu-e of the widow, r.iunv Wilh-ux. in (.irni I I-lo. in atl di'lr cl, nn the UP'-, .leii lnv' nl .11 ip' li an t July nex', at 10 o'cloc! A. M. nn c.i -h nl .in I il'iv-. DateJlli-ah day nf January, A. I). IS11. SAMI'l.t. AI)MS, ) JOHN UI VNOI.liS. .. Commitiiontri, 31 ll.WItl ( Oltlil.V, ) jus t re a i.j ve n, TTARPIvt'S II.LI MINATI'.R AiD NP.W PIC U TO'lIAI. IIHII.r. ei IIimIiiiI with 1G03 lonenl J.'iginviiiits, mure llinii KUU nl whieii nre from oriL'i'i-il design", in he lomti'i tiil in about CO .Nns. al '.icts. i-ai-li -, .No I i ist leceivcd. Prescotl's I oi iiuist nl ."ilrxico. Hitnrv of the ( titiq-ut of Mi'Mi'o, wuh ii in liliiioni y lievv ol the Ancient Mexican CimIiz iiion, with tin life ol the Conqueror, Hernando Colli z; bv Win. II. Pri'eoil. Iriisir-.tidhv rtigr;iing, 3 vols Svn. Price SO 00. Mexico as It Was and as It 1st by llranlz Mivcr. M'erctarv nl llic U. S. L"2n'ion lotnt Conn Itv in IS 1 1 nnd '12, witli ICO' Illustrations. Price, & I''i-oIsart's Cliionlclre nf nnslaiiil. France anil Spain, nml Iho adjoining Countries, f.'otn the rei'.'n of J dwnrd II. lo lliu coronntion of Henry IV., w-iili nn nti'.iiiial Inlroduetnry Ks'ay on the Charac ter and Society of the Middle Agr,'l,v the Rev. John L'rd: 1 ol. RoinlSvo. Price 81 00'. The Select Wovl.s of 3Ir. Mary IJlIle., com nri'ing, the " Wiuncn of I tisland," "Wives of Kna iiud," " Dmgli'ers of Kngland," "Poetry of Life," kVc, iksi'ined lo promote the cul ivatiun of llm Do mesiie Virtue. A new nnd beautiful edition, illu stra ti d with live engravings, four steel ; 1 vul.Evo. Price S2-0 r.iiz.1 Cno'n's Piirnn. Mclah and oilier Po.em, by Hoza Cook, beautifully illustrated with fine steel cngraiincs. llUutiigtic's History of the ltrfnrmat ion, rhcap edition. Price 73 els. in boards, St,00 bound in cloth. JI'AiiMSlie's Hlslory or the Iteformitfou. nhrid'.'i'il by the llev. I'dnard Dillon. Prieo BO rls. Tile Ynuitg Mlldciit, bv Madame; foni the I'rench. by Samuel Jackson, 1 vol. IBino., xvery bei'iiifid. "3 el's, Matilda, or Memoirs of a Voting Woman, by I.iim ne Sue. Therrse tho mmc nuthop. Frciirli,-iiuU!i, Cci'inan.auil Italian without a Mnster. Puce 23 els. each, The MjstcricMif lars,a new supply including Oeriilsti in. PriceSI cis.lni'ind; 55cls. inNos. The I. lie ami Searches of Henry Clay, 2 vols. Gin. Price M 03 nml 31,25. The Whig Alumnae, for 1811. Also, n ereal vnieiy of new cheap publications, fo:- saie ni mo niivisi city prices, tiy Jin. 10. IS 14. 32 A. HOWARDS. MITIL'K. a'HK firm of VILAS I.OOHIS .f. Co. beins dis l s died, by Ihedi-iili nf rreeinin C. Vi'ns, ontiof the Co-pailner., will he t-oiiiiniicd bv (he survivins parlni 's an I ihe admiiiisiiatnr of ilu' deceased parinrr who has einploveil .Mr, .M, Noves, nuenl nn ihe pnrt nf the I slate. 'I he form-r businesnf the firm, will be i n ... , , ... , , ' inaiius urancuesai inenhi stano. nu. .din'r. S W. 11. VI us IILMtV I.OOMIS L. II. VILAS. Adm' lliirlington, Jan. 13. 1BIJ. 'ii WANTED. WIIITR rii-ld Heans, in exchange for floods, Al so good New .Milch Cheese, nice Hotter, dried Apple", nnd produeeof nil kinds, for which iho high est piieo will bo paid in lioods, by S.N. OAUT&Co. TVTOW Ocntlenien is llio time li ei Imv yi.ur 5VATi:it-.MtOOti' B3i ti.G2S7.rsT 3, AL-'O, PA-ifl. AND AU NISII lll..CKIri IILACK, 111.11". Itl.l) AND INULLI. Ill.l. INKS, WAl'MlS WAX ,'vS sc. Ate. r, cc ai-i-..ii. A IVw hnlf Ham lis thoi.-o Huck When Flour, A f.rsileby II. W. CATUN. lliirlini.Mon. Jin. 1". 1841. 33 AUCTIOX AND COMMISSION S T O II E . Hy II.V-WUI.I. A WAIT. THE UNDICRSIONKD hiving taken Ihe (land lately ii.-o.ipiu I l y II. THOMAS, v, ill conliiint llio Auction and Cniiiiuiiuii l,us,iiei. under llio firm of llasuelt sV Wall. . A Lincrnl Advanco maio oa property left other fop nu' lie cp private ac. rVSalis on Wislnc-days and Salurdays, si, II. IIASWKLL jr. T. It WAIT I'-uriington, Jsniir- I, IEW- 5J A IWICf'S A UNDKItWttOD, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, ye. IJurUnzlon, Vt. Cm32 MILK. ' l.nown In 1"F.Ut!AP.S 1' l tint l.nown to nil the lovers of lhi X iisebi seful nnd ilebeiiins nrl-lc, thai II ran Ic bad by anplicalion In .1. KI.miiai.i-, who win i eiiver n uaiiy (Sundays rjiivpled) nl nny plate In thi village nl t n. per qitart or i i ts. per eallnn. Pleae try it, an I if .ntisllu lion is not srucn no pay will I e ns'.til. Ibtrlmaion.Jan. 10, 18 H. S2w3 Jolin II. Joslyu's I'.stntc. RTATH OK VKUMONT, The Hon. the Probale Di-lrn I iifOliiiii'iidcn, f. 5 Court fur the Hi'tricl nl Ulutif ndrn ! To all persons iTmccrned in the P.s. lie nl .liilin Ii. Jiiyii, late ui ctiuru, in snm in,- trie', ilei'ca.eil, unrEiivo. Wiicnnt, Win. Worul, ndniini'trator nf the l'lnte of nid ilecea-t'd, prnpn.e. lo render an acciruit iifhts ndinini'tratinii, nnd iircscnl I'l" nccount nsnint s.tnl rs'nli' Inr eamiintion nnil niiiinnnn' ni a slllll m Ihe Cnnrl ol l'rol nte lo I u hii'den nt the Hc2i-tcr 01' fi"C in lliirltnimn, in fniil dMricl, on the second Wednci'.iy nf l chrnnry iiexl. Tiitr.Er'onr, Von nre hciehy no ified lo appear 1 c fnre said court nt the lime nnd place nljrenid, nnd slieweaii'e, if any ynu have, why the ncco int nlorc .ni.t 'lint Id lira I ,' ntlnwiil. (liven under myliand al lliirlington, tins 'inl uay ol January, A. II. Ib4l. 3iwJ v,ii. i.rgisitr, Klcnc7cr T.yon's Estate. STATU OP VEIIMOST, A T a Probate li.lnct ol ( bilteui'en. s. W - (-retrl linlJennt I!nr!iiiRlon, widiiu nn 1 for thedislrii t aforc-ai Inn ihe So 1 1 .iv nr Iovein cr. A. n. 18IJ. nn in.triiincnl p irporlingm I e the U't Will nnd Te'lnment of lnr.vr.zcn I.ton, la'e of Co'chc'ter in said Di-lnct i'e.'C.'1'eil, wa preseiileil lo tiieourt Here Ii r 1'ro I a'e. I v Jn-enli tJlar!;. the Kxccntor therein named.'OHF.. It i ordered by sai I (,'nurl, lint p il hu notice I e given lo all peon enncerne I therein n niinear etirn sai l uo irt. at a c'ion lnercoi tn i c linldeu nt the lle?i-lcr' O.lice in lltirlimrlon, nn the 'ccnnl Weilne-daynf 1'cbriiary, A. I). 1811, and eon-'e-t the pinbate nf Mil I Will, tin I il i further ordered ilii. I e ii'ilillsbed three v.-cel;- 'iiccosi civ in Hie li'irlitialon I ree l'ie.,a new'inpep prtnteii nt llirlinulnn, in ilii Stale, the la-l nl whieii 'hull be prrvio'i'. tn the day nle lied, a- nl'iircnid for hearing. (tivcn iim'cr my band nl the hVgi.ter'i O.hcc, this :,() Ii day nfNuvciiihcr. A. I). 1SI3. 32wj, i.s ru.N, jiegisier. III.'ANIVS DICTIONAItY. VDi"lioiiary of Science, l.i'cramrpaivl A rls com prising Ihe History De-criiitinu, nnd Scicntilic tirineip il' nf every I ranch of Human Knoaltdgt', with Ihe derintioii nnd drliiiilion n'n!l the lrrin in --enetal u e. ivhted by W. HnAxn. F. 1(. I.. ...:.!, I I v Jn.L'ili Ciui in. K.ii. 'Hid ntluT'. lllus'ra- lelly ii'itncroiM Fjiiravingj on Vood. Complete in "ne l.trse vol line, Sve, .lamnrv 12. Hy A. nDWAKDri. WHKJirr.s INDIAN VKOr.TAIU.i: PILLS) OR INDIAN i'unqTivn. 'JIIOUnil mane medicines have lecn I dorr! the p il'lio lor n in ich lomrer periol than Wuiciit'i Indian Pills, vi none 'lands now in IttouEn r.EPUTr., nr has more ratudly allained a lirni Iml I upon pop estimation. The thou-asds thai nave ii-eil ihein thrnnslio'il the lenilli nn I I reudlh nf the liepublic, all I car cheerful le-tiiiiony lo their thorough rjjlcacy nn I mild nperaliou when cuidoyed in llio uiO'i lU'iie'i'iiij neuters which iicni i, uvn to." The Ihcory nf dt-cae on which niciit - Indian r. Piils arc lounded, i thi', vz! that there isanly one primary cause of all the disorders that ajjliclthe htmnn. family, n n'l I hit icorr.iU hiiinor-; nr. in nt her won linmiruuoj uioou. i ni' irinci olo i' now 'ii rcenei.illy u limited, tl'.al it may in fact lu 'aid to I e 'ii-tamc!, by nil iiniver-.iliiy nf niiinion tliefewihS'Cnlcrs enii'iiu'iiing 1'iit a ervfec1 le nii noritv. I' i ii-clc Ihercfoie to ili-cuts Ihe 'Oiinil. in... ot I hi. Itienil in tills til.lce anil eiilllicxlnn. he one Disease PnixcirLf. I e nir miintttiM, ine inodool nlln:'!; pro'es-e.l by all prvtttioners I eenmes tlie ntne uimely, purgation. l it many nf ihe io- '.llled 'pecifii'' nuw Icfnro llic publie, proiloco only ono loriu nt riirga'ion ; nicy nre ei ncr i-iiuiiriiw, CHtharlie, Di'tretii nr Kxpcctn'rant. U'n'gi's Indian Veritable Pills nmluiic nil llie-e properlie., nun a,e Ih'.'ieh'reialciilalcdln nllack the u!enient nl ileea'e at nil liiiint-, nnd by a harmonio is nnJ coin'iine I npe- r.itinii IocmicI it radically Iroin the system, rheir i-L't i. a inu.l mar. ca I. nml i. no e" nsiniii'iiiug inr i mildiie-' than in ctlicacy Uoth sexes, nnd alt agct may employ them, nivordiug to the directum- u-ithn it ti- ir. lor v n e l hevurecerrutn io cure ait his eases lliat me Teim-Jinl, lli.-y nprer iiiitii'lni, injury upon Ihe i-V'tem. 1 .i. nrfii'l sniriu l.l nit ine I li nil in ill uiiiri ail- in..V ,tf.llt.i nn. I ,.i... svIikIi Ims t'oiitriluiled inoiv than any lliinj el-c lo its ex.'piui'on aitJnonu- lariln. in tt lorn, '.lis mnictiie co77iinenus iiicij strongly to the patronage nf the public, and Us use bids fair lo tecjme b'Jore long, aimon ttmrerui. iAinio.N. The citizens nf Ne.v Knalan I are re-peelfully in forinel Ihat in enu-eq-ience nl ihe popularity which Wright's Indian Veget.i1 le Pills hive e.ipne I by llieir n-lonislnng uno lues., a l,nng nl Cnunterlciter' nre nnw iml i-l rin-i-1 y eiis.iL-ed in pa'miiig on the on .'ii.periin:r, a valuchss nnd perhap' dangerous inedi' ei ic, under I lie name nf luiliau Veireliible IM1. This is lo tnlnrm Ihe pul lie, tha' the genuine mc'i cine lias on me !joxc, " IVrlglifs Imli.111 Vegetable Pills, (INIUAN PI'IlOATIVi:) nr T-ir. Ncntu Amcr-can or Hcaltii.' An lal'ii aiiiuud the I order of the lal cl will l.c found in 'inn I ti-ne. " Kn-eied iicr-ordinz to the Act of Congre", in thi eir 1 8 10. I V William Wrish'. in the (ler!.-' O.liceol iho Di'tnct Cii.ui ol" Iho Eastern Di-lricl of Pennsyl- vau'n." The pul li" will nl-n re-tieml ep that all who sell ih gcieiiiie In ban ege nhlc Pill- ara proii-leJ with ecrlitic.i'e nf nscin-v 'lined I v tVllllam Vrii;ht, Vice rrcsldcnt nr Tin- s.-nm-ii AMcniCAV cnl.LCC.l-. or HEALTH." and that nedler- are never in any i-a-e alluw-eJ loell Iho eeniiine iiie.licine. All Iravelbng Aienl' will I provide I with acertincaieol Are.ieya nliovc ileicn lie i ) a ml iiio.u wan caunu miow one win oe know ... 1. In, i.r.ami.. . Th. following hizhly re.pc-lable personshavebeen nppniiited n cents for the ,alent tnenoove named Wright's Inilian Vegetable Pitts. nr TUB NIIRTII AMP.ntCAN COLl.tGI! Of HCALTII GKNTS-IVci, t Spe.ip, S. 11. Howard, ,l. lUvi tt Co., lliirliiigtnn ; -is Lacl.ire, Colclu-jlep Mnr-ou tt Clnrl", Wdlistin; l.nrin Tyler, l.s-t-x J.II.Tnwer it Son. t'ndcrhill: A. Harney. J. Ly inan.Jencho: Win. Hhode-, F.. I'.Urcen, lln.liinonil .1. I!. Dtle. Iluiilinz'on i Mmitcn ct Dean, llri-tol Moii'iin oi Dean. Liuenlii : A, P. Ho'i ne. New-lla ie.1 ) I!. SaniVisiiitjXV. Milirnj t;. I.. Uralr. Jlillnn; Hen. Avres, Mil'on fall, j Martin Wires, tiriawnld .t Sunlie. Cnmbriilze: W. S. it C. V. Wood, We.f f.pdi S. W. Brush & Co., Kairfa-t) II. Cook, Sliel burn ; Wm. II. t icl.e, lliiul.iirgh ; S. II, liarurs, Chailniie) Tupper if. Ut-ark'ndgr, SurkuLi.rough ; Shale' & Wtbe, rerril'i'rsli. The on'y O fice in lioston whers the InJiaa Veje lal le PillM'nn I eclitaineil is at JOS TREMONT STREET. 1 9S Pnncipil O.liecand Ocncrat Depot, 103 l!acoireei, Phdilelphia. 32yl TAVKii N STAND FOR SALE OR TO EXCHANGE FOR A FARM. rpill'. well l.nown rs'abliih X incut, the "liroivn Stand." threemi'e. e.i.l nl the VI laienf U.y'l "1 Y lliirliiigtnn, located nn llie We TVS i M noo-M Tornpi'.e. Connected ny-A3at3Sau,jS wuh it is a farm of 56 ncn-, un--l.sWiUl'' (cr (toihI I'liliiialion. A great I nrgain will l egiven to a riih'ly di.poted p ircli.iser. Kop partieulnr-. apply to the Mib.-criher, on ihe preine ,e-. C. P. IIHOWN. Ilurlingion, January 2, IS 14. 3It( RV OODS, II V ICM'REsiS. A NF.W lot lllack nnd lllue lilick Silk and Mo il, hair Fringes i n new loi Illack, lllue lllack nnd Cnlured Gimps; Cherrv cobaed Silks, Fr nib Kid Cloves, Wnrsttd Mills, ilcivy lllack fords and Tas is,C'ap Ribbons, Ladies' Night Caps., xtr) cheap. -also A new lot Cloth and Fur trim'J Ctps, just received, togelli er with some No. 1. Otter Caps, at very low prices, by II. W. CATLIN. January 5, 1S44. 31 TO IMt!ONS AIIOUT IIUILIIIX:. TIIF, subscribers krep on liandnt iluir Lumber Yard tin Pearl Street, Hoards, Standing, Plank, Floor Hoards, and Inch lloaida ready planed; Lath, Lining nnd other inalcrhls for buildiog. Pi-rsons in iho ndjiceni towns ran bo supplied nl llm Mills in Underbill ni a suitab'c diduclion from tho Uurliii!!luii prices. N. II. They olTer In contract for llie erection of Unildiugs on reasonable terms. Applv In II, P. Ilie'iok. IIILKOK it S'lEVHNS. lliirlington. 3 Jan.. 184L 31 If . U.)U3ER. WANTF.D by ihe fitlsctiher, WUITF. PINT SPltyni'. ami IIF.UI.OCK HOAIIDS nnd L.VTIlin Inmin for CAIIlNr.l' WORK. Simp over Wm. UUIlI.liUT'S Store. CUurrli Street. SAMUr.L NICHOLLS. Ilnr inglnn, Jan. 1, 15-1 J. 31 tf units! uitACKr.itpS, A FIRST RATH AUTIOLI:. mannfipliirrH nnd yi-lorsaloby F.. l. CROSSMAN. 1'OTASII KUTTI.F.S, PLOUfiHS, Wagon lloxcs nn I Axels, constanily on hind nnd for sale cheap, nt Ute Winooski linn Foun dry I y E. R. OKOSSMAN. 5Vnit,lCitv, Jn M)U J t UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. Vermont District. IN BANKItUPTCV. Notice to show cause against Petition of LF.ONAKD MAIt-slI, of Iturlmglon, fop his Dis charge and Ucrtificat,ns n lianlirupl, al the office cf Samuel Premiss, in Montpelirr. in s.ud District, on Wednesday, the 20lh day of March, A. V. 1311, ntlOA.M. AMI'.S I,. MORTON, nl Milton, lor !ii Dl-iharge and Certificale, n a IJanl.riipl, ul the Odici: nl Samuel Prcnti-v In Mnntpilicr, in find Di-iric, i.n WcdiiednW iheQilil, ,'ae nf Alnn-b. A. I). 1311. at 10 A. M. DANII'.I. WA1ID. nf Milium Inr bis lliscliarse nnl ,criineaie, lis n llaiiU'Puiit, nt the Ulliec til n.unii cl Prentl", In Mt-ntpelicr, In said District, nn Wflne-d.iy, be 20:h day of March, A. D. 1311, ni in i . ill. UNBURN HIGH SCHOOL. rTU IS Institution will be open for the reception X oi pupil.", on ruo-uay iiiureecmlitayni January ricxi. Itev. CIIAItl.F.S CLKVCLANI). .S'lntriNeiltaiiJ. Mr. LVCir.N WEST tltlANUV, I'rtetplor. Terms. Tuition. Knglish Ilrantdies S3 00 Language, ! CO Hoard may be procured including Uooin, Fare and Washing, per wcel. I 50 Trusters, IIonAcn SAxro.v, I'.lisha lU'sar.l.L, Human llAnstuw, t?. A. (.'ott.AMtn. J. Asnncw, KnEtinmcit Maeck, II. Lake, ttr.n. 11. lens:), Lyman Hail. L. W. oPCAn, Asaiiel Nash, Levi Comstocic, jr. l. H. Mouse, Shclburn, Pec. SO, 1513. O. 11UIUUTT, Clerk. 29:1" LANDS FOR SALE. TN Colchcstei, Lot No. 11 1, containing 100 acres. X " " " llli-'J " D'S n ii n r.7 it ICO 1 In Hurlinston, one Lot containing 5 nerc, on the Turnpike, between tho farm nf Carlos I! ivter, ami llio lamls iirioiiEing lo tlio ncirs ni mo line wim Johnson. A portion of tin purchas money will be required al lime ol sale. ;9 J. it J. II. VV.r.K & Co. .lames 3I.irsli's Instate. STATE Oh' V lilt .MONT, j rpilT. Ilon.thc Proi a'e Di'tnct nf Chittenden, . S JL Court within and fur ihe District ol Chittenden : lo the creditors and oth era concerned in .the estate of Jasils Macsii, late of Uutlington, m sam District, ueceisri, Whereas. David Head, ihe administrator, of th of sa',d deceased, Ins made application lo ibis Court, lo extend llie time limned for nuking mv- inehl of tin. debts of $iid deceased, twelve months from the 20lh thy ol Dei-ember, A. D. 1 R-J 3, nnd llic fi-cnnd Wednesdiy of Pi-lunary next, bcine- asian- 1 for n henring ill the premees, nt tin- olncsnl lue lleL-'Stcr of tins Court, nnd it having bei-n i nlcred lliat 0 ' lui'iiui lie Lliii'iiiii.v I'liiini-ii'ii lion wi rrce three cock' successively in the liurlinzioi) Tree Prcs-i a newspaper printed it Kutlinston, before tlu time fixed for lin."rtns. THEnrronn, Von .-re hereby iiotified to appear bo fore ftiid court nt the li'no ami place nforcsial, Hun and there, In make obj'.-cli'i'i." nay yon nave, to uio said time of payment bring L.TlherrxlindciUanfore sai I. fJivcn under mv hand at Uurhiigtoii, tins ISlh day of December, A. D 1S13. - ' ... TOT Pt..n.r..- state or rnn.voxr, T'",i: ,(!on-,. Dislncl orchillcii'.len. i X run ine t-."-.u fonl.i. lii.iri,-) of rioiiiMit'.-n : Tn n rernotis ron- erned in the e.siate of James Maiisu, late o! littruiig- ton in said district di-cca-cd. lRi:r.i io. Whereas. David Item , administrator of Ihe cst.:te of slid deceased, proposes to render an nccount nf hjs adnun'stration, and present Ins account against sun estate for examination nnd allowance m n session of Ihe Court of Pro' ale, to be bidden nt lb" Register's Officein said lliirlington. on the second WcJnewhy of ! ehruarv ne.xt. rherel'nre. vou nre hereby notified tn appear tiefore said cnnrl nl ihe time and tilaco afore-aal. r.nd shew causeif any you haic, xiiiy tho account aforesaid slimilil not 0c nllnwcu. Oiven under mv hind at Hurlinston, this 2nd day of January, A. D, IS II. ivj i,.M. it r..- 1 u.x, acgisicr. t MEMOIR ON IIU'.LAND. Name and P.ixcn, 1 Hy Daniel O'Cuineil, M. P. Pprp25c'. January 13. II A. HOWARDS. imi.ksi iii, ns: Jr.T the atllicieil remember lliat, they Invei Rem i tdy III Il o (ielliilne Hay.' LlniuiCllt. I)neis nnd t' lime bei-n Mild in ibis u-ii,liy wltluii ilu- past twounrs te-tilyiiir lo It- i-:I.i-."ciit- , at 30 PliC.'C tM'aPlURS. siii.i.i.Nt; ofl- at 2-.i ok i-'Oi:.ui:it I' It ICIIS. "1LOTHING mil all kinds of other articles, too v-r numcioiis io meniton. C. IlKNNS, Petri street N. R. All kinds ( f work dene Decenil'i-r 23. 13I3. Auction and Commission Store, Ily 5V.M. II. TIKISIAS, College Street, Darlington, Vermont. A Liberal advance made un proper)). All kind of Dry Goods, louicliold-l'"ui iiltiii'i', Ac. constantly on hami. W A N TKD, SHIPPING FUR-", fr whirl, Wi-i c ,n Ruplin-.-li'ii, Dev. S3, 1813. 30! f T3 KV. , Oco. H. Cheeier's nddressconuneiiiorativeol' .Li. the Virtues and Allainmcnts of Rev. Dr. .Mari-h, I'chvcred herore llio Alutiim ol the u. . .M. Am 13I3. 30 For sale by V. IIAURINOTON rpilAT all absorbing .Novel, Till-: M WlT.IIF.S X OF PARIS, complete lu 10 mini er-nf the .New Wnpd, Inr tale by V. IIAIIKINOTON. Lec. 23, 1BU. NOTICE. rplIK sub-eriltr has fup sale f ur rr five first rate X Cutters, ilnec Ir.iver-e slrigh. Al-c, thrt I.-iinlep x asgons, two Concord agnn., one twu horse nlci'iiro nagirnn with sice :irine. Iniism mid lills. Thu'e wi-lung fop any nf llie ai ovc urti e'f x-ill do well loeall an J sei-thein. Ci-li and uio.'. km I, t.f pro I r-e will I o n'.en for pny. Hl-.MtV XXIUl.M. . Hirlington, Dec. S3, 1SI3. TODN (JnilHTINS Fine Cm nnd SmoUa To I bacco, CiHendisli, do. Pure Ground nnd other Cnllee, fur sale cheap by S. N. HALT & Co. uec. SO "I ") KST HVSON. Hi-'iin Skin. Ynumr IIvsoii. SJ Souchong nnd Gun Pcwi'er Teas, f.r sn'e lo'-.y '.y rt at t- v ,;.ite .-. i-.. . .. . j ., w.iv . s.. jyjOl.ASSIiS, Lamp Oil, Dee. 57. Vinegar, lor silo by n. i. u.iui cs i:o. 30 ClTAHCII, Salerali'S, Copperas, Saltpetre, Allu n ij Cocoa Shells and I ati-, Soap a d Can I e-, lor ale by S. .N. OAUT it Co. Dee, 27 30 CASH WANTHI. IN exchange fur Live fiee-e I'eatlii-rs al 40 cenl per lb. bv lir.NUY W. CATLIN. Dee. 53. IS 13. 30 A NBW Y B A li TS about rnmincnceing, and, in l.teii up nup rcnu- X tnlion lor ri-llling (Jomls i he ip, nud n littlel l,..a,,,.r ilinn r.llir.. ue will, mi : n 1 ,li.., V. V,:. r. tiiiP.AliV sll ,t.n., I,,.... evep I eli fore olfiixt. TlicliilniK.-ofDHV GOODS, will I e Mild nl a very mull advance from co.! otlicp Gnnd-in ppnpnrtion j & (or pau-fjelion pleiue C4II and M-efi.r ynupielves. Store nn Cli ipt h Stretl,2 doors Sn ilh of II, II, rjo.lwirk'i. Tin Shop. S. N. OAUT tt Cn. Huil'iigton, Dec. 27, W!3. 3d HryunliK' Kstatc. STATR OF VKUMONT, ) A T a Prolate Ooirt Di'tnct of Grand Isle, -. ) XV huliVn at my ilwel. ling house in Norlb Hero, in pai-J district on ihe 12 h day of llereml er, A. D. 1313, nn iii'lrtnnent p'trporl ing to be the last W II and Te.laoienl nf GRI.NDAL RKYNOI.DS, late nfOrond Isle, in 'rid di'irn-t, t'e rea'cd. xvns presented lo .aid Court here fnr Prolate, by Guy Reynolds, one of iho L'xecutups therein na med. Tur.REronc it is ar.'crc', I y s aid Court, that pub-Ik- nonce 1 1- given lo all perMui- inni erui' I iberriii to upiieir li-forcnid Cnuii, at a e iou ihert-ufio I e holden nt my said dwellinz house, on Ilio-JOahdiy ary next, nl one nVlnt-l;, P. M., nud i'iiii't-'i ihe Pribale ol'i.ii'l will il they ,ee i-ause. And it i luriliep npilered lint thi- iiisljp be pu1 li hol ilirct, wteka siHves'ivcly in ihe I I i.i q (on Fpce Pie.f, a newppxper ptinted nl RMrlinginn, in iln Stiiii-.the la-l nl w hicup il bcitioi) shall I o previous to the day alorc.niJfor liearinj. Given iitidt-r mv band at Norlb Hero, in sail i'i.s. tliet, this 12lh day nf Detemli p.A. ), S3. 30 JxlKI. ALLL.N, ,nJiri!. REMOVAL. M. O. JtATHllUN tt Co. DRAPERS ,V TAILORS, HAVI. remox-cil io Teik's HiiiUing, threu doors east of Ijownrd'a III. lei. 'I hey have jii.i pflupncl from New Ycr'", with nn addiimnal sun:ly nf TH1M.MINGS, nnd asj nsnr. inenl of VESTING!?, uniiirpcurd r'rcino aul varietx-. .Tolm Norton's URtntc. STAT F. O V V H RMONT, The If on. the Pro- l)itri "t ni (Jliilte.'i'ieu, .. t nm v. nun iur inc. tlislrlet nf f 'liil'nnilen ! Tn nil I ep. nns rnnccrned In the ll-lnlool JOHN NOUION, la enl Hine-lnn h, In mi I Di-tp '", ile tasei. wRr.r.nvo WiiCnr.A-, Au nii' a Net "i rtiu .io-eiu .tinisu, AdiiuuiHiMtor nf the K-ia'cnl'Miid decci'dl, ip-:k-e t'i render an u "ii'iut nfthuT udmitie'rn i t pre cut their nn niuil ugnml aid es'nte fir exiniiin nlionnnd tillownnco til n ,e- smn of the Cn irt nl Pro bnie, to be ImWen at the Itc.-i-'i'i'- nilice in Hurling Inn m Milldl-tti.'t, on the second Wednesday ( I I :' paary next. , Tiir.iitarnr, Vo'i tire lure' y wnilu-d t nnpear lefnpe sai leni.rt al th" tune nud n'neo a'nr' nil, ami fliew e.ui.e, if any yin have, why the ai oo tut iilbre fnid sha tld nnt I n lillowe I. fi'ivn nn 'or my hand al 1! irtltlgtne, this r, li I'ny of.luniiary, A. D.191I. WM. V; ,TON. .VgU'tr. TAh'K NOTICE. TMIAT Perm w'm irus potUitJtj seen lola'eu 1 KI'.O of OVSTI'.ltS Iroin my ilu- r ui Sd'nrdny ln', can have llio pnvileire ol ref Hiding me tfSlUru Ihe m'di'im if Ihe Post O fice, ll'thai wny'liniiUle priferrel, or tal.e what icill otltcrriscfut'oic. Jan. 13. 1). M..UJKMAN. fTninCK HOOTS, Rubber.", nnd Slnosi Ladies B. ICtd Slips, Iiniintalioti I reneh Mips. I bi'drcn 9 half (iaitcis, Ladic3 Leather Shoes, fir sn'e by January 12. S. N. UAU I i.o. c!ii-:Ar goods. QUPHUriNK HROAI) Cl.O'lHS, IlKAVIP. and J l'l f.O I i n. C.'inicrc. H.itiustt., iistitic tila"!cnnd nhnn-'eal lo Alpaeea-, Ch'ian-, Crape e'i Monseliii De l.'itnes, nn l l)!ue Iliac'; .u! Sil't Velvet., n lareu lot nf low pr.ced 'Jlmvl', La d es Cravat', HoJ and Wlii'o !' anncl-, f 'otton do, Merom and Saxjny wool vnrlitml Jlrtwer-, v.yu a ninety nr nliicr Dry Lioo'J-, wiit 'ii n .ere i ni rcdifeil prices fore i'h bv H. M. I'UPK. l.tiriinst no-, i.i, IBM. SALT. QT. niF:S SLT. Ilarrcl Salt, IO'J'-'ic'.s Da'ry Co 3rr-n:cbv S. M. I'OIT.. Dec. 15, 1813. vvavi'k.) i.nkx'; Foacmii). r"'OI!N, 1 1 V 1 : AND OA'I, 300 I IVIIOKINI. i'l hood taum: urn nt.tte. &c. iv s. .'I, i opi:. IK- : 15, 1"3I3. WANTJ'.I) ! LI. r-mnOT nr SlTliltLD RYi:, tt r wh-c'.i A Cash will l.o pnid. 3D PKCIC .V Hi'llAl!. A"fvT7nill:S-o7' PAPsIK-NoT"' and 8 rccoir- 1H rd l.y V. II MtltIN f.TO.i. ATAUllATIVr, of the True Is and aJvonlaiea cf 1 MONSir.UH. VI0I.UT, in Cinf.irma, Sono'i, and Western silo by Texas writcn tiv (Tant. Haryii, icr V.'II'.HRlNnTON. NA I 1. S. 1 ftOn Kl-C!c; NML'sfrom thi Higia Facury, J ) (rom 3d io -iOJ. A n-mpltto assortment cf r.nishin.g Nail?, from 4d to 50 1. I'ioor llr.n's of nil n:rns. ALSO, SOOO Kegs Nails mint'.facturc.l by the Vii Sable Ir-m fJo-npany. Common finisiiin,j and lirad tu-ails nf nil F17P-. f oln ?.A to G m. 'Dike. The superiority cf the nails manufactured by ihn above cnmpmiei for beauty of form and finish, anJ for lotighnnrs of iron nboW! all nlher", is universally Gcknowlcilged. They ate fursiie upon lernisas fa vorable aid .it price's as lnw as cm be found in the Slate, by rOI.I.I-.TT. IIRADLCV it Co. Azcntf. Old Doc!.-, Dec. It, 1513. 53 I'AINTsi t- OILS. TONS pure dry White L-id, warranted equal to any mnnuficturcil m lliel'mtcu states, a do F.xlia dry Wnito Lead, 3 do No. 1. do do t!o, 500 n'-gs pure While I.' ad ill Oil, 10 ll irrc's Venctiin Red, jp ih 1'icnch Ye'lriw, 25 Jo Americru Linsectl Oil, 10 do llo.lcd do d". for nle as nfjl cry low, by FOLLKTT, IIKAOI.LV .f- Co Old uock, i'f. ii. iiia. -j OYSTERS, T5 V iboleg or una'lci- quantity v. Al'O, Apples ly nt'y on lian-l by d: ihuokman. JJ the 1 arrel cr 1 ii'hi-1, rr.iistant 20 Vnsli pnid for OATS Dee. 20 13, by T. F. K W. L. STRONfl, CHILBLAINS! Mr.DiciNi: for tlio remedy nf ihes" at PI'.Ci: tt SPHARS'. MNsi'i n on. ns coxsicv.mhst. LET II RRi:i,S Raw Oil, 5 llarrels boiled ilo mm--f iifactured and piepired in Uo'ion. for sale by FOLI.F.IT, I1R.VDU.Y & Co. Old Dock, Pec. II, 19 U. 53 1 ( TONS shoo shape manufactured from Scrap Ll Iron, 3 i o no common. 3 ilo do Hammered, a now article, nnnutaettircl from the bet Peru Iron, 50.000 pound'. Hand Iron from 1 lo j inches wide, lu.i'iw no vi'i-oin-i oeruu iron. SD.IiOO do Round Iron finm 3-lli to 5 inches, "ll.UUD ilo rqiinru no lionia-sioj no, 10,000 d- Flit do from 1 lo -I do, for sah-bv I'OLLLTT, I1RADLKY k Co. Agents. Old'Doek, Dec. 1-1, 13)3. 23. 'CO.OOO, POUNDS first quality SALRRATUS in Cal;, llarrels and Hilf Hurels, for sale low bv FOLLr.TT, I5RADLKY it Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11,131b. 53 soi.r. i.i'ATnini. 200 Sides nf middle weights, New York in spection, 100 do of light do do, New lork Taned and Inspected, for sile bv rOI.Lt.IT, HRADI.r.V sV Co. OM Dock, DecU, 1313. 53 A O N . 10,000 poundal'ng. Tin-Iron.frnm I 1-8 to 5 wide 2 001 do do '; inch round, 10000 assorted weedes, flit nnd square, 50,000 P. S. I. Old Sable, fur sale low bv rOLLF.TT, HRADLRY it Co. OM Dock, Dec. 11, 1313. 53 Cash for Outs. rpilR -nVcpi' i-ps will pnv Cash for Oats on t'cHvcry 1 at the Oil Die' . ' Fi 11.1.F.TT u:.v if- Co. Oc cm'crCtb ISH. 27 S EflW 6OWS at 'run GiiiiMAX stow:. Ql'OAR, Tel, and Co'ce, nf ihe It-t quality, al O Uui'ls nf tti'ces. Coi-n-.' Pa-le. Fi P.i'te.French Prepared Chocolno, Raisins in 1, 1-5, 1-1 nnd 1-3 lloves, S ii tana do, Currants, French llalim nnd Chin-i ditfereiil Prfservrs of first rale nual.ty. aar dines. Pt-klis. nnd French prcpircd .Mustard, FRRNCII CORDIALS, the very tuust, as Gold wa ters, Air'sscito, Riberry, Creme do C'trone, Crnne de Rose, de iioyeau, r.cati de xanil'e, Olive O.I, Walnut Catchup, Tallow, Sperm and Patent Candlts tor r.irties, miner ntrainco ocBi .pi-rin t'.i. .xcw-tr-leins and the very best Sugar House Molisse, Ar, Krcncli Conine llraudv. Schtldam Holland C!m. Si, Croix Ruin, Jamacia Rum, Scotch Wliifkrv, of the most s 'perior qmiily, Port an t .ilaietii xx ine, line nih Win,', for .Medicines, Chainpiign in 1 nnd Hoi ties nnd Imported Cigars. An assortment of DUY GOODS, consisting in Silks for drcsc, Homhazines, Alpieci. Piliti nnd Figurro Alpine, Shuane Velvets, Pliin and Fnriired Mnushn tin Lainc. Cislimoro nnd ra" ' "J lu, onin . i iipy an . mini . noc .i.. . I. t.i L. : I i T .J:.. Premium Mil t.loics, llinaa I .aces, Lotion i-.t ging-, ln-. . A vcrv eood assorlmcnt of (.'a ill roc. me xcrv best utntienien a iiannnercmeis, ' Ve-iings, if-e. &r. The undersignei bej respectful ly llie inlnbiinnisol iiurlinsion aim vicinity, lo lion ihein w itb a rail, ns ibev will find ns cheap and dura ble goods a- al any oilier Store. .M. OVrilKIM it Cn. Uutlington, Pee. (i, IS 13. 27 TIROU'N'S pkc'hei Memoran linn for 1B44. fir silo J by 53 S. liUNTLNGiU.-;. FA RWELL SHOES. LAPirs kid slip-;, i'o French do ilo, do do Wn'kini Sheet, do J'crs, light and dar, do Gaiiep Roots, io ll'skil", do Do it le Sole do, an I ( hddreus Shoes, Geii'leuieu'' Sl't,., Lm.-lniil I' p Triuittl plain nnd Figured In !'". R.bbtrOvir Shoe , ALM l.idit-s in I (.'ent'enea's Iivi-i-int, a Ixrse ..pirl ineiit, f.ip o!.f.v, by LO'F!.Y t'i SF.YMOi'R. Ctior b S. reel, Nov. 30, 1613. LStiinntfl. ip.. f.',inrln" Prnnilv, 5 pq es Pwvi Pin, fJ 0 It I Is. Ruler's Wanhini-o Pniiit C'ili, 10 do A-urr -an llriu.V, 5 Ilh.'s Si. Croix Riimi 2.5 llbls. Mi 'en Wine, S do Ma'aci (i.i 10 do Tenon "e do 10 do P '.-I do f"r n'.- ' rOLt.KTT, ERAULr.Y To. O'l Pock, Nov. 23. IS11. IW V "HtPANKS Sf .I.I. iAIRltAMCS SCLUl of all utes, for sa'o al L manufiifiiirrrs prices hy FOLLCIT, liRAIltr.Y Co A?'"1' o.; d.- n,- i ; r5 KOTWK. rTMF.Trcssurer of the l.'onnlr tlible 8oi.lj, lM 1 received a fall supnW 'f tamtnon lli'iln in 1'M.n.,nl. P,,rililrihillint. I Us nlsil, lot jls se-n rinehr. - n t'oniilv f'sbl' tine c 'l I' ltyfi'i mi ri"H, l, -jiu nt Die lMi' ;'.i-iT Testament! which w lirice. TIMS" in J' will no wen mnii, Den. 7, 1913. II W. OATL1N, Tnaturtr. 100 m.. 'eM PorU f.'J " l.x'ra " l.nrd in the Leaf, ft K-n hircJ Troh Hun., StlL,.Ui C". 7 cr, lltl" rind Ilia if. Cp.nle I v 1 iiii i tte tier? lit pv De-cmbcr iNil'JI'i. noht'tsu CLOTH. r i mil "0 inch New Author I!. arid, from TO to Oll' No. l!l r.insn niv c.i. bird, on cuii.Mnttii.iil. I'tll.l.irn, ItPMll.t-.l, .' Co., Anvts. Old Do : , Nov. -JJ, Pi J i IV I U T V, It A It It A W f : H M r. S T . VJ1I0IL Co.. PACKAOI'. J.XPit:sM 71pLt.le.iioI!iirlia.'on, iviry Welne-'Juy nuru W inccum So i Ii nnl evcay Friday iimnii'i sro'ng North, P.iel.nfe nnd Pari c. in i'l lelelt witk Mv-srf. J. &. J II. PUCK d Co., ire- nay previous to !artiu 2','ie: Vlli'jll. A Co. I'LtlUlt. (ifli niminLS .snptntic riovr, xJ'v7 200 do cxtiaSup.rfm'-do. sul toanj maihi in the United Mils-, UOIiilf dr. (li firsaleby I'OLLI TT. llllADl.r.Y ct Co. OM -sock, Drc. IV 1313. 29 CAST STKEr. AXES., F. t dc7"H L.l hriip's Silver Steel Axes, warranted, tV. 'JO ilo iniiioiri' Cast do do do, 55 ci i Itro .1.3 nnd I'.rown's da do, fo( calo xcrv low bv ' l OI.l.I'.TT. KRAI I.KT ii fe. Avcnli. Old Doctt. Oi-:. 11, l-.l'i. !J CASH FOR FORK. rjSIIII Subscriber v. i ! 1 1 ly Cosh fora fs.x huridrmi -i fatten .1 nnd i-b-nnlv drctnaJ Hogs, dsli.-r-ed nttluir Stn.-e, Old Dn-V.. 23 l!i!rlin''t.iii, Nov.: f. ni. i.'0LLr;i'r, i . . r.v &. Co. ii1?, K Pieces Oinches wi ! fo" wool r.icVitg, t 13 di '.'7 l'-i il" for flimite', 10 t'.o 27 da no Dundte TwilW, 3,9 rer.ily itn le cm! em find twiilcd Hi J, f rile by 1' iLLIVl'T, MIAIH.UY if- Co. ' Old Doc'i. Dr;. 1 1, W.'i. 58 STOVES.'! rr.'.v coo': nn-i no:-: stovt.t with p-p, for si'.o e!i.'n:). Good llcach trnd Maple wootf A would bi lalten i.i pay. n. p.ost',vici: & r.a. liail'ii.-TUn, NV..3?, l;i.'i. 50 if SAW ".III.:. AM) CintUl.AU SAWS. I i X)QV.. Rowland's Ph.lid:'.pl-..a Mill Siw-sfmns.. iv' Cti 7 l.c', iinda 'spres-lv u order, am! war-, anted snnorinr to any in marUci. 110K O.'a cast steel circular, from 10 ta. 5G inches, f'.iiling sr. I cro.s cut. Also, l-rosstut taws, Ktig'isiii plat, fir sib- by Kof.i.!:rr c:.adlf.v c. OM doc's, Nov. ;i, 1;;. 5i IT rxcu in 'uit r.nt tt is h.i. :-to-;l au i:!.t)CK. 1 ( PAIR tlnrr Mill Stcnc?, J. S 50 .00 Burr Blocks, fop silo nt Trovmices and eight, l.y rOLLF.TT URADLEY s'c Co. 0!d doc'.;, Nor. 53, 1S!3. 55 Aptnls. ii'-xes i' 100 Kegs Gin'-er. i pes. CO Ho.xrs F.xiia Soap, 0 Superior do, CO. Colitis do', 10 do Cushion Shauing io, 100 Malts Cassia, 20 lloxcs Slarih, 500 lhs. I'bne-, -0 do Nuttnege, 55 liar's Ptppcr, 25 do Spre, 10 Itcrces H"-e, fir rale bv KOLLFIT, HUADLET if Co. I.-. Nov. 53 1-13. ti. Old Doc! CAST STHUft. 5?3S9 Sandnrsonnnd firos. Axo Steilt 1000 do assorted flu nnd square from iinlo5inchn Also, W, Jossup tt Sou's extra and conitnon Cast sViecl, sqitaie and Hit. for sa'e hy FOLL1VIT, HRADLKY tf- Co. Oid Dork, Nov.,53, 1513. 25 r isii. Vr ffi'T O'l 'ol Fi-h, vSs'Wy 0 half 'bl-. No 1 Maeterel, 20 Tirp.-es tiorib .shore Hud.ons Bay Co. Silmoa 55 half l ar.cb do do du for rale I v FOLLIH'T, H RAD LEV i (-. Oil Doc!.-,. Nov, 23, IS 13. ii ON CONStON.U!2!r. Q,X BOX I S Canada Plan ?, 3 do Crawrhsy ill 23 do R. O. i.'o do 5 do R. (... polished Crawshay Plites. 5 do ThornuvrroftnlatesSI bv 24 in. llreuL ror ale at reduced nrici s. tiy l OLLr.TT I.RADLEY tf- Co. Old dork, Nov. 53, 1S13. 23 Agents, M.S'.VS. 200 liuxcs I'lincli ivnisins, frosh fruit, and in fine cr 'cr, (or nl- ! y FOI.1.I.-.T, HRADI.UY tc Cot Oid Dock, Ju net', 1513. NCUWCH VRi UIOX. cy TONS No. 1 Carilisherrie pig iron, iO for sale bv I'OLLLTT RRADLF.V&Cs Old dock, Nov. 2J, 13 13. I. SHAWLS. CUSintF.KE, Imitation Merino, Kibte, Hpochit I ltfliidere, Alioce.i, .Mou-iliiii- del-ime, Kml.'il do., IiighhnJ P.aul Silk nnd Cotton Shawl.-, lor rale cheap bv LOVELY & sr.VMOUR, Nov. 50, 1813. CTurc. Street. Lookinir Glap.-rs. Larre annuieni ot var.ous uses, jut ;eccirail XX and for sa'i- rheao I v 1 OVLI.Y cV' iiEVMOUR, Churih K. Nrv.50, 1S13. j:f Croclxfry. (Ilass China Ware. t 1 l arge smck lust re-eixed and fop rii'o cheips. . L than can I c h.'iulit in this Stn.e, bv LOI I. LY it SliVMOUR, Church t H'.irl.nglCHj Nov. 5?, MM. 45 f TOIJAC'CO AND SNUI-'K. 1 00 "'rJ,", i'1"1 'ia"" t!oItc, 'i'nn' enlalratsd f( do Pace's. fO ilo Irvipes. ?a do t'ro'l y's, 5.1 do Mitchell'.. xy;''a. ry'c'i, aihtr IrtB'K relecu-l wilh rrreiit care, 50 !'r; John Ihid-rs' Pltir, 10 do Sheep Ti'liiiecn, 50 Hills po'iii I nnd half poind Smo'.irjr, 10 ') Chew ing, nl the niO't prefer i brai.-. Also, lOOJirs ex'rn llo-o Scented .11 ic-ohny RnAf, 5 II1 Is S-nte'i Smri i" smn" bladder, far' .ile bv. FOI.LF.TT, HHADLF.Y A C. ' Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1313. i.s J V Orleans, fO Hbls Clniifie', 10 ilo Powdered, 10 Ilexes W it W ro Old D c'(, N'o-. 'J, 50 do Los.', 10 in Craa"d, i'.i .Me refinpd Leaf, f-sp .alfl ' v, Uirv, HRADLI-.V it Co. ' IHl. S.; t'RlistU TEAS. r?x Che-ts rrii" Hv-rn 5k in Tea, O 10 do T.x ra do do 100 Ha'f Chests X runr Ilysrn, 0 Caddy- O.d llvsnn, fa) do Vonng lly-pn, 10 Ch.-s-s cir.i qiia'i'x O'd IIvs-i. Ihe-e Tsas xverc .r'e.-cd xvuh gre.s' ore n from ihe latest impor n rui- sad will ! ttld al New, Vopk Jnli' rr.s pr re., nn tfrei.-li'. Fdt.l.nT, PRAIU.r.Y g. C. OM Dock, Nov, 5:t, lf-n. " :j TiTF.W MILCH C.I r.r.SR. for n'rbr i 3? s. n. n irr & c-. WANTED, coitrr, or wood cit. f.r .,-t.i,.i. 00' nn e w 1' bo on !. . ylbn mi m-iirj n,l cap il Ii- yii""g man, a' phi IS o J, tn mrn tha I'lpr-r iiisking trade. Icq i.rrat il.r- VArtr Mill a' llul.l ell', JJ., Jai.unry S, IML j i u Ki, .-,.: n pilhaijH sk."ji a icy. r jillK u'p t Term in 131 1 will I'om-tienr oa ih" Crrl nf I'V'p'Hpy and ivi.iiii'ih 2J wrf'c, r fc-ni.i on the fj h July nnJ coaiin-e ai,o fi; w. B. r.i-vt-ii wetkr ire ooartep Jiirinittiiui.D.v.iU, I3tt. Ji'.-t, r.I.lKON'ri III-sTORY OF I.Uf.Olv; j , or; fi. n 1. ni's fr"in llic Co miifniroic.i. nf Fjvi l.Veo'oti..n 'n I7.;9 1 !- iViM-n! Tt n-. (I- J,, a1 1 A -tf;.!' K. S 1" Ci"s .'-e;n 4 v .Ut" V. 'H I' !. 'Jpa,

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