Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 16, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 16, 1844 Page 3
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whenerurho tliinlx rrop:r. lh will prolub'y I be Sccrcljjv of War. firm Saunders would liko to bo Secretary of tlio Navy. Cit. K nek ton, who is all.powprful, is ursine WnUvorth for tho Supremo Court nrancy. What do you y to N. I'. TaDmailgo ! NVasiiincitox, Fnliruary 10. A incflinp; of tlio Cibiiict was lielil yustortlay, at which tho names of Gov. Van of Vermont, Jutlgo Nelson and Chancellor Walworth of New Yorl;, wuro brought forward, anil their merits canvassed, for tho vacant Judge ship on tho bench of the Supremo Court. A sort of vote was taken on them, and re tailed ns follows : Fan Va Ton;.'. Fon WaLwohth. Upshur', Spencer, None. Hcnshsw, Wiriilifl'j 2 Porter 3. Still, whoso namo will bo sent in is yet doubtful. Nearly nil ,tho Loco-Foco Dele gation in the House signed a sort of " Beg gar's Petition " to tho President to givo Mr. Nation tho place. How mean, small and pitiful is such a coursn for a Judgo to take to endeavor to reach a scat in the highest Judi cial Tribunal of tiie land I had almost said, of the world. Gov. Gilmer lias had his choice presented to him, and ho has prefer red the Army ; that is to say his naino is to ba sent in as Secretary of War. Mr. Wil kins, of Pittsburg, M. C. (formerly Senator and Jiidse.) is to be nominated as Secretary of tlie Navy ; tliu Senate, there is very little doubt, will confirm him, and also Gov. Gil mer. Uolh are excellent men, and highly es teemed ; anil far over, far superior to lien haw and Porter. Blindness. Horses, chained for a series of years to tiie wheel, draw themselves blind. Tho same effect is produced upon men whoso eyes are set and strained after office. Mr. Van Huron, onco tolerably sharp-sighted, was stone blind in 1839, as to the effect of his destructive policy, lie en tertained no doubt of his re-election until it was known that two-thirds of tlio Electoral Votes wero cast against him. The same cloud obscures his vision now. lie does not ace that the moans resorted to for a nomina tion aro ensuring his defeat. Ho cannot perceive that while ho is absorbed in dark, grovelling intrigues for Dolegalcs to his Baltimore Convention, the People, disgus ted at such selfishness and rapacity, are banding themselves together with spontan eous enthusiasm for Hr.vnY Clay. Alb. Journal. TlIU T.UilPF. "We received, last night, a letter from a distin guished mi-mbfr ol'the House of Representatives, da ted on Wednesday. in. 3lsr, from which we are hap py to nialio the following c.xiract : "General Mc!"av wilt begin will the Appropriation Jld s tu-morrow. Th? Cmiuniltco ofWnysand Means are engaged on 1I13 Tariff. Tliey hud n trial ole or two lliu morning. Tho motiu.i, tint there shall be no altervion in tho eisim laws, was rejected, by 7 to 2. The motion, that ii is inexpedient to change tha liw, si :i lu ivc on any nriicle, was rrjtcUd in like manner. Tne committee aro collecting iufur instiou, and ndncini: the t;o ijic 10 ail raluitm, to show the alioiuuntioiis of the present s-ystein." Richmond Kntjnirer. Go ahead gentlemen. Lay your Vandal hands upon the Tariff if you dare ! Try mora " Experiments," if you arc not satisfied with past experience. The country is jusi emerging fiom a long, dark night of wrongs and oppression. Agriculture, Manufactures and Commerce aro just laising their heads. Prosperity at last dawns upon us. Let the followers of Van pursuance of his Anti-TarirT Letter, blast tho interests and dash the hopes of tho People, by striking a blow at the Tariit, and tliey will encounter a gale next fill, in comparison with which tho storm of IS 10 was a mere squall. Krum the Madisonim. That the Van liureii men oflhe.Vorihnnd I'.astlnvc played false. urennditaleJ y f.ils'-, nnd htartlcs-ly, to wards the I'reMiicur, 13 as notorious ihcro, ns tint uch a man as Van Ilurcn lives. That lo do this, they fswned.d sseinhled. neled tho meanest narls of craven snirits, oid nlike ofsincerily and s-hanio in the.r " hot pursuit" nfOuvernment patronage nnd plunder, nnd belied their parly's principles and disposition, to iho shame, too, of nil the truly honv-t men in the ranks of their parly, is us indisputable and well established as nny other fact 111 history. Tliu Madisnnian has at last rubbed open ils eyes. The wonder is that tlio President could have been so easily deceived by iho duplicity of such creatures. There was great weakness in trusting men wlio, in seekiii" of fice there, lost tho respect of nil parties. Tliey all intended to cheat, and came away with their offices laughing al those whom they had duped. lb. Col. Johnson. This gentleman lias writ ten a letter to tho Globe, in which lie states that his namo is in tho hands of his friends, and whether nominated for tlio Presidency or Vice Presidency, or not nominated at all by tho Baltimore Convention, ho can do nothing' to prejudice the interests of tho Democratic Party. This letler is frank, cordial and de cided. Tho close of Col. Johnson's letter is as follows : frtendsUh.;i,V7u;e;pr sll ne . , rt. the second. 1 hope Ihry will readily yield up their preferences to a majority in Iho convention, no maltir how ail terse lo ihur views or wishes. I shall pursue this course, and exhort every friend I havo lodo like wise, in order 10 preserve harmony an I sccuto thu unitel effort of the pany. I repeat, between my friends, my position is lint of neutrality, until the con vention shall act and disnoseof rnei 111 iho mean time I am in iho bands of the people. Should it bo die pleasure of 1 be convention lo nominale mo for first office, I should accept tlic honor with gratitude and j 1 " i 1 """V'T""! wie second with mantis 1 -.. ...... nn, ..ming 10 ioko my posi tion among Iho r-nk and file; if such be ihe pleasure of the convention, without a murmur. Wherever I may bo placed, 1 shall try lo animate my associate, lo do whnil consider our duly lo our country; and, Imving thus discharged if, according to our conscien ces, wo will hope for victory. Poisonino. .Mnry Jackson, a colored woman who lived with Kodert HAnnis, on the corner of Green nnd Hass sis. sent n colored boy to Dr. .Vprin "field's for Arsenic, n quantity of which sho put in tho lea kettle last evening, after drinking which the family became seriously ill. The woman and boy nro both in jail. Mr. Ilanis' family wo are happy to learn are out ofdanger. .'re. Journal. The Atlas says : It appeared, on examination of the parlies nnd by tha confession of the boy, that while the family, eonsisling of Kcbccci Harris, tlio sister-tn-law of Mr. II., a young lady named Miss Loveit, who was on n visit from Schenectady, and a hostler named James Dinnegan, wero preparing for tea, Oatfield, the colored bov, who was occasionally employed by Mr. II., asked if be should turn soma wntcr upon ihe lea, which he did j ond ho took this occasion lo infuse Iho poison, Thn sislei-in-law, and the young lady, immedia'f ly nrterdrinking the tea, began lo feci n burning in the throat, and iheusual symptoms of poisoning. Sovc ral physicians tvera called in, nnd every effort made to restore them, and they nro now considered out of danger. The prisoners underwent n partial cxamina tton nt the po ben ofihe, llus morning, during which the bay suited llial the servant woman, Jnckson, had instigated hltn to tha act, nnd lud given him money to buy ihe arsenic. Mrs. Harris, who it was inten ded should pnrtieipato in Iho catastrophe, won unex peciedly absent when the family m down lo tnhls, -Allany Daily Adv. Maini:. Tlio result o( tliu IhsI trial to elect a Congressman in tliu 7lli district is not ascertained. Wo believe, however, that Itobinsoii (Whig) is elected by about 120 majority. Should this bu so, tho delegation clod U equally divided 3 Whigs and 3 Lo cos with tho 5th district tn Iiuar from. Justicu to llnxnr Clay in Tuxxr.ssnt:. On Saturday tho House of Representa tives finished tho ood work began by tho j Sonalo in i elation to tliu charge of 'Bargain, Intiignc and Corruption, ly passing tlio re solutions of that body, repealing, in effect, ihe Resolutions of tho General Assembly of 18527, nnd declaring that tlio charges therein contained against Mr. Adams and Mr. Clay mo unsupported by proof, nnd not to bo be lieved. Thus havu tho Whigs of Tennessee, through their Representatives in tlio Gener al Assembly, donu a long delayed act ofjus lico to tho most illustrious statesman and pat riot of our ago and country. This accusa tion of a corrupt arrangement is now so uni versally acknowledged among men of ordi nary information and common candor to be totally unfounded that it was well becom ing tho Whigs of Tonnessoo no longer to allow the record of a belief of it on tho Jour nals of their Genera! Assembly to remain uncontradicted. Nashville Journal. Caution to Editors and tub Public. Wo aro requested to state that Thomas IV. Whittcmorc, a young man apparently about 23 years old, wlio is travelling through the New England States, vending medicines and recipes, is in tho liahit of usiiijj without au thority tho names of respectable persons in lhi city, and by such means procures the printing of advertisements which will never be paid for. Tliu public and llio press are cautioned ncainst this ininostcr. Boston Daily Advertiser. Rev. Elon Galusha. From private sources wo understand that tho report, of which wo had received successive intimations for a considerable period past, that Elder Ga lusha had became a full and confirmed con vert to the theory of Miller, is true ; and we have heard it added, that lie proclaims in pub lic his expectation that tho world will bo de destroyed on or boforo some day next month, wo beliuvo lliu 14th. A very brief period will bo required to prove tho ultnr fallacy of such an expectation. Baptist Advocate, Feb. 8. Lamentadix OcccnnExtn. On Saturday morning last, .11 r. Albert Havilrn, ono of the drivers on tliu Plymouth nnd Huston Lino of Places, left Plymouth at ihe usual hour. Abi.ut one-ball mile beyond the ojiuiu'e nun-May House, nc sioppcu Ills icaill atlU got oli'ihe coach. Two lady pass-engcrs in tbecoach 9 nnosed ho dismounted lo ailiust a harness or some. thing of the kind, and they therefore remained some ten minutc.when wondering what could be tho trouble they looked out of tho coach, nnd saw Ilaydcn lying upon the ground between the wheel nnd leaders. laey then got out, and ncrcrivinc that he was mo tionlcss, ono of Iho ladies stood bv tho horses, nnd the ouicr went oaeit lorn-sisiance. it wasprocurcJ, anil Ilaydcn was put into tliu coach, nnd carried to tho house of Graimllu (lardne. Ksn. ncenl for the staire prnprietors, where Or. L'ndcrmiod, ot Ilingham, was cam 11 in, mm 110 ucc.ucd lual liayuen nad suliered a thocliof tho palsy. Ono entile half of his body, head nnn uiiiu'i, is paifcico, wo imuersiaiid, aim lie now le m linn in a very f-oble slate, though sen-ihle. In rcolv to questions put lo him, it is learned 1 lint ho got off Hum Ihecoacli hi cause lie Tell s ck. V lien taken up, he Ft II hadho'd of the reins. It is not a liltlo remark- ahlu that the bui-cs stood perftctly quiet nearly bnlf 1111 noiir, wmiu nayiien nn? exienucii upon inegrounil or snow between the lendirs nnd wheel horses 1 1 ml they run, the horses nud carriage must havo pnssei) over llieuriver. .11 r naiilen comtnaml- lnucti res nrct from the travelling public, to whom he was ecu (rally known, and bv whom much sympathy is felt lor ins siiuaiion. i-ivmouui lioai. Tnr. hall that killed Nelson. The musket' ball which robbed England ol her Treat naval conv niander is now in possession of the Hcv. F. W. ILi- ker, 1 f liaihwith. It as tired al random from the lop of the Redoubtable, by a french soldier named Roberi Ciiiilleinarde, ho escaped unwoundrd. nnd when his ship snuck was on board iho Victory. ; ineiatai niuiei was not discovered till tho Victory I nniw.,1 nl S! i'Lnl II linil lrn,V , I... f.,rn mrl r.lilin hero's epaultlip. nnd entered Ins left shoulder. It then desccndid oblinue v into the thorax, fr.acturin ihe second nnd thud iih, nnd after penetrating the It ft lube of Iho limes nnd dividing a largo pnrt of tho pdliuonnry nrterv, it entered thu left Mdp of tho fpinc, pamd llnrusli tho muscles of iho back, nnd lodged therein. A considerable portion of ihe sold lace, nail. and silk cord of iho epaulette, with a pieco of coal, were fmuid attached to it the gold lace was ns firmly fited as if it liaj been infrird into the metal while in n stale of fusion. Tho ball, toiether with tho lice, ccc, was mounted in crystal, nnd silier, nnd preent- rd by Cap! Hardy to Mr lieatrie, the surgeon of ihe Victory, w hoo death, was announced some time since. Iluslon i'ost. Curran said in nno of his famous epecches " I have known tumult and disorder make many a rich man poor, but never knew it make a poor man r.cii. Miss Sedgwick says that the shield of silence is 'ho most effective defence airainst a thorough gossip Knowledge without virtue, says some one. h a Knile in the bands of a maniac. It may uo won employed, anu may not. I'CLVidera. "it seems cruel to kill eo many animals for their fur thirty-six poor Fquirrc.s put to ueatli lo mako a tnull rorus!" L,muy. " 1 es it is cruel. Why don 't tho inon bters lake their skins off without killing them .'" IIxtua Baggage. A Frenchman wishing to lane inu siago at utica, was askeil liy tho dri ver if he had any extra baggage. "Extra barr. gage ! vat you call ilat? 1 have no baggage at all, but iny three trunks, fivo doge, and vun A maiden lady who edits a paper down cast Fays me 101 lowing "The maiden stat" is an intolerablo statc.ind wo are of the opinion that that state should not tie permitted to exist 111 the United States. Only f'r ami that 3.0,1 wefs spinster about rutiringto her bed ; hide your eyes 1 ye uacneiors.j slio careiully selects r sufficient quantity of live coals! and tho warm ing pan is properly healed, tho covers aru turn ed down, and then commence the process of warming ine uoii. 1 ins is done, the covers are .1 I!.. .,.... iiiuii reHojusieii, inn clonics ao thrown oyer tliem, and poor l orn tho niousar is laid gently atop of ihese. Then ono corner of thn cover is slightly opened, and 111 sho pops, with a mercu. rial degree of haste; the foot gets into a cold place and 00! 00! Iioivcoldit is!" ISRICMTON .11 A It K BT. Monday Kcb.B. At Market, 030 Heef Cattle, 1 125 Sheep, nnd 200 Jswine. I'Bicts.ntef Cattle Wo quota to correspond Willi last weeks a few extra at SI 75 H 85 i First mini ily $1 23 cTi- 3 1 50 j second quality 81 $4 25 ; third quality ojou at Sheep-ttom SI 50 to 82. Wethers from 8250to S3 73. Sieine small lots lopoddleaMlcfor Sowp, and ate lor narrows. At retail Horn -1 jt Cjc. IIOSTO.V MAItKKT.Feb. 6. FLOUR. Howard st. 5,00 P 5,25, Western canal 5,08 fi 5,37. BUTTER, 9ff 14 per lb. CHEESE. 41 5J do do. WOOL. A good demand continues with gradually improving prices No foreign of consequence remain ing in first hands. Saxony ond Mcrieno fleeces, 40 iff -IS Full blood, 33 40 J blood, 3537 Common 1 blood, 29 33 Lamb's, 1st quality, 33 835 Smyrna washed, jo fi Bengszi, ' CflH Mueno A res, 4?2l Albany, Fob. 11. Tin Honorablo Eiek Cuwen, a Justice of tho Supremo Court of New York, died at his lodgings in this city at 8 o'clock last evening, after u sovcro ill ness of only n week's duration. Journal. M n i? sr J dl, Oa Tuesday evening last, by ltcv. T, Mr. Tibiier Til. wen to Miss Maria 1? W. Pearson, .Movlturop all of this town. At Shclburn Harbour, on the 12tli inst. by the Itev. II. Meo'.cr, Mr. Lewis I.. Tuacy toMissfLtzA uetii S. Hill, both of tliu firmer place. In Shclburn on the 11th inst., Hawlev 1!., infant son of lteubcn w, and Laura C. Nash. Al Ilinesburgh, Feb. 8lli inn, Miss I.AunA Lccm tia Oibd, daughter of T. W. Gibb. 1'sn., aged 16 years an I 12 days. Seldom aro wo called upon to record tho dealh of so amiable a young lady as tint of our deceased friend. Possessed of n lovely nnd nffcclionato disposition, she succeeded well in gaining lliocood will nnd esteem of all with whom bIic associated. There is ono feature in her chntacter that should at least receive a passing glance, viz. licr filial obedience. She was kind ond dutiful towards licr parents, ever evincing by licrlook as well as actions, tlintshs was happy in listening to their counsel and nducc. About four yean ago her mind was directed to the interests of her soul. She thought upon her ways, nnd turnod her feet unto the Testimonies of Clod. At tits time aha believed that sho found tlio Pavinur precious. She indulged a trembling hope that tho Saviour was her fiiend from that ti'iio until her last sickness, when her views of salvation became much clearer nnd her love towards her Saviour much stronger. During her sickness, which continued more than eight weeks, she was sel dom if ever heard lo utter a complaint or murmuring word. Mic died in pence, with llhcsc words on her lip", " Glonjto God" and her friends havo reason to believe that she fell ns'eep in Jesus. Com. Stcain-IJoat iVoticc. TIIR Slocl-bolders cf the New York and Cham plain Steamboat Company nnd all others who feci an interest 111 carrying out ihe purposei intended by tin: charter of the company, are rcqueMed to meet at John Howard's Hotel, in Ourliugton, on lho2tt inst., nt 10 o'cloo'.:, A. M. Ol.O. K. TLATT, Clerk. liy order cf the Directors HUMAN AI.LRN, SAMUKL V. VILAS. Burlington, 13 H Feb., 1814. 37wl PAPER MILL FOR SALE. SITUATED ON THE LAMOILLE RIVER, IN MILTON, with Menu Drting Cylinders, two Engines, Calender and all I00U nnd machinery neci- sary for maniilaeliinng paper. The buildings are secure from fre-het-, and have a lull fupply of river ana spring water, ai-o, niiioining 1 1112 null nro a wood house, barn, Hvo dwelling house, and about IUII acres ol land Willi n goon orchard. Il is the mo-t northern mill in Vermont, anil the het lo"iition fur 11 country huiin"s of any null in New EnclanJ, having a home market for all the pa per manufacture I. mi! whole utu I e sold on a lilcral credit, and all the payments may 1 o made in oaner nt the mill, so iwo lutiiiirioti nractica naoer.makcrs wil 1 a capital of a few hundred dollar" each can easily pay r, . 1 i.,.' r. 1... . 1.. .: . nui. fi wjivi 1 inn ii... jwia uy 1111.11 own labor. CllAl'NCEV GOODRICH. Burlington, IS'.h l ibiuary, 1811. 37tf FARM AT AUCTION. rTMIE Fiider-igned, ndiniuKlratrix of ihe estaio of J. lieniaimn 11. Nnitl. line ol C bar one. 111 the cu'iniy 11 v.uiiieiiui'11, uccei-e'i, will mmi at public auction, on tin: day ot 1' at one oi'lock m tlie nlliTuotin, under a license from tho prm.nti- i-ourl lor Ihe ili-trict ot Clnttcnili-n, (im'c- previously sold al private sale) a farm siiuate I in s-aid Clia'rlotle, conlaining one hundred and three acre-, subject to the widow's right of dower therein and to cerlain mor'i-aijesi he'iiir Hie larm on winch the said Bi'iiiamin II. litel previous lo and nt the tune of his dealh. The land s of excellent nunliiy inn in .1 kipu 1 .lire 01 cuiut diion, anu ine ouiiiiinirs, (hou-u and ham.) arc convenient and in cood reimir. 'Ihe whole farm will be sold together, or in seperate purui, lt 111.1t iu iiuiuii iiioi 1 eneueiai. Sale to take place on iho preini-es. S.U.I.V II. SKIFF, Administratrix. February 13, 1811. 37w2 TIIEli.MO.lIlCTOItS. A New lot of Kendall's Celebrated Thermometers. era lunied to -10 below zero, Feb. 13. BnissMAin & BnoTiir.ns. DR. BANKING'S LACE. 'TMIE Undersigned has become tho proprietor of ine paieiii rigui lur 111c sale 01 nils vamauie 11V strument in the counties of Chittenden, Franklin Gran I lute, and Lamoille. To those who have not ha 1 an opportunity to hear the inventor explain the principles upon which ibis invaluable supporter is offered lor alleviation of mise ry and disease, it may bo necessary to stale that he ullributi-9 to iho want of abdominal support, many discuses nnd nilmenls which have heretofore been assigned to other and far different causes, ns well ns those in which such support has been admitted to be i'enuni. nun no cinnns to natc ui-covernl, 111 Ihe PA TENT I.ALE, an instrument far superior tn nnv which has vet hem Presented, lis commotion has cost him years of thought and labor nnd thousands of dollars ol expense, by reason of numerous experi ments ho was compelled to make before ho could bring 11 to ns present st.alo orperrcction. Dr. 113111111111 has lectured in many of the nrincinnl towns in Ibis and ihe adjoining Slates, and experience has in innumerable instances dearly demonstrated the truth of his theory nnd the utility of his Lace, by removing from beds of languishing and sickness, hun dreds of persons laboring under chronic diseaes which ha 1 previously octied tns utmost power ol tne healing art. In the views of Dr. Banning tho undemzned fully concurs, nuu so cumpieieiv convince! is no that tliey need only to bo understood to receive peneral ncnin. escence, that he has at great expense become Ihe pro- j. it w vt i,b g'utl.M, liyil. IUI .-UMIIIIl'3 iiUUVU IIU' mod, and he is happy to state that ho has mndo or rangemcnts which will enable him lo answer all or ders for the instruments ot short notice. The undersigned deems 11 proper further to stnto that he has been 111 Ihe usoof these instruments in his practice for more than threo months, and that dunn; that time he lias I ceil callnl to nnn v them in 11111110 rous cases of female weakness, nnd oilier kindled i'is- eases, nnd has uniformly found them productive of mi; wuiiuuiiui rcsuiiB iiiiriuuicii 10 uieni nv tueinveu lor. JOHN W. E.MERV, M. D. Essex, Feb'y.7lh, 1811. 35 6w From the Clarcinont Eagle. Clarcmont, Dee. C, 1813. Ma. Wennn : I think much ol Dr. Banning's la bors 111110112 119. They have done "ood. They have wiikcd up the public mind to think on the subject of nen 1 1 11. Ann, ii 11 111 somo aeiitr nnuns nic giten lur the " 1 reel posinro" which lie so much urges us lo maintain, and which we bnvcnlwnys been told was essential, lam suisfied with lliose set forth by him. He leaves us with the warmest affection- of ginlitudo burning in the bosoms of iho-e whom his' visit will cost the nioit, in a pecuniary point of tiew. For lie has all.'rded them relief which ihey have sought in vain before. And as the sunnurl udiieh his i.ivpa. is acknowledged by all, to be valuable, in many cases, his coming among us is going to give a direction to tho enquiries of many, hereafter, in the efforts lo as certain Ihe nature of their diseases and the appropriate reined y. And whilo he does not intimate that his system is to supersede tha nso of medicine, I think ho makes it clear, that medicine is sometimes resorted lo, tthero the support and experience ha recommends, are all that is wanting. His Lace is costly, it is true, nnd Ihe support it is said may bo furnished cheaper. Very well. Let it be furnished. But look out and not buy nn nxe made only of iron because it is cheaper. It may be dearer in the end. It is evident his views must go through Iho country, and they will havo their inftiieiico 10 bring into greater prominencp, principles and practices, hiiherlo, loo much neglected. His views on Voice, Bronchitis, Consumption, Spi nal Weakness, Dyspepsia, Palpitation of tho Heart, etc., arn well worthy of being tested by facts, ond ihey will be. And ono way lo test Ihcm is to try his remedies. And it will bo done. I am glad tho res ponse 10 my inquiry a few days since in your paper, shall Dout, II, come among u ? was " Ily oil means," ond, that full and attentive audiences hnvo confirmed our judgement, and that more than one poor sufferer has ihankcd God for his visit. As a popular lecturer, I think Doct. B. might improve bv using 11 little more elevated slyleof expression, and by avoiding some of his quaint remarks, although many of them give lest and sprighllinesi in his lectures, und enable hint to hold bis audiences in pcrlect quietness for hours. Ilia address 10 tho ladies nu t tie ruinou influences of iMit lacing was liuly eloquent and irresistible. No ono can fairly decidj upon hi syslem who does not hear him through the course of Lectures, R. F. LAWRENCE. HERDS GliASS anil CLOVER SEED, ofsupe nor quality for file ty H. W. CATMN. ALSO, few bushels 8t4 Wfclat. MORE NEW BOOKS. Tf 11! WW'S V fine in I h p. ISO. I. nuW SUtlD V. JUL Arnbclla Stewart, a Rnmnnre fimii English History, by c P. 1!. James. Price 12 cents, ty Sick sfmiclip. nr Etirv Dav I.ik. tmiet icr Willi Strifoan I Peice, In' Misa Bremer, translated by Ma. ry Hotvilt. Price l!1 cents., , Tho i.ilo oi James trnimui", ujr .uuu Bangs, I). I). Martin CluiMb'witt, No. 1. In I, new supply. Mysteries of Pari", in French, No. 2. ami 3. IVnmlnriniTu nt fi Jinimnvinnu Tailor liroimh I.U rnpo ami the East, translated Iroin tlio Uerinaii, by Wm. lliuvill. . , . , Kendall's I.ifo of Jackson, No. 3. ini received md forsnlobv A. EDWARDS Peck's lliiildius, Feb. 10, '-14. HOWARD'S HOTEL Preparatory to a Rail- I'oad from Boston and on to Montreal. roods cut: At'. PllEPAUATOUV lo an arrangement for an inten ded piibha improvement in this Village which hai b"en so long and so nineli both desired and re quired by nil clashes of nur citizens for the acconimn. nation of the increased number of Travellers, friends and acquaintances who may nnd arc really wilungto pass from a single meal or night's cntcrlninment, to a stay of weeks and months in this most beautiful of all deliiilitful stopping places certainly dining the summer months, and that the snme may bo as fully accom plished as would be thought j isiifiablo in on individu al. I am now so nreoarinir for that cnunzcnient t and I now ofier my Inrgo stock of Mcrchnnduo nt tho Cheap Cash Store, nt tho samo low prices (Cotton Cloihs excepted) for which they have been selling inrougu the winter, notwithstanding tne general ad vanre on goods in Now York nnd Unston. 15th Kob. '44. S. KARL, HOWARD. P. S. As tho shore enterprise cannot bat bo of preai interest to the citizens, l wouiu do nappy tn meet them on Saturday. 7 o'clock evening, at the Howard Hotel, and should there be anv who might wish tlio intcre-t to be changed from an indivi lual to a stotk company business it may then be discussed. CASH FOR LUMBER. THK SiiVcrilers will pay cash on delivery nt their shop, lor 10,000 feet H inch Clear Pine Lumber, fl.000 " 1 ituh do do do 3,000 " 2 inch do do do They aln ofl'er for sale a Inrge quantity ol WIN DOW SASH, nil size., from 7 X O to '1 1 X 15, as cheap as the cheapest. J. & 11. p. iinimicK. Burlington, Fibrnnry 7, 1 S 14. MILITARY COMPANIES ATTENTION 1 Uniforms and Equipments For Sale. WILL be sold at a bargain, if immedintn nppli cation be ninde, the Uniforms and Rnuin- nirnts of a Military Company, consisting of Coats, t.nps, l-auis, i-iiimcs, i-ross anil nam iscus, Scabbards, and Cartridge Itoxo. All of which arc in prime order nnd will worthy ihe attention of anv company in want 01 sucn articles. l or luriher iniormanon, address, 'os'iua . lla tin, I rumpcl UJJice, Uoston. autvi lrOTHERS OF ENGLAND: their Influence and 11-L Responsibility, by Mrs. I.llis. A'eal's Ml. tori' of thn Puritans, nnn 9d. Mysteries of Paris, in French, to bo comnletcd in 8 niminers, at ij ccniseacn. io. 1 receive!. DoAubigne's History of llio Reformation, 3 vols. with Latin notes. American Natal Biography H'usirated. Tired of Hnti'.r kcenintr. uv T. S. Arthur. I.. S. D. TreasuroTrovc, by tho Author of Handy rnuy. Charles De Bourbon Lot Constable of France. Marmnduke Wyville. EfoENn Sck's Novels: Mysteries of Paris 55 cents, Matilda, 73 " Female Bluebeard, 2 " Salamander, 2i " Thercse Dunoyer. 23 " DoSurvillc, 12i " Mnrq. de Leloriere, 1-jJ " ALSO, a variety ol new if. inks received last eve ning, at theCheapCash Slorc, by A. liDWAKUS, Peck's Building, Fib. 9. 36 TO RENT. Jt Joiner Shop, an 1 tun or three JTm. Iltvcl'inirs lor sinull I-hiiii lit-nr me ivoiiri liou-e square. II. LEAVENWORTH. Keli. fl, M.t. 30 Ksllicr Cliaplit'u Estate. STATE OF VERMONT, District of CliiiteiuVn. ss. I) AT n Probate S i 1 CllUrt llOldL' Burlington, within nnd for tho district nforcai lon the second 1l.1v of February. A. I. 1811. nn ln-lnnTicui purporting 10 1 o iho last Will nnd Testament of i'.5Tllt:a uiiai'in, i.ue ii jvricuo, 111 -uiu iMirici deceit .ed, was presented lo lhe(-ourt here fer Pro bate, by Sophia Chapm nnd Harriet Chapin, ihi Eveciitors thenin nameil. THEREFOIIE, It is ordered by said Court, that public notice I e givcn,to all person concerned therein to appear I cf )ro said Uourt, at a se.-iun incrcoi 10 re linlueii at Ihe Regiter s Oilico in said llurliiiglnu, 011 tho second Wedoe-dav of March. A. P. IB 11. nnd con to-t the probate of sni I Will, nn I it is further orderej that this order 1 a ntiblishcd three arceUs siiccctsively in the Burlington Free I'lf.-s, a new-naner printed nt Burlington, in this Slate, Ihe lat of ttdiich shall be prcvio is to the day a. signed, a nlorc.nid for hearing, iiifeu nnjer my hand nt 1110 iiesi-tcr's Uiiice, 11 second day of February. A. D. IS J I. 3C.-.-3 W.M. WESTON, Register, Joel Woodworlh's Kstatc. STATE OFVERMON T, ) rpHE Hon. the District of Chittenden, se . ( 1 Prol ate Court for Iho District of Chillenden : I'd all ier-rns cerncd in the Estate of JOEL WOODWORTH la! of Jericho, in saiJ District, deceased, (Rr.r.TiNn., Mynlln Wondworlb, Administratrix of the e-iaie 01 said decrase.J, propo-cs 10 rcinter an nc countol her iidmiul-tratiou, and pre-eni heriiccounl against sahl es'aie lor examination and allowance nt a session of the Court ol Probate, lubel.oldcn at the lu'iisicr's odice 111 Burlington on thu second Wednes day of .March next. Tiicrefohe, you nrr here'iy notified to appear le foresaid court at the tunc an I place nl'nre'aid, nin shew iMii.e,if nny yon hate, why the account afore said should not be allowed. Gjten under my hand at Burlington, this fifth day ui 1 1-ni-iiiirt it. u. i3ji. 3Gw3 Wm. WESTON, fleeister. John Devcrcntix's Instate. W" ''ie ubscriber-, having been nppoin'el by the uooorai ie ine rrooaie uourl lor the ni.lrict of Chillenden, Coniniissjoners to receive, examine an 1 adjust the claims ami demand- of all i.Crson. against the c-tate of JOHN DEVEREAUX. lale of liiciiinonu, 111 said District, dece.i-cd, represcnieil in soltent, und also all claims or deiuands exhibited in oll'.ct Ihereto; and sjx monihs from tlie day of Ihe date licreot, I.einialloweJ liysai I Court for pur pose, we do therefore hereby give notice, that we will attend to the lusincs. of our uppointincnt, nt the dwelling ol Amos 11. Cooper, ill Richmond, in said District, on the I2ih days of March and June next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., 011 each of said days, aiv-u, mis 13111 nay 01 ijecemi'cr, A. w., lblt. AIM EMUS FLACG, ),. JOHN WILLIAMS. 1 Lummii-m J0I111's Estate. STATE OF VEil.VO.XT,)rpi: Hon. the Disiiict ol Chittenden, 5 X Prol ate conn for the District of Chillenden, lo all persons eoncer.-.-ed in tho estate of JOHN LEE late of Jericho, in said district, deceased, Grektino. Wiieoeas liciilcn Lee, ndniinistralnr of thucsia'c of said dcxcas-J, propo-es to rcmler nn account f.f his administration, nnd pie.enl his account against said cstatu for examination and allowance at n m'-sioii of theCourl of Prid ate, to I t'boldcnat lb" Register's office in llurlinglon, iiitaiddlsiriclon the 23lh day of February, 1811. Therrlore, yon are hereby notified 10 appear In-fore said court at llio tune nnd place aforesaid, and shew cause if nny you have, why the account aforesaid should not I 'endowed. Given under my ban I nt Burlington, this sixth day of l ebruary, A. D. 1641. ' 30 w3 WM. WESTON, Eegister. NEW AKRAiNGEMEiYTS. FROM AUSAnLE FOItKS TO IIUHMNGTON. rpHE Ice nu the lake now leing considered per i. feeilysafe, the subscribers have made thu (ol lowing Hrrangenieiits, which will be I ept up at long as the ice will admit s Leave Au-al lo Fork at 7 o'clock, A. M. Leaves jc m 9 o'clock, A. M. Lcavej llurlinglon at 2 o'clock, P. M. Leaves Kmeville lor the Forks nt 4i oMock, P, M. By this arranaenicnt, people mining from Ihe Forks are enabled 10 reach Keesevillc before the stage leaves for Burlington, nnd enables those wishing 10 do l.u-i nessnl llurlinglon 10 remain there about ihree bours- The a ibserilers would also Hale that ihey have engaged tho service, of an experienced driver, who will pay all deference and ai e.uion to tho-c who may enlrimt themselves in his care, and Will land them in safely on either shore. FAKKrcnsnnaMe. W. J. & J. P. WHALING. January 27, ISM. 31w2 LUMBER. WANTED by ihe suUcrihcr, WHITE PINE. f-PHUSJE ami HEMLOCK BOARDS und MTH'in exchange for CABINET WORK. SU'V evar Win. HUllLIIUT'S Slore. Church Slierl. SAMIT.L NICHOLLS. Baringtnn, Jan, I, 1S14, SI t( SIX CUNTS REWARl. U,1.AWaY fro'n ln,; al Shftlmrn, nn the 7ihdy 1 of Kelirnnry, 1841, EDMUND DOWNS, a lamer who indciltvJ to in'. Irani tho town nfChnrlolte, nnd I hereby forbid nil persons from harboring r trusting Imii nn my account, and if any one emp'oys "in I f-liall i la in i! vt-aL". Said liown Is about IB tears old, lull and light "r miptexlon, haJ on when lie Iclt a giey fre-ck coat nnd pa'it.iliinus. Kktsnx ixrmvr.l.L. Slii'lbiim, IV!., 7, 10H. CUOUKKU.Y. f.OI'ISI.V A: SI'.VtKlltl!. HAVK this rlny rccived from Troy, a largi1 nddi ( lion to their stork of Crockery, and now offer for -.v u i-.,iun-iir iis'iiiriniui ni CltOCKKRY A.N-I) GLASS WAUK, LAMP CHIMNir.S. LOOlvIN'n nt.AKKt.'K b. at Iho new brick store two d iois north of their for mer stand. Cliiirch Slrcet, IVb.O, 1913. 3d Preservation gf the Dlt. SPOO.VLUt, Dentist, would respectfully an nounce to lliu citizens uf Burlington nnd vicinity, that be will devote a few weeks to his orofessiona nvocnlioniti llurhugion; nnd will bo most happy to exert the professional knowledge nnd s'.ill that he has acquired by nn extensive behalf of nil who may fnvor him with their patronage. His stay being quite hniitid, early calls aro solicited. lie win no nappy 10 inspect all bis lormer opera lions. American Hotel, No. C. Feb, 2,1611. 35 tf FARM FOR SALE. T tllL suls-ribcr offers for sale hi' Farm, tnate in the South-wel part of Willion. The firm contains about liftv acre. pnrt of which is wood land, and the ret under "ond cultivation There i u gnn I liou-e. barn, nnd other outbuilding on the preini-o-, with n irood orchard, well of water fee. Tern's of payment liberal enough 10 suit almost any mirilu-er. MUSl-iS .-UAKSHAI.I.. Will.'slon, January 30, 1814. 33wl FE.M ALli TRUSSES. r7MIIS nrliclo of various invention., J- Hull's, Marsh's, and so en, ol every size und lurm, nnd for nil ihe .inrposcs lor winch lliey were designw, for sale at PECK &, SPEAR'S, li irline-tnn, Virmont. 35 SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. LL kinds oFTRL'S'ES (nr Ruptures incident to Ihe Mai lor sale, an 1 accurately applied, t.y n.i it. ci si'Kiiti, L O VE L Y Sf SE YMO UR, TTAVE removed to the New Brick Building, 2 where Ihev J L doors north of their former .stand, offer for sain a Morse assortment of DRY GOODS, nnd DRY CROCIOllU.S, Ac. Jan. 23, 191-1, Church Street. 31 PLASTER! PLASTER ! CC( BAGS fresh ground Nova Scotia Plaster, JJV for snleby P. tV. II. II. DULiLriTl.l' Jan.2G, iai4. Sllf LOS T iTN Th'ir-day t V and Miltou,a large invi-ibbi crcen cloth CAPE, lined wilh eloth an I ciVtton, and hi. turns 111 front. Thefiuilcr will le snitnl Iv rewarded on leaving it at the Paper Milt in Milton, or on giving notice 10 C. UOOUKIs.ll llurlinglon, Jan. 23, IS 14. REVIEWS & MAGAZINES. 15 ECEIVED by the latest Express nnd for sale by X , , V. HARRINGTON. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine Brott nson's Quarterly Review 1 London " " Edinburgh " " Foreign " " Woslministcr " " New Englander, North American " (Srabam's Ladies' and Gcnllcmens' Mogaxinss Godot's Lady's Book i Lady's' Garland ; Burlington January 21, 1311, 34 "V.TORNING WATCHE.-A t-w words on LsX 'btraiisi nnd tho Gospels' the confessor of I'.iltn of f rcdcitl..! Urcmer trnnsinicd from Ihe Sue. dish, for sale by V. HARRINGTON. No. 3, Strongs' Building. 31 "PRODUCTIVE FARMING A familiar dues! of X the recent discoveries of Leihig, Johnston, Davy, nnd oilier eclclitntcd writers on tc'-otnble Chemistrv. showing how thn results of ullage mny bo greatly aitgmcnicd. By Joseph A. Smith. For sale bv V. IIAKKIAUTUA. January 21, 31 Win. Iluslie's I'.statc. STATE OF VERMONT, ) A T a Pro1 ate Court District of ('bitten len, s-. S -fi l"'I I at Burlinu'on. within nnd Tor Ihe di-inci ol I hittcnlel, 111 Ihe 10 h dav of January, 1511, pre-ent ihe Hon. Charles Riis 1 II, Judire of said couri, comes B u:l Ca ly, irhmuis. trnior ol iho t-tate of William B, la'e 01 Under bill in said disiirt, decease I. an I file, in said court his petition iu writing, siltins f. rth tliat, nf er payiir.' the debts allowed aiam-l sai 1 estate and the funeral expense, ami co-ts of ailmmi-tcrin? said estate, there remains a sin-plus in 1 o e'ecreeJ 10 the petson or per sons Icgnlly eulillcl llicicto, nn I f.irthe-r senilis fonh lb it licnjimin liii-he e.l'CrceiisI orn' in thet.'oin'y ( I trican, is ine sou iict 01 ,ue sani tt 1111am iiiistie decease I, ard is cutit el to tlio surplus of said estate, and prating -aid coin to device ibt-said surplus ol sai 1 esiniuio uie-nM iicujamin liii-ne., ibeeoiiri a lure-aid dob apiioi..! the sivonJ Wednes day ol February, 1 64 1, for hearin.' and I'ceidins on -aid oeu'lion al "the illi of ihe Rc-isier of -aid couri iu said Burlington, an I doth ord.-r thai all person. ititeicsiei ie untineu inereot uv puniication 01 tin order, containing ihe sul stauie of sai J petiiion, three weeks suivessitely m tho II irlington Fiee Press, n newspaper piiule.1 in said I! iriingtou, the last ol which publications to be previous to the said second Wednesday of February, 1811. Given under my hind at saiJ Burlington this tenth day ol January, lill, 3w3 WM. WESTON, Higher. y$3W soozs, JUS T R E C E IVED, HARPER'S ILLUMINATED AND NEW PIC TORIAL BIBLE embellished with 1000 His torical Engravings, nioro thn 11 1400 of winch nro from 01 iinal designs, lo bo completed in about 50 Nns. nt 2cts. I'achi No. l-ii-i received. I'resrolt's Comiuciit ot .Mexico. History of the Conquest of Mexico, with a preliminary view ol Iho Ancient Mexican Civilization, with the life uf tho Conqueror, Hernando Corttz; by Win. II. Precnit. IlluslMtcdby engravings, 3 tols.'Svo. Price J5.00. .Mexico as it Was ami as It It i by Biantz Mayer, secretary of the U, S. Legation lo that Coun try in 1311 and '42, with ICO Illustrations. Price, S2,ro Krolssart's .'lironlrles of Kuglaiul, France, anil Spain, nnd the adjoining Countries, from the reisn of Edward II. to the coronation of Henry IV., with an oiiginnl Introductory Essay on the Charac ter ond Society of the Middle Ages, by the Rev, John Lord: 1 vol. Royal Sto. Price 63.00. The Select Works of Sirs. Mary Ullli, com prising, iho " Wumen of England," " Wives of Eng land," " Daughters of England," "Poetry of Life," i&c., designed to promote the culiitation of the Do mestic Virtues. A new and beautiful edition, illustra ted with fit 0 engravings, four sttel j Ixol.Bto. Price 82 BO. Ullza CnnVs l'ncins. Mclaia and other Poems, by Eliza Cook, beautifully illustrated wilh fino steel eiigravinas. D'Aiitilgni'-i History of the ttc forraattnii. rncap eoiiion. rrieeio els. 111 tioaius, t,uu bound in cloth. D'AtiMirdie'f. Illslory nf Hie Itefnrmatloii. ahndzed liy Hie Hcv. I.dtvntd Dillon. Price 50 ct, The Young Student, by Mndame Guizoi; from the French, by Samuel Jackson. 1 vol. ISmo., xery beautiful, 75 els. Matilda, or Memoirs of a Young Woman, by Ensene Sue. Tlicrcse the samn author, I'rriicli, Spanish, German, and Italian without n Master. Pnco 25 els. each, Tim Mysteries of l'aris.n new supply including Gcrolslein. Price 91 cis. bound t 56ci. iii Nos. The Iilfe ami Speeches of Henry Clay, 2 toll, 8vo. Price 61,00 and 81,25. Tlio Whig Almanac for 1841. Also, n grcnt variety of new cheap publications, for sain 111 ihe lowtst city prices, I y Jan. 10, 1611. 32 A. EDWARDS. AMI WANTI1D, N exehangn for Live f!,e.e Feather at 12 cenl I per 'I'. ' v HENRY W. CATLIN. Fee 5a, 1!M. 20 CHITTHNDCtf CUUXTY HOUHl'.. t hurch Utrcct, (llW tltifllnetoii, VI. Tp Wi:i,LINGTtl.N, talt'i Icavo to Inform hit J Kricuds and lb ihi'.Iic, thai he hat Inkeu the elioti- Slini'l formerly stiown n ihe Villaye lloio', ilunted on Church .Vire', .11 the village of Burlington. The I.O'i.o Im-t Iwjii n-palie.l, and fitted up, tbor nugh'y.and tr.nelleis nnd icaiiitcr':" I c nceomino daird ni well, an loans reu,imabl term-, as at any oilier hoii'C in tha vicinity. Thes ilxcri' cr liojio.l y lri'.t attention to tho wants and ei.ihl'urts of his tr.1e.lV0 recihe a shnrcnf public patron. ivc. A laitliiiil Ustler will always Le in aiienuance. A lew Loardurs WJn;eJ. I!. WIXLINGTON. Ilurlins'on, Jan. 20 n, 1311. 31 f SJJUn WHEAT AND RYE. OH B'"I".'N "f Ihe Celebrated SIICLIiClIN U WI1LAT, v. hit Ii will I Idul Sl,i5 tier bush - A I. r3 O .10 Bii-hela SPRING UYi:. UUUROi: PETEKSON. January 'i3. 1811. 31 WASTED. tTTHITH Field Iteans. in excbnni'e for Goods. Al VV so good New .Milch (.'heese, nice Butter, dried .iiiii-7, uiio iirouiu'coi nn ituiu!., lor w Ulbu me 11111 esl price will be paid in Goods, by S. N. OAL'T 1 Co. A Few half Ilsrrells ihoice Buck Wheat Flour, J for sale by H. W. CATLIN. Burlington, Jan. 19, IS 1 1. 33 AUCTION AND COMMISSION STORE. Ily IIA-sWEMi & WAIT. THE UNDERSIGNED having taken the -land lately occiipie I ly II. THOMAS, will conlluiie the Auction and Commission businuis under the linn of llaswtlt Ai Walt, A l.mernl Advance made on property leti ruber lor po' lie or private sale. i.J'oales uii tteduesuays nnd hnlurdnys, N. B. HASWELL jr. T. R. WAIT. Builiiigton, Jnnuaiy I, IS 1 1. 32 nitlCCS & UNDER WOOD, ATTORNEYS AT LAW, $c. Burlington, Vt. 6m32 nttAND'S DICTIONARY. ADi'Mionary of Science, Literature anil Arts,com prisinv the Ilittoru De-crmiinn. nnd Scientific principals ofetery branch of Human Knowlcdqc, with Ihe derivation nnd definition of all the terms in ceneral u-e. Edited by W. I. Bkakd, F. R. S.. K. aNted by Joseph Cnuvin, E.q. andotberr, Illustra leil by numerous Engravings on wood. Complete in one large volume, sve, Jnnuarv 12. By A. nhWAnnx. WRIGHT'S INDIAN VEGETABLE PILLS; OR INDIAN I'UltGATIVH. 'rMIOUGH manv medicines have been letorethe X public lor a much longer period than Wiught's. Indian V nuTAULn Pills, yet none stands now in higher ncfUTr.. or has more rapidly attained a firm hold upon pnmdnreslinntion. The thousands thai nave iisesl them ihroushoul the Icniih nnd brea lib of the Republic, all I ear cheerful le-tiniony to their thorough efficacy and mild eperaliou whcu'cmployed 111 ihe most dutte.'sin ' disorder. " which lie;h h heir ie.-' Th" ibpory of dt-easo on which WnioiiT's Indian Vr.or.TAni.E Pills anj lounded. is tin., v 7. : that there isonltionc nrimaru cause of all Ihe disorders that ajjlict the human fa miy, and that t corrupt humors ; or, 111 oincr word impurity oj Uinoa. 1 ois princi pie U now so generally admitt'ed, that il may in fact I e said to le sustained by an nni'.er-ality of opinion,'t'rs cons'i'uting but n xervfee'le mi nority, ll i o.-cl-'.s therefore lo di.-cuss the sO'ind m'.s ot this thcoiy in tin- place and eennexton, Tub onc Disease PntNciPLt: Icng admitted, the mode of allack pioles-e I I v all practilioners I ecuines the same namely, purpation. But many of iho so calle I specifies ontv lefore tl.e public, pnslucn only ono form of Purgation) they aro euher Sudorific, Cathartic, Diurctb or HVig'i(' Indian Vexc'able I'ills ombine all llie-o properties, and a,e ibcicfure eulculatedto nllack thee'emeuts of di-easc al all points, nnd by a harmonious and comhtne.1 ope ration to epel it radically Irom Ihe system. Their e lect is alino-t mag cat, and is 110 less astonishing for is mild. ies than Us itricacy Uolh sexes, nnd all apes in ty employ them, according lo the directions, without leir, for while ihey are certain tn cure all dis eases that are remedial, ihey nersr inflict an injury upon ihe system. 'I he perfict safety of the medicine is another all important quality, nnd one xvhich ha contributed more tliu any thing else to its extension and popu. larilu. In a rrord, this medicine commends itself strongly to the patronage of the public, and its use bids fair rj cecime oejore long, almost umrcrsai, CAUTION. The citizens of New Enehind are retncctfullv formed that in con'cqcence of the creat popularity which rishl's Indian t egeiatile rills have earned hy Iheir astonishing gooJnes-, a Gang ot Conntertciler are now indiistneiusiy engaged in pa'ming on the on stispcctinir, a and perhaps dangerous medi cine, under the name of Indian Vegetable Pills. This is to iiilorm ihe public, thai thu genuine medi cine has on the boxes, " Wright' Indian Vegetable Pllla, (INDIAN PURGATIVE) or tiik NoriTit American college or Health." And also mound the I order of the laul will be found 111 small type. "Enicrcd according to ihe Act of Congress, in the year IslO, by William Wright, 111 ihe Clerks O.iicenl ihe District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsyl vania." The pid lie will nlsnremeni' cr I hat all xvhn sell lb genuine Indian Vegetable Pill- aro provuleJ xvith a cerlinca'c id ajency signed t.y William Wright, Vice President OP TUB NORTH AMI Illl'AN COLLKOH Or UEILTII," and that pollers areneter in any case allowed loscfl Ihe genuine medicine. All tratelbng Aucni will le provided with n certificate of Agency as above descri be ' j nnd those y, ho canned show one xtill be known asbt-eimpnginrs. TIih following highly ropectable personshavebcen npni imed acenfs for the sale of the above named Wilglil's Indian Vegetable Pills. OPTIIR NOSTH AMERICAN COtl.l GE Or HEALTH. xGK.N'PS Pe.-k et Spetr, S. E. Hotvarl, ,l. Davi. tfc Co., llurlingtMi i Fran -is I.aelare. Colrhester; Jloro i Clark, Wdlistin) Lorm Ty.'er, Es-ex ; JjH.Tuwer & Son, I'ndrrhill ; A. Barney, J. Ly man, Jericho: Wm. Rhode-, E. B. Green, Richmond; .1. B. Dike', lliiniingion ; Moiucn & Dean. Bntol; Moiison it Dean, Lincoln; A. P. Rosene, New. Ha ven ; R. Sandcison, W. Milton I C. L. Drake, Milton; Geo. Ayrcs, Milton Falls; Mnr in Wires, Uriswold it Sinilie, Cambridge; W. S. 0 C. P. Wood, West 1 S. W. Brush 1X1. Co., Fairlax ; II. Cook, She), burn; IVni. It. Viebe, lline'sburgh ; S. II, Barnes, Charlotte; Tupper tp Uedrk'ndge, Surk.borough ; Shales & Webl, rerrisburgh. The only O Pice 111 Boston whera the Indian Vec tal c Pills can l eoblaine-l is at J9S THE. MO. NT STREET. 1 Q$ Pnncipil Odiceand General Depot, 103 Haif'siree!, Pbih.Ielphia. 32yl TAVEK1V STAND FOR SALE OR TO EXCHANGE FOR A FARM. n tt Al 'PHE xvell l.tiomx esinblili-J- '"fl. "he, "Drown Stand," ferfTxiFiiV three miles ,,-a.t o , he vilaseof IV-U Z Z 1 Y B irliuuioi,, located on the Wi VtVV 1 ii hfc- noi'-ki Turnpike. Cmnected with it is a iarin ofSO acre-, mi WCJsweerMs Jer poesl cullivalion. A great bargain will be given to n rightly di-po-isl purchaser. For paitieulars apply to ihe subscriber, on the premise-. C. P. BltOV. N. llurlinglon, January 1, 1541. 31l( M:w coous, by i:xiniiss. ANEW lot Black and Blue Black Silk and Mo hair Fringes; anew lot Black, Blue Black and Colored Gimps; Cherrv colored Silks, French Kid Gloves, Worsted Milts, Heavy Black lords and Tas sels, Cap Ribbons, Ladies' Night Caps, xtrj cheap. ALSO A new lot Cloth and Fur inniM Caps, just receiver), tognh er wilh some No. 1. Otter Caps, at very low prices, by II. W. CATLIN. Januarys, 1511. 31 TO l'I.KON AHDUT nilll.l'ING. nHE subscribers keep on hand at iheir Lumber L Yard on Pearl Slrcet, Boards, Scatilhn;, Plank, Floor Boards and Inch Boards ready planed Lath, Lining nnd other materials for building. Persons m lh nditrrnt towns can be supplied at the. Mills m Undeilull al a suitable deduction Horn the Burlinelon piicts. N. B. They oflVr to contract for tha erection of Buildings on reasonable terms. Applv in IL P. llicLok. HK KOK A STEVENS. Burlington, 3 Jan., 1S44. 31 tf Y.TERiESO F PARI S-Nn.V nnd B rffciv I'l ed I y V. HARIUNOTON. Mvncn. '""HE firm of VILAS l.OOMIS if- Co. beini rlts L solved, by lliedcslh of Frirman C. lilnn, ono tho Co-pnitncr, xvill be continued by the siirvuiug parlncs an I the ndminisiinlni of ihe ilnvased partner who hns cmplnyial Mr. M, Notes, ngrnton lha ran of ilia I stale. T h former bus'inesi f the fupi, will b coniinuetl in alius branches nt lha old stand. W. R. JLS, ) lll-MtVIOOMI, L. B. II LAS, Adm'r. ) I'urlinjlon, Jan 15, 1E43. b3 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COUR Vermont Dlttlct. I.N BANKUUPTCV. Notice to show causo nsntnut Pallltot, of LEONARD MAlt-'H, of Burlinelon, for his Di charge nnd Certificate, nt n Bankrupt, at lhi of Samuel Premiss, in Monlpc!i"r, in said Dittnc, on Wednesday, Ihe 20lh day of March, A. I) 1341, ntIO A.M. AMES L. MORION, ol Milton, for !ii DMiarj.-' nnd CerlifiLnte, as n Bankrupt, at the O.fice .! rainucl lrenti in Montpi-lirr, 111 nid Ditrict, i.n We.1ne.dnv, lliu duy tf Mnnli, A. D. 1S44, at 10 A. M. DANIEL WARD, of Milton, or his n.'.ehirsf no ' Ccrtilii atc, ns Bankrutit, lit ihe Officii if Sainu l Prcnti-4 in Monlpelier, 111 J D strut, o'i Wulncday, ibu day of .Mar.h, A. I). 1311. at 10 A. M. LANDS FOR SALE. Colcbotet, Lot No. Ill con'ftining 100 acrrs. 11 11 11 -7 11 log " In Hurlintlon, ono Lot cintaming 6 acr:s, on tha Turnpike, bttween the farm of CarLs liaxur, El. and the lands brlonjing to flie heirs of Ihe late John Johnson. A portion uf the purchase moniy will bi rtquired at tiiuo of sale. 2!) J. & J. H. PECK & Co. JVTOW Oentlemen is iho limn 1 In I.n v vi ur WATKIJ-PnOOP SltACSSI-G. Al.-O. PASII. AND V,R. NISI1 BI.AOK1VO.-! BLACK, ni.l.'K t!M) AND I.NIiF.L RLE INKS, WAFtRS WAX- P CK A. SPEAR. JF.T the afflicted remember lliat, they have a Rem J edy iu the (lennine Day-' l.inimeiil. Ill en nnd hate been sold '11 this ticir.ity wilhin tl.e past two J tor. testilyuiL' to Its elhc-enct,ut 30 PICK & n PEARS. REMOVAL. M . ti . K A T II nUS &. C o. DRAPERS V TAILORS, HAVE, removel lo Pe-k't Ilkildilir, three dows enst of How ard's Ho'e'. They have just returned from New York, with ui additional cf TRIM MINUS, and 1111 assort ment of VES IINCS, ur.iurpamii lor richne au l Vdrietf. Burlington, Dee. 12, !Si3. ti CHUN CKAI'KGHS ATIRST RATE ARTICLE. inan.if-clcrd nd torsaloby E. R. CROSSMAN. POTASH KCTTI.ES, PLOUGHS, Wngnn Boxes and Axls, constantly cm bnnd and for sale cheap, at the Winonski iron Fuun drv by E. R. CROSSMAN. Winonski City, Jan. 3, 1941. 31 1 Auction' antl Cotninii-sion Store, By WM. II. T1IOMAM, Co?o Street, llurlinglon, Ferment. A Liberal advance made on propcrtt. All kinds of Dry Goods, llouscliold-l-'uinltiire, Ac. constantly en hand. W ANTED, SHIPPING FURS, for which cash will le paid. Burlington, Pee. 23, 1813. 30if FARWELL SHOES. T APIES KID SLIPS. Ji do French do do, do do Wulkinz Shoe, do J Gai'cr, light aud dark, do Lidtter Boots, do Buskins, do Doul le Sole do, Mie and Clnldrcns Shon, Ceiitlciiicii's Shit", Lined an I Fur Trimed plain nnd Figured ludm Rubber Otcr Shoe-, ALSO, La lies nnJ fientlcme.i's Moec.isin. a large assort ment, for -ale elieap by LOVELY 4; SEYMOUR. Church Stre.-i.Noy. 30, 1511. MO.UUItS. tT ipes Cognise llrnndv, .1 pipci Swan Gi, O 0 III.!-. Barber's Ware!tou,o Point Oin, 50 do American Brandy, fl lib Is St. Croix Rum, 55 libls. Madeira Wiae, 25 do Mn'agi do , 10 do Tciion.le lo 10 do Port do for ra'e l r FOLLICTT, BRADLEY Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1343. tt FA1RIIANKS SCALES. I FAIRBANKS SCALES of all sises, for sola al niauufaclurers prices by FOLI.EIT, BRADLEY it Co. Afsnt: Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1843. 29 30,000 POUNDS first quality SALERATUS In Casks, Barrels ond Half Barrels, for sale low by FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14,1313. 29 SOI.i: I.GATIIKn. Sides of middle weights, New York in spection, do of light do do, New York Taned and Insnec'ed, for sale by 200 100 FOLI.EIT, BRADLEY Ss Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1343. 7i I R O N . 10,000 pounds Eng. Tire Iron.from I 1-8 to 5 2,00d do do i inch round, 10.000 assorted Swcedes, flat and square, -0,000 P. S. I. Old Sable, for sale low bv FOLLETT, BRADLEY & Cn. Old Dock, Dec. I I, IS13. 23 Cash for Oats. THE siib.cril ers will pay Cash for Oats on delivrr atiheOlJ rn-cU. - FOLLETT "tAx tf-Co. Decern! er Oth 13 H. MT CHILBLAINS! MEDICINE fur ihe remedy of ihc r 2J PECK efc SPEARS'. A I.INSFI.D Oil, ON OOXSIfiNBlBXT. 1 C BARRELS It iw Oil, 5 Barrels boiled do man. Xtt ufaclured and ntepared in Boston, for salo br FOLI.EIT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Doc, Dee. 14, 1S43. 23 1 ( TONS shos shape manufactured from Scrap llf Iron, 3 do da common, 3 do do Hammered, a now irtltda, msnutaclnred from the best Peru Iron, 20.000 pounds Hand Iron from 1 lo 3 mchss wide, 10,000 do Assorted Scroll Iron. Ufl.uOO do Round Iron from 3-16 lo 2 irtchss, 20,000 do Kounru do from 3-9 to 3 do, 10,000 do Flat do from 1 lo 4 do, for sale bv FOLLI.TT, BRADLEY k Co. Ag'nls. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1S43. 23. 1'AiNTf is; tlll.S. 5 TONS pure dry White Lead, warranted rejuil ta anv manufacturer! in the United Sutra. 5 do Extra dry White Lead, 1 do No. I. do do do, JOO Kegs pure While Lend iu 0,1, 10 Barrels Venetian Red, 10 do French i ellow, 2i el.a American Linseed Od, 10 da Boiled do do. for sale as tisusl vsrv low, bv FOLLETT. BRADLEY Co Old Dork, D.-c. 11, 1343. ?i OYSTERS, BV llio leg or smaller qnanuiy. Alo, Apples by Iho bans'! or iu- he!, constantly t nbin I hy t0 D.' BLACK MAN. tuliu .Norton's Instate. STATE OF ER MONT, t The Hon.tbPr. Di-iriei of Chttl'iu'en, 1 late Coi.ri for lb Dislricl of Chillenden: To all penon-concerneel ns Ihe E-tate ol JOHN NORTON, late of Hine.l.urRh, in aid Di.iriei, iles eased. Obitin. WiieseA', An anda Norton nnd Joph Marsh, AdminiHralors of the Estateof s d deceased, propo se lo render an a i-ounl ofibeir adminisirn ! n, anil preiCnt iheir aecounl against said i s a'e for einmin anon an I allowance at a ,e-ion of ihe Co rt ol Pro bale, to be h"l"'en M ihe Regi-'ei'- niliir in B irlotg ton hi sai rdistuci, on the second Wtslnesday ed'Fels ruarv next. TilEREFcriE, You ore hire' y nMineii o anper lefoie siid court at the time and p'ace afore ad, and shc- iHU-e, if.niy xo i hate, why Ibu acruit-t !e.r said sbo ihl not I e .ibi tve I. friven un 'er my band nt Burlington, this 16 b day afjariuary, A. D. IS1I. " WM. WE-TON. Register, Pork. 100 RU Mess Pork JO " Fxira " Lard in lb- Leal", or Rendered ire'-li Hams, er-, Ribs and Iliads. ( t ale by ' POLL!. IT EEEPLEY De-ember 0 hl3l'l. hoold- f- Co. W IN 'I 12 I! A It A N U li M H NT. IROII. Co.. PACKAOK EXPRESS WlI.LIeivcibirMftJton, iviry Wednesday m6rn. mg ttotng Smith an I eveiy I roay iiKirnius come Nr.rih. I'je'.oce.s and fan el. must leien wuu Me-srs. J. A J. H PICK At Cc, the day weviot.'-. to.iartio J7mJ VIKi.iL, tv c A

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