Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 23, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 23, 1844 Page 4
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L & ft Aw HW is H touched his hnrpinnd nations heard, rnlrnnecd. (From the London Friendship's for 1811. Tim iiitinvi, visit. nv Jins. Atinv. Three wk have elapsed since the tnarmgo Of the pretty demure Anno Grey ! Soon Mnnd.iv wo ordered a carriage, Our formal firs! visit lo pays 1 sh-ill fully describe Us prog, ession, And thru, if ymi haj pen to call On a young pan in succcsion, My sketch will do v. til foi t hem nil. The bride, in robes graccfnllv waving, Sat looking as gentlcnnd fond Asa bride, in an Annual engraving All satin, white ribbons, and blonde! And her words were so soft and bewitching, That she seemed hku the fairy's pel girl. Who, whenever she s loke, kept enriching Her fiiends with n llowcr or a pearl 1 The bridesmaid, the bluc-cycd Kate Harris, Looked simpering, tosy, and neat, Not at all like the Urnlcsniaid by Parris," Willi her wreath of white fiowcrs at her feet! And I thought, ns with arch emulation Her "principal's" movement she eyed, She might soon, on n short preparation, Succeed in the part of a bride. Tho bridegroom looked joyous and pleasant, Vet, somehow, I felt for his doom i Not a bird of creation was present i Twelvn la lies were ranged round the room j Their fitheis. tl'i-ir hint and?, their brothers, ' nt eii-1 i ,'-h I find is tho rule). And ill.' h'ini of all others .Mo mtcd yu ird uj ''Il civ titer soul!" All poured in his ear iho pen" iiwn" Pfh s fur one, i l.e wonder of cr-th. ." i in'oHl such a 3iul! such a ctions I Sued ni..aktiess, discretion, and worlh 1 Then such talent timeonly could show it; It would tnako life so joyously glide, As to prove tho sweet words of the poet, That "the wifo is moru dear than the bride." And tho lady, meanwhile, was delighted By tho whispers of many a vo,. ; All merit- He v 'wed, were muted lutli t i man of her choice ; "S1 1 -' - irh a Miund undiratandinc !" Tnen tliey praised her now barn, and i worked chairs, i no umc-peace mat sioon on tno landing. And the grccn-housa half way dow n die stairs, Nonobreaihcd forth a doubt or a structure Alas ! can it be, tint, ere long, Care shall darken this honeymoon picture, And ch tnge its right side to its wrong 7 Mut these lovers have poisons and weathers, Must they ever the legion forsake Of smiles, morning visiis, white feathers, Illonde veils, Lisbon wine, and plum-cakol Can lint furniture ever grow put' ill Can tint hud" inu-o on house keeping ills? Can the brow-oflcr loved one be hndid While turning o'er tradesmen's long bills'? Can friends bhme their silly enlhralinent, iiil p-is them with lo iks cold as ice, Or sio llirm n ilailv instalment I' nut a great joint-stock bink of ndvicel Ye, ihe ro"es desert Hymen's fetter, Wien snvtrcignsgrnw scarccia tlio ptirse, And tho eh. enng "I lake thee jr holler," Gives place to "I find thco the worse i" Hearts, once pain and dnngrrdefving, Then shrink from the world's slightest rub, And the lady grows nervous and sighing, And the gentleman pines for his club. Yet let mc not clou 1 with prediction A bright sunny season like litis Eldorado is not quite a fiction, Wo mav now and then peep at its Mia? j And would you its wonders di-covcr, And bieatlic for a time its pure air. Just go, ere the hoiicy-moon'scvc, And call on a new married pairl . The Aft of Ilelut; A?rceaWc The true art of being agreeable is to appear woll pleaseu Willi an tlio company and rattier to seem well entertained with tlioin than to bring entertainment to them. A man thus disposed perhaps, may have not much learning, nor any wn ; uut 11 110 im common sense, ana some thinj friendly in his behaviour, it conciliate: men's minds more than the brightest parts with out disposition ; and when a man of such a turn comes to old ai'C, ho is almost Mire to be treat cd with respect. It is true, indeed, that wo ehould not dissemble and I'.alter 111 company but a man may bo very agreeable, strictly con sisteut with truth and sincerity, by a prudent silence where he cannot concur, and a pleasing assent wliere lie cm. tovv and then you meet Willi a person so exactly lorined lo please, that no will "am upon every ono mat hears or be holds him ; this disposition is not merely the gift 01 nature, uut ircuuctuiv 1110 ctloct ol much knowledge of the world, and a command over the passions. A Canny Scotchman. A young ladv, who is a zoalo'is non-intrusion ist, and an ac.tue canvasser for bawbees and bodies in Ftipport of the Free I'robyicrian Uliurcn, called 111" otUer uay upon a poor nun, 111 the links of Kirkaldy, to solicit h' in to : and after in vain trying her ingenuity to hud i.ome means by which she might save a penny a week to be tnven lor the stislcnaliim ol Iho minister, who was about In be driven from hie kirk by the vile Lrastians, she saiu "Uo you shave your sen .'" " No, madam." "How much does your shaving cost you 1" "Two penco a week." " Could you not learn to sbavo yourself, and men you would save me two pence, which you might give to the sustenatinn fund .'" " Deed, mom, I'm owcr auld lo learn, but I'll toll you what I'll do; if your .1mistor will come anu snavo me, I'll give him tho tippanco." How to make Money. Let the business of every body alone, and attend to your own. Don't buy what you don't want. Uso uvery hour to advantage, and let y ar oudy uo toma'.to your leisure hours use to " j bufoie you throw awav a do! lur; rei.iembrr you v. M have another to mako tor it. find recreation 111 , 1, 1 gafitrvnurbu i inch's, and so your business wdi n it lo neglected in looking after recreation. Buy blow; sc. 1 fair, and take caruof the profits. Look ovor your books regularly,and if you find an error of a cent.traco it out. bhoulda stroke of misforluqo coma upon you in trade, retrench, work harder, but never "llv the track." Confront difficulties with iinflinchinir perseverance, and they will disappear at last. Though you should tail 111 the struggle vou will be hi tin red, hut shrink from tlio task and you m uu uuopiteu. nut iohow ine rules, liowev cr, and you "need never tay failed." lay debts promptly, and exact your dues. Keep your woni. 1 ano a goou newspaper, and you must buccecu. Extraordinary Tower of Dndiii aiice. It is related of Lord Brougham that on ono occasion, after having practiced all day as n barrister, ho wont lo iho House ol Commons wliero no was nngagou in nctivu uetiate through the night, till 3 o'clock in tho mor ning; he then relumed home, wrolo an nr liclu for iho Kdinhiirgli Ui-view : spent the ii.'.'XLday in the House of commons; return i:d to his lodgings ut 3 o'clock in the morn ing, inul " rotiii'd simply because lie had nothing elsu to do 1" A young girl was up before llm Recorder at New Orleans, for appearing in the public streets in boy's clothes. The Recorder ask ed her if she was married, and having receiv ed a reply in tho negative, ho decided that although married women, by conventional usage, were allowed someliuirs, to asiuniu t" dress, linglu ladies never ere. l'uiitslimcnt anion; the Esquimaux. Anionc ilin Esmiininux. accordinc to Sir s Jolin Ross, tliu crimo of murder very rarely occurs. Wlinnit Joes, tlio murderer's pun- isliriiRtit consists in being banished to pcrpnt mil solitude, or to bo shunned by every indi vidual fit Ins tribo insomuch, that evrn the siulit of liim is avoided by all who may in- ulvcrtentlv meet him. On licine askeu why his lifo was not taken in return, it was repli ed "That this would bo equally as bad that the loss of his lifo would not restore tho other and that ho who should commit such an act would be equally guitly." Mr. Comical and Miss I. title. Tho Knickerbocker furnishes tho following : " Our readers will doubtless recollect a mar rinsa between a Mr. Long and Miss Little, which went tho rounds of tlio papers some years Hjju, and in which sotno wag hid appended tlio woll Known lines : '"Man wants but litti.k here below, Hut wants that I.ittli: Loso.'" "A few weeks since, in B , a Mr. Jona than Guorloal was married to a Miss Ilonora 1ttle. After the ccrctnonv, ono of tlio enrnpa nv rose and tittered tho following, which lie considered a decided improvement on tho origi nal couplet : " 1 Man wants but little here below, But wants that Little u Good'eai..'" Hcnieily lot- Cancer. Col. Usscrv, of the Parish of Do Soto, in forms tlio editor of the Caddo Gazette that ho has fully tested a remedy for this trouble soinn disease, recommended to him by a Spanish woman, ti native of tho country. 1 ho remedy is this I aue an egg and ureaU it, then pour out tho white, retaining tho yoll; in tho shell, put in salt, and mix tho yolk as long as it will receive it ; stir them together until the salvo is formed ; put 11 portion of tins on a piece ot sticking plaster, and apply it to tlio cancer about twico n day. He has made the experiment twico in his own fam ily with complete success. S. N. 1MHM Al.Kli, ATTORNEY AT LAW. No. 7 Counsellors Halt. (Peck's Building.) 13 AMERICAN II DTIfiL. A ND GENERA L S TA GE HO USE, ItY H. -Y. TAVI.OIt, Court Hocsk SricAKE, BcntisoTON, Vt. 2Gtf PECK & SPEAR, wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Also, DIttlGGIST'S GLASS WARE. Ilurlluirton, Vt. C. BKNNS jr. & Co. ('2i Doar South of the Hank, Chuich street.) EVERY VARIETY Ol' CL'H'II & TRIMMINGS CONSTANTLY ON HANI). Cuttlnsdonc In the most npprovcil style and Warrant cd. Burlington, November, 1812. 2Clf. Large assortment ol b-l 1 otien (;.irnel sale by 21 COLE & ROBINSON. VOVVKE. 0( ''",:r "' t'overnnieiit Java Collee, v. 20 bags lircen do da 2.1 bags Laguira, 2."i ilo Rio. 20 do Anyosiiira.'a splendid article, for bale by I'Ol.l.iriT, BRADLEY &. Co. uw uoei;, jov. 'J j, 1813. 2 I'l.OUIt. fifkfk BARRELS Superfine Flour, 200 do extra Superfine do. equal toany inaue 111 111c uniieo states, 130 Half do do forsaloby FOLLLTT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Dec. 14, 1B13) 23 CAST STEEL AXES. PZfX dozen Laihrop's Silver Steel Axes, warranted. JJ 30 do Simmon's Cast do do do, 25 do Brooks and Brown's do do, for sale very low bv FOLI.ETT, BRADLEY & Co. Asrcnts. Old Dock, Dec. II, 1S13. " 23 salt. 90C0 Bnsliols Solar Salt, 2C00 do CpeMay do, 10(10 do Turks Island do, L'iOO Bbls. Western ilo, 1200 Bags tal le Salt 2S lbs. each, 100 do Livcipool Dairy, for sale low by l'OLLLTT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dork, Nov. 23, IS 13. 25 LEIIWliq ltLOSSHUllUll COAL. 250 Tons No. 1, linked Lc high in lumps from iho Hasleton Mines, designed c.v prcssiy lor lurnaco purposes, fiO Ton- Egg size for grates, 2.5 do Blossl tirgh for Smith's use. Thcabovo is all housed and dry. For sale by FOLLETT, BRADLEY cc Co. Old Dock, h. v .1 V J3. 25 100 Uoxes Pipes, 100 Kegs Ginger, 50 l!oxe3 E.xtia Soap, 50 Superior do, 50 Ci litis do, 10 do Cushion Shauing dtt 300 Jlatls Cassia, 20 Boxes .Starch, 200 lbs. Clove-, 50 do Nutmegs, 25 Bags Pi pper, 2) do Spice, lO'licrces Rice, for salo by FOLLE'lT, BliADLEY if- Co. Old Dock. Nov. 23 1813. 25 MOLASSES. SO Tierces New Iberia Sjrup, a superior article, 30 Hhds, Porto Rico do, 20 do Trinidad, 20 do New Orleans, 30 do Cuba, for sale by FOLLETT. BRADLEY it Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, IS 13. 25 RUSSIA SAIL RODS. 6 Tons warranted Russia Nail Rods, for sale by FOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Old Pock, 23,1813. , 25 1'OUDRETTE. SO Barrels just received and for sale by I'ULI.I'.IT, liKAULlSY & CO. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. 25 PLASTER. OHO TNS fresh (round Nova Scotia Planer. vJU J, &. J. II. PECK & CO. June. 3U, -13 4 tj Ba'cs of North West and Upper Missouri R.)ht.s, Cheap for eash, it COLL' A KOUINSON. muti.Ai's. 10 Pieces IS inches wide for wool sacking, Ij do 27 do do for Ibirrrmn. 10 do 27 do do Dundee Twilltd, 300 readv lliadn ctmnnnn anil twill. fl Itntra. for salo by FOLLE'lT, BRADLEY .! Co. uiu Uock, Dec. 11, 1813. 28 STO VESU A FEW COOIC and BOX STOVES with Pipe, for sale chcan. Ooud Bench nud'Mnnln unn.l would bo taken in pay. ,. ,. II. II. IIUtSTtYJCK. I.V CO. Burhngion, Nov. 30, 1813. 20 tf SALT. ST. I'IIESSLT, Barrel Salt, 100 Sacks Dairv do for .ale by s. M. POPE. Dec. 5, 1813. WANTuniN i;xt:ii.v,M. i; von noons. POHV RVE AND O VPS, :tOO h. I IVEGKESE W FEATHERS. OOOi) taiii.p iii-iti 11 a... e-c. by u. M. 1'OPH. Dec. 15, 18. THE CHEMICAL OIL nt fl PECK & SPEAR'S. MANTrni ALL F.ltOOT or SPl'ltllEI) RYE, Cash will bo naid. 3(1 PECK ,f. lor which SPEAR. ST. CIIOIX, Havanna, Loaf and Crushed Su. .ar'.ly S, N. GAUT tSi Co. ciikap (; no OS. I UPEItl'INK llttOAD CLOTHS, BEAVKK arid PILOI' ilo. Cn-Mincrcs. Sntinett-. YVsllnir.. Itlni'k nntl Changeable Alp.icrm, Clmnn, Crape and Mninclm I)e Lames, Black nnd Dine Black Silks, Silk Velvets, a Intgu lot ol low priced Shawl,, Ln dies Cravat-, Red "and While Fiinucl, Cotton do, Merino anil Saxony wool Shirts and Drawer, with - e ...I...- I)-.. r!,w.,l. ...1. i-. 1 ... reduce-d prices Ion-ash by S. M. POPE. Burlington, i ice. i, lu. TAh'K NOTICE. rPHAT 1'er-on who trrts pasitictUj seen to lal.o a 1 KUtl of OVSTKItS Iroin mv do r on Saturday lat, can haie Iho privilege ol ref.inding me S3 tliro' Iho inedium of tlio Post Oiliec, if Ih.i. way should l preform!, or lake whal will otherwise. lollotr. Jan. 13. i. CIISMGXJII' NT -XCW ItUMi rC HIiiN John Ki'lton's. 2 ball pipes i I'eliiinp, O 100 do. 5U IiIhIb V.& I Trull' 70 libit C & i: TrullV. for s.ilo l.v I'OI.I.KTr, DltADLl.Y South Wharf, Nov. 23 IS 13. & Co. 25 rflHICK HOOTS, Rubbers, and Shocss Ladies l Kid Slins. Imiuiniion Kicncli Slips. Children's half (jailers, l.ailies L.eatncr nnocs, lor saiony January 12. . i. u.u r m uo. SAW MILL AM) ClItCULAIt HAWS. I ( DO., llowland's Philadelphia Mill Saws from m. J u to 7 led, mailo exprcs'ly to orucr, anu war noted sunerior toonv ill market. IIOR ij' O.'scast steel circular saws, from 10 to 2G inches, "'itt'iig ano cross cut. Also, Crosscut saws, English plate, for sain by KOLLKTT llltADLKV d Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, IB 13. 23 ritUNCii mm it aiiijI. stonus and hi; it it MI.OCKS. 1 f PAIR Hurr Mill Sioncs, 1 J 200 Burr Ulocks, for sale at Troy prices and roi.LKTT UllADLKY it Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1S13. 23 Aecnts. ATARKATIVr. of tho 1 Travels and adventuics of L M MONSlRUlt VIOLUT, in Cabfomn, Sonora, and Western Texas, writcn by Cant. .Mnrvat, for sale by V. HAKMNUTON. UOLTISU CLOTH. a. and 10 inch New Anchor Brand, from 00 to rl1 No. 10, constantly on hand, on consignment. FOt.I.l.T'1, lilt V DL.1.V, 0i Co., Agents. Old Dock, Nov 23, 1813. 23 CASH FOR PORK. rilHR Subscnbeis will pav Cash fora few hundred well latlencU and cleanly dressed Hogs, deliver' cd at their Store, Old Dork. 26 KOLLKTT, t 11 EY &, Co. Ilurlington, Nov. 30, 1313. CAST STKKI4. 5000 Ihs. Sanderson and Hros. Axe Steel, 1000 do assorted flit and snuarc from 1 in to 2 inches Alio, W, Jccstip it Sun's extra and common Cast .Ml I, oiiare and llat, lor sale ov I'OLLI'.TT, BRADLEY 4- Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, IS 13. 2 Tarred liursma, from 1 tn8inebe 8,000 l.OnO lb- ILioibioline, 500 Marline. oM lbs Spun Yarn, 100 II s Sail Twine, toircth cr Willi h.ill Needles, Ac. i&c. Also, fl Ti lls I isl hand puked Oikiim, 00 I bis Tar, .10 do I'm-h, 2.'. do Rosin, fur sale bv l-Ol.l.r.'IT, BRADLEY & C". Old Dock, Nov. 23 IS 13. 25 CUE A I' FARM FOR SALE. A KARM rnntaiuiuix I0 ncrcsnf nond Land situ JValed one half tnilo north of Baptist Corners in tjli.iiloiie, wuii convenient buildings, wiuuesold very low. ! or particulars cuouireoi SALLY II. SKIK1'. Charlotte, Nov. Slh, 1813. 21 tf .S7;:77.Y7N AJfl) tHIUl't'lSGS. r( BALES Trcmont mills J(J 20 I Aoli r Inniily sheetings, very heavy 10 o olrrling, lor sale tiy FOLLETT BRADLEY & Co. Nov. 23, 1S13. 25 Old doc LUMBER. 10O0G5 Feet of HEMLOCK BOARDS (l. ()() I'i'fi of Hemloct. 2 inch Plank. I (, Pieces of 2 X I Hemlocl. Wall Snips, :.'(I.OI(l " of 3 . I " Joi'-e. .1.000 " of 1 X 0 " " Ml. DOO feci 1 3-8 Ash Boards, .-.((( feet 2 inch Reasoned While Oak Plank, 111 mill f. ei 1 ini'li ll.iswood Plan!.. !j,O0O leet 4 inch Cherry, seasoncd.suilable for Tables, .'O lllin Co.; nf Whim Pine, clear and common from 3-1 to 1 7 8 inches lino' , lor -nlu low by FOLI.ETT, BRADLEY it Lo Old Dock, Nov 23, 1813. 2- CJeorsio Peterson, TTAS now on hand and for sale, 1000 Bushels of XX Course Wcstein and St. I bes Salt, 200 Bai rels Fine do do, 151' Sacks Fine Dairy do do, 250 Panels Supeifine Flour, 2C0 Sacks fresh firound Plastpr, 20 Barrels Hickory Nuts, at S2, 5 Tierces Noitli Shore Salmon, 0 Boves Fresh Lemons. 20 Whole, 12 J and 12 J Boxes fresh Raisins, Also. Fresh Kc"S do do. Soft Shell Almonds, Philbirt-, Peaconuls, Pea Nuts, Cilnni, C orance.Hocuni. Ingetlier with one ol tin laraest assortment of DRY HOODS, CRO ICERY nnd (illOCERIES he ever had llie tilca'iiroof olfer' in lo the public. In short all you have to do to find any article, is lo call at Peterson's, where il may be found of as good quality nnd at as Iowa price as at anv other Ksi.iulisluucnl in liuriuij-ion. Nov. 23. 1SI3. 25 SEASON CLEAR WHITE l'LI. Ll'MllER. 3000 feet A inch 5U0U do 5-9 suitable for panncls, 1000 3000 5000 COM 2000 do 1 1 do do 1 i do, do 2 do, do 2 J do very wide, do 3 do. 10,000 do 13-8 do L'ood common stulT. Tlio above lumber is drv nnd suitable for immediate use, liavins; ucen stucu up under coventor two years Nov. 23, Itn. 25 I' m ab'bv JOHN BRADLEY. A MERICAN patent wrought and cast iron vices. JM. a new and superior article. Foster's Anvils, Ame's long handled Shovels, Homer's cast steel do, Thomas' Spades, Davie's Billet Webs, Trace Chains, Halter do, Saw Frames, Hammers &c. if-c. for sale by FOLLE'lT, BI1ADLY -V Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, IS 13, 25 5 TONS IJ, IJ and 2 inch spring steel, 200 pairs sleigh and culler shoes. 10(1 cro bars, assorted sizes, 1000 Ihs. vine, 10 pairs waggon springs, manufactured tn order, DO bett wrought and cast arms, for sale by FOLI.ETT BRADLEY &, Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1843. 25 UTTERSUT I. UMJJER. 4000 fret of 2 inch Butternut Plank 2IAI0 do do j do Crotch do Hoards sawed expressly forpannel stuff. J ho above lumber was sawed lor door stun and lias been two rears under cover. Also, a few pieces of ! inch Butternut suitable for stair rails, for salo by JOHN BRADLEY. iOV. -J, isu. 2; O I L S. lOOO Gallons host Winter Sperm, 500 do do fall do, 1000 ilo winter bleached whole, 200 do Olive Oil, for salo low by FOLLE'lT, BRADLEY it Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, IS 13. 25 iVOI'.l SCOTIA (ill I XI) X'MXKfi. 20 Wiiler Slum's, weiliiiiL' from 800 lo 2B00 each, 200 small finished Stones, 100 do Ohio do, for sale by n,,r FOLLE'lT, BRADLEY tt Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 18)3. 25, NOVA SCOTIA I'l.AS'l'i: , 3C0 Tons in Stono, 100 do in Barrels, 50 tlo ill lines. Selected for agricultural purposes, and warranted pure. Delivered ni our mill in Winonsl.l fiiu our wnre hi ue Old Dock. 05 Nov. 23, 1813. FOLLI.T, BRADLEY & Lo. r 1 s II , tt (TifT Cod Fish. v20 half lbl. Nn I Mackerel 20 Tierics iiorih )horo Hiubons Bay Co. Salmon. 25 half larrels do do A.. for sale by FOI, LEFT. BRADLEY i. (V Old Dock, Nov, 23, 1813. 25 11 A 1SLXH. 200 Boxes Hunch Kaisins, frosh fruit, and in fine order, hirsilel v WooLfgrWooI! pOKI.OI'.SON ,t U.VIIinllM having Leased the It commodious Alfuiifdt turiniT K.ltttJikhinfnl. of the llurlliigton Mill Oo.', and i;oiinorlod iheni.elve-In pu-ine-s Willi Mr. Sidney llAni.ow, (former Agent lor aid Co.,) nre nnw temlv 10 reccim Wool to lii.inn- facture for oo-imncrs into jlhic, Black, Steel, Oxford, and Cadet Mix II It O A I) V, li O T II S. Tn tho-c that have bad woik done heretofore by Itoelf-on and Its till , little need bo -aid to induce a continu ance 01 p.itroiiage,and toallotbers we would ny that the work will be done In n workinanlic manner. Farmers, Merchants and others wi-lnng lo have wool Manufactured fur their own uc or for market may rest asnred that no pa n or attention will I e-pareil to dive the I'eM of MilUfhetinn, Terms of payment madeea-v lora lots of wool Ironi 1(100 bs and on ward"! Small lots Cash or ono ball of the cloths when lini-lied. The business will buoondiicteJ under I lie. hrm of ItOELOl'SON, HATH BUN & Co. April 5, 1813. 45 SAND'S SA liSAPARJLLA. FOR THE REMOVAL AND PERMANENT CURE Ol' ALL DISEASES AltlSLM! KIIOM AN Inl PURE STATE OKI HE BLOOD, OR HAB IT OK THE SYSTEM. NAMELY : scnoruM, tm kino's mil, iuii-.umatism, obstinate COTANNI'.OUs EllUI'TIONS, FIMl'I.ES, Oil TUSTULES ON Tlir.'AtK,llLOTlllES, III LE-, CHRONIC SORE r.TE, nlNU WORM OR TETTER, SCALD 1IEAI1, ENLARGEMENT OF THE BONES AND JOINTS, STUDIlORN VLCERS, Srrilll.ITICSVMI'TONS, SCIATI CA on lumbago, nnddieases an. ilin I rc 1 in an inpidicious use ol Mercury, A seilie,or Dropsy, exposure or im prudo'nee in life. ANo, Chronic Constitutional Disorders will be remo ved bv this nreoarntion. Improvement in whatever regards the happiness and welfare of our raeo is constantly on the inarch to perfection, and wilh each Micrmluis day some new trol.lcm 1 solved, or some prolound secret revealed, having an important anil direct bearing over man's uglu'st ilcstinies. II we take a retrospective view over .the past twemy vears, hmv i the mind slruok with wonder I What rapid strides has science made in every depar'nient of civilized life! particularly in that winch relates tn the Knowledge of the human svs- tenn'n health and die.i.o. How valuable and indis. pcnsablenretho curative means recently discovered through the agency of chemistry 1 How does the imagination kindle and our admiration g ow at the ingenuity, the near approach lo the standard of ner fcciiou, of the pro-cut time! Through the elal orate inie-tig.mon 01 l'liyioiogv, or Hie science ot mfe, and the Pathology of prevalent di-easc, much valua ble practical knowledge lias heen gained. Inconse- lueiKcol becoming acquainted with the orgamza I ion, the elements ol the various tissues and structures otitic sy-icin, remedies have been sought atler and tisrovcieil exactly adapted 10 combine with, neutral ize anil expel inorhiliie matter, the cau-e of di-easp, .1 1111 slibsiituie healthy action in Us place. 1 he beau tiful simplicity oftlns mode of treatment is not only ugge-led by the patlmlogy of disease-, nnt nnlv graluful to llic suiitrcr, but pcrlectly io consonance with l he operations of Nat nre, and satisfactory loihe views nun lea-onings m every intelligent, rellecting mind. It is thai Sanos's S.vitsArAnll.l.A, a seientilfc combination o!o--cutiul principlesnf the most valua ble icoc'ablc Mil sianee-, operate upon llie system. The Sarsaparilla is ciunbiiied wilh the mo-t e.kvliial uiil-, the oiosi siilni.iry prod'i ition-, llie 010-1 potent simples of the vcgelal lo kiugilnm ; and its unprece dented success in llie restoration lo health of tho-e who li.ol 'ong pined under the mo-tdi-tressjngcliron-le inuladie-, bus given 11 an exulted chancier, fur nishing as it does evidence ofits own inlrmsic value, and leeniiinicnding it 10 the nllhcied in Icrnis t he af flicted only can know II has long Inn a hum im portant ile-idcratuin in the practice of nieihcinetniib- taui a remedy similar to tin oneihat wool nctou the liver, stomach and bowels wilh all llie precision pr.d imiencv of mineral preparations. ,et without any of jlieirdelclcrious clicets upon the vital powers ol ibe system. The attention ofthc nailer i- respectfully called lo llie following cerlilicales. However great achieve incut have heretofore I ecu made by the n-e of liu invaluable medicine, y't daily experience shows re sults si moil; le. The proprietors here avail theni-elves of die opportunilv of -ayinR it Is a source of con-lant sali-faetion they are made I ho means of relieving such an amount of ullerfiiz. Nkwaiik, N. J., Dec. 13, 1812. Afcssrs. Sands : t.'cui Winds cannot express the irrntltlii'e I feel for your irenliiient to me, n irtKcr siillermg under one onhemo-t loalhsoiuc di-ca-es that nature i capable of bearina. 'I he diseu-e wilh wbleb I was nltlicled coiiimeiiced wilh iiittiiinnlion of I be eye-, in llie year I83C, which caused almost total blindness. For this I wnsirented nnd finally relieved, but the remedies were Mich a- to cause die develop ment ufu scrofulous affection on inylefiarm near the elbow The pain extended from the shoulder to the end o. my linger-, and for two vear- my mi 'eriugs were I c yond de-cription. I tried various rcine'lic. nnli-on- ultc.l dillereni ! 1 lui.i 11-1 11 New York, and amongi ihem llie bile 1 )r. 'Ilii. lie. vehn Inl.l nit. I Ik. .... r llie arm wa caii-fd by die large qnautiiyof mercury laki ii to cure die iiillainatiou of mv eve-. .Mysiiilcnngs continued, thennn enlarged, tumors I foriiicdiu diilereut, and in a few- months di ' ch irged, making leu ruiiniuguleers nt onetime, some .., i i ..i . - . , . . i . was so o'leusiyc that no ticr-on could I ear lo lc m : - "") "" lll "I". Htll-U the room where I wa., I ihen aooliedto ano'lier di liuguirhed physician, who lold me amputation of the arm was die only dung dial could ,-ave mv life, a- il wa-impo.-il leiocuro Midrcailf'il a tlicae j hut as I was unwili ng to cnn-ciu hi il, he recommended mc to n-e Swain's Panacea freely, which I did without deriving Inn little benefit. Fof three years I wn un able lorai iv hand lo my head, or comb my head, and the scrofula now made its appearance' on my head, destroying the l one in didcreni places, enusing exlcn-ivc ulceration-, nnd 1 feared it might reach and de-troy the Pram the head swelled very much, ne conipanied with violent pain. Numerous external remedies were recommended, but they did no good. About a year sini,. I wn, tal.on everely ill wilh a swelling ot the bodr from head to foot, so that I was iinireiy ncipicss. i nu oooior advised ine lo go tod hospital, lor he did not undcr-land myca-e. For the lat lew months I had been alllicled wilh a evere pain m i.iiiii siues, ni tune, so hard I could scnreclv i..a.i i.-.. ,l. i i. ...i .... , .. J ,., '", i . ii,,, i.iii- coiigii ionianiiy an noyed me, andlhiscombincl with my oilier malatlie rendered mu Irulv mi-crablc. Such, gcnllemnii. ha been my Mtiiation Iur seven vear- of my life, when 1 commenced the n-e ol your Sar-apnrilla j but as my case w as uou-Hiereu nojieie-s', and the near prospect ofa speedy dissolulioii seemed le. I fell bill lit-lleeiieouragi-meni lo per-evere. The pcr-uaion oi ini-iKi" nimirai mo iu try your inisncine which in a lew u.i y priHiuccn a grca change in mv sv.ieni r,,. erally, by causing an appclite, relieviiiglhcpains.and .,.., ... ,,s,,K,,i. ns Mii-fess ni-pircs couiiiicuee, I was encouraged lo pcri-evero. My jiniii" grewea-i-cr, my trengih reiiiriusl, food relished, die ulcers heal ed, new lle-h formed, mid I onco more felt vvilhin me nun i inigm geiweii. i navenow tiswl the Sarsapa rilla about two months, and am lit .. ,. ,i; i:.,.., k.. ing. 'I he arm Ihaltros to be amputated has entirely healed, a thing thai sccuiwl lmno-sil,!,. I Iv I ehevo dieevidence of my own eye-, but such is die ,,s i- ii..w ,, nn a, at any period ol my hie, and my general health i better than it has been tor years pa si. Health, whaunngicin the word! Imw mum. ilm,. ilinie,andliavcM)iigluin vain! Yet iicametonie when I had give., up iiuhe; Hn,a. feclthe pul-n-j10 f health cournug Ihroiigh my vein-, my whole .-,, ,-...., v r. ,i;i, , mi lor.' ,, II1IIII- .11,1 -lllltiv ihor of all our "lire inercie-, ihat he has been gra. it. ... , in.. . ,u, , ,, ,1, iTv mi Trm inn., in I li.-i, ii. ion-Iv pleasctlto I less ihe means,. nf. 'Tn.. Iv have you proved yourself the good Samarilan lo lie ie iiiliieied.lor next to mv Creator mv I if,- is inH.-l t you (;;r rather) the use of your invaluable Sarsapa rilla. I he value of Mich a medicine i counties- be yond once, money cannot pay for il. I have beea raised Irom deadi.l mayny.lor my friend, and my sel(thoughlitiui)o,.ibl,. could rtrouT. And now gentlemen sutler me m n,l,l ;iii,..r r,,i i;...i ,, by my friends and guardians n- a jii-l acknowledge- llieill Of iheVlllliesofvOlir he.illl, i..ii,nn. rr.i..,n. rilla. Thai die allhct'al may also use it "and cinoy the leneht. 11 alone can 1 fer, is die heartfelt, fer vent wish ol their and your friend MARTHA CONLIN. . I know Martha Conlm and I clicve whnt she states in this document to be perfectly correct JOHN POWER, v ub Gknkiuloi- Nbw YonK, ... -T Rector of Si. PcierVChurth. (iven ni Nevv- T ork this 1 lib day of Dec, 1812. I know-Marina L'onliii.and have known of her Mif Icnnfj illiic. jou-v iipuois, 1,1 r,, ,. , . "'hop or New-York. 1 place full conhdenco in die statement made by viarllu Con in, having known her die pan twemy year.. I will cheerfully give any parlieiilnrs in rela lion 10 her case lotho.e who may wi,h further infer """ Sr. ELIZABETH, Superior of the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, Ir .icesircct.N.Y, Dir. M, lb?!2. 'vcconfideiiee in die representations made by -Martha Conlm, and havefull knowlixlge of her case. u ,n, , KI-'JAII J- PURDY. Dcc.liri8l2. Jill's' City ol New York. .Martha Conlin has lii-.-,l in .,.,.-.. ,,.:i .. .1 . 1 . ... n':a'l"'i!eLclf7:,e;,rc!?',,'U ""'' N en. 1. r'-, MAnv '-ovn. No. CO I Broad street, Newark, N.J. Prepared nnd sold, wliole-nl.. ,,,,,1 r..,u ...i r. exporlalion, by A. B. SANDS&CO,. Drnggis un.l C he'iiLlN (.rmiite llinlding., No. 273 Broadway.eor- " "i t n i ifv 1 nrh. GEORGE PETERSON, Agent Iltj special appointmentor the 1'roprieton for II ur hngton, IVon,aiulforale by DrugL'isU generally, J bicf. SI per bottle, li bottle, for ti. Uuihii-, Uai 848-i. i ( Oil. MAIISIIATil.'S AROMATIC AND HEADACHE CA I Aintll SiVUifF. THIS Snuiris mipenor to any thing jet known, for removing Ihat Iroiible-omc di-casc, the Ca larrli, and nl-o a cold in the head, and headache. It opens and purges out all obstructions, strengthen Hie glands and give a healihy action 10 the part uuecicii. ii i- penccuy irec iroin any ining oeleleri oii in it composition haa plenaut llavor,and its immediate e I'cct after Icing u-cd, I agreeable rrice jcis. per boiue. Each bottle contain-about three times the quantity of the several kind of Catarrh Snnll, now clhnc nt a lower price, and is ihereforo cheaper, as well as better than anything of the kind in irnrket. DOCT. JAItVIS TOMATO BIIIIOUS PILLS. THESE Pillseontaia no Calomel, hut are compos ed enlirelv of Veactnbln snlistniiei's. find Imei. tn their composition a large oortion of I he oure extract of that highly inedicinal nrticle, the Tomato Plant, coiiMiiiiuiig ineiii esscniianv, TOMATO FILLS. The proprietor feels n conhdenc. in recotnmrndin them as superior lo most, and inferior to none of the Pills which arc making so much noise ol the iiresent lav. as a purilicr of the blood, n corrector of a bilious or dyspeptic state and htibit.or as n common cathartic. Hen-snres the publio Ihat lliey have the cordial and dacided approbation ol physicians ol the highest res- peciaiuiity, wnn use inem in I heir practice. ooiu ipv ine i-roprieior,i;ii.MtL.I liuw i-.iN.iUid dlebury, I. Win. C. Stimnoti nnd Heed. I jlward Brinly, Mur, Ixwie, lloslon ; Hundley Phelps & Co., . 11. & I). SANDS, nnd others in New York ; PECK & SPEAR nnd II ACA IJ Ac AltTllt'lt. nr. llngton, Vt., and by Druggists generally throughout the United States and Canada. February 23, 1843. Iy39 CONSUMI'TIOX AM) LIVER COM PLAINT It DR. TAYLOR'S, BALSAM OF LIVERWORT. from 375 Bowery, A'eic YorA-. FOR the cure ol Coughs, Colds, A-lliina, whoop ing Coii'.'h, Catarrh, paiiisiuthe Mile and breast, Bronchitis liver complaint-, and nil lliosenlleclion of the throat and lung-, which are a source ol si, much stiilenng and . so often terminate in Consump tion, Ibis remedy isjusllyand highly distinguished. It is purely vegetable, mild and gentlcin its elcct 011011 ihesy-tem, and can I e taken in the mo-t deli cate ca-c wilh safety as well as well as utility. So extensively has 11 been o-ed nnd .11 often proved suc cessful even in extremcaud apparently almost hope less ca-c, not only as 11 pahalive but as a remedy ; that the proprietor feel- no heileiic 111 introducing H and rct'commcnding it lo all who unfortunately may have occasion to re-orl lo some means of recov ery. Physicians, laminar with it- elect-and aware of the healing properties of Ibis vegetable prepara tion, not uiifrcq'iciiily preserd ed il 111 llieir pMclue, and wilh Iho Medical Facility generally, it has met with more than ordmarv app'rot ation. CONSUMPTION. The following rcmar'. were taken from a late niiml cr of the Medical .Magazine: "The s'irpri-iug e leet prndmcl by the geu'iinc ur. layior s uai-aui 01 Liverwort, male 111 no Bowcrv. in Consumption ca-e-. cannot fad exciting a deep 'nnd thrilling inlere-t throughout the world. Wehaveso long believed thedisease (Consumption) incurable, that 11 i diilicult to eicdit our yeii-es ben we see per-ou evidently l onsiimpi ve, restored lo health. el ilisaf.icl ol da dv occurrence I Cerlilicales Iromthe highitnnd nio-l re-peetable sources ol persons wlioliave cither teen greatly re lieved bv it. or entnelv recovered I10111 .illeclioos 1 the lungs and liver, could I e furnished in abundance but we ni-ert only the following : Certificate. " Being i-on-lnnlionallv nrcdi-nos cd to Conomplion, a menibir of my family having suilered -cxerely from inlalion of -the Luhg-, ac companied withcotiah and rai-tng matter nnd 1 lood, together with severe pain in mv sideund brea-t, til I was siippo-ed to be beyond recovery, 1 was indncei bv advice ol Dr. rerkin-, s n la-t reort to irv " laylor's Balsam of Liverwort," I have taken live bottles in all. I began to iinnrou: wilh the fir.t h t- tle.and while Inking the ibird, wa-so far recovered as lo be able lo gel about. Since which lime, by continued Use of it I am quite restore I nnd alio lo aiiend to my n-uai i.u-i.iess, I o persons sii'ienng Iroin cough- nnd aiieciions ot the Lungs, do earn e-tlv receoinmendit. (Sigmil) .IAS. C. SCOTT. Elizabeth City, A'. C. Pec. 1G, IS 12. hot a common cold and cough, ibis js one of the vcrv i'U-1 reimilies i-vur ill-covered. A'. B. There i- asiiurion- mul counterfeit nrlicl afloat, and lately introduced lulollii-' place. There fore beciirefni lo gel the genuine, which is from 375 Howery I. li . and .-co ilmi ihr new engraved wrai j..-, is ui, ,,,c t'.Miiuiii iievi in i o'inicrieiis. For Mile bv PECK h SPF.VR, and LOVELY SEYMOUR, 'Burlington i S. H. Barnes Charloii M. Hall, Hiucsburghs Wm. Rhodes, Jr. Richmond. June JO, y ISAAC WARN RK TTAS iisl received, from New York, n LARGE ' ASSORTMENT OK COODSin his line, anion I "iiicn arc a variety ot pure Mines, Ungnac llrandv. St. Croix Rum, Holland Gin, Jamaica Rum. Smith Whiskcv. Cherry llrandv. la limorc Gin and n n en tyof other cheap liquors of various qualities and prl CCM. , "",'"" """i eas, uine, , ST.,1-Brtc, nnf lumn nn.l I IV i-.lf. ' finn.mnn s-Arn,IIB Jr "l M 1' ' lov Cinnamon, Saleratus, Bar and Fancy Soap, and many oilier articles in die Grncrrv line. His Liquors nnd wines .erc selected wilh care, and after long experience and from the largest nnd lest dealers in the lino in New York, and are warranted 01 llie purest and best qualities. He has Sheetings, Shirtings, Calicos Cambrics Trimmings for clothes, nnd many oilier articles but no Fancy lioods. All or which ho will sell for the lowest ptices. Tavern Keepers and others are invited to call and examine. 03 Burlington, (Church Si.) Nov. '43. P It INT WAREHOUSE IN NEW YOltK. BF. LEE, (lorinerlyol die firm ol l.ordet Lees Lee if. Bobcock, &e,) ami U. B. BREWSTER, under the lirm ol LKK& BREWSTER, have estnb- iisiieu at 1 IJ 1'EABL STnEET, Hanover Square, New York, a Warehouse on an ex- tensive scale, nxcLusivELY ron PRINTED CALICOES, To supply the city and interior trade by llie piece or paci.nge. By confining their attention enlirelv and exclusive ly to this cine article, L. if. B, nre cnal leil not only 10 exuiDii n more ex ensue nnd i-.inii n ns.on111.-1n than i- to be found cj-ewhere, (ihcre being no siinilsr establishment for prints 111 die United State-) but to sen uiways at prices as low, and generally lower man tnnse 01 ioii-es wno-e allenlion and ineaii-nr,- divide'tl among a large variety of article's. 1 iicaiofk,emir.iciiis ."-ome thousands of Differ- sorlinenlof French I'rints, comprises nil Iho late t and chniee-tslylc-, to which will lo constantly added i iiimii.uiiu e. uiurini's. i i'i i -T a si.ieiiun lis. .in me new- nnd ticsirnoie pniienis as ttiey appear in die inarl-e-i, I es-de-s many winch will t o printed exclu sively for their own .iles. Porihascrs of lliisnriiele will find it lo their interest to examine tin- Stock I efore I uying their Prints. If llieycannot piircha-c, lliey will at least have die ad vantage of seeing nil the new stele-, n ml le.lrnimr tl, lowe-i inarl.e-1 price-. 1?Ciitulooues or once-corrected wiilieverv vari ation oflhc market, are put into die hands ot buyers. OI(lilK". As L. A- B. will keen ihi- great as-orlnienl at all eaonorilie vear. ihev will of to ir-e 1 e al le loi-x. eciiteorderseven in die depth vt winter, (when oilier c-iuiiii-iiiuents nave no -kh'k 01 good-,) in me lie t maiine-r, and they solicit the ntieu 1011 of dealer-lo this verv iiiiiimiuI advantage, which their estal li-b. manl t l'er. TcnMs. All gootls are charged at net ea.h nriee. as per Catalogue winch will I e .em wilh all eoinl. or dered ; and il lime is gjve-n, iuteie-t 1- added. 5)1 PORTABLE G JUST MILLS. rlHE siibscrihcr having been appointed agent for the -ale of Jo-iah Plan's Umcral Porl iHo (ns( Mill, l"lrcpared It) furnish mil at .In ri noiiee. and authorised lo sell wghts for individuals, towns or counties. This mill took the premium nt the Fair or the American Institute in .V 1 01k, lat autumn, and the sill sequent sales have fully borne out the high prai-c there I c-towi'd upon it. ltisndmirnble for grinding Indian corn and hnr.e feed. (Jr. in of nil kinds is goiind with equil facility. Also colfee. and all kinds of spices 1 also salt, drugs. &c, nnd it is eosily adapted for grinding paints. Its durability is equal 10 any oilier mill, the slone being compo-eil of French Burr i and Its eiliciency with its simplicity is remarkable, as nre also its oilier desira ble, commendations for compactness, porlablencss nnd low price. There are four different sizes now made of these mills, viz: 16,21, 30 nnd 36 inch stone; prices fiom J125 lo 8200) and either of them ore readily warned iy iior-c, steam or light water oawrr. Wherever vvoter power is senrrc. nnd grist mills for grinding corn or grain of nny kind nro consequently scarce, these patent mills will be al most invaluable; for .with one of these mills wilh horse power, any person could grind all that could be ground by any oilier mill. It is nt once admitted by nil who have seen this mill perform, Ihat il is truly n In! or saving and economical machine; as wild it more work can be done with less power (by obout half,) than any other mill, and it will do the work al least ns well and os last, and the price is less than for any oilier. PHKSSON CKOFUT. Biitlinclnn, Spt. 20. IPI3. IG If new coons. SILK and Worked Shawl', verv hnn.Louiu style for the Season. Just receives! nt the HERMAN STORE. 'f .-r PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articleis too well known to need commen dation and the cxneripnrn of snvnn irnrtra linq demonstrated to the commercial community, thot iui jituiiiiicy, cuuciiieiico ano uuraumiy, nicy are unrivalled Coal yard scales to weigh from 3 to G ion, unrmnnt vvnrenouse uo, to wcigli Iroin 1-zlu. to 6000 lbs., Portable do. to weigh from 1 2 oz. to 200 lbs. PortahlcCnunterdo a new article to weigh from 1-2 oz. to 40 lbs. J. & J. H. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, Juno 30, 1SI3. dif 'llllllllllllllHillllll'IIIIIIIIIIIIli1 NOTICE. '1111, rjiii scribers are now .1 mauufaelanng and kup consiauuy on nnuo a goia as sortment of WINDOW SASH ol crery description. SASH DOORS and BLINDS made to order on the shortest notice. IIIIIHMillUllnilllllllllll All orders addressed to the subscribers will receive prompt attention. CATLIN & CHASE. Winooski Falls, May 18, 1813. 51 S, S. SltlMVEK. SAUOLi:, HAIISKSS ASP TIWSK MANU FACTURE, COLLEGE STREET. ALSO, keeper of LIVERY STABLE Eist of Iho Court House IMC chanic's Row.) Applicanon made at the Shop or Barn will receive prompt at tention. llnrllnrtlnn V, OR - --"-fui.-) c.V" 23 Nov., 18 13. S Warned a Journeyman Saddler and Carriage Trim mer. A good mechanic will find eniplovment. S. S. SkiNNKIt. SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBIUCAL, ALL Inul. the Mai. ol TRFSsTS lor Ruptures incident In for sale, and a-e iratelv applied. I y PEl K & SPEAIt. 35 TOHACCII AND SNUFF. QQ Boxes and half Boxes Bonn's celeLraled 50 do Page's, CO do Irviues', 25 do Cto-by's, 23 do .Mitchell'- with various other Irand-, selected wilh great care, 20 Kegs John EnibTi' Plug, 10 do Shis.p Tobacco, 50 Bbls poind and half pound Smoking, 10 do Chewing, ol the mo-t prefereil brand. Also, 100 Jars extra Ito-e Scented Maceobov Snnil', 5 111 Is Scotch Snu I' in small bladders, for sale bv, FOLI.ETT, BRADLEY & Co. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1813. 25 SUGARS. 1 f lids St, Croix, 20 do Porto Rico, 20 do New 1 li Orleans, 50 Bill- Clanficl, 30 do Loal, 10 do Crashed, 10 do Powdered. 10 Boxes W & W do'd lc refined Loaf, for -ale by I 01.1. KIT, UKADLr. Y (Sc. Uo. Old Dock, Nov. 23, 1313. 25 Looking Glasses, A a .arzo nornm-'iu ot vanou- i.t's. iut rcpc'ivcl UUU iur sau i iicip iy liV i.u l Us- i i .uvuii, s-uuri'ii (, Nov. 20, 1813. 25lf Crockery. (Jlass &. China Ware. A Large stock just received and for nle cheaper J.i. than can le noiigiit In this j-iaic, ov LOVI'.I.Y & "SEVMOl'U, Church st. Burlington, Nov. -20, 1SI3. 23tf ON CONI(:XMEXT. OPs" BOXI S Canada Plates, CtJ 3 do Craws-hay do 2a do R. O. do do 3 do R G. polished Crovvshay Plaits. 5 do Thorneveroft plates 21 by 21 in. ljtui, For saleal redact d prices, by I'OLLHIT BRADLEY ef- Co. Old dock, Nov. 23, 1SI3. 23 Agents, STOVES! STOVES!! NEW PAITfRNS, et CHEAP! R THAN EVER. All kinds of Produce taken inpayment; liberal credit given or Cheapfor Cuth. HENRY MAYO, the Store lormerly occupied by HICKOK & CA I'I. IN, 1. now re ceiving n large consignment ol STOV is, con.i-ting ol any de-irable patient of Cook, Box, or Parlour Move-, Move I'iiic, tin ami Uopner I riinmin llnliow Ware, eVe., Inch will I e e-xchange-d lor any i.inuoi 1 roouce or ca-n. 1 110-e wno wi-n to pur chase Stove-, will do thcm-clves n well as Inula lavor bv examining Ins siock, Biirlihgto.i.Oci. 1, 1813. 18 LOOKING GLASSES. TUST ree'd a hr.-t rate a--oruncnt, which will be f olil verv low. IIAU1.K & ARTHUR. Iliirlingtoii, Nov. 2, 13-13. REMOVAL. D. K. PANGilORN CAIUNF.T MAKER, Villaac Sexton and Undertaker. HAS removed 10 a .New Shop, near die south end of While Sireel, oppo-ite llic hou-e of die Rev. .Mr. Conver-e, where he will le at home at all nine--. He will continue tomakeall kinds of Cabinet Furni tore which he will el low lor prompt pay j and re spcclfuly -olii-it- tho .-on iiuesl palrounge'of hi" old cusiomer-, and that of other- al-o. In hi. rapacity of Village Sexton, he has .nice appointed, purchased at his own exneu-e a new Hear.-,, and P.itl. nnd urennr- nl wilh nun li care and labor a new .Map of the new I caulilul (.Vmetrvof Iho Villare. Hew-ill keei. readv made Collins ol'most kinds, lor adults, and all others. fnrni-hed at the shortest nonce. Ho will lurni-h and attend with his Hear-e. Funeral- out ol' the Village or in any ol the adoining Town, with lc troulle to fiienils ly and I elier order I ha 11 any one near er al hand and at a short or shorter notice1. EXCNANGli hOTEL. Water itrcel.ntthe head of the Steamboat Wharf lliiillii'.lliin, Vrrmoiil. BY MOSKS L. HART. lavortibly Im-nieil for the acconimodaliou ot llie bu-nf-sand travelling eoiuiiiuiiitv , I- now open tin he public. P0-1 Coache- 111011 llie various route- call at (he Exchange Hotel lor passenger-, and those arriving or iicparl n: y sieam 110.11, in wincn ca-e llieir naggagei- remove-d williouicharge, will line ibis liou-epcculiarly loiheir eoiivetiieiii c. The Keeper eiider. hi-service-, widi the assurance. thai 111 all respects, llic nous shall de-ervethe lavor aide consideration of all who may patronise 11 I'urlinton, April 1, 18-12. 43tf. i)'xi:ss cuiti:ni SCARPA'S COMPOUND ACOUSTIC OIL. IOR die cure ol DEAFNESS, pains, nnd the dig L chaige uf matter from the ears; also all those disagreeable noises, like the buzzim; of insects, railing of waler, w bizzing of sleniii, iVic. &c. which are symptoms of approaching deafness, and also generally attendant with thedisease. Pbepabed nv B. BELL.of theCiiy of Philadelphia, nun boiu 111 wiiuiesaie anu retail ny Druggists and jiiuuie-eiiiie- Heueiuiiy in uie i-niico stales. a Burhngion, Vi., by PECK & SPEAR, A I which place intetesting facta in relation to die efficacy of the Acoustic Oil may be seen. 11. il. L,L.11-'.K r. Washinglon Si. Philadelphia. May 17. AM 1 L S. 1 Sinn KEGS NAIL-from ihe Eogle Factory, 1 UUU from 3d 10 -KM. A completo assorlment cf Finishing Nails, from d tn 20d. Floor Brads of nil sizes. ALSO, 2000 Kegs Nails manufactured by the Au Sable Iron Company, Common finishing and brad heads of nil size, from 3d tn G in. spike, The siiocnoritv of die nails manufactured bv the above companies for beauty of form ond finish, and for toughness of iron above all ethers, is universally acknowledged. They arc for sale upon terms as fa- vorotilo and at prices as low as enn be round in the Stnte, by FOLLETT. BRADLEY &. Co. Agents. Diu hock, lice, 1-1, tola. 28 SCOTCH I'lG IRON. X TONS No. I(iorili6lierriert!! iron, I O for sale by FOLLE'lT UllAULEY & Co. iiii HUH HHMI Hawaii urn uock, do v. a, itH3. a P. , ., ,- ,-gtiiJOs- FOR SALE II Y THE GROSS, also AT RETAIL, H "y PECK & SPEAR. DRUGS & MEDICINES The subscribers are continu ally supplied with EVERY A K'l 1L.LE in the above branch, bolh efth?Ollicink. and Patent kinds; Medicinal waters from Saratoga do. from Caledonia, Canada! Medical Wines nai LlOUOrs, (imre Leeihesl Surnienl InRlrionentsitMla- eral Teeth, &u. Prescriptions put up at shorteM Hum c. WZfShop openat alt hours. PECK & SPEAR, ApothttariH Burlington, fob. 1,1843. lytt TO PHYSICIANS. New Chemicals and Sundry ArtUUkt The Acids, chemical. HydriodateJ Liquor tf Auiinoniacal Preparation tit -cull- n in, iicimij, Leeihe-, Healthy Spaiu liromine. Cynnurct ofPotas-ium, ami siweeiiisB, Lupulin, Magne ian Hnid, Naphihn Wood, Nitrate ofSdver,ckmitl OdofTol aeco, Picdriu, ic. 4c. 4c. Chlorate ol i'otas-a, Elateriuui, Eraol Fresh, Pulv. Ethereal Piepnrntions, Extract of Opium, Extract ol Rhaiany, HaiiMitiensor Electrifiers 22 At PECK & SPEAR'S. (rjLATE ARRIVAL. THE Subsc ribers are now opening their Fall lai Winter Slock of GOODS. Woolen Cloths Irom four -hillings to S10 per yiisi con-i-tiag of English, French, Belgium and Amen, can Broad Cloih-; Beaver and Pilot Clolh, Plain and Fancy Caste mere-, and SatineM-; Silk Velvet-, plain and figured Satin, Valentia ib4 Bull Ca-s'uneie or Ve-iing-! An extensive as.orlment ol I ailor's -i rimmings : A few de-iral lc nallem- of rich Velvet, I hannlim BioiadeandChu-ans lor Ladie'. Dre-e-, Velvet tni ilk Ciavats, lld.bon-, Dress Hdkl-, Shawl?, rnnjet and Gimp Trimming" i (ieni'eiiieirs raney bcarl-, lie" and hiocks, IM Gent-. Patent Rubier Over Shoes, a newarice. ALSO A Fresh supply of firm eric of all kinds, all of whioh wilh nunieroiis other article-we ollei to our fritiuh and the public at the lowest markel prices. v ivr.u.i si'LAii. Church "t., Nov. 1,1813. 23tf THEsiib-crilcr" having formcel a copartnership in busine.s, un ler the firm of THAYER, STUART & C0.r would le-pecifullv -ay to the citizens ot Rurliugtsa and viciiiuv, that it't'hev will call nt their C'J.tlii SHOP ON CHURCH Si., two door- simdi of die County Hou-c, tliey i nn rind the Itcst S"i)i'tment ot'Cb.-ilrs etcTof 'tred in this market, an I ihev nie deie-rmine-d '10 SELL AS LOW AS THE LOW! SI'. All kin I- of Chan-, Srttee, Setiee-rradle-, and S'ooL made to order. Old Chairs repaired and pahue-dat short notice-. Counry Produce of all kind taken 111 exchange fur chair-. FISHI'It THAYER. CHARLES It. STUART. JOHN G. DAUUL1T. Burlington, Nov. 1, 1S-13. W A -NT E D . IO.OOO Feet Dasswood Plank in xchati)tt f Chair- 22t 11 AGAR &, ARTHUK, ARE now receiving new bU')lies of SADLER Y, COACH AND SHF.LP HARDWARE in all its vanties. ALSO, DRUGS et MEDCIINES. PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES, &c. etc. Burlington, Vt. ) Nov. 10, 13-13. J Al.ll.VNY AND IJOSTON KAIL. KOAD Fare llcducctl to 84. fare to Roston reduced to SA lo those who go through oy same tram. On nnd nfler Monel.iv. Mav 811. nnsirnnr fm'na run daily, (Sunday- excepted) n follows: LeaveOre-e-nhushat i before 7 A. it arrive in Hoi. Ion til ' . same day. Leave tticeubush 'at before 3 t. m. lodge la Siiringtit-Jd arrive 111 lloslon at 11J a. m. next day. Foa Woiicesteb AND -NoRWit il Paeogers take the 1 before 7 tram Irom Orcenbiish, intcriect lh leamboat Irani from Boston at Worcester ihenc to Nor iieh. Fon llAnTronn and New Haven Pas-enRerslear-ing (iree-nl u-h before 7 A. .v., lake the steaml oal at Springfield nt 12 m reach Hartford at 3 r. M., and priH t'cil by cars to New Haven. P.ts-e-nger. may al.o leave Greenbiish at i lefore 3 r. M-, reach Springhcld 8 J, 1 hence I v stage imme-ihate-.v to llanlord Itxlge- Vave Hart'lurdl6 uext morning in car- for New Haven. Passenger- must leave the Ticke-I Office, in Stan wi Hall, .Maiden Lane, for I he Rail-road Ferry Boat alCJ a.m., or 2 r a. the ferry bont will I e punctual in starting. Ticke-t-for the car-iniislLe obtained Ligi sf-'ing on board the ferry boat. CHAIR FACTORY. T the old stand or XELSOlt oc GAITS Iherei- thele-l an toriini 111 nt CHAIRS and will I old 1 hcaper than 1 an be purchirrd ni anvo'her plate in Bnriinelon. mahooany, cihlid maple, painted cane .-eat, large and S.MAI L KOCKINO, DI.MNO, CHILDREN and LARGE ARMED CHAIRS, at , , C. L. NELSON'S, Church street, opposite the O'd Bank, oral hi Faeta by Ihree door norlh eif the C.11I11 lie Church. 18 I'll ICS II TEAS. " rye Che'-ts prime Hy,on Skin Tea, I J 10 do Extra do do do 100 Hall" Chests Young Hyson, 50 Caddy. Old Hyson, 50 do Young Hy-on, 10 Chests extra quality Old Hyson, The-e Tea. were -elected wnn nrf-st from die latest nnporiaiioiis and will be sold it New . uiu aoot-ers price--, unit ireisni. FOLLETT, BRADLEY f. Co. Old Dock, Nov, 23, 1613. 26 IF. P. ELLIOT. ARCHITECT & PATENT AGENT. OFFICE opposite the Pa'cnt Office, corner of Slh and F street. Cilv ol Washington, will attend to preparing Specifications, Dia wines, eVc-and oil bmi ness intrusted to him connected with IhePalenlOffira. or his profession, wilh promptness and despatch. Patent OrricE, Feb. 15th, 1642. Mr. Win. P ELLIOT, who has been formerly nt ployed in the Patent Office, as a Draughtsman, Ac., having established n Patent Agency in the Ctly of Washington, I lake great pleasure in rccommendinr 11111 as a gentleman wormy of confidence, and il be ing particularly qualified to take charge of any bui .less icquiring a know ledge of mechanical ncinr ,L. proaress of the arts, and paienl improvements. Mr, Elliot is also well acquainted with ihe practice of tka oflic UkNRY L. ELLSWORTH. V T ) M uiu Con.raii'SKiru of PtsliMs.

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