Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 29, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 29, 1844 Page 3
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fc Communication. Wasiiinoton, Mnrcli 21. 1SU. Mr. itAcvi My nolo to you of tlio 2Gth nil. seems to hide drawn ipnn mo the iroof Itio Truo Dcmnrnt, ot ill editor, whoever lie may bo. That letter was intended merely to undcccivo ilio public in a mailer which has been much misrepresented, and continued no reflections at oil upon thoeditorof that paper. Ho eemi now however to have taken tip tho cudgel in earnest, and, although his first article may perhaps bear the construction which ho Insinuates, of "a statement of a fact, qualified according to his own viaw of the case," yet o tenor and temper of his econJ article, place his purpose to Impugn my mo tives, beyond a doubt. He bcRjtvs'with a specimen of logic not very un eortVffio'n wilh the lower tirade of news paper drivel- ..-Vers. Ihe character nf which is best illustrated by put- ling a case. A man in a punuc minimi ... respect of h:s public con hot t if be is silent, he la un derstood to admit the charge if he vindicates him elf, then it is the consciousness of guilt which will not permit him to be sucnt. My object was not by any labored argument to vindicate myself, but to correct a false impression which had btcn produced upon the public mind. Tor this I am arraigned before tho editorial chair of the True Democrat, and the following senlcnco is pro nounced, "We cannot consent however that he hould screen himself from tha odium which will just ly pursue his conduct on the occasion by a (issue of akilful misrepresentations, eve. Here, alter nltribu ting to mi-the most unworthy motive, he winds up with a charge of deliberate falsehood. He then pro eeeda wi'h what he calls a statement of facts in order to expose that misrepresentation. This statement bears upon its face the most satisfactory ciidcnec thai he is either too recent a citizen of this country to un derstand ils history, oris willing'lo perpetuate the do ccplion, to which I alluded in my former communica ti.m. If his statement is compared wilh my own it will be found that ihe two differ in only one, or at most two particulars, to which in duo lime I shall diicct my .mention. After tracing thehi-torynf tho campaign .'own lo the decisive action of the Sih January, he proceeds to tote that "the enemy were anxiously uai'ing an op portunity of retaining their lost fame by renewing the attack."' This must be the creation of his own fan cy! hut as in t rtilli or untruth is not important to the purpose of ihe argument, let it pass. Ilethcn pro ceeds to notice the bombardment of Tort St. Philip on the Wlh of January, and the capture of Tort How yer, on the 12lh of February, and then very trium phantly asks, " Will Senator Phelps -ay that the dan ger was past?" If he has read my communication carefully, ho would have seen that I Ami asserted no such thing. I did assert lint the danger was past, when the habeas corpus va issued and the Jndso im prisoned, an assertion which I think I shall establish. Ho then proceeds with a statement nf the difficul ty with Lounllier, and ihe issuing of the writ, which he stales lo have occurred on the 5th day of March, two days later than I had staled it (ho is right as to thi1 date) an 1 winds up wilh the statement, that on the 6 li "f .Match " a rumor" of peace came, but no thing official was known. The only particulars in my statement of the tran saction which he controverts, arc, 1st Tint the dan g?r was over, and 2 I, That ihe lie is of peace had ar rived in camp. If I succeed in showing that peace had been actually concluded, and lint the command ers on both sides wero ndvied of it, it will not requile much logic to show that the dancer was mcr. The following extract fru n Document No. 122, H. Reps., 31 Scsidii of 27th Congress, seems to settle the puint. 'On thcGih of Fchriirnry the Legislature, of Lou isiana! who were doubtless sa'isfb-d lint a renewed invasion not to be npptehenJcd, and lint, in any event, the territory of the State was secure from Ml danger, adj turned sine die. On Hie Blh of Hie same month, lf Lfri'igsfon, one nf Oen. Jickson's aids, tththtd visited the llrithh Jlecllhen lyng off Mobile, trifi Jla nf truce, relumed icith the informution, desired from Ike Admiral, tint a trealynf pence had been concluded ut fihenl, beheeen Ihe Commission ers of the lira nailon. 7li. information was con tained in a London paper which had born forwarded (it the Admiral from Jiiuaic.a, and, though not offi cixl, was received without distrust, and diffused a general jay throughout ih" nitj." Agsin. "On llic day after these arrets (ofLnuul lier anil Judge Hall) i.ii ihe Clh or March, Gen, Jack on received despatches from Washington City. By some mi-take in the Postmaster General's office the omctst diMjalrh of ihe Secretary of War. uiformin him of the '"irjeniun of the treaty of peace, was chanted tor on. m, an011(.r snl.j(.ct- hut he received an order from il'f Htmastcr General, dated Febru ary M, 5'""- that the bearer was charged with d .upatchcs relate ,, ..,, nr , had taken place between S(J Unit.d Sate3 and Grca, Britain. .,,, ,,.....,...., . M,om n mcnKlir of ,,c campa go. .mu M...i ,..,, niuMj,clva hv lMour l friend and culngjit of Gen. JacV Yet in the ui .nine ii-ioiuru t.iuit, vnirn lie r, ,0 known if he did not. this htrinlinn .!;,,.'! r .1 1...1 r.... ...I. , ' , , , who 1 nm informed has not bscn as jet one year a n.rnjzeij e'mien of this couniry, not onlv charges me w,i. .1,, lib' iate falsehood, but would impose upon 1I10 pe..,e of Vermont the hehef, that the first tumor of neact heard in the General's Camp was on the Glh or March, the day after the nrrcsts. In fact the infor mation had been derived from a satisfactory source on the ISth of February prcrcding. In regard to the proceedings of the " JI7iie Sen nte," I have only 10 say, that the fine was nol remit led upon the ground that the General's conduct was approved or that of the Judge condemned. It was done as a mailer nf expediency, and oat of regard to the General's distinguished scnices. A. o tlto piiprdo tirade nf vituperation which this sapient editor has bestowed unon m.. r have onh- m y, mat 11 in a sort 01 cant winch lulu nnd flippant men acqiuro as n parrot learns Knglisli, and winch they vent upon all who happen lo cross their pith, without much discrimination, nnd without cflccl And herel Icavo him to bestow as much more as lie pleases. A few words only should be nJWm re'ation In the "traitorous English Judge," and 1(10 "sediiiou Frenchman." The epithet Knslis' , nsa term of re proach, comes with n n-M S'aiefrom such a source, Judge Hall went tn h's grave years ago, respected, honored beloved. The aspersion recently cast up on his character aro a foul sl.andrr, which no one, ac quainted with the history of the events nt New Or laans.durini the last wnr, believe., uc (,() m, con naiion with the difficulties in Jac' son's camp until heissutd the writ of habeas corpus, aj it was his duty (0 do. As to the Frenchmen, the hi-tory cfthe transaction la shortly this. They had, nlthoujh not naturalized citinn, volunteered for the defence of the city i had served faithfully until tho news 0f peacc arri've, They then thought themselves em ,!e ,0 excmpli'on from further .ervice, nnd as the 0.crn declinc-ti (0 exctielhem, they applied to the l'rench consul fl)r eerlilicate. of French cmieneh'p,, , meongofoh. (aining their discharge. Upon 1I11, t Oenernl issu ued an order, requiring those who iU-,,nv theso cer- lincatea 10 remove 1 mc tuy a, Haton Hougc, a distance of 120 miles. 1hebliCalion of Loualhcr rcinnnslraled ofjatnist 'miorder. Fortius he was arrested i and imprisoned. Th( ' h, . ready been told.. These men, IniWoflSn. . ors conspiring with the enemy, had served faithfullv during the whole campaign. "ea """'""y And who was Loualhcr 1 A,veryr,,p,ct ,,, ker of the L.l tslnl.ire of Louisiana, h, h , eapacltv, exerted himself strenuous', , 'J ,-' ' of the citv, He was no more a sua;,ecM Jackson himself, It ianot my purpose to detract fiom u,e f ,,f Oen Jackon. I appreciate his gre.t . . h defence of New Orleans, hut I do not f.P, that reason, to approve every net o , ... i -ke ,h.r men ho had hi fadings, and I in" : . .1.. obligation tn vindicate his errors, ot tl,(ex(,cni3 0f - SAMUEL S.tIII,LI,s, On Ihe Wlh of January, lhonener ,hf fiacretary of War a follows, "1 here,,,, ind .... Iliiladoubl Hat his (the enemy's) l, '.:. hava been made in this 1.rljr, al : nv ,8 fnrhl, preaent aeason." And again. I bcl eve vu wil nnt tntnK me iooiiniiin "'"" '" '. '. j 'M"snn 1 .I..rnl itarnemv." On lint (lav n. now c ljhandi 'Urrt. HJn flie liomnnroment III run o .Pi.:,:.. I Waea. They never returned. Yctr,n tk , llf TTTi. r,.tl,.winir. more than six weeka ,f, 1 he Oenerai, not omy ';"V""""'V",V" 7 but ar Vfsts an limprtsona n Judiro of the United j!U., for Itrcising bl judicial functioni. South Caiiolina. 'I'Iio "Democratic He publican Central Committee" of South Carolina have decided to send no Delegates toIHItiniore, and issued an Address, declining to support the nominee of that Convention, "unless the funda mental principles set forth by the Ualtimoro Con vention of 1810, and which are tho basis of our parly association, are satisfactorily vindicated and redeemed, in regard to Abolition and the Tariff' In tho present Congress," i-c. Closk of the Oregon Dihiate. Tho Sen ate on Thursday, by a direct vote of 118 to 18, rrjcclcdlhc resolution submitted by Mr. Semplo of Illinois, requesting tho President to give notice to the llrilisli Government of tho ternii nation of the treaty for t lie joint occupancyof Oregon. The following were Ihe yeas and nays: Yets Messrs. Allen, Aicliison, Alherlnn, Itagby, Uentoii, Brccso, Buchanan, Cohpiitt, Fairfield, Fulton, llannrgnn. King, Scmplc, Sevier, Sturgeon, Walker, Woodbury, Wright 18. Nays Messrs. Archer, Harrow, Hates, Rayard, Demon, Choate, Clayton, Ciittendcn, Dayton, Evnns, Foster, Haywood, Huger, Huntington, Jarnnsin, Johnson, McPtifiio, Mnngum, Mcrtiek, Miller. Moro head, l'hclps, Hives, Simmons, Talmadge, Upham, White, Wooilbrulgc 28 A CAIIU. Tim Ladies of thu Female Aid Society of the M. 12. Church, wuitld tender their gratitude to those Gentlemen and Ladies who so kindly and liberally patronized them in their rcccti' Business Meeting. Being encouraged, from the proceeds of their titles, to labour for tho attainment of thior object, '.I ey respectfully solicit urJtrt for work, cither n the more useful or ornamental department of their society. I..S. HERRICK, Sec'tij. Burlington, March If!lh. IS II. lluilitigton Mechanic's Institute. Vermont, its comtilion and prospects: a lee turc at the reading room this (Friday ).evening, bv a member of the Institute. S. FLETCHER Scc'ij. March 29lh, 1SH. Juvenile Concert. There is to be an cxatiiinati in and c.vibition, of Vocal Music, by Mr. Spencer's Juvenile Class, in this villagi on Wednesday Evening ue.l, at early candle light. All Parents, and fr.cmls of children arc invilcd to attend at the new Church. G. Sl'ENCER. Ttachtr. Burlington, March l0ili, IS 11. 3D a dls At Coldicslcr, on the, night of the 22d inst., very suddenly, Mrs Asia Mcvsox, widow tf the laleWil ham Jl iinton, Hsq , of Colchester, aged CG years. In the death of .Mr'. Munson her children can tinly say ihey have lost n kind mother and one of the best of counsellors; niidtho community in which she lived sustains the loss of a worthy member of society. QOMBof ihe neishbors hive three of my PIF.Vr.S O two with rcvipri.-iiims tin l.oilom-, ihe olhcr 1 common wire ridillc. I shall have occa-ion lo use tin-in -hortlv, and would like to get upon ihe track. Burlington, March 23. II. H. STAC V. PECK & SI'EAH, Nczt door tn the German Store, In oonncuion wilh llruz-.. MeihcinH.. i- &-p - uill Iu 1 U11J a coni leie a-Miriinent ol lic-l q nilily DYE STUFFS. H iilingloii.Ojth March, IS 1 1. 43 DISSOLUTION. rT""HE CorARTKKRstilp lieiclcfore existing between X Ullnii D.ll l- A- Win H. Cnrli-. imilnr ihe linn ol Daniil D.ivi. iV Co., 1- this day dis-olvcd bv mil' ttial conscui ; Win. II Curti-a-unies nil the'liabil it of the hrm and I uenuit-s uo"C-cd 11I" nil ils i u. 1 uc name ol tho lirm will t n-eU 111 I, in 11 linon. DANIEL DAVIS Burlington, March 27, '4 1. W.m. 11. CUKTIS. W. II. CUKTIS Tenders his thanks lo the nub lie for the lilerul paironaire he In- rivched, I101T1 wiicn aione nn in oarliicr- 1 n. an in onn i hi-in Mini he li.i-rcnlel the s and in Waier .Slrcel, (oicupicd forn ,eric of tc.trs bv Daniel Havi-, and fur llien-t by l'aiuel I)avi-&. Co.) where he lulciuUtocun- Hani- thu same b i-ine p'ir-iied l.v hi- pre ivc--or w iiii-n cull raee-aiiuo-i evcryartielc l.t-jt in couniry -Ioic-,iiiiiI ho hiipci bv irtention 10 b.isine-s and on- riihliie m all hi- deiliog-, lo meril and relain all lie iiinni-r patrons 01 nils c-laui-limenl, and oLlaiu nan nvw uuea. K 1 1 nvn ,1,... 11 11..;. r, n...:. A. nn u, ..... ,-, ... ,t wv.., l'"" t -" t . uiu-tbupaid imincdiaiclv, or they n, wiMi an uuoriiey tor aiipi-iment. DA.MI.L DAVIS, D A N I EL I) 4. VI , & Co., . WM. II. CURTIS. NOTICE. A V r''rk,n" baying any demands nsaih-t the J.X. lliiiloigti i. JI l Company, nre rcipie-le I to pre cut Ihciu fT pay pen', a-the operation- of the Com p iny wi I lebroiuhllo .in immediate close by the sale ol their properly. "SIDNEY II.WtLOW. A.: Jor B. M. Co. O.'ii- oft , f),,r,', .t .1 ,f 11 1 1 .M-rUi, 7, trill. t sSVI.ES AT AUOTK3N, SATURDAY, MARCH 30, 1844. JJY IIASttVEM, Ai WAIT, (At the stood i.i.iy occupied bv II. Thomas.) A Lot nf DRY GOODS, consi-iing o ni Clothe-. 11 .Mo e .Skin. DfM :nd 1'ir,,..,,,.. I-.I,,.,. I.- , 1 I! ulan-. tc. Al.nn n, io-,,i ...,. -',,, 1 1 hand furoilorc. p iSUOP HOPKINS ON HIIITISH HEFORtlA JJ TION, iiiSiMceu LiMlure-, m-i p it li.l,ur bv V. HARRINGTON. March 23, 1314. 43 Ci-e Col'd. Cambric, 30 Pieee-Sdecia-. 20 do Vicioria TwilN, BIchM Drillintr. Salin Jeans and Foundation. rcceivi'd and fur sale by VILAS. LOOMIS li Co. March, 20 '44. 43 SHEETINGS, i5c. 2i Dales 4-4 and 9-8 Brown Sheetings, 1 Ca.i- 1-1 llleached, do 1 do 3 I do Shirtings, 1 B.ito Burlaps 10 inch, 1 do Ciinya Padding, 2 do Brown Drilling, 5 do Ti,. j g, 10 IV. Paildi'ig, Jut rei eived and for tide by VILAS, LOOMIS ic Co. aiaren, zu ii. NEW GOODS. THE Subscril er baveju-t received a general n. sonmenl of Sprins nnd S inimer Goods, whiih were pnrcha-el for Cash to the bct advantage, nnd wi besoiu nt a smau aovanct-. uitintrv mere haul' wi-Iini? to rcpleni-h their Slocks 1 cf"re going lo Market and ull oilier wishing o purchase at -whole -al-are ri'QUt'sted locall and examine Good nnd prt ees. VILAS, LOOMIS &. Co. March, 20 '41. 43 THREAD, Zfc. inn I-1'. wl"' al'd Cold. Cotton Thread, VJL 300 dozen do Spool do do 50 li s. Linen, 50 Gro-s Round Laeeis, Just reeehed and for sale l y VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. March, 20 '41. 43 BUTTONS &c. Qfin fross Horn Qver Ceiat, Coat anJ Yel But- ev j v tons, lOOG'sPrnnellt do da billion., 250 do Paul nnJ Straps do Coat an I Over coat Cord and Bindings, Sewinir Silk and Twist. Cot. Tape for Woolen Manufacturer iie, fer ..i. i.. l'lr ,: lescvllc r. . March, J7 Vi PERIODICALS FOR APRIL Iiawsos's nnvir.w, bcipgo. 2, lawvs hook. OltAHAM'S MAG I INF,, MISS LESLIK'd do Ac. etc. Beceived by V. HARKINOTON. xyni ainrcii, m i. T1JE TA'I liNT LACE, iNr.sTr.n nr K. P. HANNINt!, M. 1). or riTTSDuntin, tcnnsyhania. ITpLLbe kept lain-tanllyon hand by Dr. Joiim VV W. I'mnnr, id lU-vx, lie having pureha-cd of the original Patentee thu e.nlusice right lo make and rend llio-ninc, within mid for the Counttc ol Chit tcii'k'n, Franklin. I.itinoille, and Grand Ule. The PATK.NT LACK, l ecn before the pub. lie forn nniiil er ufiiioiilli", him lred have hern np plualin diflercnt parlof the cuiuilry, and with n sm-rc- never leforc cq.uall'.'d by nuv riiniahal ngent iViinoroiH well aiilhuilicated deniiciilcipf iibencll cialliill'K'ticcin the removal ofdi-e.i-es tif long stand ing, might I o furnished from lli'Vimuudiate vicinity in ndduimi to the slnteuieiit nf cases nnd ccrtifitnlp-ofitirc-furni-lied by Dr. llannmg nnd olhcrs. Hut llii i not deemed ncivmnrv n ut the pre-enl time. ro Ictcnce can I e git en tti individ'cils wearing iho .ace, in nearly every town in the County. I'hvi'iiitii" have lung lilt Ihe nercMly of a Suppor ter dillerenllycon-truiieil and mure perfect in it adap tion to the human form, than any that had been .re-Ft-nlcd to the pul lic. 'I he inverlion of Uanning'i tneet with their general npprol nlion, n it is ileigiied to rcli'Vu viiiploms, and remedy n eias ol phvi'al tnalailic- wlncii cannot I e readied by medicine nltme. The de-cent ordi-plncement of ihe vi-ccrra Inmi re laxaliou of the abdominal muscles, or oilier cau-cs, IcntN toallcrnnd ileranzelhuliini'lioii ol every orgnu in tlieliiiimin sy,-lem, and, in nnny rn-cs, llu icvi.i Imn Irom Ihe n'aliirnl lieat'hy po-iiinn ol pari', i" ihe o'eeau-col'5ncrn I'lhilny m lla'e. mid Female, of Oytpcpsia', A ei ion- vC the Stomach and Liter, F'alpitulinnuUUt! Heart. Spinal Irritation, Hysteria, tfijwrondiia, Piles. Irolapsus Ultria, Suppression of1 Urine, the Ilrandiitis ol P.i!", no I inci pient Consumption ntl of wh eh will I e much reliev o I, if noi entirelv tcmoted, by the u-e of tho Patent Lace, w hen llieir existence ncau-ed by cle rumrnment an I a mechanical ili-plaeemeni of part, which can I e readily ni enaineil by observing the form ami symptoms n the person ailectcd. Tin-iii-lninieiil ha I een exaiiiinc I byDrs. Moll, Hoper-1, Francis and Gi icoinh of New York the Faculty of I'itt-hursh, llanfordnnd New Haven, and ha- o! -In i ncd I heir favorable ti--t i in--ny. Appli -all m-for ihi- I. arc iiiav I e nude to the nib rril'cr, nl K-se.x, or it Arthur, Hnilimrtou. Patient-at a di-tance will bo visile I at their re-iilence, il required. JOHN W. EMliltV. Ks-cx, March 27, 1811. .13 tl PAPER. 500 Roams letter and cap Paper for sale in exchange lor White and Brown I!ac-, bv VILAS, LOO.M1S ii Co. March 27, '44. 43 CASH PAID T?0l Sheep Pells, and Shipping Furs I'V X' VILAS, LOOMIS &. Co. March 27, '4 1. 1J. FEA TITERS. 2000 Live d'eoso Featlicrs of a -upenor quality of counfry collection 1500 II s Hens Feathers, for sale bv VILAS, LOOMIS i Co. Mnreh 27, '4 1. 43. TIN PLATE, WIRE frc. "TrX Boxes Tin Plate 1-3 X I O IS do do IX Sqr. 25 Packs Itussia, V.n-z. it Am. Sheet Iron, (ill II xe- Can.ida Plates o ipeiior Drand-, BO H'lndlc Wire a 'td. No-. Al-o a scnerul as orinicnl of Tinners nrlicles for sale at pri'-t's that will make il lur the mlere-t ofllio-e wishing iiny arlicles in tin- line locnll and examine llir-irSiock. VILAS, LOOMIS H Co. March 27. 1S11. 43 ESSENCE, $c. Gro E eni-e 2 02. vial-, 10 do Milne. 75 10 do llrilisli Oil, f r sale .- VILAS, LOOMIS rf- Co. March 27, '44. -13 Daxid rrench, ) Chittenden Cucntt Coinr. Octoler Term, 1313 r. I Peter Otren andhis t rustee I Patrick Airs'!. J "TTTIIEHKAS, al Ihe Octoler Term of this Court VV A. D. 1S13, D.uid French, t f Willi-ton. in sni. Comity, filed hi- ooclaration with the Clerk thereof, nramst PcicrOwen, now a re-ii!ent of St. Jtdin, in the Province of Canada, late of Ilinc-bnrgh, in tatd Coiinly, nnJ Patrick .a-li, or rrgi'nttts, in the Coiiul, of Atkli-oit, Tnt-tee ol -aid Owen, tlevlarins: on a no'e, dated June J h, IS 12, payal lo tti said French or drier, in one year from dale," for live hun dred dollar-; and tin- said French hating appeared in hi- proper per-ou, ana 11 not appearing 10 -nid Court that the said Owen ha J had personal notice of the pendency ol sail s ut i Therefore, il i- ordered by the Court that the said cause be eniilinncd to ihe net lerm thereof, nnd that thel lerle be 1 irecicil 10 pul li-h Ihe suh.-iaiice ol .-mil dis laratitiii in llic FrcePre--, a new-paper primed al Burlington, jn said County, three weel.s mcce-sivcly, the la-l of said publication to I o twenty diy before tlie next term ol -lid Conn. E. A. f-TAN'SIIL'RY, Dtps Clerk. Hurlimlon, March 231, 1311. 43 w3 Sntlt-y .lllner's, Estate. WE the iiberilrr-t having I een nppoinlcd by the Honorable ihe Proba'e Co irl for the Dis Irict 1 f Cliilicnileii, couimi inner- to receive, exam ine and ni'j i-t the claim nnd demand- of nil per-ons as-ainst the c-iaieof SAI.LI Y MINER, late ofJer seyville, 111 tin County ol Jer-cy, and State if Illi nois, deceased, rcpre-entc I insult cut, ami al-o all claims and ileiuaud-exh bitttl in oflsctt therc'o; nnd six months from the day of the dale hereof, being allowe I by said Court for that p irpo-e, we do there fore hereby give notice, that we will intend to Ihe bu-ine-s of o ir appointment, at the Siote of HEN JA.MIN FAlltCIIILI), 111 Milion, in said di-tnet, on the liifte-eulli ilays of -May nnd August next, at 10 o'i lock, A. .'L, "il e'ach e f snid day.. Dated, tin lo hd.iy of Pel rnafy, A. D., 1841. F.EAZAU AUSTIN, ) Coinmis- 43w3 1-EN.H.MIN FAIItlMIII.D, sioner. posnivn ai,e ok tvooidis and COTTON MACHINERY. O.V WEDNESDAY 3 1 of April, nt 10 o'clock, on the prcmi-e-, the valuable .Machinery lately l y fongmg to the Nepon-et Manufictiirin? Cnm'iaiiy, at Catilim, Ma., nil in fine or 'er, comprising in pan n- fi.lto.v-, to wit : 1 Ind'trii Crin.V-r j S Pi.'U-r-j 34;J inch 1-t B1e.1l.or Car lim Mai-liine. ; 19 30 inch 2and3 Bi'ca'.er do. do. 9 36 inch Fini-limg, wilh Conilen-er-i 4 43 inch 1-t I'ard. : I 3G inch I -I do. do. (do il le) ; 2 30 inch 2 and 3 do. do. f-tnzlc); 3 3G mih 2 and 3 do. do. (double) 1 -2 30 inch Fim-b-er-, (-ingle-ii 3 30 inch ilo. (do ih'e) j 3 Jack-, 210 S'lin He-.; 1 1 do. 120; 2 do. 190 do. ; UII0 Jack Spools; 100 M. Warp and Fillnp.'Hohl in; 120 Yarn Boxes; 75 do. Ila-I, cl- 4 C.t.-jnu rc, with Copper Cylinders, 1 Kersey Die.ser, with Copper (Min der; 0 Winder.; 2 Drawing Frame-and 330 Ore ser Spool.: 5G t'li-sunere Looms : 8 Cimeit do. -. i ri.,,. ..o. , ao et i.oou niir-j ; xuu setts liar- ne-se-t li Loom noxe. ; 7 Up nn I Down (J -, 2 Yorkshire do : 875 Hat for Teazel-: 10 Shcarine- Machines t 1 Shear-Grinder : 2 llni-him-!:i -lime. : 2 Rollins; do. ; 2 Hvdr.iiilicPre-se's, rjry valuable; 3 Seiow Pre.(t).) 10,500 lbs. Press Plait',; 5 gross rre i.ipcr-. Cotton Machinery 1 Coiton Picker: lOdoCnrds: 2 G bca I Drawing Frames ; 4 CI Spindle Spinning h ramus; 3 SO do. do. do.: 2 Tauntun Sneeders i 1 Cotton Dre-ser; 2 Warper; I Circular Saw: 1 Logwood Chipper: 15 pair Fitlllnir Sloel.s : I Roller Wa-hing Mill lojcther Willi a great variety of oth er Mm hiiicry, Tool-, cVc. eVc, usually belonging lo a Manufacturing e-tabli-hinenl. The whole may I o examined on any day I clore the nilc. A Cat'alugne win ue prcparcu in ouo sen-nn, on which tlie terms nndcon hlioii ol sale will be slated. The sale will lepereininrvnnd Ihealtciittoa of purchasers i ar liciilany culleillo it. it"liie lio-lon ami Provilcnce Itailroml Cars slop within a quarter of a inilo of tho Factory, 42 w-2 WIIITWELL, SHAVER & Co. i And. NOTICI3. IN consco,'ience of thu cinnnued sickness of Dr. Heiiiel erg ihe under. igned will ih olvc partner ship iiiiineih'alely ; and therclore, will seil out their s'ock of goods, t-nn-ii mar of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES & LIQUORS. Men hanls nnd oilier- nie in vile I to call and purchase, ns they will liud tho Goods, under those cire-unisiances very cheap. Also, we leg respectfully lo invito tbo-c who owe us lo pay their Hccoimt iininediali'ly, if not we.'shall 1 1) under the necessity of co'leciinir ill their expense. ,. M. OSTI1EIM ci Co. Ilurlington, March 21, 1811. T JFK AN J", SPEECHES OF HENRY CLAY. lu 2 vols. 1,00 and 1,2J. "Ihe A.hland Text Boo'.. 124. Ntiional Clue Minstrel. n ., l, l, i. nrcfixctl a Li-tch of the I.'ifo, Pobbo Services and liurucier ot llenry iav. I'noe 23 cents. 42 By A. EDWARDS. WRONGS nf Worn nn, Ji.'sh', Lion, nn Coin biuation. Hy Charlotte Eliza! eth, Dr. A Iron's Yo ing House Keener : Conversmi. n en the Parables-, By Hon. Lord Slanli'v The Far- liil-r..illic; nt, ssuiltvy ill, STIHIII), y 42 A. EDWARI'8. S'lXTKEN Lecture on the Causes, Princit.les, anJ Resiilla of the British Iteferinalton, j)y John Henry llrpkins, Hiihop nftho Protestant Epise-opal Cluircb iu Vermont. 49 Py A, FDWAllPS, HATS FASHIONS, 18 14. fo r Ctl.Vltl.l'.S A. SUVMOUH, OFKKI1S lo hiseutonnT',nn I the public genernlly, a large n -Uncut of i!ATS .of the lalot New York bit le, ci'ii-i-ting ol iii:avi:r hats, OITF.ll do. M'TIIA do. I1IICSH do. t'ASSlMI'.Ui: ilo. PKAItl MOLE SKIN do. FATItA do do. COMMON NAP'U do. WOOL do. nil of which a re ullcrol lor sale on fnvoroblu lcrin, and nt low price". Mill nude to order on short noliec. Merchants who wi-h In nnrt-ha-e hats of gnou nualiiv hvilio dozen, aie invited to call mid examine Ihe sloek'nnil price- at ihi" e-lnldi-htiHiil Pearl Street, March 22, 1841. tf NAHKATIVi: OF THE TEXAN SANTA FE tXPKDITION ! lonipri-ingn De-criptinn of 11 Tour Ihrough Texas nnd acro-s the great Soullwrii Prairie", the Comanche and CaVRim Huniing Oro'iiids, wilh un Aceounl of thu Sinlerings IV0111 wnnl of fond, lo-ses from ho-tile Indians, nod final capture of tin: Texan-, nnd llieir march ns Pri-oncrs to the ntv ol Mcu o. Willi lllii-lrations nnd a Map. Hv Gf.onoi: Kr.NtiAl.t., F-q. Elegantly pi ni'.'d atiu bii'in I lit l'.m y niu-lin. Price Si 60. I'iie n Novel. Trtn-lated from the I?'l--innof l.aei( hui.-ko.f. By 1 hoin.u II. bluiw, I). A. Price 1-2 cent-. Tun Cn'-oved One Price 121 cent... u Novel. By Mr-. Holland. FonTUMn IIiiNTnni or, The Adtentures o n Man AboiilTown. A Novel of Saw Yurie Society. By Mrs. Helen Berkley. Itoni O'Monn, Hy Samuel Lover, Esq. Trice 23 ceiil-. . . The Jew, translated from thu German. Price 2j The MisiEntus or London, No. 1. Price 125 ct-. Gcinr. ron MAnntno Ladies, during the periods of Pregnancy, Lai or nnd .Sickling, with dnections lor treatment of Infant-, tly Mr.. Harwell. Price 2jits. D'Audiune's Great Wouk on the History of the ltcfurmaliun e l' ll.e Sixtecu'.h Ceulury, wilh nil the nolvs. I'riiu 50 cents. The O.MNlncsor Homasck, (Six Inside!) Containing Mai e) tin' Ai'tre , The lle-eiii'l Null, 'I he Capilnli-I, Pe Leloni'iie, . Wonderful -lorvof Peter Schlcmi hi. ntrl The Gentleman's Daughters. All Tor iJ cents. A new supply of Aral I'lla Sluart, Cliii-lnia- Carnl, Kendall's .laik-on, and'- Puritan-. 42 By A. EDWAKDS. rpilE Demoiratic Keueiv fi.r Mr;-b for l 1 20.1. March. I2 V. IIAKIUNC. I ON. J. ltOWKI-K Jr. & Co. iMPonrr.ns .si nt:.u:its x FOREIGN & DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, So. !0 IVo.'cr, contcr nf Congress Utrcet. KEEP Con-tant'v on hand nil descriptions nl u oou-.K, Cotton, Silk and List;.' Goons, ol Forei-ii and Domestic Manufncltire, STUtr Goons, TaIloh-' TalMMlsos. tf-c. ewe., wlticlt Ihey will sell on Ihe ino-t rea-oiiahle lerm- an I tu w hull ihey invite tho attention ol" purch.i-ers. llo-ioit. Manh. lSU IN' IJANIiltUrrtY. NOTICE to nil creilitotsand olhcr persons ininler est, thai by order of the District Court ol the. United States for the District of Vermont, n diudind out of the assets of LEONARD M. DIXON. tr Un derbill, n Bankrupt will be maile nnd tlcclared hy the Court on thu ninth tlay ofAprif ncvl, at ten o'clock forenoon, nt tho ofiico of Samuel Prentiss, District Judge, in Montpelier, in said llisitict.ainong thecrctl iiors who shall hate proved and filed proofs of their debts before said day, unless sufficient cause bo then and there shewn 10 the contrary. Dated the lllh day of March. 1311. U EDWAIID II. PllENTISS, Clerk. E SOU Sir GRAMMAR. flinAOIIEUS are invite I to '-all ill Harrington' A and u inline SWIXPS Grauiuiar ofllio Lu-gli-h Lingiiagc. In I sinii, to-nv Hit it 1 con'lriiclrtl on the bais ol Murray,nnd has already I een"iiilrod'tcc.l 11H-. nicli -chool. a "Kimball Union Academy" and the "Norwich I'liitcr-iiy," eerlilicate- from the Friii'-i-pal'sof which may be ecn by Iho-e.who are in'ere-l-el. The lirt cdpioii having been exhausted wilhin one year from the tinieol'it lir-l publicalion, the Ml tlior ha- spent no ch lime in reiishnrand enl.ircinu il, and Ihe Piibiher t iler- the 2 I edition, .villi the con fidence llint whenever it 1 examined, it will leap proved. Il couiaiiis inore mailer than any olhcr Grammar iu nec NOTICE. iodo'itel to the firm of JOSLPII J HATCH, it Co., arc hereby notihVJ lo o.ll and scllle the same immediately and snto "'"-t. 1 JOoLPIl HATCH. Rurlingion March, 8, 1811. 41w3. FOR SALE AT AUCTION. rXMIE farm lately ow ned and oc npied by E enezer . Allen, itecea-eii, -iluaiiM in i;oiciio-iir, iw o nine, north ofi ho .Meeting Ilou-e, containing nboul 7.) acre ofi;ooilLin'l abo il one half under improvement. ...;i. ifonil iWellni? honp and harn ncailv r.ew, i1 nikl well iif water, a L'ood Orchard mid woi.l lot. In niir-iriiice of an order Irom the Hon. Proltfe Court 1 ,,rr m-i- io si ll to the hiuhe-t I i I ler ilieal oveile-i rib ol farm, on the priiinse-, the 30ih ilay of March ins'. Alsosome Inrmiiitr tool-, some household lurniliire, about 15 tons of hay, tocetlier with variou- other aril tie-. CUAlll.l-S COLLINS, Adm's. Colchester, Manh 12, 181), 4l"i TAILO ING. P ('ALLAN has returned lo the Fnlla nnd open - .,d , shoo n iKi-iieJ. W. Weaver's store. Tin' patron T'eof hi. form "r frit-nds and the public gi'lierallv, I- respcclfullv liciicil. Garim nls cut or made by him nre warranted to fit Biiibngion Falls, Jlareli Vi, IB11. -i u AFI-.W copies of O't-ONNLL'S Historv of Ire land, fur Vile by V. IIARUINGTON. .March 12, IS II. 41 T7AINWRIGI1TS Edition of the Book of Coin innn Pravcr lllusiroted one of the most hentiful sjit ciiticns of prinlini! and binding ever produ ecu mini. f..)i . ,Yi iiAKRINGTON. , Win. ICIlliiii n', r.-itate -I'cllllon to sell l"d sTlMTK OF VKHMO.NT. ) A T n seici of the ni.lricl of Cliiltemlen. s.. ( J Prol ill" Court held at II irliii.non willmiaiid lor said ili.irict nfChlltcll ilea on ihe sivond Wwlne-dav of .March, A. D. 1811 i-nnii'. A n it k'lllnrn. .'Tiviitrix of the lllSI Will llll I ll's' tunieutof Wdlinin Killlsirn. late ol said Il'irlington, ,1 nH.I ,,,! (il,.. nid court her petition in writ in lt. set tl ii lt fi ti li tli.ll lliu said William died seized nnd i,n.Hit nf ihe following ile-cril eil trail or par eel ol land, situate iuaid Burlington, viz. about onu t-igluh of an acre ot laud on the south side ofMain Slrcel with n dwtlluigho'i-o thcienn, bouniliil west by Nalluin B, Ha-well' land, hi'ins.' thu same land nil dwi ling house occupied bvihe-nid WiPiini, previ to and at the lime of hi-dealh : that said land I incumbered with a mortgage exe-cnied by the said William, III In lilcinnu, to t'hilo I'oi.mnc, to sccitri1 Hie payment ol In u hundred ilellnr-, anil llic iniere lliereou. which rciniu.. unpaid : that the debts allow ed hy tho contnii-sioner ngamt the e-ia'e of ihe said William nre 02.00 excl'iive of said mort that i Iif, iitiisii.i'. oruiliomislering-nid e-tnle are not le. than eighty dollars 1 that the inventory of the personal e-taie, conitmg oi uousenoio i inuum nmo'inis to 8121.2 1, ihailtho personal i inulli cicni fur ilm i.avmeiiil.if ilu-deM duo Irom said i-inli1 and, the expen-e of ndnu'iii-lralion mid (lint it will be iiecs-ary lo nil real I'slale for that pnrpo-e; thai said retlee-tate issosiiiiattslthtit a pait ofilcnnnol I omlJ wiihoiit injury to those iulcrfii' I ill the remainder, and praying sai I court to grant her licemo lo sell the whole of said real e-taie', ngiccably to the statute in snc!if'ai infill.- .in I .troi' Whercipon, the conn a fore-a id, dot h appoint thu second'e-iliy of April, 1811, for hearing anil e ilcciding on said pe'ilinn, al the uflf.'C of Ihe Register e.fsai.1 court, in s.,,,1 Ibi.linglt,.., nt ten o'clock in the. e-la.e.o stid .. uoin s r a n, . - -forenoon, nnd .toil, order that all per-nti iitten-ti-l ! lire-1 rat 01 ae. o. it, lb 1 ol i K i,J . an I tniotilio.1 thereof by publication of this ortlor con slice es.ivell. in ll, lt.l,,,n,. Free IrH.. II lll'WMI.f .uiiiinte tne siii'sinnee 01 sain pciittou, iniiii ""i" net priutitdln said 11 Irlington the la., nf which piih- licatioiis to I o previous tu sai I second WisJny of April, mi 1. Giicn under my baud at said Burlington this 13th daynfMarch, 1811. 4.v3 Wm. WESTON, Itetister. NEW HOOK I AN Inquiry into the Ministerial Commission, by the He'v. Lloyd Vjndsnr, rcolor ol Oraco Church, Uickp.ri, N, Y. Containing a Chapter on Sticcr.ssIoH, nnd anoihef mi Hhhimn El'iscor act, llit, inO-l npproveil wmk on llie-o sub j'ects yet p'tbli.he.1, -Jd Billion, Enlurgeil and revised, Just received an 1 lor ale at ,,,, 4 MARRING I ON'S, SKI.KOT HCIIOOI, VOtl (illtl.HJ HOYS, fltlli: first term nf lliiJ Schnol will coiniiicncoon J tin'. Ill Mnndav of Ihe prcsei.t tiiunlh. Tuniov-:i,00. Schuol-ltooins our II. Mnvo's store, west side of lliL'trjuare. J, Jl. I1UKLI., Teacher. Hurlingfon, March lllh, 1311. II If . WOO 1,1 WOOL!! rpiIF. subscritier would respectfully inform the pco i. plo (tint ho ir prepared to make wool into clolh for nil that wish lofnror htm with their custom, viz. s Plain Cloths, Cnssiincre.and Flanncl,for the following prices! Plnm Pl"tli, light mix colors, 23 cenl't Cnimcrr. 30 cents t Plain Cloth, dark mix or full color-, 30 cents i Cassiinero 37 cents, ami Flannel delivered white, Hi cents per yard fur cash, or half of the clolh when finished. Also, Carding wool In tolls nnd dresing elo'h. THITOllOUF. I). LYMAN. North Ferrisburgh, .March 15th, 1311. It inG Panic! A', IJcicey, CiiiTTr.sDi.N Cou.srr t.'oinT, v. I Daniel l. LirhamA. O.'tdber Term, 151 nmi Ins I rtutett f licubtn Sims and I Merrill I'ellotcs. I Yinil-'lll'A" nl tin- O lolcr Term of ihi Ccmrl, V V A. I). 1813, Daniel N. Dcwev of Williainslown in ihe County ofllerk-hiri' .111 1 Stale 1 f Mus.ochu stils, (lied his declination wilh the Clcile Ini'icof, ngam'-t Daniel P. (,niliani,,iii tlie-ni.'lCn'Ui-tv ol lierk-lure, nnd UV11I rn Nim and Merrill I cl-lim-s. Tni-lies of said Lapham, in no action of Del t on n judgment rcn It red ly tho Cu irl ofComnioii Ple.ts of 1 Ik- ii t'o miv of ller'.'shiro 011 the fourlli M011- ilnv of October, 1810, fi.r lliu sum ol lime liuiniu u and thirty (foliar- mid scvenly-liU' i-cnl- damage--, and twontvoiic dollar- and umcly-ii'neri'iit en-l-, nnd dciiiaiidinvr in daiinu-e. the -nm of livo bundled dollars: an I the -aid Dewxy li.iTinir appeared al said Ociol cr term of llns Cunrl, I y Aaron I). May nurd hisnttorney i and H nnt npiie.iriui lo the Court that Ihe said Daiih I P. Lapham I I had per-onal no ticeof the iiendeucy of -aid -nit j Tiii.nEtoni:, it is ordered by tho Court that the .ni.l I I'liiiiiniii'd 10 thu next term theicol, nnd that tho Clerk I eiliicclcl It I lishtho Mihslanoe of -nid declaration in lite FrcoPrcM a new-paper pul I ibIh- I al But I melon 111 -aid Comity, three weeks -ut eo, the la-l of Mid p th!i '11110111 to Lo twenty day- l-cloic the next leiir ol -nui e.i uit. E. A. STA.VSBL'RY, Dep: Clerk. Itnrlimrloii, March II, 1811. ' 41 w3 William J'. Urhgr, "I Cum eniien Cocntt Cocut llnyus llraulon, oil, on, J foil. I lltnrtl llraylan William Ilraylon. Octoler Term, IS 43. anil I Snlnmnn J. Daris. I "iirilEHEAS at tin: October Term of this Court, W A.D. IS 13, William P. ling,'-, ol I! irlinglou in -ail Comm. hied hi- t'lvl.iia'ion with the t ier' ihereof. n ciiu-1 linfii- Hindoo. Henry Br.ivlon Wil am I r.tvlnn and .Solomon -I. IMvi-, all ol A 1 1 11 rsrn, m the Coiitnv ol (iiaml l-le. tV. hiring on a utile 1I.1 led J.tnuaiv 20 It, IS 13. paynble 10 -anl llrisg- or In- tm'i'i' at tlie raruii r-' and .Mcch tuic-' Bank 111 B ir nion. 111 Ihrte intuiih- from tla'e. lor the sum ol live mid. ii and Iwcii'v-er.'ht tlollar- nnd i-iglitv-lwn cut-, 11 I (Icmaiiiliiig 111 ilam.i'.'i's the Mini nl eight unilriM dollar-: nun tlies.iiu lur.'g- 11.1 vmtr nnp-ir 1 in In- primer person ! ami H not appearinir 10 Ihe Court thai nil ol tho -aid llilcndanl- had li 1 1 perso ,1 noiico oft 10 iis'tideucv ol -itid -oil : inr, il is on Vie I by tlie Cunr. that the -aid lU-c 1 .'continued 10 the next lerm thereof, and that the Clerk tedirecled tn p ibli-h Ihe -uli-lain e ol Ihe aid ih'clara'ion 111 the I iti'Prc?-,.i new paper print 1 at lI'iriiiiL'ton, 111 saitl Louoly, Ihrce wee- snc- e ively, the last ol surd ol lictlious to Lc twen'v lavs tclori- tlie next term ot -am ' uurl. E. A. KI ANSIIUKV, Dep: ( lerL. Il'irlington, Match II, 1SU. 41 w3 H'i'iti Hrisgs, "I Chittendi:n C'oi'.stv Cuikt, v. I Daniel P. Lapham, ) ami hh Trustee Octoler lerm, 1B4J. M,rrill I'ellaim. I TT 7IIKIIi:AS nl iho Octoler Term of this. Court V A. D. IS It, Willhtm P. Ilriggs of B trlmgion a il Ciimiic. h e wil l the Clcrli Ihcrc I hi- ileum .until nen n-t lame 1'. I.npham, oi laui-, pi nie oiinti' nf I ie-r ks nie ant Stale or.il3-ilcli'l-cll-, ami Merrill l'. llow of Ricliuiond. in said Chillen Pniinii-. Trn.ii 1. oi'.nnl Loo i. nu. in an in lion ol a 111111111 will he conimoil coins, nun llic -am Bring at Ihe Term albre-.ud appeared .u lourl in lit i.roTier ncr.oii : an I it in t nppcariug to the Com t ih it ilm ml l. ipliiin had hail pcr.onal notice ol'lhe euilcncy of Ihe-nid -ml ;, it ioroerel hy tho Uourt that the nul cao-i-1 econliniiedto Ihe next teiin llicrenl, niul thai the Clerk I c directed to tmbli-h the -ub-laucc of the said declaration in the Free Pie- u new-paper Burlington in said Comity, Ihrce wceli iiccc-sivch, the la-t (! taut publication- to 1 e Iwen , day- lelorc the next lent- ol'sai I Court. I. A. STA.NSIII.'lt Y Dep! Clerk. 15 irlmglon, "MarchJI, "" ":! Kern if- Walker, CiiiTTLNIjr.S Col'nti Cir.iT. : . f ... Simeon I). .I.iitnson. J u 'p i er i crm, ism. WHEREAS Daniel Kern and Moloition ui'.i'r, l.ile partner in trade under llic linn of Keru I at the Octo' er 1 Vrin of ,ai .1 Court li'ed their iVf!nr.nion with the Clerk thereof, declaring on a n "le dale I Nnvc'itl er 0 h, IS 11. 0 ivub.'e lo the -nid plainli I' by ihe name ol Kern and Walker or order, in four month- after date, lorlhe-iim of-ix hundred air fonvthriedollars nnd one cent, valce received, nnd ileinaniling in ilam ige the mm of one thoii-ainl ilol- ir-: nu l the -ant piuun I nppennn nu-- '-i ' nm' f sail Court, l llenry l.e.ienworlli hi-utlt rney ; in I r nol appearing to lliu sum i o in inn nr -am Joliu-on had had personal notice ol the pctueiicy ot Tii'I'r'i'cnnp.. it is o.-derelhy snid Court that the aid eu'i-e be cont'iiueil to the ncxi term thereol and lliu O'er'; I e direct. -d to P ll li-h the -n' s anci: of -aid ! moil in the Free t'n , n iicw-papiT pu ii-n at B.irling.uii in snid Coiinly, three wceU iui-eie-ly, ihe la-l of which pul lioniion- to be twenty iajs I'cfoie Ihe next term of-aid Cour'. 1.. A. S I ,.ilii;iit , nep: i.icn:. B irlington, March 11,1311. -II w3 llhumer Ulakehj, "l CiilTrrxmis Cocntt CocnT, .r.iinrs Lnncshore. I Octi her Tei 111, lg 13. XT II HI! HAS at thcO'loler Termnfihi Conn, V A I). 13 13. i hauler H!al,c v. ol t.'olche-lcr, lid Co inly, hied hi declaration' in tho cilice of the Olcrl. of -aid Cnuii, n.'ntii! Jain- l.unghore, nl Ilurlington, in -aitlCo.iity, m an actum nu i.not.-, uc In,., in o.p tin. -nm of two hunilre I doll ar um! tl osnid Blakclyatthe term afore-aidappeaieilin m Coin 1 v t harli' linsscii hi- attorney; ami ii not appearing lo said Co-til that the slid Lang bore I, ..I I, .,1 ,,..r.nn;il nonce of lliu I.CIldcllCV lit sUid l'll i Tiii-.nnniBi:, il i-orilcrc.i nyine sai i uun i' snid cause be ci ntiiiiicd to llicmxt term HiciC' f, and thai the I lcrk of said I ediiec!."! to pub'tsli the .1..,...... ,,i , ... ... . ,!,. .irnti ii pi a iicw-p i ii-ri-.i'i- Coniiiv, lur lluce w'cok u-cc-iv'ly, the last of said p d.lie.ilioii.lo I e twenty days 1 1 fore the next lerm l- lir .1 i.liisrl at II llil gtoil. Ill -am "a" E. A- STANSIIURY, Uep: Clerk. Ilurliuglon, Man h 11. IS 1 1. 41 w.i liiliti I'oniiroj'-. 13- tate ITTI : nie ili-cnhcrs, Ii ivmg I n appohi'cd by V lb- llnnoral lo ihe Prnba'e Conn Inr the Di- tri of Chittcn 'i'ii, conimi--ioners to receive, exam- me tin I a Itn.i ihe c -a nu and ileitiainl ol nil tieroiis ngaui.t the e inleol JOHN POMFHOY, laic tf Bur- lmginii in sai l Di-lnel, ilit ea-ed, te'pre cntol in-oi. vem. nn. I nl-o n'l claims and ih m lud- exhi'ale.l in nil' el lliereto; and six months I rum the day nflhe ilae bercol, I emy allowe I I y niu i n in lor in it ptirio-c, we tlo therefore hereby pile iioiice, that we will at tend to the business nf' I ur appointment, at the otlice ol John N. Pomeroy. in Iliirlmglon, in aid Ui-lr.ct, nn Ihe lir-l Mo iday nl July nu I .-op'emuer next, at in o'clock, A M., nu each of haul days. Dalai, this y.liilav nl iian-n .. ii. ion. EITHER LOOMIS, ).. PHIEO DOOLHTLK, T Asa I,, l.yoit's Ustatc .l'ctlllnii tosill l.atid. STA'I'I! O-' l7.VMfO.YV, I AT n Pio'nte District of ('hilii-n.V'ii, s. ) VY Court liel.l al Biir'inaton, wiihm nnd for said distnei of Clniicndcn, on ihe lllh day nf Manh, A. D. 1811, come Ivviru M. Beiion, niiiiini-lratri of ihe e.ta c nl" A n I.. Lyon, Ia n nl SliellHirn in mid th-irict. iVve.r-cd, all I life iu saul co irt her pennon m wr ling, eilingfnilh lint the snid A-a L.ilusl seized ol iilnul lifiy neic of laud lying Iu -ui IShclb irn. 1 eing ihcland 011 wh ch he lived previously toaudntlheltuienf lii-tleathl tha. ,nid land i incline eied wilh a luorlgage, siven by. nid Asa L. in his lifetime, to George A. Allen, to sc. core the patmi'iit nf seven h mdied dollars and in-ti'ic-l, which iciiiain due and unpaid-, an I t-al-i) 111 cum! cred with a life lease In Mary l. an for tlio-e.'ii-rity nf her niaintcuamo 1111 1 s ipporl iluimg her hlej ihot the personal c-iato nf the said A-a L- a iiltcii lorietl, amoiin'edliiS2l3S3, of which then- now re mains nn hand, at the iipprai-al, roperly ol the vab.e nf slS0,.VJ; that the dc' 1 allowed by the nouum--sioner again-t said esla'o aiiiount 0197,90, 1'xi-hi nve nl sail mor'gngei that there 1- i'iie from sail ,i,,i ti will In niiw-arv to soil the wlu'c nl sail laud, siil'iivt to said uiit uiil muc s, Inr the payment ' Ot tlll'.lclll. .1 10 iron. Sim u-i.o. .. ".' '- . . ' - U'',''',''ilra(l!'"II' uri''to'" cl! t Iip liist eV sniel taiiili , ijw .' . su.h case male and proM.k'l I hi'mnpon. the conn afure nidih'ih appoint the 30 Inlay f March. Oil .n...'..r it... It.-"i.ier of snid court, in said Iliirl.nglcu for lii-ariiig ano coioing, iiii ..ia j-eonoi. .it in. and doth order that ail person iniero-toJ bo iiuulicl therenf byp'iblioalion nf this IMT, eont.iiiui.g the mlislance nt snid ietillnn, three weeks .ucccssiii'ly 111 .i... n. ..i. ..,.,, I'm' Press. n newspaper primed m said Ihirlniglop, the la-t j'l Which publi'-.J ions to le prct ion to the saioaOh day of March, 1811. Given unternt)' landat said Uur.iugtoii, this 11 tit day of .March, il I. WMi wnsT0N( nc,ittif, Oliver lloward'i I'slnte. STATF. OF VIMMONT, I rMIE Hen. the Pro' Di-lnel or fl'iiili n !ei ) L I n't- Court f r llic Di-lricl of f.'hilleutlcn i 'In n'l pervons eoiiicrncd In tho e-tn'o tifOLIVIIH IIOWA1ID, late -nid Dl.iricl, decca-e.l, qnr.i.Ttvo., Tabula Hownr.l, execnlnx d Ihe hv-l will mid tcsinnietit of snid ilivca-cd, prniio-eslu ten der nn itec it of her itdiniiii-lrnlioii, nnd pie-cul Irer account nzniu-t siti I u-la'o lor examination nnd al lownmunl a se-ion of the Oen 11 1 of Piolmlc, In I o hol'enal the llegi-lct'-olfi -e, iu lliirlinglon, ill said elutrlrt, on Ihesreond Well lay of April next. TiirtiEHiur., Vo l nre horohy tiotilieil I" nppi at 1 e fore mi lit coorl nt the. lime and pl.ite nfuie-nid, and liewcaii-e, if any you hue, why the n' count nlorc said should nol 1 1; allowed. tlncn nii'lcr niv liaml at irlinglon, this 7iruaj of March, A. II., 1311. i VtA l L' ' 1-1 " T Ucul.itnlii II. -SMfi'i Estate. STA'I'I! ()!' IV'i'.lO.YV, ' rilHK Hon. the District nf Chiilnidcii. F. ( I Prol nte Co irt for Ihe Hi-lricl of ( hill li 'en I I'm nil per s con cerned In the Esmieof lll-NJAMIN II. SKIFF, la:c of Ch.ulolle, iu said District, dc. cascd, eerirr.Tiso.'.A-, Pally ll. Ski l. Adiniiii-lrninx of the e-- laie ol Mini deceased, propiws In lender nil nis ouiil ol her iidniinl-lr.'i'iiin, nnd pre-enl lie r mcvi.ihh .i-mii-l aid e-lnte lor exatninalion ami allowance nl 11 -c -inn i,f thu Court ol Prohttc, lobe hulden nt the Heir- i-tci's ollice in Burlington un lliu second ednesd.iv- of April next. Tut ri.h tic, VO't nre herel V notifiedtn nnpcnr I e- foresaid conil nl lliolimo and lace nloie-nid, nnd shew eau-t',il'any V"" hue, why the account nforc said -honld imt I c allowed. Given tin ier mv ImiiJ nt liiirling'on, II11-Olli oiy of March, A. D. 1311. 1IM3 v.m. i i..yiu., licgislcr. Tlmolliy li:!'- Estate. STATE OF VERM'.. V, 'S 'IT. '.,onora1Ie the Dilrtct nf Chitlcnue", ) , robati' Court u lib- lit and lor Ihe Di-lrict of hittcmVn I I o the credi tor nn 1 others concerned in the e-l.ilc of TIMOTHY BLISS, lale nf Jericho, in nid disirict, dcceu-c.l. U m-.Hr.AS, .eliinu lllis-, aduiints'rntor nl tlie e- lalo 1 1' -aid cc-ei-el, ha made npplica'ion to tni Ctiitrt, to extend tho lime Into, id (or malting payment of the del 1 and settling ll.e e-tale nf nul dccei el. twi'Keiiitnith. from thcSllh tlay of Apnl, 1SI I. nnd llic sectnul Wcdnc-ilnv of April ivxi, be-ng a-s-giicd lor n hearing in the prt'tni-e-, ai the o'lice ol tin- lit g- i-terolthi- Court, in B iibnglnii iu -aid di-trict nnd ll li lying I e-en ori'ere I that uo's-e Ihereof I e given, I y puldl-lung III s di'cico three we'e!,s-iie -e ivclv ui I lie I irtiltgtoll I rt-o Pre, a new non-ter mu,!i-o:it lliir. tington, I eforc the time fixeil for bearing. Tlicrelore, yininre hcicby noiiiicl, lo appear I cfore aid Cour', at the lime nn I pfp-e afore-aul, llieiinnl here, lo tiial e ohii'i'tmn if any vo I h lve, io the -aid 1 It tu- nf payment I iing lurilur extended as aforc-ai.l. linen nntn r mv iianaat ti irini''ton. im u n iiuvi.f March, . D. IS 11. 10 w3 W.m. WESTON, Itcgi-tcr. STAT F. O F V E R M U N T , I The Hon. the I'm- Di-ln-t nf Clntteir'cn, I late Court l"r : lie District of Ch lO'ii'Vn : To nil ier-ijn.cnii'-criic I in the E into ol Tl MO I'll Y BLISS, late nl Jt'N ho, tit ail Di-tnet, di-i ease I. Gukktino v lir.RH.v-. .cl'ina lilt". Ailm nilralnr ol the E ateof-aul tlcea-ed, prono-c lo render an accomit of hi ndniini-ira i ui, nnl pre-ent hi- ni'cotint ngaiii-l -aid estate fur exaimmition andallnwancc at a -e sion of the Co.irl ol Probaie, to be Iml 'en at the I'cgi-tn'-o'iii c in I! irliug'on in said di til'-'t, oil the second I'dttesdav 1 1 April next. TilF.r.i.i'our., Vo l tiro betel v nrtilied In nprcn I cloie said court at tho lime an I place alorc-aitl, and hcw cvi-e, if any vol have, why ihe nccount albrc .ud slio ihi not 1 e ullowc.1. Given tin 'cr my baud at H irlmglon, ihi 0 h day of Man h, A. I). 131 1. 40 w 3 WM. WF.sTON. Register. I'ctlllou to sell Land. STATE OF HRMONT, . A T a -e-lim of the I itnct ol Chntcttilcii. --. t IX. Prob-iie I'o-irt held at Burliiigtoii wiihiu nnd fi r -inJ di-lrict ol ('litllcn ib'o, on the 20'ln'ay ol Fc'riur.-, A. 1). 1311, i niue , in.i nda Norion, uiio is gtnidian nl Ri X'liin t d.i Norton, Nn'lnniel tl. N rum, I'an.ei J. .VorHin,A. Sarah Aim ra N"i i ton, id ol lluu-l urcli in -aidih-ln 'i iiiinorcliitdren ol.lohn ., rlon,la't"T-aid lline-p-tr-'h, iieci-a-e ',inic-iaic, aivi nie- m slid v uurl her petition iu w rt'ing setting forih tint her -aid vtr.l- nro -eizcd j m their own riglit in leea. len.tnt m i'iiiiiiihiii of lif- ly-t line acre- of land in S arks' oro', m the Co' mv ol Ad,li-oii, lieing the sauio hnd herciofeic dt c led by Harrv Knnl nil lo the J. In Norou; lint s.n'J laud is unproductive and thai it tv uld be for t!.e 1 c-l iuicie-t of -aid ward In have said land old and h no the I rot ceil of -ii'-h sale into ted iu other and more pro Inc ivy teal e-ta'c or iut it a! in-ere-l, and prav ingsaid court to licen-e her, tho said guar ban, lo e.'l -U'tl lan I ngiccal ly lo Ihe suune in su.h ease made and provtdctl. WnrnccroK, thcooirl afire aid t'o h appoiM the foiirt'i Wcluji'.iy of March, 11 1, for hearing and deciding ou said petition at the i Ifi e of the Ri-g ''er ol -aid co-ill in sai I IS irlington, nnl do'h nrd.-i th.t ail piTon intere-lcl le m lilicd thereof by p.ib'ica tioo ol tin nn'iT, oun'.ttuuig, i hi- -ii' s am c of -ail peiilion, three wee!.- sti -cc iicly in tho II irlingtnu I'iie Pie , n new-pnper piinted ill .-aid B iMiiginn, tin- la t ot u-tiich ii'ii.lie.i'ion. to I e prcucu to tin - s.ud -evand U clues lay of Manh, la 11. linen nu i r my it. iiili .ti tJiiriiniuii no- -u... day ol I e' ruary, IS 1 1 -10 .v3 WM. WESTON, Iteghler. A. D.V.VSOV, TAILOR. Slipp in the sont't end nf Mr. S'ttson's neic brick bniklinL', on Church Street. R I' R 1. 1 N G T O N , V E R M O N T . Cttttltis iluitu lit the most approved style, and art amen. March 1, ISII. Cn30 NOTICE. T7OR SALE, the third BRICK HOUSE, s tualcd L north of the Stamford stone lione. For pari'eu Inrs enquire of ANN ELIZA MUN-HN. Bur mglon, March 1, 1311. 30 w3 NOTicn: N' tn 1::: TO n'l per-t n 111 'el 'ed to tin- iib-cnl er, lliat their nolo, and acct nuts 111. i-t be pai I, a- hi - pr pi riy I- po-ted for sail' and I ill pavni.-nt will -uo it. SIDNEY UAKi-OW. B irling'nu Fall-, March 1, 1311. 3J tf WM. O. EARNER, I ILL pay Cash fur a few go d niaikctablc Her- bes at Iih place Baptist Corner-, East Char lolle. March 8, ISII. 40 HERDS GRAS-i and CLOVER SEED, ofsitpc 1 tor for sale by II. W. C ATI. IN. .U.S'O, a few bushels Seed Wheat. ON GONSIGNMENT. -ni: CASE Ol I1R0DCI.')I11S, c. n-ii of W 11 ay;., It' in I M xtsl, lor . nlu hy iliei'e-i', by rOI.EI-.IT. BRADLEY st Co. .lgeufi O'd P(l , r.-'.. 2, ISII. WASTED. WHITE I'k-ld Beans, in e.vchango f r Goo Is, Al to goiKl New Milch l hcese, nice lbitti r, dried Apples, and piodttcoof all kinds, for which tho high est price wi. I bo paid 111 Goods, by S.'N. (5 A FT & Co. AUCTION AND COMMISSION S T O K i: . ly HAoWCLI, it WAIT. "fMIE I'NDI'RSItiNI'.l) li.ivuis taken the Hand 1 lately ni'iMpii-1 l.y II. THO.MA", will cniiliiine the A'icii.iii anil Comiiiissiou Lus.ui'ss under tho liriti nf llaswt'll it Walt, A Literal Ady.inco male on properly left cither for pat' lie or pritatt -ale. li'S.ilcs on Wi-lnc-days nnd Satunl.iv-, N. It. H ASWELL jr. T. R. WAIT. Builington, January I, 13 1 1. 32 unices & uxntntwooi), ATTORNEYS AT LAW, $c. Ilurlington, VI. Cm32 i;!icticzcr I.J oil's Estate. VCri- the .iib-eribcrs having Uvu nitpninteil ly the llonorahlc Prol ale Court (or the District of Chittenden, coiiimi-ioners lotd'eitr, examine an I llil-l ll it el'tiins of all per .hi- ngaiii- tin e'n!tt nl F.IIF.NI VA It LYON, lav of Colcheter, in stiiddis. inoi, ilcceii-e.l, icprc otiual iii-nlvcul, and til u nil .hum ami dcinan I ehiln'l in n Isrt llieiclo; nud -l liiiuilli Irctii the d lie litatsif I ring allow est ly ailooiirl for that purpo e, we do herehy giyo noiicii that we will atlcn I m the I u-mess n'l our iipponiiipyiil, at ibedwching-hoii'e ol lu-yl.y. t.u, iu I nl.-he i.-r, m :u I iliir ci, nu thotir-t Mnn lay ofMiynuJ July uc,', at 10 u'cloel,, A. M. nil each ol said day. Dated tin 1 lib day nf Pel ruary, A. D. 184 1. i , i.i int.- M. D. WICKWARE, 1 ..'".llllS, f ; SIX CENTS REWARD. )VS A WAY fiiiiiinioal Sin Ihurn, nn the 7ih day IV nfl-'ebrnary, It-It, LDMUNO I tlWNS.u minor who wa tu leu'ivl In mi lium the town nf t harloMc, and 1 lieru' y f, rlud ull p.-run . from luirloruis i r irutiii him nu my neciiiiiii, as is I it' any one t'lii.iloys him I shall via ni Ir wugc. Downa 1- u' o it ll! iCjlr.oU, tall an I lich o iniplekion, had on when hi- li'll a giey Dock coat an I pimlalooii--. Nl I.SON NEWF.LL. Slielirn, Feb, 7, 1811, I lu lost nl TV'm ill W nl ni-wl lTn(n'r Mi..iiit R.shea 0 Chsap forcash, at COLE ft ROPLNSO."?, Henry I'lcliPs I'.stntc. T7F, Ihi) sub '-r her-,liavm I cell appoiniul by tho 'V llonoral fe the Pioltalt; C"iitl for the Hi-irn t of Cliiltciidcn, ((iiiiiiu--io'icr- lo re ceo, examine nnd nd;til the i hti'ii un I ili'tnnn-l- ol nil persons against Ihee-lnteoi llt.,i(i I ll.l.iA iiiteni jenciio. in snid D'slricl, tbirn til, repic emcJ in-ohenl, nnd. itl-onll claims nr demands I'xhii.iled iu O'l'-ct thereto J and -ix mniiilis from the d iv of ilieda'c htrcof, I ring iillmtod by atd t'tnirt lorthil purpo-r, vtedo thercloie hereby gie notice, lliat lit will nile ml In the I nsities of our iipin'mtnicii', at the dtvHIins nl Laura Field, iu Jericho, vii mid til-trill, on mi; it .Monuays m ttiril an I A'issl next, ul It) o'clock, A. M on eacli of said tlay-. D.tiel, Ih 27ihitn'orturuurv, A.D., 1811. N THANIEI. HLAt'K.MAN, ) ,. ,. . I IMO'l.-l III IPC It t V , l,l,lllllll3-.lll.. 1. 1. .Ill 1.1, ISIf.l SIV ... I'-, 1 IIKNPY llAli:, ATTOP.NHY eU COU V- 1 '.1 .1 .Oft AT OIIWI'.LI., VLIiMOST. PIANO FORTE. rrillE -n' "r her ha nu tun' nn est client iuv" 1 I'MNt) FOR 1 1', "ns- ol Miensnn's best, winch he wishes tn ih-po-e of at n low inf f -r ea-li in ban I nr nu -I, .rt cicdit. W.m. A. tililSWOLD Marchl.lSII. "' ' HERDS GJIAVS SEED. . !r UUSIIKLS HERDS GRASS s',KD, of primo J nnlit v fit sale by S. JI. POPE. Ilurlington March 13, 1911. ME THO 7) 1ST E CISCO PACY. A PLAtN exhibition of Ieihrnil I'.pucopncy, in fmittun tiundtirs; by As-iheHlronson, Minister of the G.itrl. "lie lltntis first ut Ins "' en"5 eeetnnlh iisi ; but his neighbor cninclh nnd searrhelli him " Pnov. xvm : 1. " How nro the hid 'en tliingsi of I Vi'i searched out." Oca. 0. Just published I by Morch 1J. HI c- (lOODltlCIl. ISAACS D07f9 Mtrufachtrtr of TIN, SHF.IVr-IRON", AND COPPEIf. WAR17. nnd dial' r in . . coppnn t t:ws, Li:.n pich', .t-c Ch irdi -tr-et, Biirlingloii, M.archT., IP tl. ' ly40 PIANO FORTE FOR SALE. good sicond liandul IMA? O FOR I E is ollereJ lisr sale at a very low price by T. F. 1- W. L. t-TRONO., ic March 9, Ml on.. IIIIDS. best Wiu'crS,.i'i ii Oil. J 1 do do do ir,a-hel Sperm Oil. .1 'I icrce- of (E'i'ohaiit) Wurer 1'Ieache 1 Oil. .In-t re cued In in Ilo. ton, pic-scl d irinu'tlie luoutli eif Jaiiunrv, for ,a'o ' y roLl.EIT BRADLEY & Co. March, 5' It IS 1 1. 1MII1K. I ''"BI S. Miv IV.. I sjJ lflO do I'.x'ra Ml tl". efo ir own pack li j, and warran el e.tiel to any Pork ever olliicJ n tin Maikct, lor sa'c I v ' FOLI.1TT BRADLEY A: Co. .March, St'u ISII. . HAMS-ND LARD. CTTe'llfif bl'.S. e.f Smo1 fd ll.t'ii. JllUU 4000 do tlo ShiLd'er. OJUt) di Lard in ir 1. and Kcs, for ,alel.y FUI.I.F.IT BRADLI.i ! Co. STOLEN, FROM thestil -cii'ir, a'oit the 1 Jib Ot I'd er last, a SM ILL BOAT with -a:l an I o.n. The H'-at In- n green boilnui, the oar were marked with a brand, "J. Tol u-," nl-o, tiue'iroa'1 axe.cni' carpen tei'.sai'x, two h inimer-, pi inc.-, me -aw, oner -h-.ue. oneiiewchccke I, a woolen u I hiuket, andoiiw pair I no'. The per-ou who -lole the a nve proper ly i- an Eiig'i-hiiian or Germ in, o'il ,i fi ct 0 inches in height. Any one -lyina- oiorn moil wlleie thv prntietty l' I" ll". an-1 'm --'ijht io p,j ii e - It ill I uli' cia'ly rewarded. Gi.iud I-ic, Dee. il),'- I. JAMES TOBIAS. 1 1.-AE.11S TO ,U.I-; l'Oll A TK (Ot OK VI'. its. LARGE FARM s'o-I.eJ with a dairy. .. an I -Iiie.t, nnd prepared ft r ixteii- i.;;iF,J-ite !!.iivS!-ie -owing nu I planing. Ihe person i'!Uj'i applying in i-I ntvo suuicieni means o iStS&ZSt' i-ar,."- p ,, I iui-ui Ii the left tecum rncnlilion f r intcr'ty nn I md 'Sirv. Also two other l.irois tu let for nn amount a-.;r ej upon. Thi-f firm-are si eat.'l cn the Lake -h. "P- ,i Burling, n. -M'PH. & u.iC U AT,nN Port K'enl, 1'e'.. 20, 1511. " TIISIIOP HOPKINS' Lectures on the .Causes, l. Principles, and Rcs'-ls o! the llrilisli Reformation, recciieil by V. II ARRlNuTON. 25 I cb., 1311. rPIlE LINTEN FA ST-the Htsnrv. Object onil J- Proper (i!icmnce of the holy fe.ison ol Lent, 1 1... ,, ,,.. Wm, I. iCmn. fur s-ilc hy 2 bMi. W.) V. 11 UtRINGTON NEW BOOKS!! rnili: fillUMilLER, by Miss Picketing, X The Crock ot Gold, a Rural Novel, l.oican.l Money, by Maty llowill, St Panicle' Puigatiiry, J'te'i of llic Mill, by Wm. Ilowitt, 23 cents. 12 J do. 12 S do. 121 do. r.H do. Itlat'kwiiod s M .ur7.n1 lor l-chr ary, El Dorado. 1 nirr.utveor discovery of a 13 do. Splendid City in South America in the Kilh century, Willi a difuicc, by t-ir Waller Ra leigh . 30 do. Ilcellnncii Co'lc-tbii ol Sacred Music, wilh a new uieihod of instruction, by E. lies, Jr, Alpcis A Timin, 100 .March". 40 By A. EDWARDS. PLASTER ! I'lZlS TE R ! OD( BAGS fresh gritind Nova Scoiia Plaster, OV I for sn!uby P. 11. II. DOOLlTTt.E., 1-11. 3 llf H37f GOODS. rch (i, 'M. fl'-l" Reiurui'l I ruin lio-lon w uli a supply of New Go d- lo coiiimcipi' ihe -pring Ira lo with, nnd nm i poning inu-i .nice io inai.c .t-su.twii very eoniolete. Anioog llietti nro Ear'C New TlieriiioiiuiL'r-, giaduatcl lo to 1 clow K.'ro. MasiroU' Wr.STERs, very convi nieni for bit-incsi men nud iravellcr- a n t't-pcu-c- Willi In', and Ink stan I an I by it vo-i wrccyncr le kr nod renin u cn'y r copiu- ui' o r boi k nu I nil done at nuey wiring. A few nf t'io-i' nu1 Inive eat In'.sioii Is nu 'e lncj. po-e ttiy 1 1 1 I i I'the Ink tn the air. Ivory Ititii-, large one-. L'.ii'kgnuimuit Hi'-nd", Bone-, men and due. Ilyssv Card ,nnew am i-ing article. Gill and S'itI H'e's, Hlaik llcol. .mil 11 ig.'i-s. Siine new I.i Viol-, Concord iii.ikvof new an, I improve I scyb's, nul various othvr Gi o.l iiiaksug a go.i I a-nrn"iicnl. do. pair Slid' Si V Comb-. Me'odions, a nc.v an I .oo.l iii-'r i iieii' lor ihe P.nlur.Ch in It, fee. a -wiel organ n nc! iii-lruiticut mil a' pani'i.yiii io the voice. All will I timid, low lo nuke room fir irimrrou Gooif-. Military- O ods. Tho'e who wi-h lo I c Icrtti-nc.l wi li nu s'..el nm h r)i b ai,' Gio.U tin spuug ari desire Ilo lot ward 'heir nnVr. Ifld.VSM.MD A- BROTHERS, Sutve--or to P.vsc.nons .V Hinssii tip. tAl.i:Ol" IJANKUUIT lU'l-'Ut TS." "jVOTlCH is hen bv given lliat hv tirt'io of the scr li era! or '. rs nnd .1. cict of Bankruptcy, issued ou' of the Di-lrict Court of the United Slates the District of Vermont i I will sell nt Public Aurlinn, at my OIlTcc iu lliirlingtnn, on aliirdny April li. 1SU, at 11 o'clock M .tlie following ilcsci died tllccts uf LEONARD MRS, whuh beciuiic vested :n ins by iirtticof the decrees nfoiesaid, Vii . O:o uiiilivided sixth part of nhoui seven nnd a Jinlf ncrcsof land, near Quechee village in Hartford, Vl now held in trim by Daniel Matsli One unditideil ttl part of nboul twetily acres of wild laud near lliiech.e viilaeie in llanford, Vl , ll being part of tha Estate of Dimel Marsh bale of I I.ii if.iril. dtivat'd. Also, five or six Stipiiiiihe Ouee-hce vdl is-i Meet ing House. tog. ih. t wiih sundry notes amlnccouuta siiriendcrcd by .he sai I Leonard Mats'i. NATHAN B. HASWELL, Atilgnee. nt.rlinctiin, Man li 7, If II. 40 - rpilEsul s' riler lit nc'el n-tgent for ihe .E'ttn L In-iiianre Company ol llanl.od Cnumviiciit for more than twen'y carp.i-t. nnd c npnue lo inniis agam-t losses-1 y lire, nnd all km I- cfl.tul ling- ami prnier y, and iv.ll rt"-ee a-iplicniion nt In- o'lice in B irliug'on, nu I uiiuii- liajely i si e Policcj, lor Ihtt piir,ine in a. low rate, if hiiiii iiu, m any prixn e in'.i.niiv cm a 'or I. Tl.e un loul led iv.po.i--ttllllyol ilil Copipauv. ins ires siltety to llii-iii-u-riil, mid llnir smiii i, honorab'e. al d Id eral eour-o in ihe aJju-inwiil an I payment of loss.-", will le nt e led h ..'I with whom they hair ha I occasion to il.i bo iit'o-. WM. A. GRISW OLD, .geui. Burlington, Maix-h I, 1311. dO if i0 )l POt'NI'S first qualiiy SALERATPS in Casks, Barrels and Half B.iirrK for sale low by I'Ol.LETT, BRADLEY & Co. O'd I)nckLPre114,l-l'j. 2! LOVE l.V iS' SEYMOUR, n.WE reinovid to lb" New Uriel, Hi iv. d.iois north of their fornior sfand. whtre thev nflirfor salaa largo ibboriiiKiit o PRY UUU1 ti, f nnl1 .;,srn 1. I? I 1 Si A. nnd DRY UROl I'.RIES, ,Vc. Jan. j. hit, Chit rch Street,

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