Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 12, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 12, 1844 Page 3
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CimisiiTE. Creosote, so named from lis prcat antiseptic power, which exceeds, perhaps that of any oilier substance, lias lieon long cm ployed to preserve animal matter front decay. Tho only two ways which rrrosoto is usually nppliod for this purpose consists oithor in expo, sing the tnont wlncli wo wish to preserve to the iinoltc "f burning- tvond,of which e.tunolo is the cfTl-clitc constituent, or else in immersing it for a short litno in water containing- a few drops of creosote. Articles of food prepared liy other of these methods may ho kept for a loop time ; but both these methods of usinn; the creosote are attended with tho. inconvenience that the food acquires the tasto and smell peculiar to smoked meat. This may bo entirely avoided, burins the past summer it struck mo that per haps the vapors of creosote might be found effi cient. The method adoptrd was tho following very simple one : I placed a small plate con. tainina a little creosote under each piece of meat as it hung suspended in the larder, and covered both over with a cloth. Tho creosote soon gave ofl vapors which formed on antiseptic atmosphere around the meat, and kept it quite fresli three or four days lunger than it would otherwise have kept. If the plate is gently heated before, the creosote is put into it, the va. pnr arises more quickly, and if tho additional precaution is taken of suspending tho moat in a box or jar clncd with a lid, the beneficial effect is no more discernible. 1 tried this process dur ing the greatnr part of tho summer with inva riablo success ; and a butcher, who tried it on a large scale, was equally convinced of its effi cacy. The moat when cooked has not tho slightest smell or t.isto of creosote. Another advantage attending the use of the creosote is, its smell is so disagreeable to llies that it frees a larder trom the presence of these noxious in sects. The same quantity of creosote may bo used for weeks but on being long exposed to the air it loses most of its smell, and is partly changed into a species of rosin. Dr. .Siou house's new mode of employing Creosote for the preservation of meat and fish. anothir roursr.RV. A "eennd Monroe Kdwnrds Ins jusi enme to light in Mobile. It appears Ihat Unbelt S. Bunker, of Ihat city, cumniissnin merchant, received a loiter, which proves I J be a forgery. Curli llnllon, I!sq . of New York, fur many yiars the head of the welt known house of C. llnllon, Pox it Livingston, under dale 24th of 1-Vbru uy, enclosing, a note with his endorse ment and Ins authority to draw on tutu, the proceeds to be employed in the nf cotlon lo lie ship ped to New Otlcm, and consumed In Messrs. Tus dick r- lliollier, and by them to bo held subject to the order of .lames V. In ion. as per instructions from a person signing himself li-xinder Culhbert contain ed in tlie sime toiler. .Mr. I'.nuUor, alter submitting thc whole to tile insperiiiiti of a tuerclnnt in Mobile, tyho his been f.iunh ir with Mr. Bolton's writing ami signature fir sevi nl years, and who expressed his opinion that the endorsement and letter were genu ine, proceeded tn fill the order. In I lie meantime James V. I-! lion writes from New Vork to l-'ordick it -Brother tint a shionipnt of cotton would bo inn!" by Mr. Ctilhberl's agent in Mobil", and ihnl his fluent in Sr. Liuis wool I nls i nn'.o a consignment lo lheni on this account, lint he being uiii"cnfctcdlv detained lon ger at the n.irtb l!nn be inlen lei, wishes llieni lo re mit lo ln .vhln at Ilnrris'iii'gh, i'.i., ibieo llinu sand dull.,' s m N'e r Orleans notes, on aeeounl of slid cotton, 'I'lns nrl of the scheme being very clumsily execute t, it excit'-d lb 'supiciin nf l-'o-ihck I'ro'h--cr. who declined unking the rnlvr.iicc requisite. Mr. Itoltnii's- subs-quant b tleis making no allusion to ibis endurs-nicuf anil anthnn'iy lo diaw on him, ciued 3Ir. Bunker lo un,'ct lint all wis not right ! be im inediitelv erne lo llrs ciiv in lime In regain posses, siiin of the eolton and frtis'rnle this well concerted Jiiecc of .Yfw Orleans paper Mirc'i 23. St.'t;ti;. We urn pl.wl to see from tlm pipers tlint tlie locos ri't.tin enough of cood temper to nllrnipl u lilt of singing on their ev i linn!.. This is butler lliiiti snarling nt Wbii sons'-. N. I!. It i liiglily proper for us In add, tlut tlii- .iiiijing was in honor nf (Jon. Jnck sou. N ilhing iliynios with Utireu but ruin, hiiiJ il' shockttioly bail ut that. Anuivu. in' Cunts ami DtvAttr. Tiic p icket ship Yorkshire ai rived at Now York M-itidiy evening, witli n Omit 7 feet ft in ches in heiMit, mid a CJi.intess G feet -1 ill- rbos, n ilics of I) 'Vim-hire, nngl.ind j nlso Undo Scml'i, a l),v:iif, 23 inches in height, u native nf Lipl.ind. The Yv.on (Mi-s.) Whig paper is nut nja'tn-t Texus in a very tihlu nrticle. We doubt whether the niovo in f.ivnr of Texas, in tlie South, W not a mere political one. Clu. Goziltc. ' I wonder this child don't g0 to sleep,' said an anxious mother to a fem.ile fiiend. Well I (iuii't,' replied the Imly, 'its fate is so ditty, it can't shut its eyes.' f T11R MAitKirrs, Auanv, April C There is nut much doing to-day. The asking puce for Genesee I'lour is SI 1-9. Wc hear nf a sin-ill sile nf Oils at 32c. Com is held nt 61 a Sic. There is not much lining in Seed. A sale of a lot of white l'cas was made at 31 they were not in very good order. Ilutlcrand Cheese no change. NKW yOUIC tRi.m lairs Our river navigationis entirely fnc, and we want only the canal lo be open- cu 10 nave i lie cinin oi intercourse complete. tve arc now in the midst of our spnng Hade, nnd among all branches of business ihoio appears to be more than n fair IniMiicss doing. The Slocks nrc abundant and the assortment- food. A larger portion of tho sales cah. Our merchants Generally are extending their credits, bin not in the wild manner as formerly. fcix and eight months h the common lime, and ifrv tended to twi-lvo it is a rare huinrs. The credits given last year have turned out to be good ; merchants have pud up well. The country seems lo be in a sound and improving state. HHHJHTOX MAHKirr Monday April 1. At Market, 270 llccf Cattle, 20 pairs Working Ox en, 300 Sheep, and IS'.O Swine. I'iuces llcef Catlhl'ricrs have fnrlbcr advan ced. Wc quote extra at S .10 W 55 75 i First quality Sj 1 45 50 1 second quality M) it 4j; third quality SI $150. U'orkins; Oxen Sales at 75, BO, 2 and $33. S'leepViom S2 73 lo 8125. Sttlne Lots in peddle 5c for Sows, and Cc for bar rows. Large barrows -i'anJ5e; at retail from 31 to 7c. W a ir ir a eg 2, In Jericho, Thursday F.vening, April lib, by the Uev. 11. D. IIopoe, Mr. llr.Nnv J. Heniiam. to Miss JIabv Ann- Shies, oil of Jericho, We can do no less than acknowledge a very J bernl and graleful remembrance from the fair bride, on ibis occasion j and, according lonur wont, we hate made a memorandum in our note book. Jn Guildhall, March 21, Jons McNab, 1 sn. of Harnel, to Sarah, daughter officii Saih l.'nshninn also Mr. Joti-t Nichols of Guildhall, to IIetscv, .daughter of !en, Seih Cushman. In Bradford, March 21, Col. Wiiliam Hiiiinos, late of Troy, and formerly of Monlpilier, to Mrs Ellen Stodp.mjd, ofl! In Derby, 28ib lilt, of consumption, IIadbiet, only daughter of John O. anil llelsy Chandler, nged 18. In Danville, March 23, nf consumption, Mis. Kliza; wife of Mr. Joseph Sweetscr, Jr. nged 43. In Danville, March 8, Mr. Abigail, widow of Jo scph Chaplin, aged 77 In Newburv, March 27, very suddenly, of bleeding at the lung", Miss. Haciiel Smith, of Lyndon, the Vreeeptress nf Newbury Spirjinary. In l.unenburpb, March 18, Dea. Josefh Gleaso-j, npedTO. He had been a member of llie Cong. Church in L. nboul 40 yrnrsj and for about 29 years sustain t-d the office of Deacon. FOR SALE OR TO RENT. Till! large and commodious Dwelling House, sit inted on Pearl Street, now occupied by Mr. Ilrineiniud 11 lid OOOOSitO IloV. Oeo. O. 1 112-rSdl I's. I'ossestiou given 1st of May. For farther pariirnlats tiinuire of NATHAN H. HASWF.LL. Apt 1 11, I8H !5tf 1844, T.MIU CIIA.MI'I, AIN, NKW-YOIIK AM) ItOSTON. HIERCHANTS' ItlNB. Till! PliOI'KlKTOIIS ofllil.I.ine have provided n class of first rate bonis to ply thoprc-cnl i-ca-son Ictwccn Lake Clmmpl.iin mil New- Vork, for I lie transportation of Mcrchandee nnd such oilier prop erly as may he entrusted to Ihcir care, nnd hope to receive, as they intend to merit, a fair share of p-ilrotinBC, Thc-o boats fro tlironplt to New York, nnd nre lo be towed by -teani on Hnd-on ltucr, nnd on Lake Cbainplaiii when t cce-ary. In thi mode property is not Mihjcclod to inj iry by transhipments, anil lot's nre kept together. This Line of boats connect nt New Yoik wilh the De-pacch Line of Hi.-ton l' Contracts fur frcisht Iclwirn lloston or New Vork nnd Lake Chaniplfiln, can be made with our nm-nts, l'roperiy pas-imj lewei'n llo-lou and l.-tl,f Ch.iinpbiin, for wardo.t In either ducclion via Wes ern lladroad, when dcsiiel. pRopniKTons, FOl.t.MI-r & UltADLKV, llurhntrlnn, Vt. NICHOLS, I1UKTON .f- CHITI RNDKN, St. AILans, Vt, a o r. N t s , L. A. .Ioiixsom, (plenties Slip, N. York, C. I.. Ware, Long Wharf, Ilo-ton. d5lf DISSOLUTION. Till! co-parincr-lup liereioforo exilinir between Ihe Mib.(-rijicr is this day hy mutual consent diohcl. All llicileinands nnd bn-ine-s aren-iffn-eJto IJ.A. Snialley, wdio is to settle nndjiny all the liabilities ol the late firm. I). A. SMALLI-.V, 1J. J. TIJXNRY. Ibirlinston, April 0, 1S4I, 45 w3 TO RENT, FIIOM Ihe fir-t of May, n convenient HOUSE, lor a Inrae family, or for two small families, wilh It.irn, Woo llion-e nnd linrden. Also, several Room in a new- Uriel.' Hon-c with wood ho-i-c, &c, nil -itnaled L'tweeu the Cour. House Squaie and the Lake. Anplv to llurliustoti, Aprd S, 'II. fljif H. MAYO. 21. FASHIONS. T HI! . American Report for the Sprin; and Sum er c.i-Ihoii., have jn-t I ecn received l.v on, II uliliiis'., A. 1MWSON. nier Slct Church St Hiubnrion, April 12, '-14. 45 If KED CEDAlt 1'OSTS. AT ir-t ralenrtklc, on band nnd fiir ale hy JKIUF.L MU.NSON. Ilnrloislon, ) April 11, 1841. ( ron SALE, AGOOI") -inple p'e.i-ure WAOGON, nearly new. . and any kind of ptoiueu or wood received for pay. Alto, HO Tons nod HA V, which will I delivered any where n Ihe village. ULO. PICTKHOX. ' Iliirbnilon, April 8, Ml. .5 wj$ D'a COIIII'S UI'.PLV To ll,e sncech,,. nt Mr Adams, on Temperance nnd I.ieon. ia ,,n. press and w ill soon appear. It no doubt will be read wilh great interest. NOTICE. Tn,!;-r,r.r,'ifif'-1,nl 1 lnvc R"cn m' B0n' NATHAN , , ,, 1,13 "mo lo net and trade for himself, and 1 shall claim none of Ins wages nor nay any debts of his conlraciing after this due. , ANDIlhW MINI!lt,jr. Hrallleboro', Vt., March 20, IS 1 1. -Ilw3 IWUSi: TO LET. Hllf! -nbs-ril cr will let hi- large nnd commodious HI1ICK liorsi!, -ilualed oppo-ite the Hank ol II irbngtoii, and on the corner of Church and llanl. Slrcel-, fir one or a longer lerm if year-. The Iioiini- Ins pun occupied for a mini! er oi' vears pa-t a- a boarding ho-i-c, and i-wcll calciilated'to accom mn 'ale fioni twenty lo ll iny lioardcr-. Term- made known I'V application lo llio -uli-cril er, and po--e -ion given on ihe fir-t day of .May net. W.r. A. WHSWOLP. I!itrhngton, April 4, 1811. .)( if LUMBER AND WHEAT. 10,000 FKI.T of one inch common White Pine liOAIlDS le f,,r ,,l,,,.i anvil e, having I ecu sen-one I fur iwo icars. Also. lOfl li-i-bel- of r.,,.,1,.1, CI, , r It .1.1 WI1FAT upcrior ariie'e fur -eel. For -nlel-v Winoo-U Fall-, OLOliUE KliGCFMIIF.. liurlinglon, Apnl 3, 1911. 41 w4 NEW BOOKS A T A. EDWARDS' CASH STORE. HATIPFR'S ILH'MlNA'li:i) IIIHLF, No. 2 HOPICIN'3 Ll-.'l TICItS.-Tui: Ni.velth.sw men nisrcnr. our Petri:. -Letter a.ldre-el lolhellish-(.-, Clerpy, mid l.aity of ihe Pruie-tant Kni-eonal t'hnrcli. By JOHN HF.NIiV HOPKINS, I). I)., Pi-hop of the Dioccjo of 'erinr-iit. P. r tn l.r...,..i 02 cent-. ' ' Part 1 and 2, Price Iwenlv-tlve cents, of I!i:i,l- lO.N L A.MF.H1CA. l.v Dn! Hoih-ut I!ai,,o. II, Ii. gion in America, or an Account of the Origin, Pro- gre.-, Keiation to iheft'ate, and present conditiini of ine r.v.ingcu -ai iiiiirclie ui llie Uured Slate-, wit b nonce- ol Ihe I iietnngebeal Denoininaiioii-. l.v Dr. Ilol'erl liaird, nuihor of l.'lhiioii de I'Fgli-e ar'ce P Fiat dan M Nimtellc Aogleicrre. in Iwo nan, price Iwenty-liteeeiits per part, gill 37 cent-. SI!li.MO.S, Hearing oh Suljccl- of the Day, by John Henry Newman, II. D. one cleganl vol. 12 mo. Till! .SACiU!l)OI!l)i:!!,.,d01TlCFSof LPIS OPACV. A--eried an I Mainiained. ! iln- It,. If..,. Jeremy Taylor, I). I), one vol. G mo. J-l. .M-.M.'.-s llisiuit- Ol- Till-; PURITANS. No . Pii-c2jct-. AIDS TO PREACHING AVI) licimvc. n.. riniiii.i- II. Sl.inncr. 41.00. ' ' M.W HOOKS FOK 'I III'. LAIIIFS. W.ll 1,. ..,,1.. isbed on Saturday. Womsv' Von-T-Mrir ll,..,. ... ini-e llie l cnia'e l liaraeicr. liy nu luu-libb La ly wilh a rc-oiiiinendatoryPicface hv Fmilv one neat vol. IB mo. price, paper cover, 83 et,, cloth 37S cents. KI-!M)At.L'S LIFT. OF GF.NKriAL JACKSON. No. 4. This liopula, w.rk Will he eniniilcled in III. in in in nu . i-, ii, iweuiy-iive ceill-eacli. It l lit-.i,i-lilnlly primed on line paper, and each number will coniiiiu two -iin:e llll'i-lr uion-. neurit's llliimluntcil & Illustrated Shakes. pcaro, Kilted bv Gillian C. Vandcrnlaiio!.-. In I. einl cllibel with aho-it l.-tnn Fn.-r., pon-e ol n!o it S30,000, de-iue I, -e'eetej and ar- iange.1 uy Ki,-t. W. tVeir. 12 J cl per No. Nos. 1 nun -i recfiveil. , ''"lie Second number of the Mysteries ofF.on ooil lliewuil; pne.9a in,n.,.,rl ,.,i., ii,,i hurt of il Bieat couu'erpaVl, "The My-i-'nes ot an-, nud I- stuipo.cdtn l.. Iu ih,. .am ,i:... : i. . elniitimr. i rnnlated by H. C. Deniing.nnd pb- ll.llvll 111 Pti. ;i, lOl 1 Martin C!iu.lctvit. Hy l!z. So. S. Arthur, a .Novel, by Hugene Sue. T le Unloveil tine, bv -Mr-. Holland, new supnly. gb-h Lady of Rani,. ' Count l)'t)rsay's Rliqncttr or, Guide to the U.ilse. ofSoeicty. New -upplv. JllacUtVooU'-, Magazine for .March. April 1. 4 In Hie matter of Cuy Tracy, Guardian of Al pneiis Kielclicr. Petition to sell Land. STATr. OF VERMONT, 1 A T n sesion cl llie i;ilri.t ol t Hillciuien, e. I XX Probate Court lief at Itiirlinstou, within anJ lor -aid DisiViei ol'Cliiiiei, den, on the 2"iih day of March, A. D. 1811. come Hoy Tincy, (il'Slielburne, in slid ih-triet, giuirilinu of Aipnciis rieiciicr, (H saio .Jluliiiirn, nnd li'e- hi a'.d ,'iniri urn peiiiuiii, in wrillllg, sflllllg lortll inal lit aid ward i- seized, in hi- own right in feu of the fol lowing dccrilivl parcel of land, situate in nud Shel bum, viz. one bundled and iiineneie. of laud, bound e.i un me norm ny me Highway leaning (roni Miel burn Fall. Hi lliiie-lnirgh, on the -oulfi by Satnuc l-lete her's bind, on the by the norlh Slid routh roa i leaning ironi Cliarlottu to Ilurlingloii, called Ihe '-"i -"', ii iuonine west bv Oran Is lamV am Jjd-ii'i s bind, being the farm where ihe said Alpbeii-ipw lucHi that said land i subject to a i'siii8.5ifnrii uy rniu .upiiciisio iiio'on- Mcicher lo secure the onvinent of the sun, ,r S7jo a n,i.i lere-i.tdatel July 0, 1S2UJ thatllu -re is duelroiii Miid ward lo said id guardian, ihe sum of s.llVi no,.. incut of sud giiaiiban'i, account i thai ihu value ol Ihe nerrcmal iiroivriv on band, I ('loii2hi!r lo -aid "'ui c--o oo, nun unit ii win i p iim enry to ,t the whole of -aid w ard's iiilcrcst in said land fur ll payiui-iii of the debts due from -nid ward, nnd nrnv His: snid court lo license him, the said guardian, to -in ihu wiiuiii oi sain wnnl s inlere-i m said land. ngiccdbiy iu tlie statute in such ca-e made qnd pro tided.'ON, llipcourl nfore-aid doth appoint llio fourlli of Annl. IRI1. fur lienrin.' and de. cidiiig on (.qui petition at the ollice of ihe Itegistcr of uiu couri Hi Mini llurliiigton. at ten u clock in Ihe forenoon, and ojjer that all persons inleie-ied i-uuiiiicuiueieoi uy pul.licatioii of Ilii- order, con la I ii ins llie Mi!l!iinc nf successively pi tho llurbugloii Frre Pre-s. a news pjjier pruned HI snid Ilurlingloii, the last of which piii.iicniionsto iaprevoi)-o (lie said (wirth Wedne day of April, 1811. tnyen under my hand at sajj Purling top, lhi 25 v-l .'.niu, ,n,, 11 it 3 Wy, WE8TOV, Reqstcr. m l'HTITIOV TO SI'liT. I.AM). In the matter if Horace Wheeler, Cllinrillan of ltotlln niicrlcr ami others, STATU OF VKU.MONT, ) A T n Pinbale Court DMnet of Ohillend.'ii, s. j V held at llnrllnalon , within nnd for the dl-trtct ol Chittenden, on llio VGlli ny of February, A, O. 1811, eoines Ilnrnco Whceer, i f sud lliirbnciiin, who is ofllollin Wheel er, Mnrlhn Wliwler, Laura Wheeler, John .lolmn Wheeler, Cornelia Wheeler, nnd Caroline Wliee'cr, all of mid HnrliiiKlon, minor i-luldrcn of the said Horace Wheeler, nnd liles in said rourti bis petition, In writtnir, settiiifr forth that each of said wards aru seized mllieir own ribt in fee, ns tenants in com mon, of one undivided forty tilth part of nil the land, nnd builduur-J IhcrB.'n, situatu.l in Sliclbiun, in snid di-tricl, which were devi-ed by Joshua 1-h.ini, tale of snid Sbellinrn, ,lvea-cd, lot'ale, to Martha I-hain. late 01 said clieiliurn, oecea-eo, wnu-sue lemainei, his widow, being nil the bind lying -outh of the eat and west road, paxing the Ihle dwelling liou-u of tlie -aid Joshua I-hain, de-cased, nnd en-t of the road leading southerly Ironi Hie -clioul liou-e to inllian l.jt..fw ii ml l.nnMitcd sn-itlicrtv ttebind-. owned hv Jn- bez Kinney, nnd ea-teily by tlie river La Plot and mill pOOll, ill lliail Vl"t lll.tliv, ll'-U II " iu.uitiu- cive to Hie I e-t mtcrei in snin wnro. to nave ine whole of their intere-t in said land sold nnd nave tlie proceeds of sni-b nle put nt Interest, or iiive-lcd in other roal u-lnie, nndiiraying nid court to Ijcon-c thesaid guardian to-cll lio whole of nid ward-' in-tere-t in -aid Inml, f -r ihu purpo-e nfnre-aid.ngrce.i-lily lo the -taluto in -lie i ca-einadcnnd provnliHl, WurnEUcos, the court nforn-nid iloth appoint the ftmril, Wi'ilne-diyof Annl. 1SI1. for bcarina nnd de ciding on -nid petition, nt liie ollice of ihe Iteaister of -nid court, in Mini isiiriingion, at ten creuici. in ine forenoon, and doth order that nil pcr-ons interested bo notilii il thereof by publication of lid- order, contain ing the -iili-lanc(ol said petition, three wccl.s c ce ivelvin the lliiilinglon Free Pro, n iiew.-iiapcr prinleilin said 1'urlingloti, thelnt ofwlich pnlilica lions toleprevions to said lourlli Wednesday ot April, 1811. Uion under my band, at said llirlinglon, this2Gth dayoU'cbriinrv, A. D. IStl. 41 w.l WM. Wr.STOX, llcgl-tcr. NOTICE. ALL per-ons having nuv demands npninst the Hurlington Mdl t'ompiiiy, nre rcipie-ied lo pre--enl them fur paynicnl, ns tlie operation- of Ihe Com pany will 1 e brought to an inunediale c-lo-e by the -ale ol their properly. SIIKNKV UMILOW, Acntfor U. M. Co. Oilieo oflhe llnrbuglnti Mill Co. ) March, 27, IS 1 1. f Daniel Itlcliardson's I-state I'ctltloli to sell I. nnd. STATU OF VI.ItMONT, ) A T a (C-ion nf the Disirici of L'hil'in Vn, J 1Y Prol ate Court, held at lliirliii-.'li.ii, within nnd for -aid district ol Chitten den, on I he first day of April. A. I). 1811, comes Is lac Chase, of Wc-iford, in -aid di-tricl, n-loiiui-lralor tie bonis non, of lliee-lale of Daniel l!icli.ird-on, late of -aid Wo-lfnrd, d-cca-ed, nile-tate, nnd liles in said conn bis petition, in writing, the chum-allowed ag.iiu-t -aid e-tate, l-y the couimi ioncr-, ainonnl lo 61117.55, ot wh'ich -um S97.03 have I ceo paid by Sully Uichard-on, former admin istratrix!'! said e'-lalci' Ihat the per-onal estate of -nid inle-lale wn- appraeed and iincnioriodat 9133, 97; that of -aid per-onal e-tate S 10C.C0 ha-I een a -igned to Ihe widowol tlie -aid doica-od, nnd ihe ro niaiudcr thereof ha- I icn -old I v the said Sally, a- n I-niini-tratrix of mid e-tate, .odor nu order of snid Probate Co irt. nnd the tiioceed- c-f-'i- h ale hive been expeiv'e I by her m part, pa Incut of the debt- against -aid estate and the exiien-e nt ailoiini-tciing said e ta'e ; hat tlies.ud intc-latedie I se ze I ol one hundred icres of laud in -aid e-tfiirii, with a lion eand oilier I'liilduiL'- tiicieoii, I cing tho i i rm on which he lived at the tune ol hi-deilh," and ol two -tall- in the meet ing hoy-esbed in W, s-foid; that ihe widow hasbein eiidowol of lie ihud pari of-ai I land nnd bui ding- nnu mat it will leiiive nr to-cll all tlie inleie-i in lid e-latein said bind and I uddiiigs and -lied, unhid ing the rcver-iou of dower ihereni, for llio p.umcnt of ihei'cUsilue fiom -aid e-Jaleand llie epen-(-ofad- iii in i -l r.i 1 1 hi , and praying -aid court to grant bun, the in i i ine, a - auiiiiui-tin'or a-', liecnaeio-cii ml laud, including llio leversiou ol dower, and -aid tall-, for lliopurpo-e aforesaid, airrecably totbestal- ntein .-uclica-e made and provided. Whereupon, ihe conn afo re-aid doth appoint the fourth Wcdiie-dav in Alirii, IS 1 1, for bearing and de eidingon -aid petition, nt tlie otlice ef ihe Register of aid court in said liiirlinstiui. nt Icn o'clock in the fore noon, and dolh order that all pcr-ons interested I e no tiliul Ibeieof by put beam n of tin- order, con'ainiiig i no -up-innio ot -ni I pet il ion, tlitcu wcou- succc--ive-ly in the lliirliuglon 1'ice Pre--, n new-o-.iper printed in sud lliiilinglon, the la-l of which publication-to I e previous to .-aid fori Ii Wcdne-d.iv in April, 1BI I. linen under un- hand ai -aid l!nrliii"loii ibis first dayof'April, 1811. llwo Wll.WRSTU.X, cnisler. WALKS AT AUCTION, SATURDAY, APRIL G, 1844. HV IIAS1VHLI, & WAIT, (Al the -land lately occupied by IL Thomas.) ALol ofDItV GOODS, eon-i-tiug of Pel Clothes, Mole SLin. Die .mil firiiilnre (?.ilicn. Flaenel-. II Irian. &c. ilLc. .VI.o a nnatuilv ol new- and -econd hand furuiliuo. PECK & SI'EAH, Ne(i iloor to the German Store. In connection wilh Drug. Medicine-. &i: &e. will e Icund a complete a-urimeiil of bc-t q lahly DYE STUFFS. Ilurlingloii, 23lh March, 1811. 43 DISSOLUTION. Till! Copartnership heretofore existing 1 etween Daniel D.ivi- & Win. II, Curli-, under the lirm of Daniel Davis CV Co., i- this day dissolved by mu tual consent ; Win. H Curli ns-umes nil theliabil itic of the lirm nnd I ccoincs po-e ed of nil it-eileel.-. The iiamecftbe firm will le u-ed in ii- kinoii. DANIF.L DAVI-i. Hurlingion.M.ircli 27, '41. Wm. II. CURTIS. W. II. CUIITIS Tenders his thanks to the pub lic for Ihe lilcral inuonage he ha- icceited, both when alone and 111 piiiiiier-lup. and inform- llieni thai be ha- rented the s and in Water Street, (ui-cupied for a ,erie of vears by Daniel D.m-, and fur the last year bv Daniel Davi-'.Co.) where be intend to cun linue llio same htisjucs pursued bv hi oredecessor. which embrace-iilmo-t eterynrliele kept 111 country -lure-, nnd he ho,ei by a'lenlioii lo lui-ine-s anJ up. riahtno. in all hi, dealing-, to merit and retain nil ihe former patrons of this ftublihiiicul, and obtain many new ones. N. II. All aeeounl due I). Davi. I) nnvlsftn or Wm. IL Curli, inn-t bu paid immediately, or they will be left with an uttoiuey lor ndjii.tment. DAMI-L DAVIS, DANIF.L DAVIS, & Co., WM. II. CURTIS. T3ISII01' HOPKINS ON llKITISH RKFORMA 1.J '1 TION, in Sixteen Leiiliiie-, u.i iiulli.lii't for by V. HARRINGTON. March 23, 1311. 43 C.i-eCol'd. Cambric-, 30 Piece Sdccia-, 20 do Vicioria Twills, Hlch'd Driillnir. S.ilin Jeans nnd Pnnn.tnitnn. Just received and fur sale by VILAS, LOOMIS It Co. March, 20 Ml. 43 SHEETINGS, $c. Bales 4-4 nnd U-8 lirown Slieelinirs. i . aie - 1 ireaciici, 00 1 do 3-1 do Shirtings, 1 H lie 11 irlap 10 inch, 1 do Ciiin-a- Pn Ming, 2 do llrown Drilling, 5 do Ti -king, 10 P.. Paildiug, Ju-t received and for side bv , , VILAS, LOOMIS ilt Co. March, 20 ML 43 NEW GOODS. rPIr; Sub-cril er-haveju-l received n general ns. .1- orluient of Spring and Summer Cood-, which ,n, I'linioi-eiior 1 -isn 10 tin- i.c-t advantage, mm will be sold at a small advance. Country Merchants wi-uiug in repieni-li nier Hioekh Icfoio going to .uurkei nun nit oilier- wi-lnng 10 purclia-e al wholc-sakarereipie-ted tocnll and examine fioods nnd pri ecs. VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Mr.rol.,20 '41. .I3 THREAD, 5v. Ann ''. yhi.apd Cold. Cotlon Thread, 300 dozen do Spool do do fill 1 1 -s. lam n, 50 Oro-s Round l.acets, Just receitcd nnd lor sale by ,. , , VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. .'arcii, '-ii. 53 JWTTONS &c. 300 ""' ,Ion,(JvcrL'l"ui0",il nnd Vest Hut- l00ti'Priiiieli do do buttons, 250 do Pant nnd Strap do C0.1t and Oicr coat Cord nnd Holding, Sewing Sill; and Twil, Lot. tape fur ttoolen Manufacturers uc, for snie it- VILAM, LOO.MIS ,f. Co. March, 27 '41. 43 I'ERIOllCALtS FOR APJIJL BROWNSON'S RKVlLW, being No. 2, I.'DY'S HOOK, GRAHAM'S aiAOI.INR, Ml-S LKSLll.'j do Ac &c. 7lMh,IBH. V IMHmiSQTON. 500 Renins letter nnd enp Pnpcr for sale in cxihange for White nnd llrown lings, by VILAS, LOO.M1S & Co. March 27, Ml. 43 CASH PAID IT1 OK Sheep Polls, and Shipping Fnr, by i 1 VILAS, t.OOMiai & Co. March 27, '41. 41. FV.A THERS. 2000 Hc- 'vn (J(jcsn Fcntlicrs ofn superior qnnlily tif cottnlry collection 150O lis Hens Feathers, for snle by VILAS, LOOMIS &Co. March 27, 'II. 13. TIN PLATE, WIRE $c. HoxesTiu Plate 1-3X' 15 do do IX Sir. 75 2.1 Pacl.s Hu.sin. I'.n?. & Am. Slice! Iron. 50 H 'xes Canada Plale- superior llrand-, B0 -lluudles Whe ns-'id. Ni. Also n general as-orinienl of Tinners articles fur snlent prices that will make It for tbeintcre-t oflho-e wi-hiiig niiy nrliclos in this line locnll and examine thcirStoclt. VILAS, 1.00MIS 6l Co. March 27. 1811. 43 ESSENCE, iyc. Oross Rs-ence 2 oz. vial-, 10 do Opodeldoc. 75 10 do Hntish Oil, for snle bv VILAS, LOOMIS if. Co. March 27, '44. 43 Datid Vrench, "I Peter Otccn ? anilhls Truitee I Chittenden Coontt Coubt. Octoler Term, 1913 Pnlnrk Arsa. J WHI-.ltMAS, nt the Octoler Term of ibis Court, A.D. IS4.1, David French,, in -aid Comity, filed bis ilcc.lnr.Uion with Ihe Clerk thereof, against Peter Owen, now a re-i'dent of St. Johns, in I be Province of Canada, late of lliiio-burgh, in snid County, nnd Patrick Nnb, of Vcrirennte, in the Count; of Addi-on, Tru-lce ol -aid Owen, declaring on n note, dated June 9 h, 1812, payable lo said French or order, in one year from dn'e,' for lite bun (bed dollar ; nnd llie said French hat ing appeared in hi- proper per-on, and it not appearing lo -aid Court that the said Owen bad had personal notice of llie pendency of -aid s ill ; Therefore, il i- orderol by the Court that llie -aid cnti-o I u contuincd to the nevt term theieof, and that the Clerk he I'irccted fo nut li-h the Mil -tanceot said declaration in llie FrcePre--, n new-paper pruned nt Iturlingluii, in -aid County, iliree w-(c!,- .-ucce.sivclv, lliela-t of -aid publication to I e twenty days bclofe the next term ot -lid Court. I-!. A. STANSIH'IIY, Pen: Clerk. Iturllngton, March 2.11, ISM. 43 w-3 Sallcy Miner's IC-tale. W1-! the siib-cril er-, having been appointed by the Honorable llie ProLnte Court for llie Ilia Jric! of Chittenden, cninniiinncr- to icecive, exam ine nnd ndju-t llie claims and (Icmnid of all persons ngaint the e-taleof SAI.LI.V MINLIl, late of Jer sey ville, 111 Ihe County of Jerry, and Slate if Illi nois, duceiscd, repre-cntel insolvent, and nl-o nil 1 l.iiins and ilematids exh luted in oil'seti ibere'o nnd six months from the day ol'lhu dale heieof, Icing allowed Iry -aid Co irt (or that purpo-e, wedothcre foie hereby give notice, thitw-e will intend 10 llie l'ii-iiie-s nf iiur appoiiiiment, at the S'ote of ISF.N JA.MIN FAIItOHILD. 111 Milton, 111 said di-tricl, on llie liiliecntb days of May and August next, at 10 u'clock, A. .M., oil each ( f -Mid day. Dated, tin LVbdav of IV! reary, A. ll, 1811. J'l.KAX.Mt At'STIN, ? Coinmi- 43w3 III!N.IM1N FAIItl'HILD, J -loner. 1H1SITIVI! SA1.I! OK V t)tll,UX AMI C OTTO V V. ON WFDNI'.SDAV 31 ol April, at 10 o'clock, on the prenii-e-, the valuable .Machinery lately l-e-longiug lo llie Ncpon-ot Jlaniifietiiriiig' Cooipanv, n't Canton, .Ma., all 111 lino or 'er, comprising in lian a-tollo.v-, lo wit : 1 Ind'go Grinder; fi Picker-; U43 inch 11 Carding Machine-; l'J SG inch 2 and 3 liie.iker do. do. ; y 315 inch F.ini.liing, wilh Coiiden-er-; -1 13 inch 1-t I'icikcr Card.; 30 inch 11 le); 2 3Q nit-li 2 and 3 do. do. (. ingle); 3 30 indi2 and 3 do. do. (loub'e); 2 30 nu ll Fini-b. er, (-ingle); 3 30 inch do. (do-ib'e) ; 3 Jack-, 210 Spmdlus; 1 1 do. 120; 2 do. 191) do.; Iiuuj.ick Spools; 100 and Filling Hub1 in-; 120 Varn lloxe-; 73 do.; 1 C.i-siinere lire er-, wilh (.'upper Cylinders, 1 Ker-ev Drc-er, wilh Copper Cylinder- ; G Winder-; 2 Drawing Frame- and 2J0 Die scr Spool-; 5G Cu-siiiicre Looms ; 8 Ca melt do. ; 1 Plain do.; 31 llcci- (1 1,600 Hir-) ; 200se'; 42 Loom lloe-; 7 fpanl Down fiig-j 2 Yorkshire do ; 873 Flat for Teazel: 10 Shearing .Miu-bine; 1 .Shear-Grinder ; 2 Mr-isliiug Ma -bine ; 2 liolling do. ; 2 HydraiilicPre-e-, rery valuable i 3 Seiew Pre-es j 10,500 lb. Pie- Plate; j gross Pie- Paper-. Cotlon Michincry 1 Cotton Picker; 1 Gilo Cards; 2 0 hea I Drawing Frame. ; t G I Spindle Spinning Frame; 3 'JO do. do. do.; Taunton Speeder; I C011011 Die.-er; 2 Warpers; Circular Saw; I l.ogwoodCbippcr; L", pair Fulling Stocks ; 1 Roller Wa-hing Mill losetbcr with a ureal varietv of oili er Mai hinery. Tool-, ivc. iVc, u'-ii illv 1 eloipjiiig lo a Manufaciiiiing e-tabli-bmenl. Tlie'wbolp may le examined 011 any day I cfore tlie -ale. A Catalogue I tie prepared 111 due sea-on. 011 which ihe term nid condition ol ,.ile will be -laled. The saletvill iiereiiiiorviind the attention of uurcl.asers is nar- licnbiriy called lo it. iCJ"lhe lio-ioii and Providence Railroad Cars top witliin a ipnrli r nl.i mile of the Factory 42 v3 WHITWKLL, SlUVKIt &. Co. A net. NOTICI3. IN consequence of the onmmed ,i"knes of Dr. Heineberg the iinder-igneil will ih..ove i.irtner slnii immediately: and theiefure. will sr.11. ol-t ibelr sloik of goods, ciin.i.iiug nf DRY (iOODS. OROCLRILS ,V l.tOfOll . Merchants and 01 her-me invite Tin call nnd nnrcli.i.p as llicv will hud the Goods, under thc-c circumstances vert ( iie.i 1. Also, we I eg resneclfllllv In invite tbn.n whe. me ns to pay their accouni ii'uniu bately, if not we .-hall 1 e under the neceHy of collecting i"n ihcir ctpeiue. .11. Co. llurlinglon. March 21, 1811. T IFF AND SPKLCHF.SOFUFNRYCLAY. 2 vol.. 1,00 and 1.I2L 'Ihe A-bland Text Hod',, 121 . National Clav Min-irel, 10 which it prefixed n -ketcli of the Life, Public Services and t-liaracter ot Henry Clay. Pi ice 25 cents. 12 liy A. KDWAiiOS. WRONGS of Woman, Judnh'. Lion, binalion. liy Charlotte Llizaleth. an Coin- Dr. Alcott's Yo-ing Hoiie Keener ; Conversaiiom. on ine i-araiues, uy non. 1,1ml Stanleys Hie rar iner-.uine ; or, eource 01 tyeattii, iiv 42 A. LDWARDS. SIXTF.KN Lecture-on the Can-c, Principle-, and Re-oils of ihe Hritish Rcforinaliou. Iy John Henry Hopkin-, Hi-hop if ihe Proteslant Kpi-copal iwiuireii 111 verniQiil. isj Hy A. t.JJWAlCPS. Oliver llnttaid's lOstute. STATK OF VKRMONT, 1 "pili: Hon. the Pro- Di-lrictof Ciilieu ten, s. I. bale Court f T llie Di-trict of Chieenden : To nl lu-r-ons eonccrned in the. HOWARD, lalo of M1I1011, in saio ui-ir ci, oecca-e 1, urektino "HLi-.Ets, I ubitl a llownrd, eecitri fd the la-l win an. 1 le-moienr 01 sain ueeea n, propo-esto icn der an account of her ndiniiij.traliuii, .nid ie-ent he accouni ngain-l said e-ia'e lor ex.imiii.uion and al lowanceal n se.-ion of the Court of Probate, to I e bol en al the Regi-net'- olll c, in Hurliuslon, in.-aid uiiriei,on llieseeoiui tl e lii,il.iy of April next. Therefore. You are herebv n'oiilie 1 10 annear !-,- fore -aid court nt the tiuii; niid place afiiicaid, nnd -newcau-e, 11 any you 1111 e, why llie uieount utore caul -boiild not I callowed. Given under my hand at llurliiigton, this 7ih Jay of March, A. D., 1311. ' ii wfl vv.-I, WKS I ON, Regi-ter. THE JfOVBl.TIUS WHICH DISTCItH mill M!ACI',. LLTThRS addre-sedio the lli-hop. Clergy and l.aity of ihe Prole-taut Fii-eopal Cliurch ol the iiULsi intc., by JOHN HIA'UY HOPICINS. D. D. Ili-liop of the Diocc-u of Vermont. Second edition. i-rico aUcynt,. 11 V. HARRINGTON WOOL! WOOL!! nPHE subscriber would respectfully inform thepeo -t- pie that ho is orenarcd lo make wool into cloth for all that wish to favor him with ihcir custom, vii. ; Plain Cloths, Cassiuicre,and Klannel,fur tho following pru t's ; Plain Clnib, light mix colors, 2j cents; Cassimcre. 30 cents t Plain Cloth, dark mix or full colors, 30 cents; Cnssiincro 37 cents, and I lannel delivered while, 10 cents per yard for cash, or halfofthe cloth wiieo iiiiisueo. Also, Carding wool to tolls nnd dressing cloth. TIII!ODOItl! I). LYMAN. Ifqrtb Fcrrisburgh, March ISlh, 1811. 41 mG Nt)TI(!!3: NDTICIJII all pcr-ons in kbied to the su' -enl cr, that their iimes aim accounts must be nanl. a In- nr lperiv is posted for sulo and nothing bin payment will save ,. SIDNF.Y liAR-OW. li'irbnglon Falls, March 1, 1811. 39 tf iiiticos & iiNiiuiitvoqn. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, $c. JJurtington, Vt. Gm32 ON CONSIGNMENT. ONF. CASh 0.' !R0ADCI.0I I1S, eon-istln8 of Placl;, Hlue, and Minsl, for sale by the . ,F?.'ft:rr' "Is'-qisDY A, IV, ASent, fl( I'JAS, f to. if, IBII, SPR NG f o r FASHIONS, 18 4 4. CIIAItfiES A, StUYMOUIt, OFFKIIS to bis customers, nnd I be. public ccnernlly, a large assortment of HATS, .of the latest New York Style, consisting ol IILAVKU HATS, do. M'THA do. nmisii (lo. OASSIMF.RF. do. I'KARL do. EXTRA MOLF. SKIN. COMMON NAP'D do. , wool do. nil of which are otlcrcd lor sale on favorable terms, and nt low lirices. Mnls madclooriler prt s(iort notice. Merchants who wish to pureha-e bats of good quality by the dozen, me. invited to call and examine the stock nnd price nt this e-lnblishinent. Pearl Slrcel, March 22, 1841. 42 if NAHItATIVK OF TII.F. TF.XAN SANTA Fl! KXPLD1TION t compri-ing n De-criplion ofn Tour through Texas and acro-s the great Southern Prairies, the Cnnianchc nnd Caygjia Iluuiiiig Grounds, wilh an Account of llio Suilerings From wnnt oflood, lo-scs fronf ho-tile Indians, and final capture of the Texans, and their march ns l'ri-oners to the city ol Mexico. With Illu-tratious nn I a Mali. By lir.oar.r. Wilkiss Kf.hmli., Fq. Flcganliy printed and bound in fancy nui-lin. Price $2 0. The Heretic! a Novel. Trnn-lalcd from llio R.-inn of Ijijeichuckod'. Uy Thomas I). Shaw, H. A. Price 121 cents. The t'NtovED One Price 12 cents. a Novel. Uy Mrs. Holland. Fortune Hunters or, The Adventure o n Man About Town. A Novel of New Yor!; Society. Hy .Mr... Helen Berkley. Roni O'More, By Samuel Lover, I.'sri. Price 23 cent. The Jew, translated ftom the German. Price 2., cent-. The MtsiERtES or London, No. 1. Price 12J et. (tittnc for Married Ladies, during the pcriol snf Pregnancy, tailor and Suckling, wilh direction for treatment of Infants, dy Mr. Harwell. Price 23 t. D'AcmuNE'i (reat Work on the History o( he Refiirinalion of the Sixteenth Century, Willi all he notes. Price 50 cent-. The Omniros of MonEB-t Romance, (Six Inside !) Conlaining Mai el the Aeire-s, The Re-cuel Nun, The Capitalist, De Leloriene, Wonderful -loryof Peter Sebleniibl. nnd The Gentleman's I).iughlcr. All for2j cents. A new supply of Aralelln Sluarl, Chritma Carol, Kendall'- .lai k-on, an! Neal'- Piiriian-. 42 Hv A. LDWUiDS. rpHK Democratic HEtir.w for March forsile by 1 20ih March. -121 V- HARRINOTO.S, J. nOM KIIIC Jr. V Co. lMPotiTEtts as i) ni:.i.r.its .v FOREIGN & DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, 30 Water, corner vf Congress .Street. KEF.P Con-tantly on hand all de-criptions nl Wc.oi.esj. Cotton. Sii.k and I isr.s Ooon-, ol Foreign nnd Domestic Manulacture, TUr to ops, Tailors' Trim.minos. if-c. iVc., which llicv will -ell on Ihemost rea-onnhle term-an I to which they invite llie attention of purchaser. Ho.ton, March, 1S44 flL0 INnANKKUl'TCY, NOTJCK lo nil creditorsand other persons inciter est. thin bv order of the District Court of the United States for the District nf Vermont, n ditnlcnd out of the assets of LEONARD M. DIXON, of Un dcrlull, a llankrupl will be made and diclared by the Court nn the ninth day of April nevt, al ten o clocu forenoon, at the office of Samuel Prentiss, District Judce. in Montnelier. in said District, anions the cm! ilors who shall have proved and filed proofs of their debls before sold day, unless sutlicicnt cause ue then and there shewn to Ihe contrary. Uated the nth day ot ..Inrcli, 41 EDWARD II- PRI-.NTISS, Clerk ENGLISH GRAMMAR. niKACIlnRS are invite! 10 call at Harringlo JL nnJ examine SW1TPS Grammar o! the F.n- eli-h Lanirnace. In is siiilicient lo sav that it i coii'lrncifd on llie basis ol Murrav.and has already I ton'inlro 1 ice I into sticti ,-ciiools as " Kinitinii t 111011 Acaiiiuuv ana ine "Norwich l'niyer-iiy," eeriilicate- Imm the Pnnei nil's of which nine lie -eon bv ih.'i-e.w ho are iu'ere-t ol. 1 tic lir-t eitilion having been ciiamica tviiiiii one year from tlie time of 11- lir-t pulilicatiun, li e u thor ha spent mcch tune in ret iuigand enlaritiig 11, and the Publisher ntler- the 2 1 edition, Willi the con- lidencc that whenever it 1 examined, it will leap proved. iKontains more matter lliao ai;y other iraniuiar in use. NOTJCE. in.leblel 10 ihe lirm of JOSI.PII t HATCH. &. Co.. are hereby noiitiud lo e Jl and settle the samp immediately an 1 -ate 00-1. jusi. I'll 11.1 1 on, Bnrlingicai March. 8, 1811. llw-3. FOR SALE AT AUCTION. 'Mir. form lalely ownol ml nc upifu Lv l' ciwzt m. Alln, (!et,eaeil, -iltiatu.l in i"l -lie-icr, two iiiilt' norlhof tho Meclnisr Ifcu-i t'onlniniiiir nlmul 73 :u ri" ofsittnJ Land ; attottt one half utuVr impr( enu'i.t, wilh a. (jowl tuvellinjr ho io ann ham nrarjv r.t'w, a goou wc'l cfwaier, a utnn Urchanl ar I w-xnl lot, Ir pnr.-iiHnee oi mi onicr ironi tin mm. i ro' wo o-ir' I nrciKiae q in the hiirhi1! 1 1 Vr ihoa' ovt 'i'i rib nl farm. oi ihe nrimise-, ttu 30; li lav - I" 31ircli ins. about Klaus of hay. louellier with v.irinn- ojIht ar;i -.1... '11 111 l.'2 tf I 1J I, .-' Vlll.tlllll's t'MUI.H;.IH"l It, Colchester, March 12, 1811, 4I3 TAIIO ING PCAI.LAN has relumed lo ihe l-'nlls and open cil a shon onnosile J. Y. Welter's slore. The patronage of bis former friends and the public ..n.r.llir. i resoeclfutlv Sol souciicu. ? bv liiiu a Oarments cut nr made by him arc warranted to fit Burlington Falls, March 12, 1SI4. 41 If AKKW copies of O'CONNKI.'S History of Ire land, for sale by V. HARRINGTON'. March 13, mil. t WAINWRIGHT'S Kdition of ihe Hook of Com mon Praver Illuslrnled onn of llio inns bcatiful specimens of priniinz nnd binding cter jirodu ecu in nils euuuiiy, iu, ruic uv 41 Y. HARRINGTON. Wd- Kllburn's -Mate- rctitlun to sell Land STATK OF VKRMONT, ) A T a so-ion of tin Di-lrict of Chittenden, s-. S tx. Prol ale Court licb al I) itliUKlon within am! for said di-lricl of t hilten dei) oi) Ihe second VVedne-day of March, A. D. IS 1 1 come- AniiKilhurn, executrix oflhe last will nnd tes tament oi William KillburiiJale o! said lbnliii-ton deceased, and file-in mid court her petition in writ hisr.settins forihthat Ihe said William the I eied nnd ios.-.pil qf Ihe followins de-cril is! trad or par eel of land, sitiiaie inaid lliirbnirlon. vi7. about one euhih 'of an acfe ol land on the soutliside of .Mini Street with a dtvelin hoii-e thereon, bounded tve-i liy Nathan B. Ha-u-pll's land, beuis llie -anielandnnd dwelling house oecii)ipd bv llie -aid Wil'iain, previ ously to and at Ihu tuna oi iii-oeatii ; inai mho lain I incuinliercd wilh a morlfane e.xccuiisl liy llie saul William, in hi- lifetime, lo nolo Doolillle, to nx-urc the payment qf live bundled ilellar-, and llie lutere iliereon. which reniai., iinpaid i thai iheilel't- allow ed by the coinmi-sioncr- nsam-t ihe e-in'oo( lb .nid William are J62.O0 excbi-ivu of .aid tnorliraae tliat the exjienses of adiniiii-tcrinif.aid e-tate are no! le- man emuiy uoutir-, umi mu inveiiio,-- ,u me peri-onal etnle, consisiuor oi io i-cliolil lunuturc nnmnniH lo 8121.24. lliailibe iier-oual c-late i in-uili cient for the iaymentof (liedelits doc Ironi -aid dale alio, tile expellfC Ol .uiiniiii-iraiion nun in,, ,i will lie necs-arvlo sell real e-laie for purpo-e: ihatsaid retlee-tate is usilu.iltiltbat a pan of iteqnnot I c sold wiilioui injury to those inierosie.l in the remainder, and praying said court to criint licen.e lo sell the whole of said real e-tate, agreeably o the stalule hi such, ca-e maiie auu proviueu. Whercuion, the court afnre nid, doth appoint the -econU vveune-uiyoi rtprn, 1011, ior i.cnriug uuo e decidiiig on said petition, nt llie oflbe of the ltegi-lc i-...i ,: ,.. I ll,.,li,,',," m I.-., ,.'. 1,-1. .,. il, forenoon, and doth, order that all pcr-ons inlyrt-ted be noidiej thereof by publication of ihi ord,r con taining the sulislnnce of said petition, three W('eU Micees'ively in the Ilurlingloii Iree l'ie,s,u newspa per printed in said IVirlingGii. the In-t of which pub lications lo be previous, to mid second Wednesday of April, IS44. tiitrn under my hand at sail Burlington this 13th day of March, SU. 4JW3 Wm. WI3TON, I!egistcr. A'vMK BOOK! ANInnuirTintuthp Ministerial Commt-sion, by the lletr. Lloyd Wind-or, rcclor ol Grace Church, Lbckpori, N. Y. .Conlaining n Chapter nu Aroirouc Succession, and another on I'ipcesan Eriscosici, the mo-t approved work on lhe-ft sub jects yet published, 'id Edilion, pi-laged and teyijed, Jn,t receired and for sale at IHRUINOrOYS, Henry 1' Icld's l!s!nte. WI! ihu subscriber', having I een nppoin'c I by the llouoral le the Probate Conn fur the linnet of Chillendcn, Coniinissioncrs to receive, examine nnd ndiist the elnitns nnd demands ol nil Person against tboe-tateorllHNRY FIHLD, laleof Jericho, in said )-trict, Jetra c(, leprc-cnleil in-tihenl, nu I nl-o all claims or demands exhibited hi nllict thereto) and "Ix month from the. ihy of thedate hereof, I cing allowed by sai l Com! fur purpo-e, wedo ll.erelore hereby give notice, that we Will niltinltotliu I uuies of our appointment, at the dwelling ol l.nura Field, in Jericho, in snid District, on llie l-t Mondays ol April nnd August next, al 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of said day-, Dilod, Iliis27lh day of February, A. D., 1811. NATHAN 1.1, III..U KMAN, i,i:mdi:i. hi.ackman, Conimu-ioncrs, HHiN'HY IIAI.I!. ATTtlHXIiY COUNSKM.OH AT LAW. on wr.i.t., vpiiMusT. PIANO FORTE. Till! subscriber ha on baiiu nil excellent new PUN'O I-'OKTF, one of Munsnn's bed, wiped he wishes to di-pn-e of "1 a low riee for ca-li in ban I or on -hurt credit. Wst. A. OI1ISWOI.D. March 1,1811. Owl HERDS GRASS SEED crn lUJ.SIILLS HF.RDS GRASS SKIT), ofprime i flit I S. M Jv quality for s-ile hy POI'I!. Hiirbngtmi March 13, 1814. II ME THO )IS T EPISCOPA CY. A PLAIN exhibition of Methodist Fpiscnpncv, in fourteen numbers) liyAsahel Hronson, Minister of the Cluspcl. "He that is first in bis ow.i cause scemelh jusi bill hi neighbor cometli and searcbelb him " Pnov.Jivili : 17. " How are ihe hid 'en things of Cam -enrched out." Oris. G. Jus! published hv Mcrcb 13, 11 c. uuunutuii. Aliinufaclurtr ff TIN, SIir.r.T-IRON, AND COPPKR WAUK. nnd dcab r in coppr.n pi'mps, i.i:.n pipe, .p.. Church street, llurliiigton. March 0, 1811. 1 y 10 piano roirni mil sale. good second handed PLWO KOR'l I-! is ollered ri. lor sale al a verv low iirico liy T. V. ,- W. L. STRONG. 40 March 8, '41 OIL. mill;'inh.s'lMiiirfl. O 1 ili, do do IS'ea'-hel Sperm Oil. 5 Tierces of (F.'epbanl) Win'er Hlcaebcil Oil. J11-I re -eite-i Ironi Ho-tou, pre-sed d irnigthe month of January, for -ale l.v rut. 1.1.1 1 iiit.iiii.1.1 tv. vu. March, 5'h IS 1 1. HAMS AND LARD. .5000 I.I'.S. of Smol.e.l Hams. HinO do do Shoid'er. C000 do Lard in I!' I-. and Kejgs, for l-'OLI.I!IT 11RADLKY Co. ale by STOLEN, TliOM lliL'sul'-cri'er, at out the l.ith Octnl cr la-t, a SMALL HOAT with -nil and oars. The Peat a- a irieen boltom, llie oar tvere marked Willi a ir.ind, "J. To! ii-," also, one bnnd nxe,( tie earpen- lei - a z, two hammer-, two plane, one nw, cue bate, one new clie'-l.e I, a woolen 1 1: 1 ' nn i.ei, an i one pair hoot. The per-on who Mule llie above proper ly f- an r.nili-lilnau or ttei m in, about fi fis-t 0 inches in heile. Any one giving inbirin.ttioii tvbete llio properly maybe lb nid, nnd ihe onn -ectned to Le i rought' to pisin c h ill I e Id erallv reward,. I. Giandl-le, Dec. 20,41. 3'J .l. ..! I .S I ulil.i o. I'Alt.MS TO I. ISAM'! If OK A 'I'l'.im Ol- Yl!tl!'. A l.AR'il. l-'ARM s'ocl.ed wilh a ('airy nnd -been, and nrepaicd b r tx'en- j'VI'Iyjg applying mii-l hate sutlicieiii mean-to carry -it on and fiirni-h the lest ic-oni- ,h,s,,u -UW lllT illl'l I'lillll II.. i ii-.-". mcndation f r intejrity and md istry. Also two other farm to let lor nil amo ml agreed upon. Tlic-o onn arc senate ion llie -iiure uppn li Iturliuil' ii. Apply lo C. JL & W. C. WAT0. Port Kent, Feb. JO, 1811. 30 if "PISIIOP HOPKINS' Lectures mi the t;ausps, JJ l'riiictilcs, andltcsuUol thu British Ri firnialtnn, rccnvdlby V. Ii.iiiu.uiu.. 23 I tb., loll. rpill! LLNTP.N 1'AST the History, Object JL Proper fihsertance of the holy sca'-on ol Lent, by the licv Win. !. Ivinn. fur sate hv .'3 1'cb, 39 V. HARRINGTON. PLASTER! PLASTER ! on" l!.OS fresh eround Nova Scotia P aster. J)VI for 'ale by P. cc II. 11 DooLirrr.i!. .Inn. 21, 1F.1I. 34lf HHRDS GltAS-. and CI.OYLR SKI.'D, of supe rior oitality for sale by II. W. CATLIN. Al,SO, a few bushels Seed Wheat. A. DAWSON, AILOE. Shop in the south em! of Mr. S'etton't neie brick builtlin?, on Church Street, B C R 1. 1 N G T O N , Y K 1! M O N T . Cutting done In tlio mo-t approved itjlc, ami Uariciitcil. March I, 1311, 6 nSJ) INSU Si 1XCE. THI! s'i! seril cr ha- acted a- Agent fur the .T!'na Iii-uiaiice Company of ll.irtlotd Comicciicul fi r more than twenty year pa-t, and continue to iii-uro r.gain-l losses- by Ihe, and all kind- ofl oil ling- nnd per-onal property, auu wuireeitc appiicniion- ni hi- olli.-c in ll irlington, ana inline liatcty i .-ue l'ollces fir that p-irposc al as low rates , f premium, ns any priva'e (oinjianyc-in a ford. The exit louhtcd ru.po.i". il liny nl" ilii- Ci inpauv, insuies ,nli"y lt, Ihe in ti led, and their prompt, hunuraUe, aid lit cral cour e in llie adju-linent an I payment of lo e-, will I c nt-te-icd by all with tvlioni they occasion lo dobu-mu-. WM. A. 'GRISUOLD.Agent. ilurlingloii, Mr,reh 1, 1?U. .0 if 20,000 POI'NPS fir-i qualiiy SALKRATUS ni Casks, Baucis and Half 11 iirel. far sile low bv l-'OLLI-VlT, BliADI.KY &. Co. Old Dock, Dec. 11, lfi It!. 23 ,1 oil ti l'onicroj's Ustatc, s iliscnliers. h-iviiig I een nppoin'cil by T7-I! the V il, llouorat le the l-robve (aiiirt t' r llie Dis trict of Clnttcn ten, ciimiiiiionei to, exatn lue nn ! a Ipi-t the c'a-ui- nnd demand- ol all per-, ns, again, t il,c e tale of JOHN POM LIU) Y, la'e . f llur liiigton in -aid Di-tr.el, dec-a ed, repre etitcd in-ol-veil', niid a'-o n'l claims un I (Umaud- exlu1 itivl in oll'-ci I hereto; ami -is months from i lu- day oft he da'e hereof, ! elite allowcl ly -aid Coin for lint purpn-c, wodo ihetcfoie beret v give iiotiie, ihat we will at tend lo the bii-ine- of our appotn'tnent, ai the oilice ol Jolm N. Ponieroy, in Ilurlingloii, m -aid Di-tr.el, en the fir-t Monday, of July and Scp-cniber next, at 10 o'clock, A M., on eai h of said dat s. DaleJ, thi ol March .. ). !SU. I'll 1 1.0 DOOI.I'l i li:, Asa I,. Lyon's Instate -I'ctitlun toscll l.rtiul, STATH OP Vr.l!MOST, AT n Pio'nle Dilrict of Cliiltcni'cu, s-. ) A Co irt held at llurlinglon, within and fin ald di.lncl of Chiltenden, on llie IPh day of M.iich, A. I). 1811, come I'.lvira M. llcnon, adniini-triilrix of the e-t.i e of A-a L. I.von, lire ol Shell inn in .an! di-iri'-t. deeca-ed, an I lile in -aid eo nt her petition lit w r ting, -eiluigfoith that llie fan! A-n L.d'el -c iced ol'alxiut ttfiy Here of laud lying in ai I She! bum, 1 eing llie land oh tt n eh heli ted previa islv to thcumeof hidiaih; thai nid lau 1 1- ineuiii1 envl with a mortgage, el veil by, nid Asa L, in lo lifetime, lo George A. Allen, to se. euro Ilia pit mm! uf ,eveii hundred doPar-nnd ni-teie-t, tt hteli remain due mi I unpaid en I i- nlo m citml ered with a life lease to Mary Lt on for I he -county ( f her maintenance an t 4 ipp'ort during her life ; that llie personal e-l.nn of the -aid ,-a 1" a- itivcn tone.!, nino-iu'e.! to .Sila fiS, of tvli-di there now remain- on hand, at llie apprai-nt, property ot llie val ic of S150,5'Ji ihat ihei'ebt. allowpl by "the eomnii. .loners agnin-l '.ml e-late amount to !r 1 07, .10, exelti ue ol sail mortgage; lint there 1 ('ue from anl e-late to slid a ltHiui-'rair'.N, on .etlteinent ol lier lir-l ndinini Iraiton a'l-oiint, the s tin of Sl'iO.31, and limit will le iiiiv.,-ary 10 -ell the whole el" -aid land, subject to .aid ii.e-unl ratKes, for the paynicnl of the debt- d 10 from -aid elnie nnd ihe expense- of admiiu-tratlon, nud praying .aid court 10 becn-e her, Ihu Mini adnnn-tratrix, to tcll llie whole of .aid land, for llu- purpo-e atore-ant, agiycat ly 10 the -tniutc in nn h ea.e made and protii'c.l : Whereupon, the court afoie-aid doth appoint ika 30 h day of March, IS 11, for b.'iiruig nnd ivciding 0:1 mi l t'e'u'toii nt llie oilice 1 f the l!i"-'iter of .aid conn, in .aid Iturl.ngion, 1 nnd .loth order that ail pcr-ons inierc-'cil be uolihed I thereof by puhl 11.1(1011 of ibis or.ier, containing the Miii-ianee ot ut-'iiiou, inrce tt cel.- su( e'y 111 the Ilurlingloii Krce Pre-, a new.paper iiruiiy-l in sa.ul Burlington, the In-t of which publten ions tele previous to llie said 30 hd.y of March, 1811. Given 1111 der my hand at sqid Bar ington, lb,-, 11th dayol Maich, 9il. 41 WM. WP.STON, Rrgi.tcr. SI'.I.IH"-' SCIIOOI, I'OIt Glltj $S; HOYS. rpllK first ttrm of iliis School will cornii)cnre 011 1 the ad Monday uf (be prise;. I month. TuitiosjtIW.OI). f'chi')l-Ro.opn uter II. Maya's store, west sine of tneiqinirc. j. M. iji.i-,1,1., (vnciicr. !ilf!,ugto,.,MtircllUtb,13l) 1 If THE PATENT LACE, INtr.MTKti DT 13. P. IIANNINO, M. D. Or HTTsnctlMI, M'.NNSVLVANI A. YAflLLbn l.epl con-taiitlyon hand by Dr. Jo list W. I'mi.ih, ol L-.ex, lie having ,nrclia,Mof llienrurinnl Palcmec the exilustee right to make and rend the -nine, within mid for I In; Counties ol Chit tenden, !-'raiiMin Lamnilit', and llrand Lie. The PA'I'LNT LACK hasnow I ecu before the pub. lie for n ti un) er ofinonllis, hindicils have I een ap plied hi iHfTcient parts of llie eoiinlrv, and with a suc-re-s never I el! ire equalled by any remedial agent Numerniis well nulhcntlonlod Certificates of ilsleneli-. rial mil icut-em I he removal ofdi-ea'cs of lung stand uig. Iiiifht I efiirnislu-d trom tliisiminutiRte vieinitj hi nddiiioti lo Ihe slatcnietit of cases nnd (erljcaie. ofcurcsfiiriii-licd by Dr. Banning and others. But llu- i-nol duuicd iicee-snryn t,t I'c encecan I e git en to Individuals Wearing ilii. Lace, in neirly etcry lown iiithcCounly, I'liv-ician have luiifj felt the nece-ity of a Suppor trr differently conslrueledaiid Inure iicrfeet in it-adaption to the humaii form, than any that liad been pre-M-nlod lo ihe put be. 'I he invu.-t.on of Panning's incetwitli lluir general approl alion, ns it ( designed t.i rcb-te svniptoms, nnd remedy n clas. ol phvical mala lie- w Inch cannot I e reached by medicines alone. The descent or displacement of the vbeerra Irum, re-, luxation of ihe abilowinal Tnuicrs, or oilier can-es, tend- to alter and i!crani.relMeIiii(uiiori ol every organ in the human sy-ictu, and. in ninny ease?, fof ('f.via ti' n Ironi ihe natural heilihy po-ii'ion ol paris, i- iha o'ecnii-eoi ijcntrn7 dihibly in Ma'ps and Female, of Dyspepsia, A 'ee ion- of ihe Stomach and iiter, Palpitation oflhe Heart, Spinal Irritation. Hijdtria, llypuromlita, Piles, Prolapsus t'leria, Suppiession otr t'rine, the tionchitis ol, nndi'nci penJ Coiisu-j.ption nil of wh oh will I e much reliev. e I, if noi eniiielc icmoted, by llio n-e of llio Pateni Lacr, when their existence iseau-cd by i!iyical de ranirenicnt an I a d;-plqccmenl of parts, wlii -hcan lercidily n-ceriaineil by ob-erviiig Ilia fonn nnd symptoms n! llie person a'lecus!, 'I hi-in-'i iiiient ha-I ecu examineJ by Drs. Molt, Roger, l-'i'.iiicis nn I Orisconib of N'ew York tha l-'.ieulty of l-itl-biiriih, llarlfordand New Haven, and ha- (il taiticd ihcir favora' le Ic-Iiih ny. Appli -atmns for ihi-Lii e may I e innde to Ihe subt erdcr, nl I -sex, or Hnsnr & Arthur, B irlinelon, Pat'cnt-ai a dflunce their residence. il icuuiro I ire I. JOHN W. EML'KY. J's-ex, .March 27, 1811. 43 ll CONSUMPTION AM) I.IVEH COM PLAINT!! 1)11. TAYLOR'S. BALSAM OF Ll VEWOT. 'corn 37u Doicery, New York. FOIttlieciireol Cough-, Golds, A-lluna, ndioopi nigCo'ijh, Catarrh, pain-inllie -ideund brca-l, liro-ichili- liver eoiiip'aints, nnd all lio-e ai!eclior,s oflhe throat and lung-, which arc a source of sq ini'.'-h -idVerinj: an I .n of-e.n leriuina'e tn CoN-UMr-. t lov, llu- rcnie ly u ii-tly and highly dj-iir-gui-hed, It I- purely vegetable, mild and senile in il- upon Ihe -y.icm, nnd can I e taken in tlie motdeli-. eatc ca-e witli -nfcly as well a well a- utility. Sq exnui-ttely ha- it I een iied nnd o often proved sue-ee-ful eteu in cxtreinean-l apparently almot hope les ca-e-, not only a a pabaiive but as a remedy ihat the proprietor feel-no he-itencv in in,troducing it and rcecointneii'ling it to ail who nr.lo.'tuualely may hnvcocea-ion lo re-orl to -ome mean - of recov ery. Phy-ieian-, familiar with it- c feci- and awartt of the healing propcrtie-of ihi-vegetal lc pi-epara-, tion, not nnfrcii'iciitlv tireseril is! it in their practice, and with the Medical I'acnliy senerally, it has me wilh mure than ordinnry npp'rol alion, CON-jt'MPTION, The following re-nar'.- were taken from a lal , mini1 er ot Hie .Medical .Magazine: "Tlio --rpn-ias e 'eel produce.! by the geuuina . Dr. Taylor'- Uil-ain of Liverwort, nia te at 371 1'iiwrrv, in Oon-iimplion ca-e-, cannot fall exciting a deep and thrilliii? intere-l Uiro-iihout ihe world. W'v have-o long I e'leve I thed seise (Consumption incural le, that it i-ilillicilt to cicdit o-ir -en-e-w ben wc see per-on evidently cnnumpl ve, retored to health. Yet H i- a f-ict ol daily oecirrenee. I Certdica'e- Ironi the higbe-lnnd mo-t co-pectabla source, nl person- win have either 1 een sreilly re beted lv il, or ennielv recovered from a 'eelion Q the lung- an I liver, could I e firmshcd in ab.ui'danca In! wc in-ert only hc following : t'l.i.Tiric.tTr.. " Being cnn-lilulionally el to Con-umplion, n niemlii r id" my fiinily having s-i.Icre.l -cteicly from fi italic n of 'the Lung-, ac- inied tvitheoii-h and rai-ing iii.itteran 1 1 lood, togetlicr Willi ! pain hi in - -ideund breit, till I wa - uppo-ed to be bet ond recovery, 1 wa iraluced I'V le'viee el I'r. I erkin, i.- a la-t reort to Iry 'vice el Dr. Perkin-, i.s a la-t reort "Ta lor' 11 il.ini of Liverwort," I have laen 11 va iiotiie. in an. i negin In improve with the lir-t h' t lle,ati'l while ta'.ing li.e liiird, wa--o fir recovered as lo bp able to get nl out. Sine; which tigie, by continued u-c of il I am quite re-lorel and r.l.le iq a'tend lo my n-uai I u-iae--. To per-oiia-n feting trom eo'igh-'and alleclious of the Lung-, I do earn-, e-tlv recconunendit. (Sigmsl) J.v-. C. SCOTT, liliiabck CVy, .V. C. Dec. lfi, 1-12. Tor a commi n cold nnd cougti, thts i- rjneoftbs very I et reine be evr dicover,sJ. A". II. There i apiiriou nnd counterfeit nr'b-ha afloat, and lately introduced into tin- place. There fore becurcfit' to get the genuine, which i- from 37a I'owcrt N. Y. nn I -ee lint the new engraved wrap per l- on llie I ottle'o irevcnt counterfci 1-op -nlubvl'LCK St SPKAIt, and LOVELY & SI'.Y.MOl'lt, Ii ir inglon j S. II. llaroes, Charlotte SI. Hall, Hin,e,jurj.h; Win, Rhode-, Jr. Ru-limoni'.. June 30, 1 ' win on 'ps INDIAN Vr.Gl-.TA MM! PILLS; OR INDIAN I'lIItG TIVIC. 'PIIOI'till inane medicine have I een 1 cfore tha ' public lor a much longer period than Wright's I-joi s Vr.M tauix Pin -, yet nane -land- 11 iw in Hioticn i'.epi'ti'., or lia-nnire rapidly attained a firm h"! I upon p'lp-ibire-t'ni ihoh. Tbe TiioU-NlsS Infct Hate u-ed them lliroughont the length nnd I readth of the Republic, all I ear cheerful le-timouy 10 their thorough rfiicacy and mild cperation when employed 111 ine mui uin eMHg ui oruers tt iiicn 11 e n is neir lo." The theory of di-ei-e on wlpch, WuHT1- IxniASf Ynoi'TAtii.E P.i ls are louut'ed, is ihi, vu: that then isonlyone primary cause of all the disorders that ajjliitlke human family, mil lint ieorr mm humor-; or, in other word Inpurityof tllcod. Tin- princi pie 1- now -o gcnernllt n lniilled, that it may in fact I .aid lo 1 c-ii-laiins1! I y nn iii.iver-abty of" opinion, tbcfewdis-en'cr-con'iiiitinc but u very fee" le mi-, H' ri y. ll 1- 11-ele- thcrefi're to di-cu-s the -o-itjd-ucol llu- ibci it in iht- place and connexion, Tiic our. Diskas.'. I'isiscisli: Icag adaiilteJ, tha nu tie of nt'U"!, pro'es-cd bv all praeimpners I ecomia tbe -aine 11 imely, purgation. B tt many of the o (tiled pecific now lefore the public, produce only one lbrin ol Purga'inii ; ihey are ci'bcr S idortfic, t'aili irlie. Di -rein or I jce."orant. M'rlyht't Indian Vegetable Pil's (tti' ine nl1 llie-c propcrtte., ami a(e then lore 1 aleulated 10 attack the clen-yrit- of ih-yi-e at till p. nut-, and bt a Uarir.onio 1- and cuuil-n.eir ope. ration lo expel it radically Ironi the -y-iein. Their e ect 1 a'mn-t mag cal, and 1 110 le a'stoni-hiug for is inildiie thin 1'- ellicacy lloth sexes, and all ogf may employ llieni, according 10 the dircetion-i wiihn-it le-ir, fur tvhde tbevarc certain to cure alldis rosrs that are remedial, they ncr.r jiifiielnn nj-ur upon ihe systcjn, 'I Ik- icrii jro'cy of the tr.e.l.oir.e is all important quality and one tvliuh lia- coutribuTeil mure llaui any tliin; else to its extension andpepu,. lai ily. Ja'a Iran, this medicine commends ittelf strongly, lathe putranc.i'C of the public, and its use bids fait, to bec3mc before ui.c, aln.ot universul. i AUTION, Tiic citizens of New Knglan 1 nre re-pectfu'ly in-, fanned that 111 eon C'luencc ol ihe great poptParitjf. winch Wright' Indian Vcgeta' lePill have earnel l-y their n-loiiisning goodiies-, a Gang ol Ct'iinterleiier-; are now- iiidu-lriou-lv eognged m pft'ming on the no-, sii-pccimg, n raluelets am! perbap- dangerous inedi cine, under llie iiauieof Indian Vegetable Pill, This is to iiiloriii ihepu! lie, tha' the genuine me cine ha- on Ihel'tixe., " U'risht's ImlUii Vegetable I"llls, (INPIAN PI'R(iATIVK) or thi At?'?1- cc" 1 ron or llr.M.Tii.' Andalso HicHiul tlietordy'j of t!ielat. will B Icundi in small 15 pc, " r.ii'cred necrr hng lo the Act of Congre , 111 the. tear ISW, I V William Wright, in llie Cirri,- Odieeot llie Hi-triil Court vf the I!a-teni lli-lrict ofPennatl vaiua." The pi! lin will al-orcjiieml cr ihat all who sell Ih ceniiin.- I11l1r.11 egcal le Pill- are protided with a. eeituica'c of agency .igncd I y William VrIght, Vice iVrrildcnt of Tin: voriTii AMtnietN roLtcor. or haith," and that pe Her- are never m any en.e allowed u .,-11 ihe gcnuiiie medicine .VI 'ravelling Agents will l provtdc.l with accrlilicaieof Ape.icy a- iihote descri be ' ; and iho-c tho i-aiiHi t show line tt ijl by known a- bt-eimpi uiK. 'lhofulbiwiugliighlv re-pectab'e persons have beta nppoiutei ted auenis fur 'lie nlenf llicnbove named Wright' Indian Vegetable I ills. Or THE N"RTU AMI I1ICAN COLLI GC OK HEllru G1NTS-I'eck it Spear, S. 1.'. owe.r.l' 1, i)ftvi, it Co., Kiuiinuinj Han 13 Lai-Jre, Colcriv.ter; Mor on sfc Claik, WitlisKn; l.crio Tyler, IW.x 1 J, 11. Tower A. Son, I'mlirlnll ; A. Barney, J, Ly man. Jericho; Wm. Rhode-, P.. II. Green. It,eliii,;i .1. 11. Dike, t'c&n, tirt-ioli burn: ill. 11. icbc, Hiiiihorati ; S, II. liaracs. Cburlolte i Tupper ,S llfi-rlindge, airltbofc,ugli . hale- it Wibb, i'rribirgh. ' The only O lice in Boston where the lndir,n Vege (aide Pillscan I ci Ulainisl i al 198 TRBMQNT STHEKT. QO I'r Oiticeatdi; )ypo, lD l(aieTft 1 ' J'vl 1 tJ'Ull , ..lOU.OU ye l,i llstll, .V ,,...11,. I .111- I I, , A I. U...... .. 1 ten; K. San.!cton,,Milioii C, L. Draky. Millon; Geo. Aire-, Jlilton Pall.; Mur in Wne, ilnswohl A; Sinibe, Cambridge; W. S. it C. I. Wo'sl, We-t-furdiS. W. Brush it Co.. Fairax 1 II. Col.-. Sl,l.

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