Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 31, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 31, 1844 Page 3
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7 COMMUNICATION. COLORF.D ORPHANS' ASYLUM AT NEW YOlilC. Rcini; rallicr fatigued nnd unwell, llio writer retired 1 last niht rather early.ind in contequenco perhaps of gn so dump, is now listenini! tu llio cluck as it ticks along recording the passim; momenta nn llicy nro recistorcd in eterni'v. Tlic clock lias siriuk 12, 1,2, 3. an I 1 conclude'lo rio nnJ wrilo a few lines aboul the Colored Orphans' Asylum, situnletl one of the Croton Reservoirs, at Foriy-sccond Street, New Yoik, which 1 had llio plcasuroof visiting this fprmSi while in New York on business. It may ho no digression to just ray here that there ore many Institution", mmv places and scenes of in terest in and around New Yoik, where n person cm spend nn hour, a day, an cvenim or a shorter Mine profitably, (not pecun'nrily perhaps, hut s.ihsfictori. ly.) an I some, oneor more nf the e pliers every linn of 1) ! mess or pleasure, I may ho perniinci in s.i), should in justice to liiinsclf, islt every lime he msiis '''New York, Hnton rmd similir places should not bo visited wrrly to buy and sell and get itain, some time, soma thought should he given to llio mind and heart. The Avlum above mined is s ippnrtod rn'irely by privuli i ulividiul contrihutions Ins four Directress , tvvctitv-filo Managers, all ladies of the eily, unlit gentlemen Ai'iers to the Hoitd, nil rcnderiiu; their services i:ratuitotily, and a .Matron and Teachers. They hue under, tluir care poor colored orphans, a class of elnrdrcn who, if not taken care of by llieni, would in mosl cases be loll to prow mi ill linoianee. trained to vice and crime. I n, as all visiters v. ill be who t ike tlu inn n-st to call, very politely shown loenfoco journal, tints sunimiirily disposes of Amos Kendall ii ml Ills 1 rncls: "Il tsus 'les. tn ask us to publish the Tract about Henry Clay's duels, or that entitled Trnu lentinl Dis pensation.' the one isiingeiilleinaiily tin) other bias-idieuious. through the Insiiiulion In the Inseini-nt, which is ofsnvinc 1 1 1 - t if lilts 11011111111111)11 fills on a level wiih the ur.mnd, are two line Play Itoom-, ' , , " ,lt jnfiupur." llmv Imvn shall win ll 1 was pleased to see, bes-iib s ample spa -c for , , . . c ,, n, nil purp is. s else io which a Ins-iiii nt is usinllv np- WariU llu-flceliini nl llenn Ulu. IJALTIMOHB CONVENTION. Tim Orthodox Locufoni Cnnv.'iilinn met at ll.illiinnii! on Monday, bill tip l llio latest iiecoiitils no volo bail boi'ti taken upon llio Presidential candiilati.'s, llio Cunvinlion not lining iiblo to iiprco upon prcliiiiinartos. It liatl lint yet bi-cii ileeuletl wliotlicr a Iwo-tliinls or a mnjoiily volo should bo nr pessary for a noniiiiatioii, so fir as un could learn. 'I'liat point was under dobalo at llio lion r of our latest iiiformalion. A passenger from Il.illimoro informs llio N. Voil; Com, Atlv. (lint up to G o'clock on Monday evening no nomination Ii id born made Their informmt slates tbat llio feelings of the Southern delegates to tlu; convention ap pear lo bo very modi exasperated against Mr. Van Iloren. boiuo ol llieni go tlie length upon go to- mum GOODS. A l.nrse nti't Cliotrc Assorlincnl of staple Atxn w.vor (toons, .In-1 received In.m New nrk by HOY N TON & IJURltETT. l'Um Do l.nne plial. On iho first floor a nicely arranged kitckeu, laundry, ilminu-rooin, iniiiiiiL'-rooins ami two in firmaries. In the infirm uies I saw ne.v beds unoc cupied, one did I " tired utpl.iv" lviniron ihceirpcl asleep. The only tnliiut on die sick list was a hov, a very snnrt intelligent lad, about cttrht voars obi, wh ) wis visitinir Willi the Matron m the kitchen This hoy 1 was informed was first in his class at the examination. The ammonal fevers it was s ippjsed could not he nvonied, bill there Ins not been a cue sinee the Asy lum w?s re ii iveJ to this place, which was, I believe, in Mav, ISH. The wean I story Ins a beautiful, large, airv, neat cheerful bmkma school room in each win?, there is also an infant school room in the ui.itn luiildint:. Tim upper story is appreciated to sleepinc rooms in each win?, formula I iree, ii ah t, well ventilated cham bers, with neat, prctly lion bedsteads, neat clean vv lire lmen and coverlets, a s -paiaie ing for each sex. and a room in iho corner of each Dormitory for a Te.ielcr. I visited llin chi drin in the school, and abetter reauhie I s -ho d, or more slill, attentive, Inppv look in:; children eannol be found. I lie ud iheiu spit!, there were voices and so well attuned, that thev would lift nn acquisition lo any choir with which 1 am conversant. '1 hese vv ere V iiin Hack bovs and itu Is who earrieil an I sustain"! all die parts, and with (a far as I could judeiO good cnmicialion and correil time. 1 saw the cliil.tren when let loose tr ,m teiiool. how hapoity, how orderly did ihey leave their siats afier plating their hooks, slates and pencils in iheir places and with seiiousuos jiminir in the evening pravers, soon Ihev were lettered over the p'av grouti'ts. some natliered m sroups, s ime running tins wavaiirl some tint, n L'la 'siine Inppv tbrouir. Manv ortdians who have hem m this Institution fire now living with g"nd f inners in various parts of thficouu'rv, (hit- are put tot service m the cii ) and n eorresnanilence is kept no with ttiein and the-r em ployers: many jnlercs ins letters ale received from them. My vi-'t to tins Asyluai was to ma an interesting one and I hop" to lo again. I lel'eve viils ta such InMmUions dt di far more to 11 mend the heart than III ie pi ices whHi have to hp npolnu zed for si often as h -inj placi s 14 lint would do good ir tlicy were what il was inieuueit thn tlieatre suori n tie." The Asylums nf la ions km Is and kindred Insij. tulinns eomniend thetitselvrs to rverv one. their oh- j"ct. and their influence is good, good now and good tore, tr. Shoii'd I not lie able f sleep sour- other mailt or have nnie oilier mament to spare I nnv s-. some. tain nhout a is-i to the Daf nn 1 liuino .ipuuin. National Acadeuiy of Disiju, &c, hut I make no promises. A VI-1T1.11. DOINGS AT WASHINGTON. WAsniNfiToit, Tlinrjday, May 2D. You would bo itiinifinsply amused could you bo in W ashiiigtnn at tine time, to see Iho Loco forn Members of Congress take iho Delogales to Billnri'iro, as fat as thnv arrive, on raio Fine and ondeavnr to persuade tlmni, sonic ono way. roil'! annthor: snmo for .in Huron, some against linn; sn.ue for G.i, unmn for Siowart, Fnun for 1 eruniseh, and smm for Itiiinsoy Dnmscy that is, any available Loco-Fuko can didate. lint thorn is a matter of much nmro impnr tanco Ihan this that is the subject nf conversa ttnii here. It is asserted on the anllioritv nf Senator horn that since Mr. Snnneer resigned, the President has ordered some 8"0!).O0O nf the public money to he transferred in a way tn pint certain emergencies, anil that the relnsal to make these transfers by Mr. Spencer r.ausci Ins resignation. The Senate have in Tiecutivi) Session pa Feu strong resolutions calling upon Hi" I reisu rv Doparlinont In state what money lias been drawn by the President or transferred by his or uer receirly to what point il has boon t ans- ferrcd by what authority for what purpose anil umler what law ol lnngress too innuev ha: been transferred. The supposition is that the money is wauled for the troop- nn iho Sabine Kivet, that are ready to overrun 1 cas-. Do you know hmv Shannon, Iho now Minis tor In Mexico, got his fjl),()!)() outfit, and 8 l.'iOO for half a ye ir's pay, whilst he has gone to Ohio The Union was ordered to lake Inn on hoard on tliofi'h: on the S'li he left this cilv : on the 10:li llio order to the Union tn lake him out was countermanded : on the lltlihewas in this cilv In tli" meantime, a Treasury ilraO. or order for the had been regolialed by a Now Vi rl; louse, in iintK-'palion of the pa-ago of tlu; Appropriation Jiill. I Ins is u funny move inent. You know the President rndn over Mr. (,'al lioun's head when he ordered Gales &. Sealon to ccaso sending tho "National Intelligencer to foreign MiniMcri--, fie. abroad. Well, hn 'n Binre ridden over llio Secretary of llie.N.ivy head, and ordered under his hand and t-eal, new lug gun for Caplain Stockton's ship, ll Princeton. And Iho former gun, which burs which it was F.iid was paid for out of the Tub lie Treasury, and cost over $ 1 ().()()), The to'ent charges brought against Mr, Wickhflt! by Mr. Garrett Davis in tho lliiuso about Wirklitle h interlerence in jlivis'seiec lion to forward tho uiection of Ins (WickhflVs) lieuhoA- are fo ovenvhehnuig, and the charge amounting lo indirect bribery, against Wieklillb in the water-rotteil hemp agenrv, so ilircct as reouire either a substantial denial from llin Pott 1 . 'l 111 itpi"ii IIH llrtr. brought the Dcparliiieut into a terrible ttato confusion, and ono of the contractors, a highly resnectahlo mm, staled tint tho Department was auuu.uuu ueiuiui hanil to Lonlraetors, &c I lie l.iel is tint .lr, Wiclihflo's rosiLMiation demanded and denired by nearly tho whole com rnuiu'y. It is confidently stated tint linn. N. P. Tall mango has Lcen olleroil the Secretaryship ofll, I roasury, and that ho nrnmnily ilerlineil it It is aUn Ktaied, with a bIiow of certainty, thai lion. C. J. Ingnrsoll is tn succeed Mr. Kvorott tn be recalled from Lnidoti when Congress ad journs. Mr. MrDuffio li'i' nfTorod in the Senate joint resululion, jtroriiliiig for the Annexation of I acuf to the bititd .Stales I It lies iner nnu day. lion. Senator Foster has recovered sufficient, ly lo walk nut tu.d.iy ; but lie looks still very sick. lion. Mendrick H. Wrlgbt.of L'ennsylva i.lalo Sneaker of llio House of Iiepresen- itives ol lliehlate, nried as ciinirman, nnu rinnias Richie, Jr., of Virginia as serrelary. Pbese conllemen nro sulTercu to be Anti- iin I! ii ro ii. fXTlio Tvler Convention vcrv soon dis posed of its business. Cotnmilleo, niter much angry doliate, as appointed to name officers of tin1 Con- nlion, winch resulteil in niaUing Joel Jl. While, of Connecticut, President. Dr. Crulen, n Vice President from Ohm, is invited lo address llio Tliioun of Orace, liicli be did bvan uddress in behalf of John I'vler, winding up with n Ilesolutton nnini- ating the nforesaid .lolm, as a Candidate for the Presidency. After much confusion of tongues and ve hemence of gesluie, tlie Convention adjoui n- to make a nomination next clay lor ice I'lesidencv. I'. S. fa?f-)(ist .Sir. Cass nml IJii rinan slock isiising fist; Van lJiiicn is "oiug down. The Now Oilcans papeisof llio l'Jlliinsl. uing us intelligenci' ol a most disastrous lire which occuiicd in that cilv on the dav pro- iuus. About two bundled and eiglily hou- s,es were burned. Patliculirs next week. nuPvLiNCTox rr.MALi: semi- N'AItV. Tho Trustees of ibis Institution and all its ii lends nto reri'tested to meet at .1 ol m Howard's Hotel, this evening, at half past 7 o'clock. The objects of the meeting are, 1. To elect Trustees lor the coming year. 2. To consult in regard to a chungo of tlie locution of the Semin irv. 3. To transact any older appropriate business. IJv order of the Executive Committee. JAM IiS W. HICKOK, Sec. Friday, Mav 31, IS pi. BOOKS & STATIONERY, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, X'V V.VVV J'CMCIIS. JUST reeenod nt the New ilnr.Ar Hook Sront:, an extensive ns.erinciit of 'be le t s'nmlarl Mali. en, 'Vitoogicii, f.ViMn'co, Miwelhinrnuniml School W.s;, an as orlmcnl i f Stationery ol every dominion for i-nleni lower prices than h ive ever I e fore I ecu o lend m this viemiiy. Among Ibe Honks ate 'J uirlo, Octavo, 12 mo. and PiK-kcl llibles, Prayer and II) inn Hooks in plain nml extra lundinsi Hible utnl IVminou l'raver Hooks hound Inaeiher, a new nnlvery leaiinfd nrlielo', Connnon I'ravers wilh the I'ro.ier l.e-sou: Pine Poel.el Testament I Annuals and n great vaiiely nf hue illustrate 1 wor'.s suitable fur pro-cuts, nt greaily re luce I prn-es. Scull's l-'nmily llible 3 vol. 8vo. well liiilind for ?fi 1 llraudc's Dictionary of .Science, Literature nnd tbu Alt', tlie nio.l li-cful mil valuable book ef llio kind ever put hslied j The Par incr'" I'.iU'V" lopiedin, eml racim nil of the mo-l re cent discoveries in Agricultural Cliemi-try, and nd.ip led to tni-cicnt lie leaders tho lalest mid I est work nn A'-iie ilt'irr. nml the elicaucsl ever nubli'-hel. eon- tiilning 11(15 pna-es roynl 8v". well houii I for only j,v o woikm iu that nee I" no recommendation S.1,50 Al-o, a great v.irie'v ofnew and u-ehil Agri- "Iinel urgh, Muy lib, 131 1. SI On c-ii t iral worl.s, icryibcan. Il.inerofi s llilnrynlt the I'm ed Mali's 1 l're-eoll'.s I'erdiiiaml and I-alclla, TV l (l.ODOllw IJtJ I TKIl and ."0 SI, 'MUX nn I History ofMex j Spirk' I.ile an I UrUln-.'sol (j,.;S wiinlcd in ex'-banec lor linnl,nt ibe hiihesl nr. I ran'.lin, III V. nulili-liejint JU, pr re ? I ,au, vu tnafl.i-t price. Also, e.ili paid for Uliee-e u inn nt-iv won,s niu ic vivlm u. euuo u--i.-siicd, for sale nt the hnve-t eily price-. Iinoti'.' the Sluiioiicrv, me PiHil-can, Letter, No'e, Tice, I'erlora'ed, Mii-ie, Drawing Paper and llri tul llniird! llmivinL' nn 1 Wmi'mr Pencil-. Ncwlniln's Water Colors j Int., Inlc-l.iiel-, Sand lb xe, () i!l, .Suvl Pen. Mailieniaiioal Instruments, Slue-. Vi-it- nnd Prinimz Cards i ll.ukq:aiiiuion Iloanl-, Chess Men. etc. etc. I iticus an t strangers are re-pectiniiy invilea lo all and exaiinue ihe sloel,. Orders from abroad p inct ially nilea li'd lo at llio lowe-t prices. .Mer- clia ills supplie I wi ii.-nooi lion';., I'aper. cue. a low as ihi-v- can n in ba-e in nnv of ibe ctn'-. P.leincn nrv S el'itr.' Hoo'.. a I 7 '-is. per ilnzvn, lion I Can and l.ifcr I'aper, nt 1,50, SI, "a, S2.U0 mid tfi,50 per icani. Re. ip -. Peek's HoiMiusr, ( A. LDU'.MID-S. Ilurlin-lon, May, 1SII. ) o2 n.t'rlN nnrl n ,1 tepod Shawl l) do., Mushuile Lanes, I Villa", (limp, Cambrics nnd .Muslins, Piiu ci'. Lawns and Muslin, Alpine llomlai- zincs, llo.sierv, Ol 'Ve, c.e. 200 I'IP,i'i:S l'KINTS, Cliokt 1'iitttrn, Vc hair. IllccoholnnilSiripol Sliirliin, Ticking, &ah.bury I'lannels, Plaid-, Cinsli-ims, Iri-b Linen, Hrown Hnllind, a of S immer Clnlh-nn l Ciamhrooiis an I vano is lap w nrti' l"- not meuliiii'ed. A verv c buice ielci liou ot UnoAn cloths an i Vnstixns, (li-ncctlcs. Ml i-e, Hrown -Snsar, l.oafito., loans iiysnn, lly-on, Iiysnn Skui, an I Impdial leas, I cilce, W .... if, i.ine 'llli SllKlSIl II , I rocl.erv ami lila-s ware, .Mills, oau, i ioir nnu Pi-h. ' U'd keen on hand u son I assortment fit liOtllh and SHOUS tf all kinds, nnd work made to inea-ure mm.!.. ,.qiumwr,-a TO MliltCllANTS, ftlANUl'ACTUK MRS AND DYIiRS. I)yr-Slull, DyctVimds, Acids, eVc. MIi:i'l'AltI) MOIKJAV.! 17 y v i. t o n nTnr.r.ti N . v . Will hare continuity for salt, ACIDS. q-in Perns, Anna Ammonia, Muriate-. Muriate Tin, Ni'. M. Tin, .Vitri" Acid, Oil Vitriol, ML tFi ip ir n cs w.s At the ririck Church, in P.scv, on llio 2Gth int., by Rev. D. Warren of Kssex, Mr. P. l!. Stosk of 'air field, to Miss Ann- I.. II wsr.s, nf ihe former place. ID) U (fl 9 In Chicago, on ihe -lib inst., IIakvaii Cadv, wife of J. Cady of Cook Co., aired Gj yeats. In Underbill, Ma) Mill, of consumption, Mis3 P:t- ltv I'. CiLLEV, aired 31 icars. Allhoueli called in ihe inorning of life tn bid adieu to scenes of eaiili, tlirimah rich erace in fMinstsho was prepared to say, "Thy "ill O Lord be done." ThroiiLdi her lone, and painful sickne-s, especially as she drew nrar ihe crave, she manifesiid stronu faith in find, and a calm rcsiinanon to Ins will. A few days previous lo her ocalli she related the follow inn let to be used at her funcial. "Yea, ihonidi I walk through llio vallev nf ihe shadow nf death, 1 will ftar no c! : fir 'I ho i arl walk me; lliy rod and thy staff, they comfort me." While her friends and numerous acquaintances mourn her departure, they are consoled with the rclb-ction, lhai their loss i- her inliniio gain. l'rintcrs m II. and -Mass. are requested ecc. Com. ll BUJiuy-guw;' i , imp u l.muj i 'J-. .j'jj'juismijwia WslTCaEKH. T.N tins line, to which uo ,ue pajinir more partien- J. lar allcniii.n llian ever, we o'er teller I araiu llian we have ever I ceil mle to ilobi'lore, an 1 llio-i who wi-h a COLD nr WATCH ar. tiarlieularly reiniestetl to call an 1 examine Willi the clo-est seruliiiy, the wulehe of tmr bpruu iuiporta lion. There lias I ccn nnilea n'seim un,l movement al road sime otttsarrieil, and wecau sell lower ihnu if they were note to I c I oinrlit, Wewoul 1 ri-iniu I eu-loincrs lhat pcr-cn nllv the linkers of 1110-1 cf ibe watches we-ed. tha wean- -trivitu to c-taMi-hn le.rilnliou 1'i.r .clhns HOOD aicbes, that c iicnf die opiiiiun ihale l.nmo whether a watch i- irraul rr not, nnlibal r con-iiVr that we can he ichnl upon for what wi comnieii.l lo le cood, If mlier-I N ihe line or OPT ny what they may. We lno wi'i lies ol It. tt 0. lice e:cy., .lnsctili .lului 1 n, .11 hn 1 1 irri-eu- an I ntlier Lnerpot 1 .M iker-, and II. II. le-, L"ii Ion, nn I we have lonveincn's ol all the luosi ccle! in'cj maker.-, which v.e can ci-e to any patlciu dcsiiel, nnd w hirlber say tbat wo will sell for ea-b down any dc -eripti' 11 n watclici ot any maker, as cheap tisimv New ork or lloston Dealer. () ir cu-loiners Ik-sired lo retneml cr dial v I en '1 ey I ov a wulch in New Voik or Ho-ton tin y c uinl j ay the cash down, amine cannot a 'nr 1 lo -ell n yo,l sold or Mlv watch and lai-e pari pay 111 nu old wat-'h or Kitne llnmr el-e, and -e'l nt ibe -aine price. Pay us lb ea-li ilown. and A I.L ea-h, nud uo ue -h ib sell I e low it-. We have fr cash lei, anil Silver Walebe- m hi four loriiu r pri -es almost. We do eol like llu looks ol price- in a Ivciti-einents np we wo .1 1 subjoin a hit lint wi old iniike some snre. We only wo ild miv to nil who wish uny Uold or Silver walclic olfitr floods, j i-t true us a elm ice to m-11 to you, and o-i sh.ijl I o sad-lied wi-h pn es an 1 crood ,nnd per manently. lllil.N.-VH VII' CVS liliUl 111.1(9, Snei.e-(rs lo PaSOIIi UN it HclNI-MAll). C,OCi'is, - Do lint h.rzet In remember lb it we are opcniiiirtl most I cautifol Hrvss an I Wood I LO' ICS, -mUnii: and alarm, and we intend lo s-ll them -mz e or bv iheeasefor very luile pay. I) m l f-ar to look al them, thev won't hurl von, if vt u don't I ny ibcm. No choriie (or -hewing diem il yo t ilon 1 I uy. May SOIi. HaiN M Mti A: IHioTiir.its, T AMP OL.--Si:.S and Lamp Wick-for Chemiial M.J an I a!I oilier I. imp.. 52 Unlf Mvln if. HnnTiit Rs. NOTICE. 'lull, eommissmnea, 11011-eomini-sione I olIicer,ii- i onei r-. musieians nnd private-ol 10 h l.ijht In fanlry Couip-iny of niii'ui'oiof the tititform iniluia in ihe aui iieL'iment, are herel v noiuicl in aptiear, with uniform arm and eipii-ineuis reip.ired I y 1 iw, alii, iii-iiop iioiei, in nuimeioiif on 1 .lime I h, 1811, at !l ok lock, A. M., fur military dri. I an 1 inspeeiion, nnu mere 10 wail lur.ner oraer-. Hy order of ihe Caiitam. T. W. I.OVLI.L, Clerk, llurlinqtnn, May 20. 1311. :l liiiehatT6n. rpiIIS certifies that I hive ibis day given my two L minor son-, 1'urnKiucit anl Ilrx-nnv Pnioit. their time lo net and Irui'c lor llieniselves, and 1 slull pivno delts o itieir contrai'luiir nor elaim any ot ilii'ir wane, nflcr llu-dale. I.IIEN V.. PKIOIi. Jen -hn, Vt., March 1, 3U. ;,lw soMUTJiiMi i:vm iVCTICAL Le-soiis in Lnali.h !om:io-iiion lor 1 eaiuners. Hy Lli .vs. l'riee go cent-. I ur -ale hy .May 2.', 'II. 51 wfi S. IIUNTINOTON. HARDWARE. STHONO'.r-Cn. hive rcieivid mi l oiler to pur chasers n very nssornueut of HAIll) WAUL, ninongst wluce maybe founJ Ihe folluvviiii., tu w 11 : Hulls nu 1 .V'revys, Norfolk and Ameii"an La'ches, Che-! nnd Window I'liud Huigfcs, W'u-r Check Springs, .Mm tli e He 1 1 'rank-, Cur'iil Hell Spr HI-, Ile'l Crank-, lli. i-e Hells, Hand. Towtr, Plat spri"'-', Sipiare and Monkey Tail Holts, Trunk and Cbe-t Handles. t'lir.'en I'akis, I'oe Irons, llen-li Vices, Hiuss HuUnns on p 'e, .l.ipaukl do, Seie'v P ilhc., Mai an I Coat Pin, lllaek Hooks an I I Ii iges, Sh illcr S -rew-. Slid hs an I I'la'es, Pal Lo Trunk do., Cupboard do., Till do.f Cbe-I do. Lonjr .shanked an I Concave A'ier--, Hrace- and Hills, llevils-, I'irnierClii el-, joiners, Mnrliceand Socket do. Comres, Himss Divi Icre.ttimb'tls, Sitin'e and dun' le Phue lions, Compa-f, llraltmir, Ihind and Ripping Saws', Knives 11 n I I'k'rk-, Carver-, Siei", I! ui her Knives, Hieataiil Shoe Knives, Priuiiumrdo. I'oekel and Pen do. Taper file-, Mill do. Hal Ha.iarddii. half round do. Hor?eI!i-p., lli us. Itiris.Curtain iin-,'l'ea bells, Tape Mi' i-uie-, linker Cham-, Sad Iron., 'I .id ol's do., Ilpads, Tn' leS, oon-,Ta'le Hinge', Cu'lini Nipper., Ileal Awl-, Sa,h I'astencrs Nol I're.eki r-. ' Cork S riws, I la ni Vices, Trowels, Steel Yard-, 50 -o 100 II .ridlron-.Saucepalis, Iviamel'd Maslhi Kei'le-, llelow Pipe-, llel ICevs, Copner Wire, S.-iew pulhes, Axlcdo. Sa-b Iioller-, P'ateloek., Iron S piare., Slub do. Wooil S iws nn I Prumes, I'ew'er Cock-, Hun? lorer-, Hutter trycrs, St -ties, C tl Tack-, Prying pans-, ltai Traps, llo.x and Ivory liule-, Ti y Hue-, Lii'lie-'ilo. Screw Driver--, Mill"", my Knobs, Strap llammcis. Carpet do. Seiew Uiencbcs. Hp ad Ilatehci-, Slrnvlm--' tin. Hrass Skimmers, Saw Set's, iVc. eke. Al o, HLAW IIAIilAVAllP. Anvil-, Vice , Ca-i S Col, Plali-d and Iron Shovel. an 1 r-pa es, 11 in:.' rori.s, nay no. cm liar., Wio'i. .Nail-, I race ( li.tiii., trial U ire, llrJss Ken e-. ,te. -May 2', HI I. ,-,1 Alum, liuh'so, Ar;rol, " Pxtraet, Antimony, Liibari?e, Archil, Lac Dye, A mini tn, Mud lor, Hliie Viliiol, Nut Calls, Hicliroinate, Oxalic A ad, niciclniig Piiiv- I'm.. i He 1'oio-li, dcrs, I'uarlnsli, llruish (I11111, l'o'a-h, llrimstone, Sal Amoniae, Cochineal, S nrar Lead, Cud! ear, S 1111 ic, Copperas, Salllovvtr, Copper Hnt, Tin, Cream Tartar, 'rurmerie, ila'ime, Teiizeis, Puller's Pnrdi, Tartaric Acid, tiuiii Scneaal, Verdittris, " Powdeis, Wniiil, Glue, Whiliii'.', vke. A'-'cnts for C. Ileadei's Philadelphia Clue and Whip., 11, C. Healer .V Co.'s Siarcb, to vvhieh wo invi'e purlicii'nr nttcnlion. 'jT'fCasli paid for d ninacd Hiles, Indigo, Ceroon, and (Hue Pieee-, (fall kin 51 3m n VP-WOODS. Wood. ram Wood, rustic, Iln"be Wood, Hyper Nio Levvon I, Pencil Wool, lied San le , Uarl nrv Knot, tjuer. H.rk, &e. DISSOLUTION. f1Hi;eo'partiieri.lup heieofio exMins let ween M., Cmni.r.-H. Stcaut nnd Jons (J., under tho lirai of TIIAYPIt, SI PART it Co, is this, day dissolve I hy multiu eon int. D.ifrireit if- Stuart ii-sume all ihe lin'ilmus of Ihe linn nnd lecoine 1100 e-n' 1 nn u- e 'ecis. I'lSIIP.Il 'IIIAYPll. ( IHIII.LS II. SH'Alir. JOHN 0. DAO(ir;i lbll. and ( onu DAOtirl T. lliulington, May CHAIhS! CHAIRS!! CHAIRS!!! DiG UHVT C ST5JAK.T 1 P.SPIICTITILLV inrorin the pubbe tbat they ' will hcrcaller eirry on die CI 1 A III making bu s;nc. nt I ho old stand of TiiAVr.u, Stcaut vt Co , nn Church St., two doors south ol the County Ho sc, and fal vv arrantc d in sayiua lint Ihey can furnish ns hiindsoinc and durable nil nrli 'le ill this line, ns was ever olioicd in llurlinlon, and on ns low terms. Please call and ( xauimc. All km Is of Chi r, Se'lecs, Setlce-crad'es, nnd Slools made lo or.ler. Oi l O a rs repaired nnd painlelat short nnti'V. Co intry Produce ofnll kinds tiiken in exchaui;e for elinlr-. JUH.N li. DAUV'I.I i , ( IIAHLLS 11. S'lUAKT. llurllnsrlon, May I, 1811. -ID UNION HALL AT CLAIIENDON SPRINGS. 1844. DAVID HO'TIM the orilinal pro prietor of il.e n'.ove esial ll-liinenl, announces In ihe pn'Iie lint the sime has this Spun:: un ersnnc n lliorini.'b e renovalion, an I is newly f.irnl-hiil and fitlel for the eo ulort an I convenience of invalids und the lereotu u of le company, parlies tf pleasure, tte. tte. 01 the med.emal propertie-oflhc-c wa'er', nothing' nci'iU' mi. ii'iiuiieis w-u i nave proven i r ur ine, aie ready In te tiliv " that wheic is Ihey were ll'-e bliii'l liicy now see," and llm i.'h once, lame and in firm "they now can leap lor jov." A I.ADIKS' SCIIOOr, is no-.y in sneee-sfil iiper'Un'ii eon lueiel I v ?lis J. M. Sini'h of lloel.iiiiham, Vl., an able an 1 aeeiuu phshe I in-truciics., which will eve -nrli yo'lll., lad e ns wi-h lo re-tme iiniiinel lieahh :iu I'tit die .nun; lime al'cud lo literary pursues, an opportunity of) pcnuina a few vveiks uui-t ilea.-iuitly, ant at a tn lime: expen-e. ' The Mil sent t-r pleles bin elf tn m h as tiny please to favor him vveb 'her palrnua-'e tint thev sha I co away nti-lip I wuh his accomodations nnd luschuiye lor the Mime. DWID IIODC.MAN. Cliireiidou S,ia., May 1, 1611. olw.t LAKE Gil A MP LAIN. Karo tliroti;h Ihe Lake reduced to SlhOO, (.Heals ctra.) Al'IU'.SH supply of'Super, I'.tlrnfine, 3 Ply Car pclinsj Dmimelts, (in en Iiii7c, O.I Cloths Hush Mattini;si Itich 0-1 and S I I'.mh'd Printed and Damask Table Covers; Cupel llindincnnd Thread. LOVELY vV SEYMOUR Have alsoiinportcd a rich asaoitinent of PAPP.R UANOINfH PROM PARIS, which ihey ofP-r low together vviih a (;ood assortment of do. Church Si., May 10, 1911. -19 lcsv Store, Now Goods, Now Partners, Now Prices. New K very thing nlino.t, HRTXSMAII) & JJUOTHKUS, (.Successors to I'anRborn if" Ui insmnid,) AKI; opening n tnoreexienshcas.ortiricnlul I can. . nfal Oonds Ihan ever, nnd tlicy will l.u sold nt prices th il cnit't I c heal, we in haste subjoin ti rmall lis nnd invite nil lc cull nnd see us, no Co-t tu look if you Un not trauo Mulneea Cane, Safely Lamps, Common vlnrblc, Poti-heil do ' (fold Snaps, I- rout I look's,'slii(lc!hblelnk, C if Pin-, W lialebones, Ditssinir Cotnl s, Sla'c-,. Swill-, llriianni.i Tert fcp'OK', t'ocl et Hook Locks, Ihilev'. ludellible Ink, Nli-cr Pencils, Ccrinan do do Ivory Poiket Coin! s, S eil Pens. Metal Pen Hol lers, Hnne do do Tin Pla'e-, Wool Clie.s .Men,; do do Looking (ilas-e-, L'lint, llln.,1'., (Icnnan Co'ojiie, Cold Pi iger RinSj imlil Imaril Kevs, liarnei llrcast pins, (ol I (i cird Chains, I'atcut Vcrtiea Watelies, Imlil and S'lyer Lever it' SFRINfr GOODS. i. o vj: .'. r s e ym o ur , T I A VP reeeive 1 u lnr"e assi)r'iuein . ' " Is a lap' i I el to the seis-in. yz 11 no'-aine-. Ilkh'ii I Hl'ie Hlnek and Paney .Vm.., R' h Hrz-'rine , Syl ph el an I Xe ih r Pe l.niues, pine- nu I Puucl'ilc I. a. lies, Pnn'el anl (.nuhum M I lin niw I. awns J Rich La iiidee. nud P' pbns,I'o ilar I Silk", Sec u h ann Aineiieau ItiiiL'h i in-i -swi ,1 aiubi e, lion!;, .Ineuuet Nau-ook un I M ill Mu-hns a -plea ' .1 a sorimenl ol C M.ICOKS: Id h Ilnunet Silks nu I Lawns. Rihhon .. 1 1 os;er v, (Move-, iVe. ek:c, toyetber with every aruc.'c 111 l lie I'aniyanu ftnplt Ury iiooss Hue, Ch irch Miiet, May 10, 1811. -13 tf (i (i (till ( ill ir 1 KevS. .lei Hracclet l'la-ps, liol 1 S e I.e-Jes, Jewelers (fold H1115S, Hrass Suuller, do do H itler Knives, Silver plnl'd Ta ble Spoons, Silver plated 'lea Spoons, Hraitiinnia do do Tea'-, I do Castors, (ierm in Silver Spectacles, Sicel Snu'lt'rs, 3ieel lop Tliiml Ios, Hrilnnnia Cnudlestieks. 'lilt Shank Pin-, Cilt Stone Huflle Pin, .sjIoiic Ilea I I'linro Keys, PI nn Cold l!m?. Chased do Pnifser do Ocnsoti Head Keys, Ladies llroir-hes nnd olhor ornaments do do J-'natneled, do do Plain Herders, do do Small Citrnet, do tin Tnnaz. Cienlleuien's (i.irnel Pins, do Scarf Pius, dold Head., do do do Stolta ilo Stone llrca-t Pins, Steel Walch Rins, -j'cel do Iveys, do Sboi' Duckies, Cmiar Strimrr, Plnnal Steel II liter Knives, no Kiiue lle-ls, 'Idnnd Silver Lenine do I'lo-k Cat Huele l I art jsdver Anchor do,N.ivy Ve-t Hattotn, pui. .-a-nes, '1 les -opes, 'eeklaee.s, Cold 'l himbles, Loci pl. liiainm ir and liev. P. Hul FOR sm.i:. rpilll Ci-t pan of die M.-TRV HPILPINO le- - loniiitr 10 the Ci nirrei eioual (urireli, lobe move 1 0 1 the tin within Hi ny ilay-. Anplv to 2Sih May, Ml 15J II. W. CATLIX. MII.II'AltV COOIX. I ItMONT Mi ll a. Infantry, A'tileryanl o'her I! M'uii., Swords, P.ia le'., Plume., Si I.e., He'is, Pisio!-. Chapne 1 is mil inu-t other arlii'le. tu the hue, fur sale hv 32 Ilnivs.M vin it H1.07ut.1ts. V REMOVAL. rilll i; Mib eribcr ha- tern ve I from In- ' 1 1 si ind 1,11 I ( liui'.'h Strec, tiiles pew HlilCK SHOP 1 n fa liu's Lane, twenty rods past ol die I ni liiiirton Hank, where lie ha- on ban land will eoiitui 10 to inan uijcluie nit km I- i f UAIUNFP WAIIIO, of the bet o'.aliiv, sii'h us SOI'A-!, SKCRLT Rir.S, ItllAUItl'Ars, Hini.ior, Tel. Cenlie, Work and T(,iletTAHLI.S,vpM)S IILD.SI LADS, 1111J a, I kni I-1 f work in hi-liue. iCj-'.Mo-t kind- of Couniry iro luce and Luml er rei-eiveil in payment, or approve 1 erelit, ami vtrv ..1 1. .... I. s;,!!'! Ml'tlfVIs; II irl ii'." May 2'di TAILORING ESTABLISHiVlEfilT, rP HP s,p seriber will carry on hii-mcss two doors I noith of II. Whiniev'- hp, on die New Ron I. An I he lecis vv arian'isl 111 .-ayuu, Irom ihelonirex pcricuce be h i ha 1 tn L"ii Ion, dial a'lwork tn rust cd tn him will I e done 111 a l.t-liioii.iHo 'tyle, and tjood aii.-fai'tion given. Also llealy made Clothm? kept on haul anl lor sak chap for ca-h. N. II. (i.irtncnts eleaneil, nn I t-utlin lor others In make, done in die -hone-i notice. 1!. PATTERSON. Hurhnslon, May 2.', 1311, ol 3m NEW 1 a ciT.eral (JUOIJS, now reieiyimr (rum New A'ork orimenl of I HV COOl)-.. (iRO CP.RIP.S, ( llOCICI.RVnnd CLASS WARI '. Al-o, 1 10 ir, call, riasier, cuniou, .uai- cn 1, 1 o 1 1 i n, , IIORACP. LAN!'. IliirlniTinn, JIayk'3, ISil. Bl M- BUS & CO- 1) RATERS A TAILORS, 11 in 111', No. 2, P, , IR f 1. Snlonnn X. Snnl'onPs IJilalc. WI' the siil.-er her-, havinjr I ecu uppoinie.l hy the Il1.111.1a1 le the Prohato Court for die Di.iricl of Chiiieiidcit, Cniiiiui loners 10 icceive, examine nn lnkusl die I'lamis an I denian Is ol n'l pers'in. a'.'.iiust die e-lateof SOLOMON N SANI'Oltl), lale 1 f 1 1 1 lies I air; h. in aid D'-rici, deeea ed, lepre-enled "''.!t"' ". 1 '' C '' lilUs Or di'lietO'ls evliiljit,-,! hi 0 r-ei ihereini an I -i 1111 11 1 fi - Iroin tlied iyorilieja'e hereof, 1 eoi-.' a' I hy iiilCouit firdial purpose, we do tlieieliiieherei y eive no'n-e, thai we will aitend lo die I usiiies. o( imr 11 pi iniinen', ut the dwellius 01 Marvin Leonard, 111 Ilme-I ureli, in aid l!i.riei, on die lt Mon lays ol Jo'y and Ociolcr next, al 10 o' clock, A. Al., 011 each of saul tl.iys, D.iel, ihis-.'Jtlidavnf May, A.M., SI. 5i.v3 SIMHIN LKON.1RH, ) ,, AS POItllRS, 1 Com. HO.NOItAllLi:. To wluil oilier Cnniliiluiu Tor llio Presi dency can lliu compliment lie, justly paid, wliicli was bisltnved upon Mr. Clay, by nun of bis most ileleiiuineil opponents, al 1 1 10 recunt Loch Foco uieotinjj iii ll.iltimore 1 Mr. Willi t at Gi'.nnci-. Itun, in speaking of Air. ULAV, used llm follow in" hiitu;i"n:- ItiisscI Cianici's Malatc. WI! ll' s ih-cribcrs, having been appointed by lli i' llonoral lo die P11, bale Court lor Ihe l)i Incl of (-'hint 11 len, t'omuiissiiiners to receive, exam 1110 an I a lpit die chi tn- nml demand, ol nil per.-i,iis, ii-'aui.t die e me ol IIU'SI-.L CKA.MI II, lale of Charlotte, 111 ui I l)iiriet,de.ea el, re,ne ilile I in-ol-ven', an I n'o n'leiniin. nud diiuand- elu' no I m oil' el thereto j and .k inonihslroiu die d ly ofihe date hereot, I erne nllovved by aid Coirl for III 11 purpo-e, v.edo lliereforo here' )' mve nolue, wuvvill n. lend to the liu-iue. of mr nppoinuueiit.ntiheilvvflliiu' ol ( 'rimer, in Churloit, 111 tai l, 011 the ei'on I Monday, of J ilv and Pecenil cr next, at to ok luck, A. AL, on each ( f s ml dav . Paled, tin- 8 h .lay ol May, A. I). 1811. PITIR V'N VI.IRT, S'JvvS 0 1 1 A I ) I A 1 1 VAN VLIIT, Lom- .4 IE , Tf STRA Y COLT. j irK.ii;i) 11pm "I ehnll nol ollcmpt to deny d,t purils of Mr. Clay. Ilcisnn accoiiipludi.d Eei,dcman, n man of talent, nil orator of whom nol only his country but the world may bo proud, 11 utaicsimn of tonsil 11 into nbiliiy, and it he should Inxhosen Pnncent, every man of every party imglil look ui lo him 111 lni.f, office and say. there ti a man." " I ho Pittsburgh (va.) Hcpnblicnn, which is acknowledged to bo an nblo nnd -.nalous the under- Sj IJ leiieil, in die 10 h May.n two .11 1 1 1 .ni.- '..ii ' jeii n,j oay, ii,j, Willi n daik inane and (ml, an 1 u ftir 111 loiehea I. Whoever will return hnid Coll, or 've inlor- if htr vv heii-ai out. will onoral ly cnnineisiit( il. Mi HON Hl'AI) Slielli iruc, 30. h .May, Ml, 5i if urn a yi:d, "J7ROM iho'lib-cril'er, 011 Suiurliy, the 2olh 1 11 -1 . , I an iron ffiry Preucli IIORSL, lorn; lad, liort mane, a Lliler on 'he l ack iiu-ed by iho u.Ule, wuh land h'.es of. Whoever will re.uru naid Horse shall I e suitably lewarded, CHARLPS KASCOT. abflbiiriie I-'al.'s, May 23, 1811, hi E.Wl.ieturnellr 111 .New lerl. wuh their Sprini! Sioel, ,eomorisini; un as-i rinieul ni'i-arefu ly -e. lee'cl'INOS, a le.v eho'ie CASSI MLHI'.S, ono no e'eu-ivu as-soriuieiii 01 1 tll.vt.vjl.v.irs, May'.'J, Ml. 51 HAVIVi! le'eivel a verv i"i'en-ive nsnrlmenl of DRV HOODS inviies the Laches an I (icuilc- men of P. irlui'.'inn 1111 1 viciuiiy to call anlesamme 1 ln-tn . Amoiiz vvhieh will I e loittid H.ilzoruics. Lawn-. Sum Striped Muslin, Striped Mii-hn (iin-liam-, Jl. I. Lame-, vSre. c. Also A vcrv extensive as nrlmcnt ol Hlacl; and I'lue Hlaik Alepinesof superior nualit and lini h very ow. Prinis : a verv 2 re it variety of beautiful li'bt irouiiils.and superior ipi.ihty, the nio-l elecant 1 Vies pi ma r..'t. I hese 1,, oils were loin-hi in Ho- ton and are reeonnni iu'ei! for durability and la.te dor-. Furniture Prints, White I nriiimre Diniiiy, Ciein- tcriinne., 111. 11 an I l'J ipiarter-, and Curiam Princes. ni.H'l; and lllue Hlnek, (icrinan. 1 .11 -Ii h and Ameri can liroad Chilli-. Ca-smieres an I Vcslinso, an exteiise eas.orttnent. Satmet'e-, Twee U, Iin nelle. I'amli'cteeii. Di e Skin, Cn 1 m-re, P'trcre I and Plain Li-tin.-, Valve- tiue. Mole .1,-111, and o'her n di Summer -ph.. l.iiflie ' s,ier Hki'-I; Kd (iloves, Lislit Colonili'o. lor sinnmur, White do., lLilf l.ona Uo. aImi, Sill;, Li-le Tlueid, Coiten, if-c. Ladies' In ha Pol ' er .Mitt' , . (J,v pa;r I'id, t;;r. Ceiit'emen's Kid (tloves. lpaek Wlll'e and Colored. Li-le Thicad. Linen an I Cotton do.. White Kid and . Silk do. I Sii'icrior Snitalfield Ildkfs., Peiinee, Chonnas and 1 Hundi. ' llkii k II llian Cravals. extra ie. Sill; Onera Paney und Hlnek Saint do. Stocks and Collars. I Clench Diniiiy, I'limlii" In-ertinc; an I IMinc, I ', (iiinp-. Par es, 11 trs. Hooks and lAe. tin Card-mil in lloe-, .lit itut'ous, 1 An eN'enive.isoriiiicni(il cdivr Uorstcds. p.'nrl Hullous. with and witliont .liinks. Tme Comb.. Dies-in; do, Sei-sors Puis, Ne.-dle-, Are. 1 Cullnus, 1 S'ark Milks, Tanner-, .Ml Id.'esex. Mcrrima'-. Dover anl odier Slue'inu's, S ipenor tiiiMe,nb'd Pa'iiily , SliutiiiL' and Drillin;.'. Hlci'di'd Shceu'iii and Slurl- Tiekui'.', Mexie.Ti Mixtures. Puiicv S'line. Chis-I,-, 1V0. Ihnnl on StripM .lein-. Wiel inn. WaJlint'. Ilatiiusr, Kinttinir Colli 11. Cotton Yum. Cirpei Warp, nt oi l pri e-. Irish I. men, lie 11 le I) un i-l., Hrown Linen. Jacket do., Superior Wh"e Lmen Dr lhii!;, I)"ck, Cm h 1 Ku-sia thai Lint 11. 1 a eC oih-.SnieaJ., nud Ihualics. P',110 M. I). L'lino Iblkf.. an Slnvvl.. Iloiiuet. Cap and Nek Id! I en-. Mar-h ill's Lmen Thread. do. Wlu'e siiperliue No. fiomoOto 100 for kuiitinvr Lace, vVe. 1 .auors ri'liiiinliiss. Silk, Twist, linperiil Canvass, Pa-kllny, llrrwn l.inen.Selec a, llu'inns, Co.n Cord and llm I, Wig. an-, it-e, if-e. 'lnvhu's Sniol Th.cad. (lark's and other kind-. Ilarlui-'ton, 23 .Hay, 161!. .11 GOODS AT WHOLESALE, Gl l-.RMAN Silver 'lei an I Table Spoon-, f Pl ilelTei nlllTalleSno'iils. Ilritannia 'Pea aiulTa V Spoons, riilveri" I Tea an 1 1 nUc Spoons, Iron and Pevyier Spooi-, (ierm ill -silver an I P ti'ed Hutter Knives, l.crmau Silver, Horn, Wood, lyt rv, Shell and llra-s Comb., Hnne nnd Me'nl I.'ye'cl;'-r-tr.'-t , TUP. STP.MP.I! HPRt.lNCTON, t'APT. a. W. SIIEIIM.VN, Will lea vi! Wliiti hall every M. Johns every 'I ue lay, .Monday, 'Ihursdiy, We hie' day, Salird.iv. Prdiy. TlIK STP.MI I! SARV.NAC rvH. ii. latum' r. Will leave Whi'chall every St. Johns every Men lay, . Ticsdny, W'edne-d iy, 'I liur-il iy, Pn lay. ' Saturday. At one cm lo (, p. M. from each end t f die Lake. -'I he above 1- die ar.'aiiirenient lor ruiinin,' for th season, un'e-s notice i sjiven to the eonirary. The Company intend to p'are the S caincr Wlu'e hall upon iliit Luieiii-ieid ol the S. trail. ic, early in J e ly next. SI e will I eeoimnanJed l y C'apt. f. Lalhrop. Hiirlmirloii, Ifi Alay, IS It. ,t) STRAYTllf. iI'OM the snbsctil cr, in Hr stol, on the 10th inst. a lar."e HAY .MAUI'., heavy with fold, wuh a vv bite lace. bite bind feet, and small cieyspoton ihe ti'iL'h side, and hoJ before. Whoever will nivc mformitioii vvheie she may In: found shall be well re vvardul. ASAPH PARMALPP. Hristol, .May 23, 1311. jl vv',1 T 11 lir . 1 i r i ri i Ii V Ii UUU5. I r. & 11. 11. noouTTLtf A HP- j'i't receiving their Spiina simply of ISood, i cunsisiUHt in part of die lollovviui" ar'l les 1 llund Cloths; Plain, Puncy, nnd Tweed l'a?s. lucres; Oahcocs, Purni'itre do. ! Printed Lawns and IS'ilz miles; Hrocade, Ori'.mdu s, I. tun tin", Alpaccas. Moils' de Liine, Swiss .Muslin. Plain and Pie, ited, Mull do ! White nnd Colore I 1'amhiics, PdiiP's, in- eriin"", and foi tint's ; Shawls, Nrjht Cip", flunp", Mill I-unci", Ulaelt Clianiilll eil, l ancy Point", lllic'i Italian, and Colored Silk Cravat"; Dimity Collars and I'ldis; Ladies' lllick -pun .Tdk Hose, Cotton do. nil puces; Men's llrnwn and Colored llosc; Ladies' Kid, Silk and Cotton Cloves J Men's Kid, Huckskiii. Ltm n and ('ollon do ; Ribbons, Pans Whaleb uies, Pounce and Spilalliehl llandki rcbicl's ; Linen Cunbiios il 1 ; Cotton and Linen Drill"; mi jier Hlae't I)"ipi' I'.ti. M irct 11s, Tabliy Velvets, Silk do.; Hh'-k C ralle Chili, Drab do.; C iiubroons. I'mbrcllas, Paras ). and Sun Shades; White nnd Colored "satin Jeans. Pius. Necdh s, While an I Color ed Cotton Thread, I, men do. ; Ktullini Cotton, Pur niiure and Carpet HindiiiL's; llird's Pye, Scotch and Russia Dnpir"; Cah, Table Linen, Irish Linen, Hrown lLd'and. PI istie Suspenders, -'evv 1111 Silk and Twist; Twist, Ivory and Urcjuinj Combs, Hultons, f-c. .f..-. The above, with a sreat vari'ty of other articles, are o lered cither for ca-h or ere '11 iipon as unoj terms nsat any oilier store in town, and persons havoonly to call to snisfv themselves lint cood- can be bought ni us at the lowest rale" and of the best qjaluv. Huilmaton, 3 .May, 1S, -19 vvG 1 f'm FOR SALE. rjMII. subscriber oilers for sale his present place of resilience. CP.O. C. 1NC.P.RSOLL. Pearl St. May'di. -19wC LEATIIKIl ! MO TIIER!! HAS pis! teeeivisi t'roni New ork a hirs toek of if I.P. VniPR, of every de-cnp:i n, which wuh a t;ooii n.-sorimeut 1 f his own in.iu'il.n-p re, makes his -took on hand .-ecoud to none 111 dps part ol die country, ami will I e -(,1,1 for cash or -.rood paper) he wid 1 1 n'l my a- iheap) cheaper, than iteanlepir ehase I llis'fi le r f New 'ork. 100 Si les of N. York Sole Leather Iroin 1". to 20 cents a po ind. Oak Skirtm?, Hrtdle an I Hog Skins. Pieiu h Call Snin-, Kips an I Seal Skins (Oak I. nun d.) .M 10. "en, Kid, Lmm?, Trimming, Ilnol Morocco, and Pico h Kid Skin., All l.iudsol Shi c .Makers Tool-, and findings of ever) desci 'pliou. P.ifhiona1 le Lists and Pent Tree.. Il.une-s, I'and.'I'i p, Hr d'e,, Ppper Leath er, llire lli le-, Call.-skui-, c. Thick Hoot- Iroin S2,0() 10 ,.-,0, ensli. P.ea-e give liiiu a call and examine tho slock and pri c-. Pearl Stwi, May 10. IB 1 1. 5U NOTICE. THIS certifies that I have ttiven my sons, Dr.- MitniT nnd Svlvakvm M. I'An-oss, their tunc 10 act and trade for llieniselves, and 1 shall claim none of tlitlr vvaj, alter this due. JVMP.5 A. PARSONS. Colchester, April 17. 1 ; l . 3(l w3 WM. 1IURLIWRT, HAS Ke'e'VeJ and is now reeeivtn? a general as sonmeni 1 f I'AXCV st ST.VPI.Ii DRV ROODS, anions which may ' e toon I a leanlilnl assortment of Lavvn-, f T La lies Dre-se-, Iloin' az'ne-, plain, black, eol'il anl luurel Mni-elme de Laine-, neb li.'orel Pre-s Silk-s, p'mn bl i''k an I b'ue black Clro de Swiss an I colored Cro 'e Naji do., Itoiinei Silks, .Vu.rrlino in jinrmc., la-te nml Linen l.ain Swiss nnl Cam'ri" Pdji'tfirs and Insertinis, Pine Dimi'v. Clianlell 1 Veil-. I .nicy H'kf- and I 'ravat lb nnct an I o'her HiM on-, wide Ln.e, plain and li;'d s-vv iss .vtos ins, an 1 1 nmhrics. Plain S I'm -tr pe I an I Damask- De Laine Shawls He Lame lbll f". Kid (if. ve.. List Thread an I Si. k do. Silk .Mitts and Gloves, black nud colored Gimps, Net Cap..&.-. .V.s, IIROADCI OTHS, Plain .and Paney Cassinicrc, Sitiincits, Sun iner Cnssimere. plun and eolured G.1111I roon, Draud'C'e. Linens, ICfnlii"kv and Mam- tl'on Jeans ; rreiich, Pntrli-h anl meaiean Prill's. Moirnui3 Li'irme, Lawn-, lick's, Manncls, I'rahi P. L. Hals, L. Ilounel-'. Leghorn-, I'nibrcl I is, Para-ols; Twine, Wick, Halting, nn I oilier things 11. u numerous 10 mention. Al"", A Oener il A ortiiienl of P.vMti.r Cr.ot r.nti:. P. S Mr. .lame. W, II trlliuri niayle fiiin.1 at the a1 ove -tnre where be will I hspiy to wail upon his I'r.cii 's nn I ii hers vvho nnv favor him with a call. Store dirculy oppo-i:e .Me--. Lovely ,t Sey- IIIO'il'-, Clciri'll street. Iluilinaion, May 10, IS 1 1. -19 f I tn o I'T.ilIM, o i" U 1 eiie.l'i. iirv have I g in tngo qui'e vve'i 11 1 ready and the (pucker yo 1 ml! ilielc'ter. Ni eharro ir'enst lo loo!; if ym don't bin : so en land ee for yo irselve. May, IS 1 1. -19 DVn-STL''lV, ACinS, l)Yi:-WUOI)S, if-r. WILLIAM PAUTItlDCn st SON, 31 Chlf Street, Corner of Pullon, Ncw-Yort, 1 contax"t surt t.v or Tiir. roi.i.ovv tso akticlei WIIOLPSALP AM) RPTAIL. T Hoot, Shoe nn 1 Ci r-ei Lacel", Ho-l New York- solid Mead Pius, Mum: ni:w j.ooiis. "II.OKI'.NCi:, Ihaid, Rilland, Suaw and Pn-lih L Ilonnei-, M .-' Itoniieis, Silks, Punt-, Cui''- liatn-, hliawls, and Hokl-. i.e May 23, 1811, 51 ike. m-i re eive I by I ..rxri.T l IJ. 1 . I l,l.. O nice I'm-', DiaperardSliawl Pin". t.o'd, Plaled and Oilt I'm-, Itings and other Jevve'rv, Jlny's Hells. Class, Od cd nn l Pinted Heads, Razors an I Razor Slrar-, I'lateland Hlacl. spring' Hooks and Pyes, Wadel-, Pnr-e-nnd Pnr-e trini'iungs, ' Snlletlocs, Slue., midP,l.iiir, Ilciumiii!: und Sous' Pn I'd eved Needles, Knillir.a Ntcd'es, nssortel tu'lancy locs, wiumI, Woo,i, Itras. ninl Wh del one llatl;, Whalebone m pound bundle., Paney, Shavinsr andTudet Soaps. Pens nnd Pen Holder-, Lead Pencil-, To' aceo Ilexes, lira--, Steel, Silvered, Hilt, Clcrmau Silver, und Silver Tlumh'e-, Pereos-ioii Cup-, Seis-ors, And n meat vnrie'v of other iiriieles which wo in'ond to ,ell so dm id,, p pronl by luiyins itieio rifoq '.. I,,,.. I .1 , .f . .. ,. : . " . ..ii.niK.ii iiiu.eeoiri mitv hi i "111111 n-M)rlllienHi Ilro.ii Uul i.. ' bin uir inMin- nr iinrm .,..1 i. .. .... i I aiiey Cas-imeres. Ilieh X'csiiiit.. fir.n, it' r .. 1 mom (lir I .a,, i i r... ...t.,.' i.-....' .t. ,'.... Tvvee.1-, Saiinetts, Suniincr Siifl'-.iVe. at prices lovvir in mil for ucli gnods ns we o er nnd onrorieeseni'i. l,Ul 'e I I le us 10 whole-ale llieni. We lire verv niodo-l mid moderate in our expccuilions fiom die vvho'e-ale de- pariineir, nui iiiiui; we can supply eii.tonier- an ri.oitcxci: noxxins, I'.vn.vsoi.s, &c. A 1 I.M. ii-soriiiient o Morence Honnets! nl. r fumo eieganl Straw ll.iunet-, Lutelher vv lib i .'uieij-oi iiuunei I rimnnmrs, eve. now open. May 23, Ml. 3l man sua wls. J-j iv I S., Cravat-, Cliaiilla mil Net Veils, Laces .,,, LUpiits eri Lump a May 23. 31 C. P. STAMFORD'S. than have teen Ml t ic tu May 23, 51 C. P. STAMFORD. AHLW I'.LL'S Shu-s, of all kind', arc kept and '""' orl'. anUhall le happy to hew diem our goods L now i Herod lor ale. by -May 23. 51 C P. STAMFORD. ;V;il' EDITION, S Jl" Ol iNliY'S lir.OURAplIY AND ATLAS- "s-' very tn eh eii'argeil tuni iniiroved, it i. now tlu verv' o'i viuogrupny n. ll-e, lor ale liy .11.1)22, MI, 51 viU S. HUNTINGTON. MRS. FRASfER AS pi-t ren riuil fiom New ork, wiln lar usual asort- ineni oi MILLINK11V GOODS. lOffelher Willi llin I., I..., I"... 1.1,, Florence nml Straw repmrej tu llu iieive-i nyie, llnrhiiglnn, Ma) 21, 1611. fll r r i s i ii'l n il diem ihe price-, and we l.tinw we hall nol cn ine giioo. it vvepiil lliem loo li'gli. No lnrin toeall ami look; uotliing like looking ler your-ctfloo; ean'idunii) thing till you try; there isa I ce-iuuiug lo every lliuij. Wo can M'llu-mucli as the boy wauled when he went to the slave dealer and enq Hied the price of laves al whole-u'e nud when the price win iiaint-l aiJ "1 will take oneal whole.-tile." IIHINSMAIP S. llllOTiinriS, Succes.ors in I'ANntiiaiN it N. II, ClocU und Walehcs I y the I ox. NOTICE. rllHP. Selectmen ol ll.iiluislen nnd Colcbefter L wi-h in eoniinei for bud ling n llridgo ncro-s Oiiioi River ill die High IlruL'c, o called, llridgo builders nro mviiedto make proj,oals for the lob. Thulcnglh ofihe llri Ige will be lioni SO lo 90 feet. il Arch llridgo is in conleii plalion, hit iiropo.-aU Imp fi Ph.,.l I t.. 1 ..r I1...I.... ...01 I.. I NEW STORE AND NEW GOODS. a"J vvtev-s lyman. , IIOVPWK'K TOUel.P.V, of SH I'll MOR-jp. ) llurlinglon, JACOB RO I- , ) Selec u.cnj MILION D. WR'KWARF., ( LI.ISIIA HAKJlll. ) ColcheHcr. May 20, 1811. SI rpilF, mb'cril erhas taken the New Store one door noriu ii .vic-srs. 1111-11131.18" where he lias iu. recuvid nud now o ler, lor mle, n general a.orl. ineiiiol fancy an I Siajilo Dry loikl-,Dry (Jrocene. Paper ll.ingingf, itc, vvliieh for.jualily nnd cheap, ne scinivit le Mirpi-ed. Purchaers are invitisl to call and e.aniuie lor thenindvis, C. F llurliiijton, May IC, Jfill, STAMFORD. .Ml rPAII, 10 111,1s. Norlh Carolina, by i- Ma) 13. M SI HON OS &. Co. NOTICE. ALLnhlcbolied while inileciiizens, hetwei'n the . lines ol Hani 15. who aie not hy law exempt Iroin Miluary U nv, re-i lent within the limits ofihe 3 I I! iiialioq Company, ' f die U h lic.'iliicnt of Ver iiloiit.Mihtl 1, aie heie! y notiliel to appear 011 the Ikuri llou-e S piaie 111 die toe.11 of llurluiL'tou, on Tuc-dav, the dill day of June ncM, at !l o'clo, k, . M. fully nrnicd nn l eiUippe'l nccordutg to law, for in-tieeiti 11 and drill, and theie await further orders. Hy order ol die Captain. N. II. POLWP.I.L, Clerh. Hiirling'ou, 17 May, 1SII. Bl) ne ir aoons. C' M. P0PP. has .n 1 -1 received his Spring Stock 0 ot DiyUools mi I (ire ones, which he will sell for cash or'lea ly pav a- oh 'a, as die cheapest, llurlinglon, M iy 15, IS11. 50 F noNxnrs. I.OHF.NCP. 11 raid IKiunets, R iiland do iio lli.m'.1 nod Children's Straw do While and Colored Palm Leaf do for ale by May 13, 1811. 50 S. M. POPK. rIiHP. ndi-cri' ers wi-h to notify their customers L who have had wool inanul'aciureJ, dial the cloths are all ready for delivery, an I a Ihey wi-h loilo-e up die concern, wo dd be al id lo have lliem cab be fore llio lir-l ol J me. The business will llieii l.eear riedon by llio II. .Mill Co. All per-ous uiJeble I, I y note 01 1 00k, are reaue-te I to ene die aino I ) dial lime. HOP.l.OPSON, IIATIIIII'N ., Co. I!. V ,11-, May", ISI1. 50 vv3 S THONGS A. Co. have ju-t received nnd now of fer at low pri f s, 10 Toil', u.sorted Kntrli-h Tire Iron, 3 do do Swedes, 2 do llus a 01.1 Salle, 3 do do Nail ml-, Sanderson's Cast Steel, Swedes do, Punish lllisi, do. llerinau.Tee Call;, do Anvil, Kotter Key, and Patent, Vices, Shovels, Spades, lines, Cro liars, flay 'und Monuie I oik, Scythe., Scoop Shovel-, with n general and full aorinent of Ironmongery. May, 15, Ml. 50 La " Dye In lu;o llr.1r.1l W,d Red San 'crs Hyper Nie Wood Peach Woi.l Il.iche Wood Cum Wood II tr Wind Green 101 onv Nicaraiua Woovl Lis Wood Fustic Acer Riibruni Q'creilron Hark Wluiini Wieid Tumerio Sliinae Muniect Jladder Garramcicil ('ud' ear Orclule Salllowcr Nut Calls Per-iaa Herrict Auneito Won I (lice Ilrid-h Cum Pru-sia'c Potash lit 'hromate do Sal Amoniae Luhnrace Copper Dust Antimony Smrar Le.a I lllue Vnrul Copperas April 21, IS If. Alum Ariro! Cream Tartar 1'arlane Acid Aipue Penis Nitne Acid Morialie A'id Oil Vitriol Nitrate Tin Muriatic Tin Mmi- S ili.h.Tin I'rysl.-iN Tin ("hemic An Ainunia Fuller's Partli Ilmn-tone Nitrate Iron Ovtalie Acid Hlrachins Salts Sal So.!a P01 A-hes Poi.l A-hes Ver.lisris Pure Tin Hal nrv" Root To Lab. Gum Senegal liubco Pa -10 Pti. I.o'j Wood Pine Clav PlossM Tin Twine. Thermometers Hydrometers Vat nets Wnnt?iiu; Cloth Cuieh Terra Japonic: I'o'alo Siarcb Mauianeese v'ce. &c. A.e. 3nl7 KliliiN SIMCAlt RAVI", pt.t renvel (rom New York-a ceneral a.soiiment of Fancy anl S aple Dry Good., 'oiu.iri.ins tin laict styles 01 Prints, llinshanis, P.iun' az ne-, Honnct nnl Dre-s Lavvn-, Sl.sanii Silk Slnvv's,, M. le Lames, lli'och 1 Sh ivvls, flnrettee anl S'ruv Iloiiuet-, S.Ik Para-ol-, Hosiery, Glove-, Mill-, ive. Al-o, Por Gen'leiuen's sti'emer w-car, Drap D'ete, D' e Skin, Ca-simeie, 'I wee I Colli, Oamhrnone, Hoin! azoic, Velye'it-u, Paucy Silk Vc-ting, Plai Ian ' f.tiiev V.-'vet do., Mar-aillsund 'aleniia 'lo, rancy an I p'am Smeks niel 'Pie-, Cra.'.its, Collar., etc Ac. Which will 1 e Mill ns cheap as can be bought lor ea.h or approved credit. sircel, Ally S, 1311. -13 f DAIRY SALT. Oflf Sacks Dairy Salt, m-t re e.viil by J)J II. W. CATLIX. May 9, M I. 19 NEW CilOOflJS. COOD ASSORTMP.NT of Hroad Cloths, Cros f- d'Pia, Drib de Tu, Cassimeres, 'Pwied., Sati. licit". Rich VesiitiBs, Suiiimrr Stud's, nnd Triuiininqs, Ac. Ac., which will be s dd at prices lo suit purchaser-. I 0 ",LY sV SF.Y.MOL'R. Church street, Alay 10, I.-MI. 19 WOPLD respcrtfullv in'orin die Ladies of.Hur ItiiL'tou lhat she has just iclurned from New York wilh a ttood assorimenl nf Honnets, Ribbons and Sdhs of dillereut st)les, Laces, llorijera and Ar Itlicials, iNe, she has New Pa'tcrns for Dresses, vv inch will be mule lo order. Ladies are respectfully invited to call and examine ilic imoiis. X. II. Straw and F'orcnce Hats bleached and sewed in Iho newest style. IhuhiiKion, .May 9, I'M I. 19 5 RHINO STOXI3S. 'IONS Nova Scotia Grind Monrs, linisheland milimshcd, nze assorted. STUONC.S A Co. May 10, Ml. 50 H 101'ASll KLTTI.I-A 90 and 1211 eallon. Caul. a. ilron do 30. 43. CO nnd 120 t-'.ilh May, IS II, 50 SIRO very heip . . & Co. LOOKING GLASSES. ALarjto Assorimenl ol various sizes of O 0, Ilandea Plate, and La Fnyetle siyhs. just ree'd hy LOVP.LY & SKYMOPR. Church street, llurlinuton, l May I, IRf J 4' KT37f GOODS. J l ON NETS. I" A 11, 11. DOOLI'PI LP havo just received nn 1. . Hssoititicnt of STI!W AM) PLORI NCK IIR.UDS.o. die latet paterns, which ihey oiler foi sale cheap. May 8, 1811. -19 wfi riip liunli I t) lit. I subs tiI er will let his lariru and coinino lions rr L IlltlCIC HOPSP, minted ip.10 He die Hunk ol II iriui'jleii, 1111 1 on ttte comer 11 nun 11 an 1 luim S'l'eels, fr one or n Imizcr Ierm if veur-. Tlu hou-e has I ecu oeciip -! for a ii'iml er ot years pal as a hoar hii'i hou-e, and isvvell e.iiculntisl ton iiuii 1110 'ale from tweuivto ll irly hoarders. Terms urade kiinvviiby npplieation to the Milin-ril er, uud po-e- 1011 irive'u on the lir-l day of Mny net. WAI. A. GRISWOLD. Hiirhnsinn, April I, 131 1. -I I tf DAIRY SALT. 1 t( P.CKS I'airvSalt lor -ale bv IUU Mny 11, ISU. 50 S. M. POPP. IV V N'l'HI). -100D TAHI.P. HUTTPR, in exehanyo f. r flood., Lr by S. M. l'Ol'f. .nil tin llur irikrUin. M 11. 13 11. FANS! FANS!! WHF.N Ihewnrm iher tomes we will open of new nn I leautifal Fan. lilt o cold vv lieu wo wr.le I lhat die Fan, can't shew iheiii'i'lves without column,, dicv look beaulilul how ever, we have prctly ami cheap I ails. .May, Ml. 51 L'kixs.maio J A HcoTlirRs. PST IIF.CP.IVPD, bv TP ST III J May I, 111, LOVF.LY A SLY.MOUit. NO I ll'LO. HAIP-'AOP, hTORAt U and PCI WAIvD'NO by Lie Mib-cril er al the N,'UJ.0". ,NN Il.itluiV'lon May I, IS 1 1- '-Ja""'' w NEW II AT ESTAHLISIIMfiNT. ItYKOliDS & CO. ARL now opeiiui'-- in ihe i-iiil I imr directly opposite the Hank of Purlin ton u' "no assortment of PASIIIONAIILP HATS. u''"eh the) i (ler for sale, an I m- "-sf thtir lye, quality and price, s&-s Ch irch Street, .May I-t, 14 I. as tf f. i nc y a 6oi)s. Vr.ff stjles liht and Park S.l'.-. lialziirincs, l Pruned Lawn-, M' u-e i'e Laire-, French G'lis- hams and Print-, a full assortment, ju-t revive J by 11. W. CAI L1N. ALSO Pine Florence Hraid an I Neap-'lifui Honncns. sin-srh- and iloul le run Coloicd and While Leghorn Hnl, New .lyle 11. unci, iNcck an I Cai llibbi n-. Artili cal Plovvcr. l.a.-es, a irreat varety. (Ilovt'S and Mi's, Jet Necklaces and IluirCa.e-. Parisolls, Cm vats, Shawl-, llandkeri h el's, Ac. Ac. nO.MKKTIC COODsi. Hrown Shtenn-'s and Slumns, Cotton Yarn nud Carpel Waip,Ti'kin,W.iitdiiiirnnd HaitinL-, Hleach ed Cotton and American Print-, all kinds, ini open,. I by H. W. CaTLI.N. " A f illas.crtincnt Patevvellks an I New York Sh".c- of all km Is and style.-, Al-o, ii full ot (iriiceries (Lu; inrs excep'e I.) 'I heubuie le o l an I a areat many more not cue mciatel, haveleen felts-ted with itiro and nttentt. in regard o siyle, quality nnd price, and are now ' fered foriM-h ere lil i r produce, n low u any oil i Cstaoli lament in the Stale. N. H s my iiuato i-, "asebeap nsihe ebon e.," iho-e who wiinl die ino-t lor the least mono . will do will toeall lefoie ptirihaingi ll V, C HAS returned to Hurlinjrion and openeil a Millena ry Shop at her old siitnd one door nor h of Love'y au"t Seyino u's s ore ru Church at., where he will be happy to ce all her o'd eusloiuer. nnd as nn ny new ones as may favor her wiih a call. La lies' bound. and Ocntlciuen' hals whitened and repaired in die I ct manner. 50 w-. IXnlc. fT, A T a Pro'a-e Court s-, ) V holileii at II r iiiff- .ilary Clark's l'ATf: OP VP. II MONT, , lltlcl ot l. tlittetli'eu, S-, ion, vvi'hui nu I tor tin lbs nc nfure-ai t t n the n u ll lay of May .. D. 1511, nu In-ir imen' pnrpi rl n in he'ihe l.i-i Wi I and Te-'ainent ol M.tRY ( L l!(v, ate of Pitt'erhdl, lu nul l'i-iria-1 dts-ca-eal, was pre en'el to die Conrt here lor Prolate, hy Nathan Woo Iru'l'tho Pxecuior, therein named. Tnr.Kr.roRR it is ordered by aid Court, that pul li." noliee le given to all per-ons concerittsl thereinto ipoear I elori' .aid Court, at a n'-ion ibereof lo bo hi' ii ai die Ha'uister n liat'iii -aul lliiilimr'on, on ibo ivnnd Wislne day of J ine, A. D. HI I, and eon'e.t he probate of anl Will, nn I il is fur her orilcrcd that tu- r le pil'luhcd dirce weeks ueecMvely m he Ibirlinirioii Free Prea-, a newspaper printed at ttiirlimtton, in llii S ati, the last of which hall to previous lo ihe day ns-ine.1 as afor..said forheariur. (liven under my han lai the Regiter' Olllie, this 9th Jay of May, A. D. Is (I. ."iuv3 Win. WKSTON, Register. MFSS PORK, 40 111 L., by .May 15. STIlONGd A Co. 50 i)()f ICKGS as-orle-ICut Nn Is, A Vv 15 Tons Peru niaiMl.icluicd, Iron, roun I an I ipiarc, a-8 r ial, 10 Tons Scroll Iron on 10 do Hand do to 10 do IIorei-hoo do Manufactured by die Peru Iron Co. mil for n loon onsinmeni, by STl.ON' vt Co. May 15, M I. 50 SALT. 1 CC nilLS, Fine Salt, L W v 1 250 8 lbs.) Dairy Salt, fj .0 Sucks Liver io j Ilown do 's 15. 5) STIIONCS AC-. timsi.i tXMt. mn s. GToiu vvatrantid lius-ia Nnl Hods fir sab by KOLLKTT URADl.Y A Co

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