Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 28, 1844, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 28, 1844 Page 1
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THE GLOnY OP CJBSAn BUT THE WELFARE OP ROME NOT rv ir. n. STACY. From tin Lvenina Tost. ,, IM.AOI5 AMI HOOK. There swelled up from the plain below A chafins slrcamlit's roar. And fitful breezes lo and fro The forest branches bore, To rouse beneath llieir shadows deep The spirits dwelling sadly there, And wake thiir solemn notes to keep Communion vvi'h tlie voice of air. High o'er the valley's hosom piled, As though to ijuard the scene around, A mount nf rocks, like cunts wild lly sudden spell of magic bound As 'gainst the sky their arms were thrown In bold attempts its licicht to scale, Willi shrub, and vino, and moss o'ergrown, Frowned sternly 'midst the peaceful vale. No cloud its envious shadow threw Before the face of nig'it, To hide the worlds lint there pursue. Their mazy paths of licht , But all the starry trains above Spread nut their lmiillcs array, And the soft moon her meshes wovo Of silver, o'er the scene to lay. Here where the highest clitT upraised His beetling crest to storm and wind, There stood one who intently cazed Upon the piospect undefined Of mountain looming up nil high " Far in the moonlight's trembling sheen, Sleeting as if to prop the sky , And on the intervening scene, Where, dimly sprrad beneath his eyes, Were woods in autumn's colors dressed, And hills that rose and fell, like siahs Up heaved upon the valley's breast. Here had he climbed, awhile to fao To higher flight his thoi-glit, And by the scctio an I hour to bo Some solemn lesson t.iught : And as be ston I and gazed, there came A quickening spirit to In- soul, Winch shone, a-i if some inward tlime, L'nti1 it bad subdued the whole. "I swear by jondcr arch," ho cried, "With all its hnlli ml orbs of gold ; J swear by this creation i'c, U'nh sb-ipiaj vale and mountain hold s I swear by yonder boughs which move d Like spit its 111 the mi Inijht air ; lly all !, ninth, aronu 1, above, Ind by mv soul, heisclfl swi-ir, Henceforth I'll live ai'h nobler aim Than said id power or sclfih fiitne ; I'll live for Truth, win ro'er she take mo, Ti I file my thread of Win' -ever ; I'll Itv e for Trnih, who'll ne'er forsake me, V J'or truth alune'cnduies foicver." C. II. From Orahmi's Magazine for July. THIS WANING IJIDOS. BY WILLIAM CULLEN BHVAST. I've wat he J loo hie; the morn is near, One lojk at Cod's broad, silent sky ! Oil! hopes and vvishis vainlydcar, How in your very strength ye die! Even while your gl nv is on the cheek, And scarce the h gh pursuit begun, The heart crows faint the hand grows weak, The lask of life is left undone. See, where, upon the riorum's brim. Lies the Mill cloud in ploomy bars, The wining moon, oil pale anil dim, Goes up amid the eternal surs. Iitc, in the flood of tender light, She dialed through tho ethereal blue, A softer sun, that shone all night Upon the gallieiing beads of dew. And still thou wancst pallid mom ! The encroaching shadow grows apace; Heaven's everlasting watchers soon, Shall see thee I lotted from thy place. Oh, night's Icthrpnel and crovvnlcs. queen! Well m iv thy sad, espb itig ray Be shed on those whose, eves have seen Hope's glorious visions fade away. Shine then fii form tint once werobright, For sages in the mind's eclipse, For those whose words were spullsof might, Hut filter now on stammering lips.' In thy decaying beam then Ik Full many a grave on hill and plain, Of tho-c whoclmel tln'irilymg cye3 In grief that Ihey had lived in vain. Another night, and thou among The spheres of heaven shall cease to shine. All rayless in tho glittering thr ing Whose lustre late wv i'ienuhed in llnno. Vet soon a new and tender light From out ihy darkened orb shall beam, Andtiroidtn till It shine all nig'it On glistening dew and "limi.icring stteim. THE FISHCRMAN. it was as calm an evening as ever came from heaven the sky and tho earth were as tianquil as if no storm from the one had ever disturbed the reposo oftho other; and even flinnennil tllllt "rent lll'lllWHV III' till! Will 111 lay as gentle as if its bosom had never bo- cl'", and 100K Ins uoat nook with him. traved us if no traveler had over sunk to Uncollected a sufficient quantity of the death in its embrace. The sun h id gone weed, hut in his eagerness to oblain it, had down, and tho pensive twilight would have wandered from tho landing place, when ho reigned over nature, but lor the mnon which 1 heard his boy loudly hallooing and exclaim rose in full orbed beauty, the queen of an ! ing that the painter was looso. He rushed Ml? . ,.l I.I . II I. II.. ' t 1.. . 1 .l. I ....!.!!. ., Iliimiiaiite wunu, iu siiinu ujiuii uiu yuuuiy things of ours, and to give a radiance and a glory to all she shone upon. It was an hour and a scene led the soul to the contem plation of Him who never ceases to watch over tno wotks no nas mauu, anu wuose protecting care displays itself alike upon tho . ,. 11 , 1 .i .1 solid land and the trackless waste ol the de ceitful sea. On tho western coast oftho county of De von, which has been termed, and it may be added, justly, ' the gardens of England,' up on such an evening a group had assembled around one of the fishei man's cottages. The habitation was built in thu style oftho olden time, when comfort was the principal object oftho projector. At either side of the door were scattered tho lines anil nuis aim uuskois that betokened the call ol the owner, and me fisherman was taking Ins larewell lor Ihe night, ofhis happy, loving family, who were bidding him 'Ood speed on his voyage.' A film old man was lei ig Ins artn on thu railing, nnd talking to an interesting girl, whose hand lay itpuu tho shoulder ofa younger sister. The stout fisherman, dressed in his rough jerkin, and huge hauls that readied far above 'llio knees, was in tho ur.t of kissing h little clirrtil), wlm seemed half terrified at being elevated so liigli sis his fath er's let's ; while tho wife and mother, with her infant nursling on her lap, was louiving anxiously upon her Inisliand, as she breathed tlm parting hlrssine, and prayed fur his safe return. A little boy, the miniature of his father in countenance: and dress, bearing a huge boat cloak across his sliuolilers, and tho lantern to give light when the moon depart ed, completrd tho group if wo except a noblo Newfoundland dog, sonm steps in ad vance of the party, watching for the nod lo command his march to a kind of pier, where tho fislicrmon and his boy were to embark. ' Good luck, good luck !' exclaimed the old man, ' eood luck and safe homo again, John ; yo want no moro but God's blessing, and that ve may h:ivo for asking; but ye may as well 'take mine too. God bless yo, and good bvo to ve.' " The 'blessing was hnarlily echoed by his kind paittier aiid his children, and whistling as he wenl, with his boat hook on his shoul der, his dog Ncpluro before, and his boy fol low ing, ti edged along to tho beach. With the earliest dawn of morning, the fisherman's family were ajtir ; the elder girl was busily engaged at ranging their liltlo par lor, while tho youngnr was preparing the breakfast table and the mother spreading before the fire the clothes of hei husband and her boy. An hour passed, and she grew somewhat uneasy that he remained abroad beyond the usual period of his return. An other hour had elapsed, when she said lo her father, ' Father, go out to the hillock, and try if you ran see' his sail upon the water; he seldom stays out so long when the weath er was fair and the sea calm ; my little boy was not quite well last niltt and this alono should have hastened him home.' The idd man went forth and one by one his rrandchildien followed him, until the mother was left alone, rocking tho rradlo of Inn- iinciin.-ioiis babe. After tho lapse of another hour, her daughter entered wilh news that a neighbor had spoken to her father in the nijli!, and that he would certainly be soon home. ' God grant it !' said she, and sit.1 spoke in lone of deep anxiety 'ho never was away i Ion" but once, and that was when he saved llie crew of the ship Mary; and then the whirl of the sinking vessel Hell nigh made his grave.' Again she stirred the fire, again arranged the chillies before it, and poured some hot water into the lea cups. Still the breakfast remained untouched. The sun was now soaring to his meridian height and when onro more the family as sembled in their humble dwelling, the prop nf the wholu was yet wanting. They sol down to a cheerless meal, the seats at cither side of the wifu leniaining vacant. Tho old man was the only individual who appeared to anticipate no evil ; hut he hastily finished bis breakfast and went forth. The morn was rapidly passing, and the sun had already given tokens of the glory of his departure, when the fisherman s wite, having lulled her infant to sleep went to tho hill that commanded an extensive view of the widu spread ocean. All the little house hold soon assembled en the spot, but no boat was seen upon tho waters nothing that could give hope except the aspect of the waves, which looked too placid to be dangerous. Their deep dread was no longer to bo concealed ; and while the old man paced to and fro, looking earnestly at brief intervals over tho lonely sea, the mother uuu daugh tor were sobbing audibly. ' Fearless let him be whose trust is in his God I' exclaimed the father. The sentence was uttered involuntaiily but it had its ef fect. 'Ay, ay,' siid tho mother, ' he always trusted in iiis God, and God will not forsake hi in now.' ' Do vou remember, Jane,' continued the old man, how often L'rnv'nleiico was with me, amid the storm and tho wrerk, when help from man was far off, and would have been useless if near J And they cheered and encouraged one another to hope for the best to submit to tho decree of heaven, whether it camo us the gentle dew to nour ish, or as the heavy rain to oppress. From thai hillock which overlooked the ocean, as cended tho mingled prayers lliat God would not leave them desolate. The the object of their hope! and fears had been very successful during the ninlit, nnuSvhon at day break, as he was preparing to return home, ho rememlieied his promise to bring with him sonic sea-weed to manure the potato pbil behind his cottage. Ho was then close to the rocks, which wero only discurnahlo tit low water; and pulled for them, jumped on shore, fastened tho painter of his boat to a jutting part of tho j iiiM.iuuj- iuwiiiu 1110 uu.ii which was men several yards oil ; tho boy wss vainly en delivering to use both the oars, and Nep tune, the faithful dog, was running back ward and forward and howling most fearful- 11.. :e . i-i. , , iv, as 11 conscious ni 11 is master s uanger ' at one moment about to plunge into tho waves nnd join him, and tho next licking the hands and faro of the child as if ho saw that fur him his protection would bo most needed. mm. rti . ! 1 .. 1 uu iiMiei iiiaii ifcrtcivcii at once the desperate naltiro of his situation ; tho tide ho knew was coming in rapidly, and his hopo ol pscapo was sit an end, when he perreived lint his buy in his effort to use the oars, had let one of them fall overboard ' Father, father,' exclaimed the poor lad, j up,t s,i j ,0 tho boat was at this limn so far distant, tint his distracted parent J cn, scarcely hear tho word, but ho called nut to him as Inud ns hn rouliJ, to trust in God, the father of tho fatherless, lie then (stood resigned to tho fate which awaited ; him, and watched the drifted boat in peril froH, the fatal rocks, lie had offered up a hi ipf prayer to the thiono of mercy, when in an instant a light Iroko upon his mind. ' Great God !' ho exclaimed, I may J el be ..t .-( I I. ....!!.. saved.' Willi me energy 01 unpu uiiuiui with despair, ho collected all Urn stones around him, and heaped them rapidly upon the highest ledge of rocks it was indeed wondeiful how ho roiilil, hnvo gathered so many in so short a time, but tho Almighty gave' strength lo his arm, and he was labor ing not for life merely, hut for beings still dearer to him. The lido came on, on, on, and then obliged him lo ipiit his work. He then mounted llio pile he bad heaped, placed the boat hook firmly in nno of the crevices of the cliff, and prepared lo struggle for ex istence ; but his lieait failed him when he considered how slight was the possibility that t lo water would not rise above his head. Still he determined to do nil ho could to preserve life. Tho waves wetc not rough and tho boat hook supported him. The awful moment rapidly approached ; the water reached his knees, hul he stood firmly and prayed that ho might he preserved. On, on, it came, slowly and gently, but more fearfully than if it h id raged around its destined prey ; soon it reached his waist and ho nraved that it might go no higher. On, on, on it came, and his shoulders were covered ; hope died within him, and he thought of himself no longer, but those who were so dear to him his wife, Ids childien, and his father it was for blessings on them that ho implored heaven. Still on, on, on it came, and he was forced to raise his head, to keep as long as possible fioni death ; his reason was almost gone, his breath grew feeble, his limbs chilled ; be panted and his prayer became almost gurgling murmurs. The blood rushed to his head, Ins eye nails glared as if they would start from their sock ets, lie closed them with an effort, and thought, fur the last time on the homo that would soon be wretched I Homme images were before him; each swell of the wave seemed as if the fiends were forcing him downward, and the cry of tho sea bird, was like their yells over their victim. Ho was gasping, choking, for he had no strength to keep his head above the unlets; every mo ment It was splashing upon him, and convulsive start that followed, only aroused 1 1 1 m lo the consciousness, if consciousness it could be called, thai the next plunge would be his last. Merciful powers! at tho very moment ' when thesliengthand sphit of man had left , him, and the cold shudder ol death iiail ( ' .. . ... ... rvitvwt nr lit t t liut in lnln men nn lint hur His eyes opened, closed, and a fearful laugh troubled the waters ! They eddied in his throat, and tho bubbles floated around his lips but limy rose nn higher that he knew again and again his hosom heaved with a loop soli, and he drew in bis breath, and gave it forth in agony. A minute had pas sed since (lie salt sea touched his lips; this was impossible il the tide still flowed he could reason so much. He opened his eyes, and faintly murmured forth ' O God ! ho merciful. 1 ho flow of the ocean had indeed ceased ; there ho stood ninlionlcss ; hut praying and weeping, thinking of his beloved home, and hoping his place there might not be forever vacant. The waters in a time subsided, and he was enabled to stretch his chilled limbs and then to warm them by exercise. Soon the rock was left dry as before, and the fisherman knelt down upon that desnlato spot among the billows hid his face in his hands, and praised and blessed his Creator his Preserver. Oh ! it was tho well known bark of his f.,;,l,r.,l I. Iinil l,n:.r,l aUnvn ll.r. .alu.e . ! . h . .. . .' in another moment tho creature was licking 'J '"" " his palo cheek. He was saved ho was,1'1'. " iho right side of the entrance Iron) saved; fur his own boat had touched llio ' 11,0 north door. shore, and his own hoy was in his arms! He had been drifted to the land, and had easily found those who had rowed hard for the chance of saving his father's life. 'Now homeward, homeward!' he ex claimed. "Homeward, homeward, echoed the child, and Neptune jumped and burked nl the welcome sound. Tho fisherman's family were still suppli cating Providence, upon the hillock that overlooKeci tho deep, when the old man Iron. Lis kn..,.. nml ,.y, b,!o,..,l ... 1 - '. are Heard ! there IS a specK upon tile uistanl waters. atui no noinieu out wiiat lie nail honed to lie the absent boat. Tliev eagerly strained their eyes, but saw nothing ; in a few mo ments, however, all perceived a sail it was impossible tq tell tho direction in which its course lay. Then was tho agony of suspenre ; it con tinue, however, but for a short time, a boat was evidently advancing towards tlm shore, in a fevv minutes they could clearly perceive a man at the bow waving his hat above his head, and soon after tho well known bark uf Neptuno was borno lo them by the breezo. The family rushed to the extremity of tho rude pier, and the loud huzza of the fisher man was answered by the "welcome, wel come," of his father, and tho almost inarti culate "thank God" ofhis wife. And now all was joy nnd happiness, in cottage whero there hud been so much wretchedness ; (ho fishermen, his boy, and his dog wero safe from the perils of the great deep ; but he would return no answer to questions, ns to what had detained him so long beyond the usual period of his return. "Wat, my wife," said he, "until wo have dressed nnd refreshed our selves, and you shall know all, but before wo do either) let us bless God for out of great danger hath ho preserved me." Novcr was thero a moro sincero or moro earnest prayer offered up to tho Giver of all goodness, than ascended from that humble dwelling. And when iho fisherman had told his tale, how fervently did they all repeat tho words that had given them so much conso lation in ihe morning. "Fearless let him bo whoso trust is in his God." People's Advocate. Mr. Teter Ilrotnagliin, of ItoRsie, St. Law. rcnt'o Co. N. V. was in the woods engaged in making ashe;, when a tree fell and hilled a girl about 15 years old, and a boy about 8 years old. Two others were severely injured, but not dan gcrously. BURLINGTON, VERMONT, FRIDAY, JUNE 28,1844. AN AMUSING INCIDENT IN ENG LISH HISTORY. The annexed nnecdnto in relation to a visit made to Hu'stol, Eng., in old times, hy the husband of a queen, forms a striking contrast to the late visit of I'lince Albert to llie same place and in tho same capacity. This extract is from ' Coiray and Evans' History of Uristul,' and was originally taken from an old Bristol newspaper: Prince George of Denmark, consort of Queen Anne, in passing through ibis city, appeared on the Exchange, attended only by (inn gentleman, a military officer, and remained there till the met chants had pretty generally withdrawn ; not one of theiii hav ing sufficient resolution to ask such a guest lo their lmncs. Hut this was not the rase wilh all who saw him ; for a person whose namo was John Duddleslone, a bodice-maker, who lived in Corn street, (probably the house now orrupied by Norton iSt'Son, booksellers, which is very ancient,) went up to him. anil asked him. ' if he was nut the husband of the Queen?' who informed him 'ho was.' John Diiddlestono told linn he had observed, wilh a good deal of concern, that none of I lie merchants invited him home lo dinner, telling him he did nut appre hend il was fur want of love to the Queen ! or to him ; but because they did not consid er themselves prepared to entertain so great a man. Hut he was ashamed to think ofhis dining al an inn, and requested him to go and dine with him, and to hi ing the gentle man along with him, informing him that he had a piece of good beef and a plumb pud ding, and ale ofhis dame's ow n hiening. Tho I'rinre admired the loyalty of the man ; and, thought he had bespoken a dinner at the While Lion, went wilh him. When they got to the house, Duddlesloin' rolled his wife, who was up staits, desiring her to put on a clean npion and come down, for the Queen's husband ami another gentleman were come to dine wilh them. She accor dingly came with a clean blue npion, and was immediately saluted by the I'lince. In the rouiso of the dinner the Prince asked him if he ever went to London. He said that since ladies wore stays instead of bodi ces he sometimes went to buy whale-bone ; "hereupon the Prince desired htm lo take ms wife with him when ho went again, at the same lime giving him a card to t.iciiitaii! ins introduction i to cmi.l. lu the. course oi a ',ll,u. '" I. ...,il,.t, .mil i. tit. (tin 'n.-eu-1-inf'.i ivl llin f.'llfl uini.iiiii, ..n. n ..o.o, ...i... ... he found easv admittance to the I'rince, and by him they were introduced to the Queen, w'ho invited them to an approaching public dinner, informing them they nui'l have new clothes for the occasion. So ihey each chose purple velvet, such as the I'rinco had then on, ond In tlmt flit.KR tliny were introduced by the Queen herself as the most loyal per sons in Uiistol, and the only ones in that city who had invited the I'lince, her husband, to their house. After the entertainment, the Queen, desir ing him to kneel down, laid a sword on his head, and (to use Lady Dnddlestone's own words) said lo him, ' Ston up, Sir, .Ian.' llo wasollered money era place under Uov- eminent, but ho did not choose to accept of either, informing the Queen that he had .50 , out of use, and he apprehended that the num ber of peop'e he saw about her must be ex pensive. The Queen, however, made Lady Duddleslone a present ofa gold watch, winch my Lady considered as no small ornament when she went lo market, suspended over a hlllB UtirOll 1 blue anron. Sir John Duddleslone and his I... I.. I. I.. :.. Ill S.I..1.1 Pll, Uric T 0 T II E L A J) I E S . 'TMIK undersigned oiler- for sale a rich assortment 1 J. 01 MIIAWf.H A'h P.Al.V.niMN'P.K. I verv cheap, nt tho Store nno door east of Mers. 'Plck M. OSTIIKIM. llurliiiL'toii, Juno 21, 1SI1. 3 MONTHHAl. AXl) IKTON ICXIMIKSS. rplIK-ubv-nber- have m.i 'o airan'.-enicnl- u i-cnd X 11 nie-cnuer from llolou to .Muuurnl and lack 1 U"'T.? -n wav, via. rimali.n. Mont ,elicr. ' "uu l.oncr.i, 11.. leivinir ou Jinn i.iv anil .Momr-al on 'I Ii r-d.iy. lor Ihe tran iiii-ion of Spe cue, nur, auaotiicrvai in lieiilar attention paid to cot wis uuu oaviiiL' Aotr . if.e. Vtl i;,i...,..v. 1, 1 e in ir oil vir.11 cv t u. ami v.iiit.r ,v iv Ev 11. 1 cc, ci co, Vlltri'I. Co, Montreal. & Cc, Itu-tun. rlMIR I life nml Speeches nnicnryCIny, 2 vo JL l.itu .mil S nv -lii's f Juliii C. Calliuun, I vol. Keii'hll'i. Saul 1 I'V r.pi'diiiou, Im 1 1'lvihiopi.i, cjinplu c 111 1 pan-. Pi-.iir.e liud, Cieih.i Howard, Life 111 llie Ndvv World. Mr-. Llli-' Select Wor -s, TheCiceronlaii-lbo I'ru-iin method of Icicle ma die Latin l..i.i?ui!cc. Al-o, a general a-sortiiicnt of Solum! HooV, wlncli win 1 c oiu ai mo lovve-i prices, uoioiii. vv tut It are I! iriill'- lieoir.iphyollhe Heaven-, 2 vuU. Mitchell' School Gcorniihy and Alius. " Primary " 0'nev' " Peter Parley'. Crnjrapliv lor ''liiMrrii. Parley's l-lnn.l 2ml Hook ol Ui-lory, Com-lock' k'- Plulo-opliy, Cbenn-irv. " Phyiolojiy, " Common School I'hilosojiy, Smith', tiraminar, Kirl.liaiu'4 do Hiown't, do Swell'. do Adam-' Arithmetic, Tbonip'ou'a. do F.mer.on's do 1st, 2nd and 3 1 purK S11111I1'. do Collurn's tlo Davie' do American Kir-I Clas llouk, National Header, Porier', Rhetorical Header, Abercroiiibie's Mental and Mornl Pliilo'opby, lliiiermn'. Wt,2u,l nml 3 I t.'ln.. Meatier. SironMtoildimr, ) V. IIAHULNUTON. Iliirliiiglon, 't, j 3 C. II A YN ICS HAS pi'l received a lew choice patterns of French tind American IMl'KIt IIAXf3IN(5S. of the latest blylcs, for mlual liu Paiul Shop on Col lege street. Iliirliiislou, June In 1311. 3 tf CASH PAH) FOR WOOL. rnllK eub'Criber w II pay Ca.h for Wool delimit aim- oiore, iieau 01 reari oireei, nearly oppo Hlc the Pearl Street House. I, June 1?, fg, IIAHRV HHADLI'.V. 'i Attitictis Person's Kslntr. STATU 0I 'i:HM().T,) rpilll Una. the Disficl of rinileii It-n, m. J I Probate ('"iirl for the Di'lnVt of Chitlcni'cn : To all nsr-on- coll' iniail in thee-late f At.IMI KI'S I'l.KSOXS, late of j Iitm Iio, in vii I Di'irH, ileiv.i-cd. (itir.iiTisn. WnnniiA", Itooben lioclcwond, admini-tr.ilor ol'the c-lntc of s.ii I deceased, prnpipc to render nn ai.i'0iint oflii" itdmiiii'tratinii, mid pro-eiil hi aivouiit nguliM 'aid cM't'lor examination mid nllowMiico nt n 'estou ol the Court of I'lol.nte, nle ImMcn ' tin He'-'U'orV olllce in Darlington in tnid di'iricl on thu third day of July nexti 'I uruiBi'onn, Ynu nrc hereby notified to appear be fore said court nl ibu limn iinfl place nlbrcsaid, ami liow raiiT, if any ynu have, why Ihe account afore said should not I c nllowc 1. (iivcn nailer mv band ul Iiurlini'on IhN lllhd.iy rf Jiuic.A.U. 1811. 2w3 Win. WHSTO.V, legislcr. FANS! FANS! I WIII'N ibowarm wci'her comc we will open 'Onieca'es nf newnnd beautiful I-'an. Ill' so cold when we write the that the I'.iu can't liew thcm-i'lvc-- without colonus. tbev lol bcaiililul how ever, we have prctiyand cluMp I'nu. May, Ml. o' I'r.ivsMUii vv. Unn-ninns j JAlII'EIty IIiI.L'MIXATr.O nuii.i:, No. 1. The Highlands of I'.tliloiiln dcs-ri'od, dur'na IS nn nth rculciico nf a liriti-h Dmba-sv at the I' Court of Shea. !!y Major W. Marri-, Willi ln'.lulihil illo-tralion, ! pin-, 23 el-, each. "Thi la the iiui'i ri'in.nltai lo worl. of the pre cm nt;c, tli'tdo'in? lo the vv rl I a co uitry hitherto ntire ty tiiihno'vn, niid rciciliiiir the existiuico of a Chus t i.i it nation in the inteiior of Al'V.-'iuia, nearly liliccn u'n'nr.t'si Id " " ' . I. He In Ihe Xev.' Wnil.t. or Sketches of Atmr' euii Nur civ. by .SonloikM. Coinjitcc in 'even mini' 1 or', nl l!?i per IVn. Sljslei ies of London. Pari 1, 12J. The I'lvcnturcs of Captain l'ainplillc. Hy Alcxinder D ma-, 12. Kalher (io'.'1'il, or Scene, of I.ifo in Pari-, fi em I'iriieli ol' llo li.ilzac. 2," cent', lly I'c. It'' Hud limr, June G. 1 A. KDWAKDS. Vl'V.W hi I-. Winter 'tram ami Summer Oil, at 1 COI.F. i. HOIIIXSO.VS. (Ai -tiinuuT fiuod-, I 1 do ci 1M i'ii nib no-, 1 do Irish luii'tis 1 i'o einton n.i'js', in. 1 recived and (ir -ale bv June o HI I I VIMS, I.OOMH if- Co. ' A I.Alt' i A f r Oe I.AU'iK asortuicnt ol Kancv Preneb Cav.imcrc' en.. Miiiimer wear. Tw-ci-il niu Siunoirr, al I COl.r. & KOM.NSO.VS. 1'flLXTS, f;c. CASKS American Prints 'J 2 do M uicliestcr (iin-h.un-, 1 do l.lcaclicil 'bcc'iiu. jii-t tee'd and for -al June.",, '11. I by VII.AS, LOOMIS vV Co. SUAl, tyr. ORO. 'bavins; map, 73 do book' 1111 1 eye-, PS do ni' 11 1 l.u ct-," .10 M. D. P.. Xce.lle-, pi-t receivcdnivl for 'ale Tune.'i. Ml. by VILAS, I.I OMI,S&. SUSl'UN'DCr.S, &C. 1 CA I'OZ. we'i 'u-peiid'-r.-, it " 21 " c'a-tk' do H"n " cotton tape, lot) " r ill do do iu-i re.-eivcl and for Mile Jtoif."., Ml. I by VILAS, LOOMIS & Co. Shoctinjjs, etc. i) X IIALI'S I rown i-licctiii;:, U 2 do " Drill', lo Tnk-. iii't rc.Tiveil an 1 for 'tile ly VILAS LOOMIS vV Co. June . Ml. 1 MllS. LAXG WORTHY. TTAS received her UFiial JLX supply nf SI'RI.NC (iCODS Laces I'uihroi- (icnes I'erliinii ry, upcr 1 nney noaps cc. ij.c. A le o , tanlly on hand, plain nuu fnerr d Huts 1 u can Mr.iw, ami La cX'e. no'itan. All uf which wid be as low as call be found in the market. JiineG, lvv-3 hp: MOVED. bo. PAV KAS removed 10 1 be comer of Chuich ami Ii.tnk 'trict-,t'ppo-Mlc the I! ink of llur !,,,,.,,, ,. i,..r.. 1,.. 1. 3a L'cncral ii-oiiuu.'ii! of v Itllll I ,J litll-?, tna 'cof the 1 c-t -tiv k and by tbo mi t tbor II be -old a cheap a the nuzh woikimn llllM!H.S,. , vv biidi CJ-All kind of work ma 'c to order on the mo.-t reioiiablo terms and ul llie borle t notice. Hurlingum, June C1I1, IB 1 1. 1 lf wax run, IX oxfhamre lor riour, Salt, Teas, To! aceo, Dry lion ' ot'evi-rv kui.l, or Ca-b, a few lliou-aud II", ot'soodcliMii I b ceo Wt 0', tor which the be-l market price will 1 epai 1, ny 1 lui,i. uiii.du.. COTTOX T1IRKA1), &c. Cffi I. IIS. while and colored Thread, ij JKJ 3 ea-es -pot I do 2 " Ainericnn pack pin-, 5 lb-, mixed pin-, jn-t leceivetl an I for hileliv VILAS, LOOMIS ov Co- June .", IB 1 1. 1 U."smEMAirsilAls"SAIJ 1DU1U.IC XOTICi: is hereby civcn that Ibel'ollow. L inc conds, wares, tiierchandi-c, and other prtip. eriv. condemned 111 ihe II m. Hound Court of the Unite I Sfi'es for Vermont District, May Term, IFII, will be sold at Pl'llLU' Al'lTlO.V, nt the Auction Ho.nn of Col. H Ihoiuas, in liurliimton, in nitl iliv trict, on the 23lhday of June next, 10. llie bijjhcsi bid ilirt .nit. 10 coiiiiiienco nt 10 o'clock. A.M. To wit 1 ltoan French Horse, I black horse.l eray policy, 1 pari piece kersenicre. seiicd at Xurllilield, Ootobcr 2, 1313. , , 1 uray French horse. 1 blacis Ficticb horse, seized nt llerlin, ucioticr .', i-ia. 1 1'rcneh horse, seized nl Montprlier. Oct. 10. IS 13 2 I'reneh horses, si mtl nl Xortlilield, Oct. 1 1, 1 1J. I Ft ench horse, s.ved nt Monlpchcr, .ov IS, 1P13. i pari pieces linen, J part pieces tiroaovioiii, ? pr moccasins, seiati at viuuunau, .iiarcn -ji, ihi 1. J lioiscs, 1 sled, double liarnes-, 3 shaw Is, seized al l aiifax, Jan. It, Isn 1 black mare, seized nt Lyndon, Feb S. ISII. 1 irrav French horse, seized at llnrlou. Feb. 6. IS) I 1 bay I'rencb hore. I brown French mare, siued at llurke, I eli. !, (till. 1 1'rcnch horse, teized al llurke, Feb. 21, 1511. 1 cbesnul eoloied horse, seized at Waldcn, March s, mil. I white horse, seized at Cabot, March, 2G, iSU. A'so, 5 1-2 yadrs checked cassiincre, 8 yard black broadcloth, 2 yards blue broadcloth, 5 vnnls Doe Skin Oassuncro, 21 vnM blue Pilot C nth .'1 vntds lll'k I'roadcloib, 3 stay llox Coats, seized at ltoxbury, Sept. 7. 1813. 1G vauls calico, 2 1.2 yds woollen cloth, seized on Hie waters 01 i.aKe i;imnpiain, near i.ast Alhurg;li 111 ihe District of Vermont. Oct. 23. ISI3. 4yds hroaJ-clolh, I shawl, seized on (be waters of Lake Cliamplain. near ilurlington, in the District of Vermonl, Oct, 12. ISU. I snriel Horse, seized nt Fairfield, Oct. 21, 1813. 1 red roan horse, 1 c iltir and harness, seized alDcr by, Feb. 15, 1811. 1 erav coals, seized ntSvvaiiton. Dec. 17. ISII. 7 yds. beaver cloih, 1 1.2 yds broad cloth, scizedat iliUiiiMte, .uarca 10, is 11, 2 trunks, containing IS pieces and pari pieces calico, I pul piece brotjcloih, I shawl, 1 pail piece linen ilrillimi, I nox uuu caps, seizetl nt .Uontpclier, l ebru nrv 23. ISII. Oiven under my hau l at Bradford, this 3Ut day ul .May, A. 11. Ibii. 1 WILLIAM I1AHHOX, Mmhal. MOLASSI1S. "I ( III11L, Porto Hut) syrup nod Tiiuida 1 Mula.- J V.' i-o-, very Mipenor rpiauiVji v Juno II, Ml. 2 ' KTHO.NRS&Co. PUF.P.VHI'D Civtw, vcruiicdla, Clove-, iiulliic; .tiindi. iucrioroiiahtv, Iiulun. I,v '- SI KO.MIS &IV. tO sis- W 'IP VV, sill. 1 1 tf . m 1.1 PI I.liintliaii Ulubce's Ustnte. STATU OK VKUMO.VI', ) rjMIU Hon. the I'm' Di'iricl ol Cbilieiiden, !.. 1 Into CoailHr thc Di'tnel of Clntlcn 'on ! To nil per- n nun-crin il in the e.lale of IM.N VTI1 N IIIUlll.K, l.u of Slid burn, in Miid Di'tnct, (lecca til, i.iir.r.Tisd. Witi'.ru-.As, 1 nnc. Ilmli-e, iidiniiitftrator nl the r lull: ol sai t iliveu'cd, propo-f to render an account ol bi udo 'trntioii,aiid prc'cnt lu arcounl imnin-t ii I J e-talu fur exaii il ion and allowance nt " ion oftho Court c I l'robalc, to beholden n! the Hct lter o.lice in llnrhiiiiloii,in -aid di'tnct, oil llie cc ond WciliiC'day ol July, next., Vou on herd y notilic I to nnpear Miid co irt at the timo ami place nlorc-aiu, nuu hew cause, if any vn I have, why tbo necoimt ntore- said bould not be iillowi'il. I I iivcn unuer my n.iuo in liuiiuiuii'n mi- "' May A. D. 181 1. 1 vv3 W.M. WF.STON", IhsftUr. .toscpli .lllnci-'s Instate. sil'ATK nl.' Vr.llUOXT. ) filHH lion, the l'ro Ili'iridofCliiiiendei. ". ( " ba'c Court for lliel ni.irii HirCniiien 'en. To nil ner-oni con- eiiied the H'tate of Jo epb .Miner, late of ilarlimrlnn m MM Di'iricl, de. i'.i-e 1, Cnr.i' Whereas libiab Ilerricl;, one of the a Imtiil-'rator' ol'lllOltlltclll''!lillp'e..ld, h'llh inac'e app'ratiiui losaidcoiirl lo extern Hie tune liinmn liy s uu cimrt for pninatlicde! t nc.aiii'1, nml eitluiir, aul e-iale ' one ve '.ir iioin the 12 b day of July, 131 1, nn I the a I lratorof I o-tate proof' e rcmlermz an uc- min'vlrntnr. Ill .ml I!. Olio Drool count of their ndiiiini'lMl".,o and pie-entin? tbeirad- inmis'raiion a .m agaiu-t.'uid e'tate lor ex.uiiiua. lion an I nllowaoee. Wiir.itr.uro'i, ihe court nforwnid doi'i nppom' the u-couilWtiliicH 'ay ol.luly, 1811, lor hearing' und ue culiinriii ibepreiiii'C'.at'tlie Ib'i-ler's oil! c in Hur linsion in said ili.trict, and doih order lliat nil nci-on in'crcied I e noli ,ed Ib-rcof l y pul II l'liui ol'ihi' or Cer, thiee week-. .Miccc"iu'ly,'in the II irlinalnii Pice I'io'i a uc ctiaprr piniteil in 'ail li iriinun o, uu la t of which pul lien i lo be previous to 1 be da v appointed alorc-ni I lor tiear.n uiorc-ni 1 lor in .11 iiil'. it my baud tin- 30 b davof May, Hit. U 111. WHSTOX, Htsistcr. liiveu undo lw3 Leonard Hodnc's Instate. STvTr, OP VKHMONT, ) rpHKIIou. the Pro' a'e lli-tnct of,". ) 1 Cum f r the Di'tnct ol t lutti-rii'en : 'lo all peron-concerned in lliee-ta'o of Leonaid llo Igc-, late of Withslon, in -aid ili-lrict, ileee.i-cl, Cnr.KTIxn. Wni:nrA, Sarah llndsc-, admini'lratrix of lliee' ta'e of -aid ileei'i ed, propo-e to render an account ol hei aJuiiin-tration, and pre-ent her account nsrain't -aid e-tate f"t examination and allowance at a -e--'ion ol'il.c Co ul of Prol ate, to I c hoi 'en at llie Kaile II.ill, 111 .-aid Willi-ton, on tho third Monday ol July next. Tm.r.r.i enn, Vou nrc herebv notified to appear 1 c fore said conn at the lime and place afore-ni I, and -bew 1 au-e, il'any vou b ive. why the account ulore mid -hould not l.e.illowel. (oven uieVr mv ban I at I5urlinifl0ii tin- fourth day ol June, A. 1). I4I. Ivv3 W.M. WiaTO.N, UtshUr. I.oiiN nervillc". Rslatc. STATF. Ol-' KHMO.ST, 1 nillr.Prnlnte Court for Di'trictitl Clntlcn 'en, ) .1- the di-trict ofCInt Icu icn: Tolhehtir' of the c-ta!e ol LOI'IS DLIl VILLK. I.iteof ll' rliiicton. in SHid di'tnct, decca-e', iulc-ta'c, and to all pcoiiiilcie-tod in -aul e-'a:c, Onr.r.TiNG. Wiicnn.vs. William A. Ori'veoM. administrator ol aitl e-inle, hath filed hi-, petition in 'aid cn'irr, sialinj; that llie per-oual c-lale ol'the -ail tlecca-ctl ninouot to the 'inn of one hundred dollar-j that the t'c'ts nii.l linbibiic- ofaid es::ite lou-ctber with the co-ts ami expenses ol 'eldi'iiir the -ame, amount in the sum of two hundred und fitly dollar-; and further 'talma-, that iho real es'a'e 1 1 -aid ilceca-etl, consi-ts ofa Miiall lot of land, Ivma on the north sileol Mam -tree', in ihe villaee of II irlinslon, nnd that a part of -aul e-lale, cannot I c sol I, without injury lotbo-o inter-e-tclin llie remainder; and firayiu -aid court toli- ctiee niiuaullii rie turn to tell ll.e whole ol e-late of :n I tlt'i-tHsetl. Titc.arrop.r, the 'aid court dtith ( rder nn I appoint the'.M Wediifsdav 111 July, A. D, 1SH, nt tlie t tlife ol the Heei'ter of -aid court in Ilurlinton, in -uul tlis trict, fir bearing and deet'ilin ju the' premi-es ; am! doth further on'or thai all pcr-on- iutere ted or eon ccr.te 1 111 slid e-tatc, I e nt Mini to appear m die time an I pl ice iiliiro-niJ, nud-heweau-c (il any ihey have) vvhv the prayer nt mid petition fhoid I not I e irrantcl, oreive 1 nini- 11- -aul court -hall tlircvt, for the pay ment of tliedo' t asain-t Miil elate, by the pul h'ti. 11011 of 'ho .-iili'tiiiit c of said pctitition, toirciher with llii- order in ihe Fice Pie, u iiev.-mper pr.n-tl ,11 liiiluvzltn nlbie-aid, three vvecks .'U't-c.-ively, the 1 1. 1 ol" which pu! lieations, shall I e I ciore llie lime c fi r licarius. Datedat liurhnzmn, theoihdavofj me, A. D. ISII 1 w3 CIlAliLFS HUSSLLL, Judge. FLO lUl. IOG Ilbl-.. uperiiiie Flour, .TO half barrel- do. June 11. 2 f-TIIONC.S & Co. rnn saij:. rrtlli:i:a. part of the VI.STRV IiriLDINO Ic i- It. 111:111 to the Ccusrciratiotial Ch irtdi, lo be inovtvl 11 1 the loi within iliinvdav. Apply to 2Sth May, Ml .V2j II. W. CATLIN. MIMTAItV coons. IltMONT .Militia, Inf.intrv, Ai tilery an I o'her ll.iuoii-, Swiuds, Fiianlet', PI1111.1-,, Hell-, Pi-lol.-, ('Iiaiiiieaii- and 111, t other arliele-ill the line, for sale by 3i IlmxsMvin v'i I'iiotmit.-. REMOVAL. rplllv Mib-cribor lia- remaveil from bi- old .tan I on I Oliup h Streti, to li.s new I'.lilCK IIOP on Culm'. Lane, tvvenlv rt'd- I'' nfihc l!il liu.'ion Haul., vvhvreheliu.ini hand and will continue to man ufacture all kin I- ! CABINET WAIIK, of ibebtM rpmliiv; Il a Sllb'A SKCHKTA HU'.S, IIKAUltllAI'S, Dmiiiir. Tel, Cuitie. Worl. and '1'oileiTAIILI S.nTA.MiS o: ill.D-1 L.1)S, ami all kind, of work in hi. line. jCfMo.t kind' of Country produce ami Lum'er retvived 111 payment, or approved ere-li', viul vtrv SAM I'LL MCllOLS. ' II irlmiton, May 25tb, ISII. 52 IT'AKF.WF.LI.'S Slme., of all km I-, arc kept and L now ollcred lor Mile l.y May 23. '.J C. I'. STAXIFOllD. urn a viuk "J7HOM tlie .lib. cn' cr, on Sitorlay the 23th in-t., I an iron irrcy I reiuui lll)K , ! uj tan, lit.ri uianr, a I li-tcr on the I ack e .oe I by llie Mitt ile, with land fht'os nl', Whtt" , will return snl Horse shall I e null' ' . ..ulotl. CHARLLS ItASCOT. SlielburueFal's, May 23, ISII. 5J XHW EDITION, OF OLNHV'S lil'.OfiHAPHV A X I A'l ti S verj in icli cn'ar-cd and uuprovit!, it 1. now t verv be-l tleouroidiv 11 u e, lor -ale bv May 22, Ml. '31 wU S. IH'.STINOTO.N. NEW STORE AND NEW GOODS. riMllI -ob-cril cr ha- la ib-crd er ha- in1 en the .Now loro one door L 11 1 irt li if Me-.r-. Urin.niai Is where be ha.ju.l received nnd now o er- lor sale, a general a-o-l-lociiuifr.iueynnd Smple Dry (loo.!-, Dry I ro.vriu-. Paper llaiiziiiir-, which for quality ami cheap-iie-scaunot I ' urpt'-e I. Purcha-ers ure luvili-l to call and examine lor ihenuelves. C. I'. STAMI'OHD. Ilurlinsion, May IC, 1811. 0 "liFACICI'HFIL. Co.1 Ki-li, Siilinnii. Snml cd Heel bv 1M May 13, Ml 50 STHOXUS & Co ' ' ne"w st.'ore 1 " Till! -oh'Cril er would inform In. fr ciul. and tlie put In tlint lie In- iu-i opened n Store 011 the corner of Ch ireli inn! Hank -.trcet, tipjit.sitt llie old Hank, where be will cll (Jood. a. cheap n ibcycan Im limsht el-e where, embraeni!! a .mall sitiK'1; ol DltV HOODS, an I a eenerul ii'-ortniciit 1 f l'AMILV OHOl'LHIK-!. Please call nnd look 1 eloro I m nip 1 1 c vvdiere. FLOrit niid SALT, hy thobincl.or 01 lo-.tpinu-litv. 1 'ball not I e undciol I by mv iiccbhurs June 7, Ml. I 'K. W. ISAOH. FOR SALE. 'IIIIJ subscriber ollt-rs for sale bin aV lu t sont nhice of residence. CKO. C. INt.I'.HSOLL. Pc-ill St. May 7ih. ! VOL. XVIIL...X0. i. AT WlfiOOSK PARK, (two milks rnoM curmkotom, vt.) Jrot'lt a ' himnul Si-bn'ni wi'l 1 1' receive I into the fain Iv oi'Itov. Zl .AS, al In- prc-fiit ri sideuce. The l('aihn is nio-t f'lvoin! !' I"r Im-hI'Ii and relireincnt, in llio niid-t ol" n rcsn n rnrorly ur p.i'iil in bcaiiiy nud o' ii'i'N nl iniere-t lynnyp't in New llualau'l, mill itlioielbcr pil 11 an one i" the true proi!re of thu ndiolar roquue. Tln-e cln-l-ar w,ll I e under bi' ow n private care nnd iu-lriictnoi, and may intend lo all I miichc t.f 'tudv, or any belonsiiij; tn a llo ruiisli cd ration his aim will I o, bv a I horouL'ii I'i-cmline nt anted to the want" ol ,h mal.nnn,.. laninaffC'. natiitul 'eicii"0 pby - ioloxy, intelkruial nnd moral philo-reiby, to ilev elope, a-. fuPv n.s poil Ic, the enpnhilii!e whh vv Inch they are cndovveil l.vnil'Ti'. .Scholar' con pidcrably udvaii ed in 'liuiy will l pief.'rnsl, t".t moro cpeciapy tlio.e who v15h to remain for Iwo or three uud pur-ue a tlnuouvih nnd -tci ii'H n-coiu-c'j and above all thore vile" wl-h 10 pur-no pliilo-ophical or tlicoitnieal t u ie-, in vvliieii no i iiu will I e -pared toen-oie tliea Iri.c.ind Mib-lan- lull nrii'in Cluiies lurlnard and tuition w'll vary from $20.) to B2."0 her year, iiecorilins lo llie condition nnd etudu;. ol tbo .-cbol ir, and the attenunn vvbii-h lie re ooirc. The wbo'e nuinltr 1- not to cxi ee 1 eielit. 1 ho-e of enlier ex will 1 e received. A'icirass niiungn 1 iihi t ii'-uHi iiiiniiiuiuii. Vermont Ctironi-lu p!uao copy, Vc. JOHN IJ'.WIS Attain nnion tSi; .:u-'ls if't'i:i:o. H TAVINO a ln utimeto pareno" devotoLlo hi ll I oilier ' 11 ::i". be wi-he- to (I I 'h'- lime 111 rqiairitu tiiir. Tli"' h nun W 'l CHF.s to re pur will pka v lo I limr l!i-m on in time, and have iloun put in nrler to keen cm I rime, lliirluigioii, JrncH, ISII. 3 A. DAVt'SOV, Shop lito doom nulli nf I'tr': and Spear' t oil Ch'trih .S'rftr, II f It L I S H T O N V : It M 0 N T . Cuttiin; done In the nnii approved style, and V aiiaiilcil. June 20. IS II. 3 Cias 1 1 paid roil wool, bv H. W. CVTI.IN. A 1-0, CIoiIt-exchanged for Wool on g-ood tciins. June 20, 1311. 3 JVJF.W Ibuitielo, Ci i Plu T-, Ac. jiisl 1 Lawns, Summer . ill;! received l.y June 20, '11. 3 II. W. CATI.I.V li: at 111:11. -'o!e Leather, sr o I an 1 verv cheap, 1 OH HI)!- 1 JKJ . June 20, 1 13. 3 bv STRONGS & 1:0. FRESH Fins. Oit DIlfMS, m-t received bv June ly, Ml. 3 STi!0.CS MAXILLA MATTS. A GOOD a June 20.' iortinent, ! y 11. 3 Co. F.rastus llliss" Ustatc. STATU OF UII MONT, 1 rpillv Prolate Conn Di'triet of Cliil eodeii, s. j J fr the Di'trit'ttf Cliittcii'leo : To all in'cie-!cd in llie I'sinte of LKAS'IUS BLISS, late of E-sex, la said di-lrict, tlceea-il, Gar;i:TIS'o.', Truman ShoMen, admin'stralor of ihe es'ate of the deceased, has lnatlo applieation to pii.I court nrcxtend Ihe tune liun'el for sctibn-j -aid e--tateantl pavinsr the debt' dee fioni nioc-late, one year fioin the 13ihtlay of Julv,lSl l,and nl-n propo-es 10 render an account if bi- atlinini-iration to sni I court Wur.HF.tTON-, the court afore, in! doth appoint tho second Wednesday of July, ISII, for hearui and tlc eidurj on -ni I a iplicatinu an 1 e.amoitti.r -aid ac count, nt the office ol the Heiri-'ercf Miid Co irt in Iiurhnzton, in said di-trici, and dtnh order dint nil person' mtercslctl 1 e uctilicl thereof! y pu' bea'iou of ties onler. ihree vvcel. Mieee-'ivclv, 111 i!ie 1'ur- linrrton Free Pre, a uew paper printed in -mil Hur I linilon, the l.i-l of whieli pul I c uiou- 111 I e previou- to ',iiil -econd Wedne day in July, IrMl. ' It 1 veil under my hand at alJ llurlintrtnii, luis 20:h lay ot .nine, lsll. 3 w3 W.M. V.T.STOX, tteshltr. 1(11 A I) IMIi:. Ac. X TOXS I.e.i.l Pi e i 10 Ii inch, tj I tin Sheet I cad, 1 Cii-I; Siieet Zinc. 30 II is i-liut, a-.-or'ed .Nos. 1 v May 13, Ml. St) S'lltOXfiS if- Co. V..ll I'AII) l't) Willi!, the 111 ULIXOTOX .MILL COMPAXV at nv O their I'actoi'v. Also Wool received 10 inaniifr.e- luro into IlltO it) CL.OTII on the nne Icimsi as heretofore bv Mt s"rs. HucLorsov i'c It vtiidc.v. SIDXKV 1! Ml LOW, A?c.. For liiirhngion Jlill Co, June 10, !Sl!,-tf2 PLASTER. A i ' "ns of Xova Scoiia Plnler, in! rfceivej,and ' iiow!iiiidin' at the Plaskr -Mill at Winooski balls, nin! fur.ilc bv June 12, 1314. ' FOLI.r.T, Ml UM.KV & Co. SUMMER GOODS. WIHTLand Drown l.iaen IJr.llmij .Twec-I-, lli'k S smiiii-r Cloth, nl-o, 11 vanu y of Cotton good, for .iiuiuicr wear fir .ale low I y II irlm.'.ou, June 1 1, M I. S. M. POPK. SI'IUIM OIL. 1 flflM Ci-. p'r- sperm winter 1111 1 prim: siierin 1 n,, 300 aolardo, STHO.NGS .f' Co June 1 1, M 1. 2 liTlDDLEniyR V CASSIMEJIES. 1 1 P-. .Midillehiirv Ci micro, f r-n eal Manu'ae- liner- nife.- bvtlie n. bv popl. June U, 'II. (;,i) ':, 3 TONS Lrad Pipe I! ui h ire ; 3 rolU ?hw-t I end ; 12 cwt. sheet Zinc ; 30 Hags Shot as-orl-cl No bv STKONOS il- Co. June 1!, Ml. 2 SUGARS. 12 IHII.S. Porto Iticn nn I Mu-e. va in Smar, nl-o I oal, Lump, Powdered atlJ em ho I itrnr for sa'ebv. S. M. POP1.. June II, Ml. 2 CAXDLES AXP SOAR. X HOXF.S -peini Can 'Ic , 20 do. T.ilb w Caodle-, J 211 do liar mm,', 2 tlo. Ca-ide -tn, 3 ' Fancy Itihl J.... 10 do.-hi m.: do. ly sTHO.SCiS tS. Co. J uie 14, Ml. 2 HATS! HATS!! TJ CASK "Alvords" Mole--l.ui Hat', ji-t re -M nnd & f,.r ale I y B. .M. POl'F. June 1 1, '44. 2 DOG LOST. OTltAVKD fr in Iho -ul-cn1 er al out the riO h Mny O I i.i, n w hue Hound Di'jx,wuh re I ear- (white in. -idi',) and a 1 .pt t on tlie r nnn. A rca-ooahle toiupeii-ntion, and llio thank-of ihe owner, will bo awarded 10 any per.on who will uivcinforiiia'ion t on cernini! bun. WM. H. MUXSOX. CoU'ho'icr, June 11, IS 14. 2 llo! All Yo Tlmt 'Ii'rst NOT : ci:n VIST ! OUM, IIHAXDV, CILN and WINKS, nf all tho I V v ant ma (piahiies.iu tpi inuii'-s of one pint or more, and other l'AMILV tiliOCF.IUI'.S, ft,r .ilc on rea sonable itrms, by ISAAC W.UlNHil. lluilington,J' tie, ISII. 2 SPRING GOODS. A o vi: I. V iV E YM O UR , H.WK received a larue a.-oriment t son.!. roUp'. ivl 10 the c 1.1111, v . ; lloni' Huie-, lllaeli it it i 111 ic ll'aek and I'nncy .illif, R eh II I'zorini's Syl idi il ninl Ze ihyr IV l.ninc-, P ai" nn! Furore! du l.auicii, Prinied an I Ciineliani Mu.lin, and I.-iwim Hieh Lnuiidceiiiiiil Pi'pliiis'tiulard Sill..,Scottdi nn.l 1ncr1c.111 Oinulnui.j wi., t'nnibric, llool;, Jnituict Niin-ook uud M ill .Mu.lin.; 11 rpltunliil iirsortinenl i CAI.ICOKS: Hieh llnnoei Sil'i.uml Ltw-n-. Hiblon-. Ho-icrv. (ilove., tVc. .Ve., loyctlu'r with cvei y arftle 'in llie I'tney ami Staple lirt) (iVeili hue. Cb.iix h 'rut. May 111, 114.- (y

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