Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 26, 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 26, 1844 Page 2
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Hilt 1'ItKSlDKNT, V' iW, 5" TUT? V 5?2?' OA' KHX't'UCKY, for vkjb lMtr.smiiN'r, Til EO. PltHlilNCillUVSEN, o-' saw Jtu:si:v. A t laryc. ro'i CLP.cTtjris, tj-nrn! it ii. h.umis, .- .. .' : :i ic, :. ! ;i '"M.VIV TOWN'I.F.V, . ; -. v.c.o-; rooi.iDOH, i . :. i! N.tAMIN SW1IT, iiIiJhi. s rus faikhanks. I'oil ooVIJUNOlt, WILLIAM SLADE. 101: i.iEUr. hoveiinor, IlOilAUK NATO.W ivn rr.r JOHN .SPALDING. Foil co.Nfjitiiss, GEORGE P. rv.Ai.SrL l'U. K O.N Till". TAIUKK "In finiu tin) rites "f a T irill'. mv minimi is di it thi o'J'Ctin view vlimiltl lie In ruse de-reteiiuo need ed by guieinini nt t k-ivin.r 'he nt'ere-d engigoil in ni'inuf ict'ircs In mj iy die itn-idenril pt ulcctiotl u liicli Ihi' lew of s i cm dunce Hill all'nrd them. J M!:S K. l'OI K. Columbia. Miy loth, It'll. Prom (At liiehmond Hni , July Ir 1 1. "My vpinivn is t'wt Wont shmild hr dutyfree," Ifongres-umal deban-, ml y, pigc llil ".1 1'HOVr.CVlVn T. ?'' is .1 measure i"HiA. I "rontid'r riu'iijiis loth, !nl,.retlsoftheinun-f-i."-Ja. K. I'ulh, m Jail.sun, 'I'enn., 3d April, 154,1 I'rnm ihi- Ti ibuae. AUK Till-' HE ANY CHANGES! The Loco-Foco pa'peis mo publishing n -t u( pioli'iuii.'il chumies fiom lliu Whig 1 uly to theirs, of which two-thirds In vu not died with 11s for veins, and neatly all the tlicr thiul me still Whigs. Such as Hun. otiis M'Luino of D'-liiwnto, Serrctaiy of ' Tii.'.iiiuy under (Ji-n. J icksnn, who, on .ting of Polk's nomination, exulted at i 0110 that would n-c up tin; demagogues 'O niailo it. It was at once repotted that had conic out in favor of Polk! A majority of those who aro paraded as lverts lir Loi-o-FocoiMti i'iu J'olitiral olitionists. wiio left tho Whig party two three, years ago on that "round, ami are iv rank for Birney and Morris. Of these u ( tun. Fossonilcn of Maine, Col. Cllluy f Now Hampshire, the- Mercer Luminary, i. anil a number of others. Vet the Polk ipors would in iUe their reader? believe that 'ie; an) changes to Polk and Dallas ! 1 here have lieen a tew a very tew no ilihs changes of Harrison men of 1810 to i'olk men uf ISM mainly old Freo Trade ion, wlio prefer I'olk on that ground. Mr. Yerplanck of this State is onn : Gen. Geo. V, Crubb of Al ihamu is another. The hit ir was twice elected to Congress by tin A'higs, and run a third time unsuccessfully. le lecenlly renounced the Whig parly in a 'joco-l-'oco meeting at Tuscaloosi, stating t his .Speech that lie is an unconditional 'iiiexaliotiisd, and that ho always was i -iu Trade man. He slated thai he agiees . h the Whigs on tho Currency question, that only ; and that, considering the To md Texas the main issues now, he must . for I'olk. This is fair ; and for every . we lose on these grounds, wo gain ten 'lt make no parade of tho changes to 0111 ' hut we know they aio tuimeious and u'ral. 1 ako a single tact wiilim our n ledge: Theie is a township in Penn wVania which gave Van Buren 75 majniity i 1S-J0, and out of 200 voters in the town u:vlrr(l end twrnttf-Jivc arc now mem i-ft.e Chni Club. This is one case f ii. i y. A r' -i t i." ago it was hoated In ihi , 1 i in &, Cj. that there was hill ono Whig . Ti vitli, (i little village on the Hudson ami thai lie was weak in lliu faith. We have shire received u subscription fur 25 Clay (Stark) ono hunilicil nnil lilt) ft fuvnr i,f ibn I'linl!'. nint nt?nltll tlic l'ull! ilucltmiiuf AniicvntiDii, lino "coniouul from Ihot.ifco Koci) party, nnil pledgcil tlicinselvcs '')he ICttitors fiflhe Ohio Shit Journal) Deaii Sin I bnve I ivn niul Hhll mil n Democrat, anil 1 bave voted for Mnrtin Vnu I'nrtii, but finco tbu pirtv clmoiu to mlvoe.-ilo Ibo ainio.ituiii of I exns n tbe Union, niul tinlic llmt n icmsdii wbv Mr. I'ulk should becleeicd President, l, for una eainint n with bun, Anil nltluitiiili llinry Cl.iy in n S ive ink cf. cl bo li.n Ibo linn hooil to iiv wh it lie ltno'9 In be true no tin on well ns ullicr subjects i and bo uillliaio my voto in Oc lnber. .1; C.rrrlt. Ilthtrnre Cminlil. .hint 23. 1311. r.Jitor Clttchiud lleruldSiw : 'I be iiiiilersiitieil cili.ens mid liuelniiics nf ibo Inwiiiiliip of Hudson, .Summit county. Ohm, hnu ronio to Ibo eoncliiMon llniiwo cniiimt ciiiHHtcntly uipport Missre. I'olk, D.ilbs nail Tod, for the ufliec to wbn'b tbey nro iioin. muted. HV will enneludc by invilma nil our Demnciatio friends wbn lovo llu' old limit-m.nrl-s of Wasbimttoii, .'illlrson nnil .Mndi'oii, more than Ibii svmcm i.f nronresi. which nflcr all lis tiro- LTessiiic b.ickwnid, to nil lnnse Irom the partv Hint ln rtsuhed Uself in I ivni of ibe extinsum of Shier y lo ibo iiculect nf everv inlionnl interest whoso oalv rallyiiii! cry is Polk mid Tex'is, 'I'ml ntid victory, mid imilo Willi in in elee'iiii ( lay mid Irclinjjliiiyc n, who ore pleili;eii ,n I lie ctrat prmc'pka 01 uemucracy, m liicli we lovo more than men. Truly voiirs, HIRAM C. HART. J. I.. UUAV. Prom tbe New Lisbon (Ohio) l'.illaili iiii. " Kvei since I have been a lotcr (13 cars) I have been n sleady mpporier uflliuparlv eallum ilself tho Democratic parly. True, nl linn , I was led loiloiiln the piopritly of so doins, when I found unprmcipled men p'a vim' tho deinaL'ociie. and usins tho sacred name of Dcmovracv. as a swift naa on v.boso back tbey inmbt rule into ofllcc and power, at lliu expense uf the best interests of ail honest people. "Still, howevir. I "loricd in supposing llmt I lie- longed to the Ihinectmy, tbouj;h some, even many, of us leaders wrrc tlilioncsl. At lenulli. lioweier, onon the most iinture deliberation, I have been colli' polled, by iheboldn snud reekhs-ticss of ibo Iradeis of I ho partv, to renounce all allrclnncc to it, mid de clare myi If huh pendi'iit nf lis slinrliles j and ill il , -i ntr o, think it propir to state a few of t lie ni.iny naming Unit induce this eoiirte. He goes on lo say that lie is in favor of a Protective T.irilVaiid in fivor of II inks, and be is convinced too nartv Willi ivlncli lie lias icled is hostile to both. Mn is also oppose! to Annexation. He thus concludes: capitalists baio shown that tbey 1tic frplrful fur die fiirtiniato khciio." -Sj Hero we hive Mr. 1'olk'i npinlon nf llio Ta riff) nllcy umUrgiihcd. " Iu repealed Instances ho ((ien. .Tiickfon) recommended modifications and reduction of tho Turin", n ttVw In the limit nliumlor.'iieiit t.f llmt UUIOUS AND UN .lUSTSYSTHM. Again: "Sorec(ita?wcro these ri'rotniiiRndaliutif, and so rap'id the chaiiiif of public opinion that thr. friends of the 'Vuriff, and oven Mr. Clty, ils imputed fnlhrr, seized on n faiorttble tnmwnt to .we ihi while from de struction hi a timebj compromise." Ho, il Feenis that it was lliu intention of (Jon. Jackson and .Mr. l'ull;, for tho litter hnnstii that ho went fully with (leu. .1. in all his timasinci-', to deslroi the tvholo Tanu" policy, and they were only prevented from doing so by Mr. Clay, who "t-cizeil a favorable moment In sate the ichol' from dt si ruction bo it tutii-hi compromise. Wo thank Mr. i'olki most hairlihi thank him for thus uninlcnliomilh doing Mr. ("lay justice, and cnul rndii'ling the assertion nf his own friends in tliu I anil Males, lie hid aliiudoiied the nroteclivo system basely surrendered it. In attempting to piejiidice Mr. Ciav with the poo nle of tennessee, Air. I', lias put Hie ttainp ol "olandur upon tho charge, even Hons niado in tins Mate, by llu hoco-l'iiciu, that he had pro led recreant to th" e,xnc of "protection to Amor ican imltistrv" tvlitch it has been the ureal. ob ject of his life to eslahli"b as a national tinhrv I ruly, .Mr. rolk, "eld il'icunionts aro ugly things. " Out of thine own month, we con lenin lltee, as a most uncoirproimsmg and bit tercneniy to the protective eyslem." Seicmh mill Air. niB CAI.U.MNIl'iS OF I.UCU-FOCOISM The VI Hanoi yesterday has a nine, ' The Untie Patriot Hoys' which, after beaslh ilnise of Ci.Avas'OW llirru,' ami 'traitor- hntiic,' and FitKMNGllUvsEN as ' a blue-iliin saint,' proceeds "Those Kons nf heart old 'I'oiics, Tho tllle ' II lie; 1 tbev ehiiui j I.iko the Ass that braved tu laon's eI.iii, Itoist tbev their stolen f.iine. To llritiiin'e contp tlitlr others Jlul, Wlule o ir bold sires to battle led, All J for their eounlry fought and bled, lake brave palnol boys. Tribunes from that place, cash paid. S iho good work seems to bo prospering, even in the daikest corners of the laud. John Busk, formeily Editor and Proprie tor of the Baltimore IJepublican, the Loco-I-'oco organ in Mankind, has come mil for Clay and Frelinghuysen. He was a leading Van Bui en man in IS 10. lion, John V. L. McMahon, long a Jack sou leader, camo out for Harrison in 1810, but has sinco 18-11 been neutral or a Tyler man. Two or three times tho Loco-Foco pipers have raised a cry tiiat he had come out for Polk and Dallas. Ho has publicly contradicted the assertion, llu as yet lakes no pail in the contest. Wo will now give a few of lliu many changes to the Whig side that ive find in our papers : No Clian;i-v, t A cntlfinni whmo vi-raeity h nut io be impeach ed, statu! on Saturday, tint m ono Kleeiion D.stnct ... i M...1IU,.. (., ...l,nvn lot n i " I call on v hi llien mv folloiv-Deiiloeral", tu look will to tho tnatlLr bifiire you Mill- r inursrlii's to be mi il nr inrteiei nw.iv ike so tuaiiv own m tliu nnr- i'l. lo btiv favor for tin bi'ait'i'n w k tela s i ailed ii-iili-ro. raid who havealiinvs !ol the Democratic par iv such a stianeedanri. that lo f-d'ovv it through nil lis windings is uwa tollir.i mg a J ick- o-ine-iann-iii nr wi -o-t n-wpii. o'er in r mm i urn. unit turn, iu- low-DeinnCrals, the hallow sound of the iimie, ami go yi urnll in ftnor ol ll.uiltl ur I n i. i.n i , wnose u-ts duriiit' tho laiu war with Greal Papain, proved bun a rcJl Demo , and zi .ilou- p-iirmt ASIM'tHtL) .UA.MU.V .I.I-IOI, To., Colunibnnn Co. Ohio. At a Hireling of Independent Democrats of Perrv C ill, held at Someiset on the 17lh nit. Col. Kaac I born was called to tlm Chair, and Ldwaid keenin nniiointeil Vice President. Dr. J. L. Brow n, llenty Lovell and II. M. Divis, L"sqts. weie called .... . .I. . ii iiiinii. am ( e ivereil inns eiiecnvo aiiuies- ses. A largo number o( resolnlioiis weir tnesented coiideinning ihr pi oceeilings of t tic Baltiinore convention and denouncing fju.itli- ern iliciation. liesolillions ap ireving uic leading nieajiire3 of the Whigs, both of State and a National cliaraclei, and iteiionnc ing James K. I'olk, weie also adopted. We regtet that we havu not loom lo-u iv to insert then) all. " Hi 'olfd That we liew the I), legilion from Olii' to th. ale Di-iii'ieinlio Il.i iiiiioieCoiiviiiiion, tuei Hi er wuh Ibe dileg-ition from mini: -cviiitei-ii other talis. Ill no oilier light I ban a set of (nl I.oco-1 o'-tis -reeie.nil to Ihea pnlge; and lliu in- -tiueuons nf lliur eolisli ui'iil". Soctii Solon. Madi-oii Co ,i bio, June ,1, loll. Mn Si'iiiso lliiunghiena .Minn suiporter of the Deiimcr-i-.c Party for upw irds if3s vi-af I wi-li ymi to pii'di b lo the world, an I to the I.oco-I'oeo ariy I'm I li-ue IU1 llnir ranks, and shad go for Clay and l-'relinghuyi n. Yours, respectfully, Wll.l.lA.U r. i.iAina.. A ineelmg will be held al the Court II' us, iu .on ion, mi S lturdav. the Hilt lii'tntit. at four o'cloik, V, l.. hi- ilnise wlin hue ftinntrhi sunnorlrd the Demo- cratie' partv, ami Mhoa'ioiioiclaii rahlo to tboeleclion of Henry Clay lo llu; Presidency, for the pm pose of foriiimgourstlvrs lien a society to promote tne pirn-ciplc-s ot'tbo Whig p-uly wliu-li we bel-iie to be tbe principles ailvancid and snpportid by Wa-hiiigloii, itadison, Jilltibon ami an true iieniiuiicans oi inu Union. .. 1., joh.n I- . i;m.u i i n, (il'.OKRi: l'llll-TK, WM. I!. COAII'l'.U, WM .IP.Mv'S, II. .McCA.MPliF.I.I.. London, July Is?! 1. PENNSYLVANIA. f:,.n. Tnmin (!. .Mii.i.r.ii reeeiillv a l.oeo-IVi -o State Senator from Adams Coinnv, Pa. who a few vwir since was to (ho Capiiol by b.s I.oeo I'ocn friend-, with i greit llnrii-h and pirade, has written a long lettir in reply mono lroni Hon. John 1! I ni.-,iM.,-.ii ..r iIik Win - Sine Central Commu ne, in wliu-li ibo (leneral flan s that be is in favor of tlieVhi-iTariirori81J. and lug mea-iirei trim tally. Ho concluded Ins leller bv saying llmt his niure Hi llieiirocnt conlr't will bo to -uppoi t ini-anires ni-leai ,,r n.,,1 .n.lii. rlivirle I nil he has ri nit ti lted Po.k, D,i!liand Miiblt nherg, and will sue ins ear- ticsl support fir Clay, I- n bngbiiysi-n and .ilarMe. Col. 1 1 eon I.indsav nt lli rks, and some nve Him- red ni ieis w bo b ive lu-retiiroie lieen ideniiiiea wiiii I ........ l.'.i-..tiii li iv.i r.-ei-oitu . i.oii' out from among Ibe foul pnrlv and enrnlled theaisi-lves under llu'lriu ner i f ('lav, Mirltieand 'i Proti-etue TardT. I.m Npy nil Ins us ii nti-s are linking sneechis and exposing tbe corrui runs of Lorn Focoism in n iinsterlv min im. Iloll on that bill. i.iy uugie. AL MSA MA. (r.oiuit: I". S.u.i.r., a leading lawyer of Tuscaloosa, having been invited lo attend a Loco-Foco Celebration of lliu -1th, declined, on tin; ground lint lie had determined to go for Clav. Ho for Van Buren in '-10. INDIANA. D.ivili ISitnivN, iiomin.iled for Treasurer by the Loco Foros of Spencer County, la. comes out and sa s : ''Il was in the Bobritaiion of the Democratic, pirty lint I became a rindiil He, and as I do not feel ilfpos- ed. imib-r exiting cirruai'iancc, to s.ipport the noni .......nfilin Di-nineralic liarll-for I'risldllicy, I feel It to he my dull- to decline ininieilntely, so that they liny bring forward Iheir candidate and bo fairly represented." ti;a.m;sm.i r.r,., ,1... k'n.iM'illi' Heeister. Mr. lUrou. a I.oco I'ocn I'epri'senlativn of the County of I law-kin" in '39, lias declare I Ins deternn-n-ilion, in a public speech, lo support I Insnv I 'lav for the Pre-ideuey. Mr. Ilaugli was a warm nnporti-r nf Van Milieu in 1910, but he cau'l lote for Poll; and Dallas! Jll-SOUItt. ' Wiiiiam Howard County, has abandon cd ibe I.neo.l-'.iro pirtv. and declare I his intention to vmnfnr Mr. Oi.av. He sivs: "I know I have mmw nerunnil friends who stand on lliesmio poult -i ,.,...J il,m I l n,,,l u ho ivheu thcico is once b'riiken, will come out bin-fieomen. Come, friends I hive bm'.eii ibo ice, mid led nil' in ibe true causo ot ltepithbcanisiu, and It I us a I go If-ycinet. MISSISSIPPI. r',.,.r. U" v.kti idav saw and heard of five cil ir. i.Q ..r Vi.ii-Ii. i. liiL iiaincs ran bo learned by ap ilica I ion lo us, a tvitofort V. llnren who, upon hearing ihr news of ibe noiiiiiialion nf Mr. I'olli, ileclarcil Ihey co il l not support him. Wo ctpert to heir nf tevera .n,.t.. i,...liu. ini'.il nipii and irue. who cannot be 1-onnil il.vii in !avi1h Biibmission to n-irly, whelhcr that party is ribt or wrong. Natohei Courier, "Their patriot blood I 'tis tbiillin,; Vitin their i hildren's veins The Simeon Hunker's Height tint flowed That djed (ho .. rsti Ptuinn ! They fotighl for freedom and for right I'or Irccdom still their sons will fight, Till tyrants fall 'neilh.Venmiii1 miqhl, lie re uraic patriot hoys. 1 Now these libellous rascals compel us to re mind them again tint the falhor nl Mr. 1'nr. t.lUGiiuvsr.N was a Whig MiMior of tho io liitien, and poured out bis blond in bittlefnr I.iberlv in the hours of its darkest dciircs-inn, anil thai Theodore I-'rehiiglniyseu, who is tu be our next Vice President, was through our last war, Captain of a coinpiny of olunleers at Newark, who stood ready for service llnough the contest, and wore livicu called out by the (invernor, and aided to throw up onlroiicluuentf. at Kni t Greene for tho defence of this city. They were tint in hitlle, but this was from no lack nf deposition on their part, as they were le.'ii'ai'y in servici; and ready to gn wherever ordered. On tho o'her band, Pzeliirl Pull, ( atlier nf tho Lieu Foco candidate fin Pn'salon", was a llnli.-h Tory of the Iteiiilution, and nut a " brave old Tory " either, but a mean, cowardiy, unprincipled one not one of thnre who adhered to ( Britain thrnuy'i a mista ken loyalty, but one of llio-e who sneaked over to her and took a British proton ion fiom ('urn', walhs-, when ho thought tho Wings were like ly to be conquered. And .lames K. I'olk has pinved a tegular " chip of the old block." He has voted repeatedly against granting Pensions lo our lteviillllionary veterans, and be lias been charged to bis face bv Iwv. Jones on the slunin Willi skulking out ot tho eoiinly in wh.cli he lived iiitosinntl.ur in order lo avoid being drafted to serve in the last war and he dand not ihouj U. Aic not tin; supporters ol this man pretlv fellows to be talking ot " braio old Torie-." and ' To llritain's camp their fathers jled " which was ju-t what .lames K. Polk's grandfather did, while J. K. lias evinced a kindred ili-no.-itii n. Should not a decent sense of shame ronstrain them to stop their calumnies ! jV. 1'. Tribune. LOCOFOCO PRINCIPLES. Many a man has answered his own falla cies and heresies more cn'octiiully limn lust opponsnls could do, and ive beliovo it would lit) tlillicult to givu a sttonger or morn stlttl'- i tig iccord of Locofoco opinions, tlnin is con laiiictl in tho following rxhibilion of the principles of tliu paiiy, by parly leaders. "I anlrnl v t esiro to sic I lis country in Iho simo happy ci million with Cuba." Senator M' "1 coincide willi iho Senator fiom Jlississippi. Senator Calhoun, u must rn ucotiriccsof nronarly and labor (oic. Senator lluehanatl. "1 be pi ice of labor is entirely loo high j I lie labor er in llrs eounlry run nli'ird to work for Ud a day. Senator Tappan. "iNoiv Sir, 1 liaie demonstrated, mm tne mnininc tiircis and llitir advoealis beto fiflirm, llmt tho ell'ect ami iIcs'l'ii of Ilia nrnlectivo svslem is to increase the itaet! of labor, the iirofit of iiinilal, anti the price of tne ram material," Aieliime. " I be Sub-1 reiiirv is in successful operation t.l ii nut of 27 de-pot c Uuvctiinicnts in Uurope." Sena tor llabbard. ' Iu these 'ii Snb-1 rensury Governments, the wa ges of the labming man will not aicrago 15 cents a day" Senator 1'iercc, '-Wages aro u tunning device of tho devil. mi-llfiIJl. "A shilling a diy and no meat. Williams. "The Siib-Tieasitry is designed 'to secure (or tho wants of tho (Joicrilincnt money cxtracled from the pockets of Iho people, "lieorsian, Aitguu, 13 iu We will ofier. ill conclusion, an exit act from the Democratic Jleciufl, the oracle of Locofocoism in ibis country. "Since the cleeiioii of IS 10 we have pretty much ceased to speak of, or confide in, tho 'iiitilligenco of the people,' ive rotliess wo couiu uaruiy nir- lio.-ii- i.v.-lnimitift in t-nv-llinll find enlltcmot. ' Well, af- Icr all, nature will null the poor devils, if wo lot let them alniic. will ma(i! cattleol tbeinsilies, anil why wlinulil u-,i nnr limp mill SllbslnllCI' ill IrVlllg to hinder them front making tbctnselies caltle? If we wish to scciuo to oursclics and our pnsierny uiu blessings of freedom and goo I goiernniciu, wo liuisi nrnr.uri! sllomx-r innranlees llnll llonill.1rlllliageanil poiml ir Viitueand inlill.genee, - Suffrage rests for us baH. as a nuirant' enf fi e-ilnui and gnnd gov- erniiieiit, on the asiuni'd inlill gciu-o and v n tun of the people. Now this line h v rv li'-nut 'ol in tn rv, lull wliea we eonv' to pi.i,-iii c 1 i i i i lelligcnco nl the people is all a humbug." Demo cratic llciieir, April, 1S-U Murder will out, and tints we record the opinions of the leaders of the party thai claims to he, above all others, the fi lends of the People. We say to each of the party " Out of thine own mouth I will ronileiiin thee, thou nicked servant." A'. V. Ihpr. proloclion, is really llio true, simoii pure tariff parly after till I How very strong is the presumption thai the. pretended views of si couple of dozen of small potato journals nro to carry the day ngainst the opposing voice of u nearly unan imous party, and in tho face of the fact that that patty is every wheic else fighting fierce ly fur just the opposite opinions I Will these men succeed in fooling a sin- glo voter into tho belief that llio cause of protection is safe iu the hands of n paily, nine-tenths of whose journals and spoolers onenlv cm so protection and ils abettors 1 If tiiey do, it has been well said, that the next LOUISIANA. The Locos liavo beon sttiving to make themselves merry at lliu hopo of escaping total annihilation, whero they confidently expected to sweep the ground like u whirl SOUTHERN OHJKCTIONS TO MR. CLAY. Mr. C.w.iioun, in defining his pusilion in reference to the presidential question, thus alludes to Mr Clay. (-... r.. l..t. .1,.... I . ".Still less am I able tnsunnorla candidate who -v ,um" ""--'- balla,,lorconsentto0W,c9.-0nofaboliiion appear to havo sneezed out a majority of ln congress orrMfrirurts, ra condidatothomoslin- 1 ' I J . . i tlUCIlllll mill lnot,,...', ..I- ...I ; men r il in. w.,l,l , r,.r.. " " ".' U5C. parusan. v . aillllllll WIJIIIIUII one in tho Senate, and thoy have ing a majority in the Mouse, and the Con vention, and lliu eloclton of Morsu to Con gress in the District, hut, us will ap pear by the extracts from tho " Bee" copied to-day, those mailers aro not as yet deci sively settled. Wo still believe that tho in.!- i ....i ..... r,i. ti... , , . a. . , . , , , . , .,, ' 1 1 iiis nil vu no III! Ull U 111.1 Ul II V Ul 1 1 111 IIJUSI:, in I. nil nf nrnviim nil li ol'.k Is white. II ill . . ' , b, and elected IJotdelon in the Fourth Uistnct uo easily periormeu ISut ive ourselves cannot belleVo the game will wotli. It is too bald, too shallow, and too contemptible. Thank God, the people of Vermont can read, and they can read a Southern paper lis well a? a Noithcrn one. They can seo tho whole Locofocoism of the South, and four-fifths of that of the North, openly claiming support on llio ground of deadly hostility to the Whig Tariff, and it will take something tnoro than tho stupid and impudent lies of Mister James O'llallo ran, or the sapidities of" Mr. J. Itichards," to prove that Locofocoism, and its " dagger of lath," Jemmy I'ulk, situ tbe proper men to trust with the subject of protection to the vilnl intcresls of ibis nation. THE It ALLY OF OLD ClllTTLN DKN ! iel u eilnesi, iv the until ing ami indomi table Whigs of Chiltenden County ate to gather together in Council al Williston, to consult together on the questions of deep im- Kill OA V .MOll.MXC, J U LY 26, ISII. A very short lime will show. Hut, as the Evening Post well sajs, it docs not make much difference hoiv the pre cise details of this Election turn out, for il is evident that tho Texas question lias not turned out what il was cracked up to ho. There has been no sweep, no rush, no overwhelming Texas voto to endorso Polk, and give hope to the fainting hearts of the brethren abroad. The Whigs Invo stood their ground manfully, and by even partial success in that State, achieved a most glori ous and beneficial victory. We had no hopes of resisting tho Texas furor, in Louis iana, and whatever success wo have gained theie is gain indeed. The bubble has burst, and nobody is kill ed. No note of encouragement comes up from tho " Sugar State," the cheer the foes of protection and the advocates of disunion. Tliey aio dished in their own field, and what is worse, this is to ilium, but the beginning ' of trouble. miittmn I . tt. .1 ly Ufa tlian Wll e al I in uinn limn I,. .!. senta to aeitalo the question nf abolition, whatsoever may by the pretexts which healledgcs." .. C. Cat. From this it will bo obsci ved that Mr. Clay is opposed by the soulh, hecatlso he aids or consents to llio agitation of tho question of abolition in congress, and otherwise. Tho' not calling himself an abolitionist, he is yet regarded as an aider and abettor oftho cause, in as much as lie lias manfully sustained the right of petition, and recognized the subject as one lor discussion in Congress, and out. Those who agrco with Mr. Calhoun in deny ing tbe right of discussion and petition will of course join with him in opposing Mr. Clay. ISut those who hope and expect to see ulti mate emancipation accomplished through tlm potent agency of petition and discussion of tho question, "in Congress or elsewhere," will baldly find their justification in allowing the election of Mr. Polk, who fully comes up lo Mr. Calhoun's views on this subject, and whoso election is urged mainly in referenco to that question. The question, however is irreversibly nairowed down to Polk or Clay Texas or no Texas and the north can Iccido it. pm tance, wliich nro nniv pending. j WHIPPED IN. We linpe and believe that ihey will come Johnny Hiuwell of the Bennington Ga np in their might, lo cheer each others hearts .otto has had a hard time of it. Ho eaily and stiengilieu each ollieis bands fur the , became a Tyler man, and, as usual with such The follow ing eloquent and manly letter was addressed to tin; whigs of Ashtabula County, Ohio, who lecenlly assembled in mass to discuss political subjects. LLTTKR ritO.M C'ASSlL'S M. CI.AY. Lexington, Ky. Juno "I, ISII. ('rs'TLOtr.N t I Iniejnst received your letter nt the lOib m-t. muling mi' to a'tend a meeting nf the Wings of Ashubul i County on iho -lib day of duly next J regret Inai my engagtmenis, iimoiig wnicii is an appointment on mv part to command the inluii in Lenox, Mndison Co. where parties m 1340 slnod '21 Loco-I'mos lo II Wings, theie is now bin one I'okcman ! I.a.l l'ull tho (.ocm voted iho " Liber ty" Ticket, but ibis year, continent ibat ibn mosl I tactical, tumble, certain and illi-claal melhnil ol "hmdiitu" Slatery, is to vole agaiutl l'oll; and VVtai. and in favor of Clav and llio T.iturr, ihey bate with the "oblary e.ieepliou named above, re solved to unite with lh Whis. An I llu is (he feel, msr wliii h pervades Wtsitrii New-Yoik, II itcrn State Jmr, oiiio. .Ioiist W. .iinoiii, nt .llnmisburg, Montgomery "mi n i y, Ohio, ma Inter dated -Inly 1st. says he Ins ntd for the Locos at etery election from 1823 m WJ'Jt bill now be goes for ibo Wings and ihoTardi' lets a respectable i uuen, and among oilier reasons, ives llio fo loiting "The pirtv wit'i Van Huron at ils bead wen: nnpo nd tu tho Aimexat'oti of Texas, I am so mil I ml not to be led oil" by .Sniilhcrn f'ol.e, or ordered " rightabout wheel, M.tncul'' .Nn.jirf f h-ul hoped I I sic Ibe pniiy more iiub pi ndenr, than to see them aingo iheir lroni in llio twinkling uf an eye 1 They arc opposed lo assuming llieiltliisnfnurnwn Slates, but urn willing lo swallow 5,10,000.000 with Texas without o grin! Well, now, if I was in fator ofitlhcr. 1 would certainly say ' pay nor mvii firm,' 1 "li.i itiy begins al home, geiiileuu'ii j another good liiHXIin mhieli you have fnrgoueu."' Moiiv -s'uiw Unl'siM. The Cin'lon tQhl' i Itf ra t n f ii'.e l'h in urn .-uic3 tha' in IwuTiwn .Mil. ( LAV VINDIC.YI'Hl) MR. I'OLK " Old Dicuments we ui;hj thingr." Tone. Tho II. Si. fiazotto of this mornin'' ire?en' us with another short extract lroni Mr. l'nlk' lildress In Ibn People nf Tennessee, April!), Kill, printed al Columbia, Tcnnos-eo, Mr. l'.V mi ll resilience, uy .1. II. I limii;sm. On luge 7 in'ciirn tlm fiill'iwing paragraph Mr. .li-n'jrsoii. brought the l.,n ,.r simie l.aek lo dm Itenubliciii track. On the cumin" ill of his administration ull die odious doe trine and principles, and die ultra-federal Icnilenciei ..r.l... .l,..,.tir-.iii, utili-li iireeeeded II. were slid denlv arreslul and revereil, The greit Itsulls ol (ten. J.iekwin's adniun -trillion 1 1 long to Hm bistort ,i ,l, ,-ui he ill Lru llV sneicneo in in i. i..,i ,,. ,, I. r..u IiI.ii ibis. In renealed iintan res he ri muciuM luodirieiitious and reductions ol the Tariff, iritt " rlur to the. final ubamlonineiil ol .;.-., ,; i.( rn. So tu.ilual wtn iIicm- recoiiiiiiendilloiis, and so rapid ihe chango ol public opinion, ib-it dm fm-n Is nf ilm'l arilf, and even 1,-. Clnu. its Immit'ii fnlh-r, sciiedon afitorablt moment to sate the v'int' from, destruction by a tunc i I- 1, ..... il... di fine.' nf Mr. t: hv Willi tv I u'ftiii tun tsi - - - , - , t . r...' ..r,i, ,i,.it l.v vnldiiiL' J oftri Ik nil nutria hi ii". : , , t , t ... ,L ... p -, v nuj the riestriKi' mi oi tnc ," " ; p.i,v . ,,.,rrl :.n 1 .1. ot. 4 s eiuli oi b.iutbc N--.llietu m WW CIIITTEXDEX COUXTV MASS COMENTION! Rally, Frnoiiian, Rally ! great battle. Tliu Whigs of our sister Counties north ! and south uf us are wide awake and Invo set us a most eloiious example. Old Addison met three thousand strong at Vergennes on 1 the fourth, and Fr.inlJin ditto on the lliii leenth. And shall Old Chittenden, between two such liies, remain cold and inactive t1 No. Let every man set his face tow-aid Williston next Wednesday, and let him be well assured that however important the bu siness ho may leave at home, there is more disinterested worthies, went to W.ishin2ton, and took up with a small clerkship. While there last spring, I lis paper, the Gazelle, ap peared iu Washington with iho names of I'olk and Dillas at (he mast head. This was vety nwkwiitd, and Johnny came out in a eard in llio Madisonian, declaring that said names were put there without Itis consent. All rigid. Next the naughty Whigs saw the said card, and began to talk about it as an miti Polk manifestation, and some, presum ing Johnny had oidered the Hag pulled down as his letter gave them cause to believe he Ti:.s-.n-i:ssi-.k. The editor of the Nashville Whig, who was recently a sojourner in Phil adelphia, has leturned to his editorial duties, which he is ably discharging. In a number of his paper now before us, ho thus speaks of his own .Slate and its political prospects : "Our friends abroad mav rut satisfied that the Whigs of Tennessee: will do "their duty Mr. I'olk will behiaten tit home Texas, State Pride, Gen. Jack son and all. Tbey may fuel further assured, that while the Texas issue is dying out in all oilier quar ters, it must cither share the same fate here giving pinis m ins uuo issues uivoiteii in llio canvass nr else prove a two-edgul sword to those who nto now so industriously handling it. The Whigs hero are at present indl cretit as to the turn the question miy lake. A lew wt elts ago they might have prefer red lo Inveit otitof the w.iyof more important I sues! hut die reckless violence Willi winch thiir opponent-, have pushed it, and the now pa'pible fact tha.t they are likely In find little or no sympathy abroad, save aueai.' die Nulhfiers of South Carolina, hue put a new faro upon the matter, and it is reilly doubtful which parly is likely in the end lo reap die advantage i f ihofuror, eicn in Teniiesi-ce. O-ilnf this Sia'e, wo know il is iiorkin gieat good lor the Wing cause." important business fur him at the Conven tion. Does his haying detain him. Let n ould, and never having seen Ins famous Ga him seo to it that his sitjiineness does not '.elle, had the boldness to say llial the said produce resells which will leave him no , llag was really pulled down. Uy this time goodly acres lo cut hay upon. lias he he- Tylurisni gave evident signs of approaching gun harvesting, let him first join in tilling llio , dissolution, even lo the prejudiced ejes of political field so that it will yield a lirh bar-i the said Ilaswell, and now h iving the fear vest of blessings lo himself and his chiltlien. I of Polkatry before his eyes he comes out Is he a merchant, a mechanic, a laborer. with a card, in the (Hole wherein he denies Let him remember that on that resell nf tlm nullin'' down lliu lias, anil crowiiiD elonuent. Fui-.NCil, in Williston, on WEDNESDAY, 1 culllt conlliei. deimnils il.i, iwliev -l,;rl. !: sivs " God foibid I should over" aid in the the thirty-first day of July instant, at TEN t0 2jV(! C()0( li1!(.s (J nll.rclat pn)tnc. j election of Homy Cla ," to which wo are lion to tho mechanic, wages to the laborer, i bound to say amen. We hope tho genlle- In short let all come to Williston to hear! has now got " home" again, where he Mesiis. Marsh, Uphain and Colhimer discuss can enjoy the felicity of going over the dam tbe gieat principles of the contest, mid, we ofdefeat, in belter company nt least than if assure iheni a bjunlifitl return for their time I ho had stuck to the squad. , . , , i aim irouuie. Tho WHIGS of the Counly of Chitten den, ono and all, aro requested to meet m County Convention at llio Hotel of David leer uniform Irooiis of this state, in be tncamnid on ihaiilav, will preienl my acceptance of your polite and conipliineiiiaiy int nation. I bad die honor lo be a member of ibe Ilarrisburc X.ilioinl Conveiiiion oflS'JOj I will tenii luber die deep emotions which pertadid that noblu band nf die fjon-cript I'alhersof die llepuhhc, among whom few of nil- age had die honor to su. Th" monstrous and frt'Oueni iisnrnaliousof Andrew Jackson had tiro ilni-ed m die minds nf all observant men, who loved Ilipulilii-aiiif in. the mosl paiiuul fort'tmdnigs or an -di solute In-" of hberlv. Il was. then fore, no miscrabl piny tuck, which imprllel ns lo peperalc without a lofinil unnilolo ol ix lug policy, uui an ail-ausjriiiiH oteot livriy and nolilo ri-it nico to ti iamiy swat In will no die ininv subjects of nnliml and econonn -il interests, about winch we might hate dillered, and all aco nesced iu the absorbing u -cessity uf a conci n Irated illoi t to relive Ul die bonis nf die people llu slumbeiiiig fires of '7ii. If trirs were shed by ago: and eli ar-hcaded pilriols on die occasion, it was not only licciuse uiey pined wiiii i.ieir lung tricn menu and li-iler, II. Clay, as tbey du ll supposed foreier. unrewarded for die gallant services of JO veirs deio 11.1a lo his coiintrv. becansethere arose in thr bosoms of a'l then Present a generous sense of iiiuiimI sacn lice, devotion tu country am! in rccitum wnicii co mi il'il but di-pl iy itj"lf in lint lerriblo manifestation of incenly, when innily and pron I spirits aro not aslnm ed In ween, l-'roui ill n moment, w ben many hadul mosl ik-spiircd of dm ltcimldic. anew and irresistible ardor was spread lltroiigli tho itleg ranlis id tno re- pulilie which resinieil in tlie ever iiiemoruulo triitmpl: of die I'airiot II irrison. 1 know not bow il mav be with you. men ol Ohio, lull m mv bosom tin) Mine emotions aro vet living. not at allell iced hy tune or the relilivcpo-ilion ol uir causo nun regard to me pre-rrvation ol mis great Comniiinweallh. Il llio vital null di the eapibihiy of mi ii fur n-lf.goveriinient. ho not a Whig doctrine. lien 1 am no Whig. Iff ipiahty of suffrage, of political privilege and social posiilou, dependent solely upon virlno and I'llcnl, bo mil Win ' principles, then null no Whig. In a word, if hbetty irue, vin-inu-s cons'i- tiitional hbeilv. bo not the Insis nf the U lug pirty, then am I no Whig It is tins vii iland living priuci plonl llio Whiggerv of 'Jli, which nexl lo find, is the objeci of niy perpetual adoralinn, that gives that posi tion, which 1 Rrivi to sav induces ion now to call up on me to bo with you. 11 1 havo anv power, it is nut Ihe power nl a genius, ol learning, 1 ir lessot mentions position. If I am known io you al all, it is because of die power of puaciple I cannot monopnhzo it il is mine it is vours it belongs to our country lo all mankind, it lido 1 no not iindi trntu me sutiordinitc projes of Wing policy, I prefer lo linger upon the great and elcrnil lines nf separation between die par lies the ono advocates law the other nn-irchv the onn appeals to reason and preeedi-nl Iho other to prejudice and pisMon tne ono minus up ine outer p ills ib'tvil tho one is for advancement in comfort ami eivih.itinn, by creating wealth the oilier for self indiilgeiire un die proceeds ol llio labor of others already ex ponded llio one fin life biniest distribution of ihe pretrials of 1 ibor by government-! action din oilier for spoils by tbu monopoly of ottico. Tho nno is co'isi rvaiivo the other revobrionary. The Whys fur liberty llio Democracy for slavery. Such is dm creed of iho Wing pirty, in it Inch 1 bat o grown to manhood it will do in livo by wuh n tin iheihooil as ep iiisito as die race nf men it knows no distinction ufnil'oii, longne, nr color uuivers il in ils principles as tho Chrisiian Itebgion itself, it has followi'd haid mils footsteps, mid when lightly com bined, ihey urn dm basis of dm highest moral, tiliisi- eil and mental wi il-'emg of rivibi-Hi ill is ca pable the evnluiioii of all those condilioiis winch are concentrated in the tiii-jle phrase human happiness. Let us then, 'i How Willi's of Ohio, look to il lint in our success in IBII, which I clearly loiesee, woohtain no barren trninph. Whilst we avoid war, lupine and dishonor, bv repiidiiling Texas and its reckless ad liueiusj whilst we purily die administration nf the (oirinmcnt ; propel niul elevato labor; restore, a sound i-urreiiev and put the Stales m a rendition to wipnnfi' die slain of repmlition and strciigilicu die bondsof constitutional lair let us also cue "our vole and nur inlliictiro on nil proper ucensions" in t indi cate the Declaration of liidependeneo mid icrtoro our good nnno iiiiumg naiions by making eternal war upon tbivery, wlieiberil cornea fiom the executive or die constituent, till "liberty and union" shall pertade iba whole land. Yours truly, ft. M. CL IV. o'clock in the forenoon to nominate! candi dates for Senators and take such other mea sures as may he deemed expedient to secure the election oftho Whig candidates, and the triumph of llio Whig cause. All men friendly to this cause of good gov ernment, and tho election of Clay, Freling huysen, Slade, Ellon and Spalding, aro in vited to leave their business, and devote one day to their country and their ciuse. Let us h ive a rally which will do honor to the proud fame of Old Chittenden. C. P. PECK. W. HAK.MON, L. P. IILODGETT, T. F. STRONG, I L. S1IEUMAN, j July lStVi, 1844. Counly Comm. WIIO COMES BACK ? Suppose the People oftho United Stales endorso ihe spin ions issue of tbu llalliniore Loco Convention, who will come into power and ofiico under Polk ? The fiienils of Van Buren, in order to cover their Chief's defeat with the mantle of decency, aver that Polk is a special fiiend of Mr. V. B. and was put forward hy his friends. If this is so, Polk having been too small a man to attach a set of hangers on of his own, who will ho tnaku officers out of! WHIGS OK HURLINGTON! You aro one and all requested to meet , Why, the same old stereotyped set of cor- I . ...... I I I .1 ii willi the Clay Club on Monday evening , """"ntus, it,,., craiueu a.oun.i me puu.ic J ' r t ..n. r. i caa ,. ton i . i . , iiioiioiii io ion, iiuu some oi iviioin next, at the Court House, lo mako arrange- . . . ' ' a havo got hack again in 18-12 and '43. The i - .i e moms lor atieiiuing ine .uass vsuuvuiiuuii ui Town Comm. Williston on the Slst. W. L. STIIONG, .1. K. Git AY, C. L. NELSON, J. W. I1ICKOK, July -21, IS 11. THE GAME. Every Polkat paper south of Mason and Dixon's line, and a great many nonh of il, are at this moment the open, undisguised opponents of protection in any and every shape. Thev denounce Mr. Clav to their FA1HLY STATED. Mr. Et.wooo Fisnins, a leading loco foco at the south, in a tecent speech at Louis ville, Kentucky, made the following fiank and manly avowal of the principles upon which the present contest is waged : "The Whigs aceti-e in of not being wil'ing to no lief ire the pe.iple upon our principles of being afraid to avow our naked principles and dicu-3 them fnrly and openly, miai-lcd by die gun-powder popularity ol a Jickson, or iho scret power of a magician. We Into now iioinin ited a man who is neither a hero in r a tingicnn, a citizen comparatively iiiidis'mgiiisbed, and beaten twico iu his own Siale. in the Onitrnor's cauvas. but i imn Ot'T AND OUT TOIl I'ltKK TlttDi:. Ol'l-WLV AM) r.r-0.DITIOX VI.I.V Ol'l'USr.D TO I'lcOTITTIOX. IS IMiXlT.DI r..T AXD II .Xf'O X ST I Tl'T I ON A L. Wo noun ii.ilea man as the exponent of our principles we tight on our principles, and we expect to conquer on out principle.-, without any extianeius aiJ." This is honorable, and puts tho issue fairly before tho people. Let them decide it. Mr Polk, has, surely, no "gun-powder popular ity ;" and that ho is no " magician" appears same lazy and rotten crowd of blood sockets will again bo fastened upon iho people, and wo may look for more Swartwouls, Boyds, evident enough lroni the fact that ho has suf- Harrises, and their mates, who will again try fered repented disgraceful defeats in his own their plundering tricks at the public cofiers. J stale ; but he is " uncompromisingly oppos Back come tho wrathful beef caters of tho r.n to ruorncTloN !" For this reason was Van Buren era, hungry with a four years' ho nominated ; and his election, under these abstinence, and insolent from habit, and tho circumstances, must of course be regarded triumph of a restoration. All the fury, of , as settling, most unequivocally, the question deferred vengeance, all lliu self-impoitanco 1 of protection. Freemen of Veimont ! as of regained power, will characterize the sec- YE will il, so pronounce. ond advent of theso venal worshippers of! 'Vho P.cening Post, after looking at patronage and place. Emerging from caves ,)l0 Louisiana Election Returns, and turnine and dens of the earlh, from the prairies of , ,ieni over in its mind, conies to tho safe con- readeisevery day as the " FATHER OF west, from the savannahs of the south, ninth-1 ciusiun Annexation of Texas is not so THE ODIOUS PROTECTIVE SS-1 er idleness nnil want have driven ihem, they TEM," and bawl aloud for the election of will stiildeuli reappear in swarms like unto Polk, because ho is a consistent enemy of the locusts uf Egipt, to fasten upon every ptoteciion, and a hater of the " unjust" tar- living linn? and devour il bodily. Old Van iiroflS42. This is uolniiiius and iiiideina- Buren file leaders, drill sergeants, hie. Every da's mail brings throngs of ( Hires of public opinion, Locofoco Editors, theso papers Iioin every quarter. They leg-treasiuers, land receiveis, Custom House iniiko no wry faces at protection, and then sineciiiisls, parly paupers, lepentant Tyler gulp and swalluw, to make the people be- . iles, subterraneans anel spoolers, will rise as lievu they am ils friends. Not they. I hey It by magic, Willi piteous cries, and sympa- ii"rce with Payne, the Locofoco Congress- thelic recommendations, lo claim the reward . i ", . .t.... .i ' ..r . I. 1 - man lroni rtlaoama, u, lejoiciug uiai uiry i u" " i min anm-i mgs have at last got tin open, uncquivocaling j In short, tho old state of thins, which the repiesentativo of the PRINCIPLES OF , people set lo work seriously in 1S10, tore I'HE PARTY a FREE TRADE MAN, who is totally opposed to tho " vilo prolec-1 livo policy." Under this flag threo quar-, teisoflbe party openly d honestly fight, j They hope lo make votes hy it. They up- ! peal lo lien trailers for help lo elect Polk,! anil they go about it in a stiaighl foiward ( way. They look upon tho fi tends of pro- j lection as political enemies d their col umns aio filled willi extracts Irom A Ing pa form and abo'isb, will return tritli ten fol aggravation, and tho " last slate of this nrt tion will bo worse than the first." Aio llio people leady lo aid in bringing about such a state of things I Do they want tho old yoko again fastened round their necks, and by tho same old set of masters I Wo believe they have had enough of such times, niul will now in 1814 affirm tho judg ment passed in 18-10, that the wundei fill re- (Jen. WiMIIMienTTwab at Itnebe.ler, nn . .,' - ! i ib.-ic nil n minds, lor." aen. bib nay lo the lprr Lake I'otinlry patty, inns liny limn t"" um iu u,rV . i. o- ners. north and south, to Whigs aro llio aideis and alienors in tho ne furious protective system! This is all right. Wu admit tho chaige. Wo shoulder iho load every where, and are ready to car ry it, if h'ii'l it he. Bui what should bo tho eslimalion put upun tliu courso of a lew Loco journals of the Nurth, who, ill tbu frcu of theso facts, seek to make headway in regions whcio the lurid' is popular, by claiming that this very show that the ' formers of IS-'S, havo become so rotten as to need a thorough reforinatioiilhemselves. It will he well done in IS 1-1. nice a hobby to ride after all. Wo have been for some lime of thai opinion. Hear tho Louisville Journal : ' Whai do t on think of the itilluencc of die Texas question now 7" s i 1 we on Thursday evening to one of Hie clueioiiicersoi tnc i.oeo.roi-o association minis cily. "Ah, "said lie, " nerer did think that ire should mate anything by that, .limy oj our Jrientta expert' ed ice should fain by it, but I alicays thought othcrxclic. When a candidate for office can only be assiiled by misrepresenting Ins courso and positions, it may be safely assumed that he is unassailable. Indeed it is a concession ihat he cannot be successfully assailed. Aloany Argus. This is truth from an unexpected quarter. We hardly looked for such an admission in tbu Regency oigan. After its gross and re peated misrepresentations of Mr. Clay's pub- lie course and it virulent and calumnious as siulls upon his private) character, we were not prepared to find iu iho Argus so plain an acknowledgement that Ilcnrv Clay was alike invulnerable and unassailable. This is none the less Into because it is vouched fur by the Argus. The party oigans find to their cost, as tho Slato Paper already begins lo do, that in their venomous ami malignant attacks up on Mr. Clay theso vipers bite a file Daily I Advertiser. - EDITORIAL CIlANqE. Tin: Truth wull spoiuin. Wu copy with gieat pleasure the fullowing just arid timely remarks from tho Boston Daily Ad vertiser. Their tone and spirit do credit to tho Editor's good sense and liberal princi ples. Wo need not say that the Diily Ad vertiser is ono of the most influential and respectable oftho Boston Press Native Ameiucx.ns. We arc sorrv to secmcas ures adopled in any pirt of tlm Stain 'or eslablishing ii A"ii.'i'r Amcririn Ascriation. There can be mi di'tincliun made be'wcen the privileges of name and adopted citizens, without die iiitnon hazard of serious eonscquences to Ihe hirmonv and good older of the community. The drilling of association nf die clm- aetir prnpoM-d inusl necessarily lenl lo the formation uf associations lo cnun-cracl Iheir influence, and tbi)l consequence of die hostility llms produced must ulti mately be violations nf die coraiitutinti and laws ond very hki ly disturbances of die pulih" peace. If the natirrahzaiion hits ate unwise, lei thosewho think so use their mlliienee to bite them amended, but let every good ciii7en beware bow he attempts, hv asso ciations with ci-izensnf aparltculir class, to deprive his fellow- citizens, of any tuber class, nf poh't.ral or any other rights which they have Im-fnllr acquired. We hope tint die project of such an association which h is been suggested in a neighboring town, will not bo persevered in. Who murdered Dickenson, and shot Tom Benton Not " Young Hickory," hut old Hickory, whom universal Locofoco ism screamed after as boys follow an itiner ant music grimier. P-rgo Henry Clay is an " 'on id bad man," and must not be Pres ident, because he didn't kill John Randolph. A Loco Foco Euirou coming out rno.xt Titc Foul Paiitv. The editor of the La fayeito (la.) Standard cannot stand Polk and Dallas. He abandons the party. In giv ing his reasons for this course, he says : To the I'rlnriplrs of true Democracy tic are as greatly and unebang- ably attached as. my one can I e, but when wo see die Democratic Party endeatoring io crusa uiose piincipies. unucr ino weignt oi a meas ure who c enormity of injustice caiiuolbe exceeded, we preler (o gno up the lovely name ot Democracy, ralhcr than to abandon us lovclipst pnnciples. THE Blu6RfTs-Cy RESOLU TIONS. That, whatever is meant elsewhere, DIS UNION is meant by John C. Calhoun and his parly in S. Carolina, through tho agen cy of tho Texas question, he must bo blind who does not seo, and most uncandid who does not admit. Tho last speech of Col. Benton which will appear in a few days presents this conclusion so forcibly, and ar rays the evidence in suppoit of it so convin cingly, that he is little short of an infidel who can withhold his belief, however reluctant lie may bo to believe. The resolutions of the people of Barnwell, Sumter and Edgefield Districts, heretofore published, all corrobo rate the opinion ; but the resolution of tho people of Beaufutt District places the fact beyond all doubt or controversy. That resolution is as follows : " Hesolred, That if ihe Senate of the United States, under the drill of parly leaders, should reject the Treaty of Annexation, we api cal to thecilizens of Texas and urge diem noi lo yield to ajust resentment and turn their eyes to orher alliances but to beliete dial ihey bave the warm adtocacy uf a large portion of die American people, who abe resolved, that sooxna on later, the iifdce in the Trextv or l?03flULLm: REPEEMl'0 AND TEXAS INCOHrCBATED into the U.sros. Hut if on the other hand, we are nut pcriniiteJ to bring Texas into our Union, peace fully and legiiimiltly, as now may he, then we sol. emnlv announce to die world, that IV K WILL DIS. SOLVKTHIS UNION SOO.NKR THAN ABAN DON ti:xas." And now Virginians of all pailies and opinions, on which side will you he found in tho approaching struggle ! On that which adheres lo tho UNION as tho arU of our safely, or on. that which lias enlisted all the disaffection, and all tho moral treason in tho country 1 The crisis is important, and the fate of unborn ages may be, nay certainly is, involved in your decision. Wo call upon the fathers of tho land to pauso and survey -- I u'tire ihattho " Sniiit oftho Age,"tle gulf on tho brink of which tho country CT" Tbu E eiiing Post, (loco) admits! a sim lrimej at Woodstock, iu this State, stands. At such a time, who will deny that n-liltn it.., ll'liliiii lini-n i.i :.. r I! ... . .- i r. tlio Union renoires tliu cotinsid nf !i m,ii - t," nwiujniiiii . lately neen iransteiieu num us lunnn - - - since 1810 on tho popular vole, tho Demo-, Editor, C.xi.r.n C;.triu Eastman, lato of crats have also lost greatly sinco 1812. ' Johnson, into the hands ol Ivii.iiti.Ls Uiir.N Hero's tho happy fruit ortho Texas question ' viulf. Eastman, Esq., from parts unknown. . , ,- . v ii -.1 Qucrul) id Caleb Cos ung over think it o Loco ocoism. on may as we give it I ' . .. " i,n., :. , i i i I necessaiy to change his iiamo, becauso it up, gentlemen j your loaders have dono so J nonticallv euphonious hs his fis- idioiis tasto requited tried, wisest and experienced citizons T If llio Ship of Statu is diivcti among the break ers, who, in Heaven's name, hut the merest slave of faction, would look to James K. Polk instead of Henry flay. litrhmond Whig.

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