Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 9, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 9, 1844 Page 3
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COUiNTY CONVENTION. f In pursuanco of llio cull of llio County Coniinilteu, llio Whigs of Cliitlcrttluii Coun ty met in Convcnlion tit Williston on Wcd nesil.iy llic 31st day of July 1844 at ton o' clock A. M. and organi.ud by tho election of llio following officers : President, AAItON L. BEACH, of Charlotte. Vico Presidents, Bolton, James Norris, Burlington, Edward C. Loomis, Colclicster W. B, Munson, Sliclliurn, Unman Barstow, Charlotte, David Cook, Ilinoslnirgli, Bial Boynton, Hunting ton, A. Ferguson, Hichmond, Eliliu Bates, Williston, Harry Miller, Jericho, Peter L. Allen, Underbill John H.Tower.St. Georgo Silas Isham, Westford, Marcus Swain, Es sex, Amasa Bryant, Milton, Samuel Board man. Secretaries, Edward A. Stansbury, of Burlington, Alexander Ferguson, of Huntington. Marshal, Luther P. Blodgett, of Jericho. On motion the chair appointed the follow ing gentlemen a Committee to report reso lutions for the action of tho Convention. A. G. Whittemore, J. Mc. M. Shafter, H. A. Stansbury, Holla Glcason, Amasa Bryant. The Convention then adjourned for one tfur. The Convention rc-asscmbtcd at two o'- clocli, anil Air. wiiillemore troni mo com mittee on resolutions, reported tho following: Hctalral, Thai llio Whigs of Chittenden County, believing thai llie present nnd future welfare of this lull , anil the permincncy of ltcptihlicnnism depcnit in a great measure on tne issue 01 uu peneung rrcsi iloutial contest, arc determined In support as n can did He for tho Pre-idcnoy, 1IF.XRV CLAY cf Ken tui'kv, llio reason' folio wins, lo wit : lt. Hocause he is in favor of llie existing Tariff. 2d. Hccitiso lie is in favor of a ditrihulion ol the "proceeds nl llie nie of die public lands. 31. lieeaueo lie is ill fivor nfa well regulated Na tional currency. lih. Ilccause lin is ill favor of a rigid accountability of all the officer." of (he liovcrnmi iit. fitli. I'ccnuc he is in favor nflimitinz the incum bent of the Presidential otlice to a single term. fiih. Hccnu'e ho is in fivor of a restriction of llie Kingly ti'iwur of llie veto. 7ih. llecitie lie is iiiriin" the annexation of Texas, ngunst free trade, nnd against all and singular llie pi rui -inus dorli mes (if f .ncofoooisrn. Ml. Itecaupe he is "(Joil's noh!et work an honesty man, because he is a great linn, a men aim cxpori cuccd statesman, an uncorruptcd and incoriuptibl I 1 1111 . F ir all which reasons wo believe mm the most enimenllv filled of a'l the citizens of this union to fill tho Presidency, with hnnor to himself, and glory to cur common country. Resolrcd, Tint no belter or nnb'cr man rould lne been associated Willi Iteurv Clay, lhan thai nf t lie Mainless and cxallcd Frelinghuyscn, and lint wo pled gc our united and energetic efforts, in behalf (if the irreproachable liekel thus presented. Rewired, That in .1 imes IC. Polk we recognize the 1 ist despairing report of our opponenls lo prevent llio ehsdutinn of ihc'r pirty a linn destitute nfa tingle known qualification for the I'res'denev : a linn twice lu succession rejected hv the people of Tennessee fir llie comparatively Irilliug office of Governor. A man liereloforedistinguislied only for reckless parlimiship, nnd hostility to llie interests nf ibe north. .And that tor flies reaons and many others, we declare lint as fir as mir v ite can go he shall not be clecte.d Presi den' of ihese T'ni'ed Stales. Rsoltcd, Thai in lb" opinion of ibis convention th" letier of J imes K, Polk of June 19, IS 14, on t tie fu'.ij M of the lanfi'is a deliberate and .studied attempt to deceive the people nf the north into the belief that he is m favor of a protective tariff, when in fart his whole coursii in an I nut of Congress proves beyond nil controversy tint ho ever has been, and still is op posed to tint ooliey. Reso'rcd. That when we look into llie political his tory of llie t'nile.l Stales for the past 1G years, to find the record of n single proposition for increasing the duties on foreign iniporls, made by llie loco foco party, we find Ibe page on which it should have been writ ten, a perfect blank, whilo the sarne history is filled xvith evidence of a bitter hostility to American indus try, and constant attachment to the welfare of tho for eign laborer. Resolved, That the annexation of Texas without restriction of Slavery, by nddingn territory sufficient ly large to form fiie or six' new slave, s.aies, will per petuate slavery beyond llic possibility of alleviation or extinction, nnd by (dung the slave holding interest an aseen leney in the national legislation, will rtduce the free Mates into subjection to southern representa tion, founded upon property qualifications so odious to ovcrv true republican. The resolutions wc-re then ably discussed by Alvah Sahin Esq., of Georgia, Hon. William Upham, of Montpelier and Hon. George P. Marsh of Rmlingtnn, nnd unani mously adopted by the Convention. Mr. Stansbury ofTercd the following reso lutions which were adopted without dissent. Resolrcd. That we indorse as true nnd faithful rep resentatives nf the principles of llie. Whig parly, Wil liani Slade, Itnraee. Ivilon. and Joint Spaulding, res pectively noniin itcd for (iovcrnor, Lieutenant Oov rrnor, and Treasurer and thai we pledge them a eoi ilia) and tinflinehin'r sunoarl at the noils. Resolrcd, That in again presenting llie names of Davit Head and l.iilner Mono In the people ol lliil lenden County for the offices of County .Senators w e do hut obey the implied wi-li of that people, in nomi nating, men who have been tried and found worthy by J hem. The Convention then adjourned without day. AARON L. BEACH. President. E. A. Stansiiurv, Secretaries. A. Fr.nnusoN, A REVOLUTIONARY PATBIOT SPEAKS ! Major Vav Cnmpilcn's Itcpuillr.Uoii cf Ilrlttsli I'rcc Trade and Texas Annexation ! Tbcro is no man now living in llio State of New York who rendered more valuable service, endured more privations and hard ships, or shed moro precious blood, in the Revolutionary War, lhan tho venerable Ma jor MOSES VAN CAMP DEN, of Liv ingston co. In Western New York, where lie has always lived, nnd where his services and character are known, no man is ntoro beloved and venerated. There, every cili 7.PH is familiar with tbc history of bis valor nnd his sufferings. There, every nursery has thrilled with tho relation of bis gallant escape from the Indians, while pinioned be tween two Warriors, seizing the scalping knifo belonging lo ono of them to cut the cords which bound him, and then, with tho Rille of one of bis captcrs, fighting bis way through them Major Van CAMrnnis lias always been a Republiean. llo supported Jcrruitso.v, Madison, Monuok, and though not approv ine all they did, went for Jackson nnd Van Ilu it f.n. The Loco Focos, knoivir.g the re sticct and veneration in which ho is held, sought to press him into tho service of Polk, Texas. Free Tiado, fcc, fee. But thuv presumed too much upon tho old veteran. In attempting to placo him in a false position, they bavo rekindled tho patriotic fires of 1770 in tho hero's bosom. Tho Whig spi rit of tho Revolution burns as brightly as ev cr. Tho frosts of 87 winters aro upon his bead, but tho heart warms as in its youth to llio country for which ho fought and bled. Alii. Journal. Dsssviue, July If, IBM To the r.dilor oflhe " DanmUt Itijnibliom- Sin III justice lo my own feelings, 1 muti jeq icbl you not to make use of my name ns President of the i oung mcMiry .Association, in ems village. (in your paper of this date, 1 find an address purporting to have been inado by myself, at the meeting of that Association on Saturday last, nt tho Cotnmittco Itoom, 1 pronounce that statement false. Those words arc not mine) audi must particularly notice tno lollovvlng expression in your statement ns especi ally offensive to my feelings t " lie,", Jlajor Van Oampcn, " said the enthusiasm " and spirit which prevailed, reminded linn of the "days when the Democrats erected I.ihcrly-poles, "and were called H7i(gs, and those who have now "'stolen the I.ivery of Heaven to servo the Devil in,' " were called Varies." I never used tho language, nnd disown the senti ment. 1 renucst von to retract llio statement t and 1 insist that you shnll not niako iisoofniy name in future in favor of any political party without my per mission. I' had' honed that t in increased infirm ties of ntro inioht furnish an excuse for inv withdraw-incr tnvself irom ine pniiiicai contests which iiivuio my iricnus and fellovv.eili7.ens, nnd for my being satisfied with n siieiii vino ior mo man nnu measures, vvnose success will in my opinion best secure the good of the coun try., Hull will not permit tny love of quiet to bo abu sed in this manner, My character is mure precious to me than my repose. 1 desire to leave tho world willi my good wishes to nil ntpcoco with all panics nnd that 1 hope 1 may slill do, when under these peculiar circumstances I feci compelled lo clear tny character fror.i the imputation you have thrown upon it hystating my views upon the great questions lo be decided at our next election. I nmrpposed to the immediate Annexation ol Tex as. I would consider it ns a violation of our Treaty with Mexico, and n Declaration of War against that Ooveriiment. Iam in favor of the present Tariff) nnd opposed lo its repeal or reduction. In conclusion, 1 implore my fellow citizens of nil parties to leave me in the peace and quiet that bc3t suit inv vcars. nnd which I sunno-cel I had fairlv pur chased by my humble and faithful services to the cause ol latterly in many bloody scenes of sulleriiig nnd danger throughout the wbolo'Ifeyohitionary War. If by that free offering of the best strcnglli nnd blood of my best days, I have not earned riches or fame from my countrymen, surely 1 have at least deserv ed, that, at Focn Scone Yn,vns anp Seven, my in firmities should not Im thus abused, nnr mv nrnv hairs dishonored, by being thus falsely represented to the world ns uttering against tlioso vvliom I love nnd nnnor, the language ol vulgar prnlanily anil wanton insult. MOSF.S VAN CAMPLN. Poi.k and TiiXAs. From a son of the lamented Crockett. Tho Hon. John Y Crockett, writing to tho Editor of the Nash villc Whig, from Paris, West Tennessee, upon business, adds the follmvinc Postscript. The apology for ils publication, (says llio editor,) will be found in the heartfelt gratifi cation which the perusal of tho noble Whig sentiments of tho worthy nnd distinguished writer lias allowed us, and winch wc arc sure will bo participated in by our readers generally : " 1'. S. It iriics mo rrrnt nleaure to assure von. without partiality or pnjudire, that in politics all is right in this quarter. The spirit of IS 10 is complete ly nkindled, and it is obvious lo t lie most superficial observer, that " Slate pride" will bo llie ruin of l'olk so fir as ibo Western District is concerned. The I exas humbug is already exploded. The I.oco Foco leadirs disgusted every body here, and killed them selves nil' hv their hypocrisy in picteiiding lhat they did not vtli lo see the question of annexation have ino siignicsi manns on Uio residential election. They have now thrown oil' the mask, hut not until they could wear it no looser, and I honestly believe II will iieso perleclly dead in a month Hint llio most unscrupfwtis of them will he ashamed lo mention it. Wc are all for llic acquisition of Texas upon proper principles and conditions, but not a single Whig, so fir ns 1 can learn, has hrtu, or can be, gained into the support of l'olk on ibis issue " Vou know I nm peculiarly situated. Texas is the grave nf mv fither, ami I am warmly nnd zealously III favor of her annexation ns soon as it can possibly ho done upon principles consistent with the honor and integrity ofourouit counlrvs and 1 am satisfied lhat Tomis has a clear nnd perfect light to cede her terriinrie.s, nnd that tho ncepu-ition of that country upon proper eondilions, would prove highly beneficial lo eve ry portion of this Union. Hut still I am among llioso who regard ibe peace and harmony the pros perity and glory of our country as paramount to eve ry other eonsidsralion. And I am, therefore, oppo sed to nny attempt lo bring in Tons without con sulting the tmion, nnd the sanction ofa dear majori ty of the people nf this Confeeleracy. Iain for vii country and IIest.y Clay nr.ST. and for VV.ins next, andor l'olk never under any ci'r- cumsianccs. As ever, yours, joiix w. cr.ocicr.TT." Isrnovnti Mchine. Messrs. Drown it P.I ton, Wnleihury, Ci. have in operation an improved machine lor the luaiiufacluienl l'nis, which luriis out, (as we are informed by a gentleman recently from iiiai pi iccj iwo parrels oi puis n nay. l lio micmnc i- wonderfully curious perfect and simple in ils ope ration. The wire is run mlo the machine Irom a reel, cut to the requisite length, pointed and bcided, nnd made n finished pin. I'roiu ibis machine they fall in to the hopper of the Slicking .Machine, is it is called, in which, by sonic diableriu they arc arranged ami sluclc upon the papers, and come out perfect, only re quireing to ln-'pncked to bo reuly for sale. This lat ter machine, tended only by one girl, will do ibe vvotk ol 1 1 1 1 r I y persons by the old hand process. Wo h ive said that Iwo barrels of puis are made a day A liar rid contains -1,000,000 puis, ennsrquenllv S,000.000 ol pins are manufactured in this little machinecaeh day, sufficient lo furnish one pin a day for every female in tho United Stales ! There ire four other machines in ope-raiioii in the eoitnlrv. but Ihev ornbablv do nut turn out an equal number per dny, ns ibo Wnierbnry machine'. This we are told is mi exigeratiou hut the ohcr truth. Verily, what becomes of the pins ! nuston j rimscripi. IIcio is ono of the fruits of prolcction The tariff of M2 afforded adequate protec tion to this ni tide. Our countrymen went lo work at once.and in one year furnished the market with a belter article, at a less price than had formerly been paid to tho English manufacturer. Within tho past vear a yan keo who had invented a machine for sticking pins onto llio papers, went to England for the fuirpose of buying pins in bulk and then make a profit by tho sticking operation. Hut to his summ'sr, lin found that ho could not purchase tho foreign article in bulk, even in largo quantities, as low as tho Connecticut boys were llion selling a better article ready packed. So ho gave it up, and came home fully satisfied that in (his caso protection was neither :i tax to tho consumer, nor a bounty lo tho manufacturer. But thero stands (be duty of some 30 per cent, nnd wo would sug gest to our neighbor of tho Democrat that bo make it tho themo of bis next exposition of tho enormities of whig legislation. FEMALE SEMINARY. Wo had hoped, cro this, to nnnounco somu definite arrangement in reference to reopen ing our Ladies .School j but wo aro as yet unauthorized to speak positively on tho sub ject. We tnlic the liberty to say, however, fur tho infornintion of tho public., lhat the Trustees, in conjunction with the citizens of this town, have given tho Rev. J. K. Con VEiisr. a call to taUo charge oflhe institution, and wo entertain a confident hopo that he will accept tho invitation. Ho is eminently filled for llio station, and under his guidance wo could confidently recommend tho institu tion or more properly it would recommend itselfto public patronage. Rut however (his may be, llio school will be shortly open ed, tinder circumstances to securo its perma nent prosperity. Met-AS-ciion Accinr.sT, Wo nre pained lo learn that the Rev. , Mr. Dvaii, of ibo l-.'piscopal Church, lato of Whin-hall, vvns accidentally drowned nt the "Chasm of the Aufcihle," (High llridge.) near Keeso. ville, between live and six o'clock in the afternoon of uio mi insiiiiii, iur. i'. went clown from Keescville vvitli n small party to see the rails. Snmo poles had been thrown ae-ross from llio tablo rock lo tho oppo. site side of the chasm, near the water, over which Sir. D. attempted lo wnlk will; a young lady she became dizzv anil fell, hut vvns seized by a man who accom panied the parly nnd rescued, Mr. I), in attempting to save the lady, lost his balance, fell into the rapid current nnd was immediately swept out of sight. His i'uy uau 1101 iieeu ri'coicreu wnen our paper went lo init.-l'lottsturg flep. COMMENCEMENT. Tho nnnual commencement exorcises of tho University took place on Wednesday (be 7th inst. nt tho Now Congregational Church, They wolu prccccded by nn nddress on Monday evening before (ho Society for Re ligious Inquiry, by Rev. Joseph D. Wick- ham of Hurr Seminary, nnd by the Junior Exhibition and tho anniversaries of the so cieties on Tuesday afternoon nnd evening. Tho address of Mr Wickham wo had not the good fortune to hear, but learn that it elicited high praise. Tho Societies were addressed on Tuesday by Prof. Geo. W. Benedict in n very ablo and interesting discourse on the New En gland system of Education, and by the Rev. Waltci Collon of the U. S. Nuvy, who re cited a poem full of beautiful, pathetic and humorous passages, but with no particular order or method in their nrranpcment. Tho p)cm excited a good deal of speculation as to tho design of tho author, and who of his numerous heroes was the hero ; but we sus pect tho object atlaincd was the one desired, namely to keep expectation keenly alive to the end, nnd then remorselessly set it adrift without gratification. Certain it is that tbc doubts as lo tho hero, did not detract from tho conceded beauties which were plentiful ly strung upon tho invisible thread. The performances of tho Juniors worn creditable both to them and their instructors, and were attended by a largo assemblage of people. On Wednesday the exercises commenced about nine o'clock, and tho crowd was so groat that none but those who were lucky enough to bo early on tho ground, could ob tain seats or even standing room. Wo wore not nf the number, and can only repent what wo heard of the proceedings. Tho gradua ting class arc universally spoken of as young men of high promise, and several of their per formances were tho subjects of unbounded praise. Ono thing wc havo observed in tho remarks made concerning tho speakers, which it is well for all to think of. Every graduate whose piece wc heard commended, was es pecially praised for bis loud, clear and dis tinct enunciation. This essential prc-reqiii-sito of an effective speaker is far too apt to be forgotten or undervalued by young men, who argue to themselves that a sound and eloquent discourse, should produce the same effect however conveyed lo tho mind. Wo ! may agreo with them lhat it should, but that it does not and cannot, all experience abtin- j danlly proves. The most profound and i beautiful composition falls unheeded and un productive upon cars tliat aro listening to a careless, mumbling or unintelligible speaker. The interests of ibo exercises was greatly heightened by the capital orations of tho Iwo gentlemen who were candidates fortho second degree. We have nol now n list of the de grees conferred, but intend to publish an au thentic ono next week. The Albany Brass Band were in atten dance throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, enlivening tho exercises with their inspiring music. After lite close of the regular business of the day, a meeting of tho Alumni was h'.'ld for (he formation of nn association, the pro ceedings of which will hu found in this pa per. They were addressed by Charles Adams Esq., ono oflhe earliest graduates of tho University, upon the mission of llic peo ple of the United Stales. Wc were unable lo attend tho delivery of this address, hut it is represented as a most comprehensive and able discourse upon the hopes, tho duties and the responsibilities of this nation. Wo trust it will bo published that we and all who like ns were prevented from hearing it, may enjoy tho pleasure and profit of its perusal. The following aro the Senior themes : MORNING. MUSIC. I. Prayer by the President. '2. Constituents of a methodical mind llonACR I'.viiTiiinao Janrs, ,SV. Albans. 3. Necessary hinils to freedom nf thought. Caiilos Allen Si-rague, Montpelier. !. Duty before rights. I.ccian West Chanev, Barnard. MUSIC. B. The ancient nnd modem citizen compared. James S.meolev IIi.ackma.v, Jcrhha. (1. Happiness not to be obtained, if pursued con sciously as an end. Ueniiv A. Hl-iidank, Hurliniftnn. 7. " Ubi bene, ibi patria," (where. it ia well with one, there is his country.) Daviu II NoBTiinor, Ilurlington. 8. Truth, tho hfo ofa scholar, n poem. Jonatiun J. JIaiivis, St. Albans. JIUSIC. 9. Permanent influence of hereditary institutions. William CoLLAMEn, Woodstock, 10. Life, what is it 7 Asaiiel R. (ibav, Orleans. II. Characteristics of Hebrew Poetry. Moses S. Hovte, Rutland. 12. Relation nf menial philosophy to political ci enco. Wm. 11. W. Howe, Claremont, .V. . MUSIC. AFTEnNOOM. MUSIC. 1. Freedom essential to happiness. John M. IIvzll, Orwell. 2. Scientific nnd religious I1111I1 compared. Levi O. Stkvens, Ilrdicick, 3. Milton, na nn example for the American schol ar. L. Denedict, llurlinton. 1, Common truths, the most important. IKueiibrick llu-UNOs, Woodstock. 6. History, ns growingout oriiunianilv nnd show ing what it is. McL. CotnunN, J'ittsorii. MUSIC. C. Orntion. Ueoroe L. Lyman, Candidate for M. A. 7. Orntion. Fbed'k K. WooDnninaE, Cand.or M, A. MUSIC. 8. Degrees conferred. tl. Prayer, by the President. 10. llcncdiction. MUSIC. Tho following is tho order of Exorcises for the Junior Class : AFTERNOON. MUSIC. 1. Orijin of political Liberty. John J. IIaile. 2. Education, a labor. Claihc V.. Ferrin. 3. Hicnzi, il r.NRr J. llEnntcK. 1. Obligation of the exact sciences to the Arabians. Joseph T. Dodce. MUSIC. 5. TheinduencoofTasioin the Fine Arts on the moral feeling. Airo Hawnes. C. Arl, characteristic of the (.reeks. Sihnev II. Marsh, 7. Diversity of labor, grounded on (he wants of so ciety. George 0. Ihe. 8. roelry, an mentisl element in mnn's nature. Nathaniel G. Clark. MUSIC. MUSIC?. 9. Tlio Romantic Dintna. OnniEcs T. I.ANPitr.An 10. Relation of modern to ancient l.ilcrntuto. ClIAnLES Devvev. t 11. The influence of the) American Revolution in calling forth n'ent. Asa I.. Hatch. 12. Hie relation of Romance to tho proijrcs9 of so ciety. Jvcon M. Claiik. 13. The useless man. (JEonaE O. Rice. MUSIC 11. (Iron! men inseparable from tho nee in which they live. Pinto II. Wilcox. 15. Permanence of mental impressions. John O. Hale. 10. Political wisdom of the Proverbs. Alanson I). n.vnnrn. 17. Relation of poetry to tho realities of life. Moses I,ane. IS. Corruption of Lnnciin'ro nn evidence of nation nl decline. Lorenzo A li h. MUSIC. Univeiisitv Hall, 7iIi, Aug., 1811. Tho annual meeting of the Alumni of the University of Vermont was organized hy the ap poiiitmcntof IlnNitv Leavenworth, Ksq. Pres. ielcnt pro tern., and Geo. K. 1'i.att, Secretary pro torn. On motion, James Ilickok, T.sq, Kcv. Mr. Myers, and Kcv, Mr. Dougherty, wore appoint ed a roniinilteo to provido llio Association with an Ornlnr and Poet for their next anniversary. On motion, Hov. Mr. Myers. Henry Halo, Esq., and Kcv. A. Fleming, were appointed i committee to noniinato to tho association ofli com for llio ensuing year, and their report having boon made and accepted, John N. Po.Mnnov, Ksq., was elected Prcsi dent, lion. Tijiothv Pullctt, Vice President, Key. Zaimick TiiovtrseiN, Secretary, and James YV. IIickok, Ksq., Treasurer. The cciiniiiilleo lierctufore appointed to take into consideration the erection of a monument in memory of Dr. James Marsh, and to provide means therefor, tnatlo their annual report to tlie Alumni, whereupon It was llesohnl, That the Fame committee do coiitimio in ofiice for the neM car, for the purpose of carrying out this object of llio Asso- nation. ltcnihcd, That prior to the next anniversary of this Association, a notice of the .same shall he published in one or more of the Ilurlington papers, anil that a piper containing such notice shall be sent by the Secretary to each of the Alumni of tho University. II. I.CAvr.swor.Tir, Pres. pro tern. Gno. K. Pt.ATr, .S'-c. pro tern. "WUIU.S OI' MILTON." A mcclniL' will he: held at the Town House in Millon, on SATURDAY, tho 17lhinst.nt 0 o'clock, P. -U. for the purpose of nominating a candidate to represent ...ud town in tho Gen eral As.-cinbly tins fall. A general attendance is boltcitcil. SA.MUKL HOAR DMA eV, ) Town d.mi:l II. ONION, GIORGIO AVHKS. ) Committee. Milton, Aus:. ",th, IS 1 1. GRAND IHl.K COUN l'VrT;ON VEVTION. I ho lugs of Grand Isle County aro ro-qtic-led lei meet by their delegates in Cornell. Hon cm tlm L'Oth 'diy of August, 1811, nt tho Court House in North Hero, at one o'clock, P. M. lo nominate a suitable person to represent tlm County in the Senate the year ciiiiiiir The Wings of each town are requested to ap point three or more elolegates. Hy roquet of County Committor. Burlington. The WHIGS nf Burlington arc requostiri lo meet r.t the Court-Housc, on MONDAY evening, Wlh hiret., at half past seven o'clock, for llie purpose of nominating a candidate for Town Representative. W. L. STRONG, - C. L. NL'LSON, I Toivn Commit, tec. I .1. K. UK.AV, J. W. IIICKOK, Aug. 0th, 1311. 3p Clay Clwb. J lie next rnmilnr Medina of Uio BUliUNCTON CLAY CLUB will beholden at thoCoiirtJ llouso on MONDAY EVE NING next, August S. N. I'iirninlcc, Esq. will ad dress Ihe Clul). The members aro n-nuestod to assemble punctually at SEVEN o'clock. E. A. STAN Sll URY, Secretary. FREE EXHIBITION or rAiv class woiticiiVG, AT tho (, POST OI'TILT, n.boinuii; How aid's lliuel, for ovr. wiiek ovi.r, rniiiincir'ing hisdaij, (I'ril.iv, Aug. 0, ISH.) Ho ir of exhibition from 2 lo i, and 7 lo in, P. M. Mr. OWK.N ii'.peeil'ully informs tin Ladies nnd Gentlemen of liurliugton anJ v mv, that bo will give 1111 l-.xhiliiiion as nbove, on which occasion he will loriii Irom (il.iss, (vvuhoni thenid of tools (,r moulds) a great variety of useful, lus'eful and oma-nii-ninl anieles, meb n Plnlo-opluVal In-iriiments, Ships, llird-, H,i.i,.S Pens, f',,,,.,, Candle.ii-i.s, or, in laol, any article vvhii'h fancy may 1 iViatc, (all of which will he f,,r so t rea.onab1; price-.) A No, Class Spinning at the rale of 50l)0 yard, per minim.. Adinitlance! free. Children will not I e admitted unless nicoinpauied by tli-ir patents or guardians. Hnrhuglon, Aug 9 b, ISM. HI WILLISTON JIKJII SCHOOL. TIIK FALL TIHIM of this instiiiition will com. meneo mi Wedni'selay, llio ISth of September, Willi lavor.ible'nuspiee-s under ihu charge of J. Lv man, A. M. 'Ihe long nnd Miece.sful experience' of the Principal n- a Ti'.ii berin High Sehoo's, vvairauls llie nssiiraneo lhat ihe wii-hes of the community will bo nmpjy met under his uipcrvisinn. IK Iris 111 his pri.s-e-Mon a large 'IVIeseopi', and oilier apparatus, which he will 11-11 fur lhel-?ni'lit of't'ie pupil-. '' of Chemienl nnd Lec tures wil, be given, dlu-lraled with i-xperinicns. Special Htii'iiiion will be Riven to lliose who ex. peet to bee-onie Teachers, Tuition tho ,imo n in other n'milar insitutions. Hoard can Is; obtained in n'-iuvtuble families on re-asouahle ternis. It is i-xpeetod ibat a large and commodious hoarding house will be opened with spe cial reference to the acvoinmodalioii of stin!c-nt Irom abroad. WILLISTON FEMALE SEMINARY. rMIlf Deparimi'iit will It under llie charge of -- .tire.. I.V.Man, ns.iBieil m tlm iulruclion by lie-r husband. Ii j, intended to make tins ilepiirmrenl n permanent and prominent object. And it is bebevod that iimler the charge of Mr. I.yinau, vvbo-c edue.i lion has hern neipuicd at Miuie oftho hei-t Se'ininaries of ibo land, rendering her perfectly familiar wit Ii the bist incihod. of InsiriKiion, llio Female Seminary will atlord advanliisi's to young ladie-, ooonel 10 none 111 this part ol tho Smic. 'Ibo Seminary will be openod 011 ihu samo day wilb the High Se'hool, and will helaughi ill Ihenpper tory oflhe Aeailcmy biii1 ding 'I ho young laehe-a will have iioecs 10 iho I-ne-lunv, and to ihe Chemical nnd Philosophical experi ment... ICy'l'lie Vt. Chronicle, Iho Middlebiiry Calaxy, and True Democrat, will plca-ei copy the above ad verli'emeiiis to iho amount of !i2 each udv'l, and for ward their bill to hu Wlllflon High School for payment, I0iv3 COD I'ISII. iXfl QUINTALS Cod FSh by "V;, mi. S' rrtoNc.'s & Co. aims am) scunws. QAn "()Z Table, Bntk Hap, Narrow. Urond, DJJ Window rilind and Pew dour Hulls, from Wrought ni.UCnsr Iron'. 1,200 GKOSS AnwricnrT" Premium" Screws, A'soried ite., Dialers niMilied nt -S'vv York pri ce . M STRO-NGS & CO. Aug. 6, Ml, 1 W3 Sallv Miner's I'.lnle. STATK Ol' VI.UAIONT, ) AT a Protnto Court l)ilriel of ('liitleiiden, . J hold nt HurhnRloti within nnu lor the ih-lnct uf I billenden iilore-nid on Ibe flxth il.iynfAusiis', A. D. Pill, present the lion. Charles Ibi-u ll, Judge, nn (nlr cut, p irporlunf to no u coiy oi i uu in. t will unit Icinmenl nl tsniv .oi lier, lato of llie CniintV nf J e. In llio Sln'i lit' Illi nois, diTeiwd, duly nliovvel and proved lu the.' Pro- I r. C. !lJr. . .' ... I ........ . I' nun- jvni i iur Miiu L.ouniy Ol jer-OV lelio r-uno en Illinois, 1.1'ine prrsentej to the io irl here, I y Albert Miner, n devisee therein nnined, tint Miid copy may Ik flic I nnd re-ocmled in I tin Prnbaln Court liir siiid d'striet ol'Cliillendeir njjreeablvlo tho -statute in such case inado nud nrovitled t iii.heui'on. llio rrniinte t O'irt lor mim district oi L.lutteii'ieu ootli nppotut the! fourth ol August, Igll.for heiniii nnd deenlinir in llie; premi se's, lit the iitriee of tho lieister iif sal I court ill said Itiirliiiirtnii, nl ten o'clock in llio lorenonn. nnd do ll order that nil person. eune iTiicd bo uiitilicd thereof hy pul.lieiilion nf this order three wreU suei'o.sively in im n iriinirtoii i nv lie, n .new-paper printed in uu niiriinirinn, inei.i. nl w men inoiieaiions in i e- previous lo uid fourth Wcelno.-day in August, A. D. 1811. (iiven under my hand nl said Ilurlington the sixth lay of August, IS 1 1. lO.v.1 Wm. WI'.STON, Jle!lstcr. , K VESTS. Cominenicineiit has glorlou-ly pas sed the il.iy was most favorable Ibe e-clebra tinn was gr.ieed'iu array hy nn audience never Mir passe' ibe cxerci-c were commendable nnd mm mended. Some nut. i-cuicut there was, not such n a Levee, I tit there! vva Kendall's famous concert- nl sei, teats ofuutisiial dexterity I'oiubini'd Willi Ilereit h'lin streuilb, showing llie' i;Mut power of a single ! man lo be inoie than eipial lo tbddrniiuht of u Mian of povveil'ul bor-e". Hut of all and nbovu all in pl dour nnd magnificence' vvns the display by illumiu.i tion at HOWARD'S, bis superbly nrrange-l gallery ttorc of 0 feet in length, with 10 columns I clow nnd 8 alnve, Ihesa loon lighted by ei dome1, llien the carpet room, all e f which vvere louldy lille I nnd filled with rich rare nrli eles of Inerclinnd'e and adorned with u display of .Statuary nud Paintings, such ns in ihu nppear.iiii e wdien ill'iminaleel by a light nuinl eriug one I'or each el.iy oflhe ytar wa a sight exlnlior.itiug and el.iz .'iug to view, mid o the reflecting accounted tor the many wiunloi fill and sneres-ful exhibitions bad in the way ul'lrado ill ibe c-l.iUi-liiiient l.ept by HOW.UID. Wednc'd.iv cveii'g, 7'b Aug., '1 1. 10 11 LANK HOOKS. AN assortment of Kull Hound DAY HOOK'S, . JOntNALS, nnd LKIKil.ltS-G to !) epures e.ieli; .Memorandum liool.s, nnd I'.is, Ho. .i, ruled ill a variety of styles nud sizes, which will bo sold very low lor C ish or Paper Runs, delivere I at Strong's ll'iildiug, V. HAltlllMJTO.VS, Col. St., Hnrlinglon, Vt. 10 GOULD'S HOTEL, Ol.l.KCi: STISIJUT, MOITTRBAL. on Tin: iiir.MLsr.3 koumkhly known AS the: .iiaxsio.x sioirsi:. (i OLD l'll'NS. ANI'.ff supply of ibo much npprovc I iliamond poinieel GOl.U PLNS. In'o other Pen ca i compire with them, nnd they aro liked by all who use ihetn. I. irgo and small, line and coarse, just re ceived ami fir sale by 10 llltl.VSMAII) ,fc llROTItniiS. 1 1'-1 X I : Tit A V I. I . I, I ,N ; It ACS. rpilAV T.LLIMi HAliS if line Wil on, Hr.i.s.e., i. an I nl her Carpe'limr, Straw Has,et-, i- . i new loljii-i ree'd. I1UIXSUAID et IlIIOl'IlLltS. Aug. 0, IRII. 10 r.O All 1)1 NU HOUSE. Ty Hi: snt,-eril er would re'spivfuHy the pub I lie that be si enuliii'ics to Keep a Hoarding ffmsc, on Mam S'nvl, a few ro l tho I'oirl I lou-e S pure and Pni () liiv, in the ho'i-e I'iriiierly oeeiip e I iiy (ten. II. Shaw, Ls p, an I that ho can ne coiuiuo 'ate a few more boarders on as re.isonab'e tiTins ii3 can be ejbtainel elewb''ie. WARRLN SIHl.V. Hurliiigton, Yt.,Aug. 7, 1311. 10 if jci: cut: m i'nl:7:zi:!i.s AI'KW more lee Cream I'reez 'rs ru eive I. Willi ibis apjiiraliis. any person im.i mi'.e'heir eiwu IeeCreMio. IllllNS.MAll) eV. UltO I'll P.I.S. Aug. II, 'II. 10 wff.i.o w T'A:;()As. A LMini: I.O' p,.t npenel, at re I ico I prices. l a .visi, iv uieev no-i;ari-, i;r ones anu i h nrs, I u nn I Silver Katile. and Wlii-de., Tin an I l!ra-s llnr moiiiea Truuipc's, nn I Dojs and Toy-, j.i-t ri'i.-'d. I1RINS.VIAID & IIH.UTHr.R-s. Aug. i.1, 'II. 10 jiaiwwmu:. Al.arre and general assortment of Hard W.ue. comprising nlmo-i every nni'de wanted in bo i-e lini-lu'ii'-' and f irni-hing, Sa l.llerv, ('iirrtasi! Iriui-ining-, etc, etc. STllO.NCS & CO. Ana. II, '-I I. 10 sAWhLl:iiY. OTRONfiS et CO. oiler lo Si Idlers and dealers in O S.i l.llery u h in Isoiue assrtioeut of goods m ,lieir line, nn very ri'.ison ib'e terms. 10 SALT. Hush. Tuiks I. hind Sail. 5,0Pn h'i. Coare Wes'eru Solar do. :i."ill III Is. Fine We-eru llo. 3O0 Hairs ('is lb.) mound do. Ill Sack. Liverpool do. 50 II' I-. ground Wi'.iern do. 1000 hTRONtiS ef CO. Ill Aucr. fi. Ml. SELECT SCHOOL. MIS l It. STACY will commence her Fall Term 111 Woilni'-il.iv, tin I lib of Augnu, to eon'inue V2 weel.-s. Seholn-s are expected lo cuter at the euuuneneemenl ol'the term. Tulliuli.'idi branelie-, Fri'iii'b, Drnvv ing. S.-..00 LOU :s,oi) . Itanney'jj School room one door west cf. Mis Itanney's shop. up si.iirs. Hnrlinglon, Augii-t 2, IS 1 1. 9 t Til c ijL a tii rTiir rmTli.ii ux Ts. TI1L Life mid Pol It" Services of ibe Hon, James Kno Poll., with a compendium of Ins spivche-s on various piil lit incisures, loireiher with n sl.eteh ol llie l.ileot the lion. tieo. .u. Il.1ll.1s. ror sale hy Aug. 1 1311. V. II.MUtlNCTOX. FOR SALF. T WILL sell the s,. ,P place where I J live onusi-nug of a Hou-e and O. lice ndjeuuing in peil'cvl order. Terms, one tliou-auil dollars in liauil, lal.ineem tiair "-vcarly payments, if ee'-iri'd. To thot.o who an- nol 'ncepiuinte I with the pl.ue it may I e well to say, it is situated on the miiiiIi h,Ii tlie Court llou-e .Spi.ire, having n large Ironi ami a large nud good garde'ii atlaehed to 11. July 9, IS 1 1, C. ADAMS. FARM FOR SALF. SAID r.irm i silualel in Fsex, on Hrown's river on is called llbss' ireet, two miles Irom Ls-ex conirennil one mile I'roni Jcrleo corners con-si-tmgol llircc piece-, viz. the and a wood I01 containing eleven acre, covered with hard wood. and Ii rly acres nf Plain land which is well adapied to corn anu rye. i neiioiuesie.iu laruicouiams one nun drol acres of fir-t rate I J in I, well watered, nud ebvi- deil into mowing, ullage,'uro and wood land, nil we'll feiie-eil. There i on nid farm a giiod ami eon. veiiieni hou-e, well c.ih-ul.iteil for a dairy, one wooil bed, two barns, a eidi rinill, and 01 her om buddings, nil in good repair. There isnLu em aid farm an ex cellent or' haid of choice fruit liccs, also a thrifty giowing niaiile orchard. Sai l farm is iiualcel near a good school bou-c. Tl e s'lh-eril cr I euig desirous of leaving this pari i f ihe country for tho Wt-t w ill m-II cheap. For f irlher particulars enquiro ol t lie subscriber on llie premoes. He aUo oilers for mle two hundred Sheep, Thorc wishing to purchase would do well 10 call toon. COOPHUn. Hsscx, July 29, M l. Ivy 3 THE SELKCT SCHOOL, IJOIl tilltl.S AXI) HOY.-, will' bo ngam coniuienrcd on .Monday, Aug. (Itoomsover H. Mayo's Store, west side ihe Square.) TheTtvch er, now being free from other duties, will devote bis whole atlenlion to the interests of the School, and feels confident in siyiug 10 the citi7ens of this vill.120 and vicinity, thai its advantages will not bo in ferior to those tiijoycd ill most Academies. It will bo his earnest niiei constant endeavor, to pursue such a course ofdiscipline, as shnll secure at oncu the intellectual advancement, nnd inornl improvement of his pupils. Tuition, per quarter, from t:i,00 to SI. 00. " " week, " .'I O to 1 0 ets. Those, who do not attend the period ofone term in succession, will havo their tuition chargeel by iho vvcik. 9 vv3 J. M. HULL!,, Teacher. Nathaniel ItlacLinnii's l.'slatc. STATK OK VF.U.MO.NT, ) AT n Prelum Court Pi-lricl of Cbiiiendi'ii, s-. 5 S. bolilen nt Hurling ion, within and for Hie l)ilrirt atoicsaiel on tho 3.t el.iy of July, A. P. 1811, nn Instrument importing to bo iho last Will mil Te-lamcnl of .VATIIaMLI. HLACKMAN, late or Jericho, in nud District iii, was pii'se'nted lei the Court hero Uir Probate hy Selim F. Hlaekinaii, llio Lxcvutor, therein nanuxl. Tlir.lir.F0HE it is onlered by s.u'd Courl. lhat public notice he given to nil peruns iiilcre'.ied therein to ap pear beloro said Court, nt n 'Cmii thereof 10 I e liolelcn ut tho l!egier'i olliee in mi Hnrlinglon, on llie 17ib day of Augui. A. D. 1811, nud conie.t tho probate of mi I will, nud it is furlber ordcrel that this orde-r be puhlUhed three weeks niecessivcly in llio Ilurlington Kico Pre'.-s, a newspaper primed nt Ilur lington, in llim Stan", the lust ol which shall be previ ous lo the day assigned, as albrciid lor hearing, (liven miller my hand at ihe HegterV Office, this 1,1 day ol July, A, l. im. 0w3 Wm. WESTO.V. Register. ItEAL ESTATE FOR SALE. TllttMlbseriter hn for sile 21(1 A lti:S OK IjANI). lying in tin South part of Willj.ion nnd Ht (leorge, half u mile from Ibe road running from Williston to llim.'sliurxh, well wnlere I, uiul n portion nt it line) Meadow Laud, ndapte! to tho l.ivini! nf Crws nnd Sheep, nnd well feueed. The I'lirm bus on it TWO DWKI.LINd IIOUSR-1, 3 IlnniSf nnd n lir-t rati tovnci orchard, A o , I'or snle, Xineli Acres nf .and lying ball n mile? ontli of WillMim, with a'Divelliug House, Darn nud On hard on it The unde rsisncd lias lor mlo 107 Aeres nl Land In Jericho, lying one nolo l.'ast of the Jericho t Voire meclmg-liooT, we ll watered, Willi a Dwelling House. Ham nnd 2 Orchards. Also, 7 It) SIILKP for .ale. The r-ulwrilcr is about to chancre Ins residence. nnd will sell Ibe above properly nl a lowpieonn l on re reasonaiiieieugin ol time. LI.I CHI ITHN'OHN" Williston, July 2(5, 1811. 8 wS LA ir.S OF VFllMONV. TKVISi:i STATI'TLS of tho Stale of Vermont, XV line Idlitiuu, in calf bindin . only S-2..TO. I v Sll A. f'.UW.v. IlDS. NEW HOOKS. TIIK INVALID!'., or PiiMiires of the I rem h Ilev nlution, by C. So niller, author of the Jew. 2j el. Till. OA 111 N HOOK, or Life in Texas. 3 part 374 e-ents. Al'I.OtT AM) ASHOlti:, or the Adventure of Mile's Wiillmirforil, by the author of the "Iwo Adou ral." " Wing nud Winir." etc. &c 'I tnrts. 7.i ft SMfCtil.LIIS or Till: SWI-.DISII COAST, or tlie ilo-e ol Tliitlo I.slaiiel, by -ilrs. r.uuliu Carlen. 2.i cents. I'llANTASMION, Prince of Palmland. Ily Sara (Meridire. '1 vols, in one. 50 cents. Till: 1.0(1 CWSIN, or the World bolero Vou. Ily the uutlior ol " I hree l..xienments," ece. oU els. MACAt'LAY'S MISCKId-ANLOL'S LS-JAYS Pan .". '25 eent. MlUllOlt I.IHRAItV, No. 21, containing the Lp leiiieau, a t.ih ol Thomas .Monro. 2jeert. IIKWITP-S ILI.r.STHATHD Sll AKHI'MARi:, No. II. I2J eent. (Unofc muni ers turnishiil, anil any p.nt sold separale lyA iSew supp'y of Willi- O ClnrL's OI.LAPOD L1NA. I Nuinl it '2." eiiils each. PRAlKIK H1KD, by Charles Augustus Murray. 2.i cents. iNARKATlVF. AND RKCOl.'.LCTIONS Ol YAN DILMAN'S LAM', elurina a three je.irs Cuplivilv of Stephen S, Wright, with nn account oflhe llanle nf Pie-coit. nnd other facts lulJling lo tin Pattiol War. S Hy A. UPWARDS. DRATEIt, AliUlUCU, & FRINK, AVitni.iwAiiK di:ai,i:hs iv nOMl'.STIC ct i'oiu:ign DRY Gtions, Xn. Vtt I.llicrly Mlr,.et, uriir llromttv:. V, A ll' tll(l. V.V.V constantly mi baud ns extensive an assort K'i ment el Staple and l-ancy (ioods as canlc loiinu in llie iviiy , a lirse proporiinii ol vviueii aie especially adopted lo Ibe vi:it.tio.M' Tit Ann. Merehanls visiting New York are requested to call, and prices will I e found saiif iciorv lo the CI.OSI'.ST CASH HI YDHS. The advert i-ir are walchful lo take every advan lace in llie 11 leiualioiis of ihe large-l markets, and, enjoying thelenetil of gieat business facilities, with lollg'i'Xjii'rieuee, are piep-lrel In ei ler II XT It A IXDUl'UMHXT-l to put'cba-ers who aie cbhgeil to contend with the stronerv-t eoinpeiilion. " .lio3eop-2f-2s ST It AY HOIt STRAYF-D about tlm c uoeU sjmv, a small HAY , MAUI'., wilb a Mar in the loahead, and s0ine Iif 1 teen or :ix'ce'n vcars otd. Whoever will give inl'or- , m.itiou where she may be found, shall hesiutaUv ic wanled. J1AX11AM lll.Alll. . H irlingion, July 2.i, lall. ! .luiiics .lllucr's I'slali'. STATIC OT Vr.llMUST, I fllllK lion, llie Disl'iel of Clullendeo, s. j 1 Iri b.uc Court for ihu District of Chittenden : To nil pi'r-ons con- 1 ei-riiii! or m'eres'ed m the ct tic 1 I JAM1.-S .Ml.M-.K, la'col .viittou,!!! ai I ui-tnel, ettrea-cU, le-late, I: ii- 1 s,i. ... oi.i.oAs, jaini's .11 iner, ni .oonKiou, 111 no-vo 111- lyi't Addi-on, 1.111 tiled hi- petition 111 wilting, 111 s ml Curl, re irc-ommg tint be I- one ol the Devi- -.e. ler the Will ofihe -ai I James Miner, dcea-ed, nnd n .iich Devi-ee holds one nn.' half of nlj Ihe reil estate of wl.ieh said deee.i.ed el el.-euel and nos.esscd in common with the other I'evi tcs in sail Will n.imcil 1 thai he wi-he- lo have his-hare set out to Ii nn that he may hold the same ni severalty j nnd praving said Co i'n 10 order partition iheivo'lto be' made among thei'evi ci- i-ntille-l thereto, an I 10 ap- I point commis-ioner- to inaiio such partition accord- 1 11 ir 10 .'.ive. he-reuiion, the Court nn'rc-aid doth a-sicn nn.l , appoint iho il in August A. D. 1SII, at Ihe otiiee ofthc RegisiiT eil sanl Court, 111 Hnrlinglon in said District, tit ten oVIoc!. in the fore noon for hearing and eleei ling in llie prenii-cs ; and dcilh aLo order lhat all pcr-eoi mtere-lesl or concerned in said j K-la'e be untitled to appear I el'ore sai 1 court nt the litne nnd place ntori. aid lo obje'etioiis, it any ' they have, to the pi iitiou of the miiiI James 31incrl nfor.ti, I l.. it.,. t.i,l.l.,.n r ,i.n ...I..,.. r.1' . ...1 I . - .. i .... o . i.n. ... ..... s pennon iiigetner Willi tun oriler 111 tlie llurlingion Fii-u Pies-, a newspaper pr 11111! nt raid II irhngfon, ,,1, llliee weelis su -ces-ivcly, llio last 01 H indi plll.lle.l lions sb ill be pievio i to ihe time m'I for hearing. Ila'eil 11 liurhngli 11, this aul, day 1 f July, IS 1 1. 8w3 CII.UtLF.S KUs.-r.LL. Judve. I'OltTHAIT PAINTING. 1TII. I:. M. riF.LDINO, Portrait Painter, ha- I1X tal.en .1 room at Ni'. '2G, Amerieaii Hotel, where he will le happy to wnti upon the pe'op'o ol 11 irlingion in the way Of bis profe-ii'ii. lie has tin; exper.euec of ten years sjudy and practice to o'ler n a gini.nity to lho-i' who may desire loub'.un the bl.e-ne-si-.s Ol'thein-elve.s cr their friends m an ciuluriug form. He of cour-c will a si; no one In tal,ea picturew hie'Ii does nui prove salisl'ieie ry. He has had nitieh . suc cess m obi.iiuing good lil.ene's-es, loth in -New Verk and -everal of ibe Southern Sla'e-.and tlatier- him self, thai the inhabitants of this village will I e. satisfi ed with his labors m ihe lino of hi- un. Specimens of his panning may le examined .11 Ill's room, Sir. I'". oTers for sile a llrt rale Daguerreotype appaiatus with chemical., plates and, tunny person who mav wMi 10 purchase them. llurlingion, J ily 10, 1-3 1 1. fi NO I'lCIO. Firm of KUlt.V ,xs Sl'KVIt being eli-. rn IIF. L Milvod bv the 1 ceae of .Mr. Sneer, the slibseri- I er bi'ieby givi's nonce that be continues the bu-iness cl .vicr'-hauilize ai ht htoieon Cliureh -lucl, 00 tu own nci-ouut. All eoniraeis m.nle by the late tirm of Ivern eV. .-pear, and nil iVbls due from the linn, will I c. inei and iliseh.irgixl by the .ulcri! cr. Those in eleblexl to the late film vv ill ple.i-e and .eitle. DAMLL KKllX. July 23,1811. 0 s n.AV 1.0 IjrtOKI', from llie pisiure of J the subscrihci on Ihe 2Plh day of Juno last, a HAY MAUL She is seven years old, bay, with (wo or more whi'e feet, switch tail, heavy inane, a siar in her forehead, rather small size. Whoever will give inforniatinii to me or Oeo. K. Piatt of lliiilingiou where she may be found will confer a favor nnd shall be satisfied for ibeir trouble. SAMUF.l. II. PLATT. Colchester 19th July, 1811. S -1 LIST KKUKIYLD hy II. IV. CATI.1N' nn as. ,J sorlinent of I'lorene'e, Hr.ud, au.1 Straw Honneis, Honnet liibhons, lllack l.acc-, tilove-, Mills, Shawls, Hilkf-. ex-c iVi. Also, 1000 Vds. Heavy Cray Cloth, cheap I'or Ciib or Wool. July 21, 1811. S Gi I '.MVS Leghorn Hats, Cloth and Oil Cloth Cips, r &c, now opening at C. F. S l'AMFOHD'S. July 13. 1SI1. 7 JOSl-U'll MMUIOT, hoot an d siioi: .n.vKriit. Y r.SI'LC'l'FUt.LV informs ihe public, in nnd 1 V. about Hurliiigtun, thnt be will do all work thai bo may bo favoreel with. 111 tho best manner, nnel on llio lowest terms possible. His shop in under the OfficoofH. Leavenworth, Ksq, nnd near llie Oilice of llie Frco Press. Hnrlinglon, 2jth July, 1611. 6lf immrdia ti: n :.:'.' IT'HOM Diarrhii'.i, Dysentery, Mummer Complaint, el-c, ixc. (which arc common nl ibis tunc of the season) may be bad by the uso of J.iyne's Cnriinn live, nt PLCK & SPLAK'S. July 11, 11341. C l.i: A I) PI I'R, ic. TONS Lead Pipe J 10 1J in. bore; 3 rolls Sheet U'ad: 12 cu 1. sheet Zinc ; 30 Hies Shot assort 3 ed Nos. by STHO.NGS el- Co. Juuoll.Ml. 2 SUdARS. 12 HHI.S. Porto Hieeiund Mu.rnv.nlo Sugar, n.o I oal, Lump, l'onelercu an I eiu-lml Nignr lor snlo hy, S. M. POPF.. Juno P., Ml. 2 CANDLF.S ANP SOAR. p: HOXLS sperm Candle--, 20 do, T.illuw Candles, J 20 do. liar so. ip, 2 ilo. Castile soap, 3 tin. Fancy toilet do., 10dii.hliivmg do. by nTHO.NCiS &, Co. June II, Ml. 2 HATS! HATS !! 1CAST. "Alvcrdr.'' Molckin Hal,i'ist ree'd nna for sale by is. M, POPF, June It, Mi. 2 NOTICI2. ALL persons nre hereby nol itied I hoi the firm of KOKLOK-sON ti RATHIlt'N, for the tnami fuciurciil llrondclotb nt the Ilurlington Mill Factory in Colehe-ster, Is dis.-olvcil by imiioal ronsi'iit. C. ItOLLOKSON, S.H. l( 1 Uin.iS. July 29, 8). 0 vv-3 20 HOXIH PAI'Wt TOUACCO" fort sale very low. by FOLU'TT & HKADLKY. Old Wharf, Aug. 8, 1814. 10 To )otilisls A Curd. nr.XTAIiStllMMilICH at Ttvo-Tinuns run usual imiicks, 1 II. POTTKH, Mannlaeliirer or the best MIN I I'.HAL TI-.r.TII, No. 71, Locust St. Philndel ph'n. Agents in Ilurlington, Porrr.n it Haw-lev, i ourt llouso .Sipiare. '1 cclh, Gold and '1 m toil, tilcis, he. &.C. Hold Soldrrfrom 18 to 22carnts lino whiclr runs perfectly on 18 20 or 22 carat gold and remain pcricciiy tingnriii wc moiitn. i;au nnu see-. I.ulller Loomis;' Instate. .S'7'.l TV. Ol' VKIiMOST, ( AT n Prohato Disinel of I hille-ndeu, sc. j TX Court bel l nt llnilingtcii, innnd lor said Pi-triei, nn lbe20hdn' of July, A. D. 1311, Pre-eni, Chufles lio-icll, Ju.lae. An iiisiriioieiiMiurpniting Inhelfie last will nn I te.lamenl I.OOMH, late or Unrtniiti.ii, in said Di-lri"l, deeeasi-d, I eing presented to lint fjo'irt hereby John s. Pomeroy uiul Henry Looints the executors therein named, i r probate' ibe tail Conn doth nnpoiut ihe third Yedncsday in August A , I). IS 1 1, nt lOo'e leckm the forenoon nt the I'flicc of the Reiris'i r nl'-nul Court in ni.l II irlingion fnririit ins said will ; and elolh on'er lhat all per-ons inter csti'd or couferiHil therein he notilied It--line said Court ill Ihe lime nnd plan aforesaid an I then and there contest the prul nle ot said will, if ihey have' enlist, lor which purpose said court do'h further order that (nblic no're lb reof I o given l.y publish ing ibis order in the Free f'res,a new-paper prinliJ at said Hurliusten, three week successively previous lo the time appointed lor hearing. Piled nl Hnrlinglon, in the Pi-lr'rt of Chittenden, div cf July, A. P. ISH. 8 w3 UIIARl.K-i HUSSFI.I., Judge. NOTICF. ALL persons nn here'iv notilied thai the firm of ROF.I.OFSO.V, RXTIinCN, & CO., lor Ihu nianiif.icluii' of Hrnael' lolhs at the II irlingion Mill Coiuiiany's Fie lory, in Colcheter, i dis(ilvel j and thai Sinme' 11. Kathb in i-nulhnrized lo nrrangeaiid elileidl tin une.n.ed bus ncss of said lirmj to re-e-i'ive paynicm of .ill suniselue tosnidlirm, and pay and -n'l-'fy all s irnsd it I'roni ihcsiime. Cede hes'ter, Jidy2J-h, 1811. CHRI ST1A N l!Oi:LOFSON, SAMf'KI. It, RtTHHUN, 9 w3 SIDXKV BARLOW. WATilll-Cmc fir tlie Ladles, A popn'ar Work on ihe health, diet and regimen of Fe male's and Children, nud the prevention an I cure of eb-eases; vvilh a full aeeo ml of the processes of W.i-ler-Core, Ily Mrs. M. L. .Shew, flOeis. "HIKMI-TRY, n- exemplifyiiifj the Wi-eloin an I "-y neucfi"encv of God. A prize esay by tiecir-o Fi vvler, Pn. D. SOcts HA,!K A. KDWAllDSj. REMOVAL. CABiwrnw PURWIIURE. rpHIC nliLTi!cr ha rt,niot(IIrom hi-. n!d .iarifl on I Chtirrli Stri't'i, to lifs iww IHiICK SHOP on railiii1 Lanr, twi'nty rot Kns of the Hurliiiilon I.siul., wlifrr lit lia on'liaiut nivl will cunun'ie to man -urafinri' nil ! i n 1 (-1 CABINET WARM, of Ihcbe-t cpialilv! such ns SOFAS, SF.CRF.TA UIKS, IILAURKAI'S. Dining, Tel. Centre, Work and Toilet TAIlLLS.hTA.MW & IKDsTLADS, aul all km I- nf work in bis line. iLjJIo-t kinds of Cenui'ry produce and Liiuder reri'iveil ni payment, or npp'rove'd credit, 4 ml vtry ehe.ip I'orC.i-h. SA MULL MCIIOI.S. ll'irlingliui, .May 23lh, 1311. 52 NEW STORE & NEW GOODS. HMD', siib.cn1 crbas ial,cn the .New Store one door 1 north if Mc-sr-. Ilrm. maids' where be- lias m.t 1 reeeiveo anu nniv o ur- lor -a e. a "enera .i..nrl. ,.., ..e .....t 1 1, V, . ., t. .,i V """"i urotene, I ' 1 T''' '",r r"'''"-' an'' v-hc? I "rclm"-'rs dru ,n"'' 10 I al"' "',""' lliem-clves ,,, ,,,, ' '' STtMFOrt I). I'u'hllgton, May lb, mi. SO T T Txr f. ... T- " ' IV V 'V t) It V) , . " 'T'DL iil--ri1 er would inform bi I'r end anil ihu 1 A P" il lie that be has iut coeues a Store on tlm corner nf Church nnd Hank stiei'ts, opposite ihe oh! haul;, where he will sell Goods Hs cheap as ihev e-an be bought el-e where, cnil racing a .mall, ol DllV COODS, si 11 "t a general n-orinient ol' FAMILY nKOCr.HIKS. I'jrise call and look I elnre Imving el-c where. FLOlTt nnd SALT, by lbcbarrel,or 111 le.s quan tity. I shall not le undersold hy mv neighbors. J"i' ", Ml. I' W. W OA (IK. tiKAl) rilMi, Sic. 1 rrn-v-c- r in. .i..u:...i. i . , , ,'' ,''i 1 in. oueei 1, I Ciisl. Sheet mc SO Hags shoi, a.sor'ed .No-. 1 v Mayl.'.,'H. 50 sirtoxn.-' .f- Co. ('IIILU'UH MIM,. v llLN.VS Pearl Si. would inform his Customers. W thalfor Cash he will sell all kinds of new ami seikonl hand Uothing, anu Hoots Shoes and Hals Cheaper ihsn ever. July, 2(3 1 11. Bw3 "MEW "GOODS." A (.00!) ASSORT.MI.NT of Hroid Cloths, Oro d'r.n, Drab de Ta, Cnssimeris, Twicels, Mli nells, Ilieh Vesting, Suiumer Stiitls, nnd Triinmings, &C.&C, which will be sold nl prie-es lo sou purcha sers. LOVr.LY eV SLVMOUit. Church street, July 11, SU. 6 LOOK N G GLA JSSESS" A Large As-onmi'iil ol various sizes of O. (S. Handea Plate, and Li Fayette stjbs,just ree'd bv LOVF.LY & bUVMOUIl. Church sreet, Hurhnglnn, I J ily II. IS.) I. 5 fiif V riil'.SH supply of Super, Lxlrafine 3 Ply Cur peltngsi Druggills, Urein liaize, O.I Cloilis, 1 Mntlingsi ltich C-4 and S -I ICmb'd Priniednod Damask Table Covers; Caipet Ibnding nnel 'I jircod. o 1 'F. 1. y eV si: vji o uu Have also imported a neb nssoinnent of PAPLIl HANOLNC.S FHOM PAH1S, which they offer low together vviih a good assortment of Amtbican do. Church St., July 11, mi. 6 'JtllM undersignid having conimencesl ihe praclict J nf Law-011 hi own ae'cenml, will giv e strict at tention lei all professional business which may lerii-tru-tl lo hi care. Office over Thomas' Auction Store, College Si reef. U. J. TK..NKY. Ilurlington, July II, 1511. fiuG AUCTION. riVII' era's rn College tireen will 1 r soil at auc. .1 lion 10 the highest bidder, on S.itunlry next, at $ o'clock P. .M.nt the I'eurl Snrei House. WILLIAM WAltNKIt, Tiramnr, V. V. M. Hurlingion, July Ulh, ISH. G 11 A L'.O 11 I.N 1". Silk. Silu Shawls, Cravats, ni'-. Parasol., Threat D Prin'ixl Lawn. Gingham's, Parasols, Threat Lace-, lllk. Silk .: c, S.C. ite. Jul rtveived and lor sale cxlreiudy low by iirAiu July II, 1S1L W. C.VT1.LV. G DAWSON iV ARMSTItONC, TAXLC7LS CHI'ltCH STftLl.T, two doors scviih of Pe-k it. Spear's, and nearly fnpoitr 111 Stmag's ncra Hardware Store. Cutlingiloiiein llic most approved style, and on short nolicv. 0 COW LOST. A imiNDLF. COW, in or 12 years old, left .TV. pa-ture la-t vx-cek, Any per-oii luulmg the . 10 pmo and notice lo me shall I e hand-i'mcly paid. IIOHALK WIlLKLKi:. Hnrlington, July 3, 1811. TO.TIiAVIiLliERS PA1UT1.S vinnngCn In, will find WATSON's HOTF.L, St. Johns, one of the largest and most comfortable houses in lliejdnce. Carnngts m attendance on the arrival of (lies Steamers, rxtra horses nnd eafringes in reidlness fur Cliairl blee, Highgate Springs, St. Albans, if-c. Cllatl very moderate. St. Johns, June 24th, 1841. I'JinI's anj) t7F " 5 TONS white lead, dry !ji.l gtr , " , ' Lxtra," and " Pure." Hps '," "-Y. I French vellow, Verdigris, VCr ''i", rsl l,a( lis tuipeiilnic, eVc, eve, A',0 , T '""rs'i spir Juiio 1 1, ML iw.iuliv. i:n ,dS show, K,d sitrv'Virrr::', July SI, l?it H c.i ru.

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