Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 30 Ağustos 1844, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 30 Ağustos 1844 Page 2
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u mm roil l'llKSIDKNT, or i:rrcKV. FOI! VKT. I'ltnSIDKNT, TJI150. FltBMNd'lHIVSEN, oi' xi:v .ii:iisi:y. rou r.iECToiis, .ri:ir.i)iu 11. n.Mtiti JOHN it. -k. At hi "SO. l-t ihsl.llM.VIV tow-i i:v, ;.i Hist, I Mll.lJ-s I IMII.IIllii;, mi ihst. wn.v swirr, 4tlnlit I'.ItASIf.S l-'AlllliAMCS. -i-,.... j, pl , i i i, L.n.uirj.r. ' ' " "f " ' AN EXPOSITION OF A " SHORT I rAi Ui.r I A friend his just sbi.wn mclbe Vt. Patriot of the Still nisi., on the liist pine of wlm b, nil anonym ms writer Ins iiudeil.dx n lo eoiiqnre iho expens a of the .Slate fir two periods nf fiv eoiiieeiiine year-, Ibe first iinnieiii'iiu uh H.'iJ and ii'tinir willi SJ0, theliti r eoinnieui unr wii i Hi!) an I en l.u with HI't. Tlieapp.iuul purpose was foinllicmi; the comiui: eleellons, and ihe disinL'eiiuoitsnrss of llie w riler is si'en upon a hi"ti' peru il of llie piece, and piriieidiilv m ibefiet, that it was riservetl lo a pe riisl lo i lale lo all'ml an opportunity to answer it. Il Mrtin'ly calls on thu firemen lo j hIl'o ol'the linan ee. ol the stale, for a peri id of len yeirs, in a sp iee of as unnv nunuies, ami to decide upon the political conduct of men in Ihe sime summiry imnner. ! Timew.ll not allow of cvnnininu' uiiuuli Iv all the slatenieirs deill out be Ibis wholesale (Kiler in de- i nunc laiiou and libel. The tildes profess m ,c rieeu rale exp'iuenls ol the epens,sot the siii crneru 1 ineul, lor a period ofl'ue m il, and llie dilprciice of ibe two is i'.ieed lo ihe ililV'renee in lie) eei nomy of ihlV-rent years or adiniuiliaiious. One perio I was ( muerior to Ibe bui'dim: llie Si He Ito'i-e, an.l theotli- er subsequent. Tlio money lo hudd llie bouse -a as ( laLeo I'rom Ibe Silunl l''uiid, and w ilh the roneiir-, lence and consent ot all ihe political pn lies tn lit ins nllbe t lino The slale iiouiiuillv owes (his fund, j nod tliciulercsl Ins accumulated and sli'l coutiuius1 lo accumulate fiom year to yeir ituul m HUit, nuiounled lo ocr ?! I 01)0 Tile addition il expense of anemic and iuei lent il evpens, s of Ihe house, and ' olhrr cspenses uieident lo (lie ei'l lime, and nh ml i wht'di ibere is not know u to be a dill' rt nee of opm- 1 ion between lb" poltt puins, w dl j;o I il lo ae-' count lor any aiijiatcnt iliHlicii"e of evpinvnilh", two n'-riods. The wtmr ol' lite evposj his slated' llie ditrercuee between ISli an I IRI'I, lo be our SjO.OJOand ai'iuisi IS ft, wbireism truth ibe real oxppiisL' of llio r Uirntneui in HH is less thin in . ISI2., So ittle icltunccis lo bu placid upon this li belous cxnoso. I '1'he writer avails bimi.lf liberally of the lteports of j llie An lilor of Aeeouiits, to aee impbh the double inn pose of dreep lion a a. I Mandi r. He s-avs; "A iir'C nioelv of Ibis teess is in fivor of ailowanees, bv thai limit of th" Wii ; oi-iv. the Auditor of Ac counts, li li-i- i ec 'ti i " a. med llie peromiive of f ik.ihu out to Inuisell mid his poliiieil fi i 'lids, por tions troni the Ircas trv, in f-nor of eiim)eniiton for 1 rxliu iillowaiiei s An rK'iuipIo of I In- I-fo.ind in llie ahslraet of unlets drawn by Ibe Auditor as re i irled i i lil " To sli ,w how little ot iriitb is to he I urn I in Ibis Ion an I hleueil expose, we will e.iiu lue this slioi t ipiot.iiion, and fiooi one we imv leirn 1 nil. We h ive liastdv I ed ihr.iujh lb.- wholeab Mraci of 1 1 1. and li id not a -inle order dtaw n by tho Airbior, ti an clra s-rvtce, and allowed bv hmi. I!y thu law of ISU loprevint the ivuenseol' p ib lhiuu net;, t,f the Legislature, nnhinir minis of1 mon,.y to individuals, the Aulitor was iirpircd lo in rlude s'l'di chuns pi hn absiraet nf orders, and situ-u ' tint act, these sirauts hive nppi and m ihe abstracts, but tlo not appear umouir llie ael.s of ibe l.f!ulniiuc. Let anyone now examine llie attsof 1S1J, and he w ill bil l annus of the I.ei iM.iturc of more linn ri.OOO lo indni lu ils, while by llie hw now in force, s.ieb i i ... ,i, ...i;...v, ,.).,.. . i 1 not pubh-bed anon ibe' acts of the' li-iu'slature'. I f,f orilers drawn bv the An lilor in 1312 and io ln. I Hut ibe wriier in the "expose" meant to deceive his of cost Locofoco success, to tho welfare of mnes of our compatriots throuidiout the Uni reidors, as in evidence from bis iiiis-rpioiiii2 the or- ' .1 1 . 1 .1 i m 1 ' ' h ""'" ders in fivor of thu 'I're isurcr. The abMrict Ins' these words tupeudei lo ihe order, "allowed bvor-l iter of com. of claims. Tim o!i o ! wis to fisten on on the Auditor thu ropnn-ibility ofnllowmirfor Ihose exlra seruccs, when the wilier knew or wiaht to Inve known, 1 1 1 -1 1 the Auditor was but excciiuna duty imposed upon lieu by a coinmi lee of ibe l.ejis. htu're. The cb ir;;e of dr-iling out lo linns, If and bis political I'lien, Is poriions from llio Treasury, eic , is an untpnlilied f lUcbnod. a imlieious and unuilli.'-,le, libel, and the writer liny In reifter haui an occasion 10 irahzo it. The wnu-r continues, "m th" former period Ibe Ail In ir wis p ii, for Ins servi vs Wi; in IliulilUr perio I .SI lii 25, ditfl lence only 51073,23, or a nine more linn giuj per auuiiin. lendance at hi - ollke for the aeeom.n 1 l.uion or pub-1 provu that thu " father of llie Ameiican svs KrM " 1,10 'l5"1 (Vi,!,,J "olec.iou is 'P ..r , ,rt An l,,.,r r.... I..... t... I.. ... I pirt of liiHjtmoftmre ho in iIk'oIIW, In s-il iry I II 19 iH'i'ii J. in 1 UHilllill. illi 1 1 1 1 I ' t V l,l il IMPIIUILT I wlu'ein aiieudinee of the r.em.laiure. for a few is no' known tint one .solitary c, nt has hem rcciwd wlnl a seritlini.iu commute,, of the LeeMiiure Ins " " ' '.I I. . ' ' " .'" ' allowed for s Twees rendered, bv xirlne 1 1 a lesrdution I nfthit bode, no wiv connected with llie dutie-, f , Auditor. Hut the writer .seems to fnor iho Audiior w nil an 11111111 it portion of Ins eilumuv. Ilesivs "in Hit I'll- I'll ! 1 lilor i -llous of the li 'hi of the I,ee;Maluro to exa till tie and de, ide upon claims ayiinst j ihe .Slate, prepared and iiror tired llir ianfr of 11 law aitl'iornim' U'h liberal srlf 10 have jurisdiction of all claims against the Sine," ipe. Here is anothi r uross ui!src,)iesenialion. That law was maittrrd bya inos-i lat) irious dihheraiion of a cottiuii'iee of ibe'Senate, anil aiiMiher of ihe House. Thu law does nnl tivelo Iho An lilor a final juris hclion ofa eliiin au'iiusi ihe Slale to llie amount of one dollar, and bv the hw winch Ins luna I'H in force, it is the duly of ihe " iinniil'eo of C'l.iims annually 1,1 examine iho lie ports of lb- Auditor nf Accounts w ith a view 10 cor icrt any alhnvinees, which ihouyh sinetioned by iit"', may appear to such committee to bo e.xce.s eive." Since wri'ins Ibe above, I havo been shown a slip from the ouVeoflhe Vermont Wilcliman, winch will prevent the neceJslty of further retinitis al litis (-horl notice. TUf. LAST CAKI) Uf LOCOfOUOISJI. " A short expose llie managements of the fnanra of the State of Vetmonl, aitUressrtl ta tke'fitemrn and tax-juijcrs, by u member of the late legisla ture." This is llio til'e ofa pamphlet, which we call llic " last card" lis author is anonymous. Somebody we know noi who sent ns a copy of ibis document, but ut so lale an hour as to preclude n de laded exposition of llie rasealiiy of ibis piricnded "rx posuie." We fchall inertly loueh upon the principle points so far as to dhow the character of llie docu ment. There is first a comparative statement cf ex penses from 1320 lo 1S30 and 130 to IBI3: il is a irossv deccplivo Malement. forinstance- ilin "or dinary c.xpeiise'' nf 181J are Bel down at $130,19 5fl vbeii the author knows, if bu is not morn ass than Unive, ibal during year the debls of the slate prison, accruim; for years nsi, were paid, mil, 1112 fir Ihe prison nlouu an expense ofSI 1,991 20, and by the adopiion of ihe new liuanchl syncni, funds wero ml. tancid lo ' clerk-of courls for courl e.xpepses'' lo the amount of S13.S79 Oi. 'Ibeio is a niro lest lo thuw whelher llie expenses of Iho n 1-1 11 iiic-11 1 hive lien , 1, I lievoiid Iho tnlural increase of nonul.iiion. liovcriiicntnl business, cic., and ibal is ;,c amnunlnf lares, nave ine nixes itch increa-en, or 00 1110 nr. ilinary means of ihe Komninciit f ill below ils nrdma ry expenses 1 u muni r ,w, The writer Ins si lecud sundry iVtia- for special aid nnd'CiM ins. As illuslratmi! iheknavervof ibowbole pampiilei, we will milieu iho principal ones. r,fiilnrr "' 'lie l,'.lslatitrr 'mm '2fi lo '30 Ibis Hum was S".-,,l7.i IS 'ZO to '10 Sil.17!) fi) bt'ini! an increnii of 81(1 300 17 111 five ytars, nrSi.. 201 23 per yeir; but hecvnreuu 1'ie lliat in ihe bitter perio',1 wo had a Sen He of'30 of the old Council, nnd thai in thai pi nod also occurred the Inna sfsvimi in which ihe whole Halule whs revised 1 In uddiliou lo Ibis 11 should ulso bo reincmhrcd. I tin t the increased imputation nnd business of llie v late would inturnlly produce nn inereii-eof legislation, An allownuce off." 1 30 to the treasurer i the Mib jeet of a great fi inrMi The pimple fact is Hint the Ireasiirer was requiYid to re divilo nnd re-distribute thu surplus revenuo lo all iho lowns in ihe slate n purely crlruorifinnry ftrxiec, 1101 cuitutisr wilhin lliu duties lie is usually reipiired and 1 xpectctl lo perform, nnd for xvhieh it wns perfectly jui-l lliat ho should bo pail. Tliisknavj, bortcver, ilocs not condescend to liivc Ibe rtatou of llie allowance, w hub was made Willi iho approval of iho ('omin'lleo nf C'lninis, of wlueli neirly onu half wero locofocml This very r-,,,n,,niiee. locofoco iiiclu-ive, were in fivor of nav. inc ill Treason r n still furlhcr mini lai vrnr ilunisli not atkcil lo do so by ibe. ircasurtr and die, prcpesi- l.nn was picscnled liy a uile of thu Huusc aye, ami liy n llij; House. A ".nnlar allow. nice In llio nuditor i iiimthcr Iiiir loir. 'I lie facl was that llio auditor was ritpiitrd lo perforin an extraordinary labor, pnveruu' llio whol: Ihiancial system of ilic Blnic, ami embracing ilieinvt' t mn I mil ol accounts fur years. Should lio do it for wilting The Cmumil'lco of Claims llumglit hot and evuy ruis inab'u man will say thai It was lint riitht for the Slate to pay forscmces which wtiuic 'jutrnl. The Auditor isohnrped with iniKing libcrnl nllow ail' cs to polilicilfrirnds. This i harcc is nil unmiti gated falrchood a hhel upon lint officer. Wo cli luri' to siy that ei ry mm w ho has passed through Ins hands Mill testify that he Ins been too ligid rath er than liberal. Thai is our cxpciicncc. This anonymous slanderer ihen makes minti slaiifttit upon iho peiX'iMiit at arms, and absolutely rcpn scuts linn as iccoiunij fur his own scniccs as "cosim- the slnlu" 1 1 00. '1'his olliccr roe. i llio same p iv n n member during the session, and the ex penei nclunlly incurred, wlmh are for repairs aft lit Slate lumsi.fiirnituie, stationary, oil for lampt r". i ucsc items an huh in lo niaao tuo nun ol si iuu, and yd lliat sum i kunvishly repiesented as lliurAV of theotliei r 1 1 The nrt item is the statu printinir, which is set down at the enormous amount of $2,500 lo tf3,"l,0 per yeir (less w e Inv no doubi, than any olhrr stale in iho Union of i rjtml population, pays,) and the pd'. pic are told th il ibis ''enormous patronage" is paid to our firm "to insure the pri dominium nf llio Wilis p.iily," ami "lo (Intubate, qralniluomly W hu.' pipers anion;; I lie freemen of the stale." We know not the author nflliese charges j Put be be whom he w ill, we pronounce these charges UlTf.ltt.V l-'At.SK. We refer the reader to page 31 of the Itevise I Statutes lor llio hw which regulates the pnncipilpirlnf the Stale printinc;, nud assiue him lint we hue secured Ibal pnutinironly in aeeordanee with the law, and because w e mien it tn ilo il cheaper, belter anil q urkrr llrin rnSdmVaV re !iT,T.mrVffi n"11 '-''i no mill li" ileei neil liy f.ilselioids nud nnrrp ins ni tins eliaraelir. Aboe all lei them not iudu "e von lo supp ,n a pirtv wdio would rob llio Male nf her shire nf llio public lands i sum more than iqu il lo ALT, llie ordinary expuises of ibeStato. ritlDAV MOIININO, Allll. 30, 1311. Willi: STATU NOMINATION'S. FOR OOVKItNOK, WILLIAM SLADE ion i.iia-T. oovniiNot;, 1IOKAUK EATON. rou TisKATiirn, JOHN Sl'ALDING. FOR CONGUi:5?, JEOKGE P. MARSH. r 'it sF.vAToits rnn cuiTTi.Nnr.s cocstv, IV3i ci:ad. rii u tow.n ui:i'itnsi:NTATivi:, , HliNRV B. STACY. I WHIGS AHOUSE ! j On Tiifisd.iV enmns nfVtlin first slriifrirln nf Ve.monl in lli great contest. Arc iho Whigs f thisStale ? Havo thev pon- I ile.etl on the vast interests at slake until thev 1 aie fully, deeply and thoronihly aroused to ! a soiisii of iheirdnly? Have thoy thiown off Iho baneful apathy which says, " never I mind, it ill all be well enough, whether J wake or sleep," anil have they braced them- j selves for hattlo and for victory? Have . they fur this purpose bestowed their alien- , linn upon Ihe inevitable results of a failure lo do their duty to their cattsu ? Have thoy weighed well tho destruction of the present Tin ill'? Have they estimated tho anncxa- j II Havo tlicy estimated llio anncxa- 1 of Texas 1 Have thev counted the : lueiuseivcs ,uiu men iniiuiun s If the v have nnl. 1ft us remind thenun all siticeiiiv, it is time thev did. Tho enemy are active, vigilant and unsnupulous in their statements. They are falsely claim- ing credence fur tho slinflling, deceptive lei- ler of James K. Polk on proleriioo, against Ihe united voiroufa life devoted to hostility lo a protective Tin iff. They 1110 falsely garbling the speeches of Henry Clay to hostile tn pmu'rtion ! All the tirts winch 1 I 1 desperation can suggest, they am resorting 0ll':'r 10 h0!'Csl """"I" llic'1' J ranks, against the convictions of their better , lUPJinents. To a such, to tboso diimncrats Jiitlments. w ho believe that protection IS Vitally il , ,,. ... Iil,lt t0 the wcllare of Vermont wo sn 1 1 1 1 1 ) n c. ly bo not deceived. You ate called by your party lo voto for a man "out and out for freo trade," and deadly opposed to tho present TuiilT. lf von doubt this, look at all his acls 111 ton"ress, iinil all lus speeches anil atltlresses to tho people of I ennessee. Then loo, ho is the special candidate of the aiine.alto:i ol 1 e.xas. Are you all ready lo face dial measure, tho only conceivable object of which is lo make slavery and con- sequent flee trade eternal ill this llopubhc? 11 miii are, so uo 11. 1111 wo cannot mil uo lievn you will see the pit which has been dig ged for you, nnd escape while there is lime. our iireinren in now 1 oik, uio uesi poruon ; votn for fimi.ilnnr,xa.,io Senator. It is oflhoni, have already hacked out from tlio 1 their duly to do it, for they themselves could annexation issue, while they strangely go for. hardly bear tho disgrace of a voto from Ver Polk who is pledged soul and body to annex- monl in favor of tho nefarious plan of annex ation. Ion ought to do better in Anti - Slavery Vermont You ought to set your seal upon this foreign issue which, as tho New Yolk Evening Post well says, tho Bal timore Convention most wrongfully crowded upon thu Democratic party. Al tho polls on Tuesday li t our voico bu heard in con demnation of llicse evil measures proclaimed by your parly, anil in support of the substan tial interests of your Mute, w liidi are as dear lo yourselves as lo your Whig neighbors around you. Let the shackles of parly fall, and gather to llio standard, which leads the way lo a viclory most reilainly blessed and beneficent in ils efiecls upon the wclfaio of our beloved rmiuliy. To our Whig brethren then, to thosn of our Domorralie fellow citizens who feel that iho demands ofpatly have at length too openly cossed ihetrack of duly and of honor, wo say arouse ! Aiouso yourselves, arouse your iit'ighhois, and go tn tho polls with a determination to cast aside every considera tion hut duly to llio best inleresls of that glo rious country which il is your high privilege to inherit from the staunch Whig 1'allicrs of the Iluvoluliun. GEOIUJE P. MAHSli. This able, staunch and powerful Whig , ltepii'sentiitie is befuia llie people of llio' lliiid district fur re-cloriion. Can them bo I liny tlivisiuti of upimoti ns to his nlnclimi 1 Our oppnnoiili so well upprncialo tlia liolil lio lias upon tlio heart of llio district tint lliey present no regnlaily humiliated enndidaio against linn. Hut llicir puprrs picsi-nt tlio old slnroolyped nntiin of Joltn Sinilli, tlio "rovilcr of .luffnrsoti mid Mudisoti" in oppo sition to liim, jIr. Sinilli will pet tlio I'ollin'. voto, just ns if n Cnnvnniion hail koiio tliron;;li llio fircc of iioniiiinlinir liim- Tliereforo lot our fiionJs put no depoiul.inra on tlio fact that tiiu enoniy called no convention, bill go . and help us prevent the initiiedialo annexa about oloctlntr Mr. M, with the. same en- lion of Texas, willi all thu untold evils and ergy and zoal us if thero was the strongest . and iniquities resulting from it. Wo have organization nguinst him. Tlio Third Patty j am active and niako great claims in the (lis- . trict ; sec to it that thu whole Whij strength , cause they could not make the Whigs do as is polled, and wo may safely laugh to scorn lk(!y wished on the subject of abolition, and rdl serious efforts lo prevent tho triumphant fur no oilier reason. They said they must return of the strong and justly distinguished get up a third party to force the other parlies representative who has gained so high n name into tlioir measures, and said the-y wcio ready for tin; third district of Vermont, in a single to return whenever their old party friends session ofCongress. would take their ground. Now the Whig Willi Geoigu I'. Marsh our interests arc parly, North ahd South, have unitedly taken safe, lie understands and is ready and theii ground on the question which the ac abundanlly able to maintain them. Let us , lion of the Locofoco Convention has crowd give liim a hearty, a triumphant re-election OUK SHNATOUS Messrs. Head and Stono arc staunch nnd trite Whigs, and did us honor in tho Legis lature last year. Shall they not bu returned again ? Is then; any good cause existing why thoy should bo replaced by llic men whom tho freemen voted down last year, and who have since rallied to the black standard of I'olk, free trade and annexation ! No ! Let us give them a full voto and a certain elec tion, They deserve it, and they ought to have it. WHICH SHALL IT HE? Thu freemen of this Stale arc to choose 011 Tuesday whether they will have for Gov ernor Daniel Kellogg, the man who has leal tied his polilijs in llic Jackson school, from which Vermont has nlwas withheld her assent, and who now presents himself ns tl'o chief lepresenlalivt! of the hated and hateful docilities nf l'olkisin, or William Slide, llie able, faithful mill unflinching rep resentative of her intends and her princi ples in tho national Lcoi.slufurc for twelve years, not! the peculiar and nnst eloquent advocate of the great measure of iustici; and philanthropy to which her attonlion j Ins been so long anil so earnestly directed. I5eleen these men the choice must be made, nml s1' bo!,,8 c" wo '"'. U''"f-". Lil,(,"' ';'"",l"urs sllil11 " b ? VEK.MONT NSXT. All over the Union, our Whig brethren ;iro saying, ' Vermont comes next, and we m;,y uu sure of a cheerinc voico from her." Shall it bo so brother Whigs ? Shall they ,0ar this cheering voice from our unbending, immoveable little stale ? Shall they send us )rick groans, or congratulations when they , ollr r(.,,or, j,,., t1L.rc h0 ,,o mislako on t,is )0jnt. I,,, JC; 0f eneri-v and detcr- (,js point; let no lack of energy and deter- mj,.j cff()rl ol) 0llr part) ,cs,r'(,y ,1L. ,;g, Come out! That's the thing. Onlyconm ,,t .,,.,-, ,,,r,.,, un,;,.c ,i .,11 ; .....11 , rjCl , fl,,,i,y sei7.o you, nor uniiupoilant j , ,(.(;,; you at home. Give a day, nr uvo ho,,,", to the cause of protection, ! distribution, and all thu beneficial measures , that would havo crowned llio great victory Lf 1810, but for one villain's treachery. Give j :, day to the overthrow of those who seek to blight our hopes for party ends, by annexing Texas, perpetuating slavery and destroying proterlinn forever, just for tho sake of olrct- hig litllo JemniV Polk, against HENRY CLAY ! Come out! and let you, voice he hearil, according to thu faith that is in you. Thero tire no votes to spare, for every voto milled to our in ijotities, strengthens somo Whig brother's heart in a sister State. U. S. SIC NATO 11. Thero is to bn a United States' Senator chosen bv llio T.coishitiirn elected nn 'files. 1 ,1.,,, ur..,.i,l ; i. ,-,, ... ,i, 1 :t. pnr(y Whi,s , JM (nngll W. ,illiv(,s M,.Mlid t(,ir exPrlions t0 send to the Senatoof the Union a full blood ed Locofoco, Polk and annexation Senator, to carry out the " views " of the Stato of . Vermont! Wo hopu it would not. We hopo that where they know they cannot elect their men they will unito with tho Whigs on town Kepiesentalive, and secure a Whig iinrf Texas and cxtendinc tho nower of slavery. Let them net calmly in tho mat ter, and thero need ho no fear of incur ring such a deep disgrace to the party and the State, TO LIBERTY PARTY WHIGS. Thero aro some men who mako it their chief vocation, in finthering tho third parly cause, to caution their hearers against listen ing lo any thing tho Whigs may say lo ihem, lest pcradvenlurc, at this time, tlio Whigs might happen to present somo knock-down arguments why they should votu for tho Whig candidates. Such a course, unless we niistaku the character of our Libeiiy parly brethren, will nut prnvo successful. They profess lo have taken the course they havo for reasons which satisfied ihem. Of course, it is fair lo presume they mu willing lo hear ruasons against that course, and to give those reasons weight if they deserve it. Groat pains havo been taken to disparago Iho arguments put foilh by the Whigs, to convince tho Liberty parly Whigs that they ought now to vole with llio Whig parly. Why 'rs this i Why havo those wlm ak0 iho lend in liberty party gatherings, oxpen dud all their form and nil (heir sophistry tn cast discredit upon thu arguments of iht Whigs? Is it bocnuse limy fear tlio effect of llio tiiiaiiswcriihln appeal now niuJu liy llio Whigs to tlioir old lircilircn, lo ronio up to tlio work with tlmm in llio canst; which is dearest to their Imurls? Is it lieciiusu it is hard to sen how n Whig nholilionist can re concilo it witli Ins duty to voto for tlio tin ni'xnlion raiiiliilates, for llio sakn of op posiDc ilioso Willi whom In; has always nuiced on nil alher ipieslions of public policy Hut wo ilo usu nor Irioiiils of tin; Liberty party who havo left llio W lug ranks, to comeback often hoard liberty men say that the reason j why they went offfroai thu Whigs, was bu- ed forward as tho main issue of this contest, and they very reasonably ask their Liberlv party brethren to romo up to their common standard and help ll.ein. Is this wrong? Is it unreasonable? And nioro especially, is it not perfectly just, hen every vote cast for the Liberty parly, makes diiectly against tin; common object of both Lilieity men and Whigs? Some men, in aider to prevent the return of the Liberty Whigs to their parly, tiffett to believe that Polk's election would not bring about annexation ! Be no1 deceived by such talk. Look at tho pro ceedings at n.illimorc when I'olk was nomi nated, nnd then nt the rallying cry of his partisans every where, for a conclusive ref utation of such n statement. Tho annexa tion of Texas is proclaimed by tho Globe lo bo as certain as llio election of I'olk ! And so it is. Iiut if iho Whigs, and tho oppo nents of annexation of whatsoever name, shall manfully do their duty, Polk's election, or the election of his supple parlizans lieie in Vermont, need not be dreaded bv anv one. I'Alt.MEIJS OF VERMONT! What was the price nf your wool before the Whio Tariff operaled upon il ? About '' 'ENTY-FI VK cenls on an average, was it not? What is it now? About FORTY cenls, is it not ? Now, candidly, what do you heliuve the piico would be in sixly days afier it was barely ascertained that James K. Polk was elected President ol the United Slates, and before In "S : lice trade allies con d Inisn :i filler. r fit HO ! anything? What would it be w hen he had 1 got the Tai iff so an anged as 11 not to tlimln- hfi importation " as ho declared to the peo- plo of Tennessee, he was in favor of doing? We barely ask candid, iiiielli-rnnt farmers I to ponder these questions well, and answer , w them as they think they ought lo ho answer ed, by their votes, PROTECTION. We ask tho candid fiiends of protection in all parlies, which lean is the safest to trust with that measure, tho one who says " I am OPPOSED to the repeal of tho' TarilV of 18-1 "or ho whosiys, "Sam opposed lo the Tariff act of the last Cotiores, am IN FAVOIl of its repeal, and a return to the Conipioiuiso of IS33," (20 per cent.) ? Here is n plain question, display ui" llie pre cise and undisputed iiroii'id occupied by each candidate on this ureal question. The Tarifl'of 1812 has lestored confidence, re vived credit, given new life to business, anil covered tho land with blessings and benefits. Polk goes FOR repealing it on account of lis protective fealmes, Clay is AfiAINST repealing it on any account. Which is a friend of protection in Vermont to vote for in older lo put protection on a sure basis The Stale election must rxert a creat influ ence on llio choice between these two men ; how then, ought a friend of protection to vote on Tuesday? Let us hoar a voice next week in reply lo this question. WHAT IS GAINED ? If tho Liberty parly Whigs should suc ceed in defeating the election of Mr. Slade, the oldest and firmest anil most justly dis tinguished abolitionist in the State, what could thoy gain to their cause by it 1 Would it add thereto any moral strength ? Have they tho remotest hope of electing Mr. Shaf- ter ? Oueht he lo bo elected by the house. if the .election should go there, when his most sanguine suppnrteis admit thai he must get by far iho smallest vote of iho three 1 Supposo ho should get enough voles to pre vent an election, yet havo 20,000 majority against liim, is there any principle of justice or right which would sanction his election by the Legislature under such circumstances 1 Why then will men who agree with Mr. Slado and the Whigs in every thing, oppose them ? They can have no hopo except to prevent nn election and iheieby embarrass llic parly on whom all their hopes of active good aro cenlied in tho coining contest, Rally then, Abolition Whigs, who have for a time adhered tn tho lliild parly, lo the standard of tho man who has represented your feelings and wishes sn long and so faithfully. Hn is now as he was then, a firm nnd unyielding Whig Abolitionist. SUPPOSE That lliu instantaneous abolition nf slave ry could bo compassed by the thiid parly at tho coming election, what then? Whylhey tell us llio political questions now existing, which ihey admit to bu of importance while slavery n.iss, will all vanish into thin air when slavery is destroyed. Grant it, but do i they believo iho important bearings of ihesu ' day evening. Like his party, lie had no questions would disappear by magic on llio declaration of principles lo niako ; but ccm abolilion of slavery Do such vast results' teiitod himself with finding fault with tho come about in a day? Will thu whole poll- whigs, mid lampooning their candidates. ry of the country slido at unco without a Ilo appealed to tho passions and prejudices jnr into the groovo of nholillon, and iho cpioMinns, now of vital iinpoitanco to tlio iihsohilu weal of tlio naiion heconio old sto ries inslanter 1 No, thoy can hcliovo no such fooli-stt slory, Tlio questions, tlio "other ftrenl questions" which abolition leaders make such sav.igo thrusts nt, must re main of ns much deep, vital and lasting im portance as they possess (it piesent, tnfi7 slavery is abolished mid our nalional nff.iiis adjusted to suit this now stato nf thiocs. Is it not then of somo moment how a man votes willi reference to ihcso treat questions? Dues il not strike you, Whig abolitionist, ns soniothing moio than n "humbug" to cast your vole willi sonic slight reference to pro lection, distribution and annexation ? Do you think on these questions nlono as you always havo thought? Do you hopo for beneficial action with reference to anv of them from the election of James K. Polk or his political allies in Vermont? Dlt. EATON. Never was a candidate presented lo the people of Vermont, for the second office in their gift, more truly worthy of their suffra ges, than HonAt'c Eaton, of Franklin. For five years ho has been one of thu ablest and firmest Whig members of the Senntc, am for 0110 jear he has presided over that body. Distinguished for tho correctness of his views and the soundness of his mind, for thu mod esty of his deportment and tho unaffnrted cv cellenco of his heail, ho has enjoyed among all who knew him personally, the most perfect respect and regard. Hu is an elegant scholar, and an able man. Lot the Whigs of Vermont show their appreciation of his worth, by giving a hearty support to the ticket which is adorned by his name. ONCE MOUE! When wo fought the great hallle of 1810 and won thu great victory of that vear, tho I triumph was so complete, the discomfiture of, the Loccs so tremendiiotis, that wo rightly I judged thai in all human probability wo mi-ht teposoiii security; confident that our policy was so well osuMished that we need nut sunn again be railed lo fmht for il. Doaih and treachery have stolen our vi-torv: the cue- my are again in the field ; llio principles ant! measures 01 ioiu (leiuanil 0111; nunc micIi gigantic sliugole, one more such tiiuniphant victory, to place ihem wheie the people meant llic y sliouhl leinain. Shall that stiueolu be made, and that vic tory won ? Answer, true heails and brave; yn who ditl bittlu for thu light in IS 10. Come up and plant your piinciules in ISM. uheto toe, , t neitlii.r rlooll, .w,r I,, I,.,,.,. I ,. ,!. in., (,,., . m, iKtiii, ,,,,;, u,,-.., tt.... I " - - " . Ml. FRELIN(i II U YS EN AND MR. SLADE. 'l'l'ro is a striking siniilaiiiy between the I'ocnloco altarks 1111011 these two men. The nomination of Mr. Froliiiglun sen was reviled as that ofa puritanical, ranting religionil,and fiom that day lo this, even Amos Kendall, the basest , filthiest and most infamous of Lo cofoco lihelleis, has found nothing worso lo tiling against Mr. 1- u'linuliuvsen llian llie cliarge of beinir a 1 sanctimonious hypocrite' in religion. This charge is of course made solely 011 the unfounded presumption of a huso villain, and arises f-om llie fact that llumigh a long lif dixtinguMied with hioli public trust, hu has stood a pill ir of incor ruptible inlegnty and unspoiled viilue, defy ing by llio iiiepio icbable puritt, of his char acter, all the ass mils of envy, and llie cal umnies of malignity. The simo aspersions arc cast upon Willi 1111 Slade. He, loo, has stood long and high Indole the people, yet never has a cloud pissed over the unsullied luijlilness of his reputation. The sunt! charges preferied against Mr. Fielinghuyson are llie chief material for nersonal vilunera-1 lion against Mr. Slade toady to presume, for tho gratification ol . ... .. ..... .1 . ii'iuii-s mi ha no, nun utuiy iiiohu iiiiii) who displays beforo ihem a blameless life it mi luiixuiviuuii, is ineieiuiu ,i ireieiiuer i . .... c . . i and a hypocrite T Will good men vote against either Air. Slade or Mr. Frelinghuy sen, because interested and mad libellers, fur want of real objection, cry " hypocrite, pu ritan V Wo trust and believe not. HENRY CLAY ON SLAVERY. "I know the predominant sentiment : in the free Slnles is adverse lo Slavery ; but happy in ibeirown exemption from wlntevcr evils may niiend it. The pleat inas of our fellow citizens there do not seek to iol ite the Constitution or to disturb tho harmonv of tbeso states. ile-ire no ronceatinent of mil opinions in regard to the institution of Slavery. 1 I.OOIC UP ON IT AS A (iltUAT KV1I,. AND Dff.l'I.V I.Mf.NT THVT Wi: IlAVf. Df.lllVf.t) IT fltO.M TIIK P.Utf.M.U. tiOvl.IiNMI'.NT nnd from our ancesiors. I wish every plan o in tho United States was in llio country ol lus aiicfsints. Mu. HiitNi'.v's Tkstimonv in Favor of Ilr.Mtv Clav. In the Philanthropist o March 25, 183G, James G. Hirney, the cdi tor of that paper, and now thu Lilieity can did.ito for President, used tho following strone lancua'ne. Could as much havo been said of Mr. Polk while in Congress? Wo Wo opine not. He was the sworn enemy of the right of petition, nnd while Speaker, lost no opportunity to enforce tho infamous gag rule willi iho utmost rigor, and even lo an unjustifiable and unwarrantable extent con struing it lo prohibit all allusion lo slavery in dubate, wliun it only excluded petitions and resolutions on that subject! But hear Mr. llirney. "Mr. Cuv, 1 1 is with a keen s-ensation of pl-asnro almost dehjihl that we sco this gentleman defend, ill" llio riL'hl of his countrymen, to petition fonu'ress . , . , . ..i-L-i ii. .f rs.. foMho ahohlioo of Slavery in the District of Columbia, nnd asserlini! ihoCou-tiiulionnl power of that body to nccede lo their mi'icsls. Tho Cod of lie' oppressed now presents for Mr. Clay's acciplance, honors that we hopo to peo take root in time, and bear their (jlonous fruit through cter. nilS." SHOWER HATH. Piiiiap C., Esq. nddrosscd tho Loco Focos at llio Court llouso on Wednes- of tho poor, and sought to stimulate the jeal ousy of the employed against tho employer ; while ho was particularly facetious and cruel upon ruffled shirts. And there sat Guy Catlin, Hyde, and Sn. alley, with rtifllos widu as corn-fans, protruding from their " demo cratic " bosoms, who alternately blushed, turned pa!u, bit their lips, nntl finally joined in llio appliiuso which Mich sallies usually elicit from a party which follows lo the death these sainu rulllo-slurted leaders. It is n curious facl, that in this town, iho ruflles 1110, almost without cxcsplion, owned by tho " democracy." Mr. I uckor was probably not aware of this, or ho would havo been more discreet. Alter sneering nt Mr. Clay, and ridiculing bis pretensions, the gentleman then took up Mr. Slado, nnd " cased a heart oppressed " with grief. The burden of his complaint was, that ever since Mr. Sladc made his debut ns a domocralic editor during the last war, the people of Vermont had a! ways manifested a strange of liking to liim had given him repeated manifestations of their confidence nnd respect by numerous elections to important offices, and now, worst of all, arc about to nviko him Chief Magistrate of the State ! This seemed to fill tho gentleman with sincere sorrow and regret, and the earnestness willi which he poured out his abuse, afforded a striking illustration of tlio ovcrmasteiiog power of personal hatred. Most of his charges were general, but toward tho close, ho became indiscreet and began to specify ; and among other things charged that Mr. Slade, some six or seven cms since got up a caucus meeting at Montpelier, for tho purpose of embarking llio credit of the Slate in the con struction of thrco rail roads through Vermont Jonathan P. Miller, be said, C. L. Knapp, others of that kidney, wero cnoni.nil of, i not concerned in, tho operation, Col. Mil ler hnppuning lo be present, addressed the meeting : " My name is Miller ; I am one " o(" 1,m Pcrsol,s alluded lo ; and so far as 1 iim concerned, llie statement is tinquali lludl.v lnlSL'' 1 Umnv """'ing ol the mat " "'r never befmo heard of it; neither do 1,1 believe it." And then, such checrintr, yon never heard. The speaker explained, lipoid ui.ed, sat down j and O'llalloran moved v",n r ''""'I" or llis eloquent and truthful nddioss 1 Cool weather this, for dog-days. GRAND ISLE COUNTY CONVENTION In pursuanrn of a notice, tin; Whins of Grand Nlu County met in Convention al the Court House in Not lit Hero, on the 20th iust. and organized by electing tho Hon WILLIAM L. SOWLES Chairman, mid Aunustus Kniuiit Seciutary On motion, tho Chair appointed a Com milieu of lliiee lo dinfi Resolutions ex prossivo of the sense of lies meeting, to wit Mesrs. F. IIazc.v, A. C. liuri.m: and G Wiiit.nxv. Tho Convention then proceeded lo point a Comniitlee of three from each of tit towns represented, ns 11 Conimitu u of Nomi nation, to present somo suitable person foi (10 (J(jj nf County Senator, whereupon ,lu sad Committee lepoiled tho 1 . . xin'f'f - - - , of Soulh Hern. The report being ncrnpicd, the Hon Moxr was by the Convention 11 nm i nated lor the ollicu ol Senator lor tin; year ensuing. The Committee on Resolution repnrtr the lollowing, which wero sevetally icai and after being ably discussed by n number of gentlemen piesent, weio adopted ns the sense of the Convention Hesolrnl. Tint ninnle protection to Auirrican nro- due's nn I indiisti) h a policy identified with the best inlcre-t-of IhM country, anil the cni'iirra'stnents under which we have labored for the I i-t few years are mainly ntlrimitalilu 10 tlie want ol siillicicnt pro teeiion njainst the pauper labor of Kurope. personal vilupera- Ihsohul, Tint our Delrci'ini, in Concs, by ltui ib,, unntiln 1 ''"'U fitiuand decided stand 111 fnoro' iho protec liill .no UU. penpio . .,.,, fl)r .he.rficient -crvieo rendered by thetu in the passive of the present larill'law, intril our ilianiis anil lujiuesi comuienuaiioo. flcolccd, That wolnvo no conh fence in the po bin al integrity of anv man w lin professes to be in f i. vor oi a protective lariu, uuu jauies iv, i-oiiv ur President Hesahctl, That wo believo llie ultimate remit of the annexation of Icxas to iho U. would he, not only Ihe extension nnd perpetuation ot slavery but llie ue-liuciion oi inu iiitiu. llesohal, Tint wo havo cnliro confidence WAI.I.IS MOTT. our candidate for Henaior in Etrd lo ihe cnrreeinessof Ins political rentiinenis and his .ibiluy to serve usin llio tJenite, and lint wo will use nil honorable means to secure lus election. Hnnlrrtl. Thai the Win" caudal lies lor Prcstdeni I ami We President arocwry way worthy the entire confidence ol Iho tin pirty lliruiisliom llie rniou nnd ivory exertion compatible with tho dujiiily ol freemen should ho made lo ensure llieir election. iirnceeiliiiL'S ot tins volition bo sinned bv iho Chairman nnd 'Secretary and published in ihe Fieo Piess WM. L. SOWLES, Chairman. Augustus Kniout, Secretary. A short strliu of pi io1". that " .leiniiiy folic, nl'Tciiiiessce," Is ilead set in favor of Pro. lecliiin. "Thedill'ercnce bciwccn tho Whijs and myself is lliat whllo thev hive a'wivs ndvocnled pIsthi iivtios nud a PllllTP.CTI'i: TAHIf f, measures which 1 cousidir Bi'lso.vs lo the interests if Iho coiin irv, 1 have steadily nnd nl nil tunes OPPOSP.D HOnir-PoiK. " I nm in favor of so adjusting the Tariff ns not to prevent importations." Poi k, " I nm opposed to Ihe TarilVaei ot lS!2,nnd in favor of its nrreM, nnd a return lo tho conipronuso of 1833" (50 per cent !) Poi.k. "Polk is out and oat fir freo trado." lUttood Fisher, Loco orator at I .ouUrille. " Mr. Polk's views on llio Tirifl'aro SOUTH Klt TO TIIU. HACK ltOXi:."-Oiar(joi(S.C.)tUir-cury, Calhoun's paper. "I nm in favor of raisins llioihuies uh a view lo tevrnue, eaui! the manuficluiinn interest to enjoy such incidental protection as tho levy of such duiics willnll'ord litem," Pom. "I'olk is Iho most ilemVii enemy of protection." V. V I'i'lician, regular J.oca piper in tort;. "Tho Democracy nro in favor of n HUVHVf I? TAU1IT, the Whigs or n I'liui i.' 1 1 mir e ,s i, .I,. itr?te!?W-'. lSJ" j'... ISU. 'I -U will do fur this timi. - . . i oteit. that tho QUESTION. Shall the armsofPolkatnry elsewhere, with ils iinli-tarilT, annexation iniquities, ho strengthened by tho voico of Vermont nt tho coming election or shall it icceive n meri ted rebuke, while tho loud, cluar, omphalic voico of thu Green Mountain Boys goes up as of old to cheer tho friends of true princi- ;s all over llio Union, bv piorluiming n Whig triumph ? Answer, ye who have fell and now feel an honest pride in tho steadfast adhoroncu of 'crniont lo her lime honored principles ! ELY MORE. This Locofoco Orator did the wings n good service at St. Albans on Tuesday, nnd wo thank him. Ilo boldly dnclnred that "llio democracy' wero in favor ofa RuvcnuoTa- rilT, and tho whigs were in favor of a TarifT for protection." That's right Ely, you wero honest, and gave a good rebuke to the dodg ing, shnfiling Polkals in Vermont. Stick to that, and we will call you a fair nppnent. Query : How did this go with ihe sbam- prolection democracy theio assembled THE DIFFERENCE. Tho Simple difference between " inciden tal protection" said lo bo advocated by Polk, and "discriminations for pi election" pro claimed by Mr. Clay, is just heie: fnculcntal protrcthm " is that which happens, lii I nr miss, from a TWENTY PER CENT, horizontal Tariff, while " Discriminations for I'rotccl'.un" aro such as are made on purpose, in a Tariff like the one of 1S42, w Inch gives full pro lection (o all. lliat need it. That's just the ndtls. MR. CLAY " frmi tlio "North rn (l!c.rhnton) Sentinel" of Jan. 13, 1VJ0. " We believe the chirarior of Mr. Clay lo bu of lliat high older, which oii'dit to re move il fiom aspersion ; but which is unhap pily foiover the mark for llie shafts of ma- uvolence. That he will , ide out tho vio lence of llio attacks which have been made upon him, no one .who knows llio power of gciijus, ran for a moment doubt." So wo think liow-u-days. I'or lite Itiirli'igtnn free Press. Mr foiTon 1 Notwithstanding I haxc hern disnnsnd for the most part thus far to leave the discussion of in ise important o,uetions of national po'icy, which enlfrillto the present nohiienl rninmini. uimlni'ni Ihey are, to ubh-r pni- linn I am competent lo wiild. I feel that I catinol lei lhnocea-ion pas without tay inift few words m lo the palpable difference which must siriliu rv, ry impartial candid obs-crm ns Mstinj between Ibe iwo mal candidates for the. Presidency in llic coitnnrr election, or their icspeclive fri'Mid- in regard to their position on the present Ta rilV. .Now il looks ra I her curious to me. as 1 doubt not it do. s ii, the ucncr.ihty of your rraders, ihnl aft r -e inui'u nas i,npii rpmied anil piihlisheil, or ihe express wriilen view, of both .Mr. ( lay and Mr. Polk on the -uh.-ctfa J'loliclnuTarifi: i, n iuei lo i-how beyond nnv re ismi i',!e qnesiion that ihe first is m fn-or of it, mo t in i i ue la ter, u lie e-ei crr Ue suppt s, il lo menu what lus words mturallv irnnlv is ns Hii-ninHi- m. tiosed to It, that a party assnmintr for le-i'f nil iho Ut nio.-iaey in the int.on should u one .section of llie futon flam, mpporl for ihctr candidate nn omio-ne I'roitnds frim what n-sllm.d fr I,,,,, on ,le ,lf r When we consider lint .linns IC. P.Ik i i,min..l by the Anli-TariirXullifiersofihe Soulh on the broad ground lint he is understood to be for f r, e ir.ide, or nt hast for a revenue tarill only, while here at llio north in the in inuficiiirio stars, I,,, I'm-mls acr I tn he is in finr of Proieeiinn, ibe ooei: in arises. w In! oiiubt const.iei,, hotu s( , olitie'ins m ihoik ,f'a canrh I He for I're-it, nl whoean'lbe allowed bv his parlizans in al1 parts of the fn-nu. tn stand forth nnd define his exact nnsit, in , fore tlw w hole Union ! and not let him say once for nil. in a w-av to satisfy hnili Xorlh and S -nth, both Prop ctiom.ts. nntl fife m. ders whether be is for the one or ihe other? What must we th'tik of the man or Ins party, w ho aie afraid In tin this 1 Oimbt such no n lo be"irulcd with of fice? for mv pin I ihioli nor. I .,w mi m rrjrard to Mr. far on tins point ' Does he linn two ditli r entfieislo North nnd South rcspeeluij it ? .Not that I cv-r read nf. On the enti'rarv he In- not fru n'eil lo advocate pioteetiou before the .outlierners as well ns the people of the North nnd West. I ct an impartial public then iud;re which is the most worthy of our s ipport and confidence. Ihe man who is willinn lo define his position I pf ,re the wdiole Union, or he who will nt last sutler his pnrtv lo represent Insopin ions to the freemen in one part of the Unon, ildllrtnt fiom what thev nreto ibe olhrr? since two rontrnie e.mnoi bnih be true at once. 1 pin ihe-e nm siions lo the I'ollt men in our own state, and w.,ii!d fnnhrr ns'i them, if .lames IC. Polk 19 in f nor of 1'rouclinn, is bo in i ivor oi mo present I ar 11 I II tic is not, then ccr t .i i tj I v i' must be the most c?ic?ioiis f,,y i,, sav as ihev do, tint he is a much for protection ns Jlr. l lay, for hlns exprcsslv declired hunsilf in lainr of that tariff, and oppos, , to its rt peril, so lliat the I'ri. lids of Mr. Polk need not try to poke hmi into faor Willi Vcrinont Whins by any preletu'eof ilu sort. I havo thus endeavored without entering into dry details to set filth llie suhjoct to your readers, an I all I ask for my trouble u that thev would c.irefullv, -o I candidly Weigh thcahotc, and juJge aeeordir.j . A VldvMONT WIIIO. lluntingion, Au?ust 23, IF". RE WARNED! Wu havo seen the boast ofa third parly man, that m party prrecnt elections to the. J.rgb'aturc in about one quarter of the towns in Orleans comity. This policy is a bad one, for that parly or any other, and wo wnrn Whig abolitionists lo beware lest ihey nacrifire their own principles on the aharof locofocoisin. The majority of the towns which would thus hu disfranchised aro Whig ; tho leaders of the third party and of the lo cofoco parly understand this fact-and where ever they can operale, thev will do it. Hut for what? To aid tlio thiid parly? No; llie preventing nn election is no aid to them ; hut it is to aid the locofucos. By prevent ing elections in Whig tow ns, through tbrtui'' of llie third pailv, f7f locos hope to,(( a LOCOFOCO LEGISLATURE,, mi , elect n LOCOFOCO SENATOR This is their game ; this is lliu secret of sni, co;l. lilions as lliat upon Needham in Jilison County tho secret of professed loryoco fa. vor In lliu third paily. Supposo f.y suc ceed and elect a Senator :his x;ote" xcauUl probably make a locofoco mq,r;,,, ; the U. S. Senate, would probabtf ,ff (hc . neiatwn of I eras, the desti.,,:,,, f the 'I'arijl, and the restoration of the TictMtry, Would this do the third parly any good ? Evidently not : ihey would thus heiio their own principles, support annexa tion, perpeluilo slavery, ant ruin their own inleresls by llio prostration of llie protective system. Let it bo leniombred that ihe L S. Senalo is in gioat danger ; 13 ll'liigsgo out to only -1 locos, and unless Vermont sus fains herself in thai body, llio Senate may bo lost. H'o ngain warn tho JHiig almlilion isis (o hewaro in tho town clociions.-M 'nffVi mav. FREEMEN OF VERMONT! Only a few days will intcrveno ero ynu will bu summoned lo tho pulls, there lorhooso your tillers, lo proclaim your will, anil lo ex press your sentinieuls. Wo have preferred to discuss ihe great (luestions of public policy . oil which you will bo called lo passjudgme on which you will bo called lo pass judgment , ,lan )0 iako direct nppeals lo you ; nut Iho election approaches, the necessity of ! full volo for our Slate ticket liocomes m f . - r. . . nml nwirit Mtiti.ircitif. It is for ion In cf

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