Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 15, 1844, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 15, 1844 Page 3
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wai atinntiiiced, with nn cinution that almost choakct) the utterance of tho speaker, thcro was that lung drnwing in of tlio breath by ovcry lis tener, which Indicates the working oftlio pmv era within. All eyes wero dlrci'.icil toward the object nf so much sympathy ! and when it was farther Mated, tTisJ the owner of the old man IntlkAn ttnr en linvwrta Cnllndl tvnlllrt IsArmit i - . . . . . r : i of ft thousand pence, the response was with one voice, Reuben shall be frei ! On the instant the table of the Moderator was thronged, and the requisite sum laid upon it ; to reunite for the remnant of their days old man Reuben and hit wife ; and they and their children are now on their way to ho shores uf Africa. Louis. Co nr. LICENSE COMMISSIONERS. We .mvo boon requested by a number of tlivi Inhabitants of Chiltenilen County, to givo notice that a meeting will holuVn ut the Court House, in Burlington, on the 23d day of No vember, 1844, for tho purposo of selecting three suitable persons as candidates, for County commissioners, under the law passed by the last Legislature relating to licenses to Inn Keepers and retailers. As this is a matter of much importance, and a new ex porimcnt, it is hoped that every Town in the County, will send one or more delegates o said meeting. TiuotcAt. Occurrence Tho Mcadville, Pa. Republican records an awful tragedy which recently took place in Coneatit township, Craw, ford county. On Friday, the 4th insl., a Mr. Kelicy left his residence ns he alleged to trans, act some business with a neighbor about a mile distant, but not returning, on Saturday, a search was commenced, when he v,is found in tho woods near his house with his throat cut and a razor still in his hand, lie was still living, though breathing with great difficulty. He was taken home, and an ineffectual effort made to close the incision. Report waB rife in the neigh, borhuod that inconstancy on the part of his wife was the cause nf the rash ict ; still she was night and day by his bedside, attending to his wants, and n ta murmur was heard to escape her lips. On the evening nf Monday, the 14th, with those feelings which injured female innocence can alone appreciate, she declared to Dr. Luke, the attending physician, that she could not brook the thought of a world's suspicions that a want of chastity on bar part had driven her hus band to atteippt to take his own life. Soon af ter she left the room. The next morning the was found about 40 rods from the house a life, less corpse. She had tpken poison. Up to the 17th the husband w.n still living, though par. tially deranged. There was no hope of Ins re covery. They have left three children, tho youngest a child of two years. A S rr.AMKii I' iiy a Fan. We learn from the English papers that n boal constructed on tho principle1 of it " fun " pro peller has been hunched t Greenwich, and n very successful experimental trip perform ed in Iter. The boat is named the Mystery is uf about fifty tons biirtltern and twenty horse power. The engines are fixed length ways in the vessel. The propeller is simi larly constructed tu the fin of a windmill, nnd, like the screw, is fixed to the stern. It possesses a twofold action one perpendicu lar, which regulates her speed, and the other horizontal, which describes half a circle, and . I - I...-.......... Tl.. .:.... sniili ' in oiei- Hgi.-. i ilia Idliui U11IUII Ul tIR " fan " is of such power that whilo it su persede the use of a rudder, it can wheel the boat round as if she moved upon a pivot, and continue to spin her round and round like a top, without making head or stem-way, ex cept what little tho tide or wind may effect. This peculiar action oflho " fan " can be at tached to any sailina vessel, from a line-of-battle ship down to a collier, nnd can be worked by hands, totally unconnected witb steam. Its fiower, though nut so great as when worked by steam, is sucli that would enable a ship of the line to bring both her broadsides to bear against an enemy in about two minutes. DiintkrmkntofNinevah. Letters receiv ed in Paris from Constantinople, dated July, contains some interesting information relative to M. Julia's recent discoveries at Knorsabad, near Nineveh. Kunene FUtulin, an artist, has been sent out by the French government, for the purpose of making drawings uf the excava tions wliich are actively going on. Zotta has discovered two doors uniformly adorned with bas. relicts; on one is represented a colossal bull, with a human head, and on the other a hii man figure with an eagle's head and wings. These doors are fifteen feet in height, and they open into a hall 120 feet louj. The only wail which is yet cleared from rubbish (that on the south siile,) is covered with a series of bas-re liefs, representing battles, explained by inscrip tions. The hill on which the building stands is surrounded by a stone wall, with bastions. Uotta is actively exploring these ruins ; he has fifty laborers at work, and it is hoped that in the apace of ten months lie will lay open the whole, lie has ascertained that there if, on the direct road from Nineveh lo Knorsabad, a chain of hills covered with brick and marble, bearing In scriptions. Ho infers that these hills were for merly the bases of palaces, and" thai Ktmr6abad was a fortress situated at one end of the city. The quadrangular space, which is surrounded by the wall, and wliich contains the hill of Jo nas, has hitherto been supposed in include the whole extent of Nineveh. Hut M. Rotta consid ers it more probable that this spce was only me groai court ot tne palace, wiuisi ine city ex. uuu no a Uiaiiiu nil, 01 iiiirHrt ii.iu. a u Bi.utn uvu caravan Biases. i ins conjecture accorus in IIIA nnaEihihi ilu rt II, n n.nn iaI lamia Itfiif- ,,,,.1 nuuiU UB IllttlllllirllCllolUJU II UIU Hill nuppoEeu 10 nave ueeu me wnoie e.icni the city. CI ail HWIIll Blin linrlnn llontll nil Wi.flnns- day morning tho 22d inst., near Wlmtcoal chapel, on the llookstown road, by tho in iiamaneous caving in ol a wull. He was covered so deeply that several men were en gaged until four o'clock in the afternoon, belore ho was recovered front the earth. Life had entirely fled. Snow Storm. A snow storm commenced at Rochester, N. V- on Sunday, the 27th ultimo, and continued till Wednesday mornimr ; during whioli time snow fell to the depth i f two feet, The Democrat of the 30th says : " Tho mail from the east, due at three yesterday afternoon did not arrive till half.past one this morning. I lie Huttaio train east started I mm that place nn Monday at 4 r. M., and proceeded as laras My ron, at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and ar rived here at 2 o'clock this morning. The train due at 10 last evening has not yet arrived." A Fact worth recording. Tho Troy Whig slates, that in tho town of Petersburg, on Tuesday last, three revolutionary soldiers attended the polls nnd promptly votod the Whig ticket two of whom were brothers the eldest 94 and the other 92 ! Thanksgiving in New York. Gov. has appointed Thursday, Dec. 12. ns of Public Praise, Prayer Rnd Thanks- tvinn in the Slain nf Now York. ID) U Q dl. In this town, on the 8ih Inst. I.vcv, wife of Carlos Watnwriglit, aged 23 years. At Cuynhoja Kails, Ohio, Oct. 11th, Kranccs Wstmore, wife of William M. Moiilton, sued 45. At Underbill, Nov. 1st, Miss Martha Janb, daugh tcr of Allen and Mary Ilurnham,in the 12th year of tier age. Martha Jane posscs-cd an amiable disposition, and was mAst loved by those wholkncw her best. Her friends deeply mourn her loss but they mourn not at those without hope. The news of her death mutt be truly affecting to her absent Drolhcrs. The elder left for Me west about four rears since, il is nearly two years since the faun ly hnvo heard from him. The younger Icfl home last July, the family bavo not beard from lum since lie left Any information respecting them would be thank' fully received by the afflicted family. Printers in New York and Michigan please cepy. At Willislon, Oct. 17th, Miss. Adeliza M. TitAcu en, in the 23 ill year of her ace. n Messed solace given, Which takes from parting half its pain And whispers, like a voico from Heaven i "The pure In heart shall meet again 1" GREAT INDUCEMENTS TO CASH PU It CHASERS AT LOVELY & SEYMOUR'S, At their NEW STOKE 2 doors North of their Old Stand. WHO arc now opening a Large assort ment of STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS. Winch liave been bought since the grent fall nf pri rc in market. Purchasers nre invited to coll and satisfy llicm-clves that Ihev will he cold at lower price than can ! o boughijin this market, Among which are FOR CLOAKS AND DRESSES, Very rich pattern Cashmeres, Cahtnere d' Ecos-e, Ombre Satin, Victoria Damasks, Cnshans.Piisedo's, Allghan Satins, Camelcon Brocades, Ve'vet Dc Lmnc, Crape dc Laines, Muhn de l.nines, Plain and Figured Chene Clm-an, Printed Velvct',Enlinns, rh'g.and watr'd, Pnrameltas, Romdia, Thibet Cloths, French and English, Merinne, Black Cashmere dc Kcoc, Rich, Plain and Striped Alpacca. Various shades Colored do., Black and Rlue Black do., Silk and Cotton Wnrp-, Black nnd Blue Black Bomba zine and Alpines, Rich Striped and Watered lllaek Silk, Hlark and Blue Black Oro dc Swiss, Grode Rhine, Mationa and Italian Silks, FirM Dre Silks, Fowlnrd and Floreneedo. Gala, Roslin, Silk, Wors ted and other Plaid, Ginghams, &c, if., together with a splendid as rtmctit nf CALICOES. Ato, Rilil "ns, Crnvnl,!, Oiirps and Fnngc, Cord and Trimtninps, Black and Colo red Crapes, Berlin Wool, Working Canvass, Wors. ted Patterns Needles, Sic, Hoisery, Gloves nnd a very extensive variety nf all Good usually railed for, which shall be -oM tit the very lowest prices. Church St., 2 doors north ot their old Maud. Novemler 14lh, 1814. 21 TJARi'RI.'S Illuminated niblc, No. XX Price, 25 The Aintrican Almanac and Repository of Useful Know ledge, for the year 1843. 1,00 Ncal's Hi-tory of tho Puritan-, complete in S No. 25 t. each. Hewitt'- Illustrate I Shakes pea re,jNo.31. 121 Mysteries of London, pan 7. 12J Wandering Jew, part 8. (Winchester's cd.) C and Present, by Thomas Cnrlvlc, new 11. ' 25 21 A. EDWARDS. Annuals for 1845. THK Illustrated Hook of Christian Halladr-, Royal 800. Tlic C'ilft, wilh splendid Engraving'. The Oiadcm, 4to. with eleven I can til il Illutra tii n. The Drawing Room Annual 4to. a all seasons, 1G Em I clli-hnicuts. The Religious Souvenir. The Token. (21) By A. EDWARDS. FURNITURE FOR SALE. I HAVE a hit of second hand Furniture left with me consisting nf CHAIRS. TABLE", STOVE, BEIWIEADS. TIN. CROCKERY, GLASS mid HARD WARE, in f.ict almost every article that is wanted lor house-keeping, which I will sell low. For furthepinforniaiion tnqirre at the Massachusetts Boot and Shoe Store. A. ORVIS. Nov. 12, '41. 21 tf Bass and D!l. Bass Viols. Wl'. are authorized tn offer to responsible Choirs or individuals fine plain and handed Biss Viols ot much lower prices for cash or at four or six months Credit, all who wish to buy oreioviled to examine our assortment, which will be sold cheaper than any other person, will sell. Melodians, Accordians, Flutes, Flajcolets, Cheop, cheoper, cheapest. BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. In per Hangings. 1 Cfjf PS. American and French Paper Hang I Os r( ings j i-t received at the new BrMi Store two door.- of their former slan t and for -ale lo'v by LOVIXV & SKV.MOt!lt. 15th Nov. 1814. 21 r10MMUN10N Fliggons. Plates. Cups, fcr. sold by BRINSMAID &, BROTHERS. Curls, IMain Hair, &c. PLAIN Hair and Front Pieces with and wiihont Curls, Ringlets, in Combs, Curling and Quilling Irons, Shell, Iron, Horn and all kinds of Combs, Brushes, cf-c. fol sale hy Theremomoters. A SUPPLY of dilTfrent sized Thcrcmomctcrs at loner prices, for sale hv BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. Shawls, Shawls! RICH IVhmere, lm. do, Broehn Eml.'d Betvidure, Holered Silk, Hlack Silk, Black Satin, Damask, Net, Plaid Kabyle. Florida, Bl'k. and Colored Minis, a I-aine, Chine, Honey Comb Pari, Alabama Wool, tl I ' I O. ' , ... . ... . i I . 1 i mm ;:u oiaipcu woolen Miawi-, lor sntecneap, iiy I ntii-i xr m nni.iinnti Two doors nnrlh ol iheir old Stand. November Uih, 1311. 2t Jelly Moulds. DISH Covers, Table Mats, Metal Chambers and Bed Pans, Wosh Bowls and Pitchers. Foot Bath ing Tubs, Hand Shower Baths, Small Seives, Cocoa uippcrs, iconics rins, mops wun nannies, f lour Brushes, Cheap Napkin Rings, Work Baskets, Cup .ii a is, anu many oiner nriicies. IHUIMSJIAIU a imu in Kits. Violin Strings BY the Bundle, Dozen or Single, Bass Viol, Guitar ond other Strinus for sale hv BRINSMAID & BROTHEItS. Gentlemen's Goods. A MERICAN, English, French Black and Blue JTx. Black. I ii v. lirrun. Blue. Brown. Cadei and Or. lord M'x'd. Broad and Beaver Cloths, Pilot do, Blaeli and r ancvCas-nueres, Tweed-, Sattineis, Ca-bmere, nicntia, llu-li Colored and Illaik Silk Velvet, Rich Plain Watered and Ch'g. Sotiiis. Hoi-erv. T. 'i nni1 Drawers. Cravats, Slock and Collar.-, HdkfV, c. &c. For sale c heap by , LOV'KLY if- SEYMOUR, I wo doors north of iheir old Hand. Movrmber Uih, 1811. 24 Notico to Farmers. .V Wood, Hay, Oals, Potatoes, and most other kinds of produco in exchange for the latest pntierns of Cooking, Parlor and Box Stoves, at the American Hotel. 94tf Burlington, Nov. 13, 1814. SELISCT SCHOOL. MRT J M. BUELL will commpnis, iI,a WiniA- Term ol his Select Smnm r,,r fi;i. n... on Wednesday the I Ith of December, Tuition. For English Studies, JOO Greek, Latin and French, 4,00 Chiro!ranbv. (Enm 'en School rooms over II. Mayo's Store, west side tho STRAYED. ABOUT tix weeks since from the pasture of .1. 8. Stoics, a three year old red II.ill. had on nni horn when he lei I a button or ball. Anv will leave inlormation where he may be found, with Geo. Peicr.on shall ba suitably reworded, Burlington, Nov. tlth, 1811. 21 ML NOTICE. rPIIK copartnership heretofore existing under the -- nnme nun nrin oi ii 11, isosiwicu u uo., is oy mutual consent dissolved. All persons bavin? claims upon ilia late III in, are requested to present tnetn im mediately for ndiustmcnt. nnd ihosa indebted are ear nestly solicited tu make linmcdintc payment, as all matters relating to tho business of that fit tit tntitt be speedily closed. II. II. HOSTWICK. T. F. f. W. I,. STRONG, Burlinclon, Nov. 7th, 1814. 24 Illtili it VAN 8ICKMJN, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, and Solicitors lu Chancery, F. O. 1111,1,, E. VAN SICKt.EN. Jericho Corner. Nov. 18)1. 21 The Boston Almanac, lor 1845. rnilE Pronrictor of this Almanac respectful! in JL form the Pol lie that it will be reodyforale early in December. The lorihcominsr number will be the richct and the intxt tastily pot up volume ol any yet published. A splendid new Mnn of ihe City of iioMon, nearly a foot npiarc, has hecn engraven ex pressly fur the work. The Almanac will contain a Mushiest Directory of all ihe lliisinc-s Pertple in Boston, clamtt a usual under Iheir oppropriato bu siness beaiU. All useliil information ropcctinr pub lic convcjanccs lo and frnm the city, nnd all local matters nl fntere-t to the Public, in nr out ol Boston, will tie found in this Almanac.- Orders may lie ent to Messrs. Thomas OnooM & Co. 52 Stnle St., Bos ton, or to theoiRce ol the Pronietor, S. N. DICKERSON, 52 Washington street, F-I.IAS LYMAN INFORMS his customers that he has returned from New York, where he p-irchased nn extensive as sortment of Drv Coods whii-li ndded lo his slock on hand, makes his a-'ortmctit cry large. Il Is mince yynty lo eniunernte urlii.-lc, but would invite his friends and customers in call nnd examine fur them selves. DRY OHOCERIUS. Also, a ceneral nsMirtment ol Dry trocencs, Tea, SiiL'nr,, Spices both ground nnd not ernund. Box Raisin-, Kesj do. Tobairo. Cut and Smoking do. Wool-ey's ljesl Loaf Sugar, Kttsl Bosiou doublo Be fined do. Crushed and Havana White Siurar. Ilrowu do. Liiguira, Java, nnd Bin Coffee, Saleratus, &v. &e. A IiSO. Carpel Warps, Cotton Yarn, Wiiking, Wadding, oatts, etc. a tarire asoriiucnt ut BUFFALO ROIIIIS. Strong's B iikbngs, College St. Nov. 15 1841. 24 A CARD. BRINSMAID & BROTHERS DESIRE to inform their customers and the public ccnerallv lint llit-ir winter stock of Goods will bo found unusually extensive, good and cheap. Much time and care has been spent in selecting, and having made n varied and beautiful assortment of the different kinds of Goods which nre expected to be found nt our TAE.XETY STORE, whilst we do not expect to have every thing that is called for, wo would say that our assortment is bet ter than ever, we have added inauv new articles nev ei belore kept, and ihey were bought nt low prices and will be sold decidedly hie, much lower than ev er sold in town. We would Dnrlicularlv invite all who wish to buv the vety best finished Mahogany framed Looking Glas ses, large nnd small sizes wilh one or two plates, to look at our assortment, we believe we have the most extensile nnd the very cheapest. TEA AND COFFEE POTS. Tea Pots for a few shillines. In Ibis line we shall of fer Tea Pots, Candlesticks. Lamps, Cups, Spool Stands. Castors and other Britannia Metal i Brass and Plated Goods, very chenp, purchasers may make ' a suing by looking nt ours before thev buy. Wciftolhss, Qlvolzn & $v?It?y, Guld and Silver WATCHES will he offered ol viry low prices according to pay. Our assortment of La dies' and Gentlemen's Rings, Pin, nnd Blanches, win uc lounu vcryniirncuvc. ijoiu nnu Dtonc brace lets, of very pretty styles, Also, Hair Bracelets wilh Gold clasps and snaps. A great variety of Slone nruociics lor Indies nnd ucntleiucn, liolil ThimbleB, Snaps, Clasps, Ear Hoops and Hint's. Gold Chiins and Keys of various patterns. A great variety of Pins and Lockets for hair and miniatures. JET GOODS. A bcouliful lot of Jet Bosoms Pins, Rings, Bracelet", Chains, Snaps, Clasps, Hair Pins, iVc. II MR i'A'S, ifc. Gold and Silver, Gilt, Jet and Iron Hair Pins, Head and Neck Ornaments, Bullion, Bugles, Heeds, Ac. for trimming Head nntl Xcck iln-aies, Boqtlct holdcrs,f-c. u o i, i) r i: a . A few dozen at wholesale and retail. CLOCKS. 200 of the very best " Geromcs' " and " Tcrrv and An drew's " Brass Clocks in finest O. G. Mahogany Ca ses, warranted or (lie best quality made, suld oy the box or singlo very low. u A k a . A new and splendid lot of Canes of nil patterns, Crooks, Ivory nnd Silver Heads, Loaded ilends, Sword Canes, AVe. Ferules for Cmes hv the dozen. liLAVKlA ti p litlUSUKS. Day and Martin's l.iipiid Blacking, Paste Blacking, Elastic Water Proof Blacking. Clirisliiius OclVcw Year's Presents. A great variety of pleasing Toys, Games, Puzzles, Conversation Cards nnd Fancy Articles will be open ed in time for scler-iin". WORK BOXES. Rosewood Work Boxes will be sold much lower than we ever had litem before. Shoving Sonps, r. Olcophane, Chinese nnd Verbena Cream, Naples, old brown Windsor, white Windsor, Castile, Oxy genated, Naval and Military and all the most appro ved Soaps. RAZORS - STRAPS, Of most kinds in use, cheaper than ccr. BRUSH ES of all kinds. TEA TRAYS AND WAITERS, of new and beauti ful patterns. TABLI'. MATS. Oil Cloth ond Willow Table Mats, Cup Mats, Ac. Nursery Lamps, Woo.len Spoons. Butte r Ladles. Cheese Toasters, Bread Toisters, Curling nnd Quil ling Tongs, Britannia nnd Eirthern Bed Pans. Sick Cups for feeding the sick, Soap Cups nnd Dishes, Tooth Bruh Dishes, l-'arilu rn and Britannia Soil Uups, Britannia Spuinrs, Gravy nnd Soup Ladles anu oponns. I.j. ll 'bHSi;s, J,U WlUriS. For most all kinds of I.nmns. includim? the Chemical and Cnmphene. A erent mnnv new nrlic rs nnl snnken nf ivhieh makes our slock very full and complete and we are anxious lu sru u uui. Nov. G. 23J BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. LAND AT AUCTION. WILL be sold si public vendue 10 the highest bidder, at Ihe Massachusetts Shoo Store, on Church St. Burlington, on Friday, Nov. 15, al 2 o' clock, P. M. all the land in the town of Huntington, Vt. belonging to the estate of the late Richard Bur ling, of Purchase, Westchester Co. N. Y., consisting of five lots of 100 acres each, nnd one lot of 30 acres. described as follows: Lot 117, 100 acres, noith of the hrsl minister lot, corners on Uanicl lllanchard; No, 133, 100 acres, north of Charles Bowles; No. 155, 100 acres, cast of Charles Bowles; No. 200,30 acres, snuinoi uamersMiimp; lo. 172, IUU acres, joining Thomas wnucomirs, east 01 lot us in lioiionj io 222, 103 acres, south eaBt corner of old charter. En quire of Chester Ingrahatn, Essex, Vt. and Wm, P Brisgs, Burlington. JOHN Kr.ESE, Nov. 2, '41. 3 w2 Agent for Executors. Cheescman's Arabian BALSAM Fort THE CUR K of nil kinds of wounds, sprains, sores, burn-, cough-, sore Inn?-, the most desper ate piles, anil rheumaiini ofall kind-. It will prevent the toothache, restore torpid and perished limbs, still' joint-, numbness, die. ; ami can be depended upon to relieve soreness nan cases. This valuable medicine has Iren very extensively used for the last ten years, while its increasing de mand, the univcrsnl satisfaction it has given, and the testimony 01 a multitude 01 individuals 01 the nrsl standing in the community, who bae leslcd and in fallibly proved ill. ellicaey, show that it needs only lo lie used 10 prove its invaluable excellence; indeed all who hmcever tried Ihe Bubam. prize it sohishlv that Ihey will not be induced under any conu'dcialion lodo without it. The Balsam has attracted the attention of men of science, and Physicians and Surgeons ol Ine greatest Bcientuic acquirements, give it ineir un nualified approbation 1 while many ol them in differ ent sections of the UniieJ Stales now use it 111 iheir practice, and have authorized the publication of their certificates. iCFTurchasers should inquire for ihe true artHe 1... .77; ik..l, Ar.kl.n 11. 1. sam and set that It has my name written in mv own hand-writing ocro.s ihe primed directions, on the wropper of every bottle. E. Cheeseman. for sale by 1'IuCK. & SPEAK, Apothecaries and Drugsists, iittriington, ti.i t-iarK 04 uoinns. AIontpelier,anu inrougiiout ine country generally. 3in22 Groceries, TEAS, Sugars, Molasse., Collee, Bice, and every article in the line of Dry GroccrU., for uilelow 'i in .r"t7iiv, iui ruipiu LOVELY &. SEYMOUR, ly '8h Nov., IBM. 23 Now Fall & Winter Goods. DAMEL KID UN WOULD respectfully solicit the attention of per sins wishing ! purchase floods to call and examine his slock of NEW GOODS, just received nnd receiving from market, of the very richest and latest styles. for liAniF.s' imr.ysEs. Alpine, French D'Lainc, Alpaccn, Lcrpard 1I0. Botnbaita', A'lghan Satin, Velormn Cloth, Ca-h. D'Kcossc, M. D'Lainc, Cameleon Brecadi, Crape do. Striped Chally, foh s tAtrti. ct, I M.D'Lalne, Hroche. I Railn SlrinM. Citshmete, llincv Cuuib, Strlp'd Silk, Plaid'Woo!, ALSO. Mu;Ts lit .isilHBBIfriliMl nssnrllnfHit of ftimn. Fringes, niigiSutBends, &c. ' N. H. The sulisi-ril cr hns nn hand ns trondnn as- sortmenl nl WOOLLEN CLOTHS, nsian be Ib i id n any Store in town, which ho will sell as low as ran be bought el-cwhere of Ihe same quality, no mis take. Persons wishing lo purchase Cloths, plea-c call nnd examine iny stork. Also, a good assortment nf FIMILV UROCE RIES, 'ten, Culler, Sugar, Molasses, te. All of which will be sold nt the lowe.t rates, for I will not be undersold bvnnv one if 1 know it. Twoiloors smith of Howard, Church St. Nov. C, 1811. 23 DANIEL KERN. BUFFALO ROUES, A LARGE lot lor tale low. by ie low, i.y P. if-11. II. DOOLI1TI.E. 23wD L X. Nov. C, M-i. BARREL SALT. 1 lf BARRELS line Salt, at the lowest mar 1UV kit price by P. & II. II . DOOLITTLF. Nov. 0, IS 14. 23w0 PLASTER. QAfl BAGS Nova Scolia Plaster for inle very OUV.ow by P. & II. II. DUOLlTrfil.'. Nov. C, 1914. 2312 To Merclinnds and I'edlers. Till) uli-cribi-r ha on hard 5000 Webster's Snellinir Books 1000 Adam-' New Ar.thnictie, 100 Key to do 1I0 (forTeacheri.) 500 Emerson's First Class ReaJer, 500 " sti-nnd " 500 " third " 500 Porter's Rhetorical Reader. 100 Mitchell's Geography and Adas, 100 ' Primary for children. 200 Smith's Urainninr, 100 Swell's (us' pul ll.lied.) 50 Parley's Fir-t and Second Uouk ofllUlory, 100 Saunder's Spot'ing Books, 100 National " " 100 Norlh American " inn Colburns' Arithmetic. lesides nil thedi'lerent varines of SchcK'l Books used this state and the stn'e nl ISuw V ork, iieh as Dic tionaries, lllstorie-, lieoffr.iphy oflhe lleaM-ns tf.e., which bet- bound to seii asehcap as the cheapest ; mid. in order to make it ea-r for the purchaser. ' will la1 e Paper Bags in payment for anyol'llienbove hoiks, if o'lercd in Ihe ol'two or three weeks Ironi this time, nnd tin lnglie-t price paid lor litem. o suiiin your ll.igsaud liny o ir hoo'is lor tlie is-in ;r school-. V. HARUING'ION. Burlington, Nov. 1, 1814. 23 I.OVI3I.Y A SKYMOUR. ARE now receiving from No v York, the largest as. Miriment of Dry Goods, which tliey have ever had tie pleasure ol'o lerini lo the p iblie, A ISO. they have reivived a large mldilion to their stock of Crockery nnd Gln-s Wnre, Looking Gl:s-es, Carpe ting and Oil Cloth-. Al-o, a irorwl nssortincnt of Dry Grocene-, nil ol which are cflercd for sale as cheap a's the cheapest. 23 UiiirchSt., iov. a, 181 1. VEN HUE ADJOUItXKl). THE Sale of tho llouso nml Lot he'nncinz to the Estate of LOUIS DI-.ltVILI.IK. deuased, will lake place, at Proulv's, late Howard's Hotel, on the 1 Ith day of November next, nl 2 o'clock. I'. M. v.u. A. uitiooui.u, um r, Oct. 31, 1814. 23n3 LAMI'S.T B RITA NNI burning Oil, UMPS, of variolic patterns, lor wittt round nnrt rial ick. LARD LAMPS. Campluneand Chemical Oil Store Lamps, and Re flector Lamps, of new and improved stvles, cheaper than eicr. These L nuns arc said to light a store or chinch cheaper and better than Oil Lamps. ,, .,1 , - .. n. omnii go 10-neu i.auips. wnnmocr -.iiauiiis, uins nndlesiicl.s, y,.ry cheap. Plated Cnndlesiie'.s, also llt-itjitmi-i bint, nml low n.aiirll,vlickn. r.!n-n l.ntnns. iii short, we have thegrcaicstasaorlineiii of Istmps and '. nf(M(ii.i..lhat we ecr opened, "teas lot Chemical. Arenn, Astral. Rust's Lard, mid all kinds of Lamps. Also, LAMP GLAS5KS ol most nil kind, wanted, and nil nt the lowest price, in Inwn. BRINSMAID & 1'KOTHEUS. Nov. 7,1 11. 23 A FEW COPIES of ihe AMKIilCAN ItKMEW nceive.l la -I nenimr nt 1 lit hall' enough to supply siibscril er-. who will all be siipplie I a soon ns TI111r.-d.av evening, 14th. V. IIARIUMi lON. 7lhNov., '4L 23 ntiVClilVOOl) for Oclolcr, 111 advance of the V. HAItltlNGTON. u 1: ..rire4. FOR C,II )X1,Y. TIIK iinnreeiilenlnli-ill for Gjo 'a, makes it ncre-i-snrv to again replenish for Win'er, which will Mn ledone so thai 110 nriicies l,o-.veer fisbionahle will be held for bisli price? iherefoie, to cash l.ujer. the inducement is crea'. Crockery, Glass Ware fand Paper llanem", nn al-o red nisi in price., al HOWARD''. iMiv. a, ISH. j JUN'l RECEIVED, 2 TONS of New York Sole U'atber, lor IB. 17 and 18 cents first quality. Al-o a new stock of l.a-ls. E. C. LOOM IS. Pearl Slrect, Nov. 7, 1314. 23w3 CrocUorv. A N extensive iissortmeut iut receive I nnl for fr 8th Nov., 1811. NEW BOOTS AND SHOES. THIS day received, at the Massachusetts Boot and Shoe Store, 2 doors nho- c Lovely & Sey mour's, a new supply of Boon and Shoes, of all kinds usually warn in ihe country, consisting of Genls coarse boots, Uairpegced and fine tewed Boots, Boy's boots nnd Gent's and boy's hrozans; Cunt's velvet slippers and calf pumps; Ladies' Gaiters and Inlf Gaiters j Buskins, slippers, nnd Toilet shoes ; Misses and children's Booties and shoes; Women's lace Boots; Gent's Ituhbci ; Ladies' Hubbtrs, plain lined ond lurbound, which will be sold low for cash or cond pay. A. ORVIS Burhng'on, Oct. 21, '41. 21 if SCHOOL. 1 A It I. OS C IIAdlF.I.DKlt wnntH rp.nrrl, y fullv inform the citizens of Itnrhnntnn nml ibn adjoining towns thai he will engage his services the coming season ns Tcuchir or M a tzes. Snann 1 dan ces, Quadrilles and Contra dances, in Ihe latest and most lasiuonaule styles, on reasonable terms. He will nlso furnish the best. Inlet nml mini in- proved music for Balls, Cotillon Parties, ic, &c., at ine snorie-i nonce. Having taken lessons of Mr. Geo. Saunders, a well known teacher of Dancim?. from wbnm lm rrepivpil the following recommendation, he feels confident of oeing note 10 give the best satisfaction 10 all who may wish for his services. It will be seen by Mr. Saunder's certilicnie that he has given up the business this sen son 10 air. oacnciaer, wnomho recommends as wor thy of ihe patronage of his friends, Burlington April, 25ih 1814. This is to certify that Mr. Curios Bach'elder, the Dearer 01 tins tetter nas been under my instructions both as a Violinist and Teacher of dnnrimr. 1 iherr. fore reccommend him lo all who may be in want of nis services as oeing luuy competent as a Violinist and Teacher of Dancing and Wollring. Also, ns a young gentleman of moral and steady lisbits and one who may be relied upon wilh nerfect safety hv all with whom he may chance to meet. 1 also give up the uuiiicB iu 111111 iiiu earning season. Most respecfully 10 whom il mavconcern, GEO. SAUNDERS, Violinist Professor of Watuing and Dancing. 20w6 ESSENCES CROSS E-sences, Ax-oncd, S do llritish Oil, 5 do Orw.leldon For sle by 30 ' VILAS & SOTES. Oct. 17, 1311. .0 DANCING NEW GOODS AND NEW FASHIONS, WW MRS. M. FRASER "ITAS jusl returned from New York with a full as xx sortmenl or l' nsiiionnblo MILLINERY GOODS, comprising Silks, Silk Velvets, Ribbons, Flowers, rcnincrs. i.nces, iiymps, cringes, collars, (travails, (Hovts Mills and other nriicies to numerous to spe cify. Also, all Ihe Lnlrst Fashions for CLOAKS, DRESSES AND HATS. Also, a good assortment of Muffs, Boas nnd Neck Tics, nil of wliich she will sell for a small advance un cost. October 31, '44. 22 tf cash PAID for BUCKWHEAT, at Shelburne Falls. II. WHEELKIt. Oct. 30, 1814. 22w3 FOR NOVEMBER. GRAHAM'S MAGAZINE, Lady's Book, Arthur's . " Lady's Nntional ' Silliman's .Innrnnt, American Journal of Medical ScienctS, Christian Family Magazine, I.iltell's Living Age, Nos. 23 nnd 24. Merrv'a Museum, etc. Ac. Received by Oct. 29, '14. V. HARRINGTON. RUBBER SHOES. T ADIKS Metalic and Plain Rubl er Over Shoes. xJ Men a do no do no do ihi'drcn'a Plain and l'ig d. do L'pptr Missouri BulPalo Kobe, Burlington, Nov. 1st, 1344. do do For sale low by S. M. POPE. 22 SANDS' SARSAPARTLLA, FOR THE REMOVAL AND PARMANENT CURE OF ALL DIEASES ARISING FROM AN IMPURE STATE OF THE BLOOD, OR HABIT OF THE SYSTEM. IF wc rend the bi,tory of utsonDF.ns we nre it-ton (bed that men live! if of cunr.s, we nre 'till mare asinnisliel that Ihey die. And yet in fact nearly all disea-es ha'-e a common orgin, viz: in the organs which prepare and modify tl.e blood. Willi a reini-dy. directed to the seat of disease, will remove n host of Us piienomena. it ta the peculiar eliaracteristie ol Sand's S.irsaparill.tjhal itssenr.hingoperaiiin reach es thecAvsr.sofdi-e.ise, and the cures it perforins nre therefore radical and thorough. The health of the human svs'eni depends almost entirely upon the -tale of he blood. II the vitalizing llnul which per vade every n-siio, cu-ry membrane, fibre, filamcn', eland, or oilier organ primary or subsidiary I if the body 'e charaed with the elements of di-ease, sick- nc-s niiisi i e ine con-cq iciice, nun until tne causes of disease existing ill the I loo I, are permanent relief can I e expected. It is here that the powerlul lieallti-restoring propertiesol hands' bnrsa panl.'a nre in inife-le I ; and fur this reason, in scro fula, Salt Sheum, nnd all eruptive diseases, ns well asm nil deranrjctueiits of the secreting organs, it is con-iileerd infallible. Tho f Bowing interesting cao is pre-cnted, and the render Invited to its cure fill peni-nl. Comment on such evidence isunticcessary. Nr.w-YonK, July 25, 1314. Messrs. Sanps : Gent 1 eon-idcr it but an hci of lustice to von to state the following lads in reference leiielil I have received in the cure of an obstmnie CANcr.novs Uixnn on my breast. 1 wnsnttctined eigtiieen months oy n regular nnd skilful physician, a. i.ied by the advice and coun-el of one of our mol nb!o and experienced surge-on- without the lea-t Lcnclit whatever. All the various methods ol trealiiige.uiciT were re-orted to; for live weeks in s iccession my breast was burned w ith caus tic three limes n day, and fur six it was daily syrinced with a weak solution of nitric neid.and the cavity or iiileniiil nicer was so larire that it held oyer an ounce of Ihe solution. The Doctor p rolled the ulcer und examtunl the. bone, nnd said the disea-e wa-nd- vaiiciuir ranidlv to the liiuss, and it I did not eel speedy rebef by medicine or nil operation, the re-ult would oe Mint, i wu-a ivi-en 10 nave uieorensi lain open nml the bones examined, but finding no relief Irom what had I ecu done, and feeling 1 was rapidly gelling worse, I almo-t e'esjmired of avowry, con--ilered my cnsencarlj hopotcs. Seeing various ics'inionials nn.l ccrlific.i'cs of c ire l y ihcu-e uf " Sts-Di' SARsAPAnli-LA," in cases sim ilar to iv CSS, I coii'-l tdod to try u few I utiles, sev h.1 ur ..'i... t. .wm it-, a, bm rroin ttie long dceo e,at-eleharac.erol'inydisca-e. prod iced noiery decided change; considering this ns the only pro! nb'c cure lor inve.i-e, I persevered, until tho di-ca-e via- en- I t:rely cured. It is now oyer eleven months since the cure was conip'otcd ; there is not the slightest ap pearance of n return. I, therefore, pronounce myself well, nn l the cure entirely effected by " Sands' Saii s PAnILLA," n- J toot: no oilier medicine of any kind during the time I teas using il, nor hare I taken any since. Pleasoexcuselliis long deferred acknowledge ment, which 1 think it my duty to make. Your val uable Sarsaparill.i enreil me, with the blessing of Di vine Providence, when noibing else ronld, and I feel my. elf un Icr lntmg ol ligations to you. 1 can say many ibiif.'-I c.inuol wrue, nnd I do mo-t respect f'llly'invitel.i be- ntllic'ed n- 1 havel een lo call upon uiit'and I will sati-ly them fully of lb" truth a- s'ale.1 above, and inn n v oilier ih'lic- in reference lo theen-c. NANCY J. MILLER, 218 Sullivan -t. The following is an extract lioni a letter recently received. Gallatin-, Tciiii. Feb., IS 11. Afrwrs. A. . if Sour; linN-TLr.nir.N- 1 ImVe iut recciveit n letter trmn mv falherin Ruelvi le, h'y., wins wi he.sto purchase some of your Parap.tri!la. I hive no doubt he can e the means ut selling a great deal, as it ha, tier- formed il wondeiful cure in his family. Li-I De em1 er I was sent fur lo ee mv n ter I elore she died. he having 1 ecu in poor health for some two or three vear-.nn-lat t he lino I went over to see Her. sue was at Ihe point ol death, wilh the scarlet fever, and a cancerous aucciion oi me nuwei-, irom which ner nhvsician ihoiisht she could not po-sibly recover. I carrietl over wilh men brittle of your Sar-npnnlla, and wilh the consent of her phy-ician she commenced inking il I lint night. I remained with her three days, an ! left her inpully improving. Her bus! and -ent a ny mime wun ine lor mom oi tne aarsaparuin, I sent one di sten bottles which I I clieu will elect an entiie rure. My fuller wii'es me to that elect, and wishes throiigli'mc lo procure an acenciy lor selling your!c medicine lo that I eigliimihooil. II I si l.'S.- a lies pec nil v. ... ,11. ui..si3. 1'or firiher particular- and conchis-ve evideni-? of is superior value and iltu-acy, see pauipiiiels, wlucli in.iv i e obtained of incuts, grnti-. Prepared nnd sold, w bolcsaleand mail, bvA. D. Sands, Druggists, and Chemists, 79 Fulton St., New-York. I'F.CK .V SPKAIt, Apothecnriesnnd Druggists, and Geo. Peterson, Agenis for Burlington Clark it Collins, Monipelier. Sold a.o by Druggists gene- rnlly iiirougnout ine unueu amies, rnce 91 per l.oltle ; ix uotile. lor Sj. fT'j-Thepubliunre re-peotlillly reqnetcJto remem ber thai il is Sand's Sarsananl a that has and is con stantly achieving such remarknliteciires of the most n men 1 cms 01 oisenses 10 vi icu 1 ie iniiiidii ir.imcis subject j therefore ask lor Sands' Sars0iarilla, and tHke no oilier. WANTED. GOOD Table Butler, Oats, Corn and White Beans foi which the highest price will I e paid in coods at very low prices by v. t . s l AiNir uuu q jo. Uct. I tin, Ib44. SLEIGH AtfD CUTTER SHOES. Onfl PAIRS "Blood's." best, for sale at the 'South j3 wharf." Purchasers will do well 10 give es a alias we will not be undersold under any circumtan ces. 1-OLL.t.Tl' IUlALIL,bY OL 1,0. Oct. 10, 1811. 13 NEW sTOltE. mite anb.rrihera have formed a copartnership un I der the firm of CATLIN if- SPEAR, and have taken the New Store in the Exchnnue Hold, on Wn. pr SuppI. next door noith of Follell, Bradley & Co.'s, where Ihey aro prepared to snow purchasers a well p pcien nssnrimcni 01 wry uuuui, uruti-ui-s, &c. Sec. which Ihey will sell low for cash r most kinds of country produce. n. i. uaiuiii, W. P. Sl'EAR. Burlington, 10th Oct., 1844. 19wG 75 GROSS Hooks, and Eyes, 15 do r-lmving Soap, 50 do Hound L.accts, 200 do Eyelets, lor sale by ' ' ' VMS VILAS 4 NOYES. Oct. 17, 1844. 20 COLORED CAMBRICS $c. I CASE Blk. Cambrics, L 15 ps. Siteila, 10 do Red Padding,, 15 da Cknvnss, 1 Case Manchester Ginghams, 1 do,rUhU,,en'f,,r"1virrA8r.NOYiS. IK1. 17, 1814. 20 WRITING PAPER. OrVTl REAMS Ruled Letter Paper, .'il n I im do do Can do For sale at low prices in exchange Tor R JB, to, lo'Zli. VILAS NOYESV Oct. 17, 1811. 26 FT. Clove AnodyncTOOTH A CUE DltOPS. AN IM- MEDIATE AND PERFECT CUIti:. Thn-cwhohavfi felt Ihe painbd throbbing nnd excrucia ting pang- ofthediseaseshnollng through llu-irjaws wilh mot tor 'men I ing perse vernnce,nnd as it is nfii-n the ease, have received but liltle sympathy front friends on sii'-h occasion-, will no doubt lu much pleated to know of a remedy that will never fail lo quiet lor ever ihe unmerciful offen der. The Clove Anodyne Is the hot of nit lonthacho remedies. Il Ii immediate nml certain in lis elects, curing tho most violent loothacheor pain in the gums in onu minute. Experience has proved that this Anodyne composi tion wi I rive Imnicdiile nml nermanent relief r.fier the failure of every other remedy it is plea-ant lolbe liutenud sim-ll) will nnl injure the teeth orpmns in any way, nnd n few applications will entire y remove the pain and -orene-s rom n decayed toolb, so that II Inav'ho filled nnd rendered ns iiei il a-put. When the pain proceeds from the face, or from the gums nround a tooth apparently sound, this application will give a speedy relic fhy rubbing it few drops on (he pan elleclcd. Price 4f cent". For sale by PKC'K & SPI3AR Apothecaries and Druggists, Burlington Vt. 3ni22 I)avld I.cWls' listntc. STATE OP VERMONT, ) TN I'rolnlr Court bold Lamoille District, s. ) 1 en nt John on within nnd for said district on ihe 231 duv of October, A. D. 18)4. LYDIA LEWIS, Administratrix n the date of David lwis, lite of Cnuil ridirc, in said district, dc cetied, preients her adininistrution account loraeltle ment. Witr.nEUroN it Is ordered that the mine ! v refiTreil lo a Probata Court to 1 e holdcn nt the Inn nl W. S. Mecch 111 Cambridge, on ihe -lih .Monday ol November A. D. 181 1, for examination nnd allowance, nnd thai all concerned be notified hereof by the pul lication of this order in Ihe Burlington Free Pro, lirinti'.l at Burlington in Chiitendod Co iuiy,. three weeks succes sively I efore said lime of bearing", that they may ap pear if they see cause nnd obicct thereto. By the Court. C. LYNDI", Jr., leiri'ler. 22w3 A NEW SELECT SCHOOL, MISS. MA It AH HUNTINGTON. Inst! stress. SCHOOL Room near Ihe corner of Pearl and Wh'te Street. Lcsons given in French, Mezzotint Painting, and Pentenraph Drawing, if red'.icstcd Terms Moderate. Oct. 23lb, 1341. 20wG MISS C. RANNEY WOULD respectfully inform the Lad cs of Bur lington nnd vicinity that she hns fust returned from New Yntk, with n rich assortment of WINTER GOODS. of the latest styles, consisting of ready mado BON NETS, nnd Ihe latest lashions for IlltBSSCS AND CLOAKS, which she will make in the newest styles to order. A large variety of Fancy Velvets, and plain Blue Black do.: Silks, ofall kiods: Ribbons, of the new est styles; Plumes nnd Artificials, together with Cup Tabs, English and French Rouches, Bullion Trim mings, ivc. etc. Miss Rannev has removed frm the shop she for merly occupied, lo ihe new brick building, opposite Mr Dunn's, on College St., and would tenner hrr thanks to her friends who hitherto favored her wilh their natronace. and solicits a continuance nf the same nl her new shop, a few rods from the one she former ly occupied. Burlington, Oct. 21, '44. 20 tf GLOVES, CAPS, &C. THE subscriber, grateful for past fators, would re spectfully inform his friends and cu-tonicrs, and the public generally, that he still continues to supply otdersfur GENTLEMEN'S BUCK GLOVES, OP ALU KISliS-IASnO XSl) U.XLIXED. Having in his employ the well known workman, Mr. K, Tracy, late of Monipelier, wdio is unsurpas sed in his line, he will be able to furnish articles of the very best quality. ALL KINDS OF GENTLEMEN'S AND LAD'S CAPS, MADE IX Till: VnSTMA.WRll. EAST INDIA GRASS MATS, Marie tn order. lrDealcrs will be supplied with Gloves and Caps on tavnrabte terms, un application to the subscriber or 1" 11. V., llulllllgl Vt, Windsor, Oct. 25, '-14 fio- tf L. TRACY, Jr. MISS. MARKIIAM, MILLINER. HAS just returned from New York w th Good, nnd Fash ions ot the latest and most np piou-d sljle-, lor Runnels, Caps, &c. Stior- on I lol'egc t., sign of t he Band Box a few rods east of the Court House Sipi.are. Mi-s. Hunt. I're-s Maker (at Mi-s. MnrMiam's Shop) has received from N. Y. new Fashions for Drcsc-, Clonk-, dec. Oct. 21th, 1841. 21tf DOMESTIC GOODS. DROWN nndblcachisl Sheetings Murine-' Murt ins , Cantnn Flannels, Ticking- Col'on Yarn, Wickiil; Baiting, Wadding, &x. 6m, lor n'e low, by a. I'urr., 21 Oct.2j, IS11. RUSSIA IRON. ' BUNDLES Russia Sheet iron, ) For sale I y VI LAS & NOYES. O.U. 24, 1811. 21 New Groods ! H. W. CATLIN, "T ESPI'.CTI ULLY calls the attention ol ii ircha It scr.- lo his new and extensive arrrment of Fall Dry Goods and Dry Groceries, jiM received at bis store, Strongs' Budding, nearly opposite J, it J. II. Peck is Co., among w hien may I e found CLOAK, UKE-sS, and r A.U1 uuuus, cnmpri-in Rich Drc-s Sill Calicoes. 8.000 Yard- Rich Shawls, Velvet, Crapes, Bombazines, Merinos,, Ca-h. De Laines, Cah De Eco-se, Repp. Cashmere, 1-nincs, Rich Lustre-, . Ginghams, very rich styles, Victoria Plaid-, A lgbin Satin, llu-iery, Glove-, Handkerchief", Cambrics, Muslins, Cravat, Gimps and Fringe, Persian PUids. A LSO A lnris nuonmpni of fine and superfirc WOOt CAIll'liTlNGS, some choice patterns, and very low. Tilncn Goods. 5 i. 4.4. fi. 1.7-4. nnd 8-4 Dnma-k Diaper, Sheet ings, Shirting IAnens, of the mo.t appinieil fabric nml lini-li, Irom very low 10 siipcnnie wr eoonrs, 5 8, 3-4 nnd 7-8 Napkins, white and colored damask II . II. 2..V. Ar, r..T, n.,.1 Ililol.-. noyies, iiussia i.iujii-i, sj,.vit,i uw, v.,.... .u abaci. loweung. Flannels, Of every width, from 3 -t 10 6-4, and all qualities, ml. vrllnu'. unit while. Wool do., I Ic.icluvl and un bleached Cotton do., Salisbury lig'd do, and Plaid do. fur facings, Wool Cloths. Plain black it blue bl'k, Broad Cloths, Vt. Grev llioadcloth", Black Beaver Cloths, Blue B nek do. I nr. Green do. Brown Benver do. Plaid Tweeds. Blue do do, niuck Pilot Cloths. Blue do do, I Inmesi in Cn-si'meres, Crimere, mixed do. Fancy do. a l.rrge vn rietv, C 4 Fr. Casimeres, Doe Skin, Cndel Satinets, Mixed do. Plaid do. Fr. bl'k Broadcloths, Blue Black do. Blue do. Brown. Inv. Green. Domestic Grey Cloths, Dome-lie r lannxis. Domestic Satinets. Drab, Cadet, d'k mix'd, Cottons, fcr. 12 Bales 8lR'eting of every style and texture. 54 Lawrence do., 78 tine llro. do. 3-4, 4-4, and 5-4 bleached Shirting', IHavy lickings, rtpron v. icck blenchnl and llro. Culton Drillr j Batliug, W adding Wtcliing, arn. Shoes New York S'ippers, French Welt Tie-, French Kid Slippers, French Kid Buskins Farwell's Ties, Slip iers, Buskin', Walking Shoes, hall Gaiter-, and Gaiiers. Children's Slippers, Children's half Gaiters, Gents. Pumps, Goat shoes, ' Thick Boots. Pur trimmed and lined Rubber shoes, new siylea for Ladle. Gents. Itublier shoes, Children do. Wishing to make all who call upon ine regular Cllsiiniirrs wnii lies unic-i 111 vi., attention hns been given in selecting ihe above named finmls. uihich for varielr and lieSlltV of SlvloS Will not suffer in comparison wilh any ever lfbrcofreied . ... r IT fS in mis mirsei. nurimjioii, Sept. 27, 1811, 17 IT ELIAS LYMAN, OFFERS for sale nn extensive 1 ssnrttm-nl of Dry Goods, consisting ttt ft great variety oftheNe' Styles of O ods to I e fintttd in them trkels ol Boslnn and New York, whk.1i nre o lfcrel for sile for rash or creilii al reducisl prices, antong which will hi: lound n Vnrieiy ol Alpaccns nnd new style Goods lor Ladies Cloaks, Plain, Siripe and Plaid. Abo, Oalla Plaidi, a hew nnielenl woollen goods for Clonks, Camrlions, M. D. Lames, Alepines, Silks, ifcc. dec, lor LaJim Dresses, A bcnutifiil variety of American Prints, An extensive asiorttuent of BroaJclotbs and Cat siinere-, Wnier proofTwef-ls, Striped do. Plain nnd Plaid SittineMi-, superior quality. A Icaiitiful und rxen-lte of Wmtef Ve-ling. Salin and Silk Velvet do. Cotton Cloths p great varieiy, Wadding, Wickinc. Rallin? if-c. Ifmbrcllaa. Superior Quality nf Scotch Gingham Whale linns) sticks. Also, Black Silk L'ml rellas. Also,Ginghiui do Cane Slick". Shoes. An r.Vcrtsivc assnrlmenl of Low Price.1 Shoes, anionir which arc Colored Cloth Buskins at 60 cents per pair. Black do do at 75. 'together wilh n general assortment of Shawl. IMkfs., Crnvnt, (!oie, Mills &c. if. Biirhiigtou 2lOctober, 1811. 18 It. PATEKSON WOULD respectfully inform his customers anil the pul lie thai he'lias jn.t received from Nei oik Fall and Winter fashion, and nil thu-e favori'iitf linn Willi Iheir patronaae ninv rely on having Iheir wiirk done un the lowest terms and in lite neatest t.vle. ALSO Garment' eleanet, nnd cutting done on Ihe shone! notice nnd warranted at his shop on the New Road, two doors north of II. Whitney's shop. 18 f NEW FALL GOODS. '"llHf". BiibCri'ers have jut -evened a very larg) J s ipp'y ol rich Fall Cowls, among which are th following articles. Goods for I'nll drcssei. French mous de laines, of all pattern, cashmera d'l'ciise, chameleon lu-tres, Parmcltar, fancy plaU alpacca, brown do, black and t.lne black do, l laclt and I Ine bl.v-k nlpinc, n large assortment ol black and bli.u black nnd fancy silks, striped and plaid do, Adgh in talin , winter l.alroruics. ntbbolis. Hat, cap, nnd neck nbl on. plain tafetaj, atin da. I, aces. English, I'rcncli, nnd German thread laces and c'giiiE, I.ile, Giiimpure, Asliburlon flg'd and pla.a Nells, I lot k and while. Sbalvls. Camel'- hair, Rrocbc, damask, cashmera d'Ecoti., and Scutch plaid shawi-. CiloVfs La-lie-' and Gentlemen's black and white and col. ored ki I Glove-, Ions, while, kid, and si'k Ilk, whea aiideoli'icd sdk, Hack and cul'd.Miit, black and blu bla. 1; cil cruiie. Cloths. Blac'; and 1 hie 1 lack Fngli-h cloihs 1 rown, preea nn l iiuid le green do j blk" nnd blue blk rassimerca ; nlaid an 1 strmed do ; l-lk and blue blk satin vesting.) blk and blue blk -ilk tehei do i silk velvet, ofall col or-, lor Ladies' ha'.,. I-'lainicls. tll.!. 1 1 ....It n I I I I!. I C-UM.I. 1, line, ituj .1 11' 1 1, enow j-i, i-1, "no u 1 i. 111 ibis, bleached and mil lca"hod Canton ilo, plain and printed ilisliiiryuo. silk, merino, nnd cotton s.liirtsaiiduraw er. Black ami blue I lack and cord Girdles, cotton and wors'ed hosiery, linen and wor-ted table cover, dia per nn-t linen napkins, bleached nnd unbleached cot ton., b'ack and colored cambrics, linen and silk hdkls. Ladies' and Gentlemen' cravats, black, while, and col'd paper Mu-lins, pl.l n, striped and barr'd da. cli 111, turnnu nair cai cap-, velvet nnu nir irunnieu buys' do, Uua und Bu laio role., floor matts, and bcJ ords. To the above will 1 e weekly added every Ihinn ;w, l.isliional le und I'e irable. all of which will ba ollcrcd at the lowe-t market prices. 1 . r. KrAlNiruiiu i.;o. B irlington. Sept 19, 1811. 16 VERMONT CUNTHAIi IIAII. HOAU. Notice is hereby given that the books for subscrip ion 10 the Capital Slock of tho VERMONT CEN TRAL RAIL ROAD, will be opened on the 29lh day of this month, al one o'clock, P. M., nt M. Cottril!' in Monipelier, and at Howard's Hotel i 1 Burlington. chas. paine, john peck, wyllys lyman, daniel Baldwin, e. p., andrew tracy, LEVI Ii. V1LA-J. Oct. 12, 1314. Drawing Books, THE Liltle scholars Diawinr and Writing, Easy Le sons in Ltn-lscape Drawing, do do Animals nml Rustic Figures, Drawing book of Tree, S1111 li'ss l.ineir Drawing', Shaw- Auiericiin I.nndscnpc Drawing book, Smiih's Elementary Drawing hook, explamel in a -erics of ea.y progressive Le-sons with Let- terPre-s Insiructinns( Drawing look ol Fruit and Flowers, bv Mrs. Ann Hill, author of embelishinen'.s to Flora' Diciionnrv, Oxl'iird Drawing Book. 100 Plates, 21 By A EDWARDS. STOVE PIPE. 15 li'SSIA, Cnsli.-h and Canada Stove Pipe. X For -ale by VILAS U NOYES. Ol.2t, 1811. 21 MA TCHES. 1 ff Gross Matches, for sale hv 1 VJU VILAS lT NOYF.9. Oct, 21, 1311. 21 G rocories, TTYPOX, Hyson Skin, Young Hyson, and Sn-i- J-J. cnong leas Loaf, Brown nnd tunvd Sugar; Port Rico and Miiscavado 1I0 : O'd Java. Hi", and Culm Coffee, Cocoa, Muias-e-, Itirr, Ginger, Sa'era tus, rentier and spice, i-iove, nutmegs txc. tve. ALSO, Winter Sirained Sperm Oil, lursa'e lv S. .11. I'UIT, Oct. 53th, 1311. 21 WANTED. ATrANTED In exchange lor Goods, Table But'er, V Grey Uluth, Flannels, AIo, Corn, Rve ud Oat', by Ol. 3lli,MII. 21 SELECT SCHOOL, Sllss. Ii. 11. STACY U7 ILL commence her winter term on Ihe 611 of .Noveml er. lo continue 12 weeks. Scho'ars arc expected to enter at thi. comimjneeincnl of Ihe term. Tuition. English, 83.00 French, 1.00 Dr.awiiif, 3,00 School Room one door west of the room formerly occupied by Mi. Rannev ' shop, up stair-. li irlingtnn, .jet, 18, ish. -u Cash l'aitl lor Sl-'ii) I' ells. CASH, and the highest price p-i'd for Sheep Pelts and Shipping Fur, by " VILA & NOYF.i. Burlington, O-ioler. 17, 1SJ 1. 20 JAMES K. POLK. CJPLhNDID of i lay, l'oik, rrelinith .y k sen and lJalla-. rnre yi eeni I'rire 12 for sale hv SAML'E HUNTINGTON". O-t. 16, '44. 20w6 NOTICE. THE sucscriqer has for salo:--1 Lumber Waggon, with cast iron axlelrtos made of the I est White Oak. 1 Lumber Wargon, with wrought iron axlstreo 1 One Horse Lumber U'nggon, 2 One Horse Pleasure Waggons. The above Waggons will be sold cheap fer Cash nr Giain or exchanged for good voiine Horses, or Wood. II. WHITNEY. Bulling ton, Oct. I2d, 19-14. 2llf NEW (IOODS. Pit II. II- DOOLITILE have just neeived a large and general supply of Fall and Winter Goods, among which, are American, French and English Broadcloths andCas simeres, Beaver Cloths, with a good assortment of trimming to match. A new and splended style of Calicoes, Cashmeres, Alpacias, Roumeliaa Semendras. A large supply ol Bleached and brown Cottons, Cotton arn, VVicking, Carpet Warp, Waddinjf and Cotton llatts. They hare on hand ttie Pest of llvson, Hyson Skin I Ti-i Yoong Hyson and Pouchong Si. Croix, 1 Porioltico, ( SUGARS. Loaf and f Powdered, J Pepper, Spl-r.Ginjir, Clove, Nutme. CnUand I COFFEIS. -,av" .... 1 To which they aik t' atlentk n of a 1 wh ) t huyhcap. SJx6 Nov. 6, lft.

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