Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 22, 1844, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 22, 1844 Page 4
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NEW GOODS. M. POPE, ha returned from New York s. llu" Fall mill Winter trade, niiiaii ins In nart nf Wool dyed ttln It, !!l ie. invi-il le Green and Cadet Jtixo'l MroudClo'h . do i'ii ill) l'i o 91 hi, Denver 8 ml Pilot Jo I'lai i nml Fan y Os inicre-, S,lk and Woolen Velvet Ve-ti,ig., Plmn ami Fig'd. 7 1 1 1 il do P. lit nnl Cotton Warp Alp"ci, Cahniere, Ctiisan', Bavarian, Medorn ami Or leans (3loth for dretc, l.n.lie Cravat, Gem's, ilo Oimp and Ftinsre. 3 -I an ' 6 4 Plaiil Wpr.tP, Or,o!, lira Holland", hro. Tal le Cloths, I'll,'. Holland Cum' ri.-, Hn-icry, Glove., &c. A p. The shbve with many other cnol werp p trchaed at the pro-cut reduced pi ices and will 1 c sold as cheap n the cheapest. Burlington, O'loler, 2". 1811. 21 BROWN SHEETING. IUI.ES Brown Sheeting, 1 Ca-e Blenched do 1 do 'I'k'l. inz. for m'c low l v 15 VILAS it NOES Oct. 17, 1811. 2il BUTTONS. QCC "ROSS Horn Coat I! ittorts,' fmjj .) i'o iii) iiver i.oat to 300 do do Yet do M G It Coal do do do do VILAS it 125 do do Ve-t 5f() do Pant SuO do .Shirt inle cheap 1 y 17, 1311. For Oct. NOYE.S. 20 BRIGG'S PATENT FENCE MACHINE, HjiOR Hinting Pence Picket and other articles of B mind of n cyhinirienl form. The mi lersi.nuil continue In operate the nhuvp Machinery nt " WiiiDiislit t.'ily," tihcie they it mild behappy'tn fiiniih pitrclnseis Willi smiii'iif ihcir varieties of Ruin, gulden or oriiiiuentnl Ftlirc They ill nlo work up Lumber upon shares or by the lod fur those ho uiii. Owing In llie ndvniiliges vvliith ihey clcritp inlhe tie of thpnhove iniprovrmi'iil, thi y lire etuihltd In nllwrd a tit-nl and beautiful fence fur yaidiund gar den", nt .miclt lc cxpemu tlnn the same can be cot up fur III any olher way, while fot i ny it is not Rxcvlleil by anv in eou'iinon life. Thi wilunhlc iuiirfiveniput wi fiit broiinlit out in WeMcrn Ni iv Vorlt, Iii re II lia none into eMen-ive use and has receivcil ihe npprobati.ui oflho ."Mayor of Ihecityof lluinio, with inn ny hundnds of the firt nurifulnir islsand other in ibnl p;ilt of llie Stale, nlo of Gov Hubbard, I'oct. Jim. .Indue Churchill .,ud many others in New Hampshire. In Piel licrcver II ha been inirodttred it ha been lnclilv approved. A a Farm Fence it combine morp mlvanlai'ps than any olher fence ever u-.'d. It nti ! c u?!"!) iriViwi ;o.s mid i therefore nnl nlK-ctcd hy the frec7in and heaiimjof the iiinund. It tikes lis lumber than any other kind of fence, is i eel lain protection ajrain! nil kind of cattle, i not liable to eet out of icpur, eJnv.ot he blown riirn, l caily set lii, taken down and removed, without tnjury, J-No FAnMEn s'.onld be Ktlliavt nl leisl n sulli cient quantity to throw around his fields of grain and stack v.nds. The underitMied refer with pleasure to Col. Harry Thomas, N. B. Haell, F.-q and .Meis. Iliin" maid and llroihera. Iliirliniitnn ; Hon Hnvul Iteid, Co!chc!rr: Ralph Lindiin, Villiton, at. J Win. Keelcr, IJ q., Grand Isle. .TNO N. PF.WCV. II P. DKWF.V. Anv pArcon ni!iin2 to enpae in the nbove hnsi ns in the counties nf Krniikliu, Orlean. Lamoille, WashiiiBtnn Rulhnd, llennina'on anil Windham, in thi Stale, or anv of he l'.ileru counties in the Slate of New Voilt. p'tase upplv a above. i. 11... 11. A"enl for Patentee. Rurlington, Vl., Ati2iit, 1641. n VIl.AS & NOYESS. MlCCCssof! to Vir.AS l.ttO.MIS A, Co. TTIIOLF.S L1", Pca'ers in Ferciin and r)oinelie V Prv Goo I-, Tin Pla'e, r.nslish, Hnin, nnl Canada Sheet Iron j Iron Wire, Wire Vellum, Sheet and Bolt Copper, Sheet Lead and Zinc, and tintiii facti.rers ofTin Ware. WILLIAM RVII.S Moiiii.Lo .ovn-. liurlmston, O.-ti.Ler, lfl. 20 SEiifiia & IPs Attorneys and Couimrilnrs at Lair, And Solicitor.. In Chancery. JAMF. Mc M. SIIAFTF.R, WILLIAM W. PUCK. Peck's nulltlinpt, Xo. C. 2fK3 ANOTHER Tiorcu of that S i bv O t."4, Ml. 1 IIo'l-e AL la-eii , V.'. CAT1 IN. 18 EXTRACT OF LUNGWORT. THE ONLY CURE FOR CONSUMPTION AND LIVER COMPLAINTS. TIIU a'i:STH)N HETTMil). AMONG the iiiuliitudo of inchoine- and 'cure a I-' which nitid jily p.ilmcl oITu ion the un-ii pectins, people so of en e;ci di-nipointi'd, that they lnidly know what lo lebeo when a 1 1 ally nivalin. ule mcilicinc i- lirt iniroiiueni into tho coiiiinuiiiiy The me.icinu winch in now I ring helore iho pub-1 is a eoinpoun I not invenicd in a day, I it I lie ma- I'lrini! t f lears ot n-licct on. on all di-msc. Inch I nate a leu'den -y tow.ud- ConsUmition. Complaint- of ilits 1 uig, chc-t, and liver, seem to ari-o from o. r vilial le eluu.tic, mosl daimcro'i- lo the iut.tlid, and tho e of naturally weak eoii-iituiion-. lr. l.arbor's Vcgctublo l.ungwcit is of ihe mo t extraordinary uat iro in its opt ritions upon the y-teiii. It take- bold of ihe coiup'tiini at once, an I no mailer how lou the pulmonary orcon- suinpilvu paneni iij- i ecu -u -cri.ig, n lite coii'lilion jA the lung- i "ch a- not to be ub-oluioly meural le, Ihe L'liigiton will crid'calc every .ymptoin ol di--case from the body, rcsioriir.' one a- il were again to lile. For tin- rcii-on, people ttho hive pulmonary rompliiiiil- should caiefiilly uleel that remedy at Jirtt which will cure, if there can be- a cure. The Lungwort will do thU, if health i to I e restored : and the proprietor hesiiaie- not to .ay it i the mlesi ineheine in the vvorld for ihoe trou'l lei with coit.ii nnd COLDS, IIKOrCIIITIS, WHOOPISU COt'GII, ASTHMA, MG.1T SWKATS, r.U.F.liIXO AT Till. I VNC, Ofrni.sslt'N ("I THE tllKST, Dirriccwv ir sheathing, aific- tioss of the LiiEit, and I ul iii ouary compluiuts of evcrv unu. We hive not room tn pul li-li ihe numcroii certifi cate ol cure, I ill "II ere referral to it inohcal pain iihlet to be hd grati of any ofthj Asouis. C. J. I!00EVELT, Sale Proprietor, 27 Bioadwnv, Al1 any. For sale by PKCK di M'EAIt, Apothprarie-nn-' Or iggj-t-. Burlington, Vt. ? i I AC Ail & ARTJIUI,, A UK now receiving new -4.-. tupjuieu oi SADLER Y. COACH AND SHELF HARDWARE. in all its varities. Also, DRUGS & MEDCHNES, PAINTS, OILS, VAR NISHES, &c. t&c. Burlington, Vt. Oct. 1, 1811. COMBS. 500 DOZ. Side Coml s, ISO do Twbl do Wh fii I 1 rW 21K) do ivory no 75 do C. and Fine t'o 75 Gross Wood Pocket do 10 thi Jo Dressing do For -ale tv VILAS .V CVi 17,1611. M)VF; NEW FIRM. fPHK siiborihcr having formed n copartnership JL under tho Firm of VAKNEY St. ZOTTMAN al the hop fonnerlv occupied by D. M. Varney, on College Sinct, nl lha sign of the thirteen fool gun, whero they wil1 do nil 1 ulness in their line of While milium, 'Cutler, Oun Smiih, Die .S'inkeis, lira Founders, Ivory Turner, Mnehinl-ts and in short nlmot everything. Work done to order, and nil order promptly attended to. I). M. VAUNF.Y, HENRY 7.0TTMAN. Oct. It, 1S14. 18 SALT. Buh. Turk Mnnd Salt. 5,000 Inn. Conr-p Western Solar 350 Bids. Finn Western do. 300 lines (2S lb.) around do. 40 Sack- Liverpool do. 1000 50 Blls. gauml Wo-tcrn dp, STRONGS .f CO. 10 Aug. C. Ml. ITMItWHI.L'S Men'. Pump, nml Gout Slim Hoot. L . p., l.a.lie- Wad! and Ool'd Half (Sailer, Walk Ins .Shoe-, KjJ Slip and Buskin-. .Tul reeM bv II. W. CATLIN. 8 Tuly 21, IS It. rLASTEIt. i r rr..n. ... c nl ........ .'... . nJ 111 'ii .n il-i, U1 n-u'i,ni,.iii'i Ll now niindum nl the Plaster Mill at Winooski rail., and for sale by .Tune 12, ISJ-I. FULLHT, IIRADM'.V & Co. 255 Jioxos hotip 1.1 do can lie 12 do common and ' pearl' Riarch. 14 do ' P.oniis' an I oilier brand Tobacco. 1 M l. Lorillaro's maceoboy tii'iH. 15 i aks saleralii". 40 bais Java and Rio eolTee, pico and pepper. 100 malt caia, nutmeg, ginger, alum, fait pel io, 1 1 ir -, ui'istaru, prepne'l cocoa, uc .'. 0, 1811. HI STRONOS it CO. An FOIl SALE. T Wll I. ell llu. idnen wlirre I live ra. I - ,,r n 1).,. n...i rvr...,. i iftH.n lioinmi! in iierfeci order. Terms, one i' ' iLvSJi' thou-and dollars in hand, I nlnnce in four ,l-:,;,6fcjcarlv payment', if i es'reil. lo those who nip ii'd'ar-quaintel with the pl.uo il may I o well to -ay, it i 'imnlcil on the -oulli side of the Court IIo i-V Square, limine n largo front and a Inrse mid good pari'cn at'aehed to it. C ADAM&. .lu'y 2!). 1311, 0 NEW TAILORING ESTABLISH MENT. .1 AJIES o it it . WOULD rispecifuUv inform theoiiizen of Bur liiicton and pul be senerally. that hf haslaken Ibo eariiilnhment recently occupied by CriARLKS nt'..,A?i, where lie will execute nil orcerin mi: TAILOItLM. IIUSINF.SS on the -horii'-l notiri', and in a slil-'iiot lo be surpass- en. r rom -cvcrai v' .ir experience in i uc nii-iiic- m feel-confident ol in-urin? :reiieral.-aiisi..cliun. CFT1INO done for other to make up, at all time, and warranted prnperlv m.u'elip. eiuirht,An?., 1314. 12 tf. Ira?s Kettles A Large nnr'ment, by Sept. IS, IS11. STRONGS & CO. 10 AM CAN II OTKIi. AND GENERAL STAGE HOUSE, ItV S. V. TAYI.nit. CocnT House Sqcake, Hciilisoto:;, Vt. 2'it F o a I hers, ffTLNS and Gee-c Feathers for sale 1 y BH VILAS & NOVFS. Ibir'inctnn, O t. 17, 1S1I. 20 llu ! All Ye That 'l'hi-sl i Nrvr :,nnui) vht ! ptIM, URANOV, GIN and WINF.S, of all the il V variouqnihties,iu quanlitiee of one pint or moio. anil other I-A.MILV UllUCKKlKS, lor ile on rea- ISAAC WARNICIt. Builinglon,.Iiine, IP 1 1. 2 LYMAN 31. O-ilirim Un Iffi wi'lli lnm on -iU' lor I rii-th In' nitne as-nrlmcnl of rich nn1 -iilt'inli'l ('n-li i liter c Shawl-, n lulu larco nn-1 1 cnnritl :is-orinnnt of , Sil'; Sli'ivvU, ninoiis which art lhnf f'ctinnt W-rn ' Sill, Slmwl of -urorior q'lnlily, whicli wi'l 1 v sold for i i nl i joii-r- cm n. i Tin :thow :u ((''on'-lnl rriinccd pr'cc. It tilniutdn, .StriHi"'- UuilJinsP, Sept. f IS t ' t ?V A A Sf if tm -M W wr Vf V T 3 Manufacturer nf TIN, SHEET-IRON. AND COPPER WARE, mid d ah r in coppnn pumps, ij:ad pipi:, j. Ch ireh treit, llurlington. March C, 1511. ly-10 Q UAliS Dairy Salt Oet. A, '-il. II. W. CATLIN. 13 Salmon Trout and salmon IJy STRONGS i Co. IC Sept. 18, Ml. ur.M) pipi:, tf. O TONS Lead Pine i to 11 in. bore; 3 rolls Shed O lead; 12 ewl. sheet Zinc ; 30 llac Shot abort ed No bv STRONGS .f- Ca June 11." Mi. 2 NOT I! CSS- rjMH. nlieririrr ha removeil tit Ulliee over L SlroiiKsit Co'sstore, north of thn Court House I). A S.MlL,L.i:V. l!iirlmton, .epl. 5, 1S11. Hlf Mill; I'nns. 1 f ROZ. Faithan Milk paif, for .ale 1 v M 1 S. .M. POPE. IS II. 11 .SM DDL Hit Y. -iTRONOS it CO. ofTer to Sa Idler- and dealt rs Saddli-rv a Iniulsome as-ortmenl of eoods in their line, on icry rci-onalile terms. lu GRIND STONES. 1 tn CHOICE Nova Scotia Grind Stone i Mil July, 1. .STRONGS b Co. Brown Havana suixar. K TONS llrown Havana S i;ir, just revived and 'J for sale at reduce I price-, by l-Ol.l.r.TT, BKAIU.F.V t CO, South Wharf, Oct. 3, 131 1. IS Broad Cloths and Cassi mores. f ENTLI'.MFN may avail tbemselvc- of the op- oft lobe, if ihev will call nl the -tore I'unnerlc m. v " immithu'V oi u'jr:iirt oit il III an nun KOil Mill cuoicd bv Lovely & Scwno-ir, where they will find a fine n-sorlment to select from. C. F, STAMFORD & CO. ?et. ID, IBM. 10 Hard Ware OTIIONGS it CO. are receiving fieq'tent addilion O to their slock of heavy and shell Har 'ware, to Ihe niientiou of purchasers is solicited. Kept. IB, Ml 15 ALPACAS $c. J PS Silk Warp Alpaca, 5 18 do Cot 1 1 HI do do 25 do French and Euglbh Merino, 10 tlo Fi'd yilpinc, for tnle at low price by VILAS & NOV 15). Oct. 17, 1811. 20 SA L T. TITHE subseril ers are prepared to eontrnct with J merchanls for their winter supply of Salt, and oner upon ine mo-t nityamageous terms, I i.l'UO iii.stiels Kolar, 2,(i00 t'o Turks Island, 1,1100 do Bonaire, 5.000 I arrels Fine Western, 5,000 sack. Diiry, 29 Hi, each. They pledge them.elve ibey will not I e under-old, FOI.l.KTT, BRADLEY & CO. South Wharf, Oct. 3, 1811. 18 F ii. r s, TUST received and lor sale, a Inrgo n-ortment of O tin lalo KM, Mulls, Boas, Cap and Collar, by Oct. 4th 1811. 18 II. W. CATLIN. ) I L WINTER bleached Sperm Oil. Do do Whale do. unbleached do do. Leaf La. d Oi', a superior aricle. "Soiilh Wharf" upon term which For sale at the hull I e Hindu to -uit, hy FOLLETT, BRADLEY it CO. Oet. 3, 1811. 18 SCHOOL BOOKS. WAYLAND'S Moral Science, Player'. Euclid, Fo-ler's Book-ICceping, Grcenleal's Arithme tic, Andrew's Latin Reader and Le-son. Sophoele's Greek Grammar, Ambon' Sallust. Mrs. Pfiehi Plilosophy, Olmyslcnd's Philo-ophy, Newman's Ilhe lorie. Smith'" Arithmetic, I'avie-' -Surveying, Coop, er's Virgil, Cointock'. Philo.ophv, Ac. Ac, for snle bv .s.vMUIH. HUNTINGTON. 0.1, If,, Ml. 20.vC INSURANCE. rlMIK ul scril crlia acted a Agent tortlie'na L In-mance Company of HarlfotdConucelicul for morn thin twenty tear pnt, and continue to inuri! ngnin-t looses by lire, nml all kind of building nml icrsonai properly, nml will revue application nt !ii tilliee in Bnrlihnton.nnd Imiiie.tialclv Issue Police for that purpose nt a low rale of picminm, as any privnle coinpauvcan a'l'ord. The undoubted re-pon- ll'ililyof thi Company, Insures infely to thoiiiMi nil, nml their prompt, honorable, at d liberal cour'C in tne aiijiKinient ami payment ot ioP", will he at loted by all with whom they have had ocaion to lo iiiiiiip. A. UKISVvuLU.Acent. Burlington, March I, 1811. -10 If NRW STORE. rYMIE siilwriler would inform hi Iriend and the X Public that ho ha iut owned a Store on the coiner of Clvnclt and Hank streets, opposite the old iinnit,wiiere lie win sen uoou a eneap a nicy can be boucht el-cvvhere, embracing n-mall slock ol DRV GOODS, and n t;enernl nnrinient of FAMILY GROCERIES. Pleae ca'l and look I elorc buying el'cwhcre. I' LOUR nml SALT, by the barrel, or in les quan tity. I hall not bo undersold by mv neiirhbor. June 7, M4. 1 N. W. GAGE. NEW FIRM. TMIK s'llwcriU-r have formed a. Conarlncrship i. under the firm of C. F. Stamford it Co.. nt the itore formerly occupied by Lovely iV Seymour, here they will be able to show in a few day a very lar?o norinient oi oiapie ami Fancy urvurnccric, rapor liauzin. lyroeterv. inaware. o:e. o.. mat will be worthy the in-peilion of the purehain2 coniinu nity i;, r . SI A.MI'DIIIJ. W. F. SIIATTI'CIC. II Sept 2, 1011. Tin Pinto, Wire, &c 1 Ctn loxes Till Plate, 1-3 x nnd extra sizes, CO wv- bd s. iron wire, norlej No, sheet iron, sheet copper, tinned and bl'k rivet", Willi n rrcnera n'ortment of tinner's goods. STRONGS & CO. Aiifx., 1H1J. 11 Looking Glasses, &.c. THE fiih'crilcr have received this ay a latpe a"orlmritt of Looking Olaes, Crockery, nnd Gn Ware, in n i Mil ion to their slock- of Dry Goal and Uroceric, ll ev are (leteninneil to sell low C. V. STAMFORD it CO. Sept. 13, ISU. 10 nirTTS Axn .strut KWfs. QHn Table, Rack (lap, Narrow. Broad, OyfyJ Window Blind and Pew door Bulls, from Wrought nnd Iron. 1,300 GROSS American " Premium" Screws, aborted sizes. Dealers nippiiii at iew lornpn ti. S1RONGS &, CO. 10 An . 0.M1. New Goods. Q 31. POPE ha fust received a new supply of u (iihkI tor mo tall traiic ; ninonc; ms nrrortment may I e fouml ba-hniere D l'.cose, Uhuans, Minclla plain fia'd. Alpaceas. or nts &e. ie. Alo. Rich Wo! leu Veil el and other VeliiiK. fur sale very ehcan for caMi. Burlington, Sept.C 1814. 11 BOARDING HOUSE. rpHE subseril er would respectfully inform the pub I lie that he still continue to keep a Hoarding uouse, on .nam o t reel, n tew ro,i irom tne i.onrt-llou-e Square and Pot Ollice, in the hotie formerly occupied hy Geo. I!. Shaw, Esq., and that ho can ac commodate a lew more boarder on as reasonal le icrina as can I e obtained elsewbcie. WARREN SIBLY. Hurli'mlon, Vt.,Aii!r. 7, 1811. 10 If Plated sleigh and Cutter shoes airs in siore and for ale. STRONGS & Co. A V Cod Fish. qtl cry superior, just repel voif. STRONGS &. Co. EIEMOVAIy. ' llu. -oo-crioer oa removeil irom in o:u taiiu on I t liiirch SI reel, to his new BRICK SHOP C.iilnr- Lane, twenty rod- Ens! of the Biirlinirlou I Sank, where he ha- on hand and will continue to inan- l.icture all kind i f CAI3Ir,TF,T WARH, of the bet (pinliivi mi'Ii a SOFAS, SECRET -RIES, BEAURI'AI'S, Dmiuir, Tel. Centre, Work ami Todet TABLES. . ST NDSiV BEDSTEADS, and all kind- of work in hi line. iCJ"Mot kiniU of Co'inlry produce and Luniler receiied in pijmcnt, or npp'rovol credit, nnd very cheap for Ca-h. SAMUIX MCHOLS. liiiiliiiKlon, .May 23th, 1811. 52 Wll ITU LI5AD. " 7 TONS "iVnr York and Suuzrrtia" hh- lead, ilryand srouml in oil, 'pure.' 'extra,' ami 'No. 1,' i just ree'd. 'I ho quality of thi lead i warranted equal ami heluweil lo be superior lo tiny maiiiitnc Intel in the United Stale. STRONOS it CO. An?. 0, M 1. 1 1 SMOKED BEEF. Kfin LBS. Superior quality smoked Beef bv 'J)J Jiiy-. 5 STRONGS & Co. npiIE PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE UNI JI ted Stale i now complete. It may be seen nl Sun'l. Huniin!ton's who is duly nuihorifi lo fill all nrd ts in relaltnti to this valual le work. Every Amer ican will feel pioud to be thoowner of this Hi-lory. He who liny have order left wilh them ill do mc a f ivor by irnnsmiiiiiif; ihem to Mr. Huntincton. E. W. Blnisdell of Vi rjrc tints, tsnn niiihurized nsent. All the eounties in the stale Mill I e visited as as i.rneneahlefoi the circulation of this unrivalled Amer ican llislnty, D. KIMBALL Jr. special Agent for Vt. Biirlinclon, Sept. 9lh 164-1. 15 Canada Box stoves. S 30, 31 and 3G in. smile and double Canada "-,ju-trec-eiiedaiid forsiln low. Sept. 18, Mi. STRONGS it C& PRINCE'S Linaacn Botanic Garden and Nnrscrics Flushing, near Ncte York. PRCK sTsiPrTCA 12. H AVI NO become AGENTS for litis Establish, ment. will collect nnd forward orders for Fruit and Ornamental Trees and Plants j Catalogues and -rices oi which may uc seen at their rountcr, uenUNOTO.v T. Female Trusses. THIS article of the invention and manufacture of Hull, nnd also of Mar-h, of every stzo nnd form, nnd for all the purpose for which they are deigned, constantly receiving al PECK & SPEAR'S. 4 From the recommendation" ot our town Physicians slid re-idem Practilioiier.- in thi Slnte, as well as ihe Medical Faculties of the cities of New York. Bo. ton, Philadelphia and Baltimore, wo cannot I ut as-.uretho-e of tho allkcled t las of the happy cilecls which may be derived by the n-e of these instru ments. In point ofdurability. and particularly price, thet are within the of all. To Physicians and I)rii"2i-t who purchase bv the uczen, t no .uanul.icliircr ui-eounl is made, 17 Tin and sheet Iron. n ffaff Boxes Tin Plate 1-3 x and extra size, lo- cether with a complete assortment of sheet Iron, just receive" mil lor sale low, by I'UUIil'.l 1, IIUAlH.l.l , Oi Ltl Soulh Wharf, Sept. 20, 1811. . 17 OHA ROLLS Paper Hanging for sale by ZUU H. W. CATLIN. Oet. 4, M4. 18 Tailoring Establishment at the Falls. W. JHcSOKLRY. WOULD respectfully inform the inhabitants of Burlinalon Fallsand vieinilv. ihal helms laken the shop occupied heretofore by 1'. Callan, where he liliroos in einiy un niu 1 1,11,11 oiie uiiMiie.s in nil lis various branches. From his experience in the busi ness in the principal cities of Europe, as well as in tin. country, nu inn ussuiu un wou uiuy lavur mm with thtir patronage of having their garments cut nit't inncto in I tie most tj-inonauie stylo ot tvorltmun shin, and on reasonable terms. Cutting done to order at short notice, and marked for others to make. All kinds of produce received in nivment for work done at my shop Accounts to P. Cnilan left wiih me for collection, on which immediate payment is re quired. Win. JlcSORLEV Burlington Fall, Oct., 3. 20tvG N. B. Oliver's New York nnd London fashions tor Mil ana turner ot isn-D now on Hand, FRUIT. APPLES both fall ant! winter fruit of tho choicest Oralis, by llie larrcll or bu-hel; Quinces, Or anze, i-rimm, iuhmu, e igg, I'aio,-, Voniectioncrv. C P.inlruc A-r. " Also, Oysiers. by the Barrell, Krgg or hundred; Che-tnuls, Wnllnuls, Almonds, Brazille,Madiera nd Pea Nuts; Soda and Boston Cracker., if-c &v lor tale cheap, by D. BLACKMAN, Hiirlinglon, Oct. 16, '44. oqihG N. York Adv'ts. BOW EN & MNAMEE, 10 WILLIAM STUIiKi', ' Ccnrncr of liravcr Street. Ncw-YorK. Tl ESPEUTFUIjI.Y annonneelhal Ihcv have made It cxtpnivrj arrangements for the Fall 1 rntle, winch will enable them to present dealer inducements than ever to merchants throughout Ihe United Stales to visit this tnatket llm present season, for tho put cluso of SILK AND FANCY GOODS. They have already received by lalo arrivals, a great var civ oi new a m ricn nouus. nuo win msu receive by tho next Packets and Steamers, an nsorimcnt of tne latest aim mot Deaiiniiii styles oi i' rencn, Her man, Italian, and Enp'ish Fsncy Goods ever in this niatket samples of which are now exhibited t nnd it is their determination, as heretofore, not only to bo conttantlv supplied with a complete ns-ortment adapted to nil sections of the country, hut to present tho ncwes and most desirable styles, suited lo the city or most fashionable trade. Their Block vtill be composed in pirt of the following articles, viz! SILIvS in cierv variety, consislimr of Italiin Lus trings, black and blue-black Suisse, Grossde Rhine, plain nnd striped Ispahans, Gros tie Rovals, Btriped and figured Gros tie Naples, Pckin Silks, Gros do Mcssinc, rich Brocade Chnmeloii, Broche figured nnd striped Poult do Soie-, rich Clnco Stripe, Gros de I' ranee, macit, nurj.tnacit. ano eningcaoio siriie ami ligured Gros d Afrinucs, Plain nnd tutored balms, otc, &c. &e. CASHMERE d'ECOSSE, of latest Paris POM PAIlfllTR iids. PARIS MOUSELINE do LA1NES, cntiro new designs and variou nualilics. CRAPE d'ORIl'NT, for Evening drcsscs-thc most splendid nrlicle ever olTercd. CUUSANS, Tin.SANS, ALI'ACCAS, HOM BAINKS, Kltl'iNCH I'lUNTS.&c. Also, various new styles of Dress Goods, which will bo strictly confined tn their own rade. The whole presenting an assortment, it is believed, which can not be surpassed in this or any nthir market. SHAWLS. Consisting of rich Chamclon,Ollomon, Poult do Soie, fig'd Salin, Brocade, do. Also, splendid Broche, Cashmere, Embroidered Melville. Kahyle, plain, prin ted and embroidered Mouscline deLiincntid Thibet Slnwls, Merino, Plaid Iblvidero, and various new styles Woollen Shawls, also, very rich Cashmere Long Shawls. LACES. English, French, and German Thread Laces and Edgings. AIo, I.ile, Guipure, Ashbutlnn nnd other styles low priced Edgings and Lace. Muslm Trim mings, Swiss Mulls, Bihup Lawns, Book, Cambiic nnd Jaconet Muslins, and every variety of plain and figured Nets for Cap", Capes, Veils, .fc. GLOVES. Consisting oflvid. Silk. Cashmere. Merino. Rerlm nnd Buck, in ere it varieties, together with a full stock of l-ancy Milts MILLINERY GOODS. Velvets for Hats, plain, uncut, figured, itc. if-c, en tire new st tlest Bonnet Silks, plnin, changeable, chine nnd figured, a complclo assortment j Hat nnd Cap Kibtion, entire newtiesigii", nml tne most splen did nssoriment ever offered. AIo, certain style of Neck Ribbon, Plain Taflcta and Salin do. black and colored, Artificial Flowers, Fenlhcrs. Trimming La ces, Ribbon Wire, Cords, Gimps, Foundations, Crown Linings, &c. ALSO, Pocket Htlkfs. rf Pon?ce, Spitalfield, Corah, Flag, Bandanna anil Linen Cinibric. in every variety. Italiin .Settings, Fcnizio's, Rubinacci's, Pcrsico's Beaux'., Uc. itc. Fancy I blkf. Cravats and Point, Prinled Moue. de Lainc, Thil el, Palniarine, Florida, and olher styles of Dress Hinitl", Italiin, Gros de Rhine and I.uMring Cravats, of every si7nj Scarfs for crnllemcn, of satin, plain, fig ured and embroidi red, Gros Grain, Air. itc. Velvets, bill., b'ue iillt. and colored, various quali ties Velings of Salin, Artnnre, Cashmere, &c. Ac. Silk Serif", Hnchfws. Sar-nels, Levantines, India Satins, E!nlic Supendtrs, Mohair nnd Silk Coat nnd Vest Bindings and Cords, fancy Gimps, Fringes, &c. itc. Together vtiih every article usually to be found in Fancy sioek, which ihey tngige lo nil on as f.itor blo terms as at any olher estal lishment. 11 newTall goods. DRY GOODS HOUSF-KIEPING MITICLES So & I. EIOJCdHS, . No. 22 JOHN STREET, NEW YORK, (bktwix! naoAntiAY and nis-au-st ) ARV: reii'i villi new and tle-ir.i' leGoo I- for I he Fal Trade, whi'-li lliff o'er for -ah' al ihe hmc-t price- nl wholesale and rcind. They h.ive l.tielv n ccivt d Kosc and u intncy innr.i els ; no extra large, Real Wcl-h nn l o'lier Flannel., Silk warp do. Euili-h Canton Flannel, Marseille- (J n'll- and Counterpane-, Iri-li Linen- of thebct bleach, U-8 Pillow Ca-c Linen-, 5-1 Iri-h Sheetin;, lush and Birn-ley Sheeting Irom 8-1 to 12-1 wide D.tma.k Tal le-('ioili- and .Napkin-, Towelling-of all knid-j Crit-h, Cttou Shining- and Sheeting-, bet qualities Bed Tic!,-; Ens.!'-h nnd American Lone; Chub-, Lonfr Lawn-, Linen Cn ?.':ic, and CainLric Hand kirchicf-. French .Merinos; Alpicea, dark Prin'i-, Rich ligM Ca-hmcrc, Mnu-clin do Lame, Shawls French" lloinlnz ni, Crape fr 'i-ib, itc. Black Sill.-, Silk and raw Silk llti.e, English Cotton Ho-ierv, Drapery Mu-lins, I'uiniturc Dimity, nnd Chintz, Table rind Piano Cover. Toilet Covers, itc. Wool-dt;l Cloih and Ca--nnere-, Fancy C.t--iiiiero and Ve-iius-, ' Wiih a var iei y of olher article- in their line, frr sale at 22 Jchn St., a! the lowe-t price. N. B. On ban I centime Lau tie Culogr.e. Also, xtra widoRti-i.t Diaper. 13m3 &3LEEST WiiRBI-SCUSE. IN NEW YORK'. To supply the City and Interior Trade, I y the Piece or t'uciage, Removed ! From 113 Peirl Street lo 4 I C12UAU STItBR'l'. NEAR 1LIIAM OTRETT. LEE & HltEWSTUR give notice to Ihe Dealers in Drv Good-, that they hate reunited their Wnrchou-c for Piiuted Cabeoe-, Kcluively, frtn Pearl, lo 1 1 Cedar Street. Byconfiiiing their at tention lo Prints only L. o. Ii. are eual led to exhibit an n orlincnl far siirpa-sing any ever helore unci til America and to sell at price.- n low amlGcncial- ly Lower Ihtn hou-e who-p nlleiition is ditided among a large variety of articles. T he Stock con -Ms ofsr.VF.iiALTiiorsANnsoF Pat terns and CoLontso-. eiiibraeintr every variety of AMKItlUAN .iU Mii.iut ftiiiNf In market man v styles of which are irot on exclu sively for ihcir own sale-, and cannot be had else- wnere, except in secomi u niu-. Dealers in Prim will find it for their iplcrest to ex amine tin Stock before making their puichase ihey will have the advantage ol learning the lowe-t mar ket prices and comparing all the ile.-irauo styles in market side by si 'e. Catalogue of Price, correcto I with every variation of the Market, are placed in the hands of buyers. April a, Ml. " A7VEERICAW WIUSEUIvI. New York City 1. T. Ilariium Proprietor. nilll.S .Mu-eiiin ha G splendid hall over 100 feet in X lengili, eontaiiiing upwnrus 01 nuu.uuu curi osity from etery portion ol the Glole. Here are Beasts. IIibds. Reitile-. Insects. Fish f.s, tic. tte., of every species and kinds ever Known or heard of. A Grand Cosmobama containing heautilul views ol ancient and modern cities, natural -cenery, moonlight views, tf.f. A large 11111111 er 01 new ones nave just been received from some of the lirst artists of France, Novelties and CYbiositif.s, such as Dwabfs, Giants, IiIantcs-fs, Ouranc Ultasos, etc., areal ways engaseti wneii on poriiiiiny ouiro. Rich Ditr.nsiriED and Interesting entertain ments are nlwny giten evtry evening, and etery Wcdne.-day and Saturday afternoons, by the most talented performers. I'.IERV STItANGEn. U WC n CIllKCII. SUOUIU V Sit this c-tablishiiicni, a valuable instruction i combin ed with rational nmu-eincnt. 1 he iriee of ndni's-itn is ulways 25 cents. August 31, 1841. 10 M. G 15 ATIIBUN & CO DRAPERS y TAILORS, No. 2. Peek's Iluildinir. TTAVI3 returneil from New York with a superior J.X ns-oriment or CI.OI1IS, CASAaltltES, and VESTING-S', logethcr with an extensive assortment ol TRIMMINGS. Also, Bo-ohis, Collars, Tailor.' Crayon, Meas ure, Arc. itc. M. G. Ratiibln, C. F. Ward, Oct. 17,1811. 20 Hcrriiiji. 1 r( noxes ju-t received and lor sale very low, 1UU By FOLLETT, BRADLEY, tf- CO. South Wharf, Sept. 20, 1811. 17 COTTON THREAD dj'c. OsO '-US. Cotton Thread, rssorle-l, fiJJ 25 do Linen do 300 do. Spool do 50 do Roll Tape, 200 do Slick do For sale by VILAS & NOVES. O.t. 17, 191 1. ' '-'0 I.AKK CIIAMIM.AIN. NHW-YORK AND HtlSTtlN. lYIERCHAKfTS' HMC. HM1E PHOPHirIOKS of this Line have provided JL n clas of first rale boal to olv tin: ure-ent sea son I etneen Lake Champlain an I New-Vorl , forlhe lrnnporlnliou ol Merchamh-e nnd such other prop erly as may lo cltlrn-ted to their fare, nnd bopo lo reteive, n nicy iiiieiio tu iiiuro, u our ciiuiu ui patronage. Thc.-u boats go through to New ork, nnd nro to I o lowed by stcntti on Hiid-on R vcr, nnd on Lnke Chnniplain when t ecenry. In thi mode property I not subjected to injury by tran-litpmcnls, and lots are kept togelher. Ti ls Line of boals connect nt New Yotk with the De-paich Line of Bi.-ton Packets Contracts for freight lettveen Boston or New York and Lake Champlain, enn be made with our agents. Property pain!f I ctwmi Boton and Lake Chnmplaiii, for warded in eilher direction via Western Railroad, when desired. rrtorntr. Tons, FOI.LEfT ct BRADLEY, Burlington, Vt. NICHOLS. BURTON if- CHITTENDEN. St. Alhnn, Vl. a n r. N T s . A. Jottssov. D Coenlies Slip, N. York, C. L. WAttE, IG Long Wharf, Huston. 45 tf FARM FOR SALE. I70I( SALE, a larm in Undeihill, con JL laining ono hundred and Inrlv-ix .i ..? i.,.. i,..,i r i, ULUS-is under fultivntinn. the remainder is covered by a pood growlli of haul wood. On tho prcmi'cs nro n convenient dwellms hoii-e, l.arn, sheds, fee. and an orchard of thriltv learins ann'c trees, suificient for innkiug some fill v or ixty barrel of cider. Abo, n faroi ccntnining one hundred nercs, lying nboiit one tnilo from the above,nbout sixty acre tif which i und-'r improvement, and has on il n capa ciou bnrn, the remair.der i well wooded, principally with beach and maple. The above ore situated near the centre of the town nnd ol the main road, are well watered nml well leneeil, a considerable portion of the fence I eing stdi-lanlial stone wall, nnd togeth er compose one of ihe be-l dniry farms in the town. The above prcmi-c will bo solil lo clo-e a concern for lunch le- than their real value, and po c ion given on the 1-t of April next. For further particular-enquire of A. FOOTE. Burlington, Feb. 22. IS 1 1 3S:f Farms in Milton For sale. rESII)ING in Ohio, the sub-cril cr is "dc-irou of i. selling hi land in Milton, ami now idler-f -aln one Farm of 130 acres, one mile nnrlh of the Fall, ea-tof Snake lull, of iineiiitnlled soil forcrop or grain, has two good barn, nn orchaid, water, ana ordinary house. One Farm of from 130 to 200 acre, one mile south ea-l of the Fall", and we-t of Mr. Piatt-, of some 30 acres interval, and balance in pUiu laiidj-gnod bams, olilih lioit-c, and great advantage for raising our Milton staple, live. One Farm 3-'4 mile norlhwc-t of the Fall-, 130 aTo-, good buildings, orclnrd, nnd convenience. Olher parcel of 20, 30, nnd 40 acre, for such a innyelioToa .mailer purehae. Al-o, the Store Hou-e and lot nteasfend of the Bridge, where, with the improvement nt the Fall-, i a veryde-irahle location for one wishing to open any bii-ine-. Also, some Hinge Lot--, Willi ami without dwel lina house, in the mo-l plea-ant part of the tillage. By immediate application, ome 500 yard ol do-ine-tic cloih may le i,pplid, or any of 'llio pa i eels will I c -ol I for a -mall portion of llie imrcna-p innncv down, wiih nnntial instalment for the balance. JtOO Sheep, Young Catile, Hay, &e., will be sold with either ol the farms, if de-ire.l.' I shall remain in Millon nl out two week-, after which apply lo George shlcy, at the Fall-, or to A. G. Whim nit re, Wet Millon. 'Ti belter lo traiJewith the principal than widi an agent. J. T. AINSWORI'II. Millon Fall, Sept. 2 j, 181 1. 1" FOR SALE. TIIIIAT I.trsrc nntl commotliiiu. iwo Ptopy HHICK X DWKUJ.NO lIOUSi: AM) LO'hi!ate.I on 1 lin i e-l side of Co! I pee Gr,ui.n I ll.e bead of f1nllcin Street, in this villace. The Hou-e 1- 32 by -13, iih ! "on lo the human form, than any that had been prc an n-emcnl -tory, Willi kiichen nnd provi-ion ccllnrs, "'iitcd to the pul be. The iiiveritoii of I'aiining'. ttith 11 wing 32 'I v G3, exieniiing norlh on College meen with ihcir general approbation, u-ili- ilc-ii'iuil Gicon, tt'ith wood and store home I clow, niidthatu- her-and sleeping rooms alove. A large and commotion- I am, carriage ho'i-e, ice hou-e, nnd other 0'it-house,tuid a -paciou yaril wc-i of the duelling hou-e, and a irood d 1r.1l le "ttcll of tt-aler of Ihe bct quality in Ihe village, and ahritk ci-lcrn. One(iind a mnrtcr acre-of bind, of the fir-t ip.alitt, it birc garden and choice fruit tree uo.-t of the hou-e and yard. The building nie cnnsTin-lcd 111 modem -lyle, ol thele-t material ami wor!.iuaii-hi;i, tcre cie-ied by the -i.h -nl cr for lit-own n-c, and 1 he local ion U'lbid a very ex'eu-ive and plct-ant pro-pect ofihe village nn 1 1 11 c on 1 ho Wc-i, nnd 1- 1101 surp i-scd lit any oit-cr in tin- pari of ihe 1 o iiitry. Pur h.i-ers "ire iitvucil to call nu I cMinine for llicni-elve-. Term- ma le known I y ihe -nl-cril cr on Ihe preiiii-e-. SAMUI.L REED. Burlington, April I?, ISU. 1G if SINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. A LI. kind ol TRUSSES lor Rupture incident to u- the Male, lor sale, anJ accurately applied, lit 33 PECK it SPEAR n-i Lt PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articleis too well known to need commen dation and the experience of seven years has demonstrated td the commercial community, that for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are uurivaiicti toai yarn scales 10 vteigu irom j 10 o tons. Dormant Warehouse do. to weigh from 1-2 lb. to 5000 lbs.. Portable do. to weigh from 1.2 oz. to 200 lbs. PortablpCounterdo anewarticle towcifh Irom 1-2 oz. to 40 His. J. & J. II. Peck & Co. Agents. Burlington, Juno 30, 1813. 4lf .T. TRYON WOULD respectfully inform his friends and the public that ho lias just returned from New York with tUe latest fashions, and ihat he continues to carry on business nt his old stnnd. Having visi ted some of Iho best shops in the City of New York he trtisis that, with an experience of twenty-two years, no can compete Willi llie ol '1 ailors 111 tins part of the country. N. I!. Culling doneat short notice, cheap for cash. 8, May 1641. 49lf l' AH. IIS TO Mi.VSi: I'OU A TRRM Ol' YEA KS. A LARGE FARM slocked with a dairy ami sheep, and prepared for exten sive sowing nnd planting. The person applying must liavesullicienl mean to carry it on and furni-h llie best recoin. mendation for integrity and industry. Also, two other farms to let for an amount agreed upon. The-e farm are situated on the Lake shore oppo site Burlington. Apply to C. M. it W. C. WATSON. Port Kent, Feb. 20, 1811. 39 If wholesale dealers in English, French, India and American DRUGS. Also, DRUGGIST'S GLASS WARE. HurlliiRtoii, Vt. IIKNIIY HALE, ATTORNEY COUNSELOR. AT LAW, on ri:u, riuiMoxT. s. n. pahmamm: ATTORNEY AT LAW. Xo. 7 Counsellors, Hall. (Peck's Building.) 13 CHAIR FACTORY. T the old stand of NELSON f it GATES therei thebe-t as soriment of CHAIRS and vtill le sold t benper than can be purchased al anv olher place in Bnriinclon. MAHOGANY. CliRLI D MAPI E. PAINTED CANE fKAT, LARGE and SMALL ROCKING, DINING, CHILDREN and LARGE AHMED CHAIRS, at O. I.. NELSON'S, Church street, opposiie the OldJIank.ornt his F.ico by three uYor. north of the Caihi JicCImn h. IS 4 l 11 11 C! II 1 1 AT ENGLISH REMEDY VOll COOC.IIS. COM)S. AVI IIMA, AND CONSUMPTION' I milE GREAT AND ONLY REMEDY for Cold 1 Couehs. A-tbina, and CONSUMPTION, i Ihe HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF LIFE, di-cotircdhy the cclcl rated Dr. Miichan, of Loip'on, England, and introduced into the Unile I Slate under the immediate -iiocriiilcndaiicc of tho imeiiti.r. 1 he extraordinary suctc of this medicine, in Ihe cure ot t tiiiiionary iii-ea-e, warrants tin' Aincricaii Aecut in soliciting fur Mentment the WORST POS SIBLE CASES Ihal can I c found in the comniuuiiy caies thai seek- relict in vain Irom nity ol the c un inon remeilics of the day. and have I een niton up bv theinn-tdi.tingiti-hed l'hvsi'-m n. n CONFIRMED AND INCURABLE. The llungnrian Balsam has cured and will euro the most desperate of rases Il i- no nuack no-trum, but a standard l.'ncli-h med icine, rf Itnown and e-ta1 lulled cdicaey. L'terv family in Ihe United Slate should I e sup plied Willi lli.'chaii's llungnrian Hal-am of Life, not only to counteract the con-iimplite tendencie ol the Ci.male. but lo bo u-cd ns a ireventive medicine ill all cao tif Colds. C0U2I1-. SuiltitiLr tif Blood. Pain in the si.le nnd lhel, Irrilnlion nnd serene- of the Lung, lironcbui, Difliciiliy of llrcatlung, Hcclte 1 e ver, Night Sweat, Emaciation and General Debility A-thma. lntluenza. Hoonin? Conch, and Ctoun. CJ" Sold, in large bottles, nt SI per bottle, will full direction for the restornlit 11 oflltnllh. Pamphlets, containing n ma-ot Eugli-h and Amer ican t erlificatc-. and oilier evidence, shotting llie till einnlled meril of thi- Great Engli-h Remedy, may le obtained of the Acenl. gratiiilon-ly. DAVID F. BRADLEE, solo Agent for theUnilcd Slate, 11!) tourl street, Uo-ton. AGENTS.-IIUIil.IMi'IO.V PECK & SPEAR, Apotliccni ie ami Drnggi-t ; Monfjelicr, Clark & Uoiiins ; tiraiticooro, liulton uiark; lieilow- ! 1111 N. Harris; Ruilaiul, Daincll-h Bell ; Wood-tock.S J. Allen; anil hy the Druggist generally. 11-ly THE PATENT LACE, istr.NTEo nr E. P. BANNING, M. D. or MTTsocncit. ri:NNsvLi.slA. TI7ILLbe kept con-tautlvon hand bv Dr. Jons W. E.Mr.r.v, td E ex, lie having purcha-ed of the original P.tteniee Ihe exclusive richt lo make and vend Ihe -line, within and for Ihe Cinulic ol Chit leii'len, franklin,! Lamoille, and Grand l-le. The PATENT LACE ha-now I ecu before the pub lie font nninl cr ofmonlh-, bombed- have I ecu np plied in didl'tcnt partsof the couiitry, nnd with a sue cc--never I cfore euualled bv any n-medial nucnt Nunieinu-Mcll iiuthi'iilicated Certificate- of 11-1 encli einlinll icncein the removal ofdi-e.i-cs of long slanil ing, inijiht I efumishid Irom thi-imiuitliale vicinity in iiiiuiiioii 10 ine siatenieni 01 ca-c nml tcritiicaie-ofcure-fiirni-liedby Dr. Uannmg and others. But tin- i- not deemed necessary a 11 1 the pre-cni tune, re Ic.enee can I c given to individuals wearing tin I.ace. ill nearlyetcry town 111 iheCtitmly, Phi -ician- have long fill the ncce Hy of a Suppor Icrdillerenllycoii-ti uctcd and more perfect in il-adap lo rclic t luploins, and remedy a ca- of pln-ii 111. 1 l.tdie- which cannot I e reached by inede ine-alone. The de-tent orih-platcment of the vi-ccrra Irom re laation ol'lhe abdominal muscles, or olher cau-ts, lend- lo alteraiid iVraiicclhefiinciioii til every organ 111 the human sy-icin, and, in many ca-c-, tin- t'cvia 111 11 Irom the natural licihhy pn-it'iou of pin-, i the so'ecaioeolVciicro dt hilu'y 111 Male and Female-, of Pypcpsia, A ec ii 11-of the Slomaih and Liter, Palpitation olihe Heart. Spinal Irritation. Hysteria, lliiponindi ia, Piles, Prolapm Vleria, Suppression oj 1 nnr, llie ISronrlnl, ,,1 1' ',ci! c-. - null"... - ru )?' ( cii"tnptit.n .-I 1 tt I, cli t I'i'i,' " 1 ' ' - c I, if 1,01 cnuri'it ten'. v,-,J, l.v lliu ti I . lie l-.ace, tthen ihcr ex.- i- eiiu-eii I y pl,t n-al lc rangeineni an I a mci h.nucal ili-pl.n Jiuciii of put-, which can I c rca 'ily a-icnained ly ol-crviug the form nnd symptoms i I the person n 'toled. 'I In-iii-irimcni In- I een examine I ly Drs. Mntt, Roger-, Franci- and Gri-cninb of N'ew 'orl, tie l-'.iciihy of Pitt-biireh, llnnfordand New Haven, nnd ha ol laincd their favorable tc-tiuv ny. Appli'ali 11-forllii-Lace uiuy I c inaJc 10 the flib scriicr, nt E-sex, nr llagar iV Arthur, Buil'uigion. PatienI- al a di-Mnce will be visited at their ro-i-Vtioc, if required. JOHN W. EMERY. Es-ex March 27, IS 1 1. -I.itf TO PHYSICIANS. New Chemicals and Sundry Articles. The Acid-, chemical. Aininoniacal Preparation, Bromine, Cyanuret nf Potas-inni, Chlorate of Po'.ass.i, Elateriiim, Ergot Fresh, Pulv. Ethereal Preparations, Extract ol Opium, Extract ol Rhataiiy, HairMllieiisor Electrifies Exiraei of Aconite, Veiittria. Iodide of S.dphur, Ii'dide of Iron, Binoxide of Mercury, llyi riodale.l Lupior rf Ar-emc and Mercury. I.ceche-, Healthy Spanish nnd Stveeih-li, OilnfTolacco, Piedriu, -Vc. e--c. e-e. Nilraieof Silver,cheiniea New st j le ol lu.-trumen. I.up'ilm, Magnc-ian Fluid, Dinodido . f Mercury, 22 1 Nn do ha Wood, At PECK ti SPE HI'S. H riirrw i- I VI C U I FOR SALE BY THE GROSS, also AT RETAIL U By I'LXK -V SfliAit. Allebasi's Medicines. nml-: nl ove Medicine- have 1 ecome to popular, 1 o.l.i.rn ll,,-c nrp linou-ll. t Tin I. Ill IlltCt tllC demand, the proprietor has adi pled llie plan of mult nil vine ine Agencies, lurniniing cat 11 nsmi a neat chc-t, ciininimng . . . THE II LACK ( ir Allebatl's.l sAl.1 1., ALIiUHASl'S IIEAI.TH IMI.l.f, AI.LUHASrS TOOTH-ACHE DUOl's, AND AM.EIIASI'S rotm MAN'S lM,AKTF.n 1 n..,i,.-r of Aeeneie- are now e-tnl lt-lidl in tin ,.;li.. fnriii-htd a. nl.ove. totrether vtiih pamphlcls for tTeneral di-tribiition, selling forth the vittucj of the Medicine, and containing certificates from highly rt-peeialiie persons, 01 some ti ine many cure nicy have effected. Families and individual are invited to send and get n pamphlet, nna re.iu, ami 11 nicy have occasion, irv iiuoieuicini-, vviucii are warrant ,,il in ilo nil ihnr lu I'Liinutl lor tiiem. Tim AttpiiU for llurlimrlon aro PECK &SPEAR Apothecaries and Drupgisis, general wholesalo and rt mil Agents, who will supply Country dealers at tt hole-ale, on the same terms with the proprietor in New York, Win. 11. t urns, uenry iiyoe t. t.u Geo. Peterson, N. W. Gage, Uarry lirautey nnd Ilagar it Arthur, llurliiigion, Aug. 20lb, 1811. LYMAN W. GILEERT, Proprietor, 13-4wy 214 Fulton .Sirecl, New York. DRUGS&! The subseril ers are eontinu. nl v .uiinlied with EVERY Aid RLE inlhe above branch, 1 olh ol theOilieini nnd Patent kind-: Mnlicinal waters irom r-araiogit in, In 1 Meibcal Wine an I (...... I SiiriMi-nl loslrunienlM Mm ernl Teeth, ttc. J-Preseriptions pul up at shorter notice. MJ-Shop r.'8rfeAB1 Apotheorl.i B,irliiiRioii,F.b. 1.1BI3. Ij3t L wi. OFFIC 15 tf V II ICALiTII. WITH JLWETI'S At EDICINLS. EITAIILIHIEt) RV A Tin reidcnce, Cliainplnfn St., n lew rods norlh I. i,rMesr. Follelltfe Bradley, ll irllngton, Vl. In tcii lering his most grateful ncknowledgmenls In hislricnl nu I patienl., fur the eneo iragement and tuppnrt they have giten him the pa.l year, the Doc tor would leg leave to stale thai, Iii siteecss, has thus far, been erpial lo hi mo-t sanguine cxpccla lion; fori! ha seldom been the case, that the merits nl n iiewsjsleni of incdicnl praellse. hnlccnmore billy leted and fairly etabli-hej, In so shot! a lime. Indeed, Dr. Smith t'oc not hesitate to lay and the Incdicnl gentlemen in tin nlace wi.l not denv il that he hacilccled some signal and iniporlnnt cures, even where the patients had been given over bv other plrmcian ; nnd thorcloie he feels confident', that, could he 1 0 failed In seaon, when the patient i first laiten, mora ireipicnliy than he Is, a cure wou'd bo inucn sooner eiec-ic 1, and Willi tar les expen-e nnd snfrerinp,for the -ick, than when they first employ olher mean, nil the pitient i nearly dead, and then call him. For in all caecs, sinco he'lia ndoptod tho ne of Jewell's medicine, where ho wa thus colled, nu 1110 recovery 01 inn iei,, oeen so rtipirr, a aininsl to Induce them ami their friends to think but little teat me matter, though to nil appearance they were as mice woo cmpriycj tuner practice, aim inon uim ! or were leech, and perhap, months, in getting up again, first having to abandon their Doctor's med icine, entirely, leforo they could gain al all. Tho m; 1 in, wueiiever Je.veu s remciic t.aye been lairlv tiled and became filly known, their lcnlicial edects in curing di-ea-e of cierv type nnd form, have Imo lacknowlclgcd by the most skilful physicians and the mo-t critical ob-crvcr. ihe ft, lowmr le.limonv. tea. nd,lre.e,l tn f'l Jcuett by two highly di-iingui-hed phy-iciaii, who oy tneir as-iuiiiiy, Miiiiiiiine and skill in practice, fill! aimed llicm-clve 111 the memory and nl'eclion of many in this p'acc, whoioed to employ them ; anci wiiOiuougu aeaa, yet -peal;, llcartliem. I'cnLt.s-oTos, Vt., Jan. 5, 1830. 'Cel.. Jntvr.TT Pear ,S7i I hate received and read your pamphlet with much interest, and am high ly plcaed wilh your plan of overcoming thsen-c. 1 oil lire truly earr) ing out Ihe principle ot Dr. Jack on nndother-. which ihev have so aWv advocated 1 urn eonlident that a reform in the nracliee of meJi- cineisindispen-ably neee arv. juii. rutn.ut)), ,11. ij." Benl.lst.TO.v, Oct. 25, 1837. " Cot.. Jr.wr.TT - Dear Sir1 have I'eno-ited inlhe bank here, lifiy dollar more to vo ir crcihl. on ae- eounl tif ineJicino sold. So far ni l have n-ed them 111 my practice, ihey h tve tiroteil far more effiecieut than I had anticipated. Theyac: readily on the sys tem, nnd overcome ihei-e ina manner I never le foro witne e.l, and I do not he-Hale lo Hive my full approbation to your sy-lcut, 1 havu sold and ued nearly four Icttidred dollars worth since I first receiv ed an n-orimi nl from yoj. .. " X am tno-t truly your old iriend, TRUMAN POWELL, M. I). Dr. S'mith ' happy to -late ihal he called on Dr. Poineroy, a lew nion'li- I efoie hi death, nml luund him still' Jinn 111 Ihe -ame opinion, lie -aid, " Jew ell' doing thfsame now, that Colleii did in hi day. And," said lie, " I told Dr. Atwater he wa not tho erca'e-t man in the world, and am not, but it I wa, 1 .lin del .-uccoiiib to Jcxeett, for his sytein 1- ccirrrii, and his medicine Ihe best in Ihe cold; and I re. iue-tcil htm to eo to Dr. Smith and get nie a bottle ol'hcad-aclie liniment, which be di I, nnd I find it ca-cs my bead veiy lunch." When phy-ician of the fir-l rank, who-e education and talent do honor to their profcs-ion, and every mdivi loal who ha- given them a fair trial, come oil! in favor tif Jewell's medi cines, in language iinpipiivocal nnd decided as the nlovc, who will doubl the 1 rut II of what they sayl Those who think it fur their interest lo c ppo-e a nrui practice, and vtho-e mind have I een blinded ana prejiiaicut oy tlio-c wnose seijiiiness ami vriae, pretlomiiialt! liter their -en e of justice anil truth and all their benevolent feelings, and tho-ennly! Dr. Smith ha ju-t received a fre-h" supply ol lettett's medicine, upon ttrm-i that will cualile him lo sell, vvliole-n'e ( r rciail, fur c:t-b, 25 per teal cs llian it tta soldfor last year ; and he iuvile-iAyn'c-i'uiis and al' invalids, lo the trial of it. 11 WRIGHT'S INDIAN V E G ETA B 1. E PILLS; OR INDIAN 1'UnC! T1VIJ. rpiIOUGH mane medicines have I ecu lelnrethe X public lor a much longer period than Wright's Ispias VLnr.TiBLE Pill, "jei none -land- now in illi.iifir. RKrl'TE. or ha- 1110're rapidly nllamcd a tirni I101.I upon popnlare-rm.itton. 'l'lie thou-aniis that nave u-cd them throughout the letiglh an. I breadth of the Republic, all I car cheerful le-liiiiouy lu I In-, r thorough rjfivaci and mild rpcrnlion when emploved inlhe mol di-licstiug disorders " which iie.-h is heir to." The theory of di-ea-c on which Wnir.itT' Inoiah Vi.c.etaci.e are loiiui'il. i- ilo-.viz: that there isonltt one primary tause of all the disorders that 1 ,-''. .'r'i, 'iimrni fumitii. and that i-corriim humor liicrword Impuritiof llliod. Tin princi plo i now -o gcncinllv .tIiihiiciI, thai il may 111 tact I c -aid lo I n -u-tniiit'j I y all iiiiivir-aliiy of opniion, ibc fcwihs-cii'cr- ct ll-'iliilmc but a very feu' le 1111 tioriiy. Il 1- o-cb- ihcrcH re to ih-cn-s the so ind ues ot tin- theoiv 111 llu place and ci uncxion. I nr. one Difeae PciNcirLE Ic-nc nthiuiiiil, Ihe mode ul attack prircs-rd Ly all practitioner I ecoincs the-anic nainc'y, vnrinttion. B il many of the so iled -pec'fic- now leloio the public, pnl ice only ouo form of Purga'ion ; they are echer Smiorific, (v'atharttc, Di uelii or Expc'-ior.ini. WrlhCs Indian I ecclablc Pills onu me all the-e properlic-, ami o,e thcrelorecnlciilalcilto allatk the element-of di-ta-e nt nil potnl-, and by a harmoniou- and coml iml ope ration 10 expel it radically Irom the ytem. Their e .eet 1- almo-t mug cal, nnd 1 no le astonishing for iiuMne- than lis olhcacv 7oA sexes, and all ages may employ tin m, uccordiim to thedirecnon-, without tear, lor vt line iney nrecrrrairi 10 cure anais rax that are remedial, ihey nertr inflict an injury upon ihe system. The perf.ct safety of the melicine is nnolbei all important quality nnd one which Ira- eon'rilniied more than any tiling else to its extension and popu larity . fa a icord, Mi mrdicine commends ihetf strongly to the patronage of the public, and its use bids fair to become before long, almost universal. CAUTION. The citizens of Nevv England are re-pt-ctfu'lv in formed that 111 ern-eqiicnce of ihe ereal popularity which VA right' Indian egeial lel'ill- have earned by their a-lonishing goodnes-, a Gang ol Connie rleiter are nowindu-trio'i-ly engaged in pa'mingon theun-Mi-pectiliL",n valueless and perhap- dangerous medi cine, under the limine (if Indian p2etable Pill. 1 his is lo intom) lhepulilic, tlia' die genuine meui cine ha- on thelmxe-, " .Vrlglit's Indian Vegetable Pills, (INDIAN Pt'RG.YTIU:, or ran NmTit AMi.nicAN cot 1 r.oc or health. AnJnl-ii niouiid the lonler ol llielalel will le I01111U in -ciall type, "F.ntcri'tl according in the AeiofCnngre , in the year IS 10, I y Will mm Wriah1, in 1 he Clerk Ollice ot the Di-lrict Court ol the Ea-lcin Di-lrict oi Pennsyl vania." The oul lie wi a -orcmeml er that a who -ell the geniuno Indian Vegetnble Pill- aro provided with a cerlilicate of agency signed by llllam rigui, tec i-resioeiu Or THK NORTH AMi ntCAX COLLEGE Or HEALTH," and that pedler are never 111 any ca-e allott ed to sell the genuine medicine. AH travelling Aixcnt will I e nrnci. ,1 i-ii , n riTli honle ol Atre.ict' a - a hove I'sseri- 1.... ' .. ...1 . i.n. 1, ,1,1,1 or. mini - in n,,. i,m L niiu- La-e intnosior-. - tin 10 nvvinT ul- i v re-n-cian e nersn nsiiat-en appointed agcnl tnr 1 lie saieoi inennovcnameu Vl i ignrs iniu.-iii vesciauic i-ins. Ol' THE NOBTII AMERICAN COJ.Ll.OE or HEALTH. IK. lU., IMirilllfllWI, , .,.,,', a ........ I- , WULl,, .tioriiiii -iiii, ,, , ..-,, ..p. J. u. wi.c. nun mis on: .uon-on iv uenn, urtsu ....... 1 1 , i . .union : v I., iirni..- .1 in, Get). Ayre-, Millon rail- MnrlinVMres, Griswold ,fc Smilie, Cambridge; W. S. it C. P. Wood, West ford S. W. Brush tV Co., Fairfax: II. Cook, Shel liurn: Win. B. Viebe, Hine-biirgh ; S. 11. Barnes, Charlotte; Tuiiper if- Bearkindge, Starksboroiigh ; Sh ile- it Wt-bl', Fcrrisl urgh. The only O.lict-in Bo-ton where ihe Indian lege tal le I'll I ton I et btaiiieilis at 3 9S THE MO NT STREKT. 1 9S Principal Oilite and General Depot, ICO Race-ireei, Philadelphia. 32yl Sherman's Lozonprs. For Coughs, For Headache, For Worms, For Sore Throat, For l iarrkira, or I Loo-cnes. of IhelotiH, r r incuse ion and want of Appclilc r it-. ana iinnrtrness, Sherman's Tonih Pa (e I'la.-cr-, iv.' . 'I , u In le suleand retail by ! Pl'i'K it SPI All. I

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