Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 14, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 14, 1845 Page 3
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might be found in n eor.dilion (o desrrvo mid receive irom me Irco Stales, protection nuil pily which ho now n Heels id despise. Ilnl should war break out between the Iwo nations, mid the pitalyzcd and if feminato South thnuld enter the. field I') eonlcnJ .villi tho superior physical nhi'ily nnd cipwtic of tho North, thoiijili wo miahl liiment tho necessity of the conflict, yet wc rould linvo r.o fears of the rcsnU. In fine, whether in pence nr wir, the evils of a dissolution, Ihoush utterly incalculable, would fall with ntut ru inous eff. cl on tin- South. The South, or more prop crly that portion of the Southern po pie who have so often threatened nullification and disunion should ho made to understand that tho North will never submit to tho ono or tho other until tho order of nature shall bo reversed, and Southern cflonnnncy shall prove an overmatch in tho ficlii for tho robust vigor and incx liauslihlo rcfO.irccs ol Northern freemen, It isdilll cult to conceive how any Northern man, who is not fanatical on the si biect of slavery ran entertain n seri ous design to dissolve lllp Union, ntnl r.mlitr'- in mod, confederacy t n.'d tho probability 1. lint much nt Iho K'oiuniiou iinu iiuii?uis"iiiuit 1ro.11 1110 wouin, is uiier cd with 1C desiau to drngoon tho North into compli ance with their demands. The Committee recommend the passaie of ihonc companyini; resolutions. A. (J. VUIl'rr,MOHi:,ur Committee. RliSOT.UTIOXs., Tho coniilulion of ihp United Stales confers upon Iho general envcriiuictit no authority whatever to annex to this confederacy any foreign nnd mdepenilent stale t and I V "er"" 'I'liocxciiwof such authority, oven were It clearly conferred hy the eonslitiition, would direct iv tend 10 weaken the bonds if our union, hy multi plying the vatious and con 11,. lincintcrctsnfils mem uers, an 1 diminishing its power to foster and prolccl Ihemi and U'hcrem, Consideration-of jtisiioo nnd hunimity, of consistency and self-rcpicl, mot sacredly impel the American people, whose lioasl it is to have erect cd an empire wlnn- sironi arm of defenre is f Miudin on enlightened love of hlicnv and hatred of oppns. ion, to denounce nnd oppose curv project, whoso do sian or tendency is to ad I tin inch to ilie territory, or ? moment to iho duration of domestic slavery ; there fore. Jletolceil. bij the General Assnn'ihj of the State of - I crmant, 'I Int. 111 the opinion of this leei'l Mure, the nuncxiti in nf Texasto this Union would bo iincnusti lutional inexpedient, and unjust. lesolccil. That, in ihe name of our ron-tilurnls, nnd for ourselves, wc herehv solemnly protest asainsl nnd ! declare the lio-tilil v of the stale of Vermont to such annexation, nnd icqo-st o ir s-mtnrsnnd rep resentatives in Coiiqics to uso tin jrcxcritons to pre vent Us hems consummated. 'esoltcd, 'Mint tho Oovcrnnr of this state he re quested to transmit a ropviifihcfoicoing icsilnti.ns to tho governors of Massachusetts, Mississippi, and South Carolina, and of rm-U ,.r iln G,nionr Union, nnd to the Pre-i lent of ihe Uuitnl St tics, nnd each of our senators and roprcseni.nivrs 111 Congress. Ilaohtt, That uc trend the in'ttlulinu of slavery as a moiisirous nnonmlv 111 a frte L'ovtriinicnl, and a the source of inlo'crabto evils, cripphnir iherneruiis of the slave stales, ipndiriij torelirdand deaden the enterprise of the rices'alc-, and iuriioiily nfl'eeliuir the foreign ami domestic policy of the trem-ral "ov-ernment- and that wc, tlieufore, pm-cl aaninst it extension nv r nuoiher foot of territory, and insist upon its restriction to tho nitr.nvcst limits consistent Willi the spirit of the ori-'inal compact between these states. Ilcn'rcil, Thai Ihe annexation of Texas to the United Sates, without Ihe consent of all the individ inl Mates, would Lea lli!:rani violation or -he nation a compact, lendina to a dissolution n the IT111011. nn ex tf nsion of the ml Ions, nn I ruin n linn nl slave repre sentation in Cunsress, and 10 the pT'Clnatlnn ofsla. xi ry, .and would mi iniol, rable domination of ihat institution oicr the free si Hi s. Articles ofijrcat value when published on tho mis-cellaneon- pn;e of a newspaper, are often pas-,ed over lino' servtd or read cireles'ly as we rea l the "aooj etories" which usually occupy that plico. IV-iiing that tho A l.lress at the anntiil I'ettiral of St. JJtn t ie r.ranzctisl, in our las' nnitiber may not have rccuvcd the attention it iVscrvcs, I wish lo sinij'c out nnd repeat one or tw-uof the f 11 Is and arguments ad vanced hy Ihe orator, which are patticuhrly worthy ol remembrance. In te'.ition to ihe .amioiity of the In lepenJent Or der of i) 1 1 Fellow tho writer says : It has survived iho downfill of empires, an 1 ihede plruclton of dvnasiiesi ilie inouum-ulal marble In crumbled til decay 1 the pyr inn's nie i!toHit:ii with year j Ihe whirl 111 Is n war haw passed over the earth, vpn-nding dm ilaiton nnd ilea'h i Iho -cep. tre his fallen Irom the pil i.-d arm of iho mo tareh, nn 1 lofty throlies an. I einjiiti s b tve pasi d awav ill the spb n fi I ilrann of di-sirue'i.pi. unee the subh'ne cdilh't' of 0 I.I IVIIow-h'p firn d.oped in -pin- in ih'! rhvi Is an 1 shed lis hii'duncy 1:1 the bcnishlcJ bjsoni of tlie worbi. It is not my intention to point out beaulirsof style or s ihlunitv ol ideas; but 1 mil"! ay he who can repeat ihe 1 11 clau-e of ihi-riraci without emotion, is inenp ibb, of nppreci.iiinp ihe force of words. The .ic( di 11 Odd IYI!owhip has sutie I "lhowro.-l( of matter " fir s 1 unity centuries is what should bo re ineinberi.d. Uiihuicii is a new iirsuuienl in faor of the Order. In my ignorance 1 had regarded it ns of luiJirn invention. Hut I am happy to learn that " Wliilo el Iho fJrcd, Was li-winj the IV re!icu to forms Of symmetry, nm! rearingun Ksioc'; The gluiermi! p arihcnon," Odil !' llowship r.xi led "for the moral nmrleoralion nnd Ihe physical n hif of iinn'.ind." And, Initio;; courage fiuui the pas', tnay ciery brother of die mys tie lie exe uni. m the cb tills I illgua'joof llr; addless Wlwu tho first bright ras of the morning sun pla upon the mountain's gilded brow, and win n the light of day recedes from tho laee of the sleeping waters, let ua hung our siciihYe of prai-e and thanksgiving 10 linn win nrehed the lirmament 10 Dim who waive the rainbow w hose nwfullv peiai!mg spirit lights up lite sunbeam m ihe morning nnd walks upon lite ii'tnoii" of the midnight sioriu. Thus will y.iu confer honor upon an institution which has -tood as a mon ument to tho world of low nnd lrinli,.atid 011r natiirs xull emblazon its escutcheons ns part of the oiijbt roll of worthies upon nhuse character fame will rest forever. .My object being simpl y in direct attention lo this ntMics", iieiliajn the a1 oven sufl'n ten I. Hut 1 cannot fothcar tuaking one more extract to illustrate the ar gumentative powersofit.saiuhor. lie nitcts the 11b ji'ciions that OJil lYllowihip is noihing but ruasunry in disguise by saying : Tins npposiiion, wn nro persuaded, is ihe result of .1 depraved piihl.c seniiiiM'tit, nnd he who, in this day, with simanv results ol the bemen nntieneo iifniir Order l foro Ills rye-, nnd with nit acq ininiing hint -self with its principles and d signs, would raise up nnd Proclaim it nn I'.iil, ixhibilan chancier fit only for the association of bosoms ftoiti whence pxcrv ien. ernus impulse has been remind, and w litre a wild and furious fanaluiui reigns nlone. After this, I fehould think Anlimasoits nnd ihesnns of Anlimasoits would hang llnirbea's, Tho manner in which Ihe principle of secresv is defended, 111 numb er part of the address, I think will Corner silence those x hu nro continually warning us to beware of secret associations. In conclusion may I express the hope that wo may noon have a lodge of Odd lYllows 111 Jlurhngion, and nt the first celebration, it possible, no address by II. II, Nash, I!sq. Onn 1'ei.i.ow'. Fine. Tho oflko of tlio Now Voik Tii btilic, v;is tlcstrnjeil liy firn, on Ftid.iy morning i-ist. lis iiibliciilion,linwnfr, was resumed llm next day, nnd lias been contin ued regularly since. The. loss to tlio Tri bune, establishment isst.ited at $20,000, tilnl the itibitrnnco but Inn thousand. COUNTY COURT. It may tint be amiss tn remind ilie public tbut tlio Spring Teini of iho Court in tins County, lias benn changed from May to Mitrcli. The next session commences on the third Tuesday (I81I1) of March. Tin: LAKE. The ico is now tolerably good, nnd loams pass and repass daily. Tho request of "an old friend," shall bo attended to. . Vf.hmont the nnsT to Df.claiie iNnrrn.N pence. We learn from Iho indefatigable Ami rjuarian, that Iho lirst declaration of llm Inde iicndcncR of Now Counetlicut, (alias Vermont,) has been found, hearing dalo anterior lo tint of the famous Mecklenburg declaration Vermont then has the honor of being tho first to declare Independence. Wo hope lo get a sight at this document bcfu.'c long. UViciin;i and Juitr. nai. LATER FROM MEXICO. Tho brie If. do V. ildo, Capt. Kingsbury, tirrived nt New York on Wednesday morn Ing from Vera Crtiz, which place sho left on tho Mtli tilt. Oon. K.itil.i Anna had made fivrs different at tacks upon Iho city of l'tiebhi, ntul hail been re pulsed each lime, with foiuo los. At length, despairing of biicccfs at t tint point, ho w illuhnw, with all his forces, about 1,000 men. All ex press arrived at Vera Cruz from .lalapa, just be fore. Iho . silled Ma'iiiT 1 11.1t Santa Anna was hesioginj I Vrolo, I whu li place it appears that ho retired, after leaitna I'uebla. (innor.als lira vo and I'.iredos, the chiefs of the Kovoliilionary parly, (which now wieldn llm civil power) were stil'ul I'uebla nn the l'J h nit., with ahollt 10, 000 men. It was stippnsul they wotilil soon march in pursuit of Santa Anna, liven should ho ho taken prisoner, it w i- thought at Vera Cruz that his enormous we 1 ii, (he having, it is said, morn than 81:.M)00,0(I(I in Knglaml) would avail to purchase liiso.wi life and the lives of his "Hirers; although Ins conduct at I'ltchla is re presented to have been rxcrcilingly brutal, anil In havo raised tlio popular uel gnatiun nga'n.-t him In the highest pilch. Tlio people of Vera Cruz norc expecting n isit from Smla Anna soon, cither wiih a ho tiogingaiiny oras a fiioilue lie would, how eior, ho nhliged to pas through a devilo (about 15 miles from .l.llapO which was well forlilltd. ami rouinniided hy (!cn. Ju-e ltincoii. It Vera Cruz there rtero also foriilicaiii.n.s, which, al Ihougli incoinplele, were siii no-oil to ho sulli. cient In prevent his rapturing t,0 uwu. Information brought by the express from ,1a lapi, mentioned above, excited apprehensions at Vera Cruz that an intrigue was going on, to sue hnn and his ollrers, ami that a fresh notbrp.ik and mtirh bloodshed would bolho consequence. The oflii'ers coiniiiindiiig at Vera Ouz ivotc fienerals Moza and llernamlnr. ,- tho Castlo is under tho ((iiiiinatnl of lieu. Juan l.otn, aster ling man and an inveterate ouo.nv of Santa Anna. It was deemed prnhiblo that Santa Aura would sor.n f nil Ins fortunes desperate, and es capo 011 hoard nn Ihigltsh Irigate stationed at Sac.rilicios, with orders, it was said, tn receive him and tirotect Irs unison. . toother report wa-, thatSant.i Anna had sont ' 1.... . ..1 ... .... . in in.- MiLiiiiisMii; ulu new- iioiernineiit, and hid placed himself and I113 troops at llicir dis posal. Tho brig paused, as sn wnscotningout of the Inrhor of Vera Cm, the .Mexican sieain frigate Mimtozuiiian, going in with Iroops Irom Cain peachy. 1 T HJl S The Troy p.apois niinoiincc the dealh r,f Mu ses II. Warren, a distinguished citizen of that city. 1 JiaUo Xelson, of N". V, ln been notnuiaied ' as Ju-lice ot the Supreme Coutt, the nmii nai on of Chancellor Walworth having been with drawn. John M. Read, of l'luladelphi.i, was ' minted lor il.u oilier vacancy on the bene Ii ol , the Supremo Court. A dentist in Ihrlford (Cl.) Ins adopted the! use of nitrous oxido giss-, in teeth pulling. It is said that alter taking the gass the patient ' feels 110 pain. The bill In pay the full amount of interest nn Iho debt of I'eiin-ylvania, has pi.std both llou sesoltho I,e 'islatnre, and been signed hv the 1 liinoriior; and the agent of the Slate is now en gaged in nuking tlum-Miids h.appv, who hid in vesiet! tlr-ir all in the State funds. It Insal ready had a dc-irablo efiect upon the of I'lnladelihii. 5T!rThe T.ontsville Joirnal says ihat sim-wai. who is ined of ihe capers of Ctuvalry, proposes 1I1 i"t a l lelt should tie em around ihe P.ilineiio .Mate, and ho lie pried nil" and ll mie.l to Texas. Tho bineMi leiit pi..eei irsiys ihuwliy,,niy jimpmef u cijjr gn or .orlh Carolina. wiicnA-vics ixsri tutc. .Meo'ing at I lie court room of the Chittenden County House, Frid.y eieiimg Feh'y. lbh, tn Imar report of Directors in rolitiou to the c.xpeu- diuire of the aim nil a--essnient for tho tiiircli.isn of boons, ami to mushier the expediency of more Ireipiunt meetings for mutual improiouieut. . I',.' oilier of Directors-, a. ru:rcui:i!, Norici:. The Rev. I). A. IIomirook, of the Univorsi lis ordur, from Malone, N. V. will preach at the White .Meeting IIuu-o 111 i-Jielburu, on the i.'31 iilst. LECTURES. I'ruf. Ton 17 lectures this (Fiiday) eve ning on Art, at Stiongs Hall, at . pam C. COM 31 5055 CB Alu. DltlCIiroV II VltlvHT. .Vmtoy, I'tb. 3. . At .Maiket 4)0 II if Cattle, 1 100 .sheep nnd CO bit inc. C.U linf Ci.tluuiiBuIJ. 'l'he&winu were re portid h-l tteilt. 1'nii.Ks II, ,f Cnttli A stmll a Ivnnce wasillVctcd and we i mie t correspond, viz-n few extra S"i2i a .i)0; lirst q'lilnv $3 3.2 1 second ouahly SI SO a i.n; Ihird i iahiv 61 I 50. Hlieoii-JVinmo,, sheep from 51 73 tu 2,23 1 Wcdi crsS.,2, ifi 1. Sit ino 110 lots sold At retail I to 5c. IUnironn Wool Maukct. Thcsalefor thnmonlh of January exceed 120)0 pound, mostly male tho 1 liter p in 01 tue ninniii. t'n es Int.; ran-ed from 30 10 II cents fir .Siitinct wools. Prm .p) to 30 000 pounds of sthcie III, ecis was sold Irom G tooOeeuH tthieli lully raiabhsh, , .iiiiiiiproveineni on liuen'nol of num.) to I ci ntspcr pouii I. Tlmn-t ha been 11 tearofgieat piosperily wiih Ihe woolen nianiilac nins m ihis tii-.iny. The j nut si,K.i roinpatno haie hi nerolly iinde up ilnir nnnual nceounis which trnh few eu pilous ihey find very nliriei.,rytheir i...m nit,,,!, nun niger man nnv prettuis jcar since lJU si tual new nulls are nearly ren ly to (io,'."Ar'o!!'u K"'h: '''" "'Kk "fwoulheie is under .00,000 lbs., andjiohlcr-fetl more firm. t'o nun., Pib. 7.-l'loiirisn,itofirnl. ibecotn nioni.t Geness c btings ln ,r Wistem Ihesaine. I lye is held al 70-. wiihout sales. A car ci of itbeni corn 9 I.I at 33c. Oils 31c by retail. Uovi r he.., droops j ibrro nre s.ller, nl 7.. of IVnn stlvam.a! liuiolbvilullnl Sll. Mohsses Utiln 40 ? " 1 u .' o?'0 o'.'i"'1 "J Sl' Sl'13 '-3. Whis key dull al i!J 11 2.'. tour. Cum, liifTOS, lYb. 7 Plour Maiket unehangcl, and sales nioderalei nenes.eo5.31 n 3, ner 1.1,1, ami Ohai roiiiuion, I-, r-ales good mealing (,'orn 51 i 51 J, nnd )ih."ei l.4xX" im"ht' 'luniinil .pine luniied. Oats 33 6 3ic. Western 11. II. closing price 03 7-3. In this town, on Friday last, .Mr. C. Mi.nniTT of iwo line uoj s. In llishgate, Vt., on the ult., .Mrs. Wm. W Itr.Tis of a son. 1WHUXGTON IRON FOUNDRY. ''PIUS IIs'aMi-luuent isnow lilted up in good crder 1 for making CA.S-IINCiS, such n Mill Ocering, Sleigh .Shoes, Waggon Axe atid lloxcs (.'.ildron and I'otah Kettle, kept constantly on hand. All the patrrns formerly ii-cd nnd owned by Me-r. (lay it Pdtvurds are here ready for use. I have taken bold oflbi coini.rn, for the purpo e of doing the . of work, nnd 1 am eunlident I can do 11, by u-ing ihe ben iifstra-k, Cn-lings made on low lerm., for ready pay. All 01 ileit addre-ed lo IJ. It. (Yo.sman, ilurlimj. ton, Vt , shall I e promptly uP. ndid to. llurliiigtoii, V. IVI.'y. g, '13. 37111G JiSTJtA V. CIAMR into tlieiu(.(i-uro(.rilie ' subx ril er on 1 lit- lOlh dav f Jan., lift, a while or lisbt Only Mare, will shod, nod suppo-ed 10 le ,'IHhf III 1, inn ft jr. lil.l. tin, nwiif r is requested to prove preterit- pay rhnrse and tale her away. DKXTPH I'MCM. tilielbiirn, Jan. 15ib, 133. 37 TO PEDLARS. 100 Brass Clocks of the finest qimlil V 10.000 Drilled eved - Iln COO I'aeks -olid Head I'uis, 111 l.hs. miiicu 1',,, 50 IW. I'ancy Soaps, 5 Oross Rerinan 'iw, 2 " Tin Trumin'N, 100 loxes l-'mgcr ltlng, 2.1 " lloanm I'm-, CO Uros Wood Combs, 20 ' plated mid Herman spoon, 111 " Cur-el and Hoot Laces f.O " llvclct, S " Thomp-oii's IHaekiny, 20 " Spool Thread, 60 " Sale and Iwi-t Pomh-, 10 " Speel.iele-, all kind-, 10 " Spe inch' Cns, .Steel Pen, (Urninu silver ware, nil kinds of Thim bles and ninny oilier aood- lor I'idl irs nt the lowest mnikei prices. All nre invited to look at iroi.ds mid buy or not, n they ehoo.e, no ol ligation to l.ny Is inclined by looking. I!!!I.'SM.MI) & IlllOTIintS'. Teh. 13, 13 13. 37 Sally Mlnct's I!statr. STATI'.or VntMO.NT, ) rilllhllon.thel'rn msTnn T or uiTTKNiir.N, i 1 I nle Co in f r the District of Chiilenih'ti. To nil persons eoneerneil m the e-tnto ol'f-AI.I.V MliVHIt, lain ofjer-ey I'oonlv 111 the Si.ale of Ijliiioi-, decc.i-ed, leaving i-lnto in -aid dt-triet of I'hiitenden. tlnr.nTisn. W'ltr.nnAs, Ko 1.11 II. M.nrley, Adniini-ir.alor ol tho e-taleof s ii I deeei-ed, to rcn ler an nc i'o nit of Ins ndniinisira'ioti, and pre-enl his account iigain-t said e tale lor examination and nllowauie at a -i -ioii of (he I onrl of Pro' ate, lo be hnbV 11 11 1 I be Keei-lei's ciitire ill Ilur'iiv.'tou, ill s lid di-lrlcl, on the reotid W'e.hii s 'ay of Mnreh nexl. Tiietcfoie, yon are hereby ni.tiljcd lo appear 1 efi're -Hid t'o irl ut iho time and place nfoie aid, and -hew cati-e, if nnv yon have, why the nccounl iifurc-tud -ho'ihl not be nllow e I. (liven tin ier mv haul .at llurliiigton, this lllh dat of I'l bruary, A. I). Il.i. 37w3 W.M. WCSTOX, Ileetiter. commission nit No i icr:. AN ndoureed inee'injf ol die llonrd of Co'tnty Comtni-sioncrs will' e held nt the i'i uotv f'erks icrii ein Ihiitin.-i. u .01 'I llttlt-DAV Ih.'TUT.N '. I .TII day ol lYbrnarv iii-'ant, at 10 o'chek 111 the (iiienoon, nl relucli linietliev will bear nnd decide upon all applications lor la-en-es 10 lInn-l.eeoe-s," "flroeerv-keojiers'1 and to persons o,t, ,,. Wine, Uuni, llrnndv, or oiler siiirilitou- 1npor-, ot tnediei nal, chemical nnd mechanic t! nurpo-o- oulv," in r. n eordance with un Act rntnled "An ei re'aiiiie' to l.ii-ens's to Inu-I.eepers nod llelailer-," np;irovt d Oct. 31, 1811. f-ati-fietory ti'-iiniony will I e rcptin J a in ihe ti'ness of ihe nppliean's I r -neb lieen-e , nnd thu iieees-iiy in each in-e lor the pr.anting of ihe same. I'.aieil al II irlmaii n, IYI ruarv 7th 18 1 3. Ily ( rder of the Hoard : ' 37 I.'IHVAIID A.STAXSItt'KV, l)tVulij Cltrl:. Aaron A. Flniinti's Instate WI'. The S1I1. ci' ers. having I ecu appniu'el 1 y Ilie llouorll b'the Prilli.lleCoori for the l.trii:t ofChllti'iHleu, tiers o reroie, axainitic anil ndtii-t theclai'iis nod tb"ii ind-of nil persons agaltt-t the p-tiveof Aaron A. rirnion, latent Jlonlinginn, 111 said li-lriet, dc-ei-eil, lepte-ented in-oh-eiit, and nl-o all ela and dem 111 Is nxhl'md 111 oll'-el Ibere'o j and -ix nioiith- IV-uu the day of the date ben'i t, 1 eiug n'lowi'd ' v -a 1 t'o irt forlba' p irpne, wedoihere fore hereby eive notice, Ihat we w d a'lcud to the hit-iness ofo-ir 'ippoiii'tiiftii, at ihe dwelling of Wid ow .Marv Pirninn, iu Iluiitniati 11, 111 -aid Die'n !. 1 11 thelir-t MoudavoI'M.n nexi, ut 10 oY'o-k, A, M, Dated, tin-COdi il iv D.eMii'er. A. I).. 181 1. am Pi:in:r-ox, I r, .IOIIX Pl.l I.S. 37 C"" FBIlRJSBUIlflH rIXIP Snrillf. tenn nf tin. tntlioitlnn nitl .-m titnnnn I. nn tl.iii.1.1- ,l. .1 ..r UP..I. ..n.ln .t. I lion of I,. W. Chanry. A. II , the foinnr Pice. ptor. Tho experience of tho Iwo prceeihna tenn fully jnlifies ihe Inch testimonials lo the character nnd qualification nf .Mr. I haney, wiih which ihoTiu.Hics were from sounesof ihelirsl rcpeemhilitv, and albir.Na siiisfaeiorv enranlee thai this Academy under hiseharee, wall continue tontler ndvantau'i's not snrpassel by any olh'-r inslilntion in ihi part of the country. ttmv'i) -p. iKiiiixsox, 1 ..nt 1 1 1 1 t,x 1 l.l 1, rctTii v icppsr, . joiix uiip.iu.p.i:, Trustees. I crn-biush, PLb. 10, 1313. 37it3 llefercnrrs. v. Dina l. nu'', Ilrilport; lilnard A.ymour, P.-q., Veitrennes It, v. Charles ('level ind, Slifllmrn ; Pnculiy of the L'nitersity of Vermont, Itiirhnainn. PHMALK SB3IINARY. rpili: SPMMT.K TCIMI in th s Intitntion, will 1 eoinmein e .M.-treh 'J 1. 1 S 15, nnd continue two Quarters or '.''J vueks. It h dc-itahlc tint nil who Milctid entcnnir the Hrintmrv dttriiu iln fnnirt2 Spline, enter nt Iho I'omnirnrenn nt of the Term, ns the elates nnd plans of study, forttlie whule Term, nre then fnrmrd. ThM Seminar v in nil ihe IVpar'ntrnN of Hutiuc linn nnd discipline, it under the immeilnte enre nf 1 he Kev. .1. K. Converge, who reidcvin the ln(iltili)ii, anJ will take a f iithful nnd tnirnt il nvcr-iL'htof micIi p iniU ni -hnll he committed to lih care. 3Ir. C ha- n3ociatctI with him-ff, four, xptrtnced nnd llmrousli '1'eachers In connexion with moral eullure nnd exte rior net ompli-htuen'. it i the nhn of Trutee nnd Teacher.' to conduct the pnpiU thronnh pueh n eour-e ol tharouiih studv ns t-hatl he productive of inentat furniinre tiud im ntal -ircitL'll. Insimcii m in the Tri rich Lnnpunse will he t'iven hva ncntlcman, who speaks tho rietich ns Ins er tnr nlar ton'te. rnim 2 to 30 yaw2 T.ndioscan ho nccrtinmodaled with IIj ird, Itn'Mii?, nnd all tie1 e.mvcniencc fnr ptndy in iho Seinimrv, under tho immediate care of tho Teachers. i"iieli will enjoy peculiar advantages. Terinsj half payable in a Knnce. TiiKIoii. r.iu'h.h IVanclus an I Latin, VOOperQr. lnno lu.iie 8 OtJ IiH'iuineut for practice, '2 00 Draw in t, -l,0i) rreiich, .i 50 11 -nrd including Piicl, I.isihts V.'n-junir, nnd all the ennveniences for st"dy in sp iciou and well fnriu,hed I.ooais 82, per week hy tho Term, or 6T, per ninyle (ir of i!i.en w eoKs J. W. IUCICOIC, &,;, Tchrmry 10, 18l. 37 vm.M.t.-H iv. wiiiti:, A'iroi:xi:Y AM) COUXSIllil.DU AT I.AV AMI Solicitor in Chancery. .Ifi e.MicKinr.1, Vt. TO DENTISTS! C'OVTANT "die nf Sinekinn'-. late-i tvle Molir, 11 - nd mid Inci-or'livih. Ite (inld and Tin 1'mN, I Kwr-'ep, I( in et-,Tnodi-l'ow-t'tT lhxe, A.C, itc. . lieceiving n ITCK A SPHMt'S, CIIIMJLAINS! AN Immediate cure for thiMio il htome complaint c iiftantly fur ta'e at 3i rncic & spkmi.v. ptiACrC, llhie, lie I nnd Indelih'o Inks Ink IW ' (Ut; Wilersj Wnxe. Pn-le, Vurnli, and Wnter-proi f linkiiis. ; Stnw l!heLmi;; I'nli-Inn? pasie and I'nwdcr, for .der and Urasi, ll.iih Kriek, IJoot. Sin e nnd Stote Urit'lies.. ' ut I'lTK iV spiuks, 3 Wholesale tlnigqUfs, CLAIIK A' HOAUIIMIN,' r. DANiri. Iliprn fc his TrnMeeti. tho town of Ctiilienden t'ounly Court, Octoler Term, IS II, Milten. ) WHFAIKA" tn thu Term afcreaid Joeph Olaik mv! Samuel Hnnrduinu, I (Hh of Milimi m nu County, Jin 'yht iheir iieliou tn caul Conn usauit Daniel Uidir nl Tott-dani in the Cnuntv of franklin in the Sin""' tW Vurk e'lvhirmn in an avium on honk tu dn ance bnnls ae4-nuiiu 'etwii-n tlio atd par tiesj in wli'ell ald Milt, tho (own ol .Vil'on m ,.nid Chilien len Cnnuty Mimmoiieil a. Tiiiflleo ol iho mih! Ihinul Ki-'er the Defeiidantt And it itpneartu? lo the mid c.tiit that themd Danul Itiderhath not leen notiUhl pennonulty of Mie pendency nl mid mit. Ir ! oaDEitru ov 7 tic Co cut, Ihat aid cause he eontuiuf.l to iho next Term tlu-ieof, tho nunl Daniel Rider he iKdilit'J of tho pendency ol nnl suit hy pub. Iibliin- t!m enhMHii-e of tho declaration theiem. in tho Curl nirton 1'no Prein newpaoer pnl lihed m HurliuR-ou in eaidenuuty, thuo wek nicceivelv, the Iat ol t-aid put lieatinns to U al K.ut three wttkj, hi fore the next Term ofnid Court. Dated al Hurlinfiion, 1VI ruary 5tli 181.1. 3Gv3 H- A. SA'I'.NSIilTHV, Deputy Clerk CliOCKlUlY, A.c. r" OOKIN(! lihifsep, Crockery and Glass Wnre. J AUo. a jjnod assortnutit of Family Groceries, together with Flour nnd Halt " kfPt nnd ofP.Ted for sale low hy 0. V. STAMFORD eV Co. Dec. 13, Ml. 2ti ril'ATi: HI'',) Cluttendtn Co. Court Chittenden County, 01 j oaneerv. Oelol crTrrm, 1811. X'TrilKIU'.AS, nt tin Term nfWroniM HIUJIir.N ! VV r.MlSV()HTII tf Woirml, 111 niMt'n.inij, Uh wrh tlio Ccri nf i! awt Im I ill of fttrwlu Miroairiiiiinl Acl.iinii H. iMrtifci Olnrlw Sicblnmri nn I Jnimw Mr. M. Sliafier, srmntT furth that on iho liflfcmli Any cTSfplomher, A. I. 1813. lln; said Addt frfm II, pHtridi't; then of ai l WcMfnnl, now uone to pirN nnknown wnlnvit this Slnii1, hnns jntly in ttt:hiel tti n(il Orntnr hi tho eum (.( i?G01,.H spcfificd In a irmn!vrv no'u 1'eiirinir dalo on thai day for Iho mM Mini nf mx liniidrulnnd ono di.llars ntnf thir ty Tour cents piynl lo tn fniil rnrn-'Worlliorort.Vr (ne yenr from dale, in order ton-cure tin payment there of, executed in mi id rnrnP-vortli n mortal;.' deed of the following iW-n'l cl pivn.nej, 'whiIi dml eon diti ned lot iho nnvmcnt of f-nM nolo aceordiiv' lo tho tfiier ihcrcof) r. " a ei rinin n b r iarcel of iHtui nii'i wiin'r irvin".rp m r-nur i, ill inv Vjuuiny oft hitf.'n.h'n afinvsitd, in tho .Slate nf Virmimi, on winch ilu'Marcli firtory now taiv!, moaning toeon vcy ono itjnal unlimited half of nil iho Ian I mil wa ter privilege t'oo'.ed hv Davi I Odt't-tn Snrhavk lluonnd A. II. lirtridpe,ilanH Anrd 21. 1811 renr oner hi'in Ind in -nid drc 1 reconlod in volume lenih Jiaffo-KHan ' 1R1 ofaid We-1 Tup I reci rd-." And fur ther j-oitmu fijrili :inl nverrmrr lint the -aid pretiU'r :il)oe i!o--rt! cd are a p irt ol I,ot turn' er forte -in I ortylo tr m iIip thir-1 dmion f tn -ai I Wi1! lit' of t lie rialtt of Wi'liini Thoiiinun, tp. I onnded ni .'V.'ow., vi: lleinnmi! nt a Make (andtnc on the South of the tnor, of Wnfe nnd Hilil- ilam Inr t iii rly a r-ilU'if, 'ii ihe West ido nl the road loading treiii the mvn enmiuoii to nni "miiu an l Utf it dam. thni'v Smith ihirttro di-ciec mid luriv Hint- nie-, Vf. HI ei-n r'd nn the we-1 line 1 1 end mail ti n t il-c. thei re north firiyrven e'eyrcr-j and tlrp ty iiuii'ite", t einhi rod- ton s nltc, unKinira tihi ntvj'e w illi the r-t id, Tiu-ncc northwnrtlly to a hem-hr-k tireon the 1 ant. of thu niep; ht iiVo np -fiul rivt-r In th" fir-l nui, Moned htind, tiiiij v tntun tam three l.'ioih of mi (.''re of land nmre I'rle . And I irlher Mlin t JPth tint on thr tif eentli davof fe;)tetnher. 14,, the -.nd Addi-nn It. I'artridne ee ontc 1 n ( rnl i l.nui di tr of nil hi- title nn I intt'ie t - t in nnd tu iho -'ii J "nnn-.e( nnio Cli uh" Hu hi n ir--. then nf -n d We-tl .nl, toi-.e r( no t') inrt. nnnown, and thai thereallt r, io vt. nn tho IH h day nt May, 111, the ca.d Cli rif S-e'l unr. eveeired "to .lame MeM. -h i rr, nf II irlne'ttiii, m i ud Co iti, n inort-rtL-edcpI i.) iljo v-i tun prriin r , e ndri'iiio I f'r the pa ment ' I hr o rer ni'. prnniiniry ti'Vc nniniiiitin in nil to die mini "IflH..0'!. And I. in hep sc'' ins1 forth ihat ihe f ud -nm of moil PV Ppei-ile.'il m the .'d pr iinrv m-'e nf iheaid I'ar'rid-e tn thf viid Or v r ha I tn-' tinny in inner Iron p ml, eanctlh'd, hitttlied nr tli ehir",1( m any put theie f. Atijl prnyinv ihe sudfotrt that the m Adi-nn II. P.irtude, (!harlet S't'1'1 m t nn I Jont- McM, Sh ifier ni'i-'ht ! edcrrefl tn pn tt-e -md s nn nt mon ey in ni I I it mentioned (oomi ory note ,ic 'trcl, tnm-iln r Willi i ho interest due titr-l lo iriow d-iu there nn.hva Mmr (lay tn ! e ei I " nif n''rl,and lh-ti in de lan't nf -eeh ri merit, ihe -a d A M.-mm It. 1' iri ndse, Chai!e S'etihincs and .h'ne r. Shaf er, nn I all per-nn- i-lai'iiinr 1 y, from "if'er the n, m.iv he forever f"rc.!ciM'l nl and fmin nil rij-le, u'le and e.pnly nf re leinpttnn. nl", m an I tn the -ai I inorlLM ged preiiiic nnd eveiv part nnd parrel there , Imi Hint the-nid r.n.ti-wnr'h the Or.i'or.-h aid ho' I the -inief nnd '-loir nf all ite-iiml raner wli t ever fn-m the air Pan rid-'', Mid' inir-nnd Shaf er. anil all per o n elaimni'', I v. In-mnr nn ler tlwin ot an t-f I lit in. An I it npp.'.inmr to -ai I 'nurt Ih U the paid A Mi .-on IJ, ltrin lire nnd 1 Inr'e Nehhin. h ive not h ul p 'r-otnl r. oiiee of the pendency o( -aid hill nf eoni pt nn : 1 t ip on, krho r.r tiii: Ct it.t, that the pafil d.!i-on 11. a nd Ch rnV- l-e notilit'l nf tho pfiidcncv of-nid viti), l y p 'MilitiiiT the 'iih'-ianee ol t.-i ii! lull in tho Tree l'ie-c,ti new-paper prniteJ nt M' I I! -rlinuttin, three wee t .uc-9'c!y( ihe la-t ofuhi'di pnl Ii -a. Ticmi-tn he i t hat twenty d iys bel )ro iheiext Term nl llii (yuitr Daied nt I 'id nton, re'-rmrv 5. IST. 30 a. t Kh V Alii A. STAN1U UV, Dep. Ol;. X I CitMleN i:-.tate. Wiypiir. SI I-SCIiini lKhann-lrrnnpnolnt-e 1 1 v iho ll on. ihe PmVite Com I for the di-tnel nl Cm ten Ion, com un-.inner. lo iceixo, ex, inline nnd ndpit t lie clnmi-i denrin I- ol nil person 4 1 ni.nnl thee-tate of hl.Vl 'ASTI.C, I.Te nf Y?'tur., tn ald Di-iri 't.i'ei'ea-ed, fcei'f iitcil in-olvent, andiil-u nil rl.unii mil deiniinU cxlnl'ited in n Net there'o ; un 1 b s iiNintli- tmiii the d ivnfthoilale heiedf.le ins nllnwed hv -aid t'owit fnr tint pnrpn-e, we do thenfi M' herehy .'ie tiotici thai we will attend tu the l'iiinev ( 1 itur anp. intn ent. nl the the duel! n ulWid"W Ma Helta (?.inld in Wetford, hi -.t id Di li jet, on iho hrM We Ine-day- -.f March nn I June iiLXt, at IU n'clnct., A. 31., nn eac' 1 ofaid .h I.atel Has fjtli ihv of Jan" ipv, A. D. 1SH. JOI1X ATJ .KN. ) IVmmh.. ?r3 WILIdAM 'JHNKV. J moiicps JVOTEOK. rTlli:ro.iirliii'r-liiii licit-lc t- ''M-'ntl mi'lfr lliu I J'iriii l IIAtll.r.TI' .111.I S VI'Altl', is tli siliv llis i''t t.- HI (tint -i.n-rnl. All , vm lis until' liil Ii. 1 In- linn nn' n k'.st I I n' ill aii'l m 1 'lo iiiinmli.iirlv ; ,isn, tliiisi. h iv-tn I'l.iini-nu'inist ll v sai'ic, nrf rr- i1K"s:is u j.icet'lli Itisiit l.i C 11. -'ss . w. 1I1.1 i.t.l .Stun I. .101 ix rs. 1 .nar.w, C. It. STUA WW liiiiliniiton, IVl.'y, I, '." 3ijh3. 0. II. STUA II 'A' WOIH. D infurrn h s frtend-', and the p. Mio cnc tally, tint he wi 1 continue to luaiiufa '.tore and ktcp oa enntanllv nn hand a com assoitmi:xt or CRATRS, at tlm Ol.l Shml nf " l)iot.p.rT it Stu iiit," Cl.'vrc'i Siri'i't, 2 ilnnrs Kuuili of tliuCutnitv House. IVb. :., IS 13. 35-3 GhtJiip Cash Store, ii ii ii r. i x i: t o x , v t:n m o x t . COMl'lll-'KS one nf iho most splinJi I Olid tnr nl isTOClCS in tin- Snip. All cuoJs arc eoU slnrily for Cash, nnj of coutsc Che.ip. Cash paid for Wool A Tail time-at Uiirtmslon MJ'I C'n-Factory. A 35 SIDXF.V HAULOW, Aecnt. MWTK OF VI 1(31 0.VT, ) Chitiende.i Co. Court Chitiendtii Couuiv, nl (Jhne-ery ) Octoler Term, 1811. WIir.ltlMS, nt tho Term .ifuie aid, lleniaii Al leu, udnuui-trainr of the etnie nf lA i V, la'e f Hurl nirton, in theCti mty nfChiltcn 'en nfore haid, lile I with theCleik nf I Cnirt hi I ill of (nre elnsuie tigiiut dnhu O. l'ntleriek and llor.ue S. Frederic',, of ihe amo ll trliuutmi, ettnu I'ortli ihu nn the lilnlav of June, A. D. ISP, ihe :ii.h hn O. un I lfoiai-o S, I ems iully m lel.iel to tho said I) in D y, t'eet-a-e I, in the nn of i ln:u hed k liar-, d ied in tuhr pniini"iry note. .' I earner, tla'e nil i ho fn trtli day nt J .ne, A. 1. IS It, t ach fur m-"i nl j -luediliar-, rnii paaMe to .ud D.iy nr nn'er, wnh inn re-l aiiuaaMv, ii the 1 1 Ii hi nt J urn iry in. ' July in the jeiir ISIi. I tf IJ, I ISI."i, re pootiwly, I Iu mi I lloraiv I Jnhu O, to e. nre ihepavmeiit of -ai I euht prouinry no e-, eee Me I to haul Dan, dei eaed, n iimrljae deed ol die fidlowum de n n' el premie, iz : "The lot f land in sml It ir ltiii!inn, nt tho Fall-, bouude I .t- fi'Ilnw- : Moffiiihins nt ihe nu:Iue.-l eotner ol a li of hn I piindijct hy Mid Day ot t no Urnrv W, Ca hn, I y deed 1 the tilth "lay if April, I5H7, then' m rthwauHv on the lino (f ihe n :ul leaduiL' dn ii the hill to tho I rnUrn 3i (cei, ihenep w'lwnrdly at ru'.t nn-.'Iei to Mild rnnd IflO feet, ihemv nt ilhwar.lly nt ru'ht uii.7ie-,nnd on u line (larnl'el Willi -in I, M livl, llieueeea-t-u.tnllv nn I nl rrihl niiij'ef J0U feet, to ihe plat e nt I Csiuitiiiiir, I eina the-auie pan 1 1 1 f Ian I conveyed iu Mill Dan I 'ay hy-nidll, Y. Cmhii, hylhealne named deeil, Kve'lier wnh ihe luildinr i n ai I u ;" Vluehnil .aioriir.ii-e deed wa ei ndjiinneil for the payment of theaid reveral promi-M-ry nole accord ing to tl.f tenor theuof. And turthcr ettini; furth tint the whoto auto pe eihe I in ihe tip: lit prommory note, tn jet her with tho iuterel (he icon neen el, iilue:ind iihikii 1 to theaid Din Day, or tho Mid I lent in Allen, ndoiiiiilrator n alnie-ai I, not having Urn in any manner paid, siti luil or din harmed Ainl prayuit' the s ud Court that the id John O, nnd Unr ate S. may he deertel tn pty unto Ihe Mid IJeiuan Al'en, ailm jii t-t niU-r ns nloreaid, the end Mini tf money uj ilie caid i-eviril prnint-snry iintt- nienimiud, with the fnter-'t thtreon ihio and'herinl ler to row "nd lufnuie due thereon, hva Maori dav to I e -l hv Mild Court, nnd that ut default of Mich payment, the hiidjidni O. an ' Horace S.,anl nil pen-on. e)a mini!,' hy, Irom, or no ler them, may I efur evtr foreelosisl l und from all njlit, tide an i tipntv of rtHleinptiun of, in or to the Mini mortairel prcmi tv or tiny part theieot, and that the mi id Ilemati Al len, ndminilralor tu aforesaid, may hold the fame free an I ch'ir of all euuly o( redi'inpiiou o tho mi id John O. and llnraco ., or any person claiminir hy, from or iinderthcin. And it np;. earing lOMiidCoun that tlu -atd II or are S. Frederick hac nut h d per sonal notice of the pendeii'-y o the tad I ill of com plaint ; It i onriFnr.n dv tiik Ct nnT, that iho aid Hor. net S, FmUruk I e imilu 4if ho peuuVncy of the nid hdl hy pol li-hina tho Mdutniue thereof in tho Unr Itnjrlon Free l,re-(n iiewpa'erprinlel at ll'irliuirtnii uforcMid. ill rt o weekhMictea.iulv.the Ipm ol whu h piihlieaitoiu t-hall lu at leat iwelity days before tho next term ol llu Couit. Datml nl Hurluitcn, Jamiory 29th, 1815. FDWAHD A.sTANSIIUilV, Jtp Clerk. 35 w 3 liEMOVAL. PECK & SPEAR HAVU icmoved to tlio new et-iltiaHrticiil at their OLD STAND, ono Hoor east of Mcssrt. J. &. J. II. Ppi-L- .1- . n r-i. .f. f ' llurliiigton, Old Jan M5. There is tio excuse for the Headache when you can obtain the (ji:n ini: M.i:.MitAt.r.s AmiMmvtt Cataihiii atn lltui- , auiii: Snupi ! ! THIS fnnfi f n eerlain and perfo it cure for tie ( ntarrli, nnd common rohN 111 the Head nnd the Headache and is an exeillent nrtic'e- fororonnd weal; eye. It opemnnd p-irqe out all ohstruclion Mreiiffihcn tho irlani nn I give- n healthy notion to the parts nifeca'd. ihcarp of Counterfits All'tlnne wi'hmir tn pirchiac lli-J penmne nrticlc c f Alph il Snn'f; should pnrelnc that nl whieh If. Oridlrv, Mid llehnry Vt., tho proprie tor, "nrd no other," n- I m umfaetnre peromill, the ItlUiVtb 1 I y Mild Cil.dley, Dli. MARSIIAT.T.. I eertify tint ihe nl ove nniele wa- txeonled in my proven c nnd thai In- "lanninre thereto i genuine. DOHASTrs WiTHt, Jutlgc MiMfdmrv, dan. II, I S II. N. II. '1 ho 11 itne ol II, O. Ondlcy proprie'or will he fo'ind upon e ey Imttle of the penninc Mar-hall1 Imppoviil iSn iir. Hi I lw Imle-nle nnd teiail Iv II U. flridlov, M. I. le'uir v Vt. VV.r.K MM. A It Whottsalfi and ttttait !)rucists lliithmrtfin, t. Atilhy DriQihts generally in tho Unilcd .S'tates and Cnnath. ' 3Vly JotN A. JrsNt.n, ) Chittenden I "omit Co irl m. S JovATtiAv II.nT. ()-t. Term, 1811. 7"IlP.lii:Ay nt tl oTcim nd mmik' J. Ihi A. Jtnner I n ll'irtinaton in f-nd Cnmilv "ft lnitetioen irnttfflit hi net inn m;nint .Ion ilhan i 1 .1 1 1 ol theame I id nee in it 11 nctinn on I nt U to hahitu-e ! in)'., ncei 1111T j lictu een the m I purlieu i'eiii.111 hnj tn dun iye in I III action nlii.c-iinl tlm -tun nftwu hmidied d liar t umi it npinnriiiir I y tlm return ot ttie mlnrr mmi the wnt in MinMVirt thr lite -ni I dniiatlnn Hart, llio iieli'ti'l.nil h ull not had pei3na nonce ol th pen htiei nt -nid mii's Iheielnreii m nrdeiel hv the Cnurt thai the satd can- he vt n'ltit ed nntil the nei 'I'erin then of, nnd llnil ihe -ml .lutnili in Ilnrt the defend tut I e nntilied (d the pont'eney of faid Miit ly pn'.li-hm-.' tho -nli tnin-i ol aid "deelninnon in tho llirlmirton Tie I re a new-paper prmnNl nt tl'irlinirlon n!uif-.aid thiee weeh" s iceefl-ive v. the I.1-1 of which i ihhea liditH in in ho nt least twentv daa I eftiru the next 1 (.Tin ii 1111- eo ir:. 1 veil nl n,d It ,ilingtn thin 25th Jan mry, A. I). tL ll. A. STAXSIHT.V, Deputy Cltrk. STATi: or VI I(.MOVr( ClillteudenCo. Court L hit endeu Coatilv, 63. nf Cliatierrv O.-t. ber Twin, 3M. WHF.UKAS, at the Term nfnrvMid, JAMHS DI'.AN. of Itiuhn-.M'in, in sitd Cnintv, tiled with theCleik ol fatd t'nurt his I ill of foret h-uie iii:aiut Cli imirev (Jmuln'-li, llermnn V. K. Dean. and Sophia CnniJnch, of M-irlmu'on afore-nnl, and Jn! ii Camp! ed, ot thceiiy ol Xo.v Vork, in tho State of New or i., eitnij Infill lint nn tho IS Ii day ol lKj.niif l.hliu .iuitlt. tli' n ol li uhiiatnn. ' e lua:" jietiy unit li'iil u the m orator in iho sun of three hundred and twenty-two dollar, pe -ified in a prouiitf-orv nt.te, daiei mi tlio li dav nl 1SJ7, lor ihe uui ut three li nt 'ret. nnd iwen'v-iwo unirar-, p.unii'e io ntu orainr or outer in MXiunnMi irninthe u He tlietetJ, with intee?t, and -tL-neil hy -aid Dhliu Suit h, in order t-tfcvuro then.nmenl of tho aid nm .pecjiird in ai I prtininiy no e, ne. eordinir to tho tenor I heron I, he the -aid F.'hhu South, the l?!h Iav ol Mav. IS 17. fnr an I ui eon -i ' iuii ot the Mini cf ihrce Imndro! nnd twenty-tvi o dollar, ny ins eenatu uitu ol ' arani .ui-l nje, -iy:uet with hi- h.ui I and e.tlel wiih hi -e;i,and a 'kimu jt -rd an J recorded m d ,u f'nr.u nl law, tho da'e wheiet t is the IHilt day n 3I.iv, ISJ7, di I enovry and ouiitirm iliitn the s.nd niatni- the fiilluwaii: de-ri1 e I land in I'lirhnirli-n. in tlio eouniv of ChiMi nden, v . a n c e or pan il ol land emuejed to nid Snu'li hy one D.iti- piiiu iina, oy (ko 1 u re I Jan y v, ibJj, i cititiiiit; at the nirihue-t c rutr id' ha No. Il'i, uu.illv called lheCi.;eure lot ; then m rth tGtiearoe--, ui'M 1 chain 10 I in!-to n pol ; thence imrth 1 decree, weit ;J eh mis 'Jl hnko ton pot in the line of la ti I at (he date tit rt nd ted in ihe po-eion ol one l it her Loumis i hem o outlt fcfi decree-. eal '2 chain 7.1 lint- to u pn-t ; thence nutli 3 decree, west I ch un '21 link- loap'i-tj theuee -o itli tbd-'ree, eat .i o .am- j liil!.- to a pot in ihe line nt' the street ; thence -until iidtvr.'e, wt s! chain-II- link- tn it p ti thence noithfcfi dejiee. wet J ehnii 3.1 link-to a no-l ; lhe,i o imrih li deirree-, at 13 link', to tho p ice nt Urninnir, eon niimi twu acres ol ttioianl loilie Mine more t.r lesia u I Itirther eiliii2- frlh ihat on trie 27. h dao of Oc'ol er, 1 .57, the .u I Smiili in conMtlcra ion of the -nm of ten huudrel tularsly hi- eeitnn I'eed id 1 nr'Mui ami silo hearing dale the dav of ihe vear 1 it nloienjl, and U'tled and -taled l the mil iiii'Ii and ihe aid l h-iiui'-ey t tjod rich, and nek now l etljred. f'elncted and io -nrded in tine furiu ol law. tli ?Hi-, rnrii, hr-nin, m 11, n ient convey and eunlirm unto i ne mio u run ey, nts ne ir- un i .tiiiij tnrever, the anie parcel nf laud -o c meed in mortgage by -aid (Sim ti u Mil l tuntt't .1- nfure-ni 1. And t irher-eitinz fnrih that on the 20 h day of De cern! er, lb 19, the Miid Ohauii'-ej Oothlrich I e'uirju-i-ly lu e -led . I he - a-1 t.'a.ur m ihe uin ol two 'hwu diol an I "evtti yonrht clollar- -necitied in a certain pronu-ory unle ( -ai.l Ch tuner v, tlated the d iy nn I ear hut alore aid, payable lo die mi id omiurtr or der one year nlltr the dale ihenot and mieres'jin orner to me pavniein oi me s uu or inonev ipealied in aid prumis-ury mre, on the'JOth dav ol Dei ember, IS iS, I y lit- cerlai.i i!tcd nl bar.un and -ale, fi-r ihe couii'eiation ul iho -inn nftwo leiudied anil eeiiicj?ht dull ir-, M.'iictl with hi- hand, an 1 m aicil w Hh In -e.rei.1, aii'l net. m cA'n aiul ree.-rd-etl in due lorui ttf law, lliodato whetenl i- the ame day an I yearlatt aloie-aid, did ot nwy nnd euitiriu tiuio i itf -.ii i nraior ii:e.ii(iT no laini". And ih it on ihe "J" h nf J in mry, 1813, tho -aid (yliauncey. in ct-n tltiaiu n nl ihe -tun t f 1 50 it-M.iri, by hi, deed ol lariram and mi'o, tho tla'e wIieieM r ihe tlay and )tar la-t ah resaid, nnd ac Umtwle 'ired and reeortlcd in tint-form ul Live, cuovev 1 ed the heluu th rn1 ctl land lu inunac to the tatd MiTinau w. li. i Jean. Ami ih it on ilie -ame 27:hday nf Decern 1 er, 1S13, ,i h,reaid,the -aid Ch uni' cv, h hi-deed of ilia tl re, fui" th- euiiiidetalii'ii tf liUi) ilullar- eiuejid the mih yt lands above de.-enl cd till he mi id Sophia t-uod-j it-Ji iv tnorli;a-re. Auu'. hat on ihc-7lh day of DeeeinU'r, 1913, the said Cl ' uicey. in enumeration uf the -urn of mx humhed 'Har-, I y hi ceitnut dtej tt bargain and ale, iuiit d wild hi-h ind, and -ealttl wrh hi- mi', and ae,kun "Jcd.'cd and let uided m due t'-rm i f taw, ihe date win Tlot i" tin fdiue ri7i!i tl iv it Jiuuir, 1811, afure-. 'd, dd coney and ciu'tirni uriio ihe uid Jtdm C.i 'lid til the Mime- land and preiiit-e-.ibovo tlcseril eu' m nioiljrnne, fnr the ht-euriu ul tho p ivuient uf two '' am .note- td" the -ant Ch i iiic y, d lied Ihe U 1th da " 'f Sepvm'cr, ISli, paya'Ieiu n'hl lin nth, lor "i 10 d llar, nnd une imte da ej iho ,i7lh day nl Jainar ', Mil, and payab o in ono j ear and iniire-t, fur 1MI '1 ''lar. And fut her n'ttinir i irih tint the said d-inii rf mon ey pet ilted tu ihe tutu of i ud s'uiiih to mik! ora tor, and the mid Mini ol money -pecifu'd m llto.-aid no'e, of the miJJ CIumi.i ' t' tv -aid orator, hid not I veil, ir any pu it thtreof, or in any wtj di-eh irL'cd, An I prnunsr I he -a id Court that the ad Chauncoy fJoo.Iiieh, lit iinoii V. II. Dcii'lt, Snphi (ino Irndi and John Cnuij I ell ouht I edecu- l to p iv the a ud -mu o inonev io the Miid two i nentiwiiVl prmiiNory uoe-, specuU'd lo.'ether with th- ialeiet tine, nnd in tov di.o theienn I y n nhoit dav to I e Hit by -ait (o Tl, ami ihat in tlef.nilt ( mici'i a ment, the Miid Chaun eiy, llemjuu V. 1!., SopJ.ti'uud John, and .Hi per-ou. !. iiiiifi by, frnui, or ii.m A'r them may he fniver toic lo-wl t)tf and born nil rnzht.inle and Vipinv olittViiijit'im uf, m nr to the Old inoricai.rel premise, mid ewr put and parcel il-. venfi b it that the nt h nmr Ik ni l Im! il0 Mime fi- ' and clear ot all me un1 ranee whatever from tho mu i (."haunecy, Ilermon W, II., .Splua nnd John, and nil per-on-el.iumnic by, Imin r mi ler ihnu, nr any 1l them An I it apprtnns to haul Court Ihat the mil John Cauipl ell h i- hoi I een ptTM-n-dly notified ot 'lit? pen den y tl i.iitl hill of couipl nnt ; It isnrderisl I j iho Cnurt, ihat the Kid John i"aum he!l he iioiuIihI ut ihe pen lencv of c-h I mih, .y puh Minnr the-ubtaucenf -.ud I i'l of eomplaiut, ut ihe hee l're-a a new-paper printed at said Hur!inylm, three week- Micceioly,tlie I i-t nt whn-h publican "Us to beat !cat twenty day leloio the next term of u'lia Cnurt. " Dated nt Uurlon'ion. Fel. .V 1-5 C;. 3G.v3 KIIWAUD A Sl'WSIH qy. Pep. CT. lillBAT J5A AINS rnlli: tubscrilj.T, wislniuKi dose up In. iiurclimi. I thimg li isituso, ullVrs lor Me iliv following vnl inille pii'inri)-, iz: n lot muat. J in ilie r'nlre i f iho I'Kiuliliil vilhyonf Clinti.nvillc, 311.1 ISlllllly f,, i in Iioiii, oni. hundred and eijili'y ),vt ai ross from Umr tri'il lu M.iiiisircrl.ondtit'liiv-niiic'f.eloii Main sl.. on ulucli is a ilinr siory hruk store, covered vnli Hn, llilily feel in liriadlli l.y forly fourln Icnglli, the jipper two shines linislioil in ordtr for n iltvellitii li Mire J also n luick i.lorn house, rovired Willi nn Ihirly-fcn f,ct hy tHeniy-eulil, to .lories high a I'oiv ho ise and turn lui'iiiy-tm feet l.y iiliieeii, nnd n ivood-liouso lcniy eiht feel li rivnlit'ii. Trrmt, niis-fourili dou and Iho remaindrr in ilirre annual in.iiiliiienle. JUTTIIIAd lli:.l.i:il. Cliutonville, N. V., Dec. i, 1311. '.7in3 Stoves. 7V1'UV super or I'OOK STOVIH cf various Size. A I. SO, " n firsl mte (Juiier lor sale in cis exflians-e lor Wuoil or pru in. (IIOIIOK IT.IDIISO.V. Iljrlinyli ii Dev. 13 li lt'iH. TAHUi HUTTIUI. FEW hundred poundf. Jan. ti, M5. HTRONGS St Co. rs For Sale Ait. 5.VJUM - si'Jt' r,Ili: IIMllo ,l.uv .n.Mlliil, nil Ncrth Sl cnn. .1. tninins 11 iiercs of land. Willi a Iwo tlory nla- tcrt'd house, ll-irn and Sliisl, Is a 'cred for-nlenla alow nriec and ea- terms, Aiiply to STllONUS & Co. Jan. 31, Ml. 33 Wl, MAfSIIM.l.'s Indian vnair'Annn IMiicli "luster. rPllIsS Placer K unnvtleJ fnr conn? rof ihe l. Hu-i lbiiff. eiir-v. "nre-. lame I nek. bum, nabit in ihe ide-, hip- nr liinb, nnd eel ln'ii fad- lu v ve eiici in ca-e or local riie enittpni. it npplKHi to nn; di it will -nro mnnv of the common Hvrr com plaint-, and it finind to I e e pml if iml superior to :i n v corn pilu r, tor com- nn Hie iectt it inmie'U itcly applied to a fiesh wo rod it will prevent nrc- ne-. aii'l ea'ic it tpm-klv lo In'ih I ami tc in the of uhiir tin plaIer, find it lifter than any thin? r'fe f f all jrtrpo v- lr which n ida-icr or -filie ii wan'tvl. lit virfue.1 hive I ecu witnc!.c 1 1 y thnu-nhd ttf ic-pecml b individnal in var'o i pan's of the Fnitfl Sure, who have loMtM its el.cacy. riiii r , t. prr on., .rJMinv ccr,iiicnte-4 mr.v Ic had. Miowins il. ex-ranrduian cfTcct. tleicnrf nf Ciiuntfrfttft . All iho e wi Iniiif to ivirchn e the Pennine art-clo of M ir Inll- Phtcr -liouhl utch i" tint ul in n 1 1, i. in ui-y, ,i i j ii ory, i i nr .-iiit;ii Aycnt nrif no other n unntilaf-tuie per-nnally the I'-ner Mild by paid (in lley. 1)11. .MAIKIIAM,. I eerlifv tin ihe nhnvenrtMe v.:i executed in my pre-euccly Dr. Marshall nn 1 tint U 'ffi-ature thiri to I itch tine. UOUSTc WOOSTFK, Jadga Mid.IV'urv, .Ian. 11, IftM. Sid I wh .e-a!c and rdnd ly H. (Gnllt'y, pea em! Avenf, .Mi Mlebury Vt. I'F K f. FIMMII, V'mfe.iafe nnd AVAriV rufiV's Hurimstnti, t. And lv I'ruy-t- generallv in the Fnt'et 5 ;es nn I Canada, 3 31 v DRY (U)ODtS. C. STA.MKtlltH t Co. Ann eh bttinc a ?'f cl; ol Fore-ffir nnd Do-im-ii"' Siajdt nn I Fhicv Dry O md I y the tuece nr pal'em nnd a rtlmj to their cpta' dshed rnlo tit n net t -urc't to the tunc- nn ' the f;t-nnt I.U'le. t-re p iriicularly meiied to looV al iheir a. -ttrtuient A Cashmere "and Pc Tiine- n hit li an the ea-on r ndanettl will le tr'ered low. AIiSO, talin'ere, Mrir he an I in her -SlruvN, -omethina rich an I well worthy atieutiuii will be oId ver cheap. -also, a root n-iur'inent of Aitrmo and Plidct Ch th. Woolen Plat Mp-ica, Ac., fcr Cloak, Mvcu, plain and lu 'red SM,. Calic e, nnl ahno-t e;ery ariiv nfiro ui th" bur nf In 'ie Apparel. At-sn, a lar:nek ol I, men ft mi's. I so, hi. bp, Cn-Minere. .S.itmett, Velm. and o'her poo I fur ceu'leninu wear. ALSO, tlrnwu ami Ii eo lied Sheettno'i and Shirt in? of vanotw style, nnd ipia!iMe. Per-iuii ptiieh t-uuir Dry iv U nnv find it to their i Iviintnce ti ci innnc th nlioe t(Hk which will be unt eheerfullv h"nwn to nil c'Moiuer". Ihe. V2 h ISM. 2) C5 pyai 5zv lUs&oo fj ill I! ub. Tihert will piy cah 'm delivery nl their h p b r KJOOi) ft, I inch clear pine i. umber, roon do n do du :,fno (lo H do tin Jo jtuili do 'i do t!n flo 2MM0 do J d do du 1000 ih 2 do Iliitternni. .1. - II. I. IIKMUCFC, .V Co. llurjincton Jan. 10 h, l-'F). Jtlj SKUKO P SCMIOOL. T p I,. I!. fs'l'ACY will eouniKiieo her nml'r i I lerm on Mnnd ly ihe 'J 1 nf Ptt.tinry, to eoiim no 12 neilts. Sclmlirs ?ro c.Tpccled loenttr al Ihe commencement of Ihe term. '1' it it i (i u. Ilnsli-li, 31 ffl Trench, 1,00 Dnuini;, 3,00 Sehool room one door west nf room formerly occu pied li v Miss Hinnev, up "furs. Iliirlinitii. Jnn. 'Jllli, 1911. I'njicr, Hooks, anil P.ipcr llaii'-- Till-: suli.eril er, haviiis plireha.ed ihe PAIT.I! 3111.1. in 3111(011. and inten lut-r io !. mn nl.- . enuntrv liu-ines-, weiild in form Printers, .Men ha'nts an i lie p generally in ti inev are prep'irc.l lo uiuke euinr.iet for paper, blank and selio.. hooks,'.., S.c. ifc". They tu'eii I a I Iuii next sea-on a -tnel; nf Piper llauirin, .mil Uep-nir a s,i,,ly. ll'irs, Pro 'uee, and eery article u.-cd in their b-isi-lies ieieied in payment, SQI'lKlt f- OATi:-. Milton, Div. IS 1 1. 29 (.'.illin's STATU Ol- I UUO.NT, T a on of il e Di-tic' of I'luPen ' n, m. ( I'liuii.luld at lliirlllr.'ll li, u ilh'u and fnr lilt' tl'S'rlel nfClnltell- deu, on i l.t- 15 Ji .In v ol .l.inunry, IB 15, Pie.-ent ihe lli-tl. Ch ir'e. lli.s-el, Jndye o'f sml Co-'rt, eonies fl iv Citllii, rxe-iuor ol Ihe l.isl W,' and le-lainenl id MOSI S OATI IX, l.lle of llurhnL'tnn, lu sn,d dipirn t, t'ledsl, t-s-ate, and Idnl in -aid conrl his pitiun in wriimjr, .eitiu..' furth Ihe -aid le-t.llor dietl -e 7.i' I of ihe t illou ins de-en1 ed e-laie, su-ii-Ho in said lliir'iium.iii, viz: tinny aires of Ian I, wih i" li 'inu nierei n, I ein-'ihe liiiiiie-ien I ol the sinl if. la lor i fi.ur a.'res of tail I, in. I a li.i'l-e lherenu,liieu inr ed a- ihe pla.e where Mr-, liner live-i mx aeies nf laud, H'l'h a hoi-e thereon, e.llled ihe o' pl.u-ej ihe Pills propiriy, m. I nlinir the sri-t null, nv null, ihrui liil; lum-e-, and several leiieuients, sh. p-, .(-,.., wnh ihewirerprniftae-jt'ain-, &e; one lein lre I eulny.ihe nere. ul laud on lot-.No. IC, 17, and 18, an I uni aeres of lot Xo. 20, in Ilie -niu,i; a!si- of the lolhiwinj; de-erihe I re it o-l.ite in (.lehe ler, VI.' tweutv-seMii -lens of the .Mr-, llol i-ter I I, sn e.U'el ; lifly .,'re ot the .li lui-oil lot, sO c.lll- el, and e...'h' fo ir'eeu'h lit Ml'l tols, se ..ijl- e I ; and i-f till v aert- of ihe l.ura' e lot, so enltt-il, in P.-esi h it ihe per-on il fsnre of the .ai I te.iattir. lu u'limne I, hum ill's lo jd-J 3 , l.ieb tell ,111 1 i,.r. -11.1I i;e.l, l.y ihe will of said le.lniiir. win nie MipjitTt ot i.ueui la i;.itiui, widow if said les'.i'or, d inns her nai iril life; lint ihe el 11111. al loweil ly the I 'omuiis-iime r against s.ud e-lale .11110 nil iii;;!f 12 3'J j I hit Ihe rl.inm iillowed in li vor of ..nd e f ile milium! 'n SIl'J 'M ; lint s.nd I x ee n. r, on Ihe inh day of May, 1811, seuli' l an ae eouut of hi. a hiiiin-tratiou ill -aitl t-ourl, vlr"lt was d rly allouel, showile.' a I al ill e due hull ol 61,40 1 .17 i ih it the persons! e-lale int lllnneil rem.iuis un ilispo.t-l of, und Ihat ihe personal esta'e ofthe s.utj le-lator I- in ullliM'nt lu pay Iho ileitis, alloned .124111. s.n.t t'.i.ilt' and Ihe evpetl es of a liuiai-tralion, and tli it it 1. uetvs-ary'iosell real es aleof the -a d te-iaioi p irpo-e, and pr.ivm s:1.l eourt 10 irr.iut Ii ee.i-e 10 iho exeeulor to fill so iniieh of s.isl real e nie a. it tiny be ne.-e.sary to el for ihe pui-pu-t a.)re-ai I. ly lo ilie ia:u!i. in such ca-e in.idt an 1 iirovi It-I; U here 'ioa. the ouuri aft re-a id tloih apointtbt MCtiud Wednt'-dav in 1'elruaij, IS 13, fir he.iriii).. and dtvHhnir on said pi ip 11 n al Ihe mine of ihe Ilea i-ierifs.ii.l Courl, in ..utl 11 irlinirii 11, at len o'ltocl, 111 ihe lurenoi 11, ami di-th older that all per-on mter ested therein Is' ui.t.flt-1 theiiMf I - put lieallnn l-t this order, coniaininj the sub-tan -e of a d pt tuio'i thiee iuvIis siioxs-ively i.i the Hurl niiluii Fit-e Pre.-, a newspaper prurt'd 111 slid U alluvion, the la-t tl uheh iiiblie.nii.ns 1,1 In (ireious to said stvotid Wi-Jiie-.iiy of I-Vbruarv, HIS. I3lw3 Allt-st, W.M. WKSTON, I!thter. Jloc C.illln's I'Nta ' STATfl OP VKUJIOXT, I The lion, the Probale Disinel orCluiteudoii. ) Court w ilbin nnd for the Pi.trict of Chilitnden .- To the crediiois nnd others oincetntdin thee-tato of .Moses Catlm late of llur- lirtL'ioii in said liisiiiet, ibrraseil. Whetens (if V OATI. IN, riCi.lor of llio lnstwill id fud dceeased, b.ts undo npphe moil lu ibis Court, to cx'ttid (be tune limited f. r iii'ikiu. payment ofthe deb'ri and Fetlhue Itieesiiieof said tleeeas-.d, liveKe iuont,'is frui'i Ilie I lib thy of Ut tober, I3l I, and the sreoiiii Wednes I ly of I't'l'tuiry next, beina nssi.ucd for a be.iriiii; ui iho premises, in tho Oflico of the Ueiri-iter of 1I111 Ouuri, in said llurlinslon, and it hav Itiir been ordettxl ihat nolire llu'teof Im sien, bv pub h binu ihi. tin rett thrre weiks eueecssively in the lltirliutttou I'ree Pres.n nevs nper pruned ul llur 11111.1011, beforetbe ii.uelixed for ht-iri'ia. 'rliereftire, ou are btreliy noiitletl, to appear before ' silo t ourt. at l ie liinnauil nnee niolesnul. men nmt thsre, 10 111 ike ol.jenion if any you 'ixe, to 1 lie .aid tuae. ot pjyineut lietnj, luflher extt-lHll ns aforesaid. (ineti under 111V bin.- at llurlinjlon ibis '.Tib day ofOteeiuber A. I). 1311. 3l W. IMVlJSTOX Resisier. Ileman Mien's llstate. VVr'" sul'serils'i-, bavins fen nppoin'i-l by - . ii.u . txiit'ttiiiie no- i-roisi!M 1 ourt Mr me uis Iri.'l of Chitleiideu, Conanissioners to re -eive, exam- I ino nnd iidjii.i all elniius aid demand, of nil persons niaint iliei'siaiool Ileman Aden, line ol Hurling, ton, in snul ili-lrit-t, dts-enseil, repre-rnie.l in-olent, and aim all 1 1. 11111. ami delualld. exbil ittd in oll't-: 1 iheretoj and -i inoiiiliy from the day tifibo tlatcl hereof, lieuitr alloiird I y said eourt for that porno-i', I wuiln Iheieliiie herehy bub nntitv, that wo will nt- Ion. I to iho I if.ine-t of o-ir ji.noiiiliueiil allho otliee I of Joseph V. Allen, in Hur'ini-toii, m said Dinrn-t, 1111 tin- seeond Tues lays ol April and June next, at III o'cltxk, A. M., 011 iMi h ol saidd.iv. Daietl lln lih dav of DtvemU'r, A, Jl.ISlt. PIIII.O DOOI.ITTI.I-.,) JOHN!. POU-:ilOV, C0mini,.i).ef. am. II. SHAW, 5 353 Ili:(.Ti ii Ahams Cliltti'iiiltii Coiinly Court. f-'AMi;ri.U"l.ii.r.ii iJuoliT'ivrm, 1814. nnd In. Trustee I A. Autu I lli:iHS. Ill Illi: Term nftirpll. lfeefnt Ajj nlll, Ol .Mllllin. in STIrl flinnlv. I rntiirlil hi. afii (Ion ngnm.t S-nnus' Weller, t.r Olies'ernelil, in the (,ounl y of f .s.r-x, nnd SlMe. i,f New York, riedarinir in nn n'-iinn tifilelt nn n Juduitienl nvoverisj by Slid Arliuis nrain'l (aid Wellcr, In Ihe Court nloresnid, orf tho 1 ues tny n. xt after Ihu four liTue.ilay ol'Septem I it, 1911, lor llii'Miiii nfoncliiindrol and nineiy-one ilniliirs nnd tueniv eenls diiiinites, an I seventeen fijrliiyfo ir'eenlsen-t.of suit. In wlileli nid t;u, OinrL'C A. Allen, nflliiiliiitrlon, in u!d Countv of Clniienrlcri, I- s-inuiKme I n- 'I'm. 're of ifie said Knniuel Wi Her, ihe I'rfen.'.ini. And it appearing lo aid (Vi'iit flint (lie si'd S.nnntl '.Vel'er tm'li notltefl nodded ofthe j endeney i f 'fi' -H'l iti It Is i inniiF.D nv tiiY. f'o(.l, r, lint (he. SaM Sam uel We ler lie i tuilinl t.f the prndi n.'V of-aid n nt, l-y fui' li'liiiitr the I'l'rl.ira'ion llieiem in ih" llhrl ratoil I'ree Pre, n iirve.'nper prin'ril it t snid Mnrliic'inti, Ihrtr (' s s n ee ivelj-, the la -t ol wh-ili pul Ikr lions ! In le nt le.i-t iweutj il.iy- I eforc the next Term ( I nnl Co irt. I'nieilut ll irlinalon, t'e1 ruarv 1SI5. 3Cv3 I.DW.Mili A. STANSIItntV, l)ep.Clk. Jon.t Pctk-, and John II. I'ctn. Clutttndcn County Court. PhattI. U',n:,i:n. and their Trusiec, Oito'cr Term. 134. IIoMi-n I'.. Ilt-nni ll. J 1KI1I III A-- at -ud Term John Peek nnd John Ui IVi k. of Ilurlinjlon, in nd t'ounlv, lite part ners in 'rail", under Iho nunc ami firm of .( .1- I. II. Pet k, brouL'bl their nclion nu iust .N.-nhiiu Pmll nnj Wilhimlv W irnir, formerly pirtnrrs in Irnde under llic (Inn ol Prall and Warner, nnd forinrily of Fair fix, in Ihe Counivof I'nukhn, but now tronu to pitl.1 i limit thi Sia'f, drelarini! in nn action on book lo Inlinee hook re uins bt tvw. n the siid parlies, and deui'iiuluu' uitl 1111 il'C the stun of five hundred dollars. Tn wlm Ii suit tinnier I' IIul.heM, Ksqntr , ol I'niifaJt, is sinuiuoiifd n Tru-iri of the sii I Pmll 0. Wnrner; and it apprarini' to s-n.l Courl tint the s ud Pratt it Warnerhncnot bid personal nolire of the pendency ol said s,et : It is ontinnnn nv Ttir. Cnt-nT, that die siid eauso lcenntinu"d to the next Term lhereor, nmi tint the si'd Pnit &. Warner be nil. fled of the pendency ot -nd uit bv puhhslun the suh.innee nf theiltclara ti-in ilir rem in ihe Uuibnirtnn Prte Prc, a nevtspa pi r printed al "aid lltirhnjton, ihrre wet-ks sticcessiie iv, ihe Insiof iid puhheaiions in bo nt Itast twenty d.ivs lifure (he next Term of said Court, Dited nt llurhnjjlon, TMitinry Rth. 14". 33w3 1:. a. srAxsiiunv, Drmly Clerk. DOCT. 0. j. HEIlBERG ON C K M O It E A T II O .M E . HAVINfl ben une conv,ilceonl I be to off.-r 111 services to Ihe cotniu'iuity nl larce. my henlih slill hcui2 prt carious will not allow me .to cntrr into the arduous d lu s of a puhlie practice, I have there fore opened (with a deli riumntlun of establishing upon n sound basis) a DHt'fS STOP.P. under tho npp. Union of I! .1 IIIllNlllinilC. i Cn, to which 1 have nltaehed n ( 'onsuliini: Office, u Ik re all persona iMshm-j to avail tlieinelt.3 of my profes iounl advice may consult ino betvuen the hours of 0 nnd 12 A. M. and 'J nnd 3 P. M. .My 11 edical career 13 (do welt known in llurhulon, Aic, to riq u're comntenr. The -elections of the nuin"ro'is Prurrs, t'bemicals, Intrii:iierits, &c., Into hetn made Uy tuvself from ihe first and most ennui nt houses in Xevv-Vork ; my I, emir eniirily for i-a-h we shall he enabled t.nilV- r to the put lie Hoods that cannot be surpissed in quality, and nl such pm-os ns 1 nnpol fail In please. Having emraHed ilu a.-istanee of a ecntlctnan a I.tctiilnlu ot Ihe Honoiable I' of Apotheca ries. I, on. Ion, Knzl-ind, Physiriins pn criplions and Panulv Recipes vvi.l be dispensed wit It nnd acrnnry. 11. J. Ueinthers A Co. mosi politely invite the I. ail es to inspect ill. ir valuable nnd eho'ce schclions of Peifntnery oblaiued from ihe firsl Parisian bousei. Their .lusortmc-nl ol Hair, Tooth, and Xail Urushci nrenf superior manufacture. Medical Wiihs and Spin's of superior quality unci choice variety. TIIUS-MS, .Male nn l I'ennle on (he most improv ed principlisrtwiirkibly low priced. A vnnetyof ihe iniist'vnlinhle Patent medicines. Chemical preparations of all kinds warranted gen uin. A flection of Doaiesiic Wants, such ns Mtjecaoni, Vtrniiislh, Salad Oil, Sardinrs, Olivts, Prunes. Pn licit nad American chocolate, Cocoa, Refilled IsiitL'l-iss, tC-.-ichtio of various kinds, Pickled Lob sters. Itinh M. s, IVencb Muslnrd. Kverv alleniii.ii will be particularly paid to ensure the j-ood graces of the public. II. .1. II. meberit & Co invite the public lo make lin early cab and vi. w i-sinhlishiueui. It is fitted up v.ill-r.ut re.'ar.l In ;: ndour ll eonmins tho mnt "ipcrior quihty of goods to be obtained in the Ul'lflit'l, Tlio 8-oro 1. aceessable nl all bodrs of nighl and ill V. Dc.ct. II. .1. Ileincbcrr lakes ihi npporiunitr to reiortt hi. sineete thanks lo ilie inhabitants of Bur nnd vu-iritv lor the numerous favor ennffrred upon him, nnd trusts he is not now to ba forL'Ollt'ii bv bisnld friends. X. li. Tho Store is nei 10 Messrs Brins' mail .V- I. roilurs N.iriety Siore. Church St., whero Ihe Poclnr can bt consulted dally. Iluihneton, llee.-llb, 1311. 27 li.-LJIfllF1!!I'5' W. C. TlAanlxr.TQM. IS'OW It Illi) TVifAV be bid, for medicinal parpoes, of i' , II. W. CATI.I.V. 'an. 9, '-I',. 33 WANTED! Atll I'l". Ilrcot or Spo'rtil I've, JxJU j(W " lli-t;,' Wax. f..r dish ,,r ,n ,-xebans by ph;k & spkaii, , 31 Wliuteiate Druggists. SUMCiLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAU A l;i'"f of TRl's-iCS lor Hiptures lucideriffo iVllie, lur sale, and ii.eira'elv apilier!, I y e Pill K ,- SI' UAH. l''t;inalo 'I pusses. ''PHIS nniele of the invention and i luaniifaciure of Hull, and also of Mar-b, of eierv sie and form, afitf for nil the purposes for which tbev are de-iued, eonstan'ly rtn-eivrng at PH' K A MRI1'S l-'r-nn tliereeonimendationsot our lown Pin .;.; m and re-ident Pr.icl 11 loner- in Ihi. Slav, as well as die I'aenllies nflhe erne- of X'ew Vork, Ilo. ion, PI11I1 lelph i nnd llaht more, we cannot I ut as. urciho-e of the nflleted t-la.. of ihe happy eiiecl vvhi.h may If derived ly the n-e 1 f thee uients. In point ofdurai iity. and particularly price, hei are nhin ilie re.11 h of all. To Physic ails and ir.'. .'i.. who purcbaselv th dcyen, ihe Man if.iciurei's ili.eoaiil is made, 34 to physicians: Xcw Chemicals ami undr Artlclttl The Ai'iiN, chcmicaf, Amniomncal i'rejiaration' Itriiiiunc, 0:iuurtt ofpotas mm, Chlorate of l'otnal Kl.iicriuui, l'.rot Krcsh, Pulr, Ktlurciit lVt'imralions, I'xtrjt t ol Opium, Kxinifi ot Hhamny, llairMjtteiidor f.l Irificr loih-le nf $iilphuf 1 thde of Iron, UinoxMe ol -Mcrcur)', M) m-datfl Lienor c( Arcni an-1 Mertury, l-t-rlie., Hcalihy SnahulT nnl Hwmlch, Oil of To! ncoo, I'e-lrin, t Ac, Ac, i (rait of Sitver,chemie ev ttjecl Intramca; lMtnin, Mni7neinn KluM. l.xtratt t.f Aconite, ci ntri.i, HiucmIi lo uf Mercury. '11 J Nanhilm Wotxl, Ai i'Kl K U SI'KAK'S.' akDhUGSS, MEDICINES. The sabserilers are conlinti. ul y supplieil with l: l.UV Alt'! ICI.K in the nbove I much , 1 01I1 ol llieOll.Cftli. nod I'.neol kiud.i Mi-liciiinl waters fro'm ?aralogi do. from Caledonia, Cnna la 1 Medics) Wine ant Liquors, (pure) l.feilieat "virjical Ifltlrunientst Mia. eral Teeih and all Denial Atliilcs. irS-Prcscrlptloni phi up nl (honest no lice. JrMcJuine delivertxl at all hours ol'ibe niglil. Weass.iro our ffiemis and dealers in ibis hunch, that ihev can be supplied wi h )rug. in Ifieir vurity and Miticinra in their genuineness at Buimion, at as low rales as at any of therity markeis bv strn quantities, FKL'K VV SPKAR. TpofAecnriri ano! Pruggistt, Rjrliimtop.Nor. .6ih 1,1814. Iy39 N; II. Conmanily oh hind eompVie aoorlmenlsi ol I'erfumee, Soups, llrushti., Inks, Blackings, DK Sliuls, Af., Onvt'i.t'.C.'t.lts Ware, Ac. ic. Wm

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