Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 21 Şubat 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 21 Şubat 1845 Page 2
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N s,SV in render nf ynnr iinoounl ad "2r. w,r tiavorU-nt- ly Hie lulu u,nU iciiip. mli: language, the nf tins pic''-""- nl"' '" n" Sl" r"'r ar T'i "ints nml per."'"'""" ' 1'iiiT nilnl to induce '"'ii lo cl.) mi, 1'Iiim f ir, ihi'tt, tli guiinhlics cil the OoiHtiiiiifiinrefn no il ingcr fniin the action ufnb oliioiiii". , . . , . , . Ilul, nr. i" ' "'Vf olriinli il hinted, a word will stif fr 10 show tli it tin- people of the South nrc unne cessarily nl iniicil, nml tint nut mi'y llu ir ennstuu lioeal.Mnil Ihiir assumed privilrers, nrc in linlednn-i.-or fro n nny snurcp, utili ss ii To from n e hangc of opinion inning themselves. The power is vuln-illy in llnir own hunts. Kirn tin- great and venerable rli'iinpuin nfhiimin rights, who lends tin' van of the snpnnrrrs. of Iho tictit nf p. tiimn un ibis l1 mr, tin d 'dialed Hint tic 19 tint pri pared to vote for tin- limb lion nf -lurry in ihe Di.iiict nf Cobnnbir' I and Iho pr u-ia uiv uni a miiotiiy m i,"unerrs will be found convincid.hoth of their povwr to urnht tlm prnyi mf t'lose who nefition fur tlmt nt-ifrt. mid nf th.i mnivli. ncv nnd inliee f ils etnrcim mm ni. tint imtf tli. known wishes nf ihe unrepresented people nf the Dis. miui, urn mc iiinmnimii prnn Tnnon ni me rtnuin, is indeed too remote to he a leid'nalo cause of alarm to tho tnosl nnx ou Kouthi mer. ,Tlu powr of Coiiirns to nholisli the Internnl i-tavc'lntlo is so vrrv ipiestionahle, ?o di-hcate, nnd fo ih'Tinili to enfnree, that there is tin prospeet of tt rcist'cer liein? serinuslv ntieiiip'ed t nnd ns to tlics yrnt nicstion of (lib clnni'' m the ratio of rrpresrn- lalion, l Tit; poui-r m nh llutely in 'the h mds of t lie .South, and we of tho Nnrlli nppeal on thi qm sti tn, lot to our nwn strcnaih, hut to your sen e of pi-tiee. Th" CniMii'iiiion etn he nmnii lid nnlv hv'tlio ni- fen l of three fourthsot the tntes. .The pn s( nt nutn l.-rof slan-lioldma States i thirt.'eti 'loohtain, then, tit eoustitutioiril nnj jrity of the Si ius, unh-s uni nriendi r the question, ue mul wat until the frei Stat' s sImII im r ae from the r present nuoihrr of thirteen lo thi-tv-nme Within h tl period w til this he nccompt'slied I The firmest hehever in the P'rpetnilv of .Mir ioMtu'i m, enrrely dau to lunk forward to so distant a future n thi. Thi-s, sir, m ill I think it worth while to my rn ihat part it Ihe uhjcl, which seeme I to inn ni'is to re tj lire further dieu"ioUi and now a word on tie tuoril Irnriiiir r.f tin! question. Uenileuien of the Smth. whop.iiii.-itite in ikbatrsinvdlnnr: the discus sion nf thesp topics nte coniewdiat lavi h of epithet", and indiili' pretiv freely in pcronah'K's, Tin v hac Ktmnntiaeil th" pf-op'e of ihe North, n. a w IioIp, and in terms bnnd enotHi to inclu b' c' r member of tin Uoiisf w'n Tlvopatrs thoim'it nf in-lit ion, us innse w no in in on mo in icy ot n navitraMe river to M oli ioni'!, fa nn lies, inc mhatifs. Il by the fir?t of I'1" its cmrent to thn ocean In it certain lint the tin se terms, ii ntlem.n mi an tint tlm Xorth, and it- W prcenl ilives here, both dein nnd hop.-the ntti tintt ahnhii m of hvcrv, lh ch-n:c i just; but tfbv thin, nnd the oth'r h irher tirms, thev incin tt) ne enxfl us of i 11 veil dfsijn to aecoiuplHlt this tihj.vt hv illei: il, imeons'itutionaf, a immnral menu, or evi n hv nnkirtj it a poiiieil tc', thev do n er nt inj itict. TIn'i elnvcp m wi'h htii'in confederated, m a com inon leaffU". is' h tli th m'crests an I the lights nf th. .South, a' I w tih enlf rlidninsr a ilt!ed purpose nf violnio'.' a .'t'finu compact, !y which, nnt only fi'der-it riuht. hot tho invohel in the sovcreisnlv nf th Stntes, weir f'rmallv secured, nnd even with lnsnhnff a s.omIc wnr llefnre pen lemrn nnde ' heM Hnrt'eo, tl-cv shouhl hae remfuibered, lint there i not a politral ali"ht!onist on th: tl vr. I re- Pt, Mr, that, wt'Ii the v eptpn or some of tho ma j rtt v, w lio n ve their seats to the indirect aidof'he lihcrtv p trty, there ij not n member on this Ibt ir clcc led by the votes of nhntitiotiita; nnd proba'lv not ona in whos election that par'v wns even neutral. Sir, we com here not as the tools nf lhne w ho arc prep m n lo tnaiplc on tho f nn:itutioti, b it in puf nt them. We nrc it drfeiidre. not its anilanti:, W licit Iit s . k nor tbie 'o itit'rinire upon your eon stitutioml pnvih-ires, nr to interfere with your dotm ticpl'icv. Within the limits to .vhtch ihe oriynnl eniiitruMiisp evtPT'ed, wp nn cmtenl lo Icaw the eonlinuincp or nbo'in m of slavery to t'ie njienn m nf inttinl rniiee, nml th wndom of Prnvi lenc t I n vi c in mikp in sTcrifii'cs nf natio-ial honor nr pnv;iir prineiph. fur its e tension or perpet union. That iheie is n preat decree of excitement on Ibis topic, I hill not den v. M.n, who e nteii 1 I r principle, nte nl- n.iviHHIIIi-11-H. Hill II IIMir Mi'im-IM ji lll'llf x ! thselnrar ter nf overheated y.-al, Sniuhein ffcullemeu tM...dll.n,...l.nB r.,.. Inn nn. I ill .,,.t. ways ''nthuiTts. Hut if 1 1ns e itemcnt patlalf m "f inL'lhein-Iro belimd' this bulwatks of the Cmis-itu. lion, nnd ih rights inh rent i-i the States, in urtitc of th.'tr Qfivcn'MTniv, thev Mi chosen m nut tliPiiir ves in tho wrnnir, by denying ii the erereii nf n riht "inestimable to freemen, nnd formidable onlv to tv- rups.' on t nt- cllVct of this impolitic step l hey have now before tliPtn. Th" con I i' t nf the South upon tlrs whole matter, Is far from hem ; eharieteried hv lite de-cretim u hii-h has marked 'heir acti 1 1, ir regard to their ndier L'rcat i-itrrets. Tien-Un f 'Verih t res tpsape sin re'ation l i slavery, whii'h pctni lo ind'eatc a linking con siouines tint thv arp in the vv ron on this great q icstiin nf thp "ye, whore they arc oppod to the main b idv nf their own countrymen, an I not to them nnlv.hnt to nil rhri-.tendnm, nnd iho vv (inle eiv t! vvorbl i not to this vvorl lt onlv, lull, a- I firmly bo hvp. lo tho universal empire of thai j-il and i.npartial fioH, who creited all men in his own image, and thore for free nnd equal. Itecaosa iV trthern irenilcmen insist upon iliesacrel riihtof pplilion, the right of the worm t"tum wlin it is tro Id'-n up tn, tlipy are eharge I whh n ree'.leas natreii nt me riomii an l lis insniinim. Mr, men truly hite onlv those whom they f ir,nnd those w bam they have wroncrcil. Totlie South we siv, we trt- n b'o not at your tn?nances, wo have duno ou no wrong; The Xorth has been charged with ignorance of the true c'lira'Mer of the "crv lie r la'ioo, an 1 of blindness t thp palpable nn 1 j'lvmciMe obstacle, which arc al leged hv So tthern gpuilm?!! to opp w thmielvi s to nh ititim. present or prns;yptive. It li's in the very nature of thins, tint this charse should b"in some d-'grce true. Xoihing bit persaoal oberv nti in can tench th extent, echer of lh evils nf livery, nr of the di!Tieilll-ts 'vlu'-h npedc the abolition nflhis. isnf nil oilier rootel rni cenrral nli'is-. Inb-cil. I Inw never met with an abolitionist, houvver 7.aa1on, wlu) pretended ijnt he could see UU way altogether clear nil this otbje'M. There U, Mr. Chairman, in general diapaiition in t!i'North,t to di-'-ato to tho South on iis subject -f e nnnci -ntion We hope ynn wdl be convinced of ih cxpedkmcv an 1 duly of ultimate nbMui m. ami will tn a reasnnah'c time redeem your implied pledges to that tlT-c. and wc are content to leave lo you the mole, nml I h nl almost sii I the term-. I cum t (orh'ar to suggest t Sinihern gen brm Tj, il this connexion, on by which they mnybo'h pacify tlm Xorth, nnd retain nnd tvi n nercafca tb"ir n-lative weight in the House of lt'prosentativr-s. Hi nt tve what no l.onorabh member has enbed in nnoiii i r pi arc the bugbear of s'averv, and tlm current of i in Igration will se in now direeii m. Tiie Xorth halb nl wiv been an o$it inn rentium, and -v-Ty i -ir thro. o!l'a nn'v swarm of enterprising mid iu'!utrtoos 1 1 vehtiirers. To th"u no mire powerful uttrncti m riMihl biMireented lhan ih mountain nnd the voi le trs nf t'u' funny omh. if like iheirnwn snow-topped lulls nnd vi nl mi de ls, ihev were but the nliode nf il.e ' " niTintain nvinnh, ve. 1 liberlv." 'Mm natural n I- viutaj.'snftho.S.uihernporiion.iflhe Union nieun- (i ic iinrnaucu upon inc incp 01 inctar i, an. thev need c'nlv n. ' e.dcv Inp.d hv llK'cm'r-i.'s of fr't? ' hands, Buidcil by frw li-iils, to nntrn Hi w Snips l0 ; cails. to einlrp ih ise Snin, i,. 11,1 eive laws, nit ti Ibis Union onlv. but to th- world. ! Ilul in recard to this clnrecof ino'.incc, I will, in j nil .erio;i.nes, snipes' to Suutlu rn wn'h men a mca- ore, which I hnnt-llv li.kevii wo'itd do nine h. vnrv mud,, towards .l,p..Hins those el j nl iimoraufc. 1 mid c-dmina whatev. r eiis of fev.rnl, passim.- I l.etrnnilid and intellijent men from the lin.j Sr'atc visit ibeVortli. an t call ineeiitns of nil riohti- 1 ... i . t.i . .1 i . 'i'""" i ''11 pirur in neH' mis 'ii!en hut i--en, i can eon- I lilcntlvpradi-t. lint th- most zoitons ndvucnlc. evi n nf slavery tts-lf, who shnnlcl nddress theppnph. of ihe Nnrlh en thi, 9'ihjirt, in decent and resicc'fiil l.m pua!e, vn 'Id not onlv lie nltcniivulv hsiencd lo. hut civil Iv nnd even kindly treated, Insttnil nf ,nnc nnv nf ihe snpporiers of the relit ofpri. linn would 1 c nt the Sonili, he would h fi nsit d nnd c i rc"cdt nnd fanntics. incendiaries ns c nrc, tlureis not on this tl iff a .Northern ucnilennn wlio wouhl not filed the .it drop nf his I.I.kiI, in ihfendiiiLr n Southern ntrainst nnv who should nsnilliiin, for tunm Inlnin tlm riidits nnd tuteresis nf his nwn Smic, jN such lanruauc n becomes n fo cinan nnd a utlcinnn. Spca't to lhepcn)!c of the Not lb, ns that heroic ynuni! ni.niber frmi V irtb Cirntiua (Mr. Pt-ivtiMtN,) last car aildre'sc I llu- IIoii-c. wilb the Riinnlt eloniience nt honet cnnvlctioii, nnd Ihouub vou iiiiiv fad in con incc, tbniich ynu may shock their prijut'ices, vrt vnu wl'l win iheirrcst'pcl, Iheir svnipalhy, nnd cen iheir ennfidenec. I shall not cniure lo predict, tlmi iheir opininns would bechanced hy Ihe course t ndti-r j prohaldv ibey micht een bc ifuiriruied, hut nil fiel inc of undue n-pcrity, nil di-posuion In n.snil nu wth nnv other weapons than those of reason, if such exit. Hoold he nllnvcd) thn North nnd the .South weuld come to n be! trt iindcr-iandintr, nnd this mosi diuVnll subject wnulil nssunip ihe new sbnpe of n question, su' milted In the jurisdiction nf conscience nnd of reason The opinions I bnve cjprcssel, in rejraid to the per innnencc of rlometic slavery, nro not only Iho pres ent opinions of ihe Xnrlh, ond the ancient oj.u.i.ins of your people, but they were, uillun n ncmi tieriod, ilie opinions of the bci minds of Ihe S nub. Not ninny years siure, several of ytcir Slates weip almost per Minded to rid 'henistlvesef tbisprcnl biirdt n, nnd ma ny of von now nssiiru thehented 7tnl nnd inteuii crnti nciion of Northern fanatics, nsa rensnn uhv ihcvdul lint eoon in the coed woik Ihry hail hei n, I fmr tins is hut too true, nn.1 it so. inc, vvnnsa rnsti lulu, fi renec Ins occasioned s.i deplomtile n result, iiuisi v'inre vviib )0u the responsibility of the continuance of lies evil. , Hut "enerotmnrn wi la 'nut Hint lucre Is some nro. vocation lor ihinl. In tho notorious fncis, s imcvvlnl l.nnsifiillvnlhidid in hv iho L'tnlleineii from Alabama. tbnt sinnll ns your population is, yen have virtually tided ihe uniion, nnd monopolized lliftirrcnt olllecs in i ,erv denartiitPiil nf Hie (Jovcillincnt I nml Iho fur- iner nei, inai ny uneci auiroii.;inoii. iieinirniinn, nnu the Fieri wnr ibc nl alive of which was ihe " V ' ' "i ...". ' . "..a" ! " , ' r:Z:t ; ' vonr contributions to the public resource, wuuli. en - tiiln you. nvl forliM that moui.l ircnpitu ato these causes of romptajni lor in- rurposc oi jiisuivine, sin less o antpuriors and ns-sislanl rLni vv:i rejecled. iirelio "Vi.nfannt cl.i wtnch I benni y cnndeiniii i i i ,. i r.i urn . .' li'ltf vfiftiot lfc nrti nfpUci il I here my a vwd up-1 . '. 10 of il(n Ihmexf lltpmenlalner, oiitljYiMkirSifnd Ahnrsrter of the nun slavery paiiv. ""lne early part n' tb day, as of a in.celaim Tl foe, i P'n which .1 is built originated in inu oil ''iii.U.. I I. s i r, ' b '1 'r m the - - , . ihi .ji i nB--ulIwtf, Soutlicrii inoimpntr (T ottuv tn ulurli Iliavi-nltiuledl in the 1ttppn91.1l linsliliiy of iho.Vontli tun course of paliry flut fi red upon ns hy tli il ?irtion, tin I mt nt uipcniili!c to uur prnfperity, in a cotiTieirwu hclitf itiit Mivrry ,, tiotli nwrnlly nml ccii-nonm-nlly, n wrnny nml an evil, Tho rxnlniirtit thus prmlncnl Ins htrri nuiiriivnlnl ntiJ inflnnnd l-y tlir uYnnl nl tlia rmlilorpehilonjiy thenlur uf tin- I'lond-i wit, hy llu- fierce ileiitinnnii' ns itfN'irilirrn men nml Xnnh cm interests mi tin floor, nml hy other rnnr not neccMnry lo ho ppccifiul. Anihitiom nml denning ttinilnyr tikin n-.v.intngrMir tln.s stnlr of feclmi; for corrupt nnd Hfi.!t purposi'iM ntul, hv the mini nits of the demagogue, hue con ut led n j -st nml honest impid-c into n vviU nml rcrkltWatMhilsm. Tho prin ciple of lection hy plurality, now of cttensivr nppli. rition, has made it no nlijort for c".ch of the rcnt po litical p iriies to rnronrnup lit fru t li of lliu newdi- vihii. ni mo expense of tho oMirr. Hut in tlm, ns in . ,11:1"y other cnoi-, ihe epen p"hey of the s Ins i heen foiled hv Ihe more rietirrmis strnt.TfTPm nf ilu-ir 1 opponents I nnd l lie consinueney i. iliifihrt I.ihrrf v P"'V whose rank nnd Illi; consists nliuoit entirely of ",i47 1-"l"",Mi" ukiumi ny leauers ironi inc (,I!".r j,s mcmhcralnvo imite lost cuht of their original motive nnd it exists hut ns n factious in- tiuue. "V a" eauses, n stntc of tidies has hrcn nro dnu-d, upon u Inch tho roo'eat painoi cannot look llliiin nttrint nnd ihennncvuion nf Texas, if con. S'lmmnn d, will add tenfold to the in.idn -s(if ihe pas which Ihe nrtifieea of h nl men lne cxcilcd to , ntml uocovernahle fury. Some tnth-men find a ii- iu v j'i'n ftrn i iiq inrien'iinir c lis, m men seem in epnrnldo from this snhjcc, in ihe disohiti in nf tho Union. Tlii'v wo'd I dn I.' this poodly codfederncy, nml iarc out nf it tun, lhrc, or fitur indepen lent re puhlics, or, it nny hp empires, ns if n hodv politic were Il O the tl tlviltis. vlnr1i niiillinlif hi r!ititnii. I!m ' 'np ff-nllemen weighed iho pratiod diflieitltir-s wlifh nilend this mcietirr 1 -wp tlmv iofntru sctilrd where the tine shall be drawn 7 Are thev qui'c ptire tint the north rnuiost Flaxi'iioldini: Sta'cs nre piipnml, in rase ofdivcioti. to m ike common raiin 'th the evtrema South I Have they determined the proportion, tu which the puhhc property nml the public liabilities hall he-iivi led 1 Do they remember that tho piihhe domain that inexhaustible source of nati'tn' wcittli lies chit-fly in tho free Sihm nnd ferriiorics. nml is tt f ife to eii'enhte that thcstmnn man in ot vion w ill vu'l I to his uenki r brother n lit wlneli he is unahlc to enforce ? Have th'-y fir ff,rv ten th1 old qtieFJim in tespert to Ihe riiiht of inuhty West, connected, ns pUii j, with both ihe .oith nnd the Ninth hv vital bonus, nrteru s w hi!i it i deith lo pever, will, in any event, pTiiiit n dij. bition I Wlnt hope js there, ilnt such questions ns thes" cm ever I c settled hynny nrlter but tho ultima r'lth of nations ami in ensodfwar between the Xor h nnd die South, who w.II protect Ihe fires dc of the Southerner tmainst his fearful domrs'ic tiemv, while the fithcrnnd the hnbaml marches to tho northern frontier, toembruehu hands m the blood of Irs brnihi r ? Annin: Are yntlempn prepared to rik the maral nnd poli ical cfc-ct of the sclbimmolition nf this muitiv empne (lit mo:ie repuilic7 Co th"y not know that the first s'c towards dtolution, the firt ou'brenk of violence, will he bailed hv the villain s of P.itrop" n n to';en that iheirprc y nwails ilum, and ns n sinnalnf a richer ptrtiuon than thedismeuibermenl of Poland? Sir. I have barely touched, not exlnulcd,a sin?le branch nf this vast nriruntent. Ivvoddvl.idly loo'; nt this question of expediency in other and les deli cate npeets, to say ti'tihiitj of the porlcntoii? coifti lutional nbsticles, which iuevorablv forbitl the ac-comp'i-'hnipnt of lhi incauie, Itwould forin tancc, benneiy matter to how, as the pcntlenirii from Ohio (Mr Hamlin) hinted thithv annihilating llm t-oerei rnty, dctrotn the poluical Individuality, ap propriable the rtnircpw, nnd nstiuiinj the ulittuate dominium of the oi' of T n. voii les illy a'd moral Iv incur nil her unknown habdinesj not her penni try ami liquidated Jelit onlv, but her ohh'jitiona for revo lutionary servi'pa, and for mdeiuili',ation for twice L'ranted lands, brr ptneion list, present and future, i ainM her (lie moment you heeomo her paymaster. lillt. Pt T. II II II P lOUT ISPltfllC. I Mil St StllTCM lIltQ mm an ine ninusamt claims w t.ieii will prm: snhjeet to nbler band-; nnd I oVmi sit, with the j repeated deelarati m, that yo of jli.? North repudiate !,,", oci-i,ii'ii mi Miniofc oi inipTirmi! im innrni or ic 151 1 rishi nf the Smith, we nre vet resilvel thai iho exicnion and perpetuation nf nti evil, which is its misfortune, shall not bo our fault. CONOR ESS. Satuhdav, IVh. 8. V'lio Senate, to diy, pn!-cd tho bill rediioin' the r.itpa nf pnl:iL'e, and i tiful i fy i tin llio frank inn pru iloitu. Tin! hill tnil;i.'s imp irlnnt !."' in the present p,t-iliico sjXcm. Hlinnld ! tho lo.v rate nf pnstHc that' i", a itnifnrin ' I'lnriro nf live rents fur luttprn nf h.tlf an ntinco, J and It'll I'ontfl fur an ntinco weight, and --n nn ' in tho same ratio, In any part nf ihe United S'ati'F ly reduce Ihe reionuo nf that ih'oulin'.nt. and thrn'V il npnn tho tninnvni1 tre iMiry. thorn 1)0 nn heller tnn" tn in ilu ' Iho t'X.ieriment. 'I'ho people ilenimd cheap ' P'wtijfp ; hv this hill Ihpy will hate it; and should the enn.-VTience ho a necessity for np plyinsr a portion nl tho Mtrplus in the" treanry tn tnihu up the deficit in the revenues nf lint d.'pirlui.Mit in tciujj Ihe experiment, mi evil will bo incurred thereby, hut, on the contrary, in'ich gun I. The people will hate returned tn them, throuili ihi system of rheap pntajfp, a portion nftlipmnnpys diMwn from their pockcte through tha t.iriir, and the oviln rnnt-cqoont upon a bhiUc.l treasury will, in --noio mraure, lie les feiicd. This in the argument of some nf the friend" nf Ihe hill. They do nn", however, ex pel t tint a deficit in Ihe revenues nf tho depart men! can, in ci;iseiii"iiro nf the change, moretlnu a year; lor tho reason tint Ihe cheap ri'iH of postage will rauo a pro;rieio in ere ie, from yeir, in tin number -if letter's for warded llircnih Ihe mail. Siinuhl the Irieuds ol the incixuru not st-i a reahziinin nf all llnur jii8l cpoclalioii, it it ery easy for a succeed, ii'lf (unyresit tn Iho law and reftorc tiie old system, The hill passed tho Senate, nil yeai and nay, hy a wjtonflHtn I In Sen ate then epent a shnrt tiuio in o.veculive fc-eion, ilurmj; wlurli tune it is undur-too.l .Mr. White, lato preMdeut of ihe Tyler lliltt. ruurL' convent ion, was rejected a consul tol,iv erponl, and Jii'lm. Nel-on. nf New York, vva- i'nniirm"d as une of the jud.ies of tliu Kiipreine Our of the United .Stales.ln place nf tho l.ito 1,,,1 , 't'l,..,,,,,,,, t'i,., ,i. r .. . i , ? 1 1 """ "" "''7' 10 "ors ire opened "" ""I 'urm-u nil .iioniiay 'V.o Jlmife w as n cuivcd all div ill the eon sider.ttiuii of private lull, a number of which, that wcte vesterdav acted Mini Comnnllco nf il,n '.'i,.,'n ..., :,., .,!!.. i i. i "' ' "),C,1 "Ul,'! 1hC"a!,1) . "rdt"r,!1 on- ""seil, and tho third time, and pas. ed. MoNUAV, I'oh. 10. nn , c . i '...,,' ie .Sdwe. In-il.iv. nassed i in fmmi H. ., , ' '. . w 1 J0,,f-L'- tn.'i klliff appriiprialtnn for lliu piyinent of revnlutKiiiary and other perisinuous tin the sor- viceulthi! I'.ist Oflicu Departiuent, and for re paitiei; and hu ldin fnrt inns-, for iho eir endini,' 110 h June, Hid. Sooral other Inlis were cnnsiderod, and urder lu ho eni;ro..sed for a lliuil reading, .auiun which wan llio hill fur Ihe asceilaimnent nf the claims fur Fienrli spo li tttntix pr.or to lt)0. This was ordcied for eunissniont, hy a vute on yeas anil nays of iiii 'ti 10. 'I'he lluure wis occupied to.oav on business rcl.Hin to the Terrilories, as ti special order, 1 and sott'ial business Lil!?, providing fur territo rial improvements, vvero favorably acted nn, and 1 1 lu astue in ue reporteij. I no cnmmittee look nti lliu bill providitii' for Iho adi lission of Iowa ami 1'iir d.i intollie Union on eipnl fooling vvilli urn oilier mates; stun, alter some time spent lit debate thetenn, ihe committee rose and reported progress. Thellnun) ihen adjourned. Ill nur icpurt nf I'nd.iy last, we omitted to s'atetbit a report was nnde by Air I-abranuhe, from the ('ouinnltee on ('ouunerce, upon Iho petition of clerks employed in the ruMnin-hnusc at New Orleans', fur arrears of salaries, recom tnnndin that an atnet ditient for Iho benefit of slid clerks be Hindu to the bill tu ikiiii; an appro priation for the civil and dip'oui.itic expenses ol eovurniuent for lh year 181."). It was ordered to he printed, and cniiiniilled lo Iho Co littce of tho W.hoio on the state of tho Union. 'I'ufsdav, Feb. 11. The Sena'e, In day, postponed tho eunsider.v tint) or tho Texas itiL'ioii till Thurnl ly next, when Mr, on tho part of iho Cotnmit millee on Furnij,'n llolations, will upon tho de bite. Several hills not nf ceoeal iinpnrlanre, were pissed; nui'in; u hirli v.ighal makim a free bridge acruss Ihe eastern branch of the I'd limine In thisrily, and tho hill for tho orainizi. lion of a I'ouipiny of iniucrf, sappers, and pouto ninr. 't'h ii I lilt rpimliil in.r ii,l.iiiia t,oi n'twn, , l. I uiuieii ntatus nun toreiyn countries was con- Eidoreil.atii! ordere.l to ho enorossed for a third 1 id' iff. 'I'lic Duhiiipio rlahn vv as discussed, , J,tr lmliiin of Mr. I'helps, indefinitely pnst. , pmed, 1 ,o fail' fur tin1 appointment of assist. b'enate was passed ihrotteh its early slant", and retnrred to the npprnpri.ito standing cninmiltee. Itesolutions of tho legislatures of Maine, Mi ttois, and Ituliatii, wore preseliteil on various topics ; and also of the legislature nf the Terri tory of Florid.i, on tho subject of its ndinissinti Intn the Utiinn. Many hills-, vvhirh wore ycsteril.iy arlcd lipnii in Cominitlen of the were passed tliroitoli ihoir final inajes, and one which was designed to pay Iho Imva militia fur their orvlci;s when railed out tlurino; Iho dispuli; Territory ntul Mt-juii-n, in 151)1), was laid on the table by a l.tryo ma jority. The hill for tho admission of Iowa and I'lnriih into the Union as Slates occupied the residue of the day to a late hour. It vvas debi ted hy Messrs Vinton, Ilulser, I.ovy, Airoti V. iirown, nnu some ntlicrs. Tlm proviso In tho secund section, which was intended to nnkn provfinn fur the urcrtion nf a sernud Sta'.a in Hist Florid i, when that tiorlinii nf tlio Territo ry should Invo a population nf :t."i,()l)0, was strick en out hy a uni nty nf 80 to 57. And a motion initio by Mr M'ir.--e fur Ihe addition of a proviso to prescribe certain term which sbniild be coin" plied with hoforo this bill, when passed, should so operate as to admit Florida inlo Iho Union, give rise to a warm dis-ctissiou. The terms were, tli.itthu people of Fioridi should hold a convention nml craso frnm the rniiMilutinu of the proposed State certain sections in relation to negroes and ncyro slavery Wednesday, Feb. 13. Tho Smrtlc, tn-day was eniacd principally in the I lou.-o of Uepresenlattves, in everution nf the joint order for rnuuimir the electoral votes tor President nni 1'ire President, The remirks of Mr Fairfield in the Senile, yesterday, nn presenting a petition adverse to tho nnne.salinu of Tiwas, were itvnrroctly given b our ri'iiortor. Mr F. did not profess to lie ac. tjuninloit with tlio petitioner; hut said that a gen'leunn vvlin was well acipi.imted with tboin had informed li t tit, Willi two or three excep tions, they wore all abolitionists and wings. In tho laiisi; a number nf ronimiiiiicalions from Iho executive depirlments were read, and appropriately referred. Several lulls from I ic Senate w ere passed ibrnugh their first and se cond readitiL's, and referred to the proper com mittees. This being tho day set apirt hv Iho joint resolution of tho two Houses for rountin" the votes ol the electors for President and Vice President, nt PJ o'clock (tho hour designated) Mrllrudliead submitted a resolution tint a tnes. sage he sent tntbo Sonata informing them lha' tho House wns ready to receive them. The resolution having been adopted, and tho tnes s.tgc delivered, tho Senate, beaded hy their President pro tenimre, and preceded by their, entered the hall ol Ihe lloit-e, and were conducted tn the seals prepared fur them immediately in front of the Speaker's clrnr, the member, of the House rising on their en- trace, and remaining standing ittilil limy were sealed. The linn. V. P. M ingiim, President pro km of the Sourte, vvas conducted In a seat on the right hunt of Ihe Speaker, and the tol lers (the llonor.iblo Hubert J. Walker on the pin of tho S'M'atc, and iho Honorable Ijdmund llitrke and Iho Honorable .In in P. K"nneily on the part o! the Mouse) took seats at the clerk's table, immediately hefnie thn Speaker's- rlnir. The President of Iho Senate then ro-o and an nounced the two Hou-es had assembled to gether, in pursuance nl the rnnstitulinn, for tho purpoc of counting the voles of tins electors for a President and Vice President, to servo for four years from tho lib of M irch next ; and pro reeded to hand lo the tellers the votes ot the several S'ates in Iheir regular order, (Icginuing with the Slate of .U.iine,) n iming the voles of each Slate as ho handed them. Tlio tellers, on receiving the vutes of each Suic, niinnunrcil them to the two Houses. Tlio votes having been in this urniiicr counted through, thete'lers s-urnui"il up and reported Iho result lo the Prest dent of tho Senate, who annminrcil them, as folloAs; Whole number of electoral votes giv en, 27."); necossiry to i choice Ills; of which J nn"-. Kim Polk, nl Tennessee, received 17(1 for Presid"iit, null deorgo M. Dillas, nf Penn sylvann, 170 for We President ; Monty Clay, ol Kenttirk")-, received lO.'i for l'res:dent, and Theodore Freltiighiiyen, of New York, 105 for Vire President ; and that no other persons vvero v itod fo.-. He then fore declared lint .lames Kiiov Polk, of Tennessee wns duly elected President of Ihe United Stales, lo servo for four yn.iM from tho lib of March next; and that fienrge M. Dillas, of Penu-ylvann, was in like ir.aniu'r duly elected Vice President r.f the Uni ted States, to serve for lbo period. Mr. ISurke, from Iho .limit Committee of the two I Mouses, in further evecution of tho diiti" im posed on them, submitted a j lint resolution for the appointment of a committee consisting of two member on the part ol tho Mntne, to join a roiiiuiilleo of one member on Ihe pirt of the Senile, to wait on Junes K. Polk, nf Tennes see, and to inform Into tlm .o was duly elected President nl the United Slates, for four years iv,,,., .1.,, iii, ,,r i .-..i, ....... . ..i.... I., I (lenrgo M, DiIIih, of I'enii-ylv'inia, and inform him that ho vvas duly elected Vice President nf the United States, lor four ye irs frnm the dih of March next. Tins restitution was unanimously ajroed to, and tho Mouse adj uirncd. TjlLTtsiuv, Feb. 1!). tn the Senate, Mr Ashley nsked and obtained leave In ititruiliico a Joint Ue-nluiiiiii fur tho an nexation nf Texas tn the Union. The hour lining expired, Mr Archer moved that the Uesulnliuns frnm the ('iimuntteo on Foreign delations, relative to the (Innovation of Texas, be takmi up. .Mr Allen inquired what the precise ipicstmu heforn lbo Senate i--. Alter some consultation relative to tho pre cise questions to he discussed, .Mr Archer slid, tosnn.ilify the qucu'on, he would move Ih it tho Joint Resolution for the Annotation nf Texas, from tho House, he in Jefiiulely potpinei. On milium of Mr Allen the yeas and nays were ordered. Mr., of Kentucky, ihen rose nnd address cd tho Senate, Ho almost shrunk from the duty as signed bun, but hu trusted in Him, in vvbosp hinds weiu tho destioii s of unions, to aid him to dischargo Ius duty t.i ihe s,.,,.,,,) an, ,,, lc, rouulry. If nn oilier ohjeciiin existed nmnist tho measure, the miopia ficl tli it wuhivt) territory enough vvo Id be suUicient. lie was fir standing im Iheoldp'nl toriu, on iho o'd territory of our own country. There, was nuoilicr objection to llu- mcnsiire. It was n violation of iniionil fiith. ali tico wa fli'l our nl'y, bound lo us hv treaties, nnd wo oimht n H tn nun.-x part nf her Itrnlory contrary to the consent tf Mexico. If I opposed tho unsure list ses-ion, I oppose it now. If n w is unjust an I ungenerous then lo nllack a weaker in lahboring imiin, it is still unjust now. .Mr. I'rcsi lent, every Nttion nn eirlb owes it to it-s-lf to proleei untarnished its Naiioml futh. I'nfee- tun the damn winch we have on tlio world (or Na tional t inu, niio von ruin our t ountry. I nm unwil-hn'-', then, to ndinii Texas nil Mexico has assented. mil i nny lie loiu tun we have ncoimucd the in dependence of Texas, nnd oilier union haved'oio so. Arewr sure thn Mexico rin't re-couq aer Texisl Hut I will it it dwell upon Ibis part of the quesiiou. The lesRbltloil from the House nroooses to nnnpv Texas ns a State, by n hire nnj inly of a quorum of ouin , i j no corresiou iciice neiween our liuv eminent nnd oilier m.tious hns nut this nneaii m on the urotnidfor siienelbciiin? n tlomestic insiiiiui n of n seeiiou ol inc counliv. oiiiina fnnn n St ite, ns I do. interested in ihoso iiistitiiu.iiis. I will not consent lo have n simple nnjirityof Conerc-s leailale ..r .lie sin nsllicniniKif this institution. That would five slri ii;ih lo niintlu r nnd antagonist parly, and 1 would not invennv excuse for such n result The measure proposed takes every thing Ironi Tex as, hul her piilihu lands, li Inkes'nway her sever eiL'niy. tholasi tliinu to bn a irn mlereil hy nny in. lion. Tho erediiors of Texn- hive n just lien upon the pub'ic land, the resources, tho national fniih, of Texas, nnd no have no right to toko any of Ihtse aw ny Ironi her. Hut 1 a ill not dwell upon these (bines. ( come now to the iirml question nf the constitiitinnibty nf the Hesolulion frnm Hie Iloiifc, Commss is intend ed to have a domestic inlbienco. In miners relating lo foreign nations, the trealy-mnkiuir newer is the proper one. The precedents cited on this case prove that the trcnt)making power is the proper one for this case. I.oui nun was introduced by treaty i Florida was introduced I y Irenty, Upon this poml he quoted nn opinion from Judgu Marshall, confirmim; Ins posi tion The next case was Texna itself. A Irralij wns presented last session, ns the ronsiittitional manner, und vntcd on na the cnnsluuiional uianner. The tien eml voice of Iho Senate wns in favor nfihe constitu tional power lo nnnex by lruaty. Il remains, then, for lbo friends of tins measure lo prove thn t Congrcs hns n concurrent power. Ilns Congress, ihen, the power lo nnnex Texna ns a new iiu.i0 n-co ding tn Iho Conatiiiuinn 1 (.Mr. Hucltmnn slid, "That' the qiin-ion.") Mv friend fioni PennsyUsiiis says "That's ibe question " ond to that qtwsik'n I pitp"i to call his particular alien I linn. (Mr. M, lipre Weill in'u n lucid explanation of . Iho uieaiiiui!n( Iho ('onstitutiun nlalivc to the adinis- sion nfnew Slalcs.) I Tlio ('un-tiiiition of the t'nitcd f-'ntcs w as inlrnilcd , for the lieohlo ill (tin United Slnles. It was lint III- I tended to apply in fortisn Siitcs; it wns intcndid tu I "I'l'iy nr lerrllorum. luciiieal npnslle u Ilemocraey, (.1. Person) in n litter wruten Aug. 30ib, 130.1 lakts llu-gronnd-lhal inc onsiiumon, million?, ng uongre- to nilinit new Sntis, did not npplv In fon-ign Icriilnrv. lie ex pressly dp laics tint Ihe C'onsiiiution did not cnnleui- plate niluiiasion of States from nilnr r.iupire-, Tho great (.nrvphoeus, ns he has bien calli d, of lbo l)i niuer.icy, went ngaunt the cotyiiu'tion which ii now held and wlneli be called "bronl consiruclioii," In tllese davs. 'vlHibn Demoi-racv 1-. trtiinititianl. t dont know that 1 have nny rigtht In f.laiin In belong in nnv seiioiu nt Democracy, inu 1 inougtit Hint 1 was edueilcd in the school of J, llerson and 1 think his nmnion is worthv of reran! now. Hut let us sco w bit would bn snm of the conse quences of this " broad construction," ns .Mr. Jcf- icison cans it, Mipposo we can nnnex Te.xn, vvo can nlsinniicx Cuba (Mr. lluthinar, "I wiliit was ndni'lii'd.") Hut suppose while the ftienUs of .-viiiiorrii insimiiions nre annexing inesc, mat the iiiirini ru power i.i uongre-s may nn.1 insit on nnncxiug Si. Domingo nnd Siberia, in tro lining Iteprcsi'iilalivrs nnd .Senators nf ilifn-renl race ami color. AW should then hive same gentle men who would immediately become sine! cuuslilu tionists. Hut il has been said that vvo nro yet to have the inoiiibir from l'ntngnnh. (Referring lo n speech mi In in lb.; Iloiisn nf Itcprcsentilives.) Will, we nro told tint Iho l'alagnniins nro Cannibals ibso Iuto .Man-raters. If w0 nro to have cannibals nn noiiivelon this llior, nr the floor of the House, jt iniglil leti.l to keep in in nwe. China vvnuld beeoinc the ultiiiui Thulr of thi-' Im nd eonstruclion.' Sure ly there must be a mm limit to this pnvvir, nml there can bono limit, unless it is confined to Ihe limits nf nttr mvn original Territory. If you can nnnex Tex ns, niiilMexico, nn 1 South Amctlca, yon cm most as suredly nnnex I'.nlope. We have Icrritoty cniugh. Is it not best to let rri, well alone 7 If tbnt spirit nf aggrpssion he car ried mil, making tins It-public include tits Continent of;oNh and South mericn, so ns to make it in 'ocean bound T.-nu'iiii;,' then I siy it will not be Ibc Ilenuiilio ofour Fathers, We hive heard of "ex tending tboirei of firednm." Surely we are n it to take in every luid where free dom unv fntirnh. Wo are to eiieourage hy our ex ample oilier independent Republics to follow ui in Iho career of indfjieinlenre. Let us to i to the history ofour ReptiM.c, surrnun deil wiih thiliciillic- of her early life) yet springing uitn greatness ns if hv inmic, to the nniaiment of the nations o the rirth. r-ili'iloii0 history tells usff tho birth of Minerva, ho.v she sprang full armed (rum tin brain of J.ive. It wis ibus that the goddo s of Amencm Idlurty sprami into tho arena of nnimns, reidv to nm ,.r in,.,. f innoml glurv. Like nn in- lint Hi re'ttes she seized an I strangled the si rneiit !,el!!,S'!iVy7!!',''m',VllVrin,,rr!,,',,'v' 'u"'0 lieautunl il iv of her voin h a he wns i ii n wi ns strong! .i- snii'ii' ihroueh the I'ltlnr of his Conn try, beseeching her people to avoil nil sectin-al divt--ions nl pirly, and imploring them to bold tntiouil fiilb in prrpHtinl venrr.iiion. I lament to sav lint tins inrasnre stems to he in litter disregard of both print iples, I feir that it his nlreidy clnracter d partiis by secu.uiil und ceoernplucal limiis. I f, ,ir uiai ii cnnienii.i.aies n violation of naiiinnl f.iilli, nnu j ... it .3 ...nm .i.t-ij it, euiri ine, ii uoi in evi r inc sa cred tus that tuiiit us together as a f mill v of brethren. I dire not mil will not speak of a dissolution nl this Uino'i before ibis ntigu-t hotly of Itci reenlniives of sovereign Sin. s. To Iho-n who would talk oflbat which should not here bo named, I would say " I'rneul, 1'roeiil, rate prof mi." The Union, sir 1 win' is if? It comprise all our hopes and more-is. While I now nddress you vvo are a ureal, a unit. I pciplc, hound in one f uiJ," paren tal embrace. Il tint event should coin", which I humbly bi-'eech the (1 id of Unven to ntrest, who could tell how dceplv we would nil lament the tint mli'lil bring it about. Now wo nro one ; then vvu alumni bo dmdul nye, it might he drenched in fraternal Mood. Let the patriot look on this p-cliire and on lint. Il'the-e pinsepi-'nci s -Imuld or mielit result, 1. 1 us forbear tonct in view of suib feaiful con seqtu nets. Hut I turn with gladness from such nn'ioipntious to dwell upon my hones of the future g'urv nlour conn try. I am oneofthose who still believe in the f Irrngth nf the Union iii iho h, iili of iho people of iho Uniiod .Sialcs, Wn nre to be In Id together hv n feeling of lofty patriotism I y n spun of compromise nod for bcirancc hv in iinwnvering devotion to the true principles nf the C,iiirtutiun. Toe Senate is looke t upon as the last bat'lo-gronnd cf 1'rccdi'in. I tiust that we shall he equal to ihe emergency. 'Ibcsamo principle win -h we now con lend against was the nv. rtbrow nf other nations. Itomc grasped nt too much nnd HI. The of nnd t.oomdasnow wield the siek'e. not tho sword, Lotus look upon iheir wximplc nnd es enpn their late. 1 Imst that we shall suit be a five, n hippy nn I a united people. Notwithstanding nil our fears, I still hope nnd pray that our btloved Union nny be perpeiuil. Th s is mnro.'v an ontlioe or tho eh-quenl Sen ator's Speech, which eccupleit iicirty two hour. It vvas a speech wnrlhv nf tho Senator, worthy of Kentucky, worthy of the Union. Mr Huchaum of Pa. obtained Iho II mr. when thoSointo went into Fxcculivi; Se-sioti. Tho House was oceupif d in C.itnuiittec nf the Wl.o'o fur the principil pirt of th" div, mi the lull providing f r tlm ndin'!o'i nf Fmridi and Iowa inlo the Union. Tun varnms anii'irlineiits that were ollbred were d ') ito.l hy JIi"-r.--. lliv ly, Morse, Iny, and A, V. I!, nut. I two o'. clock; wh"o, in jiurs.riucc of a tcs.dutiim ad p led this mornifg, the cniumi'teo in.cpeded tn vote on tho nmendinon's-. These being disp is ed of, tho columl'tl", n se and reported the hrl to the House; when, under ihe operaiiun of the previous question, it was ordered to bu engrossed ami then the third tun and passed, by n vote of yeis 1 15, nays .10. The Mou-c again resolved it-elf ml i a Committee of iho Wli'do on tho state of the Union, and spent Iho remain der of the day un business. Fr.iuAV, Feb. 1 1. In the Senile, lo day, Mr. lluclnn in mule a most able and state- tianltko speech in f ivur of admitting- the S'ate of Texas into Iho Union Ho showed, by tin Constitution, tho cnnteuipo ruinous cons',, uriyttl if lb-it instrument, and by tho proceedings of tho convention on its fnrtni 1 inn, that to C.uiiess is evpres-ly given the piwcrtn admit foreign States into the Union with ins'itiitinns consistent with our own, lie declared thn ho was not wedded to the particu lar form of the act for adnrssion ; but was pre. pired lo go fur any that would secure the great and glorious objct contemplated. I lo view ed the question in every aspect its bearing npnn the intere-ts oft ach sect on of the country, nnd upon the perpetuity of tho Un.oii itself ; and must hive convinced all those who were not blinded by prejudice, or hive pirly purposes to compass,! hit whilst it would protnu'o the former, it would secure Ihe latter. After he concluded, Mr. Itive.s obtained tho l! mr, and the subject, at Ius instance, was pissed nver informally. Tho act from the llmis.) for the ndnrsfion of tlm States uf Iowa and Florid i in Ibc Union, was re ferred on a vtilo of yeas 2 1 to nays ','.'1, lo tho Judiciary Committee. Tho democratic senators who foot great anxiety that lliote shall bu speedy action upon this bill, resis'ed tho motion to re fer it lo Ihe Judiciary Cniiiuntlee, with the view of coinmilling it lo a select cnuiiiiiltec. The Senate spnt a short Line in cxocutivo session. In tliu yjs,-i-nt cr-rgr.inling a quantity ot land to aid in Iho improvement of the Fox mid Wisconsin rivers, the lull unking appropriations for tint .1ihtary Academy, and Iho bill making Appropriation for navy pension, vvero severally, alter having been con-idered in Committee of the Whole, read tho third lime and pas-ed. A number nf petitions and restitutions, as usual, were olljred and referred. FittKs. Tho nieeiiug liotiso belonging to lliu Society in llriitlluhero1, west village, look fun last S.ibb.ilh, josl be fore tho hour for morning services, und soon burnt down. Wo learn that the church fnr nituru und most p" tho hunks and cushions vvero tecum), Gur.AT Pnojtcr. It is proposed to build a Railroad I'ltiui tho shores ol'I. iko .Michigan to tho mouth of Columbia River. The dis tance is :100 miles, to bu travelled over in about seven days j so that n journey from Now Ynik lo C.inlon, would not occupy mure thuu thirty days. fjjr" Wiir.iti: is'tiik Scuuni.MAsTKu T The census of 1810 shows that llieru nro .'11,000 persons ovei twenty vunis of age, in lliu Statu of Pennsvlveiiia, vviio cannot leuili or wtiie. Wo think if tho Pt'iiiisylv.inia "schoolmasters nrn abroad," they had bolter go hoiiiu and tenth (heir children. "Vnu aro nlwiiys in n bustle Lizzy," said tin old I n1- to her daughter. "I'ttho fash ion, int." FROM SOUTH AMERICA. W'v li.ivo tliu Ilitpiins Avres Krilisli I'ack- .,l f M, ,v ,.,!,.... 'I I I o' l r i.i rlu.nti tlio tulliivv ing ilunis I" will!,,,, tl, , i- (l. .,... .,uu uu, ,i,mi which vvu 1' . i . ... , 1 I.' . . ,, nn in, muni r,si . vvns ncntrnioi ns cliargt) tl'iiffaires of Iho Unilod Sl.tles, near tlm (loveriitni'iii nf Huonos Ayres, on llin J " 1 1 1 of November. Lord Aberdeen, In reply to HrilMi tiler cliniits trailing vvilli I'linigiiny, vv lio tlesited to knnvv vvliellier tint British Government would permit tlio navigation of tlm nver Pa rana to bo interrupti'il by lliul of Huenos Ayres, tins written that tlio coulro of tlm lliieuos Ayres Government over so much of tlio river as pusses through its tloininions is nlisoliitu; ami Unit tlm llrilisli Government ciinnnt interfuio. Tlio 1'iicket copies from Iho (j'accta tlio ( ofllut I5uu nos Avtfiin Government a long uilicli! re- viewing nnd eondt'ttining ilm prucct'diugs of oonintoiiOK! voorliees, in tliu seizure of tin Arge.iiliui! sipi.idroii. Among other things tlio Ixictta n lieges Ihat the lios ilvn tlm vessel of Mr. Burrows was not provided with Ihu ruftnsilo legal papers to estahlish Her Aiiieiican chanicler, nml slid hail lircti for ;i longtime eniplovud in convening Mriiv'iat.iiia In ll.o I ..... ........I t..l...l.t. . . . ..j uLanuu lllliauuuuis Ut iMontu Video. I ho ticcntints from Motile Video nre of much thn sumo tenor with thuso vvo In vn had for Iho last year nnd more. The be sieged were cnnslrncling now fortifications, and ininifested no disposition to yield; hut u letter in tho Packet says that (ho foreign volunteers vveio crowing discntilented, nnd hopes vvero untcrtnincd that they would ro rcsiinio their tii'iitr.ilily. l'riicluoso Rivera was repnrted (o he still in tho I!rn-.ili,in province of Riu Giandu. Spectator. Dhrovi.hv ot' v Ni'.w Island. Capt. 15. F. Simmons, of thn hrigantino J'alli, which urtived nt II illinium on Wednesday ol last week, It is since reached this ciiy, ntul informs us nf thn (lisenverv of on fslitml not I (l""'n "nv cll",rt Intli'-rlo published, a . . . .. . ' . ' know ledge of which may bo of impiii lance to navigators ;is well as others. Capt. Sim mons was on his way fioni Sidney to Val paraiso, nnd, lifter leaving Olaheile, first s uv it on lliu 'list of October, 1SIU. Seen from tliu deck of the vessel, the island hail the up- pear.inr.o oi n mass ol rocus, nut a nearer approicli showed it tu he tin Maud roveicd with coco unit trees vvilli thick underbrush. hen convinced it was an island Cap tain ruitiiiions supposi'il it might ho one al ready known, nnd at first mistook it for Carisfoot. To bu sure, however, he lower ed his boat und nltempteil to land, but was preventeil U a reef ol black coral locks, will he.ivv breakers, which surioiinded lliu island. Ho went completely round il, however, anil lounil it to bn about six miles in circuiuler once. At n short distance from it lie found no soundings in GO fathoms nf water. Aftei examining il for t vo or three bonis, ns thor oughly as he deemed necessary, ho steered for C.iiisfuol, according to his reckoning, mnilu it in tho coui'io ol'a few hours, und passim in ine oouin oi tt. - luge l.oronn vvas ill the middle of the island, which seem ed In be rich mid fertile. On reaching, where ho remained forsnine months ho wailed upon tin; Coiiiiu.iiulcr ut the liiit ish Sqiui Iron nnd informed him of ihe discov ery. Ho examined lbo most teceiit Fuglish charts, hul no indication of such an island was to he found. It is situated in tilt; track from Oln'heite lo Valparaiso, in lililutlo iil und 10', anil West ,inoio,,. 1.'1S 51'. Ho named it the hie of J'iiti, jioui bis vessel. I'lie discoveiy miy Im one-nf soinu impor tance. Capt Sininiiins ii a n itive of Ver mont, tin experienced se, un i entitled lo no little credit for ihe euro with which he ., .1 , i. ir . .- u.viuiiiien ihu Minn. 1. i, uuitr. A- ring. IMPORTANT FiiOM MEXICO. Acrnunts received list night from New Or leans, by the I!;iri!.- Mai', hive put us in pos--t'ssiou of inieli.gniicn from Veri Cruz In Ihe 'ii I of J .iniiii v, by w Inch we learn lint, as' might have been nnt'cqn'ed Inm the ronip'uMou nl previous advices, Cleueral Suit 1 Auni has been completely overthrown ami captured by the forces of the (' (Jnvommeiit, in whoso hands ho is a pn-oner awaiting Ins trial, which is to take place bolero t'.o Congress. It does tint appear tint any hostile c mil el oc curred between Iho troops of Ihe opposing par ties subsequent to the several uiisucces-stul at tacks m.Vc by Santa Anna nn Ihe city el Puo hla, a brief nulico of which wo published s.iiue days age. The first of these actions was nn the til of .1 inu.iry, and 'hey were daily renewed up to Ihe 7th, vvht'ii lbo assailants were repulsed with consiiler.ib'e n.-s. On withdrawing from ties point, Sinla Anm placed himself between Perote and Jilapa. His fortunes continuing to grow moro and mure desperate, on Ihe lu.h he addressed a letter to Piesident Herrera, snlicling pissports fur seve ral members of his suite, ns well as for himself, that ho might nbrnid s&ek a home where he could cud his div; at the same lime stating that he b id nlroadv given up the rntiituiud of his army to (leu. Morales-, vvb would proclaim the Constitution il (iuvernmciit and authoris ug certain en nunssionors tnaniiounce to tho Chain"", hor of Deputies his renunciation of the Prcsi deiry, Ilirly on the next day (the llih) ho left his camp iii a cuach, taking the ruuto for Yera Cruz, escorted hy a squadron of cavalry, but snou chingedhis course for Or.ziva, intending to loivuthe Republic, from soma purl in the road to Yera Cm.; was strongly fortified at almost every place thrnugh w liicli ho would have topiss. Hiving dismissed his escort, ho then proceeded in d.sguise, accompanied by a few of his officers, until ho was arrested at Jice, about fourteen leigues from Jahipa, by snmo Indians, by whom ho was recognised from his lameness, ami thoy do'ivered Ir n up to tho no! tary au th -ritie. Plus vvas no tho 15ih. In tho mean tiuio his troops had placed them-clves at Ibc dis pnsilinn nf ( lluicon, tho ( cum imnding Ihe department of Yera Cruz, who was stationed at I.i lloya for Iho defence ol Ihat pass, and thus made their submission tutho (1 overtime nt. Alter Santa Anna's rapture ho was confined for a few days in tho Castle of Porote, but at the latest date was said to bo on his way lo tho city of Mexieo. under a strong escort, Il is sta. ted that tho Government bad ordered all his properly to bo seized and confiscated, and the general belief was that ho would himself be condemned and executed. Public tranquility bad been proclaimed t'irniiglinut lbo Itopiibhc ; festivals ordered to celebrate the downfall nf Santa Anna; orders issued fur Ihe disbaiiilment of tho soldiery ; and Iho absent were invited lo return and resume their occupations. Sat, Intel. Co.NSTnurtoNAi.iTV or tiu; Massaciiu sirrr) Lieii.Nsr. Law, Tho Washington Globo contains tlio following notice of the cisoof1 Samuel I hiirlow, plaintiff in error, i j. tliu Comniomveiillli of Massachusetts." This case, brought by writ of error from the Supremo uourt ol .Massachusetts, Involve (he q'leslinn of the constitutionality of tlio license laws nf Ihat Stale, The pMiiitiffin error was colluded of soiling imported spirits without li cense, and sentenced lo piy fines ainountinj; tn 8 Kill lly Iho law of Massachusetts, a pcnaltv of 9100 is Imposed upt-ii tho silo of all wine's and spirits in Itss quarries ihiii Ivveuty-elgbt Uallous, unless 'In- se' er is licensed, mil the rnuiitv rtuninifsmticrs ehoson In each count v can afono grant licenses ; and are uinpovvered hy luv not lo grant any. In most of the conn lies no hrunses are given, mid no purchase for any ptirposo.tis lawful under tvven'.y-eight gal Inns. 7'iio plaintWin error denies the rnnstitulinn. ality of this Ian, which his been affirmed In' the Supremo Court of iMas-nclittsotl. The case Ins been argued before the rourt here, Mesrs. Webster, Choale, and Hallelt, counsel for hnrlnw; and Huntington fur the State. I ho cniirt have had it under advisement several days, and on the lllh tho Chief Justice directed it to he continued, and to bo reargued before the whole court. There aro at present but seven Judges on Iho bencn, lining two vacane'es; ami it Is under.-lood that, in a question afl'ecting tho validity of a State law, the court will not tot it aside unless a majority of tho whole court that is, five Judges concur. The order for re argument is equivalent lo a division in tho court upon the quest inn. It was contended forlho plaintiff, by his conn sol, that tho laws of -1aesachusolts vv Inch an thurised the vv ithliohhng of licenses, was pin hihitury, mid therefore, as to foreign wines and spirile, repugnant to tho puwer ol Congress to reguiale foreign cuiiunerco; In collect revenue on impnrts inlo tho several Slates; to tliu uni form apportionment of taxes and duties in all Iho States ; and lo the fulfilment of reciprocal treaties. The quest on is one of great impor tance, affecting the powers of Congress in (hose departments, and has been strongly presented to Iho Court. riin.w moiinino, rr.n. 2i, ibis. AN FSSKNTIAL SNUB. President Poi.k arrived nt Washington nn V'sd.iy of last week. In order to signalize this evenl with duo form ilil', the democratic members of lliu House took it upon them selves to appoint n committee of one fiom each Slate having ;i democratic member, to meet the President elect and escort him to the capital. Um in making up this commit tee Vermont vvas omitted ! Antl.fiir what reason, do ynu imagine, gentle l eader t He cause she had no ineinborin f.ivor of Annex ation ! Mr. Dillingham voted against the Texas resolutions, and was therefore denied the piivilcgo of repiesenting his Slate on n cnoiiuiiieo of reception ! Well done, de mocracy no, Incofocotsni ! tin or cheers tor " the l.irgtst liberty "the liberty of think ing nnd voting just ns tho lenders dictate! "I wish it distinctly understood," said the F.mpornr, " tlm every man is at liberty to vote ns ho pleases; hut those vvlto vole against me will probably lose iheir heads"! So vv nil ihe new .'idiiiinislrntion. It is hont upon " enlarging ilie area of fieedom," inn! those who hesitate ;n! lo bo regaided ns traitors ; and, as in this instance, insulted and spit upon. Mr. Polk may now bo re garded as in ihe hands of his " committee," and the decree has initially gone forth that no " impracticable," like Dillingham, is to approach the throne nr have influence nl rourl liming this administration. This is truly unfurliinnli; fur a large class of prisons, in this St lie who have been tidying upon the ilecisivu influence their lone represent;! live was lo have in arranging (ho new order of things. Hut what will they do iiboul it ? lbo insult, cull upon lludi representa tive to resign, send to New Hampshire for a substitute, nnd finally crawl up to tho dignity of touching the hem of official puwer? or will they lebiiko tho insult I Wo shall sec. TU INSPIRIT UPaTlROAO MEETING. In pursuance of u hiief notice given lootir citizens, a largo meeting assembled nt the Hovv.iitl House on Wednosd.iv evening, lo consider iho subject of iho proposed rail-toad fiom this to Boston. Gunnci: I!. Sn.wv was appointed Chairman, and N. B. II.vsvvhi.i, Secretnty. An excellent spirit potvnded iho assembly .and more zeal vvas manifested onthc subject th in vvo have ever before vv itnessed The mutter was fully and ably discussed, in all its hearings, by Messrs. Bn.vcmcT, Fol. i.r.rr, Po.mihiov, IIasvvhi.i,, Wksto.v.Bi.i.n.n, and others, am' a resolution adopted declar ing in f.ivor of tho Southern route, (by way uf Rutland, Bellows Falls nnd Kceuc,) and recommending prompt and energetic meas ures to secure its construction nl tho earliest practicable period. It was further resolved to send ;i delegation to Boston to look lifter our interests in this matter, nnd correcl cer t.iin false impressions which aro very indus triously circulated in reference to the coni p u alivt! advantages of different routes. The present value of mil-road stock, tliu indica tions of a rovival in business, nnd tliu signs of the limes generally, proclaim wiih uner ring certainty that the lime is near at hand when Vermont is lo ho penetrated by a rail road fioni Boston ; and it is hardly becom ing that ire sit i lly by, with folded nnns. True, we may not suhsciibo largely to tlio slock, hul we can manifest our good will, and exert a wholesome influence in giving infor mation and securing n direction Ihat will best seeme till the great ends aimed ai in u vvoik of tins character. Will our fiiends along lliu I onto wake up to tlio subject ? The day is propitious, nnd ihu omens favorable. The capital eisls,aud is now seeking investments of tins kind ; and it is just ns well to have this enterprise accomplished for the practical benefit ofour day and generation, ns to de fer it lo that uncertain period " vv lien the sky fills," or men get favors without nskirg. Wu repeal, the time lias conio for action. Lei's have il ; and Mount Holly Gap will eio long demonstrate the wise and beneficent purposes for which ihoso mountains were icnt assiiiiiler. Wo should liko lo hear from Shelbnrne, Charlotte, Fcrrislnirgh, Vurgenncs, Middle bury, Brandon, Rutland, und other towns, in reference to this matter. Mr. Makh's Srnixii, on the subject of annexation, appears nt length in our columns to-day, and vvo aio quite suit-that vvu need not urge our renders to nn nttcntivo perusal uf it. It is a close, well reasoned (argument against bolh tho right nnd thn expediency of annexation; and, withal, seasoned with a suico of that caustic severity, which might be moro frequently administered to our south- crn brelhirii vvilli wholesome tlfoct. Read,! und pass it round, ROWDYISM IN CONGRESS. In some respects, the public lutinners and morals nt Washington, nro rapidly improv ing. For when tho members nro to busy to go out of (ho Distiict and settle controver sies, ns men of honor, they just fall too, and have n regular fut-fight upon the floor of the House of Repn sentalives. This is a great s iving, nml when members tire receiving on ly eight dollars per day, and iheir traveling allowances, they will, of course, he anxious lo hurry home, ns fast us possible, and thus husband (heir own lesotirces, and also prac tice economy for the nation. The iccenl nltack, by Mr. Black, of Geor l! la, upon Mr. Giddings of Ohio, upon tho floor of tlio House, vvas one of the very grossest things of tho kind, which lias ever happened, even in that national bear-garden. For, it was destitute! of tho usual decency which characterizes such mailers, lie did not wait umil they left iho House, but en deavored to pummel Mr. Giddings, vvliil; ho vvas in the very act of addressing the House. This is redressing private injuries, with a vengeance. This is giving an example in tho national councils, which (ho people aro tempted lo follow. Captain Rynders, of the Empire Club should mako another visit lo Washington, with his lorces. Ho will find employment, llu can give tho members lessons in the ails of preserving Locofoco principles, and would cycito a sensation. If Benjamin F. Butler nnd the other magnates of that parly in New York can spare tho caplain, vvo hope he will pass (he remainder of tlio gay season, in Washington, where hi) qualifications will come into full play. "DcMncuvric'tio.ns," in N. Y. The Spring eleclions, in New York, tints far, indicate a tremendous change, every where, in f.ivor of the Whigs. Montgomery Coun ty, one. of tho most thorough Loco Foco counties in tho State, has elected a majority of Whig Supervisors, tho Whigs carrying Canajoharie, Minden, Palatine, Mohawk Glen, Amsterdam, and Charleston seven ; the Locos only thee St. Johnsville, Florida, nnd Root. Last year it stood five lo five. In Sullivan County, another Loco strong hold, tho Whigs have thus far carried Thompson by 10-1 majority Mnmakating by 00, and Ilclhol bv -IG 30G majority in all. Broome Co, Tho town elections have come out nobly. The Whigs elected their Supervisors in Chenango, Conklin, Wind sor, Colesville, B.nkcr, Tihngle, Lisle, Nanticoke, S. Tho Locos in Union, Vostel, (part of Whig ticket elected) and Sjndford probably tl. Such, says a slip fiom the Republican, is the grand result in Broomn ! Our majority in the roomy will bo over (500. Luris Co. Tho Whigs have elected their Supervisors in Marlinsburgli, Turin, liowvilln and aslon. The Locos in Lev- den and West Turin., Denmark, Dnnn, Greig. Ilarr- sburgh and Pincknev to hear fiom, Diana an 1 1) 'iiniurk are probably Whig. Ulster Co. Tho Whigs have about car ried off everything. Eleven of tho fourteen towns have elected Whig Supervisors. Oswego 6o. Eight Whigs and iwelvo Locos nre elected lo the Hoard of Suporvi sors. Tho towns, Redfield and Greenboro' to hear from, Bolh probably Loco. Mr.. Poi.n's Cvm.Ni:r. Then; is no nt.w information on ibis subject, but speculations innumerable. I he persons prominently presented for places in it are Senators 1 1 'alher of .Miss. Ilurhanan of Pa. Andrew Stevenson of Vu. (for Sec'v. of Si it.-;) A. C. Flags, Win. L. Mnrcij of N. . (for Sec'y. of (lie Ireasuiv;) Selah H. llobhic nf do. (for Postmaster General ;) Gen. II. .). Saunders nf N. C. (for P. M. G.) Col. II hi. O. Hutlcr n( Ky Andrew Jackson Donclson TO no !1 for Sec'v. of War;) Robert Ilantoul, Jr. of .Mass., ;. Welter!! of Ohio, (for Attorney Gene ral.) The Navy department is a sort of hos pital, inlo which some ono will be crowded who has suffered heiirt-ache in an unsuccess ful strugglu for the higher places. Samuel Mcdarn, (Ed. Ohio Statesman,) and Gen. Robert Armstrong, (P. M. at Nashville. Tetin.) who (rcrc proposed for Postmaster General, havu both fallen out of sight astern. Sir. Calhoun, it is understood, will he al lowed lo remain a while in the Stale Depart ment if ho rhooses. Tho residue of the Ty ler Cabinet, who would like to r"inaiii, ars to bo sent adrift off-hand. British Pot Ornce, Svti:.m. It has been generally supposed that (ho British Postoflico svsleni, which is based upon the penny system, instead of being a source of income, was a charge upon the r-overnment. Wo learn from a report uf the Post Slaster General, communicated lo tho Senam in cumpliinco vvilli a resolution ol that bodv and ordered to bo primed, Jan. IG, 1845, that lor the year ending Jan. 5, IS-44, thero vvas an excess ol receipts over the expendi tures, after nlluning .504,577 for ihe ex pense of lbo packet service, of -Troi in about S;i-.'5,000. The Post Master General! hi reply to tlio questions, what is tlio aggro gate annual oxpendituro and inrnme r,c",,a Postoffico Department of tho United King dom ? givos .-COrr.MO as tlio expenditure, anil AI.U-.'U.Mk ns Iho Iota income: belnir a licit revenue of .043,720 subject to the deductions fur tho packet service as before staled. The number of inland letters ulitrl. passed through tho Postoflico subject to tho uniform rate of ono penny, not encecdine i ic lialfan ounco in weight, and two pence, not exceeding an ounce, nnd so on in proportion, is estimated lo have been 2I!l.f-.,8.972. and of foreign and colonial letters, and internal colonial letter, !),i;i3,GS!. Cy5- The McNully investigation nt Wash ington lias closed. He has given S30.OOO hail to answer tho charges at tlio next crim inal court, in March.

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