Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 7, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 7, 1845 Page 3
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COMMUNICATION. Bcslinotox, March 4th, 1915. Mi. Editoii The proceedings of ttic meeting at Stowe rcpectinit the contemplated road through Mansfield, published In your last wicks paper, arc h!ghljr gratifying to the Committee here nnd to nl, among Ul who have made themselves ncqunintcd with the ldvania;-ea of this load to this whole section ol country. It may havo seemed to people ot a distance, from the apparent silence on the sul jeet the present win ler, that our efforts to sc lire the opening of the road were slackened. This is far from being true, and the Committee here ore ready to report progress, e iihrr verbally to those who miy enquire, or as has been ugtjcsted to us, through the columns of the no (spa cers. Tho first movement was made in September last toward searching out a passage fit this road. On the report of tho Committee to a public meeting- it was thoiijlitao favorable that it was druJed to rend up a surveyor for a scientific examination nf the route. The surveyor made his examination in October Inst nd his report, (rum nccuroto measurement, fully sus tained the report of llic. Committee of ciliitns. Bolli reports were, at the time thry were mada published in the village papers, tt having been Fettled that the toad could, and ought to be made, it was then neces sary to contrive how to bring it about. The first thine, seemed to be, lo aninlcresl in the pub lie by diffusing information and calling attention to the subject. To this end, a coricspondcncc was com menced with individuals, in each town on the'linehc tween Burlinpton and Morrisville. At the same time ome of our merchants in pursuance of business have made the circuit from Ilurlington by Wntrtlmrj through, Morrisville and Johnson bad. ncain, thus making ihccir.tiil of the mountains. They have had this middle passage ihroiuli the .Mountain in view, made it the subject of conversation with the peo ple tnd have -cen fnim personal observation hs mani fest advantages. One of them states that at Morris vdle he learnt that from that pl.tcc to Burlington the disttnee North byJ.ihns"ii was but one mile less than -r a.en,ui y, "iitit " m... .... contemplated, would be ten tnik'S less, making a dif ference to him of one-fourth in his travel to Uurliiigion and that going and coming. From the report of the meeting in Stowe pub'ished last week, it appears, that on that side of I tie Moun tain they have undertaken to open the road up In the Notch, and they call upon us on this side to manifest the like good spirit on our part. Should not, there fore, a meeting be immediately callid near Underbill Flat for the purpose of responding to the meeting at Slowe in the like spirit 7 This is a suggi stion which we throw nut for the consideration of the people of Underhill particularly, as it seems most proper for them to move in the matter. As tin enquiry will aris what will Burlington do I" assist in theclTutl, we would expiess tlieoninim, from the interest man ifested by the busines men her", that a sum may be rsised among us sufficient to clear tho Notch of the rockawh'ch obstruct I', leaving Ihe comparatively easy task of miking the road rilher waj from the Notch to the towns more immediately adjacent. We trust this offor will be a sufficient inducement to se cure the speedy accomp'i-hmcnl of the undertaking. Then two long lines of good road, viz : that from Our linjton through UnJYihill nnd that from Stone through Morrisville to Orleans County, now srpiratcd entirely, will bo connected, and a new country open ad to IheubaerWP'i ' "f ourcitizens. JOHN PRfK. ) Com. for TIMD. F. TIION'O. IIKMIV l III KOK. ) I! irlington. R AIL-IIOAD MEETING . At a mfielinjr nf the citizens nf Burlington at Prnuly'd Hotel, on the first d.iy of March, 1815, convened for I he purpose of hearing I lie report of certain gentlemen who have lately u'rited Bistnn, with reference to the contemplated Kail Road tn connect that city with Burlington. Hun. William A. Gnisu'o:.D was called tn the chair and Edward A. Slansbury appointed Secretary. MesiG. D. A. Smalley, George II. Shaw and INT. B. IIasvve.ll, I'len severally addrcs fed tho mcetiii", felling forth tho growing en thusiasm at uostoti in uvoroi a cuiiiinunicaiion with Munlreil by means of n rail road to Bur linglun, and the increasing disposition manifes ted to the subject an earnest and favorable con. idcratinn. They showed ihat amon; judicious ' and unprejudiced men at Bustou, iho prepou.lo. ranrc nf opinion was greatly in favor nf the Southern or Koene and ltutland rnutc, not merely nn account nf its licin; a shorter and mure direct route, hut of the facility of crossinjr the mountains at Mount Ilolley, hitherto, or un til lately supposed to be a great, if not insur mnuntablo obstacle tn the prosecution of this route. The grades there required were shown to bo much less than many now in successful use or roads already completed. The speeches of these jjnnllomcn were re ceived with enthusiasm and applause by a crow ded audience. Mr. Julin Van Sicklin then, af. tor a few rem.irks ninvfd the appointment of a conun ttceof vigilance and corrcspondencr-, con sisting of s'n gentlemen, whoso duty it should bo to take all suitable measures to secure to Burlington the advantages of a rail road com mumcatioii with Boston, and that said commit, tee have po.ver to add lo their numbers. Which motion was agreed tn. A committer! hein;j appointed to nominate the said committee of vigilance, reported the names of thn following gentlemen : TlMoTIIV FoLI.CIT, D. A. S.MAI.LFV, N. B. Harwell, I'iiii.- Do 'little, Sion U. lluw.utn, llc.Nnr U. Stacv, and the nominatiuiis were untuiiiiiuiibly con. finned. Judge Fullclt moved a vote of thanks tn the rommittee lately returned from Boston for their (services there, which was adopted by acclama tion. On motion of Judge Follelt it was Ordered : That the proceedings of the meet ing be published in the mer. f the village. WM. A. OKISWOl.D, Ch.irman. E. A. STANsurjrtv, Secretary. The increasing 1'ivor willi which tlio inf.i mous sclieniK of Tt-xns annexation is receiv ed ut Washington is nttriliulctl to tliu pres ence of Mr. I'ulk. Tliu prospective inflii enco of oflice lias been too much for tlio pat riotism uf several nf llic Senators J llio wa vering have been strengthened, tho douluful coiifiiincil, and otic Whig, a reprrsenlattve ofonu of thn strongest Whig States in tlio Union, U reported to liavn changed. It i well a scliemn conceived in fraud mill carried on in iniquity, should be consumma ted by treachery. Wo jIihII look with sonic anxiety to sec wlnt reward will follow ibis turpitude. Conscience, faith and honor uro snon reduced in their money value in Washington ; we shall In glad to see what is the market price of a Senator. CllARACTCKIsTlu. On Wi-dni'siUy, while most nf tbu Whigs of tlio llmno nf Repre sentatives went in the Seniilo listening lo the speech of Mr. Clniate, tliu Loco Focos voted down the item in the Appropriation Bill ol $20,000 fur the purcliasu of furiiituro for the Executive Mansion. Tho Whigs nn sooner beard of lhi outrage, than ibey returned lo the House en mastt, nnd with tho assistance of tliu belter portion ofllni Loco Focos, rn considered and passed tlio Dill ! The mean nets of the Loco Focos was characteristic, lis was llic magnanimity of lite Whigs, OnEooN and I'kacb. Tliu New York Unurier nnd Enquirer says: " wo leant, upon authority entitled lo tliu must implicit reliance, tlnitiii tbu event of a fuiluru on tbu part of the negotiators at Wiislilnglnn, to igieo upon tbn n-speclivi! rights of Ibn par lies, tlio Utilisli Government have suggested tlio refcriiiico of tho whulc question to tint iirhilriitioii of miy European sovereign to be designated by the Government of tlm United Slates, agreeing In iibide by bis nward. With such mi offer this nation must close, unless wo are prepared lo assert nor ex tremes! claims nt evciy b.i.atd, without re gard to (ho claims of others, nnd in utter contempt of tho moral sense of tlm world. It must, tbeiefore, be assumed ns cerium lint the Oregon question will bo nmic.ihly ndjustrd, and that in no event, tberelote, can any miunderstanding occur with England, in reuliun to it." Late and Important rnoM St. Do mingo. 15) the sclir Baltimore, Cnpl.Tiead well, which nriived lit the porl of Phill.idel pbi.i, on Sunday iifiernoon, wn bave advices from tlm city of St Doniingo to llic Gill iust. dipt. T. teporls lliat the President (llerard) considers tho constitution of 1813 suspended, in consequence of the insurrection in tliu Eastern part nflhe Island, and instead of a Legislutoro establishes u Council of Slate, ihe members of whirli nre to bn nppninled nnd revoked ut his call. Il was currently reported that the President intended to ho rinwned King, taking Christopho for bis model, under whom be was fotmeily an offi cer. Nothing definite could be learned ns lo the condition oflhn markets, further than that coffee was quoted at 13 cents per lb equal to 25 per cent, higher than ut tho same time hist cur. (C?An editor has dreamed u capital speech on tlio part of Mr. Polk, to a clique of office seekers, nfier hearing their professions, and submitting their bundles of recommend itious for office. Wu copy u paragraph to the purpose : "Vou are aware, gentleman, tint on such occasions as the ptitent. there is much ronfusion in this city quite too much for me tn do justice lo your respective and just claims t even fur me Is appreciate, in so short a ti , your imliviloal nurits." 'Therefore, taking into si-rious consideration these circunisinncts, and more rspicially the pood of ihe lounirv, I Inv.- deteruiinrd not lo mnl,e. or allow lo lenndc, ony app' intoients hut fiotn persons found nt hntnt. where alone I can be be t informed on itu-ir capabilities and moral characters; therefore absentees will be sure lo be ouiiltcd." PRICES. Mr. Grcely, in n letter fiom Washington to ihe New York Tribune, says: "I have a transcript of some of Ihe bill's paid by McNulty, late Clerk of th House, tn James F. Sorer, and others, nf New Vork, for sl.iti ina rv for Cmigres. The charge aro atrocious QuilU at per tlioonuil : pperm randlcsat 4S cents pe.- pound ; flit rap paper at S3 nor ream, (several hundred ream.) and then SoO for cuttinr; down two huiulreil reams of it. (Whoever heard of the like?) Cartridge paper at SH,?"). and medium ai Sfljjl), form an arrav nf hard prices, such as I never saw before. If Maj buys for him-e'f as ho doe3 fur Congress, no wonder ho is used up." iiiiis Shu per inotisanu ! : ! witowi Tlul's plucking the gnom to some purpose, ltr.v. Calvin I'Air.nANi: ftmtence far Ac- jrro Stealing. The Rev. Mr. Riirbank, charged in connection with .1i.r W ebster, already eon. vii ted, with abducting slaves in Kentucky, was put upon his trial, at Lexington, on the Ilitli msr. Ho al first plead not guiltv. but after a jury had been swore, he entered a pie i of guil ty, anil threw luimoll on tlm mercy ot the rourl. I Jo made a short addres. in which ho avowed h.rnelf an Abolitionist ; hut plead the force of education to palliate the enormity of his offence, which he declared was morn plain to him on re flection than heretofore. Ho said, that were he again free, lie would neither couiileuani e nor am tlio escape ol slaves, since he was convinced that although tho condition of some might bo ameliorated, many were happy a they are, and that such a courf'o only tended to inc'reao the misery and discontent of those who were lefi lelunil. I lie inrv, after retirinrr for about ha f an hour, returned into euurl with a verdict of, ami lived his imprisiiniuoi.t at mo vears upon each indictment (fifteen years 111 all) in toe Penitentiary. .Y. 1'. J'kleian- N. II. Laws. 77icirjv Gov. Steele nmirore Ihrtv. We are indchhd lo Mr. John 1'. Urown of Conc.rd, wr n enpv oi nio rampnirt Laws, passu! at Ihe I isi .sioooi uit- bone legislature. In looking over Ihe namnhlet we nolice an anntna ly which wo ihink will find no c..untrrpart in any oiuer siaiuie ooo Anion Ihe laws arcinscrted the famous Parr He. solution which have mel w ith a just n pu!c m IlhoJe Island, aid a silent indignation in Virtual G' vcr nor Steele, in nfTi.vins his signatures lo iheso itsolu tions, adds, ' Approved heahiilv Appn ored Pre. 27. IS ! I." rnJ thus il nimiMrs in our siaiuie I !i ! 1 1 is ct- cellen v seems to hale ihree modes of approval. To all li'ink charier- ho adds, he smiroves iheni "icllk re tuclance." To common laws hegives them a simple 'Amircral 'tut to such radical matters as neej a sweetener, hn cives a "liearl' approval. It is a Poor cninrilunenl lo his rnriica frieii'ls who strove so hard t, p'ease him at ihe last eion thai thev ate able to rass but one law lo which be could give his hearty approval ! I'oilsmoulk Jour, In the midst or Ifc we ahe is Death. Tlie B.illiuiorc bun records an insiaii.-u nf ihe truth uf thHiivinir in ihe suiltlcn dcrn euf a beai.tifnl youni! forty uf Washington cit, v Inch lin excittd intere t and sympithy in ihe conitnunity. The fullo.viny no- rcca nppeir jhoo y hcr: " M.-irried, nt Vnntiinpion city, on Thurs.Iav last, I3th inst., ly tho Kev. Nurvnl Wilson. Mr, James WtAicuU tu Miss Uairicti Ann Cahcrt, bulb of that city." 'Oid(at Wnshincton city, nn Wednesday, 19th inst., '.In. Harriett Ann. wife of Mr. J.imea Vttcoit, in the -Oih year of her aye." As soon as the tnnrriairc ccemonv was ovpr, the pariit's went to their new home. On tho folhmint Tuesday, ihe bndy viiled her fathrr's residence, n din two mile:, litfure sh reached il, Imuevir, she lu'catnp suddenly inunnnf.ed. nnd on her arrival coin- plained very much. Tho phvsic'nn called next dav, nnd as.ned them there was no danger, nn 1 lur fath er, with a heart set nt rest ns tu her cundi ion, went o liia dutits in tho War Dtpariment. More ihnn half nn hour had not elapsed, however, when he was pent for. nnd h fore he rearhcl home heard sho was dead ! The poor pirl's mother invested her with her wi'ddinii aarnients, nnd she returned home to have them liken otT hy the suite nanus, never tu refcumo any other, I'kU, Latgcr, Mr. Rvrroil, Iho Anifriran Miniftcr, cavo a era ml dinner parly, on Friday t-venlni; last, at Ins maotioii In liro.-venor rlaro. Amoim tlio (jupiita worn Sir Robert I'eol, Iho Frenrh, Iho l urkiKh and Spanish AiobinsaihTf, and hir Junes Graham, and Ihe Duhn nf Iliirclpugh. On Saturilay la.t, Mr. Kvcrelt, III-" lady and ilauoiifpr, vuiilril lite ti'ieun at Wimlor Uastlc. It ij:cnprallv itnilerKViod that Mr. Kvnre.'t, with hiti tainilv. will (-non return to the United Staler, gome prei.iralion haviui; been mailt) for his "le. liiriuie, II ib iinuerfKKiry In neak ol Air r.v- erell, either in hl iliiilomHtic or social cl.arar- ter, ax he is universally riMeemcd by Iho high est rank and talent of Bnal mil, and Inn ilepar 'urn from Ih B rnitutry iill r.iuia deep rerel in tin larL'o cireln of In. arruaiutauccs and friend.'. London Cor. Ihislon Atlas Finn. A fiiu whs discuven-il at thn Oil village, in this town on Fiidav ninin- inp 14lli till., in Ihe wiiro luiujo, hi'luniop In tho Iron Foundry, of John L. Cook, which entirely (h strnyoU the lioildinp anil in con leiils. When dismverol, lliu Imihliiio; whs rnniplflaly envi'liipeil in (Ihiiio which render ed it iniioihlo to save any properly in it. Tlm liuihliti!! ind its commits werii insiiied in Hmlfurd for lui.lvo liundred (Inlhir Iiiki ,Mi,a,t,l at .bou. 81000.-rA; (N. H.) Democrat, AtlltluUIIUltAti NOTICE. The Board of Managers of tho Chittenden County Agricultural Society aro hereby notified to meet at I'routy's (late Howard's) lintel, in liiiriiugton, on Tuesday, Iho 11th day of March next, at ten o'clock In the forenoon, for the pur pose of settling Iho premiums fur Iho ensuing year, and such other business as may be found necessary ''no billowing named persons, with the offi cers of llin Socielv, constitute Iho Ilonrd of Man agers: Messr. E. II. Wheeler, of Charlotte ; L"vi Whiteoinb, of Richmond ; Samuel Well, or Underhill i J. W. We.ner, of Colchester ; Win. Il.irmoii, of SiiuShiirue ; S 10. Howard, ol Burlington ; J. 1 1 BkiwicIi, of .lo ho; J. 11. Oelino, or E-se ; Itfiglnm WrigM. of Mi' ton : John Allen, ol West lord ; Rutin Patrick, ol llineshiirgh : and Col. Siiulh.of Si, George. Too members ol thn Bnud are requesied lo report at tint above Hireling tliu amount ol mon ey tint may be relied upon Irouitlio ineiniicrsot the Society tn Iho several towns tu be erpond cd tu premiums tho present Bv nrdt-r of tho President, ' W.I. WESION, .SVc'y. Feb. 20. 1915. 3'J.2 ICA PARI'Y. The Ladies nf the Enicnpil Society of Shel burn will give a Tea l'artu, al O.J. Bddwin's, on Tuesday evening noM, at six o'clock. La dies and Gentlemen fiom the neighboring towns are invited In attend. Tickets 23 cents for a Ladv.Slfur a Gentleman, and SO fur Gentleman and Lady. LECTURES. By special request, the Rev. Jamhs I). But lek will lecture on Pompeii, this (Friday) eve ning, at half pat 0 o'clock, at Strongs' Hall. MECHANICS INSTITUTE. Meeting Fridiy evening, half past C, at Wcl linglini'a Court Room. Question Is it ailvisa hie for the United Slates to adopt ihe free trade policy 1 S. Fletcher, Sec'y. NO I'lCE. The inhabitants nf the town of Burlington, without distinction of pirty, who are In bringing Iho license question into the Election of town officers, aro reouested to meet at the American Hotel thi evening, (FIHDAY,) for the purpose of nominating candid ites lo bo son ported at the annual March meeting to be held on Moud.iv no. Til sW MA Kit UTS. Hit IfJ H I ON MAItKKT, Monday, Fell. il. At Market 525 Reef Caitle. 30 Shrrn. PaiiE Href (Mule Rvim S'ijOi firsi qualitv S5 ....i second quality tJ m V 4 u; llnrd qualitv Si Sf-u-o Kliecp Pnmmon sheep from SI 75 to 2,25 s Wedi- tSwinr Nn lots sold. AtnvsT. March 3f. f atern orders are titled at c4 SI, .old not much doing. Nrw YonK, Man li 3 Klour i-beavv, cood I rand- (icnesct- have -i Id il 8I.S-S. Ol rye 700 lm. soM nl Lb, i-oi -thi rn corn i. wonh 7je. : oat-ouu at 3ie, fork i s'eatly i TOO ol I prone sold al $8. nn l iiie-s tn lot-, hi 5I0.2j. -No , liamrt iu I eeC nl I-. i- wanted 7 et. IJ itier an. I chcro teidv ami iu rci a'.l, A-he-nrt' d 'II nt the nrire of last weel;. lii-Lcv in drodje ca-l,s i- 22c.i in ftbti 221 ? i. Lelier- from Ohio -ta'cibal thetpian'ily r.fTiniO' ttiy 3ieu I niiK-ti les- tins year than la-t, and upon these advice- Mime of the principal lot- hau- I ecu Willi Irawn from market i 50 I.I.I-. -old nt SI 1,50, an nuvancuot 6U '! lover 01 1 71 jour. t orn. (nii.LicoTiin. I'eh. 21. When ol" ihe fir-i n-ialitv mil' at CO to C3'. per I u. Flour nl refvl S3 75 ner I rl. Corn 83e per liu. Pork -ell-at $0 50 to C 75 for Pri , ami 139 50 for Me per ll I. Lard 5e. per .u. iiaui-t oi i o-i i-iatity conitnauu o.'. In this vilhge, on the 3J insl., hy Rev. J. K Con verse, Mr Knave! ltnioo, of Franklin, lo Miss, Caroline Rannet, ofihis pbici. In Colchester, Krh. 20ih, by the Rev. Mr. Parker Mr. I-A vc IlAanv of Danvers Mass., to Miss Mincr va Noves, of ihe former place. SMALLEY & PHELPS, attoiuirfla iCotnsnllovfl ai ILata AND I). A. Smalfey, llihvanl J. Phelps Uiiilmgion, Mnrcli 1st, 13, j. 40 1 PRINCE'S Liunacn Dotnnic Cat den and Cursory Flushing, nrar Sua Yuri;. pkck & sii;au II At I Mi liei u-AnK.Xrs for ihi- Kjiabb'.b 1.X iiii-ni, will rillert hi fo'winl onler for Kruil nnd Ornamental Trcpi anil I'lauis; Ciii.ihigues and i-rieesui which may ue seen al itit-ir eounier, tllenLlsoTON Vt. 100 Whole and Half Bit Is. gUPERI-'INK Kluur, for b llurlinsion, hV I Sfli IB13. Pl.TF.HSOX. 33 1 ff"l SuoJ 'inB n"'1 sllru i! ShniL'lea, for -ale ! lii.O. PEThRSON. Mareh 1, 3'.5. 40 THE MOTHER'S MEDICINF; 4 nnd Cure lor Retained, Irreiular or Sm K.ituf il atensir tation. eomolaiiits often ntvurr in" auinns the younger purl on ol female- ineuld ami wei iliiitaie-. If (fv frt it-nily dovvphearofthepaleeo-intenanee, waul ol oppetili-, lo-- ufviv."-i'y, an I not unfrecuen- Uu oflhe i nuzh ? vet Ihe tr'u mean- of -tiroKiiuiiini- llto-e negleeie.1! Kir.t eiadicate Ihe cau-e, llien Ihe cure .viii - roiy toiiow. The ii edioiuo i- in bottle- nt SI eaeh. Kor .n'e l,v PKCK At SPK.AR Merchant- and Phjsieians Mipplied at the whole -nio terms. i'J W ANTED, TJ V l'ie s ' enbers in exrli'npe lor enrriase work U nl heir blio.i on M ieli urn is'., a lew thou-nm fe ot iir I rai seeond irowili VVhre Wi and A luutier, eea-oneti, Miuain l r (..arriaire .MaUunr. io irether nnl. a thousand or two of reasoned siioke,., AI.SO,- A lad 10 or 17 car of u e, a- appren'lee lo ih I'ainnna I uiiiv, one nn 'an i rin? citod n-v i mentlation-. SI'.MT.DI.NU & IifSSKL'.. liiiriiugton, Kei. 13th 1613. 39.v4 Jiliu I) -veieauxN Kitalc. STA TI! Of l':riMO.T,) A r n neulo Dislutli of Cliitiinden. ss ( fY IhePralmie C.iurl lieitiQi iiuriintrinn wiiiuu nnu Inr lliedis'nei ,, t'hillenden nn the lelfih day nf rVhrunry, 1845, pri yen I I lie 1 1 till, wiinne. ivussi . J uuite, cmnes Ainot II. i;onper, niiminisirninrui tneotnte orjulin Devel enux. tree nt lliehmoiid iu said difirlct. ilecenpii. nn. files in nid Cnurl Int. petition in wriiinc, netlins furlii llnl the pernouni estnte ul ihe sunt .lece.vcd.ns inven toried nnd a'irjrnied. nmuunia In ihe sum (if . dollnrB) 'hit the delil nlluwetl hv iheroinmis.iiinei nraini"! (Aid Olnte nmoiint In SI22 SR. niul ilim ,1,. .nnl Deverenux died reined of nhuul ihirly ncre of itinu, Fiiii...ei. ,,, -tut, iiiriiiiuinn, npprieu ni one hun dred nnd ri'diiy doln,-n. nnd Ihm it will In Bell nil l. f Mid renl e.tnle fur ihe nnvminl nf , I, . debts iillnned nenin.i nid eslnte nnd tho expenses of n.tininnirniit.n. nnu prnvina nam c.iurl in arnnt him li, enne in cu niu reni e.inie inr mil purpose, nirree. ohlv in II e itntule in fueh ense tnmle nnd Provided. wiierenpu'., .no e.iuri uiorr.niti iiuin npp.-iut the .ecnnil Wednesdiy nf March, 1815. fer hearing nnd decidi'ig on sail peiiiinu al lliaotriee nflhe Resi.icr , nf .mil court m said Uurhnmnn. nutl ilmh iinlir ihti nil nerunn intf rested liPiKitified thereof hy piitiheniion nf iliisiiriler.cnnlnininsihesuh.inneeiifsiidppiiiiiin, inree wet nv . -iri v in . hp iniTiHiginn r ree rress. . i 11..-1: .i t. I a new-paper pured in sain Uurlinplnn, the last n( which piihlicaiinns In he previous lo said second Wed nesday of March, 1845. Given under my hand this 19th day of Keruary, 1845. 33 Wm. WF.STOV Ittnltttr. CROCKERY, tfe. T OOKINfi Glasses. (.Wkerv nnd Gl. w.r. IJ Also, n enou assoruneni ; Knmily Groceries, ,rf.t'wrbw;,h Hour rKW"' , Dt.c- it 2t New York Aclv'ls. . n. I'Afi.ytEK'S AMERICAN NEWS PAPER ADVER'llSlNCi AOEKCY. A C4RI BVlhorcent dc-' nut ion or I lie Inbune lluild lne. Id) AViwua ttisjsV. New Yorl. the (Joal IMice ol V. II. Palo it, Airent for Co intry Newpa- hers, was de Irnved. tosre'her Willi a'l In- tile- of new-paper-, hf t noks " f acco ml, rurinttire, eke. The pecuniary lc i- trifling, and th" lneonvenl cmv M which it Ins s ihje-icd bun may, hi a ureal mens ire, lie -prehlv re.i.iireil liv rjronipt ne ton or the im' bsher- nl'iiows;Mper for w hir li he I neent,in lorwar Mini n onnv ol tai-1 oi nieir in,er 10 n in in v Yop' , cintntntna a notice itf hi rlgenev, term nf iitlr'rtisln'. ,.e. I tio , (i. wo,., M Iim hi eii a i er,ietneni trom hi- N'ev V. it t.mi 'V, ibirij ttie im I eu arc ear'ne-l'v roq-t led toforwir t to Intn Ulpem -ivitaoi nj mel nilrirliieittntt, ihai i.h trrty oner uu lie m on fi e Tli"-e wi h w'loni in' lin 'n'l ncci rit, wbe tu'r ellh'd t.i il, ei are n tu if .1 . r. i it ! I I , f. r- ward lo foul a Iruiiicrii.t ot Ihein. dial ho . j , ( e en a' le I lo enter every dens iu u new w.i of l oo',, and Ih i- pre-erve a re -or I of a I account- per amin? lo hi a jeney in .Veie York. liespecil dlv. v , o. i . i , u t u, Ajenl for t'onnirv New pi per- In Ihce.iKS nfpv 'nr'., Plot idctphia. ltd nnore and tlo-lon No 30 Ann ailioinim Ihe oresenl Tribune o'lice. New Vork, IV nary 7, 1815. 40 Put lisher. of Neve-iianer f'-r which he is the airent will of liae hi-n, nnd proniole ihe ot'iei- -ol'ih A'.-en- cy, hy in-eriing tin- Card coniic.ioii-ly in Hie rre peclive paper-. Jir.llllITT, I't.V it IU, iMrenTr.n and iviioir.Mir. ih STAPLE DKT O-SODS, r.MnnAcisn Tiir. LAnr.r. t or PRINTS, DRESS GOODS, HOSIERY AND DUMtSilUS, Nos. CO nnrt 53 WIM.I V .11 sTRHUT, (tietween Wall and Pin-.l 40m3 M'.W YOftK. (Tenrje Jferrilt, Char!e Klv, Wi ham M. Ill i FIIE.NCII AND ENOtlSIl DUUfiS, CHEMICALS, r.s-, Oll.f, AVATOMICAt. rnr.pAR ATION9 OF Eir.BV tIT. CHIFTlUN, PC- rcMr.nv, am'tir., etc. etc. ALSO. Pl.ATINA WART PLATE. AND I' nit.. jorrxsox, moom: $ taylor, So 83 Milden Aine, up Stairs, .Vre York. TMPHUTMRS nl 'healtove nrtwle , 'vhi -h they have 1 on linn 1. rinorontaiiliy ren-ietnir nvevtry pao.rt from their llo i-e in Pari-, anil I.on Ion, The a taliiv f Ihe e ar'r'e-thev will miiinnlce, in thev are all man uartnrp.1 1 v tlio hr-t lienn-t- in I. irope, ant they o ler them fur sale at the lerv lowe-t ra'e. 4UU1I MOW YOltK AND LAKE CHA.MPLAIN STIJM HO AT I.INi:, LOW 4 DOW, Projinelor-.-S9 Old Slip. N. Y. AliK-STS. Sle.-r.-. lathew-r-n Si Sino'air, Mon-real. " lla-coniA G.ijlnrd, Whi'ehnll. " .tn on C. P en-e'd- Son, ? it Johns, " Win. Cooe. Ivq. C. H. OW iV DOW liaiimr eome'eted ihejr i inenl- for 1915, for the trpn-borin'inn of lieisht to an I Iroin .New Yor'., f.nke Cfiauiplain. anil Cm. atla, I'urins i he e.i-on of navigation, are now prepar ed to c, nirnci frcuhi in nuv aihn uu ih.n nnv e re- piirel nn their roue. Thuy hlie twelve lirst (in 1 on in iheir line influthtir three Sleamer-winch will nlycon-ianily 1 eiween .i-w Y rl. an. I St. Jtilot., I.. 1.., anil will iran-porl llieiri nrfioe-wilho-it rc-lup ment Their expenVuci- iu ihe I iiine.-enable- toeni inli.lenity lo - tire lliat ihey oler f.ieibtie-lo tliiper- po-e-se.l t y no oilier line. Tran-ienl f li p,ier- will find it lo their intere-t lo call on thwn. a Ivanee- ma V nn produce anil nierehan ze shmned uv thi- hue .111 eon-inetf lo Low V Dow. AUo. cuimI- mireha-eJ on eutuiui.pit.n v I.. i I). 40' "HARDWARB & CUTLERY. II lsti;d.s & DVSII, No. 57 CF.D.Ul STKF.F.r, ih-n doors Cast of the ncic I'osi iu'ti.e. HAVK now in Store a very lane and Complete Soto'; of u-ooU in iheir lint-, num !i the vane'ie- of Shelf an l lleaw wh eh tney re-pt'iiuliy inviiethea leiuion ifi ouniry Mer- enant-. l. ul ami wrouulil Aaild, Anvil- an I Vice-, llo -k- niul llinLf-. Trace l.o and flnl'er Cluiui-, Axr-n-il llitelii"-, llln ul an I o'Iht cele' rale I linker-, Grain nud Itra-s Scy be-, Mill and Cm rat Saws, Shovel-ami Spatlest llav ami Manure Forks Rope Cord- if-e., whicli lliev will nil at llieoue-t price- lor I a fi, itr approve I credit. iew 1 ork, Mareli l-i, Islj. 40i3 NEW SIMI.NG GOOIX-1815. pnnc. mtoi.sTkv &. WRiniir. 139 PF.tRLanl 90 ni'.Wr.R STIIKKI'S, NEW YORK. 1N 1 1 1-, the a'len p.u of Mer-ha.i'a in ll irhnrioii inn. vi-inity, who intent Vi tlmi ihe Yor' Alar i''-.1" ,,:-'11 a" ' cIhitp as., r'uicnt ot SII.K aim e..iji nuuii-, et o i i in pari ol I'll' SS GO U -s. Huh Pnntel lliruve. mil It a z r'ne I'' la iiii.K ail Gii'hiiu.M i-ltn.. Pr .1 Hi di Hj u Itn . nine li.e foil )!,. , i k S I. '-and II niln 1 Ik an I 2II1C-. A I lf-e l or tn tit nn l Vt, . I. IllllWJN- mi! M LT: u Airr n.r? Hat Sddnml luvn, Mir Cord and Trimminst. All of which will v miM at the lowest market pries. TrTnts & w (Tokens.- So. OO Wll.1,1 VM -Til KUr. near l e.lar SI. JNICW YOltK. BROOKIS &'MKnKII.r. w ...l,i ivi,e Ihcaiicn. lion uf.le.iler-in IlltV GOODS to their .loeli uf puivrs am wo 'i.i.iixs, (to win. h they inteu I lo devnte p injeul ir n'lenti'm) tuselher uh H sreneril n-nriment Dry Good", con-is'ing 111 jinrt uflhe fulhnviii: Me'ilM nr. I.Aisr.9, Lrccs, PRINTED HUEIISS, M'MMER fTl'TT', CIXCIIAM5, L1NKNS, Bint. Ml'-LIN-, IACK GUOD-, KTI0 , IIU-IEHY, r II U ANDC.1TTON IIDKr- CUATE1- COTTON, .CHIS'Q., r.TC. All of u Inch will le ml. I nl Ihe lime-t market price fur I'ASIl ir nu)r..ul ere 'it. l)Hl.KI!S IN Pltl.NTSanlWmi.l.KN GOODS Hill hnd it 1.1 Iheir atlvan'HL'e tu ex.tiniue n ir -lin k previ tu innkiuu Ihtir p irch.i-ea 40 n3 Henry riel.l's F.s.ate. STA TI! Of VltltllOST, I 'IMIK Monnrnhle District nf I'hiilenden, ns. S 1 tliePiohnie Uuun wiihin and f ir the ditrict nfChiilen.ini 1 T.i the crediinis nntl ..liters e.ineerned in the estate nl Henrv Kield. Into nf Jericho in sail Diln I. decensed. Wheieis, l.nurn IVI I. n.hniiu.iiatrix iiftlu, esmie of said decca-ed, has inade npplien'iun 10 tin- Conn. In extend the lime huiiied for in inn payment nf ihe dehis nnd seiiline ihe eslate nf said dee. ned, twelve monihn fnim the 2$lh day uf IMiruari. 1S43 nnd ihe seconi) VVednesdnv nl March nex'i, I emir nsj.jtipd f,f n hearine in the premises, 01 the o lice of the Ueaister ofihis eourl, iu lluilinginn,. nnd il haimr heon order ed Ilia: notice thereof he itiveryny pi,hli.hiu; thi. 0V1 creellirt weeks succet.ively in ihe rturlincion Krce Press n newspnper printed ol Uuilinglon, b fore the lime fixed for hcnnni'. Therefore, you nre hereby notified, 10 arpenr heftire saitl C.iurl, nt ihe liuie nn.l place nlorenid, then nud there, to make nhjVcfiens if nnv vou hate, In Ihe said tiineorpnyinent heint; extended ns nforesaid. Given under my hand al Ourhnglon, this 19 h day of February, A. I). 1845. 33w3 Wm. WKSTO.V, RigUter. Ilcnrv I'letd's r:lale. STATE Ol' VEHMO.ST. ) 'IMIK Hon. lie lli-irtel of Chittenden, . I Pro'nie Co.ri lor ihe Ih.iriei of Cliu'enden : To nil nr-on. eon. eerneilin llie.a'e i f HKMIV FIELD. In'eof Jer ich". in .mil Di-tiiei, i'e vnd. GucKTisn. Wiir.RF.A-, (.aurn Field, nduiinis'ra'ri nf ihee'Hic of sni l .lwva-el, propn.e-10 reu er nn aii-ouni nf her a hnini-irniion, and pre.ent her n.vo in airain.i raitl e-tate lor examination and sllnwan.'e nl a e-inn of IheCo inof Pro'nte, lo b-h lifeu ul ihe llesi-ier'. n lice in (1 irliti'jton, in snid Dt.inci, on the second ate.ine-.iay 01 3inrch nex.. 1 nerei. re, o 1 nre here1.)' nolitutl n appear I elore euurl al ihe tune nnd nlnre atureajil. ami heiv cnu-e, if'nny yim Inve, why ihe aceouiil nfnre-uid u ,,u. ic nunwcii r!:.. 1 . i. (tiven under 111 v hand si H.trlinirlnn ihi. IQ h it. , nf February, A. D, 1815. 33w3 Win. WF.STO., ?.-isr. SM. POIM3 wouM ie.fe'flutv infiinn his . friend' anl ihe p'.blie ih.l he will .ell his re maminir toar of Dry Good hi reduced price, lor cah. inanv iflbem nl nrlmtecsl. Hems: deienn ned 10 .ell ml his condi lef re ihe cpeninjc of naviiaiion. lho- wanting goo.1 Good. mr.i win uu wrtiiv Birroili . cui. Bur'inFtorilFrh.!01lftfl 1 39 REMOVAL. PECK & SPEAU HAVK lemoverl lo iho new c-lablisbnienl al their OLD STAND, one duor castor Meant. J. &. J. It. Peck & Co. HurlhiBlon, Dili Jan., Ui. (iniss Sncd. 1 HO ttt'Slir. 3 UenlaCfraM Seed, rnhed npnnl 1 IJ new lan lin Hie north part of lie- Sla'c. and entirely tree fioui foil ,trd. Al-o ,i lew buheU o Hed Top Clra-rScril, fonaleby P. & II. II. D JOLITTt.K. Ke1 , 18, 1813. 3e12 TOMH1MI Y. .1 tv ('triiicrlv o AI.I.P.N In rcuoii dlo il.e of im'iinl -y iho linn of Ai.i.l. at A IT, niul uo'V o1 "il-ue ihe .auu! with a!". Pla't, Mr. AI'fMviil noeutl in ihe d-ith'tiit'iit of I In- Ho U- f ihe lito firm, nn I will here -mvp noli e lint in Il.e fiile-urni oflfie K tnte of Honnn A'leo, Ihe Hooks ol' ihe o ir ni'r-lo iu i'u I e turned ta ely loseil. K. 'i. 2C .115 Prosh Oriiniids (Hid Lriiioiis JUST reci i ed nnd fur f ale I y C. PKTr.USON. Ilnrlinstnn, Feb. 18th 1913. 33 !t() Tuns iNovascoliii I'hixlnr FOR sale by G. Ilurlim-ton, Feb. lEih ISI3. PF.TKIISON. 39 100 hushes! Wheal hran, FOIt .nle low hv O. PKTKKSOV. Ilurlinaiuii, Feb. lBih 1913. 33 50 Tons ol' I Isi v OF the hr el qunliiy, for sale al 3"),00 per Ton. de luereil any where in the vi'l nl the above pri. e. (J. PhTUW.W li.irlimjlon. F.h.lSih 115. 33 ES Tit A Y. CAMK in'o ihe iiit-lo-lire i ft be rub iri'er on ihe lOihriav of .fan., in I n whi'e or liahl t'MV Mare, well sh d, and -uppo ed 'n le ei'-hl or iiiiin e.irs old. the owior I- rt-q e-ted lo prove provertv oav elnr'e- and la chernw.iv. IlKXl l.U PLAC1". Shell.uni, Jan. 13 h, 1813. 37 TO I'EDIiAUS. 100 Brass Clucks of" tho finest qun'il y. 10,010 eved Needle", S90 Pi,k -olid Head Pins, 10 l.h. inin.-t- Pin-, 50 lt z Fancy So.ip, 5 Gros. Geroiau Pipe", 2 " Toi Trim .ef, 1 OU loxe- Kinder llin, 5 " It 'otii Pm., 50 tiro Wootl Co n',-, 20 11 ptatcd and llerinan spoons, 10 " 5. r c" and Boot Liec.-, 50 " llvclet-, 2 " 'Ihoiii.i-on'-I'.laiking, 20 " Spool Thread, 50 " Side ami li t Combs, 10 " Specia -le , all kind-, 10 "'e Cas, Siecl I',-:-, uei-'an M'lier ware, all kind- of Thim ble and many other iroi d loi Pedlar-al the lowest maikei prices.' All are invi id to loo', at wind- "I'd buy or nnl, a- lliev ihooe, uu ut ligation to I uy i incurred by lookinp. UKINSMAID & nROTHHRi. Feb. 13, 1313. 37 GREAT BARGAINS Ml HI- unsrrJipr, w slunL' tt) rt(Kc tin In - mcrrlinn I tliJiii: t ipinp-ic. hK,t lur silt ihf fo Inwirnr viil- nV Iu pmppr'y, vz : n 1ic Hinaicd in r ntrr f (he liriuttrnt iIhiro nf Ohnt'invillp, nnil is itiply bvt in fnnit, nnp hundred nmf ciyh'y feel a- rns from Iturr street 1 M'im strrel, nttd ciuht vnlni feel nn Inln pi., on n hu ll is n ilirw stnrv hrifk Mnrp, tnvrrnl wiih l in, thirty ft'cl in lirpidili It v frlv-fiur in Irni'lh. tlie upper Ivv'i sinncs nniohcd in order inr n dwelling li"'Un; nfpii n lirick more linupp, cnMTfd wilh tin lliirtysix ft-el liv Iwentv-i-iiilii, I wo pinrics liili ; n i'iiw lm st! md (urn lufnivix fwt v ci.ditfr-n, nnd a wii(iIli't'ip I tniyi'i!!il fffpt hv eisilitn-n. 'IVrm, nnfoiirih tlown nnd the rrmindtr in ihrw nitniml .ni'dnwnif. M TFH I V IinU.P.U. ttmtinmlfV. N. V.. Dpp. 4. 13M. '27m? scm:ct sciidoi. rim gihi.s am iidvs. XU. J. M. mini.!. v,ll innvnene his Sj.nns ifrm nn i n its in nn it n "i rt' r 'nry, in--iriH-tinns tfiven in nil the l'ranche usually taught in Aradcint.'s. Tiiillon. Ftr rnclifh Urnn.-he-, $3 00 Lfiiiir tnu'es, (Qirck & Latin,) 4,00 " Wiitmir, ,50 Srhool Kouln ever II. M.ivo's lort wel cide tin S1 nn1. ' 33 Cilvtn ltny rt.itc. .STATKOF V HI MONT, Vn Pro' nv (Virt !) r f nf t'hi'lfii 't-n. " hoMen nl 11 nlin - tnti, it hoi nn lfr the )iirc nforf-nid, on I lit 2fi h iliytd'Ft r -nrv, A. I) Mia. an mtr iniiMM iur,rt ini inlt -he I.i t Will .in I a'lh'nt i ( C dvin Rny, la o nl'llinedi Tidi, in vd di I ri t df-en vt, un pie nt 1 tnihet'iurt ht rf f r Prul ate, I y Plii'o Uy ihi i't-'.iir. ili.Ttin nnirt-d. THKIil FdliK, I' is nrVrelhv nM Coirt, thai n he imtiif hp i! i veil 'o nil 1.',rnns,,on(vrnel, 'ln're in lun;) eir ' eton iit l t'n'ir', at i mini itit reef to leh I Vn .it luKt.ri tei'-nli-e in -nil It t'i i-rtoi, on lifh-rl Wftne l.iyfMirch, A. D. 1315, nd i nte I lipprolneof .ml Will, nn I it i- f r iur nr Vre ' thn tin1 or ler ' i p i ti-1 llipeu wtv- siii-- ivl tn the It ir'nint n Kr ' Pre n new-pupfr i. - i ,i !l r'i .ir.n. m t'n- tie, 1 i t t u hu-h i U .i' n itd i' .k'i ti tUMje 'iy t iyne'.ns af"H..n 1 1, r Lemhi:. (liven nn W mv Inn 1 ,v die IlciVtr 0,fi(e, tUi 2Q h 'av ol'Keliriury, ,. O. St. S'J .vj W.M. WKSrON'. tierithr. PliNIp Wh?rlrN lUtale. STATR OK VhlOlOVr, T n Pr.'-a e Conn Di-ipi'i ol ( 'hrienden. s, ( h'ii H H iilint'toti, wrlmi nnd f-r -anl li-irief "I t'hitien !eii,on ihf'JG h ilivtd rVhnary.A.D 1315. c iticg Plii'fitider Wlirel-eri-nei)rihe h'fir to the fiateof .'hlliji Wlicct er ta'e of .Milton, in .tu I dt-trn't, de e.i td, nn I li es in s.iid t'o'irt In ifititn in wntm?, piayui ai I Coirt in order pnitihVn ! u.I eta e tote made anion- iheceV' ier-on entitle I dicreto; herin"n, ihe C-mri nforfi'd dfih .i;p"int the thirl WedneaMy in M-trch, 1BH. lor he.inny and deeidinf ii aui "peinnin, at iheonioeol'ihe Keiter ofni I etmrt, in mil Hurl in .'("!., ai lOtAloi'U in Ihe forenoon, ami doth orler dial nil per tui in'eic ml in -aid evae I v notilie.1 ihereef ' y pu' lien' ion ot dns order tl reewt-'U fiieiriely in die It irlh.ztiai Tree Prc'N a neW'paper printed in 'aid Hurlnuton, he 1.11 ol win li pid licatioii" to he previous tu die day ajipMire.l as alure aid lor heir if;. Gicn tinJcr my lun I thi- 2C h Hjiv if Fo' r ary, 18 N. WM. WES I ON, Jtcghtcr. STRAYED, FROM the nclnsure ol ihe aul Mnber, on the SO.h id rl., a nnd. Mm; -iztil DARK liltOWN FAHHOW COW with n iua!l w hue -trip .tu ihe rump nnd -onie white under the I illy, ubn u 7 or 8 eir- old. Wtioever will re'nrn .nidC.i vor sive inlttrui.i ion wheiever he ui.iv lefiituil hall le .ui'a ly rewanh-l. Feb. 26 Mi. 3D C. I.. .KI.SOV. I lords d'niss nnd Clover Seed. OF S .perior (J lalny, l,y STItO.VGS & CO. Feb 20, US. 33 Trunk Lost. ""PAWN Irtiin iheAmenenn llnlel, llurlinuton. Vi. 1 nn Ihe 23ih nl Ntivember la I, n square lilac k leaiher Tiiink fastened wnb .aipper muli. On one end a enrd wns f istetted wnh the name "ft. G Sinne, llulliin, Vt,' written il 'on it ; and on ihe other end a shpofpaper wuh the words "Fruin Junes' lluiel, Phil mlelptiia," printed. The trim!, contained lientleman's wrnrinn apparrel. A suiintile renrd wilt he paltl for the return of said trunk lo ihe Americnn lluiel. Iturlinytun, Vl. Pint shuruh, Fib. 13, 1313 33 Dissolution ol (opiirlncr-liip. TIIK Firm of JNO. N. DKWKV and II. P. DKWCV i. thi ddvdiolvcd. II. P. DEWKV. Burlmiton, Fe'.. 18, 1915. 33 James ('. I'lerce's r.atalc. STATK OF VF.RMO.NT ) 'IMIK ILm. the Pro. district or chittknd-v . I I ale Co ir fur Mie Di inti of Glniieii ten I T all per on- eoin.erne.1 in ihe K,lnie of JAMKS C. P ERCKIate. f ll iinim; on, iji sud Di-iri.l. .leian el, l.kcr.Tiso. WHr.rtrss, Daniel II. 1', Adminis'rator f he e. late of aid. leccased, prop '-e- to ren ter nn a.-oo ml of hi- iidinint-lro'iun, au I pre enl hi-acco.niai;ain. .ai I rs aie fitr examination and allowance nl a e -in of lhe(o 'riofPr bate, lobe h...k-n at 'he F.nnte Hall in Wdhsinn,in said district en ihellurd Mondayul .Mnrch nexi. Therefore, yo i aie here' y notillcl lo a-ipenr I efori .aidei-irl at ti e lime ant place af re-ant, anl she eau-e, il any yn i have, why ih" auouiit alure.Hl I .ho dd n. 'I I e allowed Given under my hind ot D irlingion, ihi. lito day of Ferusry, A. D. 1645. JPwJ Wm. WESTON, Rifisttr, Nnthnnlcl IJ'ackman's ltalc. STATE OK VI'.llMO.NT, ) '1MIF, Hon, the Prn Dinirui of Clnlten leu. -. J t- I ate (!oirt for Ihe hisinel of( bilcntlen! To all per-on- eonoerned in thu e-tale of Nathaniel lllntkman, late ol .leriebo, in salt! Dl liict, ileeeael. ibi:etivo. Wiicrkaii, Selim F. H'aekman erecitorol llm last will ot -aitl ileei-a-l, proio-e fo ren 'er nn ruvnuut of hi. n liiunl-lratimi. and pre-int hi. net o mt ng.iins' siiil i Va'e for Mnoiinuion and allowniee alj .,. ion of the Court ol'Pniha'e, to I e holileu nt ilieHejf .. tern office in II rbnat' di-tnet, on thcrei'timl Wedne ilay of March next, 1'llERCronE, you nre lieretu' notified In np tear be fore anl eouri at ihe litno an. I plaee nf re-aitl, nmf llev ca I e, ifnnv you have, why Ihe nao ml afore sail -honld nnl I c allow el. O'V-n under mv h iu I al lliirbniton, tbu 19 b day nr March, A. I). 1613. 33w3 Win. WFTON, ritnistcr. s't'A rn or vnn.vosv, i a t a ..-..ion . f IH tnel of I'ltiiteni't n. I a llinProbnte Court behl nt lliirlin'.oon within and fir paid di-Triel i f ("liiitenth n on tin. I9ih d iv of February 1S45. conn f Sflini I-, Ulnckiiian, one of ihe thi.M'. and litoiieaof Niihantt-l llhe mm, hie of Jerieh in sud di-tnel. leceastd. le-lalu.inl uu e- aruihi-ali n lo .n I court in wtlitn. that partition tuaud esintulie niau,'nmoiu ihe si-vernl pcron.enliih'd thfreto under Ihe lift will an I testament nf the mid te.titor. nnd prnvmc f.ii.I eourl lo older pntni'.n thnnti lit lit unite nnu lo np po nl coui'iii.-ioner!', to innltc 8-irli parliuuii, flL'rie.o lil v to the statute in sinh c.tu untie anil iirovi.lHl. Whereupon, tin' euurl nfire-iid ilotli appoint the .eeonti ivniof. tav in .Mnnli, 1d4i. lor lu-itin- niul deciihnff iu I lie- nre'iine?. nt the ofTieeofthe lleffi.ter ofsiid eourl iu piitl llurlint'ltin. nnd doth nnl. r dial all p'-rsnns interested hen-itififitl thereof liy ol tin tinier, containing Inn puintance nlsotl nppti cant.' pptiiion three eek puecpivelv in the Hur- linL'ton rree Pre, n newpiper prinie.1 in -toil llur nu2liui, tlie Iat ol 'hi-li pu Ii.'iti.iin to tf 'reviou to llic P4it .tr im Weilne 'ne nf Much. 1BI tjven under my hand litis lOih day of February, 131). 38v3 Wm. WKSTilN. ilezisfer. FEMALE SEMINARY. THH SUMMER TRIM! in v Iniiniinn, w-U coniinen u Mnrrh 31 nnd cntiiinpc tn Unarttrs or i! i ks. Jl . ui-itMil( thru nil mm iiitpml piitcrinff l hp Scnuinry flininir lin pniiint; Spun?, rnltr nt ihe rnnimpN''(Miicnt nf t'tp Ti'Mii. lltRcUeffni.d plans of study, forjthc wliulc Term, nre tin n formed. t ThU iSt'inmnry In nil the Pppirmcnts nffn.ttitir in nnd (hritihn", is undrr ihp imrm-dntc rnr nf iho lice. J. K, Cnnvpro wlm rp.i(!fiin the In'tninio", nnd will Inki-11 fniiliful nnd pi rn! d nvrr iuUt nlVnch p -pili n phnll lp rnininiitpd tn rnrp. Mr. C lin n'iIntcd idi liiini If, four i xpprjpncrd nnd ilmrnuch 'IVncherrt In ennnrxinn with nmrnt culture nnd vxie iIip film nf Truut s nnil Teirhcrs in conduct iIjp nnpiN thrnii'ili nrh n conrr nt thfjmtiah sticlv ns hnll he proiluclie of nn-'ntn1 furniture niul mininl ircnutli. Insirnt'tion in tin Frr nrh Lnnrncsp ill I p civrn liva Oentlrttnin, whofipealis the French ns his vcr nn nlnr tnni"p. Frnni 25 to JO v'tttnc rid:rsrnn hn nee immndntpd with Board. Uooin, nnd VI th-convpnience f--r etndv in dip Seniimrv, under the iintnptllntr rare of the TYifhrrs. Snrh will enjoy pfrnlhr advaningCS. Tcnnsi half pnyahlp in 'n 'nnce. Tuition. Kni'lih Hranclifs nn I Latin, Si HO per Qr. Pnnn Miisici 8 OU Infi'tnment for practice, 2 00 Drawing, A Ot) Frrnrh. 3.10 nnnrd inelu linff FhpI, Tihts, V"aliin?. nnd nil tho rnnpninrf i lor i 'dv in sp iPimisi nnd pil fnrn!lud ftintnS2, per wcrk by the Ivrin.or Si, per single (lr. of flt'vcn wpel.s. J. W. IIICKOK, Srr'u. Febmiry 10, ISI5. 37 C RMTNA SACRA, OK, the l!..i.t.i r..le-iion i f Clriren Mu-'c. Ilnvl l'-i llntp : or llo-tmi Saltlnih School S.H12 thiol, ; Toseher'.'iih n nood a orimcnt of Reo' s and 'n'luiery, 11 nuk Ptuok-, ic,, for -a'e hv Ihe -ub-t li ber. Blank Hook- of nnv variety of pattern, nud of the le.t Piner. mole to order. O'.l Hon- reliii-inil, P.i ter.. P.a'ui-h'et, nnd Peii od cnls bound inn neat Mile, on .le-ri ntni..e. ' t-rir.vr.N-- wuods, Rtron.'s' Ht.ildiu.', R.iilintxnn, Vt., Fe'.!0. 1813. " 33 INKS. BI.ACKIM.S. &r. BLACK', niee, He I an I In.lelil 'e Ink. In'. .'er; W.ilers ; Wnxe-. P.a-'e, V.uui-h, niul Waiertrot f't'larkuiz-tte Hlael,tti'-; Pttli Ivn'j Paste nn I PowtVr, for "-dver an I Ihuli Uri.-!,, ffoul, Sh. e and Sloo llriehe. nt PI-TIC .V: SPF.R'-., 30 Vholtme Primeiits. IWIIUSGTOX IRON FOUNDRY. 'PHIS K n' li-htnent is now fined ui in good order i. tor iiiaUin rATIXOS. -udi n- Mill Gcering, S'ei.-h Shoe, W.igscn Axe niul Ui.xo I'.r.lion nnd Poia li Kettle-, l.c,it cnu-tantlv on h.iitd. All 'he pn'erns fitrmer'y vi ed .and owned Iir Me.r-. Ii.n Ai Ktlw.irdi nre here re ide f. r u.e.- I haeeiaken ho'il of'thl ...tilt'ern, f'T 'he p-iriti e ol'dtltU.' lite I C-' ofwor-, nn I I am eonfideat I do n, I y u 1113; the he-l of. lock. (".a.liiiu-made on hue term., fur rendv ne. All ord. rs a, 10 I'. U. ( iio-ssun, U ,rlin;- 1011, m,mi.iii e pnimiMiv hi etuliu 10., Vt. rel'v.'l2, '15. 37u.G Stoves. 7 VI 1!V -uncr or cock s 1 ovns of variuu- Size-. n nrii A I. li. rrl- i-widf" "'". llr-l ra'e O mer for '.ale iu :U?;$45 e.. ham. for W.m.I or rrrain. ltc l.l lllilth; I I, I I lir-u.. k'-i." Dee. 13 h IS4J. DhUGSfi. MEDICINES. The nubM-riltrr are rontin-t-al y i-npptied with K l.KV Alt I 11 111 ihe alxtw I ranch, I t-lh i I ilo nndPaienl kind-; MliIii'HmI wnitr fiinii ar.ttt'pa 1 In. I'm. n t',ili!otiia, t ana-'a -'ohral Vnu an L tor Apart) wln'l iraieal lustrjuicutt; Mm ernl Teeth ant nil 1 enial Anult . 3tjPiecnpibns put up it ehoricst nntipe. jjf ili'.ln'iiif ltlivtrfd at all lour id'ihr irghl. V asnre our frienn and dc-iK-rs in tin- hriinid.1 thit ihev cm be sutip'ted wi h l)rnt in t'oir purity nnd MciHcinr tu their atnmntnt$ nt Uuiliu nslowrutt aval any of dimlx mar-vis bv s.inie quantities. PKl K A SIM-A It. E irii.ictnn,.nr. ;Cil. I,lfe'44. Ij.13 N. ft, Con tsuily on hand eonit.V'e nMirliueiii ol Perfumes, Sna,' llru-he , 1 ik, It Hckiu?;, Dje Sl ill, &:, Onr.'sri-l' (i.i Ware, d.c. .".e. SINGLE. DOUBLE U.MUILICAU l.t. nl TIll'-i-tKS lur Rupture, inci.lentio -sine Mae. fur J e. and a.virn'elv nte.lieii 35 l'i:i K A SPI'.VII. WANTED! 1.1". Krint or Siu'red live, 500 " Uee Wax. for l"nh or in eichnnje 500 hy J"! I K iV M'r.AK. 31 llofaf Drngfittt. -Dish p&iH i?j)or ILsabo?. TIIK -nits riber. will pay ca-h on delivery at their .hup lor lOnOfl It. I inch dear pine Lumber, f00i1 .hi 1 1 Jo do do 5C(i0 .1.. H do do do SKK) do 1 do do do 20O0 dtl ti t do do 1000 Uu 2 lo nu'lernui. J. .V. II. P. IIKimlCK, & On. nurlimrion Jnn. lOih, 1845. 2'f. S. BAKlv IIUV.VUt)' Clump I'asli Sluio, nUtlLINOTON, VERMONT. COMPIII-r.S one of the moil splendU and tinjr nl iTOCKS in the Smie. All imods aie sold strictly for Cash, and of couise Cheap. Bunts Shoes 1111(1 ItllltlxTS all soils and descriptions, for sale erv low by I Burhngtop, Ptb- 16th I Ml. S3 REMOVAL. rl" MAS I.V.MA S infniln- hi frientl- and cm I turner ,lhal ho In- remove I to th Sm teat the comer oft'olVire hii J Ch iren Steels lurnicr'y oe- e ipied l.y J. Wait a- n Crockery Siore. The HlocK tnmn n tne vvicuwarc iuu.ioir. ii.iviiib inu- nnslily repairs I the Siore nnd Mlul theba k room fur I iroeerie-, o 'eip for i-nle nu es'en-ive a-.ornnenl of Kami y flro'-ene. of a ij-frmr q nll'v, e'ct:led i-ariicinriy lor reiaiiunr. i (iii-i-tpiB ol uiti uy.on, Vouuir lly nti.'llyon Skin and Hlaek Tin, .la vn, l.a'p Ira. If io. rm I St Di min?o Uu fi. Pe,per,Sti -e, Gin7er,t'innainon,l love-. Nniir.eir., Wool llool le red etl S.iar, l!,i-t Uoitoo S lira r. P.rimn fi'iirar. White f!r rhed do. Ilalr lle.t So 1 (;t ncit'nT arri Sflu lis Saleraiti-, Iti e, dorr fjt ap ol n'l q m'i ie. 1 tin' lb re nn.' l'a' eS. np. Candles A-J. All of wliu b nre o'hretl at the mo-t rul f I tjri -e for or ere ht, Fanners nre inr rme I lint as he now ha-nioin flir storuic "he r nroduei-, Itno-t anv an lenf Grain,"lleans, l'iw, lluiitr, Chce.e, Mapl S igar kku will 1 1 reccivnl for Go d. DItT HODI).-'. Many article" of h s exien-ive !-!( nf Dry '!eil-h-oler-at eo-tlor Ci-h. Tut- W''l u Tool a tine op portunity fur thn.e wi.hin? to puruhae to supply theniscttcj at reJ.ieet piie-. TO ItnST. 'OtilF. nlp.iniiij Store in Iha Wiekv.-are Block eal k I the "German S ore." Pusie-sien gnen mine ha ely. Ilurlinsti',!i,!!2ir7y, 1SI3. 3D Mii";;izin(!s lor Miuclj. GlRAUAM'S M.cpzec, r Ai Hill's l.ulis .'o C. I on1 nu eu l..iJ,e.' National du 39 25 els. 19 23 I By A. r.DW.UtDJ. eRIT.U'. lll-mipntl IV.te, Nn. 19, t5 Mis. Martinet iV Lel'er lu.Me-- lltr-lo, C The 'In d nf Hon ur, orihe eieot.)!. II ir.hoU.tnew. C5 Feb. 20 33 Hv A. I.DWAIUK DOCT. B, J. IIEI'EBERG ONCK MORE AT IIO.M E. HAVING becoinc eoi.vksront I b-jlnoflt-r mv strvicts to the rotnniiinity nt Inrpe. my hrahli still heiiiy ptf rariotis will not flllnw ine to enter into ihe anluoii d ties of n public p'ncitce, I hae there I'nte opened (with n i! tcrimnai, nn nt enhhthtn upon n poniid l.a n DKUfJ JiTOKIJ undi-r ths ippfllation or li J Hi:il-.!IF.IIG& C-), to which I lime nt'aeltt H a Coppnltinu Olncc, wherenll prrsnns wi;hiii2 tnavad thcnisclvcs of my pn-fes ionnl advu-c mnv consult tne bflwten the hours of D and 12 A.M. ami 2 nnd 9 P. M. lly nedic-il enre-r is too wtll known in HurhmMnn. ttc, to r q nre comnnt, Tho fclertinni of the nnmiTOiia lrnq, Chemicals, Intruments, &pm have been made hv inv?elf fmm the first and moat Pininent house-. in New.Vnrk i my purchiiscs hi'iiii! rntinly for -n h we shill befnahlfd tonll'r to the rn' In OooHa dint rannot be piirpissed in nufility, nnu nt puMi priwuns rant-nt fail to plt-of-. Irivin rnnni'ed thn ai9lftncL' of n pcnttr.nn a Vccntiatu nl the llonoinblc Company nf .Apolhecv rios London, l-'nirhnd, I'hys.cnn prpsrriptions nnd Kairi'lv Hecipts U ba dispensed with neatness and arnirnry. II. J. HeineLrrz & Co. mist pntitrly invite the Ladies to lnfpff t ihi ir valn.ihle ind rhmrr sel cliont of Pttfiimery nhtamed from the first Pnri'nn hou-?3. Their assortment nl Ilnir, Tooth, nnd rs'tiil liruthc- arenf npf rior mannfariiirf. Mcdicr.MVmes and Spirits of superior quality and rhoip mrii'iy. TltUSF.S, Male nn'l Fcmile on the most improv ed prinriplfsre tnrkih.y low prir-fri. A variety of the most" ahtablHp.itfnt medicines. Chemical preparations of nil kind? warranted gen uine. A polertinn of Donrietic Wants, suh ns Mnrvnoni, Vermicelli, Silnd Od, S-irdinrP, Olives, Prune?. Trench ntid American C'hnrolntr, Cccoi, Kffinpd Uin2ins Ki'tchun of vari'i'is kinds, PicUlsd Lob btfttt, lnh Mr, French Mustard. Kviry aitention will bp pnricularty pnid to ensure th 20'd irrnrrs of thp puld. H. .1. IHiK'luTir &, Co invite thp nuldn: tn mike nn early enh atifl vit-w their ptnUlihneiit. It U fitted up widir.ut re.'ard In rp!eni!our. Il contains the most superior quality ul goods lo beubt&med tn th mimci. The s'orc is nccessablc at all hours of nijilu and lav. I)"cl. FI. .1, Hpinbpre- inkes thi ornnrtunitv to riMiirn hi1 sincpip thanks to dip mhibitnn'9 of Bur linct'm nnd hiriu dip nnnieroti favors cotif'-rred np(Mi hi'ii, nnd !mt$ he is not now to be for(iti--ii hv ht'old fritnds. IN. II. Tin .Stort i .-i'.i ru I m-v to Mers Ilrins- mil A Urittlier-. .int-'v Si r. Ch irch 19t.r where Iip Pn-tnr ran he rontihpd dndv. Hfirhnmn, IVf. Ith, 1311. 27 H. J. IIkiveorro V. C. TTAimrsCTn.y. I 'a per, Uooks. nml Paper Ilang'- i II .-'. TIIK -uti.cri' ers, havuis iiureha-ed the PAP1.R .Mll.l. in .Mi i unit -r to .It, inn nlc n cuiutrv b i-iues', wo ild inlorin Primer, .Mer.-ha'nt. anl the p .1 lie ireiier.illy ihv lltec are prepai-elto . nHe eoirr.ici- f ,r paper, h'anli and cho I hoot.., Id in'., &c. &i: Thee lu'en I a I hmr nexi ea-on a -toe'- ol P l.H-r I lun-.' i nil, nud ' i eptn- a -upjilt . Ka'-t, Pro 'life, nn I every article il-etl in Iheir bii.i- lies le.-eiteJ in pajnieul. SyolMl if UATt.M. Milton, Dee. 141. SD Fomalu 'I rtis!1. rPIllS article ol ihe in'.cntu n and 1- nianufaciure of Hull, ami ulsn i.f Vnr-h, .l etery sze and, and f.r a'l Il.e pi.rpose- fir ulneh Ibey are deigiied, ci nstan ly re eivm j at im:i n . si'cm.'s. From ihe recommend,! tion-ul our I'neii Phvsieinns a.i'l re i lent Praclininier- in tin- Sla'c, n Vtell na ihe Mtlit'al I nei.lties of the eiiie . I X,.v t,r . l!o ton, Plulide'ph'a and lll tinore, v. e cnenut I ut t. -ureiho-e ot ihe alii cie.l cla of the hnpj.y e 'e.-ls win "h mav le derived ly the ue . f the e m-tru- tnents. In point ofttura1 th'v. nnd particularly price, he. nre w itinn ihe re.uh of n't. To Pliyi'-an- and Ur .'t-i- who ptircha-el v the til zen, ihe Han .fucnirci'- iliconnt is made, 31 TO PIIYSICIAXS. New Chemicals nnd hui.ilij Al (iciest The Aeitl, eliemieal. Auiiiiuiii.acal Preparation ilioiu ne. Io.h.teof?lihur, I .'ule of Iron. Huiosi.'eol .M.riury, lv r.ods'c.l l.itiiorrf Ar enie nn.' Men nry. e..he, Ileal hySj.anj-h nnd Swede h, t)ilofTo' ieo, 1 e 'riu, .e. &e. Ac. Yura'cnf S,lter,eheime e stile-ol In.truinen. I, 'ptiltn. Iarne ian Klui.l, .aoh ha Vo.l, (J)ai.urel ofPoins.fum, of Potan, F.laieri'iin, Krjot 1'iesh, Pu'v. Kifi. Prep.irnlii ns, Kx'rnet ol O.iiiini, KiTiel ol Ilh.ltnny, llairMilieus.irKle.iriiier F. rnci of Aconite, .'iiiirit. Uuiih.le of Mercury, At PKI K U SPBAR'S. There is no excuse fur the Headache when you can obtain the Gr.N- INK AUllNIIAI.I.S ARilMsTIVE. Cataiiiiii nml IIkai aciic. SNUrr ! ! THIS -nufT i- a i-er'ain and perteit cure for lis i.ji.nrf. nml I'ltiunion ivot.t- iii ihe Head and the Headache nnd is an excellent arne'e- for -ore and we.i'. eve-. Ii npeu-and p tj:c- inn all ol.-truciious. ireiisr hen-ihe ulan-anJ give, a healthy action (o the part, n 'ected. Harare of Counterfeits! AU'lhoso wi Inns to purchase the genuine nriicle.f Mnr hal '- Su it, .hodd. purehn.e Ihnt ol which II. (. Orid'ev, Jlul.lleb .ry I., Is ine propne ..r, "ai .1 no other," a 1 manufacture per.onall, ihe nu.-oldtiy-aiderKlle,. Oil, MARSH Al. I.. I eemfe thai the nhove article in cicC'ited in my nroeme and lliai In sic iiamre thereto i Fenuine 1 nmf lun'iic ivnn.ri-ii r.,r.- MMdlehiirv. J.n. N.'lSH. N. II lie name ol II. (!. Ori.llev nrnrrittor wilt he Co in I ii'ion eve v bottle of the cemuiie 3tir hall's l.nprove.1 Sn ir S 1.1 wholesale nml reind ly It, C. Hri lee. M. I 'lelurv Vi. PRI'K & SPKAK Wholesale unit H.lait Pnizzitts. K iiniiemu. i. Anlly Oruj-'l-ls svncraliy in ihe l'ni'e.1 i?taiea ..d I'ann 'a. 3i lv Cali paid tor Wmil A T all time at lluilintlon Mi'l Co's Factory. A 36 SIDNEY HARLOW, Agent. CHILBLAINS. N mwa'facurforlhi.ironlisorneconiplaiiit eon.iamlv lor ra'e al 31 PF.ntC A RPF.R-' Buck Wheal Fluur. AVr.UV superior article of fresh eround Tuck Wheal Klour for sale b G. PKTER60S. Rurlington, Feb. 18th ISIS. HI? I

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