Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 25, 1845, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 25, 1845 Page 2
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- tl. X FOREJGN. ARRIVAL OF THEJREAT WESTERN The Steamship Groat Western, Captain ippfebn- n cty a, vvluh whether these propt sitions will receive lliespi' non 01 1 lie mici. l-VBin..Au ... a. ...... n.. (I, a nrM, nil. fin -Miuuimn Al nutlbn v -; Minn loot. nlii"a l Ilia iiifirinp nr.nnit (It AletetS. V1I1 destroyed thn liohl hnnsn nnd did other damage to considerable extent. The residences oflho commis sary or marine, the director ol the port snd uthcri, were thrown down. The explosion took place In two magazines, repa roled from encli oilier by n ditch, nt the foot or whicli tho lizhl limiso stood. Tho origin of the firo is tin- Umvn n Ihn mirr l?inr had double lloOTS find IlKU Matthews, nrrivctl nl Now York ontlm lClll not been cnterol wiilnn fourteen day-. Hicy con- - ., Q. leined only a small quantity nfpnwdcr. Considerable Intl., bringing London papers of the 23lh, injury was donoin ihe nnny enormous siones being .i.J Liverpool of (lit. 2fJit. of Match, "i" ,,,,,, rr Cotton is lower, both in the Liverpool mid loss oflife, hs the following account from an Algiers paper snows r ... in ih ., ,;u;... inliili ted iv l ie three companies nil, !..,! 1,1 il,Pre were killed 43 artillery workmen, 10 Havre markets. Texas, if-c Tlio final passage of the an nexing resolutions was known in London on the 26th of March, and of course afforded material for some newspaper thunder. It it nmttslng to sco how the subject is dealt with, not on its own merits or consequences, but as a theme for English party discussion. Thn Chronicle niukcs u great noise about it. It says : We confes- ihit we arc much more mortified than lurpnied to find this question terminated, jiUo all oth-rs in which ihcTorvadinini-lration hid to com bat the art or ihu ambiiion of fori isn mid of rival nowjrs. Ihnt is. bv the Inial discomfiture of British interests and views, whether dictated by feelings of justice, of security, or ol'himaniiy. The question of the indepen''enee or absorption of TVras wis handed oter to the Tort torernment as afairJLeld for Iht exertion of thtir diplomatic skill, and ol me iiuiinrcu mean- ai a govcrnineni a uispo l for the working out of its ends In these the Tory governmeni nns mosi misfraniy laneii. The Americin government have decided upon the annexation of this immense eountrv, containing 300, 000 square miles, and are about lo establish over that : .,.! . t -I ti J-. rmion IIICII &sii-in in ainvi"! iiiiiyhiiuii, it iruv, i' . fUtimJiaaalion of life and death lo Amerimn sla tery. vhich f eonjintd to its oxen exhausted soils, must have declined, and met a natural dralhalno in' calculable intereat of time, hut which now. bavins se cured to it most ample room and root, cannot be ex peeled to pause lill it fills the whole territory to the Pacific, and deluges ihe New World, from which it had been partly stayed ordriven, withits flood of mis ery ami clime. Tliere were a variety of mean at an Hnulish min isters disposal Mexican fears, Texan tnteri sis. and American horror of slat cry and of planter dtnoniina- lion artilleryman, 31 pontnnniers, ond 2 workmen! there were, I esuies, JU wounded. India. The intelligence brought by thn Overland t,t rtf P..I. I.., n.ri.,,.,1 i,l I llO (lift t Olio' IS 1 V OX I f' ordinary express early on Thursday morning, the Clh m.inni. Tiia ,.,,.. l.Pnnl.f mn fir ns nuhlie events are conecrncd, little liwro than tho echo of lhat supplied II, II 8 111 IIIUIllll i y HI Llll P"l nil imi;i.-i --- the revolution at Lahore had been brought inborn are explained! and the anarchy which reigns thrnuihout mat naturally rertno country, ami inecnn-c'piii" m-x-lect of its resources, and the misery nf its population, nr. .ln!i,tn,l in nlnuMiMT rnloitr. Whether Sir II, Itardinge will invade Ihe Punjinli and occupy the country, ( ratner a mailer nt speculation unu . lainly. Akhhar Khan is on the alnt, and evidently icaily to pounce upon I'eshawur, and occupy lhe right l,,li ..r il.u ind.i Thi btll rnnnirv around Caii mprr. 14 in rpvo'i. niionlah Smifh seem' llellTinillfd to secure himeif and his territory! and to do so is prepared to unite Willi tlie stronsest. or 10 muninin the defensive, and abide tho result. The Mnhnmme den population invoke Hritiah. Interference, as Ihe only means of d.'liveting them from the atrocities perpetra ted upon them by the alternative cxacti-ms of ihe Pikh soldiers and the ctucltics of the fanatical Akha- Letters from Delhi stale that tho fiovcrnor Oeneral wa expected to nrrivn in the nrlh.wcst provinres in May! and lhat tho Commaniler-in-t hirf and Ihe. other eenerals were busily encaeed in revicwini:i all 1110 ITOnpS 10 IIIOSO tllUH lP, nuu m iiiyinu n, ti.i" n -taie nrcllieiency. h rom inee preparations no m lention to engneein war wasinfetnd. I'llOM MCX'ICO. to tho mind and 3d. That in Man, and whe higher order of Animals, the principle of life is seated in tho solar ganit'ima, nnm wnicn tno nervous bvsicim ui machinery draws its power of modon, ond by which it ia propelled and governed. Later rnnjt Jamacia. Bv the arrival last cvoninj of tins barque Alert, Capt. Finilim, we tri fli ... .1.-on. I. 1.1. "ri. Vi..... nave jvingsuin iiicb iu uie uui un. , hu ,.ii stonedilos liavo imbibed the boliet that there is a (-rave purpose In the United States, of an nexinff Canada, and thereupon tho Mornintt Jmirnal delivers Itself of a couple nl columns l choice bravado. When that question becomes a poriotis one, Jamacia need pivo herself no trouble about il, as the United Stales w ill have todo with her master. We notice th t pucker into which the Colonial press has cot itself, by way of illustratinir the briskness of the trade tn billiniito anil bluster, between the mother couiilrv anil her dependencies. I he Kmestnn papers announce the ilctcrmi nitinn of llcrard, cv-l'rcsidont nf llavtl, who has been for snine lime sejourninj in Jamaica, In return immediately to Port nil Prince, with the view of rciialnitic the chief Magistracy. Herard has been perKUaded to this step by a deputation which recently arrived in Jamaica from I lay tl, for I be nurnnso of inducing him tn abandon his peaceful privacy for a carccrof ambiiion. He Is under Ihe impression Hint he will bo made Pres. blent once more without bloodshed ; but wo ex poet to hear of fresh troubles when bo effects a landing at Port an Prince Tho ship Lidv Scott, from St. Jai'o de Cuba to Swansea, with copper ore, was wrecked on Crooked Island last month. The vei-scl was a total wreck, and about 400 tore of the ore had been sued, and sold at Nassau, S Mi to S.0 pe Inn. The captain and crew saved A person who committed a murder upon a rcsucctablo gentleman in Jamaica, named Ke sick, three years ago, uv means of a vegetable poison, lately confessed ids cuilt. driven thereto by compunction of conscience. He is lo be tried at the ncu term of t lie court. Tnr; Sugar in br.rrels (dark) sold at 18s per 100 lbs. No sales of Coffee. X O. fie, April IWh. Nr.w Viihk, April 19. Bv the nrrival of ihe Water Witch, wo are put in possession of pa pers frem tho Capital to Ihe 221 ult., and from Vera f-'ruz. to a still later date. Though we Tl, Si,,,,!,,,! .,r r..r.,. iliink. il,,ii ihn have ntrtu a larpe batch of public journals be fore ns, a prc:tv careiui inspection oi ineiii auus but little to our kmmlcilgo nf afTiirs in Mexico. Tlie country seems tranquil under the now ad. ministration, at least we siinuio rnnciuuc as much from tho tone of tho press. OfSanta Anna In papers say a good deal but nothing delintle lie bad not been tried at the last accounts lint is no absolute judgment had been pronoun British Ministry did well not tn take any de cided course of opposition, for -a Inch il as. signs divers good rensons. For instance If the Texans, about GOOOQuhi'o jnlnbitants, arc desirous to incorporate lliemselvc- in the Northern Union we do not see who Ins cither the rich I or ihe power to bin ler them still Ic" can we eucs a mo ceil nnnn hltiv His written defence bid been sent before the live for interfering in the matter, for it is much better for all parlies the United States excepted that ihe ::?'J,"n. '""ffiV r Vr1? 'Z? .'I":,,cl.! L-ra..d iurv and freely commented upon by tho nun iciii:itiis uiviiKru uv me 1 iiiiru kiuin-s, in in i r I 1 1. t ' t I in il ifinn that it should serve the purpose or tuc npublie, under J'"" """ " T'"'.""1 " "" ! the discuise of a false iodenemlenee and neutrahtv. and bo d and hardy III I's defiance. Un tlie .1,1 !,!. r . .i .... Stare i. K.inla Anna aili resscil a noie totiie min wnii rcieroncu to mo wrugot. question, - . . n ., . R , c the Standard savs do. In tins missive he justifies hi efforts tn It is not imnnssihle tint the Slates mav bavo secure his private fortune, and conipla'iis bitter enoneh lo do in puttina Texas in order to siieiis lime y nf (,0 interception ami breaking open of his letters to Ins agents. I no language nt ins note to look alout us. At all events, wo trust that nur I ministers wilt not cive them anv help, bv a rasli de parture from the "somnolent and silent system," I which, inconvenient ns it may I for newspapers and opposition orators, is olien of wonderful utility in di plomacy as well as in war. Tht President's Address. Mr. Polk's inaugural was published in the London pa pers of the 26th, and received with a con tiderable degree of editorial civility. The icribes seems all to have been decidedly ITEMS. i extremely haughty rather that of a d.ctater than a prisoner. Commenting upon it, IhobighnAIA unserves that it is in such striking contrast to the bumble tone nf his nrevinus tellers, as to warrant the bo lief that Santa Anna expects lo bo restored lo liberty and to pnwer by a new revolution. I lie ultimata safety of the fallen tyrant is more than hinted at, for the same paper ol a later (late al luding lo the letter in question, and to ils inso lent tone, remarks that if Santa Anna were nut pleased with its comparative brevity, but so perfectly certain that neither the government far as wo have seen, confine themselves supreme um i win piare ins person , mainly lo an abstract of its contents, with TuitPKNTiNF. and Tar. The extraction nf turpentine from tho plno trees which cov er tho region near the sencnust in the South ern Status, furnishes employment for a great portion ol the population, especially ol the poorer classes. A Southern paper gives nn account of tho process by which this is ef fected : il is even simpler than that by which sugar is nianiifiirtiired from tho snp of the maple nt the INorlli : " As soon ns ihe sap beeins to run in the season, a notch is nude near the root of Ihe tree to catch the turpentine. This is called boxing the tree. Then it is dipped out, geuerally Willi n simple gourd, into buckets, which nre emptied into the barrels on ihe spot. These arc ready for market ns soon as they nre filled. " Another small portion oflho tree U then pared off and tno sip men descends ireciy into mese recepia c'c. Under ihis operation, a pine will usually live for six or keven years, and is used in this manner un til it is thus deprivcil of its bark and a small portion iif ils trunk, to ihe height of ten or fifteen feet. "One man, il is calculated, will attend to 7000 boxes in a season, ond will collect from 100 to 130 barrets of turpentine tn a year. " When the trees become useless for this purpose tliey nro felled mid cut up into small pieces, which nre piled in heaps, set on lire, and carefully covered with dirt. As the wood slowly burns away, the tar runs Trout beneath into gutters prepared for its recep tion. The kiln, while burning, is carefully watched day and night. Onn hundred bar rels of tar arc usually nindo from a tingle kiln, and tho remains cf the wood arc then used for charcoal. only an occasional remark. On Ihe 5th ult. the Seine was fiozen over at Paris ; the ice was strong enough to sus tain the weight of carriages. tho sliL'btest dancer, bo would renew the dis gusting and cowardly scenes which occurred when captured at Ban Jacinto. Earthquake. A letter from Ojica dated the 13:h March' states that on the afternoon oflho U'h inst., a frightful earthquako was experienced in that A TERitioLi: Discovery. In Frankfort, on the banks of the Penobscot, in Maine, a gentleman lost his wife, by death. Three davs nfier her interment ho had some bus! ncss with a physician of that town. Calling at Ins house, lie was informed that the doc Wisconsin. The Milwnukio Sentinel says that, wherever tho Whigs tnado tinminations, auu were in the tic id as a patty, tliey navo ocen, almost without exception, successful. Pennsylvania Hall. Tife ruins of this eel cbratcd Abolition Hall, together with tho grount, . ...,. ....... B . ..,,. ,ii..- .. iui, wus huiu ni auction, III rnnaueipuia, un Wednesday, lur iSIU.tJOO. Recent town elections In Ohio show great Whig gains, compared, oven, with tho rontcst last fall, and give asiiiranco that the Whigs will sweep evpryOUHfJJIg them in the next gen eral election In the Staio. It is stated In the Richmond Hnntiircr that President Polk will not romnvo Mr. Wiso from his mission as Minister to Brazil. 7'ho n.ichtn..nd fVa.l Enquirer publishes a correspondence between fourteen American firms at Canton, and Cnpt. Foxhall A. Parker, commanding the U. S. frigate Brandywine, in tho tlhinese seas. l ie letter of tno mercnants expresses a strong sense of gratitude for his careful and unceasing attention tn American in terests, and is accompanied with a beautiful serVico of plate, valued at 8000. The answer of dpt. Parker, of course, breathes tho senti ments which such a gift, so accompanied, would naturally excite. The wretch who lately deserted his wife, nt New Orleans, leavim: her in the bands of his slave paramour, Pauline, for maltreating whom, Pauline is under sentence nf death, w as caught, a fewjlays since, prowh ig about his house, ami was arrested, and sent lo prison, liis object, probably, was, to sco his w ife ; hut, whether for good or m il, no into could know ; though, most likely, fur the latter purpose. At any rate, it is most gratifying to learn that the rascal has been sent to jail and we do not think much in justice uuuii. lin 'SrtlB .iNie vre nv!i I" take Pauline's place on IheJillows. Inti-Uent Matters. A house in Anch- ram, Columbia county, New York, was pulled down, on Friday or imnday last, by seven men, disguised ns Indians. T ho property liau re cently been purchased by another person, which so incensed the anti-renters, that they met, and destroyed the house, The Swallow. Men and apparatus have been sent up from New York city to Athens, and they are now cngnged in efforts to raise the Swallow. The eddnr of the t roy lludget, wim went down with the legislative committee, the other day, thinks the boat will be raised and, wilh now bows, and other repairs, she will be as good as ever. Her timbers are firm, and all her inaclui.cry is in the same position as no lore sue struck. She is but nine years old, and was built of the best oak, locust, and cedar. About 810,- 000 were expended iu improvements during Ihe past winter. Senator Barrow, of Louisiana, had arrived at New Orleans, and Senator Crittenden, nf Ken tucky, was expected there within a short space RrportTED loss of a U. S. Vessel of War. The correspondent of. the Baltimore Patriot, at Kingston, Jamaica, writes, under date cf U.V.Ii nf Match, that a Colombian vessel arrived at that place on the l l'.li of March, bringing a re port lhat a U. S. schooner of war had been wrecked on the coast of San Bias, and lhat all her iiflieors and crew had perished. The cap. tain who brought this report did not recollect the name of the lot vessel : but he was sure that it was not the Flirt. We hope that the re- poit may prove to be incorrect. Noble. A servant girl, who had lived for some time in the family of Dr. Herron, at Pitts burgh, went to turn, since the lire, and informed him that she had saved several hundred dollars, which she wished him to take and distribute among the sufferers. 1 ' Canal Breach. There was a breach in the canal nt (josport, about 7 miles from Lockport, land lo olftet Cuba, when that island is ret annexed lo the United States. If thn acqui sition uf the latter is necessary to protect and preserve tho " peculiar institutions " of thn South, tho acquisition of the island of New foundland is equally important to givo us tho control of tho cod fishery. Besides, it is far moro honorable to beard tho British lion ill once than to bo aggressing upon nioro feeble neighbors, who have not strength to meet tis in the field. A Fall. At Barnard, Vt., on Saturday evening, 5th inst., Prof. Wright was lectur ing on galvanism, electricity, &c. in the nlJ Universalis! meeting house, when tho false floor which had been put up between tho galleries gave way, and the audience of 150 persons, apparatus, lights and nil, were pre cipitated to the floor beneath. One boy was thrown from tho gallery window to the ground, and others jumped out, but no bones wcro broken, nnd nono very seriously inju red. Mr. Wright's loss is about $200 Somn of tho spectators supposed tho acci dent to bo pail of tho pciforniancc, and one fellow who lay sprawling nt the bottom of the melee, sung out, " well he gave us a tremen dous shock that time !" Tho Pennsylvanit Legislature had by joint order decided lo adjourn on Tuesday tho 15th lost. On that day tho two bouses sent a committee lo Gov. Slilink, requesting , lk like public justice. Just look at the case, Your him lo prorogue them but his exellency do- ihe State to n market, but only secures to the two dined, on tho ground that the general nn. counties of Addison and ltnilind the choice of two . . , h ,, , 1 markets msteal of one. You at first thought, no propriatiou bill was not yet transcribed and doubt, will be inclined to say that this is not theense, signed. This message created some confu- "teninBtoV'countv has its market tWd for alt sion, ns many of thn members considering tunc, at Troy and New York, and she has little or no . . ., ,, ,, , interest in the establishment of anv of the proposed mo Licgisiamru actually nu ourueu oy 1110 routes tnroiign inis siatc. Cbiiienden. Frank in and form nf tho ininl nr,l..r ,l,.rl!..,l in ,w P1 ,?.' r"""tics only secure the cio.'ct of maikcts - j , - - ...v u an Kmjroao; iQ j05t0n . a bv anv Knilrond lo Iluslon: and these Counties, in, part in continuing its session to the next day. ' siv ino icasi, wouio nens weuconiencu by ttie.iiont r,., , . . , . ! pc'icr ns tho Rutland route i hence they have no 1 he Oovcrnor, however, was not to bo out- mmcr imercst in the one ond the other, and mav be FRIDAY MORNING, AI'R1L2, 1815. Lj n ; ,aclcs anj jm,,le(ijatcv issued ,is regarded as neutral on the question. A continuation - - I " J Of Ibe rOlltC fioni INorthainnton In UrntlMinrn' nf nrjuT innnriT proclamation, convening nn extra session of , Iroui Fitchburph to Connecticut River, opens a mnr- flltfjl AKKIVALi. ket for the county or Windham-iliesn roads do not -r. n i T , , . , , , tllU Lpg'sl"-. " Wednesday, the lGlli ; depend upon the of the Rutland route" nu L.iigusii man ior vviinau.i, which leu iimi ol, that day tho appropriation bill iiav Livcrpool on the 5th inst., arrived at this jng been signed, and all necessary business port, overland from Boston, on. Wednesday being done, the Legislature was adjourned evening, at 8 o clock, whence it was shipped ,'ne on board tho Saramc steamer for St. Johns, I.owcll Land Sale. The Lowell Courier says i We learn from a proper source that Ihe land sale. of the Locks nnd Canals Company, in this city, inclu ding that which was sold nl puvato sale the Merri mack House the city purchase, all amounts to with in a fraction or two of three hundred thousand dollars. Gret SLACoiiTEn. The steamboat Julia Chotcau arrived nt St. Louis, on Ihe 4th inst., with fourteen tons of skins, a part of sixty tons purchased in Ar kansas. These sUns weigh about three pounds ave rage to that forty thousand deer were killed to sup ply uie smy ions- The (ilobo says that Mr. Ritchie, the "'new organ ist," will not lake charge of the "official orean" until sometime in May. In tno meantime Ihe "old player" will continuo lo worn ine Keys, taking care, However, not to touch upon any doubtful tune, or to give fotth any new "notes." Michigan. The Hon. John Norvcll has been ap pointed U. S. District Attorney for the District ol Michigan. Ho was one ol iheU. S. Senators I rom that State. Hoax in Wail PrnEET. Just before the Stock Kxchanirc closed, on Thursday, a report was put in circulation that a letter had been received Irom Ha vana, via Charleston, that Mexico had declared war, and that the shins llanid nnd Alabama had been cap tured. Tho story made q ille n sensation in the street, nnd knocked down Stocks 1 to 11 per cent., but a thorough search into the authority prutcd il to be n hoax. New York Canals. first Way The number of boats cleared at West Troy, cm rnes tav. was m ; nnd tho amount of tolls received was 810,704 10. At Albany, ihere were len nirivalsof canal boats and ciohtv clearances issued from Ihe Collector's office in lhat city. Tho nmo int of tolls received there was 83,348. Pcepides Anglais! The Rouen journals state lhat (lie fo iminir curimis notice w-is lately proc. lim ed by the lown ciier of Vvelot (Seine Infer.eure). "A considerable number of Cn? hlimen laini; alioul lo be eoinloveil on the rnilrond. ihe Mavor eneaces ine nines, ttnui count; ami oiu. noi io want in uiu streets after nine o'clock in ihecvcnine. Letlers from Micliirnn renresent the crop of wheat as promising a uouui.ful harvest. Nipi'm .,inTit-,rT,nM. learn, bv a penile man dueet from Nnuvoo, savs the Warsaw Signal, of il,n '2,1 Anril. llml n new Kevclation hns been re ccived, in relation lo ihe Temple. The work on that Btruciureis io lie almost entiretv suspenueo ior me present anil Ihe whole mercy of iho Saints is to bo devoted lo ihe buildineof n wall or rampart atounil ll,n ndifirn. This wall is tn rnelose six acres, the Temple heinir in tho centre. It is to be fourteen feel high, six feet thick, nnd .composed of solid stone ma sonry. Correspondence. Ma. Stacy, Sin As I heartily appreciate your gtnerous efforts, and good intentions, in whatever re laies lo the pul lie inlireat, you will permit tne, with out finding fault, I trust, to question the propriety of your views, on n pending quo thn of vital importance to Iho Slate. A deep interest 1 perceive is awakening on the choice of a Itail-lloid Houte from Boston to Darlington, nnd I can but hope that s ih a decision will I e made as will bet ansiccr the end of vuhlic justice, and the most enlarged and durable prosptrihj vj me oioic. itn ju-i ana iionorjiiio imn, i nuns, willdoubl the propriety of this position Whatcourse then should tho people nnd press nt llurlington tako -on this subject? Pirstut nil, should tliey not give countenance and support to lhat route which will best promote the public interests I nnd second, lo look lo the erowth nnd prosperity of their own town nnd county 1 Hut is there n rational doubt, on a duo consideration of tlie subject, that the Central Kail Road will best promote both of these obj'-cls iho puMic interest, ond Iho Interest of llurlington nlsol As to I lie public interest, it may be assumed wilh safely tint the capitalists at Boston, on whose nid the success in mo enterpnsc must uc mainly depending will not invest iheir money to build tKree radoads, side by side, through our Slate, to peform the work of one. It three were built, the stock of all would doubtless ho of little or no value il bill one, it would pay a good Intere-t on the capital emplojcd, and the stock in good demand. Market, in nil public c.bjncts of the like kind, is the great purpose it is Ihis lhat gives life nnd vitality to the farmer, nnd nciivity to the business of the mer chant, imnnfaclurcr, and merchanie. Which route then opens the greatest extent of country, nnd brings n market tn iho doors of Ihe grcatc-t n iniber of our population? Does not ihe Rutland route, which you advocate nnd favor, pass through a section of the: Slate already accommodated for two third, of tho year, upon a line of navigation opening lo ihe most extensive market on the continent 7 A railroad ihrn' lhat -ei tion of the Stalo does not open a market lo them during such time, but merely gives them tho choice of marl.rts the choice of going to Boston, if thev can do better Ihere than nl Troy or New York j while it dooms the middle, northern ami northeastern Cointies of the Slate, ronlaminval out one-half nfour whole population, loan unprofitable Aorse carl trade with n distant market t or lo tho sictifircot irwir sor' plus products upon their hands. This lo me does not and probably reached Montreal at 11 o' clock, yesterday. This mail is mado up at Liverpool the letter packages soldered up in tin boxes, the newspapers and other mat ter sealed in canvass bags, and accompanied by nn English guard, who surrender ils cus tody only to the Post-Mister ut Montreal. WHAT IT ALL MEANS. but wouldl cqua"y be pushed forward, Io pars up the vai ey oi ine uinnccncui lo unite at White Ktver with .he Monlpclier route. Thus it w ill be seen lhat tho Rutland route, in point of fact, produces no oilier result, in the several coun ties named, over and nlovo the Montpelier route, than this: thai it cxlends lo Addi.on and Rutland counties the Jioice of Ihe Boston market, in connec tion wilh Troy nnd New York. These two counties contain a population of SI.I23J. to whom, in exclusion A certain Mr. Bojv, a man of soino note ' of near Inlflho Siaie, from any addmonal privileges c- 1 whatever, von t.rmin.R In rnnfin. i-nur nnntolitioa A poor return, I am thinking, for the hopes and expec ts ins of the Legislature nml People nt large, who-o liberal itlbrts, in preparing the way for those im provements, wcro de-igned lo open the isolated sec lions of the S'atc, to Ihe indispensable benefits of a in .Missouri, bus been making a speech ut St. Louis in favor of Annexation. We make the following extract from the synop sis of ihe New Era: "Ho then discussed the expediency of Annexation Tht Nete Customs Act. The new Cms- cfyf w inch lasicd but two minutes, produced tor had gone out, hut would soon return. Hn toms Bill, repealing tho duties on a large numh of articles which have previously been subiect to duly, and reducing the du ties on sovoral others, camo into operation on Saturday morning, March 22d, at tho Custom house. A great number of froo en Vies were passed in cnnseqiienco for goods which havo for a considerable time been housed iu tho bonded warehouses, but which are now freo of duty, and tho officers of the warehousing department will no doubt be very busy for n lime, until tho goods on h and, now declared to be free of duly, are all de livered, when it is expected lhat the bulk of the freo goods imported from tho present time will bo delivered from the quay at the side of the imparling vessel, thus doing away with the necessity of placing them at all in the bounded warehouses. Itmteqf Lords, March 10. Obeoon. Mr Roebuck asked whether Government had any objections to lay before the Houc the neo. nations lielween this eountrv nod iho llmia si...... on Ihe subjecl of ihe disputed Oregon Territory 7 His traaun iui n9iinu wna 10 n - inumi in existing circum stances in the United states) though he was the last man who would desire to cast a slur on n great na- tic uniiriaiuuu, Him in loio u ronvenuon was considerable injury and destruction. I concluded to wait, iinrl tn nass tho time morn Not n eiiijle euuice, puniicor priv.ite.uni was acrecalily, as lie thought, went into the young overthrown or d imaged by the violence nf Ihe hock. Fortunntelv, very few persons worn in jured. 7'ho next d.iv, Ihe shook was ayain felt, but ninre slightly, rue ctcape oi tne city irom absnliito destruction i's ascribed to tho short period w hich the convuUiun lasted. Texas. file Texas question, as may be supposed, creates sonic exciteu'ent in Mexico. .At tho last accounts, Iho news of the passage of the rcso 1 nt ions thrimoj. ibo Senate had been received, but their final passage through tho IIoue, as amended, was unknown. The press appeared disposed to lliiiik that the House would not ac cept them. I here is, of course, much inuigna t Kin expressed at tho idea of annexation, and many harh thinjjs said of this government. lAfte Orleans tier, April 11 To this the Picayune of the same day, dds: TI.e Mexican Government had received in tolligcnce of the passage of the annexation res oil. Hons by both liou-cs ut Congress, hut they bad no otlieial imiire thai rrosulent l yler hart given his nscnt to lliem. However, they on tcrtaiucd little doubt of their receiving his ap provat To lliosoofour readers wholiavo formed their ani 119 probable effect on iho, pecuniary nnd ., - ., r , . i com ni'.iciai cunuiiiini u ine (jiuieu onies. lie ail- Ideas ol "a mail" from iho lllllc leather verted to the fact ihnt the number of fne nnd slave pouches which circulate through our moon- -ilalc.3,'n 'h,u Ln," was now (qua : that for a long 1 . lime it had been nu objeci to admit an equal numler lain passes, it may not Do amiss to remark ot ireo anu slave arnica, sons io Keep up the equitum that this is altogether another affair, lb weieht was nonr fnur l.mdinn ,ln.. n be maintained unless Tixas teas admitted.. That f r....:tl . C?t. ........... ,. .. , ,.i .ui.iii uni mi,ii.uni oi,iat unm iuui vuiiiiii w, oiii.uticK s uesi s.x-liorsu would le Mrmed on the .Norm ol Iowa, and nnothcr Our Poverninnnl receive, a v.,rv on il.e esi, and lhat iNehiasUa Hrrilory would soon " s i lorm " mucin rocuivcs V (TV ,.. .., ,.,. nn,i ,hM. n,Sl-,l. nnwlinn liberal bonus for tho tirivilopa of transit lo the Missouri compromise, would all be free Slates") on Monday, which BweotofT about 40 feet of I lie I .i... . , .. and that there was no territory on tho Suulh to . . . .... . uiruss iiiu cuumrv : n n. vn nrns nine. u. .nn. . . ..i n..- .. i i i. ..i.i- ...i physician's studio, and there bo be found a n student with scalpel in hand, in the act of dissecting a dead body. Ho started back at first view ns people generally do when com- ni2 into tho presence of the dead. Recov ering from his surprise, ho stepped towards tho corpse which tlie student was cutting, and, horror of borrnrs, luund tho dead body to bo that of his wife, buried three days be fore ! His feelings may bo imagined, hut cannot bo described. Tho husband imme diately took legal measures against bolh stu dent and doctor. Tlmy weru examined and bound over to answer. Kennebec Jour. (E7The following paragraph from the Paris Constionnel, is, says the N. Y. Cou rier, confirmatory of what our very able and well informed Paris correspondent commu nicated some weeks since: Kbance The light of Search. The Duke de Broglie will leave Paris for London towards the end of the week. The Duke nnd Dr. Lushington will im mediately commence their labors. We have been as sured lhat ihe question of iho right of search will not .. .t , I uc Hie uiiij uue CA,lilllnc,l uy mo uicu iMuicniim ic , uui ....... ....... ..... !""' ""i iio " and thai two oini-r questions will occupy niticn more entered into between this country and Ihe United Slates, the purport of which was, that iIip Territory in dispute upon Ihe Oregon should be considered n. mailer upon which no determination bad been come lo, and lhat the whole question should be left open. Under these circumstances, lbs House of Itenresnnin. lives hsd passed a hill for "settling" ihn Territory. ine rviigusn were noi, ne ueueveu, a people ot all ac customed lo bluster, or exrire-s themselves in a mm, ner which should rouse the indiznalion of ibo.e wiih whom ihey conducted negotiations j bin il must be apparent toeveryuojy mat tins was a most exiroor dinarv nroceedinir. If it arose from the weakness of ihe American Ex erulive. il behoved foreien nations serionslv in ron. sider the mailer. If the House of Itepresenlaliies passed such a hill, if it wire sanctioned hy ihe rtennie and urged upon the President, he might be forced to givo it Ihe effect of low j while we, having taken no precautions, out iru-tin? to ilie.r coo I h nnd lb comity of nations, would find ourselves divisted of i b, means of protecting nur own ri''ht. If this mi lnH been properly looked into, they should at once have declared lhat Ihe tinned Siales had no riahta west of the llocky Mountains; and if ihe negotiations which had been broken up were lo be rrcoipmenced, be (rusted ihey would be put nn a proprr footing, and lhat the United Stales would le exile 1 on to show what right Ihey had to cross the Rocky Mountains stall. Sir Robert Peel replied, lhat Mr nocbuck had right ly described the convention! which was framed lo last for len vess. Il was renewed in 1927, and expir. mA analn in 1 P.13 . htlt il .Li ,.,n..;.tA .1... I.I. ... , ... ...o.. ,.,..,.ru ,,,, ,,,in, er party should terminate the arrnngrment wiilmut giving year's notice. With respeel lo ihe neioiia lions wilh ihe r.xeculive Government of ibe Uni'cd Siales, thev ha not been brought lo a close ond it would nol he consistent will, his dulv lo produce ihn lo ihe House. Mr Roebuck would see thai our relations were not wilh Ihe House of Hep. rrsintalives, but wilh Ihe Ameiiean Executive. Sir Itohert quite agreed will. Mr Roebuck thai nnil,i,, could be more unseemly ibin In useanv language of niuaipr or menace; nui, wnue loruearing lo no so, he honed the House would not infer thai her M ;.,., . Government are nol deeply sensible of the importance of ihis subject. Switxmlahp. The Extraordinary Diet having re ferred Ihe q iesliono of the Free Corps, the Jcsuhs, ndlhe Amnesty lo Iho Committers, ihn Comml. eioners had disagreed respecting ihe competency of me uiei 10 ocerre ine excui-inn ni l lie Jesuits. The majority ronsi-iing nf Messrs Neuhaus, Munzinger, Kern, end Druey, maintained that competency, and riled in surpnrt of their opinion Ihe fir.t and eighth rliil'S of the federal rompaci, Messrs Krey'ond Monsoon construed those arlieles in a diffWent man ner: nd M. NcnlT. who admitted ihe right vested in Ihe Diet by Ihe Consliimlon.thought thai under exist ing Fircumtunceslheie appeared nn sufficient grounds lo justify the expulsion of lhat religious order from nil Iheeenlon in which it wnssctiledi and lhat as re garded Lucerne, it was incumbent on ihe assembly lo endeavor to prevent the admission of the Jesuits hy amicable mesni, Th' solution of ihe Iwo oth'r aues- tinne give rise lo no difference of opinion. The ma- due, but wo infer that the Government was real. ly ni possession of the latent inlolligeiice. and that the departure of the vessel of war lor ualvcblon was consequent uput. the informs tion. of their attention 1 namely, the emancipation of the slaves in tlie French colonies, and the annexation of Texas It would npp-ar lhat the ttritis'i mintsters are rather inclined to give up the right of v jmation, if ttieycan obtain Iwo now compensation; Iho one at On the 21st of March, the Chamber of Denu- ninntiiiii of (he slaves i nnd ihe other al lboexoense ties took into consideration this subject of Iho of America, ilia! is, an intervention, diplomatic at Annexation of Tnxa: ltinlmti,n ..r,. imr.i. i first, of France against the United Siales, in ihe nf- llucfl.l l.lld W'.irill'v slllinorteil. fur ilnelarinn llw, I UHS 0 1 CX3S, nrovisions nf ihn treaty nf l"?.'ll fraiifii.,! i'Mon at an end ; fir closing; the ports of Mexico Ancient TvrtE. Tho Editorial Corros against all vessels nf iho United States, and pondenco of the Savannah Republican gives in inn iiiini" iiiu iiiiiuvi(iv.iiuii ui ii ir a u ui ri'p i i m . . . kud li.ulk. that no proposition from our Govern. ,1,B Mov"nS interesting account of ihe situ mont for ihe resloration of friendly rotations ation ot ancient lyro. should be listened tn, save upon Ihe condition We arrived al Tyre, early in the afternoon, and that thn United Platen should rpiirmnen j.!tn. I surely no nlacecan belter correspond lo tho deacrin- gether the plan of annexation. lion of it. Fonneily insular, il has been connected ..., , . .i ... .... wilh lliemain land, since Ihe connuest of Alexander uu .no mv prior hi ine nauinc in inn v ,he nrt.nli oml lhe ;,, is narrower lhsn lho tvurn, mo iiruisn man. ui. war i-.uryiiice soi sail eite orihe lown, nolwithstanding Ihe accumulation for G ilvo'tun, with despatches jut received of centuries. Of ihe oncien town not avesiigere froai thn city of Mexico, lor tho.Urithdi Minis, mains. All is buried bentaih tho sanl and several excavations ill progress exnote to view lhe subsiruc ,., '. r.i , .ti. -i lions of ancient buildings, the piers and arches of nn I ho purport of the documents had transpired, n,110 lllcl bl even ;hese ;, ale duiCM uui u , miuijiuu, nuu uuiiciiijr tiuunou, iii.u long posterior iodine era oi me nrsi i yre. 'inopre. thev contained a cnninloie reevrnition on the 1 sent lown is a miserable Dlace. full of filih and wretch. part of Mexico of tho independence of Tcj,as, cdncss. The only thing (,( interest wiihin tho walls upon the condition that she rejccled the nropo- !Vrel1T.lLT1;. 5? vtl"?, l"beel sed Annexation to the United Stales. identified as the one in which Eusebinsusod to preach in i no ihiru century, neverai nenmg nets spread out lo dry, railed to mind lhe prophecy, "And I will cause the noise of thy songs to cease, nnd Ihe sound of ilit- harnsshallbeno more heard. And I will make thee like ine top oi a rocx, inou snail ue a place to spread ncis upon I inou suau do mini no more. Miscellaneous. Doctob and his I.izAsns. A letter from Vera Iruz lo Ihu Albany Evening Journal, relates ihu lul lowing iiioiveilous ineiuents inn nonce oi a vish io ine estate of l)r, Hliphens: uue eiii-iyuig our segars unner n oroJu.Binvn.i. , m, t , , , ing lauiarindliee. lh lipids i.amo down as uual lo PnESENCE or MIND. The Wife of the Sheriff keep ibe mosquitoes nwav from Iheir pro'eciorn. The nf Pitlshurg, by her promptness, presenco of doctor's kindiiftit for animals has developed instincls ml nd and cneriry, saved the jail, and It is thought n. ,..,. , uuiu uui uisciruii n lavo miilic- t, Cnurl.liousc, rrom beinB destroyed during tually endowed. His beautiful fan-tailed pigeons, , . 1.nI1n,r.illn Thn Gazette aava come w th their ereetinis lo bis carriaire. and ncrch 11 0 ate cnnl agralion. 1 lie Uazette says " . " . ' .1 UI.A..I1 I .a. .ill.. ....a .nnu.uini, a nn. 1 lion II linmrc Avanrnr iuia.ium wh.n uVili OUt-'HH iin.iin, n.a iwciiii .u.-.,.K nio, of ihoolTicersof ihe United States shin Voinmac. wilh oner tnlho House of Refuge, in Philadelphia : iwo Ken i if men residing Here, were ai nicaKiaai win. io Deputy was also ansent on uusiness, and die doctor, a huge lizard lhat had the niisfuriune to u.iien l.u fir0 not un Into lhat neighborhood. lose ils tail bv some cam ill v. marched into Ihe room and up lo lhe doctor, wilh ils dismembered limb in its mouth This looks. I confess, loo much like a 'He maikablo einake Slorv,' but it is. nevirlheless, n will authenticated fact. Tho maimed icpitle, under the influence of instinct highly exciml, sought relief from the hand hy which it had been fed and eheri-hed. i ne aoeior iumeir regards the circumtianco as a in- uute to li s ; ill m surgery. The unreasoning species nre nol alone, however, in ineir apprecinimn ol IJr, atepnen s meuicai ceivices. He an inrlv day. with entire succcs. some of the most difficult surgical opetalions. Ills wrilinns on vellnw rever. Bcnrvv. dec won for him lhe highest medical honors that Europe confers. He was one of three eminent physicians upon whom At- viera were conierreo upon ine ocrusioi, m ,.iu "ti- Mrs. Travillo had the whole burden on her own shoulders. At tho very height of tho danger, elm called all Iho prisoners who wero not in the cells to the crate, and by namo let all the va grants out. That done, she set them to work to carry water up to tho top, nnd this only saved it, as the roof was on fire several times. The pris oners worked like good follows. It is thus by the promptness of a lady, that, in all probability. near 8300,000, besides human life, wore saved. inriiv nf lhe Committee hsd submitted a number nr. Lnu.'. :..,.u.,u. r.i..Ail, r Difard ITnl. propositions to Ihe Diet, , amonrst others forbidding versity. lie is now devoting himself lo invesiignlions the 8'le nf Lucerne lo admit Ihe Jesuits, and reeom-1 of Ihe hlghrst in'erest in lhe Phenomena of Life, mending lhat Stale lo grant an Amnesly fo. all often-! which ornv I.i. Thai ib- neiinniu'lhe body is regu- ee committed on'lhs 2-liti nf Oclobrr Iflll. In ihe lated by some power or agency other than the brain ; cent of refusal, the Grand Din re-crves to jl.elf lhe . 2d. Thai ihure is a living, viial agent, independent of, adoption of ".lienor measurre. Il remains lo be seen 1 and so fir ai muscular action is concerned, superior Insanity, Mrs. Shaw, who murdered her hue hand in so bboeking a manner, in Cecil County, t short lime since, was tried last week, 'and lhe jury re lumed a verdict of insanity. The Court ordered her to be confined in the Maryland Hospital, llilnmore. The Foreign Missionary Society of New York and Brcnklin held ils annual meetinz on Wonlav last. In affairs were shown lo be in t very prosperous state. towing path, and a portion of the bed of the ca nal. Auful Conflagration. Nearly half of the town of London, in Canada West, was consumed on Sunday, the lttih inst. The tire broke out in the " Robinson Hall glutei," about noon, while most of the inhabitants were attending divine service, and beforulMr!,) be subdued, reduced to ashes four squares and portions of threo oth ers, covering an area of about thirty acres of ground. Hon. Willis Green reached Lexington, Ky., on the lOlh Inst., on his way home, and soon af ter his arrival, discharged the duty imposed upon him, hy the members ol the Way Llubs of iew York city, of presenting tn Henry Clay the Ad dress prepared by them for him. Hanlsin Ohio. Tho Cincinnati Gizattc says that it seems probable that some fifteen or twen ty now banks will bo immcilidtely organized in different parts of the State of Ohio, nearly equal numbers as brandies ot tne oute uaiix, ami as Independent Banks. I he engraving for tho In dependent Hanks has been given hy tho Treas urer, part to itawuon, tvrigui, iiaicuoc io.,anu part to a I'hiladelphiati. A IVtnnVaHo Funny Wright. Quite a wind fall has ccine to tanuy Wright. An uncle in Scotland has recently died, and left her a prop erly worth X100.000. She is now in Jersey Citv, and will remain in this country for a few weeks, lot the purposo of taking rertain neces sary legal steps preliminary tu taking possession of this munificent legwy. Sh,miimr and Slabbxna. Oil the SOth ult. a man by the name of Trainer allacued Mr. V. . . . 11. " . ,.n,,. .)..,. liurrirs, near nie; v-utn, "u him the ball entering the shoulder and passing out through the arm ; with a knife ho l.icn cut bis bauds, arms and breast. I ramor nrmcjiaie ly fled, and had not teen fojr.d. Mr. It. is con sidered out of danger. ,1on: I'islullins. A respectable planter of tho parish of Iberville, La., and a young lawyer from r raiiKiin, nau a rencoinio iu,v u.iy k" at i'laejuenime, in which tlie former struck the other over the head with a cane, upon which the Utter drew a pistol and shot his antagonist in lho breast, lhe wound, however, is noicon- idered dangerous. Michigan. Tliere 6cems no reason to doubt, from further returns received, that Ihe recent inwn nlcrllons in Michigan have resulted in a signal gain to the Whigs, if not a decided ma- jnrity. Tliere is naruiy a uouniy in wuicn me Wings nave lioi uone uuuer man " jor. Thn Mavor of lUUimoro has received from Mr. l'eale, of the Museum, in that city, 8100, for the relief the sufferersjiy the fire at I'ltts. burg; and also SS.TCJ Irom uie uazor oirop Man. lur tno same ouibci, i Wn learn savs tho Norfolk Courier, ' from a friend who has received a letter from N. York, that the Clergy of Ihe Diocese of New York are about to raiso 82,800 a year for Itishop Onder donk, until matters in his caBO can be settled provided he does not resign, which he will not do.' IIfatiies Land, A recent report of tho Lon don Micsionary Society, which expends about S 100,000 annually, acknowledges the receipt durin" tho year of 878,801, from contributors at its various missionary stations, Aur.nicAN Board or Missions. The receipts for the Dreeent financial year are S'.'O.OOO great, er than they were last year at this time. I'he American Seaman's Friend Society, at a lato meeting, resolved to increase the number of chaplains to preach lho g.'spol to seamen, both at home anu auroau , auu, huh.- uc lay as possible, to station a chaplain in each of lho five open ports in China. The effects of strict temp- ranee among seafaring men are clearly shown by somu statements in the Sail or's Magazine. In 18-K. 3S0 vessels and 003 lives were lost at sos; in 18 13, the number losi was 401 vessels and 013 lives. During the year 18-11, as far as heard from, only 208 yes eels and 103 lives have been lost. This exhib its a great decrease in the destruction of life and properly, and is attributed to the increased nlwietv of seamen. Mail Coktsactos. The Msdisonisn slates that about one bundled end fifty cf this cl;ss issembUd It Ihe Post Office Department on Tueeday. and. wilh ihe Postmisler General st their bead, proceeded, in a contractors meant to secure an adequate and thcreiconldlc ample room to esiab- 1 lish nre new stare States lie repudiated the idea compensation for lhe conveyance. Hill ll that any free States would be formed in Texas: said hi. ; I... ,..l-.. ... .. i r ,i. '"'at "iry mini be stare SlaU. and tint although this this is to bo taken as a sample oflho service wonld ,l(.nd hB nrea of shveryi u wmM lhe to be performed, they will hardly live by it, some time extend the nrea ol'Chiisuinity, civilization our Government wis cnpahlt'of verviirenl evlension. an I lhat iorly nr miy alalia coubt be will umled in the same corifed. racy." So it seems that thn doctrine of our De claration of Independence that " all nro cre ated freo and equal," is lo be improved by 'Progressive Democracy' into an assertion that one-half ure created fur Slaves to ihu oilier half, and tho great end of our republi can system is to maintain un " equilibrium between Slavery and Freedom." We can't go it. Tribune. we imagine. Such an nrrival would, of course, produce some little excitement in a quiet inland town liko our own : nnd wo are willing to regard it as not altogether un insignificant nlT.iir- not because it is an English mail, in tin boxes, and guarded by outriders but be causo it comes this way at all. We regaid it as an unequivocal recognition of the im parlance of our local position, nnd tho supe riority of this over the oilier routes named fur Canada communication. It may indeed bo regarded as a rail-road arrival, iu advance GJA ludicrous effort is mado by some of of the cars! and wo venture thu prediction ihu Historical Societies and bysoino portions lhat no man now living will over see a Cm- 0f lho press lo change our national name, ada mail transported from Doston (or Port- and call it Alloghmiu. We don't know how I land,) to Montreal, except by way of Bur- (be proposition will strike the majority oflho lington wliile wo are equally confident that people, but for ourselves wo think it very within five yoars the iron horso will whisk it sorry, flat business, and wo don't know across tho country in ten or twelve hours, whether to think its advocates serious or not and set it down in Montreal insido of 24 If thev nre so, thoy aro ongagod in a poor hours from lho timo the steamer touches thu wharf at Boston. CANADA TRADE. war. And wo aro sorry to sno tin: plan urg ed by some from whom wuhad" hoped bet ter things." Tho namo as originally adop ted, is not peculiarly to our fancy; but thu Under n law of tho last Congress, English idoa of changing tho nnim of a union, so gnodsarn allowed lo land al any of our ports, long known among tho other unions by onn and bo transported through tho country to title, lho idea of ch inging such a name, by any of ihu British provinces, without the resolutions and such t.iings is a prnject wor piymcnl of duties. Under tho operation of thy of a sjciely of Pickwickuns anJ of nonu this law, our steamers have been heavily others. freighted for sumo days, and our wharves and storehouses presented a business aspect r ires are raging in the Dismal bwamp unusual to the season. Merchandise of this near feullulk, Vt., with great tury, nnd great description has to be landed at this port to damage has been dono to lumber, firewood bo inspected and receive ils clearance for &c' St. Johns. This arrangement enables the Uvcr one Hundred tliousana acres oi urn Montreal merchants to cet iheir roods near- bor lands have been burnt over in lho State Iva month earlier than by tho St. Law- K New Jersey, destroying an immense renre. and is destined lo work a revolution "mount of properly such as fences, bams . . ,., in the Canada trade-while it will afford a "ay. cu wood' ana unties, wnicn are lain rich item of business for lho rail-road. Defence op the NouTiiEn.v Frontier, Now that lho British, by means of locks and canals, can pass their vessels of war up the St. Lawrence and tho Niagara into thu upper lakes, the question arises how is our , i i . i . . in ruins. Many poor peopiouavo ueonuriv en to seek shelter in other places, with no covering at present, sivo the canopy of heaven. Tho Boonsboro' Ohio OJd Fellow says, 1 wo learn lhat lho Cumberland Mountains am on fire, and doing a vast amount of dam ready mid constant market. llul n more enlarged view of the subject leads us lo contemplate I he results thai would follow the estab lishment of the Central or Montpelier route. If it i3 lhe case, that ihis route opens the greatest extent of country to market, covers Ihe mo-t business, accom modates Ihe most people, nnd doe- the mo-t pood, ihen, Mircly, il is the du'y of every man lo prefer and encourniie ils construction. This line would open (not cive a choice of, menly)a market to the coun ties of Winasor, Ornnie, Wushinclon, Caledonia. Or leans, Lamoille, and Kssex. cont.iinin in the aggre gate n population of 141,9(31, nearly one-half of tho whole Slate while the Counties of Windham, Chit tinden, Tranlilm, nnd Grand Is'e, wilh a population of7S,933, maybe set down as balanced in iheir inter est on ihe question. Thus srren I'minties, with near treble the popuhiiun and their al nndanl products, timber, nnd mineral wealib, opened lo market, aro Hung into the s-ale on lhe one hand, ns an oflVet to the mere c'oiceof nnikets, on lhe other hand, in two co iiiliu only. In freulu and proHis lo ihe line, and every other intiresl 1 can imagine, lhe priponderence is markid and great in favor of lhe seven counties ; and lho people of l.oston. no dauhi, will w.uib ibis trr-iltcr well before Ihey Invest their capital m ihe Rutland route. What Ihen is lhe duty as well ns the interest of Hurl nston, in this milter? On the principle of piio-ff-jii tice, we have ntiendy shown thai lhe Central Route is the one thai should be estabi'shid. And Uurlington, now. as ever. will. I trust, lake her wont ed high posiiion, nnd stand in lhe attitude of justice and devotion io the public good nn objrct paramount to nil others. Uul is il certain, a( you would seem to indicate, that the Rutland route wilt be mn9t favorable to the growth and prosperity of Uurlington 7 ll is the ob ject of H'irlingtun, so fir as her own interests are con cerned lo oecome tne great ue oion Ine Lake, where pas-engers, and height, and bu-iness will concentrate nil a m:TC ndsnng txrouch, but a point for trade, exchange, and n niket. Now, will a northern and sou'hern line, or an eas'ern nnd vvesitrn, best pro mute this object'? Vill nut the former place Uur lington in competition, eight months in the year, with every port upon lhe Lake 7 Whitehall, being at the heai of Lake navigation, nnd much nearer lloston, or perhaps Virgennes, (saying nothing of other point-.) where the road woull come in contact Willi Ihe navigable w aters of lhe Lake, rniiht lind it for iheir interest lo carry freight toSi, Johns, snd receive it upon their wharves for nothing j if by so doing ll.ey.could become rivals to Uurlington. And why should Burlington, in such case, have nny very deci ded ndvaniages over these olher points 7 To become the great (lepot on the Lake, iiurlincton must be cume ttie terminus, or point, where lhe line singly connects itself wilh Lake navigation. If there is but one point for this object, must Income the all important one. If every port upon the Lake is open lo competition, Ihen lhe object is lost in the multipli city of interests, and the division of business. It w-il be understood that 1 am now speaking of the moro immediate interests of Uurlington, separately and in dependently cons dered. An I would not the Central or Montpelier lino strive the Lake nt Uurlington, nnd Ihere only 7 If so, it would bei-ome the sinele poinl of concentration upon lhe Lake, fir freight or pas sengers going lo or returning from the north and west. Besides, it would become lhe receiving and forwarding pint to nnd from every section of lhe Lake. Kvcn Vergennes, and oiher points south, In stead of standi!)? as rival comneiiiora. would send their vessels lo lhe wharves at It jrl ngton, freirhted W illi me products ot of Addison and Rut land, fur B.J910U market. Should the Railroad from Lake Chimplain lo Odensburgh Oust reekarlered,) be, il wonld render this view of .he subject dou bly important. And a continuation of the Road front uurlington to &t. Johns would in no way detract from the same. Indeed. Ihe imne tuea of a great Eastern and Western thoroughfare, connectinj Boston wilh the western Lakes, and pissing through the vast iron re gions of Northern New York t branching in the mean time at llurlingion. and forming a ronneciing link be tween Roslon and the Capital of lhe British Provin ces, making Uurlington the great and only depot upon tne laKe. lor a business sa extensive as rnrne Hnra would cather, would raise the highest hopes as toher growth and prosperity. Such a line too would open a market to the whole State confer a great nnd last ing benenl upon our cuizenn and give permanencj and success to a gigantic, and most useful enterprise. stLiit.rx. April 16, !St5. Case ok Gordon. Tho caso of Nicho- Northern frontier lo bo defended in case of gi a wlie, " ma' cnu ,s ,mt 10 IC"- war with England. This subject is attract Inn tlinnltentmn nfwriterson military science. some propose fortresses at various points, and I" S.Gordon, tried for the second time in some a ship canal from lhe Mississippi lo Providence, lor Iho murder oi jir. sprague, T,.L-n Mlchman. Our oninion is that wo had was given to UlO jury al live O CIOCK on I UCS hi.r keen iho noaco with Eneland. nnd all day afternoon. On Thursday, at half past mher nowcrs. if we can. but if wo cannot we '. A. M. they camo in and stated thitlhoy ( ,.i t ..... ,.,i :.. ( . mn.i lako nossesson of tho St. Lawrence coulu 6' ' "CJ canals, and cut off tho Inlet oftho British na- h"".'3'' andlr" T.!.'?' T"' , Mr" C"r- w to the lakes. Meantime il is all nonsense W " ue"J" u' - """cu i. i...ti,i! fore, ne nvnl vessel, for ihn ! '' 1)0 discharged on his personal tecog i i. n... inJ .,, , , i,. if niiance. Ho was admitted lo bail in the lUKUS Uvtlv " "Ml v (( wuailll.j vm ll i nnl wo once get into a war with England we sum ol Siu.uw. mustliavo tne ananas, anu un aominisira- Fl ,.. j,,,,,,,., f :.;,,, tion which will turn tho tide of war in Mat London, Ganada, on the 14ih inst. one of direction and not to tlie soutnwest. Let the ibe most destruclivo ever known in Western Smith lirinn- into renuisilion Ihe forces al- Canada. It broke out in Robinson's Hotel. ways so ready for aggression upon Mexico, and consumed that building together wilh a The strength of the North will be wanted in pnt "umber of merchant,' shop, and ware- m i A . il t .i r houses in the immediate vicinity. Three ine morn.. mi cu u. ,uu. ij.ock, portions of ibreo olhers. were e C,,n rVntw RriincuHrlf nnrl rVnva Min. . I.. - -.1 nr., i ucu oioi, -,..n..n .-Mjimrciy luiauiiicu, a nu Hrcaonrnia over . , . .1.. d.. ,.. M.n.n whtre thev wire in troduecd to the President of the tinned 6tites,in iht -a lw(J morfi and we will leave Newfound-1 euibi aces about thirty acres. Kssl Room. ' For the Free Tress. Mb. Ed. toe i The reason vou aasipnad for nnA q-u-o-i to spell the last syl'able cf Missis-co, is not entirely satisfactory. I hold lhat lhe orthography ol words which we adopt from foreign languages should coniorm to our rdmnu pronunciation, and not lo ine manner in wnicn iney or written by those of u horn we borrowed lhe terms. And thai it is far better, especially in words of unsettled orthog raphy, to adopt, that spelling which best agrees with our pronunciation, and thecen.usof our lau-osge, huiu hi I'uTO.t mi unrpcanaoie lorm to show how an Indian opened his moulh, a Frenchman nodded nsneau, era uieeK placed his lips when he articulated. Plants and animals when removed from a colder to a warmer ot from a warmer lo a coldir chimale, necessarily undergo various modifications, which fils them to the change, or they die out in ihe process el acclimation. Si it should le wilh words. And so it would be, but tir the pride of learning of those who have acquired a knowledge of the languages lo whiih suh words belong. Men who have siuditd Latin, French or Greek, feci a sort of paternal affection for Ihe stray members ol Ihe household wilh which ihey are familiar, and rrgard the efforts of ihe vulvar lo naliiia'iie lliem as saciihgious. A distinguished Ln ghsh writer.lacknowlrdges lhai "Classical quotations aro Ihe walchwoidsol scholar-, by w hi. h they dm ling uished each other from iheicnoranl and illiterate," like Ibe grand hading sign of Masonry, or lhe 'card' of tlie OJJ Fellows. Such men ol course like to see foreign words retain their foreign dress i and such are lhe men tvhom w e lake as the standards of speaking and writing. Is il strange, then, that our language is so full of anomalies, thai in acquit ing the art of spelling, little dependence can be p'aced upon lho nicest car, or the best memory, unless aided by con stant practice) and lhat so few, comparatively, can

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