Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 4, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 4, 1845 Page 3
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In Millon,on lhe30ih Rev. Mr. Dougherty, M. Edward W.Pc,ofllicflrmofJ.& J. H. Peck if Co., Burlington, to Harriet, eldest daughter of Joseph Clark, Esq. ofM. In St. Albans, June 11th, by Rev. Orris Peer, Mr. Haitar It. Hall, of Chaiy, N. V., to Miss. Lvdia Miirill, of South Hero. In this town, on the lBih inst., Mr. Wm. A. HliiAiD, gti 25 years and 10 months. In Ottawa, III., on Sunday evening, tho Bth ult., bout sundown, Dr. Harmon Hcjubut, aged 40 years. Wc make this brief and simplo announcement with lad and heavy heart. In the death or this amiable and truly good man, our town has met with a loss which we fear will never be repaired. All who knew him, and his acquaintance was extensive, will unite wnn us in me sentiment uiai lew men in mcir nd gencrstion have lived more useful or honorable lives, or left behind them more eloquent testimoni als of the high moral qualities that distinguished their career on earth. As a physician, his loss is truly a heavy stroke. Regularly bred in his profession, with a thorough theoretical knowledge of it. he had the additional ad vantage of an arduous and uninterrupted practice of nearly louncen years, eisttt ol wnicn were spent in the west, and mainly devoted to the treatment of dis eases incident to tho country, in winch he possessed skill to which few will attain. Dut it was not alone as Ihe skilful physician that he laid such universal hold on the affections of our people. He was n Chris tian physician the good Samaritan he turned aside fromjio one in all his inlcrcottiso with his fellow beings, he knew no rank or condition. The day In borei in his hovel or shanty the mediocre in his trim house the rich and haughty landlord in his pat ace wee all equals rcceivcJ the same unremitted attention at his hands. Nor did he merely admtnis ' mtdicine to the body the great interests of the aouls of his patients equally absotbed his attention. Many whom abject poverty, or stupid indifference, had kept from the sanctuary, and whom Christian leal had not sought out, in their latter moments, found in him th'ir only spiritual guide the only-one to point them to a Saviour and Redeemer to bid them hope in, Him for escape from imminent and eternal desnair. Oh, how endeared was he to the poor and afflicted of our town, who enjoyed his be nevolent visits, and heard his eloquent and fervent players I As n christim man and citizen, aside from his pro. fesiioi, he was pre-eminently distinguished by those attornments and graces that ennoble human nature. Though enjoying n practice worth nt times frnm one to three, thousand dollars a year, nnd scrupulously economical in his living, he died comparatively poor in the things of this world. These he regarded not as his on they were given him by his Hoavenlv Father in trusi to do good with he was his Father's steward. A member of the Cinsrcgationil church in this place, ho was one of its pillars a briuht and shining light strictly conscientious in all his acts ever adorning the doetrine he professed abounding tn good woiks. But his (harilv was without nslen. tation there was no great, dazzling deed, to attract nonce oi men ana to elicit applause. It wa continued stream or acts of kindness and mercy, none m.ii :n Itlf I.... : i.. : .i.J B...t in nciit, uih idling immensely in uie main, ut the great and peculiar attractiveness of his char acter Was found ill his. mien nnrl frnilptrie hrmrl. nnd the absolute and almost childlike simplicity of his manners. It may perhaps, wiih strictest truth, be said of him, through life (and tins without the least compromise of principle) he had never come into se rious collision wnn any person, or lostered an unkind or angry feeling towards one human being. The disease of whieh Dr II. died wn ihn Intermit. lent bthou- fever. He was confined to his room about 7 dsjs, during which he was constantly attended by able physicians, and his nearest relatives and friends. But tt was of no avail. In his anxiety lo pa tient out of town, that lav nt tho nnint nt demh. though sick himself, be had ventured out until dis ease took such tirni hold on him that he was bsynnd cure. He saved his palienl's life, but lost his own. Almost from the brgtnnini! of his illness he knew how it must terminate; and the crowning grace of ins n e was mm wntcn giuied wnn a heavenly sunset iib uiusnm Bueiie. i ne peace oi uoa, "wnicnpass ethall understanding," was brightly manifested in the serenity, elevated composure, ind divinely inspir ed hope and faith of his Inst moments. He gently fell asleep, and was gathered to his fathers, in favor win, uim, ana in cnatity wnn all the world. A Sllikin? nroofof till universal e.tsym tn uhieh Dr. H. was held hy our citizens, is afforded by the mi.-i mm me young people ol 'tie village, wlio hail got all ready for a pleasure ride on the Cth, the fifih day he was taken down, put it olfindefinitely on account of his illness, though il ns then vet bilieved he might recover. Hut a more striking proof still is af forded hy the crowd that daily met around the luu-e he lav in, and especially nn the Sabbath, anxiously catching up every item from within. Dr. II. was a native of Charlotte, Vi. He studied medicine under the tuition nf Dan C. Stone, M. !.. in vergennes, I. ; whence, having gone through a fPOIllftr iinrftn 1. a roinnuot l. f Ii . ..n ..It I.. Ss- '...1 . -is---. -. i.v (i.iiiu.i.u vnu iuii villi;, ... nil,,, where he practised about a vear. and then returned to his native town. After remaining thereabout a year, he cune to Peoria, in this Siate, from whieh place, after about a year's nraetiee in hi nrnfessunn. lie want back to Keycsville, N. V., whence, after an other year, he removed, in the summer of 1838, lo ymawn, wnere lie resided without interruption until he died. Ho was married, but hid no children. Mrs. H. had been slaying wilh her friends in Vermont during the winter, nnd returned only in lime lo witness the closing scenes of a life ihal was dearest to her of all others. The God of the bcreated and widowed heart. give, her Btrength lo bear up under this heavy strode ji ins rruviacncci imawa free iraaer. 18 4 5. LAKE OHAMFLAIN. QjNEW ARRANGEMENT. FARE THROUGH 82, MEALS EXTRA T'HK Steamer RI'IILINflTDN nnd WHITE. A "V'k Wl" ''"'"'"'nee running on Monday, the -my, . mitows. i ne CAPT. n. W. SlIHUMAN, Will leave Whitehall every Morula v, Vff)nttIay am! rnuny, ai U'CIOCK, A. M., OllU St. John tttry .oiot, iiiiimv hum oiuurcMy. nn in? arr va o I... o.l-l I. a a a- . i- . . me v u i iui-it, a u. irain 01 tj&r from .ionireal. THK i i . vi. iivniiiui', Will leave Wluiehall every TuesUy, Thurwlay an ouiuriinv. n 3 t) - ock. A. .11.. nml Nt. Jn in. verc Monday, Welne-davan I Priday, on the arrival of the 0 iiVlm-k, A. M. Irai'n 01' Cars from Montreal. i'lnner on lioard. The above tloats will form a il.lilv line, tnnlav exirDled.l ennneetma with il. nr- nfihe IV.irn and (ireenb ish Had lload- at Troy, nnd the N, York illumine Hoe hi oieaiiier-, i aving 1 roy going rvortti 01 7 (,'cik, P. M., l,y Kail Knad nnd Packet to Whitehall in lime for Ihe 9 o'i lock, A. M., Boats, at Whileliall.cnnnei'ting Willi all line, ol S'ages leaving SaraH ga in the morning, and ihe Lake George Sieain Boat a t Tieomk-roi-a, Arriving nt Montreal in 48 hour from New York and Boton, eonnecling also nt Montreal wiih the Kingston, Niatrara Fall, and Buffalo line of Steamers. The Co. l-ing imenibar-ra-.eJ by Mail contraet., the-e bnat will not bede taiaed on the route by waiting fur connecting mail line-, and have made the aloye arransement for the Season, Mieving n to 1 the best that can be made, to nit the Im-ine-i, as well a the plea-ure Iravi I. Burlington, July 3 8I5. 5 Femulc Trusses. T'HlS article of the invention and 1 in inufaciiire of Hull, and also of marsn, oi every size nnd lormj and lor all the purpo-es for which ihey are de-tgnitl, constantly receiving at l'KCK ii KPEAIt'S. From the recommendations of our town Physicians and re-ident Practiiioiier- in this Stale, a- well as the Medical Faeultie- of the cities ofNew York, Bos ton, Philadelphia, and Baltimore-, we cannot but as sure those of IheaflhiiFilrla-ti of ihe happy eilecls which may be derived by the uteorilie.,, instruments. In point of durability, and parlioularly price, ihey are within Ihe reach of all. To Phy.icians and Druggi-u who purcna.e by Ihe juacu, (ire". im" " ri.ui.iii , inn.ic, sinoxje. DOUBLE. UMBOJCAU A LL kind, ol rilDSSES for Ruptures incident lo A M a'., for ..e, ana BOSTON tV, NEW YORK B -Eomlbom BiiftolhfflMoir - WOULD Inform his friend and ihe pnhlic that he has returned from New York and Boston with the mw complete assortment of BOOTS AND SHOES. Ladies' Oalter Boots, all colors, " Hi If (Jailers do " Buskin, do " Well do 11 da Walking Shoes, " French Kid Buskins and Slip, " White satin shoe-. Gentlemen's Calf Sewed (loots, " Kippegced do 11 Seal do do " Cowhide do " Drogan, ' Goal-kin Gaiter-, sow'J & peg'd " Lasting do Mlssc Bootees and Walking Shoes, " Buskins, all colors, Boy' Brogans, pegged, all kinds, Youths' Kip Buskins, " do Bootees, all colors, - ALSO That he has brought from New York a prime lot of French Calf Skins and Oak Tanned Sole Leather ol a superior quality to any cverhefure of. fered in this mantel. I have also a firl rate Hoot Mnkrr nnd a nnnntitv ol fashionable Lasts and am fully prepared to'nf.iclure all kinds ol wnrl, lo i n'er in sticn a manner n- eonnoi inn iui;ivc ihumi- faction lo all who mny favor me with their patron age. They will be soiu nt t tie iowe-i prices lor ca-n, Uitrnngton, June it, low. A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STOKE No. 1 Peck's Buildings. A cencral assortment of School, Clissienl nnd Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at CITY PRICES. LTAKPRITS ILLUMINATED nin i.n, LX No. 31. WAN DI.KING JEW, Harper'- E l. No. 13. no iew World lid. n. 21, ARTHUR'S MAGAZINE for July, 2 et. 19 i.Auir.a ixariuau uo uo John Rouse, The Holy Coat of Treves, and the New Germm Catholic Church, IJanics' Notes on Thes-aionlan, Timothy, t litis, nnu riiiieuion, i to . price yo ei, July 4 1 1). By A. EDWARDS. TUB Age of Elizabeth, by William ffazlilt, price 50 cl. Talcs, by Edgar A. Poe, GO Journal of an American Cruiser, E hted by i. niiwinorne, oij cis. betters from Italy, by I.T.Ihadley, 50 " Hatanatoc, or The titlttpaecmanvscriptt, by J. Keitnimore Cooper. 2 vols. 73 " Eveline Neville, by a Lady of the South. Price 25 cts. Tokcah; or the White Itosc. An Indian Tale, by Seat-lleld. 25 el The Temptation, or ilm Watch Tow end Koat ten. By Ei gene Sue. 25 ct. Dashes nt Life, with a free pencil, bv N. P. Willi.. 50 its. Who shall be Heir t By -Mi-s Pickering. 25 el. The Monk ; a Romance. 25 els. The Arts and Miseries of Gambling. 50ri. The Robber of the Ilhlne. Hy Leuh Ritchie. 2 us. July 4. (51 By A. EDWARDS. TVOH'NING'S Fruits nnd Ifnilt Trees nf U America: Their culture and nianneetnent. Willi de-crintions ot all I he lineal, varieties of fruit Native and Foreign, cultivated in lhi country price 1 .75. Ily A. I-.DWAKDS. DR. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF LIVERWORT. Pbice Reduced Large Bottles 91,50 ; Small, 81. DR. TA VI.OH'S BALSAM OF MVI RWOPT, from 375 Bowery. N. Y., ler the CURE of CON- U.MI'TION and LIVER COMPLAINT. COUGHS. COLDS, c-c. Read the follcwing: StonisotOn, Dec. 4th, 1811. Pear DocTOnt Ftvline- of irral lode to vou. sir. a- the inly means, blesed bv Divine Providence, in nerfecllv re-tonne me to healih bv Ihe ne of Dll. TAYLOR'S BALSAM OF I.1VKRWORT, which I porclia-ed ahrut a year since at yiur otliee, No. 375 UOWEUY, N. Y.i and al-o the hope orienefitiiug my lellow creatures, who, like my-elf, (ai that lime) are .uflcriniei'lier from CONFIRMED fO.SSI'MP TION OR LIVER COV.PI.AINT. are my rea-ons lor now voluntarily lurwnraing a Minnie tieiau ot my case, Mncciely hoping that this narraiitr, true though plain, may induie the thousand.-ol other similarly a tecied, to use the .-nine mean-, lirmly le lieving they will be cq tally ble-Mvl, nnd iliu-1 e pre served front a premature grae,to whichthejaw-ol in.nti.ite Dealb ha- iinlimelv t'on-iuneil mi nails nf o ir lace, who ihoughlies-U siippo-cd ihey hail only a slight cold, with a little cough, that would on get wen oi 1 1 sett. About the lOih of March. 1642. 1 ranch! a severe cold, Iroin which pleuri-y en-ued, and wa-contined lo my bed SEVENTY DAYS. About the I5th June I was ai le lo vt-it New l ork, in que-t of Inriher mcil teal am lor a violent pain at intervals in my rial; t siue, stioiiiiier aim stioutaer idauu j I remained in nil about sixteen day- under ihe care of an eminent tdiv Phv- I f.ian nml Pwwii-.fl .mill. rli..r I .. tin rliil nn. r. move Ihe inflaiumalion from Ihe Lung-, and in July the cough became very violent, accompanied byex iectorating large qtiantiiie- of Pn-, or purulent mat ter, from which there va scarcely any ce atitm or re-r, except a lew nour repose in the nigin, prcsiuceti by strong opiate-; I wa conliued to rny room Irom Till Nov. Iolhe20ih April. Dnrinz the-e five monih I was red icel if flesh lo 109 pound-, some 40 pounds le-s than natural ; I had four ulcers form and break, from each of which I raii-ed al out a quart of bloody matter. I now iomnienced taking ibiierent kind- ol Syrups, PilU, italsams, Ijiztngtiand Expectorants here followihe name- of JnyncV Expix-iotant, 30 bottle-llungaiian Balsam, tsn &-e. but all to no purpo-e; my cough continued incessant, so (hat le tween n and" expectorating I wn- not quiet five min-uie-at a lime during theday. In Oct. ot 13131 call ed upon ymi at your iidlce, 375 HOW I RV, ami pur-eha-rd FOUR BOTTI.KS of your 1)11. TAY LOWS 1IM.SAM OF UVKHH OHT, having heard much ol it. You told me if I would continue lo u-e it steadily, it wool I lertainh cure me, and il I got out of ii to send at once for more. I took up all the Ionics, and wa- relieved of the cough, pain in the side, che-t and shoulder, nnd il caused tne lo expec torate verv freely; I purcha-ed another bolile about the I Si Ii Man h, whit Ii I look oeca-ionalty for a lit tle cough, excepting whii h, at tin- lime, 1 wa- quite renin nieu in neattn, leeiing strong and hearty, and weighing 140 pound (your inlallilje tympion td cure). I remainext quite well until Ihe month of May, when from exposure I took a violent enM w hich con fineil me to my bon-e three week-. I nt ont- ,eni to New Votk lor more UAI.SAM OF LIVERWORT, and then procured tne three Uitilcsat your Wholesale Fstabtithmcnt, No. 177 Water st. Before 1 had mem up. July lound me tree from all eongii, wnicn ha- noi since returned, and I nio-l lirmly leiiete Hint n.riiMh ii, p,..i,t.., t n,. nit 'TA vi nti's nil SAM nv I I'l-i.-wniiT 'inn a vn BALSAM OF LIVERWORT DID AND HAS COMPLETELY CURED ME' audi also believe 11 will cure any one who-e Lung- are a ihey win laue 11 according 10 your directum-: l no not mean for them lo use-only one or two bottles, but would most earnestly say lake il steadily, even if il should require lifiy I otlles. In eoticlii-ion, Dear Sir, you perceive 1 have been strk' ome twenty-eight month-, nnd none ol thephy sieians at home or abroad, however skilled, wnh whom I consulted, could give me any lermanent re lief; neiiher did the BALSAMS, (excepting yoursA Syrup-, Loienge-, Powder-, Pills, Expecloranis, and dnleretit other liquid preparation-, of which I swal lowed about SEVEN TY-F1VE Bottles, give any better encouragement to dci lining hope. During this lime, a. near a- I could calculate, I expeo orated foil SIXTY OALl.ONS OF PUS, OR PURULENT MATTER, and tno-l cheeilully consent to I lie pub lication of this statement of facts, wherever in any way it may lieneflt Millering hutiMntty. (SigneJ) REUBEN C. IIANCOX. WM. P. CHURCH, being duly sworn, depoe and says thai he ha. Iieen intimately acquainted wilh Iteuben C. Ifancox aboul ten ears,and know him to I e a resident of Siomnglon, Conn., and that he is a man of integrity, on who-e word the utmost reliance ran I e placed, and lhal the statements in the above certificate are stiIctlt Tcr., and the signature af fixed i- in hi- hand wrtlmg. (Signed) WM. P. CHURCH. Sworn belore me, this 4th Dee. IB44. W. RAMSAY, Coin, of Deed. For tale by PECK & SPEAR, Agents for Bur liugtoni Wm. Rhode-, Richmond J. II. Tower 4 Son, Unoerhitl ; Asa F. Gove, Fairfax I Geo. Ayer & Co., Milton, SuiG EDDY'S HOOK AND NUWS PRINT, ing Ink al Factory Prices for cash, for sale by Buihngion, July 3, '44. hTEVES WOODS. 'T'HE American Peflniiinn Spelling limit, on an J. imoroveil plan. Ily II. McK. Onusl y, a splen did Book lor Schools. For sale wholesale and re tail, by STEVENS WOODd. Burlington, June 26, 1845. 4 w8 Ailnms Smith's URIt MILL STONES, eontnnt y on hand by J. d J. II. PECK, & Co., Agtntt. June 18, cash paid for wool i HE stuVcriler will pny Cash for clean fleece T vercd at hi--tore. ... 1 1 AUK I niwi'uri Bnilinglon,26ili June, 1815. 4 uG ICE CREAM. THE subscriber would inform the ciltxcn of Bur tinirmn ilmi i.n been. ICE CREAM constantly on hand, at his Confectionary, on Ch-irrh St,, where hew I 1 c happy lo wail upon inoso wnn may iavot hlmw-iharall. A REIIANK3. Rurlinglon, June So, '45. 4 Daguerreotype Chemicals. TiROMINH Merenrv Distllll-d, 1 " Prepared, Pota-sium, Cyanuret of, " lodiile of, Soda llvpo-ulphatc of, Silver, Nilrute, Crystals, Daguerreotype plates all Qualities. Gold, Chloride ol, Iodine, " Chlnrido of, Prepared rotten Stone, " Tiipoli, ton: Daguerreotype Cases. Aparatus furiii-hcd lo onler. 4 PECK A. SPK. AR. Burlington, Vermont. Fll A.KI,I HOUSE, AT Tim MlNERAf. SPRIKdS, HIG-HG-ATEj TT. JIT. a Sfo 21!,I2b Formerly of J'orl Henry, .Vetr York. RESPECrFUI.LV tntorms htstriend- and the public, that he has leased for another tear, the nl ove largo nnd well known cstablfhme it, which is furiifhed in a stjlc second lo none II, the cimnliv. The ce'c'.rated racdicnl qunlilie- of jlie water, nnd tt healthful location make it a ile-irnblensorl for the Invalid in search of health, and itilclighifiil and rn manite scency renders it one ol the mod pleannt retreat- in llii- conniry for those in quest of iilniie ment or acreeaMc relaxation. F'or the I etier ni coniuioj,ttion ol visitor-, the hou.-e ha-been enlarged and the in'ernal arrangement so altered a- to ntal,e the room- miirespai ions and con- i'Un;..i,l tfliicli IriDelher Willi .1 lnrire nilllilton of new and elegant liirniture inal.c- the c-laldi-htncnt one of the inii-l plen.aiit and attractive. Prompt and attentive servant- will he in readinrs lo wait upon visitor-, nnd hi- table will be -uiiplied wilh nil the luxuries ol life that can I e procured. Two Pleasure Honts, well manned Carrla. ge, with well trained horse- nnd earcliil drivers, will at nil times be nt tho ili-no-ilion of guest- nnd visi'or-. Connected with the e-tabli-luncnt i-an ex cellent Alley Hoard, cr recreation and excret-e. Il'nr Stinrtampn. thendiacent ground-with their accommodations for ti-lnng and fowling aie tin-urpa ed. A Covered Ca I t in ire will be kept on thi- route for wet weather, and no pain- will tic -pared to make tin- arrangement con venient nnd nirreealiln tn the nubile. Pa-enter- from the Slage in St. Albnns village or any other place on Ihe intermediate route, will le tnKen to ingngaie spring-, or 10 me wiai ni 01. i-linn- llav. tor the mnt re.t-onable clnrue-. Al-o, pas-enier- from the Boat. Springs or Village will In taken ny extra learns to any part oi tne couiiirv, iy application in the Proprietors or Drivers of the line. Ily stricl attention to the want- ofcu-tomcrs, Mr. Cole i- iletermincd to merit, nnd hopes to receive a liberal patronage. Iligli.'nte Spring-, June, 18)5, 4w3 Strayed. IT'ROM the mrVeril er about the 10th in-t , a GHKY MOUSE, black .ilnnu and 1 an, wuu oi.t-k marks unon ihe shnti dera otra- -ioneil I.v the wear ol bis collir. and hind Ie2 bow out. Whoever will give informalun rc-pecnng said bor-e will confer n sreat favor. s-jltefer to Cur Catlin. JOHN WHITE, ilurlingion Full-, June 231, 1915. 4w3 lames Gates' Estate. 1T7K Ihe stibscril er-. havinn teen nimointed by the V Honoral le the Probate Court for the Di-tpct of Chittenden, commissioners lo receive, examine and ndj t-l the claim-nnd ileman I- of all per-on-, against the estn'e of JAMES GATE, lale ofEs-ex. in. said Di-trict, decea-ed, represented iu-ocni, nnd al-o all claim nn I I-exhibited in o l'-et thereto; and six mouth- from the day of the date hereol, being allowed by Slid Court for i lint ptirpo-e, we do there fore hereby give notice, thai we will attend to the bii. inc.- ol our appointment, at the dwelling of Han nah date, in K ex, in slid District, on lite lirsl Wednesdays of r-rpiemler and Dei-emlicr next, at 10 o'clock, P. M.. en eai h of aid day. Dated this 31st day of May. A. D. 1815. 4w3 J. W. EMERY. ULLION'S Engli-h Grammar, do I'ra -ttcal 1-e-nm- in r.ngli-n uram. mar. Swell's Kngli-li orammar, neri-aui a no. Smith's do., lor sale by STEVENS WOODS. June 26. 4 APPENTICES WANTED. AN apprentice in the Printing, also lo the Book Binding b'isines- wanted. Hoys uliout 15 j ear- old from I he country preferred. Burlington, June 22. 4 C. GOODRICH. "A GUIDE TO Lake George, Lake Chamtd.tin, Montreal and Quebec, wilh Maps, and Tables of Routes and Distance- from All any, Burlington, Montreal, ate. Thn 7..nn A.,,1 nr of HUtorJ and Gazelteer ;." ," ' ", "' , i,i i,.. ':,,n,lrii-h Pni '.' V .. '.. .1 'i "i i... i i i. i i sale by ihe Pullt-her, al-o, by A. 1 jlwards, James I Uuileriina jnme- itogan. Burlington, June 27. Demists ! Dentists ! ! rIIIEVEMER'S celebrated TOOTH 1NSTRU- J MENTS, for sale by 4 11. J. HEINT-BeRG, &. Co. TO PHYSICIANS. Dr. Ilnhni't Thoiiipiii's Uteri Ab doiniiiitl Sup port it mid Abdoni' itla I'olvic UhikIiikc. 't'TT'E have purchased the uxclo-ive right of mak- 1 tng nn I vendittz the noovo mentioneii tn-irii mcnts within the Co nine-ol Cliinenden and Frank linin the Sine of Vermont ; and wo now offer ihem lo the pulilio coulident that mey are equal in eviry re-iecl, and in many parlieilars far superior to any iiimzoi 1 lie Kind ever o tcreo. i ney nave tne tin Hiuirobation of the Medical Faculty in ul tnosl all parls tflhe country where they have leen introtucul. II. J. IIMNMIERG & Co. We have carefully examined Dr. R. Thompson's ap aratu- tor me reiiel anil cure oi rrotapsus uteri, t&c., as well a- I lie te-tiiiiony and opinions of highly eminent tiieinler- of Ihe Facitllv. and are of Ibo de- i " " wv"X. "" - iV!'" put)iic,and mat ihey will lake u nigh ranu among invenliona now before the Public for ihe cure ol the diseases lor which Ihey are recommended. CIIAS. II ALL, II. HATCH, T. CIIAMBKHLIN, WM. ATWAiT.R. The abote instruments for sale at 4 B. J. HE1NEBERG fc Co's. MESSRS. DRINSMAID WOULD call theatteniicn of llicjr patrons and the public generally in a mn-l rare and beau lilul assortment of got.U, w hich they are now open ing and which ihey will sell at very low prices for cash. Anions which may be found Crumb, Hearth and Window Brii-he-l Wirk Baskets, covered do.; Bellow-; Bathing Tubs, for feet and children ; Egg Boilers, Toast Racks. Stiver Cups, Jeal Pins, a It-mi-tiful set ol I.adie-Golti Broaches eonst-itng of Ca meos Shell, Sione, nnd Lava, also, Agate and oilier Mone pin-t Isold apet-tncle-, Pcnei-t and Ihtmbles. A mo-i splendid a-sortmetit of Silver Butter Knives, and very eheaiiSnoriainen'. FUsks. Fi-hinir Tackle, of alt kinds, Ridge and other knives. A splendid lot of llriiannia, Plated and German Silver Ware, Nursing Lamps. A very beautiful assortment ol Wilien and Brussels Carpet Bags, with and without locks, al very resluced prices, Camphine Lamps, cla e ami wicks. Mahogany and Gilt Flame Looking Glasses ihe I rat a-sortinen ihey have eter had ihe pleasure of oienng to tne tiutiiiu. ura,s, untannia, plated and glat-t.'andle Sticks, Ac. Finally, Ihey would invite all to call and view Iheire-ial Itshuienl, a- Irom the variety ihey keep, it i fairly emitted toitic I.nnte orrurio.ity shop.' Burlington, Vl., June 27 h, 1815. 4 CASH I CASH!! fiSSU will I e paid for 2 000 lbs. of the bestquali- v- ly oi L-nicsc, ii o '.eresj io ui, i v June 20, 4J S. WHEATON eV. Co, f'LOUR and SALT at whole-ale and retail by JunsSO. (41 IS. WHEATON 4i t Co. Hay Rakes &c. -i nr no.. Hay ay, L UU SO Dog. llor,e Hakes, SO Boxes, Cunnlnglon's celebrated scythe stones. by J. & J. II. PECK, if- Co. June la '45. 3 Window Sash. all sorts and sizes lor sale hy GEO. PETERSON. Burlington, June 18, '45. 3 CLAPP & KENT, Wholesale Dealer In Domestic and inrerpras or rORBION RTAPLB DRtjaOODS, No;. 85 Cedar Street, and 1S8 Broadway, NEW YORKj Ct. T" HAVINO-n(wperminently lo- IX J-V caled ihem-clie-a. aln.Ve.l eir to rati the attention of buyers in this vicinity, (particu larly those stibjeei lo a strong home competition) lo iiieir moik oi I'orelgti ami Domestic staple Dry Goods. Their sile- will be condoned unon a cash basts. their nrices always uniforn and their teoresentationi c-nniltj. I'oimr a larce trade with Ihe retailers ol rcw Yolk, nnd its immediate neighborhood, their stock i- ncee-sarily large and eompietc ai Ul sea -on- ol the year. For thl- rea-on they rc-pecllnlly ask vour orders, pledging them-cttes to cxetute them in such a man ner as will inspire confidence nnd induce a repetition. Hepeclfiillc, . 3-4ni CLAl'P A. KENT. To Dentists. CONSTANT supplies of Soelon' late-l styles Molar, Unn.pidand Inet-or Teeth) Foils, File-, Forcetis. Gum Lnnceis. Pocket and common Teeth Extracting Inlrument, extra Hook for same, Burrs, Excavators, Si-nlinir lns'rn"vrnt, Ftllinrdo, Minitb Glas-es, Mouth Mould-, Denwl Svr;ngr-,'lllow-piies, Totli I'owcr lioxe- and rots, cie. ee. flte. Dental Cn-e- complete, Operattnir Chairs and Sp:l-toon- lurnisheil VP older. PEi.K & SPEAR, 4 Burlington, Vermont. Mineral Waters: CONGRESS Water freth, receirlnn wttkUjlot J sale by Gross. Dozen, or -insrle Ionic, ai 4 PECK At SPEAR'S, Wholesale DrusgUli. T ULLION'S Lalin Reai'er, JD do do Grammar, do Greek Grammar, for sale 1 v 4 STEVENS WOODS. June 2G Joseph Clllctl's Hslate. STATK OK VEHMONT. ) TIIE Hon. the Pro Di-trirt of Chittenden ss. 5 A bate Court for Ihe Di-lrict ofChitleh len : To all persons concerned in Ihe estate of JONATHAN GILLEIT, lale of Char lotln in said district, decea-ed. testate. Gbketino. WHEREAS, Hiram llosford, executor of lite last will nnd testament nf said deceased, nronoses to ren der an account ol his administration, and present his account against said estate fr examinaiion and al lowance nt a session ot the Couit of Piobate, to be holdcn at the Register s nmre in liii'hnston, in said district, on the second Wedne-day ol July next. THEREroflE. vou are hereby notified lo appear be' foresaid court at the !inTo"aii3 'place Aforesaid, and show cans-, il any you have, wny the account more said should not be allowed. Given under my hand at Burlington, this 18th day ol June, A. u. 1S45. 3 w3 WM. WESTON, Reislcr, Blank Books i"F all des -notions Manufactured bv the uh.en V7 ber Irom the best Linen Paper, nnd Ruled to any Pat ern on -hurt nntii-e and warranted equal lo any in tin-Country. Hrol nie Returns I own Re cords front Royal Medium Demy and Cap Paper, Bank-. Steam Boat-. Iron Comnanic- and Merchant- fumi-hed with nil the various Blank Books on the most rea-onable terms. . STEVENS WOODS, Strong't Buildinq. uumnglon, June IH, 1845. 3 NEW STORE. ilTOULD res lectftillv notify the public that he has VV opened n Store in ihe rooms Intel v occupied as lite ui' i Dill-, wnere may ne lound DRY GOODS, (jllrtCKItlES, and Crockery. A choice article of Teas, Sugar, Coflee, and Molasses; Flour, Salt, Pork, Salmon, Codfish, Mackerel, Butler, Cheese, Fruit and Spices. Part Cash will be paid fur a good article of Butter. uoiiege at., tiurltngion, June Id, laid. J Second lot of New Goods for the Senson. C. F. STAMFORD, Co. TT A VE re-urned from New York with lleir secoi XI purchases for this sea-on, consisting in part of Baraize Shawls and Scarfs, ni. is t.atne snawi-, .Vlradilla do Printed Lawn, Balzorine, do Mourning, do do French Mu-lin Gingham., tf'utch, do Printed and Plain M. D. Laine, Glove-, Milt-, Cnvala, Ladies Florence, Neopoltinn, Straw and Lawn Bonnets, Gem's. Leghorn Hals, " Cravats, Si-arlsJlH-ra Ttef. SicK-ks, Bo-nms. Collars, dtc. J-c. June 19, 1845. ' Scythes and liny Forks. Cft DOZ. Scythes, "Blowl's," OIJ 50" 'Farwell'.." 40 " " "Rtxrord's," 50 'Iteddincton'.." 60 " Hav Forks. Van Ornam'- and Fair- bank's by J. & J. 11. PECK, & Co. June IB, '15. 3 ( lapbnnrds. n(r( M- GoodClearstul Pine Clapboard. for UVUW sale bv GEO. PETERSON, Burlington, June 18, '45. 3 On Consignment, n lot of Single and Double cut Slove pipe sione, tor saie ny ruuL,r.i i ij- tut aiil.i-.i . South Wharf, Burlington, June 17, '45. 3 .100 Boxes Herring, received nnd For sate by FOLLI-.TT A BRADLEY. South Wharf, Burlington, June 17, '45. 3 XITEBSTER'S LARGE AND SMALL DIC V TIONARV, Wcb-ter's Elementary do Cnwlen's Coneordani-e. WAJ1, Botany, Mrs. Lin colli- llnlnnv I v. Ifnman Ih,'.ililiM,' fop .at I v Oir.ICi.li3 TT tSVJIIO. Burlington, June 18, 1845. N EW Book Bindery. rilllE suhrilr i- now receiving from New York Ja. a choice assortment cl AND ULANK BOOK MATERIALS and i- now prepared to do any kind ot work in the Hook llindery or manic uook Alaniiiaciuring inisi ness. I have in my Bindery a workman that is ac maimed wilh all the modern styles of binding, hav ing worked in the bet e-tahlistunent in the Union, and will not hesitate in raying lhat all binding en misled to my hands shall I well executed, and a manner not before eoialled in this vicinity. Corner ol Church and College Streets. STEVENS WOODS, Burlington, May S. 1813 49tl Notice. Powder at deduced l'rices ! ! XXTiLLheletit constantly on hand, Irom Ibo must V V celebrated Mills in me united stales. Just Received 150 Kegs Powiler, E. EE. EEF, EEKE. 10 do liae Krnlix-kv Ride Powder. For sale hy FOLLETT & BRADLEY. Suuib Wbarf, Burlin'iou, June 17, '45. S WOOL! WOOL!! T "ANTED in exchanfe lor HroaoV-lolha, Cassi TV meres. Urey uoids, oanneiu. ttc. airnaau taclurtrs' S. WHEATON dr. Co, Figs. CT DRUMS hrst quality, just received and for 0J ,alo by KOLLETT A BIIADLEY. South Wharf, Burlington, June 17, '45. 3 Notice, FAIRBANKS Celebrated C. S. Hay Forks, 30 dozen just received, and for sale low, by FOLLKTT & BIIADLEY. South Wharl, June 17, '45. 3 Blnnchnrd's Scythes. C. 8. Scythes, O. S. do Re nnd t..r OKJ BO t.o sale on consignment, bv c . .... . . POLLETT 4- BRADLEY. South Wharf, June 17, 1845. 3 LARD. AS. DEWEY ha- a supply of good fre-h .Lard and Table Butter. Aho, jul reectve.1. North Shore Salmon, by the pound ur half llbl. June 20, 1815. OAHHATII SCIIOOIi HOOKS, a large sup. O ply lor sale at Bo. Ion priirs. I.y STEVENS WOODS. Burlington, June 8, 1845. 3 PLATT'S PREMIUM P(nTHi,rc GRIST MILL. For Grinding What, Rye, Oati, Plat ter and all kinds of I'rovender. THE Subscrilr having purchn-ed of Mr. JO. SIAII PLAIT, of Weston, Connecticut, the brlil for Vermont. Mass nnd New Hampshire. I- now inauulaetiirins, nt Burlington Fall-, Mitts of ihemo-l thorough nnd perfect construction, nnd i- prepared to sell Mills and Rights for any town not already dis posed oi. i ne great ativnmage ol this over the eotmnon Gri-I Mill, is obviou- to any tine on in-iec-lion, a-this Mill can l o it-el by bor-e, steam or .iter oower, with nail me power required to drive ... I!.:.. M.ll n-u:.. ....II l... r. . itj inn v.ii-i .'.in. , iii- nun Hum ,ne nrst pre iitm nt Ihe Fnit in New-York Citv. and also nt ,,.. ericultllral Fair In Roi-he-ter. in Sent. 1913 Nnns but tho very I e.t FRENCH BURR STONES are put into ilte-o .Mill-. we ine iiuuer-igiieu ccriny mat at i. All nn Hay nn Ihe2 1 day of Novcml cr, 1813, in the Steam Saw Mill at that place there wns Ground in PLATPS PORTABLE GRIST MILL, lilted up in that place, ten In-hel- Pea-and Oal-, and done in the best Manner, within 30 minutes; nnd we further certify that wc lielievelhc said Millcnnahle of performing all the grinding u-uallydone in a Gri-t Mill equal lo any Mill in llii- stale, by one run of stone-. And we binder -tale lhal sai I mill ground eight bti-helsand a half of Corn, (line meal) in an hour, .i . l ; :.. .1... I. . I , ' ' Ittiuui oeilig oi .,-! iicn'ei. D. S. PAYNE, Miller. RALPH I.ASI LL, 1 JAMES LAMSON", I R. A. IIUItl.BLT, f 'tnesses. NOBLE SQUIRE, J I Ihe itntlcrsiEned certify thai one ol Plan'- Porta ble Gri-t Mill- has been title I up in Me.-r- White St i;o -. tin-t .vim ai vrrgenne- and I will tranklv say io inepuiiiic mat i nave mny tricj tne min noin on llowering and provender and have come lo the full cott'-lii-ion, that the above mill will compete witt, any mill in the country both on tlowertng nnd pro- -l .na tlsm.l s'f-mn-i enuer. s rt.TA ii i .Miner. Vergennes April 23, 1914. The Mill above named was in operation in the Vergenne-Iron Company Gri-I Mill a nomlerol day-, an I -o f tr a- we witne cd it- performance in Grin ling Grain, we were well sail-lied with it anJ believe it to l- a cood article. SAMUEL I1MIKER, ? President of WM. II. WHITE. Vergennes Hank. Tht-i- lo certify that one of Piatt-Portable Gri-t Mills ha- been put in operation in the eri-t mill at Mtddlcburv. bv the -ide of seven run of B irr Stones audi have given it a thorouth trial, both on flower provintler, and I ntn frank lo saytoihc public I am satt-ftedlbe mill will do btisuic.-s ea-ial to anyrun of stone in the county. i;ui.iiiiiiAi, Miller. M tddlcbnrv. Jult JO. 1814. Me r-. Folleti i Bradley have W-en running one it tne-e mm- -men ine ttr-t oi itiav. upon nia-ter. and I ninanthori2cJ to refer in them as to it- perfor mance. PlrESSON CROI Uf, Proprietor of the abovepatent. Burlington, June 20, 1815. 3tf Jcdrdlah Hyde's Kstatc. WE the subscriber-, having U-en appointed by the Honorable the Probaie Court for the Dis trict of Grand I-le. commi toner- lo receive, exam ine nnd aihiist the claim-and ilemanJ-of all tierson- ngaiti.i the e-late ol JEDEDIAH I1YDF; late of tirand i-le, in satd ui-tric!, itcceaseit, represented in solvent, nnd nl-o all elaitr.- nnd demand- exbil iled in ofl-ei iherc:ii; and six month- Irom Ihe day ofth date liereot. I n ng aiiouel uy -aut uourl lortiiat pur. oo-e. wo do therefore hereby trive notice, that we will attend lo the lu-ities- of our appointment, nt the iiwciitng house ot wniow ?arnh llyoe, in urand Isle, in said Di-lrict. on the 15i h day of November next. at iuo ciock, a. xu., o i -aid nay. uateii, inis t n nay oi .nay, a. is ia. SAMUEL ADAMS. Commts 3w3 NATHAN WETHERELL. J sioncrs. OTOCKS, COLURS, BOSOMS, CRAVATS, OStilners, Su-Htni'crs, nnd new style VI-.ST SPRINGS, a nice article lo wear on the bark- of ve-t-, very plea-ant andeav for the wearer, linen collar- for 12 ri-., all gools much cheaper than usual. 2 BRINSMAID & BROTHERS Purses and Purse Trimmings. TJURSE Monni-, lars, rings, laels, cVe., and X sdk and other pur-e-, tor sale by June 12111. l(ltl.S.VI AIU OA llltUlllKKS. Wheel I lends F the very leal q-ialny and fitit-h, for sale bv ) 2 BRINSMAID &. BR 1TIIERS. Good Spinning Whee's furntshei.1 to order. HORSE NETS. MESSRS. Brin-maid iSc Brother- have received a lot of leaitliful linen and cutten NEI'S for HORSE-1, ear. or neck and ear nieces sol-l aeoe rale or with I lie body nets a- may i wanted; we have time, nrown. reu auu wn e net-, i ne mo-i extensive a ortment that we have ever hail the t,lea-ure of oltertng to our customers. Also, linr-e Iiru-he-. 2 BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. Horse Nets. TIRINSMAID &. BROTHERS have received a lot lf of fine, blue, red, brown and while linen and cotton horse ft bis, AliSU. Neck and Ear nets for horse.-, the finest assortment ever opened by us. 2 B. & B. NO Tl CE TS herehv -riven that 1 have this dav given mv son 1 CHARLES HUTCHINSON KI.MllALL.his time oitring the remainder of his minor i-y and shall there- lore claim none ol his earnings, nor pay any debts ol ills contracting uuer tuts nine. r.L,lUAtl U. MAIUAI.U. June 5, 1815. 2w3 BRIGCS" PATENT FENCE MACHINE. II. P. DKWEY, WO'lill respectfully notify Ihe public lhat he has returned lo BuilinL'tnn Pahs, and recommenced manufacturing the PATENT FENCE. He is now ntepared lo fulfil all contracts lhal were unfulfilled in consequence of ihe lale fire, and will be happy to 1.1 i i .. :.i. r L' . eel ,c uiu aim new jiii.ii!teeis mill suiiie ul Ills variC' tleAnfPnrm n.irdpn or Ornnnienl.t h'.nss. Owing to Ihe advantnees derived in Ihe use of Ihe above improvement, he is ensbled to afford a neat and beautiful fence for yards and gardens, at much less expenso man me same can be got up tor in any other way, while for durability it is not excelled by any in common use. This valuable improvement was first brought out in Western New York, where it has gone into extensive use, and has received the ap- probation oi tne aiavnrot tne cuv oi nuitaio. wilh many hundreds of ihn first agriculturists and others in thai pari of ihcblale, also of Gov. Ilubtard, Doct. Jkrvis, Judge Churchill and many others in New Hampshire. In fact wherever it has l-een introduced it has been hiahlv approved. As a Farm Fence il coml incs more advantage thananyolher fence ever used. Il can be used without potts, and is therefore not affected by the freezing and heating of Ihe ground. ii lanes less uimner man anr uiuer mim m lence. is certain protection against all kinds of cattle, is not liar hie to get cm nf repair, cannot bt blown down, it east ly set up, laaenaown ami leuiuven, wiiiioui injury. rVSIo Vausi should bi without al least asufli cieni quantity lo throw around his fields of grain and stack yarns. Winoo-ki City, June 12, 1S45. Itoyal Sanderson's Estate. 1ME the iubscrilrs, having been appointed by T T ihe Honorai le ine rrooaie vouri lor me his si..i rf fhiiiemlen. Commissioners tn receive, exam In .ml .diiisi the claim anddr-mand. of all tier, on. azain.t ihe e-imeof ROVAL SANDERSON, lale of Milton, in said District, deceased, represented insolv ent, .nd aTo all rlaims aad demands exhibited in otlVel ibaretoi and six month from ihe day of the date hereof, lacing allowed by said Court for lhat pur-no-e, we do therefore hereby give nol ice, that we will atlend to the business of our appointment, at ihe dwelliaa of Ihn widow Maloaa Sandetsen. in Milton. in sak) Disiiict, on Ihe 20th July and on ihe 1st day of Deaotnber, next, ai 10 o'clock, A. M., on each of tain ways. Dated, this 18th dav or Inn. A. D. 1846. nam uil unnnr - "W""!1.! W .... iu. Wm. v. I Ctsnmistitnsr: HARDWARE. STRONGS! Co., have received, and oTer an exlen-lvft a-sorlmenl ol Hani Ware, amongst which may be lound Jolliers Tools, "fanes Jacks, Fore, Smooth and Jointers "with single and double Iron-. Atragals, Bead., Center I cads Dadoes Filli-tcrs. Grecian Oi'alo- Hollows and rounds, Match planes. Rabbet do, Sash du, Plough., Marking and slitting Gunge., Ch-ael and Auger handles, ehalk-ltne Spool', Iron and Bra-, plated brace-, Braces nnd Bins in sett-, lleyils, Try squares Common nn I concave Angers, Spur Bills, Center do, Meta! and wood head Gimblel', Box wood rules, Glue not, Compa-e, Measuring Tape-, brad awl-, Scratch do, Sp:kc Oimblei-, sand Paper, Double and single plain Iron-, drawing Knives Hand, panel, ripping, hat k, and key hole Saws, File- and Rap, steel nnd iron Squares, Screwdriver-, Firmer and null w.tglit Chi-cls, Pocket Chi-cls, Gouge, Hammers, Hatchets, Hand nnd broad Axes, Adz, Spirit Levels, tic. Sic. Saddlery. Saddle Trees Gig do, Hames Bitt, Turrclts, raj nooks and screw-, mvivus uocKcyc-, Ring-, Buckle- in great variety, Ornament-, Ro-ette-, rein and brea-t Strap-, Box wood and Ivory Rings, Bag frame- and fa-lenin?, Stirrup., Trunk lioard nnd nail-, Trunk lock-nnd rivets, Round Knives Punches awls, pilenl Leather, Curled hair. India rubber Cloth-. Wor-lcil webb, cotton do, Bleached nnd hf. bid , Yellow and green Thread, Sewing silk, Ac. dec. Coach Hard Ware. Steel springs, Wrol iron nxles, Silver nnd bra plated bub Band-. Conch Lamps, broad nnd nariow Lace, Tuft-, Waggon mats, mallial le Iron eastings, Wrenches 1ira moulding-, Hollow Auger-, Spoke Shave-, &c. Cutlery. Table knives and Forks, a large assortment new and de-irahle pattern- of 2 nnd 3 pronged Forks, nnd de-erts to match, in sett- of 12 tu 51 pairs. Carving Knives nnd forks, Table and Butcher-Steel-, Butcher- Knive. NittPtek. shoe knives, Pen nnd pocket knive-, Scissors, Shears, Razors, cVc. cVc Itrass Roods. Curtin rings, Screw eye-, Thread -crew-, Flu-h han lies Fl i-h botl, De-k hinge-, Bull-, I .amp honks, Candle sticks, Sish fastners Mortice cranks Side and end crank-, Screw hooks, Hat pin-, Faucet-, stop Cocks, -ttu ler-, Ciirinin p ns, Pa-le jigger-, Screw book- and Ring-, Pad, Trunk and box Locks Dinner nnd Tea Bell-, skimmers, Cupboard catche-, stair Risl-, &e. Miscellaneous. Sheep shear-, sickle-, Iron Candlestick, Jap'd. Lamp-, lied do, Lantern, Hoos anJ hinge-. Bed cord, Rope, sash Cord, Iron wire cloth, Wire -ieve-, rat and mo-i-e traps, Iron anl Rrtttania -poon, Mol.ts-es gate-, Cupboard catches. Bung borers, Ton-ting Iron-, Enaml'd. preserving Ke Hits, Plate locks, Pullies, Grind stone Roller-, Hat pins, Door spring-, Copper wire, Mincing knives, Round and flat no-e plyer-, Tobacco boxes, Garden fork-, Bed .-crew-, Gun wormer-, Bullet mould-, screw Driver-, Trunk, che-t,ciiplHiard, box, and till Lock. Fire Irons and Smnds, Bell spring-and staple-, lieu-, stioe auu nan iiaimuer- truni. llnndles, Tower bolt-, o btlls, hand Vices, Tweezers. Snu'lers Halter trace and po-t Chains Sparable. Augers Fry pan-, slate-. Calbuer-. Wire gua e-, hor-e Nail-, woisl-aw- and frame, i rnri- pici. Axes, pewter rauceis, Grid iron-, sauce Pan-, Brad-, Shutter lilt- an I s-rew-, -hoe Pincers, Shoe lad;-, Thimble., awl Haft-, Bed keys, Button- on plate-, win low -pring-, sad Iron, Tailors Iron-, Trace Chains Steel Yards, Curry comb, hor-e Card-, Fi'es and Ra-ps, Coflee mills, Bell pull-, door Knocker-, Dn-t Brn-he-. Faney Ho. Tooth do. While wa-h do, Hiiirdo, Lather do, Paint nnd vurnisii uo, nor-e uo, uiotii on, Tea and Ma-lin Kettle-, garden Trowel-, Tea trays, Mill andcro-s cot saw-, Scale beam-, Co-inter scale-, iron Weights, Razor strop-. Axe-, Mahogany knob-, Powder flask-, britianta Tea and Collee Pot, Ca-tor-, Ba-iing spoons, Fish hooks and Line; Black-tnilhs Hammer-, tf-o. if-c. ALSO, 1000 gros- a-sorted Screw-, 100 dozen Blake- Latches 30 " " Esc'h. Latches,Ro-e wood Knob-, CO. Mii,ral ICnois. w'rh Latches and loch-, fill Window blind ra-ientngs, CO 14 Window spring-, 550 " Cast and wrot Iron, door, table, bacli flap and window Blind Butt-, cVc. e-c. Together with many goods nol mentioned, t rea-onable price-. June IU, '45. 2 CLIFFORD 4 FERNALD'S INDIAN VUGRTAIII.E BITTERS. ITtHESE Bitter- arc extracted entire'v from Vzo 1 ETABLc-. They are decidedly the best spbino Mt.ui.i.N now m u-e, iney purity i lie tiiouu, auu in vigorate ihe whole frame, CRr.insn an appetite. and curing the JAODICE, DISHEPSIA, dee. SolJ Whole-ale and Itetail bv the subscribers, B. J. HEINEBI-'.lUi .r- Co., Apothfarici and Druggists, Church St., Burlington Vl. 2 Dried Peaches A ND ORANGES. A fiesh supply, ju-l received, i. Jt Connecticut River Shad, of this year's inspection. A. r. iir.tvr.r. Travelling AJup Agents WANTED. THE Subscriber wishes to engage in the tvile nf his Maps', a number of vounir men ot sTtctiy moral and nustness nntuts. A capita ol Irom S1IAI to fMHl will be necessary. and a certain district of country will be assigned lo each Agent, unexceptionable testimonials ol charac ter wl I be required. a. Atiuaius .ill n-tlr-LI.. V. JJ. corner of Mirket and Setenth St., Philadelphia, May 22. 1845. 51 M. G. RATHBUN & CO. fVl r i c li a n t C a 1 1 o i- d . HAVE relumed from New Vork with a carefi selecitsl ns-ortment of BROAD Ct.OII CASAMEliES, VESTINOS, and TRIMMINGS, and are prepared to furm-h Garments at nriiv- which can nol but convince buyers it is a saving of expea-e u- wen u. tune auu iroui-ie, io nave uie iiuie mu furnished, and garmentj made by tho-e who under stand the business. Also, Shin-, Bosoms, Collars, Cravat-, cVo. cVc. M. G. It atiidcm, C. F. Ward, May, 22, '45, Elias Lyman TTAS received a eaiefullv selected and extensive H assortment of DRY GOODS suited to ihe ta son, which he offers at reduced pmes. Among which will bo found Balzoiines, Lawns, Primed Muslins, M de Laines, Elston Gingham, Fancy Cambrics, dec. lie. Amcricen Prints superior style. Hosiery Gloves and Mills, Ladies Silk Cravats and Fancy lldkfs. Pongee, Bandana, Flag and While silk Hdkfs. India Rubber, Webb, Knit, and Elastic suspenders Brown Holland, Jacket Ijnen, Brown and White, Linen Drill, Russia sheeting, Bttrlsps, lluekabuck, Russia and Scotch Diaper, Linen Damask for Tilde spreads, , Fine Damask spreads, Linen Sheeting and Shining, Hamilton Sirid and Figured for chil dren" Wear. A large assortment of Broad Cloths and Lassi meres Fancy Cassimerrs and Vcslings, Parasols and Sun shades, very cheap. Cotton Sheeting and Shirting Irom 3-4 to 10-4 wide, Ticking, Wadding, Wicktng, Batting, Cotton yarn and Carpel Warp. Family Groceries. Tea including some extra quality Black Tea, Sugar, Spices, Citron. Pepper Sauce, Mustard, Superior preserved Ginger, Maccaroni, Huston Hard Crackers ground Rice, Chocolate, Shells, Coffee, Box and Keg Raisins, Currants, Ac. oVc. The highest Market price paid for Butler and Cheese. Wickware Building, corner Church and College st. May 23, 1945. 52 NEW BOOKS.,. THE Subscriber ha purchssrd the entire Stock of BOOKS STATIONERY belonging to V. HARRINGTON, and is now rectiving in connection thereto a good assortment of Law, Medical, Mlsccllaneoaa and TfeolOfleal BOOKS, together with a good assortment of Stationery, which is offered io tht public at arices tt) suit the limes. RAGi received in exchange. JAMES I. CUTLER, Ptronga' hrlldingi Colitis tl. May IT, IMS. ft BROWN'S f Sarsaparilla and 'lomalo Bittcrsf For impurities of tne BUoi. -iHRONin ..,! Rnn.ilniilnnal diseases alien i-roLiia or King Evil, ulcerations ui --, l the Thsnat Nose. Cheeks. Lips. Ears, and . j rsnssn. sions i other i w .ml mliM a.....t 1 n- .i. ..-. nt.A..matie. afleC- I aicnes im rithMs w..,ninn. " 1 n -.wiiniui.- niieciions , i.uc - . turns White Swelling 1 Pain in the Bone and Joint, Fever Sores, ohstlnate old sores of all kinds, Scald Head, Salt Rheum, Ringworm and other disease- arising from an impure state oil he blood also, habitual Co-tivene-s. Biles, Chronic affections pf the Liver, Lung-, anil Che-t, Pain in Ihe Stomach and Side, Niht Sweats, Ate. iSte. . Likewise, tor Di-pei-ix or Indigestion, Co-live-nes , Jaundire, lo. of Appcli'e, Weakness There ha never been a medicine which ha glyen tien central sail-faction to Physicians and others lhat have used ihem. , , Sold Whole-ale and Retail by lite General Agent for Ihe Stale of Vermont. . 2 B. J. A. Co. Heavy Hardware. ANVILS, Vi-e., Shovel, Spade., Hoes. Forks, CroBirs, Log Chains, Blacksmith's Bellows, Brass Keltic-, Waggon nnd Cart Boxe-, Sheet Zinc, Sheet Lead, Caldron Kctlles, Stove Hollow Ware, Jc. if.c. STRONGS & Co. June 10, '45. 2 Pnints and Oil. . . Ttl , . n . .. . .... . , I Sinwciua c-v uo., oner purcna-er- wnue iaa. Dry and ground in Oil, "Pure," "Kxtra," and .No 1," l-nglfh Veil. Red, French Yellow, Verdigris, hrome Green, Red Lead, Whiting, Gum Copal, uuy, ici a i. a u , 1000 gs. pure Litti Swl ad, BOO " " spirits Turpentine, June 10, '45. 3 Ellias Lyman fT AS just received n few pieces Black Moreens. XX Drab do lor Ladie's wear. June 12, 1845. 2 CE CREAM FREEZERS lor sale by 2 BRINSMAID & BROTHERS'. Siicr.r Spectacles. I7E are prepared to supply dealers ot wholesale, l Concave. Convex. Pnert-t-oiuc. and Mirri.-eus Spectacle. We have a I elter a orttneni and more of ihem than we have often found in anv one nood whole-ale hoit-e in New York or Boston. Our pri ce- shall lie low. At retail our customers can be fitted lit a few min ute- and nt low uniform prices. Spectacles always exchangel if they do not suit i eveiy person shall have them nt a- low a price a- any per-on will oiler them. Glas-es refitted, bows repaired, and all work in the line promptly attended lo. Gold SpeMacle also for -ale. BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. June 12, 1845. 2 Clocks and Looking Glasses. WE have, by the ca-e or single, a fine lot of Ma hogouy c-a-ed Clock, nnd Looking Gla-e, whieh will be sold to Pedlersand others at low whole sole price. Any num&er of Clock-wanted can ii-u- auy te louna ready on nana,anu are seuingat whole sale lower than ever. BRINSMAID &. BROTHERS. June 12th, 45. 8 Wholesale and RETAIL. TH E Subscribers wishing to close their copartner ship business, offer their stock of GOODS con- isungoi FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS. Carpetin?, Paper Hangings, Looking Glasses, Crock arv and Gla-s Ware at reduced prices. rcrsuns wishing to purchase any goods which we hive on hand arc assured lhal they can obtain better bargains nt this establishment, than at any other in Burlington. LOVELY & SEVMOUR. June l-l, taio. -i S. EARL HOWARD, -Tim PEOPLES' AGENT, WHOSE GHIIEAF (DASH STOIEE, AT BURLINGTON, VT., Comprises one of the most splendid and general blocks in Ihe State. All Goods bought and sold strictly for Cash, and of course Cheap. 2 SILVER SPOONS. "XrK are prepared to .imply dealers and others Silver. Tea. Tn' le. Desert. Mustard. fVeam' S.ilt nnd nlhs SSiIvms ..l-,..i. . . - v.. vi wfuuii., u i u.iiicaurc ni as low pru-e a- any other establishment, and we would inform cn-iomer-far and near, that ihey can obtain Ihe I est kind of silver spoons of us nt equally low prices, as they would have to pay for Ihe "tra.hy iw !e siud" wilh which Ihe country i- flooded, we in vile nnd challenge comparison of weight andouan tity and prices. i UKINSMA1D & BRSTHERS. Clocks in any, WE would respectfully inform customers far and near lhat wc shall not allow niir.!.. tn undersold : they can at all limes find a beautiful . rtelv to select from, at the very lowest prices. All clocks will be sei tunning clean and well oiled, and warranted for one year. Please call and examine the new patterns. HlllNSMAID a BROTHERS. Good Wood Clocks S3. Brass as low in nronnrt'ion at retail, lower at wholesale. Gold Goods. PLAIN and enamelled Gold Pencils Gold Specta cles and SOine beautiful nink anil vetlnur Tnn.c Iiiby and other stone Rings and Pins just received. juneu. -i UKir.SiHAID qj- BROTHERS. Paving Stone. WE invite the attention of those in want of the above article to a handsome lot j'usi received and for sale cheap by . . . I" C. E. FOLLETT. Water St., June 12, 1S45. a Supprfinc Flour, OF Ihe most approved brapds in barrels and halve for sale by L. ct C. E. FOLLETT. Waler at., June 12. 1S45. 2 Hams and Lard, for sale by L. if- C. E. FOLLETT. June 12, 2845. 2 FAIRBANKS Cast Steel Hoes, do do Forks Cast steel Shovels, do do Spades, Iron Shovels, Long handled do. Hay Rakes, Brooms, u-c. &c. Also, Wooden Ware of all kinds, for sale by L. ft C. E. FOLLETT. Water street, June 12, 1945. 2 Butter Knives,, SILVER German Silver, ,f- PJaml Roller Knives, (or sale by BRINSMAID & BROTIUvS. It is said that " Variety i ihe spice ot life. Which gives il all its flavor." A Greater qmntity of this SPICE can now be found at Ihe VARIETY STORE, lhan has heretofore been o 'ered, and addiltoni con stantly arming of rich, rare, and fancy and staple Goods, tn tho liold and Silver and other lines, wh eh r and ol her lines, which will tie old at low pm-es BRINSMAID & BROTHERS. June 13th, 1913, Smoked LJcef. AS. DEWEY has this day received a few hun- dred lbs. Smoked Beef of excellent quality, ALSO, English Curranls, Seedless Raisens. Figs, Prune. Ciirun, Soft Shelled Almonds, it-c. it-c. June 10th, 1815. j Tin Plates, &,c, I llii Bll,M Tin plat e I 3 M and extra um. ng. Am. and Ru-sia sheet Iron, BOO Ihr. theet Copper. . j ' dIv -rl Iron Wire, Sheet Zinc, sheet Lead, Wire elbtm. Tinned, Black and Copper Riv ets and Ear-, dtc. etc. hy STRONGS dt Co. June 10, Mi. riMSSLE Paper, Carls, perforated card papar. L Visaing and Buahee Cards and Games, itna. Pencils, brushes, paint. &o sold by BRINSMAID BROTHFRS. Hanging Paper, THE largest stock in Vermont, for sale by C. GOODRICH, rjf Marehants supplied at City friaaa, aitof ftsta). only. . t lart.tiril.s.t.n.l.., n..,Jc. nn Ihe face. Scaly Arii,.Lini ii es ovi-

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