Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 25, 1845, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 25, 1845 Page 4
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I te touched his harp.and nations heard entranced.' run msr.coMU hack. Sweet la the hour that brines in home, Where all wills-priiii to moot 119 1 tt'hrrc hinds 11 rc si rivin as wo come, To bo the first In greet in. When the world hull sppnt 111 frown' and wrath And care been sorely pressing, 'Ti8 sweet to turn from our rosing pith, And find a fireside bltssing. Oh, joyfullydair is the homeward Irack, If we are but sure of a welcome back. What do we reck nn a dreary way, Though lonely and benighted, If wo know Ibcrc arc lips In chide our stay, And eves that will beam lovo-lighted ? What is 1I10 worth ofa dimoml ray, To thoghncc tint fluhes pleasure 1 When ihe winds that welcome us hack, betray, Wo form a heart's clmf treasure? Oh, joyful deal is our homeward Irnck, If we arc but pure or h welcome back. Now ork AdyHs. j Wholesale IlcalcM In Domestic and iMPonTcns or rOHBIGN STAPLE DRYGOODS, Nor. 8j CuiMn Street, and 123 Broadway, NEW YORK. Ccv T7" HAVING now permanently lo . (X J.Y. cited ihein.ctvcs a above, lei; to call the attention of buyer in tins vieiniiy, (purlieu larlv lhoo subject to n strong liome competition) to their stock id l-'oielgn nnil Domc-tllc Staple Dry Goads. Their silo will I u eon lu -tcl upon n cash basi, their price nlwavs uniforn and llieir tcprcsentations eau.lui. Doing n largo trnilu with the retailers ol Voik, and ils iinnicdi.ite neighborhood, their stock i neee-sarily large and complete at Jl seasons of the year. Tor Ihi reason liny re-peclhdly ni- vonr orders, p'u Icing thfinrlr 10 cxettile them in such n inan utr as will inpuu eonli lenco nu I indole n rcpclilion. Rc-pcUfully, 3-l.n CLAPP & ICHNT. JAM US p. 1.T.UGUSON, Commission Produce l Merchant, 31 Water Street. mcralcasn noun ccs made on configtimetits. Hefers 10 Messrs. H. & J. llerri'k. 3 " Draper, Aldm-li & FrinU, New Vork. Pope C.illin, l.'sq ) Mrs-rs. Phillips & Cujlcr, All any. May 1, .13. 43m0 A Pr.Tiui'iun Womin, A Mr. Wouil ward ol' WiirriMi cniinlv, Oliiii, sniil In liu 11 man of vor.icily, pivos llio Ivitnn ltryisier the lollowinn iiecniitit ol 11 putiNled It occurred near Lebanon. " On tlm G1I1 ila uf list mnntli, our von prnliln and inucli esteemed friend, Jnlin C Irwin, closed liis uarllily c.ireer, in llio full hnpo ol a happier imniort.ilily. On tliu fill lowing d.iy 1111 :iiiniiri.iln fiincnil discourse was delivered by Elder V. Clark. His ru- tiimns wcru decently inteircd in llio gravo ynril near West Lebanon. Soniuliiiio pre vious lo his dentil tic had expressed a desiie that I Ik; liody ol hit first wiio should ho ro moved to his cravo-yard. Accordingly, 011 the -Mill nil. the citizens of Lebanon and the vicinity, undertook to remove tin; remains of Mrs. Irwin. 1 went with others in search of her grave. We found it on a very Inali point of nliitu oak "round, near Itock Creek, where they had funnel ly lived. And when wo had opened lliu grave down 011 Ihe coffin, we foil nil it nliout one fouitli in water, und llio plank of the coffin very rollen; however we got several pieces of bark under it, to bind it together and 1 1 Pi it out. From the great weight of tho coffin, we were cm inns lo see it openul; mill to our utter astonishment, there lay Ihulinrly in full size. It was covered with n thin scum of Muck dirt, which appeared to ho alive with very little worms of 11 yellow color, hut they $0011 disappeared when exposed In the air. When we came to examine more minutely, wo found thai thn body had petrified, anil become a smooth white limestone in appear ance. Tho head and neck had petrified, end nothing remained hut tin; naked linn, and (ho hairs of llio head, and sumo feathers which had been in a pillow. The arms are petrified at thn elbow joint, and nothing ie maiued of ihe lower part of the 111 ms and hands but tho naked bone?. The feel had also petrified, and fell at tho ankle joints ; and tho stone appeared shelly. At the kuco joints llio legs appeared to bo sol i I slouo. Uounrl each leg, wboro she worn her garlers being a very fleshy woman the carters had made a very deep impression, and this impression was plainly visible: in the stone, except some parts where it appeared bad. Tho thickness of the slono was about that of common Spanish sule leather." IN NEW VOHK, To supply the City and Interior Trade, Ly the Piece or rack usu , Removed ! Prom 113 Pearl Ft reel 10 1 1 ciMMit sntmvr, ncaii Wiiliau Srnr.TT. T" EE & BREWSTER give notnu totlie Dealer J 111 Drv (khhI-, 1l1.1t they hale remoied ibeii Wnreliu-.i-o lor Pjinle.1 CiliVic", E.cluivclv, l"ran Pe.ul, to 1 1 Cedar Street. Hyeonfininir their al tcniion to Prints only L. A. tt. are cnal led lo exhibit an !iortnenl far si.rpn-sing any ever belure ofR-ied III America and to sell at prices a low nndlicncrnl iy Lower I Inn hone wbo-e attention is ditided imnnir n Inrco variety of article. 1 be Stoel. coii'btsufsr.vcnALTiiocsANDsoF' Pat Truss an!! (Vi.oriNO", embracing ecr- variny of A.UEIUUAN AND FOREIGN PRINT III marl, el many tyles of which arc got up ext-ln-nely 'or their own sale, and cannot be hadclsc wlicro, except 111 second band.. Dealers in I'rinl will hud it for iheir it'lcresl lo e aninii' tin Slock I eforeiiiakinu their ptilch-t-c they will have Ihe ml vantage c I le.i ruins I be lnwei mar ket prices and eonip.iiing all llicdcsiral le styles ill in side by f 'c. dialogue of lncp,corrcctc I with eicry v.iriarion ol ll.e Market, arepKn ed 111 the hands Of btijers. AnnlU.MI. l'J ti ICxlract of Lungwort. tiik PERU IRON COMPANY, 0t, and favorably known a manufacturer of IJ IRON and NAU.S, now ndvee ihe public that liavimi made exieniu ndiluion to ami improic nieiil in their ela' bsliment, are prr pair I lo luriieb dta'er in and con timcrsol Iron and nil, wirh all di-ir ille s ze thereof, ofa ualily Innlly equalled 111 tlii oomrrv. They ni.iii'ilaciure lo wii 1 W'a mijoii and Caii Tire, ol ulllhuiarious size wun't'd. IlnrscSline Iron, from scraps, ario:s size.-, if verv s ipenor rpi ilily. I'aiid Iron, fmnt'l iio-b to ! niche wide. Ilamc and sciull lion, 0-8111 I mcli, Itoiiiid ami Square lion, 3 S inch lo 3 Inches. Cut .Vail-, from 3 d 10 10 CD .1. do Spike-, In 111 1 to C niche. do I'lunr tails. 12d,20d,24il. 1I11 IlliMilii',' SalU, Gd, Bil, lOd. Tin Cump my II liter lliem elve that their facili ties f r man dot irin 111 pcrfecnon, are iiniirpa.s c.l, llui all irood (ffcred by Ibcm 111 market will irivo eiitire satist ictnm to llio ceniiuicrrf, anl thai tlieir leriin for ennd are and will couliiiue lo be as literal a ll.u terms of niheis. SlliOMIS it CO., Agenf, li 1 1 1 1 1 1 S t oil , Vt. April 1G, M5. 4G TIIK ONLY CUnE FOR CONSUMPTION AND LIVER COMPLAINT. IT should 1 c resorted to by all who are pr-dispo-ed to con-iniipiion, or troubled wilh n couch or cold, nitrht ftucnt. a.iluiia. iiain in Ine side and chest, diili- 01 ill y ol I rcallunir, lishlnc-s ami sorencs ncro-s the ..I , I...! "11 ....I..!. , nil nO. r-lln. CIICM, UrOIICIIIIl, llt.'l vuiiijiiaium uiiu mm uni.tii... ol Ihe pnlntonarv orsans. The following ntcds no comment, flrrrnlielil. Saraioira Co. N. Y Mr. fi. J. Roo.i've!t Dear SJirl The lovo of lift urjio nio to make lbi e'l'ort to obiaui mine of your nie lieinc, a I 1 ebeve il will cure me. I will sive a sniernent of my cn-e. About four or live month nqo 1 tfn.lnt.ei, wil i n bnrl colli, anil was (crv hoarse. Ill eoneqiicii(e ol working in water while 'buildmtr a . n ........ 1 1 II n ti 1 . . . I . It I. S .111.1 UM. tllwIlT I llO lldC. tor' care about four week, and pot to I eat lulu cnlk annul, and irieil to ilo a little xvcrU, winch wight on a shshl blcidin? f the bines. I rclurn d homo di-mriietl and skk. The next day while it- tinjr by Ihe lire, a I lood ve-sel burl in my limits, ami e. ninieneeii I leeaiiic vciy iai. 1 neuocior irippcnco to be near, nn I ho did every thing in bis power lo ton Ihe blecdiin'. and finallv HicceciJeil nllcr lning near a quart Irom my bin?, anil more Iran my nrm. lint Ihi. ilul noi Inn a few hour, mv bun were so spasmodic the do 'lor eo ild not control lliem, and for an I nij;lilseoiitiuiicd lo bleed, tin t il iheie wa no blood to run; when il ccucd il Icli ine so weak I eonl 1 scarccle brealho or stir. I lav tor n limit time m one poi on, until my lnnas bealel, and I I eean lo itain a little f-lrcntrth. Hut nbont four weeks ago a reliip'e came on nnd I bled asrain nt the ine, ninl I'liuiiiiiicil tneoush ami raise iarj;e nuanii of blonde inner everv dav. and wu rapully lii.teiini'T to ihe crave. My friend and neighbor tlgiveiiep nil hoie ninl loia nie i umi aie. 01 y ly'i'-mi conlil give nio no cneo'iragemcnt exceii it the lulls wcienotvel ulceratcii, nivi an nope L'ovcrv rrone. until one of vonr iianinhlet wcrt i en me de-cribim Dr. I.arhoi' f.xlracl ol lingworl .My neighbor oblaiiieil n boillefir nie, a n lat re-ort II W I verv line nones Ol I ooing "ie uny nin.u have now il iibou! a week, nnd s'rauiro to iv, from the firt do-e 1 look i f it, I began to mend an I my litalih i loiter every way. My main sweat ha e nearly eeaed, my irength improve-, my r.ii'incs are le, nnd hope i ngain revived; hut luy medicine i nlnn st none, nnd I wish you lo send nie two boule iniinedialelv, and ill reeovi r, I will do all in my powtr to spread the new that con.umption in tocurcj. 1 remain vour, iyc, I'l l.vr.M'hY . Ml.DHF.ItltV. For furlher prorf see medical I oi ks in hand ofihe rent, eoiiiaiiuug ccrlihcale. ibe. All persons de iriug I lie agency of the wiP plca-e npidv to the pw irietor, U. .1. IIOOSr.Vl'.I.T, 61 J atale si. AU any, AC i: NTS, P. J. HF.INFJlF.tlG it Co., O.irlinjton, Vt. It. I.nnliin .f. Co., Wilhu,u. , Rhode, Jr., Richmond. Uoyuim it Uurrctt, liii.c-burgli. 2 1 -1 y Tun Snake and run Pqutp.r.ri. On the SStlmf May lal I was ridiuu on a snnll road in tho Tuelltli I) strict of Dooly county, near tho Allapahew, w hen I Faw a common Fizml fox squirrel sticking to Ihe iido of a pine tree, eome six or cinlit iiirhos from tho earth. When I got opposite l ho squirrel, I saw liiinmivo a lillle on llio pule of tlm tree. I rodo sonio 20 or UO yards pist tjio squirrol, when the idea oc. cuned to mo that it iniht bj charmed by a snake. I iiiiuioili ituly turned back in the direc tion of the squirrel, and when 1 got willmi eight iteps of tlu tree ivbero tho squirrel was at once I Ifird a raltln snake cnniiuoncn s njin2, apparently under the foot of my animal. 1 clap ped spurn hihI (jot offa few yards-, (.topped and looked hck, and mv a very venomous looking ratile-Fii.ikc, not inure than four aiid a half or five feet long;. I immediately ilisiiiounted from my animal, and took up a lighlwood limb thai lay near, anil gale llio suiko a pretty heavy blow, which caused linn losing loud and strong, and at the time I strut I; ihe siv-ike the pquirrel leaped from the tree, I think about three feet, and it seemed to mo llic s-quirrcl leaped higher than far, I gave the sinke a soroud blow and the squirrel leaped ajraui, and eo nu, until I gao the snako a third blow, when th-i snake snug weaker, and the squirrel r-eemiugly got weaker in the tame proportion. I then went to lliu tree, thinking to find the snake tint had charmed the cquirrel, but it wax not there, nor no nearer than eight step-. 1 looked at tlm squirred, could not tea any thing the mailer w lib it, hut it appeared to be tired almost to dealh, pinlnig and Mrug. g'ing for breath. I returned lo the pinko, and with the tho same limb I perked his head fift. I again returned In lliu squirrel, and saw him in fJ3IOWiV Sarsnparilhi and Tomato Bitters, J or tmjntnites vj the ISloint. CUiaOXIO on-l CuiiPii'iitionnl ttiet'nse, e-ich n ' fcfcrul tin cr rCin UctT.i'iaii an 1 Curru -ion- ol liu Tlniiat, Chtv!.-, rtp, l-ar, and o'licr part- (-1 the hmy ; l'ltiijtlt-s vi the ("ur, Scaly Patches i ii'l cil.tT i'riipiion of llio l in j lltlci sJiur vy aii'I u'Ikt S'ur'iitu,' a teriiniis ; llhciiinalu! ailtc ti n; Wlii u wulltn--; Paint in il l ltnne4 nnd .Iniiit'-, W'Vt p Surt', nN-tin-i'u ol 1 norm ("fall kin U, Srald Ilpa'l. Sill Ulicnni, Hinjjwnrni nnd other di vnn'- nrtiiiff liu ii nn inip'irtiMa'rol ihe hlo ul ; also, li ilntiia! (iMivenes Uilc, Chrunic alllvtions ofilio l iv it,, an I (Jlte t, l am in lite btum.K'ii and Side. iVi-lit Swe.Vi'. &x Lila'A'i-e, lur; tr lnd)Mion, Conve nes , jaiinlu-e, lu-s t. .npLMi'( wcnKiie-). inert1 ha- never 1 1 en a medicine winch Ini- cien gt'iiernl Mi'i'IactiGii lo Phyieidns nnd oil. era thai have Mril ilicui. Si-I I Wl.tde nie an I Ite'nit ly ihe General Ageuls ur Ihe Slate ol verinonl. 2 n. J. uniM.iir.ito & Co, Memoval. Saddle, llarnc55 and Trunk ma- lunir. T hnvt lalien llic Slinn n ftwroi's HaPl of the Court X llmi:.p, and near SUnmr's Liery Stahlc, vhere tho puhUccan find any thina in my lino of business in nrt snou qmuiy iiiu as eneap as can uu proeurtu in lUirltimttni. I'OIt .T,K, ono Ooublo and ihrro ffcnnd Innd Single Wnffiron. SAM L S. sKINMHl 1! irlmuicm, May 30, 1815. 5M SODA FOUNTAIN, AND MIVCUATi AVAT1JU AIMAATUfS. rpllK Uu Ter-nrned, lieing Mipplifl villi ihe nbo I. nr u-Ie, ure vn jl le I io fnrni II the in for enhc .Mineral or Sndi Writer, at Marnfaciitier iirie The f.iciliiv wilh whii h ihessfonniiiiiw aie -iiin'ktl, together Willi iK'irlow pner, will recoinmond them lo ihe ir.i it. e can uuo i imiaii iheltjlluwins va ritly el &j rnpffi'V measure or lollle (Jinyer, Imoii, Orgeat, Straw! crry, Vanilla. 13 Pine-ajiiiV, K:i-ii erry, f-.irmpau h, PUl'K & svr.AR ApothK'arieanlVVIiiile-aIc Oruguits i'siint i iijr, CatTia! iMakirig, Sl'Atll.DIM: .4, ltlI.SUI,l, &c "10NTI.NUH the 1' linlins business in all its vari cms branches, an 1 frolieit a continuance uf tho imulic iatrouai:e. i o nave ain rtnnuu-nctu I ! 1 II I f 1 A I ! 1 1 A I. 1 Vl I bout Oiiu IIIIIHIte breathe Ins lae-t. I took Oil I .m.l nr. nrrnnnil In niaku lilurihr nnv kind nf Car the squirrel, and (he lined had run out of its lelt mini's nr Mlnjlis Ih-il may hu H-anu-d, in a first rale tio.tnl 0o li llioiuv and neck, and dim 11 tho left t manner, nna encap inr can. ii-nairing uuno nn lore Icy, and ell at tho fuot. 1 am certain that the emnrrel v.v novor burl by ine. After part, ly kiliiec llio snake, when 1 first went to the squirrel, I touched ils thi;;li with my boot ; it never umoveil, nor never tried to (jet nut ol my way. I (jivo it as my opinion tint killing tho snake was the cause of the squirrel's death. The snake was not larger around, I think, than tho wrist of a larjio man. Ilo nad five rallies imd a button. Natannah Georgian. hnrl notice. All kinds of produce taken in exchange for worK ( a and soo for yrurrelvca. Shun on tihelburn Ml., uppoiilo tho American llOlL'l. Ilurliniton, May, 1813. 60mfj B. a. H'AILDINO, S. II, EVtfELL. CLIFFORD cy FURNALD'S l.VDIAV VUCJUTAlJf.1; BITTERS. rTIIIfSR Hitter, nre.exlrailel entire')' from VrsO' m. ltaule. 1 uey are uccuavny llio erni.N-a Mi'.Dici.NE now lii ii.r i ihey purify lliu blocd, and in- visoraie mo iranie. cnr.ATiN-n an api-liiik, indcirma the JAUNDICK, DISi'Hl'SIA, Ae, oui4 ltnuicfQit' niiu lu-inu nv llio Mili.cril ers 11. J. UlilNFJIiaitl ,r. Co., Church St., H-irJiiiaioii Vi, 2 NEW STORL TI70ULD respeclfully noiify ,h0 imLtio ,,at he has .!,. niViVh.--r';,1!;,'!'0 ro,ninB 't,rl', iieio niiiy no loilllu DRY G O O D S , 'Git OCEUins, . , "ml Ci-oeLciy. A rl.mco article ur Tea, Sugar, t!0m.-e, ami Molasses; Flour, Suit, Pork; Salmon, Codfuh, Mackerel, Putter, Ci.csef Fruit ond Sniccs. Part Cath will bo paid fir a ijnod arlicit,, ,.. Collese St., Ilurlinijtnn, June 19, 1?5. James Mogan, TT70UI.I) renpcifullv infurm llio citizens oritur 1 V luigtun and vicinity, that ho has cuiiinicuctd HOOK RINDING in all i's variniK htnnrhes. in ihe ll aldinz formerly ut'cupii-u oy o. n. milliner as a n.niuicr s .-nop, inreo uoors i-.aii 01 tne i- rec ricss ollne, uotlrite 4ft., our- 111131011, . i., whii 0 no intends kit ping constantly on iniuu J.edjrcis, Journals, Invoice Hooks, Itecord Huoks, . Mrtiioranduni liboks, Cost Toper, nnd "'HIS Association will continuo tho Porwnrding bminiH on tho Chamnlain Canal. Lake Cham- am and Hudson River, connected wilh Ihe old Tow lloat Line, which loHveS'IV. Verk daily nt 6 o'clock P. M., and Troy daily nt 8 o'clock A. M. Two or more freight boats will leave Troy and Albany Tor Whitehall -ly, which win deliver to nnu receive I'rci"lu Iriilio Steamboats and vessels on Lake Clininplnin tjjjeci, two or more Freight Boats will leave Wlutcisvit 1 roy ami Albany uany. In nddiiionKitejihovc Ihey have a Lino of t.nko and Uivcr lloats, or ite-Htfsi cla.s. ivith railliful nnd competent Captains, who will receive I' rricht nt Now orK. 1 rov or Aiuany, nnu deliver at any i-ri on Lake Charplain nlsii, reccivo Krciftht nt Ports in Luke UhntSrlain nnd deliver in Troy, Albany or N. Vork. All properly received for shipment by this lino will bo correctly weiahed by llieir Agcnls at tho iiiiiu ui suipnicni and iviii no insurru. Also, two or more boats will leave the North Wharf, Hurlinatnn. each week, for Whitehall, Tioy, Albany and New Vork. JAalF.S II. HOOKRR, I'ropn- . KLIAS PATTI-.lfSON and others, J ctors. For Kreighl, apply lo PoV,iinJ.a,K9133Coen.ic'. Slip, N. V. uTc'a'lle:!1"' (135 Uivcr slrcet, Troy. II. A Hoh-nmb, 101 Pier, Albany. O. V. Kellosu, Coinsiock's Landing. w,,tSo,,isi-joi'n5'c-E- Levi Hinkley, MUsissquo Hay. Oliver llasromb, Whitehall. A. I). I.add, Plallnburiih. L. (Inlvin, Port Kent. Nalban Vcbb, House's Point. J. II. I looker. 111 t.onj Wharf, Boston. Address-OLlVKIl HAbCOM, Aqtnt. Whitehall. L. A. CJAIILCTON, ?tri(, Troy. J. S. WAIli:, liren, llurlinalon. All nrnnrrtvcntrnsied in llieir care will bo forward ed as dinclrd with dcspilch and safety. Wharlaao and Slorano at red iccd prices, and tho inmost rare taken in handhns and storini! merchanu iie, produce and nil kinds nf properly consiened to my caro, NORTH WIIAUI', Fool ot Mnin Street. .1. S. Y.lll.., yllfeni. Burlinglon, April 2, 1SJ3 -loniO TO PHYSICIANS. ioi:iiei:ti Miitoiii;r ntiii aouohi tild l'olvn: It;iii(I:i;rc. ""V7"L have iiirehacd ihe excln-ive risht of tnak ins an 1 vend in a: ihu ahovp nifntionetl in-trn tnt'iit-. wii Iini Ihe (o intiei 'd Cliittenden an 1 1- rank II..IH tho Sfto c f Vermont i and we now oher them to the pnl lie confident that iney nre equal in ewry re i tret, mi'l in nnnv nartieiiars s inerinr io any tin 1 tr i ho Kin I ever o ere-l. I hey hae the tin lal.fie I aootol alioii ofthu .Medical r.icnltv in al most all parts tluiu eoimlrv where ihcv have I ecu introtl'KcM. II. J, 111 KM'.IH.IU. S. 1J, e have cnrcriillv ex l tinned Dr. H. Ihoinps.Mi nti, nr.ini" tor the rehel and euro cf o'ansua -ten, A:c., ns well at tho ittuiiony and npinion.t of highly eininenl tiicml er- ofiho K.icnllv. and are ol'tho do cidc'i) opinion thai they are worthy ilie ntletmnn of llio tvdi'ic, and I hit thev will tul.e u lush rank anion! tnvenuons no i t iire i ne I'nhi.e. Mr ine enre oi me h:easca tor which ihey nre recoinmen VJ. CHAS. HALL, H. iiA'inn, T. OllAMUM.r.I.N. vm. a'I'wa rrjt. The above iiitrunu'iit9 f t r mle nt 1 11. J. IiniNKHEItG & CoV. Female 'i'russes. TM1IS arti.-Ie of the invention nn' JL liiiuufaet-ire of Hull, nu I also of Marsh, ol every ize and form, and lor all lliu piirpo-e for which tlr ore de.igned, eouetanily rcH-emns 1M.CK A SPEAK'."8. Fio u the reennimenilation c.f our town Phyateian and io idem rrai-liinaicr la tin hla'e, a wen tho Mcdu-a I .u-idtie I the i-llie tifew 1 rK, l ton, lh il.idt-lpbta, nnd llaliiuiore, wo eannet but as- Mire lhoe 1 1 Hie iiiun-ieiu-ia-s ol ine nappy lueli may I e deriu-d by the u-e of the e instrument. In point ifil irai-epy, ami patticniany price, tucy nre wiilini I lie rriK-h id' all. I'u P ivieian nnu 1'riisrcri-t- who piin liac lv tlie dozen, the .Manufacturer' discount is niaJe. 31 184:5. NORTtlJfiUiN TllANSPOR- TATION LINE ASSOCIATION. 18 IJULSLm- IiV AHKAXGEMEN'I. BURLINGTON & BUFFALO LINE. 45 TIIK SPLKMIII) PACKKT-I10AT Cant. J, ACKM-.Y, Jr., nAS I een Ii'l, d up in ihe li t po.-ihlo manner, ii.iriiis; neubtr i-aia-in expOi e. for Ihe iiiiriies of Iran-poiluu: l-Veiir'it nnd Pa sender lo and I'roin nniinlo nnu inierineiiiaie otnee. I'erson enitffralnis West wihiuir for eouitorl anil cr.nvenieiuo.will litul it on board if the It. P. Ileait. The Captain Hitlers him'clf, with the eicw be ha procured, who are teadv. attentive and oWizinir, lint be can tri"e nu lai-tiou to nil wno may lavor luin with llieir patron- aire. I hi I a ket ilari;eanil eominot'iou, snlbcient to neeiiiiuneilate eenty-fic oreizhty persons. On the open ins f navianlion the will leavens follow.: Ihirlinglon, April 23d, Iliirhiigton, Ann. Gib, " May I l b, " 27lb, " June -lib, " Sept. 17lb. " " 2 jib, 11 Oei.7lb, " JulylGlh, " ''29lh. AC.nVTS. Jlor.. Follelt&Hraillev, llurlinalon. VI. " iS'i'-hol, liiuion & Chittenden, St. Albans N. Wihb, llmst's 1'olnt. rom.5'L.'oiianil ctlin. i 'J'a"''r?h. Me-r. Colvin & Tieinh'e, Port Kent, Cash! Cash!! PAID for Rood Ung by J. I. CUTLER, Sirongs Building. uumngton, amy, mil), u4 Superior patent Pumps for Wells and Listcrns. WIIOLF.SALU and retail by II. CALIWKLL, Hurlincton. Vl. Tlio.o numn. have been Ihoroujttily tested for 10 vents in the western part of New Vorlf, nnd proved lo lea Hrst rate article. They are pronounced by nil people acquainted with mem, Hie Let anu most (lurnnie pumps m ine united Slate., that has ever 1-ccn olTered for ale. -They aro imple in their contruilion ond worked with cae, thev are warranted to work .aliffactorv in nil cac ami not lo freeze in the winter. The working parts nre of nil metal with tnctallie fits I the pipes nre made ofn dutnbletiml cr, and saturated with a eompo-ition which renders it impervious lo wnter, and prevents decay. The above pump will draw water the depth ol one bundled (cet ns well a shorter distances. All pcrBOti wihni!r lo purchase pumps lor well, or cis tern will do well lo call and examine tbco pumps belore ihey purchase elsewhere. Ihey will be kept contnnlly on hand nt the Franklin Hotel, nnd nt lliu siorc oi otbonos ot uo., in iniriiiimnn in- n. CALUWI-.LL. All orders sent lo Inm bv mail will be lh.inl.f dlv received and promptly attended lo. may 1U, luin. imj ro-Tii MIS' 1U ttF.LIEF.-TO HARRIED LA DIES. Ihe Mothers Relief, n medicine which soothes the disagrecable sensation ol ftmalcs nhout lo become mothers, nnd insures a safo delivery in all cases whero malformation or soincunnaltiral cinum sinners does not prevent. Tho reputation of this ar ticle, though silent, has become so extended as lo pro duce an immense demand. A pamphlet intended on ly for tho eyo of those directly interested nnd their i !- I e.- ' ...!. .11. pii) sieiins, ii prepareu lur gratuitous uisinuuiiun wnero mo llclicl is lor sale. As we nro Ihus obliged to come before tho public, wo take the occasion Insav. that if the increase of the call forlho Mother's Hclicf, wherever known, bonny miidc to a direct i nininn to be formed of the estima tion in which it is held, we have ths s.iisfnction of brlicying that it has lircn llio means ot alienating nn llllllllltl UIIIUIllll Ul SIIIII.-IIII;, II TI LJ Ul BI'IUSI IILIIIJ- VIII- uable live. Wherever il has been used during the above period, deep rnnicd prejudices have riven way to candid nnd thankful exorcssions of eraiitudo, and a wih to extend nn their purls, ns far ns possible, its benefits. Medical men nf hieli sbinding have had the candor to nckniiwledeo far once, that their preindices mu-t bo abandoned, and have been advocalca for its use. All thoo who wih, aro invited to call on some of our ogentsand procure a pamphlet without charge O. A. IIAIITIIOLIC & Co. Rochester. N. Y. For sale by PECK i SPEAR, llio authorized Aircnis i-ir mis place nnu vicinity, who can also sup ply Druggists at the Proprietor's' uholesnle prices. Annexation. SPAULDING & RUSSIiLL TT'AVINi3 laken ihe ULACKSMIT SHOP former JTJ. ly oecuptel by tieo. A Allen, nre prepared to aiToitimndate the pnlilie us well a any oilier Etab- iisiniien' in liu vicinity. o wantall tlieoMeus lomer.-, nnd lota of new ones. R. C. SPATII.DINU, S. II. HUSSU.t,. liurlinilon, June 21, 1345. ImC FAL.R8' MEDICINE. F ALES' Cathartic nnd Veffetabli' Purgative Lo. Fmrt-r.. mwl thn heat and decidedly the mot non ular article, not only fur adults but for children of all countries nnd climalcs. and in every conilition of life. They areslriclly vegetable, wilh a tastcinexprcssildy delightful ) they caiiso no pain in theoperatinii but on too contrary lecnngs oi picasnre,cicansingino9ioin. nch and bowels mere pcrfeelly than any other purga ilvn. Their marric like oneration siirnrises tlieuioat eminent physicians, and tlicy nro rapidly taking Ihe place 01 ail oincr pnrgauvc cumpuunu. i-.verv irav ellcr should carry them, every family should keep them, and every man, woman and child shonld lako them. FA LIS' WORM LOZK.NOES Aro a sura remcdv. and children love ihcm.tnev net like a charm in removing the synptoms, starting In sleep, Rralinc the leelh, palencs about iho mouth nnd no-c, skEiies nt stomnchi precarious npnethe, swelled towels and general lever) ihe child fall Into a nuiet sleen. the worms nre rtiinillc'l and expelled in every instance ns far as heard from the patient Is en ureiy eiireu. KALES' COUGH LOZENGES, For cotnrlist. ci.ld. bronchitis, incipient consump tion, whooping cough nnd croup, the niot happy eilect isontaineii In n lew niomeni, nio symptoms uisappear and Ihe disease i at oive broken up. A single trial is sufficient to sntily the mot skepllcnl. FALES' DYSENTERY LOZENOES Cure dvsen'erv,diarrlieee and all bowel complaints olndult. or children. Pav pariicular attemion to the directions which accnnipanv each box and they nre not known to laii. I'rice u cents. FALKS CAMPHOR LOZENGES, For common nnd sick hendache! also, mania, cni- lepy, melancholy, hysteria, Si, Villi Dance and all oilier eases nl languor and oppreion of Iho vital power", 'hey are perfectly safo for women or children in all condilinn. FALES' CYPRIAN HAIR TONIC, Is now so extensively known that comment i use- lc. Wo can say, however, nmong thouand who have piircbaeil it in this nnd other counlrie, none have complained, but on the contrary cxpresed their wonder und ndmiralion on beholding it e feet. CLEAR OUT YOUR RATS. The cniwi-g and nnlic ol thee deMruclivc crea ture can I ebanihed forever in your houses and stores if you will procure n box of the genuine Mailasascar Itat r.xtcrmiuator, and tee it according lo direction. You.can not depend upon the above medicine iinle. obtained of the proprietor, J. J. Falc, DG Commercial street, lloston ; lo avoi-l eo'interfcil Ihe aeent ha a ceriiticste wilh the written signature of J. J. Falcs, 1. D. Mem! er Mass. Med. So. and lloston Med. Ass. Dr. Fnle' medicine ate old wholesale add retail nt No. 1)0 Commercial St., Ho. ton. Rurllnqlon, II. J. Heme! crch & Co.. Druggist, Who!eale nnd Retailers fur Ihe above medicine. I'trj-emiM, Win. II. Ilixby, Druigi-li Sew Harm Mills, 11. Riders Urlslol. (Jen. W. Parme!ee .Vein iircn, A. I . Ilo-coej rcrrwburpn Venter, Amu Weiheiby; Shctbum,. Il.lshanii Hintthureh, Mir cur Ilul1: Wtllislon. Morton ,f- Clark : Jericho Cor ncrs, Oake if Peck i Cambridge, Mariin Wire; llalicrsficlil, Arniinglun if' Pomerny ; ll'csr Rnos bureti Jnme M. Dean; Sheldon, A. Keith & Co.; rairfield, Uurr St Fansworlb; Fairfax, S. W. Ilrusli ft L-e. -i'j OH RAT ENGLISH REMEDY. VOll tOUC:iASTllMA. AND f i tit,- nnviti , r... , T...v.r.n.. .. 1!. . " iie..'11-.uv lorcolds, .... on2lis. Atlinia, and CONSUMPTION, is the HUNGARIAN BALSAM OF LIFE, diovercdb, Ihe celebrated Dr. Bur-ban, of Loni'on, England, and introduced lulo ihe Uniie 1 Slates under the immediate iiperiuieinnnce ui ine in venter. The extraordinary success of this medicine, in the cure ol I'lllnionarvdi-Ca-e. warrants the Ami-Tlcim Aei-nt jn snlieiiing for'reatmcnt Ihe WORST POS S1I1LE CASES I lint can 1 e found in the community eases thai seek relief in vain from any of Ihe com mon i eme Ins ol lie; dav. and have been given up bv themii.tdMiiiai'i'licd P!ivsioim,a. CONFIRMED AND INCURAULE. The llnngnrian Halsam tins cured and will cure the most desperate of caaea. ii i i ui i nn-, uu-irum, nut a sianuarcl tnllhme(J- "",ii mi"ii nun enii nsneii euicacv. . . r...a .. : .i i s ,. , v , , ,,K sjuiieo oiaie snouiu ce sup plied with lliicbnn'.. Ilungnnan Hal. am of Lire, not only to counteract ihe con-iimptiie tendencies ol the cniale. but io I c u-etl as a preienlive medicine In all i'n.i, nf Oliiii, f...t..l. j ,.., n- t. . .. . ,B, oiuiuiiss u, iiiuw.1, i-ain in the sule ami the!, Irritation nnd sorenes or the Lung, Bronchitis, Dillicuily of Breathing, Hectic Fe. ver, Night Sweat, Emaciation nnd General Debility, Asthma, Inlluenz.1, Hooping t'ough, and Cionp. il-J- ooui, in large Lotties, at SI l er boule, wilh full direction for the restoration of Heallh. rampiiieis, containing n ma. ol English and Amer ican i erllfK-ate. and oiherHvulm .. lntr ii.a eqnalled merits of tin Great Ensli'-h Remedy, may I e olilnineil oflhe AeenN, gratuitoii.y. !P '.V "IIADLEE, sole Agent for the United laic. II!) Court .tree!, Bo-loii. AGENTS. IIURI.IMn OS. VF.r.XZ A RPCiJl. Apoilwane mid Dmggi.i ; Monipelirr, Clark & Collins ; Brallleboro, Dmionoc Clark; Mellows Falls, N.IIarrrs; Ruiland, Darnell & Hell ; Wood.lo-l.-, S, J. Allen; and by the Druggists generally. It-Iv Yaieihon &. Rich. ) ... , John K-rtland, ' i "'"""" 3Ieara. Joy if- Webster, lluTah. lltirlingtun, Vt.Maich 15, 1313. 13lf 1 845. MERCHANTS' LINE. liAKE I?OATS l-'orllic TraiiRporlatlon of Property between LAKE CIIAMPLAIN. TROY, ALU ANY, M:V-YOHK AND UO ST ON. -..-Ki-jiSV'Sjo;, A VALUABLE MEDICINE. DR. Brandreih' Vegetal le Pill have proved lliem selvc. nu effectual aiiant ol nature, having cured in the United Slate nt leit one hundred thous and persons or disea-es which had Icon pronounced incurable by medical men of ihe first rank and standing. These Pills, from the pe-uliar properties they pos se, aro calculated to cure t i.-ae, whatever be its name, all having (be same origin, in any peron in whom is the iinivcr-nt "brea h of life," who partakes of the "universal" "one blood," of whiih nre made all people who dwell upon the earth, and wbo-e di order nreefrom the "universal rout" of all disease, namely, Impurity or imperfect circulation of the blond. Thoe ho are s'l tiring from a.bad stale of heallh, will do well to give llum a trial. Agents, S. E. Howard, Iliirlinqton , E. B. Green. KcA mondi J. Tunic, Hsucx ; Geo 11. Oake. Jericho; J. II. Tower. Underbill ; Geo. Ayre, Mil Ion ; R. Sandcron, West Milton ; II. B. Iliue. Weslford; .Morion & Clark, IVitlisfont Marcu Hull. Hints, burghs J. U. Ish.iin, Shelburn ; J. M. Staple, Charlotte. 3mC BINGLE. DOUBLE. UMBILICAL. TlinVrrprietors ol tin line having incrca-cJ their l.u-ililics, 1 y- the. nildiliun i.f several lir.t rale boat, nre prepared to vr.ede-paich to all properly intended lo pa letween the jdace above name.', wilh wbkh ihey may be enirus'cd, and hope by prompt intent it'll to the i merest of their ciiiplujcrslo receive n continuance of put lie piitrnnaiie. Their boat are lo I e lowed by steam on the Hudson River and on Lake I'lumpl tin when ueccs-nrv, andi-oui-iW a perfect Line to New Vork, ns al-o, lu Troy audAI any. Lots of good are kepi together and not subjected lo injury by tran-bipineni. Properly lo or from Bosti n forwarded, via. Western Rail Road or es-cl a de-ire I. Contract, for freight can Le iiiado Willi ihe Proprietor- or llieir agents. Proprietors. I'ullett ,f. llrtfileV, fiutlinlton Vt. Nii hiils. li irluuiV.Cliilie.idtu, St. Albans Vt. A, M. Clatk, Sitmlon VI. A scuts. L. A. Jolm-on, 9 Connie Slip, .Vno YorA". u. i: .ware, io Long nnari, vouon. O. F. Blount, U1 River Street, Troy. II. J. Giluian, 101 Pier, Albany. -13 ALL kind (I nil'SSIS for Rtiptiires incident to llio lla'e, for sale, and accurately applied, bv 33 PECK & SPEAR. Day Hooks, Cbh Hanks, Sales Bor.ks. Rectipt Bunks, Lawier's Briefing Paper, i'ocKeis, N. B Banks, Public o'lice, Insnrance Companies, Merchanis nnd others, furnished with Account Books made of iho best paper, ruled and hound to any pat tern desired, and executed in asgood slyle ns the laiist luiprnveinents in binding and experienced workmen can pmituce, PnriiJultir altrnllnn will be pail to the binding if Libiaru-tf, Peiiodirals, Music, Port-folios, Hemp Bunks yc, .Me. Mauufjctiirer of Illue, HI in-k . nnd Rid Inks. Country eiders executed on ihi most lavornhle terms, and at short notice. Edges nf Books matbled lo any pattern lo malch, Comb or .s'pnnisli in the best sl)le. Mosl kmils of School and Blank Books on hand and Inr sale chrnp rnr Cash. Paper Rags taken in ex chance fur Blank and School Books, Paper, if-c. Burlington, May l, 1813. t301y B. J. HEINEBE G & CO. Wholesale and Retail Druggists. BJ. HIM Vr,li;lt; having re cully reliirn- ed frtuii New York, o !cr u large ami exten sive a-sortmeiit of Drug mil .Medicine at Ihe low est prices, he i also prepared lo receitennd execute tilt order, to any amount ul n small advance from New York prices. All order will I u attended In by Inm peronally, nad carefully put up, packed and de livcnd ul uny place dcsiugiialcd. ALSO, In conne-lion Willi our Store wc havo laulv put u,i un extensive ArOtin .ffOUllMfll. and oTcr Ihe largest and 'est variety or Syrup to I e found in ihe Slate, cunsislinrr of ihe following : "nrs.-.paiiiia, iiauciry, Vine Apple, Hasphcriy, l.C'iiuiii, tilt-Hie de Noyau, Aiilzcllc. "" " Hose. Cherry, " " ranellc, (lugrr, " D'Oraugf, Orgeat, IVlillc t'urieiils, Mil lib, (Simple) Aioniallc. For iho iiiconragemeiit of Name Talent, we nre happy to .line that our iba.te mid e'egaat Fountain was de.igiieJ und made by our icteemed fellow tin- zens, Ilocs and Hay Forks. ANEW and superior article, manufactured by Fairl anks, for sale bv .1. it J. H. PECK & Co. Burlington, April 1, IS 13. 41 AMERICAN II DTISL. AND GENERA L S TA GE HO USE, 11V S. W. TAYLOR, CofBT IIOfSE SdCARC, BcllLlNGTON, Vt. 2Ct CASH PAID FOR LUMPER. It HE stibscri ers will pay cah on delivery at llieir shop lor 10000 It. 1 inch ilcar pine Lumber, 000 do li do do do SODO do I j do do do 5' II HI do 2 do do do 2000 do J du do do 000 do 2 do Biiliernnl. J. & II. P. HERRICff, & Co. Burlington Jan. 10th, IS 15. 32tf, Shingles. 1 ff 31. Prime Spruce hlnnirles, for sale by l j. st j. n. peck & Co. Burlington, April 1, ISIj. -11 Farm for Sale. IjOIt i-alc, n farm In Chnrlolle rrnlniii--L inn nbuitt one liHiulrml ami tueniv acre"! flt'out one hiin Ireu acres of which is under cnllivntiun the remainder h cuvemi hva nood thnfiv crowiliof nint". iicniitM k ana imra wooa. un uie nrt'ini-f-aren con M'liient ilwflliiiEf lioiisu one ami n half l()v lush twoni vix lv ihtrlv Un. a coin harn thiriv lv fortv feit,farlM2e liunu ami wood hcd wilh a ynud well oi p ire water. i lo, a vounori'iiaiii oi ai out ixty trt'fa jusl lifzinnins to I ear. The fibove hrm in sit uated in the north part ul ChaKotie and about two and a half mile-, south Irom .Shelburn ineeling hniie, N under a jrood taIcc)f euhivnticn and i well fenced. Al-o about twenty-five ton- ol good hay till ot which will be uld lor a lair rriee nnd imse-.'-ion ffiven im- mediately. For further par lienlar inquire of Shelburn, Mardi 12, 1815. 41 INSURANCE. mtlE snl acril crha ncledn .gent turlhcIitna J. nuiance Company of HarlfoulConnciiicul for more iliau twenlj years nu.i conunue 10 inure azain-t losses bv tlie, anil all huul of btiil.hug anil personal properly, ntul will rc--ete application at hi o Ri e lu Burlington, anil immeib.itely ine Police for ibat purpose al a love rale of premium, ns any private .1 toro. i ne unuoiiiiu-u re-poa sil llllvof tin Coinnanv. instiies safelv lo tbeinil ml, anil llieir, honorable, aid 111 coupe in the ailjii.iment ami payment nf lo-e, will be at ietcd bv all wilh whom lliev have hail oci-aion to ilobu-ine... W.M. A. (illlSWoi.D, Agent. Burlington, March 1, 1511. 40 If FARM FOR SALE. FOR SALE, n larin in Underbill, con tabling ono Ininihcl uml loriy-ix acre., al on one liumlrcil acre ol which is under euluvalion. tlie romainth-r in covered by a good growth of hard wood. On tho pn.-uiiT.nru a cniivenieiitiiH tiling liou-c, I arn, sheds, i. in, iiri-iniru in inr iv- Leariti!? aim ., irtva. siiilieiciu for maI.iiiirs.oini (ifivnp r.t.. hnrpMi eider. Abo, a larnl ecnliiiiiuie one hundretl acre. lying about one mile from iiivti-ni-r.. ol which isund.'r iiniriiveiui-nl,and bason il n cipn- . .....-...., .-.., ,.,i.-r i. wi-ii wouiiuj, principauv with lie.ii li and maple. The nboie are situated nca'r the centre ol the town nndoi the main road, are well watered and nell fenced, a considerable portion oflhe knee being slone wall, and logeih er compose one of the bet ij itrv farms in the town. Tho above prcmi-c will lo so'il to clo.e a com em lor much lei than ihur real value, and po-esion given on ihe 1st of April next. For furlher particu lars enquire ot A. EOOI'E. Burlington, Feb. 22. 1811 38if For Sale. A FIRST rate place for business in the centre of. uiiat-iotic, on tno stage roaii, known a Hie Barne place i ol'ered for sale, coiiinmini- nbont two hundred aires oflandnn which ibcre i a biiue suit able lor n Tavern, n Store, store bou-e, three Barns shed nnJ other buildings. Tho place need no recomm 'inlaiion to tho-e knowing ihe location Fcr lei in- enquire of the mib-i-ril it en I he SA.MU1L II. BARNES, April 1, 1313, -t-i-U For Sale Cheap. HMIE subscriber wi-lung loleaveiown i ( Here for sale the two Houses and ioi won an excellent well olwatcr, plea.. atltlv sllliati-il nil ('hprv St. imvl lm ot W in. We-ion Esq. Fur term ennnire of ih sub tcrileron the premises. JAMES MARTIN. N. B. House to It-t. 41if Heavy Hardware. ANVILS, Vies, .Vlinvcl", Spades, Hoes. Forks, . Cro Bars, Log Chains, Pl k.tnilli's Bellows, Brass Kettles Waggon an Carl Boxe-, Sheet Zinc, Sheet Lead, Caldion Kmlcs, Siovo llol ow Ware, r-e. f.. S IKO.NGS & Co. Jum 10, '13, J. ff. DOWNS' Vegetable Balsamic THE Get Nonrii crn II r. he n r for Cough-, Ci Id, Bleeding nt tho Lungs, llrouchiii. Night Sweats, DiJiculiyof I re.iiliing, nnd all oiher dtscacs oflhe Lung, which are ihe im-ipicnl slacc of Ciniimpiion a diseii-elhatln-.hercioforeprovetl final, hat lluigall itK-Jii-ol ol.ill, and dragging thou sand, to untimely graie. Nu oilier medicine el discovered has grappled with tin fell ileilr.ijrr il btiuian lilo wilh such - I I " S f St The Vegetable Balsamic Elixir hasnow been in general u-o for more than ten year, and lie uiantls, taught its ineoinpnrab'e value by experi ence of n. wonderful curative prom-ilie. have aei-ord ed to it a celebrity unparalleled in tho whole wide range ol .Mtaical science in Ibis or any other country. Sint-M tin nuwerf tl medicine hrst leeuiue known. iinnii-ii-e iiiiiuler. who belieicd llicm-clvc-. ill the l.i. t stage ofn confirmed a id iiiciirablecriiumption, 1 . . l I I... .1... ....... .1 . I. ........... T.. Illlll prUllilillll 111 (') 'iw ...M-i siviiiiu, .,i .iviaii. ,i, ihe country as paliut hope of recovery, have been re.cued miraeiilously from ihe itiasp ol Di-aih by its ii.h. an I are now I lessed wilh heallh and slrenmh. ItisNaiure's own simple Re-toniiive-a Healing I f work, and I am confident 1 can do it, by using tho Balm prepared I y ono who wa brought lo lliu very Chest of stock. lirinu ot the grave uy isoiiguui.uinu, nnu irom pianis cele' raltil for llieir great medicinal virtue. Il i too eiiiplu)incnt id ualtirnl mean loovcn-ome and coun teract I be evils of N.tjire healing ihe lacerated Lungs oflhe allhciedpalient In lite worst possible ea. sen and resitnng the f iiielions of the diseased mem. ler. lo sirong ant licallhy action. It ha. elected cures where all other incdii-ines have tailed. In all ea-es of A.lhmn, Whooping Cnzli, or the Hi-cumulation of Phlegm, so desliuctive lo I be heallh and life of ehihhen it is nartieularly recommended a. nn unlading (Ure, nnd no family in the Puion if HURLING TON IR01T POTJlTDE-y. fTMUS 8tallihInentfs now (Htcd up in good ordtr CAsrriNos, such a Mill Cecriinr. Sleuth Shoe i and Boxe. laiurcn aim Potash Kelilci usual. B. J Hr.lNEDEOO, 49 W, C, IIa.msgton. Dr. Iletncberg eau Lo c-onsulltd proftssionatly ns they wi-b to iner eriel heir i Inldren from sullering and ....! .n i.l I. .1 1.1 .... Uu- 1. ...-.I'M, I'UIU llUi-l-C- villlHI.ll II Almost i-ouiiiters lelnnonial of its remarkable cures, lioni every quarter oflhe I'nion. and Irom indi vidual, in eiery condition ul life, are lis best creden tial, showing in the most conclusive manner that this Preparation acts upu-i the human system in a miraculous. The-emaybeloiind in Ihu daily paper, and al-o may be obtained in pain phlels and handbill ofnsent tree ol co.t. 'I hi le incdiciuu is prepared only by N. II. Hones, Troy Vl., ibo original invintorandpio pnetor. CURTIS & SMI I II, SI. Allans, Vt, Only Wholesale Agcnis, by whom Agents can be supplied in an) partol ibo Union, upon the best terms. Sold bv espty-ial appointment, by PI CK 4. SPI.AR, ) HAlJAlt U ARTHUR, Butlinglon, Vl. SMll II H WILKIN S, ) 19 Wholesale and RETAIL. THE Subscribers wishing to close their roparlner. fblp business, olllr their slock of GOODS con sisting of I'ANCV AND STAPLE DRV GOODS, Carpeting, Pspcr Hangings, Looking Glasses, Crock, aiy and Glas Ware nt reduced prices. Persuiia wi.lung lo purchaso any goods which we have on band aro assured that ihey call obtain better bargains at ibis establishment, than nt any other in Builington. LOVELY & SEVMOUR. Ju:ic li, 1915. j Waggon Axes kept constantly on hand. All ihepaterne formerly u-ed and owned hy Me-urs. Oay ii I'du iirds are here ready for use. I have uken noui oi nu ci intern, lor Hie purpo-e ol doing the .niuig mane on inw icrins, ior reatly pay. All orutTsniiurcsed to u, I ro-smn. Hurling ton, Vl , shall I e promptly nl'ended to Burlinglun, Vl. Feb'y. 12, '45. 37mG AI.AItOi: assorimenl of Cloihs," Cnssiineie, Twicds, Saliineils, Ve-lmgs, cie. &C Just opcne-ii at prices eorre-ponuing wilh the linic, by CATLIN, in Strongs Building, April 25, 1813. 47 E. R . HARD, ATTORNEY .All'. AND COUNSELLOR AT JERICHO, VERMONT. April I, 1815. 43 There is no excuse jor the Headache when you can obtain the Gen- INT. iM.WtSIIAI.I.S Alin.MATIC Cataimiii ami Ilr.Ai aciii: S.vurr ! ! THIS snufT i aecrlam and cure for tie catarrh, and common culd. lu the Head und I lit Headache and is an excellent article for ore and weak eye. Ilopeusaild purge out all ob1rucllons, slrcngihen the glan an.1 gives a healthy action to ihe part atlected. Dexcarc of Counterfeits All lhnso wishing to purchase the genuine article nf Mar-haltV Sim'i; should purchase that of which II. C Gndlcy, Mtddkbnry Vt., is ihe proprie tor, "ard no oilier," a I manufacture personally, the inu.'I'sold by said Gndlcy. nil. .il.l(.-ll.l.l.. I certify that the above ariicle w a executed in my preieme and that hi signature therein i genuine. DORASTUS WOOsTi.R, Judge. Middlcbury, Jan. I I, 1SI3. N. B. 1 he name ol II. C. Gridley proprietor will befuund upon every botile of ihe genuine Marshall's Improved Snnlf. Slid wholesale and retail by II. C. Gndlcy, M.d.lleburv Vt. PECK & SPEAR Wholesale and Httait Drusgltts, Btirbnirtnn, Vt. And by Druggists generally in the United States and Canada. 33-ly PR. MARSHA!.!. S INDIAN VEGETABLE Black Plaster. THIS Piaster i unrivaled for curing serofiilus swelling, scurvy, sore, lame bad., burn, pains In ihe side, hip or limb., and seldom fail to glie rebel in eae of local rhe-iu.atisni. If applied to the side, it will mire many ofiho common Itierconi. plaints, and it Is found to I e equal if not superior to any corn plalcr, lor corn on the feel. Il immedi ately applied to a fresh wound it will preieiit sore tie, nnd catie it quickly to heal. Faun ie in the habit of ii-ing Ihi pU.ter, find it better than any thing else fur all pnrpo-e lor which a plaer or salve is wanted. Il virtues have I eeu witnesed I y Ihoii-nnd of rcpociul le individual in vano is pans of ihe llniied State, who hae tesleil its ctlicacy. PRICi; 2j.'ts. per box. tCJ-'.YIanyccrtmcates may le haJ, showing its exlraordinarv enecl. Oeware of Counterfeits r All' ibo-e wiliiiiis to niirchae the eenuine articlo of Marshall's Plaier should purchase that of which II. IJ. Uritlley, .Mulilleliury, I., is tlie uenerai Agent antf no o(Aera I inaniifaeture personally the Plaster sold by said Cridley, DR. MARSHALL. 1 certify that the above article was executed in my pre-eiice by Dr. Marshall and thai bis signature thereto i. genuine. DOltASTAS WOOSTER, JudSe. Middlelurv, Jan. II, 1815. Sold whole-nle and reitul by II, C. Gndlcy, gen eral Agent, .Middlcbury Vt. PECK .p fPEAR, Wholesale and flclail Prurqisls, Burlington, Vl. And by Druggist generally lu the Unhed Slates and Cnnada. 33 1 y SAND'S SARSAPARILLf, FOR THE REMOVAL AND PARM "..SENT CURE UK AM. III-I-.A.-KS ARISING FROM AN IMPURE STATE OF THE BLOOD, OR HABIT OF THE SYSTi-M. F we read Ihe hi-lnry of msoriDERS wearenMon . Mud Ibat men live: ifof cenrs. we are still mora n.nonilit-l that they die. And vet in fact nearly erll diseae haie a common or-gin, viz: in ihe organs which nrenareand mcdife ll.i I.b.rid. wnb n direcieil lo tlie seat of di-ease, will remove a host of it piit-iK'uit-ii.t. ii is n.e cciuinr cnaraeierinc oi Hand's fars.ipari'la.thal it nan lung operation teach es tbecAi-SEs oftli-ea-e, and the cure it perform are Ihcrefore radicnl and thorough. 1 be heallh of Iho human sjs-tm depmds almo-t entirely upon the tale of .lie blood. II ibe vilnlizing fluid which per vadeevcry tiue, eiery incml rane, til re, filament, gland, or oiher eigau primary or subsidiary; if the body 'e charged with the elements of di-ease, sick ne niut letbecou-en cne, and until ihe causes of di-ea-c existing in the I loud, arc eradicated, no permanent relief can I e expected. Il i here that the powerful health-re-lorinu properties ol Sands'Sarn li.tril.'a nre m inifesttsl ; and lor this reaon, in cro Itila, Salt Slieuni, and all eruptiie diseasts, nswell asm all derangements, of the secreting organs, it is eonsi'leerd infilh! le. Tho f (lowing intere-iing cae i presented, anil the reader invited to il ciiieful perusal. Comment on such evitlcnce is iinni-e.irv., July 23, 1841. Mers. Sand : Gent- 1 1 on-ider it but an act ol lustice lo uu to -tail ihe following lact in reference to ihe great 1 euelit I have icceiied iu the cure of an oblinateCANCi:nocs Ulccn on niybrea-t. I wa.atteiidod eighteen month by a regular and skilful physician, a-iied bv the advice and counsel of one of our inni able and experienced surgeens, without the leat I enrlil wbateu-r. All :he varioita meilioJsol treatingc.iiiccr were re-oried lo; forhve week in siicceion mv I reasi wa I urned w iihcaus tie lliree limes a day, and for six il wa daily syringed with a weak solut'ion.rf nunc acid, and ibecaviljr or interna! tiher was so Inrge that it held over an ounce ofihesolutiun. Tbf Doctor pro! ed the ulcer and examined the bone, and said ll.e di-ca-e was ad i.iut-ing rapidly to the lungs, nnd ill did not gel peidv rcl ef by medicine or an operation, there-nit would be fatal. I waadvi-ed lohaie thebreast laid oiennnlthe bone examined, but finding no relief Irom what had Icendone, and feeling 1 wa rapidly gt-ning wor-e, 1 almo-t depaiitd of recovery, con ilered my cae nearly hoiiele-s. Seeing varioutesiimonial and certificates of core I y llicn-e of" Sands' SA!tArARILLA," in i-Qses sim ilar to my own, I concbtdeil to try u few bottle, sev eral of which were ncd, but from lliclong deeitseat ed ehaiocter of my disi-a-e, pri tl iced no ery decideJ change; eoii-ideiing ibis a ibe only prol ab'e cure lor my eae, I pt-r-evered, uniil ibe di-ca-e wa en tirely cured. It is now oer eleven month since ihe cure wa eoiiipleied; I bore is noi ibe slightest ap pearaneeofn return. I, therefore, pronounce myself well, and ihe cute entirely eJJ'tcltd by "Sands" Har stPAntLLA," a J took no other medicine of any kind during Ihe time Ixeas wstng it, nor hare I taken any since. Plea-eextti-elbis longdelerrcilacknow'erfce menl, wllf'-h I Ibinl; il my duty lo mike. Vourval uabb Sar-apanlla curetl nie, will. Ibe" I lesingof Di vine Providciu-e, when nothing ebe could, and I fail my-elf under lasting ol ligations to you. 1 can say many thing 1 cannot wine, and I do inot respect fully 'invite ladie ntlht-ied a 1 havel een lo call upoa me and I will sati-ly them fully ot the truth a stated above, and inanv oi her th me in reference to ihe ease, NANCY J. MILLER, 218 Sullivan st. Thefollowi.igisan extract Irom a letter recently received. Gailativ, Tenn. Feb. 27lb, ISM. Messrs. A. H. cf- I). Sands: liESTLr.Mr.N I liaveju! received a letter from my falherin Rueli'le, Ky., who wishes to purchase someof yourSarapanlla. I have no doubt heean I c Ihe mean ol selling a great deal, as it ha per formed a wonderful cure in bis family. Last De cern1 er I wa sent for lo stemvsitcr leloresltetlied, she having I een in pi or hcalth'lbr some iwo or three year-,nndnl the nine 1 went oier to see her, she was at the point ol dealh, wilh the scarlet fever, and eanccroti aflcction of the bow-el, from which h physician Iho ight she could not posibly reooier. carried over wilh hvi bollle of your Sar-aparillu nnd with the consent of her phy-icinn sheeommencea taking il that night. I remained w-iih her three days, nnd Icli her rapidly impniving. Her htisland sent boy home wub tne for mote of the Sarsaparilla. 1 sent out dizen I oiile which I leheiewill elect an eniirecure. Jly father wiite. nie to that elect, and wisbe-through me to procure an agence for telling your valuable medicine lo lhat i eighboibnod. ' Respt- iftilly, J. JI. OWENS. For further particular and conelus-ve evidence ol ilk superior value and efficacy, see pamphlets, which, may leobttnned of agents, grails. Prepared and sold, wholesalennd retail, 1-v A. B, t D. Sand-, Druggist, and Chemists, 70 Fulton si., New-York. I'l.l K M-iSAH,ActliecarennilDruggi.ia, and Geo. Peterson, Agen-k .,r Burlingion ; Clark fit Collins, Montpelier. Sold also by Driurgirt gene rnllv ibroinihoiit the I i.itcd Slates. Price 31 iter boule I ix boll e. foi S3. 2f-Tliepid liearcre-pecilully reqtte.tcdto remem ber that il is Sand's Sarsaparilla lhat has and is con stantly aclneina such rcmarkal leeure of the mon diilieultclass of di-ease to wlib h ihe human frame is sui'jeti; iiiereloro ask lor Sands' Sarsaparilla, and, takenootlier ESTABLISHMENT. 'IHK suiiscrihir would respccifully inform the -L citizen, of Burlington and vicinity, that he has taken a shop on ihe square, Iwo doors east ol ihe Howard House, where he will execute all oiders in his line wilh ne.itne-s an I de-patch. Culling dope on the shortest nctirn and warranted lo lii, if properly made up. . G, BACKUS. Huil'ng'en, .May 1, I?I3. 47"t Allehasi's Medicines. THE above Medicine haie leconie o popular where they are known, thai, to meet the demand, the proprietor has adopted the plan of multiplying the Agencies, furnishing each Agent with a neat chest, con-niiiing Till- HI-ACIv (ir AlUbaslX) SAI.VE, Al.l.EHV I'S iii:ai.tii I'll.l.S, AI.LEH.VSrS Tl)l)TII-.C II K UHUP, ANU AM.r.HASI'S I'OIIlt MAN'8 PI.ASTKK. A number of Ageucie. nre now estal lishcd in this Vlllaee. liirntsltul u above, toeelher with nnmiihliu. for general distribution, selling forlh the vitluc. of tne .ieiiicuies,an i containing ceriilicatesironi hiphly re.pectal le persons, of some of tho many cures they have cUVcted. Familie and individuals are invited to send and get a pamphlet, and read, and if Ihev hao occasion, try the -Medicine, which arewarrant- eu io uo an mat is ciaitneil lor tliem. Tho Agents for Burlingion are PECK k SPEAR. Apothecaries and Druggiels, central wholesale ami re tail Agents, who will supply Country dealers at wholesale, on Ihe same terms with the proprietor in New Yoik, Win. H. Curtis, Henry Hyde el Co, tieo. Peterson, N. W. Gage, Harry Bradley, and ingur tx. Armor Burlington, Aug. 26th, 1844. LYMAN W. aiLEERT, Proprietor, 13 1My 2t Fal'vn Street, .Vw ycrL. A I' I PATENT PLATFORM SCALES. WARRANTED. THIS articleia too well known lo need commes. dalion and Iho experience of len year ha demonstrated to Ibe commercial community, thai for accuracy, convenience and durability, they are unrivalled. . . , . . Coal yard scales to weieh from 3 to 6 ton;. Dormant Warehouse do, to weigh from J lb. to Portable do. lo weigh from i oi. to2001bs. PortableCounterdo. loweigb from J oz.to401b J. & J, II. Pick & Co.-Agents. Burlington, Dec, 4, 1844. 2Blf HENRY HALE. ATTOHNEV fe COUNSELLOR AT ouv:ii, LAW

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