Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, August 15, 1845, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated August 15, 1845 Page 3
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act with rapidity and decision, in order to bus tain our national causo before tho wholo world, which Is observing us, and which will fix its eyes upon us, to see whether wo are worthy to be regarded as a nation, or only to bo conquer cd a horde of savages. The government has been unable to resist the calls of duty, or the Unanimous voico of tho nation, and is decided by necessity to engage in war. The Minister of Foreign Relations has already submitted his proposition to declaro war ; and, without doubt, the national Congress will decree It, in obedi ence to the wishes of the republic. Tho government must, however, repeat what it already stated in its report of tho 10th of April that everything is disposed and pre pared for war, and that nothing is wanting but pecuniary resources, in order to execute with celerity the depositions of the government. Theao resources are urgently required ; and the republic will hazard its political existence, if it suffers many days to clapso before grant ing them. The appropriations must bo very large, proportioned to the enormity and urgen cy of the expenses whicli are rendered neces sary by a foreign war. Tho funds necessary for this war cannot be obtained by the common and usual means ; the actual situation of the country requires the application of extraordina ry, and perhaps oppressive means, which, under no other circumstances, could be borne. A loan, either national or foreign, of filteen mil lions of dollars, presents the only means of car. rying on the war with glory, and to a fortunate conclusion, and in order to obtain this tiiumph ; after which, tho present system of the political world gives to a people tho right to be Indem nified for tho losses and sacrifices of a war, to which it has been iniquitously provoked. The proposition of this loan may be a new ground for unjust opposition to the government ; its ministers will respond before the nation, the courts, and tin wholo world, (o this calumnious imputation ; but for tho present, tho adminis tration is endeavoring not to save themselves, but to savo the republic. The Government, in compliance with its duty, and according to tho inspirations ui us conscience, muii icpema uu- fore Congress, that the independence of the na tion is in danger, and that Mexico will incvita blv suffer all the evils of a fore fan invasion, un less the authority be granted to the government to contract a loan of fifteen millions of dollars with as little crievunceas possible. The gov ernment will moreover say, that, iu its opinion, the authorization which is asked should pre cede every other resolution which the Congress may dictate with regard to the serious question of Texas, which it is about to take into consid eration. Some restrictions 6hnuld doubtless be imposed on the government, as to the use of this authorization ; and it belongs rather to the wis dom of Congress than to the government, to fix those rcstrictions.SI can only assure Conjjross that tho resources which the government may receive for the war will be religiously devoted to the sacred object to which the nation re quires them to be assigned to tho defence of its honor, and the preservation of its indepen dence. I conclude by submitting to the deliberations of the august Chamber of Deputies llic meas ures indicated in the following propositions: First. Vho government is authorized to con tract a loan, cither national or foreign, which may bring into the treasury the disposable amount of fifteen millions of dollars. Second. For tho extinction of the debt crea ted by this loan, and the payment of the inter est, the government will hypotheticate all the revenues of the nation not already hypotheca ted for other payments. Third. The government will present to Con gress an account of every loan which it may contract in virtue of this authorization, and a statement of the objects to which the amount of such loan is devoted. LUIS DE LA ROSA. Tlio Water Witch, which was expected to bring the declaration of war, has arrived at New Orleans, having left Vera Cruz, the Si h inst., but no declaration of war had been niSu'c. It is said, however, that 10,000 Mexican troops aro on their march to Tex as, and it was supposed to be tho intention of government to possess themselves of Tex as whether war was declared or not. Wheth er these troops exist anywhere but on paper, in orders and official reports, is perhaps questionable. The Ministry had presented to Congress for deliberation two proposi tions, one for a declaration of war, and the other for a loan of $15,000,000 to recon quer Texas ; and both were under discus sion. M. do la Rosa, the Minister of War, argues resolutely in favor of both resolutions. He says that there is no alternative for Mex ico, but of war, with all its disasters and ca lamities, or infamy and slavery. The Cour rier des Etats Unis, however, says that tho Minister wants war, but wants tho fifteen millions of dollars more ; and he even sub mits that it is his eagerness for the dollars that makes him so ready for war. It seems admitted, that to carry on a war will be im possible without money : ana yet it was even doubtful whether Cengress would au thorise the loan. If the loan is authorised, where is the money to bo obtained J The news from Texas is unimportant. The U. S. troops had began to arrive. These will continue to arrive, in detach ments, from all parts of the Union, for some time to come. President Jones had left Washington for Austin, where the conven tion was still in session. A letter from Gal veston, published by the Union, says that it was rumored that he had been invited there by the convention, to obtain his consent to a change of the form of government imme diately. The manner in which it is propo sed to do this, the writer remarks, is not known, and he expresses his disbelief that Jones will consent to any sucli measure. If the object be to expedite tho annexation, we do not see iiow this can bo accomplished without a further act of our Congress. Tho details of the news, both from Mexico and from Texas, will bo found in another col umn. Communication. NORTHERNBAILROAD. Mb. Editor, In connection with the gener I interest so evidently felt in the accomplish. ment of this great work, not only east of Lake Chamnlain, but throughout Northern New Vork, Upper Canada, Michigan, and the Wes tern State;, allow me to express an opinion that no section throughout its whole extent, from Boston to Lake Ontario, if wo except perhaps its Atlantic termination, can expect greater lo cal advantages than most of the northern coun ties of New York, and more especially if we take into view tho Inexhaustible sources of wealth enclosed in our Mines and Forests, and the additional facilities that must thereby bo af forded in their more effectual developement Through the agency of our State Government, two routes havo been already surveyed from the great Western waters to Lake Champlain, terminating at different points. The Southern, commencing at Ogdensburgh, sixty miles below tho outlet of Lake Ontario, runs through Pots. dam, Parishville, llopkinton, the irrsat Pine Tirnbtr Forest, ami tbe principal Mineral re gion in (lie State, descends tho valley of the Ausable, through Kccseville, and terminates at Port Kent, in Essex county. Tho Northern, so designated from its near approach to tho North ern boundaries of the State, commences also at Ogdcnsburgh, and continues the samo lino as far as Potsdam, thence bearing north, runs through Stockholm, Malonc, Chateaugay, Ellen- burgh, and Chazy, terminating at Plattsburgh, In Clinton county. Each of theso routes, no doubt, possess their relative advantages. Yet it affords somo little amusement to nuticu tho various pretensions to preference claimed by our Noithcrn friends. So much is said and read about distance, low grades, public accom modation, and Iron, that we fear the Logger heads down East will entirely overlook their own interest In deference to ours. In reference to the comparative distance of the two routes, according to the late survey it appears that tho Northern, from Ogdensburgh to Plattsburgh, is 131 miles, and the Southern, to Port Kent, 122, giving a balance in favor of the Northern land route, of ono mile, while if we include tho water conveyance, connected with each line, in crossing to Burlington, the point of union with the Vermont Section, a bal ance of 13 miles will be found in favor of the Southern route; but instead of a frank admis sion of this species of amphibious arithmetic, it is asserted that, so far as regards time or ex pense, it is wholly immaterial whether freight, leaving Burlington for tho west, crosses direct ly to Port Kent, a distance of 9 miles, or runs down the Lake to Plattsburgh, 24 miles, so long as it is advancing towards its place of destina tion. Notwithstanding, tho 13 miles aro not as yet annihilated. If tho conveyance from Bur lington to Port Kent, and to Plattsburgh, was at all seasons equally practicable, no exceptions would be taken to the plausibility of tho re mark. But the fact that water communication is obstructed by ice, in some six or seven weeks in the year, longer with Plattsburgh than with Port Kent, not only invalidates tho assertion, but slops the freight. If the Editor of the Re publican will please suggest any means to ob viate this triling objection to tho Plattsburgh route, other than by its extension to Port Kent, we will then be prepared to discuss the merits of the respective routes, in reference to the best interests of stockholders. ESSEX. Kccseville, Aug. 20, 1815. ESSEX. The Whigs of the town of Essex request ed to meet at the Town House, on Saturday, the 30th day of August, at 0 o'clock, P. M., for the purpose of nominating a candidate for Town Representative at the coming election C. DOUGLASS, J. II. DELANO, Town Committu. I. CASTLE, JEUICHO. The Whigs of the town of Jericho aro re quested, to meet at the Town Room, on Sat urday next, Aug. 30, at 0 o'clock P. M., for the purpose of nominating a suitable person to represent said town in the next Legislature. Bv order Town Committee. Aug. 20th, 1643. COMMERCIAL. BRIGHTON MARKET, Aug. 18, 18. At market, 1550 Ueef Callle, 4000 Sheep, and 1975 Swine. Several hundred Beef Cattle, 1001) Sheep and 200 Swine unsold. PhIces Ueef Cattle. In consequence of the very aiBu Biuti ul nidi ltd, (mew ui every aesenpuun ue chord. Verv few extra Cattle nt mnrket first nual ny S1,G2 - s?4 75 ; second quality, 84 (E 81,50 1 third nujlitv, 83 a 3,75. r-neep uull. Lambs Irom 81,12 to 1,75 : old sheep 31,26 lo S2. 1 Snine Shoals lo peddle 3 f? 3J for Sows, 4 9 ic for Harrows. Old Hons at 35. 4 and 41c. At retail irom 4 toDjc- An Original, Complied and Corrected Account BUKGO YNE'S C A M PA I G N, AND Iho memorable 1 mile o( IteunV- Height" Sent. 19. nnd Ootid or 7. 1777. from ll. mn.i n,, llieiltic sO'irce- Of information lnrl:i'lmr Iinm'inw esllir incidents coni.ccted with the same, and a Man n ...t., r-... i i..... . r. ' of Ihe Bailie Ground. U) iHAULKS, lCILSOX, t.-tl Also, Sears' Pictorial History of the Revolution. " lli-iorv of thellible. " Bible Illustration-. " Ilible lliographv. " Wonders of Ihe World. , STEVENS WOODS. Uurlinglon, Aug. 28, 1845. PRUVENDElt ! GROUND Provender by Ihe-ton or single bags, kept con-lantly for "sale by August 23, 1845.' A. S. DEWEY. Fans, Fans. AUGUST STtll.Just opening to-day a new supply of Ivory Funs, pielty and cheap, for the I -, uum I L'll', IKJKI VVniCIIO and Chains, and lots New Goods : Gold Pen- S3 50 lltn VM nil X. nonrif ....... U. UllUI 11113. Gold Pens. DIAMOND Poinlcd Gold Pens in Ca-e. wilh pencil and place for lead-, tor 83,50 Gold Vatche, very fow, and nil Goods Gold Chains, utwvwv,.-, utA-.j us iw a no.sioie. rorsaie n- HlilNSMAID & BROTHERS, Alclodcons. SOME splendid toned ones, it various slze, just rcceivod. nniNSMAII) &, BROTHERS. Fly Horse Nets. LINEN ond Coiion, cheaper than BRINSMAID . BROTHERS. Printiiiff Ink. NEWS, Book, and Colored Prini'ng Inks, of the btt quality, fjr sale nt manufacturer's price-, ")' ,. , . UAUAll &. ARTHUR. Burlington, 29h Aug., 1845. 13 Asahel Whipple's Instate. STATE OF VERMONT, rTtHE Hon. ihe District of Chilicnden, ss. , I Probate Court lor mo uisinci oi i.uiiienuent To all persons con cerncdin the cstaie of Asahel Whipple, late of Bur WUI-.KbAS, Wm. H. Wilkins Jr. administrator orihe estate of said deceased, proposes to render an account of his administration, nnd present his account against said es:ale for exanunniion arm allowance at a session of the Couit of Proline, to boholden at the office of ihe Rcgisicr of said Court, in Islington, on Ihefourlh Wednesday of September next. rHERcroBE, you are hereby notified to appear be fore said court at the time nnd place aforesaid, and ... - ..u ' ' ut vt-HSCO. liKCF.TIvjO. ...... m nave, vvny me account alore said should not be allowed. uiven unacr mv hand at Burlinnmn. ihU ?SrV, ,Uu nfAugust A U. 1815. ' ' 13W3 WM. WESTON, RegMtr. Daguerreotype Depot. IV II OI,KSAl,li AGENCY, MtabKS. 11KINS.MAID 111101 HERS desire to inform Anisls that ihey luve an Agen cy for supplying ihe ir.o-t approved Dagucrieoiyi.e Apparatus. I'lllte.. Lens. li,li.l,in,r M:it,.pinla if.... man and other Camera-, Case-, Cheinicals.and'trfry .. ....... ...v nnlll(-M , ,me alm ar(j n((W eu plied wilh several Gro. of Ca-e-, Morocco, Gi Plated, and Gold French and American Plalc, lii rotten sione, rouge, lanio Hack, Tripoli, iudu "luicksiiui, nromiue, chloride, of gold, color brushes in . ,, ,areu C0l'n, Gold beaters, Skin I laie Boxes, and every ihing nc..varv for ihe sue ces.ful pro-ecu ion of ihe hi es., having ihe sneiv ,1 i- nV . '"""faelurer. and dealers in V i ' , . """a "e ami lunej supp ice wnh ihe best article, in iho line, selected ,y Ileal artist. We ilmik that we shall be ablo to sup. ply Arllsts on salisfactory terms, and re.pecifully so licit calls and an examination ol the Goods and pri. s- o, u , "'S.MAID & BROTHERS. Aug. 2?ih, 1845. 3i EVERY LADY IIKII OWN DKESS-, FOR ONLY 28. A A. TKNTLER, would respectfully inform tlio Ladies of Burlington and vicinity, tint ho tins lust arrived from the cities of New York ond Philadelphia with hi new Patent Riant for cutting LABIHS' DRESSES, Habits, Sleeves, Yokes, Capes, Collars, Cardinals, eel. ect.. of every description, size, fashion nnd style. This is entirely a new Invention! it is not the mathe matical theorem as inuctit by persons heretofore, but on improvement on everv Hung of tlio kind that may have been Inushl before. Hy tins system ladies ore enabled, nller three hours instruction, to rut any of the above articles with despatch, economy, and beau tif ill fit. . . Ladies taught in classes of not less than three or more. A book of instructions, with chart, given ero lis. Extra charges fur those who ore instrncjed at their own residences, and no pay is expected unless complete satisfaction is, qiven. . Mr. T. will le happy' to explain the fundamental principles of his system of Cultinc, free of charge Hours from 9 to 12 a. m., nnd from 2 to 5 p. m. Great Inducements offered to those who Wish to purchase rights for Counties and State. Mr. T. will remain for ONE WEEK ONLY, at Mr. Doane'a Hoarding House, College SI. I3if A. A TENTLER. $30,000 GRAND CONSOLIDATED LOTTERY OF DEIsAWAKIS AND GEOKGIA. Class No. 5S. To be drawn at Wilmington, Del., Satur day, Sept. 6th, 1845. 1 Prize of 830, OOO I 10 Prizes of 2,000 1 " 10 000 10 " 1,500 1 ' COOOI 10 " 1,200 1 " 2,4101 10 " 1,000 10 prizes of $500 and 8300 each, 300 of 8150, &c. T8 Numbers, 14 Drawn Ballots, Tickets S10, Quarters 82,50, Eighths $1,85 A Certificate of 2G Wholes, 8120 1 20 Quarters S30,00j 26 Eighths, 815,00. POKOMOKE RIVER LOTTERY, OP DELAWARE. Class No. 180. To be Drawn at Wilmington, Del., Tues day, Sept. Uth, 1845. Prize of S2O.O00 I 1 Prlzo of 82,000 1 " 5,000 I 1 " 1,645 1 " 3 000 I 10 " 1,500 10 Prizes each of 81,230, S1,000, &c, &c. 15 Numbers, 12 Drawn llallots, TICKETS, 83 -, Halves, 82,50 i Quarters, 81,25. A Certificate of 25 Wholes, SC5i 25 Halves, S32,50i 23 Quarter-, Slo,25. Class No. 182. To be Drawn at Wilmington, Del., Thurs day, Sept. 11, 1845. 1 Prize of 80,000 I 4 Prizes of 8150 1 ' 2 000 4 " 350 1 " 11110 I 4 ' 230 10 Prizes each or 8E0, 670, SCO, 530, S40, ckc.&c. OO Numbers, 11 Drawn llallots. TICKETS, S2i Halves, 31 ; Quarters, 50c. A Certificate of 22 Wholes, S22 ; 11 Halves, 11 i 22 uuaricrs, iu,M. D. PAINE & COT MANAGERS, (Successors to James Phalin & Co.) The tindcrsirnod (Managers of Lotteries authorized by the Slates of Delaware nnd Georgia,) Imveestabr li'hcd an officii in the city of Albany, for the purpns of supplying orders from the Northern Slates and the C.inauas. Above is a memoranda of Schemes foe next week, givim; the prico of Simile tickets and Packages, wnh Iho nmotint of the C.ipiial Prizes in the Schemes. To all those who order tickets, a full si heme, giving tho dislril ution of prizes, will be seni (when 'equesltd). And ofler tho drawing, an olfiiinl one will be sent to all purchasers. Those who wish tickets to sell again, can he supplied on advantageous terms, by applying to Iho undersigned. Owinir to the hi'jh rales of nosinae. it has been cus tomary lo sell certificates of Packages, for ono half I lie package puce, under tho new postage law oi congress, a leucr containing a picKage oi iicaeis w hi not bo charged over 10 cenls. We will therefore issue certificates, ns usual, or, if the purchaser prefers the Managers tickets, wo will guarnntee packages lournw at least one-half I lie amount of cosl, (if purchased and redeemed nt this olticeA Orders, ns heretofore, will receive the most prompt ana conuucnu.ii attention, uy addressing G Albany, N. Y. SELECT SCHOOL. ITISS I,. It. STACY will commence on .Mon- ItX day, the 8th of September, to continue twelve wecKs. ooiioiars aie expected to enter at lue com inencemenl of the term. Tuition : Engli-h, 83,00 French, 1,00 Drjwiug, 3,00 School room one door west of Mrs. Lanzworlhv's sun, i, op suurs. Hnrlinglon, Aug. 29, 1943. 13 Notice to Pensioners rilllE order of the Commissioner of Pension, heretofore published, renuirmg thai Pen-ionc loners re.-idm ng in Hie Counties of rrnnklm nnd Chillcnde should bo paid nt Montpelicr, and those in the coun tv ol Windhim nt Poulinev. will not take e:!ect un til March next, II having been found impracticable lo obtain correct information as to Ihe present place of their abode, and lo lurni.-h the Agents wilh li-t for ttiat purpose, rensioners rei ling in Ihe coun ties of Benninzlon. Rutland. Addiou. Chilicnden. Franklin, and Grand l-le, will le paid on the 4th Sepiemler next, by MERRITT CLARK, Asent at Puullney, and ihoe re-iding in the other counties in the Slate, at Jlonipelier. M. CLARK, Agmt. Poullney, Augn-t, 1S45. 13 John Simons' Instate. STATE OF VEHMOXT, JTN Probate Lamoille Di-tbilt, ss. ( 1 Court holden at Johnson, in said district, on the 19th day of Au cu-i. A. D. 1845. William Simons, administrator of the estate of JUIIIN bIMUN?, late of Johnson, in said district, acceasea, proposes to renucr an account ol Ins ad' ministration, and present his account, as adminislra tor as aforesaid, fir examination and allowance: Whereupon, II is ordered that the same bo referred to the 2 llh day of Srplctnber, A. D. 1B15, at ten o' clock in the forenoon, nt the ProhaleOflice, Johnson, for examination and allowance, nnd thatati concern ed be notified hereof, by Iho publication of this order in the Burlington Free Press, n newspaper printed at Burlington, Vl., three weeks successively, all of which to ue ueloro Ihe limeof hearing; that they may 1 1 Bl ""'u ,,,ne B"a Place, ii iney Bee cause, and object thereto. By order (4 Court, Aiiesi, W1L.UIA.U vv, WHITE, iiegisler. 13w3 Catharine .Horse's Estate. WI. iV, uii-itii-r-, iinving t'Cen appointed by Iho Honorable ihe Probate Courl for lhel)i. trict of Lamoille, conuni-sioners to receive, exam ine nnd adjust all claims and demand-of all persons again-l ilieesiuieol CATHARINE MOUSE, lale ol John-on, in said Di-lrci, dcirj.eil, repre-enicd in solven', nnd ihe term of six inonili. lrom the 5ih day of Augu-t A. I). 1815, N allowed by the Court to me crcuiiors oi saiu ueeeaseu to and prove their respective claim, before us. Do mvn notice that wo will alieml to the duties of our appointment, at tbe oweinug uou-e oi jonn ivietgs, in joiin-on, in said Di-trici, on the last .Mondays of September and Oe. ler nexl, at coo o'clock ahernoon on each of said days. iiiuvmh WATr.RMA.N, t Cimmia. ANDREW DOW, ! imer. Johnson, Aug. 5ih, 1815. 13w3 GROCERIES. IXtHE subscriber lies on hand an assortment of urocerics sucn as COG. BRANDY, HOLLAND GIN, S. C. RUM, JAM. RUM, and NEW RUM, which he will warrant of the best quality. He lias also, mo zti quality ol Spirits oi all kinds. MOLASSES, SUGARS, TEAS, COFFEE, PEPPER, HPICE, NUTMEGS, CINNAMON, GINGER, and Other articles in the Gfncprv linn. All nr which he will sell on ihe lowest and best terms lor the pur chaser. Tavern Keepers ix particular will find it for uicir imcioi 10 can ana examine lor inemseives. , ,. ISAAC WARNER. Burlington, Aug. 21, 1815. 12-lf Smoked lierf. AFRESH supply just received by Aug. 2Jih. 12 ,'s. DEWEY. BED BUG POISON. FEUCHTWANOERS celebrated Bed Bug Poison, for sale at B. J, HEJNEBERG 1 Co's, JERICHO ACADEMY, FOn LADIES ANDjgENTl.KMEN. THK PALI. TKHM ol ifcJ(.tiution will com meni'eon Wednesday, September 3d. A Teacher's Class, will be formed at tho com mencement of the term", lefore which lectures will be delivered embracing tho principles of early menial culture, nnd also an account of the systems of educa tion which ate adopted in oilier Stales. The atten tion ol the p") lie h particularly invited to this sub ject. The Teacher will be happy to contribute all in their power for the elevation of the Common School. w. 1 crms t . Juvenile Clas., . $2,00 Higher KtifWi IT.wlies, 3,00 Classical languages, 4,00 t x t n a n n a c H e s French, Ital'an, and German, each 2,00 Linear nnd Perspective Drawing, and Chi nese and Mezzolinto Painting, each 1,50 Linear and Perspective Drawing, together 2,00 Instrumental Music, wilh uc of Piano, 10,00 Board in good families lrom 81,00 to 31,35. Op portunities, also, lor thoe who wish to board them- sclv& .,,., , i.j form.hcd fit reduced nriee. pj( fj, is cornc-tlv reques'cd that all sttii'entsbe nrccni nt l ief.'1""""" " u,e term, pn.eni m ine. MILLEIl. Prtncinal. EDWARD C l?. MILLER, Ano. Principal. Jericho Centre, Aug. lli.". '-w A. El) WAR US' CHEAP CASH BOOK STOR No. 1 Peck's Buildings. A general assortment of School, Classical and Miscellaneous Books and Stationery at CITY PRICES. H AltPEIt'S Illuaitnatcd nible, No. 30. uo aiiakspcarc, io ojan'iol. liinrary oi unoice iteaumg, ito. its : me Crock of Gold, 37 cts. Do. do. No. 20. The Indicator and Companion, by Leiuli Hunt, Part 21, price 50 cts. The l-one Slnrj a Tale ofTexa, 25 Marriage) a novel by the author of Des tiny.' 25 Paul Redding, n Tale ol the Brnndyvvine, 25 Hi-torv of the Con-u'ato and Empire un der Napoleon, liy M. A.Th ers. No. 4, 25 Cosmos: A survey of Ihe General Phys ical Hi-lory of Ihe Univer-e Hy Al exander Von Humboldt, Part 1. 11 Colutnlinn Magazine l(r Septemler, Ladies National Maguziuc, for do. Arthur's Maen-zine, do. Godey'. Lady's Book, do. Will bo received to-inotrow. ' Uy A. EDWARDS. Aug. 31, '15. 13 TO THE TRAVELLING PUBLIC. YEAR after year, the Company which has mo-nopoli-cd the Steam Navigation on Lake Champlain, w ercappe.ilel to, lo Moderate their Fare, and give the Public a Day HnatJ Reasonable as Ihe-e appeals were, they were not merely disregard ed, but treated with contempt. Indignant nt their exorbitant extortions, the public demanded a New nnd Independent Boat The FRANCIS SALTUS WAS PUT UPON THE WATERS. The old monooolv. elniinin?- sldl rxclllsieednniinion over the waters uhiih it hn- so long appropriated to ii-en, n.ts u-cu every means, -tigce-tod uy pnue ami nvance, to uphold ' it arrogant pretensions, nnd lo ru-iicuiiire. me power oi impo-ing an exorbitant lari'l upon Northern Travel. I Ixactiii? Inn l.nelv a FARF. ofl-'OTJH Dili, I, AltS, which was then called llEASONACLE t II IMS now Jteduceil It to TWCIlty the Coils! Ii- Aecnis and Rlit.ners. nnnoiiiio Traveller-. by their importunities, fill every Avenue oi iravei, unu in me vain hopes nl mni.inr their ye?-cl- rival in speed, tho FRANCIS SALTUS, it ha- adopted the usual expedient of u-ing re-inou- Stlb-tance for Fuel thus endan-rpriins. ns nine lw uppreueiiucii, ii!cuveu! ; more, Loasnng us wcaiui uii'i cnensniliff lrom umintion no ess tnnn avarice, the trand design of gra-ping the exclusive iuiiu.iiuii oi an enure region, Hie company never1 tholes, is not loo proud lo descend lo the naltiy cle. ceit of ndvertising one ol their own boats as n boat ol "Opposition !" Proprietors worth a million, by an arlifu-e so low that we are a-hamed to n-e lati'ruacv apnropriate lo exnress its chnracter. decovini? .in un- wnry trnveller from tho vessel of his choice, for the tun-i Jernoojl OI i wr.NTVFIVE UENT8 III III sllcn a light do the proud Proprietor-of Iho Monopoly ex hibit themselves before that public whose patronage thev solicit. The FRANCIS SALTUS was an experiment, j, uas oeen suires-lul. On llic public it de pend-, whether il shall continue scnr whether Iml in?, pul lie patronage niu-t I e again bestowed on a corporation which so illy deserves it. THU FRANCIS SALTUS PARE WILL BE 01T3 DOLLAR TIIROUCII THE LAKE, TOUCHING AT ALL THE INTERMEDIATE LANDINGS ! ! I I jCfLeaving WHITEHALL, And Si, JOHNS, Mondays, Wednesdays, Ac i uesuay-, Thursd.t)s, it oaturdav r rioays, At S o'clock, A. M. 12 l O 1 M.ukeiel (.New) ju-l recivet bv J-'V. I Aug, 2i.. A.S.DEWEY. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE P0K SALS. 2 FEATHER Beds nnd Beddimr, 1 Bureau iblk. Walnut front.) 1 Work Table", 1 Wash Siand lowers itn.l 1 f , r nnl.,n,. ni. t nocRiiis v-nair, i pr root stools, tuning and Tea setts of Crockery Ware, I Double Siove, shovel and tongs. ...-., .u . ..ii, neii . iifiiiiii, v. The above nrticlcs are all nearly new, nnd will be sold low. Enquire of G. II. MOORE, Pearl St Burlington, Aug. 20, 1845. 12w2 Notice. JUST received and for sale on Con nt, 100 Sides New York Sole Leather, 25 Cases Thick- Bool-. FOl.LCTT & BRADLEY. South Wharf, Aug. 20, 1815. 12 Vinegar. fN Consignment, Newark Cider V.'netrar. iu uo v one vv ine no For sale very low by FOLLETT & BRADLEY. South Wharf, Aug. 20, 1845. 12 THE BLOOD. TN THE BLOOD IS THE LIFE I it Ihe lan J. uage of Divine Scripture!! How important therefore is it to understand its nature, and how to keep it in a proper condition to render life free lrom many of the maladies which U-fall ihou-ands ol Ihe human family I! Fioin ihe great rc-ervoir of the heart, the blood is conveyed into the veins and arte ries, and by their infinite number of branches is dif- ni-eu lurouguoiit every pnrl ol the liody, imparting heat, aonon and nouri-lioiMiit ,o tlin system. It liiiJo Its wnv lu return to the heart, nnd tlimnirh ih. me dium of Ihe Secretory organs is renewed, and the pure blood again passes back througluihe veins, in vigoralmg life, and giving gruwlh and strength lo the animal economy. Like a running stream, " Like living water," the blood purities itself by its circulation. As long as it continue,, llius uniformly and uninterruptedly to perform its salutary office, sickness cannot attack Ihe body. But it seems to l.e so ile-igucl by Providence that there should I innumerable causes to interrupt the general order ol nature. Much exposure, sudden .checks of perspira tion, bad colJs, unwholesome food or drink, sudJen changes of weather, mercurial ine hemes, 6io. &c.,all tend to render Iho blood morbific, and derange its circulation, thus disqualifying it to work iis own pu rification. Nature, therefore, must he aMsUted to r. form her vork, hy some heulihiul stimulating vege. laute reineuy, .not uy ine tooiisti mercurial ol uncer tain preparations of ihe day). To purify ihe blood is to striko at Iho very root ol disease, and perhaps ihe only means by which health can beiestoreu) when this fluid lecoines perfectly pure (as in Us primitive Hale,) a I dlsca-cs, of however longstanding, inusi abandon ihe system and health be reinstated. Il is in the PURIFICATION OF THE BLOOD that the SUGAR COATED MAGIC LIFE PILLS develope their marvellous powers. They cure by their RENOVATING qualities. 1 bo following are some of Ihediseases which have their origin from thisoue common cau-e, CORRl'PT lll.OOl) and tinequilil riuui in its circulaiiun t Hilos, Ringworm-,, Foul Complexion, Headache, Giddiness, Jaundice, Scrofula, and all complaints of a scrofulous nature, Ac. die. The idea thai someof lliese di-cases are ulmo-t incurable, ari ses from tho iuedieiency ol the miserable medicines in general use ) J ul the peculiar searching l.rop.-rlie- ol Ihe Magic Life Pills in renovating the Blood, renders the-c as well as many other obstina'e complaints quite under their control, A lria of them preoi-elv according to the directions which accompany the box, will fully establish the truth of their extraordinary curative properties, and place Ihem pre-eminent in the estimation of every intelligent and caudid inJi vidual. For sale by PECK ft SPEAR, Aientt for Bur. Iingtoq and vicinity, at cU. per box. Samuel II. Clark, ) Iu Chancery, Chittenden v. county. Hosia Remington. ) March Term, 1645. WHEREAS, at this term of this Court, Samuel II. Clark, of New Lebanon, New York, hath filed his bill of complaint against llo-ea Remington, ol Hinesburgh, Chittenden County, Vermont, setting forth among other thing that Slid Remington, on the 1 Oi h day of May, 1842, being indebted lo said Clark in the sum of six hundred dollars, specified in six promissory note of one hundred dollars each, all daled April 1st, 1842, and payable respectively on the first day of January. 1843. 1844, 1815, 1846, 1847, and 1843, on the said 19th day of May, 1812, execu ted to said Clark a Mortgage deed tif the following described premi-c, situated In said " Hinesburgh, in the county of Ohinenden, in the Stale ol Vermont, in the second division thereof, containing one hun dred acres more or lets, and is known in said divis ion by the name of lot No. 100, whereof David Fer ris is original grantee, and i the same land denied by the orator to said Hosea Remington, 31st dav of Maroh, 1842 1" which said Mortgage Deed was condi. tinned lor the payment of the said six promissory notes nccording to the tenor thereof, and incase of Ihe payment I hereof according to the tenor thereof, then the said Mortgage deed was lo be void, hut oth erwise of force. Anu admitting the payment of tbe two of the said promissory notes first due, but fur ther setting fonh that the residue and remainder of the said sum of money, as specified in the said four promi-sory notes last due and payable, nor any part thereof, had not been paid to Ihe orator at the time I herein set for the payment thereof, nor at any other time; and praying Ine said Court that the said Ho sea inisht l.e foreclosed of and from all eouiiy of re demption in and to the premises aforesaid, and tin: orator hold the same to himself and his heirs forever. Which said bill was duly entered by the Clerk of saic uourt. And whereas, it appears to the Court hete that the ,'aid Hosea resides out ul' thl- Stale at present, and has lot had peisonal notice of the filing of the said i.iit . TilER;ri,F.! if is ordered by the Court here that the said caufe be continued to the next term of this court, and that the said.ea ' notified of Ihe pendency thereof by pubi;;-aliun m the r ree rre.s, a new-paper lirinterl m llnrl m. nn in ,'hlj COIintV, three WCCks SUC- sively, the last publication to be not le. than twenty days previous to the nexl se-sioi. In,s v-ourt. Dated at Burlington, August 15. J"?;, . , EDWARD A. STANSUL.r, Clerk. Henry Leavenworth, Solicitor. NOTICE. THE undersigned intends going West in about two or three weeks, and will visit the northern part of Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, and go to Chicago, in Illinois. Ho will be happy to execute any commissions, in ihe way of collecting debts, obtaining testimony, or doing any other business on the line of his route, for a red-on.iuie compen-alio.l. 1-.. A. STAN-BUnr, E-q., at the Clerk's office, will receive and deliver to me any papers or letters in re lation lo business intended tor me. ELI STEAR.NS. Burlington, Aug. 18, 1815. 12w2 r,, , 1.000 Blood .Sheep for Stile. TOHN THOMAS of Orwell, (owine to the short tf ncss of his crun of Hav). offers for sale 100 head of first rate SHEEP, to be sold in lots from 50 to iuov, iu sun purcuasers. i o De soiu low ior goou paper, on 12 or 13 months credit with m'er est. Reference cm be made to H. Thomas. Burlington. Among t lie above Sheep is a lot of very superior liucKs. wool from the tlock on hand to be seen. 12w4 Clocks for $2.00. IT moy not I e known to di-tant cu-tomcrs, but it i" a tact, that good wooden Clock- are selling for S2 and S2.50. nnd rood Brass Clocks lor 85.00 nnd 83,50, which we warrant to keep good ti vie i and by the dozen we sell them so that purchasers can make a good profit. Many of ihe Cliwlt Mnkers in Conntcticiit have failed, and we are selling now at lower nrioes than we exnect to have to nav bv and by. All wiio inlen l lo get a clock cheap will do well to call immediately. Unu ol our unu is now among ihe Clockimikers, taking Clocks, and faith he will buy Ihem and sell Ihem too come and .ee. IIRINS.MAID & BROTHERS. Just received and for sale low, TJOUND Cast Steel 3 4. 7-3. I. U. Ii. and 2 inches XV Round. 50 Kitts No. 1, Mackerall, 20 Hbls. No. I, Salmon, 13 Tierces No. I, do 100 (J iintals fresh Codh-h. FOLLETT 4- BRADLEY South Wharf, Aug. 20. 1815. 12 CF. STANIFORH, & Co. will pay the highesl market price for Butter. Burlington, Aug.21, 1315. 12 ICSnCKAlTTS HOTEL, 41 COUKTI.ND STREET, - NEW YORK. WILLIAM IT1V1BIIEAD. Terms. 81,25 per day, 87 per week. THE Beds, Rooms, and Hou-earc clean, the Pro prietor and servants obliging rfnd attentive, and in many particulars il is a much more inviting place lo slop at, than some much more expen-ive houses. Mr. M. authorised me to say that all my Vermont Friends who were influenced to call by his card above published or by the information I gave concerning his house, should be taken good care of. 11-mG JAS. E. BRINSMAID. Burlington High School. THE FALL QUARTER of this In-tiiulion will commence September 1st. In addition to the ii-nal studies of the School, instruction will be giver, in French by an experienced teacher i alo, Survey ing and Book-Kcepmg, with practice. Lecture- du ring the Quarter. Board and Rooms can be obtained on Ihe most rea-onable terms, by applying to the Principal. It is of Ihe ulino-1 importance that tho-e who propo-ea to attend should legin wilh Ihe quarter, as classes will then be formed. The budding, with the grounl about it, i undergoing such repairs and improvements, as the object lor which it was erected, and its situation in the pleasaittest village in New England, demand. Tuition: Common Engli-h branches, SI, 50 Languages and Higher English branches, 6,50 French, (extra) 3,00 None will be taken for less than half a quarter, ami no deduction- made for ab-ence, unless occsiou ed by illness. CHAS. C. PARKER, Principal. Burlington, Aug. 19. 1845. 12w3 G. BACKUS, MERCHANT TAILOR. (Court -House Square,) nUHLINGTOV. TT. 10 WIRB CLOTH U SIEVBS. M'CHESNEV & MOORE, No. 108 II EE KM AN ST., NEW YORK, WIRE DRAWERS AND MANCrACTDRESS OP Brass, Copper and Iron Wire Cloth, Sieves, Safes, Coal and Sand Screens. Wire Window Blinds, Brush Wire, Locomotive and Sirsloer Wire. ST CtLlNDtBS COVEIED AT 8HOBT NOTICE. Aug. 1st, 1845. 10 w 6 BURLINGTON stiiza&vz saaiisars&'iisr THE FALL TERM of this Institution will com mence on Monday, Ihe Gill of September, and continue two quatters, or 22 weeks. The several Departments of Instruction are all filled wilh experi enced and thorough Teachers. While the solid branches, which train young Ladies lo habits of cor rect thinking and make them thoughtful and womanly-minded and deeply conscious of obligation, are ntado most prominent in our course of study, pecu liar advantages are furnished for acquiring a correct knowledge of Music, Drawing, I'ainling and the French Language. The whole establishment, both in the department of instruction and the boarding, hause.wil thereafter be under the care of the Rev, -Mr. Converse who will seek to give lo it the unity and kindly influence of a well regulated christian family,. Teriasl Halfpsysblc in advance. Tuition, in English and Latin Branch es, per quarter B.OO Pisuo Music, g00 Instrument for Practice 2 00 Drawing and Painting, ..... 4,00 French, 30 Board including rooms, fuel, lights and turniture &22 per quarter of 11 weeks, or 825 including wash, ng. No admissions for less ihnn one quarter, and no deduction made for absence excep t in cases of protracted illness. JAS. W. HICKOK, Sec. Burlington, August C, 1845. 10 NOTICES ts hereby given thst the Champlain and Connecticut River Rail Road Company will peiition the Legislature of Vermont, al their next session, to be holden on the second Thursday ofOc. toter, 1845, 10 pass an act granting 10 ihem the right to extend their Road horn Burlington 10 Cana da 'ins. SAM'L SWIFT, Ctirk. Middlbuiy,8tbiueul,1615. .-' m friii-tll.-tiu nt'llfir Tfl MARRIED LA 1V1 DIES. The Mother's Relief, a medicine which soothes Ihe disagreeable sen-alion of females about to become mothers, and insures it safe delivery n all roes where malformation or somo unnatural .cir cumstances does not prevent. The reputation orilus article, though silent, has become so extended as to produce an immense ucmanu. a pauipiu, only for the-eye of those directly intcre.ted and their Dhvsician-. is nrtoareJ for gratuitous distribution where Ihe Relief is tor sale. As we are thus obliged to come itiore tnepuonc, we IskeJho occasion to sny. that irthe increase of the call for the Mother's Relief, wherever known, I e any guide lo a direct opinion to lie formed of Ihe esti mation In which it is held, vc have the sati-fai-lion of believing lhal it has Icen the means ol allevia ting an inhnile amount of suffering, nnd of saving mintl V!lliiihl. Wvttrn. Wherever It has been U-l'd during the above period, t'eep rooled prejudices' have given way to ranum anu tnaiiKiui expression- wi gratitude, and a wish to extend on their parts, np far as possible, its benefits. Medical men ol high standing have had ihe candor to acknowledge lor onre, that their prejudices must le abandoned, and nave oeen aavocates ior no use. All those who wih, are Inviled lo call on somcoi our Agents and procure a pamphlet witnoutctiarge. O. A. BAHTIIOUU & i;u. Rochester, N. Y. For aalx bv PECK A. SPEAR, the authorized Agents for this place nnd vicinity, who can nlo sup ply Druggists at tho rropnetor s vvnoiesaie price-. IIU'O BOSTON COMMISSION HOOSE. S. S. JACKSON & CO., NO. 32 LONG WlIAltF, HUSTON, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, FOR THE SALE OF ALL KINDS OF PRODUCE, Flour, Butter, Cheese, Lard, Secd lUcans, Ac JT Cast, advances made on consignments. From the well known reputation of S. S. Jackson, (formerly Jackson & Hayes,) and the extensive ac quaintance of his partner, Benj'amin Topliff, who for twenty years or more was the hint conductor nnd proprietor of tho Boston Merchants Readmit Room, tney natter Iheni3clves that by strict personal atten tion lo business, to give general saiisf tction to all who may please to favor them with their commands. Itefcrenccst Burlington Messrs. Follett & tlradlcv, J. & J. II. Peck & Co., Geo. Peterson, nnd H. W. Cuflin. gtsex Lorin Tyler. A 'onns lMcliols, liurton Chittenden. New York CityS. F. Gnodridge U Co., Samuel Perry, R. Plum.'ner, Wm. H. Davenport, IL Carter, and Abby & Frcem'.in. Albany, N. Y.C. T. Smith, Schoolcraft & Jo n son, and John Bloom. , , Their Store is very central, wnh a tight, cool cel lar, where Butter and Cheese can be kept in fine or der f and their customers aie numerous. llin2 STATE OF VERMONT, 'pK . Hr'n;. district or Lamoille, ss. j A Fi' bale Court within and for the di-lrict of Lainoil'e, To Ihe Heirs nndallconcerned in thee-tateof JUDAII FRF.'iYCH, late ofCambndge, m said di-tnct,decia-ed, inte-taie, ureetiko. WHEREAS, it appears by the records and tiles of this Court, that the personal estate of said deceased i- not sufficient to pay the ju-t debt nnd expenses of admiiii-tralion, bv the sum of 81,412 G3j and whereas, Judah O. French, ndmini-tratornn snid es tate, has made application lo this Court for licen-e to sell so much of the real estate of said deceased as will raise said sum ; Whereupon, il fs ordered that the same I e referred to a session of said court to be holden at the Probate office in John-on, in and for said district, on the 31 day of September, A. D. 1315, at 10 of the clock, A. M., for hearing nnd deci-ion, nnd that all concerneJ le notified llicreofby pul lishtng the sub-lance of said application nnd order thereon, three week- suc cessively in ihe Burlington Free l're.-s, primed at Burlington, 111 ihe State ol Vermont, all of which shall I e before said time of hearing and deci-ion, ihat they may appear at -aid time au I place, if they see cau-e, a iid give bonds for tho payment of the debts and changes due from said estate, as ihe statute pro vides, or otherwi-e show cause why said license should nol t e trranted. Dated ot Johnson, ibis 6lh dav of Augu-t, A. D. 1S15. Ill SALMON WIRES, Judge, Crackers. SODA, Pie Nic, Lemon, an I Common, for -ale by L. &. C. E. FOLLKIT. Corner ol Main and Water streets' II Oil Cloth Table ( overs. 20ME splendid patterns and for sale verv low. by 3 11 L. & C. E. FOLLETT. Stipar House !"yrup. A SPLENDID article for sale bv L. oi C. E. FOLLI.TT. Corner ol Main and Watei streets. 11 Daniel Itanium's Estate. nTE the siib-crihcr-. bavin? reen annointed bvthe V Honorable tho Probate Court lor 1 lie lli-ir'ct of Chittenden, commissioners to receive, examine nnd adju-i the claim, and demands of all per-on-, against theestateof DANIEL BARNUM, laleof Ohio Cny, in the Stale of Ohio, in said di-trict, dcceaed, repre- senieu insolvent, anu ai-o an claims an 1 demands ex- bibited in o:I-ct thereto; and six month from the lav of the date hereof, beimr allowed Lv said Court for thai purpose, we do therefore hereby fiive noliee, that we will ntien I to ihe hu-iut of our appoint ment, at the dwellinir of Aiitlrew Ilnrrin. in Uim.. burli, in said District, on the fast Saturdays of Uctoiser ami January next, at 10 ovlotk, A. M., on each of aid day. Dated tin 31sl day of July, A. D. IS 15. IIw3 G. D. WKLLEK. Commissioners. VT. CEiNTllAL RAILROAD AN Assessment of Five Dollars on each share in the Vermont Ccnlral Rail Road Company, has been ordered by the Directors, payable on I lie first Hay of &ptembcr next, and applicable lo all Siock holdera who have not already paid upon each of tin ir ou.ucs iu ine umniissionera. Payment inav be made at the Rank nf Mom or the Farmers fc Meclnnie- Itin't at Uurlinglon. or . iuw .m.uu:i a sllice, ISO. I, J I remoni itow, lios ton- SAMUEL II. WAL.LKV, JR., July 23. 951 Treasurer. Clapboards. 1 flnn PKET cle "" Pine Wapboarrls, IUjUUU July 31. STRONG'S & Co. L. ij- C. E. FOLLETT, T5F.Q leave to call the atiention nr ih nnhl ip In X their stock of GOODS, now ready for inspection at thefr New Store. Corner of MaiiS, and Wmer comprising a larce and complete assoitment of I'ANCV & STAPLE DnV GOOD?, in every variety of quality nnd price. Particular at tention is invited to their slock of Beady Mado Clothinc. selected with especial reference lo the wants of the puMlic and offering an opportunity lorselcctinjany variety of shae, colour or quality at low prices. iiroancio.ns, ifaucy Lasslmcrcs. Vestlngs, .tc. The above loeelher with a large slock of Roots and Mioes, Ladies and .Misses Slips, Gauers, if'C. i f every description, and a very general assortmenlof Crock ery and Cilass Ware, in whicli are some beautiful sets oi i,nina ware, aturas the most complete assortment in market. The selection of G R O C K R I E S has been made wnh great tare, and families in want ol supplies are iiisucu iu camion ino siock, wuien cotnpri-cs almost every article in ihe line of ihe very choicest descn'p. lion, all of which will be cfiired upon llieiuosi favor able terms. Burlington, July 31, IS45. 9if IV'OTICIi!! THK Copartnership heretofore .xr'siinsr Iclueen the subscrilers under the firm of II, Hyde ci Co., is this day dissolvtvl by mutual ci n-ent. All person hainj iinsrllled acraunts, are requested to call and adjust the same wilh Smilh if- Wilkin, immediately. II. ilVDK, ' V. SMITH, ,. . Wiu.ll.WlI.KINS.Jr. Burlington, July 31, 1615. THE i.ndersigned having formed a Copartnership, wi I continue business al ihe GLASS KACTORV STORE under the name of RALPH LANUON .V CO. where will he lepl an exiensue as-nrtmenl of DRV r.nnn-i f:unr.riiL-&. ... .. . . . .. a.,-, ct,.,, vviui n will I o sold low for Lah, or exchanged for most kinds of Country Produce such a. Pork, Butter, Cheo-e, Oats, fori'. Rye, Wheat. Poialoes D,,cd Apple, Honey, Wood, Isree Cloth, Fl.nmell, lumber Aie. Ae. All person' i-lnng nsexchaiiReaiiy of Ihe-e nrudes forOood, will hud it for their advaiuase to call, where they ,Vn'?-1e "('ile 1 nurtmcm o.'Good. in town, at the 67ai Factory Stoie. RAI.I-II LANDON, V. SMI I H, ,. , , Wm. H. (VILKI.NS. Jr. Uurlinglon, Aujust 1, 1815. n-lf HINESBURGH ACADUMV. Gcorse Leo I.ymaii, A. M Principal. HIE Academical Vesrufthis Insiiiuiion willcom- nmnM nn M..n.l... O.t. ..f .. ..w vi. .luini.,, uiui, oiu. ,(vviiiiiivi inu terms of 23 wet ks each. 1' 1 1 1 . . A3 An r . . 1 I . m , nr. . I. . I m .si."nlwiui a wuuiv term, os,uu ior o u9i Term, and SO cts. per wsek for any time not exceed. lug Sw.eka. T. W, Olltn. Aug. oin, iBta. tusvo 1 8 4 5. LAKE CHAMPLAIN. Kf-NEW ARRANGEMENT. FAItE TIlItOlGH 82, MEALS EXTRA, THE Strainers BURLINGTON and WHITr IIALL will continence ruiiniiig on Monday, tlm 7lh of July, ns follows. Tho CAPT. It. V. SHERMAN, WILL LEAVE iSV, Jtihns, every f TUESDAY. TIiril.DAY, & ( SA'I URDAY, Whitehall, overy MONDAY. WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, At O A. M. (On the arrival of 0 o'cln'k t train of Cars fr. THE CAPT. G. LATH HOP, WILL LEAVE St. Johrif, every C MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, & ( FRIDAY, I On ihe arrival of 0 o'cloitt Whitehall, every TUESDAY. THURSDAY SATURDAY At O A. M i tram of Cars fr. Montrca , DINNER ON BOARD. The above Uoals will form a d.tilv line, fun '.i' excepted,) connecting Willi the Cars of tho We-n-i 1 and Ltrcenbtisli Rail Roads at Troy, and llic N. Yor morning lineof Steamer., Imving'Troy goini .North al 7 n'cloik, P. M., by Rail Road nnd Pocket in Whitehall in lime for Ihe 0 o'clock, A. SI , Boat", m Whitehall.conneetingwilh Singe- leavm Saralt ga in llic morning, and ihe Lake George Stciei lloat nt Ticoinlcroia, Arriving at Montieal in 4i) boor- from NcwYorknnd Bosun, (Oiiuorting nls nt Montreal with Iho Kingston, Niagara Fall-, an. I Buffalo lines of Steamer-. The Co. being nneinl t-r-ra.vud bv Mail contracts, these bouts w III not be 1 c tflined on tho route by waiting lor connecting )iu, I line-, and have made'lhe aboyc urriineemcnt for ll u Season, believing it to I c the best I hat can I e 111.1 le, to -nil the hu-ine.4, a vvell a the p'easure travel. Btrlington, July 3, 1815. 5 Daguerreotype Chemicals. BROMINE, " Mercury Distilled, " Prepared, Pota-sium, Cvnnurct ol", Oot I, Chloride of, " Iodide of, Iodine, Soda Ilvpo-tilphale of, " Chloride of, Mlver, Nitrnlc, Crj slal-, Pi epa red rotten S lone, Dairucrrci tvpe pl.iles a!l " Tripoli, nialittc-. Rouge, t Daguerrcutype Case-. Apa.-atus furid'hcJ to crder. 4 PECK &. SPEAR, B irliugion, Vermont. Sarsapariila and Tomato Hitters. FKEDEIUCK IIROWN, a cclebraied clrcmi.t J Hnsion, ha suireeJeJ f r the lift lime in com bining the meilicmal virlne of the SAit-ArAnaLA oi.ij Tomato. ApJ the re-nit ha- met the mot anuint; expeL'iations of the mtM'cal profes-ion. The vh(.'t Kiniriioin iioc- not lurni-h two anhotancr o admirably adapted lupnrifi, nourish nnd invieo rate the human -ytein. Thu-e Hittcr hate all the cl'eeloflhe rno-t powerld purgative- when u-etl in "iiiln'ieiilfpianttty, and yet are sj miU in their opera tion lhal they may luiren to person in the mo t del teal e hcilth wnh perfect safety. They are veiy apreeaMe to the la Me. l he component ingredient u these u liters is nu eeret. They are eompo.ed ofa very Mron? prepar ation of (he celelralcd extract of Spanish Sarsapa riUa and theextrat t of Tomaioes, wnh ihe addition f some of ihe mo?t popular vegetaUe medicines lhJ country a lord-. The true inein of nre-erving Ueiltti and Strength is to purify the blood and correct the unhealthy Ma'u of the BoweN. Kor this purpose no MeOVine ha been fuitnd epial to ihe t'arsaparilla and Tomato Kilters. The-e excellent I itler will be found a certain enru in all enes of inditmn or dyspepsia, jaiindn-e, Io. of ajipctite, Eenerat debility, famine" ami -itiUinvr I ihe Momai-h, linneR ot -pint-, co-iivenea, de ermi inti n of b!(od lo the head, pain iu ttiHlimhs and side, dianluri, weakness, dizzinc, t utanenn empticn on the lace an. I neik, hettie fcer. night weat'l nei oil. auJ sicL lteadiehe, aridity t-f stomnrlrj-WiciKTir feeiioin, pile,, and in all dteae eaurl by impuri'y olllie hbuw, ihe de! iliiy of the ty-tem,. p the unhealthy slate of t'jo Momach and bowels. They lire alo exceeilinly efiifaciru- in reMorinfi eonstiiiitions broken down oy edentnryemploymem, and hne been exlcnively opetl l y C'lerzyincn, Ldi-tor-i, Printer, C!irl", Seamirees nnu munerru- oilier wnoe neaitn nail been injured lv confinement 1 a"'i clt,Pe i'pIiratio" with tl.e hajij.ieM rull. TI.ev rc-tore I be action of ihe stoma th. incieu.ellu. oualitc of the bloisl, and impart to the wan and emaciated system ol the In t slid the t igor and clow of true heulih, Tlie-eRiuefs are warranted to le a purely VeReia blo compound and marl; this, Lj-liey can neer do theleat iniurvin .my caso v!Mteer.n5 They are kept" by person, as a KAMlEY MEDI Ci K,and have been riven loi lie rou.vGETciHLDBEs on account of the iii.ldncss of Iheir operation, wi Ii excellent cTe.-t. The followins are a few of the many new recent-tnen.ta'ion- wiiich have been sent to tho proprietor of BROW.VS SAHSAPARILLA and TO.MATIO HIT TERS within a short time. REMEMBFK. Alwuy. ask f"r Brown', as there dm counterfeit. Mr. 1'. Rtiows, IVar Sir: llavinc; le-ted il o value ofyour Sar-apanl'a andToinato Hitter-, 1 lake pleasiueio rive to you ihe facts of my ea-c f. r jour own sniM.iclion and ihe leuclit of oi hers. I havu been uHering with the Ery-tpelas iiuiiior in my side, caii-in? my hand and arm lo swell very much, nn I to he very painful, at ihesa.oejitiieaiid tor some linio previoti-, have I ecu troubled with a u eak stomach; mo.t of my fowl lia- hurl me, and there ha- l ien it singular famines at the stomach, which h.t. I ecu in crea. Iu?, and cau-ed me mm h dilli ultv. A'ler I commeiKed takin? your Hitters I ctu'd perceive a pradual andimniediaie rcl'cl, ami would recomnitii I it Willi much confidence to tho-e who ore troubled with such complaints. Yours, Iruly, WM DAMRELL. h, Me. Jlay 27, 1843. Ma. K. Bnon'N, Dear Sir: 1 hatesomet.iiiepa-t Miilereil much fn in Jaundice and Dyipep-ia at the Stoiracb J lo- ofappciiie, and troul lennd pa'ti from Ihe least simple food, wiih pain in the head ond nd ; a slishl ccush, general weakness and dehiliiy of the system. Af'er u-ing n nuinl er of medicines without anvrclief. 1 was inJuie.1 to try your Sarsapariila and Tomato lliiter-. I received iinmeliate rtluf rein ihe u-e of uue Boitle, ond fiel stratified for Ihe great relict" I have received, and would recommend it tu all who arc stn.'eriiig from similar c'i-ordcrs. Yo ir, truly, FRP.DF.RICK II. SLA ID. 1'tie.i, N. Y. Jlny, 17, 1S-15. yia. F. HnoWN, pear Sir: I am usraiu omof your Sarsapariila and Tomato Hitlers Il . an article ihn U much thought if; nn fldlady lioin FranH'orl, Her-' kimcr County, ay she has been conlinwl lo her hou-e for seven jears, tind this ha. cnal led her to set i ul. Several in tti.ciiy say that it is the Lest inev'i.iiie llicy have ever laken. Plea-esend me a fresh supply ,oon, as 1 have not a bottle iu the store. Your, with respect, J. i:. WARNKR, per. It. V. RAY. , . ''"Imoulh, May 20, l&H. To Mr. Brown, Chemisi, Boston. I certify ihat my w ife has I een afilicled with a very I ad humor on face, and at Ler stomach, jears past. After using various medicines mom. mended for her complaints wnh little or nulenrht, she commenced using by tho advn-e if Jlr. Ki'ward Ma son, Apoiheeary, your Sarsapariila, nndToinaio llil lers, and she is now in I elltr health, than she has le. loie eniojisl for ihe last fifteen vcaisj and I would cnierfully recommend to all ami cveryliene ho i alllicted with ai.j of the complaints w live thi- medi cine is rei oniniciided for,to use n in prefer nee loony article now iu use. Yours rcsi ecliulli, J. H. LEACH. Pyrllind, Me. June 5, IS-1J. Itvrn CoMriAixT, can be cured witiiout resortina to niercmy, if yi u will only me Brown's Sorstpardla and Tutnaio llilteis. To Mr. Frclcrick Brown, Proprietor of ihe Sartapa. rilU and Tomato Bitters t This ccrtilies that my wife was severely affliclet) with Ihe lavtr CompIainltand her health wscry se riously undermined. Having meil various presenp. lions without succes-, shewK" (orliinatcly induced lo try your Sarsapariila and Tomato Hitters; her heelih scon began lo improve, and she is now nruch seller in health, and woul I advise any one n ill hcalih louse them, Yoart, rcstHfifully, CIIARLLS CARLE. AM orders for the above Medicine addressed to the, ProprUtor, P. HIIOWN, 63 Washington St., Boston, will meet with punctual ottcuttou. PECK & bPKAR, Wholessle Agcnlsfor Butting, mn and vicinity. For sale also bv Georc Avrr. Jlillnn Hoynlon & Butriii, Hincsbumh I andon it L-anneiu, vvuusion ; tvilliam Klvodis Jr.. Riihtnond t Martin Wires. Csmhrslitet 11. L. Camp, Stowe: John II. Bovvntsn, Vetaennesi William It. Russell, Mid. dleburyi S. P. Rcdfiild, Monipelirr. Sold also by Drucsisl and Aeents reneralle. nwlvsit. A 6bolllsfor8S. ' - r ,-. July, 1615. Tyl

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