Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 30, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 30, 1846 Page 2
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1 V FOREIGN. S3 tJays Later fi-um Europe. Tlio steamer llihcrtiii arrived ut Bolton on Fiiil.iy last, in iitncu!!! tt s from Liver pool. Wo copy front lliu Alius llie follow- till! sum m m I y ill tii'tvi, Trale in some f the uiinufnctuiing di-irlcts lm ehuhllv improved. ' The nlinn sxriled respec'lnz n funinois subsiding, in I the piice nf bread-mill's is aiiini! way Tin Money Marvel t finer, mid wild speculations In mil vni hive nliunlavnlircly ivnnl. With rcunrd to the Phi r .Mirkiti. in Knalind, Ihe monthly citculiis eiilc. Hut "l nterent current pri rei, n ruinim. Lis mini nttend nnhnpotlatioii w Inur from llic Uniiol Elites." ... . . .1. Ti. i.n.,riniil new, hr this nrnvil, is the nnmici rssf il atUMii.i"f Lord Jocri Rii'MI !'' rut ... . . . ..... ... I .1 f 4ir l!..hi.rl l'.el HI nnsucii am n .nn-iii. ........ ...... Whir Mini'lrv and the rrlumof Sir l.oberi 1'cel and pnpv tn nllice. . llHioxtiloi or the Prr.i rsixET, Ac .On llic tn.i. .. n ..i..r ihe I'.vl AllnlMrv trndi'trd 11 re- 'vnniimi to her M"i"siy, nt Osln.nic I l.nup, Isle of WiiiSl, wlinn II"' Q'lirii ncopted II n u.-nt-tiill v believed lint the ihllerence nf opinion ninoni! Ihu liinnbera of llie CnbJitt, mi tin1 Ml jecl (if llic Corn tnws, was thi? cause nf lliis rcsioieiiinn. We copy thefollo'um.' tcmiik" fnmi tin" Loudon Mornim.' Her lid, ni Dec. 12th, ami n the I issti'l the Mini' liritl Ori-in lliey nre Inipniinnt. It will be observed llm llie Herald i'llls the nnnniinccminl nf Iho 'I line, ciflhe lih iilt.,res.pclniL' iho lntnl rn i nl nf the Coin Liws. nn'lnfamouij'itricalwn.'' The Herald sis: "We staled yesterday tint tin) whnlo Cabinet had rc-iznitL Such is the fact i tho wholeofthe Conser vative Cabinet sees wu topelhcr, rind, we have no dniilit, will ndbcre ti the- Conservative parly. What ever Sir Hubert Peel's opinion upon the su'j-ct nf llm corn hws, iho country ni.iv bo well assured that he never did propose, and in ofue or out nevet will cither propose or support nnv chance in iho corn I.WL'a , 1 liv lnt he bihevca to be full Compensation 'o the lindcd inicrt-si, throiiidi nil its sriditions. Whrnoe lint fn'l (.umpinsaiinn is to be obtained w e are utterly t a loss lu tonj einre, hut it it no more than on act ol justice tn llie late I', at we atoinn.n nn mav Call him now. lo repent il. tllll h' ncrer did ;).-oio.t, ns infainoiis.fjhricalion of llie Timet nvried, an unqnalified nnrl totnl repeal of the corn Inwa. N'or, n firmly believe, wi 1 lin cvir propose tn support anv such nieniue. 'I his is most I ,n . itti wlnlevrr ililli-ren h; In rvlslril in the t.'nliinei Ins been merely n dirt -icnee in tltzret nd not m sprcici, ami therrlme eanlini i vienu m ini Conservi ive pan v in inher 1 1 cm r I'nrlnuient. Th.. O ien iniinedlllelv selll fir l.o-tl Joint Ull .11 ., , umi. I him to firm n mnUlrv. .A minisieriii inierreunum of ten ihv followed ihiririB whi h li ne nil Muds of rum r were circulated re peeiits the nrranjentpnls wheh I.ord John Il's ell mrtrn mi leivorim l.i funke with Ins liinv. Jllt n- nil olli ill nunionee ueni w is rxpeeted 11 be undent the f ir nvio'i of a Fiee Trade I'aliinei, I,"rd .1 hn Rus i.'ll. on i'ie ' of DeeemVr, i-ifnrni'-il lit.- Queen lint 11- li'iil II it sikt. died, mil eonlil not 3 eceeil, in fir,iiiiii;i IJ.iliiuei, an I he n mseq lent'y icsijiied 111 it ni. aim, e.uifi b il lo llllll. Tui i t t)iiri.4 lriv. thus been diolvel wilii'l a minht t't" Pn-I tniil irv nit I the It us'll mini-irv. A (hinl Ins be ii coiH'rneled, Willi Mr Uiibell T i OONORBS9, SatchdT, Jin. 17 The Senate did not ail lo-il.iv. . . , Thu IIoUJElook tip Iho bill to carry into ri foci tho Cmvpi tion wiih IVrtt. hv which Ihr sum of eilOtUKIO is m hn piid to cl.iitnanla j.f the U. S., mi Giiu'riiineiil. A chtnso In Iho hill prnviilca that S'-'OUO ali.tll ho p.tul lo III" Attorney (ioncrai lor tna soriicca in me ui nrs, nut ol tho funil for tho elainmiti". 'I'lio ipintioii aroo uhi'llipr th" aiim aliotild b; piid by tho cl.iiio.inlF. by Iho U. S. or not at all. At 2 o'clock tho Committee rnao and reported proarcsp. , Mr Dromfjnol rnsp, ami in an tmprc-sivo man nnr ntiiKitliiced tho ib'.ith of hit rollou'iio, Mr Wtllirfiii Tnylnr, i.r Virginia. The funeral tiltt? plare on Motility morning. Miimiav. J,tn. 19. No husinoFii tras ilono lit oiilier braiuli of ('nin'ro.-it lniliy. Tlio two hranchop iissptnlileil for thf purpns'! nf alteinlit !' the of Mr T.tytor. n inemlier from Vir oinia. who was uniiniiiicotl ill Iho Union oil Sitntil iy. Ii was imuoiiiii'vd in llie Si'ii.ito on Mini, ill IV .Mr l'l V l.ll'ker, won pruinmiiriMi in online on the ilcccupil. ami mm ml tlio cus- tnmarv rf.siilu"iion!. which were ailoptpil. Tlio liiner.ll 'oik plaro III tno ii.inoi mo uoui: m Uoprcfonlntites, nml was attPiulotl by the Mom bprsnftliR Iwn hranchc, I lie President of the U. Si and otliiT distiii(;iiisliPil pcraon.tac. I he funeral services were pcrlormcu oy too unap lams of the two house?. I'L'nsDAV. Jan. QO. In the Senate aficr llie pxniratiiin of llieiniirni hotir. devoted to tho reception of executive, ciiininunicaiioinn toe presonlat!on nf petillon, and the presentation and consideration of resi lulioos, the Souate went inlncvcciHiva fc.'siuii, and alter sonio tnnccpent therein, adjourned. In Iho House, after the reception of Bomo re. portH from enminillccF, tin- 'diy was devoted, without final action, to tlm rons.doralinii of the report of the Oniinitlee of lUeclinnf, III the case of tho rin.-idi couleslcd uloctioit, WFnsrstiAV, Jao.'.'l. In Senate Tho bill ropnttpil bv Mr Tairchll front tho t Tuni'iilt I rt on Naval AITiirf, wa taken up, and a spirited ilt.'bite abnut war ami peace took p.nio belwoon upveral Senator?, w hich wan still ioiiia mi when thw deHp.ilcli clofpil. Mr Allen ol Ohm, i ery bnisteroiis and tin.iir.'Clcdly uteerK at the "ivo-o and intstcrly inactivity peace chaiiipiou," aa ho dciirii'itPi) Mr fllioun. Ih.fsr. of Keprp.pnlativp. The niifinif huini'ss of yes'i'nliv, lii'injt the report nf Ihr Commillee nil the Florida contested elecli nt. wax taken tip. Mr Seah on June rppumrd and coneludpil hi : eech in f.itnr of oivin tlm tn Mr llmck nnl.r I. il... iuii..Hliit. Too Bunnell WMS drf ! .. ...I tr I.M l I. ji ! ill iheh -id "f i'ip Cihout. The cau-e of ihi Mr JIc(iiiioIipj', nf la., folloWPil in rpply. in a pj'i'ieil i'ri ii" mie pn nnd to Uniiw, nl'ltoush it is vcrv fninlilu mid r.otitili'' kiippcIi, in favor of tho FOUfJIGN MISCELLANY. Strexotm OF THE NVltIO AND.TORV PAtt tin tn I'-noi-and I'ho fixuresj Diiblnhea n statement of tho diviaion of parties in the ilrliisli Par .tuieiit, w h it'll n r.rU aonm Uan tor rnnjei't Jfc-B m lit thu prohah'e coniplpxiott ol flritisli pnlittca In future. The clectni i ol npiiihera ol Hie House hi i;iuntnnnt". in jmy. 1211, resullPil as billows i Bhowiof a iioiiiin.i ni.ij iniy of 73 for the Tune -a Inch luii since been it.crca"pil In about 1(K Tor, Wloca. Tor. Whiga. Tor. Y,lta. Rnilaud. 155 10 159 163 231 197 Wnlea, 12 3 7 7 l'J 10 Senllnud. 20 10 2 21 Jl Ireland. 23 19 10 2J 41 02 Total, 182 fl 131 219 205 290 It Will bo fcen that the atrenu'li ot Ihn'lo- rli'i, or (ioiiserv.ttive party, lie in the repro "pntaliveii from the rntiuiip', h" nro chosen hv the laiidhnldor ami their tenants ; while the U'hie; stretiotli in in cilicf, largo tuwiir, and horoiiolig, Grkat Dl-coVEr.v is Tttr. MEtitcAt. Ar.T. The editor nl the Courier ilea E'ata-Uins, pub liiin,l In M. V. inoiiiious that Mr. 11 icclnure, .1 Neaiinlilan Chouiis', haa itiscovered a hoalit"; aoi'iit of such ni.mcllnu. power a to no c.ip.i hie of I'losins tip wounds ill mlenes even I tie largest nf litem. Two aheep were taken at a public instil ul ion in Tans, antl Hie carotin ar tnrv in pac h sneered : one of them was treat' ed in the rconlar way, and the other wttii inc Uocchiere water. Tho first ono died but llie other waa ri)iiniii; abnut and caiins grass williin twenty ininii'es afler tho npcrali'.nand 1 Ii ia caused me humus liitfiane. to sty ' Ooii tletnen, hern is a result ir.ay be sinned mi in two words hero is life and thero is death. " Other extraordinary cures, ami auinni; them that of spilliui; ol blood, arc ineiittoni'd a ainonp Us virtues. This water, the compo siliun of which ie a secret with Iho inventor, Ims, in all cases to which it lias boon applied stopped lipiuorrh loo williin 20 minutes. It en tirely heals blood vessels. UovAt. Cii.viri.t.ur.NT to Dn. Howe. The lihnrrf ol Or, S. (.'. I Inn i! as superintendent ol Iho lloslmi liinilutinu for tho llliud, and p'c- ci.illv in the reinirk.ihle case of I, i lira llruL'- ii'hii h.ivu iiltracled iniicli .llteutiou m both Finiiue and G. 'runny. Tho lame gold iiipiIhI froui tho Kino of Prussia referretl to in the lol hi.vimr letter from the Prussian Minister at Washington has on one side of it Apollo in his ch trint. with four horse, with the 7."diac at thoir Ice'. On the reverso is the of the nrcsont lviiio. with Iho lei'oiul I'ltF.tDR. "II. liam the IV. Kor.MNO Von l,.:tJsl.N Ii is not a little singular this tribute shnuld c.niiio from the country in which Dr. I limp win imprisoned iii li'M, tur his interest in behalf ol the Pules. EtTitAonmNAttv Change op Fortune- A conespoiident of Iho llo'ton Coittior, wrillnif iroin Duirtlo, savs nu Individual tifthal in llie expansion of business in lBJU.smnu iicir Rtlhhiin, tho sreond In the list of heroes, who traveled thro iohtlic country lit s'aic, ami alio spent hundred at the lintel of an vveniirr, mil then rtired the landlord lor not marinm; liijjtier, and tvltn pnivhased the AniTxan II ''ol for I know not Imw-uiucli, and erpeudeil 84(1,. (Kid In furnishing ft ho wa approached with aw m mid looked up to wilh reverence; who Is saul lo bate jjiicn in a schedule of bitikrnptc.v nf noma elnvoii millioiH is now nniried in the I bin hut Imnest pursuit of dnvinii n liorso cart, and pi'dillim.' sand annul 1 lie Hreets ol III I f.tlo, w bile his wife supports herself as a nurse. FRIDAY MO.INMXQ, JANIJARV, 39. 1310. confi leudv a-iliil lint 111'' P nniler pro loimded Ci rt'li'l 'lie niiri" at lllni nrt'ie I ntituel toillieil, Inv i-i.Tir t!i ir objjei lonie elunee in t't" corn ln. t, . , p n hv I. ird I.vmriur-t, I.M -t inlev.I.M 11 1 'd nt'loo. Lord It'otoil. Lord G Soineise'. anil llic liiel.ird Vliame .d'-, lie was -ilnpoi led, it is be lieved. I y tint l)i.l.' "f Wei iiis'iui.Ni JitnrOrahain. I.ird Abenbnn, Loid Lincoln and Mr Sidnev lloilvrt. In coneq leuce nf Hits oppo-ition, Sir lto' irt Pet I b'nlteup In Cabinet i iiii'i after llie brii f spice .f ten diys Sr Ilibert re-orniniied i', leaiina out Lord Snin'ey, win resUul Par'hment will mict on llie 22 1 of litis month, n i I then llm world wi.l kno.v cs- 'tly vvlnt the Prcini the recent conn ci's. and w hat hn intends to do with tho coin law. Till tlien all is snnni'i" mere rite-s work. Toe rinsin why Lord John Russell lii'ed in hisal tempt lofiriu a f'abinel are variou-lv stiled the ru moris that he offered thoColonnlOmceto Lord (Jreit he accepted il, but a-ked who 'tis to hive tlio Koreian OITicei the reply was. I.ird Pjhncron. I.oid Cirey rru ed to serve with Pnhncrslun as 1'orticn Minister. As Lord John could not di-penso with the services of cither urey or i atuiersion. ne reiurneu ins connn ion into the hands of the rtuccn. and Sir Hob't. Pif I returned immediaiely to power. This i, in britf the noluicnl history of th ministerial crisis ol Decern1 cr. The Presi Jent's Message Ins not cati-ed that sreat which manv neri.ons anlieiDlted. It arr!vfi1 in r.nflinri. bv tho nickel ehiD Sva. on the iU tilt, and ss publi.hed i i Lonlon, in all the mornmi nspers of the 23J. The Herald and Times five the Meisaa" without editorial comment. Th Mnrnimr Chronicle cills the messin "bluster ln and helliirerent." and thinks tint Oonres. will not nivs wav to Polk's " insine cotinsnls." It siys that, "from the-diy that Knulind receives nonce lo lerminte tho convention nf 1527, site must prepare ftrmlv to mnotain tlio rmhts thu are ihns inenieeil.' Thit Momm P.i-t iloes not I inn V lint lb'' me.ri!..." eontiins " much "blusier and bull vine" as Mr Polk n,nwioi,lv iivb uiletnncc lo. I ut it siv. -thu it i ery Ions, though les 11 shiv and honiliinc in style than iisuii. as io ureyuu. no o e -jiiei.v "mn.' " Tho Tunes, nf the 21 h tilt., sivs of ill .,,... tint ii is unus'iallv re-id-i'ile. sinn'e and clear. Tlie Tunes renews Mr. Polk's rematks upon the Oreann q ien in, ami inurs unt inc lernu i in. m'a2 implv ill aliern Hive uf-ar or ne.itii ii n iVirtno monsiroiM to boilioiiiht of for a in mien escept afer every elfin al a compromise hi'been rt laiHteit. l.reil iirinui -ui'i rtioeie-i niioi im m .,,.;i.l- i.riheir iniilinl beneftt-. inutuil deivndenee mnA ln. Hull resoert. lo Herd the h!r! SIIIL'S lliev n 1W fi'ijiv f ir the I lo Iv in I prncirion alories of war" T 16 1 1 OC. Wit leu un liert'ioiiiTO neru in n'jei in wir. n hv iys it i aim isl imp isi'ile ihu r.n'jlini ami A'liL-iict'sh mid ai'ain beeouie inn nil and unint nnl ilesirover'. f ir a mere point "f honor for a re n . uiil.lerne.. Il sivs the n nrrel cm only be fil I bv pee Iv nejoii num. The r.xnminf r nf the 27ili tilt, sivs lint the1 uiesmic, uirui nut not to brt n ry ilre'nllol, mull.', as lilo people eprcien. ".nr. I-OIK 111' PVllllliy I'l l' l'l' iii'.i r ..." 1. l.i ir. ii cnee. nt least. Hi In ilnn-loned the fl tv for iu riit.ieiniiini.. ihe i'iinriti e for the l erMiasive, i'h ntin ilnrv I o tin' ill h"iie.'' With reffird lo Orecon Ihe l-'.iniuter siv it i ri ute abnirit and prtpoatcrou t.iw i.o t hi nuns tn u i iriel .i'io'II il. The ''J'i'i iitl."coiiipl iins nf ihe unu nil lenath ef Ihe in"asp ami says Hint a i ieir iieul ann prie Heed pelt winil-J liaie i'oiiipriiil 1 I lliu re-illy i'j. ll liil nutlets in In'f I he sp tee wlneli Mr. Polk h is re n.'.rel lt..siie,'ii'i' Mr. Polk's rennrks rniicrrntni ihe Orecon q ieiion, it is nbarrieil, lint "iheetentful e ltinuiuce oi peace, nepenns upon iwo roniiuaen Cies only tne one, Wlieiner o"H2risa miii prnni n ih. Pre.i.leni thu neecssarv nonera for cirriui!! o i tii.notiev! ihe o'her. wheiher the lliiush (.overn ment will re ede front its position, and mount to tlio Washington Cabinet j tho toiler, wo venture lo pie. diet, w ill noi lako place, but we feel lcs assured re ipeitioz ibe course wln.-h Conjress miy purn.e." noilier i iiirnil savs i 1 If Ilia sevtn nr liahl col nmiis uf tho mes.ije, d.'nlcd wiih twaddle, nieinany Ihim, they mean lulitius. utn a nioreconicnipiau atqlA rimer Ins never been Usucd. and it is nerlmi! assiirniii" too ntneli impoitancn lo uch a docimiejit. In treit sincerely Iho Irasn which .nr. i-uik, or nne u hi. ,l..rt Ins nut looether." "Itis nol easy toim "no lint nena sii-disanl stitesinin could pen inch rnbbi-h. .... Th. ilcnld n' ibe simei ate. sivs t "Our rcnlion with the Uni'cd Sines iniiiin ie to prodii'e much so li 'tiuiU. nn.l it has nul been ninth abated bv lliepiih lie. f ihe itinlo'ri.itic corn snondenee on llic Ore son n ieiion. It would be netini! unf mlv 10 conceal the fael thtt. in firnuiv.' a I lir nent on tin ij'teion, all pitiv p i't'1 ' are nir wii a-i'lo. nni toe iiiinnsHec roinoion -ne nt ilio'nmuiv prom line, deei rfalv ausinst lint clliuis lull f irlh tiV Ihe AllI'M rs miters on nil llie recnui7Ht prim iplrsof inirrns liinil nw. liio more peiretnl tone ol a pi.runo n ih Aoieri-sn Pres. is bioke'l u 101 wiih consileri bla nusiisioBS. repeciin7 their sineeriiv, a 'eouipnuiei it i wiih ihe proportion inrisei iniliiiif.r JOOtyiO men, wiih i eorrespondin'j nd Niinn in the Na v! Il hul b"n n'evi ins'y heli.'Vel lint the fi-ri en-tlbemn-e of Presi lent P"lk rtmdd he Umpired down I f lh refle ive power of llie t mo I lo isesof lontres but ih i f n l thil ' nth ill s Sennm nul the llooe hue pirctcd 'lie mo' invetcrnip cminiis of r.njrlsi il ni the members of their ci'iii'niiteo on fun .m ril.nion hs I ten b il much tn sllllte llie i-onfi Ipnre in thnl be fi-f. I'li-reis i stinu f-e'i-u in f iv r tdnur G lvern nnt h'invim.' ''' T,r ' "' "' ! "' n e"rly p i"i Ide. It bei'i" evd-'lltlv lbei'iiril nl I'le s'lrsvide Ainerienn Sinn snii il lo p'oern liinle, wbi'sl it i poni let'd our n' lu-v 10 t-ite no fiuihi r lime fir ptep a-stlon IO pe pelri'e i 'SI i e " Asthe Hera'.l is ill co'rileud lh minis'enil or 'n. liti s' remiiks ' ii ihni'tip ir am ubjct are vil. mh'e. The Time, in the money article n! ihe 30 h asvs I 'The documents I'oiieerinn; llic O'csmn o r titnrv hive creitetl nur't im.rrai, in ihe riiv. The ..n..l I lrn'rs siin l.r.vbiced bv rcn lni! llieni i, Hint iha chinees of a collision with America nro even mo-e rcno'e ibin lliev hive ulrendv eppenrrd T., rin Tnsnr.The I ondon Mornmir Chrnni floor Itl instn siv, thst nul Innseincf mi order foi nOOOslnn'l ol arms was rirrivru in iuiiiini"ini rir,wrnitient. in eonsrn lence of which, nnd nth cr orders nf a similar kind, Iho tun Irailo is in a high aiala of mnanrrilv. Her Majesty's steamer Resistance is It return to Jrlonle VI (co a soon as sue niiiiru, nn ia m car1 l. Jit. U oimsnl l.i ihn Cnoe of Gold Hone. (JcNfuwDBR ron CsiAni The London Times of Ihe 3 1 insl.. stalls, lint lliern wa a rumor nn Ihe pre sinus day, that tho Oowinuieut had ordered Isrce qnsniilies ofctinpowder for the Canadaa t and thi., it S'lds mijbt have ronliibiitrd a hille in ihe dselms in Konsols, as they closed hen.ily al 91 3 8 to 1-2: RsrecTtD visit or tii Civets to Pasis. It Is announced from Pans lint her Mst-sty is lo psv a isil lo the Kim of Ihe French in ihs spring. Her Malrslv WU IKO up ncr l".n o . i"v w.nun Trianon, snd alrsadya crowd of workmen I'rusinn Leznlion nl W'ailiinclon, ) iho '.'Gill Itticmber, 1314. $ tlnrmft llowr.. Ibislou . sir, lie Hio nr.ler nf Hi Mj sty the Kins if Pni.ii. I'liaiu Ini il inn lul led to lrna'int in you theeuclon'il neinl tor tntut'Ju mini, ns a lesllinu nynf His M ij-sti s appieciaiion t your teriiecs in fii.. i.r the lusiiiiitiiiiis of the llhnd. nnd if vour im'ihnilnf instructing the deaf and dumb, who aic nlsn b ind. ll nfl'irds nie nrrat pleisurc to comply Willi ibis ordir, and I avail mvselfuf Ihe oppor unilv rsprts . i " L'm f'r-llilt'P Minister Resident to 11. -u. Discow.nY in Natural 1'mt.osoriiv. The Liuiidnii correspondent of the Huston At as Initios to public nolico an iinpnriani receni ri 'bis nl Mr Cabell In keen hi M'.it. Mr Clr!-.!' thou riie, anil cnininpnced a spendi fivnr ul Mr llri.ckenlirnnoli'e claim, and hid not concluded when tins report rinsed. Viiuns-DAV, J 10.22. In the Senate, after tli- nl soui routine Internes, and a line! but rubor luelv delate on ihe in-liliilioii nl an mitiiirv with ro'aril In the relations of llie onv- cruuietit of Iho United Stains ami the Iniliaii tribes, Mr Allen look orca.-ion lo nnko sonio renniks exiilanatorv of the sen'imeuts advanced by linn on ihe prcvtoiH day, in the course of the debue on the h'll for llie autneutatinti ol (lie navv. which had hpen. in hi oninion. uns.inntc tended by certain Senators. 1 lie Sonalo then discovery by .Mr. farauay in me luiionius ex entereu on the consideration ot executive uusi- lies, and on the doors bein aaain opened, an djotirntnent till Monday took place. In tho Hoc-iE. after the ado.itmn of several resolutions, the case of the contested flection from Florida was again taken up. The House was addressed by the conlelant, Air lirncKen brough, in behalf of his claim to a seat. Mr Cabell, tho sitlin" member, holds the floor for to-morrow. Friday Jin. 23 The Senate did not sit to- dav. House.--Th Fiorida disputed election was tauon on. Mr. C ihell took tho tl mr, and enm nenced : very o.r.'c.liv" sp-pcli, dolivered in liindsmi' sliio, in renlv lo the spe.ecli il 'ltvcereii yc-ter iv by Mr. llrockeu'iioii'i. Ha snuiks with ;ro it spirit, and as a in in cunli Jcul ottliejis- tico nf his caup, Mr. C. h iving concluded, Mr. Drnckenhrouoli wis peruillti'il lo rej nn, and Ciimp'aitiPil of Hint he cilled the severe Iiii.'iiil"' I Ale. C inwards Ii in a d Mr. C was noiti Ins ii i. titiiHii', and asked fnr.'tvone-s ol the IIniio for ,1'. Cabell, as h i (.17'. II.) wit very sorry lo h ivo anv enli'ein in Irnui FioroliM f ir fur. 'ol hinisell as to do . tilt night mil lor cen- iiirc. Vr.R.MONP CSNTUAL. Al Ihn rocont uipplin of Iho nnrdofDi- rerlnrs at II Mti.ii, Iho que, inn of In 'attou bo Iwppii the' O .ill" and N irthfijhl io i'i", was li n tllv settled bv Ihe limn! ii favnr nf tlx? latter. ll will bo rrini'iubered tint at llie meolin!; in Nov. 1.11, the rml was Inc ited via Nii'tlifild, in ra-o tho liiiei l.ugiiii'or, r.Mr. l otinii.t sh'inl I imt change hi oniuiim alter .1 re surte.'. Mr. P. staled In tin; ll nril Ih it he had invi ted Mr. Il.iyw.ud. ono of thu ino-l reputable iguii'Cts in Ihu country to test Iho tiiriov Willi him, which in vil .1 1 ii ill was ac epted, bill Mr. II. was utiiblo in attend to the business ai the prrp'.'r lima Undor these circumstances, the Clnel bug neer pro msed to ileler Ins rs port, if desiiahie, until .Mr. Havwaril's advice and aid cutild hn mado available. This nfler. hnnever, was declined hv Iha friends nf Iho (Julfroutn the report of the bngtiicer was prc.-cntP'l, and the Committee, on the pin of Ihe Hockholders tf Ih'f town am! vicinity was hoard. Tho report nf tho (,'hiol Kngineer was in favor of ihe lliu Niirlhfield mule the esti mates ehowing tb it rnulo lo ho tho rheipi'sl by the sum of 8 1),00!). This report was accept. ed and adopted by llic Ilnnl. The survey nf the line nn the north sido of tho WiiU'Ojki.fron uar the mouth ol lint Hi v er towards Middlernv, proved III it Inn? In b" 30110 Ihe choape-l j it was Ihereforn ndop'eil by Ihe Iloird, sulj'cttn bo changed s i a to run thrnuoli iho villago of Mimtpi'ltor, and llie t;iuel I'oginccr was directed to initio .1 survei with thai nl'jv'i'.t in view. We mltisn Iho go ! people nf tin vicinity tn fop cml, in Iho full ciuiiiciinii tint ilmir be'torji Ijoieiit will bo in Mi-tain j I to road with all their siren .Mb. Sic ccsafiil resistant n is in our opinion entirely mil of the rpiestion. At any rue in a milter id such iinportancp, it is best "to act discreo'lv. Willi iIh rale of interest at f). Ill and 1 1 per rpitl. no oonil paper in fl 'S'oo, I urclHsors Imvh lor snuie I its nllored U.) Inr Unnlrai sni.'K : our. nmio in II Ion line yet accepted that (under iho cmi- . I . i kiii ot tlio iii uiev inai kpi; very iiign iigure. It is a decided indication or strong coiilidunce u ill" Stock. Corrrclmn In our last so stated that all lielmik'iif auiWripliii i to lie sio.'k of llie, i.'i' Rii'r.u.j rioilii'ipil the roiulitioo "i ia 'Innlpclier." Dn ovauiiil ilion, wn Hod that the I st b'siks, preoired ill this Hiale.(aod lo which .no. t of thu Vi'minntiTs ulifcnlieil.) did nut ontaln those words, O.i going In II "Ion in Juno j$t tnii'.itaiu stock, I ho condition exptes. ed in the presutbl'i of Ihn subscriptions here was changed In a specifi.i condition ; and in the change, Ihn linguae of Iho ar rangement witli llie F.tcLburgh and Chcalure companies was uscd,'hua bringing in tho unrds "via Montpeher." At that lime I'm sim ple design was to make a formal condition ol apart id tho preamble and it was dono with. out any Ihnught ol sflecling Moulpulier, or of materially alluding the terms ol auuscriplinn at all. We siiddoso every body expected that Ihe road would co throuali Montpelier aa a mailer of course ; and we suppose it will now. Tno mistake was ours not Col. need a. trad : It will not, pethipa, bo out of place here to men tion, for ihe mlnrmaiion of Ainencan sarin, thai n most inlereslin? and important scientific discovery ha just been mule in thai very Ihcaire of the Roy al Iiislitiitmn of Great llriiain, while not ininv nrs auo, was the scene of Sir Humphry Divy's brilliant Itiuinphs. Mr. I'arad.iv, iho celebrated cheiui'i of whom you will remember, I vnie yitt n sketch, in my fitsi series nf Pen nnd Ink-lines Ins, in t ie pr.wc ilion of his teseirches into the nnturenf Mee ifieity nnd Mau'iie ism, siieceeVled in v.btnniii! ct perimen'ally, whit, wiih iniilini; indimry and ihe i t mosl confi lent persevetnnce, he hid luoi; snuelit foi iho direet rel llion oTeleclrii'ltv nn I M'timellS'll to light. Tin nomine step in scienlitio research has produced iho crenel sensation and ihe s.'i"inili piihliu aro on Iho uploe of cxpecta'too, for Mr I ara ilvia. loo rooitn leo'ilre. l.i eit- iho full nirlleil lirs of hi briltniit dircmcn ihe n suit nf whi1 h cin ml be hot ofi um -n-ei o.iorl inee. and moy pro-ibl'-e m enure i-evolutioo in nnr pn enl mode of pro-cuiin-r nn-l ili!i".iiu i nriifi.-i-vt h-jltt. It is sud lint Ihedisimiili hel r.ilcli1! Plii'o.o.iher w ill, it I tit-1 fore-menii ined lecure, cibi'ul the Majjnetisin nf Liuht Iho il'uiniiiiitioii uf the hn-s of Miiuetio for r,. nml a treio mi.'lielie coniliion'l ill nf mitler. When ibis eveni'ii' nice i-i is held I shill nilend, nn I will report ihe ptoceeliuijs for you in txttnto, nl tiinl them 1 1 ne ol .'reai inierest. l'rift "or Ihn'ij, of the College of New J-n sey, is Ihn worthily introduced in the saino b'ilcr. Wo Invo reason lo believe lb it un American mine is recurred In w ith in ire re sni't in scieulili.' circles ahroad than that of tin euiineiit philosopher. ' I vesienhy enj ived ihe p'eiure of vii ini Mr. l- irauv, nt Ins lalirnory, wnere tin wi lniv pro-ceeilio-i wilh exnerniient. runn'n'j Willi hi cliarnc terisnc qvickne.. from nno u,ij -el in nnoiher. with nlm.isi llie rapiitily nl llie ni hi wiiu-ti ne wa inves iieniiiie I enuore nf. It wis a strikini s rnM.- Ilern wis a ereii eleclri-'il inlch'ile. lliere a h"teo rle 'trn-miiruei. ItiiitTiis. in countfis mini her, lav nroiiod; tn short, evirv ibiou a clieiui! e ni'il rnq lire wisnt hvi.i Inn to me. the mo I bn' h ml tlii't.' there w'is die re'e- , nnximi. sinilmir philnsoiilier himself. He aked me a miiliiinde nt n lesiiotis nb on Amei-i"i spo' r in verv ciil-icisiie lenns of I'rnftstar Ihryry. of Pnnetlon, w ho, said was a highly valuiblv fnendof his. WAR OF OREGON. 'It has been suggested in distinguished nnar lers, that Hie territory ol'Orpgnn is ivnrihles. It has also bepii sanl, on bnlli side o Ihe At lantic, thai iho torrilnrv canniil long hegntern ed either from Wettninter or Washtng'nn ; hul lint it will require a separate gnveriiiiiont ol its own. If culler of these a-sprtnms be true a war in lln ago of riviliz I'inn, In determine llioiViVtii Oregon will hn "in'malnm" am: " iiiiiiious " bpy itrl any leader of biil'U in bis to-y, The following verses Iroin an ancient newspspnr, will til ly illustrate the folly of bull nst s that engage in it. Clumpy nnd Clod, tn -uiley clowns, As ree'in-i hoineniis nuhi, Fro n ule lioitrt where tin ir snpy crowns They sn.'J in snl'miis phjhi. While nil Ihe ni ire.iiniisl sky .Spread nut b char etpanse, And nil iho .'iinerin' train on hish, Seemed oe'r their heads in dance. Quoili Chfiin io Pl.iil, " I tell Ihse what I only wish Ibnt I A moeli vieid pis'ure lind hid 01 As I ean set I hie ky " "AnH" ninth CM t'i Clump, "should like Thv wish to beat I y fir, An I hive, in prove a wealthier tyke, An ox for every alar," " A'i bu' " sivs CI onp, " lo veed 'cm all wtnl iniure pom i e vounil t " r.noutjii " sua Clod. " vor ureal and amill I'd ven! Itiem on thy srnuud,'' " Whit, nnd wi hnut my leave 1" snjra Clump, " A ye ilnt I would, " aiya Cbwl 'y, Quiili Clump, " then thre my hido shall thump, Ui I will bii'ii.i thy bidy," So to 't lliev went, b ull ('lump nnd Clod, As f isi ns fis innl I nir, Ti I bo h liv spriwlina nn the iod, An I scarce n fl.l could vvng. ' Now where1 vo iroxn, Clol." .aja Clump, " nd where" sivs CI nl, " vour ero indT' Potli sieliM nnd rarense roised on rump, In vain for bulb look round Then shskinp hands, I bey cursed all jars, And alldefl'ivillt! eyes Thai looked for osen in ihn stars, And pastures fioin the skies. Tne Army or the Unitxd States. The whole force enrolled on the !0tli of November was aa follows : riff,,. nr. Til . nnn..nmmi..lnnSll lltTieerS Sml lorintr. mbelliahms;, and prfpsring for hr reception ,.rl..a,B,. nilI.i-i' , Mn,i ,,ificora.7883 : in ill the pslice which wss ones occupud tf iaWiM AW ' " es4 Kvw AnioiiiriiO' ARIUVAL OF TI113 I1IBEIINIA. Tw r.NrY-osr. days i.atcr Fiiiim Eunnrc Tlio sletini packet Uiliernin, Ciiptriin Ry- rie, was telegraphed nlniiit 7 o'clock, Fiiilav last, nnd slio arrived nt East Boston nl 2 J ii i! n n t ns past 8, having left Liverpool on llie 4lli. Stic lias mado Iter passage in very sovcro weather, in n lilllo ovc 18 1-2 tl.iys, llm last iarJnnafi),tiniospliere Hi 10 ticluwziro. The snip was iniicli encuin lipred witli ice, nml slio was described as ro somlding un iceherif. To llm great surKiso of nil nn lintli sides of llm water, Sir Uolierl Peel is Minister once more. Tim unexpected rpfnuil nf Lord Grey the lender of llie old Wings lu net with any iniuNtry in which Lord I'.il mersloii ilirecli-tl tho Foreign Iti-liilions ronipi'lli'il Lord John Russell tn rclinriuisl at llie very niomeiit lie grasped it. All speculations based upon llie report nf liis accession must therefore lie tiliiindniieil Tito rock mi which lliu Peel Ministry split viis tlio Corn Lnvs. Sir Robert is not man of ii, inciple. Wu do not mean liv this ho is not limit's!, hut that In: does not gi'iieriili7. , lit it litt governs by experiment finding n particular solution for every question llmt ,. ii.au1 rather ill in by such general piinriples as hiiiiIv In oil. For this leasun ini-bodv knows nliern tn find liim .ml let I a a s a hu wliere lie will to-iliv, linn is no security llmt ho will not be: in un ex icily oiiomio siluatioti lo-inorrnw. Of course lie circs nothing ut nil for conMslcu '' ho neviT sought for such a ropituiioii. His only euro to .keep thu iiiilion qniel. Ills only llioiiL'lil is live mid tjoverti in pence. : Fur this ubjecl, hn rc.i-.ti il C.iiholic cip.ition, when lie lliought that lliu Kiiglili would lie displeased if ho granted il. For this ho gniiili'd Catholic Emancipation us soon as hn saw tlio Irish would rebel if lo did nut. For fear of 1 1 in Lords hn lias held up tho Corn I a u s. Now, fur fi'.ir of the people, lie is lliu' first to In pal; tlu'in to pieces. rim f.icl ill it lie is likely lo do so, r inses iho Prt'sjdi'iiiji .Mivkagi! to he received wiih niiidiTiitioTiTii striking contrast with its oflensivo tone. Another and iniicli stronger reason is, tlio president is the advocate of fieo Ir itis; circiinisl.inrt' that, witli tho English rov s n' of sins. In fact, ns '.lie rimes siys " On this point lln; Mess ige t'xliihiis a sytnpilhy with our own ministe rial instiiiilions, us in.irvelniis ns il is iiuspi- I'iniis." Another paper, tho (Ecoiioiui-i) Lis "sure that when the Aniiii'.nu know that it is iho iiiidoiibli'd inteiilion of ihu iniuislry to open tho ports, lliere will ho no fin liter liffii'nlty on th" Oii'gon quesliiiii." The inli-l.niff part of llie message undoiihli'dly ends lo thi'Se rnnclosiiins. Nothing coohl he iiioro gratifying lo the EnglNIi limit the privitego of introdiicing their nia.iiifictorcs freu of iliil.V, nnd wo veiily In lieve, they would give up nil tho territory that over was Til Wspllni'"het een n, fur the op portunity nf llmuling nnr markets ur.d break ing down nnr iloniesuc inaiiiifacliires. Ilotv llm opi'iiing ol their pons will lion- fit iho English is plain rnniigh. It will niiikt! liread cheap nnd spciiiu them nguinst the danger of fimine. Unt wlnl jood will it do nst Wo nny bo called upon for sonio of our surplus produce occasionally, hut the 6 lift of lliu wheat consumed in England willcomo not from Michiginor Illinois, hut from till ISillic, and tho Black Sua, nnd Ihe Medilerancnii whero il run li misetl as cheap ns in thu West, unt! wlienco it will cost less in transport it. Nor do wu sre how it is possihln lo con nect llm Oregon Question wilh llm repeal nf llm Corn Law s, or llm red nd inn nf tho tariff. Our lorn fiieuds have left themselves mlv one riinrso.jnjioMiii', nnd wo mean to hold llieni In it. They must treat Oregon as ml independent question. Whatever may lm dono with the taiiff or tho com law, limy must go for "Oregon tip to 51' 40." Thev first set up ihe crv. They Talked fiercely almut war. At first, tho Whigs were inclined In tlop llieni, thinking that they worn in earnest. Then they fell upon iho Whigs. " British p iily." " peace party," "II iriford Convention men," ".inti- war until," weto the worst nniiies bestowed upon lliu nhigs, by a p.Hlv whoso capital cnnsisls of epiilmis and catch-words. Thev had lliu whiga in H f.i'io position, nnd meant lo ki'i'p lliein ihere. Tliey meant lo ex hibit iheimeUes in eager for light, hut forretl In yield le'nct inily o opposition of the " Oritisli Whig," who were, of roursu rx- pecti'tl id fi 'hi fiercely against tho war spir which p iff not conic off, lio roars out " II)' me sninliodilcc, or I to ill kill him I" But nohody will hold liim now, nor his par ty. They must fight or relrent on their own responsibility. Which ever lliey decide on, il is oil one lu the Whigi. Wo repeal it, arrangement nf tlio tariff ilinuld have no ronnexiun nr dependance upon lite repent nf lliu corn laws, Il is for lliu nilv.iiilugi) uf llm English that they should lie repealed, nml therefore sooner or later they most lie repented. Why limn should we offer nny thing tn induce llieni In dn what lliey must (In, ami intend In do, ol tiny rati'. If wu leduru nur tariff In niiiko litem reduce their cum laws, wo sti ill In.' in llie siluati ui nf the man who pnys for llienr- ticht which his neiolihor wauls to give him nnd which lie findj lo bo worthless us soon ns he gels it. Willi these rentaiks nn that part (if Ihn nows which interests us most, wn le.ivo the subject. Our readers will find further items in another column. RUTLAND ROAD. MEXICO. Lale ndviccs indicate that iho Mexi- cin revolution is completed, and llm Govern ment uf Herrerra ut on nnd. Pnredps, the now Dictator, Iras refused lo tereive Mr. Slidell, llie Ameiican Minister, who is prob ably on his way homo by this lime. There was ti time when Mexico was, to nil inleiils nnd purposes, us far front us ns tho E ist Indies. The disputes between iho Spiniatd anil Creole was ns unimportant tn Mtt. Euiron: You nro doubtless nwaro that tlio Com mittee of lliu board of Directors of llie Chain plain and Connecticut River Rail-road Company, appointed to loc.ito Ihu Northern terminus nflhal ro.ul, we rosin our villago nn Friday nnd Suttnd.iy uf last week nnd thai llie Engineer, Mr. Gilbert, under their di rection bus completed that location in llie most satisfactory manner. Tho terminus fixed upon, is on lliu smith sido of South street, il its intersection wilh Water St. has n L ike froui sufficient (or nil the purposes iiflhu road covers iihiiut fifteen ucres of I..111I, nml iifjoiils 11 most udv.iiit.igetios nnd iiiliiiirnhlu termination in nil respects, Dy 11 slight western ilevialien from the line uf hi previous survey, Mr. Gilbert ohlaiutl 11 conli which, for nioro than 11 milo nnd 11 half is perfectly straight, mid for about half that tlis t.inri! fioui tho terminus smith, is on 11 dead level. Thu advantages of such 11 lermiuii lion will bo tit once appreciated by nil who me familiar witli millers indeed it requires no such fainili iiity, lo perceive ut once the disadvantages (especially as re- spucts freight trains) of doing obliged to stir mount even alight grade for the starting point. I may be permitted lo rongratulato your readors, especially such uf them lis feel tin interest in the Rutland road, or the prospect 1 which is now ptesenlcd of the early com pletion of 11 rail-road ro ni unt 11ic.1t ion through Western Vermont, with tho great markets rr-ahitlons which he submitted to ihe Senate of ihe United Stall on Wedne'dny last. He, loo, Ia lor loving the notice, thnmth nut till afler the present aea sioii nf Conurtss. We should prtfer rather a mora prompt movement, unless inlerinediiti information Uiout.1 rt commend a change of times 1 but 10 ihe rea sons wIik.1i be assigns lor the notice we thoroughly subscribe. hel us retptctjulhj add, Hist ncthouldpnftr Con- OS at ihn (lisrniti's tlptiwi'n llm llnllnnlola ' .. .1 1. . .1 t . ... .! .. .1 . ,i-.... . rp. 1 1 . . 1 .1 o;i tiiu sen ooaiti. 1 ven nn 10 nrru 11 i 1111 unu Cities. I he b.uliarians cut each nth- 1 crs lliroals mid slashed cacti others diitv vcl low skins in peace nnd quietness, so far as wu were concerned, and nohody ever thought about them, except to wonder at their clumsy ultempls ut coining, whenever a Mexican dollar was seen. In those days, annexation Ihoso who have been so long struggling u gainst adverse influences, and the forcu of unforeseen and unexpected obstacles, lire about In see their efforts crowned with com- nlele success. 1 rnnfideullv believe that the lenoii is rati ciiv iiiiproaciitiig, wnen ute rrrens to take the retpontiblllltj to abrogate trtl Con rcnlion, initead of 'throainr it on Ihe I'reildent, tin less some cirrum-tanrcs should lorn tip tn recom mend such a discretion tube cive.l to him." Mark the sentence in italics I The Pres ident, wlio has the benefit of h War flourish who bus beaten the ilium nnd sounded the trumpet now ' rcspet'llully ' asks Congress to assunin lliu responsibility nf giving I fie no- lice ! Was not llie Sage of Quincy wiser than his generation when bo startled the llouso witli 1111 avowal of his fears that llie Prestilot t would " hack otil " t Mere is an appeal from iho President's official organ, nnd probably written by his Secretary of Slate, for Congress lo lake llie responsibility of a measure, wlich our "grab" for Texas, the 11 illinium Convi niton, and his own inau gural li 1 vii rendered necessary ! Can Whigs, with this white feather displayed in lite Un ion, hesitate nr doubt at lo the proper cottrso to bu pursued t See, loo, how the language and temper of the Union has changed 1 It now looks for " intermediate information "t Il is now willing to wait patiently f'K"lhsj " turning up of circumstances " ! Here ara truths even nioro " si range than fiction." The Administration is waking up! It is be ginning tn sen its way into, but not through the woods 1 For all this the country is in debted to Mr. Adams, Mr. Darragii, Mr. UlLl.lAnD.aiid either WhigMenihtrs of Con gress, whn have endeavored to cast the re sponsibilities nfa war upon those who have wantonly tin, irded lliu blessings of peace. Mad llm South allowed Texas lo remain, at il should have remained, an Independent Republic, wo should nol have been driven into 11 conflict for Oregon. If6. Jour. J I ..I ...111 I 1...II. ...I !.. ....-I 111. 1 .1 t n 1 si 111 cm ro in w i 1 111; unt 1, wi en i s shhk called treason, anil tbti Vico President ' r.i 11 1 ir , - will he equally pr odociivt; wilh that of anv of thu Un on was nipciched for Irving 11. 1 . 1 I J O 'W ., 1 . . ,T... , .... TI... ", oilier ro 111 111 ine uuiit'ti oiaies. 1 ne voaiu- As peopto were not so Jond of slavery then, lliey seldom talked about "extending the area of fiooiloni." Dill now the struggles of the "progressiva Democracy" have extended ns so fir nnd undo us so sore, withal that llie toast about the extiemelies is fell mid syni)ilhiz"d wilh by all the hcily. Thus, w hen once in six months or not so of- Ion, u stray vessel brought intelligence of half a ilii."ii now leviiliiliiins, tho people uolv stared and wondered wh it .such savages could Ii.ivh lo fiht about. Ilnt now, every stir ol the ragged skeletons whosw.irui and starve in tho streets of Mexico, is a concern to it. Such is one nf tho consequences of ".innex- minn nun "progress a progress ven niiicli like that of thu man who being tired nl walking sit down in rest himself upon tin hoot of a slago which was going tho other way mid math' such advance, viz : hack wa,rds. . Ifwu had our wish the good u;l limes won tl route again. Unt since TVs is is inevitable and trniili! on account uf it still nioro so wo would humbly suggest lo their majesties nf llu 111 ijnritv it ought tn be cm id fur. Tin army for which tho mirth must p iy, suppose ought to bo reinforced there. Tin list wu heard of our Hoops, they were dying of exposure nt Corpus Christ!, mid likely t ho murdered for waul nf proper arms. An lliey any better off now or likely to be 1 Tins "Oigin" ought U know, and we inusu for a reply. be A Luciiroc.) nn.v. Thu Nuv"- York Evening Post, 11 pajn r which is pro!) nbly us deep in thu confidence uf ihe Ad ministration ns the. Union itself, in an article headed " Oii'gnu mid no Wur," throws 0111 lliu following feeler '' Il tsor own l.i'ili llm peice wiih this country is not lilt more necessity iii luc il llnriln, nml 111 11 n wir Willi us would not be prodoetim uf ntl'l urenler .ilimiiies 10 tier people. Jl uur cuuinieicnl po ley plain unu ionneriicui tuver liaii-ro.iu win form the great trunk line, desliued to he cm- riched by lines in more direction than one, while, the cheapness with which il cm bo coilsttiictell and operated, will he substantially fell in the dividends arisioo fiom the enormous business which it cannot fail to ' n tn 1 1 1 1 n . The rind will bo placed under contract, beyond q'li, nt leisl fioin Biiilinglon to Rutland, early in thu spiiog, and will In- prosecuted with vigor. A'cic York as well is Boston has an cvn nn Ihe movements of this coiiipiny, nnd ihn view which some of her most intelligent citizens are taking of this untcrpiizu, may be seen by the lollow iog extract from a letter recenilv rereived. under dato of thu 10. h instant, fioni D. K. .Minor, I'm , ihe accomplished editor of the Railroad Journal published in the city of New-York : " I um gr.nifieil,'' says Mr. Minor, "In "learn that the Roll mil people, mid all Western Vermont, nro moving. The line froui Itiirlitigloo In Ruiliod is one of gre.11 importance mul capabilities. It nni't be coiuu a trunk line, common to both New Yoik ami Boston, nnd il matters little whether the one or the other is first made, both nro sure to ho mado soon, and if my opinion would weigh u straw with the peo ple nf that region between Rutland and Burlington they w ould not delay our mo- " ment on account uf lliu road J.911 of Rut- aod. If they will make the road from " Burlington In Rutland, I lire will lit) a ' race heiwi'i-n B.ton and New-York tn see " who s' all fi.'.t tit iki' a mail In meet them. ' Why, thu whole Rutland interest coold not previ 111 llm penplo cast of tho G 1 con Mountains from opening 11 romuiiiiiiralioii 'between llieni mid Rutland, even if they bad In tunnel five miles. Is it In ho sup- PORTRAITS OK THF. PRF.SiTJF.NTS. The best eniravin nf tbe Pre-idents nf the United -ntts we hive evcrei-n, is one now offered to our ci y by an nircnt of the indef itiaihlu Wakefield, of Ito-ioii, who shows iii s tch n I. si nf pnirons as nno oiieht well be proud uf amoni; winch we peieeire lliu a itocriph d John Qoincv Adams. Dnniel Web ster, lvi Woo Ihory, t'cnernl Scull, Charles icA'cns, -mil a host of other illustrious names. We have no doubt hu will reciive a in ihis city. II is 11 heiuii'iii nml wen arranifen tuciiire. Cheti-h the nr , reward the pub isher, nn I buy n copy. Auiv is tlie nuie to eel n u ii 1 loitires-ion. 11 may be h-d tor a s Ion 11 ne at Ilobunon's, SG Cliectnut ttreel, at a niodetnic (inee Lr S. Gjz. - A copy of thiv engraving has been laid on our table by tho publisher, who intends vis iting nur village next week, and will furnish copies to sucli as may dosire then!. iMPonT.WT rnnji Mkmco. Correspon dents ol the N. Y. Herald, at Washington, stale llmt despatches were received on Sat urday last, from Mr. Slidell, dated at Mex ico, on the IG1I1 ull,, which statu that Gen. P.iredes had entered the cily in triumph a few days previous, overturned llie existing government, nnd proceeded lo organize one in its stead. No lesistanco was offered lo his' entry. Ilcr had refused lo rt-wir is minister from his country, and Mr. Slydell is probably on bis way home. It is stated that tho revolution was com plete, and th it limn' was no opposition. A slip was issued from llie office ofllu; N ilional Intelligencer containing tins news, which vro have not received. There is 11 manifest error in tho above, as wn had on Sunday authentic advirps from Vera Cruz lo Dec. 2D 1 1 1 and from Mexico to thu 23 I, nt which last dates Paretics was threii days' match from lliu capital. Itis pnssildii that llm above may be a fiction, hut it seems more probable that advices may have been received by way of Havana lo about thu end nf llm month, and that the facts staled are correct, w ith tho exception of the date. ISoston I'aity Adv. it had been iho tinhov nf Irw? iradn ihe danger of nn nosed th il thu Huston penplo will Iravi I 1 .. .0. 1 1.1 1 1 1,. a. 1 ' niuieo I'liiu-i.tii 'veil 11-, wiiiim n.i e i'vr 11 inc-" tlunir In her as llie d inner f mime niiioii nruleil L'Olll-lon Willi us, wnillil liavel'eill lllesi . 1 .1 It 1 .L. ir llie iwu (C;s, vvneil lliev tin, "- - At tho Annual Meeting of lliu Burliglnn Firo Company on ihe SS1I1 of January 1346 ihu following persons ware elected War dens : Messrs. Win. II. Wilkins, jr., Horace 1 r . t , 11 1. V . 1 f 1 . her ,ini,.et..r,n1! p .pula ,, and insuriecn .n 11. her ,(ICHK,. f ., ri-lll angled triangle ? r l'rr"' ' ""l"' """u -"'"non-ill, crowded 111 loofact inu eiiies. Kven now, if ihe Or- Ti . .1 . : I Noble Lovelv. Dm Lvott, Charles A Si'V- um 001 inv iiiii'ii-i 1 - - - Tiir.msTANCF. to Obioo!!. The actual ilia tanro to bo sailed from New York In the ninutl ol the Columbia River, by the way of Cape Horn. 1 estimated al 15,000 miles, a fIiId Ca. ml tu Panama, to bo cut through the isthmus nl Panama, which ia only 97 miles, vnuld save 8, 000 inilea or. more than lie If the distance, redu cing the voyage out and back to less than the time now .required In inakn the paisago nut Tho distance from New York to the mouth nl Ih Columbia River by land ia about 2,700 inilea. eaon q lesnoit be ndju led witlioui awtr. in su Ii a j 1 1 wnillil ho sin ... inner as 10 aumit no . 111111 m 111.1 uuue. . n i( xVciern road, endeavor In bring josimeiil w II ho to couple the neknowleileenienl nf ,1 lu tradu to Pillsfield, u then lliey wniild nur cinini won s me lint rai coiuinerciai nrraiiiiemein .. r . 1. , - ;. whieli wodd seifreo Iho 1 nr.n between Ihe two "bo sure III gel a portion ol II. mil is 11 motorics. We slrill nknmcasion 10 speak more ut . (.vi,,.,t ,,,t who': at Pilisfiel. I, gravity lensth on Ibis topic hereafter. . . Westq.poso Iho oilier Locof.ici) p .peis " would lake mort. to New ork, than en- would verv readily agree lo this. Thev all " tcrprise Id Boston. say, tint Great Britain has not tho shadow '"My view is, 1I1H H' Stockholders in the,io, loi.sit.our,.otof0.fgoo,hut "Rml'ind road should not delay a single lliey would readily agree to repeal iho U. S. " moment i 1 commencing thu cooslrociiou Tariff for her enililic.ilion and tho iiromo- "of ihe. Northern portion of their ro:d. ll lion nf her interests, upon condition (if her " will ensure thu continuation of the tiou legs stiriundering up what they call a shadowless, " below Riitland, and you could not prevent nrenoster.nis. and claim. " it null'.lis is not all, il will seenru still Wu il ivit a wnrd nf warniiin for the high " another leg oil to "1" westwarii in coooeii funclion irles ul Wasliiogloii cily. If lliey " with llm S iratoga and Sandy Hill road, or sen fit lo repeal Ihu tariff , ml nfa real nraf- with Troy and Alb my, or, indeed.iofA .'" feclt-d regard for the interests nf their own This view " laken of llm great enler- counlry, llm people will probably bear the prise, by Mr. Minor, is m inif-illy, corrert temporary calamity as quietly as lliey may, one. Tho groal valley in which wn reside liol if Iho" repeal bt't made, directly or nidi- is destined ul no remote period, to enjoy a rectly, pan and parcel of a contract wnli railroad coninionic-'l" utrougn mini. inotir, I iiniitliy r . olrong, Simeon i Ul.irU, ami Win. J. Odell. L viii 111 Cuniuiiegs was nppnintrd Clerk, and Edward A.' Slansbury Treasurer, for llm year ensuing. Great Britain, such a slorin will bu raised about ihu ears of llm administration as will iiiaku thu Irailor-liordu glad to seek icfugu in ihu deepest and darkest caves uf the earth. AGRICULTURAL PAPER. Wu would call iho allenlion of all fanners, lurch inics, merchants, or professional men to tho nolico of tho Cultivator and Ameri- il. Ansr-s-s pejhaps lliey would il they had can Agriculturist, published in in-thys pa not perceived llie imposition in lime. But now Iho tables aro turned. A warn ih at Polk was a humbug from lliu beginning aware that he never meant to bring 011 n war they ceased 11 useless and dangerous op position, nnd confounded him by acquies cence ! Liken who is derisively cheered on In a fijhl by ihoso whoso patience and strength havo been ex hausted in holding him bark bewildered al his unexpected and iinnished.fur reloase, ashamed lu run away after such a struggle, and yd desperately afraid lo advance, he per. l.veiy I tnuly siiniild reguMily receive somu paper devoted lu Agriculture mul Domestic Economy ; ihn expense is Hiding compared in tho advantages to bo deiivud from such publications. Bank. Tlio legulaiuio, nt its last sessiun, chartered a new bank in Windsor County, bul left llie location of il lo a com niillee, consisting uf ll irry Ilridloy, Ems ins Fairbanks and S uniiel Swift. Tim rum milieu has recently been out on this service, and we understand iho decision lo ba in fa- stamps ami swears, and tugging at the coat j vor of Proelorsvillo, . . ..... -i'..:.. leiu'lh, with Ihu AlHiiuc iiiarM is. s ... coniileli'J. and who shall prescribe the limit in which llm enterprise, nf uur hardy and in dustriotii population shall bit confined, ur thu extent of tho lr-sJ and travel domestic and foieign which will inevitably seek this outlet to thu great Malkt ls. A SIGN OF THE TIMES. The Union contains nn inslruclivn arliclu upon thu Oiegon question, written nvidently not bv its Editor, for it b is nothing of his iwaddiuiu it, but ptobably coming from Ihu Secretary of Statu. RtJ ""J dliJt' iiaraeranh : " If we are 10 govern Ore-on peaceably, wo must .. ...1 ..r ;.,, nfcuniii ui.' If we nro In eovern :,m,i ,,f Oivi! a. n-aceihly. we most firsi get rid of '1 unt occu.mun' in Ciolparl. Wliojvcr )il, Iroiu .1... ,,f il.e iiairiaichs in our dav. heard nf one re- mlv. rtiKtl nenceiblv. and nl the anno lime, by ihe laws of I wo independent and sovereign unions, both anxious In piisn encn oiner o n 1 The policy which snya ' withhold iho nabce and ion ilm I ill.' seems In us lo iirecipiiaie a w-r. A t .. . r. . - . ....I ....I .L.hnAl IO hd IHU III covcril u.ecou an, a. . ...'-.-' periniueni iioder the Convenii in, it " '"" it ialhebinlool llie statute boots. One of them limn euccumb befoie the oihcr-or lh wo..,,,1uh'i; ere long ba drawn. Mr. Crillenden reoogmsea iriia troth, and hsa given a forcitle eiprceeion .10 n MiDM.Enuitv.JAN. 27. A few days since a most distiessing accident occurred in Starkslionl. The Ililiisenf.iMessrs. L.Jc T. 5'le.irns was rniisiinied by fin-, in llie day lime, w ith all its contents. The members nf Ibe fimiliesof thu ni'copaiils were all un fortunately absent sit llu' lime, except an aged mother uf llm Messrs. Stearns, who w as leu sitting in a rlmr as usual, nut who was rendered helpless by pily. The itt hn I. ll was l io Wilis nl Mr. L,. htrarns, w ho sli'tipi'il into a neighbor's nn an errand, abnut '-'0 rods distant, and had not been ab sent iiiore than 30 minutes, when she be held iho (limes bursting from the windows and roof nf her dwelling. The neighbors flew 10 tho rescue. Nn other means were, left In sivo Iho mother hut tearing off the boards from ihn sido nf llm lions", which was il.nii', and the ch irred and lifeless body of ihn victim, u niiKt ihn nutans antl shrieks nf siiriniiiidiiii relatives, was dragged from Ihn 11 noes w hull wero r.i'Vonring it. Ills stipposi tl the hoiisu caught firo fiom ihe s ine pipe, which passed through tho cliam- ocr tloor. ualazi The Navv or the United States. The number and rlasa ul VPffola in the Naval Ser viro on Ihe 1st day of October, is staled aa foi lo.vs : In eom'alon In ordinary b'ld'f total Slops of the Line, Ki'uniea -'loops of War, llries. Schooners, Sleamer, tilorc ships, 4 7 IS 5 5 6 4 46 2 4 6 1 3 I ii 11 14 13 6 6 11 t 13 MutcincEM Donation (825.000J I haabe.n m,d to Ihe Boslon AthcntDtnn by John Brom-J-' .a Ktn , for a permanent fund, the income to bo appropriated for the jiurchaae ol bonks. The proprietors voted to accept Ihe donation on Iha irescnbed terms, and that all the volumes pur. chiiod, and the alcovra containing tnein, should bear ihs name of ihe donor,

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