Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 30, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 30, 1846 Page 3
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Commit nlcatlaii. Mr. Ed'itoii To ilie present critical stale of our relations with Grcit Briliin, every philanthropist and patriot naturally lurna a serious nnd anxious eye. It li to be hoped, indeed, that llio war of words, wnircd o hotly for the last few weeks, by Cuunrcaj and tho Press, ia not the destined prelude to national blows 1 but should ilie controversy issue in war, no pen can trace, no tongue can tell the horror, the carnage and the desolation which mini follow. Such n result would not prnve a mere repetition or counterpart ol the war of 181-2. It won I.I be attended wiih nn in crtite of devastation and calamities in direct propor tion to the incir'asc of llio belligerents in population, in pow-r, in wealth, in inventions, in ihonrl ol war, and in all the resources which two mighty and pros perous nations have been nrcuniulatiiiir for more than thirty years. And )et, invested as ilie enlject tiasj been, with all the tclnt which patriotic ill', rvcsccnce, and editorial and parlhnicntnry va'ol (not that oftlie bstlu.-fi.IJ!) have thrown around it, niidndorned and cmbeliishtd as it has I een, wiih a'l llio tenia ol thct ort and flowers of oratory and of poetry, Im man ingenuity could cither borrow or nriiiina'c, its horrois have dwindled into comp.arn'itc instiriiili. eance, aupplantid I y a brilliant halo of imnuiuary Splendor an I glory. But let not tho public mind be deceived. Let not the noble scveri y of the ju '(.'mcnt be warped and deluded by sophistry, by the interest ed appeals of the partizan, nr the Myelinic periods of the orator. Let war be stripped of its meretricious trappings, and vi wed in all its naked deformity. Let the dire reality, and not the (hunting f-arb in which some would .eek to Irde it, be regarded' I would invite lhoo puleini Hotspurs i f the House of tlepreaentativts.ttho seem In hate drawn liberally on tie poeta for cnibillishmtnts for llieir oratory, lo . lncn at the folluw log pas ajro from an eminent En (liah philosopher and poet, wiitlcn in 1798, 'during Iht alarm of an invasion.' Thn sentimrnt seema to Die equally applicible lo our own country, and to the present tun. The pertinence and force of the ex ilic' must apologize for its length : "JVc, this whn'e people, hive been clamorous For tvtr and bloodshed, aniihaiinir eporta, The which wu pay tor a thing to tnlk ol, Spectators anil not combatants. No guess Anticipations of a wrong unlelt, No ejaculation nr contingency However dim and vague, too vague anj dim Tn yield a -ustifvinir cause j and forth ( out with big preimble. holv mine, And adjuia'ions of the God in Heaven ) We send our mandates for thn certain death Of thousands and ten tho is mils Hoys and girls And women, llial would groan to see a child Poll off an insect' lea. nil read of War, The best amusement for niir niurnini'a meal 1 The poor wretch who Ins learnt h sonly pravers From curses, who knows scarcely words enough To ask a bin sioi from hit lie ivenly Father, Becomes a fluent phrnseman, a' solulu An I technical in victories and ilelnls. And all ttnr d unty teroia for fratricide; Terms whieh we tnindle smooth I voVr o ir tongues Like( mere n'lstracii.m, emptv sunn Is. towmcn We join no fecliuz, ami attach no form 1 As if the soldier ilted without n wound Aa it" the fibre of IliU G id-like frame Were gi-ed wilhoui a pane j ai tf the wretch Who fell in bittie, doing ' l.iody deeds, Passed off to Heaven, Iran-latcd and not killed : Aa th.ui -h lie had no wife to pine fir him, No (Sol In judge hi n ! Therefore, eiil daya Are coming on us, O my Countrymen 1 And what it'al'-avensiiig Prnvid. nee, . Strong and reinhntive, should make us know The meaning of our wird-, force us to feel The desalation ami thf agony Of our heice doings 1 " But leaving, for the pres-nt, the natural and inevit able horrora of war, let us bestow a few thoughts nr. n the controversy which threaten! them. This.hov ever, must consti uie the theme of a future ccinmun cation. 0, At a speitl m?elmgof tlnOiitlendeMi County Bar, hel J in the Court House, in lliitlingtm, on the 19ih day of January, IS46, the Hon. I.rael P. Richardson was elected Chairman. The death of the Hon. WILLIAM A. G1US WOLD, a member ol this liar, and late Chairman thereof, having been announced I y the Chairman Mr. Adams introduced ihe following resolutions, which wereimanimou-ly ndopted. Iletilrcd, Thai, in the death of the Hon. Wm. A. Oaiw (Lo, the K ir of Chittenden Ci I v have lost a brother join endeared lo llieui by his uniform i r. Jesy and eie iiplary conduct, as a member, and larue benvolene a a man. llttolted That, while the deceased, ihrnngli a long life, has been, to n eonsi lerahlcil!..rn-, identifi-d with the public, emitted of ton State, bn has aeninied himself wiih our ed iiitpgritt, nn I hat exercised a fu I share of infl leuee. an I that his lost wi'l he deplo re! liv auri Ih circle of a q lamtauces an I friends. RaileeJ, Tnat Ihmneui'iers of ihi. liar, at a body ai end the funeral of thedeceate I, lo.tnonow. Mr. Phe'ps pretenled the following resolutions s Reto'ted. That a copy nf ihn abnte, refoluti m be fftsenli-d lo the courts of our ruuniy wuh a nrjuesi thai thev hecn'ercl upon the record of said conns. Itetilted. Tnat the proceeding, nf tins nieiiinabe line I by ih- ' lliairinau and Secretary, ai.d published in both our village papers. Which re-olu i ins were pajed nnancnniis.1t-. ISRARL P. RICH ARD -ON, t ,Av. Wm. Weston, Secretary. AQIUi:ULrURL NOTICE. TlieB'ird of MaiuerJ nflho Chittcnilen County Ai'riculliiral Society are hereby nnlified to meet at the Amrirn lloic1, in I) irliniflnn, anTnemUy the 10th rl.iy nf Ffbruary, 1640. at 10 o'clock in the foreno m, for the purp'.xo nf fixity llip premiums in lo awn riled at the next annual Fair and for t'ie tr.nnaciion of any other business thntiifhl pnmor wIumi met. By order of lUf I're.idenl, Wu. Weton, Secrtlary, 7he annual tniolin,' nf the Cliittendon Co. Agricultural Society was held at Burlington nn tho 7th day of January, 1810, and the following oflkera were duly elcctpd. Riv. Mr. BiNnitAM, of Willietnn, I'resulut, Colonel Smith, nl Si. Gourde, lsi VictJ'res. Fuses Vt.iM,nf lliupsbiirjjli, 2iJ 1'. I'm. Nathan Htearns, nf Williiinn, Treasurer, Wm. Wistox, of Burlinoion, Secrtlary, The lollowine; named geiillciiicn w are elect td t board nf managers. Messrs. BirJiey Newell, of Cli.arlotlc, Dininl Patrick, nf llinesbtiryli, John Snydnr, of llun tinjton, Win. Ilirinnn, of Shclhurne, Nallian Lockwnnd, il Hl.deorge, Cliannccy V. llrmv. Bull, nf Willialnn, Random Jones, of Hichiunml, Harry llrad.'ey, nf Uurliiiiftnn, I.iiiuel II. Plait, of Colchester, Warren Fnnl, of 1fcx, Orvillc Shaw, of Jericho, Mntes Coltnn, of Bltnn, AI bertG. Whittrmore, nf Milton, John Allen, of Wesllord, and Samuel Wells, of Uuderliill. The CuiiiinUlce nn Field Cropa awarded the Jollowing premiums : 7o Col. Siuith,',fur ihe best acre of corn 85.00 " Cheater Win, nfShelhurne, 21 do 3,00 " C. W. Brownell. of Williaton, for the best winter wheal, 3,00 " do do acre eprin wheat, 300 But fetv specimens of field cropa were pro anted (or premiums, and Ihero being no com petition for aeveral variolic, the coinmiltee awarded no further premiums. Wm. Weston, Secretary. NOTICE The Selectmen of Burlington, have treed with Dr. Cliurlea Hull, lo vnccinalc for Kine Pox, all ihe people of llio town. -He will attend to the butineaa at liia oCce. Jan. S9, 1846. NOTICE. Tho Trusttes of llio Buhunotoji Female SEMINAnvaro requested In tncol at the Semi nary, on Saturday (tn-nuirrnn ) ntO o'clock. January 3(Mi, 184(1. Hnif.ll I tl.M M.t ItKf.T, January 19, ISIS. At market. 373 Lend ofHcrf Caltle. 5 yokea work ing Oxen, 26 Cowa and Calves, 1250 Sheep, andubout CO .Swine. Palcts HcffCalltc ."a'eai'f Kxlra, SV75 First noilnv. S"2-. t Second quality 81. Ml Third quality 8J BO It 81.00. Woiking Otcn Sates not notices. Cows and Calvci iales made at 813. 21. 2G and !9,50. Nhcep. Salo noticed at 41.5. S2.11 nnil 93.17. Sini'.--,M Who'esile :i mi I 5'!. At retail from 5 lo 5 for Sows, and 0 a GJ for Harrows. In Colchester, nn the 22J inal., by the Rev. Ancl Nash, Mr. 1'lijah IIatcs to Miss FnAscis K. Fas band, both of Colchc-icr. 3D) a cs c3I , At his acti.lcnce, in Lafayette Counti-i Misissi'pi, on the 23th inn., Mr. TiioMts S. Snecd. in the 20 h year of his age. Mr. Snecd is the last of Ins (iiher'a family, which fivo years ago contained 7 mcmbera. In this town, on the y.3ih inst., Noble, infant aon of Noble Lovely, Kfq, aged 7 months. At Ihe Hastern Hotel, in Medina, O.,on Friday last, of a Lung Affection, Mia. Julia A., wife of Joel S. Johns, aired 21 years. The deceaswl was formerly a citizen nf Clinton cn. N. V. Mr. and Mrs. .1. nrrived in this plare -nine lime la-t spiing, w here "hey have tince resided, each enjijinggond health until llm last ol September, when Mr. J. was attacked wuh I illious fever, which confined him to his bed two months, and on bis re covery, Mrs. J. wn attacked with fever, whieh ler minatcd in hrr death. She died wuh a calm resigna tion to tho will of her Heavenly Father, and in con fident niitieipaiioti of a glorious immortality in the world of ppirila. U Fcrrn for Salc. SITUATKD nn nrovvnN riter, in Fbspx V., con lAininu 110 arr-8. Then-11 83 acre of inrervilH on it, 50 nf whieh i-f now menifuw Inml, 3 Imrns nnrl ihcds, '20 tn-w jf liny, n tr-a Pimir nrrhnnt nnrt nn npplti orchard, nn I nn n' iiud inncof wntr funveiiiVni ly itlntt'l. Tlii 'nrm i voml fir n thirv. A prtrt nlv, oftlit- piinlusu nmn-v he required at the timnf ihe ALSO, A d-eltinie Itnn", fho.i. Inm, nnrl fntr ncros nf Inn I mi which Una ml urchinl Iving in Hip vilhe of Wil Mud, for sale low mid on n lihprnl cretli', liy Wm. I. bEVMOUIl. Hnr! 30, 19IG. 33if U'IliIjlSTt.V 111(511 SLHUOli AND Fcmnle Sominnry. THE Sprint Ttrm nf ihi Insiiiulmn will com mence mi Tiiirrmhy. Kehrmrv I9lli. 'inder the' rliirc n lipretnrnri? nf J, f.VM.AN, A M. Ti.e CMidition i f die ni-IkkiI h nrnpcri u?, ntiinher of pu piU lirifp, nnI iht prtpfi:i f r Ihe fiiliir. Ilntterine. This inirnciiui n lit levrd m he ffTi h?nt nnd ilior otih. tl is nn ."m-mitl pcrti'iniiv i-f ih Iiiiiinii mi M lend llio pupil co ffir - prnriH-'iihle. hit h M i-iH'rnci nnd fi'ivcrn lit itself. Thn ren Ir-r hi li-- itlci nnt, nnd enurr nurce. The f ici hi-n f ir the ntq ti j Piini-ipil pos?'(" ti lnrir Hit rhe'nn Telee-;" nf i superi'ir q'ti'itv, with nihtTPxerllt nt npinraiu wh ch lie wm um lur uie iw hi m i lie 'u Iciiib. TV I T I X , For th(Min!ii, hrnnrhe, 81 01 " hi'jh-T ' A 01 " LriKinfcd, 4 50 D iird enn b(j tihtntned nt frmu SI. 23 lo 1,50 per weik. inrln liuu wiVtin, Ac. ll h de&irahle ihni ihnf whit nmi'Mptti unending lionltl coimitpnre nt the of the q-m'er. WillUton, Jan. 27ih, 13M. 33 w4 VILAS NOYIIS, WOULD invite ihe atlpnthn nf Merehanti and PedUir hll in-tv wish in pnrclvnti Amricnn Print O 'T ni-tf-k now i ihe Inryeoi nnd in t deir ' le ever ofT'rel in ihn nnrke', C'tnsiiinir of n very droit variety nf pi Hern-, nnd unite new nnd very nrnl i vie. Thev were pnrehised nl n lime when the ni'fn's were closinii ihfir K-i'l laininepis, nnd itienwn crpfihrt LxiniU "ore nnxinu ti MaKF. SLK.S, whii-h enabled us to ' tun ihein nt piirea than I hey hnd heen preim-ly R-dtl. In this way we nh tniiii'd nn ndvnntni;e nf (rin one to two rcntfl on the yntil.on Fome Mpes.nnil put it in teir power lo sell ihein ns rhenp the ttti litre in New York. We would inli'-it n cnll Inmi nil within? m pur rinse, nnd we do so fully confi lent w Ml Ihein upon the inot fnvurjblu terms. Please call and see (or yourst'hei. It iilm-ton, Jnn. VSth, IS-1G. 35 I) li. J. S3II I II. "jlTOST lle.p.vf illy inf. r 0. ihu inlialo'lanla cf i'x n oiiii iiii mei vi -ion y, in i im vin? ell in ;e I In- re. i 'irt'i' Imin I li.aniiilaii'i to tlliciri. treei. ihre.. d mr. w-t nf the Co Cli'iri h, he con- linocii i lie pr.ic'iec in a imivsh i.n axd sintnr.oN. adnptin; the 1 rsi nnd nxi.t c'Tleaeiiais remd e-i e--IHn' i an I uhi'e h i- tin.illlin to Miece any nt llm varin i.M'f'e m i.f ihe ,tay perfect, bewieildc.a ci' n ly .cle.-l In.iii iliem -neli iir;i-o- nl inelieine, a he hi-lonil frniii Ion.' ex ici'ie i -e in a I'lvrraifie I an I wi'e extcmle.l pr.i -ibv, lo h in eiiv and coniiry, in le let ad.iitel 1 1 e.ieli and eerv ca.c aware llial there are no lco iwacllj ali c. llow tar .love . hi nitcniVI Id. cirirt ioce he has resided in tin- village, he wo il I most williosly Mil'inil in dm iUvmoii nl no enlililene I and candiil ii'ih'K', fir Ik i ern idem it in i-t I e n 'kno.vle lued iy ihe people bit lie ha e a cm e hi tome i-a u where o her- h id lai'ed. II it a -I'ly.iVnn may ne?'e?t 'I'n nnii.-e e'en a i?(hV IRvi, TJnle- tlie c 1 1 e a. lie ,ip i i.e., Is nine time- plainer than M- no-e i. Vet he lm ma 'e .nine impjrtunt ciirtt, which all, linili plivi -i in - .in I oilier-, a lo h.n'j retired all their skill for yeurt. I nt. Sii-.ii wo ill al-o ler leave lo inform i he pu' lie thai he hip rcln-e I nl l)i.u'. 11 ner Ilie n'shi to man IVmic oil I .ell I a. HasMng's hislily i-e e I ra el a 1 1 invilt a'i'c lrtNT I ace, which lar.ur-pa-e- every hni" id ihe km I in ilie market, lleinu nf npiniini the uric v hi 'li ha. I eeil u.ed in this .e.:ioo lia I een nf an inferior qutlitij, mn-iiig many a lad ire, wberea. if u ' ..'no I uriu le h id I een lai'hln'ly a;i;i'red a tore vo il I have been lliere.nli. He hai m ide;'einenl lor n supply fmm Ihe original l.ieiorv nf Hr. Uanolng, thai ecrv I. ice mav l perfect an I every patent lenelitiel by it. The Doctor therefore invi'e. all who need anyiliinx nl Ihe kind, lu jive linn a call Ulore purchasing km where. Dr. Smiih continue lo keep for .ale, at reduced pricet a vrcat vaneiv nt ll.vani.'ii, hiro'ept c an .Magnet le r'ioe lie., wlri-h 11 Ive been proreit I v "ill 1 on-r.f pei-nn-in the U n ed Stale Mr m-re biif, noil salnlnrij in reinnvm-j ili-ea-e, than liny niliei knnwn aiiiuiiir men, an I when ni-ci'in;ianie I ly the aeiion nl ln Klectro-Maznei'it Mnehine, the eflei i haleeomntn Iniii-h ng in a iiinhi'iido nfca-es. Cr-Unt lw it di.iinciU' unlerMnnd that Dr. Smith cannot nh'ain the ahove inval i ible reniehe. bat I) pavin? tho ca.h for lliein, nnl he wi.lic- none . call u bo dn in in end to pay lur what they hive. Iloilinslon, Jainiary, 13 IS. 33 nO WANTED. 'WO or TIIU1-.K sood workmvn ai the Tin Rnsi. VII..V3 U NUVKS. Iliirhnuion, Jan, 23, 1843. 35 r o hnd. Ta F.Alt ihe Co'irihonse Square, a certain sum of . . miiii-ii iiiciiwoei -ui receive oy matting apiiheaiji-n lo JOHN t.'I.ARKK at Strongs smre. llurlinj-lon, January V, 1S4S. 3w3 WANTED, IlfTEKN or Twenty Shii fjirpentcrs, at the Sllll' i'AHD near Kidler'a Klbow at thia place, for which fair wages will be paid. AI-, nnaortwo pair of b'awtcri la Blw wiih a riT SAW. I'.in nr.. nf JOHN WA'tl). or 1 Clinton House THO'd. (.OLI.VFI, t Whitehall. Whitehall. Jan. 21, I81G 3il THE CULTIVATOR Piibhthed al Albany, AMERICA N A C.ltlCUI. TURJS T Piihti.hed nl New Vork. EACH 3 paves, inonihly Jl 00 a year. Sf.cci mens may be ictii at tho ti.ire f it. fsnnnmnii. rCluba .npplied on the aamu terms as al ihe omco where pnblislnil. uurunRinn.-jan. ', 1816. 35 I'aiior. i.. i.d0 Ult" d Feratlaky Jan. , ISO. VILAS N0V8, A. EDWARDS' CHEAP CASH BOOK STO It E. No. 1 PerL't Itiiilrllnirt. A coiinrnl assDrliiicnl ol School. Clat-al and Misrellaneoua Books and Stationery nt C1TV PRICKS. Dr. Ariinld's Work. TI1F. History of It una from ihecarlictt perio l. by Thus. Arnold, D D . Ihrco volunia of Ih-I-loir- li.h dill in reprinted entire in iwo elegant Rvo volume-, price S1.000 This work cannot fail of beina welcomed a nn im portant addifon lo hiaturical li craluri', It has loni since lieeii ailimtlcd the lest history of Home ever w n it-n. .Spr lion, nrcaeliel in I'm Chanel of It l"hv fe'-nal. by Tims. Arnold. D. II., I neat volume IB n , 73'' This volu no will he fonii-l to bo iniercstin.' nnl villi iblq l i nil ioiereateil in the cdm-ation nf vonth. U'eliiiiaon . i lent llioturv. hv Tim. Arnold, l- D.. with a tir'faco and notea bv Pntf. Il...t. dftlie Uoiveisiivnl P.-niivlvam:i j I villoma 12 no, 1 V .Already introduced as n text book in several CullcffC. Til" Jliseellaneo-I. Wolka of Thia. Arnold. D D . inclil Ii-m! iiiu.. ad lili inal not lo he found in ihe. I'nj lishedni m ; 1 volume 8vo, prieo 200 Life nnl ('orre.pinilineii ol"Tho. Arno'd, D D., by trthurP. Si.anlev, M A. 1 v-il. l'2 no, 1,2 ... r rv I . ..r :..! I..- rtii llio l.eveitipeuieni Ul linsiiau trine, hv J .fin llenrv Newman. B0j Tassn'a Jerualem De'ivered. Translated bv Fair- 'ax. in 2 nans, 50 cents each. Lectures nn the Knitli'h Poets, by William Haihtt E0 Catholic Ileuister for 1810. 2io Cnrlvles Cr- mw-ll, enmp'ete, 4 parts, finepaptr 2,00 iiiuminateri iiime. no. -ih. -jc TIIKSTOUV OP A UOVM. KAVOP.ITK.-llv Mr-. O ire, a nhnr of "The llanker'a wile," etc., cie. Price 25 el. The tad imt lan Maitazinc for February. fJrahainV do do Fciilluirs ! A GOOD snppV nl Ifpn' an I Geese Feathers not on hand. Warranted in he a rood arid. For aale hv VILAS & NOVF.S. Dnrliniilnn. Jan. 23, I34S. 3 Caslt paid for Oats, liy Jan. i'J, -40. STROOS if- Co. IN CIIAXCr.ltY. Samcel If. Clark -TATK OF VRRMOXT. l.'lii lcnileii County. March Term, 1810. IIgnrv H. Rr.MiNOTo.v, Milo G. IleMtsnTo.v, lUnatr.T N. Cm rr. mil JtiitN Canrp. I U'Aereat, Samuel II. Clar';, ofNuw Lehannn, in Ilia Slate nf New Vork, ' "ic i. ri my -r, in i hi in lure"! wire brou rhl In the Court nf Chancery nexi. to I e h iMen ni I'urlins'oi, in nnd lor-ni l liit n-ri-l.-ta tVin'v.wi .a venue of Unrch A. D. ISIS v her m the .aid Sa n nl , i;inrk priv sai I Cii'in.l'or ilie c.a i-e ihereiu el Inrili, in lorivlo e all the riihi, litile nn I iirere-t of the .aid llenrv II. Ife iiniiii?Un 'it's t'. ttemmioaton, Harriet N. fro I, an I ''rol,nt;iu anl'o Ilie I'-llnwiuj: ilc-f-rihet pre ui-e., to wit : Tliel'ilhminir iln.ciho I lan I in llincs'i iruh aforesaid, in the second divi-inn therexf, ciin'iiimns nne hunlred acres more nr Ie- i nnl i knnnn in aid ilii mn by the mule ol lot Nn. 1C0, whcieof I la vt I rerriifui3iiiiil uran'ee, nr.d is the ame land dee.lell'ytheora'orio llofea Uemiiiffinn cm ihe 31-1 dayof March, 1812," nl which said prenn.e", nr nl part-whereof, the .aid llenrv It. Itemiiietnu, Mihs (i. Ueininainn, llarricl N. Croff nnd Crol hold .ii'i c'iiienl eoiiveynniv-: Anlwhere.a- il i made In no tear t me ih it the-niil Henry II. lle'iiinirtnn an I Milo O. Hemuiirrno are re.i lent wi ho it tin- sia e o ih It tvr-nnil n-iti e luimt he main to diem of the penlencv "f he and IM nl'f ire -In ore: 'I it i nrV-od that the -ai I llenrv II. lb nsititn :m I Mil ft Ite'iiiiio nn hae ui'ii.'e nl ihe fijinr of tin I MiU, ' y p ili I i nm of ihi- or'er n the Fi.a- Pre -, a new i.i er rri'i I at II .r m -M-m, in at 1 ('in lei lea u lie, I'iree ve!l- -ie ve'v, the 1 1 a- ' -nl I o J 11 a i' n "ii e .at lei-t iweulv diys l-cl'ore he nexi "lerniul die On iri i ft hiu-erv. 'itveii .indr r inv It in I i( It irlm? nn. in -aid co tntj, lliii twin y-eirliili d ivn''J in -arv IS!G r.lWl'lDA STA.NSIIUIIV, Clerk. II. I r.vr. uiRTit, 6'ii'ciCor. 36 v3 TIIF. Ol' ASTOUNDING DISCOVERY! A III, US ISC ! A Mill CI,K ! 1 A tVllVIII'.ll ! ! 1 To curt Eruptions and Disfiguremtntt of the Skin Pimples, Freckles, Sunburn, Halt Ixncurn. ticurvi. Sore Heads, eye. ij'c. ic. 1701111 year, ami la-t A ir i-i, the capital of France JL waa a-lnni-h-l in coti-eo-ienee nf n ilurnvru made l y nn I alian Clie ni.l. Many doihted-c seemol an il y thai imvili'in male by ihe hands nf man, pu 1 1 h ive ich .pis now via as lint clannel l y Antosmi VtienlMl hi-10. wiiii. ri. M.inyi la aul him nod In. inveniion a- n b inih is, (and, nh-l iniiiv loii h per nn-wiih. 111 I'vii..n e -aine niwjj a ten-'lli, nriei testiir-11 1 1 Ihe ho.iii a's. the Melienl -Sum. v.if ! ina 1 1... 1.- . cheinis a in ihe world,) dcliveiel ihe foljowiui; re ion 10 r-izuor aesprmi ; 'We have now miiiuie'y an I carefully examined the snuulir invention ni Ve-prini. We haiean il z tl "-co 'tieiitpart. wehive uelit m.evenl ci ea and we hesiia'e nnl lo primo m.-e it (The liahiu Chemi -al S.n .) a n area ble-sim. an 1 11 tr i'v won diTlul remely loraiivcutauen taer p inn or ili'ii'irr. ineiit nf the s'.m. inventor we cnuider the true I'hilan hro,ii-t of suIT-tiii inan'.m I. (iittned) LROIOLD DUPBF.V, Pre.." Thn enme-. 'he report ol the ' Soeieie de I'ln-ti-lu'e," nl -ciendfie ex icri iient- : ' We are a 111 le I," exelaiui. ihe nee I pre i Vnl 'at lhi .inuular Ve.pnui'- l a'iao Che S i ip Where, in he I, will vienea -ton ! Here we have a pre.iaritino 111 1 lo in the lor in nf a lean if I pie v of map, whieh e kno v hv nctua pra ice, m nne eveiv e ilanenn cr ipii 1.1. even- .'is If.'ur cut nf, an I eiim dncolnred .kill I Where will n iiiaiiii and -insnlir power i-ea.e' The Neurit. ilie Creole. I lie Wlto.v Race ..I'l!. fji 1 nrtltl. Ill Man nf Hie Far West, are all" e on ler theiiill en e nf n ea'r.anrJin vy lowers nl flt-ariuir ye'b.w ..r di.-'nl. nrc I .kin. an I makinu it whre and hei 1 if i', and nf i liansriu" thei ntiT nf dark', nr I lael., or I mwn -kin." (Here .everil per nn were I ro nrlil f.rwar I b tin-pre.-ideiit, who Imd 11-c.l it, in proof nt hi assertions.) ItllVrTTHIS ! from the Inventor him ell In ihe prc-cnt Proprietor. Pania. Nnv. 4. 1810. In .-..n.i Wmlm. ,i ...... ofSldJiJ, I have div ilsel in .Mr. T JO.VICS, re ilin in Ihe Cuy nt Sew Vnr1;, N. a., the hnle prma.--. t't iiiiniiiaciiirinr, toieiiier with a .11 euieni nl ihe in- irredienl coiiiiio-imj me ulian CI al Snap, lie i In ilael ire il for .ale in the lini'ed Slate, only, and in have 1 he tirivl'cue nf uauiimr it MONKS' ITAUt.N CHHUIUAL SOAP." Wilne.-, Henry J. Uuldwnrh (SigneJ) ANTON I ) VF.5PIIINI. There are prn'att'y few person, nl in'ellisenee, U'l.,. nflnr rM.liinr .l. al .u ....II .l....k. .1... . .. ' n: JONKS'jS ITALlAf.' CI1KWICAL OAP. jn ..r ins r r 'p nm-, i i,;g irement-, t rei kle-, Salt Rheum, Scurvy, l- ri-ypela-, S.mliurii, Jlorphew,Tan, Yellow or Uruwn Skin, &c HUMAN HAIR, li nit torm or a Bcaulilul a nti Delicious IVnpnrnliitn CAM, Ul) JON US' s OOnAT. RAXn A 3STO AB rZVB. NOTK Amnna ihe elu 'aled, there are lew who will do ilitli it I h il by forin? ihe nun. an I -alp nf Ihe held loa healthy a-lion, wee in cai-e grnwih aic, dark, I ixiiruut grnwih. The rit heimr healihv. a-cliiiK-nt eallil dan Ir iTnr -.-nl' i. .1. . chirirel from the -nilt lln hpr n'v lajaiin.i soft anu muv. in h tlie t hii. .trnui'lv fa.ienel in their iia'ive.nil, prou My and .plen li liy di-nlav I heir leao ly, a. a peciintm oMi-et ed nature raised from death by ilie power ul mil i f S.-icn-e. Ilnyine .iate.1 a- nhoie ihe actual, irnc, nn I tell r iali' Ha'rl!.-sioraiive, I leaie ihe intelliirenl por ion nl the pu'.liu lojudse nl'ihe truili nfit. po.ties laz ihe-e t lalitie-, by ihn lei imnnial. nrthe fnMowinpr highlv re.pecta' lo cil x.-ns, edcora. p il lie nfflters c. Thev area few la' en from a host nf other. It ha. callel tin. testiuiouia', Iroin Ihe mo.t eiihshieneJ buly of men in llm wurld: From J. S. darker. Kq , F. A. H. I. Tha American Keien'ifin l.i.ii'.ution ha been favor, f I wi'h a iecioicn iTT June.'. Coral llairlle.tnrative for the pirp fenf le nmr in re-n ii nn lei n nli and report, a. (i.low.: " We have mi nitely exam be I an I June.'. Omni H i.r lles-nra'ive, an I liu I ih li it eon si. nfn iin toin I. de-i'edly favniahV fur noMti.hiii i, .iifieninn, ci i.inx urmvlli curio.' dan tr (r aa I iilvinr a i n i:t.'ira ivm lie ha'r. beoiu il... . .ab le, in ut return nen 'it I liy Mr. J.uie-, whi -h li t S t-eiv it,, . ,..Am v rie, a d in virtue lliere f hwar I Mr, June tin le timn ual " (Si.uel) J S II WIKEII, F. A, S. I. Mr. Phi'li;i', 41H llmomelreei, corner nf Wno-ter, hi use I ihi- in hi. fun ly, and fin I. il in every res peii, wi.h) it a tinj'e ex vp i n, all u i rere.en'el " I here'iy certify thai my hair wa- faUini nit in immen-e q amine- dalle, an. I waa '111.1111 fray, nn-i thil tiivaa I hiveu-rd June.'. Cnral Hair ll-ttori live, 11 na. euiire.v ivn-en lauinir i. khiwhut f, 1, and ha a fiae ilar'i I i' , lief re I ti eo-l JontV Curat Hair lle.lorative, I cinhelnn hau lfjl.ol hair daily." av. 1111IKI.Ni, 01 Kintr Street, 1ST, V. HARRINGTON & BROTHER, Ajentl fur Bur liaajttio. January W, IM. Mm Ilcla Clilltctiden'a ntale. STATU OK VKRMONT, I rnllB Hon. the Pro District of Chiltendctiss. I 1 hate Court for the District nfChittcnden 1 To all persona concerned in thi'psintcnrilKf.tCIIITTKNDKN, lateof Shelburn in Slid difiri -t. ileeen.eil, Cacr.Tlsa. Whkscs. Simeon ,W. Payne, administrator of the estate of t-aid tleccaietl, proposes to tender a llnal nc eoitnl of his ndinimsirntion, and present his nccotml nitainst said esialo for examination and allowance nt a se.aion of Ihe Cimrt nf I'robalc, to beliohlen nt ihe lleistei's offiie n Ihi'linntiin, in said district, on the fu trill Wednesday of February next. Tiicncroac, Vim arc hereby notified tn pppear be. h'forosanl court al ihu tunoMn-1 place nf tresntd, and shew cnuse, ifnny ynu hate, wliy tbeaccount afore sal I shoul I not be a'l.t'ieil. Given un ler 111 v ban I ill llurlinglon, this 231 day of J imiary, A. D. 1310. 35.v3 WM. WF.STOS, ffeeleter. Wm. A. OrlMViditV llslulc. WK the .ii'.i-n'rr , bavin? been nppnuite.l I vibe Honorable ihn Prnba'e a irl lor the di-irii-l nf Cliiitcnden. c .intiitss'oiiera tn rei-eive. exam nennd n-ll i-l the elni'u. nnd ile-nan-l. nl'a'l per nn, aeainst thecatn e of Win. A, GltlSWOI.I), In'eol ll irlin.'. to t. in .nf I di Ir ct, ileepn e I, reprcsen'el in-i.veu', an. 1 nnn nil i-taitn-an 1 iteiiinn t exiiiiireJ In ni pt Iherc'o! an I mx inon'h. from tho day nl the I ite hcrenl, hemr allowel I y said Coitrl fur i lint pur lin-e. we do lliercfnre here' v uive notice. Iliat wc will alien I to ihe tiii-ine. nl'otir appninlincn'. nl the O Ria; of Oc... K. Plait, in PiirluiL'lnn, in .aid Di-lrici 1111 Ihe I.t Mon l.iya of June and July next, at 10 o' clock, A. M. nn c.ath nf .ail day-. uaiej, una oav ni .tamtarv. a. is. mm. J. N POMICROY, 1 P. DOOLITTI F., Comm. K. T. KNtiLK-illV. ) SELECT SCHOOL. MR. A. A. PA11KFR will enmmence hi next term on Mumlav. Fel ruarv 2J. Paiiicularal- lenlinn will I c paid tn the pr'inarv I ranches nf an education, and lei-aagj-j ,n Dook-ki-epin; ih practiir. S. ho'ar. w. hmc ro Stten I will do well in beam nt the eoiiimeiieeuieni of the term, as no .lu dent will I e received for n le time ihan one quarter. 1 r.llM.i Common Enf-lLli llraucheii, S3 00 I lis her " ' 3 50 Lani-iiage, 4,00 SchCK.I Ilunin. i'n HickokV building, We.-l aide nf Court Ho ise S. lare. 31 "AUCTION SVLES" Every Wednesday and Saturday afternoon AT SHRRWOOD'S AUCTION ROOM, West aide Co in Ilou-e S. lare. . DEtrnKAUs, wash stands, TAIILRS, LIGHT STANDS, CllvlltS. IIKDSTKAns an 1 FURNITUIIR nf every de-cri.tlion will 1 c I ep' i-iui-taii'lv nn litud an-l .i.ld nt Aucttnn nr Pnvn e a i'e. Thi- heiiu ne v K irnit'ire o ers an mil u-euieii ... .11.-1, . in.Mn.ll.,, ti. -,. I.t II m j-nML-viutau .ui.-Aaiiinie I cfore I liyiiu el-ewherc. On Saturday, the 3 lt. lint., will le toll nt Auction iln: entire lot of .luujeli ,J Kiirni lire I elu-i-r-mihe Iljioxrd lljlil. Jan. 22, '-10.' l).avl.l Day's listatc. Wf5 the .Subscribers havinc been npp-.inlrd by Ilie Ho iorsttaal,a-r!Sit.. Court 'or the Dis trict ofChiiienden. co uoofi-iuer lo receive, exaonne and niljiiit the claims an I de nnnds of all persm, a-jainsi ihe otnlo of DtVID DAV, (laie Junior,) liteof Rssex. in said Disirt'-i, deceased, rrprecn'nl in ilyent, nnd aim nil claims and demands exlnhlicii innH'.et thereto 1 and fix t lths from the day nf the dale hereof, beiti; allowed hy said t-'mtrl for that pur ple, we do therefore herebv eive notice, that we will attend to the nl' our nppoinlment. nt Ihe Iwellm-j nf Miran la Diy, in F,scx, in snl District, in the lsi Wehie-diiys of F.-I. ruarv and June next, at lOn'rlo'ik. A. M., on earh of si-d dav. Dated tlns5tli lav of January. A. D. 1310 AI.ONZO STF.VF.NS. ) AM ISA IIRVANT, J -"'nrn. HAPPING PAPKll jat received, nnd for sale Jan. IS 1316. STEVRNS WOODS. GRANITE. RF. AnrtOTT, keeps on hand, at Barre. a laree . .ti,i-ir ..r ..I,..,;.,. n...... r... 1...:...; i "-..iiii-i .nt i.uiiuin pur- p-tsea. Ili.r-iarry is ihal fruiii which the stone was -.-..niiir-u im 1 nc ontie lie, anu nc win nil to order, on sliorl notice, nnv bill in thn line, wiih nn article of superior excellence. Orders ihroueh aaenls will .Iteel With A (,1 nl,art.i..n I . - - 1 . u i.iiuii.i niipuca lion. Agent, at Burlington, . . SIS I'll A10RSK. 21J January, 1315. Firo lTiilir:f-. ' T1I1R ,,r il.n lt...l,n.. r. I 1 ; -....iiii'iiiii rue ..nmnan I nr. I.r.l... nuiif..! .1... ,1... - t ' . . . , - ". ""3 -.'.una. tiieetine "I nin npanv win nc mil n at Ihp Ameri-an Hoiel, taic .., .my , i aauuarv. i-iio a' ' o' loek hi the eve-iiii3i for il.e putpuse f ...-.sii,!. ,u nmens, n iiicr -anil Treasurer m con tinne a Itoard ofTrusee. an I for the transaction of alio her bu.M.n nqiirel bv llio Charter and Hy I.awi of Ihe nf.resai I company, liy order ofiiio Tru eis, I.VMAN Ci.'MMING', Clt'k. January, 13th, 1814. 33a2 THE SCHOOL ty THE SCHOOL MASVEIt. A .Manual for Ilie use nf Teasers lj iiplovera Trusiees Inspectors, &.c. of Comuinn Seliunls. p-ir,. $ Q0 T'lis is rcc ininended hv Lint. Governor F.atnu, Stale .--ii..erinien lam of Cimmnii Schrm'a. to ill Ooiinly and T nvn Suiieriuiendan-s and all Tern ti ers. i will be r.iiitut ii.ei',,1 t,i 'Dis ricis' about build ing or repairing Sdioul llout-cs. For sale hv ..,,, A. CUWAItDS. No. 1 Peek,' fluililinj. ft -rlincton, ) Jinuary 14. 1915 1 BTrnirr our BUT NOT HURST UP HI rHR under isned havinc had his shop burnt in lhhuniingosr-.i Hum.- Hoi. I, wnuld re peel fu'lv in orin his friends and ihn public t'eurtnllv that he has fined mi a shop in Ilie wei end of the Frank lin llnvl for ihe purpose of conlimiiiis the I1ARI1RRING dr. HAIR DRK-ISING IIUSINF.SS, an I hopes by strict ntlen ion to hia business lo merit a continuance of the liberal pilrom;e he has hereto fore reiciied. ' ,. J. B. McChra. nurhniton. Jan. 14, 1840. 33vi3 Slraw ullcrs OF a superior i laliiv kept cnns'an'ly nn banJ bf 7. ITTMAN .f- IIARBISOTOH. Lh irch .1., ilnrlini-tnu, Jan. 14, I SIC. 33 Depilatory I'mvilcr ! SO Famous for remnvint Superfluous Hair. Also, Ihe Ameri -nn Hair Dye I for colorinz While or Grey -to a beautiful Urown or Ilia k. For aale bv PRCK & SPRAR and W. B. HATCH A. Cn., Winona', i Fall-. NOTICE. A LI. persrn in.lel-te.1 -o the la'e (inn of Nichnls r. Chiticn ten 4. Co. are here1 y nmilied thai the demand- ot ihal concern are now in the hauls nl Ralph Lan-lon, of B irlmirmn, tn wlinm ihey may le paid and nn e .etllcd wiihut ix y day., they will I leit wuh an Altoae-.vJL-!i5A-Jei'iioit. Willislon, Jan. I, 181?. JJ3 NEW ESTABLISHMENT! TflWOCiSZI FALLS. THR undersisnel hale npencd ihi, shop at a per inanent lo.-a'inu fur the .a'e nf IIIIUUS an I MKII''INR-5. SIIKLI' ami IIUVVV II Alt IMVAIt E, Paints, Oils, ll'i'm.-i-i (llass, DiE-Sierrs J; IIr- cr. he-. We aa-ure tmr friend, and be public rencrallv. .1.11 ll.Al. cftn 1 ...M..I..MI .... 1 a. Ml . : yr - i-i-.-... ... . . nc, in um noove tiraiichc, alas low rate-, lor larue j taluks, a, ai any nf ihe a Ijoiinnj markets. ti W. It IIAT'JII & Co. BAKUnsriBLD A CADEMICAL INSTITUTION. 1. S. SPAUl.DI.NG, A. II.. I'liucipal. Mrs. I. S. SPWll.l n. Preceiiin!-. Mr. S. M. IIASSfriT, Teacher nfVneal Music. In. S. M. IIASSrr. Teacher of Piano Miaie, M.-. O. T. HOl'GHTON, Teacher of LanJape Painimir, and JVr pee ive. -nHK WI.STF.R TI'RM commence, on Weilne i "ii i ' C'' c'"le,, w"'' eJtperiinenia, as An Achrnmatio Tesenpe, with Terreoial an-l Ce-le-iial power , .uiri.-enily laree in lemler ihe Nebn're m l he Bell nf the I'.', ba.l i-cn ol laineJ. II n'.. n re firm hel I y ihu Principal, Itoirl, iucl iding room, unol, -n I waihinsr, Sl.lJi "'.?V25'c .1 w t.'S.F'rU 0xKE3. SrcMry. Ilaker.fielil, Nnv. 12, 19U. ' 33 Cliilhhins! A N Immediate and prrinsnrni cure for thia an m noyinj complaint, for sale by 3, W.n.nKTclEX"follll Hags.' Rao.' PAPKR Rass, wanted in rzchanaa for Booka and flutionary, by .... . ....'TOVENS WOODS. uiIi.Kb, Jan. IMA. SiioaVa Buildiaf . For Sulo 0 Kxchniigo. At ARM, counsliim nl Jtu acres nf valuable Tim ber nnd I'rnrie land of nbnul equal proportions, snuatcil in 'be thrivini town nf Tccuui sch. Michiuan. The farm is well watered and the and of Ihe richest kind. For a sine!, and uraui larm Ihii oil' rs nil extrauiilinarv onpnilimiiv in particular for lite erowine nf wool, rattle nnd horses, aa there ia a larjc prune ndj 1it11.11 this Farm thai will remain probably for vrnr in Us prei ml wtihout btinr tncloseti and wliith pr.tibiees cries naiora v sulHeieni for thn maintenance of thuusaiids of .aead of sheep and cattle. I -t-iiinelr('lio former residence nl ihe chief,) H a very etow niir low 11 about twenty miles from .Mon loe, Like Rric, to which place at rail road ha- j 1st been completed, it is in the midst of the urcnicst wheat urownic ci-uiiry in 1 lit- stale and has two larire fl niiinir nulls, one of whl. -h ha been pronoun ced the heal in the United Sla'ea. Tlie farm will be sold nn a credit if desired, cr will be cxi hnneeil fur properly in lln- town nr vi. cinity, nnd thedifTl'ipncp. if nnv, will be riceiteilnr paid, as the case maybe. For fi.rilirr particulars enquire of HI-.NI1V THO HAS or It. II. 1 lU'lV.UUI, nurliii2loa.!Janiiary It.vlSIG. 33 (13" At City Priccs'J) THK VouTiia Almavac fur 1840. By T. It. Saf ford, Jr , n boy only 9 years old ! A I o , The American Ret ler, dc-ijiied to accnmnaitv the American Definition Spellinx llno'r. Bvll. M. K. Onn-by. For sn'e by SH.VRNS WOODS, uurliiigton, Jan. 13, 4b. ii Puro Bear's Oil. 77ie only Beaulijicr ami Presener if the Iluir- rpHK cldes.1 writers cm the subject of 1 be hair have 1 one and all alluded ta the nronerliea cont.ineit in Genuine Henrs ttren.e, as n preservation and pcamincr i t".alure a covennir ror Ihe head. ' Hip pocrates, the most ancient medical wriiernn the suti- Ject, snvs in bn "Treatise on parts nf the Human lloily, Hint Hie fit of Hie ( brnun)' Hear, is very nil trittve in stnrtms nnd ptescrviiL' Hie roots oflhe hair ofalult-, when preuialiire h ildness oi-curs. The in ner incnihranta 1 f the flesh of the h -nr nenr'nt 10 Ihe skin, are covered with a shinini- fit winch forms the source frnm whence sprina and nriwinaie the mots of the hair thai covers Hitin a profuselv. This is the law rf nature, and it follows I lit t ihe nil produced from ihe fat of this animal is very useful 10 ihe human race in leading to the recovery of the hair whin prema turely lost. Surclv no prcater prnof can be adduce I as le the value nf Genuine Itenrt Oil for the bait. For years, the pure article has lu-cn considered by the most eini neni physicians, Hie best rcmcdv for baldness, lal'ini ofTnr wea'.ness of the hair, and nil complaints con ueciel therewith. care should be taken in all ca es na to lb eeniiinen.-ss nn I purnv 1 f ih- ml. Tlin renl nrticlccarrfuliv ininri -d ami luuhlv perfumed, fur ale bv 'Messrs. II AKIUNHTON" & 11110 Til P.'.l, Druunisia nod Ana becariv.s, &c. &c, Church Sited, lluiliiiiion, Vermniit. 33 OTfTo llif l.atlief-.-jQ) EAU' bll FLI'.URS d'OHANGES, Oil CIHCA-SIAN LV.MP1I. FOU Ihe cure t f Punp'e-, Fee d.le-, Tan, Sallow I ..II .1. .1 ' di-uurinieiits nl ihe Um. It is an ka-icm Preparation o-ed I v Ihu Cir- ca siar' l'ies. who are lame I their beauty ; 11 urne. invsv nil iiiiiiiiir- llll I J-ilC- llin -km mat Mill an-l IV.a -hlilp appea nin-e so seiicrallv n Inured. It 1. fnrnied entiiely nf Veetal In- an I i-uni-iiu. none of iho-e ile'i'eriou-Conipouii l-calc ilnied tn h irl. luther than improve the -kin. ll h 1. I ecu now iutrmliii-cd iiiiu the United Sta'e. nl nut lour year-, nnlil.rapid si'eha-nnl iced the Prupricuirs to put it down to a price within the reach of all Whole-alu Asei.t- fur lite State ol Vermont, II UlRINGTON ci llHOrilRR who are prepared to .upgly Agent al the whole.-ale price. MRS. ERASER, HAS to far recovered from a severe fit of sickness ns in be nble 10 open her shop again for the re option of customers. Having heen obliged by sickness to close her shop for n tonit tune in Hie best senson fur business, nnd hnvinrj a laree stock of rich and fashionable itounets. Caps, and other Millinery eon 's and being olilii-eil to rnie iiionv lo pny bcr debts, she has conclu led to, and will pnsitivcly, sell her cans nnd manv other nrticles al ost, or ill less than cost. Persons wanting audi articles will find it for interest 10 call. Bmlinston Dec. ISlh 1345. LIFE INSUllANCE. Tlin Sine Mi 1 tin I In-Minnr!! Omnpny nf Wor (ts er, JMifitrliiisett-. nll'tT tn isue poticif nf Ins tripec nn ! un ihe must f.nurable rernis. Appli nlmns rcct-ucJ by sriAW-AorxT. nnrtincrnn, Der. 17, 1913. NO Tl UK. TDK -n'-.cri'er havini inken ihe RXCIIANGR 110TKI, Water Sircei, Hurl nz'ou, be., leave lo infurm lis l-'rien I. and the P ihli Hut be is now ready lo accommodate them im rca-uiia' 'e te-"is. J. A. DURANII. Iliiilingmn, Jan. S:li, 1SIG. 3! S. H. PEASICS HAS reniuvel hi- Sad llci'. Shop to ihe white hulrtinzmi ll. .Ilea Irec', ueir Ch itch -neet, over I lli Il Ch irob's Livery S'n' le office cn I up P'isite tho free Pre I'lBce, win re will le fujnj uu hauJ SDDI.f-'S. I TRI'MCS, lUHNR-s-aR?, VMLI-H-'t, BRIDLI'.S, I CMU'RT 11AQS, WIUI'P, .r-c. a. cheap as heretofore. I'n'l and .ce, llur'injton, January 8, 1 S 10. 32 Kstray. CIAMH intnjhecnclos ue of Hie mbscriler about ' ilie first'tri.ld RliD II KI h Klt. The owner is reip e-led to prote property pay charges and take her awnv. FRANCIS LE CLARK. Colchester, Jan'y. 9, 1340. Z2w3 VAN SFCIU.EN & HILL ATTORNEYS A COU.NSIil.OUS at LAW And Solicitors in Chancery. Jericho Cnrners, R. is Sickle.-.-, F. G. Iliti. Dec. 13, 1315. BILt & VAIM SICKLB1V, Attorneys and Counsellors at yLato and Solicitors in Chancery. F. G. Hill, R. Vam SicKin-J, E-sex, Dec. 19. 1815. 32w3 BhiiIcU's COMDINA TION LINIMENT, For I be perms nen tcai re nf ihe Inftnuialury and Cliro niu RURU.MAll-M, an I n'l a ectioir-, the Mn ilea a u 1 Nerve.-. IT give iui-ne.lia'e relief, treii'4lheas wet'; limbs, ex'en Is enntracted enrds, la'.e- down swelling., an I removes inllamaiioii Iroin Urui-c. an I .pram-. None can I e gen line witho n the written Ktena lure oi ihe Label nna. -bed loeteh bottle, nfj. Jurl tell, jr., Diugm-t, llo-inn, Pnu.rieior. Whole-ale Agin a lor Vermont, IIasbinciiin i llnoTilcn. Itir linglon. Prur, 15 cents per Iniile. 3!tf QTJADEILLS. MR. J. II. I'ltllVAMMi: respectfully in. futiu- hi. friend., and the public in eencrnl, ihal he will a Imii inui-.uli-i rii 1 1 in hi- sch inl mi Wsosii.oav s-vciima'a nf tach week il.rmz ihe remainder of his term nf tuition. Ti -I el. tl, ndimi. ling nne Gcnt'emaii and twu Ladus. To be bad nt Mr. P., I'carl.Sri-ct.Huii e. N, 11, 1'iuntry Parle, will le firmsheJ with fall an I Music I v applying at .Mr. D.irandV Jtiuiinr 0, IS 10. 32 f Daniel I ake'H Mslatc. WE Til R S llsUtlHCHS, bavin,; been appnint. ed by Hie llunorai.le Hie Proltsie Cnuri inr he Ihe Di.trict nf Chineudeii. taiumm..ioiiwr. to reeeite, exa-iiineanl adpist llie'lnims mil ilemaiiil. ul all lriMat., asaut-i Hie e ta'enl Oatilcl Lake, late of Charlotie, in .aid ili-irt -I, ik-cea-el, reprc-.eiiip in olven, and alu all claim-and ilenuiul-exbil iliti inn mm therein nnd --ix inomlis frnm the day ufihe dale hero. I, I em- alloweil by -aid Cuurl for I lint pnr pit e, wo do ihereforu hereby nive notice, llial we will alien- lo Hie bn-ine ct niir npiiupument, at ihe dwelling nf Sarah LaVe, in Charlotte, in i-aid di. tricl, nn Ihe the lam 'I Ii irxJ.iis of Frhruary and May ncx', at 10 ciYlo-k, A. M., nn each cf said dav, Dated, thia lOihdavc.f DeivinlK-r, A. D. 1815, BRNJAMIN BURRS. t , 34 KLANSON II. WIIRELFR, ( " Ilihlt'8 nnd Prnyor Books. For Christmas and Neio Years Presents. AI.AHGR as oriiiicnt of Uibtea nl vsriou. n'jc. in extra btndiug. ALSO, Prayer Books in almo-t etery variety ol rich and elscanl bimllnj a fetv in ex'ra SHU Velvet lindlns with Gold Clasps. Worlh 17.00. . "J f DWABDS. Data. 1 1 1-W Paeki iHnHtac. Wan lot!. A- snurt ncliv'o BOY. as n Apprcntico to the Tal t hirini! Iluriiuss, 27 If Dec. 4, "13. M. (1. RATI! HUN -V Co. L a ni p s . CQRXr.t.lAS & Co , Pa'riit Laid l.nmp., also a r-oud a-sorlmcnt of Gla-s Lamps, Sidu Solar . Iln nr Lamiis. N.LOVRLV. Oclolcr21, 1815. Siiny Cow. j into ihe cniloitre r T 1 lie SS'. -nl' cm the ISih in-l.ant, n iMSWv COW, will nne lopml I1.111 S-lV IIM.I n !.,, I .11 al---iiA----a liave Ler on iiavmcn' nl ciiiiires. , , , D.IMI.I. IIA';tt.V. Slulhnrn. Dec. 24, '43. 3Uw3 Alliniiy v. 11I1 1 valor. Sfim-lcniP riONS receive I bv 5 I W. 21). C. GOODIUCII, Arent. iCJC-u's t.a'.in? a tri'ii'ierul'eopiii. mi iplied 011 Ihe -nine term-11. nt the olTi. e. Crockery, China &, Glass Wa-c. Al.arei nnrlmcnt r.r IJluc ( ri-l.cry, Win e llranile Wnre. Oi Id Hand t hina in -i ts, Whi'e ten -ells of China, Blue KaueJ I- jure In Sett-, lor -ale elie.ap liy Dee. 2 1, IS 15. N. lovi:i,v. 30 Paper Ilatisriiigj-, AVerylnrt-pLotlorsnle, Wholc-a'e nr Re'ail M Ilie maii ifieiiirrr'- tirices. N. LOV'l-UV. Hnrlingli 11 I 'ye. 24, la 13. 311 I'iaim Foiios. Mil J. .MUN.SON, takes tins opportunity to lender In. iralef il acknowledgement, f. r tlie pa'ronajc he has re.xuveil Irout n v'enern i. public, nnd would Iherefore remind ihein that he has no band n splendid anriiue it of R- sewonil, :ui I Ma lioaativ, fur ca-e-,niid will 111.1 '.e to order any cf the inrini. style-ufilie pre-ent day-. Alii, in-lruinenls are all nf the he. and mn.l tliuru t-jhly se.a-un el material-, and warranted for cliirnl iliti, 10 tniliiy iiisiriimcn'3 wba'cier. be hopes, I V iilicniioiito ihet.ii.ine.siif min tfict inns I'l-tiio., to ria i-nen .-nntin il bate of p.itronae, A,TI. Hie iihme bnine-s, a snarl yo'inir man, whin- intuted Willi ll e Cabinet inaMnir biisimi-", the leaiof rccouinieiela inn. will lie rci tire 1 fi.r M.bnety nnd bnl its i.fui I i-trv, none olh.-rs need nip'y. JElllKL JIUNSO.N. II .rl-nilnn, Dep. 8. 1SI?. ISIIOOMS. 150 Dz. Corn Broms Tor sale Nov. 2, '45. ly FOII.IlTI'.MIli.M'LF.V. FACTS 111 GMIDIMi 'llll'. SUGAR COATED IMPROVED Indian Vcclahlo I ills. For Cnnsmmption, Colds, Coughs, Rhcu mutism. Dyprisiit, Fivers, Worms, Dystnti ry, ttiul Diiiirlucn, also, sun: (.'lire fur the Piles. Ti:-ri h.ivi v TTAVING 1 ecu 11M11 ked touie im u-h-wiih a ba 1 1. J- Co n:li. W.-a'-nes- 11 tuv (.'he-i. mid i I"' I"'. ' u -d Wri.'lu'-In lian Ve.e a1 le Pi I hut prr-w wi r e, wun ci. I sweat- nt 11 thl j cold m leejt, mii believe I I wa- in a Cun-umpiiou. 1 pro e ire.1 a I nx 1 f Dr. Sun h'- Siifiar ( n.ile.l Iinprovul ej:e a1 lelil!, wlm-h re-tored my heulib wiilun -ix d.Hs, and I li-Iieve them to I e ihe I est rcmcdv I eicr (SKOKGrJ W. CRANGRK. tlinnhti.lse.O.-t 10:h 1331. I have been nflhcteil fi 1 .-ome time with the Liter Complauili having pain in my M.le, weakne-. in I nil; un. I -t ninch, and dy-pep-ia. I have taken over one di zen boxes ofWruiu's Im'tan Vejeialle and llrandieih's Pills, but cuntin :cl to grow vor.e, and wa. so reduced thai I de-pairel ol ever gniniiig ichef. I then tried l)r aiiiiih'. Siear CnaieJ liujirui ed I. V. pills, and before I ha I lini heil the second I ox, my pain, and dy.pep-ia bad di-appeare!. My fond no.v digca'. will, an I I am able to attenJ to my family d-iiie-. Scvcrul of my friend, bale tim e ta ken ihe Pill, flir la I i-iughs, and hate fojud great n-beflrom ihem, Mn. Oils S. WiurxET.O MvriloM. Bo-ton, May !, 1313 I have I een lor four years afflicted wi'h S r Tula, Leprosy nnd I'cafue-s, an I have I een mial.le lo ob tain any relict mini 1 procured n'.x 1 oxes of Dr. Snii h's val n'.le In liau Vejeta' le Pi'N, and in four inon'hs all my cniti.tlaiu's liadih-appeared, contrary In all mv fnenU' expci-iaimtis. 1 imA ihce Pill', for my tfcrtfula, tvitliojt any cx;ie -tnin-n nl relief. jAMki I!, t llUAT'.. Ml, Vernrn, t'n., M-. April 15, 1S43. I'RIU'l-.CT I I'lll? OF WOllMS. O ir Hole irl, C icar-nl I, hu-su crcd a i tbewnr-i I wor us ; an I we hate never f-.-m I an 1 (be nnl.. ire, mi il ne a 'in ui ercd Dr. Smith - mi rnr I'll i winch nur little Clrl look wuh ) It ihe lea.t relut- tance m do ca tf iwo at n time, and tie nrivr nil-iie-.el -ii.-h a change in .u .hnrt n time. 'Ihe Pill, broueht away a ini.soi'ivoriiw, nil I .he at mn-c i in protel. r-he is now in joynu. hciilth. Wuhavenl-o louu I Hie i reaie I bt-iiciirfrom ihtr use. Jacod L'ahioci, S Sta'.le .1. N. V. tCr We hate tn my cerufi -ate. of e ire tu ca-es cf WORMS. Al-n, ihey are wnrran'erl il.e I c. C uili lemely now in u e ueter fa tlin in r. beveihe Us"-1 o' .Im t'e Cn eh- nr la.l.l , wiilun 43 bo ir. The dirv!iuns an I -reifiient ul ihe '! ea u accnin. panv every I ox. Pr ce 23 cm', per bit. No "Sour C.ia'el P 1's," can be ieiune wi'hnut the -unatiiie i f Ihe ti.le inventor, t.. til NlAMIN SMI I II, M. D, I'resi'eiil i-flhe N. V. Cul e.e i f Mini h, iipnn eierylcx. O Ilie ilevnle I exil s iveiv in the .nlenl ihi- iiiedicine. N. 170 Hlll.'KN WICH STRI RT, New Vorl., and No. 2 W ATRU s I RR1C I , Bi'-lon. fCr-ron sAi.r: ix all run vllaohs and to ir.vs is- .v; ;.vc7l.iav nv.i tks. N, II. Nu tiatcllmg peJIers aie ullutteJlu .ell these Pill-. CAUTION. A n mi era'ile imitation has 1 cen made, liylhelialnenl" C.-aied Pill-." il i lie-ce.-rry Uibentre ih-'t I'r 0. ll.-n. Sini'l.'. .inaiuri i. nn every Lox. For sale by PRLK is. Sl'LAU, Hail ii-tou. Dee. I, ISIS. 231lv HOOK IIIXDIiVG. TIIR Sul n-ribt-r would form hi. Irien.l. and the public, tb ll he i. Mill carryin-.' nn 1 tic Hunk Bnulini nnd Ulan.. Ilo. k inakiui nt all its va nous I run ho., and i. pre. pared to bind Pnllltlhlel.. 1'e- riodicil-. Paper-, and In rehind nld Hooks in any Myleand in n inamicr mil at inch price- ns cannot fad in sun those di-poscd to favor him with n call. lie ba. a 111 hi-employ we'l experien'-ed 111 the busine.. nnd who is .ecood in none 1 1 ihi. 1 nm. try. Blank lli o!.'. made to order an I ruled to any pailrrn t n .lion nniice, and warranted. Kdje. fil led c r marl led 11 lien Ce-iied. 29 S I RVRNS WOODS. Barlnjion Dec. 18, 1315. Strong'' ISuitdingi. Comlis. Vo- si"e Combs, wUvlll' 500 do Tist elu 400 do Cup il.) 500 do I.ury do 300 do II ix wood do 5I0 il l Dres.inr; do 75 erojj Wood noc'.ci do For sale by VILAS Si NOVRS. Nov. 20, '45. 26 Fmit. 1 Kf Boxes M R Ri.ins. '.Fresh Fn-ii) 1 JV COd.t di do il laveis, very fine for Tabl 1 us-, 75 half boxes do 5H quart, rr, 10 h ilf kevs Blivxn. GO Ins racn. 10 li.i-s Soft Shell Almonds, 10 do .llndeira Nuts, 10 do Dmi I il By rOLLRTT I HADLY. Nov., 1313. I looks and V.yox. fZ(C Gross llo .ki and Ryes'on Cards, eJlU 7-, " do do in Boxes. For silehy VILAS it NOVRS. Nov. 26, '45. Leather. 450 Sides ot light, middle nnd heavy Weights Sole Leather, New Vork In-pei iion, for aale by FOLLLTT tt URAD1.KV. Nov. 23, '45. 57 Teas. I ifi c,1'sti Ifyson Skin Tea, 1WU IPOdu Younijlhson do 30 do Old Hyson do 10 do Black do 25 Caddiea 13 lbs each O. II, Tea, 50 do 13 " do V. II- do For sale low, by FOLLKTT & BRADLV. Paints and Oil. 3 Tons Whiia Leart'dry, and in Oil, 'furs' 'JCitra' JVo. . Venitian Bed, French Yellow Vudifria, Whi'lne, Htd Lead, Spirits Turpentine, Pally, Vl nish. Litharge, Uinber, also Lint Seed' O.I. Nov. It, 'ii. (56) STRONG A. Co. wilmq n & smiTiis' EUROPEAN TIMES ts tvrjlltn nn I p bliiliul ixnreealy lori'e- nh b Ly all I lie .S eiim ,h ps which Unit I'lta'au I for" THK INITLI) STATUS AND I'ANAD.Vi TlltlEE! tT rilOM AtL COfTEliroliaNtl.Ci rcSLlCATICMS. FIRS I'. It cotrniii-a fit'l, ci-rre-l. an I cntnprc e Shipping i.i.i. inli-re.-nl in 'he Alantie ofAiiieiie 1 may iru in nn lit f .a sat lo the in lorui 1111111 whi.-li ibet ..cti, v.-nli theceiin ti v td rely iniou 11. truth. It this .iiper-e'e. WiM,.,in. l.t-t, mid n her cxpui ive publications Cm 11 Run pe, tnmo nl u huh are .ic lime. n... prU-o i,f ) Wii-acti & Siitrn's I fiiofctN TiMrs." SI COMI.V,-lt . iiiliiina a Current tl all Ihe creat Hr ti b mil l'.'iro(.eati Mart'ct-, devoted pruieipjllt lo hear Ira Van ten nnier p 11 ore t um. iltiitely r,;ipntain'ii.' in the t'ni'el Sin es and lliilih America nnd In t h:r t Hie Mcabant, tie 'I rn 'cr. nnd ihe man nf Hit-mo a mu-t fiel an i'niiueli n'e ii t-Tcsl. On llie-c. re nfcorre-lne., h-Tiili'ilar l'i'."iic-, nn I the iciuniks ncr-ompan) im; il.e vaim ii!.t-. .howtng llieir actual condilina, may Tc re'i e I no, and are, nt far, a-j AUTiinr.tri irtni mo.t cr Tim nnsT ti'tsr.a im the rntscitAt. hues cr rita CNITfin STATCS ANII CANADA. TIIIRDi.Y, a. n iiewspipcr, it presents to the American r. ndcr, in 11 I -lafp, and where Ihe nileicsl nr llv. itiimrinnie of the Miljct-i ileinnncls It, in the inn. I dcl.tile I nn I ample lurm, i vrv lojir ol political, i-oiiiiiierrial, dmi e-lic. niul ini-ielhiiifo-t- in tere.t which lu. occur. ed in V. iropv nr ebeivhere. Iii'-e the depariiiic oC the pretimis jiackc: c-periil rcanitl beiu paid to whatever i- ino-tly lonnettel v.illi.'irii-lalcsH-, til .' political, socit', nudcniiiiiicmal wcllbi ing nf the Uni'eJ H alts ami Canada. Of this piper the "Hj-tnn Morniiia Pni-t" sne. "Wfare irreilly in lu'.ted lo tins Nca s.iiucr fui ocr Forcisn, Mi-i-ellaii.-o-i. nnd Cnmmir.-inrNeivs. One nuiiiher i f WlLMr.n & .--MiTii'a 1'croi.ean Times is worlh a whole lile nf any oilier Kngll.h paper. Sidi-cription to "WiLMra & Shitii's RcrtornAi Times, 'hn Dollars a tear, rcceited by'o otvm( Aent- : VirA,...'...'.Vi'iner& SiniiliV, R tropcn Times .( Me-r. Rel'ins it Co. Sia'e .trie'. liotlon, " Hali'.urlon tin.. Stale t. win. c. ( .Mr. Ifou h'l.-.. nw i'n;...! Court .t. 'iiocfiii(t,.....Mej.r.-. Cher is IV , New- Acent. Mainmort " Mi ilzi. Uil.'cNevt.papcr Afcnis. Cliirlreton, 'r. A inn- Ilesil. New-pap'-r Depot. MAite Mr. Ilonlleiiie, N'ew paper I'epnt. .Vctr Orleans, V,r' li,r,',v" '-''" r. ill new a rooms, '(Mr. .Mi.-itn, Dc.'OI tor Newipa pir, i.e. Albany Mr. Cm. Jone-, Ni-.vpar-cr Office. liuthettcr Mr. IVwci, ! and News Aspii'. jr(ini,(Me.).Mit.(,'h.l1, Cn. Cxnro lAscni. Q'leAre Mr. lane, Rs li inee ..w s R.w ins. A toil renl Mr. Wil nil, Rs; b lu-.-e .Ve-v. t'o Litripaot, Oflhe pr. piiemr , Wiluierfi Smith, Jj-Ciimmiiiii -a'M-n- tnl e no.' pni I nu ' i 1 all ea e. dir.. -el, "lUltOPF.AN HdlS Ol I'lCR," New Vi I.K c r I IVKBf. I 1.. S3 Ul'iiU'll .olli'cl MIL'S. 1 ( Bi'es I leu y llr.nin Slice iii-s, J V 3 ' Fine do .1.1 We cannot -iv that liu-y are 'c'lrop' bin ihey will le suld al t!i-lo.uil uicd Ih-ci ir 1 1 will 11IW, hy vii. yn &. novrs Km. ir,45. ;g UllltOII--. 1 Qf nro-s Pint Huston, Jl-itJlJ .100 Horn Coal do 200 " " Over Coat do 500 " " Vet co 100 " Lastinc Coat do 3i)0 " do Vest do ' t -00 " Strap do 12C0 " Shin da Tor sale hv VILAS i; NOVR-. BurliiiLliin, Nov. SStli, '43; Sg WfCS? OOCDS. CJ M. POPR, Insju trccciir.l I.ii wintrr rtnek of GjoJs. anions winch may lie lound a l.irce na .ortnieiit of cloths, enusimcrs, vestinr... llsnncls, cafbmere. nlp'1-ta.s, prints robroy, plads, hnset s, tickinsa, drllliii'-, mid a fjll assortment of tailur'a trim miu3. Also, large stock of Grocines, con-iaiir.g in psrt of loaf, lump, powdueu and crusheJ t-ugnrs, also, molasses, leas, cuHl-e, soap, t.-ibncco, lamp'oi', salera tus, starch, tic. Ac. uhidi will be toM at the hmust prices. S. M. POPE. Butlinnton.Nov. 11, 1313. 21 FARM FOR SALE. JtrrCL 70!t SALR, a l.irm In Un-lCihill, ecu ssii' laiuine nne limi'rel ntt.l tnr'y--lx acre-, a! n-i nne hundred acres of whiih li-i -t ia un ler cultivation, the remain 'ir is covered ly a good irrow Ii nf haid wnd. On lie pn-iui-c.aren ciinveii-entdwillini; liou.e, I nrn. I.11U, .Ve. mid annri-hard nf ihr lit I ejrur. a;u e 'ices, .11 licicni f.-r maj mil. nne lil'y or .ix-y baiiel. tf eider. Al o. 11 far-. 1 ci.u-ainnig erne butidriil a-re-, lytn-jr a' nut nne tul'e frmn the a1 ovc a' nut aiviy ai res nf w hi -h 1. und.'r iiupr tciiKiit, and has 1-11 n n cn;-n-emu. I am, the rein.iirder 1- well wnis'td, prini-tj with 1 each and maple. '1 he al ote are -t'lua-e I nenr tlicceiiire nl the town and is the mam rn.ul, are well wi-erel and we'l Icitecu, a eonsii'erab'e pi rtii n nf the leuee I cia-j -1 h-ia' -tnne wall, nn I to. e L crcoiopise nne nf ihe be-t tlatry farm, in ihetown. The u' nte ttrciin-e. will le so'il tn t-lo-e a com cm for much le- than tier real vo'ue, and k e-.un civen nn ihe 1-1 of April next. Fur f-iriln r p irt cu-lar-enq irenl A. I'C'OIR. U iilinglcn, Tcli. 22. 1S41 CS f Health and Strength, nn. s. o. nn n.uuxox's COVC F.N TU ATI". O SHERRY WINE JS1TTERS. tC7"'l hey are the unrivalled and cillcaeioi com pniiinl nfu r-.iilar l'hvs cinn an.lfr.idna'e nf ihe New Hamp lure .Medical Col c-;e, who bit. made ihe -m..' nl'me licinc bi-prnfcion, and ihey nrel.i.'hly rermt men-ed bt m.anyul the m. &t t-ele raid Ihe c.ioiirv. n iVceleillv ibe BEST -MI-.liKiNR I.VFK OI-FRltr.D'IOTIIKPntLIf, for Dvpe,.. .11, Jiiiiudiie, I, iter Cumi laiiilF, Iliiinur., &:e.( ihe Sinuiai-h and Butte!. For. ale in HuiIinjilou I y PRCK oi.-l'I'Ml.tvliia.-i -a'e Asents, who will f iriii.h I'eilers n' the ntn-a price, nl-c,. I v Me-r. MAtiAR if- AllTHI R. mid W. 11. HATCH i: Co., Wmooski bulls. 1-.1C juh.5, K33.CrEAir3? TAILOR. RLSPI-CTFI LLV returns his tvarmtvt ihauks Inr the liberal i.airnnage be has rc.eivtsl ihirn.; the .hurt jicriol he ha-I ecu liK-alcdln Iln. pl.n-e, nnl a ..urc all hi- nl.l i u -l incr-, and ilin.e it bo juay patronize hi. 11, thai ihey will al all lime, (imt bun rea ly tn execute their nr.ler.'iu 3 .lyle to be equalled by few and excelled hy none. Hi- eipecintiuu heic, have I een more lb in real ize!,iind in returnim hi. -ru'efil woud mude.lly .ulieiia continued paln-tiacc, Simp in Church St., over .Mr. llurlbtn'-. Olore., Jan. 1, 1316. Men mu-t have t-lo'he to keep thern tvarm lu Winier's ib-eary day-, For 10 print. - ihem from ilia .term, And .timincr. tion-l. 11 r-i.. But therearerber rea ns known, Why peop'e h 1 1 e in I're., A Mr. Si.a.-y elearlv .liuws In Ihe llarhn'ti 11 Frt-e Press. Some -rn lor Fa.lncn ripb' or wron;,4 While nilier. .iislv ci e; Some wear their I'nnt. an I Wai.tccau t!?ht, And .unieuie bar! 10 p'caie. Iliti I from Ler'mn kiiuw.'el-u .ay To fricn I. an I pu rnu. u'l, Vo-I can I e .111 el ev, ry way, Hy gliing mea cull. I nca'lv c it, and make an 1 men 1, An 1 lin I t n 1 tri-iiuiiii'. iih), A 1.1I all a. well vm 01 iy depend, A. nrt ra'e 'lailui'iu. 3lin3 JA.MK? MiKKAND. Est ray. CAME into the en"lo.ore nf ihp .1 b.r-ribc'r. nbo t IbeSith nil., n I tr.'o R11I InpM butiied Cow. The nwiicr l reo it'ttcd to pay cbari: nml lut-i- atvav F. II.VIH KV. Ilarlinston, Dec. 14, IS43. 2Dw3 lN'olice. THIS may certi.y that I hate Riven my son nishicy Ruble, hi. time 10 ac nnd trade for hini.clf, and .hall claim wane of hi e.ariiin?., nor pay any del I of his contracting after ll-it date. i:bkni7s.i:ii roiur. Burlins'on, Dec. 10, 1545. 233 Pins nnd Needles. -la,'l, Afn'ri " Solid Head Pins, 0lJ 150 IbcAmeiican Mixed do 300 M Qndled Eyed NteJIea, 200 Gro.s Knilting do For sale br Nov. 19, '45. VILAS tfc NOVRS. G . BACKUS, MERCHANT TAIXOr.. OlTOaiTt THE OUnMNGTON DANK, Cltarcb St. BurUnsnn.vt,

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