Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 10, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 10, 1846 Page 3
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fc 0- I T C HI s . An Encimmi Winti-.h. A prlvnln lollrr from linphnil, il.ili'il LiviTpunl, IVIini ir) 7, siivj: " Vii ilii! milili'st uinlor up lo'lliis ilnln, iIimI Khl'I-iiiiI li's Uiinwn for many vmir. Not ini'lf snow storm lias vmii'i! lliis iriwn ilniiiiu llii sc.ison. Tlii'ic litis lici'ii ii sliiilil I'iM in clifl'crcnt p:iils til' tlio country, lint ii quickly (inssi-il uiviiy. As for ire I ImVU tint seen utiv tluil would lic-ar :i cliilil I wo f-ars nlil. Fnnv.ird llmvi'U nru ubiinilmt in tlio p.irdens iinil grass is quite pli'iitiful in tlio fields. TlKinsiimls ol'cillli! are turned nut to pasture. The farmers Imvo been ploiichiup, mid ItiiiimiiiR their li iulliorn liediirs, hII the uinler I Ii i on u ti. The tliiush, with his ilelifjlilful notes, is filling the woods nnd groves witli his song, and his tniitn Ims already commenced incubation ; indeed I have lic.ird of a ni-l of young hiids having been found. A. Y. lice. J'ust. Suicide or a hv Dhownino. The body of an nnUnown young woman, of dccenl appearance, in plain mourning, of ordinary texture, was found in the dock nt Pine street, early Sunday morning. Her shawl was found on tho wharf lop, and float ing near her in ilic water were her bonnet, containinff her breast pin anil gloves, n needle case. a pair ol sensors, ami a tailors thimble likewise a nolo containing the word, "I Jiasten tn join them in heaven." The unhappy female, as far as we could leai n, was not, up to a late hour last night, positive ly indentifteil, but was b'.'lieved to be. a wid oiv w ho a few months ago lost her husband, to wham she had been manied only n short lime, and also her child. Her giiefwas in ronsolalile, and she sought death as a irlease from Iter woe. Slio evidently obtained her livi'ljhuod by sewing, and it is thought com mitted the melancholy act as slio was leturti inp from her work Saluiday night. Philn, American. A Dni:Airut. Dcni. Wo copv the fol lowing from the I ist numbet uf ilie Spiiug ficld (Mo.) Democrat : "A murder has been committed in our very midst lit it nukes one's blood chill to relate. Oil FiiJay I ist, (i'eoipe Young, liv ing aliinit ten miles west of this, struck his little daughter, eight or nine ears old, with a hoe, splitting her skull, following the first blow with otheis, beating her head, and cut ting her neck. The cries of the child btought the mother to tho horrid scene. She took up her dead child and started to the house. Young followed and toio tho child fioni his wife, and cut out its entrails. He then put n toe-chain round his wife's neck, and was on ly prevented from killing her by the arrival of some neighbors. Doubts are entertained as to Young's sanity." Monr.L or Nr.w Yonu. Ii. Poller Ilel den, of New York, has constructed a model, in wood, of lb it city, which is said to lie tru Iv a wonder. Lveiy house is lepresenteu ' - and will bear close ex iminalion. It is cer tainly an astonishing prmlurt of inpeuuiiy and puiiis-taking. Mr. Bidden h id previous ly made a similar model of Now II i von. We understand it is his intention to exhibit his works in the different cities of the Union, and predict for him abiind nit success. A model of the difToient c nitons of Swilzi'i I mil, mucin sauietime in the last ceulurv, was a world's won Jer ; but lln-m is nothing which Yankee ingenuity cannot, imitate, and beat. Atlsstio and Sr. Luvuuxci; Rut. Rom - o f.iiiifi stt ind lb ii . (. M.iitnn, i Esq., who his been Vcting Cuiff I'.ngiiwer of this Atlantic and Si. Liwieuce Hail IJnad Comriuv, his, hv the concurirnt net of i!ie two H.urds of Directors at and I'orllitnl, lireu apnoiiited First Superintend ing l.iis-ini-rr, of the whole Road, from the Allaniic lo the St. Liwieuce; and lb it lie leaivs this inoining lot Mo', u uli a iew to be pie'eut at the lire iking up of the St. Liwrence, and for the purpose of aiding by liu council and aihice in liviwj upon a site fir the terminati m of the R lil Roail at Mon treal. Portland Argus. The trial of Thomas Rilchiu for the mur der of Mr. Pleasints, coiumeiu'ed at Ches terfield, Va on the aih iust. The coun sel engaged for Mr. Rilchie are, Messrs. Andrew Stevenson, John W. Jones, Samuel Taylor, and Win. Ovcitnn. For the Slate, Daniel Flouiu iv, Fi., Cuuinioiiwe.illh's At torney, fur I ho Cliesleifu Id Supreme Court. The story (hut the piisuner lel'iisi d hail was a fihiic iu'cjii. Ofeuuiso the couit could not bail him, nor he presume lo ask it. Finn at 'run Astuk llot.'.sn. The Astor Hauso in New York cUi Am on Tucsd-.v ri,, -, evening in tlm upper story. I In- stairs nml door-way w ere niucli burnt lu'furu tliu fire wai dijcovcrcl ll.o smoke liruAing out tlirounli Hut slicatliuin of tlio roof anil em- tiracinir tuft wliolo li'ii"lli of 1 lie caves, jravo, the Hppc.'irancii oflliu wliolo upper part ofj tlio Iiuililiii2 til ing coiupli lelv on fire. 'I'liei fire wa, however, easily subiluril; but it is iiipposr-J tint tho loss bv water was ficni S7000 to S8000. The Se.vvtoiss rnon Tkxas Mr Husk, one of the .Senators of the new .State of Tox in, lias nriiviil in Washington, anil nppi-ireil in liis cat in the .Senati' on Thursilay, (Jcn cral Ilonstan is expected in a few ilays. They uru unilerstoml lo favor Mr Calhoun's viewi on the Orecon nucstion, null will llieie- fnre vote lor ilie (iulificaliun notice of Mr. Colquitd Cy"TIioro will bo an cclipso of tliu Sun on tlio 25ih of April. About lialfof iho dUc will be liM heru total in tho InUiiJ of Cub.i. Tho Water Cure Journal of Dr. Show, of New York, in an article on ii&ir cold water on coniuinption, yivos tlii cduiiun : "It is to be romembtjrrd l-Mt wo rannot lunlon every person, and that vc may kill many in the attempt." The New Hantpslnro Statesman makes a clear anliradical otajoriiy in tins House, of 18 vix: 107 Wliins, 113 Independents, making MO-UadicaU V22. The North Hiver is now open, ant! Sleant boali liavo commenced running. The Ex press siiys that theie ill bo much opposition this summer, iho f is nowO els be tween Albany and New Yoik Ciiy. Bonaparte's house, ut Lougwood Si. Hel ena it now a barn tho room ho died in is a stable, and where tho imperial corpse laid in state may bo found a machine for grinding corn. VKitY RKMiRKUaF.. It is a remarkable fcet savs tho Holoi. Post, tliat in all tlm schedules erer presented by bankrupts, an Stance has nover been known uhero any portionof.hoirl.sses nere set down as so niuch paid for advertising. 1TOTI03 To Uriili!" IJuildors. ."h.nhcr havini! fwon nmioi.i'o.1 "sent lo i.nildiii" ol n l.i "' iirnisctntr 1 TJer . Hi I will PrTi1 !,U1" M,nn-.d 1 1 "lift mi'il H-I. of Apn(nru; TIRKKtVS C. XSK-KXCKLLENT HEKLtCI'IO.NS. The country is uleelrified every few days with oniu new nnd thiillinp iiirr.ilivH of Murder often of most ivai!o and liniiilile Minder. One or both of lo causes In toxication iinil Libertinism is almost Invaii ably at tho bottom iifueeh .Murder. All hIi hor ami lo ilbo the Murderer a great many think Society could not be preserved without hanging him. Yet bow few, comparatively, are earnestly and fiithfully intent on rooting out tho inciting causes of Murder! Grog geries and every fonn of temptation to In temperance swiirm in overy city nnd village j tin; palaces and the hovels of Lewdness stand notorious anil unabashed in every city , and thousands of our Youth, unwarned, unrubti ked by Law, urn daily taking the first steps in thu path u liich leads down to untimely and ignominious Death. Is it nut monstrous that such feiocity towatd the Murderer should coexist with such indifference to if not np proval of, nil tho influences whfch formed and trained him to butchery I All agree that Murder must be repressed and tho Murderer punished; why can wo not nil as heartily agreo that the necessary steps shall be taken to prevent the limning of our Youth for the Gallows How much nobler and better to prevent Crime than to punish it ! Why tint, a.n, join hands in rooting out from among us the groggeries and brothels which pollute; tlm l.mJ, and repressing Libertinism by ad- equato though Hot vindictive penalties 1 If all thu virtuous would hut he eneipelic in this work, the cpieslioii of Hanging or No Hang ing would soon loose its practical importance. Why not lr iti A'. Y. Tribune. HIUCII I ON MAKKirr, 30, 181(3. At tinrkrt, 270 liccf ('nlllc. 40 yokes Working Oten, 30 Cows nii.l Calve-, ?"0 Sheep, nnd nlioul SOOSmne. .AliotiiyO Ilea J uf ('aide ore daily cxpoit. cil mar t lie Wo-lt rn 1 lilrontl. I'iiiceb Here f'sTTLE. Sn'ci of rxlra. &3 30 ; IVt rp v rio . il ipslitv, SVJji Tlii'J , .r mi: Oven Silcs nii'ii'til a! 372 f70, $-1, SOI. S 1011 and SI 13 ('.) an t CiHf Sales un lc ul SI", S21, S23 an 1 S4 . .Sheep S.itf. i,f n at S12.SJF7, S3B0 '. S I 7G Swine Lots at liolcsile, e for Sows, jjc foi llairuw-. At reliul, 3J lo Cic. Rare Chance. IOIt sale, or to rent, a CnnliiiK . Mai-hiuc nnd (loilut rs wmkn, Bitmit'il near the Court House in trnstiiirh. Tliu trrtnisi uon.-isi uf n lnrc"e faclury luiililins, sin.ill duellul!! hntic, ail'l one nelu ttl laud. The Cardinir .M.icluuc ih nearly new, nud adiiiiind lo be the l)e?i in the noiiliern ptrtof Hie .Mute. 1 ha property is niitt ed at a price that will iiialiu it an uhjeci fur nay pcr tuii in llutline ot biisuu&.s ; nnd it nut said, will he lented far one or niuru jcars, Willi the prmlige ol esptiuliuy a pan ul'the reui in irpurs. Apply loihe (ubtcnUr, ur to It. M. I!q , nt lialurs!ii II. II. STAt'. Ilurtini-I'in. Ann! 1. '.If!. .fi i'TJ I?"M to f.MIO 11 UN WANTi:i) fii'r lo wiuU uo the Verimut Cenlrnl Jtiui ii Tltuad, aidillercni punita aliio the line lie leeu Norlhlield ami iniNur, Vl. Sttadv ein pliiytninl liberal nei will be giun Ilie pres ent waes arc S3 Linti ptr d iv. ' S. I'. HfLKNAP. Itcfer ii J it J, II. U Cu , l!urlmtou. Apul 7, 1 H IS. -J3 not: sax. ivi.r. rtooii iioiist s I'oa sAi.r.-tw.i v" l in itched, an l lite Mibst mini atiiunU lur haul service. Cali soun, fur they will u lo rn 1 1 Let short ly N. (Jl INIID.V. I Vrns'iiireh, April 3 lallj. t"jw.i A Is'ew and lmpnrl:inl Jiru lff3D!C?I!?23. Ill The ti1ini of iti- n niU iv i i il iiil!cly the now iihd Icitiiiliil litvuilt'tti i-I I! iU f .Siiar-rcjaitd Majc I. If I'tlK Ii v winch tut' nt ikciIh' ik' i Hit cMiniilfi ly dii'uisi'fi I .i nriMtij ut amln-il u-"ir, lint thi y,in.'ii iltftly :iL'l.'.alif lu ilie mu-t (J.llC.ti-. Tin i.iMli.-nu nf th' 1MU irr trhoHy ntnl pure ly Vczttabte, v. httso ctininvt .r" t'rties fin1 iiiikiun n in t'if rryiilir Se t-nro nf ,M '(! inc. Their cilicu'v in 1 1 UNi-Mii-tiMM"! aii.i all r.Miii'l'iinl'4 nri-inir (nun nn uirt' tdiMttl, has nut, perlnpvi par'tl.i'l m :hc enitilctitc of Mf.lK- !!! In ni'ist u( tliL-uh-iitnif (!icasti- which ntnrk the hiitinn s -tcm they have hmi fii-md I to ho a most inr.vfiTiil n'ni'ily. 1 heir anion un Hie i howeU nit wry mi ii nml rarel crr arnte, :il tin s utie luiif ih'V rue scan Inns and rHinpni. A sin ale I iml will show ihcir trtiu meiiif. A iriiluf onlv out i acciinlins to Uip i!irtciiMits winch nrcoiiipanv 'them, will nrr f ul tu he the mi si convincing nt ' (Icncc of ih:ir cxira-jrutnary vtrtncH. I'ricr'Ji n itis pt-r hox, for ealc by I I. K ij- SI'JIAK. I April, c. ni, C( 00')1) MVttKCr UOUSI-S for wbirh cas.1 &) will bo pud, bv W. O. UAUKIIt. ChatlJUe, Apr l, I31G. iMfonr.xv to taxxkjis rBHT, Mibcnhor hi" purch-icd the riht (o iisp i v'Ltly K-'l; SI A S1V.N E r tW-I 3 Mimes to the ten Aorlhern counlies of crtnunt, ami i ,u j.pieof rilitiulirrio individual, or to conn, tics or limns on rrassnuble terms. Application may , l '""f,; ,)AUI.1N(!, cbndfro l!orouC!,lSr j, o, spai.UIiMJ, IticlumoiJ. Anril !), I3IU. ljwC April !), I3lt!. OKKSONS wwhinii Hoard, with the nceommoda L tionofn Patlorand Ihd-rooiu, ura Parloft limn her and adjouunf lied room, nr other ticcoiu mod Hiotia as to rooms, can be prov idtd for at tlm ho'--1 of P. llMHvMAN, 45 Corner of Church and Kiny erects. Daniel HUliDpN INtate. SI'ATi: OP VLUMOM', rplIi;i!.,n.theProhaie Pintri' t of l'hit'eu!t nt -. i 1 lo irl (erthe PMrhi of ('lufen V 11 1 Til all ooron eonct rnel in the folate ol DAXlI'd. 1!1MI01 late of Jtrico, m md d u rict, de c'icvI, fJiii'i.Tisfi. Vitt.uKs, Kupwell P. Pay, exetu'or of h.ti I t!e. I,. ii.l i t ins mlmim.. t r ai .! an 1 preent hi afeo,int a-'.iiift ail estate i f r examination aui iiiitrndiiroui hh-nuii hi int. If .ri ( Pi i"Tf' 'I'lu.hli.i a tin !!e it.i'-olke . i i h - i I i - . on l, i . nidi Mynu .' oi pri'( l-lti, al 10 ..Vhi k, " Tiikri roHr., Vo i nr. hcrhy n 't fie I t' a,i,.t a. be fore said Court at ihe time a ti ldaee ,iU re-ai I, nud chew eati-e, il any vou have, u hy the .uvoutit afuie ai.l ho ill no! I e it 1 owed, iien under mv Inud at Ihirlmaton, this Slh day of April, A. I). 18 IG. 4ja3 P. UPSSP.Mm Jttilze, Variety Austin ! ! ' loi nf Steel Ilea t. Sterl PurTrimnitnsf, . and Meel Hay CItjiis and TnMl. jul ncened by intiNSMii & uuomr.its. prd lOih, lSloj 4 TO RENT. 1 '-Oil one or more j car, the llftiit ind Lot, now occupied hy iho -tibscnlM'r.on llnlTtl. The pri'in. Isr. consist of one nere of Land, a Hiinll iloiiife, llnni aiitl other iippciiflaf.iH, all in cood repairan exeellent We'd of water, a Oirden under goud Laiiijv,itiou, and cll stocked with I'ruilTicis. JOHN r, AI'IIIII-.V. Unrlingtnii, April S. BIG. l Hm tor. A ri'.W liunilrcd pound, cnod Table llullcr, h:a .1. uiyeeiivcd: Al White I'c1ll. A pill 'J, IS 10. (ll A. S, DKWT.V. WA.NTKO in exihanse fjr (Srnrcriro, I'.l'C in any timniity. A. S. DEWI'-V. April 2, 1S1C. 41 1'asturin', A I'ASTURK of ahoui B acres In Rent, near tho XV (Jul I'-i-e, enquire of U. ri;i i;ilSO.. lliirliiiKion, Murch20, IB IG. ()iuii!4cs nml I.i.miioiis. JUST roif'vid 11 lloxe. I'ref'i Ornnw. and f,m mi., and for .nle. by (Sl.O. l'KI KKbOM, Jlireh 21, 18IG l''nr Sale. 250 i. -sou 30UO HUPIini.S I'HAS suitable for Cooking or aceu, " lliiekwlual, for Seed, " Corn, " Wheal and oilier ernin, at Sliel I urn Milium) in llorhnuttirt. hv (32) March? SIC. II. WIUELHR. Hare Cliancc. CKftfVb. ''pilKbe.t firm in far if,tv -v in e eoiii.iitiuiL'niiii iiauu jerrs, well watered nnd niie I'i'reil, with a uoud inch ird. and ami rn pood flatrol cul- JL l tivniou, i. i!,ini(.il ntmui two hi ills Nnrlli of .-rrv. t . Mimtc, and known by Hie , .-s---A-. - nnuioofihe " Dinilun I' inn." biui:: the same nn which Otn, liunlnu lived and died, ind now owned and occupied bv ilie Kuli-ciiber. iriven nn -n'r. Til ADl-U.-j-DUNTON. Iliislol, llnrcli J3, 1910. .11 TO RENT. rVUK VAN Nr.SS llOl'Si; nowoc-J- cupiid by James 1. Culler, Ksq. Alan pnslunnff fur n nuiiiber i.reinvs. II. I.I'.AVRNWOIITII. April 1, '40. ,lt Spring lnshioii (,f Hmp. jPS?S fV Ih,' present lieaoiiful style, now on BfM V-f Iniul nnd for sale at llin o'd stand ? on Pearl Slrtcl, by u4 ,. . o. a. sr.vnoua. "urlington, April 3, MG. 4lni Dr. Poahtidy's Sermon, AT Ilie nrihnalinn ol Rev. Olicr V. II. lVatodv, at liurlitutnn, Aup. 1 1. lBli. Also, The Puritan Fathers, i eriiiim n' iiev. II over IV, II. l eilioi Iv. Sunilnv Dee. 81. 81". llnnhj. I8J0. i iiuiisuuti ny j. l(leilO(li;il. U..I i. .i... i i .,...1.1..... ' 1U Mr. ."help's Appeal To the people ul Virniout. ALo, Gov, Static's Rrply To Senator I'he'p's Appeal, for al bv .Marih C, 13 10. C. (iOODRICfT. " JOHN 1 ."K K t LOG U iiiroiiTi.ii & i:.M,t:ii in WJKES &BSCislJOS:lS. iVo. iltr. Itltei-sltrcrt, Troy, N. Y. iH'.l'.s I'im.iaiiilv on hind an rt'lenswe n-or. i. nn nt of Wim, f.iiior?, ('. rdnU. tVe., inn Inch he would respectful! v fill iheatb nliunof .Mi reliant. Iluiel l.i'fper, and others Anions; Iiis-ii rluient uny befonnd Onnl, OiKnv & Co., Pi llevuioil, ..i2iiette,iiu I eniiiiiiiiu llrnndv lleibr'" S an. nnd other 1 nn i nf Seln id'iui tlin. I) d J iiniiK-a, Mi. Criux nnd N. Ii Itiun. .Mil las, leilv, Pari, Sheiry, ind ,Mi''i.a .ne cf ilillen nt ipnliui Al-ii, Clifi rv, 1' pperuitt an! Winlergrcen Curdi alsi t'bainp iit'ii, lln'i , Clari'i, Arc. All uf wlurli heofliriou the most accuinniodaliut lirius for Cu-h nr npprovid Ciedit. Trav, Aurd. 111). v .)t Dagnerrotypu Apparatus lor oALIi!! r ri It Ii Pubcribrr not luin; ni liberty to nn 1 his appnrnius for the present uill bo ylad to dn poseofir, with nil tho nppurtcn incs ncceisi'V for o.iernlm.', on the mnt reisouiible terni. Will ?ue 1 1 1 -1 ru. i ion for uikuis I iltcne-is, mirpns'ins tiny oihirs tnkeii in tla.s fietii n of iheciiuuiry. Hiceipi. also fur ininiificMirinL' ill the Chemicals ucd at 1-1 the cspni'oof pnrchaui2 fio prepni'd, and uf siijcior rjti-il 1 1 - ('umpire Ihe Pieture taken with llii-se 'In inn nl-, with ihein taken wuh die ( licuii of commerce nud rmi ill fee the ifillircnce. Any niiii2 man iliin2 to tniri;e in this inol plci-ant nnd prulitablt' business will do well to give nn a call. I.ikene-srs tiken fur cusionicrs on the u-ual term-, Itoonis cv Specimens at It. SenttV. l-l nii'e lin t ofPeiil Sir. Ilnu-e. I. DIVOLI,. Ihirlmaton, VI. Apul. lSifi II 'SIIIi ttibeerilirrjias purelinjed of the rslnto of the -. ijii'J. itainwnnnt, l.?r, Ilie enure Mure nnd 'Pride of ilie old and will known Wnmw rieht estab- hshiiifni, in thinplicc, win rein he intends to coniiime tile ii is oi si. iiein a Mr zo s-oi' . of Moves uu tnnd nvn llollow Ware. Plows. Plow Casimea. and nlino-i nil l.iiidinfi:is:iii!-a t,il, in this inarkii. Also Sluet Iron, t'eppernud 'I'm Warp, nnd all (heap uf course. Liberal wnee- will be paid for i eood wnrl ru in at tho 'I in l!i ine?s S. W. TAVI.Oll. Ilurlini'iiui, Apul 3d, IalG. -It LOOK n nt: i-:a ! i a i -s.U.oJj BjiDU sale a nrw Tun Strirv IhtcL Mouu on the H- new road lend in hi tho fill?. Slid litmM id 1 I nt'l in the innl Niodcrn Ptvh'ihni'.huii and will e it w.H only mil .ui oilier l Your n'rendy i:y urcv r U ..iini.i. i. .1 1 1 1. . i it... r.i Ei .if !.. Tin-io to rn mi.!iiiiitcnt. I i r e t ni! Iv telt ihe i llt-ct- o un wiili i he un fiML-. or nrltirr imucti- Its iut iec of S i in Munntml'-ii, or o! tin- fsut-.-rri lur ni UkAv tlron!;, M.I.SI1A JIILLr,!!. .Ir. Ilurlniiitim. Apul 1. 1R1G. 411 3 'IONS PneJ Apple., lor a e hv VILAS vN .NOVi:S. Mar-Ii 1, niC. dl) U'LXOOSh'I COVTOX, Wl) h ive m ute an arrangement wild the owner ( I tliee Sh, cuius to l.eep them cm-'atuly on hand and tor suit at ihe Pactouv Pnici.H. We wo dd o'i"tt the at'enti n t.f McKhant- nud other, wi'hnis to I uv their d-hy the lla'e or Pie e, n ve thin!- tint llieir suptrior tptuHhf will he a ptron let oimiiendaMoii lolhe huyer nnd tlfe ronHiiifr, Our people hhouhl "home imliibtnj VILAS nom:s. liailnifflon, April 1, IStC. -11 T'lll cop'ir'.iii'rfcliip luTi'Milnri i'i-lin2 niicer lln L nniiii' mi I lirm i.r.MOIITO.S fll.Alli;, is lln ilay Iv iin.tiial iftii'i'iii ili-(ilvril. TIk' tloni.tii'U i.I 11.' firm will rfiniii fi r l!u' prt-efnt, in ilu InniU ol llin, Morion, with wliuni llicy mnv ln'.etlltil, nn I lo whom llu-ytiic lulc paid. OK). MOII'I (),. l'illl.0 (-'I.AI.'IC. Willifion, M.inh 23, 1315. Having (hi I'niirn flock ofGooil I i'Iohi.. tn lo Morion iV Clnik, zi nil ii'inovtil ihi'in to KiVh liioiid, 3 ilonrs ci'l nftliu nrt-l ulfiw. wln'ri' I intend in Kri'ji a fiiioii fiocu ol trot m uncii u i v soiii lor ii i-lie-in as at Iliirliirtoii or :inv oil.i'rii'ai-i in t h tii'iiiVii fi ty. l'llll.O 11. AUK. Hon Ii 2.1, Ilw3 K(?;ilhcrs ! 4 fiOOI) Fiipplv ol llen an I fieese Pcalhrrii now 2SL uu hand. Warranted to he a ool anu'te. Porsilahy V1I-AS Cfc UVr.S. lhirhnyton, Jan. 29, 1BIG. 33 I once y.iw n ladv with dear lauffhincve. Willi a hrv hth and lotty ?he va bad, and her pii'h- To!d ihe lab of her woes ; that .-wccl nunilh, and i Inn dimp'ed, Why, w by wa- her I ice thin o freckle I and pimpled; Why that mvk frtnedso funn-likc 'twas proud, do JOll inaik I Vet'iwa- jtllow, nntl fieri led, di&finrrd nn I t'ntk J 'lhocen- I i.ikc of, jrlanwd ich tove oh ! mhIi Ili-V--! Were in'iuii- f cvl.iiiw r ilt.v cyelaMie., The Inir on hpr lie r' vi :i lilii' htililt lie id a diy, hhor, nn.l iltriy, louyh, wirj, tud red. I' ' k.vou r n ihnt nicteie nnd on ilu-: Ot.e iiiou'h h.t now pa-e-J .ind thu I id) V line fa niro-, Aiu w hue, clear and heiUlivt .SIic'k ihe hivihe-t of cieiiuie, te tuo ii ih-, anl lrecklc4 nn I Lin un- ilrk lUe till oi appearc tor he n-4-dlo you mark ! A ciU-1 f miracle, of which I've oii'-n.jU- e.ll e I Joue-' I'-ilian Chi l Sin Sho h.w ewbruu and eve'nuhe. now, tno, that hvc And Wire ni.nlo hv iho June- Dp.ihi .h u i the ha- h dr. loo ay! tlark tViwin noft, sdkv lie-v... Vur which in 11 three fhilhns I ottle now hle-ev. So all w ho'd be Idle her, old, joim?, or in lctn( Can have it by u-in;,' ihe very same mean-. The true nnd cenuine ncent appoin'ol I y Jane ro HAlIilMrrO. vV I'ltOTlfldf, 1 1 Chun h Stuet, I), CAMVS Patent Utoriiiotor S)rino. Tun Instrument 1 ndapttl to the aitnlieitimi ol rciueilnlncenls, in a 1 las-of di-ei-ea which 1 ft en t'e ter the individual I10111 applying lor ti remedy, in con n'i'iMice of the delji aey .illcnJins tl ndmini-irniiou. Wuh ilu. iii-trumeul the paiienl can eafely and readily apply whatever muy he pre-c rd ed, Alur lilhu the Sjruue.lhe pipe if to le tutcrud, ihe pis ton gently fott eildiivvn, nn I ihe in-trument kept firm ly in ronUcl wilh the parts lilt the contents have ta ken e Vet, The local jciucdto in Leiieorrlun, rnn-i-l (fm ;er nl a-lriuenl mjetttoti : the-enre compo-cd if to tal ion- of the sulphitei f zne, iron, copper, or ihe ic eiate ot lead, tr info-ions of vcjin' le lulrinzcni-, s-icli n preen lei, oak I nrl:, or nut :nlU, Tlicy fhould le n-tsl nt lir-l n-enk, their -trenti'h leiniraf terwanU iuercan-l if nei-s.nry, ) N (JAM. Thi - is locerlifv ihnt we have oxnmined 1). (SiV- ulenno Synnse nti'l in o ir opinion it w uvll hl'ej fnr tiieu-ecMeiiiMi, inca-rAtl l- utt r Ai-u pric,-u nun nr pri-lnp-n- IJiri( nnd other weil.icssol adjattnt oi-aii. Ihirlmuloii, .March '21. 1S1G. C, C. II. Hall, M 1), Horace 1 1. ml., M. I). J41111-IN nor M O, ll'tiland, t. HI I'.. I'help-, M. I), Hem. It Ialmr, WtHHl-ltuk. Phjf-iei in- nn I iho public nre inied locnll nnd t'a 1 me tin; nbw in r imenl. V r c 1 I1AKIUNGTON & lUtOTHHlS. ; 44' Church t, .' ' . r h i n . . i'll in tub; It -""M.itliiii ti lit in ,,, It in SANDS' S A It S A P A It I LL A KOU Till: ItKMOVAIi AND PKItMANHNT ciriin ok Atit nir;AyKs ritOM AN IMITKK STAT P. OK Tin-: nr.ooi. on nmr uk tiii: .svsTi:i, viz : Siorfiiln, or fCmit' V. Mil, O! Finnic Cn tnncu'K Iru,iiion. I'l'iuilt'-', or Pnl W on the IVo, Wolrliia, Hib", Clitoni" Sort Kjc, Uum Worm r Trttrt HmM IIc.u!, Knl.ironifnt mil P.nn uf tin IIont'- nirl( .tnint Sin' burn Ulcpr. ! yplnliiiL Symplons Sci.itn'n, or liiiinhiao, si ml I)i-c'iL- nri'-in fnin an inpidicio i iiimj Mrr- , ctiry, Aciu,, tr Dropy. Ilxpfi-nri; r lm,nuU'nce J ind-ift'. Al-ot Clir int OonsniMiion ii Oisordtrs ' will .' icmnvcd 1 y Hits rrepni.ilicn. Thin im'dicinu bni in many thonan.l hi in nee bn U2ht tit tit Ii nn I returning vior to iIicwimU nnd Innz .id franio. In nprr.ttioii i-vrmN tt-cIT tn Hie rrino!i-t trnn-afionst of tlicciurid y't'm, nndrnn ' ill Hniownjr iliiMi'ti aL-liuii in tltL nbor!ing atul pi'm umr vcsj(.,I. Still farther proof of thf value and effi'-icy t.f u tiu-diVinc. Another link aJdtd to ihe chain uf n-ti-tnony. VK.T Pori.TXKVt Vl. I'i c. -Mi, .Me-r-.. A. I. I). Sand Hear Sim i AhhoiiKh a 'traii'ier, j enml im to rc!ae lo vo'i tho tory f my s iilerinH and ilie ndii-fl ln- ohtanc:! frt m then-u of vdir A'-ont the im.Ui'c of Janii.iry, l-IU I n attained with a di-c;if inyl'hy-i' ei in cilte I ??!iumut!mt an I 1 n-ed s ic rcniedn- a wen pri'gcri) (t', and in al oil thiecwicU it left, I tit marly ho tin.e the next i ear it appealed iiimiii m the ameplare, the rmh! lni" joint, tmm tlnhil n T'a cl, tnovir.? nn In m limb lo hudi and joint to toi'i' mi'il it ha I enrilri'ieady K-'ii j to e ion of m vh '' f em. I inul eeiy ren civ pre-erilel hv the v i riii.ii Phv i tin , I' " I- d'omel ear after r to s,... my ( t.iM.t'Minp!(.tcl . haiMc ihe cmnhiuetl i 1 of 1 he Mi' In il I'm'' -ion, ) 1 eiMim dwour.i '' nl horc of iehi'1 fkd. nio-in'riiv wa innud io i .i , i ii 1 I c u' ! ,i w tli .hi' t dim mi I ho I n .t .. it it I I m :.! i,y , nil f f;d no I nut fit. I i'oii nine I th - 1 -i p'i n . r li3 when I hio's a iid'n and 'i'ere eohl, nihl imincih atilyinyi'i c.i i- ra;;ed wt'h itieie.i-e I liny lino i;ho'it my w h lc pv1"'iii. My lody wa- rn-Uel Willi eon nl io.i and tvite I wnh ei.nnp tin ttl every loint n ih I cut'1, -im! eerv limit pamfilly -Vioiied. My I mh and ' oly were drawn i uetlu'r, neatly in a tin-; po ture, in which eeiy punt I e-'oine -o perfi 'tly -ci tint it w 4 iinpoil.Ie to move, haul tn foot ur mix 1 1 m lim'i-. I v tiveoniine I tn tht eondition nho tt one vrnr Irom the n' ove h'e tn a eoinmnn he I, next lo a hilrotv lic he I for ( ne yc ir ; fiom w Inch I was tiKt n in IV h ry ISIl, an I pi oed in a laraf tav h-ur, tin I. po a to (Mttli nn to the nnIe of my -itll ho ly and hnihs. I ha 1 noi hee.i lnn m lht i hair, hefure inyftrt he !.uu lo -vt II and eotitin"e to rnem-e un'tl ihesMn li'terarv hnr-l at every potr, dm h irjmif "tich a ijinn try ol fl I'd that lam- lolU if eloih p iced under and nr und them v,o.ild he cnn(.c:elv drcnclieil in a lew ho'.ir-. Ite-ii'e3 thi lln-y m ehnrud a trhicv Mih stance th it a.vnnitilatcd in thcli cr it upon the -ur-fae until iiii'icr n Krmel um'ei neath when it pee'ed o I, lormmir nh t rs, w hi -h eoniinuod to incieiMi mild iny Itvt wereonceomple'e oe, -ona'eo that I I ee.ime li-onie to m ne ne-ii anil et frieti U. AhhoiiKh my feet wte-oex ee'tn-r'y ten 'er tlial 1 eoul st-areily cnitmethe wcihl ot a idolli upon lhemf et at time they would h irn an 1 it'll io n tolcrahly I hat my nur-e would leohhed to tauo a muh doth .ind nih them until it wa M-metime at urate I w tt 1 1 Mood, I efure I co tld ye! reltef, while a! tlm -nine tunc llieru wis u riyin inthitution ihiu'uhotit mv win le system, and a dart in:, diroh bini; pain in every joint, AIM he nail t n "'y finncr and t(e hed mi l came oK 1 h id n di-ties n? pun m my lelf i!o, u di-na'tnif lira I icln' almn-l eonlin nallv and I e-n!e iny hr.-et- were o lorp d they did in t move un'e-. I y 'the aid of pills ol:i tier ih in onte in -evcial 'ay. 'llu-, Sin-, u h it a faint ilt-crm-I to i of ti actual st ite wlen yo r Sar-aparll'a, lile an Ansel of Wercy, (o ind me an I a hnint-'eie-l to in. I. in'e iLUtovimf Ihe wrapper man iit'J nr-t I of e. mv w lie nu . 3lv h .-In ml. o i inn I not nlh-w ('ur-tlf even tu Ikpl lur n wft for it yo t do oi tne ur i io-e, unn wu n.ut -it. t ( the firt h tile the dieharne from mv feet ui'iiely s'epjuil, and i he evi na I e-ian to al ate. an I I elure 1 Irn! tin tin' I ta intr ihe -e oih', ihe 1 1 inm,' ami ileluna v anyone, ;h' ' aihome temh I -appcaud I he pain m iny luad, nli an i had; eeae'l, while my howel- h-i ihe lir-t nine oi four jear move 1 nat ma'ly in d hue tout n if il to do mi -u)e, and mj health lapully im,iro ittii, Ily thu oi will ee whit an miexpeete I jet uu-pe il,al'!e hleg?niK yo ir Sir-aparl.n ln-hen to me, and I arnct!y de-ire ill 1 1 eery ue atdietd with Midi h e.i-e- a eome it hm it- heaMusr t wer may ol inin 'ind lt n with- o it ckh. 'o!l."ee I fi lend. WM. UVOi U 1 hia may i ei toy tint we u ive i cm pn sonaay .!( in mie 1 u ilh lite l!e . William I! viler Ii r many enr- pa-t nnd I el.eie the above la'einen.s totecurrcet. iiev. John Ctarl., Piei hiij; Kl 'en-f po dtiu-y list. " Joeph .re-, IM'toroi .Me'li ihst i;. uimrcii. J, tNeAiiiaii, 'I t a. -her tf Mat. Troy Conf., il. Weutworth, ' .N'amral S -icnee do, J, Miuuir, " " I. unruase-. do, For hrdier oartienl ir- an I eoneluie evidence rf it Mipenor tal te aiul e,ln aev, feu pan.Miii.'l?( men uny heoliiamel of Aurnt- mail-. Prepared an f -oh I, wu-e-hleanl re'an, uy A. li. D. SANDS. Whole -a V I'rna i-t3, 7U I uliou l. Aew Vorh. Sold al-o hv. pEtK A Si'nn. 11 rlmirmn ;S. K Colims nn 1 S. P Ite Hid 1, M" t'dier : K. UuiiIiuk- ion, er3em1cs; M. K. platt it I o. P!tuU.nrh ; no 1 hy I'rui'tseenera'lv tlinviyhu u lite I .nteJbiato I'nec, ?I lerUaile; -ix iHel. fur h-u Al o, by W. II. HATCH it Co, WinooiM Tails Itcnjiiiiln Irish's t'stnti-I'ctltUii t 'n vcy Land. SV.177; or VIUtMO.W,) A la t-sioiiofiho D.jlnrl nf ('li'lii ndfii, s-f. J ' A- I'mlmu (url liH'l al llurlinlifn, witliin mil s'ld Ditlrirl of Cliitlrivl, nn tin- lirsi dty uf .pr il, 13 1G. onu s Wm. Harmon, l'.M culor of llu'last will nml Hlaliifiit of flcnj'iniiti Irish, Inti' f Midi iirnf. in s H-I ilitnci, ue- coaled, ti stile, and fihs in sud outl li.s prliiiou in vnUiii!, cttii) lerih lhat the slid tetamr ihtd eiz elol iho fallowing dederilnd pntctl of land, l)ininu sail Shelburnc, hounded a- follow: beainriinji in lln went hue of ihe ron I It adinu from &ht Iburne falls liorlluilv, a Utile suuiherly of ihe liifet waier cuire tiorih ofsnid lalU, two rod fiom the nieuih ol the sh.iee wnv; ihftiee W. N 13 n d, 7 Iml.Fi theiieo X. ."iGJ3 P.. twelve n 'p ; itit'iiee, in ihe line of snd rmd, S, yGJ3 W to the pi ue t.f he-; nnin?,con I tiniitc one nere of land, wnh n br.rk In'.e and oth er huilditiL's ihereon tint die Slid te.itor, nl the tmirt of hn ihadi, waa un ler cou'tnci, hmdiu.' in I iw nil I etputv.M c nvi v ti'l I mil in llcnjiuiin ln-h. Jr , on th-- 'nivuit ut bv the - ml Ih-iij Jr . the -11111 aliuui SI2i 00 11 1 -on h fi ithfi Mini a ti'tht I e due fiom tin- kin) I nt Minti, Jr.. In II e sal I i'intnr, and ii.nji4i-d iii.f toa-'irtam ihe mm Im Ii the I -1 i If n ni it J . . ;!n to piv to tiiiiilo him tn a ) e urn vniit . oi , , hin, I, and 10 hei iie U -nid C. 1 e,itir lo convey p , I onl n ihe -.oil j i o ' . un the pn im ul of uh t-uin of u.omv, nL'it4ih!c In the 1,1 1 nie in Mich ( n4 mtuh' nud p" 1 uk W itrnrcrov. ihe rouri afiiie-md dlh nnpo-nt the fouiih We lmd iv i i Aul, Ifi, for heirm-' nml de ciihnnnu t'od peiition, nt theollieeol Ihe l!eiler ol aid cniitt m nil llinhiiel"ii. nl tin o e'ork in the f irenoon, nnd doth oidtr lhat ill pti tints miettied 'ell itilinl Iherei-f h pi.Mienmnot llii onii r, con I'liinny Ihe nb-l'inee ol Kiid etinon, ihreo werks fin a ut 11 k tn 1 In- Itiirhui'toii 1'rce Prr. a neutt. ta per print.. I ui iid ItinluiL'ton, ihe lat iifwhieh pub lira 1 inn! lo heprevi'tu-t lolhe lime set fr hcarini. tiiven uiiilir mv luinii ni pii i i.uri.nuni, un ui lav of April, A 1. 1310. 41w3 WILTON, t!eiisttr. flriNotico.Xll 'ITHU nniei and nrcoimn duo the I',lale of Joma. 1 WAiswmr.iiT. deei'fiiilu nnv ho sellled nh OAltl.OS WAI.NWHKillT, al Ihe ! formerly necupid hy said ileeeastd. anv tunc ht fore the ttl of .May mil. AfurlhH lime ihey wi'lbe left with an Attorney for eol cclion. ki'wahd i)., Adiniiioiirainr of J. Wainuriglif. tlee'd llurlinalon, Marih 27, 1510. I33 !(. SI. BI A ICS!, ill. U't.XOOSKl PALLS. Mav bo foan I. for iho present, al the store of W. II. IIAICll &. Co. if Dune Hi J. T. II RSI EDICT. IIOOM II. I.cavenorlli'it olficc, College .trecl " COTTON llATTliSC. " MldK'll WI'S in want of a fipeii r ilr'ie'o ol lltittini.'. ean bo ai'i'oino In led by u-, a. we have all ilnt the' W'iioo-t.1 Mill ('.."nn' f e th ill .el it al the 'iirory I'riee. Tho.e wiehuu any for Millra'tci, will liud tint a (irl ratu ailiele lor that purpot.'. VJLAS if' .NOYI'.S, lliirlinyion, April 1, IffO, 41 i . t. . . . ii B n . . ltxlMT.? w r. Irk U I SrfBlllll Hi I-i I . ..ainiuBEPillllll III III Gnrduii nml Flownr Seeds! J" AHCU SIJPPI.I I'.S of fiesh Seed from Sinker Ji nnd oilier t'ullwntorn, nt wholesale, nud nicely nrrnntii'il fi.r tba retail trade, nt rl'.OK ir- SPKAII'S, and W. II. HATCH & Uo's. A!so,.Thc ran r hinds constantly kept. jiovJ: vs SEEDLING STRAWBEKRY. (Of which ilie hrscst berries nio from Civr lo fit in- cues in circilillierreiiei', noil nieir iiiauiv noi surpassed. Sec al.iL'a?ine of Iforticul lure, and Agricultural papers (enerauy. 17011. Sate hy PhIleti l'iitatn, Middlcnwn Point, N. J., nnd Asrnts" .Mftr. PI'.CK U Pi:Ali. Ihirhmrton, nnd W. II. HATCH it Co., Winoo'-ki ImiIIs. Theplnnls ordered hy anenls will hi forvvirdrd mill iheultmxt pnnctuahlv at huch tinu ns to reach ihcir ileetinnttnn on the 1st, Ijth and 30ih ol March and April. I'urchver''. therefore, hv pivina Iho agents ihetr orders aiii"ontihlyi with mVrrnre lo the nhoie dates, ran tiercidy to teci ie ihcir phuta im ttirdnitly on ihtir arrival, whde Iresh and in cod ordtr, A hcet rontiinini! parlieuhr ditrctions for the rultnalinti of thU and olher nri--ttcs of the Straw hirr, (elite ily extract fiom the M li'ime i f Ilorti rulttire, piihhhed nt lloton.) i fiirui!tfi frraltut"u Iv with the phnl sold,. PatcK w I'uvis, S 1.50 ptr htitidrcil. Pihruary, I3IC. -H !t. John Long's Liniment. TIIK Proprietor nf llii" popular remedy p"iti-t-ntlentitn tothe lulIuAin letter ho'" oi.u ol hi Aijcms : HuTt.AMi, Vt., 2fith rehn-nry. 1P10 Dcaii Stn 1 eannot tefr 1111 Irom writmp yni al thii nine, to inform jntt of thedaily j'ioi,nsiiH' -ale of yo ir lahle l-iniinont, I Invelren eutrnced m M'llmir pa'ct inelieme fur inueear, nil I hive-ol I many I.uiiuieiit wilhtu that time, all pr fe-tius t 1 eure ihe -aniedittMsi which yo ir in renlily docs aire, hut Ihey periormel very lew cures, eon e ii rn ly the -ale va ery Mna'l, Vour l,munent i the tirtUlc ahuce all others lor what il 1 ilejned. Il ha- jziu'ii per feel salilaciicu in every ni'laiifi- wheie it hi I irn use 1, w hieh eannut I e atd ot nnv otlir medieme extant. I wdl ijive ou ,t lev iuutaiuM , u -ueees". Auehlerl) l.a ly of tin- town who Ins 1 1 en trunh'ed weh an a lecuon of the Liver tnrjificcji yttrS) Ins ued it for two or lliree wedv- J he jn l,irm tne ihal 1it i- now nearly well, and think th it a few nioie hollies of ihe Liniment will perfect an fill ire cure. An "hi r cie 1- cl .1 otin-r man who hn been troi'ied wilh the f line diea-o lor 13 initntlis. lie hi- pil comment e I (he tie of i!,;iti 1 before he had ue. i ne I an tie, hi-?'de, where he applied iIil Lini ment, Iceame (ry reil, mil the niiHiintf; tint he made ihe l.W .ipphc it'011 ofiholir-l hoith he threw u,i a f;uat iptuility of nutter, and fo'iud also tint matter ha I I cell thrown n I ihrnugh ihe poie of I he skin ihrec'ly oyer the seat o the iheae. At ir-t he was ij'ii'i- ahuuiel, and hii father came to ine to know whe her I thouhltt woilu nn-uir toeoniiii'ie Ihe u of i under ihoe eireiimslaiice. I to'd him that it uat pil what I lie Liniment v.i- iieiaiwd to do, ns he hoi. M h ive know n hv nltentneiy reatlinr the paer ueeouijianymj eaeh I ottle. Hi- leirs at 01 ire vanhhed, In tt-ok aiioiner uuitie, mu m ton is now conr-itcccit. In mrnern 1- ea-enf obstinate H'lcnmattsm, it ha I ceu en lally s v ee I il. MI'L'IUM IN PAUVO should he I lowu m thu -e'e of everv I ottle, as iherr ip nuiiiesioual ly more .Medical Virtue in one bonk ol o ir Linimeui th-iu in ten ot any o'her kind 111 .ee I could fill a lar-e ipiarn volume in chruiiclma ihe win 'ci ful v leet ill St. .lohti I.'ijih h innii'iit, I ut I pie-uinelhit you are daily reeetvuii: uianv mare la orah e ai eounl- fro in other part- of the eo n ry. and I w ill not far: her weary yo ir pattern r nl (hi- li-ue. Jles.a etfnlly Vtrufs. w. i.. c. sroi)Di:o. l'o r salehv Pr.fK V Spcaii, lluilui'on, -l.L 3 And W. tt. HATCH V Co., Wm.i'w lall. Jono's Italian Cluiinical Soaj): IT'OK hf cure n n '.nipt ion nnd I)ifi'iitreinfnth of L the .skm, Piiup'cy, l'rtcklc, Sunlurn, Kail Rheum, beursv, ore Hinn. e. tc. I'rlce 0 CVnt-. Jones' Coral Hair Itcstoralive : Wl the Preservntion,Cirm th and He.iuty of the Hair. lilcc Cents. Jones Magic ilrativc Soap : VoT removing (irpre Spot, Mninr, or Mmks form ('laths, Woollen Ctriennys wVc, iNe. E'rlcc Cents, The Monrhli Hair Dye; rorpcrnnutlv duni; Li-ht. Ued. or fJrey Hair 0 Datk itrownor IJIai-k Color. Price ."( Cents. The!-mo-1 Astounding Discoveries, which nre ere mini! lir.3MNCs! ! ! nnd W(dfrs'!! Are for fab it Mer IT.riv: t SPlUlt'S and W. n. II TCH i.V C . Who nre em1 Ird to furmli tradtrs at the ustnl di eounl from wholcsa'e puces. -13 NEW ESTABLISHMENT! WIH00SZI STALLS. rPIir. iindtrsijiicl liaM cjicin-d iln s!n-i as .i icf X. iiuni'iit lo Mticui fur tlio -ale tf IllirnS and MI'.DII'INT.S. MO'.I.I'' ami IIP.WY IIAUDU'AHi:, t'ltintr, (Ul, Window (ilais, l)ii:-Sii-ir 'V (iiiocmur.. Wo ns-uri' our frionl and tl-o riMic '.'oarnily, ilnt ihcy i an It- Mi.ihoil with ainc'c in 'li- nlnv. brnnrlit.'-, .it a low rati", lur i-inu'ii i il.ue, -i- ui any i f tin' a Ijoinill f iinrUols, 33 W Ii II VI" 'H & Co. Suppciidort;, 200 1)0., Wih Si.h'ii 'cr-. Lid-Liu uu i-)r a'.o ' v VILAS MJVI h I, HIG. in r"fiin; iiKixsMAti) & liiiorur.ns nn- 'iv iii2. hv I 'C'lrt'.- nn 1 n M.l?o. nlunM fo i ry wt-rk, v.irio i. Km U nl im ii-m N, I" kivji th oriiiient niv ever varvnil anil ever no'V, an 1 o ile.iro to reiniiu1 pMiehasi r- that wliil-t we linen lio be ie?ii'ar ami uniform ni o ir pri'-e., we will .e'l any nri"l' a. low a. any ether dealer .Spoon-, Thun1 le-.nel Hills", 'd !l ""'' 1 He selNun.l tn if.f free. O!iiieul i soi-1 of 5teil mil Jel coo U, (. 'I I an I Sdver j;oi'iN, Itrh.iiuiia t'aior-. and oilier llrit.iun..i lioihl., Sdier Toil.-, fJ.irtU, p!.i'e.l anil (H' Sihfrilo., and oilier .initio. Wo desire lo reinin 1 eu. toiner' fir nief lhat oir .l-Boriuieiit of l.nol.inu (llan-e mil Oloek. i. an 1 will hel.ept sohli wo h ive tlie Ciilt, .laho5Miij an I othi r l-'rinie.. We uo'ilil iiienliou to lhu-e irnuMod wi'i III un til' pain., and to Mher invalid-, lint ut .ire mi!o ai't'iiw for Chri-tie's Mnatf ltini:- and I'lnM, whieli an pt rliirniina -urpri-in e ire.. Alo, lor Morn--oii. fills, niidi' al iho lliiu-h Colleieol Ileilih London. Al n I r the ' ferilo.'il Sneeaee." or "Aii'ieiu lil.l'-"Ulier or to all nlher. Ve ti.ul I iiifoini Hoot lllai kMiiul other- llnl we li-ue I uue hoM-ol'Cv- 'rlioinp-on's le-l f.i-te'. m '. i heim',' than lo I u small on.'-; -il-' D.iv .f 1 ,t ri u' 1.1'iilou Hta"l'in an I .iriii-h in.okin.r, km.'. Serul.1 ins audiiil other land, ol" Itrushcg. Soap-, I. iz ir. ami all arte'h'- eountfted thertwnh. Willow Clnir.. Criillt'.. WaL'.-on-. Ill-ket., Tel Waiier-, litli-aud luk-tand-, f amt-, India It.illvr, fi'ii-il., i., Caiulle-tiU., Marble-, e e. t ie. Ki lien. I'l, tuli. Ihrl. and olhtrnl.iv lliiii'.'. le-l'lo. h'l'lli pit'L. and mil inn l,er, lluslo and Wlitvl lleil-, .MiiMt al In-ir inieui-. b ile. mid oilier Jewelry, lllll.VSMAIfJ ec tlliUTfll IW. Jlan-h W, IS 13. Knssul's Sim villi' Cream. few more mil. of ilu- .orol'in ereini le't nt IIAUH1.T.TIX & 1 1 1" I'll HVH. iMincral Tot'lli;e a.tortuicill ol Mineral '1'eelh, I oth plalos and nivot, al-n (.'hevalier'a te'fbnled Twill in-iruiiitiil. lor .nn ai l l,HM.l ! Illi'M hi. t '- Aromatic I'astilcs. -MIISKaieex.eilentaitf'e.f r fimia.uin? nel hou.e-nnd ini'venlnlive- iiiiim an i-oiii.eio i lifcea-e-, .in II a- Me l If , Small l'o, arii loi I for tale ul IIAKIIIMTO 'V lliin(', I' laning Machine. Till-: Siihtciilerlii.i cool fianinj JIaehiiie in oiu-ral I'm ill iho foundry I ml 'ma near the LiU', an.1 will uccontiiiod no the piililu'.ou loi-oii il In term.. f. H, CliOSsMAN. lliirliuetnn.March 19, 1SI0. ir St rayed. IrIt()M ihe .ulncnher on last, a mill red eow heavv wuh eilf. I will mutably conipen. .ato any un who will 1 ,','t ijl V iVl" P T V:Vt ' " llnrfinglon, Msrcli 19, MH Vi i) tun i) a p plus. fiihteriher In iml rieeil a good lot of Dried Apple, wtntli ue m ii7 mt iii mill n,unnitv Mirch 12, 1515. N. !.0EM New-York Adv's. XKW II A ES 1) V A It II. ronr.ifiv AM) i) K THU -Sit (Ic.rnieily of the loio id Millm (c Hmiiii, nud nt the jainu old Mand,) w-ouldeall the alleiitinu ul'ihe Public to hn well lelectc 1 li l I t" w liieh will I eiuUlel n Inrlher supply ly pa' lo't- rive, and from Hie varn u. m.inul.ieiurniJ' i'l.i' li-li-Ini'iits in Ibis t-tmntrv. vvlnell Will In' M'ld at tow pri ecjur cuii or sroud piper, nnd in qunnlilics lo tuit )'wliuciill. Anions thoarlkJe- tilfeasl for salo are, VIZ! 1000 ke? Nail, norled : 100 hnjr. wrought haiN 100dn.p..ihed Shod-i SOD do iron do .IO do w.oup or t'rain Shovf U '20eak-. poli-heJ Traeo Chains 10 do do I,nj do nr po-t Clrnna ftftOd u'ro- ;, I.'. Httewi tQn ;jro J line Co. Sarcws fiOo dozen 'l'mnk ttk- 100 1I0 (Carpet HatnMier 1 1 10 do INT til do nnr'el 100 1I0 Ar- t ICO 'lo dent hnn 'le Cry Pan 100 do M ituiro nn I II iy Cori-, a-unc I 100 ilu Otr'cn IIt-c, n-ored lUCOl's Iron, I Ira 11 fid Copper Wire, nsorted Aiiieiieuu Tal lenud Potket Cu iter v. Thomas Tens rn & (Jo1-. poeWl and ivory handle tihle Knhcs and Fork-. Al-, unit, cro cut, til and hnn l Suv, Hal''hef, m l,t he-t, till and dor r to k-, !-utt-of nil loivt- j I'ae',, Hrad-. Iloh-i I'tor Hamile-, Hnl Pm, Wuk'ow -ind lllind I'a-ie.iiii'.'F j llras (ioods m eieit var e , '( tire fi.tmt-ciif'M and lcjiron Minr I'.in , '1'i'a Tray-, lMe':uid V. 'kt' Tool-, IM lnes, tpe.; IIoa Chi. !, I!ov S ra(ier, Millet, To nreo ICuive-t, Il ir, hitter, diee-e, cotton ant c flee S luip'or I ot Scrnptr ; taihe' irar 'en Hoe, nnd a full a or;ment t.f ihe -ini.lar kind tf a.Ti I '.ral luipleuiLUi'-. I .. 1. Amk-'Pcmi HiTTsanI l.iM.'tnns! ! Al-o, n vncilvtd " it of ihe wanr;ict! n'-t uti nllv k pt 111 Inr t,ire -tore-. S. II, Ameiini Hardwuc dire 1 from the ntonn I ficturir-f o 1 -i!e M.AH.OM'. .SMII M,i.'n '! IieAuVil, 1 1 03 Maidtm-Lanc. New Vud; nvuORlTp no duiJe MAR uf, WVt would remi id our frinvN lint we Hill eouthi 11 nt our old lo'iii'iri, tt. 15t Water nnd are f tllv prepire t to t ikeelnrt'e f nil t'oiieinn intnls lint they mnv favor 11- with. We would as iire all who uny eiilru-l their pro luce tn our care lint every attention shill ho paid lo their interest. We slnll keep our patrons fully ndvued of the Male of our m irket. Ltbcial advances nnde on a" kinds nf nro hire. JPAVKLL, IIAttUl() iV Co. t'ommi'sion Jli-rcliauls, 'SO Water St., N. V. Refer to Mesr. Kidleii & llrndhu. ) ,.:-, Messrs. J. & J. H. Peck, & Co Lll'to Kyi CsTiD. New Vock, "March 2nd, 13"G. .Mcara. Jewell, Hahiiios iV, Co. 1 have no hcsitition m i)iui; that in no comer s-iiiun in which I hue been Lneiuc. in Veriront cUew here, in which j'our minis hae hem inlrodu ced, hue 1 ever intend d lo civ 'inv ihma which Iion'd .itit'ft our eliarncter, tnii(finr. credit or tnniio of ihunr hu-ine ns Comni s-itin Mi rdnnts in New "fcork'tior lne I eer hnl tmy re.t-on. from knpwl- -lye or in lor 1111 1 ion, to l.eli ve von were nrisponsio e r t lint on euud'u I' tl vur 1 nt-tn. s-s 111 annntitr nhi-eouiitiT f,'tuiuu-ioti Men hnut Von are nt hbirlyio iniketuieh ue of this-nsyou uny dtuni propt r. 1 am ptv repee'iuuy Vo ir ihcdieu1 rrnnl, (Si.'ned) N. W. I'HK. Copied by Tiinno.s ft I) .nn:iis. U.nO PRSZTOTS","S . l.inuican Boliiniu (lardcii and IN' nrsi ric--, I'-i.u-iiinc. si:it t:v-vo it 1;. lyiUIAM II l'III.CI..V CD'S N,nv l).'.ori- me i!oiiii', (il .'(Iiiihi,) (m 11 irieni2 tlio l:irc'I nml nitjfl t-v'-rct ('(illcr'Htn ul TnciT 'intl Oksa- MI'NTAL TltEES all I I'LINT' til 'lie Vnll'-ll Sill.'., dc- riH mi GO artr i( crtiund. v!!h prtm mnh bdoic thott 1. it ahj t'lfjrrr find with rjition? nf iSmc 3tl0 ftkcl ali"tiL- of riini, mil l.'OO v.trietif uf Orn.-mifirnl Tifi' ninl ll'ist nut in nnv oilict m'iifaii Xiirory, I hi- sent to eery pust piul a;i plirnni. Tlif jtrociU i-dii'on of lilts ?p cnJid cata loniif 1 ml 7 00. Or er-, will he f-ii'diictf uuh d pirdi, nntl in o superti-r tinnncr, nnd f-iruirilfd n t'(ird. WM. II. 1'ltIXCK A: CO. riuihinz, 16IG. I33 TO IIOTKL &. STIi V.MIJOAT IMtO I'Kir.TOIlS. ai.iiom's i' Ti:.vr utoN-sroxi: rplll'l .'uh.enbpr?, having In eu'me 1 A '.'fnts by I. the p iteati-e lor the iiie .if i!i nr,' 7 mled wa re, for the rmiol Sine., are l-t'lv prtrmcl 10 eei'ule iny or.'er- li.mi WllOl.f.-AI.U III-. M.l.llS in o Ii t eiiie,. ol HoTr.l..nid .STrAMnotT f r.nruiET' lis; an I wouhl I es leave to re'er 10 ihe aeeniupanviii',' tctll 'fioiiiaol ihe rjmtiltj und per'tlturitur of ih s nrl' le lor 1 In. IIjUI an I SUjmIumI o 'e: and would nidi, of II-e 'illelli'e-, that it doe- mil bec un th-eol red when chipped, like oilier l.arthciu or S one Wiie. They hue al.o on Inula pencra! a--or'ni"iit nf Clihiu, (Hass and llitrt'ienxcarc Mii'iiMe lor the Country 'I'ratte, wlii.'h ihcy will -ell hie Ut c is'i or upjnorcd credit. '1 1 "OTllV 'I'. KISS M h SON'S, .Yew- York, Mirdi, I3IG. 1 1, M 11 'eu Line. We, Ihe-uti'i ril er-. have fiim-loil our Hold, with "MASOV'fJ fll'..YT 1UO.Y KlO.Vi: CHINA." imp ine I I y 'I . 'I'. Ki-sam ov Co. and ji-t it a pie-len-ni e over cery oihcr kind ol China or r.inlieru Ileiiij ol sreat rireuslh mil il, 11 eoinl'itie. e.'ouoiuy with neaine.- ol appearance, an I we elieerhil'y ree'niiiueud 11 unbent, belter adimed lu Hi tel l iiiio-i-, thin uiiv "1 her .11 licle now ulu-e tir- Juifr, Jjnuary, lii'J. Itnvnr.N-. I'oi.rM in- S. tt.t-os-. .l,gr Ifjusc. Wm. II Cuz-shN.. .lm-riV,7n ,;, I . K 1". & lil.t'.D, Il',rf'V tljiint, llvvr.- 'V 'riii:.viivi:LU l'rinl.lin ttwue. Jo,(s- II. (". tuns-Kii ,v Ho. I.'i'i llilil. f. lluDGl'.- OV. Ctlntoil Ifalel. Joll-J M. I'lIst, leurl htreU JtoittC. X. II Sill'-e lite ahote tes Ili.ll w 'I-furlll-hed. all ibe-e e.-t abli-limi-iit- h.i-e eontin nil if- u-e. wuh all ihe oriiieiiia' Ilu el-t 01 llo-t' 11. And mnrf m-i-iii- K- lone luriiM'ie I. wh .y or ill oirl, Ihe ( do'vina Hi !e!, an I several ne.v l.i'.e an I liver sUeait'ers. SI. Chirles lljlcl. N'ew-Oile.ui', Jlf.-r-. llrnor. .t Wii..N-. (i.ilt Unite, I.oiii-tillf, Ky., Mr. Ic l.'r'll iiiee Ifolcl, ItK-hmoiiil V.l , Mr f. lluui-.. l',er,Ms lljltt, Nnrf. 'k Va , Mr. Wm. I'ih-ncii. " " I'e er b ir.'h, V.i , Mr. I). I'HEsrll Sttionil tljltt, Wiishiiim, 11 , nyt Jlr, -..Coli.-mav. .'i-f'i mi'e It tel, llaUimorc, lUiluic lluiue, ' Messr-. Jackson-J; Cns. -ton .InienVjii thul. Plnladeliliia, Mr. II. A. Cu tRtrn, iinc ini 11 ,i,i, Aew -1 or!., .lie r. Tti"M t k llnr. .Xeu-York IIjUI, " Mr.J.lI. HiLLIstn. 7'foi ltjtte 'I ruv, Me sr.. I'oli.mis .V llot.i.R4. .InuiiV.m IlAet, fi i'UIo, Mr. I.. I., lb iu i Min.ion Itmtr, " .Me-urs. I)i n-UMiert Ov Co C.i.ii-jc lljuse, Niajaia fall-, Mc.-rn. Uiiitvi v ec Sons. ,nd oilier- -Uw LliClloh.X A XI) '.IXI.I.t IfATS. IUIl SAI.i:, nn oxien.ive .i.-oriim-iit nf l'uliorn. I'atnma, Mauill-.i, falni l.eH, "Ore.'on," 111 il " Canad i " Straw llai-, al-o, Mt'nV,lly' an ICIul-dieu-' t'lmh t nps ot vvry arie v of p'uiern w-hi. h wo are prepared to ell on ver) re.t-on-ihle teriu-,aiul In (onnlry Merelnnt-, wi-lon' to p irel.i-f, we o 'er illdMOt'illeiil. iniei) lulled I y .inv o her I lout'. 1't-r--I'fl M nine the fil are 111 vile 1 1" t-.ill and t-aniuu our stii-!i of I100.U I ofoie p ir.-fi i-iu? o'-ewhere. (V II. Wo hau .ilw-uy on Inn I, f -ir Cap. uu I for- of every tle.enpiiou. ' (I.U'l.Til itu.'.w:i, 39-3'H 120, M 11 'eu', New or... " sT)JiiiTiit.xn xnu: Ill i 1111.1111 Mnti. Opposite Platt Street, ni:w vomc. olieiti, ilic attention of Merchants and other to In enlireiiew hfileof SKI.P -ADJL'STIXi; STOUKS. CKNllWI.ITDrii:!) hy Hi .,e who bite u.e.1 ; V llh'ill, lii Lis tilpert r 10 finj ihnli; yt 1 I'lveutett for the net 'l, and p.i.-vssui!: 111 mv vUini ie.oM-r the urd inry arn -le. The sli-np an I bui-Ule 11.11 illy ! taehed to ttoeUit are wuh -tml a -piuiL' 1.11I1 1 nun if in Ihtir pl.i. e wiui li bold. 11 I11111I), and 11I 1 I- much iii iru eiy and e uiilortah e 1 - ilu- ntiuk than j tlio old bly'e. Il 1. also .0 eoii-tr .tied tlrtt when on Ihe net-k it cxiMy n .i-inbb a .1 cratat iieaili lied. ( and the eie wuh winch 11 n tdj .led lo ilieiu-ck and I r en oil, u:is 11 a yrtnl adi.inl tjo oitr a t'ratal ur the ordui iry stock, 1 On Iho whole, it. superioriiy over all oilier, for nenl. , ne.-and eoueiiitiice. I. .ucli thil the .uh.cntur, in 1 i-iiiiiui'iii wnli ilm.o who hive um-d 1 hem. 1. eonli lent lint they will super. ode any lliin' uf the loud )tt in. 1 vetoed. 1 Theilt'inmd for Ihe above nrueh s .ince their 111 tro. diic'on, lin been audi thai Iho .nbferiler wojld ua "I'M 10 loeielnul. no I dealer, the pioprulv of their illfis nn I examining them a. toon u eontciiieiil ifler Ihcir arnv-il 111 the t-ity I' It. U. H-oiild also bine ilnt lioba. now- nn Inn I am! u ciii.ionily nddiui; ihereln by I itnunu.iln, and hy It's own iiiiiiiifv-tiiro, n l.ircn' and eslni-uo a., aulinent of .to !,, opera Pen, thirls, i-olhr-, bo.nn., alove. up nd.-r. und r i!aniieui, half liux, linnd kerehiofii "ili.l nlks, die inj owni, 1V0. tVc-, all cf hi h willbt told at tbt lancii miki ric' W New-York Adv?8 "school 365zsi THI. AiUtiioti il Superniteiideiit-, Tcneher aid o her- mcre-le I in thecioi-e r?f pimJiw eilnj lion ik respectfully lini'e I to the Kdluwina mrunl h School II ok-l- SmlttiN rctinol ;cn?)',-jphy fttnl Atlas, larel from fonner e htioii- ! i.lievtd to bo the bet pu;'lilu d. SniJth'- Irlmnry (Jeur.ipliy, ipresst will r irjldislio 1 in 'i levwte'.. l lte iiKrp- nnd eturnv nif; hive 1 1 en fh'-iffii'itl find en grated expre's'y for the work. 'I he ( le'ieveit will te(.ir-i perior in nrrans-mieitt. -ly!e nti I ei.t-ntion, tti any -nui'nr work The price will be about the same jm other malt fi -o-rranh ie. 4 Mnllli's I'rnrtlcal nml .'Mctilnl Arithmetic, in whi"h mental .iritlui.e'h-1- eoitiiuiHtl ihe u-u ol the e. Key to do lin Teacher only. J-nillli's New A i Itlimcllr, mi t'irte parti, bet- a n mplc!e -v tern in mie I ,i.k. Key tn -'o fir T. u h-r- t ulv. Mr. Suitiii ha-loru been lavora' Iv known to lh p i' he, :m Mil- ' !'( - Ii ive f ,.,i ext-n-neU nel The Amctlcati ;;ieii(ur. or lottlUthutl A. Jlnrr, hvll. Cti'ii'"f, . M .Pr 3f)ei. lilt; ikis) .natiiiai oi iivaiDiiur. ifnliin? Smiriuo: f y If. Clna'.'e't, A. M. Vru-v 30 tvn's!iiilo'i "lade Cnj cont ih.m nle onl i n . fur )'''laui inoti nn I Keiiltmr, w.ih fij up's illu-irnt v of L'e-ture. I!j K. Clasiiit, . M. T n-e . ri t T'M'-o voi' - Itnelein enuijelf.l hv U, Cln A. M. la'e rnn-rinl i.t die Provi Vii.r lli2h Zvht ol m 1 ire verv pop .hira'-1 ir i- thev lone I e-n ktwtw-n .ind inirod'ned into New Voik, llrwi'.ln and other p'lblte eho(d-. ItitclW cfti'il Alitrhni. ne t)rnl Ilxerritrs in Al' L'thri, lor i ouinimi s ho- K Ily Ih Ih'lower, A. M. Tli j t- ihe nh w -k nn Mchn ihnt hrt'n? the -ti1 je,-i ihi ire the piii he in nti or il Im m divested of the e unl roti mnnleie tin iua' with whit 1 1 l.rvli ir'Ht tieatie nie irenernlly la-lpu. Teach er- &y "It i I lie leu inmate s n 1 1 or nl (p urn g ri-t l.e-- ii-" Mnnduiir .u the suno relatiui to Al&v hr-i iho-e Lc (-tn d t in Arithmetic. l cy t' do for 1 eaehers one. The PiliiMt'.orl'nmarv St hnnl Cniin ii-ir, tae i hildV lir-t s:ci taken in the nxht p!a'-efc Irc lOci-. The Cradtial I!lIcr, nr Comtde e nnunciat tenehincr di-tinet artieulutjoii, as well a the oriho- urnpliy ot tho i.nvjli-h l-.ii,Miae. Ily it. li luwer, Inti oiliictloit to il j (iradual Header, in prcw, w ill socii 1 e p'll lc-he I. The CSrii'ttial Kcndcr, or Kxercie in Anicnta lit n, I'e-iined to develop and -treiilheu the urgann of -pee.-h Hiid to fii'tlpato t'.e enrret t ntteranee nf eleineii'ary MitimN wt'h -imp'e Ilea hny Le-uns for puii-l in y time I i'e?. To I e "followed hy two ItcaJIitt; Hooks fur hiJitr this c-hy the Mine audi Beethoven "Musical Scries. Mtuieil . II. (., with f"oii4-to swteleu sli.dy, hy r.Jve-, Jr., 25 The Min'cil pehm. II ok, a New Method of Mu-t. al Iuirueitoii and Recreation-, S vo,, by C. he-, dr., 50 The Mu-umI Itcvlm? Mook, a Sew feiliCHl ol In-trieti ii ; -in 1 Mu-ic. arel ati I Seenlar, denrned I rS hunt- nn i Mut-ica! .Vcadein.e', ly I.. Ive-, .Ir, 1,00 The !"e'Iio i.iu Collcc'inn ol a rej M i-n, coni-pn-in Theme-, now nr-' n inne I front the lnvr nneri'nl C utino-ni ni t f Hoe hoven, H.ivhi, Mo irt, and o-Ikt einun nt Conip er-, ami ort nal Tune-, Chntii-, nnd An hein ; tho who'e hiniioiud in h-nr part-, with nn Ae V' m laniment ihe -raan. To w hi -h j- pre fixe1, a e Mi- U tl lus'ntc'ii.n m the tin-(luiie.i'- tif Mnse hui 'h rl ! Ih'a huff, wt h Annoinii-iti-, I y Mt ir. Je, Alper,nnd 'I imiii, l.OT Tin-t-the fir-t -eri'. of H o' - f-.r SehooU prol'i ee I in thi- eonfiirv tint ni? n's ilie mem j Irr teach mz, ni all ihe ae- of pro-rre tliroush wh eh it tn i-t pa-, when hen'ed a- h brant h ol general i'il i anon. Thep'tn em'ira es that f the euiiuent I'r. ehneidi r f I teru ,inv. a n I I the A'-l e Meiniteo f Frm 'e, w h eli aie umv ihe in i approve 1 nie:h-nd- ot l -roue. I'll1 h hell v IHIVK - itr!:nss, 00 John -t., .Ne.v Vor, an I Kr -ale hy llouk-ehers -eneiMl y. M -.r.-h ID, 42w4 ST. NlCIIOLAS IIOTELj 28, Ciiuitliinill Street, Xiw York, I'or:cerly known as the Exchange Hotel, II AS r M-en'lv in..fd into ihe lianJ. Jiff J!"-rs' rmnicll Hum phrey. ! i din. a short di'tance ol ilrjnh'. r.v. of the Stcimhoat Ian- tin'-- and of ihe nrin eiual .!rrelfc cf I'e ei-y where Mt -liant- fru-n ihs connlrj' do their 1 "i' an I Inr p'eiisan!nei. vt' locaiion, 500 1 and com m-liu i r nun", Mietnes r.nd comfort, no Im i-t1 111 Vnri. s I tr ter situated, Mr. Dum- .hrev wa- lonr'tHMi car- in ti c employ ( t'ln friends the Ml'-t II 'Wdl I-, A't'.T tird under such in.b'er-'of the, irt, he understands it, nnd Northern ( ientie'uen will not I e ih-iappoiiiled either in hi'ire or ht- pnVtfs. ' Ji un," a he wa- familiarly called, I a 'pi.un!el wilh mo.t t f the bu-.nes.. men ol Ver nmnt, an..! if ih-i-i; reutlpinen will rpmemter to call upon him, nud tiro ih- ah-ned, then Ins ' nsht hand will hae forzot it cinnmi;." The hou-e has I een I oi'inhly rep:urel aiul hrautifulty tilled up. Moth comfort unit ionoiuj will he consu'lcl by making hi hinuu iheir ftoppiii? pi i.-o. d0 jrsr rum.isiir.n ! . I chhat ;.n:i)it ii iti:-iMtiT. J'irst Ameiican from the truth KnIish Edition And enre of rulinonnry t'onsumption, and ml m-vr.$ or Tin chest and linos. BY IV. T. ruCHAItf, W. D. Of l.midon, tCti;!atid. With a pmtrnit uf ilic Auih-ir, ami UnanMngSi JIIjs irative of ihe n it"im' ilu l.uns-i, Price only xio crtits. 'PUIS w-irlt e.tiUniiM hn-'f nd distinct decrip 1 imii of the A. VTO.MY OPTIIIH'HKST AND lIT.(S-nu omline of Ir. Uuehnn HlflULY HlvrUSriKl-l tnthod oflf.niu t,t !-, fon-.ln. -ohuu nnd '(nunip,ioti- nn iirenunt of hi .KW Wl) I'OWr.HI'l;. Uir-irhV and dirertum for SI I.r-M NAiiKMr.. T AM) CUIU:, adapted to pnnul'ir use. it ! the rcull of nearly Twentv Year's tinetice an I 'cpt rimetit in (he City of London and ilie com hine I experi-ui -c ut ih- uioi le, tmed I'll) icijih and Surffeoiw of Ihe nj;e fonuuis a petfact Manic' nf Meihcil Knowledge nn I Adieo m rp'n ton M ih n iom of ihe I.'mc, ihe njm, Svnmtoin. Treat men l and 'are or Pulm uutrv Complniiita. Tin- wurk ind ihe Tre-iiou nl which il reeomniendj ore held ni ihe li:. litt pi-ihle e-itein m Orcit Ilnt mil, as iho cxIiihh fnm pu h j mrnnls, which are cipn tn tho ipemh, wul a' undaiitly plmw. Or, lluchin ttuly d.vl if a, ih it villi 1 h 1-4 simple Ouide, 'ii Cuntnmptivr p-ttimi tatdo more far him retP than any m y ihyivian can dot by any of tks I'oviwitm :ntth(n!i of pntfue l'.dNmdb) I V. UU.M)r.i:i:, 120Vahin-rlon tivei, lhitoi). nnd snld hy all dm lhioKtcllcrt and dtateri 111 m w ubheanons in ihe IT. , IVict 5 Ceiu pir cupj iho um.l discount lo tho Trnde. Sold m Jvrlint'bui. by PK('K A Sl'KVHj Mont v.'tcr, K. "Lt is-; and bv iho IKu k sellers gm. erdiy. Uu hy W. li. HATCH A. Ca, mnoasU , 17. Let nut only thosfl who are -oihjei to Conidainlt Icadim In ilm dit im, I ut ihoc ho nre in danger front it (cinmnp'inn) piruic faithfully this important ind opprcciaicd wurlv.! -10yl thi: i:riiuKiM.NAitY wohk, nu om: which siittrij ui: ix THtr 11 or i;vi uy Carried Person A T OH VI. PHY.Ild.O(lY tip a plainiv wri-'en lUTIU ATILon Hie I'Ol'UI Vl'lOX QUlTlOX 1 ihellov.K P OurA' with a Mithm and alter a'lon. I v I! (it urn, M. I. To even pcrn f o in I romrnon Pen-e, ibis work 1. 1 ne tt III 'h Will eullMiund he II nhe-t .hll(. Ii j, T ' .1 liM tL'noriinl pe p m iv eon Vmn it, Un tho i'ljiori'1 l!v pe-i tided 'hi' th.-It .'h impornnce of ihe 'ib,t et 1 t'w h 'h i irtM'. wd prt tt 11 -e o for . ih y lo n tV"i" linnd , ihnt it ni 1 1 e. I re.-pe-'t. . Wtrethi' b ol(, cart-tu ly rrnd h every m.irrt ol poii, un I u a 'vi s rietly t tlloetl, ue arepc u Usl ilett a dtHrnn s ate ol ic tiy the pre on' would ci-t. The em r- of n verv, nn-hl hc pr'--ect of n fun ily ot chd 'rn wired po iM Kit t v po rlv riarl, pie ifitimuny or idem people In.ui eit'er-ntr. henntri moniiil -'B'e t h i here i h w r' uhi h wdl ie! on uiioriani .tn' w hii h tuivoM.i.c nil h hi!joc liiuts 10 t hap y eonn-it ui. lela ions, nn 1 w hieh thou an ol marriel t eiylc wou I ueall thev noH; lu iuidi'ttii I I .Ily, 'I'm 1 nor 1-11. 1 ill wr-lr'uviii pu' h ihe.-If. n"terolduwor, mure ui 'e nil, h it ho!.n .iUl it one which will moii w nli universal np.irah ition. tho moment H 'tHttiuc- I nnw n nin"iitf mnpiwd peo.ilp, IViftont wm'.urjeoiMes oft hi- 'injmHa'ii (Niyinhis umI W.nh, by eiv lonj one olhr hr It (;iucrt Xt.ii Auu-I ,iti Ihi )0i, Xe.v-Yi lk 'ii.tUI'i wilhu-ure the endunj ol tliu worU in n ioium. JVit hirenn ihe H ck iivcivm. ry nre dr,dtiii.pi,vooftheonjKCT, wlllegra luuoulv 'ul lo pot aid I't'iuui intraiioiv, N.H. iS ut b!o p roii aie vnti)a A-zcnt rw the a'nwe wor'.. .111 1 the nrttctt ihe.w'ti olludvl to, Mrch I HI. 43mfi ! rAmi:tis IOU a!ehy thos'ibkcnbcr ! Wnw.i V I0i Lnddcrw ii vaiton I 11,1m. Samples tnav hh K-n bj ca hnj ni Mr Ci. u u'e lme u r nrwrv

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