Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 24, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 24, 1846 Page 3
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tnent till it later period of iho session, in order to pho llino for negotiation. r r1!0 u"? received from tfio President . t Vnn ed HMe '" rcP'y 10 J- Clayton' I? Hint n',!announcinS tl.o fact lhat no adiiilion. "ffofpondenco in relation to the ffove8r,2U,C8,jA hal .bcen rcivcd fr ho hi f thn T;"1 ? a,?. ,,ri,i,i" Binc the date of ere on im!'!?..! . """mun.cation to Con- MeniTJ,f!-,vl,s a,so fecoived from the JVi 5co tSdSn"'0 reCCnt d'U1'lics w res- Willi i" .... i . '"a-iifW,. a long debate, many hour;, on the bill to riahta of American settlers In the offon. Until lha InrminatiAn nf (tin tnint ncetl. ptlon of tho same. Tuesday, April 14 Senate Mr Hay-ward of N. C, from thti Commiiice on the District of Columbia, reported that thu Cmnmiltee he dis charged from a memorial praying permission In bring a slavo into thu district. The report u as accepted. Mr Houston claimed tho for to-morrow. Jn the House, tho .Sinitlisnnian bill as the order of tho day, but it was postponed for two It was ordered that the bill "to protect thu Jights of American settlors in the territory of wrujjmi, unui uie termination ol llie joint uc.cii patlon of tho same," be taken out ol the com mittee at two o'clock on Tliursdjv nnvt. ...The House then went into Committee of the Whole on the stato of tho union upon the Ore Con Bill. Mr McKay from tho Cominilico of Wivn and Means, reported a bill to reduce the Tariff of tluties on imports. Wednesday, April 13. Senate In the oonatc, to.uay, after the transactions of the usu i innming uiisincss, air Houston delivered a p 'cell in favor of thu notice, and in vindication ! Uie policy of the admiiiinlration on the Ore go. i question The House, on motion of Mr Foster, .re-con. aldered the into of yesterday on tho resolution tcrminiting flic debate on the Oregon jurisdic tion hill to. morrow i and.aflor a MriiL'glo, post pmcd the question until Friday. Thalay was then spent in tho lurtlior ditcuoiun of that bill. Tiidr-iiav. April lli, S'cnatk In the Son. te, to-day, the vole ar taken on "llio notice," and pissed in the following form, as offered hv Mr Johnson, of M iry and, by a vote of -10 to 14: Strike out all of I lie resolution of nolicc pass ed by the Il.iu-e of Representatives, after tlio title, and iiicrt "l2eolccd, if-tf. Tint b' the convention conclude! Ihe twentieth clay nf October, ii-hli-en hundred and ,'ujlltc -n, between the Untied Stile of Ametica and tlie Kmc; uf the United Kingdom nf (licit itn atn ami Inlanl, for llie pirnd of leu inrs, and afnrwards. iiiIctiiiiicy oxtt n Irdand continued in forccbt nnoih tr can veil nun of the si me nrtie, concluded die mm d iy ul Align!, in (U. vcar of our one thnu.. mil -inlit hundred an I twenty-seven, it vanircel thil any country lim tiny he il.nmtd tiy ctthtrpirly on the nurtli vest cimt of Anii'tit a wel ward ol ihe Sin hv or Kuiky ui', now C'.iumiiitlv cillnl ihc O I'pon territory, slioul.l lordlier with (is harbors, h.v- and elee!,. an J tlie niv of all river w lib in ih Muiti lie 'free, and open' 1 1 the e--t I, ctmcn, n I mj Jed of 'he hui pun ir but no prijil lice 1 1 .my in u . ii It . nlier of lite pM In" miif'o h ue to aav in ly ot -ai 1 c. u orv i and witii hi further pro- si n, ul die sec ind atrn-lc .if lht t-ud convention of lit. u h f t 2111 .tuiit.eii hundred oid twenty se. len, III it ciiher p my in jlii ribr-iente and tiiinul said iiinteu n jh, on s!.vui ti'tiiee of t wi Iv e ni mill to the filli r c ultrienii-.r p, ty ihltlthls now h.ciuno d si ilile that'll' n-p-enve claim of ihe Ui.ind Slit sindt.real lirnaiii should be difiuilely sciibd. and hit a d termor may no longer than mod be reman sitbje'-t to lha evil con-equenci ? of llie dHiJcd al!ennee of it Anieriean and liriush p.pidiii in, and ofihe c.infuioti and conll.e.i t,f naiiotnt j ut dictions, riinz-rou (o tht! chm-hut peare nd itood under minimi of die ium cuiuiiies. And, ibercfore, tint step b taken far llie ahrojatim of llie said couveii two of ihe Gih Auaut, 1S-27, in the mode prernbed in Ii article, auJ that die aitrntim of lite cocrn tiieiiu of baih countries may tic llie mote earnestly aai" i a ncdiitely direcied m renewed i Horn for Ihc anie- Ida .(tilcmciit of all ilieir dilTercnccs and dupulc in repi r-t 10 satd territory ".tail! btftirthtr Tttnltul, That the President of t'ieiT.i.i t Slates be, and ho is lierebv ninhnrmd, at lntdn re?itin, ta cive to the, Itntisli fiovernnient llie nanci req-iircd bv rs nd second ariicle for die oh r i24iiiita ot llie rai I con vent ion of the stub of August ctjl.l en hoii'lrc 1 aiul twenty fevtn.' A'i aii'iniled comorsntion took place between Mr Al en and ji. f-ltto nJt-ii. 'I'lu session as abo it -ix h toil hoio. In the lint' E. Ihediv was spent in llie cnu tiiui!il .1 -riiiin if the (Jrpgon jurisdiction bill. FitiDtv, April 17. The rjenate was not in FefMion lo-iiay. I i too l!ou-E, the joint rcMiluthn of "notice," Willi aa amendment, it as received from the Sen ate, n aci on taken tiioroon. Tho Oregon ju. ri'iletioi bill was then furlVr deb ited in coin miitee an.l after upnard" of two hmirs had bcen o'rupi d in receiving aiiioiidmenl-, tome few of aIiii'Ii only nere a Inji'i'd, was reported to the 11 i'.'. It will emu;! up, therefore as the unlinis icd busmen. Lr.TrEitoF E.v-GovcitNott Suwaiiu. In rt'4y to ,1 letter ;iddn'Scd to liim Iy tliu Wliis of Cluiitaiiiiio county, drsiring liis. consent to stand as one of tlieit Candidates fui Delegate to llio Constitutional Cnnvcn lion, E-(iovernor Suwanl wrote .1 iody of vrh cli the following is an nxlrat l : " I want no war I waul no enlargement of tcrrilori, sooner llian it would come il ho ero contented with a masterly inactivity. I .abhor wii, as I delcst slavery. I would not un one huiiHii1 fe for all tin: continent that remains to be.mar .. I)ul I caniiul exclude the comic, in a th d 1 i,e popular pas-ion for 'IVrn'onal nj. gr nd zemunt in irresi-tiblc. I'rudeuci', justice, eo.irlirn miy check it for a seaon, hut it "ill pa 11 Ftrennlli by its -11! juration. An American W ivy is hoveriiii over Vera Cruz An Aineri cm ruty is at the was .Mexico. I. el tho Oregon question be tc tied when it mav, 11 will, nevertheless, come back aun Our imputation Is destined lo roll iu rcsinllchs waves to the icy turners of the. North, and to encounter Oriental civilization on the shore ol the PacifK. The moiiirclu of Kuroe ate to f.Avr. t,n mst. wlulu thov have a colony rciuiui- in" 011 this Continent. Franre lias already sold out. Spain lias sold out. We hall see how Innn lieforo Ilmilatid inclines lo follow theirex- mule. Ii iiehnoves us then, lonualify ourfolves for our uiti-smn. Wo mutt dare ou: detdiny. We can do this, and can only do it, by early me.imirea w lie i shall ellcctlliu aljoliluin ot tl.i verv, without precipitancy, without oppression, without injustice to slaveholders, without civil war, with the consent of mankind, and tbop nriihatinn of Heaven. TIih rcMuration of "lie rtM.l of sutTraro lo free men, is the firtt acl.aud will draw after it in due time llio suunuiu catas trophe of cm incipation. lininillON JIAItllbT, April 13, 181S. At maiket, 313 llecf Catlle. 21 yokes Woikinir o; i:.- and C'jIvh . 10D Mil ep, and iUJl) tiine'. 203 Ilii-fC inle and nearly all ihe Seine caino over I he ne rn nan imm, -- riDi-ctrd by Rid Road mai week '1 beq la'ny ollbe ll-f Catilo as very supirwr. We qu .le lo corns- I"'"" 1' " ,.r. -Wenuole P.,.,, St. '.0. Kirt Tilit.5ci ltlSJ I mew . 1 j. . , . I ve, ud tf 3,50 3,73; Third 31.75 V4),OT uw in,. Oien 853, 87J, SV), S'-i. ami 8U. Cows ... I Clve.-Jnl'- ;"'J Rhfn,S,le. a, Jfij, S f . JI. .. 4 and 5c. At relnil from S lu Cc ED a Q al In Rnclicer. N. V. on the 13 I. in-.., I.ODOISKA A. wre of Henry S,l, 31 yea-.; "I nX death; jtri. Scarl cam to this city about untimely deain. a R ih a view of find. 18 "' health. Shedied m a MS,l0'x"" Zl 0 lady of unusuil ac- f'en ?' kind and uni.-uniiifg in her deport ,'o,nphshmen kind ana . h.r lleavcnlv Father, which characltinea Iho wU0h -i. ' tic fsavioii;. She died wiibout a 'I" dliC pld her S friend, have the blessed .trurle I and er ur ivin- bo ,8 '"wdlMnn.on Ihe 14lh in.!., of Mea.le-, Kl,,a, daughter of A. V. Holley1a?e.l8"""h,,n) 4dy.. A. Ii IMVA 11 OS CllKAl' CASH iXo. 1 l'ccJi'j-lMidwgs. A gpncrnl aisortmcnt of School, C1 1 Mien I acV Micellancous Books and Stationery at CJJ. l'itKl'.S. IIISIIOP HOPKINS' ADDRKSS. tn Immtilo hot cnrnist Address to the Illsllops, Cirri', ntnl lnllynf I lie rnoTESTANT episcocai. cnuncii in llio I'nitcd Siates, on the tolerating among odr Ministry of the Doctrines of the Church of Home. Ily John IIksby Hopkins, Ilishop of the Diocese ol Vermont. I'rico I2J Scenes & Thoughts in Europe, by an American. DOc Views nnd Uciews in Anieriean History, I.ilcta. lure and Kicliun, liy W. Gihuore Sinims, Thiodolnh, the Icelander, nnd Aslauga's Knight. 2patls. Chevalier D'ltirmrnlal j or t.nvc nnd Conspi racy j from the 1'rcnch of A. 1) imas. Peers nnd Pervcnusj by .Mrs. Gore. History and Kitraordinnry Adirnliirrs of Mar aarct Catchpole. a Sulliilk Girl by llcv. R. Coib-ld. Journal of Re carthes into the Natural lIilory uini ti ' l' l ' 1 f . r-i . m i. 1 during CO 25 23 a o;noe ll.iunil Hie Yioild; by Lharlcs win. . tol. 1 ,03 as M3R CHART'S. LINE. " Ik. jiiiii. LAZ3 BOATS, For the transportation of property, between LAKE OUAiMl'LAIN, TI'.OY, A Lli A NY. NEW YOKK, AND BOSTON. IIJ6UR2D' THUPItOPKinTOIlS of this LINK bavins in. treated llnir loi-ilitic-. by llio addition of several firt rale llonts under the comuuind ol experienced and l.iiibrd Ma-ier, are prepared lo five d.-. pale h to nil pro;iy intended In past. I etween thenhnw name I pi lees, with which ihev may le I hope, by prompt alleulion to the intere-t- of llioir employer-, lo rcteivo n cuniiuuanec of put he patron nsrc Toeirlnal nrc to lo towed by Steam on Hudson AVrtr, nnd on lnUt Champlain Mhen ueiT-sarv, and ci inpleie a perlect Line to A'eic VorA-, a-, af-o, lu 70jnud Albany. I. I- nl tloml. nro kept together and nut Mibjeeicd lo injure by iraii-hipment. l'ropridors, l'OI.l.imt nitl)l,I.V, IhtrHnitm, -Mi nm.s, Ml Hlt).N.V('lHTIi.M)i:.N, St Albans A.M. CLAlllC, i,t. Alb ins. Agrnts. I.. A. JOIINOV Ai.fl. fnmlirt Slln. AVie Yrl: CO;iM.I.HN t.t)Vt:i,l., .Yfic York Jloslan Pack et OJlice, f4mg llVoir", It'oston. Aon.. HIC d7 VI I, AS & AOYRS. UI. now rcrcitiiis from lioton nnd New-York il.ti iu p'yo! - pi In; Good-, uh c'i ibev i Y, i at whulcito ii.ou ihe ,haal lirm. Oura'uck eon-isls o a trial lltuty f 1'iti.N rs itr.pp de i.aiat.s. JIOLS. Ue I.AIM',-, PillN i r.lJ I.AHXS, ne,M -.I... Mt'sI.IX (Il.i;n tin I A MA CO.IIK. SLAl.Mi:il Wf.AIt. Cordid c.Mi.Mi:iii:s, and a birjji astoriuient of oilier ponds. our purcuises u ere all maile wuli I a -11, and c arc encouraged to belmi' lhat our goods wire ob tained al ;nfee lint m enable u to sell them rery iW to those who may f.tvor 119 with a call. Ilurlinuton, April 21, 1SIG. -17 iLSGT SCHOOL ' o n a 1 it 1. s a a i) 11 ors. Mil A. A. PAi;.'KI( will ciiiinnenei- hi- Sprinz Tirol, on Mini lay, April 27 Ii. I' al lentliMi vull be p.lil to il.e ili-iiHMil.iry lr.lnibe-uf ail rlueition, nnd le-.ons iriven in book keepinff, Willi pneliie. No pains udljv span-1 bv llie tfai b-c-to a banco the proiire-s id hiu m bolar v, I10 are rci'iiler 10 tlicValten.iani'c. " In a'len I vvdl 1J0 will lo bc.-in at tltoci inn eueeioeiit of tho q uiiter. TVAIMS. Knzhih l!r.ntic'.ie SSflO HiKher " 3 50 Alcel ra (exlr.i) 1 HO Lauzo.ijtM ,ou School. Itiinirfi, wc-,1 ri Jo of Co in lion e Smiate, 1IICUI K lilll ooiu. -h w ! Y !tt;il)!c I " j 1 1-1 1 1 for Salt; ! THi: -ob-ciilcr leinz :V-trnuH of re ntiers -ale ,'fv I thin.' hum 1 u uie b l.i .111 1 abi.ible I- All 1, ctin . . . . l V; I ;lllll .'.crvt ol ix el'ent I..WI), sun n et in ihe vdlase of Chaz . t'luitnn. Coonlv, .V V. Tpon Ine premie- arn nvo dvtliiir Iin l-e-. Hire' l-arn, out liu i-e-, iVe. ixe. the laiiu l we'l wiMidtf I an I wall re I, and is alieL-elher one i f the on st laluthleauJ plea ant loeaiionm the eo in ly. Term, ei-y 'For p.irlicii.m, apply lo the -ub-cril or on the ALI'.XANDnit SCO I I-. Clnzy, April 20, 1810. 17 TH3 aJILjTl7flG.lXI, (n llpUcopal Paper published in Sew York Cftu. 1 "IIP" nn Vriirno 1 i an anthTiZ'!l .reni far the a'iovc iioMkmiioii, ami wt I re. eivi fiih-rnptinn from, an I evtt the pajier lit If cnt lo, any .thoii iK'.iro i ul tauinu i'. 11 i niiout to ifi-ni-irivtl a'ni imiiuel in n)''iriic I1- nun j., in iiiiintani w lilt rnerpv an It irlene , the true do"tr.n an I worship ! the Kpl-L'i pnl Chnri'h, and to defcrt'l thjin ;i 24 1 nl the ;iam' tit nre.n nee ana is'iotan e : 10 a U'tica'eihe nm-ary union of the L'lntn'h nf Ohrt-t, iho pil'ar an 1 cronn I nl l rith'andio liiinish, in s!i'rt, s irli an or a. in a- eu-ry true and fiithfd ('hunhinin e!tn I 0 eeninl in lh prosperity nf tin Chun h in tin country. In n nluhty nnd ear luMiK!! in ine tlerfiico f M'im.l iktrm, thi" paper ia) I ct'ii. hit herlo. oiii:ri'a3 i'J. and the eontin in nee at Ha editorial he id, if the prof.j nid an I learne.1 di vine who ha mi It .nn conducted it a a Millicient jynar Hiitythiiit will ti1! reniain riremot among the (.h.iinpioii of true rt'fjiuii in America. A, TI L'KI.K. nurhiiston, April 21,161(1. 7 Sahhath School Books. PHI' tdiMTil it i cxpectiivlo re. five in iherour-e l ot two winn, a Mtmiiv t'fal.laih N too nnd Qne-tton Hook from iho American Stindav ft-hiinl 1'nion. AUo from (ho.S.S. Union of ihe Methodist I m-eoitjl rhnrrh. which wi I le fnmhel toSnlihaili Schools at New Vork nn I llt'on pri e f.ircah. TI'.VK.S WOODS, II irtmsion, April 23, 1516. Strongs Huildtn?. Cotillon Party 'MTICH i . be-e' y eiven lo nil who are in lebted 1 lo M-,lbal Iheir nt cn'iiit,lehi; Inrsvnr .mail, mint 1 e pn I immediately, or ihey will hear from us aam a- iho-BWli'i dauie in i-i ,y ihe liddler, Thi- ii the lir-t and on'y time i t n' in?. i" 'f- v., I'oLi.mT. Ilurlmjinn, April 23, ISIG. 47 fTV TfCti S'1 ' ' Y 1 '' '.' frn'" II"- -'i'lo-"re K&iX&rHi r l S b'.ri'er, n lew day HVV '"" "all -i eir .-M rel Cow. tf f 1 wi'l ibieif.llv ei.Mipin.nie nnv Tp" !" will leinm her 11. my farm ' w u, K tu ,,n-i'iitn coieermii' lir Apriisio. SIipII Ovstors. JUST r.' ret'C'le 1 fthil Vc.l fin Innllw nn l!,n., At., J Kreh ()raii"e nnd I.eni' n.. hv II rlmgion, April 23 MO, 47 3W 22 D APRIL, 1846. NEW GOODS. AFUI.I, xipply t.f every iWription ju-l reeeive.1 at the Lhtap C.ih S'nre len! I y ihe People", Azenl, HOWARD. Hnildin-,' Timber Wanted. WAMnilal.. of Kood Ibiildinir Timber to be delivered iinmcdulelv, In , . . lllKAVKNSWonTII. IliiriuiElon, nprii xi, imu, 47 Pnstiirnue. fPASTrRINO for one hnndre.1 bead r.fCaitle ran J- leohlamtUDy applying 10 . W. UATl-IN. r April, 1B46. .Icnitct Cummins Kstatc. SVA TF. Of VIMMONV, A Tn Probate Dl-iriet ol Chittenden, . Court holden at l!iirlln?lnn, wiihin and for tho Dl-lrict nforeld, on the 4 III day of April, A. D. 1810, an l.i-lrument pur pnrlinc In be llio In-I Will nnJTclnuicnlorJKN.NKT t'll.M.MIN.S. lale of Milton, in did Di.iriei. d. eeneil. was preenieil to the Court here for Probate, by James II. Plait ol llurlinulon nforcnid. I iitnr.roBC it ordered by nl I Court, thnt public notice be given to nil per-oni Intended therein lo np. near Icrore -aid Court, at a seion thereof to I e hidden nt the oilicu of Ihe Ileuisler of said Court in aid iturhnslon. on the 13th dav of Mm. A. Iimiri at 10 o'clock A. .M., an I conte.l the prul.alc oUaid W ill, nnd il is lurlher ordered lhat this order be p lb. Iishc I three week succestvely in the Kree Pre, n newsi nper primed nt llurlingliin, in this Stale, llie la-t t'l which -hall bo previous to llieday asaignod, ns nfnre-nid for liearinrr. divcn on ler my band nt Ihe KciMer's O.Iicc, this lib day of Apid. A. I). IHIC. d7w3 CIIAI1LF.S HfSSKLL, Judge. K lutlarl or Pic I'lnnf. QIT.Dlil.N'H p!nnt of lorce and viporous growth in iv I e Ii 1 1 nt ihe ff ir li.ii iif April' 23, '10 -17-vl C OOOPRIt'll. (Iral'tiim: W'x. I JI'.ltMD.NM WI-lull!! -111111 q L pi e1 Ii rVI in oa A pill 21, '40. ti'icn''ic!i. d7 1 siirLUUKN iiKJH scno;)L. JM1K SUMMP.U TR!lI .f thi Ininntion wiH I roinnii'M 'C nil .Mntlill V, tilt 13t'l nf M.iv, mill cnniinuc 11 wreks. The Tmtivfi lnvo t n-'ncl Hh trvins nf M. S. ItOVCH, A It, ns prmcipnl, Mich nsitnnrt' :ih ihe nitr n fl of lh li.ul v rrq-ire. A vxv complete Clinn'c nnd lhi'o oplucnl apparalu, MLTilhT wit U (bestial nml TYr retnl Olotir-s, n I.Hi-lv licwi purelrispil J upon which weekly lectures will ho u'wen lo (ho school ihronuh the srirnmrr. Instruct ion w ill he given in Drawing nnd in Vocal Music to ihose who may de fiie it. Tuition $3,f)0 per qnnilcr, Pontd 81,50 to 92 00 a week. Scholnt from out of town will bo expected to pay ihtir luUion in ntlrnnce. ii. s. jioit-n. ) I.P.VI OOMSIOCIC, Jn, TrutUtt. A. NASH. ) 1 3 3LiD. New Yohk, April G, 16-10. "pvnAPHR, ATiDIUCII &, IMtlMC resnwl J ftiih Milieu the nllentKm ol V CH MONT Meh chants to their stock r. STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS, cninpri-ni2 n de-iral le an aoruiitnt n run lit' fii'in 1 ul tiny hotie in the nty, which they pledsu iheoieUe to tll on the meet lavnrn'le term. Sivnn I tn none in iheir facililie for u'-lainin;; nt the lowet r.ite, nnd nnxiotia lo fulliv.ile only a safe trade, tiowever close thev are rodv nnd 0 dt-l)(i'C (it I heir ShHk at the. Miinlh'sl living ntlvntit'o on onsinnl co-t tlnir motto 1 ems, snitu profits tnul qtirf; returns." hltU'KK, AI.DItlClI & FRINK, !Cti3 T l,llierly-t., near Ilroadway. Wanted, i ihe snb'c-iVrs, 'iO.ODO feel hasivaod planlt, and lO.ttdO feel Ibreh and Mnr.le .1 ineh ileail llltl Ol IlilllJ and !ir Kile, nnu nint....r Chairs ami I'uriiitiire. Shun 1 doors norlh llio Caih- i church, Si. Paul slreei. & G.Tr.. Uiirhnston, April 1G, 18IG. 4G Seed Wlieat. rpili: -nbeiilir ha ale 101) bushels nfeed Wbe.ll l.f lliree nii-dilii. it. IttnL Si.n 1I...I Ch ill-, nn I Tea Wheat. All erv clean and nii-ible for .iriiiL' mm". HAItltV IlIlADt.f.V. Iliirbnaion, pril 13, ISIG. .G Sabc (Scat.. A pornn iml b ed tn llie subscriber, will find i- iheir nccounln III the Innds of nn Atlnrnev colleciion, unless setlled prci"ii lo the lOih day of anv lie.xi. UAV1IJ I'ilU.M'H. Wil i-min, April 15, 1S1G. 4G NOTICE. rniIMpublic arehcreby noiiiird lhat H.J. IIHIXIv L ItnilO. Il IVIIILi letlinved In llie eoitnlrv itn. I.n fuind on Snurihv ol' each week, and that day only, hi-twccn llio hours nf 9 A. Al.. nil 4 P. M.. nt the store II MtlllNT.TON & IlIlOTIint. H irhnglon, April 16, IC Chinch Sircei. Flower Pots ! A I.t. sizes of iho Harlhcrn Flower Pot, for silo by a pi:ck a: SPKAIl. TO HUNT. t'onvenieiit and comfortable tene ment for a small familv. in a idens- A ant localem near the Seminary, in lhi illagc. l.nquiroof STRONG 3 f. Cj. 13IG. Abucr Wllcn IState. ST A TV. or Villi MOSTA A T a Probate IhMriei nl Ulniieiiden, ( r Ci.un hidden ul U irhnslon, wiihin nnd for tin- District aforesaid, on the llih day ol April, A. I. 13 10, an Iii-lnimenl pur liorlinr lo be the la. i Will nn 1 T.-i.iment i.l All I'll WH.IOX, l.ilei.f WfSllorJ, in i-nid di-lri'M, wi-pre.e':ie.i in ine uu iri Here lor 1'roi ntc, ly r. C. Wile ,, llie Fxeeutor, tbeieiu 1121110 I. Tiicnciom:, it,i or'etel by sud eonrt, dial pul lie not hi le iiien load per-oiis iniere.iel llierein 10 ap:-ir' -aul Oi.nn, nl n -.icn iheienl m le Men ,11 llie oh e nl Ihe Itei-i.ler ul nd Cii-irl in II trim rni 11. nn lli" -i- nn i 1 l.i nl Mne. A. I). NIG. ni 10 nel ' It A. .11 , llll t en ,. til'- lirn a'e nl V ill, nn I It i I inhi r nr 'en-1 lb 11 l!n nr W I e .1 'l-tn-1 Ihril' Weils ,ue in ll,e I'l.i Pre i ne'Wii.iiM r nnaie I al II rlin n. m In laoi tif wl ili h ill 'e jiieiu , m 'la J i u ,r a- nf re a d l-.r I eirniir. (ive.i midi r mi v !iHi J rit ihn lit-a'-ler's O-Hre. ill's, Uth.liv if Aiiul, A. D. lnU IG3 VAX lillS.SIXL, Jutli T Bndiio Uniltlrrs. APIIF idicnher Invin j been i;.prmvd as a?r-nt to I superintend the bui'diu of a Ititire Urnle vtr Muntiu j Hier in lli 'hiihiii I wj reieie prnoil9 tor hinhliu' (.nd llridye, un il ihe 1 llll nf April next. -Mid llrifiio is lo bo of binle tnek and one Iv nulled fort spin. ItANSl.L .MASOX. llKhmohd, Jlirch 31, I5fi. 41w2 Rare Clmncu. TJ'OH sale, or In rent, a Carding .Mat'hinennd Clnllut r works, situaictl near Die Court House hi Ira!uryi. The uremic- cunit of a hree factory I uildiuu, email divt'liiiitr lniie. nn-1 one acre of land. The Cardinr Machine is nearly new. and adimtled In be the lies! in ihe northern pall nf the Slate. Tho property is ofl'ei ed at a price lint will make il an object fir nnv per son in ili.iilme of Imsuu-feH; and if not .old, will he lenit'o ior onunrmure ears, Willi llie ptmlcgenl cxK'iiilint a part of ih,i rent in repairs. Apply loihu subscri' ir, or lo II. M. HATHS, K-q , al In.bnriihi II. II. SMI V. Ilurlinjton, April 1, '40. .15 A New and Important Era in M2DIC5I1T3. The inkine of Medp ine render. d pat ilabloby ttia new an l leaulilul liiveutiui) (I tlauey 8 Miarroalei1 MaiMU U le I'll I by which thu title ol medicine is s i vo upletety itnui"d bv a coa'in of I anditd Snir, tint they aiijit;rlicily ajrccablo to the inopt di 1 .e. Thecireiti. nid ut these P.tla aro irholli and pure ly Vegetal e, whoso curative pri pertiea are uul;nov n l.i the reeut r sc cneo of Sledieine. Their Hliency in 1 1 to'is iiin(t'8,and nil eiim,i!iiinitf art i n u from nn purebbioil, Una not, pirh ip,a in thetaa'ato!ue of Jledi ine- III In iiioI of (he obdlmnlt) di-'eamfi which nttTc ho huui in syU'in they Irive been fo md to tm a iuot pn a'.tIu! r oi ly Their action on the lott'eU lie vity ntMd and r iret' ever aripo, at iliis sime tl te ihry ate irihinj nnd eincicnt. A single iml wdi show their Hue meruit. A in it of only one box, nu'irduu to din I'ireeiioua uhiui neeonipanx them, will novtr fnt ttt litMh-i iiii'M r.omnruin cw (I'fK'eof In r exirnordmary viriuei. rriee J ei'nis per Ihix. fjr tralo by J'li K if Si'J.AU. April, c. ni. LIBJUSaa WAMT2D. rn tt'iwm 1010 iaoo nr.N wantko lLi. -L to crU mi thu VcmimuI Cential Hail t i,Koa,, nidillereni roinls along Ihe line be. Iwien urthfivld and Windsor, Vt. .Steady em, ployinenl i,nd liberal wafs will be given llio pre-, ent wages are 83 (cuts ptrday, n. I' , ur.i.Kt Al . Refer in J, & J, II. I'r.cit U Cu , llurlmaton. Apnl7, 1310, 43 IMPORTANT TO TANNEHS Till, sob-enbur ba purchased die right to use I!i!ckmh' I'aient Maciiive roa Urawmo Hides in Ihe len r,oribern counties of Vermont, and wmuispnseoi niil. eilliri tf individuals, or 10 ceun ties or towns on reasonable terms. Application may II. P. DAUt.INfl. Cambridge liorouch. or . R. O. SHALUINCI, lUchmund. April 9, 1846. '(M April 13, (Si HORSES. NINK GOOD HORSliS FOR SAI.K-two pair matched, and five substantial animals forhaid service. Call soon, for they will po to mntkel short ly. GLINDON. Kcrrishurgh, April 3, 18IG. 43w3 WANTED. nn 0:1t MARKUP HOllSty, for which cash v will bo paid, hv W. O. HARKIll. Charlntle, April, 1816, KU Alt III NO. PKItsONSui'hint! Roard, with the nccomtnodn tiooofn Pntlornnd llcd-room, nra Parlm-chant-bcr nnd itdjoinintf bed -room, or oilier accominodaiions as to rooms, can be provided for al Iho louse of P. llf.VCKMAN, 45 Corner of Church and limn streets. Daniel lll.lmi's tlstnle. STATU OK VKIIMON'I-, ( rtlllHIIon. lliePrnbatc lli-triet of Clntienden, j I Conrl for llie Di-lriel of Chit'en len t To all per-nn eoncerue-l in Ihee-laic of I)AMI;L IIISIIOP, lale of Jenco, iiuaidd s tiel, dcii'nsed, (tHF.r.TINO. Wnr.ncA". Rn-wcll Fay, rxtiti'or of raid de. eel o !, pnmoM" In render an need nil i-l his nduiini Ir itii'ii. an I pre out hi- neeo ml n.iiiKt anl v-inte f'ir rxirietn'iuti an I albiM-aiu e ul n -e-sion of the t'., ri ni Pi"' n o, 'u I e li 'Men n the b'e.'i-ler'K Wliio .i It r' "i, in .n 1 'i-'riet, on dm Poutth .Monday uf pri . l l'l. .ii 10 in k. A M. Tllr.r.i.l'oiir. n a'e In ri b n .'Pe 1 In appear be fine.!ii'' in lb'- lime a 'i i pi n e ah te-nid, and jdieve e,in-e, il nnv vnii have, why llie .leeount nforu lld hii'd I no' I e al owed. ('lieu under mv hind nt liurlinglon, this Slh day ofApnl, A. 0. I81G. 4ii3 C. KUSSKLf.. Jud;;e. Vsirii'ty Aain ! ! A NP.W lot nf Sleel l'lead. Steel Purs iTriinmincs, iV and Sleel Has Clnps and Tail. jul rereivtd by llltlNSM.UD &. HIlOTIir.llS. April 10th. 191G. 43 TO RENT. T'fOK one or more jcars, llie Inue and Lot, now occupied by Ihe Mibscnbcr.onlinrTsi. The prem ises consist of one acre of Land, a unill ltoue, llarn and other oppendacis,nll iu cood repnir an eveetlenl Weil of water, n Garden under good eultivalion, and well stocked wilh h'riiit Trees. JOHN F. AL'IIRF.V. Hnrlingtnn, April S. I94G. 4 Butler. AFKW hundred pounds cood Table Duller, this diy ri enved j Also White Heni. April 2, 1S1G. (Il A. S. DKWF.V. W.WTI'.D in exchange for (Jroecrir, V.ves iu nnyq nntiiy. A. S. DKW:v. April 2, 13 10. 41 Pasluriii:, APASTUItK of ohntit 5 ocre lo Pent, near the Collie, enquire of O. PF.IT.KSO.V llurlini-lou, .March 20, 1515. Oraiiiies niul Lemons. "TUST rem'ved 12 Itoxes Frei'i (trances nnd Lem- I and fur -ale bv gi:o. pr.riciibo.v. .Manh 21, 131G. I''(tr Sale. IlUSnr.t.S Pi:.VS, suitable for Cookin or Seeii. " Ibiekwhtat, fur Seed, " t'nrn, " Wheat nnd oilier crnin, al Shel- 250 l.'Olt ;iooo I urn .Mill and in lliiiliiininii, nv March 23 SIG. II. Will KM II. Uaro Chance. rpiIK hc?t firm in Mriilol Mr X sale eonttttnmiiabo'it 400 alered nnd lim cool oreh.ird, and nndi r n com! Ftatent eul tivalion. It is situated nhntn two ini'ts North of Hristol illare. and known hv nini of ihe ' Omitnn l-'irin." helnt; the Simeon which OVii. Oiuiton lived and died, ami now owned find occupied uv the puhxenher. ro"p-8ion nen on a!e. TIIADKUo D U.N TON lliistol, Mnrch t3, ISIG. 4 TO RENT. nWV. VAN NHSS llOUSF., now oc l5CAi X enpied hv .lames 1. fuller, Itftll Mm pasturing for a nnmher f.f rows, " April 1, '-10. .11 Daguerrotypo Apparatus (or S A L I ?; ! ! rp u tt iinscriler not bein al liberty to ue 1 hia npparatns for llie present will lie ulud to de pose of it, with atl iho nppurten ncn nece?iTy for iiperalinir, on Ihe mnu reainnhlc term. Will cue I npirueiions for ifiKins Liluncns, Fiirpas"in2 any oihcr? tiKen in this ftvtn n of the country. Htcrip'v also for iiiiunf iciHmiLr ill thu (Jhemici's urd at 1-4 the expense of pundinsins the prepueil, nnd of ?nnc:ior nmlitv. I'ontpirt the Pitlurc-i taken wilh lhee (Ihemu-aU, wilh llieitt Inkm wilh 'he t heini- caU of cnmineiec nnd vni wiIIfcc thetliflirenre. Anv oititir mm wi-hins to engiae in thi most pleiant and prortinhle bininei willdowtll to yie ine a can. lihcne-ses t.ii.en lor ciitmners on the iMial term, Itonm & Sprcitncns at U. Sroti'?, ll mre ivit ni lvail Htr. limi-c. I. OI ot.l.. Hurhngron, Vi. April. 1540 41 NOTICES. 'Ilin mbseribpr Ins pnrclnscd of ihecptiienf the A IrttoJ. Wainwrtaht, , ihe entire JSiore and I rule of ihe old and vill known nmwriyht t-tnb hshrnenl, in ihispbice win rem In tnlemN to rouiinuc the b is neM. II 'h i a I ir :e s o"i of Nimcs nn In ml - hImi Hnl'itw W.ire. I'Iowk, I'low Catttna!1, and id iw-i 'ill ' imNnf ri'in"MM in thi unrkti. AUo .ft 1-iin, ' tipper nnd Tin Ware, and nllthenp of v mrse. I, lal wuire will be paid for n ynod wor! nib ai tl.i. ! is II nu-s S. TWl.Oll. II, ,i iiif . A , . f t ( pin. 41 look in: : 1 tn tilt ITIOH sde a new 'I wo iStnry Ihic'. I!ou nn llie new road leadinix to ihe full-. Slid hnuf j ' ui!t lit ihe nifhl modern f-tvlenl hiu'd nj nnd will lo f i ly completed almut lb1 irt.t of May. There ih CO roN ol tan I wilh the hud 'uv:, IAr furl her piriicio I irs mo, ore of Si mot I llunimytun, or of I tie Mibcri her at Middy iirook. I MS1IA .MILI-I.R. Jr. Ilurlumton Apt it 1, ISIG. 4U3 WlXOOSh'I COTTON. WK have in.itle nn arrangement wilh the owner ot tlie-e Shteliuz- lo l-eep litem coiis'nnlly nn hand nnd for sale nt llie Pactoiiv Pntcr.s. "We would n'i"ii the aiientiou cf M t-n-li.niT- uu I nthir9 wi-hins to I uy iheir irnod by the Ha'c or Pice, as we llnnk that their superior quality uill be a 6tron? recoinmendatioii to the buyer nnd "the consumer, Our people should eneour.iyo "home Industry." Il'irlinrlnn, April I, I8IG. II Tiir copar'nerfclup h.-rendore cxl-lins enter the 1 11 line ami linn ol .UUK I II.N iV l.'I.AIth., is Ilu day by mutual con-cut th-.olvcd. llie,-,l Ibu firm will reiinn f, r Hie present, 111 the hand- ot Hi o. Morion, wilh u bom they lua- here th-!, an I to wnoni iney nre lo le paid. nil). lit I ).. 1'lllU'J II..WIH. Willislou, Manh 23, 1310. Having ivircha-ctlihec ntirn tock of Oootl Irion?- ilvj to Morton .'C (' ami removal llicul In Itieh- mon I, 3 doors ei-l of the po-l otriit. where I inn ml .0 Kicpu i!oii mxk ol iroiKi- wliu ii will le sold lor Cl-b u- 1 item as nl llurluiulon or nnv nlberolaee 111 fh llin.leu fotiniy, I'HILO CI, U(1C. .March 23, 181U. 4lw3 r ciiiiiciis 1 .1 I A ROOD supplv ot lien nn I Oeeso Fealhcrs now on hand. Hurruicti lo bu a pood ar'irle. r or sue by llurliui-tou, Jan. 29, 1IG. Vll.AS i ovi:s. 33 11. : l,l2--Patciit Ulorinutor & S)rin-. Till ln-trument i- iidinl.vl lo ihe ai.ri'it-nuon nl reuieiliit nsenls, in .1 1 1 is- of di-ea-cs which oflen 'e ler the ludividu il from niiplyiica tor 11 remedy, incou nicii nee of iho de'ifncy alien Ijiv 11. ndmiu'i-irnlion. NVtlli Ibi iii-lrumeul the patient mm safely an I readily apply wbiievcr may be pre-cnl "I. Alur uiuus ine r-vriuce. ine pipe i 10 1 e uiscrlnl, the pis Ion gently forced down, an Itbein-iruineiil Kept firm ly in conict with the parts nil ibu cumrnis la ken e !ecl. icmt.l.'e in r.eneorrba!a,con.i.iifdiVr Jill n.triugent injtH'iitiuit Ibe-eare compo-ed of lo. Itiliou of llie ulpli uu 1 f XIHI-, iron, cop,er,or the ic 'la'e ol lead, it inftiMons ol t'ir-'iaMe n-inn?cul, suih .1 preen lei, ink lark, nr nut pall-. They hnuld le n-ivlat lir.l weak, their -Irenaih I eini; af. Icrwnn'i. inma-i-l il'iieiis-ury. I) . (!AI.i:. Tin. is 10 certify that we baveexi ed I), rj.ile. ulerino Sjringe nml in our opinion 11 i u rll fitiirur, inc.i-esol Fluor Albu prect-lculia or prolap-u Utri ; and other wcaUefs ol 11 J: at cm oisnut. II irbueion, March 21, 1810. (.!. i-C. II. Hall, M. 1), lloruce Haul,, M. I). Jaine. I'orter. ,M. I). Ilnlland, VI. Ivl l. IMtelp., M, I). Wmd-or lleni. II. I'.iliitrr U'..,l.i, 1, Phyficiananl the pnblio aro invitnl to call and uutno 10-irunicut. I or a e al HAKl.lNGTON 4. UROTItKRa, Hit Church tl. at II il'MlliU - VMIIII SANDS' 8ARSAP4RILLA I'Olt TIIK UKMOVAt. AND PHIlMANIINT CUI1K OF ALL ll-KASt-:.S AUISINO i-ltOM AN IMPUKK STATK OV Tin-: rti.oni). on ii.viti r or Tim svsti:m, VIZ : Scorfnlo, or Kina'-l!vi!, Hheiiinaliiii. OhstiiiiU'Cii t.inetiii l!rti;ilion, liniile-, nr Pu-I'de on the t'nte. Dlnli lies. Ilili". Chronic Sore Kve. Hina VVnrin nr Teller, S.-nld Head, I'jilarsenrl'iit nnd I'.iin (d the Hone" nnd Jninl, Slid hern lileer-, jjldidilie S'iiiilini, Sei.ilie.i, or Liiinl.nao, and r)i-ei-enninsr frnin an iniriilicioti nseol Mer . i, , t i..... e i r v i .l-l'l'i'-, nr i 'rnn- , i. m-iire nr 1111 iiuui-ine i 1.. I .r.. II... l.....r. f : I ll..r,.,l..r. 1 etll be Ienmtil I y thu. I're.i.iriitinii. i This metlM ine has in niauv tliniwiu I mtanre bn tii'ht beilib and returning vi?or t tbow'e.ik nn 1 j i .in ir no irnme. lit nperaimn ex enu uen i" me i remwiei iran-ne inns ! inn m-iienu inin-"ii- ifi in rci'ioum; tii-ea-ea action in the aonironi" and 'ceietmi xesseU. Still farther proof of the nmennd ujlifTcy ff 'his mcdieine. Another link added to the i ham of ttsli- tnony. ET 1'OCt.TNF.V, VI. I'fC llll, 1313. Mcrx. A. H. & I). Sand Pear Sirs : Alllmtiah a M ranker, permit ine tn rela'c to vo i the -tnry t-l'iny lucnna1 and the relief I 1m ve ohi.uneil from tbeu'e of t iir Siir-npardl.i. About the middle of January, is.ii I un attael.ed with n dceae whieli niv l'iij tun called theumatism, nnd I ue.l a it 1 renied.eH n were preseril rd( nod in nl mil tlnee w teL it Iff', 1 ut nearly the amc time the next ear tl rji in the samepliice, Ihe nirht hn t'-Int, Irion whi-hit increa-H t, movm? nn nm limti to limb an I joint tn piint until it had emphatirnlly k i)c-in of my wli-t'c sjBleni. I trietl eiery reifi-ly precrdel by the v.irmus lMiyieiau, hut wadnnmel jenraf'er j ear to t-c ntv disMe completely ba tile the cniuhiued kill nflbe I,m(einn. I I eeanie ih nur i sel, nl) hupc of reiki fled, propeniy svas turned itt adversity, and I could mv with the woman in the jcriplnre, that I ba t tpent all my Irvine an I teeeiv ed no Itiiifit. I cnnliunel ih inn'il .-epttiii' er ISJ3 hen I ton, a mi Men and eeie cold, and immedi ately my ih'.eae rayetl wilh increase 1 fury thto iL'bo it my w ricie stem. ittmy w.i r.u-Kei won cuii vul-ion.s and twile I with criunn until eiery tomt u.i ili-l cafe I, nnd everv Iiuih painfully ihlnr'ed. My limb- and I oty wero drawn t aether, nearly in a tina poture, in which every tomt I eeume .o erfeetly el that il was llupollJe to moe, nam) or loot or anv i-f my lnnh-. I wn routined in 1 1n- eondilioti nho'it one year Irom ihe nbnve due lo a eomuiun he I. next lo a hdrnta- tie tied fur one veir i fiom winch I was nken'in Kib ry l?ll, nnd placed in a larjre ca v chair, nn ! fo a In e.inh'rm to ihe analo of mv tdl Uny auJ limbs. I ha I not been long in thii hair, before niv feet Lo am to will andtniitiiiMe to iii'-rra-e until the skin ti'terarv htir-t at every jiorc, dn( barm? ucha o,um lity ol 11 nl that l.irae UhU of clnth placed under and arrmul them would tie conipicleli ilreiicheiiMii a lew tiii:tr. He-iiles thi they oi-charjet n alucv Mih stance that a 'cumulated in (tin k erut uptu the -ur- l.ii-e until imtler va tunnel utiderneaui when it pee'ed n loruiin nk r. whi 'h continued to increase mill my (eel were one eompleu re, ti naoettu lint I bee line loatliMime to my neaieat and tcsl fnen N. Atthouah my feel were o exeee iini-ly teir'er tint I I enut I sartely endure llie weiaht ol n tdi-lh upon ihein, yet at time they would h-:rn and 1 11 f-o n tolerably lhat my n-ire would I e obhacd Ullage a nniah Ulh and rub them until it w.i vnnietime -at-ur.iie 1 with IiIocmI, I eHire I vo ltd eel relief, while at the nine lime there wa n naina inrtiimtion tlirouahoui my whole sy-lem, nnd a il.irtma, ibroli hina pain iu every joint. All the iruN on my linier a in I toe died and came of. 1 bul a ditrcs napain m my left ide, a ttiMractuic headjeb atimM eon tin uallv and 1 e-ido my boveN were o torpid ihey did ut t move un!e I y ihe nid of pills ofiener than onee in 'vciat days. 'This, Sirs, i but a faint de-cn(i-ho i of m actual t ite when yoer Sar-nparllta, tike an Ansel of Mercy, found ine an 1 adnitnmered to nw reliej. While rLitumn tho wrapper Irom the pM !ofh my wi!i -aid, 31 v dear h ibind, tm iiui-l not allow our-elf even to lu pe for relief, fur it yo'i tlo it will only add another lo your alreidy many ar ev-ou-tli-nppotnluicMt. 1 vtrv enlMv U-lt ilietHeet ol the tiM tloe, and when I hid taken one half if the fir-1 Initio the ih-ebarae Irom my feet eu'irely slopped, itud the hwcIIihu I eau tn al ale, and I elure Iliad liuohel nkina ttie -eond, llie l-i.nttiia and mhina wa-jroue, the loathsome tencb diapjteariHl lliu 4.4111 tit iny tiead, nIc uinltmik ce imu, wltWe my bowel InrihetirM lime in fmryear moved mt nr.tlly ard line t-nnnnocd tn ilo mi -iuee, .in 1 my bealih h rapidly iiuprtwjua. Ity this im will tee what an uncxpeetel jet un-peakahle blefriua your S tla h w been In me, and I t arneily diire that eviry tne afTiu'led with b di-eiea conic Willi i u is heal inapt wcr ina.y obtain md try it wnli oat delay. Voir .nil eiol frn-inl. v'M. UYDHl. This may i erlify tint we lnve 1 reu pi rs"nally ae ipiain e i wilh the Itev. Wilhaiit Itder ttr many tar pat and I ehee the above vta'enien s to he correel. itev, John Clark, Ire-i ling KkVrof I dtney Oist. " Jo-epb Are Ia-lorof Mfli thst K. Church. .1. .Ne nian, Tea 'her of M,u, Troy CfuiJ". Aea 1. j;. Weuiworlti, ' ' -Vat ira' S-ience do. J, r?iroua, 14 I, uiauaae do. Ft r lanher p.irtienhr and coucluie evidence i f it "tiperior rat'iean t e.ficaey, paM.phletf, whu h mav leohMim! of Aaent- p.iit. Prt p irinl an I Mtd, wln leileand re-ail, by A. II. fc I). SANDS, Vbolea'e Druyai-ds. 71) Kultou tl. New York. Sid I al-o by, I'fck & SrEn, It riitv-'ton; S. K. Cidlin- mi l S. V Kediiel I, M- irpelier ; F, Uuntmi;. ton, Verai'nnesi M, K. lJrm A: Co. I'latl-lmrah ; auJ by PruaJ-tsaeneraUv lhro the rmied Stale. Prue, yl peplo'ife; bntile- fui $j. Al o by V. 11. HATCH & Co, Wimiotki Fall.-. Si. John I.oims hininitiiit. rPIIi: Proprietor of ilu-p .pilar remedy ri") it-l-1. uiii'iitiou ti tlie lollu.wug letter Iro 11 ur.c ol lu Agents : Kdti.and, Vi., 2CiIi lbmary, ISIS PnAn Sin 1 cannot iclrain from wriliur. you at ibi- lime, to intoriu you of 1l.e1l.11ly iueiabiiig -ale of vo ir valuable l.inundlt. I luvi'lun i n2agil in tiling pau.. ineJiciue. fur nine car-, and have -old many Liniment- wiihin lime, nil profc-tm? lo curu llie amedisea-e- whi -Ii yours iu reality docs cure, hut Ihey performed very lew cures. ione cul ly ihe -ale wn-cry 111.1. 1. ' Vu ir Liniment i Ihe ni tide abort all olhrrs lor what it 1. de-'gned. Ii ha- giuui pcrfit'l s.iti-l'aciii, 11 in every in-iHii'v uheie il h i-I ivn usul, whu Ii cannot I e aid f n iv oilier nu'dicine exlant. I williive vou u few iusiant'c ol (-iicccs. Anelt!erl l.a ly ol thl- town who his I ecu linublel wilh ana lee 1011 ol ihe Liver lor fifteen yeirs, lias u-etl it lor two or llirce week-; -be in lorm- me that he 1 now nearly well, nnd ihntki that a few more bottles of ibe Liuiuieut will pefee un entire cue. Auo her ca-e i ol n loini man who Ins been lro'il,kd with the same iloea-e lor 13 moult . lie In-lu-t coiumeatel the u-e of H,nu I beloru be bail u-cl one I ollle, til- s dc, v. here he applied the lam incut, lecamevery red, bu-1 lb" nioruiug ht ,e ma le the lat .ipihcilon of ihulir.l Uutle he threw jip u great ipi inttly of in liter, an I lo md alo lb it in incr naa 1 et n ihrown 0 1 uiro'tiiii uie pore- ot the skin ihrec'ly 1 cr Ihe seat ot ihc .b-ca-e, Al firt be wai tpute marine', nui in- laiucri'ante 10 me 10 know whe her I thought it would nn-ucr toointtn'ie ibeu-e ol il ondr ibo-e ciretinigiauce. I tti'd hint lhat it was iu-1 Ibe Liuiinenl vt.i ueni'iietl to do, as he .hould have knnwii by attentively reading tlie paper aix'ompauyiug eacn ' ottle. Hi- tcar& .11 once vnul-bcd, be tiok another buttle, and his on is nowcoiirjr-ii. In nu-ncrii i-ca-csof obstinate llhenmatism, il ba Icen ctrially S.lece I tl. Mn;n:.i in pauvo uliool 1 1 e I lown in llio i 'e of every lotlle, as ihero is un jucs'iotiat ly 11101c Itdical Virtue in one Louie ol o,tr Linuucni lhaii in Irn ol any itiher kind iu .i-e, I could lilt a lar.e iptnno vol uue in chronicling the w 11 'erf il e Icet- of St. John Lung's L.uiuicnl, I ul 1 pre 'line ih it you nre daily receiving many i.iure fa vorab cat-co'iut- from other piru of ibe co 111'ry, aiul 1 will not farther weary yo ir pali'ucc nt tin lone, ltcs.'icifulty Vo'tifc. V. L. (3. STODDAI1I). for sa'ebvlV'K -V Spkac, llurlmgiou. 433 And V. II. HATCH A. Co., Winuuiki Falls. (lNolicc.XD filing nttten nnd accounts due the Instate of ISA. Villi -1 WAiNWfliauT. dcccaHi'd, may ba settled CAULOS WALN'-VltlflHT, at ihe Miire fin ily o-ciipitl by said deceased, any time before Iho I of .May next. Afur Ilnl timo ibey ul be Itfi will an Attorney fur col ection. KDW.MU) I). Il.Mllir.K Administrali.r of J, Waiuwrighi, deed. Ilurlinuton, March 47, 13lG. '433 I) 11. II. IIATC99, J It. U'INOOSICl FALLS. Mav lie found, fur ,lho present, at tho store of W. II. HA I I'll it Uo, -1111 iOTTHTSYIITO Done lh J. T. HENBOICT. HOO.M over II. Lmenworth't office, Collejje iticet. ti. III III LIUIIVIIM.I I rll yiOIIIM llll 1 Boston Adv'ts. Drugs, Mctlkinrs, I'aints, Oils, Dye. Stuffs, Chemicals, tyc. fyc. H AY WARD & HAMILTON, NO. IH INDIA SIM ItOSTOV, Ot'TKR nn entire new Stock of tho nbnvo nrMflt ? nt the1owret tnli or tired it prices. I'lirchnsptt nre n ppecilnily united to call and examine tburatotk nf Goods. Had. ithei Kng. " " Ind. " " i'nlv. Ipecac" Vulv. Jal.ip, ' IVv. Peruvian Hark, Gum Mytrh, " Aloe?, " Traancanth, ' Arabic, I.lquuiice r.xt and IUfd. Kpsom Salts. Sup. Cirb. Soda, Cream Tartar, Tartaric Acid, fj.itil Sonp, McnhoISf) nndPO. Paints of all kmd, White nnd Ited Lead, r,ineed Oil, Ynnmheo, Pnris tiicenn, tuu article, Vrnelian Hcd. " 11 Japan. )pid. urpentine, OldDutthOil, warranted ccnuinc, j Window (tli9, Yellow OJire, dnddcr, I,(wo'd I!xt, " (Jro. " Cam. Ited wood Cro'd. Pu-tic Cuba, Gro, Caniwooil II vp Nic Wood, " Xic Wood, Ptnk Snb?, Itleiehins Satis, Atiint, lllue Vitrol, Ciidlieir, ,.. i H"l Hnnistonc. Su'phur, ihfl Kntr. refd. potnes j-se"tin1 ()ils, c,j ( x ilit Muriaiic. " Acetic, " Nilrir, " Sulphuric, Morphine, tannine. II yd. il'Pnti-se, Calomel, oJ Amcr. Iodine. Onm Seneail, nmlto, Oluc, Ini! I lye, nl Sodi, f'otks, ic. Ac, Willi tho usual n-sortniPiit kept in a who'esile Pruj Store. All article' wirrnntid Pure JOSHUA II. HAVWUiO, rowA't t ii n.n 4G-n2 23 l.i.ln .tr-. . Whore isihchor-t plnct1 lo imy FOR CASH 1 THOMAS C.WALES STORE, BOSTON 19 iiroad Strct crrnrr of Cndral St., IS theimlv entire (Wi Whole n'le an I J"1 I in j Moot an I Shoe Stme in Ihi-ton. All tin "iher b -v nearly all and M'll innsry on t rrtiV, but W .''! n totliecjt vtem luthm Itmna nnd tllinj. and eoiipeijurndy can and will M.Lt.nt a areat t'tal b'W ei pri e than any other iiealer, t l y tli- cue i r dozen. Try bi'ii on e, and o i vi I a n I do. UK Hi- C-XST N'TLV ON IMM1 Alt kinds nf tshicnible rusom mntls Hoots and Shoes, M.imilnctured expres-ty fur retai'nirr in the Npw I'm i; land State. At-n, a areit variety of low pri e Shoe-. All nl which hive 1 een I o lahl in didl f-a -on for (a-li at Icm tlnn cn-t, and will I e Mi'd in lot-to siit pun h.ier nt a pm.ill ( mtniir.n'oer the ne't i; ih eoi,and in many m-tan es le than ihe Mnn-ifa.Murina (-)-t. At-o, I.irae Fots on vihieli be ha- ndvarurd nnncv, nnd whuh umt be (-! I fur Ca-h, in lota to suit the counry trade lor ihe tuot ttiey wdl bnna. !o and see him nnd you zc'ill never r'enentit, 3fJtn3 K. F.FLETCIIEU & CO., wiiot.r.sM.t: iir.t.t:i!? i.v WEST INIHA GOOIJS AND ALSO spnn.vj- iir.risr.u on. or all kisps. KCHANT3' W, n,.I,,.!f.1 .u,!cr I it Ti ; 12, MO. S7.n0 BOSTON DRY GOODS, JOBBING & IMPORTING nous e , JOII27SOIT ft s':;at 07'. Jioi. l'iaiul I I .Til l; -t,. Ill-ton, opposite I.'cdaial Strict WOri.ll call lb.' utten'i in of the trade in Ilu vieiid'y 10 ll-e r large an I well as'rte'l Sloe' , vtliich will len'lered lower ibau Jivw Vork price, lor cih orurivi,!.. cn.Mrmsivo is pxrt, noMr.sTH's, FoiinioN ooon-i, Heavy I'.ro .-htctin; of White Cool, nnd Luien-nll.ljle-, I ol everj vniicil ol'-l le Light anil line do Ulpieei, Orlcin-, Id li- t.eivv iv iigin .--iuriing,i nnin lllt-o lieu Sl.ceunir :ind . II, .111' azine, l)e .le'rc t'loib-, Trent b .t, Mtrti'i,-, Velvet-. Dltr.SS fltinlK. Shiriimr-. Ci I'd Caiithrics, Si'ecia. Hroa I cliuli- cv 'iie.i, caiicy ine,-. anil plain Cai- JI. I'e I.-iine., Cai h. Dc l)ie.i,in-, I I. o.-es. Cort'ct and I''ain and f.ui"v Satmoi-,1 Hciit Ca-hmt-rcs, 1, . .... , , 11 .. '.. u nun oru jirunns, rrinit-i i.awu-, T.elitiir- an I Stripe-, Lawn (iinshaiii-, rinnncl-, Lin-eys, printed Orsaudie. ll.ilorin-. 'C'"", , ,-".1 3, 1 1 k. and col'd. fi'g 'c in-, .iicmcjii -inpc, nnu tiinin, ite. Ac. iSliuils, C.lchmere. Uroeh. I'l-nit- of miniif ictnro nf Damn1,. JI l)e Ili'h- Jlcr iiuai'l., Haiiiilion iii laml, ll.iieneOinl ream! i.ieiieco 1 o -, prarut' Ciz2en( Chap.n, ltob, M.uepi I vrs. na. Also, fll vrs, llo-.cry, I'oncee and --piiijlncld IMI.Ii. S II. SCOTT, who i at the nhoe naini'tl l.ihli-huicnl, rc-iifllully sohciu 11 call from hi-lriend when Ihey vi-it l!u-lon, IVb. 12 37ml Spring Fnsliion of tints, Ol Ih prcont licnu'iful sljle, bind nml lor sale at Iho r now on n'd stand 011 reai I Strict, by a. a. snvjiouit. Ilunington, April 3, MB. -llwl joiin i KKLi.onc;, nimilTLIli DKALI'.ll I No. !.5 Hlvcr-Slrcct, my, X. Y. KV.l'.l' ct)utaiuly on hind 1 . . -"icnsivc a s"', in.nt if Win."., lors, l, rdnl-, Ac.. I iwhich he wou'd re.tcirullv call the aticntiun of JL rchanls, Hotel M'cpt r, nnd oihers. Aiiioul' hii-t,rlin,'nl nnv tinf.-nnd (It.ird n 1. m & ft!.. I'el'evol.m, S- I couiiiioti llrindv. Med. r's Sunn, and mlu r 1 nn 'n of I, iJaui lim. OdJnnnira. Si. ( roi and . C Hum. JIi'iji, --ii'ilv. Pin, Sherry, a, d Jlad.ira Wine cf ddU'r, 111 rpi iluici. Al-o. IMi.'nv, l' tiperuii it an I U'intercrccti Cotdi-ll-; Clntnpil.'ii, . Clarci, Ac, Ail o! whifli beofl, ro 1 ihe niii( accouiiriuda,,t c nn for la-h or upprovcd Cridil. Tr-y, Apr l, I31G. . (ianlcii iintl Kldv(r S(i'(l ! LAlttU. SUI'i'I.II-.-f of fresh Seed-f ,111 SI, Xm and oilier Culliviiors, at utiuUsilc, ami mitly arrantJ for the retail tra !e. ni IT. K ,r- PI I 'A It's, ami W. II. HA ft 11 .t oo'i. A'so, The rarer kinus cnnsiantly kepi. noVJ: v's SK15D1JN(J S'l'ltAWBHURY. (Of which Iho largest berries nw from five to m in the in circuuifcireiice, ami their rj iility nut surpassed. See Jl j l'.i iii) ca of llorucul- lure, and A l,ticii1 1 11 r al papers . Kcucrally, IpOR Sale by I'hiieti'i 1'iiiliipi, Jlidtlleinwn Putin, .. J., an I .tacnis, .Jlcsri. PHUK K 11:aI1 Hurhmrion, and W, II. HATCH & Co., Vtoooidu Tails. Tiiophuts ordend by agents ill bi fornar,'nl with the iilniotl punctiiiihty ul tmli limra as 13 reach ibcirilestmallon on Ihe 1st, ISih nnd 30ili nl Mnrch and Apnl. Purcliafers. ihercfure, by sivini th, ncenls iheir orders seasonably, wnli reference in ihe .ib.ned.iies, can tie teidy in rccuve Iheir plains 1111 tncdiatily on Ihtir arrival, while Ircsh and in cood order. A sheet cnntiininj pmiculnr dnrclions (or llie cii'tiiaiinn of thu and other lanclics of ihe Siraw. bciry, (cluelly extract from lli,. Jla-aiino of Horti culture, published ill llnslonA Is furnishe.1 irr.lluilnil- IV wiiii 1110 plants sold, Pane or I'umi, 5150 per uuuurcu 1'ibruary, 1310. 41 FOll SALE. A IT. V ihouiand foci ofa nnl Hail ling Timber fi fur sile low. Apply lo April 17, 1811 I ll... in i'.'. Dr. Peahody's Sermon, A T Ihe ordinntii'ii ol llcv, Oliver V, II. Piabody, - nt, Aiis. 1 1. 131 1. ALo, The Puritan Fathers, A Sermon bv Kev. Oliver V. 11. 1', Sundnr Di-e. 21. 1615. Published by C. aOOUKIOII. Murch5, 1343. 40 New-York AoV MKW Bi A It II W Atl 12. T I'OIIKIU.V AM) l)t)MI.Sli:. Ill', SiiI,i nlii-r (li.rim-i'v nf 'In1 linn "I MitLtn A s.mitii, nml nl i !. Umnil.) winiMinll Iho nlliMUiim ol llie Pul In- in I,,, well n. kclc I -liH-k J In lm Ii will It .i,!,ii I n lurili. r -i., i it li-l In ar rive', :in I frt lil lln- nr,.u liim in-lt'rinir liH ini'iil" in liu-cininlry, win, Ii u ,11 be .ol 1 nl hie pri ce far Mil of-.-nnl i..i,it, nml in nnantilits lo suit all li cull. Annul? thunrl'lM olKicJ for aleare, 1000 lii"? Jim'', nnrtril t 100 I ns wrnuglit, 100 Ii 7.. n Ii-Ih'iI Slimi't-j iOO ilu iinu ilo 0 tlo Moup or iinin !Sh iv 20 (Mk"t p,,ihel 'IVntij Cli lins 10 ilo rlo I.o du lOOOIIxf'iilor lnt i;iiain9 JOiiO ero- X. 1'. Si iew 000 urn' June Co. Screw 500 ilozcii Tr'nil; f,oik 100 tlo Cirpi'l llamiiicri KiO iln Nml 'lu nonel 100 ilo A ve-1 ICO Jn ilinrl linm'lu Fry Pan, 10n ilo M.iinirc nn I Illy Porl;, aorif.l 100 ilo (lirtVn IIm", ii"orlctl 10CO II. Iron, Urn iinil Cnppfr Wire, n&or!cd Aini'ni iin li'nn l I'm ki t (.'uili ry. TnoMisTins-rn & Gv'r. pm-U'l nn.l ivorv lianJI. talilf Kntveg nnd I'nik', Al-o, null, tru cut, pit anil tiand Suv. Holrlirl, !a l,i In-t, till ni'lilunr In k-, l.utt-of nil kind, j Tacl, l!rntl. lltili. j Puor Ilnnt'li'-, Hot Pin-, Window nml lllind I 'a.i iMins ; lira? Onnds in picil vnniMy , Po live hand-cuff's and lctr.iron' Satire Pan-, Tvn Tray-, l-Mi-.'aml V. I e Tool-. Plain's, ,f-e.j HnxRhi.; fl, 'Box S -ri.ters, .Mallet, To' a ceo Knives, flour', Juiller, I'hi't'M, cotlon aivl e.til'e Saniitler ; Kmtl .Scraper- ladie-''cn Hoc-, nml n full a ortmeiu i f llie -iiinlar kind of ii'it'v lti.ral implenieni. I K. P. A Mr.-' PcMi- Hitts nn I KiMMEr.i! ! Al-o, n variety il "ouiofilie waj"ariicli5 nutusii allvkipl in lianKvaie -tore-. N. 11. Ainciinn Hardware direct from llie manu-fit'lurer-, on -nl'' MAIP.ON P. SAIiril, Pin olilif Anvil, 11 OSMi .l.Mi Xt-vVo.k- NEW YORK PRODUCE MARKET. U woubl remnd our h if u I- ih ii u coiiliu. nt our old .iimnn. N-. IW) .Ttrr -it.. nnd nre f dlv pre i ire I lo t die elnn-u ot nil I'mif-ivn-itunti tint ibev nnv ' ii'ir i- uih. V unuld ns--ure nil w hi nnv rnir 1 t t'i ir prn 'uee t ur eare ihit everv aiiiinion p'i d! tie pud t th' ir iirrrest. We. pIi-iIi ki-ep our p-iiitiiis full) adied of the slate of nor n nkel. hibtral :idancp Mfde mi all ki t N nf trodii',e. jKwr.r.i. iiauuiov a co, 'ommiPion Meieh.inl? 0 Waier t., X. Y. Uef.'rto Mear P-d'eli .V Urndl-v, ? ni.t:.tnf .Me.r-i.J. & J. II. Pec Kf Co. J I7y ! C yTl 1) . Xi.w Vokk. Hrdi 2nd. 1816. 1 hive id ht"iiititni in niiiL' tin' m no conver- sition in which 1 hive been tnn jcd. in Wrmont or etpwln ie, in whirli ymir names be-n introdu rnil hive I ever in ten !- I lo iv inv ihiiir which bnii'.l alT-jct vtur i tmncter, standini!. credit or mode of doinr Injeine-s as Cotum iion Merehanls in New Vork;nor hin I ever hid nnv re.ison. from knowl edge or infornniion, to believe vou wrre irresponsible or lint you rondt cirri jvur husinct?s in a manner iinhpcomino Commission Merchants ou nre nt liberty to make such uc of this as you may deem proper. 1 am verv rcfptvuitiiy Your obtdtuit servant, (Sun..!) N. U. ri-K. Copied byTiiERON Dunp.Mr". 43016 ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL. 28, Cnurtlamlt Street, New York, Formerly known as the Exchange Hotel, l-wi. j AS recently na ! into the hands V&Ph 1 "r M'-rs. cmmcll Hum. J mite's phicy. 1' i within .1 -hurt tli-tancu jlUii-J ol llroaiKviv, ol the Sic nnboat Ian-(illl,i-M( nluj ( j,e principal -treets nf he city where Mer, ham from ibu country ilu Iheir hu-nics-; an I tor picas iii'iic. of location, good and coniuto In, 1- rooms,, tpn.'ttie-s and comfort, no Ii" i-e 111 Jivw Vork 1 Icier nluatel. Mi. Dum pbrcy w.i- fo tricen eir in the employ 1 fin friends the Me- r- A'ter lutcl.rje umler iich in ister-1 f the art, he nnderotindi it, ami .Northern Oui'e nen will not 1 e 'li-ap.ouiled either in Ill-.iim or hi prices. .Ions," a- he w.t- faunlnrly ca leil, I- n.'rpi mi-1 well uit.-i of the let ine- men ot Ver mont, an I if 'h,,-e irenllcincu will leiueuil er 10 call ii;t,u h in, and are dt- a', llicn hi " nsihl hand will h ivc f,r'ot i'8 cunning. ' 'I lie ho i-e bus lien t rro ighlv rep mel unci I cnutif 1 I,- lilted op. Holli cniuftirt nn.l t",.ii,, n, will be cans die I by uniting In-h .u-eihcir s oji.i "1: pla'-e. JO TO IIOTKL .Si STi:MI!OAT I'KO I'ltllVroiLS. JIanii,-; V TCXT I Itll.V 'TOV i: CHINA. I'll', -ii -i il er, h iv 11 I .en A :ent by - thcii.teni.e ..r tlu-le, f h . u.eq inled w.i re, I'.rthe IJni'.'tl Sin.', nre I illv pni,'i.ei 11. ixeeulo fty or ler- frt.u WHOI.L-iAIJ: l: LHtS in o her 'ittei. nt II, ti i. .111 1 .Si r ii',ovT Pnnri. et r.s; and .vouM le.- I, ivetore'cr to ihe t--.i .Hiving fei'i inonial ol iln-ou ili:ij m I pnnlinrjilneunt lb urn .le for ibt Jtilcl an 1 blcam'itml n cmud vvuiii I add, i' c x ilien ihn n d,'- not heeonu ih-col. r.l when clu.ipi-l, It'.e other Larthciti or S ono Ware. They hive nlii nn Inn In crncrnl a ortment of China, Class and I'.nrthcmrare -unable lor ihe Country Trade, which they w.ll tell eic for cash or approved credit. 'IIilOTIIVT. KISSVM & SONS, .Vfic- York, Much, Hill. 1 13 JIa Lone. Ue, h ive fiirui-htil our llolcl-with "J1ASO.NVS I'AU'.XT IUO.V SlONi: CHINA." impuiiel l y T. T. Ki-sam o. Co. nnd giie it n pre ference over everv olhcr kind ol China or llinliern Ware. Hem? ol sreat htrcnsth aid durability, il combine- economy, with neaine. of appearance, and wp clieeifully recommend unsbeinj letter adapted to Ilctclcnnof., tbinaiiv other article now inu-e. .Vcic- York, January, 1339. ItnvDnv, Colkmin & SrKTsos, Astor House. Wm. 11. Cojuns, ,lmercn Hotel. IliiKr. !t ISgeb, II 'acerh House, Havi:- ,V Taninwnii, Pranl.lin llmse. Jouv H. OiausEit & Co. Cili llilel. I'. Honnr.-it Sov, Clinton Hotel. Jons- JI. I'lin't, l'carl street House. Ji, U. Since ibe above vva- furni-hed all ihc-c ci'.ibli.lnnent Ii.ho contiii icd il- ii-p, with all the iiriucipa' Ho'cl-m lto-ti 11. And inorerecent-h- hive fiiruihe I, vvh II v or 111 pari, tho f. Mowing Hole!-, an I several new lal.c and river s'eamcrs. S't Charts II Ail. Ncv-Lrlein, Jlc-rt. Hvdoe A Vii.-os. ft ill llmse, L".'i lille, K, Mr. Isvtc ITvcrett. I.'rc'unve Hotel, Itichmrui I V.i , Mr I'. Hovnr.!. l'renclCs HjIcI, Nrf 'k .., Mr. Wsi. Tkincii. ' ' l'.-ir birh, V.i , Mr. 1). fans Ihltl, Wa-liiii'.-l 11 i;y, 5!r. S. .i'olX MAV. Hrc'uinrc H ut, Ilallimire. 'uuic Ihuse, ' M.ssr. Jackson ti Crin TON .lm-riV.ili Hitcl Phil i.lel .lilt, Mr II, lUvml H I I. N. w- ork, M. --r Tin i,i ti Hoc. Sea Yk ILiel, " .Mr. .1. II. I'luisns. 7.y llm.e. 'Ir.-v. Me sr. t oi.r.iN V ItocrM. JuieriViii Ihltl, 1. i'MI . Mr. I.. I. lb pars .1m.oui Il'ine, , Jle H- li n-iiviisn A Co, Calarivt Il'use, Niaeara l'a,-, Jle-rs. U iiitnev A Son And i ilir- JJvvS LEO UO UN A 'D PANAMA HATS. IOIl SAI.K, an cxten ve a r men" ol la-shorn, I P.inun.n, .Manila, Pilm I nf, "Orepon," acd " Can nl 1 " Straw Hit-, nl-.., Meu',H y' 111 1 Children-' Cloth 1 up ol . wrv lar.e v 1 1 pilleru whuh ue are private I to - eh on very re.i-tuiabie term-,and 10 (Ut miry .Mendim'-, wi-lmi 10 p trebl e, we oTer 111 1 icenietit- itucq iillle I v nnv o her llou-e. Per -. u- vi imia ih euv are iuin-l ,, ea II and examine our stoi-k of Hood- I ef.ire p ir.'ba-ini; e! ewherc. ,N. H. We Inve ilw.iy 011 hand, Kur Cap and Kir of every deT ptiutl. tiU'f.TA ttir.t.uin 30-3UI ISO, JIau'en Lane, New Vork. SOMiyrillNG NEW. cua in. Ks H . e a at c ii. 11 . illlani lrccl. Opposite Piatt Street, NP.W VOllK. Solicits the attention of Merchant and others lu Ills eniiie new s vie of SELF ADJUSTING STOCKS, A CU'NOWIJIIXiKO by llio? a who bao neil I tbt'in. to be sujterior loany thing ytt in vent rd for llie tu c'i, nnd osinsin,; inanv ndt nnmesovrr tho ordniiry nriule. The nnd btickld uii-illy nt tirbt'd 10 hlock arv' ibsjienr-d witb, and n fprinc sub noted in ttiur plato which botd u finnl), and yet i ninrh m re vnty and comtortnblt' to the neck ihnn tho old 8t.V. It is olo mj cin-iricied thnt wben ort ibt nrc! it exicily it'emblcs a crnvni ncnlly tied, and tho wuli winch it isadj isicd lo tlie nock nnd tV-en nil', tt n gnat ndv-inugu ou; a crant or tlie orbnary stork. On tlie w bote, it-fUpfHoritv or r all other f-r nent ne9 and rotntnu ncf. 1 tuch Hint Hie -uli-rnbr, in roiiinion unh iliose who t'td ilum, u ronli lent lint they will untreJe any tlun of iho kmd yet in venitnl. Tht'dninnd for tin nbovenrtirlc 'nre ilieir inlro Iiicitin, hit b.Mn such tint th? f-ibi-fii' rr would itiff, tp.t 10 nu'ichant nn t de.iltra tint pinpri. iv or fbt-jr cilluiixanlcxiininbuf iIumii a 4 soot) us convenient after ihi-ir artnil m ihc iaity (. II. 11 W4111 hi tdfto sine ihnl lLbn now on hand md it c miani1y Hdditi iherHo by Into nnivat, nnct hy In iiwn nuniifiMuro, a hrm" nnd ftfti?ivo ni. sHtment of sumits open t'e. tliiriSp rvlUr, bo-ixnt, nl )t, sjjvndifrs! iiiidtfr gvinent, bq'f lio, bund kerchief, oited nlks, dresinj? gowns. Ar, Ac, all of wbich will be o'd at tbc low-eit market pricij 40

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