Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, June 12, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated June 12, 1846 Page 2
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Governor vv New Hami-suirc-Oii Fri day afternoon 1 1 10 two brunches nf lliu Leg islature iiirl in convention, u don llie Inn. Ahlhoiiy Cnlliy, tint Governor elect, c.iinu in'rind look llic oitlmf office, and tin1 Pres ident nf tlin Sunnlo ininoiiiiceil tit it lin was duly qualified ns Governor nf the State. Tim Ciuvernur llien rosu and rend the follow ing SPEECH. titutlcuuii of the Senate and Hmitof HtpramtalirtH S,tiuiiimt In-fore ymi in Iho c.ipicity which you have placed me, I (cl .a liiali ileiiree nf confidence in llie at I of your rumluiicil wednm nnil eo-opcrnlion. Under the nvssinit 01 .timumy "isi, wu imn h- m uensofarn!ui!iidindepiiideiilfiate,and may wullre. joice in the gi'iit-rnl prosperity ol our country, otid llic b oiigu loll lence of lis tree institutions. Ours is a ciltintrv ol benevolent principles i ami, . Southern slaury ex'cepicd, of iinrqualled lihcily.- . .. ;nsrUctions moved tV Mr Bell- This exception- nt inrunei! willi llic iloclrmc of pip- ",ls "isiruuious iiiuvmi "v mi uui ular hheiiy-iat v.niilice wiili our declaration of lib- ton. eriynmlcqtnliluhis, nnd rcpnsiiant to our mor-j This was opposed by Mr Webster, who nl sense, wus emailed upon us by llie Trainers of our .... i ,i i . ,i i:r,t. .. ,i... i, I Cortsuliitioa, who-e. ml inioufo? Ihe admission ofso expressed tlio liopo i i d tl.u lioniul a hloiiipou mir syscm, was the weak nnd em- ary would lie settled before llm ndjiiiirnmeilt burns.ed conlnion of ih.i country at Ihe close of , f'Ciingrcss, liv a treaty with England. Ihe revul iitunary w ir. Ilul w nt can be said nf the . rt n i i .1 . ..! .. present cenerntion in ihe United Stales 1 (ir,asp,2 Mr Calhoun also opposed tile strt Ctiutl lerntorv for ihepurposi iirincre,iini! human ini-ery I . nnd lioped action would bo delayed until near . i cxns ins oetii anucxen 10 me uinien mines lor no ii'uner v , -ut i peipLMU i e :m oi"uiini'Mi iiu n ilpyra-'es ihe I11011111 Inee. nn I il.shonols the ftoil of lliHVen. I'or d,,inj? this, there is no excuse tint will nvad for our coiimry Ur.'ri: i rnihteoos .luilu'e I.el New tl-impslore w'lj-e mil the slam wdliell bus b-'i n lliniif upon In r lypirly nnchoiery, set in mo lion bv ihe Hilii uore toiiventioo, nbtrehy she bus lieeii onde lo nci eoolr.irv lo llie true splrii of her oricnil dt-oioTacv, and neiiinry In the irno li'elmas of three. fniiiths of b'r eiliziMis." A'Iu'q we of llie North ate not pcroiiited in remain ma Southern Sine by our nyeut., for ihe purpose of obiaimn! pisiiie, hi us rentier t'oful for cut, an I lo our iNiutliem 'brelluen, of whatever innk , r 1 olor.tbat if they eome inui'New llaiopohirejhey ony enjoy innal b'eriy willi us- ,1,1 1 if .life be rlaioied ns senauls or ns nl.lV's, Id a rillhl In Ihejr s,tm. es, founded on nlntu nl couinei, he "how n lo the siiisfaeiim of a New llaitipsliiio jury. Jf Couiress Invc not ihe consii'u lionil rihl tmholisli s'averv in llic lhsiiieiof Co lumbii. it would l,io' hei'et for linun lo remote the Beat of t'overuiueltt lo s line free slltc. ,1 ricouimeod 10 vi-iir candid nod H,'iious coneider ni'on, llie Miton. This is nn csmihl pillar (m llie joerniiient. Withoiu it llirrc would bennihinir,witb, in rc n li of the I'xeniiive or of the Judiciary.lo carry any law wlnicier into ilHet. Aliho'iuh we loo't upon war with horror; alllioiijh it is, in fuel, wholeie duclline 1 yet t!ii s'liure is Upn us, and without inq utiii? who or wlnt has in volvid in soaufd a calamily, it is our duty to I c ptcpircd lor any emergence, and to stand rea ly to o'ey promptly any orders which we may receive .from the eeueral iiovernniunt. We haro a brave and poweifiil s djie.-y, ica ly at nil limes 10 defend their country. We h ive a h nbor. nod n mvy vard for builduii! nnd retiiioijj slops of wnr, unsurpassed by those of nny siniem the Union. When the stlfi h asiiiralions of mm for place and 'power shall bo elnnireil to the pore spirit of our I.oid Jesus Christ, and Ihe bro'ienenintnmd of (3od, which ,avs. "livo Ihy n. inhbor a- ihy elf," plmll be oheved by all innnliin I, then anil nut till then may the Mi'ui-i tie dislrinded. Any chnnire whieh you in iyt make in llie svsiom.rendeimi! ir neerp ah'c to our citizen, nod anisfjcmry lo those perfoniunjj service, by no tin aus diiiiiiiisbiiii; us pnseoi ilHeiey, I -hill surtlynp prove. Wh never may he the sys'em, it is llic popo lar voice which will suVain or crush it. Inileeil. (mr whole iioiernnieiit rc-ts upon ihe breath of the peo ple. To ridieul.' an es-enti it pin, is the s.inifins rid tailing, the whole. If ihe Militia is a farce, then the wlude govirnuient ts a firce. Thepre-ent Innldni I iw is arislocratn in its oper ation ; and, if continue I, o ir bin' s will be llie most perfect monopolies tlm mr stale ha- ever icnred.The unlimited persmnl hiln'ityof the stockholder forces the who'c business into a soil of lejahzed copniner. ship of the rith j excludina theinidilhny inien sis and others, who are the snleeo'itnliipors to make up the yearly dividend wh-eh pisses snVy iieo die poikeis oflliefuw. Hmks siioul I bp sufli enilv euirdcd for the-afely of,!!1 hill holders, and clnnered fir llie purpose of tri insr to the peop'e a eitouliiinir medium, for llie iiansii'i'on of iheir orilm.iry hitsuu-ys. 'I'he revenue nri-une from ihe proper in iinireoieol ofihein ilioulil be flisitihuteil, as f ir ns miy be, nnionj; the many. Hanks do not create business, nor tie em ployinenl 10 ihe lab Terj wl lb -y should iieeotuino datotillwho gne pound nn I fife security. I wou',1 piejndicp n ) one ns'iln-t ih ri'-h 'I h" on'o of weillh, whoso heirl is open to the winls and woes of his ieltow man. anil wh ) will pol I. is ontiey nt li k, lo ereato hiiioe-s for the liliormg ela-s, is worthy ef respect and descries s.ieeess. II ir laws in riluion to cornorilions s'vitrd I e so modifi , I 1 hat such men miy fin J the same enco irajjeineut here as in otlor states. Asricullunl intere.ts issrve an I require more en cournscuictil III in any otlu r 10 ihe stale, thoooh, fact, they ore s i interwoven with the manufiriuriui; and mechanical inieres's ilm ii u impos-ibV loolleei them singly. The Union of ihesc inlere-is ;ives to New Knslind her p -enh-ir clnract, r: i clnraeier en. vied by the world. New H-ioipplute is n it waollil" in nny ol ihe naioral n sourees rcquisiio for the up poit of such nn union of pretests, Her wan r 'power is vast j eapihle of imniense develf p'ueni nnd ureal results. In this -he probably surpasses nny state 111 the Union, of her h ze. An increase of mauufietuiin villages upon her wa lerf.illii would bring a innket 10 evetv f inner' doni; offeriniz him a hiyher piice for his prisltice llinu he cou d ohMin in .my New Dii'liud eiiy, where he milt compete wil'l Ih i pro lucls of ihe wen This can lie easlv necomplohed bv eile-ient proleciion 10 domAsiie industry, and hv en -o.irnLoui; en. terprisc, A proleciion of iiiaiiuf.icluitii and mech,iu. leal interests is the only principle 011 vOnch Ihe puce of l i' or can le k, p' up in Aim uean. pinee ihe free trade sv-lem will I rmu it into coiupeiilioii wuh ihe low priced labor of I'.uropc. The present tarill' needs no comment, to sntisfeany reasotiahhi mill ol up bin (ieial results, who will lor a moment compare iho pret-en! pioperous inudition of the eounlry wuh ihat ol 131'J l.ahor Ins never been in Kreater dciiiaud, Ins never rcceivid helicr nay, than nt ihe pre-ent Unit) ; and if there 1 a class of 01 iiens nnionj us who deserve encouragement nnd proleciion, II I lloit cla- who laboi from mummi; ,!! !. ,1,1 nnil fiom venr In ; u-lu, k iimiiri ,1. tu'ha'Kr' teV, '0 Lull C41iial. I The n ueel ol mil roa'ii nt nresent one o 1 een inlcresi in ihe Sltte; nnd m lejishting upon it, jt j3 well iolioeivcieu 01 nil t,ein.ii iiihi seeiiou 11 views and feelings, and line 10 every ecuoo of thu Siatoall 10 which it i muled fro n iis tiaturil location, con nslent wiui ine iii-ncrm wui.ireui uie wno;e. The (irest n- rtiil rind hw is arhiiriry nnd nnti-dc-inocr.iiic, nod I reeooiinen I the repeal of 1 much of it ns tzives la the (lotcrnor the power lo order llie OoniiiussioTii rs lobic.ito a rail ro 1 1, couirnry 10 their ow 11 ciinvicii 111 nf lliu politic L'ood, The hw of ihe I'oiteil Sntes, ri j mini; each Sinle to bedlsllicKd tor the choice ( f Iteiireeiit-iiive- 10 Congress, lei been lot illy ihsteunrded hv our own Sinle up 10 Ihe present lime. Il h not 01 he presumed ibnt llie people wi I respect tlio luvs which we mike, while wo iho law s ol f ;,ioitie si nnd it is I IHt III! IM.M1C ni.'l III.' . 1.11 J r I I Ul C S.aie. in lob TH sci , y, w, "i punno i.mii siioiim no granieii lor tho mi- linve never hten eleeied neeonlina 10 ihel.nvii nflhiir i provemonl i.( I'e.ul Hivcr, in Iho plate nl Mis. iiwn inakin: ; l ut who have irenied them with con. sissippi and lMlisuna. Mr Speight, one of the tempi. I tee iiiiiiiend llnil lli.i Inw ofUenitres. be MiMicnippi Seintors. has ben very sava '0 in jraSdM b' "rOP"ly a,,,,'"j. Jebate. s,,api,ia a, every body wliooppiu Vsia will, if oil iliuil. proper, mnkc the nceessirv !6 , ., , arinnueuienis for reeeivmit the shire of ihe proceeds I 'bis morning ho sail lliat Detnocrary ap. uf ihe isle nl iho public Inn U belonsimi tu ilna slate, peared very good when among Iho people, lint, now in Ihe treasury ol the United Sinus. when members nf Congress got In this Capitol ,i,erei.u...... ...,, .,. iiirii-, lh communiiy in llm welfiruof common schools iw.,.:. . .i.i.i I... L. , .t ; I....H fiinher, by all proper menin. AH that tlcv.iies Iho chaia-ier m prnmry rrnnoia, cievnies tno Kmie. Whatever enn he nccomplishcl bv lejialitmn, in fill - iB our chool hoiises iii i iirBiiig the ii.cri.iiy ofconi - Enre nf iou'nd InitK, alioul,! L. di l! I nnlr when ihe miss of iho peoplonre inielliuent, that lliey will fiiinin the lualii'r uisiiiuiinnsof lenrnin" It is only when l hey nre inteiiiijcni, lint a people ev- tr apprccnie an. pre-ervu uieir liner y. I rreoiiiniend llnl whaievei i-iiin ol money be nid ilofiholten.ury, for publishing the stale laws nnd resolie,he jusilv disitihuied nninnr nil ilm new spa. pers,ot every p-ioiicai piny, inrjnneii weisiy 111 ine lnte. Iicli ciunen is iiounu in ooey inn invvs, nnil hould have un opporinnuv 10 leatn wnni lliey aie, Villi llie lonsi possible Ironhhi or evpense 10 buntell, after paying his proportion of Ihe expense for in-iking ihtm, .No one thould ba rrimprllt-d to Hkc nnews paper in winch ho lias no confidence! nnd any parly in power which will rtfusn such i-ipiinhle ili-uibu-lion, when I lie v cnenk of their demociacy nnd lovoof tqunl righo, should snenk iofdv. All liniiecossary nmcea'ahould hn nbullshed, nnd tnet economy ohserved In every depnilinenl of ihe ovirnnient 1 tbe power if ihe r.seeniivelejseiifiit hy t'pnferiinil upon ihe peop'e, ihe choice of aII the iifTi. reri of ihe governmeui wbiel. the tvjii.iiiiiiig,, doe. not express ywimn from tnent A airiei nh'servsiiee of the oonilitution, an' iilaranli fglan.1 prompt administration of Ilia Uwa, are essen- tial lo III" wtiiiito onue siamnnu uie siicly of aftce governmeiii. The Treasurer will in due lime nnka known the condilioiioflhestnefiiniieei J have enod rcsson ,0 believe lha, the ..... i. no, euib.rra.sed W. The A.yhun for the Iiisau. has ilm. far answered liietxpecimioi sof 11. coily fraud.. Wliitlitritw trrquira'ahyiM from tfie Mate, Is unknown to moat hrpsrnf There arc oilier ml jerls which will rcn, tire your nt tcnlim! 1 1 fore the close ofiho present ses-iou lull, comiti! from my own priv.ale business, nnil enletinir uponihiiiesin w libit I have Ind no cxptnriicc.ll H not he ctpcclvd 111 it I should he prepaicd to present Ihem oil. . , , Your own good judgment will umceM that no un necessary ehnugr rltoutiMe made iri existing law. It is better to seller some iiicnnvciuencrs than loex perience ihe evilsof eotilhi'ietl njtcnitinus. ( W'liaieier we do. let us keen in view the interests of our felinw citizens, rcgntdless of party, pailialor seelioinl consideration lonkiuit to the great Author ofo ir llellli! for wisdom lo ipiulo in. We are niients of neii'e, iiitlostrioos, and pcrscver lin: people who expeel, and Inve a riyht to expect, we will nttenil in tlieir bootless without delay, close the session, nnil go home lonileiul lo our own. AN'IIIONY COI, BY. Concord, Juno ,", Hid, CONCUR S3. Mondav, Juiib 1. III llie Senate tlio Oregon debate was resumed tiy Mr Cass. m - r,.nli,.J tn l,v M, J,.ntnn . , . ' . . . rim bill was then referred to tlio commit- leu nn the inillcinrV. nnil I in next nrotiosi- Qle ,.ns,j f e session Mr Alriiison was ill fivor of tlio instruc tions, and wanted Congress to sliow by their action, to our settlers in Oregon, thut llie) will be protected. Without taking the question tlio Senate adjourned. Nuthinc of innmniit in llie House. It was encaged in TerrilniMi business. A bill was p issed to direct llie 'resident nf the United Slates to sell the reserved iiiineial lands in tlio slate of Illinois nnd Arkansas, and tlio territories of Wisconsin and Iowa. TiiunsDAT, June 2. In llie Senate, lo-ilav, .Mr Houston siihmilteu' an aniemluient to his resolution tenilerini the (hanks of Consrcssj tn General Taylor and roiiiuuml, cnndnltnj with the friends of those who sacrifice their lives at Ihe shrine nf Iheir e.niiiilrv'H rPolits and lionnr, at llie battle nf l'.ilo Alio .ind Resaca do la PjI. ma, on the S!h and 9:h nf May last, and deplor ing their loss. After ai me ennversation as to Iho manner in which the objects of the rnsnlu lino should he accomplished, it was referred to the ,1ilitary noitnnitlce,tn20tlior with the House joint resolution of the same character. iIr Lewis, from Iho rntiynitlee on I'tnancc, subinillcd rc.s.ilulioiis calling upon the President fur estimate "fthe n i mint nf money required ilurinj; the present and coming fiscal year, for a prnper prosecution oftlio war with; abo inquiniii; the required amount as likely to be realized in tlio present conditinn nf nur financcf, without rcsnrt to lo ins, treasury note, or direct tavaliun; anil .f not, what iiinilifieatinns of the existinjr laws are required tn furnish ample means for the purpose aforementioned. Upon these resolutions and amendments submitted by .Mr Crittenden, an intcreMinu; debate ensued. l'eiidinu the disciisiioii, the further conside ration of the subject was postponed, and the consideration of the special nrder, tho lull to protect III- liolits of American citizen in Ore gon was resumed, the question pending being upon tho rcferenrn nf .Mr llentnu's testriietinns to the committee having charge of the hill. After d'sciisstoo, the instruct ions, by unaiiiinuui- consQut, were laid upon the table. In reply to a question propounded by Mr Han. egan tn any inmnher of the cnuiinillee on Fi ll nice, Mr Speight stated that the sub.trearurv bill would bo rep tried during the present week. I be MnuF. P1 sttioneil tbe special order the lerrilonil buiocs until Thursday, and weul inlo coiinnitiei! oftlio Whole on the stale oftlio Union on the bill MipplnmiMitary tn the Movi can war bill, the question m to be taken to. morrow,, Juno .'). The IIol'sk was en gaged during .1 lung d ly ill deb ite and action on llm supplemental war bill. Thedebito ch'-ed it 2 o'clock ; and amendments were oll-'red for upward ul two hours. 7'oe first section of the hill, as it en mo from the coiniuittee, has been so amended as In limit the number of new m ijor generals loone, of lien; and of brigadier generals lo uui instead of four. Tho lull and amendments were reported to the House, and will receive their final anion to-morrow. I iiuitstivv, June -l . in ihe Sexath, a rei- I til if in wa puhtuilleil bv .lfr Ci, calling for information relative tn ihe conduct of (ioneral tJiue's in issuing orders for raising a vnlunteer force of twoho ilmus'tiu! iiiep. After sumo run versilion, the resolution was laid on the table till to iiinrruw, The bill unking the annual appru prialions for tlr? I'ost Offi-o Department wa taken up, several amendments were nllorcd, and discueseil at length. The Mouse finally dipncd nfthn supplemen tal war hill, 'i'ho residue of Iho diy wa giv en upto the consideralioii uf hills relating to the Territories, Pnili V, June 5. Tho entire session cif the Senate, to-day, after the inorni ig business, was occupied in a very interesting debate on Mr Cass's resolution of inquiry into the conduct nf (i'Mieral (i nuns, in calling for tivelvo thousand ' .1 l'i. i n -.1 -.1 voiuoieuin. I nu icsmkiimiii wi.s iiii'tl J y Mi'pieo I as amended by an additional resolution oll'iired I .. w l , . : . t I n . i i. Sf t if fi - "' -r -Ito-nrresplimlenco helweer, Scott and tho nr D-ipirtmciit, and den , 1 "J"" Tno chairman of the rnininillec of Claims succeeded in bringing thn llousi: to tbe consid eration nf Iho privato calendar. It was taken up in cmniuiflee with a hearty u ill In work, and a great 111 my bills were favorably acted on They were reported to the House, and will probably haro their liinl disposition to. morrow, Satukiiav, June fi. In Sknatk lo day one of the rirliPi-t deb ilea of the secs'on limk place, Tno sparring was between I.wn I'oeo Senators', and turned upon the point of Iho inennsis'ency of l.oen r.ocoisui 111 general and eomo " Demo, cralic" Senators in particular. 7'iiu question under diHCiission was whether certain sections r it I 1 , . . - u turned ii rank Ar stocracy ,, u . .tlrcipeight.) ( I rue for you, Mr N les, who usually p?aks so low that ynu raniioi near any iinng lie savs, rnsn ami gol 1 q iito animated. He denoiimed Mich Denmcra. 1 ty ,s advocated by the L'entlcmon ftom Missis- ' -'PP- " "-ould appear from tho cnnducl nf the gonlleintn thai wh iluver iiiakps lor tho benefit ' of Mississippi is ctintilutinnal and Deinorratir, Mr lligby am Mr Sneiaht had a personal iiHer'ocutory omrrel. M?II. said thai bo would , i,,,. , ,,, '. V i .1 o 1 .. I 1 a '"8 l1',,',rly, ,luu",l"'":'l I,"1,l,ls ll,nrby I a'iy 1,,Jy. a"d Mr S. said that hod.d not attempt , t, i.imj a,.,jr iiueny m speecu, nr iiueriy 01 con science, or any uiber liberty from the 'Senator iroui aian.ima. After snme further akirmishinir. which would have done honor tn any of Major (1encr.1l Tay lor'a troops at Pal Alio, nr Hie Palmetto lUvino, the question was put 1111 Iho dual passage nf III bill and carried yeas 151, nais IS, 12 Whigs and 11 l.nres in the atlirnialivo 3 Wlugi and lf I.oco in Ihe negative, Tho three Whig hi Inn negative, are llurriciii T, Clayton, and I Mangum, The Senate then took un the llouinas land claim bill in I.ui.una. wh e.b. after necunvin,. - 1,. ,. ,-, ' ; .'. ..11 "? 1 ' 1 "" '"r 80l" "mi-'ttas postpouea till n inncras), Tlio I'Veiirh Spolialinn bill was then lal.rn I up, and afler a difCU.einn nf Iho eub'iert by Mr 1 Coluuilt and a few words from Mr J M Clav. ,V,WK I lnld rcaduijr by a voto of yeas t!7. nays Ul. j 'I'he Senate then took up ihe I'ost Office Ap proprialinn bill, tipnn which they were employ, cd till they adjourned. They tamo lo nu de cision on the bill. It will cumo up again on Mmiday. 'I'ho House was all day ncctinicd with thn Privito Calendar, a duty which they seem very unwilling to look In Iho face. FnoM Wasiiinoton. The correspondent oftlio Now York Journal ol Commerce, tin ier dale of Washington, Friday, June 5lh, says : 'It Is now ascertained that Mr. Pakenham has not received any instriictiuus to make a liual otlor lur Iho partition of Ihe Oregon tern- lory. I hoy could not have come, as fuiitidcd upon the imlicc ; for it appears that tlio notice had not been tilhVially communicated to the British government, at tlio tltnu when thfl III hernia sailed. The final oiler will probably bo nude within a short time ; and it is lo bo hoped that it will not he rendered more cxaclui" in its clnraeier by the intelligence nf hostilities be tween the United States and Mcviro. ' It is expected that tho President will.v on, answer lliu resolution of the Senate nu the subject of Iho estimated expenses of the .Mexican war, and tho moans to bo adopted to meet thnso expenses, &c. " The i hnracler of tho answer will liavo an mlliiaiice upmi Ihe proposition for fixing a time for tho termination of tho setsinu, which the Senate will, on that day, consider. A CURIOUS CASK. Wasiiinoton. May 2:). Kx Sonalnr Tannan from Ohio (a I. ico Foco of blessed memory) was appointed to inspect and arranco the miner. nlo rical collections" brnughl hnme by tho ex-..i..?.-.. ..-..-.I., i i .. iiuim VAjivilllU'll, l, .1 iiioiiiiiiiue oi Vyooyrcss. Iii almost all cases thero are duplicates. He wa allowed by the Committee for his services to take one of each, provided ho left all the best specimens for depositc heri. Like llnyt with the Sub. r,-c.isury,liowevi!r, he looked u'poh this unlter as a more fiction and has sent ofTioOhio all tlio best specimens for Ins own use; nuking in a short time from 82o to 820,000. It was discovered a few days ago, and communicated to tho Committee of Congress who apponlcd nun, who nisianiiy ropcaicu tne resolution piv ing the nllico. Ho resigned directly, and has make a bcc-linc for Ohio in quick time. i ney can un nothing with him, I 6upposo; Tor it was simply a breach of privilege. IJul isn't he an utitcrnficd Democrat. LATEIt INTELLIGENCE FICO.H THE SKAT OF WAK. O i tho 29ili ult., tho steamers Gilvcston mid James L. Day arrived nt New Orleans H o m tho linizos Santiago I ho former left on tho morning of tho 2"tb nit., nnd thn lat ter on tho evening of the 2()lh ult. They bring a confirmation of tlio news brought by the Telegraph. General Taylor li is obtain ed peaceahlu possession of M.iliimoras. Tlio Mexican army left it largo amount of ammu nition by filling up tho wells and throwing oilier portions into the river. General Tay lor gavo most positive orders to his men not to take iho slightest article without giving a fur equivalent. Thn citizens were told by General Taylor lo continue lliolr business operations, but prohibited them from selling liquor to any ol tlm army. Tho following account of tho news, ly lliese two ariivals, is from the New Oilcans I'icayuno of the 33th nil. Tho steamship ll ilveston arrived last eve ning fiom IIr.i7.ns S mti.igo, which placo she lefi on the 27ib instant. She brings a con firmation of tho nuws brought bv tlio Tele graph. On the 17ili lost, a largo portion of Gen. Taylor's army moved up iho river for iho purpose of crossing, (Jen. T. remaining at the I'oitific.itioii wuh about three hundred men. As the army was seen by the Mex icans on llie oppnsilo si lo lo leave th en campment and approach the ford, Arislu ' .n.,i ,. n ....,,,...... r;.... 'n...i... ! sent a 11 ig of truco to Gen. Taylor, rcques ling an tii mtslici! ul six weeks, giving u rea son for his request, that ho desired lo com iniinicutn with his government. Gen. T. answered, that hu would give him till 8 o' cliirk the next morning to evacuate tho city of M itamoras, nnd would permit him to take the public properly under his charge. Tho lliglhen letnrned. On thn next day, (die I81I1) the itrniy rrnssed, on (hts of their own ciinstiiiclinn, and thn bodies nf wagons c mik ed. Thu piss ige was 111 idti about four miles above Fort lirown. On arriving tit the city, it was discovered tint Arista, with his Inrces, had departed, leaving only iho mounted bat teries. All the mortars, and such of iho mil itary nppirnlus in could not bo removed, in iheir haslo to escape, wore thrown into tlio lis. A pally fionioiir nruiy went to re- roiinoilrn immedi itely after the enlr.inco of Al.ilamuras, and overtook a piriinn nf the relrnnling Mexicans, twenty-two of whom were m.ido prisoners. It is understood tint Arista s head quarters aro at San Fernando. about ninety miles distant fioin M Gen. Taylor issued orders to his army not tn lake anything from the iuh ibitoius with out paving full value. Thn citizens inioras aro permitted lo transact business 11s usual, niih the exception of selling strong . nnd the steamers weie to leave the river Al drinks. J varado. where ihev had linen laid im in nr. CiiiiMiiniloro Conner, with most of tho squadron, has gone to Ptmsacola, to refit and reinfoice, before 111 iking an attack upon Ve ra Cruz., intending to bring with him two or three lino of hallle ships. The steam schooner Cinriiinati, Cam, Smith, was at Matamnras ; ihe Mary Kings land, nl anchor olT the bar; llm Augusta, luroiiud in tho bav; tho Sua, Floriud 1 nud Monmouth, were lightering over thu bar. I ho ship Ondiaku hud ai lived safe. On her passage lo the seat of war, tho Galveston was Iho scene of 11 terrible mur der, 11 man named Robert Mitchell, of llie AliKelvey Guards, having slabbed ono of Ins comrades mnieil William Ala bv. The deceased was buried atsea, Captain Wvddell reacting tliu lliu Itinera! service. Tho mur derer was immediately put in irons, and plac ed in close custody immediately upon their arrival ul Point Isabel. There is no is s nu, who can assign any cause lur this des' peraln act mere Had net been any quarrel ling heiween lliu parties. The amount of money found in ihe Mex ican at my chest afler the battle of the 9h, was it is said, S 1 0 ,000 in enld. The James L. I) iy, which sailed on the evening ol the 2Clh, arrived aboulO o'clock, 11 short lime after thn Galveston, The only additional item of i:oiri she bring is dial the Mexican army had retreated lo Cimargo, about 20 miles from Malamoras, it is sup. posed for reinforcements. A party of Col. Twiggs's Itegimenls of Dragoons, under llie comiiiiiiid of Copis. May, Arnold ami Carr, arrived at Point Uahel on iho evening of the 2.1 ill inst, for the purpose of recruiting iheir horses. "Tho volunteers aro gathering hero in crowds. I had llie pleasure yeslerday, of meeting (jcii. olenicaii Hunt, on the Texan volunteers. The General looks well, and is anxious to ho on llm field. His men nro hardy looking fellows. All lliey pray for it lo bo permitted logo nut lliroug'h llm inlefi or as our army marches inwards Mexico, and lo pike such towns as they can reach.) TJoir Kiiowiengo tu ino country, uieir hardihood and vH'oricnce in fighting Mexicans, lit them peculiarly lor such service. Thero aro ninro than twenty vessels lying here, inside andoiilsido of Iho Bar. Ono'Frigate of War, nnd.llio balance transports and trading ves sels. Tlio lion. Ilico Garland is here, nnd is about to establish ti lino of coaches be tween tliis point nnd Matamnrns. lie will niako ti loriiino by tho operation, it lio com mences soon. Tho snlllers put the screws to llm poor soldiers hero nt n cruel rale, in tlio way of charges, It is really outrageous, and should bo looked .to by tlioso in power. "Tho volunteer, as far as 1 have heard, enjoy excellent health." if-si iitini .tirxico I lie I oi l tn ei.i ini i lllnrkndcil Powers nf American llonsiils nn IHllleil-.'Ci Mexican killed tiy the Apache I Indian Americana nnlrieil to the Interior Hlfiirtu of the (iovcriiinrnt to sustain the War The .Mexican Steamers, fcc. &c. At an early on tho morning of the 8tb, tho Tribune oflico received a Telegraphic Despatch from Philadelphia, which is mostly taken from the Now Orleans Delta of May 3 1st. I5y tho bark Thalons, Capt. Murrell from Vera Cruz, arrived hero last evening, wo received papers by her from the City of Mexico to tho 15lh and from Vcia Crujs to tlio timo of Iter departure. She sailed on tho'iOlli inst. Wo learn verbally from Capt. M. that tho U. S-steam frigate from Missis sippi arrived at Vera Cruz, on llie 18tli willi llm news of iho batllooflhe 8lli and Dili inst. Care was taken to keep it from tlio Mexi cans, though it is thought the fact of their de feat h ive leaked, and did leak 'out. The Mississippi and Falmouth had block aded the pott of Vera Cruz. Orders bad been received from tho City of Mexico, di recting all Americans to leavn Vera Cruz by the 24th inst, Mr. Dimond, Consul, was pre paring to go on board ono oftlio U. S. ves sels of war. It was generally thought that tho American vessels left in port, tho bat k Louisiana and tlio brig Ellen McLcod, would ue seized bv the Mexicans. Tlio contractor of supplies for the Amer ican squadron had been forbidden by llieVe- ra Cruz authorities to furnish them. The bark Thalons was boarded off tho harbor of Vera Cruz by the U. S. sloop Falmouth, and look a letter' from her. The brig St. Peters burg sailed tho 19th for N. Y. We have been permitted to make the following extracts from ii letter received from a highly respect able Mexican house in this city : Vera Cttuz, May 19, 184G. A circular has been issued by the Government, stalino nu tuc American consuls cease mime di itely from being recognized, nnd ordering all American citizens to embark for llic intu rinr within eight days. Thn steamer Mis sissippi yesterday ordered off a vessel from port, but she came in during tlio nighl, thus proving the port blockaded, at least lo Na tional vessels ; a step which lias generally compromised tho American vessels in llie harbor, and wo aro very much afraid that wo shall not ho allowed to dispatch tho Thae lus. Tlio Government is making every effort to carry on the War with success, and has rnplenishep tho Treasury by carrying Ihro' snme very strong measures. Tho' Castle of St. Juan D'Ulloa, and this city are in a biilliaiit statu oftlefunce, and would require a very sttong fnrco lo he succesfully atlaeked. The lirpublicano of the Citv of Mexico contains nn nrliile against tho Guvei iiineill, in which it nniuiadvors upmi the actual state I of the country, attacked us it is by n strong enemy, aim Willi a prospect of a local revo lution. Don Jose Maria has been named us the Governur of Chihuahua in the dep irlment uf Sonnci. I liu Apache Indians have nil, irk od tho town of Apulo, when; thev lulled,'!0 ii .... .. . ii. ., . . ' . . . Mexicans, stealing evervlhing thev could lav their lianils iipnn. These Apachas are uniformed in a broad cloth frock covered with red facings njid p iillnlonns nf the same stuff, with cups, and lliey aro filled with rillns. The whole l)e. partment is in a dreadful stale of misery and consternation. Several robberies 011 a large scale have been committed in lha City of Mexico and its neighboihood, In speaking oftlio American army a dis pitcb from the (J01111111nJ.ini nt Matamnras says that "Tho American army is nut iiinn: than 4,000 strong, and is in a state of do morili. ili iti. There is no union among them, and limy are without nny desire for glory. Its officers are good, hut most of them have comu to fight n jainst Iheir will. Ifwohavo no local revolution the American army will either capitulate or'bo defeated within twenty d tys." Tlio Rcpuhlkann of iho 10th says thai iho iiilenlion of Government was to send their war steamers Gaudaloupo and Monte .uui 1 to llavanna to bo sold at auction on arriving at llie latter port. The steamers were to have hoisted a Mex ican flag and fired a salute. Tho Moxican s lilors refused lo sail under tlioso condiiinns. j dinary under the flag, commanded by 1 Iiritisb officer. Nothing positive was known of this ar rangement, but Diary Official neither cn- duised nor contradicted the report of the 15. FKOM TEXAS. By the arrival of tho Telegraph steamer at New Orleans; via Galveston, which brings tlio latest advices ftom tho seat of war, gives us also some further news from Texas. We copy the following from the Galveston News oflhoi;2J ult. The sloop Orange Branch, dpt. Under bill, arrived yeslerday, 24 hours from Indian Point, near Pun Lavucca. Capt. U, informs that about 100 men, principally German volunteers from Indian Point, went on iho sloop Washington for Point Isabel on I inlay last. Capl. U. says thai a report reached Vic toria last Friday, that 10U Germans, escort ing 100 wagons from New Uraunfels to Ihe new settlement on iho San Saba, seventy miles above, wero suddenly attacked by a largo body of Camanches, supposed to num ber several thousand, vt hereupon llie emi grants abandoned iheir wagons, lo seek secu rity, leaving iheir property in iho hands of the savage. There appeals lo no some un certainty as to numbers, etc., but tlio main lads are substantially coirerl Capt. U. also informs us that a report came uvcilaml from Port Luvacco last Sunday, lo (he effect llial a largo body nf Indians, con sisting of ilia warriors of several tribes, com prising thu Ctiinanche nation, wi re hovering about in 1 1 id vcinlly of the American en lienchmenu opposite Matamoras,wilh a view doubtless 10 join llm victorious parly, and share lliu plunder uf lliu defeated. Texts Mkuiif.hs. The Legislature of Texas have declared the flection of David S. Kaufman as llcpresuiilaliye in Congress of the fns District of thai Stale, and T, Pillsbury at eprt seiiiitivt of iho second K luliiun had 010 majority ; I'illsburj-iU. Summer lunrtcrs nf the Army of Occupation Magnificent Prospect, Wo learn from a private letter, that Gen. Tuvlor lias expressed a dctcrminalion lo make bis summer quarters at Monterey, and thero is no doubt that willi lliu force now un der his command, nnd tho volunteers that aro haslnning lo Ins standard, that bo can estab lish bis summer quarters in nny part ol' tlio eastern provinces of Mexico ho desires. Tlio valley of Monterey was visited by many of our soldiers, during tlio Federal war, and they all describo it ns an earthly paradise; groves of oranges, lemons, figs and pome granates, surround tlio city ; and tho whole valley, which is Irrigated uy countless rivulets of puro and wholesome water, ts hut a con tinuous garden, producing various kinds of vegetables, and tropical fruits in abundance 1 be climato, howover, in summer, is rath er, too warm to bo agreeable to persons from the Northern Stales ; hut a short distance, in iho elevated plains among the mountains, the climate, even in midsummer, is ns cool and as salubrious as that of the Catskill moun tains. Even the northern fruits such ns iho apple, pear, &c.,nrn produced in ubundancc III 1IIU3U U UTJII.U lli:iUII9. t IIUII UUI IIUI1US . r, , . ,1 :o gel pieusauiiy lutaieu in unit ueiigutiui : lltnv U'ill lin linru llntv'llllnn tn fiirauLn region, they will be very unwilling tn forsake It; and the glowing descriplion tltcy will circulate throughout the Union, will ere long excite a desire among all classes to annex it lo the United Slates. I ho stupendous chain of the Sierra Madre is a boundary meet for a nation ; but tho insignificant Rio Bravo is only fit to defend iho limits nf states or coun- jies. Houston ( 1 etas) 1 clcgraph. FRIDAY MORNING, JUNK 12, ISt6. THE TARIFF. Late accounts from Washington arc more encouraging in reference to the Tariff. Wo alluded n few days since to a rumor thai a caucus had been called fur the purpose of drilling McKay's bill through the House. It is now understood that it proved a failure none of llic members from Pennsylvania, N. York, or N. Hampshire attending. The proposition to cut down tho duties upon im ports, in thu midst of a war which bids fair to cost fifty millions, is too preposterous to obtain the countenance of sane men even tlioso who might go for free trade as a peace measure. Il is 'intimated however, that the administration is in favor of such a modifi cation of the tariff 33 shall "direct a portion "of the profits of llic manufactures into the "treasury to meet tho extraordinary expen "ses of the government, and evert the altern ative of an excise tax upon the people." "This proposition," says the Troy Whip, "is worthy of the clique o( narrow minded parti zins, the miserable peddling politicians, who are permitted for the present to wield the power and patronage of this great nation. They liavo assumed iho responsibilities of a war in tho name of the whole people, and now by tho way of gratifying iheir spile against tho iiiantifactuiing and mechanic population, they proposu to draw the subsi dies for its prosecution out of thu pockets of these great indiislricil classes. But the project is impraciicnbhi as well ns rascally. lis sucress is,, prediea tedton the supposition lint the do nestic ar ticles oftlio kinds on vthich it is proposed to reduce tho duties, would be at onco superse ded, 111 our mirkels by tho foreign sujiplj , In no other way than thru' an influx of Inreign goods sufficient to accomplish this object, could an increase of revenue ho realized at tin: reduced rates of duty. But if Mr. Polk and his cabinet think that this would bo thu immediate result they deceive themselves. Our nianiif.ictineis would not Miik al once under tho blow. Euiplovers and bands, moved by a common interest would sustain each oilier tho former cheerfully submit ting to a loss of their profits for the time be ing, llie Idller to a reduction of their wages. There would be 110 decicase of the domestic supply for some time, and consequently but lilllo increase of iho foreign importations. Our spindles and looms and trip hammers would bo kept going as briskly as ever forat least a much longer period than the Mexican war is likely lo lust. The iiianufacluters would bo beaten at last uud compelled to disband their operatives or a large portion of ilium, if tho policy wero persisted in, but lliey would struggle lung and manfully, hop ing for wiser rulers and belter times and probably iheir hopes would be fulfilled be fore tho work of ruin should be fully accom plished. But whatever might be tho conse quences of tho precious scheme for raising tho wind, relerred (0 and we are sorry to say approved by the Truo Sun, it will not be tried. Tlio larilT, in spite of lamentations in tlio South and elsewhere, will remiiin.sub stanlially, as it is. Without laying claim to thu faculty of second sight we make this pre diction with perfect confidence." Errr.cTs op the War Cali., The prompt and enthusiastic manner in which tho requi sition for volunteers has been answered from all parts of the Union, shows that whatever may be our pujilical disagreements, tbe call to arms from iho constituted authorities of the nation, instantly renders us a united peo- pie. In ibis uffair with Mexico iho whitr, without changing bis opinion of the policy which led lo lliu war, steps forth at once at the tap of the national drum, and stands side by side willi bis political opponent, ready lo charge with him up to lliu camion's mouth for the honor of iheir common country. Il is enough that tear exists. Wo all stand alike committed by the act which proclaimed its exisleqco. If upon iho administration rests llie responsibility of involving us in a war, upon the people rosls the responsibility of brinitinir il In a Ir111111nb.ini rri,:. responsibility, involving at it docs tho char- acter uf the nation for bravery, patriotic spir- it and competency 10 vindicate its policy in the last resort, is fult by all parlies to be par- amount lo every oilier consideralioii ; and henco citizens uf all political opinions are biund shoulder tu shoulder in the present cri sis, Troy 'iig. iioriim Invasive War.. We pti1flisW?-u'ay ac counts from lite scat of war, in which it is staled thai Gen. Taylor has crossed iho Itio Grande and entered Malamoras without op position. Wo arc not furnished with any particulars, and it docs not appear what lias become of the Mexican force which bad be fore opposed the progress of our army. Gen. Taylor has undoubtedly taken care that it is not left in position in his rear, be tween him nnd bis supplies. If this news is confirmed and there is no reason to doubt tbat it is substantially correct our army has faiily entered tho enemy's territory as an invading army. The move ment upon Uarila, which might have been considered as a necessary protection of the river communication with our forces, be comes unimportant now that the main body of the army lias crossed iho Itio Grande. The war which Congress has declared to be an "existing war" lias now been carried fair ly across the extreme borders which are even , 1 . .1 i . . . . .11'.. rluimfwl hu thn oilminiilrslinn as lltn limits uf OUT COUIltrV. LVCn Mr P ntry. Even Mr Polk will now allow that we have invaded Mexico. The country which has read his promises of peace and the offers of Mexico to enter upon nego tiations to settle tho qnestion of boundary, will have cause to ponder upon, while it has the right lo judge llic policy which has led us into this war of invasion. Oregon. Important. Wo learn from very good authority, (says thu Journal of Commerce,) that Mr. Pkenliam hasreceiv ed instructions from bis government by tbe steamer Ilibcrnia to make a final overture for the amicable adjustment of the Oregon question. He is lo offer, substantially, the proposition suggested some lime since by Mr McLanc, out Minister in London, to Lord Aberdeen, viz. lat. 49 as the basis, leaving to Great Britain the whole of Vancouver's Island, and the free navigation of the Co liimbia. AMERICAN REVIEW. Wo are happy to learn that this excellent publication has obtained a wide and con stantly increasing circulation. It is now con ducted by George II. Colton, and C. W Webber, of Kentucky, and numbers among its contributors, a large number of distin gtiishcd men than any similar publication can boast. The leading topics of the day arc discussed willi marked ability, and every whig who aspires to an enlarged view of the political field, or desires lo keep track of llie literary world, should have this work upon his lable at the opening of every month. The July number commenccs.a new volume and will be illustrated'by a superb portrait of Daniel Webster, ac ompanicd by u biogta phy of that distinguished statesman. The work may be obtained through the agent al this place, Mr. Edwards. SccncT Sr.ftvici: Monhv. The Washing too correspondent of the Newark (N. J.) Ad vertiscr, savs : "Ex-President Tyler is here, and bis evi dence in thu cist) is being taken. Ho testi fies that Mr Webster never mndu use of n single dullar of tho seciet service fund with out his approval ; and further, that Mr Van Buren lel'l n legacy lor his ndiiiinistralion, to pay off $15,000 due ihe secret service fund, and which debt wirs paid." It seems proper thai Mr T ler, should tes tify lo llic correctness of Mr Webster's pro ceedings, but it is not so apparent hu was right in testifying lo llie extra expendi tures of Mr Van Uuten. Louis XVI., it will be recollected, refused to tell the secrets of Ins predecessor. Mr. Tyler, however, may have been placed in a position that ren dered iho exposition necessary, by llie form uf questions which hu had previously sworn to answer. Pitoriiixv ami Fumt.i.Mr.NT. Ileniy Clay, in his patriotic letter against llie An nexation plot in 1841, used tho fullowing prophetic language: " Under these circumstances, if tho Gov ernment ofthc United Stales were to acquire along with it tho incumbrance which Texas is under, nnd among them tho actual or sus pended War between Mexico and Texas of thai consequence thero cannot be a doubt annexation and War tcith Mexico 'ire in dentical." And in recapitulating his reasons for op posing Annexation, Mr. Clay again said that it would involve us "cRnTAi.Ni.v in war with Mexico probably with other foreign Pow ers." Tlio result furnishes another illustration of Mr. Clay's wisdom and foresight as a states man. Would that his warning voice had beenhecded. Escape and He-capture or Convicts at Clinton Prison. On the 1st inst., about noon, John Lincoln, Silas Cooper and James Kemp ; three of tho six desperate convicts who have given so much trouble at that prison, seized a ladder which was in use 1 for painting the cornice, ran with it lo the I .,i(.k,.,s an( wcn, over Ihem under a fire from , ,irro K;ms. Kemp and Cooper escaped 1 .v:ti.nlli ;.iitir- Ltincoln was shot throned lliu cheek with a buck shut. The convicts ran through tho woods for life and the Queen's dominions. Alarm guns wt'te fired and immediate pursuit instituted. Before night they were all three returned to the prison and are now toiling with shaved heads and u heavy ball and chain to their legs. Tlio convicts have a perfeel contempt for muskets, but are in great dread uf two or three guards who are armed with titles. The Agonl is endeavoring to procure rilles for all j'1'0 lt-riaUAurgh Republican i Defalcation ami Suicide. The cash icr of a largo cotton house in New Orleans Irslely decamped, being a defaulter in the suinofS80,0J0. Tho principal, on escer mining the fact retired to a back room and shut himself, from the Frontier Sentinel. ELECTION OF THE DIRECTORS Ofthc Northern Hall Road Company. OoDENsmiKott, Juno 2.--At an early bonr yesterday morning, the stockholder, of this company began to assemble at Iho St. Lawrence Hotel, for the purpose of choosing thirteen Di rectors. At f o'clock P. M., Iho meeting was called to order by David C. Juthon, Esq., who stated that the Commissioners found that the Capital Stock was subscribed, and that they were pre pired lo pull the votes for Directors. l lie voting immediately commencca ana lasted upwards of one hour; one hundred and furty stockholders being prcent, and represent ing twenty cif;IU thousand tix hundred and tuen. Iij-ntne sham, or about three quarters of (ho entire capital. The names of tho Directors arv OEOIlfiE PARISH, Ogdensburgh. AN I'HONYC. BROWN, " JOHN I. RUSSELL, Canton. HIRAM MORTON. Malone. LAWRENCE MY RES, Pittsburgh. CHARLES PAYNE, Northfleld Vt. SAMUEL S. LEWIS, Boston Mass. W ILM AM T WELD, THOMAS LAMB. BENJAMIN 'I'. REED, THEOI'IIILUS P. CHANDLER, Boston. ISAAC SI'AUl.DINO, Concord. N. H. SEWALL F. BELKNAP, Windsor, Vt. The Directors met at 8 o'clock, in tho eve- ning and chose George Parish, Esn., President of the Itoprd. James O. Hopkins, Esq., was chosen Secreta ry, anil Mr Wallcy of Boston, Treasurer. We must congratulate the friends ofthc work upon the chnice ol the able and efTtcict men who have been chosen to direct this great and to us, momentous undertaking. I'ho Directors chosen from to is State are leal. ous and able men, and will no doubt, prosecute the work with Iho same determination, spirit. and judgment which has thus far actuated them. The other gentlemen are well known to nil able representatives of capital and New Eng- lanu industry. Our citizens express themselves highly prat, ified at this first interview, with their New Eng. land neighbors, and arc anxiously biding the timo when they shall bo united with them by1 tho hand of art. We have already mentioned that several nn. tlemcn nf the press ucro here, and we expect to lay before our readers their views upon the counlry, its inhabitants and the project. , The attendance was numerous; the meeting spirited, and the result very satisfactory' CONVEN 1'ION OF COUNTY SUPER INTENDEN I S. 1 A convention of County Superintendents of Common Schools for this Slate was held at Montpelier on tho 20ih and Sllst days nf May. The tneeling was called for the pnrpnse'fif af fording superintendents an opportunilyiora Ire. interchange of views, and for counsclling-and advising with each other in regard to the proper manner of performing their responsible duties as (superintendents 111 their respective fields of labor. Under this view, any detailed and formal rojKjrt nf its purposes and proceedings would be regarileil as unnecessary. Out although the meeting was not intended for any direct public effect, it was still thought proper that some gen eral account of its transactions flxuild ke made public, am. llie chairman of tbe Cnnrention wa. by tote, requested lodraw upa bnsf abstract of its proceedings for puhhralion. The more prominent subjects which orcupied the nlieiiiton nf the Cimvimtinn were Vext Honks for Schools, and Tearl.ers' Institutes. In relation to the (irr-t of llifi-e subjects il wa. concluded tint tho Conveii'ion ere Urprepar ed to art definitely by way of recmoinr nil;n(f text books, as Ihe import nice of the subject and the iMbVul'ies attending il, seemed lit demand careful examination and mature deliberation. Relating to this 111 titer the follow ing Resolu tions were pissed : Itesiienl, That it is important that Fome iui. tialory measures betaken al ths lime with 11 view tn a fill ore roroinniend.-itinii 1,1' mieh Head, ing and text books as tbe wants of our School. 111 iv ut'inauil. . Ite .vi nl. That w.tb a view to secure the greatest care and discriminaiion in rcr-ard tn the selection of llio!;, ;1 committee be ra'tied on eich nf tho several branches taught, to report, at a future meeting In be held in October, the particular changes tbat ought to be recommend. cd. In accord nice willi the last resolution lha following CoinTlntlecs were appointed : On D'ctionanes au.l books on Orthography, Mr. Wiekhatn, of Ibn mutton countv. ami Mr Case or Caledonia. t)u Reading 15 inks. Mr. R viedict. nf riniion- den county, and Mr. Hubbard of Windsor. Un Arithmetics. .17. Flint. fOra and Mr. Hum 11 of Winilli nn. " On (i-n.T.iphie., Mr. Ik.binson. of I county, and Mr. Hall uf i;.c. On Log'ih Or.nntinr, Mr. Grandr. of AiMi. snn county, and Mr. Ttylnr of Crand Lie. On lli.-iory nf the United States, Mr. Camp of Orleans county, and Mr. Scott of Washing, ton. On .liseel!.in:es, Mr. Piliner. at Rml.l enmity, and Mr. Smith of I-'rankhu. I he following rc-ilii!ion was, t in lion to the subject of 'IVichen.' los'itnles : Keiotxttl, lint 111 order to veriirn a hi,.l,. range of q ial licvtioa in leichers. it is deemed highly important that especial provision be made inciery County for imputing to teachers a practical of tho het nu.ilin.1. teaching in the vaiinus departments of studv.and of mimging their schools. lufnrimtion was given in regard lo the nroner imnnerof e.talilo-liing ami conduct in Teach ers' Institutes; anil is a deep interest was mui- nr.ieu on ims siinjert it !8 strongly hoped that 111 the coming fall the advam,. ,ir...lj l these institutes w ill bo brought within the reach of teachers 111 ail iho Counties in Ihe Slate. Interesting account wore mfn h i. . ral Superintendents in reoanl m il.n .,.1,,; t lhechno!s in their respeclito Counties, and statements were mn.e rehtive to the manner in which (hoy had conducted Ihe examination of teachers and performed other appropriate duties. .fiicuing iroui mo reports gnen that there was a very general neglect of the use of lha lliblo in Schools, the following resolution waa pissed : h'SOUid, Tint this Cnnientfnn' r-,,,., 1 the general introduction nf the Bible into our vjouiiiioii ncnoois, 10 un read at the openirw of" the school in the morninf. arious other millers Dertaininrr in il,. ... tion and duties nf SilDcrtntemlenia Wn . -...u ered and disposed of, a resolution, recommend mi; .uioi our ineeiing 01 uounty Superintendents at tin. phce on Wednesday, the 11th day of Octobor noxt, was pissed, and thereupon the t.oovrnlinn 1 Convention adjourned. s. . , "' ,:at.V. Chairman. Montpelier, May t, 1&10. Bhutalitv A most un- prticedented niece of brntjlin, .r..j one day last week by n human form residing in our neighboring town of Cornish. The fans, ns near as wo aro able to learn, era simply these : A widow lady, residing in tho east part of the (own, whoso husband died about two years since, leaving her in possession of a small farm, tfcc, a few months since married a second husband. This second husband il appears did not, in the lady's estimation, in all things quite equal tho first husband. Of this sho look occasion 10 remind him re marking in no very pleasant tone that 'thing, didn't go so when he was on the farm.' At this the husband started without a word, went tn the barn, put his oxen into a carl, pro ceeded to tho grave yard, and actually dug up the remains of the Jirst husband, corn. ed the coffin home, and set it down in tkt kitchen declaring lint 'if il would make so much difference nu siokW be on the arw. Vt, Journal. v

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