Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, July 31, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated July 31, 1846 Page 3
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JSUltJLlIVGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JULY 31 1846. ).,,.1""ti: VX i '! the rntlticntif.ii shrill be ex L.mdon "I '"" expiration of nix months ironi (he dale hereof, or sooner if possible. In willies, vvdiereol the respective Plenipotentiaries liaye Binned the nunc nnj nllixnl thereto the wills of their arms. Done nt Wnshniniiloii, the lillcenth dny nf .Inn-, f"rty-ixr' " l"IU """'""s'luht h'utdred ami JAMUS llUCHAN N. iiiciiAUi) i'aki:miam. , tJJTTlHue locolbco gentlemen in Pciinsilvania limit congratulate their readers" as(ir(l) ilu in i cnnoiii. tree J'ich. ti Tr,e " ln,rl,",l imncn" here shadowed foith is so obfuscated" it 'siirpassetli our knowled"," to under "land. Please, explain, yo who run. Sentinel and Democrat. I'lie ihlljculty obviously alises Ironi our neighbor's inability to (jet ntiy distinct iden of what is meant by the phriue " locolbco Ktullrmcn." (.'ait. 1,viik Wu regret to lc.irii tlial this Ifilliint ullicur, who was mi ilrca'tlfully vvuiuidud on the Itiu (.rutiili, nt the lnttlo nf I.rsaca ilcla l'alma, hut of wlio-i' rvoovery Mroiiff hopes hail liojjati to ho (jiitcTtaiiicd, died on thu 1'Jth insl. Ho wan on his way frinii Now Orleans to St. Iottis, anil h.ul nearly rcachnl tin- l.ittur place whuii tho Kid event took pl.ico. -Mr.". I'lin was with lilm. If it turn' out tint lh ureat "IVivs CoXTnovLKsv" is, us wcMlpposc, happily adjusted, we may find time to derive some Is'iicfit from the extraordinary critical ucunicn of the Sentinrl is Deiiwcrut. The 'p-illcriiitfV if that amiable paper oer our short-coinings in tiie mailer of perpicuity,"i intolerable" to others besides itself, As long, however, n our nciii" neighbor 7otVs wlnt he cntiei.e of out)", we tiny '.if dy tiii'l ouisclvos wi'h his irittlei: Toll.-, Dnllns. mill tlie Tin III' nfl'i !" 'fiiuyuhttniii ICtncWi in Hil. Uur "democratic" r-.idors an1 respectfully re f Trcil to our (.i.tiores-ional Summary, n ntler tl.i tt? til'Tliur-il.iy tlm l'I'm! int., for sundry tniirhinj; items ofovhloiicn pAng to show tho friendship of Col. l'nlk for "tin- Tnrill'nf '-I-'." .Mr. Saur's tu.titnimy is ijiiitt! to the point. Mr. .Sluri'oun'ii (of poor old I'l'iiii-ilvaiii i) 'Uulilll' ! Our usual Comity Stimuiuty is crowded nut this week. :n: AitJiv. llAl.TIMOIll, Jlllvi!'!, Hid. Nine oelocli. I' M j Tii' So-ulicrn mail is jut in, brinuini; New )r Uans p-ipers to the Hl!i, whieli eont.iiu iat.-r advices Ironi tiu' Army and M'-xieo. I.ATI'.Il KKII.M 'I'lIK AHMV. The steamship Jauvs I,. Diy, Capl (trdliii, ar rue,! at New O-leans on ih' lstii m-t fioai Urjzos, w!iieli plae- Ji" left on tie- l.'tt'l 'I'lie news is tour day- Liter aiul of consul Tabl" iu-tiT'-st, and i'sp"tV!y in ih an lnutifemeiit thai a d pulaii-in from th'- U ili'i nayarriie I at Kort l-ill; upon bus'ti 'ss w.tli tt.'u Tailor, cakMlat''J to excite cinosjt) it'll i-p"'uIalioii Til troopj weie 1iin s :it f i. wird la;t as 1 1 1 mean, ol tiaii-potlatiuu and thrt liijr'i wai-T wo ll I allow The Andrew .l.ieksoti p-ginvat left tor lieyu si on the Otli mmmt, nod t'o-lo'i-l I ) ivis mine I up liie rii.-r on lie' ll'th instant. A'inslte!' in t'l Aui'Tioaii l'l:iir of the 10t!i mciiit. inl'nniij ustlrtt broils oecisn.niily bii'aU out between the Volunteers a-itl Al-vie-ios, resulting in dfalh. That iaprr s!an lint (leu Tsjlur us' eiciy ecr tion to prwent p-rs uis altiehe.I to the army from tiisiiebiu' liie eiti'Mif of .Matatuoras. ' Th Mexican auiborili.'s are urn.'d to use more at tention in Keeping their riiicns in order, and ilipi.. I Hi iir.n v,.i -o .-.Kill -o ill iiounis pioif-ooi. noioi- vr., ,r-.. i', ,,V -....I., . .... ,,7i.., j'o la Ani Tie'ei -..I hi r was i;,u-i 1 u,ar th-olli 'e of the Aui-rieau Kl'ii: on th" ''t!i in-taut. Willi his tliroit ilrea llallv i' .it, an I bis b'iri pi."i"l with s.'vetal Ikii-'vuh w hiii.I. : th- miul'ier hiuot vet bi'e.i ili'covcred , I.ATI'.l. PltOM Mt.'!CO. Hoaiiijnp'r. wre r-'cetvi'l at .Ww Irl-'ans on , the Hill m-t by th" s.'h nii'r II p-, Cipt. Howes, wlitcii coatii'i lat r newM Irum Mexico, having been i v. he 1 t'l 're by th iir.tish in id st 'inner Civile, from V'TJ Gnu, winch p ice she left on th; f,th ill'-t. P.iss"iig us by the CI). I" stif dial it w.e- the inten tion of die C S sij i idron to rittiek Sin Juan d" Plloi on the llhh iu-i.r.u. (! n.'rals Arista imd Am p 1 h.i had b"ii calle I t j the eapit il The fome-r is to b tri" I liu ab.m Ionium th ' city of, while lie had upwards ot I'Ui trtsiji's u:idr his cotn 10. in I. In coin"pi Mice of tins, he h 1. 1 ben dc .barged Ironi his olliee its Com. nan ler-in-Cluel ot th" Army He publi-h s a long iidJres to lus t -how soldi'i, i.-es.iug his regret at his inistortieu's, an I as-jring lh 'in that htspriiers will be olieretl up lo th" Ood ot' b.uti"s tor their ietory mid 'tieeesi iieiery eug.ig"-iii-iU Inch lh"y may h ive Willi th" eomui in enemy 'l'.ie Spiiiis'i mt'ri'hant brig t'eioh'i, Ironi Cadiz, all 'hored otl'llie 1-h'd' V'erd o,i ihe - dl idluuo S.'l" uttt'iuiit-d t" pas into Vein Cruz. The Princeton hVd a coupl" of blank shot at her, lis a notice that sic was not lo be pcriuill"d to p is in Mlie disreg irded th"iii a sliotted iru'i was thfii lired. which ipitckly brotiglit hi helm iiboni ; sh" lh"ii laid to, and tlie Princeton sent n lunt on board, wh '.i s'i was ordered to go inwards tlie l-lau I It was reported tint an Am Tiean brig ol war wa blockading the pen ol Ali.irado. J. tlis h id b "ll reeeiied at Vera I'm. Mating thai the California had pionounccd agauM the 1 1 Ali'Vieia m iv mi u. iivernii"ii iiuoriii'ti hv Inter" aul pa-eng rs that (l.'ii. Miiiia Ana imd Ahnonte had not dep.t!!"d from Haiaua. .SiNTA Ana Th advices brought hv th" Hop", Howes, from .Mexico mil llaiana, Hid us to inl"r that sxanta Ana' seln'incs tire, lor the tmi' being, en- lirelv biilll.' I. e Icaru lerlially lint Ii n i l disposed ol Ins gaim cocks, sidl his tiinuture, an I given up his lions., i.repiratory to his return 1 1 Alemeo ; nut tlie oens reeene, rum Vera OrtU HV III l IV.l" II 111 changed Ins puros, an I thai h will rcmiiii in ll'i mi till so ii"thtng more tivorable tunis up Trln. for y V pai'tr. Prom lh' Washington I'nion. 'Vii the I'.liUit of Ihe I'mim : sJlt; As lint Ori'jrnn Hue'tion is now settled, vv i'.iii vieiv its sisitinu. anil sen vv'i it ran le iloii" with it. With tint object I chill ho inn !i dili"et if von will eivi hu follovviti" st.iteino il :i idace in vour IiaisT Your oh "dient servant, A, Wiiitnkv At tlio rata of 1.0 miles ierliniir, (as i proiosisl for tho ste im.'r.s tu Ii" built lorour Navv.1 it re'iuires hut 8 l-'J diy from Knl-iml t New York or nthor iKirt-, hut say - From New York to tho P.icilic miles hy :tll miloc an hour, nllowiii;; one dav for detentions - On flu Wo-V'iii nuil from lm ilon to Uristol, pissmi'ier, travel dai ly at .V) miles jut liourwith jierlecl Kiifetv. ... ,., Krom (jre"on to Chaur-lial, in Chilli, nt the mouth ofthoYitn--tsO-ke.ini.', vvhicli crosses the (Treat eatial, ami vvhnrii all the comincri'ii ol the va-t I'lnpires centre. i fl.l'l" "ui'1'" !lt lft miles r hour, fwhirli niu hu per formed as easily on tho Pacilie as 1 -1 on thu Athntir,) allowing ono day lor ID divf. riKilin&c. - Hi From Knglantl.vii N. Y., to C H-inj--!ial HI From New York to Clnnjr.h.ii . - -Jl Hut to Pea vov.ipj, as at presnt, either from K.uijl'inil or New York, 1 111 tu I co fl iv ,reiiired, for n viiyjo "i t nnil Imm", Hit" I- tnunlhs: list-men estimated at niore tliau 18,00(1 miles. Front Kiied'""1' ,i l Nl'"' Vurk, In Aus tralia - - -. ' " : From New York lo Au-tralia -I I'n.iu l'.ngUnd, via New Urk.u. .Ma- From New Vork In Muin h -From i:nland,viaevv .irk, M Java .1. From New Vork to Java J. -' Fnim KngUud, ,iu New Vork, ''"- KwTn"" Yt.rk in Sitiffip'ru -1 KmmBnglaivl, via c" York, tntal .. t'"lV. ... "v.t,i i.'ldavs foreoal- l-roniiMiw n'ii - '-" mj;, tVi'O l" '-n" ,,vvirh and nu - n "'"hn! "unVotd .1 r TfcpoU, lll.B. rirousl'tn l- cnnvu iuH .u hwco v( A!c. .to.; nu'ls't Auslrali i if " y inc. " l" '-n" "!" i aiivaiych or tiii: mail. TittusiiAV. 0 1.V! o'clock, 1'. M. TI12 Titrlll' Mil sent line!. In the IIihim; wllli iui Aiiii'iiihneiit ! Our reniler.s will s e from mir Congress, ioiinl Siiinnmry, that tlie British Free Triido Turitriiill win, on Moinluy luM, re. Ibrrijil to tho Committee on iMiinnco with ccr'uili instrtlflioiH. This wits regnnlcil ;is eitiivlelil to ti tlrfcttt of tho Mill. Woleiirn vcilmlly, however, 1y pitssen. "cr.s on the Hunt from the South this (Thins, hiy) 1. .M. thut tlie Ci'Uiiuiltoi reporteil tho liill to tho Semite on TucmIiiV. tliuihlo to i njjree ns to their instruction, mill thut, lifter nti iniu'iiilmeiit mils iiiiopleil striking out the iltli Section, the hill liniilly PAssr.n tiii: Si:n- ATP. 11V a voti: OK VllAS TO !2(l MAYS, AND was 1!i;tukni:i to tiii: llot:si t The only In pe. thcrcfoic, of tlie frienil.s of true American Interests now rests upm tho net inn of tho I louse of lleprescnlnlives. We confess llml we hnvclittlc ilotlht that thistle, struclive niciistire-.n niensitre hiivingitshn sis nnil super.slruclure in Slnve pulley iiloue, itlitl which nine, n f.ilnl hlow nt hetwecn threo nmt four hiimlreil millions ofilolhtrsof American C.ipitul iuvesteil in Domestic .M.wmdicturc. will hecome the law of the lunil! As n I'urli.inn we might rejoice, for it seals the iJooiti of Locofocoism ; hut ns a patriot, lo ing our Country hotter llitin our I'arly, we nnM sincerely regret the nation al ilisastoi- which thrc.itens us, COMCIMX'HOSiAr. HU.II.IlAJtV. MoMiw, July 'JO. Sen vth The Kivor an I ii irhor nppropr! itinn hill w:s iiasaed to tho thin! reailiui,'. The Turin" hill w.islh-n t iken up. .Mr Nile atlilMssed the Soint'j in opptnition to thu hill, niul ileiniiiu'iiil il us an extreuiu iii0.i nr.- of sfartlin pritiriple-., atnl on that wo'ihl bring ruin on the ie'iul- of his constituent. He iH'lioveJ the hill uonlil pis, hut tint it would pa tiguin-t the pidgnuMit of a majority of the Senate, lie went into the de'ail of tli"'hill,intl p iin'etl oat obj-"-tions whichi'ouhl notivci io hi-(omit-"1!! men in- Mtpport. .Mr Moielu ad had the floor when the Senate ai!;oimicd. lioe-K. Th" Hons., took nil in rnmmiltepthp hill in iking iipiiro,nation for various atl.htion.i.l nh'ccU. (Jno of the-e ippropri.itiiig money 1'orp.iv aul in'!i'i!-eof m -inli t.- led to n lonir j deliite of no general iniportin e. Tile hill w.l Ihrilly reported to the House and p isrd. The Hill Mldlll 'Ills of tho Son ite in llm ;irmi apiiropriitinii hill wen1 cnnsiil'Teil .in 1 lin-illy nr' ... I,,,,,,,. :iU ii-.w . , , ,,,,, anptopri- atem-tor n.ii'il ponv,,ns il "j ,' , Ilie llniisu then proceed.jil In consul"!' the refilled iv, the l(nort on t'rintititr uml Hill to redoci the Price o i... wi. .i . "m. "i. ... 1 1.. i... resolving il-ell ., ,,,,...',.,-.. ' , II,. ,l,-.,..i,.,l r..lf,.l. i i,;,i,t.i i, . ..., i.. lie oi, i 'ii I ir ", vnl .slin.vo I that Mr IPuily Ii id i linsrcpri n'liti il him in charoiii"; him w ith incon-sisti-iu'V in this in liter. Attlin ctuicliKion of his spooch, llif ('oinuilt- U'o roso, an I th lloit-e adjimrii"il. 'l't r.sti.vv, July il. Sk tf. Th" Army -tp-propri itiou Hill wis roturii'd from tin- 1 1 vvitli a disarpi'in uit on huh il un.. Th" ii'a 'ndiiieuts Wits r'f'nvd tu th (,'o nmitt"" mi Kin iiici'. .Mr Dayton pri'-i'iUoil a iii 'inori il from jrl i-. in uml' leturcrs in Now .lorst-v, air.iinst th" ii'j.o il nfti' T trill", atl I in'ridue'd it ivilh oiu -titis-ti 's'iii I'f-r 'ti ' 'ti n in ifi 't i 0 , nu lor th" jiros ont niul tho priijosid dulii'.s. .Mr Iliiiitiiiolou pn-i'til "da mnnorial from pa Kjr iirinnl'.it'tiiri'rs and do ilor.s in Now ICti'rlin I, iii'.iui-t th.i propost'd tlutii's mi p.ip'T, hooks, Sc. and iiccoini inioil tint jirosfntitiun with sonn ri'inarhs to show that under th j T.irill'ol" IJ in m iil'ictiiri'r.s had lut'ti i'ontatitly siibjoct to prices which wort' dccri'asinir. Tho rllbct of thu iiro posotl bill wniild In to turn lib iron t'ti.itfj.l in nor in iking; into paupers. Tlio Tariirbill w.i.thi'ii t.ikon up. .Mr Kvaus nn lo an i'.il,iii ition, in jitstici' to tlm Seeri'tiry of the 'I'rc'asury, in ri'i'.irtl to thu orriirs vvliirh h id li'i'ii pointed out in his e-ti-in iti's tin' nthor day. Mr Mnivhrad ml Irosx'tl tho Stunte at li'tigth. j op;xi-ititn tu the hill, as a tin inrt uiic ilk'il , i ,i .m,)., :m I .,..-t-iu llv ill tm:ioititiii lo thi ad valorem iirinciiihi When .Mr Mori'hi'.iil hid rimrlmhfl, auihl-t crios of iiui'-liim, .Mr ( 'a'tu'riui nh'aitiotl liu lloor, uml inovctl an Kxorittivu Hi's-ion, which was itirri'i'il to Vims ill, Nays II alter which, tho I Sou iti adjourned. 11'ii'sK. .Mr Thut tin n nf Ohio, reported u hil iH'minj; the duly of Warrant n'licers of the Truinirv in payui 'iil of claiiiH , The 1 lous.i went inln ("omiuiUt'e of the Whole, Mr ll.ijd in tlio t "Ii i i r. u:i th hill for reiliirin t!i" irire of the printiiii; of ( 'ongress, Mr (! irrolt Divis of Ky. re-iuu"il his uniin ishetl spee-h of ynsterd ly. anil lie now ptitl his respects to Mr II uly, anil sliowe I Ironi the oltl fsi"ch ef that (reiiifeni ill, who had denied that lei was ever a Wide;, th it ho refused to vole for Will. C Hives as Senator, because. .Mr P.ives was not a j-iKd iiiourji Willi,'. Ilo was siivcre, 'Pliu House l.iii!li"d, Mr II lyly of Virnini i, iieitat"d, ro-e to reidy. liu coiiipliiu-d tint tho jo'iitl tiiiu from Ken tucky had in liie a studied, personal, uncalled for i sui-ici; upon nun, utui u.'elur.'il tint l'ore he eon. eluded lit might carry the war into Africa, lie I spoku Ids hour iigiiiistrL.,u,.i.,rt,,,,rii. ufprint. i in;' nn I in defence of his own politic i course. Finally, he refused c:trrv th;.Nyir j,,t Africa, 1 as it would l' ton Mn ill an Invasion. I lie hill, without am"iiduii'tit, was then report, eil to the I louse, and w,i tlf-ii,.,1 Yea IDS), Nays .'i.'i. It t ikes ell'ect from the I'oiiimeiice ini'iil ol Ihe present Conoress. eiim-.sii.vy, JJinl July. Susat.".. Mr. Hi iro.-ei kill, I'liU'il tin of lull mechanics ot Fish. New lork, iitr i iti-t umv chaiuro in the 'l'arill"of IS I niul asking .' to lot well eiiout'h alotii. .Mr, Ilaiiuegiiihiihuiittetl a resolution dilliiijr on Iho President for a copy ol the in-litirtions i7 .Mr. Mcl.ine, onr .Minister to llug'.-nnl, relative to tho settlement of the Oregon Question, and copies of his correspondence on the same suli jeet, vvhicli was I lid over until the ne.t day. The .Sen ltd iliKigrenl to tho iiinendinetits nf Ihe lloiue to Ihe Army aipropri Hioii hill, ntnl mil eretl to its ow n. Aller soiu? uniinpoitint lm-hi"ss tho Tarill" hill was taken up. , .Mr. i utneron unria iitiatiin iieienroot irotre tion duties, anil gave an interesting ticcount of llm last Presidential campaign in Pennsylvania, reminding thu Vice President that but for the 1 Kane letters, limners, &e Polk and l)illa I would nil lui vt rertived the vote of Pennsyl vania. Mr, Uphatn of Yt. had Ihe lloor when the , Sonato tidiournod. I W. SM July.-S. NAT,'..-Mr. ft, rnn i.rotvntccl pclitiou. ironi llciiocralic r. , j(is 'o(. .,.nsyjVania, vvhicli pavn I J.iitiS .1. unit'. roun- inn. Cltic iipijnrtly in 1311. iirtirlw thru' ttni" tlje mijotity of Ihe Ftate, reinonslr.tliiiL' ntrihi't 'he repeal of tho tnritV. Ho moved lo refer them to tho printing coniinitlcc. .Mr. Sevier Kaid wo hid iifoilof pink' here every tiioruiiig about this tariff liusin 's, W'e Ind it dirge of there pensioners al taking nway the iKinnly wo have allowed them. Vo vviii it'.'io nmld riu'l Iml hnnv In Ihe Prrfllcnlial tWuiii Ilia! I'nU. lent it free IrttJe win. l'enn shimi i to-iuorrow would volo tho Democratic ticket again, even though tho tariff were ro i"iiled. Mr. J nt night nk"d Mr. Sevier con struction ho put on tho Kane letler. Air. ISevier ruplied thatil was ,i jrec Iniilr teller, and that nil this p"titinning from Pennsylvania was a titero joke. lr. Siureeoti protested ajrainst the opinion tint Ihe eloclion ef Prcsiilent in Pennsylvania turn al upon the tariiripiostiou. Mr. J. M. Cl.tjlnn asked Mr. Sturgeon whethor he h 'liovrd I'oniisvliania would have vottd for l'nlk if it hid Ihhui known thai lie would f ivor Mich a tarilT hill a tho one before the Senate. Mr. Sturgeon could not tell how Pennsylvania, would h ive voted under such circnm-lance. i Mr. t'l.ivton aked the iiulividual opinion of I Ihe Senator from Petuiylv.inia on the ipie.-tion. Mr. Shtruinnit'cliw'ilifiiiiitril. After further dehate Mr. McDullie rosumed j the motion to lay those petitions on tho table, Lost yeas 'Jo, nay '213, Mr. llaj wood voted with the friends of the ! tarill ol IJ, and thus gave them a majority ol one. ! I'lie petition- wrro then referred. Tho reimil of tho i riiitintr coniniitlee, a'"ain t printing the t.irill' petitions, was taken up, and Ihe vol. on agreeing with it resulted in a lie. Yeas 'J.1), in) J.'i. Mr. Uallae, Ihe President of the Senate, gave the ousting vote in the negative. So the leporl was not agreed to and the peti tions were thou ordered to be printed. Mr. ("dley presented resolutions of Ihe l'gi latu're of New 'I I impshiro, in f.nor of tho tarill' and prutoctiun. Mr. Lewis from the committee on linunoo re ported lb" Navv Pension Hill. An amnmlm.'nt appropitating is.'IOOO for pav incut of invalid pon-.-inns was adopted and the hill pus,ed. The tarill'hill w.i then taken up. Mr. I.'iihim siwke for two hours against the hill. Mr. Simtnons I'olhnvod in an able speech in hohalfof the m inufaeturhig inl"rot. llo had not concluded wheji the Senate ad journed. Ilo'jsr. The liouc was engaged all day in doing nothing. l'l'Jo.vv, unit July. Sknati:. Mr. Sevier made a a' oApl'anation. When speaking uf laborers Iving the -am" every wh 're. ho did not mean to include slave labor.' Mr. Dix presented a ni'inoiial from surgeons .mil druggist., of New York, agaiu-'t lh" duty on foreign leeeliO". (In motion of Mr. Dix, the Kivor and Harbor bill was taken up, nnd after dehnte hy Messrs. Di.v. II ighy, Westcotl, It-nicu, Johnson of Md. M.ingiim, Ca-s, lluiiiiegan, Ciittondeii and others, all the aniendui"nts proj.o-ed were voted down. Tho bill was then reported to the Sen ile pro-ei-ely in Ihe shape in which it pu-ed thu house. .mil aller a sii"eeii Iroui .Mr. Jugby, in opposi tion lo il, il w.u ordered to ,i third rending yeas ;i I, nays 10. The bill was then read a third time niul pas-od. The tarill' hill w.i then t ikon up, and .Mr. Siiitnuiis rostiiiia), 'ind com'litded his r.uuark in o),io-itiou to if. Ile.-poku with great lorco. and w.t- h-l"iied to with utkntion. Mr. Weli-bT then o'ltained llm Ibor. and rave vviv ton m itiou (bran executive session, niter which the riejiatf. adjourn lioesi.. Mr. litger-oll o.lered a resolution upon the propriety of.-" ndiiig a peace to 'Mexiio, and m lVed .1 -nisi.'!ianjii of the nil ami m n'eil a suspension ol tlie OS I til il might h" eoti-itli'ied. Motion lost : veils , " " Thee on iiiuee won' rnlliil upon for report-. .Mr. King, of Mass. from the coni'uitteo on Accounts, reported it reso-lutiuii nllowing eieh inemb'.r S31) for a leng Miim and .l;'i lor a short oiki, in lieu ol' iitaiioucry,1 except enve lopes, paper and ink. ' liid on 'tils table yeas 1 1 1, nay-- I!). 'I'lie W.irehiitse bill from the Senile, was t ik 'ii up and st'!on -d 1 1 Mondiv n'.t. 1 'I'lie houe next prooe' dotl Uiuct uputt the hills , on th" privite calendar. 'I'll com nitli'f of the whole cotisiilered private 1 lulls until throe o'clo"k, when i1 to-e anil re-' 'ort.'d a I irg" hi'ch for pa-sa;ro ; anil fie house a ljourneil. Sat i nti vv. July n.'i Svvti: The hill lo re luce the tirill'wis taken up. .Mr Weh-ter com ii'Miee I his speech in oppo-ition to its pas sage. 1 1" spoke w ith more than his usual em-pht-i nu I ability, and was listened to with tin j greitt-t attention and interest hy a crowded an- j ih'ory Mr .S.vretarv Walker being of ihe tiiiin-1 I. er. ' It was liereatmniuice.l that Mr Haywood had ro-igui'd his M-'it. His te-ignitlon hid b'ou re e.'ived hy tin Vice President, hut was n it to tho rvnuto till hilf past I o'clock. At I o' clock, MrW h-'.'r not hiving concluded, Mr Johnson, of .Muryhi'i I, moved to ad.iiurn. Mr I. - wis d itii'itled tin yeas and nays, which were onleretl. I lit inolion to ailjouru was then curried. Ye is 2, navs '.'(I. 'I'll" H-'inlo then adioiiruetl, r.tul .Mr Webster has the lloor for Monday. lloL'sE. !),i in'joting, the House pnu'ecil'sl to con-itl T Ihe bills mi th, privito ealenderlh it Iml been repotted lot passage hv the Coiumitlee of Wleile. At lull' pa-t I, the I Ions adjourned, .Vixnu.July'-'? Slnvii: The V. Pie-i lent laid b'forc the -iinat . lh" resignation of .Mr. Ilnuoml, n Senator from N. Carolina. Oa motion of .Mr Wi bsi, r, tic V President wasihrcclcd lo initity the ;.ecutiw of N (' thereof. Mr ('Aiirn 'N pr-'seuti' I tiieproeet lings o a D'luo cralie ui-eii'ig m Pea i-vlv iui.i, iigaiust ihe ren-al ol th- Tarilfovei which th President ol ihe Ilalihuoro Cinu'iilion (wliieh "l I 'res Polk) presided, at wliiih he declare I t'.i" Couvenii ui was not op. p H...I to the Tarill' of Hli, an I if u h id been known l!nl Mr. Polk Ind been oppose I lo il, Ac wnulil mil htirehrrii itiiniitnted. The T.irilf 11.11 wis nkeu ii,i Mr Welnpr resum ed .in I mucin le,l his aigiin oil argini-t the bill. .Mr CitirriNPiA lioji if this 11,11 of Iltlls was to pis.1 tint it would ijss without a single Whig luaik about it. H h",! 'J lint no proposition tor amendment w.ul I proeeial troni the W lug sidj ol this Chamber. II th ."i.'iiatoM in the majority, who had the strength, ch-ue to il 'in dish tic w!i ile labtie of American lu ll i-try au.l cru-h lh"ins'lvesiu its ruins, It t them doil. Tiie debut" was contiun -d by .Ucsrs. Pi..nnvu.vlki a, J uix.jn ot .Md. uu I others -1r ri.iVT N of Del th ' i moved lo eoiuunt lit" Hill, wall i Mm tious t omikhty it so us todivriuiin He in lavor of til raw mat rial, ah I against cerniii for eign inanuf.icturcd intul , mid also m favor of an iu- creaae ol rev teie si ui lo provile more inlequate lociiH lor die suppoit ol the (ioveriuneiit, nu I his n iti ui hueut wasiignid to -Yeas .;s, Navs"7. Jessps C vmit.ov, Nn.r.s and SrentiEo.N voted with ihe Whigs, oiheivvis,i ii was u party vote Tm.s is uji tv.vt.1 vr to a pr.ii:vT0i'TUi: una. Adjourned. lloesi: 'I'lie bill making appropriations for the na tional defences was taken 11:1,110 I utter debate, passed Yeas'.iT. Niv'sfil The I'osi Olliee bill wns then t ikcn up, nn 1 without liking any ip -stiou thereon, the liuan-udjiiuriii'd. I". c Hopkins, ii:vnsT. (IPPlCi: over .1r Hachehlcr'a .S'hoc More, ami lately occupied by O. II .S ivtoii, Church st.. llurlmgtou. Vt H yhij Ifi JtiDh ! TllH SlTJtSt I(llti:i'S WOn.l) notui' tl ot'ih. 'p -n I. ucv Iheie. f by pubbsliiiu thisor 1 ri'soeclfullv temler their i-Mii-n-si..,,- ,,r iIt contaiiuui! ihe niostatii'e thercol, threi! weeks r(iv.A!Ml!nililu.o lo a liberal nubile far ihmr latice iir.d yinpithy in our late misf uiuue, nu, ni, liiirhngton, m wild cotmiy, the lat nihhcaliou to l' for former patronage They auiu oIPt their H'ruccs 1 leto-i tcnty diys prior to the next term of Mid to the public in the Maiiufacitiiim' liusiuc-M, and ho- I Court of Chancery, to Im lioldcn at Ilarliiutou nforc hcit a continuance ol former favors Thev nronosc lo 1 wiH. uu the lust '1 ucs lay alter the fouith Tues lav o 11-itiuf.irturc hatiuett, I'laui Cloih, Iverseys uml I'lan nels. uiton hharcH or bv ihe v-ir,l r il'R'-'t-W I'ATKICK. lline-btirgh, June , IHIu. M8 CsinIi paid i'nv Wool. fl .III. si'iKcmiuiit will imv ovsn inu I I'lcece Wool, delivered atliistore. hauhv nnADi.i:y. I'tiriiupto'i, June 11, AOHWUrriHtAh NOTiCC. A meetina of the llmtd f iMnnn"ers or Ihe f.b,. leiiden Couulv Ariniltiirnl Koeiety. is u reby;,al to beli-ld at ihe Anielican Motel. In Ibirim ., Saturday the 8lh day rJ. Aiitfn'e'V??;..!. in me loieuoou, lor tne imrpos,. oi-ucciiiiiig wu'-re me next f 'ae Shin mill Fair shall he held, imd for tlie tiaiis-iciion of any other hiiiness that liny come b"lorc tlie hoard. A full attendance is requested. Hy Ord-roftlw lVidcnt, Win. WIISTON, ikcrtliiry. July 3s., HHV Bw'J V'be lOinKers'trv celeluation of the A;ioeiated Al- hiumiof tlm PuivcHty ol Vermont will take place at tlie nuw f oii'trcuatiunal cnureli In llurhniiton. 7'ii..sdnv. tlie llhol An next, at 11 oelo'k A. Al oil which oi'cnioii, an Oi.'itioii is exp 'etcd from Jollies 1 orsMh, i;so niul a ruein tioui July 23, Hlfi. V.. THOMPSON, .Vec i. V. V. .11. Tin. ii.iot imotiTil in '-iher of th" Pld Siifina Nu and Uniiersity lusiitute soeu'lirs, lor the elector of Orator ll ul I on Ml l ie c isuiim leal. wo of ii. 'it;o in nu- liewbriek Church, on Tuelay 1'. M llh of Aug. next uuuu'di.ileli' after the Auniyeis iry exeicies. .MIIIO.N liUCK,.Sf Din tcm. Vhl Sin in a Vh. W July.! I, IS 16. M mii.i.iii: Sjf. pin. tan. Unit: Int. r.NIVEt.MTV ' VbRMONT. .Ttl! 13l(l, WIG, ('mniiu'iiLTiirrit l'r tip pira-jnt yenr will lr; im ib,. foil i,r viKoist -t. 1 hi ci-'It hratiuu ol Hit- fcivirtv 1 KelijrioiH Iii'iinty will lie on tlie evcminr ol the .f.i.-- i Tint of tlie Alunini on die 5th A. Al., that of the l.iterarv Soci"ties on the Ith. P M. Jiiniorexhibitiou ' ! on the eieningoflhe Ith Candidates lor admission j ' totlte Cimersity, are leoue'led to prwnt tlo'inselies fur evuninittiou on tlr llh. at H. A M. j wiiixuiit. ricmicnt. ill a v U eta. HltKiHTON MAI!Ki;T-Jit. ), 1316. At nialki't, IC'i Cattle, HI okes working 0eli, V) Cnwt and Calves, ii2.tas!u.C, and Swine noueat mr ka. lll.t.r Cvrn.i. -llxtra, ; first quality 9.V''J; se coinlijualiiy. $6 , third quality. l a SI 73. WoitKlxo Oxr.x .S'ali s were noticed at 972,3", and and SUM. Cuws Snles were nuliccdiit $211, $26, '.3,:!l,and 9)2,5). K-aua Dall-Salcs of lots at illj, 1,37, IC6, 1,75a 2 r:i Swi.r.--None at lnaik"l. N. 11 Cattle vry poor in quality at mriket to-day but ino-t of tl.ein sold aay fi'Jhead it It oer. NPW YOKK JIAttKllT-JcLV 2). Plolti s'ides of flcnesee aie mi le at 91,121 a 1, IS i ; Mithigau JlWiJ. Somliern kinds steady. At tlie close ol th" mlrkft Western Canal Flour was h-'iivv asshioixTS ii.'lasetl lo purchase unv more at tlie I advanced tale. lh" rccMptsor Hour o.t rs'ittinhy weie only Mil barrels making 31 171 barrels for the week, and 833, 'JGO bairel-sMiice tin- opuiiiioj tlie Hudson river. Al HAN Y 51 ARKI"!' Joj.v 27. l'lour stands at preiiousqu 'tatiois, with light salfB. OeiU'see is held lirmlv at d 1.061 a 81.121 : 23) Lb.3 straight Alichig in la in sioie at SI ; (ieninor do m small lots at si I-S . 10J bb!s mixed .Michigan, .'tlloat, at i'J.'Ji. Whi'it l,i"')i)bu-h Indiana on ilcmuikt't no salea llv 5JJ bu-h. iiif7c. Corn UMUbush Western l.l ."'Jo j I.SMduut I'Je, lesold lit .1).', 8,5)1) bush, to arrive, a prune quality, otfTett at 51c. Oats 1.0JU bu.h ut 'J-;.'; 1,000 do at 31 5c 3'JO btij-li middlings ut 15.'. I1DST0.N MAIliCPr 27. OoiroN No Riles of impoitanee. l'rovis'ioie Tlierij is a better d-'iiiau 1 lor Pork ; sales of 5J bbls. piime at s,S,3) pjrbbl., cash ; 3J,lo mess, on terms not mad. puhlie. Flom The luatkel le.nains with out alteration; moderate sal s of (Jeti'-sp'e, tommoii bronls. al 91.2.1 a 1.31: .Miehigin. SI. IS, a 1.25: I Oln.i, via New O.lea'n, S'JS1 a 3.S7J j ilo via c mill, 1 S'.I.SI a Ijn-rbbt c.ih. Corn Theri-is no cliang" m ' ihe market ; sil. s of yellow Hat at IV) a fi:)- ; while, 5"iu5'ipor buih., cash. Sugar Sab's of 5J boxes j luba to tlie trade at 7e p"r lh, 6 tnos. Molas ses s'.i,.., of Tnnidi.l to th- trade al 21 a 23j p..r U.d., 6 ttioi. WOOI, Jlly2J. I There has be.-u a fair djmand, siys.t lh" Hytrin (Jiuricr. tor th various quhli"s ot Flseee Wool, without change in prices Iro.u last wei k's fiuoiaitons. J3tcti. In this village, o.i the'-'.l iu.-t.. PuzAiicru l.l'Nii.ilaughterol Mr. Joel I,und,iige, H mouths. In .S'aJbury.Jul) HI, of Cong -live Tjphus l'cvcr, HviiiiiiiT .l.v.v.. I'.Lt.tN It daughter ol ThaJtl. us J. mid Minerva Goodrich, nged'J yeaisand'.l monlhs. fwjia'saiimxagyaaBaMijj,j.. . .urn mm Virii)i!t .'(!? ii'i'A SSai! SSo::l. riiiij M'Ll l A Assik'.vii:t op J i: Ddlmik )V v .'t shire has lueu onlered by the Dircclois of ihe 'i rintiit ('eiitinl ll'iHroad Company, payable on lh" Illisr day of S ptjui'i'r ll"t : p'lViil'ills unv h' mid" ut th Kirui 'rs Ai .Met Ii mics Hink of H i ling ton, at tin Hank of Monto di"r. at lh 11 ink ol Wood stock, or at the T.em.ircrs O.lie", N i. 171 Treinont How, H isto'i SAAH'KI. II WAI.IdlY, 7'icasiori'. Ho-to-i, Julv SI. HH'i 8.r GREAT SALE. - . '.NOTU'i: Is lir.UHIIV CIVKVTIIVT S t?isr- , lh" sulisi-rilR-r, as agent ol the ls,..s t'oiuuy Hank, uu Icr and by vuttie of a resolution ol th" President and Dilectorsol saat hoard wiUevpose to sale at public atietion. i n the tir-t ilay ol Septeiu isT ii"M, al lb" Inn nl .1. W. TagLinl. in tlie village ot Iveesevillc, llss.-x Co.. .V Y , Two Hundred Shares ol the Capital Slock ot th" Chaiupliin Tiaii-porlalion company navigating Like Channilain by, vvhicli slid rtis'k was iis-tgned tosaid Hank by Peler Coinsiock m pin .-ccurilv lor certain liabdities of said Peter. ! A SIMMONS,. Uhrii-y Iveesevillc, Jiih July, H Hi. Hw I i' Lore; snt. senber having nurchasctl ol J S ss. Jaaf-.,iaiJ Ware his infrcst in the Asnciil- tin nl Wine lluttir. will couiiiiue the business in lus own ii'inie, ul lh" Store ol T W Lovcll, Stetson's building, I'huich st . ami will be happy lo show to all who in iy I ivor bint with a call, a tarsrr and tctfi as sorturm ol I'lough than can be found in any estab lishment in th" State. ; Wo havecvery vutietvund si." of Ploughs inanufuc Itued in llostoii by Prou'ty and Meats, and by Hugglcs, Noniscuud Masiin, ainoiig which are Sa!soil, Sid" hill, I) nil.!" Mould Hoard, Gang and Cultivator Plows Also tlie much ci ii bnited Dutiii'itiil J'ltiu'ih, S"cd Plant -rs. Coin-shellers. Slniw-cutiers, etc etc. 1 Wc slnll b" happy lo sell ihe above articles on bet ter terms than thev can Is- itirch isetl elsewhere in the 1 state. Please call an I examine i'joii do not wi-lt to purchase , A PITKIN. I John S. W.viiK, Agent. 1 Hurhugton, July '.'I, IK Ifi ml' In Cliiiue?ry. Wlt.l.lAM C. HvtiroSOTOX,) ClItrTl-.M'LX CpUXTV. t-i Oc tolier 'ft rm, llimi' Wlll.T. 1 Hlli 1 Hil Ouitor in thJidiove cause on this '.'Jth day of July. ISUi, I'd. s with the Cleik of sii.l intul lus bill of complaint ng.iucH Horatio ,V Wheat l.iie ol llnrlineioti 01 so I Count y.tiow gone lopaiisiuikuowii selling lorth that on the .fiih ot July, HI5, the slid Wheal I'vecoted lo tin orator 11 .Moitglge ol "lh" (o lowing ileM'ribed liiitl in llurh.igion, in the county ol Cluttend' ti, in the st ile of Vcimont, lleing the whole of lot nuiulH-r liliecn as laid down on a plan ot lands Isdoiigiug to William C llanington anil George P. II iriiuglon, stitvtvetl by Joseph D Allen, A Ii, Hit. which siiil nlan is fiiteictl anil leeor.leil in ih r. ...,r.U nf ,l", III th.' 'IV.V II Cl"tk's Olliee. ill Kllll Ihnlinglon" which sanl mortgige was given lo cure payment ol live promissory uoi"s, date.l'Jii July, I si 11, each for isV), and payab'e rcsiiectively ui one, l.vo, three, four and live eai8 Ironi due, with interest, mid Innlcr tiing loiihthal tlie said Note, pijable on lh" s't'iih July. If I'', had not been paid, tin, I pmjmgihat for ihe reason albicstiiit ihe mud Vv lent may be tori-dosed of and liom all right, title an 1 1 tu. tvofrcdcniptiou m and to lh" said mortgaged premises, .Iml it apiiearing lieu Hie salt! vv ileal is wiuiout tins St ite mi that iicisoiial notice of the pendency of said hiiil eannril Herv.'tl upon llllll. . lien-Hire l ................ .1..,, il,- .i.l ll,.r,,l, V VI,ntlu. wieeessivelv 111 ill" l'ree 1'ies.s. a new -plier printed at - S-pitrinlur, A I). Ittln, nl which tun the said 11 1- raito i. vv ueai is rcqtureii 10 app -nr anu maac an Kwir to the said bill of complaint. ).itcd at liurlniRton, July 'JJ, 1316. j;iMVAIil) A. H I A.NrillUKV Clerk in Chancery. 1'i.att il. I'rCK. Solicitors, OWJ VIM:CA II. I'urcC'idci Vinegar of thefuH anal. thr bbl. or r.'lls'ii.for ule by Juivw ' a k Pi;wt;v. In t hniiei ry. I .Iamci It. Allen,") UlttTTKNDUN COUNTV, ri f UrtuWr Tarn, .font Williams. J Is IB. I V tl.ia rnnsn I it (Irtitor nn llir H .'lltll ilnv of -Till V. ISUi. tiles willi the clerk of naid court his bill of complaint ngiint John li'illiam, late of Johnsjii in the county oi iiimomr.uow i;oie' 10 pans ioikoowo , s'tl'ma forth that on thf 11th of July 1814, slid Wil liams fxeeuted lo lleium Allen, then of Burlington, in Slid Chittenden County, now deeeased.a Mortgage of Johnson nlores.ihl mid lei'ii; seventy acres of land by estimation, of lot inttnlrr lil'ty-eiriht of tlie original rerlit ol .losaua llatliaway, litiunded on the south an-1 ! t he ihe liu ol the lot, on the liotlh bv a nut of th sun" lot sold hy paid Heunii Allen to I,ivemor" V li'iiiLt lell, on tlie east hy a part ol th" same lot sold by slid Ilennn Allen to I,murd II, Smith mil now own" I by William I.angdell for th" pnqsise of s"cur- vi t in- piyinem oi lour pioniH--ory notes lor ? ' cacu payable toai, I Ileiuan Allen, icspeclivelv on the 1st of January Htl, IHIj, lSICtmd ISI7, w'ith interest ; and further stttiuj fortli that iii ilenvin Allen, de ceas.'d nu th" elevi'tith day of December. 1 ill, intes tate. that! har es r A "ii inn Joi ob A l n were appointed ndinimtratnis of his estat", ail I that said iidminislrutor. on the first day of May IS 16, tran'f'T- reu ine situ .woriiiae auo proiiusiry noies 10 tne Orator, and furtlrr s.'lliiiK filth tint sail notes hav not been paid cither tn said Itemati Allen, to tie; said Admi'iistriitoi", or to the orator, but icinain wliolly uupai I, And praj ins that fjr th" reasons albr sai I th".aui Jolin Vviliiains may be lureelos-il of and from all rijit, tittle, and equity of redemption in and to said mortgaged premises. And It apocarinL' that s.iid Williams resides without this Mate, so that notice of the pendency of said suit cannot In pproinlly icrveil upon Innt. I ittnrfor.r. it p nnlcicd tlint notice lio tften atosaid vvilliains ot the pena-mey ol sai.t suit ty puMismug this order containing tiie substance of Maid bill of com i!aint, forthrce weeks siiceesshcly in th" Free Press, n newspaper printed at lliitlmgtou, in sjid' last publication tu be at least twenty days before I he next term ot ihe Court of Chaiieerv'tobe'holden with in and for said county on the first Tuesday alter lh" lonrth Tuesday of September IS 16, at whic h lime said Williams is required to npp-ar and answer to the said bill ot complaint. ' Dated at tlurlmgton, Jnlv 2S, 1HI0 KIJW A. STANSHI'HY, Cicrl: in CJiancmt Cli o. K. I'latt, Silicilm; HS'.I j PEARL STREET HOUSE. i Ms I'enil SI., A'dC-VoiA- ! si1 vt'ioi's i:M' erectetl for the csp"cial aceonmiolition ol s'-. Hants, iti the very centre of th" most populous bu-mcss district of the city, has passed into tlie hands of the tiudersigii".! who hieboeu engaged , during the last two mouths in making ueli additions' and iuiprovemeiitsas tluluiiuer condition of the house .s..'eni".l to demallil. To lh ise win, have hitherto ex- ' tended their patronage to this Hotel, it mint be obuous lint, in sonic pjtticulitrs, the inunageiuent was am- I til- tibic to iuiproveiueut . and without entering into details, lh'-y w ill simply stale tint where sueii was tie eossaiy, neither cxprn-e nor labor has been spaied. j Tn"' Dinner hoar has been changed liom 2 to 1 o'clock x Dinner isaNoseuedat 3 o'clock, in the La dies Oidinaiy. With liu in .t careful atftitioa to th? coailoil of visiters in every depiitm.'iit ol the house, the I roprie tors hope to rccieve and lespectlully elicit a liberal Slippoll. N II. A Coadi will be found at lh" principal Hteambiit Ihcrs to convey passu 'er.s to and tro.n the ilot-l. : SAMUUI. C BISHOP. Wm. 1'. l.EONAKD, New Vorh JllU, ldlrt. rt;u3 WAUKHOl'SH OK PULNTS OxNLY, ; BY LEE JUDSON, t4 I'viSiti- Sts'cul, .t'.v Vork. Ti... .. i. .) ,.r .1, u..nA.n. : EXCLUSIVELY to tlio t'Aliibilioii anil salo of PRINTED CALICOES .Men bants are invited to examine ih' extensile stock of this estibii.!rii"iit, w',i"ie they will tin I, with s;arce- Iv un evcpiion, ciery n w and desirabl' siylc, both i'OUUGX ami JiOMLMW. which the. maiket alliirib ill oj whi'di are oiii'red for sale by the piece or package, lor cadi or shoil credit, at orb.'low minu factu.'eis prices. ym3 ( HOUND Provender, and Wheat lliau, bv th" v. lou.l or single ba-r.ju-t received by jtuyvj. , S. DKWP.Y. pHI)VI'slo:,s. fork, lanl, Liut-r, tl-ur. com, I luiill. sriltmo sb'til ,,.wrt(e rt 11,-J, fu,u.l.,.fl hilos au I sh il lers :-ilo a lull supply o the bet Dili Ci j.'rns.Y will oi ad tunes b ' found ai A. S DP.VP.Y'S V 1 uhisll stipplv ot soil. i an I lemon I iiielo rs this X uay r eeive .I .--also, intent soeno canities, bv July 'J). a. .-. ui-.ivriv . inii'i'ivnv vmi' ii-, ii- o ir l()MMi.i AliU WOKIv. I Hi: Hon- B ticu'.turist. au 1 Journal of Rural rt and Uural Tast". Tit Hoiticuhu'i-i will b" edited by A J. Dnvning, U-tj imd wi I be published on t'l" lirst" of every mouth, cacti u.i.nbt i co naming H pages o. t ivo. punted m the b"st tle, mid ciubi'ihsii-tl with piites un.1 ntija -rous oiaerengiavmgs. ii a siyf s.miar lo inose yti n in Air JJownings " l.ill ..-.ils; lf.irilemug, itua ' lot- Hire resiiletici - Ptiee s3 p-r a iinniti. payable in a I v mice. 'I'll Hortli'tlllurl-t Wlll b 'devot"d. I To Girdeniug in a t'loroughly well as scientific sense. 'J. To tli .1 'seription and cultivation of Irnit trees. II To gardening as an ail of taste, embracing essays, hints and designs on ornamental an.! landseai" giidiu- lug. I. lorunil arclntectiire, mchuliog tlcstgus lor rural 'Otlllge.s, ,V''., e. Sin'l.'nuiuli-is'Jjc.'iils. Porsile bv A PDWAUDS. 7 No. LPuk's It id ling, llnrliiigioii yoi'lfi:. The lirm of N.TLSON ,t GATKS Ii is this ih v dissolved bv niutuilcons lit All net- sons hiving unsettled accounts w,ih th- tiim ale rc- ipicsieu to po ut tliem ilelay lo i l.. Aeison who is authorised to s'ltl the same. H.ithngtoii, July g:i, leUo. C I, NIIL.VON, ll GATKS. T. L. i:ijS() contiui 's to manuf.ieiurc churs and cabiiul work at the. old stand in St. Paul street, wli-'ie he w ill continue to supply customers on his usu ally low I'-rms, 7vll Si livMcirrs sri'i'.itiou Chininair le lilst recciveil anil for sale bv the Ims. ket or bollle Also' nines of that sius'lior 1'uit ii ti.l Mitl'im lliuicii Sliei iy and l.ifiie. Also ' cises suj, rior Hock. 1 case Hurg.mdy and 1 pii .N'leily .Mad -ria VViue for family us. Tn- best iittpotted Luiuors and Cotditls alwavs for sdebv IJ AHKING'I'ON HKOTHllllS T r'r'W'e hive als tost n-ceived 'g'.l gallonsofsiiiK-ri- ort ii 'rry Cordial, which will U'sold low. Twl U'lruogiou, .niiy ..i. - Di:voj,vi(; ST4)ItS. , Half ilon li ie i V f .-villi l,i-ttl.,n ioi 1 av.oitnniit iifiuttiH, . luif i-j i umn Mrinns. rMiiitiiik, iui"f ana ur new (.(Mhi-jnt rtvvcivii 7 . IlIilNriMAII) .t IIUOTHIIKS. rpin: i:oVcaus.'d hy lli-sl.iliti your horse 1 can b" prcvenied bvu-uu a . I .W.i. Ill"' comfi.rt of ih ivcr and horse is; ot .i.- v .. .i i i .... i ..i .... n .1. ' Oil -Ml (I, lOOO llllll I IH.-.IO, lO IllllNri.MAID t IlUOTHtllt-s. Ki:i:i nrr tiii: i'i.uis from imad, cake, nud oilier food bv iisiiui those w ire Covers Mild by 7 UlUNS.MAlU .t Ill!OTIKI!.s, ii. nixroiu), .VPI'OIt.VIIV AT l,VV, ll'moosili '.i., l'l QIMMIIIlt STOCKS Sold by 0 - imiNSM id it imoTiii:i!H. EilUNTIXC IXIv! " at cm ntin:s!!" 1 IMdy's .N'eu s mid Hook ltd. j i-t received uml for .do nt 1'iietory 1'ricw for cash, bv STHVIINS WOODS, liothtieloii. July 7, 1116. S WAXTIII), At the IV mo I'orte miliiiiij Iltis'.n-ss a Miiiiirf man who is a kuoJ insclnniciin lean ,..n" v,,l r....,oiineotleil for ho!er.liloral and illdlltrl- ins habits, (root! vvngra and conslant clliployillellt if aiuilc-Jtion is made soon t ' 1 ll'lllt . M NMIV I Ilirliiuton.Jiilyir.. lflti liw'J illATCIIIN. ill sile cheap by mr. M i.m, -llllllllillSS llll I I... I ll vii vv! . vrivi's! II.AS .N0 I.B, .Mjy IS, lMfi ID. 1 1 ATTINfi, c -Hilf s of Hatting. Col'd, Wadding I I vv...i.:n. I i'.,,., v.,. l'.,r a,l" !.. Julv 6. Hill. VII.AS - N'OYKS. DI.N'S 1X1) XI!KI)I,-N. r.OO I'lt'KS Am. I ndiil lira 1 PINS I'D do. Ho do. 100 ,1.. Sew ,B Needles. 3V. t!rois Kmi.i'u Ne-dlrs for ' May I'., Hlfi, IIAI'KR. 20'J Ili:is (Jap I'apeh. I do do Letter do 100 do Wrapninc do rornltbv llb Ac N'OYFa Msv-I, IB l A. jKDWAKDS' BOOK STORE. No. 1 Pecks' Umiiline,. V nisrnw. or school, i ussleAt, inumis- CLLASIXII S HOoKH AMI STATIO.NLnY, AT ' trV ri'.teLs. Hill's l,ife of Cnnnini;. price Diouciii ijeip'iius, uy ir iv el .'.) Ali'inoiisrmd Kssays, Illuslratiie of Atl, Iiitera- ture arnl oici'il .vioials, by Jrs .lamison, Tlie K"d Ski'is. seqvel to tlie I.itlli'pago J s.'rijls. iiv J. K Co a?r.2 vols. Jititt- 5J t'lptaiu O rinllivau.or Auvent ires Civil .1ihUry an I ,lairiiiioiiia,by VV. H .1ixwcll, The chcuu.-st Aaus ever nubllsli,.,) are M'irsr'11 Cirfiiiiphti: A'e. ., eonl'iiuiu -Texieo, C'litiaj Aui"riea, Yiratan. .Vissisdppi, Canada llcst.V'fiiriut an I New Hampshire, puce 'l' (!od"ys I. uly's Hook, lor An fit , t, 'l' Columbian IV ijrame do 'Jo Oraham's do do 'Ji Ladies Natioual do do '. Illuuiiinti'd i'.iaki"p".ire, Nos '.i.'i and ts', Sj A new supply f lleily' Nap .leoii and his .Vir- lnll. voh. if) Haley's I, 'tiers from Italy, 1 vol. ol do Alps and tlie Itliui.', 1 vol 37 Noloiuoii U'lil'it'onN INtnle. STATi: Ol-' T.RMON"I',f f j .UK Hon ihe Pro Dutiii't i'f lTiitt"!id 'n. ss J 8 bate Com l for the lbtriet of l"ii . To all prisons eoneni"d in th' e-tate of .Solomon vi h'aten late ol ll'iihiigton in,'(!"o. K Phtl.a lmiaistratorof th" estate oi iai oeccaseu reposes to rcnuir an aeeoieit oi uis idnnuistration and incsenthisaceountagiiuil said tit" for examination and allowance at a session of th- Court of Probnte to b hr.lil.-n at th Itegister's olfiee, in saul Httrlingtun, on the s?coini We.lnesdjy of Au gust next Therefore yo'l are hereby notified to appear before said court lit th" time and place nibrcsu I, and shew cause, il any you hive why the account Hforestud .should lot be allowed. ' (tivt'ii ii'i.ler tnv Intul nt niulingtou, lids 2! 1 tlnv of July. A. D. IS 10.' 7w3 Wu. Wl'.STOV, Ucaislcr. .M'W-YOUK S.lldiS, liy JumeO'T .IllHru Wcdiiesility, Aug. 3. fIMIII',1) TUADi: SALK OF l'AH.V AM) J Manufneturnd Indift Rubber Sho'". in New York, nt tin: tore nt Ahnrr Brcctl.-ii, VI nn I l. (5oM ftrct, liW.iTO pair Tarn iml .Minaractiired InJiit Rubber H'iiivscon!;,'tiM ot nil thi various km d,iz nut woni'.-n's intent rubber over ih'cs " hcpt rubVr au.l cloth UrnjJ do "r Iinih'vl I'ara .V.ioes It'cmvtr.i ilo dii Vi-M'."' ii n Woniftn'a fiinv"! and lined Luun ami " k1"00" bound Grcciaiw, I " in itmlactiued buskins " sluct rubb'-rsmdaU fm''i do dn .1cn'dan'l wonion's patent tnetnlic ovcr-SnM Tiw citenti vi of the trad'! tn'ral!v ii rcfiwctfulli rf.vrp-'tcil to tlm ilc. It will bn inund tnore extensive 'sh ' impi.ea siy,., an i Terms I, . J " ".'."; :ral and made known at sale. i ft in. f'" I, VKJJ CI1A.111'I,AI.. C.vniN- Pacioi, Tiir.r.iiii,3iU.) Uuk Tiri Sl.U", rxrr.i The st team r URLINGTON, l.ll'T. IS. VV. 1-lir.tlMVN, 3 ill 1-ave Whitehall every SONDAV. wrn.NEsuAV , and I Rinvv, at lUo'cloi k,a. in arul ft.iuit Jtilmsevciy tursi'v.-, Tiirnin.vv, and .vnunt'AV, at Ilo clock, p m. The Steamer WHITEHALL, rvrr. i.'irop, Will leave Wh;t"ha!l every an 1 Sunt Johns cvery MatDAV, vvr.uxi.iuvv, end rr.invv, at 3 o'clock. p. tu. Dutiici O.i lliftrd TUKSD.VV, Titi''W.aiil svrt'iinvv, at HI o'cli.k.ii m L'util Further Xiic. P.isjongTsit eitiier en 1 ol the roal wul till Curs, S'tug'sor Packet l'oitts lo convey th-'i.i lorwar.l widi- ollt tleliy. Hirllnglon.Jtily.Utr,. lis in mo ni'iuer o; i.ciu'i il. 1'lntt, gtiiti'.Uiiii ol V.'iiltiiea i.'. .Uu'ison. r::ri'nov ro ski,!, i.avd. STATU Ul- VEItMOXT I T a 1'ioljale Court, D.strictofChit' -n I n.'s i V i.!, at Hurhiig lou.wiUun an 1 tor die Di.tuct of Chitleiideii, o.i the suilnlay ol July, Is Iti, conns L.iuu d II. l'i.iit, lluar thauol VVtdlice i;. Mtiuson, of I'oieh -sier, in I ,I,s. tii' l, au l hies m .ii,l court Ins peniion in wnli'ig. s;t- tingf..rththithi-siilw.ird.s.'iedmhnowiirightiii lee ot th" lollowing d s'n'oe.l icul csiate (among ottu-r) shuitcl m sud Coicli '.ster, v iz r-le'ts puy-uue and Jitty-twn, cell containing one hundred neris ol iau.l, tint ud lots are not produttive for taruiuur pmpos s .m I lint it vvoil J co.i 1 ice to tii b-st mtt rest ofsnJ ward Uthive sn,( ,-,ts of hm s.,), and have tuepioceilsot suli sil-put at mt-rcst. or raves ted in oih rand more prodiutivi- red esnt",ati I pray- rsaid courl Mhc" -aid g niihan tus-h sud three 1 .uni'luTi I lor in ii.irnn-. uinrt-s ml. nuitvuhlv to th? Hatntc himi.-Ii en- liiiitf.iii.ljiio.'t'lt'il. " Whciciywu. tin- cuuit ui".e.-itl duth njipoint tlh j-viinl I! I'tlncsl n m Auu-i, H1G, fur h'.inn nn.l iK-.-i-lninit-.inlpfmM.i. nt th- (.hVc nf th- ll-u-r i'I'-iilIc'i irt'iii "ii-l li'iiin.tnti.nn I .loth inlcr th it nl jhii in imerL"-!"'.! i- imttti M Hu-i-nt iij jmiduvitiitn t thiscnl'Tnuitrtiniiu th-siilnt mnnf i,iu t,. tition.threi' wl-pKh Ptiect-vsjii ely in ih Hurlniioii t'r-t- I'ith-, it n w-.jnp'T print -tl" m llurlinitiii, iv l;it t whh!i p'lMtcaunn-. to !k pr.-i ih t tlr tini mj lor lift rnu (.tu-n im 1 tiiiv It mJ thOi'i il iv nf .lull. Hlfi, ia'.1 Wa. WC.&VOXji'stfr IlOiii: MIU' (iOODS. VILAS .S: xovis ill. Have leccnily t"c"ived from N.-w ork and Histo-i. a laiir anil will s.'hcted stock ol DiiV (iOOI).S. Tii"j v. .re p nchiscd with i.vsn au I at rr.t I., which w b.h e vv id cu.ibl us to rs.ll thtm to the il'wcv buyer OirHock ol'A'iicricau 1 Vitus is wry large and de- , siralile, coa'istui ol" aluio-t every flyle and pitci an I we have lull cmitidmrr tu leco.u.ueii 1 th"iu lo the HCrutim ot purchaseis. Oi olli t kinds til (loo Is. we have a lurc and very H."icral stock ill of which are oll'crcd to the public, ami a tile for tlcin deiired. Thost vv isliui any ihiiii: in our line, are most fe. t-p'cllil!ly 'ivit",t toe.ill and evillll'.ic tor lilelllS'lvcs. llarliiutoii, July Kl, Is ll) 1)11. I). III.ISS WOL'I.I) rcs.iccuvol) iulonii tlm iuhiibii.tuis of .lerti'O ( '.rlliets (hil lie litis p -1111.111. Illtv Incited atsaidvillii'-'us J'ltVSII'IA? and SirjHfMX - liy clos' jilt 'iiuoii to his prot"s.ou, he trusts to prove vvoilhv of nalt ittac .Icn'.-o l our C .iirrs.Julv II, Hit'. 3.U'. IITIII'l'IMi IVI. . nl'tt... tirst .in tlov. t.v tt.iv or M liottl",in.iniitaeiiired by H'mliiiijoH t '. ii ' uu I warranted, l'orsaleby s.tkvi: vviMitis, j , w nii ' (i . LAW SCHOOL. mil i: srr.sciMiniHs wiu,. ox thi: 1 thii tiitl davot S'titeniberii.-xt.oi.'u a I.vvv Sc.tcoi.. at 11 iiiiiiutoii, Vermont ; m which they hope to alio il yoiriii men u-asonable lacilities lor ucjuitiug a know -(eilec at Icii-i of tlie ru liinruts of th" liivv It will le llieir ile-in to imbue students not only with a knovv l",lv;" of the elementary ptineicles ,,' tut- law, bul also with in spirit and philosophy Th" conns' of instru tion will combine ieeitatioti liom the most approved text-books, with examination, and oral or inutiusctipt Uvlurcs; to which will be a-l.led mis.t couits, f.-r t ic argument and decision of cas.'s. which have lieeu pr-. viou-ly yiveii out. The coins,, of study, which vvitl be prescribed, will require at least two e.irs fonts accouiph-hiiient It will In' tin ir object, lirtt, u. ",ve the rtnjent a i,"'ii"ral view of tue K-l'iii of the law. and ol its leaduu p:ineiide ; then. io pns-e -d aralyi. it-ally wilil Its v.lllous tales, uultl ihcMu lent shah lltle ciiciunpnssed. as ti r as n may Is- possible, the vvlioli svsleiii. The school will te by forming it lino two u nenil thv wuis. as the wants ol the indents hall require A pibh" room with a library will b provide. I, al which tiie moot couits will he !Hd i an I riltOCICr.llV provul.'.l, at wtueii tne mnot cotuts will tie tt"M j an 1 vv Inch will lie opt n nl all luivek for the nccoiiimoilatioii of the indents. i is expected tint ihe nu niliers "f 1 the sch'sd w dl htiv e tll privdeee ol attetiduu 'he pub- 1 he lectures ol the riuversuy ol cnnoni. and will lx uunittteil to the cmovulcut ol tli" C olleiic l.ibrarv.lree "' charpe, siiMccl only to ttie lneMeutal r.xpeiiA.sot . . T..uil,)n f .,, K.,H,, ,,. t . . .. " . - ,.,,sll.. . ; - .,....... r. !,. itrci VV'.. I ne.l3V ol Aiunst, aiet pue ol nine weeks ironi tae tirl W.liif's.tHv of I ) .,-cMilier t iii'Htlv with lh' vacations in the College. Tire lute ol tuition will lie tally dollar lor nil ncadeiuiejcnri and in 1 ia! , l'riP"ion for aiiyfiaction of yeir 1 Huiluuiou. July It), ISI6 iii-vvj-'TT .,f WIU.IAM V PKCK .r"afsT5 llflll SAI. I.. A I'lN'KLV IIV ! TtOi- I (four winds) Willi f.. t,i.v .,ib W v' lt,o ther ton, which eot tjam nii near llyuuvv Alw." "cclfent xll fmhrd tin o;5', vt I'scl i-prin!f 'in tit m.j ei'i I ll'lirc si '-ii, "" s T-T.--Ar. . " '-V! UJ HATCH, CuN Smith, woum) i- Pores his ciisiomrs, that he has employed nil crperieneeil woikman fioui tin noulh, and intMids to keeji, constmtlv on hand, ticss. letter and cheaper than any ever odeied m this mnikt. T.yrrih'.p one door south of the Jail.Churoh Slrcst. Pleae tall. llurh:i!trm, Jaly 10, BI6. MKIajDIANS with nnuxt) ki;vs .sn Fist or l'cinno keys, from thebn manufacturers in the l.'mt I Slates Tlie above nre a fit rate mu sical insiiiimeiit lor Parlor or Choir, for vile by KTI.VUNS WOODS. l!iirhe!Mi..lidyH, 1S16. p TIN WARE. IHIiAS & NOVKS co.vtimji: tiii: mt- ' I fiiei'iiiun of Tin Ware, and a genoral ssortm"ii' k"pt consiantiy on hand. . lerchauu and I'edlfms can at nil tim-s be supplied at ratci that will give sattefic l it'll l!ndin,!ton. Jua-' 6. 1SJ6 2 C'll.VlIH SI'HUNfl. VILAS .t NOI1YS Invi iJ now on ban 1 a Inc.'. tueortinwt cl silver InW' Pea, I) sj it and Salt Spoons, which they off"r ft wholejal" upon advantageous terms. Those that ar'. marked in the name if our firim, thus, "Vilas A. NVivrs tit tiMMjru.v." will be WahuaSTED bv us tn b-i 0f the nrsr ctfALtrvor iit.VF.ri. utile minis oi sowf puriJfiitinVi b: Irani u, arc not rccommnaca in f'nnitnr, tun mv nn- miirKvi uju.c. ' liurhnjitou, July 13 13IG; Cash Haiti for Wool hv it rvwrn.M n ICWWon July 10, H"' 1 ii. -J.-'l mill' C3 SIMN00SKI COT'I'O.V. Wi: V I nn arrati'"meiit with the ov.nirs t iiAvn Mini: rs of tlicae Sheci n to keep tliciii constantly on hand and for sale at til- Tuei try Puces e would bolieit the attention ol Merchant and others wishing to buy their Goods by the Hale or Pi"ee,as wc think that their superior qua. ily will be a strong recommendation lo thi buyer an J the eonmnti "Our people thiiil'l encourage horns fmfa.dv." V1I.AH & NYOC8. , April! HIS M rill.V PLATIN, VV UMlic. 73 BOXES TIN 1 Plates, 1-3 X and extra sites W b'dls iron who, assorte 1 die -t copoer, copper bolt, P.usiii anlEng th 'ft iron, sheet lead, l"ad pi!", sh :ct zinc, rivets, da. Julie I ftlKU.LfO s,VJ. I riTKONOis CO Imv re -eivod and clT:r r.n c.t O tensive stock oflSADDI.KRY.comprHn? almost I every article wauled ill their line.ou reasonable tonus. June ii. CtlU'LIlKV. Table and D;-sert Knives and fork, carvers, stcls, batchers' knives, shears, scissors s. lien au-1 pocket knives, limp eisors, tazors, ks.ctc. STRONGS & CO. nut tnr June 1. ' ri HINDS' V.r Stones. I June t PON1V. j teas Nova Scotia Grinl Alao, grial istoae cranks and rollers. STItONGS &. CO. ("'.VUHIAUU .1IAKUHS will find an e.teti3iv j J nssoitrnent of eoods in their Hup, on reasonable term", at t STRDNGS & C0'9. June 1. 1 IHH VAX VTIIS. woikniiushui, by A new paltem of superior STP.ONGS & CO Jane I, iuiu a'lioiai i."Kf:ii;"s J June I. TOOL-., in varielv STP.ONGS CO pONCHIlSS.IY.VTr.U. Jut iec"ived a s.ipply V ' of fn. -h C ingress Sjirin Witter direct from the old Cong'css Spring ami wul lie k"pt a full supply oa hand at all times, au.l for sale by June 30. I O PHTCRSON s- wnw.o ia .iihi:h. ioi"tl lumb' r, for s.d" by IDW piece, U inch G. PF.TERSON Juae :w f ll'i: IXSlTJtANCK. Tin; Statk Mutual S i Ins irauec Ci iipiny of Worcester.Massucluisctt", otl'-r lo is. ae Policies of luwimnee on livts on tho nseu I ivoicble terms App'iCPtirin receive t oy V. L.f 1 Oil AW An OKO. B. SHAW, Agent Rurliuglo.i,l)ee. 17, HIS. , WW (HlOrKHMX CO CunsTs Hv- r K hh 1 !fi C, Vrtr llico Ai X. 0 bucari. in " " .Ioiasc3, J tini-j lual. cnnliM, nnd pow'd Sujjar5. C.mille-.. Hir S;ip, Starch. Onnr,'i, Pof.pcr, Sjjiut,'. JulJiaun, 0 i ut. Vcrmicii-'i, 'i'obtti-'co, Clof-i, N ut.ii-1,-i.n.i Oil, tfjani"., Cotll'.-h, .Sil-crntuM-t- .VI'ROXG.S it CO, Jum 3f J. Iu ML'ltll'AX PHI VTS. :i5Tvsf7" iii do , J cri-t.-s rurtnture cl, Onr I'tint- nr pur-Hm-ct.l t'th- .Mjiuif.ii'tnrers Ajienl", rtuI they arc tlm. tt)firi" 1 v irly direct troru thu lanulacttircr1- We p-iv it-i nr n pinfit on th"rn. hat hftrily the AffV fonimts-i'i:i In ti-ii unnngr we obwiri finadrtintagc nvor tho? buv th'-o Gu'J- n amoimt ilnna Parkaze A t!uy pay a JjUrrV pif-ftt, whMi U nv ed by in ut ennq ihtect to tiV Annc-'. rnw-inc; tlu"i- ailvjntHL' , wc waaU ilireci ihe att'jntio! .'f hiivfr., :ih irini' t h:in I hit we cm tiinusu them with ' "'t' wp'fi t -nn inttcr tlnn nnv !lntd In thi" vwin VlLArf A. NO hS. iurliii -m, IS 10. 5J . . , , , 7 T- 7 ITT, Ty 'TiT f?" SAL1 0 ToUKM , rAUMOV a tl 1 ik- -.Vu". thret- miles nnrth of the il ia,ri. l(;jtiuu:ii irwut .l-'.i iK-n-. II I.KAVKXWOIlTit Hirlint ui. .hiue :w. lslt). fV) i:XT. 1 Ilm si:s at inn Pai.i.! 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