Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 9, 1846, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 9, 1846 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY 310RNING, OCTOBER 9, 1810. FREE PRESS, ninti.ixJTo.v, vi. l'l!ll)AVM0l!NIN(i, 9, 18lfi. "W'li ill Slnto Convention. The usual October Convention for the appointment nrn State Central Coiiunitti-c ninl County Cnnunittci for tin- ensuing venr. w ill he liolit.-tt nt Nlontpclicr on WI'DNIISDAY TUP. lint OC I'OIIP.II next, nt 7 o'clock, P. At. t A full attendance nfthe Whig mem Ikt" of tin- LouNlntnrp, nnj of delegates from towns unrepresented, is desired. HAKIM IIKAUI.I.V ANDIUIW TUACY, OKI). T. HODdl'S, POItTl'S IIAXTi'U, K P. WALTON. .In., SAMUP.L ADAMS, A.I.. Ml.NL'K, Sept. Si, IS 10. Stntc Cointnittcc. tcr end"' (contrary to nil expectation) lielil, ami tho anchors dragging checked her drift; soonnf tcr the wind suddenly i-liilte-'l In tho liorthwird nn I westward, tlio him wont ilnwit nitiilcnillyt mil Mill ilr.iL'giiig, thebrig tailed nlt'shorel. She wax liiditonoil of krntii'ilif". tltc, the foremast rut nw iv, iiml rude onily ; nt sun-ct Cnpc II it teruswiis seen close aboard, I'ntil the llh, vt'o rode tn :i heavy g.ilo iVom the noilhward, with two anchors iiIkmiI tho stream cable hid parted. It was a period of piiiiful siipone. Otircubtcs lienring a lioivy drain, wo expected every mo ment to putt, ati I tho breakers upon the Capo ro.iriiir :i-tiT.i. We were employed rigging ju ry inals, but having saved only a few light spars managed bully. tfjxiii tho evening of tho I Silt, tho wind dying away, hove in on tho I nbo.ud chain, mid found the anchor rone. In heaving up the starboard one. when n Mr the bow, its shacklc-liolt drew and it w.ial-o lo-l; undo .siil iimn the jury masts niul stood to sen. 'I'lie next day spoke brig. I. Peterson nf Now' Vork, ami by her was Mildly supplied with an anchor and a lew spare luii", iind the next d ly th" steamer " Palmetto nbt lined from h T a -mill lint. Upon tins IJitli. wiill oil In light airs from tlio southwutd, got within thirty miles of Capo Henry when tho wind again coming out fre-li from tlio X. 11. were again in great peril hirely succeeded in weathering "Hittera" Shnuls," innl again were blown into tho" gulf stream "' whole she" lay to" ina gale lrom tho northward and eastward, until the, when it nbited, and in tlieallern ion, to tho great joy of al I hand-!, a man-of-war showing Atncri. cm colors, win d .'.-cried stunilinj; toward us A" she nearcd lis u o recognized with emotion nf piiilo and plea uro the well known ligure head of tho ' C institution." Wo wo-c hum- li.ilelv h arded and taken in tow by liar, and upin the evening ol ll.e :21st ex changing wi'h h"r crew their hearty cheers, wo c.i-t oil anil stool in to tho capos ol the Delaware, whole wennchorod tijoutho 22d, nccoiniianied by n "pilot boat. Wo wore nearly destitute ofwutar. provi-inns.utid of every com fort, when wo fell in with "Oi l Irim-idos,'' and shall long remeiub'r with gratitude tho kind sympathy extended lnvvaiiU us hv her ollicors, uiidthe alaeiity and generosity witli which they supplied all irir w ml. The following is :t list of those whoperi'hed up on tho Sth: Lieut. I'om'g (!eo. .M. Iliclie, Ben janiiu Durloll', John IVIihoitruc, JanuM Dorsev, tpiurter-uTi-ter-; Henry Schra'der, sail maker's mate; Tho. .Stinford, Francis Jiutlcr, Lewis Alaynnrd, Willi nn Wright, seamen ; Peter II:in sooanil Kdward (, ordinary soauien. Tho surviving nUirersof the Washington, nreJolm Hall, It. N. Stem!, d, .1. It. M. Mullany, Lieut.; S. 1). Trcnclmd, Acting ina'ter; U. J. Hotter. Passed As"t ijnijrrim; Udward Oonaldvin and J. K. .Murr.iv, Passed .Mid-hipuun; .1. J. Hick itts, ( 'niit's. Clerk ; 1). I'. lticketson, iIaster's . .. On this part aniitrniitiou U iMiioincil. The com- lavr of uj ncTCs df ino r Ji .i.VTb l-uvstitl- , ,llullicniiiu u1L. ,m, i,:n innst go so far ns llo. i.ij.i.uu .nron i ru i,.u, jiiuiouimols 10 rt'iuoc iui jusi irnum! in coiopl.uitt that they have usii Paine. Win. C. Chanlain, Jaiuos Allien, J. 1 hceu ck-ci-ivcd in itie naiurc iimi pluoe of the sunice. W. Cooke, .lolui Jl. I)i!e, (!.; .Sailing' It iscxikticiI iheri-iincni will l in nmliness Af.,si,.r Mi,! I hih.s S T,vl,,r' s!n . ' t"cinliK nn'.irly ns the lt ol August iwxt.if prncli- . v. ....... , .... - ..j ' lIUIl-I'MllJIItlll, Asst. .Surgeon, 11. .MeSheiry, Jr.; Profeor i.f Very np.-ctfnlly, your ulii-iliiMit sei'vt. Mathematic-, h i-t.i'lirook ; .Mid bipiuen ' . I.. "iIAItt V,.S.'c-n.-iuryofar. ColvilloTerrett, W. P. l).md-( n, John II. Hart,1 tul--'' f'tevenwii, Yoik city. Washington 1'. ltueku.T, Coineliu.s (Viuegys, ' N'ow we would like to know if such a roving Jlcrnwcather P. Junes, (.eo. Jl. J ) jiif.1 1 , Jo- commission was ccr seriously given to an irres. seph J. Cooke, Ooininic 11. l.vnch; t.aitnns ... . r drk. Ileninmin .SlevenM llo.iNwnin. Robert I"-"''''"? '"To limiting part.zan by any gov Snip-on; Ciinner, (Jeergo Swan; Cariienter, eminent before, inile.-s it were tho (Jovcrnmcnt Henry (i. ''! las; S.iiliu iker, 1 auc Whitney ; of the " I-le of Pines " or some Dominion of 1 Ahralnm No'-es ' raU's ! Tl,is "la" L'vc''1-011 is clothed with the I mithority of tho United States to get together a thousand men in the City of .New Vork, and pro ' ceed" around Cape Horn to tho Pacific, to bo employed in prosecuting botilities in tome, pro- m, A,nrin m,,l,r ,,,! ti.Li. ,-r,nt ., n.r.,n. I "co ef-Mexico, prulHibltiu Vkt California"! lion tn p-'rus.iM sunn exiini'is ns the tullowingtrnm wim lo ensure tlio ouiaimng ol " persons ol good habils to embark in this n.o-l disgraceful ma- The t'uHibrnin Uviieilltion. On the 2(ith of Juno Inst, Iho Secretary of War, addressed the following ollieial letter to one .1. 1). Stevenson of New -York, n " scurvy politi cian whose name is specially famous, or rath- or infamous from hi intimate connection with the "(lleiitworth frauds" of 1810, and who is about as lit a person witii w hom to entrust a Gov ernment Expedition ns Aaron llurr would have been : ll'ar Drimrlmrnl. t'iMiiittn.Juiie Sfi. 1816. Sib: The President Inum; .1 terinilifil lo send n rcnuiriit ol MtltinU'i'ts nioun.i t ;iiii. ilnrn to the l'n clip, to he riutiloveil in urns -eituthr ho-tilitifs in simw. province uf .MeMeo.proliiihly tit Upjcr ('nhfoinin, has .iiiiuoii7eii ine io sny nun u you win ornnic one oi llic coii'iniou ncreinaiiLT sfcili.'il,niiil letnlcr lis scr will beiiecepti-ii. It tspn pent should he done with the approbation oi nie i.ceriiir oi .ov ioik. Tlu president t'xp-'cts, and indird rciptircs, Unit lrreatcaie should he taken to have it composed nfwiit. ahle peison0 1 iiffin persons of i;imd liahilj as fir as practicable ol v nt ions pursuits, and such as would .e likely to desire to rem mint tht' end uf the war, either in Oregon or any terntory in tint region of the elnhc wliiL'h may lie then a pari n I he Umlid States. The act of the 13ih of .May last the neceptauee of oiunieers mr iweive inoiutis, uniming Vic inr inlfi Mexico. Th" condition ol 1 In nccipliinee in iIusc-im-must he n tender of services ilurinj; the war, and it must lie exp licit V un lerstnjd tint thev nine be i hs- chnrg.'il without n claim for ictuniing Imnie wherever they nny he s 'rving at the of the w ar, pro wded it is in the then territmy o the United Slam, or may nu laKen lo me icnrestor injsi convtnienl terri tory belonging to the L'liited Suites and lUell iliselinrt!-ed. The men mtea be apprised expressly tint their term of service is fur the wai ihey are to be discharg ed asahove sp.'cilL'd, nnd that iheyare to he employed i oil n distant servite. It is. however. ere ilesirnlile ' that it should not be pubhely known or proclaimed Hi'Wefind the following nb.-tnict of tho re sults of the recent elections in the N. V. Tribune. Why Vermont should have been omitted, in form ing suclia catalogue, wo ennnnt Imagine, unless it is because she Is so hojielettly Winy us to fur nish no argument which tho Journal of Com merce would feel or admit. We can toll tho Tribune that, " next year," tho locofoctn nro de termined to carry the State ! Thisycarthoy fell back a little, tn be sure, but we lenrn, confident ly, that it was only to get a little better start. "The Joiiinnlnf Cwitnrrce think the Elections nf l,lii have not Inutcrinlly changed the aspect uf Politi cal nir.ur. We think dillerenllv. and will liriellesnin up the evidence nnd nsk nn hnpartint verdict. iMt.w-iiAMi'Mur.r.. nirungiy i.oco-ioco lor seven teen vrnr pa-t: now n whiff (lovernor nnd Wlni? phunlil in the lii'gisliitnre, with n strong Anti-Polk nnu nnu- lexnsinnioruv m lain l louse : .iiweti i i;i ley v rcnoinr tor iwo years, .lonn I'. Hale unto tor the six succeeding years ; both nntl-Polk nnd nnti Teia't ; wilh the Stale l)i-lricted for .l colliers of Coii iress, nnd the U. S. liud Distribuliou Fund received. This is the iniwt reiiiarknhle lohlical revolution of our day, and bids f, or to be enduring. iuioi.l w.axd: lug, as u-uni ; all round. CoxxntTiiur: A decided Whig plurality on every ate OHicer,yet a Iioen Foeo imuoiity lxrcutivc put rruni the Salem Ueiri-ter. Ilriti'jH Opiiiioii-, on .tli'ltii)'" Jlriti-b Torill Hill." Ilplscopnl Convention of Hie I)ioccc of Vi'iiiioiit. Wo find the following abstract of tho doings of tills convention in tjio Christian Witness, and Church Arfuicatc, n very excellent church paper published in Boston, Wo transfer it to our column in tho expectation that if will afford information of interest to many of our the authority nfour LegalTrihunals, nnd Public Olli-1 the salo was bom-iide,und upon good considera- Tlic annual convention i,f itie itiocpse of Vermont was held in Inunnniiel Chiirdi, Ikllow Falls, on the 10th September. The representation was hardly ns full ns usual, owing probably in (lie fact of this place being so Inr from the centre of the diocese. Sermon was preached the evening before the con vention, by the Rev. Mr. Hlnckallcr, of Ziou Church, .inncnesier. cers.nt delmnee. Our Institutions lire haeil upon the will of the majority constitutionally expressed. Ours Is truly n government of the People, nnd wbcntlicy, through their representatives, exercise their sovereign ty In the enactment of Lnws for their own guidniice and conduct, we feel bound to Inquire into their viola tion, so long n they remain unaltered ,or unrepealed,by , , ! the same authority thnt created them. Nor do we readers! ... . ., , ,,, , ,, ., ,,, (lr .i,,i, ,,, Lnws are wise or unwise, constitutional or imcunstitu tionol ; if they art unwise, tee le ate it to the People to male the discorciy and rrjieal them if Ihey are un constitutional, ire leate them to the Judiciary, the only and piopcr tribunal, to to declare. The tirond Jury believe that the Law under consid- 1 he IIHnip nf rcv Hampshire, who was nn bis cration wns enacted by our legislature, under the best visum, in wrewsvme. (n I, out lour miles uisinni t,r motives, and for the best of purposes-llie moral, nnriiQQ lli. fit'iiri xi'na iir.iumt . t tl,r miiitniitinn tnul i ' State ( in by the indirect aid of llirueyis.n and the direct m iiuence oi Hum. Klntcckv : Ii"ii-lnturc on v : tliorouub v an increased majority, Indiana : l.oeo-Poco (lovernor re-elected hv n ma jority something greater than Polk's Senate ditto hy il ,t'i i... ... i I..:... iti,. . ri ii iimjui , in,u-e , nm uy x nun .iiuni ii iuoi llltto hv ftinr. .lt vi'ar Selinle lied? Iliinse ntu Joint llallot I,oeo hv ten maiorilv. ii.i.ixoe, . jsinie iieKei l.oco ny an inerenseu majori ty, noserious etliirt being made hy the Whigs. One " "'S unj;.i-.-iiiiiii ui in.-i"iu , iinuiii -i iieii'.iiuii ny .Mormon voles lit Xnuvoo. A Loco fleeted io nnntli- er District by Whig voles. .Hssoeut anil aukansas. Loco, with no serious el fnrtbytlie Whigs; Whig gain in the Arkansas l.e g's'alnre. LocinianV : Loco as it hasheen for some vears ; flnv- eruor and Legislature carried by nn increased maior- ny. 'Nor.Tii-C.iuni.tNA: Whig all over, electing a Whig (owrnnrhy double .Mr. Clay's majority ; Legislature Whig in both branches the Senate a gain ; two U.S. Senator to he rhoen ; one of them a gain. iiuuma : LiH'o-roco nsusiinl, AIaIM:: No choice tor (.nlelliiir , 1000 nirninsl the regular Loco candidate, who hndSuUOlast year; Leg- i-i.tino- sou iiouuinu. i:isi year sirnnmy against us. The Slate either clearly revolutionized, or obviously on the point of hccuimug so. Such are, briefly, the results of the Election thus far, in lBlfi. If the Journal Editor w ill not admit a Whig irain thus far. we trust the States vet in elect will re lieve him from all perplexity on the point." I by request, took hi sent within the dialled witli the presiding llisho). The usual resolution. Inviting nil clergymen pre sent, not canonically entitled tocits in lb? conven tion, tn intend llic sittings (,f that body, was pissed. Tbeltev. Dr. Strung, and the llcv. Mr. Caipenter, from the Diocese nf Massachusetts, and the Rev. Mr. Sprngue, from the Diocese cif New llnnpshire, were present. The sermon before ennvention was Drenched iy the Rev. Mr. Manser, of Montpclier, lo a full nnd physical, intellectinl, and social well-being of our Peo- pic to whom, by the Law itself, the subject of License wa properly referred fordisiussion and decision ; and we can have but little doubt, if the provisions of the j Law were strictly observed and carried out, that it I would result in a most salutary and redeeming influ ence among us that the health nnd stability of our tion, Mitch testimony was heard us to the character of tho transaction, Tho Court hold, that tho action I so far penal, that a jury must bo satisfied beyond a reasona ble doubt, a in criminal cases, in order to render a verdict ngalnst tho defend nit. That a fnidti lent intent must bo shown to Invo existed on the part of Cook ns well as on the part of the defend ant. That the statement nnd acts of Cook tho' aduiissablo to prove such an intent on the part of Cook wero not in any other way admissible to nfl'ect thi! defendant. And that if the jury found the fraudulent intent to have existed, it wasiminetcrial whethern consideration was pni 1 or not for tho property convoyed. Verdict for plaintiffs, J(W3,0'J. A. Pixk, Kassox & lIccKLr.v, for Plaintiff. .MAKri,-, I.vman fc CitiTTr.vDF..v, for Deft. October Ttli, There being more jury business than could bo finished boforu tlio session of the legislature, tlio cabin was darkened, nnl torr-nt'of water cam-muring down unon us i, ,i. ,1.. -i.. i.i . tJm eJur " Scarcely hid ihe water rem -d tv H in in-c;ioiosniKl seile room s simultaneously, ns il hy roueert, the Public Institutions and State Government would be attentive congregation, The subject of the sermon thereby greatly promoted and Ihe prosperity nf our Court having disposed of a largo share of the ne; .ii -.-in . ,-Miuu ni ine li iiiso I.I..IIMOIU io i-i-opic, iniiimiuauy ami collectively, lie greatly en Mtt this view of the subject, we can but the General Theological Scininnrv. nt New Y,,rk. hope, that nil of our fellow citiicns will, in future, give was ordained to the holy order of deacons. The Rev. i their curdial acquiesencc to the law, until its provisions, to say the least, are fairly and fully tested md until a legitimate conclusion shall lie made hy the People, eith er to modify, repeal, or maintain it. DAVID RHAD, 2oi (man. Burlington, Oct. 3d. 1816. The Sentinel on the Human .Hind. CHATTER II. The Sentinel plunged a little deeper into the mysteries of the human mind, last week, than it ilid before ! We don't care a pin for the low opinion it has of our capacity to comprehend its " bread distinction." We admitted in the outset that it was too deep for us, and if it had a particle of magnanimity it would pursue its metaphysical investigations without turning out of its course to dospi-e us ! However, we won't complain. We shall even quote its articles notwithstanding their abiiio of us, for the sake of the instruction they enj'tain. Jly the followingcxtract our read ers will seo that, in the second chapter, the .S'en- txncl informs us that judgment" is "a simple, natural faculty of the mind," no modified, or dc veloped.or strengthened by use, of course, (The sentinel luriusliesa line sample, bythe way)smd that teeing, hciriug, tatting smelling, &c. are "powers or capacities nf the mindU) which re sult from a continued nnd concentrated action of many faculties." Hut perhaps we don't catch the full force of the " inner sen-o" which breathes through this philosopher, so wo let him swing In own sledge, as follow : .Mr, 11. goes to the vacant parish of llrandou. ilorning Prnycrs were oll'ered by tho Rev. Dr. Strong, the lessons being read by the Rev. Mr. Phil hps, i'he candidate for ordination was presented by the Rev. Dr. Clap, nnd Ihe epMlc was rend by the liisbop of New Hampshire, die remainder of the or thnntion service hy Ihe presiding Rihop. The com munion wns nduiitlisteiciMiy itie p?idin liisbop, assisted by the ltishop of N w Hampshire, to nn unu smuy large uiunueroi coinuuiincnnis. 1 lie business oi me convention wn ininsactcil Willi great harmony, and n spirit nf brotherly love cliarae- teneii nu me ptoceeuings. 'I'he standing cnininittee for the present vcnr.cnn- sists of the Rev. Joel Clap, D. D., the Rev. John A. llieks.tho llcv. licorgo 11. Alanvr, the Rev. Joseph F. Phillips, on 1 the Rev, Charles Cleveland. The first four of these gentlemen ore the clerical delegates to the General Convention. I he convention completed its luinrss In one day ; a thing ralher unusual, nf late, In this dioeesi . re commendation in the Bishop's nIdress, to conform to the practice adopted in nil oilier dioceses but this, it is believed, of repealing the general confession in our service along if ith the minister, instend vi after him. was well received. It is in acenninnee with the course pursued in othcrdiocesvs, and, on that account, it no other, is much to be desired. The reason assigned for the change was. that it would promote uniformity. and, although not a literal construction of. the rubric, )etnsthc practice is now generally adopted, it( was adv isahle to concur, so long us there is in it no viola tion of the spirit of the rubric. The reports, ns rend from tic several parishes, in dicated, on the whole, a favorable and prosperous state of things among us. There is nn evident advance ment of the Church in tlusdioeese, and her progress, if not rapid, is nt lenst sure. Information upon her character and principles, dilfies-d generally among the people, with llic blessing ol God, setus nil that is wanting to ensure the Church piuperity in this region. cnrrn:m: coijxtv coikt. September 2tt, 1810. Fakmehs ad Mechanics Haxk r. Chami-laix Transpohtation CoMfASY. 'Phis is an action against tho defendants, as common carriers, to recover for the loss of a package of bank bills. The case lias been tried several times before, with various results j two verdict having been set aside by tho Supremo Court. It appeared, that in June, 1839, a package of ,moncy conntaining 1 10SI, directed to the Cash collcctingbusiness, adjourned to tho second .Mon day in November when tho business will bo re sumed in the order of tho calendar. The ('rent Western's I'imnfc. The gallant steamship nppcnri to have encountered n snre trial on b-r passage from Liverpool : nn ordeal. her successful struggle with winch proves her ndinjia ble qunlitie as n sen-boat The folluwiug account has been drawn up, it will be seen, by a committee of the passengers: A', 1. Spectator. SATrnmy, Sept 12th, 1S1G. The steamship Great We-tern, lb U. Mnthews, !!(!. fntiunniiili.r F.kon..ull ni 1 ..'nlnlr l Vf Il iung nn hoard om hundred nnd twenty-six passen gers, captain, five ullicers, five eiigineeis and seventy four nil two hundred and eleven pel sums. The wentlier geti'-ially was pleasant for the season of the year, and our progress good, averaging 2'KJ miles a day. Saturday, Sept. 1'Jih, lat. 18 31, long. 37 13. at P. M light airs from the south cast and foggy, with light drizzling rain Got the vnrds nloft, and set the jibs nnd fore siH,0Pr At f set the single reeled main JIJECf and the square saus,vith two reefs in the top- At 8 P M. the wind increasing nnd variable to the Westward, took in the square sail", outer jib and main spencer At 10 r. Al.,lresheiuuggnlesuni ugly wea ther; sea getting up and tossing high. At midnight increasing gales and beayy squnlls ; took in the tore silencer, the oiithaul having broken ; in the meantime the iiinerubstny hull's-eje hook broke and ihe snlls be came useless ; hauled it down nnd set ihe for staysail." The above is nu extract fiom the caption's log hook nnd gives nn account nf the commencement nf the aw ful storms which the Great Western surmounted nn her passage from Liverpool to New York : one so ter- nue timing us continuance, nnu ioiiikcu ov sutun sigmliHtv 'ranee m Ihe md, that it should'bc caie- C. j''"'!'! i'ree Press has laken a strong course to convince its readers that it is fir from home w hen it at tempts inscnhbh' about ntivthiug hut polities. In nn the Lnglish papers. P,ui h itaiLr tan best luake ins own comments, but we would simply inquire ifth"sj jiaragiai hsilo not pnive the assertions ol toe v lug-, thai The new "bill o! ah i iit.nlious" is ea'cmaied to promote the intei "is ol liuu-h industry, to the detri ment of our own I The Lmidoi Tini'ssivs of ihe passage of the a 'r,..,in,,ii ' lleneeioiih llic priti"p;es oi nines icr. tue protec- w ar, pruv, men 11 is 111 Hie men territory ol tlio U. i "."') r"""" """ m- "'" n"i 'niueisitui i me oroau tui tion must be cn-vi. ie I ns uliautlouetl in the United 1 , , unction between n simple, nuliiial faculty nf the mind States. Th" dnt!s which remain, iiiuflieieiit lo '''' and n power or enpn.-ity nl'ih- mind vvhieh results from conip iss th- object of prnt vti m, ure quite high e lough i Under this- corsair couimis.-ioti, Stevenson Ins , n conuu'ieil an. 1 1 onci ntinied action nf mnuv faculties, touiMiren revenue t tie Sun -. 1'ue "lie.alioii of . , . t. , . u slrcngihen-tl nud tleyelo'tl by nseaiitl expeiience ;be- the Auierican tin ill cannot imi lie reg.inie.i nsagreai - .' s ...... ,v. bu ...r. ""viisirai aim uiejuru:rfr oi seeing, lieanug. st randing excursion, it is lo bo '-explicitly under stood" all who enlist "m iy bo di-charged I without :l f'l.llin fi.r rctiii-iilii.r li.tiiw. ,i'lrir,,,-ii- aitlele vvuiell we have looked linmi v lib on aintill .1.. !,i t . .1 r . gree of asiotiishuieut, utid whuli no other in-rsnu but they may bo serving at Iho teruiin.itioii of Ihe il.e IMitor of the Piee Press c,n,ld ne .Liir h, for. the firotec- j war, pruv, idea It is in the then territory of tho u, L. I,. D. Tho Portsmouth (Va.) New Kra says that since the battles of the Palo Alto and Hcsaca dc la Paltna,oneof the Southern Colleges has le stowed upon ( Taylor tlio Degree of L. I.. D! We believe "Old Harvard " enacted a similar folly on tlio occasion nf General Jack son's visit to Boston several years ago, by con ferring upon A imi tlio same honor. It is hardly possible to conceive of anything more ludicrous ly inappropriate. Harvard, at least, ought to Iiavo known better. Diclor General Jacksom and Doctor General Taylor ! ' Old Hough and Heady" will probably acknowledge the compli ment by sending to the musoum of A is Alma Ma. tcr a lull .Mexican Uniform, whirl, wo believe is a sti7 collar and a air of spurs. triumph gained by the print qil. s ol l ue-Tiaile. utihyin collecting his forces. On that day, this From a rev iew oi 1 1" I, in Ion Market in dlnier , t-,- , , , , fS Smith's Tunes we have ihe following: j mongrel expedition, numbering some hundreds, "The pa-smgof the T.irilfiu the United Sties in ship-, commanded by Colomli, and Majors, of Aineruu, olwhielmilviees have just come lo bant, , , , .. and Serjeants, ami tuobably (laterals, after having been for months a standing topic of ridi cule, and after having lost a goodly number by desertion and the stringent application nf the llnb-as Corpus, fin illy did especial ciedit to thu Pulk Administration, and lienor to tho Commis sion it bore, by uix.Mvo away, tf prevent the service Piocess nj uilSIuvciisoii and others of its ollicors for iolating the laws of the land ! This i a brief history of this 'California Ex pedition "of plunder nnd conquest up to this time. Under tho pay, mid bearing the Cuintiiigsion, of tho American Government, it lias gone forth to dishonor our national Flag, mid throw disgrace and eouitempt upon our name. The folluwiug account oftbo ' closing scenes " wu find in thu New Vbrk Courier nnd I'nqiilrcr: Rcistixu the Lvw. Oifi -erA. M. C. 'Smith nt- emoted Oil S'llUUlaV tO SiTVe U W.liraOt iss'ie.l frnm the Police, lor the nr.'f3t ol Cap' Turner of the Califor nia Regiment, nn bonrd the Thus, If. Perkins, who was charged with resitting n ilepuly slienlflll ihe ills chaige ot his dutas. Sueli u, however, was nn tieipatid, andurmng'-iiicntsvvcic made to give lite of ficer n proper reception. To lint end tu. gnuzwny ladder was so rig-rcd tint it could l,tie.l ntit luent, and ns soon as Mr. in bis boat wiiuui a rcaso:inoie ui-iancc, in? latiiier was hauled nu board, and be was left to lot.k and wish, lie pulled iiruiind the ship but there wus no reason ible ineihud oi I'heMoiitre-ilCo.ui.rofA'.g full, referring to the i ; ' . in fs ock, i Mr. Sniilhiiiude the result of his visit known on Sat urday morning, when the .Majorat once ordered u pos se of Policeman luuss.mb!e m the Arsenal jnrtl, uud ihe Clii' fwitfia small body, proceeded to ilie Battery, may be reg.irded as thenio-t iiupoitiint measure, as nlfeetin ' the inurc'.iaiigeof th" prodnelioii and manu factures of tin; two count -les, vvhith his necureil since the period nf tli -ir separation, ft is almost impos-i-ble to overrate ihe eliect it will haveupuu the mauu i'acturing interests l (t,is country, that is l'nIap,ll when we lake into eo.uidei in, that m spit of the previous almost prohibitory Tiinlf, the United Slae have been the luo-t unpori'int uuilet lor our manufac tures for iinuy yeirspist. The u-tlueiioii of duties on collua nnd woolen iiiju'iI'icIliih icdl gice a gieut impulse in tliee Lulu' .'.erf. which lorsjiuc lime pa.t, have h.'en sill'-nn:! to ui exent for want of a re-munerativeto-eiVrt ir. for t'tftr surplus produc' tion. Hut the iaere-t winch will h" must mateiially lienefiaetl is the iron nuiiufaettire ol this touutry, which will he npp'iieut lioui u glin e at the'i live duties under the old Tn.ill uud the pres-nt. It is expected tint th pne of pig hoa willrisj 10sier ton, and bar iron '-"Us pel ti n. Ktiteuf Iiittl"-.'I'inc:icter. .Noehangeto report inourcloih market this week. Toe f.ivoruble eoui j inereial news frnin tie United Stat- s Ins, at ail t vents, i not only dicck'd t'.i" djvy iw.ud fulea.-y t'i it bus existed fir th' li-t th -e of fair yeeks, but it has made j ihe lnaiket vvlnt uinv be eutlett tiriu. wlnl?t in inintiu ' clutliof gcotl qunbi) , iheie is an atlvatiee, Uiotigh a snialtone. We iiiilieipale, however, iiud thut soon, a leirular gotnl itnde. Th" Liveip'Kil Stan 1 'r I, of tie Hih.siy : ' The new Tanll nf the United Set s, ulihoug'i still highly protective ofl'iu mtive industry efeu eou:itr, i's a m:nie tc'iirh icitl be raceiend icith isnxiri; nox iiv Hitii'ia mlriuaxt axu JIAM'l AtTl'lli n. " The gi'iieral eif-ct must be to increase tie value nfthe Aui'ii.-nn ui nk 't tithe iiritisu .viAMifAt ti'klr, Ki'uMit may Annctr mr. I'Kouii... ok the VEOI I L Of THE .-I'VII. l.'l MA.M'l.Vt-lUlll.Vi sifii.i.,notwithsiiu I1114 the birg ' iirtrgiuut proteelion t'-' per cent ) still n 11 ncm ineni of 1 will be the next 'development I" The .S'-Hm'is Usuo.l weikly; Price miscellaneous; Philosophical reflection gratis. Jj'We are pleased to learn that Wnt. II. Gil- nce.T, the accomplished l-'nginoir of the Cham- plain and Connecticut Hiver Railroad, will make Burlington his hoiul-quarters during tho npproach ing winter. Ho ha Ids office over the Store of II. .Mayo, in Water St. Mr. GiLDntiT has completed a very elaborate .Map of tho lla-tern Terminus of the C. & C. H. Hailroail at ISl'IIows Falls, showing its point of connection with the Cheshire, tho location of tho Bridge, Depot, &c. ns agreed upon by the two Corporations. It may bo examined at his Odicu. 1 r'Vho Hjfoi Post siys a great many funny K things in its "All soiV of Paragraph." Wo find the following in one of its late numbers : " The democrats ol Vermont have gained three or more representatives in the legislature." We incline to guess thut the Post is innocent ly taking Major Eastman's advice, and relying upon tho " democratic papers for ' correct returns"! Tho Windsor Journal sajs: ?r-"I''rtciunu. the murderer nf ihe Vnnnest fntnilv at Auburn,, V Y.,has been granted a new trial by v,nv. fcewaril. Our very accurate friend lias shot a littlo wide in this instance. A ho onco upon a titno kindly remarked tons: ''Had ho been acquainted with Ihcfads lie would probably have written dilTer- cntly." passag-; nf Mr. M'Kay's hill tor the encoma IJriii-li .viauiiiaciures, svys: " Ahlxui.iiiiviia we are or course ru:ucPTiMT Tiu:TAninl Ar.0M.11ro, at t ike.i 111 eo'iiuricliou with the abolition ofoirl'oru Liws, 1 will open an im mense, market fir in, -but If vvj wvre ameiucaxs VEM10t,LIHI.nTAl.l. Ill.TAI'.IH' .Vl.V." Is any bmly m doubt now us to which is the " Brit ish parly I" But In llier : '1 he same Liverpsil stan-pinl ruber riJicule Mr. McDuilie's notions as to ihe Messiugs ihe l'aiiiiers will renp from this British bill. 1 asieu to it , CONSOLATORY TO Till' BRITISH PARMER. In the debate upon the New Tanlf Bill, in the American Senate, Mr M'Dullie, alii r liighly eulo piiingSir RoUit Perl fur itpenling the Com Liw, gave his opinion thnt, under Ihe operation ol a tree trade in gram," m Un limn t n eais ihe Mississippi valley would cvpoit Jfleeu millions of piwtuee lo r.uglnnd, in exchange Inr matiularturra, at one half Vie cost under the proterlir; tyilem." Of course llic Misyissifipi valley is nut in bate the privilege of sup. pl)ingusall lo lus-lf. 'I'he Ohio nnd niher talle)a will put in n claim ;aud Iliiiiary.Pnland.aud Russia, are ready tot liter the lists. J'rt'inull ihesestmrct-sthe nipjily muse, in ilni", become qime pleihoriu ;nudthe ililbculiy will be, inn no prneure grain nnj Hour; but to f,ndtum:icl to put it in - Inhn Bud is einnhaiic- ally aiu-utiug uui.iiiil ,but, iiiitiiituimtelt , be couunl Cat all th? corn of nil lb ' fine t illejs nf America, and then st of the world, even il s.ipj.ii d at half piiee, and paid for in cahetH's. It isclear,liowevt'r, that we mtistgetnur digertivc siweis in order for the impending siirlci! ; uud equally clear lint the BritishagriciUiiiri.-i may turn Ins plough share into a loom, his spule into a shuttle or a spmdle, nnd bisliilds iuloblratb cro'e, ns soon nsbe likes. His present atoentions c.inuot be very profitable ones, with wheal at" one-half the nwi" it was under the protective system. We may cease to trouble ourselves with questions ot curren y, bnuk notes, uud bulbous, since Lottuns and wuoleus aie to become our only cir culating medium. 3j" We cordially recommend to any person hiving nn admiration or a taste for tlio higher de partment of tho Fino Arts to stop a moment be fore tho window of Mr. Woods' Bookstore and lake a look at James A". Poll; on horseback. It is a great picture, and wo presume Mr. Woods will dispose of it for a trilling advance) on the investment. Wo hope some considerate "demo crat" will prevent its remaining in to public a place nnunteil upin a " bnrlied steed "To fright the souls of fearful adversaries !" Mimic Lleclion. Tho Boston Atlas of the fith, says : At the general election on the lib Sept., tlie Whigs elected U- meniliers, and the Loco l-'ocos giving the latter 10 majority. At thesccond trial in the sin gle towns, nn the 21st, U Whigs nnd - Loco Focos were chosen, cutting the Loco majority iu the House down to 3. At the thiol trial of ihe single towns, nud ihe second of Ihe cities, on the SSih.O Whigs tint! 1 1.o- eo poeo were chos"n, transferring the majority to the mi - - :.i . r .1.- .l : .1. . -.:. .1... t lug sine in llic 1 lines-, hum i;inr' tue ..lug's i"t lead liv iwo votes. To-dif tile lourth trial takes ulaee in the remaining single towns, and the second 111 all lie oilier remaining districts in the state ; these are 50 iu number. Muuynuuetil COUNTY COITIIT. (.'riuul Jury Presciitments. Kassox, for defendants. I.y.max Mead r. Henry 11 1 f . m' 1-. lllLKOJi, 1 1113 ntu ,1 l III llll H.l I1I.UI,.' fill 1 M,u.e it. III, mill was an action of assumpsit to recover a lul.inco only throu :h the eye An.l the ominous silence hi h , . . ' , pervaded the whole conqiany told Inm-sen-ibly nil Mt clntincil to lc due the plaintm for constructing a iheniselvcs iu the very pre.cnee of the King of Tcr- set of water-wheels for the defendant's Mill in 'oaT bow a few short hours .Swanton, and for tho patent right to use tho ehmged ihe condition and feelin 's nf nil on board snmo. The defendant resisted tlio plaintilVs i"1,1:" Jail and e'a'ln ' tecover for tho patent right upon a var- nil counirie.s,anifiirol.t,singiiiil, rent cn ets,yei,in the l C-.J . ..,, M. ,(.,..,. I , III UI lillt llt'119 se, III- f . . .. . 1 I-.--I .. . t, i-.i . . e presence id Jail House m good repair. 01 iccniiicai grouiiu-, aim also pieaoeu in ei- j.,, um,M ,, ,1L, ,.,, n,lutl011 ,- aw.- us A Cuiuosirv. Wo wero yesterday shown a letter in tho liutitlwriling of Oliver Cronuvell, dated Feb. -1, 1(150, uud addressed ton Commit tee of tho Common. It is iu preset vution, and tho H'iitn:iiisilp is bold, clear and distinct. This is indeed a curiosity. I is now the proierty nf it lady of this city, who is, how ever, willing to diKiso of i . Phil. Iwj. "J'llc.rnob has many headj but kvv brains. intending to go on board and lake the ollender in all Iiuzarils, tint ins iiiovemenls had been noised abroad, ami w hen he rracled the II iiery, ihe slops were going down the Bay in line stj le, iu low of stenmbnnis. Pur suit was now tun of the qucFtjon.niid iiiiittering"good riddance," lie inarched bulk again. So hurried was ihe departure ol the vessels, ihnt some thirty of the men an 1 ollicers who bad a fiulougb until IU o'clock, were left Miiiid, but they cbaiieretl llic yacht IVarsall, and flatted to otertake the ships, but they did not suc ceed, and returned jisttrilny morning sorrowful enough, fur all their money ami baggage was on board. They were on the Baitery 'esie'rday, where their np. pearaneenltracied a large irovvd, whose feelings were enlisted iu their behalf. This most tltstiessiug case, however, was that of a woman, the wife of one ol the privates, who hail nu iu- lant on board. She had on shore by permission, t purchase some delicacies tor iheihild.iiud when she returned lo the landing lb" ships were fur down the Bav. Her ogonv uinv lie imagined words must tail tn describe it, and the sympathies of a Urge crowd who gathered around, w ere enlisted iu her behalf. The lasi news 'f the vessels was ih-il lliev' were uoiilir otrSnuth. with flowing slit els, the Preble feuduiguutlcrtnp-snds. unu lie- i'iusjiet.1 oi loots leu u iiiuu la nu it iuic . Heir less enough. We understand that one of the companies on board the-1 i i ChtMi Ins but me S rg "ant, the others having forgot eo return when their niiiough eipucd, this was certainly an extraordinary move on the pan ol the commander ol Ihw mongrel expedition. In the first place be forcibly resisted the service of civil process, and followed that up by equally disregarding a criminal warrant. To avoid piiuMiuiciit lor these high tif eiiet s, be caused llic signal lor sailing lo be giv t.i while he was peifecily aware that many ol bis men were oushoie hy pciimssitiu, vvbosj leave did nut ex pire until teno'clm k, nud thut they must be led behind, I'his however is only ol n piece with the rest ol bis conduct from the first lo the last. Verily this precious Administration is build ing up a renown for great anil glorious deeds that will not soon pass away J Thu Liberty Gazetto of yesterday contains a paragraph from tho N, V. Tribune, which says that tho Thus. II, Perkins, the vos-el iu which Col. Stevenson was, put into Norfolk in conse ijitence of a mutiny on board. Tlninks'-iviiig in Massachusetts. Governor Ilmniis h is published his Proclama tion, appointing tlio lifith elayof Nnvemherto bo observed a tlio day of Public Thanksgiving Praise and Prayer, in Massachusetts, The Governor and Council of X. II. havo ap pointed tho saino day as a day of Public Thanks giving in that .State. Wo havo noticed a recommendation in several papers that the tamo day lio npioiiited by the K.xecutivcs of other States in tho Union, wherein this time-honored nnd most appropriate custom prevails. Wo cordially concur In this recotn. inendation. Tlieru is a peculiar inipressivoncss in the idea of the members of our widely extend ed Confederacy unitedly, and at tho samo mo. inent, commemorating tho Bounty and Goodness, and acknowledging tho Supremacy, of the Great Huler of tho Universe. Now Periodical. To The Hon. County Coit.t now is Sesmon The (,111111! Jury, within and lor the County of Chit tenden, report, that they have visited tin find the said Jail ninl That there i a want nf some slight repairs and 1 feet tho prico of a patent right to construct 11 stood together 111 ihecoiirt of ihe gieat let filer. Death some additions ,0 the Outhouses. Bams, Wood- planing, nachine, alleged to havo been sold by bouse tfce. c recommend the repairs and nd.blions ,10 defendant to tho plainti!!, and which the plain- character. Li cry bean w as deeply omuiied with ih alluded In, it the County l uiuls will admit it, without .iffM,,,,!.,.! 1 individual griefs and memories, as it not anuiher a lax upon me 1 copie. vt ewouiiiiuriuerreeoiiuueiiu 1 . , the appointment nf some person, who should be paid 1 1,0 Lo,,rt 1,cI'1' that a patent right or an intcr for Ins reasonable trouble an.l ejpense, to inqujre and est therein might bo assigned by any instrument report to the next session of the Grand Jury, whether . in writing, though w itliont tho formalities of a deed, that such an instrument might ho exc- some einploj inent might not be found, whereby the time and attention of the inmates of the Jail, might be turned from Idleness and lime lit ily to useful labor. Idleness and inactivity produce those vices which, es pecially upon the younger inmates, have a tendency to produce injurious thoughts, habits and consequences arising from the inlliu-nee of old ami hardened offen ders, upon ihe minds and babilsof the younger, DAVID RKAD,ire;ari. Burlington, Oct 3, ISIS. To The Hon. Coiwtv Court now in Session : The Grand Jurors, within and for tho County of Uiittendeii.rcspeclfullyrt'i'icscut, that they have wit shared the peril. Home, with us loved ones, and a tuou-tatitl clieristieti napes ami joyes, rose fresh to the view, and withu (lower like ihe sionn, swept over the mind nud left it like the ocean, tempest tost and troubled. " See," said a genlleman to me, " no one converses. no out- ii-tui- nn mt.- i-ugaj-eu, eacu Willi ins own lloor when alf lo their feet, nud scream of iigouy n p-iinhil, so learful and sod .piir- nig, toe S.1111111 ui 11 win never tie lorgotten nnd heaven K1..111 i .iiiIUii oiiiiigiu.u may never again l heard hy me. Several laiut' d-.ithiTs ela.p"d their hand in mute il..-piir, wb'lcmaiiy called aloud upon their Creator." 1 The crash to which the w riter nllu e wn caused by the tearing up ol the ls'iicbcs nnd 1 her w ood work on the quirter deck. These, were hurled with vio enee ngamt the skylights by the same sea which broke the w mdows of Ihe siloou, drtnehing the bmlis 011 the larboard side, driving out their nlfriglited occu pants, while it sinnsbeil by it weight ih glass over the main thus Inr ed its way Is'low Thi wa n prtriod nf intense emotion. I was silting iu the upper saloon, striving to protect some ladies from injury. So violent were the sins ksnf lb" vessel, although firmly brncd, it was with great tbllieuliy we could prevent ourselves b-ing hurled from our seals, and dashed with such violence nj.nn-t n part ol the vessel as tn endanger hie or blub. Many received se vere toiilusioinuiid bruises, notwithstanding all their illorts It was an anxious hour. .My cje wandered over tho dillerenl groups In III" saloon, resting one while on a filliTpis-htg from one to nnother nt h.s family, ami elieeinig with a kind word an interesting group ol diug'uters ; then on 11 young w it , folded to the bosom of her husband without nsjllnV hung uttered, but the ti"tion fioko V'lliimes ; n. 1 niniu ujion a mother who, children hid been left n ui"riea. nsshe clasp ed hr hinds as if 111 s-cret prayr, while her husband nud her father gilhred nruund, nud ail snd bow ed down lo eniih iu one cntniuoii lei ling ol inder solicitude fir tho-e who might so soon liecouic. hcipless orplnns. It was an aw ful hour. 'I'he most ihou Jules, nmong us cowered in their secrit hearts lief'nre a danger, which none but a fail or n brute would have mocked, nnd all therelore accepted the invitation to meet in the cabin tor prayer. Rev. Air. Mnrh read the JOIth psalm. Rev. Dr. Siniieker prayetl. Rev. Dr. lVet her made a few-solemn remarks. Rev Dr. Bnleh rep-aledthe words of Our Siv lour, " Litnot yourhtart be troubled, ye be lieve iu tloJ, believe also ju me," commenting brief ly on their consoling import, nu 1 th 11 invited all pre sent to join with him m the Lord's prater; after which 11c pronounced th A iiostohu benediction. Night approaih",l. And again I quote lrom thi gentleman who has kindly givui an account of what took place below. " Amid tliis accumulation of horrors, and still more to add to our nlann, night gathered in iiround us The wind, far from abating, wnson the increase, the lulls iu the storm being less frequent, nnd the squalls ifanythingmore ter,ilic. The whole ocean was one senoffiinm, la-hcd up into terrible waves, wild and angry .while the spray and wind seemed tint en through the riggiugnnd over the ship, ns il with wild demon iacal power. A darkness enme, clustered together in the cabin, we all thought nnd retlected on our ftte. Most, if not nil of us, had given ourselves up for lost. For w hat w ith the heavy lalsoring of the ship, the terri ble noie nnd howling ot the wind, the continued fre quent thumping of the sea, the quivering nnd shaking of the groaning timbers, the carrying ntvar of so many portions of the vessel's upp:r works, and the knowledge that we were pcrlnps lor another night to becApo-ed to the lull power ot a raging hurricane, left u little toht'iie lor. Iu ihe evening, about 'J o'clock, the Rev M. Ililcb, nt th" rt quest ot several passengers, ndnunistcred the Ibily C'liiimiinion iu.tlie cabin, tn upward ofKty peietitis ,nnn .,f uhotn received it tlieie lor th" turn m their live, cvcinl applied to him as to the propiietyol th"ir embracing that 01 euion to lulhl a long chi rislul purpos"of their hearts, but which, like many otlu r" good thoughts,'' hid been deferred lo" n inor ciititetitent season" They all communicated, togeth'T with others of almo-t every creed nnd nation, thus reminding its of llv proinis?of ri Tipton, "they shall come lrom the Last and the West, t.i" .Ninth and South, and sit ttowu with Abraham and Isaac anil th kingdom 01 llud." Ie was a most s,,leinti scene. Mr. Bahb first read the service npiiointett Inr 11 storm it sen. after wh'ch, the whule etiHiuiunmn otlice. The terrible ennthet ot the elements which raged without was rendered yet mor striking by lb" impressive stillness whi'-h perva ded that coiup-tny of Christ's disfudc-twithm. Uiitlieri'il.irmuid the table, they received, into heart deeply mnveil, ihe consecrated emblems ot the Re deemer's body and blood All felt comforted by the ble.sseil ordinance of grace. Many u bocem, before In-ssed with tear, was now tranquil throu jh filth Once more, all renewed their tows, uud realised the peace of find shed abroad in llu-ir htarts, nndf-'lt, with n vividness perhaps never betore known, " Y'.ur life i hid Willi l!o.l in Christ." Oh ! it was a night and u communion long tube remembered. Atter lie ciiinniuiu j'i, I reiunvd to my stite room Til - g nt1 man who shartdit Willi me hail gin-be-lo.v.b 11 ,ns he expected, ie cimipnuy with l.isilaugh ler and 1 iii-m l.ltv. L it th 'ivlore "nlo.i , fikmg a ta-t look "t lie pietnre of my bttly fant 'y, and coiu inen than, nn-1 nil deal to nie, to t'ie grace aud pi i 11 ! I by d 'W.l an I slept p ic " d itl. v, "1-t, 1-i It I," conunu s Hie " the sterol eiiiai , ii t d I'lgiug agun mnU its tury.i.o t the sail p li i lonn, till rt A l., nt which tun" the "l 11 s 1 -mt inbreak, nnl 11 squills l-s .u.mi'. li it ill- s' head tn the N' W an I h-nil d th ' ards n 1 ' -ml ra 'in,' nsbinre. nn-1 n -ni' -u ad, ciirlui a I'-eaking'iver ihe lnp m , -very. i in t noon i'i - storm c-nso.l ; but the sea eintmu 1 tc violent Hilt! P M , at which time it cen-s-d gradually with the wind having lasted about Mi'i hours ; during which time, it gives' me much pleasure tn spit. , my nllieers an I erew co'idieied ih-Mvisclvi-s with great ctsiiness and pn ..nee of nnu J " t half-past 5 o'clntk on .Monday momiiigwe were 111 Ihe great at possible dinger. Mr St 'tens, tine of our pas-engers, says ofit ' A P"euhar lifting of ihe haze iu the ivu-t, with an ape-ear-nnceof an amber colored belt of bglit, low di.wnon the horion, waiiictl iisot'anapiiroaclvi.ig blow. Pre senilv it cam", a perfect loriudo, driving before it the cloud of sjiray, and as it neared us, fairly biting up Ihe white loam fiom the waves, like n shower ot rain. A the squall struck us, the ship careened over and bur J her tmtta'es in the ocean, nnd lay for a few moments stricken powerless, and npparentlv at the nn r if thi savage waves that threat. 11, ,1 i.,', u.mb .1, in 1 lin was ihe trial, ihe last round t'oni.i I . iw en tliecljinerin nnd our -pliant vessel At this critical inonient the engine wns tnie in her dutv S'ib went on ilsrevjlui on, and round and round ihieid-r d lier ir 11 water win,,, tf adinlly recoveieig he-upright po. ion, the good ship, wilh li-n I q'nrtering eln sva, c i' up 1 1 In r comae, and all was well It was the chiiiav ot the storm, the last great elicit of th whirl w i.itl king 10 s lid us tu ihe sen Rants' cave below." ,Oi Mon ay ahoul 11 ihe sionn had abai.d sulli c e y 1 1 a1' d of sunJing on the upp.r part of" the co.-nplilir 1 wiy wilh safety It was a tu'ibeie, but an uvv'ul sjieetaele The ocean still labored under ' 11 cis 01 me hurricane 1 lie wind veered -J pjtutsmSj houisjitis iuipofjible to imagine or de scribe the wilduinl tangled confusion of the waves. Ri 111.' M a height optimally greater thin that nfthe, they leotwd and n.ned nround the slnp.n it hungry and medilened nt the loss of their prey , .1... I ?- Vt'.. . ' it .i uiiitoim; t'li-ut t tsi-m Bt-ciiieu its u low. rej ny unseen spun into her wauty grave ; nnd every mo 1111 nt tou expected it to ! filled iu,nivl herreti iiem sung be the winds nuiidat the wilderness of the wa ters. Bui our tun 'er was nasi, nnd with trnitefnl ben.t. on 'Puesdny, all a-iiibltd in the cabin to reuuer uu act 01 common prayer an.t UiaukBgiting. Rev. Dr Sunn ker read a ahn and made s une appropriate ititroduetorj- rentaiks, niul Rev Dr IVe cher ud.lress. il tin purstiijifin at length and with much loreeon the mercy wv had experienced, and prayers wasollered. cutedby an Agent without a recorded power of thoughts; and if my wifeauTl children were here, I Attorney, and might be proved hy a certified copy from the records of tlio patent office, without the production of tlio original when executed to ono not a party to the suit. That a letter written by a principal to a third person to whom 0110 pro- cuult'ss, my feelings would be of the most ihstreKsing character." " Bui," said I," they sutler iu your loss." " Very true, yet it is only a quesiion of tune, and, whether sooner or later, (tod's will Is; done." " At noon, storm and sen raging in all its fury, sea still brenking over ihe sliip.a heavy sea struck the lar board paddle Imiv and smashed il Co alums, sprun" the spring iieain, orciiMiig inn miner Hall j shattered the leasing to act as agent nail sold a patent right, ' pins of the ship attached therein. A splinter struck was not such a recognition of tho do nM oftbo "", 7'"'" rV, ,'" "8 ,n "ie oop . , , , " 1 ami ihe torce of the hlow, tog"ther vv'itb lln sea, carried agent as to be admissible to prove tho agency. him over the lee quirter, and he was only saved by Hut that parol proof might lw given oftbo con-1 11 ".l','."',?i,: ,ii. 1 e . . . 1 r .. . ,, I "Alter tins wa bnd passed oter.wefouud the water tetiuola uvver ol attorney in the ngent s hands, hid giined on ihe pumps; th wind app-ared to lull a -Messrs. Taylor vt Co., Astor House, X. Y, havo issued No. 1. of a new .Monthly .Magazine entitled "The Ciikss Palladium ami .Matiie. uatical Si'iiinx," devoted to an elucidation of tho .Scienco nf Chess, and to curious, dilliceilt, and entertaining Problem in Mathematics. Wo should think tho work, if ably and judi- ciotisly conducted, as it appears to be, would fur nisli a great ileal of rational and instructive amusement, combining the" utile" and the "dulce" in a happy manner. N. 11. We liceccch 1'sij. Murem to let tho hovo latin words pasj. Wo arcatvare that they should bo ulitem and dulce 111, because there is an rnglUh active participle to govern them ; hut then ho will bo so good as to observe tliat few of our reailera ioe".r 1.16 prodigious, classical nity, niight be controlled by il. will or caprice of ami s.u....K ..,,,,, wuc)l , tll0wn ,0 ,)0 ,vj.hout thojllrisdictiotl of, miiealKl 111 sun. 1. nine ens er, nut Mil plow ng a of our citizens, to disrcgird the provisions of the Li- ,, . .... . , ., . ., ., florin. All the hatches, except thus.' made use oi lor cen Act of Oct 3l.t 1SII; an.l tint an unusual qua.,- j ,llls bl?'u fAl"1 ,,K,t 1,10 "wnerofa patent right, j-iug inw 1 loon, were l,.iiened down, tilv ofsuiriiuou. oih-u and public viola.ioi, of ' liy conveyance in writing, author- "4 ' " '"l"' ' '.. , ' r run; I I ! the law, has been sold, to the great injury of our com inanity whereby the public morals have beencorrup the criminal calendar ol our County enlarged. We fl-el bound, iu t iew of these circumstances, luecoiisert a tursofthe Iaiw, inu public maimer, to police the evil tendencies of such vices and practices among our fel low citizens. We hate 110 hesitation iu declaring it our duly, to require, at the hands of all, n rigid and strict observance of lbe law. Ours is a government of laws, and a spirit of insubordination to them, in any case, has a direct and Immediate tendency to destroy their force, 11 lid plunge us into n slate of irri-sponsibili-lyaud anarchy, without any acknowledged authority to guide and direct us. When such a spirit of insub ordination has once gamed a looting among us, it will not lie confined to any particular Act, or Iiw, but will directly extend to any Acts or Laws that may not lie universally agreeable, or that may not meet the in terests ami wishes of difleicnt sections or classes among us. In such case, ihe w ill uud w islies, and best inter- j ests of the mnjoxily, Indeed of lliemasj of our coiiiiihi- izo an agent having an interest, to contract for t for bulf an hour the salo of such riulit. and to maintain an action ' .V1'" ''"'."""r I" the reader some idea of the state thereon in his own name. Verdict lor plaintiiribr balance claimed. S.MALLEY tt Phelps, for plaintill', A. PCK tfc IIickok, for defendant. October l!d. Colgate & Abbe (Qui lam,) v. Geo, W. of IhebhuiandctlL'i'ls ol lbe storm on Sun. In..,,, llseliecu, on those: lielnw can best heigneiim the words ofa genllciiiiu who remained the greater part ol ihe time m Ihe cabin " To convey an idea of the appearance of all nround is out of my power. In the word of Sheridan, "ihe tempest roaied inull the terror ui its glory " 'I'he at-inin-pliere was siirebarged with n ihnk sprov, render iiign look far nut to seaward itniKUfcible, The wind 1 JILL. Tins was an action brnii2ht bv the 1 tenngsoi inn tnunuer ciauu itugewaves.ol tremend ... 1 ous ueigue aim volume, roso 111 inmi 1 nuiitlslups and crusli ihe vessel. Sea after sea, sink erudition plaintills a cnitors of'ono 1 loraco Cook, upon the statuto against fraudulent conveyances, to recover the valuo of a largo quantity of proiorty alleged to hate been fraudulently transferred from the said Cook to tlio defendant. It appeared that in 18 1 1, Cook was a merchant in .Shelburne, aud that becoming involved ho made a sale of a considerable amount of propcrty t.) the defendant, and removed with hint to the wet nmund over us rsniy,or cirnufa few, who set the l.w, as well 1 thi t. It was chiini by tho plaintills, that1 ".""u'u'S suspense iu ihe lower cabin, - Sa!e vva, fraudulent. The defence wu, that lnrwT ous ueigue aim volume, roso m mail display the ship, ihreaU'imig every moment lo break niuitl!iiis and crusli ihe vessel. Sea after ,! big us'vvith terrific noise, caused ihe gallant sidp to slop tor an instant, tremble ami shake iu every thaher ..w, -j.. ' . ttc, pit, 11 jnn-t ; reeling ami lUrCIUUg, tlisst-tl to nild fro. a gain Would shl. rather trwl, tt rtn Mb and wilh her w hecb ball hid in lbe w lid w alers, again and again ref'iv e the thundering blow of an element thnist-eniediirnK'd fur our destruction. " The isiils nn the yards, strongly secured by ropes aud gaskees, wero Uowu from their furls an.l stream ed uut to leeward in iiblwm. Bat all this was asnoih- ing. About 1 r .VI , ttlule 1.1ml ol us were sented itl in, holding last in the vessel, and a Instantly me I'roccciliug oftbo rirt Session ofthe Itixtril of Itegents ol tho Nmithsoiiiiiu Iustitution. To the Editor of the Vmon : Hy direction of the secretary of tl e Smithson ian Institution, the following' copy of tlio pro ceedings of the first session of the re-gents is fur nished for the press. II. 11. ITU.NCII, Assistant Secretary. September Itiili, 181(1. At a meeting of the hoard of regents of the Siuitli-onian Institution, held at tho city of Wii-hingUm on Mondiiv, tho 7th of September, A. I)., I'ilG present: ' lion, (ieorgo (ioorgo -M. Dallas, Vice President of the United States. Hun. linger It. Taney, Chief Jit-tico I'nited States. lion. William W, Seaton, Mayor of Wash ington. llou. Oeorge I'vans, Senator. " Isaac S. PennyUicker, Senator. " Hubert Dale livven, Representative. " William J. Hough, do " Henry W. Hillurd, do ' HiiIiis Cluwtei,, Citizen at large. " tiideon llavvley, X. Y., do " Hichard Hush, Pa., do " Alex. Utllas Ilacho, National Institute. " Joseph (i. Totten, do For the purR)se of a preliniinary organization or said board, Hon. (ieorgo M. Dallas was ap iwiiited president, Win, J. Hough secretary. It was resolteel that tho president appoint a suitable lierson doorkeeper, who shall also act as messenger of said boarJ during the present session. Whereuion tho president appointed Willism .McPeak el.sirkeeper and nieissenger. It was resolved that the rules and orders of tho Senate oftbo United States bo adopted as Ilia rules and orders for the government of this boaid until others shall unadopted in the;r stead. It was resolved l"" ''10 secretary t'f this in stitulion, herealler t i bo eleclwl- procure from

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