Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 9, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 9, 1846 Page 3
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JJUItJLINGTON FltEE PltESS, FlUDAY MOllNIN, OCTOJJjRIl J), 1846. the Ocpurtmpnt of Stale a coin of tlio joint re solution of tlio two liou-os of Congress by wliicli ii portion oT tlio reuciils of this intltiitiun wrro appnintiili tiiul that ho also procure from tlio peerctnry i.f tlio Somite uiul Irom tlio clerk of tlio n of KoprcFentiitivcj, i ojicctivoly, a certiliciitn of tlio appointment of tlio regent from their lvpeclive houses, and lilo the same in the o of the secretary of snid institution. It w.ii rc-nlvcd that all furtlier action of this board in relation to the election of officers ho postponed until to-morrow. It was resolved that when this hoard adjourn, Itiuljoinn to meet at 10 o'clock to-morrow morn ing. Wheiciipun, on motion, the lwanl adjourned. TuT.sIiav, September 8. 1840. The bo ml of regents met pursuant to ad journment. Present, 'ho same regents named in yesterday's proceeding, except Air. Tottcn, who is ab-ent in consequence of sickness. It was ri solved that the board proceed to elect ii chancellor. 'I'll- b nut then proceeded to the election o( a rhaiii i I r I iv billot, mid. upon counting the liiMo' i a'ip'.trol tint lion. Oeorgo M. Dallas w.i i-' l I, There i 'ii it ra resolved that tlio Hon. (leorg .i. Dallas be and he is hereby declared t-j In linaiunioii-ly elected chancellor of the boarl of rej iit-i and of the Smithsonian Institu tion. It was resolved that the board proceed to elect a member thereof secretary of said board of re gents ami ot the hinitlisoninn institution. The board then proceeded to the election of a secretary by ballot, and, upon counting tho bal lot, it appeared that VV. J. Hough was elected. Thereupon it was resolve I that NV. .1. Hough ha ami he is hereby declared to be elected sec ro tary of the board "of regents and of the Smith fco'iian Institution. It was ro.-ohed that the secretary do now pre pare six ballot", on two of which the word "two"' chill he written, on two others the word " four,'' and on the remaining two the word ".-iv,'' and thateacb of the regents appointed by the joint resolution of Congress of the 10th Au gust, IS Hi, draw ono of said ballots; and tho regents who draw the billots with the word ' tv. j"' thereon shall hold their ollice of regents lor the term of two year, tho regents who draw the billots with the word 'four" thereon shall hold th ir oilieo Cor the term of four years, and the re 'outi who draw the ballots with the word " si" t n i t'iin shall hold their ollice for the term ofsi e ir. in conformity with the "acttoes ftViW t'i" Smithsonian Institution for tho in crease n.ul dill'ii-ion ol know ledge among men," ajipnued August 10. 18IU. It was resolved tint the chancellor draw tho b illc.t for any regent who is not present. The billot's were prepared and drawn as pro- iled in the foregoing resolution, and resulted a - h Hows : Mr. t'hoito drew for two years. Air. Iliwley " two years. Mr. llu-h " four years. "lr. 'I'olten " four years. Mr. Ilnche " six vears. Mr. Pro-ton " six jears. T' . b rd then proceeded to tho election of an ' line cominitleo by ballot; and, upon ro lii" L iMots, it appeared that .Mr. Owen, Air i .ifiu and .Mr. Tottcn were elected. Thei ii,!ii it was re-nlvcd that William j S 'at hi . I). Ouen. and Joseph (1. Totton, be, ai'il -i 'ire hereby declared duly elected exe- tMlne limit Iti t....n , 1....1 di.f u .1,. w nn-' ton I. d In is herebv unpointed chairman ol" saul c ntivu coiiiuiitte'). It vv .is fui ther resolved that the chairman of tho execHt ve coinmiltei' Isj tho disbursing olH ecr for the pijmcnt of tlio expenses of the regent- and other contingent and incidental ex-pcn-es. ol the se-siou ol the board, and be au thorized t.i leceive from the puqicr ollicer of the Treasiir" Department whatever sum may l certilied by the chancellor and secretary to bo lie - -rv for that nitron-'e. Ii w resolved that the secretary bo author ized to em; Icy a lecoiding e'erk as an a-si-1ant in tlio dlsVliartre of bis duties, whn-e com-jiuii-n'n n -hall be determined by the executive coiiiiiii t e. lln c niip'innce with tho 7th section of the act of ' n.ress establishing tho Smithsonian Insfi 'ii"o. an I vv ith the forgoing resolution, the S"('r ''in cjqiointcd Jfenjuuiiil II. French, U-q., crctarv and recordili" cleikofthu1 a- I .i in-titiiM. It w 1 r'.z 1 i i.i oi : I ' ' u 1 ..' re-'olved that the secretary be autho r '.-uro a book, in which the proceed bo lid sh ill bo recoided : and a des the silo selected by the board, set out md bounds, shall bo nude and signed b, t n g .nts prosont, and shall liavo nl-o np po'id J Lie assent of the President, the Secretary nl State, the Secietary of the Treasury, tho Sj cietarv of War, the Secretary of the Navy, and mo i-oiiimi-sioner oi mo patent Ullice, to the c-r....n ...I ,!,., .f.n...... ... . 1. .11 .. ..1 I.. .1... , .101. tut .-ri . e. nil ciuii iii-u lueuiii in luu uiv .suiiio. ro or esu in Olslllcis. i lie lollovvUI'r Is mum the will of James Sinithson, the origin il act i noli 'he Cine Packet ; .11 C )iigrossaecei.tinglhotrust, the law establish- , ," " U ''ducsd.iy, the i'll; inst about loot) of the illir tile nUlin.r in.titnli.,1, iho ro.oli ilw.n of I,l"img peasautty ellteled lll3 v illage ol New tow nbut ng tin eMsting institution, tho resolution ol ler, and having pioeeeded to ihe police harnick, called I nil '1,' 'aiipe.intin"' rtWllts ol tllO Sinitllsoiuall lor the constable in, bur,.,. ,,f 1 ,1.1 u-ili,n ... ul,n, 111 t id'1.11 . t.r:. ' '. .. n. d t 1 a!-o thoeertilic.ltcs of the Secretary ate and Clerk of tho IIoilsOofKeiro- re-i.eetivelv as to the reents tin- re ptemeiy, as 10 tin, re0(.uis jp 111 their rOspeCtlVotlOllses. re-olved that a rommilteo of three bo , n... ..1 'i ' by the chancellor Irom the members of llm U ird In ili.rot a iilan to carrv nut the tiro- of ,, act In st?l, isb H?e Si MiE 01 the act to establisli the hinillisOiu.ui visions Institution, and that they report the same to tho nexl meeting ot the board. Whereupon tho chancellor appointed Air. Owen, Air. Ililliard, and Mr. Ilaclie said com mitter. The following preamble and resolution were (lii'ered and agreed to : Whereas tho act to astablish the Smithsonian Institution prescribes an appropriation, not ex reeding an average of twenty-live thousand dol lars annually, for the gradual formation of a li brary composed of valuable works, pertaining to all departments of human knovv ledgo ; therefore lli stdceil. That a committee of three bo ap pointed to preparo a report upon the subject of the formation of such a library, indicating; its reneral character, and tho modes of proceeding to accumulate it, and to present such a report at iho next legular meeting of tho board. Wbcretisin tho chancellor appointed Air. rhoate, Air. liawley, and Air. Hush s,aid com mittee, Sdjoiiriied to 10 o'clock to-morrow morning, WcilNESDAV, Sr.i'TEMUKH 0, 18111. The board met pursuant to adjournment. Pre sent, tlio satno regents an yesterday. Air. Owen presented to tlio hoard, 111 hehall o1 David I). Dwell, Al. D.,of Indiana, a plan, draw ing, and specifications ofa building for said ins- titittion. Jlr. Owen also nro'cuted a nbm nnd dr.i wines for tho saino from Jlr. Itobsrt -Mills, architect, of W'ashinirtoii It was ru-ol.vod that tho chancellor and secre tary of tho Smithsonian Institution, and the .ne,it!cn coininittoo of tho board nf rooonts. ... ii in I bov urn lcreliv. Illlt lorueduild lllstriictl'll lotuhu finch inoasiircs as may bo deumcsl hy , . ,.,,.,; i,i r-.l A..:. I ... 7 1 .'ieii- ii A I.- 1 i I i ilihngs. Ililllllllig all thocotiditloiH 111 re- I' I iCc InlllCIII flinuilleu llllllO UV. organizing tills I'l tiliition ; inn that tad comm ttou rownt ii , u,..i io... c.u ....,.,.... u .t -.,. . .i .1 .1 ...,.,.,,. i.. .1, . ... -.urn. JU.III mv) .1. .. ........s. ... ...... its (it.t inci ting ,und, further, that said com- hl. 'ir nt niitvriaU ; and that tboy further rt-jiort iu r g.ird to nidi other iii:itter.s at thoy may fou nder important in Iho premises. It ifsolvt-d that tho thanks of this board Iw iiUl-ri-d to D.ivid I). Owen, M. I).,of Indiana, for tho plans of buildings for tho .Smithsonian Institution, presented on his Iiehalf, and that said plans, with tho correspondence e.viil tnatory of Iho s.iiuo, and any other plans which may bo proM'iitcd to this board, bo referred to the com-iiiilt'-ejii-t named. liniti-o si.t('ially report ill ri'garu to 1110 nest inn- iiuiisjiiiiiiiig provisions, or in any wise aiding the loiiJ lor snid buildings, nud to tho host modus of J'""- l"'"l","t, them bom holding any uiter- 1-1, ,,,.1 , ,,,,ii.,i!n , kn, ' . " '""J"M ""iiy iiiiue Willi us. u.'Ulll 11111 warming,,, lighting, and V cntll.iting tlio s.i uo, eoiiincaiio,, ,,1' properly W tlie penultiesfor disobey eiiu rslunati'S ol tho CO-t VV llCll t'OllstrilCtOCl Ot . irur Ihe order. 'I iinicl-iiiiitiiiiish.n..nlu. l..n r... it was resolved that the regular meetings of the board n( regents shall he on tho second Wed nest! iv of December, and the thiid Wednesday or IVliruary in each year, and on the lirst VV cd nesd.iy of Juno in rach nllern ito voir, cominen ciiigwith the first Wednesday or June, in the year 1818. it was resolved that Air. l!iih be a committee to nsceitaln through the solicitors formerly em ployed by him on behalf of tho U. States In tho suit to olitalu the Smithsonian bequest, or other wise, whether Aladaiuode la ll.itut still survives ; and, if not, what steps are necessary to betaken to obtain the fund reverting tolhe Uniled States at her death, lieing a portion of the criginal pro perty of James Sinllhson. retained by iho I'll glish court of chancery, in order to lurnib, in tho shae of interest, an annuity to said Alnd.une dela Uiitut. And, further, in case the said ma dame do laHatut similes. to adopt meiures by which her ilecease may ho communicated to tho board whenever event may occur. And that Air. Ku-di repoilto theexeciithe c.ommilteo the legal charge thus inclined, which the said committee is herein siutlioiizcil, to piy. It was resolved that the secretary ho requested to contract for tho printing, on good p ipcrand in neat paniphk't form, of two hundred and fifty conies of the original lnvv accepting the trust, and of the law of last session organizing the insti tution ; tho pamphlet alo to include the names and residences of the present board oT regents ; and that six copies ho sent to each of the regents aim to cacli mcmiier nl tho establishment. It was resolved that the subject of tho selec tion of a site be referred to the committee on tho buildings, constituted at this meeting, to report at an adjourned meeting of this board. fl was resolved that when this hoard ailjourn it adjourn to meet at the Vice President's room at the Capitol, in the city of Washington, on the last Monday of November next, at hi o'clock at noon. It was resolved that Air. Choatc and Air. I'ennybackcr bo added to the committee appoint ed yesterday to ingest a plan to curry out the rrovisjon of the act establishing the Smithsonian ustitiition. It was resolved that the secretary be request ed, without unnecessary delay, to collect, on behalf of the institution, all the documents, con gressional ami others, connected with the his tory of tho Smithsonian bequest, and of its legis lation, and cause them to bo siihtanti illy bound a a commencement of its library. William Archer, esq., architect, of the city of aslnngton, presented to the hoard a plan and drawings for a building for the institution, to gether with specilications and estimates of the cost, &c which vtas leforred to the committee on building. And then, on motion, the board adjourned until tho last Monday in November next. YV'U.I.IAM J. lKJlKilj, Secretary Smithsonian Institution. JIY Till! IIIUI'KMA. 7 Days fitter BYohi Hiu-ope. The Unvnl Mail Steamer, If iln-rnin, Cnpt. Kyrie, arrived at llo-lnn, on Saturday tuornim:, 31 in-i almui (i o'clock, llelll Ltvclnonl the l'.llh lilt., innkllu! the panee in i.'j ones incliminjr Hie elc'tention at Ihihlnx. Ity this arrival, say? the I! uton Atlas, wc hive re ceived our scve nil hies ot toreign papers. The dates arc hem London to the cvcnim; nl the 18th ; and Irom Livcipnnl lo die motnimrol liii; 1'Jtii nit. Wr hive also ii-ceivei! Irtieisrieni our icgular coriespondeiils at ijivernooi. nil uml rans. ..J'K,ajyVw.r'ee,'m'1 "' "'!: '""erma is nunc unimportant, Willi the exception of the commercial in teiuernee. Prices of nil kinds or (rrain nnd flour coiuiniicd to rise in the I'neh-h and many ol the eoiitinential inar keis, owing, mainly, to tie- l-dlure of the polatoe ciops, nnd the seari'iiy ni vvhent in the huse mnin growing countries. The .vlnik Lime Liresssajs that limiiand will rcii'iire a. istanee to nn evient which inu-t raise the valueofnrieultural prndiue nil over ihi world. Thef.iihneof ihe nntnloe crnn in Ireland has e.iu-ed I ueiiend and severe distir aiiioiu; the iover chssf. in I that country The people us-emliie ill lllti-scs, po-t threatening notiees, and demand lomlor work. It is stated thai tlieir couJit.oii must soo.i he lou I dcnlo.n- blc. IUI'.I.AM). Fwisr. Distkess Pemjc Mki.tixus lh.Lir.F Alr.vsrEts. The li i!i joaninls arc tilled Willi the most gloomy account, nl th" condition of ihe people nl Ilel.iiul, ovviiii; In the f tilure ol the potato erno. l'he Clare .lo.ii mil gives n gloomy picture of the state of distress in di-trici, as thus " We leel it alisolutely necessary, Irom the J state ot the eounifv, lo cnll upon the Ooverninent to Hike immediate .111. decisive stens lo sitisR- the c!n- mors of n starving people. I'lovi-inns are rising in price everyday. As lm potatoes, there are very little indeed in mniket, and it 1- nhuost d.meeroiis to unkc use of tho-e olli-icd for sale Not one stone or potatoes can lie obtained, without some of them being lonud tainted ; and even those hiin. 7Jd. Indeed, we ore i strongly inclined lo behove, that, for the sake of thrir health, the people should not he any longer allowed to use this diseased food." . The state of l'ernniingh the county of nil others m Ireland wheie there is more to he aid in favor of the landlords seems to be as unsatisfactory as nuy .1... U !.. H' . ... I nil ,J.l J f 'hey stated that they and tn-ir lauuhes weie pen-lniig '"rlaOs nl loud that they had lutbeito waited patie iil- 'P n''l;cs sonielhing vvould be done for their lehet by 1. m.g,boUI,g (.cnlry ; hulno measure having been ndonled tocive lhem .inolovnienl. nml iherel,.. uiv. them troin slurviition, their only alternative was tu "ii;.p.,,J' tofl'u 'V'H they could not otheiwise obtain 1"e constable remonstrated wilh llitin 011 conscjuenees that w ould attend a v iolntion ol ud mid theiu that Lord lime was on that c 1 be constable remonstrated witli ilit-m 011 the evil the law, I,,,- ,,,. to Liiniskilh'ii, to hold 11 meeting, for the purpose of adopting iiuiiiediaie measures for thsir icliei. Upon which they nil tetiirned peaceably to their respective r""ui ..i.iiv. MIIXICAX M-WN. From the N. O. Picnyime, Spt. 2-J. Cr.RALVo, Sept. ".From what 1 can gather n plan is 011 foot to surprise fannies nnd Carnseo in their strong bold nenrPnss.1 Ciullo,. It will In- a difficult nutter, so wideawake and cautious are these fellows, but jui harm can he done if it fails. I he pri-oner laken the other night hy JvIcCulloch turns out to Ik-11 shrewd rliap and of no inconsiderable importance, lieudinit.ithsi l.e ni 1 ... 1.... ter himself in the w;ay uf'swniipmg horses that is, by leaving Ins own nnd stenliug one of ours and ul-11 lii ' ......11111111011 u reniiou to tne tirengili nud 110. sitiono! Uorllrs camp. Cannles will probably wait sometime for his return, for be is fast unou'di heie. " 1 here is a rumor bcie nothing but a rumor, mind you-ilmtbnm Arna isadiaiicingupon .Montcry with 40,IK) men, lmightgi1eyoiia c-oluinn of oilier re poris 111 circulation, bin tli-y are nil of little moment and come I10111 most unreliable sources .Mexican mouths. I am fearful, alto this, tint the chances of sending letters to New Orlenns will ba tow nnd far between. 1 shall snap at every opportunity however. ti. W. K. In iiilliii.m in Bi .it r r- Vi ill! the nliovi', the letter front CnmnrRo in tlu- I 'lag, bays that it h puMtuely nsm-rteil that the U -it 17, C u 'T" uJ "m!1 T'Z rV8",1"l"-c uu, 5 ' 'S !'!!"1 that iheirlorcesare rapidly XTr si Vl 11 " Ml'xiSi;.,1'. ""' "Hying, m , "K" "nueurn 110111 nil quarters 'I Ins repre.seut.uion ... ore iiiuicoii'iiis 01 .risia lllllers Horn inal ol our corresiMiiideut. ihe follow mi; is frouilbe same Cam - urco feller j Tlie bent has retarded somewhat the progress of the , I troops which Ictt heie with (lenerni '1 n)lor, it U-ing I '. ' U'esnou io lliurcu lUllllliUie Ileal OI Hie etay ' !f. ,V,rlr.W",;,11" high spoils niid.cage-r to come up 11 . -""""is. iwocoin laniesof Rungers that V v,",;'"1 "s "r", i-iMiin,iieu on inline. , diately idler ( nptaiii .Murray's arrival. All is quiet' , "-"in..i . is uou naoni juihi, jimpi-iua, anil lamauimas nave nee u receucu in , i .. . ; ........5....11 ii-oii .iii .mo ... iieuns jiieproeianiaiionol Auip'1'h.i makes the penulty very severe upon ull who nny l'uriii-h provisions, n-wist in nrocl' ceiv cd ill Jleir and Itej no- AMI-l-UIA'S 1'llOCI.AMiTIO.V, Considering lluil the hour has nnivrd when cner- tjctic ineaHires anJ jircenutionuiy dispositions should ie taken to hbeiute the I) pariiueiits of the 1'ist Irom the rnpicityol the aiielo-AmericJiis: and for nili-nd-, ini: to ihe rmhlsof the tieonle and tlio usages ol war. every person who i:uy prove a traitor to his country, ler death without any'1 ng into consiileMlioii iiltuil lll.l lolheevilsl contrnband irndelhdt don bv tlie iisuineu or u ep ui ine eiinvmy, man sillier u remission of sentence : and inkim. i that it is my bouudeii duty loputuii which have been caused bv ihecontri iusbtui iudiscfiiuiiiuuly curmdon by tlie iisiujieisj nl our Eacrcd territory; nnd using the laruhirs whieh the laws have empowered me. wilh, 1 decree (is fellow's 1. l rrv tifillvr. nr f.iroI.Tllo ftm tl.ll i.i llirT .lii-rl ly or iinliieclly vobintiiulj' M.l nr ii-m.-1 the runny in any liiauner whatsoever, shall sudor death by being shot, !. All tlioae wlio. Iiflrr tlie nut illenliim nf tills nro- rlaiuiitiou shall couliiiiie to trrllic hi continband ar- ti( les wilh the I'luiemy, shall sillier the same penally nnmcd in the pieeeihnu nrlii I". 11. The tiiilhoritiesnt every bnineh of the public ser vice will take I'spreinl rare, nmler the stnelel res piiii'iliililv',nliat this article shall he i ijjoroiisly coin jilied with. 1. This proclamation should produce popular nclion aiming our cilien, who alu under Ihe oliligation to make known nnv infnielion nfit. mill nil citizens are empowered lo iipprehtinl tiiiuiu.iU and deliver ihem over to the judicial authorities ; nnd that nil persona may he duly notified, nnd that tmiie niny plead igiior nnee, I order the publieatioii ol" Ihisproelamtition, and mat uue circulation shun lie eu it. Done at the lleadiiiariers nl the Army, ill Moll lerev, Aiiiru-1 31, 1 115. I'liDUO 1)1' A.MI'L'DIA. IS VOt'll DISHASIJI), Yon inny liud relic fif you will hut try in time. Our Agent liajnt leeeived iho followin;- New Jersey, Unrdrntcmn.Uct.&i, 1SIV Mr Helh W. i'ovvle. Dear Sir! lam well awnicthat persons r,r every ngc sex, nud condition in life, in every pail or the nmnlrj'j have, ued, and been lieiielitted. by l)lt. WISTAll'h I1AI.SAM OF WII.DCIII'ltltV . My own lire has heeusaved wilh it. My latliei's nnd my lumber's la mile werehnili eoneiiiniitke M v lather s mother, nnd n sister, died wilh thai latnl disease, l or some yenrs have been iiredNpooed toit myseir. About one yeais nijo I was quite sick for a number or weeks, coiihued to my bed when the pain in my side would allow me lolny. My phyiscinn pronounced my disease Liver Comnlnii.t ; my liver was very much enlnrReil, I raied niooo several nines jine iron in my siou "utii s-,ui- that the ear passinj. in thestri"'t hy thelonr nllrctcil me. 1 was cupped, hied, nud had vnrinus other re medies nun led. hut nil to no nui n"e ; I not no rcliet at last mv lilivsieiau said he eoul.l not cure inc. 1 ex pected to iliesnoii, but pinvi'lcntinlly I heard or, and obtained a buttle ot your l'alnin, which relieved me ta once. 1 was cne(mrae,eil to persevere in using it, until Ityok four or five untiles, which saved my life and cured me. .My lienhh is now crooj. For Liver Complaints I believe itisn most certain cure. Signed. MARTHA A. DI'.CHTF.I.. 1 nm aciiuainted with Airs, llcehtel; her statement is true. Si!tied by WHITAIJ, STOhXS, t)nijgit. None genuine, unless signed I HUTTS on the wrapper. Fur sab-by VIXK Jfc SFBAK. fciober, Uth IS IS. l.lvvl iltamcb. At Middlesex House, Middlesex, Sept. SI, by Annul l.ilih, I'si; ,Mr. q'linoihy Nichols and Miss Lucindu Tngpnrd, hoth of Willisiou. In Hiitlaud, on the 17th lnt , l.ieut. lieninmiu the United Slates Aiiny, to miss Kniily I... daughter or Mr. Henty .Mussey, o't R, On Thursilny, the'J Ith mt, nt t'lraee Chureli.hv the Rev. Dr. Ambon, C.C. Wnller.Ksci., ol New York, to Mis. Caroline Halt or Boston. atcii. At the resilience of ler son, .Tmix N, Povtrnov this pace, on tho Cd int., Mrs. MARY!OV, aged 77 yenrs. .Mr. Poincroy, vvas the vvilw ol Dr. John Pome roy, who dieil uhout three years since, universally known nnd respected as one of the earliest, nnd oldest iuhnhitnnts ol this place, nnd asn physician or iirent eminence and skill. She had, herself, icsidrd here about lilty-foiir years; hiving removed hither at a perioil w hen some of the nio-t populous portions of the present ilhee were cncred hy the forest. There are tew ot itsiulrihilantstowhom she wasnot known, nnd the sen.e ol her worth, which has heen deeply eutr tnined hy all, is nhke creditable to hersi-lf and them. It wns lint ensy to npproach her without being inspired wilh a sentiment ol respect hy her uiiuhtiiisive excel lence, nml gentle dignity ol manner, nnd of mind ; nud those vv ho have known herjongest Iwur the 1110-1 emphatic testimony to her itualleeied purity of heart. Nothing was ever known lo mill- the serenity of her temper, not a word of bitterness or aimer issued ftom her hps ; ir.she could not tail to see the iaults of others, she saw iheiii in the light of tenderness nnd charity. Tne trials of life, from which none are w holly, free, were not icgarded by her as u hirdship.or n burden ; lliey inly served, even when tliey loll most heavily upon her, tocall forth a more beautilul exhibition of nud meekness. Nor wns this repose ol cha rnclerthe jesult of iiuhlltieuec, msensiliihiy, oriudo lenee. Sin wns nlwajs ijnic k to ic'el, nlwnysnctive, nlwnys The traits of 11 natutally in dl-- Jio-ition wele innmreil mio principles iy a ileeti reli gious l"'ellng, which, thoil'Th never lisleiilatiollsly dis- plajed,vas never absent hoin berheait. In Iter Inst hums, there was ahundaut evidence, that she, who had led the Christian's life, was supported by the Chris tian's licjie : the veil, which sepirntes die visihlelroin the unseen, nppenred to he, for the moment, rent uway Ihnt tic glorj ofa hettei wc.ild niight dawn upon her closing cje. q'he lesson ol her hie uml death will not be lost, it it shall m-pire in others llic disposition to iinitatelierviitues. J11 this village, on the Kt inet.,Mr. Adcam Run.v.Mis, aged ID years, I11 Underbill. Srnt. 21l All's MarvE. P.vnKr.n. eld est dnughtcr nl Reuben Parker, Knj , nged 20 years. In this village, on Sunrduy, 31 iu-t. Hri.i.x' I'mzv, daughter of 11. V. if .Mary M. Catliu.nged 5 )eats. In this village, on 111? til inst. !li..".v (IiivNVir.i.r. son ol Win A. is Jane L. liumctt, nged 'J jears, (i moullis and 111 daj s. "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven." In Montpelier, AUr.riiA P., wife of Ilczekinh H. ItecdJN,!. ir,. In Aloiii,eher, An,', 9 Mrs. Polly, wife or Josiab Wing, L'sii , nged C2. In Iriisburgh, Sejit. 27, Mr. Fairiianks, ngedb! joins ; .1 much lesis-ctcd citizen, and uu ex elnplniy cluisliau. luPeacliam Aug. 2, Mr. Parker Hooker, nged fi7 y. urs. ritOniJI'.SS: A Sntiiicnl J'oem. rv John a. saxe. T1IIJ following are some of the noticjs of the press : "A capital Sntire thebi st that has been vviittcniu ten years." .V, lr. WetUy Dispute)!. "A nent, mil thqirovoking nnd very clever poem." Charlrtton IS. (.'.) A'nrs. '"I'he Satire is well applied." Bnmi Cimier. ''One of the vet y cleverest poems ol the age." TJtr liiigtun l'rce J'rciu. "A Satiiical poem in which the author bits unmer cifully nt the prominent follies of tlie day." U. i'. time tie. "The Satire is just, nnd well-expressed, nnd the hits nt the follies of the day are hard and pungent." llustun J'wit. "In terseness nnd frequent recurrence of Kpigrnmat ic point it fairly rivals tlie belter pages of the" Dunciud," and "Ilughsh Hards and Scotch Review ers.--.V. 1', llri'rtii, t "Thisisoneof the cleverest nnd most sensible Pa tires we have met with of late jents. The author holds 11 witty and polished peu.aud applies tlie lash with no gemle'liand." Vhila, Com icr. "In oiirjudguient, the finest satirical poem yet pro duced by an American Author." Haltiiitore Conti' unit. "The Satire is not less just ilem trenchant ; the wit is as natural us it is keen ; and the verse is equally har monious and I rue." KmrhftlnirUr. A new supply just rcceiveil 011J for side by KD WARDS. MOTHER'S rpO MARRII'D LADIFS, RELIEF. the MttlierH Relief, a X int-ilu-iiie which Buiitlioi ihu (hsiitrrrfablo wiia-i- tion ot 1'Vnmlrs about tu Ix'cnnic moilu-rs.nnti iiurr8 " H3lL e"very 111 an ca.-M' where niai tonnntKmor nome unnaturnl circuuistaiiccr, not nrevrnt Th- rqiumtUMi of tlihorticlo- tliongh Mlent, has Income m ";"'1"1 " ' produce au1,,,mens;. de,iia ,. A iutende'd onlylbrihe eye.,r those .lirt-ctly Interested nnd their physicians, prepared for gra- tuilous.distril.utioi. wliere the Relief s lorsale. b 1 As we are thus ohlieed to come before the nublic ' w c ink., I beoceac on lo .iv I in, if ,1... .,i 1 call lor the V1.itli.-rd Itch.h w !,.... - L, ........ i... guide to a direct opinion to he foimed oftbe esiimn. Hon in which it is held, wo have tin satisfaction ,,( will save themselves hotii uoiiiiie niui expense ny m-iki-belic ving thnl it lias l-eu the menus ol alleviating nn ing nu money tu meet their ussessinents, by their Re- I mlinile ninount n su enn. nm savnu. mim t,il..-l,l I ,v0. Wherever it haa b-en us-d during the above ,,.rin,l.ilecp rooted preiu hris.have civen way toenn. ,ii,iiu,i ihanktul i,expre-sonsot grntilnile, nmla w si iP. Ion the,? mrts. in fir as mwible. its benefus .Medical men of Ituihslundini' Inve had the candor to aekiiowledee lor once, tint their prejudices must be iihiiidoii'-d,and hivelweuadvcieuies tor its use. All those who wish, me invited to cnll on some of our ue-uts and procure a pninphlet without charire. li.A'UAIlTHOI.IC .tv CO.. llochesler, N V. i I or sale by j l'1'CK'.t SPIIAK, the auiliorizeii n.ems lor mis pisee ami vicmtiv.wiio can also suiply Druggists ut ihe Proprietors NS'hote Kile price, October 'Jill 18 15. 13 K3f AltDI.ItS l.tcpivpi) inn ntPiT .. oit- ZSLAt naniental Ttcts and Plants, from Down- iii'.'s Hiiildaud urseri s. lbmdlesof trees mill plants will be delivered nt Troy lice of cipense, nml so jiiicke.l as tu intutc their (- tinnj-oriulioii. , 'SC.A' ' ?,: AS-hs PW Klvir fcllfCl, lioy.N , October 9, If In. ni,i M'ni. IMluriihnin, nllns Solomon M'lietitonS IWnte. STATU OF VllltAIONT, rpilll l'rnlmt. Court ) n etof r i lleiii, v x lor the IjHtlict nl Chittctiileit. To nil peisuns inlf tested hi tb" estate nr Wm, r. Iliirnnm, nlias sniiuiiiuii vviiuaton, late ol Uuiliiiglnn,ins'ii(lihsiiet.decTnseil, tinr.LTIMi. Whereas, "nntord lluriia.ii, one ol th heirs to said estate, has lileil in said Cuuit his petition, in writim;, S'lllllglollh licit one unilivided IlltU pll t tliclc- iifiti coniniiin wilh Ihe other heirs In snid estate, nml playing sni, Cnurl to nrilcr pnlilion lliercol lobe made ninoiu ihesi'vernl pi rsmis entitled thereto nud tu np poh'.t comniissionersto nnke such pnrlilioii,iiieenhly lo the stnlute in sueh eiisc made mid pinvuled' Whereupon, the Cnurl ulbiesald dolh nppniut tbosee iinl Wednesday in Nnveinbrr, Hlfl, for hearing nnd deciding on P iiil.nrtitinnnttheoHiec nl the Iteeisler nr slid Court in snid Ihiilinntcm.ntteno'clnek in the lore noon, nud dolh order III it rill persons interested lie np lilied ihereorhypiiblieiili. hi ol thi' nider.cniiiauuni' the siihstanee ol said petition, lliiec weeks sueci sively in the llinhiinlon Fiee Pre", a iiew p'ip-r pruned in and IbirhiiLslmi, tho last nruliuh piihliealions to be previ ous to said second Wrdll' "dnv ill Nnvemher Utll'i. C.ivcn under my hand tlnsl.lh .lay c.l October, Hid. VV.M WIJSroN.AVgKrr. f"YU STI'I'I" ! Lvery imteihl for dying both s cuase nnd line ailicl'", 1 nr saie in rixKcVSPnAiis' IIUKL C.VHY'S IlSTATli. riMIK stmsctiiiiims, nwixo ni:i: appoixt- .1 cd by the Houornble Probate C0111I for tho Dis trict of Limoille.Coiniiussioneis, to receive, cxnminc uml adjust nil claims nml demands of nil persons n gainst the estate of llucl Cmly, lite of Cnmliridge, in said district, deeensed, represi'iited insolvent, and the teriuofsiv months fiotn the 11th day or Septciuhcr, 131f, is allowed, hy said Com t, to the creditors or.siid deceased, to exhibit nnd ptovc their respective claims, berore us, JM gire Kotire, that we will attendee the duties of our nppointmeut nt the house of Sophia Ca dy, in Cambridge, in snid District, on the 3d Friday of December nnd the M Friday nt Mnrch next at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, i.n eneh of said days. Cambridge, September lltli, A. I). It 10. JOHN WARNUR, L'. UllNNF.TT. C"",r9' l,rMv3. To Jtfiilisls-. CO'ST,XT supplies of Sln.ktnn's Celchraled Teeth, Foils, lnstnuiieiits, loes, Poi, 'J'nntli jiovvdcrs, Washes and Pastes, Tooth Hrusbes, .Sc. Jve, receiving at PLCIC &, SPKAR S. jlurlhigton, October!), IS IG. 15w3. 1 nf( lbs. Ilees' AVnx, 1001) II w. Frgot, or Spurred Rye, w los. near t.rense tince) nt PLCK .V. SPI'AU'S. Oct. 1), 18 1(5. irnnl. FfilSlI CAAII'IILXE. ti'ci:ivin'; IN'; U'MIIKI.Y, For sale by Parrel, nnd on draught, ut l'LUK Sl'I 'AK'K. Oct. 'J, IH 10. I5wC. A .T. S1ZI"S or the Common Flow er Pot. V nt PIX'K is SPEAR'S. Oct. '.1, 1810. Jjw3. BURLINGTON IRON FOUNDRY. (f'oni'r 1 if Main tnul W'uler .SVtcs.) rpili: Sl'HSntllJ t:U bus exlended his 1. c'stablisluneiit lor making Castings, and is now prepaied loexecute ordeis wilh dtciatcb and on reasonable terms. Having n large assortment or Pat terns lor dilli'ient kinds of machincrj , it is uu object lor those that build S.iw-inills, t.rist-milK Starch 1 Ke tones, Pnperiuills, .Ve &.c ,to call imd exainme In-fore purchasing els"v here ; as his patterns ine ol the latest improvement Al-o a great variety of other patterns too numerous to specify Ploughs, Culdiou Kettles, Poinsh do .Waggon Pox es and Axles, con.iantly on hand. Also the Prncu. sinii nnd Reacting Water Wheel, whii h is considered to be the best wheel for saw -mills thai is in ue. Cast ings furm-hed 011 rcn-unable terms. i:. R. CROSSAIAN. Ilurhngton.Oot. , 1810. . i;n3. " D0UHLK WACOX. A TWO Hoise Wagon tor sale chcaji in exchange 'X lor oilier properly, lias neen iiseti some. VILAS .tXoYLS. Oct. II, JSIfi. DUCK 3IITTi:.S. rfZ DOZ. Buckskin Miftem 4 J IS do 1I0 liloves, 1 or sab by Oct. U, IS 10. VILAS fj XOVFS. WUOLKIi SOCKS, 100 DOUN Woolen Sin ks. Retailers of this article will do weel loenll. VILAS & .NOYF.S. y, i8tc. Oct. Tuitions. QOA rOl'XlW Cntton'l'hread.whiteaiidassM OL.U 11)0 do Linen do 111111 doz. Spool do white lion do do do assorted. For sale by VI LAS .V .OYCS. Oct. 9, 18 1. mill'. (HUNT 3111.1. nt Hubbell's Falls has hi eu J. fitted up and put in ex client eeindilioii. It is capable of eloititr liist rale business and 11 itood deal ot it. J. I. CUTLI'lt. Oct. '.1,1810. 15wG. R e 111 oval, rf1 A-sl Mff J from h coiner of St! A. SEY.MOUK. li.wixtJ iiemovi:i) from his old Siaud on Peail S reel tolhe iiner ot s-tromisliui elmir. ontlie i-uunre.oneis for sab at very low prices the lollow ing articles, v u : II A. T (9 Of the late fall f.-sbion. I) A fl" S . Fine Otter, Sea Otter, Shetland Seal, Hair Scab Aliwkrut, Fur-iriiniiied Cloih, andjCloili Caps. RcJ Uluek and Purple JloLuir, Oil Silk and u large lot of bo)s' fancy Cajis. I'nncy I'nrs. Lynx. Dark Siberian Squirrel, Hudson Pny Wolf, Filch, Cinni It, nud French Cone) .Mulls, Also, Unas, Furs lor Lidics Collars and Fur trimmings. He respectliilly invites Ladii-snnd (limit men wi-h-ius to purebiise any ol the above named uiticles to cull nud examine his stock. llurlington, Oct. Hth, lSlfi, Hvvfi FIRE! FIRE!! rillHItnenbersnf the Vermont .Mutual Firelnsiir JL unco Company are' be rehj notified that the fol low iug usseseiiieiils have been made by the Directors on till notes in force on the days follow iug, 10 w it ; siciiteuiber IJtli, i-ioione percem. September ""'b. November "5th, Its 15. Jnuunty l, lHti, January lUdi, lstii, Jlurch 30th, ISIfi, April Tlh, IStO, .May 7th. lstii. 1-t " " .. .. 1 1-3 " " 1-t " " 1 percent. 1-3 of one per cent. Jluy lih. 1BI0, 1-1 Jliikhiifour.iiidtbi.w.loiirtlisper cent, for the year riiding August 1, IblO, oaid per ccntnge to lie on the amount ot premium note, without reference to any endoise-iiivnt lor tntiner ussessiueiits, and to lie paid to the Treasurer ntiiis Oilier, iu Jloiiip.-lier, on or lielote ihe 11th day of October, IS 111, lie ing the day ol theunsiiul ini-t ting of snid Company. As usual, n list ol persons iusiucd in Ihe several towns, with the unieiuiit ot nsj-cssmcnts due from ench rc-peciivciy, will lm forw ureled early in September, to the Rcpii'scutalivi-s e'ect to the ltii-lature, by whom money can Iu sent. The meeting ol the Legislature luiiiislies tu ull nclii-np and louveiueiit way by width money laubo iransinitted ; nud it is cxiscte.l that eiich ineiulier of the Company Irom whom usscrsnivuts are due, will improve die nppniinuity thus i.lleied. THII ASSLSS.MV.NTS Altt; DUi: INOCTOIUIRj and in order to iu-et ihe liabilities ol The Company, must he paid iu promptly. The Diicctors nre resolved to enforce the collection of nil nssessmeius lemniiiiug ,,,l imu.cliniclv alter Ihe adioiirnuientol'tlie I gislature j and it is hos-d that incinheisol the Company nr. sclitnlivcs. , 'Phere have been allowed ih- pnstyearsncnly-nine losses, which, with the expense ..fsc-itluig and mieresl naiil. liloooot los,:iO'.S-, 'M, The assessiue-nt fortius venr. 1 1 imd 3-1 lier ct.l ihiscs S3HJI7 7-.'. J. T TIIUKS'PON, Tiensurcr, Insurance Ollice, .Moulpelier, Aug I.', lHlfi. O llMltt A I, SCOTT ACAI.V. MANSl'ICI.D'S I.ile of Cell Winlield Scott, a Splendid work I 'or Sale by OetJ!l 1M1(1. STllVKXS WOODS. I'Olt l lt IT Ol' !)()( T. JI'DSOV. 11 IK Sleel l'.uitrnving ol VK. ADONIKAM - JIIDSO.V. f.ir3l years Jlissionarv to liuriuab ui-i rrreivedund iorsaleby Uuilnigtnu (Jet. lid. Itvlfi. STKVP.NS WOODS. STIvAYI'.l) ntOM thi: spiiscm- uhout the 'JOili of rii'iil. last . IU btibtr.', I, lour cars old cow, white about the flank, and white in ihe l.iccj when she went nwuy I nave n little milk. Whoever will return said cow or 1 (jive information while she may Im found sh ill l b Is-raliyiewariieii. u v. l.LUUl.l. J I .. i lluilingtoii, lOol. 1S1G. ,ll-3 Nv.w York CJs3ai!Hisisiaif. 'lMIll iiuilirsignrd Ims been nppniiit' d hy Ih (iov Jl ernor of New ynik,"nc 'minis-Inner tor III .-"fit" "ir Vellliollt. to lake lite nekiiowleil foietlt mid pt'lol "of Deeds and other jnslriiiiu nts nnd -r w id to h" u -d "or leeorded'' in th" Slnte of New York, "and ton I "iniiiistrr oallusor tiHirinalioiH"puisunit to the luvvs ol that Unite, d. Oct. S. STA'IHOF Vl;liMONI',l,VMoti.Li: ConM:t.tes Lv.u!'., Complainant, 1 rs. ! In Chiinci ry. ORiiiNl'V.iinvM'uLsri.r. 1'i.nnv, ) DelH. Wherens thesiii.l Ljmle hn.slileil bis bill ol' t'om plnlnt in the ollice ol the Cleik of ihe t '0111 1 of t'han cery in said County, ngauist th.. ,. lemlauis, where by Law the said hill is leqtiiieil tohecnteied," llingloitli in nib-lance, that slid defeiidanls b"ing m.l.'hled to the Complainant in tie- sum of One llimdied imd Flevi 11 Dollars nnd Filleen Cents, specified ma proiu isory note, dated on the "lit d.iv ol Alnri Ii, A D HI!) niiiiinnile to snel l.vinle in lb" Moiuh of .binuaiy, then next with minimi nil 'i.-i. and tin e,,re I he payment ol'snul note nr 1 01 ding to its tc.ior. lie d I'etid-iiilsgive tosaul l.jnde a Moii.t.- l)s, , ,, that due of lb- follow ins desciibed land 111 Johns..n, in Limoille County and Slnte ol Vermont, to wit . "the fv'oithenst iiuirter of Lot No liliren, drawn to the rightoftlietiiamniar S'c' oil, conlninmg sevcniy live ncics tnoie or less" nnd Mint the condition c.l said molt, gnge is bioken.nnd pinjingninong other thing1., for a toreclosiiienlhis, the saul L) tide's mortgage. And it nppenring that said On in Firry one of the dcl-iidants, resides out of the State ol Wrmont, so ihnt n subpiena cannot he served upon him. lie is thercfoie hereby required to appear nt the next slated teini ol said Court, to beheld at Hyde Pnik, in nnd for said Lnmoille Co. oil llic s.l 1 I est .'IV nl IJeeeln ,er. A. II 1M Ii. on l ie I'll St day of said telln and netke answer lo srii.l hill and it is hereby directed, that this older together with the I substance ol said hill, be published thiee weeks sue siveiy Hie laseoi WHICH III least tw Illy llnv- prevmns to tne session oi sod t ourt.m thej' ree rie-s n news pnper primed at lluilin.-ton. in the t . iintvol ('bitten. Hen. unccl at lljib- l'ntk iir.nesai.l Ibis 22d day ol September, A. D. 18 111. ,,,,, I ( AJIP.tVcrJ. it., UnAr.tiii.i.Y, HiUcUhik. tiro. A. Atlfiis IMntc. WW Tlltl Sl'll-iCRIIlF.ItS, having been nn poillted bv Ihe I lonoiablc ibe I'ml ( for the Di-iiict of Chittenden, cotiiuiis-ioncr. to re ceive, exniinuo and nilit llu; chums and demands '1 till ies,ins, nsailHl ill" t'slnic of (ieorin. A All, lute ot IliirhiiL'ton, in said Disiiict, ilecnsul, u-pre-leMited insolvent, and nl-o nil claims uml di 1 x hihited in oll-ct thereto j and s)s iuoiiili.s doin tlie day of thed.ite hereof, being allowed by sai 1 Couit tor that piupose, wc do llcre'lore heiehy glee notice, nml we win altetul lo tlie husinrso our nimonilmcnt. at the dwelling of the widow of said dcse-nsed 111 l!ur lingtoii in said Distiiet on the Fust .Mond.iv sol Jnmniv and .March next, at 10 o'clock, A. JL, 011 eaehot said dnvs. JJ.ue.-el, tins 11111. day ol Scpt-inhcr A. I). lSlb. JOILN'X POMHROV, ) P. 1)001.1 1'TLK, Comnii.-sioneis. Oi:o. II SHAW, lFATCIIES AM) CLOCKS. WE , Invile the ntt' ntieii of all who wi-h to buy any description ot (!ol,l or Silver Watch es, Urm or Wood t !oi ks. I'ltherci'dir dav nr one day, to our nnv nssortmeiit, which will bj s ld at verv low prices, ns low ns in nuy otlu r pl-u e W n vviuif.l jti-t observe ihnt Hous" keepers will e'o well to buy clocks oj those who can put lh"in in onb r w ben thej need it. For sale cheap by llitixsvmu V. Ur.oTiu.R-. Oct. 1, IStli. MELOMANS. OCTOIiEit. 1 S 1(1. ItJl irialioorl lntkevid M"lodinns.2 ll'-nntl kt'Vt-i! 00, rrtj'ftiitcft, and iinu iuIiii-, I Itttt.s vVc. ju-t il- llAU' l)l)Zi: 11IAC1C TItl'.Mi'S Oct. 1, IliiixsviAtii .v. Iluoriniis. M tors-lie 4;:i62a;:si-Eii. A Prime rresh nrticle of Cuiioiheiie just receded by IIARRIXOTON 11.10 l'lL'it -t ISurhneton, Oct. 2, IS 111. ' llwH W:i!lo:i'i tJ;ctiy .5o:3i'i:t3, WILL be published, ns iisinl, during ihe upproaen iug session ol the Legislature. Ti:rms. One copy SL Pive copies fj",0'J. twyiZr EsrZirji J-jiI's7iuZr ilL'nill'' SFii'i!im:it wisiii:-' to disitm: ii of tin- wlinb- or 11 put of bi ica e-tni-. coilsistuii. ot one hrn k boils.- mi 1 i,,t ,,,,,1 K. v ftlJt n lions,, situated on J'.aiilen Lnue, nnd one wood. 11 hmisn situated mi New-St i-et. Any p.-risin wbine tu puieliase eilber of th" ubove iirnied plaeps will d 1 well to call iiiinieihiite-l, as they wnl be it.spns.-dol oil Ihe lowest po-sible telliis A. A'l'W ATLR lhubnj;ton, S.-ptei iber 3 . IMS. ll.2 J':. CASH i'ii) t'oii i:m-7 11 South Wharf, FOLLUTT it I1RADLF.V. O.t. LUl'i. Ilw3 T01!E I.AAli'S. Wi: twin: atitatidx ij ton new st)le of Jjimju. enlled Oii.ntal Lnuijis, for burning Campbell.-, which cn-t jess sbaile than any other jiait.-ni : nl-n. Done Lump-, nml stole Lamps lor burium; Oil Wk ks, (iUis-.-s, Hall mid P.irlor Lamps, i'orsale low. ' I wil llr.i visum j- IliiuTiii ns. SA(iS, KAliS. I'jpint inos wA-nt.Tv H.1 exchange for Hooks, Paper Jjc- S. WOOD.'. Jl.'itslml's ,otice. UXITLD STATCSOF A.MIIRICA,) OURSU-n-.Mo.M- Disnuer. in vvir. I A.N'I'to a warrant issued out of ih,. Honoiable Distri.t Court of ihe Fluted States, for tlie Vermom District, do hereby give public no'ice, tint uu lor ihe violation oi the Remiuc Laws of tin- Fulled St in-s, has In en filed in saul t'eunt, hy Charles Lilislev, lq. District attorney I'm the t.'.iited Stuns, lor said Di-trici, the I'llluwui'! ,es-ribe.l Ooods, Wales, and .Merchandise, to wit 3JSS Pieces Hemlock Scnnthni.', . -IH Piec es Hemlock Hoards, 100 Piecesginch l'ine Plauk.nnd.-ic-rtiinve.s. K-l,i-nltcil the .Mnrgnrct Vnb-s, seired nt Al'mr-di, in said District, on the lilih day of June, A. D HIS. Alldtrinl will be had on iheuhove seizure, al the slut nil term oftbe s-iid Court, to Is-holdcn at iiidsor, within and lor siid District, on the 31ihd.iv ot JIuy. A. I), 1817, nud the mine willheeondeiiineil nercc-ilily in the prayer ol said Inhumation, unless ;, claim Ik' interposed mi or hefoie lint day; of which nil tiersnns iuierested will take due notice nod govern tlK'niselvcsaccordimtly. (Jive ii under my hand, at Newbury, in said Distiiet, this-Jlst day ol Si-iiteniber, A D. I rs ir,. 13w3 JACOIlKKN'l'.Jr., Mauhal, NOTICE. 'I'm: has jfst itn turiiedtiom New Yoik.uud is now receiving a ln'gc nil. I fresh tupjily of Hooks and Station -rv, which be sold very lo lor cash. H. WOODS Jlurliiigtuu, Oct -',1'tlO. Strong's lJuildiug. New Goods, KNITTINt; SIIKATII.V, Cathohr lii.Mnrs Cam eo Vmt Violin litiiiincntj, Wolcy iljcliuui-i (iun Cujw.luw imcctl (, jiu nud tlou! - le luirifl (Jun-'.rtr'l iit hain'I-, wutuut tiitl-w nnd hnc Ik on R'utarly iiocil in Ijijjinml- ux teuu'titeU ly tpcc'ml act of J'tnliamrnt. Ofronlin in Tim it iiroj' Doric laiiiiw(iiiii u ri nt anrt ofniht-r (lond. UIUNS.M VII S IHiOTillJItS. 0NEJAY only.""" TUESDAY, 0 0 TO It IK, 181(1. mnii-jn-H ir. i:TKn: and I HiitrrioN ix this oiiiAtii:. ..f the Vast and .Mugtiitici ul an 'Viuburb Collection of TU VI S 1.1) V Mil I.S, Vrreedrd ly the Xir mill Culnaml ROMAN CHARIOT, Constructed after the mndel'of llienncie-it Chariots of the Itommi ('onou-ron., hi the most costly an I goriieousstvle of woikniiin-luii tiemi.'Ji) feet m length by 17 in height Diuwn by ciitht lleuilili horses nl lirckligious ne and vvei(.lii,und containing. ,si"l:on;h Itinss I in nil . The picsswion will cuter llu- village nt '.I .' o'clock, and pass ihroiigb soine of ihe principal streets to the pirn vol rvbibiticm Time of evliibuioii from 10 I to li! I. and Irom 1 Jto'.t i .ri-lock. AnMnTiN(X.a.ieiis Cly'ldrrn ijnilfrO.halfpricc. -'rhe Exhibition will lie at Itielniiond ihe liih Octolrl8l6. 13 CONArsIT, TFIA3K & CO., UIl MJOX, I' , .IllllllllilCltUC'lH of ( oM ItlusUliou mid listings. HA II coiislnntly lor sale at tin ir Fuiiint es. n large nssiMinient ol Cojklng, 11 ix. Air. 'I'm 11 1 Asn OnxA.MI.M'AI. Srovi.s, ijoinpnsmg till the desirable styles, sues and Improvrni" uu tog. nVr with n le.tivy llo lor Flanh Fiietoiii s. nnd oilier liiige huildmgs. They tils 1 hue a ebon e v.uii tj ol Hollow Ware. Pol Ash, and Ciiuldnni luiiles, Tailors (Ice s,. olid Sid Irons And are prepareil to cvcu.e orders nl shoil noiice,iin I on tlie lowest terms, I'oi Itnil Ilnad Chairs, (iraiin,;, lion I'lale Rooling, tnul all kinds ol' Job work Tin atti ntlon of D.-aiers is icspec thdly 'olicited Oei 1 lain. r.imH 1 ut wciioriis. lirg-1 u of (irny Cloths vJ lor sale low, in exchange lor Win 1 or f'if-1 lor vv oi t or 1 n-h VILAS & NOl'KS. .S'.7( HIC. 'IVJI1, 1 nucli 1'olnh or Silvr Lend, nlso stove JL blushes, for sale ot blushes, Kir sale ot PECK it SPEAK. 12 pt HjiIi. IfstG. TO ,''. rpm: .S'tote in the Witkwale Mock, cilled the X ('ciniaii stole, upon a long leas:, possession can be given immediately, ns th" occupntit whose lcae will he out the last dny or April next, tan g-t a smal ler place near by lor tlie vvniti r. FLIAS LYMAN. v ickvvatc Illock, 2.'i Septeinh "r Id 1(5. 12 WHITE nLAKS. ASIf mud ft. br a (' 'W Imiidrt-d bushels white Itenns il delivered! tOOil. 13 w r N II. II. DOOLITTLI S.'.t,, IP 10. .''A A I) l'AI'IUl. ' H tjlids I?''A-:'S' assorted ims, " V.sti.l irr- M J J moiiit imper, iiuiuiu-icuirrM imm clear .Manilla h' n-ji and eoeercd with puie riiinuhit'-d IJuait, whiih ri iidi-rsit th -luost dnr d,.- ami ilu-ieby Ihe must valunble nrliile now in uv. lorsal bv STUONtiS .( Co. lit Aients. Sept.'J.'ilh, IStO. DAt'L'i'itiicorvi'r. ;ai,li;hv. HI). DO.VMl, has opened his Rooms over It Tlitihebb-rs Shoe Stoie, Chiinh street, wb' r1' h" wib f.inu-'h v. tmes by ihe new process in a s'vle superior In any tu'lnie ollered. 'Iluibni'ton, Sept. g.,, lsifi. lHevH AS. DIUVI'.V, Retailer of Peuk, Flour, S-ihnou, Jlatkeiel.Shad CodtHi, Puller, Laid, ti Provi sions (lenemllv. Aiao t'hnice Dry time -li-s, Sierm Od, Sp.-rm et'Jlould Cm lies, Vin-nr, Dried Cur rants, (,'ition, Raisins, I'epp-r S-iuee, Chocolnte, Cocoa, S Stuarts Cmilcctiouaiy. West id-- o! ihe S'I't'lie. lliiiliugtoii, Vt. 1S10. Riwll NEW YCHK PUODUCE MARKET. V!r C wo'iM reiiiin-il 011 ) li-iu nr our old lo-nt hi 'inls ih it we -.till con ation, "ii). : ) nier si,, and an-lullv piepaw d to take clrirge ol nil t. 011-11:11-inents i!it 'th .y niny favor us Mil. We would ns sur. it . w homay eutiii-t lie ir (irodiu to ourcate lint e-,. t :it"ntioii sb.ili li-p.i it" t'e ir inn n -t Wc sh-ill' k.-rp our pulrons lull) ndvi'.-d ot tin- state or our mvK"i. Lih-inl advances mi le 1 ll'.VVI-.I in nil kinds or pro luce. L, HARRISON Co., M -.1 hints, It I Water 't., X. V lielerto .Missis. 11 Mirndliv,' JIcssis. J.s-J. II. Peek, ijCii. S toe.lCjl Jlosos :oltini's I'.'stnta, STATROF VFRvlOX'P.) j III! Ibmoinble th D.srT.cTcirt' v) 1 Probite Comt fir th" District of Cliiiteiiilen: To nil p-rs ms concerned in ihe csi-ite nl Jtos-s IVlton, l-iteol llinesbuiiih, in said District, d.-cens'. I, OnLLnvu. Wiiliu vs, Orreu Pellon 1111. 1 Roswell I!. F.iy.admi i i.trntolsof ihe estate of sli I d.'i ease I. propo to len der an neen'intH2iiiist still estnte foreximinntiou nnd lillownnce nl u ' mil of the Couit of Probate, to be holdeii at th" Regi-fr's ollice in lluihii'ilon, m snd ib-lrii t. on tin. si-cooil Wciln. s l-ii of Xioeluherll'-xt. Tie-ielorc, You arc hereby nntili -d to 11 pp -ar before . said couit nt the time nnd place nfir'sinl, nml shew cause, it nny you have, why the aeeou it a!eires-ii,t should not he n'llowi d. (iivcn under my band nl Ibiilington tlus-Jlst day ol S '.t-mh'-r, A. 1). Is ill. U!.v3 WM "V&VnS,Rrgntrr. ALPACAS, 1 ATA l'ir.t'lX VI, VI VS, nnd olh-r kinds I 0J ol oist-d (iuods lor the l'all trade. I-'orsa 'oic by Vtl.ASet.VOVl'.S. 13 S -pi. -i'liii, is.r. E2.!S'l!'.:, Ac. 11.V1.I1-W inch lluriais tor Wool Sacks. 1 do Canvass. 1 do lied Padding. I'm -ile by VILAS S NOVL'S. sept. V.'Sth, ISIli. 13 EDoDiis fsihi)t"s. :0 CASKS llintsnnlShihss. 1 or sule cltctip bv VILAS J- .NDYl'S. Sept r.lh.lslll. . 13 IV-.. rl - s 50 ,!A1 i'.S li.ittmi b'or sale , Wadding & Wickiug. by VILAS is i"'OYr.S Sept. 'rub, 13 If. !ori'jl i':si5tl!)su'.-. O CASUS Colored Cinnhri tj t Case Siie'fias. Cor sale bv VILAS .S NOYCS Sepl. 'J.'ilh, Itli.. 13 Oil I'J.j!. wi-lilng this cccilent article f r feed, inn iplied ul our Oil -Mill nt the Fulls 1 Ik sui VILAS .N OYr.S. 13 Sept, '-'ith, Is Hi. 300 KHAJIS L-iler Piip'-r. HSI elo t up no. HO elo Wnippine do. Tor sale bv ' VILAS i( XOVKS. S'pt. Cjlh, 1310. IH 'wi : . . i . - .... U It'lllll-iS . v..V!si;s, tkKh. - " do Ilicuched Slicclings, i Pales llrowti Drills. - do Striih'd Shhtiti-rs. r.irsdbv VILAS.SM)Yi:S. Sept Mlh, I'M. 13 3. 'XT. HiUiXIsS, FB"AV1X(!.IUST AltHlVKI) KH0AI V.Y Li York, wiili n lir-r - nud l:'-!i,onnM" iissoit-nriit ol Waiehes, J. vv. It. mi I Pane) V t -l-s, wlmh h.-ol-r.-is for sale ot vi ry low put . .-, nt b.s Now Jevvolei's, In Strongs' llnildinir, Cnll ge tlrcet, ehicctly opposite C"le ,V liobllisous Store 'rii" eilieiis of Ituilineton niid vieiuity nre respL-ctful-lv invited to cnll an leuiitiine Iiisamidsiir themseUes. llisnssoiiiucnt coiisirti. in art, us lollow s : Wiltclics, (old, Ihishsh Puteiil I-vers, Anchor-., Cylinders, nnd Lcpuies; S.lvcr, ijigh-h Levers, Auchois, Cylinders L' pines nud L'ouiiik.ii. (,'nbt loncils Ar IV'iis, Cold Lockets, C.i ird Chains, ICevs and S.-nls, Spcs-ln-cli s. Tliimblis, ile-ads, liar lln'i.iiiuals, Luaiiielh-d a id wilh Stone settings, (.'old Uiacelets. ('Lisps, llcnii", Crosses, JAibund Vcsi Chain, s, and a goal van i) nt . I'U-gtuit I liiscr l(iiis, Pun nud nrooehes, of ihe latest styles, fi.r Ladies and O.' meil Silver SjH-ctacles 'Pliunbli-s, Pencils, lo.L.uht Silver To"il.-pnks, .Silver Putter Knives, with Silver. P.ail or Ivory lliindle., Mlvi'i' Spoons, Wurianud iu m."4js ill.- Cum Peail on I Shell ('.ml faa.-,SleentoiPild l'l'lsc Cilisjis, Steel lk-.tij, J'urse Kings, with burs anJ liuses. Suver Plau-d uml llernian Sflvvr joous,C.t-rmuii iUver .s-elncies.tin,) Meil'l'wiwers, Cheap .SVerl ypoctacl-. Key Kings, and n l.irgei uasoitiuelit ol " rutin r, lto(-i' Ita-sOW. Knifrs and .Mi'issor, Wade nnd Uiitch cr's linilurHj wuimiited, I'lupiuaus Knzor Mroiis, SJiavimj p.Ufur'-.Oil.aud l'lrl'iinicrj-, Various patterns ol .Mu-ll, Horn nud Ivory I'uuihs, Cornl Heads and JS'ecklacis, Cloth, Hat, Hair, nnd Tooih ltiushcs, JIu-lc, Violins, lt.ifs Viol and Violin itriugs ol the best quality, Clarionelli' Kceds, etc. All kinds of Wateltps, Clofks, "Mntic-lloxes and Jewelty.Ckniie.lnaJ lt-pnu.Im the ilioi lest Not ice. (Mdh'old njid.lvyttW)jlrie"pi;ttia tor gcodsor Siptembcr JStli, IKlii. " - 13 Dovk .bua'tiscmcnts- SAMUEL ('tuiniivv'nii PEPvFVY; Mrrcltunl, A -. :s S'' v u sk t H i v v. i , l.-.V Vol.K, a. At. Fin'.r.MAX. U t" Lthru! liners uu (J'm.-.igumentt. ItlirilltCNCIN. Ab-ss Suyd on S f. Co. " John Ji'linson's Sou, " P .'i W. .Mntlin. " Freel.'iit'l, SunitA.e-n. " F. P. .c A Woodmir, " Stilllnu , Fn st, " .1 Palui'T Ai eo. " Win. Tnl-lnr X rn New Voik Philadelphia, " Folleir .V; j)iaj-v. li'plineto-i, Hon L1.1 Jle.-ch, .''helbtiiiie, Liwienee Iltninerd Pies't.St. Albans, Jnsiph Waini r.Cnsh'r, Mtldbbury, A L Cutlhi, Pifst, Orwell, John A Connm, Lq , Ciandmi, ("eoijie T. Il6d2-s, Pre.'t, KutlnnJ, Hon. Jlyn.n Claik, .Vancht.-t 1, S'ptcmber, 11th H16. Vermnit. lltf CIIALESP.FEB3iIAiVS Cll I) A ' OA S U S T O R E , .NO. 7 VILI.tAl-..STItKl:T, yr.w youk". Corner of South-Wilhnm nnd near Ilstiovcr Square. nm i!ni1.jtTi'!niiiii,z inf bin h fmn At-crrio.t nml I II unj'-ii lutfrm, multiiis 11 einj beauti ful iiiiurtincril ttf I'AXf'V SII.K iM tllLLI.MIKV (JOOHS, Vu Rich Hit, Cap, Suu-nud Fill' 1.1 RibVius, Rien Hat Silks, fiiiin.., jol I' Lolnreil Law lis, Th'end. Siik, t.'impiirc mil Cotton Ibices nnd Ciohloiileiii Fii'ie) mid P1.1111 S.viss, .lacc't'cl, Ihshnp nne! liook .Mii-hns, 1 lleiuiil'il A.ortus ill nf S'nwls nnd Crnvnti, Oiiivcsim-I lntsol erefil nrii ly, Ounps, Fniur-s, lloids nnd Tnss.!-. (.r Fnsli- inii'ible Sij If, Flore, 1 e 11 ,ii I. Jlntbmd, IViliI, Bii.U live. Nerinib 1:1. ' -iipolil in l,ii'i, lhibsli nnd ltnhali Str.iw, nnd Tniletou Llwn llonnets, tl'-iitleinen'sLeeborn, P.inaniu, and Palm Leaf Hals. A r.r.AfTir t. assostukxt w l'reiicli nnd m-iiciiu AnCfrittl flowers, '1'ahs ii.nt 'friminiimsy Wilh a choice selection nnd errent vaiiety of nrtielcs) not mcntioiied, p -, for cash, which ,eor leied lor eisli o-i fmiller pmlits nu I lower prices than rttnny other hou-e i'j thi- cey ; lb.- only way of Is-ing fully co'ivin I. is to c ill nu I jm'j- hi .Yo. 7, Wil liniii.treet, in theviemilv .if uevi oi'th" bilge miction houses. ' Hw-I i' n 0 u vc i: CommioGton iilciTijnnlG, IV o. til Wair fUec, NLW Yt)RK. J.vs. S. Fi r.Mso.;. (Lvr.iuxcK Sheiima-t. rni Kit in Jlessrs. Diaper, Allricli it I'rink, " Ten.iisi-n I. S-iyre .S Clink, " J J F Si'Vinoiir, " Phillips H Civler W J. l -I. II Peek. Co New Y'oik. Albmv. It-irliiigtoti, Vu J. A. LOWER Y, WHOLESALE GROCERS AND CO.MMIS-UO.S JIKRCH NTS, 1-J1 Front Street, XF.W YORK. Keep on Inn I a Lin- A, their Line, tit s.ich prices as t j cull. rl ii":it of (Ijoils ju 'lJu-j goo.l nieii lei lllll3 11, V, S, McCullough, ' 11 O L E S A L E J) E A L E R I X it; f'l'i Ct- S'r , C'ini i A'r .-jh, Opjmile im IIoi s-, r.w Vo:;k. Uni3 VLvacij ?t.llcn & Co, 110 I'eirl W'- , niihn -r f.''trc, ni:w YOUK. UICOlilEes AMI JOBIli'.KS OF UnriPn.1, Culler) V Heavy Ooods, Invite th.- 'tttent'oiiot X.iit'irrii Mtielmnts 10 their Inrtre nud wi II nasoiii-d stock of iceemly Ituporle-d and dtsinuilc (iocsis. VV.e.V ptuti me lute, intended lo meet the views of Cio-c Pt -.I.S-, an c.uii'iii.iiion of which, is res pi ctlul'v- solicited front those who piuchise for CASH, or whopa pioii.('ily nt the expnniiou of tlie usual credit ol six nieiiilis. 15ni3 rAIXTS, OILS, 7) PCS', CHEMICALS, VAR XISIILS, JUllSlll-S. ll'A7)OII' (1I.ASS. si'ici:s a.h i'i:i:i'i'Mr.i:y, maxclac ri'lUiliS- AllTICLLS, 'I WISE, DUUOS. I-OUEIIIX A.Ii ItOMl.SVlL 'I'it livei-t't.,Tioy. V . opposite? UicTroy Hons... S WKJKRS, WiioLmi.nD.wiifitST, kekps ! constantly 011 hand, n full and complete assort ment of iroods lielongingto the Dnu tmde, to which ihe notice of denlcrs, uniiulacturcis, p!i)siciaus nnd others, is respectfully iuviipil. ' Thesteskis iu.ul'. up "i" goods of th" lust quality, pairlitttel luie, and otleiid 10 the tmde 011 the hist iiiivrs. Mrncinvrs making their fill pircha-'-s will find it lor th. ir iiiie.etstj.-illuiiil i vaiiiiic ihe Stock anJ lirices, hemic th'-y makdout their orders. H't.iil'S Logwood, Nil woo., (' ...... I, Cu-r'e, K 'dwoc'tf, P.-acbwooil. Camwoo I ( i-IU-ii- Si -Iv iunnr, Kcl .S'mders, AiK-hiisii, IVi-im ll-.-i'i"-. Iai'iiicI ligwood. DITCH tlM 111:0 .1 :ci:oj' maddRj;. OU.S--Vnr Sperm, horn the best mnnuf-ictorics in v'cw ihnrl-md. m bhiis, pipes, liereesand bbls. For-c-iji Lins.-.'d i-i pqss. o. nei.irt. r casks; .Vim-ricnn do., insubsiautiiilbMs, Olive Oi', 1.1 p pesandqiuiilercaelui "I'AIXTS. I l,'.V.S7'.v. MUSHES, .Sc. While, line, drv : dn do do erroillld m oil ; dodo Aiiicrieau dry, do do ground ; p'take While; Paris Win! .Hug I'dodn A. 11 : Whit nst. ('hallc. Litharge, line; Ked Iv-inl; Orange Miii.-inl Vermillion, (In. ne-ej doKti 'hsl; Ked I'linik; Venetinn Ked. Bug.; dodo Am.; India Ked; l!o-e Pink; Sninish ,'rown, dry. do do ground 111 oil; Pirple do; 'ttearde Sienna, IhiK ; d.v do Am.; (.inn Coial, HIS; do Atrican ; Miellne Orange ; do (.'iitnel; do Liver; Tmkey Chil lier; Vnnd ke ,'rown; Cluouie Yellove . Preneh Oelire; Veimout do; Sione do; Trench Yellow dodo; S.iao 11) Orei n; Mineial (ireenj V. nhflris, di) and ground 111 oil; Pnllel I'mv.'s, t.'u-en Virifin r; 1'ieneh (Ireen; I'nissiiin ,'lue No 1 and i; ilue Wrditer; Aliivvcrp I'diie; lVwd'-red do; Slip V'iue. Itl.lck Pninl; Ijllnp llliek, i'Uni 11ss01t.1l; do Am. small pullers ; Ivory llluek. Kins do do Am ; l'rnnkloii lllaLk. Illaek Ia-ou; Patent lti.l ; Netitsiont Oil; Spnits of Turpentine; CoiMil Varnish, cmeh : dodo furniture ; Japando; llnsrht do; Kosin. Pit.-h, Tai.Tu'iieiiUne, Asplnlium, Piiunee .Stone, iti pruk. K. m 11 Monc, (iround l.lnss. Putty, Olateis Di.nn (told Leaf, .Vdver do. Copjirr llr.i'ire. Crosii i -s, all colors ; Smalts, blue and erccu, do bin. k 101.1 bi"wn, Class pnper, tirouud Pniut ltiushcs; Pound Caun I Hnir ten Is. VASTE H LIQinn HEACEIMl; Hack, ri-J. nnd indelible IXKS, cr . v ESSEXTIAI. ().i-(;.ii.leii I.ive.idcr. noseina ry, Pepis-rmint. eV-c 111 cnmsle-rbnnd olhervvise. ))..iJOAS'-S.3,-!and 1 glllon. H7.7IO IP (.'..INsS "i l twv-s nss.irte.1. LIQUORICE y.lS77i 1'n.i.bria midTanlillo. OAKt'M, TAR is 1'ITCIl constantly nu hand, vvitholhel naval stores. DRlfCS 'Pink. ) Oi'i nn.fresli bales; fine, Sp-uiite; top-ther w uh nil tlie rule chemicals, l-'iench nnd l.nubsti. of warrant! d purity nud cemuiieuess, I 'EI' HER S. 1 1 'CE I "ill ens, 7'ird's I'yo. UriULU Nutmegs, Cloves, Cassia, Jlnce, (linger. Cassia Umbi, .Vc. ifWiM A 10 casei Hug. refined. 1'OTATO S7MA'(7s-.vl casks. Hull's, Simp, Tiiminisoirsjhuker and other TKUS- .vIlDOMINAL SUPPOUTHUSot the lowest nmn. ufactiirctt" prices. I"ni3 M0TIC13 is iiuitunv nivr,v tuvt i hvvb 1 given my -n, U'ilicb Sihi-io-; liis iim.t durini the remainder of bi miiioijiy, I will claim none oT hiswnges not piy any debts ol his contracting after thu date. DANILT. SIMPSON. Burlington, trctobr 1, IS IS. 4W&

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