Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 16 Ekim 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 16 Ekim 1846 Page 3
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J5U11LINGT0JV FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 10, 1S4G. FREE PRESS, IWHMNfiTON, VI. FRIDAY MORNlNti, OCTOBER. US, HIS. Tim Tarlir lucst Ion in u Nut-Shell. Wo fiti'l the following in tlio Kenii"bec Jour nal. If tho'o who may read it will tsilto tlio tronlilo to rclloct sufficiently UP"" tnl11' 11 , ..m1.n,t!o4.iliou will furnish tlicniolvet with a Tariff argument which no sophistry can over- throw. When Locofoco paper, aim locoioco orator.snro''Fplittlngtlioc.ir3'Viftliopeoplowillidiui!wiiliiiithcl)ounlaryo,New.AIexico,froinlhrthcr "lu -"iissippi, Icnnesseo and Ohio regi .i .t.o.Tr.,rii1. rrv of " the tiurFC-moud man- allegiance to the Republic of Mexico, ami hereby I 'cnt. their clcmagogiu crj ol t e pur. loim nru c!;mHhcmnschhr,B( ,he L,,liu.(1 The two former reoiments licincr tlio first to facturer.s ! the lords of the loom !' c. &c, who ,e,nnnq.,iel and peaceable will be eon-idered a, 1 sr!1l0 nnii (,,c,,y a,lM,lm op or, t oim oftl.o lust let omo iiuiet Whig nk them tlio simple p'J ntiet.K, and f. cene protection. '1 h.w who arc llav u ,, 1J lu" l"L nm'" ul jlisiiti.oiiiL ipiiii ' ' lonu'lni alius or iniuatuig olhtTs ngaiun the Uni- 'iVi Vv! . . . , , , . ,metirin uh ehtlm snbioincd liricl statement sun-1 ted Siatis. be rnuiden-,l m tmiinrs. nml ir.Mit,.,! J no iMissis-tmn. Iennnspo and Ohio rr!ri- ircsts. atul hear their reply I It is an invariable ... .... Taw of trade, that large profits in a given tratle will inevitably induce the invotuient ol capital therein to an extent sullicient to reduce thoso profits to their minimum remunerating amount. No principle lias hecn mora firmly established by unvarying practice titan this, and no man who ilesires to find the truth, can fail to psreche it. Largo profits attract capital small profits repel iU If, therefore, it is true that manufacturer (who appear to ho the special object of Ixjcofoco hostility, in our country), aro reaping inordinate or excessive profits, the effect muU he, other things being espial to encourage native enter prise and indiistty. and thus not only to reduce profits and prices, hutto improve the tualili of the article niaiinf.ictiired. Hut the argument is much better stated below: Which k ltr.T ' The tnot common and most pop ular amuim nt njiiiiie-t the Tarill'ol ISI'J is that it en ables the aiiulnctiirin.5 capitalists" to mnke large profits. Very well ll it be desirable to lei uee thee iirnlil, there were two ways of doing it, and the 1 oik parly hnve taken the worst way The better way was to let the law remain, and under it " free coinnetilinn would have rapidly multiplied newwoil"inall brunch es ol and nianiilactiiring hiiuicss, linking great demand for labor. This competition would liae coiialied profits in business geiieially I lie other way was minuted of icdiienig duties nml inwtitig nuporla tioas. Tins not only st"!"1 all progress, n 11 mereiw m ilomestic inaniifactiircs.biit stop the work" allogellier in many places and reduce- wagoseicrywhcre. Which is the liest policy for the laboring man ! The Sentinel on 41 enily news."' Ilaxing pretty nearly c.hausted the subject of tlio human mind, to which it has devoted the powers of its extraordinary intellect for the past two or three weeks, the Sentinel has turned Its attention to the collection of " early news.'' U introduces a melancholy-looking " KXTH A,' containing very miscellaneous and incredible w.tit .nuws from .Mexico, with the following observations : " tu,Tr.n,h (ruin Washington to Albanv. and by tlie'kindncs.s uf frien N lioin tlieiico, we are enableil In lav before our readers the news of llllolll'T tilt HAT VICTOIIY achieved liy Anienean alius, long belorel any otuer papi-r in mis si-i-Ui,n i-nu .-i u i,i--roars-of mail, alfirding another reason why A I.I, should lake a paper which allords the news at the earliest isj-siblc moment. We understand from reliable authority that the .Sentinel is indebted for this " news at the earliest possible moment" to the " kindness" of a struggling friend who came in the lwat on JMoudai' 'ven";j "T.d brpht with him an l'.x- tra from the A. V. Nun. Immediately niter the receipt (d" this " Kxtra" the Sentinel is re ported to have gone into spasms, from which it recovered Just in sea-on to writo the foregoing paragraph. We trust that "A 1,1,," Whigs, Third-party men, and l., will (Vril.sviil, Mib-cribo ! .Such incredible ellorts to obtain "early news'' ilc-eno to be encouraged; for there seems to he no doubt, a the Sentinel very justly rem.u ks, that "this great Victory was achieved by Aniericm arms o;ig- b'fore. my tither piper in t'lis sertinn can get il hij due course nfmnil." A great uctory is sornrttmos ac'iiecd long after certain papers have " got it bytli o course nf mail," hut the kindnrss of its ' frienc's from thenco" readers th'e Sentinel uo-ways lia hlo to such inipo-itions. Hut it is e iilliciently discouraging, as the .Sen tinel apjiropriately suggests, to attempt to get any icn early news, in Hurlingon, " by di.o course of mail." A community that have to wait from half Wt 0 o'eliiek in the fi filing till the neil murning, before they can obtain their letters and papers from tlio I'o.-t office, may look upon theinsehes as " no great shakes" for " early news!" They have occasion to bo thank ful for " Kxtra?," and this spirited ellbrtof tlio Sentinel will doubtless remind them of it. 1". S. Wu trust siur enterprising neighlior will not he dignified, and refuse to notice our putVof his " Kvtra. We aro really smccro in our ad miration of his public spirit, and again express the hope that every body will tako a jiaper that fmniiniitlv amnio time and facilities for publishing a largo extra edition of "the news while tlio mail is distributing ! (icncrul KenrneyN I'roclmnntion. following is said to bo tlio l'roclamation issued by (ienenil Kearney on taking possession of Santa l e. It is a somcwliat strange ilocu incut, but proliably is fully justified bytlio letter of his instructions, i ho design ol tins area-ol- freedom-extending adiiiinistration appears to lie . . ilinv can of Mexican territory, and i" K1-' tn rl.nm all they call t get. it tr.rn- to lio obliged to say, too, that f!en. Kearney's l'roclamation opens with statement which is not trueW. may bo hiima wisdom, and policy, to mako tho declaration, in S tntn 1, that a Unto of war exists " by the act of tho Republic of .Muxiro," but wo say that, be Cm find and man. it is a flagrant untruth. The war exists by tho unauthorized act of Jumes K Polk our President of tho United States, and by no other "act" except tho consequent act of I'mhtiix'. Wo prefer always, to keep ealhn, things by their right names, whatever may come oi it. I'roclnmntion T.. ,1. ;hnbitmit3iif A'fic Mnieo ly lirlgmlitr CJen mil S W, KtAn.NEY, commanding thttruapi uf the it s.'ii in the tame, Albvlhenctofthe ltepublic of Mexico n Union: w.r exists I lelw ccll llial. l.ovenuiie. i in u me uii.ieu Sunes ai d as the undersigned m iheheml nl J,,, troops ,i . IK,I, in-t took iic-ssioii ol fs.inla I e, the t up. "'V'r.i ll. rtment of New Mexico, he now n!i- i,nln"i'his ,Ci "m to M.I the Department with its miimces i H U itM. ' of M fg original b"un larie n ' u( n pan oi ui"-' ;; noiii. , ... Mv... iemtoryoi i" vcw Mexico with a Z Mdnary IXee. d ' r'"'""i"? lowing che ' nlUurny ,S:lion thai An lusssibly ccNs-iry to P t d" J" , '.hercfore il would be but r'T9. i" Zl l as in-Tructions from hi. fiovern ' Vicrihe : religious institutions of New Mexi inenl lorespeti uii ici'b , .i,ur .i. . emm, co, to .pro eci '"-;' , ii to Ik- iindiMurbcd, and V- "Ci, , Vialiis in the amplest manner preserved Iheirrt-ligious r'8'l uu. i unJ )f ii ,-,' n,l i-accible inliabitniiLs within Us boiuidnr ""'! , s ll ir ei emi s. ihe Kutaws, Xavali.s'S and J'iherf u d I. le he aMrcs all that it will be his p ens others, una w 'c.' . , ! those instructions, order, ta I PmomB concor.l, and in .iimta,inB the authority and illiricney of the laws ; ntul lo require of ginecr; nndMaj. Kiniiev,(lr. Muster to tlio Tex those who have left their limine ami taken up nriin m division, ncniii-l the Iroi.iworilii' Unitfil Stntcs to icturn Inrlh- A ..,. n f, ,, ,. ,, .!., with to thc.u.or else they will hecun.ldcrcd nseneinics ' f'1 fir rmm !' '',r!t tilery ami tiaitors, subjecting their persons I" (lunisluiiciu ulleiv opened iikiii tlio advance, lint tlio trnnpt null their propcity to seizure nml confiscation, for the sunn turned it, cnteritin; nml cniriiirilig with tlio benefit tr the public Treasury, ll in he wih and in-1 cnotnv In tlio street front tlio citv. bavin" lias tentiouorthe'Lhiitcl Status to provide f, New Mox- W( ,. icU ant cross lire ft" it llTo cit- icn n free, government with the least possible dclay,shn. . , ,7 ' ,. , ' am 7 . "r0.,r01" H1"111 ilarto thewin the United Slates, nnd the people or nml tlio lirt nml second batteries, mid from New Mexico will then ho calico" on to exercise the J" ililantry who li noil the parapets, streets and rightsnf Irccuicn III electing their own Representatives llotio topi of tlio city. to the Territorial I,cjjilatiire,hut until tin-ran be done I 'nl0 .., lr ..ritlr, , , (,.,.,, ...... ..,,,. f,01 tl,e hitherto In existence will he continued until I ., i," . ,. hrl h illory W!" " changed or tnndilicd by competent aiithnriiy.and those alm rejerse lire of tlio troops thriiiiuli the ncrsnus holdinc-ollicc will ronlimte in tlie same fur iln. IToriJO (ll tlio Work?, killed or disloihrod till! tir- I nre.sent. nrovided Ihev will consider themselves ,r,..,.t ciilzcnsnnd willing to mac the oath ol allegiance to ..,...,.,,.:,.,.. ,,,,., .,.., ,, .l:....l.. li.... ii i .i. t. it..' ... .i , i ... Li.iimii;! . iuii .m ii unci, on- luiu .uieiiiur ill lllH I 1 1 1.n .1...I :. in.- I..-..! ii , Piuii, I,..; , u 1 1- uiuiviriKiKiiiiii-oi. , hen inscioii n it wit Hint irinu a L'uu.or sra hnsn I .1. .. ..I 1.! 1 1 .1. I !.. 1 ' ... , . . Iron of hluod. in which he must tllilv reioiees. told tiir the present w ill be considcicd lis Gaeernor of the Ter ritory. Oi'vcn nt Santa I'c the Capipil of th" Territory of New Mexico, this aid dayol August, It 1(5, an 1 in the "1st year of th- Independence ol the United States, llythetiiivermir, . W.KKAltNCV, ling. On. Election News. Tho following is our latest news from the Slates which hale just loled. MARYLAND. The Senate stands Whigs 1.1 l,ocos H Whig majority. fi Tho House stands Whigs ft:) Locos and Independents 'Jll Whig majority i t Whig majority on joint ll.illots. '2'J That will do ery well. .MAINK. Thus far wo have returns of 53 Whigs and ) Locos to tho House Many di-lricts et to elect, result doubtful. tiKOItCIA. The three Whigs re-eleded to Congress and lopes .ol another in place of one ol the fue ocos. COXXKCTICUT. Ill tho town elections the Whigs have carried 33 towns, including three gained, and the Locos 7, including one gain, making nett Whig gain two towns as far as heard from. l ie towns litided. Ohio and Pennsylvania held elections on rue-day, Irom which we may get a few letnnis to-night. 1, Hon. Naiiian Ci.ii i 111:11, former member f Congress from Maine, has been appointed Attorney (ienenil of (he United States in place lion. John i . .Mason, tran-lated to thu Se cretary ship of the Navy. This -Mr. Ma-on is iho Cabinet " Vicar of llray," he being the only surviving memento of tho baleful leigu of the traitor Tyler. llj Hon. Ii. C. Winthorp, and "the old man eloquent,"' have lsitli been renominated for re lection to Congress by tiro'NVhiljSTif-uwerPbf' tncts. J lie patriarch inean to dio ' with bis harness on." Iiiril i 'ongi.'ssi,. nt.l llitl.txt lass. Olltotl (ili. .Marsh, Hubbell, Day, Scatleiipg 5,(ill 3,20 1,575 3!) Bl'I l'ipton, Ilristol, Albttrgli and (irand Isle, not retiirid. Tlio vote of thee four towns will carry Mr. Mar.-h's majority over 000. Whig State Convention, last evening, nomi nated for State Cotiimittee, HAUKY 11UADLKV, Ilurlington, ANDIIKW THACY, Wood-tock. K. P. WALTON, Jr., .Moutpelier. SOLOMON FOOT, Uutland, A. L. MIXKlt, Manchester. KLIJAI1 CLKVKLAN'D, Coventry. .lir.XH'AN NKWS. Magnetic Telegraph Hcpon to New York. ROM OUIl Alt MY. STOIt.MINO OPMOV- TK11Y. AMKI1ICAX Alt.MS ACiAIX VIC TORIOUS IIISII01''.SPALACi: STOUM KI). Hastv Memoramja of the OrnrtATiovs or tiiu American Akuv hf.o:ie AIontehevvMexico KIIOM'TIIE lOTH TO 'Jllll tsElTEVtriEll. asiiivgton, .Sunday evening. On tlio lOlh.tien. Taylor arrived before Mon tureywitli a force of about 0,000 men. Alter reconnoitenng tho t tly at about lfl'JO or 1U00 yards from the Cathedral Port, during which titno no was nren upon irom its batteries. his force was eiicatnKU at the alntit Springs, three miles short of Iho city. I Ins was tho neant position at winch tho nrmy could obtain a supply of water, and beyond me enemies uuicrics. Tho remainder of the lDth was occupied by the KiiL'ineers in uiakiii!; reconnoisances of tho city batteries commandiug the heights. n uio jutii.iien. Worth was ordered with his division tomnvo by a circuitous route to tho ri "lit. to gain tho haltillo road.heyond tho West of tho town, and to storm tho heights above the Ilishop's ruiiiiu ; which iiiui poiui io uio enemy appears to have been strangely noglertoil. Circumstances cau'ed Ins li ilt on tho night nf tho I'Olh, short of tho intended po-ition. On tho morning nl thu -'1st in-t. iie continued his r and after an encounter with a large body of the enemy's cavalry and infantry, supported bv nr. lillery from tho heights, be repulsed them with lo-s, and finally encamped, covering tho passage of tho Saltillo road. " It was hero discovered, that besides Iho fort at tho Ilishop's. Palace, and tho occupation of iho heights abovo it, two forts on commanding cmi neiiccson tho opposite side of tho San Juan Kiv er, had been fortified and occupied. These two latter heights were then stormed and carried; the guns of the last lint that was canied, being immediately turned with a plim". ing fiio upon tho lli-hoji's jiahico. " On tho sauio Morning, tho -Jlsl.the first divis ion of regular troops under Cen. Worth, and the volunteerdivision under (icn. llutler, were or dered under arms to mako a diversion to the left of tho town in favor of Iho iuiKrtiint oieralion officii. Worth. The 10 inch moitarsiiiultwo 21 nouiid howitzers had leen put in battery tlio night of tho iJOth, on a ravine 1100 jards ilitatit from the c fort, or citadel, and wcro sup ported by tho lib regiment of infantry. At 8 A.M. on tho L'Ut, tho order was given fur the battery to open on tho citadel ami town. Ami immediately tiller thu first division with the 3d and llh infantry in advance, under Col. f.'ar- lanu, wcro orueren io reconnoitre and skirmi-h with tho enemy on thu extreme left of tho city nniUhoiild prosoect of success oiler, to carry the must udvtinccd battery. This attack wun directed by .Major Mansfield, Hnginecr; Cant. Willium, TopngniIitcal Fn- iillore noil i,rtifr,. n..1 I... I.. .11. II.... t I... the infantry immediately in its rear? . I ho first division was followed ami supporte ,,,n,.iu 1I.......1 i.. i .1.. .yr i l' ""t iiiuhii i ill 111 IV cilirn irfu in mt' siri'Ull Ol I.l. f . .. i- ... .. uio cuy ior somettmo a ler t loc.mturo ol l no irs-t l.,n..... i i. i n lattery, and its adioiniii!? defences, weie unable from exhaustion, and the loss they had sustain ed, to gain more advantage. A heavy shower of rain also came opto cause a suspen-ioti of tho hostilities beforu the close of the day. The 3d, llh and 1st Infantry and the I! iltitnore battalion, remained as the garrison of tlio captured po-ition under Col. d'arland, assist ed by the Hidgley batteries. Two 11' pounders, oho t pounder, and one how itzer were captured in this fort, three ollicers, and some twenty or thiity men taken prisoners. One o the 12 pounders wiis served against tho second fori, and defended with captured ammunition during tho remainder of tho day by dpt. Ridg loy. The storming parties of (ien. Worth's division al-o captured two !) pounders, which were also itninedi itcly turned again-t their former owners. On Iho morning of the 22d, (Jen. Worth con tinued Lis operations, mid portions ol hi division stormed ami carriid sncce-fiilly tlio heights abov ii the Ilishop's palace, llith were carried by a command under Capt. Vinton, 3d Artille ry. In theo operations the company of Louisiana troops under dpt. lllauchard, performed eflec ttvi; and gallant serv ice, and a part of Capt. Vin ton s command. Pour pieces of artillery with a good supply of nintniiiiitinirwcro captured in the Ilishop's pal ace this day, some of which weie immediately turned upon the enemy's defences in tho city. ' On the evening of the "2d, Col. d'arland and Ins command was relieved as the garrison of the captured forts, by fi'en. Quitman, with the Mi si ippinnd Tennessee regiments and live com panies of the Kentucky regiment. Karly on the morning of the 23d, ticn. Quit man from his po-iiion discovered that the 2d and 3d forts and defences Ka't of the city had been entirely abandoned by the enemy, who, appre hending another a-fault on the night of tho22d, had reined from nil his defences to the main Pal ace and its iiniiH'diate vicinity. A command of two companies of Mississippi and two of Tennessee troops were then thrown into thu streets to reconnoitre, and soon became hotly engaged with the enemy. '1 heso were soon supported by Col. Wood's regiment of Texas Rangers dismounted ; by llragg's light battery and 3d Infantry, who kept upon the enemy's lort a and uninter rupted lire from the streets, hoisc-tnp, barricades &c. &.c. in tho vicinity of tho Placea. The pie ces of HraggV battery were also used with much otlect far into tlio heart of the city. 'Phi- engagement la-ted the best part of tho day. Our troop- having driven the scattered par- i u oi uio enemy, ami penetrated quite to tlio de fences of the main Placea, thu advantage thus gained itvvas rot coii-idcred necessary to hold, as the enemy h id permanently abandoned !iacity and its defenee.,pr7i. uiain Placea, its im iu?diato vicinity, and the cathedral fort or cita del. Karly in the afternoon of tho same day, Oen. Worth ass mlted irom tho lii-hop's Pal ice, west 1 le l ittc citv, mil! .Kiicil.'O ill llllvlllg ine enemy and maintaining his position within a short dit:mco of the main Placea on that side ol the city, toward evening. The mortar had also been planted in the cem etery enclosure, and dining tho night did great execution ill tho circumscribed camp of the ene my in the I'lacea. Thus ended the operations ol the 23d. K.nlyon the morning of tho 21th, a commu nication wa- sent to den. Taylor (nun In n. Am pudia, under a ll ig, making an oiler of c.ipitul i lion, to which the former refused to accede, as it asked moretlian tho American commander wuuld under any consideration, grant. At the same time a demand to surrender was, in leply.iiiadeupon (Jen. Ampudia.and 12 o'clock at noon was tho Hour at vvlucli the acceptance or non-acceptance was to be communicated to the American (loneral. Mil A. M. the Mexican General sent, re- lue-tiuga personal conference with f Jen. Taylor, which was granted, the principal ollicers of rank on either side accomp inying their Generals. Alter several oilers iu relalion to tho capitula tion of tho city Wore made on either side and re- luseu, at iiall-pa-t a, 1' M. den. Taylor nroo and saying he would give Gen. Atiipudia one hour to con-ider, to accept or refuse, left tho con- lercnce witn ins ollicers. At the expiration of the hour, the dichargoof t le inottars was to bo the signal lor the re-com- inencenient of hostilities. llefore tho expiration of the hour, however, an ollicer was sent on the part of (Jen. Atiipudia, to inform tho American deneral that to avoid the farther effusion of blood, tho n vtional honor being itisfied by the exertion of the Mexican troops ho had, alter consultation with his General Of ficers, decided to capitulate, accepting tho oiler of the American ( The terms of capitulation wcro in effect as follows : That tho Mexican ollicers should lie allowed to inarch out with their sido arms ; that thu cavalry and infantry bo allowed tu march out witn llieir arms ana occouireineiiis ; uraiiue ar tillery should be allowed to march out with one battery of fi pieces, and 21 roundsof ammunition; a'll other munitions of war and supplies should bo turned over to a Hoard ol Aincricauol liccrs appointed to receive them ; that tho -Mexican Army should be allowed 7 days to evacuate thu city; and that tho American troops should not occupy it until evacuated ; that tlio cathedral fort, or citadel, should be evacuated at 10, A. M. next day, 25th; the Mexicans then marching out, the American garrison marching in; that the Mexicans should bo allowed to salute their flag, when hauled down; that there should bo an armistice of ei;:htvvoeks,diiring which timo neith er army should pa-sa lino running from thu Ran coiiaila through Linares and San Fernando. This lenient oiler of the American Genera! was dictated with the concurrence of his Generals, and by motives of good jKilicy. This considera tion was duo to the good defenco of their city by tho Mexican army, l no alHivo is irom tlio New Orleans ricayuno i nu .iisiiu is irom uio .uw vriuaiis i iciiyinio L.tra, da I cd hiiliday limrnins, ( let. I, tho Intel- lijfonco having been recoivod Ihcro by tho hteam it James i,. nay, irom roiui Isabel PoiT. I'lt's. The contiiiemial journals teem with illiistratiotHof the liberal and generous spii it in which llie new iie hasentercd unui die govermnenl of hit isaiplc. 1 lie loiiownig lire ss'niueiis : Sevend tovvushave netitioned the Pone lo wiih - dmw Irom the Jesuits the monopoly ol education, which thevbave hitherto emmed. His Holiness de cided that at the re-opening of lb" schools in Npvem Imt. secular nriesls. chosen mnollir those w ho oiler sat- s.iciory gu iraulees of uioriihtv mid capaciiy, thoultl replace llie Jesuits, wherever ihe .Mayors of lowni und Bishops should think it advisable. This dcchiriiliou . olihe Pope piodiiu'd such u K'lwition, even uuioigl tlie people ol tioiue.ltiai Ins Holiness, in proeeciinig lo I he jc.-uit's church on St Igiiatiut'sday, lo hear mass, was gieeieti Willi cries oi "Accept Homing Hum tnesc men, they are iiuilc capable ol giving )uu il bacconc!' (poison.) His Holiness has dismissed M. Marini. the Rover- nor of Koine, lur having attempted lo prevent thedie- . - 'IO.- .. ... ! tutor ul the opera Irom rcprcsL-iiiini; The Clemency of The Pope has sent a Vicar-flenernl to Imola, retain iiv. iiihiinsell ibe litle of Bishonofthal cilv. in order to be able to devote llie revenues of the see to Ihe relief fi the poo: nud the. ci inplction o! llie calliedral III nnlrr to lif nMis tovnm nciinniiitcil will. liV rtnhnt ciCprrsoiM nniiMo ti nppiuni li liii twrmu, l'iin IX li.n put tip. iieiir li'n palnrc, n Imx for the reception ol letlrn-, of wliicli lie nlonc the k"y ittavvtcb. At Cornwall, on Monday mottling, Oct. I2,hyl!ev. Air. Alngill, Mr. .S.VMCF.I.M. CovAxr.of llrooklyn.N. Y. tu Mis I'ACi.tNn Hmitii. ol' rShurchaiu, In this village, on tho 1 Uu in-f bv 11. A. .Stanhiiry, IJs,. Mr. Dmlel siiiii))n,to Mrs- .Mary A. l'atleron, iioui in mis linage. In this village, on the lad, bv K. A. tstaii.burv. Air. ! V i,4. i it:,,i,i7n, ,,r , ,i:aJ if ., i . fflL i lk J ' bar'1,m(;. tuMiMbntftlilaidw, I,, f .V:,Vi,,rlI;, nil. in( 1..-V t,...f t.'c At. ivlvt'Pter Sheldon., to lis$ .Alary iliiniham Uooth of ... . . j ii, i i.m.ij, i4 .(. ; unueiiiui. l'llAEMi STIIUKT IlOtTSK. finiFI Siiiisntinnu, i.ati: of tiiu fhwkm.v X House, Ilighgate Springs, rcpectfully niuiiniu ccs that he has rented the nbuvc establishment which is now open for the accommodation nf the public. It has lately been fitted up and furnished in a style un surpassed by nny public house in lliis section, and sit uated lis it the head of one orihe prineinnl streets, in the must delightful portion of the village, it presents superior attractions to die traveller for pleasure J while it is not so far removed from the business portion nl the town as to ofl'T any inconvenience Io the man of bus iness. The suhseiibcr having lung been engaged in his present lm-incs, flatlets himself that he shall be able Io give satisfaction tohisguespi, so tar as his own experience', n well lurni'hed table, careful and atten tive servants, mid n bar stored with die choicest liquors inavcontiibute to their comfort and enjoyment. A'l the stages which leave Ilurlington call at this house for pa-sengeis, nnJ conveyances will be provid ed to and Irom the steamboats. Parties of pleasure will he entertained at the shortest notice , , II. N. COJ.1J. Iliitliugton, October Mill ISlft, IT, Hurry .1. Place's IMntc. U!l Tim .SUISSfHIIIIlHS nvin m:i:.v appointed bj- the Honorable llie Probate Court fur the fh-tri t of CI. titeud''U, commissioners to receive, examine and adjust the claims and demands of all per sons again-! the ctate of llAtir.v .1. I'lacc, late of Ilinesburgh hi snid District, deceased, represented in stihcnt.uiid al-it all claims nud demands exlubiled ill oll-et thereto ;nnd six imuiths from the day of th" date hereof, bemgallowed by said Court for that purpose, wc dolherciiiic hereby give notice, that we will attend to the business of our appointment, nl the dwelling of the widow of the ilecens,'d.iii Ilinesburgh, hi s;ii,l district, on llie 1st Tuesday of November and -1 til Tuesday r,f Mr..i. ..... , n, III ..'..I..-! i ..L ..f 1 .1?...- t"""i'' ... "i. "'vi'-irv,.,. .,, ., ii i ,-iirn in si 1 1 I Hill.-, Dated this '-"Jih ihiv of Sept. A I). lSlfi. DANILLI'ATIiICK,) ,. 1Civ3 JOSHI'll.MAItSH, r-"" onuiiissinncrs. School Meeting. T1!!!; voters in Di-trict No. 13. are nntifiei I that a . in said 1 inciting will he ic 1 ill 1 10 6c 1110 1,11s,.. Diftiiit, to-morrow vveuiiig. fur business of verv irreat importance to nil persons concerned in the well, ire and mpport ol the school. D. K. FANC.IIOltN, CUrk. Durhnglon, Oct. lfi, KSIIj. liovl ys!crx antl rruit. L-rUI,T on band in the various seasons, Ouster in Atnilis hv the barrel. Ornn. 1 V the shells ami ke. ges nun i,ciiious i,y ine no.x, unices, reals, reaches, sweet I'liluloes, fhestliiits, Wulnuts, ,te., by the bushel or barrel, lor sale by I). Ill.ACK.MA.V. Accommodation for Boarding at tlie liuu-e ol D. Bl.VI KY1A.N. Uttober lllh, ISIfi. Ifitf. ?USI0 I!oxi:s AXi An nitiH.usnr Dii rni 111 cut price", for sale cheap ai Randall's New .lew- iirysnop. iiiiriiugloll v l. Iowa. IJHASS .txi) woon clocks or all kixus at WW wholesale or retail as thenn ns the cheauest. nul in order nnd warranted to keep guud time, at KiiiiiI.iU's ixew jewelry snoji. Liurnngton v 1. iiiw.i VfOTin:. THi: Firm or IIARRINGTOX iicrliip in thy Drug Httsincss, by nmtual cuiiM-nt, the iniiin."Nt win iiert'iuier ue cnrricu on iy I tcori;r. I'. f f p..rMtTov. X. 11. On nrcount of tliv ili-'jiution, it ln-conicw ncu'fi-ary to l'Iu; the itccnuiit of the firm lnnncfhate- ly. , l lu1 Jiookj may Iw louiul at our pine- nt buine! llAKKixurox Urotiihis, Hiiilin"ton,Oct 1.MG. 1 f. 3 f UMWIKXi:, ( Tins;: who J Wih n ISo. l artidL' oi Crminphene can hi d it at Harrington s ino price ih rctiucfu io tu cents pr; gallon, ctspff quart. Ah our husinests will bf in tu lure unliicly lur ., we bhallalloril tlniijj' in our lim low liuriingtoii. IjOci. 1Gw3 SJUCK WIIi:.VT FLOUJi, i'himh (jbolwd. II just received by A. S. DFWl'.V 1)1 lilC. 10v3 POTATOES am) Wood. Waxtkii o.v ac- X counts or in exchange fur Boots nnd f-hoes, 100 tm-liels rolntoes tiuil .0 coril ol VI ooil 10:t Oct. li, 1810. J. II. 1T.ATT. SWAYED Oil STOLliN zJA. PH0M Tin: imstfui: oftiii:Va 7, J. ness farm, a small Brown Horse, has got the heaves some, is rather old. one leg a tittle crooked. Anv irr.-oii who call mvc mlurmatiou of Itiin. will bi sunably rewarded by iho subscriber who may be tound ly applying to j. roller, Hi the smre niriueriy kept uy I'oticrniiil llawley. 1 lil,.lli, Ilurlington, October 15, 13 10. IGwlt1 J0TIC13. Uln. Wiutco.mii, uwixn sixu- red the services of Air. C, Ue' celebni. ted Viohui-t, is prepared to larnish inu-ic for Balls l'ariics .v-e. on rer.smable leniis Letters nddre.sseij lo E. I!. Whitcomb, Burliugton.Vl. will receive prompt attention., li Ocl. 181(5. Idni3 In0t31ti:ss: A Nuliricnl l'ocm. nv joii.n o. svn. Till' following are some of the notices of ihe press "A capital Satire the best thai hns been written in leu ycais. .. i l ccklu Dimitch. "A neat, niirth-irovoking and very clever poem." i,,,,,, trait,,, .,,i j.teirif. "The Satire is well applied." Voston Cum ier. 'One of the very cleverest poems of the age." Hur Huston J'ire J'icits. "A Satirical poem in which the author hits unuier- cuuiiy ni tne prominent lollies ol tho-day. U. i Gazette. "'l'lie Satire is just, nnd well-expressed, nnd the hits nt the !Uics 0 ihe day are hard and pungent." llosttm Jos, "Intersentss nud frequent recurrence of laiigrainat ic point illaulj- rivals th,. ,cucr p i gesol'ihc"l)imeiad." anu -r.ngiiMi tianHuiiil Scotch Itcviewcrs. A. Lsi'i em. "This is one ol ihe cleverest and most sensible Sa tires we have mil Willi of late years. Theniithur Imlds a witty and Klihi.l .n, nud upplies thu la-h with no gentle hand." i'nn. Cmmer. "In ourjiidgmenl, the lincst satirical poem yet pro duced by uu American Author." Ilaltimore Conti nent. "The Satire is not lessjuat than trenchant ; the wit isns natural ns it is keen ; and ihe verse is equally bar inonious and true." Kmckeibuekrr. A new supply just received and for sale by FDWAKDS. MOTHER'S RELIEF. rpt) M.UItli:i LADIFS, the Moiher's Kehel, a I medicine which soothes the disagreeable seusa. lion of I't'inalcs about lo become mot hers, and insures a safe delivtry in all cases where uinl lormution or Kane unnatural circumstances tin not nrevent. Th,. i rcpiuatioii ol ttnsarlicle, lliougti silenl, lias lieconie so ' extend.-, as to iirotluce an miuiense demand. A liaum i ct intended only lor I n interested nud their physicians, teliel Ss VJrtale fe tuitous dislribiilion where the iteli. As we are thus obligeil lo come lielore the public, we take ihe occasion lu nay, llial if tlie increase ol the call lor llie Mother's Kehel. wherever kiiovvn. In- nne 1 guide to u thrcct opinion lo he formed of iho esiiina. Hon iiiwhich it it held, we have the saliskictiuii ol I believing Unit it Has ts'Cii tlie meant oinlleviauug an 1 inliniie aiiiouut orsiitl'eriiig.andsavingiiianv vulu R lit-.u Wliitrnvnr il lifi4lull ItUtul ilnrin.r lliunK.,... I IK'noiLileep riKiieilprejuinccs nave given way lo, an. iliJaiid'liaiikfullexpreaioiisofgrutiiiidc,miila wi-h I to evtend on I heir narts. as Jar as nossih c. 1U lieliehts. .Medical men of high standing have had tlie candor lo acknowledge lor once, that llieir prejudices must be abandoned, und haiebeen advocates fur its u-e. All those who wi-h, nre invited lo rail on some of ourag"nis aim procure a puuipmet wiiuuui cuarge. ti. .V Jl.tft i tiwiilly t. 1.1.1. ltochckter. N. V For sale by PI'.CIv" .t SPI'.AIt. the nuthoriied ncents for this place mid viciuuy.who can also supply Drusgisls nl llie 1 lopnclois vv Hole fsalepnce. u.'tuuer vui lou. i a Bit O W N SIIFi:TINtlS.Wmss,ki mid othe. styles an I finalities of Brown Sheeting for snlehy sVj t.53, nt;, VILAS ct NOYFS. Win, lMliirnlinm, alius. Solomon Whcaton's Mute. STATU OP VKUMONT, j rpilll Probate Court Disliictof Chittinilcn.M. J X for the District nf Chittenden. To nil persons interested in the estate of Win I, llurnmi, nlias .Solninon Whentuu, lute of Uitilhigtun,in said district, deceased, Uihetinu. Whereas, Snuford lluriiam, one of tlio heiis Io said estate, has filed in said Cuuit his petition, in writing, setting furlh ilia the holds one undivided filth part tliere nfiu coiuinnti with the other heirs tos-iid estate,anil praying a id Court to order pal tltion thereof tnbe made aiming the several persons entitled thereto mid to ap point commissioners to make sucii paituiuii,agreeaiiiy V "S. '"-IT '?" " VP IT T ' ncri-iiiiiii, "- vyimn inurrciiiu tun 11 nrmouii uwscc- Ln.I WediK-whylnAcmbrr, IS 15, for hn.tinir nml NlcriilinMmwi.UtPlitionnttlifMiniccofthe licL'iMpri)r gi i,ourt in Hani Hur inutoti.nt ten o clock in t hclorL'- tiooti, nmi tiotii order Hint nil ticrtnu mterrbU'ii t. ltn tilicll thercot'by pulilicntion ol tliioon!crcotittiiniujtlic niintnucrolFnid petition, tiirce weikssuecessivclyin i the Ilurlington l'rce Press, a new-piper printed ins lid Ilurlington, the lnl of which pulilii ations to be previ ous to said Hciind vVednesday in rvovcnilx-r lalO. liivcn under my Irani this nth dav or October, IS In. W.M. W;'l)S,j:cgiitcr. DYI! STUI'I' ! IJvery maternl for dying both coasc nnd fine articles. For sale at j. I'LTKocSrKAUS' IIUIJI. CADY'S IISTATII. pill siinsciiinims, iiwixt; in:i:x aitiuxt- ed by the Honorable l'robnte Coutt for the D.S' trict o ,'uniiiUc,U)iuinissiiiiieis, io receive, exannne and ndjiist nil claims nnd demands of all persons a- gainst tlie estate of Unci Cady, lale of Cambridge, in mid di-trie, deceased, represented insolvent, and the 1 term ru six mniiins iioui uio iiiuo.iy oi oiqiieiuner, ioio, is niiowco, ny sum ioiiii,iooie crcuuois in si-nii dfernsf.,!. ti,,.hi,ii nud urove their resoective claims. liefiire v,Mo Kirr A'nice, thai wc will attend to the I nines 01 our !i ipiillllilli-iii in Hie iiuu-l- 1,1 iuki iu- i Iv. in Cnmliri' sanlDistiiet, on the 2,1 Irnlny of 1 Decemlier nnd the i!d Friday of .March next nt 111 o ciock in ine loretioon, on eacn 01 sain uajs. Cambridge Septi-iiib-r I lib. A I) 1X10. JOHN 'AI!Ni:it,j rill lJ. ULNNH'l'T. L"""'- Fw3. To HrjiU-vls. CONSTANT supplies of Jft.-klili'.s Celebrated Teeth, Foils, Instruments. Boxes, Puts, Tooth powders, Washes nud I'listes, Tuolh Brushes, V. Jxe, receiving nl l'KCIv it SI'llAlt S. Buihngliiii, October 'J, 1SIB. I.'iw3. AVantcf!. lbs. Bees' Wax, m loon lbs. Frgot.or Spurred Hjc, 1000 aw ins. near i.rcnw, tnice) nt l'UCK it Sl'HAU'S. Oct.U, 1SI0. I jiiil rifnsn cAMi'iir.xi). P IH'I XV inn i:iVIN; WI'.DKIiV. For sale bv Barrel, nud on draught, at l'UCK it SI'llAlt'S. Oct. y, lsn;. ijg. Flower Pols! AT,I, SIi:S of the Cominon Flower Pot. at PFCIC tS SPHAlt'S. Oct.U.lSir.. I.m.l. BURLINGTON IRON FOUNDRY. (Conu r of M'tin and Water Streets.) rp H i: St II S f It 1 11 1. IC has cMcndeil lus I ..stabbshmeiVt for niakuitr Castini's. and is now prepared toe.vecute orders wiih dispatch and on reasonable frnr". Ilavingn large nssortiiieui of Pat terns for ditlerenl kinds ol inacluuery, it is tin ohjeu lor those that build Saw-milK (in-t-nulls, Starch 1- nc toiies,l'iiperuiills,ttc.t'c.,to call nud cMiuiiue before oiirelia-llli. elsewhere : IIS his lintterus arc of (he lull st improvement. AIo a great varii tyol other patterns too numerous to specity. l louglis, caiurou iveiues, roiasn no., i nggon io. iiii.l Ales. coiislnntlv on band. Also the Procus- sion nnd Bending Wnter Wheel, which is considered lo be the best w heel fir saw-mills that i in use. Cast ings furnished on reasonable terms. . li. CUUSS.V1A.N. Burlington, Oct. 9, 181(1. I.rmi3. DOUIILi: WAGON. A TWO Horse Wagon lor sale chenp in exchange xi tor oilier properly, lias neen useu some. VILAS tt NOVFrf. Oct. '.i, ltir,. ItUCK MITTEaS. 75 I)t)Z. Buckskm Alittens l. do do t, loves, For sale by VILAS -SNOYi:: Oct. 'J IS 10. wooli:n sociis. 1 IU DOZKN Woolen Socks. Uetailers r this X yJyJ urticle will do w eel to call. VILAS st NOYFS. Oct. V, 181(5. THREADS. D(V TOFNllS Cotton Thread, white and as'd. UUU 110 do Linen ilo 1 300 doz. pool do white do nssniifd. VILAS st NO YES. a 10 do -For sale by Oct. 9, IS Hi. .lo riMIi: CUI.S'l' 5I1I.I Ill Hubbell's Falls has been I lilted up nnd tit in excellent condition. It is L-npaule oi iioni first lute butincss and a good deal ol J. 1. Cl'TLLII. 1 jwG. Oct. 9, lain. 11 c in o v a 1 , rwT1 A. Sla.MOUIt, iiwi.vfi nmnvri) A. SEY.MOUIt iniTii lilK fil.l Stuml JJ3 J irom his iKl Stamt on IVnrl S n-et tu the curtKT nl' Strong's Uuililiiti;, m the .ytniiire,utrN'i& tursiileut iry lo prKTs the iotlmviiig artielt-?, u ; IB A T Of the late full fashion. c: aps. Fine Otter, Sen Ottor, Shetland Seal, Hnir Seal, .Muskrat, Fur-lranincd Cloth, uiuljClutli Cups, lie I Black and Purjile .Mohair, Oil Silk und a luige. lot ol bojo' l.incy Caps. J'nncy Furs. Lynv, Dark Siberian Squirrel, Hud-nii Bay Wolf, Fitcli, (imncll, and 1'ri.nch Corny .Mull's,, Buns, Furs lor Ladies' Collars nnd Furtiunnuugs. He rcspectlully invites ljidies mm lienileiucn wisii' ing M purthnse any of Ihe above limned aitiilcs to end anil examine his slot k. Burlington, Oct Kill, 1HK5. ltwC FIRE! FIRE!! rjMl V. inenbers of the Vermont Mutual Fire lii'ur X mice Company are hereby notified that the lol low ing usscsciiu nts liav e U'cn made by the Direclors on nil Holes in lorn-mi the tlns wh lilelllber 13lll, IS la 1-1 of one per cent. September Mi, ISIS, November -5th, IMS, January S.I, 1SH5, January 19ih, HK5, March 30th, 1-1115, April Tib, lit 16. .May 7th, IS US, onil, HIS. i-i 1.1 " " 1-2 " " 1 1-3 " " 1-1 " " 1 percent. 1-2 of one iter cent. I-I Making four nnd thrce-lourtlis per cent, for the yenr ending Aiign-t 1,. IK 111, said ier ceuuige lu he on the original muouiitol premium note, without reference tu any endorsement ior loriner ii-scsmciii-, nnd lu lie paid lo the Treasurer nt his Olhce, in .MontiR-lier-ou or bclore live llth day of October, IS 10, being the day oftheansualuieetingolsail Co.npany. At usual, n list o I pcisous insured in Ihe several towns with the amount of assessments due limn each ICFiH.ctivcly.willbe iorwarded early in September,!!! the Ucprcsentlltlvcs elect lolhe legislature, by vtlioin I......,, . The loeelill!. ol l ie Leui-laline ,lluill-t mi. - a .- Ill Iiirni-hcs to ull nclienp nnd convenient way I,) wlucli money can be trausiuiiiiu ; unirsii is t-.tii.m-ti mat eaih iiieinbcroflhe Company Irom whom assessments are due. will improve the ...j.iiiiniiy lliiij ol ered, Tin:Assi:ss.ii:.MSAifi;DUi:iN tt ioiilk; and m order to meet the liabilities ol 'I lie Company. ,-, lu. i.iii,I in nronuillv. The Diicclors are resolved tu enforce Ihe collection of all ossi-muchis rtinaiinng . loeni, nt.- mn --- ,i,llllrll1.,.1.,,f ,i. i T,, . I is hVis'il thai iiieiubersotthe Company ' iS '' "."' "' mnt molr "-wiieii. by their Ke- There have b-en allow ed llie pan ycarsevcnty-uiiif losses, whiih, with the cxpclise of settling mid interest paid, amount to WJirt 'I he iis.:iiiciii lor this ' , t I ! . I au.r el I ntlSi'S kJH.MI, f . 1 j ftlUUStcl.V. Treasurer. i , n,r . ... ,,.i. r Ami P 1SI0 Insurance Ollice, AloniH.iu.r, Aufe. i-,' i:i.k vi. M'fvrr .vra.ix. ( . viVVn i js Life of tien Wmlield Seott 'l 1 l '"' '..r Slte l,t Ocl. Sd IS I6 STFVF.NS WOODS POKTIt UT OF lOf "1 '. J'Vl?f. xi riMIi: Steel r.ngraving of Dad. ADO.MKAal I Jl)D.SO.N',fsir3l jeais Missionary to llurmahjust receivedund t.irsaleliy ,,,,,vo lenniw Barliiiiton Ocl id. ISU1. SUA LNh W OODb. AHDEHS wt.h n r:m pupit Axnoii- "f 11 iinnienitil Trees and Plains, from Dovvn- i. u, l,ln,i,l Nurseries. Bundles ol trees nud nlanls will lie tlelivcieil ul Troy free of expense, and 1 , i ,.. ,l.,r triin-lioltul on. I " 1 ' NOYFS .t fcON. IS KlW Street, 1 roy. N . O.Moltr '), 1815. 13w3' IVc:v Vork Coiiiiiiioxioiicr. 'PHI! undersigned has been appointed by the (Sov Jl crnor of New Yotk,'ti commissioner Inr llie Suite "of 'ermonl, to lake the acknowledgment nud prool "of Deeds and oilier instruments under senl tube used "or recorded" ill the State of New York, "and to ad "minister oatln or ollirmations" punuaut to the laws of that Stale. 1). W. 0. CI.AUKF. Oct. i. in if 1 STATU OF Vi:iniO.VT,I,VMu.litNrv;sir" Corm-LICi I,V.Mir.,Complainnut, ) r.. ( In L'liiiuccry. Or.nt.N 1 i:nnv H Ciiestcr Ftnnv, ) lWt. Whereas the snid I.ynde has filed his bill of ('iiiii plaint in the oHiccnt the I'lerk of the Court of Chan eery in said County, ngnint tlie defendants, where by in substance, that said defeiid.mtq Ik.mii the Complainant in the emu of One y.n t.l - e.llll I, 111 11 l "J'lll I ll HUH1 ('11111 I'll, pl'll lg lorlll g lllilebt"ll lo ll,lr..,l Flevell Dollars nud I'itieen f,.i,t ,,....:'... I n ......... i-ory note, daled on the ilhday i, Maich, A. D. It III and made paynbl.i to said l.jnrle in the Mouth ( January, then next with nnniinl interest, nnd tucciire the payment of sai I notcuecordine: to its tenor, the de. ,-nilaiitsgave tumid I.jnde a Mortgage D-ed of that date nl tin- lollnwiug described land in Juhnson, in Lamoille County nud Suite uf Vermont, to wit. "the Northeast (juai ler of I,ot No. lilteen, drawn lo the right of Ihe Oininuiar Sc oil, cnniaining .ivinlr-live acics iuore orlcsa"nndlhatilieciiuditionii said uiorl gnge is broken, and pinying ninong other things, for n loieclosiircolln,thi.sni,J,,,e'3 nmrignge Ami it iinm-ininr that sa d On in ,-rii- r. r ii.o.t, i.,i,( resides out ol ihe Slate nl Vermont, ,ith:itnsiibpicna cannot bu served upon lie is thenfure hereby required to appear at llie next tntel term oi said Court, io oe le'iu nl iijite I'.uk. in nml tor said Lamoille t u. on uiij -j i l ues.uiy ot Uet cmlj-r, A. 1). lHlli, on the (',,,.1 due (,1'sni.l i,.rt n,,.l I i..n I 11 is heieby diieeted, that this order together vvith'the Miusi.inec Ol saiil lull, he Hill, s ii three weeks sneeps- sively.the last of which at least twenty days previous 10 me session nt s,mu i.iirt.intliel ice l'ress n news paper printed lit Ilurlington, in the Coiituynf Chitteu- 1111. i,,i..ii in iivof l-roh aioresiml mis -it uav ol September, A. D. lttll'i. ,, n r , . 1 AMI',Crit. II. I! .V .1. .1. Ili:.VRr.r.y. Sjlintun. (ico. .V. Aliens IMuiu, V F THi: SUBSCItlBIUtS, having been up- ' pointed bv the Honorable llie l'r,,l, il. Cm for the District ol Chittenden, cominis.-iniiers lure ceive, examine ami adiu-i lb- cl.iuns nnd demands nt nil persons, ngami the estate of (icorge A Allen, late ol Burlington, in said Di.-tiicl, dtnased, repre sented insolvent, mid nl-oall cln mis and demands ex bibitcd in olfsei thereto j uml fi inoiiilis honi the day of the date hereof, being allowed by sai.1 Court -jl tii.ii iopon, we no iiicreiorc neriity give notice, that we will attend tu the btislnessofouriippointmeut, in ihe dwillingof the widow of sai, debased in Bur tingion in said D.slrict on th" Hist Mondays of January nud .Mnrch next, lit lu o'clock, A. M., on eachol sain uavs. Dated, this 1 1 tli day of S pteuiber A. I). 18U5. JOHN N POMIiltOY, i P. DOOM l'TLi;, ! Coinini-sioiiers tii:o. 11. SHAW, ) C-z WATCHES AND CLOCK'S. Wi: ly-X, lr Invite the attention of nil who wi-h to sLsiiiCi buy nuy descrintion of Hold or Silver Watch es, mass or Woud Clocks, cither eight day or one day, loour new assortment, which will be sold nt very low prices, ns low ns in any oilier place. We would just obserwi that House keepers will do w 11 to buy clocks ol those who can pat thcni inouler when they need it For sale cheap by Bri.nsmaiu st Bkotiicks. Oct. 1, Hill. ifiM.oniANS. ocTofi i;u, is TIT. ilj !1 Piano or Plat keyed Mclodians,". Kouud kejed do, Snaidtiitett, and line Violins, Plates, .Vc ju-t re ceived. BlllNsMAID sV. Br.OIULUS. ffllUiNKS. X fir sale HALF DOZB.V niACK TIIUXKS Oct. 1, .v. Hrutiilrv t':miSiciic. Prime fresh article of ('nniphene just received r bv HAUItlNCTON. B.U) I'lIBIirf. Burlington, Oct. , IS 1(5. Ilw3 Walion's EJuily ,Iourii:il, w ILL be published, ns usual, during llie approach ing sesj-ioii ol tlie Legislature. 1er?is: One -opy SI. Five copies 3,iHt. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE. Jr.LLLflMIE Si'ii-cmiiKii winiips to disiosi: I. of the whole or a riot ol his re I estnte. consisting of otic brick bonis' and lot and one woodt C houue situated on Maiden Ime. nnd oiie wooibn house situated on New S rcet Any person wishing to purchase t ither of the ubove named plnces will do well to call iuuiicdiutely, ns they will lie dlsisised ol on the lowest tioss.ble terms. A. ATWA l'LIf. Builiiigton, September 3J, 1810. 113 51 YE. CAsfriMio ron itvi:. ll South Wlnrf, FOLLF'l'T Jt BltADLFY Oct. l.lSlj. Hw3 VltlliL LA.tli'. Hi: IXVITi: ATTBXTIOX l3 to a new stjle of Stare Lainii. tnlled Oiiental Lamps, for burning Campbeiie, which cn-i less shade than any other pattern ; also. Doik Lamps, und store Lamps 'for burning Od Wicks, Glasses, Hall nnd i anor Lamps, i orsaie low ltwll Itr.ixsvAin .S Brother kAfi, HAfi. FAI'Kl! It CS Vi'WTKI) IX .1 fxchange ; for Books, Paper .Sr. S. WOODS. MiusliiiPs Nntico UNITF.D STVI'CS OP AMIIKR'A, ) T) LTISLT- r.RMO.T KISTRIIT.T,) wir. 1 A.i 1 to a warrant issued out o( the Houornble District Court of tlie United States, for the Vermont District, I do hercbv give niibhe notice. Hint an Information fur flu violat'iou fif the Revenue Laws of iiK. Lhiited States, has l en tiled m said ( oart, by C harles Liu-ley, L's,j l)istriet nltoiney fir the United States, tor said Di-trici agiui-l tin llillowiiij iL-vrilvd Oood', Wares, and wit MJsl Pieces Hemlo-k Scanilin, till) Pieces Hemlock B iards. lot) Piecesineh Pine Phnk, and a certain ves sel, culled the Margaret Yates, s lied at Alburgli. in slid D.-tricl. on ihe tilth day of June, A D lsld. .ud trial will be had on thealMwe seilile.llt thestal c,l l-llll ol the said District Colin, to be hidden at liul-or, wnhm nnd tor said District, on the lihdav of May, A. D. IrfL.nndttie same wi be condenitleii agreeably in ihe prayer ol ud Inl'orination, unless n 1 rlliiiu lie interposed on or l.,ue that day ; of whiih I all per-ons interctted will take due notice and govern ineniseives aeeoruuigiy. (liven tinder my New bury. in said District tlus-JIsi tlayoir'eptelntjer.A I), llli. 13w3 JACOB HUNT, Jr., Mar'hal. VOTICE. Tin: Sriniiiicit has jpst hi: l turueitirmu Aew ork,an,l is now receiving!! large und fresh supply of Books and Stationery, which wilt ne soul very low lor ra-ti. s wuuus. Burhnglon, Oct. 1 S 1.5. Ptrons 11 iilduig, New Goods, r'NITTINfi SIIKAT11.S' Cuthohc I!osniie, Cam LV en Pins. 'iolin liistruliienls, Wesley Richard t tiiu Cutis, low nriced tilins. nis,i. line siliel" and doub le .nrrcl (inns. real Iw.-t barrels, walnut stotks nml have lieen re 'iilaily proved in P.uglanil, uu lecntuted Ly ej.retal uet uj l'tiiliuiiifut, according lo 'lowe proof Doric Lumps, nu,t ti great vaneiyut other Crmd Bltl.NS.M J1J4j BKOTIIKUS, Peek & Spear. Hurling ton, Vfi'iiionl, liMioi.ifS.vifi: ui;.ifi:ns i.v ampuicax l'i;il-ll lltlitll. ...... tie... -.. ..... ... ., . f.,Pa, Letvliet, Surgical liisirunieiils, Mineral it i IVetlijind D.-uliil Arlicles.tteliuill" Patent and Thorn stiiiiau Medicines. Li'i'itus and Wines, Soda 1 'nun tilns. S.sla-wuter Siiriuis. Brushes. IVrtulues. So.ll Inks, Blackings. t innplicne, l iiucyuiid Domestic Ar llcles. I)ril,rin-ts (lla-S Wlire. DVf-Slulfs. Ne. tSl' Ve assure our Iriends, and dealers m DIIUUS tunl Mi:i)ICINi:S,ilnt th "yean lie supplied nl Burlington nt us low rates as at any ol the I. liy Alaikels, nj same rinntlties. I OIC SAIil 'PI 1 1! one un hvided half, mi 1 one undivided ipinr 1 ler. ol 111.- f irm now occupied by tire 111 Kev Bishop Hopkins, called ' Sliaiisluii's Farm," mly'd lo tlie terms ol an unexpuca lease i or iiiritii r mior malion, apply to N.A. Scpl 1Mb, HH5, PJ sTitoiWJs & tu wiioi.r.s.M.i: t- nr.TMi. nr.M.r.u In II irdwnre, Cullery, Iron. Steel. Sheet Iron. 'I'm Plate, ."slieel and Bolt I opiier. Iron Wire, Flour, Sill, Paints. Oils. Dyc-Stulls, Plosler, tiiind Slones, ,N.e. Aiinufaciurcr's Agents for ihe Sale of A'uils and Iron, and Window Olassot nil siz.s tleueral AgenlH and Conuuis-ion Merchants. Li- bernl nJynnc. ,le on Pioiieriv lauisigned to them. Lust Side I ourt House S piaie, Builmglon, Vt. 1 1 ,.. si ...... a 11... I... ....... V. .1 JGn, ( STRAYED ntOM tup. spiMui- yA-'Ml 1 A lier, about the rJOth of Sept. last, a tsstir light red, tour eais old cow, vvhilo about the Hank, nn I white in llie lace, when she went away gavea little milk. Whoever will return sal I cow or give iufoim 1 o I where she may tie fe. md shall be li- tsratiy lewii iieii u i: nbvuntt, t i llmli illusion, I Oct. BIO. Slove ami oilier Castings. COlsfANT, TRASK &, CO., BRAXUON, Vl , Aliiiiurnctiircrs il' CoM Illust-tron and n .. I'llstlllgs, ' l.coumndy forsnl,;nt their Furnnecsj, n largo nsswtmeni ,t Cooking, Box, Air Tkiiit asi urnami ntai. Stovls, ci.iuprisiiig nil the, dcsirnblo Imprineinents tog'tls-r wilha beavv Box lor starch I ncton.-.. and other Inrge buildings. 1 hey nUo have a ci,K.,. variety of Hollow Vnre. l ot Ash, mi l Cauldron Kciilo, Tnilors Uec-- nn,l Sad Iron". And int. prepared to execute orders nr hurl niuiee, nnd on the lowest term", for Hail Una.!, '.wiring, Iron Plate Itooling, and nil kinds of Job Work. The intention of D.-nlers U respectfully solicited. Os't. I. I a it. ' Cl 'f A v,7'0Tns-: A large lot .,f tJray Cloths .S', bsin. ,,,, r.u- ,i,, in ..-Atiii.nii'j io r ii ish or i.nsh. VII.AS&NOVKS. lovc iSI.'M'kiti:, :uiil Iti'iiHhrx. I , . ''n' '1 ' ""sh or Silver I,end, nlso siovo X brushes, i,,r sale lit . , I'irh-t spi'.au. Sept. 18th, HI6. a to i.r. v. TIIU .Vtore ill ihe Wiekwnre Block, called th.. ttertiian store, uptiti n long lea", possession can Is- given ininiediaiely, ns the occupant whose lens,, wall out ihe Inst day of April next, can get u smal ler place mar by for the winter. FLIAS L Y.MAN. ickware B.ork, 2j S -ptemher I8P5. I3:i. C-Vfr pai'lfora f -w hundred bushels while Ilenu.i if delivered soon. I3vv I P k it ii tinrii.iTTt.t:. S-pl.tiSth, 1HH5. SA XI) I'M' Mi. IU! MS, nssortcT'Tios",' " lirtru pre mium band Jtulirr." lnntinfnctiired lr 100 tear Manilla hemp and covered with imre irmnulntci tjinrt, which renders it th-most durable nud thereby tlie most vmuaoie aria ic now- in u-e, ior nic ny sTllnl-eu t. ir. t ltt.1 ' t V,,,. 1.1 Agenls. Sept 2.ith, is H5. i)At:iti:itKi:oTVii: : m.m:kv. 171 ii. iiiiam: hns opened his Booms over Shoe Store. Church treet. I Jl . II Bitthe wh re he will fiirnidi pictures by tlie new proem iu a stvle superior to any In Ion olleied. illllhllgton, Sept. Hill. l.IvvJ AS. OIlWI'.V. Kelnilerof Pork,lloiir,Snhnon, . .Mackeiel.Slmd Codfish, llutler. Lard, !, Provi- lons (lener.illy. A Choice Dry tirocenes, Sperm Od, Suerm ., Mould Candles, jn-g-ir, Dried l.ur- rmils, Citron, liai-ins, l'eppr Muee, ctioconte. Cocoa, ! Stuarts Confectionary. West side olllio -uunie. Ilurlington, Vl. IStfi.' 13 w 3 NEW YORK PRODUCE MARKET. 7 ll would remined our blends that we still con- tinne nt our old location. Xo.MO Vutfrsf., and are fully prepared Intake charge of nil Consign- mctitstlial tliev may l.ivor us wun. iewouions- ure id vihoimiyiniiiisttlieiriroduce lu our cure tint every attention shall be paid lo llieir interest. We shall keep our patrons luliy advised ol the state of our market. Liberal advances made on all kuulsoi produce, JI'.WI'.LL, HARBISON it Co Oiiinnission Merchants, 3J Wnter st.,N. Y. itcferto .Mis-is. Folleti if Bradley, ) nr;:,,, .Messrs. J J. II. l'eck, tN Co. V " toc.liSvl .llo-esi'eltonS INtitte. ST ATF OF VFll.MON'I',? I HF Honorable the Disrm-roi CiuTri..MU..,ss irounie ioun ior the District of Chittenden: To all persons concerned in the estate of .Moses lVltnu, late of Ilinesburgh, in said District, deceased, fjiacriNu. Wiilkeas-, Orrcn J'cllon ami liusweii ti. ray.nuinin- istratorsofthe estate of said deceased, propose to rcn ler nn accountagamstsaid estate forcxniiiination and nllovvnuce nt u ses-ion ol the Court of Probate, to be holden at the Register s olhce in Ilurlington, ill saiu li-trict, on llie second W edncsjny ot November next. Therefore, You are hereby notified to appear before said court at the time nnd place afiresa id, and shew cnuse, if nny yon have, why llie nccuunt aforesaid should not K- nllowed. , F tlivcii under my band nt ISarhngton tluslsi nay oi Pteuiber, A. 1). 1SU5 . ... lUw 'J WM. Wl.STON. Jittutrr. ALPACAS, &,C. 1 fvA l'li:t'i:.S A I.AI'.VC.VS. ami other kinds 1 t)U of Wor-ted Hoods tor the Fall trnde. For -ale lo,r bv VILAS Si NOYFS. Sept '-'.uli, 1S1I5. 13 Itui'lapx, tVc. BALK III inch Burlaps for Wool aiks. 1 do Canvass. 1 do Bed Padding. For sale by VILAS tS NOYES. Sept. 23th, IS 10. 13 Hoofs X Shoes. CASFS Boots nnd Shoes. For sale cheap bv 20 VILAS !$ NOYFS. Scpl. 23lh, 1SH5 13 Slatting,, Sec. X( BALi"S Batting, W udJiug &. W icking. fjvj For sale by VILAS .N; NOYES. S-pt. 3.lh, IS Ifl. 13 olorcfl C'amlii'icM. CASFS Colored Cmnbrics. O 1 Case Sdecias. For sale by VILAS tS NOYFS. 13 Sept. !ih, lSlfi. Oil Mvnl. I HOSi: wi-hing this excellent article for feed, can,iiiili, iliii our Oil .Mill nt the Falls. VILAS s NOYFS. -ept, :.'ith,isir,. 13 Vapvv. RFAMS I.'iter Pnr. OVJvJ Kill do Cap tin. UK) do Wiupping do. For sale by VILAS fv NOYES. Sept. S.'u'.i, 13 PS. 13 Ticking, Arc. - CASES Tuk. O do Bleuch"d Sheetings. 1 Bales Brown Drills. 1 do Striped Shillings 1 or sale by ' VILAS .N; NOYFS. Sept. 23th, lSlfi. 13 J. V. RANDALL, IFAYIXC Jl'ST AIUUVE1) FROM NEW 91 Yoik, wiih a lurg- and fashionable assortment ol Winches. Jewelry and Fancy Ailiclcs, which he of for for sale at very low ptteis.iit his Now Jevvelci's shop, In Strongs' Building. College slreel, directly opposite Cole .V Robinson's Store. The citiens ol Burlington and v icinity nre respectful ly invited to call uu lexnnnue his goods for themselves. Ill assortment coiisi-s, m pari, n tollows : WiiIcIics, (iold, English Patent Levers, Anchors, Cylinders, nnd lupines; Sliver, Finish Levers, Anchors, C) linden Lcpines and Cttuimon. (;old l'cncils A; I'ens, f.tild Wskets.Oiiird Chains, Kejs and Seal, Sieela cles. Thimbles, Beads, ivar Oruainenls, Enamelled nud with Stone settings. Hold Bracelets, Clasps, Hearls, Crosses, Pub und Vcsl Cliames, mid a great v ariety of I'.legnut I'luger Itings, Pins nnd Broodies, of llie latest stvles, for Ladies nnd tleiitleiuen Silver Spectacles Thimbles, Pencils, Holland Silver Tooth-picks, .Silver Butter Knives, with Sdvir, Pearl or lvoiy Handles, Silver spoons, Warranted as good as the Com. I'earl nnd Shell Card Cases. Sicel Hags and Purse Clas, Steel Beads. Purse Riugs.wnh bins mid tus.-cs. Silver 1 lated mid Oenunii Silver wnii,t5eriiinii sNiUer Slieetaele,an.l Nietl Tweeers, Cheap Steel -Njuciaclcs, tvey Kings, und a large nssorluicni of I'utlcry, Rogers' Ra7ors, Knifes nnJ .N5-isors, Wade nnd Butch ci's Raiors, warranted, Chapman's Kuior Alrops, -. S....M llear'h Od. nnd I ' ' Pciliinicry, .. . . r ...n llnrn nnd Iw.rv Various pallerns of Sliell, Horn and Ivory ' Combs, ' ,1 .....i. ....i Necklaces. Cloth, Hal, Ilnir, and S.t.,u. ' - ioOtll , Itiushcs, Music Boxi , Violins. Bass Viol nnd Violin Sirinp cf tlie best tpulity, Clarionette Kceds, ele. Ml Linda of Wn tche. Clocks, Minie-Boxes nnd Jcwe ry I a ed iiuil Repaired ul the Old (iold and Ndvcr uken in exchange lor goods or " stember 2Mh, 1316. 13

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