Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 20, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 20, 1846 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 20, 1840. METEOROLOGICAL REGI8TER FOR 8EPTEMBER, 1846. HunusdioN, t mile l!uxt ol'l-ake L'hutnplalii and 'JftO feci nliovn it. 1SI6 THERM WINDS, f ItARIIMKTKK. VV l)TT)rt J lT hTI J ,1 r.t,.l r-t Sun i MW'll r.M,r.M HlfM 13 fi-tttn'Tfi 2 I fiTrtl'Td 3, ft 7dT9 71 4 0 72 Srt 79 ft 7 7(583 73 fl 0 72 815 72 7'S f.7'.U 7'J tt. 3 76 74 51 J, I 17 M 1(1, S If. 711 11 G 3d 73 lli 7 CJS3 13, n fitSG 7.1 w 11,2 (51-11 771 s 13 3 3J02I.)1 N 10, I 1103,31 N 17 3 3201 Oil 71 s S 5 S s',s vv s s S N N N IfiVV ) 1 r i r i inch. inch. inch. Uio a! !Wfii9nSrlrnr Iclinr 3 29.73 29.73,29 fiafoggy Icleur s 29 02 29 33 29. 10 cloml y cloudy s 29 39,29.33,29.33 rain il'-iir s 29. 1 1 29-3') 29 32 fnir lair VV 29.81 29.Hfl'29H.Vflilr lelonr s' 29.81,29,73 39 01 elenr 9 r M clear N 1 29.72.29 .83(cliiii!y,liiir N 3i).02 31) 01 30.13 elenr Iclcar s i3a2!3l)2r3l).21clcnr s'"3.).10 2J.97 29.77 clear vv 29.07,29.53 29.57 rnin s 29.59,29.57,29 CD clcnr clear clcnr fnir clcnr fnir clcnr Inir car clcnr ImhcK 11 r. M A ll Ii k . I s 29.57,29.30 29.20 Ihlr 'cl r; 129.4 1 29,37 29.'cliuty cl ,29 07 29.70 29.70 c lcnr cl iclcnr Iclcnr clcnr clcnr clcnr icloudy clcnr iclcnr clcnr rain clcnr Iclcnr .clcnr Iclcnr 29.00 29.02 29 00 clcnr lair cloudv IS1 0 3001 33 s KNh s 29 30 29.57 29.50 cloiiily rnin clcnr 19l 7 3M7 01 s i .s s ,29 59 29.72 29.80 foggy 'tnir clcnr s 29 81 29.70 39 09 clcnr 'clcnr clcnr X 29 0029.71 29 82 mm Iraiii f.iir s 29.87 29 83 29 80 clcnr clear clcnr 29.89 2J.7 1 29 01 clcnr clcnr 'clcnr s 29 00 29 03 29.81) lair llnir clondy s 2.1 80 29.71 29,10 cloudv clmuly cloudy s 2J.13 29.31 29. 19 fair 'iclcnr Iclcnr s ,29 10 29 13 29.10'cloiulyrnin Inir x 2 9 03 29.09 29.82 cloud) c lenr clcnr s 2J.8') fnir xv2J. 15 29.23 29.2U Inir Iclcnr clcnr S' U 3077 '0.1) s 21 2 09 19 5 )) s 22 3 1202 19' x x 23 I 1772 01 s s 21 3 0370 33" ,' x 23 0 3301 fill1 x x 20 7 3102 17 vv xv 27 n 17 32 l 1 s s 21 2 I'.' 17 xiv X 2.1 3 1901 02' s' S' S3 i 5771 0) s i s O. ft.'i (1.20 0.08 1.02 0. 17 Very smoky, Thcr. W nt 5 i. Thunder Shower. Lightning In I lie evening. Knniiii the night. iThcrinoincter 931 nl 2) r. M. All fell in the evening of the llih. ,.v.i : : 63.jSI.73 29.07 29 05 29.03 29.63 1 ' I I Aurora llorrnlin. 0.27 Aurora llorcalis. 0.23 Kain in the afternoon. 0.46 Showery In the night. 0.11 3.78 The mean average tempcrnture of September for the la-t eight year won 59 52,o nml the temperature n ilr warmest September (1811) in thnt period wnsfil.'J o The niciii tempcrnture of September appears irom uie aoove iawe,was iii.mj iieing;nw warmer than the meuuot the preceding a years and nenrly 3" warmer than the warmest September in that period. The hrst 8 davsin this month wen- erv remaikablv warm their in-"an teinp'r.uurc Xu'mf 70.2o, whidi is 5o wnrmerlhun the lnenn of any July or'Aug in the prcceJin.; 8 years. The fall ol water this mouth is a trifle more tliuu the uvcragc lor Sept. ill the 8 preceding years, that being 3.01 in lies' iitavdeb. Ill McrhaliiesvilL M. V .... il... In, I, l.i Ilr V II IIAl.l.on.ol St. AIIIOAILd. l'Alt NA.M, nl Hie former place. Btcb, In Phelps, Onlnrio Co. N. Y.. on Weilne,lnv mor ning, the . 1th inst., liev. LUCAS Hl'HnKLL.nged 59 jears. .Mr. lliibbcll was n graduate nl, nml lor some time a professor in, the University of Vermont. He hail been the settled pa-torovcr the prcbj terian church In Phelps lor the Inst 7 years. The immediate cnue of his denth was nn nflection ol the henrt. He died suddenly, while attending to some duties nt his hum. A Inrge circle of friends sincerely mount tin" deep nllliction. .Mr. Ilubbcll wns universnlly beloved nml respected, mid the poor and the rich aliKc enjoyed his cure nml protection. in i psuaiui, .viicu.,on tuc 2:1111 uit.,ni ricurisy, ni the rcsdence of her brother, Dr. Joel 1nirchild, IIlx- nir.TTA l.vir.cntl.Ii, ol t.corgia, M. tigctl I J years. OirNOTICK.o ilJV, .Utt. 0V (IIT-XIXII A I.MKIi: AND II full nnrlinent of Umg nml ChcmienN ANo, VARIETY STORE. MISSUS. HHINSMAII) AND UltOTIIKHS 111 wonlil liifonn the public that their JT.WI'.I.UY nml VAIIU'.TY HTDIti: will be found WIU.I. I'thLIUI wilh giiniN in nil lis vniioiisdepnrtmentsnl prices which they will endeavor to make snt'nluctory to the closest buji rs. 1'iirehnseH ofV'nlclir or Clocks tuny rest nisurcd thnt induce ment" w ill be mnde to buy nl us, nnd it is our Intention, as it is fur our inleresl to give n good wauli rind nl lis low piice, as the urticle can be pun based fir ...... ,.i ;..'. ... ! ., ....J ....... ,,, ,,J. 1,1 UUMII.IJ, In our silver spoon mnking li'il we lire verv liniticnlar tobae fciinuuniifiiuiininniniiiicniuniiB tji.rn-i MAt.r: cii nnd of liNiti ruin miiioui niioyuiiu our noons wilh nur liaiiie mid privnte stnniiisunon them we wnrrnnt ns pure ns DOLLARS or CltOWNS, our piiccs nre no higher than the nlloied nnd jHiorly mniie spoons nre uu;niy soiu inr nrounu mecoumry. E rf Our Block of Cn-tors, 'I en l'ols, Candlesticks, l.auiiH. Ten Wnitcrs. Looking-! ilnsses. Toilet (llns- scs, Visiting mul Having CnriKCiirlsnnd plnin Hair, I .lass i. niullesticKs, t,Tinp (iinsses ami Wicks, vv lllow Ware, Carpet lings, Night Limps, tea , !cc. Wo cut tho followinj; from tin; I'liilmU-lpliia North American : The lllooily I'rints of War 1 1',.. C.ll,,.!,. .!.! 1... ,l,.,r lill...l Ax Ki.r)ii..T Winn. Allium; those whose do- -,,,,. I...1 ,,,, l ,;ti ... r l, S i "iu ireeiii mini, ,.i ii-.ii, uii-i i,nv, 1 Wliii.s's IllvlsIo.N. Jiltletl. blatc, Air. II H. NoRinur, of wasliiiigtou coiiuly, Artilleiv Coinpnuv C 0 iNcw- lork, should be gratefully remembered. isit-,2.1 Kegnucul Urngoons 0 uig our Stnle an invalid, he was induced, nolvviih- Artillery Company I', I standing his indisposition, to nddress several political 3d Drigadc 3.1 Infamry 17 meetings, nnd proved hiins.-lfone of the rani etleciive , lih lnfintrv 12 sneakers in the parly. His stjlc is frc-h, bold nml lib Ilrignde l-t Inl.intn- 15 lolty, jet fauiiharand winning. We believe that the Baltimore (l.itlalion 0 rountiy cannot boast a more devoted Whig, nor many Texus Voluuieers, Cnpt. Sluvers 2 more clooucnt nnd able, lloursisterhiate lias many such chamnions for lbe Wbie cause there can be little . cumin onne result ol the coming election. OUX. IICTI.LR Total. . IIIV1MOX. It is to such ' champions" nml to the iriwid JV'i" liegin'-in. ... .i ; i ... i... 1 I emiessce l.eizuner. , . V .-'.I ,.:i i, .Mi-wH.pi llegitiu-nt niiieuitu loi iiuiiiL-i .ion iiu'll- v.i;i ii " IvelltULKy ttegll inunipiis. or. .Mnmiur, wc-uniiuriuiu. in sav. will he ro iily, vvilli his ImriiCM. on, for the fjreat i ncniinler iii 18 IS. W'c hear llie niuttcriujj.s ol (lio W'lii tliundor already "The pawing of the courser ere he re " "Mr. Orator Pull' had tvvo tones to his voice, The one was (J. alt and the other down low gondii Total. r.icvrmi..vTiov flen. Worth's DivWou liavs's llegimi'ul ('of. Wood's liegiuicnt 'l'vvigg's I)ivlioll llutlei's Division AO lulltd. II 21 9 I) 17 luUnl. Wonmlcil, 7 1 J 33 25 .'III 17 0 J22 ir(ei. 33 ii Innre slot k of lliusbes. i'LIU'U.MIlltY, lancy glas ware nnd soap", to ttinsi. i Ubiiur aiiv nrlicle in llie fanev line, we should be pleased to icceive a call pievious to purchasing elsewhere. l'ATP.MT MI'.niClM'.S AM.-nrsnti wtvliiniT intiMil .Meibenies of nnv kind enn rely upon finding genuine nrtiilcsat our store, ml popular patent medicines vvc luij for cnth nn I l that means obtain n diseount, to lliose jnti elinshm fur earn we Nov.2J. 2lw3 GI'.O. II. IIAUKINft TON. Chniiipliiln nnd Connecticut llivcr Itnil Itonil Complin) . "" rlll! Suliscriliers to the slock of the Vf.'jSfJl Champlain and Connecticut Hivcr Kail itond Company nre remuuled that tin! three dollars of the first assessment on each share of said ttoclt, the pivmcnt of which was dclericd, nre pava- I.I.. i.ti il Hull lnv nl' November llistiiut l'av incuts may be inaue in me iliuks nr ngems as heretiilore notified. S. SWU'T, Titanirrr. .Middlebury, November 3, 1850. 21 w 3. 0 ftli 17 Total. 109 il'oHlllJcJ. 10 11 I 122 100 359 which mavbe Thn Trnv lluJn florni of S.itnrilnv' thus1 Total killed and wounded 172. in blown hot ami cold on the, low.t election' in the- ku'j. ''l"1 '!n'i6tT.!,,S' 1,111 sul,,,,J,wJ ,u have t5t--c, same number of it piper : ; 1st. "(J. alt." TlimiU'.givlni; Cliarlty Concert. Democrncy Triiiniplwiiif. r t rilnrmtit Inir i After nil llie w lii.f brim nn.l 1,1ns.' 'Il'6 Indies interested in the Charity School, rcsnect ter, claiming thnt they had earned the new state ol fully announce that n concert of Sucrcl and Scculnr appears, il the lolloping rqwit is true, that im.-ii; for th Ismelit of the School, will be given under ihii,-.ii.l mil s,.n,t iu,leMin..nitie m. .ml.... ... it,'., the ilitcction of Mr. N iclmls on the evening ol Thanks- V S Senate! Ill gr.A for Iowa ! ' giving day at the unitarian Church, when n variety of TliU is on the Jinl page iti-iile. Now turn Anthems, Chants, Choruses, Glees, ecc. .c.,vvill be vc to the fnia I page, and t'lero vvc have, under H"'"' .i i i ,-.! n. ,i i r, Daring thp evening .Mr. Nichols' Juvenile Class of the heai o ("Later ; iiv 1 KLEoitAnt.' t he fol- , ... . ; . wasui ' infi'cid children will sing a few iicces. Ion-nig thorough bass : Tiikct-25 tents, Childrin half price, to be had a, 'Jd. "Down low.' jtbe lkwk Stores. tt?" It i- now certain that the vvlnirs have carried1 Doors ihumi m 0 1.2 ',in.H i,,m,ni..nnM .. ,.. .1 -T. 1 - ..f I ' . vw. U . W. in." ij'-gismmre oi mnu, FREE TRADE. CCUL'ATIUAS ARI! V.UUOl'S A 31 AW me llie notions ol nccDiiiiiliHiinent 1 vt lli; uniim sccrci 01 ciniiieuce tnui Hurcc-s h to iinuusa rni-.iiK'-s tnl one nt a time, then wilh mi n Unmet! Kitol'tlc; nml ilirrct nttcnliun, the result tnay be matiicmiiucniiy inicumicn, wiui mat in mcw the IViiiitt-'a A2iit 1 1 vent, since cuiimn'iUTil Alcrcliaml iingitli thn Ilotto oi " Up ami Domi;, Qui k nnl ('heni for Cn?h and n liiiprisunmciit iur IX-bt." mow it uuh ucen cnrnoii vu innv up kiiown to the i Vop.e, uy a i-sit to their rnure aim Mruiim the pro grc"irly improuiI coiuhlioti ol" thn rMub'--hii)eiii niul the t'lilareu puppiy ol Lfuotl, Wnn-siunl Mex drill lie tlR-iiciii collecteil. Irom nearlv nil t!m nor lions ol'tlm (I lobe and each nny take tir tjii'inetvcM at 1'it-e Tunic price, until utter tin Iicrcrishii of the limit ul 131,;. Miieh Ml be soon or the Mex ican War expences must be repudiatcil, thi-refore come and pel jour Dre-!., Cloak?, Hunnelw, Shawls, Uoas ami mul la all leauy lor a pt'iicral i imnk-i:i PIANO FORTE. ,1 i l. tom:d i.stki'.mi:.t i a i'lm.v IA Mahogany cac, fioin the manufactory of A. II Gaje o. Co , N. Y. for sale on good terms. Also, a few atticles of I'litnnure. lbe nrooerlv nf alien. lleinan who has lelt town ; whicfiwill be sold low, among them is a large Cherry Bedstead wilh lnatres ses of hair and straw to match, all in irood condition having had but little use, a book cae, bureau, cane. heal miking cuair, ivc. E-c" l'a is nincli wanted on di bts due me. 17th Nov. IS 10. 3ltf U. K. rANtiltOKN. HARDWARE. CJTRON'GS & CO. ax kti:nsivi VJ ii'.-oriiuent of Ilanlware, eoniprWng nil the va rious kind-, of shell and heavy iroods, suited to tin wants ot ptirciiasers, wnoe aiientiou is respecmiliy jiiciteu. .Nov ii. -i Tlie-e 'J'elegniphic dojmtclicd make short work of it ! lock. Darlington, Nov. 21, IS I fi. - - - ' IXI'ORMATION VANTi:i. Comm-iiiiriitiou. j .Mrs. (Iridet O'llrien with tvvo children nt '.l.i' .1.1 A. ... .1 t 1 . , . .. . - Mr IIoiTja -The late Common Si-bo.,1 ronniv """ '. i. vviniui in very Kr:ilelnl tor inliir Clnvcnl,,,ap1.,i,cdlhcl.h.n;,an.,..,l,r.l,eofihc " ; ' . ' " ' ht beturen .Montpelier utid Itostun. Will printer NOTICE. 17 E WISH TO II l VI! ,II.Ii ATCOUXTS IX FA f vor or against u, however small the amount tiled tin iinmi'diatelv. those not attended to will be left for collection on the tld day of January, the num ber and amounts are verv limited, but we wMi them tiled. 'i llltlNS.MAID & HKOTlir.KS. IflMTAKY smvixn soap. jisTitirr.ivni) fl and rurS-ile by IIAIiltlNC.TON. November"!). 2I3 lu-eling ol the Committees, to recommend Ira-! books . i , r" l" - , , , et, , . . vii .mini Hnri uiiu fur uvi in the common fc-chonn nfdrnuu IsIfCounlv. 4,: r,. Vn i ,.ll(f ThoM aenihlrd nt .orih lleiont that time, ineluJing jh KJ, the Co.mty .iipernitendent, adi'pted the reports pre- ' . milieu mianiiiiou-ly, hy tlw Committee on Arithme tic and Attf-'bia, and the higlier branches a follow1: , ( X Ii C t WJhtc two nuiliors are named, the fiM is for thei ouncer nunilin our schools. ! Ilrislilon larkft Nov. 13, Xatiimt Vhiloiihy Mrs. Swift's Tirf-t Lessons.' At nnrkcl,i;D5n ib-ef Cnttle,JG yokes working Ox Dr. U',oChnmUr.nn :XA CowsauJ CaUcs, MM tfheep and about UKX) ... .V . .T . - . .. hvMtie WicmiXiry uncie luy tl irst Wesson, Ur.Kecse s Chainbeis Cuure. Ihttirins Dr. Hee-'' Chambers' Course Ahtiotutmy. Jlunm's tcofjrnpljy ol the Heaven'. JU'icutton. Caldwell' .Alaiuial. Votitny. Thinker's l'irt L'jn, ThelpV Hotany (or Keyimu'r" SAWS. CJPI!Alt ff JACKSON'S S'.nmf 2 in. double refine, !3 iecse's l! Cattle I'irt rjunlitv. .ri,V), second quality, 1,25 a SI,W, third ipiality, l,2.i a .a," ). I Working ().vcn teales'were noticed $i2, $33, JM, Irll.I.lST(). Hlfill ScilOOI, A XI) Fl'AlALI! St ' MiNAUV Ti'ir Winlrr Term ni this m-titutioii ill commence on ll'rdttrtilau Ueccmlrr.'ZA under the .bnrre.ns berel.ire. of J. I.v.viav. A. AI. TN Snrmir Cal Steel nnd (1. S. hind, mnel and ri 1 he condition nl llus school is prosperous, numuer . ngt-aws, iio tncKs-iw.s.nssnrteil sizes, to to ty inch f miiiilM Inr.... nn.t llie tinineels I tie Inline llalter- If ...i inti.l's M ill Snw-s. I tini's ..iri-tilnr fiti.t nt iil'. The Instruction is bi'iieved to be efficient and tlws nnd billet webs, with other kin N and of various through. It is an e-sentiai peculiarity ol llie in-uiu-1 ij.niiui s. nt ,s I'KU.Mift &. Co s. Hon to lead the pupil, solar nr practicable, both to in- 2iiv. IS, I8IC. nil slrui.t and govern lumsell. tins rtmlers inssiiinics pleasant aim ensures success, in.. laciiuies ior uie iirrpnition nt natural tcieme are unu-iiallv good 1 tic rrineipil po-sess n nirge iii'rueii.iu i ei.-"j. ofsimerior nun llv.w ith other excellent iiiiinrntus late sC,3.andS) Covys and Calves At 91 1, Sb'.Sl'J, iii, r,iC, 631), aim .iti, Sheep Sales, nt the follow ing prices ; 1J!0,1,33, Sl,l7,4.1,y2nnd $2;)U. ! C. I 11. 1 l.n... n. ..'I.. '11 11.- I f . 1..;..ri ...ri .1 r v ...'. "1" ":-".' . ........3 , u uuuiui ui .iiuvi. 1 ii tan, 1 1-1 10 u 1-3 sua 00. iwsion 1 raeeller. Iassoiis. i ... ...., ... ...... I .11 n " 1. .Hill 1 1-..1UI . i.i. I At market, 1121 Jleef Cattle, (about iw Southern) 'J l ows anil Calves, .liiwi sieep anil l.amtis. -bv Dr. (iri'om. yViyrogy. first Lesson ii Anatumy Uusehenberger's, .rithmttic Kinersou's I'iih Part.Colburu's Men tal Arithmetic, Adams" Arithmetic Atgtlrti Da vies' lllementary. liy Order, ALONZOCSIICAItS. t!rand Isle. Nov 5th 1 130. Ilti.1 CVTTI.L IJu-inesi. has been unusually dull, and lotwitlc-laudini; the olferinns have been small. 25') ie. niniii inisiild 1,50 a $3iD will cover all transactions and bard to net. Cows auj Calves were in good request, and llie inaikct nasiiecu well supplied, vve quole tjl, u to.3.').UJ. All sold. Miccpnii.l Lambs 1 lie iormernre selling nt ttoin P S. In the nbsence of the committee who had not SI.Klii S'ipJ lo $1, and the latter at &0,73 n 2, and s-eii Tower's Intellectual Algebra, I would mention Bula' tliutwjrkusoiie well lilted to ;irerfie Davie's work. I r, DulTnlo.Nov. 10 10 I' M llie rate of the market remains about as b'-lore choice Michigan llour brousht il,3.). Oilier uiticles 1 or the Iiurhngtou I ire Press, hint changed troni previous quotation, Ilmter, prune Mr r.Jitor Permit one nf j our leaders to suggest ' " ,: 'l'Jolt: ul J Kvu" l'l,r 1 frlii, b bint through thecohuns of vour paper, that among 1 Ilostou Wool .llnlKct.-Xov. 10, the various projects of rt form winch are being uri!ed' Sales American I'leeee have been made nurinir the iition the ntiemion of tin. fri..n,la f.rniMrni;ti. n...l I,... 'nte-i week to eonuleruble extedt. The suiinlv now in manrichis. it be an nn obieel mirv ifsn,,,otl,i . l"'"kei w not large, but is thought to W siillicient lor .... , . , ... ' present ilelnanil not bcMone to wcure to the subribcra for nevvapa- Pnuie i'.i.vony l'leeccs, pere, that have tbein li ft nt Tuverns or other public! wii'lied plncis, the right of securing their paiers lufore they American full blood do. are carried oirby light fingered lonli-is, not to buboeul j'J j';,' again. As it must be luthcrcool cncouriiEeineiitfir' do 1-Ktcoindo. -people to eubscribe and pay for a paper.without having .ianish Sheep. H I 'ec .S' -n chance to see one in half a doicu that come each 's' '- vvashed -week. I would reomend to nil f.khers of newspapers, Itfssi ,,waJ"d I and particularly those living in reach of nnd thnt nre .Vrnoi.y, clean .... in the habit of calling nt n llrick Tavern not inorel!u;iins Avns, unpicked -thimfour miles from llurlington, to consider, whether,' SuNVrih-uiiuni'd lninb "- It wouiu ue uiuii: inun 1.111 iui urn. ....i c ... per before depositing it in their own pockets'. A l'lncst) to Newspaper l'atrons. ,No. 1 .1 3 do do do do do do do do do D7 32 15 1 8 5 U 27 21 11 tl ,1 18 a Tiiitccroi.i) vnrrri:. t n....r.. II H I'nller. Ilsn of Stowe.l while nil his way w ith n horse nnd wagon imni that Ily promoting circulation, urengthuiing the system nlnce to l!urliii"ton. on the 27lh ult. wus overtaken by and laci itnting digesiion, Dr, ood'o Sarsiiparilla and iomen whov names were Guy nnd Nevvland from WildCheny Hitters will restore ibeino-t continued MUSICAL Instruments, HttiifltT", Trnvp. Ilritannia Molws Cup'1 Tumbler'", .soup i.!iic, ppittouu, liira boilers, CoiW Pot, and I'll t'Trrs, Coiinniminn 1'nrniturr, 1 li'-riiifinielcr?, 1 a ml, (told nnd Silver. .Steel nn I (iennati 1 ,.icopf, Wink linvs, rnncy iinoti", nimii iioe, I n-UrtnTov. l)o!l.'. iir)od. DiirnereoiMic (iood- nl most nil kind- uaiitrd i?ic , a- m rtceie (lood.- nenrly tvery wwk in Winter nnd Suinmer, we can 6upnly anjthmi: ' ni" b"'- atHn notice. wi in vr nrn-icf imiiin, iiu?, riniiri. Dure lrts llnir Pins, Std Kiiisr, Clasps, ICey. Minm' V'..rlr llfiira nml tlnkits. (Jnld Iltld S'lvJ i Vncil nnrtu fitnl llnibi. I ii la-. (lo-Lnrlf. Iliitimina and liartiien lied Pun Wh-cl Hindi, Cutlery, vtr. Unzor", ICnivr, yrc-or, Htrup. lbMr, Wtip, IHtliT vX. i r ij: i . i ir i V ..lit. ...I. H....I.T- i"l i rn'H iiiik z;iii- uh bnin-1 shot (Juii1, Kifles, I'lako, Cap", IIoiih, tto. Wp itnite AIjU to look at our awrtnu'iH -line piULhasiug 21 JIUINSMA1I) k llUOTIII'.IlS. rpURKCY OPIUM, 7.")Lii. iitr.Mi ti iikhv i : !. U..I.. I... II VIH.'l vcrnv H. VllllllII, I Ul ;.llt : i.j .............. .. . November 20. 2lvv3 1 AMI' OILS, si'Khm on, puin:, $1 lA JlJ per g dlon t iiImi, whale oil and cniunum oils by November 2 ). 2 lvv ii.niti.ti n .. For the various ruptures ocenring to the .Male, for sale, nnd nccnrntelv ap plied at Pl!0lv it Sl'llAlt'S. Constantly on hand, th modem im provenicnH for llupturcs incident to the i emale, logeiner wun ine nuini-r-f.iis tissniiiiieiit ol Adonuinl sunnorters extant, Shoulder Braces of most apuiovcd kinds, c, Novcmb.-r 20, 1B1G. OX MARROW I'OMMADIJ,. this i:tr.i, leut prciiaratioii of I'lench mauul ictuie, may be loundat 21w3 HAKKINdTON IAXCY TKin'II AM) HAIR nuusiii'., Jl call nud see the bc.n ossortmeiit ever In ought into llurlington, of 21w-3 llAKIll.Mi 1 d.n s. TKIISII t'VMl'HIIXl!. DECKIVIXG, roitsLi: iiv innnni, and IX nt Uenu. Also, Iamn t.l.issi s and v icks at aitn'j pixic .t spUAiirf. in: ii:it ici: aih.ic IF YOU ARE AFFLICTED WITH llrnirhitif, Anlhmt, nbslinnle nr rnmmnnrttngM ami CM. Siiltinff nf hlml, lilrnlinn iif tuna, U'hnnpwx-Cniiftli, Difficulty nf Hr-iilhinv, snrr thrn'it, hmni'H, Jirfl Strifsn if Cmifuinplinn, AvnAt.i.nniFitt'i.r.MO.VAitY on I.u.NaCoMfi-AiNTs, I,i3kl'""nim.KMANUin;.s IIAt.SA.MIC WINCJAM) COIM1II JUI.T.V. The materials of this Jelly nre purely vcgetnble nud balsamic, nnd nre the. invention of nn nuuient physi cian, from whom the proprietor has purchaseil tin; recipe. II isceriauuv worm nswcn;iii ii;i .iil at n price to be within the rench of rich or poor. numrs nun rrswrnrrn uj uriniti irnn.inM ... ..... riliinf Arir lor, trim hat r bcm enren or win lilrdlij Dr. Kmanbel's UAl.sAMicCormt axo Lrsii '.li.t.i.i.v, irlirti it irj prritrrihrtl in amtlirr form . Air iln.iMAvrvTs.nn Willinm-st.. N...had, for some time, n drendlni pain in his side and rliet. with a hncking roii!!li,nnii simnness or i cuuj ni breath. lie ned part ofn bottle of)r, V.mnnnrVi llnhmnie l.nvg nml ( oigi Jfiitf, wnieu p-ncenj cured him , Mrs. MonoAS, 1H2 l rout-st , Uronklyn, had n very ole-lin-itc cough nnd cold. She tried every other re tnedvin vain, nnd Dr I'mmiiii-l Balsamic Lung nml C'nngA Jrllii entirclv t ureii in-r. ender. reader, let the ginil voices nmi grmciiu hearts of these respectable citi7ens of New oris, ap peal to your hearts nnd iniilerstandiiiL's, if you nre nf dieted with nny pulmonary cnmpliiiut, cough, cold etc. etc. .Mr. I.. V CovKI.Iv, HI2 r.Wridge-st. .Mr. Atxi.N.o Uhovv.v, 72 .Mrs. Moi;iian, IC2 I'iont-t , ltionklvn. it... Invi'iitnr most iimill leiterate his nnl- riion.lluit Ii" consnleis ronnunpttnti, in tw conurineii and w-oit stages, incurnble.yet he mmt own there is slili hope, w lien we read the lollowing letter ' Orannc county, Ai'iil J'.', Bid. Dr. Kmaxi-h,. Dear Sir Vou mnv retlmrfl think mv statement almost incredible. My reii"on .ir fenring is the Inci of jour never recomniendingyour .b lly lor the cure o confirmed consumption, but only in its primary or lirt stages, 1 haveevery nnsoiito In In ve that 1 vvns in Its bin stage , my i hv-sicinn tnld inesn : my friends told me so ; as well did mv symptoms, fur tliey were trulv alarming land I felt fully convinced, that unless ..i:'r i .1 i i . . . .... i I ... .1... li nri una oiiuiiiii'ii. i iiin-i sw,, w; i-iii-ini u ..j in. narrow confines of the silent grave. Hut by the time- viieotvour remedy, I siui live, mul ntinin enjoymy tiirmer good health. 1 had, indeed, dear sir, nil the alarming sjsiuptoms vou speak of ns loiuuug eon- sumptioii in us wnr-t tftire ; but hy the uc otyour Jelly, I again say, I am cured. ir?.V.VV J. liL.1,1. NEW FIRM &. NEW GOODS. TUB USDKKSIOSIM) IIAVIJ FOIIMKD I n ci.inrlnershipuiiili r th hrninl II I. & J. II. MOOIM: l..r llie truiium'tinn nt n (leneml .Mercnntlle business. They have InHy returned irom New Yoik vyilh an entiuly new nud Ircsh stock nl Goods con sisting of DltY GOODS. (ll!l)(T.Kir.rt, CIKICKI'.UV. (ll.ASS-WAUl! IIAIID-WAUI!, HOOTS it SIIOKS. rr.otru, POllK. codi'isii. macki:ui:i., SALMON. SALT, .tc.ite. tl Inleiiliiin In keen n prnrrnl lissnrtmellt of (niids,nnil vve would invito those vvWiing to purchase to give usii call as we slnll "ll as low nscali be pur chased in this vicinity AIn-t kinds of Country Pro duce taken in cwhuiige for (loods. IIOliAt 11 I.. MIIIIKb, ja.mi:s ii. .Mooiu:. Pcnrl ft., Nov. 12, lSICi. 2"o lliirllngliin IVmiiln Scmlniiry. HPT! NI'AT (il'Ain' IX THIS ISTITl!TI0.V 1 vvillcouiiii"iice,ou the lt. day of IVa-iiuVr. Tr.nvt.s,half pinublc in advance. I'nTiov, in I!ng-li-li bran.'lies nu.l litiu, per Quarter ('', Ficndi Language . :i 5') i Dinvviiiv. 3 Ij .Music, fH. II iaiiu. nielli ling 1'ucl. Lights, Vnhmg .tc ?2'i per Quarter. I'ij the Year a small deduction is made. None are admitted nriiimmnluMit less than one Term or two Quarters, nnd no deductions are made for ub sence except in ease of protracted sickness. Nov HI, Idllj. tTO RUNT, a rovi:.Mi:.NT nwixi.livn JEli. Ijriismiilllnmilv, mnr tic fouarc. Korpir- tku irs apiilv nt this olhce. Nv. VI, llu. lleninm'.n Irish's I!s!ntc. STATU (IP VI'.Il.MON'I'J 'I HI! Honi-M- th- it sruicTniciin ri-MU n, ss i ) ronaie loon ia. 1 1" De-trict of Chitteiiib n : To all per t s conccrnc I in the estate nf llcnjamin Irish late nf Mieiujinc, i.i sill Disn t.di eenseil t state, (iniEni.u. VI' 11'. II II. . . & . - ! i iiiiLiiiAs. iiiimuu iiaruiou, i.xecuior oi sain leceasi'd, tirotniss to render nn rieenutil of his fid. ministration, and pn-i tit his account ngnint bii l esinle for t'Viiniiintinii imd nllownnee nt a session of tlH'.Comt nt Probate, to be hnldi-n at th" llegisier's o lice in Huiliugton, on llie second day of December licit I herefore. on nre herebv notiu -d to nnnesr l.eforn sud court at the time mid tilace ttfotesnii), and show cms, if any you have, why the ncavu'it uforcsald snouiii not he niiovv en. (tiven under mv hand nl Dm hUL'ton this 10th dav of November, A. D. IdlG. 2U.v:i CMS III'SSKI.I.. Jmhe. Di'liiiiiili Itiickvvi'll's IMul... HI TliU SUIISCUIHKRS iiwixo m:ra mmomted bv ttf IloiiornUe Court of rrobnte I ir tlie .. Mcf (..rand Nie. rurmnisi'luiirrp torfch. rxamim nnd n(ijiit nil rlaini and ilemands ni;niii't tb eftnP of l)i.nnnAit K'XhV.iu., hie of Houth II to, mfnd I)Mriet, d'-'' n'd. nnd nil chim an I ib-iiKind-. exhibited in ofl't tinr'io: ami ix month fn nilhe Usi-iity Hlit day ol .'-ptembcr, A. D. !1C, bf'ini? nlluu'd by j-atd Cnmi Ur thai piirMi, m llien-loif ilo li'Tehi uiw tiollce. inni we win nnenu in And now. reader- having given you a plain state- Ilieiu, let me Comoro vou in pause, en his io" i.ue , tryllu-IIALSAMlC Ll'Nt! JKI.I.Y lr it. 1 have put its price to you as low as can afford ; if you u-e it, and sueceeil ju curing ynuielf, I shall have the grati fication of having rescued nnother fiom conuinptjon ; and I hope, in return, that you will not withhold mum me your name, aim u statement oi v our cure. lilt. i:mamh;i.s IUi.svmic and Col-uii Jri.I.Y, Is sold , hy the iretit. Price 1'iftv Cents a Ilotlle, or largersues, Une Dollar. r.r.oitci. i;. iiakki.mimj-. Huil.ngton.Vt. Nuv.2(lth ISlfi. 2lm:i riio Now CumIuiiiI .MIT'I'L'AI. I.IFi: INSUItANCi: COMPAN Y , 1 tieiman Silver 6iK..,iis.Cleiinan .Vdver Kwct.icles.nnd IIDiTOX, .'"T1 ) eezers, i.ueap atecl ipectaclce, Key Kings, i j A )- . v.ljs having opened this new TAVn established an ngeney in llurlington, Vt , " 'h" " ,"' ' M hpl-nuu I el. ncg leave to a-ure u.e pin,. 1 ami will erant oolicies on llie .Mutual principle. I Cutlery, lie that untiling r hall b- wanting to make it equal to on as l.ivornble leriiw ns any similar institutions in this lingers' I!avor. Ivniles and .SVis-ors, Wade and Hutch nnvothr in the union, iitu not second to any. country or Cngland ... 1 fff ."azors, warranted Chapman's Hazur 6'trops, 1 Nuvcin.ier. mo, 1 or the uetier security oi ine iuureii, in iiuuiiiini in Duaviug ooup, iK-ui s wu, uiiu i-i-T-r- r i m-uiwr ie fiiooimt received for premium. deposit nud policies, I lwiiimiirr. WINTER CLOTHINui tins eninpniiyhasa gnaranlv capital ot SlliiLOiK), one . f ... ,. '.' Hon iy Hu.lf or Alii If ti Outer, halfol which vva paid in nnd sal. ly invested belore the 1 - r B nil. miwiiikt ins jui r. em i in. ii i' ii.-iit i.ii.i iii ie ni i ii ill . an, i ine oinance i name s i.iiins. , - ii.Ki:itsi'ii:i.i) AC VIHIMU'AI. INSTITITION. .1 S SrAixiUNu, A 11. j Associate C C. HisiiiF., A ,M f Principals, Alls , S s!pAl'l.)lxo, Pleeeptless, Mr. II. I'isk, Teacher of French. f Air. S. M. llAssr.TT, Teucher ot Vocal Mufie. Mrs. S.A1. Hvsm n, Teacher on Piano Forte. Mrs. O.T. lloioitTox.Teatherot Pnintmg. rrtlll'! Winter Term eonimuces ou Wednesday L Decenilier 21. Lectures on Natural Hi-tory illustrated with about 'dXI Drigrams n presenting tic. animals ns tame as life. aNo Nnturnl l'mlosopbv. !e will be given. Hooks furnished by the Principals. iioaru sji,j, inciuiiiug rooin.vvooii nnu viniiiniL'. m:TlIUAKI!S,&'crrrMiv. nakersfield, Nov. Ttli 1SIC. 2P.C3 TO S (MISLS ivxti:i) vr tiii: paitu All I.I, nt llubbell'sFalls. Nov. 20 W5 lobecalled in whenever the businerf and exigencies ol () ij,.au, a,l Necklaces, Cloth, Hat, Hair, and mid-( hue a mom: wl i. h nnv ! found th-eoinpanv shall reipiire it. I Tooth 1 Br ad cloib I r.K'k aii.l lire's Coats, over Sacks nn.l Th- object of tins company isioliirnish every onean i llrushcs, , -'nl" ""i l,'''av)' im am lover haLks.henv; nMnrtunitv to make a small auniiil saving during liul . . C.oth Iroeks loi bii-iness Keis.-ymere do do. ... . ... .-. ..-.i... I I.. .1. . Alnuie ll.ives. V minis. Hiss V ml nn.t V lo :n .vrines nl 11. ... .. ...1. si V mi I I nnts i.l I'll re V nriptv lite, tor the lieneill ni ills lamnv ini'-r miuis-n-,-, nun- j ; . ;. ; , , ' n , 1 wu."w"Ln ' i I'.jtiiavuignny inorethan is aclu.iuy reipurcii io meei 1-1 i'...."ji s- , the requisite expenses and payment, of the company I All kinds of Watches. Clock", Music-Boxes and Cloths. Cnsmieres, 1 weeds, es tings and I riinnungv. At the e.vpuation of every lieiiod of live years, each Jewelry, ('leaned and l'epaired at theshortest Notice. , winch be will make up to order 111 goo.l i.tyie, nt a 111 'llUiCr iseillllieil in iiiiir ii,siiii,.-ii-, i.i su ivi. ,i . uitlOUIUUiis m.i lanvii ill t.vviiaiiii' iyl ".ji;UaUi , thereof ns remains unappropriated, credited to bun on wink. nccount nl lus liiture piciiuuius. lie is alsoentilli d to November 1 lib, lsiij. gjtl receive bail;, nt the same tune thrce-liiurthsot tnesiir- cutli:ry. AX extencive nsaortmut of Tnble and IKt-e KniM'and rt'rks, Carer, Stfel, Nut Pick' lyenlarj'vd lnch lie will u?e ior the bem-lit of lbe .Cook and llutcliery Knivw .Shears, Ki-ors, lio-i fctudeilt ICn aU lu,cJvCl 'vmvc,i C' $iX. 1 7i0-rortberiimary branched STUOX(!S & Co. " " Higher " l,,H Nv Ul- i-l Ii'ini!unjrt"4. 1'J UfKitdcnn be oblninvd ntlVom 5I.iJ lo $1 j lr wt'i k, ineludin wa-hniK, A II It iserv dt-nalilolliat thowwho antiennte attendm', tbould coinmeree at the beinmn ot the piartei. Mililon, oemuer, i inu, HRITISH LUSTRi: nut pnomcixr. a benutifill Poli-ll upon stove and pijieTt Fov. 2). 21w3 IIAKHINC. ro. S. 1'llESH MllUYAL. TTV, Si'iivritinnit is xmv itiirnvixn ins l I all nnd inter supply of Honks in. I Stationary nil of which lie oilers lo the' Public on terms most ren- souable, Paii.ii Hags taken in i-mIkiul.,', and CASH not trfllKCll. HTIJVKAH VVIIDIIB, liuriiuglon,rvov. .u.--.iv 1 nirongs iiuuiung. (1I:n rg iTTTi i a am m if o".vT UniOl.l.sALI; axi) Itlll'AIh i)i:i.nt i.v Drugs nud Medicines, Oils, Cliemicnls, Lupois ,Vc. Alvvnys on liaml the clioictst uiticles in our Hue, both American nnd Foreign. I TO COL'STItY Mi:ilCllA.TS. We w-nnld snv we will sell Eoods as low n thev enn be bought in ihe N. Y. market. tS' Firms.-ir mnntiin ajqtiocta Lreiiti. 1 per cent oil' for Cash. November 2a. 21w3 SIX Numbers ortlic Ntitionnl C!co Ilnoli, n Collecliou of (ILFIIS. Maurioals, Catches, Hot'Mn. A-c, in numbers. Price 12J cents inch. Huuten'fl Instruction Bonk for the Piano. lietiini'.s Piano Foile Instruction Hook. Violin, Flute and Clatinet Instruction Honk, For Sale by STFA'CNS WOODS. Hurlington, November 20, 13113. 21wl TAaIARIN'DS. ju-t opened by No ember 0. sadli:ry, lc. OTIIONCS it Co. havini. reiilenished llieirstock O S.idlery, llarnesi truimmi.'snud Coach Hardware nre prepared to furnish, unyihiug wanted in tlimiue on lavoraule tcruis, Nov. 15,' Id. n21 A NVILS, is., H dlows. Screw Plates. Shovel' V Spades, (Irani Shovels, Hoes, Finks. Honks and Hinges, leigaml 1 rnce Chains, Cio Il irs.t utter Shoe Iron rumps. L,iii and wro t Aails, tiop-e Mioe A.ul Mail irons, inuor s irons, iVc i.c Nov. lSlfi. i,21 STItONCS it Co. TI.V I'LATir&c- 1 flfl HOXFS tin plates l.'Ji:xtra Sizes, Mb II, i v as-orieii .mjs. Jro Iron wire. ID b.lls l!ti..ia l.ngiish nud . vuiei lean slieet iron, lixi bines I un.'ul plates, together vv nn sheet copp -r sheet in e, bolt cop- .. (jurl,s Vu W. Stone. Oils Tufts. Dancing .Svlionl. WHITCOAIII Pitoposns opiimvc a It M Sehool for the instruction of Masters and Misses in the Art oi Dancing nnd Waltzing, nt the Hall of the l ean s-utet ltousc, ior ovi. ti.ii h oi iwcniy iour lessons, commencing haturdiy, rvoveiuner stst. nt A o'clock P .VI .NOV. 13, 13111. -JUWg ?ffAVIC.ILTST ARRIVi:i) TROM NDV siM York,iib a hryc nnd la Mi tunable as-ortimnt of W'atebn, Jewelry and Iiney Aitidts, which be ol lcr for sale at very low prices, "at his Xuw JrucIerS M"n, In Strnnt;s DnhMm?. College -treet, directly opposite t'nlu vV. Kobinfrm'a Store. The citi7n ofltuilmlnn ami ieinity nre repfrtful U in il'-d to citl nnd exinnnie bi' jomN ror tbemHL'lves. Iliiavortmeut coiii-t, in part, as lollows : W'nlvhv flnbl. t!mdi0i litfnt I,i',rn. Anrbor. Cvlinder?. and I,eime ; Silver, liitnli-li Ijccr, Anchors, Ciliiukri Lepinc.- and C nmnon. 1 (cltl IN-iicits V len. ('told hof.-ket", (iirird Chain., ICe) and Si'al-j. Sperm cle, Tiiinible'', HmiU, Kur Ormunent-', IJuninelUd and fctono -tliiu, (inld Hracelel-, (l:ip, Ilcart", Ooj Tub and Vest (Jhim , ami a great arb t of i:if."-'nnt finder Itin-", Pins and Hroocbc, of tV Litest ftytf"", f-r Ladies nml (f.'iiticnin. Silver Kp'M-t'icb'f "Tliirnblf', l'dicil, (bdtland Silver 1 ooth-pick", .il.r liutlcr Knives, with .ViUer, I'tail or Ivory Handles, Silwr Spuon.t Wnrranted a (!od as Cum. Pearl nnd Shell Canl l':w Stec 1 IJays and l'uie Cla-p,fctecl liead. 1'inv uinus wun utim aim ta-p4. Mucr i lateii uml the bu-incnf our n pnintinr nt, lit the dwelling Imu of Owtn Coiititv. in mid Smith Hero, on the Jeond Wedue Ihv of .biniiarv next, from ) N I o'tlock, V. M . till T I V II o'clock I M. on mi id day. (Jurnmulerotir hamU at Smith lliro, tliuTth day of NiAembi r. A 1) IHC. cwxs ri.i:rninii ),.1)1Iimi -ollcr. Aiiclicu II. Jiti1mis IMntn. the sutwribp. having Ijffn nppoinifd hy tho v llnnornble the Prubnte Touit for the Dtnct of Chittenden. Commiinneri to ree.Up. e.nmine and n Ijn-t tii' i'l ititi and drinand" of all pei? against th'cMaten! An hew II Ju 'V nt S'telbnrne, in enid UiMriet. d eennd, jcprentfd insolvent, and aN5 all claims and demand exhibited in il-et thereto ; and f-x mmiuVjfmm the day of tbedalc hereof, Itein rl 1'iwetl b Miid Court for that purpnet we do therefom Ivrtby give notice, fiat we will attend to iIjp? biiMne-4 ol'imfnppointment.nt th-dwellin ' nf Sarah JudaMi in Shelbiniie. in nid l)i-tHet, on th" third Tuesdaj.1 of Dueember and April 10 o'clock, A. M ., cm enrb niVnid ilav. Dated, tliis'Jbth tiny if Ortober, A I). HW. 11 A1A. I1A1.I.. J c vssirs i, srnAK 1, II WIICULKIi. Gtnnnimioners. VKKMONT CPATUAL U UdiOAD. A n'sccmr-iit ol fn iloliaM on a fhaie Jnsbem ordered b the thiet-tois ofth-; Centrnl Kail Road Comp-my l'ayahleon the firt dav of l)c cembeniext Ia iiifhts in'i) be made at the Tanner ?c Mecbaii.c- Urnik ot Ihirlinj'tun, nt the Dunk of Montpelit-r. at the Hank of Woodwork, or at thu 'rrea-jurcr'1 Ollioc IT i Tremont Row, lio-loti S. II. WAhLY. Ronton O.'t. 23 I31G. Trea-iircr Hw3 ADAMS IIOL'SK, liTI, Wtuhinatn Strrrf, KnsTov. a Inre nnd u I ived from Xpw York i d apartment of Read ilusof his pieiniums over nml nhove vvhiit may h- JIIUSIIJ HtAl'.S A .VI) ArcniiniVS 01' 1)11-renui-ite to meet the linhiiities of the (oniinny, to the ill fercnt imccs. for snle cheap at Ilandnll's New heueht ol ihe income ot which, he will Ue entitled is Jewelry shop Uurlmton t. us tie leiuums n tuenijcr small aJvaiiLc from ready nrul- irices Cnli nnd s-io. JAMl.. Mi iLiIb.L.1,, Draper and 'l'uilor, Church st. ll.irlinslon.Ojt. 23. 1-ilii 1W' GROCERIES. loll" SCA1.13 OF ANNUAL I'AYMr.NTs?, l on i..veii nr.Nnr.i.ti imi.i..r.s. l)iii l On n , ' policy' Tor I'or policy l'or ' I'or Au;e lor tie- s.-ven mi- Xgi'tortli , -v -Mi on whole, veare year ' years vear. I life llie. ' 1(1 ;!.-, jo 7:1 cots, ;k i-j7 51 3s ,,155 11 1 37 0 7i H7I 37 'Jul 1.13 1 3) 12 111 0 71 o7D :n su;i I IS 1 3J 13 III (I7rt (Ifl7 3J 3 01, 153 13'. II Lis ONI I1IV7 III ' , 1 Si 1 II 15 1 53 (181 ' (172 11 327 1 f.3 1 .Il ll'. , 1 50 (I S7 0 7S 12 3 Si) , 1 M 1 57 17 I Cl U'.m U82 13 3 52 1 73 I di IS 1 r.5 OU2 (ISj II 3C.5 1 7'J 1 l',3 l'.i I 17H O'.O 15 Its I 1 a7 1(7 2i) 171 ll'.'S ll'.'l 1C 3l ll'l 171 21 I 7S I (Ml 0113 17 1 13 2 07 1 7-1 22 1 h3 1 02 0 1 5 Is 131 2 IS 1 s j 23 1 H 105 (I'.i'J IJ 1 .VI 2 3d 1 I'l 21 1 111 LOS 1 111 5 ) 1 71 2 11, 21H 2" IUS 111 1 03 51 IM 2 51 2 23 2(1 2 03 1 13 1 05 52 5 15 2 71 2 32 27 2(l'.l 1 15 1 07 5:1 5 3J 2 HI 2 15 2S 2 15 117 11(1 51 5 fill 3 17 2 55 2'J 221 120 1.IC, 55 5l'l 3 13 -.'71 3il,2 2l 121 117 5(5 C.2I 3.72 2'.i 31 I 2 31 1 23 1 III 57 C 57 1 trt :t.!3 32 ! 2 12 125 1211 5s (', lh . I III 1 3 2 33 2 III 12S 121 5'J 7 2i 1 r,7 1 3 7il 31 2.5.1 l:il 1 V2 CO 7.C5 5 01 I 1.17 35 1 2Crt 131 1 25 ' . . I . . URASS ami wood ri.tincs or ill kixds at II wholesale or retail as clicnp ns the cheapest, put in order and warranted to keep uood time, nt linn. drill's New Jewelry shop, llurntieton Vt. 1G3 Wt'Jt'fl Srliool. 1FISS I..1!. STACKY iviu. cQ.inn:.N'ci:iii:i( ! i:,! A TB viuili r t.-rui on M'edues lay the 2.1 Deecinber luses, L'od t -noiars nre e.vpecieu 10 eiucriu uie coiiiiuciicciuem ( of the term. . TL'ITION 1 Knuh-h,. s S3 to 1.00 ; l'reneh, !.() 1 I ll.-.'iwinj,', 3,0.) I School room one door west ol Mis. I.tnigwortliy's, J up stairs. I llurlington, Nov. 5th 116. 10v3 ! To M'iidI (Jriivvrts. fl & H. II. DOOUTTLi: oiTint for 1 . ii,. s-..l,s. :i choice selection ol t.rocoriss, which will he old very low forcns'i. or credit, viz: llysivi, i.oui 1 Hyson r-kin l-p,.n, lWdere.1 ts;u,,. nud l'ouc.ion J llnvanuu J l'eppcr, .-piee, Oiuyer, Niitine2s. Cnsn, Clovea, s'Hiiiulils. uie", v in 11.1,, CI.1JJ, .110 dtlll, (c O t. Willi lslC. 17vvl3 iftllllt U ICIW) 's. BulKilo Holies just received and fur rale hy 1' A: II. II. DOOLlTTLr. On 20ih Hiu. 17w5 psoAnii yTi;i5':E:T hoij-sr. fJMli; Si'i!vTiiiin:ii. i.iti: or tiii: ru wki.ix I lions.. Ilirhi;at" Mprmus, r, specifnlly nniiouu-t.-s thnt lie Iris leni.'d the nlmve ttnhlsuiicnt which isni.w tu ni.eoinmod.itioii if the public. It has ht'-K lift ti htii d up nml lurnished 111 nstjleun- 'I'lius, n person nt tit nije ol 2 1, hi order to secure 6 Urn. to his family nt his deccise, pjj s nunii'illv durui'' Ins life 11 premium olijl"'.', nnd deposit of s'j pj, !md one nt 35, n premium of s....lllnn.l ilepos.t ol jii2.V Wll.LAI!!) PIIILLll'.-s, President JUriflnrf. Willard riullips, Jnni"s Head, Thos. A D'xtcr, Hubert Homier. I' C Lmvcll. If II l'orbes. William l'nr-ons,Ceor(;e II Kuliu, I' Wionw right, 1 mm: snwMRr.R i: that iknm i.,.i,iic housi-, t'us,t 1 he has n few choice i-iot!; Uuchs, takes this means imt.-d i- it is.nt the h mlol one ot the principal streets, , ulnssiirini; those who think the growing ul ii-.tvv.xit. m tlf tno-t delntntlul .inouol the villnj,'.-, it piesenu nnnhject worih their attention, that he can di-pose of supeuor attraction-In the traveller lor pleasure ; vvhiln 1 nfew supenur nnimaUot this class, Fupenor, not 111 11 isnot so reiuuved inun lie- ol :iha .1 1.,.. ., .. 1.... 1. hm.. 1..... i..i-mprk -.miIn ni ill., inwii e.s to oil. r am inc. itiv ennatiee to the man cf bus- ixi'cmc ot the Manufacturer nnd the ir!iilio;i nt the me s. The sil s -ril r hnvuii.' lone l-eii ctigageil in croiver.liul superior in the quauly nnd quantity ol the his prcnt ln-iii.- , ll.itteis iiu.i-.-d thnt he sjiall bo tleeee together with a good lorm and con-tuution. I able to giv Mtisl.ictioti to In-cue-Is, so lar n- Ins own lleisnoi prepared to take 1111 oath lhat thty are . cxpeii ue , a well tuiiu-hed table, tan ul nnd atten puie l'aular or llamboulct or nnv other itutiuct class tive servant-, and a luir-ioied with the choicest liqioia of line wooled sh-ep, but having been cngiged in 1 mnv cuilribute to lie ir commit and enjoj merit, crow mi- line wool since the lirt introduction of the I A I the unae- which le.n.-Iluilingtou call atthii 1 Merino, mul having spared no pains in introducing house lor lei-enger-. nnd o.uivryumes will ue provu- 1 suchcro-s.-saslus in Iguientiisa sueees-lul llueiierdie- cd to nnd Irom tie l ilnt". laied.he behevcsliccnn rceouunend them to! 1'aitiesot pkusuie will be entertained at the shortest the notice of any mteristed, whether lirower or Mam ulaeturer. IX1AS BOTTt'M New Haven, Nnv Ith lsl'l I'Jvv3 llurlington. October IC1I1 1SIC. COLS. 10. p-"r. t limed nml iron nveis, pull eiir, tea pot hand!. 1111. 1 hiioo-.-iieei uini inr lead, oil . .ve Nov. HIG. mi .STliO.N'd.S.t Co. iAX.M Xfi MILLS, iiisrox ii)i.i.oi-iv . Cook, II iv, nu.l l'.irlor t-ioves, for sil- nt th g. rieuliurul Warehoii,,. f l'li:i!Ci: S SUT.UT liuilinglon, Nov 1U, IS 1G n2lv.3 VAI.l'AllLi: 3I1I.I. SKITS'. TOTICK is hereby given, that TIIUUH VAI.t'A- i 1 A NICK KHIMI MtTICI.i: IIAIiltlNC.TON. 21w3 no rsi: ri ism.a s. Iir.ARL-wniTi:, mine ami vAiiii:n.Ti:n Mineral Knobs, full plate, half plate and hrouged ile.leoaik nndwho a-ked 10 ride ; alter some liesitn-.mvniid to iieallli, Where cither these elL-cisurc ne. IlVdepaiK.nilu no" " . ..,.., , ,,.-VM,rv . . reHor.H oil I 1.1" 11 Hi ts" u l, C I lion tins ' '''I''" ' . intwHitepre-entedtobe tiiu-'to possess every qtahty iloimUc. They have been lilvatrotiE inuor. but winch very oon suinilied inn n-cd ulready vv 1111 the grentest success, lu ninny cbst,. I1' 1 1. ...1 1, nl.. .Iiilifii (v iii rohbiu.j him nnte discs oflinnillltvof the b nod. Nervous lriilmi..ii f83iK) fierthis they turned the horseround.lenv-.nysiK psin, Low Spirits Kcrofnln. l'.ilpitation ol the pulls ing Mr.' 1'' insensible oil the bottom .of the wagon Heart, Chronic Hendaelie nnd Itheiiuiatisin. They , way Ls-Mitcheons, with n variety of kinds of latches, nnd locks and latches to match Also, lllake s .-cii. lat dies with rose wood knobs, Wake's thumb latches c. Wrot nud east iron, nnrrow nnd brond door halts, window hliuii hangings & listenings, snsh fas'ts, cup. I. I nn...lw, I I. ...I. a I in . n.i.1 ..I. 1 1.. I. ..11 I.....III I HI. Ill 9 .... . I'" .17 . (Ol .111.1 I II. HI!.-- UI-, l.l-ll . , . , , ' , . , , ills, ldk nnd IriinmiiiL'S, dor kno,-kerH, t-lhlmi; door , 1 " coumry ui uw nhw i-ua.i: n uuuii t- n u-t i t....i.. .. :.i . j. . a v tierun ineu-iorL- ivaii in Ma i u i nils i,nv II MM HH., l'Kvll'rl III! "'I rAirnn f ilMUri 1 1111 , ' i i.i , , .1 I , 11111.) WPIl ...U.U l . Wilt- KIM- MJ.l. Ml ' IIU lor- RLVlORATIVi: rilAXCAISL'. t'oiisiimptioii. ICIJ'IS I'OXTAl.V, junior partner of the firm J I'ontnin Ji Sou,Cheuu.sts nnd Prei-criptioiusts to the Hoynl University, I'aris.has established, nt Wnsli iiigton City, I). C , n Depot lor the sale of their above telebrnted compound, wiuchthey ollerlo the Alnert can l'ublickns ii senr. iNntnti lor. Coxslmitio.v, in its APVAXri-D as well ns iNcn ir.T -lagea. Acting directly iqion the I.t'Nus.uud iitiestiug there decay, it not only soothes nnd quiets, ntoncc, the ih-lress nnd I aiu attendant upon this he retoloie regarded disease, but lestores the Lungs nud their sympathizing orgutis to NATL'KVI, ANU IU.VLT1IV ACTIOS Accoin- paujing each package me gi-nernl lu-trucliohs and ihrtctions (trunslnted) ior its u-...ndapted to nil cases, nud ilttnctly billowed, will not lail in every iiislance il the Lunirs uie not vv holly cou-unicd -jf restoring the tiatient tolienlth which may Im perniaiifiitly wcured hy future lute nud avoiding loo luitch cvpo-urc lout iiiospheric ihiinges. t. I'r c.. Unlit 1'i.incs. LOULS l'ONTAIN. , I'or the infoiiuatioii of persons n siding m the interior anv imitolihe (jovcrumeiit l.e would state that llie remedy is prepared and iuqioiled direct fioin thir L-ilsiratoire. l'uris. and that the same can be trnn-poited through Mad, as he isadwst-d by Oilicers of the l'osl Olliec Depiitineiit, to nny I'ost tlllicc ill nml led 5lr Culler Wun lOUnil 111 ll i:iiiiiili "ii ......... ..i'.; , .-...m..... ...... "'ii i uui, yet sale loiiiiin-iiij; ii.ij o.-i. .111 1.11.1 u-i-oo itnieie 111-sirt-. wl.pol.u wns nble lo reveal what had transpired, nnd nml snlutnry vegetable remedies, of a nei nig nnd lu hmshing dwellings ic, limy be found on hls-rnl . " , '!' """"i.1 '" I TZH. VnliliJSlwn .U-..,lb lbe robbers, who wcrciunimpenchable reput.ition They hnve won tl.Sr Z. termsnt 21 STIIONCS it Co's. Two dollars luToiupun) .iiir in order will ciiuilc a lakenat Bolton. The robbery was confessed, nml iiulnnty solely by llieir inlniMC inents.nnd lhat id.y , imixiooMo.t.m.m,,, -i ,,i ,. i,... ;. i,.i I,.... rnoeen ed. J he have been niccesslul, tutmerous cernlicates In o, . oiiiivn riru tin-i i ivn iwwu.--. . . v"-''7 iv' culprits i vv' ere lodged in .Mon.peher Jail lo await exam- hands ofthe proprHor, nnd the greatly inctensis i t "irnnuu'irs ' liendinn. Ibioks, ' "3 .October Mill.. 21mJ inatioii.St . Album Mtttinstr. sales fully ntlest. I hi- desirous of nu ngreenble 5ei Dieiionnarics Toy I looks, ST V'lT 01' TIlMONT I V Ta Probate CWi elhcient tonic or nlternlive tnedieine, need seek no Abiebms ,, ii . MAIL ui v i.u viu.s 1 , ) 1 n i ro.iaie v.ourt 4 , , ... ... . furtlicr.fur in tin n-irati.ii wiHli, nil !!,?," n.eui'uvs Hibriiicror OnvM.Istx.M. r h,,ldennt the I'ro- lirsnv Pi.ay. A correspondent of the Uni-i,e .leslt.-,l l',.r sal,, l.e l'err .v sjr. iieuiisins !.n") l'0'.k'. hiieollu-e iii Nmili Hero, within und lor sjiddiairut. "'" ... .. . i... i".- ' ' ' J -iJ l n osonnvs OI 1 iclures nml I rnmes. i..n.i..i rv .,L. AM isic. ..j f:7pttp.vcrinnn. irotn 1-ruilKlori. iw.i i vatious kinds. Registers nnd Almnnacks for 1117, Paper, Slates. CJuils, Ink ftc, A;c. t3 I'W Knle cheap for CASH. lly STLVLNri WOODS. Nov. 20. Slwl r-trougs Uuilding. WALK HRAXDY, 1 quaiitih rtns ni- J reel from the Importers, nt HAItltlNCTON'S. o'ltlto Utiust., coiiiiiiuiiicatus tho fo!lovvinlli v.OTIIi:it SIlVKHi: CASH OF ASTIIJf , relation to Mr. Clay: Critrp nv WisiarMIalsam. ..ii. i.. .lu..., bere for severnl davs. trying nn im-i l"wle, "Hehnibefii nere ior kyou .ji :'. " oi..ii..:i..-f.... i i... ,rtniif will caso from Lou svi Ie ; ami lus closing . -'i. long nuueneen irnutilfd Keecl. wn".raunced,hy nil who henrd it, to be one with Asthma in us vv oist form.nnd alter having tried Tthe l""te ibrwed ! bis llie. I was told Hint he hadl'''usreme,hesnl to noelft ,1 bong htofvourngent elarguinent.du I ,ne nta lnKdily 7iZumi r .H inf . as .he diins.. return, ,., me nnd fin, bl.inJ ust heard the gmrious news from the ''lwavK relieves when no.lnngr so vv II ; nnd further. fevsiSni he was in the Very best flow of spirit." I Oiaye no doubt, could I have had the Wild Cherry in heystone, lie wus Illinois. , the lirit stages ol the ihsenw, but thnt it would hnve . entirely cured me. lean confidently reconuneiul it as Tbnrsiliiv.the 3d day of is uuuer- a very vaiuaoiemeuicine ior an nine complaints. i J Csrru Mood.isthe day fixed lor the complimentary dinner UL.V1A.M1N KOlllNSON ' Bniiths, I'ariBers and oihers, may furnish themselves which the ritiztnsoi iniiaocipiuo oair noiupiuu, .p.ii win every variety oi tools suited to their iw, ami ol vvebeur. 11 win oc a oiiiiiuiii,iijii ... v. . . ... -, .,i(lu hi..u,.,v. ...- utiin on ins inline 'wrapper. I or talc by Vl'k t .Srris. , Nov November 21. 2lw3 ir.vM ,v;r.v entirely cured me. I can confidently reconuneiul it as flARPLXTHRS, jni.VKRS, MILL WIllfillTS, j j v.arriHge innKers. onoe innKers, i-adiers, mack mis, i anuria nnu oiiirrs, mny luruisn ineillM a every variety of Tools suited to their use, ai most approved kind, on Imnrnblc terms, at ". VIWJ hf iv Lo s Oilnsiruuient. nuriKiriing tube tne last Will an 1 Testament of Itobinson 1'eiriM, late of Or.uid Isle, in said di-trict. deceased, living tirem-uted tilths Court here by Stephen I!, l'ernss, ihe Ihecuior theriu named ior Probate ; It is ordered by t-uiil Court, thnt nil per sons concerned therein, be notified to apH.-arnt n ses moii (ilsii.LCouitttojje holdeu at the dwelling-house ol lieu, ll roller, oi i.raiiu i-ie,ou uie nrsl 'VJllirilay ofDeceinhiT nel. nud show cause it auc thevinav have, airainstihe Probate of said Will :fr whieliiiur- pose it is luither ordered, that u copy of ihe lecoiuof lhn order ue published tu tne r rec rre-a. u news paper printed at llurhugtnii in Clullendeii County, three weeks successively us soon as may b;. In witness whcieol I have hereunto affixed the atal of said Coutt, and subscribed my name at North Hero in said District, this 12th day oINov. lei 16. AUlllJS iTS KNIOHT,.furfs- Burlington, Nov. Will IMA, 21w'3 BURLINGTON IRON FOUNDRY. H'urm- r' Man wot ll'rrfcr turc .-.) rp II ll S I' ii Ml' It I U IJ ll has .xterded hi L c-t ibli-luneiit Uir innkinp Castings, nnd :s now prepared i icxiciite orders with dipauh and on rca-.iuable u nn. llav I ig a large n'sortmeiit of Pat. terns f ir ditlcreut kind- ot mm binety, it is un oheit for tin i-e tout bu'.M Saw -null-, Grict nulls, M'lirh I ae 11I.K MILL i-riA TS on ihe Lacluue Canal, vu Inn -itii.'iteil no the S.iiuh side nl' lbe It.l.sill. above piilications fir insiiranee received, nn I pamphlets l.o,-k N'n. 2. marked on the Plan N'o Ten nmi Ulcvcu eitiitaluilie lull mirlii-iil irs ns ii fit iis ill, in-f nl liti'nr. ....I.l. k.. .... .1... V....1. f.l.. .f I .L V.. o n.lll.r. poratioii nud bv -law a of the i niiipauy. lumi-hcd by dispo-c-d ot nt I'nalic the Uliiee of Public to ic, PiiHruu,is .- Ac to call and examine bclotn VV IK1.S, Ag.llt 1 I.1I1A V, 1 UL 2J1I1 13AV OF JVOV L.'41'.l.ri M XT p lieu. '.-lug 1 1 il -n, us ill-i..u. n-uie ...r isic-i llurlington, t AT Noox i improvciu-iit At-o n great varutv oi other pattiri.s The p H V ('OVSIlOl'llVI'l' nt' iil'.VIOVIVC TO 11I rchnvc lot he in-inuer ot taking the wat. r..c , may lie hit at llus olli.-e. on ini.l titter the 1st .oveiir.MT. when any other iujoiiuatioii as to terms olpurchus,' kvc. mnv oe oiitaineti .... nC.l.. I ....l ..I... A.. 1 .n.i..l..i...n tiHi lttitoerii'is lo soieuv o the m i'iiuer ot Vnkiii.r the wat.'r. c . ina'v , Plmigl.s, I'alili.m Ki ulc, do Waggon Rox 1 lll'ILl) " 0 A Si MALL" TO MAKE IT SlTFlCILVri-Y TO AVCUMMUDATi: .Hy Ntlnirunls ( ii-liiuicis, 'l'he vv hole stis k ol READY MADE CLOT111XG ! AND VV UN I Sill NO ROODS lie closed ut v i: it v mi t; a i' i ANU AT film AT SACRIFICE! -j nu.l vies, c.mninniiv on hnnd Al-it the I'mcus t-.cll and Il'-uctiiiij Wnll-r hvvt which i coiiMdcrt'd U llie Ivft wiiffl tjr Miw-uuUblhni lain u:. Cut- '!'!, i i ,,n..inrT., .. An ninii.j r ti... ........ 1 in it-, t ii r ii i n'll nn m UMiitfie Ilthh. ii it-Hia. iiiij .ii.iu,ii..imi ... r ij n.-nasMW 'J. HU. ftmctioinil Mills tor riimni)!'or Manufactumi-i our lionOsr.bciiiwitlmititecity.on tlif It.iinot tti' tJanal, and ot ta) ntvis. both by Itnd and water. The tall ut the ortlmary of tin river, will be, nl lut ten nnd ele.eii, aiVuit twenty feet, it ml nt LnU No V, thirteen teet, with an ample 8jnp!y ot water atcaeli, lor Milling inniHs. liy order, THOMAS A. KEGLV. f'y. DtriiKTMCSTOt l'cinic Wohks.J1 .Moinreal, Rth Oct., Ibtti. Wholesale Traders Will Ji ml it tu their ailiantage to luck to .'tis .' OAK HALL lU'lLDlXO, r.NTiiANn: xs. :i'J a.: sri:i:i', iiostox. 2'Jtl'cb. 1 IlL'liLINGTON' AGRICULTURAL WARE-HOUSE am si:i:i srmti: STATU OI' VCKMON'P,; 'I'll the Honorable CiitTTiAris t'ot'Srv, ss. ' Supreme C'ouit next to lie holden at liuilinglon. within an I fur the County ..l-il........ I. I., lit. '1-...... I.. .. ... IV ... . 1st.' Tl.. STOXI! lespccti'ully returns his thinks to J hi-Iriends nnj patrons Ior the uleral patronn.! he lias received ii. pa-t -utmiicr, and avails Itiin-ilf of the pn-sent nnn.ituuiti ul lulnriiiiug them that hi has received bis 1 al. supply ol Staple DRY GOODS & GROCERIES, Which he ict'M rSetl ui'on terms that cannot fail to fait purchaseis ALSO Constantly on hi nl. a general assortment of of Chittenden, on the lih'l'ueslav ui U.-etuiber, ISIn our p-titiouer Makv (. 1 nir.n.t. oLIeru ho ni sat I , Hspeeially lit" A.itig'it Double Vtvn Dinatch Cool County ol Chittenden, re-pecttully t.-picseni.s that on Mulf. which no t.i.n Ij sh .ul.l W wuhuut who the J.ithdav nl May, A t. I ill, lit Iticluuoiid ins-iid ttl-i,0s toecieionii-.' ltu-1 and mh nvo-tlurdsthe labor I ouuiy nn.tiiiteu.ten, sue was legally joinett in mar- , itliuretl wuh nn nth. r si" rnge to Dvi'i.L 11 Tinr.tM. then ol the City of New 1 oik, uy uie liev J lit-, lllow mug ol saiil liieiimoiu, ; theiin settled tinni-ter of in. t!nsts- ju this Slate, utij j lived in the strict ob-ervanee on her part nl the ' riage covenant uiuii the l-t ol.lune lill.whciithesaul , UvNitl. II 1 iKiitt-L without any just or r.-a-nnabl. .No LMetsolls IIi ji l..t luirchst Huijington, Ovt.iil, s Octolicr 'itiili. 1 4 III. iYi-.'ir GOODS. mull II.. . I.... t... . ! . 1 f cause or prc,v.s,i whatever, vvthully ibscttid vour I " - - - -'. , J ' , V- ii -itii..iMiiiiPnc iiii'itiitiriiY peiinoneran I tl-patted unto pan- unknown, without ' V'w., ; SMII. SI IN lUIil.IiS HAM. IAKI.NtHI: i. mm, ilus'siut.-. unlwud has from 'havel.-en S Tui.vus Kti nr on Coin uesiiei t, tvvo doors Last thence lutheito reniaineil s..i.ite and apart Irom the I w ill ! mu Chitteiitlen and the ndioinmg counties, a general as- torluient ol Agrieulturul linjuc ni'-tiis, cou-istmg of I V.ii.l v niul Me.ns' Cetltre-dralt Plolllfhs, 11 S llO ibsoil do ltu inly ut gg'cs, Nouisi. and .Mason's tuieua-eii at greauy reiiuceti prtrcs, tiify at u siiiull aiivaiise. tor cash or approie.1 ol ihe l iee Pre-s Oliiee. and olW to the Parm is of peutionerand w.ihnutthe liuiiis ol llus Mute, aiitlli.,, ':;!'-'r,1.1"-? "j,f: Vi'id (T.I.I '"5 cTlK'lie: v uouy e.u-eu at ail limes lonve wun, or proline .or ,., Cnw mnc.WI, I., 'til. is-titioner t.rnvs that the luds of, !' ". . Vfitt)Trl'. iiiatrunonv Ik-iwcJii 1,-rnnJ lt,eild Dvmi.l 11. T.r.- ' r, l " Ve n L l L and C.Lr.7l L.. I, ..-,.lv...l nii.tu lir.llM.,l.l.v..r.-.. ..rum. I Pluld Linings. I relicll .Mrilllu. ll.dtK all.l I 11 , .1 Cultiv ntors,Stravv cutters, Kendall's Cylinder Churns Corn shellcis. Seed plauteis. Hush pullers, Ourden Toots l'liut Trees, flrape Vines, fiooseberiy Iluslies, (lar .1..I1 tut. 1 I'Iiiuit S eds i)t all kills!-. 'I'liey lnueiimde nrrant'inents fir obnining Kniit Dmiu II. Tikkili. luiiu-J m the t.-repmig petition, I Tee., oi tne 'enu varieuvs m nmiir, n-.uc, in.iui, t icmiIco without in. limn mui mnlinion oi ltu- cl He, the Albany an 1 lUxum 1 so that no HimnnI ktmci ot t.iid vemion cnnln'hatl V " i "i V ii ..... ll ni " 1 lMm.t-dl nit ngnis 10.1 , i- ,,, ,,Hil,v., sl.owU, W'aihingti.n .lo In. -1 I lii-.rrt3l.,M ,Hlv..tililll ill- 1.IUI. ii" ut" ... . . T II . I l).iied at liiuTingt'in, in said County of Chittenden, llu'-!7ih d.iv ol Oi toU-r A 1) lilt! 1 orasiniii'li as 11 appears to the Lourt that the said l'lii.rriis tietlebes. . c I mill .Nurscfles, liy wiucll iney can supply uiucrs on unori nonce and at reasonable price-. 'I'h'.y are al-o Agenn for the Albiny Cultivator, the Agriciiltitri-t.lhe llottieultuiist, llie IVb-uiu Culti vator. iiikI the New. York Partner and Mechanic. They have on hand !tue Vines, well rooted, cf the following vaiieties, which arc in condition to be trans planted this l'all -vu: Isabella, Miller's llurgmidy, W h'to Swec t Water and Lyman Grapes, all of which were raised in Ilur. lington, and ate, of course, well acclimated ' it.irci: .s. swncT rturlinsion.N'ov in, S1 VHl lietsoll'il K-rviee ot .ii,t ivetltiou can tie Hail ujitiii is hereby onl-.-ied that notice cif the iten. tieney ol itie-.nne tie given 10 uie saitt imnulii i in lill.L.I.) publishing s.iul peiitimi together with this or derlor three weeks picccasivcly in lh" lluringlon 1 rec Prc-M, a uew siiapr printed at llirhngton in said Coun ty ot Chittenden, the last of which pubhtatiyns to te al least thicc weeks Wore the ucit term ol the oii preme Conn lor said County. M . , Dated at said County, this Wth da) of 0:t lfJ.u A H M,Twn.JlMIM)L nr.j,-.ETTi Jutlgr nf t'le .'rfir ("ettrt Miinil.ii'indo. 'sCarpi l Hags. l:nn mul twillo.1 il uXms lVo de Khun- Silk, lilu. bl.iik (J.rah .In 1.1. he's Crov al., I i. nllemen's do. 1 ounce and Mut nlrteld lldkfs. Linen lamb tin. lnh Linen. Linen , i lllk and I'.il'.l Ci..'.hl.c,W I,lle .1... Jaekou, t. llldilM lilo'lilll 1 M II . n Hlnige' 'Ca - I'cV: lyings. riU..n,lAa..Ml. V,"veiKibltms,.Vilk Velvet. T.hty d... .Suspendrrs. It , met and Cup Kiblon, blk and col d Ln-inng do; p.... Mini Kuiions. coai hi, veil ilimons'.'.'s.xoliy Wool Wrappers Umtrella.. black. ". ' i ......l ..'.1 Linen Threat , while nn.-l 2o?'d' .N100I Thread, Knitting Cotton. C tton Yair.. Carrel Warp, Ilatt. Ticks, llmlaps. Horse Dlanins, . . .-. ..,.1 i:.-nt's In I u Iillhbels.a verv superior aitl. cle Tail't strtmiinngs ot all kinds, line and coatie Itrow iv Shciincs. Russia Diaper, S-otcli do, Girds Ej a io Iluekkbuek, C-a'h, Table Lin. n, Calicoes. Vc ITvvo P N H II PO0LITTLU I i

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