Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, November 27, 1846, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated November 27, 1846 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, NOVEMBER 87, 1840. Court Calendar. ClltTTE!DE.N Co. CofllT. METEROLOGICAL REQI8TER, FOR OCTOBER 1840. IlunUNGTox, 1 mile Hast of Like Clminplaln and 150 feet nboe it. r :i iTfiiii7 i -1 O I (.1 .01. 8 5 C2 j 1.-I: y fi .Vif.s 17 lo - as is :i7 ir u 3i; i.i 14 2 1 1 fit) ,30 hi 1 ftrt Ml V.j 111 U JUJJ ,11, .1 1 1 i ri r,fi in! 15 5 IIST.H, N ir,' fi iu sv.w1 s 17 7 l'J 13 3.1 S1V N Xmcmlier Mi. I'ixks it Co. i j. AIa, was opened but linally continued. Huner.T Uracil is. C.AtitA IIkacii. Kjcct ment for lands in llincstmrgli. Tlie defence was that subsequent lo tlio commenccinpnt of llie action, tlio jilir. taken possession of tlie land and sold it to ono Place ; and liad after wards taken a deed luck from l'lace, giving him a bond to execute a reconveyance at a future period. Tlio Court held that these facts did not amount ton defence, and left the question of wit nnd profits to Ihe jury. Verdict lor plaintiff for premies and 87.J. N. :Ktc.. Id-k lor 1'lir. Kasson &, Umii uuoon for Dell. November 10th. Krescii Conell, was commenced and continued. IIaumon IliA' it is. Isaac Wahneii. Petition for patiition. Defence that nlainlill' was not tenant in c immnn, but that deft, h id acquired a line uy possession lo mat portion cu mo mi 7 iijyii'ai premises u.iimed by plaintiff. erdict for pill". j ".j 11 M ifi .32 A l'ECK & 1'lati- for 1'llT. hAssc &, AoAJI-j for Deft. November lllh. John N. I'omcroy is. Gaius .A Cou.amer. Tins was an action for a false return on an ex ecution, alleged to Inve been made in 18 II), by Wm. .lo-lin, a deputy for the defendant who was Sheriff of Addison County. It ap peared that the p!fi'. recovered a" judgment n;jain-t I.. 1). it A. 'I'.. Smith, of Manchester 111 an action 011 a jail loud, and put the execu tion into the hand- of J o.l i 1 1 to collect. Joslin returned it nulla tWt7,aml the plaintiff, tliereupin commenced a suit against Calvin 11. Smith, Mit. n't ol'lhe City of ergennes. for taking an i.i-ai.i.cicnt jail-bind. In this suit ho failed, Smith having shown that the jail bond was suf ficient, l'or the plaintill'it was claimed that Ihe return on the execution was false, and made by oolluision with the debtors, and that he was en titled to recover the cot and expense if Ihe suit ngainstC. II. Smith, in addition to the amount of the debt lo-t. The defence was that at the time of the retunr, Ihe Smithi' had 110 per son il property on which Ihe execution could have been levied. The Court directed the jury, in cae they found for the plaintill', to us-ess the damages arising out of the suit agiiu-tC. II. Smith in a separate elaii-o of the verdict, so as tori-servo that p;irt of the cne. Verdict for plaintill' fJ30S, 10 and V?t special damages. ts.-.lAM.l. 1- it Piuu's for I'llI". TVckkr it A. I'eck for Deft. lHlli ; TIIKRM I WI.NIIS. I milri.MI.Tl.n. I WI'ATIIIR. llVATERi I); 1) S I 1 , U S . 1 1 'J S. It. 1 r M.'J r i Sua ; 1I1W. It p.m r.M K p r x inch. inch. inch. I Klsc 1 5 n: Ijilll s !i C 17 ."1 s 3 7 10 53 17 N E 1' n 3358 j3 s r. 5. a MC. j7l s I 1 r i y r m liii-lu-i ri. i.niM,i:n 1.1 .i:-.... I'""1 nounaung ingestion, Dr. vv o of the i-cnniJ Mi.ssior'lr "Hie President. , I, U ',..kl,c.rJr '!""'C""i11 re-tore the most confirmed 'l 'VV'V'H'1" lo '.'!!" nd attempt- (. , " " V - " - ',.;'-, t ' " '"." "'""Y.1 . ," i" .,",,"';"KMI":'-,i0iiows ..icrv inainv .i,.?;ri.i : -n, : ; 1 ' . 'V" prepare 11 n9cd already wiih th ynTl t l-t SUCCCSS. Ill 11K1I1V nl.sli. able lliuiacler nl the councels which Hill One ul the Hunt iiMiiorl.nnt subjects of which this M sane will 11 cat is ihe existing war, nnd wc might i mite cues of impurity of ihe blood, Nervous Irritation .,,,i;n,,. :..i "1... : !'l'peiiia, uoxr M)ir.t, ftcruln a. ra u int mi ( ilm I"' ,. . "I ". '""'"'."""""""i'lHlMllt. Chruuii! Ill-ailaehe nml II l., ..;.,. Tl.... n lrm. li nf llmli,s Mr v m.J ... 1 "n;.:.n..... - ""inrcinileeila haiiny i-oiiibinalionol' uowirlnl. vei I l'liltl'l'MEItY. lancy class ware ami soan, to 1 .i.'. .i tA'i 1 iiiiui , i-'i-.anil sa utarv vein.-tahle ri-inpilii.. at' n .t..i-iiii, ...1 tlmp wiUiinif nnv iirtiele in the fancv line, we should KXHSZenZS unimradipmalion. I'hcj' ln,e wl, i ,bSrT. Pl rccehe a call previous to purchasin,- uiewar. Anotiicr Miiijevt is the tarill, which was le- "''1 " ' 'e) "".... , .. ,,..., ....j 1 1 1... . 1. 1 . .. .. 1- ... .. . 11.11 e ui'i'ii Mic'rcsMin. iinnieriiiw eei-inii.niod in dm I i .. .11 i.iiiuui r,E. lULi-ii lii llie 1 nine liiref III L'il crill le 11 1 1 ltletlen nsl 1 . . ... ' . . ' ...... ... ,. .. r 1.1 t.... i.:..i. .1. . nanus m me iironnetor. niul the iireat v met-en nr Anv iicrsnii wiMinte intent .vieuiciiies 01 nny Kino i" ' '' ..".'i'f.. lr,":.r '""V ' rH'".,""". ""V""! si..sfullvntlet. TImim- desirous n? n,i Jnr....M .-..1 an relv unon iiinlui r l.enuine arliclcsiit oar store, nil M,-u..ii . .7u.iu we .101 reiiuee me ree list 1 , ,nni.., , ... ,.., :,'....i 1L .,.r"'",: 1...' ...'.,. . i7..r. ,.... f, -...A. .n I l.v With lecaVd'to the iiar y i,Hc , "i the (loimi. !"!'r.l",rin this .reparation tliey will fid all tliatcnu that means obtain a disc-uuui, to those y,ifA,ni,,ff0r ncnt.weimyh.iiieluroine i.iloFu.aiion whieli . '"'"-"" rmweuy i lck c( enable us to ju.Il'o at leat ol whit the Government ji'J. November 1 2th. Uor.Er.T Di.acii ts. M. S.ui-nrnv iV l. Iljectincnt for tiio same land in controversy in the case lleach ts. Ileich above noticed." It was tried upon the -mm ground, and by the f-ame counsel as that case. Verdict for plaintill" lor premise', and $32,11 damages. N. 11. IIasweu. ij. II. D. Srvey. Kject nient for laud in llurlington. The phintill' t-how eil a paper title to llie land. The defendant relied a title by poc-ioiijaiiil claimed that two of the deeds in the plaintilf's chain, one from tlio IJ. States, nnd another from an indi vidual, were void from adrer-e poeion at the time they were L'iven. Tlio Court held that a title by osscKsion could not bo acquired against tlio ijovernuient and that a deed executed by the Oovernm-iit, while the land wis in adverse possession was not, na that account, void ; and lell the question ol adverse possession, at the tnuft Ihe second deed was executed, to the jury who found for the defendant. Aii.ins, & Smaeeev ii I'iieeis for PUT. A. & 1'latt for Dolt. November 13th. Wm. -N. TerrEa rs. Si. K. Niiam. This was an action for a fal-e warranty of a horse. HtTfncc that tlie hoi-u was sound. A great uumhurol w ilne-ses were examined, l he jit rv after two days deliberation were unable to agree and were di-clurged. Kasos it lii'ciii.EV fir I'll!'. A. 1'eck, it S.iiali.:.v it I'iielis fur Deft. November 15th. I.tman it.MAR'ii vs. Wm. W. Ac tion on a proinNorv note. Defence, the statute nf hmitalions. Verdict for pl:iintiir$13J,S5 IiVJIANiV ClIITTENDEX for l'lli'. Uussr.i.E fur Deft. Ciias. Miles ij. 11. . (Jatmv. this was an action unon a covenant airaiiiat inciimbran ! in a deed. The incumbrance complained of was a life e-tate in a third person. Thu deed containing the covenant conveyed all the defen dant's interests in certain lands acquired by vir tue of another deed referred to. The deed re ferred to conveyed tlio same land, subject to the life cUile, winch incumbrance was especially excepted in the covenants. 1 no Court Held that upon tlico facts, the plaintill' was entitled to recover upon the covenant, for the incum brance of the life estate. Verdict for plaintiff SI 02. Hu-seee it 1'latt for l'lff. Kassox &.II1CK0K for Deft. November ICth. Peter Mitchell u. Allen It. Iwmis. Action for malicious prosecution. It appeared that in IS IS, the defendant procured a prosecu tion to be commenced against the plaintiiTxharg ing Inm with burning a barn, shooting a horse, assault with intent to kill &c. ;upon which char ges the pl.'intifl" was acquitted, Tlio defence was that there was probable cauo for the prose cution, aud that it was not malicious. Tlio Court held that even if the prosecution was .mlieinns and without probable cause, if the defendant acted under the advice of counsel, he was not liable. The jury after being a long time disagreed found for tlio plaintill", 1,00 damages and cost. Wiiittemoke, itSiuLLEY it .Smith for PUT. II. Adams it A. Peck for Doft. November 17th. ti-r.-rr. Michael Keefe, Information fln,iiitd fur snlllniT Honor without license in Kic.h nondat various'" periods. Verdict guil ty upon 1st Count, and net gtuiiy upon mu ITS. State's Attorney for Pro3. KillTII it PlIELfS for Deft. K SU.ffll 211. IjJ'.l fi'2 fair Ifair clear s .ay, Ifi ay. 01 cloudy cloudy rain N -,y.73ay.7jay.7.jfair clar clear s ,a'.l.73ay,7a,ay.73lair clear rain s ,ay.7aay.7a,ay.H0 cloudy clear clear s 'ay 8'J ay '.W ay 85 clear clear Wear s ay.H3a3.77,ay.7y clear .clear ielomly s .a'jyil.'K) luai.lllrloiidv cloiulyclear K 'a'.l 'J3ay.77 ay.'JI clear Ifair cloudy N ,30.1 1 30 a I 3(1 31 lair lair clear 1 s 3,).3J3J3.'i30.3rclcar clear clear s'MJIiiiaj.Hja'J'Jelear clear lair s" a'.l fil ay al as.37 clnudv (rain icloudyl N a;l liy 2'J 3') ay 3d lair iclear lelear X aJ3iay3:i.ay.7lilair Itlcar s aJSflayfiia'J.Salair 'clear ifair x 'ay.o 1 ay s:i ay H.Vram idondv snow x aj. I ay. 1 1 a'J. 1 J cloudy snow .clear is lSJ S3 ay.'JI ay.'Jl'clcnr clear clear s ,SJ.'JJa'J8jaJ.7'Jlair fair lilenr svv a J.7 1 2.1.75 a'J.WS cloiictv'clear clear siv -.1.11 4 ii, y. 13 i.itr , s,)uw vv aySiiaySsajfifieloud) cluudy'clomly wxvv x aj.Miaj.'Jl 30 l'JIair .clear clear s t. s' s"3J.a:ia)03a'.IMIclear 'clear 'clear x 1 x x j jj.-;rj,:iiiciou(iycioiiiiviair lis x ,')J'.i.f,yay.7fi clear clear' liir x XE N 30 00 3J.53,cloud) cloudy lair N X X 30 Ca 3J.IVJ 30.fiy.lair lair clear X X xvv s 0.21 0.01 0. 12 0. 30 0.C1 0. 12 0 113 0.81) 0.01 n r. m arks. Showery. first frost Very smoky, do Showery. Hard frost. (3 real fall and rise in the Barometer. 7 in. Know. Trees broken. Aurora Uorealis. Hnovv mostly suiio. ocy SANDnitS' RUADnrtS. Sindcrs" Spelling Ilooks, Sanders' Primers, for sale by S'l'EVKNS WOOD?. Nov. !, 1816. 22 IS d 3132 32 l'J 2 27 II ,3 J an' 3 33 17 II l I II Is 11 22 5 3sl2'32 s s w'SJ.M 2'J.fi7 2'J C3cloudy eloudy'iloudy! Snow squall. aa o vi' .u ij 21 7 2.1 i) ''..' 2 31 IS 32 a' 3 ,."i2 jj I-) s"' s' s ,2J.iy2y.3l2'J.I7llair 'cloudy'cloudyl Wind very higli. 23 1 , .j;. aj 3 ,33 1 j 10 30 G '33 1 1 31 31,. 3312,33 12 30 II ineau 13. 1" ,2J.77 a'J.78,2y.7'.l, mean 2J.78 1 2. 05 1 hn mnnii inrif-rninrn ri n-tiiirr mr iiio rmiit v.iim mimui. hn icir. ! at- ?a a i. "ui inc LL-iiiirviiiiuii- in vi. (uwi inn ' n- 11110111 uinrri in 1 iisii:n iir iwrirr 1 n imm 1 nid iun crv clrtiif?L'aulc nnd tlu riinuntion-t oflinriiinptrr rrniarknhln. nnd ihcrn Imc luri nn nmnuni l.drh wmu. 1 11c nnroinruT wa' niffncronuin jjh man l lino nc r In lore not kTd t at tiin n ace be ni? 31)09 in. et-e.litorn nf sniil these cMreines. The leaves not having alien, the tnowun the niulitut the ICth loaded and broke down nianv ,l,.een,,l. meilnliit nnd nrove their remective claims. j before n. Do give A'olirc, that we will attend to the - - iltniea ol our nnlioitltnient at the home of Hllldah . " 1 Johnson in ilurhnslun, in saiJ Di'lrict, on the last Iji;proinotiiijT circulation, strengthening tlie svsleni iiuit anil other trees, doing considerable damage. l'roin llie Huston Daily Advertiser. Tin: co.MiNt. .AiDssAoi:. SMITH'S first book in Geography, " Qunrlo do. Morse's do. do. (toodrich'e ,0i do. Olney's (leogrnphy and Atlas, Mitchell's do. ' do. iMilrheli's Primary Geography Peter Parley's do. r or sale by Nov, 20, 1810. STEHVN3 WOOD3. 22 illACCARONI AND VEUMACCMil, ill 22 Korsalcby IIAKIIINUTON. rURKISII TOBACCO. 20 mr or puke JL Turkish Tobaci o ut 9l,fi21 cent ier lb. 22 by IIAKIUNOTON. FREE TRADE. OCCUPATIONS ARK VAHIOUS AND MANY are the notions ol nccomjilislinieiu. Yet the ftrand secret of eminence nnd success is to have ns a iiisiness but one at n time, then with nn attnineil knowledge nnd direct Attention, the result mny be ninlbcmaticall)' cnlculntcd, with that in view the People's Agent 211 years since commenced Mercbnnd. izitig with the Moltoot " L'p and Doing, Quick and Cheap for Cash nnd no Imprisonment for Debt." How it has been carried nut mnr be known to the Pcopie, by a visit to their Store and viewing the pro gressively Improved condition of the establishment nnd the enlarged supply of Unods, Wares and Mer chan lize theirein collected, I nnu nearly nil the por tions ol the lilolje nnd each liny take tor themselves nt Free Trade prices, until alter the ttt-minon of recipe. It is certainly worth its weight in gold, but is Notice (tAMU into the inelosiire of the subcrilicr on the I l'Jth day of November, one 5 earhng hay mare colt and one Iny colt, 5 months old. The owner is re quested to prove properly, pay charges, and take them away. L'HAKI.US 1IADI-HY. Durlingion, Nov. iy, 1810. 't.3!- SCAKFALIJTTA, Tinmsii and Spanish Smoking Tobacco, by 22 HAllUINtSTON. ilip Tnrill' of 1812. which will lie soon or the M lean War e.Xeuces must lie repudiated, therefore come and gel vour Dresses, Cloaks, Bonnets, Slinwls, i ' " i .7.. .if. .ii i'.. - ..... '..I ri.. I....;. :2 IJIinS Ullll 1I1U1I9 ml iui ag, niui ni,n 1 1 ni Nov. 2D. ."I AT HUVVAIlLltS. MA. HOOTS System of Penmanship, 500 copies, . forsale by STKVUNS WOODS. Nov. 26, 1810, 22 Stephen Johnson's I.'slnle. rrilli stmsciiimnis. iuvixo iu:i:n appoixt- I. ed by llie Honorable Probate Court for the Dis trict ol Chittenden Commissioners, to reccivewarnine and ndnict nil claims and demands of nil nervous a- gainst ihe estate ol Sir ph"ll Johnson late of IJiirlington losatd district, ilecensed.renresinted insolvent. and the term of fix months from the day of the date hereof, roesdnvR of December and March next at 10 o'clock 111 me lorenoon, oil eaen in sinu oajs. Dated this 3d day of October, A D. 1810. JOHN J. KAY. ) f. H. W. U. DDANK. t Conm", (KrNOTICK.o UJK Aim NOW OITXINO a lakok axd full nssorlment of Drugs and Chemicals: Also, hi' not inlrml We llliv loo'l nerlnin f.irs.n counterpart to what the last message held forth r, mi to ine results ol the Te.vas annexation. The ir lem then S.111I , , ., . . . ,. Tnis accession to our territory l,-.l.ei,n l.l.ul In this v illag-, on the 23J mt., Swicri, H. Pris- aeliievement. No arm of force has been raised to nro- ELE.jr , son ol Samuel II. Pcasce, Jo. aged 8 years Ijee the result. 1 he sword lias had no tort in the and 21 davs. victory. We Inve not sought to extend our territoiial, v,j n i. . r r r n possessions by conouest, r our,licaninstituiion. , h'11' , ' ' . ' A v Calu" C over a leiiictant people. It was the deliberate homage u'"8" im.iormeiiy ot iiiisuni.agcd 21. ol each people to the gieat principle nfmir Ii ih ntii'r ; , , . union. j If we consider the exient of territory involved in the 'HAjIPL IX (fc t'ONNTCTICIIT IMVRR auueation-its p,,,., ilve inlluenee on America' " :"','"rt -l1- ItU Ii i. n 1.1 ,.ll,.v.. il. srinii. itise, ,11111 I Nov.3J. 2lw3 t'.r.O. tl. HAllItlNOTON. Cbninpliiin anil C'ouiicclicut ICivcr Knit Itoad Ciiiiiiniiy. .71 "j TIIR Subscribers to the stock of the fJ.Ll-l Chainplain and Connecticut Itiver Kail 't-r-jr-sir m Company are rcmimled lhat the three dollars of the first assessment on each share of Mid stock, the pavineut ol winch was iieierrcu, are paa hie mi the iui'h day of November instant. Payments may be made lo the banks or agents as ?lolore notih' d. b. !sv if i, ttcatmrr. herelol. Middlebuiy, November 3, lb30. 21vv3. NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. n MS-ovHSiTtel uie inr.iijs ,,y wnien ii itasoeen accomplished, spring-' ing purely hoin the ihoice of the people thunselves tol shaieihe bles-ings ol our Pnion, the history ol tlie world inay Ii-challenged to furnish a parallel Tile iutlsjietloll ot llie I 'nit.l Isoii.-a l.w.l. mil... fonmtion ot the I'edernl C'onsiitution.wns houii'ded bv UieM. .Marys, on the Atlantic, has passed ihe Cape's, oU'loiila, and been peaeelullv cxiended to ihe ()el Norte. Ill contelnnUltillii the L'raodeur of this even!. it is not to be fiirgotten that the rcs.i!t was achieved in ii -spue oi ineuipioniaiie mteiterenee ol l.uropeati mo- I ((tiK 1 1 It'll r IIP mvi'ii'i'it .. . We may the Iran. 1 iif U?' VI,iS Vll-I- lI'- RKCM U) U.V- otoI :iii,I tiertn.lbi :iill,i..,.u ... t'l... v I 1 111 the 1st da V of Jatlin re. lrt 17. lor il,.. rZrn.llii olsell-govenuneiit was sullicicnt lodeleat thu purposes Mnsonry, and Bridging, ul that part of the line ol the ol llritish ami I'rench interlerence.aiid lhat the almost 1 '"'nip'iiiil As Connecticut Kiver liull Itimtl iiii.iniiuo'is voice, thai iiiteiference how vain dio.omaiic ails nml inm nit-s i,ni-i evei ll'irhnaion to the village of Urau.lon, a distance of prove upon this continent, a-'aiim ihai ., o..i. "b""t miles. govr.iniMU which seems natural to our. sod and winch ,.-.l''m' 1 C"1'1" n,",l Pp"cifieations of the respective w ill ev 'r resist foreign interference. iilivi-ions will be found, alier the 15ih of December, in These lieaceahle views lime loo sin-e ,linnenre.l me olli.-e oi the Loinpaiiy al llurlington. and at the """-''"f Ir0", lllillll Henry, I1.1I.iwh tails, where winch llie lixeeulive saw lit tooller lo the country in IT..? li,ry, loinnnaiiiui win ne given. the U.-cember of 1:113. It is imssible that they deceived 1 , 1 "C w ur aggressive movements w-iiuld i c itr. vii:u ni: ii:h ir YOU ARE AFFLICTED WITH Brnnrhilif, Asthma, obstinate or common cntihs and Colds, Spitting of hlmnl, Ucrd'tnt; of the lunvs, Wlnxiping-Connh, Diflicnlhj of Breathing, tore throat, Hiytrsenm, first Stage if Consumption, AsnAt.roTiiEnPcuMovAnvon I.two Cojirt.UNTS, ll is known as DR. KMANTHIiS tiAT.siA.nic m;n and concti jktxy. The im tennis of this Jelly nre purely vegetable nnd balsamic, ami are llie Invention of nn eminent physi cian, trom whom the nronntor lias purcinseu in flint nf n nrlee In lie whliln llie reach ni rich or Iloor, ' ' I ...i - r ).. iinmrn nun rcsornrcir iy jwrainn rrao'id m ii citijnf Aftc lark, tthn hate linn ruiea nrvrni Jilrdly Da. Cmasi ee's IiALsavicCi'Vuii Axn I.exo .irr.r.FV,tclr tr iras jirrscrwrti in niivirirrwrni . Mr Hiram AvriTs. 113 Willnrn-H , is. 1 ., nnu, fTO RKNT. A CONVKXIENT DWKI.UXn f"r some time, n dreadful pain in his side nnd rhe.t. bil for n sninll family, near the square, l'or par- will, a hacking ,-n,iKfi, nml suorlne.-. or di.Ticidiyol ., i.. i il.i-nlllee Nov 12 IS to breath. He used part ofn bottle nf;r Lmiiniirl ticularsnppl) nUbis olhie. 'J-' Z'2i. lhhnmk Lnug anil Cough JclliJ, which pcrleclly URKEY OPIUM, 7rf.n rgWII TOBKCT m'$mnx m rVont-s. , nrooUlyn, had n very Oniiim, l orfcnleby 11AKKIM. 1 U.M. obstinate coueh nnd cold. She tried every other re- November 20. medy in vain, nnd Dr. l'.maiiuelt Ilalsamic .ting . rtmlf7nrA 111,t enfirrle rnred her LA5IP OILS, SPERM OIL riritE, $1 12$ lirader. reader, let the glad voiee. and grateful oer callon: also, whale oil and common oils by hearts of ihese respectable citizens of New oik, np ptr K"1"'': ..... , II llllllVOTIlV I ,,.,-,1 1 I. ,... n.l ,,,,,lrvlnn, urns ifeou nre nf ISoveinoer " iinmu.iu. IJ. ,"T'.," - ;: , Y i 7 i.n.ii.1 niui any puiiiioiiuij, w.,,.,iirii, TRUSSES : For the various ruptures occuring to the .Mnle, lor sale, anil accurately ap plied nt PUCK it SPEAR'S. Constantly on hand, the modern un- NEW FIRM &. NEW QOODC. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE FORMED n copartnership under the firm ol II. I, -t J. B .MOOIllf for the transaction of n r.oncrnl Mercantile business. They have lately returned froin New I or w ith nn entirely now nnd tiesh stock ol Goods con sisting in Df!Y ROODS, tlllOt'lIKlKH, CKOCKKIIY, OI.ASS-WAItn HAItD-WAUi:. KOOTriitsjllor.S, rvnvn, PtJKK, coDi'iaii, MACKIIRI'.l., SALMON. SALT, itc.JLe. T( m ..or infenllnn in keen a nenctnl !rsorlmcnt of Good, nnd wo would Invite fliie wishing lo purclnsn to give us n call as we slwll sell as low as can be. pur clias"d in Ibis vieinitv. Mot kinds of Country Pro duce in exchange lor Ooo,H. HOIiACC I, MOOUE, ja.mi:s u. .Mooiii:. Poarl st Nov lU.ISIC. '2uv6 lltirliitgton reiroilc Seminary. TTE ni'.t Qt'Airrnn in this I.vsTiTirTin.v willcouiineiice, on the Ut rlay of December TlKMs.bnlf piyable in dinrr"e. Piitiom, in Kng li!i branches nnd Latin, p:r (jnnrlcr Si Frenun l.niigunge,9 3 50 ; Dnwing, S 1 ; Music, 1?. Hi.tiin. luelulmg fuel, Light", Wnlnng At 5 2"' ier Quarter. Iltj (A? n sntad deduction is made. None nie ndmitted ardinari'ilifSor less than one'lVrro or two Quarters, nnd no deductions nre made for ab sence except in case of prolioited sickness. Nov. II), I SIC. Sc. !c .Mr. I,. W. Ionkeis-, uri i.iiiniige-si tr. Ativ7i ltnowx.72 Keade-st. Airs lnrriiv. Alltintiirli llin invnnlur tnlldt niTIlin rpltrrntf1 llIS On! - "'r . i. . .. :.w.;,ln , inoii, iikii roil- frs cuii'-umpiMiii, in n- umiumil. v. provetnen s for It .ptnres incident to nM( wnr( hf. must own there is ... a .......... , ,pc,w bin we rend t i'lo owing leiier : ons assortment ol Adolnl ual sulilioilers I ' ' t...;i in fair. CTtam, Shoulder llraee, of most npuroved ki,','d, Hc r.N.r Aovcniber20, . iinu Denr Sir Vou mnv nerhnns think mv talemenl -- . . " I nlni,l iiir.r.iti).tn t e n nwn lir iin liim sn Is the hicl lX MARROW POMMADI'., THIS ECi:i.- ofxourneverrecotnnR'n.lingyourJellyfor the cure o' r cnt preparation ol I rencn manunciure, may. ne eonlirmeit cousuniption, but only in us primary or uri found at '2lw3 IIAKHINO I ON. stages. 1 have every reason to believe that 1 was in - its last stage ; my physician toiu me so : my menus IMNCY TEETH AND HAIR imrSIIES. told me so; ns well did my symptom", for they were I. call nnd see the best assoitiueut ever brough !...- n e oi...'l II I lllll Ml'I'OV'J lliu oanuuioii.oi n... ...n.w.iu, ,,.. ,r,, .,, ,, tt, I,.. ,l. ,i,. Ivuseofyour remedy, 1 still live, mid ngnm cnjoyniv r l'fl'lt'iv .... i. .....lormer good health. I had, indeed, dear sir, all II Un in i.vvj. lunsiMi "i iiviiiir.ij alnnniug svsmptoms you speak of as forming eon- ntltetail. Also, Lainpt.lnsscs nnd icks at nnnptiMi in its worst stage ; but by the use of your isaac j. nncD. 21m3 PUCK & SPDAH'S. Jelly, I ngaiu say, I am cured HAKKRSITKU) ArATItMItl'AT. INSTITUTION. J. S. Si', A. Ii. Associate C C. DiMir.l:, A. .M. S Principals. Mrs. J S Si'aueiiing, Preceptress. Mr. II. FisK, Teacher of French. Mr. M. Hassett, Teacher ol Vocal Music. Mrs. S. M. IUssett, Teacher on Piano Forte. Mrs. O. T Urn iiiiTos. Teacherol Pnintinc. mill! Winter Term comuienees oii Wednesday, L Deceiuber 21. Lectures on Natural History, nuisiraicii wiui niHiui jju uia grams representing the nniinais as large name, niso aiurni i iiuosopny, c. will be given. Hooks furnished by the Principals. uoaru sji,-J, incluiiuigrooni.wood mm washing. SETII OAKKti. iccre fury. Hakersli.'ld, Nov. 7th 181G. 21w3 And now. reader, having given vou a plain state ment, let me coniure vou to pause, ere it is ion ni HAVING JUST ARRIVE!) FROM NEW York, with n large nnd fashionable assortment ol Watches, Jewelry and Fjincy Aitieles, which he of fers fur sale at very 'low prices, at las New Jeweler's Shop, In Strongs' Ruilding, College street, directly opposit". Cole it Robinson's Slore. The citiens nf II irlingtou and vicinity an- respectful ly invited to call an I examine his goisls't.r themselves His assortment consists, in part, as lollows : Wllll'hcs, Oold, IlnglMi Patent Levers, Anchors, Cylinders, an I Lepines; Silver, I'.nghsh Levers, Aucbois.C linden Lepmes and Conunon. Cold Pencils Sr Pons, Cold Loekets, Oinrd Chain", Kys nnd Seal", Specta cles, Tlunihl-s, Hoads, l!ar Onnmeuts, Luaiuelleil nnd Willi Stone settings. Oold Ilrnecb-ts, Clasps, Hearts, Crosse", Fob and Vest Chaiues, aud u grest variety of i:iegunl I'iitscr Dings, Pins nnd nroccln ", of the latest styles, for Ladies nni (i-'iitleinen. Silver Spectacles Thimbles, 1 encd-. try this HALSA.M1U LL'NG JDLLY try it. I have i Oold nnd Silver Tooth-piek, .Silver Hatter Knivca, .... . I. - T U'n-. I . ,V ...... ...... 1, 1 V,li..r IVtir! i.r lw.ii- llnn.lli-s. pui us price in vou us ioiv us 1 1 mi iiii'iih , ii , ...... s... s. and succeed in'curing yoursiif, I slrill have the grnli- Silver Spoons, licnlion of having resi-ued another fiom consumption ; . -o,,.! ns the Coin. Tea rl and Slnvll and I hope, m return, lhat you will not wiihlioM i c , c u.,,,., ,i pllrai. Clasps, Steel jeds, nieournaine,anu a siaicnie uo i jourmre. , prv! Kings.wuh bais nnd ta N. Silver Plated and i... .j t (Jerman Silver oiioons.Lierniaii silver cipeci'icies.ftnii riAT.slvre l.rve. M1 CniT.ll Jnl.LY . IS olll. bv the 1 v...l '!, ...ra l'.l.r..i .SVeel .S'lieetneles. ICev Ilium. Agent. Price Fifty Cents a Bottle, or largersics, One j auj ljrR. of Dollar. rmtprv. nurl'neton Vt Nov 20ib 1SIC. 2lio3 i Rogers' Razors, Knifes an 1 .Sisso-s. ode and hutch .- I ) - .... .l r'l.n n'u Hump s'lrnu TO S f.IRFiS WANTED AT THE PAPER- VJ- M I l.f. at Ilubbell's Fulls. Nov. 20. 1S1C. PIAX0 FORTE. 1 riM; TONED IXSTIIUJIP.XT IN A PLAIN ' 1 1 Mahogany ense. from the inanufictory of A. H- Oalc it Co , N Y. for sale nn good terms. Also, n few articles of Furniture, the property of n Oin tlcman who has lelt town ; which will be sold low, amongthem is a iarge Cherry Ilcdsiead with oratres ses of lnir and straw to match, all in good condition, having haj but little use, a book cas. bureau, cane scat locking chair, iS:c. i f " Pay is much wanted on d' bts due me lTtliNov Id hi. 2ltf D. K PANOUOHN. Spr French interlerence,niid that the almost 1 ""iiii'iun ,v lonnecticut Kiver Unit Itim.l oieeol the people ol Tcvas Ins given tinPMr ,!,21.,r0ln, toriuiimtion at Bellows I'alls up to ence n peactlul and ell'ectivc rebuke 'alJ '' 'ucludnig llie sjiuinitnt Mount Ilolley.a distance iinple Luropean povernineun may learn ',, ",,out miles; nnd also Irom its termination at SAWS. rr.AIl f( JACKSON'S 2rand 2S in. double refined muiiCnst Stee nml IS. S. band. nane anil nn nine Saws. ilo. to to is inch. Rowland s Mill S.ivvs, Hoe's circular nnd ca-t steel X saws ana billet webs, wiui oilier Minis nnu oi various nialities, at a I liU.sOS iV Co s. Nov. IS.ISIO. 1121 The New I'.llglilli 1 ML'TL'AL l.II'i: INSUHANCU COMPANY. HUSTON, AVF, established an agency in Burlington, Vl . nnd will erant ootieies on the Mutual principle, as l.iv orahle terms as any similar institutions in this country or L'ngland , 1 or llie oellerseeuriiyoi me lnsurco, in iukiiuiih hi tlie nmoimi receiveu mr preiiiiuni.ueposn .nui ii,oi.-e.-s, tbw company has a guaranty cnpuni oi -siuwjj, er s Sliav in Huor iwnp, Bear's Oil, and rerlninery. Various patterns of ihcll, Horn and Ivory Combs, Coral Beads and Necklaces, Cloth, Hat, Hair, and Toolh Ilrnslics. Music Boxes, Violins, Bas Vinl and Violin .Virings of tlie licet iu.diiy, Clarionette Itecd', etc Ml kinds of Watches, Clock". Music-Boxes and iw coniiianv has a guaraniycapiiai oi -.100.11110, one . T. r .' i- fi; i 1 l...r..A .1... Iiail 01 WHICH Was paill U nilll S-lieiV Ulir-ll-l.1 IK-I, III- Oil- I I 11 . ...r . I nl ll,n .Imrlncl Vn'l company went into operatcn, and me balance is liable ""f'V.'V' "' r i' , er an-efr ..i.uds'.ir to lie cailcu ill whenever nn ousiiic-suuu c.igeue.-s u, lit tooller lo the country in !'verv necessary lnlonnnti.ui will be given. left lor collection i n llie iil ilay ot January, llie nuiu- i possible that they deceived1, W1" be divided Into sections of convenient lier and amounts nre very linno-d, but we wish i them HARDWARE. STRONGS & CO. OFI'EIl AX EXTENSIVE nssorlment of Hardware, comprising all the va rious kinds of shell and heavy goods, suiud to the wants of purclm-crs, whose attention is rcspecilully solicited. Nov. I". 21 iNIlTlCE. 1FE WISH TO HVVP. ALL ACC0PXTS IN FA Vl voror against iisJiowtver s.nall the oinount sx-uled unimiisrdeitcly, those nol nttended In will lie llie eiiiniiiiliv shall reoinre It. Tne nliieet of tins comoaiiv is In furnish everv one an Table and Dessert npiiortuuity In make n small nnnii il saving during In Steel", Nut Picks, llie, tor the llellellt ol Ills lahlliy 1'lier His ill-ran.-, Wllll- llogers out pa) mg any more man is aeiu.iiy reicureu u ineei llie reipilslie evpenscs nnu j,ujiu'-ie ni uic i tiiii,iii -l ihe exiu anon in cverv oetiou oi live veins, e.icn nienilier is cniitlcd to have Ins deoosiis. or so much i herenl ns remains unannrooriatei .credited to hull on elm nnv s.n account ol ms lulnre primiunis. lie is nisoenniieu in .s.llMil.ll l , receive back, at the same time three-loiirthsof the sur- STUONOS it Co. having replenished their stock of plusof his piimiuins over nnd nboie what may be sn.lleri' lliimess ti iiiiiiiiiii-s nnd ('oneli Hardware reouisite to meet the liabilities of the tollltimv. to the arei.reonre'd In coiisuiuers. anything wanted in I benefit of the income of which, he will be entitled ls n21 CUTLERY AN extensive ns-iortmcnt of Kniiei and Forks. Cnrvers, Cooks' and Butchers' Knives. Shears, Sisiora pen and pocket Knives, iVc. &.C. ' STIIONGS it Co. Nov. ISIS. n'21 Ibis line on lavornble terms. sjov l.VIG Ion; nsbe reinaius a member. SCALP. OF ANNUAL PAYMENTS, construction, aud fiom lliose to whom the settled icituigs may be nvvardeil.sauslactory tecurily will be nianv into a hone lhat our be permitted to pass without resistance. It is possible'1 J1, also lhat in the coming December, the same President, rc'lula'J may set forth nu tonally pleasant account of our for- U.. ..I..'.-. Ml . l.-i I., l. . strued with proper reference to ll.c tnie ineaningol the Office of Cham, it Conn Kiver It li. Co j stories which wc have before heard from the samel lrhnguin, November 21, 1SIG. qunrter, .... w n t iiinv-tniciiii i llie message will have much lo tell, and much to1 -in I liiviianu 21 imi.NS.MAID -t BltOTHKKS. By order of the Board. 1'. I Ul.l,i;i 1', 'resident. HIU TAIU SH WING SOAP, Jt'ST RECEIVED ili a! and Fur Sale by November 20. IIAKIUNOTON. 21w3 22 nsr.. inereisii mug in-iory ot vncillating couiwls 'Hill-: si'iisrniiint! mvi: i:vTi"iipn about the war itsell winch mu-t be put in arraylir I Co-Parinersliip, unjer the linn oil. 1). Bixav the ejes an 1 ears ol the would Lien the reputed aaj (ju ' it (' 'p IV causis ol have not been told us, mi l will ru:i ' o.i3 1. I). BIXBY.' ' in, ii. ixi, mini ii iu ui; iiAfirit il in be the most lelt. 1 he l'rc.-ideni mu t even in Ins opening message ask for more money and more men CIMII! iiecauuoi get on a monin witiiout it, ana this must f .1.. . ..r.i. , . i" luini nie pun oi me message hum uueresiing in lon-ial gress niul the country. How shall we conduit the ,i Uilliston Mifiii School and Female Se mixary. Ti'H'inter Trim of this institution i willcouiineiice on llViiirsini licccmhrr,ii under the charge, as hen lore, of J. Lvmax, A. M. The condition of this school is prosperous, number of pupils large, and llie prospects ior llie liuure llatter- ing. The Instruction is believed to be cllicientand through. It is an essential peculiarity of the Institu tion lu lead ihe pupil, solar nr pincliiahle.botli to in- mis f. . siruit anu govern niuise i. 1 his rentiers iiissiuu es "IE SlIlSCIIIlli:rt IIWIXC DISPOSED OF HIS U.asant and ensures success. The lacilitie.fur the tods to I. 1), Bixby and Co.. IIIVCS notice to nennlsition ot natuml fceietieenre niinsnnlli. irood all persons having unsettled accounts with him, that The l'rineiiiil possesses n largo Uershehau Telescope Di bonlli Itiickvvell's Mstutr. II'E THE SURSIMUBERS iuvixo iieex If ntinoiuted tiy the Honorable Court of Probate I for the District ort.rauil lb commissioners toreecive, I examine and adjust nil claims and demands again"! 'the estaic of Oliioiuii Itoch-wnu., late of South Hero, in said L)i-trict. decensed. and all claims and demands exhibited in olfsct thereto: and six months 1 from the twenty eight day of September, A. D. lSlii, beings allowed by said Court lor thnt purpose, we therefore do hereby give notice, that we will attend to the tiusines" i.i our appointment, at theuwellmg house of lKvin Coaiuv, in said South Hero, on the second vvedneslay ol January next, Irom ON h oclock, P. M.. till 1" 1 V II o'clock P M. mi suid davs. Oiveu under our hands nt South Hero, this 7th day oi ivovciniier, .. ir isto CALVIN FLKTCIinit, ) r, 20w3 HIlNItV SMITH, Commissioners Hill lil.ll UCNDniU lj.I.AUi. ' On a ' Jioliey For Age lor the1 seven whole ears life For one ear war nnu now; sunn we pay or it I will be an important next, atlhestoieof I U. Bixby i Co., nml otter that 2.1 I',"!, '.' -"slT'.Vl"cl!,,ll,e ,nC!',; W1 1 .''' time will be placed in the hands of 11. Lt-AVt.s worth as best it in y.prubajly with som- g.Mieralilies and ur collection inuiii uidi,iuu, ii is io oe iioii'mi inai ii win siaie llie llooksand Notes will remain until the 1st January ofsuK'riiirquality,wiiliotherexeellent apparatus late ,1, ,1 . , "r vv'" """,e. VV 1 '? 'ec.i'"i requested to present them for adjustment immediately, latter Irom the Department of ar, which s.nd . "A "w-3 ll v citiiv Silll eieill niiminil iil'Lir,... for ll,. r.,.,l C.1..I "WJ .CA1LI. w ar, lias, ii is Deiicveil, uecn calleil lutu the serv ice. ALL persons having accounts against him are iHarkcto. Ilrigbton Mnrl.i l Nov. STILL THEY COME. I H llIX,lV & Co- ,uvn xow LtltfJE I til tit assortment of desirable Goods, which thel ofler nt low nriei S fnrCisit ne .rim- ... I 0 A very large nssortment of Woolens nn,l ii'i.o,,nr At market. UOO Cattle. 500 Stores. 'J000 Seeen and inssoillnent ol Fancy Cassiineres than !i,,un film Swine. iCIoths of nil de.sciijiiions, diess (loojs, every variety Beef Catlle Wc quote exira &fiO, first quality Sj.Cashnier, Zephyr, Plaid and Nett Shawls. i a i,23, sjcond SIJ)3 a SI.75, third &3J;ia &l0. A large assoitiueni ol Mull's nnd Boas, Iliiffiilo Stores In demand. 1 wo vear oldslO a 617. three koik-s ami n general nssortinent ol all kind ol Goods ly enlarged, which he will ue for llie benei'il of the student. Tuition For the Primary branches, $3,00 " " Higher " -t.00 " " Languages, -IriO Conn can be obtained ntfrom S1.23 to Slr5J per week, inclu ling w ashing, itc A". It is very desirable that those who anticipate nttcnding, should commerce al the beginning of tlie quarter. Williston, November, 1 1 IS 16. THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS S. NEW Year's nre coming. n T TAKBINOTON has opened for coming rvenl", is, 1 I. 1 Illllf Pine Wnndhniisi.' V..7,. ir.l.:. .. but a small supply ot superior pulled wool. and holders Wine for Cooking purposes: alsolhlf pii,Q old Ma- nr iisbiii.r 1 n . i..r IK mlenne.. IL.l IVn,,, I, leir i t", ,r in I, Id u 1 year old S20 a 21 rjiieep u,ui. rtcypnn thousand unsold, tales at $1,17, 81,23, 61,12, &1.C2. 91Jjs &oi00 na 2r0. Iloston Wool .Mnrki't..Xov. 10. There continues In be n giol demand for American fleece wool, and prices are lully sustained. There are asking 1 a 2c per lb. advance. Bust Cornier. 1 rune .s,ixony j-iecccs, wasneu - -- -- -- -- 7 American lull blood do. m do 3-1 do. '23 do 1-2 do. 21 do 1-Ut com do. ----- 22 Spanish Sheep. UI'ifcA' sSmyriia do. washed - - - 15 do do unwashed ----- s Bengasi unwashed - - - - 1 5'iony, clean - Buenos Ayrcs, unpicked s do r do phked y Sup. North'n pulled lamb 2s No. 1 do do do - - - - . 21 2 do do cb 3 do do do suitable for this market. 2C Nov. 1 all and Winter supply of Books and Stationary ' plates, together with sheet copper, sheet zinc, boll cop I whieli he oilers to the'Puhhe on terms most rea-, pjr. I iuned and iron rivets, pail cms, tea pot handle: lile, Paixu K.vds taken in exchange, and CASH and knobs, sheet and bar lead, itc. itc, irsn. STIIVI'.NS WOODS. Nov. laid n21 STUONGS it Co. nlso,- 33' Cloves, Cinnamon, Allspice, Nutmeg", Oingcr Pne 33 fciiinuierSavory.Carniway Seed, Chocolate, Cocoa 2-j inepared. .Mustard, Hug. aud French, Pepper Sauce. 2Ci I nisiip, Pickled lobster. Sardines, Soda Ciackcis,,.c. 21 i-c.,.c. Thus., in scan Ii ol Fancy aitieles for prcs " lents.itc. would do well to call and look over uur goods IN m lhat hue. 12' Burlington, Nov. 2 lib, 1810 es It 9 -II. ii. Itallihiin iV Co. .MllltCHANT TAILORS. HAVI! just received their Second iiurchaseof Tall nnd inter l.oisls. comprising a very large ns- WrtiJlM,1- Vt:ST- 12! 8 13 311 231 ' 1NUS The DiNM:r. to Mr.. Wr.nsTEn. .1 (yat Speech. Wo learn that the Hon. .Samuel Ilrcclt has been invited to presidoat tlie 'complimentary limner vvlucli is io no gio" "' , " the Museum Iluildinj; on tlio 2d of D-ccmber. This is an excellent selection. .Mr. Urcck is a retired merchant, u citizen well known and hiijhlv esteemed for his intelli'enco and inte grity" Un has nUo served in tlio State .Sen itc as well as in Congru i. He was an early and rfficicnt friend of Internal Improvements, and of Popular r.ducalion. Tlio Festival is likely to nrove a very uniuam au.iir. tuo winner w in 1KI.M.M1NOS itc, itc. Al-vj i Sllir'.",' Ccr- ravat", Scarfs. Silk and Linen HdUs. lllk., CoioiM and While Kid Cloves, .. nn in u yoioi u nun uo., ouspendcrs. RuMicnder udi and Shoulder Hraccs. '1'aylors, .Measuics anuCrayons. M. O. PiATHBUN, n- . ,o.e c- -' WAUD. Nov. 21, ISICi. y-w3 URITISH EUSTRE foii i-iiodicing JP beautiful Polish umin stove and pipe at Fov. 2). 2lvv3 HAKItlNOTON": PRESII'ARRI VAL. ri'iiij M'nsrniiirjt is now heceivixg his .1. i nil ol sonahl, no irfitml. STIIVI'.NS WOODS .iuington,Aov 20.21w 1 Strongs Building. G EOIifi E 1 1 1 A R R 1 XGT0N. IFHOEESALE axd RETAIL deu.eii ix il Drugs and .Medicines, Oils, Chemicals, Liquors itc. A I iv a) s on hand the choicest aitieles in our line, both Ainfrriean and Foreign. to coi rj. We w puld say we will sell goods as low as they can be bought in the N. V. market. Tlkms Six months uppi otcd Credit. I ierceiit lf for Cash. November 20. 21w3 WINTER CLOTHING. Iti'.'l li Almlc ir Alndc to Order risHl! Sule-eriber has lust received from New Vork l a large and well selected assortment of Iteady made Clniiiinii among which may be found Bioadcloilii'rockand Dms Coals, over Sacks acd Surtouts, heav v Tweed frocks and over Saiks. heavy Cloth frocks lor business wear. Kerseymere do do. l ilot cloth tacK, v esis and t ants ol every v ariely A L AO- Cloths, Cassiineres, Tweeds, Vesting" nnd Trimming" which he will make up to order in good stvle, at a small advance Irom reudy made prices. Call and see. J..MI..s .HI I uill.i.l,, Draper and 'Fuller, Church st Burlington, Oct- 23, lMfl. 17wfi TIN PLATES, Sic. 1 On nOXKS tin plates 1-3 x F.xtra Sies, SO lulls 1 JJ assoited Nos. Iron wire. 40 lulls. Kussia. Ilnglish and American sheet iron, 1(H) boxes Cunada 10 '. 11 12 j 13 11 l 15 ' in i 1 1 is 21 j 23 21 25 sr. 2'J 3.) 31 32 33 31 33 1 35 137 1 II 1 II 1 H 1 33 1 jrt I CI 1 I'.) 1.70 1.71 1 7S l.3 I MS 1 '.U l.'JS 2 03 2 CO 2 15 2.21 2 2S 2 31 2 12 2 I'J 2 5!) I 2G; !0 73 0 72 0 71 0 7ii 0 80 0S1 0s7 O'JO l'J2 O.'Jj 0 'JS 1 INI 1 02 1 05 1.1.1 1.11 1.13 1 15 1.17 , 1 20 , 121 1 23 1 25 12-1 1 3(1 , 1.31 t SO 'i 0.71 0.70 0fi7 OX," 1172 0 78 0Si2 II S3 Oss 0'JI II 'J3 0 '.'5 O.'J'J 101 1 03 1.05 1 07 , 1.10 , 1.1G 1 17 1 I'J 1 20 1.21 1 22 1.25 Oa a policy Age ior tie w hob hie For sev en ears For one ear. '. 42 71 SI 2 93 3 01 3 ir, 3 27 3 3J 3 32 3 fij 3 til 3 '.HI I 13 I 31 15:1 1.71 4 '.12 5 15 5 :u 5 oTi 5'JI r.2 fi 57 fi U2 7 2S 7.C3 ,$1.3s 1 13 , 1 IS 1.53 1.51 , I fill lfis 1.73 1.79 1. s7 1 v; 2 07 2. IS 2 30 2.11 2 51 2 71 2 'J I 3 17 3 13 3.72 102 4 31 Ifi7 5 01 . -jr. 1 3d 1 32 1 35 1 11 1.51 1.57 1GI ir.3 ' 117 1.71 1 7S 1 1-3 1 91 2 01 2 23 2 32 2 15 2 53 271 2 91 3.13 3 12 3 71'. I 1? vare Old Oold and i'.lver taken in exchange for goods or woik. , . November Hill. 111". SOtf IfUSK! Hones and Aicoudi.xs ormr- ill ferent pi ices, for "ale cheap at Randall's .V Jewelry "hop. Hurlington Vt. ji' 1RASS AXD WOOD CLOCKS OF ALL KIM"' l I wholesale nr retail as cheap ns the chea,-s' P"' in order nnd warranted to keep good time. dall's New Jewelry shim Hnrlinmnn Vl Jljr lleii.iitiiiiii Irish" l'!tnlf STATIC OF vi:ilMONT. 'V HE, H'"?'1" l& DsrKic-rnrCiiimsi' 1 IV, ' Jr , the l)i-tr,ct ol Chm.-n.len : To all r'-if c,?,ncerne'1 1 in the estate of Benjamin Iri"h ln -'i -iieioju.e. m j said Dl-trict, d-1-eils..d, t -state, UJJI?iitnr of slid WKtBi,' Uiiuam Ham. a To t,U deceas.,1. proposes to render , , , ministration, aud pit-sent I. ,Ts"ionot estate tor examination nnd' ', . .uii..;,,.., the Court of Probate, to tc , oihee m Burlmgtun, out" ' 'Sf: . he notifi-d to aiinear beforo 1 iiereiore, ou are "", !,. .(,,, ',,i . . , Kiiy tuc account niorcsaia should not ! allow.' ' ,, n,i:-,r, .1.;. in,l, ,!nr( said court at the nine cnuse, if any vou li'i'''' November, A. I 203 CDS. PiUSSFLL. Judse. " GROCERIES. n k i H. DOOEITTEE offer foh Li, .1 choice t-el'ctiou nf (irocrifi, which ill be.-., H)sOJl -1" . I I. will be .-""' V" " I I'Hson T"S' Pormlii. S"J"' ' am' ''uclion J Havnuua J I JVA'cr- Spice, (linger, Nutmegs, Cas-ia, Cloves, i.3;sis, Salaratus, Kice, Cocoa, Starch, Soap, Mo-iU-s, Cudfc-h, ii- Oi t 2i'th islfi. I7w0 ' llullil o Holies Buffalo Robes just received and for sale by P .VII. II. DOOLITTLR. Oct 20th lSlfi. I7w(j I ra.AIU. HTKIvET IIOC8E. The follovving nrticlwe copy with pleasure from o,,: ,. e I o o?: o lr""r VVrch' lS.''J "'! l!nd4 and Shoulder Braces; . . r . ' 1 .' '.' ' "" suuenng irom oiiyorihe loinplaiuis Inch it is said cure, they will s.ecdilp avail thcm-cliesof it. ' DK W ISTAIt'S BALSA.M OF WILD CIIF.ItllY It vvaskuovviiinany jearsago thai the wild cherry tree ol tins dim in- povsinsed valuable medicinal pro. pcrlies, Indeed this l.irt w-as known loihe Abori- k.i.s .. ..... ...... .,, me ,,-uves or narKoi i ini trcP has ever been regarded by their -yiciansn, oueof the most ellectual reuu dies in many diseases -pi. lact, several years since, nrrecled Ihe ntti-iitiinml l)r W mar, n highly respectable praciiiiouerol Viri'iuia He investigated Willi cue the healing properliesTd the wild cherry tested us efk-cts vvhn aduiiiusieied idoue, nnJ when in comuiialioii with other remedial n-eius, lie fouuJ that us natural virtues iniM.. lu. ;...' I I... - I :.l .s . . pioivii, .inn u3 loiiiioiiin ii nun lllgreillelils, whose II Singing Hooks 1 1, CHOIIIS and Singing Schools, supplied on as good terms ns at nny other place. 'Din l'.nlt..r.. 'HI.- .. . e. ... is. ,' '"! a i neiiiisioiiBaerea Harmony, QI.V Niiiiibcis of Hip .Viitionnl (ili-r Hook, O n Collection of (iLL'KS. Maorioals, Catciius, Koi-xps, &c, in numlicrs. Price 12 cents raih. Huuteu's lustru-iiuu Book for the Piano, iieriims riauo rone lusinictioit nook, Vichu, Flute and CJrinrt lnsiriieiinn Bivcl. I o.' !iJ.s-r,,15ed,'i'4'Ab' Wuhl intho Burlington, NoicmIjiU (1,u.h mpctie m.V3IARIXI)S, 0iHr! sccno. Ho could J just opened by ud ll part in it. That November 20. j ilqiths nf tenderness HUST Ij figures clasnetl in each Foil ROOI'IXO, lood on the batik iilmvo rillll! Si;ilsritll iiRre spectator not u M. of all lliose interio l,nt out. ,'l'he Cnnnina Sacra, The Choral, he oeali-t Kmg.e'sJ, I he I'limary School Songster. r iltn nlaeo in the Upper Saloon, and Ihe (i.ille- ..... . I l .1:.. mi. I - rics will ih? reservcu .or ...u us i ,, c. , i(,3 K(.-f W1. - t --- - - .Saloon will bo appropriated to the purpose, of , ,'(.dicine was produced ,,cl, constituted la remedy'1 rcceivinjrtho visiters, guests, tic. Sir. Webster of great value in puhnoiiarynireciions.nnd diseases of will no doubt, inalio a preai speecu on tun ncca rion'probably ono of the frro.itcst of his life. The deepest anxiety will ba felt to hear the , r .inent a statesman, at n moment f such interest in our national affairs. It is Juvenile Choir. TiiujK-rance Melodian, for sale bv n i- . n. ... . . STUVKNS WOODS. Burlington, Nov. l'J, 1810. V A. S. DEWEY 1-1. r"-",1'''! his Winter supply of Groceries.nnd IX invites the nltcntioii ofhuicrs. ""-.iiu Tulhose who have tsVIVIf 1,1... ...:.i. .i... . . . ,.r. - ' iv .i . . . "" ineir iraue irove fatal swilli he I , is . f .'".. :. ' ' . " .' .",".' r "e.w sny .thathe ni , ....... .l. p -..........., iuuhiuii Hie .epiuiiioil Ol Keeping gooils ol the fntl lli lliM flioa, nml .hrnfi. ,l,.n..u . I. .1 11 s... .... . ......n., iiinin are Jiroveroiaiiy l-'s- v.... ...... mm towns, Hll.l .. . v.'fe.i ,1'ie ,,, 1 - I ... ... .. - , . vantages whiih theyicse tinners from Jus re oihcr sulist.inces Inn (us mind freo from such sessing as they do, tl, meaning with which they w iiliout its liability t.. u , , liuku them-elvos .:t'!:hBmW "f his pride, his lion from ihfervnco toward little l'lor- coiiimou liu Plate, lineaames ol tin extraor- liutilnow used lor rc,t' felt as if sho watched much lieiter and tigblei, ... , ,.M ,.. . .iimlll IjsAXXIXH .AIILLS, bostox iiollow-wahi:, . Cook, 11, i, and Parlor Stoves, for sale at the Ag ricultural Warehouse nf PIDKCI! !j SWLLT. llurlington, Nov. 10,1816 n21w3 RE&T0RAT1VE FRANCAISE. Consumption. LOI'lS I'ONTAIN, junior partner of the finn Foiitniu iS Son, Chemists and Preseriptioniststo the Itovnl I'niveis'uy, Paris, has established, ut Wosh inetou'City, D. C, a l)epot lor the saleol their above ccleliriiien ciinpounu, wiucnincy ouerio tlie .nien ii soldier of the revolution, nnd hid como to pro Tillia n .ora., n. ,U.nn....l 'S i,. flr.l.F M I' S100, to his family at his decease, piysaniunlh'' his life a preiniuin ofil.7'J, nnd deno-it ol2,,'Jj one at 33, a premium of 92,10 nn.l depo-it el ? r WILLAltD PHILLIPS, V''l-"-Directors. UMInrd Pliilhre. .Tsme. Ilen.l. TllC ',''-. Kobert H.siiier. F V. Lowed. William Parsons, (ieorge 11 Kuhu Chas. P Curtis, Win. W Slow' THE Si'iiscitini:it. J. House, Highgnte j; 1) I oliios, p l amw right. (Ins I ults. LTE OF THE TIUXKLIX firings, respectfidlv announ ces tint he Ins tented the establishment which is now open lor the nccouumiditton ol the puMio. It Las lately been lilted up tiiul laini-bed m asijU-un-s irins-i d by nny public bouse in this section, and sit lined ns it is. nt'the head o on.; ol the principal streets. in th most ih hghitiil isirtson ol the v illage, il presents superior ntlrmtiolislo me traveller for pler.sme ; wnt.e it is not so lemoved fimu the business portion ol the io me niau il ius- - . ....r.i nn.i iiTiiiiiuieis limn as io oii'-i un, iiiii.ui -iii. Applications lor insurance ns o . jni, 'n,e su s -rih, r having long U-en engaged m comai.ii.ig . in p i.ucuiars us - .,,. . poratioii anu ny-uwsoi me o""-,- --. 11 irlington, Vl can Publickas ii scbd axtiimte ior Coxscvimov, in ils advanced as well os ixcu'iEST stages. Acting directly upon the LiWGS.and ariesting there decay, it not onlv soothes ond quiets, at onee. the di-tress and tinln nl.i.ihoit tllinll this lier, -r, rem. r. le.l I tne vein ot tnrv-.cllinjj. but he would rclato an Uijri incident wlncli occurred iliinn mo rany pin of his profos-ional career, in a Court House in the interior of tlio Statu of Ohio. He said tlio Jtul''e had just taken Ids seat upon the bench, and a cause was about to ho com menced, when a very white-haired old pcutlo- iiun camo tottering liuu tlio court-room upon a cano in cither hand. Tlio old I'enileman was IX COXSEQUENfJ OFitEMOVixB to he- 1 BUILD 'OAS HALL" Til MAKE IT SlTHrll.XTI.V MIWE TO 70 jraMMui)ATj: My Miiueunis Custnincr. The whole stock ol READY MADE CLOT1UXG ! Ins nreseiit bu-iiiers. llatters hliuscl! that h shall re nble lo give satisiactioii to his gu. ts, mv lur ns his own experience, n well liini.hed table, careful and ntten live servauis.aiiil a bar stored with the choicisi h.;uo:s may coniubiite to their and .-ujojiucnt. A I the singes which leave Burliugioii call nt this house lor passengers, nnd convev unces will be provid- ( ed to and Irom the rteainlsitiis, I Parties ot pleasure will be entertained at the shortest I notice. i II. N. COL'.! Burlington, O.-toWr Ifith 1810. 16. BURLINGTON inm, rA.ii.nni lauis ruui- . U) '"i" ntli in'-'' Ft' B N I S II 1 N C. O 0 0 IIS will Is- clos'-d up i' I V ',.i UmV.SU ..I'. f ( 'oniee , .1 ,m ,,,,,1 11 ltlM pVl 'I'1 1 . esllbU-;'Ji,0v..Krii...-.w. .u- vliicli relli-ci so iniicii ' . I, 1 ilr.iss.i.l h, niforiii and took' her po-t in the lanes with a , ii, l it pateroliMii that existed with Our an "j,,,,, .Mothers Still l'.xistsat the present day. O.i the Iftli June, our journalist arrived a! lnt ho terms 'a Natural military position. the way wco Snv a natural Curiosity it was A .r.r will, lmn.os nnd A tail Alwiit "ino m ... .rnin.r wn,, nrriied at the idaCO where WOO that he ' now Are it is A natural weiiion. .uiit a i . v . ..: ... it ne n.iii- vr.iir euro ii lawyer io prepare ins papers, ..... - ', , ,..,,i ., w riter vicowas a vvuvs. ol course, reiiuon-u ,, :-v -, ., iihvuvs Tho ptpors, continued .Mr. C'orvvin, ' Inn Jed over to him, and alter n;in? on other necessary ipiestious, he eiio,uiiisl mo .i0o ot the pensioner. In a treniiilous, shrill voice, the old nnu an- swered, '-l'-o-r-t-y-f-i-v-e." 'You do not understand me, old p-utlennn, said .Mr. C. -I wish to know now wn vou are?" ... 'I nm f-o-r-t-y-f-i-v-o-.yoiiiig "' greaterevtent than is the case with mo,t other, we had the probable that he will review the prominent points w.nppe. t Zl HZ of tlVetarilr of M2, and the enact- fT'O't By Nu.s Brazil n,l Maderio Nu... P. ment of tho tanirof 10, tlio re s n ' " ,r ,i ' "ais.ns Currants .C.lton .Mnce ,Vc. may found --.. ...i.imiKtirv. t he oriL'liiaiul progressm mo L, , w ii(.i.iv u uiu ." . s- . ,-., . .... ,., ,,. ... ......... , .-..M.. ... .... ' , ". J i vttaiiiu. Hln..t sa .1 all other clasvs of disuse,:' hVv" V.J IWon ""e it0 0,l,ers' 116 wouW ti Mnunr, uiurti r-lilllf I I. II U I I iS on Knr sal. hy Vuk ,t HrcAU. oier; lit? has VCrv flllP Illnrlr nml ir.-Bn'Pn.- .1 old lioy jv,i, and Mocha CoikVlin .nd Ihown rvov), 1M10 Nov.sith lair.. OF THE CHOICEST IIRIVDS. I'"r sale by HAKItlNOTON. IC . ' '. " ..M"r ll.o 1 arbor bill. &c. Wo say It is 'probable, for we do not speak mum ; f , . i-he ct by authority. Certain ,t is, how- , (J"- iiio -""J,. ,f. , u'ehsUir. at such a crisis, and , V- - ?rrViVw Wl11 If AY AND STJIAW CU'ITERS OF ALL Z ordinSry cfTort nf arS..nict. clpicnce, I H rr Kjk the Aerienlmr. W.n.ll! dr.vver. na: ir"r- j " ''" t.ut. I'lIKbesl of SKr.u 0,1 i. Hill kept by the sulcri- ')i"Hs"' t!"od low priced Oil. Nov. '-IO, lSlfi. a. s. i)i:wi:y. gTUAUTS Sugar House Molasses, nt Burlington, Nov. SC, 18IC. A' S- UKWEY' liTOIi'iiNS'r hundrc,,lb, eBux- Uaihngi..ii,Nov.Sfi, lUlfi, a.S. DEWEY. ....... ..r ........ . repair, w iiiisi me iirsie.,- r il,. ,,,i.i,.,r T-be subscrils rs wo.ibtvasl, of the luturu ul dealers and workers in formed liililsell. As II poses in which Iron thicgVo of one jarrini; und In general ter.usit is ji,J ,ma hor yory breath which it is desiinble to ' nliiHisphere. And they v& tentioii of ihosc iiitcirlilld hid liecn neiative LINUS, to their OnlvnnjVcr conceived an aver most entirely us,-d i i Lur. . ,, j , wJ,iIo or purimse as a 'oIlduclor',, " , ... ,, ibout one half ns much Htnor been a positively durahility with lhat meui. Hut now ho wus ill Having lately erecte.nljlpd bis ptce. Ho i1 i , ,' B , , . ,- K ijut lier idei nsioo alio t hey wi 1 lie able tu liiriuer, . , , t. desired. A supply..! Pla! how Peril ipswlio ennstautlv-on Hand. Ironu-rics I uu waa untie T OKOJa, ber. The Patent Kight foi , . ,( ' ...... jd for the United tfiates r' m '"".'.'".'I'M other Eur.uiean countri-. ber. liad JH be taken to prevent n or otherwise, Oct an 110, live a discri.tinu of the country lhat wee. past tho .'oiintrv is very thinly in habited, u is oui e.ten-ivo plain vvith out A tree or scrub it i veryrich and fertile it produces Caun , I epper in A huiidatico Spontainously al-o totnatices .Nsm Uiin.iisly t'oll'co tirowes hero in ono word it is one of tlie bes Countres that 1 ever saw Meules and jacks in A buudanco Stock of All kinds does well here. , Ho says that ' A Dutch ninRer' struck n mm ...i i. i, .1, i.wor.. tied, which 'otiiihtcr Run '.My dear sir, I do not' wi-h lo know how old , (tIll, . ,,,..,,') iwliilically forever. " . ...V sen. en nr ivlio.i . .... .. e.... ............ .a (Ii il must ls2 CO- vou wero wiieu you ii" - , ... t i nero uro a iew re.iiBi.ns you entered it-but 1 wain w miow now out you pleil . uro now. '1 told ye, forty .me ilr. Corwia (vvl T' credit on the in-enious inventor. It re.pures no prophet to foretel their entire ultimate adoption I l ... 1 l.r.... -liifTiilir mid lntcr- or piiiinc ewes.-, .I"" " ""ir. - -. --- est'. iS the rellect' by means of wires cm nectin-Mhe Mirious- public clocks of tho inetrop olis with the n. .in one, the s e duplicate sound (for a double oscillation is roistered) sha bo .simultaneously announced, however ditaiit.or the index in the various rooms of a house beat vvilh heiKireutone. Verily, we live in anast, of vvonde'rs ! This wonderful ,vjTr is enUrely derived from the electricity of the earth- ho icond,.cts,andistfie treasury of that pen luui . , , ,lr teh. ,ients,viththo dead escapement, complete tlio mai-io muchiue-mimic of the ice'ium.;e cel. este":" Conopum. " Whv is the letter D like a ringJ" said n vnnnslady to'her accepted, one day. The iientleman, hke the c-'iierahly of In. jex in such a situation, was dull asa hammer. -He'll e," added the lady, with a xtru modest look L."r' .il,o ..ihrr end of tho rooin,"iK)- al mo piii...i. - - -----, . M ........ .ee can't bo ire.' 'l" W'JiM lui s

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