Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 1, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 1, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, JANUARY 1 The Art Union. The annual meeting of tlio Art Union for the distribution of pictures to tho members, took place In New York on Friday evening the 18t1i ult. Wm. C. BitYANT, tho President, In the Chair. Mr. Hryant made an Interesting ad dress for a notice of which, In the llicniitg Post, we are sorry wo have not room. Ho congratulated tho association on the nour ishing state of its affairs, and observed that there were some circumstances which gave this pros pcrity an Important significance. One of these was the fact that a traveling aent had been dispensed" with during the past year, and that tho people seem to come into tho upport of the Institution with the greater enthu siasm, on that account. The honorary Secre taries had sent from the towns and neighbor hoods in which the institution hid become alrca dy known, lists of subscriptions enlarged great ly beyond former years. Mr. Bryant spoke also ortho increase of pic tures of merit among us, as a proof of tho bene ficial Influence of the institution. Ho spoke in terms of warm commendation of tho gentlemen, who four years ajn, when tho institution was in great discredit, stepped forward to raise it up from its depressed condition, and ho pointed to its present prosperity as the truil ol ineir meri torious hbois. The present number of members is -1,113, beingau increase of 1250 since last year! The income of the Union this jear was 822.210. Tho number of pictures distributed is 1 12. The fortunate subscribers in Vermont aie: Miss A mm a A T. Caims of Burlington, Fruit Piece by (writhe. Pin Sigma Nu So-inivof itinlington, Boys Fishing by Lt Clear. M. M. C'oi.nun.s of Montpclier, Landscape by Doughty. Oombcymiil Son. We co-nplcted in our last, part H. of this Vxcroohiating tail," as Martha Penny would call it, anJ hive con.-ltt bd to await further or ders before we enibaik on tho unknown sea ot Part III. We hold ourselves committed to pub lish the remainder if uur readers insist upon it. They must decide. Having printed tho Presi dent's. Message, however, and two parts of Dombey &. Son, wc humbly submit that we ought to be excused from inserting any more " works of fiction '' for the present. Illinois Senator. The Hon. Stephen A. Douglass, at present a member of Congress from Illinois, has been elected by tho Legislature to represent that State in the United States Senate, for six years from the 4th of March 1S17. ETA friutid Migg.-sH a fjw articles for tho new Museum which will doubtless be accepta ble if the collection is not already complete. We hold them subject to ''circumstances." They arc : A winker from tho eye of Cleopatra's Needle; A boot made on "Prentice's last ;" An eye-tooth which Mr. Polk did n't "cut" from the mouth of the HioOrande: and Tho seivo through which the man strained cv. fry nerve. P.y the way, we subjoin Prentice's list which we find in the Stbrn Register: CJT Th? c litor ol tin La lisville Journal will be i ever joxm ', niu directs ircnuent snow at poor" ra-1 , .,, . . , ... ther UitcIuY" His la-t is a follows : 1,1 committee of the bole on the President1!- r-" Old Mr. Ritchie of tin Washington Union says ' me"'f Mr' Ikiih'V replied to .Mr, Wahing that one would think, II mu rcadui? (he psp:rs, that J ''m "J"'1, and sought to justify tho United the American p.-ople rare for nothing Imt wenlih '' Slates in carrying on a war of conquest nitniiist tro.iuie nimeii nnoui ric tastes oi me . people, tut th Iliey are reputed to In rnthsr in-reciury, 1 n piper aa.i mat ni tus two sous they have conic to despist nth at Richmond until Litchits. CTThe .Vori Star exhorts th democrats" of the fouith District as follows : cstwiienever A whig Torres up to yo'i, nnd nsks ynu to vote for Mr. Chandler, nnd tells you that tic: wings nrc grcnl oppivrs ut' th? extension of slavery, just ask him if JOHN D.YVH.ol Mm.a rank win.;, did not ill"-at a bill having distinctly in view the suppression of sia very 1 We trust the ' democrats " will follow that piece of advice at any rate ! They will learn from Mr. Chandler what they don't get from Locofoco papers, correct injormition on tho sub ject. Iowa. The Locofocos have got Iowa, and our rea ders will see below what they are trying to do with t! When these gentry hate no Penc tentiary, (as in New York, ) where they can get voters for nothing, they try to bribe them. They appear to meet with pmr success in both cases. Tlio following is from tlio Si. Louis Republican of the 18th inst: Iowa Senatoh I'xlraoidinary Dcrchpmentw We hive iila-mly announced the organization ot the Legislature id Iowa, by th" election of l.ocofoco olii ctrs in the S.'tiatc, uml uf Whigs m th; House. On the 10th iustnit, immediately on the nsmbling if the Ilousialter tinnier of that day, Mr. King, mem ber from Keokuk country a big, but representing a Loco Foco country ros-- in his place mi l asked leave to make n statement which was granted. He then informed the llouss, that Mr Marshall, n lawyer fiom Lee county, lvul been negotiating with Mm, from the second day ol the session up to tlinl thn to vote for !....rfli n.W ihnt bis first olier w.asn suit of cluthcw and 9100 in ensh. which was mere eed.ns he held off for higher wages, to the promts" ol a "d d l it olhce and as" much money n be wish-J." He stated also, that .Marshall, told him " there was six thousand dol lars there to secure Dodne's diction," nnJ that on Tuesday Marshall gave him lillecn dollars" 10 bind the bargain" liicfi lis I King) by the ndt ire oflrien Is took These are die lending laets. U hen hinglo k his seat, Clifton and Coulee, Democintic l Wuiii,' rose and slated that they, too, could " 0 tale unfold' whenever interrogated. The House at once raised n committee to investi gate the facts, and the Perscaiil-at-Ariin took, .Mar Bialliulo cuatody. During King's speech, It istuid that some of the " Royal I nmily" were present, and that they looked black as a thunder cloud. To give Mr. King an cscue fir voting for Dodge, . inturiictions were procured, directing him to TOlc for Democratic Senators. Mr. King made nllu ion to these instructions in his speech said that every man who signed them" voted ugiinst him ;" that he " received his instructions at the ballot-box :" that he was' elected as a Whigand should vote with Ins parly. We are promised 1111 eaily repoit of the result ol the investigation. If the charges are sustained, we think it ought to satisfy the people in Iowa that Locofocoism has had away long enuuidi it that .State. . A( Lumw Jlfjiub. lath inst. rJTIt Is said lint one of the nncient painters died of laughter occasioned byseeuu a jackass trying to eat figs. The remembrance of this Occident gives us serioua apprehensions for the health ol the President, if be should ever see the mumbliu.' which the last t ree PrtM gives his message. i'entinel If Vein. This comparison of tlio President with n "painter" is remarkably wcll-choscn.ns it is very generally admitted that the message of that func tionary is very Uglily colored. The HtntintFt sitnilo is felicitous in annnthcr respect tho ''figs" which tho honest "ass" frying to eatwercs yahitcd ones, if wo remember rightly. Tho danger, thorefore, to tho painter and tlie President aroso from their attempt toimposc Jade fig upon n credulous community, iCongvcfls. Very little of Interest has been dono In Con gress beyond tho very thorough cxpostiro of tho duplicity and untruth which characterize the message of the President, tho debate which has almost e.vclifiiely occupied tho House. Both Houses adjourned from Thursday, to Monday the 23th. Fr.tDAV, Hoc. 18th. Tho Senate did not sit to day. House. Mr. Boyd, from tho Military Com mittee, reported a bill to increase tho pay of vol unteers two dollars a month from commence ment of tho war,nud granting I 'JO acres of Land to all scning to the nWa of tho war, unless sooner discharged. Beporlcd to the Committee of the Whole. The House then proceeded to orders of the t''1.v' A large number of private bills which were passed mcr lat session, were tiikenntpand final ly passed. Tho House then adjourned. Saturday, Dec. l'Jth. Tho Senate did not sit. The House was engaged exclusively on pri vate bills. Moxdav, Dec. 21st. The Senate had a short .Session, and wero occupied chiefly by routine business. In the House the bill admitting Iowa into tho Union was read the third time and passed. The order of the d.iy (resolutions relerring parts ol the President's "message) was then taken up, and several speeches made, thereon and tho 1 louso adjourned. 'JVesday, Dec. 22. In Senate, Mr. Ruk in troduced a resolution instructing tlio military committee to inquire into the propriety of increas ing military posts ; aNo, instructing tho pnt of lice committee to inquire into the expediency of transporting free mails to the army. Mr. Barrow's resolution, calling upon the Pres.! debt for information in relation to negotiations with Santa Anna at Havana, was postponed till Tuesday week. .Mr. Setier introduced a resolution of inquiry into the expediency of constructing a railroad from .Missouri to tin- Columbia liver. In the HofsE, Mr. Martin introduced a resolu tion to allow volunteers encased in the Mexican war to receive their letters by mail free of post niTe. The house refused to suspend the rules to recehc the resolution. Tho House then went into committee of tho 11 hole on the reference of the President's mc. s-tmj to appropriate committees : and .Messrs. lorse and Martin defended the cotir.-n of the President in reference to the -Mexican war. Wednesday, Deo. 23d Senate Mr. Brense. on leave, introduced a a terri torial governnii'iit in Oiegon. The committee on Kinds and Canals leporUd a bill to relinnuish tho Cumberland Koul to the States through which it passes. Tho committee on Naval af fairs were instructed to inquire into the utility of iron as u mucriai tor the construction ol vessel-, of war, and providing for the reptirs of govern inent vessels by contract. Tho committee 011 Printing reported against prititinir the memorial of the Soci-ty of Friends in New lhigland to bring tho Mexican war to a spicily close. On Mr. Mangum's motion the "resolution not to print was laid on the table. House Unsuccessful attempts were made to introduce sundry resolutions. Mr. Douglass reported a bill to'cstubli-di a Territorial Govern ment in Oregon, which was mailt the order of tlio day, lor the tir-t Tuesday of January. The committee ol" the Whole resumed the consider ation ol tho President's message. Mr. Martin, of Wisconsin, "brought in a bill to organize a ten itorial government for a new territory , to bo called Minesota. Mr. McClellan. from tho committee on Com merce, introduce.! tlio II ubor and Kiver bill ol last session, with certain items stricken out, which had been objected to bv .Mr. Poll; in his veto nics-age. The bill was "passed a lir..t and u-jmh. reading and referred to committee of the aicmch. Air. darn it I) . U ..l ........I.. .... the other side, and was followed bv .Mr. .Stan ton ; when the rominittee 100. Mr. (,'. J. Ingci'soll moved tint tho debate on iiiu 1 r.-iueni s niess.ijr0 rimiiii termitiato ut two o'clock on TIiurMliy, but before the ipies tion was taken, tho House adjourned. TiirrtsDAY, Dec. 21th Smile. Mr. J. M. Clayton presented a petition signed by men of all puties. praving that Congress sllnuhl up speedy and efficient means for terminating the war with Mexico, and ensuring an honorable peace. Mr. Clayton said ho coincided with tho tiewsof the meiiioriali-ts nnd would do all lie could to co-operato with them, but ho could sf 0 no way to obtain a peace hut lighting out the war. Ily would therefore vote all the means asked lor the Government Tho idea tint any party in this country was opposed to tho Govern ment lie thought was absurd. The Committee on thu Judiciary reported the IIoiiMi liill for the admUsion of Iow.i. without nmenhnent, and the b II finally passed. ..mi nciu ii oneii irom tne Mnatice commit tee to establish branch mints in New York and Charleston. The Sen ate then adjourned oyer until .Monday. Jhuse. Person 1 explanations were made bv harclay and Martin. The re.oliiliot oli'ercdbyC. J. In"er-oll yc terd.(y, for clo-mg thoilebatu on tho'lVcsid'entV .Message ,vas postponed. Tin House tlieti went into Comniittco or the Whole on President's .Mess a "e. Mr. Gordon made a spreec'h in defoneo of the war. Mr. Boot followed, mid pronounced I tL war unjust anJ unnecessary. Mr. Bowlin also undo a speech which con cluded tho debate. Tho Coiiuniltee then rose and tho Hoii-o adjourned oter tiUMoudiy. id. Cor.N. V. pa.. ' .Mechanics' Institute. The fourth annual meeting of this association was held Dec. 15th, with the most encouraging indica tions of prosperity and usefulness. During the year the number of members has been nearly doubled. unuer a uy-iaw adopted lost year twenty-six individ uals, who by the Constitution could not become mem hers, haiepaifl one dollar each for the privileges of the library. Ily these means the fundi of the Society have been increased to an amount far above thai of any prcnojs rur. And what is more encouraging still, these facts show that the Institute is gaining the confidence of Mechanics nndof the community gen erally. Ncirly ninety dollars have been expended in the purchase oi Books , and m repairs and improve. I flf-ntsof the library: Anil one hundred volumns have been ad led during the year more than half the num derby way of donations. The following is a list of those not previously acknowledged. j By Donation AlIion,s Euinpe (in nos.) from. . l'tek Esq. N. V. Farmer nnJ .Mechanic for I"I5 (in nos.) fro.u U. C. J.oomit Esq I.tell's Elemcntsof, Geology, 'i vols, from P. JS, VJirarJs Esq. Tiavi ls of Anacharsis, 1 vols, from a 1 1 tend. Ily PritciiASE. l'rcscnti't Conquest of .Mexico, 3 vols. A- Kcign of I'erdinanJ and Isabella, 3 vols. Ilan. croft's History ol the United States, 3 ioIs. Mills' Ilmory of the Crusadc3 and Chivalry j Supplement to Ure's Dictionary! Bradley's Nopoleon and his Marshals, S vols Fremont's Oregon and California Eipedidons ; Drake's History of N. Am. Indians; Humphrey's W'oiks with hfo of (Jen. Putnam i Comb's Phrenology ; Am. Iling. Sketches ( Second Geological Itepoit; Huschenbergei's Seiies of Na tural History, 8 vols, comprising Elements cf. Momniology, Lntomolojy, Couchology, Ornitholo gy, Herpelology, Anatomy, Botany, and Geology ; Addison's Works, 3 vols. Lyell's Principles of Gt ol. tj,y, 3 vols. Mrs. F.llis' W'otkr, ',' volt Herodotus; Kendall's Santa l'e Expedition J Encyclopedia of Ar chitecture (London Bd.) Key. Sydney Smith's Es says j Dow mngs Oottagc Ucsidcncca. Total number 01 present voiums urj. Tlio M'nr. The news from thu theatre of war since our last is of no special interest or importance Gen. WoitTit continues in command of Saltillo. Gen. Tayloe, Is at Monterey, laving returned from Saltillo. It Is supposed from tho reported " enthusiasm" of the Mexicans, (much of which wo are in cline to think is " on paper") that tho great light will bo at San Luis Potosi, whero Santa Anna remains with an army (reported) of 25,000 and fiJ pieces of attillery. The A'. O. Pie. of the l'Jth Dec. says : Mexican Arr.liw Having conversed with gen tlenien who armed here on Thursday fiom Havana, we learn that theie. is a prevailing impression among those who know feanta Anna in th it cily, that lie is lar Irom desirous of hazarding an action with the troons ol the United States that he is at heart aierse to the war, but hasnot yet secured such u hold ns to be able to act counter to the uni crsal desires of his coun trymen. Our forces are gradually concentrating to wards Tampico, where Gen. Scott (or Lieut. Gen. Benton!) will probably assnmo Supremo control of operations. Tho Tejras papers aro abusing Gen. Keae ney for establishing a Territorial Government at Santa Fe in their wide-spread state ! What will they say when they loam from Polk's Mes sage that a part of their territory has been "cap tured ! " Pull; and Texas will como to blows next. 'The rcop!c"s Agent." We aro under the customary obligation which How-Ann has for so long annually imposed upon the Fr.EE We hava received a letter from that widely celebrated public functionary, accompanied by a most seasonable andsatory "New Year's Gift." The letter.though it speaks more approtingly of tis than, as a modest man, wc can claim to bo our due, we should take the liberty to publish if it were not that wc were just preparing for tho press when it was received, and that our columns are so largely occupied by an other of the "People's Agents'' who is taking care of our interests at Washington, as "lion-Aim is "at Home." Howaiid certainly knows how to make the "happy New Year" how ishes ! Tho Svilinel has " stuck a pin" in our asser tion that the river Nueces was tlio "acknowl edged frontier" of T exas. W 0 did the same tl nig last week, mid wc borrowed tho pin of I'rosident Polk's agent in Texas, Mr. Donelson. UyT.'ie subjoined proceedings of a meetingof the btudents at tho Dane Law School, Cam bridge, Mass., we find on recurring to our files of the Boston Courier. We are much indebted to our correspondent, "H," (whose letter will bo found below) for calling our attention to tho pnb- licitisn, which in a hasty nrvevof the Courier escaped our notice at tlio time. We now copy it, and also take pleasure in uniting ours to the opinion so universal wherever young Steele was known, that Death has rarely chosen, in his ruthless round, a more " shining mark." From the Boston Courier. At a snecial meeting nf the D in l.nv K,i,ni,i i,!,t. ei Noi ember Kith, HP,, to take into consideration the ueai i oi a lellow-siiiueiil.Lieorg'. II. rtleeie ol CIr-I-sa. Vermont, w Inch Innlc uln.'f. vector.!..,. , Sunday, 1 oili Noi ember iust.,the following resolutions' nnf uuujneu lies lhc.1. That we have received with nrnfnnm! mnr. row th; siil iuti-lhgenceoflhe decease ol our late ilass. inate, George II. Steele; nnd while we deeply lament his loss to the iu-titutioii and ourselves, we leel most p.iiniully tlie remediless beicavement of his lamily and InenJs. A'-jjreJ, Tint as a mark of oursorrow, we will wear crane on the left arm lhiried 11 s. Jlcsahcd, That th'-si resolutions he forwarded to pie patents 01 11, e (leceased, ns a token lor our heart lelt sympnliy Willi their nlihction. Jiesaleed, Twit these Resolutions be published in the lioaton Courier, liuilmgton Five Press, and the Wood slock Spirit of the Age. . E. F. STONE, President. P. II, Avlltt, secretary. Chelsea, Dec. 21th, 1316. Mr.Curke, D.'ar Sir Will you oblige the nu- merous fi iends of j oung stecle.w ho died at Cambridge, .Mass., on the Iolhultimo,by copying from the Boston Courier of the 17th ult. the official nolLc of his death. Young Steele's friends ore numerously scattered throughout Vermont, and very many of them are in cluded among the rcadeis of the Flee Press. I haie uciii looKiug lor 111 e lime to tie it n )ctr paper, tint liaic concluded that the account originally pub lished ill the Boston Courier, must have failed to icach you. Perhaps no young man ever gathered around him, by blanducss ofmanneisiiniabilityofcliarocter.sweet- ness of disposition, or goodniss of heart, a more nu merous, or more devot-dly attached circle of friends, than the late Gr.onoc II Steele. The lamily circle, liom which he has been so suddenly taken away, is saiouded in sorrow unutterable. .Maya kind Provi dence shield nnJ protect, and console those, whom it has so sadly afflicted , in its mysterious dispensation. II. iUavkcts. It.-i;!iton .lltrket Dec. Cfl. ll:;wteJ far l,lc Cnls.'i 7arf.7rJ At market TOO Cattle, 12 J store", 10 yokes working oen,:iJ Cows and Calves, 1000 Sheep and nbojl ti'jj vii;. llcrj Cattle Extra first quality $5,25 ; sec. ond quality, 1,DJ; third quality, 83,50 i 1. II urking Vxth Sales modem STt!,TS,8l,aml 10.'). Cjicj and CMca dales noticed at 810, 'JO, 2J. 31, 30. and K JO. bhetii Sales of lots at 81,55, 1,M, 1,75 and one lot nt?j,uu We olso policed 11 lot of 11 Hxtrn jjiireptrfin .'viiMii.v, il-u uy vjeorge L.iaril, l.sq. oi oprmgut'lil, U. sego county, ,N', Y. taken lor about 0 per lead, and were purchased for Kewnll Hiscock.ot Uumev inmLet. Hie! -if Sales of Sho it, ic Suv, s, and i lor llarrow s ; u, 1. ,it, i.uii, it, u uiiu ujc N 1! About 200 head ol cattle remain unsold at the close ot themaikct. Ilostoti Wool .llurkcU.Dcc. 29. Duty.SOptr ct. Reported for the Boston Courier) There has been good demand for the larious grades of American ileece nnd pulled, and former pucis ore fullvsusiained. washed ....... American full blood do. . . . do 3-1 do. ... do 1-1 do. . . . do l'l.tconid.i. ... .Spanish Khcep, H Foi i' ... V.nyriia do. washed ... do do unwashed ... Bengasi unwashed ... .S'uony, clean lljenos Ayres, unpicked ... do 110 picked .... Sup. North'n pulled Iamb ... S'u. 1 do do do . - - 2 do do do ... 3 do da do . 37 j: t!l 33 33 2J 80 21 29 21 II 9 Albany .IIiul.clDcc. 2S. During the past week flour lias undergone hut little change j sales nre chieily confined to eastern orders, which are rather limited The luliug price to day for Genesee, is 5,37J " P50, GiiAis The receipts tioat the country during th past week have been wry large, lije brnigs72 1 73c, and for a biuall lot 71 wasnsked.bul we have nothtard ol n purchaser nt that mark. Barley, &0 V 50c. Oals, 31 f 31J, New Corn 5Cjc per CJ lbs. rAnii:ics clvu, Tine E suing at half past lx odock. lllSft. Subject, UT Yankee Dio,1lc asks us If we know "the man who read Harry Franco," and promises to consider our reply strictly confidential. We supposed every body know that that man did'nt live. II. .M. I Jlcctintr of the Institute at the Schoot House on Cutlin's Lane, Saturdjy evening, C o'clock, Jan. 2, foratlmission of members, &.c. J. Lewis, Secy. AGUICULTUBAL SOCIETY. Tho annual meeting of Chittenden County Agricultural Society, for tho choice of officers mil tho transaction of such other business as may como before tho Society, w ill bo held at Strongs' Hall, in Burlington, on Wednesday, the Glli day of January, 1817, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. l'remiiimson Field Crops will he then award ed. Committee toaward such premiums, .Messrs Chester Blinn, Daniel Patrick, and Elijah Stan ton. Wm. WESTON, Sec'y. Burlington, Dec. 20, 1SIC. Ifo t jon thnt lmvc very bnd or no Ifnir t Why can oil hp so sillv ns to let vonr Ilnip rrnialn s-o,whn by asking tiny of your Inends, vou can In sure. Ihat a 3s. bottle of Jones's Coral lluir l!etoiatie will loice the hair to grow d.nk, stop its billing oil, cure tliescuif or dandruff, mil "nke liuht,red,or gray llairilaik; It dicss-s the hair beautifully, ond keeps It lnoift,solt nnd silky tlnce time' as Inngns nnv other article made. Sold by HAUKINUTON, in Church strtcljBuilingtou. Medicitinl uses of tho Willi Cherry. Ever since the settlement of America , Wild Cherrv Ins been known to possess very important medicinal vii lue. Every body knows how to i-Mrnet iti.,.,ninl properties. Every mother gives Wild Cherry tea to her children lor worms, for colds and for almost cicry disease ; and adults throughout our country are in the habit ol making a synip or compound or wild rheny bark, or other ingrcdienls to be used in spiing ns an antidote to complaints incident to that chanwlul sea son. It is found by espcrinidit that the wild cherry possesses even lar inoie important qualities than was ascribed to it. For the lit-t singes of consumption, asthma, 110 matter how long standing coughs, liter complaints, etc., it is proved to b" the best medicine known to man. Dr. wistar's Balsam of Wild Ch-r- ry is a chemical extract, combined will, n t. tract from Tar, which enhances its value. In success in curing piihnonaiy disease, in almost every stage, alter our best physicians could do 110 more, ins nstoii- 1 j T nclm'' n"u leu tlicm to coniess tint Wistnr s B ilsam ol Wild Cherry possesses a principle hcrclo lore unknown nmong medical men. None genuine, uule-s signed I. BUTTS on the winppcr. For sale by Pus t .SrcAn. Siccinl .Notice. rsTThe AEFENBEKn PILLS, wi.ich are achieving unparalled triumphs in various sections of this couutry.nre now introduced into this vicinity. I,et every sick peison read the ndveilisei-.i-nt or the t.rcalenh.'rg Company, which will be found 111 another column. Birtlj. In this village, on the 2 ith ult. Mis. C.h Ware, or iHaiTtcir. Clarissa O. LinJscy, ol Staii'tead, C. IJ. D i c In Jericho, Die. 21st, .Mr, I.ccicv B. Minsti, aged 3 j years. "An honest mm h the noblest woik or Cod." ixton a liner, U.-e. 1 lih, in the confid.-nre or n certain huh ; u the eomfoitof a reasonable, icli giousanJ holy hop?; Eswird A CuiniFLL, aired 23 ) cars, only so.i ol Ljwurd R Campbell, ol Umdsor I11 Cornish X I I IW, Jfjv Mrs. I.ydh Wel,l,w,rc ol Mr. lamel eld. nged 02 yea's nn.l 5 inonihs.for- Ur'n1"'''rV,' "" 1 of Dca. Thos. and l.ydu t uller, of Hard wick, Vt. In this town, on Monday morning the 1 lih ult , .Mrs. .M tnv IlAiiv.ytn, nge.f 63jeais. Abo. on ihj I Jib nil , at nbjut the same hour, Mr. Eli U k.vard aged , j years. ' .Mr. and .Mis. B. were among the fi-st settlers ol the town. Thev cain bn. in ,li . CM. 1? ir .... 1 1 sided here since that criod. They were both for many yeais pioimneiit nnd useful members of society nnd many can testifo to iln-ir rrl ,1..,!. .i 1 :.. 1 ofhenrt. .Mrs. B. wns for many j cats nn nrd.nt nnd consistent member of tin Unitarian Church, ond she died in the foil conviction of the" faith which she had cherished lor so many years. 'Plus nftcr having lived together for more than liny ye nis they have together passed to tint "country fiom whose bourne no travel ler rciuraem. Ci), JEWELL, HARRISON &. Co. Commission .Ta c r c Ii a 11 f And D,-aleis in 1'ItODUC'Ij AiSD 1'KOVISIO.VS, So. (If) Wnter Sliect, Bclween Coenties Slip and Broad street, Abm. S Jewell, ) S I) llnineo,, ! C. D. Van Wagenen. ) XEV,' YOKIC, r.'mi T0 Messrs. rollett ,S Bnid.ey.Builiugton, J. A: J. II. Peck & Co. " VT ' IC!:. 'Phis may ceilify tint I have given my 1 son. Ocoroe W. Woonwir.9, his tuns fio.n this dale to tin business for Lima If, and shall not uu.trcl hiacarm.igs nur pay any d.-b's h sco'itmctiuf , , DANIEL WOOD.VJtD. AugaM 1, 1310. J7i3 Vermont CcnSiv.E KaiSrontl. An Assessment often dollars on a share has been or deied by the directors of the Vermont Central Kailroad l.oinpauy, payable on the liist day of Febunry nevt I ayiiiemsiiiay be made at the 1'armers' and Median, o I,n,k' JVilbngton, nt the B.u.k of .Montpeh-r, ut the. I .ink of J ooJstock, or at the Treasurer's Ollice. nil reinont I!ow, Bostoii. ' G il f-'f or more good Brass nnd Wood ,V . .'"'"Icbyihc down, box the lo-et prices and warranted 10 peiform teelt. ' Bl.l.s.MAID it IlROTIirRS. i, LETA New Brick House. ki:i' , 11- w- CATLLN" -isl. January 1, 1817. 27w3 Vuliinblc Kciil IMutc 1'or Kiile. Till: Fuhscriber wishing to purchase n lar- !L. t'er firm u-i , c,,ca ,'.T.. I i il.cs.cuiisistmgof illy acres oieAcellent md,33 acres f'llir..,l lllli Lpiinii.lni.llii... .... I .1.. 1 . . .....u, , 6UULuiiunr nil., wit- lemaiuuer in wood, situated two miles fiom thesiriaie, on the rond leadiu of m- inouiii 01 tne river rosscs.ton given the lirst Vf April, I or further paitieulais cnquiie of tlw ,. , G.T. KUSSELL. llurlmgton, D?e. 1st. 1916 23ml ('ASH will ho paid for - bbls Pure Heat's Grease, inoo lbs s-nnncd Kyc. IW " Od Cedar, 100 Hemlock, 1UU " " Hpiuce. by Dur.le,on.Jan.,.,-K' "ARni.NCTON. I Q BUsSpts, Turpentine, for sale at 1Iarrixotonji. )t bbls Camphene, for sale at """ S7 HAnsixoTos't. 15 PI bbls Ground Logwood, for sale at 27 HAr.nixoix's. IlAKRt.vt) ro.J )q Ounces Quinine, for sale at 25 Ounci Morphine, for taU al 27 HsFKISOT'.Vs,. LIST OF LCTTKIIS, APVRTtsr.DlN Tun fnr.E tRt-ss nvsrsciAt. Airoi;rrMr..,tr and remaining in the Post Ollice nt Burlington, January 1, 1817. $ 13. And It it farther enacted, And nil advertisements made under the orders of the I'osi.nia-fer-tienernl. in a newsrmticr or liwsmticrs. of letters irncaMcd for in any Post Office, shall be in setted In III" paper or paper", of the town or place wheic the office advertising may be situated, hating the Uirqcsl circulation. Ann foil ujiee Jats,imssea .iarca J, lfoirnrd,Chns Horner, liaiui Howard, IIuHnnd Ivers. Kllen Isham,Julius2 Ishnni, S IC Jewett, Fnvcllc 2 .lotmson; Maria Johnson, Moses Jones, CE Johnson, I, A Johnson, E H John-o:i, Arlliur 2 Johnson, William Johnson, Henry I K Kelly, Patrick Kailer, Patrick Kleman, Mr Kimball, John KhI I, T W King, Mvra K'eily, .Mary King, Deacon Kno., James .M L Lad.l L Ante lino Lauson Benj. Love David Lariviere Francis Levnlle Antoine Levee (i. L. I.arocque 1'elix Loom's Lucia Line Buriell 2 Lyon Newell Ljon Bcnj. Lonmis C. J. Luck Louis M Miraudelte Jacques Millcttee Nnrcisso .Miller Wm. .M. McMillan Allen Miller L. V. .Miller David Miner L. .Mills C. B. .Mills Mary MuLdonouah John .May J0I11FW. McCalliu Lucy lichanJ .Mr. McDermott John llltill Ellen MclntucJ. P. Ic Ken F. McCnity Thoma3 .McKiervnn II. McEhoy Jerry .McWilliams Denis McFndden Hugh Meats A. S.'11 llobt. McliaeJ. B. Mower Rosamond MoirifOii Wm. Murray Henry Myers Samuel N Nnsh, W P Newton. It 2 Nelson, .S' I, Newton, Mnrcellus Noycs, Morillo (J O Brien, .Michael O Connor, Mr. O'licefe, Judy OKeily.John Otis, John I Putnrni, Mary Paul, Ceo II I'm ter, Js" N Pitkin. DrS Pickering, Kosina Poriiau, Chs I'aiker CC Plntt.I.E Palmer, s-hubael Pniker, P W Parsons, fj yi Paige, Antoinette Proutv, .Mnrnide Porter, W 11 Porter, Edwin Putnam, Lucy 2 Perkins, i.ucy 3 Peikius, .Mrs Pollard, Tnos Peny, John B Plaoe, Edgar 2 Place, Edward a Qui!', John ljuick.C, C It Itei-d, II A Rich, Chailcs Relley, James Richard RaymonJ Ralleity, John Ramsdc ll, ).nid W Rice, Henry Rider. ClnsP Reed, Henrv A licdiield. Wm .M liobiiwm, Ceo It Rjnn, Br'dgeti ltuthcilord.A P Kowe Evdia Rockwell, Phebo Rogers, Julia S I Hhails, Michael ispever, A o .nborn, Polly rankling, Mainl B rj-ilin, Levi rtri.itoii,sj imur-I rherinun. N P2 Hwciiey, Hugh 2 fSpear, i Ieorgc lear, Filns bi'veniucc, Ceo W 2 Stevens, Miuy Sweney, Miles Sherman, Nathan Spencer, Ali-s jj Kauini J0I111 jr .yinith,Clinin:cey Snnih.Philhp Smith, James Plinth, Samuet Hniith.ClnrksS Smith, Adam Smith, Philena Sutton, Hyron2 Scully, Hugh 2 Smharil, limiaa Short, B W2 Klone, S B Sylvesr,JO Scully, John Storrs, Clnrlss Sunburv, 11 II Stons, Manila T Tierman, .Mary Ann Th.ijer, Jane ToHsley, EJward Tousley, lijstwick Tuft, Solomon Tluijcr, .Muitin Tieriuy, .Maur.c-j Thomas, Cliaiuy Thornton, Sarah C I Tublis, C Tcnney, It S Thaver, Pumeln Ttylor, John Tnggaid, Juliette E Tu) lor, James T Tracy, Sally Taylor, Samuel To)or,Josqih B Thaycr.'Fishcr risdalc,('opt Tottru, James 2 V Veauq, Louis .Madame Von Deusen, Cdnin R Van Orman, John V Wilkins Sniah Wlieeler Alden Welsh Josiq h Velcll Ann Walbiidge Tanny Wu Alva 2 W'cniworth Jihn B,3 Werthm er .Max 3 Ward .Miitiida Wldie Win P. VI1.W w Whitcomb Ira Wood Elsa M, Wood Wm 2 Wright Adahne Wright Charles K, Wilson K, A, ,,l.ams..I. B. Aiiains, Prof. C. B. Atwntcr, Thomas Allen, Ehsha ,utler, Henry It Bibcock, Nathan B ibcock, Wm. Bailey. ltho.l!i Baier llanict E. Bjllard ll.irinoli W. Ballard W. It.n 11-1 nl John Barron Win. M. Birrows (ieorgc Barney Anna II irstow Hlisha ll.iscom Air. Brayion (I. W. Blink Chailcs II. Blauchette .I03. Bhnch"tte, Ilatice B it ml Mnrgnict lllackc El-eke Beatty Alexander Bcates Jacob B.ckwith.Mrs.C. L. 3 Benn'iitJiiiia Ben ler William Bcausotid Celestin li.tis Aiicliot-I B neiis, Brilton Jj Co. Ideas Alece 11 'vlvJohn Breese W T B.inlioy lilin Ihmison Bun S"phia sun .nr. Bingham Benjamin Bishop A B Bishop Joel Biighiiii L'ician V. Bro.viiEli-J Brown Benjamin Blown Cassut P Blown Samuel II Blown Shepherd U Bo.irdmuu tieorge Jun Bowman Ebcncicr Borpur .Mr Boulunger Joseph Pcpiu llrownwell Chauncey Buet Janus Buel .1 .M Biirbank ijtcphen W Butler Prol Bash Win Cnpt Iljsher Butterlteld Biuekmau israt.1 Bryan Harmon U Carolino EliAa t allannn Mary C'apeis Willia'm L'iis. Matilda Carver Adiline Betsey Cniu U.ict. E Cain Rebx'ah Cnrriiuton Julia JI Carr Mnrsha .M Carter T J Cjs- Patt Cnip,uuer Josph L 2 fdwinberlin E W Chamberhn Coni Lot Chapman Polly 2 Chapman Polly W Clnpln M ClatK Ealan Claik Cjnthia A Crane 'liinddeu tremens Clustina Christie John Cltirlien Louis Choate Caroline Costello i'ttt Conlm James Connor Edmund Connor Ceo A Connor Moody CroM 'I'iis II t'ouant E si Connor James Conway Thomas 2 (.0mv.1v Michael Cook A Coi-k W W CoiUi .lured Ciouker Amasa Cloud II II Cunningham Patrick Curtis Co Chittenden Cuitis Ellen Cume John Cunuaue Thomas Cummmgs John Cutler Pilns Culling t;.,rah Cimigam John Cuunmgham John D Dmiels Samuel Dinan Charles D.ijtna Henry Detnaulier Isaac D.'iniere Jean Baptiste Due Peter Drew Amasa D-'ckcr Job I Km tie II W R Diggery .Moses D.guctte Jean Baptiste Douohoe Ellin 1) igjiin James D. Edward Duck tinuel Dully D.11111I Dodge W A E Eastwood Pctrr liarle Ainuii.ih A Earhy .Mitchell Eisgiau isimnel E 1, Minis Mary A 2 (; fourd Bets.-y 2 Kd,c.ids C B E Uard .laiucs AI E''Mion IJ B E. cin M EvciIj I'nlon IIouso Even tt licorge L Evercit Leonard F Farrell Edward Fairar Emm 1 P 2 Fannr Mrs ,M 11 l'.irrington IJ .M .Maty Fsy J Fceny Ann 2 Fisher .Senver I-'itzsimmons John Fitzgerald Mrs. Fiizelle Henry II 2 For Jane Flood Edwnnl FoMcr Abigail FoibuJi A P Fonte A Fuller Nelson ; Callup f.uey llraveliin .Mary A. Craves Emily IJ. tlaitin Join 2 (i igel.N'. W. dates lliiniu linr C. P. tireen Louisa V P. (iiei 11 David (iiisonC (i. Cilniau tsinmel (ililillan C W. Crimes Sainh Chiles Dinfoith Coodhue Sophia (Jol.len Catlierinc liuldeii Patiick 11 Haleh.A L2 llawley.J ON Hoight.A Havy, James Huight.Cajit Ilaight.Maty Hawley, Abner Hariogiii, James Haimon, Alott Harrington, J Harrington, Mrs Wm Harrington, V Hamilton, G (J Harthijiton.ltriiiT llambbu, Hiram lluvikins, Wm lliithorn, J P lleuly Thos Ibuinessy, P II win, k II Hibhard,HN3 Hiii. rc H1I1.EJ2. , Hininan.N I lines, M Wli'c'.oeli John Y Ynrringtorr, Charles W. NollLr-'. Post MASrra. Por January, 1817. GRAIIAMS.Columhini,,(iodevV Liiljs Dot, Li ' dies' National mid New Yntk Illustrated Mngt. zuies. receded 01 EDWARDS' Book Store? A'cv.'JIool.s. rMlE Sacred Mountains by J. T. Iteadley, Illutra. J ted, price, eft -,) 11 11 .. 1. .rv .1.0 .. . . , niuuii ,,,",ii 1,1 .tainii- ,iim opIl. HCVISej; by Rev .1.1, Blake, (IllldetO Wis Idin aild Villus. Tor vnuior n..r. sons of I'ilhersex, The use of the Body in relation to tlie .Mind, by (eo. Moore, M. D , i iocuics Aiitomoginpiiy trniisatei,2parts, The Eiuiginiil,bi Sir l'mnciB Henri, But. Beniu'hniiipor the Error, a Nov, 1, by (J. p. R. James, The Enchanter or the Ml ol Oienada, by Sir 1,11') I.. Illli IT, l,,t..,i rmvvnrwn 1 c,. 1 l" "Il'- "t AIlD.i Book Mnrc -wi ll'IM 1 0 i'i 1 mi 1 11 'QS tlLLIA lilLuniAK, ..!) ALL --''' 'be School Books riTomiii"ii led bv the State Convention, for rale in large or small quantities y C. !! EDWARDS, No. 1 Pecks' Building. ETAS ron shi: a hood AssoiiT.vr.VT op1 31 Family Groceries, ilicludma Molasses , S11 rnrs t T,.na rv,n.n,j. ti.. i?- He hasnlso. Co jnacllrandy. Holland lim. Ki r.ri , , rj.n.,, ix.,ivr Jamacn und Boston Runt, Win-key. j'ori, Sin- derm, Malaga mid !Iucnt lii"', nil selected with much care. nnd he win warrant lb 'in us wire ns can tu b-night in lb" State. He has also low piiecd l.iquots ol good quality. ( TniiMii liorpcrs mill 1'nmilips wanting spirits' or w lues may depend on rinding pure and good niti cles. Dirrmbir, liir,. 1 tiiijhanai.m; lack. l i DK. Sin il 11 , ni'.st respeetfuliy infoims the public 1 Ihat lu has puri'hnsed of Dr. Emery therhhtln nniinrncture and sell Dr. Baimmg's highly celebiuied and invaluable lwrr.NT LAfi:. I vvhich fir surpasses t very thing or the kind fnnniket. ' And knowmg tlu.t the article which h-i been used in this section has been ol nn infeiior quality, causm r , nnnyn failure, wiii-retLs, ir a good nitic!" "had been i t ntlitully 1ijiplied.11 cure wiuld have been the result I h has mad; iirraiigcnnn'.s lorn suppl) Irom the or. giual Initor) i.rDr., that every I.ace nriy bo perrect and evety patient beneliited by it. The D icier therefore invites all who am ilnior r,f il. Lin I 1.. give him a call. ' Let the invalid ennsi,',r that th Lace i- for the re- lierund cure of the bdlow ing ,,.i, r.vs, which come ol a displacement or wcakmsj oi the orrjins of the bod, V17 : caknesof the breast shortness or breath ; couch and spitting of blood ipalp.ialion of tlie heatti weakness of the si le and stomach jd)S- pipsiii ; i:i.'uvciiess nill! plU-s ; pam 111 the back with curvature, U ar iug down wit'i weakness of the hips nnd lower ex tremities, ond droop ing ol tin body es peenll) in voung ladies a ml chil dren. The above nnd other analogous nfTtcns, lm hitherto ballled nil constitutional treatment 1 but "ince they have been viewed ns - Mechanic d' nnJ Ix-en tr-nted by the ' Lace' they have cured and we can now ve a host ol cases sce..iing!v well or half Well, or coniliill'-d With leal .bsi-ni,. u.'imooi,, i,o.di. cine,whocannotenoylitetr,e cured upon common priucipks of iieatiiii iu ; nnd why 1 bicnuso their I house is tailing down,' and bv bi iding them up, ' their pains ani,n, nnd nliijacy to rmiedics is thereby given. 1 Sj-Ou nn examination of Committee nfrnilncnt medical men, appointed by the American Institute, 11 Premium Diploma was awarded to this in-tru-meut. 27tf. jJ i:pri-ss, a hrge a-JjrtiiTemoriiia!e-?iid"lV-' IJ male Jiussci at IIiai3T0.s's 1 "William Wood's IJstitlc, w E the subscribeis having hem ni iriinted by the Hoiioiable the Ploblle Court l..r of Cliiumdeti, Comnusjuoneis, to re,v ami iiojiisi me claims nipl .I'lliar,!. ol all .against the csiateol" ihiain Wood Hue ol V, Uttord iiij..iiJuisirict,decease.l,repres..ited insolvent, nnd aLo ail claim and ucmaiidsctlubitct mollset thereto nnd siv luonths Iroiu tne day or the date here"!, being allowed, by said Court, Inrthat pirpuse. we do tbete roie hclcby give nonce tl, 11 we v. ill attend to th" bui nessolour appo.ntuient, nt til-" dweilm'ol the widow Ihnnah Wood, 1:1 Westluid 111 slid ifi-tnct, on tho 22 1 day of Januaiy nn I the last day of l'ebruary ne.t, at lOocloek.A M oil cai h ol said ia)s Dated, lht 2iih day ol D.-e-mber, A. D . 131(5. A Vl ,V'l 1 , 27w3 DAVID S. HaViOLTON CottM"s- Doct. .Smith M.. uc cjnsjiieu nt n:s residence on Cherry street, three dooi, west ol the Cou.-iegatioiial Seed-a1!! Zai'L., ?" J,rf?V0"i,'l' . tions or certain Kuiglus ol tin- .icci nnd Cr.omel, 10 the contrury liotliwiihstandiug, and ho wi-hes Ins iiieiiiis ,i,iu iairoos n, uini.-rrin i hi , mat he is not uie icas; uiwppjiineu or ui-couragd on neeount ot any oppiutwu or even pinerutiun he iniy receive at the hands ol old schoi.1 l'h)3.ciaii? foi th. y know their rinjf t-s in danger Itmut stiange that more tan; lluee tho imd d , liars worth ot l.cuct.e, iafo iepttc nnd .Magnetic medicine, which he 1ms dealt out to Ins numerous patients in this vinuiiy, m cs than lonr years curing muliuu Ji s of cas;s given ol er by the Medical lucidly, us whully inmuible by nil their fallacies; should excite i.ueir learn and call IsTdi tlicirtilfci( ind gnation, but M the " ga'l d ja le wance." 1 ru;, they hue, by cnlin.g to ilu-ir aid oid opinions, old e healmiat pn iu 'ices, a-id preju dices, excited nn I kept up 1 1 the minds ol the people by the bne cunning and ci alt i t a swarm ot huulry doctois, whoe blend and butter is in dan vr, taken some tlnee or .hur Jteer puuents tro.u ti.m. m ns many vears, with m, other apparent etl' ct, than to hurry them to t.nur graves : but m no w, h is 1.1 been ub.e to show the of their ticutiuem, by eurtHZ a patient w Inch lis coal 1 not. 1 o prove b-voiid nil coutroveisr nn I to tin eflirc sitk-..,ctio:i ol the Pii'ihc, that What he have baid above is Hue, the w nH-. il,.. c,i!.,.,n . , .... moiiy of 11. E. Ilubbell, H-r, , which wiifnolbc " U"J wuo Miow mm, ns a sp'ciui-n ,. numheds more which he might adduce, were it lie cewary. Lfcin ! ICAT! " This may certify tint Djct Smiih, of Burhngi-n t., has made a very Importjut cure upon one ol lhe ........., . ,, .aiiiiii-neingnn I l:cr 1 vuivuu w ho entia e joint onifnenrly th, whole foot, vv, had balll.-d the soil ot several eminent Phy-i iaih I lu ll-li 1 ... , ... . V s."'l'l .11,-1 1.111, IOI . , """ .)'""' uurmg tl.e L err con tinued to lliereas- niH .nr....l I i .. . ... .1 -,,,vuM, . mi, 11 luiiy 01 fay that, in my opinion the cine would do honor to nnv Physician orr-urC,.0 lt. E. HL'BBEI.L." I nirtax, t Aug. 15 '10. itST N- II- Dacnr Smith keeps constantly on hand a large stock of Eclectic. latiolcpuu and .Magnetic Medicines, mi most respectfully invites invalids and ,,t-. ...i,j, 10 Cull. Luther Divon's Es'.nlo, n.. I L -rci h" T " ' -V1 . 'Kt. Court i,i-i,..,.ii.i.,.....s ,. , iwia... . ..i,4,,.,i, within and for lhe dtiiiel afjresaid.uu ths 2 Jih day o! 1 1. .....!.... V IV i. 3 , ' , " I,'. . wiu, nu iiisuiimciii pmporiing to w the last II iff and 'i'titamenl o'" Luther Vtxm.Ul of .Milton, in said district, waspresentej to the Couti here tor Probate, by Levi S To;nbero.i, the Execu tor thcieiu unnied. TmniionE it is ordered by said Court, that public ounce ot given io an p rsms IUrr 'it Ml t'wrelll, to up ienr betoie said Court, t n session thumb" M bell 'id at the Register's oince.msaid Buihiig,,u,on the louril in January, Hl7,nnd contest theprobnieol miJ Wnl ami it is tuilher ordered thai this outer bo publish.-!', three weeks successively iu die Buihugion l'rie Pie a newspaper printed nt Buihugion, iu wi l slate, tin last of which publications, io be pnucits to the da) assigned, as nloierat.l.lor hu: imi. (ilvcu, under my hand, nt ill" Register's Office, thu 2'Jihdayot D.-eember, A D. IMS. 27w3 W.i WESTON, Itegistcr Din id I!;i)'s (lute Juiiioi) IMntc. STATL Of ( The Probate Court fu Dislricl of Chittenden, ss J tne D.stricl of Clntten deii,Tonll,ierSJivs mieiesied iu lhe estate ot Drub. Day, (late juiiioi) late oi Esses, in said district, dcieas ed. Wnrnos, fleorge Whimey, ndmiui'trntcr of tin rst.H ot the said deeen-ed, hath tiled fusaid' petition, pru) mg Mid court Iu extend the time Iiiiuiim lor paying lhe dtbts due tioin nnd estate and (or set llin sild jcar Irom the ."uh day ol Janua iy, J8I7, and mso pnuvses to render an account o his administration nndio present his account agiiusi sai I estate lor examination nnd allowance, Wiiritu iM.s.the eouitnl'oieiaid doih umgn the -111 Wcditcbday m Januury next, for healing and drcidirg la the premisrs, at the ollice ol thu Register ol san t'ouit.iu Burliugion, iu said dutrtcl, and doth onln tint nil peisoiia inficsted, be nuiili'd iheicol, by pub tishing this order, continuing lhe wibsiance ol t.ud pe. titiuii.ihieenetliSauccessivel) in the Builington Fier Press, tlie last ol which publications to be previcus tc the day appointed, as oiores-id, for hearing. Given, under my band, at said Burlington, this 30th day of Decimbrr. A D. 1316. I1V3 Wn. WESTON. E-"Jir Whiternin W. C Williams Martha M Wheeler Joseph Wli:1il,n, l' n TO THE LOVERS JF GDOO MUSIC '1MIB tr.vnntMnvni) iiwi.Vf! irt:i: hmkmC l noidi'-d, that n gteat epoch Is nhout In Kike place; 11 in,; 1 mis.cni woiu, ami nut beinj willlnt; t let tlio day ol heloespa-,, williout coming 111 lorn thai--,nnd Cs ingn him Mievir 111 th - " up mid doing quick and Cheat), on, 110 111i.t ,,.., r... .i.a.,-.. ..i'.lirr buiues-, lwoirld tla rdore give public notice, lint T nive on hand and nurninimf.icturing Piano Furies in """W"! nnd M iho;sinu cti"c In a vani ty o! ktyli-s, inutile lor tlu. or rmyi'lrTrr'Tk'-t. aid Inviiu de voini tiH-lust tweiil) jtars. my -s-h-d- i,m- to the tiniiiil.i. tiling, repaiiiiigaiul tuniiiL'l'wiio Fottes, it is beli .vol, th i.-lne, that th.. PbRc rc fully satis, lied of myiiliilityfor -uch business, nrdf rally 'b.-licv mil that lh Piaii.iisfjrfVt (o th h(,r-.f d'crcr of pef I'Tliou when it 1. fitly iidaplcdtiraecouipany the voice, I '.,N" i"'"g'- miy iTson lucxmiiit fnnu'j moic lit a lor that impose than those nl tnyuwn tnako, 1 there 1 lore atilicipate 11 continued slnVe' ol PiiShe V'atri-iiage. Aim lei.iv urn I re, uredo.i rcasiruabV letm?, 'li.ur dour, fhcairr than ever . -ol I win. 1, 1 1 u say in till p-rsotis, m ho, nt any rnt.'.must lnve n New 1 oik 1 iiiiiii,iitiOr!imst to buy of Stod.ird .t l).ri! 1 or . II,. A Co. or W. I' Crow, tu new rs n. nb.ishnicnt) -r,us who Inui intimately ncquainted ' " 1 " ' ,r ' nL' -urnni, 1 win i-iuer ony nsistui(. . w,i bout 1,-ci.r f,-ar.l I ,u ,,. i.r. 11001 1-0, -o uni m one ir- Inay know tin; dill n-nce b. or oicine a Piano, mi iiupi tiunnNo, so thai m one I(-,,i PupiU lenimng Music ce iii'iwccn tuning mid lotiniii 1 ... 1 . by any .Music Teacher to my kiwoledge. fo's'ott .Ire". All persons wishsmg t avail fhirrselves of i iisgreaioppoiiiiuuy to get a lirst rale Piano, or any thing in my line id business, nr- ic.sp'cltully invited .o call uml eAammelur llieui-scves. JEIIir.L ML'NSON. Burlington, Pec. 8th, 13ic' (JI'CAItS. 1A hhl. P It Piomr. '- bnvs llavanna do 20 bbls Extra Cl.lrirt".!, .11 no l.iusneu ci' to do Uiound at '-) Boxes Lnnf dj rrr.n'ehr D.'e SI, HIO. Foit.ttr A. Bai'dict. I I AISINS 20 bbls Sun iliismt, J 2'i i bbls ,ij da 25) l,rs Bunch d t Oltlj Jr, ,1 yi do do ! Dec. 21, 1 W. ro.ITT.'( flf.lMfr V NIIIJUT IHO.V AM) Tiff. C? 5.1 Plil I'lfsh ,',-; !.-,.;, s I!."i Bundles Engh'h do 2) do Am". d't l!i) Botes Cnniid a Plate, 10 do Pentpool do 151 lines 'I'm, C))U lbs, lie. ,"Lc. IJ-'C -' Fo:.t.iir ; Csirtpr. , t 111 wri'i, .r . 7. , . . IN . l y1 . NTT .V0"3 1 !ls' ' y ou-"r 'v- "'iMMXy. , v.,tti it- .. . . " riniimn y . t.ncc s Eslntc. V '' subsuribTs, Invinrrb-en nppoinfd bv th j " Honorable the I'lointe Court Ibr the D.strict of v. nu-ii.ii-ii, "in iiis.,u"rs 1,1 iiceive.c.vanime and ndjun tlv r ail is i,d dyiinn Is ol .ill pe.sjin ni.unl the estate 0 Nathan W (!V- mtenf'nuilinrjionm I sai 1 D.strict, d--'ascd. reprc-n'eii movent, and aN , all claims uml ,, Mi:iiKlse.iub::edi'i nfl-ct thrrfto and 1 sit months from th- die of theda'e ir-rrof bein'ol. lowed by -ai I Court for tint puip-.-n, v. do tliereiVn hereby give nntiee. that w.. will ntteiid t , rh- humCM ot ouriippomtmei.t, nt tlnollneot Kass !u. h,ck. i-j 111 iiuuiiiiou 1. 1 -iw n.stnri, 011 tlw lirsi W e.l- lh)sn spectlvelyor Ali'll nu A. M..011 each ot saia iln)s. id Juu.- lOo'cLck, Dated, this sh dnvoI'D eeniher.A. D. UiG. 11 1 i.i, 1 .-1 1,1 .ll.V.S, 1 -3 'i:Nuvb,2d,r"'',infr'" (Ml.VIItS trs ':iAIHS! (1 V, . l). '! U" I V li A I! I T A T S OP Jw would mfo-in t!,, l I Il.irli.iuton 11:1 1 n.anity, esp.'cially those w,s!m, ; to p-riarisj Chairs or Cabinet ware mat he hm now and will hive constantly 0:1 band, Uood rt 1 In,,, .mil kind., wh..-h, m point ol ihunbilii) ami Iru-ii, nn- s-con I to none in maike' Also, on hand, a lar.; supply of Cabin-i Wale. Wo-k lone to o-der; old Chans repined and paint -d at short notice mid upon rcasmnbl" term,. All kmusot cou.ury pro. !uoe wood nn.l .ii.,:r taken in cxehauci lorthenbove Terms: Pny down. Pcrsonswi.bin. any of the nbove riitieles, wall ,1a well to call anJ csa' mine lie rire rmrr ,nm . ..Ij.... I...r- in.,.; ocinre i,Tirciia-ing elsewhere. Wnti li io, f.,,.1 Kood Ba-swoud 1'lar.U in 1 e'nnir lr ib -,hi . , " L . , 1 u" il'in two d .jISsGlllh if tbc ifi'l f'l..,...l, .. Uuilmjtoii,l)..c. 1,10. viwl I'cr Christinns uml cw-Yi ur. "UIl'.lSTMAS BI.OcSOM.a beauiilul hook. Til J l.vergieeu. Ill Kngrnvmgs, 'IV Aiinranth, Aims runii B.,.,kol B.-auti, '.'Engraving., 'IV Rmihow, -- ,,, ,,.-, iiii.iuj oomiu, 1 ne (.iinstion .eepvike, l.i.irel Wrentli, Religious Some "k-Mi, Ii.e .Mos Ro-.e, Lady's Album, Til 'I ouveliir, Iho Ate N .12 rorg-: S.,!..n.l..l v.,!ilme nf 1U1. ti..,. 11: 1 LjiiiTt,.w's Poems, I.alla Uookh, i'.dv m- ',ak L.iude Harold. Mis. Iiemans, Cnimibi'd. 1'urn ao.i I'o. tryol EJrope, do do, ,-aie llvron 1 c i'e. ,".s..nh.liari,tlvrwi, I A lai?- asiartuicnt of .Miniature and Chiller..' 25 1 I Peck's BuilJiii- KDWAUDS' Bocknore. dill ISTMAS A.xu A:iF.F;..UF.S- I'ltEsiivrs. 'I1!!!: Pubvriher has a large and nice .,wk of An- nuals and Books designed lor Ciinsi.nas, Neve l cars and lluih-day Present-, anioug which aro The Boudoir Annual, with lUengran'n m, lhe Amaiamh, 7 Tne Ro, ot iioron 7 " Chitstmas BIossji.n and New Venrs Wreath, G I hnsiiau's K psake, 'J " 'IV Ilini iuih or Aliection's Clft. I-iienls'np s OHiring, p " Pile .May Flow', i, y o Ths Mother, Pieselil. r, The Judbon Ou'uiiig, ite. in D.-c. 1,, .5vv.l By STEVENS. WOODS. 3i ." i-h i a c H:mi :i fnv. I ov y. riiHE SubsenVr is, and i. pre;i5. I tj build to order, in. k.u 's of "A ooii'u Liu'lunery. Cording Mselimo,, C. i le .s- rs, Pit-k.-rs, J.S' ks, IU 'It as lii.-s, l.'-.'iihjrj, Bi iishmg Machinf s. Napptrs, Iteguiamrs, Ac. All work ent-urtrd to linn, will be e ,..-,., 1 .i,s. fatness a. id detpituh- His M S lop i, -uua-led in Moiitpsher.ihiec miles Ijom me ullaV.oii ths londto oicisfr and Si A!!a;.s. The sabsciiberis cm lident ihsi h- can build as " -od a Card or Juck, as cm K- proeuu-d in New Etigluiid I hose, running his Muchuieiv pioivun.-e it to run well as am in use. ML'A'J WUIVIIT. Jr Montpelier, Dec 12, IMC ' 2Vf WARD i t300TT ' ISuecessTs tj Jaws. O.'nnv Sc H" ' MAXL'PAtTniBI'.S OK I.IU01L ANO llViriVOOtlS, .... i.nir.i xr.n 1 1 i v.'.s in PYL-STITXK, OILS! SOAPS. CUEMICAU. A t-l MA VLTAC'Tl'i; !"tX' AKTICl.Ea, .13iUv yiret-.t, AMir.r.w it. warp, j:i. HdUmi. ki.-.u uir. . 26m' riioinen's Noticr', I ""HE Annual Mceun -or the limlv'ttsn Volunteer Lhciiic ( Jinii.i, Ao 1, will be held at the Peail Street H jis on i'uesdny eveimi, Die. 22. laW, t ' o'clock A general ntieii.tmee of the Alcnitwis is reouesicd. By order of JOHN K. GRAY", E. C Lo.iis, Cxftiin. Scnttaiy. Dec II, ItUf.. Pork. 'I MIC Subscriber lias for salea f-w choice Xleats. 1 of buowu raising, also, a line LOAli fur the jnproveuieiit ot sicH-t One of his pigs, tuned fcy .Mr. i.i.uistleimaiu,0t this village, weiulied.nt S) months old. 313 lit. I'l 'I IS HIGH V. Burlington, ICih Dec, IStli. 3jwl l.ccchcs, Leeches. IHVSICIANS nnd Piiwitc Families residing in L the country will plens' irmember lhatj ishnul I they require them, they will find an excellent MikL ol ither (.crni'in or iiredisfi Isiclrs, lor sale by ii Dec li. ISIti. OLO. L IIAHHISGTO.X. r.a IirTTi:nriri,I) sV Co. oCVr to tr.crch'r.ia IV nnd o'hers, ROOM'S TOiiV.CCO, umLiua and chewing at Troy prices. Harrington's Building. ri Xluihagto.i, Dec. 18, 15lu. jirv ' ; : rrine ISenata, (GARS. of TarjejiJiito ,sijtJ tlie eeuator ii

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