Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 26, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 26, 1847 Page 2
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BUJtliliVGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY jUORNJiN'G, I'HiJRUARY 26, 1847. toilisrlun' to inu 1 No I I mint know- tlio facts licfurp 1 ran form niv jinl);inpnt. lint I urn In lake ll lor granti'it tliat lliero inii-t b? iim'j mniri-t nl' nn i-ivl of tills ilivull'iil war Inr it i a ilri-iiilful lieimriH I tii-lk-vc in my fonvii'iifc it U, mi unjust war. It i nil Mi'tliat fur tlin-e millions ymi ran iu n-li.ii u jii'.irc witli Mi'.xii'ii lluw'f ly tlio piircli-isc tif California Mr. l'n-siilcnt, I know u t lint f ict-tin; t 'liairm in uf tin- ( iiiiinitli-r ol' litt'i;:ii Afl.iir liny Inve hi-itss to. I kimw wliat 'I'i'i'i't nj;eiits linu -Ih'i'M wliiu-riiijr lulu tin' mm of tlioailtlioritii'nf Mi'.vii'o : lint of "iiu thine 1 am c-i'itniti. tint lir a i-oion nf Califor nia nml Now Mi-xii-nyoii'i-.iii n.'Voi' ptirclu-uu ponce willi Mr.Vieo. t You nny wri'-l prnvliii-t". from .Miwiro liy war yon "tiny hoU them hy llio rijilit nl'tliu ftniiiu'U'tvoMmiy io'i 'ior, lint a tnuty of ponce to I'll'i'rttt I'ltl'i'.' pi'iiiiluofM -xici. loiriiiiiu toly hail, von never will Ii-ivt! I th ml: (loil that it ii i.'n well lor tli.- .Mc.ic:in p -oplo for niiliki'tlio Senator from Alnlnmn (Mr. Il.iohy.) I do not v il le Mi:' lit ol a citiz.'n nt tin- ("nil i,. ,,ii4 ... ,t;,l iIiimii mi! (A luii"h.) I I li" mul ehnrp;e It to my nceonnt, 1 o1iere l-v llie I ,r ,) i r . I f he til 111 Srt i-i ! W tti:tt iV m.mimn l in helml! i4 tl,oo wieieheit won.ler f tlio 'resilient f ti e U nitti I N. Us- j.,,,,, Ur,k.min(, lliri,B)l Kn 0r ,,e sinus i e.tirntei im he .4 null military mill cill plir.'llllH I. l,r.,i.i,. ... i . i..,.ilr ilh lie .......... 1il. il tii'ivim nf the loan w lio wrote ...... I.. r..,.1..i..l I... it... ini-nii- i.l res- I'.r.i ..1... .1 Inn- Moiile.-iinieii " llaniitis that I riiinir lens of llioiwiinls of l ie iinfoiliiiinli' luW.c of .. ,il..,. ,. I,,.-,, mum! nn i rilloli in simil !-' 'flic I I rvl.lll.l llolll llie lllo-l liomlilo lit ilellllis, Senator Irum .Mieliiptn Iml a ilillerent view of this. He tliink- that a u ilion not ili-liiiLroi.-li-nl in w ir. Ilu fears 111 it the hlinnlrrin f.icnl lie of olil llurope h.ive not li.'en nhte lo n-rer-tuiiithiit there aietwenty tiiillimn of Anjiln-Sax-on-" here mikini; mil minis mul ciniil, and .-pcedinir all thenrls of peace to the utmost tic coinpli.lniient of the must relined civili.alion ! They ilu I tr know it ! And Ii the won derful e.vp'dient which this Dcnionatic method of mak'n hi-tory would ad ipt in order t make it known ? Sliuotiii" .Mexican woun n ! 1 rend in jour li-illle ol Monterev, tliat a poor little jiirl, with tlio lonevoleuce of mi nnjrel in lier lio'om and tlio rolmst couraaeof n heroin her he ut. w:e lunily eni:n!;ed iluiiii"; tlio Moody conllict, amid the cr.i"hof fallin"; houe and the shrieks of war. in moi-tenin the parched States the live-of an hundred thousand j lips of the dyin? soldiers on either -hc. hen Miililcnly, as mi Auiericnii olucer looked upon her, a c.ilinoii lull struck her and Uowliorto atoms! Oh ! no tire known in Europe ! How io ure rernirnizod iiiimng the (.'Inistinn nntions of tlio world! This i.,i eoiiumination thai mikeiuie think that llio .Millennial (ilory has ju-t downed upon the hloody li.dd of .Monterey. ul of the Tlio florv of vour ' Ami'rican llrpulilic lemiiid ol !nll live lo the l.ile.-t -vll ih!e ol lecorded time! .Mexican women ami cluldien n rather colli mrt of philnntliropy in my .judemi'iit for llio f ike of Mevico then I repiice that it ian inipo. uliilily tliat you enn olitnin liy treaty from h"r t him' territories in th" exi-tiu late of Ihiny. lint how is it ! What do you in -an ? Here conicsthe Senator Iroin Micliiir.inaiul t'le S.uiitor from Missouri, at tie' t'eni'niltce ol Military All'iir. und To It. (!. COI.K, I2s. Ki'Hwcilully Youis, 1 ' 'rir !tv itnuin-'TnirriNG. At ti nioitinnofthe iulialiitaiitsof Ilnrlington, Vermont, held at Strong's I kill on Saturday uu'.( noinlnatutlio couunitlco cointuluplalcd In resolu tion four. They repoitcd tlio following llio Commit tee of Ten : .Messrs. Cii.i:i.i:i Ati.vus, Jons V.s SicKt.ns, IVlirunry i!i)th, lS17,Ciiu:Lr.s Ai)Uis,l!"l tVV!ls i I). V. C. Claiikc, Wvi.i.vs, Nathan It. us thirty inillirii" of money and ten thou pilar trooi s to do .' to eon pier a pe ire nf tlinsj olisti: a e Ce!l. who will not jxne it till we beat them still f.irther. We arc told th it w thewaytodo it, 'Iheie is a eiy ruiious and nd cominiNlure of thinj;s on tlio other ide id the ('haniber. Scnicely kae Ihcse inilitnn (."iitleiivn tlieir instnini'Mits all bullets und gunpowder mide tlieir ileiiund-, wlieu up mines the Sen iter from Ark in-.i (Mr. Sevier) with three millions of dollar in his h it nothine warlike about him (a lan'O the trumpet ol is taken from his hp-, and lie comes in sofl and frenllo incisure and says to the poor Celt. " In tiod's n line since wui don't win.t to be kil led and sl.inhlereil. let us lay "-ide tlit-.'pear of Achilles there is the olive of .Minerci in the fhapo of Ameiicaii dollys, nrcorilin to out l ntikeo l.iNiion ! (. I iii.oi ) ml re-! Vou hue storined t'ie ISisl i-i"s Palace. and shot , an inniirent girl rngageil in Jjiiing water to the living soliliels ill the licit! ! This was to get room ! There lies vrmr ac knowledged country, on the oilier sideoftlie Itocky .Mountains, m far lemote from the habi table part of your country that you h ivo actual ly to hiio ii legiment to carry the i in i 1 to the shores of the I'acilic ! And you want room ! Vou m ike the liypocriticnl pretence that there is i bur-ting population teeming with energy and enterjui-o and life, which w.ilits room ! Vou will impose no lies like tliat upon us. Why sh ill we be so silly us to attempt to impose upon the world this l"i.-o pretenre ? I)) we not Know. .Mr. President, that of old it was mged u lie could mtlue long I'ut at I i-t there shall nothing abide but Inilh. and that 1 wh iteier vou or I may -nv today, when we slnll I don't under-tand this. we are to vindi cate our rie.'its by bittles inhioolv ti !!-! 1 war let lis do il. If tint is not the pi in, why then let us call luck our armies intoourowni territories and nioivo a treaty w ith .Mexico. lned upon t.i" propoilion tliat nimoy is liettei for her an.l I in I I treat .Mexico like eve. llul wlnt is it inn n-K t oil pave snugm room nil a growing population will The Wllmot I'miKo A Siinnliiif; lit .ul lllicutloii. .Mr. C.u.itor.s's unrpicstioned powers of theo rizing and relim'tig by w-hich he Iihh hcKfioforo shown liim'olf entirely able " To "CUT nml divide A hair'lwlxt norlh and nuitli-wcst side," are ulioiit lo he exerted lo prove that tlio Wil- mot Piuvi'u. bv which a limit is set to the exteu sion of f'(ury in tliis '-res country," is unctmsti- lullmial! It reminds tisofthcla-trcortnracuto advocates who arc culled on to defend murder ers now-a-d.iys. It1 there is no mistake about the killing, the plea is insnnily or uminnmbulifm. And so w itli these pro-slavery gentlemen then is no con-titutional objection to cxtin Ug tho"pe rulinr inslilulion'' by the laws and the iirmlcs or tlie nation, nil overtho habitable globe, but when an attempt is made to ilaij its foul wines, the gho-tof a iniirdcred Con-titulion rises before the troubled fight of these metaphysical republican". We wish the 'ilistingui-lied Carolinian" a sale dcliicrance! Our private opinion is that it is b-tter lo violate the constitution in favor of free dom and humanity, than todoil in order to make a war on -Mexico. "Th? liivrr and II irbor Hill just reported fiom tli! C'-miiiiitt-' on Commerce, mill releru'd to llie Coni-imlteeol'llu- Wlmle in Ilu- I'lnlod stmics IImi.- of Kcprcsi'iitalic-,nrik(.,s die fjllowinsiiiipropriiilions," Is it not soiiielhiiigliketrillingwillilegi-lalion for (lie Congress of the V. S. to p-issa bill ma king appropriations for llhcrsani! Ilnrbor-. when precisely such a bill has once met with the Veto of tlio President.' Mr. I'M must, ol'cour-e rc-fn-e his sanction to the one mentioned below. Itiliil'ers in no material ivpect from that of the last fO'sion of Congress excepting that the amount of the appropriations is in some instances U's the jr'uirijilc of the thing remaining sub ject lo t li 3 same objections the President urged llAswi:t.t., Timoiiiy 1'. Srr.osn, William 1!, Vii.a, Smv 11. Ilow.U'.n, Casiu.s P, Plck, and John .Mvurs. And they were appointed. On motion, the meeting adjourned. ClIAlil.l'.S ADAMS, awruvm. II. A. Stan&iut.Yi ficrrctury. The Wilniot t'linisii. In a pait of our last week's issuo we had the pleasure of making the following iiiuiouncc nicnt : rtisTsrnii'T. Tucr.siuY nvr.xixi, 8 5 o'clock. Vc stop the prcs to announce, willi IncAprcstble cnll fur tlie expenditure df the snini-, or tiny part llicir of: Provided, Tint lull mid no urato nccounls ol nl Ihese I'jpcndilnrcs shall be by him trnn-uuttcil to t'onuri'ss as soon prar'ticnble, Anil pro-iil--d liulh-r, That lh--ir nliill be n-illn-r ulaic ry nor inuiiuntarv sTum l-' in any territory on llie coiiliueiit of Ainenra wlndi slnll h-n-iilti-r b'-nnqnir- cdbyori eXL'dtollie I "nileil .Slate", by Mitiu of llusnppropn mo i. or in tiny tumiier wliatocer, ex cept Inr erunos wle-reol Hie pirtv shall hive b,-eu du ly convicted ; Provided nlwnjs, M'li'it liny person cs eiipiinf into "iicli territory Irum whom Inlnror --rik-e islnwliilly claiiu-'d in nny one of die United States, such fugitives nny b lawfully reclaim?d nn I convr edoiit ol "itch t-intury to the person claimnig his or h-r laborer s-r ice. Holier .Meeting In Itiunilou. The spirited and benevolent citizens of llrau don held a public meeting on Monday evening of this week,-to concert measure for the relief of llio famishing p-olcuf Ireland. The lion. I',. N. lli'.Kios pic-ided, and stated brieily the pur n-e of the meeting, which was more fully elucidated and explained bv Hon. A. (!. Dana. Appropriate resolution, pre-ented by ('lis. viti-l.ichon, tun a blow- Ins heen sttu k lor l.r.i.r.- u Wil.LlAHs. Il-ip were passed and the fol n iM in tin Cong-coi the United Stite, which will , j,cn,,men were nppointed a committee thrill the henits of all tiuu patnuts with joy. Tlx , . " , . , , ,. ... ,. , ViLMjr IT.3MS), w:ii.:l, forever preelu I ; th; cxteu- 10 rocc-ivo and stijiPrmtciul the ill-portion ol such 8.0.1 of Hlaiery, cillu-r by the I,esi-ativc action or contributions as might b? made in further.iiice the Military power, of the L'uited States, was adoited of the hiuinue clijcct which had called the meet- nv tiic Hour, or licrr.Lsr.NrATIVDs on .Monday la'l . :., t,,iicr hale gone down lo our with tlieexpect.i- 1 lion, like thelooli-li lurd which, when pursued. hides it" inih-li bend ill the sand and siippo-c ! its pnor foolish body i in t seen when we hale crawled into theurivo. b.-lieveing that bv this we have imiicod iiiiui tliis woild. nil i heller for u- Tliuswec.ui will be di-coi ck d and made bun-to even b"dy, an eipinl anil do Honor lo our- anu ni.iiiKinil in-tciiii ol iielioung us tlial we -ay n iw taken fiom .Mexico one fourth of herteni-1 tint we endeavored timlci lb it hypocritical prc- tory. and you now propose In run a line enmpre- tence, to obtain I uid we did not want. I.y in'umity liending about another third, and for wiiat ? 1 and loree. nk, .Mr. President, for wli it .' What In- Mexi co trot from nu, for o.irling with two-third- of her domain .' She bis -j-iven vou ample redre-s ees which iiiu-t inevitably Inllow from theindul- l"i,r m nri' I liinre nl veil it'll vnll li'l en mmi.laineil. fo'tiee ( I 11 1 111 ml.lil i. ilu! I tr. l-ii t,irv t.v ;. Il nr She his" submitted to the' award of vour Com- t o il to the lii-torv of the im-t. I le 'relet red m ' l'n i nullification and Virginia ab-tructionis called to the chair, and 1'tiWAliU A. Stan.siu'i:v appointed Secretary. On taking the chair Mr. Ahams briefly set forth the deplorable sud'ciings which had given rise to this and many similar meetings through out this Country, lie was followed by Prof, (ico. W. Dr.xnmcT who read a call for a relief meeting, which lie accompanied with cloucut and interesting remarks. The following letter from the Ut. Rev. the Uisliop of this Diocese, was h iiulcd to the Chair man, at whoso request it was read to the meet- To the rresiilln-jO.liceronlic I'nlillc .tleet iu.' culle.l tortlie purpu-c ol' eonliibu-tiii-4 to the relict of lielinul. .Mr. Cit.vtr.M.vx- As soon as I saw the announce- meut of tins meeting, I resolved that 1 would intend, and add my lecble rncuurageiuent to the object lor which il was called together ; ullliou:h it would have been the iirat occaaion of such a coinsc on my part, since 1 have had the privilege uf being a resident of lliirliugtou. .More than fciirteiu cars ago, my lot fur hfe'was cast iiiuoust you; und I have liilli'-rto ab stained Irum takim; any -haie in your public nssem blic', not Idealise I did h--; leil ns deep nil iuuresi in iheir results nsany oilier,bul becauc 1 tlioubt it lnoic consistent Willi my piofessiunal chaiaiterto leave tlieir lnanaj;eiuent in the hands of those, who were so much more fu nulla i Willi the business, niul had so many higher claims upon llie confidence, ol the. community. The rail now made, huwevcr, seemed to luc ol a kind o peculiar and so sacied, that I should have felt ns though 1 was a recreant to the strongest obligations of Chritnin duty, had I willingly held back liom it whatever aid il was in my power to be-low. I'io'.u the course I had nnticipaled, nevertheless, I fi i.liii)K.lfprrr!ti'l('d Ii) bodily indi-puMtion, and llieic toie 1 must nk llie indulgince ol having this letter speak lurniuou tlieocca-.iiiu. 1 or the lirst lime, 1 believe, since llie political exis tence ol llie United Slates, the cry of famine by the f.iilure ol the liarv est, lias gone up to heaven fiom a I whole nation, containing eight millions, of souls ; where I Prom llie Tribune. the ellbrts of the ve.ilihv and l-'iievoient arc entirely! Ti!E Wii.mot Proviso Yevs and Xvvs is tiic unable tn pint iuV for the awful hits of misery which Moum:.. The tole ol the House ol l.'fpreieutativeso.i to succeed .Mr. .MoitiiiAUIi. is the dentil of the .listless Mon.hy, by wliijli a Inirier vvasestabli-he.l we tru-t ''..r in Tilt- i n il inn .inn le1. 1 1 i.n I if in in ii iiti ii by a tote of Hj to in."i ! It will be seen that the lluusc was unusually full, and that the friends of free dom and the honor ol the American mine, were faith futainl true ! Ij't the now biiiiu t up lo llie high duly thai is b.-fore lliem, nn 1 iuiprov c die oppor tunity that Viovidcnce has given them to vindicate the cause olMmtiee and Humanity, nml llie foul lim its of Slavery in this liepiibho will bo defin at ! Wo give the Three .Million bill a it pa-sed the IIou-c, with the yeas and nays, which we find in the X. V. 'I'ribiinr. The Provi-o excluding Slavery we have placed in itulicf, and take oc c.iou to reiterate oiirttoiT. (alas ! that it should In but a Aojc!) lint the Senate will show themselves equal to the high put that now re-ts tiion tiikm. Will they, cm they, w itli the divine injunction of the Christian religion, .mil the holy impulses of humanity, lefoie them, avoid the path to which bath prompt ! .Me--rs, A. CI. Dana, II. Davkniw.t, J. Hyatt, C. W. Coxant, .M. Welch, J. D. Mitiiiei.l, In.v llpirov, V.. J. IIliss and J. 12. HlCililNS. We learn fiom the Vohc if Vmom, whose Hditor, J. IIolcomii, Km., was Secretary of the meeting, that 811.) was forthwith sub-cribed, mill we perceive tliat the Hon. .Mr. Dana, the chairman of the committee, invite" further con tributions, which our acquaintance witli l'ran- dnn and its vicinity jutilics us in confidently be lieving will be made. Ilrnndou is precisely the town to doa good tiling thoroughly ! Kentucky Senator. The Hon. Judge Cnuehwood. n gentleman of large experienci in public nlkiirs, and an able and zealous big, has been elected by the 1. islatttre of Kentucky to the .Senate of the U. blv be expected that legislation of tliis character, which seeks to remove ob-trtictions from our navigable rivers, and to improve our harbors, ami thus provide safeguards for the lives and The lion. Senator then proceeded in a mo-l property of n large cl.i" of our citizens, the peo eloquent manner to do jet the uw fn! coiHequrii- 0 ,., c,iall ,e ll:vir ,.;,,.,, mio 'rennc co agaiu-t its predecessor. Ik'foro it can rea.-ona-1 that the iurch isiug of i-ullins for the dead is denied, slavery under th- d ig and by th" po'wer of llie Union Mute i'enipeiiiiice Society. is ninong Hi mot nnporl ml anil auspicious events ot , ,, , . ,. r... ,, . . I our tune" The whole mil. ee and i. itrounge ol the1 At the annual meeting of tins Society, recent i.,-i Nun', , .v...' .. ......... .... yi in iMiii. in..,.- n , in tu n uiiii-iii. inu ttiiiuw mix eeiuiuiiieii w ere elected ollicer- for the ensuing year: mi-ioners and up to the time ol the rupture with toe ino-t forcible in inner to the extreme danger and their organ lias possession of the Power of Texas faithfully paid it. , which accompanied the agitation of the gnat t1L, Veto, the Country may expect opposition lo In return, up comes vour Anglo-S i.tnn gen- que-tiiui which mi serinu-lt dii ide-the .North , . ., ,, . ,'i,,. ., .;,i . .,. tlennu, with tin. in one hand ni.d Soiilh, und conclude I l-v be-i'.-chin- Se- I"l"'ial improvement, to have a wide sweep, mid Hill ofltights in the other your evangeli- nator- at once lo puu-e, to arrest the piogie-s1 Tlie following are the aipropri,ittons contem raj Colonel und law-practicing" Divine, Don ol'llie war. and, in-tend of ncling ti.ward Mex-1 plated by the new bill : vvaiier v-ouon. tvmi gives op - im-i ." sermon ico in ine spirit ol a age. wlncli on the mount, quits tlie New Tegument, and lie-, linked upon revenge a- u virtue, mid forgiveness takes him lo III ickstone nnd Kent is elected of injuries us a cniue, to treat her in thiMipiight Justice of the peace take- io e-sion of Cali-, and magnaiiimoiis spirit ef ti Chri-tiaii people. 1 fornia -ind iu-tead ol le.iciung the way of re-1 Tie it her that way, said lie, and mv life for it, pentance and plan of atonem-iit to tlie nd.-era-1 twenty eiiih shaH'iiot ri-e set before the' ble heathen, holds one of Colt's pi-lols to hi" ear, i louiul.itions of a solid und sub-tanlial neace will nnd says ' 'J'.ike trial by Jury, or" The b- laid, inipemling calnnilie-bj at rested, and ' lest it might diniini-h the amount ic(uiied by the fctur tulion of llie living. i iiniiiiii'uii i iieiann; eoi rieu uu u-, uui iu- a luell invoheil II" III III.' Texas iniquity lilieallv indeed, but by every other lie belonging to hu- speaking through the " -ial I). gin,' mil hiving maniiy How many ol her population wele ainoug-t " new' batch of Ceneriil", Colonel", Majors &e., , ..' i ' . , i-i eoiivemenilv lulileil to us armory, have been beaten the lust settlers on our soil-how- many of her sons in t.,ir ight"by the nrous-d spirit ami aw-.iken.-d con- helped lo giiu theticlones ol llie Revolution !ww- el Aiiiniean 1 re'in-u. It is a tietory to sub-erviency hows to the decrees of South Car-i large a iiurtion of llie A-nericau blood at llus day isif rank with .Marnihon nuJ Mnint. vuth Saratoga and a P-. . ..... .... . . . iirktmt n. all t w nn ou- vim.) -ll J a can-in una v-is irisli eviraetiou How n.ucli ot our unparaueieu an- -. , . .. - - rom.iinder of tin- sentence w.i- lo-l in the ge- hruke foiih ncral burst of laughter which here from all pirts of the Ch inilu-r.j I What is the teriitorv, Mr. Pre-iil-.-nl. which I v on propose to wre-l fiom .Mexico ? Itiicn:j ierrated to the heart of the Mi xiean by iii iuyai well-fought b.i'tle with his old C.istilinn master. His Hunker Hills and S and Vorktown-1 nie there ! The .Mexican can say, - Theic I , bled for libel ly ! and -lull 1 surrender that con recrated home of my ali'ections to tlie Anglo-1 Sixon invaders ? What do they want with it .' They have Texas already. Th-y have po c-' ted thein-elve" of the territory between the Nil ecs and llio lir in le. What el-e do they want ! , To what sha'.l 1 point my children n memorials independence v.'iih-h I beqiie.ilh to them when tho-e luttle-lields have Irum my pnse"-ioii ?"' O'.i '. had one come and demanded Uimder Hill r f llie pi onle of Mas-achu-etl I.i n runpint ou hi" Ii -id ol g i!d, ever shevvcil him-elf tliere, i-there a man over 1 1! or under 10 who would not hive been there to nn et him is there a liver on tin- Continent tint would net have r.m red with blood i-lliete a field of runllict but would h ive h -en filled high with un biiried bones of si iiiiihtered American- hefotu the-i.-eiin-ecr.tled bittle I'.eld-uf lib.-rty should have been wie-l.-d liom us? Hut this same Aiiurican goo- in'.o a si-ler Iiepublic, nun say lo poor,; .Mexico, all be well with the Republic vec mntM.vcTOjV. vt. fUIDA V .MOItXINd, l'i;!i!! V , 1SI7 Ix nil; iiAlik and ti:oi.i;li:i) muiittiiat is rrox us, -riir.Ri. is xoHtai: ai.ov i: tiic iiouizon I TO 01 VT. I'- A UI.EA1I Ot I.MIIT, I.Xf ElTIMi THE NTELi.ioi.xr, i Ar;;ioiie Wnm rAiirv or the I'xiri.ii SiAth-." D.iuif! ll'i .'ihr. ItCiicT for licluii;!. The excellent woikof gathering contributions lor tlio immediate relief of our f.inii-liing lei-1 hail ligl.iiid's low-creatures in Ireland is progres-ing vigorous-1 ly and successfully in all pints of the country, j The humane and benevolent impul-c tint lie at t the foundation of tliis movement is every way creditable to our people. It is a nearly iin-el- li-h, it appear to u likely to be. The value of the inlliience of such a movement in America for the relief of a tle-titnto and starving poition ol the population (live up your territory of ( llritain, cannot fail We estimate it higher than a hundred treaties of It nll'ects the Tor the breakwater nl Ilurlinglnn, (Vt.) Pur do l'latl-bnrgh, l.N. Y.) Tor ftcani diedge on Lake Cbaniptaiu, I or Inibor lit 1 oit Ontario, (.. V.) l'or liarbor at U-vego, l'or iinpioveuieul ot llig Sothis Hay, l'or (few-see liver luibur, Par DikOrehird, Per 1iki- Ontario dredge boat, l'ir llull'ilo lnrbor,clc, Pi.r D.uiktik, l'or lllie, l'or (Land Kiver, Per I'l.'liveir.lnl. f 'or Siinbi'kv City, (S . 11. i. 'i .... i'l.r li tie Klieiln-'lgetio-ll, l'or St. .In.-ph liai bur, (.Mich.) l'or City, l'or, 1'er Chicago, l'or J.ak-- Michigan dredge boat, l'or breukwalei at Staiulord leilge, Me. l'nr lioston Haibor, l'or Itri.tgi'poil haibor, l'or Newark liarbor, l'or Proviihiice haibor, l'or Delaware blcakwater, l'or Itiiltiiuoie liaibor, l'or ll ivn-de (Jrace haibor, l'or I log Island channel, li. C, l'or Savinui.ih liarbor, l'nr .Mob.le h irlmr, l'ur IIuiUhi Kiver improvement, l'or 1 lino ' " l'or Iti d Kiver raft, l'or Atlantic coasi wotk". Amount appropiated, $r,,noo ri.ooi) fi.iiui) 3,Wii) ln.ouo 1,0,1) Ci.oon K,OJ0 f'J.OOO 'J.'i.ll HI r-.ooii U,IM) ID.Olk) .N.'KlJ 1 J ,01 111 0,1100 IS, I KID 0.000 H,j:iJ l'J.ono 0,000 17.1NHJ 0,(K.1) '.'.IHIO --.OlKl nii.iitw lo.ooj 1, .')!) 10,1 IDil gj.lHli) 1,000 1!),IKKI luo.ono Jj.oni lll.OI),) S I3J.5JO Our leaders will perceive, from tlie official account in our paper to day, that nn organized cll'ort is making to set uro a generous contiibii- every iiiin lo squat I (, fr(m, lnrlin-tiiii and its vicinity. The plan of asking for donations in I'ruis'mis is an ex- v-iu ure iinworlhy 1 1 iHi-t il 1 Ii ive gut one 1 I.. . i'i i V .- .... ... .i. . uau nireuuy :u i i a- : o ou s in g vo up ine ., . , ,,,. i" mi, i'i ...a ...i..!,, u ..ii i,, ii.A ..'.r uiintv or couiiiu-rc ial reciprocity ciitusianre- l' have described, have come undde-! ''"'" "f H"1 people of boll, cnuntrirs and forms minded of. its Cite up tlio Atlantic slope j the basis of a Peace ami doinlWill lint i" sn t.'ivo up tliis tiillingterrit-iry liom the Alleghany' peiior to tlio ordinary element of sclf-intere-t, moun!aiiis t-i the sea ; it is nulv Iroin Maine to I ,. . . "...i ,t ,1 .,, ,i.:i, i, ft. Miry's-only about on-thiid of vour ltepu- " "f !l ,1(,1'l'r h 1 "1"c'1 11 Mie.iMiil wulnv'e tlie lea-t in1eii-"liii'g portion of is cu-totinry to impute to tlio ' validity ol am it." What would bu tie response? Why, tracts.'' Wehiil it witli unfeigned delight a" an tln-v would suy, we must give Ibis up In John indication ol the progrc-s. of the jrinc'iples of ?'''!' NVi';'. ' . " 1 ,u w'""r r""m-'' .T'.'",Si:" ! that enlarged and true humanity which compre tor from .Michigan says he inii-t have tin". ; , , , , , , . - Why, my woithy Christian brother, on w hat j henih the limit of the earth in Us sympathy tor trin'ciplo of justice : ' I want room !" (A the niH'eiings of our race and in its labors fur l.T.ijjrh.) their alleviation. liy, with twenty uiiliinns of eople von hive iniy uiioin a iiumlreil millions el ucrc ot I inn inviting settlement by every cone livable argil. m-'tit bringing them town to u qiiaiter of a dol lar an acre, und alioivinrr i-tery iii-in In suua where lie p!e-ies. DutTlio Senator Iroin Mi-1 riltfV.ltl u'..' 'n tl'.ll I... I..., .1 .nl l.-,, j 1 1, a few tears, and vve vv-.ini ro. Il l were a cellenl one. Jul is what the fanii-liing suf- Mexican I would toil you, Have you in t loom ' fercr in Irel.inJ want: nnd how nianv of our in your own country to bury your dead men? fanners will glaillv give titu or twentv or liflv if you come into luiuu we will wclcomu vou vt ith i i..i.,.i ..c ,..i : i , i .i 'i bloody h inds and aho-pitable grave." ' I b"fl,l la '!f c wl, ""'" ll'd them.ehe, tin- Why, says tlie Ch lit in in of tliis Comniilleo of able tu give half Us value in inoney ! 1'orcigu Relation-, it is the ino-t re.i'on ible thing ! The meeting on Saturday evening was tyi 11 in the world ! Wo might to h.ivo the il iy of attended, and by men who 'will do as well as re S".ir1!:Vin,!i,.!'? 'i. 'IT'fr'" -" ulMW? resolve. The elo- I.... ..... II. ...u . ......u .....-... 1 I. Ill II. 1 ,I1V Hie light-house bill, reported to the Iloii-eoflien n- nminti ntii tier is ever re-emauves I o i i ueuo u n iteeo i i.omnii.ri... t.,n , v...... llie fullovvnig appropriations . l'or Maine, ?ST,300 N. I lamp"hire, light hous-, Whale's back 5.",0).l Mlls-llchllH-ll", l.'j.S.M (' iiueeiii-iit, -0.7'Ji) Khoile 1 .hind, .jyo New Yolk vi'i.000 P.veention linck,!,. I; C'ali'irau jus Creek S3.HH) ; lieaeou, San ily Hook, &3'Hlj lieaeou, souih side i.f Hlatfll 1-i.iihI, t.3.HK) ; tlnee lieaeou lights Si. Lawrence liver, sOoo.1; light hou-, Huil-ou liver, Ti ller's Point, s moo, u mo IVnn-ylvania, iiiiuiywine Miuils, BJ ihk) tanceiucnt ill all llie arts of civilization nud improt meut has been the product of Iii-h cucigy and Iii?li toil how plainly the natural elnracteii-ties of Ire land may be traced m Ainnican eloquence. American bravery, American enterprise, Aitieiican generoeily, and . v.tneiieau hpitaluv all this I leave lo llie d.s ceinmeut of every intelligent niind which is acquainted with the hi-tory of our Country. Par thotikl 1 be liom desiring lo pass by the leading i lianuel of our Pnglif'i deritatioii, or the tarious lmpoitaut contributions we have gained from ('.erunny nnd Hulland ami 1'ianee, nil ol wh ch have had iheirseverul share in the pi-t lua tuiy and pnwperily of this ut republic. I mean lo say, without the slightest wish to di-parageony oth er, ill it the cl liui" of Ireland upon our fvinpalhy aie strengthened by every consideration of direct interc-t nn J aliinit) ; so that when we hsieu to her cry lor help, wc seem to hear the imploring voice of those who arc 1 einpnaueany uoueoroLi f,u iks-i, I the den n-h.its fiom o,nf .icenor". il, snlihers") om ' billies, the orators of our legislature, the immediate relatives of mole than twonnlhoti", probably, vvhoare at this moment nn iinpurlant parte! the t cry nerve and i sinew of our Country. j I say not thi", however, because I consider the argu ment necessary to ensure the hcuclulent svmirithv t f I Americans, in any case of liuimu allhctiini. No one can Inve forgotten the public feeling elicited ou behalf ol Greece, some twenty years ngo.iu lur struggles to 1 throw oil' the v oke of Turkish Ij runny. Clothing, pro visious nnd money were sent to their rihel fiom all the large enn- in the I'nion.und it was n work well de serving llie elfirls of Chtirt.iiu Chaiity. liut it was ' lrjl a ease llki 1 . rcece were and revolution. Thcsntvation of lieland,on the con irary, isafdinmeproilueeil by eauses beyond all hiiuian control, a mournful vi-itatiou Irom the Providence o' The case of (ireecv was thai of our fellow mi, VI'.AS l'or the Pmtino. Mvin-b Ul'Diiiliip. 11 ilninl I 1) McCratc,C Savvtelle, J I' S.:aiiiiii.iii, J,uthcr Fcveitince, II' Wilhanis 7. I .N'lw HtMi-sinr.i; J II Johnson, Mace Moulion, Mo--es Morns :i. ' .M.vivt lesi.rr-., Q A-lnms, .liun.Piio, Gci Atlimun, Jus (innuflt, A lldtc, (' Ilttdmn, It I' huui, J Jluckiccll, Jletij Thoinpnon, It C U'tutlirop lo 1 Uunpr. Isi.tM), L 11 Arnold, If YCranstnn 2. CoxxcciIecT, J'tmrit ltwai, 6' J) llnblttrd, J A UtirLircll, Trillium Smith I', Jncu't Ctillumtr, P Dillingham Jr., S I'mit, fiViipr ' .Vii !. I Nivy VoiiK, .1 II Audeison. C S llenton, Wm W Cami-ui.i.1.. Ci If Cirr.ill, .1 I't'olhn, K 1) t ut rrr, John De .Motl, S S l)!l-uith, C (iisnljenr, S (ordnu, nrtin t.rover, E li Uutine, Wm J Hough, () Hungerford, Vah'n Hunt, Tim Jinkins, Pre-ion King, John W Iivvreiicc, Almrr Lewis, Wn II Melny. Vm S .Milllr, Ilm .S' Muxelcy, A C Niven, (leo Rathliun, V'.io C llni'elj, Jos Ituss-ll. II I .Nuais, .1 Smith, II t h..nliii. It While, 11 It Wood, T II Wouruvn. Wm W Woodvvoiitii 1 N'iw Jrnsnv. J I! fldsnll. J O Hamilton, John Itllllk, (feillge Skl'S, H'm W'nulit .. i Pn-vi.vaxia, ' Jutm lllitncttiird, Jtn Vaijf.nton, 1.1 11 Camiiilli., C Dinnmh, J 11 Hieing. Wm S I (ianm, J I! lnsrrmll, I, C, .lb .' Melt mine, Jitniei l'o'h'k, Atfx lliiiiisetj, John llutcr .liei Stctcuit, John .Nnoill, flatlif Wllmol, J S Yn-t 10. l)F.i..vw-Ar.r, J IP .Jfoiislon, IHcza 1. Unto, Jacob jlriukeriiotl, J I) Ciliiiinius. C Ve lum, .fame" J Parrau, I Jeorge l-'nes, J J! ttiUJinss, Aler llirprr. Jo J .Meliiwell, Aug I. I'ernll, Jus .1 AW, II C S-heiirl;. 1) A Siaikwe.itlier, Allen 11 Thiinnaii, Van It Ttldcn, Joseph Vance, Sam 1' VtiiUin 10. Imiii-ci. Ch W Caihearl. Th .1 Henley. And ill leiul, llio '.k hoi; ci: i;ato.n, resident. II"N ivm IIluvl, ") I!lv. If ,M Hvi.l, Hon. IJavi.i I'ilkie, I Cii.vr.i.i.s Aims, tisq., V Vice VresUtnti. Kht-.J.T. I'i.k, I Dr.AsTisA Hoi giito.v, I 15. C. ltcin.v.rox, J Conntij Voiiefpoiidiiis Sccretnriti. (!eo. Johnson, Windsor County, Springfield, t . r. lieiiiieiu, u. leans Chester .-spenei-r, Rutlnii 1 P. II. White, Windham Tristram Smborn, (5filedonia llev .1. A Samson, l'rnnkiin l'lulin llilu I. Addison llev. II. P. Iliekok, Chittenden liev. O. G. Wheeler.lirnnd Isle Ittitfourcil. (rastletull, AV'nrdsboro'. Penelinm. Pnirheld. .Midillehnry. Iturhngton. Soulit Hero. lonipi-lier. Htrallord. ( iuiiilliali. 15. Ifen'gton. Cambridge. e llus. The wants nnd disiie.-ses of IC ui Ill a IP -V- (V m if 'icy, John Pel complicaud with questions of war , ri",1"1'- c A 7' ,,,,. ,t, . , , ' . ;, John Henry, I IloJge, Join New Jersey b -aeon pejus Delawiue, Mart land, Virginia, jNoilh Carolini, South Carolina, (leoreia, Plorida, Miseissippi, ,niisiana, Texas, Ohio, Illinois, .Mulligan, WlCOU-lll, J 1,1-D :i.:i;hi iml lj.O'K) n.oi) h,l()") )oo,aoj ill.lKIO 13.0W) Siju.ii) T.IHHI T-VH) fthVO e,onO it is true, nnd that ought to be enough fur human sym pathy, llul iheie was not n people upon caith with whom we hid less direct iilli niy or connection. Wherea, in lh "c'.noi Ireland, it is a bin I of our own stock, a part ot our own people, nud beci luuig an increasing pail Willi the inmugrtilion ofeveiy jenr. II (freece was aided l.lfii, how much mure should litlauj be uidid noic ? And 1 ilnuk (io.l lint llie pcculinr character of the claim is felt mid oekiwwle.lgedns it deserves, Irom tlie head lo llie feel of our national confederacy. A noble movement has ls-en mail in Went. ten! th 11 I .Mi. units, .Ins 11 Hunt, It MeClellnn I 2. Total Hi (III from 1'ree, 1 from u Slave State.) .N'.VVS. Aj.vinsti'i' Proviso. I Nrvv Yoas, St -p'mi Strom ! ! 1. ' I'lsnlv.vnh, .las Un-k. Iti.-lnrd Ilrollnodl ! ! Jacob llrdmaii, Ilemy 1) Pooler, Cnas J lngersull, i .Vfo-es .M'Clean 0. 1 Ohio, l'r A Cunningham. Jos Mori is, Isaac Pari.-!, U ,.i Diwjerl1 11-iiry S,t Sohu 5 Imhwi, It ut Dil -U.veu. Wm W Wi.-k 2 li.i.ix us, St -phe.i A Oj iglas", () It Pieklm, J A id !l I M.i.n .tv, Jnhi S Clrpunii I 1 Mir.vk.tvii, Jt'i iC! Ci iiwin, Thos W l.igon, l'.dieild, Tnosl'er.y I. , VutiiN.A. A-ei Alkiuii, Tnu II I'.iylv, H-n-'y ll'di.ig--r. Win (I If. own, Aiu A Chniiiiiaii, (ie 0 .1 lll. . I f ' I .OTi Joule, ii." .. iioei.i.i-, i.uiii il iiiiiiu, null in the halls ol Congress, ,, ,, . llM , s ,,..,., , ,i. Mr. President to have praciislM u p' ,t,., j criniitial Courts in the course of my life, but I never yet hoard a thief, urgaine.I fur stealing a hore, plend that it was llie U t horse that he ronld lind In the country ! Wo want C.ililor. ui i. What for .' Why. savs, the Senator Iroin .Michi'Mii. we will have it, ami t!u Sen i-1 toitchit quenl and beautiful letter of the Iiight Itevcrciid P.ishop Hoikins, which will he found in the of ficial account Minded In, was listened In with profound and gratified iitlclilion, and elicited the wannest commendations. It isouo ofllio ino.-l appeals tluit tlio had hi.-torv of Ire- Mo-t ot tli5e appropriation are fur new works ; on 1 sonic of the old ones, it is pi ovided, shall be Jiscon tinueil. Tlu-'Civil and Diplomitie Bill contains lite follow ing appropriations) for Ihesuppmt of the li;;! lisluueuts : and in llie ercnl ineiting in Wnshingien, which will j,um., MuDivt -II. J i'iii S I'enltetm, Janus A doniore towards the triumph of Ainencnn character m ili-ii, in Al 1 leihvnv l.. , , , . ,. , ..,.!.,,... r p,l in, v,.... 1 INoRTiU .vi.'U.i.N.t, ). .1 . imncer. As i I Inggs, the iMlMofinaiikui.l.thuu a centiir) ot onl mrj po- my JAm ,, ,)imW JuaC UMllA hlieal progress. And there will be n worthy re-ponse jh-k'iy, las Uiiiham, Jas .1 McKay, 1 S Iti-nt y. mide to it, I doabt not, in every q-iailer of our Couutiy. 1 S utii CtnoLixt, .lames A lilack. Armi-ieail i . .u . ... ..-I, ,'. ,- 11 irbmriiiii will I'll'- 1 P. Holm's, 11 Hiriiwll Itheit, Alev DSuii",' I Inve no t.-ara ihit, m i:h a enn?, Hirhngto i twit (, j- -iiuip-ou, Jo A Womlnrd 7. I lailtudoherfullproi'oriiou Iti the cm ol Clin-- t In .i..ia, Howell Coti'i, II A, S Jones,1 liau Charity, ol liu- ln-nct nlcnce, leconuiieiided by 'J'los lliilter Uins, J il Lumpkin, .1 II ittcpkeiit,' t- . ... ... i i a ... I .1,.. inU. . .'u'.ri Tmiiibs. t.eo W Townd V ' every inoiive o, uuij mmu.... , "A ,v w UoKlim :el,en Chapmin, J craled, we may trust fiat the otlenug will b-; uccepta- h y cnKni i;,, s Dargim, 11 V Uiiluirit, (ieoS blv to Him whose Prut iJcnce uppoi.its llie dosliny ol Houston, Win W Pa)iie 7. d who lias said, "Inasmuch iinjc hate done ( Alivsia-iri'l, fctep ieii AUuins, u 1 unut, u vv lklllieil9. rfll.VU , ...l. 'S-.m. . done it land' woes and wants has called forth, and cannot fail of exerting a good inlliience. Hakky tor from South C.iridin.l with a very mistaken view, I think, alike of duty nnd of policy ay, 1 don't desiie to prevent them, l t ine.n go and ! "!AI;";v, nt a siib-equent slage of the seek their happiness in whatever country or '"celing signified hi- geneious intention to place clime it pleases ti.em. ' ill the hands of the eoiumilteo one hnndreil All I ask is that they go there, on their own bills f com to be forwarded to llio Central rtsponsibilit-., and not lequneol m'-to ei.nyev I f. ,:,. . - .. , , , ,. thclrllaglo plunder I0"'1' ,' Up '" ''oik, and Judge I ollltt, they in jy clioo.-o lo enter in tlieir foieign n a-1 """"'ly oltered to tianspuit It, and (ivo times rau'ding e.xpedilions. Thi",sir, IiiisIhi-u tin- b-n I "s much more, to that city gratuitously, nfthorul her chief Iroin the tune ol Nimrod totlie Since tliu meeting, tlie fullovviii" letter to the pit-sent . lav. I uaresay tlial i alneii.ino tvante.l , c.lMcr o( ,u, lUuk room j,jj.iei wa- u eiiiieiiiiiu uisu jusi ui.e vour Anglo-Suxoii (.hriti.iu. llettaiited n om ! ! AliMinoer tvuiilu rnrnii tvlien no went lo that orv place whei-e hut recently I'rilain has fought a li'ittle on the ground on which he loiiud him self engaged with Iho elephants of hi Aiatie foe, tvlien away fiom his .Maceiloni in empire, in these distant sca, ho sought Inr loom. Tliere was a Ciililornin away out there he wan ted. Ho got it. .Many n .Mo iturcy ho had to" rtnriil. lie had quite as much history us you will ever get. Why, tays tlio Senator from Michigan the other day, huro.- hadquitu forgotten n, until of lliirlingtim, has been -hovv n to lis, and we take the hlierly, which its intelligent and generous author will pardon, to lav It belnre our readers. The udinirablo exam plo of well-timed and efficient sympathy for a people in extreme Milll-ring and destitution which it pic-cuts, will wu liu.-t lind many iuiitatois: Charloite, 22 Pibimry, 1817. Deer Hir liy the Inst Iluihnaloii Pree Pic-s, 1 see tiiai a iiii-i-liu wiiso'tlhul lor tlie p.upo-e of taking 11110 consiJeiuiioi the sitiialiou ot llie iinfoituu.ite lnsii ieop!e, now in it kt.ite of absolute tiiirvaiiim. Il a cniitiihution i set on loot, you ill much oblige lur it Jen hand to llie ccmuiilUr, out huiidlt'd dol nations, nr it unto ilu- least of these my brilhicn, yc hav inuo inc." JOHN" II. HOPKINS. Ilarlingioii Vt., Feb 20,1317. lteuiarks tvero nijile by Judgn Pollett, Mr. SiAXsiii'iiy.Prof. u:.nei)Ict and Mr. II. Hkad ley, after which Cen. introduced the following resolu tions: lltnltnl. Tiial.nsiiwn, ns christians, ns members in om- liruthribnwl ol llie gn at liuinau family, and as in-.w,,i Win, .,. .. iniema liemgii I lot nl uce President Polk ha- sent a uicssaire lnCoiijrcss h is i-'enieomlvsuiiulied. tt.-n-iwnd lo the app -nl tor sueeor nil. I lellel llul collies u ua imiiiuiiiure-iiiiiiii Ulld stlllLrillg lleluild. A'esa.'i e., Tint the Charily which it is our duty nt nil tunes to even-tM! lownrds the deslitute nml llie 11I- lliel. .1 irr..-i !... ..I S...I ulld ot CU'Cil, I" IIOIV 111- tokeil 111 Ii -halt not onlyol a p.-ople whose tery wai Is I5xivnM-soriight, itejiairsnnij in-iirovenirnls, rsailllles l-Jl kerpeis) Keepers Homing light, Seainens' wages for yj floaling lights, Hepairs, JA.e., Superiniendents, Tin 011 Ten mill foll'ee. -II3.l7s Cii.lii 111, KB Irt.niH M MO a i.:i7 1 11,312 Pi. ii-.ika. Win II ll.iiekenbroii 'h. 1. j.i.risHM, .1 II II iniiiiuson, l.uule La Mois-. Ii ( 1 hiwilcaut 1 I llev i: .1 ftcoit, Wnslungton" Win. Sanborn, Orange " Dr. D.-wi y, lsex " Win. S s' jitthw-uith, ll.-niungton" .Madison SjIi'olI, 1iiuoilie " Centiiil t'inniniltea. Prof. S Stoddard, Kfy.T. A. Merrill..!. Meaehatn William, Ilnq , Prof. 15. S Corr, Jas. .M. Slade 15sq. l'.iillip Ilattell, .Mi Ulle'jiiry, Cmtrul CJircrpondin: Secrttai y. Al f l'iiria!t WiKiilsiooU, lirmr.t'mm Secretary J. W. ltlvlurtbon, Aisittilitt Secrttaljl. The mectiiigusidc from the ili-cussioii and pa-ing of refolutioiis, which, (the Vermont Chrimi'! somewhat pointedly lemark-) times turned tube vf tnui'e interest to the speakers than to the audience, of much interest. Tlie Chronicle adds : "Tlie provi-ions ol iheiu-w law seemed to m.-el the approbation 01 all : n.m euieieiu ineasiues were taken to oruig the iitipjrtdn-'e of n "110 licnsj' tote lauly nud fully belore llie ireeuu-ii of the Slate. A icsolu liu.i, it'wt.l b- seen, wis adopt.-1 10 p. it a copy of the .inure-, io me ireemeii 01 me suite 11110 eieit lamiiy and menus were subset ibe.l or pledged on niespot, sut- 11 -lent tn pnnsn Irom iw.- uy-nve 1 itiiriv inonstm 1 conies, and ir. linemen from tties.-veinl eiiiiniieHniim voluuleereil to see them circulated ill every school dis trict ol llleir respective counties, A- tlie time is near at hand when the people of the State will bo called upon to exorcise tlieir right of suffrage in relation to the granting or withholding f Licences, wu subjoin the address put forth by the society. Its great length has compelled us to abridge it somewhat, though not 111 such a manner a- to impair its argumentative unity and force. It wins repoited by Prof. Stop dai'.I), ef Middiebiiry, and we assume it to be Irom Ins able eii : I'elltitc Cttizensof Vermont: Ily a lav,-ol the l-i-t ses-nni 01 Ihe Lsgisature, it is urovid -J, lint 011 the nrst lu'sjiyot Alircli, low-n in -etiiys -halt be held 111 eveiy town m this State, in which Hi" votes ol th - Prei-m -u. inscribed eiiher ,- cense or Xa l.iccaw, shall be received by the proper nmtiorily, anil "11 a minority 01 tae votes returned tliroujluui 111 ci.ure stiuu dc i.iccitte, 11 snail bi tile duty ot the iiKussnut Judges ot the several County Courts 10 gram licences, in accordance tv.ih tlieiiroviiou-ol the nei, to all such peinjiiti as s'inil ma.- ttii!icatio:i thti ejor, and who sustain good mor al character." II th - in.ijurily ol the volea shall be -V J Imcrh. tlie ns-i-luut Julge-shall have puwer lo grant licen.-s, only tor medicinal, chemical und purposes, lu sneh p -inoiis, only, ns shnll liute been nppmbulcd lor such purpos-- by ttie civil authoiilv of the town Sacli is th .- momentous quesiion. which vt soon to bi.sal.iiiitl.'d to) our dci 1.-100; a question of deeh-r and 111. lie thrilling llit'Tccl to th people ut the State, tll.111 l 1aeo.11 b.-io.e them -.n '.- th adoption ot th ir con- stun! in 1. 1 Ii.- iwue lo lie nu.le is. wiietu.-r mt ixiea Alois.-, . iiwiiww . ting hours .lull h- eo-ifia-.l 10 legiiuinte 1111J iw-iul KtNiTu;v, J AW . 1 1 i;U r, I flmu, MtWM u,lre.trai.ied, wuh n t.deol d,-s- Ilemy Giid, r. J I M 1 . J II Mellcmy II 1 , , . ,,, , uhll br,.mhh oUiu tfB, T, io,J libbatts, Audi cw liumlo, h U ,wb,M of v,,Bl ,v )rlou(., ,., cv-iv uoriiuu ol ihe recoininending a tax on tea and collee, an I a re duclioii of the price of llie Public Lands, in order to raise money to carry on his War. Ureal times, these! The d.iy-l.iboier is called on to piy asiiiuch, by this tax, as the proprietor of millions . and the Public Linda mu-t be vvas'ed and thrown into the hands of speculators; all for the "vigorous prosecution" of a war that, with a stall-Milan at the head of the Uoverinnent, would never have been commenced, and that need nut be continued a day ! .H r. Websfer. Thi distinguished scourge of milliners ofler- ed the following resolutions in the Senate, on tlio 1 .Mil in-t., and will take occasion to discuss tho Mexican War and its small authors, on thoqucs tion of tlieir Jtloptiun. "Clearlhe way !" Unpolled, That llie wnrnow- cffUlin willi Mevico ought imt lu be pio-ci uud lur the ncqiiirilioii nl tern loiy tularin new .States tolx-uldtd to llie Union. llcsalrcd. Thatil oiighl to liengiulUd luihegui. ciiunenl ol .Mexico ihal Ihe eoVeriunenl of llie Uniled Slnlcsilnes iml desire 10 dismember the lepulilia uf .Mexico, ru.i is reniiy 10 tuiit m iiii llie oteiiiiiieui 01 dial rcpuhhclor s'.ui-, lor 11 hU-ral Piijn-uutnt ot tiuuii daries, ninl lor just indemnities due by ihlur f.-viin-limit lu ihci'iiuuiict tic othir. l'llM.-il- 111 Tcnxi sslc, Milton Iiioien, L 11 Chase, Itl-i Al Cache, John II Crozu r, Alv m Culloni, H 11 AVmg, .V ' Heiilig. Andicw J.iliiisou, (!eo W W Jones, llitclay Minim. Pied P Stnniou li .VfisMier.i. J I! Uowlui. Wm SI .MeDamel, J S Plielps, J II llell'e. I, II Sims 5. llllK.vxtA. Tinman IP.Yrirm 1. Tlxis. Divid K1ul.m11. Tuiinhy IMlsSury 2- Toial IOC, Hltoiu liom Slave blaus. All llie Nays from Pree Stales ate Loco Poem, the Yea liom n ShvStut is a Wlnis, (re-elceted to the next Congress ) S A Duiglans, 11 Nay from Illinois, is a II 1! S n nor eleel lor si ) ears eniuing, Thus have ihe ileprc.utiitites el th- penpla deci ded ilnl not nu.ulier fool o Shve Ten itory shull Iw udJed to the I'liion I Will the S -u ne iiiteiupt to re- terse 1111- rijjuit-iMi-t uii.i ciciiiriuic iiecis'tn t IPAiff in Italics j Yen. 21 Najs. Absent or did nut Vutt Pennsvlvaxu, 11 1) Leib. .liiines ThomrMon, 2. .ilARV ..VMi. .1 1 onsiJiin-. wuil l.iles, 2. InivA, & V. It istiiigs, s 1, "iiier, 2. I.miIanv, John U Divis. ISpcalier) 1. Illinois, Kobcrt Siu.lh, 1. Totals. 15VCIY WlllU LLUTI'ITJ TUB HoVSC WAS If are lo.iuibuling to lucrens- out priM'eruy, "ii wno are llieinseltes pioteibially hospitable, .-en-heailed, 1 gelieiiuis alio insve. llesi'.red. Tint wc icioice lo observe ihe simull.i-, ncom.cucig tic, mid n. ucrous rll.ul that is making ; ihroiialiooi oar tat ored .uid pri-rous laud to ulleviale 1 111 d -iiioiubl.- and tt ide-sincod calamity that Ins lall.-n Umii lid uid, nud that we desire to lecoguize ill it lbs imsii . r ..I t. L 11 i.l P.... ..1 .111.1. til ilu- cjmesi nrateiscl "11 is ople reiuly lopeiisli." su.iT a.nd v oau A . 1. Iritni ie- llemihed. That ncoininiltec of ten be appointed to A mexed n ill.- bill ns itws-i ihe House. fecs-ite such cnmbiiuoiw I.l money ail I piov 11s Whereon, wur exists lielweeu llieso Uiiiteil Sinn-s may ue innue.iii ti n g,t-ot emerueiu) ,.. ,,j . . , Lcimb ieol llexieo.nnd nssuraiioei. Iiave lx-en lor their traiisinn-.-.iuii tolrclan.l. jjiteiilothc (,oveinm-ui ol .Mexico ot th" Preaidcm's Towiiich 011 motion of Jud"o IVi.LCTr, the ' wishm s-ulc allqi-iionheiMceu ihe two eouuiri.-s , ,, . . . I nn liberal mid sanslueioiv terms 10 each, and their inu- I allow lil-r was uniieiidud ' nml ini..i.-ia nn.l s,-. nnii . nnd ih- rre-ideni nisv tie It's deed, Thiil said iiiiiiniiil-etK-ailflioiiied leorH-n able to roneinJe peuce wuh llie Itcpublic ot Mcneo 1... 1. ... tl... i.tli.-r towns lu i.t tlia iievl s--niil ot ('ouiireM. ll humus tor this ticiiiuy, iiilorniiiu th -ui that 111 : ih it ubjecl nro ul lus iti.u.sal nn.l ttlvmis. ill llm mi i.t... .i.n i re.-iied iiiso.iudi-noi 1 11 hiui.iientolihe many couuihenied ou -mioiis lirtnivn 111 II irliiijluu, mi l Hdieiiing t lliu people ol the it'ti-iiil luwlis iiuii.. i... ..I-., ... ...... ... 1, .ne tin ml Iress lo the public, selling loiih the extent of Ihe di-lte.s and of llie nvccsiiy whuh ciilla (at our 1 burnable assistance. A-id tli3y WMM all iiiianimoiisly adopted. On motion of Ucn. Ctu.iiiKi:, a committee of three. (coioistiiiL' of Judee I'oi.i.lTT, Mr. I' Ukaiilm nnd Dr. John Peck) was apj-oiuti cx.-nihlun- And tint s.ii.1 Co.n- j nt money may be culled tor by Ihe siioulaiions ol any licit)' wllllll may l.c i nicieu 11110 ; 1 neri ....-, lie 11 euarteil by iho S-.-n He nnd Hon.- of Itepiesen lames ol llie United Suites of America .iuCoiigitv.-. us semblnd, Thai the sum olthiny lhounlJ dollars be, and lh Kim is hereby iippioprinted, out ot any mo. ney in lb treasury not othetivi-w nppioprmtisl, to cliablo the ITcideiii 10 conijinoe a treaiy 01 (h-hcc 1 ' w lib Ihe Urpublic ot Mexico, 'to be u-l bv iiiiu .11 lh Jl, .uat-e ill" m-m ui1 mat), when duly mtuitdb) Mvxic-j slnll v10' ,"1I"B coniai Hilly, nil' -cling, as it ,lo.-. the civil, social and moiul prostH-iity una 11 ippia s 01 uie people, una llie cnimctcr 01 in.- eo.nui im.cnn.i. In 1 ns crisis, we deem it oniiroDnate to address to 011 some consid -ranoiw, which may tend to prepare you lorriuhtavt.ouon this subject, and wc beg you to give th.-iii your cu. lid iittention. 1 alt lllloxicuiiu 1 uiiiiKS uiu neiiiier uecessary ncr usi-1-jI to person-1 1 heul.h is 11 w g-uenii1) .idiu tted Til' luet iseslaNhli".l In) on I a doubt by 1.1 lesiuuo. liy ot and by t.i- exM-u..iei- of 111 iltilud . wuo liiv.-dts-'o.ituued the use id Ihem Nor cun 11 be dem J that lit. y nie prohlie ol t v ll. Tneir deadij iurl leuce is malt. 1 of con-iaiit o-Mk-ivatinu, and new nnd varied tonus of wreuhi'duess, atuibuiabie solely to Ihem, ure daily biouglit 10 our nonce. Iluilaiiul iaras vouimvbe wuh In- sad ilcimls of inieiniicr- nuce, tils u.ipusdible to l..r.n 1111 adeoiale conecptiuii ol lis drc odlul ct Is. Mil. 11 less is ll possible lull) 10 portray th?ui. Noi only is lausiJage inadequate tos. t lonn meir eiioniniy, uui hi iiium hb-ii iwmwi iv.. themiiilip'icd tonus ol aiig.iuthnnd distress, ol winch llley me luecaus.'. Cousider lU- ir rt-cts upon tho unboppy ul;ls of their iiiiuiediuie inHu -ims- Tlity niiuume the etl itr It-sides tlie enormous Mini, 1 u id lor iiiioxicaling drinks, include the low ol tuna, llie mdisponliou uiul uutiiiK--s,loriuaiigiiigbini-nens, ihe nuudirvtl urriiuih and III.- seiiere! want ol thrill which lli -y I thenmouni.wonwiliaii warned by their use.aluiusi 1 xceeds compulation. In a New htitfland t illag- in lh- couise ol lotly year., S-l 'aims weivMpwindcredaiiJ alirnnteil Iroin ilu- tJimlies winch lind pisueMed lliciu.liom this cause. Tktt iHiim.r thektalth Tue inloiiejiing principle isapou.ui, mo in')iiiiiioiuishiuenllollieii.i,l , iik s'.iuiaeh lej.-cts 11 , It uid lines lilt' nertes, go.-s lulu the Mood mid ws -s iliiuujn Ilu? ) 1111, suuieiime wa.-l- ing niu iiguiii lii'iiunit 11,1111 11 M-iuesiii iiieiiniui.nini Itms, by a pi oocs uioie or itsss rapid, tlestru)s the laic-I1011-01 hie. SiiellUH llie telllble etlccU ot alcoholic iluuks, when purc llul weare lol.l,ou high luedu-ul niillionly, lint llie iiiloMcaiuiK liquors in common use uiealiiuut umters-illy adullerairil with active poisons, 1111J in oooijii ieliee "there nre but few con-iituiioiis, which os.,-s4 snlliiieul cn.Tgy to lesi-l the deadly el f.'cuiol the bobilual uw of ihem even live teats. fley lernken, deranzt nnd destiny the fivjii.- uitaiK'US a-ywin, n.1 uiii uitir loss of reason to intoxicating drinks. "liit.miK.t. nunc," slid Dr. Woodward in Isll, "slilllnk'siheliis rank among thecaim- of insanity. It is not only the emu' of Insanity, but 19 too frcqu' ntly ihe s-mrc (,f oilier evils which nre prolific cruises ol Ihe ih ne if we could ncertaiu how- iinny ul the cases ol ill health, o! iloni"uc nllbction.ol fear ol novertv, loss ol dmii r-v and even religious depression and melaach ily niiss Iroin it,tliclist woitiit ue npp-iinng. ami would ts-ti. ar ly or q ute double wlnt it now i." 15-qairol, who w celebrated l-ir his ri"-aiches into the tnustics of mail tless, was ol opinion that iiitcmperniKe gave rise lu 0115 hill of tlie cies ol insanity in (Jreat llritain. I'huj deslimj life III ISIS the coroner of the city of New York held inquests on the holies of G3I per sons. 1)1 the-cl)-.) died ol intemperance. Itiscn ma-t'-il. tint this cause cuts oil X),0Uti persons niuuu.'y in the l'uited States nnd CU.WI0 111 llnglnnd And wliat a ib'.nh! Ily how much mental nnd liodily imgin-b is it otteu nccoinpanied. They die by iheir own binds, torini nted wuh sell reproach nud entered with uil.iiny nud disgrace. I!eide- the direct victims of uitcinper mice, liiultnudes die of disi a-es nggrnvaled by intoxl Cilttig h'U irs, vviioiuiht oth 'rvviseh ive been restored They itnjt t nte 11 for hen ten. Says the enpture, "nor drunkards shall inherit tie- kingdom of (lod.' Nor are tin- evils ncea-ioncil by intoxicating drinks confined to tho-e who u-e them No, they tall tvitii oimressivc wriirht unoit th-'ir umoecnt and untirutcctcd lamihes. Thi-impaired earnings of the inteuqienite liu-biud and t.uiier nre otten squandered for drink. vtiuiu ine nit -ctionate w tie atiii Helpless cimuren nro lell to statve. He, w ho. ii may be, was onccaprovi- 1 -nt and tender father, is Iranstormed bv a cho ho to a di'iiion. and tents his passion, mndtb ned by lury, oil his uiiulleiiding and uuie-i-lutg family. Hut the evils nrising from the ine nf intoicatins IrinkMi-neli bevond Ihe inehnale and his wretched foully. Tliey ilovv out oter sociely in the tarions tonus of paupeii-111, crime nud cnurinuus waste of piopcrty According to tie- renort of Mr. Chinnnn. tviio some years since t i-ited the poor houses, nud prisons in each c itmiy ofihestnteol New- York, the number ot pau- tn-rs, wnosi-11 iu pensm was ocLasioneu 1 s-. . I. 1 1 -.3 em iroin iiiiciiiiiuiivi; iwi i'10111 niicmrr.'.ncn, .r?7. Jn AilKinv.thc nniiiliTrrcfivi'J into tlie nlms lionc in I s:s:i wnsd.n. Not fruiu iiilt'iiipctuucL' 1. Duulft liil IT. IhtriuppriHP 1 lir tjnor in the li.iiimiorenlni isn.imm- twrct.1 1 r.U. ett whom V5 only vpp trmpcratc l'ho cu-t ot their snjiport to til1 city wa" $18Jj. j iu nnnual p uiper mx oi ints,Tt;iH.s'U!-', caut?u uy inlciiipisKince, a ttw year's -inrtMns V-I ,ihU 1-5 nt ihf inmfTim nt tiic country has resulted direct- Iv criiKhrt-L-tly Irum tinsuun:c. ' Nor n it Uvxprulilie of enme than of pnnpcnm Ol2i)U nmrijcr-, (otmiiitH'tl niiminlly in the I'mtril Stnttf, l-o, it i t( mputciJ.nrc cLiniiiittctl in cousc- ((ihmrp ot nu-uiiouc innueiict Jiitici' Cole of the Police Court, Albnny. ?nys, "of ail ensp lint cam" h-loreim during the year, Vrt in inoorimiintnl in, orert directly cau-'eu liy, intcm- pemuee. .More than vjm cabestaine unucr my co iii.:inec in a year." L lla-lums L.5q . iJ.fctrict Attorney oi i.ivmg-Toi Co. N.Y (fas- "lam lice iu eApress-inga decului opinion, that at Ie:i-t U-IO t i U theolh-ncesconiniiiU'tl in our county aic lairiy clnrctiblo to the use of alco IhJic dnnUs," In tlii nty of New York, which by a strange incon ftistenry ol louis-lation is excepted trotu th operation of tlie Ik t-use law ot the Mate, and wli'-re the iraOic.un- i r leant sanction, b curried on to un amazmu eMcnt. thMe-tiitnretrui tippullmg. l)jrm fix iuoiiiIhoI tue Inst vear ( ny to Oct lnelusinc,) uie records ot the I'olie" Court .iiow, that their were taken up in the streets ot ttut city !-'n perwint? tor intoxication alone, an I, tn ntl.lniou t these, li-J jrs-ona were arretted lordiunkeinieM and disorderly londuct m the whoiu u.t pei sons arrested in Iialt a ye.Tr in coi sequence oi! Durin' the same time lv i- clnuiren wet' picked up os lust Such are the legitimate and .shocking ic-ultsof uiueMnrtfd Uccn-e. A direct eonsL'tiueiice ot the iianperiin anu crime, resulting from inteuipeianee, id an enormous amotuit otiaxttio'i. 'l'nree louitha ol tlie piunr, and more, th in one hah ot the crimunl tax ot the State of New rk is e.iucJ by iiitoxieutnm dnnlv-. 1 iv- amount oi County tae, arimi; Irom this source in that State, id tin It a million ol dollars. Nor is this nil the wateoccapioncd bv thi ratine It tsKtnti-il he llif Cmitrintit e r,f tin Wnrld's 'IVniner- anee Couvention, in a recent aiUlf1-1, that the loi-j of products e Uihor.occa'-utiK d hy the ilrinKin u.iires ot Uiiioiuijrcla'-isi s m jiginn.i, is estmnteu ai noi le-v-i 1'iaii MHHolthe whok' aniountni" in auie to many millions annually. I he destruction of prorerty bj pc.i and land, in Mi.pwiceks tue?, lobSMTiei. e. remtiu inm uie sniue nuno-i uieaicniamc, amounting to million mure. .Miuiv millions ul qmr ft of irruiu.iri-en bv a houutilul rrovidetice tor th f)od of tnnii. an now entirely det-trojedas UkhI, being .-it itiaiiMitiaiion The 1'iie Aito-tn'V (Jencral of th" Cnitcd Statr, 0. I" lluii-r, l.-q , h-is eomputed, thnt th lo-- to tins na tion, I'oin the use ot nuoMcatiu drinks ii Ib'J iiimiut ot tiutiur? aimnal'v Tiiellou. Vi Lerett,hle liuibter to OrcM Britain and no a I'reMtleut ol llnrMird ('ollee, computi s that tin use ot nlctiholie be urates hai coi the I'tatt d Stales iluectl , in if u yai-, tele luiudred millions ot doi hrs ; has burned or otherw .se detroed lue inituon- dollars more ut property ; Un ih -troyeil thre hundred thousand lives, 'iit one hundred nud Jiity t'loiwiud pirsotif4 to our puon,nnd one hundred ihoa-andclu dren to ihe poor hou. has made one thou'sand wid ow, ln cnused Hi teen hunJretl murder-- anj two thou sand -utcidi's, and lias bequeathed lo the country ouo million orphan children. llisjiratdyingtotiml evidence tint the results oftt-m-p?rantvefi'irts, especially m .Ma-wchuM.tts. wh -re ii een!, except tor iwetul purposes, have been within hi m nearly every eoumy tor eiiilit or ten yar. ate ai rea ly Mt.ikmy m rut -t in the diuunutio'n oi evils which intemperance occasions. Of the paiit iitsnrened into the Mas-aeh ? tf- Iu mtic llvis-i ital in ten j en r?;, ilu number admit d du riuatheyf'rW quail -r ot that period, who owed t nr in Hiiiny lu iiiteipperanco, waa more than ibmbtc tint ot ilu; rcvvi.ji d irm ih.- jsiqiauer, biin";?l tos. In the pour hull at Woicei-ier, .Mas-. , imr eji nc ih.'ie w -re tVJ puupen?. Tho number t ie' .a-t vear wa reihucd toeecn. Iu the citv of lVniand, Me, the comuiitUK'iits lo the Ainidious"e were dunni slned iu a Htiie ear 1U1, m coneiiu?nee ot the p o grew ui tenqK-rauce principles. Prom return trom 'JO County and 13 Stat prison, imiu the conimene"inent of the teuipern.n n-t. m.a-tiontothcelo-K; oftl.e .ar Htncon-tnut Uimuiui -i uf eniii" uppi-ar to hae loken place, with a in crease of popululion ; while prior to the first in titu n ed period l iere d.s a coiiHiuut and regular ui'-reii- of crini" Tins dimmuiioii hn-been urn t miK atti ut ed by men in stations to tlie ten crnice r. i million. In iw opi-iion of Or. Varren of IKxtrp.'he fmpe rnnce movement lus ndd.'d mir-stxth to the mm I power and wealth ol die Coimnonweutth of Mavsic tk-tis. Dr. W. nko rmnrks thnt tho net idi-uts " f y which persons werebiouht to tho .Mau hu tis li iK'ial Ilospital.a ureal l-ouiouuf which had h ippi n -d while the sulierer were under ihe mihieiue ot dunk, were yearly Wcomins lc, ami that duunj the imt year the mmuvr resulting (torn diunkcnurtu waLOintitrntively wnall." Uut there are Milt obstacles to the complete purer? ot ihecauMiot Teiiiiwrniice. It his ill mcontend witli nnieli ot apathy and mditl' ieiice on tlie p t of iii:iuy,wao are prote-uv-Jly (nenilly to its proreps -Thete nre inuny.troin wiioui better things 11114 .t 1 o expi'ctv'd, wh st in.l nlool Irum nil paitu-quii 11 111 ef iutw tor 11s ndvaiicemeiit. Hut the mott mw rtul o'i mud -a 11 us way are the upp'tite of the drinker. ni.d the 11 it ere -i ot tne wnderoi lutoxienliug die rts T s; nppctiie 1 an ninriciiil nnd oik mh 't .t is provide 1 within cheeks and nopowerot m r tr.d. IndalgtiKc incieasvs 11 , ihe quauiit) otire h A reqiirrd to Kttixry us crovtngrf b 'coiiiii pre; it -r it 1 u minis brouclit un L r a bondage whu-his w a mU hopet liiderit4 releii'i-wp.eit-r,ht r- e y motive of relorniaiton, bnnk over the uic-i Mlenin t. .nilul.oiii.diHregnid. theattetuot.nieentrentiewitf lnveil trien is, an.l in ' emiuisot ac .aw ledj'- it duty Hut even t.u uoudn' mny be ihrowii oil , the uiilini v eurteier ut.ny be report d lo him -It, to In? I. tr . ul toHiciet H'liJreils and th u anils h'i Inl s reelntmel how shall th-y persevere 111 t'i r v ws dahuneue, i( they are sunoundil by temp' ttion t iudni'. n e So imi an tin- vender, liee.i- .lt-tu i e mm. .1, wui m.niVk i to this nvwitiute npn u s It h" h ! is o it his nil. 1 iMiieal-. to the me i-iu. es n d unwary, lung wm th' tru'iuU ol himi.'m' tie d lo mourn over the relapse id lunuy.who b.emedto huve ch 11 rsoiiped llw Killultoii. 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The IreeintM ol erniout, we are puruaded, w ill ttwake to t us momentous subject, and. mtead i f inctiouiug the uulumuM increnM' tt this nelanous No 1.1- tranic. wjlas by lavlam.mon, ripoml, etroE. 'I'htre i. in the proiwitl circumstances of Yrrmont n tp?cil an! aUrioui; evil to be np,n bended trom ttw system olg-nral iioen, to which ire would cad our .itteaUmi. Daring Uw approachini; hean. a Wrsf iiumUiofftfreisulabotcrs will bccmplo)cd upia

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