Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 5, 1847, Page 4

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 5, 1847 Page 4
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 5. 1847. Hands' SarwaiKirilln, TUT........... lt. Cmfnnl .vnTlMIII' Sil'.l Wll.l.lMU.I llllill miiuun .mi' ............ --. .. ..imrtY. The tyring Wimofiliis institution FOR Till', REMOVAL ANI) I'liltMANW 1 will commence nil Than Ian, tela nitv, inn, unucr Cl'Kl.OF ALL DISEASES A ; th' Lv.van.A. M. , AN l.MPIJKi: STATll l' 1 II',' ,'., " Til" o.'l.htion olthis school lnnp"roin,n miner oil 1IAIHT 111' Mil, aio"i VI, f ,. ...... 1 iiii itrnatnit4 Inr ihe Inline llutlcr i tir. Til-- Tut:ui-tinii i believed to clhcicnt ntnl t!i.i on 'i ll is tri essential peculiarity of the lnstitu. ti.. i t I il... it I. hi I ir ns unictiealile. Itnth to in- , struct and .m-rn hiins.-ll. Tins leudcrs his studies pleasant mi I ensures succcsi. The facilities for the no lintioii of natural science, ntc unusually rm.l The t'ri:u'ii'il inMWsa large llcHieliaii 'i flea ope nls.ipcrioriinlity, with other excellent npiari tuainU" ly cd-irgotl, which he will Use lor the benefit ol the Tuition For the 1'rimary branches, 63.00 " " Higher, " " " " Language, . Piard can he outlined at Irom Sl,25 to 8L!'" tveck, including wahing, itc. , . . , N. II. It it tcrv desirable that those who anticipate mten luif, s' co.n n.'iice nt the hi-ginning quaiter. WiUistott, Fehy. 1 , 1317. CHEMICAL WHAM", Oil. SOAP-Por destroy ina inscelsof every ilt-i-i iiniu .tipon roe Imj-Im-s , crape viiv., tiiiit tree", -!iiuMTy. itc. fcc. the only operation which ha-been discovered. Hint will eilecni-illi' dcslioy llie Has anil other neUs which are found o troublesome ami injurious to ni'i bii-h.'?, grape line. iS-e. itctnid wiling pictcnl mildew iitx ii gnns.-lictry bn-hes, Iimt trees sc. It was the lesultol numerous expel iuicnls winch wcrcin-li-tuted in cons, iiucnce ol Ihe iucicase ol lliese insects ...i.i.!.. i mi I'toal.ns to induce ninny 11 llllill ll l' " ji.ii - n . . . , - nenuii tniorcgn the pleasure l ciiltitntu g l'H Ms, on aecoiint ol their liability tnbi' ditro)cd lielorcur tivin" at in Kitiitv, hut ihn obstacle is now entirely re moved. a-i tie- remedy has bjen found inl.ilhble when If, in the early part of tlr season, the urniiinl around Hint trees Mini Miles if wen sniiirincii nun n su" jus l,.i...., ,.l il.ia k.inn it will dcMlnV the insect hi-lotc il. .v , -'tin Iron 111-chrllli Mute ail.l nsecn.l the tree. By atten ling lothi,nnn h labor may bcsntul S:tw3 lor sale bv. liw. 1'.. 11 inr.lMJTOX, nir. Gracfcnbcrg Pills. rplICIUljir.D tiid most coxcUMvr. ntAioxs why I Hint class nl Medicines denominnted " l'A- TiiNT," should be inade the means nl iiicnlculnblc A Ynw DOT. rATin!li'AvvKi!i.(!Ki) Wool. il Vilov.-., Tor .-ale by CATI,U .S: Sl'IJAll l'v..!... ..., . Wiili'r Kln-.-l l-'elT. 1317. 32w3 BOLTING CLOTHS .1 A It BUIIR MILL STONES. u. r. wiuti:, No. GMortim Muck, Milk stiect, TlosTO.t, flONTIXlinS TO I.MI'UIIT AX!) KliKPS J constantly fur tale, an rxtenie assortment of rf the most anproud Patterns, l'loin Inn" experience in the and sale ol tint nititle, me an v.rti..r i lo lnnnh lib is with more ncitct and ihnable Ontlu than can be Inund eUwhcic anj at very low pi ices. rrriicli llmr .11111 Miii' nf all si7ts, manu factored at tin- Mu-sachusctts State l'non. fcciit. 1 la Hi. l'pl nil.. .... ..Jrf 11.41 I. lll'lllll l"J llllllll' IIIU lll'llia ...".vui".'i o. ..!. ..).-. II l.'j.r, iiiiiil Hill. ohsttrHltfCHUf . , n. l,,,u,im nnnilv Sin ki.iui't n. ill niiijj fl ti .ii..". -. .i i,,rl, t iiiiui Mi i.i..r-iiiKTi ... - j. f)iV"''. ''.'" '""';;:;.' pose lor example, that n h'lL'h order of tnlent Ioiir tun Uotclir. Iiilen, cliiiimc tme eyes, tit " taKaeiousohseivntion.nnd ureal medical leariiniK ami trr, Kalilhe.fl, enVnS'"""1 ',",'".,! i. experience tire bruiiuhl to bear upon Ihe imenlioii nntl H(Z juuiU, ultiMin imrij, yt n"", , Inaiiniactiiie ul ii t"llU Why may not uns loini- t;inticn,or lumbago I ami iltieataaruing J rum nn ,ulion Ull,j9 division ofincilical science be crow ned injmlichiM nsciij nmcniy, (, r ami";), rx- W1(h ((, Wlm,9itint olt(l, il,0 saciilice of similar invnror impiutlcMC m lije I also, cMomc cjn- taunt, nM. iilintilherthinns There h no leasoiii itilutiuitiil tlitorder. l(c. I ami it is hut tlie simplest dictate of the simplest com- 1., .1.1- nrnimrnllmi nM slrntinW rotirenlratetl all tllC tit. in to e-iu Pill tltua lirtiillli't'd W ill lit' as Medicinal properlits of Sarsapanlln, combined with perleclaiiniticleascnnbcinndeby inan. Ticcnty-firt the most el'eclnal aid., the inot salutary production', years tlceatinii to any one subject will (jive a limn ol ii most Hole ll siinnesol tic cuiuiu.e niutuoui . i u:il lie I no Inas erv over 11. 1 Ills l.iuor lias uecn ucs. and its unprecedented success In Hie lestoiaiion lo iiealtn ot move who had loimpiiieu uuner ine niu-i li'ircs-mitf chroniu maladies, has civen it an exnlletl haractcr. furinsliin!! ns it does cidence of its own inliiusic value. . , , Tin' lul im 112 is sn extract from a letter recuved fioni Uev. William (Inhnha : . . . llini:niinE,Vt.,Oct.,tl. iia. Mrm Rm 1 linvi' I i atllit ted with a "ecrc rain ill my side, occasioned by n diseased liter, for the .isl turnle ii'iirn snlK-iiii" tit times what lattifiiaLlc cannot convey, but since takini! your Sumpaiillu I line ncen ureauy relieved, so iniicuso uiai i hhh- ucni able to nlteiid lomy biiMiie", an.l piencho:cnionally lor the last lutccii mouths. I wnolly discanlcd nil other medicine, and thoroughly tried the Sarsnparilln, wtiKiiican recouuiieiitl in iriiin nun sincerity m mi iIiohc who tire in liny way nllhctcd ilh any sp -cics ol scrofuloiiscomplaiuls. There lne been some rennik- utile cuies etlectetl hy lis iwin unsMciniiy. .urs. i. Shaw, by the ue ol six bottles, was ictotcd to hi tter lieaitiiinan sue had octon: enjoj ed lorien )cars,nno Mrs. W. Stt u'iis, w ho had In en s'euly ntllicted willi Erysipelas, was enliiel) ciucd by the use of a lew HOUR'S. Yours, truly. WJI. (iAI.l'SIIA. The follow-intr tclnnonlal llolil the Altent to the valtieof the .S.irsanaiilla in a ca'-e of ltntosv will be Jead witli interest by nil -iinilarly alllictfd ; HEAiLa, l'ike lytt. uiiio, m i. i, inn- ?Ieir A. II. K I). KihiUi Gents A innn near here used hollies of our v.tlinh'.e S.nrsaparilla for nie icp:oy,.iun n.-tsreceiieti mole oeneiii iroui ii unm all ntner leniedtrs combined for six ears nast. It restoieil n h nul, lennd foot lioin a situation Hint no person would bae known they belonged to n human boJv. as all annealed lo be one m.ivt ol nuliilviin; sole ins iriitd anil outer in-i-nscti pans are an icsioieu 10 iiieir umiii ii i s 7e anil iceutiriare em ueiv ueatto i.:.. i it. i- .. .r r..... oivi, tioo ins i-tirov cineti. in nneutis itiiimiit more imities lo permanently ciahiMi his health. Voins.iiitM ieii. cifiillv. (i. W. HAYN'OI.IM l-'or 1'ittlier iiaiticulais. and coiiclusiie e itlenee of us superior value an I elhc.icy, see painiiluels, winch may oe oinnmeii oi .i;eius "rails, l'repaiedautl sold by A. 11. -. I). SANDS, Drug rws, IUD rulton-st. cornet of William, New. York. Sold alo by l'l.CK & e'l'lOAIt, liiiiliiiirton i II 1-' (Joss, Wateibu v t .i. K. Coihus,.Mouipflier , I. Dltc.lerSt AI'iiih: ,1. Iv l'.nlt Ai Co.. 1'iatts inn if. anil by Unig stsyt liuull) ihiouhoul the Uni icii rjian s. 1'rice l per bottle. Pi butllcs for 5. lliiiliuton, Ii l"eb. 1317. ly .lsat'Iiiue .1Satiii'at;tory. flMIC Subscriber is m-innficituiiig, and u prepared X to builJ to older, all Kinds ot Woolen .liiU'liiiicry. S'jcll as diss, Carding Midlines, Condeiii-rrs, l'ickers, Jack. Nappers, blel", I,t alliers, lliu-liinj .Machines, llegulatt rs, Ac. 'VO Pi:Li:i:s. 3001) Litiiogimimiic immxts M. beaiitilullycoloreil all lreh nriiit which will I... nllt.r... I 1... 1 1....I ... K V'..l I '""'i' I""- uu.iuii.-ii ii i urn i in tv imiui.-s.i if ill ces, ai i.un .iiius Hook Htoie. An wntk entru'ted to bun, will be executed will; nnt ipsa mtil dfeiltcll- lltS M' SllOh IS SltllH ted in .Monlpelier, three miles lima il.e illage,on the ... I in,.t,.r and Si. Albans. The subscribe! is confident that be can build nsgood n Card or .lack, as can be procured in New l.iiland. Those miming Ins Machinery pionounee it to inn as well as any in u,c. JILDAU WlilGllT, Jr. Montpelier, D,-c. 12, lb 10. Mil WARD St. BOOTT, (.Smccssirs to Junes, Demiy 11 iti,) MAXCFACTTUKllS 01' Hill) OIL AX1 DVEWOOUS, IMl'ORTEr.S AND DrALLKS I.V DYE-STUFFS, OILS, SOAPS, CHEMICALS. And MANUr.VCTimi.HS' AIITICI'ES, O!) .llilk Street, ANDREW H. WAUIl, JU. liostnn. kirk toon. 25mG NOTICE. A New Iiine of SJagcs. THE PEOPLE'S DESPATCH LINE mint BTItI.I.V(;i.OX TO MOXTllHAI, Against Monopoly. WILL ctiMMiixci: hi'.vxim; o.y Moxdw II the J nil day nl .limuniy, HlT.thiee limes a weik during th'clos.''nfiiaugaiit.n,as lullows- Leaie llurlinionoii .Monday, eihie-day and I ri TuVlock.A. M , via C'iilchesit r, VNtst .Milton, (ieorgia, St. Albans, Swaulou, liigligale Spri'iiK-, l'hilliii-biiruh, l'ike l!iir, theneeoii ihe (liand Line lload lost. lodge ; Irom thence to Munt.eal vi-i,(.'lriiiiblyiiiiil Longueil, aiancaily liour ihe lol lowing moiuiug. Itettirniiig, Lean- MuntrealatMoVloek r.M.,oneadi of the aboe nanieil days, via' Chauibly,aud I.tnigu-'il, to St. Johns to lodge, Leine St Johns oh Tin-dais, Thurs l.i, an.l Saiuiilais at 7 o'eloik A m. in- l'ike Iiiier, I'mlliiisbiiipb, llijigale inm', Swanlou.Sl Alban-, Ceoigta, t t" .l lion, Cult-liesler and liur lingion to lodge. 'flie De-pa it Ii line has been got up lor the accommo dation ot the 1'iihlic. tint belli j cut umbered Willi tlie U. S. or r,ugii-!i in ills. Thcrcioic all thu-e who (eel disposed to patronize us, m.ij rest n tiled that Jus lloute will be pel lornii'd with good lluts-'s and Cir ri ig's, also with c netul 1) iu-r-, and no pains will be suaied to eiinure the conduit and accoiuinudaliou ol 1 .iengers. l-'are iro.n Ibiiliugton to Montreal, SU'"1 i'ar by old Line .-.ime ilii.tiiee, fei7,nti N 11. l'.is-cngi-isun all Stage routes South nnd Lan of Uailiugion.tjoiug tvuth.w-iil lease uke notice and coern Iht-uischt's at-eiiidme y. S. S SKIN.Nlllt.ltiuhii'gtnn. 1 "3 VIC Toil ADAMS, W -.dilton, 3 1 . 11 UA.Ml'IIi;i,l',St Alhiths, Nl'.I.SON IIL'LLAIll), Swanton, Co. l'ike liiyer. V. I.UCK1N. llolil Si. John lo Montreal. All orders and panels promptly aiicndcJ lo. 1 KAra iloynled ill all nines. llailmglon.JiiiiiiJry H, H17. S3 TMJtJK Wllll.VT ri'OrH.rrcshgiound.from jj new-wheat, aim warinnieti guod, hy reb4,l17. -M A.S. ULWUY. 7XTOVS II VV,lbrSaleI)eliereil in ihe Village t ii required oy JJWJ' li. Jl. .MUUKI Tl: DANXIXCJ LACli. Dn.S!iiilii,inot irH-cilully informs liopu!ic that lie lias jiurchribi'tl (t Dr. llmtyt the n-riit to , . . i "- - b iiiuij wiuiuicu tiuu im uiu.iuic I'.VTIINT I.ACi:. winch fnrsurnassos even- thinu of iliu kind til itiniL tt And knowing that the aiticle which lias ! i I ul uns sec uon nas neen ol nil inleiior tiuality, causin ii-, 11IHII-.1-, n u goon niiieie had lift laitliiitlly applied, u cine would haw been the resnh- ne Iris made'hlchts lor a suonk lr.uu tl.. ,.rl 'mat fu ton-ol Dr.'. ihatcwiy ii... I... peilect aiitleiery patient benelittetl by it. The Uottor thereloie nn ilea all who need any thing ol the kind, to i;tvt- titiii ti can " Ll the invalid consider that the Lace is for the re lie! and cureol the following tb-eases. which nuuM t.i'i di-ilacciuent or weakness ol ihe organs ol the body eaknes3of the brcat shortness of br.'aih ; cough and spitting ol Wood ;palp.tntion of the li.-artj weakiie-sof ihe side and stomach ;dys peji'ia ; cosiienes3 ami piles; pain in llie hick with euri.ituiejbcar ing down with weakness of tiiebipsand lower ex tlelultles; and dlooi). ing ol the body es-p-cinllyin young The aboe and other analogous aff.-ctions. hai hitherto hatlled all contiiuiiouni treatint-ni ; Imt sinte unj ,itr .. ti imin in .ui't n iuicar an. I have hecll irealeil hy the ' Lace' they h ne li. filea.-ilyi uretl and we can now see a ho-l nlea.s -eetuingly well or halt hi- r i-iiiiiiuiien wtiu real in-east', leiUlllllg lueill cine, w no cuuiioi enjoy me or he cured upon common i.i.iil,).!!-- ,., ,,r.iiiu.-ii ; ittiii wtty i in'caii-f iheir " boii-e is l.ilhug tlown," and byliinlui" i!u.m theirp-nns vanish, und allicacy to intcinal Tenuiliisi. theieliy given, Tj Hii nu exnmiiiation of Ctimmiitee of einincnt men, hy iho Anieiiean In-mute, a rieniiuni l) was awnrled to this instru ment. i;7if N II Tho-eannlieil by tbt'iloelor. tit. ...rr...., ,.. Hind to Uiirjit iik i.itiehl; liuiiliesiiine maybe bad ai ii.iiruigioii s,vho ni-o has an a orlmenl ot J civet's Medicine, nl the lowist ca.-h prices. Winter Supply ! HAVK received their vvintcrsupply of Goods.aniong which may befuund, ilit v tlie nnislcrv over it lowed iijion ihe fju.u:n:xin:ito vnanTAiit.r. pills. anil they nre presented to tl e public with claims un paralleled hi the wnoie history ot meuicai science. It w ill be seen in tracing the hi-tory ol all great in piiliuits,iliat they were not made or tli-coveretl until the arrival ol what maybe termed Till: HI.ness or 1 imi:. The mariner's coiupaMi, for instance, w as not iitttt to I in " In tips tit time" It washcet cd. Hie luiiilfitnnp a wavs ay at man s tect.hut he never Knew w uai a vouticiitii nnn unerinii' gtuue us uv.n itrcil in its silettl tiumitn. until the IJilihitV apnointet ...... ... .. - - ; . ... , , Iniie drew near when tli-tant coiilinents and islands wvre in lie unieilet . Ilflio d it now trnnslt-rreil to 1 he hinnaelcH ot tint ailvenllirous sailtir. enabling ililll to launch lar nway upon unknown Oceans, instead of, c..:i:..., l;,.i.i ..i t .u.ilinr Inti.l.iiituLs' So wil l the discovery ol the New Wolld.tlpoll whose shines was to arise this (iinul Nation ton power " orv, a iiuion lar heyond the conception 01 wiidt-t f.inev. The Old W'oiltf bail reached its hluhest tlesti n v ; ihe "fulness of time' thew near for the rev chit ion ol (lieNEW.and behold the immortal Columbus, Irom theloreciistle of Ins dtenclietl nntl leaky ves-cl, lound it I So with the invention ol printing, ol stcnin, ot tin oiti'tiictie teliMrtanh. Ilach ol these hud its own "tut ne"s ot tune, marked, made uiMinci nnn rroviuenuai, f y I x Mi-.nicAi. sciLNcE nicsAMr. iir.r vt rniLnsoriit cai. rm.Miri.K is equally M.vr.Kcn. .viosi heniiiitui are I he illustrations anil nroo s ol tins wiutn nre to he fu.m.l in the bi-iory of me woild. We can tracelheni lioin I he .Mosaic t istielisation tlown to Hie tirescnt hour ; all ol them teaching us tlie les-ou nhd giv ing us the hope I li t i mmeiiimg ycl better lo uu.ii human niai ndiesis at hand. l'hat thisiirincinle is as true of Medical as til rhvs leal cienee is clearly shown in Hie ;iiiPleiilpru (u.t'Ur9 vhicli is lurnishetl gratuitously to all who wish it. 1 lie GKAEFENDEnQ ILLS, arc defined by all who have tested them to be an in eoneeiiable niUauee unoll all other hletlical cotllbllin Hons nntl di-covcries hitherto known, and they are announced ns Till". GREAT ItLMLDIAI. TRIUMPH. The inventor of these 1'ill-rcsts his theory uponno iliool nor ilontnaofortliirirv niltetlieaeacliers. Plant ing himself upon the tevelatiou ot Ihe ALMIGHTY CHIJATOR tint run iii.ooi) is Tin; litrn." lie require tint Iih ili'ijilt-s nml hi pntknts mahr lurc the lifr-rurmtt that leaps llnuiiiih tiicir tin i Hit ititrnci?, iM'iure iney can nope ior a ilkm a M.xreure. ic il n rnn m I hem. am Kiraiioiiicit': lint lmlit niul jcyoj! heailli inu-t conic iiom n puic Died!. lint n nint -ail tlio'iLiht herf comes in! lo coiuit- U-nre the iiiipo-ilii'ii wliitli are prncti-fil upon the pnlihc hy pH-tt'iuleis.niiil hi iiniuerunoiti.l huaMfnl are thtriiieihcim's. a-Kert.s (!, that ihe ieai!er may he slow to heheie in this Gieat KtiiKiIy. A ordlherelore, nn tins point. In the lirt hlacc. iir.DTiir. GRAcrEXiir.rui O xzcttc. Xomaltei how sceptical jon may now he, that papr iIlconiiiceon. Thoiis'iiu!- fmrr been convinceil in uery tate ainl Tcrntory n the lTniuti, amlainoti llii'inuVtiuguMied htateHiu'n,juril'(clerL'yineii, phy. siciaiH, eiMlinns. The bate enumeration ot die naiiKswouiil till tliiiimue. Lvl the leader f-etnur ihe mo-tcoiiM-nicnt aeney tor a copy ot the Gazette which can be had GRATIS ! In the second place, tpv the rti.i.s. It w ill cost but the hieiest tulle, and wil introduce voti to a medicine whit li y on will dc cm a blessing to Hie cud ot vour days. A Ihotisautl things pics upon the mind ot the adver tisers winch they would icjinte to say to the reader, but tlie lumtsot tins advertisement forbid. Hut let any one allhcted with thelollowingtli-easts make tiialol the (liaeletilierg 1 ills, and they will be 1'LIt.MA NLNTLY CLiaoiJ! Athina, iriatuleney, Uibous Complaints, Fluor Albus, or Wliiles, Holla, 'Gastric l'eicr, Bowels, tUficient action in Green Sickness, Fancy Prints, i in nil nre uo. , iMpaccas, M IJeLaines, Hen. tlu tlo. ('nshuiercs tlo do, Linsevs. ' Col'tl Camhrics, erncias, Brond Cloths, Cnssimcrcs, Kattinets, Grey Cloths, Flannels; Cot'n tf Wol'ii, est i tigs, Btirges, e vels. Canvass and Padding, iitiriats,ior Wool Sacks llagging, Drown Sheetings, inettcneti no, Aliron Cheeks. Strihetl Shirting, i icKings, Laces, Footings and Kdgings, IdllCllS, Col'd Watbling Cotton Yarn Wicking Vnriely nl Shawls, rocket IJtlkls.Silk fjCofn muiv jviiipt-r, I Cloth nnn i nr iaps, I Iloutsnnil Shoes, vVllgtu.OeleriCop.j'gV-aV Cotton Threads. ,C. U. on Wag. Linen do Silk nntl Twist, Pack nntl Pound Pins, S.'wing Needles, Knitting do Coal and Vest Buttons, Punt do JEWELL, HARRISON &. Co. o in hi i h i o ii XI v l c Ii a n t , Antl Dealers hi rilODUCl) AND l'UOVISIOXS, No. 30 Wilier Sltcet, n.'tw-ecn Cocnties Slip and Btoad street, Abin. H. Jewell i NLW YOItK. Shirt do Variety of Combs, Ivory do Pocket do itunrs, Scissors and Slicars, llnrtis, Silver Thimbles. Plated. Steel & Vnrietynf Spoons, iiri .iirrr no j'ssenccsnntl Oils, Shaving Soap, Hooks and Lyes, Wt hh Suspenders, I'.la'lic do Cotton Tnne s. Coiton and Worsted Hose, millions, Woistftl Ilelts, Green Ilnrnge, Silk Cravats, Giughain do, A lit! a ureal variety nf ndif r nllirtes. These iroods were tinrrlinsi'il with Cash, find with omen care, laic tu tlie season, when ownets were very anxious to sell llllilreditep iheir slot ks. and wp nre tliereloreju-tilied in milling that they were obtained in nciier rates man u.iual. iiuyingupoii laioiab e ternis wil . we feel conhtlcnt place it within our inner to sell at fair rates. He tint rut) sHr must wil mi, in onler to ice, while tliey who buy CV,e,tcaii sell so. and thrive. It iso ir aim to buy ri-pw thing well that wetrnffic in, niul this enabl"s ns to sell an assortment thruugh ttpuii uuvuuiageous ternis. Kniii'i- I'rhiln This nrtielc we deal extensively in, ami we buy our Slllinlv from Commission Nouses hy lhi Pfk-At.l:. nntl ol course obtnin n teritcintlyaulageover sinnlter purchasers, who imy 01 joniiersity the ncre. our pur. cnnsfstii tins nrtictc during the year have lieeu over one hucihed and thirteen t linns, mil yards I (H3.(MH.l nierchanis will ceilainly Mini it ennrenient to buy of us, uiiicrsuii, aniiiiiev may can aim ue'cotii'iicc" 11 flilllt'ti 1 lllllm. nrp mnnnliii'iiirino n Inri't Int of Ornv rlnlh which we will si-11 ileciileilly ttnr. Vehae n-oa Hood Mock ot' 1'ancy an I l'lain Wunllpti cloths nil lothiiiir", mittens, iiiov-c, jam, t lannt-i, low Cloth. KerMv.l)rie.l Aniih. (eesi.Mens and Tinkev iiilH i(illU llliOIIIR'll VVI- KL'l'U UlCJII UL ill! UIIIC!', II. .-It..... l . . . t., i, . inilliillUM, IJCC, 1 101U -0V ILVEIt SPOONS. A noon assort.miixt of Silver Table. Tea. Desett and Salt Snoons. kept constantly on hand. To prevent any imii'iiitioii we vvoubl add that they are inatketl Vilas is Noves, IkiiLtMiTON,' ami all such will be iriirnntcd, by us asn good aitirlc of Stiver. January W. flOL'D Camiirics. 2 Casus toloriii) cam- J brics 1 Caic Sileeias, For salf hy jail. Jl VILAS sV. ,U1 L.S. Ari'AV CASKS Of that genuine old MONON GAIILLA WHISKY, on hand ami Inrsilc by f,chillg.' Iiuildlng, Jl L A 1 l.l.N f( 01-L.A11. Watei street, Ith Feb. IS 17. Ilrea-t 1'auL' Catarrh, Constipation, Cough ol Pregnancy, Co-livene-s, Dunlin.'!!, Ddlieiilt llreaihiiig, dyspepsia, l))spnjitic Constitution, ij.g.'siinn, inipciicei, "1ASII PAID FOR GRAIN, by u Feb. 'J, 1S17. -Ji II. W. CATLIN. I' AMI'S, LIGHT. Lard Lamps, Solar. Oil and -i Lamps, for Mores, P.nlois, ('hurt lies. Halls itc.,of new and beautiful i,ill"in-, .villi cut and grountl Globes, also Cbimnies. Wit ksninl extra Gtohes Mi ides, e . Girts- I,i in ps, I 'eg. I, amps. Gl.i--, Plated, llrass and iliitaimia t autlltstit ks. The Solar and Lard La mosaic lapul!) suH'icednig all oiheis and for beauty and economy- nn iri-urna-?4ad. 32 IIRLNS.MAID llROTIILRS. K f I.IIS. Good Live Geise Feathers, fir sale by OlsJ N.I.UVLLY. Ilurlington.IVb. 3, IS17. 32 OiK'l. ,f. Niiiitli II A V be coiisulted at his rt-idence on Cherry III stieet, three doors west ol the Collgifgiiiin;; Church, "t miy lime, when not proiessmmTily ,-n. gagetl all the false iiiKluunthnx and rile ritiiniia retsof certain Ivniglns ol the Linnet ati, ;uumrl to the contrary noihwith-iai.ihng, and he wi-hes hif Irieinl-niitl patrons to undernand, ihat . jH , , Ihe le.l-l iit-ippoiiiieii or til-eour.lgetl ,,. accolllll ol any o;.;,.',ioi or tveii iirixetntnm .. r,.tei4t. ai th" hinds of old school Pn).-ieiaii ;; iii-l.,,,.. iheir unit is in danger, ins nut siiau. mult ih in lliii'L' thniisntiil doll.iiswoiih ui l.ciuin' .atro leptic and .Miiguelic iiuthciue, whicli h" liaVilcnlt out to his niiuieioiis i.-iiienls in tins vierniy in t.M null ye.tis luting tuiiuiiiiiit s i.i L-as j irtt.n m, r by ihe l.icult), as wholly uuuiJlle ,y Iheir "Jalliicies" sliotpil cuile Iheir Jenm and call Imlll their tillteiesl indignation. Hut It-1 . " ..allctl l.l.b; vvnice." True, they have, by tallnu' t tl I olil ojniiiuus, ola eilncalioitfll I'irjiiiiices, and liieju dices, excited and kept up in Ihe minds of the n.-ople bylheoie cunning and rmjt oi a sw.iriuot huir'rv doclois, whose bl t ail and butt'-r is in tJII,.r t.,in some itiee or J mr Jerer patienn n,,,,, jllln j J...I-, wiui no iniie, iiyi'.iicill t, il,.,,, , hihiy iliem to their gravis, bin in , r hnwilu-v U-eii able to show the svveriuutij t, lnr tu-atinciii bv euiingn paiieni whuh he coultl noi. 1 o prtnc if jona all couliovei-y and to the entire IUS..ICI1011 OI I II I t I t. lilt I... I. :i t . . 'in nas s.iiu ,u..,t 11 III"-, 11115 ituuiur uiicis ui" UlI'lKI tl.iti. i.iony ol II. I.. HtiolHI, Ls.1., which iirn.,t I duiiotoil tv anv who Know iimi. i.d B : .1 luindieiU moie which he iiiijiln adduce, were il nc- lIIti;: liU.NCOTTUN.rilU;' AmitrUrtniul X purwmeii.nnd alt who wim a bftlcr iiiluk' than rowdrr. lor lVtol, Uiilc and other hhooiniL'. all who wih to kren their yuns clean und tue tiom wm ke mid finell wlifii (-houthn,', ute iiuitcd tu u4 th ilun Coiton, which H wnrrtiliteii to mw KitMartKiu I'ur Agents siu.vxT snmoj,. MISS I.. H- S'iVVrV wiiUoiiimfiiri- hrr lint uiinon UVdneiiav. the 6th ot Mtinh. K-i.-.i. nrs are expelled to eiiler ul the cuiiimeiimiieiilof ,ie term. TUITION. Kneli-h, $3 to i.oo Ii r i h, l,tj I)inwiiif, a,(H) School room one dour west of Mrs. Langworthy' ehoii, un Ftairs. Uurhnmon, Ircb. 12, IS17. 33w I t , made a eiv initio. taut cmc im.m ..n.. ,.r i.. meiiibeis ot my i.imily-U'in an L'Urr involving the whole ankle joint ami I mmly the wholf lo.)t, wliiih in i milieu ui -Kin oi several eminent t'iir-iriaiis for iuioih lour eaiy, uunn wmciitiipe the Ulcer con uiiucu iu iiiiiiitM' nun neaii, i am nappy to nay pi ' fMiiiii inv inir vtuinn u IMMIor in Hliy I JIIH IX, V I, AU, l.r 'Ifi. ZsF S.U Uclor S.nhh keeiwcnnMniilly on hand Iiil tick ot Kelcrtie. Iiilrtili-nii. mul 'l,tii..t .. Medii liK. an I ititiist tci;iLci:iiilk' mviii'si mi:tli,7 .m l tllj-i.- who need, tu call. 7 (, nvi:f coirx v oats. "lAPIIpnid forj(ye,(orniV Oats.hy NIL SiiKrn Fnwix, . For nie hy CATMN it PIMJAR Exching Uuildms, aw3 Water Strert 'M IVh. IHI7 iwyav i'iuyrs: A GOOD STOCK Oi' K.Wt'V !CIT.S CO.VSIST ing ol' vorioni styles and uahtic9. Trailers wi.-h-Ing to p'pknleh their itadoiuneiit Leiore guiug to marKri are niviicu iu vmi. Feb. J8. 31 VII,AS & NOYKS. H,v,,t!,.!r lllead Ache, Ily-terKs, Iiieoiititifiicc of Urine, lnilmetion . lull imation of Viril part-, liu.aiiniiii'uui uiuiciiiiii Jaundice, i Liter ('oinn!aint. iJt'ii'iiniii;iiiou ui liiocd it Low Muni". the Mead, l.MeiiMiuatioii, .Supprew-ed I .ar Aclie, ) or 1 ainlui, I'liv-ipi'la-, NcrvoiH DitLrders Kpilrl'-y, 'Ni-iiiatyia, 1 ever l.ow, NYrvon, In-lltlirumiiiiMii, ti-riuitti'tit. Ueimttt nt, ISiomai h, vaiioua dif-ea.", l eer and Auc, i hites, In nil ImIioih or ( ironicoi-onleM. t ic-i'I'i achieve the mos-t wondcHiiI tniiiiiph. Iluu: tiilv mi v oim-l-irriTloN And a the ni-erptiliihty ol ihe American con-i.mtion ii to then dis-cuteis they are aptly M led ny some Their won hrhil t IHcacv in theeconmlaintsnriM' from t lit-ir power t opes tiic roi:u h.eanm: ami M Ill.M.Tltl.V Tilt: SfoMAlll A.NU ItOWlXs: .MhKTIH I uim: i iaiw inALrini.v amh'ixak. a.ndiooivetum: vMiNTi:i.xiiTn to Tin: svmlm Il iiiiiikmuU', within the lnmi of an ouhnarv ail irrttvini' me the leader the h-a-ons tor the hum tiaordinaiv mhi-is- and m trend ol t h-h- in N. Hut ia:u.N nj t:ivr, whiell hae alniml mil y atiIn.(l the intiuN of tlioiiaiul-' in thtcoiniliy-, and, anions them the accomplished IMiyii'inns, Jiiiitsf CIer)nicn and priwile cilietK.inale arid iemale, .NisiLunLCi r.TincAit of the wonderful ell. cacy of llieM' 1'ilk miht he piewntcd ; (Jul acciliti cate in tiieM d.iyishc.iicely worth ihe paper on whu h it n printed. lew eintct lioin me coiie-poiwciite of the company, will. how et r, U- nowieii. J COM INDIANA : " Vour ent'Tpri-M N ihe enlerpri-e of llie day. lis i"inttklc will atonUhltf otiL'inaloiiJ. It w dtMliitil tontlt-cl a complete eohition in llie medical world." I noM a Ji srui-ot the itce in u lsilun a. l : " I have hold a numher of boxes, to ihecilieiis ofthif place. They hae niven enlire -aiilacliou, and thc atedctliiRtl nheconietheiiKt popular pillof the day.1' I KUM .IL'IM.E :! ViLORlilAT ir. Since writinir to umlaut ution the wibirctof my ill-health, I hae h-cn taking onr medicine, and am pu.i.-eu ios-hj . una uiey nmc i-ini oi iue ri'.iieM ntmi'i' to me, and it ihey conlinue lo trive me the re lict 1 hae already felt, 1 blinll Ut'lheday jouwnt lln-m. J nrcd not niuuie iiyam ui me ttinermi;s i nave hcjore tolil ou ot ; but intend to pei-wic, and hope . . i... ..i.i.. ,t I ,ii.. 1,1,111,1 i . .it 1 1,,. i . intclli4tnce ot a pcitect cute. I liavy ln"nd ol many i iii.inncixi hi in v 1 1 ti it in u trm ii it i i iii'rciu inci' nnrn nr. i lormed (.oine extraoidiuary cure. I'RJM D.riMU'lMlCl) liENriEMA.V of IIosTO.v : (leutlcmeii, 1 cannot retiaiu Irom troiihlini' ou hunt ruoor nto.v. Fon RooriMi. Wixnow Suuttkrs. &c 'pili: MJiI( iMIti:UM, -- to call theattcnlion J- oi alt tlnwe interested in rooiinir, to their (!Al VAAI.1J1J TKN nAn. and to the maiiv wuita-'e which they no- oer rdl niefihc and other Mihtance.-4 hittieilo umI lor this imrnovi-, not .c-win; a- they do, the pticnyh and hhtucfs ol lion wiliiout its intiiiity tit rut, Jiavim; now licen tiMci (win i ear-. imin in inn coiiutiv aim in iurone Phevareal-o Ic j suhiect to and eonttac lion from Middt n iharirci) 1 1 tne atmopfcie, thru common i m i tare, iron, ,mc, vc., or any nine metilnow ued tor roolia '.and coiwuuentlv folm i much better nnd tighter roof, requiring lar let-, tioaicnt renair. whiUt the hr-tco-t w but a trifle more. 1 ne su i writers would awo call tn attention ot all lealers and workers in meia U.tti ihe other ttur po-esto winch Iron lhu protected, can lie applied in general iciiufiiis appiicattie to an ariiciesot iron which it i-( de-irahlc to protect lioin t ie action ol the atmo-phere, And ihey would especially call the nl- lenuon oi iikism; imerc-ied in 1 ijUt.t.KiXi'Mic IiIiNLrf. to their (iahaiii.ed Wire, which is now ab n mm entirely iwd i'i Europe, nnd which answers ci cry purpose as u conJuctor of electricity, co-inn; onl about one half as much as copper, and poseincijua'l turaiiiniy witn mat metal. ilauu lately creeled vorks in thi city for the purpn-e oi iHanimi; naiN, spikes bolls, wire, cM ihey w ill he able to fumMi any articles w Inch may he deMrcd. A supplyof Plates nnnuLictured in liurope,) cuilantly oiilMtid, troui IG to 'A wire pinye. lill. li. UlllihU UU1UVI.U. N3. II and Ii Iteaver st. New Yoik. The I'ntent Ui:ht tor tin--article has beeiiM-curcd for the United States ns well as (ireat Itrilahi, and other European countries, and all leil measures w ill he taken to prevent any hilriuuienl by huporlatiou or otherwi-e. Dei :; i8ir. isvi Rrrrti to Messrs. Follett i llradlcy, Burlington, J.&J.II,rcck&.Co, " TUNING FORKS, Violin nnd lhs Viol String of . the best quality, just received bv liApres ni J. v. Jiasijaij:s, 1HRHADS. m)L9. Cotton Tiiiiiiad, . while and abutted, 100 lbs. Linen do Jan. S'J. 31 VILAS it NOYLS. Hoot BorUr, 'IIIS rOUTHIl, beinninnuracturcd from poiiip of th most ce ehiatcd Kootsnt (lennnnv and the Knited Slatef. nets powerlullvas a Puriftrr of the 1:1 ; -...1 I- .1... f 'I'll r tiiw - iimiKi, ii nil n t t- cm. ,n i nwiiiuir. cvrr ui-i:m rr- cd tor the cureol J) YSrllrSIA, The inot liec and liberal uc ot this bewrnyc, sit lar fioin being fol low cuoy an tuipiea.ant reaction, tends to restore. i emu late and hmijoratc ihe nerious ftciii. The most delicate tennlea may pirtake ol it, not only with iin puinty, but with the mot neiiible ndvantaic. The Ami Dyspeptic Root Poller is composed en tirrly ot eiretables, and as a tempcraiH c heL'rne( is noi wirpaen W HATCH, fiu.v Smith, wmri.n ix- l'or.M hl custoincn. that he has enitiloveilaii expt-rienceil woiktuan Iniiii the south, nntl intt'tiils to keep, constantly on,il'.'s.!'-Ucr nil clicaper than anv ever olll'retl in llii inaiket. B5TSli'ii one tloor south of the Jail, Church Street. Please call, Uurliuijton, July 10, 1310. SAMUEL PERRY; Commission Merchant, o . it Front Street, Nr.w York, A.M. FKIIUMAN. 03 Liberal aihnnccs nn Consignments. nr.vnuT.ycKs. Mess. Sitytl.nn, bai;eiV.Co. New York ' John Johnson's yon, " " 1. & V. .Martin, " I-'reelaiiil, Smart it co. " " 11. 1'. & A. Wootlruir, " Ktinlnn it I'rost, " " J. Palmer it co. riiilatlelphia, " Wot 'I'av Inr rn ' " roilett Ao llratlley, nurliiiKton, Vermont. nnn. i,ra .vieecn, Sheitiurne, Lawience llrainenl, Pres'i..St. Allian?, Joseph Warner, Cash'r, .MiJilh-bury, A. L. Catlin, Pres't, Orwell, John A Cnnant, Ilsq., liraiitlon, (leorue T Ho lies, Pres't, Hutlantl, Hon. Myron Chrli, Janchcstcr, Septeinher, 11th I81G, The lollowiiirr Oentleinen have hcen annointetl 1 1 p'lsiiaii ami sprnii;. r.. .i 7. ... ' . . . .. t i . ' i ... lis licconuiloi ttlotts arc tiitw ti tii-im nir tjiesaie oi iue auove, null us nicy win keep a supply constantly on hand, nil onlers, written or veiuu, aiitircsscti lo inein or the 1 ropriclor will be prouiptly attenilt'il to. W. P. lit , M n. .MitltlWuiry. It. v . Parinelee, Uruiicuit llristol. Messrs. O. T. -. C. (). Sttwens. Vcrirpiinrs. ManulacliireJ in Ilurlington, Vl. hy ll' f UIIVL'Wl l .11. ,ULi iU.1 . STRONGS & CO. WllOLVSALi: .J- RETAIL DEALERS In Hardware, Cutlery, Iron. Steel, Sheet Iron, Tin, Pinto, Sheet and HiU Copinrf Iron Wire, Hour, Salt, Paints Ods Dye-stmts, Hatter, ItrmU stones, &c. V.inufacturerB A cents for the Sale of iYaHsanJ T I tr:.l... ill.. nit aUnfi tlonrrnl Airetits nnd C.onirniPHioii Iirrclinnt3. Li beral adnnce3 made on Proierty con-n?ued Jothein. Jiast side Louri nouse nquare, uuruumon, ? . it WNOO.Kl FALLS GOING AIIIUD ! FLKfCUKR, Fasiiio.vdli; T.uloHj has remoed shoo near Harlow A: Wood's store. whprp ho considers h unwell iwrmancntlv Jocateu. lie detri's to return Ins fiuccre thanks for the liberal sup' oort he has received since his commencement in buii' ncs in the nforetid city, nnd hopes by a-iduity in hiiftiurha. u ill to merit a Miarc of thir imtronaee. I iircmgn Muny min iirutiat" in ok- ui i m i uuui iuy, nc has dicoered a new mode ofdmftnii coaU, uhich in unknown tu any hut himelf. A correct meo'nireinent 1 1. I I... tl tl. im.I,. t.. Is., tt.o ..!.. The above Hotel hashed cnlnrt .l,u .1 'V' 1 . 'J"M?"v 1. 2. " " tlu: 1 ropnt'ioriiopes to accoinniodatc mote Vermont mmcr miM If understood There is not a Tailor who n reis ins neini; obliged to turn oil can ensure a complete "tit" without this knowledge, tin and Mirimr. t i i.i ;..i' .... u.a i.n i. Lu hhf. IllS accoiniliod itlotis are now tnnrn nmt.Io nn,! be -I ui,..ll.1iU1i...l,..,fB!,-iniiiiri .nn....ntu nf ... .... oiuiu .iu.-i,iuiil y iu ItU-HUee IUCU lltf PJIi:UCH.TS' IIOTHL. 39 am -11 IsULfi'"! tl'indt St., (i ight hund side cuing up from Sin th Inter ti llroiiilieinj) -II ,...t... ..I .1...... ,! n...l llinlv nn I'ernis.ill .''j ner ilnv 47 ttnr it 'I'I... ll...n.. " ' ' . ' ." ,' .1' .' -t:. ft..!. ,. ,,-' -. t J ,-i 1 , ..' "s I'liiiiiiiuii iicarauce inev wcrf wool to iiaie lit ineir euiiiiri u.ija. 1 ree 1 rcss is kcjit on I ile at this lions,.. Cl'TTLVi: tloru-to onler. on the slmrtcsl notice ,,, , . ... ;'! -ML Ililll, AD. ami warrantetl to properly inatle up. Ro)V v e ston. when 111 nr ViitL- hii ,.. n.r,i.i.u' .1 1 tii.t...'.. iV.i.ii ...-.1. ;....i; II I 1 tO I 11 I1 I 1 I ! ,' I ' ' ' tlllll ,.ltlll.-a lllUlll 1JUU119, IllUS ...UIWUl), , '.. 1. . -"""i-.,iiiiu nntl niiijiuimng to tasluon ortancy. For Sate ill liltls. Loirs mul tuitll.'S. sent In mil' i.nrt nf .l.!T..l....l ......... 0 ' ' 1 Host," polite ami attentive servants. a ir, Ml,!,. n,i 'irivr..Mi,....IL.l. " ... I UK1.V-S.MAID it RUOTIILKS. Wmooski Fall", July 1,1310. Deceinher, lll. TO COUNTRY TRADERS. 'J" II II suhscrihers, at theirstore corner ot Fulton ami t KIC llllnhil streets. Huston, kci'it r-itiietniit i' ,111 haiiil, aii'l oiler for sale, 011 theiuot t.ivuralile lerui, a large nntl well vlccteil assoitnn'ht ot vi. nin.v i.uuiis .v .JiU(Ji;uil;sj. Mm, UI'IM'.R AM) SOLi: from tlie hest Tanneries iu New Luu'Iaiiij niul New' ork. Ihey also i.-ceive, ainl sell on eoinuu-sion, tountty rroiiuce. 1 riitlers visituni ihe city are re .pectlully tetiiiesteil to call antl examine helore tnak- The EVeli A: ne:ir DIURi H.STAIII.ISll.ll IINT,, vt. 1uer1can, Lnglish, rpilI.suhscrihiT iscmistantlysupplieil wilh.anj of- t. leis ai wntiicsale una retail,.1 1 rciichahil I111I1.1 . . DPiL'nS: ew Chemicals: I.t.ftlii.s. sim-mr..! T..ein.m.,.a . Mineral 'reelhailil l)'lital:irticl..sf sinli 1,.. .... l,....! Watei s.l) n,'uerreoiype articlt s ; ( lenuine Patent ami , 11..11 lieineine.i ; run- l.lijtlnts :nnl VVims. 1 L ill 11 yrllps; iiru-hi's, rertinnes.rsoaps. itiuy. J Jllll l .1 L 111 lilllll'SIII' Illllf ,'S . I .III. Wnie; llje-Htull, (Jainpliene iVc. itc 1 ruin llie atltantace of receivma .Mineral waters. Till! MOTH 1: ICS Iini.WF, or. 1 CMAI.C EVCENTRK. THIS valuahle antl lusliiv appreeiatetl Tetlicme was olitaiuetl Irom an Doctre-ss, in the Vallevofthe t'oluinhia Hiver, Oiei;oti, anil since its iutroihietion into civilizetl life, has hecn of more bene lit to the human race than all other medicines ever usetl. It will almost ilo nway the curse entaileti open our mothers lioin Lve. It will ellict a quick, easy delivery that 110 other tnetucme win, except wnai inc red women of the Ion stue, that ii congenial with na ture. The patient will net about in half of llie time tliey tlo treated in the old way. It is a sure preventative of D-oken I!reasl anil clnltllireil fever.and ihe proprietor i w illin? to WAK- ll.v.i 1 a cure 10 an vino may nave occ.t-.uo mi iu use llitwevvtio have been nuposcii upon oy ijuacKs their purchases. Uelerto .Uessrs. I'ollc.t CnViiicnH. 1 and Qhalk tnun; ,md haVe .he iia.inaflVar of a llriullev. nr.XTF.ll, IIAUUINGTONit CO. Huston, July an, 13 10. r n u l) v v jj cimmii35ion iUcvdjants, ro. :M Wali-i Street, KV.W VOItK. J.vs. S. Fcr.ovso.v. OAr.oixtr. Sherman. Rr.FF.R To Messrs. Draper, Ahlrich fj Frink, ) I iiwnsenti.ayre Llark, evv i ork. I relv noon their twslio& 1 . , , .... ..... .... InUiv idiials w isluni; I russes, Leeches, fee, will ai- mils min a person 111 attendance tunriply them. .Medicines disoihsed at all hours of nndit. 1 ''Sit 'l't...t 1 np.i' - J llljl.'. '1. 1 1. 1. IV. .11. a. leaiiivHin sV i;. .MIIKCIIAN'I TAll.OUS, H.VVI1 lls received iheirSel olid pun lnso til Fall and inier t loo'N toiuiirisiuix 11 very lame a--ortineut ol CLOTHS, CASSLMLUils., VLST INUrf, TKl.M.MINlirt itc., .to. Ai.s,, Shirts. Ilo-oms,, Cravats, Nearfc, Piili and 1 .iiien lldkls., Illk., Lolor d and while hid (ilove White tin I C0I01M Silk tlo., Suspenders, Suspciuli Ln.U and Shoulder Unices. Tailors' Measuics audCrajons. M. f. P. TIIIIUN, C I-' WAIil). Nov 21,1310. '-'ina COTTONS 40 Bales Shcelinz, Halts anil Wick ins, lor sale I y ForixTr it llutbl.LV. Deceiiiiiriii. STATK .MUTUAL LIFII ASSUUAXC1JCO. O- WIIRCESTF.Ii, MA-s. Hon. John Dai is, I'li sident. fPlII! umlersigueil continues to act as aijent of lite 1 iihove coiup.iuy, nntl tilfeis lo i.-ike ti-ks on lives according lo llie toilow 111. scale 01 premiums . v u. l'lcmiumsoj Asuunnee fur $lol. .1 13 jn,r,ii l'i 1,' j ,' 35 i:i'jiUi,iii'ijn:iij:Hi,MT fTa, 2.1:1 s-:;:i,iy "i,(ii' i.ia! :u 7.i:t s:irsj t.0t I, Hi 21,17 H: IM H,ilT 2,2s: 3 1 .f.0 l,ti 1,1'J 2IJH II, L"'J ri,21 2,'.is, a.-,,7i 4 I i JJ I l.lls -III" 1,10 1,2j: I.2-'1 1,21' 2J.I0 1,2 si 22,'JJ l.:i.l 2:1.11 I Jill Ullil 2.1,113 1,7:1 i,:u 21. H ,s:i i.w 1,11 'Jj.nti 1,1'JI ;i l,VJ 1.03, i.r.s I !I V ,Si7 ,vi ,'.lj .'J7 ,'.is! ,w 1,011 1,02 1,00 1.11 1,11 nine 10 say. inai 1 nave evperienceti ute yreaiesi reuti , ;'t : I111111 ill,' i-lir.!l ,il i-niir I'llls l-'nr tti.llil' I cars I Imi .. I 'e siitli-red 111111 li lioin con-tip.ition, which lias tlisarraui;. A trifling deposit mul a small premium note are al- etiiny wnoie s)sieui, nun 1 nave uoi Known nttayd ' p0 required, lo Kuaru aj;amsictiuiuieiicied. 21 .r',H S 05 5.7'J 5.SI 5,'JH .1.y7 0,10 o,:ili OiJ li.'.ltl 7,2l l,77i l.Hi' i.ui! 2,01 2.0: j.OI 20,20 20.S7 2t ,1j 27.'J 2J,lH 2'J,i: :i).:u 'J I.'.IO a 1. 0:1 a.,a7 12 1,10 n,2 1,2,1:1,' UI, l,a.l 8,2.1 2.VJ 0,73 ii1 i,:u' si.-i-i :i7,l S.'! I,a7 8,0- 2 07 :n.2t 10' 1,37 8,112,701 3J.I0 17 i,:h 8,15,2.17 aj,v:i 11, 1,11 8,31 2, US lOJifl iu; 1, in; .oo a.n n'j rn; I,'i3 y,m a,2j i2,yy M' 1.03 y'i0 3.11, 1 1.18 1,73 lll,2'i:3,3S 43.:"J I ,'.12 11,21 3,70 100 !3 51 53) 2 3sil3,77 1.17 I'J.l 50) 2,oiii5,io 1,10, rm.iy 57 2.'.itl 1 03 I. 01 5I,H. 5S: 3,17 I7,'.i iJs'j! 53,21 3.1) 3,12 ly,lli5,10 fil.'iO On: 3,03 20,10! 5,12 53,70 23" .1 K.i l . r-ejintiur, 1 lumps cnvier J. .1.11. Peck, iv Co.... . Alhanv. l'lirhiiHton, Vt. n LOCK KF.YS. Wire ami Cast Hells at 25 j. r. iiaxdall-s. Till! Xetv Ltl'.'lillltl MUTUAL LIFL; IX.SUUAXCU COM PAX Y, llOSTOV, fTAVr. e-talilished an nirenev in Ilurlinaton.t I LT and will urant policies on the rvliim il principle, ui as tavornhle terms as any similar iiisntutioim iu this ...I'litri' i.r I .lO'iatlit. l-'or ihe better seeuritvof the insured, in nilihlion to the amount received lor premium, deposit and policies, this t tiiupany has a guaranty capital 01,, ,,le tall ol w Inch was p-nd 111 and s.ilely nive-teil tit-lure llie niiiiiativ went into oiieraliou.aild the h il nice is liable lo In-called ill win-never the business and cii''encie& o! iheciiiiiniuv shall leinnre it rue oiijecl ot this company sioiurm-:i every nneni- to ni-iKe ii s.irtua'inu 11 -av-.u unruii; ti. nle. lor tin lenetit ol us tiimilv tiller lusiliM-a-e. w it 1 mt ii-iMiis any luoreihan is actn-tliy reti ined to inei 1 the reii nsitt e.peil-.esau.l pav iiie.Hs ot die coiini-im t the e.vpiiulitiu ot eveiy peritiil ot live yeai, each iirinlier iscnlitled lo hive tils depo-!s, or so intu-ll iheieol as reuriris uuapprop'iiiled.crediteil to hini tin iceouut ol his ihiiire ii.einiiuns. He is nl-n entitled lo n-cciie hack, at ihesituie time three'toiilthsof thesur nltisol Ins n emnniis over ami aimve what may tie ' . . 1 .1. . 1:.. ,.1..: ... .1 :. .1... iCUIIl-lie IO lliei l llie iiiiiiiiiiirs "I till- i ii-1 i.i 1 1 j . in inr lienelit ot the income ol winch, he win uj entitle.! t.! lou as he remains a ineiiiher. SCAI.i: OF ANNUAL PAYMENTS, 101. L VCU IRMIULO hOl.l.At-.s. O.i a holicy .nr lor III. w holt 'On a ! jiolie) For For Age lor lie -even till' iwltolt'l veins vear life ' hie For 1 For I -even 01 e l.fCins. year. 10 sii.::.'i 11 1 37 12 13 w 10 1 17 IS 21 20 2 s 2'J 30 a 1 32 3:1 a 1 35 1.11 1.11 1.14 1.5a 1.50 1 01 1 05 1 70 1 71 1 7S 1 S3 ' 1 NS I '.II 1 IH 2 03 2 ll'.l 2 15 2 21 2.2S , 2 31 2 12 2 l'.l 2.5'J 2 00 0 73 $11 7S 30 ;2 7l jl 3 $120 0 72 0 71 37 2 hi 1 13 1 3d 0.71 0 7t) 3i .'.'.'3 I IS 1 32 0.70 0 07 3J 3 01 1 1 53 1 I'j ONI 0 07 At) 1 3 10 I 1.3S I 1.11 osi 0.72 11 3 27 ; 1 oa , 1 51 0 87 o.7s 12 , a i'y 1 os , 1 37 tiyil 0 82 13 3 52 1 73 ' 1 01 O'JJ 085 41 303 , 1 .711 j 1 03 O'Jj OSS 15 3 81 1 87 I 1.17 O.'JS oyi 10 3 Hi 1 '.0 I 171 1 in o.ya 17 I 13 2ti7 1.78 ' 1 (12 0(5 IS 1 31 2 18 1 83 1 ir. oyy ly 1 511 2 ao 1 vi 1 l.l.S 1 01 511 1 71 2 It ! 20S 111 103 51 I.U2 2 5S 2 23 , I 13 1.13 :i 5.15 2.71 ' 2 32 1 15 1 07 53 5 3'J 2.VI 2 15 1 17 1 10 51 5 00 3 17 2 55 1 20 1.10 55 5yl 3 13 2 71 1 21 1 17 50 0 21 3.72 ' 2 I'I ' 1.23 57 0 57 102 3 13 1 23 1.20 53 I1'.I2 131 3 12 12S 121 5'J 7 2S 107 3.70 1.3J 1 22 00 7.05 5 01 1.17 1.31 1.25 '...!... CIIOIM'LKS LOOK IIKItn. CJTIIONCS it CO. have jut received 20 do. La- u nirons siiiw.rtor Aes. toaiiuttictioHi nl 11. l.,..t dniihle lelinitl Cast Stiel, ami wmi anted, which they O 111 f 1 1 1 111. ii i' 1 111. 111 t'lLr. ill 1!? .i.n exit 1 p .imi ,fin,i. 1 Jan. Vi, '47. 20 pi'eiii:xiii:i:Ri:it's.rir.t Bocksof Naw- iL. ral History. :: vols. l.Icnichls ot (, colony, " Ilotany, " lliitoinolnay, " Coiifholoiy, " Ilerpi tolojyatnl Ichlhyolosy, Onuiholoiry, ' laiiiiualoy, " Anatomy aiid Phvsioloirv. Tile above series ol hooks should lie in the T.ihrarv 01 every umiiy. . larL'e supply lor sale Iiv Jan. W. C. (HJODUICH. 17 II ITT IMS I- I II 1. 1) .V To. Have o ilia ml X-.' Iiooine's Snulf.Kir tale at Trov Mice. 3Jvvl BIAVING JUST AKltlVr.D FROM .NEW aa Ytuk, with a lat and ta-hionable asortmem it vVatches, Jewehv and Fiiucv Aiticles, winch lnf oi lers lor sale at vety low purrs, at his .',1'tt Ji' .vr fi Miop, In Strong.' ll-nl hu', I mi.-e streit, directly cpresitc Cole it iloblllsou s Store Th- citiens ol li.irlmtoii an I vicinity are respectful- y in v net! 10 cm tin let inline tu-iroiKts or themselves, ilisiiaoottiueui cou-i-is, tu ji nt, as lollovia . 11 ui-. (told, Ln 'h-h Patent L-teis. Anchor0. Cvlintlers, ant' l.'pmesi er, L.i'ii-h L.veis, Aiiiho.s, C)hnders i.ep.nes a,i.i utitmnoii. tin il I'rncils ,V rcn. (lol.l Lockets. Uinrd Ch tins. K.-vs and Seals. Pnecta eles, Tiiinibles, IJcatls. l!ir Oniiments. Lnamelled tud Willi Slone t-'itiui!-. Held llracclels, Clasjis. ueaiis, t,rot-s, iobau.1 t itt Liiumcs, ana a greai variety 01 lilrtrntit I'inzrr llincs. 1'ms nn.l Ilrooehes, of i'i- hoststv'.-s. Inr Ladies and (,1'iitlcmeii. r-.lver Spectacles Immbles, Pencil iloldnii.t S.lver Tooth-picks, .sdter lititter Kuitis, Willi Milter, or Ivoiv Handles, Si tri'Mtotnts. Warrantetl as 200 I as the Coin. Pearl an I Shell Card Ca-es.Stet'l lltsaud Purse Cla-ps, Steel Heads. Purse Kiui, ttitli bars and tas-sel-. Silter Pl.ttetl and lieriuan Silter .ioons,i;,'rinaii .Silver .s'.iecncles.antl .S'teelTn eeers, Cheap .Sccl Spectacles, Key Kings, and a large usjorliuent nl 1 ,nt'rry, l!o icrs" Knzors, Knifes mid .Vis-ors, Watle and Ilutih er's llanors, warranted, Clt'ipiiuii s Kaor Sirojw, Shaving ioap. Heat's Od, ami I'l'il'mii'TV, Various patterns of .Shell, Horn and Ivory I'onili-, Coral Heads and Necklaces, Cioih, Hat, Hair, and Toolh llriislirs. Music llo.e. Violins, ll.iss Viol nnd Violin i'lrings of llie best quality, Clnnouette Heeds, etc. All kinds of Watches, Clocks, Music-Haxes and Jewelry, Cleaned and lit paired at the shortest Notice. t lid (!old and iS'ilver taken iu cichangj lor goods or tvoik. November 11th, 1SIG 20tl second nnpo-jiion.can he referred t some of the most respectable families 111 the town. All orders fiom a distadce,'iost paid) will be attend ed lo upon the shortest notice. lorsale tv nnlesale anil lieian ny ine 1 roprtriu,. Dr. WIIITCHLU, and by Harrington is Hrother, Al-'etltS. Ilurlington Vt. Sept. 13 lolO. is EARL HOWARD, THE PEOPLES' AGENT, stoiu:. i4ai' AT BURLINGTON, VERMONT, Comprises one of tlie ino-t splendid and general Stocks 1,1 ihs Slaf. AI1 goods bought mid solJ strtcuy tor Cash, an J of couise Cheap. U Ja hii:d Ari'Li:. 1 oQO,") lb., iminn .irrLE. an. 2J. "I by liutb 4: .SOILS. -aw V())Li:x iii.vxL r.u'iAUiEus. a JL large t t.i.itny ot Fleete, Pulled and Broken t oois to.- rnn'. .ilauufactuieiii will find it for their i.iterest to e.til VILAS .S; NOYKS. II. 1 Iiiumi. Jamnry 2Jth 31 " ADAMS HOUSE, 371, H ii,H'. '(iii Strut, Posiom. r AiY. 'P. ADA.IIS having rjs-ned this new I J. and splendid lit tel. leg leave 10 auie the ub lie thin iiiitiimg slui ll In.- wanting In make ii ifjual Id any other ii tue I 111011, mid not second 10 any. NovumVr, IS.O UroG MOTIIIIIl'S P.F,Lli:i- 'I'd MAliRH.I) l.ADILS, the Mother's Kelief, a I ined.cine which soothes ihe disagreeable sensa tion ol Females about to become motheis.and insures a -ate deliiervin all cast s where mal (urination or sonic iiunalural 1 ncimisiances do not iiretent. Tlie reiuitation nt this article, though silent, has become so ctlendeil us to produce an immense demand, A p-iuiphlet tuteuueil only lor ihe e)eoi inose threctly interested nntl their prepared fur gra tuitous diftribution vvheie the Keliel is lorsale. U..VUAti UHIl,IU .V CO.. IliH-hester. N. Y. For sale bv PLCK it SPEAK. the.nithi.riedneents for this nlace and ticiuitt-.who can also supply Dtuggists nt tlie Proprietors Whole sale price. uiioner Jin inia. 1 j 1. AISINS 20 bbls Sun llaisin?, J V 20 J bbls do do k........ i. j, .us , , - . no i in iit.iit, j ,a,MTiiintllieiigtf o 2j, may secure lo lis 1 tlespiiired oleter iigaiuenjojing life jl. a Inend re-! f ' K ,y tht-mml pajiuent of conunende. me lo liy tour I II K whicl, I did, al- '' 1 ' ,, 'r ,;,. 1V11I11I1,,11 ,,.! though, without any conlidence ; the result, I am Inp- , '( ,,m. . e cenls, or the rum of SI (Kill I y py io,l,, you h-is I ,r etceeded my expectations, Uj"J JJJjJu:lj j'ttyuii nt of SI 1,10, an deposit of Ihe cau.-eol iny sullenug is nearly remoted, ami 1 iv. 1 V. i.t im i,t, .n et to Th.. ,,..,,,;,, leelmy, heahliand slrengih .lady .renew c.l..,d lam J" nSms Inmtiniencv'o e Fa nn its' I'ire Insnraiiee. 'IMIi: ST. LAU'ltllN 'll COUNTY MUTUAL INSl'llANCH COMI'ANY.Ch'irtercd by the Legi-I.iture of N V., iu ISJii, (IJfe at Ogleiishingh oil' rs 10 insure on the mutual principle, ul I u lolluvv. IllK 1 ' tllt, s ,,,, I, )'jS. iBivia, uu u pieuilillii hole otitic? sum in-lirt'd lif 1 I iu.rri.lil 21 " Like btlildlUL's us of 1st Class. , ,. cAposi'd in uni htiife, 1J percent 11 .. 1 'irnihoiiscaiindb.iihsiolaleil, ! percenl Hh On u prtiiuuiii hole ol 3! percent 1 m cm houses, und barm sianiling alone nnd cApiiscd only to wood sheds. In.ii, .1 ... 01 . ti fi . i pel ii-oi. J.xamiilet A lariuer mstircs m Class 3. he gives the coiiip.iuy Ins not,. r t.7,0i, u. ,,ays down 82,10, ll III! ll IS PII1I11W...I l.ll ll .. ' J. S 1. ' ;'.:".. "V iriioi,,; inisnoie instnes him Kau- i-ii iii "i l l V,ltJ""r, "''. '". nn,, n wiiil moFtnliiy. Inn the Diie.lo have great CliiiMinii Mi ilia k known to tin world imv ntlwimu m'S tli il ihey tn.iy linw drrKnl hy tirmlfiit or lioiil any ili--u ny tl ihr-ir mwi.ninl Willi 1I1N hL'iiliinriit Hiuiigly iiiiiit iHil on my iniiul, I rt-l triut yrntitica lion 111 Icivim it in inviiourr toi-i'fik 111 ihe hilut tiriM-ot tin nlu:illf iliM.-infiy ynu hat inmie in llie liro liivMion ol yuur IMN. 1 uai iuiliu rd to try them, i rmn th nt('foihi(ti uuiimer in wliu-h ou li;iu rrllwilU'd nil llii MlliJiTt, Ull.l 1 IllU-l ill) 111 M'll llli! liU'iiturt't and )m tlu ju-i u-r to wi v. (hat I had no con irjilmn w KTily 1111 rllecl ouKI Ik arrived nt. My fomplaint IihiIhtu thatol tlu liUiT.I'roin which I df i-pairt'd ol Kttm Irtitrr ; but miiuv inking our I'uts, 1 Dud my yi'iicrnl Jicn Uh , tptrt W and amx-ntcM) inurli iniiufd (hat I to liiid inyMli t-n.ihlid lut'iidurc, w itlmut bodily tutK-rin. ihe dutirsoi an uni imn Vnt fi'Mtioii. In lutim 1 wiIIk ihI to your nir;eiit for inurt ittii . .. i... ....... L.. I ll':. i i ... i l m iii:ii i m. u. it ii ii tjirm luiisiuriuuuii tiuu c , .."'" tins iiuif uiMiirt iiiiii ------- - fur live yi' it is en U i.-I .i-.r mntitudt.! am. Arc than one year dtinitj ihe term, il the lutw-s of the l'loin every wi-tion of ihe riitlre country hnilnrtes Lonipany rcniitc it, uiIumwim it h newr imul Tlw tiuioniaUnit daily received, but our limits loihid fur Secretary and Atjents only art paid, ainl ihat in iiru. llwr cxtrncta. Once Trntu, the (JiuttLMJLiaj Vnu potiion in nie iiu-iih'js hey pcrlurm .,lkJaruw- ure ii linn in .,... .s, ,,,..,. , perboiiin suretl to vote lor the olhceis ol the coiniianv Hy this lusuiaiice. llie insured mi i himself ihe entile prohn which lie would iy loa Hock coinnany Ihe eierieiice ol ihe company is, that it do.!, nit cost llie liirnier over 25 cenls n year lo iii-urp $ uu All upplicaiiona inatle to the agent bv mad. ,.Li ir olherwe'. will ri-cpiif nriiini,, nn.. ' A.F.STONK.yljfrttf. paid, or ollierwiie, will receive prompt niieuiiou 3-w3 . Chorion ILL!, WILL iLl tllsllir. Jtl.L OTIIUr.S, WHOLL.SAI.i: WAKF.HOl'Si:, i'i John meet, New -York. tjr?"In tw n were there is no branch, the Company will appoint one on application by letter, (post paid) or otherwise, tjtf" Persona wishing the Pills sent hy mail, can order lliein. CK.O. S. FF.ItltLS, Ilurlington, (leiiernlAgent for N. Y, 'For ml. Suritwooii's Auclioa ilnniu, wrsi hide Squ.rr. no icies. hv lemu ai i t'tl to t he sums resneit i i i-le insured t thus com i inia lit iucicasiiii! the a mount t.t l ntiid on the death nt the nelson instiled. The policies may be llllltle lor llie Nlitlit. generally of Ihe peron sesiaie, orspectn.-aiiyiorilie ueueui oi tits wile anil c mitireii, iu vi uieii tuner case, iiie.uiii in sured is Is't-ond llie leat ll of Insert' ditnis. Tlie chaiaclcrol ihe President and Directors of the company is a guaranty ot the salety with which a liriii tuav make liruvisiou lor is la hi v . ai ins oe- cca-e, howeter unable he may liecome by failure iu tiu-iness. orotlieiwi-e. to liruvnlelor lliein. Thecoinpany liasn guaiaiiiy capiial tf 9HXI.0.X1 one iih it nt which is pai.i iu nnd invesieii m ine siocks nl'ilie IJinteii Slates. iheStaleof .Massacluislls. the city oiilisitin, no 1 in nolei K'cure.l by bond and ... i ....:.. I I I . :.. M....l.... llloii;ii(;i-ni iniiul uiiiiK-ii-ti ,cui I'Sluti-to .iiii-iui'. sells, wuilhlhrce liiues ihe niiiouul loaned ihercon Tlieieiiiaiuinii halt of ihe uariintv catutal is ha hie to be called for, wlieneter ihe interests of tlie company shall require jl Application iiiiiy lie made to the stibscrilier, who w ill turuish pamphlets cohlauuhg all the paiticulurs. as also iue chatter ami nt -laws ol the company. (ILO. 11. SHAW. Agent HurlingloiiDec. 1. IS 10. 23iufl SIIRAKS.-15 hhds P K Sugars, 20 Isixes llataiuia do 20 bbls Ltlrn Clurified, 3tl do Crushed ilo 40 do (i round tlo 2D limes Loaf Ho Forsalfby Licc.2l,ISI6. rni.HTr Hkimit. Thu, n person at the age ol 25, in order to secure S 100, in hist' imily at his tlecca-e, pa ysanuu-illy during lusliien premiiiin oljl,7l), ainl denosit til 'sO ly, and one at 35, a premium of lyJ.Uiand tlepo-it ot "jO'JO, WILLAKD PHILLIPS, President. Dtrn'hirs. Willard Phillips, James Keatl, Tlios. A. Dexter, Koliert llisiper, F C Lowell, K. 11 Forlirs, William Parson".! leorge 11. Itiilui P. Wninwriglit. Chas. P. Curtis, Win. W, Stone, Otis'l'ults, Applications for insurance receited.anil pamjihlets coiiiiiining lull p-iiticulais as wellas ihe act of tucor miration and by-law s of the eonuinnv, furnished by 1 S.WIKLS, Agent. ilurlington, 1 1. suinrr mox ami tin. C(CaZi' Pinks Hussln Sheet Iron, r 35 ilundleslluglisli do 2) do Am do 15') llovcs ('aiiada Plate, lo do Pentpool do 15 I limes Tin, 2 I.) lbs Zinc, itc. itc. D.-e 21. 1'oLi.tTT t Rradict. Isaac IVanirr AfiA& ARTHUR nn i in vi riv inif mm- siij.pliesolSADDl.lllIY, Coach and Shelf HAKD- all in varieties. Also. Druirs and Mid,. cines, Paints, Oils, Vaiiushes, etc. imrliugtoii, liin. iiliiiib!! lti'itt IMnte l'ur Sale. k iij Till: SubscrilM'r vvi-hing to purchase a lar Jla.l.L rrer farm will dttio-e of the nhicr. ulir linnu. lives, consisting of till v lu-rt-s olc.tcellent lanii,35ocres cleareil.unilergoodcultiue and the reinaiiideriii wood, siiuatetl two hides Ironi thes.uare,.-)nthe road leading in tin- uinuiii oi iue river i iissc ioii given Ihe lirst iiaj oi upm. i or luriin-r particulars cntiuire ol the UUSCIIOl r. , G.T. UL'SSLLL. llarlington, Dec. 1st. 1310 23ml 25) botes Hunch 300 J do do 15J 1 do do Dec. 24, lsiSO. do do do Follltt iS Cr.irr.iT. Ililircsses Irom NVtv-York nnd Iloston lo .Mtiiitieiil. VIUfilL.t KICK'S iVif- Vut k and Monti ral Express. WINTER Anr.AsriEMEST. TIIF. F.XPKIISS WAPONt. for henry freight, leave Ilurlington for New-York, and intermedi ate places, every .Monday morning. The Messenger lor money packages, and lichter ar ticles, w ill leave Ilurlington lor New . Yoik, itc. every Wednesday morning, and every Friday morning icr Mumrt'al- CIinNCYitCOS. Huston and Montreal Express, Will leave Ilurlington for Hoston, and for Montreal, every Frolny moriiing Will It ate Hoston lor flurhngton and Montrrtl, every Tu -"Jay momma; ; and Montreal for Hulling un und lio-ton etery Moinby morning. Package., and orders should Is' lell at the Otlice ihe day jire tious to arntnl ol the L.prefs. IM'TTIIHI'llILn 'Co. Hate on hand a t.-w Uaskt'ts Herd-ieck it Co's Champaign, 1,1'iitiou i.itio no Alo a l-'W Cighth Casks V'urr Juice Port Wine, ' ' Cog Hrandy. 30 Un. witHiiiT, NovRirrulLs TiTs sincere thanks to ihe liihaliiiauts of Ilurlington and Winooski Fulls, for the very hbeial suppoit that 1. U, rt'ciit-il. siliet' Ills eniunipnciiiciit nn.l li...a A Inri'p iiti-intile nf I lllllsellllltl I ll ril i I liro of l,v. hinel ntlelllioll lo ids lillsllless til merit n slinr tf dillerent ilevtintions will be tillered, logether vtiih iheir patronage. He also begs to inloini ihe public, Si..,....nn.l l 11.. lire Hoods. C III en. HlHItS ,l,n, 1... l.a r..isli-pil lb. tnlfsl In Jintns I'.tr ,l. l'.,Tt I iili.ii. .-ti. utiirti u ill likewise be sohl al private. , U'l n.r vilucli ,nnliliM loin tn n,.,.r.l l. ileiia.Maliigii and Muscat Wines, all elected with sale clieapar than can lw purchased any where cue I la.fiion.or tnorder lie wi-jies liiithcr to iulorni hia I"."N1TTIN(1 PINS.Sewing Necdles.uiid Darnin, i v :tct 25 Scedles. warranted the best J. I li.l.ll.L.l.. II An ron si.i: a noon assoktjiiixt op lit Fiitndy (Iniceries, including Molasses, Sugars, Tea-, ColU'eChocolile, PepiR'r, spices, c ,c lie nasni-ii.i oguiie iiranuy, Holland liiu, I ron Jainncn and ll.ision Kiini, Scotch Whiskey, Pott, M .t..,: M..I...... i m ii- ii i . i . ... much care, and he will warrant them as mire ns can lie In nigh I in the Slate. He has also low priced Liipiuis of good quality Tn i t i n Itrepcrs mul ramilii-s wnniingspiriis or wines may depend on finding pute and good arti cles. Deceinlier, IS 10. AUCTION SALES. I. Nil Hit WOOD, Vela Will continue liU Auction Sales on the nliernoons of WHDNFSDAYS AND SATFKDAYS E. r-'ISII-j-ISO Quintal, Cotl Fish, L 10 Tierces Northern Sahnoii, 10 bbls do tin 20 I do do du 20 hbis Mackerel, 15 do do 10 i tlo do 10 j do Connecticut liiver Shad. Dec. Jl. Kourrr A. Puifitr. Hurlingtun, IS 17 ctirM)Tiri:.-co . friends, thai he consnlers him-clfLir more cither to cut or tu make any garment, much superior lo I mil' tilli.T iirofi'i-siir in th.. nn .if'l'nil.tri.t. n, il... l'n1l j N. H. All orders iuiiciiiallynltendcd lo, and eiecu- A 1,1, persons indeble.1 lo llie la.r linn of POTTF.K "i All orders puncum lya .t 11 WI.L V .ne herebv inloruieil nil de bis tad in llie mos npproveil sit It s, due the lit i.i must I paid lo J". C. lUtvicv by ihe l.t I Nuw located where J. Harm due ihe linn must lie paid dav of march net January, IS 17. 31w3 rpoiMCCO 300 llines Tohacco.lrom 5 to'JUcta. JL 15 Hi do. Fine Cut Smoking and Chewing do December-!. Follitt Jf Hkadley. ftOhD PENS. Brown's, Benedict it Pamey'e, t iciona, t.oiigress, c?iuiiii iv i nrunuiaancl liarU & Brother'! it J. V. KASUAI.VS. llarrmiiton fonnerlv carried on business Winooski Falls, Dec. Lh, 1310. PJ0TT0N YARN, WADULXfi &c. 35 J Bales Coiton Yatn.Cord Wndding nnd Wicking. Jan. 2'J. 31 by VILAS ! NOYLS. BROWN SHCETINGS.-Winooski and oth. styles and qualities of Brown Sheeting for alehv Sept. 25, ISIS. VILAS .t NOYUS.

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