Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 26, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 26, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 26, 1847. by their fnrtiilicaiia food.orrold to IhstniU iKnlcls. i This Is the substuncc or nhifost every communication written (mm ll Lni,llri ami t,r.,t.rtl r?r'J 111 if. frOIIl I parts of Donegal an d Anttim, from Longford, Mcuth, ami Lcitrim. , , , At Wick, Thurso, Casilcton nnd other places, food riots had broken out, the object of which wns to prc cnl the shipment of groin. At Wick, the military had to he culled outhetorc the mob was quelled, Mr. () Co.inell is reported to have been very sick nt the lat accounts. The. European Times states that the state of his health pre cuts his lemowil to licland. ins contcssor, l. .vtiley, leu u tuiiii uy express, 10 in tend him in London, where he now remains. His ntnnlnint tq Blnlnl to he water ml the rhest and drni syinthe legs fatal symtoms ever nthis tiincol lile. The number of inquiries dally at Ins hotel is great, and I, I. a-,!,! n u,.,..-!int fr.vii lf:r Itlliee iq mnrill rsl tin. number. trial, insiled that the Hade, having been made, on In Scotland, too, the distress is very severe, and se- Sunday, was so nllcctcd witb illegality, that the plain riuiis riots Ind taken place ill conseqicncc. lill'wasnut entitled to recover. Verdict lor plaintiff: The commercial news the variation in th price exceptions by defendant. A point was now made by of the barrel ol llnur and the pound of c otton is tlu the counsel lor the plnintilT, that it did not appear up fitst ititiiitucii.'e sought for, and is the most important on the bill ofexceptions.that their was in Xew Hanip intilligcnce broujlu by the HeiniT, to bj communica- I shire at the time ol the exchange, any statute, by ted to renleis o.i this side of the water. A dullness which the contiact on Sund-iy was prohibited, and in the grain mantels, wicn succeeded ine uepariure 01 the Cambria on the Ith of l'ebruary.had been bllowej bv a gradual tightening ullhe market, and an increase of price, and the prices of the best qualities ol Amer ican llotir were quoted up to VI shillings a barrel, nl- niougn ill" market was not uuoyam in una puce IWk nnil heel anil lisen lnrelv. no suntilk s ha inT eoiiie ill fiom Ireland, ami the value of In,' i'mincris said to have nrr-asj 1 troni'J to 5 shillings:! tierce, l!io latter 5 to fi pliillingsa barrel since the departure ol the , Cambria. The (mutations of Unbind cotton arc 1-1 to I 1-S penny lower, comjiaring the plice cuirems of the j twoarmals. Our price current ol to-day contains n euiniuiiry oi i:ie iiriiiu in unei icporia, nu ic icici to that for the nelicral details of onces. The state ct the money tnaiket had varied hut I it it Money was abundant, but the rate of interest was asliade higher, and business was active loi tiie stasoii. Am'-tican stocks were held ntudvanced prices, though thcr were but few transactions, and no dipoMliuu was shown to invest in lhoe securities. The British government had contracted a loan of ,)Odf)W. 'Mo notice had been previously given, nnd the biddings took place at the Treasury on the 1st instant. The loan was tikenbythe houses ol II l rmgsand Ilothschilds, in equal "parti, at i'i'J lOjper XIUi,aj)-rccnt. ronsolj. Impui'laiet A !;? rVcivs. advaxcf. or saxta axxa. UKP0RTJ2D DATTM: AT SALTIIiLO. CRITICAL FOSITION or NOUTHCliN FOSTS. .Ilovciiiuiits upon Vcrn Cruz. We are indsbteJ lo tlio courtesy of Jlr. Winslovv nf tlio Sentinel tj- Dvwal for a proof fi'.ip containinjj the following intelligence from the Army, taken from the 'J'olcgrapliio despatcii in tlio Argu.?, received on Wednesday rveninj. That a luttlo lias b-en fought ly seems doubtful, thoiigli'wn presitnio the losses on both sides are greatly exaggerated. It appears to tis simply absurd that Gen. Taylor could have lost '2,000 of his army, of only 5,000 men, anil still have repulsed Santa Anna with an army of "JO.OOO ! That Taylor and his army are in a critical position is unquestionably true. Active preparation were making at the Island of Lobos for the embarkation of the troops for the attack on Vera Cruz, which was expected Intake place about tlu 7t!i of Mirch. Inciting news from that quarter may bo daily expected. Tchprnphir l'trmt of the Allnny Atgus. New Yoik, Monday, Maich '-, r.M The U. .S. schooner Arispe, dipt. West, ar rived at New Orleans on the 13th inst., having left the Ilio Grande on the Gth. Dr. Jervis, of tlio army, came passenger, and brings despatch es from Col. Curtis, who is in command at Cu margo, to the government. Dr. Jervis left Camirgo on the 2d insl., at which date no intelligence Ind been received for several ihys from Gen. Taylor. The Doctor furnished the editors of the Pic ayune with the following memoranda, of events of which ho wis personally cognizant. On the 2(!th February", tho Doctor left Ca margo in the morning for J.lontuiey, under the escort of somo of .Mariliall's company of .Ken tucky volunteers and a detachment "of twenty Wen of the second dragoons. They had not proceeded five miles when they received an or der for tiicir atiim, in consequence of instruc tions received at Caniargo by express from Col. Whiting at Gen. Taylor's heid-qiiarlers. This order directed all trains to ho stopped going forward, as certain information had been received that 1,000 to 5,000 of the enemy's cavalry were in or near China and that C.iidcr ctto was nlic-uilv oectipicd hy tlij.n. Willi Col. Whitings there came al-o Gen. Taylor's orj.-rs dated AJi Xueva calling lor rc-inforcements. At 2 o'clock P. JI., on tho 27tlt, another ex press arrived at Camargo from the Quarter Master Lt Monterey, slating that an express had just arrivvd there from .Saltillo, on tha 23d, bringing information that 'ianta Anna sent a summons ti Gen. Taylor to surrender. "Old Koiighiind Ready'' replied to this, that lie might come and lake him. .Santa Ana staled thnt lie had 20,000 men and that if Gen. Tavlor did nnt surrender, he would cut Mm and his command, to pieces. ! The note concluded by stating that "the e.-1 j.ress whidi c(iarterd.irk last night, s iy.s -Gen. 1 Tavlor was giving the Mc.iram h II. Tins tiny bo considered tho last official com-1 tnuniratiun recMvcd, as nil infor-! fnatioii I us been received through Mexican sourctj. j A note from tliePo-lmastertit Monterey, siu: ' Gen. Taylor ha- l.illcn hack from Agua Nue'v.i 1 'o Kiltillu." J)r. J. thinks it probable that that is 'tile. I Tho Mexicans state that Gen. Taylor lost G I pieces of 1,1111011 ut Ana Nucvj. I A hundred didirent Mexican stories were in rircuJtru.l.iLjlrfcrviH left Camargo, in re ference to a battle then going on iwoan.Ggn, Taylor nnd Santa, Anna. It was raid tho con test had itiieady routinued throe days, with great loss on our side, but much greater on the part of the .Mexicans. Report sajs Haiit.i Anna was repulsed utih a los ol 4,U0Uatid mat lay lor's ln's was 2 0 1. In addition to the nlove, the I'irnynno learns from Dr. Jervis tint a ho.irer of despatches 1 It Camargo for Tiirnpicoiinil sailed for tho mouth f.ftholtio Grande 0:1 the iiist., in tho stea mer McKim. If is feared that all the troops Mould liavn left Tampiro before ho could arrive, which would Is' a most lamentable occutn iiro as that seemed tl.; point fromuJuch Gen. Tavlor e mid except punfuTPini'tit. From all account tliero can ho no doubt tint n battlo lias been fought, und thus far the re iwrts are f.ivorihlo to tlio American tiriiisjlmt it must lie hornein mind that 5000 cannot cope with 20,0000 forever. It ie certain tint Gen. Taylor lias an enemj's rmy both in the front nnd rear, each larger than his own command. Tho wholo valley of the ltio Grande is in a most critical slate. It was greatly fen red at Camargo that a tie- lachmcntoftliolhlr.l Oliio Kegimnit, tinder Co. 1. nnj i, .... 11 1 11 .. i rr I.e. n ionels Morgan nnd Inmg had been cut oil, hy a iiircu 01 men. i.ui. iiiorgan nau iv noev of seven companies at Ser.ilvo. Tim enemy i naid to have occupied Morrin in tho nlternoon if the 23d February on the morning of which day Col, Irving left to join Col. Morgan. Col. Morgan left S'eralvn oil the 2 Uh, having des troyed all tho supplies lie could not carry with liim. It seems prolublo that lie must have encountered the enemy on his route. A train of 120 wagons which left Cninargoon tho 1 6th February with provisions and clothing, is raid If) have been attacked on the 2 Uh near Ramos, and with its entire escort captured. The report was brought by tho mule drivers who escaped. Tn malm soles of boots and shoes water proof, use linseed oil only on tho bottoms and edges of tho soles, and when new ; ary it in genuy oj the fire, and then lay tbf 111 hy in a dry place, it diy or two bcl'orp wearing .Vc 'r. ifTrtin'f itT,sjlrti.Srtt VlUlll NHIUUUUl, Supreme Court. Winner. OotNiv Reported lor the Tree Picss John Adams us. At.nnr.ti Gay Trov er for a horse. It iippcnic'l, that the panics ex changed horses in the State of New Ilamp-hiic, on Smithy, and that the defendant drceied and clelrau. ded the, tilaintill in the trade. Tl in drer ttlifin un, 1I1.1. coverid the Name day, and notice Riven tothc dclend Dnt. and. willnii a irnsnnnliln timn riliii. r.ti.1 ,.nt .... .Sunday, the plniiilili'tendercil back the horse ho had tcceiveil and demanded his own horc. The defend- , nnt refused to unrrr-tlil..! liim Tin. .Inf.....!.,.,. .... ' that Ibis court could not iudieiallv notice the tiici. ihnr there win such a law. Aigumeiit by J. Canvtme and ' J. If. liichurdton lor dclt , and by . T. IIWi- 1 burn, lor pit. I 'ilie Coiltt. Iter IlrDIin.n. J. held thnt mritlr.t-,1 nf. criminal taw and ol nnhec regulation In nih,r Sinim 1 -houl'J not be iudieiallv noticed bv ihU court Hint there is a distinction, in this respect, between laws of I tins character anJ laws lespecting the Inking of depo-1 fcitioii", or the general obligation of contracts J and that in strictness, the law ol New Hainiishlrc. in rcf- erence to contiaclsmade on Sunday, should huve been ' proved in this case ; but the court intimated, that , j p.i'.utu nm ui liu.; uh- uiis.- upiju un it roiwiu, w iui i out uivm? ihc defendant nil omiririitmtv In amrtiil hi ' case. Tha Con rt also held, that the authorities show that n contract mode on Sunday, is 11m to immoral, that an netioii cannot be sustained upon it, e.vccpt so fur ns 1 it is prohibited by express statute ; und that it would I be cxtreni ly dillieult to hold, 011 ncncinl principles, that a contract made on .Sunday is unmoral in ilseif, ! when it is apparent that there are so many dili'erent I nnd conscientious opinions upon the subject, as 111 1 the en oflh- seventh day babtisls, the Human Cath olic, the Q rikcrs, who hold nil davs nhke, and the I.ulh. runs, who hold certain days, as AMi Wedncs d ty and Good Friday, to be more "acred than even the ordinary s.ibbaih. That, therefore, the cuuit could ' not sixain tli"dfcnccun the srouiul thai tlir-pmitmcf 1 was immonil in itself. The Court also intimated, thnt even if it be taken as granted that there was 111 the .State of New Hamp shire, a slated law ol the nature claimed by the de fendant, it was matter of doubt, whether, alter nil, the courts nl tlustnte might to give client lo it in die method claimed ; whether the refusing 0 jutprfcte with com 1 nt-ts, which nie illegal only lis they nre made so by statute, is not, as mere matter ol poliev. aymgthni we will not help a man, il lie has violated our own lawi The Court also held, that th-y were not prepaid! lo say, tint a pal ty may nlw aj s pi'ocecd 111 ihmtni viance of u contract ila gal by -.latute ; but that, in this ic spect, .Sunday contracts may be distinguished from other contracts tainted with illegality ; that all illegal contract when purged ol their illeg.'hiy, become val id , but that a contract iminoiai 111 it-ell, und void far tint, cannot be so purged j that it is .iow 11 hy the au thorities tint a .Sunday contract may be purged of its illegality by n subsi quent ratification ; that they stand then, like promises made by uu infant, which may or may not be nitihed, or like' contracts, within the stat ute ul hands, for th sale of lands, where the price has been pan! and performance Ins been refused ; that, in caoj of a Sunday contract, the partv may demand the properly, ami Ihc refusal to di liver" it is to be treat ed tis un aJltrmanee, nnd that this may be lione by culler parly; that this was the only salutary doctrine, which could be applied toca-.s 01 tins character, und that theretoic the judgment of the court Mow must be alfirmeil. 'Uarkcls. Ilrightmi rilitrlict .Hominy, .March Atin-irkpt.St') Beef Cntile, fi yoki s woiking oven, 15 Cows. an J Calves, I lot) sheep", and li.'.iO Swine About fOolieudo! cattle came over the Western Rail road. liecfCntlie F.vlrn, 5d,75, first qualily tGf, second and tmrd qualities, lrom QjflO to.ri,7j. Working Oten Sales were made at (J53 and 8110 Cows an 1 Calves Sales were noticed at sil.tls and 37.5U. Sheep Sales were not notiled, there being but few made at lime of thisiepoit. Swine At wholesale, 4ic for Sos,and 51 forBar-ro.vs.--At retail, from 51 lo fije i"r lb. N. II Iu consqaence of a vi-ry severe storm, the market is very hard, and a large lol of cattle and sheen remain uusold at tlu close. ISoston Muikct rtliirch ti'i, 1SI7. GK.VIX. Vuty -M percent. The grain market has been very, dull, with nccuniu latmg stocks; no buyers for export, and ihc sales ol corn at the close ol business were made nt 81c pel bushel for white, and b7 iff 8ic per lmsln-1 for yellow mealing, nnd W) ' Uic do, at railroad, for Northern round ; a cargo -IOU0 bushels while and v i-llovv flat wa prev iously sold at Sj rt gic per bash-is, on credit Northern Oais 17c per bushel. The advices t tin steamer nre rather mule favorable lor shipjiers of corn, prices quoted belli, (Ws a 71s pt r -fjel ILs, Uiided theic wash fair.though nnt excited demand for the or tiele : our present tj lotutions correspond to th- saler made previous to dp- Hibeniia's anival , I0U0 bilscon meal have been purchased by the I!eluf CoiniiiilUe for shipnient to Ireland by the ship Jamestown. WOOr,. Until, M per ct. There continues lobe a good demand for American pulled a fleece Wool, nnd oar quoted prices nre h.11) sustained. There is asinall stock of Yv ool in Maiket and Imt htlle is expectec from the couutiy. FnmSi.xonv Fleeces, wavlied - - - -American full blood do. do lit do. do 1-2 dn. do I-lA.coiu do. Hxtrn pulled - - - - 12 ? :') 6 41 :i: s :7 ::) -j 2 2.". .- 6 V 2 :ti w c 2J . 1 17 t 9 12 ii 3 No. 1 do do do do do do do do do Will ice. l'or tlio purpose cf facilitating the tranvic tion of business with tho .Select Men of tin town, they will hold regular meetings ntvth' 0-Ree 1 .li'm X. I'owray, on the 1-t and II Mini lays of cich month, during the vear, at! o'clock A. M. Ti.e bcvoral Surveyors of Ilighvvavs nre re quested to attend to tlio settlement of their ac counts nt the firt ineeling. under this notice, o. the third inonday, (15th of this month.) . . John N. Pomeroy, ) .Selectmen ll,.. -KuiHulJi. (,f II. I). Kr.vry, liurti..-.... ii .March, 1517. :;7vv3 SperinI Notice. rS-Theetr3ordmarvGUAi;Fi:NI!r:iUiy,..S. vvhieh are aeliievuig uuparailed liiiiiupliH 111 various section of this country, nre now mtrouueed into this vicinity. Let every sick person read th- iidvciti'-cmcnt of the Grcnli-ubcig t'oinpaiiy, which will be found 111 another column. 1 or sale at Sherwood s, e-et side Loun House square. Without a regular nnd sufficient digestion, liahh i' out ol'llic iiiifstioti. This is the meat uoiiit to be ob tained. ithout this there is no one organ of the sys tem that can sustain liM'If.nnd no one sense that does not sufler. With it there is tint liteUoni Iroin nil uip nleasa nt sensation, that ehcticilv. that visor and ci fr ay of mind nnd body which makes life u blrsingnnd ill-light 1 lie next question is now can mis ic on tainetl. fur such is the delicate nature of the digestive organs, that tlic least circumstance may infect them llliiavoraiuy. 11 oy a coin, impruueiicc 111 t uiiii, or ti lnnir contiliuanee of coitiveness. vou have lost n cood digestion there is nothing mote nile, certain ami sure thmi r Woods Sarsapanlla and Wild Cherry Hit- ters. a remedy whit 1 for thisverv coiitplaint Insbeen fui1 lob?c4el. ,,,, inMr, (;,ve itone tiialnnd wr do not be it ve V"U will k-cK luittier lor a icimdv For sab- by Feck it Spear. A Surgical Operntion Is occasionally peifornied which astonishes the world, by the skill and quickness wiin vviiicn 11 is per (.. .......I Aniniii. llie lalest discov eiies. is the inhtila. tion of F.lherini vapor which produces insensibility 111 fi, ,.Mi,t find allows the Surceon looiwrate without pnin or trouble, lt therefoic may be elasned among the other grintuiscovericsoi 11111 nge.wmcn nave re. celveil llie patronage 01 uiciumie nirnT oeiiigni til',. ..-nl, nph discoveries as Jttnrn' Curat Unit Iu foiaffre fur producing n beautiful Head ofllnir: nlso, the i f lehrntid Amber Tooth paste, for eflecliially re. moving extraneous sulistnute Iroin the teeth, producing n pearly vvhiieiifssjalHn, ihe celebrated Italian Clieni. ical .Soap, the excellent qualities nl which, ill removing tan, p!inpus,siiniiuiii unu uu oisiigiireinents noni uie SMU.aiC iini-iu.a,.iv. 1 Tin... evi.iaiiiiii iriric ccs loun'l nt Ihe wholesale Agents, Apnthrcuri' Hall, Corn'r of Church nnd College sis UFO. 11. IIAKKlNG'10N,7,p.iifr. COT.US, COUGHS, AND CONSUMPTION. II rigid Indian VcgelaMr 1'ith are a tnoFl dehght tul medicine for carrying oil' a cold .because they expel Iroin the system all moibid nnd corrupt humors, (the cause ofevery kind ol di"case)inso easy nnd natural a manner, that the body is relieved of nil its nuflcrlngs nslf by magic. Four or fue of said Indian Vegeta ble 1'ills, taken every night on going to bed, wilfln n short time remove the most obstinate cold at the satnetime the ditfcsiive organs will be restored to n healthy tone, nnd the blood so completely purilicd, that iiillatiimation of the lung, consumption, or any other form of disease will be absolutely impossible. Uewake or CorxTi nr fi ts. The public are caution ed against the many spurious medicines, which, in or der to deceit care called bv name, similar to Wright's Indian Vegetable Tills. N 13. Counterfeit Pills have been found iu a store ill Si t'o.Nii Stkeet below South, l'liiladelnhia Avoid the Jlruq Slot ts, and purchase only from the, ltlrll'LAR AOU.VIS. I The ONI.V op.imvit. A'ti nrArtvi-. K-ntA.v VlOETAllLE , I I ELS IIA LTIIT Nl'iNATt'REOt WlLt.lAM WRIOIIT WEIT TLN WITH A ri.- o.v the top l.Aur.t. or each nox. Nom hit weit- X. Aonf olhtr is urnuine, unit to comilcrjcit fii ii ronoEnv. lAi-iunt j iu i in; oai ui , f , i o i I'lWIUH , I'TIIIUIC 1 IHS, MIlOll nace fttrcct New- ork FECK Anollicr Letter Iioni Vcunoiit. Nov. ai, 18ID. .Mr, y,. tr f ..I.. SClll . I OWle. . -Ilavinc tested the value of istar.s Ila sani I ..,, . . T . , . , 1 - . .1 ofWild Cherry, 1 take l.leasu.e in giving lo you the tacts 111 my own case, lor your own saiisijciiou and much tiain iu mv side, which vvas considcrablv swol len. I applied to a number of phvsichns but obtained no relict, nnd they told me that if I did not get help immediately my case would be doubtful. It was my good fortune at that critical moment to take up a pa per containing a notice ol Wistnr's Balsam of Wild Cherry, nnd thinking it to be what I needed, sent som ilMaiice to procure a bottle, ns it was not then kept iu our vieituiy, nnd to my nstomshmeut, 1 ic ceivcd from that one bottle immediate relief. 1 now keep it by me constantly, as I find nothing so good for common colds, and do cheerlully recommend it to nil as being nn article of greart mciil, hoping that othcrsinay, by the en rly use of this valuable remedy, be saved liom an untimely grave. JAML'fJ KING Timbiiilge, Change Co., Vt. None genuine, unless signed I. MUTTS on (tic wrapper, l'or sale by Flck & Stear. On Wednesday the S5lh inst. by Rev J. K. Con v eese, Sir. Alhustcs Kimram.,10 Miss Caroline A. oldest daughter of J J Fay, Esq, nil of this place. In VcrgcniKson Tuesday thc22d Ins! in tho Metho- dist Church, Mr. Fkedleic Cl' Mms Frances C. fclOVVELL. In Irnsburg, March Ilcv. Ii, Cos.-, Mr. Aeial K. .Miss SfSA.v 1 IlARVLV.boihof Kiiby. At Wells Kiver,; March 7, by llev. Mr. Thrall, M. Henjamin S Hrvin, ol lrusburg, to Miss Fan.n v Ten RER, of New bury. In Uanville, March 0,by Ucv. Win. M. Mann, M. John G. Sinclir to .Miss Melissa II. Goodwill, both of Danville. In Hardwick, March S, by Hcv. Nathan Denison, Mr. James Griflin, of Hardwick, to Miss Sally Slapp, of Greensboro'. Also by the same, Mr Thomas II. Taiscy, of Groton, to Mis Helen I!!air, of Hardwick. In Dath, Ileb. 20, hy Isaac Patterson, lq ,Mr. Da niel Miss Ladora A. G. Clough. AtFiovidence, I!. I., Nicholas 11. Gardiner, Esq , in his 70th year, to Mrs. Abigail hcrCGih year, being his liftli wife. There wcic present his children, grand-children, andgieatgiaud-childrcd. JJ t c b, In this village on the 2Cth inst. Mr Frnr.iiM Fike, aged Gl years nnd 5 months. Papers in N. H. and .lont pelicr will please copy. In Danville, March 10, John, infant son of Jeremiah II nnd Pelsey Willey,agcd 1 weeks. In Hardwick, Feb. 25. Mr. Jonathan Stevens, in his 33th Jar. He was a soldier cf the revolulion nnda pensioner. In Crnfisbury, Feb. 11, Mr. Joshua Osgood, nged 33. In Wrstfield, Frh.SS.of a quick consumption Mrs. rtachcl M.,wife of .Mr. Ilpbraim Hitchcock, aged 20. AUCTION SALE. UJHifi 11nsn1.DAT SHKRWOODS AUC- 16 TION ROOM, on WEDNESDAY, March 31. 1817, il 1-S Casks Fine Brandy, which cist HfiO per Gal lon in New Yoik. II 1-B Ca'-ks Fort Wine, puteaiticle. 7'tl Boxes Fiug 'I'olmcco, 15 " " " a Ches's Ten, 70 Jars MacoboySniiiT. 101) Do.. Smoking Tobacco, All sales over 8100, at IM tlavs credit, for Approved Faper. Sjletn cniiiiii.-ni-.- nt I o'clock, r. i. liurhngtos .viarrii vj, 13:7 bjwi fij.i&.v ci.ovr.u si::i)s. fl 1). lslXiiV i; to. now foh sm.i: Sua Superior nrtiele of Grass nnj Clover Seeds Farmers wishing a nice article will do well 10 call and look of it bi lore p trehasing M ireh "J'j, Is 17. 3J HATS. Spring 1'notuoii tor 1R17. 1. SIjY.IIOI'II coni:!t or Snio.vos' c. building eppi i-ite Messrs J Sr J. II. Peek f I... ..I. ii..,. .-..ii 1 ....1 t ..r.i... 1.. test fashion, alsoa gicat variety rf mil l. rait iinnvi ui, r.iu,i9 uu,, ut 111c iu- Pyr&A suitable for the season, ol the New York and BvMion manulacture. to which he in vites the nttentioii ol purchasein. llulsmadcto order 0:1 siioi t nolioe. iiiKvfi Burhiigton .March 21, 1317. T'lUiii "s'niTl'imjsi:. liurliDtou Vt. JiV VILAS et NOVES. L'irciimstancts hnvillrr lendered ti.e control of the above premises nccsesary, we would give notice to the public that the Pearl St. House is now open for the accommodation of travellers and others who mayeaii. loc.-iicci 111 oneoi ine picasame-si pails ci our village, nnu .-.iiiaii,hng ns il docs a fine view ol Like Ciiamplam ami i,w -,...y uUut lluilington. think it can si arcely fail to please ihe searcher fir pleasure nnu recieatii.ti, wuiie ni ine same lime it r.t lords those 111,011 business a eouitottabie honie. Mr II. N. Cole tnJ Mr- 11 (!. Mi 11, late of Higticate Springs, will manage the IIuusp ..r us, and to those who lire ncniauitcd with them as CiTirrns, il would beunnrccssaiy to ssy 0 single word in com meiidutioii. 'Sulhee to say tlint riei v thing will be dune to make it agreeable nnd pleasant to all whu may wish to innke it 11 stopping place. Believing that the sale 01 lutuMcating dunks as a beverage to be injurious 10 ih-ni who tar or do not Use them, mid detrimental to the well being of society, as nl-n 111 hoi-tiiuy to the law of the State, and the strongly expressed wishes of 11 majority of the Free men thereof, wii shall neither keep il publicly nor rlaiidettinely to be sold or (Turn nvvay. A suitable carriage will be niovided to take passen gers to nnd Irom the, Steam Boats. All Stages will call at this House-. Wm. R. Vilas, March, 1817 Moiullo Nuvls. WO ItCXT. A (O.wiimKiNT Siioi ji st JL below our store nnd now occupied byj. A. Kins man. I'ossessinn given by tho 15ih April. March -ii. 1SI7 VH.AS & N'OYIIS (i:inn: & keli.ogg, IMrOllTEKS OK CHINA, GLASS, EARTHEN WARE, Looking CJIimcs, Ten Trnjs, Ciraiidnles, I.itinp., rustnrs Ac. !2o5 MY Kit ST1IKKT, Airnrn u. rtir.ct, TKOV.N. V. w KLUXIOU. S COLEMAN'S TROY HOUSE, Troy, J. . milK I'ropiietor tenders his thnnks to the pstrotio of .le'Tte'firm ri CoUmnii and Kogers, and M solicits n continuance offtheir patronage. The House will be in complete order, nnu cnp.ii.ic oi aeeommoditiiiK ubrmt 3011 persons: i vcry fAcrtioii will betnodetifinakc tlieTiuvcllerfeclat lioine. The Cars for Boston, Buffalo nnd Saratoga Sprmz?, ' rww-j VflAS. S. COI.r..MA.V. , 1 liilaitelnlna: '.So (.reenwuli street, jn nl premium for tbe best bood burse, ol ibeN. Y. i and 19d Tremont Sticct Uoston, nnd by i Slate Asncullutnl Fair, several dillereiit leais. the & SFLAKrliuiliiigtou, Vt. lat, at Auburn. Sent 17. lStfi. over imwnrds of fil'tv SIR HENRY. Mi THIS TitonotiGit BRED horse will commence his season, April 1st, 1S17, nnd may be found at the Stable of the I'ropti'- . itr . int.- ' .... ,, .,, , , , ioib, million, Ull- ti Monday, the eecond of May. After that time mi ni juiy ..iti nq win sianu,cacn vvccK, in jiili ox rAi.r.s. At the Stable of S. Ward. r.UKt t.V'ITON At the Stablccf ihc Frank lin Housd, Thursdays, Fridajs and Saturdays. Jloud'ys, 'I'uesd'ys, and Wednesdays. I I.cny g8. Season ftio. liiMirnncctigrceu mi. uraitcc icill be claimed on maics disposed tf vrjare me amc nj jonung. PniMGHEn AND DKSC1UPTI0N. Kill HHNUV was bred bv .rnmi.o nmtmnin. rtn of Long Island. the brcederof Medoc. Midn. Gvn- seyand other Horses, distinguished m the annals of the Turf. He has tjken mole premiums, afier closer tuiu,L-iiiiuii, iuuii uiiy OII1 T klllcriCUl Horse , tin V coinpetitors, admitted to have been the finest show tf horses ever witnessed, even in New York. He isl'jll sixteen bandshigh. and very muscuh.rj weighs eleven hundred and a hnlftn ordinary condition: is ol a bright r.iuui tviw, nv.'i in uti; imiiitw, vr oil llic 'I'lirf-isn t-rinnrl. or.. nnttnr r,nrfl.l,. .i i...i.i... i .1 V,'.'. ,". "in 1 em oy,u iu 1 1 ii e vigor ci i i' rie was Lrot ov ..... (t,c'01micllk,, of'-Am. r;.,, ' I. K"1, ',, 1 i,i,,. ,.,,. m,i i,.i,;im Frosnect. Sir Lovcil nnd Lt. Inliinlrv was imt bv Im ported Lt. Infantry, (a son of Lxsekii KcmIse) i nr. dam imp. old Messenceh, (the sire of the dumof Am. ncLirsL,nnd celebrated nsngelterof trotteis);g. gr. dam Uashaw ; g. g. gr. dam imp. Trite UiunoH, snid to be the sire ef thconginal"Morgih." Imported Lt, Infantry vvas bred by Hichard (;nlitoii,Fsq.,or Clan don ill Surrey, and was got by Eng Lclipse; his dum by Feather; gr. dnm I'li::o C!iu.txs Tl.enbovc iiedigree may be verihed by anyone who desires, by relcrenee to the Fng. Stud liouk, or Am. Turl Kcgisler, both in possession ct the propiictor-i. Sir lltxnv'scolts aie unrivalled for sjiecd, bottom, nnd style olnction,andeo'nmaii'lhicher prices as road sters, in the market'" of Tr '. Aln my nnd New Yoik. Ihnn those of nny other hoise. The following notice of Sir Henry isfiomthe March No. cf the American Agriculturist, edited by A. Ii. Allen. Esq , who is well acquainted with both the horse and hi slock. "Sir, Heney We have received a circular from Messrs Lucius Sandeisnn ,t Co., of West Milton, Vt. informing us that tins line, well bred horse, will stand nt llurhugton the ensuing season. Sir Henry has ta ken several picmiums nt the annual Shows ol the N. Y. Stslc Ag. Soc. Celebrated as the Vermont Horses already arc, we think, if duly patronized, this superb horse will leaven stock behind, which will add still more to their icputntion ns roadsters." Air Hi.ilrrn tt I n mKriilnri. TV V n'l VnpriPiiPPil nnd obliging gioom.who litis taken caie ol Sir Henry lor several vears, win nave cnarge iniim ims acason. Gcod pastuiagc will be provided lor marca fiom n distance, but the proprietors vv ill not be icspor.s.ble for nccidems or cscmes Ueler to Mnlilon Cottnll, Iq cf Montpcli.-r, Kd ward Loiirr, Esq Cambridge, N Y., Wm. T. Forter, lq Llilitor of the Spirit olth" Times, New YorkCity, Cliarles Lvcrcst, A'ergenncs Vt. LUCIUS SANDERSON .'c Co. N. II. A printed ciicular containing Sir Henry's pedigree and detenption morent l"'gth, with an ac count of hisstoek, and ccitilicales ol their character, and the prices ranging fiom $'20Uto SI00D nt which numbers ol them have been sold, may b? had by cal ling on the proprietors or addressing them past paidax IJurlington. jyOTICC. Stu wonts visi n.vo Uovrov.AXD ll nil others iu want of good leady-inade cloilur.g, arc invited to examine the LMEN8E STOCK CENTLEMCN'S 62 fttrrHftEL b AT Simmons & Cos ONE PHICR CLOTHING DEPOT ! ItiJo from recent Iiiiporlntion.s.ninl tlio best stlo of .Viiici ic.'iii ; ininvfuctiui'S coti sisiinj 01 -iv r a r.vr.T or wittcii are 500 Surtouts SStoSt COO Over Sacks, 3 10 It; .WO Siberian nd Cod- - ington Sack", fito 15, 300 Blanket Sacks it Sur-I touls. 5 lo ll. Frocks 3 to 0 000 Drciis Coats, 65 to 18 Vrock do - 19 501)0 p'rs Fatus, 1 50 to C -lOflO Vests, 50c too C00O Shirts, 50c to 2 50 iOOOprs Draw'rs 37c tol 50 WOO Under Shiilv.37tol 50 iCH) fine Clo'.li Clonks, 100 Pilot do do S 75 to 1C SuOO Tweed crocks and Sacks, . 2 to 8 500 reltmg Sacks nnd Sur- 7 to SO louts, o to n ojuu ii:s. ovcrn.'s r -r clox 200 Salt. Sicks mid 4 51 to 5 ij HOYS' .1 ACK ITS, 1' VVTfJ, Vr.STS.bACKS AM SlltTOU'i'S. In large quantities, nnd of every kind with un eud h is variety of RICH FL'RNl.-liING GOOL3 AND CHEAP WEARING APPAREL! ALL OF WHICH WILL BE SOLD BY THE PACKAGE OR AT RETAIL AT U.NUSUALLY LOW PRICES ! As we mut clear nut our winter stock to make room for Spring .Mnmit ietuies, nnd Importation.', now daily received.vcnrc prepared to exhibit a better and larger assortment of , . 1 ' Ready Made Clothing ! nd at 1,-iwer Pnircsthnn em be fiund nt nny es tablishment 111 thin city Clothe, Cnesimens nnd Vesting, bv th" package or at retail finr nieiusincde to order, in 1'ie uioctlnt-iiiu'i-nble mannir, woik.sivlennd lit 1. .1 ' sjrnVBfd lVak-s 111 f kuhnig v'v.ll find 11 lori'.eir ml. un to cnnu'ie ti i-i st.-.-k, f ...iiemnkin'iK r s .he:.!' n vve vv i! give the:.i BARGAINS. JOHN SIMMONS AND COMPANY iius ro: . OTm3 vJIOI,!:KAM: JUarilwareSJsiiililisIum'iif VARRENS, HAHT ic LESLIE, TROY, X. 1 . pon THE SPRING TRADE, To fiiuilry Srnlrrs. WIIE U.NDEIMGNI'U II VVE TAKEN ii tlictvvo t-'ia.'ii. : Siou-H .C3 tlnnd-i3, on tbe Wet side of liner otrc.t, l-.y,Inv ui,i,!eiv the Man-i'ni lloiife an I T.oy House, a lew doois ,1... 11 n. 1 1. ii , li-uio fll.l , . ill- I I r,llu, . n f,.," . u i.,.,'.. ii,.;ri.,m,,i.,i,II.,.,iUi 'fl,.., I.,.--,. ..,.. on hand a large stock, and nre constantly receiving, every Hardware, which will be oireied Kuril Mint. American, I)iu;li;h, Genua n, iiussinn, Steel Can.leverv shar) Amer. & tViinna. IrOll. 'r-I,inti. Vn it J Wt nnr-tif Wli ...1.1. I fx, American. ( Horse. Together wit Ii all thanes of Nutt. Scroll, and Stake Iron (be"t finality), Hound nnd Square Iron, (ail Mies) llorse-nail rods, (nil descriptions) j Coil Chain (prov ed), Ihiglish and American Yici.s. lluiden's lloat ft Ship Spikes, and lloie Shoes (at l'nctury prices); Wrought nn.l maleable Iron-Ware of nil deccriptioun; ei t IUii.-inn, (I.C. lion (all bizes) s.,,rrl llnshshrin I. X. Viiu j Brass ,r"" Am. r lUtnis. Steel " Tiiiiuf'ii's ;iioiI. W H &. l..,nri'ngeiits for the sileol ruinieti s tt.ow: nneei mass, v, liar, and Sheet l.eau, unu i.cou pipe. rumps, ol tlie iiioni npproveii pattenischovel imm me Vc ,ve, ioiupiiMiiy n very nrpe nnu genem! ns- sortincnt of I'anry and lUnvy HurdwaieMiiird to the Tinde. U AJtllUNS.liAKTiVz I.HSl.KV, ei5u oi me .vuvii aim rieugc, oj:ni -i uun -ij iviver ci,iroy,.. HOOTS atul skioe:m. j LIENS' CALF AM) COWHIDE. ALSO J i'H I'urwrll's Slips. ulhhijr Shoes, Buskins und Gaiter e.Lliuuieii s Mioes, ie. CATI.I.N' ct SIT.AIl. Durlinston, Maich 10, IS 17. a7wl TittPls, let Meat :5 J V IJ AMUALI.'S iuc unu if uui, iu iiiij leceneujiieviucs nutiieious couniypremiuins, the ?5CV Hies, 1 uiiiii.iiu .iio ,M" ill llie Ul IllillllllllCIUierP; ,.t,.r,, ..j nmis iik iii.'ie-eiia ll oucil Klie 1 1 II 01 "1 i-.""".'. mi. e uiiii r-lll IC?, 11 l lueir SV mil Hoe it Cn's und oilier .Mill, Ganif, Circular and X J interest, and lunjius said court to hemsc him Iiim-II ! toln. eauses, cure, nnd means ni prevention i-o.u-eutsaws ; Coach, Saddhi's and lluiness timiminas. "II Ins fiid ward's interest in said lands, iuchidiiii; mid 1 "'" 1,1 SntRerv, ns fiacturcs, dislocati.n, Se ; 1',1,'s of various iiinniifacture and ol tn-.t ntm ! m-. A i. . leveisinn of dower, for tbe rturnosc nfuri.Min.1. n.,r. ..... 1 llie management and l)isenfs nf Wrii,i..ii nn.t flni. pURSE & Bad Silk or Twist, akd most & kinds ol Furse and Gag mnteiialj j Ileeds, Kriu qcs, King3, Tassels, &c. e'io. Agate and Carmco Pins, Girandoles and Fnrlor LaniM, nnJ other i'noilsjut received. DIUNSMAID ek nnOTHCRS. (PLOVER SEED. A rnnin lot of Clovcii J Seedforssleby P. ft II. II. DOOLITTLE. March 23, ISI7. 3'Jvv-3 V'nrrcn .llurrn y's l-lslnte, WF. ihesuhcribcrs, having been appointed by tbe Honorable the Froliate Court for the District of Chittenden. Commissioners toreceivc, rxatninc nnd adjust the claims end demands of nil persons against tho estate of Warren Murray, late ol nuihnglon, hi said District, det eased, represented iiivolveiit,und nlso all claims and demands exhibited iu oh"et thereto j and six mouths from the day of the ilnto hereof, being allowed by said Court for that purpose, we do their, foie hereby given notice, that wc will attend to the business of t.ur appointment, at the dwelling of .Mis. lietsey .Murray in llurliugton. in raid district, 011 the i rr ,SS,E"r " Dated, this IO1I1 day of March A. M. ISli 33vv.1 W1L IAM R MEURKLL. Cw"-- j UA'ITED STATES ARMY. RECRUITINO iSERVICu. WANTED for the UNITED STATES AIIMY. ABLE BODIED .MEN,. between the ngesol 18 and 35 wars, beiinz above 5 feet 3 inches hlfdi.of gnod Character, and of respectable standing nmcng their fellow-citizens. None need apply to enter the service, but thoc whonie determined toseive honest ly and faithfully, the period ol their enlistment, viz : " duiine the tear" with Mexico, or for the term of fivcycars,ui ihe recruit may elect. ,Pay of Artil I lery and In i fnntrv Sol- Tliii trthlc shoes thr nia'nf diets and, of of vau which enlisted oof- DaAoooxs f liitr, accoidwg to theirl Utrr.EMEK 1 rcrprcttrc tirades, arc en- wliens'rviig tilted to receive. on foct. I To the Seigeant Major. Uuaitciniaster Serceant I I 1 j I I I 201 ltr'0 17S0-1 0J0 ' Chief Musician and Chief. Ilugiar, each To the firt Sergeant of a Company Ordnance Sergeants , . . All other Sergeants, each . Corpoirds Ilugiar? . Musicians Funieis and lilacksmitlis . Aitiliccrs Frivatc9 . : 1B21 OOD 10 102 9CJ aiciiosa I ! 15G1 740 13 IS1"' 750 11)3 510,10 l'0 CU0 So, 190 9 lbS 510 9fl' 490 I hi I3J CfiO II 1331 CCO i lb 132 C50' . j I 1 n" c SI .t-illl H lit,' .141, A bounty of TWELVES DOLLARS will be piid to each recruit enlisted for the ArlilUryor Infantry I arm Auxiliam Stations Veriremies Vt. Middlcbuiy Vt. St Albans. Vt. Tflowan'-:. Five DiFrrnnxT kin'ds of ii Mclodians round nnd fiat keyed., sold by URINSMA1D BROTHERS. l-Oll SALE. A SIXONI) HAND OXn IIORSK WAROXS '.-A1 T. .m,,l t,f,n.l Sl.. K.,,l,U- , !., .,. eonUitiou. 1 tinners produce received 111 pavinm. 1 " ' .""f 'K"i" S S SKINNER. ! March 13, 1517. 3av,3 Tnimnu Itoorts' Kstiiir. SIAI1.U1 ii,u.iu.i,( A 1 a i rouatc wourt r-lALa, District oHj.aittenaen, ns. S t. holilen nt liuthni! ton. within and for the District aforesaid on the SCtT day ofFebruary, A. D. 1817,an instrument purporting lobe the last will and testament of Truiiisn Roberts, lute ol Burlington, in said District deceied, wiu pre sented to ihe Court here for Probate, by Hcbecca Rob erts, one of the dcvi-ees, therein named. I nniiEFOUE it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be given 10 un peisous e-oiiccnieii iiiereiii u. u)pear oeiore sa u court. at a session thcreol to b? 10 den at the Ueirister s olhce in said Burlington nn the second Wednesday m April, A. D. 1317, and contest the probate of said will, and it is further ordered that this order be published three weeks successively in the Burlington Free Press a newspaper printed at Burlington, iu this State, the last of winch publications to be pievious to the day as signed, as aforesaid for hearing. - - Given under my hand at the Register's OfHcc.this SGth day ofFebruary A. D. 1817. 3aw3 W.M. WESTON, Register. I'ctilioti lo Sell I.nml STATU Ol VLIl.MONT T, I AT a Probate Court District of Cliittenden. 6.s! ss. j helil nt Hurliiigto't within and for s-iid districi ol Chittenden on the 10th tiav oi.viarcu, iau, present tne lion. Uhailes liussell, Jud;e of said Couit, coues lienaniin l-'airchild, of Milton, in said district, guardian of the estate of James Alne-r, Jane Ann Alir.-r. Julia Aluer. and Betsev II Alier.all of bhcrmaii, in tlie State- of Miehie-an.who arei.iiiiorchddrcnof Amanda Alger, deceived, nnd ines in saiu couu rns pennon in writina, scumc torih t int 111.. Kilt, .nmra Jnn. Ann I..II. -n.l !!... ! nre sedd in their own nSht in tee, a, teniius in com-' iiion.ut the followmij described parcel ol land, situate ihe toiiiityofrrankhn.vh: nbout four- teen acres and ten lods of lanJ, being the same land set outto tnem bv the coinnnssioneis of partition ati. pi'inicd by said I'robnte Court, ns tin ir thare of the estate ol I'hihp Wheeler, lr.te ofsaid Milton deceafed j and that ihey are nKo seized in their own right in tee as tenants iu common oi one undivided seventh pan of two parcels ot landsituaie.l in said Millan.ucinsali the Inncl net out to lianmih 1 Inuleivun. former widow ol the said I hihp heeler, deeessed, ns her dower in his leal estate, vvhieh last two parcels of land arc sub- jeet to the Said Hnmiuh Henderson's life estate therein, und further selline forth that a sale of several par- iif.'ei ,l lull I l illllil His, I.1F Ihn inlr... . I r.l ik. I t . . Jane An.i, Julia, und Betsey ti. by havinj; the pro- i a t ' i ij " ;urniul '-ia jauii'B, n niBUI rjueil .uiu iiie-ie'u in oilier lanes, or put at 111- 1-ie.i. n.i.l piajing said court to grant him license and authority to sell thoMm, agreeably to the Statute in fcueh t-afce made and provided; Wheucvpon, ihe couit nloresaiddoth appoint Ihe second Wednesday in April, ItllT, for hearing and deeidmi,' on Mid netition. i -it toe Ih. e ol ihe K'vuucr ol said court, in mid I iuifc.on, und dotti uider 1'iat nil persons interested be iie.ii.ieii iiie'reoi, oy puoiicuis.u oi inib oraer, contain ing ihe lubfetnuce otKaid iietition, three weeks siiecfs sively iu the l,uiitii!toii i'ree i'ress n uev.snnper n lilt ed i.isaid liiir'ilicton.the last of which publicnttnus to be previous tu the fra.d becor.d Wednesday iu April, Givn un ler my hand at said Darlington, this 10th ihyol March, IS 17. MwJ W.M. WCS'I'OX, Hegisler. I'ctition lo Sell I.luul. STATE OI' VllRMON'T,) AT a Session of the li-i,l.:t u Chiitenden, m. j l'robate Couit held at llu.liiirfto'i wiihin As-furjiuid district cf Chittenden, on the Huh day ol March, 1817. femes llennmiii 11cm n 1 ol Chatiiill,- ill said d.stnct tniauliHii nl il, cinu .,l Mim h .inn .H , l.nrm 1. il... 111... T l. .. j Sarah Ann Gilleit, iana l,,iie-it nml Win Jeiuithnii I iifiirit. r-l,,i,lr'.n f s.i.,1. fj.ii... f " .! ..1 e-tl ft 11,1 Vv ii, .1, i.i.i mi, minor rhildren of Sheldon Gillett. of M Charloiie. nnd 111. s in t-ud couu Ins Kiiuon 'in writ- luK.lms.'oiih.hat Ins said wards,i.ed in tlu' r , let, faie of s..i,l Cliailotte,deceused. cvceiHuur tivi.-.n I acres ibereol which has been set oil to the widow ol iiM .1 ileeeasiet nsu partol her dower 111 his real cHate.i i .1 ... ri i i- . ,i nndnlso eveftith, been sold by the executor ol the last will cf the paid ileceaseu miner an oruerot sam prubute couu: nnd that his said wards are al feiied of thri'e iiinlnided luilh putts of two and one halt acus ol the wood Jul of the said deeensed, Ijingin sjid Clnilotie, Unii; all iff said wood lut except two nnd one half ncres thereof which has u'so been set out tn the widow of tb .aid deceased ns a futt'uer portion uf her dower in his estate: And thai eaid wards nie also seized in their nivn liithtiii lee of three undivided tenth pans ef the reversion of dower in a nd lauds so wt mn ir, il,.. widow of the Mid Jonathan Giilitt deceased j that a i..ile of oil Ins said ward's interest lntaid lands inrln.lmr, mii'i ie-iciMuii vi uuiie-r, uouui coiuiuce lo Ulelr lxt oi) ' iu''uuuie- in rm-u e-an: inane aiut provnleu - lieieuiwjn, the court aforesaid doth npioini the first I W ednesJay in April, IS 17, fur h.-aiuiL' and decidini; , ul' p" iw-unou, m ine tuiu-o in me lieuister ol Niut , , in iiuiuuguiji, un unm oruer inai an persons interested he notilieil ih rcol tiy publication of this or der, containing the subMnnce ft said petition, three weeks MicccMively in tlie Biiihngti.n I'ree l'rees n newtpnper pnntid in said Burlington, the Ian ol which publications to be previous to stud first Wed- lirr..i.iy ill ipill, i Givin under my hand this 10th dly of March. 1SI7 a-iwa W,M WUSl'o.N', Regilter Wmitt'it lo INircliatse. 4 "uKd,',,ii,i8l7ar"- wy ,0 "'" on;"- And further, n bounty of 100 Acres of Land, or rnIB PT. TS ARIJ FOR SALI2 Is 1 r. fjto.) in Scrip ut O pr cent interest, redeeina It- til rilll.LIPS, town Fouit, N. J , and FECK tne pleasure of the Oovctnment, will be given nil Sol- & SFl'.AIl, Agenis Burlington, diers w ho serv c their l-niis Honestlv and 1- auhfa.iy. , A ,wa conral,rmg imp0i tant information in rela ., ln . J n ', ', t-.1 J.' A'!- t'"i to these varieties, chiefly entraps (rem the Mag- HcDtl Quar e,s, Huilington, I (. hccruttii.s tnr. n,lt. of Horticnltuie, Horticulturist, and other pe rioJ- FOR SALE. I B n Ja ValvaiIlk TAVERN CkwSs? il STAND, With SB acres of ffWIi'Tt "iTlTf vs7 lond nnd (rood frnit, about two Vffl f miles Sooth of IMrlm.ton Vil- MifiiSB 51 lage, on the Shclbartie Rond tjzaiilA-Mi CiUcd the Gee ploce. Inquitc -ga.inm.jw'' cf D, A. Moody Conner, on tlie premisi. Hurlington,Mnrch, 17, 1317. S. WICKES, 227 liiur Street, Troy, opposite tha Trntj IIouic, Wholesale Druggist AKD DEALER t Drugs mill Medicines, Paints, Ollt., Iycs, Chcinicnls, Varnishes, eVc , rUT'EHS ti iUnnrinxis MAKlMi I j Spring purchases n complete assortment of goods j in the Drugliue. vliich he wnrrnntito be ol the flat S?ah '-est maiket prices. . . .--,:, 1 All iirtiA vrs. .il evirvA' Tl .Ft.s OTI1I.RS Vl'-'ling the,; . hetairehe of goods, are invited toca Troy. March 15, 13.7 3''l- 1 DAGUERhEOTYPE MINIATURES, nt $1,50. SUPERIOR to any ever produced tn lliis placf . nnd cs good as can be had in nny other. There is, about the matter Ladies and (Jentlemcn arc invited lo call end exam ine specimens and judge forlheui'",Kes. llooms opened 111 the Thomas IIlildixo for a short tune. Burlington, Mnrch 17,151 T. M. FAUKER. Sivvlt UASHHLIuV, iMCHOLSci CO. B.-i Kiiby Stri'Ct, Ho-iou, TNVITe". liu Mtention ol COUNTRY M F. R- 1 CHANTS to C CJIIlpl-.i3 LaSOlilli'.lt of i'if.AC, IWGLI.itl, Gil UMAX AM) suited to the wants of the coming season. MerchatiH ol thif vicinity arc assured that whatever advantages the Boston Market possesses over olhei3 lliny ueioauuni mis esinoiisiimeiii. A. S. WASHBURN, F. K.NICHOLS, I.C SMITH, S. B. SCOTT. March lib. 1347. 33m'J STRAVi'RERRIKS IX SUCCESSION i-ro,n stnv; to October, from (bur Viinetlcs, ' ' 'in. ri ii,-. !,....', v.. h,-... ';, r. " ,a,; lleJ n,fr .;:,JarS's Sad- ling Alpins. ica.". H lutni'lieij gratuitously wiin me piiinra soi'i ' A'so, nt wholesale and retail, Bud, Field, Flower I and G ndcnSfcJs. 33w 6 i 10IISUS WASTED. 1 mini suHsciunnit will p.w cash ron I 1 a few good HORSES suiinbl,: for I.ivvry Stuhlo.or ijlajin; ' dsiircrcd nlmy Stables in Burlington. 1 ' c ceivveii March 15,1317 AO Turntn roi LI A I I Itf U I IlLunlllLO llrvLL) Corner tif Church nnd Cullcje Ut. liurlinglun. GllO. F. llARRINfiTON, PnOFlllCTOF.. 'T7IIOLKSALJJ AND liKTAIL DL'ALCR 3y in Drugs, Chrinicnls, Oi!s, Cnniphciic, Dyc stilU's I.iiiuois, tic, eVc.,..c. ALhtO General dealer in Patct, Uotamc and Tiiomso- MAN ItEMri.lFS. j ror sr.P 0f JEWXrr's. Coiistock's. nnd Sucr.- man's Medicines, ns alsa fhr ai the nonular Patent popular 1 nient Medicines of the dav. Sole Agent for the sale of Thomson's Utlhixi. ScrionTin und Gali's Ultra NATon, Ailordeisn,ldres,cd us will meet with prompt at- ention.becarefully packed nnd warran.ed,!l,av4 the lention larf!t ond b"st n.sottej stock to be ftttind Ehort oi Xew Voik. purchnsfil cxclusivdy for we are enabled to make large discounts fium tl-e cubtomary prices. "Harrington's lUiilJins" P. S. Dr. B. J. HhiNF ULnn will be in nttendonce on Salurciay'sanJWt-dnesdny'alrfm 10 A. M.t till 1 o' clock r.M-, at Aputheenns Iloll, comer ofChurcli and College btrects, when thooc who with tocoiiMiU hhn si.ouhl cali, 37tt POTASH KETTLES. STV,Y0 LAIIG13 I'OTASH KETTLIX for ii- sale by GEO. rETi:itSO.. lluilington, March 0, ten 'J7vv3 BL'IJLIXGTOX AGRICULTURAL WARE-HOUSE wn iit'iivTiiiri A.lll .vl.l.llMlll.l, UK SUIiSCHIHEHS HAVE TAKEN THK J3 Thomas Still on Cohere ureet two doots ! IJit of the I'ree l'uMOfli.-.nudol e-r to the 1'amiers of Chittenden, and the ailjoiuinu counties, a ncneral assortment of Agricultural Itnpleineiitk, constinj;ot l'routy and Meats' Centre-draft Ploughs. KuRules, Notirse nnd Mason's do " " " cjubtod ilo Cultivators, Sraw cutters, Kendalls Cvlmder Churns. i Com s'.-.tlleis. Seed planters. Hush pullers, Garden i Tools. Kruit Trees, Grape Vines. Goo-rfberry Hushes, Garden nnd Flower Seeds ol r.ll kimls. They have made nrranneiiients fir obtaining Fru.t I T- . . i I . . . . . 1 I irccd.Ditae eevoui anei-e5 nj appies, peurs, puim, Cheiries, peacltes. .1 ' fiom the Aiaanv and Boston uiBciiv't,. u iilll- ti lui-v uiii tmppiy tituenf o.l a.loll notice and nt reasoiiuble pn -cs They are also Afi'-n s lor ihe A1! any C iltivator, ihe Agriculturist, il.e Uorueuliiirist.ilie lwtim t ui i ator, und tlie Neiv- ork 1 urui.-r and Meehniiic. They have on liaiid Giap- Vines, vvell moled, of the following variifties, which ait in cemihlioti to be tiani, planlcd ttiis Spring vi : habelh, MilleiV Uurgundy, Vilute Sweet Watnr und I.jmau Grapes, all e. vvlueii wetc laisd m Uur hngtoti, and are, of coui.e.vvt'M neehnified I Sil.VlTUCK &. Co Ilurliiifelon, Mnrch 10 lsl' 3Ttl CIIANDliEirS (JHA.MMAU. 0166 A.Vevv; Gi'itniliml' of tlie Ihi'li.h Lnnimiro, 11V ,'Ojr.l'Jl It. i ItAMII-ERi rsq , .'lifer rf the l ulled S:atcs Gazette. I'niCC :i-cia. Tins Vo:ix is n.,w in the h ..) Js of ihe rtercotyper, andwi.l beisMied iy die S.ibvnlx'is ri the nionili of April nexr ll is a pt ml, I i.n..iar, bin thoiough ev tii,4tfinii nl' tn.rliHli 1 i.nintiiur. n. tn flu ,.i..u.,t, ' , r., ,'-...". .......... ... .., JT. . .,. L L' ..,TS. ', . w T? t oiuiitioii .f our laii-.mge, nnd to Ihe vvnnis nl the , Sl1', "! !!'.',KC,'h' !'f' u'r 'i',',1,?1"'"' i , "" '", ''''"'' " k at 11 hf " la "''"f1,"?1 "' '.'. , V" .ni" "W" 1 ,! " "tL , """" oc" suneti that it may be lo Ik- u n.mdard wo.k in Vi ... i .,... k i iL. .. ..... i.. i:.7i ' department, to be of i uuiieiu service to the cause ot education, aim 10 icticci Honor en the ichcol htera lure ol Anienca. THOMAS. COWri'.r.THWAIT.V Co. l'iilihhirs Sr llookK'lleis, C53 Maiket Street, Philadelphia. rebruary 19, 1S17. :i7wl EWELIS MEDICAL CO.Ml'AMO.V. Tl'.NTII HDITION. T. (' .V f'll. Will alio ll'lllll'lll lhU mlln. T,i- MrntCAi. t nitrAMiiN, or l aimly I'iivmciiiii tieaiine tut-n. .v uiici!sjiory inrpit p.irmg i ninny .v.eilieiiKs, "nd a Gtossuty eplaimnKtiiliuieal terms. To which I "re added, n brief Anatomy and l'h) hoIorj' ef the iiuuinii iiouy, siiowuu:, on ruuo.iai principles, the .skhi un Hi tfin or the art ot preserving Healih wnhouithe aid of Me dicine an Amrtiean Matern Medics, pointinji out the virtues and doses of nur Medical 1'l ints. Also the Nurse's Guide. By James Uv.rU, I'hisicinn m Washington, formerly cf Savannah, The Ten h IJditiou, revised, enlarcrd, nnd very considerably im proved ; embraune s Treatise on Hydropathy, Ho ma?oivilhy, nnd the Chronoihenual System. t"S" Booksellers, nnd others purchasmi; Books, arc invited to call and examine our Stock before purchas ing elsewhie they will find it more extensive ihsn iht of any othr eitublishmem in theCmntrv, snd mc wiol i the lowcn piicft.. T C 4c Co NOTICE. A LI. l'KRSO.VS ItvDF.DTF.D TO THK TMkf of L L. STONE, In l of Burlington. doeewieJ. areinvitedtocnll nnd c;tt!e' before the 15th of April next. All book accounts nnd notes not closed befo.t.' that thne.willbo collected iminediatelr therester. I, B CIHTTBNDEN, Adminiitrator. . Burlington. March 15, 1S47. 33? -..u,,,,;.,,, Window Sash. ..HtSM I A FULL sirppfv cf WlnW JTl. riishofall5iw1,viiH-;pt onttaiitly o'l hand, nil I tor al by (3KO rETriltaON. Ilurlliigton, March 0, W-, ' 37v?f irV.lteMfr, .M.i-f farm ron sali: il. 77"" 'ri'ti Sttbcrihcr ofTers for salr a farm" Contnitilni about U" acre?, a krge portion tf .vhldi ij good plai'i lilllll I1I1U Oil wine ti 11 eoiinoi wmi; uuui;. ,, i: f .t. r. 1.. ,..i,t Hint! nnd 0:1 wmco sj a comioriaoie uouse, vvuounwu-'.. J - " 8 Male d vW.bKone miloo 11 : 1.: 11 f P.,11, M1 .fu.I.l.:i II1' JUMjl-i illlll(j"V( lllk.Wt A Mill nucii Miiiiiv-.- occoininodulititf lenup .... Milton, Mnrch, IStli, 1I7. I'nll Tuclorv nt WtiiotisU City. , I HAVi: ADC ARnAXfiEMEXTSWlTH i Mr. Thntchei, to have the entire ss'i of; Fulls nnd Tubs made nt his Factory at Vin6oski City I shall have a full supply of Fails nt nil tirrjil. if n.J, Store, at S'2,50 per doz Cheese nnd ssh Tubs c, all sues kept constantly on Burlington, Mnrch V.WJ- 37 wfi. VnV York asu Boston Boot aki i 1 SHOE STORE The subtcriberhavii tf ,.mh.iI. ,mw eunnlv tf Hcots ftild Shoes fll his store, on Church street, would respectfclly cslltiw attention of the public to the Ullowini stock Laoik', Boots and Snots,! " Water proof Boourttn l ' Oaitcr U'lots.ot every' tiescliplion, " FrBuskins.lateftstjle " Kid " do " I'runelia" do " Half Gaiters. " 1 rench Slippers, " English Kid do. " French Satin Supptrs. all eoloij, " G.ddBio-.iicJ do " Hcuc do " Stout Boots i. Buskins, " Shnped Rubbers, " Figured and plain do Miise!? iV.s and Shoes,' " GBiler Boots, " rrGaiters,betq'.talii " " Buskin', " Prunella Slippera, all " Titie French Calf do " do do do sew -tX " do do Brogans, " Morocco do " Stnit Calf and Kl? Hioes, " Cloih Goiters buttoned " Frumlla dancing Gal- trra " D.nieirtg Furnpi, " Murocr.0 Slippers, " Call do " Calfshoes.nil kinds, " Rubbers with leatiK'i Coirs " do do Buckles, " fio hg'd and plain. Bovs' Boits and Sherl "' Fine Calf Boots, colors, I ' " Buskins, all colots, " Stout Morocco and Call Boot?, " Rubbers ol a IkinJi. du Kip uo ' dj Calf and Kip Broans, ' Stout shoes, nil itinds, ' Prunella Gsiieis and . dsncinff FuinDS. Childien'sPoati and Sices' French Oailcr Be-ots, Youths' Diots and Shoes, ail colors. Fine Calf Boots sewed " " Morocco Otitcrsi button nnd lac?, " " Buakins & Slippers " Boc's and Ancle Tics cf all colors. Gentlemen's Boots and A'uei, " Napoleon Boots, with and without lops, nnd pegged, do Kip do do S:nl and Grain pcJ'd Calf Brcgsnsand Kip sewed tliocj, Morocco Bcols nnd Buskins, Fine Gaiters, Dancing Pumps and 1 lesui an Kinus, Aire, Gailoons of til colors, nnd black and light silk gaiter laces, cotton laces. &c The subsenlier Ircls assured tint all who wuh to make good bargains in the above mentioned articles, will not go nwny from his shop dissati-hed. N. B Ail kinds of Boots, Shoes, Gaiter", Sl'rpcr", etc., made to order 1 he subscriber has conjiunily In his rmply theb:st workmen, and all work made bf nni, vvuranied, ., ULUBEN BATCHELDER. Burlington, March IJ 17. " 3 f rtc:cipnlil:tii IIoiiucIk. OATTISON,NOE,.tCo., Patentees and Manu 1 fjctareis,i!3DeIaiicyStrect,NewYork 35m3 A FAK.M FOR SALE. J6.-SL -J- Tlir? stili.erib,.r wish! if to remove Wrst will dis , , i ..... 1... :..i..crf. Poi '"' Viace 'vviiere n- no m, ""v' ,w uerea of land, of which 73 acres ore under imorore- iment. and a irood Hom?. Wood-shed. Burn, a lame 'Mf Orchard amt LWer .M.I I: luevvise on 1 rppi-i urcnara una navr miu; in-ewis? one oi me the best fTfl rtuing farm in the State. Situated 3 miles from Jericho Corners on ihe load from Jericho Center to Underbill Hat. 1'ossebi.on jnen ttie 1st nt April. For further particular enquire of the aubcribgr. . Jericho, .Alarch 5, 1317 F. B. VAUGHATf. NATIONAL LOAN FUND LIVU ASSriIAM'12 SOCIETY OI iVJXDUX. " A Savings Bank for the bencfil of l!it Widow and the Orphan " (F'lPOVVrntD BV AtTOl lURLIAVr.T.) CAlITAI.,X'..l),orr3'J,olo,OOi) Beside n reserve find (from surplus premiums) of about Kh.x,(MK). T. I.AMIC ML'RKAV, t-.q. GeorKe st. HnnoYsr r-jMsre. Chairman nf the Cuuit ot D.rertvs in tiniotii i'icsirian-j. i;i,LU)TS()N. M D , 1' R. S. -eurvW S B WOOI.llOL'SE.Cso.F.R.A.':. Seciclaiy-l F.CAMKOtX, Esip rPIIIS IX.STlTHTIO.V embraces important and 1 subs'nntial advantages with respect lo life assu rance nuj deterred atmuiiirs. The aured nas, on all nccaions, llie power to borrow, without experseor forfeiture c f the policy, luu-tliirdsuf the premiums paid ;nlothe option ul selectuifj beneliis and lite con veisiiniol hisintereaisio meet other conveniences or ncec-ny. Assuianccs for terms of years at tlie low t st possible rates. Peisons inurrd for life, er.n. at once, IWrnw half nitiounl nf annual premium tor live successive curs, on tlvir own note nn.l deposit of poncy. TAUT or THE C VCI1AL IS I lRM.V.t 1'.Y i.'.vmteo n the 1 'inted Slates, in the name of three et the Local iiireeiors ns Trustee avo'hhl.- nuvavs to the assu red in cu-e of di-puled claiu.s '.should any such oris) Or OlllelW JS.'. The r a i. lent of premiums, b .if-yea. ly or tpiarterlv , ntn intiitig advance upon the itun'iiul tute. No eharije for 'tamp duty. T.iirty dnjsnllownl niter each pavmentof prcmlitm becomes due, v ithoul forieiture tu po.icy. Traveling leave nnd liberal, and extra, premiums on ihe not moderate scale liiviMov of lit'iFlT 'f'he r-unrkaKe s'iccesj nnd inereiiw d prosperity ot the Socleiv hss enabled the Di lectors, at ihe last nimual inve-tigntiun, to declare a fourth bonus, varjin from S3 to sj er cent, on lh piemiums paid en each policy ellected on the profit scale. i.'wrD BoAnpor Local DinrcTons CChlsf Olhee for America, 7 1 Wall-st Arie- Voi k -J&cob Hmviy, Us-i , CAuiniion ; John J. I'ahner, Usq .Jo nathan tlooiihii". Usq , James Boorman, IJsq , George Hare-id), Usq, SamuelS. I lowland, lq , Gut ham. A. Worth. lq , Samuel M l ex, Usq , William Vsn Hook, IJeq , and O Udward Ilahicbt, tq. y'iiiiirijvAi(i-Cleincnt C Biddle, Usji , Ixiu.'sA. Go dey, Usq , George lvex Graham, ljsq , William Jouos, b litimorr Jonathan Meredilh, Esq .Samuel Hoff man, l.fq , Dr .1 11 MeCii.',..!.. J. Leaudei Smrr, G.-neml Agent, and CdwardT. I!icli.irdr, Ilsq.. Geneinl Accountant, lur llw Uniud" Stiitts and Br.tish N A Colonies ACeififdi Lxanunrrs. New-Voik J. Ii'iarnv Ked Cers, M. 1) 11(1 Illeecker-H ; AI-xanderK Mosnck, M D.101 I'ranklm-st ; S S. Keene, M. I)., SvK I'onrth-st. (Medical IJxaminers attend atTI Wnll-et.nnd No. 131 Buwety nl 3 o'clock I'. M daiiy. I'ce paid by the Society ) Standing Counsel William Van Hook, Esq. ID Wau-sl. Uankci Tlie Merchants' Bank. Solicitor John lloi.e, Usq 11 l'mfst. Cm'iici Henty U. Cutlip, Usq. Au Act in respect to Insurnnce for live" for thr le. neiiinl uimried women, passed by tha Legislature of New. Yoik, In April, 1510. Pamphlets blank forms, t d le of rates, lists ofsgents, kf itc obtained nt the Chief Otlicc 71 Wnll-i.r Bowery, or liom inher of the Agents throughvut the L'nitedSiaifE.ntid Briiish Nonh American Colonins. J.hes W. Hieucs, Agent for Burhngiou and Vi cinity. I.iXARnMARSi!,M. D, Medical ijominer. lliirhngioni lSih February lal7 IlinS " J. V. RANDALU rTASjust received from New Yoik a new (snort L L mem of WATCHES, JUW1JLKY andFsney Articles, Gold I'msof tbe latrsl fashion. Gold Siods. Gold Chains, Gold Pencils snd Pens, Silver Deris, Silver Birds, Gold and Silver Tooth Picks, Shell Sid. Comix, Shell B.ick Combs with high tops.iieel Ilesds is Bags, Clasps, Sieel Purse llings Tnstels of the lar gest size. Bead and Silk Purses, Ivory Combs, Guitar Strings of ihe best quality, Rogers' Pocket Hmrrssitd Scissors i snd he will keep constantly on hand gu& assoiment of goods that come fairly in a Jeweler's hnt of s. Strongs' Pulldii'S, Callrfe st , Burlington, Msreh,lbl7. 34

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