Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 23, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 23, 1847 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 23, 1847. HnishuJ, he prop-ctcd mio of tin1 extraordinary II in 'minus of h fact dttm-'ter In tlic apoculitui, with n tube firy-livc feet long. Tho casting, Irittiliitir, mlishing, nnd mounting of this mori tor speculum were pretty nearly a repetition, on a larger scale, of what lnul been previously lone. Its fuciil length is fifty-three feet) it weighs nearly (our ton' ; anil no Its diameter, ns has been mentioned, is six feet, it lias tin lire, four times greater than that oftlie throe feet speculum. When finished, the speculum iva placed 'liv a square box. which is attached to the lower cm! of the tube, and by means of n door cm bo entered at pleasure. 'This b.ix adds ix feet to tho length til the tube, which like it predecessor, is of wood, hooped with iron like a lirrcl, and so wido that a tall man could walk through it without stooping. It is this huge black funnel that I have spoken of as being sus pended between high and strong walls. It swings with a clear space of twelve feet oncarh side; and so fur it can be drawn aside, giving half an hour before and after the meridian. By ineans of a.windlass, and a most skilful ad justment of chain? and counterpoising weights, it can also be brought to the zenith, or turned fairly round from south to north, always within its bounds of twenty four fect. Enormous as are its dimensions, and although weighing al together twelve tons, it seemed to me about as easily moved as the other telescope ; and it is as much in the mechanical contrivances for effect ing this purpose, as in any thing ele, that the peculiar merit of the structure consists. At the period of mv visit, few observations had been imder'by this monster instrument; some pins oi whpse apparatus, innceil. wore not com lilcted : bill so fai as a in fjvotnblc condi tions of tlio'ntmnsphcrc had been attempted, the results had been interesting and important. Ne bula?, which had bi filed the smaller instrument, were resolved into stars; thus adding strength to the growing impression that all nebulous mat ter such as that luminous arch in the sky called the Milky Way will ultimately yield to tele kcopic power, and be seen to be assemblages of separate stars suns, the centres of planetary croups likq that to which our own system be longs. Unfortunately, the atmosphere during the two nights which 1 attended in I.ord RosseV f rounds was not propitious for observation. I iad an opportunity, for only a few minutes, of seeing a group of Ginary stars of different colon-; and these certainly were distinct, clear and lus trus, like a pair of glittering diamonds. The moon, on both the occasion of my visit, kept tirovoMnslv under a tract of cloud-, and the hemisphere, except for a brief interval of time, Another, The Charter election in Allami has resulted in the choice of .Mr, Whig, Tor May or, by it intjority of s2,!!37 over all Uhers, and of fourteen whig alderman to 0 Locofocos ! Another. Hrooklin lias ncliievcil a clear Whig triumph, having elected 8tkvkkr, Whig. Mayor by 1, fl 10 majority, and ttechcol the eighteen alder men ! The vote for .Mayor was Strykcr, Whig, 4,620' Gerald, Loco, 2,939. Anil still nnothcr t Whig triumph in New Orleans ! The N. V. Tribune says : fT5?Nrw.Ol!t Mv. svldfl, lie l,i.t. n'n.nsl linite- lessly Loco-Foco for some lime past, was thoroughly renovated nt her Charier Election on the Silt Incl ine total vote mmsup Whig 3,027 : Loco 4,Jiki: Whig majority 1 .255. Each of the Three Munici palities is now Wing. We think this will answer for this week ! The Whigs of the United States, however, have " a few more left of the same sort." Our Wo foco friends will find that there are Palo Alto and Montereys and Bucna Vistas nearer homo than Mexico I The Cnpturc of Vcrn Crnz. The splendid and eflective operations of Gen. Scott before Vera Crnz, which" resulted in the surrender of that city together with the Castle of San Juan d'Ulloa, exhibit In the strongest manner the great military ability of that distin guished officer. We believe no officer in the American Army, (and the officers in the Amer ican Army are, In our opinion, the best in the world.) is so competent to prepare and conduct the operations of a regular scige, or to arrange and dispose an army in the best in inner for the fighting of a regular pitched battle, as (Jencral Scott. As a strategist and a tactician ho is acknowledged to be without a superior. His foresight and sagacity, relative to the concen tration and combination of the volunteers and regulars of the army in Mexico, have been sig at Parsonstown. and vet nerh UPS UlllOV I .n.i-orl -l,1!t.i,l tn.f liiimtnnr only one or two renllvgood nights for ob-erv.i- . 11,1.. -,.,.,. r w... I distinctly admonistied them particularly the French mid Spanish consuls, on. lot course, through the two. the oilier consul of the clangers that have followed 1 3. 'Hint nhhough nt the date, I had al trndy refused to allow nny person w lintsucver to ns the line of investment either wny.yct the blockade had been It'll open to the consuls and olher nicutrnlsto pass out of tlu-lr respective ships of war up to the 23J inst.jnnd 1 1 1 1 . 1 shall enclose to the memorialists a copy of my summons lo the Governor, to show that I hml fully considered the impending hardships mid dis tresses of the place, including lboe of women and children, bcloie one Rim had been tired in lint direc tion The intercourse between neutrnl ships of wanintl the city was stopped at the hist mentioned date by Commo dore l'crry, wilh in- concurrence, which 1 placed on the ground that that intercourse could not lull to ijivc to the enemy moral aid nnd comfort. II will be seen from the memorial, that our batteries have already had a terrible effect on the city, (also known through oilier sources,) anil hence the inference that a surrender must suou be proposed. In haste, I have the honor to remain sir, wilh high respect, your most obedient servant, W1NFIEI,!) SCOTT. Hon. W. L. Miner, Secretary of War. HEADqCARTtits or tiik Armv, Vera Cruz, March'J'J, 1817. Sir. The flat; of the United Stales of America floats triumphantly over the walls ot this city, and the ensile ol Salt Juan de Ulloa. Ourlroops haic garrisoned both since 10 o'clock. Ills now noun. Brigadier General Worth is in com mand of the two places. Articles ofennitulntion were sinned and exchanged nt a nte hour, night bclore last. I enclose a copy of the document. I have heietofoie repotted the principal incidents of me sit je u lu llie .lll lllSl.llll. Alumina vt ni miuy interest occurred till early in the morning ol the next uay, w neu 1 reeeiveu overtures irom ueu, ivinuero, on whom Ueu. Morales haddcvolu-d the principal command. A terrible storm of wind nml sand made it difficult to communicate with the city, nnd impossible to refer to Commodore Terry. 1 was obliged to entertain the propiisilion alone, or locoutinue tne fire 1111011 a place that had show n n disposition to surrender ; tor the loss of a day, or perhaps several, could not be permitted. The accompanying papers will show the proceedings and results. Yesterday, nfter the norther had abated, and the commissioners appointed hy me early the morning be fore had ngain met those appointed by General ilero. Commodore Penv sent nshore his second ii command, Captain Auh'ck, ns a commissioner on the pall ot the navy. Although not included in my specific arrangement made with the Mexican commander, 1 did not hesi tate. with proper com tesy, to desire thnt Capt Aulkk might be duly introduced nnd allowed to participate in the discussions and nets ol the commissioners who had 1 been rccipiocnlly nccredited. Hence the prcninble lo his signature. The original American commissioners wcie tlrcvct Brigadier General Worth, Brigadier ticn- ' eral 1'illuw and Colonel Totten. Four more able or judicious ofiiccrs could nut have been desired. I hale tune to ndd but little more. The remaining I details of the siege j the nble Co-operation of the United Mates squadron, successively unJer the command ol s Lonner mm 1'erry ; the admirable con- rcirulars and volunteers I as they deserve; but hatmv lo dwell iinnii tin. stf.nmer I'rin.' u!tli f 'iuii,,l.tri f 'iiniipr nil n.tlly illustrated by the course of events since was loaded'with an Irish diizzle. Vet this a- 1 his correspondence with the ar Department, HO Krtllt.iri' di&nnnntiittnniit A t,.,iwimAt-k eni.ti,! ' ..-l.tol. .... II, ..t mil c .n.tnl. ci., It .. ...1 ., .!,.- , CoitltUOllotC keeks at Parsonstnwn. and vol norliaiis L'niov I .i .:.n...u i' . a.. n.. ,,',! ''"'."f. th? wl,ole arm' 0., !,., oourt . isi uer v. n nu i naie co 1 nc iccu oriru i- ,, . . 11' ...i;n.. r:.. 'i' . ... r... ...... ......i.i ' . - is atuieu the comparatively limited lateral range " ui-m.-t 'sii. kuw i. un..un- m muiu , img nn auvnnce nun tue mieiior. of the great telescope, a loin' space of lime will an inch from Matatnor.ts before the time pre- ',s.inay be delayed n few days, waiting the arrival appear Jo bo required for making a thorough and ,,ictcu by 0cll. Sc0TT) Bnd for llie vcrv rcas'01ls 'X and' ilfTK general search of the heavens. , . . . . . . , . Varc'v month? 1 ln'ule l"n Alvarado. No later eipedition, howeur, Disappointing in some respects as mav be the "M "c as5lSnc" l"s lcIItr8 i -'arcj tnorlths sia, hMkc wllh lhe ,iwurmcllt ,0arJ result of such transient observations 'as that before. And while the Attorney .Secretary of cni.ital. which my time allotted inc to make, not the less. ! War, and the Attorney Commander-in-Chief, ' comideratlon of the great seruees jf Colonel . f , J .., , r ,. r . . i . .. .... I I otton, m the siege that has just terminated most sue- crateful will be the feelings of M-itors towards Mr. Polk, were chuckling with ill-concealed de-1 cesfully, nnd the importauce ol his presence, at Wash IDrd Rosse for his uiioxampled politeness and li.rht, nd :ill of military Locofocodom was at-' ins'un.ns the head of tlic engineer bureau, I intrust liberality in throw 112 ouen to them his work-1 " ... i ...,.. , . ., , i "Ui dispatch to his personal care, and beg to commend , J. . . tnninlilwr tnlmrt u-llh fKliiliihmetit rtf lh,i ernrln .... nr.- 1 1 ....pnl.t.. Aim..;. ilions and the u- iu c of tlio to escomc apparatus "vi ...... w .v ..w...u.v v. u. which adorn tho beautiful grounds around his and cumbrous plans of Gen. Scott, whicli were mansion. To nso the complimentary language to require the expenditure of so much untwea of a local writer: " Willi a rank and fortune, I sar timCi cvclls .rre fi,,ajiv in progress that nnd every circuinstniice.that usually unlit men. , , ,, . , ,, , , , Jr.. f.r scientific pursuits, especially for their prac Proved both thc" sl,a,ltnv f the great tical details, if his lordship only encouraged concerns they were miserably mismanaging, mose iiunertaKings in others, nc ivouid merit our . and ins sound judgment and practical ability meat. I have the honor to remain, sir, wilh high respect, your most obedient servant, WINF1CLI) SCOTT. II :t. W I. M ircv, Secretary ol war. r ancZ praise; but when wo see linn, without lonng sight of the duties of his station in society, give up so much time, and expend to much-money on those pursuits himself, and render not only his name illu-trimis, but bis rank more honorable, we must feel sympathy in his success, and re joice that he has obtained from all quarters the highest anil tun! Il ittcring encomiums, and that he can now enjoy, in tlio uo nf l.i tclc-cope, tlu w H-c.irned fruits of hi. pieiious labors." To t!.: I d.i not ucrd to add a word, further thin to say I sh ill always look bick with satis faction to tiif view which I was allowed to en joy of what are unqution.ibly among the great est curiostiesof the age, Lord ltou'n telescopes. therein. We give below the moat important despatches of Gen. Scott touching the investment nnd capture of Vera Cruz. Heapquacters or the Armv. Cnmp Washington, bcfoie Vera Cruz, Atmcli V!3, 1917. Sir : Yesterday, seven of our ten Ill-iiich mortars Articles of capitulation of the city of Vera Cru the castle of Sin Juan'dc Ulloa. l'cESTn PC Holt.NOS, Without the walls ot Vera Crux, .Saturd.iv. Ainrch 27. 1317. Terms of capitulation agreed upon hy the commis sioners, lir. : Generals W. J. Worth and G.J. Pillow, nnd J. G. Totten, chief-engineer, on the part of Major General Sjoii, g-neral-iu-chiet ol lhe armies of the United niatcs ; niu uoionei Jose uunerrez ue vuianueva, L-ciiteiiant Colonel ol Engineers Manuel Rubles, nml Colonel Pedro de Hern-ra, commissioners appointed JTrcc $Jrcs0, Ill'RJ.INtJTON, VI. t'KIDAY MOKNING, ArRII,S3, 1817. " Id THE DARK AND TIlOUBLEn KIBUT THAT IS iipnsi n. TIIF.RE IS KClSrAU ABOVE THE HORIZON i uiwii the city, TO GIVE ys. A OI.EAM or I.IUIIT, EXCEITISO TItC u!jyi hy mJ , mtelugest, rATitioTic ma i-artv or Ukitlu Staies." Daniel Webster. l'urthcr Whig Triumphs. Every breeze, of late, is freighted with good being in bittery, and the labors for plaining the re- be Geuernl of Brigade Don Jose Juun mniitderot our heavy metal being in progress, lad-' lnauJiug in chief, era Cruz, the castle ot San Juan de dress.' twoo cluck, m , n sii.nmoris to the (,nv ernor ol Vera Cruz, uiuf wiifiiu die two hours limited by lhe bearer of the Ihg, received die Governor's ans wer. Copies of lhe two p ip.'rs, (mirkeJ resjR'clively,) A a-id II. me herewim enclosed. It will be perceived that the governor, who, it turns out, is the iM.iiiiiaiiJerot built pi ices, chose, ngiinsl the plain Icons ol the suui.iii.ts, lo s-ipp ise me to have dem in Jed the sjrreiiJer of tlu ot-tle a 1 1 ot ih; city when, in tact, from the of ojr heavy m -tal principally mortals 1 was m no i-o.iJmo.i to threa ten the fjriner. On the return of the flag, with lint reply, I at once ordeu-it the seven mortal, in bittery, toop-u on lhe city In nsliott time thebinnller vess".sot OuminuJore Perry's squ idron two steamers ntij tivj schooners according to previous arraug Miieut with htin,npp--oach-ed the cuy within about n mile a:ij an eighth, wUl-nee being pai nally covered froi.i thectslle nu t--s -nti nl condition to their safety ih?y nlau openil a brisk lire liusiiasbcen cjiitin-ieti, unuiterrup- , ItUIJ) t'J ... ...vim..-, ,...u .....7 ...... U V ' lit.' il,A vola. no to nin- .i.-l ,-lc tins nimninrr when tiie coimuodoie, very properly, called them oil from a position too darnmlv ussuiued. Oar three remaining mortars are now (12 o'clock, m ,) in nailery, nnu tue wnoie ten m aciivuy. i o- morrow, early, it the city should continue obstnnte, batteries Nus. laud .rinillhc ready to add their liie No. 1, consisting of four tll-puunders and two 6-inch Paixhan guns, and No. a (naval battery) of three 'il (i Jings for every American heait that Wishes lo cerSir,nd sailors landed trout the squadronour friendi sec riuht principles preva and sound policy es- ot me vavy ueiiiguiireiuiui ig in ineir zeaiousco-ope mi , , j iniioii. in everv mode and uiin. tablished. The strong holds of Locnfocoism are s:u uri m mw ih u our lire upon tin city has been Ticldine to the determined and effectual attacks highly elhctiv. pirticalarly Iro.n the buteries of 1U - , B , , , ... 1 melt morlars, planted nt about 6)) yard) liom lhe of those who prefer good government to parly i citv lneludnn lhe preparation nud defence ol the supremacy. Toour minds there appeara to be bniienes.liom the beginning now many diys and ,t ' , . ., , , . , tvjtwillisuuuing the heavy lire ot the enemy, iroin the an evident tendency to the breiUng up and re- clly nnj c0le we have onlv h id lour or live men r instruction nf writes. Certain it is that In the wounded, nndone olH:eraiid one man killed, in or ...I..... i.:. i..... r- .. near tne trcnciies. IIIV 01 .lCVV I OrK, vvil;ri.- liuoum niiig .ii.u3 hs been invested with I Hint oiiu-er was Uaptaui John It, inlon. ol lhe the most despotic au-, United Slates 31 artillery, one of the most talented, ne- thority in controlling the votes ot tne part), who was highly distinguished in the brilliant operation nt .uouierey, iieien, nisi evening, in tne irenciies, there has been a thorough rebellion. The truly patriotic and reflecting of all parties appear to hive united to oppose the further triumph of Lo eofocoisin in that City. In the madness of an ticipated eucess, the radical portion of the "Tammany llali deumcrtts," forced upon their party the nomination o.' a man for the Oflic.o of Mayor, whose highest cl.iin; to tho distinction seems to have been that he was the keeper of a papular and much frequented tavern or grocery, and was a favorita umpire at scrub-races, tar-BJt-firing, cricket, and probably cock-fights ! Such a nomination, nude after a protracted and disgraceful contest at old Tammany, was well calculated to awaken the better portion of llie. citizens of New York, to tho breakers upon which mere partisanship was hurrying the City o eminent. We accordingly find that promi nent Jjocofocos unhesitatingly advocated the election i'f Mr. Urauv, the Whig candidate, l . . I llii.mii.lvi.. iii.nliisl tlw. in-,.l.itcr nna nruijcM M,v - - J,ku-I,1,ell to which they, we are obliged to say, had themselves given life and power, has been a complete ':V triumph And we claim it as a whig triumph, not supposing it to been achieved wholly by tho votes of Whigs, butpeeausetiiJ't?i4rot'''' about by force tf Whig r-Rlicin.Es. It U a tribute to the excellence of whig principles that has been wrung from the intelligent and patriotic citizens ofNevvVork, by the excesses ot a taction mat aspired to rule or ruin. The Locofoco party dared not trust itself icilh success ! and the con aequence has been a complete whig triumph in all parts of tho City Uovernmeut ! Mr. Brady, Whig, ti elected Mayor by a majority of 1471, and twenty three of the 36 mem bers of the Common Council are ichgs also ! In a political, or rather party, sense, we at i.el. hut bttloiiniwrtance to this insult. If the whig! carry out Whig Principles in the adndnis IrationofthoaflairsoflheCity, they will main tain IlK'ir dwervrd supremacy; if not,4ut. tv os I it Id and couiinan-JtiiLr oil ice r. uniu-isjuy rejzreiie!. i nove ju-u.ttenJcd Ins hono-1 red remain tu a sjlJicr's uruvt m full wew ot ilic ; enemy nintwithiii reach 01'his guim TJii.teen ol Ihf long nt edt-.l inunars, leaving twenty-sex en, besi Jei hf ay gj-ibehiud, Imvi arrived, mul two ot thfiii lauded. A heavy norther then set 111 (nt mciiJuii) th'it stuped lint oeratiun, nnd nlsa (he landing ol shells. Hence the tire of our moitor hat teris been Blackened, since 2 o'clock todny, and cannot be reinvioruied until we h:ill nguin haven sinnoth s,a," lu the menu tune 1 eliall leave this report orh tor jcuruah-iiu events tint may occur un to the di'parturrot the teaui fcliipoi war, the IVinceton.Cyui moJurc Conner, who, I learn, expecis lo Iene llie nn chorale olfSucnticioi, tor the United States, the'th instant. 1nr,sUQl Tli term Imiimr fiiilmlM.) in lK nirslit wr comiueiiced this forenoon, us soon n theteaCe- cime a little suiooili, (o laudHiiot, shells nnd inortnrs. The naval battery. No, op?ned with Rreat nc livitv. u'lJt-rCnntam Autirk. thes.'coii.l in rank of the Kpjdion, nt n bout ID u. in. His lire continued tot! itVluck.n. in. n little beture he wus relieved bv Cnt. Muyo, landed with a fresh supply ot oiiununition, (Japt. A. having exuausteu the sunpiv n? nau nrimgni wiih hiui' He luurKiilor3,kilU'il,anJ had oneof firer, J.i?ul U ddwin, Fliihlly hull. The iiiortartutteued. Sua. 1 '2 mi J 3. hne firril but languidly during the day tor the want ot t-hells, ure nowuoiniout Ironi lhe bench 1 tic two leporls ot Col, lfjuknend, cruel ot nrnllery, I'llo.i nnd thir df opii li'iicif forthe surrender to the uniifi't the Lfniti'd tfntt(t the said forts, ah their ariiMiiit'iitf, munitions ol war, Krn"!'14 nrnn. 1. 1 lie whole irarnsou or irirrinito hefeurrenitereu to the ni ma ot the United States, ns prisoners ot wnr, thcJth intnnt,ut 10 o'clock, a. in., llie garrisons to he permitted touiareh out wilh nil the lioiioi of wnr, to lav down their oniH to such olliccrs ss may be appointed by th gt'iiernl-in-chiel of the United Suites armies, nnd nt a point to be agreed upon uy tuc com nus-Hiiifrs. J. McMcan officers shall prcwene their nnns nnd nnvate ellecN. mc udiuir liorf-'-' nud hore turnilurc, dim to be allowed, regular nnd irregular ollicers.ns nl! llie raiiK nnd nte, live uny to retire lo ineir res prim hiMii-s.on pirolt, ns hereinafter prescribed. j. iohici leiu wnu me surreiuernstipuiaico in ar tide I, the Mrxii'nn tiag of the anous lorts and sta tion fIiiII tieMruck, ml tiled by their own batteries nnd. i'lim-Jiaielv thercnller. Foils Snnti mo und Con t-f pi ion rtml the t-iiMlcof San Junnde Ulloa, occupied uy me iorcenmte united siait-s. J. The ra.ik and tile of tin re 'tilar nortion of lhe uri eoners to If." diMiosedof. after surrender and tmrole as their yenral-m-chiel may desire, and the irregular to be permitted to return to their homes. The othcers, in respect to nil arms and descriptions of force, giving the usual in role, that the said rank and tile, us well as th?iUM.'Ives,sliill not serve again until duly exchanged 0. All the materiel of war. nnd all the imbhcorniwr tv of every description found in the vityr the Castle of ixiii .iiinii ur uuiru iiii'i ineir urpeutieiieir,iii ueiuug iu tue united amies ; out tne armament ot me same tiioi iniured or dviroved in the farther urosecution ol the actual wnr) may by considered ns liable to be restored to Mexico hy n definitive irenty ot pence. C. Tne sick and wounded Mexicans to be nllowed to re limn in the city, wilh such medical othcers and nlteud mtsnnd oth 'ersot the urmy as may be liecet s.irv to their care and treatment. 7 Absolute protection ts solemnly guarantied lo persons ni tne eny.uiu properiy, anu it tscienriy un derMood tint no priute building or property is lobe taKcn or uMju uy me ioiccsoi me uuuea amies, wnu uut previous anangcmcni wnn tne owueis, and tor fiir cn-nval'Mit. 8. Absolute ireedom ot religious worship and cere moinert is ivoiemniy guarnniieu. (Signed in duplicate.) V. J. WOltTlI.nrigidier General, (310. J riLKOW, liiigadier General, ins; i: 'rn'i'i'PM t.i nn.itvi I'nn'r jost; tiUTii:iiiu:z dk vim.anOcva rtU)KU .ma.ui;i, UKIUCliKA "I'lTcnnrjRa. A bill linn pocil the LeRMatnre nf lay a track into the city." Rutland. Tlio editor of the Ludlow Olenitis says : We are clad to siv tint ihi rfo!mi tlii aide of the mount-tilth progrcwturlinrly, conidrrini; the wrath cr. H'-s-iilci about lut) liau lsto work at thh villai;r we iiotit-eil on our return from loion Inst week, that the work wai K.iinit on iu ltockini;!iiiu, ll.-triouvill, tlii- north part of Chester ml J nl C.ivon.hsh notch We are nho durprisi-d nt the projrrc-M ol the Cheshire road. Il h is nlinot entirely graded to ICceue, ex cept through Troy, where ilicgigiuli! cuis nrc rapidly the care nt Kecne before another winter. Ou-DEssiiuitcu. We find the following para graph in the Iloston Daily Adicrtiscrot the 19th inst. : The OiDExsncnoit We hnvc seen a copy of Mr. Iliyn-ard's report of his recent survey and estimates ol the propos.-d Kailrond from Ojjdens burs lo Lake Cliamtilaiii. It presents n distinct ievv ol the character of the route selected, and of its po sition for coioiiininlin" nn important line of trnvel nud bnsincm. We shall take nn early opportunity to pre sent our readers such ol the features ot litis work as are deserving the attention o" our citizens. Uy the kindness of one of the jrentlemen from Clinton County N. Y., who went to Boston iome two weeks since to attend tho meeting of the Directors of the Ogdensburgh Co. wo have learned some of "tho features "of -Mr. Hay ward's report. The gentleman alluded to In forms ns that Mr. Hayward gravely asserts, that the Lake is closed by ice, between Burlington and the opposite shore, DURisa nvn months in the yeah s nnd that it would require at l'latts hurgli, or wherever should bo tho cat-tern termi nus of the Ogdciisbiirgh Road, a Freight Depot bOfict teide, high enough to pack six barrels of IJluur enduays, and two and a half .miles lono, to receive the freight that would accumulate be tween the closing and opening of Like navi gation ! ! ! Before commenting on statements of Miextraoidinary a character, wedeem it due to Mr. Hawvartl, and to ourselves, that we hould await tho publication of nis Report. In the mean time we have only to say, that Lake Champlain is open not less than six weeks after all water communication is impenetrably clocd between OgdenburgIi andj the tipper Lukes, through which almost the entire mass of freight, seeking market, must bo transported. This f.tct Mr. II.iyw.ird oit-''i to know. Audit it ts true, as we assert, the two-atm-a-halt miles ol 'reiglit Depot is simply an absurdity. We also tuke'occasion to ay that tiro months in the year is longer than tho average time du ring which tho Lake cannot bo easily ferried from Burlington to the Western slioro ; and that it often happens that tho L-iko is ferriable luring the entire winter. This fact, also, Mr. Hayward ought to hnoic. Wo learn further from the gentleman al luded to, that the Ogdenburg Directors re solved to construct their road to Rouse's point, for the purpose of crossing the lake, by bridges, from thence to tho crmont shore. oknow of several objections to this plan, which we arc prepared to state at tlio proper time. Wo have only to say now, that it iciff nei er be done. lhe route is liable to nearly all the objections that ire to bo taken to that around Mts-sisqnoi Bay and some thirty miles through Canada, besides not heitiff one tenth nart so feasible or cheap. But wo await further " devclopetncnts" and merely nggct that when Like Champlain is bridged, May we b there to peer' Tho re ult both of litis date, copies of which 1 enclose, give the m- norms 01 tiiobo turt-e naileries. lialtery No. 5, winch will mount four 21-poimders, nud two 8. inch 1'auhau guns, has been much delayed in the Itniidsol i,e iiidelaimalile ensiiierrs hv lhe noitlier that tilleilun lhe w oik with sand neatly as f.ii aaitrouldbenp-nedlir the hnll-liluuled Inborers. It The Wllmot Proviso. Tho H'rtjitiiffoH (m'imoftho 14th says: " The Wliia party of llie Norlh rallies to a man on tile Wllmot l'roviso." Yes ; and we can tel! this hoary advocate and apologist nfi-lavcry, who is tlio mouth-piece of our " democratic " Administration, that if tlio Iiicnfoco party of the North had bi-cn equally true to the ptlni-iples of I-'itctli m nnd consistent Republicanism, and to the dictates of Humani ty, the Wiltnnt I'rmi-n mntldhaw been It is simply hv r i i)-'ir;i Inyftcos, men preferring the interoi-ts of their l'.trty to tho in terests of their Country, were ftlse to those principles, that the floor is left open for the un limited oxtcnsion( of dlavo-territory tinder the prostituted banner of LinEnv. Truly, under the fatal predominance of Licofoco misrule, our Republican institutions are fast becoming a " vvhitcd sepulchre I" It wns bad enough to have Slavery recognized by tho Constitution lo attempt its extension, by force of war and HY Jl.Vti.Vi: TIC Tni.KUU.YlMI. Kt.w VotiK, Sunday, 1'. M .April 1817. I-IIO.M TIIK SCAT Of WAR. LA'i'i:il I- Anotiieb Haiti.!. OcrTroofh aoai.v Victorious ! Advices from the llrnzosto the Vd int. liave been received nl New Orleans, nnj furnish reports ol Tiinhcr sii etlul operations ol Gen. 'I'avjor against the .Mex icans. It is reported that Gen. Talor, Willi his forces, ins-.-nil of h iving relumed un-iuccs-fiil from his pursuit of lTrrea,as rumored, had succeeded iu ov ii'tin the Mexican army, near Tula !! nil-! . ,t vigo ro'i'ly, nn.l int t withan obstinate nnd n it-j ie si'laii.T. tiittle listed loi s ,- - . ...n-.i the M Aicn-is.h ivi-tg aistii led g cjIW ,,(., m iy, an. I le.t the llel i to Hi.- Aineiieiins. leno t sMtes Halt .lllljiu the n 14,1. lem lnl.,.11 hu mc A ii -iic ui) 111 tins ncliti.i, ure butli the U.Micrals, Urrea auJCanales. Tor the Tree 1'rcss. The Wnr In the Acrlculturnl hoclcly. Letter from Gen. Tuylor Clny. to lion. Mr. Editor Unlike your correspondent-, " Chittenden County, " K," nnd " O," 1 think there i- much more ju-ticc in "J's" Miiclures than they are willing to admit i and, since there is nn explicit disclaimer of nny pecuniary interest on his part. 1 think that the Insinuation of " Chittenl.n County" to tli? not altogether ingenuous. Direct assertion, with proof, will help so larnsit goes ; but insinuation only makes n bad mat ter worse. whether "J" is interested or not, otlieisnre nnd .Mexican will certainly not feel as though justly dealt by, if, on account ol the new regulations, lliey nrc compem-u iu I take tlit- cco;iJ premium for the lest horse i for this Henry will be the practical operation ol the new rule, if It seems to me that a nine iiirmer rough.' nsthe warm sentiment and beautiful lamronir,. of llits epistle sulliciently show. llF.AtXl'ARTERS, ARMV Or OcCtTATION-, Aot.A nl'eva, .Mexico, March 1,1817 j My Dear sir: You will no doubt have received, uriure i is can rene 1 nern v 1 istressini. nip . conquest, Is an outrage unparalleled in baseness ligencc of the death ol' jour son in the battle ol'Ducna il .0 (P il.rt I .. nnu nu i9ii ui niu uuni ujhjii me salie nts 01 llie tuaryof parental sorrow, nnd with no hope of admi- nnerntes fit nil. Tt The following letter from Gen. Tajlor to Mr. Clay reflection would have convinced the directors that the we find in the Lexington Observer The hero of rule as to pedigrees should take effect only upon thoe V-In l"rou-'l, a n'3. "nay, 'is iiot nlwnys , ,. .,, he i,.nrr introduced into the and iniquity destructive of the libertie people, and hateful in the eight of God 1 To Correspondents. Do abstain from writing on both sides of a sheet. As to paying your postage, do ns your fcnso of propiiety may dictate. When you send us a marriage, give ns your name, or we shall hesitate nbout publishing'tlio matter. Write as plainly as you can comenicntly the spelling is n't a matter of so much importance, though "liquise" if rather primitive for tihetehe ! We get nt it, however, by the rule of" Wem sonans." Don't address us as "(Sen. Clarke ;" wo sha'nt print any such thing. Wo respectfully request those who am ad dicted to " poetry" not to croirti. We have a largish assortment on hand already one touch ing lyric, which wo are deliberating on, com mences " She was a fond nnd gentle girl, As bright and ptnj ful ns n squirrel." Another, that wo have inadu up our mind to de cline, has this couplet : " I love to gaze upon the iri and midnight sky, And think 1 have my 1'licbe in my eye." We think of sending this eHusioii to the (la-zettc. Letter from a Volunteer nt llucim Vistn. Tho following letter has been placed in our hands for publication. It will be read with in tercut. It was written by Mr. (ieorge M. Hiix, a son of Truman Hill, Ksq., of Charlotte, who is a volunteer in General Taylou's army. It peaks with the modctv and the feeling of true bravery of the dreadful tield of blood and carnage through which its author passed. Woll might tho bravo fellows at Btiena Vista exclaim, on the morning of the 23d of February, as the vic tor of Agincourt is said to have done in days 1-ng pa-t, " lie that outlives tins day, and comes safe home, Will stand a tiptoe when the day is named." Saltii.lo, Mexico, Feb. 36th, 1817. Dear Parents: It is but a tliort time sincc-I wrote you last, but events have taken place here of such a nature, that I thought a line Irom mc would be icceptable. We have bad a terrible and bloody battle. Our forces here amounted to a triile over 1,000, when on rnstering any consolation to Jour wounded heart, that i nave taken me liberty ol auilrcssuiir you these lew lines ; but I have felt it a duly which f owe to (lie me mory ol the distinguished .lead, to pay n willing tribute to his many excellent qualities, and while my feelings nre still fresh, to express the desolntion which his un timely loss and that ol other kindred spirits lias occa sioned. I had but a casual ncqnaintance with yourran, until he became for a tunc a member of my military family, nnd I can truly say thatno one ever won more rapidly upon my legard, or established n more lasting claim to tuy respect and esteem, .Manly nnd honorable in every impulse, with no leeliug but for the honor of lhe service and ol the country, lie gave every assurance thatiuthe. hour of need 1 could lean withcoulideiire upon his support, rvor was I disappointed. unoer tue guniaiicc oi iiiiui-ii anu tlic laineiucu ..icuee, u o- County. Most of our (armers have procured tnetr present stock without asking any questions us tolheir pedigree, and for the obvious reason, that heretofore, pedigree has not been taken into account. In the case of stock horses, perhaps most know that they ore out ol sucli a dam, said to be a Morgan, by such a horse, said to be a Trencher. Yet in nine cases out of ten, there is no certainty. Itisnllguesswoik. Tlichorse is a good one, yet the owner, being a fair minded man, docs not like to state, on his truth, that the hoisc is descended i-o and so. If the horse is a good one and has proved himself such, the presumption nl lent is thai he lias n good pedigree, though the owner cannot af ford to spend thirty or forty dollars in looking it up.for n premium of only eight. Why compel him to do it, or sulPr au inferior horse, perhaps, to take the premi um over him 1 I admit, with " J," that, ns n general thing, a stock horse that cannot show where be came from, is to be looked upon with suspicion, for they ought to be of sufficient vnlua to make il nn object to uiiki.i it u oi il in-.- I il in I lie laim-iniu .'.- - K i ., i . . . . . . .. - lnm vdid thesonsul k'-ntnnkv. ill the thick-si olthe Keepmnrpeuigreeonrccoru. fernaps, lliereiore, no slrile, uphold the honor of the State nnd the country. I great injustice, so fir ns these nre concerned, would i gratelul people will do ju-lice to the memory t ; u(; jom.( were the new rule to take eff-ct nt once. The Nnvy. The ardent desire of the officers and men of our gallant Navy has at length been partially gratified, by their being permitted to participate in the dangers, and in achieving the oftlie war. The naval force before Vera Cruz rendered efficient service, both on the sea and in the trenches on tho land, in the bombardment of Vera Cruz. The following is the brief despatch of Commodore Ferry to the Secretary of the Navv, announcing tho result. It will remind our readers at once of tho famous despatch of his heroic namesake, in the war of 1812 : Sunday. March 53. 1317. Km T nm hnonv to inform vou lhat the Citv nml Castle of Vera Cruz surrendered ) esterday to the com bined force of the Army and Navy of the U.Statcs.on terms highly favorable to us. Willi high respect, your obeilie nt servant, M. C rCltllY, Commanding Home Squadron. Hon. Jno. Y. Mason, Secretary of the Navy, iiil of killed and teoumlnt of the detachments at the jSatal liattenes, Maicn Ji ana 3, low. Killrd an the SUA William Marcu. seaman those who lell on that rvrtiilu dnv. lint I mav be permitted to express thp bereavement which I feel in the lo'-s of valued Irictid. To your son I felt bound bythe strongest ties of private re;nrd, and when I miss his familiar face and those ot Mclve nud Hardin, I can si) wilh truth, that I led no exultation in our success. Willi the expression of my deepest nnd most heart felt Miiipatliy for your irreparable loss, rein iim Yourlriind, Z. TAYLOR, Hon. Henry Clvy, New Orleans, l,i. Xj The iiitcrcKting communication of Mr. Thompson will appear next wee!;. Tho strict ures of a correspondent on tiie I-ctters of the " Northern nun with Knutlicrn citizenship" to llie Hon. Mr. M.uiMr, nro held under advise ment till the completion of tho series of letters. It is possible that the full dcvelopomcnt of the views of that able writer may induce our cor respondent lo m xlify his opinions therecn. Utliiiu Allen. We have received from our friend Hent.y Stevens Lq., of ll.trnet, certain interesting documents touching the early history of the State, and, more especially, touching certain interesting incidents in the life ofKriiAxAt.ixs, not generally known. We thill publish them next week, and in the mean time wo return our t'lanks to the indefatigable antiquarian, to whose kindness we are indebted forthem. tJrnvc Charges. The Washington correspondent of the Vhiladelphia North American writes ot the Secretary of the Tica- Hut the case wilh brood mares is widely different They arc constantly changing hands, nnd perhaps the dam of the best marc in the county is known only lo sjtnc man whoniaybechoppiugwoodin Madawaska, i or fighting Mexicans in Chihuahua. Is she, therefore, to be declared inferior to another which is in no respect her equal, merely becnusc that other happens to have 'a pedigree! Yet this inny be the case, unless the j owner of llie former is willing to put himself to vastly i more pains, perhaps, than the premium is worth, to find , a pedigree. The simple truth is, that pedigrees can 't b; furnished, if required, that rest on anything better, i i the majority of cases, than conjecture. Yet we hive good mares, and if they are the liest, give them the premium nnd let the rule apply to stock introduced hereafter. Then if a man bujsa hor-e, he may, if he purchases wilh a view to breeding, nnd hopes for the approbation of the Society, govern himself accordingly. Uut do not punish him for not having done, what, solar as the requirements of the Society nrc concerned, has heretofore been utterly u-eless. "J" is right. The pedigree lias not thus far constituted one of the data upon winch a premium is awarded, and if it is to be made one hereafter, give us a chance to make arrange ments to mc't the new reqitrements. Moreover, if this rule should take cfli-ct immediately ujion horses, why not upon cattle, sheep nnd swine 1 Tlic reasons which would dictate iu one ca-e, nrc just ns strong in the other It may be said that cattle and sheep nre already under the rule. Not at all ; for we want to know, not merely that such a cow is a Durham, or De von, or Hert ford, bu, tehut kind of Durham, or Devon, or Hereford. Thre are mean Durhams as well as good ones, and the vniue of the pedigree consists not merely iu showing that tins or that eow is a Durham, but a Dutliam descendtd from the best Durham. So of sv.eep. I want not merely a Merino, but n Merino ot the best familr; for I have seen some Merinos, sury ... " 'ihere have been 'business transactions in tne l,ich, lean readily fancy, John Randolph would have mana"ement oi the nlfiirs o the department over r , , , ' , . . r vvhich thir notorious bankrupt presides, lhat would ' K "t of Ins vvny to kiH. .i -..-. r.i,. i c..,,,. i,,, ,,,m,i,i m 1 excite lie pun ie nnu even inon- uwii suuiju.-ui- .T. ..ul u , .emute io express a the morning of the 2ii, Santa Anna wns reported to , ' , ,. , ... . ... j km.gth nre , doubt whether we nre nrenired i,,r.i,. -a, m'i,e,-L,Juteor,,: WEn- "7J jJ m.hehandsof will not deter tne finm what 1 legard to be the dis- , our fcocictj , to which rtfervnee maybe made 1 What charge oln proper duty to the community nor shall I is there to guard against imposition I Most of us b" intimidated Ironi holding up the corruption by which ' wouW not whether a pf-di-rcc was true or false liepub c treasure has been tampered with lo pro-per , f .. . . ,,, ,. . V ' personal interests. I say now, that it is capable ol proof, and if we could bo assured ol ns truth, how mmy that the Government dcposites have been changed from t would know- the general excellence of nceitnn latmly bank to bank, nud In m banks lo individuals, fir the of horses or cattle, or the particular excellence of t'-e Mran.1 te,,r,ol at least one Cabinet oibcer.and per- n,,U(lulls ; a , Yr. ..,.,,, " liai.sotliers, l sav lliai pn-ierences nave oeen -iwv.n ... - to ndividunlsiiiit'ioksiieol Tieasurv notes, w hereby ledge, it were a mere mockery lo lound a vrinu in I I. ...... I. ,t 1 , (filial.- lllVlllf. 1 i.nnn it T,i 1: lr i nil, ,w .. , I,., .....1 1 ..f'..!, party of skirmisher.. The remaining six were lor.ned lal ,e ,,, rH.t.uryu, been used toserve p-i- os prinlf,, m nnolher ,, , rc w , .. ' upon a ridge separate from nny olher troops soua nnd ,,o meal Uiews by the '"''? , thele is auc. j tuch a 1H.dl ' . "for lnf. or, iT " astiue us that Hubert J. WTilker e.iteit-d the depart- I heard, at leiisl.of FlvingChildeis.and Messenger, nnd inent a broken down speculator, to lb- iitno mt ot Eclipse, and call them great horses because we lrave iiennv o nl a llllliioii ui iiuii'iis. i. in. i - . ii have taken his position nl lhe mouth oftlie pass, about five miles from our encumpini nt, with 21.000 men. We inuiii'ihaiely moved up to an advantageous posi tion, between him and us, nnd formed in battle array. The first gun was lired about four o'clock in llie nfter toon, but no fighting of any amount wns done that day, merely a few discharges from the artillery. At the first oeen of dawn on the morrow, we resumed ..ur iinsinon. nud three coinnaiiits Irom our regiment , Imps others. I say thai preferences have been shown were sent on lhe mountain side, to hold in cheek Fight regiments of Mexican soldiers, with n party of Lancers, were sent against us. vNe stood and re turned their lire for some leiigih of time. The bullets fell about us us tlrik as hail stones. At length they became so destructive that we were oidcred to retreat to a ravine near us ; il was sometime before llie offi cers succeeded in tin igmg the men off, such was their ' ardor for the fight. ' .1 pped back they pursued us we rallied, and, wilh lhe assistance of two pieces ol'nitilleiy, drove them back again. Hut I need not continue ; you will see the details of the battle in the pajiers; let this suffice, il continued all day, until darkness veiled the scene. And now lay hundreds and hundreds of mangled nnd wounded wretches, writhing nud groaning ill ngony. I escaped without a wound or a scratch, although severul cannon balls ne.nit.tliiiiilirii.lii.i-iiniNeillsi.dll ! ills- siq pi, he has occupi d his ,i -1, in.l lo the .a-tulg d.sgiaee ol ti - . i J -uy thi-sel.ils it he dale, nud 1 vwi, ,. ' ill it will startle i-ve.t h.s hnrdeiie I ni.l i . . e ..iunise him now-, that n resolut.o i oi iuiiiiry, w u . a it. .only lo send lor persons n:t I pi?rJ,wi,l he uio.cJ upon him at the next sesiuui oi Coiiguss, it II is in the power ol oue Hiliiiiiil.lensinvn-lt to (tnija-s it, and unless their is nnolher Loco lWoiuajoril) to cover up the hands ol the Aduuui-lrnlion." 'llieN Y. Fxpn-ss sajs Rumors in the street as to the dispmlul th-eigueea tnillio-n lom, give new force nud pungency to such i-haiges as llu-sc. " John Williams. ! passed within a few inches of my head. looker, seaurin. I Killed on the 'J5IA I nomas . onuuricit, miusnip- mni; Jni Wilhnmsou.s'ain-m. HWitffioH the llth..V S. Baldwin. Lieutenant, slightly i FJw.ird Black, seaman, slightly i .Matthias iSice, seaiinu, sugntiy , vv nimiii n iiuitnu, ocunmu, shghlly ; Deforest Cary, seaman, slightly. H'ounde.l on the iith. '1 hree seamen, (lightly, names nol nscertnined. Hespectlully, your otieiiicni servnni, M. C lT.UItY, Comnnnding Home Squadron. Hon. Y. Misov, Secretary ol the Navy. Captain Auhck npjiointedn commissioner by Com mo hire l errv on nenaiioi me nnvv. line ceneral-in luel nol being nble, iu consequence ol the roughness of the sen, to communicate wilh the navy until ntler commissions had been exchanged) and being present by tjenetai conns invitation, ami concurring!!! lhe result and appioving thereof hereto affixes his name and riguatuie. J. II. AUI.lCIv, Capt. U S. N, lleaduuailers of thennnv ul lhe Untied Stales o: America, Cnmp Washington, before Vera Cruz, Maich27, 1817. Approved and accepted: WINFIFLD SCOTT. .ii. ij. icmv x , Commander in-chief U.S.N, forces liullot Mexico. Vtnx Criz,Makzo27, 1817. Arprobad y ncceptado : JOSE JUAN DE LANDCUO, The following was issued Irom headipiarlers, whith directs lhe manneruun force to take Ksae.ioti ot the surrendered w-oiks. The brigade designated by Major lieu, l'attcrsou, is Gen. 1'illow's ; General Orders No. 72. Army HtxPiJi'AitTERS, Camp Washington,) Before Veru Cruz, March 28. s 1. By unities ol capitulation signed and exchanged, lhe city ol vcruuiuz anu uic caeue oi nan juan ue Ulloa. wilhtheir dciiendenciis, nre to be garrisoned bv lhe forces of the United Slates to morrow, nt IU o'clock A. M. . 2. lu lhe meantime no officer or man of said forces will approach either of those places nenrer lliuuour batteries, Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, lesiieclively, except by special order or jiermission on some mailer ol public duty. 3. Fending the ceremony of surrender, the whole army will stand by its arms, each corps near Us pre. sent ground, ready to attack and advance il necessary, I, The first brigade of regulars, and a volunteer bri gade tube dtsignated by Major General I'utterson, together with any detachment horn the United Stntes squadron under Coin. IVrry lliai he may I lcoed to desigiu.te,will be present nt the cciemoniesol eva cuating and surrendering. These forces will occupy such Kj9iiions nl the ten-monies ns inny be assigned by Urtgodier General Worth, detachments ol whose brigade will garrison tie surrendered works. lliinltlifftu Knrrittniig.wiih their tiecessarv cuards. seulineis, and puttuls, are duly established, no oilier will, however, doubtless be in lull activity early to- ,.l,IuI(:!' '.'I' Frineelon being olmut lo start for 1 hiladelplua, I lute but a moment to continue this report. Alj the batfrirs. Nos. 1,2.3, -I, and 5, nre in owful activity this morning. Therllect is, no doubt, very great, audi think lhe city cannot hold oul bevond to day. 1 o-iiiorrow- morning ,n0y ,,e ew inorlatB will be in a position lo add their fire.wht n, or alter lhe delay of some twelve hour., if no proposition to surreii. der shoild lie received, 1 shall organiie parlies or car rying the city by assault. So fur llie defence has been spoiled and obstinate, I cm-lob. u i-onv of o memorial received 1, :..t. signed by the coiisuls of Greoi Britain, France, Spam person whatsoever will be allowed, except oil special nud Fiussis, within Vera Cruz, asking me to unuu 1 hum n. enipreliher nlihe surrendered places. truce toenable the neutrals, together wilh Mexican C. The inhabitants ot Vera Crui.and tlieirproperty, ' There is but n step, 4c." In the last Manchester (-V. .) Messenger quite an afl'ecting article on the " instability of attachments " follows one on " early potatoes" ! This reminds us of a touch of tho mixed-sentimental wo remember to have &een once iu Blackwood. A vulgar and doting mother, e. p itiating on the domestic qualities of her daugh ter to one whose regard sho desired to attract, says: "Uli, wr. ircsicy, coiuu juu scu mj dauchter eniraeed in "her household duties ! She is almost perfect in the kitchen. She even peels potatoes with a nccooliar grace ! " Madam," said Crcslcy, gravely, " would that I wero a pntatoo !" Polk's Filgrimngc lo North Cnrollnn. It is stated in the I'ln'on that President Polk intends to visit North Carolina, the State of his birth, during tlio coming summer. Wo pre sumo ho will not fail to visit the ancient family seat, and to call to mind the sturdy nnegiance of his tory ancestor, Uzckicl Polk, who deserted his country for British protection in the days of the Revolution. It is useful, oftentimes, to re fresh our patriotism by contemplating- tho heroic virtues of those who have gone before us ! U" Our venerable contemporary of tho Sorth Star thinks it is " bad tnsto " ill us to poke fun at tho "neglected syntax" of his and other Infanticide. The body of a new-born child, wrapped in rags, was found in one of the ra- On the morrow, Sjnta Anna was not to be seen, vines near the Camp-sroimd on the 2M inst. he having retreated during the night. His loss was iurv of innuet. siimmoiid bv the SherilV. rcn- nbouiMOOjours.sixorst-venhundred.k.l ed.w Jeiwl a vcnlict that tlio child 'came to its death ed, and prisoners. hat a sight the field ol battle i presented! Arms, legs, heads and bodies scattered , 'V """ "" -""" "I- every where. 1""')' indicated that violence had been Used. 6'ucA scenes make me sick of if ar nnd all its glo- ( nes. I nm now m the hospital, wnn i.. i . inn, my t ahets at est 1'oist, Among tuo ap-im-ssninte.nnd others of our company who are wound- .a;ntlnellts 0f Cadets, to enter tho .Military Aca ed They are djing here daily I slep, b) - the , Ue of n dead man, so near I could put my baud on his lace. , 1 devole the most of my time to E. I . Hill, who was '"" "'s,' wounded iu lhe thigh, but will probably recover. We Vermont, 2. IIenkv C. Hodces of tho 1st that tend upon the hospital do all in our power for the i District ; 1). RiciiAKD Ransom of the 'Jd district. comfort of the wounded ; yet many of them muif die, others lose their limbs, &c. We shall probably be discharged here, without go ing fatllier into Mexico. There is some talk of nn olher battle, bui I think it a false report, 1 saw Henry Clay a moment before he was shot ; he was n great loss. But I must close. Excuse this, ns I hnve writ ten It in the greatest hurry, jumping up every moment to attend to the wants ol some wounded man. Yours, atr-et innately. The Appropriations for the Ycnr. The irtishiin-fiui (,'m'oi gives the following as the appiopriations for the current year. Tho Union says : ' Theso appropriations are large, nier either olthe surrendered places. Women and clllldttn. til Wlthdruw from the seen.. ,.r n . ,.It,...I ,,i,.l, r (Km ur..iriiiir,l ol everv American's. havoc about them. I shall repiy, the moment lliai au honor land any miscreant who shall do injury lo any opportunity may be takcn,tojy, That a truce ran persons or proieriy. shall be promptly brought belore only be grinned on the application of Governor Mo. u iniluury commission, under General Orders. 20. i n surreiiuer ; . i uui jiiM-uuing i jiy comuiaiid ol atojor ueu. riU i i , inles. wilh a view to safeguards to tlic dilltriiit consul tack is llie I3.ll jut. , beginning as tar II. L. SCOTT. Asst. Act. Adi. Gen. ;.7ili,March,.ll7. said uflheinassuch. Slilbinostot us would N-piuiled 1 1 tell wherein these horses ditiered, or in fact whetem th.-y were particulirly distinguislved fro.ii nher fast horses. Sir Henry's iedigreehasobviou-ly sometliing besides length lo it, jet 1 doubt whether 1 nm the only one who doesnotunderstanJ it. " Chiltenden Coan ty" seems to be nt home in these things, and if he will tell ine about Bashnw or Feather over and nbove what is naled iu llie advertisement, he will give me some light whiih I have not got. And while he has his hand in, will he be good enough to tell about Sir Ar chy, and Donned, and Prospect, and Henry, and the rest ct them. If he can do this, he shall have my thanks. If he cannot, pray, what does he want of a pedigree! 1 make these remarks, Mr. Editor, to show- that we, ns yet, are not prepared to appreciate a pedigree to tell whether it is true or false, good or bad. I say ngain," J" is right. Let us be moderate, ex ercise n proper degree ol caution, nml we shall toon put the Society on a basis of commanding influence, not less creditable to the Managers than advamsge ousto the agricultural interests tf the County Be fore we in-ist upon certain conditions to premiums, let us put in the hands of the Secretary (to w hose effi ciency I nm happy to bear testimony) the means of determining w hether these conditions are complied with. I do not vv ish to be tin Jerstood as " J's" critics seem erroneously, ns 1 think, to have understood him, as objecting to pedigrees ns a test of value. On the con trnry, I go as far as he wf o goes farthest. Bat let us start right. I am satisfied that the best nnd only sure way of improving nock, is by the mot enreful ntten tion lo pedigree. Tlic English have brought the horse to a degree of perfection beyond which there la scarcely anything to be desired. And how have they done this! Not certainly by using i-hnnce colls to t.mrAa t.n. ...,l.l ... I 1 I m , ill New Vntli s: I " wum uui ue sola, 1 Iley oegan ine wots. far from being fat, he is a small young genilenian of ,lv0 hundred jeare ago, having then a poorer race of norses tnan we nave now large, bis-boned, loose. jointed, nnd small muM-led. By introducing the hinh bred Arabian, (whose pedigree could lie traced per haps lo the mare which Mahomet himself rode,) whose want of size was more than compensated, by toughness nud compactness of muscle nnd hardness of bone.lhey got a medium sized -o.luce of vastly more power according to weight than the larger dam, nnd of greatly improved nction nnd courage. The im provement ilius commenced was ktpt up by the se lection of the best get of the best sires out of the best dains, down through Childers, Eelipv, Matchem Herod, Tanner, Dioined, Ac . until the best blooj hotse of the present day may fairly I considered the het nf th . Itfrnt nt, .............. : l . , . -'""i"-sviiHiigne nigiiest result ol two Mr. Jrllerson llru-k. This iudiv idual lias nt last been discovered the in div idual whoeieated (in the imagination of the Bur lington Flee Tress) such " n flutter of excitement" here nt the Falls He is the war correspond-in of the NewYork Kowdy Journal, nnd not ola Vermont pa per as represented by the Free Press, He is not a Colonel, neither is fie" fat and ferocious." England Ins heard of Jclfeison Bock. Europe das lieatd of Jellerson lines. ami .viartin Cliuzlewu was intro rtuced to nun on a certain tune, very juvenile ajin-aranee, nud unwliolesoinely pale in the tace. llclloics lulls Gazette. O Tlio lUlloics Vails (lazette Ins been im posed upon. Colonel Jellerson Brick, is pre- because they were made for a state of war-to j c'5el-v ,1,B n,an v:c presented him to be. lie support tho rights and honor of our country." ' not b' any means ' a small young gentleman Tho government official has the decency to put of very juvenile appearance, nnd unwholesouily ndash( ) after the word "war," leaving tho 1 11'1'0 tho ftce." Ho is a robust, ro.l-f.tced and latter clause of the sentence to be applied to tho j Tcr' warliko-looking pjrson. And r.olhing war, or tho appropriations, as his readers please, "ould be far.her from the truth than the statc- Wc call this a slight twinge of remorse.' Tho 1 ,mlu " ",c W!,r correspondent of Union well knows that this Mexican war will j tlie Y' R"'tly Journal," Ho has lieen spc imver bo called, bv the future historian, a war 1 ciiilly engaged, like Sir Lucius OTriggcr, to commenced " to support tho rights and honor of , kl'rP UP ,he S0 ''o ferocious fire-eater , "l"" "f carelul improvement-an animal ot v our country." nppoinieu v,tiiiain ol tlio Ver-i " ueauiy, power ot endurance and spirit, which country For the civil and diplomatic expenses of the government, $1,112,790 87 For the support ol nrmy nnd volunteers, j.,17tt,tijl Ks For the support of the navy, y,307,Vis 10 For lhe support of post otbee department, 1,115,100 00 l or the support oi tne inuianueparimeni, ixjijji va " democratic papers." On reflection wo believe For the support of the military academy, 121,906 . , . . .. , , For building ond equipping stenmihips, 1,000,000 he is rlrrht nbout it. lirofoco nolilics are bad every olher way, and we incline to think there is a decent kind of congruity in their being advocated in bad grammar. XTThc last Yankee Doodle is decidedly, head, iind-slioulders, above all its predecessors. It i as " rich" as John Jacob Astor I . For revolutionary and other pensions. For concluding (H-sce wilh Alexico, ror tne erection oi ugni-iioust-s, Miscellaneous, Total, $57,yJ7J V3 i 00 I 00 1,334.700 00 3tW0,Oi)0 00 618,830 Oil 310213 13 ITT Wearing mousu-enejis pronounced to lie convenient and cheap method of putting tho up per lip in mourning for tho loss of tho brains. inont Company of Volunteers, nnd whose valor, ! ca" V," ou 8 cam,18c sixteen miles in an hour, or according to the Woeklstnek .Ufrcurt. sinks m ,rom ll,,' ''Stn t" dark without precisely in tho ratio that tho probability rises that ho shall be called into actual eerv ce. Co lonel Brick is tho man to deal witii such chicken-hearted humbugs. Timely Notice sustennnce.or carry you on lu, lack four miles in less man twice as many mmutes. This is whai care has done elsewhere, ana what the same care will do here itui neiorc vve accomplish this, we mui look to I nre and dam, nnd lo their pedigrees. There can be no improvement in an eternal guessing. Fixed prin clples of action, w itH proper care in their application, ore just as neeary t0 meeess in the improvement If the A'cciie Sentinel, the llellou-s Falls Ga. ' " lhe olt,er " '"'x"'8 f hfc. zette, tho CMr.on( Eagle, and other '-- 1 Wttlfr'1-April 15, 1817. A McvntK. montane papers don't drop that 'camphor bottle,' U'iiiiIpiI ! .vo shall feel ourelvos obliged to call the at-' pKOM 30 to W acresof good Paiurge,hv tention of the civil authority to the mittcr. 1 Hu,i,c,o, April si, ii7 VU'AS 'V N0YK?

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