Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, April 23, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated April 23, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, APRIL 23. 1847. tfcuiil inlcnbar. CHITTENDEN COUNTV. Omit)' Court. Reported lor the l'Vc Press. Marth--i.Mli. SrvnmaD Sc. nl c Moom: -This was nn nu.ljti que rch to 8 nidc a jmlsm.Mil rendered ngumt the com pi.". by a ju.tUd th" P -.ce. in ! ftES ,n, of he oii.hmnm. it'ienefclctidanti was n minor at the tunc liju lg. I nrn " "en. 'red. an I nm.--.iml in tint ml !y tu tor rv- Tl c Coiirt li-U that ns the suit '" friiw h . ?l,toe oml ' lh.- iil"c- "f 'lehnlant n o, ! tV in li lint oiitv ns I' n,hutm to the ih. r tivisnmlXclcd a indict lor the ,,la,nt,II with nominal uantnges. , , . Sihvtcr for llic pi: i tifl9- , . Kasso.v Sc. I'.ndlrwooi) lor defe ndant. A A VxuxTnr r Chester IY.att.-This wa, an action on the case lor obtaining goods by liniidulcnt re, rcentalWu. It appeared that the was a merchant m New Yolk, and the do cii.lnnt who was then doiiiebusincsjatCliarlotte.apphcd tolnin tupur chase n bill of goods upon six months credit. I he lilaiiilill'not knowing the delrndont, enquired ol him particularly in relation to his situation and tircum'tan les. slating to linn that he enquired for the purpose or nssertauiing whether lie could cell Inm the goods or not The defi'it lanl in answer to these enquiries sta t dtlnt he ind a sto.-k ofgjojs worth about 91GJJ nbjjt i" valiJ note, an I ueeoiints-thal he wis ilomgi a 'oJ buni"w ,an.l owed o ily SWJ in N. 1 . nnd nothing in VYimont.orcl-ewhere.nudthathcwas vvotth S-WJ over mid above till debts Upon the f nth ol these representations, goo Is were delivered to him on credit, to the amount 1 1 about Sll Shortly alter the delendant returned from New 1 ork, his piopcrty uns attached by his father, who redded ill crtnont, on a debt of between SiOOO and j3i)lk), due at the tune that the representation.) above stated wcte made, and subsequently sold upon executi n. And liom that tone the defendant hn been insolvent and irresponsi ble The delendant denied nuking tli rcpiesenta. tions charged, and that the goods were delivered upon the faith of them. Verdict lor the pluiutill $135,00. Smallev & PiiEt-r lor plaiiitill! Tickli. & ICissox lor ileleiidant. Cnxs Mills r IIemiv W. CATi.rx. This was an action upon the. covenant against incumbrance'? in a I i,l n of laud, sold bv the to the iilaintill It appeared that ut the time the deed was executed, thepreiuiseie weie subject to a life estate in another person In the deed the premises were des. c ted as " all the land 1 own" in n ceitaiu place. defendant claimed that this description conveyed rmiv the interest the defendant lnd in I lie premises, nml that the lile estate was not tl.ereiore an maim, branee on ibe land conveyed so as to be within the cuieuaul Hut the Court held otherwise and lelt the , sii.iiefdjmagcs to thejury. Vcrdictlorthe plain, nil cloJ. I! i . Purr for i.lnlntifT. K.iiJ.s S-. I JtsK iK for dideiidant. March 30th. i-mctF OrvoTTE Tluswas an indictment for wi ,ui mid in iin.iuuiiiischicl in throwing a tone thro' win. low of a dwelling house in the night nine. Vcr tl ' ui!t' and sentence In pay a trie nl S3J and cost. II lL, it -s Any lor the prosecution. Siivt ill, for respondent S'nir r (. las Cir.MLNS This was nn indictment lur 'mig ary and th.-lt in breaking into the l'ot Oliice n 'he n j'n lure and Mealing money theiclium The tl .re was committed by ihe icspondeiit and one IIur.v- it.-'o, who lecauie a witn.,fc3 lor the gov. erniii it nn. I I'tfitied on llietriil. 'erdicl guily and i,i nt ii e i m tu-s l'nson lor I year. Jl s ie Atly A- Mayvihd for prosecution. Lull tlmilx, lor ihe ri".poudent. .March 31st J & J It Pi i; t Co r Jositii 8m:t.!-TIi'h 'vim h i upon twopiinitit'is!i,r s.jmiund Jj) o i-s. uiiu.i by til- ilelVu iant toili" plaintill's li,r H i !) s ii.l to the d.l'elldaut'aso.l J. .S nit, jr. It u reiilhatj Ninth, tr was a contractor upon th L iirra Uoad, ami i.ppli'.'il to tlic plaintit! V to ji ii iae iit)uJa They requiring n tnrantpe. lie- pro c. J o:k Jra.n In- t illur f-r ttie a mo nit ut J JO tt-iliars. a i took munUiit tiili':rfiittnm. tu iht ainoantnf that r iranty and about ?HH)uur. O.i ln'in aTin cal i' I on lur a gu iranteu by the ! :t i n 1 1 f Ue ubtaiueI an r 1 r liom the itflfiubm fur lh. aii.o.iut ul r?I5J and i oods to an amount rxccciling that iini, and tna k 4 tlji to the iil'.intilffs in all about j.V1". At this t Ir inaJe a jiaynient to the piamtill-tof 'I'lns t v 'lit 'lie jinitit'iiN claimed was ngrt-i'd to lie ap t. it to h it p .it id th debt thru dm and not covered nie u' ante , and the balanti to p-nnin in th h ,1 .' . , S.o.ltrlj no ...,.A..t -..t, f..n i.i .icii.u....!..i.ti Li..,J ..,r A...I nnnM...i I - .dnd.aUrlh.tllj;SmitiJr.,uo.;Uoncredu j"' YOIII' t""1 ST JLVtS C ht to a cuimderabl' ninount. On the part of ihe defend-. c I roprietors hav nrrnti"d with the tlimn ant it wai't.iimed that the payment o was ex- !lnm transportation Cuinpany to blnp daily, (riun- ,.t.r,. u,i. .'t.:. . , dav s executed. i bv Sicniniri lrilmpi"rt.un..ItlieJeU due covered by thed.tend.! tv 5 g i ii.iimit-h, ni orurr 10 rf in v ua i Ii.h ft-iioiiibtiitv A'id on tin- norit tlr delendant fi m e ei I. elle'e . . I --in.u'.i e. ,e....,er, tin,!, r Hie general count lorn mall lull ot hum claim- n. iiirclni'd or h id. The Couit ch irged that the g 1 ..niecs from th-ir terms were n it continuing and i lua.l the dele-nil nil iejiiiiiMlie fur Ii s la k u,i u.Hi.i t!i 'in to th.-ir re-spectiu- aiiiou'its I'nat u ...... ,. ... , 1, outie init-ii lane, mii(.ii lie eieiiieu 11 le . b p 1 It Ihe debtor diiecled no application, the c w-mid nave a right lo apply it, and ifu-itller ,,! d il. His law w mid applj it to lh it o lion o a H lii.-t d le, an I et to lliejii.v lotn, w , ,. i, il any w-augreed wheihir t.c iiinnai ue I InrhiJ been sold u defendant. i t tor delfiidant A 1'uk an.l Purr t Plck lor phiinilli. i: 1II.1.LV A. Putu-s lor deleudant .1 N Pnita .V a.llll'ri' Joiril I'nnnrnir nnd tee-rt i. . I' ll' .is a i ir evaierlots .Vi lei 17 1 1 lli.liujtu.i T.i- elelen Imt .1 Cnr- ti i c 11. ned title l.y the'tatu eof limitations, and the HJ-r Uet-n lints denied b'l 12 in' Disses-ion ol the preiiiis-s. Verdi-i for plamiirl'vs Jm.-p!i Coibeille lor p.eiiiis.s ex- mii s rods deep ol lot 17. k i.uiv A- si.,., , r.. c. .'.i ,r u .. , ,1111,111,1,. A Puictf WcT0.iliir detendaiiuj. April lt, SlATtrT CiiAMBEnms. This was an indictment fir a 1 1, mm . in n hum- own-d by the re- on lent sit. patrj m the corner of Mam oud Pine Stiten in liar-I'"-' ni. and c aimed to lie disorderly and in a filthy e htion Pur ihe defence it was shown lint the a ue was in iKjwsMon id Hliants, who lield unelerl.,lr.,.i.. l,ed and carelullv ham! s i trom the resiion rcspiin lent and it w as claimed thai , 1 aili r llie-S" eireiltiislimee the tu,ninli.Mr u-n. m.t hn ll forth" iuhiv- if any existril Considerable les I -ii'iny w as jnirodueed on both sides as to the condi ti m ami character of the houi" Tne Court charged for the purp issofthe trial that tmderthe circtuntan. res sh iecn, ihe repon.leut was liable, and under this el -c lion the ury tumid Ihe respondent gudly upon tw o counts of the indictment and not guilty upon the rest. Hill, States Atty Sc. Adims lor prosecution A Plck und rsMALLF.v eV. Pnr.i.rj for respondent. I'urtlier from .llexlce. Papers of ttie city of Mexico, opto March 2 1, have .........I .., ll.L,,,.. M-, .. lf n receiveil nt Jsew Orleans The pro-jn-M ot Sain Anna has it. elf liioit of interest He took leave ol Ins army March 1 i, at San Luis 1'utosi. in u brief and h ip. pyadJress, fullof coniphment to them lortheircon. dnetat the IHd of " Li Anaosmra," protestations of patniiusiii for liimself, and haired of iheir " perli Jious invaders" He states tint had already sent forward leeobitsadesof infantry and one of cavalry, with their batteries, to assist in the defence of Veta Cruz. The ret of the unity is lo defend the frontier. The 1 ica. )une says of his march to the capital I'rom San Luis M the city ol .Mexico Santa Anna's progress vtns triumphal. He continually metdeleijn tions from Con jress sent out to propiitaie him. Ad- lreKsis frnm tl.e Jitlerent states were nresented to 1 II 111 on h.s roule. lie arrived in the immediate vicinity of the -npiial on tlie'.'Ollt. Ull the W I lie IikiK llie oain of oliice as rre'sidentof the Republic at the city ot (.uad.ihtne de. Hidaluo. The alternoon ol ihe follow ing day he entered the city of .Mexico with ureal pomp and solemnity. A Te Ileum was sung in the metro - politan church, where he received the felicitations ot ineautliorinesandcorporaiions. 1 ne caifineiot snta Anna isco'nposeii ns louows M,.....o. vi ..r. t it ... . 1 1 I.... 1) .Mamiiulltern. Mim.ter At! I ITS ! 1) Jltatl Hondeio.of the Treasury ; U 1'rancisco (Jutierrcz of W ar The Inaugural Alelressof Santa Anna indicates notliiiinof Ins future policy. He Is highly complimen tary to Congress and ihe people, and not a little so min ,n,n-wTii, eieciurca no principles, auu is umy Buperlluous in words. We see nothing concerning the grant of money by theclergy to Sanu Anna ' Santa Anna is said to bave nllied himself w ith the party ol tunas, nnd tu be detctmincd to Bupimrl llie war at the expense of llie church. AGuaelalajara paper publishes ihe terms olTered by our government lor pence through Atocha. The nrinoipvl one was in brief, fifteen millions io he paid Mexico for Ilia line of SB . degress front the liulf, to ihe racilic,and the Lhiited .Viatew to demaitj no expenses ofthe war. These exienses nre estimated ntlhirteen inilhous, making a total of twenty-eight millions for the territory liuriti of id degrees. From Ver Cbix There w;ere o numlier of arri vals at New.Orleans on the 6th iust. from 'eru Cruz, bringing dates on the 2d. Among the passengers in the neamer Alabama, which left on the 3lstult., touching at Tampico, was .Mr, llaile, the army cor re.potidi nt of the l'lcayune, who communicates the following .March 29. The Surrender. Our nrniy was draw;n up in two lines, lacing inward, nnd occupying a mile in extent (Jen. Worth appeared on llie field in full uni form, to direct the arrangements and receive the con quired troops, A detachment of sailoti and marines lidded inuelt to ihe i (fret ,l 10 o'clock the Mfiieanj army Iickiii to nppenr, the column taming between our lines Women mid children accuinpiuied the mops, bear tut heavy burdens. Their I v halted be tween our lines, stucke.l their nuns, laid down their colois mid eq iipmsiits, nml then mnrched oil, our troops (Ihose detailed lor Ihe putposc liom Woilh's diyisiu,,) nnrcheJ Into the citvnt iliesnme time, with col irs Hying an I the hands plni ini nntinnnl nirs dipt. An eiMius company, 3 I A tulery, nii.1 Cnpnin Ken drick a of the ttj, eutefed the nistb.nnd Licit Vnn lieUco,piny,ofths 3 I Artillery, tnuk possession of I ortfcdiitiano, rim up lh.. Ameticuu llig, and lircd a nalii.unl nilnte. .March 3J There were 100 pieces of aitillery in position nronnd the ril y, nn Ins many more disinoun-li-.l, many ol the latter useless. Th" enemy laid down about 4U.KJfi.iiul of mm., nnd 1001) mure were louiid in the cay, snj ing nothing of the swords, hnccs nnd n very large Hue ol shell, Mid shot nnd Hiwder. Ihegientcnslleisgnrrisoncdby ihe MIowinR com V"!1' AndersonV, Cap! Tuvlor-s, and ldcut ?!' , "ftl'f aJ Artillery, unde'r the couimatid ol Lol : Helton. Ithas ICO cuns mounted, several of t hem ii, lorn !, 1. . ,..iL 1 "'I'll n deiul-lune ami covered way on the sen-side: A vast quantity (ifanimunitlon was lound in the work, (.en beolt, oid'red 10,000 rations lo be issued to ....... , la u it-uuiiir OasilOIKU OIK, iiiesiiiieiiiig puor 01 Veracruz, nnditwns ing si cue tu witness the crowd of boll turcs ns tney g.itliereil timidly nround ill a v U c t s . Ilrlglilon .1InrI;it--.11oii(lny, April 10. retorted ror. the traveller 1 At market, 3'JO llecf Cattle, 3j yokes workingoxen, CD Cows.V Calves, 1 100 Sheep, and nbout Wnu Swine. Mnikil brisk, und nil told ut ndvmic'cd piices Irom last week. , Jlref C.ille r,tra, 670; lirst quality 87,00 j se cond and thud qualities, fiom lo SG,ii lluiUme Vxcn Sales noticed at SW, $91, S100, and SI37'J. Cutct ami Calves Sales noticed at S20, SC.SU.nnd S3 1 loj.50. Sheep Lots taken at 5.2.C3, S-,75, $30 and QlfiO, and one lot very line at iOfiO. i'iriHCS.iles at w hole-ale, 5c for Sow s, nml Co for Birrows. At retail, (10111 C to 7Ju per lb. an adtiiuce of iu from last week's priced. Ilostmi Mnrki:tApril 19, 1817. :.VIX. Duty -JO per cent. Dealcis have operated more freely during the week pasi, and have taken a considerable poition ol the late arnwils ol yellow, and several cargoes white Corn About "0 a bushels h.i e also been taken for v a nous shipui.'iits, white bS ! We, mid yellow tint 191 per bushel ; Northern round and nijved nt SltJi I0j per bushel Oats s.'arce, and p i es fitni j sales Eastern, H ill I'Je, and Noith Uiver, 5'J r oio per bu.-hel. At the close, there is but little Glain alloat unsold. WOOL. Duty, 30 per ct There continues to he n fair demand for the various grades ol pulled mid lleece Wool ; the stock is light, and foiinerpiiees are lully susuincd. 1 nine r-ixony rieeces, wished - -- -- ID American full blood do. 10 do 31 do. ----- 3o do do 3 J do l'lA'comdo. ----- !J8 Sin) ma, iinuahed, S llueiios Ayres, unpitkcd, ----- 0 13 1 1 l,trn .Nonh'n pulled Inmb, - - - Snji North'n pulled lamb - - - - No I do do do - - - - V. do do do - - - - U do do do - - - - TRAVIS & CO'S NORTHERN LINE. 1 fi A 7 r Jr 5. Tlia I'rnprietors oi'tliU I.ini-will riiiitiniie In rim it Six liny Line nl liontsJutmg the prcs enl s aon of Navit'ilion. for the Transportation eif ad Property cntruated lo thein, with sifely mid des- , patch, l'treen UL'HUXUTO.V AXl) WIIITIMIALL, on Lake Clninplain, which with iheir Line of lirt clasi cipel. Ciinnl nit.1 t.ll0 11. t. n ill Imm II .'-'- ---acu ill ne-llllirs ! ,e ill'.- 1 Iilllw,OIIJIIOIIOI I ropeity, with de.-pntch andsaf-ly all (.nuns iiii i r.n i.v iiii Ann inmUKKD. W A TUAVia, ,Sf, Whitehall i O 1 IILOL'NT, .li-e,,, Tiny ; L .1 . STAIllv, "Agent. Xew.Yoik. Boats of tin, Ll-le St.W VOII K. A LHA- Sill I' hi- :itii.-i:iTH ?ietc- Vur'cnnd Troy Erne I jrc-)i(s. Er i-'ecthf apply to I, .1 Sl''l 1. l.le.-. Olill, x. II .1 TV'. I VIS, H'hteWl; A A TCIIIIS, S huy errdtc ; t) V lil.uL'XT, l'J3 Ji car-street, Tioy ; D C 'I.E. If.! 1'ier A bany; A CLAIIK, Cojnsti".' Landing; V.; ''.-.V 1M V ,V.ii' . iJiii. XILIMLS IN HUUTOS St. Allan'); 11 II HMJ.i:. 1'lnltr.lutKh ; COLVIS ! TlUMlil.t!, l'oit Kent ; 11' . SAX 12. Cansil .- l'OLLETT X DI'xAIH.l'.Y, ) J, Ic J II. PECK, il CD . J Burlington ; r e.- Il'irtl.. t j s WAiii:. ) X WEIlli N CO , Eiate-t Vuint; ll'.U llUlillAM. CUmplain; j c J'i.ihce isox, ) ... ,,.. r r ll'.l. rutin:. St. Johns, C. L. MATllEWSOXX. SIXCLAIi:, Montreal; II' C JlhXDEItiOX, Quebec; Tit A VIS .tCO. X I) All Goods shipped hy tins Line will be no 'Mark Goods Care TltAVlrf eV CO. 13 if Clmiiiphiin & Connecticut Ilivt r Itnilrond. IjvtsJ Ciy 4i .Cririi All assessment ol five dollars, on tacit share of the Capital Sunk of theChamplain nnd Connecticut Ktv er Railroad Company, has been ordered bvihe elirec tors, and made ptjab'le on the 23th day of .May next. lur,r.u M ll1.iirtr I? nt .nnL HlnrL 1? i ft- II,. I. raiment liny oe mane at ine tianu oi iMiriuiLrion low" VU lir Cbe.-birc Uink, Kene N II , nt the olfice of II Iwaid I'lfkering 1 . No. OJ State Stieet IJjton, or ot the office ot the Trensurer i 'IUwJ SA.ML. SWIFT, .MidJlebury April 15, 1317 XEIV SABBATH SCHOOL LIBRARY or ido vols, run gut. on ibe .Oih ins; Nti. of the ill nn Library t,fi 100 u volumes. ior ii. i nc iiooks win ne ot ine r? mo. size, well primed on Rood paper; he niaily and suuiiiiiiiiiuiy ouiu,uuu vary 111 Me 110111 a to ,11 paes. Tor cheapness and adapiedness to its object, ihts Library will have no equal in this, or auyoiher, country. The large sales which have attendee! No. 1, ami the commendations bestow eel upon it by those best capable of judging ol its merits, is sullicient warrant for savint! Ihat the Jurth. coming set will be still more acceptable to those w hose wants il is ele signed to meet. Parents, Superintendents of Sabbath Schools, 1 ,. Principals of common schools nml iieaileinies. are 1 to an advciliseincnt in the N Y Observer of I the llh, and the N. 1 . I.vangehet of the f0r n calale'gue ol the Lioous. .... . ....... I The (lenernl Cutlilouue eif the Socicl n.lihilims nte cotistnntlv making, now em! t In. i lire humlied lound rouwie.exitcsl I... sxiihlinih Sehoeil Libraries. An examination I catalogue (which is lurniMicu (jiuiuni,uiy llolt) IS SOIIClietl Ol lltoe uuoui nine uustii nr.t..r reeeleed bv J. C MLLKS. 433 11", Xassau Stieet, X. April 15,1317. Notice TS hereby given, thai the subscriber, will, T'". t'r".., "...V. ,r i,..i.l ,.n,I s,.,.il.,l irw i inn. uii i"'"Oi 'Iv.' "; 'r: ' JO N I I AULCY I tU lluthngtou, Aptil lo, ln!7 1'our tmS.ltllu. IUST RKCKIVKI). A jink wrr Diamo.mi " reiinteel Hold Tens, I'urse ltingsndTassel,Stone llracelcls, rtsioi nml 1 1 nil 1 uoen, uagueneoijpe i a ses, nnd n lol of fine Silver lupine Wnielies. and other new Joeds. IHtlNSMAID JtltOTIIIlll.S. LOST, IX the small building near Skinner's Stable, on the SOlh iust., a ulicr quaiiier WATCH, Iu which a wlver lob-chain and dogs head key were attached. Any iersou who may have found said watch, and will return it tu the subscriber shall be hlerilly rewar ded ihertlor. DAVIp CUKL'N. Hurlinjton April 5, l"l' MJy nsuallv eat, last 5300 people at leas, four, day,, bat it on sale, in'an quan i v.byVl k Z ectable w ho?e! 'ihe'nv '1! mt !n 1""r,!,l'; 'T ' l""1,0 ol Uile grocers in the L'asicm c-ilies ', fby bis ngen, the provisions. I l,e city and castle were exhausted Messrs. Hawts, Gray Sc. Co , Huston : James ol provisions. It is a characteristic nl Alexicans that lliince ,t Co.. llsiirnnt. r'i Il,.,.,., M,,nn.. V U-! ii-ui vp B urn's. 1 nese inti.tns t.-. any iion lay in stores, oui live irom nana to tnoutli fsSii'iiirT is upon us. MOV O.N f HANI) and roR svu;, rniisii 1M l.ndeii Seeds of Acw Hampshire, New Yolk, nnd e.tern Rrowth. Also n cod nssorttneut of Mower beed. CATI.IN & SHJAIl. Lvdiange Uuilduig, Water Street- 43w0 pmn'Khv si:cds FOR RMJ tlV 1 43ttC CATLIN & srEAtl. I? & J. W1LUER & CO -3 Cast Steel Trowel, tempered Hoes, n superior nrticle. a. ion CATLl.N Jc SPEAU. April 23, 1317, 43.3 W. linker's ,lin'cin, Homeopathic mid French Chocolate, I rcmrcj Cocoa, Cocoa Paste, liroma, Cocoa riO Merchants and Co.nsvmeks, who would pur chae the best products of the cocoa, free from ndulterntion, more nutritious than tea or collee, nnd n quality unsurpassed, the subscriber recoiimiem sthe lihove nrtic eq nin,iiirnni,.Pn. 1... i.i :i it.n . t was n nllect- nnd Cocon Pa-te as delicate, lilatahle and la hit" J .famished crea- drinks for invalids, convalescents, nnd i.thers.nre pro to receive Iheir nounce.l, by the most eminent phvsieinns, superior to Y ; Ginnt Stone, l'hilnilet.iliin r 'I'h. .in n. V !..,, ' dige, Baltimore, and Kellogg h K'ennelt, Cincinnati, Ohio. WALTEI1 1IAKKR. 43" JJorcltrttcr, 3Iau. Apple Scion, Vc. Sl'ctl.alld IJamers V'trrn Sn-m- Scions lor budding 111 August, or for graftin-r next spring, enn be furnished of the Northern- Srv nro. cured from Rochester, New Yolk. ' Also on liainl n qianlity of facions of various apples ut Iroin henllhy benring trees. Plums, do. various cut I sorts, drafting Wax for sale. April 2 J. 432 Illaiik Ilooks. LEGKHS, Dav Hooks, JoritAi,s. &r. &c for sale by C. UO0DU1CII ' April 24. 13w3 Hooks nl KudiiciMl Trices. fl GOODRICH ins ran su.i: a Linci: ,V collection ;f Hooks, at lower piices than can be lound at tiny other place in Vermont. Call and see as 11 can cost nothing to look at them . Al'"l 22. 43w3'u.YNci;. FARMER'S INSURANCE COMPANY, at (iruiuillr, Washington Co., A. Y. H iTDillioiis Insured and io Astcsciui'iils ! sury wh which , pay s,x thoisanu wluvrs, nnd it,,- t lltld fdilklnltf k' iimri ncinit fm... tt.n CfiOOnillCH has i'nnci-iti:n rimM Vv ' lALnwiN and lloxnvnv Uvsslt Aitlls, for sale nt Uosion prices. Also. IWllI. IIi!i,n, .,.... .....v.iu.l A.U.T" f 50 T ,m.CUnir'.VMY,uV,9 c,1'1""-'l ''J' tlie L-gWa- mil) SuilSCIillll'llS 1IWP ItPVOVri) Tlinrt ,hc M,i'' Jec-ased S3J73", an'iounting to the sum of f :H 15,h ofMay 1815, s.n.e which time thev-have in-iued V-aV v ,l're !e" ,im'1'.' i"'0 mlcV.,iun ' o-eS'b ' sa f ce ofw a t - I ; propeity to.he nmouniol over iivr. .mi...,onS or ...- I f . 'V.' 7 .'" claimsol owe.l tl.e cS I L TBl ITZlZ i 'h "S" paid in by new applicants. All loes have been Jl tit .17 juomplly paid. "io 3n ,. '""3 onipaiiy addresses itself pattieu'.atly to lh.) J, , T- 1 A?,t':s ol the country, hemjf dc-isrued lor their he ll V 1j ncfil. The very low price nt vvl'nch ihev insure nro. pertv, und the lact ihat no assessments have )ct been on account of the large and increasing fund now in the ireasury to meet any le.sses that inay occur, and the iiiaoe', nnu nrnnaniy will not be lor inanv vcars.l ever. !!r".n.rn..C!'!'.ll!! i1".' .nd!'1" '" I"'"""" ',rDl''r!' ".' j, ..i,u ejiiiv, ,i.iees Millie II 13 colliluereil vitv tin- it.loiis ,t u ... I... t ....... ...... ...I vvitl: their principles nnd method of ilom business, mat it otieis the greatest inducements to the coniinii- i nit) coopers shops, and Irom tiikini! tuore than two thou Find dollainn any ouens-pie. The- place e-f doing bu siness of tin Company is at Han Granville, N . on the stage road Irom llurlmgloii Vt. lo Tiny, N. V , ( and ntiout one liundiid toils trom the Veimoiil Line) on vvlueh iln-re is u daily mail. I'nr luither infoiuin lion releiencc is made lo the several agents id' I'lank- III nml I .liiuiiMe ,'..iiiiti..a Vl eel. or.... mil li, i . I In take applications lor insurant, ; and the Cjiupauv irtnrmiiee th.Tl nil .ere , v 4 tnt.,.,i ,ir,;il!e I.e. ..itl'r Ol tllLl UgeUIS Sliail OC 011111111' Oil Hie COIIipailV. KC- ' miltanccs for all lo.-s in tin- counties ..I l'lanklin and Lamoille, will be made in checks on cilheTol the llanks ol lluiliuglon or fct Albans, at the election ol ihe p-r- ' will snslailllllL. the hiss, itiiiuediatele' utter the lus l satilaclorily shown and in caseol any ilisagreenient ticivvecti the company anu the iiiuu-tl, it may, at the election ot the minted, be submitted to uibiti.itois uiu mally chosen in ihe e-nuniy where the los happens A. W sL.vr.s i trave hug agenl who, it is evs c:ed, wnl call on ihe I irmeis genetJlly at their residences, mil receive applications. The expe use sol be'Loiuiiig insured for five years are as follows : l'or $500, or under, 5.3,00. liJO, " " 3,3J. " suo, " " 3,w. 1000, " " J,5J. " l-joo, ' " " 15JO, " " li.lM. llLMtY nULKLt.V,PntsT Ar.ctt. Uisiior, S.-e"y. Granville, N. Y., Teh. 13,lsi7. SJWJ VETITIOX TO SELL LAXD. STATE OF VEHMOXT.) T n session of the DisliictntCltittenilrn.ini I f l'r,.l..-it.. t i t liel.l at Hurlmt!ioii. wnhiii nml lor the Uistiict ol Chittcn. .ten ..i, tl... l" V .... I Iwir I, I' Irish, cuardian of her iiiinor elaimhier, Julia .M nh, and tiles ill said coll It her ni-titmii. in e tiiintr. settin . ' forth that the said Julia M i seied iu her own tight I in lee ol one undivided hall ofthe lollyeviiiLrelocnhcd I pircelsol land, situated in the county nf i i Chittenden, to eif ihe south half of lot No l'.i, i i i the lir-t division, and almul thiitv-one acits ol the j south wist coiner ol lot No y, iu the lir-t divi-ion, which lands are subject to the iilit of elower e.f the said llefsey II Inh, as widow ol John ltish.'tl, late of saiel Milton, dictated that it sale i f all her said ward s i Herest in sul linl., woul I con I uce lo her I ,. ,,,, ., . .1 I d' I I l""t 1 tt' ( 51. t'V liav Ilf t if nrocrriU id -llf h fn e in. mt,i ' , : . ' - ... vested at interest, or in t-lcxks.or oilier teal, prnjiui; sau conn lo mant iter license to sell aim ffilivev nil brr K.nd wnnh hitcri'sl in mi hi bitido. nr i Jmg ihe reU'iHm. of dower therein, lur the purpos.' uloiesnid. airreeablv lo statute in such case tiinele and proviueii v nereuiion the court iiloiesaul sir t Ii up i ii i, ii ii I I " c"'.'f""'"J "!: 18 J.-,or ',l",r" ,V.,"'l'I',l'J!"''"'''lf;'tJ ,"' the olhce of the ,en . ' V," '" ' i',"' "" UrU"k "I tlioli,ii.noi,ii.andeliiihorilerihaiiillpetsousiiiiereied I...,..,i ,i , i i.e.... .i.... ..t tt'..i...u.r.... ... vr... uir r.. .. taiuins the snbsiance of said pelilinn, i,r,c weeks successively, in llie llurlington Tiee I'rcs-.n newspa- pa- CVen under tnv hand ,,t sai.l ll,l,,,n.,. .l.i. , dnvof Annl. urj' vv vi v- -r ,V- 4a Jicsiiter- PETITIOX TO SELL I. A VII STATE OF VEHMOXT, i rst in t..t.. r . irt ti, I I ... ,.. . . . - , l I -, i, . I eniiiie eeiini trict.Toall p.-rsoiisio wfioiuu moy conci'm'crecting" n,W,";u';'."'ll;,1,'t'; M""re'1'1 Ihirhngiou, inwiiei I'lsiiiii.t.iiunhaiiof the pmriertv and iMaier f Will. lam Ikiuis, t ,a,d Uurhngi,,,,,,; ,n'. , , .,,,,1,. , i ... tuillV IHisllll, 111111(1 age eif .1 ) cats, its sitcli guardian hnih filed his lUrmT, . "n 'i' ii.'i'1!!-:!::"8 "rt'l'' ""huing thai a saler .m.l ..,,,,..1 i ni i.iiiu unit nu n . i ... ... . ... l'"wiece iiiui iipnurteuancea I T ;! . """.11 le imeVied i either I state er put eiut nt infer,-.. M....I.1 l. f... .i.. , ..: inteiesi of .t01J ,VOr,l. and prating u id euuit w gian biin h. . use and loauthorize tiirciH,w.r him o sellni.d conve y ti.l premises ngreubly lo'tbe si u e in such t use prov ided Theiefoie- the said court eh, h uV ' '7' '?l,,m"'l'p eighth day ol .May, A I). 1817. nt i.s k n. .! til trie oliice ol ihe Kcgisicr of said i 1T . ",'"url'"Pi1 lor hearing mid .K ciding ui,ii I said peiitieiii, and doth futiher oi.ler ihat nil persona 1 luluesi.-d iheiein Is- noiilied to npisar befoie said 1 conn ai tl e me and place alenesiid Hid ll e.i and there , sbeiw eauje I any i bey have, why ihe p,j,.r N, i lilion should not lie granle d, by pubh.hing the sub. slancei,iuiil jsiitieii, together with this oteler thiee t.rintu.l i.. .1 I . -a iutvi ublfc "'f '"t1 "',Kl"cl' pubiitai on, thai before l ie eluy set tor bearing. t .iveii umler iny hand nt liuriington in said Disirict i, Chittenden this Slst day o April A. ). 1817. I.1u2 i'iuk itl'uuei i !.... . . , " ,. ."" ,Mt ill, news luilter generally to win lliem.e.f any umirance .company , s.ason. KIXTi:i:.V rilisT 1M. C t.Vi.-r lido Ann. '" ". ""'"g msaiu court, stat ii" Hal is sad ime twai oi tae iiiuis6etzeii niiisowuright.iut. etuTuile of a eer- ntlive r .M. and three or more leave . v. to which i . . ...i . ! I . iiiitl, siiuate in said lturluietiin. on ihe lni.Jaily. ... firnces im.te f T.,'lhPtI'"dIenduiglii,inibcheud nf l'entl Ipr I reiglit apply to . Iv prepared !" Ulllui Uiver Lower 1'alln. eh- i "'. JA.ul V"eniie sup 'l :' by said road a Ul Z 2" wu ;.. .-,.-; '7 " i . r.l It'll I 11 Ilfi III. ivH .u I.. ...... . . . ' i I I I'll V t !! 1 YOUNG CATTLE. 9Q THHI3K AM) FOUIt YRAH OLD 4J Slcers. for sale bv VILAS it NO YDS. April 13, 1817. GREEN St, CRAMER, iV. 231 ami !!E2 Kiier-Slmt, Troy Opposite the Troy Ilouvr, Impirteisnn.l Dealers In Hardware, Cutlery, Sad dleiy, lion, Steel. Nail, Spikes, Anvil, Vices, Chains, Uellows, Bar and Sheet Lnit. Lead Pipe.&c&c. AGrlNTS For "Filrbanks-' Celebrated Platform, Counter, II ly and Uail-KoaJ Depot Scales. Ulanchorda St tiles. Aptil, lfilh 1817, 42 MERRILL, DEUEL & CO. JS'u. 5 l'ine Street, fncar Broadway, NEW-YORK, dealers in DRY WOODS, CONSISTING in part ol Cloths, Cassimeres nnd Veslings j Tweed", Satinetts, Domestic Brown Goods, Ti(ks, Linens, Wliitc Goods, Flannels, Sum mcr Stalls, liombnzincs, Merinos, Alpaccns, nnd other Dress Goods ; Velvets, Cambrics, Crash. Diapers ttc. l'llCDKHICK A. StlYMOUU. April, 10th 1317, 42 IE cm oral LOOMIS Ac TDTTMl, Wholesale Dealers in Foreign Sc. Domestic Dry Goods. Hneicinovcd Irom N- C William St. toN8 Pine St (1 tew doors Irom Brodwny) Where they res pectlully mUte theallenlion ol Merihants Visiting the City to their extensive Stock of Sla leSc Fancy Dry Goods, which will be sold at the lowest market prices for cash or G months Ciedit. New York .March 1, 1SI7. 42 CIIAMUERS, HKlSEJt&CO. WHOLESALE WPt TRS IH Foreign and Domestic DRY GOODS, 13 Liberty Street, opposite to the rear of the New Yotk Post Office. MESSRS. C. II. & CO. have constantly on linml nnd ore receiwnfrby everv nrmal, frrsh ntiJitions lo their stock of Dry LJuod, which comprises every nrticle rcnuircd by tlic? trnde. l!rM. C II &. Co.. rfaiicrllnlltf rrntirnt tlm fnvnr nfnu cxnininationoftlieirfcJtock by the merchants of 1 ITUIOIH. N. V. March 1, 1117. JOHN P. KKLLOGG, IMrOEIER AND PEALt R IS WINES AND LIQUORS, SM Illvt-r .Street Trov.X. Y. 7 UniiliKi:i:i'uo.sTANTi,vo. inxi) m'ltixo the present season, a large supply of foreign II7r. and Linums of various d'trriutions m.,w r,t which are, llm uirn importation. Having made arrangements with several Distillers, for his supplies of Huston Hum and other Domestic . 7Hors , lie wiilat all times beenabled to furnish his calomels with such articles at the lowest piices. Troy, April 15, IB 17 12mG .- ' n'i.11 "iif-i. iii-v i"-ie-vu vil-uh 4iiu e-iiMi lincea win d0 w' 10 'oo1' al ""I,?"'' ft' l IM! k c . , , New York, March 2? IS 17 ' 42m3 1847. Merchant' Linn. t AITP nriATe ror the Trillisportntiein of Property Hetvvccil , .... ,, . , . ' , Turn- 1 1 i ; vv vn -vo r,m,. lew 1 , .1 1 ,1 ).l .v l , i 1. 1 1 1 WHJV ex IlUol U.s 7. I 4VjL j'y :!"" -AlS merit a continuance ol that patronage with which the Line has heretofore been fa- Voreel. Their arrangeinents for towing on Iluelsnn River and Lake Chauiplain will enable them to give good .le-Mi.itch to iironertv 1 toperly lorwarefed hy this Line is actualtvand nc cuiaieiy weighed at the "time ol shipment, The Uoats are iii-ured, and propeity not subjected to the occa Bieeinl eleday au.l injury incident u tmusliiuent. l'n-peity lo an I Irom liOriTUX forwarded by WUril'lJItN UAILItUAl) or VKS3LL. AGXllTS, L A .IOIIVSON,9CoentiesSlip,.Vew Yoik. CtJItXllL.Ui LOVi:LL, .New Votk and IJoston Packet Oliice, Long Whait, Hiwion. PKOPKILTOUS. JOIIX Itll.VDLIlV A Co ;: liuriington, vt. i. ... .. su'ess rs to roi.i.CTT : iia.vni ly NlCllULrf UUKTOX etCo..St. Albans, Vt llarlinglon, April, llilh 1317. -VZ JOHN S, WARE, Mor.ije und Puriviiril ins .Uercliiinl, AOltTII W1IAHF, n cue i f; to a; vt. rirri nc.cK : VILAS et NOYI.S, I ,,, J etJ II PLCKvtCO.U"rll"Rtr,n' , '" ' .. .mm, iu. cmk The .tiilli tVliiul olleis ever lacilily for the safe '""''tl'b.",," liie-li'l'- 'r.'"--'''' "UUUSI liess uei.icfs.'d lo ihe caie of J. S VAItU shall re- I ceive pionipt altetitiou. 1 ue bieain riopeiler. James 11 Hooker, Hie blea- Iners llurhuion, Whitehall, Francis Saltus, .Momrcal, and the 1'inv lleiat Winooski and the diflerent lines of Ions boats mid vessels carl) ins Ireijjht on Lake I'liHiin.liitii titneli nt tills Wlmrt. 1'2 ft.n 12 Cm NORTHERN THAXMMKTATIUX LIXI.'. I817J I.!il'ICi:U. tisir Jamu II IIcoKrn and othlks, rr.orRiLrom. 1 Vi lauding to and ft urn Huston, yew- York, Albany, 7',u. Mont, eat. Oueber. and all nort on Lake Caamulain. and the different tandinss on the Cltnmvinin at not V. (,.;.. r JIL.I.UndellknovnNORTHIUNTItAN?. I VJI V 1 i 1 IW.' lil' I I" I'l v '' I V t " till lllvlt IIM l( c. -i . , t . n ... .'. 'i .i. . iptily ith the fleam propel. is burden, Capt. iaei uc,u nil ftintis vi itr .,. ' ,, .i.nntch. The new r.. i . vn-iti iwiu.'rii r .-..i,.,. i...i, ,,, SILAS lll.N'KLUV, has lieen ad led to ihe line, and vMllruitoit L'lUe t'liauiplain, making two trips each week, leaving Whitehall on.Mondajsand Thursdays, touctiiui; at lluiluijlou, l'oit Douglass, l'ort Kent and til .. I. 'I'..... i... i iv.. i..... i?..,, ............ .n l'lattsburejli, Teiesdajs and I'ndays. Kelurnint: will st.Vllans on Saturdays and l' and llurluiBloii oil W cdiit s.b) i uitd s. 'iTiisluie :..,n ,,. ' Miu nave I'H'Tlir.X CA.U. ltVTS, A-TIIN I.AKU, I L.V.AI,.V I.K lfw.i.i, I -.,m... ........ .......... .SM W'Tufra on the Hudson Itiver. and steam boutson Lake , ri,,,,.t;.. ,,,, ii.,r.i, ... .1 fne.,1, and the.,,. i genenuiy nn Dimoiinnny ni Hupping uy iKe icm i 'r"-,l or l.y I ropellcr on the i.ane e. vv i lena i i, thence bv btilh direct lo New-Vulk.or l,v Tow Mollis on the Uiver and Steam Uoalsou ihe Lake as llie v iieni ....,.e , ' 1 A, Luge number of eailussels on Lake Champhiin Muna to this Line. All goods welched nt the tunc ol shipment, and will be Inrwarded with promiuness anddeitich, Ovhrnturennd Wnrihou-iuij proinpily nliended tf. .r,..,n,iiiiGd mi. i lU'xti'iirn ntov lme iriura 4e i uik uauy Albany ana New York .1 ) LAUD. I ' Vru'ln-''' SUS' St- Jo,""'lC' :' LEVI IIIXKLEV .Miss Hay. C II. til.tVEH liASCUM. Whitthall, GEO lil.XT. Montreal, J' IVEllll.St Co. Houses rninf, N. . t OLVIX H THlMllI.E.l'on, Kent,) y . Jl. 11. IIAILE, 1'latt.hurgh, -ew JAS. II. llUOKEIl, llostou. Address as Agents, OLIVEK llASCOM. Whitehall, A.D. LADD.Twy Kelereiices, JUIIXS. I VAHE. Durhngion, FULI.ETTtillh'AnLEY) J.AWHEXCE IIIIAIXAUD.) c. ... n. XirilULStilU.'llTUX. Albon" S. IV tiS.S KEVES, Highgaie, J llAXdS. lSlxntg Wlinil. Boston Miii't'iiKN or i'inmn;i: take .Willi .i. .ue iirrtviil oi trie I roiiuei jumes , Hooker ai , Win. hall,lH,i,.s of ihe Non'bein Trans, "" Line I will leave direct for New York, taking her freight , ibrough without landing uerireigm . . m lanuine,. t,.i.,.., . . I). UASCO.M, Agent. The Protinelors nl tins 1. 1 no ee ill rim tl.n lions Ml.lll Of vmiiiiiiii-1(1 UP AND DOING l'or the Nlgn'of Spring N nl Imnil NOW for the 2Gth successive year lins the sure In. dicntlon ol the Spring of business perceplibly coinmcnced in our Village on ihe return home of the People's Agent whonrrived from lloton j New oik nt one o'clock this morning with his Trunks and Boxes ol Hich Merclmnili7cforSpriiigsalcsil is there lore exacted that cold looks will soon be waited nwny and give plnce to gladened countenances as the People begin tu assume the malerinl lor their new gutbs where they are now bo richly displayed nt HOWARD'S. Burlington, Thurs. Mom. 8 O'clock, April 13 '47. fiENTLKMKNS' Furnishing Warehouse, 72 Maiden Ijine, New York: DAVID A. DERRICK, would respect fully Invite the the attention of the Merchant! of Burlington and vicinity, to his txtentite assortment of goods In the above line. Shirts, Collars, Bosoms Stocks, Cravats, Scarfs, undershirts nnd drnwers, selfndinsting Slocks nnd Cruvats, Gloves,Supenders, umurelins, iiuki b, iioierv, v.eiu i its, urcsing Kobes, Satins, Si'k", Bombaiines, nnd a large varie- tyof nrliclcs too numerous to mention, wlucli.vvill be i sold at the veryloaett pneer Please call nnd exnin- me. ivviiv. ur.iwvii.iY. 72 Mnidcn Lane and 7 Liberty Sis. N. Y. 42w0 Airnirivps paixts & iivr-STUPPs ' ----- 1 EP.D ! CUTLEIt late Reed, Wing & Cutler, larkctlirices.nlnrgenndconi- W offer a t the lowest market plete nsortmcnt of Paints, Drugs nnd Dye-stull's, ntiiong vvlucli are 30,uw lbs. White L,eaU, XDUUUal Ions Dutch, KnglNh nnd American Linseed Oil, 30 Cnsksl'reiichYe'low, 15 Barrels Copal Vnrnish, 100 birrels Ahni,230Cnrlays Oil Vilric.l.S Cases Indigo, flioolbs Madder, 25 bnrrcls Alcohol, 5'J barrels Cpoin Salts, 20 barrels Comphor, 150 cases Khubarb Keel, 100 Doves Castile Honp, ((0 Se Druggils, Vlen lnnts, lanufacturcrs, Dyers, and Phvsieinns nre invited to call before purchasing. UlIIID Sc. CUTLUIt. 51 Chatham St., Boston. Alnnson Durroiiglis' I.'stntc. 1'ETITIOX TO SELL LAXD. STATE OF VEHMOXT, ) At a session of the Pro District ol Chittenden, ss. ) bate court held nt Bur lington, within and lor the District of Chittenden, on the lStii tiny of April, 1817, comes Hoea .Spalding, administrator ol the estate of Alansou Uurroughs, late of Union Mills, in the late of Penylvnnin, deceaseel, who died seized ol real estate in said ditrict, comes and files in said court his petition, in writing, setting forth that Ihe only ibtaie e.l which the said Burroughs tlied seized in the state of Vermont consists of three fourths of an acre of land,witha small dwelling house and blacksmith's shop thereon, lying on Brown's river in lindeihill, V. near the Union Meeting House, and one-half acre of land, with n white house and outbuild ings ing opposite Mnrtiu C. Barnes's lav cm stand, in said Underbill, which lands were ileeded hv the said Burroughs, in his life time, to your netilioner. , by n deeel ol warranty, but in trust only for the sccuri- '.' ot the paytne;nt ol certain claims against the said Burroughs and in favor of said Hosen, which have been adjured and allowed by the eomuiissioneis on i ihei'state e.l the saidde'ceascd, as follows: balance due said Hosen from said estate, on book, 1,05, on a receini .i.i..... .1 r.. . ..... a,,uo i .'. ' in ill'' (ice-cut -u lor ii inuf , 71 11 no oil note against i, 1:,.,-.1... ,.i.. ,,i;.., :.. r. . c .11, I is SO I3.fi3. and that a sale ol a ihe me iZ f iii.f "tateinsnid t-arcels ol land is neccsnry for the pay- jiniyiiig iiiu cuuri iu Kiiiiii iiiui ufi-iie m sen ail m? inleie-.t of said estate in said two parcels of land, for the purpose aforesaid, agreeably lo statute iu such case made and provided, H7irrc;w, the e-ourt aforesaid ,!.,.!, n,,;iil ll. first dnv nf lnl- IMIT (,.r 1,..,,;.,,. ...i .... t,!.t ,r,: A' ,.n:''c ;.' i, ' cister of said court, in said Il'iirlington, at ten o'clock , , the forenoon, and doth order that all nersons inter. 1 '-d- b- notiM theree.f, by puhlicatiein e,f this order eoiilainins the snhtance of said petition, threuweekt siicccseivi.y in the llurlington Tree I'res, a nevvspa. per printed in said Uiirhngton,lhe last which publica tions to be previous lo the day appointed, as aforesaid, for hearing. Given under my hand this 15th elay nf April, 1917 4i WILLIAM VL'STO. llegister. COPARTNERSHIP. fTrsirr- i--: 11 .1.: . 1... r. irv I nership under the names of jiohiiiMiu etK.ould fur the transaction of the mercantile business, at the ....... .m-iiii-is.. .; 11.1 ... i..nT.i store formerly occupied by Messrs Cole and Uohinson. juiixii annixaox, JUIIXS. UUULV. IlurliiiL'ton. April 0, 1SI7 43w Wholesale Druggists, 305 Illvcr Street Troy, Sew York. 4 GliNKIlAL AssoitTJinxT op Wkst Ix- J i di;i nnd Sonlb Anifric'iii Driiir ffm-lnntk'ini Itniul , of,,.l!';i,r.:,,w1l1. v,1l";"tlo"1 ,, ... i LIII.Mll. ALS.Ireun the most celebrated I. uropean ManiifaetmeH.reeeiveel direct P.iiuls.Ods, Dve Stuffs, (.lass. Soaps, Perfumery, P,rnahes, Patent Aledicines, Xavul Stores, eVc. eVc. I Importers of Pauatela, Wandering Jew and La. Pa llia Citrars Accnts of New Cngland and Philadelphia 01as Co.'s, lor sale o' Druggist s and Chemist's Cilass Waie. HEARTT & CO. sfccDssons io J. C. Ilcurlt, lira. & Co., 181 Ki'iir .S7. Troy. IMPORTERS of English ami Gkiimax 1 Hardware, and dealers in all kinds ol Domestic. Aetils lot the sale nf and Troy Nails, Spikes, Ilotse Sheies, nnd lion, nl 1'actory prices. Hunt's, Simmons', and While et Ohn-tead's Axes, aNo ever variety of the St Lawrence County Ilay and .Manure Foikstind Hoes, at Alan'tfactiirers pticcs. The attentionof HAIL HOAI) CONTRACTORS is pariiculaily called ton very suiieriorCVi Sieel Shin el made expressly for Rail lioael purposes, the quality of which, and the terms will he lound unexceptioinhle. llml EMERALD Mil I c ci mm vmiise, t 'Vu'l"W" WOl'M) ItllSmTrrLM l- i tonn IrinuU. and the public em M. tonil his IriflUls. and the ntildic .r,.iiPrn!k- ) Hicnnimtie to inanulnctiire ihe nboe well known "ilhn lull and complete assortment of Ki-h, Salt, lirass Seeds Mill IVe-d nnd all articles u-ually found in a Renernl .Milling nnd Produce Ilstahli-hmeut. He is , (II,,(IJC. ' 'l-iliu uii in a nm rnnm .tu iicjnri ..r .V . cii prepareel to receive e.miSiiments of Uraiti, l'oik, country produce, and will make the innt liberal nil neri, iiiuier, t. iirt-f, wool ami llleleeel all Mllll" 1I vances in Cash. He will also receive ami forward Coods, ruriiilure.eVrc ,Scc, to all parts of the I'nioii. Olliceaud alehouse, No 1 1? River St Trov, N. Y. , . JNO.N. WILLAK1), liefer to .Messrs. J, Sc. J. II. l'cck Sc. Co., llatlmg. ton I lyLUVtttlittU,,i,u,t iiAs ONiiTox oroooi, I c ver beed, vvlucli lie .will sell nt wholesale or re- tail. cl.eap lor Cash. THUS. II. CAM 1C.LI) 4ltf 1 1 - l'l inters' Ink llstiililisliineiit. ill. 1 1 hit lL IlU. JIANlTAlTI'Iti:!! (IKPniXT- i w imr Ink. near the t.tohe .Mills. 'f'roi.N V res. ' . ,Y , 7 i t.eeiiime' n ini,.i,neia nml i.e ,.ii.i.iiin..tiir..t. .ni., L...n. coustauily on hand for sale, all kinds ol piaek, Blue.Oieen and lied I'ri . .' .' ' Ufa su,eriur .qunlity, which lie wi I fu Printing Ink, I r :. i. . . . i vi uru nui nuiimi , "iiivii nt.- luiiiiaii iu uiuit. proiniilUu.l.unJ on len ui oui . -r." i .,...,. ..... , . , ii i iiiiiiui.iiitt uiiu ,uivi(ieu iJiMmuiJrtv,uuM.iii, iy on nuiKi, All orders will be tiroiuiitlv allended to. and sent many distance req nred. 1'his Ink is kepi for sale by lligar Arthur, Uuiliiigton, Vt., nl-u kept by m, u llill.v ijo .a l .riiinll, liosio i, .viass, DISSOH'TIOX. , flMlli ( 0.'.I1T.I:HS1IIP i:ISTI.yti ntrrWKipi J COI, I', and ItUlllNSON. was ehssolted by ll- nutation, on the 1st, ul Apul. Irii I'he Ihii.Lm ll ll. I ileum i nls til the late concert!. Wll remain lor Ihe present, nt their former place ol hifincBs. All accounts nnd Neites due the said concern, mutt he settled immediately, .MOItTON COLL', Ilw3 JOHN 11. UOHINSON lloituct IlltacliiiiK nml PHESSIXG I100MS, Ifl'BIllTT'S IlllUHXG. COKXKR OF COL- 1T lege street and Calling Lane, entrance on the Ninth side. All llonuets tinislieel by the suoscriuf rs, will be done in a sile not lo lie surpass.'il. .Hilllneissupphcel wild the laietst)lea of Blocks) Alio; Thrcuel and lliuids lor aliering. IU lot uiirinii;. U. J. HASTINGS C Co. U. J. Hastlvos, Duriincien. April 9, 1817. Cm. I.. IIASU.TI.1E. ) IIOIl SKS W'A XTKD, risllt, sulflcrieera W'lll puicnu's: iwe-uey goiK. nurses Jl suitable for working on the Hull Itoad if rffeted suitable for working on the II nil Iload if rllbred ii. 41 CHAMM-tiLAlX, STltOXG N Co. xonc;: rPIII2 Co-partnership heretofore cxivting under the X linn 1'ullelt iV. Ilindley, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. The books of the concern w ill re main for the present nt the old stnnd on Water Street, and all persons having unsettled accounts are inform ed Ihat nn immediate adjustment is expected, hither member of the late linn has authority to use the part nership name, ns far ns may be necessary to wind up its aflniis. TIMOTHY rol.t.UTT, tnllKT tin .... ' Burlington April 1, 1817 ..oil,! UIWVI.L.I. 1 . -4Iw3 NOTICI'J. 'PHI! Storage, Forwarding & Commission busi- ness, heretofore carried on by Messrs. Fullctt Bradley, will hereafter be transacted by the suiiscri ben, under the firm of John Bradley Sc. Co. John Bradley, Natiil. A. Tucker, , Thos. H. Ci.vriELD. Burlington April I, 1817. nnuniT coloiis. PlinsK Silk of brilliant colors, also, blue nnd drab colored silk ; cigar cases, gilt embossed nnd SlAnl ,u,loi ilfl.m llrlll!.r, ll ..I,l.n I Perniion. Bass viol bridges nnd other troods lust n. ceived. . , r 'r, fi - IIrixsmaid it Brothers. April 6th. 41 . i 'SS HORSES FOR SALE, sv n n . "AKKEII, t Kt KUS! Horses for sale ; ages rnnt FIRST KATE ran i hit fiom 4 to C tins fniinc, Urint; tnevented by busineM from yoing iw iic iu mmi iiit'iii in vusi. ny one wisn- hi(f to imrchasc will please call at the llnptfol four cur ncra, Cliarlotte. April 8. 1817. I1w3 Itolief of I rein nil nml Scollnml. V 0TICI3 is hereby given that tlic Relief Commit i tte will flespntrh n ship lor Ireland w ithout delay, in which donations nt fufnl and clothing can be for warded free of freight. Knilrofid nnd other cxnenses on contributions consipned to ."Messrs. MinotA: lloop cr. 40 India Wharf, will be imid bv the Committee. Newtpnpeis thtouhout New Cnnlnnd nre requested tm iiisn i uns iiuiiie tinir uiiir., nnu !H-nu uieir UIII9.II any.lo J. lXGUUJiULI.UOWHrrCH. Ks'..5l riiate Stieet, rortheCoinuiiltcc. JOrilAIl QUINCYjr. Chairman. Uoston,. March C, 1817. 41vv3 Dennis Hood's ICstntc. STATH OF VERMONT,) A T Probate Court District if Chittenden, ss, . S .A holden at Hurling- ton, within and for the District aforesaid on the 1st, day or April A. I). Mb, an instrument purporting to be the last will nnd testament of LKmuiis Rood, late ol .Aliltiiii,!!! said I)istriet dcened, was present ed to the Court here for Probate, by Nathan Lincoln jr. the executor, therein mined. Therefore, it is ordered by said Court, that public notice be gicntoall peivuu concerned therein to appear belorc said couit,at a sev-ion thereof to be hoi den at the Register's ollieu in said Rurlhigton on the lourtn w etineiiay in apnl, A 1) 1817. and contest the prohateofsiid Will, and it is further eirdereel that this orderhe puhhshed thiee weeks successively in the Iluri:ti2ton lree l'ress, n newspajier printed at llur- linulon, in this fclate, the last ofwhich piihhcatioiis tn be previous to the day assigned, as aforesaid lor hearing. Given under my hand at the Registers Oince,tlus 1st .Inn ..I i Ik llJI? 1st dav ol Anril. A. D. lsil ilwJ W.M. WUSTOX, Ilrgutcr. TO HEXT. A coxvii.vinxT Shop just helow- our store and now occupied byj. A. Kins man. l'oessinn given by the 13ih April. March 'Jj, 1S17 VILAS Sc. NOYCS. THE I.MI'OHTED HORSE. Yur.NO FLYING CHILDERS. THIS SI'LKXl)i:i) AXIMAL WAS puiicinsm 1 in r.naland by KUS-KllU LAU.NTO, of 1) . ' WAIITON, and brought to Ameiica in the fall of IS15. The Subscriber ohtained hint (if the importer at eu-i, iiu , , in , nil 11 ill in .1 mi 11 ie- line ICS' teel in iniprovinLr the hlood of American Hordes, that be vsill be found atlus ypihle in .Shelhurne all times ready to be examined and cnmpareel with any iu the Slate, iu respect to speed, blood, lonu auu carnage. i?S..1'i,if..v'il1,A.,,".Vly.,,aitA ri'1' "prn,,l'i :hcsl. finest ot h nr-. nnd t i luosi nctue and e:i9v ' cuesi, nuesi 01 iimrie, ana me nieisi acme aim easy , ,...,, i, ,.i,.r,. ,i, r:,.i,al ... i,, it I,.-. in (jft etervnnrUifK'ntion thnt constitutes ft beautiful, licet and jjood bottomed hur. Kvcry feature is on index to In Pedigree, and bhows biin to be of the ve- rjbes-toi ... Iiha reput.itio'i upon his actual merits, will now compare him many respect with the be.-t horses that can he produced, the Sir llenrv. or lllack Hawk, . ..... . . ' can ne prouueeu, tne rir iienry, or liiacK naveie, not excepted, and piirticularlyvvith ren.-lrel to lauty, , activity and -.peeel. The Veiling l-'lvui t' veili i Im; ti years old next July, and wetalis l,jO lbs. He ise.fthe Old I'ulih Slock, beanit'T this name, which v.'ill be libelous nt a smele malice to am' cmnis-tent The Yuttns Flywg ChiUlns, was exhibited at the OJ'J U;er bacrts, -tot , 0 IJ.-cs toats, S5 to 1.1 last tneetiiic ol the Chittenden County Agricultural '-Siberian and Cod- m i r rock do 5 n IS Society, and came olfwith a complete triumph over "'r'"" "V' , .''? '' J-'"1 Ps Pants, 1 50 to 6 every other horse pre sent. Bhiiiket backs Sc. bar , lutw csis, JOc to i Ti ..i .1.... n..;....u,l., l.;ul.nA.l.n..1.l e.l. i tutits. 5 to It 'JIHH1 Shirts. 507. rn 9. .',0 jniltre of hrt. We solicit sueh to call ami satisfy In large quantities, and of every kind with an end the'nisclvcs by observation, also ashare ol patronage, i e.s vanetv of TI'.ltMS: Anyone who wishes to improve by as I irooel a bore, and as theap urate aswas ever ollered i in America, this w ill lie their eipjwirtumtv ' The Vouiik rijmi! Childers wilUiaud'l'or ?7,00the Sea-oit. insurance aereeel niioii. .Mares Ihat are in . sured, itih-poed of helore Inahnj time, the insurance . iniiHl lie naid. tlood liaslurui!! will be nrovldeel for .Maies Irom di-laiiie, accidents and escupes at the' risk ofthe owners. Seaon to end in August ' Khclhurne, Marchl, 1417 OhloJ. IIamivvlv. SIR HENRY. riMUS TIIOROCGII M. IIKL1) horse will commence his senwin, April 1st, 1117. and niuv be liiund at the Stable of the I'roprie tor.Wct Milton. un til Monday, the second of .May Alter that time un til duly Hl-l he w ill stand, each week, in Mll.lON I'AI.I.S, I Mr.l.l.vaTON At the stable o S, Ward, AttlieSiable-ottherrank .Moii.l s, 1 uesii ys, nnd Wedneselays. I.enii 1118, Seiisou $10. In. Ilou, Thnrsdajs, 1 ndajs and Saturtlays. niMiiiiiii v tiiiit-t u ..ii. Insurance xcill be claimetl on mam disjmseil i J litfnrethr limenf fluting. PKDIGKKi: AM) DteCIMI'TIOX. Fill IIKM1Y was bred by James lhthgaie, lJq , of Long !.!anil, the breederof Medoc, .Midas, (lyp. seyani other Horses, disimgiiislie'd in the nnnal-of the Turf. He has taken nioie preiuiiuiis, utter closer competition, than any oilier Ameriean Horse' j hav ing receiveeliliesieles numerous coiuil) preiniunis, the yitirr premiuiu for the liesi blood hotse, ol llie N Y State Agrie-eihurul 1'air, several dilleieiit vtars, the last, nl Auburn, Sept. 17, Islti, over tipwnids id filly compriitors, ndmilted to have been the finest show-of horses ever witnessed, even in New oik. He is lull sixteen hands high, and very mustular, weighs eleven humlied and a hall lu ordinary condition; is ol a bright i hesinut coleir;was never in the harness or en li e Tutli isn retuaikablv sure foal geiier, lwrleclly sound and henllhy, and in llie vigor of life, lie was got by Henry (ihecompctitor of Am. LVIipse- in llie great race on bong Islaml) lie hy Mr Artliy, nnu ne t. nn- roiled Dtoiiied. SIK HLNHYWelain-the dsm ef rrfpeet. Sir Lovell and Ll lulautr) was got by mi- porie.l Ll Infantry, (n son of Loi.iii Leursl) ; gr - elani imp old .MtsstNUra, (tne sireiu tne gimmai. llcLII'-t.iiiidcclebraied usn getter ul Irotteis), g. gr. J ., !..!.. .In, .. .inn 1 111 .! I IK! T TON . S-'Ull , to In- llie tire it ilieoriginal".Moreaii " lmp"i"'l Lt. Inlantrv was breel by Kiehard l.ulstoti. I.sq , of. L Ian - ilon In Surrey, nndwas got bv L'ng. Lclqisei his elani by rentherigr elani I' Ciiiuuns. The above pedigree may ! verilieelhy anyone who elesires, by iclereiice te. the ling Siud lleiok, or Am, Tint KegisttT.beiih in lroCK.iiu et the pii'prietors. Sin lltNitv'sctilis aie unrivalle-d for spt;ed, beittoin, .....l.telei'iineiiiinjindcotiuiiniidhigherpricesnsroael. 1 su-rs, in tiieinaikets ofTroy, Albany nnd Nevv euk, eif Sir llenrv is from the .March No id the Atneiie-un Agricultun-t.cdited by A. II Allen, rfsi , vjho is well nceinauiied with IioiIuIh. Iiuim- and his stock JJ. . .. 11'.. I..... ...n. ..oil n ....1,1. l.nn. , rm tlnix- ol any either ww. ,...i...t .....itc- "l..l.Jlt rvRV-We have received a circular from s,tPtB. Lucius Sanelerseni Co., e.l est .Milton, 1. inloriiiiiiK us that this line, well bled horse, will stand ii...l,,,.,i,,t. ,1 nwtitm fiensim Stir I lenrv hnw In . iie,1K.lerai preiuiuinaiit'liie annual Shows ol the N V siiHie Ai, Soe. ( elebrated asl be ertnont Ilors. s illreaely aic, we ljiiuk,if duiv patronized, this sujs..rb , leverage to be injuriotw toihem who us or do mot ua horse will leave a slock behind, which will add still , ihent, and delruneiiial lo ihe well being ot wjciety, more lo their reputation ns roaelsteis." us also in hoelihty to the law ol the Slate, and the .Mr. Hodge, of Cambridge, N. Y. an experienced ' strongly expressed wibeol a iiinjorny of the FiTt and obliging grooin.who lias takencare of Sir Henry . men ihere-ol, we shall neither keep it publicl) nor forseveral years, will have charge ol him llus Season ' clandestinely inbesold orfliren "way. (leudpasimagewill ! prov uled lor mare from a A suitable carriage will lie provided to take paceen. .1, .......... t l... ..I .. .ii i.. .......... ,1.1.. r..r ...... ,,. nn, 1 1,111 He Steam Heats. nccidentsor esuapes leenlellts nr rsennei.. leeler lo .Mahleui Cottnll, Esq of Montpeher, l.u. ) ward long, li (ainhridge, N. Y , Win, T jrter.. ,:, UJnort r ol llie Slum o the 1 lines, ,vtw inie pint Chailes Overeat, Vergennes Vt CIL'S SANPUKSON A. Co. I.UI. 1 N- ' A printed circular coulaiuuip MR . i',ren.,.l ,l.e,;.,.;.,n lellClll. willlUllSC. peellg iouiiiofhUstoik,niiilceitit' ol iheir charuLter, .,..1,1.. r..,fr..i,ifr'WlioSI00i' at wliteh nnd the tmce.-ram.uiff from to S100i'-nt w hie I ling on ihe piepnetsra or j H .iliogten. milliners ill llieill nave iirni ' ling on the i.ien?nefrs or addressmg theinrswtfiimai (ir.STM.'.MIlX'H FINE BOOTSrf I.n(lle' i(,ter Ilools, Hair llnot, IlllklV Olmth kill nml cloth, Low Tics nnd Sllpi, r .M.I. KI.VIIS, MADR TO OHDKIl FllOM TIIK l,pst selected Stooli, nnd WAr.risTr.Dixri;nionTV none of City manufacture, in t,r,intf,rsivle. workman shmor - N, MAkTKVS. Hoot"1''' lju',d"'K'Collt,Ecf'.. ien of the red lp Burlington, Vl,, February '17, 3Jm6 jlHI.OI)IAS. FlVK lllf'Ki:REnT KIXM 01 ill Mclodians round nml Hat keyed , n-M by nuiNS.MAiH ! nuwucna. Miioi,i;sAi,n Hardware INtablisliincMf WARRDXS, HART & LESLIE, THOY, A. Y. FOR THE SPRING TRADE, To Country Dculcr. THE UNDERSIGNED HAVE T.VKE.V the two spacious Stores, Nos. '211 and 213, mi tl. West side ot River Street, Troy, New York, belvtccn the Mansion House and Troy House, a few doors abov Iheir former place el business. They have now on hand n larfre stock, and are constantly receivini;, every elescription,of Hardware, which will be offered to the trade at the low est market prices. to the trade at thelov irr.l f American, 1 German, f Kussian, tl.), unster iDeftl J German, (all kinds) 1 ITnLt lnv.n l.l StceH J vuet, Villi (. Amer. rpntiK. Iron. J hweell-ll, 1 -Norwej Norwenian. Nulls J Wrourrht. American. iiorsi Topelher with all shapes of Nutt, Scroll, and StHk Iron (best quality), Itound and Square Iron, (all size) Hor-nail rods (nil drscnption) j Coil Chain (pro -cd), Cnplishnnd American Vice). IJurden'fi Uoat Ship Siiikes, and Horse Short (at Factory prictaj; U'j ought and malcablc Iron-Ware of all desenntionj; lii ( Kuian, ( 1. C. f Iron (all nizee) Irm, Umhshrin I. X. Wire Urasa " ,ron (Amer. (Extras. ( Steel " TiinnriiN ;ood. W. H. &, Ii ,nre ngents for tht sale of Tinmen's tools: Sheet Urasf Pig, Bar, and Shet I'"ad, and Lead pipe. Ptunp, of the most npprovd patterns Shnveb", Pcyth'-s, Torksnnd Axes trom th bcstmanufacturen; Hoe Sc Co s and oliiT Mill, Clan?, Circular and X cut saws ; Conch, S'iddler's and Harneps trimming: Filei of various manufacture and ot Ix-st quality, A.c , i. it sortment of Fancy and lo,ny Hardware suited to the i.c.,iVC, cnmprismt; ery large ana grwrat oiv Trade. AURENS. II ART & LESLEY. Siun of tiic Anil and Siedire. 1 Oini SU and 'ZIZ River St,Troy,N. Y. BOLTING CLOTHS A XI) UUUR MILL STONES. ii. i'. whiti:. No. f, Marlon Plock. Milk trcet. Hostov. rmTItN TO IMPOIIT H KV.CTS j constantly for sale, an extcmive assortment of HnHiiitr Cleillm of the mot approved 1'atterns. rromlonncxperientv t,P Manufacture.-and sale of this article, the Ad- Vertise-r is enahh-,1 to lurnih Millers with more pel ft et and dnrahle Cloths than can be found clswherc and ol vcr.. ow prices. I A1 10. Trench Hnrr J ill Sltines of all nzes, mnnu fuctured nt the Massachusetts State Prison. r-ept 1 lb 16. Ilpl , VfOTICL'. SntAXRcns visitixr I! 1 1 all otheis in want of good ready. made clothing, , are invited to examine the I IMMENSE STOCK or GENTLEMEN'S WEARING APPAREL! AT Simmons & Co.'s oxi: 1'itici: Mnie Irom recent ImporlntionsMnU the bet : r..... siyiuui .&.iut,'i iciiii .'iiiiiuiiiciuit:)i;uu T . tlO.OOO in K JI " t TS ! A rART 0F winc AriC r.nt a. r.,i.- ld Pilot da do 2 73 to 1C -.'iKKlnrs Draw'rs 3Tctol 50 '-d) 1 weed Trucks and, 21KK) Under Shiris.37Ol 50 'rh' . i' 10 S SW line Cloth Cloaks. .n.i L'. ... 1 , SOJI'ell t tentis -0,Sit I e III .Iq lei.-l U I UI , to toms, 5toS STO0 prs. overalls i,er dn itt Sacks and 1 51 to 5 25 HOYVJ.VL'KKTS.P.YXTS.Vl'.STS, SACKS ,v.ti sritliiliTM, IllClI 1 L'lt.MSlIlNU UUUU3 CHEAP WEARING APPAREL! ALL OF WHICH WILL UK SOLD BY THR PACKAC.U Oil A'P RETAIL AT UNUSUALLY LOW PRICES! As we inu-tclear out our winter stock tomakcroom for Sprnij; Manufactures, and Importations, now daily reccived.weare prepared to exhibit a letter and larger . assoriiucui oi Rentlv Mntle Clothinc ! , And at Lower Voices thin csn be Pjutid ai any - tatilHliuient in tins city Uolhs, cassuneri's ana estings, hy the package or at reiau incuts made to order, m the most fashion able manner, work, stjlc and tit nol surpisecd D-nlers in Clothing will find it for th-ir interest to evauiine this stock, before making their selections, as w e will give thein 11AKOAINS. j0HN SIMMONS AND COMPANY, fT Wl r,u I Orf-iiJ i . i . . u OVi:K IUI.C1 .TIAKKKT, UOSTON Win S U R VE Yl N G done I iv .1. T. liKXEDICT. Rooms over II. Leavenworth's nfTice. 40 Premium Plow. flTHB Si'ilSCRIBER SIAm- " I ffieliirea nn.l t,m.n. mn.,.n.l. ejflaJ$iiKtS23 fer salent his residence in jencho, y,ms ulihlferent si7es. which he oilers to Farmers of chillencien and oliier Counties. They are the same pnlent thnt took the premium at the Agricultural Fair f Chittenden Co in IMO.nnd ihe wood wotk is war- ranted lobe tlie b.-l of Msssachu'eits Oak Those in 1 factiires and keeps constantly nnt 0 a guoj article will do well leirxnmme ihis. MILTON TOKU. Jericho, April 1817. 1 - 4lTn5 PEARL STKEET HOUSE, iiiiiii. lutein 1 1, I r.Y VILAs i: novc 1 Circumstances having rendered the control ef the aliove premises necessary, we would give notice to ihe 1 public thai the Tearl St. House in now open for ihe nccontinoelniinn of travellers nml other, who may call 1 IWug luenteil in one of the plenMintcst 8 ul eur i village, and e'oimuaiidmg as il does n fine view ol Like Chnmplain nnd Ihe scenery nlsiui lliiihngton. nuel also being near ihe ltmverMtvof Vermont, we I ih'mk il can seanely tail to pleuse the searcher for lords thost-titioti business n comfortable home. i Mr 11 N. Cole nnd .Mr- 11 C. Mason, late of Iligbgute Springs, will manage the House for us, and' . ..I I . . . I .. ..1. .1...... .. ,.-.rnp. pleasure aim recrcaiiem, wnue at tne same nuie n ni- , il(,V. whinre"ncquainle.l wilhileiu l 1 j. vveiuld be unnescess-irv lo say n single word Catejiers, in cum- uieiidution Suffice In ay ihal rrr thing will be . .1 I . I ...... dn I. Im nn.l ,iiens.illt tei all VI he , may wish to make it a stopping plaee. lt..l.... il.e e t.t intoxicating elnnks as a jll fisiuue vu.i , ..... ..v"., ffni R. Vn.n. March, 1917. MoniLLo Novu. 1'EUtCE & KELLOGG. l.MrOUTKKS OF CHINA, GLASS, EARTHEN WARE", Looklug ;tiisses, Ten Tni). (.'iinndolva, I.anits, ( nstoiss Ac. nivr.K stkeet. XURtO R. rEIRCE. I JJ, J TflOY V Y- I

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