Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, May 14, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated May 14, 1847 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 14, 1847. f.ariM-rtlmntvti'1,1 enter tlio phln where they were- tnliydowti their nr Tlio soldier nml olli-or mule :m excellent appearance, being well drcsed ami accoutred. O.i thev crn? In Hit' Wailing tu'.tnd of tlio nm-l in mrnriil uvi"ic I over IiimiJ, tins oilier. nt the he td, ttixt :i Multitude of cilizcti ft II ivii, lmd-1 dn'Ul with their good nnd oli ttt ' their V.'tl- (t'l ! !vnii2 had nl.l trunks limit tlK'ir ?!ninl iei's, otli?M lugs lilldl with pro ilon. iiil-l ' 'Tit iniienranc.o. wu judged Hi" t nvil lntil lii'i'ii iiImiiJoM'.'.I Id our troupe. W.mi'iM and chil Iron, tin oM, Ilia young, th" nek, the pimr, tli. i lam, the blind, nil li.ul !!"t 1'rinn ill" city with fioir little treasures, n if the I c-ti'dice was about tn enter there, and in aiA an I ui'i'.imful pr tcession, C'ljne throng i t r from their lioin"p. My liarl ichcil fur tli 'in and 1 sincerely Is inpntld2ed with them In their ilf-p ro.-t. The lin of Mexican troop and citizen extended fiom tin1 city giloto Iho white Wiiresat the ueueral officers, mi bni'o!ticl;. to receive tlio i-onqucruJ. After rotn.tS nitijc fir mum tini" ml the I, ill, my companion nil I tiiv-oil il 'SfMideil.-md uoi.t along lli.1 w.i'il lin.'ut' !ie Mexieuti nniiy, saluting tne principal n.rnvr a wo p:i-su!, which wns nlvvajs r'lnni il wi"i 'he irt itc-t courtesy. O.i w.Mvt'iit tnvvirl the jr.ili; of the- city, admiring thn uiotty seie'iitus. who v.oro roclin'mg upon jfvee Fl E I ' ' CI H p k- m2 V V v My K K V i ISimi.lMiTOX, VI. FlllDAY MUI1N'1N,MAY 11, 1317. " Ix TUT. llAtllt A.N'll TilOUlll.r.U MflllTTltATIS 1'IUI ', TltKIIK ls.VlSl'Alt ABUVCTIIB IIOKIZOS TOtllVT USA IIIXAIt Of MHIIT, Kxccrmu nir INTC!.t.!0UT, PATRIOTIC YVlItU TARTV OF Tilt: U.HToll tjTATi:s." iklliiW W rfWfl'. WAK ASM PIIACIJ. C'erio Conlo anil (be Jtiiiicstown. Since the d lie of our l.H number two voiecs !i:ivo greetrd the earn of the American l'eople, each its different nml distinct from the other, both in character nml tone, us nre the iliMnul bowlings of the angry tenipct and the gentle melody el the Kolinn haip. So a Ihey are capable of being expressed by trunk, both these voices are i, tiered in our column to-tl.ty. Pclh come from Leyoiid our national borders, fiom u fureijn country. Ono tell. us cf the exciting ,e firoiii'id 'ninim-'ltK- troop, with their feet I and bloody triumph of War, and the other of mi i iinclei'ii ir"W, n-i ! Ukmi-imouh mnroi;ian blf p.'mioJ, l! uiiinjj cjo, and luii' laveu hair hanging doiui almost to the 'in.l. On wo v.vtit utimpi'i tTf"hAngoa few vor.l ith nn nod a !!ii'e v: t'l an.iiiior, un'il louk liof 'ij'le.ilj hj'.ri'l n. i- I "ind t!"it we Iri.l I tl oar .n . t t'ii n ind all "i"-or firawi'.vtud t at we were iih-nliitely i'l the Piy ln:d-l o( t i" Mi'xii'.in army. Il l had i.iy mi'yiviutr a--I sa.v the d ir!; m I t'l'" t!"ii''ig loo!: c it up mi i.iy comrade anil myself, i; tilt armed and swir I u v Imrd's of iiie enemy, 1 t'oh gini.l c iro not to fiow llii'in. bat went i id 'llv on, ibough I f.dl i, f I i iii.; mi i4i.' cdi;ij of a, jirecipic.' fi iin which one f.ilno '.!cp iniht prjiijiiUtu me i m 'iig tin' ro.'kf b 'low. J I id any evil di'po-ed Mexican I ikon a fancy to h no si. i.t at il", who, a' "Mich a tini". could i .er hive ferreted o it the i'i-n is du ? We were tilth onlir un .rri. d, an'l f It the delicacy of '.ir Htu.t'lo'i. though we too!; caie not to Id f'e Mex'n an ioli!i perce'e it. and went iui titvon, until V,'' f nin I oa s-lve 1 efo'n t ,o "itt r.l Lie ci;',-. In a f' m wicnt our paHv wa the inexr'H'.iblv more "loriou and Mihlim.- tn- umph of l'r.A'M:. One greets u fioin the san guinary liattle-lkh! ol'Ci.isiio Gokdo, where the valor and conduct of oAnnv, pursuing the in jj schemes or ambition and cen-piest. and carrying foru-ud the iilimw purlUan plan of iti'eii'jtheiiing tlie gia"-,) and enlavging the bounds ol human oppression, have achieved a 'great victory,-' wiio-e recoriU shall bj read, f"i- long oar. in the gloomy liii'dlimcnts of the widew and the o,-ihan ; ild the other is wafted to 0 from a?ro3 the Ailantlc, from siiiVeiing bi.t warin-hcartecl and grateful fi.i.LAXD, licli in the Ijics-ing o those who wero ready to pcrih, and wliow v. ant. and necositiei' bae found a generous and ready sympathy and relief in the oX-'ring-s of Chirily fr.mi our fdiorcs I Wo dj ml as!: wiii':it of lhcs.e voice ought inn-: to excite our pride, and to afibid in the hiirhcst gralificalieii ; or which will be incre lied by Mr. Oroa'in. I,ie sailing in i-lcr of i recorded on llu iiiicij of f.itmc hi-torv a the .i . .i , li I M; I , -.ii " tV; " Ailu.iv, l'.i- tl Mtilsnii man liter, an ill'. () UritMi, tlicli'lk "I t'i" cimririiiding o !l c -l VI hnvi ai! 1 heroic mil : 'rx, w,io had I'ood set vice dm ing l'"' b'Hiih ird.nont. After a t mrt delibtr. lion, ne duei lud to enter the city, un I rw-ying b'Mioath tl.o nrcl.ed gHew ty, suo'n fvind ourudvtM in the narrow and birricaded ttrecls. After penetrating for fcibi" distance, I pauoil and Ui'.Ve.l uroiiii 1 in:', ami my feelings weio not nf 1 ,! m wt i omloi l iblo nature. Sive our little partv n-.t an Ani'-riuan u-i to h s.-cn wo wero literally uloni' in an enemy's citv. We 'ere thf tir-"t oi'our count rymo.i who lud en tered V' ra Cr.'.. J I. now not what can: over mo vh",'.or i: wi the cpl.-it cf adventure, or a wili :rid 'u ubla rocLlcFfncs", or botli 1 mdd 'illy riy party to '! d. i care of th.'iii-r-'vun," and turning o'l.ire'y alooj through thu iiiiding and half de'Tte 1 sl-ee!. '1'i.e .-ecret i!riA'J which I Ind 0';peri":iced. on first pacing the git J " way. w,i" gone, and I went tumbling nvr the whole town, to'iliry and unirmcd. O.i I w.:i!, wli.ire the builJaig torn in piece, the piv.'me-iN blown up, and the icccsefbonib r'u-lls 1;, ing about, told tho otli'Ct ol the.-o dread td tnivtih on, whtro Ibo blicl: jiilmtries. ot-rrh oi 'log tti' !!oro;i r'it iros, pre-enteu mo-t creditable to our nation il cuaracter and national renown. Wo can tritt that tpiei-tiou to tlnue who read tho diicre and graphic ic cohU in tin paper ! I.ct the tiiutnphs of Peace and War bo thu contrasted, and then tell us which -w II-the hoait lulli the truest patriotis-m, and s.tirs the biood with thu noblei't emulation ! Tlio Ainerlcnii Art-Union. Wo have taken occasion, hoietoforc, lo ppeal: in terms of unrm approval of lid most ciediU bio anJ well-managed Association for tho en couragement of nalivo'nitUtlc talent and tho cultivation of n taste for works of all among lis, and to commend It lo public pationage. Tho Held of its usefulness, wo aie glad to my, is annually extending. The minder of Its mem bers in 1810 very considci.ibly exceeded that of any prclnus year, and there is every Indication that cheering " progress" will marl; the transac tions Tor 1S47. This is a It should Ii3. We bellew the association is conducted in the most Judicious and imp.iiilal manner, and with the view, simply nnd solely, to promote thu cause of Ait In our Country, and to win faior and "aid and comfort" for it ineritoiioin dbclplc.. Tho character of tho gentlemen who arc charged with the active management of thu luihuss af fairs of the Union, is a sufficient guaranty for tho houorablo and faithful perfoi mance of its " trusts," snd we cannot too highly commend tho objects and ends at which they, in behalf of the Union, aim. The Committee of Management for the year 1817 lune already purchased more than eighty works of Ait, in pursuance of the Plan indica ted in the adveiti-cpient which will be found in our mtvei rising column., for distribution among those v. ho may become members plior to the drawing in December next. Among thaui are a marble bas-relief representing " Christ giving sight to the blind," by the eminent sculptor, IJuowx, and pictures by Cr.ors.'.r, liANxr.v, Or r.A.Mi, Cot.n, llt.Misi.iox, (j'wxoew, I!ol'teli.i:, liixuiiAJl, (whoso picture of " Tho Jolly l'lat boatuicn'' .Mr. l)o.r.v is engraving for the mem bers for tho present year) Ixxns, l'liicn, Winn, Woninisroox, Oddit., (3t.As, .Shuiooue, Tal uot, Cir.u.suu'AT.n, and other artists w hoo woiks have been found woithy of encoiiiagemcnt and patronage. We most cordially recommend the Arts Un ion and it purposes, to the favor of our readers, and assure them that tho engravings that are annually distributed to nil thu subscribers, are richly worth the price of subscription. Col. J. II. Put:, a will bo set'ii, is the Hon orary Secretary for Durlingtun, with whom the names of such as may bo tlipo-ed loaid in sus taining this truly national institution may bo left. Pur the Prrc 1'tcM. Mr. Clarke: llt'licvinj your Traders lire becoming 111111 of the discii-sion on iho contlitlons annexed to premiums of fered by the Agricultuml Society, we shall ray liilte in reply lo our Ineiul " J." published last week, One object of the Society lhnt ol promoting industry is in a lair way oHioing accomplished be is certainly entitled to some commendation Ibrtlii-, if lie has tint found n ma n't ucst he has discovered nn old mare which hns giown up like niriu"liioom, without either nam or tne, or miscd us unlhvcr says, in las mtciest ing lutory of hU travels In the moon, chilJien are that country. Hut, as we wild, enough of horses In our reply to our Westford liicml, for one number your paper. We will last drop the suhjci t at prevent. As to what we hnvc before said of being fully per Funded the rule could In every case have been coin plied with, and that it cm only be settled hy its piac opeiatiun, .1. has ihavvn a fine line of distinction, III you, sir, we lecognizc one ol those yenlnus nnd enlislilei.e.l philmthrnpi,l who'il" vour crem cottony, l'lom lh fust moment 5011 heard ol out dm trts'i lour sympathies vveie aroused, you devoted yourselves warmly nnd untiringly to Its nHcviulinii j vou abandoned your oidimry pursuit, you aided in iai-lng the laud Horn vvlikliaic now (lowing Into us siieh iihundnnt supplies, and not content with tint. t ,,,, ,, , 11 nil ire, vour services ns n l ava tiur:er, iuki hrnuht It. It is the nohlest offi'mii! that Nation ever neeepled tliecoiiimaiiuoi me Jamestown 011 iie-r inndc lo Nation. It is the siinninncoas oalpoiirina of nge tu llcliintl. , , , r ,l, a geiierrins clruiiy, nnd llie manner has gratifjing as , in the nnnnls orS' f devotion to the cau-e ol lli? I poor mid Fiilleiing, tiu-re is no lirmhter example, nnd There is some talk i,f a cnmphni-nliry ncknnwl- niol earnestly do we pmy, that neillier til fdement tn Mr. roili'-snml hi ollieers tsince this was vviiose cliiinieteii-ne ,1 gratitude, will in the ilay o ill tvii" nn iidveni-ein"iit has ,e, 11 sent to oar olllee, its Iclurmng pruspciily. nor will your own to; 11 iry : ..! . :.... i ... ... t 11 1 Arrival of thu Jamestown at Corl;. Prom the Coik Constitution of Apiil 15. The conjecture in the " Meiiiorainhuii " nt foot of oar Cove note Ml Tuesday was conert. The " large Ameiierm flup' icns ",-" ih frigate freight t'd vvilli food for our people, nail bli sinix be Ind oil the henil ami iienns 01 nioe vvlio scat and tliose who in convening n ineelins' I ir to-morrow). All we can say w nose viriie- nn mv 1., . ' i i". innt 00 eompiiiin'iii can on 100 111 ju lor laem no pf-um t-r.,,,!... 1 - - . 1 thuiionstraliuii of luihlic Ktntiiadeenn exce-d thene eoniuiciisur.itc Willi the exalted leehug o reepcttniu of of the public o'.ln.oitiou not lur the si'ii; thnl isgnod, , ntP'elion entertniued lor you liy both people. , 1 and I ir it we me thankful ; .bat for the'ei'ii-?, the I To Jour noble nnu generous e-ouiuiyoien, 1 hi,iininci 111 11111111 11 111 iuui.h'-ii a let nun nii'a ' u,i.mj., . tuan I cherish the warnu si sympathies ntiiriii.itpit n li'i incr mill n tl'T I llolliTi 1 I...M ...1.I..I. ,.lA.l .1 I.. .1. I...T. ...I Ihnm ..,lr til vvhiehw'nsresponde.l to with pik h lihernl td.iciity by ! for tin lawful their In-ill i miilblu more ot tlieiu nre the I'vecuiivi. Iiidividuallv and liaiionally ihey nre descended fiom nn lr.-li stuck ; but nil of tliem Inve fiililled lo the mo-t snsible cxiiresion of ndnuralion 1 proved llieinselyes, by their nets on tins occasion, .1 . 1 .... tt't.. .. 111 t - ,i.' 1.. i .1.!- l...r!,.Mi,lfi . n.11,.1.11 put tne... whose fr o. , 1 :i 1. . mi 1 1 1 . i- aim esteem tt u n ttni ue niuuaai 01 mis niiiguiu- ku,,ii,i "'fi" . , , wlule il will puzzle a bcutcli metaphysician to discover 1 0n;.,ln,T wli"n we stale llutt the veiv laborers Twho , 110113 i,-sliny is yet to carry civih.niion nnd liuiiiaiu- the iliffcirnrc. I loaded llie v-.el labored wilhout pay ! sung clruiiy into the boundless vyildsnt ihe 1.1 r vyest ; 1 lie loiiownig 1 a lncinoramumi Willi which wo , i eruoie.u etii Kiirt...i. . , .i.. ... ....u.-.. . .,, ...... lavoletl fiom lite ve-sel : their own soil ; tu cultivate peace nun niennsnin wiui 1'ivvii, United Slates ship or vvnr.siiled 1 othrr inliuns ; ami, as v.e earnesiiy pray, 10 ive m Yard. Iloptnn. 011 Sandav mornine' tlie 1 benevolent aunty with tlio lulels ol the llnlis'i Lin- think they ftanj, ua meichant say, A. 1 in hisnu- 2yh Jlntili, nt Uo'eliwk, and niHmred nt Hi- oilier pin mcious lamny. but tha, a sinSle coan.y hi oar own I liKinRiKi fclale should have grown su fj't as to become lnrge yj hours, all rn-ing fur the ilile'ience 111 the longitude. t'tlOlltrll III llT.T lirnlnliHno C.r lli vll.,.1,. !l ('rossitll? ll' Jlil IllvS sllC W a "CV eflll tiltteS ill tllC V i- l imit 111 n." . inn 1111; .1 u'-nf iuj, us inrin uii-ii uy un tile tiijjncitrci 1 loniien 01c vps-d 1; livery Ynnkte Tally believes Uxn.r. Sam to be the I '1 be following I gientest man hi the woild lor any thing, mul meire 1 '"".i'j .."Mmv pniticul.irly in fanning. Vertnoiiters nie disposed to ' f n the Navy Ya thermontf tr, lail save nothing, i'lie sltip, lliottgli h- ns we say of boys, lather " glowing out of our trous ers. ".I," proposes 11 wider ringe than any state , hi frt ,l,...,.r tlmti in n ,ni, ,,r war. tuTlormed Society has adopted, liven the Slate .Society of New 1 ndiniinbly nnd u ns easy its elm lie, nnd rteeM like u . .... . J ! .-I... t....v. -1 it .1 . .t. .1.:.. ....11 nl.,... o, K say, i their h.t of premiums for the next thow, T ; m: . he en7- I'rcsentntioii ol'u Sivoitl in Itiitlnntl. The fri.'nds of Lieutenant Ikix'ixs, of the Yciinont Cc.uipatiy, ireented atv.ord lo him, a fevv days agi, 011 tlio occasion of hi 9 departure for "tlio Wars," with rather impre.-sive ccreinc-nio!i-iiM. Tlu veteian (.icnoul Jox.i Clark, of .Middletovvn, undo the presentation speech, in which lie said "Iho polite; thing" of Ken tucky and Vermont, and of I.t. I'opkinr, who w.nboiii in tho former and reartd in tho latter of those good whig .Stales, '(funeral Jonas" 1 knows where good blood J likely lo conio from ! j The flencral concluded, by giving Iho young an Soulier mo tjmcwiidi eutiivocai auvico : " Pinally should the fat ' of war th ive you to des peration, leluentliei old" ItuC'.il AND Itl.Abv ." Lieutenant, in his spiiited reply give us the following tutiih of P.lhsn Allen's sjiunk : el'e'it lurking place J'jr tli? assiissin, atid ttill uuiiaim5d. Never had I bih'.'ld such tl'trnction of prop erty. Ssejuvly a house had 1 insscd tint did r.i.tshovv som" gioit rent made by tho bursting of our bomb shod. At almost every houso at which 1 pa-ss. , ex ,..,. w tiut-iriir-ii in cc- j ,. Alllls.,0..d,l I ever so far W rav right mind as lo (".sionod by tlu'so i.ii'ssengors of ile.i'.h. some turn my ba.-k, cow.ird-uk. lu tli 'ni.'iuy, may the ono of l!i2 family (if the house did not liiopeu to I ite ol war pievi ill mv ever agfim bt holding the gieen be djierted) wi.uhio mie to the door and. invi- - lulls ol eruient, or ii.eetmi vvnli any ut tu- l-aileta lso for the best and nioft liuinerous eollcction of ngiicuhiiral irnplenients,w:!Hii!;"icii in the State if Xcic 1W,," nIo for " roini'elitinns ftnru icramiz not raith'nlH of the. Slate. Pieruiams ui plate, med als rud diplomas will be awarded on," (llu is confined to thirteen kinds of firm sleek.) As the Mnnagcrs of ihcKucicly hive adopted rules similar to all oiher CoutityC-ocictiesJ of which we lnve any knowledge, and some of them more than tidily yeais old, we nre inclined lo think thcui judicious in adopting thos-c tested by long experience of others. We aie willing to extend our pationage to agricul tural papers and agricultural implements, without le gard to place of mantilactaie, end aie glad losec them brought among us their makers and venders have our bt st wishes fur their success. Put, t!iry must be content vvilli telling, without a contribution to pay them premiums in addition. JIny 3, lilt. Cuitii:.n-m;x Cotxrv. A rpiiet conscience frletps in thunder. U' Chronicle. If that'si the oa-e perhaps thunder, alter all, is nothing more than a rjuiit coiucience . ncn'ri. Tho Chronicle can tell. Is water nn intoxicating ilrinl; !"' Mnco tho question, " Will molasses cx plcdo ?" " Is putty liable to spontaneous coin bunion V " Dili Poll; grant a to Santa Anna ;" and " who is Col. Prick ?" have been satisfactorily disposed of, wo think it wholly unjus'iifiaWo in the HclUws Valh (,'-1 l!ev go. Tlie .imncuowii is unmet inter me uri lovvn v'vhere a colony wn planted liom the old world. tn.MI.KMh.x 'Vou-x'rr.ui ox Uo.viiu 11. 11. I'orbes, Oouimander; ('apt. V. W. Alnconilrny, Chief Alate j Captain .1. 1). 1 '.11 well, Second Mute.'' L'nloitanalely the ticker nml the Avenger, which had been dipnelicd with pioviions, which llie Ail miial impatiently expected in order to tow her 111, did nut return, ami s had to wait until tlio Salami was on her way lo llnstol 011 Tuesday. aptnin l'nikcr, with llie fi'inptitiide which has always di.-imgui-'lieil tint able nnd excellent nllieer, ns soon its he saw her, put it to lite pass' ngcis whether lliey would pi efer pro cccding, or cou-ent to the delay that would be occ 1 siontd by tinning back nnd taking iheJimrstown into Cove. Willi mnniiiious euthusiifin flcy voted fur jibe Inner, and t.'.iiiliui Talker tool; li-r 111 tow and laid iter alongside llnulhowlmc, aim I llie cneers 0 thousands who lined the lull" and quay nt (,nve, and wheie she soon nfer coninienced thsehnrging. Al palling, she was sainted by the ehctrot the crew and passengers of the .-norma, vvlucli were nnsvveied heartily nml la-tily fiom the Jamestown and from the quaj, nnd tlie Sabtiua proceeded on h"r passnge. Almost nnnitdinteiy Mr. Porb'-s was waited 011 by a deputation, who presented hun with un Address, which he nionuiilv and Iniidsomely nckuowleilgeii. Tliedepai.ilii-n ieii'i"sti d lam tu name a tiny on whicli 1.,. t,n, I,,. 11, u-,, vitior tli -in with t heir cuiu- iany to thnii'T, ami .Mr. 1 urbes hxed to-tlay, wneu, nt fi o'clock, tln-yaic to have the pleasure of entertain ing luin and Ins gallant olliceis, wlm so generoii"iy volanleered lli-ir services to Inland. The deputation cunsii'd of the following 'teuton, who had been named at a meeting lirltl that 1, lorning: Tlie Hon. Uohert Hare, .1. I'.; Itev. Air. isasn, t.nir me to outer, mint out tl.eir des troyed, and Willi a pil'.fui sih excl.ii.n " h: b h.i U bm t'li!'' ilia bomb ! tho bomb! My he;v I ached for the poor creature.-. Hutinrr ttie nore-Ti-itinliiin I e.ttnt In n lriTte nnd nol.lo in'tnsi,,,," in tehifh a te-rihlr. bntnli I is .to.tlVlte Wa? assremb.d suns of Kt titucky On the whole, the affair va quitespicy, and probably nfi'orded satisfaction to the' largo and enthusiastic meeting'' that the Kutltml Herald had exploded, and liid tho while front of Ike h it-e in loins. While I was exiiniuing the nw fid Inv c ere '. ted, a b'.v.titil'.d girl of some H'vonlee.'i con lo the door an I invited me into ti.1 lui-9. t&i'pjl ifctl lo tik1 furniture of tho i.ia ision turn hit - fisijj'iieiit, and tho piles of r .! h!ii iinuiivl, and iulormcd me, with ' , be.iutif 1! c,ei liikd vvilli Uai, th--t th li'iiu'j h.uld triytd iiur ftthur, mother, brother r 1 1 two litllu sisters, and lb tt she was now It'll 1:1 the woild aloiie ! Owrir! war! who can to 1 thy h irtoiu ? Wluouti picUrc thy defer in. ties .';' liio af'i'rnoin I vi'ited the lionital. - beds the iniiv'eJ crci- The ancient ypartans used (o present a MM en such cccarions, and enjoin their heroes 0 return ' with it or 011 v.!" "ih modern weapon will not admit of so neat and classic, an injunction it must be, wo suppose, with it or fi,'!-,V .'" Lieutenant Hopkins will prove himself, un qi.cttiur.aldy, an active, ilhcient, and brave oiiicer, and if Captain himliutl (!) shoulil hap pen to get the ihe'timatisin we'll answer for the Vermont Company. " Reports from nil quarters show tint the Mexicans prrjer nur 1 idem tu their uicn."Jlailingtijii Sati net $ Detnoeiat. The last'- rep rt, " confirmatory t.f tho above, from Ccniio Goriio. Tho 'kntincl issued two or thrcs llxtras on tho occasion. It lias a right to be a little elated, for it was undoubtedly coriect. The .Mexicans evidently aro delighted Willi S.111U Anna, who is the- " ruler " furnish ed them by Mr. Polk ! title to start a now & perplexing topic of debate. Tho following unqualified statement is made in tho last number of that paper; The C'jiiuectiiut Unci wns vejy high al Spring f.cld, lust week. Il -gothigh' on eu!d v. .iter. Tho rpiclion conscqiientl y aiiscs, and it must bo settled : U water an " ir.ttxicating drink?'' Tho nfjlnn tticc detei initiation of this question, it will at bo Ecen, will scud peo ple back to ' firt principles '! mill:. 37'Tho Vt. I'alriu in reply to an intimation of the Yiinl.:nr Journal, that such men as Tav i.or, .Scon, Worth, Wool, all men who ''did the state somo'terv ice " in tho War of 181, and vv ho arc of the P.cgtilar Army, arc Winn.', quotes a long li.-t of Locofocos ajmintrj by I'oil, to cOMminJ lc Volunteers' Wu presume tlie Journal is willing tb admit that, give Polk a fair swing, and there would bo very few whig i:i the Armv. Ho tried hi.s hosl In rolonw-pr to on their regular ttip,and nov.lieie can tho tra-, Mrcede tho whole of them by tho apptuitment veler be to conifoitably and pleasantly accommo-' of Tum Ihmln lknUm t0 ,,0 Stlprem0 com. ihlcd 11 upon them. Tho lK'iiu.vnox, V.'inrc j mrilvJ , Tho i.immi may "as well give it up. jiai.i. and sara:,ac, a we have before appiifcd i.oli mal..ageshid appointments in tho ainiv in our rcudei. are in icifect order every thing ., , i.n ,.,, nii ,,n ni..,i,,r," The t.nke. The 'Alter in the Lake is very high, overflow-' ingall tlio wharves, and is still rising, j Our beautiful r.nd well-managed bnats arc all j .Mr. (tally. l!-v. .Mr O'llcgiui, It C C. ; S. T. l'rench.J. 1'. ; Uohert Holmes..!. 1'. ; Mr. (.eo. Scott, r.dwaid Alill. lt, J P.j .Mnuriee Power, J. 1'.; Dr. Scoll, .Mr. riimp Scott, nnd .Mr. V. Drew. These gentlemen wen severnllyiiiliodncetl by Mr. N. Cumi'iin, ol the linn ol .Messrs N. anil J. Cum mins, ol Cork, who had started loi Cove on Ihe pievi 1,11s (veiini''. with tlesnatelie lur ilr. Puibes. and, lionrtlniL' llie Jamestown oil' the'jor, aceoaipanied him to li'iuluo.vtiiie. The Admiral (rt.r Hugh Pigot) has lteen most ac tive. He lias neglected nutlung thotcoula teiul toex pedition or necuiiinodattou. .Mr. Porbi'S he invitftl to, and would hive been happy to receive ut, the Ad miiulty, while the vessel remains ; bat that gentleman had piev.'t.usly pioinisetl linuaeil tu Mr. Seolt. e co;ieln,li; with the lodow tag list ol the articles which tlie Jamestown brings, the distribution of which, as will be seen by our extracts elsewhere, is contided lo V. ltalhboue, lUq , ol Liveipool. mOM THE 110ST0M COMMITTm. 100 barrels 1'oik, HIO tierces llaint. C55 bitnels Corn Meil, bags Indian .Meal, 1 1'jrt bags Northern Corn, 137a barrels Ilrend, tlo Iienns, 81 tlo Puts. rr.oM scMDr.v towns, ixMvmcAi.s, and societim. 53J ban els Cut 11. IS tlo Corn Men, 11 do Mimical, bl do Potatoes, 1 bag do a 17 bags Corn, 1 bariet l'luur, M du Ilje, 11 packages tlo 1 I'.OM THU CUAR1.UT0WN COM'lITTEn. I bnl ami I box Oal 3 bags Wheat, 1 tierce Dried Apple, :: tierces & I bag beans fi boxes i'l-ll, C01 bags Meal, I half barrel ilo, 23 bbls tt box's tlothing. about them being clean, neat and ship-shape. ,U il.tnl, t',r ,. ,t..lll,tr,il ntl enin. ,. ' , " . , , been so iitjch giscoitading in the Mexi inodious pas.-enger c.-scls, are alloat. And Inielv. left fori 01 1 Attains, the icndtvot sand Aniicusov, with l't'i;imeni but Alonjay. It jtatuot. f.t5?"Cnpt lj A Kitilbnll nbtuit whom there has lexical! papers, vous ol tlie Ulh Captains Lvritnoi', I) wis 1 uipo of the 1 (heir gentlemanly and allcntive under-olUcers, Messrs. Uraim.i.ii, j5a::ti n, J. O Graiiy, W ar xer, P. O'Gradv and Lyo.v, unite tiie cordial dispos'nion with the highest qualifications, to 1 make a pa.-age witli them a matter to bo rc niemleicd with (Unsure and satisfactinn, j Here hi,' upon ir ie,U I ires woo had been wotiuJed tl 1 1 ,'i ;i the bom-Ll-J.r.ett. l.i tine comer tvas a p'"i-, t'ecrijiit bid ri.l len woai t:i, Ii-.t In ,ul wliitu vvitn tin sor r kvs of seventy ve.trs. One (,l her vvi'.heie. arms had been blown oii'by a Irvpi mt of a shell, J tho polite arts gn.oially, contains an e 111 nun lur p:.ico ui.g it lu seen 1.1 ilig.ed cre.i-I t,.. death of the lures 01 11 iin sexes, linn-en anil ii'n.uri',i nv l!ip ('.hint i.ill,l'ie liiiltsi... etui Inn.-, nut r,f I'm s.i !!.. On tne floor I iv 1 liltl-j cT.ilJ in a '' '"U stauia : I'oclieiil luiiieututioii. The lat week's1' Vami'y d'nzi '," a paper e-t.iblislud for tho furtherance of liteiaturu and y on gallant Colonel Yli.l, 1'icin v.'liich we cannot retrain from nio'.iug the ful- Wo notice in the " ollicial " gu;elte of this young man's appointment, that he is. a natiie o! New II impshiro. We are prepared to give out bister Ftalc a quit-claim of all the honor tha' may spring from the planting of tin- "cm ill po ta'.oe." We tindersLin 1 our g tlla-it frisn I, Col co.n,iktii' slate o! ntullty, Willi 01.0 of ils poor 1 -gs cut ofi' ahtve' the- l;n -o ! Tho .i.iart 1 l-ut v.u- tided w nil ilies, tl.. it seem '.! tu delight in the agouit'S n! the ur.ser ih!u creatures ovei j whim tluy iiot'eruJ, aullii'.' inixns were heart-1 reading. I iveiit abu'it from ct.l to cot. and attempted j to eon i'do Willi th" snili'iiTs, uy vvlioin I was Uvariahly g-e. It I with a kind -.nih. N'ot even the uli-'l-' of iviotciiedni's li-ij h en e.xeuip from lie curt-e'd scmrg of war ! A h-mib lia'l d-'scended llirougli the rot f, and after landing n 1 tin tloor f'Splii'led, scitthngisi 1110 t'.venty al reaily 111 ingled wietches tu the' 'sleep that knows low-king.' In thu cnuro nf iho afternoon the army tool; poss.sSiiin of tho city ot Vei.i Cruz, and the f.tic'Bt- wero throngs I vvith our tru.yi. Aitci visiting every t.inio woithy of note, nl guiist-t I rfturiied oiibiard, liaviiiir roceiyttl a lessun in the hurrordof v.' ir w hicii I s;,il pot soon foiget, you. truly, L. CUUTirf.- III.NU. Tho little WixoesKi, neat as pin from stein to Hansom, looks upon him seir.ewhat u Pakstaf! stem, and under thu efficient ni'iiiagemcnl of tlio ihd upon 'tis recruili. excellent, though rather slim and sleiuhr, dipt, j Cmi'MAN, is performing her nips with daily' ttT'I'lie ti'trf.'iiii-'oii Lniou has at length regularity leaving tho wharf for Plutt-biirgh "'icceeded in proving, by numerous and well and i.t Allan's at bilf putt 7, A. M. Chap- chosen extracts fiom ancient newspapers, that of a skinwr. the Whigs are all ll'irtlurd Convention Federal ists. The icspectable old chap that blows the 1 bellows ol the government organ is said tube in ' liigh glco on tho occasion. Ho might have Power of Three Words. " WnBU! V.'m r.tisTs. 'This phrase constitutes the lalwii.iu Vtiiali h,n v.iou'.tt it t.vii.ierlal cli'iug' in the whole t httti ei-r of uur (J'lVerueii'iit. Undei their i'lflaenee llie- Clin I M-tgitlnili ol tu most popu lar (ioveiii'iient tui eaiih siiileuly Ijccoiiii-b pus.vft..d t.f the utih.iiileil power ol oi.enial dtpniu-ii. Under ibis ioniiiiii"ii Iw ciiin'i"iii kitigiuni, loiiiieaiavvii funis joverlll, lent, ttilvil.lll,nt'.l 11 svsleil ui i.'velltle witli 11 l'iusuiy ol hi owu.niii ah ifiMiisi'uriiinjiid- r-ill-( llit'l ' I lb1' ."lUy-M Hie U.tlleJ Mates. 'I'lii g., en, meat o.Kin il.-ieiid ill,, tn.i n.raiin.ptiou of piweiusa vve.i-fsiiij.ts.ti--i it.n growing out ol a stale ul'rtjr ihe Ughl lu levj tuiitiibuliuns epoii the li.,i it win carrying this principle pretty far, when a silip uiltv-s I'l rsyrui im a siiiyi, me jiirerly oj Asicuevi ciriu),tti I--') a daiv .,i tunyu n.ij per cetll. oil lt,..lhe point ot the bnyoinl, on llie gioiiiidof iisl-iingn roniii'jutiin frum an rntug We ihiiikoiir iiteieh mts will be very likely to prt.teti ngninsl such lieainii'iit, nil J to liy iheq letlniu wt'havuuny cni.-ilitiiiiuiial ciihi hn or not. Lnlor 0 ir own citiii'ii ait; to b oo'.sijeied csenemau, it is (l.iliciill to iwicene how thu .Mexican syHei.v 01 re. venue can be iiiuiiilohied as a military contribution In tin elnruelt-r lie in the uniumiitimi uj ,irrreiji, wiwbyJ.iiiltK. I'oik. " I am Hie State" were- 1 j.iiuii oj mis j 11 uecoiuing nn llu lur his orgu.i, tn Washington" Piiiuti.' Hmi. Hai'-y Adteituir. ty We were shown a few daysmen! the Armo rv 01 Messrs itohbliu, Ivelld.ill it l.iwieiiee in tills ...ii.iiT,. R.11,11. ol ihe tiatt siieeiiiiensot wniltiiiauhii in the nun line. 11 lias ever been oar llu nine lu look Liun. Several hundred rillet being liiHsheiliiinlri'adv for Uuch tsatn, prubably cuine us m-ar iwrtetlion us liuu isuIIowcaI to npproaeh ; uikUo pretest ly ulil.e art ihey.lhni any one pa ec of nnv gun will Jusi lit all the r,si, nml nnv I'i'ceol nil the tl willyt't lit the tat" irini"r Vl.J'jacial. " Thai h-roso bold in the van of the fiht, WoFJjn ttiu-kby a li'ier, anJ I'dl! And prostrate there I.iy, all . 10:11 01 hi might, St1te3.m11 and warrior, Ar.enii'vi.u Ytu. !" It is obvious tint the evili tint aro to icsuit loin this Mexican War are but just beginning to dcvclo) c tlieniselvt!. ! U.l'.vitn'.s' iloiiti hioiu. Wo have had great plea-nro in a cursory ex amination of Mr. l'.dvvards' spring puichasoof ! lJoo;, with which ho has 'list enriched and crowded his shelves. Ilo has undo Lis asseit- ment timuiially extensive and complotu in tlio y.iritius detiittments of Literature, rscicucc, and Ait, and in tho humbler but by no moans less important department of Uleinviitaiy Woik for Childienand lonlli. It 1 rare tote-o bu fins a t'oliecliou of standaid vvoik, and of the cur loot lilentture of the day, uut ornurlarger citie, anJ rarer still to find su many excellent and rzmUb'.c editions of tiu n. T.u ragi to chsi:n books l.asUd to tin publiliingiifun infinitiido of coarse-pajn reil and sin ill-typed edition' of tin most ilosiruble h i.d.s for the l'ne-1 lo and tho li brary, tho tending of which is us frying to thu irisasiti lo the pilience. Jlr. Ldwaids lias placed upon hi shelves ' books that ere books" 111 every goi.d sense of tho wold, both in matter and in inner, in shape and .sub-lance. It affords us much satisfaction to co limend his establish- incntto a continuance of tho favor it has won under tho intelligent and gentlemanly manage ment of Mr. San ru. Of the t-At.Tc's we know little but liy report, excepting that Mr. Gr.cii, late of the llitrlington, t 1...- C:......r.l r,.-.t M'fn it v it iv?i t-ii 1 1 kii.i. IS IIUl i itimiu, sti-.. - . ,,...,,,( , , ken of bv tho-c who know lum, as a courteous saved himtelfa world of invesligatioii and troub aiidetlici'iutofiicer -.Mr. (;i:n;ve,,.i.'u.'rtobe'so. h' by quoting Iho famous saving of Jeferson, The farnnai. and i-kiltus form tho Day line, lliu truth (it which wo Wniga " Wi and tl.o Builirglcu and Whitehall tko'.NLht A'-": all PcnuitAU-is i;c nre r.ll Kcpulli. line. i '''"'-" 50 barr,-l-1 "lour, 1 linn tlo do, 11X1 bartels Iliee, 5'J barals Com Meal, '2 do ilread, l-'l do lit nns, 1 hall barrel Hears 1 barrels do, i boxes Clothing, 800 empty lUi, Iwepre siuic for discharging ll.i- uuin ) Th" efTrnntpry or certain Mexican editors i truly 1 astonishing. T'ney assert that the President desiretl ' tu saperseJe Scott nnl Tnjlor by the nppointin.'iit of , Col. lleuton.when uil tlie world kiinvvs ihnl Col. lien Ion lefased to necept the ofiiee of .Major (feiiernl b.-caa-e llie Tresi i 'lit would 11:, t allow' hun the privcJcnee over these GeiisioU! 1'. l'tiiiht. On tho Cth of March, Ponton wrote tn Polk t OT Mcsrs. Jones, D.u.l Poor, v.ho.'O ml veitisemcnt is another column, have a rich and extensivo assortment cf goods in their line ol business, ami such of our readers a may be viiting llo-lcn villi tlie view of making pui-ch-ises, will doubtless find it to their advantage demanding the supreme command in Mexico ns to call upon them, i ho costly and elegant tiros tlio condition t.f his acceptance of tho cilice rf sword, iccently presented to General Franklin .Major General. On the !!h, after thro- tay of Pierce, of New Hampshire, was fini.-hed, we sci 'careful examination," Polk wrote to him as by Iho papers, by Messrs. Jones, Hall Si Poor. follows : " Immediately aher your nomination ns Major Gen eral had been unanimously continued, by the Seitaf, carefully trtmiuei the 'u-u, rcirMrr pis-sestr-l the j'vrcr to ihtznnte yin-'t jnnittr ra'tjor arneial lo the chief nrnmtin'l tij the army in thu field. The icsull ufiln ciBininiitioii i, am con tttinined to nan, a settletl conviction on my mind, Ih-it stieli povver li-is nut bte.i coulerred upon me by the r" 11 it. r 1 , u.,;, , ,.,., i,l lishod by Messrs. Jenks. Palmer &. Co. are ., ,",' , , , , ,,,, . ,, I acknowledged excellence nnd utility, and tnav Scott and Taylor I Oh, no! I he (111011, the . . . f ' I Iin enrros. ' ' ' ' " OT Messrs. Jkxks, Palmru fc Co., established and well-known pitbliehers in Boston, adveitise ill our roluinns to-dav a sciies of valuabln Head- in Hooks, and other -tandard School Hooks, ti which wo t'iko occasion to invito the attention of our School .Superintendents, Tho works pub- ol l'lom the Curk Hxamiuer we cony the address to Captain l'o,b-i, which was read l.y All". Alilielt, .1. 1'., and al-o tie n-ptv of Capt. Fuib's At 0 o eiutt.. tae jaines'oy. n Having ensi nncuur ei II tulbovvhne, the Cove d'p.itaiio'i nnivej on boaid, and were severally introduced to Cnplnin Porbes, who teeeived ilieiii ill t le kindest an 1 warmest manner. .Mr., J P., then lead llie fuliuvving address : To U. 11. Forbes, Ilq , Commander of the American Simp aj iVur, Jamestoicn. Sir: We, Ihe inhabitants of the and island of Cove, hasten to Lihln -s you on your arrival in our hnrbor, lu cxp'ess out siin-tte lively g'fi'.uii.te lu the g eit Aiuerier.n people, for their generous synipa t'tj anil assist nice in tne present ufllieling condition of our unhappy cnuntiy. The ciy ol li is.i distress hns gone across the waters of ihe Allan'.", unJ has promptly and nobly 10-spond-d to b) the kintl'y hearts of America. Dei ply nre v.- indebted lo ihe good citizen of th? sinte ol .Massnehuseiis, whose thoughtful and active benevolence ltirnishcd llie large su ply ot food mil list ed to your charge ; tu youiseh.sir, toi.sopiomptly nnd h.imai'ely volnuieeiing yeui vnlunble seivices, and, at llie call of eh 11 i:y,rt""iguingfirn season the repose and engllgcilietii 01 your tin I iioiur , au-i tu int.- i..t-n- erul lio.-eriiineut ior so iibeiall) placing at tin; tlispo- ol llie be'-.cvoletit tluiitns a national vessel, to con vey tin must welcome cirgu to our tsuiisliiiiji people. l-'iihd with suTovv and tlismny at the ea.iiinitoiis condition ata luge portion ot our'populntii'n, 11 is, 1 1- i- eii, tuosi ciinsoiuig aim gmiuyiug 10 us iu reei-tte ji-h k.nJIv Uiid biiiistiuilial evi'Jeuces of tyiniiaihy limn a couufv v. Inch we look up to with so luuih re- sp"tt and ndiniration, and to know lhnt the tliuusinda w no lire nuvv ll.isteiiiiig iruin our siiiuii-s nit- g"io tt'. land wheie they may calculate on a warm nnd hospi- u'e rceeition, an I wn-jie muusiiy una iiuegriiy me sjie ol their rewara. Honor to llie cituens ol Alassncbusetts may tney long eiioy ih" freedom and pruspeuly by winch ll.ty are surrt'iin led. . We vv ill ever cherish a gratelnl recollection oi ineir geneiuua sohcilude lur Iieiand in her hour of lual and sallering. Koblht Hake, Lliairiuan. Cunlain Porbe". nt the conclusion ol llie reading of Ihe address, said he was a 111.111 tl very ft vv word, and tint he r.lwajs committed his thought lo wining. The gnPanl euiiiinandei ihen rtad ihe following re ply.s. eniiiigly much nff'tted. ib the Hon. Jlilert .tie, Chairman, He ,nni Oen- tic men cjinjo 11.111 Ihe Lore ilfpnlatiaa. United States Ship ,lnmi'tovvu, ) Cove, Apiil 13, ISI7. $ Rt- Voor esteemed and hlidllv ilaltennil nddtess, ot this d He. Lasjiin been hn led in ine by .Mr tieorge Kesnected sir. on the return to tour happy home, ns- Sure yuurCoiuiirjIiitn how deeily we feel their gen- crettly. 1 Heir gnu nave come 10 uuriicsiiiuie pi'opie :i the hour ot tieeil, uncloir'rfd bv nnv conditions, mi- nlloyed by sellishness All 111 this land of uiis'-ry wlio nre 111 will be beiielittetl by thfin, mul I10111 allot' 11 he ns-aied ciidiiringgintitade will How. Tn ) nar Urother olliceis, vv t re"-pcetl ally tender our ihniiks lur the ellicient an-l cordial manner hi which Ihey have cu-t e lated with on, nnd we big you will be ph'ased lo cairy lo them, inJiviJuilly and collec tively, oar ue,-p sense 01 ineir service J o the clew ol the Jaiiitstowu. we wiii every pros- peiity ami linppines ; end we coitlially hope they limy ever bo employed mpreserving the Iriendly rch Hons between butli nations, nnl that peace, toncoitl ami inutiial good will, shall ever be eugraud on the nag under wnicn ihey seive. Accent sir, incoii'nmton. tliensaaranceofourli'frll- cst consideration ; t n I b 'liev e us when we say that the citizens of Cork, will ever eheusli for you eveiy wiilunent ol respect because of jour philnntluopy anil benevolence. , illation. Chairman The Dion .S'uF.ntrF. M S IlAiir.v, The Vicar C'Arm'LAr., T U .SAftsKPiLi.n. Tlie veiy Kev. pATIItii MxTnEW, vv J AOI.V, The Dean- or Cor.K, .Major IIeamish, N Cujimii.'s, J V MAOue-inr.. To this address Caniain i'uibes made the follow-in'' reply. to -run ciTirxx-s or cons, r.ErntsESTr.n nv a DErcT.v- IIOHO.VHIE 17'lllAlRII., 1117. .'it . e man and tientlrineii ; 1 havcelteii heard the lemnrk mad"," five me from my friends, and 1 w ill lake care of mine enemies." Th.s old s lying is applicable in a new sense 011 thtsoc-ca-ion, lur never was man so likely tube killed by kin luess 1 I have listened with unfeigned pleasure to the address winch the citizens of Coik have bcn kind enough to adopt as the cvprcsjian of the feelings ol the people or this sintering country tovvnrds the American people, whom 1 am huppy to'serve on ihixhcuuulu! eirund. I wi3h,niustsiiii:eitlv, tiiat the pie sain task of repljiag, in suitable terms, had devolved on one who by educa tion and habit coiitd have done nutiee tu til" su'i,ti.t. and w ho cuuid have thanki'd j on m wo 'ds a Jipl-'d lo ine ojcnsion. 1 ucwiuvvieilge iiiyseit tune I'litiielyin-coinp"ti-iii to expit-i one nth ol what 1 feel, and ti id line power to cmbotiy my leeimgs 111 suil-ible lan guage, I uui ufiaidniy hcJit wualdlailme in thedehv eiy. Yon have beenplead to give me, p-rsotially, tiiu.'h mure credit than 1 re.tily my tlue, lurth" very sm ill sacrifice I have made in bi nail ot voirsufieringp'o ple 1 and I ought not to take tout) sell' tbcrkuicrmg unclionof your applaa-te. lint I kuu'.v, Mr. Chiinnnu, Hint insniiien nave warm iienns, ana mat 0111 01 me mouth the heart speokelh." This h 1 b en so fully de munstrnted in tint town ut Cove, tint 1 tlo not iloubt fur a moment the earnest sincerity ol your kind wishes. liy tin evening'! mad, Mr. will no doubt receive, by thi Halifax steamer, the key by which the heart-nl onrcuizens of lioston were 111 some degr-'e U'llu-ked. I mean sir, a printed report of the doings 111 Ue'Cttv of Huston, and particularly within the walls of " Paaeuil Hall" the " Ciadlc ot Liberty," wh Te the voice af tlie oppressed, ami the voice of ihe free, has always been htard since the days of the dawn of oar in hp n leuc. It wasliiere, sir', th it late n Pehraary, pdward I'lverett, late Min ister to the Court ot St Jaino, Mr Qiiney, Mayor of iheCily nnd eh tiruian ot the Relief Coiiiiiiiiiee then or-'aiiizeil.J. T. levTftsin. Csi . Dr. 'jnmuel C, Huve. lung ktiovvias a vohiniary si I tier of freedom ;.,.(!. .l .,.,;.,:., ..l ,,r ,. f .,.,r I gieatest chaihies, ihe Asylum lor the liltnd, it was i there, sir. that thi-oe woiihv men nave vent to llvir leeiltlg- 111 till- i;uu-r ui I uuiniiiiigr iteiilllu ; 11 tva- ihere, sir, that five thousand of our citiens stood un- eovereit wtthtn tirriit.i, niiy J01 ty thousand with nut the vvuils of old Pa.ieiil henr the burtw ot eloquence from experu need orator r.nd full hearts ; it w,iB tliere, sir. that 1 beer me enhstetl in behalt of this good cause, nil. 1 11 tst tl,e bailiiit elorpiellee' of these irentletn' n not less than to the wisdom nnd iiuina'iilv ot Congiess, t'int you are indebted fur the ueof the Jamestown. The only thing I have to regret is thai the Hibemia could nnl inve been fuvore I v. ith en e.x Irnordinnry run, Ihatyi u might have known, by per usnlof the document aliuded to.towhnm jouand the people of Ireland are realty intfi bted for Ihe small mile ot "aid and comfort."' brouaht to vou liy the Jume-.r.uvii. Ho far as lam concerned, lues; uinn- lluea ol my own countrymen wn-, i-ven before sailing cn my mission, rewaul eiiuuga but, sir, how can I express to you how vv ry much the levvard ahorded by iiattm: or ciiuko coudo. The telegraphic reports rec-ived in thi, city on Pri day evemug.ol nn important engagement between the Aumlcnu troops under Oeneinl Heutt, nnd the Mexi can army, have been conlitnietl by the fuller accounts bru'ijlit by the mul or yeterd ty moriiin-', A sliu liom 111" olliee nl the Js'evv (Mean Picayune, pnblish i'tl on the evening o the 30tli, contain a lull account ol Ibis ciigng-m -nt, tin news oi which was brought hy the steamer .MeKun, which left Vera Cruz on the 'Mill lilt, (icneral .Sunn Anna his ngain been du-f-nted ill n ilched battle six thousind Mexicntu hive been tikeii prisoners, among whom nre a Inrgu number of -cxi"an ollieers, including General Vega, who i once again a captive. We abridge the account below from the account given by the ricivuue. lioitnn Atlas. 111 on tiitei oo'iii 1,1 iiu- win, toe uuvaoee unucr Genernl Twiggs encoiinteieJ the enemy, when a s veie but tleeiiveeon;hct cii'ueil. Itwns (fin. Scotl's intention tu give bottle only oil the Hth, and this en gngemeiit wn probably brought tin by the Mexican. Tlie 111 1111 battle occurred on lite IHth, and resulted hi th- complete triumph ol the American arms. Kantii Anna mule hi eseapo niter his army vv.u routed, (ten. Li Vegi i ncim among the prisoner. II 'ides hun theie vteie five genein's takeu, nnd along list of colonels nirl sa'rar i'e.ta ollieers. 1' Dti. Itio, April Dili, 5 P.M. I hsv just returned horn the scene til conflict, and a bloody n in it ha been, coil'idering the number en giged. A lull tins side of the .Mexican work, and 011 which ther" w.n no one seen hist evening, wa found u.'oiipied by tlio enemy's light troops tin morning, and tu I nee it wisnt once deemed indtspcnuble. Por 1I111 parp se, the Rill under Mnjor Huiniicr, besides tie tacliuieuls of nitill-ry nnd nilantry, were ordered tu chirg' up Ih- rugged necnt. This they did In gillnnt style, driving llie ".Meiican, niter n resistance which may be put down as most obstinate. Great number of the 1 nemy vveie killed, while 011 our sids the lu vvai also evcie. Major Sumner wasshot in the h-ad by a musket hill severely but not mortally j LieuLs. Mauiynud Gibb, of the Pill", were nlso wounded, not severely, al was alsj Lieut. Jarvi, of the 2J . I hili'it y- Ah ml .1 o c oeu, th" enemy iiitic a ucmonsirniion fr.nn ihe furt on a lieighboiing lieight, a il vvnli tiie l.iteutio'i oi ti'liKiiijit; bat it all en led 1 1 marching tiiwn the hill, li-uig a few shots, and retiring. Tlie cumuli on th- height, meanwhile, kept up n totitiiiu ojihre upon Gen'einl rvvigg-,' lines, doing little exc- J'.'Tho lion. Stei'iicn WAniiEx, an old and hi"!,ly respected and influential citizen or Troy .. Y. died in llut city on .Sunday last. IllUltlll-JllltVVll llll,IUUVilllllt;t.Olll--' ponaencc irom wmcu me auovo extract is taiicn, filtIUT j'A-niE,,,:.., Ti10 Ueadin". ( Pa.1 says : Journal, upon the news of thn victory of liueuu " Th" President legrels it, the ileelimtion of Hen- Vista, could not express itself ill soher prose. toil Because ne ins me nignesi I'tinunenee 111 lite 111111- uai nruKe mil III tliu lullowill ' poetic rhapsody Tho four When our Iicofiico frienls were in good health and sjirits, tho four n moant ' nliifln I iry talent", llie skill, and the great energy of lien lleuton. 111. HAiiiiorraiToinvi. lriNinsi'ovvi.n lo n.Atr. him Ar viiE iieauoi' nn. akjiv. Tlie House of Kcpiesenlaine hnlepiessed, by n very large nn-1 jorily, ih'-ir desire to h ive a general-in-chief selected In- ihe President limi"i'lf : but the whole federal parly ol die sicnate iltferued ihe propuMtiun ; and placed the Pu anient in an embariussiug relation to the vvhule eubjtct." Tho President did not 'il'sirr to supercede Hcolt and Taylor" ! This is llie way Icofoco istn attempts, to falsify history for partisan pur pose. If there Is any "effrontery" among Mexican oJitors" that approaches this, wo would like to see it pointed out ! S'liutu Aiinii K wooden leg. ,i...r ,.',.,-', .... i' ... I., ,1 1111 "" "'( "'".' " ;-. a no nun. Is some what changed sincu thu M.10 lttc-U out, and ion wo believe theso favorite Inters uro icar- led nslhoiiiiliala of" Pre. Went polk". Popular i what he calls "giving leg bail " lor his appear l''1" i aiicc at the nexl line up." (Ileal mul filorious .Vcivs. OlJZaik.sat Monterey, Iliiiigourjuur Santa Anii-fr.' Itirevery lune lie points a gun Down goesa Mcxican-ci .' Old Ziek'a in Mexieo, firing 0111 joar J.iiues K. Polk-rj.' I 01 eveiy lime he hlls his pell Dtw-ngo tlie L wofutf.f r .' v hut boxes govern the worldl" asked n pap"r 1 easy enuagh : 'I'he catirulga bux, llie ballot s., tiii-jui) uui, unuiiieiiantl bux. 1 m'J I os(. ' 1 cth ! said a lisping little chap 011 reading tin above, "aiidaiu(,'ioii Ike ear, 1 sltouLl tint A !" Tha wooden leg of S mta Ann . vvas raptured in the recent Initio, among hi other effort. Tho rent of hint escaped. We suppose this is Gin" and wishes to know If people ran wear liailwr, tuiettily 10 )ouanJ 10 ihe liobJe peoiJo juu eilttoll. llenernl Pliields, at 3 o'ctuek, was ordered out to support (ieiieial Twiggy, with ihiee reguiv-'iit of vol ii'ileers tvvu fiom llhueis, under Culuncis Baker an J liarii'li. Th'-re Ins been not a litlie skirmi'hiiig to-day be tween tlie lorage and beef parties, sent out in tlie rear, and the raneherus. Illinois 111111 vvas killed, and one ol Ihe same regiment and a Tenuessecaii w'unutled. To-morrow ihe grand attack, both upon the front and rear ol the enemy, is tu be untie. Gen. Worth is to inuee at sunn'', and little peace will the Mexicans have fur une "I liuais, nt least. Camp ncati Plan- dci. Rio, I Annl H. 1 o'clock. P.M.I The American arms have achieved another glorious and must brilliant victoty. Outnumbering Gen ricctt' three materially, atuloccupymg positions which looked i iipreguibb us Gibraltar, one alter another of their wuiks nave been tttfen to-d.iy, live general, colonels e lou.di to command len sueiinrmits :is out. and other olliceis innunieinble, hive been taken prisuner, lo gethei Willi ij.KXI men, and the resi tiftheir army driv el and r Jtite.l vv th tie lo of ewiy tiling, ammuni tion, cannon, baggage nam and all. Nothing but the impossibility of li itltng a road lur the dragoon? to the, rearot the enemy's work, s.ued any pin of Santa Ann i's grand army, inciuJtug ins own illustrious pct tuii. Among th" prisoners i our old frienl Li Vega, who fought with his aecu-loined gillaulrv. The other g-neraUaie Joie M.via Jareno. Lui I'in'on, Manuel C , nag 1, unit Jose Oaando. Nutlung sive.l Sanii Vn. 111 b'l. tiie want ol dragoons on the other side t.f t.f-ir lu.i A it u, hi Uiivelling coach, tog'lher Willi a, I hispirs, valuibb, and "even Ins woudeu leg, h ive I ul-'ii into our hands, together villi the mo ney ol his army. 'file loss on both : les ha ben heavy. The rough and roelvy road, cut through rugged defiles and tlensJ ch tppiual bv our uuo'is. isho.v lined with our wound ed. Ti.e n't!", Col. Haskell' Tciines-je volunteei. tlie 1st aro'leri'. ihe 7l!t niljttitiv. nn.l t'ntit. William-' company of Itettluciey vuSanlecrs, have peihaps ttf- I -reil inoft lielieril .s.iieiit wn seveieiv , ami 1 nm learlul, nun tally wounded, while gnlluntl) leading In biignde to :otm one of the enemy's farthest wort. General Piiio.v was also wounded, although -Hlilly", while sturme.g a loitdieaiiun on ihissi'Je.ccinmaiideit by Gen. La tgi. All the field ollieers of Col. Has kell's regiment were wounded at the same tune, sav hunsell. Ll.'th? nl!e, Cuptitiu .Mason has bt a leg. Licit. L'.vell has bteii badly wou.ided. Lieut. slightly. I hi-.e uii'iiii'med the gallant Major bu.uuer, and uih-r ofiieers vvoun leil jestenlay. At 1 o'clock this nlieiiioon, lien. Twiggs, whorw division has been 111 the hardest cl it, was puisuing iho dying enemy towards Jahipi. Pnio:i, '.vho cum i'i ind d the lorl neuiesl Pia.i del Uiu, nsketl of (ten. Worth to consider beture he cipitalated. D--s.rous tu come tu Gi n. Worth izavc hint li'teen niiituu', and lie urre 1 lered uuemei.l onnily ! Had h" nut dune so, the slaughter would tiuve been Urii ble. I think lint five huntlreil will cover our entire loss. Had it net been lur the positive cnwaidiee of Santa Anna r.11 Cainhzo. vtno tan Ufjre ihe battle at i 1 11st in brave men's hands was half lo-t, it woultl have been lir go at r. Nu one, at prcsem, can esti maie the loss of the .Mexicans. it is now imp iibie tu name officers who have di tiiiguisle' f t'leitiselves. I cinuot, however, omit to in -uiio.i (' 'Is Hint y, itiley nn I Child, of the regu lars, Co,. Pink t. Foteiii tu nnd Haskell, of the volun teeis, as eveiy one is talking ut ttieui. It 13 Gen. Seuit's lutenuo.i tu pudi on towards tint cty ul it-xuu w.ih ml haste. your approbation and the uiatiunle of the satferer vv are yet to ne reueveo, exiei us my it.'stris; honest pude 1 canuot but leccivejoar praise most grate.ii.iy. Cahp it rr.i.v del Kio, April III, ldl7 tWiiuou. ) The reut of the .Mexicans last evening was total complete. They were pjisaed w.'.hm mar miles of Jalnpu by (ten. Tuigg-.nt which poini there weie none 10 lolluw fctuiia Anna tseap-eii by cnlting lh-i tad he 111 tie of lust -a 111 f.o'nthe hail. ess ul his m.iglu hi cut couch, iiieuiiiing luni.and llicn taking to llr eiaritria'. Hissi-rvie ol'to i.ivi- u.u.r mirli- nil I.,. aerers vviio 1 - , ,. v .... .vhilouiih ili'"''nonj ever, u.iug in li.s cainage, even lu . . I hi" dim er, vvus tnpiuied. irnisc most ti... m ' , i ' ... .. .in .uiAiiiiiiiun niiiiii mi- oeigtii- ttiisnwial mi t . ... . ., ... erounu ri n.aees s euveie.l wu i tli .Jen ,f i,,n . 1 o inv eou'itrvnic'i, i sirn irnnsinnoy inesieimer . i.,i, ,,i .,..,.,,, , v of the l'j,, r a.)ih. the priuietl evidences ot our good Kr7 u Ifc 1: Jfvi"1 wishes and Aid , this comjcctlon'. 1 would ' ! 1 ' r ' 1 ' 1 -StA St s'iv lae ijiivernui.'ui oi H.'i Ainesiv lias oone ew v Ming, antl ouereu lo no vi n e twin i astv. i enn an no more ihnn lo thauk that Government and ils organs, the officers of tne Navy and Army, licit- and else wheie, for llu ir generous nid nnd fio-pilahty. In the oi Cove I h i.e. ree-iretl icli evidences of ihe good will uu i su.u appieeiating tokens of the proper view to If taken of nty mission, thut I ask lor no other ev ulence ol yuar kind sympathy, than w hat yourlitldte-s convey. lu the pit sent iam.'P table state of ynar City, the ho nored lead ul Inch ues uneolli led, and the blight Itev. I!ihop bm i few dnv gone on his eternal mis sion, llie stteeis filled with thousand oi suffering niur, and my own beau weighed down with iheiouienin- tiitiuaut niisery so new tu me, I have to beg ot you as a lavurtu spme me vuur kind leg.ird, lune tu cancel an y to itetv iu me, 1 1 1 ve m oeg oi you as a ; nb . b it Hum any public demonstration ol I ' , ,.',,"' . I. i'l'io igh has been said and enough , innti'ri II youi d -U to me, were it tenfold vvh it 1 r.u ) ": IV stievvn w uh tne dead. Hid our thn".tonli,.e'i ,-n-,iiU,l lo leach Ihen iu se.'sun, all vv uuld have been killed or c'lpiared Santa Anna among ihnn. Caualizo, null Ins noted lan-ers, hid tin pruience tu ramas early. Lieut. 1) uby, a gallant yn ing oHiecrofth? toiwgra. phi.-nl engi'i -ers, was bi hy but not mortally wounded wlule s'.otiti ng one ol the height. Lieut. Kwell, of the nrli .', is sapp,.ed lo be moitully wounded. Thn legimeiilhis s-uii'ied ternble. Lieut l)ina,oflhe7th Itii.i.itry, wa badly wounded Capt. Pattyn.ol the Vd sightly. I.i -ut. Divi, of the ritle.-, was very bully woiaded in the hip. Mae haul ler, ol the ii Dra go M,s, but coiiimaudmg llilles, i improving. Tile list of killed and wounded nlli ei in l.l II... kell's 'I'tnnessee Volunteer. esterd.iy, I have been able 10 ItbOllll. l-ftnt. Willoima- mmii-itii, C 1.'- -1 X ijlor'sconipitiyuf Pennsvliaiiin vo- aiiatheii temiiurarilv to I his rcnmicm. II V .1 .. II "oa.lllc . Lieut. Col. I). II. (htmtnin Jlitlot.. . ij. it'iuen i urn, 1:1 irsjn, severely ; 1st. Lieut. 1 . . . ' . . . ----- - -. . - ii,ii. , 11 i i -r.. t ii s- ... . ,. it was. 1 shall ultvnys look back un the vovigeof the ., , , ' .. 7; ' ,,r,:,u" eumuiauuing Jimestown r.s "Ihe inoinu..'nl evcnlot myhte," and "'"i"-!-1 Lieut C. (. Hill, tuinpany L. JJoih iu your kind receptiuii ol b"r as the spontuneotts evi-1 deuce uiihnt genuine hospiuhiy is the clurac- lhave iwlytisay in eoa-luin that I have been ,,; 1 1,1 J s,Jl ''"",. ui. 1 e.trwood, stiu. k with the i,uu I will ami hearty co-ope. I'1:lly i- ' L ent Ja 1 crrest, slightly ; Capt. A. 11. ration existing beivveciiuli ciasies ot Christians nn I all i-1'!!,5; ' "ll ''''ut, 1 -Sutherland, shadi'Sul P,.lii.eiani.i lae cause ol the puuriletm ).! Kk -ohuueer, seven ly. 1 ne regiment, when hope sir, thai ihe Aim d.- uo -r of ev ents will so i.'-,"1'",'",',' ,,,!"lbJ'n'd 't'if than 100 men, aud its loss, w as sehoolour heartsnn I tn-h -hiw of the people and tin , J,"' a'ul "nd.d. ntfrso G'eii to enable them tu improve 1 r , '''! was..m. cumm.uid of llie Cerro Gordo on th the pie-nt dreaJlul ts,n, which, lik the hind writ-, ",m' " l"" ligut.Uat a d.trier Itomour dragoon, ing on th w allot the Temple, is belli' read farand " Gtrinan, going into tm ir tamp nt lnght. andinfor. wide mid hi to direct the tllortsof iheinb ne. I ik.. hung thein tiiat the main attack was to be ini the riehi y. .i.t., not ill tt ui it SKI nerteiy aiiaekeu lie I .en. Ihe ..... . ,111.1 1 texit tin (lie 1 nit- I, t ii tu villi- in -u oi.iininrotiie. in il oil- Hour lit iv tie r.neii t-,1,11 ii,ui. hie leiuis should Inve lallen 011 one so entirely unanie, nml degnitleu cunuittuii snu titigat to think lur them- 1 '' ' ' I'ftti- wiui i.eocni lasiitiez. by nny atleqinie txpicsions, 10 irausiuii tu juu iih- M.e, in citacue tiie juuu a-ia 10 repct ihe 0"?il. 1 , ', 1 , CLM -" Mut-u i egi f ilings under which 1 drop ancltur nt Cove. The You kuuw'.Ge.iih'iueu, tn Ameiici vvchave no el''n. ed lnPt until the enemy were completely v.-imiiitliv ereuted m Amerita i of no onlinarv char- " tower ortieis" in a moral noun 01 view, tinier 11,.... 'urneu. A tn-uher ol leii. l.i cga, a colonel ol nr- .1... .....II fr.lrii,, ..I , nl I I' n it I il II l OUT till. I I ...I..1 el, I llleue fire tin, I,.,....... .1..!... tlllerV', VV a gel el t'l V . ailJ.USlS SUlllHUM.'.). and the lurthtr carg'H on ihe way Irom the s.tiiie sojree, convey but in taint language the prevailing iiiuncnl ol .mciicaiis. i nope in nave an uppuuu- itry moie lull) 10 iniempi in expies 10 5 uu wiiat 1 c.-ei ; and, iu the lucanimie. lave the honor 10 be, fur your self end the citizen ol Cove. Mutt ubidicnlly mill Imititully your servant, It II. 1'oitULb, Cominauder." Pather Mathevv proceeded to Cove, this morning, in company with Ins (truth 'r and nephew, and Mr. J. I'. Maguue, tu pay his n sp -cts tn t uptam Porbes v hu was, at the tune if paiher Mntliew's arrival, nt ihe home ol llie Ainencnii Consul, hy w hum a inututt! in ttodilctlun wn ciV'cte.1, inilch lo the delight ol both. Captain Tollies exnrisscd, lit ihe sirungeti leiuis, llu p'etisuin be fell in kuuwing Father Mathew rsonnlly said Imw impaiient ihe Ainerieiin people wi .e tu receive hun uiuong litem anil coneiuaeu by ttii.-rmg huu n passnge on boinl the Jamestown, which latter eoliiplinieiilpiillii'r Muihew gralefully ackiiuvvle.lged, but declined itetvpuiig, a he was jirecluded liom gini ifting a lung funned wish, 111 consequence of Ihe stale of Ins own country, nnd the necessny ihere was lur the fjuliuns ol every one who could 111 any way u-wut her. 'I'he fallowing is the Address mule by the deputa tion uf llie ciluciui ol Cuik. to Cuptum 1'tiKues, To J! II Faiies, Cammandir of the Ameiuan nlwp-oj-ienr Jamestown. THtABDKESSOf TUE CITIZEN'S Ol' CORK, AWITEO t'X.VX- itnu si.vAr v ee ' mh.iiw ni'LV ioxvexed. a-r-Ii ..1... 1. . 1 ..i,. , . ,i . 11 r, .... I!.oi ctetl Sir : We. th viliieus ol Coik. take .,.., .....ue-en rciiuingaooiii me-e.uiioii ,..,,! i,r i., .,,io,l ii.u tltiw luv mill'1 ,'" -, - -- tonrltlt. in they were wont to do at home th-y are obliged , "'."''"t"1-. . , ., , by the soeial cusioins, an J ihe civil dotlteir1- nuudiciUorc.i'H.'sor mdiviJual gillaniry, in storm .Iijie of the common weal. ing the d height. are j.i-niiunetl. Col. ChilJ Hut Sir-I find, cuntraiy to my expectations that I lfllo7"s -0111.1111111 on 111 tirst day uniilhe had only have much vciy iniieli to say to you 'and to the Irish l?m l",Ml' "u'",w "h ''V "' U " 3 f "id that people.but as 1 came Ivre to act and not to e,k, I must LaI" MngruJer tulluw etl up a charge until he had but close with a pray, r lu God tin. j uur tuff-riiiM 111 Ire- V ' ers 1 ,t!'!,""t nuw, , '"-'l one-tenth laud may Ite alienated, nn.l i!,t my countrymen nnv V . , ' .l.,u'ta" ' almu.-t r.-tklt es daring display. Wuhan t.lf-r ol my keenest symtuiliy fur the loss ' 1 c' " 'II" al '"2f n'' 11 " I1'"1" i'iiiibl rt'U 1. 1 r B" ,'" , ' " "V uuiiuen are stit a om. voiirBtsu Citv 1 isree-ntiy in-lwuli, I am, .Mr. Chuinunu nml tienileinen of Coik, 1 our laiihlul sci nut, KOli 'P II. POPtHPS The Hiuillistiiiiiiu Institiite. cotton shiit Ibis jear without a license. Ho repiemrnt, our deep sense of gratitude for our m'T- ii;v,.ii nun mi a. iiieiiv. in ,MJ, reiiion Dinl nuexjiiipleit nimnfie'ciivse m aid of ray fut li'tspicntly contaiiu a great ile-alof gin, ' our emiutivmcn. The corner-t-tonc uf this edifice, dedicated lo " the dilt'uion ol kiiowledgo" among men, vvas Tlietitlieemundmenofili. xivi . such n. are priner-ore lobe tinned tH.i 0,V mrole not nimtii t.t ,,.l 1.. ' v - "U 1,1,1 hut wnl;. in Wnihiiltrtoii. tt ill, m,r,.nriln teen .if il...,'... 1. """ng llie wor. The a, my H lu adyaace toward Meiieo immeih. a ely (.en. tulhV division marched this in'miing Crfn houttuttoinirchatnoan. Sjnt.i .,.'' ' b.t. M'nur nu'erJU,,'Ur '"" ' carfinumes. livered tho addiei room for it hereafter, I So ing. "'"-"""i"ie ,-'"',""" iie rcluaed tony.,, buthnve .Mr. Vice Preiddent Daulas do- '. . I,.".r'!1"."' '' " .reK.itilK',,Tw v. wiih. lies. Wo b,tll ondoavor to mate war XM, f?,"V V':' ii""- "sprisuners.of r..rtr 'I'lm Monte .,.! n i.t i Guvernor o. Pei-ii...lu1T ,i;t,,.i..". :i"7,"'U' 'ellovvs' Lodges, together will, many di.lii, 1 11 'uislicd functioiiAiios, took pait in the proceed- "eej u, thV cmieli Suits'' J"'"1 llc l''"on,or lloU Pu- , !. isilleitu sun nlive. but it i,ent, l,. . , pie ior him ti. survive, 'i'he Mil went ihroii.'h hi 3TTI.e Lcgirfat.iro of New York adjourned wrf i'l"leluJ,ll8hU ""-l"0 u" th laTthest on Wcdncfday kilt. An i-aUi tkMien is to lel-0U,'l.?''."l'otjiarBe.loithelastf,,ri, ...... .,,n,.n-,. iBi!, tun of on y a noiiiouVti i, . ueeimen, i,leu(. fe.vvar.lm, kUlrd -5 I.K "j? Hekl, we believe, in Sieinbcr.

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