Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 3, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 3, 1847 Page 1
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. A. ihiiih;to, Friday :tionNiiv, septkiiiier a, is ir. IVcw Sci-ics, Vol. 3 No. 10. vol. -vai. viioic iio. loaa Burlington Free Press, Fiiblishcd at Burlington, Vl Dv D. W. C. CLAllKK, Editor and Prnprictor. Tcrmn To Village subscribers wlio receive the. paper by the carrier, $2,50 If paid in advance, 2,00 Mail subscribers, and those who take it at the Office, Invariably 2,00 II paid in advance, , 1,50 Aovertisemcxts Inserted on the customary terms. Ihoiigh it miy have been admirably suited to J and Slide, Hon. George P. Marsh, linn, Jacob the improvement of others. Collamcr, Col. Sylvester Churchill, who distln- What the producer wishes In making mir-'guished himself at Ilitcm Vista, and who hi" chases of raw material, is, tri obtain ns mitcli of just returned from the eat of war; lit. Rev. that which can be used, and ns little of that to flishop Hipkins, Capt. W. S. Henry, of the 3il be thrown away, In a given quantity, as may be. Infiutry, whose pen is earning for him a rcpu- So with the grain grower. Ho wishes to' pay , lation scarcely less brilliant than that which he Unjust that which will grow wheat, or corn, or won by Ilia sword at the siege of Munterey, &c. oats, uincr maicnais, oi no servico iu me mi cv.c For the Free I'rcss.j To V. , I stau 1 biiide tliy co.H led brow, 1 see thy lace so still anil fair Yet scarcely can my heart believe That thou art yon pale sleeper there. Have the fresh bloom of youth and hope, The tinging laugh, the bounding tread, The eye whose beam unclouded shone, Thus eaily paled, thus early fled 1 I stand beside thine open grave, I see thee pasi within its verge J While loudly through the vvintiy sky, Tne rude winds howl thy lunernl dirge. I hear a sound of failing clods, Deep on the hollow eolliii lid Com.-s it from where thy sunny face In never ending dalk is hid I Oh ! was there nought to stand between Thy bosom and its bitter lot I No heart to feel no arm to save Fiom him who smote, yet pitied not J lie found thee stainless, but he left The temper's stiin upon thy soul And now unmoved he standeth here, While stranger tears unbidden loll. God rest thee ! from the lowly hearth, By thy sweet presence erst made bright, The voice of joy bath passed away, And hope is whelmed in rayless night. The days of spring shall come again, Willi song id birds and breath of flowers ; Hut heedless shall thy bosom be Of fragrant blooms and sunny hours. Above thy head no marble shaft Its vigil by thy slumber keeps; Tor why should guilt desire to know. Wheie she, its poor, crushed victim sleeps I Farewell ! that nameless crave shall be A shrine where kindly lieaits shall sigh 'Till all are gone, that knew thee here, Tiiy mournful memory shall not die ! iann. mediate crop, only to he washed nway by rains before a seed demwding them shall bo sown, ho cares less to pavlor. R. X. Honsror.D Cambridge fjiboralory, May, 1817. Tumuli and Woodlands. Sufficient atten tion is tint piid to the preservation of the forests of the United States, and it is highly probihlo that the next generation will suddenly find tim ber very scarce and high. The waste of timber is very great in all the wooded regions, and the demand promises before many years to exceed the supply. In England for centuries past, some of the largest fortunes have been derived from timber plantations, and the surest fortune which a man could leave to bis children, has been by preparing an extensive timber planta tion, which, though reluming him nothing du ring his life'ime.Tias been in many instances a mine of wealth to his children. Alanv of the distinguished nobility in that country have I understand that the prospects of the Uni versity for a large class ;ho coming year nre very good. Yours, &c. II. J. R- From the N. Y. Express.l In the afternoon of the same dty Tuesday the two I.iterarv Societies of the University (the "Phi Sigma Mu" and the "University Insti tute,") celebrated their joint nnniversiry; the Orator on the occasion being Richard II. V'ose. F.sq., ot Augusta, Me., ninf the Poet, Mr. John Henry Hopkins, Jr., of Ilurtinfton, Vt. Mr. Vosos address, although eminently sound In doctrine. wa9 very much in the usual vein, and presented but few points calling for particular remarK. jts meme was "ino true uuiicauoii of the Scholar," and, as connected therewith, the necessity of a thorough moral, as well as intellectual, training; the whole subject being abundantly illustrated from the pages of history. At the close of tin nd Iress, a very beautiful Tlin Chrysnrmn or (.'olden Clinrlot or Hav.mosd & Waking's Mcnaoeiuc. This grand exhibition pissed, early on Hon day morning, thrnijgh the lower part of this city to'tho South FwV, for Long Island, where il will ho exhibited about ten thys, when it will re turn to this city fur a short period. Our attention was particularly attracted by a now voliicle, driwn by ten largo and beautiful black horses, which preceded the Immense ca valcide. It is unquestionably the most stupen dous creation of sculptural and decorative art that h is hoen produced in any nation of the mo dem world, and it probibly rivals any of those renowned triumphal chariots of Catnbyses or Sirditiipilns, Cleopatra or Alexander, Alcibi t dos or the Cajsars, with which classical history and poetry exalt onr conceptions of the splen dour of tl, ancient empires. It is a blazing prodigy of crimson, purple, and gold, seven feet iigh, mid twenty-one feet in length, exhibiting classical figures, of colossal stature. In bold ami vigorous sculpture, grouped with lordly animals of the forest, projected In si milar proportions. tItjs free fiom all tin-el and flimsy ornament, anJ' makes a predominant im pression ofsnmptiinus arid substantial grandeur, nor ,u s silver disks, nnd fringed with a border nf silver i hundred robbers were at band. Wo started at I plansp once again to fnrnih us tbe opportiiniiy larc nnd stars. In the centre of the back Inte- full jump, the rubbers after Its. Onr guide of expressing To you our undiminished conn rinrnf the cannnv. is a hemisphere or rising looked so guilty, that I deemed it mv duty to doner nnd esteem, the love, the reverence with sun, composed of large golden spates or span-i bait and blow bis brains out. I ordered him on which we regard you, (Continued iipplaii'P.J "les. in dose radiation, and ol vivul respienuen- ins uncos, unu as soon as no n in muiircii a i riee. ii', an no ordinary setmme-n.-. cy. Hut tasteful and imperii as is the whole of few prayers. I put lx revolvers at bis head, and are they f dt In any ordinary degree, this nnrtior of the drapery, it is far surpassed by bo fell back a corpse. I instantly reloaded, the warm and hearty expressions of ' iL.i. ..i.. -I n,:, ii.i. tt.nn ..,V,r,r,n.,!... 1....1 !..., i..,.i ,.. ,.,ir.,t 'rr.. , i . i vated front seat nl , be charioteer. This consists 1 out of my reach, and I never saw them again ; by dnlcrred hope, or In any degree repressed uy of Imperial purple velvet, profusely covered with I the roblnirs weie nt my heels. I put spurs to present di ippointmnnt. 'Permit tia, we pry rold and s'lver stars. Upon the comer folds, in I tny horse, nnd dished ahead, firing ten revolvers vn, sir, to announce to onr friends with tin r ' . . .. ..... ...,. - .! l..r. l l.l .....l . ! rr 1 l.fiiji..: r...:.i. l l1 Henry front, arc eagles, in lorin like lliose oi mo unman , hi a uiiiouvri uiy n-ii vi, mei popping mi -ii--i.-u in ugnuinnjr nru pvnn uuipin-i-j -j i ,--.,!.. !1 . .... I ..... n nl.rhTl, n, 1 1 1 Mlr rorl metn Iml f Qir linfiA nl each fire. The robbers now received a rein forcement of fresh horses, when I began to throw off tny doubloons until I had emptied twenty-live tug', containing i Know not now standards, embroidered in silver; nnd the whole is deeply bordered wilb golden lions rampant, among stars and silver flowers, and fringed vilb mural lappets in silver binding, each bearing a crimson astensK. upon tne iront 01 me canopy. 'I'll L III lll J , J Applause, loud and embraced in a wreath nfgnldcti palm branches, i mnch'ln value. This detained the robbers, so Cay will coma to them. lnnrr.1 A hundred thousand tongues are waiting to spread the glad intelligence, and the great ag gregate heart of our entire city I throbbing to bid vntt welcome thrice welcome to Its hospl- r::," . .7'" "'.." . XT. " the pointed arches of that style. uifoueu w mi i ne n iTnevi rnmpai ine urgieu ui , . ., , . . ... , , .,. ,i i rr,... ,;..,, ,i,r ,.,! This vast nnd marvellous vehicle, was built, 'iuiiiii v, lilt; iii.-i ii"iuu ( r Tl II t. t,,- . nntt, nl.rtnt lifnntt' tnr,t ttn ntirmlt ttUna Trinnva r.,.,. ftionrsl are ine ivuers j. ii. huu .i., uiu nun unn-i ....... .....J v.w....,, ...v. v-. v....-, -j , denoting the Menatrerie, and the former being i when I turned upon them, nnd despatched the I During the delivery of the speech Mr. t ennj the InitUls of Mr. Haymond, its opulent, enter-' whole gang, horses and all, with one discharge 1 ced much feeling, and at its conclusion rcpneo prising, ami estimable" proprietor. Descending , of my revolver. I as follows : v . from this altitude to the wheels upon which this I rilled the corpses of their money and clrthes (i-ntlcmcn of the Committee from New iorK stupendous cur moves, it is only necessary to ' and dressed myself in the Mi'xicau'garb, so that 1 (Jentlemcn of tiie Committee from Trenton .. tl... ..fnn...1., s.,1..,0, clmnrrfb I I u:i s rn.ilili-i! ti, hiss tlin mm-i i ndir of mv vuiv ffiintleinpii nT the (rominittee from New HiiXIV r.i iii.ii uii-y nil' in ifnijiiy riiu'miiini , 3 1 . , IitM II wrought in the Moorish arabesque of Spain, the as a messenger from Santa Anna. I felt fear , (lentlemen of the Committee from rlnladc tween the spokes, forming for nivself but once it w as when I met a couple plu.i, lor there are conventions present irom an .. . . . 1 ' . r tl..! I....l I.-;..... - ...T...- --I, t ,1 ..I 1.'lt... 'PI. a r.lMn,,rnl ill .m'Aiuiiii imiLiiuin ututtti u iiiiiic iiij : i ini.-u (ii.ili'-. i film t.iLii.vii m laslicd up to Vera t,rus jnt before niglit, anil, nililress wlncli has just iipcti (lonvcreu, lias nnu interlacing curves between 1 piece of music was perform"d by Dodworth's ... tiscd this system for many successive genjr.i- bind from your city, (engtged expressly fur the ,:,,,' .... ... . - i.. .... nr.. i. .i; . ! l .....t- !... t! iii'im. lions, unu 1(1 great itiivaniagu. , uenevu ( cirii'nL'iiuenr'iu t'Aen:!-!.; in n iju- vu many of our citizens could ill no way mire i cited unusual commend ation from all quarters snmlvlenn a valuable inher.tmce to their cbil- of the nssein'ilv: and then follosved the Poem ,f!,r'..r''J" cr . IU,L.,;V. to every portion of the Union. dren. than by purchasim? some of the cheap by Mr. Hopkins, of which the following is an 1 ."!-,. w'w ..'t'r"cl0",,.,r:,Sc V"1 " ! that the skilful artists who executed the carved 1i - I I t.lti.. 1..1 ..... .... tl. nnt clnnnitlrr In Hii iinr S itit-t Anii'i' i-llni 1 lot in n 1 jot n mna? tt Itn Hen tun ti IK nnt L ie Ian inns tho eye, on t he right Fide, over the liinu s illtcn(cn(.p ,,f Mr. Hnymond.the proprietor,; loose my hurc. worth a Ibuu-aiid ddlais, and guage which was used on a more solemn occa- . .erciiiLiio I and Mr John Stcnheiwin. the unnuf icturer, at 1 with him went my five bigs ( iloubloons, winch sum, "Hum almost per.suailc-t me to go. Hid lid Of aiming. With a Well-UraWll llOW .. ,, ... ,.. .,.,, V. V., I , !,, ,,l ", r-rmit mn In seenro -mil d.islmd rCriMt nnt.lansn li, nil thill nnriirhtliesS btrhed arrow-, at the open mouth nfn mas-, - , "( OJ!t(,n'ivo celebrity' ! through Vera Cruz on foot and alone to meet of nUure, which I have ever endeavored to prac t.-iflina The wate of pine in the forests of Maine, the tare. r in In other parts of the country less bountifully sup plied, the destruction is alo going on. Ureal Ilntain is cutting oil all the torests in Uanau.-i and New llrunswicU ; most of our we States are thinly wooded, and even wes' lauds in the country, accessible to railways and .outline. L, ,r,.,i , , , , , , :r ,,, mfwt work, are the -ilcssrs. .ilillard, tint tne tnerin- rivrrs. and makinrr thereon a nlanfition of tim- Tho fundamental Idea of the noem was the ! . l,eu , n.?e7 g-rc'icl, ou r, ai rn mi . . f ( Dailltin, Mr. 11 nl mo J and her trees, which would he attended with but gradual developement of the Iiba of True Lib- ? " , ,".,1 '1 I l,ri.'l,ll!lt the designer and mannf.irtnrcr c.t the dr.x expense. criv, irom tne consmer.ition ot tne worKs oi ia- ,, , , 'r . ., .,,",,.,,,, o: .:,. iva' te of pine In the forests of Maine, the lure. There was to be found the purest free-' f ",' ' h, (,rCC'11" a' " scarcity and bi-rh price of hard wood timber in dom in the air, the ocean, the earth, plants, trees, 'V Z' ' l ' .iUur,. "n S,"V . . V ...i ' . tmnypirtsof tl.-i country are well known. In animals birds an I fishes; all which gave oppor- .. . . 0Xlnp,,,- About .aidwuv between , , -, ,. " . .I, 1 1. , , tnese conspicuous figures, am Nttcreture, on mo t , Wed tho enntmst on hcl.ohhnfr tho conditmn of u ()f rf b , ' botwccn l M.ui-subioct to chocks c.irhs fetters re- .,.. . :1 rnm lv nruflls;0n stern Ptr.nnlp of fo tnanv kinns that true Ireeiiom ,. .'... n.' T. . ... . in . l . t M'l.; 'Ml.llM.-U ntllU.SUIltJlUiUlll" il tllllll-A wui dii.- i u uii.iiiiui'i: moDt or pxtiel, cnntaiiiin a oft t i . t t.f... . ' . . i . ur.-NL mi lit .New iorK nowiiepenus upon t.anaue ir a sup- igwe occasion lor some satire, wnici was an niinlIn,nf n..,.;.,, r America, seated it. the I I in tnt II 11 a 11 I. n .l.lrt nl...,,, , .l " ' 111 iiiu iir iniiiiiia .ii . 111 ucauiu iuiiui lu tut" iMjiiwin nine ,n liiv- it-fc ... ..l...:-. ,,r plv of building lumber, Michigan, the best pine region of the whole . tho poem. In accounting for tho difference, tho West, the HiilTilu pipers inform us the waste is poet resumed bis Investigation of Nature, and almost incredible. A dozen or more of saw showed in all the points he had before de mills are there erected in the mid-t of the gov- scribed as examples of freedom, how Nature emment lands, and are there unmolested using was governed by an unalterable law, and this, un the government timber astonishingly fast. too, afforded room for further description illu--They siw nothing but the be-t logs leaving all trative of this new view of the suhiect. Then bad char- tie. I mut. tell vou tho obiect and motives lered expressly to take me to It uau i. 1 rushed which have brought mn to the shores of tho At nn, but seeing the steamer had started, and was laiilic. I returned to inv residence, after pas out half a mile, I plunged Into the water, and, Mug the winter at New Orleans, on the twenty being . i .'.i..d swimm-r, soon overtojl; her. third or twenty fourth of March last, and in a pery, is Mr. Andrew Jackson Allen, the eminent Hark I-light, August 'J3. In my plunge into diy or two nlterunrd- melancholy indelligeiiC9 co-turner. We further learn that Mr. Riy- the biv at or.itruz I lo-t mv revolvers unit reached me. (Here .Mr. C. enticed great emo . . . . . n . , t ,i. l:,Il ! r t. :., T I.... I .t l ..... .. motlll, the proprietor Ol IPC UlinvailCU .ieuagurie inu imtu inputs ) i iuhu u inn un- ulv. luan lui i- ihnlj j iiai.- u -1.-II uer oils u er - nice, anil at to which this irrand chariot is a mere appendage, es. I also spoilt mv only shirt. I am under induced to take this journey, furl could not lias given Mr. Stephenson an order for another I trreat obligations to Captain Swift, w bo bad the look upon the puttier of my sorrows without of at least equal dimensions and splendor, nnd charity to take mo on bond his ves-el and fur- experiencing d.-epcr anguish. (The speaker that the cost of both will amount to about ten : nUIi me with another shirt. Hut for Captain was here overcome by In-feeling and pau-oJ chariot of Neptune on the waves, bearing the banner of the Union and heralded by Fame. This picture forms a medallion in the centre of a rapacious golden shield which cxpmd.s into a radiating border of the boldest relief, and of that peculiar style technically known as the shell- frill, so famous in the higher cllorts of arabesque thousand dollars. This one alone, however, be ing undeniably the greatest mechanical and ar tistical prodigy of the nge.and not even distantly approached by any similar production in Europe, cannot fail to he an object of unrivalled curiosi ty and amazement wherever it appears. .1 I i ' i rill. . .1 i i . . . r ,. r titivmii, iiuu in lYllldl llll inn,.,ui iiiii-uiuii ot hers w imv be le ei to rot nil t he irrnlin 1. 1 tnrniniT In ,n in nnee mnre. a few lines nf sat re. , . .... 1 , J . ... , I , .1.- ..!..!.. I .1 l.. ... .l. -I T .1. . ....!.. ill. ... 11 .-.! .I.....I.. tllO linn uiey wnrK iiigin aim nay, in nnier n, in inu siidwihi uio uncertain, lllinsv. Heeling cuii.fuiui as much as possible netore any uem-ind is mine ot tne laws ol mm on all subjects, ami ascnueu upon thorn by the government lor stumpage. In addition to all other uses, the dentin I for fuel for the steamers of the West, is miking sad hivoc with the forests along the rivers. A careful calculation nf a skillful engineer Ins made this dein ind equal to lt),'220,(ToO cords per annum. Xsiclmrijiort ll.rald. From the Cultivator.) 'What manure dues ibis field need? This inquiry is beyond question one of the inn-t frequent and important that presents itself to the fanner. Willi the light which has, within the last few y ear-, b -en thrown upon the subvert of in mures, their nature, mid the secret of their value, -inn-thing like a practical course lias been revealed, It in iv be illustrated as follows: If a soil fails tu produce a given crop, it is be cause it either wants the roui't'e texture, or it wants certain es-ential innrgiuiic ingredients, or it may n, iwneieni in i an University or Vermont. The extracts we give below nre taken from interesting letters in the N. Y. Courier and En quirer and the Express, describing the exercises at the late Commencement of our University. From the Courier and Enquirer. On Wednesdiv occurred the proper exercises of rom.r,em'einent-diy. Or.itioi.s were delivered by twenty-onn members of the gruiu iting class, and two bv the candid i'es fur the Mi-ter's de gree. TlieorinT.liolh inspirit and in style, eem "d to in" d M'i d 'dly abiee tli aver i go of produc tions ol that class. Tlie choice of subjects, in deed indicated a range nf inquiry and a degree of origin il thought seldom attained by under-gradu-ales ; and the in inner nf their treatment give evi denceof a thorough and m"t!mdieil cuhiiriand di-cipline nf the original powers of tho mind, as well as of the acqui-itinn of sound and useful in the result to the fict tint nun has taken his legislation into his own bands, while the laws of X iture are the laws nf O id." Then followed an eulogy on the law of God, and the as-ertion that this was to b3 nun's law. and tint by obe- . .1 . , II l ,1 .1 UllOL'U Slilll. 1 111- IS UltU 111 dience to that alone, con d he, as well us the ellb,r.aulycxecntc,.cla-sical re-t of mire, be h ippy and free. 1 hen follow- t(U v Melj u n((irned) L-u .in i-.iii-iiii, ui iiiu .iiiuy ,11 iwuui,ii ."ii n- gles for freedom, and a description nf the reign of Christ on earth, during the Millenium, when wars shall cease, the whole world he turned to righteousness, God sh ill Iwallin all, and for the first time since the Creation, the whole wide world shall be Free It will thus be seen that with the changes from description to satire, from declamitinn to argument, the wnolo plan of the 3jA New York paper published a journal of the adventures and hair-breadth eeeapcs of its " special express'- fiom the capital of Mexico, arge-t and riche-t example cxtint in any via Havana, to New York. Itwil be seen by country. On the right front, in advance of the the following, that the " extranrdiniry expre-s" couchant tiger, is a fnll-ized statue of Fan, the ( of (ll(J Tnl0 S oycr lil0 Mme r0llte) cncnnllt. tutelary deity of the Arcadian shepherds and pa-1 , .. , , tnm of hnnter.s, seated on his ,h aggy haunches, "nd heroic illy overcame scarcely le-s re lilmvin" his syrinx or pa-tnral reeds, (the origin markable dilliculties. Tho coincidences are 11 l.l. .11., l.lcLl - ...!..!.. 01 iiiu oigiiii.y aou ueanng un in- nt;" inn m" curved stall". This is one of the best and most Hut it would be ureal inju-ticc to the sumiitii nusness of this a-tonisbing fabric not to award the warme-t encomiums ,lo the carved flowers . , , . r i i i . o" I'Hiairo wiliou occupy uierv in cus-iuiu anu poem is the developemont of one closely wrought !lce aroun'j , ..,;, (tc.j fr,s ml idea-grailually working its own way to the ci'tjrr' sU(, I nUlcM . or;lte lind clim .x to winch a Christian mind can ful M M , tJ ,mi , ,,f , ar(.irs ri-e; and whatminv persons found peculiarly ,,,, ,.i i.,,.,i,.. T :tJ ,. .....:..iii, leasing was the mode in which so much of the , i.v.mco..v .. ' , i.iui. ar:,,PS,,e. which ami sublime poetry ol the uiuie was , ,.,-,,, ,," ,i, r,.,a.. r A.ri r. tists for several )e.irs pi-t, is here displayed in also certainly remarkable : oso Altai, MOST EXTRAORDINARY EXPRESS EVER RtW IN THE WOULD Nino Thousand mill ini l)-iiiue .lilies UY UARTII, AIU AND 0CEAX ! Santa Axxa IIeadcd orr uv the Vukt. of W niKu Tnv I that precious metal than an exterior plating.-' ExtraoriUmry Lo,s of our Correspondent's Shirt! statues with which although it might possibly bavu been still rrore cfiectlie in an erect attitude. Like all the other figures and carved work, it glows in burni-hed gold, so solidly me tallic to the sinht as to seem rather a cast in Swift I believe I should have starved to death. 1'. S. The True Sun is the only American journil in Cubi. Gen.O'DonncIl wants you to buy the whole ilind. Your agent, who for merly circulated 1500 copies il illy of your p i per in the city of .Mexico, has been -lint by order of Santa Anna, and your paper proscribed. If some minutes, covering bis face with his hands J at length recovering himself, he resumed.) llvety thing about A-hlind was associated with the memory of the In-t one. The very trees which his hands had a-sisted mo to plant served to remind in? of my lo-. II id the stroke com3 alone I could have borne it with his a-si-tance, you or Folk don't buy Cubi, you will loe your and sn-tained by the kindness nf mv friends nnd liein I i.. :. I ...,l I r..ll :.! 1.1. , I !.... . .'000 circulation in that island, too. Henry Cloy. fellow citizens, with meokne-s and resign ition ; but of eleven children four only remain (emo I lion) nf sj lovely and affection ite daughters I not one is left. (D-ep emotion.) Finding my self in that theatre of sadness, I thought I would fly to the mountain's top, and descend to the ocean's wave, anh by mcctiti ' with the sympa thy of friends, obtain soma relief for the sa Iness which surrounded me. I came for privite pur poses, and from private motives alnne. I have not sought these public matiife-tatit ns. tier have I desired to escape Hum Mv InemJ and tra- If vei'cuble relu-e in siilucient nitanti'v has fimnitiin. On" unon Shakvieare an I Gct'ie. In- I ecu over and plowed in, the deficiency ' Mr. John C. King, of Biltimore, was one of the of one or inure, essential innrginic ingredients J fine-t pieces of philosophical criticism I hive mn-t be con-idoreil the -iilution of the failures. I recently met; and another, entitled Jtliiim Nmv liiw-'ialltliidcliciencybea-certiiin-.'d the vltimitc aim of Philosophy, by Mr. W. V How .-lull it be determined what a soil needs ? Ulodgett, of Randolph, Vt.. united philo.ophical It in iv need gyp-urn, orpluisphates, or potash, ' thought with clearness and exactness of delini or soluble silica, or lime. It may be benefitted lion to a degree which, so far as my ob-ervation by a-hes, or poudrette, or guano, or fi-li. Hut has extended, is very unusual with young gen it probibly doe- not need all, and would not, i tleineu nt this stage or their mental training probibly, bo equally benefitted by them sever- j ISe-ides there were several of hers that would ally. i h ue been highly creditable to much older heads. Which, then, shall be selected ? How shall ' The .Middle Age, the Source of Modern Free any one, without aid, be enabled to determine dom,' by Caspar T. Hopkins, of Uurlington ; what will benefit bis soil mast! I'Tho Demagogue, exemplified by Cleon of Ath The following suggestions are made in iren- ens .' bv J. W. Tavlor. of Slielburne : ' The Re eral reply to this inquiry. i lation of Individual to Social Well-being,' hi Ilaring prepared a few square yards or rods, Ira Divoll. of Top-bam ; ' The Nature an I Fid fo tint the texture shall be all that is desired, let lince of Sitire,' by C. C. Sp tiding, of Monlpe equal areas ,ix feet square each, for example lie; 'The Influence of Art upon the National he accurately measured and staked. If the soil Spirit,' by Geo. II. Funl, of Bo-ton ; ' ludepeu in the same field be variable, each kind may be denco of Thought,' by W. I). Hitchcock, ol treated for a separate experiment. I'itt-foril ; 'The Spirit of Man, the only Inter- Then let equal quantities by we'gbt, of a thot- j prcter of Nature,' by ( Benedict, of Burliti" onghly pure grain, wheat, or rye, or oats, or any I ton; 'Tho I-I lucating power of tho ReautifuT,' other il may be de-ired to try, be sown and env- by Carolus Nnyes, of Hyde Park were all ex cred, in these several a-eas. Only one kind of ceedingly well dige-tcd and well written pro grain will be employed in the experiment. If dncliim-. They were all di-tiuguished by a others are to be tried, let separate areas be be- fre-hness and independence of thought, which lected and prepared a suit for each train. I stood in in irked contrast with the lucknied I hen take small quantities of gypsum, potash, commonplaces too often echoed on such occa erala. ashes, bmic-dust treated with diluted sul- j sions 1 have msntioned them thus specifically pliuric -acid, night oil, or any nf the so called because I was greatly struck with the chtrac- iiiaiinri-n u in iv ne w i-ncu lo iry, lino nut t hem ter -t cs I i.ivh innt nneil. nnd because t U beautiful introduced. The versification nf the piece was very irregular all in rhyme, but the succession of rhymes and the length of the lines being left wholly ad libitum, tlio versification lining sym b din of the freedom of the subject, being, appa rently, subject to no law, yet on ex imiii ition, it will be found to follow closely all the ch mges nf thought and feeling. And when tlio limita tions and re-tr.unts. and slavery ot Hum in in- " of e ve'liclu" lic,, tCllrct.y aliy foreigners hive been driven from the city, ex Mini nrrt miffiir Jiftnecimi i firiii m if htf J. . . .. . J 4 ( 1.' t: I. All ....i.t ri a mastery of t.i-te and workmanship denion-tra- an army om.OOQ. men, well equipped, and will five of thetrunscendant succe-s which that emu- bl joined by twenty battalions of Ilnglish, lation his achieved. Hotter specimens of this just landed at the Pacific. Where is our block enchanting ornament, in free wood carving, do ading squadron ? The Duke of Wellington is not certainly exi-t ; and tho-e soaring over the " ll se"t Mini-ter to Mexico, and, in r,i-e head ol the bearded archer, above described, Santa Anna should fall, (and not get up again.) L'lve an outline of imnoiii.' .'randeur to this lot'- will take command of the Mexican forces. All other de-ign could equal. The fiont of the carriage syinpithy with the theme, imm 'diately fills into Mm -triii.i.r triiiil rlii'mr,.! Iinrnin tnnlot find snrnntlnnns imlll ll. e'lin nn-n t I l.n frodnlr, nf of tWO IllOllStrOUS aild grOlC niinr,, ... I ,o ,, 1 1 , I ,,, , , r ; t. .,,1 r . ., i . , r.. a ,-. bronze, who seem comiire ed beneatli its pon ers its liberty. 1 can give you but a few ex- derous weight. But m design and execution, tracts, for I hope to see the poem printed. From "'e-e huge figures possess great merit, evincing tho unity of the plan it nib-lit naturally b ex- 11 daring Ireedom with the grnto-quu upon winch lected, however, that it could not be fairly judged fw modem urli-ts have presumed, and which it of bv mere evtracts t must be seen as a requnes.i wiiu wm, cmm. aimu um in, upon or near the surface of tho soil. If deeply' buried, they might bo di-solved by rains, and carried down beyond the reach of roots. Now all will receive from tho frost, the rains, the dew, the sunshine, and tho drouth, the samp treatment. From the native soil they will de rive rqual iiica-ures of nutriment. Rut from the added manures they will derive unequal advantage. Some nf the additions will contain a de-ired ingredient others will nnt; "and the" relative valVjes will bo indicated in the relative weights of the rtfieiicd grain at harvest. J'iis seed was weighed. Ti'iV." birvest inn-t be weighed. The better manure will be poi'ntol out in the higher weight and plumper appear ance of the grain. That the manures may bo compared, and the relativo profits ot this of that readily estimated, po-itivu quantities should 13 employed, that is, such, thit by measure or weight, the cost of that used be accurately known, The weighing for the occasion, if not other wise convenient, might bo mule with the sugar and tea scales of the nearest grocer. As the from tho perform ince of these occasions that a public iuUL'in"iit must bo Inrin'U ol tlio charac ter and vvurth of tho instructions of the Uni versity. Tho degree Rnccalaurcui Arlium was con ferred upon twenty-eight graduites, an I tint of Arlium Minister it, coiir-e upon twelve or fif teen. The honorary degree ol A. M. wis al-o conferred upm several literary gentlemen; tint of S. T. I), upon the R-v. J. A. IIirk, of R it land, and the Rev. Clnrles Wilker. of Pitt-ford, an I tint nf I), upon the Hon. Juns I'.-an. Ite-ides these, which were all the regular ex-erci-es of the occasion, there were others inci dent to if of a ood deal of interest. President Wneeler on Sund'iy .(Jlerno in preached a very able sermon to the graduating class upon the responsibility which talents and acquirements devolve upon thoio who may po-siss them, Tho Associate Alumni bold u very intere-ting meeting at which incipient steps were taken to establi-h one or more alumnus professorships. The gradii iting class held j f irowell nueting. On commencement day some two iiuniireu invi whole. " At Ipui'i, within the hnliow bay, lu lon.drawn, pnsive sihs, Tne temp-st dies Aw iv ; Thi ulniy swells, wilb buy. lettering sweep, Alon i the curved Luach slow hnireriu J creep, And gently round the silvery circle move, Till, by the m.dlovv moon, their music seems Suit as tlie iruiic of one we love, Murmured in dreams. In lone; white lines the hoarse. voiced surrcs roll Over a smooth-faced shnil, Who-e shining sands have power, beneath, To nut a bridle 'twixt old Oa-in's teeth, So that Ins plunging steeds liny rear and bound, And shake their snowy mme, And fouu, nu 1 ihamp the bit, and pivv the ground, in vain !" Our system of social and fashionable slavery is thus d ascribed : "No man may think, or speak, or walk, or stand, Hul ju-t ns other people inny demand ; No independent citizen may dare To eat or drink, or even tnm his hair, Or clinti-re ihe contour ol his von, unless The N ition chooses t , endorse ihe dress ; Men of liee birth nre clad in full length suits Of abject servuu le. Irom hit lo boots; Th'V s"em i Hunk inexorable Fate M i fe th- ii, like mo lkeys, but to imitate ! Tis only p. i,' tint, for use so s.trill, Man should be bjru with any brains at ull! The following is tho concluding portion (if tint pirt of the poem devoted to the declaration of Jii.c in Niture ; " All Nature speaks of Law. And as, old. tlie wise Ainphion saw Til? walls of Tnebes to ll'aveu aspire, Tue while his fingers sw-nt ihe Bounding lyre : So, nt the voice orlnvv, Freedom noise ; whose notes, of ravishing tone, Are svvi't harmonies of a decpr string Tiian she can call her own. Freedom, til it holy, lovely tiling, Wli ise beaming grace S.ndeili o'er I in I an I sea, Is Natn.'-'a ''S1 "JW'S melody: In LiWialcDe, Is found her fixed nnd fimdniiiC'Hal base, On wliich is built, through everlasting yrra, 1 tic music ot uiespiicres. thologic and heraldic form j of old oriental art, fully to appreciate. But pis-ing around llie-e to the lelt Iront of the chariot, we arnve at a piece of sculpture with the subject of which the popular mind is inure lainiliar. It is that of JJi- iina, the huntress, the free, healthful, strong, and active inaideii-goddess of the cha-e, witn luw i and quiver, hire brea-ts, and flowing tunic, ca- reeriugonvvaril in pursuit, alien Jtf uy tier touu and faituful hound. Kven to the uncouth figure oftue cla-sic hound, is this production truetol the standard models ; and no critic would hesi- Tho following Interesting and animated ac count of an interview with the great Statesman of the West, is from the N. Y. Herald : Atlantic Hotel, C.vrr. Island, ) August 20th, 1817. S A committee is now here who cuino all tho way from Trenton to give .Mr. Clay a formal yelling conipmion, Doctor Mercer, wili tell vou invitation to visit that city ; and wo expect lo- that in Virginia in every section of the St He diy a steamer from New York with a numerous of mv birth I have been implored to remain, delegation bound on a similar mi-.-ion. Mr. if only for a few hours, to exchange cotigraluli Cl.iy, however, still maintains bis purpose of lions "with my friend--, but I invariably refused, ri turning; directly home ; and will leave hero on and only remained in each place sufficiently Monday for New Ca-tle, from wliich place be . long to exchange one vehicle for another. You Our special ine-sen"or from tho city of'Mrx- w"l ,urn 1113 steps to tne soutiivvaru. nny iinigiue tnai I mane a vi-u to i'tiu icteipnia icn on the 8th in-t., briinrinn- the most extranr- '"' Clayton will leave here this morning on but 1 was accidentally thrown into l'lnlauel- Ins return to Ins I trm. Ills sole oliject in com- plna. vv lien 1 arrivcu in li utiinore, l learnea ing was to see Mr. Clay, and to inv itc hi in to ( that the most direct route to this lace was by part ike of the hospitalities of Ilurrta FisCKjut the Delaware. Iliad no public object in view, which place thc-o eminent statesmen and pa-, Indifferent I am not, nor c in I be. to the honor, triots will pas-a few d ivs together in the en-! welfare and glory of my country. (Cheers.) joyincnt of private friend-hip, and conference on Gentlemen of the committee of New York, I the welfare of the republic. jhavo truly and sincerely disclosed the pii'pi;e P. S. The steamer New IT i ven is at this 1 of my journey, but I cannot bat dsep'y feel this moment, li 1--J o'clock. A. M., dropping her an- manifestation of your tespect and regard. It is churn opposite my window. Philadelphia Aurth received with III itiklulnes-, and teaches the American, , warmest feelings of my heart that I, a priva'e The New York Herald gives tiie following and humble citizen, without an army, without a account of the ceremonies at Cape May. ; navy, without even a con-table's staff, should Tlie hour having finally arrived at which the have been met at every step of my progress with cnmpiny were to move from tho Columhiin the kindest mauife-tation of feelings manifes House, a proces-ion was funned in the follow- tations of which al present a monarch or an ing order: Fir-t was Mr. Dean, the gentle-1 emperor might well be proud. (Tremendous an who was tonddrr-s Mr. Cl.iv: be was sup-1 applause.) No 1 am not in-ensible to the-e cuiier sine nv .vir. J aiiinuige, unu .nr. -:.,.....,!.,,,. V ii...,... .,,, ; ty h turn- ' ' "I ? " . ' " ""V ,' . 7 . ...7 .. ing out one hundred cannon per day. The ,"ul,1 y. ' v ,s ' "Y v workmen are principillv Ilnglish, superintended ",c'.,lbL'. ol tho L""",w" ""v "' N rV'v by a corp- of engineers- lately de-erted from tho , f'r ofheers, and finally the citizens of N. . :.... v ,i: ... . Walking arm and arm, two abreast. Just pre- .lllll-l l.lll .11 III ll , K N 1 Llllll, I I fl! Ill II IIL'l -lllll- . . . l.l . , ll ... .. .-, . , . , . ., and old jack-knives are sci-ed by Sinli un i 1 siarung, u was iiiiuoiiuceu ui-.a a oaiiu niie-unon oi your regain, nut i inu-i 'for the foundry. Fveii the" buttons from the '! I''11 l'r"N ''''''' 10 l"CPrl ''if l.'wccs-ion, at ; decline the honor of j our invitation. To the soldiers' and o:licer.-' clothe, have been turn .,ff. wl,!c '. !l',,1,""V j00'"!'1! 11 """'I'at.on f, citizens ! I retiton, Nie.y Haven, and Philadel- and it is S,i ti Anna U the only ;"" Alr;, lM"'a ar-e, and stated phia, must beg (here Mr. Clay a,!dre-sed the man in Mexico who has bultons to his l,rcecl,e- !-tll;lt a the gentlemen vyuii were about to call commiltces l.oin the oilier place-.) of you, to Marry Would stand a poor chance here. I left , "I"'" 'Mr-. ,HJ1' a" 1 l,:lv .tlier n-p-cls to him as t.Xc.e ,e ; and trust to their ulU ction to do so, Mexico at seven o'clock, A. M., in company I private citizens and Iriepd-, it vvoii'd appear firifldonot plicemy-cl on the alio- turns ot ivlih i rtriti lin'll'er tu I iwn ir,,l,l minr. .,.' i more iligiiilieil to w .ilk wit limit the lu'coiiipiui- my country men, whither should 1 go and vv here dinary news ever received, and ten days Liter , than that of Monday evening, arrived by special express last niglit i,i the birk Flight, Capt. Swift, with despatches for the true Sun exclu sively. The following is the journal of our bearer of dispatches : Mexico, August 8th. Santa Anna lias now cept the Hngli-li. All persons cap ible of bear-1 rests upon the backs 1 'S "''. (lWe l-nio in the arms excepted,) " , ' .,.. .lli.riinrj in n drilled ill the mam plaza twelve huurs in a , , , , . Xn . te, I Aiv. The national foundry in the city is turn- llH,rl' tlie bl' tokens of public afi'ection and regard. I am 1 thankful for them all. (Cheers.) To you gentlemen, of the committee of New I York, Who, on behalf ol four hundred thousand individuals whom you represent, have t ikon o i much trouble, I am deeply tlnnklul lor this ma- I had only thirty-five bigs of doubloons ten nf which were given to me by S.iuti Auni, to bear a love-letter front him to'a Seno ritu, near Vera Cruz. Wo had a guard of thir- . . . -, , i i , r,, .: . . ,c iv mei , vv no ro-e line i ns ur our in ev, i oey late to pronounce t the best copy, nt tlie size o . ., ' , , , . ., , ' lil,. tint In, been projuced in in, sun, nnte-, "J1 '!' tUr coiiiini.i-. but I in-tinllv di rial. It o,.e-a,ilv occunies nearly the whole! I""-"''1 '.".'X !"' IwcKo huge over tlie lelt lore wheel, and brings us to the central couipirtinent nl carved work on this side. Wo Have here aiiother convex panel, tne- latnrs, who carried with them a mint of money, i 'T"' 11 u" . '", ,l . i mi . " !"",,,m 1 "L -T 1 "u ",UP "l'' wl . 1 l-lill llie nii.siu i u iiisjiru -(.-ii wuu. i in- iirnniii compass, anu wiiiioni a g nine. ury gre it ap was carried ; but a- it was subsequently stated phiuec.) I mut beg nl you gentlemen of ail that the bind had b-en engaged bv Mr. Iridium, 1 the-e committees to rctrice your -teps, charged gram to be sown is, for each lesser piece ot ( ted guests sat down to a public dinner given by 'Pbo universilan l cordial appliuso with which ground, to be the suno in weight, the quantity . the Corporation of tho University at tho Amen- t,j,, efl"rt uf Mr. Hopkins was received by an ior one ueing ueieriuiueu, u may no puitin in c.ln untei, i which fit passant lias oeeu greauy , auditory embracing witliiu its numbers not a one scale pin, and the oilier parcels severally .enlarged and otherwise improved during tho fuw of tho best critics i uaianccu against it, There is some trouble in all this care about quantities ; but if the conviction bo deepened that a faithful attention to them is indispensable in experimentation tint is to bo of value, it may perhaps be more cheerfully engaged in. It sometimes, indeed frequently, happens that farmers purchase largo quantities of a given manure, beciu-e they have learned that it had been found serviceable in p cases. They iinpo io reap a prom coinuit'ii-urate, witliiu cer tain limits, with the amount of manure emnloy f d; regardless ol tjie greater or less correspon dence there may exist between tho toils upon which it bad been found profitable and their own. They employ It, They tiro disippointed. Tho manure does hoi contain what iiir soils need, enlarged and otherwise improved during tho flHy of tho best critics in tlie Union, will giin past year.) at which, alter Iho rep ist.seniiuiotin nothing whatsoever from my feehlo endorse worn offered and speeches made by Judge Co-i m,.nt; though I cannot suffer tho occasion to lamer, Dr. Be-clnr, Clnrles Aunts, h-p, mil p.lJS without expressing the confident belief that others. And in the evening a large an I brib-ianl i for ex piisito beauty and melody nf versification, com. any assemble! in thi lar'O hill of the i conpictncss of logical reasoning, nnd spirited and give fresh wingi to the llyiug,ftyl0 f delivery, this pojm of Mr. Hopkins hours, by a ino-t spirited and splendid dance, i us l)0n soldom cqu illed never excelled in d illioned, liko the former, in a spacious shell- shield, spreading into similar projecting Irill wurk, ot equal vv-nrkiuansiiip and splendor. But tlio ii liming on this side, is u Inglily liuisiit-d geui, thai will elicit universal admiration. Tue scene is a wooded and rocky mountain doll, af fording n distant and soft perspective, and exhi biting, on the foreground, a group of three or four ngures, of winch the centre one is u tine and spirited conception of manly beauty and vi gor very rarely equalled. It is thai ol a tamer of sivage b 'asts in their own foro-t haunts, who lias pursued and subdued a royal tiger in its glen. unit vvuo statins with Ins tout mum its pros trate and siiuim-sive form, while two lovely fe- in itesupiuoacii nun with a long wreath ol Mow ers, pendant in rich fe-toons, as if lo enchain' evvu the victor, with the power ol their revy tnl- ml ciiarms. tins picture is remarkably lelt- citous and striking, and the flowers, particular ly, are linlslud with a minuteness and brilliancy seldom seen even in this choicest treasures of a studio. Wo piss from this I'ascin iting oliject, however, to u colossi! lion over the lelt niml vvneel, bearing a striding cuiud with a lilted torch. Tnis subject stands in line contrast with that of tho athletic and destructive archer on tlio oppo-ite side, since wo have here the brute mo- 1 f .i . . .,. , I I : I . I narcil o tne toresi sou men unu giuueu uy n ciilU. Over this missive stituary, ascends an arch ol brailB,.-.arKaiiii curving lo.iagu, in uar- inV Willi l 11 VV 1 Oil Wo "HU llivim.iinu uil llll- oppusito coiiipaituient, and loses no lavor upon a reiieweii iii-pcciion, ivuuuauv n.-vn u Dihvorth's lino bind from your city, which has attended upon all tho exercises, goes hick lo New York with iinboundjil honors an applause. Ameri a. I.HSDOR, lnpi.-i Chop 1. II. Noll, nf Alnliroo conn Its perfiimnnces have been admirable; not only y, t?lTIt'T , taste. It Ins given mist hoarty and general of ,itatoes, and JO bushels co n. ftlosl satisfaction. A largo numb.r & strangers of .ho P-ipkins ayentged J --Ie distinction vvero present, among wiiom i may " mention Governor Kato;'. Kv-(iov9rnorB Paine e averaged 83 lbs, i rate of about 10 tons to tho aero revolvers wliich I carry in my belt, The nther ten fled, and I e-rap-'d with my doubloons. 1 then fell in with a h mil of twenty-iino armed robbers, whom 1 compelled to act a- my guides, At Pin in, twenty-one miles from Mexico, I found ninety-live thnii-und men con-trucling fortifications, wliich were already twice as strong as Gibraltar. This is ull owing to the fact tint they were aided by ten regiment of United Slates deserters. Sinta Anna will h ive (!l),0(ll) men and 300 connoii to defenl this po-ition. The lir-t night I slept sixty miles of .Mexico, llefore turning in I took the guns, swords an 1 1 pi-tols from my brigand guides. I was iirou-cd I in the niglit by two huuJred guerillis, who siir rouiidid tho 'raneh in which I was. I fired through the key-hole, and killed upwards of a I nun iron oi ineiii, w nun tne rem under scamper ed oil". I then took my horso to bed with me, and snoozed out the re-t ol the night in quiet. In the morning, 1 accused tho landlord ef having b'tr.iyed mn. Ho looked guilty, and I blew out hi- brains, killed his wile, Ins children, ami two big dojs, then set lire to the ranch, and rode oil'. August Oth. The leader of my guides had a suspicious wink of tho left eye, which I did not like. Accordingly I called him up and shot bis head oil'. I served all tho rest in tho same in in ner, except one, who 1 let oil' tu tell tho story. I then took all their twenty-one mu-kets, tweii-ty-ono swords, and twenty-one pi-tot-, us troph ies of my valor, and dashed oil' alone to Puebl.i pissing witliiu a lew paces nf numerous gue rill.i bauds and delivered the weapons to Oon Worth. I found Scott in tho Cathedral, when ne speims uu ins uma with Ihe priests savin" miss 1 hey call him thero "Father ScolJ ana hey say also that liu is snnn tu lir ... ..I. bishop ol i-'iiC'da, the present incumbent heiii" about to be promnleii tato bishopric of Mexico! Scott will not leave Puebla tiii SlU'r Chri-imasi .. . i .i... i.,i, ..r ii.;., ;,,i,,ii .i, .,,i , ., ' , ". "" iu ''";"'"" -.'-" '.'"latia 'ey say also mat he is soon to bo mule tllllllVliv. miv ' b 13 ' n'- illg iipmi expanded wings with our national es cutcheon ol stripes mid stars. When wo state ' ' . . ' '"v ui.ii it,, ls irolnir to in I for i a ..T.s;. - ...I.T..I. ciiiiipartmeiit, some idea iniybo formed ofits'is Io ..k.."..!.- u " r ' magnitude, and of the undivided lurco of its ef-! !, 1 rl ?, ' , .C;,. "e"rto' 1,0 l" ""' .... ..n.v-.. .Miui.muii ui lm. iini. i-h minister, to wait until Santa Amu says ' como on." feet. But wo must again takoa position in front of this magnificent structure, in order to obtain a viow ot Its intorior, its canopy, ami its drapery. It has, within its body, livo ascending scats, co vered, like its Interior sides, with nliisli and vet, richly figured aod piled J and tho high ca August 10th. On this day, I did not use more thin six of my revolvers until I mil this side of Jalapa. It was in the afternoon I was in company with six soldiers returning home. nopy which overarches the last two .eats.Ts cur., t Ser p t' e 7ca ng on , s w fe Uin'edwithfmo purple cloth, leangled withho Jd u!, ,1 wwern l of the Man-ion llou-e, to come down -and nc-anil surchirged with my warmest feelings of company the delegation up, it vv a- agreed that gratitude. Co b irk charged with warm thanks Ihe kind oiler should be accepted, and wo final- rom me and tell my Irion Is that nothing but the ly started, and altera short march, found our-1 eircuuvt.iucos in wliich 1 am placed nothing selves in the spacious hall of the .Mansion ' (lor we lniyas well mingle a laugh with our llou-e, where a large number of er-ons tear-, and bii.row-thu vvoids of tlio lii-h Amha--were already a-sembled. Here we found that sador) " Fittiatrd as lam, and I in ly c iv, cir there were delegates from both Philadelphia and cuni-tanccd us I am" prevent- the honor of Tienton, ull rriiic on the same errand, toinvile meeting vou. (Laughter.) Tell them, audi .Mr. ('lay to visit tla-ir cities. A pl.ilfiiui was hope this'rcsponc will be considered as a speci erected atone end of the room, on wliich tho fic answer lo each of Ihe committees, (for il you committees took their seats. A large number cuuld -eo how my lime is occupied here, vou of chairs vvcie pi iced near the platform, nnd would know it is nnpo-sible for me to wa-te'il,) many of them occupied by 1 ulii-richly dres-ed, (hit von are clnrged with the expression of the while the leiuaiiuler of the loom was filled by best "feelings (, niv In art. And vou, n-entleim-ii an iintiien-o number of si cantors. The band of Now York, be .i-nrcd that it will be Ion" be now struck up u beautiful air, and entertained fore this evidence of vour regard will be lorTnt the audience until Mr. Clay was announced as , (.n. Among the recollections of the incidents about to enter the hill. A pa-sage was cleared, ' 0f this journey, this visit will b? paramount, and and, for the moment, the stillne-s of silence it- tho citcum-tiiiices which led to it. I vvi-h vou self was observed, until the tall form of Mr. an agreeable voyage on vour return, and ui'i'-o Clay was seen to approach, when a romnntion ,nv apologies for being constnined to decline commenced, and as soon us be vva- fail ly in the yn'ur kind invitation. .Mr. Cliv then sat down room, rhecrs, loud and hearty, were given and amid-t the most vociferous and long continued repeal -d. Three limes, -and three times three t, cheering. and the shouts continued on, indep-m-, After" ho speeches, the ceremony of introduc dent of lumbers, hurrah ulier huiruh, shout tioiis was gone through with,, Mr. Clay receiving succeeding shout, again &. ngaiu; lam Ikcnh el's, the vvannc-t congratulations from his friends, hats, parasols and fans were wined in the air, vvho tin illy adjourned to the Columbl i Hotel, uc and every demou-tration of enthu-ii-tic regud , comiuied by their rc-pected gue-t. It was was shown for the bo'iorable gentleman, who Mnvv but b one o'clock, and the time in li.ul now reached the platform, vv hero be stood, tervening between th it and Imlf-pa-t three opiosite to Mr. Dean, who, as soon a silence ' pis-cd in couvers ition. in which the ladies took was le-tored, addressed liiuias folluvvs : up acvivopirt. The .Sew York b-aux vvero in- Tlirongh tho unexpected kindness of friend--, trodiired to the Philadelphia belle.-, and all fings I am the honored iu-triiinent of expressing to went on charmingly, lucre was an epi-ode uf ,.., is brieriV -ni.iiiooiiu ivl,i,., urn rn,n,, a mn-t iigiee.ible i h iniclcr introduced m-t here. to 's u ; ; A charming voung lady, vvho had been the bright You are surrounded by a few of your fellow-! particulir star of the gihny r beaut) pr -sent, citiz ms lio u the city of 'New York not the re-' i" fheeyes of all the young gentlemen, uH,roich suit uf political usso'ciat.on ; not the oll'.pring of ed Mr. (..ay with a magnificent bouquet, and pirty orgiiuz ition who had individually learn-' presented it to linn, nddre-siiig him a- follows : ed from the public ress that you vvero sojourn-1 '' -t the request ol the ladies the Co.umbia, I in" in their vicinitv, and who by one -imulla- have the honor, respected sir, ol presenting this neons impulse, tnrew them-elves on board a bouquet. Miy its beauty and fragranco picturo swift means nf cnmnuinication, nnd hastened I'M"11 1,10 great respect wo ciuciliiu tor your d oiler to vou - viniics unu i-.Meiivui cnaractcr ; unu, at tlio ons. Cheers samu time, wo give you it hearty welcome to and other mauifest itiSiTJ of nppU'.-e. hi m iv h ! , e 1 1 5"rr ttU" But, sir, we have another and more impor-j l ie m iy be as peace ,, and happv as vour firmer taut duty to petfonn ; we coin., in the names o -Inv bnlhant and u.-elul. ' 100,000 persons, to a-k )u once again lo this il- ( lay rep ud in handsome form., our inetronoli" lAi'Plausc.l O"''" BKum to I and it was now thai u score or two ot yrung n" n,U , wi ulilAe circle 'fV nwn for'.,nr:"e f ,ls lru,rt WJ?? T imits, to express to ye- " ' P appreciation d"nr vva a niarried lady, Mrs. haac Sulgr ai of the eminent sr"""'1? wl,lcl' .v011' t'Tongli a Plnladelphu. Ion 'series ' i0llI, have rendered, not tnuaj At length dinner was announced, and tho only ! l0 ",lr w'10'0 country : cheers of ap- very largo couip-iny proceeded to tskc the tr f, IIV IIIVUII3 V..MI. .....'-.".., here to grasp vou by the hand, and 1hu !ii.-.r.:t,re of their warm sulutitin

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