Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, September 3, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated September 3, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER, 3, 1847. Nine Ditys T.nlor 1'ioin llitgliinil. The new elcnincr Guadahi'tiver, Oapt. lloskcn, nr I iv mI nt Ncw-Yotk on tlie S'.'ih "It. There was no miscellaneous news of importance. Vn'il't' attention wis wholly occupied with llio pan ic in tin money tnaikct. The nm unit nl llie Inihircs nt London is set down nt one iiiihioii three hundred thousand pounds sterling. The mtc "I tnteicst charged bv the Hank on paper disconnls, was from f 1-12 to 5 1-2 per cent, Consols 87 1 'mimes were still going on. Trnde. tn the in iiiul.icturiiig districts was dull. The weather continued lino, mul the crops were fit. mi wis dull perhaps 1-3.1 lower. The trade in 1 cn 'siuli's m unsettled liy the cricis. The lecenils were ouoiiuous tpintalions tending down wards I'loar in L.vernool wis&hIo lifts t in Lon don .7s to 2ss; Corn, 20s very dull : Corn AlciiF lis ; vv heat, Cos to o-(s. I he accounts of the crops on the continent weie fnvorahlej und the mar kets lur brcodstulfs were dull. Convention. Superintendents nnd Teachers of Common School In the County ol Chittenden, are hereby requested to meri nt the llrirlt Alerting Home in Hsscx, on Friday the lOih of Septemher, nt 111 oMock, A. M. All ad dress to teachers limy be expected ; mi l subjects of importance, connected with the prosperity of our schools, will he introduced to the meeting. Friends of the Institutions of our country are invited to attend. SlAlfON l'AUMM.m:, Supt. nf C. Schools for the Co. of Ciittenilcn. Aug. 27, 1817. 'Jrt'i I)F-r,VTCtt, I'r.OMI'TITt'DE ('11 S llir.TlltNCl Ours is a great pet ollico department llio vvh ilc concern, vc tnenn, na established in llio rmtcd Stales. It cannot ho cuiiallcd, in some f in-rs, by any post oflico department on tlio face (if the rrcat jrtobo itself. II it doe? not po 1 1 the tunes altogether, it does tlio ne.t mint ro inarli.ible thing it keeps a trenieiidons long way liehiml. Wo received a letter, this tnor i In ', which, more thin any paper we have seen fra goiul while, deserved statnping "too lale." I1 is ikitcd "I'ost Oillce, llnrlingloii, Vt., .Inne 14 17' '; and the post oiliec stamp of ".Inly 1'' is in the niilide, so there can bo "no mistake" a' nt it. The letter, ordering new direction for a -ub criber's paper should have reached us. on 1 i ii r l it,' ol ih j 3J of July. It has been fifty 1 ur days on the route. Comment v.utdd bo is'ijicl i ii1. A'. Y. Com. AJr, The Vermont mul Alnssiiclnisetts Itnilroail a - t.ju tied for transportation ol freight and o g 's !ro n I' itahbitrgh to lialdwinsville on j i. f av hist. Uavkcts. Boston, Aim. 23. Prnv islons Prices remain about the Mime, Willi a good demand lor tlio trnile ; l'riine l'oik at s)l3 Kl Si ) Mcra 81G 1G 85 : Clear18 ii 18 51), linos. Sim hbls doss Beefs-old in lots at ?1 1, cah mul one parcel nt 13M per bbl. riour--Tlieie Is a good demand for Genesee, common brands,at o 12J; Ohio nnd .Michigan, SO a f 12! i Ohio round hooji ii n u cash. ro southern here. Corn 1A- lunnd niodeiale j yellow Hat is held nt 82c ; Western mixed 8dc. cash, No white in the market. Atlas. h:utiiil;iin ntiil Uotiiiet'f icul fiSivor ES.iilron.l. ffii-ji CsusTSv 1 K'fi&i'S Smv?3 YVL.sjr AN ASSIiSS.M IINT of five dollars on ench share (if the cnnilal utock of the Chnninlain nnd Con- ncctieut River Kailrond Connnnv hnsbeen onlercd bv the Dnectois, and inndc payable on the liist day of weiooer ncxi Payment may be tnnde nt the Dink of ltutlinnloii, Vcruemies, ,'liddleburr(lutlnnd, lllack ltiver,or llel lnws 1'nlls, (he Cheshire Hank. Krone. N. 11.. to .dwnrd I'irkcrins, Uq , No, CO, State Street, Huston, ir to me l rcnsuier. SAU'nii SWIFT, Tittimier. Jliddlehiny, August Ifi, 1817. lOttO J. M. PERKINS' IT 1 M JN AM U .11 , AT STfiOMS' IlAt.h, IS open every Ihursday, ln.liy mil Sntnrdny evenings, nt 8 o clock, lor the HCcptionof l'upilsonly. ituwuo;ojo, oepi, 1, ion WUUr,. l)uta,30pcrct. 'c have no thane to notice in the price of fleece Wool. Tin-re is but a small Hipply of pulled in our market, nnd lor some manufactures, where llns des cription of Wool is generally u-tcd, fleece has been siiosmincu, l'miic Saxony l'lccccs, washed - - - - - - - American full blood do, - - - . do 3-1 do. . - - - do 1-2 do, - - do l-I&comdo. - - - - Smyrna, unwnslird, . . . . . lluenos Ayres, uniiicke,l, - . . - I Ixtra Nonh'n pulled hmb, - - - Sup. North'n pulled lamb - - - - No. 1 do do do do do do Jo - do -do - 1.1 .f? .in W & -15 33 IS 38 31 Hi 33 27 it 3(1 8 1 13 C if I 11 38 -10 33 if 35 28 it? 30 l'J iff 211 11 lb 13 The Magnetic Telcgrniih, nt. craiified to be enabled to state that Stock amount of 3iXh) dollars the sum rciptiied of ' has been taken in the Troy nnd Aloulre iph Line in this city l'lol llenedict, the . n through whose evnions, mainly, suh-'erip-Mock have Iven obtained in this vicinity, I it lb. re i now about 23.t)tJO siibscnbed 1 1 1 is necessaiv, and lint gienl e,eition nre - .ii.- in obtnni the leinainmg S15,(HH) within n (tiys. I ii intention ot llie pioimctor Spccinl Xotiee rVTiie extraordinary (51! Ar.Fi:NI!r,RC, PILLS. which nre nchieung (inparalleled iriumphs in various sections ol this couutiy, me now introduced into ibis vicinity I,',tvey siek person rend the ndvcrti-cnient ol the tir.ielenberiComiriiiy, which will be luund in another column. Torsaleat Siikhwooh's, West Mile Coin I ll"iise aouaic, nnd by Amos 0. tpcar. liureu tueei. Dr.. Wood anil llnclic. I'n1ilislir3 of the United Stales Uisoen'atorv. riul'idelphla, and Piotc-ors of Materia Alethca and Pharmacy in th University ol l ei 'ennvlvnnia. Alr I . i 'I. is to eonmleie ihe line before I lie lust P"rieiiee nniong leguiar piacinioners woun seein to ec , -y,.Sn,c.i Vnmonlcr. , l'!'d Ihe ellicacy ot me harsapaniln lievoml i a renaotiab . doubt. Its mot extensive and use ill no ' iilienhon is to llie treaimentots-condarv ilisen?s.nnd " ! D:!l!nt-'i7i would tnnlte an excellent shattered state of the s)siem which sometimes follows ( it , iior lor llio Stnto nfTnvM. or niiili I'.im. the nuiiru.leiit us? ol mercury 1 nere can ua or dc a. II- vote FOIttho AXXKXATION of with Slavery, anl his refusal to vote in 'a. .r of petitions for the AUOMTION of SL.V- ,.lt in the District of Columbia show him to t ii the linn to breath the cruel and peslifer ous ,i" nnsphcre of these bloody Slates. Hut he I'm. irthv to hold an ollico'in freo Vermont. Wnv. the hones ofllthan AHen would hardly ri ).iitlv should such an enemy of liberty an I r .licain-Mii be suffered to tbulje into office in i.a.'tit. Vtik'thmian. hit i 'ix K.vtt. Road. The Northern Rail Y i 1 ii ii opened vcsterd.iy as as (Iralton, N. II , ab nit 33 miles from' Concord. The I)i r 'etoi s and invited guests left Ilo-t in at 7 o'clock A. .M., and reach. -d Grafton at '2 o'clock A. M.. stop mi r Hiino little time in Concord nnd in Fi.i.ilx'in. At the latter place the) took in as a pa t. the II. 1.1. Dmiol Vob-ler. I'r.inklin is h.s n iiive town., nod finds there a change from the ocean breeze to the mountain air. The day was pleasant, the was good, and the arrangements com U-tc. The company was compo-ed of oentli'iivn of intelligence unJ all were communicative and happy. Tlio pleasurable excitement, however, was not li mited to the car, The inhabitants upon the lint of the read were all out teady to greet 1 lie lir-t app-.irnnco nf the great tlrum hnrsc. ru tin rs. mothers, children, and all, blood upon the litnks too much amazed for utterance. They stood like statues fixed upon the spot. After the company been refreshed by the water of the mountain springs, hot eollee, and su-taincd by a Tanner's teeming collation, thoie wis a general githering of the people without, and a call for Air. Web-tor. lie icponded to the r it) and made an adJross upon t c occasion, Man' i up m the piazza. Ho was upon the !!' ' '' fids airly days, and his speech wa ' ' plea-ant reminiscences. The road wi ' H' ' ijh his firm, and though he would bii- i I Tred it eNewherc, still he submitted, c . .' i i i.t I i I feelings to tne spirit of tlu limes, hlso,,! -iillicient to say tint the speech was w irthy of him ind was receive I withenthusi h i-c cVoring. We have room only to speak ( 1 it, m i off 'h it the public will be favored with i' ' .iL'Ui, An hour was client verv il mill but it is one of the best Medicines now in use pniticuiarly wlun it is mixed with the Cxliact ol To loatoes. It is ollrtisaid that all Medicine tmt un ill ibis form i recommended to cure nil complaints winch lleshis heir to : but it is not so with this: but I can reconi mend with the utmost confidence, and the experienci1 ot three or four years, the use of the Sarsap.inlla ami I omato Hitters, and 1 do know thai they are a most ceil un lor all coiiiplaiut ansina hum Imniiri tiesol the lilood, Disarrangement ol the Digestive Organs, and Inegulantiesol the lijwcls,nim all in homalleetions. Tor sale l.v Tnr.o. A. IV.CK. and A. C. SrrAR. Ano Ihee.inca and wholesale DuigL'ists, and bj dealers m .Medicine gcnenilly throughout llie fctate. oa.mi: HKACUMrS, OF NI'.AT l'ATTKUNS, with plain gold bands; Thermometers in wood nnd inelnbc cases j l'oit able S ills lor winding Thread and Yarn j ltoclte Uombs; mini Hows nu.l ll.ilr lor liows, with other iMw uoods,just receweit. 10 lllll.NS.ll.Ml) .V. IlllUt llUUti STATUAItY JIAIUSLi: QUAItKIllS, lhamhi', Ytnvml. rniIJ nbove named quarries, well known for fur L lniime n superior nualilv of nimble, ol line white nnd takiii2 a Inuh tiohsli aie now bcunr woikcd. nro- ilucmga ipiality ol maiblc, said to be unequalled ill America. ii r.. ... .....i. .... Jill iiiuiiuiiii inf. luiiiu null i .i, i-fitiu.-n, maible slabs, Mocks, pedestals or statuary Iroiu Ihcsc ...,..,UU ....... 1. na.lrLBc,..l l.l..B '!'(, l..r ir. pnttor, ot '1 icondeioffn, or city of New Yoik.orto sjieiihen li Loo Jell, buper.nici ilei t ol tie (nnnesnt I ranJon Vt. IvNOWLS TAYLOlt. September 1. 1817. 10. tf. APOTHECARY , AMI IF holcsnle .Druggist, Htntl.lXfJTOX. VT., IS CONSTAXTt.V ;KlT.tV!rt AMKMICAV, KSOUSH. llinvtlt. ANtl IMlIA 11 11 rir-cj . II.V.IC , a iiMJsacD.iihcssni) and muvr.Nt.Y IBJ5ABjH'J OV MUZACWM ! ! On the th nf AhvhU in the yetr 1813, n tinnnUr sreiie ncctnteil in the Ilavid Scietitifie. Institution vf Pi mice. The itgetl, white l,eti!ed Pi evident, hit fiend line, lis orms uiitstietched, hinfiH iniliiint teithmilc,tfor teienec ims triitmjihtiiit,) ami hi ruiee icith gratulattinj lane, dclit end the following I evm t ; " Ve nre actounded nt this sinenlnr nremralion. New Cl.einieals; Leh(Si Surgical InstriMiieiits; Micrc imlccl will scieme stop I Hero wc nave a JlincrnlTerlliniid IVntnlnrtielesi Saline or Mineral 1 prepara ion made in he form ol a beauiiful piece of Wntcia ) Daguerreolype articles j Genuine Patent and I "t' which we know by aclua practice, o cure every '01. .........7... s t .. . .. ....... fntnoroiis rrifntioii. e mu il itih rnrenietil nl. nn.l even , " '"ciiiciuesj i oieign ec woinirnci ignis Soda I nuntnlns nnd Syrupsj Dnishes, Pel fumes.Soaps Inks, P.lnekingsjnncynnd Dome-tic articles j (Jlnss. Uare j Dye-Sluir, Campliene, Dird, Field, l'lowei nnd (turden Seeds, eVc. c. Frotn the nihnntaee of ri.eeii. In ft Minrrnl waters. tnmpheiie,I,..eclies,X,e., periodically, piucliaeis can icly upon their f'rclmes. Individuals wishiiif, Tnisvs,I,eeclie.s,Ai.c., will nl wnvs find a person in attendance tonpply th'-lu. Medicines dispensed nl nit hours of night. Cf" The nitention of l)nggiis, Phjsiclnn".Mer limits, nnd Manulactnrers is solicited, with llie as surance, that they can be supplied Irom this estnbli&'i mcnt ns ndvanlageously as nl the city luaiki'ts. 9 TIir.ODOllU A. i'F.CK. 'iltnneous eriliition. rverv dish nlrenient of. and even discolored skin I Where will lis tnngic nnd sinnnlar port er cease I The Negro, Ihe Clcole, the Yellow It ace of the Hast, and the lied Ainu ol the l'nr West, aie iihke under the influence of its exliaordiuary powcisof clouting jrllow or discoloied skin, and ma- Ui'igit wlnleninl lieaulilul, nn.l ol cliniiguig llie color ol ilail!,or Ijiaclt.or hiown sum. " ineicseverai per IlKtiLOWS FALLS STAflC II0US1, Hy ltnssull ItydR. IXTIjNSIVI; ultcratlons and improvctr.ents have 1 J lecently been niude In tins Hotel, toriespon.ling with the Itailroad tendencies ol Ihe day, and it Is now in ndmiinblc order to accommodate and make com fortable its numerous patrons nnd the traveling pfibllc. Bellows Fall-, Aug, 1817 flf ANNALS OF VIUt.MONT, Historical, Political mul Legislative- 1 BUM AtTlir.NIIC BfJCUMCSTSi 1 1 1-. uxi)i:iivi(iM:i) ritorosns to rrnuMi, thfl ennin full, for as soon ns the exnense of Hub- bcation shall be warianU'd.) the eonepondence be tween the Ooiemors of New Hampshire nnd New 1 orle In relation hi tlic ,tw llarnpanire urnius irom I (j'J lo 1 1 ii, together witn llie 001113s ol tneir respect ive Councils Ihereon also the doings of llta Majes ty's Count il, Colonial ."ecri'tiiy, nnd Board of Tia.le sons were biouglil lorwnid by ihe President, who hud on the same subyet r to which will be appended the. Lois llinlbnl's Ilslatr. Wli the subscribers, having been appointed by the Honorable the Probate Comt for the Di-irict of Chittenden, commissioners lo leceive, examine nnd nibust tlie claims and demands of nil persons, ninhifcl the estme .r 1,0 IS It U It 1, HUT. lale of lsex, in said Di-trict, deceased, lepresented insolvent, nnd nlo nil claim and demands exlnlundin olfsel thereto ; and six months from the day ol the date beieof, being allowed oy s un muri lor mat purpose, we 1I0 there lore hereby rue notice, that we will nitend tn the bu siness ol our appointment, at the dwelling of Lucy H nyue, in iwx, m sain t district, on the hrst 1 uesaay ol February next, nt lllo'ilock.A Al., on said day. UMva mis 1 1111 oay 01 August, a. ). 13i. Al AUSHAIj CAS ti,i;, ) n 10h3 EDMUND WII,LIA.MS, G""'"""'""','s- , T a Probate Co5in.r.xiox. igAl's Indian Vvgrtahle J'Ms are llie best cosmetic in the tcoild; beenus they clianse nnd purity the body ot those moibi'd huuiors which, tl lodged 111 the entitle, aie the cause not only olvellow or swarthy t'ouipleMou and ioiii;lincfesof the skin, but ol nil kinds ol eruptive iheriw9. Wiiglu's Indian Veget.ih.e Puis als. ,11 1 and improve digestion, as well ns cleanse and p.mly the bmod, nnd, theief. ire, give health nnd vigor to tlie whole (mine, which 111 turn, will be suie lo gain n clear and healthy complexion Br-WAr.n or Cous"rr.nruT. Tun only ohigival AND ULNUINC I.NT1HN VlXILTAIlLE PlI.I.S HAVE 1 1IL SW- NATcnc or William H'liicnir wr.irrnv with a 11.;. os mc ror i.vui.i, or Even box. Awic other is gen- mne.iiitd to ttitiittcrjcit (is js ronoi.r.Y. The genuine tor bale py W. II. ('.CUTIS, Water Street, and TIll'.ODOllD A. PIICIC, College Sireel. sole agenls for Uurlmgtou. U.-uIjcp Ferguson, Kssex ; J. B. Uyke, Ibinlinglou ; W. Rhodes, .Ir Richmond ; ' II. B. llreen, Ricliuiond ; .1 II. ck T. W. Tower, 1 Underbill I Iluilbut t IloJ-es, WiIIimoii ; R, Snn i tlerson, and tl. Ayers, West Wilhston ; .1. 1 .yiuan, I Jericho j W. B. Velie, Ilinesburgh j W. S. ec II. P. Wood, Wesllord ; Siaples I.)on, Charlotte ; John SimoiiiN, Sliclbiiriie ; li Richmon I Barnard ;and at i New Cnalaud Branch Ollice and Ocncral Depot, 1U3 i leniont street, isoon. I'rtillon to Sell I.niul STATU OF VDH .MONT. Disrnn T of (nA.Mi Isi.r., ss. S Comt held at Orand Isle within and tor said Distriit of Orand Isle on the 2, th dayof Augu.-t A I). IS!,,prcsent the lion. Jabe Ij'id.l Judge olsaul Comt comes Nancy Aduii'.s ot So.ilh Hero m sjinl District whois the legal (iuaidian of Jane 1. Adams, William J. Adams and Sophronia II. Adams all minor children ol William R. Adams late ol said South Hero deceased and files her pennon m willing in said Court setnig foilh that her said Wards are eneli ol them seized m his or her own light m fee of llie follow mg described real et.ite King nn.l being in said South Hero subject lo the said Nancy Adams right ol dower therein as w idow ol the slid William 11. Adams deceased ,lo wit Jive equal un divided sixteenth pnrtsodivc p.cecs or parcels ot land One containing about one acre with a dwelling boiije and a corn house thereon stnnding.hounded Ninth and West by Calvin Fletibers Intnl. South by laud now occupied by Dr. Sylvanus Humphrey and Hast by th" llniliwav fenduiL' Noiilierh lioin llie Crcik Bndcc lo the town ol tiinnd Isle One containing nbout half ol nn acre Willi n blone Moic anil n hoisesheit tiicrc- Mi standing, bounded North and Hast by Calvin Fletchers land, West bvsaid Hiahwny and Soutli'l.y n road hading, easterly from aid highway lo the lake one comai. i ig about three acres boii,ided Noith by mid road.Uast by jaiidiiow occupied by John Lucia, South by land tu.w owned nnd ociupicd by said Humphrey and Wcit by said Highway One containing about two acres with a Stone 'I aiinery thereon standing, hounded North by said Humphries land, Hast by said Iliiuiphteys land, and laud now occupied by John T. Keelt-r, South by land now occupied by said Keeler nnd West l,y iai'd Highway, nnd llie other containing nbout two a. res with a small dwelling hou-e thereon standing bounded Noitli nnd South by lauds now oc cunied bv said Heeler. Cost bv tlie bike and Wesi bv s ii.1 Highway, all ol said live pines or parcels ol land being a part ol Lot NW,J7 in the first division laulor drawn to the original right ol Saiuinl lloisfoid and N" 72 in Ihe first division ol the original light o Kuc necr Hyde, and lhather said three Wnnls are also jointly seized in fee of about seven cfpul undivided one huntbedlh parts of the leveisiou ol Ihe Dower set out to Betfcy llarmun ol .Milton in the county of Chittenden as widow of Hit B irinnii late'ot said Aid ton d. teitsnl , saitl Dowtr cons, sting of the " Sojier Farm' (so called) lying and being ill said .Milton, enn Uiniuirr about one bundled mid lorn acies ot I. in. I mid is now occupied by the said Bets-y Birnuiu and Ihat Henry l'inhl's Cstaic. STATK OF VHRMONT,. 'PIIH Hon. District of"j. ss, J 1 Ihe Pin bate Court for the D.lriet ol Ciit'enilen : To all per sons concerned in ihe I'stnte of lleury Fii Id late of Jeiicho in said District, deceased, () reeling. WnrrtCAs, Laura l'lcld.adin'x of the eslat" of said deceased, proposes lo under an account of her ad ministration, nnd present her account ngaimt said eat.ite for examination and allowance at a session ol Ihe Contt of Piobnte, to be hol.len at the Register's ollhe in Birlington insaiddistiiclou the loutth Wednesday ol September next Tiinnr.ront, Yon nre hereby notified tnnppenrbe fore said couit nt the time nnd place aforesaid, nnd shew ennse, if any on have, v, by the account afoie said should not be nllewed. Given under mv bund ut Burlington tlni 2 1th day of August A. U 181?. Uw-3 WM. WHSTON, Ilegi'lcr. SALK OF 1MUL vxnTii. j,iLLTllll sulisaiiber contemplniing lo leave town oilers for sale the following valuable propeitv.s.tunted on the corner of Churih nnd Cherry streets, near the center of the village, consisting of Ins dueling house nnd three cit) lots ndjoiuiug containing i of nn ncrc e.ieli ; there is also on the premises n cood store nnd ample room tor 5 or fi others on one of lbs best si reels for business m town Convenient out buildings, n lest rnte w II of water and orchard of the beet hint. the whole will be sold together or separati ly. For terms npply to th subscriber on the premises Also for sale pew ro. i.i in .)t. t ains v.nurcn. J. J. STARR. Bmlington, August, SQtli 1317. 8w3 nsi'.l it. lo luool of bis nssertioo 1 There nreprobsbly few persons of intelligence, who, niter leaning ihe auove,wni noiibt uie rpaiuiics oi JOM:s' ITALIA. X CHEMICAL tiOAT I.V CtTRl(J Vimjilei, ntolchc.i, Kill lllicum, Sntrc", ft yiijvlaf. tore j leans, uin we,y.fxi una nai,crn ilea, I'hapi'ed nnd Tender I'lcth, licckles, Tan, Sunburn niulchititginu dark ,Suiibnrn or Ytlloio HUn to a inne clear trhite, as tmotith and sojl as an In-flint'. nnd in fact every kind ol eruption nnd disfigurement. licail tn 'se certihcaics: (Fioni the New Orleans Sentin -1, October, 1311. to diviriLi entit ed nanmh et. viz: A fl.ite ol the right ol colony nt ew 1 orK with resjiect toils Kugkrii Boundmy on Conuecii ut lliier.nnd Ornntsinnde 1 v the T '.".'h south of Crown Point," published by the (Jeni'tn! Assembly of New Yolk, 1773, with nn appendix ol the lion. "A Narrative ot Ihe rroceemng' o: tne i.tov"rnineni of New York relative tut'ie New Hampshire Urnnts," being a bill reply n the b regomg pamphlet and np peiidix, piibhsfu'il 1771, by Htiian At.r.ES. nn Alien s iienn.ns on inesuus saojeci, pjuiisin-u 1777, in two pamphlets Hihan Allen's Animnjveisary Addrcia oil the New Yolk Cont oversy, 1778. Iin Allen s V in.ltenii m of enront, inJ. Ltbnn Allen's Vimlicntinn ol ennont, tip- u.inivAtbEO xr.o ujso ksiael mieu Illlillll Ueemtty Filtcl and Embellished with entirely New D-eofution, Trapping'. Lquipage, he, fir It 7 " tnimuz an extensive nnd varied collection of the most rare and Interesting p-oduciioiis or Nature, which ul'0''' to all an ampV sourc- for S'udy cni refl-'ctlon on tne e.ienoe ol NA TURAL HiSTOllY. This Menicri", tn entering ench Town or VilingCi Ibrmsn most Imputing '1'iaiii or Procession, prtccded b) a Oorgeous mm cna LITERALLY COVCKKD WITH GOLD! I , r 1 t..t ;..r I tiffiVPfl Oi 1 1 V llie liOVPItlOr II HI LOUllCM, hr ins IttTii nil I'd ot tilrl. mnW hn I Ivlirnm. o ' 1 . . l'.t' IV ' . .. , ill :it fiirlittt'ii yms ttQiidhiix on Ihj litMril, lipff.-tw. mul liniiiU.iiV ncnKcofnn nitirlc niurh tnlvortHfil htrly nlo inloiin ns thnt ho 1pb tried He rfl"ct tn hs li male flav KovtuCSr It nmtKc il wtih Fun fh, ntnl he luuiul in two wcrksher f-kin mncli cienrtTftm! whiter. .lame IJhlnm, u pmnifr. in Jeifty City, vn ruTfJ ofcnrbiinclcstuiil pimples, wliu-Ii iir wii" nlllicled with formally J enrs y juil of a cuke uf Jonc.' Italian 1770 nnririiuii uf liv llli ( JuVci lir fi llil LuTUICll. lirrtv rtra ice oi urn, nuu-tiuen nn i in" '"'uni. 17a3. tintii'T with Ftveinl olli'-T interc-Mi' d"tu- inents m ihe nine fnhj-rt. '1 he wo.k mil rimiain Lctwoen live nnn rix hun'lrcfl folio pwts on 1'iir tjpe nnd pap'T, auJ wi he nfllinleil Wnh-rribctf nt VJ.IK) per mpy in cloth binHing, nr Si,5 m sheen, pnynbl on !' live'j rJ'h' nhn oiki tnnc Fiirertled by nnoiher vo 1111110,01 lto;n five to pix Immlretl lolio p'lfp.c nfun Persons 'iii' iiircliasins this must always n-- for j"S proceedim.." of Coiivenlioiis ol the (Jie.n Ab tm AUGUST 20. IlNHand neat pallcrn.s ofwlnte nnd black rai'.s. plum and figured, nnd a tine asr-ottim lit if (lold nnd Silver Cased (!old Peneiis, of A. G linirlev'n mid I.eii llrfiun's loalce : nlsn lleocrfiet ItarlieV s Coll- .lONIJS1 ITALIAN Cllll.MICAl.SOAP ; nnd per bans, ns inaiiv vho have l,een che.iied with counter' leits, will be too much ihscouinirrd to try the genu inn. wesayto fnnh.liy this once you Mll not regret it : tun alwajs fxe ttiat trie name ot i . juim.cs is on in wiaont r. Hold only at iW Yor't r.t 82 CHATHAM S I llljb I , .Siffn (' the. American Little.. I'l lco. . . . ."() Cents u C'lihc. rPull directions for use accompany each cake ol Joins' Soap, l'or sale by Geo. 11. lui.i'.l.Nuro.v, onlv Acent lor Vermont. 8ml) linn lii.vs nr. viousto .ilnrc h. 17 ; the dum .s t mf C'liuiei sol Sal' ly to Al ilIi, : the Jonmils of Asvnibiy nnn Lounen irom .uniiu ixiu, nn, to ami including Ouljlur s-won. 1781, tog' tber with tlcse eret corrctpomhtifc with Gen. Ildl.litiiand and h.s Coinnussionerti. Gen. Wnshmyton, the Govern. nsoi the Mew S'ntes, New Yoik ni.d the Conti nental Conuie'S.r.nds'i-h other correspondence as le lat lo the'pait the people of th- .New-IIaintshiie i, rams toon m me u vonuiouary ar ;vuicii onone will be nrbrded to tubcril.i rs nt th; same price as Vo lume 1, payable on delivery. jiirnci, . liny n, in. ni..iti iifjtr..o. t;rc.c.s Pen and Kitgro?uig Pens ol tlie thiec most (ys peclable Alakeis; custoincis wlio are tired of using '' eheai" Gold Pens, nre invited to try better ones, which cost hut little more than " eheai ones. Jet and Pteel llultons, nnd n new set Hoipe Nets, just re ceived, together with a good stock of Gold Lockets, lor .Miniatures, nnd a few more Gold Wnlrhes. UltlNSAlAlD & IlltOTilHIlS. GREAT BARGAING. IN CARPKTIXOS AM) Oil, CLOTHS, kodkkick i. vwiuixcr:, A'o. I Canal Sticel, Neie York, Of'rr.IlSlor sale, on terms highly advantageous to the purchasers, Ihusfels. Three-ply, nnd In- giain CAlll'ETIXOS, of Fup-rior fabric, supeib patterns, and fast colors. Also, every van ly ot iSlair Carpetmc, Drugsets, Health Huns, t)M Odcloths ot every width. Stair Hods, Door Mats, Rich Window Shades, .tn. itc. H.'ono inists wall ilerive great n.lvantaee Irom calling at IT Canal street, before purchasing. New Yoik, August 10,1817. bwl I.adics nru t'anlioncd Against l.'fcins co dim on nt i: pa ii ed chalk Thru art vol aicrtre lof fruitfully im'wi iottft it i to ol the yellow, nnd unhealthy tuenkin 'iiyruitt alter siy J rrpareil cU't'k ! Jirsulrt tt in injniumA, contdttnttg a large quan tity uf Lea I ! c htive picpartd a htautitul cRemUe niticle, wlin-li we cult JOMUV SPAXJSU LILY WfUTi:. It is tirrfrctlv innnccnt.bcinir nutifitd of nil dlele riou qualities ; audit iniian- to thof-khi a natutal, lienitny, aiaoasuT, ciear, living muic ; in me t-ani' time actinn us a cosmetic on the tkin, making it sufi and sniool Ii. Dr. JmiK s AnderFon. rrrclieal Clitmift of Ma.n chnsett,-njs : " Alter niiitl.inK .loues' irjianis-h liily White, l hint it posseswe1 tne imvi uenuutui ami na tural.and at the game time innocent white I ever saw PROPOSALS TOR TIaIISKR I5tILL in? rncoived nl tlio oliicy of .1. it J J II. PUCK Co. prior to Sept. 1, for th. C li P.. nnor to bent. 1. lor tne uje Pile following bill or bills ol Tinib'T to b- delivered on the shore of Lake Cham plain n. ar llie .orin vv nan. Tie-S,i. n .ran I Magnificence ord'.is G ireirji and Colos-il L i. .'!.' J ".a i,nion. V, hoev. r has r-ai ..t the I'lini'ici Ci mi lot ol Alvander, or ill" l riemphnl Car i.ri-'. mie some conception of th? strand' ur of this sup 'tiativ'-ly I, vrbir e, which was, taken Irom nn auliq ie mo lei nily exhihued In Ion. It has n quired ihe c n'snnt lubor ct twenty men lor nine months tf) couip'eii il. at an expense tl more than Ti L THOUSAND DUI.L.VKS ! The I'Mit'tuf Chnhl - - - feet. Height tJ sirnmii of Canrqy, iM f'tl. The tteigit in fall, - - - 8,WJ 11'. The Chariot will be followed bv THIRTY CAR" lUSGES. ' .niiiuing the VARIOUS ANIMALS IN THIS 1MMHNSK HXIHUmON, drawn by OND HUNDKIJD HUllSnS! The I.hibil.on of thin M'tiagerie i reujeied i'itcns"ly inicresiing by th- Wonderful and uuparallckJ l'.'ifonimnce cf 1 certain v cnu (onscieniioiisiy icuunn.cnu lis use lo l nl u uvrt ion ;e known aent. VV.U. iv vv 1 1 II, JICSS PORK, for sale by IKUiACU WllHr.LUIl. Iiurlmgtoii, Aug. l'J, 1317 Dvsrr.esiv or. Ixplai.snox All thai invalids can desiiein ihisdi?tiessiug and aluio-t ind.'sciibnblecoiu plauit is presented m Dr. Wood's Sjis.ip.uilla and wil.lCheny Ibit 'is, a sl.i'.fully pnpaied and delight ful Tonic and Aperient, every day Jiecoiniug more an I more popular. Ceitilieaies ol the ellicacy ol this med icine m iv be bad ol the agents. I'or sale by 'I'uui. A. Pixi;, Apothecary and Wholesale Drujitt. 0vi .nil nllfl PIN I Zl'U.UUU lorleby nnd CI'.DAR SIHNGI.K H. SOA'G HOOKS. S OV Till; NATIO.V. Gems of Hong Ham of llrin, I'orget-Ale-Not Sonaicr, .to.'Ac. A igusfJ, 1817. Ciwl C. GU0UH1CII. O Ham A l'ARM of 700 acres of land, to be had nt alow lijjure lalvinn into consideration the ouilitv ol the land and a sale ol nil of said llitec Ward interests in s-aid six 1 its loe ition. It is divided ns 1 .hows - lot) ncres o lieces or pnreelsol land, would be conducive lo ill Vk nest meniiow in tne stale, ujo acres i .isiiire, -oo lestiutercsisofsaid Winds and the Moceeds of such acres ot U ood laud, with good buildings pond Iruit. t .' .1- n't t Tn the Sick nti.l Afllictcd. Boston, Sept. 10, 1813 Dear Sir, 1 take pleasure in couiimmiciimg thiough jou, to nil whom it may concern, and ihe public g.-ueially I lie nsioiiishuig elfLCt vour nuly wondeitul medicine has had iifioii me. 1 have cmoved tierlecl bealdi tor lour or live vears. .mil at (n.ifton when tlio coiiiniinv Icit Physicians told me my liver was ihseased, nnd Ihat I n r i.iroi,. i'. ,,n,.,.,l l..o..;.. ii ('.,i, , mu it some nay me witu consumption, i.ast cep ; r ion to Unncotd luaitng -Mr. i'b- -bcr ,,,3i 'Umk n hlg)lt L.oll, Vtln-li produced a , l"k l. hacking cough j this coniunied until l'ebriiary, Hl.r), 1 icon, Iho rnmpanv rat down to nn elp- I when I added anoiher cold ; my cough incieased. 1 , ' I prepared ut the I'liumix Hotel. Wo i 't my nptieiite, and my stiength railed. I'or "'t ntUMin.l to oive nn account of thu i vyeeks 1 could not he npou one side ; I sweat very t . . ., fa , . , ' much inghis, ini-eil considerable blood during the J i comm and jfow nf mul and can "nly wl,er, and could not speak a loud word for two . mc (.-iiiurLiiiiiueiu in "eiioriu lerms. wechs. Willi nil lliese bail symptoms 1 nan n verv severe pain m, and bviween my shoulders ; general debiluy Mlowed. I wascoulined to my room about eight weeks. I had buried a sister and brother, both died with Consumption. I expected to the my self; my liiendmlso dci-purcd of my life. At this tune an uncle, who had been benefiued himself, ad vised i.ieto take DR. WIS'PAR'S Of WILD CHI.KR 1 . 1 accordingly procured a bottle, took it, and l.'ll some better, obtained another, and n llurd ; then 1 teased tobieed uud llie cough was much belter : but my disease w.a- sodeiply looted, 1 was oongeii lo continue inking llio tiaisat rill Tlio s,i 'echos weru c.xccllont. and tlio leal. Huitun Eitniug (VjzsMc tJuiun of Collects, Tie subject of uniting the two Colleges in Western V.-rmoot, has, of late lieen a topic of couve-Tation niii.m th friends, ot collegiate education in tins Stale ami iisi vvhere. This is by no means a new idea ; as far back ns ldlD, the respective Corporations appoint t d committees to consider and report upon the prac li.aMiiuy of suth union. That meinpt wis iiivi:eess,ful. We understand g. nili men ol high standing m other stales und many Incndsol sound education in Yeimont, have, during last year, expressed an earnest wish, that ! niiMher uiicmpt might be made to Attain nn object, vvlui'hs.euKlo Ihciusohiglilydesiiable. Toineelwhnt I appeared toba n puMic demand, the Corporation ofl the two Colleges, at th?ir recent annual .Meetings, np. pointed Committees again to consider tins question, i'n jsi- C uiiiiiitiees have just closed their inehiuiuary KCfSion in tins city, but we learn that they have not as vet . . i - to any dtliiute result. Among Ihe very ilifii. ui' ,i suons connecleds wiih such an s-fToit, that of loe ' ,i is not tha least. We are nuthoris-d to sny 1 er, ihat nolhing has truiispircd which justt fi 'v.moii as to the probable results. IVr S' ... Ycrminlcr. to continue taking the lialsaui until I ha 1 taken seven bullies. I can honestly nnd tiuly say, I believe Dr. Wiaiar's lialsam ot Wild Cheny saveil mv life., A111S. MARY GOULD. Wc are nersonallv acnuainted with Alis Gould, a - sisted in taking care of her .luring lierHiknesi, be lieve and know the above stnlement to be true. MRS. T.C.l'RLSCOTT. AIRS. S. A. HACHULIUIR, No. 1 Conimeieial Slleet Be careful and get the genuine DR. WISTAlt'S HAI.SWl (ir WILD CllCRRY. None genuine unless signed by I. 11UTTS, Addn ss nil ordeislo SKTH W roWLi;,ltoston,Mass. l or tale whole sale and relail by Tin o. A. Pi.. K, liuih.iptou.aiid by Dealers in .Medicines geneiaily m Vermont. s lie put at interest or inve-ted in other real estate, and praying said Comt to giant to the said Giriidian licence to sell all ol her said Winds niteusts in said six p.ecesot paicels of land lor the purposes alortsaid agieeably lo the Statute in such case made and pro vided. Wlier. npuii the Court aforesaid doth appoint W( dnesday the lointh day ot October next lor a hear ing an. I ihcidiug on said Petition at the D.vclhug house ot Janez j,:uI in said (iraml Isle uu.l doth order that all persons interested theiein be uolili.'d thereof l.y pul.liention of this order containing the sub stance (d said Pt tiuon. tluee weeks succes-iv lv in Ihe Rurlingl.iu Free Press, a news paper punted at Iiurlmgtoii in llie l ouniy oi ciiiueiiuell, llie last ol wuich publications shall be one week previous to Mid lib day ct October next. Given under my baud at Grand Ule aforesaid this rthdayof Ainjiut A. D. HIT. lOwll JAIli:Z LADD,.rd?e. , ADWAY'S WARRANTHi: TOTIIH PUD JV lie, ad.Jiessed unto nil nations, people and ton gues, lor the purpose of ren.k ring unto either se pleasing countenances nn.l beautibil complexions, by llie ns,- of RADWA Y'S CIIINn.SK MRDICATHI) SOAP, whith is vvarranled to iiiuove i'roiit ofl'the lace, neck nrliands, Pimples, lllotches, Sun Hum, Tall. Its mysterious elicits upon the cleansing the poles of the skill nnd seen ting visaeis from all im purities, muling it neuiiny action ol llie si.iu.nuu re vi nling Salt Riiu'm, Ring Worm, Hrisipclas, Hash, Tiller, Heal, Setiivy, Alorphew and Harbor's lich, has been u souice of much woutlcr llitoughout die worlil. tniieeii, it is nsiomsuing to experience llie et- ,te. , and with living water tunning through every lield. Two thirds of the purchase money may remain on im.'iessi for any length of rime, llnijuire oi Pni. WiiELLtn, New Haven, Vt , or to th" sab- scriber. IIORACH WIIHULHIl. li.irlington, August 16,1417. H'VD Dnviil Dny (lnle.Tr.) IMutc STATU O V VHR.MONT.) ri'Hi: Hon. District or CunrcNrtN, s. I the Pro bate Court for the District of Chittenden : To all persons concerned in the estate of Djvi I Diy. l ite Jr. luteol l.ssex, 111 s ml Ilislnct, d'Tenseil, l, reeling U'omus Georee Wlntllev. administrator, ol the esiate ol said deceased, nroiioses to render nn nrcoiiut ot Ins aduiiiiiftralion, and present his account against sal I e.-tate for evaiiunation nn.l allowance nt a session ol the Court of Probate, to be holdm nt ihe Register's olli. e, m Hurlmglon in enid district on the second Wedue-dny ol September next, 'riirntnn!!.. Vim nre hereby notified to nnnearb. lore said conn nl the time nnd plaic aforesaid, and shew cause, if nuy you have, wliyuie account aiorc sani sliould not be allowed. Given under my hand ut lljilin-toii tins Iiih dny of August A. D. 1317. . boil WM. WLSTON, Ursula: Rurlington, Augu't 10, 1S17 nil whose skin rcqnn. s b' .'.iilifving. Price 'Zr, C ents ti I;ox. Dir.Ecriovs The best wny to nrnlv the Idly W bile, is Willi soltuntliei or wool toe fotnierisiirc tern tile. A fine Kct oi' Teeth for 23 rcnl. WHITE TEETH, FOUL BREATH, HEALTHY GUMS. Yellow nnd unlieahliy teeth, after being once or twice cleaned with .TOXICS' A3II3ER TOOTH PASTE. have the appenranee of the tnot heauliful ivory, and, aiine f.iihu nine his mj jj'-j h-lmi y hhiihtiu uuu t.v (luis.teiy line, mat its consian . .my ne is mgu y au- . ..,.. ,lav ,r, vioiinnriiiis.) veil 10 loose ie. 10 Ionian inn iiooo coo- I . .. . ' Vi7 230 D.nk stnksnot Jci than 8 x 8 inches. IC let long ofllenilock ; JijUUO feel ( hnenl) dock sticl, in t ICH than in x in niches nn! horn oil to 'in It. long of Hemlock ; 1'sOOO It ( lineal ) of square timber ol white pine not hss than one loot squaic v hen well and truly hewn; liMOUll ft. board meiiFiire cl 3 inch wiiite u.ik juank varying m lengin as snau nercaiicr lie designated. Also: Another lot 3030 dock slicks not less than S x 8 in ches, fi It. long ot Hemlock ; 121W0 f"ct (lineal) dock slicks wit !-"sthan HI x 11) nnd fiom 3D to 10 It. long ol Hemlock j -JIW.(I ft. (lineal) square limber of , Mf uv lie n.icK one iooi souaiv. tl so. lor iuliv union ei cubic yard. J lie t. u. n. it. uo. reserve tne rigm oi ncep'.- nig proposals tor one or notli ot tin above bills. 1 one 131) s. it 4 the on eat NArOicox cf the agd, with LIOXS, TIGICRS. AXD LICOPARDS. This great A rti"t will lomlle, carers, and reivlerlum sell, npparei tly, as on of th 'ae Animals in t;,.ir own Den. Alter tins he assumes command, orders ench to their reipecnve depaitmcnts, and liaahy sig lalizes lum- l.ngxneer. Jlukcifietd ACA DKMICA h IXSTITUTIOX. J. S. SPAULDIN'O. A. M.) Pl ,,,.;, o. c. iiishi:i;, A. AI. J"1t';"'"' Airs. J. R. Si'AtLtil.vo, Prccei tress and Teacher of Diincmt;. Mr. S. AI llvssCTT, ) Teachers uf Muic, local Airs. S. Al IJAssi rr, ) and Instrumental. Alls. O. T. HoroiiTo.v, Teacher of Painting. Mr. I). Davis, Teacher of Penmanship. Air. 11. Ll. ('nocKUt, Teacher of Fiench. The Pall Term commences on Wednesday, the 1st lay cf September. In nililition to the ordinary recna DRIVING AN AFRICAN IN HAhMESS! LION htion; giving them n beauliltil polish, nnd pieveniiiig i tireniature oecav. inose aueiniv iu-ckvch n pie- veulsi'ioni brcoinmg worse it also fastetw such as nre becoming loose, and bv neiseveratice it will ren- iler tne foulest lectli n.-liiaieiy winte, unu make tue bii ath dehciously sweet. I'ricc SS.i or 15r 1-2 Cents tl II C 'PPMI the idmce aie sold nnlil at Hi Cil AT51 M S'l RCKT, .S'jgn nf the Amei nan ImvIc. Anr Yirk, CA.ND 11 V TUB AlTolM'LU Aot TO Wlinvb N.VMLS AiTLAn is Tin; Next Coi.t ji.v.1 1 l'orsile bv Geo. 11. IlAiir.i.NO-ioN only Agent for Vciinont built Thorn who have been deceived with .MOCK PRLTIJXDi:i) HAIR PiUUViHA S'tould nnd the follotriv xtatemcuts of i cxpectallc Mr. Ahralirm Vrndfilietk. of PR Avenue I), New Vuik, rertilii'3 that his hend wua t'litircly UilJ on the tqi, and hy tlie u?c ol two IU. hottlis uf .1UXES' CORAL II AIR RESTORA. Tl VE, he has a good crop ol hair, nnd w ill soon lmve it long, thick auiriuxurinut. Air. Wit.MAM Jaciisov, of 89 Liberty ureet, Pitts burgh, certifies: On the 3d ol rebiuaiy, lHIT.ihnt Mr Thomas Jackson's head, on llie lop, was entirely Imld for liPon jears, nnd tin' by ii-ing two 3s. bottles of Jones Coral Hair Ri .-lorative, the hair is glowing ili tltielr no.t heiilibv. lie evnecls bv Usui.' llos n little longer to have n better head of imif than he ever had. VS?" to inosr. w iiosr. hair i". or. v . Oltn'ALLI.VG Ol'!' AM) M ll.VIC AT Till Honrs. llie term will be devo. ted to those d. signing to teacli i in this time instilla tions will be giv en m Orthoepy, Oilhogrnphy, Analysis and Uomposinon ul vv orus, uie use oi uutiinc oiups Globes, Drnwmg AI i s ece. Airangeinent nnd gov ('niinent of tu'hools, the best method ot 'Peaching, Ac. will be subjects lor written ami extetnpoianeou.s discussions. Hooks fi:rniiied by the i'rincip-ns l.eeinrcs. with experiments, will be given on Xat- ural Philos..p!iy, t hemisiry, svC. Doam ?l,-J per weeic. SC.TII OAKI'.S, Secretary. Ilakerni'ld, Aug. 3, HIT. T fyThe in thi co'.'ection nre confidently ef feretl for public insp" lion, ns lining the choicest and most perfect specimens ever ex'uluted.' Tne majority of them have been inipoiie I during the last two years, without re gard lo puce, anJ they lorin nut only the Cs-st but tba LA 110 EST COLLECTION ever presented to the Public The .Menagerie will Inhibit nt UL,IlT.Ir.TO on the (! h ".s.ejitciiilicr, 1917. The Pi . cession will enter the Town .about 9 I o clock in the morning. ADMISSION U.XLY Hi cents Cnildren under 10 years, 1:M cenls, I) iors open from 1 to 1 P. Al. Th" Alenngeiie will be in Biandnn on Thursday Sept 21;.MidJI bary, Fri lav, 3-pt 31 j Vergennes.Sirirdny, Sept. 1th ; Burlington. Monday, .S 'pt Cm; e-t .Milton, Tuesday, Sept. 7th i Jeiicho Corners, WeJn -i hy, Sept. 8lhj Camuri lie, Thursday, Sepi. 'Jih ; HakershU I, Friday Sept lUlh ; Pt. Albans, Saturday, Sept. lllh; dwantoii Falls. Monday, Sept 13ih (.siicctBsors to Carney t$ Sleeper.) dp.alhiis ix i;vi:i:v dicuiitioa ck JJOOK AGENTS. (U iilA.Nsni:LI). Hook Pi'Hi.isiinn, fills New Haven Ct 131 York Si, w.ll employ s....,nl res.ti.n-. I. Ie men rf euotl ehaiacb'r. lo solicit snbseiiplions m ihe seveial counties ii' Ihe Stale of Veiimnii, I. .r " 'l'a viol's Vo; , Round the 1 '...i. ,1 sttfites "s.iiindriio." a verv popular wink, f',3..1 Inree lg mo.. Willi cngiav ngs. The (0 m o 1 S"-4 in all us VAKIOi:.-? STVI.LS AND Ql'AMTIKS nd.ipt"d lo tlie N. KXCLAXI) & KOl'THHRri JIAlUvCTS, AT Tlli:ill VIIl)Li:SALC ROU.MiS, GRANITE BUILDING, A N N S T R E V: T , l)ir,cl!-j (J. rii'e M.n-'rnl't Rim, Boston. 1 herebv certify that my hair was turning ciny, nnd I u'ttlTlVt, A KF.IH C have now on hand and ofil-r . nron put nt' si Itr mil falling ell, nnd ihnt since 1 have used Jones' Coral ,or u m ii,..,,ext-i iv wabcu ms th- Inrj-Mnud "" 1 U,J '"'" ling, is glow-' ,, mivjlete n-.-or! rei.t it R11DY AIADBI j liAi )i I I i.n, ll Tnr. NonTitEitN IUlLttOAD. Thu road was rr.oi. don rridiv as far ns lir.ifton. I hems- iHavvicb, tun.- t ie In Bakersfield, o'i die l'.hh u'l., by ihe Rev llirnm Sleeker, ol St. Albans, Ht.vky J. Moobc, A. Al , , r. i . i -r. .. i, ,o ...:irt I 1 rincipa, c- ivaKerlieui ncaoemy, in ,uiss ij. ,(i Irom Concord tn (.rafton s -13 lin os, mid uaghter of Gen. B. It. Iluielliue, of ihe lectsof this delicious Soap. A few apiihcaiions ex- ', " V ""''bcral wuine pari T1, ,. ' .r.!riv;wa (..soi,is;!:.tober.;sj from the most safe, rnre uud ) llieueious hahns und ex tiaels of oriental growth, u-ndeis its cure for skin di seases cerllim , while I'OR TOILRT PURPOSCS, it is the most extl aoldtnat u Soaji in the world. It liemg enttieiy ire,-noiii Alhau. csicntiai uiis, Corosive Sublimate, &c.,it will not irrunto or inflame the skin ; but mi the contrary, will render it swett, pure, l-ur, clear nun: iieaitny, nu.l never litis in iin pnrting benniy to the conipiexion of nil who use it Price ut Mi iculs lor buye cakes, and l'.'i cints lur small. Sold in Ibrlington by A. C Sirxn, Wholesale Agent, lor li!J cents ret cake ; ill Vergeunes. F Hun 'uigloii ; Williston, Iluilburl .V Hodges; Aliddlcbury, JN. P. Russell i Alontpelier, G. W.Sioti J. ec R. (!. RADWAV, i! Couitlalldt St.,K. Y. i-lancoto l,"hinon, yit to hi 0mier iiiuce. nb ut 25 miles. Lehiiion is situated on the (' ...i'n c'icut river. .Mr. Webster, who is on a i to his f.inn in Sihsbnry, joined tlio pirty, invitation. linslim Atlas. v.- JUlilu .Society Alccting. In O-rdensburch. N. Y . bv the Rev. Air. i'eters, Piof. Hekkv Chancy, of Hurliugtoii, Vt., to .Miss IsAurxLA Jui.ilt Cakvi., ol Ogdeu-burgh, In Charlotte, Aug U5lh, by the Rev Joel Bingham, Air. John Dixv.ot llurlingtoii, and AIiss Fu.mii; llio iilc, ol Chatlolle. T'm fbittenden Coimtv llihhi Snriely will tneci on Thursdiy, September 'Jth, I'ruvidence ji.-riniltin:, at the '.Mithodist Chipel. I'ublic services t comnienco at half past ten . . . .) .....I. - .. I... .!. I'n.- n CIIICK, J. dl., Willi .V bciiiiuii oj tiiu ..v.. Air. HivKii.VM. Jleitihcrship is constituted by an niiiiual contrihittioii of whatever sum. Mem bers throughout the County are ii'ijiiostod to he punctual in alien Juice. IIfsiiv I'. IIickov, fjecreltm. llurlington, Sept. 1, 1&17. d i c i), MCCIIANIC'S LIBRARY, The Hook Committee, at their annual examination III this town, on the 23 inst , Martha A. Jou.vsox, ajed ears. At Solon Alills.AlcIfenry To., 111., mi the 10th ult. I'.uwts S. JoiioxciTT.Iormeily u resident ol ihw uwn oged VI yeais. THE LAST CALL. . ti III.M G AT COST. fjMIII. siniM",;!iti:ii iiwi.yr mild his stoui JL at Wilhston, offers InrVtie die bal"'."- of his STOCK OP GOODS AT COST, nil of which will be sold nt private sale, or auction, previous to ihe lir-t ol O 'toher next. lie would also take this opportunity to say to those who nre indebted to him, eilher by Xole or Hook Ac count, that the same must he settled before said tune. THOS. II. CAKI'lllLD. Wilhston, Au j. 23, IS 17. 'Jw li AUGUsST 27. DIXON" A- SONS nnd other Tin Sets, Ten Pots, Sugar Bowls nnd Creamers, Collee Pots and Coffee Fillerers of the finest quality nnd finish, just leieived. Also, line Pocket Pistols nnd I'lusks, Sleel Goods, Dagueireoiype f.ooils, t ollars nun Ifnsoms, 1 Oe 1IOOK CO nil nee, 111 llieir iillliuni e miiioii'iiiii :,v, . ', " ,r, .to ' ll w. ... I no .. J 1 n August, found the following volumes missing from J baubles, l ey Wheelbarrows, aggons nnd W in , i be I ilirarv vu I French and German Accordions, Giuce lloo, l uiw. No. l'jj; 'Rosede Albert -,201. Lt vol. Don Quit.; &c just owued iiiinTIirtfs; o tto 'ill, 1 vol. Young's Works; 300, Alackenzie'a 1" BRINsMAID (V llHOIHLIta. s inn Iteeeints: 3'J'J 101). 2 vols ( iiegorv s Dictionary : I (), Chivalry, by Jamesj H'J. False lleirj Aikc d oliana t ISS-7, Canterbury 'Pales, !! vols.: 511, The I, adyof Alilniij 511, Southern Literary .Messenger; 7(1. 1st vol. Conrmest of .Mexico. S. I'LF.TCIIHIt. .1. T. BF.NHDICT, Dool Com Ci. BACKUS, -e;.! I, 1817 SILVKIt I'ORKS. TABLIt, Dessert nnd Children's Silver Torks; nlso 1 1'iekle Forks. Silver Fruit nnd Duller Knives. Soup Ladles. Fih Knives. Silver Cups tor Children, .) ,. . , . e . .1 ll.. ll.. I .. . . . ISi.fTiH'i'i'i'olyiit'is. T. AI. PARKlllI continues bis rooms, ns usual, in College St., Burlington, Vt , where he is produ cing Digueireoiype .Miniatures nt tlio low price o! I fiO put uii in elegant cases und finished so they will never lade. Ladies nnd gentlemen nre invited tocnll and ct amine his variety or specimens. rpIH; Co-partnership existing under the firm pr ii.uiow sY. vv nous is tins nay ilitnolved liyinii tual consent, and George 1' Woods hss sold and traiisfi-red nil his interest tu Sidney Barlow, and said Harlow is to pay the debts due Irom llie lale firm. HIDNHY BARLOW, GllO. P. WOODS. Colchester Aug. 23d 1317. 0w3 not ill nuy Hook Slores' M. OSTHEIM, no i.iuiiitTY ktisi:i:t, xmv vomc, Whole-nto firoccr nnJ Oentcr in Itntiinlcd l.iiinois, Mines un.l ,.rs:irs, roreinu l'lL'serves Mini (.'eriniiii Kissiu-L-cr Aliueinl V illti. .Oil iW&'Sl'E. nU) lTA'l)EitSI(!M:n won.n ros.rct- J. billy inform lb" public, hnt he has fitted up tlie siore twodjorssoitlh of the Bank of Burlington on Church street, and leconniienced the DHUO HUSINKSS, wherehc will be supplied nl nil times witlia caicfully selected ftoil; i f mi, (IS AXD MEDICIXES, comprising cveiy article required in ihe I'liyficinn's practice, unu nemanusi.i in-imuc. tiu, Siiruirnl nuil Deniiil liistrumiints, Uv.'ral Teeth I1"'1 J'echei I'lltshes. Socps, J'erfiimeiies, Conn ess ll'dfer, Camin&'ti, Inki, Marking!. Dye StuJIt, tc Pnriieiilnrniteniioii w ltewid in the preparation of Physician's ptcscriptions and Innnly lecipen. ' A.MOSC Sl'HAR. lluilin;)ton, July 51), 1917. I'or :nlc or to Kent, rnili: DWKMAXO IIOUSi: ami Lot sit- H uatcd on the cornei pf Bank and Chaniplnin Sis. known as the Ilh-s place, nnd lately occupied ly i. Harrington. There isa ;oo.i well of water, cistern, barn, shed .Vc , good tjtrden with fruit trees. Fur u ins ii p'y to Gin libit, Skill utrc, or llrinsiuitid ."L Brothers, Duilineion. 3il LOST A SILVHU TOIJACCO JIOX, on the road be 1 I ween llie resilience nt uarlos Uattrr. i.-. i .) ,. : . ' ' t . .i .: ii.. .. ii. "i . v.s- .,VP':" '. v"') wsin, i.s.i, mm nnd nil nrncies oi suvcr osuuiiy luuvu ior, oi vaiious ,ie iirjdge t the Falls, bv the.wny of the Villi Ness m ,"U ' ilRINSAI AID ec HROTJinRS. I K.K a, tfX.' ' mM"y J 1 f.''. A STOHH t Kent nettr the Squnro, Jiii. l.miuire attlnsolhce. July, atl " LU'H IiS'SURAXCK." mm: Statk HhntrAi. Lin: Assimwci If Cnmmme nl Wnnvuler. MnsaachusettS. ('4)111111 ue to issue policies on Svcs. on the most favorable term. HON'. JOHN DAVIS, Presideut. Jui1 GEO, H. SHAW. Agent. MliTTHIt Mun-Jro I'orkK, ninl I'otatoo it Hues, may bo. seel nt the Agricultural Ware house, than have ever been ollVicil lor sale hi this eoiiiuy. ANo, Com 8ellcrn fiom 3j)ll to 610,00. ('ml Iron tellers mid handle for iiiaiknij. Itutlui ' Julv 3"ih 5 J S IT.II.Cl.. Iliiirllestorativc it bus enlireiv ceas d tnili in,. Inst, and has n line, dink look 11-loie 1 used June's Corn! Han llistorntive 1 combed out hundluls ol 111) ir dailv. WA1. TO.MPK1NP.P2 i:inpn.,N. Y. have yoi: sa ur ou eamiiilti' i Air. Power.a giisrer, of l'ultnn slreet, bnd his hair eonipleii'ly chokeil up with daudrult, an 1 JoiW Coral Han Restoiatue entirely and perni iiienily cured it. Do tun Willi I In Dress, llir.ulif ) noil nmke jour II Al Jt soli ninl 'iiic ( . . . H( ml : 1. Henry 11. Cnllen.lale barber on board the strain boat South AuUTiea, ilu cernly that Jones' Coral llur Hestorutive is theticst niticle 1 i-ver nseil for (Ir)ssipg, s.ijtrliiug, cleansing nnd kecepilig Ihe hairli longtime tsift, clean, silky, daik nnd m order ; all my customers pict.-rrcil it to any thing else. ' fold only in Acic J'uii ( Si CIIATIIA.M STRLL"1', Sign of llie American JJagle. Directions for usim Jones' Coinl Hair Hestnrntire. Foil Foiii ixu un. Gi...w in or HAin, it i necesmry tu cause n snghl li.cllou oil llie s.a p. so ip it the fits torative may ) utei ihe poios. This may be done b applying u with a moderately hard biuli, bin it is not ueosMity lo list' tl.tde haisli means except in actual clise ol LitlldlKBS. Wiiit.e hie Hair Fai.i.s Orr. .Ti nxs Grav, fee, npply the Rrstoranve wilh the hand, or soil blush, l'.nt the hair in thllereut places, s the Restorative inav touch the scnlp. 'ihe same direction maybe usd for Drewuvo, cVr. GLO. 13. HARIUKUTON, 6tn3 . 'Alotkecmy Hall. oi:. j.covhis ANODYNE CORDIAL, .1 safe and effectual I'm e for the lyenlny,snininei Complaint Cholcia Moittts.Chideia Jiijmitum. Til II feaiful mortality ninoug children, which Inkes J.. pluce (luring the warm st noons in this and other ci i' s, by the the summer complaint, or clii.iein iiituut ion. has induced muiiv to seniLh lorn sue.'ilio ihat would stay the woik of dcaih. and saveour htllcones Irom an uuiuneiy grnve. iiiany remeiiies nre auver used, and iiiauv valuable lives nre saved bv them, but elill the woik oi (haitruetiou goeit on, tiilmu; the lieatls ol dealing parents with lamentation nud mourning; and will continue to progress until n medicine cult be lomid that will at once arrei the disease, and roll back the tide ol death. We think we hnve found the very thing the public needs in Dr. Janus Covel's Anodvne L'ordial, tor the ruieof d)s.'ulery, summer complaint, cholera iiilsntiim, nnd cluleia morbus This medicine has been in use only nbout one ) ear, nnd was discovered in a singularly provideiilialiuan ncr. Some of llio articles were Hioleu ondcati'ii by a child i ho had the smiiuier complaint very eeverely, and to the great toy ot us doming mother, was cHrc tiuilly cured in a day or two. This fact coming to the knowledge nt Dr. ly., induced him to coinbii.K lliaxv lirllcks'Vitli others whith be had known, duriug n pmctiee of between fatly nnd filly vcuri, to he valu able in the above conipinu, and ihe tewilt wssthis medicine, which is now offered ui the puUie. Whole sole .t Reuilby IJHO. il. llARRINliTOX, Sui3 Ai'tthe'ari llitil. PIANO-FORTES. WV, L'NDRR'If.A'r.n, HAVIAT. I.ITI1I.Y SPLAT a. several dnjs m ex.iuiimng peisr.nnlly the Piano Forfs ol nil the piinenm tacioni s in Js'ew Yoik, has concluded, elter a cninlal nnd tlmrough invcsligntioii, to introduce into this market those ma Je by these in genious Vermopters, as being, nceouhug to his judg ment, nearer to peileclion than any othir whatever be has met with. The experience iieqiiiied by the man ufacture ot nearly wKHi instrument; the eniplov inert ot (ID of the mo"i skilful wotkui n ; the adoption ol J the real imp'ovenieutsof ih- dny, and ihe use of steam power, have gamed for them throughout die I'ritnl Slates a reputation so high that ten instrument" a we. K (their present product) eaimol supply their ikniJU'i '1 he se Pianos heiug nn h us he can conscientiously recommend, the undersigned will constamly keep o i bund one or more for sale, nnd fiom the -ujienornv of iheir touch, tone, finish anil treble notes, as well as tlietr slandihe in tune and durability in all oilier rt speels, he vtill warrant diem lo give sntisfattion, or tke money mill be returned. Walker's Ilanii' ii.c Attachment, a . htnp and delightful addiliou, will l.c required. (This is entirely different from the Lohnn Anaehmeiii.) The splendid insirimii ut now used by the Handel and Haydn Society, whu h is neknow lodged by all who hnve seen it to lie tar me best in to" n. is tor sale, and may be eeen nt the C" giegntionnl Vesiry by a plication to Air. Coldvkv. ilm sexton, at Alerim's shop, corner cl College and H into sireits. Another Tine Instrument may be ?ecn nt the lb. k Sloreol .vir L n. I.uw'.auis Foi terms, &c ot'idy through the Post OfSce ta Mlf 0. T. HOPKINS IRISH XATIO.V. iscandFji.'. ' I' wiih tfO I.. .rt a 'a on sit ., i ,."i;tai. Prise. -US By Cw 1 C. GUODUK II 1 a hi; lit ,H Na. i' rojui l Aug , 13.7 I'LOTiiKsG.everofi.ied in ihneoiintry. Oar busi ness beiiu conlined exclusively to mioli-; -ali: litADn, ihe gi en test cnie is taken in he selection ot such Goods, .i.l il.e oifiivtiselurin.) )i sin h Slvlfsaswill best uil the Country trade, and i' we inport our own oo".is, ; Ltiiii (Ir TIT we have no hcsitntioit in wiynig we ennpoi be FX-; Winmj Fiui.1 n,m DI.HBUl.lJ. 1 lie uimon cine is mKcii in ine ina- an,j r, rni p.. uufncyie. mil purchasers in ty be assured that our slock ( ill coiosire f'uvorably vmiIi the best custom innde clolhing. D.wleis in ihe City nnd from the Country who nre buving will do welt to look at our stock Ufoie mr.Muil their piuch.ises. .1. .1. vv iiitino, AI. Kfcuoc, Jr. I'. W. Gai.loi it. 7) I Isit f jjsi'iscr. rViUV. Sl'IWHHIKIt is Agbxt ron thr jNiw K.voi and MrTtr, liirn 1smt.vv'R Com- v, iMul w til tt'ft t ii'-'itiim on lives on term ttint cannoi mil to prue wiimm try. l. WllEt.S. i ..... t iwi !.... jrs7i.Y rrLra-.'Ti.'- i an ! )'". sale w'i . - - C GOuD.(h..l 4 k I NATIONAL LOAN PUN1J LIFE AiiL'RANCE S0CIET, of London. S.ivhis; HANK lor the benefit of tlio ii Widow and Orphan. tl'.mpoKcreit ly Act of Par liament. Capital A'AOIMKM terlinf.or ,."",.I0. Iiesidis a Iteserve Fund (from curt'lm nremiiuiis) ol l,i,i SM.Y.Hd. miii cl the cnnilnl is mwted in the United Slat T I. MIH .MURRAY, Vm Geoige sneet. Hanover .Square, Chairn an ol the Coutt oi Direttorti in Loudon. I'.iiieJ Pules Boaid of Local Directors- Chief Of fiee i.ii A .. a. 71 W all -t . Y Jncob ll'iivey, r,i . Chniinian, John J j.i..n) r, lo, J nhau GiKihue, F.s , Jns llooruian, l'.s) , Geo Harelay, K1 , Sum). S. Howland, Dsn, Gothnm A. Worth, l)sii , Sand AI. Fox, Hsu , Win. Van Hook, F.sq , nnd C. l.dwnrd Hnbiclii. i:- FDW. T. RKH AP.DSON, Ls'i , General Accountant. Pamphlets, Blank Forms, Tables of Rates. Lifts of Ageius, sVc. Aie , ol'laineil at the Chief Dlfire. 71 Wall slieet, or Ooni either nt llie Ageius throughout the United Sluus, nnd British North American to lomes J. LKANDKR STARR. Gineinl Avnl for the (T SlJlenand IIA.A.l olomes Gill). F. HOUGHTON, Agent nt St. Aiuana. JA.MLS W HICKOK, Agt. at Burlington. .ni3 riSlll.(l MirtiAM) SE1A ES. milH American Nittt- I wino Almitifnc I luring Co., keep eonttantly oil hand eveiydes criplion o" Riv r and Ike FisUtf sNet nnd rine, ",, lifted and ready for u. These Nets arid Si-mr are Ul by hand awo'Xt fiJierii.a.i s lam. les ol Alaine, where null woik can lie done t.t ver low t w(te ti. iwi" will 1- "' entirTWiujlh lb. lo VSTOWP'loN. Jul) sO, Is Wi'iJIt;:;- Eronlis. l'litsr i: VTIJ AXSriiJI.i:. mnnuft.cir. I V nud Hr 'ale by . C. GOODRICH July -.(. II7 Jl MUNSON & PC-LETT CKHAUILNTS AT WliMKWKI CITY ron Jl the snleol the justly celrbmted knd highly let- onimcnded aiiAi;rn. ninta pills, AND f.'rern Aloiiiitnin Voan'n'.ifo Ointment t " the use ot either ' W'.cii ensures lo Ihe rwnn lira loug nroMciia nnd happy hie. and a complrt. -ew.p'JSon from all the ills rles'i is heir to. iiecotnni. )lauons sstrlicient in ni.u'.-r lo cove n ten nere I t, proving ihe tnnh oftlieMwvencrtioncu U-sln i at the Ageius Oliiec in N Y- The Doctor wdl he alwojson hand and good e vice w ill lie given sipli. June'.'. k) Snmuel II. JSnrncs' IJ-tute. 1 7 T' )S.. sT.ilsu.rili... hsviotr been aDDoinledbv fV"" llonoiiible ihe Probate Court tot the Distnei . i Chitlen Jen. Coiniui.-wncrs lo receiv. exinine tu .1 adiust the chiins and demands ol mlperooiM -( the criate ol Snniu 1 1 1. Rarns.lnic of hnrlolic in s,. ll.-iiict, decenaed, repuer.ted tnvol. .it, and I claims and demauJs exutntu'd in olWl theiem ,.o l six months trout the d ly ol llie date hereof, hn.v lowed by soul t'ouii ior thnl purpose, vve do the eiore liercbv give n diee, that we will attend to the bu-.e. si cl the dwelling ot the widow .'.!. loiee llniuin C'harloite in said D.amct,on the l-iu di .Mondays of September and Jnnuar) next, at 1J o'clock, A M . on eachol J da)S. Daled, this Hoth day ol July A. D 1S17. I.UT1IKH S I'OMS, huunismb,..,! S3 JOHNSHKHAIAN', sC4,mmmuiuil. CST received nt tlio Agricultural ,'rr"- .--.iimin I . rene. ,1 I CS V rccc 1 house, n lare lot ol the c-debraled EJ1" linder Churns. Also, Stone Chui-''7,.?rf:V Lsrlmeot of sTlone.U'Hre. J' ' 1 sslTVV. Burlington, July JUili. -jTar'T Eons; A "; 'Wtceived nt I UiijVa'c.iT 'Si ' 12' ;' SUPPLY Of 1-t.s, ;M. A. ti. DKWEY'M li Coouu'rcial bi ' iA 1 lAl, OIlllKit ANO (IPU.IIV Julvl'..ror"lc hr J "PAULEY t

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