Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 8, 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 8, 1847 Page 2
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER, 8, 18 17. clicumataticoi first darkened ttif ir minds i and now, in tliu actum circumstances, ni nut wanting In either words or deeds or ""I"-' Her grief gavo way speedily to a boiler loci- '"Let in not fall to dope, iinenn, flic said j t feel assured tint your application will bo n tended to. find will provide for yo.t ase .no . Wo mini hasten towards the town, night l Slililf wo tell our render that llie whole ftml!y knelt down iipr-n tlio bench, and commit ted tiidir way to tlio Ileitis wlioso oar it ever open to tlio cry of llio ullliclcd ! When the rose, llio father slung tlio youngest child jn a plaid upon Id" breast, the molher bound a Utile bundle of valuables upon her back, each took one of the two cider children by the hand, and tliu.Tlliey resumed their journey. They rond lay along tho shore of tho castle biv, mid Ihen round the peak, and along the oilier base of the lic.ndl.inil, which Noel had as cended that morning. As they pn-sed the castle thev saw the tarl and dninc-tics bulling and for con em running about in great alarm. fgnniiiiil nl me cmse, tho poor teacher could not help recalling the biltcrwnuK which his lordship had spuhon, and thus addressed his wife. ' I think, Huchcl, that my ill-rcqiiillcd toils timing his tenantry might hao engaged him to . liltle interest in our fiilurc wclf.uo.' 'At all event'1. Duncan,' the wife replied, ' lie rived you an apology kind word., at le.i-t for the rudeness of Ins factor's men to us this diy ' Yes,' she continued, with a dash of indignation plowing In her face, ' he owed Jou help, he nw ed von Minnathv. ho owed ou justice, lie was Iioun-J'to ou,'to me, tn these liltle one?, by our very soirow, even if it had nut been caused bv himself.' l!ut either her indignation or her cricf, or hoth tnirclhcr, her utterance, and she "-aid no inure. Duncan did not vinture to reply. In truth, he was tumble. The wrong which had been done to him was at present hidden fiom Ills uew by Ms niiMcty alioiil the Inline, tie could not et define it or utter it. It lav dumb within him in tho deep recesses of grief and fear. With Rachel it was different ; she clear jv .saw the thought which her husband only rlindv felt. Allhoitrdi she cmtinued silent, llie thought was working in her snul. lor llii'licd face, hernuiekeuins steps, indicated how clour. ly she apprehended tho injustice of the earl's reply. ' Itouu carl that lie i-! he exclaimed within lierown mind,' with all his m outness he does not knw how sacred is a human home. What other carl, what other earthly dignitary, what human heart, so cruel as to hare acted as he and hi- bare, dune ! lie said, 'I do not know you I owe you nothing, you inconhlsruhlc boor on my estate !' The man was wrong, proud peer ! who taught thee so to speak. A better than thou did not refuse to know us, and to help us well. Morning anil evening lie eatnn to our solitary home, lie came to us with life, with bread. with reason, with family ties, with words from His Father's bosom, IIo calls its no longer servants, but friends. Arellis friends tn lie despi-ed ? ltefucd the cup of cold water ? Kin lies at thy door, my lord ! Again, Iioa ever, the current of her thought was interrupted. Uuncan and tlio children were funding still. J oey Ii id at length reached 'h cxlieinity of the headland. The weary bend ol tue I i.i y in which the ca-tle stood li.i-'lvcn tin veiled, and they were now prepared to wind round to the other b ie nf the crag, which ran ninng the snore ol the open sea, and skirted the road 1'iat led In t he town. Why are they (aiding here? What hn meted them so tn the gionnd! They cannot ludo 1 1 oui them-elvcs that niaht is li.i s-1 i met hi behind them. Yet there they stand, gazing light across the month of the liav, and far over into the level country beyond. A column of smoke is ri-mg against the eastern sky in the tli-tanco. The wind heaves it tn a side for a moment, then breaks it near tho ernuiid, and blight Haines issue, out beneath. Duncan and his family are again in tears. Rachel was the li-st tn speak, ' The hume where our babes, were born ! S Duncan ' She could say no more, House and school were in (limes. The ollieials of tho agent of Providence were burning them as worthless, and their late possessors had unexpectedly chanced in mm lovvarus the p.iintul sight. .Mournfully they withdrew their rrazc and re- fumed their ioiirnev. In a few minutes thev had doubled the capo of the crag, and the dull nreatn ot llio open sea beyond came up sorely against me laces ot the children. ' The sea is gathering for a storm, Rachel raid the teacher. ' Let us mend our steps, children,' replied the mother ; '.vu have to reach that spire shining fur before us ere we rest.' ' The sea rolled in heavily on their left. On their right, sloping up from the road, arose the northern tace ol Headland Crag. Concluded next iceek. i'VCC 00, IIUKMNCTO.V, Vt FRIDAY MOnNIXO, OCTODEIl 8, IS IT. " I.N THE DAttK AND TIlOUBI.r.D MfillTTIIAT I vros us, TiiEKn tssorjTAit Acovi:inn uor.izox TO GIVE I'S A GLEAM 01 Ll'itlT, EXCEVTING Tlir INTELLIGENT, FATKIOTIC WllIG PARTY Of THE United States," Daniel Wcbiter. The Ship Cnnn! Asnin. We believe it is admitted by common consent that no public enterprise lias yet been prop.osed that promises to bring about commercial results co important, with so small a comparative out lay of expense, as that of connecting hal; Champlaiti with tho River Kt. hiwrcnce, and thence vvitli the great Western hakes, by mean cf a Ship Canal from St, Johns to Caughna waga. hess than 500,000, it is siitV.ciently ascertained, will perfect this splendid avenue ol Trad and Commerce ; and, as we intimated to our readers, last week, aeliie steps arn now in progress to place the work in a condition for speedy completion. It is confidently anticinatci! by gentlemen having the enterprise especially in charge, that within eighteen months from tin date, a Ship Canal from tho outlet of our hak to tho navigable waters of tho St. hawrence a instance oi less man vu nines win uu open cd for " uso and occupation. The New York City papers the Courier and Ilnquircr, Imprest, Journal of Commerce and others are earnestly invoking public attention to this eminently feasible project, and seltiii; forth its commercial consequence to their city Its usefulness to New York, however, depend. almost wholly on tho enlargement of the North cm and Champlain Canal to a capacity sntlicient to admit the passago through It of vessels of 400 or 500 tons. That the State of New Yorli will find herself compelled to make this enlarge nicnt, ultimately, by tho " pressure of circuit! Manccs," the Lxpnss docs not nppear to doubt thoii'di the immediate sanction of llio people foi raising the necessary money seems to that paper not lo bo a thing so easily attainable, us it say "The irfni Canal leghn of this Ktite, inot iiuwisdy, we think, Kite the sanction of their power tul vote, to the lie up policy of the new Coti-tiwtinn. wicli,hr)enrsiind e.n, il not for ever, ems us ell "rout llic sloop oi piopelh-r cunuuelce ol ihe (ireal Jilvev." 'J'ho "Western Canal region" of New Yuri. is not likely to awaken at once to a lively ap preciation of tho great advantages tn bo derived from an enlargement of the Champlain Canal tho purposo of making it an avenue for a j siderablo portion of tho Trade of the West-, hakes. It may ho expected that sonic tlmo wilt idansn licfon- tlio tbritlmr " settlements ol Western New York will become convinced that thev have not precisely Ac avenue for this Trade. In the meantime (inasmuch as tho duals in Canada irill ho built) Western hake Commerce must tike such railway and other avenues to the Atlantic Markets, from Iliirlington and Whitehall, whilo the New Yorkers are wrang ling about sectional interests, as it may find. We in Vermont hold ourselves bound to be ready with at least two splendid railroads to subserve its wants and interests. Naturally enough, the llu(fulouians regard this project of securing water communication, by means of which vessels of 30D or 500 tons ay reach liiirlington " fiom the upper lakes illiont breaking bulk, ' with emphatic ilisl.tvor. l'he iJul.alo A.iirr.iJrr.ii very amy ctuieu piper, -, pronoimcct it a "simpiy ridiculous numuug, though we dn not learn precisely on what rounds. Tho Vitlr'wt i- .hmrmtl ol that city tieats it something less cavalierly, and argues galn't its assiiniid usefulness and desirable ness, in its comments upon the article in tue hiurunl nf Commerce, to which we alluded last week, the latter paper repudiates tho Caughna- a Canal cnterpnsc because it says, if com pleted, transportation to and through it would attended with more l is., would occupy more lime, would bo less certain ns to dates of arrival and depaiturc, and in other respects of minor onscquencc, would bo far less desirable than through the already established Ihio Canal. Itut the advantage of the Mrlc Canal route, which tho Journal pionniinccs "contrulmmj," s thus staled in its own language: Hie tiroiKiscd mule is too fir North to be mailable nt the tuiR'fWlu'U, it ever, it wouui he most needed ely in the sprim: mid late in the t.ul. Weeks (ire lh:n ol vn't moment, l.i.l m that hum Ivortheiu Intl- ....!.. t .1 t . ... ..... i...m..i i.. i Mi rny thousand barrels nl Hour, and oilier products in iropnttion, arc ensily uhduii. tu maiket on our eaunl. i is unieiy possible it iiuijui in iiiiii-iuiuuer erenie i slitdit ihversion ol trade le the iiuurv of Osweeo. but beyond that it could have no inllueiice." Now if these objections arc well-founded, or if they arc sincerely entertained by our lliill'alo friends, tho very simple enquiry occurs, Why lo they " fa-h their boards" and unnecessarily lisquiet themselves about the matter Why no lliey oppose this -proposed route il mey bclicic'd will prove so harmless to them, so in- dennatn to cinimetn i iiim ionl v wilh the ereat .'.in r'..... I llt,.l,- in J,,,. ,,,,!lr Inii Ihe projectors of it ? Canadian sympathy has en a new cliicclinn in liulV.ilo, if her citizens lie oi'.r-anxious to warn llio lirili-h Uuvein uient against embarking in a chimerical bu-i tie operation vv hit 11 is to cost loss than a hun- Ircd thousand founds .' It won't do, gcnlleuvn ! Hut let us look at the matter a moment. We ike it that nottinn of the transimiline trade o'f the Western Lakes that will seel; the" near- I point to .Market it can lind without breaking I tilk. will accon.pli-1. its purpose so far as may lie de-irable, by means of Propellers with the ..r ie ,1.:.. ,l. :. r (IU Ol tttUIIl. Ul lllis IIICIO IS Ol LVllilU 111, doubt ; and therefore all but the hist contmll- ing" advantage asserted by the Patriot Jour mil fr ll. l'rt 1 I ili-i-imr. ,.,.i,m 1 lor the Lno Canal disappears excepting . , , . , it 1 pcni.,.s u.u inaucr Ul Ms,, .iii-iuy nun, ,u .!.,,,,. f ,. A.,. I nf ,1,! ...n --vs n,,. 1 ." ...Is. ... 111... ..s .... ...... i.,. ti, tl,n nvi.s,a f,.i.. tlm " hnudinn H,!nme" ,,f ntpr from fid. .... - . . r . . . f. -uu jiii.ui. . T"v , . , , , I , I Inl-n llntirln ueiiuy uc uuiieu is, , .... ........ ...v througli the Pit. Lawrence and llie raging cannula" of Canada, and into tho placid bo-om of Lake Champlain. Uon't you think to, Mr. Journal! Hut the ice, in our "high Xorlhcrn latitude!" All, dear friends, there you have us! Only it so happens that our "lakes and livers" are open for navigation always later in theall, and almost UMroi'.MLV earlier in the spring, than that same Lrio Canal I ! " High Northern ititudes'" Li-ten to tlio complacent old gen- tlcin in who inhabits the hyperborean region of 13 of North latitude, condoling with us poor ice-bound sinners in -111" and -IS", and t.tlkin" about a " slight diversion of trade in midsum- , ...I. lib,. ), il,ul.;, n! V,,,,...,,. " "' " '"- ire, ho as-iimes, temporarily thawed out! lJuii t make such a coolness as this between us, wc beseech you, .Mr. Journal, for thu C.vvuiin.v waoa Ca.vai. will bo constructed to a certainty, und and then you may be calling on us for favors patronage. Treat us well, and wo will never stand by niul see IlulTalo deserted ! A Iture .Specimen of L'nlhns. rho recent State election in Vermont passed off vvitli positively no political excitement. As in 1839, the year that preceded the great revo lution of 1810, when radical Locofucoism re ceived a popular rcbukathat well nigh broku ils heart, and that trill Ite repealed in 1818, the People of this Slate gave very little attention to their annual election, and siill'ercd iwv. in uu - ineroits signal instances, to exeit no influence ,. , ,, ,. ... ,, ,, , upo the balloting. I well, xerj well.knowti (and to no one, probably, belter known than to the editor of tho Vermont Patriot) that llio choice of town representatives, throughout tho State, was allectcd liy local questions, and con- trolled by local questions, to an extent that is almost without a parallel that Lccofocos were ' returned by strong hig towns, and in ono Instance- certainly a Whig was returned by a strong Icofoco town (llarre) that u large body of Whigs abstained from voting at all (as is proven by tho diminished aggregate volo from eieu ,isi year) under the conviction that no na tional or party issues were involved, especially, in the contest, 'ihese facts were well under stood, in Vermont at least, and few men of either party have the hardihood to deny them. The Vermont Patriot, however, is not ll.o paper to haggle about facts when it wants tu make party capital. Wo need baldly instance its shameless usscition, made just before the election, that (,en. C ockc, tho mover of tho rco , .. ., , .... , union oi manus to General iAVI.ou, moved a 'direct vote of trusurc" against the war-worn veteran ! An assertion morn utterly and scan- dilously (also never found iitterance'in the low- est vehicle uf party malice that ulllicts and dis grarcs tho Union, Since tho election, our zealous contemporary has gone into highly wrought hysterics of joy at the result, that aro more ludicrous, if possible, in their bathos, Ihaif was his previous clcctimiceiipu; unfair in ils wilful perversion of the truth, llo thus "piles on the agony ! " The result cannot be regarded in nuy other lialit mhiiatrntiuii, nn.l its measures! in favor of the war - ndthy . 'Klil.jRS.flTiffir of tu. Independent Ticnsury, ami the boding measures mini ii iiiuiiipiiiiiu ve-ruici in inter oi me present iu of the Administration of JAM US K. l'OI.K, Now this Is rather rich I In a volo (en thou rand smaller, at least, than Veiuiont can cast (more than ten thousand smaller that sho has enst) and a good deal smaller than the ordinary vote of the City of New York alone, "tho pre sent Administration and ils measures" its "war and tho manner in which it has been con ducted" Its "Democratic Turin of 1 8 10 " its absurd and simply ridiculous " Independent Treasiny," and "the leading measures of the Administration of James A", l'olk," have been repudiated, lcjectcd, condemned ami cast out by a popular majority or MORI! THAN TUN THOUSAND VOTIIS! 'J'ho votes ol the Whig Parly and tho Third Party united, (the first of which opposes tho present hncofoco Adiiiini.-liation and all its appurtenances', on the . , .,,,.... .,. ,i1:lrl,i., ,.nt,.,tn,l ,;, c; f-anil ,1C .ut ,,. tleIn uhclhcr or no, and with a bitter vindictiveness that looks inap peaable) constitute a " triumphant verdict," as the 1'tilrinl with much sublimity of diction calls it, A(!A1N,ST James K. l'olk and his War and Sub-lteasiiry and Tarill schemes, that, to any less elastic mind than that of tho editor of tho Patriot, would ho deemed sufficiently discour aging ! A majority of ten thousand against an Administration, a "triumphant verdict faionf il, is it! 7Ji tho I'aliiot ever try its hand at distilling sun-beams from cucumbers ? Ij7"Aii unusually interesting and numerously nt tended luecliiii; of the Ainciicati Association of (Jeol ovists and Nuturnlists has recently been held, at the Mnilhoro' Chnpel in Iloslon. Their proceedings were reported pretty fully for the .l(fls,ninl though possess. ing much interest even for the general reader, they would occupy too much space to be tiaiislcrrcd lo our columns. We perceive that the distinguished for eigners, 1'iofessors Aqassiz and Dlsob, gentlemen w idely and deservedly honored for their proluud sci entilie attainment, were present at the meetings of the Association and w ere active participants in the dis cussions that were elicited by the numerous and able Tapers that were read. Professor Auassiz laid before the Association a 1'aper on " The Structure of the Polypi." Our Slate Geologist, Professor Adams, was ol.-o,wc obseivc,an active member cf the nAsocintiou Our readers w ill hnd m our columns to-day, an in. tcresting letter fiom iloslon giving some account of the doings of tins SdeiitilV; Ilody. We take the lib- rl.. lu S3V ,im and they arc under obligntions for it to our excellent townsman, Mr. Tiio.mion, himself a .ntumh-l of a high order ol acquirement. c shall have the pleasure ol puDiislung rummer letter "K " Caleb Curling's position tleliueil'nt Inst. When Caleb Cushing as elected to the " Harrison nn.l Tiler" ftonfrlesj he uns pie, ted nq n snitml nnil lru(. Whig and as such lie demeaned himself for a ' considerable time, advocating nnd voting for the lanlloi 'l.'," opposing and denouncing and voting "e "" ' 'easury scneine, upiiounng me uis. ,r.'1,l';,,,, ";,,r "" on nil nnd singular llic doctrines, principles, policy nnd measures of the Univeisal Lucofoeo pai.y. Nu man was, apparently, a more ardent and a more aggress-, ire opponent of the party that facetiously call them selves the " democratic" tinrlv. and no mm wa,. nn selves the "democratic" nartv. and no man was. an-' i..i.uiw,ui'iieinnu, i ,1; miiiiis ,lc P'renily.a more devoted and pertinacious Wiua.ihan uuteti cu-iungiii the palmy daysol Wing ascendancy, tin, ,.ll I. I..M.H, In ,ln,L.. ll,,, . .11,11 I... .1 . " " ' " - """-" Gen. Hxr.iiisnN died. nnd the Cox-snroxins did .hu ,,c yLMIX wol,IU neVer have done, nnd made John O..l. f.l... II U rM.I. ...Iu..,,,.l ... I .1. . "ss..UUIv .11,,, UU- hieroted traitor, in ihe vniuhooeol convertin- dm 1 solemn dispensations ot I'roviuence Into an lustruinent to ittuiuu.o ins iiiuiisiK M-in-ines ui iieisuuui uggran- dr.emenl. set hinisc at wor I; to make a "1 liter vnrlii" m ,. .. ... , nM union, nnu noout tue iirst insinuiieiii nc lived upon 10 uomer ins ireosonauu -lecii iat" me insane I ...,;,.. .I.n ..U....I l.l... n l.l, n.l r. .l.r,r..,n,l. I....1, I to his own intrinsic littleness nnd to the contempt of those by whom he was surrounded, was Caleb dish ing. Caleb became a " Tyler .Man," and among the 1 indefinitely small squad of huckstering politicians which funned that Parly, be stood "like Luciter proudly eminent." His defence ul Tyler and ("con scientious scruples," his bold and shameless desertion of principle fur the leadership of the guerrilla band of) I ylennen m Cungicss, nnd his sneaking subserviency tu ihe dispenser of cilice, secured tor him llie mi-siun to China, and the contempt ot p.-ttly much oil the ha! - , lance of the world. After " slurring it" awhile in the celestial l.uipirc.wliere lus pcrlect looseness ol pulilicul ! "'u'rll' nooppoituiniy tu inwort the useiul ex- crcs; ol his undoubted talents, he relumed to Ameri- " '. . " ' -""- cu lu lind Juhn I vler ns politically dead nnd forgotten aslhuu gh he had never been born, and the Tvler par- . tjos pcrlect a nonentity as the ghosts in -Mntbeib. Prole ingto belong lo no parly. and publiclyavowing I, inselfn lo'i-sH indent protfcthnUt tosnit the 117,cs he scitled down for a while inlo n sort of political Ish- in, .-in.-, .-.ii' s ,...j... ,lu .,,uus,, ui Newburypnit, in die staunch old Whig Common - wealth of Massachusetts, for the indifference wilh which the people of this lespcctnble Country apjieated lo coiilentplate his retirement from the active concerns of pnblic llie. The only vent which he alforded to Ids umiable malice towards his whig friends, during this Inicf petiod oficpo-e, was in the iiuputcnt eflurt to, defeat the elcctiuu ol the Whig candidate lor Congress in the di.-trict where he was" u fixed fact," I Hut Mr. Polk soon involved the country in a war for the extension and perpetuation of llie slave power ill Ibis Union, nnd us such n war, so commenced and fur siieli.uoble purposes, was precisely Ihe war tn ex. cite il,c indignation and amuse ihe hostility of Ins 1 1,3,lvc h,nl('' Lak'u Cuslung began 10 entertain hopes he m'"AU ).'''' ''!!'! "iher po!iiicai"i.,aiket overt" where cist-oll politicians of easy villue coulj be ! imJ c waari.tllrlK.l,0 ,ie j,,,,,. i Kl, L,.ature not nsa Whigi not ns n Locofocoi hut as Caleb Cuthing nnd " nothing shorter." He futthwiih announced himself a warrior nlier the strait- '" "' Hes-ians j was swallowed whole by Mr l'".""'1 immediately thrown up again a, a Colonel , viuuiiiia. ,111.1 i. iiuieuiuu-iv iiiisiieecsstu! Ul tempt to persuade llie Legislature uf Massachusetts lo adopt the war us ils own, and lo furnish money to de fray Ihe expenses of it, lie re signed bis sent in llie House, exhibited himself as a full grown " lion ' in lull uniform in une ol llie small thentres of Iloslon ; miscd n regiment of iuvinciblcs, nnd nfier some sirugglmgio get them on boaid his transports, nud nn nllecting and highly picturesque reception of n "plain gold ring" from some sentimental ladies in ihe vicinity uf Hull, he tlepaiied for Mexico, resolutely bent on making inince-iueat of every bloody Mexican this tide of " them Halls." Arrived nt .Matamorns he received his first honor able scar" through nu unlucky inontili ht shot of Dan Cupid, which threw him iutu one of Pillow's ditches nnd broke Ins leg. Ardor like ibis in the public ser vice wns sure to attract the notice of James K. PulK ; nnd without linving yet "llesbcd his maiden sword,' ' ..UU ..nil li, i. .. iiui.i. "jC , mill ll ly Ill.llieiS IIS lit ...i .. :.i. l:.,l- I,.,.,.. I...I..- .,r ...n:.- , iaaof the pleasiue.of camuballsm, he was raised to j , he rank ol Iliigadier General. Since this latur event, his military services have been chiefly confined toqi lling disturbances and riois in ihe .Massachusetts ICCglllie-lll, kciiiii uu iiivuieiieiii iiiiis Willi iiui!!!ij.. naiy giiemllas, nnd nominctmg candidates lur Presi dent nt puimc eiiiiue-is. This hi let nud uuparlial bisiorv of l ie exnluiis ul Caleb Cushing dining the past four jcors is given ns a filling prelude tu the announcement that Ins position is ul Iciicth di lined and that be is nominated by the LiKoloios of Miis-nchusi'tls 114 their iniulidale lor Governor!! When he is elected, we will gu in for "a wli te cocMue unu n -iicock s lenincr . lfoston Correspondence of the Tree Press. IIosto.v, Sept. Q3, 13 IT Thursday morning. I reached tills city on Tuesday evening, the lilst Inst., by the l'itchbiirg Railroad, In accordance with my design, to attend the meeting of the American Association of Geologists and Naturalists, and was so loitunatc us lo take lodgings nt the Marlboro Hotel, Immediately adjacent to whiih, in the Mnrlboio Chnpel, the meetings of the Association were held. The Association orf-Jr ed on Monday the '.Mill, nt the looms of the Hosier Nat. Hist, Society, nnd ndjouriied to hold the future mecllngs of the ses sion nt Ibis place, alter electing Prof. W.M. 11. Uoucils, of the University of Virginia, their President, in the place ol J Jr. Amos Uiuney, who had died smie the Inst meeting. The business of the fiist day wits till cf a pieliiuimiry character. On Ihe second day, the day of my arrival, I Icnrn that several Interesting pnieis were rend bt fore the Association, namely one on the Mississippi Jlitill 1'orin.nion, near Nnuhes, by Prof. 1). h. C. Wnilcsj one on Animal Torpidity, by P. A. Ilrowne, U-q. of rhilndrlplun; one on the Geology ol lcvns, by IJr. 1", Uoeiuer, of Uerlin ; one on the Fossil Vegetation of Antliiacile J. 12. Tcscliinacher, of Boston ; one on the I'hinodelinata c f America, by Prof. Agas siz ; one on Certain New Species of Fossil Mamma- lin, liom Illinois, by John h. I.e Conte,ol New l oik J nnd a letter from Robert Chambers, of Ddiuburgh, read by Pres. Hitchcock, oil Terraces. These com munications are said to linve elicited much interesting discussion nuioiig the members of the Association. When 1 tntcred the uncling on Wednesday morn ing the Association were listening to a Paper on the ittuaius of existing Marine Shells, found in the hills ufdiill and boulders, in llrooklyn, N. Y., by W. C. Kedhcld. 1 his paper produced considerable discus sion on the subject of drill, jn ivluch Pres. Hitchcock, Air. Uesor, Prol. thUiinmi, "Vol. H. I). Ilogers, Trof. Adams, Com. Wilkes, and others, participated. On this occasion the smoothed and striated rocks nlong v niooski river, in Ilolluii, were frequently cited, and one of them was exhibited in bold traces upon the black board, by Prof. Adfins. The next paper was ow on ihe Structure of Anthra cite Coal, by Prof. Uailcf . He showed that this coal, even when completely decarbonized by combustion, exhibits di-iincny in itsabes, under the nuscmscopc, the cellular tissue of tin hctbacious plants of which it was composed. Pres. Hitchcock licit priscntid a paper upon the Animals which formet the Fossil Foot-marks in New Iinglaud, He fust give a history of the dicotcry of these foot-marks, and then, having exhibited drawings of 1I15 different v arctics, proceeded to explain the principles upon wliidi he had distinguished the aid- in;!!-, wuicu mauc iiieui, into geucia nnu specus. I lie greater paitof.hcsc tracks be thought were made by birds, but a porton of tliem were evidently tracks oiq.iaurupcus.nnu somen, iiiein uc consiucreti tracks ,,1'l.ine.l ,,.,:!, 1,, i,i. ,-...,,... i them be i made out 47 soe'e'i.s. The first paper :n the afternoon of this day wns by .- i, r , , , ,. 3 I rol. llorslord. It was the object of bis p.iper tu snow-Hint tnc iniensiiy ci tnc nikaune earths is m the ' people who have given repeated proof of their order ..I' their atomic weigbis, which are barium.CS C; , villJiclivo and relentless hatred of the Atncri stronlnun, 13.3; calcium, 20.1 j magnesium, 12.8. ., i ,i . . ,, ,. ... The next paper was on the Antiquity of Ih, West-' an' lmr '""rpea do detcrnuna.iot, to crn Mounds, by Mr. Squire. He showed that those I C"ht 10 tllu lal for l'rs & fires." mounds which are sirat.ied are trulv works of art. ' ver !llul over an ll;lvo tf0 Mexicans been nnd not effects of diluvial agency, as some have sup-1 posed, lie livided there nounds into the sepulchral, 1 the militnrv. nn.i tlm snerpr. The Benidelirfil n,p len lated. The sacred arc sualler. are always inclosed. 1 are stratified, and coier nlars of burnt clay or Hone, 1 coniai g various unpiencnts of ancient art. In inese inounus are loun.i miny articles which arc lor , eign lo the region in which heyare situated. A great variety of these wasexhibi'cd to the audience, nmoii I which were large plates ,f micen, perforated with holes, and various car, ingi of animals, so true to a-1 une nan mere is no uiiicuuv ill iiolcrnuniii!! w bat nnimnl, i,e,!,.,l ,..!. ;.,,t n .1, i.. finds proof that these moulds are not less than one thousand uais old. 1 1 , , . . . i'ai p-jper was ny rrol. Agisiz, on t he Mriic- 1 1 ,.i p.,t.i nm.' .?.i ..i. I - nv niiiruoii'j uiiii lumiii intru in-" uu ServotioP.S bv e.xhlbiline tu llie nudietire siiefimenq if 1 .1 , . .r . - . - t , c ...' c i, , IUL IIIIIIIIUIS , ,rs.e. wnTPr. 1 111. l.lllll lOHOMCO, wiih tome remarks .iill t,t!S cnr,. .;.. . :.... ami stated some ot U.i result., of histmn observations on .uiioriipore.s. in me corals, nc stated that he gen- I crn v Innn.l il,D ,,.,l l ,i,. ,,r ,s..,.,s.. ,,, ..,v ,u,,,j,iv9 U l. l HI, Agassu believed Ihe tentacles ol the Actinia were in multiples ot j. This subject closed the labors of the nlternoon. In company with the members or the Association, I had ihe pleasure, in the evening, of iiartakiii" the j cordial hospitality ol the Hon. Abbott Lawrence ; und at inueiocK, in accordance wilh the kind invitation of Pres. Lverett, 1 accompanied about a dozen ol our ... f- I I . . ., 1 . . number to Cviiintirulge, to see the new te cscooe hide procured for ll irv.-ml University, an I wbieli is said to be the best redacting telescope ever constructed K were puhtely leceivcd by Prof, liund nnd Prof, Pierce, who havs charge of the Observatory, oud nfier ' spending on hour examining the wonderful in-tru. inent and its still more wonderful revelations in the heavens, wc returned to the city, where we arrived about 1 o clock, A. .VI. 'ihe telescope was first di reeled to the Moon, and afterwards tu Saturn, lliey being near each other. The double rin., nl Sninni i """-. "V" " """"is ring oi caiuru nud ts shadow on the linnet. and il,cre.,i ,l.s-.l. litcs.wcre clearly seen, but 1 haveno time to de-cribe npnearauccs. The Association is expected to continue in session throu.di the week, nnd 1 may ieihaps bernfter lurni.-h vuii vviiu sume mi liianun ul lueir doim.s. a ih.iixi , it ! inu-t necessarily be a very barren abstract. T. I'iuc .Slieeji Air Sole. We invite the attention of Tanners to Mr. Cot.r.1! advertisement in another column, of line-woolcd Me- i riuu Sheep, .Mr. Cole, it is well known, has taken a gnnd deal ol pains tu introduce these superior animals iniu ouicoumy lur the purpose ol niumg in Hie improve inent of the stni!c of our wool, nnd if our farmers open llicir eyes lo llie matter seasonably, and perceive thai, under llie existing Tarill' regulations the tune is not fjr distant when they will be compelled, ly foieign r,i,lrti,.i In nl,-,,,. 1 1... .!..;,. ,,C ...l ..I. !, ., ' bc uki M , M.cllre r,c. wooled flocks. Vermont ought tu raise fine wool and " nothing else," and by nud by she will do it. The American Art Union. Wo have had the pleasure to receive our copy of the " Transactions " of this adinirablo Asso ciation for the year 184G, together vvitli the splendid engraving, distributed to all llio mem bers of that year, of -'Sir Waltei. IIalkigh parting from his Wife on Ihe morning nf his execution." It is gratifying to learn, as we do from tho "Transactions," that the affairs, of the Aht Umon are in an exceedingly prosperous and flourishing condition. The number of member for 1810 was -1,157, who contributed, for the excellent cause of promoting tho interests of the I ink Ar.Ts in our country, and of encour aging tho labors in that behalf of meritorious and gifted Artists, the handsome sum of I?i2, "85. With this amount one hundred and urj ttco wotks of Art, some of Ihem of tare, and all of them of decided, merit, were purchased and distributed, by tho accomplished, able and inde fatigable lloaid of .Mana"crs. Wo havo to frequently, heretofore, spoken of llio Art Union, of its design and purposes, in terms of hearty commendation, that wcMeein il siillicient now to say to those who intend to bo coiiio Members fur tho present year, that it i exceedingly dcsirablo that their subscriptions ""'"- no made at once. I Ivory subscriber ob tained during tho pre-ent month will contiibitte his .hare to swell ihe number cf works of Alt to bo distributed in December, 'l'uu engravings will ho sent to each Member lor 181" "The jolly I'lat-bootincn" from an original paiiifiiv uy u,M,,anu i no mnyi" Irmn a painting ny IIUNTINoton bolli works cm superior merit, 'I'l...., ..Ill I ,. I I.. ,1 ii, . . , rl lliey will bo engraved in tho highest stylo of the art, and will be worth mme than Ihe price cf membership. Tho progressive and decided in,-1 provemciit iii Ibis deparlmciit ol Alt, as seen In almost every picture, Hum tho "Artist's Dieitui" lo the noble engraving of " Sir Walter Raleigh," furnishes at once a motive and reward for mis Wining this excellent institution. John II. Peck, l'sq. continues to be the Honorary Sec retary for this section or the State, and from tho interest he has always evinced for the prosperity of tho Union, wo aro assured ho will have pleasure in communicating any information re specting it that may bo sought. To I'linncts. Wc understand that certain individuals are bu-y in Chittenden County and Its vicinity, successfully vend. Ing to our farming community what they term n; lent method of preparing and producing Manures, called llonnner's Patent Method." We ore author ized and requested by Mr. Iii.vmAM, the worthy Pie sident of our County Agricultural Society, to say to our farmers thai theic h'nothinii in Ihiatauntcd pa tent method that is not already public piojietty, and acccesillc to any one of ihtm icho chows to uiail himself of it. W'c will, next week, publish, under our Agricultu ral Heading, a letter from the Hon. Mr. I'llswortii, laic U. S. Commissioner of Patents, addressed to the Albany CuliUiitor in 181 1, in which be shows that all that is of any value in llonnner's method may be ob tained without paying speculators for it. We should publish it in this week's paper but for the crowded state tf our columns. Til 13 WAlt. Ihcillng News from .niexico. Tlio community has been thrown Into a fer ment, during tho present week, by the doubtful yet intensely interesting reports from Mexico. I'xtras have been profusely scatlcred among us containing rumors of tho most improbable and contradictory und even absurd character; all going to show, however, iat ho-tilities have j been again renewed between the two armies, "" unjuuy, u nut ui-asirotts, results to our and that bloody, if not di-a-trou, results to a'tns have followed. No man can shut Ids eves tu the conviction that Cell. ScorT, whatever may ,.. , . r , . . ... v """"i - ebullition of imminent peril. ( . I ins army cuilliot 'exceed, at tno-t, 10.00J men, and he is in the i . i , ... ( neai t ol a populous country, surrounded by a ollt--ll pitched battles by tho gallantry and bravery of our troops, and yet what General I'lCKcn calls " the great object of this war -I'EAcr.," appears to bo as remote as in tho be ginning! Disasters weaken tho power of Mex ico, perhaps, but they do not appear to diminish her inveterate disposition to fight. (!en. Scott and his army, wo believe, are in imminent peril If it is true, that (lens. Worth, Smith and I'il- ow ,m4e b(,ell J-HU J, and that our loss is from i . mum ,.. - . . . "",uu"'""lm- ccess aciuevcu at . . ," """Z" "u eoior oi too result: vv c uo not uenero mat the uny oi .vicxico is m I , I I, .,., I,., ,.,,, I. .. ' -""- .-i-'ii 11.19 niitmyiiii cu cany ;. i... il i,. : ...!... i ii. i-y cvuu, u inta inutiuiisu 11 ii in s id ill ill ' I I ..r.,i I ' ' ' Ullllll ,,,,, I A ..,,. ,l .1 . , , "ot "'lve -"leniptcU the City as reported. uu a mij i hiucii, it appears to us, no vvoiiiu nui uv guilty 'Pi. . l . l , . ., XUU llvt. S UUIUVV ICUOIICC1 M.'W UTlCUnS Oil IDC "Itli tilt, by tho J. L. D.iv. Since that date there havo been no further arrivals. Addition il intelligence will be louked fur, of cotiise, wilh intense anxiety : I'roiu the New York Herald. The steamer James I,. Div.ariivcd at New Or genee vet received from llie seat of war. 'I'l... .....! V I .... I leans on the 'Jjih till., with ihe rnu-t inmuruiut mtelli- I'he Jrro hit ol Vela Cm, had received Iciots iiuiii .wexico, unucru.iie oi uie viii, staling that on Hie ,iii me .vieMctin coinnii-sion "eci.iriMi in me propositions made by Mr. In-i were ni.idinr-sibl consequence of whiih General Santa Anna convoked neuuued of generals, who decided that notice should be given tu General Scutt ttiut the armistice was at nu 'end, and ojipotutcd the fill tortile rc-couuueiiceincut of hostilities. On the nih, General Scott attacked the Mill del Key i or tviiii; s ..uu, in uie mimeiiiaie vicuiliyol Lhapol necimlui" to t he limn; :'.... ..... ... .i. , .i.i . i - , the lhiletin, published at Athsco, near Puehln" our . army was repulsed, idler a shurlcunlhct. in winch we ' , ' , V' "V" "."'Y1 ""--i "'- we T,1"? inonuyu in hi nu, una noni su tu tuvi "I - " - a - The account given bv the Iloletin. renresem, l. la"lv. lo have been the must bloody and severely con - Scans nccouni 'u cunciudes as Ul " ile' At 11 u cluck the enemv commenced n relrnrtn.le inoviineni.ainl by 2 o'clock in the iilternouii he with- dicw ll s Ibrce's lo 'l'e nl . vn n i. ;, " i" n " ,. ,, , i,e : occupieu, ntui blew up Ihe house of i... i... , : i tJ.t ." "': i ;,(, 1 W " "DS 'l't b' " lw"lb 1 is ,e V't H ,. r i m ,. ,. It is believed that Generals Twiggs and Pierce di- .,.,,., i ,i , -1 . i .i , t "-nn- . fl u,., , .... "ack' !"'J th;" "' "lollu" abolu 8.000 men. It iscetliinuhnt the lite was more irtense and brisk an at Lhurubusco. It is illlliussiblc lu ascertain llie hiss nf either si.t.. Ours docs nut oinuunt tn 100 killed and Via wounded. I here are a lew mis-iug nearly all not killed or wounded, retiring tu Chnpultepec. The enemy, aecuiding to llie confession of nn Irish man. who ciune over In usiu the evening, cairied oil' 100 dead and 000 ur TOO wounded, A Mexican Inter announces that Riley nnd ids legion ci bt, I'atnck, ,0 111 number, were ordered by the court martial to be hung. The sentence was ap proved by Geu. Scott, and on the fihnf Sept., the ichole legion leere hung in presence of the army ; as alsooj the enemy. We Itausljie the subjoined letter from Jnl.apa tn the .-Irco his. without vuuchmg lur ils correctness : " When It-n. Percy abandoned the mill LI Key, n bomb discharged fiom Cliapoltejicc, tell among the ammunition wugons ul ihe enemy, in llie yard of the mill, causing tourol them to explode, by which 300 Anieriratis are said to have been bluvvn up, including Gen- Worth, who accenting to the uccouutsliid not been seen or heard from, the folluvviug day at Tucu bava." The next accounts we have from the capital, come ma letter In the Aico Ins, dated the lutb nisi., of vvnicii me iniiuvviug is uuextiuel: "The .Mexican guv eminent lias taken three hundred lliuusand dollars, which were "being se'iit by a cnuiiiicicia! house lu the enein)' camp. General Smith has expired, lly the cni-luscd slip juu will see thai ihe Americans lunula tcil and cruelly tussatunu-d the untoituua.e lush who weie taken nt the bailie ot Ciiiuubusco." Another letter hum llie capital, under date of lllh nud l'.'ih.sjvs.'Mtoiimars Hut the enemy isiuuviu- ced ot the improbability ol icducing the 1 uy, by nuy o.hcr .neons by bombardum iu because i ,..i u.-7w iu ,.,uu nun, vvno vvne placed ha, du eomlat by the n, lion the Bill, nud among ihem ihiny.sevcn clhecis und Hue .ilii,.s weie I.n ed. nnd une cu un, veuim.!. .1 L appeals that the death ul Gen Pdlnvv is linei-nnti,' Ol llie rveiillul denouement, we have only n btict account i fait sullicicnt tu assure us that llie- Aincr leaus have ncluevcd a brilliant triumph, and Unit uur ormy is revelling in ihe Halls il ihe .Muni, minis. 1 he only reliable account we have ol the last siru"gle betore iho capuul, is in n letter uddnsse-d In .Mr. Diamond, our Lullecturat Vera Out, iiciu Oiiiaba, as follows " Or.1z.v1iA, Sept. PJ, H1T.-I have the honor lu in form vuu that on evpicss arrived heic llus evening Irom .Mexico, which brings intelligence that General bcoii vvus lit the cityul .Mexico. Thut 011 the ISilt l ies Americnn troops look Chapoltepcc nud llic Cua de, on, vveul into llie city that night. General llruvu wns killed, nnd General Santa Anna wns wounded 111 llie arm, und has retired with llie leniainder ot his irouiut,. winch have sullered much, lu Guadnloupe. 1 our tiiend, fee." ' Ahtlcr.lrema cicdilalle wuicf.confuinsall that Is sniil in the above, nnJ only disagrees wilh It In sta ling that the city was curried by ns- mil on the I lib. The Han nf Anahuac has It on the I3lh, ihe heights ami folks of Cbapoltepre, were carried on the lllh and ISlh Ihe city was bombarded, nn I that a n irt ol ,,rar.,,y enteir'd it on the inornfngof the ICili, ll,e balance remaining nt Uiapoltepcc. In regard to the Aineilcnii loss, the I'icny a. i. r i- i.r..,n il... ,.ni,...f city, we have nothing authentic. e lent tins new i.l.ury lias "ul Bti'Wwii will,our K'cnt luss of A pnssenger by the James h. D.iy Informs us tint it was repelled among Ihe Mexicans nt Vera Lin, that we lot 1T0U men in killed and wounded, but he could trace it to llo authentic source. Another passenger estimates Gen. Scott's loss nt a quarter to a third ol his army. AKIUVAL AT DUSiXIX Ul' TIM STI2A3II2U fj.ifjfj IIIMKHMA. --r Important Intelligence. Tho steamer Ilibcmia nrrived at Iioston on Sunday last from Liverpool, whence sho sailed on the 1 0i Ii September. Sho brings intelligence of the highest commercial and political impor tance. Tho immense failures in London, Liv erpool, and on the Continent, amounting in the aggregate, it is said, to little- lcs than S 10,000, 000, cannot fail to be productive of seriously injurious results throughout tho commercial world. 'J'ho Iloslon Advertiser says : The commercial distress in I'ngtaud may well be considered the most important leaturc of the news by this packet. The failures which commenced in houses engngrd In the com tiaile hate extended tu other liriincliesol business, and the estimated nmnuiitof lia bilities of bouses tint h ue laded since our last advices is more than seven millions ol pounds, A failure to meet business cngngenittits tu so large nu extent us this, could not but be lelt ill every branch of Irmlc.aud their consequences both in Great liritaiu and else where lnu-t be inostiinpottant. The Advertiser gives tho following list of failures for August and September : AUGUST. Perrin ,V, Co., Liverpool, XC.0,000 G. Douglas ,t r-uii, hoiulon, Uiiii.ikhi Sampson, I.angdale ,V Co , Stockton, ( Lesley, Alexander It Co., Loudon, S J,000 Win. Carpenter, Nevir.s t Co, Vntue ,t Co. Finser .V. t'n . Amw-nm Loveniiy k Sheppard, London, C-9, King, vlclwll .V Cu. do C, Giles, Son A.-, Co., Large failures m Slign, k'...-.A. I' A,,,..... 130.CPO ll'.U.unil 3.V1XH lUI.IIIIII Uiibucke Jt Co , Amucrp. t",j,um 3J.IKU lor,,ui,u 175 ,0011 100,11011 -1(I0,HMI 15.1,1 )ll Gli,iioo jo.uuo vv , li Robinson & Co., C:itell im,Soii.t Co , Lyou ,t Finney, I.ivctrioo, Alex. Dicksiui ,vi Co., Woodley .V, Co., London, J. .V. C. Kukpatrick &. Co., Liverpool, II. &. U. Gregj, du . . Hl-il J C,.,l 1, 1..II. s'ein.i.,uii,u lirny & lioxburglie, Greenock, I ('l,V""'l!i Iitu,'!l73 'V c",-Glasgow, I Hooker, Son ,v Co , Loudon, A. &, I). lennic,Ghsguv, 2W.0IIO 10.IHX) SlXIKK) SUUI'M llfl.Ol 10 Itoux it Co . Paris. Ilnstie .v. Hutcbiusoii, London, Usborc t Co., do (lower, Nephews Sc Co , do Ahson.Cambaledge ,t Co ,do W Pawett ,t Co., (Millers) Kiiigslord .V. Ilarnwell, Sandeisuii ,t Co., (bill brokers) 2dll,U(lil 700,000 3JU,U0O li'oid, Irving ,t Co., 810.000 ,0OU,OUO GUOOO Wcstlake ,i Co .(corn factories, South'n) AUOUl j.o,ouu,ouo. . Trade in the manufacturing tnwn of Lngland con tinues tu be exceedingly dull. In many districts sonic mills are enliiely closed, while others'are woikmg n sliurl time. Thousands of operatives are entirely out of emplo)ineiit, aiul there appears uu prospect of a better state of tilings. The most encouraging accounts are published of the narcsi, which, it i siateu, win tie an average une. Pricc'uiTallva, I WlSl l'lour at tils, to 2fls. per barrel. On the ITib. Wheat was quoted 3s. to I.. lngber,aiid the Loudon Morning iierniu oi ine is-in stales, mat inrgesiics ol American l'lour wete made at 2is. tu 3Js. per barrel, on the llitb. 'J'lie says : ' Our correspondent states that upwards of 200 American drafts, all of a very heavy amount, ate returned, unaccepted, by the Iliborni.i." The political r.ews is scarcely less important. The vvholo of the North of Italy, and even of Switzerland, threatens to be involved in a war vvitli Austria. The Paris correspondent of tho London Times, on the l"lh, vviile.-. as follows: " The Austrian Government is determined tn march troops nun every town or city ot Inly in which Nn- lion.iltiiiardsiiave been or shall be established. 1 bus, Itome may be deemed in a state of sieue and liosidi. ties inevitable, it is now, I lament tn s.iv, impossible in titheve that terrible coll.sious will not occur, it tliv have not already taken place, throughout lialv The next news from .Milan, m particular, is In, I.i il' wilh inconceivable ouviety. The Aii-iu. in j i.i.s , i . i i1, .it city numbers 1S,IK.K) men. The people ine s.nd lo be i ,l.u.tmm.d on revolt, Theic would in such case hen horrible massacre, and the uisiirieetioii might be quell ed. t Tke people ol Piedmont, of Modem, of Luce.i. ul Tuscan) nay, even ol Switzerland would attempt to succor tin in, and thus the whole of the Noithof Italy and Switzerland might be engaged m an nu tul contest. Home will not be so early llie theatre of war, it is believed j but Naples, it not already in t it 11 revolt, will attempt n revolution. It i stated hereto-day, that an insjrrcctiuu took place in that city on ihe 'Jih lti-t. ii is even s.aui mat me King vv.u in me nanus Ih,., ,,,.. 'l-here nre. however, reasons for be, ev : ,i,;. , , i..,- i, ,,,,..,.,1 1,, ,i. , Dili in-l.) 't he Duke or .Modena has icmovcl from I f?.''1'.". .'""?;. J"1'." r'10"' 10 ": 1 '.' " 1 1 ; ! i 1 1 1 . M.: V, . . " tVsl- , L I fro,n I'lclmont t7 Calabria all Italy was in .lame, it would occasiun no sun, rise." i rivaie leiiers irum Koine, lo ihe vvjin August, on- I 'ounce me important tact, that ihe lung oi ..apies f I (ioverumciit, bis npiirohatiun of the system ot reform , nan neeiarcii , ,..,., , l.,j A in ...... .., ,.. I1,,,., Coverumcil bis nnnr, ' "dopted by the Pol'it'lti ! cupalion ol Tcrrara b) 'n,e llutimm state iiullll, anil his ill-approval ol ihe uc ira bv the truoos ol Austria i i ne iiuuano states mat on me ism a council oi Mmi-ters was held at Kaccmigi, nt which, it is said, the King ol s-arilima signed the protest against Aus ma. Uu Ihe ".Id, eight carts laden with muskets felt the nrseeal of 1 urin lur Itome. Il is slated that the Uoman Government had receiv ed a reply from the Cabinet ol Vienna, lelauve tn ihe protest ol Cardinal Ciacehi It is said that the Cabi net of Vienna, whilst usseriing its right, regrets the occupation ot Terrara. There vvas uu chanize in the actual situation of af fairs at Terrata. On lite SLt ol'Augu-t (Sen. D'Auer sierg, accompanied by bis stall", rode out uf the town to reconnoitre the; advanced iess of the Papal troops, w here a body uf Sw iss w ere entrenched vv ith ivvo pieces of artillery. " It is impossible," says the London Tunes, 10 imagine where all this will end. It is quite clear that Austria will either recede or tie attacked. It she re cede, she will lose reputation nnd influence. It she resist, a general rising may be expected in Italy," Twin Naples, our accounts (elated llie hth ult ) are of n less evening character. An insurrection which broke out simultaneously ot Kcggio olid Messina on the 1st ult. has, it seems, been suppressed, alter some loss of hie. The insurgents bad lor three dais been masters of the low 11 ol lleggio, nud were only driven llience into the mountains by leudurceineiiis lauJcd from Naples. Ail naiy, Irom North to south, may be said to be in movement. It ii pears that Ihe cau--e of the Tope, and of liberal views and measures, is embraced with enthusiasm by the people. Inci.ASn. Relief Depots Tie government relief SVStclll having been .'eneiullv tirtinnlit to 11 rliis.. kii. ol her Mutest) 's steam vessels arc ciuplo)t d 111 renin 1 , Z L ,1 . " " 'V"'"'""'. "'aC'"sl: sun pievaus.nnil, un ess I he ivw iu)r aw s ha 1 soon be put into ellect.'al ..perntiun. an I eint li.yinem iuh. l ,,,. .nt,. r,,.i...i i. ,1,. ,.u. i . if . '.i. ." a laige scale provid d lor ,i,e ,.bl,"uoded, lb.. u soine o, die pu leapal K u where Kii! nble food is to be stored, in older lu be prciarcd with iler il nbMilutely nrccssaiy, m temute distriets.duruig ' ., .iieuii-uinn iru the winter iiiniidis. winier iiiuuuis. The iointn ihseuis,. was sviid, ns heretnfore, lo have rcoppeaicd with sudden ond uicreuse-d desirucnveness, but nt ptesent these lumuis have assumed no mitlu-n. tic shape. Special Notice. I'Ilie extraordinaryoKVEiEXBEnci ru.i.s, which nrc iclieivmg uiivaralleled triumphs in vniions sec Uimis ol this couniry, lire now intioduce'd into ibis v i cmity. Let every s.ek person tend the ndvcitiseiuent uf the Gtaelenberg Coinpauy, winch will be found m another column, l or Nile nl Siiikwmoo's, West side t House s,,uare. Also lit A. C. Smi-'j Apodi icon and Ihu? J-ierc. mu" I any avii Mo.vrnr.At. TclinnAru. .Messrs. J, H Peck nud I). A. riniallcy, of Duililiglon, ntid II L Seymour, i.i Ht. Albans, have been elected trustees of this astoeialinii. :i.)CVJ of the 911,1)00 ncccssirv, lire already milwrilied The distance is tf'JJ miles, and the work will be sieeJily commenced. We lind thn foregoing ptragr.ipli in llio Troy IJudgel and the N. V. Hrpress. It Is rather a random shot, and hits but one of tho threo Trus tees, who are 1'rofcssor (Jlo. W. liKNCMU, John II. 1'eck and IL 1'. line INqrs. (.'rovs Imposition. Wocopytho following Irotn the li niton Jntr nu!, not only because the press owes it to tho community to c.poo the unmitigated rascality of such gentry as this Chase, hut because wo un derstand llio same tricks have been played ofi' by him in our own vicinity. Wo trust tho publication of tho subjoined aiticlemay Irivo tho effect both to put unsuspecting females on their guard ngnin-t such treachery and to lead to the nrret and richly deserved punishment of the mean-spirited and dirty who prac tises it: f! Ross Ijtro?tTiov.Vc have often heard of cases occurring where females have been most grossly im posed upon by persons representing themselves ns agents for some manufacturing establishment, whoso business) it was to engage help to work in the factories under the control ol their pretended employers, and a ease of this ch iracler lias just come to our know ledge, the facts of which, as related by one of the snlierers, are brielly as follows , An individual named Chase, has recently made a tour through the northern part of llir. slnt.. l V,.,. Vt.l, ..,.,r..aBn,;iirf libnaelf ns Clll- plojed by the agent of une of the factories at Lowell lur thi purpose of engaging tidily young woman to proceed lo that city, there tu be employed in said fac tory. Several ot persons ho engaged by this Cic nrrived in this city, within a lew das nnd have gone to Lowell, but Ui.m application to the afore said agent, have been told that he knew nothing about llic mailer they mint go tu .1r. Chase .' Some ol these fein ties may have found einplojmcnt at Liwell , while others ol Iiiein have returned lo this city, and found friends or relatives, under whose protection lliey now are; having ascertained much to their surprr-u and di.ippouiliiient, that llie) had been most outra geously imposed upon. Last Thuisd.iy oenmg. three voung, nnd to nll np iie.irances, respectable females, arrived by ihe W est ern mad nt the depot of the Woiccster ltmlroad, in company w ith the aforesaid Cause, who procuied ji carriage and went in company with tlien.i lu n hotel. These ui-ic entire strangers in llus partol the c. uutry, nnd n!u to c.-icb other. niul had entril-ted their cheeks lor their baggage to llie cure ol Chase. They Inst saw their trunks at (h - di p it, and Hie last that twu hi iiio nuuib-r s iw ul Chase at the above mentioned ho tel. The trunks belonging to them contain-d their clothing, nnd nl-u nearly nil their money. Hearing nothing Pom r,7wir, tliey came to the sad conclusion t'ley had been uuposi.. upon, mid two ot them, loiluiKiiely having sullieient inonev to dclra) their ne cessary expenses baik, concluded to letum home, wtueii nicy cu. i on ,s.iiiiriijy. The other, not being so well provi.led for, determin ed to proceed to Lowell, and run die risk ot obtaining einpiujment. She went to Lowell on I'ndny, nud upon ta ling at the Agent's otlice, received the same answer thai had been given to oibeis, that she must, go to Jr. Chase. Sadly disappointed in the object ot her long, journey, she touk ihe cars on Saturday morn ing lor tins city, and among the passengeis, discovered the man who had deceived her. On arriving at the deput,uud linking inquiries of Chase os to her bag gage, (among which vvus j in money,) nnd in rela lion to her piomisjil employment in Lowell, he told her lo wait where she was half on hour, when. he would return, and " make nil matter) right." This was in the niorn.iig, and the poor girl waited at the depol until ball-past 3 o'clock in the ufternoon, when she was convinced that -he had indeed been the dupe ol a base beam d imimster. The moneV which she had by her was all expended, Willi the excel lion of a sohtuiy lenl-five cent piece, olid feeling that sh miist do suuKihing.she knew nut what, sue found her way lu an lutill.gcnce Odiee, the keeper of which tuok her nil nnd piomised her" a situation." She lelt this place, nnd by some means found her way to the oti'.ee of the City Marslul,when she related her "plain unvarnished tale," in tunes, the truth ot which, could not for a moment be doubted ; and she was kindly provided with a temporary home, tinder the charge ot benevolent persons, who have hithcito kindly aided iiiinyau unlnitunate individual. The trunks of the two who icturned in bitter disappoint ment to their homes, also contained small sums of money, in.l no doubt exists that ibis C'use lias obtain ed possess.un of it, and that be is a most consummate rascal. As the young woman who is now in good ami kind hinds, can remember neither the name, or lucntiuu of the hotel, where she stooped upon her tiist arrival here, or that ot the inicuig-iucc cjnice stie vis ited, any information v. Inch may lend lu thruw any light upon the matter, will be thanktully received at the City .Marshal's Ollicc in the City Hall, Mnjor Hastman, of the Patriot conunents on our statement (which was strictly true) that, so far as heard from at the tune, Guv. Latun's vote in Wasli inglon County larger than it was last year, and gels iuio a high state of excite inent because it is like ly, by the fud returns, to be some 30 Us-. The Mijor aho grows indefinitely fat on the interesting lact that Dillingham received about TO votes more this jear than John Smith di I la-t year, in the strongest Loco lucuLouiuy in the Stale, nud the very County in which the disimgui bed dodger resides a gain of I votes ui each town. Why, Major, it will require just ten )enrs and sit months at this ratio ol gam, to overcome tho picsent inajonty against Locofbcoisn. in Vermont. The itt.Hi is, Ihe Major is getting so elated because the "mum" policy respecting llie charges against H.l liughaiii w a successful, that w e seriously think of go ing tu the Capitol, next week, to rciuousttate with him. M'his Nominations in .lliissuchiisctts. The Whig Sialc Convention of Massachusetts, last we'ck, re-nominated Gecko r. N. Iliucios for Governor, and recommended Mr. Webster for Preide!itin lstb. Mr. Wcavrr-K made one of bis most able and elo quent sp'cches in the Convention, which we shall take an early opportunity to publish. It explicitly defines his pi sitioii in reference to this useless and abominable, war, and is tlit-fouted against the further extension of Skive leiiitory, under this Government. The Legislature, The next session of our L-gisIature will commence next Thursday. We earnestly call the attention of Wing members 10 the .Meeliugat the Male House, on the eieniug pienous. We hope every Whig will be present. O" .Mr. Dai by remarks to us that a great deal of uncalled-for and idle speculation has been indulged respecting the cjusc of the Aurora, llorealis. llo has taken considerable pains to ohservo this mcteoroleinical phenomegon, ho says, for several vcars, and pronounces it en tirely attributable to the Northern Lights. Wo have generally found it safe to adopt .Mr. Dar by's opinions. vi: .ii Kin ixu. The Whig members are requested to meet at the STATU HOUSL, l.oom 7 and 8, on Wnc xesday Lvr.MNa, October 13th, at - o'clock. Piifs This distressing complaint ins.ll cavs nrn. ceeds Ireuii a want uf proper evacuation ol the bowels I he; loul Illinois, instead of being tlioroughl expelled ed Irom ihe body, nte but nartmliv so: a . VI - 1 vexatioui com in,. - , , i, .. ..... n. .i. .1..... 1... 1 1 . . .1 err nt the iht-coue .1 thai laim talll I'llfsj is ticiwrmly !!"' ' 'M'"." '. '.'l- "o a inoie houid foVi n" 1 1 V, .',' ,;, v.., ,u. j r, I i nenca Col -t uf le?,l '7 ' J '""' uf ,he, 'N""h , -vunricaii college ul Health,' ate a true nnd natuml . llledu'r Zi1' I 111: MranS" 7 1 tu man. ' " l"r uller malady incident - i ,., r r-, , s,. V. VJV .s 1 tli, . IT. 1 " I AN otxeivj Imuis V.LumiiiLE Piu.s ..vl T " "u VVILUXM VVKIUIIT WRITTEN- u-m , T V. .. I ,;,'',,,,,;,,'; ui r,'," u,"c' -Yu'" "Ihcr is K, I '" -""iiterfett this i,.r.c,rRv. k 1 tie genuine fur Nile by W H t'l'I'TIi! tv.i. ?!,"!!:";"!.K?l,l,"''A: I'lciv. coiled,;. il"r Kile agents for llinlmmo, . 'i,' Tr ?.'" Hnderhilt : Hurlbut .t Hodge, WilhsJ, Tower. 11. .San- .icrse.ii. una I. ers, W,t Wllllsloil ; J 1.) limn. '""'1-1 i ve te. llmesliitri. , . vv Wood. 'vv" '.r "e. lli'Hsburgli ; W. S .V 11. P . estford j NiuiIeK .V Lyon. CharWt.e ; Jol Vd, i'tr'"' '.'L1, ,ei""T "ina.d ii'ind 1 .Simon, U, New l.t 'I'lemont

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