Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 8, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 8, 1847 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER 8, 3.847. iltavketo. ll.-lsli'.on Cattle .U-uli-tMniilny, Oct. !. tntror.TLD run the Tr.Avni.i.Li:. At market, 1000 U-cf Catlle, nml ICO!' Htnro K atlle.i.: yokes Winking Oven, 13 Cows und Calves 1301) Sh"cp, nml nboit iiOO Swine. lieu- Gati-li: Ilum S7 25 ! I'ut n-rility S ! second niu" third quality from 1 5J tu 53'.'.'. Sroiii: CVrrt.L Sales of jcarliugs 9'J" I'luu iwo year oius iroin si i to r.. Workixii Oxen Sahs made nl STtl, ,1,. mi I JU. , I Cows and Calves Sales noticed nt $15, '--alu . i lu i, . , ... . e - Sur.u Sales of lots taken at 91 8. and $3 -j lor old Sheep, an.l.l 73 nn.l $3 lor Limb". , Svvi.m:--S.iIcs at the wholesale 9 1 for Old Hog-! I at retail, lor Shoalis f31 to ("i mid !?,. X. It. .Muiket busk lor good Heel and good Sheep and Kaiubs, and all sold at the libou- prices. WOOL. Vuly,30perrt. There continues to be n good demmd for lleeeo Wool, and prices remain unchanged ; there is hut little piilleil wool 111 tmikct, Prime S.ixony l'leeces, washed - . - - - Amei lean full blood ilo. tin D-l ilo. do l-'i do. - do 1-Ltcnmdo. - Piuyrna, uuwaflii'il, - lluenoi Ayre, unpicked, llvtra Norlli'ii pulli'il lamb, Sup. Norlh'n pulled lamb - No. 1 do do do - do do do - 3 do do do - 13 iP SO in at -I.', 33 u :a 31 ?f 33 J7 (d 30 H itt 13 B M II 33 C,t -10 33 Hi 33 US e 30 iu at 'M 11 10 DoPclielcr, Mns., June 15 l)r, V. I'rownj Dear Sir; It ullbnls me ireat ple.isuie to be able to hear testimony to the valinble properties ol your Sarsipa riila ami Tomato Hitters. You prob.iblv remember the situation 1 in when 1 cnmiii"iiceif u-ih them by the advice of my liicu.l; the sull'eriiif,' wliicli I lnvc borne lor a lo 14 time Irnm the clfect of u hum terible humor is almost imlescribable ; it coered my rliest and anin, hrrakinj nit at times iu quite lame sores. .Medicine alter inedieiiie did I try, without Ihe least relief, and 1 g ive up ever expecting to be cured; but at last 1 was p'r.nn led to mike use of your Sar siparilli and Tunritn lintels ; but I iuut say 1 coin lnenced with ureal relilet.mce, tiiillkilli; il would eell tinlly fill to relieve me, as ail other medicines bad ilone. iiul innv nappny nave 1 oeeu oi'iipoiiueii ; 1 It his cnttrelv euied me. Xotiiiug that 1 do affords me. 111 ire ple.eure thin rceommenJniL' )oiir Huters to jits 'i Miiiuiirly allb t'-d, and I do ma-t earnestly ie 111.11111 "il l nil In iry t(i"m before they "i ,. up, "jppo mii th'-re H 11 reli 'f. I now v.ilu llieiu u highly I I keep tlim in th.' b iin'.an I ui Ihem m my ' 1 cou-iJer them tlu best, pleusiutest, must llior o ij'i 111 lieni nnv 1.1 u", lemoviii all iiupurities, carr iii4 off nil bile, without wcakeiuui; the systein, ur heina obhued lo eh mi;e your di-t. After slioM'iiij tnn lo any one, if th-y are not ier- j feetivsit iJ,nsk til 'in to call on iiij, an I I will ex- 1 pUin my cm' 111 ire lull v, whieh it will afford me great ' Pleasure to dj. Vours resj) -rtfullv, , l)A.Vli;i, l'LUMMIII!. j for sile by Tut ), A. l'c K, an I A. C. Sri. ir., Apo. iWain-saud uhoi .de Druists, and by dcalcis gen- er.uly tli.ouyhout the State. I Tliefjilowinz letter from llev. IICXRY WOOD, of Concord, N II , ditor of Ihe Conyregatioual .lour- , n-il, a reiij; in new-paper ol a hih eliai.ieler, t-peaks volumes 111 f.norol the. good juahtics uf WistarVIIal tarn ; I Coneoril.N IJ., March'.!, IS IG. Mr S. W I'owle: 7)i'ar Sir, Two years ao tin pit winter a sudden , noiei,' atlaek upon my lunss by expo-ure to eold, I co:ifiii"d in' to my loom and bed for several weeks ; and when I recovered I was mi much oppree, ,v 1 1I1M1 illy 111 breathing, that I waa ineapalile of rapid W.11KI114 and 10leut exercise, and olieu ras iriable to flecp or rest upon a bd liy nighty Tin siilleriu was frei leutiy e.vtr- in', and from the ui'-tli-aev rf 1 re ,11 iii-s iwul, I supiio. I the , ineuralile. I' 1 ; i 1 u ile I lo i,y a b ut!" ol Wi-in's Ha am of W11 I t u ri y . wubui t the lea -t cmili lence in u elliea cv or t.iat ot any oil.r pn e ipt.on, no ,.:ie cm fully l' nl 4 r; a 1 11 Mi'ji, e,e an I j . .iili 1 t ,u;ul tiie dh Ji 11 a m,-i e itneiv' leu o -d belore one boule had b 'ii mej up. II , 1 ig .1 11 -,ri it ier-ui'i to medicine , irid si I .11 usi ,m , 01 :iny f,,rm. i,.iilunir but sympa thy wnli my fe,,.,, - iff 'ti is .ti'l'iees me to nt.ive thi-i p 11 ie H item Me. imd re 'o.n.n ui I U'e art.cle to otheis j-.uniariy alUiet-'J. With r 'O'et. v mr. truly. u.:n:jv wood. ! np'fu' and m-t tV .'mi'r Dlt. WI.S'l'.Mt'S JIU.SAM OK Wild) ( II.IUIIV. None yemime 11 1 1 s ;ned bv I. lii'TI'S, A.IJri- all -u d.-i- to SllTII W 1 OWl.'l.lloston. Ma--. it sale hole sue anJ retail by T111.0. A l'o u, l!iiiliiigloii,uiiJ by IlealeMiu MeJii'iiRfi'iieiall) 1:1 eimoul. iUamcb, In Sbe'burue, on the 3th, bv the Hev. II. I) 11111. the l.'ev W'iliam P. (Iraves.o! llmc-burgh, tu Mis iUir.vl' I'llti ucu, of Sheiburue. D i c l lu Shelburne, at the residence of his brother, John Sunond, 'J.I, on the 3th nist., Josiaii Simo.nds, aged 17 jears. In Williiton, Sept. 'J7, Jon.v Taylor, iged 7 years 0 month". In Johnson, on llie 2, of September, Ashley D n,!:, son of Xaihan Dodge, aged 'JO years. In Colchester, Sept. -3, Uansll Wesi.i.y.soii of George and Hetsey ,M Severance, aged 7 months and 13 d.u, new men yt .3. T'UU cx itmi somi: or Tin: .most dksi- M. rable tloods to be found in Xew York, such as 1ft ;r cmi:u:o. onr.s.s silks, l'llklXCIt MIllllXOS, of superior quality, with trimmings uj niauli. Si.k, worsted nnJ other MOHAlll CLOTHS, ilk.stnpid nnd plaid LL'STKIIS. ALL WOOL imOCIIG SHAWLS ii'iprecedently low. Itoiiiict Silks, Sniins, Cameleons, Velvet-, liionons, nun iringes to mntch, lieautilul iteel liags, J.adics 1 (luiiiiiugs, a large vanety.iiovv opening at Uiis'lbiii's. Also, jnst received, Ml l l'S, OTTi:i! CM'S 4- tli).S, nnd oilier Puis a laige nssoitu.ent. Also, a large lot 1-APL1! 11 AXGIXt.S all at the lowest prices. liarlmgloii.Oct. 7, 1S17. 13tf Town Ifctiu. riIin inhabitants of the town of Huihiigion qnali 1. lied lo vole in lown melting, are hereby notified ind warned to meet nl the Town said town, on Monday the lSth day ol October, 1817, ut -J o'clock in the iilternoon, lor the purpose oi racing means to i elrnv the current expenses ol the year, by tax or nth. crvvise. JOHN X. PO.MKKOY, ) Selectmen SA.MLUIL NICHOLS, of 1 1 UN It Y It. STACY, ) Umlinnlon. Hurlington.Oct. I, 1617. J'lrayc(l3 tlKZl n rn vi If 1 . nri ..1.1 vlmiIi I tut L lirtnis. -mid has three bhts in her t urs. Ihhtvit -will ie mloriintiuii ie?pcctunT kh-1 'vV,y'11 cnilly rcwurdul. .lUrilUMI CUOTIIAU. (M. u, 1817. 3wl5J Water-H , llurlmKn. .mi:kio iiurus. . . () Ture Ulood.vl Alerino liirk.fnrHUJty Wm L. HAUUlAUiu. Itiirlin 'toil. C1ASII Paid roit all kixik ok GRAIN ()ats, Jtye, Uaekvvlieat. &c. .te. Oet.c. isn. iioitAcn whi:i:li:il iSttOtt HUSIHXS JllTICH IHMT W.WTKI), I1V Oct C, 1317 HOUACHU'lj'1-11.11' TO ItAILltOAl) cwniAcrrous. 'I'lli: Subscriber is prepared lo fiirni-h ftLl-J Conlrnrtors witli SOLID CAf P 1KU W.r7?rv IICKLS. for I irt Cars, made from llie oatteros ami ot th- Ubt material. He lllllsl IllUirOVeil pJlieioa nun ii n,.- i.i is now imikiii" iwo eiies of and Si inches in diam ler nml will furnish them wilh or wiihout Axles, to- L'eilierw itli ihe iliixes.Pullevsntid other lixtuiesneces- r.... c. .1 in.' Csrs. luted and liuished lor use, on gelll'T w hirv fir i iliry fir dumping Cars, luted and liuished lor use, on lie most reasonable terms. .,.,. the most , ,, imr llrandoii. Oct " iiniLixurox, ovr.s, ist7. r I'oh sli:. iiv Tin: .sriiscitnirii. nv 'run vt'liM' 111 1 1. A fewciioiceTull -y:MtW fiS; vtfL -i'hev inav be s-eu on Ihe I'aini oi liussell '!x ". v"" i ::.r, i i i.',.i,-:i I'alcolt.m Williston.-J nine, m... -,: ' '" " I 'Piiver... on, llie l i neso. g u o. v.,"""' , II, They were originally Iroiu Hen l'(Albke psie, Dutehei-s Co. ,V ., the II k of Horatio Hirchird. Sho IIUS SCIISOO . ..MM, -'.-- - y . ., ', , .. nun laitiy iron .. .r..!.,.,,, V, sau I... il.ii k ol lloraiiu niriii'i", "".""",' '." ' V ,eei.iireproiiouii(e,lby jU lgHSiui,.'iue '"' tH-e il Ac Ktatc, both as torpimt.ty and qu I y. Ti, r will, coimnoti 'I'JYfo'V COLE " .rd In .,. ie oesi woo I'll 3D HE ffl IE Geiillemcii visiting Hoston nml In waul of first rate niir c. U' I VIM. Mi f! LOT II h ii. 1 .iuij iv arc pariicu any luwieii ; . . JMIOVt'.N, l.AVtlll.Ml. As mil A'os. (i, 7, !), 1 1 it' 1 - Oil Stale joiise, j " ' ' ' ' I FRONTING STATE ST. BOSTON. Where ihey will lind the largest stuck of ',isilonnhlo Itently MiiiIci Clntfiln?, .. .1... ..Im. ..nuUriiif, nrw-t-e arietv of ready made .mrineiils. luatiiilacturcd in the lusl nuiiuier and most jf.iu,nablu style which vve tire K'ULig at prices that will Insure saiisiacnon. GARMENTS MAD 11 TO ORDER. We also invite you to cxmiiiie (before pun Insing) our extensive flock ol uncut foods, 001111)11311!); n (ileal variety of shades of KxtiLisir, Fitiixcu Axi) Cl-umax Cloths, with Ilnglish, 1'reiieli, German ami American dorski.xs iV vassimi:iu:s, ALSO, SILK, SATIN, VI.I.VI.T AND CASIIXLRE VESTESGS, which we will make to order, in the neatest and most vvuikiiiutihkc stylo, and warranted to lit. Z, j"I'iicis as low as at any clothing establishment in ilu Union. nr. hi: mih: u i Olil) STATS EIOl'SH. l'miiting ktutc Slice!, Hoston. 13. ly PI61XTS O'JiY. CXDAlt STniMIT, MIW YORK. LEE &. BREWSTER Established a wnrcliuue in the Jear 1813, for the pur pose ol supplying the City and Interior Tiaue with l'lllNTtll) CALlCOCS DXCLUSI V1ILY, nt low prices and exhibiting, at all seasons ol the jenr, the i.ur geit Asstn ttncnl 111 THE WOULD. They nrc new opening Several Hundred l'aekages, cumprisiiig eerv AVir istyle ol l'oreigu and Domes lie production, 'mtuty 11 trhich 111c mil lo he found chcicliric, hawng been l'nnted Inclusively for their fiw n sals. I I . iV, H. respectfully solicit the particular attention of Dealeis in ihy (Jood-, to their I KEH' FALL STYLES Which are oITeted at iinuuf.o-tuies' package prices, I On per punted Catalogues, which are loruch'd daily ' for llie liltollll.itioti of tiuveis. I rnivr v.'Aiii.uoi oi;. Aw Vuik, IS 17. $ I3m'J MOW at the Aineiiean Hotel, llurlini;ton, Vt.. ,V mZ" '.""'".""-y S,,ms'.'.",'l"'i".'.i"' a lu'!'f,ous I i.e. eiy litile, and in some east..s no medieinc Used.'3 1 i:r.Ms. I-irst examination ami prescription ylo l'cisons who we-li to go throutji with a cour-eof this tri atuient w ill be ehurged by the week or .Mr. lVtkins received the beneficial elli'cts of the- sjs teni iu Ins own ca-", liamg been restored almost fiom the grawto p-rtett health, by tins maimer of treat ment, and ns he has spent the last ten yeais in -tedy-ing the lungs, circulation of the blood and tiie auoiis gyumatii: e.erei.', be fiels eouiidiut tliU he can cure tlio-e ot Consumpti'iii, Astlnna, Liir com plaints ecc., have lutlicrto been legarded as in curable. X. H. Come before you are too weak to bear the exercise, una 111 lacl ousliouiit conic when ou liac fejt the liist Fyuiptoins. Jv7"Ieiueinber that there me many things that coiwuupme people cat and dinikthat will be strictly prohibited. HL'COM.MI IX DATIOXS. I have been ery bad for many ears with AFtluna, which was last terminating in consumption, I was I'oulined 10 toy room three weiksago, when I sent lor Dr. Perkins. 1 have strictly lived up tu his direc tion, nud 1 urn nowubleto lollow my daily employ lie ins. LoiiLxzu W. SrAL'Lwxu. llu lingtou, Vermont. 1 have been nlllicled with the Pulmonary Consump tion I r liuee yeais, and cery thing that '1 have tiled lor ri lief tailed. 1 tun now under the direction of Dr. Perkins, and I'cel proud to say that I am f ist recover ing. JJtEA Pci.'.AM. mnooski 1'i.lls, ermont. lMMI.PA.Vr 111 TKE I'L'IILle. -This is to ceriifv that I Irn e had the Pulmonary consumption tor lie yents, and every thin,' that I tne.l lor iehet fuilej. A- noon it" I beard ot Dr. Perkins I wa nt to him, and staed v.iih linn one witk.itnd I feei much icheved, and I liuuly believe that lie will niiike me a -01111J man. I.I.VVIN liUll.VACLE. Wil'sboro, KsseX Co. Xew tik. 15 i;iliert If. .Winks' Ilstute. W'ii the SaliS'ribcrs, having been appointed by the ......r..!.!.. tl,n 1, !'....., I ... ,1... IV .In-t ,,l Ciltllcililen, cnininiioiiers loleceive, exauillle and nd- the ci. inns and iiemanN ol all peison-., ugain-t Hie estate ol Itob ut K Ma.ks late of lluiluigton in slid District, deeea-ed, !epic.ent.'d inolv e,l, i.ud al-o ; six mouths tiom lie day ol the date h"icoi, I emu alluAed by sail Cisnt lor tint purpose, we do lore hereby give notice, that will attend to ih bu-.iu ss ot our tippuiniineul, at the iKveiiingt.f Widow 11 1C. .Matks, in Hurliugton, in suJ 1) -.tnet, on the la-t Wedueslu)-, of December and April next, at 10 o'clock, A. M., 011 each of said davs. Dau,tlns Ithdavof Oetober I). 1917. l.'OSVVIfl.l. I. II. I. II! ) 15vv3 KALYll LAXDOX. -"'"'"" JUSIII:lS OATS iou sali: at the Agricultural Warchou. Sept. a, ism. j. s. puii:ci STItAW cutti:iis, A ICevv supply just received at the Agricultural Ware huuae. Sepi. 30. U im:ach tuki:s, QIIKDLING, or Hudded fit fur sjuling this fall may )J be bad ut the Agricultural Wurcliouie. ,S'. pt 30. 11 now is tiii: ti.mi:. T IIIXUV iV CO., nrc now nu'iiins n large ctotivot i nn.l vim nouns of cfry wiiietv, winch can he i-Ikiwu in nnv mniU't, 'rni!hit .Meruit mm, mniis niui Iriust's to tnatch. l'lcmltnnl Imhmki Vi-tu IMaUU . i'iy rlioicf liuriniynt .Moh.iir n.HtlsnnJ elrijK'H ihvA rfnks liom 0 to 1,51) per yuiil, I jiibrouli'iy (iimps nt'ncli rt !. I'rinm'M, nil within an.l colors lor clnUsanJ drci&cs. Hlack Silk tor Vniilillfis nnJ Dn-s-rt. llrciu-h (Jiiiliniiis. A'liriwI-. i'lcndi Itona i!o. American do (.' do. llrnad Cloths, Trench nnJ (Icnnan. 0cr Coaiinu, I Ijru aw-urt.nent of Cap, l .tncy u.nsiineie. n 1 n o ilo .Suiinelts. Itendy Made Clothing. The above uouds, with n vi II eltted clock huit nMe for country tiade will Lc frold at luw prices tor cum or reauy pay. IJurlinton.i.Vpt. 2S, 1817. 11 FUR STORE, C. A. SEYMOUR, .Sdilh.cii'.t coi ner of Hie Sijuaie Strongs HuilJiug, IX inviting the attention of the public and especially ol llie holies, to the extensive uorl incut ol Mtilfi. llnnntid y'llrs.novv on Kile ut his est ihlishliicut, feels peifeilly warranted in saying tint liiey are tinques. liouably the must elegant things ol the kind ever olieid in ibis town. Ile has nbsin great variety of Oner, Peal, Heaver, I'ur, and Cloth Caps, lor gentlemen and children, l'ur colluis fur gloves. iVc. ALSO The Vail Jathion of Jlats, all of which offered low. Octubcr, 1st, 1B17. llvvll it. ii. macks IJ;i,';m'rrc:ui Gallery I I!atch ldcr'f Hriik Hlock up Stairs, rhurch street, directly opposite Kern's Store, nYnnewr iheinical coinbiualion, he is enabled lo pel feet liveseconjs sitting, . - .......... .. . --, whii Ii w ill not ellecl the weakest eyes, nor give time jur . cxpn scion ol the countenance lo ihange. t Ladies and geiilleiiieii uic invited tu call and nvaiuiue sneciiueus. II examine specimens, VALL AXD WINTKU CLOTIllMi Mil. suberibers are ju-trneiving from Jiew orK, u good nssorliiient ot iteady made Clothing, suit- ed to ie t all aim v nuer iwr. HJ upon most reas.-naldenuius, Water St. Sept. 'J317. H KllW LAW HOOK, -10MMOX Law reports late Vols, .iierson ami J Wilsby do, llaibours Chancerv, Vol. 1. C1.11- , i . i..ij... ." : . . ... i iu l'. ...i.. I. . enseil I l.linnceiy lepoic. . , ... , , t..lj on 'HI i:., .,i,ipr Chancery tepnrls Vols S-J 30. Lxcliequer isipoi ,; v, 'i.jw'ubr.ry late Xos. Just 'ceciied bv ' UOODI'.ll.!!. Ueports ffjisl of'TjcttcrN, Ativramr.tit.v the I nr.r. rtass nvsrmAr. appointment uaJ remaining in the Post Olliee lit Uurliugloii, Vt. Ocfofcr 1,1817. i,it, i, further enacted, Ami all advertisements made under the orders of the Po"i.iialcr - General.iii a licwspincror newspapers, ' liners uncalled for in any Post Olliee, shall he in- ......... i t ,i.. ...... ..r .1... ,,.... ..1 ,',VC ,n ce ndverl.sintt tnay ho situated, Antiw the largest ciicuiawm. f Persons eillintf lor nnv of llie undermentioned Letters, w ill please designate tliciu as I it ccrtiscd.l" A 1 x tin llliyabetli Adams rilnra I, Adams Cntlicriito Austin Alimxo Ait-lin Alf.rd II Avers Jeremiah Allendorf II 11 Anderson Unfits Allen Mnrunrct Ancluiro lilicmio Aiken V ii Alexander Mary Jano Allien Hannah Athcrlon JIclli"a H Avcrill Jatncs (j II ltraily Murgarrt ll.iker John Hiker Sirlntha U l-'linnc Jatncs l'lelcher I) 1) FUherty I'.tt l-'e rg 11 so 1 1 J S Freeman J A 2 (i fiilherl Mary C Cilinorc Citfltatilio 3 Carnot II II Cialvin Mary.irct 2 (oilfrcy Saluijii Onyott'l'ierre (ialvlti John (iillniily .Mary firistviild i:iizab;tli (iitvati Margaret (Srcnicr Anloina (atinon William (latins John llisselt J.tlia 1; UriuWiaw Win (iaiivicn Lewis r.l.ickman I'.bciiezor Jr (iraimis .M.try K llishoii Mary (iohlin l)omiiiiiuo (iall'rey I 'at (Jarness J It (irillilh Michael (ircen Illia (iKriisi'y llmily 2 (Jilhert Samuel Glynn I'eter 2 Gaut II M 3 Ciillick Matthew II lln)l;ins j; I lowland S S Ilnpktiis Lucius lliiiitcr Warren Hunter William -S Hurley Daniel lliilil-wnrlli Clara llurlhut &. Ilcii'ircsj llieknk John X 2 lluusinoer lldmund llaynes I'hilip Hawser Abraham Ilentmi l.itcy Ilishop Belli Ileeiii iti Melissa llctttiett Mrs A II llean I.tieia llmvles A II Mrs Ilurdick I X 2 lllako Anson Mra llaker Kli II lily & Ackloy l!ass"ctt Ilczekfah llrackelt & Co llr.ulley Samuel Ilracket Jnaiina It Ilarhy Lucy llaker Artolo John llean D.uiil 2 Ilerry Jolni It Iles-o Alexander Hillings Charles 3 llennett (ien A Ilirch William HashroneU Wm U lleo Ikirtnrd II Lieut llagan Mary Hecclier .Miss 3 Hates James !ilir . GcHirtfO) llawley I'M M llaynes Xorman Hardy Alice Iliiuohtnii J G 2 llovt A W I hmillon Julia F, Hutchinson Charles Ilihbard II II 2 Hardy II 13 Harmon .Nancy Harrington William Hantiou Matlhew llerrick Ximri Lamina J llerrick WT Harinon 1) W Haskell .Moody Heineherir it'Cu Holt l'U I Itislt Marv I. IngtiUueo'A W Jo-cph I,nri-hl Jeticks John II Jndoin Louis Johnson Ci II Joslin Dr Jury Stephen Johnson Aii-ou S Johnson Amelia K King It O Kane Dennis Kin-e'a Thomas Kennison X Charles O Kraitser Charles Kennedy Timothy Kellogg II Kearus .Mary Keating 51 , try Keith Jane 11 Kill. 111 Nicholas King llenotii Kenedy Widow Lander Charles Lynch IMvvard Laehapelle John I.inciuir Antoine I.ovey .Salmon Li.'do't. .Michel l.audnr 1' Lewis James I.ijeuiie--i' F C I.i'doux Igtiace Lahoulo John I.'tvalle Jn-liue Limb Dana l.i--anl llaplislo Lewis Ckj II 2 l.'imp-iiii John Lavvrenco Joe h Livingston Jo!m 2 I.MUlC Lynch Iiiidgot L'eavitt J II D Ljon Char!e Laugworthy Henry A J.oumU Charles 51 Murphy James 5loore James Mower Samuel Mouelly John 2 Mori.iriy Jolm Mittleborger William .Mills i:ii..ihcth Miuijrau .Malliildc 5lillelte Naicise .Miirrin William 5Iorti-nn Dennis 2 .Mitchell Thomas 5lns Anloiuc May J W 51oss Alexander I' 51 nrphy Thomas .Moliareu John .McFvilt John .McKay Samuel Maxwell William 5!c(iregor John 51clntyre Charles 51 rs May villu tioorjjo .McDermntt I) .McCarvy .Marv 2 .Melville .Michael McDaniels John .Mai'oy Delia 51u.Nelilns Jnhil 51cKeough Johtl McCralh Patrick 5lnore .Mr .Miillouly .Margirct .M011I1011 W W .Muiitg.inierv John .Morell Charles 'J 5loro .Maria 51urray Lorenzo iMorsu'Xeedbaut .M.iramillo (I JlcDoiiough llugli .Martin James .Mcllowiin James 2 jMcFadden Hugh McDonald Kan-lull .Melody IMvvard 5legarty John Madagaii Daihy .Muloney .Margaret 2 .Mallri Aiigeiini) .Mitiphy Patrick McLaushlin Itoht Iliutiks 1) S A Ilrnu n James lirndour Joseph llnrku MarijarLt lloaldman Horace A llulluck V W llrown William 2 Ilruwii Win J llrown Ibiijainin Ihnifell Luanda I IIii-Ii Harriet Howies Azrn K lliirhank I) K llrown James 1 1 rock way II A llrown Warren P llrown -Margaret llurh.uik Stephen lliirhank S W C Casey Jatncs Crnfjin, A A Carter John II Cliu-e Julin Clark llenj. 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K Dunn .Michael O.iw Win 11 Onlay .Simon Desmond Johanna Out'.ton John Oiuielly Widow DutHivati Calherino Drake John J Dougherty Tlinma3 Duncan .Maria F Doylo Kliz.t Douelly Ilernard Daniels Sainuvl F D.ilv I'atriclt Dul'l'ey .Matiliovv Utilly .Michael I )u i lice l.vilii Dunning '.Maria A Diintun A (i 1) ivis Charles Draper Lllis Davis Fred I De.-inartinp Clement Dclarier Widov, Dvvver Ths Oiujti llriilget Oulre Danl i: IM wards James Kilu.inls S.i lah A Kllis John S I.dward s Orphl.t riiim Thomas Fuller J 11 Mrs Flotirneen Hodcr Fnotu I'heba Fiirriiii'lon J I' j I'lanuiyati Francis 1 1 aiming James J'arley tieorytaua fdUW. 5liry 1 iiirar 1, I, Fallon l'eler J'olcy 51ic!iai.l N X'elsnn C C Nrlon 5H Xichols.MO iNovll llarthrdontCvv Newton Alvin Xlciiict Joseph 2 Ncpuan John 0 Nah F.ll.-n II Nash Uirlr.iril Xasli JMnmiiit Nixon John Newroint Jacob 2 .Norrls Laura O O-thoim 51 1 Owens Kphraitn 2 O'Keefe John O'Kane Ilridgelt O'H.ira Il.irtlinloinen O'Conncr .Mary 1' Parker J Parks llrjger Parker Hiram Pow er John Palmer 51 r Pralt (ieo W Paul Gen II I'rice I.vdia A Pollard Thomas Perry Orliu Palmer Looinis Prilcherd Iiethntu Pindar John Perliain Julius W Pierce A Pairo Charles W Poland .1 Place Ann Piimllo William Poller T F Dr Potter Leah Pangliorn .Mary C Porter lluiner Ci Quiii 5Iarv R Heynolds Lucy i'eilington .Mary Italollo Mr Head Horace S (titers Francis Keagan Di'iinia Itussell C 11 (Ivan Pat 2 Rvan Waller 2 U'li -sell 0 P Itusscll Kli Itohitison Ktlvvin lloughan James lltish Patrick Howe Lydia Koehuch .Inn is (' .latin's I tl'lsS 51 Itice .Maria ltichet Lewis Ittt-ell Mrs lttt-sell Grace Itoanp .Mary A Ittissell Stephen II S Stack IMvvird Shaw William II Satnp-on (J C 3 Stutisbury F A fc'tacy Jolm Starke 111! Spear Geo .N 3 Skclton Dorcas A Stevens llenj 3 Stevens Frances , Stearns X 3 Klearns John Swettoy 51 A .Stehhifigsll It Spencer Harriet W .Slieriden Patrick Sperry I, ( 2 Sinilh Cliatincey Sinilli Thns I, milli William P Kniilli .Malihl.i Shirley James Snow 'Philel in Sutton Gen 1, Slonu I, 1, Dr Slone S II Capt Scolt W F, Sullivan J P Scott S A Sullivan Tims 2 Sutton Geo 1, Slockwell A 51 Strong Albert (5 Slater Parthena F, Sh illucl; Helen D Spitihling Dm vSoytnour Ituhecca 11 Slieldcu Harriet Smith Charity Spillaine .Maurice Sibley Warren Souner William Storrs Uunicu H T Turner W II Tibhclls Shcpliei'il Tracy Ciilherine Towers ('alherino Tisdale Capt 11 G Pucker Elizabeth Taylor J 51 Thompson Oinl I, 'Pi cker Ilottv Tliiinpsnii 51 r Turner & .Mndgo Thoinp-iin .Martha Tousley J!otvvick 2 V John Valler Xalhatt Vaugh Vamey .Matilda W Warner Harriet 2 Wardner l'hcbo Warren J S Ward Ally Wells William Weils Ilcnjamln Wallace Cllon Wanlloin Alary Jano Wardner Alary L Ward .M iry 2 Wal-h Ilridgelt Ward 11 . Wells .Noah 1! Ward IMuiund Walsh Patiiek Wheeler Laura Wheeler lioval .Mrs Walker William Warner Geo I. Whitney A W Whiteoinb Susan C Woods Henry Whiteoinb James White Levi Willi mis Thomas Wheeled; IMwin While Thomas Wells Stephen Web-ler Jolm F, 1 1 Williams II II 2 Williams 51 51 Wolcdt .Melinda W.M. XOULF, P. 51. inn PAIRS op ri!i.v(ii:n Clovls ami lA .Mitleus. A good assortment of lluek Skin do. Also. Just received Farwell's Hoots nud Shoes, l'ur sale by f.IIX.Yej SVLAJl, Seit. 29, 1S17. . H VHKMOXT Cr.NTIlAI. RAII.HOAI). ftig pjttit-i -'iDTn, ei? V"vl5D Ai'irtnl ot live tlollari heen nrilf'roti py the diiccturrt uf llie Vermont Cent nil Knllroiul nm))titiyt pny.'ili'f on the Kt ij.iy of Nociii1jit tic M. I'ayiiicni may he inndeat the runners and Mechanics' Ihnk. IJurlinytiiit, ut th llnnk of .Minilpi'lier, nt the VooiUtitk ll.nik, or nt the Tun-meis DHicv, So, 111 KailiuaJ Ucliniie,Gnit Siuarc, llcmion. Soi'i. II. jti.LLV Jr., Treasurer. Hot-ton, Sc t. lei IT. X. U. I Tpuu ynient of thhnsjH'wtneiit Mockhold cis can e.chniic their receipts fur Muck mlieate, 1 1 papi:i:, CASCS Co.VTAIMXtl Ll.TTIlIt Paitr Various totalities. Can. iiu. l'oho Post do. Hank Pot note paper . c, .Ve. Ju-l received by Neptjli). 3wjl C GOODi:iCIL Anilrew II. Jmlsoii's Ilstale, S T A T ('. O I' V I : ll 5l 0 X T, j T a Probate Distiiet of Chittenden, . j fx. court held at ll irhiigtou, wiiiiui an 1 lor the District of Chittenden, on the "J3lh day of September, lal", conies Samuel Fletcher, administrator uf iheesiale ol Andrew-II. JuJ-oti, late of Shelburne, in said di-im t, deceased, an, I files in said couil his petition lit wilting, praying sai.l mull to extend the tune limited for settling -aid e.-lale on" ) ear Iro, n the 'Jlllh, dayol October, 1317, and also propos. s to lender an account ol his adminis tration to swid court. Wur.KF.i'i'o., the court nforesnid doth appoint the fouith We.lnesd ly in O, lober, Is 17, for hearing and deciding in llie piemi" -s. nn.l doth order ll nt all p-r-so in interested Iki notified thereot by publuatioii of ibis older, three weeks successively in the llurhngtun Puc Pie.-s, a new-paper pruned in slid iliiluigton, the l.-i-l of which publieniiou, to be previous to f ud lourth Weiincsii ly in ii.tober isi, . Given under my hand tins S'lh d.i) of September A D 1917. W.M. WLSTuX, llvvJ Jitg.ster voiV'nu: i'.vll tiiadi:. f V. S'l'AN'M'OIM) .t Co. nre now receivinn -J a large arsoiinient of goods whice have been bought nl veiy low pines, cons.-tiiig ol i'A.VGV V STAl'LL noons. Carpeting, Ku-h Matting, Floor Oil Cloth, all widths, Hugs, Win low Shades, 1'aper Hinging, Looking nil sues. Flowing' blue, light blue and while graniie Wnie. also, China and Glass are ; Groceries, Furs, Htilialo Kobes, etc. H.iiliiigton.Sepi. -ii, 1317. 13 DOMCSTIC GOODS O.YLY, n, a. t:n:M', liO I'earl itreet,Xctc l'w. rpllli Douiestie Warehouse, so long established in I Cedar Stieet, is How removed tu the large store Xu ViJ Peail street und Hi lleavcr St., where may he found eveiy des-'ripliun of IlLCiiiitn and linovvx SiiLi.Ti.Mi mid Siitr.Ti.'ius, Coi ii.x 0-Auer.i.s. Xon Tin bv and SoL-ritci'.f Yaun, Hatis, hks, I and the veiy hires! cash price. The iisMutinenl evlnbited lor sale ia very hrgeone and comprises every known desirable sl)le ol the above goods. Country .Merchants aic rc"pecilu!ly in. Vlted lu call and examine llie in ices, etc. w hether they pun base lor cash or not, and learn ihe low inaiket prices for Domestic Goods. ID .M.VGAZl.MIS lVHl O.'TOHIilt. - -,., GltAHAM'S, GoJes and Ladies Xa A ' iShJC .Magiiiiues lor October, iA.a.y 1.1HVAKDS- Hook Store. Chauijilaiii mill Consitcticui Hirer liailrond. mm 0rmgx?4&M4i AN ASSIlSS.IIIl.Vr of live dollaisoii cai-h share of the capital itock of the Chaiiiilaiu and Con necllcut Itiver Kailroiid Company has been ordeied by the Directors, and tnaJe payable on llie brst day of November next. , , ,. , ,. l'.iv-iiieiit iii tv he made at llie limits nl II11rhn2t1.11, Vergenii"s, .Middlebury, Itullaud, Itiver.or llel lows Palls, the C;he4iire Hank, Iveene, 11 , iu Ddvvard Pickering, 1- ,X" GJ, Slate bliet t, Iloston, or to Ihe Treasurer, nl bis olliee in .M i. d,"bury. HA.ML'i;!. SWI1T, Tieunuer. September 15, 1817. ID KSTKAY. TTtJTl IlllOKi: into llie cnelosmc of the sub V,-wiI K'nlier 011 llie 1 lltl 1 msi..a light ietl iwu ..t..fl 1. It, lined baiK.vvii'i some while 011 llu bellv. The uwnci is requested lu uiuvc piopeity pay chargis and lake her avvuv. I JOSL-PII WIILLB. I L'ndeihilljSfpt. 17, 1SI7. -13.v3 l'clllloii lo Nell Lund. STATU or Vr.IlMONT, ) At a Pln of th" Disriitcr of CutTTi.Niirs, ss Probate C0111I held nt Hurliugton within ami for said distiiet, mi ihe lMi day of July, Idl7, conies Itufus It, Clnpp, of SVaits held, iu the County of V n.hingloii 11 1 I state of Ver mont, who is guardian of Divhl Diy Woodruff, (dsnM Waii.siir Id, ami ol Tlnrza Hha Woodiull', of ,-,tow 111 lh.' County of Lamoille, minor?, and chihhen of Ala Woodiull, hie ol Westlord,in said ditiiet, deceii's.d, nnd tiled hi said court his petition, in writing, selling I, ulli that bis said watds arc seizul In their own tight in fep of rwo ini'ltvided tilth nuts of he following ile- seribed lauds, lying ius iid Wcsllord, viz, 11 parcel of land, suppirmcoutiii, liventy-livc c,es,-,eiug a' nil ol lot, in me iiivimh 1, set to ihe ngm 01 will. 1 liollip.'ju..i unr , also iiooui ivvcmy 111 us 01 I ami, part 01 101 ,o. x 1, 111 nie inirii oiv isiou, tiue iavj t pnicel being tiie name laud in winch Anna Woodiulf, ' (now deceasi-d) widow ol Joseph Wooihnli', had a hie j estate, nil ol which I mils weie deeded to the said wards and to .Miiii.a S., Luey (). and Jnlia A. WoliI- nill", clnlihcn of said Ava, di-ceased, by Divid Die, 011 llie 18th day of July, la3'J,as by said David Diy'a died of that il ile, recorded In the town rleik's olliee 111 said Wcstford. will ai.near. tint u sale of all his said I winds' interest iu sii.l lamb would be eondueive to their interest, by having the proceeds of such sale put cburtto griintsiid girirdiaiilieens.; tosell allhn ward) inteiest fti nnd lands, for lhepurpo.Milri'Said,a,'reia- bly to tiie nalute in such ca'e made nnd provided, WiicrlI-idn the court aloiesaid doth appoint lliese- HI ooeiesi, 01 Hive-leu in fiiinvi, linn piiivmi; o coml Wednesilay iu O.'tuher, 1317 lor h-a ring mi I dc- ciding on said petition, nt llie 1 lliv of the ltegister of said court 111 said Hiiihngtoii, niul iloth onler that all persons interested be untitled thereof by publication of this onler containing llie subsinuce ol said petition, tluee wei lis successively iu ihe lliiiliiigluu 1 rec Press, sueces-iveiy in iue lii'iungiou 1 ice rrc.v, a nnewpaper piinlcd in s-iid Huihngtoii the loM ol '"'vvspap'r piuited 111 said Hiirlingt ihe last ol which whieh publications to lie previous tu said second Ijubhcations to be previous t.i th.-said second Wednes Wi dn.'sday iu October, 1917. 1 "-'Y 111 October, 191,, thai llu y may then nnd there Given under my hand at said Darlington this l'Jlh ''I'I'car arid show nui" why the said neeount should day of July 1917, 1,1,1 '"' allowed, nnd wliv the lime lor settling wild es- 13 W.M. WP.STOX, Regittcr. tu;; t-liould not be exteuded. l.ivi'ii under luy haul at said Uuilington this 10th rtATO IAf.klTrrv ' day ol'Seblelllber. 1317 v-A I O VVMIMItW, , 57011 I 11 IllLH Vj.1-11 H li.l, llli r.vui.ii JOHX llKADLIIYecCO. 1 Bcpt. 17, 1317 KWI wnouniiT iron i'ii'i:s. tTOR STi:A.iI, UAS, ad WATIlIt, or am. tL sle, from l-a to 3J inclr'.s bore. A l.o all kinds ol I'lllinu"., for conni .'ting the eame-lur sale at greatly icduced price, he TIIO. il.x'oKIMS.tllroiher, No. (W.tlold Si. Xew Yoik. Orders accomiianied vviiliu diaeiain ol the vvoik re- 1 ipiired, pioiuplly i xecuted. ! .,.. r, 1 X. lliother al,o cou.-tiuct appatatus for warming , '3"1J' NlIHCIIini3t HAS OX HA.VD AT Hill buildings by stem, i. 1 !L Cabinet Shop o,i Cutlin Lane a few roih l!aKl of Sept. 'J, Id 17. lSvvl tiie Hurlingtoii Hank, a large assoimieut ol Cid.inet furniture, i f Mahogany, (tieeian, Ventir, lE'AN'l'i:i) A riHSTHVIi: I5r,V(.-KSMiriI. Tea Ta'd, i, SccieHiic tcith Hoot. Ones, SV Ihi.piireatllurliugtoii 1'oundrv. . ".'',' 'li'T :', ",""S i'" I ""!""" i""u"; "'T ,., n 1 ii Wliri'l I'" , ad kinds ot Cabinet wnik winch he will fdl niiu'ril-' '. Iv low lor ui;h,eoiuitry iiroduce, or niiproved credit. RT'Vrir'l'' 'I'lll' Ct'liCflnIlI'Dt' Its'nt.'tl '''r)''1' .iir'' eainelly -ulii'iteiltocall nilil evainine qual- j l villi L. 1III M l.V.llIIIII.UVj U.vIJi'-ll ilyand pn es belore piiieal-lllg el-ewhele, as 1 am de the hrm of Djiui.ass cc llorrut, having pur- ter id not to be undersold. and all work warranted. cn-eil ihe llruk Store now oei upied by '1 ho's II. Caiili.-bl, will on ihe first day ul I) tober next open an entire ticwstoik ot Goods, cou-ii-liug of ! di:y GOODS, Gitoci:i!ii:s, ciiocKi;i:v, llAllDWAiti:, DltUGS .t MtmciNLs, i I'lViltp- i'wD 1V' ! Vvl -is I'-' i'.Vll..., ."5. VI. 1 , CvC, making a complete n"Oitnieut of every tiling that us. Particular atli uti.ei Ins been paid to lie -election may be called 1 ir. 'Pn the ciiiens i f Wilh-ton, ot goo.!" f.,r Fall nn.l Winter Diesses, and our "tock of Kichmouil, Jerii'honud nil who wib lo buy ilieir thisnrtu Ie has never been su large nnd desnuble. Of goods nt the lowest uinik.t puce, the) would ly that Piinlswe can niesent a well scleilcd ami heavy slock, they would be veiy happy lo make their ncipiaiiii'iiiee purclin-ed at the very lowest ta'e. To those, wishing ami that they will at e.i-t try to accommodate them to purchase nt win. .-"'ile, we would inine their par upjn a lavoiable leiuiiiis nnv store in the County. . ticulnr intention, ussurm ; them that out goods are all OKI). II. DOUGLASS, obtained upon ihe mo-i I iv inhie leiui", winch will IIUi;.il, U. liU 1 IL'vi. Williston.Sept. 13, 1917 1'Jvv 3 I QTCA K T S SCGAIt IIOIISG .1IOL VSSGS; s" rr 131- a' 'J'tTi 'AT-Y fceit. la, 131.. ,. &, ji.jWI.1, i Henry Tliom i's INttile. e ml 1. 1 T7F the Sii'.s.'riber". Iiavimr been annointed bv l . . . . . ... . '. . r- ' . . . . llutiwiiiili-tlie t iounu-i.miiii.ruie imuio i V..-..U... y uclju.t irn.- clrijin-, o;i. lU-mamU uf all jhoih iii.niu? ihe e-tate ol Ilemy Thoina" late of llarhngtou iu s-iid liistnct, ueccasfit, represeiu?ii in-oiveui, au.i also an claims nn.l demands c.xtuhiii d inoll-et tnerelo ; and six mouths Irnm the day ol the due tli'icol,b.'Uigafc lowed by "aid Conn lor that purpo-e, vve do iluueloie beieby give nolu c, that vve will lillend to the business ol our appointment, at the ifhee of John X. Potllciuy m Iturhngtou iu "ii.l D.-uicl.tin the first Wednesdays iu ?ud Pebiuaiy next, at 10u'cloik,A .u., on each ot said davs. Dated, llusl llh day of Ail2U"t A 1). 1317. .UJII. l intl.I.UV DA.N'N, I Commissscncrs,,oi;th N. II. SIIAKKU klaxxi:i., 13 by Cati.i.n fur sale r Si'EAii. MOST IJHILLIANT LOTPIiliY VAUll DIIAWN IN Tin: U. S. One Grand Cujiiltif l'rhe of$ 1 ?,1)! -iO!) I'lie" of &HH)t ! lieiiig the lowest llirce iiuinher I'li.i s! Till: nilST TWO Dltt .V.M'MllllllS !- i i ! .1 L EX. I XD 1! L 1 , O TTEll Y, C-lnssS. lor IS 17 Tobe drawn in Aiexandr.a on S iturilnv.tlie "I'tb day of ( ). -tober, 13 1 1 , under iue superintendence ol Com luissioueis. J. W. .Mauv.v lo., 'Slice, sors to .1 G. Gitiieuiv e, Co..) .M.inagers. 73 Xuiulcrs li Drawn llallots. IV3:i.i,:s;2k'.t,s:S I'Szi-nc. 1 Grtuid 1'iuo ol'giOO.Oll!) ll():),0-)t) .111,111)11 1.1,1)00 I 12. n7.) r.o,oi: .; "),(!o:i 'J'J,t)00 loo.oo;) (i:i,oiio ' o:i,(U)i) :i I,5i)ii H.DOl) J!7,:m;o u:)7,i jo l5,0Sj:i,-J7.") V. In ihe above Scheme, formed by the ternarv coinbi nation of ?.", nuiiil.ei", making r,7ii."j tiekets, an I the drawing li bailot", ihere will be iJO 1'ries, oaeb Iriv ing tluee of the tliavvn numbers on ihem I.13S each b iving Ivvool tli.'in on; an I i 1,111.1 eaehlnv.,ij one, only, of them on j and also, a ),7l 1 tickets having nolle of the drawn numbers on, being blanks. To determine the late of thewe prizes and bhuks,7.v, wdl be seveially iilatetliiiH wheel on the day ot the drawing, li ot them will be drawn out at random j an. I that ticket having on it, us a t-ombiii'i-I lull, llie 1st id and I'd drawn utmihcis will be ei. tilled lo Ihe Grand Capital True uf s)!oUHJ.) Tint ti.-k"t Laving on it llie llh 5th and G;h drawn number, to ... 40,000 That ti ket h iving un it the 7th 8'di and Uth drawn mnnbeis, to ... 20,000 That ticket having mi it the 10th 11th und liili drawn inuuUrs, to ... 15,000 That t.ekit having oil it the ij 3d and 1th dravvn ntunbeis, tu - li,03 These 0 tieketswitli the XI llh and 5th 5;li full uiitl 7ih r.ili 7th and Sth Sib '.'ill and lo.ii, or '.'ill lOthaud 10th drawn numbers, each ----- 10,0 JO Tbo-e 5 tirkeu with the 1st id and llh 2 1 : 1 ami 5:li 3.1 Itli and till. llh 5ib and 7th, or tiih 7 til ati.l Vth drawn numbers, each ..... 5,000 TIiomS tickets vv.tli the Sth Dthatid llth Ulli luih and lith id lib and t'.ili 'J.I5ih and Till, or lib Gth und Uth ihuwn num bers, t-ath .... -1,000 All other tickets having cm them any tiikce I ...f1 .J1""" liuniUis, (being iu',) eac.ll Q,IHX) 1,000 500 Those (13 Ikkets having on theittthe lsl and id drawn iiuuibets, each Those 121. tickets having on tlir-111 the id and 3 I, or 3.1 and llh drawn numbers, each, Those lii', iK-kcts having on ihem the till an. I .nli, or the jth and lull draw 11 num. U'ls, each .... 150 Those 120 tickets having on ihem the Ihh and 7ih, or the 7th und Bill drawn Hum beis.eai'h .... 1511 All oilier titkets having on ihem any two of llie drawn numbers, (ticine, 3,717,) cuili 60 And all other In kt is, having oil.', only, of llie tlravVll llillllbeis on lll'-iu, (ts'llig i3, 136,) each ..... 20 Xo ticktt vvhiili shall have drawn a prize ofasujie- riordeiiouimntioirVaii be entitled lu an inteiior pnze Prues payable foil) tla alter ike diaw ltu',u)ld Dub- led 10 the usual tleduilioii ol lilleen per ceul. Packages, single Tn kels, or .ilati.'igei& certifieales t.f Package! call be hid by ad.lri.iug the .Munagei. t'eiiifientes of 11 P.iikuge ol vvhuicii will be Kill lor V-i.ii. iMiuiisin proiHuuou. J. W. .MAllltY A. Co. Iloston tNOKTII SUOItn SAIiMOX. 1 I'.ST receivtd lew bhls 1 i-h caught Xorth ' moie ti.iinoti at 1 tii i.i.i N W'i,t . Sept. 23, 1I7. 1 " " dO.l'OI) 1 " " UlMMi) 1 " ' l.'i.ODO 1 " " l'-',075 .r " inixeu 10,000 r " " ." 5 '' " -1,000 J01) " " 'J,000 (ill " " 1,01)0 l'Ul " " .")00 l'Jfi " " l-JII ' I.")!) :i,717 " " t-o j:i,i:io " " -io NEW GOODS. 1 havi: iu;tuiNi:d rito.M Ni:v youk 4 with my stock ol Fashionable UooJs fur the Pall trade, consistim? of ljronde.loili-, plain Jiuiey C'lislinpres, Vol. I11S. t'loiildutr. Dri isi'iiods, 51iiH', I'n p.'i Ilinigiii.'s, I. ml, ev Dic-H Tiiiii. mliiav. All coiors of .llelino, .Silllll plnld t'lisliinere.Oiu. gnu nml Coliimbm . .. I'lnlil. I.mlicj Collnr. lind I'lldpr ITAni1l.rrl,lf . j,,,,, ' hcaoaVca , " " ffi ' w.iu a sn .piy 01 u.ii.iritic Uuotla am s,,0, DANICI. KHUN 1 Uutlington, Sept. , 1917 llwG t.eorgo A, Alleirs IMulc. STATU OF VHIIMON'T 1 Tin. p,lin rv Disriit. ! o, Cntr Xms, s ' t 11,1)', Chittenden, To all peons n.telesled 111 ll, ' (illOIiOi: A. ALl.hX. late of ., disti let. deceased, int. sine .-lie, 1 t,v, i Wlierum, Sopiua S. Allen, ailuuiusiiutrix of the es tate of said deceased, bus made application to said Coiut in writing to extend the lime liiiule.l l.v u.i.l court lor settling sail estate, one year fiom Ibu 11th day of September, It 17, and also proposes to leiubr ' f1' account ol her administration lo said coutt and I naw; tne same ailoweil hv saul court : iir.iu cijox, the coin t nloiesaid doth tippoint tiie fecon,! Weiliusday in October, 1917, for healing nn.l decnling 111 th.. p'eniin.s, nl the olliee of the ItegHer " N' coiui 111 saei n inuieion, ai ten ocloeti 111 ihe forenoon, nn.l 1M1 order ihnl nil prisons interested he ' noliueil thereot by pith heation ot this order three I3w3 WM. WCST0X, Register. ftrtlli'iniipf t ii M si T'uli fli:iini. vvifli ntut withrnil Si.xtU .1 n. I iVmq. ' fl 1, f .r.i'.r,! rltn.ia .i- ..t t!,' (lolil, ninrMiMi'' toliirf'! ; i biacclet cli:un-f (juiit licrnH, (KiM iioiiitjaiiil rin Uiv 1 VikmI. (mM iti8il IVn-, new side- nf Iliwi'itii CtMiilii, (lolil ImiUutfi nil mi I uth'T lH'W (t hj, unm JlIuNtiMAIL) ."c IIUOTIIKRS. d'.r. isaavi "T.V? n 2r . ii.i r i.ane a lew roils ot tiomi'take. S. MUilL X1C110LS. Iluiliugion, September Cili, 1317. 11 . - I'A!,L (i'OOI)S. KIM'T. in. islTv VU vs NOYIlShave jun received from Xew ' Voik a larg- "toikol Dry Good", making our nresenl nssnrlmenl the i.m-i nvlin-tvi. , ,-r oli;.i,..l lie enable us u s.'ll nt rates eorresno.ijui'lv advautage- ous to lh" purcli iser. tOOLSCV'c. FIN;j4 gYULTS, for sale u CATU.v.t .Srr.AR. 1 Ul I. have red ived Sample" ol the cehbrnleil Priam Ajr tiuht l.'ookmg Movelrom the mauutactory of .. T. Dutiiiam i Co. Truv, X. Y. and ale now ,..,, i ,, . I,,, ,.1.1, ,i, ,,.'iii, -,,,.., I',., l,,,. piPI).irtfl tlJ UnihU tlt.m loI)iwl1() w,m, u Cuoknu -jiot. Wlnr-Il Will (to DtlMtlff-i raiUl Qtlil ill MlUIt ut.trL. WJh a u.n (lUk. We nutmr litwnund li.ill coii"cn!ifiiiiy s-ivip nil bis wtrus incnucavouriii lopiotuile the large merit ot these Stove" betore the public ,but we will barely ultimate that in hot weather sinhtiswe may expect in or about Dj Davlhese Stoves vvdl almost cook without the use ol auyluel 5IFXSOX & l'OLLrn'T, Winoosk! City, June Uth IS 17. ai) STATUAKY ,MAH!!Li: QUAUIUlS, ilraiulfni 1 enmmt. Ill nhove iiniin-il tinrric. v.vtl knrmn fur fur. T' iiifliiu ' a Fiioerior uu.iliiv cf innrhh'. ot line white ! MM tuklii u limn poiie-n aic nu'.v ocinr worked, pro ducing ;i nunhty ol bit1, a.ud tu be unequalled in Aincncn, Alt orders for monument, lorn1 and crave stnrr, tiisiiltle r-alr bioclv-i, pede.-iut9or Iroin thvw (jiarric-, may be addit ted to KnowSe- Tajl'tr.rru- pruior.ut i icuiuicroii.i , or cit or 4ev ioik.oru S'leplp'ii i Cluodcll. bupennti ent ot j c (inarr liiaiiuon i. ycplvv-mber 1. n 10. SOr.tS, CIIVII!.'! AXI) TAIU.KS, Ji'vr i:rxi:in:i) at iierwoods CVi liuoio. a n.'W lot ot .S.ta". .Mahogiuy 1 1 s-nt Chans, I eulirand Caid 'i'ab'i. Auction arm ami bies. Look- s, I. links, c. Kl ( ftJilDS II AIM) WOOD. IVr-slc by JUW VILAS .-v. XO VI S. Ilurlm 'ton, October, 1st, IS 17. ilflfKU'lllIll' I'OSTS. Tors ile cuiiure of ULn il.A, Xo.ti or J. IlKAULH..'- Co. U.tulcr, ! l-it7 . "HEALTH! HEALTH! -. Dr. WOOD'S s Its VI" ir.lbbV nml i It.:) f.'.'IillcliY lil. J The following voluntary te-timoniai was gjven to to Hi- Agent, Mr M. Cauibridge, t , and speaks volu...eo .ii savor ot this medicine. C'vMi'.i.iuoi; Vt., Sept. 1st., 1317. .Mr. JI. Wii-.ns.D.-arSn . I laving been u great sullerer from that tor mre of ihe biini.iu raee. Du-ve.os.a, and having in lust i. .in.. I r..l...t I I....I roii- ol lei" -illl.-rim'. lllllit 1 ."iron" otnei" th'-reure th'iu.-.i', should know iue iiieau- oy wo.eii I was eured. L'niil about a vearsu 1 bu.l uliered niueh ho. ii Heartburn. IhnUrhr, and )i::iiir,ta nun li sutli-it 1 wiiseonlined to in) hoti-c llie inosi ol th" niu. i,.., in. . 'ltielooit wlucli 1 nteilislress'il iue. iin.l in became almost a luirden. 1 was lotu'uy una. ble lo lUli'l! 1 lu the hlui.lcct il.itl.J rei.u.icil ol me. so meat was mv iletumv Having tiie.i.ill rem- eilies lecoiiniieiiiieu anil ativeni-eii lor me cuie oi my complaint, visited Ihe spnngs vvtitch nre so highly itc w.tiifiided, and takenlhe atlviee of Ph)slciails wilb- ut gelling rein I", 1 gave up all hopes ol ever eiijoviug good Inallh again in luci, luv l'hsieiins liauklv lold toe iliatthty n.iild ilo iioilung tor me. At this tune tuv sole-rings weie very greul ; ull Iiok-s ot ever being li'inle conilortable had tied, and 1 gave lii) ll up to sutler. Accidental! ,iii looking over n new sim per I llotlie.l an advcrtis. inenlol Dr. l'.ud'Sairap anl'.a and HVU Chertj) lljltri, niul on leading it, I 1 might piob.iblyolii.aiu some relief, iinl thinking a cuie ol in) cit-e wa" jio-ible ; and as a last hope 1 procured ii bot'lelioni joirsinteund commenc ed taking it, and lo my grenl joy, 1 tit i.iue lound Ie. llt l. Ileillgenio'iraged by itswolldeltul ellecl", 1 was induced to continue in u-e. Alter taking one boille 1 was able mis' out und allelld to the dull s reunited "1 tue.aiid fee'.mg much belter than I had lor month-, or even ycuis, 1 was now sau-li.'tl thai I had at lasUomi.l a leinedy loriuv disease, and tell as-ureil,thalby con tinuing Its us" 1 should be cuied. And sueh hi-proved tube the ca-e. I have now taken only two lint ties, ami can say lo t!inc -ullermg Iroin this disease that I am entirely cured. 1 keep a bottle in my houv, and when 1 let I th" e,i"t unp!eu9.inis)iuptoin,u dose of tin s excellent .Medicine entirely removes it. lam of opinion e.ery case of Dyspepsia and its atlcnd.uu enn !. cured by ihe use o; V; Wood's jaia;iaii;:a nr.. I V, .1 I'h. irv It, Iters. l o those lloilb ed with habitual Cottvcne-, loss ol ApH'tite, sour Stomach or lleadiuhe,! w mild earnest. ly reeounneii.l ihem to try it Its astonishing elk. t 111 my cli-e -hoi.UI induee every unesiuk'riiig Iroin ib.s tlisea-.' lo give it ii Inul ; 1 tceiii-ti.'d they will nev er regrt tit You nre ut liberty to reler any one to inl and 11 will give me great pleu-ure to personally retoin iiien.l Ihe u-e ol that cicclleut remedy and slate the paitieulaisofiny car.- IIP.NNT'.TT. We are nequaiiited with the above nauietl .Miles 11 'in.eit, and the statement ol llie cuie described lu Ins certiticate csu be tleK'ti.en iisin i u.-iug iwavi. Mabiin W;i.i, IIimiv Sr..wu.i.,.!l('jjif Late,.,1 .e. Vl Pel.l lst.H17 On 1.1 to the gieal .ueetwol lhi incdicille, tliere are many munitions , be panlt ular ,tud get Dr Wood's ns ,1... ." the and o'itu genuine lireiKiraliou. hold wllolewil.- ulld letall I.) Tllt;0 A Plit'K, IZ iffuw ; W. US lim TvLtil .v, iiiid J. Tunui. Will. I). Il.VTlU, WllliKKkl I'lllls. lJ.r.0 i'ai.!. AM) wixti'.k ri:i:i. llOUTiOOaciesul gooj pa.turage, nnd ) Tons t ..r 1 .... ..1. IV... .. .n 1.. and sold nl Ihe lroiri'uinoci'Tai 11 Tiny. Vl., t" lw led 0111 oil I the premiss. s. Application limy 'H- "'!"ll!.,u t J il PKCK . Co . Uurlineton, t itwSA.ML'EL SL'.MXLK, Tioy,'.!. 11. 13a 3 a iili:s3i;d,iillssi:d and nr. AVcxiiY .hsisaoce.: or i7aiAt!M-:Jt Oi l,r W,nf Atiittit, in th' year 1813, n sinsulur nuie veeurml m the Huyul Scientific liutitiithn l I lunce. T,5 ,,S(,(;, white l.eniled 1'rtMenl, hi heml hire, hit nrnm unMittrhtd, hi fuce rtuhiint whamMcs, (for nnee irfi Iriiiiimtuiiil,) nnd hi n'lZ It """"'"'"'V 'Mictred the following Wenre nMoiin,!.,! st i,i Hnnn'or tirenirnilon. ( v.nerc niii.ii'fi will w,pn. siii)i ! " Here we bavea ' ..... n iu in-loim r,t a s autif.i niece ot noZr' every I even ih-eoloied skin. Wl,,.,,. ' ... 1 . .. .i. W ill ,1. .......... .....1 Ins power cease I The Negro, ihe Creole, the Yellow j Knee of the Last, and the Kid Man ol the Par West, ' nre alike under the itillueuee ol it extruonlioarv llop"' "f dealing vellow or dieoloied skm, ami uin .g.t wlu.e and beantiliil, and ot cb,g,ngl.. color '"h H' l,r0" ',' rk".', ,,("T "?"r,"1 '," biought lorvvard l.y the Piesident, who had u1'. ' ." 1,1 l'r" 119 511101, ) 'Phere are lirobablv f'W lHrfcolisofintelliienep.wl.oi after reading lh- above, will doubt tiie qualities ol JO.LS' ITALIA CHEMICAL SUAl' Pintfe. lUulchet, Salt IHt'itm, Srnrry, I'-rympelat. &,e Heads, Old S,t e , IJeurU and limber' Itch, Chiiy)ied nwl Tender Ftesh, 1'ieekles, Tan, Sunburn and rhunginz dm L Sunburn or iv I'elloio Skin tu u ,irc rletir irhitc, tie eitwuui una snjt a an ii- and in fact every kind ol eruption and disfi -urctnen't Head lliesj certificates; l'rom the X'cw O, leans Sentinel, October, 1811 One of our subscribe", Jlr. II. Leonard, Inform" us thai he lias been i ureil ol old, scaly Salt enthieen vear" "lauding, on his beaid, lingers, nnd hands, by n cake of an article lunch adveiti-ed lately wo sp'ak of Jones' Italian I liemienl Soap. llu nlo intoitiis us thai be hi." tried its effects on his (. male slave Iio.e,mueh mnik. il with mui spot", and be found in Iwo weeks her skin much clearer and whiter. James Llthnin, a painter, m Jersey City, was cured ef carbuncles and pimples, vvliich he was alllicted with torinnny vents, by part of u cake of Jones' liahau CheniKal Soap. Person" iu I urcliasing tiiis rnitt nivvays ask for JOXLS- ITALIAN CIUI.MICALSOAP i nnd per haps, as many who have been cheated wilh counter I. its, will be luo mui Ii di-couiaged lo Iry the genuinev vvesnyto sui h, try this once you will" not regret it : but always sec thai the name ot T. JOXLS Is oa llu wiapiier. S,!d ;;,hj at .Yrtc York ul Hi CHATHAM S 1 KLLT, .SVci of the Aineiiean Jingle. Trice. . . . ."() Cents a Cuke. Z.'&l ultdirections for use aceouipany tachci i,,r,'.sni,. l'- sal,, l.v lie,, II. I hrnivm. p. Agent lor Vermont, Iaidics lire Cautioned Against L'sin; common piu:pakud chalk Thrij aic not atrnrc fonc fright 'fully injurious it is td the vlin ! hnw cottisc, hoic mush, how Sftlloic, yillhic, and unhealthy the situ (;? after Uiinj prejiated chalk! JU aides it is injurious, conhtinins a large quan tity of Lead ! Vc have prepared n bcautilut vcgetnblc aiticle; wliich we call ,o.vv;.v sPAxisn lily whiti;. It is perfectly innocent, hems purified of nil deletc rioiH qufdiiio ; and n jirpainto liiekm a natuinli lie.iitliy, Ohiha'-ter, clear, hwii" white : ut the suiiw t j i ii- ailing hts a tu?melic on the skin, making it aoU and snioutli. J)r. Jatncs Andersen, IVactical Cheniiftof Maa. chu-i ti.f-fu : " Alter nuniv in Jones tpam-h Lily White, 1 lind it th'1 tnoM bcauiitnl nnd un til tal, and at the Kime tune innocent w lute I eer siw, I 1 c r'.imly can loncieiitiun.M'." rccomiocnd its iwc td ail wiiuseckm requires bcautilin." """' - , (.D.arr,oxs.-The White, u wnli soil lei riC "5 Cunts a llox. brt wav to nnrilv the Li! ih soli leather or w ool tliu lurnier U iuu- tcrauit;. A rinc Set ofiVcth for M7 Conls. WHITE TEETH, FOUL BREATH, HEALTHY GUMS. Yellow and unhealthy teeth, after beitnj once or twice cleaned with JO.NTS' A.MI5i:it TOOTH PASTE. have llie appearance of the limn beautiful ivory, and, tt the same time it is "o perfectly ninoc'tit rjn.l et qitisi'.ely fine, that Its iciiant dailyit"e is highly ad vaulagi uu", even to tl.of e tteih that ale ill a good con dition; giving them a b, autilui polish, and preventing a premature decay. Ttio"c aheady decayed it pre vent" fiom becoming worse it al.-o fastens such as are lieeouung lot."., niul liv pelseveiane. it will un- h'r lh" lonlrM, te lh w.i-. .i . . i. I.e i! i bliath dHl.liiU"1!' sweet. I'm-.' " or .'17 I-'iCenlsn 11m. I All the ubotc m e i Id only at &2 CH ATI! AM STKf 111 I', S.zn of the Aineiiean Otgle.Xcw Yoik, 3f And iiv tug An inthu Aufats w uot Xamu Al'i I AT. I.V Tlir. Xl AT Col.CJl.V.E3 l'orsale by Giu. 11. Hakiii.mito.n only .gent for Vermunt dui3 Those ho linie been ileceivcil with .MO'JK I'itCTENDI'.I) HAW PIlCPAItA 'i'lONS, Shoulil lead the following ftutcmentivf rcpccttil!e J citans ; Mr. Vceileibeik, of 9S Avenue D.Xiw Yoik, eeinlics that Ins liea.l was entirely bald on the lop, iud by the u-e ol two U?. bottles of JOXEy CORAL 11 AIR RESTORA TIVE, be Ins a gaod crep ot hair, and will soon have it lonj, it. a k au.i iuMiiinut. Mr. n.i.i vm .1 ai ks.iv, nf S3 Liberty street, Pitts burgh teiiiiies: On the 1M ot 1-V.bruary, I?l7,ihat Mr. Tut. 1. 1.1.1 JaclvMi'" bead, on the top, was entirely bald .,r titieen vea-w, and Ilia: ny u-ing two J-. boule" of .loue's Coral Hair llesiuiative, the bairn growing fa-t, thick mid heallhv. Ile expects by u-ing this;, h'.tie longer lo have u better head ol hair than lie ever bad. Z V to Titosn w i;oe pair is orav,.' on I'Ai.Lixo on- a xu wti.vic at tiiu llUd'I's, I I hereby ceriifv that my hair was turning gray, and falling nil", and that si'i. e I have u-s-d .loins' 'Coral I lair Ucstorame it bus entirely cca-e.l lulling, is lmow- I.i-i. liliu l.a- a line, tiaiK tool;, lielore l ut-e-l join- Loral i;air i.csioranvc i comueu oui natiiiiuis j ot tiair dailv. W.M. TOMl'KIXS, SS King sl.,X. Y. . .... yniT SCl'lU' Ol! 1)1 VDllt'W ' , - Mr. Power, a grocer, of I ulion street, had Ins hair 1 iplelely cuoneu up vvim tiauuniii, una .lour.- i-orm ' tin. li-surative cutneiy aim s'rinauenuy cureu ii. Do ton vvnnt to Dies-. ISeiiuIif) niul luaho )(iiir l!.!t! -"'I niul line ! . . .limit : I, Henry 11. Culleii.late barber on board the steam boat South America, ilo certily that Jones' Coral Hair Ittsioraiive is the best article 1 1 vt r.i.-nl ft r ihts-iiy, solieiutig. cleansing und keeepmg the hair a lcugtui.e K..H, clean. silky, duik and 111 oruir ; all my cu.-lum.'is pieterred it to imy tiling eNe. Sold only in A'.io York at Si CI1AT1IA.M STit-CT, SlncJ the Aaici icuu Valc. Directions for using' Coral llair llestorntixe, lo it K.-KiiMi Tiir. (ir.t.witi or Hair, it is necesniy to cause a slight Inchon on tin m nip, so ihat the lies- It. rative may i-uler llie pores, inn may ne none l.y g it wall a moderately hard brush, but 11 lsl.ct lle.essiiv 10 u-e were luis.i luiaiic CAeepl in actual Cast ui baaiuess W .11 11c Tin Hair 1' O.t, GtiAV.evc, apply ihe Itestorative with llie hand, or olt brush. I'd 1 1 ihe hair 111 dillercnt plans, so lii? lteeioiauve liiav touch the scalp. The 6aiue dircclioii may be uetl for l)r.r.lxn, ici Gi:0. V.. HAItltl.M.TO.N, Au3 Apot'tccaiy Hall. FALL (iOODS. poi!!.SO.V .V GiltM.D.areiiowepcning their J-V .loik ol new and elegant iwu. v u i.ti:k coons. whieh for variety and extent, 1ms never teen surpass. ed 111 this in.irktt. and win. it they ulfer to punhaseis oil llie Ini.-I lettsollHblc tertt.s Seplenitn-r il, 1"I7. Tt:Lr.(J:iAiMoTTci:. nWlV. Tm'.NTrr.s or Tin: Ti:ov .v.i) C...- 1 ,la Junction Telegraph Company call iiput llie ml sut.-nl-is 10 inei-.ipiiiiit.iiii ' "v --"1-; 111 10 inn the lollow nig ow-.uents on ineir sev.iai "ulwn'p ll , 1. i 0.1 the Mh l Oct.. IS 17. twenty dollais on a s aie" 01 Ihe 3th ol X"V lei 17. t.iu en - . . . :. 1 1... tii i ,it ij...-. so. ten miliars on 11 2har.--ijii.l calls Ih-hik aecoldnig 10 uiticle 3d ol th "inel. s ol A"ial'"" ol company. Pii)ineiits . mi y Ulllatle III lim 1. ."",,', ,, , lluihngton and the Purines and .Meibuiiics Hank 11 the llo.kol Vergriui.' Ihe I kink of "nddiebuVy;;,; he IU, Km;. .nw of M"'"'',. Ik'iiHiiVtou.wheie the nrrhiy reoeiul. will be given. J 11 PUCK, Trustees. II. f. HICK. ) Ilurlinston,, lsl". 13.vli rJt'JtO HJHi:fS t' Slt, jl-&t mm v ' V ' w received and tor sale by li3 HOIIACC WKCELUU.

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