Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, 15 Ekim 1847, Page 2

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated 15 Ekim 1847 Page 2
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V . BURL1NCTON FRISK PRHSS, FRIDAY MORNING, OCTOBER, .85, J847. ivcc mrjtr.i.Ncro.v, vi. IT.1DAY MOItNINO, OCTOHI'.U ir., IS 17 fil Id llm iMrfiiriniurr t.r itiv itntv when tint "'"no that lino L'nno bi'fiirc 11". mid lime lllu era mIi-iII arrive. " Irited nur tirincliiius In the iiiliiiliii.slr.ilinti nf tin Sir. there lus lirni a tin pi-ilinn, which re- unvernniotit. Wo inivimt sec our way nut nl reived ttu voli nl rvvrv Wliic ineinl-er In 111" present cril. Wo nnv li tns-eil mi 1111 S mi do I nt vonr. (every one on loilainli ) ucmii where wo rannut ilieeni tin' ltiml, where tn loircl nil 'ton-llnn- with n.iwi-r to t ml it slaves, wo canin t ovon discern tlio Mill. What llu'li I- Too' parly which culls ll-elftlm , irlhcrn I).- nllr 'l'y ' l"t ns study our clnrl, mnl loln inorrnev, Vnnil I miv nc tlio term as tlicv hue nhey the cniiiius-st lliat chut is llie ,'iii-titiilnn minuted it llicinclvi"-.) nclnotcil tlio noliov In "I" 'I1" rnntilryj that cntitins Nan lioiipft. 5ilt nilmil lrrriiirv. louiilnl liti I In. ivnr Co- i.-f rii'ni-c trie iiliM. ami luirinisc In nroono tlio In-littilinti loiiniiiiro nll'vie cnulil mid thou lot it in, iclv ni" IUktI - uml independence, vv ilh which mum tlin principles nf Hi.- Wiltnnt I'mvini to 1.011 hm ulc?s-ni ih. hoop id-ivcrv. I In- hoiithoin portion nflho patty woto Tor inliniltiii territory. In ono ie-pect they nrooi!. 'J'lioy woiihl lot it in tnid haw th" r.uite-t for ppiiilx ultor it was ndiinlloil. Il -!iihi!(1 ho settled nfinrw.iuli whether it s-lioiilil lie froo or si ivo territory, Allow ma to ?iry. irillnt f have not seen one intelligent nmirnf the smith who objects tn Ihe fair escroW of nil tlio power nl' the north in provenlinv' the further increie t( -laveiepro-Fontalioiv i'n ( ?oii!fre. I tin ii"t know the nun rf my mtrminluucii vvhnstv.s tome that it i titiri';Viiulilo in ih, or Mi ll it is imttn h.' ex-p"i-ril'frnin n, or III it it in ly not he rigidly pcr Inrnieil hy ns, 'I'll re 'h ii i one who oan rum flain of the norlli for ieNtina the incre;ic of slave rrpreenl-ilioii, l-ecnu-e it uives power to tlio minority in a manner inconsistent wilh the nrincinles of our .rivcnine'iit. lint is pied. iiiiit r-t-mtl ; is established tmii-t stand r. m! with tlie mine l'nmnei" wilh which I sin! rri"t corv plan to iitiiimenl the skive lepreen- (.reel; rlavcil rowT.r. inilOO, IU HI Ollll Mlf t.,!-llllll.Jll l,ll. .!., ln.:iril hy altempiinp; !o rMenil our dominions, rliall I contend Id allow existing rights to re in tin. lint there i one tliintr of which Ftinlhoni son- lleinen do compliiin. '11 toy complain of tlii iiroiion o tlio Wilnmt rrovio, hecau-o, theV fiiv. ' it i-i nnemrtl. Von of the licit t ti can p-iit'lc it, lieeaiifc mi enn pi wiilmut .-hm WiMiftho runt i cannot settle it, hecau-o we linn il.nos. it cstnhlixhet a oVroffntnry ili liuetion and tends to o.'lahli-h an iuoqiialily. ' J,i'l ih consider the force of thN uririi liu'nt. I nin always h ippy to no'ct soulliern r.-nl!cnicn of characlor, honor, t.ileiil, and ahilily upon 1 n nue-lion. How which tliev now have of a lenroscnlntion i! proportioned to otir 1 'I'lioy lulmilthi' to lie tin iivipialily. and if new territory i-. !i('millcil,opon to lac!, i not that plainly an auyuieiilation ol t!. it iurmi.ilin ? i'ow 1 ani no pioplict, nor am I tiie son of a t.riinliel : lint if 1 was to I rotdiesy, I will siiv In to the l.i-t sulii"ct iicpii which I idioiihl entiire a preilielimi wi ti'd In' the cnuri-e whicli our fiieniN. cnllul the Southern l)i mocr.icv, will I'lhe upon thii or nnv other !u!iect. The tin diction- of Iho weather in ll.o nhirinie will hit the Until just a" well a- I can. 1 Impe th it there nio in.i ti v ini'ii, nun I i iu'vr ini'io are, in no " Is Tin: tiAiiKAMi Tr.iiuni.r.n mgiithiat i iii'dn fsi, tii i: k ii is mi aiidvi: tiii: iioi:ro- T0 1.1VH LXA (II.KAM OF l.IOIIT, l..Xl'F.l'TIN(i TUT si, PATiiioi ic Wnio taiitv (if 'iin; U.MTUti Htati:-." Dniirl Wtbslrr. Mr, Towels mill hit Citil. hnv. We are indehted to iho hindncs-s of a friend In New Voil; for tlie Fuliioined notice of the It cincc a genuine appreciation hMh of the phllo.-opliy of Alt, anil nf that line nnd heaiitiful dc(clopnient of it which has civen niniyalled renown to one of our own (iieen Mountain Uojc. Since the death of Tiiohwamwcn, 1'nwer.s has occnpidl the loremoft place among modern Sculpture ; and it was that prcat .Ma-ler who said, on loo; inif nt I'owei.s' hiist of Wi:nTr.i:, " cannot tn the writ l.iiflf!" We ptetend to ho no con iinis.cur in inattefs nf Ail, hut wo yield not even to Iho accompli-hed ciilic, in the warmth of our admiration and our re-pect, for the TOiiiiif is it with the iriilc:c that "Uos tn Poetry and 1 larmony, and divine, "n local habitation and a name." I'ow- i:r.s is a Ycrmonter; and we have a rijrlit to uperadd to the aduiiralion for his wondeifiil "emus wlncli we snare Willi llio wiiole ciiiizro win hi. the feeling of ,SVc-piido which this fact is calcohiti il toawahen. And We aro glad to ho uhu to say that no sou of Vermont feels a heaitier leu'ience lor Iho heroic deeiK of tlio tulihorn nnd faithful nplioldeis of her early in. dependence of her Ai.i.i.n-, her aknki:1-, her SfAKh-, ami her anil no one other party, that will help us. That is, when it Knows her lli-tory better, tiian llniAM l'ow v.v.t. We liave heretofore, on more occasions, than misery than is npprnpriato to this condilinu or liiis Ijle of wuuintiluiod. lleieisniu'.ttioiniiyol wretch' rilness width tmt only ptccludc.s ctuoliou, bill tdiuo-! oM'ipowciF lliu sciHt ; nail tlie leinblo cuiififjii'tu ss hnd f inh siilidiit'd cfnfniiscioiiPfFs iiwidf. Ilcr ilcpolalion Is not only " loo dci'ii fur IcniF," hut tihntt lor ihoiinhts ; nnd she i enhu liom ihe very intensity of her woe. Nor docs tlio stucki'ii c.pio-iou nl lhc face lilonc, iccnl the condition nf the spiiil J one nl lasi ili't't rns n synipatiiy with it in the vory bend nf t lie tH'tk,imd tin' ball-nenflfss pinueofiill the bodyi eicrj Ihing inii'piiiuj! to testily how ciii-bing i ihe nificiless licet tity under wlm ii she sinks. Hut tins k-w ol die subjret is too jninful to dwrll npoii. CouHiltrt'd wilh left rcnee men ly to itsntliftic cxcellfiicc, llus noble pieic of woik is inlt resting to ibe tboiiiikirul sprtl.ilor ns iillbrdiug nl one icwa Iwo-lold proof of ihe tlivinc- irltilioiiships of man. 1'irst by iis rcllfclioii upon die Allifl ; llion by its in llii'Mico upon the iK'holileis. Ihi'y, hustling men, stealing a moniinl Irom tlie din of conuiicice, iiud rcu hariUbandcd rulics,wlio hayepeaivclyb',i,n told that there is such a thing a All, stand ihctc with ml cucrid head, as siltnt nml rcFjicclfnl ns if it were piofine lo iiidiilge a common f unili.'ilily in so beauti ful a prcence. This t licet is nut limited to any elaas or kind ol men. Xo clod-polu fo ilull as to he inca pable of the itilhiciice J no baibatian so rude ns to dare to di-wgard it. As liie magnet in contact with the coiuiiiuui'st iinu ih-ii-lopcsor coiutnunicali s a pro- pcity by whith it is it-elf nttriiLtcd for ihe tiine,rrii o docs this woik ol All, sei-iii li'iiiiioianlv to awaken in lhc roughest brcat tlie ficully by which its own excellence limy be nppiicinteil. Only, now and llicn (as if to ptovc tlie nilc hy the seeming exception to it) lo a ilatuly and datidycss.tlieir souls loin; since twpur ated by enrsels and n fl' ctat inn , diddle in compla cently, to gieele nnd gnhble for a lew npid momciil, and then dnklie eoinplacciitly out again. I.ut enough ol Ibis. There are those, we know, to whom neither the " deck Slave" nor the l'.nailie Lost "proves any thing;" nnd who luiwt conceive that lile ill. spent which is censunud in the production of cither. Hut ihose who properly know the iniiuiaio connection bclHctn all tlie woiks nl the (ieuial Soul mil the luglicst dcvclopmtiit and wtll-bcinc ol nnn ; who nre wcllennin ipnled Irom ihe vulg-ir mid degra iIiiil' iv-tunale nl iilililu which iu!c.-is tlie lmsent nee ; who decern (in a word) that to elevate man spiritually is mole noble and mine "piaclical" than lo I.itteii liis llcsh, will bail tlie name of liin.VM Powi.ns, ns of one among the real tors ol the present gontialion. And surely no on of the Gicen .Alounlaiii Slate, as his eje at la-t falls upon thf modest and li.ill-coneeal-ed " xrti'jmit" upon ihe pedestal, can l.dl of n thrill of proud dehiihl as he remember that tlie giltcd Art ist is not only an American, but a native ol Vi.hmo.vt. S. .M. U. llwnUyit, X. Y. pnrlsnf the iou-lilve heaiiiirul ninanitiitiil capital', li"cn regarded ns tin do lip nf nebulous rustler, nnd v mi- Him p ih niiMii'Mi in a 91 v ie iiiniie ti'-oii'oN. ... the ur. hliciiionl ihe Society. I'ui.fh, d 1 did I my 1 .No. There is a wir;iesiiikiiiv' up mil nl live. Hire nl the roof of Ihe nipnln, wiiiiTi sliuw that iheie is euin, iiiini. luicnoeii ny me lilelutrct loll.' lliliieo- I'he 1 t-nnle Sriuin ill- iiii.I.t ll.r- rn.'ol Itey. .1. I. Convcise, Ins nhoui as many joiinj laihes ns is d.-nali'e. .Mi-s I'lnnjiig Ins usn-ihy ih ynsslie Will lllkf, III.' Illlluhf.r InMllg M'ty limited. Her k bool will, we Irii-t, be opened in tune lor tlie reception of many nunc pupils who ilcsiie lo attend The Aca demy kept liy .Mr. I'll mcy,;, brother ol 1'iof. Chancy, nml ll si liool hy .Mr. .1. '', lii'licdltt, llic gmtl si bonis in the hlidicr ilep-iitmcni, 'I'hcte are numerous good pi i vale scliool ; In mJ,. j, n,(,i ih.tiitis Ivvo good ills, trict schools kipt nf the jenr, wilh vei.v little mole llnu Ihe u-uil vaeatiuus ol private schooK comes to the vote, tliey w ill inn vino 10 uoiiiii. a st ile with si ive repre-ctitation. Il -rem.- lo me tint what occurred here at Worco-tor a few 1 iv iiL'n. will shed a lilt'o lighl iipnu that sub ioct. T do lint unilersl.itid that hv licit (.'oiiven- lion. ii nv nuipo-e of adlieriug to the Wilnmt I'rovi-o'was nianife-lcil. I understand, on the contrary, that the whole tttbiect was -ei.uteil out of the ileliberaliuns of tlio us.eiublv. And there are I.nrn I'licoor Democratic meinliet in Mail nnd Now llumnMiire. Is it nuite certain thai thev will depart Irom the prosint administration nml vote lor Ihe il mot 1'rovi-o ; mie, tiUi'dcd lo the measures that have been ta lien by our Legislature, to sccuro the services of l'iiwi;ii-s to oNecute Stiitue-of Ai.t.r.x and Ciiit- Ti:mjI".n lo bo placed in llio niches de-igucd for such a purpo-e, in our nolle State 1 louse. J he Logi-latuie, ns the exponent of the popular cha racter and will, could devise no more appropriate method of acknowledging and pttronising con summate inlive Clenius. and, at the Famo time, Statu Agricultural Society. Our readers will sec, by a notice in our co lumns lo d.iy. that an ell'ort is to be made forth with to orgauie a Slato Agricultural Society for Veiinont. Our only surprise is that it h is 11 i'We invite llio attention uf Teachers, and llioso interested in piomoting the cause of Ldu cation to tlio important notice of Mr. l'Ait.iini.r.K, our County .Superintendent. Wo hope tho lu ll into will ho lesortcd toby all who regard Teaching In its trim lioht.ns an einnlovinenl ol the ino-t elevated and responsible character. Mr. lllitrr.n. In reading tho lepiit of tl.c SJeeiolaiy of too " Chittendeii County Agricul tural Society," published in your paper of the lirnt ili't., I w,i.s nut a little surpri-od at the coiuiueiits of tho secretary, under tho head of .secretary s ttatemciit, upon the minority rc poll made by me as one of the committee ap pointed tn award premiums on burses, in reiut. I di,tliutged an imperative duty, and 1 did i.ot then, nor i.'o 1 now, believe that Ihe making of a minority icport was nut oi oilier, t no committee tn horses were divi ded iuo, inions. .M. Warner was in favor of giv ing the lir-t premium tn " Sir ll'iinj," while I was of tho opinion that it should be awarded to Whilcomb, " .Morgan." I'tider Ibis state of the caso Mr. Woodward, Ihe other member of Ihe committee had the casting vote, and befoie he c.pio--scil his opinion, Mr. Warner retinikci that il Mr. Woodward, should agree with in? lie. Mr. Warner, would mikoa minority repmt in favor of" Sir Henry." I st lied in leply- that il Mr. Wnnilwanl, coincided Willi Mr. Warner, I would make n minority reput in favor of the " Morgan'' Imrsc. Tins ci nvcrsatinii witli Mr. Warner, and myself was in th" presence of .Mr. Woodward, at tho American I Intel, after the majority of tlio committee had agrei il to award tho lirst premium to Sir Henry, I made my minority leport, which was presented to the society on the second day nf the fair, hy Mr. Muynatd, at my relies', lor Ihe icason that 1 could not be present myself on that day. 1 slate tlie-c fact', lis the ' Secretary's state ment'' Fccms to imply that I was wrong in making a minorilv report, and that a further wrong was committed in the introduction of tlie report by the gentleman to whom I entrusted it. That it was perfectly in order nnd in accor dance wilii the usages of all deliberative bodies to make it minority report m such ca-e, 1 hive not the le.i.-tdoubt. Had the Mount of managers adupled a rule that no minority report should be received, then tl.o Secretary's assertion tint inv llicy have forms il 1 lit- slronjihobl of tluj nebular tltco ry. lint since ibe-i! planetary iielmlne havenhendy, in several ca .s, re-silicd, llicre icmaius imcxW lug proof that any nl llicin consist ol ihaotic liibuloiis tuaticr. He cnnsitlcrcd the nrgiiiuiuts in lavor of the hjpothesis nt coiisiilcinhlc length, nnd, after showing their unsoundness, cApn scd his opinion that it was not nt all caleiil.ileil to ndvnnce lhc science nl Astrnn omy. Tlie lorcnuon session was closed l,y a paper nil a new species nf Dr. Wvinah, n llo-tnn. It is found in western Allien, whence skeletons of it were sent to iliis country liy Dr. S.ivag". Dr. W. ex lubili'd iiortiuiLS of the skeletons ol t li and of the Chimpaiize, or couuuou Oinug, and thuvved lliciii to be specilienlly dilii'ient. 'l'hc printipal papets in tlie nftcmnon were, one on the (Icograpliical l)i-tributiun of Animals nlong the coast of X. Liiglatid, by Piof. ig.'osi,uu I one on the Cypres nf .Missis-ippl anil.I,oiii-ianin,n,y )r, Dicker son. "Willi regard to tlie ili-iu'.nitinii of imiinnl., Piol. Agassi, believed them toliave been generally created lor tlie loealilit'siu whith lliey are tumid that witli tlie exception nf mail and a few' tmiiuais which migrate witli him, none have, to nny great extent, ch.'iugeil their localities that when ike same specii s, in certain li-lics which nie limnd in the liend waters of the Danube, the Ulione, the Khiiie, and tho moun tain streams of Scotland and Norway, and nut in the lower water, lie supposes that lliey have nut Initiated or btcn transported Irom one of the.,, localities to an swept along llic ihlfl materials. Thii paper occasion ed conlileiiil,le diseps-ion among tho members of Ihe Association, in wliich 1'iof. Agassi. iruin!cd,thnt In F'ipport of the glacial theory, he could show' the gla nds in Switzerland wne producing llio same drift phenomena, which nre exhibited ill lids country, and he would call upon the opposers of liiis theory lo pto ibice mi nrnuinent ciiially "trong in favor of their own. Tins, however, was not attempted. At th" ti cuing nf the session Saturday morning, Prol..lohu-oii tiiade soinc icmarlts on Ike eoii-tiiiciinn 1 IUHI I.V lll.'ir Ci.a, ll....liinrnii ........... .....1. . sliiii.liug nn I iiirnngemeut, that n pruluimiaiy orga. Ill.'ltinil sltOlllil I," mule l,y w lliell the I (invention nhu'ilil he weeded nl these -ham representatives ''h..y have seen npprrssive ami oiie-Hiileil cniuiniit.. s up. pointed by this chairman, ,y whom, throuh'li pr.-veri. cd i stimoiiy mi I spurious voic, the true r po scuia lives if tin U'lnociaey huve been excluded Irom Ilia convention. They have seen n president, eleet.-il hy these votes, oven i.lo Ihe ruli- ili-it govnn such hoilie., toriitnir h-;, ll ii.ll, nml Vlolnte the ilt-eeuen s nl li:s uumliinil, i tlllseniiiiilniM iiha,.rfii.t.v ,.. T... ,!.... .....I 1..... nl (teolugienl Secliou', iiikI read a report on the In- ellrouicty an I npiirei.,u. 'J'hey have -s-eu tin-most enitations of Steam Poilers, He was followed by chen-lie, principles nl D-moernry nml nl liberty trnm--Coum PouilaU-s. who lead ,, paper u die slrue.meor , jfc' "" ! '? J!" and describing . South. They m,. ,-n nl m-- little of the means by tlie lliilntliuiiila, cxliihiiiiig specimen. a new- si Prof. I humous read a paper on the Distribution of Inorganic .Matter in l'ore-t nml 1'init Trees, he showed tlie inorganic matter tends to tlie sutljcc by nn upward nnd outward movement. This bung tlie final session, a large number of mat ters were called up, which 1 shall not attempt to par ticularij in their (inter, Prol. II. 1J. Itocjers exhibited a g-ologieal map ol Pennsylvania. Mr. Ilnldeiuau nnnountt-J tl.c tli-co'cry if n species of Aonia uithe Ticliton limestone. Prof. Hall it-ported on tlie Tiilo biles, Ciii.oi.lea,tt,c. in New- Vol k, and, in npposiliou to tie- views uf Mr. Ilaldeiuan, lie regarded Ihe .! 1 ilmctitui nnd 1 1 innthu Jlccl.ii as Piof. wlueli ihe nif,s.. viciit nod salati- d agent. (, n clnuo hi national politics, in conjoin Hon with claimants on the tate Ircn-ury, liave suitchei), misneiiiarily n cur rnpt ascendancy m t. priiiiary-iutetings m a Krtion nl Ihe stale, lliey have lin ifly seen tlie mock mnj. rity, weane.Iiind shamed by lie-eon.iancy ol injus lite which th" orgmintion i-xlubiteil and disgnstui hy the lower step ol degrailatiun to w bii Ii r.ieli hour seeiiieil to invite them, nh union the convention, nil it, dwindled, nt die moment when it was to give nuilio. rity to its actum, to n l.-ehle minority, tun small tm constitute n iiioriim, nnd incapable nl any other or lusher action than an adjournment liom day to day.or liom jiour to hour. It is due to lln-s" cxlriordiuary proceedings that they siioiild be hid hefure the ) -mofrncy ol the stale. limy nml nl large. e .-ball nlleniiit In execute tlint task j nnd having iM-rlornteil it wt hallnvvait tin other, but vveie in each cae tienteil in the waters in which they nre found, lie stated that the results of I Objects olihe Smilli-omnn luMitutiuu by Prol. Henry. II. 1). Ilnm-is olU-ied sonic rcmaiks on Iho mdoidtnl J" Igment ol Ih" D.-inocra'.ie Itt-iiiibheaiifkcturs ofth nseol ,,o lotks in Maine ; and the bu-mess uf the "Z 7 !s' n7j'i" a,l,"l,"r"v .'l"'1" '"' "'V1 I,. , . . to sutu prof eeiiings. it is tor them, not fur us. to de session was closed by a paper on the Orgiiiiatiou and cid- a ipiestiou ot o much mo ut.und so it-rma- Sir, 1 can only say. that, in my judgment, we nf testifying a grateful remembrance of the nre to ti-o the lir-t- nml tho la-t, nml eveiv ncca- iaU0rs and sacrifices, tlie indomitable encrov and sinii whic h otcins, ni , i.uoi.uiim ..... rw,..- ,-,.. ernncr.. of native l'atriolisin. We are tnent-ag:nnt tho exIetisKiii ol the slave power. ' . , . ,, . ., . .1 l ,1.- ,.r Ii now I,..,... os in me spat iii Con- most lnippv in being able to say that the exce ' .. . . ' ' .. e . . ... I....1I.. 1 ....... gross, as a pulilieal ipn-lion as a question lor lent Loininiucc nppoiuieu u vioicuioi statefmcti lo discuss, and entertain, and act fteai.r. (!, ,,. 1. Marsh -and Coy. Pai.m:,) to upon. 1 do not mian losay that the moral part - . . ,.re l0 tl, ,ta. of the nucstion is le-s pertinent lo what we , . . . .. . have to do. Certainly, I do not mean to say tuos named, are prepared tn subiniUhen Kepor that it is loss impnitairt, or not ya-tly more iui- during the present session. We understand portant, in ot!) omuls ol view ; inn i speiiK oi ,u enrrespondenco L-elwcen tho Coinmilleo It thii--. because tins 1, the oiilv pnintnf view in I ,i ,i, Arlis. , i.ta i,rri. ,i I,,.,,-,.!". whicli I, nllici.illy, liave any thing to do wilh it. " 1 am aware, sir, that 1 am u-ing loo much of ttiro, and we do not allow ourselves to doubt Miii-light, nml 1 ha-teii to t-iui vvlial 1 have that that body will be prepared to engage the In say liv a lew- remarks. services of tlie "tfled Sculptor ni a work that If peace come-, it will bring with it some ... , ..,.,.., r,,cct no less credit upon terms. Tins is a matter upon vv Inch all ilecis- ' . , , inn must he deferred until we can know v. bat nie miimiiceiico tu um oo.u, .o..i. ..,,u.. ...t. they are. Hut now- suppo-e that no peace is ready exalted reputation ol the Arti-t. e mai'lo; that the armi-tico is broken oil' and the Lni tlc ltcport of the Committee before armies prepare fur new combit. ()"V.'r,,.lk''' nur readers as soon as it is inade nublic ; a", wo not iieen done before. There is no State In tlie Union who-c highest physical interest is more report was not in older would rest upon good emphatically Agricultural than ours, nor, when 1 -lrity ;but in the nb-cneeof any sticli rule it , , r ., , , is all a-seitinnat war wit h til prect dents and wo compare advanlages of soil and cltmale, j nilc(i ,,mcrnill2 belore whomlm.inoss wliose various and excellent productions more i, brought througli tK. action of llieirconunit fullv evince induslry and enterprise in the Cul-1 tees. The truth is, Mr. Lditor, that tho only tivators of the earth. Vermont owes it io her-1 tlli"5 ollt of order in this nutter, in my opinion, lr . . , , , , .,. , ,, . , i is Iho ' Secretiirv's statement." The duty of self, in an eminent degree, to Cstabli-h a .Society ,10 Secretary was to read reports of tho several or an As-ociation where Slate intere.-ts and Coinmittees 'under the diiection nf tlie President Stall' syinpalhies may be more generously cul-1 nnd to report such matters only us tho Piesident llie t'. S. Ilxpluring expedition hnd shown that nl most every gronp nl Nlniiris in the Pacific Ocean had a dt-stinct f.iwna of its own, which lim-t hive been eieatcd for Us particular locality. Prot. Adams lot- luw-t-d wilii some interestine; rcmaiks on the distribu tion of animals, describing cais which lie witnessed in the West Indies, ol species of shells nccupj iug dis tintt horizons, one above and mljaccut to another, with th" line of deuiaikalion distinct between the speen s and wilh hardly any intermingling uf the species with each other. The evening session was occupied willin Ucpoit nil the IVhesol Vnie,isj0jr,.,. Lake, by 1 )r. Picscntt,iiud hy a veibal report on Claystoii" Concictioii-, by Prol. Ad.uns, in ill u-li l i. .11 of which be cxhilnted some twelve 1 iti d specimens of clajstoncs, collected in Vermont during the ecological Survey. On I'riday, tlie 'Jlth, several very interesting papers were lead befoie the Association. The first was on tie; Matches lllulf ronnation, by Dr. N. D. (!ale, wlncli was followed by some interesting reinajks on the Transporting Power n( Currents uf Water, by Prof. V. II. Rogers and Prof. Agissi. The second paper was on the Absoipiion ol Carbonic Acid by Dillcrcnt Liijuids, liy Prol. Uogers. Among otlier cu rious facts it was staled ihat siilpliurie ntid absorbed caibouie ncid, volume lor volume, vciy neaily. The next paper was on llio Languages ol llie Aborizinct of tlie Soiilli-we-l, by Mr. Ilaldemau, and the next toll. minec was on the Mounds of the South-west, by Dr. Ditkeisuu. Tlw-e papeis detailed a gieat many interesting facts, bat lur wlncli 1 have no loom in this cuuinuinieatiou. Tlie lit ill paper presented ibis day was on the I'os.ils lie skeicl.t-,1 the biography if Smitlison, from which it npf cared licit he was burn in Unhand ill 17IN, died nt t.enoa in IHJ'J, leivinslJV)ni))o n.ihe United States ol America, lo found nu inMitiitiii-iit Valiintoii,(or i- mtrta'c nu I dillasinu uf knowledge nniong men. The business of the session beius closed, tiie Presi dent, Piof W, II. Uogers.nlier nu clonuent nnd no- prniriatenddress,iu wlueli hnoll'ered a merited tribute ol ri-sect to lus Iniiici.tcd predecessor, the late Dr. Iknney.he adjourned the Association to meet in Phila delphia in Scpieinlier, ISIS. Thus closed one ol the most interesting meetings for scientific object which I liave ever attended, and Ii id 1 tune nnd space I could s iy much upoa the b. n elits the cause of science lnii.-t receive liom meeting of tlii, kinj. Here the laborers in the Held ol science nru biouglit together, nre aided by th-labors and cxp-ri-noe of inch oilier simulated, en couraged, ami then separate us brethren return to their work, emuloua to bring wilii them lo their next nnmnl meeting a still more abundant harvest from their toils. T. o.-i oy uu.ciiiik me democratic causj and us iirui-eiples. N'evv Voile I.ocol'ocn Suite Convention. From .Ucxico. Nnv-Votik-.Oti. I a, Ij o'dotV.r. ."Vf. The Steam-hip Al ihima at New- Orleans on the Ith in-t. brings accounts from Vera Cruz to the '-'.Wi. and Painpicoiotho ,T ):li nit. The Picayune siu s there i. no I iter n-ws from (len. Scott's army Jirci t, but it learns through a source entitled to great respert that tho Amer icans had 'Si nliicers hilled, and 15 wounded in the battles of the Rib and tub ol Kept. There is w confirm ition thr- roort.d dcatln ni nnv in too .vin-' ii -n -r.ils, lift'ers received by h uises at 'I'.un iico, Irom their nirrespondents in tin- citv of Mexico, confirm entirely the 1'icavnno's former reports of tho battles of Mill del Rey, Cli ipiiltepec. and the Heights on tho tsth and 1 Ilh, when Con. Scott's troops carried tlie place, at the mint of tlio biyonet. A circular from the Alcalde is published, dited at (iuadeloiip.s, 1 1 tlx Sept., addressed to tho Comtn md nits nf the general department-. It states tint tho Ainerie iii Army charged on tho llith. at diy break-, witli all Iho'ir luree upon n ipiuiepee, wnicn yieiuctt alter a spirited ue- fI'he end of the gathering nt Syracu-e nppears to liave hem worthy ol ns berinnnii' audits tirogre We copy Irom the Albany I Ivcmng .lournnl a It-tier ! fence of - liotirs vividly ilcfcribing tlie final scenes in a political body Tlio Americans Immediately nnrch -d upon convened for the high purpo-.; ol Heeling candidates another strong fortification, but their lir-t ali tor die choice of the eople. What a contrast with vinco was checked by the Mexican troops, led the (iinvny and harmony and decorum of Whig meet- ;'' Saiga Anna, disputing the grounds inch by to,- .lit-xicaiis were nnaiiy rouK-d irom ings lur tin. same purpuse. Kvr.Aersc, Oct. fl. Tlie long convention is dissolved, 'lli-re una no ndjoiirnment, but nta ipinrter betore two tins (Sunday) inch. the i npital alter tune hr.nrs hard liglitn.j 1 lie Capital Ixdng in this situation and Santa, Anna anxious to avoid its bombardment, deter mined to evacuate it. The vorb-il reports received at Vera Cnu states that h" retired to (iu-id ilnpe with 10,001) troops, nnd "3 pieces of artillery. .No mention U made of the reported lmmhard- ...n..t .... ,1... 1 ttt I , r..l. oild not "v" -"i. ti ..r 41. n .t . ol Anieiican fo-sils. Prof. Agassi, rcniatked that tlie j nvonito. 1 ero,iiii iuciicriiiB guns vviongs to; i,, j ' , V i 1 ss disluibcd coudiuoii of the strata in America ren- , , ; , .. . ,,,,.,., ,i , u i.,r-,..l il...t i : J r..;. i . tl.e t .nuvr Slnita ot the New oik Prol. Hall. These roik- are llie same whicli form n.o-t nf 10 " m-souuioii iook pince, nnmis moie con ii.ui. o''" lusioii and noie Ihmi ever betore npH-ared in a pohu-i the short s and islands ol Lake Cliainplam, and since 1 ,.) r ny ,,r eaiicin out ol the New Vork I'.ili or I liave devoted most ol llie summer to an exnuiina- i me Altmny '.'in want, luinuus in the luslury ol llie pro lion uf Iheiii, tlie subrct was to mo one of deep in- j c-''','" ,"' lllH, com. iuion i, ,r i . i i . , p., ',,, Ihe i leiiH-nis ol lhc gathering storm, wlueli, fur icit-i. imi. ii. -'."" .u..... .... ...... ...... i-.-.i i,,,lr unjB. inve heen consiantly incieasuig, gave tv ties cnii no loneer be made llie basis of classification evidence, loiic belort- it occurred, tlmt it could not reni-nn in llie coiiiury or nie cuy oi .viexico, and that is the slato ol tilings when umgre next as-cinble. It is natural to as; shall lie tin-re done? 1 would not -anticipate what tho e.i"enev ol ll.o case may suguust. Aiy opinion is clear, perfectly ch ar. 1 hold the war-makiti" power to lie e'lven by the Con-titii lion In CiiiHrii.s.. I believe that L'iui"re-.s wa iiOo the act of the Lith May. IS Hi. 1 liolb.i-,. il' the one-lion had been nut to Con- press hefure the inaich ol the armies and ti eir rriiml coollict. nut tell votes could liave been nbtained In cither House for the war with Mcx ic.i. under Ihe exi.-tir.'' state ol thine-s. The war exi-ts. Kiipi "so it to continue till i n. next meiliii" o l.oiiL'ress. I- the dote of a "nod citizen and n t-uinl Whig In iin .' Well. 1 nn- for one. thai J snmio-e it to bo Inn that tho next House of ltepii-ei.tative.- in Con L-rcss may bo romon-cd of u Whig iii'ijorily. think vvo'havo had tones of deuunu.itioii liom tl... nrib and llio South, from llie Ihist and Vi..t.snliicieiitlo ensure us that result, allh nigh it will lie a vt-rv change. Sup ose thai In b. Ihe case. I say at once, unle-s llio J'10-l dent nl the Ihiiled Stales slmll make out a ca-e, vt bieb shall shnvv lii(on-'i(-s lint til1 war I iinwcuteil for n i iiurpost- i.f aoraisitioii nf d .nioioii. bir on oiimoso mil cnnnecled directly with tlio mi lei V ol this I'uiiiu. llieu I'ivij onhl vnt In finnit amjj'awvr se-,-. i" II we il.'(iart fiom il'ut, if wo say that on the rupriety ot a war, beun or tube li-gun, ('(Uigic-s has nn nice, no c'jtistitutioiinl uwcr,we obliteiuto tho Constitution. , Wliat was .'one in the nihniiii-tration of Mr. Madison just beforo tho clo-e nl tho ht-t war witli Knghuid I In placed hi torms fur peace before Coii"ri-s.-; I will not advert In thein, but they were such n wee strongly calculated to create this dispoiiiti. it in Cnngttss ; thai, ntioti theu term', now ollc'cd. if Croat llrit.iiu iloe tiut make peace, wo vvii.' not vote to refuse sun plies, but we will pro-ecia' the war to tlie end. It mi happened that Creat Itriiiindid make peace and woweru not culled upon lb.- further supplies. Certainly it is essential to tho i.'b'lty of a rep resentative government that the r.'p're.-ciit.itivo budies which have tlio power and tin. on! pow er to inn.o war, should hold a ci "iiiai'ice over tlie objects for whicli war is pri-ci-nit-d. 'rti I if lliey think that tlie war originated, in the mis i iiieviMis purpt'su which i mive invn di-cu-nii. ll is ineir iiiirines, nieir soli nm jutv n, , , , , UI. tru-l, will all our conteni'or.iries of the Picfs tliruiighout the State. Wo subjoin the cn'i'yi.'c alluded to of our in telligent correspondent, from whom we shall il-.v ays be glad to hear : or the Hoard of Manager s ipproved,-md this is the lir.-t in-laiice tint has ever come under my ob servation where tho Secretary of any society lias ever attempted, in Ids ollicial report, to repri mand a coinuiitlee man for being out of order, or llio President of tlio society for making u I hive Socie ties, thou oh not unite so manv as tlio secret irv mcnceinentof the ' Society, eiii'inerate.- (viz. one bundled ngtv-i"ht rep'.rts Our contemporaries of the Prc-s will, we are 1 - hundred thirty-eight iili-ti.uts of rc . ,, ., , ports 1) hut I Inve been unable to lind any pre sure, cordially aid the praiseworthy movement, t!0,il,n,fl)r u, .. .Secretary's statement." If Mr and we hope to hear of a largo gathering ot "the (;,,odrieh in Ids private capacity vvi-hes to ex- bone and sinew" of tho (iieen .Mountain State, pre-s an opinion by publication, or olhorvv rivaled and displayed. Wo rejoice to welcome this decided step towards the establishment of such a Society. Tho gentlemen who-e names are appended to the Call in another column are widely l.llnwo as illtcllineot. nr.iclieul. anil y.e:i. I,... V ..-I....II ...I ., - I I . .!.! .VJt.ll" ,,1-l.lSIWIl til, a oiic-iioii to IIIUl'l. " ..... . . " 1 xa mined sevcrul reports n Agricultural HV. 11 W tl LUltiittt'tll I Jlt.(lltt ..II .,lsjiv.,jl,t I..IIII- I. .Icied this cniinlrymore favorable lur observation than Lurope, mid be was (ilad to s, e so goo I a beginning, a- Prof. II. hid m ule, in i-lublislntig Aiiienciu ft"- Is on a foundation independent of lhiiopcan au thority. l'hc next paper was by Com. Wilkes, on the D.-pth and Soilness ol the Occtm. lie slated that .ounding? l'owp.itrf' stati'i: op Tin: our.r.K slavp. The stalue of the Cieek Slave reprtsenls a femalt in llie fust bud nl womanhood, exposed luiesale, lur ,.i the town th the must iin-pt-iikable of puipm-is, in llie .Muiketot L'unslaiitmople. 'l'hc cros di-pcnilini! liom the folds of In r di-ciirdi d lube shows that she has bttn plun dered Irom n Christian lamily j and her whole peison given ivcry indication that sin-lias been icaicd with llie cxtii-niest delicacy nnd leiidt-rness. The w inds of heaven Inve not been sull'ercd lo vr-il Iter loo imiglily -, indeed nut- would think from theexceptionli - pi-il-c-liouof nil her form and features, that not even n dream of i .ii i ti i r sin had ever infested llie " unpolluted tem ple." That hci lovcluitss may c.vrt its lullcst inllu nice upon lhc passions ol ihe beaided llnoiig iiioimd litr,sbe is nncily disrobed, and stands before llicin in ihe undisguised " pcrfeciinn nf li-r beamy." it.Montpe'ier, nn the 27th instant. Anlico ol' Iluiliii'tou. A good n.itured Corre-pondenl of the Windsor Chronicle thus speaks uf our Village and its fixing-. V,. really hope our Congregational friends will see to it that their beautiful Chinch edifice is not kept, much longer, " scudding under bare j hm," of the Veniiom ChlonicU- Hi ni.lMiTox, Sipt. Il l, l-i IT. Ibirliugion s--cin lo be improving and growing i-iiin rapidly for this iiortiiein toimtrv. In i-vciy p-irt ol tlie town tn.-ou-y mini oi the mechanic w heiud, and bill Id ill r. are III liruirresH of ereelliil, no el ...I.. iu..-tnl i Ii t in ot i.ritk ood, siilisiaiiiinl ilu.-llni-! that .Mr. rietcher's name did not appear at tlie The lluti is nre cnlaif'ui- nnd iuipiowii". mid the ' i ,, .i -. . n . ir . " sioresart-as-ui.unaveiM-iij-hkt-ippeaimice The 1,uUo"1 ol 11,0 ';,.l',r"y " Hepott on Holses, Ding Stores nre, siin,n-ed by t. - in v presented at the l.i-t Pair of our County Society, slolt-s. One Jeweliy Mole, ( ki lit by the .Messrs. , i, i . r .. " , .i , Ibiii-inaid. ilute br.ahcrs. whose l ober .., n.,1 l.,s " apparent from llio iniiunty report that .hop h.-iu when ibis pari of the St ite was a vvdd.-r- he diBeiileil from tho opinion of his a-socialcs ...... V litis :i e ! s I Tn ,' ns.nri in...., .. .1 1 tint I, or any other comiiiillee-inanji ive nn right to make a liiinutity report, or that the Piesident ol the society mane a w rong uecisiou i (pie.- tion of order, you will not bud me troublm; niysell lo controvert his opinions, lint when n .V rritari (;' t'nr Huci'ty, he fnrgits his duty, as such secretary, and incorpiirutos into liis ul beial rejiort, tnalters that, as a recording ol'dcor, ho has no light to put there, I shall iilwnvs i iisist that such mullets ouglit to be expnni.'ci from the record, by order id the Hoard of M..n agers, lest liis t- il e.ani le glow into a ; -tct il at lending to h ud astray. ri!i:i)i:i!'icK it,i:tciii:i:, Shelbtirn, 11th Oct. IS 17. It is a matter nf surpri-e to tinny, we learn, Ihe honorable ch-uri,i:.n,l.ut m;-l luiJiiitiiiMlclij cim- , wnv , v,-rt Cruz, w ith il.v.patohes, and a'n cs ttitiited whose anion eemed pil,mbly bin the re- - r . , . ' 1 , ""f t-s- su'.i ol a f.irczuti" conclusion a lived dt-tertniii.-ilion, , , "' men. andth- siicces.n rnrrymg out ol th it determination. I l'"I. i.s reportrd SPrinmdv ill. to Ktcritii e ni'-ii vv lio, lor more years th-iti some oj the ni' in ieis ol llie convention lino seen, nnve ueen iii-n-ml -il Willi their poly, nnd lought it- lnrdel battles all Ih. se. nn! moie like them, combined to piod ot- a final explosion, winch, ni llie expressive language f ul been made to the depth ol 1000 lathoms without , one ol il.e member-, niatle m my lifurmg.liad blow- rtutluus bol'.om-thnt tlie difiicullies of deep sound- ' lionuimiion ii ui me puny io -. nm in. m "" i , Imiiietliiitt-lv on nu- ort.-iiiuhii ol tlie eonventioii ings were such that very little bad been .lone lowurde nf.r wa ud Vj, (l,re ,R. ..,.ilali,,,. .v,.it- fully in-ide, A letter Irom Vera Cruz savs : A nroclam-i. tion lias been issued I y Siin!a'Ani-.-i.ati",.iinc ng bis rt'signiition as I'm" idei.t, and f-Vnor Pc-im " I'ena had been initi.ned in liis p'aee. 'i'he Picayune doubts the tunh of this statement. nseerlaimnti ilw o-enn depth of the ocean, lie eon eluded Irom h.suwli obscrv ti lions unit the grent v miles of Ihe oeeiin inn nt right unfits witli the great moun tain chains nn llie comments. Tlie Commodore also tinted that nuineious observations were mude by the .Mr. .1. C Suiiih, ot liom mid tmnniehet Wfivne, intro'lu.-ed llxploinig'diliou, tu ascertain ihedeplh to which v.ry only ill-- prim ip:e ot the " V.' pi ov bu. n p mil and trauk ol the .t.i 1 rights nt lice li,. bur, ami llie duty nl Noi die, n men to assert a ml uuiu lam tiicm nt all b.izards. An aitempi vvns mude by Mr Heady, of Xew- Votk, ihe solar liitbt penriiuteil ihe neenn, in dill'-rent pnns n, n rt ortt-d th:iple nt Mr. t; ilhouii and lus duc of the worhl. Tins paper led to remarks by Prol. trim--, to lay these u -solutions on the table withouide Ilenry, Prut. Prof. Sdliuinu. Prot. Aaas- line, but Ih- iii-.euipi jailed until alter Mr. Sniiili liud . ., coueliideil n very irood spet-t-li ni Invoroi ilit-ir piissj-', si, spoke in ibe hiKhest terms ol tin- works ol the L- and nmuii-i Ihe ptopo-.tion of air. llrady. iilonnii Kviicdiiion.aiid nrunnunctd the iilntt'soi f'ht-i The other noiiuii.itii ns. were then made, nnd nt and coral', which bad been lunl before the A-s..tiaiiou u',."."t 1 1 "'flock, of Saturday night, the comiuitiee on , , ... ini'iiess ami resoiuiiuus, ny .vir .--t vmour.oi 1 1 itioa, by Lorn. likes as sh-ciii.ciis, to be the mo-t perfect (iml,.ri , count--,) reported. 'Pin- reading ol llie n.i he had ever seen, nnd that they wete mi honor to nil , 1re.s was dr-nensvd with, on Ibe assurance (ns the concerned in their iirodiittioli. Prof. .Sillimnn deeply w filer, who was ut the inomeiit nbst in, m- infunued) , , . . . i: i i. , ot the chairman ot the commute'-, that it cotiiumed deplored that llie t.ov eminent were di-posed to pub-, (riIc l0l.,tlu-r side. The n---diiii..ii were lish so unali nn edition ol die result ol the I.plonng i rcad.iiuda motion tn-ide both and rt-solu- i'.,.,l.ii.. lb. recrnriled it ns a national caliimiiv, I lions Ih- adopted. To this Pieston King moved as Ml ... .1 . I. ....... I"i nml tliefiitt' nil,... ' 'ooi-uunifiii mill i t' lllliliui n-ui'iHis oi .ur. io-.l ior Ui honor U Anw iu ami the a Hnntt . , . . , , , iiK-nt oi sck'ikc the worhl mi r.tlit'j- niiym Ut- iiuhireti Cimiuult,.c. .ltt.r anous iu il-Ttiml niicm;.! -vi tu L-nlure tin1 ctliuon a- to Aivc it hi l!u H'ncli of on tlie jmrt uT tie inajoiiiy to prevent an ili'U-siiou o eerr marcher after tiuth. HnbM'untly, t think.a relmu.iw, Mr. 1) 1). l'i -i.i,; ui ,Yw York, lumlly tin pl.icf ft'im to l)r iiu-itunnir ninl irt'i;irrI tur tin- in, it-it'tl liii-iuc- wlncli tl.c uoinjiletioii o( ihe lvo liiilioaiN to llu-stoii will mo-t nMinilly pour in upon it. The t) K-lvt at tin- 1,-tki'lor ihe O ntral Unu D'pnlart' hiuhlinj, utiiler iIh tii rctiri of thi-cttii-tractor, Mr. II my linnlley : ami ihe i;iuiimb no pie paitn lir llie Saiiheii) Iloiitl lVpot, uiuUr the lmc Hun ol Met--! Htio,, Chtiinheilm V t'o. Hiem-MTlitl uniting 1 1 - two t oil, ....p JlitMl,- nil i it ,r , i. . i i . i . , . . t- i .i i ii i i i out -I'm it tiuiiiii'Mi, i- in. i i t wiinii. i or- me m ll.-r iiiiht knee is shshlly bended, and her right , f ciu-iinte ,-du. .iiion, mid ediieauoiial iim-r- hand rtsls upon the post uvcr winch alt- thrown iier I ttt!y, u i hoped that a union may betoimed. e.iHIIv- miint her Uis- it il liltcrill en p. le.iii- . i. ". i nit- .un tilul cxeeedmely" she slands lb. re ; w would siy, to be the inoiiic-r oi tinoiner jainny ui i.rt-cian States, mid lliroiitih her sons, lor anoihtr twenty ten mil; ill relation lo lioJ!nt ,mniiim. Woleiiru from oik iiulhiirihj that each of the Committee siippii-ed Mr. l"t- name was to ho -attached to the mijority report, as a matter ol cotir.-e, and tint it was so iitttched, ill tlie ill uiuscript, and that neither uf them understand fur whit rea-on, or by what mistake or ini-apprehensioii it did not appear in print. e make this statement liecaiuo many are coiiiniillec was nppomieii hy llie association io em ploy its influence ui procunnmm euVurgeiiitut ol the edition. When I entered the mecliii' in the nllcrnnnii ,Prof. llt-nry had nearly completed ihe rinding of hi- paper on lltal.iii wliicli I nm informed he gave nn lu-coitut of a sreat number of ru-eeditigly inteitsting and wun- deilul experiniciits. Alur Ihe leading nl this paper, a vote was pas-ed to extend the sphere nl the A-so-1 ciatioii hi a' to embrace nil branches of science, nnd ' to ihanire its inline to that of m -j nt: 1'BoM.irn x or Seir..t-. lur cs, to jiive .-ivy am Literature lo tlie vvonu. nm r"--" - - ; .j. . ' " , , . i , i . , . Hewed tllolts will soon be uuiile In tulupl. It-it. alas! tlor how cm she 'pK. Conmy Aaru uliuti.l Pair was held here the eniifinnt llie pitiless baibarily nl a Tuikish mole !) 2-J.I mid iJl m-t , nnd .In vv M(j, tin ra l.irne coin muse, .at. ibe buitum tss misery into which she ins- been in i.irnu-r.s iiii.i timer t-in.ens, ,, v.-iy t-.nimmie 1 1.1 11 ,1 .li. ..I.... I.. 1. 1 lien 1 l"sp..'y .'.'1 "Ki IS .....I, ,., ,1. I, .11.11111., . . . . . . .. I my and Tiov mill on to .Monro"..! . 01 f Piiuoii Uitit the minority report iinjilit'ii " bWt "('" huh-rilillon to th" ainuillllot Arn).(IOn Mi' . i..V,. .!;dknnl (.ito 1l- :ivv:m!. u Iilf'li i. . i i.. i,i 1 1... r i .. . . .... ' w ' ini-t t"-i ii iiitiin in nn I'i'si-rt) mie, "limns t-. nliiivctl, uiul Kuhlcin all ihe exultation thai h'ul h-'cn eiiKiiuIieil hj the "cunaly prupurtioiis oi her dess-likc furni. Art is cAptriuleJ in ftn p"it thou? critics who find no character or appropriatem-i a in lliiinuti'xpie--if late. " i'tm aitgc .' huud ttbi j'ho." 'I'he featim art indeed tharacterlt.--- in the ainc pmi.- in which CoWridat; aHhiiH it lo he llio perfection oi woman herulf M be cliarat-tcrlcn. Thai disproportion and tlfioiiiiuy of thuracler ; that banality scorn ami ma- etililie pride offlienylli-wilh width wointniire wane tunes invefcttd hi bad Lochs, to simulate nnd p'unper a vicious lfcte, will be sought lieic in vain. Nol in deed thai the uvrt i.minme iieiitlencss U incompati ble wilh llie bifc'.H'H sublimity oi lieioism, L'puii oc n avt.l antieu turui waifsaiul nim imii'miu. erc tnhtes, I'ruits, I'Iowcih, AmuiaW, llmo-i , i 'lin-M-, and oilier utlieleMtrom the l.trmaiul wuiKhopand I rum llie bufcy hoii--eMte o 'toies. Althuuiih mil' Ii w.'Htlone, more, verv much mnrc. could b.te been t-liown nod pt-ilonned ut Chittenden Lunniy, to lnaKtMiic i air mteiehiuu; uihi till moie woithy ot (he n ihi -J .Mr. .M.iy dehvi red an interest Wtf on un tecomi nay vi tiie i air. it not true. AH thy premiums wo are. asutml, were awaidcd muinitnom-lw e.ccptiti'r the unt? cluncil to in the minority report. IIotou C'oiiopomtritcc ol" the I'li-e I'lt''-. ot llie uoor. nii.i in a -inim ut aruirt'-nt ami tiu (iiienee whuli sIicmM lno maniled v.'ith slinine lie Ih'rk ol iNnitliern ni-'ii, nnd cpfenlly ih'we wlm ilareil not meet (he iiiiii.u aspreTCUteu 1:1 tl.c nsolu U''H, r-Up(iI lll UI'' llU'titHI. 1 he --sceiie w iiiCiien-ae I was exciting nn. I li'ij-teron-" K'lontl de-irntio'i. At lea-t a d ren din.ivnt iiicui I ben were calhii;;' .Mr. Tre-id ni," I mow on," " 1 cul the iji' ti ord.T- " Mt down. Pie-ton.' " I mue to adiodrn." " Hurrah,"" au'ani, wilh j-lnul whi-uini;, and hisses, and groin's, and every conceiwihle now which wa ier h' ard in an as.-ml-ly ot excited, nnary and diwitleeted iiif.i. The inesiilflit'j hammer keot ilt itiex-nnl ninomr mi 3&ociA1io.' aiii. in Mu-ididlie attempt torestore ord'r. The w ma nail been how n, nnd now, nt null p;t.t on o cloc Afiiucn.TL .'iAL,T!o:;, At'i'::L!i:n.orT()i:i:;. a:ih, isir. 1'armeM an 1 "cntli men intcresUil in Agri .-mil IIorticultur.ll Improvement in A cr inotit, aro rcqut-skil to meet nt the I'-i e Cintrcti in .Montpelit-r, ti VEnrsriA- nn: -7 y t vr of Utiour.R ist., fur the purpos? f,, ,nlI1jr a ritute Agricultural and Horticultural b"o icty. A lull titlcml.incc i cirnestly invlt. il. Su.s Ii. .'e..i-o.v, S. W. J r.W'ETT. Mlrkill !li;.riju'.t, I 11 Ll). Ill TTUV, (I::o. 1'. Hoi uES. Joil . I'OKTKR, 11 VMI'DHV Cl Tl, J. I. I'AlllBANivS. .1. Y. Ih.wtv, 11. li. t.VV TON, KtlituM throuyhont tho .Stat. f.ivtr I y iii-ertin' thi, notice. J.. C. Ih . .mr, HaKRV Hi! liEV, C (looio r ,r, if.o 11. Sn rr. II. li. Sr.. v, Oitvn i . s -aw, 1'ks. iW-.v, Czr.A M- ii. Jr. Itot.t. v (i .s .v, JIai:..-. M i r. u will confer a The ncu siiluect hroiieh. helorc tlio AiMimi -J j'. 's lint of lhc 1 ucoiiic s-ystem, l,y 1 lol. Ailume. Ami, ,! j...,,,. u( contu-mn ami lur)- lor a "en 'l'hU system cinlnticis a Kroup ot rotk I) mg li.'tvveeii r.ii metre seenu-.l meviulile the tall lorut ol the Al thellrtcn Jluumaiiwon the lla-t ami Luke Cham- i '"ney (leut-nil- hea,l ami slioul.l-ra ulwvi' a.iy , , , , . . , v ... v ,i- ., .1 . o'her was s!-!.!! ni the Iroiu ranks, ami iiUdriinin'4 the plum ami the eastern nrarin ol.Ncvv oik on tho hair , ,. i,lllllr,,ull4 , am manner lor which he West, ninl takes ils luuie liom I .iconic mountain in -u Iguituis ' Mr. IV suh in, shall I prewrve ortl.-r I the vvtsteru imrtol lieikshilt- L'oiiiuy, .Ma-. 1'iof. I I am nliuul ihcre n lo U-a low here i we shall all l ': - "rs "r, "-iv,B"rn"";B .Trf,: I s,isr,-;i,-n. rv-;.u,r'-,iS5 7EJLl,i-s;"t;s5 I iikiwoic rocks, whith H uliler llmu the Lhiiuplimi 1 ilriuamli-il mi e,, ry ipiesiion pri-scninl. l)..-siou ol ijroii t, tlie lowest uit'iuiK'r oi vvmcii is me roiiiiuiiiu u-e cu-ur w.-h aj,j tn,.(i uoui ; ameiiiiiii-uid were pil siin.l.ione. Oihcis if.'.iril them as a more rcecul lor- 1 ,,J l'at1' "t:'cr nulil " most hcautnul contu-iuii' malioii C'liaiiuilaiu rock-i arc well cvposnl in the a'cenJiuu 'ii- utliiieiil ' .... , . joritv. 1 hi. ilou neries up nn minion uivt-r suaic-i. i nene mam aie -dl; ,,,,,, u, 'llle iheti imit-h ctushi'il im.l hrokeii lo pieceii for a lutle IIo-tox, Sept. 'J'i, 1817 pjtunlay niornins. I lav injt m my l.i-i given jou a iuiel sketth ol the proci-i-uiils-ol lhc AssiH'intioil of I .eoloiii-ta anil rva 1 tiiruiisls tluiiii tlie first lhrt-t ilavs ol llieir sewion, 1 j now prot-t eil to iu'rll my inimiist-of sumo account of I ilisiancc, so tiii to conccul that which i.s in place, anil Wc Icul ucailv lornoilen to iiientioii Mrs-. .1. P. their suh-eoutnt iluui"a. then oome a hiint nie eomiinin,aiul lesuiii; l'ierce,of liiirhuuluii, who has taken Boiniiuy ineilals, 'J'h,. (,- mpfr U-foie the Associnliou on TlnusJ.iy upon tlmt, in contatt, U llie leil sumlsiuue which l'lol. 'hi'1' s' piimunns. ut v.ition-i Tuns ol the ',., wun on the .Musioiion, l,v Dr. J. 0. Wiinen, ' II re4.-1r.l-1 as cither the calcilt-ruu-i siuJrock or l'otu- lu-lilute, .Nt-vv oiU, lor cocoons, silk, 1 . ,, . ,, ,. , . .,. 1 , , . ... , , .. ,Vi:.,e.vlniiiliil one pei k ol tocons.a tuniplt- ot it "' l'oatou. IleK'iveu swemet histoiyol 1 lie- ihllcr- il.mi 8.imlsione ol the rvevv oik sysieiu. As llus hu.-iiels, -Jl potket hamlkeii hu ts, 13 yunU ol nlk, all , cut sktlctotia ol that uiiimal, vvliitli liaJ hiiheiio been seciiou, hy cshibilini! ihe snnj.iont- up.iienily over very line nml worthy ot high coininciuhition ; 11I.0 foinul, poiulcil out tin- reneiuhhinctH ami ililUicnicii Ijuitf the C'liaiiipluiii sroup, sccuieil to lie liiial lo ihe SS?!'l rKnn'ilfJ' olitrlv-iunutmrc: , Jr'wn 'J" "d "lwri"1"1 "VMIk-U Uf I'rol. ii.. he t-nileavorcl to make it - Mim Vea.r and Mm (-h.imlH-rlm leeeued ill . w remarks by relerence to the liuge cramnm, jaws pear tint there was a tatilt U'tween the upper Lham- tilitiiias torlieibpnlts, Mi---. linlon tor t-locl.m, Mit nnd other poiiioiiK ol u tKvlclon of the IWasiodon, pljin rocks una the fjiid-tone, which bad lieeu out 1 ...1, ...... ...... I l'rol. Aiiaius c.liihitctl an actual sv-ction of .rfK. .,ri.Ul)1H ' w, c.,,.,... . ... ."smikt! iiuiiuilain, in which several meinheis of lhc cmiveiiium, (or wlmi wa. I, Ii of it.) .-iiui thin ihe Wil- re tut oil hv :i iliiiih.ln, 0111. Tin. iloiu-, ihe ii'it-stion recurreil on the uil- lllltl.ltee. Illltl tiie av '1 he .Van nf Iniprovt'inciif. (Vie of ihe ino-i miportant ih-covenes nfih- as-, in aai-horatui4ihecoii.lition of ihn larue clas. t.f suilV r- 1114 ll.UllHUly, COIlsluil,tV.s. is I). Vi.l-,r-s it,,,.,,,. Hit 'hull I u"'"i'- "iin time establishes an 1 com-sj. v..... .... . r 1, en- .iiiniis ami cnntiriu- what all men 111 ;il places unite in tuviin: in (jowl rm.l vmu-ihle. 1. ho, no ilouhl. A iHipiiluniyot Unison tiie. n NK:i-t-iy 11- luutii so tit-, , ami strong, thai 111,1.. , ,,nint ile. stroy it. 1 lie sui-ces wlut-li mis atu-iil .1 i-i , 1 '1. cm tor several y -ar pi.t.hls ovi rcom.- -.,i.. pi - r 01 all respettuble an J s..nil,t. nwn, ami a 1 ". luj tiiken a stiiuil uuioiii; the first class ol ,1 - , . , ami bl.-s.iiijr. t ih.. a,,-; oik! wle-.- report. .1 1 , 1 , m tr.i.hciuert the ihseiises r wlui-h it m ii.,.,.t 1 .... ,, We cut the follow 1114 from the licllovv. 1 a.U tia Zeltt. ot .I'lllllirv, IMI'- II Mint's lUiUnn .N'otwitli.i.milini; our aver-ioii tuputliiu, osin.iiiy ilo. every tlum; i,,- s ai 'iff 111 Ihe si.,., I'uu-llt MeJit-iii. j.uiul Ih I t - 1 scarcely t-ver take iiii-uVuif, ,t nuj k ,i,l. . t vv. U-e I that wc shouhl be iloliij; iiijii.lic,- to the i-.. , .,,u t by wiiliholilnii; longer the livorable opuii ,.i w hive of i-tar lljismi, in cast-s of cohl. ami liuimoiiaty couiplumii. I lav inn w initusiil lu K'Jo.l , ll, , 1, in v -I iiui uistoiircs, we U-ht-ve 11 t,ilK. nn ,.Sl, Itiinrlnle ' V"rr,m' ?','' Itenuine DIt Uls-l'Mt S j r.Al.r-A.M 1)1' ClIKUItV. .N .i.e , nuine 1 "',".n7, ";?",'! hy I. IIL' T TS. t. i-d 'sli. Bl.IlIU lUvVU;,lls,on.Mn. lr,,. ,,!,. .inn -I'm uy iiiL'i . rr.tK. ll.ii in -. 1 ., 1 it em. 1 I ami noisw-i,. ,, mmiilfil .w ii.iiil, Tlie" 011111.1,111-11- -A'a"-'r " ."eJieim- j.-neiuli mV i-is (.ive 110 response when tlKir n-lilie. were cullej, cM-ept IVit-r Ciger au l unoihcr, who vott-J" Nu," anil .Mr. Ciaue uiul C'limbr.-h-iii;, vv no epla uietl Uieir mlt.11.-e, ami Mr. 11 lohule, who iiuhfit'il liu " nje." .Mr. C'.llllbrek 114 tieehn, ,1 vullllj oil nil llililiess he I111.I 11, v r le .ml re.ul, us lor the ieulutiun, lie llkeil Ur ihaililrelll ( one nt the coiiiiiiillr..) well enough, but he " could not mrultoic hit inth." 'Vhejiaiile m worthy of the Iteeonler in the fa moils ease ut llie lilentwonli iapers. In-trail of au noimciiijS Ihe uuiiiU-r ot voiin lor un.l ngaiiwi llie re- soiiiiioiiai iiiiti iiii.ui v men vvus ivvo t-s man a cuwinsliltcl 10 tull il forth, Ihe ino-t ilehcate 1. itinle U ;Um 1 lor slii.H, .li-s Wc.-.l a pr. iiiiiiui lor woik , vvluili In-cvlubm-tl belorc the Asn lotion. The skt-1- looked by 1'rof. A., an.! that llie naiuhock vvliuliwus !!!.. mff w ill somcltiii, it liow a surloruj 10 t itiiuu-iuni.. - .i- , ' " ,,,, i" ,,,,1 ! " ,1 .. 1 ' ' V. clou heloiminir lu Dr. W. was iouuj at Ncwburish, X. ! liiglie.t nt llie section had been llirown up from below, and 111 llie coiilu.iou. ihe inoineni the r. .ili wL . vv.'utli the ttrntHl ol llie neintr -ex niijiht tnvy ;uiul .. ...... u1j .. A l'vtti-U Irom Nutuie." A urent . V., In 1SI5. Dr. V. senmnv the .Musloilou lo have land that the alnte iin vvliichit rested wus not of the noiint.-d he look lus hat on.1 ataprd nwunter. without ,vilinili; 101 il i.iuiioii tu tiiijuiini, or in letulll UltlllKd for tlie dimuitfuuilied honor of prtnidinn over urA an end to it. That in inv iiiuViuciit. I h ire ni lunch rcpu t lor ilislinuuishtj ,ii. ilary acliiev;'iiit iits-, I hnc, any um,, I))t,, In have. I liuimr those w hn, Ih iuu cillcd u hy the. i'iiiir-u nl jU'iih si-ioual iluty.tu I, Mr urm. in tlie cuiise t.f their eo'intry, pt ilorm Unit J,,tv well. I wniihl not we tiny 1 1 Ilu ll lantcls with, lu hl; hut I si 111 Uiunri to Bay here, ami ov.-n t tlnun, that thu noleuin iiilju-licUion uf the hnv ol nation', nnd the n'l.liiiii nt t.l' tho world i., tl t 11 war W11.4C1I lor viciiiii inlivc. aruihe even Ihe lii-lic of arms, mi l 1J.1 1 Kt-iiai, sun'.'" iliirkeim, if il ilncs n.t bint, vv hut vviiild olliertvi-o In) a In ie hi ami oliiriiiu. p.iouiu iiitiunil hi-lurv. 1 am sot iv, sir, lo pi-ii.iitu nny h ive'li.'i fx j ecttil u nie en Ihwncci-i. 11 su iiiiperlcctlj ; hut I say tn the Wliion of Ahisaclnieell, let iu fluiul by nur principles. There is hope, there i I'iiiil'ulcnce, 1111.I llur.) Irii-I, nml we evcij one vv hn lionuslly and sihci-rcly does his duty as 11 omul .-itizt'11, 111 regard In public quet.i uis-, will iisiiri'i!ly r.ive hluiell,aiul may help tm-avo the t'liuutry. It is 1111 moment fur rliiiuMii nr lal lurliiy. ll U 110 up incut lur iiinjr in eAtitines nu thu rilil or nn tho It'll. Ul tm fcUiui nu our I'stalJIiilied principle nnd 1 p'uinu. Ixit us maintain nur ;t 1 1 t't-iu tire- to (he (.'nioliluliiui nu i'ir wliicli we live. J.e' 11- nyiid thu-e '-rent will ,-'o, Willi u loililiide tlmt itoiei-111 cunnot iuulale, to lorm ins (d need were) and llie inatlyrdoiii ol lire. 1 llut lo the liictk Sluve nothiiiB ulth by w Inch even uVatlu-an hemic. The pun wu.cii suoui.i M.iiii h.r cai. limy n ilielf vvoitiided liny, ulltlly biolu-11 Noiloii- reuiiiuiii lor her but to ,11111k the heg iUai l.iut and Cruelly luve miiiHled in lur cup, uml couiiiM-ndt-d to ht-r .''I'"- To delineate Uui lentuim f( n maiden cirriunstnnc ed iluu, so an lo cuv.')-1111 iut -reiwiou laiihful to .Na ture inn! to diaiualw propruiy, v. a a most dillicult link. .n,l i4 Mlfe u n M (w i ia0l.t,.r th,. ph-ix "1, " '"r 'niwr 111 whit!, ihw la.k has I en jierloim e,.. Alter ripeutid vi,iaaj 0is und can, l con-t.-nip.alioii f , , nutlllllJ4 ,,1, u( ael ,,. piemen Ihe l.uud will, su ,l-p ,, j,..,,,,,, 1 ArlistV coiisaumutt. .uil.a, ,l. g,, , more than juibjrneiit l II, LuO.1,,1 ler il,,n he knew "j tliat mi iiHHildeil in feuiui,-. miMv wl ,4.in1y llie desolaten... uf ej,iiui-iiUh.-d 1,0. n,, ... ullectulioti (.( pride orseoru would liave bttn ulm'iudly out of iiliice. She id a vvniimii,im. slie c-iuiiot " .1... ,uie ihe khiiue." Hardly Ifm milinturiil would have been tiny i-Uiilliliuii of tuiiiulluoiii lei-run;. I'.i.iuii mil r.uiotloll b. sp, iik u moie billiomable d pth ul variety oi piciniiiuis . w.-ie uvvurded lo other l.adm, U-t-n c.xlinct as 11 liv ine species at leaet one tiiousind 1 HuJajii l'ivcr gfoup, hut tlie LlncU slate of the Ta. Wmooski l'ulU. neurhy, is.-iUo makin" unite a ! ni 1.. 1 r c.. 1. .. v. healthy mow ih. 'Ihe cMcmivc Woolen .Maliulue- i , ' - "' "I"""' """" " " " f... ... .1 1... ll.,.,..,. ,,,i I c-.. 1 ......... . ni,., a traction, hv P10 . .New Haven, L01111. He under lull and sucecsilul I'l.-uilioii. SK'nin,'iiM,t n uaidctl Bohdificotiou and crjstoliaiioii an iileiilical, I1.111111I11I cloth, ol 11 t'leiil viiiitlyol km.l-.wi re etiub- 1 ,mj also 1 hi- lawn of suhdificntion and llie lawn of co-i.,-d ui Ihe fair. .Iiciluig much counu Mil.tnon. . . 1 ....t, , ,.r ,... l. ..,. Ni-W, tit-lli luUUIllul sivles, llle lliriicilolll Here Hum , - -1 --r wcel. to weik. lively d. riuli.!" si) le wliicli inko in lmse it to luiv e iu clianit tensile ci)Maiuiiiniii. 1 lotn conic )st.-iu. A It-i-Jit Irom .Mr. anmein, 111 -up. I ieiiiblai!e, or receive a 0ie.1t uiotik. tor his imwir purl ol the 1 uconie sjstetn, was then read, which was ' tint ailmuiutiutum "f the iilliee he held. Indeed ihe lollowed by n pa'r hy .Mr. II ildemau, sliowina that ' convention toluol th. rMilemly, na theie wun halt an ,,e two ft-,1., .r V'nme,,,,,, and TimnUiu. 'iSX ifCAu,wniLn tome uc reirucu m ueiiucui. nre tlmr. mil ni. I The ttorner (b nrnil verv irravrlv i.mooH. in nui ...-r i. 1 cbeem lor " Ihe Iteket," uller llie com en turn mi ''T B - -" ' " l'"'"'i" "J , I,,,, ,!.)' eouldut Uruued,t.n,lnuwu him voltd lo ii consideration ol llie 1 helioinenu ol Drill. 1 i,aii vvuikoieJ were with the llunkem. all lo the other aide' liy irreut.-at number of irooil iiH'&kerti. wiluuut ucnvinir talt-iifji to uitlivi.liinl .t iKn hula of Orioii.vvlucli had lullicilo delicti llie povvenuf 1' rind a pjier uimu tlie I'heiioiiiena of Drill uu.l lluuk. r ide. tlie bee. leleseoiK-B in the woild, wa rewdved, by lhc , (llaewl Avium ui New- Cnnlaiid, ui vv hi, h lie mated 1 Never More una uch n fcene been picieiited in lliia maliV 71,1,7 uVide li'ie lipiil new Cauibridae inlruiiieii., hi,., iuimmeiable UmU , .heuimimtol Jloun, Va.hi,..onii. New llamp-, .S,7to;SI 5 . UMlki lUpk! Boo. loll Ct'iitrul and elossia the rivtr below- il. The ('liurih I'.dilitis lu ie lire good. The Mctlio disin have a good bruk house , llu- llnptisls a Hill littler one, vei IUl) lhlUTII, DlSVURrElBI.ETlsTl lfu, V -T , and many oilier uniileamnf symptoiu-", nr, ulw ijs (he result of iiidiuestion. When the lood. n-t- .id of I -ing pruierly diilve.l, remaiiu in the -to i u h until it become in a manner puiritied, a delet. r .his I'.u 1, called sn. uiic Acid, is generated ill the -innm 'i, w li, luKme Willi llie thud of the mouth, is ecu un n it only to give a bad breath, but isnl-o the true caus,- . i wast, lugof (lie cum, a de)Kisit ot tartar, and decoycd"tetiTi. IViisht'n liiiliim Vrgtt'ibte not on., c rans. the stomach and bniveU ol alt billions an.) ,.. ,,..i i.. I mors, and puril'v ihe blootl, but they a'-,, s, i.,-,. ! .1. ... I....1.I... . ...... .' 1 .... ,.. ... u a. ii,- i.'iir , iinu 'I , f. I.ifp eertoin to remove n Iwd breath, and prcv nt a rrciua. tare det ay ot the teeth. llLWAiK or ColSTtHrUT TllE.-Y t wt JlNtl ,il MINI l.M !l. Vll.l.TAUl V. I'll 1 . . , , , , L . ' . xiii rc or Wn.i uvi Wi..ur WHiim , . , on nit roe nm i ut rtrn box .Vm., c- r ,i. Mine, u il tu ctiui.ltrfrtt tint i tort,F i aikel, l uui. kl)' t'ol up. "lid shipped oil W illi yrcat s ihiH piinciplca lie deduced il great number of iuleren- volt d lo a cou-ideraliou ol llie riieiiuuieuu ol llrill. 1 ila vvutk oieJ. ' pkhiy. 'I he l.oliou nnd oilier inllu nie ' " it,1oo ,.. , ( inw.rle, K.ri., l,0iiiB ihia! Alur ihe exhibition ol a ouimiiiy ol pure while Mud,! The wrot tiie eonveimaii i md .urtlless : and nie, us lit the Vllloue 01 J UI llllU- , ,, ,, , . ... 1 i - . i i , i, , , ,. the lu'rult vvvie collteded bv u .,, biiilduiu- "ie sp, Illinois up on every side. The ! IIT wan a Later lrm .Mr. lt"iid,m.i-.rmlendfnt ol which i, luuud in abundance in Ik-.UIuie County, Jj;;j';nn milt die)- had llii-a i-ntriil llaihoad pa- ilnouh Wmooski Village, I the C'.inibtiJue Obseivtitoiy.staliuu llial ihe great lie-' Mam., and a lieaiiiilul glaaa vue mode fiom il, .Mr. 1 aneakeni . wuuuut denv tag Mill i.i ! . enuinetor mile t,y V 11 t I IJTN W dt''"",--'Sireet.andTIil'.tllHIIil-.A. 1'IXh l I5iei. note ot'eul.tor Ituilmgtun. K.-utx-n l- i ,. 1 ... , the j It 1vke, Uamitin , W lilh -. h l ' ' -iv- neat v jioiiM' is a good stone building, not in very guod u-le, . pomtti, or Hlurs. mi l hull. Iso'ni. H m low ii. Tl wu planned all liuill under llie dltecllon ol Air. II. seune.un aremieii loimeily ul llu place, now ol Ifythmar, N. V . 1 Uw building m a very fine liaikuig "lie inside: ihe pew mid -euu are all fiiiialu-tl and cii.liioued alike, llie iuiU mid iiriiia l.i ihe j-vv of fine lunliugniiy. Ih tolumin batk el lhc pluiluini and titsk und ui uthec I he itading ul llie iiitereaiiiij- letter ' hne woa llie only )sit m which ihia action w w not large juioii ul ihe ieuule ot the HiiU-. meet any possible (B.niciot that a Wilis account be exaggerated, we give the editorial remarks of ;luany Altai, one ct the Demoernii.- nmm. been above llw region of glaciers in the glacial period. -n D-iiiocnitie electora of the aluie have m, a ti.'i.i needs reiiring ; the failiolu-e huve n very nice I jjr olu vya, uuWed by a eiier on llie Nebular i hovvii by the rounded pebbles and tho muoothed and I T looKing Link hou-e : Ihe I iniiiiiatwa veiy ll ie and , . ,, , ., ,llso f Ciniihridue L'ni- lated am lac ol llie loclva, and llua aumuiit, like mny 1 5ft;!:. It't IU- rVlul ed Ita. Ih.- hy.a.lhe.i. r.ted o - h.glu-r porno,,, o. .he A, he sup.K-ed ,o Imve JA 'Jttw paper ivu Ibllovveil by another on Ihe Mine bodyul IHO delee.itei aaauiuing to ill a the rerttsen l'ruf. 11.1). wUlch he eade.vM. 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I STThe ettraarduury airt-nirr. ; i s ' H are aeheivmg unpiralleled triunipl-.s . i v . f lioniof ihi coaniry, are now introdue -.1 i . Il'Vf,y vk peraoa read the a t ul ihe UreefeiiU'ig Ouunwuy, which wil, !. 1 i i another column, l'ur ale at Sblrw-.- - -i ie Court llouae Squire. Ako at A. C. suus A, u ecotv sud D;v;- t-wii;

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