Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, October 22, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated October 22, 1847 Page 1
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. 9 PL Vo!. XVI. Whole No. 1000. BURTjIiWTOIV, FRIDAY MORiIIVfi, OOTORKR 39, 181. IVcw Sc ries, TI. SIVo. 17. Burlington Free Press, rublWii-J at Burlington, Vl., IJy I) . W. C. CLAHICE, Editor tind Proprietor, Tcrmsi To Villus subscribers who reccil e the paper by tilt: carrier lfpnlJ in a Jvnijce, 2'00 Mail subscribers and those who take it at the omce II inU m advance, .'... 'r" ADVEirrisr.ur.xis inserted on the customary terms. (lor ihc Ihirlinqtcn Tree Press To II ,,,,, "Via sail for one so young, so fair, So much helmed, so calm, so inilJ, To be n victim lo that power Whose fearful ijrasp will seldom jicld. We've watched thee long we watch thec still And Mill we hope lo see th-i .mil", And sec no more those pallid checks Which oil our fondest hopes beguile. Wc have not met thee at the dance, " , Nor have we crowned ihee QucMfrl May j Yet when We join the dance anoTong, A pensile thouslit lo th-e will sujy. 'Tis not lug brilliant, gay saloony While lashiun leiqns and jo)-riwsilip Can siie the pleaMire that we leer When silently we think of thee. J Thy voice is plaintive, meek and tmld, lis tones melodious and sweetfj And when we listen to iu stiains i' The voice cf nature seems, to fjicidc. May lieallli return, and fortune Sjtiile, And ev ry anxious depail, Till from this woild ol pain yo'ifs To dwell among the pine in heart. rttiliiiglou,Sriil. 151". 3-1 .farm. From the .Jept. No ol the Horticulturist. .Voles on American Oinpes. l)c vi; Sir. I observe that neither ill Ihe agri cultural journals nor in the Horticulturist, has timthmg been said which maybe taken as a guide by persons at the .nrth, w Miing to select tho most dc.-ir.iblc native grapes fur their gar dens. t . . It the comparative hnrdlnA and productiveness of P;p "ito lhe lncf; room, and thcjlandlord folk, w the dunrout variolic lo he found iu commercial I '' '- a";' 1,1 n fevv .nonienN lho landlord beckon-o- irdens ; fur it mu-t be observed th .t. a most vi !np f r",ni "l0 1 fi: 1 f1 ir- Z( the sort- cultiv .led me S..utWn iu their ori-1 R," wondeicd what it meant ; but thinks I, they g,n. Ihov i" not eiiHre'y ha.dy so fir Noill. as W!!nl """" Sr0K and f.rh Wil cr- 1 w:'ls ln "V the 1 11 I ud" ol tin- rily. I should b' glad, therefore, lo contribute some thing tow.ird- this iifoded inform ition. hoping tint other-, in diU'wiit sections, may oll'jr. you also the re-ults of th"ir experience. 1 will beiu by saying, 111 it tho .viVWi and I'ldirJiat" the iwo native -orts which Miccced he-t here under nil cirrum-Unces, The -b'tlii is the huidie-t. and will u-ua!ly ripen a full crop in ahnn-t .my -iln ition. The Vataicbn nl-o ripens iinrt crops in the shelteii d vnrd-'of Ihe oi'v, hut c, tnnnt he depended upon for doing so as l,ir nth as tin-, except in warm a-;iect- -ue'i as the r-oulh -iile of linildiiiL's, ite. There is a arity of the I-.iloll.i known as tlio C'tntit) grajir, which is said to have origi iiiiedinthe to.vnof this mine in this Stale, which i much hardier and earlier than the 1 holla ; and though i! is not, pcrlnps, vvmthv of much attention further South, where the 1-a-! Mia alw.iv- ripens well, it K con.-idered a .il-1 liable variety hero. Though tiie I-.ibel'a and Catawba are treated as hardy here, ami will stand our winters usual-1 ly, 1 have found tint thov hear better crop- when the iuo- are coveied at'thc approach o winter. ! Want' YirLri,im "rane is found too tondoi and too late in its maturity for tho climate of Albany. I urn sorry to bo obliged lo add, that judging from tho rpoi lence ol two v. oilers, ibe Ohm. or ('T.'r 7r7ii,will also be found too ten der (or ii-. It his bc-en twice killed to tho ground in a garden in it. tuhuitisnf thi- rily. I have found that the hardiness and prnduct-ivene-s or the native grapes iu tho heavy day soil of my garden, are greatly augmented by digging trenches, hkc drains, trto or four feet broad, and three feet deep, when making borders to plant the grapes. These trundles should bo lilted filmiit ., f,.i .! ...1,1 ii I tlinn ,i ill, n I ,,-r C I., .. ' . ' ir'l am -"- " wt ii'jiii-, iiii-iii inu mil, n in..-) ... I. I, ...I I T I... - !ii' ..i. ' I vu i.u nan, u mil iiiesu iu up will iriiuu nun t..ii ti. a.,;. .! . i. .!..'. -i... i li i , i ui'iiiiijjtj itni. iir.iius siiiiiiin ii'i.i .v till and outlet) will keep the roots dry, and the j inos will stand the winter's cold better, and ,;..,, ii...i c i .w. .... tmii, i-.wm.-i us v uwu i-. iciieiiiu lias satisfied me 4 that the improvement of ,,,P ; grapes found in tho woods, thy the attention of hoitlcul- It nnn.N I,. , ll,,, ll. ! , ,.f (l. Northern species of would be well worthy turi-ts. The common summer and lox grap"s though limy are so pulpy and rough as to bo unpalatable, may they not be improved by taking them into the garden 1 Wo might then have perfectly hardy grapes, even for the lati tude of Quebec. Pray suggest this to your oxperimenting readers, and believe mo votir friend. W. Albany, August, lol7. P. S. What is tlio character of Sorton's Needling ! Remarks. Although Allnny is scarcely a degree and a half of latitude North of us, we have found, as our correspondent state.-, that its climate is much more severe upon plants than ibis nart of the Ilud-on. Tlio Isabella and Catawba are both perfectly hardy hero, and the latter, III open situations nnvnr fjiU to riiieii a line crop. Tho same re mark applies lo tliu Bland grape, which, how- . .. f ll. l.lo.t . arintlna M'tlO flll'lfl ever, i mm i '. .........w.. - nulla liardv and productive here, and though tho fruit is small, the bunches are large, and tho 11 ivor is agreeable. A'rWs Sidling is hardy, and may be a good vvino grape, but it is harsh and unpalatable lo the taste. 'I'ho ..vnnriment of cultivating our Northern wild fox gr.ipos, wilh a view to improving the quality ol their fruit, has already been fully tried i. tho In!,, Prof. Gninuciin. of Wot Point. That gentleman, full of in vino culture, i-ollocted, fifteen years agn.evory known variety imn, mir woods, ami cultivated them in his gar den, manuring, stimulating and pruning them ...1,1, pare, iii the hope of changing and ameliorating their character. Tho experiment was, as might have boon expected, a taiiuro, ..i.i..,t, il., lYiiil was ereallv increased in size some of the sorts of fov grape being larger in .i.- i... ii,,,.. il, lamest Black Hamburglis, lettho llavor and original rough taste of the ' . , I I ...1 nn,l llin fruit was. species reinaineu iiiiuiinugs i : '. f.., .n1-,t!il,tn n ut first. To improve wild graies of the woods, tho Will some friend send us some UK"' ' fr.,ii nnd leaves of this ninety, and same account feeih must bo planted j nnJ when tho seedlings I vyay to Sing Sins, with n fino tide, nnd soon nr- Small Potatoes'. This term is so gen come into bearing, by selecting snch ns show n I rived there, just before those I have mentioned, orally reproachful that the person or tiling to renu-my 10 vary inmi me wiiii miuu i ' nim frnit, and sowing their seeds, it is probable that I now nnd improved varieties would soon be pro- duced. Tins result, however, would be much leu both baskets I knew that funny French more certainly and speedily attained, if the wild I man would make fun of the gingerbread. As I vine blossoms were crossrd or hvbridizid with sonic of the best foreign sorts. En Washington. There seem to bo something In the very mine of this Illustrious individual, that every American seems instinctively, as it were, taught to venerate, inasmuch as every incident of his life i becoming more and more interesting as time is gradually gaining space, from his life time to the present moment. I was -catod the other afternoon, enjoying a cigir.nt tlic MapMli Hotel, when a plain, well dressed nun, drew a ohiir towards me, nnd pee ing me so much at leisure, evinced a disposition tol-ntcr into conveisation with mej when I ob served: 'Well, friend, it appears, from all nccounls, our new pre-ident has left us.' " ' Yes, sir, so it seems. and on so short notice, lie replied. -""a--. . 'He was quite fin aged nn not so old as piyself by several years. V ipyou in the coun try during the revolution, ir T. ''Oh, ves. sir.-, I was boirrf in this country, thank God.' - ; Then, sir, voit must havefome recollection of the stirring scenes of that day. I was too young to enler the service at the time.' ' And where were you, sir i ' In Whichever, sir.' 'Z ' 0!i, then you had an opportunity of knowifj considerable about the great movements of tbjff place i and do von recollect till features of QMit res 01 uen. it w:,sSjtf Washington n's perfectly as tBiugli jcslerdiv? and La layette, t Fiukney'?' and '"'Yes',' said lie, laughing I lily., 'Crj and.inv father were neighbors So saving, I oll'ured him a c tr, which hff clined, and s lid 1 If the landlord lias a pipe, viil prefer it I should like to tell von, lie c limed, ' I circumstance which took pi, W.-i-ldniTfnn nnii myself.1 between Genfj ."SHI j I observed 1 should bo delighted to hoar ItjJ-f aim pe reruicu mo irjuo)iiug iitmury in u uay ut l Hie VlfllOlill LlllllllfV . f. ' Well, one mnrhitig father tow mo to lake tliB i black mare lo .Sing Sing and get her shod, and j wait till old nun-nose Hon, the Blacksmith, shod i her. So 1 stood at the door oo!d Hen's shop' and who should drive up to theavern opposite, j bnt Washington in his, coach, and Lafayette with Imn. Tliey-bnlu got out, and 1 saw botli head an old cocked hat, and my feet and ancles' you may judge, were not the cleanest in the world. Iliad ben hoeing cnrifin the morning ; but in I went. A- I approached the bar, I met the landlord. He slid ' There are two gentlemen in the back room who vv i-h to see jou.' Unable to sun.'ther a laugh, I said: ' My God ! I can't go ; see mo,' and exhibited imself, and pointed lo my feet. Come al.ui;;, I'll go with yen.' So iu wo went. A- 1 pulled oil' my hat, tho stoutest man said ' Sit down, young man.' 'This boy,' "said tho landlord, ' I am confident will do any' service von mav trn-t him with, to vour sati-l.iclion, and vvilluirew irom mo room "!ul the began (lor it was Washington l"m-olf) : ' """!-' """ 1 V'.1"'1 Prnt,,rp 1,10 l,p"'r rPr ' to-diy from iew 1 oik .' can you piccine 11,0 ilv -p:ipor or to-day for me ?' 1 "i";':ted a moment, and replied : ' j think I can, sir. . , , 'W''"., "'i" ' " -Marnnis. ' pleaso in- 'l"lr, landlord if he will furnish a good horse. ' No, no,' s lid I, 1 1 don't want a horse.' ' How will you go, then ?' ' Iu mv canoe,' said I. The Alaiquis could not refrain from a down right laugh, which brought the landlord to the I door. i ' Lo iliable ! you'll bo drowned I' says the Frenchman. 'Then; is not water enough in the North river to drown this child, I know,' said I. ! The Marquis nnd the landlord enjoyed th? retort bv a hearty laugh, but the other turned to loo window, looked on ked on tho river fur a few so COIIlls, llllll oll-Ol'VC'd ' The tide serves ; and I wish to see you ofi', 4 .,, , , ... . ,, hit time will you probably return i' , t. . l i . .1 f. ,i ' " ween seven and eight tins afternoon,' 1 "T1'1'1 , llo handed me a gold piece. . , , , , ,. , . . , , , r ' "u" 1 want M) ,linc" 1 on'y want snf- 1 1 want iriil -o miicii ; i only wa Hcienl to buy so,,,o fowls and eggs wit I "'" going lo market, ' ,u (jCllt',al tur"eJ 10 1"1'"orJ' a I llCK'Hl til IJIIV HOIIIO lOW'iS ailj CggS With, tor and said to him : ' Givo him as much change as he wishes,' on which ho handed ine about twelve shillings, while I nli-ervcd ; ' Now I'll run home and get some clothes on iu a few minutes. ' I wish to speak a few words with you before you shirt. ' I shall not bo neio again mi I come irom New York, sir, Ihe little stone. ,i nm-ei. miiim. s . s,..,,. m"im dock, and 1 pointed to it out of . ,f . I ... i- Who window. ' I desire you to ho prudent and keep your own counsel,' said the General; 'and should any im-forliiuo belli you, so tint you are detained, In not Mil to let me Know all the circuni-lances immediately, so that I may relievo you.' So saying 'good bye,' I took my hat and start ed, and tiy tho time I gained the dock and shoved oil', tlio two gentlemen stepped into the carriage and drove oil. I soon reached Ihe city, nnd went to Clans Vcndara'b iu the Bovvorv, who used to keep the Sourkrout Club Hou-e, as it was called, and where I hadolten been with my father, who was in old iriend ol ins. i tout mm mv err.inu.ani! the lustu 1 was in, on account of the lime ol lido. Wi 11,' said ho, ' hero's I luey Gaines to-day .- paper, and hero is a llriti-h paper which camo in tho British packet last night take tint, too, and tho sooner you are oil" thu better, it is now lead low water. I felt rejoiced at getting tho other paper, and had ihem between my shirt and skin, iu my l- som, very soon. 1 it'll my lovvls and eggs wnii him, and took the baskets hick, but not till the good old Dutchman had to-sed into ono n largo roll of gingerbread, and which I began to need very much. As I approached the wharf, thero were threo red-coats looking at a ship at anchor iu tho river. As I stepped into my canoe, they walked to tho place, and one asked I ' Where are you going?' ''I'o Weehawk,' said I. i Whore havo vou lieen ?' To market, to sell sonio ciiickoiis anil eggs, 'f answered of ,,.. riieysaid no more, and I made Ihe best of my nun my ncari ion (food 10 sec the carnage drive to the tavern, and both ol them looking for me out of the window. I fastened mv canoe, but entered tho house, the landlord was in tlio bar. I saw the hack door open, and the landlord told me to go In, which I did, and Laf.iycllo shoved it slowly loo. Washington was on his feet, and before I coil hi tal;e oil my hat ho said : ' Well, my young friend, what success V 'All good, sir, 1 said, laughing, as I thrift my hand into my bosom and pulled out both pa pers and handed them lo him. 'An English paper where did yon get this irom i sanl he, as u look ol approbation spread over his noble l.ico. ' Sonrkroul H ill, sir.' Ho reached his hand to mo and took mine, saying : ' I am greatly obliged to yon.' ' Sourkrout Hall,' said tlio rrcuchman, look ing nt me very significantly. ' You've not had your dinner.'' said the Gen eral ' Not ta-iUysijkL.. u ' Si"a.rriuis,'plca"e order some, antta '.'N6iTH!mtrst1?o Jtrime.' " V cup of lea. Washington took out his nurse, and held five guineas tqvvards me. I drew back and said : ' I am an American, sir j my father would tinke mo rcttir'n it right away, if ho know it.' ' Well,' said htfllif I can reward you no other way, remember General Washington Ihanksj yon and give myTrespects lo i our 'Cither, nndl tell him I congratulate him mi havitrisuch aj son; nnd remonibor, if at anv time d' uiz thi mitit nlA... fiJK. :r?...... : i: ''"'"''I iii.-i , i. ,wii j;i-t niviii any uilliciiliy.'lot rTOhbnMfnm you, and in re- iicvo-kou il m. Asno said tli cht I sj ng in his eyes, a lyctte's Ii otn imr'ieu into; rnagc. ird lolloweil ps. Vi ivas clo.-ing Uyetto si ' My God 1 ommander-1 iinlry; pi vvn to tin .lhev doev ies,' r'eplji or, as thi iifl', auu i-iri they will tI'Voi"Jl!6lcboro Plu j Advciitiires.'rjfJreeii Moil I ho town of AcWfmic in IliisMPrTnty. war knauy years since the? birth-plack'.an infant wliy was chrjstened l'aul IIollanfrK . A he grew up lo manhooil, the Yankee .Spirit of uiiierpnse carried mm lo ianairij-and in ine in terior Oi the country ho commenced tho practice of law. His industry and perseverance were rewarded with miccc's, and after a time lie re moved, lor mora lucrative practice, to tho city of .Montreal, rrosperuy and good lortnne still uttendid him, and ho soon became a candidate, and was elected to the Canadian Parliament, whore his ability and good judgment secured to him a respectable position and influence. While a member of the Parliament, he received n let- tor purporlmg to be w.illen by an old lady in " i . i i ; , r";""c " Sll ltMt, l. I nil slio linil ,lMt !l t ,!,,! rul-.,tii-n .,n,l was alono in the world, seeing his name iu the papers, as n member of the Canadian Par liament, and it being the sanjo as her-., she thought perhaps ho might beol Hie -.una i family. ! es-od of. one liirther stated, tiiat she was no-ses con-iderable property, and knew of no kindred lo whom to leave it, and that II ho would come and -eo her, she would pay his txpen-es and make him heir to her properly. jIr. Iv. sup- po-ing this lo be a hoax, made no answer, audi piid no attention to it. Two or three months afterwards, ho received another letter, from the I a iik' person, urging in still stronger terms ms vi-!t to her, and with so much app irent sincerity ' l r ils.SEi ivv a lew start-KjMil'sc.-B they Kn'thfland' mdH I to thrjflK Miejktiittcr BKmtnc HkitKriatt'; the jlmoiK iKBov: und caine-tne-s, thai he le.-olved to go lo Eng- j nee and praise God with all their souls, mind land, and see what truth theio was in it, lie and strength, that I have gone to bu with God did go, and louiid the lady a- she had described ' and Chri-t, which is fir b.'tter, but strive lo pro-hcr-elf. She was liviug'in an elegant mansion p.uc lo follow me as fir as I have strove lo fol aud in hand-omc style. She was delighted with ! low mv dear Redeemer, by his word and spirit, tho visit of Air. K., and spared no pains to make it agreeable to him. Alter spending some time there ho tiropared to return homo. Tlio old lady defrayed all his o.pen-es, and made him many pre-ents, and before his departure, she renewed lo him her promi-e to leave him all her properly, and related to him the incident which led to the correspondence. She informed him that in early life sho was tho betrothed of a young man of the name nf Paul Holland, who was an officer in the British army. Tliat ho Ind fallen in bat tle, befoio Ihe consummation of their nuptials and she had since rem lined unmairied and true to his memory. That seeing his name, uniting the nanio of 'her lover and her own, shu was struck w ilh the singu!arcoiiicidenre,aud thought sho could not better show her devotion lo the memory of her betrothed, than to bestow her property upon him who seemed by his narno lo lie the repre-enlative ol both. lie left her and returned to Montreal, and within a year aflerr.'aids received intelligence of her death, and tint by her will ho was undo solu heir to her o-tato. Ho sot out imme diately for England, nnd found on his ai rival everything prepared for him. llis claim was recognized, and lie entered at once into tho pos se-suui ol a largo lortuno. llo is now living in the enjoyment of his good fortune at .Montreal, and is now or recently has been a member ol the Canadian Parliament. Thi- is a true sketch of tho hitory of ono Vermont boy, and thero nro doubtless many such. Tho region of liction, and tho highest ii..i.-. i mi; ii. i .iiiui iuii, nut in, uiai, u UlUie tu.-i.,., r ,i... I.-....-;.. n,: !,..., r......!i romantic adventure Sale or the Shakst-eare IIol'-e and Furni ture. At the late sale of the house of Shak spearc in London, at the auction mart, on Thurs day, lGth ult.. an immen-o crowd of respectable people was pre-ent, and tlio utmost cutiiu-iasm prevailed. Among ilia throng I noticed seveial iiiitib.Miuu and gentlemen of literary distinction, besides arli-t, relic hunters and "rich virtuosi. The house, to the sati-faclion of all parlies, was knocked down to th.i Ixnidoii and Strallurd Commillees fur X'30UU. A general shout and clapping of hand- followed this announcement, and tho sale of Ihe furniture, pictures and other memorials ol this world-famous min-iou com menced, Fivo books of autographs, being Ihe ulbums in which visitors from all parts of the earth had inscribed their names, and somo their in-pirations, were sold to a gentleman at C in- ton for seventy guineas. The furiiituro was very old and brought groat prices. There is no proof of its oyer having belonged to tho poet, uui u uerivcs us iiuerc-t mainly irom having tor many years stood in tho apartment, and o ibly nhumpeuro iiiignt nave owned somo ol the ar ..I . . ,i . . . ... icies. ..oiewiearingaruioodal. '! ltHl.keno-softl,e 1'" was bought by an, .iniericaii gen leuuii, who laiiing it " titiir Wit. A nnnr. ptnnci.itPil Irislimm. Iiavlmr callt'd in a olivsirmn as h forlorn Iioim the latter unread n l.irrro inllstaril iil.ister. , , n - i "j - - i ' Clapped It on tlio poor lellovv s breast, imi,; On mot ol ,vir. i nrgu-oii, mo oeuaio pro- wilh a tearful eye and a sad countenance, look- ceeded to tho election of Cli.iil.iin. Air. Hi b cd down upon it and exclaimed : bard iiomin; ited ELISIIA J. SCOTT of Alont- 'Docther! docther, dear! it strikes mo that! poller, who wan iinaniiuously elected, this is a deal of mii-tard for so liltlc male.' I The President announced the nomination of which it ii applied is placed in tlio lowest atti tudo. rtut oven small nolatoos should not be despised, as the following facts, which were related to lis bv one of onr.lownsmen who de rived most profit from the proceeding, fully il lustrates ; Home years ago a gentleman visiting a far mer in Tolland, Conn., took from his pocket a small intruder that somehow got in there at home. It was thrown out with a smile, nnd the firmer taking it in his hand to look at it, a cu rious litilo boy ol twelve nt his elbow asked what it was, "Oh, nothing but a potatoe, mv buy take and plant it, nnd yon shall Invo all that voit can raise from it till yon are free." The hnl took it, and the farmer thought no more about it at that time. Tho boy, however, not despising small potatoes, carefully divided ii into as many pieces as he could find cye,and put them in tho ground ; the product was care fully put aside ill the fill, and seed for several hills was obtained, for the next spring. The product was all kept for-seod until, In the fourth year the yield beinrf good, til 4 actual product was four hundred bushels. Tho firmer, seeing the prospect that the polaloo fnAd would by another year cover his whole farn , asked to bo released from his promise. With the same calculation, prm.jnre and in dustrv, how mmy who nro disposed to regard the trilling things' on which fortunes nro built as too smajl potatoes to receive their attention, would have bean in independent 'circumstances ifXhe'V liaTfliiisbindcd their small;idvantages ? LSmnll nnlatncs should not ha dft-niseil, oven though there ho at firt but a fuvv in a hill. Portsmouth Journal. JQftKG TiWOUnit OlIANCERV, -A friend of ours tclhfa very good. story about tho ease and con veiiicjfiVe of a trans!t ' through Chancery. An aoii&ntarico vis accustomed to drive the best hrfrscnd the 'costliosf buggy in the neighhor hajiBffhe crack of liis whip was as alarming asfltWiistle -fif a steam boiler. Hut steam fails forlipfe'f fucl-and so did " whip."' ?jiieery, Chancery. Ko remedy but in ChWnplrt. Home stopped buggy stopped p.iytnAj'istoiipett l!uttoon', oil,' how soon " CvhrK,was seoif agaiiWiy In old frionds driv ing .liiH-H-7io-sc1jRmBjr; the identical learn tliaf heSiiid driven lieftyfl." HoAv,novv,"'saidraTinld arrpiauitanco, " tho sam'e horse and buggyfiftain, Itlibflght you had beHi:tIirdngliChaiicery i ' -X liave-4u? my horsn&ml bugy-iccnt round." AFaot. A certiinDoctor of Medicine, in a certain city, who loiRnfrich pride ifi the tcchni cajiities helongingiUjJiftjirnfessioirand perhaps thought it nccesi,irytoViirround his small per son wilh a halo of preatt svvelhngjwords, was once called to vifit'aVery.noor Iri-hlaborer, who was fast L'oing in.iv consumption, Tho poor , man had lost his voice, ntid the learned Uoclor addre ed this question to'.tho wife " My good woman, doe your husband expec torate much ?" ' " j;.pcct to ate is it your honor ? And how .Tiiiii1rt tlni imn f n v nni I t nfrt tuitfli ii'linn ,ie Im, ',; iH,fru lim t0 nle Bt ail, except cmiilv dishes entirely 7 ' J Ccnio'js ruxEitAr. Direction-. An old gen tleman of four score and two, Mr. Jedeiliah Pre- hie. died la-t ,eekin Bethany. Genn-sooUjuinty, nnd was buried on Sunday, at llatavia. accorbing lo tho written instructions given by him to hi son, as lonows: "Dress this body in old-fa-hioned apparel with a white cloth tied about its head, and a sheet upon its body, and a coffin made of bassvyood or white pine boards, painted white, if painted at :l. And my farther request and chaige is, that none ol mv children or relatives wear any mour ; for my dead or departed body, but rather re- and what I have wrote I trust is by tho direction of the good spirit of my God." DTNo person can be truly miserable, says tho firmer, who sees his fields looming with grain. No one can bo truly miserable, says tho miser, wdio has hi- Eroods safe nnd secure from plunderers. No one can be truly nii-eralde, says Jack, with a bottle of mm under his arm and a good quid of tobacco in hi- cheek. On board ol men ol war, it i- common lor saiiors nhi mum to be Hogged, to put a still" chew of tobacco in their mouths, which serves as a conuori uuiing the process of Hogging. cgi$lt,iuvc of Vermont. Thuk-day, Ot. 1 1. Mv In thr Constitution and laws of the Sato of Vermont, tho Senators and ltepre-eu- talivcs elect convened at the Si-ale tiuuso in Monlpelier, on Thur-d iy, Oct. 1 Hu. SENATE. 10 o clock, A. AI The senate was was called loonier by D. W. C. Clarke, the Secretary ; and, alter the roll was called, Ihe oath ot ollico was iiui.uu - erei in the benators, and the .-senate proceeueu 10 mo choice of Piesident pro tern. George 1'. Hodges, of Riitl.mJ. was nom,,,,,. ted by Air. Na-li, and Giles 1 lai ring on of Grand Isle, by .Mr. Ilolun-on .Mcs-rs mho . and .Ml uer were appointed tellers, and tho balloting re suited as loiiovvs ; GEORGE T. HODGES, 13 Gilo? II irringtoii, 7 Scatteiing, 1 Air. Hodges was declared elected, and ele gantly hut briefly returned his acknowledgments to the Senate for this renewed oxpre--ion of their confidence. He was conducted lo tho chair by Senators Harrington and .Mead, On motion of .Mr. .Miner, tho Secretary was directed to notify the Hou-o of tho organization of tho Se iile. On motion of Air. Burton, tho mlo. rr itm1 last Senalo wore adopted as tho rules of Ihe nre.ent. iniiil ..iherwi-e ordered. 1 1 : I M. f. ..!.. ,,, ll,n SJ,.,,nln I'll minimi in ,ii. ii-,,... ... - i ..... , .. M. coeued to llio eiecuon oi .-jei ni.iiy. .ur. iusu- man nouiinatod I). W.C. Clarke, of Burlington, i m. i.-T.ii.. i I I,,.,,l, 11 li.,,?.,,ii, llllll .Ml. IVIUlll- llliia.iu - .........nt jr., of Aloutpelier. Tho result of thu balloting was us follows D. W.C.CLARKE, 19 J, B. Danforth jr., 8 and Air. Clurko was declared elected. I On motion of AI r. Na-h, the Senalo proceeded 111 MIL IjIKIH It 1)1 iiil III ii.ihiii j i to the choice of A istaut Secretary, Air. lirow IR, noutin.itid Thonii-E. Powers of Wood- V. ' ,,j llnmin:ltci S. AI. Flint of lo Mr, 1owt. was elected by tho fol- bvviiiL' vote : THOMAS E. POWERS, l'j H. M. I'liut. 8 ' Whereupon tho Secretary and Assl-tant Sec- nnd 1 rotary were sworn into ollicC. lio following joint canvassing committee on the part of tho Senate ' Senators Mead, Morse, Fox, Hilton. Stewart, Kidder, Ferguson, Itobinson, Ileoman, Mattocks. Hibb.ird, While, Harrington, Miner, who were elected and sworn. Juinl llesohit'imi. Ily Mr. Hibhard, that the Secretary of the Senate "nnd Clerk of tho Houo procure lo bo published GOO copies of a Legisla tive JJirectory lor the use ol liotli houses ; adopt ed. IJy Mr. Ctishnian, that the joint rules of the last session, be the rules of tho present, until otherwise ordered ; adopted. Uy Mr. Kimball, that both Houses meet in joint Assembly at 3 o'clock this afternoon lo hear the report of the joint canvassing committee j laid on the table on motion of .Mr. Foster, suggested that tho Senate had not yet been notified of tho organization of the House. I'csnhititm Uy Mr. llrownell, that Ihc Presi dent, Secretaries, and each Senator bo furnished with one weekly, and one daily newspaper, pub lished in Monlpelier, such as each shall desig nate j On motion of Air. Harrington laid on the table. Air. Burton moved that when the Senate ad journed, it be lo meet at 3 o'clock in the after noon ; carried. On motion of Air. Minor the Senate adjourned. HOUSE. At ten o'clock A. M: tho members elect of the House wore called to order by .1. Ale. AI. Shat ter, Uscj., Secrelary of State, and Ihe roll hav ing been called the members were swoin. Air. Converse moved that Air. Adams of An dover be admitted to a seat without producing his credentials : agreed to. Tho Secretary informed the House that .Messrs Ross of Clarendon (whig) and Plimpton of Ward-boro' (democrat) had presented creden tials signed by the tun-n clerks of those towns, in the absence of the constable and selectmen, which papers the Secretary could not receive, ,as they were not signed by'au ollicor authorized I by law. Air. Foot moved to admit both gentlemen lo seals, thero being no doubt of their election, though not strictly in form, owing to allempt to prevent an election. Tills should not be be a pirty rjtio ticin ; but for one ho would Iruwu down such attempts at disorganization, come whence or where they might. Tne ch lir decided lint the motion was not in order, at this time making this decision in order to rui-o the question for deci-ion bv the House ; which decision was reversed by tiie House on an appeal. The question then recurred on the motion of Air. Foot. Air. Converse had doubts as to Ihe propriety of this proceeding, it might preclude subsequent action by the House. I Iu muler-toni that one of those ca-es at lea-t was contested. lie pro-po-ed to lay tho motion upon the table. Air. Kico believed that an iidmi-'inn of these gentlemen would not prevent future action, if good cause should be shown. He confirmed the statement ol .Mr. l oot, that so lar as w ard-noro is concerned, the attempt to prevent an election was an unlawful one. Air. Walker deprecated lia'lo a wrong pre cedent may be established. Town clerks have no authority to give credential-, and the Ilou-e should be slow in countenancing such p ipers as evidence. Mr. Kiltredge of Fairhaven expressed similar views. Air. Goodhtio said there was testimony from tho legal pre-iding officer of Wardsboro' -bowing that th? election of Mr. Plimpton was made after a motion In dissolve tho meeting had bejn carried by a vole ol two to one, Mr. Rico of Somerset remarked that iinaiii- mous enn-ent is required to dissolve, Air. Spragne suggested that if nothing was to bo gained politically in deciding this question now, so there would nothing bo lo.,t by delay This quc-tion should bo decided right accor ding to law, and thero must be lima taken for this. Air. Sabin said lie could not act upon ex parte or incomplete statements ot tacts ; tho truth inu be elicited by a lull and investigation was for laying the motion upon the table. Air. Lyman thought the picrent time propi tious for establishing a precedent and in his opinion a good precedent in the admission ol members upon such credent!' Is. It is true the credentials are imperfect; still they are strong prina f icie evidence of the fair election strong- or than tho common report, upon the strength of which tho gentleman from Andovcr had already been admitted. To refuse admi-sion, would he to e-t.ibli-h a bad precedent, and to encourage ittempls to prevent elections. Air. Kittredge of Fairhaven said the certifi cates were not simply imperfect they are no cortmcate- at all. Aow to receive members up on such papers, would bo to hoi I out induce- mends for (rands in the return of members. Air. Sibin ouquiricd whether thi- timo would be con-idcred propitious by all, if the applicants happened to be both Whigs. llo objected to es tablishing a precedent In encourage fraud. Air, Conver-o slid thai both Ihe l.nv and tho facts mu-t bp examined and decided ; and though tho gentlemen from Rutland and Burlington may be prep trod to act now, ho conl'i'-.-eJ tint ho was not Hero wis a quc-tion whether the House rouhl set aside the law a- lo the certify ing officer, and whether a meeting can be dis solved, be-ides all tho matters of fact o entiul In a correct do'ci-iou. llo was ready, it tho o pleased, to lay nsiilo all other business i, (M ,.tlQl.tim tUoM b, di ided ; but lie c01l!d lnt acl wil1()llt ,;,, j,vm;ln citt., ils precedents tho admission 1 !f Mr s"tl K,nof St AM1H ,, Mr, iL,VV04f , ' c ;i istt,tl.u i v. on a former occasion, upon certili- - , catcs ....... ,,,,rk, Air. Needham did not agree to the opinion; that admission now could be a final decision of, theso c.i-os. If admitted, it must bo boeaU'C the gentlemen present prima facie evidence : but iu their cao, a- wilh every member, their right to seats may bo contested and all the facts clititcd in committee. .Mr. Goodhue further stated that te-timnny lias I boon taken, tending to show that the fraud in tho Ward-boro' caso was on the part of tho re-, turned member's friends Air. Needham deemed this fact a proper one hereafter for the oommilteo of elections ; but no ''1r ' oiijociiouni .nr. iiiiiipiou iu.ui .i ...." "j to any other member. 1 1 ! M. A. I,.,,; f Mill,,,, ,,.iil,.,l 1 1 ll 1 i f U i nut .in itti-. ... ,..t....i. ...fv -.v ... r ... :. . I .1. . 1 1,., sons ni coriiucaio- are reci now, iu ... v ! hereafter find more thin one represe.nt itivu from .,...,. ii.. ii,,,,,,,i,t il,,.,,nK'iiri. way was hiil, n.n . , u ....... ..v . .j to turn over these matters to tho committee elections, Tlio motion to lay upon tho table was nega- i-ed, 113 to 77, andthoinotion of Air. 1 out was en agreed to when l'limpton and os appeared and wore sworn. . Tho House was then directed to mo eiccuou Speaker. . ., u.i i..,.t ,.r Itnil mil was iinmiiiated by Mr. Kitlred"o of Fairhaven ; Wyllys Lyman of Burlin"toii,1iy Air. Rice of Somerset ; anil llo- ratio NT-edhain of Bristol, by Air. French of il - listmi. Tho ballot resulted as follows : Font Lymiu Nccdlum Wliolo numlior .Majority for Foot So tho Hon. Sor.onov Foot was declared oleclcd, and ho in a handsome speech accepted the office and assumed the c.i iir. The lIotte proceeded lo elect a Clerk p loin, when Air. Goodhue nominated Forrand F. Merrill, .Mr. Hnhbell nominated C. (J, LVtinan, and Air. French of Willlstnh, nominated Joseph Poland. The Uesnlt was as follows i Merrill 105 F.astman 77 Poland 19 So FrnrsAND F. AIerrii.l, Esq., of Alontpelicr, was declared elected, nnd was sworn. Air. Kittredge of F was appointed to Inform the Senate of the organization of the Hoiic. The Speaker nominated and the House ap pointed tho commilteo to canvass tlio votes for Stato officers, as follows '.. Carpenter, liennington County Messrs Uenrge, Ilarvvood. Windham Messrs Goodhue, Chapin, Gillelt. Wiud-nr- Hntland Alossrs Catlin. I,oche. Jones - J 1 - ' ""I Addison .Messrs Tilden, Seymnur, Goodiich. Orange Holbrook, Slayton, ilaldwin. Chittenden .Messrs Adams, Hoof, Smith. Washington .Messrs Collamer, Carpenter, Clark. Caledonia .Messrs Kittredge, French, Perry. Franklin Messrs llrevver, ll.iilev, Green. Orleans Alpssrs Hates, Illkin-, Robinson. Lamoille Messrs Matthews, Russell, Page. Essex .Messrs Ames, May, Slovens. Grand I-le .Messrs Davis, Alotl, Drown. On motion of Air. KHIogg, the rules of the last session were adopted for tho time being. On motion of Air. Rice oT S the joint rules were adopted for the time being. Adjourned to SENATE. 3 o'clock. P AI. A message was received from Ihc House no tifying the Senate of its organization. Sen ilors Fox and Alorse appeared, and took the oath of office. Air. Ilirlon called up tho resolution relative lo supplying tho Senate with newspapers, and j it was passi.d. Air. Kiinbill oalled up the joint resolution, providing for a joint assembly Ibis afternoon at 3 o'clock to hear the report of the canvassing committee. On his motion 4'o'clock was sub- stunted, and tlio resolution was pas-en. i j-erguson ; and also announced the appointment ufp llcvilution Adopting the joint resolu- of p. C. Coltrlll as .Messenger of the Senate, tions of last ses.inn.tintil otherwise ordered; con- A communication was received from the Ser curred iu. Providing for the publication of a ' seant-at-Arnis announcing the nomination of Legislative Directory : concurred in Joint Ilnoltition introduced. By Air. Fos. tor, providing for county conventions on Satur day at one o'clock P. AI. to nominate county oflicors, and for a joint as-cmbly on .Monday, 10 o'clock A. AI. to confirm tho nominations; adopted. Tho hour having arrived for going into joint assembly, tho Senators repaired to the lluuse of Representatives, On returning, a joint resolution from tlio House providing for a joint assembly at half pi-t four o'clock to elect Governor, Lieut, i Governor and concurred in. Tren-uror, was received and resolution by Air. Smith of Wc-ton, for the up Tho joint resolution from the , poiulinent of Auditor and Reporter of decisions House providing for a joint a-snmbly to-morrow forenoon to elect an auditor of accounts and re porter of decisions of Supremo Court was re ceived, and on motion of .Mr. Harrington, who remarked, that examination would prove that the latter officer, under the pre-ent judiciary luvv, might be advantageously dispensed with, the resolution was laid on tin table, Tho Sonato n gain went into as-einblv. and on leturning .Mr. Browuell moved that n Committee nf two he appmilei by the t'resi- 'dent, to notify his Honor the Lieut. Governor of his election, and to conduct him to tho chair ; carried, and Messr-. Brovvnll and Mirring ton were appointed tho committee. Adjourned. HOUSE. Rffllittion. Bv Mr. Rice of Somerset, tho Clerk was diieclod' to furnish one daily and ono weekly newspaper to each member; passed. irlp I From the Senate, for a joint assembly to hear Rules of tho House; Air Spr.igue moved to lim 1st I tho report of the Canvus-iug Committee ; piss-1 it motions to postpone to some day within the II,. led. By .Mr. Cutis, for SOU copies of LogUU-1 cinu which motion was supported by Air 111 ... . - 11,. l- I.'iMrn.r.. f C II... f II- e, 3 t in 1 rectory : ta on. liy .ur. iviurege oi F. to invite the re-uleut clergymen of .Montpc licr to officiate :n chaplains ; passed. Tho chair announced the Committee on Rule-: Me-srs. Converse, Lyman of Burling ton, and Kittrego of F.iirli.iven. Tho Senate camo iu and tlio C.mvu-ssing Committee nude iheir report, as follows; For dmernur. Whole number ol" votes, -18,080 Horace Elton, 2-J.I53 Paul Dillingham jr., 1.G01 Lawrence Urainard, 6,'JJti Scattering, U-t Vor Lieut, (loiernur. Whole number of votes, 43,31 1 Leon nil Sirgeant, 2J.U1 Charles K. Field, Wfiji Jacob Seott, d,tJ0 Scattering, U3 J or I reasurcr. Whole number of votes, -1S,30 1 George Howes, 2J.U1 Jeremiah T. Alarslon, 181M2 onus Wood, t,U3 Scattering, 103 On motion of Air Converse, resolved that Intli Houses meet in joint as-embly at 1 1-2 o'clock i P. AI., to elect statu officers, I'l. Sneaker announced tho comm ttce on the Liln.irv. on the pirt ol tho Ho,i-e-AIo.-sr Car- , l informing the henate or the appoint pouter of Ni.rthlield, Seymour of Vergennes, "V"t f t''' "'.lungs as Secretary of kelloof Be.i-on. I C' '''''! M'llUr' A,1'"rs' r.f.PrvriOV OF STATE OFFICERS. ." . Altering time of holding Conn- Tim Senate came in, and the joint assembly made the following elections; HOUR CE EATON. Umnmr. LEONARD SAI'GEANT, I.icut. (loiernor. GEORGE HOWES, Tretsurer. Elton 12.1, Ddlingh im S5, Br.iinard 19. Sirgeant 121, Field 7H, Scott I'J. Scat. 2. Howes 121, Alarston hi, Wood 1-5, Scit. 3. Adjourned. SENATE.. Fr.t ua v, Oct. 15. Prayer by the Chapl un. The committee appointed or the purpose con - ... lelmlr nl'ilie Senate : whereupon tho oath ot ol ducted his Honor ine i.n-m. j,u waj administered to him by tlio Secretary, , and In addressed tho Senate as follows : I Sena roils : I Iu all deliberative assemblies, cu-tom Ins lied 1 1 sanctified the oxpocruion inu in- im i -- . , , ,-, . mxr llieir de ibTltlnlls, hould iu i i'.-"". , . . .. . some form roil lor an acl. now lo . in it I ism ' liiritioos to tho-e who thus lender bun an ex r . r . . I I ,.,,n of 1 pression ol their conii.uiice. It seems,' therefore, not iu ippropri ite that ,.,Mbraco the pre.-ent occa-imi to give utterance t tlll) PrU!.ioiis ol a thankful heart, not only to , yU) iM u, other branch ot tho Legi-laluro, us ' well as to Ihe Ireeinen of tlio Slate a leeiing , lvlic, j c.iu perhaps now no iieuer express man 'by giving you the as.urauce, that this renewed ,, ,,,,!'. t,,ii ,, conhdencu s h i stiniu ato nio l0 exertions, iit the faithful discharge of, wiiatever duties may fall to my lot. I , yu Cushman moved that a commitlce of two nor oft ho ori'amzutinn o tho .Nuiato '.carried, I i i". i .,,i i.- . ...;.,,..' Sir. Convorso presonlcd a reinonsiranco edt'comlee. " " " Upi-' tU..rlSht td aseitof.Mr. Plimpton of Mr. Furguson called up tho joint resolution! V'a,rdboro' ; referred to the committee on 1, for a joint assembly to-day at 1 1 o'clock A. AL lections, lorlect an auditor of ccoin'. inula rojiorler of Adjourned. the decision nf the supremo court. Air. Har rington moved lo nmend by striking out the words " Reporter of the decisions of the supreme court."' Ho remarked that It was the opinion of very many lint Ihe present Reports were more difiusc and voluminous than ircessary Tho state of ,ev:IIampshire ho understood, formerly practised our prcont plan, but now committed the duty of rennrtini' to Ihe chief jusiico, and tho mode had proved much more satislactnry. If any arrangement could bode, viod whirh promised to secure holler results with loss expense he desired to see it tested. Air. Oushniun replied that the supremo court now hud the general supervision ol (he report ing of its doci-ion, and hardly though It proper or practicable for the Senate to dictate or define in what manner lis duty should bo performed. It should bo left to the Judges' discretion. Air. Harrington observing that he had understood that a definite proposition to change tho present lMtll ui i l-in ii uni" ,.i iiuiiilL lo UJ suijiiu urn LU the other House, on motion of Air. Foster tlio resolution with the amendatiun was laid on thd table. On motion of Air. Burton, Ihc Senate wont Into llis election of tlio standing committees with the following results : CommilUe n Finance. Senators Rnrton, Stew art, Stanley. " Judiciary. Senators Footer, liar. rington, Mead. " Claim. Senators Hodges, J. Hamilton, Sweat. " Lihicntion. Senators Fox, Cranij Bancroft. " Agriculture. Senators Alorse, Robinson, White. ' Manufactures, Senators Hilton, Koycs, Dean. " Elections. Senators Cram, R. Hamilton, Bradley. " Military Aflairs Senators .Va'ii, Kidder. Cushman. " llnads. Senators Kimball,Brovvn- cll, Mirier. '' HanU, Senators Ciishmaii.Xash, Mattocks. " Land Te.ra?. Senators Ilibbaid; Iieeman, Alorse. The president announced the following com mittee on rules Senators Urownell. Matine!.. Aloses Hawks as Door keeper, and A. E. Fields as Assistant Doorkeeper of the Senate ; which nominitioris were confirmed by the President. The joint resolution from 'the House, for a joint committee on joint rules, was concurred in, and Senators Cu-hm in and Miner were ap pointed the committee on the part of the Senate. Adjourned. HOUSE. Friday, Oct. 15. During tlio absence of tho Reporter ve-lenl.iy afternoon for a moment, a re-olution from tin) Senate providing for county annointmcnt. and a of tho Supreme Court, were pa-.-ed The Speaker announced tlio committee on Election Me-srs Dean, itmioio, n,i.lni ; Baldwin of Sharon, Barn French of Willis, ton, Clough. Dill Introduced. By Air. Walker, altering the timo of Wind-or Conn v Court to the la-t I nesday in November ; referred to members of , Wind-or County. ( In motion of Air. ICittredgoof F, a resolution raising a joint committee on punt rules was j adopted ; aifd the Speaker appointed .Messrs Kitlrodgo of I', and Lyinin, on the part of tho non-v. Tho Speaker appointed Ale-srs Royce and Ilubbjll to wait upon the Governor and inform him that tho llou-o is organized and ready I o i receive any communication he may havo mide. Itepart. By the Committor! on I'.ulns tl,. puini-, uiii-uu ny .ues-rs uiceoi o,uon verse, and Kittredge of F, and lost. The rules were then adopted. 'llio Sargeankat-Arms nominated and the Speaker continued tho following officers of tho llou-o. I'.iubael B riint, of Berlin, Door-Kceper. Ilenrv 1-him. of Monlpelier, t Officers I Wm. II II irtshorn, of Guildhall, J. nf the Harry ail, of Alontp"lier. Hou-e Jacob 'V. Hazen, of Woodstock, Alos-enger. On motion of Air Goodhue, a commilteo of one from each oounly was rai-ed lo avcrjgetlm Grand Li-t of 1617. On motion of Mr Cutts tho House proceeded to clod a Clerk for the year ensuing, when Fer R ami F. .Merrill E-q, vvus elected by an unan imous vote, and sworn. Adjourned. SENATE. ArrEitMoov. 2 o'clock P. AI. Tlio President announced the following com mittee" : On Bills Senators Brownell and Fergnrsnn. Under 5th joint rule Senators Kimball, Sweat and Stewart. A communication was received from thn Governor announcing that he would present his annual mes-age to-morrow ai in ociock .v. .u . tv Court in Wind-or to la-t Tne-dav of Novum b;r, referred to the Senators from Windsor. lli'l inlraluccd. Altering tho name of Green .Mountain II ink to Vermont Bank, and extend ing tho lime prior to tho Charter's going into operation ; referred to committee on Hanks. Air. Hodges called up resolution annointinrr ! a joint assembly for tho election of Auditor of Account- and ii Reporter of the deci-ions of the Supremo Court, and niovod to amend so as to designate to-innrrow nt 10 o'clock for that pnr- I .I'VI - 1 Inet 0Hered by him in the forenoon, and tho siso. .ur, iiarringion WHiidrevy me amend- ! union ndment of Air. Hodges, with the resolution was ndopled. Ki;wr From tho Senators of Windsor county, in fivor of the bill altering time of holding County Court iu Windsor county; i pisseii. Adjourned. noUst-i. The Governor notified the House that ho j would take tho nalh of Ollico nt 3 P. AI. this tl,V l,.l tf i. ,-.;, ,1... l.1....n-r.ii. 111 I A; jj . Ul, , IC )ril "-,,,,( l'BEi,EnIcK , HLUNGS Secretary ofCivil and Military all'iirs. yJ((s tnirniucej,v Mr, Kovco, providing for tho apmiintmeut of Reporter of decisions of Supreme Court by the Court In December next t l)lt, ri.p,,rtpr to bold office throe years re, to Judiciary Committee. By .Mr. i..... .i... ,,i,.n..r ,,r ihe fl ink of 1 t0 . ri,Jrrcd lo committee on Banks. emrts.y Select committee, bill f lime of holding Windsor county Court, iinnsi-o. us origin? El'.

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