Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 24, 1847, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 24, 1847 Page 1
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BIJKI.ItfOTOIV, FRIDAY MOUI-VsC., DF.UE3.HRB.K at, 1817. IVctv S?v2-., Vol. 2 Ao. ac. Vol. XXI. Whole iA'o. !. Burlington Free Press. Published nt Iliirlln?lon, Vt , ) 1. Y. !. CliAltKlM Editor 'tint Proprietor. Tcrmsi To Village, subscribers who receive the paper by the carrier lfp'ihl In advance Mail subscriber" nnd those Ho take It al the. Office II paid m ailvanre, . C'l r.n i 2,00 ! 2,00 1,',0 Advcrtisemcvts inserted ontlic customary tctnrs, I-ons Ago. rr.o.M ii. ii. nr.nw'Ni.u.'s tolms. When nlexc I tit alone, Thinking of the l'ai nuJ (.one While the doit. Itli diowsy linger, .Mailt how slow the iiiinalermgcr Ami the ember", dimly burning, l ull ol I. He to dust returning Then my lonely chair nronnJ, With u "oleum, mournful ound, Willi a manner suit anil low. Come live (ihu-Jts of Long Ago. Oii by one I count them o'er, Voices that are heard no more; Tears that loving checks have wet, Voidswhose iiui'ic lingers jet Holy faces, pale nnd fair, Shadowy locks of waving Inlr Gentle sighs inul whi-peis dear Songs forgotten tinny a jour Lips ut dewy fragrance -eyes Hnglitcr, bluer, than the skies O Ion breath.-.! from l'aiodiio. And til" geiule shadows glide, So ily murmuring at my side, Till the long and gloomy day, All forgotten lades away. Thus when 1 am nil alone, Dreaming o'er the I'ast an 1 Cone, All around me, sad and slow, Come the Ghosts of Long Ago. 1'iotii the X. Y. Courier & Uncruircr. An liep'nr t'inn nf 1'ie I) it J Net is about to bo underliken by order oftho rivcrn in nt, which though it cannot, as n.nv adminis tered bv its )x rutivo Head, find any authority in llir C institution whereby it ci-t, to order exni irations or imnrovements at tho roinmon charge in our own country, has no sctuple . 1 . . i. . ulnn wandering on into l'.iiesiine, mere to i m initesteil tlicniselVLs in me mor.icic aim nu mtke recoiinoi-.inccs nnd solve geograplneul . domiirtl extremities. Tlicse Were, certainly, nrob -ins and to elucidate ancie'it story; a" sure s-vmptonis of cholera. Iieretiifore, it has found no olijec-1 tun lo lilting outanil carrting nut, at great ex p-us1, an e,i 'dition ordiscovory in tho ."south S't", and of urvey and exploration ol the coasts ol .South Am uic i, in both sea". Do we ulitid" to such enterprises as those in the way nf complaint or condemnation ? Par otherwise. We applaud the piiit which prompts them, and only lament tint the same liberal spirit, th" same reading of the const, tu 'i undo not iiilluence the Kxe.Miive in ivirird lo t ll,.:ir..r inul mi.n. .vnliW nf ,,i,r ,.,vi. land. ' Tlio I)-id Sea then is to be explored by --1 merle. in siilors sen of marvels which, uf t r 1' idling the guilty ' ci'ij. ol the plain" !... ii. i n ,'or si. .. . !,," ,.,.) .,, ,i0 imaglnullon, Willi awful character. "A pestilential vapor, it has been said, lises conlin u.illy from its waters; c uinut live in, nor birds lly over them ; iron will not sink in theni. nor have thev ever been navigated by ship ur lurk." Such slight examination as occasional traveller-of more recent days have given to this bull r sea, h is dispelled many ol the-e fables; hut still deep dark waters area mystery to the world. They have been found to contain us ace Hinting for their extraordinary spicic crivitv. which led to the tale tint iron would not -ink in them 11 puts i sl hundiid of sill: a much greater proportion than tbit ol thu sea and de, ived from ontiru lock-, uf this miner.t' ( nilinii illy d.ssoU'ing on tin south rj sli ire. ISitiiiuen also rises in from the b it tout and llo its on the surf ice and henco the.-e waters neii'iire a consistency which enahle- thein to bear up bodies that would sink in other ".valors, Tim Il"V. Mr. Diirhin, l.tte President of Dick inson Ci liege, (Pa.) gives the lo'lowing illus tr.ilion of th den-ity of these waters : " I waded in carefully, to te-t tlie oft-rereat rd statement of the great specific cr of Ihe lluid, and repeated theexpeii uei.t several limes the uniforiu lesult was, that when tho water- ruse ah ivo tnv armpits, hut n ,t over mv shrill- dors, my body was ha! meed, and I could not touch the bottom, hut mv feet tended lrniiglv t, rise and my head to de-cend. Wnen I turned on mv hick and drew up mv knees so as to bal ance the body on the -nrfuce, 1 lay a" s-tiH ns a knot nf woinl, my head, knees aiid hilf ofinv fet nut of water; and so long as I was perfect ly still, 1 lloated ill this position. These exper iments s.ili-lied nieof ils great specific gravity." Tim Ituv. Doctor adds that hi" Inir was in at ted with the bitumen, which, tm being pressed by the lingers, covered llieni with a sticky sub stance. Josephus, in his f mrtii bool: of tho wars of the Jew", relates that the vvateis ol the Dead hea support on liuj .suii. too whatever is mrown into llio like, and confirms the leluthui by tlio r.. v- : : 1.: ir ,.r . 1... inc. mai cspiiMiiii, n cnimin e niiost'ii hi inv truth of this as-ertioii, ordered several person-, i Willi their hands and legs tied, to lie thrown in to Ihe lake, and that not nno of them sank, Hut it is less to verify nr lefute problems surh as tin se that an exploration of tl o Dead Sea bv competent and scientific observers is desiied, than lo ascertain its actual relation to tho wa ters ol the MeditPir.1no.ii1. from which it is di-,. taut not uioro than between 30 and 10 mile yet Ilm level oftho Dead Sea is said In bo bo some, edilcrra- ili-cbar- Wldreil-, of leet below that of lli .Medil nran. Into the Dad Sea the I'iver Jordan prs nnd loses Itstlf, Descending from the Sea uf Tun rias, which is ii i l.icta shallow outspread ins in the lashiou of a I iko, oftho river somo (iO nn'es lu a windin'' course, tho Jordan dis- atinears in this deen and bitter usphallic sea. which is about 2 1 miles in length from north to south, and not more, according lo model n trav- tiers, thin six or seven in hreadlh. It is roinp iratively shallow at its southern ox - trcinily, but its general depth is said to bo unlatli - oinablo. Its western shoro.ou tho side of Ar.i - bia or Mn tli, Is ono prodigious black perpendic- nlar wall, in which there is not a summit or the hinillest peak; its eastern nr Indian shure is nf liuie-tono and sandy cliff, of va.ied and fautas - tic lorm". All, however, the mero external appear - ancei of tho dismal sea and its dreary shores, is inaltcr of conjecturo and nncorlaiuty ; and hence llie greaiei siooious ... iii.-r,ijg,.,,,,i,, Tho U. K. storosiup ."11 jiiy, nonig bouml to JOIIIlll lo employs -r, with r cbarg. Seu,lliey f lift Aledilerraiii'iin Willi siuren, is id ue e, ed under Lieut, l.inch as her ooinin inder, Lieut. Dale, who will 1ii uioro specially ..I .villi tin. scientific rrcuniioisancos. 'J'o effect tho ex plur.ilion ol the T'oad Sea.lliey will, it is presumed, land at Acre, nml direct their operations across tho uociolit pin Ills nf.loiieho, and llio pointed research, carefully i leveling the intermediate route, In order to ile-1 lenien declining, iroin various causes ot nan,,, I termine lirst of all the rolitive allititdo between ty, tlio In; ita lion to attend tho meeting, but ox the two seas. Amply provided with Instruments , pressing lively sympathy with its object : Lx--Inning metal baits of lljjlit construction and President an Hiiren, .las. tliicli.innn, Hon. all the means and appliances for surveying mm i ''oorgo ,M. Dallas, Hon. Revordy Johnson, Lx- sounding wo may justly nnticipito Iroin lhi nnni itnin ncenr.itp e Itilorimtion on points ucn- tolnro w holly conjectural, yet invested vv mi ueep Interest. It is one of the peculiarities of the water of the Dead Sea that, although so dense and bitu minous, it is exceedingly translucent. It is singular that u government of the new world should he tho first to explore, and verify the f id", concerning a region so intimately enn tiected with the common hith of Chri-tcndoin mid the witness of one of the most awful penal tics of transgression under the Mosaic Dispell siition ; ami we cannot but liopo from thi" ex," ditinn much that willgralily nituril and intelli gent curinity, while, confirming tho original rec ord of the Hible The great ob-lacles will lie in tho jealousy, i;ij...i.;w, il.-cil pn.pi i.-iti'M of the wan dering 'hordes who inhibit or traverse the deserts in the vicinity of the Dead Sea. Hut our sai lors will lind some additional sources of relief In an enterprise of science that c.irKes with it somcihiiTer; ami they will doubtless take care to have amis as well its instruments, and keep as sharp a lookout on their laud crinzo as lliey are wont to do when sailing the salt water. WVsliill to d; with interest tor me result oi (this expedition, whirl., ro hear, conhded I to competent a nd leliabhi hands. Translated from the Couiri'1 Asiatic Clioleiu 'I're.ited r des Hints LTni". Willi Slllpbllllc i:ih,r. Ill the present emergency, when tho Asiatic cholera is adtancing, for the second time, toward llurope the tollowing fact, related in tho (liizrile ilm .winViKj-, seems to us worthy the attention of the medical faculty : Dr. I'riino Tarou', surgeon in the Ottoman armv ex-inspcc.lor of health in llulgaiia, Syiia, &c. was. in 18X7. tiiactising medicine at .Mar '"i seilles at the lime the cholera made its second j appearance in that city. D.noted entitely tothc duties of his citv and hospital practice. i,e was 0,10 dav suddenly attacked bv the epidemic, so I severely as to hate no dm,.,. ,,r,;n Ihenaturo 01 , the symptoms he experienced, tint let us listen 1 to D'r. T.,ron-s own statement of his case. It 1 was midninht, says he, and about one hour nfler-l i:ld ... ... ...I..... nu ........ n nntinn I chill n,n over ni'. accompanied with cold sweat, , ... c . ....... i . . ' vninitinc. &c. i ifin hi ir a t. ii ciil era n ,s i 1 w,i ahme ; my family had lied Ihe infected citv : not a servant wis at hand. itliout as si-iance. ill the middle of the night, piostr.tted by the disease as much a" by the terrible senti ment of an impending death, I was without any ni"ihcinc, except a large bottle of .sulphuric ether, which, fortuitously, was in my room. Having no other icsonrces, 1 gra-ped the bottle, nnd inhaled largely the vapors of ether. All at once, my tespiratioii, which was then very much emb.iriasscil, hecam" more lieo, and I leu im . II I.. ., ......... ..ri,,,.ml.. n.,1 .,or.i-:il i'i.o". I..,,!.,,, .,.l, ,.:,s enl.l .i,l f.itiirninir. became warm and agreeable ; the ictinn ol mv senses were souu suspended, ai.u 1 fell into a profound sleep ah tins nappy iiiipinveineni tool, pince in a very short time, under the inlluenco of tho inhala tions of sulphuric ether. My sleep had been perfectly calm during six hours; when I awoke, I ( xperieuced great weakness m all my body. I had, lincon-ciously, perspired during the whole night. I recoveied my stieng'h gradually, and was perfectly restmed to my usual health. Dr. T.iron" terminates his'letter, by confessinjr tlrilheing unacquainted with the action which exetci.-es upon tho nervous centres, he did not ai-aibo his cine to that agent, hot to one of those capricious vvhitiis of iiatuie which it is, im - po--ible to explain. It i" to ho regretted, says the (ln'l!r ,,s os. Iilnii.c, that our rolleagiiuV observation should h' isolated mid unique; but it i", liowever, very important, and as a stay upon which other ex periments may test. The (la:'l e tin Midi no oris that such experiments, confirming the ob servations nf Dr. l'u ron, had been successfully made in some parts of the Levant where Ihe h-e.1-0 had made its appearance. It becomes a luty of medical institutions In make careful in piiries in'o this subject, and to order some new experiments under all possible rendition", in order to render tliciu positive and a decided point 111 medical science. Trent the .V Y. t-'pectator, The Dciiiiiiisliiitiiin lor Italy. The Tabernacle was crowded last evening, the oeople of Ibis city " eagerly upon the oc " i-ion to express their symp ithv v. ith I'opo I'iiii, IX a 'id th" people whom, to all appearance, he de-ires to govern, as men should be governed, by liberal ineiisiires and by giving them a voice in the admiiiistialion. Tho appearance of the audience was imposing. The orchestra was occupied by D.nhvorth's bra-s baud, by thu Seotch Cu tids 1111, 1 other military romp tub", while the capacious building was hlh il through out ; a .-0 1 ol upturned laces" varying its ex pression from intense sympathy to deep but i generou excitement. I he sight, we say, was iinposin oven In spue 01 the circus. like gas I light which is suspended from tho coilui; 1 ,. ... .1 1 ' and ins, inures ,ie House. arcs the house. Mr. Hubert llogan read th ra'l for ilia meet- cr tti in physical warliro in which the arlillerv ing, prefacing the reading with brief but appro- "' lllu lH0s commands and silences that of the piiate teinark", and nominating ihu Minor as camp in which opinion is more potent than rhairnun. The motion was seconded by Mr. oy""c.s We trust, therefore, that against any firinnill, ai d carried by accl un nion. Tbel""vct ".ne retort to forco and bhmdslie'd Mayor, on taking thu chair, said that the de-ign j J'011 ar0 o011''''! uy the p iiioply of good men's of the ineeting was to tender to I'opo Pius IX the ' "I'l'roli itinn and sympathies 'throughout the sympathies of lepnbhcan America, and lo the Italians I'enerous co operation ; tit.d di-tant as was thu boft clime of Italy, this public rxptessioii of sentiment would bo wafted thither and would come Iwk lo Jsden with the perfume of a prosperous people's losings On motion ol Mr. Uh irles 51. l.eiipp. Iln fol lowing gentlemen were choicn vice presidents and secretaries : Vic Pres'ulrnts. His Honor Prancls II s"y - 'ker. Mayor of llrooklvn, Hi" Honor Phineas C Diimmer, Mavorof Jersey City, Hun. Samuel Jones, Leopold Hierwirlh, IJij., lion, Ilauiillon I I'ish, William C. llryant, IN 'J'honias O'Conor, 1 Ilscp, Shepherd ICnapp, H-i , Hon. Moses II. 1 (Jrinnell, Jame W. While, Iwp, liobert llogan, ' Dsip, J, Phillips Phu'iiix, ll-q., I'eli.v J'oresti, 1 L-q., Jacob llai v.'V, U-q., W'ni. I'. 1 1 iveineyer, j Dsn . Hon. Lewis II. S indi'rrd, Horace (iree ev. D-rp, John J. Cisco, !!sq., (Inn. Willi tm Kent, 1 Isaac Tovvn-etid, P.-q.. Vuibriigh Livings,,,,,; 1 r.sfp, Jauu'"i Harper. l., James . J itiin, 1 li-sj., Abijah Mann,Jr.,L-t, Andrew Cuing in, INq., Win. Power, M. D.Hon. Win. T. Mc. Conn, Charles Sagory, Il-q Andrew II, Mir Mr, , i."ij , joun i, j.tbui.t, i.:p, juuainaii 1. l.oil ilingtnii, Dsq lllllgtllll, llsq. .S'rcrWui : Dtvid (1 ilium, I!nq., Terrncc Donnelly, Lsip, John C. )veieu-, Usip, John T. D.nyln, IJ-o., John 1.. CfSullivau, Dvp, Dtvid H'Wheoler, K-., IJugeit (J iasi'rly, lJ.o , on J, Vnu-rbuiv-, IJ.,) , , O'Contier, i:.,p, tun J, Wiitcrbuf U hnnt. O Rotlly. l.sip, Louis Loclcrc, ..sip, l-oms II. llmsso, Lsrp, Joint b hrrvvood, L-n. , Letters wore received from the followttij: ;n . neivar.i, lion, i noirias it. iienton, Ainer ..miu ., ....... ..". .jvocii, uuu uuu. .v.ussrs. iichiiisui. uuu siui,,. A. I)ix. After tlio letters had hocn road the following address was presented to tlio meeting by Mr. Horace (ireeley : Vohh lloliiirnt I'ope I'iun IX,: I-'atiiek. Tlio people of these United States Imo observed, with profound in terest, tlio circumstances which attended and the mcnts which hive followed your elevation to the l'ontllicate an interest which Ins ripened Into syinpilhy and unmeasured admiration. On behalf of a portion of this pcop'e, we tender you an expression of thoe sentiments of regard and emphatic approbation hicli nre cherished bv all. Wo address von tint as Kovereitrn Pontiff but .. ...v. .. ...s. . ...w. i .1 niirt;--; Fed and discontented, now well-governcd nnd gr.ueiui, nap ny peo no. e iiiiiie in mis trilnite, tlftt US I .It in I..S IV hiell RliltlO Ot tie nr.. ...I. It.. ,1.,. s , . ..... ..uuu lllL- greater number are not. but as rebublicins and lovers of constitutional Ireedom. Hccent as U our national oritrin, wide as is the ocean which " n."r "ciue i.i u jour sunny c me. wn know ire what Ita v was n Hm .....,! .1..... ,.r l.nriiniH. frno.him n,t ..I i.i.... .., i.. i- !...... i ..i . lnco ,;,, hh degrade,,- by foreign rule and internal diseniton and uu hate faith that a lofty and benignant di :,.stlv awaitsherwheoherpeonleshillag.inbeuniteif, independent and free. In the great work of her regeneration, we hailyouas a lleaven-appointed instrument; and we ardently pray that your lav ill witness !l. e llinm ilbil. i.f ll. nn.l l.i.noliennt ...... nw.ui, i.u .intM ..... policy which is dctined to render your inmoiin- mortal. I!ut, Venerable r.itlicr, wo know well that llio path you have chose, is one of extreme dilliculty and peril. )ur own immediate ancestors stru-'- i i'.i . . .... V I-'"' """"-" ' p I'li"" "ch.icvennd cnn-oli. ate the , blessings we now so em nently enjoy, though favored with a leader h'icIiim in" been rare y vouchsafed to a people j m ' " , ' , ' r j -ri . , ,.. e i' '"Urrsity, and that enduring glory, like free- j10 "ccori ed only to such as by un- snaivei, u m , 1 1 iiuc, no less 1 1 ill 1 1 coiira''ous cuori, "nv ieineives wormy oi mo precious noon. -. ...w e. 1 horelnrn. Ihe connllcmnii nl as mirttnn and 1 ranklin, of Adams and Jenerson, arc well aware in u you uiu not enter upon me cour-c you chosen without a deliberate renuncia- the subjects of any existing cop-tituliotcil nion-, H,'v,ven's name, was it not time to stop "J tiou of ease, of security and of aristocratic f.nnr. archv. and lo tear from the cnn-titution the ' unnatural a contest 1 The clouds bad lowered We know that you must have already resigned provisions, interwoven with iti very heart, that over our country but thev wore clearitw awav tourself to encounter the machinations oftho secures the war power to the (oople. I " joy cniiieth'witli tlie morning." Th" gre'v- cialty, the batied oflhe powerful, and most 5. llsi,lial, Th it the war poveries'ulcs with liaired" pilot who had weathered every "torm was painliil nf all, the misconceptions of the well- Congress, and cannot be tran-'erreil lo the again at the tiller and in power or out of now- niouning but deluded. We know that you mii-t cciitive without a radical and most unfortunate cr minj i.tiveloped hi" country, was folded have calmly re.-ohed to encounter the untiring cluing? of (lot eminent; that tie power thus en- around her form, like a garment and' a banner lio-tility and dread of all tho unjust or tyr.iuni- trusted imposes duties ; and tint the people, in am shame to that IreeTnati w ho could not re fill rulers who us-.-umo to lord it over any por- this cri"is, look to their natiotiil representatives spond to the generniis.tlie nihility tho indoinita liuti of the fair Indian peninsula all who fancy for the as-crlion oftheir rights and tho protec- ble heart of Henry (.'lay. " that social order consists in th0 nnintenatico for tion of their welfare. That the Congress hi" ' ,,,, .(.s,,!..!!,,,,, ,.-,.r.. s,,te,I ! tm.m,l, l llieill-enes .11 lllll-O COIIIIIIIOll luxury and I sloth in which lhey have hith di lhey have hitherto u-ele ly exist- fear, or solli-hlj, ali'ect to fear, that t perish if put upheld by the Heeling i i.-i . ....I ......... r..... ed all who relitrion mu' breath nf l.mperors and king--. And more for- unliable than all these, joursell loencnunter nun by tioifs help l eieimine that ticklene-s and Ingratitude of multitudes just released from be- nullum.- uii,i.ii;e, which cnuiu cianior in tno wilderness tube led back to Ihe llesh-pot" nf l.gvpt which anion,' the coiitemooraries and even the followers of our S iviour could leave ... .i, ,n E,.ii,i,uu iiieagony oi ins cro-s and wldch in your case, ue apprehend, will vet iiiaiiilost it.-ell in unreasonably expectation", ex- ir:'vagant hope, impetuous requirements, and in niiiiiniirings that nothing has been earnestly in- , tended becau-e everything has not already been ... ,.,iu .ii-, , ,,;,t w, . ,n ir un. :ii,a thielded fiom on high in discharging the trail", ceiident repnisibiIilie- of your position, wo will unwaveringly trust. And, Venerable l'alher, dark as the clouds which envelope the nre.-ent mai be. ,. ,b, L-,i... .. . .. . . .1 . .' , I ... , , I ... 1 !.!.. ..r. 1. ..1 " , .. ""'""' y 'uu iiituro will overpower ' i".., , s.vj muiiiiig nero 01 1 11c clear assurance, fa-t anchored be ihe I'lom il riirune, tliat no genc-ous deed or endeavor can over be really dele.Ucd or fail of its ultimate rc - warn, we assiiro ynUi rfm joyful experience, that the I oulvveigh all the perils and siillerings through i.i- 01 ciu,s,iiuiioiiai ireedom 1 ir .....s.i. 11..., un., .mvaiico 10 their achievement. Mioit us unr national life has yet been, it has already demonstrated to every thoughtful nb"er yer the iinmeiiso supcrioiity nf libeny to despot-i-m as an element of nation il growth and social well lining, it has shown that tho rights of person- and property may bo belter secured under a (lovernmeiit winch guarantees rights and pow ers to all than under any other ; that tho agita. uons anu nets ot violence, vv nr h are 'e incident to j human frailty or injustice nnler any form of government, aro fir le-s freipient under ours Ihan any other; ami tint vvlnleverdingeis miy assail and threaten Us h.ivo their oriyfti not in an excess of liberty but the contrary. So much, at least, we feel that we are "iirefv ju-tilied in' saying, in view of your po-ilion,'tho perils it braves, ami the anticipation it justifies. In defiance nf appearance", wo do not apprehend that tho in Tiled cohorts nf despot- 1-111 ate about to lio set in motion a"iin.t vim ' ": "-i" which we uvo is one ol moral r.itli- 'PI... !.. I. Ir... . . "B"1 a"" oreadtli nl t liristeiidoni. Hut should u ' xiatiiiioiis ue in 'ppointed, let the r i-l, 11... .1.. . c. 1 1. , "ggrcssor beware! The first shot fired in such 11 C'"iet will bo reverberated fmin every iimim. P1",' ""w.v -vngtlte Ayrt:ntf tmir!f,-in every clit-o to stam i lortl. agaiti-l injustice and oj.V - 1 r'"'u"i ' uauio lor Ireedom and mankind (1, j h"cn 11 contest, no one familiar with tho hi-torv or character nf tho Auieiican tieople can dm, la l , , .'"I'r.Y'ni'alldes will bo active and not wholly fruitless. That Italy will he B,,-,r.,,i ... . v.s lalinii and Christendoii, the guilt and scan ' il ol muIi a contest e will not lnrUir a doubt ; but I,, i(lly ril60 wo wj, ho ,n( (h)s testimonial nf tho interest and admiration with which ynu ate regarded by twenty millions ol " " ivo neeil who y 11 1.1 11 bursts of annruliatinn li..-,--i .11 1 1 ' 01 ".""'""on. It was adopted by accla mation. ( i:st s in- New According to llio census, tho population nf the city is7!V.)!)3, a diiiiiiiutinn or lU.OOO since last year, and 'J3, 0U0 binco 1810. Watches only one eighth of an inch thick aro now manufactured at Ceneva, the h mils being placed on a dial aside from tin movement, ins tead of being in front, A Voice from riillndclpliln. Ono of the largest and most respectable pub lie meetings ever called together in Phil.idel pliia assembled on Monday evening at the Chi nese Museum, to "respond to the call contained In the resolution? submitted by llr.vRV Clay to the LexinMon meeting of the lath ultimo, in regard to tho Mexican war, its auMioM and ob jects," The Hon. SAMtT.t. llRr.cK presided, assisted bv n number nf Vice Presidents and .Secretaries. Tlio meeting wis opi'ucu uy n ou.., bjtucoii .Mexico What maile me character nt the liun from its President, stating its objects. ! dependant on the hare? Should a giant exeil Uonr.tiT 'J'. Conii.U) introduced with a spirit-, his trenth nnd trample on it dwarf when down? ed -pooch the following ltesolutions, the road-; '. n, l()or 7 lug of which was frequently interrupted by loud , Wo had drank tlie cup of triitmpji and clory. ami onthiifia-tic applause : i filled with b'ood, to tlu'diegs. What tnoic did 1. llesolml. That, recognizing the spirit of we want ? lllond more blood ? What th patriotism which prompted Hfnuv Ci.av to j ,0j f cowards and shuvs to mike good mir come lorth from his retiteinent, and, at the call national honor? 'Nnl fellow-citizens we of bis fellow citizen", deliver his opinions upon can lind tin honor to atone for tho blood or 0111 the grave and iimmntoufl question of the pics- fellow-citizens in this cause." out war, the Wl igs of tho city and county of Hut wa the profit tobe of ennqnnsttho con Philadelphia have assembled in town meeting, nuest of Mexican deserts 1 Or. if of "reen vn - in niirsuince nf the renuest cunt 'ineu In the fi- ! n il insnlnilnn of the series submitted bv. him. nnu upprnveu at uie recuiii iiiit-ih. i.ui.i ... I Ington. , , , 2. KnohrJ, That, in tlio ju.lgment rl the 1 U'l.!... I- . t. I. t ! . ...I .... ! ..I .... ... ..I. , IllgS I), l-IIHUUCipill.t. LIIV (M i.i." - . 'l'l I ed and the policy recommended by IIf.miv Ci.ay in bis resolutions and speech en that occasion, ' nr snim.l n ,iP:.,ii. m..l -misi native, anil dr.. erve the hearty commendation ami earnoelMip-1 ,i , m...i, ..r ,i.n...ern,n,.nt i ' .. : . .... . ........ ' ., I. " , " . Ii., . .' ' i the dower oflhe Texas an,,exlion. was'-imine: 1 ,tt,..,l I tu,' ...itn ,,r ie,r!,. , maie v occas line, iv i no or, cr o, ,ne i res ucni Pnntl,e'l!io (Jrande opposite 'Matnmoras.whir.i;, though claimed by both countries, wa" tlien and eterhad been n tho posses-i,,,, and under the jurisdiction f Mexico' and that tho 1VC".' dent thus while Congress u in sos-aon and urn, li ii"- in ii? ?. .iiii'rri'.st m ri-'Piun iiiu , ...l..l ...1!.. .1..: f.l ,...l. ttition.'the fe.irTnl iis'nis or war and peace; but j that, while we deplore and will rcsUt this usiir- p-ttion, wo reeogiii.e the authniily of Coi gross to sanction the war, and, thus sanctioned, our own dntv to niaintain and nrosccuto it. until. . . .' .1. '? " eniigi p,,o. tmient. sane ,01, bo withdiawn 4. lieM Tint a war ongii ating imme- diately .1. the action of Ibe l'nlent, ' . , - J" ,V, , ' r ,, " . . V v.i . 1 jects, hceomes a war w lud y under tlie control oftho ChiefMagislrate and Comm indewn-cl, of, as to lis COIUIUCI, oujeci. 1111,1 lllinuioii: uuu in... ,n give tlio sanction ot inc cc pie u - "..,,. cumulation ol'nucon-litutionil power upon the Kxecutiv v. mi ..,.i would be to reduce the rights of American riemen to a "r.ute uineaui tnusu oi right " to determine upon tho motives, ciusc", and objects of nnv war, when ti commences, or at anv time during the progress of its existence;'- and iliat, pns.esitig the rtiht, ' it is the right i.i. .... .... .i . .. i... ......... . . and duty o! ('ougre.-sto declare by some uutlu-ti- tie act lor what purposes an.l objects tno exi-i- mg war ought to bo fnrtlirr prosrentrd; and that it is the duty nf the l'rc.-i lent, in bis iPlicial conduct, to conlorm to such a declaration oi Congicss; and that if, after such declaration, ihn President sho Id iloeline nr refuse to cntlc.i- vor, by all the means, civil, diplomatic, and mil- itary.iu Ins power, lo cxeeir.e me aiiuuuucu will of Congress, and, in drliance of its authori- tv. should continue to nmseciite tho war for pur - 1 po-os and objects other than tlios? declated iiy that body, it would become the right and duty of Congress to adopt the mo-t eilic.icioiis men-- ,lr,,j i,,., i.i inn ier nr'.-.iess nl l o, takin-'caro to make ample provision for the holt- 1 or, Ihe safety, and security of our armies in I Mexico, in every onntinency ; and, if Mexico ! should decline o'r refuse" to conclude a treaty ...t.t. ,.a I. r. n. r,i.,s,.s and nb- " ." .... .... . '. . . " ' ..' 11 1. .1 jects so declared l.y t.otigres-, It vvouiu ne uie duty nt 1110 tioycrntneni 11 prn-ecue i,n ,,,..,., , ;.r.,r .,.e;i it.,.e uere atlainrd by a treaty of peace.'' ' , ' fi. Ilrr'nlml. That we deem Ihe conquest of l,n,,..i,..,. ' Mexico, with the oliject of its annex itinn to thi" country, wrote'lul, and theretore uiexpeuiem ; , that, even it tell u measure could no itiecicu ...I.I .. ..r 1..,.- tnmi.ltl Iltlll ill- i,i,;i.i. i... in", it would still meet our oppositional" a pro- ject hostile to onr I nion and our naiiouann . u, our character asa l.eoole. aim our ui-snoies race ; that we aie content with ine nor .age which we have received frmnourpatriot fathers, and cov.-t no po'itieal rr I.-.t i-n -!! with a people not only alien but hostile, unable to govern ,l,e,nse,l",and,,i,,U,o.uiroi,.g;r lll.ll woiieiei p. , ni.i be deemed il '.-inble to this country, in me evninslnn of Its cnuiioerce a" a tn ir.ilimo l'ow-' cr, should bo obtained, if at all, not by tho 10 j.ier- right ol conquest, but by tlie Utr umiiui; " tween nation and nation that gives for all re ceived a ju-t and equitable equivaltnt. .... 'i'i ... il. nohev id the uniieu 1 strong i. ,..,.,, ...l.n.. .-till with honor be inaintaiued-peacewlieii war can with honor be terminated; that nur honor ha', In t he present itrnggle, been sulliclunllr vinuical at uj an un-1 h-oken series nf triuumhs; and th 't tin) magna, iiimitv vvhiehchiracteiizesRiideiioblestlievicMUMV. tor, the mercy which shoull m the course of I he lesnlntioiis wero then voted upon, and a Christian p ;ople, now . icl.lie ,111 ."s ennlii.t sbmi'il il the ..nrlie t period aim open terms just tn bulb turtle", bo clueJ. (1 .1 . - 1 MM. . ...... ots I! (CrlV pposcd to j I MM. ..... n,e IIHCriV ' ti,n.,rt,.;.;. ... i.. F-f.,nnnfr. ot u-riUory ikuviIii iiiu Lit; t-i l'l.iUtiHj.hi... . i,ih-. ,,.ot:nM frpf mile-, t i. frPtt mi (iMill li in..--- sec, e d - lb , eo red toinainlain at any ro-i 1 y "''' I1" I' " . ..r n seel nns n t he ' 1 tin. cou-liltitinn il ti 'fits Union, and rcirding "I 1 p otest no-linsf help" nnd j .en-e of"iortheru bloo,l ..11 ns onr brethren, wo I "undo a pirty, at u vast ex-j alld treasure, 10 iiio 1 of slavery beyond its sciiemo tor me r""" . ,lml -,1,1,1 wo vv ill pre-eut constitutional I ' f jcll',,,40v therefore siist 1111 tho principii ordinance, and tho rrovi-o in which tin ) Uvo 'Troatte unite vv ill. tho nation V . . 'iml on ul at large in gratitude to I" " . i.i,t eh i I nnu tho retirement vc, to th" P'1"0" ,IMl ":m"r' ..Very vear for h ilfn century, uudo .id!;ior .by constant, faithful, and every dav of every J T.t- .1 .'l.l.M- 111 his conn ry ins . , .im, liny. I10 exalted uevniiouiu ... ,,-.,., ' J"1" f 1 in S all future gene- andgratitudcol 0 prt u , J f rations of treeme b) W obi whlcl seeing v.mhca.m ,u I he i - iTj,toftN'ta",,Mk,B! bU-sJfor, heir country umlcrl ..,.,an ! wo tender tno c.truo-i iriuiite 01 Ml adu.ira.ion; whll- -dcp.ccate the otigiu, objects, and cuedi, of the war, we awatd ajust meed of praise to those, of whatever party, wlioo gallintry has made It gluriotis to the American arms. Air. Conrad's remarks, prefatory to the reso lutions wore personally severo and caustic, ngaint the President of the nation as the origi nator of the war, the motives of which ho pro ceeded liypotlieeally to denounce, as follows : If honor were the profit, ho would rather that the sun rhniild look down upon his country, a a great Zilnrn than upon her dishonor, lint what lo our honor mat'eied it to ronrpier abject I lr.. s I mi- mnn ,,.. il,n,, IJ,,.!-.,,, ,! I,.. .,.,r' . Ii'iui.s, . !.. i n. ....i.u.i i.npi- ( ij-e aim gut 01 iini'i earth, our nwn land, tin Paradise (,f America, for barren deserts of Mexi 1' ,...11. . ... ...... 1 .. .1 ,i. I s earth, our nv 11 land, the c. There was, then, no real profit in terrilo -.1 rial aeoiiisition miined bv connuest. liut iliil wo v ant the people ? V,.., ,!. ,: 1, r -it 1 ir Hoic the eight millions nf Mexicans, half1 nosro and half mongiel, with their hearts of ,.iticd and luwerimr brows mil noisoned siilet.' ' . .. 'mc"""r "row , .1111 poisi licit stilt t- , lues, iii i,ir incorporalion will our Iteniihlic- ! "K' ior incorporation with our Kepiihlic freemen VnS ,1! ' c' ..1. ...... ii..,. .. r . i . . -"-"I'.'""- e oiusi.nrce negroesanu .iioxicaii ;0H-l'o't ol ll.e bayonet, to locetve n..r l.-ir t is . u . i J H ! r r bT h! !1V.' i'"' 1 " ' ll,u uar- -Mr-'"r:1 Wlut . .m. i, . ... i . ... .. . . . . . ".. . mmr prOlll-5 W0TO there IIV there delHio man en?,!7'f ' ,k'U-!l10 cx,P"t !'' tliat ceito "' ' fo,c-cc-'10 'al1 rou,'l Cl'- ' a.,,1 ..... , .... , ,,, ,. standin "arm ,ir id n o ,Cme a nr .., ' . T .1, 0'?P0 "lcn.-".n. '"I'tocr.icy " H'lin OiH -S Iini tm hinrv n mnrj ., ,,e, ,!o rc,,llc0( prf,.0 (!(n-erlltncnt I converted perhaps into tho form, or at le uhe Snr t of Kumpi,1,,, ,nomTchy or !osp ,,i ' , a d I., the m.pP .'.oU.lnR l.,.t wro. PS iie I VI T "" .'' ' wo .not resist it with a stron arm and a strnn-r ,.',11 Ami at what price had the proC (if it mhdit "r to ciueii; neeti thus far achieved? Why, b.ood enoiigli I, ,, )PC11 S1JPJ t u(,.lt onr nnvvJ Iltlll IlfldlllJ I t 1 ... '.. . V, :Z k',V!!'wlllc T'lcd it is probable that this var l, es, , ,l .... :.u n tv thnun, Iw.i.. I,,,,,,.,., n,. Ch indler, ll-q., in an.iblo and ellbctive addro-s i marked throughout by argument, wit and apt illustration. 'J'lie 10001111"- at such a moment was most on- . " . . . . . ' . I. pontine. Congress hud pi-t assembled, and it was right that the American p"ople should meet togetle-r in llieir reeetive cities, towns and village.", to respond to the noblu sentiments uf me g reat statesman ol tlio W est .-hould dei lare that they regarded the war as an uniust war evil in its leontino nn,l ii.lnnii,,,,.. t ,.i. jects. ' .iir, nanuter was lollowcu by .vlorton Mc- Michael, ll.-q. , In the immediato and ir.lnablr. e.,nsnn,,ees of tins unhappy war, there was enough to bo lamented: the blond spilt treasure expanded hearts broken happy homos made desolate all were ton cs nl i een uml ...ii-nest en.. llni l..s. yntid nil these, there was Ihn violation of the coustitutio'i which commenced the war ; a true c.111-0 nf mourning to every republican. Mr. Mc.M. was severe in' his comments mi the timidity nf those vvhi,,s !.., Uh. .... - r,. , .... ......... is ., nu .1 .. . . . ine uieeiing mere iisst.miiie,i, hut who had not ,e ,,, ,,,,.v i o,.,u 10 avow ineir opinions anil 1 lie asked, if sneh u nniMi rlrmi.tle ,.,,,,i;,,n,i 1,, I . foiv) worn roinmon where were our indepen-, ' leWl Worn Common wlinrn u-er. nur 111,, deuce, our spirit and onr freedom ? And the speaker referred lo the ministry of l,nr,l North, anu uie nouie manner in vv men me war agaiu-t .vinenca wa" opposed 111 me llou-e ot bum- moil", in I ,a2. tecanse nt Its llllll.tiei. nnd le. 1, 1, r I. 1 ... 1 I'.inuy.hy I ov. I urke, hheridan, 1 ownsend, day a.ier ., , ,, ,e ,,,,,,,-iry was ovennrow n and int.- ..... o. any one oui ,or a n omoni mat Hi men were pitriols; Assiiiodly not. And It would la, well if the 'pint which then charac - tended that p.irunn of the llngli.-h P.irlianieiii. -- , , j 1 . 11 , . t no venerai te ii.iii.iiin nut sponen Horn Ihe brink of Ins opening grave Henry Clay from the -hados of A-hl.iud had said that he would .and by the right, and exhoi.ed. i.s ,0 stand lirtuly and forever by tho right. That appeal had we answered to-night. We had answered it with a determination thai nothing was to shake, however the weak 111.1v ' M.... 1 , filter, the weary I nl us need doubt 1 tremble nr give out. No 0111 or pau-u in his conr-e, now that such a cnur.e lud been siiirirested bv the v suom, ana eniorceu uy tue patriotism ol Henry w ..... ... .. The .Xnrth Arii'riran, speaking of the meet ing, says that "it was tl.e largest, mo-t ml u- ciui il.and enthusiastic ever held within tho walls 1 . ... nary was , .01, aim con,,, no nav-o oeen na ed. Ca led and held without re erence ti any issue as to llio candidates for olfice, am. seeking only to express tlie sentiments of thi- ouiiiitiiuniv up'.ii .uu r,i,,j,Li ,11 mv v.ui, in. magnitiido of the meeting cannot but bo a sub ject of iislonishinent. It is evidence of a 11111- niniily and lervor 01 seiiinuent upon tno subject :. ..-I.I I. I MM.- ( such as is seldom witnessed, The views ol .Mr. Ci.ay have met a response from Philadel phia worthy u nor, 01 nun. 1111,1 oi tuo greatness . nf tbi. riiiestion and the crisis. IVom the Albany Uvening Journal Kepott oftho Secietiny ol'lhu Treustiry. TlltASl'RV I)r.l'ART.MEXT, I December rt, 1") 17. j In oliedicnco to law, the folluvviiig report i re. 1, cell',, III' Mlhillitled ! The reoelnts anJ expenditures for the fiscal year ending aoin juue, 1311, w.-.s-, 6.:i,7l7,.,i IV. y . ill.. .a.vx '0 1' rom t nsioiiis, " iiiitihc lands, nnscellaueous sources, " nvuils ol treasuiy notes 'rmiil reeeinls. 11HI JJ70 51 u .J Innns. ''."iWJ.lUJ 45' Totnf receipts, 5.,025,WJ 82 Add balnuce in Treasury Ul July, 13lt), lalnuce in Treasury Ul July, 1310, y.l'io.uj us ' '1'otnl means, fr3l,15J,42S 5U The eiDenditures duting the same fiscal ycorwere 59,451,177 65 L'ovlnn a bn lance in the Treasury 1st of July, 1817, ol 91,701,21125 Asnppears In detail by ncconipanj inn statement A. The estimated receipts nnd epeuditurgs lor fiscal yenr ending LWili June, 131S, are, 1' lom customs, Is! unaitcr, by octunl re- turns Iroin collectors, 811,100,257 11 I roin ciitoiiislor2d,:idaud 1th quarters, os estimated, 10133,7 12 M 631 OIKHKIO wr Piom sales nf public lands, " luiscellaneous sources, 3 .VNloiid uo Total receipt", $31 '.100,01111 on Troiu avails ol treuiury notes and loan", fi,2s.i,2JI ,15 , ,,, , , , 8 1 1. 115 ,3 J I 55 Add bnlancc in Treasury l"t July, 1917, 1,701,51 25 Total mentis, ns estimated, Kxpi vDiTonr-i, viz &VjJjjGl5ttt) The nettial expendiluies for 1t quarter ending IlOih slept. Is 17, were Slli,HVJ,. l'JI (Vj, as appeals ill detuil ill aecom- panjing M-itcmeiit II. The esiiinated cxpemliiures for the pub lic set vices, dining the utiier three quar ters, horn 1st (Jet., 1SI7, to 30th June, lSs,nle Civil list, foreign intercourse and inicel l.meou", S.j.IG.1Sj0 Ii , vroiyiiroii'r.inciuu gvoi rs r.'.my-ojiis in,,t,cat1,,vmh,iince,r,iiii- lllg linhtui, .Vi:., 2,o:iO,nr, DO Indian denaitment. l.7id.Mu 2i , l'etision", .. l.i fi3,5'3 Cii Naviilc.tnblisliment. 10,21 Interest on pub ic debt nnd . 10,211,072 17 2,250;,i7 13 Trcasut notes outstanding nnd payable when pre sented, 207,133 31 -53,015 CG0 07 Ilvcess of eienJitures over Incons, 1-t July, isis, S 15,729,1 1 It The estimated leccitiH, In nns, nnd ev p'nilitiiic" for fiscal yenr coiniiienciiiir 1. 1 tni.. ww ,..! :.,i,,. v.,,,. i ? Hl'J.nre ' ' ' rrom customs, C3J.(Xi00no 00 " sales ol ,ub.ic land", " 3,000,000 00 " linsccllaueius "ources, loo.ODO oi) Total revenue, .:)5, 100,000 00 Deduct delicit Is: July, lrfs, " 15,71), 11 1 -J7 Siiy.370.Sj5 73 s ' ' CvrnxruTrni s. The expenditures during the same period, as estimated by the seteial depart ments ol Klate, Treasury, War, Say ( tiind l'o"tniastr (Jeneral, are, The balances of furmer appropriations which will Is; requited to he expeiidi'd intliisjear, ijl.lij.'lo 77 rcuuuuuit nnd inilefiitite nppropiiatious, 1,537,577 Si .Specihe appropriations ask ed lor tins year, I9,53i,153 13 55,011,011 72 Thiss,,,,, is composed of the followin; 1 cZ 7.2 and miscellaneous. 013 001 M Army proper, oliint.-'rs nnd Juililary academy, 3.,0O7,O2-l II roittlieii lion", oiduniice, nr- liiuig militia, .Vc. 2,015, !G9 'JD Pensions, 1,G'JI,31Sbi liidinn ilepaitnient, 1,20,11)1 81 Navnl ettabhliuieiit, 10,.'05,55-! 55 lnter-i on public debt nnd tretwury notes, 2,153,102 04 j,0li,'Jll Deduct means remaining, npihcaWe to semce oi ucai year ending aJili June sI0,37O,S35 73 i Hxcess or expenditures ovir means, 1st July, lily, $0,271,055 m It will be p.-rceived that if the wnr i" continued un 111 the 1st ot July next.luul llo additional teveuile pin- unci i,y uongress, nr ny, .IM1H rCceive.l Irom nub urv couirioiiiioi , .,!, ure would tie a deficit in the treasury ,, i,,-,t dav ot sl.WJ.l 1 1 27. l'or the rensons iierealiei ,, . ... roust luminal treasmy u Wlit ,lt k.'Ht.rwnr. ,nlc. utter to lei,,,,, m Hie treasury, to meet the vvnutsol the gov. lament, and ail.,r.l a w,. ui t,,,.,v for nil the r ri,,...i . ' "'".fl" m rawiiyior , sum exceeding isil.ikHi'oirj'.'' Tldu'!-' tl!iWom"!i"lVci" , . , , , "" ,fl " ""' n makes ihe I ''!' " f'' -J ', V x'" "M'I'hed duima that pe. ' ,,.i ...,.. . 1 . . )?' (.V:..V '.a.r-'wJ"L'VlmV!l.,,l'.,'i-4 J bun lor thai sum would he reiiuired, if no additional r''vcniie vyas derived lunii nny nmrce whaiever. It is i".t iVA-Tll '" - - that it ConsrvH- would adopt the i ...1.1-7 1 . ... : " amount' ol si 5 wjhaMicV n'n'nulu" JhVini'.i.i l'ni.lrm a dmy on tea and culler oF 25 percent, ml ri'","l; 3,o.w,utHi per iiiinui,, : Irom the reductiun 'iK'oel-'T,,!!!,,,.1',,1,'.'!''! ' '." I"'1''10 .- ' H.r. ""' the extension ot the net-in moo inv uei'e 10 evere tinmi hf i. at t, ..r 1 r ...... ........ H. ... . nil vjiih J'tit st I, 1 uu-uivcved laud", whenever ihe Indian title tuny be r-liould tlicse lueasiiri's In. ii,l,.i.t...l l. e.,md ,l.A . T.-. ........... . ,.v. lAi.-uii,, 111 lW,uiio, allowance i"'ua!!.'.''for" The '.ef'ih,'!,' nw mensaies lor additional revenue could not all j.,, into ... i,....i... ,m- tm amount tiunnc ine tune jui.. .,., w ,.;,i,., . . 7 " .l, , ..t m ......I I 1 1. . . .. ... . .......... ,,-. 1 uti ne iuii iimounr ol is,:.,hi,ikio per nu- , num. Ihe IWIcm of ihe United .-t.ites h", how - , , , i'V . '." ' l.?' ."' - ,. ' . " V " , ,,111 tl,ees,,,.i,ed expemhiu,, ,,- obiniam . aTas 1 pr.icinal.l.-, supplies lor the anny'in Mexico ; second, 1 ' duties upon up0in as 11 military eoiitiibutnui ; ! "rr' .' ''1' t;i'"r;'i! fl M, xieau duiv upon expoiis , ......... s ..1 ei.-.Meo. except I sit ihllies w tlelher 1. sessed by the encml noviriuuent of n.")' deparliueiii. city, or i.ivvu thereut .vlextca, or by Il the acts id I n'T 1 '!' t'r, ',"'J' "" 101,1 01 M"' 1lu. " ' I ZirZnTXZ. -1, . . : Iioiii all somccs combined, in order thai no larger loan s7, be, up ps.lic.l7 ma) p.- i.-ki d orelf.cieil than would be re,eu.-,ie, alter j TjUc Iv Iv'. cAl.ib.t-s the amount ol tren-ury notes de.hicnuj the amount thus estimated. Tli"m. wl paid in 'or duoes no... l' I'- euiib. r, Islo, to ltt ol reulued iioiii these niiluaiy couiribiiiion will , ...It, St., meludiii the uiuount ot ssIOI s.-k) upon lutiiie exi 'encies paid m Ap'il I""1' l"r. '""'"R e month lor vvlueh 11 our arinies"aie withdrawn from the capital and , he loan lor ets.onoooo j. neM.iiau.l ; hou, which polls ol .Mexico, iioihiti,r would be received Iioiii siicli j t'onjjress will oli-uve the iad,i,,l auprination of contiibiilloiis they vvele willidonvii Iron" Ihe cp-1 those notes ill the in irket, and their diseonlinuoncf ita I. letaiiiiini the poll", no sale tra-,t l-ini! open lor p,r s,n nine in n.vem.e pajineiii-, and Ihe sub-c-11111,'Hts to ih" liil-nor. an I P the licll and k'P'I " , ,,uenl renewal ol iI.ol- paymelils lor ilulies. poiiionot lliecou,iirv.iiicliidinitil'V"ll'll'f.,r'.''.r I 1 ub" 1 . rvhihas sepuai.-ly the monthly i-sien l..., i .. :...,l,l l.e denied mail lllis Ml,t e, I lre,iiry not, slrom 1st Jjiin.ur. l17.tu ihe :tt)il. i.s shown by past exis-rieiiee, not ""J1"-; 9 ,,er uniiu u . ... - al , ; ) Iter liuiliuil n, . V ...i nil ,i. -.... eui oecupie. ov our "," . , re.ent the cairviiiL' .1 mtsinmm' .i t . I t i ..I Jrt n tii nrt'icm un win iiiu i.l. 1..- ...ii- lore.'. ii tie-i"".i. ' i. "lu '".. hmes reiilied in viexieo upon . .., i...... .. . . it were lairly collecieit upon uu ,e .-a-io... o, s(.. su hoin .Mexico, n would pmbably not ainount lu les-s than gi,000,000 per uniiuui. It is not known, however, that so large n sum as nalued Irom tins duty was ever recorded on Ihe cus tom reiurus ol .Me. ico. I'.ider these circumstances, it is extremely ihth.uli to. siunaie the ainount ol du ne winch could he derived linn, this source j but the) ouelu not to tall below ijiuO.ooO per annum. 1 lie rc ceipu hum duty uu lutpuru collected by .Mexico have varied Irom six to twelve millions ol dollais peritn muu. nud I lliiuli il ouiiht not to be less, with the port., and interior, mid the road., in our possession, and rcn deied secuie lor exports and imports. There uie tutu.) leusons why it oujjht to be creoter The piesviii dunes are Irained so as lo yield the larg est levenue , whereas, the Mexican tnnll was m the hulitsl deeree piotective and prohibitory ; the duties, even when the goods w-eie llduutled, beini; generull) iidversivlo revenue. Ihere were also sixty articles, . ibe in. Donation of winch was nrohibited ultosether. '. amoui! which were sugar, rice, cotton, boots und hall hoots, collec. nails ol ull kinds, cut her ol most kinds 1 llour, rottou ) urn, nud thread, soap of nil kinds, cotii- hum i eariiicii ware. i..iu, inoia-es, uuiuer oi nu miuis. saddles ol ii 1 kinds, cotton "oods or textures, chicfiv such as are made in the United State, jKuk, oi I "''ted, smoked or cured, xyoollen or coiiou I.Unkets, or counieriuuet, Mm and slippen, wheat anJ frtilii ed imo ihe uiierioi. tliiouuli the city ol .Mexico and , jj.jj , ot- lt, n.e.osive. iiinouutin.. in the whole Ihe iituuiig n-mon, an I tlie roiue ol coiuuierce across , lt, WI) , t;nj,Bnj,pjo 7y. Ihe i.tliuiu. rendered secure, it is my convutioii out .pj,,, ,,lhe ,iK. ,,im,.j nre of the will and the revenue lioin nu ilu-e sources ab..,e s.ieritieil. ul),,t) t tlie Anieiuau liiu,u io discharae nil il" ob ounl.t not to lie les., se tar ns the duty on expo, i.. and ,4 ,,s,,c nmuuiii ol debt now- due belli" i 15 CJ9 . liu)ils is coiicein. .1, th in ho- herelolore been collect-1 n H1M1 ,1;ln om.., ,.,!, , t)l(. am,,,, ,',f ed by tiieitoveriuueiii ot .vlevico. 1 have not bren .,rmc,(,a nud iiueicst ol the public debt which wo nbie to obi.uu any liable su.lenieiit ol the amount ol 1JW ,iu.nj.- mHi ' I lie ndiiusnon ol the prohibited goods nt rensonsM rales, the clmniienf the protective into tli revenue du ti's, ami the abolition ol the heavy transit charges iuut of couise Increase imports nnd revenue, ami greatly cnlaro our trade Willi Mexico, bringint- back specie in return lor our goods imported there. No tin lion, in propoitlon to its wealth, can aflord to import more than Mcjicn, becnue her crent staple export be lug specie , is aimght by nil nations in exchanic for . H"01" miioiteil there. Under our ornvc officer", iiw)ioi)ooi,.,1y,'"'''.".':"i1""' '""'fr 't"l"'nn l,'overnnient, nn.f 1 "'"",5 llC M 11 10 n t.'reI11 extent tmiig. I he duties nlo being collected on the goods imported hum one Mexican port into another, will be an riitdmon to the ninount exacted by the Mexican government. 0,1 tllr. tt0ln I cannot believe that mi ner the circumstances nod condition of tilings nbove 1 '.',tI1,r,'l"J"'s,,'t"" 'i"- on imports, with all the .ports, ihe roads. im I interior, in our iiulitn :v irw '""V;"' me inosi tatoinlil.- to nuginent ihcw 11 un lr the govermnent .'.C!"'"' especmlh tiiuler the nintnntv nliendv eiv- uini in nuy trenty ot pence, it will, ns nimounced, pnmded the g,JOd. Imported should neither tw uuihscnted, nur "ubjeitcd to tiny new duty by Jlcx- erni'l''rH?1 wni" ly tlie Mexican gov ) 1 Z , " Wl'" 'i''-ix'itiiicntf, n, about sJKt.WJO, "erv'l im 1 1' !M M,"' bowever, thai liny mi l, r , S ' "' "" "vc"," "IJ ' collected " unon I,', " "i'r; ''" m"1 1 l"n" ""fufhci-nt da- ,.. ... -.. . " P" rircunistniices, it is would I... .1....... i i. - l'"'ise sum winch, ico 1 1... . lro"! ""lu"yoiiliibi,i, in .Mex- ko. 1 he inorij , omn ete. Ii(i,,....r . . ,. ihe uiuuiry by r t, ,,., tffil; .I"""""'"0" I?! v,"'; 1 "Muientuig f,, t," X III view. ii... i . of contributions nt pieseut d u,e delay of ra S them Inlly into ulect, it the ines,,res prouuJ-d r nngiiieiituig n. rj-tcliue by duties ,, . m c,r,. the ledu, Hon o the price ol the public land-, il . ... ... jii,...iiiu,iii rivue Ln. should I... ......ju. ii .. v iinuicss, 1 reeiiiuiinii.1 ,m niitlioniy be giteu Jo negotiule a loan lor the "urn of Pighteeti lull- ! 'ions five bundled thousand doll ns noon the irnmu. thon.-d h) the net ot -Jiih Jjnuar) Inst, should thi "!,r '"' 't"ntiiiud until 1st ol July, Inl'J, uml nu mldi- tjonal loan nmuiiiitiiic to twemy million" li;e liundre.1 ' tuousaii. dollar", would be necessary if no nJditionnl fvenue he grained by Congress, and no contributions ! b-' I'-m d m Mexico. As it H b.-iieved, however, tint ! '"'Oo"'. uo lurther loan i beyond i. ninount ol eighteen I Mill,. I Ik I II".. I.l.,..lrr..l ,l.r,.....l .I..II.. I . ...I.. I . .. .. ..... ,,,, ... u,.,ivcu ihmu mese contri- period; nnd it 13 believed lhai this sum is nil that will be required ill all probability, until the uu'etlmvif Con R - m D.sceinber, Idlj. It is possible, however, that a further loan lor n 9 lot cxi ceding six millions. 0f djllars may be before fiiat time. Hliould this be the case, there will be ample tune to communicate the inhumation to Congress, and u-k a luithcr piuvis 1011 lor that niiiuiiut, Tlie rjecretaiy recommends n duty ol 25 percent upon tea and col!e. 1'roin su, h a duly, he eiiiumbs a revenue of s.3,000,000 p,r nunuiii. He urets tho iiecissiiy, when contractuij a ilebt, to provide I'jr the hiiniilation ol the interest, and the riradual cxtinctiuu ot the principal. Ilerele,stoliis(fnrtstnrurtnil the expense of his dep-irtui. nt. by dispensi,,,, will, H,t. s,.tVi!.Cs , f u?t.M i-i'io';, lk' l"" lhus kall-'J lu treasury about -VjUO.OOO .r annum. ' He urgts n reduction of ihe price of ihe pul.Ifc bind", hm , fi'l.". 'I;,i;"ul"' principle ol pre-emption,., bom (id ",.,, q here were 152,101,001 acre" "u'j jecttoeniiyon the M in-t., besides TI.llls.-JI uer, to winch the Imhun title has U en eAtm--auhcd The iidrption o iliet... ,rmciples would, he think"' nun ineni ihe icvenue fcl,5oo,iK) per annuiii The Secretary alludes to the zcoloaical survey of Hie mineral regions ol the wet,uj.r tV dirtetionnf Drs Owen and Jackson. Their labors have been verysuccesslul. q'he sKcimens winch llieyhaveprn. cuied hnve been place.l with the Seciunry ol tho fcinitli"oniaii Iii-iuate, l'rol. Jomi-h IIfjikv, -v,0s (Treat ihsi-ii.,.i-ii.s l.n... ...... ... 1 . . I t : 1 : S.........M..U BMiaieafuareanu I important nn nddiiion to tlie cniiseol science, con ferred so much honor upon ibis, his native country, ond attracted the ndmirntioii n.d npplousi-of the dii. luiKUi-hi .1 m n 1 iiL'n v d ill sc.eminc pursuit" in cverv portion ol uie globe. 1 Ile rtfers, 111 projier terms, m the attempts d "pecu ators to pru-me Iroin ihe volunb-ers, their liiuuty and aaiw, nnd suuimu lb-.'i.n, ,Ui.-m ,. uruinrrit law to prevelil ihe injustice wlneh may How IroiifthH s)eei. s i ..peculation Among the remedies it tliij tliat no traiirlir shall be uhd uulil utter the patent is is-,11 .1. lie leconmieiids the e.teu'on of our national reve nue law" to'ori.ninl llie .ippropruiuon ol n section of land f r sthuol purposes 111 the centre ot every ,pnrter ot a tuwnship. ' The irinsury miles paid unJer the act of Aomin ' In-t. amount 10 gXl,0i',7 on. The iimount of public .lebt paid Irom 1st ),-c. 'Id 10 Ut Dec. '17, U AriotO . , sill H.) ; lllteiesl,sil,r.!:),MX) 29. ' ' 1 Table I', shows th- public debt due on the lsi lie. " 1 tl,,,? .?" l.l'"1 "t. Matt-li. 1st;, ..... . 4.,... ine amoillil 01 Uie debt le llbol Mate 1. Isle il-rss run ... ' mc ine uaiaue, , ti, uw n. ,..i inrllrr,., ,IIKr jm March lslj S27,s7,i.s.vj 7S. The some tabiecv. lnbits the reduet.on ot ihe .u-bt due on ihe I1I1 .March, HIS. by p ijuiei.ts made since that dale, to slfiitc. Oil) ,j Table O, -.!n'.its the niuoinu nvnilable on the 1st O. m'ier, lsl,,(f ii,e innn- , t lsir, and 1S17, beitc of the loan ul Mill, the nviidaule s,i,fis,'Ai 55 1 nud of the loan of 1 s IT. JI,o3(;,3'Jlj and i ihe oszieicite of both 's'.,2s.,,2JI K. " Table II, shows the ninount available on the lt D.ceuiber, 17 17. ol the loan ol ljlfiond ls7;brin ct me lornier the nvadabie s.'.i,r2,'.i.'i0 55, ond of the latter 3.2JO,s7'.i ; and of the ocgre'-atect both.f I. 2irj,s.'s55. ... ....... ......... itu- I able 1, exhibits n statement of treasury notes un- ,tr ,..i .. . 1 hi,.- lsir. 1 " Uli .. ', " JJrJ ' o, ,, 2-'d July, I Md, i"u 111 evchance icr speti.' posited 111 1st,, aiuolllltllle to s.'.'ll.l,i5U. I K-eMl n stateineu, ol 0 p.r cent treasury notes, ipsiii-d in exchanee tor m'Cle deiKisited to ihe credit ol the q'nilsuier ol Ihe L'nileil amies, under u act ot 2sih Jiinu try. s7, nmoiiutmi? lo fl.tC'J.stio Table l..ehlbils lb.- 111110,1111 of lie"Ury uot. " w we'd at 5 2 5 p. r cent inlen si. 1,1 exi liaiice r spf.'le. underact ot 2-1I1 January, 1SI7, amountinjt to !. I, 000. Table I. exhibits the reiinbursemellt of treaji liol.s mo.ilhlv.lroio the l.-l IKxelllber, isio, 10 Halt ,,l I.i D.-coibci. I.SI7, .iiuountiutl to ss,. 1,1. !. 11 ble I1 l" L' r. he .tel... .1. de.,,,1 ul the debt ot the ' led '- '"" de on ihe J" ot .March. Is: ... Ta e .V.s.V,v. Ibe lian-h " "' -Nf OiIcbus ... 1....T. fr. il.e 1st .l.,nu.,ri, IM., to the 1st Dee. veinber, 1SI7. in. Iii.ive, under the act-ol July 22, Islo, "". L.Vi " Imt.ipr net . ,7yt,100, and under Ihe l-nt.-r bl7.702.'J5U. aad m tlie agiireantr ol both, C"2't,57,05,l, II 1 IJ. I' II Ills tie .lll, iiu,'.r...,.lf nn ............. ' n, , ... ,,, n.ei,... and luli'.esl nl nnti .. .Ul.t fr... liK -sceretory euloirises the workiii-s of the nh- treas. eaury. Ihe leeeiptsand disbursements of tlie gov- "'" " ', iwii: uteil li,,rj I, l,r.- ,;i, and not n dollar h is been lost to thn lreuuiy. Durui.' Ihe lo"t eleven iiioiulis, ihe cuv eminent has ond di-liutsi'd mole s,cie than lor the previous 57 venrs lie, how ever, urges, crriam aineiidiu. ills urwi Conres. Djiiiii; the )earendini in June last, the imparts of specie amounted to SJUSl.-JHy, which. U'lder the old tmonciai s)ste,ii, vveuld liave gone into the been made the basis ol nn issue ol 40 oi GUJJUUJ,00 of inner Such un expansion would hove produced un iiiilleled iuiii m lli.s cout.i.y. " Trniii this revulsion we have been saved bv thu coiislitutiomil tieasury" In suopoii ot ilu iwsiiion, the i-sK-i-cta, y arirues at considerable Itnulh, and glonties the sib-tlec-uiy seheinc as the Mlvaiion ol ihe tiuancwl chnrBclt-r of the country lie also argues nt length to show that our inauuticlureis liave been greatly bene title d by a lare sp.cie ciiculaiiuu. It has given stability to pn- lle recommends the estuhlwhment of a branch mint in .New ork. 'IV omouni ol foreign com received It)' the assistant treasurer l that ritj during the rati jear wan nearly 630.000.000. JN'early Ihe whale of this was sent to Philadelphia to be rerouted. Tho .iiiiount c-oined since the 1st ol January last vets fj.r0.. 753.01a 12. Smew 1703 there have been Sll3,2sa70 51 coined Mhi of tins coiince has bttn tvnwits -K'ltigo j-olU lulu ,nicrM.dii wiu.

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