Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, December 31, 1847, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated December 31, 1847 Page 3
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BURMNGTON FREE PRESS, FRTDiWf MORNING, DEClfBER 31, 1847. TW tun County. Tlic s.nno timtcriiil is nUo foiiml, wo Ia-IIcu-, in tlio s-outli i:irtofUiilliiiiJ-'oiinly. It ha bci'H pronouiicfit, liy competent jnJgc,1o bo of tlio liucst quality ; a fact tlmt tlio niter jniio nnil business energy of Mr. TotoN is dal ly demonstrating, by tlio beautiful and substan tial productions of bis extensixe, and (wo rejoice to learn) surcrs'iil establishment. ArWcnl ol'tlie Slcamcr lllbciniii at IloMon. Tlio Steamer Ilibcrina arrived nt lioston on Christmas evening. She left Hoston for New York, to tttho her place in tlio newly-arranged Line from tlmt port. The news from abroad is of little general In terest. The most important is of a Commer cial character. The Hos-ton Daily Advertiser saj'H the commercial Intelligence Won tlio whole " of a fivorable character, nlllioii!;h a revival of busi lies was not so deuiie a many had Imped. Theie was, however, a ureal liniiiovenieiil m the state ol the money market. The apprehension in repaid to the sntticiency ut loil( so far enu be pulyeil (loin the Slate oi lucrum in irkct.had abated. This is ol course u.itavorahle to tlie piupeets ol laige. iuiports ol A iirain nn 1 ilour tit hnili pricey, 'l'lie ileiuaud tor Auierii-nii Ilour during tlic inoiiih, had been mod erate, nnj the puce had declined ton small extent. The demand lor cotton bad heen more exlenuve, mid llu sties lunch larger than llie preceding inoutli, but iiicoiHeipiiice ol't.i! iinpienion lint llie new crop in llie Suites, i ill niford n lull Mipply, there had been no advance, but rather a decline ol pi ices" i'arli.iment was opened by reading "tic Queen's speech," on tlio i!3d ult., mid had bee n cliielly engaood in dicusing incisures of Truce and Irish cuzrchn measiiief. (It seems to us it w.i.iU bj b.'tler to guv tlio IrMt fjod and flee do.n.) Flour hid fallen from Ol to Is per bbl. Coin and meal bad receded both in inieo and ik tnand to some extent. Tlio Clmhr.i had crossed the l' fron tier. Ireland is still in a dreadful slale want and despair producing niitr.ioi' and riiinc-. Serious .Mini) at Vale College. Two of the Tutors in Yale College, Mcsr-. Hinorroa and Uoodiich, were severely injuied, (the latter it is feared, inurlnlli,) in attemp inu to quell a disturbance among a few of the stu ilentsof Yale Collegu on Thursday night the 'Siti inst. .Mr. 1. liaison wus sluLbul ill the s. nn ; Mr. tioud it'll prostrated tiy a blow with an iron bar, and he-in a situation. The name-, of the Joiing men who coiiiiiiiltul the outrage are 'lower, ol I'liiladclpbia, and I. wen, of-l'i-nti. They were bulb committed, being uuaule to proc ire hi I in .sj.dJJ. Tor llie I'ice l'lt-i 1 1'ire! Tire! J'.ie!' i tlio st.nthng midnight cry! men lu-tiing hy i.nheir wild energy with Inukeisiu bauds! W ue.e is t.i.- ij 141, le t here 11 Im Vitrei Undine I Jl is ill yu.g iliruij mtiltr t.'irCuuit Ihate, tcme li has beta, and untouched timing le 'iil Si"". Yuu may rejoice Mr. Claike.that you board 0111, so that you are icheed liom the iiiell'u-ieney ol tins once e.ellent company. Hut Kl lue say, look out tor your i'liiitm i'-iauhc!iiiiciit, lor we could not he p you, nor our ncliiior-s it you were in danger, may be the eae 11tl1 Hjine of il", this nihl! May the 1'ire .Society look alter their once nice I'liine and appendages, is the wish of A Citizen. We insert the aboe " midnight cry," becaus" it relates to a matter of universal inteie-t. lint we are sure it cannot be true tint tlio ' l! lioyi"are n reini in lluur atleiitlou to their old ' Utingui-her," us is n-pre-oitcd by a " CitiZi'ii " Tin1 " II' .er ' w .11 lu down upon U", u e, fur admitting eiicn ao mil. nation in to our Column-. Do:nene coriea;iondence of the Free Tress D. W. 0. I.'i.ukl, F.-1 , EJiturof t!ic Vice 1'rrm: I),-ar Sir Willi the compliments of llii"- Festive season of the rullmi; year, please accept the nccompa liying, nsa token ol giatllude, for the exceeding great ndinnlnge derived bom your oft repeated ms ices, -em to'lie lomesofthe IVople, telling tll-'ln of the times of receipt, nud variety of MercliauJuc tu be found at tho stoic kept hy their Agent, Your frienJ, IIowakd. lluilington, Dec. 31, lblT. As we have not llie heart, at this ' fe-tive sea fon," to awaken ciiny in any hum 111 brea-t, we shall not s'cify the " itouis" that accoinpinii d the foregoing let tor of our friend llnWAiil). Tho-e who know him be-t iinder-tand that his Jjindnc-s, like his public spirit, allow - him to "do nothing by b lives." u. F. 1". 3 -.'That imticr of the Captain is crowded out. iHlU'IiCtS. TlJrhtoii C.itllo IarKcl Momlnv, lcc. 37. KLruKTl.ll UU Tllfc TKAV 1 LI.IT. At tnarket, tnti Callle, 10 okes Working 0en. 31 C.ihs and t:ilf. KVHr Sheep, nnd CW tivine, Itm CA-rn.L Kxini !?T,tH) bn-k. Vnkiv Ovhs S-ihh nine frimi m mi 10 Ctt and (AiAXs.Sahs were made ai lo $tt0.neeordin to M'ortlm to rj lality. ti Very dull. A lot f-old nt bTJc j a few Cor Sin bel. elV ti-lt'.lMild at Sit. Swim. .Miuki t Kline m lnt cek. V()t) I,. Ihtty,Mjertt. There ha8 heenn fair demand for Atnmrfin Vool during tlie p i-1 uvek. without any chinem prices. t5ile tnl. domestic tleece, mi l 7." ' HMHiatei iun tjn.on pnvnte teim. We hear that pome of llie maiuifii luteu ot 1'liiMicl-i nre ahoui to Mop a portion of iheir nriehinery on oceount ul llie hiyh price ot pul led no IVime riiximy TJeeccs, washed I.ri -W 50 American tullhlood do. 10 5 do a-1 do. 3"i t H-i do do. ai fi a:i do l-Ktcoiudo. -JS 31 Smyna, washed, 13 it Hniy m-i , nnv ached, - H 'it la llueiios Ayics uniuekedi - - - - ft ft II llxtrn North'n pulleil lamh, ... 'M H -10 Hup, North'n putted Inmh ----- 'M it lift Nu. i do do do . - - - - ao icr ai 2 do do do SD V Si 3 do do do U It lb Ct'Rtot'f Tact inre J)r Vttnrd introdnred hi Vefiutnl Sum it for the run ui Couzli, CuliU. into the )iu titrCR cf tins place, tt hs heen all the s; ,o, tmnliy any uuns eiK m tun line is iraneu mr ni ie nriiirin:il .huns here. Wf Irid Milliosil ih'it the iiuhfie h-iil I wen surfeited with Xoitium. and thai a new article would Mind n poirrlnnce. Hulthe l)r h a man o Rcienceatid fkilt in hi profeHion, and Ii;in If u litrtunate in (;etliu; up n uood ailule that ev rv hod likes, chietly brrtmtc it the theii good. .See. Ins udveitiseuieiii in thisp.iper. rrocruMiiintioii U t,u Thiel ol Time. Dflay is dangerous n-lect that cold nnd cough n few week", n ml the Impput mm over y will he oi to you io'rver. let imt any perur.iaiy conmderntion deter j on I n.n i triur luMUf )iHirife nud hralth, while ttieie U n ch nice Coniuuiption i annually uMprnmu otTlhoasind to ihetomh; no dmnne has tmllleil the pkill ot phH(.inn like it ; no phyiiian, peihap1, han tver done inoie (or thU I irije chit-s i puli rii' huiua r.iy. ih'iil Df Wlt ir. A lMomu'eot pieei)teH wuillia poun I of cuip ; there!" ire, Itefote )iu lutti-n licToiue n kern led, nnd hi di "eased tint no hiitnin jneois can 8ir jou from no early i;tavp, try in nentii, try nt once- inedu i le which h iKlieeii ut t-udi mli nie value to iiiouHintU ohtain a hot lie of I), Witai'ti Jklamif Wild Cheiry, lake H, yet another if neces airp, f fe'erein imuh It until you hive r-nioril the dieupe entirely, which if neglected will terminate your life, lie not deceived hy quacks, with their iniii ptions nnd counteifeita ; huy none hut the lenuine nnd oriirinal, wluchis MKnrd ! HUTTS on the wrapper fie carelulnnd L'et the irenuine DR. WISTAU'rf OK V1M) riJKUUV. Nm.e Kenume linlew eiirued hv I. UIJTTS, Adilre-H oll orderBto fKTII W. I'()WJtlJ,llobton,Muw. l-or sil whole--ale and jetail hy Tiifo. A. IVck, Hu Mion,ud by 'cnlcrs in .McdieineHceiKi-ally in r t- CoMlvcnen, Is often brought on by want or cercie, iloe con fineincnl to business, ice. Hr.ows's AM) 'I'oMITn ItiTTSrw ullliTiir. ,i limp ninl nrlil ill' t the stomach rind bowels, increase theciiciitati'in, rind oioiate n n mild rnllnrtie, mid lire not liable to leave the patient (as many medicines do nftcr Inking) more cosine than Ik- was before their ue. Ily mini? them n short time, they will he satisfied ol its Millies 1 the effect is nlhnot Immediately loll. It purities nnd nourishes the whole debilitated s) stem. ON LI Till A 1. will saiisly the most prejudiced mind. This we know bum e.xpeiience ol hundreds. l'orsaleby Tnno, A. l'i.cK,nud A. C Kri.AH, Apo thecaries nnd wholesale Diugists, and by dculeiSKen crnlly throuiihout the Htatc. Coi.ns, Cocuns and Co.nsu.mitio.s. Wright's In dinn Vegetable Pills arc n must delightful medicine forcarmm: oil' a culd. berntise ibev exnel from the system nil inoibid ami corrupt humors (the cnue of every kiiiu 01 disease) tu so easy nna natural n man ner that the body is relieved ol nil its suH'emiRs 11s il by limbic. Four or live of said Indian Vegetable I ills, taki n every niuht on Koing tubed, will in a short lime leniule the nio-l ohsliuate cold, nt the stone lime the digestive organs will he restored to n In aliby tone, nud the blood so couioletelv nuritieil . that hill nn- Illation of the Iihhm. eoociniinliiiu. or nuv other fiiriu of 1 disease will he absolutely inipu'-sible. Umvari: or Cof.n1.1nur Tun only omntvAt. and Gt.Nui.Nr. Indian Vijii rAiu c I'll t.s mvr. the siu- NATllli: OF Wll.t.tAM U'lllllllT Wilt m.N WITH A TE.. on the Tor l.AnLt. of r.cii liox. Aont othtr is trcn ! ninrt ami la cuuiitn Irit thin ts ror.utnv. The Keniiine tor sale hy W. II. LTRTIS, Water Klieet,nndTlli:()IX)Ki: A. riXK. College Street, "ule ngeius for lliirlinglon, Heiihen Fergu-on, lsex ; J. 11. l))ke, Huntington j W. Rhode, Jr. Ituluuond J II. II. (irieii, IIrIiiuoiiiI ; J. II. V. T W. Tower, Undeihill ; Ilurlbut &. Iludges, WiIIhIiui : It. S.111 dersun, nud t. Aers, West Wilhston .I. l.yinnn, Jericho; W. II, Veil.', lllue-l.illRh V S II 1' Wood. Wesilunl iSitnphs ,t Lyon, t'hnilutte ; John -itnunils, Shelh'irue , It Iticluiioiid Hninaril ;nnil nt New Cunlaud lliaiuh Ollice and lictierul IJepot, I'M Ireinuiit Sireit, lloslun. In this village, on the Sfilh inst., by the Ilev. J. K. Couierie, .Mr Ray 1'r.nitls to Mw Na.c l't ce. In I-ex.nn tlie '.rub iost , hy the Rev .1. Huntley, Mr. C!co. II SixciXAa to Miss lh.i2AtiF.Tii KLLi.rrt, nil of Csex. lD i c b , In Wcj bridge, Aug. 21th, Mrs. Betsey, wife of Iin the 3ith )ear of her age. The foPowuig tribute to her memory, is from the pen of one who well knew her woith In her natural di-po-itionshc was uncommonly ami- nble, iu her leelingsshe was benevolent ond kiinl.rea- ly t j saenhee her case nnd interest to ptomote the bappine-s ol iho with whom she held imercoii se. In her judgment -he was .-ound.aud in ill her conduct she was eminently discreet ; and la-t, though not lea-t. she ciieii-lieil ill 11 high degiee, the spirit of piety and devutedlles to the caue of Cbll-t, nod -he has mo duubtcdly gone to her reward anions the redeen ej 011 high. Com. Vt Chronicle, pleae copy. In Cbinlotte.Nov ti"J, r.t the residence of her brother-in-law, Aiiuni F Clnik, Miss Akvevia II Hoiis lor.ti, III lile IO1I1 Jear ol her age VANTi;i). CSail-ESoad TIvh ami Nuli-Sits. UK fiiKctilier' w -h to emit met ir H ,(HK) K;nl- 'I'lfp.nt t iiiruiN k. wlntr or Mnck o.ik, hint k or iw'iinip, ci'ihr, liuticiinr, or ili(ttnn I ihVt 'I'll Tii'H are rnjniieil to lit- wen (ret in li-nmli, tor nnywooit Mircili 'tl, (cxn ptint; cctlur, w liirh hum ! ?i let I,) an. m inulico t-(U ire, or ot n inn icirit c ol six iiiclif!, tup and buttonviml to be fjweii ur fcinuot li ly liCWIl AI(, Our. IIiimlrcMl Thoiivuul ncinlock Planli, Tu 1h- tlnee incli" thuk mnl eight i tic Ilea Milo, ninl fourteen Wvt in len;l!i, tor Sen Sn.-s. We to cont -jet (or llie nhovr -i erifucl lumlier. t tie tlWneieJ on ll.e line ot llie Uuiiitinl unit li-tilitiir tn ailru'ul, Ix'tween limliiiytoii nn I liuiittlon, nil 01 he fun tie' ii 1 t-t tiny u S. pit niber next. AiKliets the fru.M'iibei til Uuilniton, CUAMUCiLAlX, STtiOXG H CO. Dei-. J7, KH17. Ttt 3I.(jzi! fok ISIS. UNION Mugazii-K Mi. Kiiklaiid) tor Janunry. (IrttlifimV, Colninliiun, ' (idtteyV, " Individ Nntionnl, " All of the nlime Mai;ninrs nre rcculnrly ipcc'uciI on or tiefoie llie firt ilay ot the month- of puhliraiion, ami delivered U fcuhsijibern uilhout charge tor pot npo. G. U. KDWAUDS. .Mvssxcnrsnrrs Quaimkiilv Hi:vn:v, pONDUCTi:i) hy It. W. Hmeii-oii, Theodore J I'.uker nud I. Klhot Cabot, n-MMed hy other treiiilejiicii. The Keview will be devoted to the intere-t ot no pmy, or cla-, hut llie conduciois uu. cii.ieavor to prctM'iitnu open aim i.ur iieut lor llie no tiee and dicii-jnn ot mailers peitainuiio l'hiloM.'ph) Jjtcriiluie. Politic. Hehi'ion and lluiiiamiv lich iiumher to loiitiou nhuut 13 pnep, nt the price oj n yr ar m ittiwince No. I (December, 117) n reeeive(, and fnl'Srip tioiis feoiitiud, by ' It i;iVAlM)S, Agent for Jiiiriingttm ami vicinity YKUS Ci'rrjit J'ixtouai.Fou tiii: im. cure of counliji. cold. fonuiiiniioii. and all allee lion1 ot the Lungs and Tliroat Tins compound j eiitneiy aiiove llie Hi-picion ot (juackery.ninl usieeoiu- IllClldcd by pllMCl.lHS ol the lillieM llfieU.lblliy Ji- J'oimul'i is lu'ilv laid i ien lo the na-neLtiun ot the inedical piofeKMon.niui it is tontiJenlly believed thai iu combination i Mich an to true ihe inmost ener gy of remedical etJrTt w uh ihe ino-l pi'Nett trty. J7ml lurF.ileby A. C ril'lUU mi(h;ij)i:ie iikacix rLASTIC Shouhler lirncc orthet expnnder", to -j-i remeiiy lunimai stooping, or rotmu s;muiiirs, V7mrj For wie hy A C. 1'KAK. VACCIXI2 3IATTKH. ji st ui: eied ninl tor sale hy Iluilmton, I)ec. 1 & 17. A (J Srt lit. i!7 I TKUSSKS. AnKnATnrietvol Tinges, romprismg nlmost evei) kuul in uh lor .Mutes nud lemnli ; nlso AIjuuiiiiiiji ruliiiuiers Ol llie luli-l npiueu s)letj constantly on hand ami lursjle hy '.'TiiiO A. C. Sitau Jlti:Si:it"I) riTIHlX, Currants and ( I tent Fiienn Ciindles lor f.ile by 2Tm3 a. c. f:ri:Ai!. SANDBAR BRIDGE. 'IMIII sliTkholileis of tlie M.inJ' H.ulue Compi' tie nit llinl lliHir rf-inilur niliiini in'il in,., I iii will he htil len nt lb Lyceum in Soiuli lleio.ou Siiiinl.iy the IStli J.inin y ISId.m Illo'rliK-k A. .M I'eisMii wi-htii tu I, ike untruth tnrsu h o k, nre lenuested tu tut el the s ih kll'il.leri lit tlmt time. A ll 11. Kiir:U'.i!,.S ,. South Hero, I) -c 31,131". S73 J- A. It VVJIOM), 1'IIYSICIAN AM) SUItfillOX. OITICISnt the resilience of the hie lljuian I,me entiier ol t. I'.iula and Hank Striet, lluihntm.ii Dteeillber 31, IM 17. u;,)' '11 1 INK oj" this tehen you smiikeTolmteo ! I (iooil Cis'irs oiesold by A. 8. bllWCV Deeenilwr HI7. IlHiS! A VVM thncnfrrvh eggs just rc M eeixe.l by 1 si, lijiVKY December Si, ISI7. ( (J!).')l) AS.S011TMT nTHrlibUi il iiikI llruwii OVr.RWATS, jut teceued nnd for by 1. ) I11XIIV ,V CO l)-e. 3117. Wuoil :iiutKrriU'iTJi. 'BUli: SLMISCIIIIIIOH vnts 20 Jliar t. X cut Cord WuoJ.lur wlneb Cub will h- im I. i, , ,. ... ,"L' i'-iikaw. :v. Iluihiij-ton, Dv. 'JD, 1317. 7 nLOl'Jt. a0 liiiLs.SnMTtriv.rrinTn 1 for sale by J I). 111X11 V if CO f JACTKIVrs IlAUW:i& 50 first hah v line tun packing Hmrels, hy Dec Si, '17 STJiOXC, 1H10EITTI.E if CO Locke Ajisdkn, or tiu: Hciiooiaiasier, A '1'Al.'r'' ''' ,lie amber of ' Jlny Martin." (fe for -le by c. GOODRICH. A'i'lENTlbN HiATTAI JON ! ! A I.L those having unsettled accounts with T. XV Lnvell, will save cosa by calling nnd setihiii: llieiu mimeibaiely, '' y. LOVKLI, iliirhiiglon, Dtc. 11,1817, !5t I.iidiirc llie Vilv.M IVo fiOUKci' ir iro.m the ni.M will NDit.rcT to use DR. UPHAMS V i: (2 U T .VIII, 15 15 1, 15 C T V A It V , the lAfi.r is own. 'PRY IT, nil jou tli.itbnve the 1'ileq, Infl.immntion I ol tlie l.ivcr, Spleen, llimeN, Kidue nnd Ulnd oer, Idler Coniilnint, l))Sie-in. Contuinlion, Sick Ile.iilnche, or nny Unease of which I'l.liS, eillier H.ecihiiK or lllind, l5Meiniil, or liilerml is theib t r iniuition ol, nud the thanks of additional thousands will be e.ue'sed. head mis mmmyen nnnr, orcunns. Thoui!i it ennnot j;ic the fnveil one wenlth It Rives a irtnsiire jar mine glorious, llr.At.Tit, United States .Marshaus Ofiiie, J New Yoik, December 0, 1817. J Mesrs. Wyilt J( Kttchmn ; (jentlcinen Uiuler s! n in! 1 1 ,jr 1 1 in i you nie the Keiieini ngent-) for the sale ol." Dr. Uiliniu'B Venetnble Cleetnaiy," for the cine ol 1'iles, 1 have deemed it my dutv to olimtecr n le eomiiiend.iliou in behiill ol flint inviihnhle medicine. I bine been n 111 i 'led lor tunny jcais with 1'iles, nnd have tried vn ous letnedies, but Willi no beiielieial ehvets. Inileed, 1 beg, in lo consider my case utterly hopclcsi. Hut nhuut the first of Sente tuber Inst, I wua Ue ailed upon by n friend tomnke n Itial ol thenbove iinined iiieiliciue. I took liis ndvice, nud rejoice lo "iy tlmt 1 nm not only teliM-il, but, ns I believe, per fectly cuicil. I most enriHslly leciiinuiend it to nil who may have the iiihlortuiietobc allhcted with that nmioiuir niiil ilnueni'is license. v ciy iesiectlully, voiir obeihent sennnt. I5I.Y M00KI-5. KiiMAKhAiii.i: cum: or i'iu:si rillltTY VKAI1S srANDI.NO ! ' Mouxr Wa'iii.vuton, llr.nKiimc Co., Mass , November TJ, lbll. $ Jlt'ssrs. II unit k ICrtrlmm t Cenr. I'tir thirle jcnis I hive been nlliieteil w uh 1'ilei, general Debilily, nud lull.'imniioii. iviiivn tiiiu im mnl prol.iisi. ul the bowcKmnt which hud ni'iMed nil tin: ineihcnl ireat ii cut Dr. Uiiipinnii nnd oihers could give. The hot lluee veins, ut that tune my suHeiingt defy ilesnio to , I wiiKcoliliued to my bed, unable to help in self, nn I i.l in-ttiiveu up by my iihj.mans, and Inenils m i -span ol eje.rKaii,mf ,,iy heullh , in lint, lor ihiee d lys in l.ue 1 coinineiiu-,1 using Dr. Upham's Clectu nry, I wns enluely sp.-ei bless, nnd my burial iloihes weie lllllde. Hut mil erllie bi n, llr-m,, ,nr. .... ..I 1 videuoviuJ the ue ot D.-. Uili.iiirsi;ieiiiiaiy,llioogh a id oi.n man. I h ive the pleiismeol stiitnm the i-actiu i.l-piinhe Hint my lieiiuh i now good.iiiul hope lo me in my )wir,ii it is (iod's will, n, make known llie Vlllue-o, Duclor Ulihani'R Li-.,,,. ....i ... co om. ii 1 it to my iillbcieil lellow creaiures. It help ed me he) 1.11 J the ..iectat,oi,s ul ull Hint knew my case, nnd I can only say to others it is iu my opinion iliel -t medicine in the woild Im 1'iles, or any other disease ol the bowels ; nnd if they will use il according to the diieuions, will tnyscll wuriunt u i.ui ill , ,, , v c.l-C. ours, wmi the utmost e.)reion orthniikfiilness, I oar.MONT, lleik Co., Alan., .Nov ail, 1817 Ihe nliove ci-itiheille tells n mih nu.l i,il,r.,l slol olsuhellllgaiid lehel.ol which lis plljsicillll nnd w ilness iu llie (.aso, 1 chcclfully endoi.--' wit. DIIAI'.MA.N. ,, , New Yolk, Nov. 'J, la.7 JMM. II lltltl it hrlcliuin .I l 1 in .1 siMined io give )ou u Maieuieut ot the hem lit I have demed limn u,ug Dr. I'lih.ini's l.lectu ity, iii n cae ol pil,', heliel mg b so dii.lig, I shall under " hem lit in those who nie tillering 1 truuhle-oine license, i was reuuceil lor seveinl )i ais by the Piles, n llliull thai It W. IS with .Mil !,.- I walk or intend in my bii-ini-s. I also sulieied lioni "ther winch WeleeAlie Iv lroulil..n,.. ,.n,l MIIILll I lllll II.e.lM-d til S..IV. IUii li.iv.. .u il... l'i..n. e.unly te.i...vv.l and nut my he.mii i belter now mail il Ii is been lor many jem. It liasdoue me nnd ill) lam.iy since moie good, and Willi less eAp-llse, than nil llie hj-lci.ins to w.ioiii 1 have implied, or niediLllie nun I li.ite used. 1 iciiuiii in perfect health. Your onedient sciwiut, NiJI.t-O.N Ni.WTciN, ii3J .piiu si., cor Kenwii k, .. New- oik, Nov 15,1117. Messrs II tiutl it hel.-n im . ti.-.iii..i,i,.i . ..... sider t a duly wiucli 1 nut only owe lo you, imt to my lellim-.bcing-, to speak in piuie ol Dr. IJphain's ...iiiiu.ii, .i ineuiciiie which i imiiK lias sated my lite, mid testoied me to lull health, l'or several years, 1 was ullhcted with 1'iles. to'elber wnh I) l Mll'llvl.l nud ii geiienil di-nrrniigenient ol the s)-iem. i cm p!o.,cd dilleient phj sici.nis w uh no good result, nnd Hi 'j at last told me uiey could do no more lor inc. nnd ,i,i oi.n i i ii u -l ui -. l inu? bad given up all hopes ol ver h nun.' niv 1 1 .-.t . t . i usion d. mit,i I .-..n,..! i llie b, 11, Ills . i in phew ol mine in riiil.nlelpiil.i Uieiuiiiiin 1'ercnjl) bad ilevned iu n seieic ciM.a,t cnioiiie djs.-uiery, by your medium-, th it 1 pure ba-ed .i oiJA, which, in ill) sn.pi-,c,llllcr taken 11 lew doses, I leecived leliel. and til ink (ln.l. be mnt m,r Us use, that 1 um now ie-tured to peil,-, t henlth. " .villa. SAH.Ui r AJIliS, 1 1- Mclcer slleel, N'oTlcr.. The genuine Cpbam's Hlecliinry has bis written signature, lliiii (J.V'A- Dphaoi. .M. D ) 'I he bind is nl--o ilime Willi a pen. rnce,$ln box. Sjld, wholesale nud retail by WvAlT.t KtlclIAM, 1-1 l'ullon slieet.N. Y. A C Si'LAR, Ag, lit lor Hurliiiglon, nnd hy Druggists geiietally lluougbout ihe C S nud Cnniidns. lluilinglon.Dec. "M, 1S17. S7yl Ol i, ly r'.iAi, but nny IJiJicullii nf ISiriitlmig i s nud Pa pitaiioii ol the rui,wiih 7'iyii m the Hreast or Side in ludicatnig some ob-tiuetuui iu the l.uug,, nie soon rehevi d by the use ol ihis highly a lu i hie S tu e No other leniedy has ever been invent ed, llint is enjiab'e ol exerci'-ing siub a bealthlul nnd restorative iiitltieuee over all the organs concerned m resimniion Viitairli nnd nil Bronchial itffcetinis and IJoatse nrss mid Weakness id the olce III (tliblle spi akt T. nie perinnui ntly cured by u modern te nud penn-eiing u-e ot this mild no I pleasant Mi'dicinc. Spas die All'-cliiiiis, suth ns Rising of the f.uns and Asthma, ri completely under us control when ireiyiwdi ni.,1 tint inu-t nl iiiunig nud tiuly dan geious ih-wam', the Cinup or Rattles, is inoie piomply and eeitauily cured bv it,(wli"ii the directions are eaielully lollowed.ns they nreguen lu the l'nniphlet, which may be had griiliiitou-ly when- the uifdiuue is sol I 1 1 1 in i) by all oilier .Medicines put tog ther ! Whiiijiliigt'oiigh is ntiother spi.ino,he disease of the Luug-i, that is gically mitigated in its seventy b) u-e ol this remedy. Cor the la-t named complaint, it hliould be taken in Theie is no dnuger iu taking nny Humi lity that the stomieb will bear lor should more than i iieies-.iiy be taken, it will Is- thiowit oil by a gentle vomiting, which iu children is olteii juit the thing that needed. Ccitilirult's. I wns sorely nllheted with a troublesome cough, lion rseuess nud soieuess in the lower part ol my throat, with n sliit-tiire ncloss the hlire-t,. winch had tiouhled nn for some lime past, in my tinpieul ntteuipts at public SK'llklIl!, 1 had tried seveinl ile-cllptiolis ol my ph)ieiaiH,but without any m-ii-iIiIi-i lien. I pro cured ol .Mr. J C Wells, diuggst,ii ibis eiiy.n bottle ol Dr. Coord's IVcli'inl Sytup, whidi 1 believe has en luely relieved me, nud wnic.i 1 con-idem most vulu able luedicine lor that cl.issol disenves. M) pallller, Aid. leekei, who had a severe colj nt tin lime 1 wns Inking this medicine, uascmcd hy a lew doses liuui the liollle which I had. II. IJl'SHN'ULL. Ctiei.r.b.lSIO. Cvans Vj,jT.'ir Co.,) Aug. S3. 1815. Drt 1'oord, Dear Sir - I send jou the Mowing Ahic.i jnunie nt hls iiy to u-e ns )ouse Ii-ft, lu liioiuulgnle your excellent medicine. Some lime lust lull I had n bottle ol jour Pectoral Syi up h it dy vour Agent Air Palmer Not long nilei lime, I had n I nndiler sevelelv ali i ted Willi the Aslluu.l She Im 1 iirevioii-ly lukell. when uttaikcd w .til tlie same dis-ase, . i . i i r ..... vnilom Klllils ol ineuiciiie 10 no eueci ihiiu iii "'ii pur prw, when she begun to mke jour 1'ictoinl S)tup, -he louud miiiiediaie iilul.niiil H ni.imed well until the spiutg lollowiiig, when, by imprudence in singing, and going liom a w.iiiii loolli lulo the cold mi, she UnJ iiuiiiher scveie ntliuk.tit vvhirll tune 1 tiled to another l, llie, but did not tin., it I hope ycu will keep n coii-iii nt supply solilew Here III Vlcllllty. Hid would eheeriully leiounneiid it lo a, I who may he iillbcieil w uh that iliseu-e, wi-lung ibal all limy be uellclilcd by it as well ns mjsell. Itcepculully, nurs. c. v. cani)"'-: D c 3). 1817 37iii2 m:v iiooK"iiLi)i:uv. It juil Hauls dtsnie giotl Hulling i ilitt they possess the p liter j Sp'ec.i.iato mini) tales irmlii they leiiur iy ueg.e. I ana lit. tin tiau.Jlum llie irai.l nj a tie enl exterior ir a, h a tew shilling' nun'it hare; ninl thus hare se uietl jur them tltexn tint, ti y nj the leise ami giuJ, lesltles piestnmt t.ienjui the benefit nj Jiitme generations. C. S. ADKINS, riAVlN'li ourchaseil Slock nnd new laols. inclu I 1 ding n Si iiiimii IIli.ivu M aciiim . nnd lilted op n room iu llie t rie 1'iess lluilding, will ! nappy to wuit iimiii those whu wish lor any wink in hi- hue. Puilieular attention will be given to ltuhll0' and .Mnuidiicluriog Hlank Hooks. Music, Petiodicals, nnd Hooks of every description, bound in n nenl and durnble tunnner. E3"A share ol public patroiinge is respectfully soheiiecl. D'f V. IRI7 VI EXCHANGE HOTEL, (Xcar the Steamboat Landing.) lUIItMNCJTON, VT., BY MOSHS L. II A H T. THE sub-criber would notify bis old fiirnds nnd the public generally, that he has retidrn the well known nnd commodious bouc nt the bead of the Steamboat Landing, in Hiirlingtoti, known ns the lIXCIIANCi: HOTI51.. Intending to mnke bis Incntion in lluilington n per manent one, he has refitted and newly lurnMied the house, nnd pledges bimsell to keep n hrst class house. Klntteilng himself, from long experience ill the bu siness, that he knows what tlie traveling public require, be will lie enabled to make his guests feel themselves at home, nn, I assures them that no exettious sbnll he spared to make the wants and comforts of bis patrons complete. Can inges always in readiness on the nrrivnl nnd departure of the fetentnbonts, to convey pnssengers to nnd from bis house ornny part of tlie town. The ilifferent lines ol Singiscnll nt thin bouse, ma king it the most convenient lor the business commu nity. ,. MOrftlS L. IIAItT. Burlington, Nov. 1, 1917. sutf Tiiiiiiiicr. 1 OrHtOO Si:asont.I) Pixk X JJ. UUU LU.MIIUU. for Mile expressly for Cnvli. by T. W. LUV15LL & CO. liurbngtnn, Dec II, 1817. S3tf WI! have a fine lot ol Cornelius Si, Co.'s, Stnrr's, Dutz's nnd Jnrvis' best I'arlor Lamps, which give general sniislacfiou. i)ec. i8i7. iiuixsMAinu nnoTiiF.ns. fVMUAl LK(JS. HO scts fink tuknkd X Tuble l.eps, for snle by Dec. 1817. DIllXtiMAIll BROTHERS. rAsn paid ron atn am nitx- w nt our Store. CATL1X J SI'KAIl. ARE NOW RKADV TO SCTTLI5 WITH ALL cur customers. Dec 15, 18 17. CA TIJX h SVEA R. WE "AVK OX IUND A C300D ASSORTMKXT of liOOTS A. SHOES nnd rendy-made CLO THING, which we propose to sell as low ns they can he nirordeil iu this muiket. Dec. i:, 18 17. C. I TLIX H SPEA R. VCXl BUFFALO ROUES Also. Mi ffs 11 and Uoas. CATL1X J( SI'FAR, TOBACCO Uixx Axn Brown's fatra 1 fine cut. CATLIN H SPEAll. EA, CflFFKF. AND SlfOAn. AT ALL !'RI(T.S. I Dec. 15, 1817. CATI.IX !( SPEAR. TIM, Stove and Wooden Wake. Mop Handles nn,l Wn-htuhs. I T.. 1817 CATI.IX if SPEA R. a0.lli:-MAI)E FLANNEf. Fm sm.e by Dec. 15, 1817. CATI.IX .N SPEAll CITIION. Citrrvnts, Mccitn.i. Mn:, Nimnegs nnd Cloves. CATI.IX H SPEAR. 1 IIOFFAT'S and the Gimffenreho Pills. Ill D.-C 15, 1817. CATI.IX N SPEAR CU.OCKS and Lookino Closes, at low ' prices. CATI.IX if SPEAR. lFHIPS AND LASIIF A onon m- II inent CATI.IX N SPEAP. C'ahinct Ware ,11 a I; its MAY find n great variety of Cnhiuet Trimmincs. witli Clue. Saiiilp-,jM-r, Vsrnish, &c. nnd n good naortmenl nt TonN. iii'uple.l to their use. Dec 15, '17. STROXG. D00UTT1.E if CO. salt, i'l.ASTr.n, $o. wOO Sicks Nova Scotia Plaster, 11) Tons a.ssuif d do (Iritiilstones, 11HK) Sacks ground rock nnd Western Salt, 5uo lihls. supeifiue and extra Klour, Conre eslern and bbl Knlt.&e. Sir. Dec. 15, 1317. STE0XC1, IHIULITTI.E if CO. iVtilicc. TS hereby given that n meeting to orgnnize tlie Steam Tow lent Company, will lie held nt th" Counting linn. ,, John Ur.idi.ev, & Co., on the Cth day ol juinrirv, next. HiirlHiLMon, Dee 1(1. 1817; 25 STRAW CUTTER8. TOWN'S &TKAVCUTTi:itS for sale nv , JOHN IIUADLEV &CO. Dec. 10, 1817. as IT'ItllfslI Maecarnni. Vermicida, Tnpiocn, Pearl Ihiley and Itice Flour, nt ui c, I. -I. a. IJI.IY Ji 1 .3. Daucrrvotyfic C-ioodM. lTis'-- intiNsAiAin .v iiitoTiints l?l havelorsale a much larger stock ol doods m this line than usual, including every article geneially ,,-,,1 5 ) gross of Silk nud Velvet Cnes, eniho'-sed and gilt ; on gros r-coviu s nmi t rencn riaies ; a goou as s uliiieiit wmericiin and Voighllaiider Cainerns, Mer cuiy llntlis, Plate holdeis, II, n, I lesls. Camera stands 11....!..,,... H..I1., Mu..... I.Im... Hi-.. n. in.. II..I,,... Oiiii k stull'. Whlt'eliini' lluids. Paints. Pencils, jwo Mill. hale i, t Soda, cVc. &c Double nnd single IJold Locket, Plated Lis-ket". nnd a line nsMiituient ol l'i tun,-.. .Miillioi's.i.xiia tll.iss. .S:e . mnkimr the best ns-oiiinent to lie louud ill this noilhern oiiiitty, which will he sold low. llltl.s.MAlu i lir.01lll.KS. Dec S'J, 1817. li UliLhXG TON FO UXDH Y. THF.SK WORKS ABE now in fi ll op rrntion liiiprucmciitsniul uJtlitioii lumni; Ijccii inatlf tu th nliof prcim-fs during tin fist mimiH'r, iIim I'mnripti r 14 tutw hip nared lo lultill all Olders lor ca-tmgs, on the shoittst notice nnd mosi renson.ihle terms, witli ll lalger and inoie general nssoiiiiiem oi Patlerus lor machinery vVc. tti.ui can oc lounu ti-c-where in this country. R0,iUiV WII,-ELnRt Oll'icein Mill Store, Wnter St. lluilington Dec. SI, 1817. AM) m:w yi:aii. AtiliHAT variety of Hooks, suitable lor presents, lor sale ul the lowest prices. Dec.SS. C. GOODHICU. It (HIT'S PEXJIAXSIHl For su.i: nv Dec. SI, 1817. C GOODRICH. cash run imji.ts. r D. BIXBV & CO. will I'Av Cash for a l few thouoand goitd Pelts. Dec. SI, 1817. HlA'i: OVIUl COATS. I). BIXBV & CO. ii we hecieved a 1 nice lot ol coats now is tlie lime to net a lit. December SI, lMoiiglix- 17'AH.MKIIS would do w'i II lo call nnd rxnmin tlie siiiMiior mtlele ol Ploughs, called the " Woiccs- ter I Ingle Plough," ninniil'ttuird lit "... ..-.' ' nniM i vv-'vi v rirrvii i' UCCSI, tl. UWIIIII.IHI1'., 4 l' ('' ati tray Sheep fiAMEinto my inclobuie a (rw iloK!ince,nll vmiIi- UUI -1MIII-.I-M -""'""l "iiiwi nil-.- si crop on the Ml ear. Ihf owner mav lmi (ln-in on 1 ' .1 It ... l kJI7 r u u n i t u u i: illaimrnclory -fc AVai'lioiis.c. 1 1 mi siibwnher oilers for sale,ui Ins U aielioue in I Si. Paui sireet, near ihe comer ol lVntl, n few doors N'ortli liom the Caihulic Cburih.a Uige nud seiietal ussortnieiit ol FURNITURE, suited to the people and the tunes consisting of .Ma bo.'any, Cnue and iKid-seated Omits, HuRrALs, Diiiio Tauii-s of all kinds nnd pi urn, Ifre.ikla-t, I hiniig, Celine and oilier Taiii.l, Stands, Hi im lal,-,, I'ii inn and oilier desiiiptioiiM. c. Vc A lot ol siis'ib Suns, New Yoik .aslnons and N Voik prices. All kinds of 1 t'R.MTi'itr. made to order and on short notice, ol the U st materials, and tor reasonable puces. AN", on Ii ind, mid lor Kile.TiJi daiirluoI the best fuiii.liue nud coach ABNJSll .MaiuiaxV I'i-ank. Hoards. nnd Vt.Ntr.ns, also ke'jt Coll-lalllly oil hand nud lor sie. VA.Mto--'-!ilt'M'" leel ol Hasvvood 1'um, ond 5.000 led ol HARD Woon SCANTLISU. I'll A REUS L. XP.I.S0X. Hurliiigton. 1'ee SI, 1817. still 'Pill! Subscriber will close his business al Willis. I ton, Kfbruaty 1st, 1818. An wioiis indebiid to him, by note or account, w ill please call at the Stole of Douglass i. lignum and adjust the same, without delay. This i the iaut call. ' TlliVG ll nveii'in . l-. Jl iv.t.-j ti.itii. Wtliieton, Dec. 5" I1"!- Vfiii 3i83f HVUUXUTOS AUUlUVt.TVllAI. Warehouse and Seed Store. Till: SUBSC1UBKK iiavino recome the poIp hronrii'lor of the nhove estnlilMunenl, will coiiiiniK' the lnisiiic:qf at tin' mtiom Mtue, known na I the Tlminn UniUlnif;, CoIVrc St., Hurliiiglon, Vt., nnd now utlers the betst fis"ortii)cnt of ! rAIUIING AMI CAItDII.MNC TOOLH tn he linti in the country, consi'ting in part of the fol low inf nriicle.", iz : t ' 1'iouly &, Alcnis' Centre Drnft Plow", nil Pizes from one hor-e lo I'ijjht ; SuIihoSI ninl Hide-liilt do. ; liar- I row?, 5i x sizch j iiniKi-toiu'!, hunir t utupiric lor iih1 j liny nnd Hmw Culteis Corn Kheller, vtirioiis kind?: ! l,aiiiinin; Mill", Cr.Tillis, Hujthes Cultivntorp, iireii nnd Corn rifiim-Ps Kukts, EjIioncIs, Sjini!"", Jloetj l icK, I out", i.nnin, i oKeo, liowp, jieeiiKirrows, I'oik, Shovel nnd Hoc Handle., SiekeK Suii'-iine I'll leis. Ai'hle lcnreii. iliitLlicli. l, ml CIi:iiii. Tut Spoons AloHiure Pullers, Ilay Kim-, ltultt-r .Moulds nnd Stamps Wicih Ik-m, Liintem", Will Piille)s, liill hooks i"i"ii i niiers, ,c. nonrivuLTunATs rears. rrnit (intliercro. i'mume Snw and Cluvrl. Prnnim? Shear", Sliding lo., Piuiuiic Sriw.i", 1 'lower (ialhe lers. Id'ini hnivc., 'I'rcc Seinpirs, (t!its Hooks, Priinnnr Knives. 'i'ov Tool. Asoitcd Seulllc. (Iiub-j or Ijriwii .Sheni, (iaidcii lvvU and Kine, Weeding : rorks i mnj laiinnt liuwe)9,(jari:e)i b) rnits, nie 1 have tlie ngeucy nlso for the pale of -Hoi i Ill's Patent l-'iiloii Scitlr, ! a henutiful nrtirle, hi nil repcct3 euual, fnul in some ; superior to I'aiibanks' Scales, and much cheaper, 'i'd iiiiproenicnt conils tlnclly in combining the platform mid counter scale. They weigh with perfect ticiuracy hum 1 oz. to 10 !)-,, rind occupy no moie room nun tlie counter fcaie. I have recently isited the principal Nurerie of the vicinity nt lioston, Albany, iV'.,aiul inn prepared to furnish to order, nt the home pneet, Kiu.l 'i'leeo, Gruoe Vim-?. Shruhheiv. Huusc I'lanH. tVc. on the flioiu-M notice. J have aNo mule nrrnnseinent with the minufac tnremof Hoih l'oweis, 'J'lirt hhiiii; .Miithin,s, Clover iVlills, hugar iMlds Loin nud Cob Crnckeis, Vc ,nuii (hull be aide to luruih tlif-ui on plioit no'icetnt Miami 1 tdcturerts prue", wnh the nddiiion id treight only. I runnel?, this is )our htore. W ill ou pu-t.nn it ( 1 know it will be tor vour inlercht lo do hi, and I know it will not t.ike a long argument to conviucf oii that it ii tor jour interest to li.ue one place in the County whete juu run tind every toot or in lehine ou nuiyn.-ed. JU1IN S, PiJlUCl-J. 1 liuniiiyton,.liily23, 1817. 1) i 1 1HH Hookt for reeeiving su'wtiptioim lor shares in the VOMMlinCIAL ;,LYA,ut Kurlingtoii, wi'll be opi'iied at the Pearl Stieet lloiw iu Uuiliug ton, on .Monday the 17tli day of .lamriry, A U IHid, at 10 4itlock, A. nud eoutinue op'ii liom Ml to 1 u'cloek enih day (Suni;u excepti-il) tr the s-pict of leu tl.ivs.nnd until the wliole inimber ul liaies hae been tulcnlted. rt. II JP.NISOX, IIAKIi Y UUADLHV, ! AS llt;h Pl.CK, ('HA S IJ KASHON. ClIAttlJuS ItlWHl.U I HAMPOt.N Cl'ITri, j JU.SiiPII ( I,AUK, LAWIiilNLH IIUAlXVPvH, HKAS'lUri PAililiANK.S, 1 Oimmifttffners. Hurlingtoil, Per. 10.1817. S!jw -i EicU lis. I POTASH nnd Cnldroii Kettle?, of all dfpcriptioii", ' constanllv on hand and matlr to order. ANo, a comnltte iioitmeiit d Hollow i Ijic'JI. JIO'HUSGTOX rOl'XDKV. Save your Fuel ! Ci AIL and eMinune Huckwnir-tight Cocking Smve, ' superior to any other .Stove made, with Trim mings Alfco, Inrge Io Stores, fur heiitmg Public IluiMmgs, Kactoru-. A e. Al-( the P.irlor Air-tight iiox tftove, nt liUilUSGTUX ruUXDUY. Dec. 21, ldl7. eLHIGH SHOIIS, Au: Wabo.v lioxns, Alc . tor sale nt llrnr.iMirnv PocsnrtV. 1 WUM DRIKD APPLKx Kouslk nv . Dec. is, i8i7. cATjy srnAJt Mav aIauti.v, on the Moxkv DicGnns, A Jnni louiitiiiii Talc nv i. r. iiioMpho.v, Author of " Iocke Amleii," " the Green Mountain Uojn," &.C. " A piece of fiction better calculated to inspire no ble thought, or nwakenthe ouI to noble deeds, we Imve rarely fx-en," X, Y, Tiibune. A new edition with an introduction, corrections nnd additions, publheJ and lor fale by c. Goomucn. Uiulington, Dec. 21, 1817, FARM FOR SALI3. MES 1 "49 Plli: M'UNCmiimt intending to leave thi 1 partot theennntry net spring, offer hi- I'Ali.M fir s:ile,oii retainable term. There nre 'ZM neie-J in .said tuiiu ; nlmiit 100 ncrt s under improvement, the bn. nice wood laud. There if on ihe prenti-es a good brick Houe, three 3ilby 10 feet Itanw, n good Corn-li.irn, Hog. Pen, c. The farm vull cut tnni tifty to Mty ton of tiist rate hay. 'Pheie nre about thirty actes under the plough, the bnhnce is pasture, nnd W( II wnteied. ItisHtmted about thicc louiths ot a mile wtM of ("ol, Kolte's houc, nnd two and n hall mile from the Winote-ki Knlk Tlioe wishing to purclnv wiU do well to call on the subn-nber, on the plenums, ns the property will be sold cheap. DAVID K1DD. (Ucficstfi; Dec 2fl, IS 17 t'J'Ul) CL E A i C A SI I II (7 6 Iv S T U II E, PjcK' UiiiIIin( Silf Hiiiliiilon, Vt. BY C. B. EDWARDS. C11IIISTMAS AM) XEW EARS' PRESENTS TOR ISIS. The Charm lur HIS, a teiien of elegantly colored tlroup, with lllu-traiioiin j lly K. II. Illicit. C colored ilate.i, price 7r'il) l.e.illeti ol Mriniirv; nil lllu-ttaied Annual for UH; lldiled hy liejuellCoate.-., M 1). li lleiiuiitul llhiniiiioiis, price ( Tlie Opal ; n pure gill tor the Ho'y-d iys. Ildited hy Iih H inih J. Hale. Illustrated illi I'.'cu- i;nu ma, price ii.lHi The .Minor ol l.ifr, ediled hy Mr". I.. C. Tuthill, Hllh II .Me7otllll Ilhi-llalions, tim e 5,011 Thomp-on'ii SeiisoiH, Uhi-liiited h 77 desimii hy the tiicliuin Chih, edited hy II. Comay, Hm. heniilifull) hound ill Turkey .Morocco, price 1,50 Til'' llhlllllll lied tlenis of haered I'oetiy, witil lieaiiuhil tllu-tratioiis mid Illuminations, und hound in the tno-i Miieih ! le, puce 5,00 The Otlermt' ol lleauty lor 1MS.I inhellHlied Willi II I'oloiril euruMii, cdiied hy Aiiielu X l.aieiiee, (irice 50 111) ailt V I'oelical Work", lllu.traleil Mlh'JOlH'au- 11I11I Sleel cutiruviiin-, hy K. I.auue, price 5,00 'I he l.ndy ol the like, heaiiiiiully uiihelli-lied witli lo Meel eiierinintii, pni e 5,00 Child II .nut 1'b l'llnmayi', i-mlelli'lieil with IU Hi el enraxinys.iirice 1,50 I'm tical oik. ol l'iu (Ween Hallock, now firtl colh cK'd.illu-lrate.t with 7 terl enjjra 111(54. 1,00 Characteii-tics ol Women, .Moral. I'm'ticul, and lli-ioricnl, with 1'J hijjhl) liuii'hed eimiiniiy, hy .Mm Jamison Shakfpeate lihimmnted, with notrx and additions hy (1 I' 'eiihink,coutiimmi;iier I lim eura- un;,3ul, lloyal 8 vu , M111010 (Jilt Udt;e SiJ,0o The A inn ru 11 ill . Itoiiuli and Keady Annual, 1'iieiul !iii' (iili, Tlie Token, riieiid-lup' lllli'iius. The l. lil)'" Alhlllll. Honey Mil Lie, Iti lliou Keep- ike. Old l'ellow'i. Oil. 'Mill.'. riirii-lllia- lllii y s, The (lelii Hook ol lle.iui) .TheT'ouiilaui .1 Teuiper.ince Annual. Mn-iuil AimiriK, etc clc , ull Uuuiilully illuruted and m ru h hmdings Alo. Tue liitat'H aforliiient of Miniature nnd Ju emle llooks cut ollered m lluilinuioii C II. i'AlW Ul)i. reels' lluilJing. f- la vis's Kcvclalloiis. 'I'lli: PHI.X'II'MIS ul Nalun, her DieineRe. I rrhili'iiK.and loicr to iiiiialiiu(,hs nud llirough Imirie Jaclstii Paris, the " I'oilhkeepsie ?etl" .,a"Claim,,i.n." b' c. (-00I)UICII IlmlinRton.Dec 7, IS J7 Sw3 AUlTOUNI duuks. 'IIIR Biihsonher would imite the attention of Mer M ciiauia and oliii-n umii lllank Hook, lo liis as. sortiuent. I liaxe ihe ll ui-Hiitiiieiil that I hate eer hern enabled lu ull.l lu iu culomern, Imth in nualiiy andrnee. .V, lll'XTIXOTOX. Nov 1S17 IJ lli'clianics' Tool-. CAl(Pi:NTi:ilS,.loiiiers,Cnrringennd Sleigh Ma kers, Suldlets, Shoemakers, Hlnckuniths, Cabi net .Mnkers, Painters, " .lucks nt nil trades," nud tool itinoicrrs, furnish, d wilb goods ol best American nnd Foreign iiinnuhcture,ndnpied to their respective usee, upon very teiionnble terms. . , STItONIi, DOOLITTLi: Si CO. lliirlinglon, Dec 1, 1817. BY THE subscriber, tluee good Hngine Lathes; AIho, twohand Katheg, which will he Sold low for cash or good paper. n. cuossman. BuilinKton Dec. 7,l8f. liim:i VALUARLE REAL ESTATE TOR SALE. fMO! Sub"crihcr ofTcra for sale lii tdacn, siluntrd 1 on the Curlier of Collenc and Willari! Street He will sell il entire, or in Lot", as punliascrs may desire. The location, a 1 well known, in among the most rlii;ihp lor r luoncc, In lliirliiilou. The place con. tains Fruit Tiees or vaiious kinds, and surpassed in quality hy none. DAN I ni. SIMPSON. Dec. 9, 1817 tfltr HANK OFTUIU.TON. NOTiri! i lierehy ciicn that a ineetina of the Slotkholileri of tlie Dank ol I!iiihiipton, will he holdcu at their Hanking House, on the second Tuesday of Jniiuaiy next ut II o'llotk, A M , lor the iniiposc of eliding tut en Direclois for the yeui ciitum. H. O. COLD, Cashier. Di-ccmher 10, 1817. Slwl ron cHitisnjAs axi m:w vr,n, Of Rich, Hare, Vnfut ami Vancy Articles WH.L HF. FOUND AT Itriii3ii:iil iV Itrolhrr , In far greater nrielyfrnni ihe Inwvst priced Toy to nincli more e.penoive nnd vnluahle gilt". Op the very many articles suitable for rr-mcmbrnn-ce. we iWhe to cnll nttrtilinn ton few rich tcr fumed Paper Mnchc Porilnlio.trom S.r)0 to $10fneh; reituuu-il (ilove ltoe?; Ures-ing- n-ep; uoik li't.xrs; I'an'T .Mnf hf Card Cne: etrn fine do, ot new pnitern; n very few wnt diamond Kings and I'm; ?oineer fuif pure gold and reaUtotic Pins and It ni; a larger n-Mutineiit tnan u'-uai ot fwh a Coral Pin". It inu, Itraeelet-, l'ing ami n hfautuiii vain-iyol Lamen nnJ ttriflinut I mlv anil stniie Kimis nioaene, auius, .o-wei, 10 citluT with niiPXteiiMM' assortment of plain Kiiiii Pm. Lotkels, Chain", Slide, Uraeelct, liar Hoop-. in-", tjirJcwel-, x.v. and n tine lot ot gobi t vu eil with rnd without p'ii,of ni-w nnd mat pattern1, eiy suiliible lor Pru-nd-hip Oflering. I'nr tho'-e who wiMi lo mve nt eMienive nrticlc. winch will remind tin- receiver of true time we have some of 1 ! . Conner s tme London Duplex W ateli1 n!,U.V (1 IJecMeyVfiue Utiplexand Lever Wat( h e; K.ivre trie time keeper, besiile a meat variel) ot th i no-1 eelehr.iteil linker?, nnd a hirr n-'-oit- tiKlitof lower pi iced gold ami ilver Levers ami Le- pnu", w nn n nne n-uoiiini-m i e'Hiiuuin v ntcne-, We nlst, invite the ntientmn ot purchaep to our new Mock of goUl Kob and Cuard Cham, with -ial nud k vh ot new and rich p'tUern ; rleg'iut Sen it Phh and Stud1, of richer Mvle u-ual , silve porket Fruit Kinvm ; Silver Combs Pan1, nnd an al i ninM end e-s i.irir-tv ot tnneV aitic t ?. We lne ta- I ken gtent tare m the !-( turn ot our n-ortiwiit fur the nolida nnd the W inter, and imite ruUomeix tu call and biok letire tiiitchami'.n we have made tlm I thiid i i I late journey to muket iu order to Releet CouJ. L'ot no tor the'llohdnv. w Inch would enable us to Mipply the increasing demand ot our cupiomers iiuriug me vnon. We Inve (I001U adapted to nil nzc,Rexep nnd con dii)on, which will be nild low and to -u t ihe most iditheult IJUINS.MAIU & IIKUTIIKIiri, Dec. 1, 1317. Jeweller?, I I). HIXIiY & CO. will pay GVii inn s I few huiiJicd busht-la ol lleau : al-o, fur a Im of good Tea". Dec. 1, If 17. WHOADCI.OTIIS AT CANADA I'HICIS. ' II A la i bp "il lor sale hy the IVople .nnt 1 Dec. 1.IH7. lltnVAUD. nl'l.l, A- StlNS' Vhit3 liar Souu, Common Ihown and Vellow do, (iroiuid ,-iuce ol all I Lm.U In. in the Hone .MllU. Criiillld Collce. .Sutllie I Cloven, trioiind and unbound, Cayenne lVpT. Jlace i f-eetiie- tiai-m-, vc. .i. . in. ii i i;cc. I, inn. A VI1RV I'l.Ml Ain'IC I.i: of Tnhl" Salt may n he seen at .1. a. in-.n 1.1 o. Dec. 1. A I'lJW III'.VDHin) MIS. nnllernnd Chee-e, r of excellent ualuy. A. S. VI. I.l. Dec. 1. F LAIfjS This nvv iikcia kd at tiii: Ac L ricultural Wnrehou-e. J. S 1'CIKCII. liurlmtoii. D.-C. , 1S17 v-TTAltT'S u-jin Cam!, Paper SIiMUmI At inoinla, llnisiu m iD-. liiilta aiul nuart is, Ci ron. Kntrlh Currnnts uiul Fis- Ic 1. A. S. DEUTsY. O l,l,AI Oil., Tipper trniHH', Tomnto Tnt'iip, O I,oniloii .Mustard, iSakt-r's IVipnit'il Cnmn uiul Cliixolnti-. -1. S. DLWLY. lVc. I. PICTOUIAL llliOTUr.U JONATHAN, I2Jr X do New V01U un, Wtc 1I0 .Sntunlny Cornier Yic at ndwuiuV Ilouk lore.' DREGS GOODS. f V almot c cry know n sU tor I.nilir wrnr. nre oii'iiu in iiuiiiititu.'.", uiul nt t it-s not s upiwfd by any other hou-e. C. V rirAMtor.tiA Co. TI1K IH'HLINiiTUX SAVINGS BANK. MIIS Int-titution vn inrorporatod nt the last pcs- moii ot tin I,'niUturp tor the purpoi-e of rtTfi ino;oii dfpo-it nil fuiu ol moiK-y oiU'iftl, imJ man niruia niu! nupiovin the Mint-tn tin bct nilvantaiip tor the use and Iifiiclitot tlu di'iio'-itors The wlniV incoint' or piolit" ot the tuMitution, tiltrr dedurtnu it1 nm'v-iiy iwiK-n-i". are lo ne ilmdtd umuii tlie (ie- tl( flitdll. Tlie Corpomtorshrld thnr ttrst meeting on iw l?th, niui Mill niM , mnl li iv orniH-il ui-mutioii tiy adopting a ft ot tty.I.nw., tor it rt'uation nud eletin the rullowni tlticcislor the iiis-uuig year, mi : joiinn rovnnov, rttshhnt. Vlm Iamw, Vice I'lestdciit, II. A. rirNsH ky Sraetiiiy. Huanloj Ti unices. Iav I.yon, Chairman, John II. lnk, IhMirv I. Ilkkok, Janusfuok, Win. II- Wijkin Jr., (jch iVterson, ChailfsO.Kas.-oii, Jwts W IIukok, Trfttsiiier, The Hank will hennpn for tli? rret-ption of dcpoMt al the Tri-aMirer' otlice on the WrJuewlay ut Jiinuarv, ISW, htitn J till . oVlock, P .M. And on rich Wednesday thcreatUT, dunn the same huurs, nniil fiitther notire. liuilin-ton, Dec 16 IS IT 23t NEW LIVERY STABLE. ritt'('plll.S is to inform my jkxi rons 9Vjjrfr I nnd thi- iuWtc in cnTiil. tlmt I ' cii'i'U'd I'Moti-iie nttd rutin niriu luiiidinus .ir llie nrcutimiodaltoii ul burim fs, where ciiftiuiiirs may find coon nmist'.s ami v viikiaciis, mid rxpcrii'iueil liniil In nllt-nd lliiir calls, nnd on llie nio-l ri'HKiiMl term". Cniriiiiie' fiirni-lied imi rlinrt notice for 1-unernl er viitiiilid mi Widdiil" iHTDf inns. A lilieml dl-tuuiit 1 1 11111 oidnriiy priiiK ill l'e made lu l'muilics, to und liom Cliuicli on tfuudajs. bv .tA7) am) ran sai.c, A -ooil nomiirm of .SADDI.I'.S. HXRNHSSKS. Tltl'NKS VAI.ISUB nud ollii'r uiliclts usual in in) line ol liil-inert. . A lew k eond liuui f utters mid finK'e i?on. m ihe u!d i-tmiJ, Oast ol the dim II nn- S.iiiine SAMUEL S. SKIXX EE. llinlinston, Dec 17, 1H7 ,. II. All person Invin untitled necount with the fii'wnlier, wliieh nte ol three e.trs tlaiulin ull.i over, nte ienaited tu nettle the line tiSif S .V ShlXXER B'aiuily irm'rry iV Iroviion Store, On Cnll(g( St. one tt .nr Hut rf .', I.ynnn" .Voir, and omo.i'e II irrington's Hrui trr rftmntnM TB SL'IISCIUIIi:ii UiiRiESjS 1 wmtld re.eclfully in form the public, Hut lie ln puuha'il ibe .lock m trade of tlie hue firm of Puller -V '"S'"'' ' tinue bu-inesa at iheir old ftan.l. and that ilh the nock on hand nnd the new mipply of 1 nm Iy ' le I'rovision. he is now lece.v.i c. he ' ''''' of satisl) ing all who may purchase ol lum, lu quail- M -"I -jf1S SSrTTi n 4 a 13 mm w urn : iiViiMUistisiiJili9 mi. to w . s a: !'.-.) CtlMI'Ol'NI) KXTKACT 01' ARSAPARILLA. Thii liilraft it put tip in Quart TiatlU it i fii tint ehtcptr l'ttaaitttr. "' Karrtnttttl superior M any mid. It turr$ iltitnitf tntfawt iomiIik, rMpiT,',A't nrkrnin or tttbtlitalinr the f'atitnt. The irrnt temtv nn t juiiiprinritv nf iliU S iminifilli ovr til ntticr niliciiini i. tint wlnle it rrilirit" t'lcdi i, it tnv ioratc l'u lo I). It N mip r tti vr-rv l"t Hprht nn I Siiimiifr in"Jicln pcrKiuiwnt it not ntilv purilto) t'tr n hnlr fVCiu am t-fi.Ktsat Hip iirrMui. tml il rrciitr tiw. etire timl ric'i ti'on 1 1 ti ms tr'.p.Uiy noirtlii'r tifdiciiit. Aii'1 In i'ii I es tin amn'l cre(f its u nu trr fill Miri'f. It Ins pf rfurinc I w il'nn l'i jt tD Vftri, .im rrci'i.l-rcil tnr-i-iiiilc it 'in lid the Ti va or more thn ri.OOi) c'ulJrpnt'ic pat cuon hi t'.ic ''itj of Ne VorU hloae. Mor titan (jou cit"i of C'roiic R'ipumatim t 000 rac r Dviippii ; 4 00fl raMi tf Otirnl D'hil'ty nnl ant of Hiiflrj)) TO VI ctc of I'ii tlilf'TCiit PcmJo to.npliiutsj SO '0 civsf.f SrMrult; 1 .1 10 ci'-nf i l.ncr Cemp'iti'tl , S.VMl c of Pit" of fie KtJneyt and Dropiy j 2.UO0 Cif' nfthi- firnrlj 1 ititf) c of tV rn Jjundice j 1 rHltnif oftV ll'npvv; ( 0' of (Vrivt ltnfnn. ii. fin-1 okI" or cr9 of itiP3s of tlie hlntt 1, z. VctT. Y.ty io l.i. ill R li mil. I'iiiiit" dm t'ir I'.ic. SciiM It nt TortM. Nriirnlii i, Ar, torpi'tcr wit't ntiinToin mr of HnU Ilirt- ia, I'.ii l hi V Pup nmi r,'i(t pinil Vll 'ctum. .vc 'VUU i tlif ml iHTp"-fil mn.nfhn' knnn in Dii ip of th Kitii'j mnl tt.-nt. mil ull VtrWtion- of t lit tVimrv Orfini epial t'lou-unl pr hue hrrn rciiorlPil a curnl when alt ttinrr ft ni"lii-i li ur l hIpiI. Ilii'iilrnU of c hps f t'if nn I Venmn IJf'n. orn i 'ipt !h tli-lnlit' li p tie mi r tit t tIv nirpil, nn I t'lomuvl of rn . .of hyrea tr, Dnrrlirri mnl Sunnier ( oinplmiit IVoImMv Hipi-p ncir u rpJlirilj t'lit llJH In i 11 eil ,(- tnl in d.-p.-r .tP :iPl el L'"iiiiinttinn, n t'ii. ltrt inp. mil tr nirtii'-im t'ip -vtr n, aa-i ipupi-s to iipiii i ip nipt r tn t'n liiiis uiiil tlic intieiit raJuallr n if ,o 1 1 iliptr m tl lictltli an. I -in lutli. Curious case of Consumption. TUrrr i tr.irct n .ln ii tmt Hitp arc n tuimlipr nf Cawl of rinrt-l n enrprf 1 y t!ip iip of Ir Townscad'f irijnnll.t. T!i" fullnttinr rcci-ntly rpcrnnl. tin. TowNsrMt 1 'ir ir . Ii.r i'ip lat t'lrcp Pir--1 ImpWn illli.-tn I wit'i li-n rat II. l.ility mi 1 NfTWiin fo niiiiiphoti of the I'Utwr, unltli.l not pp.-.t oi rrnoi m liPilili t U. Aftr "in ' I iron .li n c om i.f in .licni- iui.It Hip r.irp f oip of the im-t ilotot 'in-'ic I r-ziilir li l-i.ri' mill m-mUrs (,f t ip Hoard t II -nit tin Nf U :oi 1 rl-f hTP. ioi ! irMi.lin M ii oit of renin n in nlli'mlinrtu n-ruin iulniH'i n ul u, r rnliifln " i!ifpnfyonriirnpiriII 1. 1 rpMhf,l to t-y it. A e umiftn 'lll. 1 I'mill t It lloil" lilt' tTPat L'lHI 1, ll'lil Ir'tllpiltO m ! ou at voirnllk". Wit'i whip mUici I Uppt on. .iu.1 i wn-i li'eartily 1 1 1 ik juu fur .'!- it 'vie-- I pp'-itp in t ikin t'io - ir-ntiaril!a, 1 1 1 luip Iith alitp in ittn I to in v it-ti il I iUnr- fur l'i- .(t four iimik'c iii 1 I 1iipi liy t ip !i!i'--ui - ol i in I iin-I one s i -1 I'irtlla, i r mtiiiit nn li nil i. It In Ipc-J hip li'jtml tV ctjm - tatioui ol U! I ut kne a ni) i.i't- CHARLIE UflMCY. Omrfft, Etitr Co, .V J, jHrr. 2, ie;, itltoot N "W Jr i;nx Co. t'lURi.Ei UriMiir Inii' iluh- orn npcnriliu to ' ,w 0-3 hit Oitiniitl. I'ut t ii Mrt'.'oin; -tJli'ii 1111 1 14 tnip, a ki im to Lit t lii-rt ol'liii kijul.'.lp anJIiPlnf. cirutr.o (ifiMnv. wnrn anu nilicnbcd to btfyi'i' mo nt (l-i'i p l ip 5 I of u;uit. HIT. t'lit iiM.invtx, Ja ticc of t!ic I'cace. Spitting Blood! KmI tlie folionlu;, anJ tint Cuiitumption it inrurnIe, it on cm. A'fir York, .iprtt 20,147. Dr Tnwv!rD lifn! lipli"VctHato'ir SjrMiunll.i h liea flie me tu-, Hi oj Ii 1' nre, nf a mi ; ,nv liff. I !in lo-- nertl ar lul it tml i'ttiih. It Ii"i:oiip wo. an.) worte. .l tat I r opiI jrf 11 ititi'-snt'titiKi I, U i.l iiil' it svnH. niiil wur. ill'd ulit Ac 1 mi I ri' lut n I, a ii,l iii I not expect tu lue. I luce ni Ty used y ur Sarbiip irill-iLul u n'mrl tun, nu I t'len In ti wo.i It -rulc'iftDxe li-i-ii ttriin.lit in tin-. 1 um imvv ulilf tu wulk ull oer th ity. 1 rji-i nn l.lo-t 1. ami in tnn;h ha lett me. on cull well miagiaft tlut I am itiJuiWoil lor th"Sf rru!K 1 vat obclicut Mri .nit, WM. KLSr.LU CC Canniu it. itovt her Spcccli Tlic annftfil tVrlifii'ati' tctN a ti mole und Irmltful tfrr of Fj:Ter ni? unit nti-'f. Tlirrc arc ttinusan-li-1,( cip- iu thu city iiul tniililit. mil ipt tVrc ar tboi-i.J' sf-rr ' ' Jjst4 fliiT.lfcii du, Tor ft.a. ul uLirg hmiitia;p'l, r toj.e ft f' tiJ Itn,. P.rfoViin "r-t 0? 1P17 Ur. Tnwvsrvn 1 (A1 p!rauro m titm.' im i -fit of lli(if w!ii hi H tn iy com em, my it mlitir t ul ni iiirmtli ! I, uu u!'tirtnl wild fieiipml nn I lu ieiCV .S nm "hen nji nm ii-t rcrfnery. (iv uur family l'li tut Pi'i'iiut '( I w n ni:u.iieii.le.i liy n ii i"iit to try our p t iriiK Hi'liiri luivhi. iKtl nun Iip rerocre.l Iii r fcJiffCU, Htnl M cuiiMeil lo wnlk iil.nin, t tlio H-tiiiiit'imeiit of alt lio pw a"'iUBHit. el ttit'i liifcirciiiii'tiini-p.. Iip i,im iuitewell. nnt in much lift tor lu'altli t'lau !ic ha been for cihleen tnoith Mt. j(-i.rit rvi.or. TWO CHILDREN SAVED! Vrf few fiinilh'b HkIiTiI iii fart tnivn imt lic.iril of nm tlmt uei lr Tiw iupihI'k H irsajianlla in tliiif. lot ati ltiT u tli p.i-t 5tiiiiniir, wlulc ttWi tint ilil not, nok, n it mil i'i il The cert. fa-ate we pnMili tn-tow U touctti-nc eiiei, . nf u uluf, an I i nn'y mmtiitT uiMniif c of iu iaWu4 thp In Mif 1 n. lift. Torw nij .11 ar Sir - 1 Ii.kI two t'nl.Ir- ii i i ' ' i your tri" ipinll i of til" uniimer '-o!inl nut ati.l ili-entir; , i. i Ma fif teen iiiontti oil, tui.l the oilier ;i iir TlieV v- much re.lnri-,1, nu, I r rperte.t tlie u'ouM die; !n; u,i .i,u up t two renpi et iMe idyici m. NVlieii the 1.H tur'uiK. i t. ! u thai e nii-l o. thriit. ne recolt e to try jour S.irp i-i ,i e lml tieinl m rti.ioh of, I. til I i -1 Imt littln roufitlein e. t n l nj no iiukIi Klulf u.hcrtieil that wuri'ilet ; tmt n nre Mi ukful t iat neili I. tor it un loal.t IU -it-tl the tiv& o Lolh. t wule t!ia that otiiurn iua ho, cJ to uv it. Vonr, rcpcctfLilIv. JOHN W1LSO.V. Jr. Myrt't Juuuc, IronUt;n, Sep X 1:17. Lunatic Asylum. June Cummin?, Vt, one of the nuiauu in tti T.nntte.ljy. I il in, Ulickut'll' Itlaii.t, li the pentletnail poken of HI tbv fuiloUJj l-tli-r . !IF.r.ATB.1J. Th'Klonlr one of morn tVui four Ihon-aml rae? ot Rhrtimi ll'Hl thnt tlr 'I ou dm ml' S ir t tr it) i ha enrnl. The imirt eiers m.t iliroiiic uri' n kU cruJicatiil l it ir tUt'. i:iarlvtir$ IScnJ, V.f 11 1-7. Ob TrtwSEvn !ter Hir: I Imw niiTereil trrr.1 l - nlcs )eir with the Hhemn iti-ni . rtm-i.lerahlo oj tho ti.n 1 nulJ not fat. eji or walk. I ha 1 t'ie mo-t iIi-tnMuif j uiin nnd Illl IijiiIk Here tetrihlv Hn!in. U-e. I four Imlli ' i pur S i 'I 1 1 trill x. nn I liV hae Jotic tn 1 more than one lliou. n I iti.llut rtoit'i ofnooit I ml "O nturh 1'rtt'T in leetl, I .uj enu eh liev it.) oa nre nt lihcrt to UfC thi for the benefit of t to kUuleil. our, rofPOttl'uUy, Jl.Ml'.S CUMMIXGd. To the Ladies. Dr. Ton.n.Vs . ir ipnrtlU K a faionto of th lm' is It m tn'if" tllflii of 4 vre it unioiMit of mtf. riitx ninl -t tiirm fun con p!ena anJ buoaut inii. lt, 1'urkt r lia kiinll nt a ttit folburiil . Si'Hth nronUtrn, Jrg IT 147. i. Tou vrvn Sir It ci' nn plnur to tr.iiti to th lient th I il rlfert I liatu rtperience.l fmni i'ie ne ot ju ir s rapn rilln. Mv ft in u e r mtic'i ntlueeil by ner on-net oml eeue rat ilelnlil, nn.l utih u arifty ol iVniale comol nut. I ri it tour u-lt-rliemeiil, umt w it iiuluenl tuirvtie rltci t of ) out r. i ifily. It re-to.-i'il i ne to a httir t ila of Imilt'i than 1 ha, I . u, . for ,eerrtl ear pretiom to l.iUuu it, un-I I tin m. rhri-riulU re i o.miif nj it ut u1ti ihle m-'-lii ine tu ult w Lo are ullln leu ,iv 1 ha lifiii. .MH. I'AKKIIti, ltaluc t., f'uwth Ptokb a. LADY SAVED! The follow in- i from a Very repMUl!c Parmer r'-i n r ut lleniiMvl'-'i'l IU. TovNSENn Heir Sir: My wife lm been iirTern i ten i t.o.n fie HnpMa an, I ppn.'ral ileniu jenienr oft'i thitut ii;mim1 V imi-t tlie Tlie ph -ic eu coil1 I l the iIik in . ml the wimM hae dt.-il Lou I ttouht, il Hen herjuur S irian intU It ha awJ her life i eit nnh i utmofi eiitirrh rli-ie'l, an.l u (rannns lrou,'ili an I "slie klill coiitiuuv the ue of it, oxr, retpcclfblh, l .ten DYSPEPSIA. Nn ftiil-1 er nifitiem ha. evr t-en li i'! ihmHt rrfpiiitil.. fl Ifii.trl, juicp it nln.l. III i. colntio-ni l arul .trrii.t'iciniir t'ie orrmi. pfiliirilirtii. .1 I'll. irdriitl.m i.l S ir- .until.,il run. !) i.ii ui'H."Ph lio' ' er. j.- drome. , . lliMt IlrrTtXT -l 1" I-IS. IIr. TivvirMI'ir Sir I lme -M nlllirle.l lor r.l . 1 It1! )l ..l.p.ltt III it m'ftl f '. in- I. ,1 11 I M.Ul 1. o, t.i.H ii 1. lo-k oriipin tllr. Ii. .irttMtriu ninl . crejl 'HOB n nil kin I. fl' rl. mi.1 t te.Vt. i nl I ioul.1 it I hui i-rn uiul. I- In r-tun bill u eortiun on my Hi" m i. 1 -i-.l 1 1.. ii.ual r 'ni-li". l" l " Ii"' '"" I""" or " ' 1 10 " in nn: l '. rnmjil ilnl. I . in lu. nlniul to imint .'ore lo ry onr i;lriil.r ir.aia-llli. .ill I ln.i-1 rh lull rnnl oiio Imt utfi n. m: i, 4ily ih.1h)IiIi-.. I l'i"iu.l iny nfpntn r . n rj . ml 1 1 out, .-aril., ill r eoniill ' l'i. "1 U 1" 1 " us uffluloJ iu I haielmeu. ""v- v' V1X ZWUT principaIL office, 126 FULTON STREET, si- iirit,.)iMi, ..v. Tiilnr A. PerV. Ap.l!iei.rv .0.1 Hru;FiU Rutlin?to VI. t t il.lui; 1c Co 8 .Ire. I, lt.lon l)Ull A hous Su 'Jona 0.111.1 l'l. Ptnlvlrlp'na S H. Ilamo, llru-si.l. Ililliulu- Pui.l . Tn.. Kiitlin..u.t I'. M Tuli-n eWlnhra WrU'it I ISI I f r. e, lrorl,. (Itloan.. 1113 Mul! 1'e.irl .11 H. .JlliJuy U.knk tin. nl' ltroalun.l Market tlrerl. ...rk,.N J muJ liy fH m principal llnl;i.l. an.l triurall) llltiiu,uul 111. 'nn-I Ml. I.. Ui-.t anil I'll. Fanadi..; 11 DKS AM) SI'.VI'IOXKIIV AT WIVJii-M! t U.Us. ASlll.UCT assortment ol School and .Miscellane Hooks. Cheap Publication., and --lationery lor the loeii, price a. -lie ' .WTCII. . e re. tern, r Mil . ril S'ia Jih.

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