Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, January 21, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated January 21, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING JANUARY 81, 1848. im:i, . KH, . ln:w, . 18 id, . Kill, . 1812,. lit III, . 1SII, . ISIS, . IMG, . 1M7, . IMS, . Ill below 7'T0. , an " , I.I ' . i:i " . lit " " . Hi . 10 " . n " . n " . i!l " . 11 " . 10 " . II " " I'crloillcnls. I (IV the Free Prcs.l ... ., , Mrt. Ct.Ar.Kr.:-Oiilhc.'citrrciicc of any thing un- c nro Indebted In Mr. Smith, of tlin Bnoli-1 mu, jn C Ftne , ,(. wcMKti , , ,.,. KTOi,ir More, fur tlio December No. tif I'luckum il, the )ir. fatijprl ol rrncrnl rentals., ami ll i uuilly spoken .Unitary No. of the American lleview, audit rr-py ol as exceeding nny ihingof the kin.l within therccol. nf the, new- Massachusetts Quarterly. H will b-ciinn "' ''"'''' Hiuli judgments, , i ,. , . . , i,. though f..r the inot put wrong, arc easily nccotmtid 1; seen, by an advertisement m our roluins, that ; ., . . . ' ' , , ,. . for, Imiii tin circuinnancc that recent occurrences Mr. l.uw'Aitns Is Agent in Hwrlington to receive lny(, upim tnil1i n mm viuJ mimwi(m llmn subscription', on vrry low term", for the four ihoc long pai. Hence the importance of u written principal l!urlish Reviews The London (iuur- record of occurrences for comparison, in order to futni Icrly, lho Kdiiibnmli, the Westminster, and tho " correct judgment. North llrHUh. The excellent reprint, of these "r " " " r";h',s more reliable means . than recollection or the nst loritidg ng of the revere .fu,d.trd Ilci'icws, froni Ihe tndilhing hou of ruJ nVs,,ay ,',, fa ,,c ,e We-M, I.eiiii.ird Se.iilt it Co. 711 1 U" thermometer was 25 dcgrci s Mow 7cro, 1 linve trait' Y., can ho ohtiiined for ubrmt the price of cither scribed fiom my Meteorological Journal the greatest uneol'lhem in KiigUiid i and they furnish a com- cold observed in rncli year for several of the preceding plele epitome of current Politic.", Literature, Sci- years. The observations were oil made at the same , 1 -),.:; in 1 ii rreat 1- inmre va- i""" 1 ",c '' ' '""r rioui and conllicUng in many respect., hut nil tihle and interesting. Wo can s.iy nothing to add a cuhit to the Malrire nf IJl.ielavooJ It would live and flour ish hilf a century 011 the Rood tiling it lias ill je.idy j;iven to world Messrs. Scott it (Vs. re print nl it is a fa, simile n( the original, and that is a comfort. The loading article in the De cember No. is an aide, though wc think cxtrav- ng.inl.l nidation of Ihe "JIsaya" of that prince of Unltsls, ltalph Waldo l.tncrson, of whom the writer fays "opto tliU moment, America has not given to the wmhl any thing which, in point nf senilis, is cmnpnrtiblo to his writings " I If the Reviewer Imi read Mr. Mmcrson's I'ucmf.wc should not wonder at his calling them incouipar aide. Thru tia the profoundc-t stretch of falh .unless lunacy ever jet achieved or attempted in this Locnforo Country ! Appropiiately in Ihis connection, wo call al tentioii lothe new Massachusetts lleview, which is said In lie Ihe special organ of that class of Thinkers and l!raoner.s who once made cu cumbers friiin..suii-beains in Ihe " Dial," and at Ihe head of whom stood Messrs. Kincreon it Father the hitler liciug lho unfortunate gentle man who " fell among thieves," a year 01 two ami, in Brow neon's Ifeview. "l!ut, tve are free to say, this Massachusetts Kcviow is a different thing from the Dial. hae lead willi almost unalloyed salisfaction its leading article on the Mexican War, which ar rays the evidence agiin't the Sl.ivc-seeUing ra pacity of this AdininUtutiun with great clear m s. and ahility. 'J'ho articles on tho (ireek Slave of Powers, Rinl mi llio Life and Writings (, Agassiz, are als., aide an I iiitere.-ting. The Price of this Jto mcw is !, pi r annum, and it miy ho obtained nf IMw.irds. The Anicriran lieview commences the Now Year wilhext.Tual evidences nf pnispeiity which we are glad to see. Tho improvement in the typographical execution and in Ihe form nf tho lleview, which were projected by the gifted and ! lamented Cot.Tos, to whoso energy and ability it owes its existence and success, have been car ried out, and it now stands, in ctenj respect, worthy the large and increasing patronage it en joys. As an advocate and exponent of the true coii--crvali-m of Wiuu l'i:iNc:ri.i:-,tbe American lleview is invaluable. fore nllurd the iuot proper data for comparison. l.realest coM 111 lHM, . . . January 2C. , ls:u lamiiiiv Hi. Dec. 2J, . . January 1H, January 21, January 18, Jnuuary I, January 111, Feb. 17, . . January 2S, Dec. II, . . I'eh. 10, 1'J, Jeh. Hi, . . January 11, From the above it nppcars Tuesday morning last was collier ihau tiny morning in llie 1 1 years em braceil in ihe table. The grealest cold experienced in llurliuglon for many years was (uolnhly in 1835. On the 1 1 It of January uf that year the thermometer was 2C Muw 7.ern,nud on the I81I1 of December It was, as indicated by dillerent thermometer, raid to be from 110 to 117 helnw. Not living heie at the tuiw. 1 cannot louih for the correctness ot these statements. Jun. 111. T. xxxth coxcki:s.s. MovnAV, Jan. IO1I1 1M9. 'l'he Srniitr look up ihe bill lor raising ten aildiiional reL'lllielilswhell .Mr. l.eierdy .Inllll'ou, 01 Jinrylniui, nddressed Ihe Senate, in f.norol proseeiiting the war. llefore iheeoiiehisioliol his Hpcech, Ihe Senate oilj. In the Ilimsr, the resohilion revi-ing the Kouihem mail arrangeiiient was larlher debated, and finally re jected without a division. The lluate then went into Committee of the Whole on the stale of theUnion. .Mr. McCleanatid nddres srd the commit lee in delenee ol llie general measures of ,1... .l,,,i.,wtr:,tl,,i. 'I'll.. I !,,,. in ,.,irlii.l..n u i. Wo 1 ilresseii by .Mr. Stanton, who followed chielly on the iloeirtne ol llie late clo. lie numtcil lotlie messnge dissvnliug iliertlrom, and supposed lhatwar and war ineasiiieswcre atone ihe course considered proper by the administration. Mr. fc-tcwart,ul l'emi., obtained llie Hour, alter which the connnitiee rose. .Mr. J. Q. Adams otlered n resolution graining the use of the hall 011 ihe c cuing of the tub iust, lothe (olouialion sju eiety. Ubji'itlonheingiiiade.Mr. Wintworlh moved the suspension of the rules, which were suspended, 111 In 2, mid the resolution adopted. Ouiuolioiiot .Mr. Steiens, the House then adj. Vjiiiiiiro.v, Jan. II. Fpiintc. Mr. Dais submilted a resolution calling 011 llie President to communicate cciMin letters Ironi (.enerals lnjlornnd-tseotton tbesubjectof forcedcon- 1 Intuitions in ".Mexico. Lies over. Mr. UildttinoU'ercd a ri"mion calling on tliel're sident for the coriespondenee with .Mr. TrUt. Lies oer. j Mr. Ueverdy Johnson fini-hed his speech for a i igo- I rnus prosecution of the war, and opjiosed the defeiisne line Hiicy. Mr. iviavion loiloweii, 111 opposition to lliewar. He1 was not willing to lake one acre Irom .Mexico by con quest, or by rubbery Honesty was tie" best policy. The cha racier of n nation was more valuable than laud. lie would torce .Mexico to nav tier iust obturation : but loinaUe her do uuylhing more, merely because we had llie pnysieaipower,wouid lie uouiiug stiorl 01 ingnway robbery. Jlr. Clayton had proceeded to ihe merits of his argument; uhcn.nlhis iutance. O11 motion, the Senate ndiourned. The oiisr.on motion of Mr.Vinton.wcnl into Com niiltce olthe whole, on the annual message of the Pres. ident. .Mr. Stcwart,ol Penmjlvania, aiidressed the com- on tiik tor t.Anri. or kacii tiox. A'oiir otltrr it g'n Mi'ir, and to mnntn frit thin in tnr.ur.av. The genuine lor sale by V. II. CUIITIH, Water Street, nuil TIILODOKF. A. I'KCK, College Street, sole ageiilsfor lliiiliiigton. lteiihen Ferguson. F.sscx j J. II. Dyke.Hiiulingloii j V. Illioilcx, Jr. Kichmond J K. II. ilrecn, Ilicbmoiul ; .1. Ii. it T. W. Tower, Underbill j lluilbut iV. Hodges. Willitont lt Hnn di rsou, and (1. Avers, West Wilhston ! .1. Lyman, Jericbo; W. II. Velie, HinesbiirRli , W. S. & 11. 1. Wood, Weslford i Slnples & Lyon, Clmrlottc j John Simoiids, Sliilliume ; ll. Kichmoiid llirnard jand at the New Laglainl llrnnch OHiee and tieneral Depot, 1U3 Treiuont Slrcel, llostun. Saco, January 21. .Mr. Ilr.nws: Sir it nflords me great pleasure to be able to testily to the wonderful virtue ol your Sar s ipaillla and Tomato llilteis, I think my case is one ol peculiar iulercsl j Iherelore I send you a perfect sketch of Iny lace before taking your medicine, and niter ilsue, which you can make use of if you see lit, for the lieiiHil nl Joursell or those that are similarly nlllicled. 1 have been for llie last four years most se verely allticleil villi 11 llt.'MOl; covering my lace and parlofiny body most of the time. I have been una ble lo attend to my business. During that time I have taken every medicine that has been rceomnieiiiledind have drank gallons ol the Sarsiparilla Syrup and de coclinn, nil ot which has not had the least ellect upon 111 V disease. At Inst 1 wns reefiioinenileil bv mvtiliv- sicinu to give your Snrsnparilta and Tomato Jlitters one Irial, lis he had used them with good success in n number ol similar cases. 1 have used onlv four bot tles, and In nil nller ns!oni!uncnt it tins entire V cur ed Inc. I think llie tuts which Accompany this will show you Ihe wonderful diflerencc ill my npiienrnnce. I do most sincerely recommend your medicines tonll, and know they will find them nmost valuable article. i ours, truly, 1. 11 yak. For side by Tiir.o. A. l'u it, and A. C. SrEAn, Apo thecariesaiiil wholesale Druggists, Olid by dealers geil crally throughout the State. Covsi'sirrios.Tlili terrible disease isconinionlyat Iriliiiteil lo our eliinni,.. lint if ihe eliiuite were to Maine, the disease would have been iulhctcd on thnt, mid not uoou ttie nconlc. We think the fault is ill the H'ojilc,aiid that it the icoplc would keep the skins of mcHisciics nun ineir einiiireii profteriy wnsueu, nuu iiosiiuii 11001 giiiuouy, poison, mm iiurnca.t. jor n gen eration or two. cousiinmtioii would be no more known than is now, in good society, the disease lor which scratching and sulphur are the principal remedies. Howeier, consumption prevails as matters are, and nicks oh" the best and nrelliest of'us.lin our nriinu. In this slate of things we must do the hesl wc can, piece and patcli out llie web ol life, with journeys, 11 11 hi f, hi hi on nil lues, ui nil im iiieuiiinc w c Know ol, Dr. Vitor's "Ualsnin of Wild Cherry" is what wc sliould first recommend. Wc have in our ollicc n liv ing Drool of its rllicacv. who. but for it. would have been henenlh ihe sod fongngo. The inventor of ibis medicine, Dr. Wisiar.wasa man of science ,of luimnn ily, and undoubtedly prepared the remedy In its best form, and llie public may rely upon Mr. Fowle for the genuine article. llostun Vail) Chronotmit, Jan. 18. 1HI7. He careful and get the genuine DR. WISTAR'S llALSA.M OF WILD CIIKIMIY. Noi.e i-eimiue 1 mil i'n-i fiuhciI 1 1 v ! ltU'I"Il,5. Aililr."s nil orders tu oi 1 11 ,nn i.ii,ioMon, Mn$. ror kmc vMioic F.ik' nml rclnil ly Thco. A. Tlck, nurlitigtoii.anJ by L"-Ul.-3 111 .IlVlllVlllt'B m-ll-CIitliy III LTIIllJIllt IjOf, N CHURCH STRKKT, Somkwiiebk be- Iwecn Mr. ICcrn's Store, and the Female Semina ry (Mr. Converse's) a (loi.n Lkket closed on botli sides, and containing n small D.igucrrcoly-, The finder will confer a special favor, and be liber ally rewarded, by leaving It ut Ibis ollicc, January la, IB 13. Wnntcil. IV I r 1 l.'V'TI 1 V Tl..r. t H'fTflV unn nftt. M 11 iiliuil 1 , III" m.i run inn it " Cliina and American Ten Company.". Ad dress A. A. II.. No. '22 Old Slip, New York, post ''ai''Al(Vnl.n.t'. ItnAnFOllDliaveconslanl- ly on band in l-l, 1-3 mid pound packages, pure and fragrant TBAS, lor sate to suit purihajcrs. XMew Yolk, Jan. Ii, lHis. ouwj SMOKRI) HAMS, CL-KAU AND MKSS IVk.forsaleby A. S. DHWHY. Jan. 20, IMS). .sm L Nnrlhern nml Sontlicrn llxprrss EAVES For Nkw YonK eveiiy WKmvra- ilay morning, and for .Montreal every rrnlay fnormng. , , , Arrives from New York, Thursday evening, and Irniti Multifont Tinmilnv OHiee, New York, No. in Wall street ; Ainany, No. II and I'jUxchange j Troy, No. 175 HivrrSt.j Montreal, No. 183 St. l'auls Sl.i Uurlineton, West side Siuare. mimm & tu. Iloston nnd .llonftcnl Kpres, f EAVES pon Rostov and IMontHKAl Wednesday evening nmg. , Ollice, Itnll Road Rxchange, Boston j 1S3 St Paul Bi., .noiiireai ; wen sine tsounre , iiuriinpwn. uuriingion, Jan. 1, ibis. In Jericho, Dec. 20th, SliernianniUis,aged25. "The mm that struck Jimmy Patterson," or in other wind- "Nathaniel Nik's, nf Vermont," , mince, in reply to Mr. .McClellan, revieHingandcon II. HI. I. Lecture. The following course of lectures will be delivered before the .Mechanics Institute, commencing on Fri day cieniiig, the 28th ot January, at C o'clock, at .-M rungs nail. " United States' Army." M. M. final, U.S.A " Injuiiclion to Labor no curse." Itev.IL L.Starks " Work." (Six Lectures,) Leonard Marsh, M.D. C. F. Dxvev, Vjh, SingleTicket.adniittingaGentlcmaiiand Lady .25 Ticket lor Ihe course, do do 1.00 Family Ticket for the course, -i..r)0 I ickcts at buwards buokstorc,and at Messrs. DruiS' maids'. The funds to be appropriated to the increase of the i.inrary. Jan. VJ. l'Mimingtlie measures rd ih. aduiinistratiou e:enerallv. He called attention to the Secretary oi the Treasury's reports, and llie calculations of reeeipieof revenue for 1817. Instead of being fcti,000,oou more, ihe receipis were actually 17 .Will ,000 less than it would have been under ihe tariff nf 1812. Mr. Vcnnble followed, in support of the doctrines of the late veto messages, denying the power of Congrcs to make appropriations tor internal improvements. Mr. Rockwell, of Connecticut, examined briefly llie late vein message, mid its many positions, which he proceeded to show were unsustaincd by fads and pre cedents. On motion of Mr. Pollock, the committee rose, and the House adjourned. Wx.DSl.fDAV, January 12. In Senate, a petition was presenled by John P. Hale of New llamtisbire.sieiied bv'-IKIO Umiiiriau Clerjv- men and l.iymen, asking lor llie withdrawn! ol our lioopstrnm .Mexico, mid Ihe nppointiueuiol Commis sioners 10 treat with that country. ilr. Dickinson s resolutions were taken up. .Mr. U. wa full an hour advocating annexation, i"v-c., of all the terrilory wc now occupy. M'l... 'I'.... 1'o.riM.ollt A LOUD OAIili! Taxes ami a return of the "iiWic Muiiey, Or a Government Tjtan, BY the Coxoitf.ssioxAiGr.oni: it is seex that the Administration must have, in some such The Ten Regiment bill was taken up, when Mr. I way.riiiilslobuyapeace.orboihiiioiieyi'tinentiicarry r ..ji.;.. L 11.. ...... L.. .. n.u..;ii.... 011 uie ur. iow.iue ecu tie s Alieiil. ur nn w id v lo the lull.' lie said the President was rcsnonsilie for oppusul to wnr, will sell unygiKids, if withed , at War all Ihe blood shed by introducing Snmii Alma into Mex- luicesai u invesi necasii 111 1 ,eee piireiia-.-s, iiopnig ieil' .' "." " 'I'"-'. "',' I-"" Hie Senate then went into t.xccuiivc R'&iion ana I " i--.'i . . .u, iii- u i i inula Jim running; oui i inc iiioiii iiiuiii-j who has rerenlly been appnniteil by 1 olli . ,l Charge In K.uillnia," has liecu discovered! Wo sue indebted for our information to a Ij3co fnco friend in Jlurliiigton, who swears lint he'. ,mrc mir him! Our informant tell- us that the I mid Nathaniel ti-cd In liio somewhere ill Orange County, but al present makes Washing ton hi- head quarters. ; that he was onccattach cil lo llie American Legation at l'aris, and in that capacity signalized him-elf by marrying the mother of Kugene .Sue, the French noielisf, thai he is a line-looking man, " six feet high jiiul ice ll-nronorlioned." and hrollicr-in-law to Cnhiiiel .lellersnn Uriel;. Much obliged loyou, Mr. I'oll;; the smallest favors thankfully rc- CeiU'd. I'apUin John Tyler of Virginia, whilom a i-niall.potatoL' President of the United States, has Miilleu a letter to the N. Y. Journal of Com tnrrer, gravely contradicting a silly rumor, pur porting that lie, Ihe said John, mid one Towle, arc engaged in getting up a " Tailor Associa tion " in the City of.N'ew York. John says he is induced to write the letter, because, as he sms, "the purport and true design of the Tiimnris lo injure Mr. Toirle Inj cumtertin ; wij vxmr irilh lis." The llx-President is nobody " fool, after all! He knows what a-Micutions vv iiildbc! ikelv to injure a man's reputation. UTo.! would now write a letter declaring that, m the rontratv, ho enn-idered it an honor to !ie his name "asoci ile4 " with Tylers, the fdrou would ho r.oii'plcle. Anollicr ".Mexican Whig." We lake lho liberty to suffjost to tho l'cr mont I'alriol, and other Locofocn pipers, which . . . ic , r .. .. ii'i.i... "I inifiui 1 1 ... .1.: arc i enouncing a-. .iiiui niosnu nn iwiim - .. . ,,.,re .0 lift Ihelr iuicc against flu, usurpations, j . ffiffilTis'Tn imd tonnno-e ihe uiicoiistitutional acts, of .Mwes j Sant.i Aiina'sicturiitoMeiico.wastakeuiipaiidiead. .. .. ... i' 1 1 n idu.tli'nil this rnmilrv The Pie-ident rcfusi-s lo coinniuiucnte llie instructions J. t oll., 11 w in' " " - i:nt;iiio kiilpniiy Ao, :t. AN ADJOURNED MHKTINIS of said Company will be holden at Strong's Hall on Wednesday, January 2fith, nt f. o'clock, P. M. It is -.sheeted that every inemuerwiii nepresMit,asallerii'tlie lly-Law and uther important business is to tie transacted. , CHAS. W. DRKW, Clerk. Iliithngton, Jan. 21, 1818. 30wl Select School. MISS I,. II. STACY, will eonimenec her next term on Monday, thv MtUofl'Vliniary. Scliol ars are expected to cuter at the commencement of tuc term. Tl'lTlOX. Englisli, $3,00 French, 1,00 Drawiiii?. 3.00 School-room, one door westof Mrs. Langworthy's, up stairs. llurliuglon, Jan. 21, 1819. 30w3 (now used for school purposes,) or going to Mexico to fight, will remain quiet in their several avocations at Home, anil continue toiloas tlieylung nave none, tsiy nig giiotiscie'iip ol llieir nielli, liu l .VIIU, llurliuglon, Jan. Ill, 18t8. 30 i.. .1... 11 i. 1,111. ....r,l;.,,,c...l r 111 nil- ii'mi 1 1 . ..I- ... .. .... Hills from the Senate providing clolhmg lor vohin- l..irs iinnnmri'llintl to Itrooklvil IlI'Doitlllliellt of as- sistnnt pursiTs puri-ha-e ol .Vladdi-un jiapcra were read twice anu rtii rreu. Mr. Lincoln spokeon the question of the Mexican bound try. Mr. Jamieson got possession of the floor. Adj. TiiL'nsinv, .lanuity 13. liillic.SWiiife.lhe resolutions willi regard lo army contracts, was pnsM'd. ... .Mr. Mniigum submitted a resolution requiring the President locomniuiiiciile all the estimate mid plans upon wiiich tli-ii. Scoll has prosecuted the war wilh .Meiico. Mr. Dayton's resolution calling fur copies nf (.en. Scolt's letters relalne In loreed ciinlribuiions in Mexi co, wnsadoptcd aswere .Mr. Ilaldw in s resolutions, calling for .Mr. Tri-t's correspondence. The bill toexempl icssels imploied by the Coloni zation Society Irom llie provisioiisot the lawsregulat- "'SZ resumed .lie couJeViUbu; "dlbe , . Ak. lhubroiiiery IlraidsaudGimps, ten regiment bill. .Mr. l'earce ol .Maryland opposed EXPRESSES. . I I WINTER A11IIAM1E.MENT. VIRGIL & BICE. E. & E. LYMAN WOULD nEsi'Efrrr'ULt.Y inpoiim their friends, mid the public generally, that they bale token the stand, formerly occnnled by the Senior Part ncr.comer of Cliurcli and College streets, Wickware Uuilding, and liaie on haild, and are coninnily re ceiving direcf from l.oston and New otk, a large, rich, mid fashionable stock of IMtV CiOODS, cojtsisrixa ik rxiiT or A oreat vAr.11.rv or CLOAK ANI IHIKMH liOODS, Viz. super. Thibet, Merino and Lynnese Cloths, fancy tMnlils. iliin-riii colors and nrices : also a targe assort. mentof lllack, lllue lllack. Satin, Stripe, Drab, Plain and Figured ALI'AOANi also, Oregon, Victoria, Cashmere, Mous. De Laine Dress !imils, and 11 va riety of other kinds, not here ciiunieraleil. llrnndcloths, Cnssiiiierc5 nml Vcsthiss. A Inrge nssortment of Illnck, lllue Hl.ick, Ilrown, Green and Drnb, liernian, Ibighsh and American: also, Illnik, Dim' lllack, nml Fancy Cassimercs and Doeskins, a vnriety of Kit blind Fancy Vesiings, con. si-ling ol plain mid l.incy Salins, Marseilles, Valencia, and various other kinds, too numerous to mention. SHAWLS. A large assortment of rich and fn-hlnuable Sha wls WANTKD. ICail-ltond Tics mid Suli-Silx. Till! rnhseribers wish to enntrnet for 80,000 R-il. road Ties,ol tarnnrnck, white or black oak, black or swamp ash, cedar, blilleruu'.. or chestnut timber. The Ties are required (n he seven feet in lenglh.for aiivwood snecified. (eiecnliiiL' eedaf. which must bo 7i feci,) and six inches square, or of a good tearing of six luetics, lop anu iiotom,anii loucsaweuor suiooui ly hewn. also, One Hundred Thousand Hemlock Plunk, To be three inches thick nnd eight inches wide, and fourteen feet in length, lor Si n Sil.s. We wish to coiilrnct for the obove specified lumber, to be delivered nn the line ol Ihe Rutland and Hurling' Inn If nilroail.hi tweeu llurlmgtotiaiM llratidoii, on or before Ihe first il.iy of Septimlier next. Address the subscribers at Hurlingtnn. ciiAMUiuti.AiS, sTKnxa ro. Dec. 27, 1817. 27lf Mahazines kou This. UNION Maga.iue (Mrs. Kirkland's) for January, (irahnm's, " Columbian, " liodey's, " Ladies' National, " All of the above Alngizines are regularly received on or neiore me nrsi iiiiy o tne iiidiiiiis 01 puliliralioti, every Friday morning, and arrives from Uostoh cuing j Irom lonircal 1 ucs.-.ay eve- 2'Jlf $IO Howard, S 0FFEI1ED for the iletcction nml convic tion of the nerson or tiersons wlm rolled two cal dron kettles again-l the rear room door in the base ment oliuysloreon Saturday evening, Jan. Hth. uuriingion, jau. r.', la is. . w. FOR SALE. TUB TAVERN STAND AT COLCIIES ter Falls, near the factory, is offered for sale and posM-ssion lo lie given the first day of May next. It is notsecoini to any sloiul 111 the State, as a village Tavern, taking into consideration ihe cost of it. ISAAC WARNKR. Darlington, Jan. 21, IS 18. . 3lif ihebill, resetting that he ilulereil so widely fiom his illellinie t.vlr. Kcvcruy joiniauu;, uim loiiiiuieillllg . - .. I..... ll.nir rtilti-f. their JI1 ail ItUIJi'Cessary wai, ..i -j - - lisl, to mid to it the honored name ol JOHN C CALHOUN. 0 Wo "are obliged, by a press of other mat ler at a late hour, to exclude a briif reinmi stranco with our fiiend Walton again-l his in twnalior. (speak out, my dear fellow !) of Inu tility to tho Ogdensburgh Railroad " tn llurhng. Ion"; and an article on the great project of the ,lav, tho Ship ''anal from tho Si. Liwrcncc lu Lake Chaniplain. Mil)' larlin. Mr. fliKii.i'.ii n has lbTi"hcd a new nlilion of this mp.1l.1r talc by Judge Tnovir-ox, the author f I,cko Anisilc... It is very neatly got up, 111 tho New York stylo of cheap publications, and is bold by Sir. ;- &x lllC ,(m' l'ricu "r-r' C"'U' I'in-I I'ncc. Our readers will find, on our first page, No. V .iflho very powerful scries of articles from ,hJ Nation . 1 Intelligencer, reviewing the Mes- .. ..r Mr. l'olk, and tho speech of .Mr. Cai.- ' ?. ,.,1 the war. Wu commend both to their careful perusal. rnl ISoiiii ;"for vvlnit kooiI?" If the oW Kent! nel were alivo, sister Itriggs and that " worthy old Divino" would catch it or thll, translation., or vvcaro greallyjiiistakcn ! Ir-TTiines have clmnged. When Mr. I'oi.K as. m7d l ie reins of government, lie found a majority in ihe II use ol Representaliyes ol sixiy-hve. He is iowi.ilheliruiorityi and. in ihe .ii.eslioi, of his veto eh..'l ii.'t 0""'V ""la- lu'lluiajorily last ct ! 1-1 ruins J"" glVCIlllJioll tills SUOjeci 10 out 11.11.11 10111111.111111-11.111 liie tJulf, U'cau-e such coiiiliiuiliculiou iiould be in compatible wilhlhe public interests. After dilnle.lhe fin.s4.i.e wns referred to the Commitlee of the v hole and iiiTule the order lor 'l'ucsdjj', il.u I81I1 iust. Ailjounieil. Co.uiiis. Fiiil'iy- The Senate was not in ses. sion in-ilny. The House of Reiiif.sentntivcs was en- ........ I ..liilli' iiiion uriville lulls ill little illllMirtnnes . anil resolutions reported by committees, which were rcail twice ainiriierreu 10 uie uomiiiuieeoi me v Hole. M'hi. bill nrovidiui; for iiensions for widuus ofievo- lnlionary Hildiers inarriid idler llie war, and one for . .. V . .1 1 ..f ii..:... ii. l. llie reneioi ine sieii-ioiuoir ui .nujui iiiunn, wouwus killed oimoHte lo .vlaiamoras, was di-eu-sed for sev eral hours. Without Hiking the question, ihi. coin ... . 1 .1... 11 1.... ....... t ... ...:ii 1 1 1H1I1CC rose, unu ine imusi-, uiijuuniiuuiii 1111 .iiuo- day. ill ark eta. The lio-ton papers furnish no report nf llrightou Miirketihe Courier snvs: Tliere has ln'cn a moderate demand for the various descriptions ol American itecccs Dim puucil 00I, wllliuui lliucil unitize 111 pncei. A Dr.Tr.r.Mis.VTio.v or lli.onn to mi: Hi ah, 11s it is called, can be accounted lor upon 110 oilier principle than from corrupt and stagnant humors in tli. venous rin illation, which prev. nt ihe proper reluru ofthe vi tal fluid in thelieart, 'l'he blood can have no mere iiredileciiiiii lor the head than fur any other nan : in deed its own sK'ci!ie gravity would give ila tendency in ihe extremities : but w hen llie passage are choked up, ond it becomes, as it were, a prisoner in llie head, 1111 wonder ihele is n distention or swelling of llie lilood-vcssils, a piesstite ujKjii the brain, and headache, giddiness, palpitation of the heait, infinity, apoplexy, unil oilier ureuiiiiii resuus. Wrighl's Indian 'egetable Pills are always certain In prevent ihe above unpleasant complaints, lucaii-e they expel horn circulation those my humors whiih me llie cause not only of oil disonlcied motions ol ihe blood, but of every iiialailyuiiulciit in man. Jhey nldiiniil nnd iinnrovu .ll2esliou. nud iherelore will most assuredly give health nml vigor to the body, as well as prevent any evil coii-eqiiences from what is termed 11 lu.ll 01 1110011 in itnMienu. llr.ivAni: 01 Coi'xrtr.mT.-I he om.v oniuixAi. AMI ..(.M INI InIUAN V l.l TArt l I'll.IA IIAVL 1IIL S.K.- .saiiki. ot Willum vvr.i'.iu weiulx witn a us Prints. this da r is v JiXrnBss. ID. MX BY, & CO., have nmiiVED a splendid lot of Prints, which are new nud choice yles. Also Lmbroidery Ilraidsnudliimps. liiirlington.Jan. l'J,18IS. 30f LKONAKD SCOTT & Co.'s List ol' 1C c-pii bl ion t ions. 1. The London Quarterly Review, 1 2. The I lihnburgli Review, f n . a. Tlie Weslmiiister Review, f 1. 'l'he Ninth llrilish Review. J 'j. lilackwood's IMinburgh Magn7iue, Monthly. Teliiis Vayment to be made in ndrance. For ony one ofthe lour Reviews, $3 00 jur annum. for any nvo on. - disj For nny Ihree do.. . -7.00 " For all lour of Ihe Reviews, - . . HIK) For lilackwood's Magazine, - -MIKI ' For Ulackw ood & Ihe lour Reviews, 1U.00 " Addnss C. II, HOWARDS, Agent, 30 llurluigtou, Vt milOMI'SOiVS Pocitirr 3Fai of Vehmo.vt, M -New l.illtloll, colltuimug tlie Kail itoaus, isis. i. i.imv anna. Jan. 18. Jly CL liOst, N the evening of the 19ih init., a Lady's flold J rencil ami u large suae lora guinl cliam. llie finder will coutir nn obligation und be suuably re warded by leaving them at this ollice. Shi unit's. 1 Kf SI. PINK AND CIIDAR SHIN- JLJJ gles.forsaleby lll.t). PIITHRSDN. np Jun. Irt, lnis. JI1SSI! til.OYDS' KST.VTK. 17F. THi: PI'IlSCRlllHliS. bavins U-en pointed by the llonorahle-lbe Probate Coutl lor llie Distnct ol Chitlcudeii, Coinmissioners to re ceive.cxiimiue nndadiust thettainis and deinands ol all peisuus ug.iiiist the eslale of Jiii-liLoviis, late of .Milton, 111 s.uil ilistnct, ileceusi'ii, representcil uisoi. vent, and also all claims and demands exhibited in oil- set tbeieto : and six mouths Irom the day ol the date In reol being allowed by said Court lor that puino-e, we no iiiereiore ncrcny give nonce, tuui we win 111. tend to ihe business of our niUHiinimcnt nl Ih: dwel iug ol Svi.vrTrn Wakh, in Milton, iu said district, 011 llie s'i.i il.iy 01 rciuuary, inia, nt nio cioik, a. M 011 said day. liaie.l Hits lain nay 01 jjiiuary, A. u. mis. I.I.UKl.l. AVIil.s,. 1 tlM IIOLDEN'S DOLLAR MAGAZINE. 768 Pages. $100 per Year. THE Cheapest M ao.ujnk i the World! Sixly four pages in each number ! 7C3 pages to the volume! for one dollar per year! single copies, 12J cents. Now ready, No. 1 ol Hulden's Dollar Maga zine, llie cheam st book of the Nineteenth Ccnlurv. is ti appeals uirectlv to tne wants 01 tuc people, tuc unpreceileiileil ru-h lor Ihe first number is easily ac- coiimeii lor. lale,8hetches,e88ays,lransUHion,re TO KV, ar. It eonlaiiis at Icastone-fAiru' mnre rending than any similar publication in the United States, nud is deci- ueiuy the largest, rlieapett and most aemraljle Maga zine ever published in lids or nny other country. No Mlieazitie "within llie ineinnrv of tlie oldest ill. haliitaiu" was ever received with tilth perfect enthusi asm as this, and Ihe fact that it incorporates within it self the lite rai 1 features nf the Three Dollar Magazines of this country and the Five Dollar ones of Humpc ex plains 111c reasons ol sucli a reception by the pulilic. No publication in the world ever gave one-half tlie amount of reading matter contained in Hulden's Dollar .Magazine tor the same inoiiev. and "the names of the Hdttors and Conlributors," as one ol our most popular critics justly remarks, "are a sulliciciit guaran tee .or uie ipiamy 01 me contributions " One of the nrineinnl features of llnlden's Dollar Magazine will be 11 series ot Utirnlalinnaru Slelrhr. ly an Octogenarian ; Hdiled by one of Ihe most eel enroled authors, whose skill in depicting the remarka ble incidents ol " the times that tried men's souls," is well known by every one. the incidents of these sketches arc nil based upon the occurrences ot real hie aim wm e ueiuclinir tlie Inn s nnd triniti es ol Uiose dangerous times with the exuberunt fancy of Cooiier -...1 r 1... 1.... . .:u .n 1 . .i... 1: 1.1.... mm ikhi, iir nns sun iiiiuviiu Bunny in ine lull-in and vicor of Gibbon and Hume. These Sketches are alone worth double the price ofthe Magazine, and arc peculiar to its nuges nlone. in auuinon 10 mis, inlet, Akelrhen, l.ivnjn ana j ransiaiion. irom tne neus ot some ol our lust An- Ihors will be introduced, tunning an intellectual treat uioj must be acceptable mm welcome to all. Kuch number will contain a lone and ibnrnnidi re view of the principal topics of the month, interspersed With ailCCtHllCS. odJitlfM nil.l m,m , vnrioiw jects, winch cannot tnil of provin Instriicttve, at well an amusing, leniurc Dione wullli HHJre insii tne suo. scrlpllon iiice tlna vriil bov4 tsmilit'.ilq lu ftwi. ofthe best humorous nutbors of llie dav. whose various productions are well and lavuibly known on both tides ol the Atlantic. Iking fortunate enough lo secure the service of one ol llie most eminent critics tins sule nl Uie Atlan tic, the department ofreriem will be made a feature senium seen 111 any pernniical in llie irorlil. Hooks will be impartially reviewed at leneib. if deservine ol particular attention, und those desiring a record ot ihe Literary World would do well to examine this depart ment. Casting aside the old plan of deiiending solely on name fur success, the Publisher of lloldeu's Dollar Magazine has adopted the system ofthe Sjieciaior of .loutisnnsanu a unison s nine, ami and our own Quarterlies ol the present day ; and though con fessing JiiiiiH'll indebted to some ol our lirst authors lor tin ir contributions tu each number, he has given everv article to the world anonymously. The Sjicctatnr owed much of its success lo the mystery in which its essays were shrouded, and could the world but know from whence emanated some of ihe scorching articles lurmsiieii u.s oy iiiucKwooii 1111111 inepusi lew mollltis, New York would nrubablv lie ihe scene of another Lit erary War, The nroiirietor is confident that this nlan inuBt eventually be the plan lor Periodical Literature, and he only asks from llie lovers ol Good luading an uisjH'ction 01 ms .Magazine. Arrangements have been made with most of our popular authors tor Tales, Poems and Skelihes, and v a rious translations fiom lie! German have now been omiiienced bv one of our first (Jen nan scholars, whose viviu rendition ol Lcgcinmy ILillaus is well Known throughout Ihe woild. One of our most popular Poeis, wliose reputation rests more upon jus irorhs than Ins name, w ill also luruisli original I oems throughout the volume. In the course of the volume, articles will also lie civ en Irom the pens of nearly all llie following Huropcan anthors. viz: l)oii.lnss Jerrnld. Gilbert Abbott. A. Deckel, Goodwin Ik. rmby, William llowitt.S.C. Hall, W. M. Thackery, William Harrison Aiiisworlh.Maik l'inou, Willinin Carleioii, Thus. Miller, J. R. l'lanche, Matiin Pnriiuhar Tuniier, Allred 'I'eiiinson, LU-nczer I'll:... ... .1. ,i..i ' ...1 ...1.1. i.iuui, Liiaucs .iiiics.iiy, iiieim 1 1111 1'liiisii'ii.ii 1.111 cleslrom Mary Howiit, Mrs. S, C. Hnll, Hon. Mrs Aoncn, Harriet Aiartineau.nuu many outers our pre sent soace will not allow hs lo soeeifv. 1 ratisiaiions ol some ot the minor 1 ales 01 hugene Sue. Alexandre. Dumas. Georee hand. &.C. wilt bi given, it tree from tlie nernicious intluences of inauv French 'Pules, and imrticular Mi e w ill be taken thai nothing demoralizing 111 its tone ever finds a place ill ine uonar jianatinc. The Publisher pledges himself lo furnish articles irom an ineauove ilistmguisncil Auiuors in tne course ol the volume, tngeiher with nianv distiiiguisheil.ilifr. can .liinicf lie is nui ai uoeriy luuisciost-, i itc iiau he has adopt. d of publishing every urtiele anonymous ly will of course, nreclude htm fri'in atiacbiug lucuch contribution the name of its author. This svstem he is continent will lie stain-Mil with the approbation of inc, tiua j enj'ir,io win w nose uppiuuse uuu coir lideuee will be the continued etlort ot his lite. Complete Sc perfect in all that constitutes the essential . :. r .:. ...! 11 . .. 1 1. .: .r . i . i 11 iinisiirsui njo i riiina .jiiiryir,uiii! L'eiiig uiioroeu at a price never before known in any country. The ipiestii 111 is nsked trin iri1 not subscribe ? 1 his ijues nun isleltloihe public, the nll-ioweiful Public, nnd as that important body looks as cbisely ns iudivid unls to inaltersolself-interesl, the Proprietor of Hold en's .Magazine is confident that the cry will lie through the lengili and breadth ol the laud, tc ho shall subscribe fist 1 It will readily lie acknowledged by nny one nt all eoiivcrsMiit with literature in every form, that Hulden's Dollar Magazine is the largest, cheapest nud best jie. rioilical in the world, and he challenges comparison with nnyihing ever published ill F,uroie or America, satisfied that the sovereign (leople will decide for lliem sclies ns regards the merits ot tlie resHclive works. lloldeu's Dollar Mngaziue is i-sned moiilbly, (the volume conunenciiig with the January number,) in .Nos. of fit pages eaih, primed ouliiiep.iier,manutac. lured expressly or the work, and ol extra ipiality, with ucw'uud tieauiifultype. 'Perms, ouedollitr ieraiiuuui, payahle invariable 111 advuiiec ; sit copies lor live do!, lars, or 25 copies lor 20 dollars, when mailed to one ml dress. Address, post paid. CHAIII.F.S W.HOI.DHN, Publisherol lloldeu's Dollar Magiiziue, 10'J Nussau si New York. N. II Country papers copying ibis advertisement and noticing us editorially, w ill bi'. nulled ton copy for oucveur, without mi etihnnge. Those doing sovvill send one iiinrked copy to"Holdeu's Dollar Magazine.' includiiig All-wool, Cabtiiere, black and laney Silk, and delivered to subscriliers without charge for post llroclia Worstc.l liatnasK, iiiuuiiiiiu 1 111111,111111 niiu r styles of heavy wool and net Shaw Is lor w inter vvmir. Prints nnd Ginghams. 300 nieces Prints and furniture l'ntches, all styles and iiinlilies, at very low prices! a so, a variety ol Scotch, Knghsh and American Ginghams, Homes! Ic Goods. Heavy and fine brown nnd bhndied Sheeting", Shirtings, Drillings, Tickings, and striped Shirliugs. 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Also,n general assortment of W. I. Goods nml Groceries, including Java, Laguira, Rio nnd St, Domingo Coflee; old hysou, young hyson, hyson skin and black 'Peas Spices ot all kinds; crashed, pulverized and brown Sugars, .Molasses, whale, nnd sperm Oil, (jc. Jvc. The ol Cash purihuscis, of tin w who pay for their Goods, and like to have them Chrai, is in vited to the above Slock, confidently believing the Goods ami prices will meet their entire approbation. llurliuglon, Jan. 1319. -3 age. C. II. HOWARDS. Ynlnalilc lloolis. W1LKHS' Hxploring Hxpcdiiionuie ed. fi vnl.yjS. do do do thenp, A do Franklin's Works, 1.1 vols, by Spaiks. Jellerson's Works, I vols. Prcscntt's Coinpiest of Peru, 2 vol. Preseotl's Couqu-st ol Mexico, 3 vols. Writings of i.iigu n. i.gsre, svots. Alisons i,uroie, 1 v. i,onl Bacon's Works, 3 v. Lord llolingbroke's Works, I v. Marshall's Life of Washington, 2 v. Spark's Life ol Washington ; Thier's French Revolution ; Slates, man's Manual, 2 v. Modern llrilish Hssnyist, 8v; Lardtier's lectures on Science nud Art, 2 v.; Brand's Kneyclopedia of Selenee Literature nnd Art; tjre's Dictionary of Arts nnd Mniiulaclurcs : Webster's Do. mestic lleonomy ond ILmckccriiiiir ; Cyclopicdia of! uoo 1 r.'ieiieat iieripes: iiiiroy on vveavmg. Jan. 13. For sole by C. B. HOWARDS. Fire IVotiee. Tiie Annual Meelhig ofthe- ItTirllngton Fire Compa ny, will be holden nl fie American Hotel, on the 2oth day of Jamnry HIS. at 7 o'clock, P. M.,for llie choice of ten Wnrdeiis, a Clerk nnd 'l'rensiirer, and for the transaction of all other business ierijired by the Char ter and Hy Laws of ihe company. L. CoiMl.vns, Clerk. Jnn 12, 19H. 2'J2 IlJST ItECElVKD, A Fr.sii lot ofheaw O Fringed (Hons. CATLl.i &. SI'KAR. tiih hOrlincjton SAVINGS BANK. rplllS Institution was Incorporated nt llie last srs. - sir.n ,f din legislature for the purpose of rccci. vingrai nil sum. ol-money offered, nnd man. aguiiaiul ilnprnting the same to the best advantage, lor the ut; nnd bem (it of the depositors. The whole ncome or proliM 0 n,c in-timtion, alter deducting in posftors! y,J,"-"tc'',Ire'u be divided omong the de- Jl."-',V0irp'.rn,''r. ,,,clr nwetlngson the 1ili nnd bill i iii-t., nnd have orgauis-d the Tnslitution by ndo .ling n se of lly.Irtw., for it, regulation on'l cktling tin-following olhctrslor the cnsuinij year, JOHN N. I'O.MF.ROY, I'retldent, JVv-u.vsLv.MA.v, Fire 'resident, l:. A. SrAxsiiL'RV, Srcrelnry. Hoard o(2Vces, D.tN Lvoy, Chairman, John II. Perk, Henry P. Ilirknk .Innies Cook, Wm.,11. Wdkins Jr.( Geo. Peterson, Clin lies D. Kosson, Jami.s W. Hickok, Treasurer, 'I he Hank will lie open for the reception of deposits nt the Treorurel's ollice on the 1st Wednesday of January, 1HH, from 2 till S o'clock, P. M. And on each Weilccsdny therealicr, during Ihe same hours, until further notice. llurliuglon. Dee. 10. 1917, 2.'uf EXCHANGE HOTEL, (Near the Steamboat Landing,) IIHIILINGTON, VT., I1V iMOSKS L. II A It T. Till, subscriber Would notify Ins old friends and tin! public generally, that he has retaken the well known nnd connnoilious house nt the hend of lb Steamboat Landing, iu jlurliiiglon, known as tlw xciiangi: HOtlX. Intruding to make his location M tbirlingion a per manent one, be has ri filled ami r-e-s 1. tnrtiislir-il tl.a n..... , Mii.i ,iri,4i. iiioi-i-ii 10 Keep n nrsi cinss house. I tattering liiin-u-lt", Irom long experience in the bu siness, thnt he knows what Ihe trnv cling public require, he will be enabled to make his guests feel thcm-elits at home, nnd ass ires lliein that 110 exertions shall lm spared lo make the wants and coniform of bis patrons culnplele. Cnrringis nlways iu tendinis, on the arrival and departure ol the Sleauibonl, lo convey inscngers to niiinroni Iii.ii' or nn v part of the town. The ilillereul lines el Sla2es call at this house, ma king it the 1110-1 convenient for the business commu nity. MOSliH L. HART. Burlington, Nov. 1, 1917. 20if liiimher. I) (Smeilo... Pntl. Mntlui". I'lonrOd Cloth. K 11 Window Shades. P.uier Hangings, Looking (.lass, H, all Sizes; Flowing Blue, Light Blue, it White Gran ite WAItl'., olso, China uiuT Glass Ware, Groceries, urs, Iilltl.llil Kobes, iVC. Church sticct, lluiliugton,.Ian. ISIS. 2U T Sl':uii Ferry, TO AM) ntOM llUKMXl.TOV AMI l'or.T KF.NT. MiESn:AiEn.IiO.GILPN,CAi'T..U)NES will leave Burlington every 11101111114 (Stiiidas exeepteil) at yoclock, lor 1 ort Kent: Iteturning. she w ill leave Tort Kent every day t!Miiii!as execpn u) at 12 o'clock. M. fir Burhiiniuii. This nrrai.geiueiit will continue ns long as Ihe navigation of the Lake will nennit. 1-nsMise .u ueius. llurlinglnn, Jan. H. iia. xjw.t Instruction in the French I.iin&uiigr. IlfONS. TROYON, RECENTLY FROJI fcnllim n of Iliirliniitoti ni a trndtt r il Ik I mini I'uiiiiL' .s r-c iiMoi. init cutiiii m' iiisiiiu-iiucm n a n-w mltlitiotml (!lusf-i.dnv or c unhiir. His it'iliH for in ftrnrtiuti nrt' ijuitf inoilorntf, nnd may Irariud on npjilicnttoti toiimint thf i' rniiKiin nou SYi.Vi:STi:it WAKl SILVER SP(X)aS, HinTKit Knivis ami IJ .""ugar Shovels, warialitid good as the com, at j. v , IIAXPAI.I.S. Oil. 20. 13. F. TliIFOItl &. Co. EALERS ix Fancy & Stai'I.e Dry Goons, Viuecar. Ofl HMDS, first nuality Vinegar, for sale nt 1.1 cts. ZJ per gallon, by OCO. 1'BTEHSOX. .Ian 10. 2'J.wH Amy Himriliiinii's IMntc. STATU OF VHRMONT.rriieflon.thcrroh'ile Disriticr or Ciiitti.mi!.n, s. j Court for the Dtsiiict ol t'hilteitden : To nli iiernins coiicerned in Ihe estate of Amv Bovi'.hma.v, late of Milton, in said district, de ceased, (iiretiitg. j vV ui.r,i.As. sannul Bonrdmnn. administrator ol said IeceaKed. iironoses to render an account of his a'dinin. istratioii, anil present bis necount against said estate tor examination and allowance nt u session of the Court of Probate, to he huldeii at the Probate Ollice iu Burlington, on the 2'Jth day of January, ISlj, Tlierelore, ou are hereby untitled to appear before said Court nt the lime nnd place nloresaid, and -hew cause, il any you have, why llie account aforesaid should not he allowed. Given inn er inv hand at Burlington tins 811 dav of January, A. D. 18 W. 11. Kl.M Ulili, jiretstrr. im. X. AVAICI, I" A 1 r.i.T nrrrriiNnn to tiiiu Country rnntt ll ihe American Mis-ion in Cevlou 011 account of ine iiiiiuireii siuie 01 .ir. urn s iieiiun ami lor llie lienelit of his cliildren, offers his services to the ienpic of Burlington in llieoraeliee of meihciiie and snreerv. lie win oe nappy 10 receive cans at the resilience ol his brother. Dr. dco. vv . ivanl, near tlie Alethoilist ihal. jnuuary in, 1013. 2'J LAW BOOKS. Stor'on Apcnry, Story on I'artn.'r-l.ip. lStorys Canity Jiirifpru lU'lICP. X Vll s. Kngfg Repnrt-, new Hd, Htnry on HailimMit". H'orv on ttV Con., Abr. (ioitld'8 rtendin. I.oiii;tni halt's. Cliitiy oiit Criminal law. l)itt New Yoik Uoport, Ci it I'tiile of I.oiii.iana Juryman (iuiile. Wnnom Statutf. JItckH .Medical Jurisprudence, c. ii. i;dvaud.s. Whcatotrs Sv-lwui, Mnnes isw lumpen muni, 1 . do Knt. do Ulacktonr. Wnnont n-iort8, Vol lb, it, nnd Id. Forwle hy KurliiiKtou, Jan. H, Seasoned Pixfi for nle cxtirefilv LOVKLIj &. CO. iJjtf 100,000 for Cab. 7 by 'P. V. LOVK Biirhniiioii, Dec 11, 1817. iVolice. rrs.UR Subscriber will close his business nt Willis. J ton, I'ebrnaiy 1st, ISIS. All persons Indebted to him, by note or necount, will please call nt the Store of Duuelnss it Bottom and adjust the same, without delay. This is the last call. THOS. II. CANFHXD. iliiston, Dec. 20, 1317. 20tl 31 r v 1 1 :ui i c s'Tool. CtAi:iT:NTi:i!ri,.!niners,Carriaicand Klclch Ma 1 kers, Saddlers, Shocmakcis, Hlacksinilbs, Cabi net Makers, Painters, "Jacks at oil Irnde;," and tool bminieris, fumi-hed with goods of lust American and Foreign nriuulietiire, adapted lotlnir resK'ctive uj-is, ujioit very rea-iin'tlile lernis. STItONO, DOOMTTI.C ic. CO. Burlington, Dec. 1, 1817. VALUARLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, 'IIIIl! Subscriber offers for sale his place, situated M on the Comer ot Colle.-e and Wdlard Streets. il entire, or iu Hols, us purchasers may Itii.plnil.Klwiv Olt I til.L'111 V lll-lllll 111.!.-' 11 liunr.l lo ii'.lli I r.ui.i in. ni.Hj llelltll OONOUCTHD by Ii. W. '.iiierou, Theodore ,,,.. J Paiker and I. Hlliot Cabot, assisted by several , ' ,e loeatlnn, as is well known, is anions; the most oilier eetitletneli. Tlie Review Wl I be devoted to llie ..Keil.t,. t,lP rei.i.leneec. in llrli, 'I'l.u ..1.... e..... interest ol no party, or class, but the conductors will mms Fruit Trees oi various knids, and surpassed in endeavor to present an nieii and fair field for Ihe no-' quality by none. , ...( .ll... ....I... , ..f...,n.M ..erininine in 1'I.iIiisiimIii'. i luViei m t t..-.n f I'.lliil.Ji Cl.tll lice and discussion of mailers pertaining to IMiilosnphy Literature, I olittm, lieiieion anil Humanity. Koch number t contain ntiout 125 iages, nl the price of $11,00 a yenr in advance. No. 1 (December, IS 17) is received, nnd subscrip tions solicited, by C. 11. nOWAUDS, Agent for llarlitigton and ririuittj. I YER'S CiiKiiRt Pkctouai, Fun tiib il cine of couelia, colds, consiiniplion.r.tid all atlee tions of ihe I.tiugs and Throat This compound is entirely nbov e ihe suspicion of quackery, and is recom iiieuded by phv-icians ol the hiehest repei ialnlly: Its Formula is lully laid open lo the itisiecloil of the medical piofesMiiuiiid ll is confidently believed that its (ombltlalioti is suih as lo give Ihe utmost etler uy of reiiicdicalcfli'et with the most perfect sali-iv. 27ml For sate by A. C. tJl'llAll. Dec. 9, 181' I I). I lev good 1' 2ltf. lHXRY & CO. 1VIU. PAY CaRII FftR A hundred bushels ol Beans ; also, for a lot of as. Dec. 1, 1H17. BROADCLOTHS AT CANADA PRICES. A large lot for sale by the People's Agent. IXc. 1.WI7. HOWARD. I I I'M. A JL1 Brown and. Yt KHOUI.DKK Hlt.VCI'.S. I ELASTIC Shoulder Braces or chest expanders, to -i remedy habitual stooping, or round shoulders. 27mr, For sale by A. C. SPHAIt. PHESII VACCINE MATTER, just hk- I reived and for sale by A. C. Si kvr. Bnrlingtoii, I). c. 1SI riMIE ROSTON ALMANAC, fok IS 18, I price 23c. The American Ahunnnc, for 181$, price 1,00. Received at HOWARDS, BOOK'STORH. ihi; FOR SALE. THE COMMODIOUS IJRICK DM' ELL illl! house ol the su!iS(ril.r. on l'eart sl reel. is now ollered for sale together Will, out-buildings, a well of good water, and about one acre of land. Als.i ; the small while dwelling houie next door Hast. Possess ion given immediately. C. A. SliYAlUrii. lliirliiigloii.Jan. 3, 18H. 'Jif lM:is.tfi'. BAfld IVsh ('.roiiiiil Plaster, for sale by oi:o. ri:Ti:i!M.: 2U-w3 SON'S White Bar Soap, Common d. Yellow do., (iroitlld bpiees of all kinds, Irom the Hotie .Mills. Orounil Cofi-e. Nutmecs. Cloves, ground and ungrouild, Cayenne Pepper, .Mace, Seedless Raisins, Jfcc. A. H. DllWIuY. lec. I, it 17. 1000 Jan. 10. For Sale BY TIIE subscriber, three "ood Hngine I.-nhcs; Also, tivohand Hulhes. wliiih will be sold low for cash or good pa;ier. 1.. Ii. UKUi.sOI.X.X. Burlingtoii D.'c. 7,181V. U tnt:t ATTENTION ! HATTALION ! ! A I.I those liavimr un-eitled necoimts wilh T. W A. l.ovi ll, will save costs by calling ami seiiliuu them i itdialely. 'P. W. 1.0 I.I.I.. '.'.ill Burlington, Doc. 11,181' Kettlcsi. POTASH and Caldron Kellles, of oil dc-criplions, constantly on hand and made to order. Also, a comiileie asMirUiient of Hollow Ware, at Dec. 21. l!Ulil.l.GTlX l Ol'XDllV. JLOUR 00 UnLs. Sitkhfink Flouu, READY-Madk A Lvnci: Sup ply of all kii.ds of rcady.uiade Clolhing. for sale i.y 2'.i.wu two. ri:Ti:i;so.. I EMONS. ti siilehy Dec. 10. 6 I!o.KS Lk.moxs, for (;;(. rmxiisox. S'J-vv3 Iluckniii'.'it Flour. IRI'.SII tiiound Buikwhtai Flour. for s..le by inc. iu. -.-j-wa i:i:o. rwvuso.x. F for sale by . . .7A7F Ji CO. IIACKINO RARRELS.--r)0 rntsr u.m: I White Oak packing Barrels, bv Dec.22,'17. STJIOXti, DOOLITTLV. ! CO CASH PAID POH l'HI.TS. I D. RIXRY & CO. will pay Cash ron a 1 few thousand good rells. Dec. , 1817. lll.Vl-l OY1UI COATS. ID. HIXRY & CO. invi: itKcim:n a nice lot of coats now is the time to get a lit. December 21. Plough'-. IPARMHUS would do well lo call and examine llie 1 superior article ol Ploughs, called ihe "Worces ler l!agle I'lough," iimniiticlurcd ot .,,,...,.,. ivc.2i,'i7. j;vj:i.i.(ito. JVi'Xi)li Cabinet Ware MalT MAY find n great variely of Cabinet Trimmins . willi (llue.Saiidp.iper, Varnish,. c. and n good KTiW mVi:rrt.r. ,ra SALT, I'LASTIUi, i C 500 Sacks Nova Scolia I'laHer, ID 'Pons assiuted do I'tm',1" KMX) Saiksgrouiui nKii "im .y i JdO Bbls niis'ihueand evlra 11 Istoncs, stem Sail, lour. ?" ,,u,.r'.:' ,..,.i 1.1.1 s.,h. Ac. xe. nt , ii t. sfiibxa, IHIOUTTl.n iN CO. ,;0CKS A XI) IK'V, ii?HHS AND LASHES A If mint. LASIIK A noon assort- CATI.IX Is SVJIAIi NEW ROOK RINDERY. (iond took tlrsnvr cof bhul'ius : thry pnsncsH thej'tnerruj .Srr Artir many title icutiltl tficy rrltitp tit ncL'tri t nnd tltttt tirtttm . fi inn thf ininttit a ttecrnt rxtrrUtr iruVA n Jeir nhUUngn might hare u'lird; mid thug hare tsretned jar them thein thnanj ofthe trine ttnd nnaii, beside ptcteiriug then Jur the benefit of jtttttie generation. C. S. ADKINS, HAVING purclin'd t$U'k nnd new tool, inrlu diiiii a Si i Lr.ion Kii.i.Nii .'1aciii.k, and tittt-d up a room in the Fret Prt-- Ituildmi;, lw happy to wait ujton tho?e lio wUh lor any work iu his lino. l'articuhr aitnitmn will be gien to Uolnii.' and Manufacturing Itlank llnoks. Muii", IVriihik-als.and Hocks of every decriplion, bound in a neat and durable innniUT. fciA tUntc vi puMic patrunae is rc-iH'ctfully IXc 'J, 1817. Hi THUSSESV AfiRHAT variety of TrusMS, coinnrisitig almost every kind in use lor Males nud I emnles ; also Abdominal sjupiiorteis of ihe most approved stles, constantly ouhaiui ana lor sale ny AVIJKY ri.VK ARTICI.i: ofTable Salt may lie seen nt A. S. JiliWEY'li. Dec. 1. Al'inV HI'XDKin) MIS. llulter and Cheese, .r excellent iiunlily. .4. i'. Vl'.'YLY. Dec. 1. DLAILS Tins day rbcf.vko at tiik An- 1. riciiltural arehoiise. Burlingtiiti, Dee. 2, H17. OTI'AIITS fsienm Candy, Paper Shelled Al O mom!. Raisins in boxes, halves and quarters, Cit ron, Hngbsh Currants und Figs. !.. h .1. X DEWEY. J. S PE1RCK. 7m0 A.C. PRESERV'D CITRON, Currants ami pa lent sperm Caudles for sole by 27m:i A. C. sri'.AR. .1. A. ltAVMOXn, PHYSICIAN AND SURflEON. OlT'Il'Hat the residence of the late ll)inau Lane, corner of t;i. Pauls and Bank jjlrrvl, Butliiu-ioir December 31, 1817. -!7if THINK of this tcheif y inokc Tobacco! Hood Ciaars are sold by A. S. DHWHY. December lol7. lGGS! A FEW Jmtnfrcth cggxjttxt re- U ceived by A. .S. DHWHY. DecetnlK-r JI.1S17. (iODI) ASSORTMENT of tiiosi: nml Ilrown ()'i:i!Ct)ATS. iust received and for 1. D. BIXIIY .t CO. -die cheap for ca.-h by Dec. W, 1S17, CLEIfill SHOES, Au.ks, M'aiiox Hok.s, k &c., for sale at Bikumitdx Fuv.mirv IRESH DRIED Al'l'LES. Fob slr by ! IVc. 15, HI7. CATLI.X .( SI'EAU rilAHLE LEGS. sirrs fi.m: tuuxkii i Table Legs, for sale bv Dec ISI7. HIUXXMMI) M IIHOTIIV.HS. JV, AUK SOW HllAI'Y TO S17TTLF. Mil II ALL our cusioincrs. "miviwein lVc I.''. 1S17. CA r.A Sl'l.Alt "straw cutters. rnOM'N'S STRAM'i'FTTERS foiislp. nv j JOHN BliADl.HY A.CO. Dec. Hi, Is 17. ?! Itook Itiiiilin. Tie' subscriber lias rccclvrd n choice lot ol laney binding Htock, nnd will orve his customers and tm. public, will itt-iA nlensure. on short notice. Nov. IM7. SAMUEL 11UXTIXGTOX II VVK OX 1! tXl) fiOOll ASSORTMKXT of HOOTS .V .SII0l:4 nnd resdv.made Cl.O- l'lllNlt. wliiih we moiHiis: to sell as Ion as tlie V call be alfoided in this iiu(kiu ic IS, IMi, CATl.l.X -S M'LJi:. SAI.I.Al) OH,, Pepper Same, Tomato Catup, London Mustard, Baker's Prepared Cocoa and'. .1. S. DEWEY. Dec. 1. piCTORIAI, JONATHAN, X do New York Sun, do Saturday Courier at IM wards' Book Store. 12ic 12)c 12Je DRESS GOODS, OFahnost every kiiovinstvle for Ijnlies wear, are" oflcriuir in iii.amitii's, and ot prices not suracd by any other house, c F. SrAMrof-u A: Co. NEW LIVERY STABLE. 12rS2haie en JofPllliS is to iiifntm my jiiitrniH ami tlie pulilic in general, that I ereett'd extensive and convenient minimi's tor llie accommodation of business, where customers may iind cioon noicsr.s ami cAiiniAfiiss, and experienced hands to attend their calls, and on the inii-l reasonable leiius. Cnrriaties lurnished on short notice for Funeral ser viccsaiul on Wedding ociiisinns. A Idiernl discount Iroin ordinary pihis will be made to Families, to and fiom Church on ;iiim!iis. OA' 7.lA7i AMU MR SALV, A good assoriinent of SADDI.l'.S, IIARNHSSKS. 'I'ltl'NKS. VAI.ISHS and oilier oruclis usual In my hue ol business. A few scrntid hand Cutlers and single Wagons, at the old stand, Hast side ol ihe Court Rouse Sounrc. , ,i StML':i' SKIXXEH. Burlington, Dec. 1., 1817. X. II. All persons Invingunsetiled accounts with Ihe sub-enber, which are of three ears standing and over, arc requested lo settle the same. -''I & -S'. SKIXXER. La in i I. v Jsfoeci y & riovis.ioii .Move, On College SI. one ilonr Katl of 11. Lyman's Store, and opjjosiie Ihrrinattm's I)ruj Stin-e. PSts 'IIE SURSCRIBER ftmr-mii? 1 would respectfully in foi in the public, that be has purchased llie stock iu trade ofthe late linn ol Fuller v. Briggs, nnd will con tinue business at their old slond, and that wilh the stock on hand and llie new supply of Family Oroccr ies nnd Provisions he is now receiving, he is confident ofsnii-fying all who may purchase otliim, as tu quali ty and price. Call and see. Burlington Nov. U, 1BI7, II. II. Mitchell. Save j our Fuel ! CAI.l. and examine Buck's air-ligbt Cocking Piove, superior to nnyothir Stove made, wilh Trim mings, Also, large Box Stores, for heuinig Public Buildings, Factories. e. Also, the I'nrlor Air-lighl Box BL'li 1.1XCTOX tVUXUHY. Dec 21,1317. TEA, COKFKK AND Sl'COt. T ALL I'ltirKS. L Dei. 15. IUI7. CATUX S .V'.M. 'PIN. SrovK AMI M'OODFA M'.VIiK. JIop ....'."is.'HH."' Wa'hU'lCATlJX H SPEA1,: MOFFAT'S ami tiik (Jit tKFKMiKito Pills. lie. 15. 1817. CA TUX tv Sl'EA 11. NO. I HUFFA1.0 R0HI1S Also. Muits and Bois. CATUX H SPEAK. rrOHACCO. Vux A no Hiiow.v's iatrv I line cut. CATUX k STEAE.

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