Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, February 11, 1848, Page 1

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated February 11, 1848 Page 1
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'If 3 1 it JVcw aeries, Vol. a iVo. IfiUKTiTiYUTON, FKFWAY SIOKWIIVW, t'KBJAKY II, ISJfS. Vol. XXf. Wliolc IVo. 1070 Burlington .free )xts$. Published at II tirl in jrt on , Vi., Jly 1. AV. C. V I. A It It 13, Ltlitor and Prtipriitor. Tcrmsi To Village sub.cribcisivhoicccivclhcpapcrby the carrier 5,m , If paid In advance, -Vw ! Mall .iibscribcrs ami thoc who lake It nt the Office 2. II paid m ndv-nnce, . ' Iro Ai'VKUTisr.MFATs inserted onthe cuti'iiiaiy term. oitmxwtv am) pjnj: -3 T Hxcctilcil nl tlic 1'ire I'ipss Office xvi rn c rsr. ami rest rr.u itv. ir JOHN BFIAD.LEY &. CO., riFVt.l t: t.v I'oitiuay m i Mi'.ttic i v wox, Steel, rut nii'l AVriin.'lit Nulls flukes Sic"! lion, Tin, Sheet Zinc, Shot, Lend, Dtf (Srotcrlrs, JFlour, Salt, i-'iVi, Pltitter, Paint. 07. Piie-ictmtln, Tar, Pitch, Jtosin. rim!air (iltim, Vi'Z Irnn, Ctittl, Ihirr Mill Atones, Minis Ctollm, .y. fie, so L r li v II ah I . n LIVERY STABLE.&diiSSS. HLACKNAllTU S1IOC, Jiy S. S. SKINKB15, u.- -- Middle, Ilnriipss mi t 'I'liuil; luiinliicljii it. font viilr V luit-ltnttic .nnie. LIVERY STABLE, ELLIS AND CHURCH, J. &. J . H. PECK &, CO. xviiollsvli; lv I'AIXTS, OILS, 07, US' N, .VI,S, Itnul-, I'ori'isu mvl Anieiicuii lion, Steel, Pis Iron. Coal, Tar, Pmlliiiz Vleths, Pitts, ttntl Carendiah 'Jo hn cm, ITOI'I!, mill I'nrrlsrn null Western SALT. Aient. for the sale ul 1'iiiihmk's Senlt s, Ad.un Smith's llarr Alill-Sioties, 1 .iji illn i ,1-. .Mnceoboy and J..HM l'.CK, ) I7,""'1' '"!r- SllloklllS '"'d JolIN II. I'ick, llltwina lol-aeeo. CvssirsP Pick,) On Ihe Sjiinie.Ctillear si. ii. V. STATiWiHli A; C o. i'i.ur.iv rv.MY ai- vtm'I.i; foKy-il vitnnir.c, nvsu iiZSSLRSJ .lliiKins, Ituas t'lmir llil Clitlh, Wimhur Shmltf, 'a' Hunt!- Ig-. .no'.llg (I'tlti s,nf rll m-:. s-, I'luwiiiu llliie, l,iht lllne mill While (uiinite W !t P. al-o, I'hina and (J!-i- Waie. ir.nci-:i:ij.s l'ti.x. Hi mui iicmi.rf, .c. ('lunch Slier I ;. iHl.l I.N IN Hi M S1" '.''"j y-5i!!vARjy -lianicsT.H., Moum' I'm- --m '- i-innir. Nfiil,(!ln, Win- iliiw Si-li. Iron, Steel. Tin Phi', Sli'ot Inn. Wiic. rJiXVS, OIL, riJilll. SALT. VLASTKIi, Hx'umX Ntrmr, Hi (Jiorci ! v Ci(n(nl Accnis nnl Cmnmivioti ."1crclnnta, A . TIIOM T mi N" w . J.. r i: t .Mi , ii ii jino 1. 1 r r i.e lht SiJ'' Court llnni.' Pijiune, Church ami CuUrsc-stis, i;i:o;u:i: run TTM I It IN" SOY, ScfRji' )1!Y (joons, Oracicry, Vlmir, Sail, Phtstrr, ll'imoH" Suth$ Itltibttf H.aiv .Mapi. Clot him:. Toucllur wiih n lare vaiiely of oilier rmiclr-s, Finr noon. N'linii 01 tui. qcut iiqi A. S . DEWEY, L OItocnU:s Axd I'UOVISIONS. Pellicular atlention pil lo piipMiu; customers silli lite ri ijualiiy ul PnOi p'ii'1 for IiMllcr, (.'hi'-i' ninl I'f-''. tl n o o r a y i) s n o i: s ro u i: , V P-jL C'lnnrli-twcl. New York, linMon, nml Htrw ill's l.rulics nml (Jpiitlciii-ii's Koots mui S!iop, of cviTj'ili'riplHm ntitl My!r,riuM.'nil!v on Ifunl. Sgr Iwi th,m- umth of JmvpIu'h, ami tJii ertly ttj'pa- ttitfi J) Krtiintnrtir llutrmr Store, Chttrth . " rfpr (UaTn". i;UVAl!l)S, j- nooKsr.LLzn h statioxm:, Constantly lor pale a general aortment ol' SCHOOL, CLACSICAL, a n i .uis;;s hooks. Till. CllF-(I' I' ATIO, lln-MC ll'ir.HS, KrA-, "hnit i. 11 i..h. IN'o 1, I'eel.V lluililiii'.', riillcae. 1. hook niMiiui, I'M'un un.r.n, AM! IJfiANK 1S00K 3IAKUH. the Vice V'rs? ihuldtwit College Sfirrt. CirAiit ami Cakinkt Mam;a(, Tuo 7)ioiN SuiilH Comily Kimio, Curni n , III r.i.ixo rnv, Vi. All kmil of work in llif nbne line uiaik lu order on l lu tlnrUt iioiitf. i. siiniuvooi) & rbs Avcnox jyj) co.v.visvox sroiu:, V nT Sll'l S 1 M i . Conlantly onlnnd fnlmu-t rnrnimre, Chairs, Look-in-f (ila-- a. o. AMOS C. SPEAR, IX P.VriIXT AM) TimMlso.NIW tf ,-Medieiiies. Clc-iiuenlp, Siiriicnl nml Deninl . urumenis. Muiein ') e. ih, Polls, leeches, q'ni-sis, IVmnUr .Soap, IcisiulT Ca ,H,e elnk & ''"'v ,1M,JBU"-'dIjl,c exwlmsi towards I t!cnct. l,oUseci. tliu Meklcin Commissinnirs'nnJ i J"st sen-e uf the cnorniily of this war, i lo let ins, c te 1)"t""".L!. bene. Inki,. Illaik- ( ak and prostrale Mexico, which was tnani- Mr- ,VtUu sl0 ofll.rB .llnpIo imk.milv f(ir ,.vu. , them feel tho co-t ofit. My colleague ha spo Church street, Hurhmiton, Vt. l0"lc:a towards Ureat JIiilian, ill that con lover- j rv tlln,, mttho exiiens.-s of the war. "Slio pro- ken of Ihe revenue to bo derived Itom Mexico, tl' 1 O k I nil I III 1 1 !l I'm I . 111 In. ,l il f 1 1 r.l ,. .1 rot, .,1 I - " J . - . . . . . ' . . 1 . l . I !..! ll... ll.n I I I... lUJIN.-ill Ml) A- ItltO'I'lll'tm TT'VTv Ki i vi'I'viwitik P-J-Aj rii.i.i.s.iiiiii-,, j,,,!.. uimv inuK .npiu.cis, jeui-ier,' Jeweler, 1 A.NU Ur.ALF.Il- i'i JIM. I K.ll.l (HVl'E OHODS, tUltl II HI fill Ctll II tlj Iff Chuick Shcil, llurIiiU!ioii,'t, J. MITCHELL, Mi: n en .v v ta i i. o n, tleneriil ItenilyOImlo Clothine; Stoic. Church Sirect, llurlinatnn, t lur hnetnii VI - ,,. , : ";. . r ':"JiU' nitll MCd SiOfC, i)i'iii.i.(;T() AVsiwhuiist JJY .1. !S. lMIUtCL", Constantly nn hmd a larSe nssort- nieut ol I'lirtniiiit I'lensilw, (hit den !- s. 1 ... I I' I I -..-.I I --. jinpieiueuis, l ivin, .niincii nun 1 lower S I .I..S-0, nr.Au:i: .v srovrs, S.T11VE jirE, iiitvntiM.s axu jiou.ow-w'Aur.. colli ot srnir-r. qT il l A Pi & AltTJIUH, V?4y Jhahrs in Hardware, Drus, IMiot, Oils, Dye-SliiltV, Arc. Arc. rocxen or rnnscii ami cm.i.ii.r. strccts. 5l) UUltLlXGTOX IIAKKi;r, Qf BY W. O. II A ltltlHGTON. mj:at.s, fish, , iuii:i'Mii,n:, of i vciy vainly, Lakh, Tai. low, Cv tire. At Ihe Cuiuei uf I'hmch nnd CulUgefHntli. Troiii riralifini's Ingnino fur IVhninry. Tht' NmvOIllI ft tan the (htman of Ktrntr nv wiLMAM r. nnvANT. In yoinlrr mill T irici1t And inc down tn look Upon the wheel's ipiick glimmer, And on the Jlowinp biook. Ai in a dream before me, Tbe paw, with rcotlrm play, AVni eleaiiiu' tbrouh n Ih-luc Jta long and steady way. The tree thioiigh nil ii$ fibres With li inc inoiion Mim-d, And, in a dirc-hke murmur, Thtc solfiun words 1 lieaid (l'l, thou who wnndemt hither, t A timely uuef-t thou nrtl I or ibcc thii rruel cnaitic Is pairing thtongh my Ik nrt. When frion, in rnrlhw flill Iiom-hi, Tiiy huiiiH of u "-l bcp-ui, TbMood f-liftll futin tin- chnmbf r Wh"c walls shall clos-c tine in, Tour pl-nik" 1 s'iw nml shuddered Dropped in that huy mill ; 'i'hen, ni I tried to ntipwer, IW At once.thc wheel was Mill. SPEECH OK flIH. P12A1 (or jtAi:vr.AMi.) On the Tin Ittiiimcnl Hill. V. S. Sr.M-rr;, .Tan. 13, 1818. COMIX Pl 11. Well, now, the next position tn which I ask the atlention of the Senate is this : lhat, as we were in po-sc.-sion that beingn-snmcd, thoiiffh I think 1 have shown that il was not so the President was bound to march the forces of the I ITnited Stales to Ihe llio (Irande. in order to dis- in order todis- inssess the .Mexican. j M.. ,,...,.,- I .11.1 ..... ..... .in. .mnio. . .no it.i. r.i (-. j ueuiy ui peace w eio ieiioui;ucu lur snci Hieing icoiuiil, siiie.iuiu uui um . ouiu ujhuuv.!. i Mr. Pr.utiT.. I am awate that the Senator , the honor or thu country in not obtaining pecn-. That is what some gentlemen contemplate. did not take that position : it is llio language of niary indemnity. Sir, I despise, I scorn tliis de- iicollect one ery ultra gcntleinan said, the Pie-ddent him-elf. ami I find it repealed in 1 in and of pecuniary iiiilemnily for violated faith, sometime since, that the day was fa-t approach the Union to-day. 1 hold that if Texas hid a 1 whether made by an inditidualor aiiitioii. I ing w lien men (Jliin.i would lie a component pirt riglitiul claim to tho country, it being in pow-cs-1 never lieaid of such si thing ninong.-t gentlemen, ol the United States ! Aio our dreams of illu sion of .Mexico, this gave linn noiiiiiit to march 1 have had the curiosity to examine Jonah l.ilion huundless ? If we go on in this way -m-tiiu troops of the Lmtcd .Stales theie. 'J'hat j liarrington's account of the celebrated Kilkcn- ' larging our boundaries, must we not eventually was an ael or war, which, under the Constitu-. ny Club, renowned Air being composed or Ihe bo broken into fingmcntn Must we not co no lion of the United Stales, the President had no 1 nio-t cliiialroiis gentlemen that over pulled trig-1 at last to dissolution, like the circle in the water, right to commit ; tins i solely at tho discretion i Ill Congies, and is usurp ition in the other branch of the government, no nutter unJer what circmiisianee.s it may be dime. I make this dec l.u.ition under high authority. Let mo remind the Senate of the examples given by the Seni tor lrtin North Carolina, .Mr. Ikidger, nt the la-t session. When .Mr. .lell'erson addies-sed a coulideiilial coiumutiicatiuii to Congress, and in vited their attention to tho condition of a cer tain poilion ol the Stale of Louisiana, then held by Spain, in v inlation of the treaty ol' 18ti:i. be represented tn Congress that hu had tried nego tiation ill vain, but did not leel at liberty to send the United Slates loree- into that pait nl' Louis iana, because, as he said, that act, Spain being in possession, might change the relations ol the country, ui. d lliein fuun a stale of peace to a statu of war. That territory clearly belong ed unto us alone, but was nut taken jio-se ion ol by order of the President. Spain lur a long time ritdincd possession of lliu port of .Mobile", and the Florida patisbe, as they were called. Nur were the latter taken possession of by the arms of tho United States until 1810; the "coun try was revolutionized by n set or private adven turers, who setup n government lor themselves. In that stale ofnllaiis, Congress not being in se-sion, Mr. Madi-on issued n proclamation and took possession; because, otherwise, as he said, thesu pui-hes would have been considered de relict, lie tool; it out of tho hands of the pri v.ite adventurers who bad ousted tho Spanish authorities and taken kwsoIoii of it. Mr. Madi-on did not take possession of .Mobile till I SKI, alter the passage ul Ihe sectel Act ol Longress of I year, authorising him to do so. Now, I say, then, upon Uie strength of the authorities, that if Mexico had possession ol the territory, or any pait ol tlie teruloiy, bi Iv.een the ixueci - ....1 11 in mo . . .iiiAiiii, una is uui mo lv iu-l.inee ol the liiibearanco with vvhiili this (ioveriimetit has subinilled to the holding1 of country by foreign nilioti-, claimed by us. How long was it beloro certain iliiti-h piuts in cluded within tlie limits of tho United States by the tieaty ol '83, actually came into our poscs s'.on? (ireal liiilaiu held them, I think, from 'b'i till after Jay's treaty nml the defeat ol" llio In dians by (.eneral Wiiyna. Yet we declared no war against great llritain, (len. Washington never thought of sending uu anny tu take posses-ion of ItlCfO po t-. .Mr. 1I.vxm.gax. They wcro held by Great Hritaiti till "iij. Mr. Pr.Ake):. A period of twelve years. Let mo tefer al-o to the north eastern boundary qtics tinn, in di-pule, from the treaty ul down to Ihe settletu. nt by the treaty nl" Washington in 'li. I think both I louses ol" Cougiess, by a uii'ininioiis vole, declared our tillu lo tho buiin dirv as we claimed it, and yet Creat lSiilian oc cupied a portion of tlie teruloiy ; even her mil. t.iry forces were llieie, mid not only so, but a ciluen of thu United StaUswas arrested on Ihe soil claimed by 11, was cauied away nml incar cerated ill a dungeon, jet neither (len. Jacksnn, dining whoso administration tho con- trovcisy existed, nur .Mr. an liureu, 1 iiting whoso udmiiiislratioii the incident, which I have 111st related occurred, ever thought ol inarching 1 tho United Stales troops there, ami taking pos- ss-ionollhe country, i liayknovv th.itCutigii-s 1 a lonu coum iuiiiiuri.u sticii a iroceeiuiig. mai ili-nuto was seltle.l liy negntiaiion, iin.l if ono I r 1 i i i ,.' " i. iii i . V , iroi-iirv won d h-avo been wasted. 1 1 ...... .,.,,l,,.r i.ltt,.p ,r recent, nml moie ll.igraiit. Let luu leinind the Senate of 'tho en, o nl I In. fit r, il mo 'riioi-n n ml. .nl,!..,tl.. I American bloud was shed upon American soil shul by 1'iili-h troops led by a lliitish ollicer, W'ho wa applauded and piomnted fur tho act; andjct Mr, Van Huron did not take tho law into bis h inds ho did not mako war again-t (,nat llritain be did nut 10k Congress tu mako ! nt . . ,1 ! Vt V T a" UCl "f 1,0 ."'"y "llt'0"'ite,"yi 1",t11Mr'.Xil"1"1 "'V8 C,,,",1,'1 to ,tcUl,) ".1U! f" ,.W11' 1;lluw' ",lr. whether the United States intend to luverto llio j 111110 "onoied maxim I " 1'arcere subjeclis, debell.ire Biiperboar Shall wo make war on tho weak, and not up on Ibo strong I Icar wo have forgotten lhat maxim in our course towards .Mexico, anil tram plo upon her who is least ablo to resist us, I do nut doubt that it is tho duty of tho President of tho United Elates to repel invasion when mado wilbin our acknowledged limits. Hut 1 deny that lids is war. 1 deny tlicio can bo a state of war, properly m colli il, unless tho Cougrussof the United Stales luvo exerted thuir iiowers, und declared war. It is not for the Pies- idem to put llio countiy lu a stale ol war, cer tainly not to invade a territory claimed by us 1 without right, and then to vititucite himself by ,lho decl.uation lhat tho leintoiy of lliu United Slate's, whs invaded that American bluod had! Slater was invaded that American bluod liaili been hwl HjHJii American .oil. Sir, I blushed .nn. 11. ..... .....i.t, vuii .. .... , nun ..uiiiiii.uu;- j eouipieieiy xiinquisueu nur lovvn siorincd and iy lot.s ed il I rum the opposite bnil; of lliu river, a- Ihoy , inb.irded her seaports in your pos-cs-ion or Treasury Notes ont migbthave done at, Ihe Piesidmt bele.igucd hv your IlieU lier government I'll-1 siaiehni; and pay had n right lu take . session uf lb it portion of j oi(h0 iln,l youranuies, in the fashionable phia-o !,ljle "huipicsent- hr the President when ho mado that monstrous iissoilion. t , Now, a In Ihe farther prosecnliou of the war the 1'iesident tells u ery dislinclly in Ins Mes sage, that we lire lo have no peace Willi his eon senl, until complete indemnity shall be obtained fiom .Mexico 11 indemnity for tho past mid so curily lur tho future,'' well characleii'cd yes terday hv tho Senator from Delaware, as one half dr J'lexlco for Indemnity, and tho other Irijf iisseciirily I I agree willi my colleague in his declination, lhat in the liinmphsof our arms we lime obtained ample iinl 'innily. I do not like to boast of the prowess of tny countrymen, hl.t .,.,..,.,:,,!,. I !,.., I,,,..., ,,,,.!, f! Ml,-!.- In. l'. .. ....,!.. I. . Al.' I. llw. clr,. ,.r nn,. Initios lhat 1 hum ever lead. I know nothing to compare wilh them, miles it be tho defeat ol Ihe P.nssians at Narva by Oulos Nil. of Kwc- den. A to liidemnily liir tbe cxpen.-es of the war, when, let me ask. have wo ever Fought , coiiipcnsntion in damages from other iiiitiiins with whom wo have been nt war ? We lnnc had but three wars: the war of the revolution a ,jut ono,I t:il:o it was the first one in which we wcro cng.iged, rind wo do not fee why we should not us well demand indemnity for its ex penses as for tho ono in which v.o aro now in ohed, JIiil no one dicumi'd of demanding In demnity for that war. Tho "war of 1812 was a jut war, as I believe eminently a just war prouiked by Ilritish agression, by tho inipresMnent of our seamen, hv injuries in iol.itioti nl our commercial rights. V' uaged that war for three years and settled it, as I siippo-o eerybudy agreed, without any Ins of national honor, hut without leeeiving or de- mamling anv indemnitv, W'u spent hnni one Ilo inn hiiinlinil ioIIMoos In tlmt u .ir mid did not get a penny back. ison nod Ins ivih! 1 never lieaid that .Mr. ..lad-' ison and his cabinet, and Ihevvi-o men who' weio in this chamber then, and w ho ratified thu 1 - I.... I f r;cr. Uv their rules thu lepaiation of I iniill and wrongs is reduced lo a sjs-1 tern. Ilcry oll'enco was strictly ib'hned, a'nd , the appropriate degree of punishment pre-cribed. ' If the ofi'encu weio slight, tho party aggrieved in. uv t.iii-ieu nun an exeii.uioe in Minis. ; II' a little mure aggravated, it was requiicd that 1 one paity should be blooded. When the offence was ot a very grave nature, somebody was to be i well blooded; and llieru was scarcely any of fence which icqiiired. accoidiug lo tli'e.-o "rules of chivalrous honor, that the cuinbat should be inoital. Certainly, in no instance, is it iecoi- ded jn the annals of the Kilkenny Club thai pe ciiuiary compensation was to bo demanded hv tho patty ollended. Sir. ll.iriington recoids no I iolnnc, in i. MM. tl.o;.n,l..r ..j .ltr.,1 i, ...... -s " ....... ....v..... . ... .......... ..j.l... to pay for Ihe powder and ball consumed, Ihe pi-Iols used, and the transportation tn thu field i nl honor that is to say, the hack hiio! Now, . no. .in . , ill ii , jttm u , ii.iiion in .1 111111:1 sun- than a private individual; neither have 1 one rule Tor .Mexico and another for Liiglaud. What is the cundilinn of .Mexico ? Before I reply to lhat inquiry, let lite say that I am per fectly disposed lo demand ol .Mexico coiupen-a-tion 111 damages nut for the iolatioii of nation al honor, but tor the iniurioa dune to our citi.ens in their commerce. We aro their guardians guardian of their pecuniary rigid.-, which we are bound to maintain usngain-t .Mexico and all the world and to seo lepaircd by pecuniary in demnification. 1 hold it to be periectiy rigiil to demand ideinnity of Mexico on that ground. If she cannot give indemnity in money, let u take it in land. Hut do not let 11 make that 11 pie text for lobbing Mexno. She is pro.-trate and bleeding at your le. t. Your armies have tii- uniiibed in pi nrv fino, lhat of Pub, !to I lu the last batllu at Chapiilti-pec. She has bi.en '. . j , - . . I .... I ... I. .1 I . . 1 ui mo d.iv, "reveling luiiieii.ius o too .vionie-' 7.11111US. mil moie no ) 011 want; Is not this enough? Did you over hear ol the bully who when he hail knocked his man duvvu, thought it bis vulgar duty to pull out his eyes ? Do von tccollect, sir, tho cj iie uf Tom Crib to iiig'lten .' "Sttike a man when he's down, nsjain nnd nqaiu liy the li-l ol my f jiher ! I Plush lor Ih-e, lieu." Did urn ever hear of a duelist, who, when he h id shot his man, in-i.-ted on bov. ie-kninng him on the pot ( .Mexico cannot hi ing an tinny into tho field. I ter revenues nre cxhaiis.led. She i helpless nnd hopeless, except in your mercy. Vet von propoto to cany lliu war fu'rthei "into the vilaL ol Ihe country." Not satisfied witli Ihe blood alicady shed, Jo you third fornmio ? do you deiro mom towns lo bombard, Iresh ur lines tn deleal t When there nre none of lliese In ho ruiind will von reioieo in ibo shin. .bier nf. I the miserable giierilleras ? I .Mr. President, let us take caie that the dis - 'graceful guerilla warl ire of Spain bo not n- liiewcd upon Ibis cuiiliuent! Is there to be no 'end tu this slate of things .' I do not believe that tho violated honor ot the country renames 1 such vindication. That honor is in much grea- ..... .1, ..r I. .!...,. ....t. i... 1 1 - 1 ,lnct -m 0 filrlll0r ()r.cculion ,;f tlis WlU, , jt -H yM LX;C0 Inlul bU0 rur .ee ! ,,,. ,... ,,,..,. ,,,, ...,, slin , .,, ' , , . - 1 ..... .1... You must know that she I Sill' 101 Jll .ll.l- . anxious for peace. I know Hut a treaty peace can be obtained from Mexico. 1 nuke ,,air,in n,.r , ,,..., i ,,t ,i, ,,,, that assertion altera peru-il of the cnrrepoii - poaes lu cede l.ahioriiia, Irum its junction with wrcgoi 10 l no imriy-seveuiu uegrco 01 laiutiue. -'..i i."i.. .1 .i. 11 v ..... . . uJricu tho tori itoriul cxt-'ntof Virginia, ami lar- 'crtluin a thcew l.ngl.iiul fttntes, .xovv 101K and Pennsylvania together; and it includes the harbor of San Prancisco the coveted object of. uur desire, and which, sir, alone, is vvorlli more than Ibo claims of our citi.cns against Mexico, Well. Mexico gives very sullicieut reasons vv iy s no s noil 1 lliu ceue mure, nuu suvs null Lower Caliruruia cuunnand, her nroviucunf So- nor.., and that sl.u cannot bo asked to give up what would mako her vulnerable in her weak- why sho should nut cede more. Sho savs lhat . - .. .... . . . .... est puint. Slieianuutgivoupall Ciuier Califur- ity.nml lliattluu it cousiuerauio reveuuu wunm renueuieui s, .., ,.. ,1 ..i.... ,ie ilia, because a poition ol it is nece.-ary to main- bo obtained. I has gone to a benighted ami. . In justice to Uie tain tho Und cnmni.uiicallon between Luwer' Hut, sir, thev will nut mako these contract, ignuraiit inhabitants, und to his own qualilica California and tho other portions or her ilomin-, especially when thero is u probability that If lions, &c ho slinubl bo aponited prolessor 111 ions. Sho c innot give up New Mexico, because1 made Ihey will bo invalidated, when Ibo present soino Academy or University In .Mexico, or jier- tho people thero are llioy aro devote'd to staio 01 tilings sua Mexico. 'I'hnv nbhnr union xv Ih this coiintrv. a lis on. and il von could get tho whole reveuuu uici.y, hi greai a piuucieiiiiu p1.1011u.11 uiurauty, one 11. nn Ai.iii.imajiniiuieotiieriioiu vii.s.i-ippi She canuol, therefore, give up Now Mexico. It ! which Mexico laised in a peri.l of peace and ,, ,s by this . inc 1 better ' f"r o. pheISX n"! iKu'uV S!c tsiiiei in insist iit.tu anu pi........ t.w.k.ip. ... .. -(.. .. , j.... ......... .sv . , , r.l , 1 , 1 M'l... .... . .. :.i t- ,111011. lliese re"llliems, nuueu 10 mow xv mt 11 xuil do nut want it, and with my vote, New Mexico lions and your military oieralions are co-ting neai her ol llio im-pei. 1 11c .est, with which, nu. ,, i,.iuuihi.iity to send, will make our lone will uover bo added to this Union never Sir, I von ncarlv fifty millions. Tho Secretary of the he speaks of those peculiar operations on thui theie nbom ivjjxm wrong Ad lihese t.n rcp..,,is, , ,'l'rcaiirvIhan''iiinoas ho is, does not estimato property of tho l.inners ot lu own State, indi- and urn wilt ih.-n have ,0,000 Ameiieiin soldiers U -What were the elects of tl.o hirmaliot, oflhisllheso resource" hairsu high as ,,,y colleage. ,catc vmnt Perjn carrying pri..- j J.'ii'luVli',. iV.."Vur V.V.loli,nI,t't,r,,,l.l?i,;;J t.ition; 'We, the People of the United Stales, in order 1 lo form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic trannuililv. provide for tho coin inou delence, promote the general welfare and inou delence, prouiolo the generitl vvellare ami secuio llio blenoingtuf liberty tu oiit.clvuu and our posterity, ilo nnlnin nml cnlnlilUli tills Con- ttitnlion for tho Unilcil Stales of America." "To mtnbll'h union" "tn f nsiiro doiiietic tranqnilily ' tlicsu wcro nmonrrit lliu frlorimis objects for which our constitution wa fonneil. liir, ilo you imnnino lhat our union will he pro - inotcil tint our"ih)inetic tr.inruilitv will ho en - sured by rotnpclllnn; these rerrnclnrv coiinniini - tic.-t to enter our Union, in spite or all the dili'cr - piieet or blood, reli-jimi, i.tce, nml color, nml tilled with niorlal bailed or ns nillioy now mo ? Nu man can ho ea fnolUli, fir, ns to suppose that by sucli means our union will bo promoted. Is scch a union no-iblo It reminds mo of tho . '. . . .... ,i a- iory ill "l.c Diablo lloitcaiix. l on may re-; innn' cir ll.n ll.lO' flf tlintlVO lleillOHS. Willi . ciuarrellcd and raised such an uproar In Lucifer's . dominions, that he was compelled lo interfere. I He commanded lliein, uudei infernal ji.tins and , pen.illies, to embrace and rweur lobe friends for-1 eer. wo nut so, samino uui,iuii,nim uau each other mot tally ctcr fincc. nucn, sir, win ( ny some j.eiiaioi-, in wuoui i im inn. nupiiiu nv he the conseiiieiiceofthat union which you wish jollier than patriotic molivcs. I think they tue to bring about. Such w ill ha tho fraternal union J entirely mistaken. Tor myclf, I am willing to between the United K'jitea und .Mexico. I see it I take the rcpioacli of coiisi'-lent dullness, by ad (rcdictci!, t)r, tint If wo sliT'itid annex Mexico, J boring to the docilities which I have heiean he would he to us what Iiel.ind i to Ureal llrit-1 noiiiiccd, and refusing to nlea nuu mere until ain ; a pcr0tual souiee of bloodshed, cmb.irr.i--' 1 seen heller deposition on the part id' the l'.x ments, annoyance, endless di .quietude. I do eculive to make peace. 1 b -luno that Ihe finor ti list, that llio country w ill not sanction such an able opportunity to make peace was allowed to idea that the .Senate will not sanction it that , pa's nniuiprncil. in the progress or this discti-'ion, all will como I believe that IT this (lovernment had not do- to pcrceie tlie truth, as 1 think that I perceive i it. 1 l.fl.. c..:.l il..., ..... nt.,tn ,,-o nn i.otu'stl '".s- .-.tu 111.11. 111 in wr..i.w.., .... 1 obtain satisfactory terms from Mcmco. I do, not mean to say, lhat llio terms ollcrcil nv tno 1 Mexican OoiiiinUsinncr. weio trceiclv hic i ns I would iieeent. but Ibev ulTurd. at all events, a '. proper basis tor negotiation Ifwe do lint ship here, when and where shall wo stop I Are we to become tho oceau-licund i I.I! .lt - . l. .. I...!.. !...? w Inch by " bioail spreading is dispersed lo nought ? Tho hands which unite our coiinlty, if stnlchci so far tnii-t inevitably fcnap. We mu-t stop now or necr. )f wo persi-t in this course, we must como lo , nioiei'l o uie rieni I mm Indiana. . r. am ne-jan) and then I lane it, the dissolution ol I lie Union would be inevitable. I do not know Ilia" in such ii case tho event would bu mailer ol legict. Let mo trouble you wilh a fewwoids moie oi tho siibeet ol the expenses of this war, in cot nectioii with the bill more immediately Ihe sul icclof di-eiis-ion. I have examined the slalc- iiient ol tlie Secietaiy of the Tieasiiry for nlll fm, t,.lt t,e expenses of tbe curtei.t . , .. I ... I. I I. ...I ..Ml ear, lauiiig uie quariei v nieii u;is i-.pneo, win .,mout to sevenlv-livo million. I conre.-s I vv;ls startled when I bavv the ttalomcnt. Tlie Secietaiy says: 'fhat the total receipts and means for the jear ending June, IS IS, inc. es timated at The expenditures for the lust quarter, 81S,33V15 M wlueli lile nsecr- I. lined, bellli $1(1,1(W,1GI CD And Ihe fslunaled expellihUlles tor the rest ol the year be in i.s lollow s : Civil h-t, loiei;n in teieourse.niHt lnis-cellaneou-, Army pioper incbi ihtii; volunteeis, rortlliealioiis, old nance, aiming mi litia, Arc Iinhaii Department r,l3i.,U() l-i i;i,0s0,srij 5S !i.(i::c,,thi so l.Ciji.wi ar, 1 ,ni'i:i,r::l a w;i)ii l" 1 ell-loll, aval eslaliil- ililent ,m Public Debt and Treaeu- Vj0,",7 13 '.W.IS'J HI ... ..i.,,!, .. pendiiures will be .riS,Cil."i,f.r.o 00 l.eavne; uu o.xecssnl cNpellditmes over means, 1st July, HIS, S.15,7-J,U I - When the war co nmonccd we had a surplu of twenty millions in tl.o Troisury, nnd Congrats adopted new financial urasiuis, "which weie ex pected by the Ad uitii-tialioii lu impiovo tlie condition or thu Troa-iirv. Hut wo have spent Ihe twentv millions. siirlii- all the ciinent re venue which we have received, increased as they are said to have b-en by tho new tariff, be sido thirty eight million, according to my com putation, of lo am and treasury note. In Jan 11 iry last the Secretary came "to u for twenty three million, which he said would be ample. iiut in a month heuskeJ loraiilhuiity to ro-issue live millions ol tie.iurv note.-, nu.l now another ' I"'111 eighteen and a hall millions is demanded Ir the '.'rvice of Ihe present vonr. I apprehend it will bo necessary to raise, more tli in licit for 1 the excessof expeiuhtiiio in tho year IS IB. This is a vvoful state of tilings. 1 venture lo -ay that , il you continue your military operations as they liru now conducted, belore eighteen mouth-, 1 either your treasury w ill ho binkriipl ur you will he obliged to adopt some new und extraordinary tin meiri! tnonsoros. I . for one. shall be ureivired j for the cri-is, hi not pist, Sir, that the coming generation fi,uld siilVer for the follv of tho pie.-ent. It is i!nutjust In keep glory lor the ..present .age and taxes fnr the next. r jou vv ill have Ihe g ory, iyo ought to lino tho tixcs along Willi it. 1 1 believe llio only way lulning uie peopii 10 .1 I believe llio onlv wav tu In in ' ami veiiutreu mo uj uuoii in.n 1 nu .u , o..m sustained in tltis way, without tlie cost ol a dul- hir to our 1 rea-ury. J s ill is 11 to uo expecieu mai .uexii u 111 nei 1 - s T ! present depressed cunuiiiui i.epi uuwn uy an eiumy, holding her povverlul towns overrun- mn; ier i-iiiiiiui, 111-1 .on..-.., r.'."j"....s. trade and bu-iness broken iii liorpenpio ground to llio iliist by military oppression, win lurnisii ar.j tiling hku the amount, whicli he has reprc-! scnted, as accruing to herTre.iury intiineol, prospe-itv ? You wont yet a dollar which is i f 1 n:.....r.l... 1.. ...I , " pe-uv 1 not furccd fr, Hu speaks of lhat they aiig' irom ner ai uio puuu 01 uio ,,,-. I 10 duty on cuntracis, aim says .,1,1 ,.m I,., stamned hv vonr author- II leriniu ue. "'ii"ll,,'-M nu inn miii nun-, iw i , , - reliable statement of llio amount of duties re- alied ill Mexico on exports. Tho duties oil .. .,..!.. ...i..i.t ,,.,, ,,. le.lf 11 in nn. J here- - lc i-eipts from duties nu imports in time of peace have varied from six lo twelve millions. )) hat pvi,v i,, ....n. ......... f h have varied Irom six lo ivveivu uninons. probabilily in there that these would be ball Uio j first sum, when our armies wcro covering the whole country ? I'.von the .Secretary tlilnKs lliat tin liirpa por- tion of llio internal revenue- coiild he eollcrtod under our military ; nml ho with nil hii enrjer- 'nrs - i to nrc.-cntn f.ivorable icw of tins project, ' admits that ho hat no Kiillicient tin In on winch , to Iiihc any leliable ctlmato nt totlni source of 1 revenue. So that I caution tho country nsiln-l theso delusive ronjecture". As Tor the 10,000 men proposed by the bill, I I tvill not vote for one of thorn. I belie; o with the Senator from Kentucuy, .Mr. Ciittcuden, tliat we have troops cnousli lor .1 .1 , r.l.:. I an uio lepuimaie purposes m mis n,u, aim mn- tll'ltl CtlOllirll. mill W'llilel WOUld Hill 00111' UlClll food nnd c.lolhing, 1 wunld not now gno for thu war another Foldier until I saw a di-position on tho put ol lho Ilxecutiio to bung about a peace, 1 look at tbe honor of the country inadillercnt i-pi-, i innn uu m nnn o m- n ... . mamleil too much, they could haio made a peace periectiy sati-t.ictory to me country, ami una n i noil bo fiil.illied no lust olid KillrM l I! ! - .- . , term. I w ill not incrca-e the forces in .Mexico '"r uio in ni-e 111 oieiruiiuiug nun nune.iu 1 the country itry. 11 would 110 a 1.1-imir reproaen 10 n to do so. I wish to see the United State ' uipoeu to seme 1111s oniurnvcr.-y 111 a s unt 01 magnaninnly more glorious even than all the victories we hae gained Answer lo .tiilm Atulerson, my .lo." liv .vr.s. iiiAWioui). Jean Amleton, my ain Jenn ! t Ve've been a le.i'l yude w lie ; Ye've niair than shaied my pain, .lean, Ye've been Iny joy llilouirh lile ; I loved ye ill your oath, .lean, Wi' bouny snonded brov." ; lint maun l lell the truth, Jean, 1 love the better now. I've been n mm n' toil, Jean, .Vial nie obliged to roam ; Hut till ye Imbibe smile, Jean, And canny "welcome home !'' Oar hearth wa aje a-huht, Jeiill, The kail-poi 011 the (he, When 1 came back at uinlit, can, I found my bean's ilesue. Our bairns have bred some cares, Jean, Hut thank tu thee, my .In, Thev briiiubt not 0111 icy bans, Jean, Vi' shame nrsoriow low ; And when at lal out bed, Jean, llesnle the kitk maun be. The '11 honor 11 when dead, Jean ! And that's ciioiigli lor me, People's Press. irrsiii OiiTiiooiiAniv, Mokamtv and (iRAMMAI!. It ha always been understood lliat much of the fascination oi'war is owing to it vic tories. Were war a sitcce-sion of defeat, it 1.1 1 r..... l r..- .1 :i i ..,.. niiw ,e,v t..,,-. o.lii 101 tuu wiiuesi lire-eater; but lurliin itcly the cry olviclury is heard often enough lo 1-011-0 tho spirits and re- dust, but her i;ovcriiiiieiitisdispei.-e,l nnd ahnostaum vvnrd the excrtion-ol Mars's devnlee, nml thus filiated by our eoiniuerini; army. She I1.1 no army, to nerontn itr. lis liiiwor t.m nvli.ii. n nl nnin In r.ict, when one considers the number and na- t uro or tho triumphs of war, hu almost wonders how any can escape its r initiation. We pre- Mime, however, that the.-e victories share tho fate nf other bles-ing nnd are overlooked, oral least uii'V -estinvite.l, becau-e of tbe natural in- gratiliidu uf man which Feldom permits him to bu thankful for fitvor, c-pccitillv for favors which nre a- common as they are" great, l'or oilr.-clve, we plead guilty to (lie charge of in- gratitude. e nckmnv ledge that we hive not ieili7edthe number nor gieatne-s of these tri umphs. Tho true gtai.d.'iir and siibhmitv of wir have been hidden fiom 11s, ami wo have hitherto groped along in hie, utterly unconscious blindness. Hut, us hist, Ihe scales 1 hive fallen from our eye, and thankful for tlie clearness of vision which wo now enjoy, we ha-tcn to make amends fur our former ine"iill'i- lity. Hejoicing.iis we ilo, in oiirpre.-ent enliglit- eninent. wo e.irncsllv de-ire that our readers I -linulil siiaro our lrip'nine--s. and to enable them I so to do, wi I ....e.,6i,u,,n,,i , lv of siibniilling to the same operation, which h is proved entirely successful in removing the cataract from tho eve of our mind. Wu entreat you then, dear reader, for the -ake of truth and justice, and your own hap-piiie-, to perit-o with care tho fulhnvingepi-tle, and we gu'iranteo that, during its p?ru-al, you will feel xntir mental eyes opening and their I openiii" ami their I pupils dilating, until tho temploof voitr iniud beenmes bright vvith.excess light. owill nut detain jou ny luiiiier remark, (or we lung tn hive vonr dirkue-s di-oelled Ili-len then to toad Ibis remarkable document, and confess publicly that you have never belore appreciated the victories nnd glories ot wa This precious epistle was leer to his beloved father : i written by a vuluu- ' Lui-tsxru.c, Ky Jefferson Conntv, J near Salt river, Oct, 11, 1 S 17. V,' Dn.vtt I'atiiei: : Sir I am safe and -ound and in guod health. Wo are camped seven mile below Luuisville, in a low, swampy place, inns keter. arehcli here lluy are t evented! compa ..',.,....11: ...',1... ., , , ,, .,, llc V ex neit lo leave heie thu L'llth. lt ;t u iluiblhil wiic-tt. I 11111 lu ns good health a inyiJ bCCIJ l0wo l:uv, P!t,nt,. ,K (ns nnJ uro fo ,,.a ihewrmsaio untiling but shells, and b icon side th it was kept ever since 10, ami some iron buckets weigh '.'(I odd pound. We have had several lights in camp, (live my lovo to mother and brothers Sc., tell her nut to be any ways di-lrussed fur we win get Home 111 six innniii. vv o are nil we Wo all go a stealing every night and , ., 1....,, ,,0t dotiblu guards. Hut we knncl, , ,f , (lf ,jl0 , ovury lliing. and Ihe ....,. ., ,r,IM,rs sail lliev III- ,cmL.j tu i.jHoicry devil of u, ' Your sincere Son." 0 trust tint tho writer of Ibis fragrant epis- lie, which has no equal ill tlie lellers ul I lurace Vr..l..l., Mil nn. 1 1 . So, i,nn I hid rn r.t It. i.e. ,, ...p..." ... , "si er, win 1101 uo -uin-ii-u 10 .i.iu ins piutuiw. on tho desert air. Such intellectual and moral ....p-, ... 1 ...., ,,. 1 , . , . . , .. . . . 1 ' - unshrinking hdelity ill convcrliug ah, tract truth into living reality, 1110 te'.icliiiigs ol such a man will never no suniect lu the ininulatiou 0 , ,.,.onin..s nml link. Ill, ili.nn. IlL . . ... I .... 1 vagueness and indeliiutcncss, "w ill give point to hi-precepts, : . . . OKll ill U '," ! Ui ""'"".""" ""-i Ilia, his .Mexican pupils vv ill be nude to leel that1 uui wo iioiibt nut, Ins reasonings have nn iron consistencj', lhat .ill his nseilions nre ileiiionstratious. Whalover may bo his situation, professor or preacher, wo aro confident that lie will lie a fit ting ami hiilliant representative of national glo ry, and, for our own ait, we shall always leel grateHil to him, for haing convinced us that the inllucncc3 and blessings of war tiro by no means limited anil partial, hut that its triumph on tho tented field are more than equalled by its victories over orthography, molality and gram mar. Lexington Ky. lljamiivr. .si'i:t:ciF or mi. j-ihtti:ni)i:.v, Of Kentucky, oil tlio Ten Itrximnil Kilt, .iimimry .1, I8I.M. Mr; lniTTJ:.vpr..N slid : I ilo not propose, on lies occasion, to say more than will be barely necessary to explain the amendment which I have bad the honor of ollerim: to the lull now bt line you. The bill which is now- under consideration for raising ten addilionnl reioinents, and the bill l)iu upon the table to suc ceed it, aulhoiiiticr (he I'l-Mdint to aeei-pt the ser vices ol 11,0011 o!nnteers. have. sev ei ally been leported from the Coiniuiltie on .Military Allans m aceuidanee Willi ihe reeominend.ition ol i In- Sei'tetaiy ol War, and are nuppoHi',1 to be necessary to nutt Uie retpiiie meiits and e.isreneies ol (lie present war with lexieo. The bill now belole oll, sir, proposes to inK- Kty'lltl men or ten additional remmeim i and what I iroooe is, to give to ihe iroeiutueiit the mie-ary luniieiieal force, only elianui! liie loim ol us orir'iiitatioii lioin a reijiilar lo a volant, er loiee. And I desire to as-iL'ii, very brictly. Ihe reasons wlnili lue induced me tu ailopt this course. 'i'i... i..n I......... r..H.....: 1. ..... ...., a 1 "- v Mt "" : ' '" '- ' , ,7'.. ' ....... ut. c-, nn. v v. .. i,, tint iitei'T tite present eM-iimr eireinnKiuee, 11 is mvr ,,, ,.L.,.ry ihat this force should be rai-ed. i ineie nur mh'ii piisem uri'tsviiy p.-in-uro uy me raniriuiii'i i e Slates? I think not. sir. W 'mc lrm Ihe ."crelaty ol ar n iiiscns.iou i,i urn- ....,.,, i.,i ti,,. s,.,.,,.i,v. m d. OIIS I II IIIS UJIOll 1 1 II. 1 1 II I HI s 1,1 I I I .si;i-n-u I I I.I I I Ill- .-ussim; the.', n commend tie; plan winch he prelers, !. . Ii, OOlll .01 11 i.-i- jii.i nuns in ,,t-M-, ,.oiill lilt now in our possession, nnd in addition to the force wluih would be necessary to iieenuiphsh mh 11 pin pose, to have mi active loree raied, nol wilh ihe view ol nnrelnnii over ami coinjueruii; the whole country, but with the vi-w ol lieinir prepared tn make occasion al couin-sts, shoulil eircuiustani es reiimri. it. Tin is his plan Now 1 an additional loiee tiecesnry, 1 would ak, lo aeeoniphsh the ih- 111130I Ihe Secret try, taken even ill their iitlniM latitude f Tin sir, would be a question ol 11 very indefinite character nidi'ed, it our eii"i lenee had not, m some device, become a 11raeiic.1l one. And what i our evpeneiice I What have been our experience- in tin war! and what have been the result ol the war I ( Scott I'uidtd at Vera Criu wilh a force of about twelve or tlinleeu thousand men, a eonsideiahle number nf whom were volunteer. With tin Ion e he siieciedcd 111 taking the troiur eatle ol San .Innn de Ulloa and the city ol Vela I'm, l'n ssmji lorw ard wilh his victorious army, Irotu Vera Cru7 he enteied the Capital, bienkuig 111 piece and seaiterin to ihe xiind, wilh a Ion e ot b- than lli.oiii) nieu.tliearnu.'s of .Mexico 111 Ins tiiuinphaut career, (.eneral Tavlor, with a -till smaller conipariilivc lone, at the b.uiW of llueua Wi 1 conipl' lely broke the power of Mexico, and so in every actum would, no matter, sir, how dis propoiliouate "111 number, Ihe Aineneali troops have been xieloriotis. .Vo.l.sir, i uh what a small atnoiiutof loree these ni lneveiiielil have hern accomplished I (leneral, n I have already staled, leiiht all thus., disiineiushed bailies l fore the.ityof .Mexico, and took the capital ot ihe coiiulry wilh lev than 1(1,- 000 men ; and lien. Tavlor with nol moie than fi or 7,0(10 men, llio most ot whom were vobinteer. irained several dstiuushcil Vlelones. Indeed, Cell. Tnlor, xmiIi 1,-ss. thm, 1,1101)111,11, h, nt S,mta Anna with an army -O.on stion, and that, too, not by a sadden sur prise, not by a sudden burst ol valor, not in a moment 01 enthusiasm on one side and panic 011 ihe other, but in a hard loulit battle, continued from the rising to the M'tlim; ol the sun, ueci'pj lug, 111 l.ict, the whole ot ,,0.yUw, ,JU. Thus w e Ni-lhat not onl v uie the swoul and shield nf .Mexico Inoken and ca-t into the .11.11 -i incviy sov lie sum lo nine a goli'milioil 11 con-i-t ol noihiu more than disorganized laeiiou. Alut if teieo now Ilea on st r:i le I., I. .re , . ... .. 1111 army or pncrninciu ; wilh here and there only a body ot guerrilla, inuml ol an army lo oppose, jou, "bat in ihe name ol heaven, if tin 1 all that is letl to XlTZlL done ! Oar army, now leposmj; on ihe Uio (Irande, ni-ts of ilnee or tour reirul.u- Nay, I will yive the c.xact iiuiuber; it consist ,,l ll.'.W reiiu- "'- ,'M' K 1"C 'j ' Ul'"a ' ' bad but '.(hj or u,t uriii less ihaii jooo sitone, w huh ionst,i,!'teil,,e force in thai poitiou ol the couimy upon that liel j of buttle, you have now, sir, n loiee amounting 111 thu whole to upwaiilsof 1U,UII0 men. l)j jou want any more there I I have already stated the force with which C.eneral Seott obtained possession ot the Capital ; bow- is it wiih bun now, sir I Delia been receiving additional reuifoiccments almost daily since lhat time : nnd there i now at Tampion and Vera Cruz together a loree nniountin to.l.'.l.'ifi men, 17,101 of whom are regu lirs, and the remainder (1j,u."ij) volunteer. Tluse statement ale extinct made Irom theiepoitot the Adjutant Ccncral ' ".'ncial Seutt's army Ins been ahno-t doubled in Hi lurce , . .. , ...,. ,,.. ...,...,,., .,l,, ,., ( ruz. It is 1I11, much stronger ilnu tit the time when he conquered the whole legion nl the country belvvecii Vera Cruz nut the Capital, and cannot he hold tins country with the ame loree wnh which he conquered it! How, upon thu facts d clared to u in odb nil public documents, can any niL'iuneul be found to prove (ieneral Seoit took po-sessi.ui ol liie cuy with il,i "'. "ml "f" iti'it whole region or country with 1 uie ut-eessiiy 01 seuiuui' any jurllier troops tnere ' ,00.1 " ""' mai wnoie region 01 country with not l!', A'?'1. 1''ir'1.' a,u ""w, "iu"" "-".""nh him cISVn, ' KT,' conquer it, has noi (.cneinl Seott alrendy doubled ih. miuihcrol his loree since h-enteied ihe Mexicnn ter ritory I Make vv hat deduction j uu plcns,. on ae.-.itutt 01 e isuauies una uiseiisc ; make a deduction ot A,o,i,), mid it leav -3 ou l.'i.uoi) men lor active service. When-, 1 a-k, could l.'i.niielol'sueh men ns ours be etu p.oyeJ I U hat fortress IS there tint will not open us jr it, s nt ihe sight of our Immers I Tiiete is 11. -t one mat will not. And vet we propose lo add :JJ,O0ilnii-ii to the loree already'ineie. Sir, llies- Itcts lead my iiiind irresiuhly to the eouclu-ioii that lor nnj p ,r poe of conquest even, 11 is not necessary 10 have moie men m Mexico. If jou have done what im have with tint inmiherof ihey have uivoinphsned siieh victories, surely you have 0 Kisittve ed by actual uc.ueveiuent, as to what lour unity cm do Cannot dou' de ihe number ol' loree with which the v iciuries have been Ruined conquer ail .Mt Men I Why did von lead jour inline tioni era Cruz to ihe C.ipit.ll I lleeau.e mere voil expected to find the more vital pally ullhe Hcpublie. Will, you havcdouelii! Ibis, ami still ihe civ 1 for moie iioojis. You have had 5 our loiee doubled, und yoa v, .1111 m double them injaiu. It you press 1I11 lull, sir, what will then be Inestreiujlh ol your nrimesm Mexico I What iiuuilvr nl'iiien have you there now I 1 have shown yon iliat under lieu. Seott ihete are upwardsol 3i,0(KI, and uu derlien. Wool upwards of lO.IKKJ mure, inakina an nusr. ir He ol I-J.uuo American soldieis now within the hunts ot .Mexico 1 reckon only iboe xvbo nre in the heart of" Mexico, leaving oat iliose whu are -inlioiii'd m Cnhiornia and nt oilu r Theie niesouthwitrd and west ward olthe Km (iiiuide Irom 12 to 111,000 Amerieun soldiers; 11111I dining lluswhole time ihe reenntmir 'rvice is ilomir uu rapidly. Senriely n week pass, hv 111 whichreiuloreement oltioopsaie not landed 111 .Mexico. Now.ihere nre i:i,00.1 troops, as I have taut, independently ul what lliese bills propow.and ihe laws ul Uu eo.ililry How- authorise ihe enli-tim-m ol s.nne si tirU.iKMuiore to lillup ihe ranks ot )our nrnues rheie lulo suit 11 ilrtieienc) of upwards ot i'i.iKM men in jour volunteer service, which may nt uuy lime lie supplied, q'ln. Iheii, 1 your stale ol prep iru Uoii in .Mexico I So lur 11a ihe tiiiilioiuy ol hiw ex Icnds, lliese irtMi) nie at your cinmnunJ. Itesules lb. se, there is an addition vn tots., made, by which vourarniy will he siill lunher im reiisi-d. '1 lie rciii-lui-iit called lor I10111 the Stute ot Mil lui;nii. has not jet npp, nred Ullhe held ; two other tiultiiluills, al-o, .110111 into 'ulcillii- v. aiiioruia ititti .w-w .nexico. ixo.i, linulil, lo nils ,-s. innate, the niuntier thin nptoscil 1,1 be raised by the oiin rbill which Ins lieciucimiied 1.1 u,and jou will 1 ' an iiiniy 01 iron, w 111 ui,issiiiien Sir. can lilt I ' I mops Is' necessary I Does not this estimate .. t . .1 . ... - 1 . r . . mji lie lilt (it ra oi rx iMiuih I I i-nn i-winir iinn I nr., I i,,., .i.., ,i.. t,.,ui ..i.. i .i. ...:"'"... inve l-i 11 creniiy st.irileil, while uwdins the rcpo.ts fiom wlueli 1 have catheied tluw .taiuiicm, nt tlw vnl tinny which wc arc now inainlainimj. Ami, tut oilier more startling consideration wbiill oiuht nut 10 be lorcotien or omitled, ithe enormous cost "I every lecmient. i am told by those who have entered 11110 calculation 011 the subject, tint the tucrac co't ot olliecrsnud men 1 nearly l,(KM dollars per man. 1 ms subject becomes, then, it matter ol some roncqueme lo us. Snppo.e nur nhject be to conquer Mexico, nu.l 10 incur no unnecessary expense ibese ten rrnuncnu. will mid tn inn e. nene.uly lO.UJO.iXKl dollar; m small item in ihe iijmreHateexpendituiesofsuch n enn let. I think, tlieuloie, for these rcnons, that it 1 hirihlyneie.sary Im ns tu determine whether ml tlirsu ticHipsnrv lobe rnied, andiill this cvt initirrcd. Iain p-rleclly willing to meet every po-ible con tingency of causally nr diseae, but 1 confess I cannot loiesee.nt prescnt.nny conimgeney which wall iii-tl-ly tbisniereae. I mil willing tn authorise the 1 res ident locall out whaie,er force he mayieqiiire. undi r such eoiilinoeney 11s inavhercaller occur; hut I would not niiilion.e lhat loiee to be rai-"ed now. I am wih inu to lodje hi Ihe hands nf the Ikxectitive the power, if any cmeru'oucy demand it, to call out 30,1)00 nildi tio.ial null lor the war ; uuJ 1 would have such lorciJ consist of volunteer". Now, are not volunteers ns (rood, have they nol proved ilieuislvesn eilk ienl as ri'cuinis ! I not li" cna Vista a britrlit uu I biirnms evidence of their cm eieuev 111 the Held I They may be caled out lor th- s e'penod ol -iviee, and are inlilled ton diJinige under ihe s-inie ciieunlstani'cs nnd tbe dillerence 1.1 cost is irreat. I would substitute them, then lore, lor the-e leu regiment of .-iiiioh , ,.o.l, I ..-..i.l.J iifii.t- diiijrly i.ove pnwerlnlbe I'ri'identlo call out the :), ono ndiliuoiiiil trot p, hi cose cireuiu..tnneo requite the adoeiioti ol'iieh a courc. Ill my view, theie is 110 necessity lor any lhiujree than tin tu be dull- (ieiitleiueu have appealed to ihe authority ot infor mation obtained Innn Ihe ullieers of the army. Why are ihey here, sir ? Why lire they beie rcpo-mii 111 Wiishiuntoii tind mail parts ul the country, lilt inot that iliey aie itilied that the war ha closed. that no moie b-ittli me lobe loiiuhtftm moie laurel tube won I They hive invcn 11 ample evidence by tb. biavery wlueb they h-ive.lierctotole displayed, tlmt they would not leave the field ol their victoiieii lliey wctenot lullyeouviiKed uothiiu! more remained tu be done. There is not one who does not Iiehevo thai the war i at auend. There may bea fewsklr iiushi -here and there with patties ol guerillas, buti firn armiesnie ciincerned that will stand btlore A inerictui loice-.they nre never lo be seen niniii In .Mex ico. Thisis ihe opimon ol'cvcry otlieer I have spoken w ith, ami it H alo my opinion. Plum nil lite l.ict to be ..Mtiiered rrnm report, we can come but tu one mev it.ible conchi-iou, u' lhat their uriiues me broken to pieces; that the country is given over to the control ot faction; mid that they can no Ion tier mak head ay-un-tus. You have now nn army th.-ieol Ci.notl men. q'hey nre capable of going wlieio they please, and staying where they please, in nil the wide douniii ol Me-xlcn. I iherefoie, can see no lle ci --ny lor a fiiitlieriiicreaeol'forec at precent, even 11 it were the conquest ot'the whole country that wa coiileiupl-ileil ; lull when it is to hooted assault onlv tn which it 1 proposed lo confine ibis war, tin re np pears still less necessity firaiich ineren-ed provision. Ill with ihee view, and with no feelings ul enp-tiou-nc , Iroui no spirit or oppo-iuon, and nndi-posi-Hon tn stan ihe merit ureoiKiuci of tin war, but sim ply taking it as it is, tint 1 have been induced tn nf. ter the amendment which I have presented ; vvhil-t I question the propriety ot any additional Torre bem 3 now added lo oui already large and iiicrcssinc army 111 .Mexico. Prom the Philadelphia .Saturday Post. tjm:atim; a cash actively. A I'lIVstclAx's STOKV. BY 1. JO.SDS, Jt. II. I was once ent fur, in great hast, to ntlenda gentleman or respectability, who-e wife, a latly of intelligence and refinement, li.ul discovered him in his room lying senseless on the Hour. On arriv ing at the bouse, I found Mrs. 11 in great distress of" mind. "What i-llio matter with Mr. II ?" I asked, on inciting his lady, who was in tears and looking the picture of 'distress. '1 am afraid it is apoplexy," she said, 'i found him lv ing upon tho floor, wbcro hu had, to all appearance, fallen sudenly fiom ifhTThiiir -His face is purple, and though lie breathes, it is with great difficulty." I went up to seo my patient. Ho had been lifted from the floor, a'nd was now lying upon the bed. Sure enough, hi- face was purple, and his I reathing labored, but somehow the symp toms did not indicate apoplexy, Kvcry vein in his hi'ad and face wa tinged, a'nd he lay perfect ly stupid, but still I saw no clear indication of an actual nr approaching congc-tion of tlie brain. 'Hadn't he belter bo bled, doctor.'" asked the anxious wife. I ' I don't know that it is ncce-ary," I replied. ' I think if wo let him alone it will pass off in the cniirse of a few hours." I ' A fevy hours ! He may die in halfan hour." I "I don't think the cue is so dangerous mud , am." ' Apoplexy not dangerous ? ' I hardly 'think it apoplexy," I replied. " Pray, do jou think'it is, doctor !" Mrs. il looked anxiou-ly into my face. I delic itely hinted lhat he might, pos-ibly, have been drinking too much brandy; but in this she positively and almost indigi'iintly ob jected. "No, d ctr. I ought tn know about tint," s'io s.iul, ' Depend upon it, tlie di-e.i-o is mure d eplv sealed. I am sure he ii til better he bled. Woi'tvou bleed him, doctor; A few ounces ol' lilo d liken from his arm may pile life to the now stagnant ciieul.itiou of tlie blood in his veins.'' Thus urged, I, after omo retlerlion, ordered a bowl nnd bandage, and ojpniiig a vein, from which tho blood lluwcil freely, relieved him of .limit right ounces of his circulating medium, Hut ho still liy as insensible as belore, much to the distress of his poor wife! 'Some thing else must be done, doctor,"' ho urged, seeing (hat blooding hid accomplished nothing. "If my husband is not quicklv relie ved, lie inu-t die." Hv this time several friends and relatl CPS. IV 1. d Ind been sent for, arrived and urged upon mo the adoption of sumo more active means lor re storing tho sick nun to e'.nn-cinusness. One prono-ed mustard plasters all ovcrliis hoJy ; an other his emersion In hot water. 1 suggested that it might bo Well to tiso a stumaeh pump. " Wliv, doctor !" asked ono ir the, irienjs. " Perhaps ho In- taken drui;,T replied " Impossible, doctor," said tlie wife. "He has not li -on from homo to-elny, and there is no drug of any kind in tho house." 'No brandy.'" 1 ventured this MlggCsllOll again, ' No, doctor! No spirit of any kind, nor even wine in tlie liou-e," returned Mrs. II, in an offended tune. I was not tho regular family physician ami h nl bi'en called in lo meet tho alarming emer gency, because my ollico happened to bo near est to the dwelling of Mr. 11 . Keeling my po sition to lie a difficult one, I suggested that tho family physician had better be called. ' lint the delay, doctor ;" urged the friends. " No harm will result from it, be assured," I replied. lint my worth did not a-sure them. Howev er, as I was linn in my resolution not to do any thing more fir the patient until Ioeir s;' came they had to submit. 1 wisln-d to make s. eill or importance in the neighborhood, and pro- r,-,.i fnntie, i lMc uV Uk. imil, poeter S arrived; but the Iriends of the sick man w ould not sillier mo to leave the room. When Doctor S came, un cnn,-o-..i aside for a few minutes and I n-.m. htm views nl the ca-e, and stated what I bad done, an I why l had done it. Thero were still no sign of approaching consciousness. " Don't Jim think his head ought to be shaved and blistered ?" atki'd tlie wife, anxiously. Uoctur S tliuught a iiiuinent and then said Yes, by all means. Send for a l-atber J and IConeluJiU en fomih pafie.) i'A

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