Newspaper of Burlington Free Press, March 3, 1848, Page 3

Newspaper of Burlington Free Press dated March 3, 1848 Page 3
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BURLINGTON FREE PRESS, FRIDAY MORNING, MARCH 1818. Tlio ltdlmet 1'ulh dinette, in an nrllelo "ilu fining its position" on tl.o l'resiJenllal itiOitiun, says : Tlmt IIksry Ci.av is nnr first c'ln'cc, wc have nev er attempted In romi'.il ; mid It wnul I bo iinp'itihlr t ninccal UV l.-H't tint Henry Chy i tlic first ohoice uf nine-tenths nl the Whigs of Vermont. Tlie llrallkbom llagle nLo, (from wlinjc in- tollifrcnt editors wo shall always iio sorry to ilif- for,) wliilo it ctmrtcmfly disapproves tliu ilt'-ii; It)- Tcpgllllll. TitnTTii nVWk. A. M., I March -, IS IS. S Tin? tcloptaii is out nf nrnVr, ami wo liavc no ('otircsfional news nf wtcri!ay. The- new n in I iinpnificcnt ilry grinds stnrfl nf .Mi'ssrs. Heck &. Co., in llriltlwn'i tool; lire Iio tween Ham! la o'clock to-day (Wcilnc-iLiy), wlion tlieir Mods of roods wns neatly tli'lrii)t!i intion of .Mr. Cl.AY by this paicr, as prcmntuie anil tlio store ronsiilornbly iliniii'cil. The loss anil orlinrtdil policy. snys : j will prubab'y ntuount to ?i 10,000 or iJ.Vl.OOO. We assent without rc-.eno to ihe lartsand logic set ,., j,,,., r;,,Y,.Tho arrival n the llobc lorth by the editor of the 1 ice Press, hut legret o.- , . , , ,, .... trcniL-iy tlint, while administering wholesome ropmol at li.illitnole bruin's neconnts fnnn .Monte iilco tilth.' Watilun iti, ho should have iiiiil.tled its e.vini-1 tc tl 10 Sill of January. On the l-t, (ien. Rosas pie hy hoisting an huh-pen dent Una nl Ins own, oven ... , ili.ui 'h ih" iiainonl Hi.nt.v i iti-oiilicil tlvn-oii. issued Ins proclamation that no vessel was nl Wo "admit tint tl.-- t.r..x ocnli..., groat m''l arc ! lmvpi, 1(, (mm ,,,,. rc.,ralccs for ATIito is home out hy l.icts tit nwttniit METEOROLOGICAL REGISTER FOR FEBRUARY, 1C40. Himm.vhtiiv, 1 mile,eCliainilain anil !50 foci sibuv o it. ifin.. j iii-i.M j. minus. wmiun, I) I) M W K I ti SI y rf. II. I r M U r m, Hun It I'u rt H r.M r .m Incli. int'li. iucli. His,- aas :)('. su I li '."J i:i s1 is :i: :i fiss ii :n ":io :: ir-M :n -.'I 'i a -n -io 1 1 ' i 1' M r t cli-ar clear clear clear clear l.iir ' Mi Miv Lmv i. it... lirsl clinic" of Inur-hlilis -wp iniuht say inue- toiilli of the Wings of tlio Stale of Vermont, u.s well us of tin; t'llloil." We ftifiier-t lo our friend of the U'iW.-nr Jmtrntl, who really appear to ns lo lie in "lint liate'' to administer a somen lint roniili and reaiiy reproof to tlio Free Pre-, tint tlioc ex tracts, with others of a similar character, tint have prolulily fallen under Ins oWnalinn, tcml lo show that wo Inve ailvanceil " lo tlio verge of tlio ridiculous'' in tolerably good Wliijf com pany. Ve arc sorry that we cannot concur in the hnbl-tiff policy recommended by our fticnJs. As the editor of a Whiff paper in Vermont, we es teem it no Iei a duly than a pleasure lo an nounce to the Wings of the Union what wo believe to bo clearly her prefeicnce, on a ques tion of so momentous importance as that of the Presidency. The Whis of Vermont nail no colors to tlio mist, nor has .Mr. Walton, nor have wo; nor have we, as the Journal says we have, " more th.m intimated,"' nor have wo half intimated, nor ifcm ., that .Mr. Wulton'.s po-i-lion on the Whig State Committee "ilirinlilin him for expressing- an opinion, as an iiulepen ile nt eilitor, in the nutter i.r ind'n idual pre'eronre Cor the l'rc-'uliMii-y." If we hail, we -linnM If Iht oilier tilf of "the verge of the ridiculous," where our friend of the Jmini'il has quite gra tuitously placed us. Don't " appreci lie" n, Mr. Journal, for our " p'isl service-.''; they are nothing lo wlut we (I), v.) to render in b:h.ilf of the next Wnn. cAMiiuvri: fur I'resideiit, ichmnr Ac mmj hi. Video. The 1'rench were enforcing Mildly the blockulo on all vessels arriving from and de parting to foieign countries Whilo tlio llebe was lying at llucnos Ayrcs, Capt. (Jrccit has known the Trench to tn.iho ns many as eight seizures in one night most or them were rc Icascil, but some were under condemnation. The flonj llnil the Ju Hindi M'iy Cimrcntitm rrcnmm" mini (Ini. Tuilur far l'mulail turns nut In be untrue. Tlio. Convention adjourned without cxpiesMiig its preference for l'icMUent. Tin: Tki:atvof I'kace. .Major Van Huron, who is just from Washington, slates positiwly that the treaty will be conlirmeil. He says that the obnoxious clause relative to old claims will bo abandoned by the .Mexicans. A" .v .v t ! c o . ti it i: s s . tittle business was ummiplMird in ritlipr .l.i v or t iiesday, hi eoiiTiiuenee ol the John Ijii.iiey Ailanis, .i - H J 111 II IS i:i it I II lj ir, tr is in so 'Jl as so is -I in -I is li ly y sy H :iss art sr, III S7 17 ft' li M l.i r, 7 :u si 7,u :n sy ii sy ii :h s :ir :i7 us ::n i:t:ii- 1:1.1 17:1:1 si iy r l i f, 7-1 SI S3 ns:i si o s -a si; s i :i:n 33 -ji 1.1 S-iJi) si- w x n SJ 3 1 Sy. IS SJ. I'J snow i x n s r.S.Mi;tS.lili;sj.ii.iclear s K s s SJ.i;.IS'J.7ilSJfi:ielear s i.m f.s r.S..j.lS.l.lySJ.Siilair n n n sjtijssyjss.yiminw N N 7i SS.yi SS.y.'i SJ.I7nnov elouily w v w cloudy ' x N ' k Sy.1ISJIijSJ.7iIek"ir elear .vi; x s S'J 7.1 S'.l.TS SJ.IiJ elear clear w iiv x"SJ jIS'J lit SJ.MI cloudy elear x v , 3HI,;:t).133i).llelear clear i; x ii ;iJ.U3,).ll 3J.ISek'ar r. x X 3il.l.1.IM33J.lllelear I i: x v S.i 'JISJ.7iSy.7l char .v v v S.i.7sSJ.7ssy.7,s elear x i: x X SJ.7SS.l.'.ISSJ 83 clear .v t. v i. x i: - J S.'i SJ.N1 S'J.s.1 clear i: x-l: N SJ'. IS SJ'.H JJ.'JS clear s s , s .SJylsy.ll.SJlUclear s r.s i. Alt. -i li r WA-l - j -Ti.nJ It I'M IS I III, j ,r.i i.i hi C.I7S7S Bli'ilniig. Ti'legraiih to Truy I . . . . ... ... . ..."' "I" IUIII. I. icumtycluiuly IkH.kI 'Ihl.i round the em, flank ol' ISitiiiiiioa. 17110.M tho IH day of April" Itankof llur L Imi'loii, will he oien, on days ol liusiness.lroiu y o'clocl!,"A. .M. to 3 o'clock. I'. M. until further notice. Hy order of the Directors, 11. U.COI.II, Cnsliicr. lVb.2.1, is is, :om:n. eluii,ly1i;iHVi70 IWi-i ui.huow. KI,'isini; Kn,l clear clear clear clear clear clear clear clear of line Lake. Annua l.o.eiilis. hteamcr Juhu Wlpm cio-eil J. (liljiiu .HU'iniils in aiu to I cross ihc Ink e lllnlu rouiiil the moon. Lake Iroj-n oer. IKouriuol the Lake I w ' I X 3 1. .eloildy.C.') 113 70 L.i i. i i'i f -i i .ii i i.' i" l.iir '.-i's 71) r.S, clear tlltUfiD clear ilulVJiij fur (.1)7173 tear CiH.3 71 cloudy (ii! lil (ii cloudy (11 71 71 clear lil.SS 73 Iclear (i2 7.1i'.7 clear di'ii it1 elear (VI 74 IVJ SJ.HSJIIiSy.rjeloudy eloudv elouJv.13 illlVJ, w- S.t.l3S.I.3JSJ.C.Seloiidyleloiiilylelear li'i (17 OS; s SJ.7HSJ.73SJ.7 1 Inr t.ur leloudy f.l 7.1 71 w"S.I Ills.) Ill SJ.7li.loiidy Inr l.iir ,0S 7.1 70 wr S'J S J SJ S3 SJ.'JS fair cloud) ti ir 'lis (ill S x 3J.SI30S.1 3d. y clear clear elear i.VJ silil.l s 3).IS3) cleir elear V,l7i)lH x SJ.7US'J (WSJ HJ cloudy dear elear i.1s7ltH s y.i.3jj....i .j.:ioc ear inr snow- no ii i i s- SJ. IS SJ.SJ S'J.SI cloudy cloudy cloudy lit tH Oil l)U3 1 inch cfsnaw, ! Ill iSleicrlunj tii, rfrnuky. Stages on wli' Is. it?'iltiMc of snow and rain. i!itrrcn mil lily. Annua 11. 1 light and renuirkalily led. '1 in. Hiow. Aiiiora Ijurealis. 0 01 John Q. Adams died. Annua boraelis. l.-irge 0i"u places J.'ike, llu7.y. the S T A T HOI' V I'. It Al O N T , The Hon. the DisTnti T of ('illTTi'.vnrv, ss. ) l'robnlc t ourt for the Dii-lrict ot 'hiltnulen, to nil peisnns towlinni thi-e pHSi-nn shall t nine, tilii.i'Tiso : Wiu.iirvs, Ira A Colhuner, (iii'iiihan nf Hainnel I.. Coll, inter, liiisamond I. Collamer.tlcorge ll.Collaiiier rui.l Nancy T. Collamer, minior children of liiiiin-lt, thcMudlra A Ins, this d-iy, pics'iilcil to said Court Ins pi til inn in writing, selling lorlh that his "aid wauls lnve, ;as liie heirs ol hislale w ife Nancy II C"llimer) tin i -tale in r. MTn'ii ot nii.iiiT iwciuynco's oi mini situate in Hh, Ilium in "aid DMiiet, i.l wliich said land the nii I ha Colliiioer i I by th" Curtesy and thai it woulil l.e Inr the he-t intercut orhiss.iid ward- nnit li'tn-'-ll m lain o- lie- only pernns tulereMeil, tlial the said r."late he sold and tlie proceeds invest' d in other iial li'tile, and prnilug the said court m grant him hcenie to stll the said real estate of his said wauls : . Tin uil'nr.r., it is ordeiel, by said l'ro'iale Court, that the Isih day of Maicli next, lie assigned Inr tlie lieariu" and deciding on "lid peiiiinu, at the l'rohate olliee ui lliiihniitiiii in said Di'iiid. and it is ordered lint notice be giv n lo all peisons interested, hy pub lisluiK (his iiid'-r three weiks suec siim.Iv in lb'- llur- iinglon i'rec l'res'-.a nrw-P rpriiitedin lliirlington, all which pul.licnioiis lo he picMous to said ISth day of Match. (iiven under my bmd at Iturliiii'tnn in said I).striet thi-Ssilidayofreltuarv, I) IsIM n;:.i)roiii) ltixntui), .Vgi.'tfr. sj r.7 jj.c.7 sj ns sj u;i nyjs inehessiiow. The average teniperatirc of K;hnnry fir the last ten yoirs w.n S.J.3', hy which it appear tlrt l'el.nnry this year whr u 7-1 waroier than th- mean, i'eliniary IS.iy, ' 111, ' IS it ' 1.1, weie'ivaVtiVT than IVIiruary lln ear. The iivan ol l'thruaiy IS ID was SS. 1, mid this was tlie wanui'-t 1'ehruary in the la't leu j cats, and the coldest in that lime wusj'ch. s3s,he ol which was IS 3" liange of ilieriuoiuetcr I7J to 70 .11. Range ot ll.iroiueter SS 'JJ inches to 30 111.21! indies. 'J'(l. fall of water in lain and snow, about one-hall the quantity in IVIiiinry. Sleighing loierulily goil Irom the 1st to the Isih, 17dajs. 1 tin ul l.-ike Iro.en over lor scleral days but not s-ulliciently to allow teams to cros. .Mouth, lor the mov-t p.ut, clear, calm, and plcio-ant. l.NI'OH.UATIO.V wa vrnii. (:or-oii:i) max, kamiial joiix- IB son. hired of the suliseriher. Inl Winutni-. n chetnut-ioloied .Male, with nil i hplic-spriug Wagon hating it long Iiox and tiiiuk lack, to go,ns he sud, lo into o aim rciuni on iioniiay. Any liitortii'ition oi the whereahollts of the hnre nli.t u-fieiiil will nreallv oblige Inc, and will be well paid for. , , 11. IV. liAI.I. Mil), liurhtigmn, March 3, ISIS. Urnit t'yplii'iiug ! The W.i-hiugtoii corrcsioiulent of the flcorgia M ssi-ngi-e, in esliin.iting the prospects of .Mr. Oi.av and (Ien. Tayi.dii fortius nomination nf the Whig National Convention, makes up thru which arc arranged the States whose ilolcLMtes will go for Ci.av. for Tavi.oi:, and thov! which are. tlmblful. In the lattci col umn ho places Vermont ! I Why, as between O.iv and Tavi.ob, :i matters now stand, the (jcneral's chance of getting the vote of the Ver mont delegation ii about equal lo his chance of being swallowed by a wbalo! Wo lather think wo would give odds on the latter. Slarrry in Kentitrli. The Philadelphia North American saj-: "A Inter fioni Kentmkv u-peal", hi n i-onliileiil tone, the prcwileut opinion Mint the das l clnt..rr nre iniiiilK'reil in thai Stale. Tlie Irietlilrfol iMiianciiialion are ineieauig in luinilu r, sircniilh and questing the 1'iesideiit in couiuiunicatu liie procecd- ilf lcrr.1 l.ialion, aim us aui oeaicsuie luuuu in uu nig" in ine i rciuooi iouri .iiarnai. Verv House. .Mood siilvlns of Hon Wl.lixr.-n iv. I eh. Srniite. The l'rcsiilcnt transmitted a message in writing, hclieU'd to contain the new treaty with ."Mexico. Kc-ohitions calling on the IVesidcnt for ituforma lion w.-re i Itlodueed. Tin' 'IV'aty was i cfei red to the coinuiitlcc on for eign relation", in order lo he prion d. Mr (ii urged lie n eily of iiniuedialc action on 1 hi- Ten lii'giiuent Dill. ndinuni-nntton Senatois declared lhat liie nee sttv fir p th" lull now was greater than be fore lh Treaiy. Jihme Met nn.1 itiuuedi'ilelv adjoin ucd. TnuroiiAV, l'eli. 'SI. Sltfllt. Air. I) Uld.iss. of llliiiMM. ...lie nulici' nl n bill to et ihhih the Torritiity of. .ehia-kn. Mr Allen called no his resolutions, olf'td yesterday, calling on the 1'iesulent lor iulorniation wheihcra'u unni-'UeL' eM--ied in Mi moo, and it au thority ; and iu"iruciiug ihe Judiciary Coiuuutlee lo itiquiie win ther ihe ai t ol ''JJ, piuutliing uuautjioii.ed pei-iiu lor holding coiumunii atiou with the enemy in time nl War, required any amendment, llolhwue c.v i 'll The Wihiiot l'uni-o resolutions were further di-cu-icd and then laid o.l the t.llile. Tlie death ot Mr Ad inn was then announced. Air l)m,ol .Mass., ptououuecd an tulogy on the ilefotM'd. Ile-olittions lo atteinl the luneral ivcre adopted, and tlie Senate uihouruc.l. Til ' .las'- was crowded, and aftera solemn praver bytheie. .Mr. Sneer, tlie Speukcr in an iloqut-ut inanuer, announced the dtceas.e ol the lion. John Qinncy Adams. Air llu.l-ou.of Mass., ro-e and gae n biogrnpbi cal skctt h of the decea-ed, and moved the icbolulion to nilioiirn till Saturday lo aliend the luneriii. Mr Hoboes, ol S. C, followed ill an exceedingly elouuenl oniony of ill" deeea-ed. Air Vnnon, of I). iio, next spoke. lie was gieatly ti fleeted. .Mr .McDowell, of Va., cloed the painful proceed ings ol ihe day, and ill ihe ciMniuary resolu tions, paid a heantiful tnhute lo ihe deputed Sage. The resolutions wcic adopted and liu- llou-ead-joniiied to Saturday, to attend the luneral of Mr. Adams. Moxnxv, l'eb. 23. .Vmr Air. licnton suhmilted a iisolutton re iU avkcti llrighton .Almlii't 'I'liiiisilny, rcli. 17, lRlft. r.ri'oRTnn tor. Tin: tkavi i.t.i.n. At market, toil llccf Cattle, 3(1 Stores, IS' 0 Sheep, 'Jill Swine (550 Indole repoited lilt oer): C paiis Working Oven, S3 Cowes and CaUes. I'i irrs. Ik-el Cattle, isij, 511 ami ijill. Swine, I '" I ." He. Sheep, Hxtlti -r.j , ijlj ;)J mid 1 .10. Cows, saiesat $tD. WOOF,. Duty 30 ;.rr (. .Aloderate sales, without any material change in pr.ees. l'lime Saxony l'leeccf, wtilied Aiiiencau full blood do. do 3-1 do. -do l-S do. do I-I&.C01111I0. . Saljna, washed. - - -Siiiyru 1. 111 iw.iHied , - -Iteligas'l unwashed, do llueuos Are-, unpicked, -llvlra Norih'n pulled lamb, Sup. North'u pulleit hiuih, Mo. 1 do do do 2 do do do 3 do do do 1.1 til 3.1 31 as 1.1 H 1 r, ns 3.1 30 20 11 1 Si 33 31 2(1 13 J 14 to :i ns 1.1 ol horielv." And when I Ji.t.-iry sits in judgment on the ac tions of men, and prejudice and passion no long er suppress the voice of Truth, it w ill bo recorded that to tho inllneiu-e of 1 Ji:r.v Ci.ay, more than to that of any other one man, will this great on ward step for freedom hao been owing. I'.is tinlij will hue 110 resentments lo gratify, and no nimsof ambition to serve, by ilifying the name of IIim'.i Ci.av. Otinlilicntion of rri-incn to Mite on the I.iecii-ie (iiii'"liiin. Mr. Cunu., limine Mr. C. J. Illuersoll a-keil rnul i.liiroocl k.ii 10 luiroiluce a tun granting the liaukmc, iiriulege to Mi Adams. I'a-w-d lllialilliii.iwli- Mr A'-luntiu r.ilercd a resoltuinn to print 20,000 co pies of Kev. .Mr. (Iinlej's funeral sciiiiou.ihe sp--echc ofincinhiri, c. upon the death of Mr.Adaius, which was adopted. Tin- Sp. i ker announced as ihe lust thing in order ih'Mircsciitn'jon o ii-fcolutions Irom the States. 'J'he 'J'n niy ha-, keen printed. Curatnn i:ioiucnco. The .V. O. V'un uic (.itoj the following a a portion of the daily olf-hand eloquence of tho man lhat ".-lirs up the monkeys," at a .Men agerie, t(nut We.-t." This, ladies and gent'emen, is the natural kan I Srirrixu or Ili-o-m It should he leineinbered, I whin ihc stleain ot life is elicuuiheied with luolhid hiiinor", that its Miluine or quantity is incteased, the hlood-M'SM-ls urc lillcd to overflowing; hence a 1110- turiug ot tho-e wluih teruiinate ill tlie lungs, and spitting of hlood, con?nmplion, and oilier dreadful (omp'aitus, Wiight'R lnitiiln IVgeutr I'ilU me rritniii tn put mi wiinriliiitcttiii' 'isn'tii.-g nf blunt; becan-e Ihey take out ot the cucul.iiiou tlioe iwcliss and corrupt humors vvhkh ine the eau-e not o dy of the hursiuig of h!ood-ve---els, hut aNo ot ecty malady incident to niaii. l'rom three 10 six ot Vegetable Till" laketi at night oil going to l ,1, will in all eai's give iiiuui'diute relief, and il icpeatdd a lew , tunes, will mot lissiuedly restore tlie body to a slate ot siiiuid health. j IHavabf. of Corvrr.arr.IT. Tun. oxi.v oricixai. . AXI) ULXUIXC I.M'IAX V 1 1 . ETA BIX l'll.I.S 1IAVI'. 1 lit Sli.- I XATur.n of Wii.i.iim wr.tTii wiru a m iv Tilt: top I.M'H, of LAill li. iv. A'oae otliel is rl- I mnr, unit tn raiiiitrijeit lliin m i or.oi rtv. Tlie genuine lor sale by W. 11. Cl'lt'I'Irf, AVnter Sireet, and TIIKODt IKU A. I'I XK, College Street, i Kile ne.'iusii.r liiiinuglon. KeulH-u l ituoai.ii. l.f-s'X ; J. It. l)vke,IIiinlni!'to i ; W. Khodcs, Jr. Itieliinooil ; ' I., ii. liiecn, KiciuuniM ; J. ll. -v. l. vv. lower, i Uuderhill i lluilhut .Si Hodges, Willi-ion; 11. San- 1 deron, and (I. Ayers, Wtt Wilhston ; J. I.yiuan, Jericho; W. I). V-lie, Iluieshurgli ; W. S. it II. 1'. Wood. We-tlord ; Staples .t I. yon, Charlotte ; John Siinouds, Shelliurue ; H. Iiichtiioud Itirnard ;nud at ih.- New Hnglaud llrancli OlliccanJ lieueral I)i-Kt, l'JS Ticiuoul Stni t. Ilo--toii. ISri(:tiuii;i Ware, Arc, norrino am)ti:. pots, Cmnx Fit- J tciers, I !gg-Hollers, Sugar Howl, Cie.iiu Cups, Tiunlileis, l'jielier", .Molav-s'sCups, Castors, Soup I.a dk", Lather llue, Ch.iuiln t", Candkstieks, Iainps and a i;reaiiri''tyof line l'.ngh-h and Ainerican lint auiua V'iiieal-o " itlock-Tiu" Tea Pots as ditap as it is economical to buy, !lms,p-itcd and (JlassCan dlclicks and Lamps, llras-. and plated Snnll'-rs and 'Prays, IIIane-Mange AlouhK l'laied. Ilritauuia,t!er man Silverand Com Silver Spoon", .Mti'-kineloit shap cd Pudding Di-lies tor huilim' Indian Piidduigs in, 'Pea Wallers, Crumb Travs and Minifies and a wat ariitynl articles m the l'laied and Ilrit.innia Ware line, tor sale ouue low al the VaneivSiote. imiNsMAiu .t iiitoninits. Duibnglon, March 3, ISIS. 3il l'OK SALI'i. TIIC UltlCK Stoiii: and l"l, sittmtoil on Mam street, s.juth oi the College (irecn, known as ihe Tattle Store. Inquire lor terms ui sale ol ,T. Ik I) .'ohllle, at the Aineiieati House. Jlitrliiigloii, Ma nh 3, ISIH. CCwl C (LOCKS, Hv llio case or singlv, lor s:ilo ' low by 'llltlNSMAIDitllltOTlICIiS. lliiilington, March 3, ISIS 'M IHACJUKHHKOTPi: (iOOI)S. A full .nip. if ply of all articles ii"d. Kept constantly on hand liV llliliNSUAlU iV llltUl "llurlington, March 3, ISIS. 3i' IBHIXTS. KKIO yds. received this (lav of J. spring styles, by 1. 1). 111X11 Y it CO. llurlington, Alaieh 2, ISIS. 3'1 Is rannllv bearin!r awav tin palm of s irecs fioul every other r uiedv huh rioum d, ami ,s daily cu rnm Cou.iin, utiii ollu r pniiiionarv iilli'ciioiis, that bine resi-tcd the u if all tin and Hai.sams Willi wlneli llu w ill id IS filled. I is without contiadiction, th 1 greatest rcmeily in paid particular amuii' n to the various improvements the world fbr the Cure ol Ci'iinoou Cold", and Coughs, Intlueiua, llcniciics, Dilhciilly of Itieath nig, Catarrh, Ilroiicluti", Cioup, Wliooping-Coiigh, Asthma, Pleurisy, and Inllamatiou ot the I.II.MiS. It iinnicdiatelv onirts tlie Couch, lelievrs soreness ol the brea"t and Lungs, loosens the phlegm, removes the fever, il any exit, and heals and strengthens the lungs in tiie ino-t ca-v' and pleasmt iniinner possililc, No one who has not tiled it would be likely lo believe that so much medicinal power could be concentiated In sjcli a niatiri anil pleasant :-n nip. It is so to Ihe ta"ie. ihaf children, when once tieqiriinled willt it, will ask for mote ; and older pei'-ons have oltt n been known to use up a bottle, nr the nieie pleio-uie of sq ir And yet it i"so power ful, as lo remove a cough like n charm the person n-ing it, baidiy knowing when, or how- it pas-cd nvvay. Worcester" l.' nml Critical Dicliou nr) ol'tho Cnuli-li l.nngiiiisc. bv josEnt r. vor.rnsTnr., i.r.. d. One rnlmne, 8io. sliccp, 1032 puges Price, $3,50. Tin: imjiimsii i:lts" itr:siM:cTr:Ti.i.Y X invite attention to tlie following eminent te-limo. mwMniiti isntm- piat Bid Ill's. POTASH and Cahlion Ivettlcs, of all descriptions, convtantlv on band and luaile tn order. Also.n i oinplcle asoiliut.nt of Hollow i)n;.ai. mtHhi.wmx i (lUXiiiiY BOJ CPttlliif s ISuiv.inf. CSAIH2 Sun:cmni:n will i.v tiiu Aimvi: 0 prcmiiiui to any one. who will prevent a set ot iu i orruplihlc mineral teeth, of ti-n or luore, ct on fine Hold, superior to those tint nil li.- nettl at .Milton l'alls, which the undcp-igned has tins day completed, on the lollowing conddion. viz : 'I'lio'e who are so dipo-"-d to compete for the prize, shall give the and llllbbaid at cnt ix dajs polite, nud oil the sixth day from ihe tune he shall receive sud notice, he will inctt him, or them, at the Ameri can Hotel in Ibirluiglou.and chno".. three judge, one lo Is (lio'en by tacli party, and tluwe two sucho4-. n nud agreed upon, shall i hooe a third, who shall at some K.iliseqticnt tune nud as soon as conveinent, ex amine the two sets ot leelh, and decide which setts be-t, taking into consideration, their beauty, natural iippeainnce,.lrer.glh,iisi.nlnes8and pufcel lit, lo the inoiiih tor whicli they were made. 'Phe said teeth piodnecil by the competitor, shall have been mail,' within this and Ihe work shall h ivejieen done by a native ol Vermont, previous to the first ol .lanuaiy lsS, and when all the above con do, ons ale complied with, the parties tn I then prn ee -I lo one ol the Itjnks m Ituihngton, no I depoit one bundled dollars uu h, Hibject loan olM' r, oi the time judges apu tinted and agieeil onus aforeaid, who "hall order t lie whole tiuiount paid over lo th. i one to whom they shall tnrtttil it, aei-oruing to Hie above agrei incut, aid older having the signature ol all tlie alorcsaiil in-lgi s LAWIir.NCp. IH'IIIIAIII), Surgeon Dentist. Alilnm December 31ft, 1SIV. K. 11. Having been iu the successful practice of Dentistty, ha mote than liliecti v cars, traveled through the l'uileil Sun , lesuled ill the City of .Mcxieu lor three yi ars, and about lour on tlie I-dund ol Cuba, and vi"ited many ol tie' other We-t India Hand", and It. A1. S. Ijim-Iui'ci'. Dr. Ii. MAUSII, Wi'riiicMlny cvo, ncxl. I '1'lre,l;lll"winBcoiire (TTTccturcs will be itclivere I he ore the Mechanics' ll,ti,te, comiliencing on I'ri Stmngs' lhili. ""J -3"1 01 Ja"uar'' l Rl ' United States' Army." M. M. llrAt.l.H.S.A " Injunction to Labor nociinc." Ilcv. II. L.SrAr.Ks, "Woik."-(Six Lectures,) Liovaiiii .AlAasit, i Ir - I'. l)AVl.V,';i:-. Slugle'ricket,ailinittingnr!eiiilenianand Lady :!' ricket fur tlie coiiiso, do do 1 IK liimily 'Picket for the course, j Tickets at Hdwaids'bookstorc.andal AIc&-rs. Ilrhis Hinds'. The funds to be appropriated to th';incrcaeol'iu' Library. Jon. I'J. j7iUi:ir('i. 1 tO t((l ri;i:i' Si:vsn.ED Pink MAJJ.JJf I.C,MI!i:i!, for sale expre-.y lor Cash. ' ,y T. V llurlington, Dec 11, 18 17. i.ovi:ll it co. i!.itl lLAILS Tins dav iu:ci:vi:i at tiii: An il ricnliornl Warehoii-e. J. S l'llllICi:. Ihiilinglon, Dee. 'J, 1SI7. S.VLLAI) 1)11,, I'eiiper Sauce, Tomalo Calnp, London Mustard, llakcr's l'n pared Cocoa and Chocolate. ,1. a. DLWV.Y. Dec. I. DREGS GOODS, almost every knnwnstyle for Ladies wear, nit' nit rinp in rjuantitUs, and at prices not siirpa"".-.! by any other house. C. 1'. Stamiorh.V Co. m the att, both in Lurone and America. 1 have! at length "nceeeded ui di-coveiing a valuable hnprovc inent.or fitting mui' rid teeth mole peifecliy than has been bi'ietoioie taught by any ol tlie prot.'siou: auj it'-ntli men lit the piol'-ssiou ale dis posed lo avail themselves ot the iiilorm.itioti, it ian lie obtained by tailing at the fust door east u Alccrs. Ayers.t Claik'",ou mam Milton l'all.s.'t. 3tw3 L. ilL'P,llAl;i),.Ngraii Dentist. S.tiid 5S:u- 15MMTTP. 1M10P0SALS wn.i, hkritiiiv- cd VILVi:i! SPOONS. lliTiKit Kmvks n SIioc, warrnntcd ooil n tin roin, at Or!. S!0. .1. V. KaMjU. A (III I VT vnrii"ty nf Trn, coniprWni; i v vtry hum m ui I. hy tlif l)iif iMurwnt tin- StihI Ihr IIritl''i('oin- nnv, Inr tlii rn.MiiK linn 1 1 ti ht nli or inml Ikuu T. 1. Jhris in MiiHiti t-i Smii'i IK-ro. or lor 'tlion thrn't,nt 1 1 n TniTtitii Victor A (Inn id in .Milhuiun tlii Slh'oiiiJ V iliH'-J-ty n .Miirch ik'M. Thai portion ot tlif hiiilif. m tin1 1 10 ioil.) is IjpI nny nun rrn.I ihc I'AMnii.r.r which may he Iin.l to h limit hy lm limlK-r- lyuv Jrmn une to 14 Mlltlf Ullil HC MI1 ' "iiiiif ui- tuiuiiiunn umy ic-ih, u ill'- itcriink'(l tint tin- nmo Mntnn.'ms nn iif'tniiy ""u' "'"1 " "vl 1 'i ' " ui- o.u,o kt t 11 n " ui ii.-i.-i urntuitou-ly 1ump the liu'dicin h iiorinihMl tint tin-fihoM M true. '1'ho foil-jwiuir mtiltcMts wi'l nlo inakt' tlniu tipj'carnt K-at probihlt; u'Miril liV cli tit . tinoii s hicli timljer- uu m he pl.irt'il two "iron I inniilcl loJni nU C trrt thu k :il hnttoni tlin-e ( -1 t top fi'.opni Ci im lies iu-m1, mid -i feet iinf-iih', ami to he ninr h-rt hujli upon tin nvL'rri'c.aljoM' the bottom oi th- like, mid niiiih' o" suit. ml' MoiU'fs mut the fpu'3 ti-tiLMi the wnlla in h CiM'-il wtili on rth :nnl ptinr and rourcil oiie loot il'-i'p iih tfrnwi, nint ihe whole to he ur fVititicalr.. I wai porch nfllirin viih n trouhIronie cnimli. lioar-eni'', aiid sorcn''- in the lowrr p'irl ol my whront, with n stricture iiero.- tlio Jirenst, which htttt tiouhleil me lor miiik' lime !it. in inv ficnncnt nt li'Mitilo nt tinlilif cncfiLitiir. I In. triotl ccvi-rnl ore- iiioiitilcil il l a muni niihli'' on criLll i fcriptioii1 ot my phy-icmin hut without any fcniblc Suth prlpo,-al will nlo he rcrnwd tolmi.d tlie cik'ft. 1 proeuicd nl Mr. .1. ( Will-, drii-ii-t, ot' bridge with nut'hlc wholly oftimbcr cotui'Tti'il witli thu city, a bottle "t Hr. I oord s IVciornl -rup, which 1 cni tics hlleij with stones and corneii and tailed at 1 helifve hn entirely iclicved nv and wliich 1 con-i- j tibovc Mated. dcr a most vahnbte nii'ihcme tor tint da ot (hn-c. i'or the construction of that part of the road itinte .My partner, Aid. JMeeki-r.who had a crrc cold at ' in inirh ami on low land, plan's and propot-aN will the time Iwa? taking lln luedieine, wa&curedby a he rcerived at the same time and place I' ..I. ..(n.t.tlttn- tun in (if fiiir . .i . ..i..! r i"" ui" mi irn i nro n i' kj ' nto u n v voters aiein doubt as u rei;ai,..s ine ,u..i,u..i..u,. . . ,,.,.,,,,,.. .,... ..,,1, ,.., i. ., lll'lil . ol v ii.i' i it iris two. Irom rock to ro -k ll would b- inu'li too c like nnii if it hadn't a tail bin rr,-ei,i.-i iii vole on I be above ou"Iion, 1 like tlie liberty lo -!raci for iiubhcation th" billow nig n-etiou from the Licence Law, approved Nov. 3d 181(5. 1 S'e y. " A me, tuiijofilieinliabitaulaofeverytown 111 tin" Hule, who aie voters iu town or lVem-n's lili't'tllif, fhilll be hol.b'll nt the ii-uil ilaee ci' hoi hni! low n nieeiuij;', on ih" first Tuesday in March, A ) IS It. and each year iherealter, nt one o'clock in ihe nln rnooii which me lings rhall be warned and ei.vcin nil re-i"i i-. a- irovided m chapter tliin-i-n ot the revisd Siatiiies eniuli'd "el town, nud vilbiKe.s und eonuini-.ip.'ii imiil live n'cl's k, P. .M. IU Piovcb'f lhat the dutiable or oilier officer i-liall preside ami receive the bnllolsof Ihe Irecuieu, iiikiii which Kludlbe written, or pn.ileil, eiiber lie word lienitf or the word" nn heeu'e , and Ih" balli.ts thus Ueo.iMl.'d i-IuIIIk- publicly coilliled, mm led and diclareil. Thus it will be wen that all the Crccium of Ihe Stale caiMote o.l this iiuetiioii, who nic qimlilied lo oie lor (fovcrnor and Male ollicers at th" September flection. And nil yonus men who nt till- time take ihc Tree mans oath, can vote on the liceiis,. .po-Mnm at the coiniu'i election. Likewise citreus ttavi liuj or ojournini! iu any part of ihe State, can vote iu t'i" town where th happen to be nt the time. C. tliisibdcct it iciuclics vv iih niiieli nit. It curls it lrentlv I'lto ns waistcoat pocket nud nobody is any ihe vv iser It feeds pihicipnlv iii"ii what it can get and is found in ihe ihI iii.1 ill llorneo, whi'-li 1 have a brother who was burn tin r. nivsell ,Iy brother has ofien seen the kniiiiiroH as well as tnselt fecdini; upon clams by Ihe i-ea-.shoro, adiiurun; ihe sweetness of the meat and fi'nv ins ihenis.. Ives W illi the shells. The kaiuaroo is r."inikiibli- bu his vans,- wliich is a natural decavitv in Ins nb lomen. Into whuhlic puts his kittens and is eneccitinaly pomible. Thex aiellieeuinea plg-llolll ine isinn i ot i .iii'i.-u ; they nre ns yellow as guinea and cost one (i iiuea a-p.ece." I i I ho lugs of Kontiirky iau tionilinfcil I Jo IS .1. Cm I'T.'..ihN MS their candid ,lo r,,r Cm- , ornnr.and.lhc rym-l snyp, cxiro"-cd themselves iu fivor nf C mi. T.ijlorfor Tri'sklcnt. lint this is a i-liolit n,U ,it., us will Lv suc by 0i;r Tclc ejrapli news in thin column. 33' Tin- Miilltelmnj UnUrij, in ulludiue; to the proM lit ilioii of the natncs of .Inih'o .M'l.n.w (iuid IIi:i:v Ci.av for the l'lesidencyriiy this p i i per and the Yirmmt Wul-limnn (:i iimccfiliti" which it is Lit'liiied not lo approve) .says : C.l !.!.. .i,l .,,!.!, .tie ,vt,i,r.l,t,.l nf ' WOllbl Hot ICpeilt it at lll'lSt 'i"utTl a junti .(n. vv c nre iree lo Kiy i Al IIEUT (iAt.t.ATlN on the War. 1 Ins nilinir- em eriuont will clum to Mr Clay as the s., .11 r. (Jilllnlin's I'nnijihli't. WO mil " c V j As lo .he people in ibis rcC,,., doubt th, ,e arc Inml me " "'i; i-""' .."uniimii - ms nun vim I".' ur i riy i;i isu vvbo nut siicli a vv Ini; is the wIuds of V.t. V ns the sb, it i - -nocl illv adjiiti'il to the wants of cl":r "f,l",'lr wifely, and iheir prniciplin, and whenever alilecsay Is (-pecl.tllj aiupuu io uil warns ui n l.lnlJei. ,iri.wm, usclf.luiiii- Ins ,e iopce bun nt loenfocn Irietul-. III me premises, nun imhui- ' "'ii in" nuiioii, nicy win voic ior tiuu. Judge i-of them who will eull, ' 1 1' The l,.nrt-ll (Mas..) Journal, nn nble and do.-prvrdlv itillupiilbil iciner. b:hk- a j'Tltc order of lWtderU Ton;, in j ,V llljrln Um ,V , ,Vre j,, m ( l mwtr nf Pv-Vrtidt'tit AlAMt U colict'ivctl unci tA 1 1 eiiry t 'lay tor TicHnlpnt and -Millard IMhnore of our at tlie eemco of any whWc the copies of it lact i ,.. i : t,,,,,r mw - orn inr ice rimm m. n pav tiuu ir. i. lay writtt'Il 111 CXCCUCIlllHs.iL'aii'1 hnin,'ni - ( ls tir4il choice ol luur-hillis we might wiy nine- nhlnaliko to Id head ami hoait. rJ'ho Speeches tciith-i of ih- Whiii-j ol thetateoj Vcmont, a well niilOHiihWKi p. i nsi.t the 1 iiioii." e think ihc 1'ice l itvs h com et of Mr. JlF-NfON in the Senate, nml ot mcta , , B (llIlU,.r u,.rt. , MirhiiM-tn. wp Miove n of S. C. ami .McDowell ol a. in 1110 majouiy oi ine n- wom 1 raiuer see itcury i... ,l.rrr.n tftiiehin'r :illll . ' ' " The Inre pale ol ilrown's Sarsapanlla und Tomato llit'.crp, h aiiothei proot ot lttllicacy. It b iimv about three jean- wu -c it wiim lirt ollerctf to the pub lic, although it hit bci n u-cil by one of the hum di tiiiiii-shcil phm huh tor many caifc in pnatc pine tu-e ; Miiec wfii- li ih. fate has steadily incteawd, tyjd ithw been K'ld lor hom all yiiU ot the country, whete it wa n cr nilvcilivtl, but ricoumicnded hy p.T-oiis that hac u-'d it. It ha- been thipped to for eign potts, and liu:id ready ilc ; that a lane would bccin tu he prool ccough o its utility. How many m-'diemes tin re arc advcMied that neur n'll, and noon go down, und aic turgotteu ! How dilU-itiit it iunli tin-! 1 1 lin.!-( :i n-aJj siie where it has never been ndwitwd ; and its cale con liimes tu iiieteie hi all placed a-it h coiucs known. I'or Hale hv Tul-. A. l'u k. and A. ( SrhAR.Ano- thccarioand wholi sile Dniii-t, and by dculcii acn crall) thiouhuut the Slate. js- Wc cuiimieiid the following certilk'Tte to ihe alien tioii ot our rt'.idi'ift, and tccomiuetid thue s o aie at iheted lo try the reme ly : , Va January 10, HIT. Ma. Pktii I'"wi.i lUttr Sn . Ytm me at W'fity t'i ur the Jiill'iirtim btntvuient Jor tfir bcurftt irj tfteuffurleti - in llicye.-u ini, i w.if att.u Kcil wnn Ih'' l'pM Complaint, w Inch apparently brought me in the brink (! the urave. Dumu my cit-kucK 1 waa al un.lcd hy ihrec phys-ieiaiis in our pl'ice, but ifceiwd no help. I al-o tried the varioin remedies leeoui mended lor nn-h complaint", hut they nlionlcd ine no Hub Aal;iH toort I w.ih pef-u nld Miry II" titi'tt fiv'i nf H'iU Cficrnj. atid hy uin lour bot tle, I wa- rcMorcd tu belli r health than 1 haw enjoy cd heloie lor ten )earH, Tins t-lalciiicnl may he le lied upon us.tiieily tine. im:tsi:y rnuuix. The idiove certificate wni aicii in presence ot Dr. A. tSironj, of HoiieHihile, who i-welt known iu I in icimty ana hucecsLiful praclioner Ite rarctul anf ici the ceunine Dli. WISTAIfri BALSAM OK MLD(t;iIi:itV. Sour hemline unlck-M pimu'd Ity 1 Itl'TTS. Addre. all orderf lo SllTU W. roWlJS.BtJotuii.Ma-ii. i'or kiIu wholc- kiIc and retait hy '1'hi.o. A. l'n K, Ituiliutoi ami by Dealers hi .Medicines generally in Veinmnt. (loon ami Dm-ili.. There wcins to be no end to the muMitioiwoI menuiiy and t-kill. lUery tiadeand prolt.-ion h tnnkmt: impiovement m the ui-ttumcul' or mean ot acconiptiliin in end. Drui; base hitbuto been biU'T tiling---t. ut Dr. TODliD hacoi. tnved a way to depnve them ol ihi" ijuahty, and has blended them in a iich Sw;t r, toi the cure ot L'oil'i, IIoi;slms, t ATAl'.nil, S. " , in hiich u wiivn- t make ll n linos t a pleitt-ure to take medicine. There i ica- mui to lielieie it u matter ui luct article, roe lu nil cilisciiicnt. i innt.i wt're in beautiful. Wc endeavor to insert mum o our ncj(t. ' riT-XncaUiivr of tho late Taylor Meeting in ' vri- ii.n Sew Haven (Conn.) Journal New York, tho New Haven (C We recrct to wr that tlip brilliatil ppcecliPH nf the occn'h n Ke. tned to turn on military tY mmtarv fharartpr-the Mvxinn war-1 nim 1; i er kwih ' ina.h the still, e ol ll.e ha r- . .iiilemcn ' hw I i ii nre well in mole." Most emphatically two j OTTIioTiTiMy "(N. 1.) A'hticule cuines to tis with tho lumMuf IlEMtvCt.Avai.,I.Miu.Ai:ti tho hca.lof its col...n.i,ns its can didates fur tho l'rcslJe.tcy and Vico 1'rosnle.icy, buhject to the decision f tho National Con- ventiuji." "juTl'Inr in .'' Vorli. Wo hear hy Deratch Trem Troy, Uiat Mr. Ci.av haH acceptcl tl.o invitation o tho S.;,,,hori.ieSofNo,vVorh.a,i, w,llv,5iUha City, in compliance therewith, next week. I ' Slot, will ho worth going a hunilrcd mile, to tee ! Tho follow Iiijj has been handed to us for jmb liciition : At a mcctinjof the flrccn Alountain Tiiln- of He chabilcs, Trill No. 1, h.J.I IVhruary Vi, 1HIS, the lol lowing resolution wan iinaininou?ly adoilcd. llcmlreil, That wc Icndi r the hearty thanks of thii Tent, to ladicii ol tins vicinity, vvho.alilioneh not immediately connected wiih 111 have banished wine, a a hcvcraj;c, Irom ninr social (jiiiierin'i. 37' Wo submit lo nnr friend nf tho llelltms I'alU (luzdte that tho follow hi"; ".Notice," which an cxcli.mgo sayii "appeared on tho end nf a Country .Meeting 1 Inline," is nut accordiny to the Icirioonips of ron-triiciinn : " Any peri-on nickiiiK lull' nsaint tin-' chnrcb, ill lie pro-iccmeii accoroin m iu, ui ..uj ,,un.i inns Aionmr the naiiifiil incidents of yei-lcrd.iv, was the receipt of new from .Mexico of the ile.ilh nf .Major I'.dwaril Welu-ler, ot uiu .u.iMiacniiseim rei'iincnt of Iho voliniteerii, and miii ofllin linn. Diniol Wi'hMer. .Mr. rreaner, hearer df the tieaty and ilefi.ilclici, ivc, lull .Mexico on me 3d of IVhruary. He Fays .Major Web-lcr died at St. Anoel, eiolit miles from .Mexico, the head iinarters uS d'en. ('uslilng'" liriKade, on mine day between tho liOlli and -'5lh nf January. His funeral was attended by tho refjinient. His remains will hu tent home. Matiuual lithlli' xrm-er, '. -. 2J.. iUavitcb, In Whitehall, on the 'JAI ult.bytlie liev, Mr, (limit, .Mr, Ilisnv A. W'Armss, to .Mm .Maiiv I.. Duox, all ul that I'lace. jUtcb, In this village, on the momma of thc'Jth IVbrinry, al the icsidcnce i. hcrson, Wii.i.ia.m I,. Srnos'i, Mm, Sl'rfAN, relict of the late AsAiitt,, aged fiS jears. lisioliitiou A: Kcmtival. 0Y HUN, llAVIMi OISSOLVia) with 11 ihe lino ol lin-tvvii k . llhn.caii now he found at the Shop of 8. W Tailor, o'n-ii.' (' J" (-mni. ford's, Cluirth St., where all kinds ol work in the Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron hiiincKi will he done lo the KiUM.ict'on of Ins cintoincra. All kinds of jobs and lepainn done on hurt notice, liuilniKton, March, n HU- 3f.w I ny to the excellence of this Standard Dictionary. Th" execution of this Dictionary rjilly nmwvr to ll" UllO. - . The viM-.itMil.iry more coniin ncll-ive linn inai ol an prccetiini; jjiiu.-u incltonarie.mioiico. Con-tant ri Icrcncu is made to authorities with res pect to words newly introduced, and care is taken lo note Filch as are technical, foreign, obsolete, provincial, or vulvar. The D-fmitions arc clear and exact, and tlinpe per niinn;i lo technical and scientific terms arc t-peua!!y valuable to the genera! reader. The author hai evidently letovcd Great labor on pronunciation. His ysiein of Notation, which isca 'dy tin le:-tood. and louuded on u more conipli tc analj.-i- ol the vowel winnd- than we have cl.-evvhcle met w nh. tosietlier with his plim ,,f cslohnint: all the bed Imi'h-h aiitlioritics in rt latinn to wold.-, dilleri-iit-Iy pronounced hy dillcicul ortho. pints, ijivcs ui iliip work import. nit advantages as a Pronouncing D.c tlonary Iu uriliojirnptiy he has made no aibitrary chau.-i s, but when iiij;c is varintn and lluctiiatinj;, h" has aimed to l.c cons-tent, and to reduce to the snne rules, words ol sinular lorinalioti. 'Ihe ini-itiou ol Crainmatical forms and inflections ol words to a much areati r exlcnl than iln-y are eiv n in nth -r h uh-'i Deiioniries. an I the hort critical Holes on the orlhoiirnphy, the pronunciation, the I (iiauinnlieal form and construction, and the i-culnr, , teclinii-.ll, local, ant .ineiic.iii u--.-. . Ver-ed through the volume, fivt lo tins woik much adJitiotial value. . , . , Tn cop.o'ii Vocabulary of Modern (.enrai.lncal Nam s, with then proniincialion, and a ere.illy en-laru.-d and unproved edition of Walkers hey Jo th" pn.mi ici.inoil of Clas-icul an 1 Seriptnri' I roH r Names, aie important append'..,'!"- to the Dictionary. A year has pi-s.'d t-iuiv thu Dicliouarv ml) bshed ; and n already cxieu-ive us.', boih ni.ioni; cu -tiv..t.',I i:.inlisl, readers and men l ;df fords Kood le-iunony ot its ineiiis. e co il den reeoimnend it an coiil-iiiu'U nn ample and c.irclul ! v lew ol the pr. Mill state ol our lamjintfe. JvuriiSi'iiiKs.i.r. n McUati l'io!eH.-or of Ancient and Modem Hi-lory, ll inard 1 inva-rsily. Joiiv Mi l.i:ix. ll. iu Ju.-iioc U. h. Supreme Court, llii'i- ... i , -. )l,his Stuart, n n. l'lolcsiorof S.icred I.iteratuie, Tin olo-ical S, miliary, Audover. .Mn-s Ihm-viiiw A. 1'Ar.K. n. n. 1 rotcM-or i.r Chr.s j 1..1U Theology, Theological Senimary, Andover, I,eo.varii Wnons, Jr., D. n. 1'resident of Ilowdoin i Colleee, Ale. .... , . M. ,iir p. rresident ol Dartmouth College, N. ii., .1.;... Kdvv viii. lliiciu-ocit, n. n. it- n. President of Am- hen-t Cnlleeo, .Mti(.s. .Mark IIoiki., n. u. l'ris-i.U-nt of ilhanisCollei,'", Al UM. lhiw-ARii T. CinxNIMi.M.. n. HovMou Professor of Itheiorie nnd Oiatory, Harvard I'liitcrsiiy. IlKnr W. linxoiriJAiw, a. m. l'rolcsor of Uelles l'ltcrii, Iliiivatd I'lnveri-iiy. Ai,on Pornn.n. n it. n. Uislmp of Peiin. Sii'M:v Wit i ahii, a. m. l.ate Prolcst-or of Hebrew, ,t'., Harvard UuiveiMiy. IIinj. Hai.I', n. I). Pril lent oKionaColtcur, New oik. Koui.i.v Di'.ur.iov, Ji.n. l'rofes-sorin JiItrsonMed. CVIIeac Philadelphia. l'liAMts Howl.-,-, a. si. UJitor ol the Noith Ameri can lieview, CitAi'.u.s I'olsom.a. st. Librarian or the l!o-lonAlhe-n.i'inu. lIuTor. llusiiiir.uv, u. rj. President of St. John's College, .Mtiryljud. livtn I,. Svvaiv, LL. ti. Prcwdiiit of Univeri-ily of Noith rarohna. Pini.ii' l.ixnM.r.v, ii,u. President of the Univcrnty of .Sai-hville, Tcnu. N, l.AwaiMi: l.isn-Li.v, a m l'rcfcsnrof An. nml I.ili'rntuie, C'uinlHrl.uid tiuiveiHiy, Tcnu. I concur fully in the leading poriions of the above recouunendalion not having had Iciiure to cviniiue all the particulars relerrcd to, I.tvi Wooniu'RV, i.l, n Jus-tice l' S. Supreme I'outi Mu I'roin a gcnrrnl and lieqiieiit reletence to this Dic tionary, iu constant use, J tally concur in the ycneral merits ol ihe wotk, and regard mini very vahublo UIU lo wieoce. i in.", i i.l i.i..i.iirl , l.i. few dows lioin ih" bottle whicli 1 had. Utica.l'eb. 1810. II. IlesiiM.i.i.. Caenovi-i, (Mad. Co.) Aug. 13, 1815. A vcar arrn hist winter. I had a coil"h. which, i Meaif of yielding to the common l.inuly reuicihcs, i f-tcatiily grew worse; that at the cud of three week", it vaso.ciethngly ioleni,nnd was attended ' wiib a lived pain in the side. Alter live orsiv wicks, finding injscll no better, I becanie s-rimi-ly nppn licu sivc it would inn me into a consumption, nud called on Dr. 1'oord for advice. He uuvc me a bottle ol his Phtoi'.ai. Sv RLl',. and on iwiui il niy conli was iui- 1 medinO'ly nheved, i-o llml in live dovs I couaheil . rv hill", nml m one wc. k it was entirely cured. . his hcheved lhat all Ihe miitcr.als tnav be had nt reasonable lates and convenient di-slauce-. lly ord-T ol tin- Directors o ti. win:i:i.i;it, .w. South Hern, I'cb. Id, lsis. 1)1 ?' ATiit.v KiTTi'iixni) to tiii'? Cor.vrnv ft i th" American .Mi ion iu (Vylnn t,n aeconul of the impaired stale i.r Airs. Ward's health nml lor tic henelil i, his cllllihcll. oill-rs his services to the penpl" of llurlington hi the practice of medicine ami nirgerj . II" will he happy to receive calls at the residence 'i I bis brother, Dr. Ceo. W. Ward, near the Alcthodi-t chapel. January ID, 1SH. -j'.i Kimri.DKit i!it.c,-i:s. IJ"IiKTIC Shoulder Ilraccs or chest expanders, tn -J remedy hahiiiial Mooping, or round sliouldi'rs. "'uil'i I'or sale by A C. Sl'i:Ai:. TRUSSES. almi t lor .Males and IVmnlcs , t.k.i Abilomiual Slllinorlers nfthe moet aoornved stvl. s. constantly on hand and formic by -nifi A.C. Si ear 17 AC'II ANCi: on LONDON, LIVIlItPOOL, -L . DUBLIN and liDINDUIKIII, iu sums tostnt purchasers. 13th .May, 1SI7. J. ( J, II. rr.CKtf Co. PrinS. this da y H y lixrncss. I 1). IHXRV. & CO., um: itraiiVKn y splendid lot of Piinta. whichnie new and choice styles. Al-o lanhroiderv IlraidsandUiiinis, Ilinlington.Jan 1U.HI3. ltf KM.0UR. HOtt Ilni.s. Scpimnxn Floi-k, II for sale ,y . I), mxi; y f, ca 'AMI PAID I'Oll I'KI.TS. J I). RIXRY ii CO. will pav Cash for a ! J" few thousand good Pelts, D.c. 21, BIT. ni.vr. ovr.n coats. RI.VRV & CO. ii u i: rkcievkd a nice lot of coats now is the time to net a tit. D'CcuilierJI. C .1 3i fi ! Mnncy, Tttrcs ami a trturn A Public iir a (luvri imiritt Ijtan. Y Tin: Com;iumoxal (5roni: it ij ski:x 9P tlmt tin AlinimMriiti( n nm-t !ni in piiiiioftirli hoth moni'SA:iinn loenrry on ihf Wnr. N'-v,il t'-u;v. Aiit'i't, bt'ini? holly at wnr D M mi IMoiiirlm. IAUMLRS would do well to call and examine th" . superior nrttcle of Ploughs, called the ' Worcts- ter Hagle Plough,' Dec. '.'I,' 17. nniiofictnred at nrii.LXGTox rousDH Y. vayn.i,lsu. u J' opposed tn war, w ill sell nnv gooits. , incited venr iiiiervvards I had a sluiht att'icU UL.aiii. which nnces and inv . si ihe cas'i m I'icee luiri l.a-es, hnii was removed hy less than ball a bottle i.l the S.viup. that iu due timctlie war speculation will end and peace I'rotn my own exper.cnce, and Irom what 1 hav be made, so that the people, in-lead of striving lor ino learued Irom ntheis who have used it, I mil confident nev topiy lavs and s-n bug back the public money it is an uncommonly cllicacioiis medicine lor lung now u-ed l.irscbool purpos-'s.) orgomg in .Mexico to coniplaints, ami i would lij nil main ndiisc any one light, will icinam iiuel in llicir s"veralavncaiiims at having n rough, to give it n Ii int. home, and contuuie to do as they long have done, huy- I'or Kile by 'I'm ii. A. Prut:, Apothecary nnd Wind- in goods cheap it iheir agent, HOW AIID. sale Dmggi-t and by ilcalcio in iiieJieini' gcminhyi liurhuglon,.laii. Ill, KslS. 30 llirou gtiaut ui" ,-staie r.'ii. :u ish. 2 IIiint.y fin .ai'in. HARLOW v?i BENNETT, (,' () I, A .S' ; , I, O II S A T I, A 11', DOSTON. .11 ASS. T. s nir.i.nv. it'i.uil i.. u lu.xvr.rr. i:i:.ini'?i silk I'ot Kiir iimii's. WCTL Itr-I) IN IJL'RLINCTOX, Vermont. I'ur mIp bv J. K. PlilUC'L. llurlington, Feb. "ii, ISIS. IVi Chloroform. , spitlv w uuvm- It l-ittlf o( ltu-iun,ju8i roctic(J anil If r snl- hv a. c. ,n:AU 4 di tilTlii tmm -s, liin iill M,L1. VDIIU J.ns. OP I'ltliMI I y Ciover Seed oi a ftipcrior ipinhtv tor sale by '-' I. D. lilXIIY .v. CO. SRIi:i) Al'PLIN.' A lot op m-.i:iiioii If dried apples, Irish and iu good onh r. tils' re-C-.-H. .I l.y s. DliWKV. 1 1 hi u i ry 31!, IsH. :r, dissolutionT ritMIK'OI'Ain-.VIlltSIIIP.heretoloreesiMfng between the sitbserihcis under the liriuol llost wick vV lllm, is this day l.y loutlial ciuwnt dissolved I he Holes ,i, ;., , .mils Will be l,.im.l al the old Maud, whtre all indebted are iciuesied o call and -i nl.- II II. IKISTWICK, , lt() 11LIN. Ilu luigton, IVb. -,, IS 13. .'It j i(i,iti!i Miivvi tu r'icliEc. I t SLATED with i'!. Thosi: vnio may wi-ha gnod spoon and who do not wish to go i to til" expense ill pure Silver run li'id at our store Ta ' lle aud'l e i Spoons. Cream. Musi'.id and Salt Spoons. ' Sujar Sliovels and Su.Tir Ti ngs, Uutter Kmvi s ..e , I made ol t lermali Silverand thickly plated wuh ime I silver and made so near like siillil silver spoons ill ll I our Inends in the Country aioimd nud ill town us.i. are daily buyiiia thcin nl Pedlars tor pure Silverand mver discover llu-ir iiuslaKe unlil tliey come to get thctn marked. We sell tin- het ware tlc-re is made, at the lollowing prices, wah a bhcnil di-count lojhosc wlio buy a large oiiaut'ty, i Talde Sktoiis s.-,i,iiip"r I ,-etol li.'Tt.l. l.'-'o i. rsel. ClCillll SKiou?.illcts eji h. I Alu-laid and Salt Spoons '.'0 cts tmh Sugar Tongs I 'io!s. SucarShovclsoilcis. Hatter Knives jticts. each I Turks ner do. Wi have alsoai nil times a fine nssiutnifiit ol well made, pinu as coin. Silver Spoons .S t', I'l.A. STIUl, tC. t0 Sacks Nova Scotia Plaster, J 10 'l'ons assorted do t.rindstoncs, Jtnio S i-ks grouiiil mk k an I Western Salt, .VH Mipciliuc dii I i-Mr.i I'lour, Coarse Western nnd Mil. S.ilt,.s.c. &e. . d.'c. is, hit. yrnoMi, liouLirrrx h ca lilMi i)UA- I AHA L'lILISK AXI) Wa-ii Tubs ol all sizes. SIX) Sap I 1 or sale hy llurlington, IVb. 1, His. Window' Sash. 4 LARfiE SUPPLY op Window Sv-ii op i all i."s coii-tantly on hand and forsalehv- C.V.O. Pl'.TLIiSON. Piiirlington, l'eb. 1, lsl. 3i,i'i San lliuki M. (ii:o.Pin'i:i:soN 3Jw ii nl I'oiks al as low pi ices as can he purclciscd at any place in Cny.Townoi Couiiiry anJ wc maik ourfcni vcr Spoons tue ol aov i tr.i ih.i'". HlilNSAlAIIKV Ili:t)TIIi:i!R. ,lrrnniiitiii LiOOYS. Xf) FOL'R Pax.nkl Doons for sale hv w IILO. PLTLltSoN. llurlington. IVb. I,HH. ll-Jwii i LAPvfiE sri-i'LV or swi:n uth ki:it .& consiautiy on hand an lliirlinglon, IVb. 1, ISH liiirlingloii.Jaii. LsH. LAW I'. 3. In ('lUiM-iiiieiice ol' ti:li:c u a p ii ic d i:m a timi , fU)!)DS CAX RE SOLD AT npaii ii:v 1 i'tuuury -ilf ISIS. llOWAKD. 1 Slorynn Ajinry ' Sior on I'firtiit'ittlim. Sti.r)' I.'i'iity .luniru- ih'iuv, 'J vu. r.:it'i lifport--. new VA. rimty o Criminnl Wlwuion's elwyn. Kinn lnw rttuijvn ilium, t (In Ient. th ltliu-kflnn. i rmunt llt pciii, ol. Hi, 17. nml H. Tor wile hy UurhntHii, Jnn. II, 17 Till liAST VA LL. ill i'i:rsos im)i:rti:d to tiii: Jl Subscriber, by Note or Hook account, are request cd to call nt the Slore ol Douglass ,V Hoiioiu, and sfltle the saui" previous to March 15, All demand then unsettled will be handed to nn Attorney lor collection. ' TH0S. II. CANl'ir.LD. Williston.l'cb- ti.i, ISIS. Mvs3 lillll lillsll. jtut li'Ci'iVL'd I. I). HIXIIY&Cl). ffRASS SEED. H nnd lor sale, by llurlmsion, .M.inh Chancellor ol the I nl New Vmk ' 1 have used " VV orcester's l' and I'lttical Diciiotiary nf the llnglish Language," iu prclcrcncc tu any other, lor constant rctcrtuce. Jons Which r, n. n. President ol I mveisiiy id Vermont I Publi-bed by WlLhLNS.C f ; ,v. c, I 10 H'lifer Mieet, .Won 1 And for sale by tlie llooksellcts generally. WivvU WM, NEWELL & CO. MAMFACTlT.I RS cA-ANIl JOUIIEKS or roiti:i; aol dojiiistic STRAW BONNETS, Aitnrici vi. ri,owi:Ks, I II A I IS, 1 ! A A Jl II li Pi , Ko. o: kii.iiv stui:i:t, PIKSII LEMOXS & llo R.usi.vs. II Just received bv A. S DHWIIV. lliirlinglon, li'.th i'eb Ais3l BOOKS. Si'iry on nintinrnl Siorv on the Con., Ahr. (tosiid'H IVniiitttf. J.nii"; on S-iU's. l.tniitv UnrrM l).i( t New York HrportF, I loll. Cuil Ctnle of l(oiii(iuiin. Jnrjiiutn'-. titi.ile, Venn-nit Stiinite-t. leck Medieiil Jiirispru-(Ivlirc. C. Ii. inwAiins. TIIK lirKMXtJTOX SAVINGS BANK. t ('I I IS Institution was incorporated at the List scs. noil ol the l'gi-i.ilure lor the purpose ol rec.a- Vlllgoll llepostt ,itl su lis til money Olieifii. loi'i i. '.- aging and nnproviug ili.'Wiu the ln'st ndvaiilage lor ih" ins- mid hen. In ot ihe ih posilors the whole income or pioliisol ilu losiiinie n. nin-r deducinig us li. nssiiv imm iis. s. are to tie divided anions the de- '''''''''ninWoishcldtheirfiMiueeiingsonthe..,,. now uiuiuig. ior sal. t.v , i,,.... ..i.l i ... lo-titniiou hv llll.l IJ.II IMP , U.I. . iidopimg a set ol lly-L-iHs, for lis regulation and .':.s aum n n, sti:u. at Tin: m:w .hill vt tiii: ri.i.s. lilX). I'LTLKStl.V 3Jwo CJ.M0KEI) 1IA.MS, CLEAR AM) .MESS 3 Po-k.torsaleby A. S. DLW HV. Jan. an, ss. yntf VALT. HOIl RLS. - U'ESTi:R." J l'orsuleby J. IIKA IM.KV, .V C.O. OAilA Rocr IJuriiigtoH Exlra, AiJJJ Jliirlinglon, 60 Wrinont. Lssev, and Lake, 550 " liedford Crown, j. .sy. ii. j'i:ch'&.cn. Do- I-aithanks' Ibs's. Ill do do and ail Ornain's Ilaj l'ork'. lit Scythe Snathes. 73 " Kedduigtoti's Scvthcs. .'si ' laicweirs " 50 " lllood's ' liy . S J. 11. rr.CK .N CO. I'eb. II CATL1N. 33 Bib, ISIS l'KOTlCCTlOX " run: iNsritAN ci: cini pany, 1 1 itl I fill .1 , Coitiii'i'ticill. CAPITAL OtlOO.OOo'. D. W. CLAP.K, Vntidtnt. W.M. CONNT.K. Seattmy. (ILO. II. SHAW, Azent, llurlington, Vcimout. IVb. IS, Hit. 3 1 tf. JKTX.V rut i: i.vsuit a.vci: com v.n v, Hartford, Ciinni ctlcut. CAPITAL 5250,000. THOMAS K. HUAC'i:, I'miJtiit. S. L. 1.00.M1S, Scactmy. lU'.O. 11, SHAW. Agent. Ilurhugtou, Vcriuout. IVb. 19, ISIS. JJIlf SILK SIIIKTS .V IIU.VXDIIIITIl 1'ILI.S, e V.) umii, tor sile at IV li. 13, ISIS. "I") It OWN, lilue, Black and other varieties ol Cloths JL;:ria1'r xi'"' M. . UATHHUN . (JO. DYIi STEFFS .Vo. 4 k. "k RUES Cajii'Iluiiv Loo Wood lectin, IU iNHa iirevctittve uuJ tho ollu r a cure ot Kheunia- I . . . I Ill 1 VV V I? 1 1 si 31 li3 Ml Ml in crolilld. do Pusltc, do ltcllwiHid, do NlCVViSid, tin Camwood, do Ahim, l'oi Mile by lO'llbls Hill- Vllliol, ado Uu- Dve. fi (?IIiCl Illdlgo, 1.1 Kis Crfiiin 'I'aitat, in'l'ieiers l"oieras, J. llUAIU.IlV.Co. ihefullowuig otliccrsfor the ensuing jcur, tnll N Pit.MKIiOV. Vrn'uleut. Wvia-vs I..ha-. I'c Titwltut, H.A. SriNsiipnv , .Srrretiiry. Itunrtlu) Timtrtt. Dav Lvox, Chjirman, John 11. I'.ek, Jl'iiry P. II'".. .Imnes Ci. m II. U ilkuisJr., lleo. Pilcisoii, Charles D Ivum-on, Jamd. W. HiikoK, Treatmtr, l'he Hank w ill l' oih-ii lor the ii-ception of depoit t be 'Preiisurei's ..lliee oil the -t U ednenday ol . uu ii,.,., i nil .i oclock. 1 Al. And on aeh Wednesday tln rcaller. duruii ihe same hours, until lullher liotne lluihnion. D.c 10 Mi- U.'uf r.i Ettiii.itr.'iiiii' n' It.VDMV A- CO'N Passage I '. ttlhcatcs will 'I iuiio.-b.d to (lid t ouiiuvnicu who wish lo bring ont iheir li u nds Irom Ireland, ul ihc Lxi Oi tut. wet tide Sipiare. llurlinaton, IVb. 17, Idis. 3lif I1IUV AXII NAILS. 1 ire Iron, ibie lvussia Iron. I ( Tons lloglish 'l'ire Iron. I'i 111 'I ons uiu i lg '1 oils Swedes 15 " Holsi'Shoe " i;n " liound and Square " 15 ' I lame and Scroll " 10 Hand 1-! " P.'s'.'l nnd Norway Nail KoJs. Najlms ,t Co.'s Cast Steel. IVirson's Spiiug Cerinau '" awed." " llnglisb Ulislcr , , , a ICewvillf Nails and loads. ll.i rl'. arc. rB'Illl undersigned oiler to purchasers a flock of I heavy a id shelf IIAUDWARI'., comprising a variety ol is rianung to the various branclxi- of ihc trade, wlii. h have Iseti selected with great car", hiilb in n gard to pertectinti in si)te and llnish, and reasouulilenef. in oner. Purctiasers are respeciluily so'icited locall sritONU, DOOLlTTLt; .V.CO. .Nov. 'M, lilT. ACCOUNT BOOKS. fMin fills-! nhcr would unite the attention of Mcr X cii.ints and nt'ceis iismg llhink llocks. to his as soitmcnt. I have ihe best iiiiitmint ilint 1 ban- cu r been clod. led to oiler to lliy customer., both ul ipiajliy v ui' vri i; ill si. in -,-.s.-- - and price Nov. 1SI7 .i. a. it, PHYSICIAN AND SURCJEOX. "lTHT,ai the resi.lciiee of Ihe lale lliuan Ijine V corner ol St Pjuis mid Hank fc tree! lKcitnlier 31, IS 17. Htirhncioir V7il ATTENTION ! RATTALKlX!! Ll, those hiving miHiiled aei-ounls with T. W. Lovell. will save a--Us I'VO-d im",1'"5 ,1 i.lmtll I A HRINERV'I) CITRON, Currants ami pa- I lent sperm Caudles for sale by .7m3 .aj ljjJ:lil;x., . Cilll'llltlOlt Itroad-Cloths and Cass-imerrs, for O coats and pauls, of u great i arir-ly nf colors and tfvlure, by -M- ItA'PllOUN &, CO. IVh in. ISIS 33 Itllll.l) Pl-M'ILS, Large assortment at .1. V. 1!axdai.l's. " I.KADT'H'K, 1 fsl CASKS 1 1-liiich 1 do .1-1 do 1.2 do. fl 1'orKileby J. HKADLUY, GLEIHII SHOES, Am.ks, 'Wacon- Roms, 'J vVc, tor sale nt llitnUNGTo.N Povnuuv r ilviv win i t: um :i.ovi:s, cii.v- LI ut, lldkts, c lor sale at M (1. KATIUll'N & CD'S. Ifbtiury 10, ISIS. 33

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